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The Scarlet Feather Staff I II row: liwri .Xiiih-rsoii. .Xrtliur Ilzill, .XllIl'l .Xrxwlx-rson, XYilli1im ilIll'l'1iXYN. 1ll':li'i- Holi-s, N11 S illwwtllllii. Iizri'l.zli':i laulil, Alzixwr-ll S1ll'p1'l'lll, I'i1:iI'liwllv Mi'Nvil, 4'h'!l'lx'N Vlziytlirii, liuxii- Nm. First row: 5I:il'g':ir'i-1 l':ii'lsoii, lhiiiiw- Kziise-V. ICU-lyri S-we-rise-ii, .XI:lI',iHl'ie' iI:1Ix'vi'- in Xlirx Kun Ilwllufit liiilli Yil on lhlplii Wit on Xililli 41 Il sr..:'. -", . .'I lF,.'l"-ll. The Scarlet Feather Pwsocloic Editor Ciiorlollc MCNMI Litorory Ednior UK'iIri1LlVVl,li5OIi Fcotiircs Grove Holes Arthur HGH Mory Aim licrlnori Ty pig! S Ewiyii Sorenson Moriorio Holvcrsori liimiicss Morioqcr lkiil fXiirivi'xoi1 Senior Issue --- May 1933 Editorial Staff Editor-in-Clinci Roxio Nelson MoL.ufUii liiciiior ArclulluSli1ll NCWS Arlo ilorinoro Lodri Ciiorlus Cloxiioii Sporirs Cliiigg Rolnorl Iliiwioriwoii Ruth Ng-lfjoo fXrlp-un i5o:Ieui Wiiiiom iiiiriowt I. I Proof RVGChJi'9 .xc Uoocs w k K ' Morgorvi' L Corlxoii lui'-rriiCu Kuiwi' Ammo fxrirlvrsoii fXdvlSCr !Xmniwicii'it HLISHIUSS lhhtlliilkiil M155 Crouiiliiii Mowvvll Sciioviil 'Pop row: l+'l'1-nl Kziysvlg tlrzim- lloli-s, lliilii Nvlsriri, .Xrvillqi Kiillrinili-r, l'l:ri'iv.- Mimi in 'run II iiilin Ilehu thinlumi XII N Niliiuhi ulxivr Holnil Nil ri I IIN! I t "Qi, '- " .. -' ."i1so 4 -" w loriv ii.iiu-maori, lmrotliy Morzili. Iliflvri I"i':iiiz1-li. flilllt' Ilqiili,-1-li, l'll:ll'l4uIlv AlvNi-il Nllllitllf Hlllll :igsqn-rp IGVQ-Iyii Sl1I'1'llSt'll. Nr-rmii llzilvoi-svii, I-Ilvzinoi' l'v11-i'soi1. Mziivyl Klii Production Staff YI? S X 1 I l -fr- D- L' :1 U 'll Ll. EM xiii? ..a- 7? L 'li c u KJ I' .. My 1 nf' Q Q 5 s J? R m X , i ,. X A x2 yf ' , 4.1 b J l ' L , X 1 x ' '-2 'M f Z '1 P rc DS 1, if .f -I1 ..L. 1. E 1 E L 1, I P f .C ..- S V- A ff 1' ': H 5 a :4 E oi F I D1 3 7. C V1, gn 11 .v- V if f F ,v. E 1 E 1, L- P r F Lf r Q' ': E .. : : I af L : ' r , r Hi 7. 3 L 'J -1 Q' x Z Q al 'cz : Z 1 E 4: 'E 7 V P, R H M 5 Il. 51 V CU :I 1. pw 'L LE CQ E: L4 J, 'L- ,LT I-.4 -D 2.5 IE nfl Q: S51 Lu.-J JS' fx ZPL 12 ':,'-- :A 1: EE fc? Ei ,tx YF cf Cf gy , Q52 Lf.- 'EE I E.: LA ti F: :: 31 14,- JJ LC : if' ,.c 5:4 223. x- Lil gg.. 5 I .CF Ei LTCL PE ME fb LJ. IDT. '-:. sig Cx fl. If Ev fa. - DL E E i 1 : I7 I .. I : CL 4 J. Q. Z ..- Q II Q i H U L 1 2 If. 2 H 31 1 z: 'fi Jr C sf 1 wi E T 7. E 4 P , CI. if P. Z 1. z : 'C Class , Poem We have sailed the waters, comrades, We are nearing cherished shores, Every foresail, every square-sail, Every man, and all our oars Strained to meet the wind and waters, Till we've reached the final shores. Now the longed for land is sighted And the crew sings loud its praise, All unmindful in its ardor Soon shall end the happy days When we sailed the seas of knowledge, Happy inlets-pleasant bays. The coast is low and level, mates, The banks are fresh and green, The trees are filled with blossoms white, The flowers bloom between. 'Tis thus we come to anchorage lvlidst springtime's joyous scenes. Let us pause now and consider When we've stored away our sails, Shall we keep the gallant spirit That conquered former gales, And sail on thru the seas of life With heart that never quails? Shall we keep the flag we sailed with, The silver and the blue, In honor of our trusty ship, In memory of our crew, To guide us thru the mists of time To keep us gay and true? -Russell Farrell '33 O The Scarlet Feather O May, l933 Page Four 'TT MR. REUBEN R. PALM, M. A. Principal MR. G. V. KINNEY, PH. B. Superintendent The Serious Business of Education TO THE average pupil a school is not successful unless the lootball and basketball teams have been consistently victorious and the declamatary contestants have placed high in their field Underneath all this superstructure at extrarcurricular activities, however, the toundation consists ot that good, solid bed-roclq ot the acquisition ot knowledge. Let us see iust how much time the average course requires during tour years at high school, First, everyone takes tour years ot English. He spends one hour a day, tive days a week, thirty-six weeks in a year on that subject, or seven hundred and sixty hours. A two- year toreign language course demands three hundred and sixty hours at school time The same amount ot time is spent on vocational subjects. To all this he adds one thousand and eighty spent on social science, history and perhaps chemistry, physics, and biology. To this grand total ot two thousand eight hundred and eighty hours we must add the hours devoted to preparatory study. The benefit derived tram a hlgh school education comes from the tact' that the pupils mind has been trained and thus he is better titted to tace the world. Another real value ot education lies in the background and tastes which it attords its possessor. Financial earnings must also be reckoned, An eighth grade graduate averages 35OO a year over a period ot torty years, in the same length ot time a high school graduate averages Sl ,OOO a year, The realization of this tact has evidently become widespread because the number at pupils in attendance in high schools has increased tour hundred per cent in the last twelve years, It becomes easily apparent that a high school education is a foundation upon which the boys and girls ot the present day can build their hopes lar the future and their dreams- to-befaccomplished EDWARD AHLSTEDT He is a man after his own heart. 1. , . .1 . . 1 1 . .., 11. . .. 1 1 21- '1, 3.10- 11111111 I ' 1 11111111 1113A 1111 11111 I Q1 1-1:11 HIX1-11 1'1111l'lIS, 21, 1: "1l1111il1 111111ll"1 S1'11i111' Nuys' 1 1111-11 l'1l11I. L., 11. 1. DORIS ALMS 'Tres ge11,tille" 11I'l'11I'h1I'iI, I, 1: Mix1-11 l'11111'11s. 1, 2: 1l11-1- 4'11111, 1, 2, 31 "S111111i,411 Al11.111": 1.1-1'1-1'111- 1f'1'11111-11111:11.4.81-1-1'f-t:11'y,1a 1l..X,A., iT. 1. HERBERT ALMS "Farewell to Almsf' "S11:111is11 NI111111"L'1'1':11'11215111111111 1111511 11111 111111. 1, Svllilnl' 1111191211-1-I'11l11, lf. BLANCHE ANDERSON First of seven-Ancle1'sons. 111l'1-1'1'11- 1"1'11111-1115. 31. 11. COURTLAND ANDERSON A big figure in school life. Nl111'!1111 S111111:1s1i1- .X11111-111' .Xss111'1:11111111 1"1111l11:111, . -1 , .1 -1 . I, 1, -I. 1.1-111-1111.111, -, ... -1. 111h1xlI1l1l11. I .!,1.11t11 111i111. 3: il'1s'-111111, 1.2, 1,1-111-1'111.111, I,J. 11.11I1, 1111111 1112111 C11 "1l1 1111' X1-X1 111111'11": l'11li1'1- 1'lll1'I'l'. 21. I, F1111-I'111' 1'111i1-11, I: 11.112 l'1l111, 2, 31, 111 J11111111' 111-Y, ZZ: S1'1li111'111-Y.J1,-I. DOROTHY AN DERSON "Smilin' Thrul' S1l1111'IlI .X1'11X'1II1-H ,Kr-s111'i:1I111ll. S1-1-1'1'I:1l'y. 511 1111111 1'11111, 1: 111111111 1'l1'l1lll1I1111'S Illllll, 31, 1'1'l'S111L'111, -1: I1..X .X.. 1. Z, II, I, HENRY ANDERSON A lzappy-go-lucky fellow. EARL ANDERSON' 1 , , 1 The man with the three-fold mlnfcl. ath- letics. oratory, and publications. 4 , , , - , , 1311111 211111 S1'l'I111: Nz1l1f111:1l '1'111-9111111151 l11-1'1z1111:1- 111 1 111111111 1111111 111 111 1xt 111 111 I I',', I " ' ' ' "1 " 1' N-.' 111111 "1 "" 1- 111111s1- 112111234 11ig'11"1 14'1111l11:1l1 II, 13 111:11 SI'11l1411 1'121Yl'l'S, 21, I. Yi1'11-1'1'1-si1l1111l, 41 St'i11'1l'1 14'1-:1l11111' 811111, 1. Iuvsixwss A12111i1i.I'l'1', -I: 11. W. I'1lI11, 1: S1111i111' Ili-Y. 11 "'1'111- 111111111'l:1111'1- 111' 11i'11lH.' 1'l111'l1t'S1.H MILDRED ANDERSON A bunch of Slammers are we. Yet none could we find for thee l'111'1'1'11I 1'I1'1-11ls1'l1111, 11, RAYNOLD ANDERSON "Pia11issimo Pete" 1111ys' Ii11'1- I'1lI11, 1, 22 1111X1'fl 1'1l11l'l1S, I 21 Sfxuiul' 111-Y, 31. I. I The Scarlet Feather I May, 1933 Page Five 0 The Scarlet Feather O May, 1933 Page Six ALICE AXELSON Simplicity is the real key to the heart. Home I+IL'm1mnim-s Club. L ARLEEN BARKER "All-American Girlf' "In the N1-xt Rnon1": S1 urlet Felthvr Stuff, 4, GIM- flllllb, I. 2, 3: lflixod lllllll'llS, 1, 2: fll'l','2,2l' Ululr. 3, -I: Ilnmw lUl'llll0lUll'H l lulv, 11f:,A.A., 1, -, .., 4. STUART BERG A great fellow when you get to know him. 1'I1es:+ Uluh, 4. GRACE BOLES She does her own thinking. Srurla-I 1f'oatl11-1' Stuff. 