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1 ffffff W7 4jjjw Lhwf an Y as if if H F A 2 if H506 ,4 e i NE .pt i I I c The I9-I8 Picxticmx was published by the yearbook starI' under the direetion of Betty jo Ring, editor-in-ehief, Rodger Snyder, Business Manager, and Miss Dorothy Hollar, Ifaeulty adviser. It was a produetion of the SICNIOR CLASS of 1948 at IIICIH POINT IIICIII SCHOOL at High Point, North Carolina with photography by Wbotten-MouIton, Ifngravings by jahn and Ullier Ifngraving Co. Printing by Edwards and Broughton Company and covers by Kingserafit High Point High School today offwcrs the .lm-sr 'in cducnlrionnl opporrunirics. 4 8 THE 1945 I Fa:-4 EQl:!! at L-fs!! as 01' .HIGH ?C9INT H IGH SCHUUL H I G H P O IN T NORTH CAROLINA . h,, P Qdnxfw LOOKING BACK "'i,,,,,,,,,'f V v . -... i t starteh with the spirit which leh the city fathers in 1859 to allot 520 for a log school house, anh has continuch until tohap, when ifaigh iBoint may point prouhlp to her crowning achiehement in ehucation xx a beautiful, 5750.000 senior high school builhing, openeh in 1927. although the first graheh -9 school was not openeh until September 20, 1897, we finh that long before, the neeh for ehucation hah tnahe itself felt. Qfter that first log cabin came a succession of schools. These were out anh out subscription schools, but in 1870, Zfaigh 1Boint coulh boast of a so- calleh "free School." where the "free" part came in, we cannot tell, since this happeneh to be a 920-a- month, three:-monthsa-pear affair. X N X N N X X NFXXXX , Q' f, .EQ D59 ' 'vs 1 se ' Q . ALTHOUGH it hah been felt in harping hegrees in former pears, the neeh for a public school reallp starteh the ball rolling in 1894. 31. ftilwooh Tux, who hah built a spacious home arounh that time on the site of the present post office, was willing to sell it to the citp for use as a school. Zllipon this offer, "an election was helh on a 910,000 bonh issue. This split the citp intotwo factions: those in fabor anh those opposeh, not so mush tothe, school, as to the citp's buping mc, Tox's "white ele: phantI" Some eben opposeh the issue on the grounhs that was "communistic," since the gobernment woulh be creating competition for the prihate schools in the bicinitp. The measure was hefeateh. N N NN NNNN N NN NNNNNN 5NXX JMS'-,rQV' '. i x 1 ' 'AL IQ ' X? I -Z- 2127C 3 i b ,Qi oratorp combineh with an all out bribe bp the "QEnterprise"' won out, anh the issue waspasseo in l887.AU1Che school openeh with nine grahes, a facultp of twelbe, inclubing the su- perintenoent, Mr. Qeorge IE. Crowell, anh the principal, Mr. Giobb IE. lane, ano an enrollment ot 386. The first grahuation took place in 1898 with a class of four, consisting of Miss Qstelle Qiurlep, Bliss Bea-rl ilhol, Miss he stuhent Qha Jlilpers, anh Mr. Qlbin Sv. Barber. in those haps hah somewhat the same curriculum as the present hay scholar, with the exception of music anh inoustrial arts. These oepartments were introouceh later anh habe become outstanoing in the past hecahe. Bur school. is saih to habe the best equippeh shop in the state, while music, after its comeback following the Depression, has become a' crehit subject as well as a creoit to the m-,king backat the last fiftp pears, we community. see that 'the bepnote then was prog: ress. we must, as future citigens, upholh that spirit so that at the enh of the next fiftp pears Ztaigh 1Boint will habe gone to the herp top in the fielh of ehucationQ x x x x x x x xxxx -Q.. . J I f, WE fx this book to the great spirit of progress through education, which during these past fifty years has transformed our schools from the frame build- ing of 1897 into the great institution which it is todayg and through these pages express the hope that this spirit will never die, but will live on to increase in richness and power, nourished by those men and women who have seen and felt the benefit of a school for which they will al- ways hold fond memories and a great deal ofpride. A long way it has come and a long way it has to go. ln fifty years from what sort of school system will the students ofHigh Point High School look back to us? life cannot safely forecast the future of education because we can- not realize fully the potential strength of a truly great system. At any rate, we may be sure that it will ever advance forward from mark to mark along the way to perfection. DEDICATE On these leaves have been transcribed the records, the etliorts, and the activities of the 1947-+8 student body and administration. These records, we hope, will be exemplary of the past fifty years and will be an incentive to the next fifty and so on, urging each class to estab- lish a slightly higher goal for those who will follow. lVhat better means could there be to keep the leaves of the book of knowledge for- ever turning? The young men and women of' today are the oils to be used in the burning lamp oflife whose light eternally creeps along slowly but steadily, revealing that part of this world's natural truths as yet unfathomed by those who have gone before us. Knowledge is real, the supply is unlimited, so we must realize that the lack of it is povertyg the desire for it, opportunityg the persuance of it, adventureg and the possession of it, success. r - I ,-- In q X . l ' M aul -, l FOREWORD by the Editor X xx 2-ff, f if- dba!! The staff of the 1948 PEMICAN, knowing that educa- tion is now the basis of human progress and that a new awakening and interest has arisen in this field, has chosen to make this, the fourth issue of the PEMICAN, an an- niversary edition. We desire not only to mark fifty- years of progress in our city's educational system, but to create in us the incentive to accomplish as much in the future as in the past by holding on to the memories, and dreams and aspirations of our youth. Therefore we ask that you look upon this, your annual, as a treasure-chest holding the precious memories of your happy, carefree days at High Point High School. Bound in these pages is the story of one year of happy learning, in the years to come may it hold for you the cherished memories that it may now suggest to your mothers and fathers. x ' ff' . , ,, Www, High Point's first public school, the j. lflwood Cox home to which the pictured right wing was added, stood on the present site of the post ofhcc building. COIXITE TS of this volume I. Administration l. 1' aculty, ........ . 2. General Of1iee. , .,.. . . 3. Student Government .,... . II. Classes 1. Senior Class. Superlatives. , 2 w J. XYho's W'ho. . . junior Class, ,. -1. 5. Sophomore Class. o. lfresliman Class. III. Activities 1 Pemiean ....,... 2. Honor Society, . . . . . 3. Beta Club ..... . 9 -1. Key Club .... . 5. The Pointer .....,,. . 6. Masque and Gavel .,.. . . 7. Y-Teens ........... . 8. Forensic League. . . , 9. Monogram Club. . , . IO. lfuturc Homcmakers. . . . 11 Music Department .... IV. Athletics 1. lfootball. . , 2. Basketball. , . 3. Girls' Gym,. -1. Boys' Gym. . . .. Baseball. ,. . 6. Cheerleaders. . 7. Tennis. ,. 8. Track. .. 9. Xvrestling .... V. Features 1. 'lihose Hvho Served. 2. Plays ........ . . 3. Proms. ,. . . Pages 12 16 18 77 . 50 Sl 5-1 70 80 90 92 9-1' 96 98 100 102 104 105 106 10' 114 121 126 128 1311 112 IN 13-1- 115 1 128 1-12 144 SflldL'l1fS today lrcl1cf:lt from ll fully cxpcricnccd fllculry and SCH-g0VCI'l1IUL'I1l' school, today as fifty years ago, is a lighthouse, throwing its beams of learning upon all whom it can reach. Although the mode of teaching has changed, student participation has increased, enrollment has been enlarged, and the curricu- lum expanded, school itselfhas not changed in spirit. lt will always remain the same as we knew it, a place where the principle pastime is the per- suit of knowledge as a road to happiness. TIE A DMINISTRATION Mr. Charles F. Carroll, superintendent ofthe city schools, has won, by his simple dignity, admiration from both parents and students. Administrative Mr. Charles F. Carroll, our superintendent, is a versatile, friendly person, ready to give of his time to those who wish to consult him. Since he began his administration in March, 1937, a great many marked inprovements have taken place in the High Point High School. Mr. Carroll, who was a varsity man at Trinity College, likes anything per- taining to sports, but is especially partial to golf. He is also prominent in community life, being a past president of the Rotary Club. In addition to these and other varied activities, our superintendent is best- known as a public speaker. Miss Anna Mendenhall can certainly have it said of her that she has served the school to the best of her abilities. From teaching algebra three periods a day to fulfilling the duties of girls' dean and general counselor, she has more than enough to keep her busy. She is the one to whom students turn when, during the course of the school year, they iind that they need advice or have some prob- lem connected with school activities. They are never disappointed, because one of her greatest joys is helping students make good. Qflafl 1 WWW!! . . . . . fe ff fm t MW Miss Anna Mendenhall, girls dean, holds the respect of every student in that she is con- 1 sidered teacher, counselor, and friend. Officers Mr. D. P. VVhitlcy, our principal, has a record of over ten year's service at High Point High School. During this time he has become a popular figure with both students and faculty by his helpful, sympathetic attitude. 