4: liregpg Club. 3. 4: G..-LA, MARION BLACK Soft brown eyes that bespeak gentle- ness EVELYN BURKE Child of pleasure. Ln- L,lPl'l'lC 1"1'um':1is, II, 4: G.A.A. FRANK CARTER He has done his duty once, and he is ready to do it again. 'lll'ill'li, ZF. 4: Senior Ili-Y, I. CHARLES CLAYDON "He who hath an art Hath everywhere a partfl Nutiunul 'l'ln-spiuns: "Rollin I'lf-ml": "'l'l1e Himse- llunfrs Hip:'l1": "ln tha- Next Ruom": Jullim' Hi-Y, I. 21 Rmliu 'l'l'lk'YlSiOlI fllllll, I: lli,L:'h Svhrml Players, 25, 4, 'l'l'f-us11l'1-1' 4: Senior Ili-Y, JI. 4. 'l'l'P2lSlll'0l'. I: l'm'tmm Vlulv, VI, President. 4: S4-urlvt Fealtlmm-1' Stuff. 1: "'l'ln- llllllHl'lilll1'l' of living I'1u1'ne-sl." ALICE CHRISTENSON She blushes so delightfully. Lo L'L'l'L'1l' l'll'2llli'2llN, -I: Home Eummllxics Ulub, 4. HELEN CHINLUND "All wisdom does not come from books. Why study and spoil your good looks?" "Spanish Mum1"1 fire-gg Vlulw, II, 4: G.A.A,, 1, 2, Ii, MARTIN CLOSEMAN Slip me that diploma. I'm in CL hurry. Ifimlluzlll. 3 II, I1 IA'Ill'I'IlI2lII, I. KATHRYN DREW "Sl1e's little and slLe's wise. Sl1e's a wonder for her sizefl Flaws Yi:-I--I'I'm-siilm-III, I1 "'I'Ig'1-I' IIm1sz"'3 "'I'llIil1 'Vim'-"1 Ililruxw- wt' III'iIl'l'4uI HIFIQIIl'l'I1l'TIllSuI HIM- UIHII, I. 2. 31: 1111-gg l'IIlIw, I. SI'4'I'I'IIII'X, I1 Im l'm-rvlv I"r:u1v:1is, 2, Il: Iliszh Svlmnl l'I:15'e-rs, 2, 33. I1 1l..X..X., I, 2, 22,1 In-vlzclxnzutiwy. 4: Flu-4-1' I.1-:ull-r. I. 2: SviIL11w- VIIIII, I: "'l'Iu- I1npm'Iu11I-1- UI' Iii-ing: I4IuI'111-wk." "Chien lI,.X.A., I. LORAINE ERICKSON A vivaeious mfiicl with a merry heart. 01'nIw:4tl'zl. I. 2. KENNETH DUBBE Tlie old maestro. IIl'l'IlI'SII'2l, I. 2, Il, II: Illuil. 2, ZZ. I: Slvzmislm S1-VI-lv mlr-rs, 2, IK, I: film- l'IllIl, I, I1 .X lllIl'I'II2I I'I1u1'x1S. I: Ilzulirx-'I'i-I1-Vision l'lulu, I. RUSSELL FARRELL Just ci great. sweet silence. i'I1es:41'luIr I. Sv-wlw-I ary, LI: I1'l'f-llvlm Plum. IZ. CURTIS FEATHERSTONE All tlie worlcl loves a lover. N1-1:-Iziw 1'IuIv. I1 I'11l'1'1-nl ICx'+'x1Ir.1'II1I,21. GLENN FEATHERSTONE You never can tell about these little fellows. FPIIIUI' III-Y, I. ETHEL FELDMAN A genial disposition with u smile for everyone. . . ., .. . . - N , t , 1-Inv 1 lulv. I. ,. .L I.hv'1llqm1'III1.-.1-LIllmrlls, I,4l1I'- rent lin-utr. t'I11Iv, 22. HELEN FRANZEN Write me down a student. flvnxlr-I I'4"llIll'I' I'l'uduvIinn 51t:l1'I', 41 4Irogr,g' t'IuII, 12. I: IIA..-X., I. O The Scarlet Feather I May, 1933 Page Seven V' 4 75 . 0 The Scarlet Feather I May, 1933 Page Eight ,W JOSEPHINE FRENN My Frenn, your Frenn. cverybody's Frenn. Ilmm- l'll'HllUIIli4'!4 1'IuIs, LI. LaVERNE FRICK , A tiny streak across the floor. ,A shot-Red Wing adds two more. Slate- lflzlslu-tlmll Clxzlxlnpimxslnilwq llnslu-llrnll LE, II, I1 Student Al9lll?l,LZ'l'l', 51, 45 1t.W.1'luIv, Il, I: .Iuuior Ili-Y, 23 Svnim' Ili-Y, Ii. ARTHUR HALL 'All great men are dead. and I'n1 not feeling well myself. Nuliwmul 'I'lwspizl11s, Class I'r'v:+icI1-nt. LZ: "Robin llorrdu: "'I'hs- Goosl- liumxs Ili,L1'I1"1 "l'lI,LZ'llI'l'lIV1l1lSUI "Drums ul' Oudn-"2 Huurl, 21. ZZ: 'Tt'IlIllS. I, 2: High SL-lmul I"lzlyc-Vs, II. I. I'I'esi1ll'lll, IZ Svlliul' Ili-Y, II. -5. X,II'P-lV'I'Q'SIIll'llt, I1 .Xeru f'IuIn, II. 4: Radio 'I'vlm'isim1 Vlulr. I: Sr-nrlvt l'll'2lllI4'l' Stzuff, -I: film- Ululw: .Iunior J Hi-Y l'IuIr. L: "'I'l11- I1n1wm'l:u1m- ut' II4-ing: IGzl1'm-sl." DOROTHY GRAVERT Not that I dislike study, but I like fun better. t1.A.A., 1. HJORDIS FROISLAND She pursues her own sweet way. l'lll'l'l'HI ICH-llts Ululr, 22. MARJORIE HALVERSON Wisdom is knowing what to do next and virtue is doing it. 1 Nzllimml ll0llUI' Souie-ly, Flnss Se-c'l'n-l:u'y, I: S4-url:-I Foutllm-1' St:nI'I'. I: fin-g',: 1'I1llm, IL VI: K'IlI'I'l'lli IGN-llls Ululr, Il: "'I'I11- lI111H1l'IIlIlt'Q' ol' living l'l1lI'lll'Sl." WILLARD HALVORSEN "Gayly the troubador Touched his guitarf' Allllill' l'onl1-sl, ZZ: l4'rmlImll. I, 2, Il, lAWtIl'I'IllJIl1. 2. Mixed fV'llUl'l,lS, I, 2, ill Sc-nim' llov " Glu 4'IuIn I ' , . ,, . . 5 '- , , L., III I-oys Irm, ll Quzlrtette. I. 2. Zi: usllilllltill Moulin: 'ilpii-flll't'll61lIlSHI R. NY. Vlulw, 2 Il, 4. NORMA HALVORSEN "Her hair is not more sunny than her heartf' Suzwls-1 F1-zllllm-1' I'l'mIll1-linll Stuff. I. WILMET HALVORSEN Performer extraordinary. Musiv IQHIIIPHI. IZ: S:-him' Iioys' HIM- Vlllh, I, 2, II: Mixed fllllYI'llS, I, 2, Il: Iluys' Lgllnrle-tt1'. I, 2: Nuys' 'Fl-in, 23 Ifnmtlmll. I, 2, ZZ: 'I'x'zu-li, lg "Sp:u1isI1 iXlmm"L "I+'igu1':-11v:1cIs": Musiv Vlulr, I. JANE HANISCH Always jolly. always kind. She's a girl we like to find. Scarlet Ifmmllwx- I'1'mI1u'timn Staff. 4: ILAA., I, 2: Gre,2'g Club, 3, 4. DOROTHY MAE HANSON I Sometimes I sit and thznlc and some- I times I just sit. Hum, lit-Imullmic-s Vlulr, Sm-1-l'vt:1l'y, ,Ig In- U1-l'm'lv I"1'ill1- ' vans, .-, I. 4...X..X., I. ROBERT HAWKANSON 'KHeard melodies are sweet, But those unheard are sweeterf' 'VI-Unis, l.2,1!,,I1 "Rubin IImnI": "In Hu- NI-Xt Hmmm" I md 4 Hnlustrm flu fluhl ' 44' I :J , 3, 22, 1 '- 1, JI: I I- ' , . , L1 'IPIIV' Vluln, I, I-'ri-siwlf-nl, I: High Sr Iuml l'l:lyn-rs, Sen- ior Ili-Y, 21. I1 ,XI-ru l'luI-, Zi, I1 l'I1vss1'luIm, II: Stu ci.-HI 'I'r:Il'I'iI- l'1llI'Hl. 2. 221 Sn'zIl'lz't .l'll'illllt'l' Sl:11'l'. I Svnior Issue, I. LYMAN HANSON He stoops for nothing but the door .XI-ru Illllli, II, I. DONOVAN HARDING I like girls-I really do. LEONARD HASSELBLAD Throw physics to the clogsg Ifll nonc of it! lllgrll hvlnml I'I:uu-Vs, I1 hvlxmr III-I, I: "I In-:urls 1 "'I'I1v lIllllllI'IilllL'l' ut' llc-ilxg' l'I2ll'lII'Sl GRACE HARDING The better we know her, The better we like her. Svurle-I lf:-:IIIII-1' I'1'uIIlu'Iim1 Stuff, 'IL ll1'eg.:',m' l'luIx " MARY ANN HERBERT Merrily Mary Ann. "Ig'lIl'l'- , .,. "Spanish 1l1l011": "'l'I1v New I'm1r": Svurlm-I I"1'2IIIll'l' Stull. -I: lllw- Illllll, I, 2, Ill lIi::.'h S1-Inml l'lzly1-Vs 2, Il. I1Il..X..X.,2, II,431211-tmm1'I11Iv, I1L'l1a-sst'lum "'I'ln- llIIIHvl'l2lIll'!' nt' lim-ing: l'2:u'1u-sl." MARJORIE HAY Little care I that small I am, I can do as mneh as fl bigger girl can. ARTHUR HERNLEM "My wit is my own: Yet I give freely of ttf: Itnml, 2, Il, I. I'I'1'SIlll'lII, IL lII'I'll034ll'EI, 2. CI. ft: Spun 1,1 ISI! SI-rn-llsurle-rs, II, -I: S:nx:11rlm11+- I.QllJlI'Il'IIl'. "' I'l'Il' - M- .I 1 , .. . . . , .. I Im-l lrln, .-1 In-II. .., I: hvllmr Ill-X, ... I1 lmilm 'l'0lr- x1sim1l'Iuh, II HI4-1'-l'1l1I:, I, 2. ELAINE HEDLUND Une eoiffeur cle Paris. In- II-rn-lv I'I'1llll'iIlS, I, lI'l'ilSllI'l'I', I: l1..X.A.. I, 1, Ilomm- l':14bIllIlllI4'S Ululv, 3. O The Scarlet Feather 0 May, 1933 P820 Niiflc O The Scarlet Feather O May, 1933 Page Ten BERTHA HILDEN The thing that goes the farthest is just a winning smile. l'nrrent Ev.-nts Vinh, II. WAYNE H ULTQUIST An all-around president. Nnlionnl Atiilvtii' SK'lll1lilSll4' Smwielyl, Vlnss 'l're'ns- wr, Zig Vlnss l'l'f-Sikh-lit, 41 "Rubin llood"3 "ln the kftlilll ' 4 lmtblll 4 1' ill' UI Nt'Xll'EllUll1HQll2lS A 1 ,1.,Ii, I " r z , 1 ll, . 11, 21, -11 Allllvlil' Al2illilg,'Pl', l, 2: RAY. l.Tlub,, 2, 3, 4, l'l'e'Si1l1'lll ll Pnllvv l"ul'm1, Zi, 4, KENNETH HOLMQUIST Work well done is life's purpose won. LEROY HUGHES They say he was once caught studying. l'outb1il "' I-'uve' View Vlubg "The Ilnportanue ol' 4 1 . -. , 4. 1 Hi-ing' I'Inx'm4sl." ETHEL INGEBRIGTSEN Oh, inspiration where are yon? 1 ill:-e Vinh. 2, Il: Mixed ljiinrus, 25 firclwslrn, -1 N H1 I "Kimvv nt' ilk-:xl't."'g Ag'l Sulluol Players, 1, 1, J, -1. li X -X 1 ' 4 t utoim Klub 4 ,: ., ., , -, -1, V 1 - GUSTAV HUNEKE He can when he' will. Senior Boys' Give Vlnb, 41 High Stiinol Plnyers, -ig Chess Vinh, 4. CLIFFORD JOHNSON He never shirlcs his work, I'nt sure. Hziseimll,21"l'in'ke-ISqmul1Svlxiu1' Ili-Y, P11-sident,41 Junior Ili-Y, II, X'ii'e-Plwsirlelit, 353 l'lll'l'l-'Ill Events Ulnli, Ii. ALBERTA JOHNSON A cute nose and a funny wrinkle, Sheis inichievons-her eyes twinkle, Home lfk'HllHlIllt'H Ulnh, 43 Cnrri-nt Events Club, 3. ELEANOR JOHNSON 'fSweet Sue" "'l'iie l"ig'11i'vlwnds": lllei- l'll0l'llH. 21 l.e Uviwlii l"I'1lllK'l 4: High Sviiiml l'l11yvi's, 2, 21. 4g 1,:,.,x..x., 1, 2, sz. ERNEST JOHNSON We wonder which or his voice. llllllb, l. 2. TT: Mixed lis, Sl, -1, Vive-Pri-sidellt, Hulllne l'Im'ullullliL'H Flllli, is higher. this 'man MARCUS JOHNSON f'Mark" will make his mark. llusvluull, 2: 1llll'l't'll7 Events Uluh, 3. MELVIN JOHNSON Friendship to let To seal musically with his Cornet. llzmlul, IL, I: Ilrl-In-slr.I, Zi, 4: SlP2llllHll S0l'rll1l4lt'l'S, Il, -I. MARVYL KLUG You always find her where the "rac- quet" is. Qwnrlwl l"l"Illll'l' l'l'UlllU'llUll Stuff, -lg Kill-v4'lI1ll,1, 2, 31 'Axim-lIvI..fr11s. 1, 21121-I-g,'g'L'l11ln.Il.-llli..-X..-L,1,Z!,3,-I. MAURINE JOHNSON In silence she makes herself heard. llmnv ICI-Imulmlivs Uluh, -I. ARVILLA KULLANDER Jollity isn,t folly in Arvilla. 1'II-I- Ulnh I " 'I' High SI-lmol l'l:1x'n-rs, Il, Sf-I"l'eta1l'5', .. .. ..I ,.f..-,. 3:3 S1'1ll'lt'll l-'lf-illlluzl' l'l'4lllllI'llllll Sl11l'l', 43 H1-egg Ulu , I I X X I -I ' 5, I' FRED KAYSER 4 I And they say he's silent! Kiln-:gui l'llllI, -I: Ulnss Quotations. , TODI KRISTO Todi is a lad you can trust. I-Hmllmll, I: Ul'llg'lll'l' llv:uIs": High SI-lmol l'l:1ye:-S. 4. BARBARA LADD Barbara is the right sort, A friend, an actress, and a good sport. Nulilmzll llonor Society: Quill :md Scroll: "In Kuo N--xl Immun: "Su1nisIn Mmm": filet- l'lulr, 1, 2, .-. i I Mix:-Il 1'lIllI'llS, l. 251 Le U4-l'1-lv l'll'ZllII'2llS. II, -l, Presi- N l -I l -X -X l ' :ll-nt. -I1 Null-I l'l'illht4l' .tz1l. , -.. .. ., , -, -. "'l'ln- lnIlun'lzImw- ut' lie.-ing liurm-st"g Uluss Quota- tions: Svnim' Statistics. ROBERT KOESTER "The Maiden's Lament from Wacoutaf' l'llI'l'l'lll lflw-nts Vlulf, Il. KENNETH LEE K'Sweet Kenny Lee" lfoollmll, Zig HHS!-'ll1lll, 21 'l'iu-ket Squad, ii, -I: Sclmul 7 'l'1':1I'I'iI' Pulim- Swluml. L., QI, -I. ,,.I ,- . f , .vll XXI' ' j O The Scarlet Feather 0 May, l933 Page Eleven O The Scarlet Feather O May, l933 P326 Twelve RUTH NYGREN "Dreaming of youf' llumc ISL-lr11u11li1'S lllllll. Il, 4. ROXIE NELSON He leads and we follow. Quill and Sc-roll, li Vlzlss X'll'l'-I'l'PSlllt'lll. 2: Suu'- lel lm Ulu: tit 1 lmlllm In 1 lml I N11 l nt 1'Su".CZ,y G' :'u1- .Mflivitil-S .-Xssm-iuiimn. l'l'E'Sld1'lll. I: HS1'lllllSll Mmm" .X Vzaplw--l'1 l'l1nrus, Il, 4: lllvo Vluly 1, 2, 15, I: As-ru Club, Cl, I, 'Fl'f'2lSllli0l', 4. WALTER OLIVER I like to work but I love to play. RUTH NELSON The yeafr has proved itg she is a faithful worker. liilllll, 22, I: lrlwllw-s1l'z1. ll Swlrlvt 1"0:1tllL-1' Stuff. li 1211-g'g.g' Vluxv, ZZ, lg 1i.A..X, 21: Uurrent livc-nts Club. II. WINFIELD OMUNDSON Itls the little things that count: Look at Margy and me. lllllxljl' l1'2lflt'l', 2: lloys' Glu- Club. 1, 25 Mixcll lll0lllN l l JOSEPH O'RElLLY Chess! Can he play it? Watch him! 4- .u . 1 1 , - lrmllmll, -J. l. 1 lu-ss 1 lull, Al, Irvslllm-In 4 MARGARET ANN O'REILLY Those smiling Irish eyes! WARREN OSKEY I may look like a laclyls not. . Svllltbl' Iluys' Glu- Vlulu. 13. RALPH PERROTT Polly's in the "ea.geU. an-but I'm Nlumll-nl ,Xthlc-tic' .Xssm-iulinn. Soriretauy-'I'rvu::11rvr. li lluslu-tlulll, 2, Il, -li l,l-llorm:1n 2, I'uli1'1- l"rvl'u-, ll li, XY. Lllllll, Cl, l. RALPH PAPE Ralphfs not negligent: I-Iels just-Content Football, Ji: Glu- Club, 1. 2. 3, l. ll Iulllllllklll, 531 KATHRYN LEESON She who thinlcs will some day be wise. Im V1-1-4-lv l'lI'1lllt'1llS. Al. ARTHUR LILLYBLAD "Hail to the Chief who in triumph ad- vanceslu Stun- llnskt-llmll 4'1m1x111im1slxip: All-State Guard: Nznliumul llumn' Sm-ivlyl Nzltionul Sm-hulzlstiu Ath- lt-lim' .Xssm-izalimli Uluss l'1'f-sidellt, Zig l'lUHtlYIl.ll, 2, ii, 4, lllllllillll. -1: liuslu-tlmll. 1, 2, Il, 4, fllllilillll, -lg 'Frau-k, 2. :L 4: "In the Ne-xl Ruom": R. W. Vlulv, 'I'reusurel', JL x'im--pn-sill-Azul, -l: Radio 'l't-lvvisiun Uluh, lg Jun- ior Hi-Y " VIOLA LIDGERDING Why, I don't talk fastg I clrawl. 4'urr4-nt l'lX'L'lll:4 Vluh, Sl: Flaws Qululntions. CHARLOTTE McNEIL First in honor- and first in fun. k, 9 Nuliuuzl llonur Sm-ietyg Q1yIVzx114lV'gm-1'fn'm' Yif-1--l'1w-sidynl, 25gfStH4lr'1xt Athletic Assovizxt' , Yitln--F'resfd1-l1l,I -I.: "Spanish Nmm": Scan' t Fen 6-1' SIAYTT II. 4. Assovisliv Es IOP, 41'1iI"z'QQ' K' b, IZ, 4. Vit-1--I'rt-:sitlt-nt, :L Pr-Psi 155: jg G.A.A., ... .,. ELEANOR LOVGREN To all a smile she extends. llmm- Iiwmmzlmivs Club, 27, Sm-1'vtal'y, 33 G.,-X..-X., 1, 3, ::, 4. MARGARET MAXWELL She brightens the corner where she is. QLX..-X.. l. 31 lhmn- l'l1'lll'l0Il'lIl'Hlllllll, 1. CLARICE MANOGUE Generally speaking-she is generally speaking. Nznliolrnl 'I'ln-spialusi tirwlu-sll'zl 2. 33, 41 Spanish Sm'- m-nnrl.-rs, ZZ: String' L3u:1l'tn-tte, Z, CZ: Gln- Phila, 31: "Holm: IImnl"1 "'l'hv Ummm- llzmgs Higll"3 Svnrlel lfwuulln-I' l'n-mluvlimu Stuff, -1: lligh Sc-llool Plnyz-VS. " -I' 1h'w'-"l'll1h " 4' l' -XX 1 " '3 4 .M . nr- , U, . I.. .. ., ,.,, .. . MILTON LUNDQUIST "IVlickey,' seems mysterious Bnt that's because he's serious. HELEN NELSON Of all the words on sea and land, The best are these: I lcnow I can. It- mwrvlr- I-'r:m:':uis, Ii, 4. DOROTHY MORAN Words never fail her. S-':u'l.-1 IM-:nlln-1' l'I'UdllL'llUll Stuff, 4: Llregg Club. Ii, 41Ll..X..X., 1,1 3. Z, 4 0 The Scarlet Feather O May, 1933 Page Thirteen O The Scarlet Feather 0 May, 1933 Page Fourteen ELEANOR PETERSON She who has patience may accomplish anything. Scarlet 1'lL'2ltl11,'l' 1'1'omluL'tio11 Staff, 4: Gl'vg'g' lflulw, 1. MARGARET PLAAS "I wake up smilingf' U.A.A.. l, il. OLIVE POFAHL MGRTLQTS GTC 'ITLOTC eI1J1'CS.'SlUC fllflll words. Hunw l':l'0l10l1lll'S Vlulr, 2: Current ldvvlmts Club, 3. PHYLLIS REDMAN She has ambition and determination. National llmmr Sm-il-ty:H101-Pllllw, 1. 2: lllgh Svluml 1'luys-rs, 2, Zi: tl,A..X., 1, 21 Gregg Club. ll. WALTER SCHADE The best principle is to be practical. Radio 'IW-levisinn Club. 15 f'u1'rex1t Events Club, 3. GRETCHEN SCHERF g'Laagh and the world laughs with youfl G.A.A., CS: llome- EQ'llllllI1llt'S Ululr, 12. ELFRIEDA SCHULZ She has giggled-and has had ajgiaod time. 11m5al1iij'it1mll.ull: lilly-u lflulm, 11 tl.A.A,, l, Sgvlyvllw lico- , " 1 if 1 i . J SELDON SCJ-IQQNKEJ X, xx' y. ' If we V ay 'lmythinglabout him, hell . blushy. 1 xl M l ' H , I. 11' lnlmll 4. my ' ' 'J , I x, 'E' ' .P ,l' Q. x ' ' J , ll h E V All 1, Q 'J I , ,mc RDA EB p is i A., , ' f gl he: grigiro analftlt basket all court ar lthe, stage n whic he ha stmvred. SIMM' Uuskihhgm Fluinju MXN: All State liuurrlz Ngtiowl 'E esp us: oo mil. 'l. 2, 33, 4, l.ettermau. 4 -'Bas X ull. xl-.ettg9i1aA1 I, 4: Pulivs- Furl-Q-, Il, 42 5 hbsosk affix? Pllll 9 . all 3, 4: "Rollin Humlul " n U0 fefj Rl!lIIH'vfl unioT' llifY, I'l'l'SlflPIll. 2: Svllllll' I l ', 3. 4,1S0Cf5fz11'y, l: High Sclmul l'1uyc-1'H 33 R. W. L. ILLLIJ 4. FRANCES SEIZ Ready for anything. work or play: She's a good scout in every way. Home Economics Ulub, 2. JANE STEAFFEN5 C harming, gay and pluclcy, Isnlt she, Bucky? --Sp,,,,i,1, Mmm", 21 l.4- IW-1-1-lv l"l'2llll'.ll., 13, 4 N . Presi- vlvni, l1t2..X..X., 1, Z: Vluss XX'1ll. EVELYN SORENSON My books are friends that never fail me. Glow-1'lv1lu, 1, 2: "K1mx'vnf1lonrls": S1-urlot Fealhr-1' Htauff, I: lligrlu Svluml I'luyorr4. 1, 2, Zi, 4: Gregg . ,. lllll1,.., l. VERNON SKOGAN A first-rate athlete, Fm sure welll all agree. Nzxtiunzul .Xtllll-tis' Svlmlzlslim- Assrwiulimxl Stale liuslu-Ilmll l'l1:1m1riunsl1i1r1 Nzlliunzll llmml' Sovi- vty l: llzlslu-llmll 2, 33, l, lAE'llUl'l1l1Ill ii. 41 lwmtlmll. 4. 'l'n'lll1is. 2, Il, -li l'Hlil'P F1ll'1'1-. 4: li. NV. Club, 3, 41 lil!lllll-'ll1'll'X'l!4l1lll Vlulv, I. EDNA SWANSON And everywhere that Edna. goes- Mildred is sure to follow. llume l'f1-ullmllivrs l'llllr, Il, -l. ROBERT STINSON Always pleasant and busy, driving around in an old tin Lizzie. " " ' - ' ' ' 1 1 'l'l'O'lQvl1'01' 2: Flaws 'l'r0nSu1'm'.41 Hl1..h 1l.1ssNclnt.ll5 .ull .. , 'l'i4-lu-I Slxuzul. II. 4: H11-L:'::4'I1lln, Il. 