'Although he is an extremely active man, he is never too busy to work on any student problem, no matter how small. lr is this interest in school activities which has made H.P.H.S. one of the Hnest in the state. These have surely been successful years under his guidance. Mr. Nile F. Hunt, student counselor, is one of the newest and most popular additions to the faculty of High Point High. VVhen at some time during our school career, most of us lind that we arc con- fronted with problems pertaining to our school cur- riculum, he will gladly help us meet and overcome them. By thus pleasantly assisting students, he has won the esteem of all who come in contact with him. Although he spends much of his time exercising his duties of student counselor, Nlr. Hunt is also a capable shop instructor. 'L 1 Nlr. D. P. Whitley. our principal. is a favorite among students for his congeiiial method of supervision. ,qw A U Q fl Q' f , 2 4 f K 5 5. oggffffl, on - V r 4, M 1- K - as 5 N if I m mi Seifsif M ,. e M i r. Nile 1. Hunt, than of boys, claims tne estetui of cxery student through his sincere 1' , . . , . . , 1- 4, Lg, counseling and deep interest in youth and their activities, If 1 .QE 313 Faculty A4188 ML'RIEI. BUIJVINKLE, English MR. A. R. c:ARR, Industrial Arts Mlss ANNIE CRILSS, Business Education MR. CIARII QiRONS'I'liD'l', Choir MIss VIRGINIA FRANK, Orchestra M155 RU'l'H CIOODIWAN, English MRS. CILARA PAIIE IPIARRISON, English AARS. KALOPIA HARRISON, Librarian A4185 LOUISA T'IA'lkCH, History, English MR. FIULIAN VV. HIeI.IvIs, Band lxqll. IMIARRY If. HIQNIJRIKIK, Business Education A4185 LIENEVA HIliHIfll.l., English MIss DOROTHY HoLI,AR, History Nik. ADOLPH l'IONEYCUT'lA, History, Seiente MRS. LIIJIE P. HOR'l'0N, Home Eeononzies ' R. NILE I". HL'N'I', Industrial Arts g S MISS LOUISE HUN'14ER, Nluth 14 A1155 lX4ARY IjI.I.A INGRANI, Home Economies MR. CU'l'HBLlR'l' ISIIIER, Seienee, Jlath MRS. lNAE'l'TA -IACRSON, Cafeteria . M155 ELIZABETH LINDSAY, History First rofw, left za right: Mr. Lloyd Lowdcr, Matllg Miss Laura Melnnis, Hibleg Miss Anna Mendenhall, Matllg Miss May Meador, Historyg Miss lfmma Milling, Stiemeg Miss lda Nance, Business lfdzlmtiwl. Second rofw, left tn right: Miss Edna Nicholson, Englishg Mrs. Nancy K. Poston, l.ihmrii1r1g Mr. Lyman Prior. llistaryg Mrs. Leila B. Rogers, Fffllfhf Mr. Henry T. Rohde, illatll, Sciemeg Mrs. lflossic Shaw, xllutll. Third row, lefl to right: Sgt. Frank Shields, Driver Tminingq Mr. lidwin A. Shugart. lfnglixllg Mr. A. Simeon, Phyxifal lfdumriong Miss Rose Smith, Scienceg Mrs. Lyda P. Sowcrs, .llarllg Miss Ann Upchurch, Pllysiml Edumtion. 1911111111 roms, left to rigllf: Mr. Ralph H. Vance, llirersijied Ufrlfjmrinrlxg Mr. YV. K. Whiresell, IllrlllXf7lc1lATI.Yf Mrs. Vera Davis lValden, laifing Miss Gladys Watson, 1fI14Lfll.Tll,' Miss Catherine Whitcncr. illalfllj Mrs. Ruth Vlilliams, Srimfe Miss lfleanor Young. lfnglixll. Faculty ,Q s as ri , 0-' 15 .K P wb t i Nlrs. .lohnsic jackson, school sccrctary, rcndcrs dscrvicc with a suulc to tht- cntirc studcnt body and faculty. N Mrs. 'Tal' .Toy Un prcccding pagcs wc havc rcad olithc found- ing' oliour high school. Uncc lioundcd, howcvcr, a school must bc kcpt running sinoothlyg this is thc duty ol' our school sccrctary, Mrs. .lohnsic Uakcs jackson, and her statli. Most studcnts do not rcalizc how much work is involvcd in kccping thc inain hub of l l.P.H.S. opcrating, iliwclvc compctcnt girls and onc boy arc constantly answcring' thc phonc, issuing textbooks, filing rccord cards, and pcrliorming similar dutics for Nlrs. jackson, who says that without them shc would bc lost and tht- school would probably bc complctcly out ol' ordcr. As for what thcy think of L',lohnsic" . . . all agrcc that with hcr constant good humor and fricndlincss, it is a plcasurc to work for hcr. Ili 1-. :nal T A it Twp lrjff: Xlailinan licst dcliycrs thc goods to Xlrs. ilicaguc in thc gcucral orlicc. Top riglif: Bctty ,lo llcdrick making a check on activity cards in thc hub of school actiyitics, thc gcncral orlicc. lfollowf uxlrs. 'I2lL'liSOI1iS ioysnwho assist her in thc gcncral ollicc arc, lrjfir fn right. .vmt1'ii.' lit-tty Suu Ciolctranc. Parry Kcziah. and Hctty .Io llcdrick. Sfillliifllxk' lfjfl to right: Sarah Shaw, liathcriuc Hcstcr, .Nlaxinc lfarloyx, Suxannc lfarnhardt. Nlicky Xlarsh, Patsy Clodlcltcr. Betsy Bolling, Barbara Xlabrcy, Bc-tty Fayc Hcdgccock, and Gladys Linthicuin. I Of the People Setting as its first aim to arouse school spirit, the student government, headed by president Charles lVlcConkey and vice-president Betty jo Hedrick, started the new school year with vigor and determination. The lower house, composed of representa- tives, from each home room raised its status iinancially by selling school pennants and foot- ball badges and sponsoring a talent show as well as out of town programs. The funds raised helped send delegates Charles Simmons, jackie Meelcins, and Charles lVlcConlcey to the liliza- beth City State Student Council Congress held in the early fall and joe Aaron and Charles McConkcy with the upper house sponsor Miss Louise Hunter to the National Student Congress Convention in Corpus Christi, Texas. The lower house published for the first time in its history monthly bulletins that acquainted students with issues presented at the regular Monday morning meetings. The annual social standards conference held in the spring which wound up student government activities for the year was a memorable success. Charles McConkey, presidenr of the srudent body, with scintillating personality and determination, led the school through another successful year. lfffeetual upper house members who performed student council activities with tip-top etheiency are,jir.rf ro-13, lzjfr rn riglll: Betty jo Hedrick, Gordie Maxwell, joyce Kearns, jackie Nleekins, and Gladys Hall. St'L'lllId rn-ir, Iejfr to right: l'red Farmer, Charles .XlcConkey, and joe Aaron. ia, , in Representatives ro rlie lower house iire, Irjfl m l'fAQ1IY,.fiI'.Yf rms: Betty .lu Hedrick, Sara Barrier, Clam .Xlae Yiirlioruugli, Rebecca Autry, Ann Hunts, Clarlene lizineer, -lane Clizunelin, Patsy Bane. and Iiiirlmra George. Srmzzif mug lfjff tu riglll: llelen Lyon, .Xliixine l'lirlow. Cfliirizinn Massey. Kzirlierine Hester. Plialu Perkiiis,XYniidn Kindley. Barlura Steele. Pair Blair. Berry -In Snider, and 'loyee l7.ixi'l4ins. Tllim' mit. lejff to right: Dixie Henderson. ,lininiy Ciuinuii. Klux Nilsuii, Dun Nlq-Neill, -lininiy Cireeiiiiiiy, Ci.irlgunl Wlunpler, ,lzunus Sliiydoii. lluiiiild Logan, lm lninnl. liiirlmrni l,uu'e, Piiul lfrieiliiiiui. liill Craig. :Xlvis lfnnis. Yeriiun 'Iliylor. lienr jueksnii. Charles Sinunons, Grady .-Xiillersnii, johnny Rziper, ,lull Ruth. Ray lliiywnrrli. and Bill Ring. For the People -Z9 e l 0 Q B g Q' A D , AH X 1 fl 1 ' I me 1 , f f O if , li l li Betty jo Hedrick, vice-president oftlie student lmmly " and Speaker of the House, not on the job, for ii change. 19 Schoolrooms today have thc best in modern facilities rogressing from emphasis on administration to more in- dividual freedom, the public school today has steadily ad- vanced from a formal institu- tion to a Hproving groundl' for democracy. The portraits on the following pages symbolize the greatest natural resource any nation may hold, in that youth is thc clay which is to be molded into a classic statue, serving as a pillar for our demo- cratic form of government. T155 CLASSES f -iior class ollieers are iiialtiiig merry with president 'Iud Ruth plinking the ixories as lxeuneth lugiraiii. vice-president. Stl liarbarii George. secretary. and 'Iuue Smith. treasurer "give a little rhvrhiii. I :A res umm k ' a it-1 'xiii ' g 'lihe senior class ol' 19-LX, the titty-first to gradu- V lg ,Z K ate in the history of ll.P.ll.S., has certainly lived up to the standards set by its predecessors. XYirli adviser Ralph Yance, an early start was made with the tiorniation of an executive board from whose slate the following class ollicers were elected: president, -ludson Ruthg vice-president, Kenneth lngranig secretary, Barbara Ceorgeg and treasurer, june Smith. lfollowing class elections, Sharon lfinch, niece of Richard Crowder, was chosen class inascot. Other activities of the class were to select sixteen superlativcs. and choose fifteen seniors to take the Pepsi-Cola Scholarship examination. We were particularly proud of Dick Davenport. lnternational vice-president of' the Key Club, and Dollv lledgecock for her work with the state and national 4ll Club. We were also envious of Charles ,NlcConkev and ,loc .