'l'l'l'2lslll'l'!', Ill "' Sl-In-ul I'luyers, SZ: Radio 'Vulvvision Club. 2: Chess l'lllll, lg Ulnss l.JllHlilllllllH. MILDRED SWANSON Yes, Mildred is sure to follow, l-lumv l'I4-lmnllmivs Clulu, ll. 4. ARDELLE STULL We're helpless! She's the make-up edi- tor! Nzltilunul llmmr Sm-ii-lyi Quill :xml Svvulll Vlzlss S1-r'l'z-lnry, il: H,.X..X., l, 2, Il, il. 'l'1'v:1s1lr0r. 2. Il: lm V4-uw ll- l"l'1llll'IllS. 23. -1, Sl'L'l'l'llll'X', 12 Svnrlet l"02lflll'!' Stuff, IX. 1, Mznlu--up l'Iflitur. 1: S1-nim' Statistics. NORMAN SWENBERG Some people make fl mountain out of EL mole hillg others just put up ci bluff. llzlsn-lmll. If. Ci WALTER SWENBERG Not bad. just noisy, "ln tln- NI-xl RmvlnuiSr'lmuIT1':1ffu' Pnlwc Patrol. 4: lllll'l'f'lll l'lYt'lllS Ullllv, ll: Tic-kvl Silllilfl, 5. DOROTHY TEBBE Cheerfulness and kindliness make hap- piness. llUl'l't'lll l'lx'4-nts Fluh, 3. 1 if ss ,W X W O The Scarlet Feather O May, l933 Page Fifteen O The Scarlet Feather 0 May, l933 Page Sixteen K Xi ,n ,I , K Y ALICIA URSELLA I shall work and strive and some day my chance will come. m:.tx..x.,1,:,::, DELPHA WATSON She needs no 0IlI'0IIlllI,'IIlS'-IIPI' reeord speaks for itself. Nllllfrllill llnmn' Sm-in-ly: Quill :md Svrulll Naxlimlul 'IIIIHSIIIIIIIHQ Flaws l'r+-sinh-nt, I: IM-m'lznln:1tm'y, 2, II, -1. State Fulltext, II: "S11zl11isl1 lXlmm"1 "Iin:1x't- ul' Ili-:11'ls": IIAIQAITIIII ul' the LXlnvies": "In the N1-xt limnn1"g nllnlnlll Ilnnd": "'l'ln- llmrsm- Ilzulgs llig'h"2 "l'i11k :xml I'zlt1-lu-s': Student .Xvtivilies :XSSiN'l2lllUll, D J Vive-l l'4'SI1IvI1I. Ii: Glu- l'luIu, I, L., III Slwvinl Mixed IVIIIHIWIS, Ji: Smwxrlvt I'l1'illllQ'l' Stuff, 4: Higll Svlmul l'I:1yI-rs. 1. 2, JI. 4, St'l'l'l'I.JIl'y, 2, xvII't'-l',l'l'!-illlvlll, Il: Im VL-rs-le I"I'illlt'ilIS, Il, -I. Vim--l'1'n-sisle-Ill, -I: ll..X.,X.. I, 2, Il: "'I'I1v llmmx'l:1m-v ul' lh-ing' 11Z:l1'nest"g Flaws Qlmtutimms, VIOLET VON HELMST It seems all violets are shy. WILLIAM WATSON There is many a whim about musical William. lkluxit- fwmtn-st, Ll: Iizmll, Il, I: Iil'l'Ilt'Sll'Il, Il, 41 Huys' film- Vluh, Il,-I1.XIix1-tlvlmn-11s. II. 4: String' Nxnsvrllbll-, 'IL String' I.3u:11'tI-II:-, SIL Slvvnislu Se-In-lxzul--rs, il: A--mm Vluh, 52, I, I'1's-sirlvnl. IZ: Student I5Il'I'l'lIll' nf .llminr lll'l'II1'SIl'2l. LOIS JANE VAN BRONKHORST Let the world go as it mayg I'll take it any way. film- l'lul1, II, Il, -lg Mixed f'Im1'us, I1 ll,A.A., 1. 21 IQ- l'1'I'n'Im' l"l':lI11'1llr1, II, VIRGIL WOLPERS "I never dare to be as funny as I can." "Mt-rum ul' the .XIux'ivs": Tennis, I, 2. II. -4: Ol'4'llt'S- ll'2l, I. 2, ii, -1: .Iuniur lluys' Glw- Ululr, 1: Senior llnys' CIM- 4'IuIu, 2: Slalnisln Sevnlnxzult-l's, I1 Sm--me Ululu, 11 Uiviws LIIIIII, Zig Iizlrliu 'l'I-lvvisinn Ulub, l. HELEN WIBERG Fun, frolic, frivolity. G.A,A., 1, 21 Home Ifivolmrmmit-:s Club, 4. I gd x, '1 And Now It Can Be Told' Senior Statistics Compilation of statistics Seems to be the rage, But take these with a grain of salt, So said a Senior sage, ALT these statistics down as you please, S but the following facts were really gleaned from the Senior Class of l933 of the Red Wing High School. Among our "little women" we have Mar- jorie Hav, about four feet ten inches in height, and Viola Lidgerding, who surmounts her by at least one foot. "Little men" are plentiful in our class but Melvin Johnson is the least plentiful. Roxie Nelson appears to be the most plentiful. Charlotte McNeil has attained the highest scholastic ranking among the girls, and Ar- thur Lillvblad among the boys. Charlotte Mc- Neil gained further honor by being chosen All-Star student. The All-Star athletes are Dick Seebach and Arthur Lillyblad. "A thing ot beauty is a joy forever." This pleasure is shared by Helen Chinlund and Clarice Manogue, who were voted the pretti- est girls in the class. Perhaps this joy can be shared by Arthur Hall, who was voted the "Apollo" of the Senior Class Fun and friendship abound in Delpha Wat- son and Dick Seebach. That is why senior opinion cast them as the most popular girl and boy, Shakespeare is usually the favorite author of a senior class. Imagine our surprise when he polled only three votes. Moco Closeman prefers Burns in his reading. Keg Dubbe, "our old maestro," has taken a sudden liking to Goldsmith. According to the statistics, the world will never be in need of nurses and teachers. But here, in this day and age, we find one girl who really likes housekeeping! Mildred Swan- son listed it as her favorite vocation. Our statistics show that the boys are in- tesested in many fields. LeRoy Hughes and Donovan Harding desire to becorne jewelers. Here's to our future milkman-Winfield Omundson-who listed dairying as his busi- ness preference! Our Western Union boy, Virgil Wolpers, wants to go on in his work of telegraphy. Dick Seebach intends to become a lawyer, and don't you think we could wager our last cent that he will win his cases? Mar- cus Johnson is the only one that showed any hint of having "water on the brain." He' pre- fers the navy. t,And there are two prospfttive doctors in our class, Glenn Featherstone and Earl Anderson. Ambition seems to prevail in Joe O'ReilIy, for he stated that his favorite pastime was working on a farm. We predict that Kenneth Lee will do a great deal of traveling in his day for he prefers roller skating for-leisure hours. Gustav Huneke really Should be an ex- plorer or wild-animal hunter for he prefers rifle shooting. Ethel lngebrigtsen likes "scat- ing" to while away the time. We predict the success of Russell Farrell as a lawyer for his favorite pastime is arguing with Miss Ferron. Todi Krista is the only student at Central High School who has come from a foreign country. He came all the way from Albania to graduate from our school. There are one hundred and twenty mem- bers in the Senior Class. As usual, and much to the misfortune of the fair souls, the boys form the minority of the class, there being fifty-five boys and sixty-five' girls. -Barbara Ladd Ardelle Stull O The Scarlet Feather O May, 1933 Page Seventeen O The Scarlet Feather O May, l933 Page Eighteen National Honor Society 'FUI' Vow: Il:ii'Irzl1':i lurid. IN-liilizi XV:i1son, X'vi'nnn Skngrnri. Artliu Lllyhlnrl, I"i1'St rflwi Phyllis Rm-rlniilll. lleliiii 1"l'2lllZt'll, Arflvllr- Stull, 4'Ii:i1'lfvlte M1'Nei1 Nl 1 Ill . 2Il','0l'lI,' ar vvrsoii. All-Still' stu I - t' Local Chapters ol the Scholastic l'lonorary Societies NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Character-Scholarship-Leadership-Service Barbara Ladd Delpha Watson Vernon Skogan Arthur Lillyblad Phyllis Redrnan Helen Eranzen Ardelle Stull Mariorie Halverson Charlotte McNeil NATIONAL TH ESPIANS Dramatics WllllCll'Il Burrows Charles Claydon Delpha Watson Richard Seebaeh Christine Johnson Clariee Manogue Earl Anderson Arthur Hall QUILL AND SCROLL International Honorary Society For High School Journalists Charlotte McNeil Deloha Watson Earl Anderson A Barbara Ladd Roxio Nelson Ardelle Stull NATIONAL ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY AthIetics-Character-Scholarship Earl Anderson Martin Closernan John Kasimor Ralph Perrott Ernest Gisslen Wayne Hultauist Alfred Seharpen Vernon Slcogan Courtland Anderson Arthur Lillyblad we MM T .QJMQ ,l ,,jJ'3lT!f2 TJ G. A. A. Organizations FAR ofter yeor mony new clubs hove been formed in Red Wing lfligh School but per- hops no yeor hos been so productive of new orgonizotions os this one Four new clubs were formed: The Chess Club, the Junior Journoltsm Club, the Cortoon ond Poster Club, nnd the lvlinerology Club, Although we hove o lorge number of clubs, we otten wonder if we reolly hove enough ot them now, of the right kind, to interest every- one ond give everyone on opportunity to be o member of some extro-curriculor orgonizoe tion Do our students toke odvontoge of the clubs we hove? Fortyrthree seniors hove be- longed to only one club during their tour yeors in high school, twenty-seven, to two clubs, sixteen to three clubs, six to four, ond one person to five clubs. On the other honcl twenty-one seniors hove belonged to no club whotsoever Or, in other words twentyetwo per cent of the eloss hove belonged to no extrof curriculor orgonizotion during their high school coreer The l-ligh School Ployers hove hcid o very successful yeor, They gove three onefoct ploys for the public before Christmos They olso presented two very interesting children's . ' I ploys, These two ploys were "Three offo Kind" ond "Merry Tyll." l' 5' The Junior Journolism Club, one of our new' ' ' clubs, undertook the publishing of the April issue of the Scorlet Feother, The stciff sure- ly worked hord ond deserve much credit for their issue of the mogozine. The French Club hod o record yeor. The chief sociol function which wos coiled "An Evening in Porisf' wos very entertoining Mony French shops were on o street of Poris, ond eoch hod o French ottendont The meme bers of the club will long remember thot porty The Cortoon ond Poster Club inode some very ottroctive Christrnos cords They olso helped by moking ottroctive posters for vort- ous octivities The Gregg Club, ofter much deloy, tun- doubtedly due to the depresstont hnd ri luncheon They olso entered o shorthond cone test The RW, Club plons to hove stubs on their sunlight donce tickets next yeor After one hos five of these stubs he moy go to o donce free Their donces this yeor were well ot- tended '. 'I ,. --? ,lf- J 1 I 41" , 1 0 The Scarlet Feather 0 May, 1933 Page Nineteen 1 N 1.1111-l111111, ilKlX'lSt'l', Russ 'l'l1u1'li1111s111. .I111111 lvixnu, lftlllllllld lXI:lllUQ-l'llt', s1-1-1'1-- The Junior JOUI'I'16IISm Club ,Jr ,cf 1111 lm111ld X11111-1's1111. sn-1'p:'vz111l-all-urlns. .lun-k I :1llu11. Miss Nm-Ivy, gulvisf-1'. S1-1-111111 1'1111': Im111lcl Stull I1111ux Xullrmlx lung, luhn X011 ' ' . . sun. 11'4-simh-111: llidilh I.1lIlp5,'ll'j', Ii11ll1 l'1l'i1'k-' , ,Lv-A-I X, 'N 'L lX XIUII1111 l'z1111v1'u11 II41l'I'. Vi111'011l .ll1l1llH4lll. First rnw: Wzlltm' S2ll'LL'l'Ill, lmris XX'wl1l, 4 11 11411111 41111111111-k, fm1'u1I141' XY11 , 111151111-111: .lvzin S1A1'1'i4'k,.IZ11IH't Hisslwll. 0 A Le Cercle Francais mx 1111111111 .l11l111sn11. 111wsi1l1111t: I':1ll'I l,411's1111. l'41111'll111141 A111h11's1111, M11 l.1111mhA1111111. Nll llllltl l:11-Mm, l"1':111k l'1il'l1'l'. Xvilliillll Sw'-zlsy, 1':ll'l 5111111-1'I:1111l, First 11111: 1I111l1s 1 l1x1I1111 I11.1w11111. MI11111 l'l'1fIlIl'I'Sl1Hl1', ll1vI1411'd bl-1-lrzu-11, Hl'l'l'l'l2ll'j'l l'I111'l .XlI1Il'l'- I1 Xlllllll' Hull, x'i1-1--111-1-simh-111: Iluln-1't Il:111'k:111sw11, .Xl'H1lll' II1-1'11lv111. l1.1311uI1l ,Xll1ll'l'SHIl, mvlgm-11111-111-:11'111S, x:1 12 J S41 . f'-' 'I'-,p 1-uw: lflliznlmf-111 Mm-111. llf-len llf'!'lllt'lll, Il'vllSlJl'1'f'1 .X1wl1-llv Stull. In N 11111' .l11I111s1111, x'iv1--p1'1-si1l1-111. S+-1-111111 1'11w: F1-ullv Jul111s+111, .l11111- l1i11f sun, lCx'vly11 l:llI'liQ', H1'l'Ilil'x' 1lillw1'ls1111. .N1111:a gXll1lf'l'?41lI1, If'1'z111v1As is IH11-is Alum, s1w1'vl:11'y. S1-1111111 1'nw:'IIbM-11 N1-lsun, Miss .-X111lw1's1111, 1111 M II:111su11, .l:1111- S11-z1lT1-11s. 111w-sinlw11tQ Jr::1111-llv Kv1'11:111, l'IsIl1v1- S1-1111111111 11111111 I1l1l1111 Y1'l'il:l H111-411-1'. Ifirsl 1'1nx': kllzulvs Lin1l1l11isl 13111111-lw ,X111hA1N111. Klilrllul Iuhnx Il XI111 UISQ111. II111-UII15' .lnl111sw11, .Xlildlw-11 1':11'ls4111, Y1-1'11:1 lh1111l+:11-I1, IZ1 111111 I11111 The Senior H1-Y Club R, Lf f r l Q, - , --fy :J J' J" 4'f0"jLl'1e 1 ZVVw,.7Junior M ,. JQHi-Y -.fffgl I Club- ,gff .QQ I , f, ' C MI' I J ' 7 .f 1 'Pup row: XYilli:1m l:lll'lnlXYS, Iiiksvll 11:15:11:-. pri-siflvut: lC:1l'l Stinson, .lnlllvs ljlllllll. Nlidllll Iiwwi II:1i'lvisnii Illv-A1-iii . lf-nfllngvl-, Philip Nwrwlv:-11. .lmlq llnss. lluimlil .Xiiwll'1'swii. .lim-X Ill-guns. xgif-4--1-iwsirlviit1 -Il-rin-rl,I.1fi'sm1, w-vw-l:ii'y: ll. ll, I':ulm. gulvix--1-, Imttmx rl-ii XYGIXII1' I.:irs1-in, llrmln-i'Ll'I'ln'-rmvnu-11, l'lu-s-lm' S4-luulf-nln-ru, ti-vznsilin-1-1 1'li:irl1-s lhwlllfbn, lmiii 1"x'ivk, Iiivlizlrml llpxxklihiif-mi. Ihumlli .Iwli11:fm1. .lmiii llixwii. Alix lll'I'llt',1fg mlxirwix - .ld J ' Fvyw 4 J' ,- ' Q 'X "Q NS- 'V l A410 - X' - U 'i ' I -' Ljffl C., , x , . x , ' -14. ll 1 J f ' J' lf, X L1-ffl! fl .ff Ln' !"'lJ A54 T e Junior Club n , , Dramatic . x D 1 A - - j 1 .W .. . Q NSN, - n 'wp row: Mrs, lfmulllm-1'strT"-, :1'lTT'1slT1'.Al?n-ill-i'xl-li lltifllll fl. XX llllillll l'l'i!llll'l'SllIllP. MISS I'14m-- 1 livli, :ulvisvix 'l'l1ii'rl rnw: Ilziiwvy Vliinluiul, I.1-v.Iulil1.m1. sl-1 1-vlzl1'y1 .lzivk lil-ilmznu. IM-5-ll' ' .Xmlf-isuii. llulu-rt 'IW-Iiln-, llwm-i't ll11pl'1-V, svi'gz-:iiil-:1tf: rms. .lfilIl1'S Nlzlymluii, .luvk l?i'iI'l'iIIu, l':IlIlll4'l'l l':1i'i'. S1-vm-iirl www: l'Il'l14-sl Ulu-l'g', lXI:li'g.::1:'l-1 l'I imliiii. Amy .Xalm-S. l'Jll'llll'll l'Ulllll'll, X Mairilii Sllllllllf. Phyllis Sluvgziu. xlfll'5 IZ:-llv N4-IQ:-ii, 11:-Qislviili Illlaiiin- l.2ll'S1ilI, llHllIll4l X l".lQlIllI, liw.iMii'--i First rnw: l.lll9l1lll'l'l'lllf'l', IZ1-tix Alzu mil-lrl. .lvuilm-llv liuiirll-lin, litlqq Mill' , Yulliiivrs. lmimlliy fliwmflulil. Avlis Ilixun, l'lif-vlw I"-wt, Alziwilic- Iiii'1'l1wl'I'. .. lilllll S2ll'Ql'lll, vis-l--1:i':,-sidllit. ., - N , L45 0 xx' NCBIK IX 1 Fifi' X I . I. . M N . ,, ' i, Q, u , , " il-xx: 1511:-tux' lliim-kv. .lf-svpli H'llwIlly', l'I't'Slll1'll1 ll 1- llJlX't4-'l', Illia:-vll l4',mr'i'1-ll, Sw mul www: Hull-l't Slinsml. Furl Sv-iwiisl-ii, .Xl'lllllI' Kill I1"lu-rt I11ii'liiii:4-'i', W:ni'l'1-ii Ilaipzui J '- lmiiirlzis .l1'l's1-11, Huw 'l'li1-i-Miiiswil, Hluzurl I2--ru: Ifivsl iw va N1-:il SIr1'vl1S1'11. l"'5l1' .NH'l"" I V sun. Slilllilllil I'iiislu-A Ill-ll-ii Ill-rin-l'1. Imris Wu Ill-ris 'I'lmi'liiii1sni1, Jum- l.yiiu-'i'. ll I, l il, i 1 ,S I I, The Chess Club .lllllll'S All-yi-i'. llN'm-al ivli. The Mineralogy Clubi-1 U9 ,J gr g -Y .3 -ry Sw 1 8, .M f 1 if F1111 1-uw: XX'illis l"1"'vl11'l'i:', RUNS "1'111-li1-I1, :1dvis1-14: J11y1'1- .I11l111s1111, AI:11'll1p1 .lz11111l1s1111, II:11'1'i1-1 3 1, ! l1v11'I:1111l, l1IIl:1111i11:1 'I'l11111111s1111 Mrs. l-'1A:1lh111'sl111111, :1dvi:41f1': Yi111'1l11t .I11l111s1111, l"1'11111 1-1 1.1111141111 Holi, l,1l1tl1 l.1111gI1-A, M:11'g1-ry M11Il1111, .I:1111s H1-11111412 AIilI'L3,'1ll'PI .I11l111s1111. Iwgpxg' I Fulk, Je-1111 Se V11-k, Yi1'g,i11i11 A111I1-1's1111, Hi1'l1111'1l l!z1wk1111s1111. X 1' p ff 1 X- - I-7 Q JK' 'AQ ,. 1,11 The Ticket Squad 111. ' 'I'1111 1'11x1': H11-1111 S1'I111llZ. .1:11111-s lC11g1-rs, .I1vl111 'l'l11-11111s1v11. 3Iz11'- Yi11 Yimgllist, li:1l11l1 lie-Hsu, Ulix'1-1' M:11Is1v11, .l:11k Russ. 15111111111 1'11xx, In-11111-111 I.1-1-, .Xl:111 II11w1- 1'I1lt111'1l .l11l111s1111, .l11I111 I!l11111l1'll. .IUI111 lx:1s1111111'1- I'11l11+1'1 Sli11f1111, F111 1'11w: li:1YI1I1l1l A111l111's1111 lllix'1-1' .XI,11lis1111, I1'1':1111'1-s l.illYlIl1llI, vi1'1-- 11'11Si1l1111l, I.11x'1-1'111 I . 1 . 11151-11I1s1111, Rims 111-1'1'1111. :11lx'1s1-1': I2:11'ln11':1 .I11l111s1111, lCIiz:1l11-LI1 M111-1-l1, l'I1:11l1-s 1'I:151l1111 111-1-S1111-111. l+'11'sl 1'11w: ' A -1 -'1 'z - , I-' 1I11111 1111 1 11111-1111! I111111-1- XX1ll1:1111s, H1-11-11 H1'1'11l1-111, S1-111-1-11115 11111 l1'1-:1s111'1-1': .XII11-1'1'1 l'1-1'k1-1' l1'lI11-l I+'11U'1-h1'1g'1a1J11, .XI111'y ,XIIII H1-1'!11-1-1, Il:11'1'l1-1 Zwi1-I1. l'1V1-1'111- liz111L:', , 1 X if jj 'J 11' 10 The 1 Cartoon 'Q 1" and Poster Club Q s '4,L.fVb?' LLLfff" X, .. JI Tlie Home Econmics Club y if cg 1 -, nfl! Evite- 14aTT1"C V. 'c I 'Y l A T r X 71 'Af f , ,Y r 1.1 A .nr vl.1 U. H- .1 -v..... .v.. ..... . . . c ,, , f., , ,,,, , 4 f -7 'T' A Si-hnlz, ICI.-:i11nr' .lnlrnsnn, lint-ntliy Mm- ttainsnn, lm is l+Ii'ieksnii, llnimtlry ,Xnil+-i'- V I 1 rl son. l4'il'th row: Militiw-it Swunsnii. Mnrizin Amit-rsnii. l.illi-in "rt-it XI :rx In tldin ii ' f ' I"lIr-n Munn. I.i-nn:i Morris. M:ii'g'i-ry Smith, lrlivt- Slit-rtnzin tilt' lirixkie, l"i':iiievs linlin. 