-Xaron, who went to a student council convention in lexas and Mexico, as well as Betty .Io Ring, who attended the National Scholastic Press Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. Bouquets are also due to the fifteen seniors who were honored by having a biographical sketch in the I9-L8 Iligli Srlmn! RrAQ'i.i'ff'l'. "'l'iuv but tops" little Sharon l"iuch swayed the hearts of senior class uieiubers to beeome iiiagqm, jot: AARON ISO3 IC. Green Street Upper House Treasurer 4, Pepsi- Cola Scholarship Candidate -lg Masque and Gavel 3, 4, Rey Club -lg lfire Drill Committee -I-g Soil Conservation Contest 3: World Government Contest 35 'liennis 3, ul Speak for Democ- racy" Contest -lg National Honor Society -l-. Bn.I. ALMoNn 70+ Nlorris Street Woodrow Wilson High School l, 2g lraek Team 3, Latin Club Z. Dox Ammriws -l-2+ Royal Oak Avenue Amateur Show Z. -lg Class 'l'reas- urer lg junior Varsity lfootball lz Choir -l-. ANN A'riiANAs 5I-l- N. Hamilton Street A Cappella 2, 3, 43 Masque and Gavel 3, -l-g Class Play Com- mittee 3, Dean's Staff -lglforensie League 3, Marshal 34 FHA Club 3g Beta Club -lg National Honor Society 4, Home Room Chaplain 2. A Vivmx BAISEY Route No. I A Cappella l, 2, 3, -l, Librarain 4, .llf'sxii1l1 Chorus Z, 3, 4, Wel- come Committee 4. Blu, Al.BRlGll'l' 409 Montlieu Avenue Curry High School, Greensboro I, 2, gl Class Treasurer 2g Class Play Committee 3g Class Vice- President 3g Prom Committee 3. Guam' ANIDFRSON 300 Walker Street Lower House -lg Key Club -lg Track 'lieam 3, -lg junior Varsity Basketball 3g Varsity Basketball 45 Fire Drill Committee 4g Home Room Chairman 2. JIM z5tRNlI-'IELD 1 I 37 Montlieu Avenue Home Room Chairman 2, 4, lure Drill Comnnttee -lg Latin Club 2. Hexkorn AUMAN 210 Ward Street Varsity Football 4 Bizrsx' BAKER Route No. 3 Alasque and Gavel 3, 4, lforensie League 3, 4, Class Play Cast 3g gllexsiilll Chorus 2, Christmas Play, Student Director 35 Y-Teens 4. 23 Seniors av Seniors ..., I: i f . K ls We l X 1' -J l 1,- 3 in 1 ! as K j .4 E' .P W 6 l l. . i , W , i 'X .. '7 . - It-sl.slfi-'jsglf-.gljx- , E S i 1 . g s 4 .. . QE - ,. . s . Q- -ei --.h . t DoRo'ruY BARKER Route No. 3 Home Room Secretary 4g Parade Committee 4g VVeleommg Com- mittee 2. clll.'XRl.l-IS lf. llmtrrzitiutv 1305 'lliissell Street Nicm. BLACK 1204 johnson Street VVeleoming iConimittce'4g Senior Superlative 4g labrary Assis- tant l. josiwu Br,At:KnURN Route No. l Bon Home 213 Steele Street Asheville High School l, 2, 3. 24 VVILMA Bmuuca 409 Smith Street lWex.til1h Chorus 3, 49 Library Assistant Zg A Cappella Choir 4. NANCY limctx l20-l- johnson Street Welcoming Committee 4g Home Room lreusurer 3g Senior Super- latlve 43 Dean's Stall Z. RAi.vn limttx I7 l 3 Welhorn Street Russrzu, li1.Af:KnUnN 404 Montlieu Avenue Darkroom 2g Sports lfditor Poinrer 33 Manager Varsity Football 33 Monogram Club 3, 4g illfxsiah Chorus 2, 3, 43 Athletic Otliee 4. Biirsv Rein l5ol.l.lNo 405 Steele Street Library Assistant 2g Band 1, 2, 3g Masque and Gavel-3g Y-Teens 37, 43 General Othee Stall 45 Christmas Play 4. Top roar, lrjft to right: PAUL BOULDIN Route No. 2, Trinity, N. C Forensic League 2. Ro1si:R'1' BoYi,lss 205 Turner Street Home Room Vice-President 4, Band 2, Prom Committee 25 Hi-Y 45 Key Club 3, 4, President 45 Lower House 3. HELEN BRAswla1,1. 603 Granby Street JACK BR.x'r'roN Route No. 4 Warren H. VVilson Junior College 1. BRUCE BRAY, JR. 244 Boulevard Band 2, 35 Class Play Committee 35 Prom Committee 2. Bottom rms, left to right: Jormsnz BRIDGERS 201 YV Ray Street Orchestra 1, 25 Choir 35 Student Store 4. PAUIJNIQ BROCK 917 Putnam Avenue Prom Committee 2, Senior lixeeutive Board 45 lfleetion Committee 4. - JEAN BROXVN 228 NV. Russell Street Welcoming Committee 25 Dean's Staff 45 Prom Com- mittee 2. Lorlsiiz BROWN 121 Taylor Street Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4, Captain 35 Varsity Softball 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball Manager 35 GAA Cabinet Member 3, 45 Varsity Monograms KHP, NC, 3 stars 2, 355 State Pin 45 State All-Star Shortstop 3, 45 Senior Superlative 45 State Softball Association 2, 3, 4. NANCY BROXVN 703 Lindsay Street Choir 25 Girl Scouts 2. Sv t if '. 36- ' Seniors Top row, Iefz to right: ROBERT BROWN Route No. 1, Thomasville, N. C. Track Team Z, 3. BETTY BUCK 1003 Campbell Street INDIA BURGI: Route No. 3 Trinity 1g Prom Committee 2g Class Play Committee 35 Lower House Zg A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4g Home Room Secretary 35 Christmas Play Cast 1. PEGGY BURTON Route No. 5 Bi-:r'rY Lou BYRD 716 Montlieu Avenue Basketball 2, 3, 4g Softball 1, Zg Ring Tennis lg Volley- ball Team 15 Monogram 1, Zg Class Play Committee 3. Bottom row, left to right: BETSY CAIN Route No. 2, Trinity, N. C. Trinity High School 1, 2g Glee Club 1, Z. BILL CAMPBELI, 816 Magnolia Court Class Treasurer 4g Senior Executive Board 45 Hi-Y Zg PEMICAN Sports -Editor 4, 5g Football 2, 3, 4, 5, Co-Cap- tain 55 All-Conference 53 American Business Club Most Valuable Lineman 5g Basketball 35 Track 33 Senior Super- lative 4, Sg Marshal 35 Voted most valuable player by football team 5. ATILTON Cl!-IANIJLICR 807 YV. College Drive junior Varsity Football 1, Z3 junior Varsity Basketball 2, 35 Varsity Track Z, 3, 4g Monogram Club 4. NANCY CARRoi,I. 411 Smith Street VVelcoming Committee Zg lJean's Otlqee 43 Home Room Secretary 4. I GLEN clASXVEI.I. 307 Montlieu Avenue Projection Booth 2. Seniors NANCY CTAUBLE 705 Sunset Drive Home Room Treasurer 4g Class Play Committee 35 Prom Com- mittee 2g Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4g PICMICAN Business Staff 2. Dean's Staff lg Library Assistant lg VVar Bond Committee lg Ama- teur Show 23 Band I, 2, 3, 4g Choir -1-g Orchestra 4. XKvII.I.ADlCAN CHANIQY 402 South Street Home Room Secretary 3. Vice President 4. Xxl-KNDA ALRNE CHATHAM 1502 Franklin Street Girl Scouts Z, 3, 4. WCAI.'l'lCR CHURCH 824 XY Green Street Hi-Y 4. XNIARRIQN c:I.ODFILIi'l'liR ll 15 Ward Street Beta Club 4. Bictzm' Csvaaxos 417 lf. Washington Street Masque and Gavel 3, 4g Beta Club 3, 43 Marshal 3g Dean's Office 4g High School Regisirr 4g Senior Superlatives 4g Girls Baseball Team 2. 5. Manager 3, Paintrr Staff, Girls Sports Vliriter Zg Class Play Committee 35 Library Assistant 3, 43 PepsifCola Schol- arship Candidate 4g Library Con- vention Delegate 4g National Honor Soeiety 4. Hiram FAYR CIMPMAY 305 Church Street Y-Teens 2, 34 Cafeteria Help 5: Choir lg Home Room Yiee- President 2. if clllARI.ES Cnn.ns 409 Yvillowbrook Projection Booth 2, 43 Chief' Proieetionist 4g Christmas Play Committee 3, 4g Prom Com- mittee 3. RIlIliARll Cl.iaMi1x'r 800 Xkillowbrook Street iN'lARY FLLA CoififEY 520 Barker Street Lower House lg Prom Com- mittee Zg Beta Club 4g A Cap- pella I, 2, 49 Upper House Zg Senior lfxeeutive Board 4gfAma- teur Show lg .llrxxiall Chorus 1, Z, -I-g Welcoming Committee I, 27 Seniors 1 l W .J Seniors BE1"1'Y SUE Co1,'rRANE Arehdale, N. C. A Cappella 1, 2, 3, 45 ,Hrsriah Chorus 2, 3, 45 Christmas Play 1, Home Room Vice-President 15 Amateur Show 2, Prom Com- mittee 25 Nlasque and Gavel 3, 45 Class Play Cast 35 High Sfhnol Rrgistfr 4, State Competition Music Contest 35 Senior Super- lative 45 General Ufliee Staff 45 Prom Sponsor 25 Pointer Stafli 45 National Honor Society 4. FRED DAvis fi0NA1,l.Y 805 Mangum Avenue Home Room President +1-5 Band 1, 2, 35 Drum Major 4. OPllEI,IA Coopm 609 Fast Green Street CTAROLYN CiRAN1f0R13 211 Thurston Street Basketball 2, 32' S0f-fllllll 21 Y-Teens 2. Ysb0DRONV Cmsco 804 VVise Street Track 2, 3. 28 JI1NI1X1Y COl,'liRANIC Trinity, N. C. NIiI,N'IN lil. Coovm 1213 Fast Green Street Most Valuable Baseball Player 25 All-Conference Baseball 25 Monogram Club -1, President 45 Y Leaders Club 3, 45 Basketball 1, Z, 3, 45 Baseball 1, Z, 3, 4, Co-Captain 2, 3. CLAY Cox 1217 Cassell Street HAR'FSELIi CIRATIER 2317 English Street RICHARD Cuowmau 309 Steele Street Home Room President 35 Prom Committees 1, 2, 35 Masque and Gavel 45 Key Club 35 Varsity Football Z, 3, 4, All Conference 3, 45 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Co- Captain 4, All Conference Z, 35 Baseball 1, Z, Track 35 Shrine Bowl 45 Vlelcoming Committee 1, Class Vice-President 25 Class President 35 Senior Supcrlative 45 Pepsi-Cola Scholarship Candi- date 45 High Sfhool Rf,Q1.YfPT 4. Top ro-ug lrft !11 right: IJICK DAvENPoa'r 510 lflorham Avenue Reynolds High School l, lg Hi-Y l, lg Class Yice4Presi- dent lg Prom Committee 39 Associate lfditor, Polzltrr Lower House 3g Vlrestling Eg Pepsi-Cola Scholarship Candidate 4g Vice-President International Key Club 3, 4g Associate l'fditor,i PIQMKLAN 4g International Key Club Delegate 3, -lg Chairman Carolina District Rey Club Convention -lg National Honor Society 49 'liraek 2. Al,lCIl'l DAvls 519 XV. Green Street Home Room Chairman lg Bulletin Board Committee 2. Baaimiu Davis 70-l Roekford Road Choir Z, Hlg FHA Song Leader -l. Hixnotn IJAVIS 37 lf. Clara Cox Apts, Trinity l. jox'c'i4 IJAXVKINS Route No. l Home Room President Ig Vice-President Eg Chaplain 34 Welcoming Committee 34 FHA 3, -l. Program Committee 3, Secretary -lg Lower House -lg Dean's Office -lg Y- leens Llg PICMICAN Business Staff 4g Beta Club Llg ilfrxsinh Chorus Zg Class Play Committee 3: Prom Committee 3. Barlow roar, Irft to right: Vmoism lJi41l,Avvic 409 llbrth Avenue Lower House lg .llrzvsiiill Chorus -l. BlC'li'l'Y Li-:E IJICKICNS 305 Louise Avenue Home Room President lg Class Play Committee 3g Prom Committee 3g Beta Club -lg Band 2, 3, 4g Orchestra -lg National Honor Society -l. luis D1NKiNs 123-l Redding Street Home Room Chairman I, Chaplain 25 Library Assistant Z3 Lower House 3. Coiitti-LN Dowm' -1-9-lf Russell Street l5ic'i"ix' Dkattgnx 513 North Drive Home Room President l, Secretary lg Choir I, 2, 3: Class Play Cast 3g Prom Committee 31 Masque and Gavel -l. fi L "g.- A easr A i .k -iii' . i 1' Qi Seniors Tap mar, left ro right: SUZANNI-1 l'l,-u1NiiAium'i' 1011 N. Main Street Home Room Secretary l, Zg Class Play, Student Director lg Prom Committee Zg Prom Sponsor Zg Masque and Gavel 3. 4g Library Assistant Z, lg lforensie League 2g Y-Teens l. 2, 3, 4g PEMIQAN Printing lfditor 4g General Ofliee Stall -lg Band 1, 25 Girl Seouts 1, 2: National Honor Society -l-. lioxix l'f.'xiu,1c l'f.xs'ti-'iz 513 Sunset Drive ltower l l0uSC 3: Home Room President I, Vice-President lg Library Assistant 4gW'eleome Committee 35 Pieixllcz.-xx Business Stall 43 Y-Teens I, Z. Cii.uu,ics l'fnw.uu1s 516 llill Street llrtkiuiiri' liimxxims 308 Reed Street Dox l'll.liIYN Bottom row, left to right: But l'll,l.lNGTON 25-B Norwood Court Apts. Home Room President 33 Monogram Club 4g Varsity Basketball 3, 4: Varsity lfootball 4g Varsity 'lraek 3, 4 junior Varsity Football 2. li'XL'RAlC'l"I'A l'il,l 10'l"l' 'JIU Dayton Street FHA Club -1. CARI, l'fi,i.isoN +00 XY. Ray Street Class Play Committee 3g 'liraek lg Band 2, 3, -1 1AI.'l'UN l'lMlil.ICR -HH lf. Lexington Avenue Photo lfditor PiaMlt:AN 4g Darkroom 1, Z, 3, 4g 'liennis 1 Captain Z, 3, City Champion 4g Varsity Basketball 3 junior Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 4. 'l'i-to livxxs 415 Royal Oak Aveiuie Sulgvlielkl. N- C- Bantl Z, SQ l,atin Club 24 Band ,Xlonogram 3. lennis lg Wrestling ig lfootball -1. 37' Seniors it 30 H, et sf. .-.te wa? "PN . N N i in 51 ,S .sm 4 N PEGGY FARRINGTON 1302 Pershing Street Library Assistant 1g Home Room Chaplain 1, Z5 Home Room Sec- retary 2. lXlAURICE FRANK 1005 E. Russell Street Messiizh Chorus 2, 4. GEORGE FRELIIWAN 1321 Greenway Drive Masque and Gavel 3, 44 A Cap- pella Choir 4, Class Play Com- mittee 3, Talent Show Com- mittee 4. PAUL FRIEDMAN 218 Montlieu Avenue Home Room President 2, 3, Lower House 2, 44 National Honor Society 3, 44 Masque and Gavel 45 Key Club 3, 45 Beta Club 3, 4, President 4g Pepsi-Cola Scholarship Candi- date 45 Delegate to N.C.S.S.C.C. 1, High Srhool Register 44 Senior Superlative 4, Fire Drill Com- mittee 4g Prom Committee 2, Class President 15 Pointer Staff 4g junior Town Meeting 4. Dixie LEE GARNER 115 Brentwood Apts. Home Room Secretary 19 Class Pla Committee 3- Girls Basket- Y , - ball Team 3, Prom Committee 3. FLORENCE FINE 508 Parkway Forensic League 2 44 Y-Teens 1, 23 Library Assistant 1, Z, 45 junior Town Meeting 4. CUR'lilS FREEZNIAN 412 Fourth Street Basketball 3, 45 Home Room Vice-President 1. Bu,i. FRIDDLE 2332 lfnglish Street Beta Club 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Orchestra 3, 4. Eorrii ALIWA FRYE Route No. 3 Pepsi-Cola Scholarship Candi- date 4g Latin Club Zg Beta Club 4. ROY GAY 1308 Potts Street 31 Seniors aww ibmauh 1' Seniors 10-' ' , ' "" . - fy s k , , 24' i g yiyf efa, W r Q 1 I A 19" , , ,ax QS if' Amixxox Gicims 215 .Nlontlieu Avenue Home Room Yiee-President 3. Chairman 1, Prom Committee 2, National Honor Society 3, 4, President 4, Masque and Gavel 3, 4g Beta Club 3, 4, 1+'.H.A. Historian 3g Pepsi-Cola Scholar- ship Candidate 4, Higll Svhool Rreisfrr 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Co- Concert Master 44 A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Lower House 2, 3g .Xlarshal 31 ,llrxxiiill Chorus Z, 3, 4, "World Government" Contest 3, junior Town Meet- ing 4. Ronitgiz Guisow 1717 North Nlaiu Street Home Room President 1. Dox Golxs 515 lflint Street Prom Committee 2, Beta Cluli 4g Upper House lg Social Stand- ards Committee 2. 'liRL'1Z'l'I Gimvi' Z16 Myrtle Street lfootliall 2, 3, Co-Captain 4g Basketball 3, 4, Baseball Manager 21 Home Room President 3, Vice-President 2, Monogram Cluli-1, Choir 2, 3. NANCIX' ANN Giuciiit 708 Montlieu Avenue Chaplain Zg Welcome Committee 2, 4, Masque and Gavel 3, 4, Class Play Cast 3, Prom Decora- tion Committee 2. 3g Pointfr lfditorial Statl' 3g Cheerleader 4: Orchestra 2, 3, Christmas Play Cast 4g Girl Reserves 2, 3, Mariners 25 Nu Phi Mu Sorority 3, 4, Social Standards conference lwarshal 2. 32 ISARGARA G ICORISIC 113 Hillcrest Drive Canton, Ohio lg Class Play Cast 3, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, Y-'lieens 2, 3, 45 lrcasurcr 3g Prom Committee 2, 3, Dean's StaH'4g Maiorette 4g Masque and Gavel 3, 4, Secre- tary 4, PENIICAN Business Staff 3, Social Standards Committee 33 Forensic League 4, Y.V1'.C.A. Canteen Planning Council 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Class Secretary 45 Senior Superlative 4, Pepsi-Cola Scholarship Candidate 4, Lower House 45 Girl Scouts 2, lilection Committee 43 Senior llxeeutive Board 4g iwfxxiall Chorus 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee Z, Roisiaiti' Grissox 709 Hines Street Girand, Georgia 1, Z, 3, Basket- ball 1, Z, 3, 'lirack 25 Class See- retary 3. Rictisi-ZX clOL'Rl.1-ZY 1217 Park Street lrack 'lieam 3, 4g Senior Super- lative 4g Hi-Y Cluh 4, lfire Drill Committee 4. Blu. CiR.XY 308 Lindsay Street Class Play Cast 3, Hi-Y 45 Masque and Gavel 4g Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary I, Orchestra Z, 3, 4g Home Room Chaplain 3, 4g High Srhool Rr,qii'!er 4, Na- tional Honor Soeiety 4. A enum' Num, Gitimiis 502 Vvillowbrook Intramural Football and Basket- hall l. v 'lhp mfw, left to right: ANNA GUYER Route No. 6 Nittx HAl,IPll.l.4S 312 Ring Street Home Room President 2, 3g Football lg Prom Committee 2, Basketball 2, A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Upper House 3. JOHN HALL 901 johnson Street A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4g junior Varsity Football 3, Varsity 4-g National Honor Society 4, vProm Committee lg Key Club 3, 4, illfsriull Chorus 49 key Club Interna- tional Convention 3, 4. BETTY jmx Hfxkmzii l2l1 E. Russell Street Basketball 2, 3, Ring Tennis l. Pau, H.-xanix 202 Hillcrest Drive Golf Team 3, National Honor Society 3, -I-g Beta Club 3, -I-5 Nlasque and Gavel 3, 4, Sergeant-at-Arms 4, A Cappella Choir 2. 3, 4g .l'It'.S',YliI1l Chorus 2, 3, -lg Christmas Play -l-g Prom Committee 3: Class Play Cast 3: High School Rrgislfr -1-g Senior lfxeeutive Board -1-, Poillifr Staff 4. Bottom rms, lqfz m right: JIM HAiuvisoN 720 VV Broad Street Home Room President 2, -1-, Prom Committee lg Masque and Gavel 4g Key Club 4, A Cappella Choir 2, -lg Christ- iuas Play 43 Darkroom Z, .llrysiizli Chorus Z, 4, National Honor Society 45 junior 'Ibwn Meeting Club 4. Ciifxnrifis B. H.-Xll'l'LEX' Sophia, C. l,oL'1sE HAR'i'si1i,L 307 Phillips Street Latin Club 2, Prom Committee 2. 'l'HoM,xs l'li-xrsiiit l H- Taylor Street Hiro.