0 t-Iilnri Swaiiisnri, It--lim Olson. trois Vt-ith, 1NIisst'iii-writ, rulvisi-i'. t+'nnr'tti r-ow: Itnth Nygrt-ii. 1Xl:ii'i:in tfirsti-i'. Irvin- Vain I3llSt'll. Xvlllllil 'l'lini'ie. .XI:1i'i.in ll rg, Irtnt- I-In-l'i-tts, llzirrii-I yn" 'rin-alsnii, Ruth ,Xmlt-i'sor1, Alive I.nliiin'5'i-i', t'ln'ir1tirn- ,Inlins-:ii Alzilinmizi tilt-zisnii, Iizitherini- 'H-3 E -- . " X 5 iwxirtziii, 'l'lrir'it row: tllzntys l,ni-i', lit-len Itziustr-in, ,Xiwlvl 1- I-'lzimti-r's. Nziry Sehw:ii't:iu. TNQ' ' . .Xi tis Ht-i'p:', 3lill'l2lIl ,Xintii'snii, Ltrnist- Sweet, th-in-vzi I.nx'g'i'eii llnrntliy' lleipr, l,nr'illt- Swain- . f L Uflsmrll, Arvillai Svziln-i-gp Ih-rniie l,:ii'snn. St-efrrirl row: Ilelt-1 XYitu-i'g', Ari--I Nniwtt-iisliiinlil, , at ' glilsie Nt-winaiii, Yaileiii- t'nr'lsnn, t'li:ir'lntte tlnstnisi Iii'-:tru-t t':ii'lsnn, lflxw-lyrr S'lt'L-1'n'Ill. . -X Item- Wallin. Harrie XVzi,:'iiei', 1Xlir'i:ini t':ii'lsnii, Irllizailri-tti l'i'ulern, lilziint- Svliirikv, Ilntti 1, K ' ' I-Brit-ltsnii. First 1'-iw: Virginizi lilsnn, Violet Zilrlrlt-. Mary .lainv Wilson, ICU-Iyri 'I'ieiti-rn:in, K V Yirgiiiini Munson, lnriwrllry' l.:iriiti-vii, lrelrnw-s 4'zii'lsnn, ,l ltllvllt' Stninpf, Kzitlrerinii l.m-V, f,,4j+' toni- llnis, .loyi-e t'sir'lsnri, I.nr':i'n- Hlsi 11. xx pmt - " - rc f ff jx' l yi r 'A , . L 'L - H ORGANIZATIONS---CCO u m page nineteen, L it l lihe Girls' Athletic Association had a very The Junior l lreY has been very active il hex exciting basketball tournarnent The Junior' recently spent a week-end at Lake Pepin At 's E Class Won the championship and was given a this rneeting, they elected ollrcers for next ' y . J hondsorne tro h Q rear and transacted other rin rortant busi- 0 -fj f' :X lu The Home Economics Club gave clothes to ness X ' if the poor at Thanksgiving and donated loud The Mineralogy Club is our nature club i' NJ . .J to the poor at Chnstrnas time lhey have The rrrernbers study rocks and other products been a very helplul organization. The Senior l-lr-Y have had sorne enjoyable over-nights at Wacouta. Even though they never got much sleep, they always enjoyed their outings The Chess Club was organized this year hy lvlr Kinney A large group joined and bef carrie ardent chess fans A chess tournament was held and pnies uvvnrrled Tl1e Traffic Police Squad ol the ground lt has a large rneriilut-rslirp The rneetrngs ore always interesting il he students ol lied Wing lligh School are very tortunate to have such a large group ot' educational and entertaining clubs There r-, a club for everyone All students should rnal.e the best of their opportunities to becorne rrrernbers ol one or rnore ol these rntt rirslrrrd rrrgarrrintrons 'VMI' IWIXVI liiihriirit Si-elm--li. .lnlrn lit-vitl. I-'rwiii--is tlnerlt. First row: Wpilter Sw--iitriirg. Ki-nn'-Ili I.--i-. llll Tc Red Wing High School Band t'lai'inets: Arthur Hi-rnlem, Dwight Howe, I-litrriel Zwiek, Ilnhprt 'l'liiri'ste-list-it, Hit-lmtwl lluwkztlisnn, John 'l'linmi'son, .lilt'k Knldem, llonnlfi XX'ui'tli'ii. Xl'illi:1in lf:-:itlit'i'stlviw, li .rhi- srin Mm-vii. Tl'lllTlIYt'ISI Kenneth Dnlulie, Melvin Johnson, Phillip Veeli, Willzirtl Iirill, Pliiilili llzill, i.'0lliSi'Sl'llll1ldl, l':inl HtlllillIlliSl. l'2llll NYilt'irx, I,:iVei'nt- linzimie. llnlrert Km-inpt-. lien- W O The Scarlet Feather 0 May, 1933 Page Twenty-Four nis Gi'il'fitli. 'l'l'omliunes: Herbert llzirsmi, lltmzilrl tllsun. Irvin St-linvlit. Salxnylitniei Clizirles Beldon, Rodman Dt-Witt, Owen Redintin. l'liillip Nlll'dl't'll, I+'i'untis Vollmt-rs. Aiigust Olson. William Watson, Frank Ainl+-rsoii, liitlwarrl Prishiil, 'l'huin'is 'l'ltin'steiisen. Alto horns: Rielizirfl Reitmaln, Martin llniisniz. llnroltl Silvernalt-, l!iii'itmu-1 Ruin-rt pilifllkdll, lit-:in lVilc'oX. Bass: Howzirtl flriint, Allen llowv, Jzinies liriueiw, .lziines llinrlmzin. l'tri't'l1SSii1li1 llawim-in-v Silvt-rnitle, Seth Witlir-i-sr, liennctli Jolinsrrn, Imnsild Sztiiillmiiiu, Hulit-i't iilll'l.L'l'. The Music epartment HE olnove pictnre is thot of one ot the more ontstonding orgonizotrons ot the Music Dee portment ot the Red Wing High School. This might be regorded os the top orgonizotion in rust one ot the tive deportments. The tollovving list ot orgonizotions will illnslrote how the Music Deportmerrt is orgon- ized ond hovv eoch orgonizotion is reloted to the next. L. W. YoggyeeeSupervisor ond Director. Division I Division ll VCCAL INSTRUMENTAL lBAlXlDl l. Grade School Special Chorus Composed ot sixty selected voices from the Eitth ond Sixth grodes. 2. Junior High School Choruses. Composed ot both boys ond girls from the Tenth, Eleventh, ond Twelfth grodes 3. Special Senior Chorus. Composed ot picked voices from the Senior Chorus. l. Junior Band. Composed ot members token from the Third to the Eighth grcides inclirsive, 2. Senior Band. Composed ol members token trorn tha? Eighth to the Tvveltth grodes inclusive who come up to the ploving require! ments. Division lll THEORY AND APPLIED 1. Rudiments of Music. A course offered daily for those who are interested in a more thorough knowledge of Music and who wish to work for grad- uation credit in Music. 2. Private Lessons. A system whereby a student may take private lessons from any accredited teacher and receive high school credit. 1.1 2.S Division V Division IV INSTRUMENTAL IORCI-IESTRAI unior Orchestra. Composed of members token from the Third to the Seventh grades inclusive. enior Orchestra. Composed of members taken from the Eighth to the Twelfth grades inclusive who come up to the playing require- ments. New organizations have been organized for the purpose of creating an opportunity for those out of school to participate musically in some organization, These are the Alumni "A Capella Chorus," and the Red Wing Male Chorus. The Red Wing Municipal Band has taken an added interest in those players from the high school who have shown ability upon their instruments and is making use of all those who qualify for membership in that organization. In the above, I have attempted to show the organization of the Music department and the plan that is being worked out here of beginning at the bottom and providing tor musical growth, training, and playing experience throughout the complete life of the individual. Class Will E, Tl-IE SENIOR CLASS OE l933, of the Red Wing I-ligh School, of Red Wing, Minnesota, Wbeing in complete possession of all our I ies of mind and feeling especially benevolent do publish, ordain, and establish this, our last and testament: I. We, the Senior Class, will to the Junior Class the honor of being the superior class. 2. I, Robert I-Iawkanson, leave three yards of black crepe to be hung in tender mem- ory over my vacant chair in the band. 3. I, Kenneth Dubbe, bequeath my syncopation on the trumpet to my devotee, Willard Brill. -I. I, Marjorie I-lalvorsen, leave to Cecile Nelson o few helpful and instructive hints concerning a quiet and modest behavior. 5. I Earl Anderson, bequeath to Marvin Vinquist the ability to sway audiences with masterlv oratory. 6. We, Willard and Wilmet I-lolvorsen, will to Elmer and Earl Larson the privilege of being the only twins in the class. 7. We, Arleen Barker and Marvyl Klug, will to Marjorie Moulton and Margaret John- son two autographed tennis balls. 