-x Hn 1-is l IT E. State Street Softball, Captain lg Basketball 3. Seniors 1 I Top rule, lrjfr fn right: BARBARA HAzici.woon 1207 Westwood Drive Sullins junior College, Bristol, Virginia 1, Prom Spon- sor Zg Y-Teens 2. RAEFORD H,xi.k1ciz 1652 N. Hamilton Street Varsity 'lennis 2, 3, 4, junior Varsity Basketball 3, 4g Darkroom 4, A Cappella Choir 2. Doiix' Axx Hiaouicuoczx Route No. 1 Dean's Stall -1, Home Room Program Chairman -1-g Na- tional L1-H Club Congress, Delegate from N. C. -1, Stu- dent Store Z, Band 1, Third Place in High Point lissay Contest 1, National Honor Society 4. BIi'l4'l'Y jo Hicimiczk 605 Chestnut Street Class Play Committee 3g Prom Committee Z, 3g Masque and Gavel 3, -1g Forensic League 3, Secretary 3g Y-Teens Z, 3, 4, President 2, 3, State Y-leen Delegate 3, -1: PEMICAN Printing Ifditor ,4g General Office Staff -1, Athletic Ottiee Z, 3, Girls State Delegate, Secretary of State 3, High .gl'll0llIRfg1XfFV 4, A Cappella Choir Z, 3, 4, .Westfall Chorus 2, 3, 4, Cheer Leader Co-Chief4, Prom Sponsor 2, Student Body Vice-President 4, Class Secre- tary 2g l'ail1re'r Staff -1, National Honor Society -1. Akwoip Hisii in 506 Ylard Street Hnttrwl rrrug lfjft to right: JACQUI-:i.iNic 1'1iQii.iu 506 Ward Street DON H1421.S.'N151'lCIK 616 Cable Street Troy High School 1, 2, 3, Commencement Play 1, Z, Beta Club 2, 3, 45 Basketball Z, Speech Club 3. Dixna H1'TN1J11IRSK7N 807 Park Street FHA Club 3, 4, Historian 4, Class Play Committee 3, Beta Club 4, Y-Teens 4, Student Store 4, Lower House 4, Girl Scouts 3, 4. RAXMONIJ H icuxnow 304 Park Street Prom Committee 2, Darkroom 1, Choir 3, -1, Upper House 1, Lower House 1, Social Standards Committee 1, Home Room Vice-President 1. KA'liH121iIN111 Hi-isirick 1206 Greenway Drive Girl Scouts Z1 Class Play Committee 31 Y-Teens Z, 3, -1, Prom Committee 39 General Uthee Staff -1, Masque and Gavel 3, +11 Christmas Play -1-, ,llefxxiah Chorus 2, 3, Student Council Publicity Committee 4, Poinfrr Statl -1. Seniors v 'gp' in t . - . , fl - V. :qfii ' Site ' -iigziiiz 1 . .ivggitagga f Q Q., . .1 .ta - 3 if iiggftv A -- Sf-4 -lofxxx Hictilczox TUI lf. Lexington Avenue Home Room Chaplain Ig Prom Connnittcc 2, 3. l','i'ni-gl, .Xlixi-3 Hua, Route No, -1 Honic Room Councilman lg l,i- brary Assistant -1-p Beta Club -1-g Proin Connnittcc Z. jaczk lliwixii-1 Route No. 6 Varsity Baseball 3, -lg Varsity lfootball 3, -1-g Home Rooin Vice- Prcsitlcnt -1. H. J. Honors, ju. Route No. 5 Band I. 2, Kg Prom Connnittcc 31 Class Play Coinniittcc 3. Blu, Hours-xniuicit 223 Xlontlicu .-Xvcnuc Fowlx llnzii i'owFn 1513 l.arkcn Strcct lionniia lliwiui: Route No. 6 l,ibrary Assistant 33 Y-'l buns. Canteen Conirnittcc -1-g Home Room Plircasurcr I g illrfxitlll Chorus -1-1 Cliristnias Play -1, XYIRGINLX lloouiis Route No, 5 .llfyxiall Chorus 44 l,atin Club 1. jaxic Hlbkl-1 916 Dayton Street ,IACQL I-:lima l'lO0Pl-IR 309 Coltranc Street Band 2. 3. -l-1 Swing liand 3, -l. Lower House l, 2. 35 1 i'f,..l."f-'xg 1 f ,.. fr, sv it ' 'ifivii e 'ffwllw M! Q' if ' f ' ' 9 , wif? . ' in 453 hm' in . wr., . V "" Seniors Q et, f mi H.. Mis I , s Yi K. Ts JAMES R. Hoovian 606 Barbee Street Choir 1. JUNE PIUCKAISY 1030 S. Main Street Savannah, Georgia 1, 2, Home Room Secretary 1, Band 1, PEMICAN Business Stall 4, l.i- brary Assistant 4, rllrssiah Chorus 3, 4. BILL HuNsL'c:KER 1307 Franklin Street Varsity Football 2, 3, 4, Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4 Monogram Club 3, 4, Senior Superlative 4, Optimist Bowl 4. SPENCER I-IURLEY 1413 English Street 1-lame Room Vice-President 1, 2, 3, Prom Committee 1, 3, Forensic League 2, Monogram Club 3, 4, Football 3, Band 1, 2, 4, Orchestra 2, Senior Superla- tive 4. RUTH IVIARIE HYDE Route No. 5 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, All-State High School Orchestra 3, Girl Scouts 3, 4, Y-Teens 4, Treas- urer 4, illexxiah Chorus 4. 36 CAROLYN .IOANNIC Howmto 2314 Fdgewood Avenue Social Standards Committee 3. NANCY RAE 1-lecuucs 828 W. Green Street Lower House 1, 2, Choir 1, Pepsi-Cola Scholarship Candidate 4, Social Standards Conference Delegate 3. lX1ARY lfRANt:Es P1L'N'I'1CR 912 Montlieu Avenue Oak Ridge Tennessee 1, Home Room Vice-President 4, Secre- tary and Treasurer 1, Class Play Committee 3, lJean's Staff 4, Y-Teens 4. A'lAR10N Lousiiz Hurczuixs 1345 Centennial Avenue Y-Teens 4. K1ENN14I'l'H lxuimixi 422 N.VVrenn Street Home Room Chairman 2, 3, 4, Class Vice-President 4, Senior Superlative 4, Pepsi-Cola Scholar- ship Candidate 4, Senior lfxecu- tive Board 4, Key Club 4. Top role, lfjft to right: T. C. IsoM 109 Howell Street Varsity Football l, 2, 3, 4, Optimist Bowl 4, American Business Club Most Valuable Player Award 4, Varsity Baseball l, 4, Basketball Manager 4g Monogram Club, Vice President 4g Track 3, 4. B1i'1"i'x' Sei-1 jARRi1T'r 235 Mill Street Home Room Secretary Z. Blix xx' jesse P 805 .Nlillis Street Gasrow JOHNSON 228 lfdgedale Drive Bon joxizs 18-A Clara Cox Apts. Toccoa Falls Institute l, Zg Home Room President Zg Vice-President lg Class President 2, Beta Club Zg Varsity Bottom rome, left to right: ROBERT JONES 1007 Forrest Avenue Allegany High School lg Football 1, 3, 4. jovem Svizmzisn KEAkNs 506 Vlfbodrow Avenue Home Room Treasurer 4, Class Play Committee 33 Prom Committee 2, 33 Choir 1, Zg Masque and Gavel 3, 45 Beta Club 3, 4, Secretary and Treasurer 4g Y-Teens 4, President 45 PIQMICAN Business Staff 4, Marshal 3g Student Store 3, 4, Election Committee 45 Lower House 3, 4, Pepsi-Cola Scholarship Candidate 4g High Srhool Register 4, junior Town Meeting Club 4, National Honor Society 4. CJVID TQEARNS 604 Xlillowbrook Street Lower House 3, Masque and Gavel 3, -lg Beta Club 4, FHA 3, 4, Y-Teens 4g Secretary 4g Basketball 2, 3: Pepsi-Cola Scholarship Candidate 4, Student Store 4, Senior Fxecutive Board 4, Class Play Committee 3, Na- tional Honor Society 4. XYICKIE Lot' KEARYS 406 Smith Street Fair Grove High School lg Choir 39 Cheer Leader lg Glee Club 1, Home Room Chairman l. PERRY KEZIAH 416 Centennial Avenue Lower House lg Prom Sponsor lg Masque and Gavel 4g Band 1, 2, 3, General Oiiice Staff -l-g Darkroom 3. Basketball 2, Election Committee 4. 1 P Seniors Top row, lrjfl to right: IJONALII Kino 424 Park Street jo Kmsizx' 524 Centennial Avenue Class 'lireasurer 3, Majorette 2, 3, -l-5 Lower House 2, Masque and Gavel 3, -lg Prom Committee 33 Class Play Committee 3g Y-'lieens l, 2, 3, -l-g Orchestra 2, 3, Choir l, 3g Home Room Vice-President 2, Treasurer lg Cirl Seouts I, 2g Social Standards Committee 2, Pointer Staff -l. Lois IRENE KING S07 Cable Street Bulletin Board Committee 25 PIQMICAN Business Staff 4, Choir 3, -lg Prom Sponsor 2. HARRY K0'l'SlONIS 604 Fourth Street Athens, Greece I, 2g Latin Club, President 3g Library Assistant 3. RL'liY LAVVSON 530 Ridgecrest Drive Choir I1 FHA 4, Prom Committee 3. . .aa SY. is Q.. s sg, A Seniors Barium mfw, lqfr In right: K Ronmrr Luz l 3-1-2 S. VVrenn Street Hi-Y 4. ln.-xo lmvlxick 1229 Franklin Street Y-Canteen Planning Committee 4g A Cappella Choir -lg. Home Room Chaplain, Secretary 2, lfleetion Com- mittee -lg .llrxxiall Chorus -lg Intramural Sports lg Art Award lg Class Play Committee 3. HI12l.lfZN LlCXVAl.l.IiN l-ll-L Tryon Street JACK Lmvls 306 Steele Street Choir l. l3AiusARA Lowic 604 VV. Farriss Avenue Class Play Cast 3g Christmas Play 3, 4, Honor Society 3, -l-g Masque and Cavel 3, 4, Vice-President 44 Beta Club -lg Poinrrr Business Stall' 3g A Cappella Choir 2, 3, -l-g Lower House -lg Amateur Show 2, Planning Committee -lg ilirssitzlz Chorus 2, 3, 44 National Y-Teens Conference Delegate 3. gg,-f ,H Bn.i.Y Lowia 803 F. Green Street Allen jay 1, 2g journalistic Club lg School Paper lg Basketball 2g Latin Club 3. 4. F.-xYig AICCZASLIN 434 lfnnis Street lxlANKIY A'lCICUl,l.0fIl1 2107 Brentwood Avenue Library Assistant 11 Zg Choir 1, lg Home Room President 1. X ice- Presidcnt lg Social Standards Committee lg Prom Committee 1. NANKZX' MCDOWELL 407 Walnut Street Choir 2, 3,g FHA 4g Home Room Chaplain lg Library Assistant 1. BIQRTHA MCKENZU5 208 Allred Street Trinity High School 1. Pi-ivi,i,is ANNETTE LUCAS 913 Forrest Avenue Lower House 33 Beta Club 3, 4g Marshal lg .lfrxsiah Chorus 3, 43 Home Room Program Chairman lg Home Coming Parade Com- mittee 2, 4g PIQMICAN Business Stall 4. fiHARI.liS A1CciONKlCY 701 Wise Street Home Room Chairman 2g Stu- dent Body President 4: N.C,- S.S.C.C. Delegate 4g Southern Association of Student Govern- ment Convention Delegate 4g Band 1, 2, 3, 45 junior Varsity Football 1, 2g Masque and Gavel 4g 'liraek 1, 2, 3, 4g Monogram Club 3, 4, Secretary 4g Senior Superlative 4g Social Standards Committee 3. B111 AlCljONVl-21.1. 407 VValnut Street junior Varsity Basketball 2: Home Room 'I reasurer 4. jL'ANI'l'A RlCDUF1'lE 1209 Cassell Street Savannah, Georgia lg FHA 4. DARRELL INIADDEN 414 YVinslow Street Football lg Basketball lg Volley- ball lg Softball lg Hi-Y lg Golf 1, 2. 39 Seniors Seniors -it 1. .x NC" A Nxt: Al.-KRl,IC'l"lili 607 lfourth Street Class Play Committee lg Prom Committee 2g Beta Llub 45 Y- Teens I, Z, 3, Seeretary Zg Or- chestra I, 2, 3, 4. cll.,'XRl,XNY .'Xl.xssi-tx' Norwood Court Apt. C-Q2 Prom Committee lg Class Play Committee 3g,Masque and Gavel 3, 4g Y-Teens l, 2, 3, -l, Pro- gram Chairman 33 Pmiitzixx Bus- iness Staff -lg Lost and Found 23 Student Store 4g Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4g Choir 4g A Cappella Choir 4, Lower House Puhlieity Com- mittee 4. C.ii,uu.i-is .Xli-:iucnirii 1 I IT Riehland Avenue Home Room President 2, Beta Club 1, -lg Marshal 33 Prom Committee 3. Aramis Mfxiuic AlICllAlil. 606 Ridgecrest Drive l'il.lCA Nou AlIN Nis Arehdale, N. C. Masque and Cavel 3, 4, Y-Teens 45 Choir 4. 40 lxlll.l.lt1I-ZVI' C,-uux Mmtsu 909 johnson Street Prom Sponsor 29 Prom Com- mittee Z5 Y-Teens I, 2, 3g Class Play Committee Kg Home Room Secretary 4g Masque and Gavel 3, 4g General Otliee Stall' 4g .lfuvxiizll Chorus 2, 3, -lg A Cap- pella Choir 2, 3g Christmas Play -l-. Yicawow .Xli-iiyiow I IUT lf. Russell Street -lox 1.1-. xl!-ikl-1lll'lill lhomasville Road Piirxilcxxx lfditorial Stall' Ig Lower House 33 Class Play Committee 3, -I-g Choir -lg Y-ilieens 4. jfxmias C. Mitziiucis. jk. 400 Prospeet Street. Home Room Viee-President 4g .llrxriall Chorus -lg A Cappella Choir -L l,lCl.0Rlii Moiuus 139 VV. Russell Street W'eleoming Committee 2. Trip mtv, left to righlf DOI,I.IE GLORIA Mosmz Route No. 3 Ianiestown I, 2. Beta Club 3, 4g Debating learn 3g 'lforensie League 3, 4g FHA Zg Y-'lieens 4g Masque and Gavel 4g Science Club 45 ul Speak for llelnoeraeyll Contest 45 Prom Connnittee 39 Class Play Committee 31 Cliristinas Play 4g junior Town Meeting Club 4. clI,liM taxis AIUIIIIEN 2106 Cedrow Avenue Projection Booth 2, Ig Class Play Colnrnittee 3. PMI Mriwrn' 22 lf. Clara Cox Apts. Lower House 2, Seeretary lg Home Room Chaplain -I-1 Class Play Connnittee Sp Christmas Play 4g Weleonnng Conunlttee 21 POFCIISIC League lg Y-leens 2, 3, 4: Basketball 23 Prom Couunittee 3. Xlaiorette 3. 4g Social Standards Cotnniittee 23 Class Secretary 35 Senior Super- lative 4. P1-zum' ju.-xv NILRPHY XXI-stebester Drive Band 4. l,l.ox'nNxxc:12 314 Xleadow Street Class Play Conunittee Sq Band 2. 3. 4. .msog ' ,f7l' 6 y f 1 in S 1 , waafag, 2 at M iw ' M :' win ja 'H Q I 5 is f Q gy. f ff if , ' , 'vs Hntmm roar, left In right: R. D. NEXYMAN Route No. 6 IS.-xaimka Nlcuorsox' Route No. 6 janiestown Ig Y-Teens 4. Ifx'lii.x'N OSBORNI-1 9 I 4 Asliboro Street Parade Committee 24 Choir I. l3n,1, P,x'r'1'ERs0x I I I0 Forrest Avenue cil.IiNN P.4'r'rERsoN 326 Pickett Street 4. . gggvggkzf' , .mm , ' .4 '11 ' Ii-26? 1 , . . I, .D ,. -..ftW.Q,.,f . .. wwf ' ' I ' , , . ' a15wgfQ7ezts3J?S ,.. W I 1 " ' 5 y I 8 gg Q- W. in .Q 'l x rl? 7 H' 0 w K 'I' 'I 5 1 xt i 'sf ff? N..! f., .1 if SK Q., f Seniors if Tap mu-, left to right: BILL PAYNI1: 807 F. Green Street Library Assistant I, 23 Parade Committee 3. FAYIQ PII-IRCIC 905 E. Green Street Home Room Secretary Z3 Band I, 2, 3. JACK Piicntiic Route No. I, Thomasville, N. C. Bama Li-LE Riciii 705 Montlieu Avenue Softball I, 2, Co-Captain I3 Ring Tennis Captain I3 Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 43 H. P. Monograms I, 3g Three Stars 43 Home Room Secretary I, 33 FHA 33 State Ath- letic Association 2. 3: Girls' Athletic Association Cabi- net 3. 'TTHEODORI-I Riczi-1 Route No. 4 Independenee, Virginia I, 2. Bottom rofw, lrft to right: JACK Rmoiz 804 Howell Street Football Manager 23 Varsity Football 3, 43 Basketball Manager 3g Junior Varsity Basketball 3g Varsity Basket- ball 43 Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4. Bic'1"1'x' Jo Rim: Route No. I Class President 23 Associate lfditor Pointer 2, Editor 3g P-TA Speaker 2, 43 Prom Sponsor 23 Girl Scouts I, 24 A Cappella Choir Z3 ilfltssiah Chorus 2, 33 Christ- mas Play 3, 43 Class Play Cast 3g Masque and Gavel 3, 43 Honor Society 3, 43 Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 43 Pi3Mic:AN Editor 4g Senior Supcrlative 4g D.A.R. Good Citizen- ship Award 4g Quill and Seroll 4g High School Rrgistfr 43 National Press Convention Delegate 4g State Y-Teen Delegate 3. , JANE Romtii 212 Vifbodrow Avenue Lower House 2, 3g Class Play Cast 33 Christmas Play 43 Prom Committee 33 National Honor Society 3, 43 Masque and Gavel 3, 4g Beta Club 3, 43 Y-Teens, President I, 2, 33 .Athletic Ofhce 3, 44 High Srhrml Rrgistfr 43 Or- chestra I, Z, 33 A Cappella Choir 45 Social Standards Committee 3. H.-xkoio Roisnivs IZOI linglish Street Jem' RK7CIKXX'I3Xl.l. 900 N. Hamilton Street Murphy High School, Mobile, Alabama I, Z, 33 A Cap- pella Choir 43 Y-Teens 4. Seniors PEGGY ANN RUSSELL 811 Arbordale Drive Home Room Secretary Zg Class Play Committee 3g Prom Com- mittee 35 Masque and Gavel 3, 4. Y-Teens Z, 3, 4g zlflrxsiizh Chorus 4g National Honor Society 4. BETTY SUE SAUNDERS 316 Green Street ' FHA 4g Choir 2, 3, 4g ,Ufxsiuh Chorus 2, 3, 4. NORMAN SCHWARTZ 407 Colonial Drive Home Room Vice-President 1, 3g Lower House Z, 3g Class Play Committee 3g American Legion Oratorical Contest 35 "Democ- racyl' Oratorical Contest 4g High School Amateur Disc-jockey Contest 4g Student Store 1. Fire Drill Committee 4g Choir 4. Debating Team 35 Forensic Lea- gue 3, 4. LEONARD SHOAF 808 Mangum Avenue Varsity Baseball lg Home Room President 3g Latin Club 2. clHARI.ES SIMMONS 1200 Greenway Drive Varisty Football 2, 3g Athletic Office 3g N.C.S.S.C.C. Delegate 4g Lower House 4g Key Club 3. 4g Vice-President 4g Baseball Manager 1g Prom Committee 2, 3g Amateur Show Committee 4. JUDSON RUTH Route No. 1 Home Room Vice-President Z. President 19 Lower House 1, Z, 4g Prom Committee 1, Zg Key Club 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4g National Honor Society 4g Social Standards Committee Zg Class Vice-President 1, President 4g Amateur Show Committee lg State Key Club Convention 4g Christmas Play 45 Associate lfditor Pointfr 4. IJONALI7 SAUNDERS 122 Virginia Avenue Tennis 2, 3. SARAH SHAW 1003 Westwood Drive Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4g Home Room Secretary 1, 3g Band 2g Prom Committee Zg Prom Sponsor lg National Honor Society 3, 44 Masque and Gavel 3, 4g Beta Club 3, 4g General Office Staff 3, 4g Marshal 3g PEMICAN Feature lfditor 43 Christmas Play 4: H igh School Rrgixtfr 4. EDWIN H. SHUI-'ELT 1433 Larking Street Band 1, 2, 3g Drum Major Hud- son High School. New York 33 Orchestra lg Cafeteria Assist- ant 1. FRANK SLAYDON 113 Carter Street Pointer Editorial Staff 4g Pro- iection Booth 2, 3g Darkroom 1g Band 2, 3. 43 Seniors Q Seniors HousToN SI.oAN Route No. 1 BaIId l, 2, 3, 4. BIQII Y 'Io SMITII Homestead Avenue Lower House 31 Y-Teens 2, 3. +9 PIaMIc:AN Business Staff Z5 Library ASSISYLIIII 45 A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 45 State Music Contest IA SopraIIo 2, 35 Choir 2, 3, 45 .llexxiizll Chorus 2, 3, 45 Amateur Show 2. juxli SMITH Box 1142 Stamford High School I, 25 Class Vice-President lg Stamford School Paper Stal? 1, 25 Home Room Secretary 3, Y-Teens 3, 45 Poirzfer Staff 3, 4, Class Play Committee 35 Class Treasurer 4, Senior Superlative 45 Pepsi-Cola Scholarship Candidate 45 Masque and Gavel 45 Beta Club 45 Senior llxeeutive Board 45 National Honor Soeiety 45 junior Town Meeting Club 4. RoIsIcaT G. SMITII 507 li. Commerce Street HKJIIIC RCDOIII President 3, Vice President 25 junior Varsity Foot- ball I5 Varsity Football Z, 3, 45 Baseball l, 45 Track 2, 3, 45 Vllrestling Team 4. NANCY Joes SNIDI-:R 307 Otteray Drive Class Play Committees 35 Masque aIId Gavel 45 Forensic League Z, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Vice-President 45 Y-Teens 2, 43 PEMICAN Busi- ness Staif 4, Basketball 3,7 45 A Cappella Choir 45 Nlessiuh Chorus 3, 45 Marshal 35 Student Store 4. 44 BARBARA SMART llmerywood Court Apts. l,owerVHouse I, Upper House I, Prom Sponsor'I5 PI-1MIc:AN BI1si- ness Stall 15 P0lI1fl'f Staff 25 Li- brary Assistant I, 25 Choir l Maiorette 45 Y-'l'eens 2, 4, junior Town Meeting Club 4. CIIARI.Ics BAx'I'IcIt SMITII S00 VV. Green Street ROBl'1R'li li. SMITII 609 Richardson Street XVILBER SIXIOOT 824 Randolph Street RKJDKZER Sxvnicn 210 Alontlieu Avenue Home Room President l, 2, 35 Class Play Comniittee 35 Pl-IMICAN Business Manager 45 A Cappella Choir 45 Class Vice-President 3, ChristIIIas Play 4. s Tap wmv, Ifjfl to right: BIL1, SPENCER Route No. 3. .lirrsiah Chorus 23 Prom Committee 2, Class Play Com- mittee 3. Doius lfmila.-x S'i'AMi2x' Route No. 1 Library Assistant Z, 3, Home Room Program Chairman 3g Class Play Committee 3, Prom Committee Zg PHA 3, 4, Treasurer 3, President 4. DON.-xiii Ll.ox'o S'rA'1'oN 1-C Clara Cox Apts, Wrestling 3, 45 Basketball I. -'ACK Simio 107 lfdgeworth Home Room Chaplain Z, 3, Vice-President lg A Cappella Choir 2, 3, Track Zz Junior Varsity Football Z: Prom Sponsor 23 Class Play Committee 3, Masque and Gavel 3, 4, Prom Committee 3. Rox' Siiaiio 1004 linglish Street Bnrmm mu, lrjff to riglll: Soviim STRFPAN 505 Hamilton Street Lower House 3, Class Play Cast 33 National Honor Society 3, 4, Secretary 45 Masque and Gavel 3, 4, Foren- sic League Z, 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 4, Beta Club 4, PIQMICAN Copy Editor 4, Debating Team 2, 3, 4g State Music Contest, 1 Rating, Girl's Trio 3, 4, A Cappella Choir Z, 3, 4, High School Rfgirtfr 4g 1Wf'5.ri11ll Chorus 2, 3, 43 junior Town Meeting Club 4, Federation of Nlusie Contest 4. Doaiax DEAN STEPHI-:Ns 131 Westchester Drive Class Play Cast 3, Masque and Gavel 4, Pl-1Mic1AN Busi- ness Staff 4g Y-Teens 4, ,Wexxiah Chorus 3, 4, A Cap- pella Choir 2. Primm' Ross: STEPHENS 41 1 Greer Street Home Room Chap-lain -I-g Y-Teens Vice-President 4g State Y-Teens Conference 4g A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4g Bulletin Board Committee Z5 illrrsiuh Chorus 2, 3, 4. Doius ALXRIE Sroxia Route No. 1 Y-Teens 1, 4g Welcoming Committee lg Class Play Committee 3g Prom Committee 3g Library Assistant 39 FHA, Vice-President 3, 4. Lin Sroxiz 1501 Long Street Orchestra 1. 