8. I, Russell Farrell, leave to Lyndon l'IaIIer on authoritative pamphlet, "Arguments and Argumentationsf' with explicit details as to its use. 9. I, Marian Black, will to I-lazel Black the duty of carrying on "local color." IO. I, Arthur Lillyblad, bequeath the privilege of smiling often and long to anyone who feels in need of a cheerful countenance. In witness whereof, we have signed and sealed this instrument as our last will and testa- ment at Central I'-ligh School on this, the fifteenth day of May, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and thirty-three. I The Scarlet Leather I May, 1933 Page Twenty-Five O The Scarlet Feather Q May, 1933 Page Twenty-Six Q! if E7 Zoe-dwg if-21 Dramatics "The Goose Hangs High" Bernard lngals Eunice lngals Noel Derby - Leo Day - Rhoda - - - Julia Murdock Mrs. Bradly - Hugh lnaals - Ronald Murdoch Lois lnaals - Bradley Ingalls Dagmar Carroll Elliott Kimberly All-Class Play Charles Claydon - Dolpha Watson - Milton Stein William Sweasy Margaret Olson - Jeanne Wilson Christine Johnson William Burrows Donald Seebach Clarice Manogue - Arthur Hall Evelyn Erickson - Earl Anderson "The New Poor" Junior Class Play Mrs. Welby -------- Cecil Nelson Betty Helen Lundquist Conny l-ler Three Daughters Irene Metzler Alice Peggy Lidberg Mary Maudisley, Writer of Detective Stories ------- Evelyn Erickson Irene, a Russian Princess - - - Jeanette Kernan Amos Welby ---- -' - Milton Stein Gutteridge ---- - Maxwell Sargent O'Farrel, a Detective - - - Arnold Lees Russian Grand Duke ---- William Sweasy lvan . Donald Seebach Vlgdimor Friends of the Duke Bernard Becker "The Importance of Being Earnest Senior Class Play John Worthing, J. P. ---- Earl Anderson Algernon Moncrieft ----- Art Hall Rey. Canon Chausible, D. D. - - Charles Claydo i Merriman, Butler ---- Leonard Hasselblad Lane. Manservant - - - LeRoy Hughes Lady Bracknell - - - - Delpha Watson Hon. Gwendalen Fairfax - - Mary Ann Herbert Cecily Cardew - - - - Katherine Drew Miss Prism, Governess - Barbara Ladd X I 0 I ll High Sclwool Players 'lkip row: Arthur Ilnll, ww-sirlvnti i":1i'l Sutlierlaiurl, XViIlium Sw:-zisy, l,ounfi1'1l Ilzirvwllrlziil. Williauu Iluiruws, I'il'1ll1Ii AIIIIt'l'SIllI, t'hfu'lm-s l'I2lj'Il0l'l, tw-:ls1li'ei'1 tlustuv Iluuvki-. .Xrnulil I I lliiidirxx lulxu lilll ot liinris Iill Illrl Ilellnrt I'iil1il1 mi '41 utr I ts .I-rs. " A' 'I -2 'I'-g 'I"'cs 1, f-- vrz -' " u- px'-'. . rv I--' .Il"2lIl IIIXIIII, luilmund Mnr1ogus-. Infll Ixristu, Furl Anderson, x'i1'v-pri-girl.-nr tl ,. ,. 't. Y. .,-wk ,. ,., Niund i1nx,l.ixnelni1 Hutt, .Lim li.liul.1lI. .lm.Il1 lt, Ixt l11.1l1. Iain itnhdil. AIIIIX ,Xuu Ili! lrvrt, IN-lplm XY:itsmi, .Im-:muv XYIISIII1,:Jn-r'i'0Iil'y1 1'II1'lSIlIl1' .IOIIIISWIL Iii-:it1'icv IVII-Neil. Ilivli- zirrl Iluwknusun. Ituttum row: I'I-guy I.i1Ilwl'g:.'. IItIl'll"I'2i Ilt-lmulugzsun. Twpxgry IIf'lIlSIIJll'fII. IIIEIl'Ll2lI't'l Olson, I4'1':im-vs Ilulvfe-1', l,ol'l':1ine Aluzgnllssi-11, .Xlluortzx Ile-vliui' lilthel Im:vIrx'ig'tst-u. 14'i'u1n-vs Us-utley. Diary of a Declamatory Contestant JAN. IO Great discourogenwent, Cun't lrnd u selec- tionl JAN ll Hurrahl Today we discovered a good cut- ting of the "Melting Pot " lhe rest of the contestants have already started memorizing, l'll have to get busy, JAN, 20 l'nw oll in practice practice practicel I heard Kato Drew give her selection. That gave me an incentive to work harder. JAN 25 My selection is getting into shape nicely A- feel quite encouraged, I heard Jean Dixon give his humorous reading today. I laughed fO hard Miss Hoyer gave me a look which calmed me down FEI? S All set for the big nightl FEB. 9 lt's overl My knees were shakingfel was so scored because l had a colde ea minute be- fore I went on, I couldn't utter a word, Earl, Jeanne and l go to St. Paul Pork tor the sub- distnct contest next weekl FEB I4 Practice againl It's exciting work but I'm so worried that I won't do well . . . Jeanne has had to go to the hospital tor an appendicitis operation? Tough luckl Frances Hupter will go in her place. FEB. I6 We rode up to St. Paul Park with Mr. Lewis, Miss Smith, and Miss Hoyer. Such accomo- dotionsl No hotel in the townl I ate two tried eggs tor supper. Contest was held in the gym' l went too fast and people looked bored We won anyway. MAIPCH 5 been a little worried about the length ot my selection. We've cut it down auite a little. MARCH IG Well, the District Contest is over and Earl and I both placed seconds l hope the winners ot thls contest will go a long ways. -A Delpha Watson '33 I The Scarlet Feather O May, 1933 Page Twenty-Seven v' U f t ,D J ff I The Scarlet Feather O May, l933 Page Twenty-Eight Recl Wing Baslcetball Squacl "1ni'tr" 'et' rr limi Q lliit ' "t"' "'- ' 't -' 4" ' '-" , , . , . ,.. . ,.t 1is,,ts last, .ii 1 in l 1 I xx X iii ii I ix 1 liit mln: 1 XX :xi llllltiilt I it l i ln lttlll l ii ll t'n:it-li Itxiy -ltrllllStllt. Ilnttnin i-nw: l,zuX'vi'iie i"i'itIvll. .Xrtliiir Lillptilsirt. t-ziptuin, X'm-riniii 'ali in lllltll5QQlXltlI llxtlll liil '-..-, -'... Q .u,,.,tttt. .1 tt 4'-'t-4. Athletics ED WING has in this school year ot V332- 33, carried on the Red Wing tradition in athletics in a manner which has filled the Red Wing tans with pride. Soon atter school started last tall, Coach Ray C, Johnson began work on the small, and on the whole, inexperienced sauad which was to carry the purple and white on the tootball tield that season, In spite ot these ditticulties, Coach Johnson, in a tow weeks made at these boys a polished, tast, and co- ordinating team. The team opened its schedule with two hard fought games against Lake City and Austin, although both ot these teams seemed badly outplayed the tin al score in each case was U-O, The next two games on the schedule were both battles After being taken l3-O by o strong and well coached Northfield team, the sauad came back, ttghting against odds, and was barely nosed out, l2A6, by a-Roehes- ter team which had not previously been scored against that season. Alter loslng the two remaining "Big Eight" games to Winona and lvlankato by rather large and misleading scores, the team seemect to hit its stride, and won the last two games against Stillwater and the Aluntini, both larger teams, by scores ot l2-6 Although Seebach, Lillyblad, Closeman, l-lultauist, Earl Anderson, and Courtland Anf derson are being lost by graduation, a very strong nucleus remains, around which Coach Johnson will undoubtedly build a winning team A list of the football lettermen fol- lows: Name Position Year Seebach End 4 E. Anderson Tackle 4 Closeman Guard 4 Vance Center 3 Kasimore GUGrCl 3 C, Anderson TOClsl2 4 Gisslen End 3 Hulrquigt Quarterback 4 Alfred Scharpen Halfback 3 Lillyblad Quarter and Full 4 Kosta Halfback 3 Seaburg Fullback 2 After the excitement of the final football games had somewhat abated, the school, the town, and the team candidates turned their thoughts toward basketball, which, as every -one knows, is Red Wing's favorite sport. At the coach's call, an all-veteran team re- ported, and began its highly successful season with a few practice games against such teams as the alumni, and the St. Olaf Freshmen. During the season's play, Red Wing lost only two high school games, these to Winona and Rochester. These teams were defeated later in the season on our home floor. With such a record behind it, many pre- dicted Red Wing as a state champion. There was, however a great deal of doubt on this score, because of the players' exceedingly small stature. Howexgr, after the team had easily passed the sub-district and district tournaments by defeating in order St. Paul Park, Hastings, Columbia Heights, and Farmington, this doubt began to disappear, and fans and news- papers all over the state acknowledged Red Wing as a dangerous threat. The team next entered the Regional Tour- nament and here met with what was the hard- est game of the whole year, that against the clever and powerful St. Paul Central team. Although trailing l4-6 at the half, the team made one of its famous comebacks, and won 24-i8 lt then defeated a much weaker Princeton team, and won with that victory, the right to enter the state meet. Here the team was placed in by far the hardest bracket, and therefore opposed the three best teams in the state: Brainerd, Chis- holm, and North High of Minneapolis. The first game of the tournament was nearly lost when Brainerd staged an unex- pected fourth-quarter rally, after Seebach was retired on personals. lt remained for Hultquist, substitute guard for Seebach, to save it 2l-l9, with a long shot- from mid- court. The second game of the tournament, which was played against Chisholm, was even more thrilling. Although badly behind at the half, our small scrappy team overrode the biggest team in the tournament, to win the game I9-23, and also the right to battle the highly favored North High team for the state championship. Before a packed auditorium, almost three thousand of which were "Red Wingites," the team held up against the usually very effec- tive North attack and became state cham- pions. Seebach and Lillyblad were chosen as All- State guards, and to them, Coach Johnson, Gisslen, Skogan, Frick, Fridell, Perrot, and Hultquist, went the praise and esteem of the entire state for their skill and sportsmanship. Another important factor, which undoubt- edly greatly aided the team in their battle, was the splendid support given them by the student body and faculty of Red Wing High School, and by the whole community of Red Wing. ' This is the championship squad and its record: A Squad Position B Squad Lillyblad, Capt. Guard Pirius Seebach Guard Pierce Hultquist Guard Kasimore Gisslen Center Elmer Larson Skogan Center Frick Forward C Larson Fridell Forward Tether Perrot Fonrvard Hagge I The Scarlet Feather O May, 1933 Page Twenty-Nine J 'Qi The Season's Baslcetball Record 1932-1933 Date Opponent OpgagC::3nt's Our Score place DQQ' 2 Vvgbgglqg ".,.