'Fi-f Seniors Trip raw, lfft Io righl: SARAH S'1'RlCKl.ANIJ 320 Coletrane Street Kingsport, Tennessee 1. 15n.i,v S'ru'I"1's Route No. 5 Allen jay 1, Zg Lower House 3g Home Room President 4g Beta Club 3, 4, Viee-President 4g Football 1, 2. Mar- shal 35 Pepsi-Cola Scholarship Candidate 4g Christmas Play 4. 15ic'l"lix' 'little 1701 King Street Class Play Committee 3g Home Room Secretary lg H. P. Nlonogramg Softball 1g Volleyball 14 Ring Tennis 1. Svrviix cilil-IY Tyre 900 Meredith Street H. P. Monogramg Basketball 23 FHA 44 Softball lg Volley Ball lg Ring Tennis 1. 1Yi1il,mM CTRANGICR 'I'mt1iim' 515 Woodrow AVCIHIC Lower House lg Class Play Cast 3g Prom Committee- Eg Hi-Y 4g Student Council Congress 14 Band Z., 39 Christ- mas Play 4g Hi-X1 Conference lg -lunior Varsity Football 1, 51 Puintrr Stall 4. Harlow mu, Ifjft to right: BE'i"rY TEACiL'I1Z 306 Players Drive Y'Ieens 4. ALICE ,I-HOMPSON 17A Clara Cox Apts. Sanhmrd High School Ig Basketball Zg Wleleoining Com- mittee Zg Maiorette Z, 3g Head Majorette 4g Home Room Secretary 3g Prom Committee 3g Y-Teens 3, 4g Majorerte Contest 4. TAKI THOMvsoN 806 Sixth Street Lower House lg Key Club 44 Track 3. DON THL'RHliR 401 VVhitc Oak Street Class Viee-President 1g President lg Social Standards Conference Delegate lg Prom Committee 2. Home Room President 2. Beta Club 4g Pepsi-Cola Scholarship Candi- date 4g Choir 1, 2g Painter Stall 4g National Honor Society 4. 1Mu,'i'i3R THoMAs Time, ja. 411 Hillcrest Drive Home Room President 2, Eg Class Play Eg Prom Sponsor lg Masque and Gavel 34 President 4. PICMICAN lzditorial Staff 3, Business Staff 3: Christmas Play 1, 4. fr?-wa. umm-...M Nu.-af' Seniors S ig . I A K K 55.4-f 4 Q All its ka. . at ' 2 - Q- '- C f - ' " RALPH 'l'lI,D1iN 607 Nlontlieu Avenue National Honor Society 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Masque and Gavel 3, 41 Key Club 3, 4, Sec- retary-Treasurer 4, District Con- vention Secretary 4, Beta Club 3, 4g Pepsi-Cola Scholarship Candidate 4, High School Rrigislfr 4, Christmas Play 4: Band 3, Or- chestra l, 2, 3, 4, Chief Marshal 33 Amateur Show, Second Prize 2, Senior Fxeeutive Board 4. R. Tlvx' Tonn Route No. 1. Viialnut Cove High School 1, Augusta Military Academy Z. ' Bl-i'l"l'Y LJNDIERXYKXIIB 2102 lfnglish Street Y-Teens 4g FHA 4a Choir 3, 4. HOWARD XYAUGHN 310 Thurston Street Varsity Basketball 24 A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4, President 4, Boys Octet Z, 3g ,Ufrsiah Chorus 2, 3, 4, rllfxsiah Committee 41 Prom Committee 3. ROBERT VYALDEN 1123 Adams Street lifxlilsfiim loisias 405 Parkway Masque and Gavel 3, 4, Y-Teens Z, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, Girls' State Delegate 3. liiiiii-ix ITAIQRNER -1-09 Walnut Street FHA lg Cafeteria Assistant 2, 3, -l'. Rem' Uviox 266 jordon Street Baseball Z, 3, 4, Choir 2. Davin Wlxuoxrtk 1600 IC. Green Street Band Z, 3, 4g Home Room Pro- gram Chairman Z, Lower House 34 Prom Committee 2, Swing Band 3. NIARY 'IEANIC XfXhXI.'1'0N 403 Vine Street Home Room Secretary 3, Lower House Z, National Honor Society 3. 4. Treasurer 4, Masque and Gavel 3, 44 Treasurer 4, Forensic League 3, 4, Secretary 4, Debat- ing Team 3, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Dean's Staff 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4g Girls' State Dele- gate 3, Lost and Found Com- mittee Zg Class Play Committee 3, Second Place in World Peace Uratorieal Contest 35 Third place in "1 Speak for Democracy" con- test 4g Senior lfxecutive Board 45 High Srhool Regixrrr -1-g Amateur Show 2, .llrssiah Chorus 2, 3, 4. 47 Seniors 5ift'?5W15Z?53331337i'i"3zHiiiisfiril '- 1 - 13 ffl X ez -X leg fssss f s fw.au:stg5,E . . . . . - if 3- 4 - .. " A 3 .3 sm xfivf 3551 ' :tie-twink, . ' QIARLANIJ wfANIl'LER I05 Sunset Drive jackson lylemorial High School, Virginia 13 Home-Coming Com- mittee Z3 Home Room Vice- President Z3 Boy Scouts 2, 3, 43 Eagle Scout Award 43 Cafeteria Assistant 2, 33 Marshal 33 Lower House 43 Science Club 4g Beta Club 4. RoY Xx'3iBS'1'ER 403 Richardson Street Tennis 3, 43 Projection Booth 4- Btrom' xVlCl.iIH 608 Montlieu Avenue Home Room Vice-President 23 Prom Committee 33 Choir 33 Home Room Parade Committee 4. Fowix' WTHl'l'E Route No. 1 Lower House 13 Hi-Y 43 Tennis Team 2, 3, 4. NANCY' Wiirru Gantt Apts. B-7 Pointer Staff l, 2, V 3g Y-Teens 1, Z, 33 Prom Committee 33 Bulle- tin Board Committee 3, 4. 48 Bon WKRREN 106 Sunset Avenue Choir l3 lN1arshal 33 Tennis 33 Lower House 33 Fire Drill Com- mittee 43 Masque and Gavel 4. 'TACK VVEr.BoRN 319 Reed Street Football lWanager 33 Athletic Office 3. Blu. VY!-ii'i'i-L 805 XY Circle Drive Lower House 13 Football 23 Band I, Z, 33 Orchestra l, Z, 3, 43 Vielcoming Committee 2. JACK W'lHI'l'E 219 Myrtle Street Home Room Vice-President I, Hi-Y Z3 Varsity Basketball Z, 3, 43 Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4g Pepsi-Cola Scholarship Candidate 33 Choir Z, 33 Monogram Club 3, 4. jon VVILEY 208 Tomlinson Street Farm Life School, Vaneeboro. N. C. 1, 2, 33 Class Play Z3 FFA I, 23 Track 2. Top mic, lfjft fo right: liolrnm row, lfjff tn rigln: l5ic'i"ix XYii.iiiii-1 CQii.xiu,i4,s XYINIJHAM lfiiicryxx'oml Court Apts. I IUT Ricliland .xVL'l1llC Prom Coininittcc lg Y-'ll-uiis I, 2, +4 l,ibriiry Assistant luiinis ig lracla lg Social Standards Cloniinittcc 3, 3, -lm lissay Court-st lg Cflioir 1. Loxvcr Hoiisc 3. lhiumiu XVILLIAMS Ciicsis Hoon ill .Nlcatlow Strcct HI 4 Ck-ntcnnial Avcnuc Dcan's 0i'l'icc 24 Choir 2. 31 Library Assistant 21 Student liurlington High School lg Home Rooin Prcsitlcnt lg Store -ln Home Rooin Chaplain 2. lloinc Room Prcsitlciit lg Prom Coniniittcc 31 Football lg ji-:mu VYii,i.iAMs Routc No. 5 liic'i'lx' XXILLIS ' Cf-23 Grccnway Avcnnc llonic Rooin Sccrutary lg Prom Coniniittcc lg licta Club -H Y-'lbcns I, 2, -In Library Assistant -lg Choir -P. IEIXIIC Ciixn' XVII sox Routc No. 5 Blind I. 2, 3, -l-1 Baiid Librarian lg Prom Coniniittcc 34 Library Assistant lg Clliristnias Play 4. lrack Ig Parade Coinniittcc -1. -lo,-Xxw xxvkliilfl T01 Hinos Strcct lf"1'lY l- .-X Cappella Choir Z, +4 Ili-pxiiczxx Busincss Stall' -lg Class Play Coniniittcc 3: Proin Cfoinmittcc 3: W-Tut-ns -I-g 1.1- brary Assistant 3: Choir Z. 3. -lu .lIr,u'i.1l1 ffliorus 2, 3, -l. Yiauxox XQTRK Sll Union Strccr Amos Piiiiiiifs lfclmruary 18, N130-,luiic II, I9-I-o Seniors ACME of WLS Top lzjfl: l'Best dressed" people usually eorue flew and lar between but Naneyvlilaek, Cflxarles Meffoukey, and Nell Black are three ol them-ff and elose together. Harrow lfjff: l-'roof that Venus must have been generous are 'Lgood looking" Par Murphy and Hall Rae Hunsueker. Top rzglir: "'l'l1ere's always a way," contend Paul l'lf'lCklIIlLlIl and Basllra Lavarnos, voted the two most likely to succeed. Borrow right: Tagged for Wlmest all round" Beau Campbell and Betty jo Ring measure up just rlglxt. 'lbp lfjfr: Une smile deserves mmrlwr. CSlM'l.'i2lHf' with 'lhji right: Personality pin-ups. Reuben KLUIIFICY and lxcnncrh Ingram and june Sllllfh. HfI'lCl1LHlL'Sl'u in thc Harlmru cgL'0TgL'7fL1liiI1g Cach other fbr 21 ridc. 1 lczldfnti. lfnlrom Iliff: Most versatile Berry Sue flolcrrnpc and Hofmnlriyullfi Thcsports worldbows roRiclmraiCfrmvdcr Spcnccr llurlcy zxgrcc rhur variety IS rho splcc of llfc. and HPctc" Brown, voted most ntlllcrlc scnmrs ACME of ,48 ur 15 "Wheels, f it K Most students, upon iirst entering high school, are filled with the determination to make good in some field . . . to be a uwheeln in the machinery of school activities. Although many never at- tain this goal, there are always some who sur- pass it. lVh0'.v FVIM is one way of paying Hhom- agcw to those who are truly outstanding. 'lihese lucky seniors, who were chosen by a faculty vote, have a short biography of themselves in the High School R4jQ'i.i'fL'r, which is published an- ually. ln this sketch, will be a record of all their high school activities which will serve as a future reference for employers or colleges to F, which these students may apply. Valued at their progress and future usefulness to society, these seniors were chosen to he included in the 19-Hi High Srlmnl Rrgixrrr. Firxt mia, lrjft to right: Betty jo Hedrick, Sarah Shaw, jeane Halton, and Betty Sue Cloletrane. SITUIINI row, lrjfl to right: Betty jo Ring, Amanda Gekas, jane Roach, joycc Kearns, Basilia Cavarnos, and Sophia Stcffan. Third rn-ug left to right: Richard Crowder, Ralph lilden, and Bill Gray. Not present when the picture was taken were Paul Hardin and Paul Friedman. 52 i """'x as .. - 44, ,Q nf..