--..'.' 8 ...... ................ 2 l ....... ......... T here DQ, Q 50, 51. PQUI ,.,.,,,, IQ ...... ......... 2 5 ....... ......... T here DQC 23 Alumni ,,...,,,.,.,,. 27 ..... ......... 2 .....,. ........ H ere DQC QQ Norflqfjeld ,,,,,,,,,, I6 ....,. ......... 2 6 ....... .,...... H ere jqn Stillwgfgf .'-..'.-...' ..... ......... 2 8 ....... ........ l'l QVC Jqn IQ CQHDQH Fgllg ,,,,,, 9 ......... ......... 3 2 ....... ......... T liQI'G Jon, l3 Rochester ............ 20 ......... ......... l 6 ....... ......... T here Jon l4 Austin ........ ....... l 9 ......... ......... 3 4 ....... ......... T here Jon. 2l Winono .............. 22 ..... .......... l 4 ,...... ......... T here lon 27 Northfield .......... 2l ...... ......... 3 l ....... ......... T here Jon. 3l Conrion Folls ....... 20 ...... ......... 4 7 ....... ....... H ere fl Feb, 3 Rochester ............ l5 ...... .......... l 7 ....... ......... T here ,f Feb 53 Shattuck ............ l3 .......... ......... 2 7 ,...... ......... T here Feb, lO Pillsbury .. ............ 6 ...... ......... G 5 ....... ....... H ere Feb. l7 Stillwoter ............ 2l ....... ......... 2 9 ....... ......... T here Feb, 24 Winono .............. l6 ....... ......... l 9 ..........,.......... Here Sub-District Tournament District Tournament Played Here Opgggfemls gaze Played Here Opgggsstls 32:6 51. pOL,1 pork ',...-- -...... 1 5 111 Columbia Heights ...... .......... l 7 37 Hosfmgs -,.."... '...... 2 2 47 Formington ............ .......... 2 O 27 i State Tournament Regional Tournament Ployecl ot lvlinneopolis Auditorium Ployed ot Mocolester Liroinerd ...... ...... .... 2l St. Poul Centrol .......... . ......... ....l8 24 Lhigholm 29 Princeton .......... .. .... ...QU Z9 North Minneapolis ....... ...... l o Ht Final Statistics , E owes played ............................ ......... 2 3 P Gomes won .... .......... ...... 2 2 . T Gomes lost ............... ......................... . ....... 3 A Seoson's totol score., ............. 722 429 tn H+, my . 1 7' J e r Top row: llilmi-1' Svnhurg, Harold HjE'l'ITlSt2'ld, Ezlrl Anderson. Sevrmd row: Clair X11 ' ' Nil-k liustu, l12lVt'l'l1U Fridell, Ernest Gisslen, Ralph 1'el'i-ritt, Jiilm Ti2lSilT'llll't', I I x Frii-k. First row: Alvin Sclmrpen, VVilli:im Pirius, RTl'llill'fl See-lizu-li, l'ciur'tlund A l Vernon Skogan, Arthur Lillyblad, Wayne Hultquist, president. 1 2 R. W. CI U B Maw iillw if QM Calendar of Events SEPT. 6, l932 Back to the daily grind. lt was with a tinge of sadness and regret that l gave up my life of carefree abandonment and took up my notebook, textbooks, pencils and the like. SEPT. 24 This afternoon l witnessed the first football game of the season. Both the local lads and the Lake City eleven played a fine game, but, much to everyone's sorrow, the final score was O-O. NOV. l4 There has been much hustle and bustle about the school in preparation for homecom- ing. Last night there was a "monster pep fest" and a bonfire. Both the team and the student body came through with flying colors and the Stillwater team was easily downed. NOV. 24 This being Thanksgiving day there was no school. I don't think l'll ever be able to look another turkey in the face. DEC. l Some intelligent Senior kindly informed Miss Blanchard, by way of the six weeks' test, that Red Wing is situated on the Orange River. DEC. 8 Biology students are recovering after a week predominated by disecting frogs. DEC. 9 This being the first home basketball game ot the season, many students went to the gym to witness the battle in which our boys literally swamped the opposing Zumbro Falls team. DEC. i4 Saw the All-Class Play, "The Goose Hangs High" The only one who did "a walkout" was the dog. DEC. l8 Tonight was held the Senior Dance in the gym Although the Seniors had a great cleal of difficulty in staging the dance, it was a grand success-except that we were disap- pointed not to find Russell Farrell there. DEC. 24 On this day we did bid the school goodbye and prepared for a much needed vacation of two weeks. They tell me that Mr. Lewis still pulled that gag, "We will have no more movies this year," which threw some of the Freshmen into much consternation. JAN. l9 Curtis Featherstone wore the some suit he wore yesterday. lAN. 3l Signs of spring-Helen Chinlund wore her white shoes. FEB. 9 . Tonight in the high school auditorium was held the local declamatory contest. Delpha Watson, Earl Anderson, and Jeanne Wil.son were the winners. FEB. 29 Went to the photographer's to be photo- graphed and came out a nervous wreck. Will not feel like any old self for many a day. MARCH ll Tonight the basketball team threw the school into a state of hysteria by winning the district tournament. MARCH IB The team again surpassed all our hopes by winning the Regional Championship at Ma- calester in St. Paul. MARCH 25 Tonight Red Wing was indeed "The Desert- ed Village" because everyone was in Minne- apolis watching our team win the State Championship. Many are still in a daze, it being almost too good to be true. APRIL 4 Tonight l saw the Junior Class Play, "The New Poor," a lively farce and very well done. APRIL 29 This evening was held the annual Junior Prom The gym was very beautifully decor- ated and both the music and the food were 1 if 0 The Scarlet Feather 0 May, 1933 Page Thirty-One g , 71a-'fbsf' v I 4' excellent l spent the first half of the evening trying to keep the food from dropping on my flannels and the last half of the evening try- ing to keep people from walking on the toes of my all-white shoes. After a joyful evening everyone went home at ll 145 in accordance with the school board's ruling. MAY ll Tonight l saw the members of the Senior Class stage "The Importance of Being Earnest" and felt sad because it is the last appearance of those players. The play was delightfully humorous. May 2l This afternoon the members of the Senior Class attended the Baccalaureate service at the Auditorium. After the services everyone went home and studied for final examinations MAY 26 Today was graduated one of the most bril- liant classes in the history of the school. Wayne l-lultauist swayed the audience with his stirring address, which was marked by the fact that he wasn't nervous-not very. Some- how the parents seemed sadder than the students. -Arthur Hall '33 A 6 ,- M M it Farewell ll ' o . lA X ptytl' lil kyuilf 0 The Scarlet Feather I May, 1933 Page Thirty-Two Farwell to Red Wing l-ligh, The school of our childhood doysg As the end of our four short years grow nigh Our feelings are too deep to portray. As hardships were faced on the way, We have often voiced a sighg But we forged ahead without delay, That's the spirit of Red Wing I-lighl We shall always cherish our high school days. As the years pass by and byg Before us on Iife's most rugged way Goes the spirit of Red Wing High. Farewell to Red Wing High, Cries the class of '33g Success to youg we will say good-bye You'll linger in our memory. --Leonard l-lasselblad, '33 my "" ,.,'. , K ' , - ff Tunlwaxj ' k"..1"5S'i1,?1if'if"3ESi'ECfK-'11 , ' ld

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