-af' YY V , Av,A : xv , 4 x Wr 5' ,'x' vs' jl,, in ,Y X Via-gi ' v, o 14 LU ,v 4 3:-is L Hx L .1 , mfr M 4 -2- wigfggk A ,F 29 I, W- f P' I 1 5 A .4 ' f .1 X f REM if, v S wg 3 f ' J ,, 1. ww f 7 1, l 3 if WJ mm 'llllllllf class ofliecrs inalaing out tentative committees. throw in ii laugh for good nitxisure. ilihey Lire. lqfz In flifllff -on liarncs. president: Betty l'aye lledgceock. vice-prcsidentg -liiekie Xleclcins. upper house representative: ,Ioycc llurrow s G17 F Q J , K A. T , . A ,- . i. I X illll I ' X Q Q .- A I .sw 5 secretary' and Bobby Younts treasurer Th 49 rs unior class activities started off with a boom this year, namely, the election of oflicers. Con troversies, friendly disagreements, and oratory, all so typical of this class, climaxcd an exciting election by inaugurating jon Barnes, prcsidentg Betty liayc Hedgeeoclc, vice-presidentg hloyce Burrows, sec retaryg Bobby Younts, treasurerg and jackie Mec- lcins and Paul Conrad, representatives to the upper house of thc student council. The junior play, "A Date With Judy," which was presented in November instead of the spring, was a tremendous success indeed. Hilarious judy Foster, portrayed by -lo Ann White, along with Bobby Baird's sarcasm as Randolph, and the roaring of Bobby Younts as Father brought torrents of laughter from the eager audiance. Climaxing the years activities was the junior- Scmor Prom which was thoroughly enioyed by all who attended. Y 54 0 , vu 19 G9 is g Qg wllz?7. 40 60 Juniors -Irmxm Aimms, 109 lfdgeworth Street RALPH Al,Ill'1R'l', SIX Fifth Street Homin' Al.1mincQia, Il00 Centennial Avenue Horam' .'xl.lCXAYlDI-',R, ill Farlnw Street Chu-i'rA Al.icx,xwiil-ik, -H5 'llite Street Cfnisi' Ai 1 I-iw, T06 Cinrr Street Coitiziix Aiiiax, Route No. I XVWIH Aiiicw. 809 Tryon Street XY1Nwii-'ru-in :Xi ii-iw, Zlll Q Green Street -lon-i Ai.i.izicn. 206 Barker Street Nm .-Xmiw. 1108 Rieliurtisoii Street Awwir1St'i-, .-Xi x IZRNOX, I GIA 'Iulinsun Street Cffxut. Axnskstw, 214 Mill Street lfi.i.xxii'rrii :xYl7RliXYS, Ill Yenalmle Street LARRY .'XRMVIlCl.ID, 309 Fourth Street .Xl xkcfiirlwu Ax nails. BIZ Norris Street Horam BAIRIJ, S00 Klint Street lfl.1.A jiatw l5.txl.l.. 302 Carter low Btxkxiis, 310 Coltrane Street S.-um BARRIER. 900 Fairway Drive jiiam' Bmizs, 810 Crawford Street Juniors ifiwiiii livxxwl-ik, 606 ffciituiiiiiiil AVCIIIIL' Ulxxic liicui, 012 Sunset llrivc Pi-:iam Iii-Jw, I0ll5Siilc1ii lzlmliiilli Biaxctiwi, Imlf XXL-slcy Place limit!-2 lil-ixxi-iii, WI Grimes Strcct lJxiuuai,i. limi-iizi,i', -I-23 South lYrcnn Strcct Arisiuci' limczia, IIIJX Nlird Strcct IDURIYIIIY liimik, II08 Nlirnl Struct lhviii limlia, Routc Nu. I f:IIARl.IfS liulflnx, IIZI Rimtlfmlph Strccr Lowwii-1 lioitmxim, IOM? K4-urns Struct Pm i x lioiu twin, I I Ii Cfiiiiiplicll Struct ,XlI",l.NX N lion, Springfis.-ld Avciiiiu .Nh in iii liusi, I I I-I Riclilgiml Struct firm- lioulnliii, IIIIH lfurrcst Hill llrivc Riczii.-um lion.:-ia, I I2 XXL-st Ray Strcct Rm lint.-una, II-I Virginia Avcnuc ciIf,R-Xl.I7INI-I BRAXVI.liX. IUI I Ubst flrccn Str IJAYIID liiuawi-zu, I70+ lhist Cloniiiicrcc Strcct Noiuiw liiuiiwiiik, Route' Nu. Z llnmiciz Iiiuxiiiic. Route No. I Juniors .iucxuxrth Strcctg R Xl mt Hmm N. Wh Stu-lc Strcctg VIUIINNIV, lim txt. FOO l'.l!',Vf mir. lqfr rn fIQflf.' Xl xmx Blum xt 102 It L Xx.ftI'L".'I1STTUL'f..IXXHNBLK'lx.vl2ltF.lL'L'S1'I'L'L'l'1 luv lil 1 1 x. 910 lftrlmx Struct. XI xc mt lit tam xx. IlUr1YurthHz1l111l- mn Strut-t. Sr'1'l1!ltfV0'lL',' -lux: I' lil mum 5, WH XX Ititt- Unk Strut-t. llxtcl xx lil la mx. BllI'T17I1STI'k'L'fI'iXfk'Il5i0I11 f1XRlll 1' lix tum. Roun- Nn, lg c1llXIiIIN linux, 1201 lfcdrmx .'Xx'cnttcg ,'xlNlI'I1X fiXN1PHI-'II, H111 li. Urn-115trL-ct. ' x Rwurt- Yu I l'1't.t.x Cix1tx1lr'1tx11, 211111 lfnglislm 'Hllrtf rms: Rl tu c:XX1PliI-kll, lllbl .-Xdnnts Strcct. liumsx Lxxxu , , . . ' t W 5 .' --Q RXIXQHIXIIIXXI. 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Route No. 3 NAxc1v Lixzxiislciii, Route No. 5 -IANIJI' Sui l,.ixxu1,i-tx . 320 Utteruy Drive .x1.iXR'lkl-IA lfxwiini, 603 Fourth Street Puurn LAx'loN, -109 Sunset Drive Bxkisxkfx Liana. 51 1 Chureh Street Flimixifx l.i-zviox. 310 Woodrow Avenue fiI,.XlJXS l,1Y1kHIi1L'N1. 324 Boulevard .X1.-XRGARICI' l.11"I'l,l-1. lfast Ifurriss Avenue 'Iiiiii-1 1,Lt:As, 913 Forrest Avenue HELHY LYON, Ifinerywood Court Apts. BARBARA AIA!!-Rl-IX, 802 Chestnut Street .XIARCRARIUI NIc1A1.i.1sligR, Route No. 1 Htisrzki' MILCAIN, 315 Boulevard Ijmm' Mt1C.iux. 800 Sunset Drive loin N1t:Dovtx1.n, -118 Tbrnlinson Street Bi:1"1'lr: Lou :x1lIl'iAR1,IXG, 1031fQ lf. Lexington Avenue CIILBERT Mt:PuERsox, 314 H2 Ray Street 3. F' 31: is r. 4- 'Y .,.1.n- N.,- 5 I I X1 1 rf I ' LZL 42252 5 -vvx ' L QR-I 5 'sei I "" 'I 1 ' x 'B' Q r!,.:1f... Y U ,gy L --L- EQ Juniors Ronin' AIANICRS, I I I6 If. 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Lexington SXYCIHIC Juniors First rrrug lfjfl to right: l-',x'1mc:l.x .Nl1'1x'lcRs, I8-li Clara Cfox Aptsg l'lVlil.N N Nr-xxtzlc, IOZO Ubllington Rrmdg jim Nr1lcl.Y, TZI Gntcwood Avcnucg Box Nl-1ll.I., T07 Scott Strcctg linux NIXON. 607 Hedrick Strcctg Nl.-XlXili cJlBRllQN, 60+ VY. Circcn Strut' t. Srmnd I'0'1L'.' Bunm P.xc:1u-1u, 609 lfnglish Strcctg Bohm' l',uxgl-71 r, Z-HI Xlontlicu Avclulcg lfnmlc l9.x'l'lrgRsox, Ruutc Nu. lg juzn P.x'1'l'r:ksuw, l I I0 lforrcst .-Xvcnucq Hr-1x'1x jlstrw lj:-guluxl, 'TOT jones Strcctg jlpxx Plcxm, Arclulalc, N, Cf. Thim' frm? joux Pl-iklw, I-H13 Wiltshire liOlllCY1lI'LlQ Yxoxxn-1 Pm-111-zus, TIU Sunsct Drive: j,xc,K Pxctlx, 706 Wlmotlrrm .AYCIILICL lJox.u.n Polxlxuxnik, 1203 Adams Strut-tg ,Ioxlxxx R.xP1cu, 112 l.imls.1y Strcctg Cluwlox REID. 305 xxllftl Strcct. rf rrr Q ii!! l f l E X SF Y 5 A in . f- fl l ,LF s if "" , l XF + .lg A if . 1 kk 1 Q I rf Q. E tr 65 Juniors lfirxt rms, lfjft tn right: l-I,xuol.n Rum, H01 Park Strcutg G1 ouu .ANN Rliili, Route No. ig 'lumix' RICIKICRI. 1616 johns Strcctg jmxxri Rlumg Ill! Ccdrow Avcnucg BIIJ, Ru mt, 108 Pope Struct: Mmm YN Ro1uw"1'1'lc, IZI7 CL-drmv Aux SITIIIIIII mms: "l'Yl2RUliI-1R5, IUII Park Strcctg lncox R umm, I3 I 1 l"r1mklinStrccrg l'1l,URRlI4, Rt 5slcl.l., Routc No. I lil IIN RL ru SAITZ. X05 King Strcctg IIXRRX S,XMlC'l', ,HH l,0lliSL' Avunucg BUISIH SxMl'1cl.s, T10 lf. QZUIIIIIICFCL' Struct. 1 'lkllird rrfzc: Horam S.u'N1mr:1ts, S09 XY. Circcn Strut-tg Yllu,1xl.x SXLNIYICRS, 503 Ii.Sn1rt-Srrccrg lhxmu SCI-1XIiffI-I Routn Nt 1. -Lg CRM Nlil,I.l-1 SICARS, ZI6 Bmllcvnrdg lit nm S1:t1xmlcs'1, T03 S. Hamilton Srrccta lint Sr.rtxl,lQla, 21118 l'i.ctI'L'Cl1Sl'I Q1 3 mi N it ffw 4, I x..- et 1 f K 1 -- 'ia .hav-wx ' gb at t ,N ' - 453 " . X, 3 ist X , t tt QQ gif X X -X ,:. fx. x id' 4'1- . hav: f i Q 3 4 . 'VK N .., we 'nik ' 12,1 . K K 4 Q. its "Qs vi 2 . f-:rf Km F A ... .F tp , , ic S - PM wtf- gg Wu S Q 15 'U JA ' r s lliixm Sli xx I lx, Z I T .XIOIIIHCII .'XVL'I1llC Axxla Slrrvxmsll, I-H6 lfnglish Strcct .lmx Sumu, IOIO Bridges Struct f:IIXRI.I-IS SML I'lCI.I. l-H1 Larkin Strcct Bl-il IN fi: xllcli Scum IIIICISS. 525 Dayton Struct lh RX -ll',XXXIfSII',IH1Rl, 902 lf. lxxilxgtulm :Xvcl ciI.lI'I-llllll Smvxux, -H3 S. .x11liIlSl'I'CL'Y SL xxx SINIx, 1006 .-Xlbcrt Srrcut ,Xl nu SIZI-IR, 4l+Uttcr11y Drive .M I lfx Smut. 1-H S. xldill Struct l,KXII,l Sx11l1l. lfllfU'.flrL'cI1StrL'L't IQIDNX XYXII Sxilzli. ill? Uttcmy Drivc lmzu SMVIII, Rnutc No, l .Xl un lf. SMIII1, H00 linglish Strcct Nxxrzx -In SXIHII. XY. Lcxington lfxtcusion Noun xx Suuxm lu-x. I-+1iUiltshirc liutnlcvurti lxwil x x SUIONIUX. Rcmutc Nu. 2 Hvxltlsxlcx Svlpxcilfk, T11 Forrest fXYL'l1llL' Irixx SIXAIICN, -HH Lindsay Struct H1-in IX :Xxx Sur:-31 la, lllll .Nlarion .-Xvcmlc RUNNIL,Sli1I'HI-'XSOX. SUT Nt-wtrm Struct fx 1 ,gym x, xx K. ,QP ' x 3 ww, Q r X' " . T .g . G A 5 1 ir 4 Q h -1 X A . ,pm .gh 47 - wav' rv 'Y A1 Q 1 'TVX Q' Q as 0 ' QE.. - fx I Juniors RAY S'roNic, 328 Pickett Street DELLA ANN S'l'iuc:K1.ANn, 320 Coletrane Street Mixing S'1'liIi1K1,AN1J, 532 Parkway Drive BILL. SL'Iil,lVAN, 519 Flint Street Bl-2'l"1'Y SWAIM, Route No, 2 XTERNON 'IifXYl,0R, Route No. 2 Drxvm Ll-lli 'l.li.Mik'1C, 701 Carr Street CHARI.l4IN1'1 TnoMAs, 247 Boulevard Doi' ,I-QIIOMASON, 31 125 lfnglish Street DICK Tuomvsnx, 712 Sunset Drive MAX THLRMAN, 908 johnson Street XXTXIXIICR 1.11115 TRAVIS, Nathan Hunt Drive Ros's'r1cR Tuzxrik, 210 lfdgedale Drive Bllil, TL'kNi'KtiI11, 11-A Clara Cox Apts. TOMMY LINIJICRVVKXJIJ ,520 Denny Street BILLY XXONCIANNUN, 501 Fourth Street DARRic1.i. YL'Nc:.rxNNoN, 706 Tate Street TOMMY XKQUZONER, 1302 YV. Green Street BILL VWi.1,, 1 107 lf. Green Street HELEN VKffxi,i,, 321 Coletrane Street BE'r'i'x' Rum Xxx-XRD, 1000 Grace Street Juniors First mug lfjfi to rikqhli ClHAli1,1CS H. Xxl-XRD, 221 Wlllowbrocmk Strcctg clll-KRLICS Hlum, 1-1-OT Ublborn Strcctg .Xlxx Xlfuzn, 120-1 Centcnnial .-Xvenucg Rlciu.-mn XXCXRD, +08 XY. Ray Strcctg RM' XYRRIHQLIA, 2011- llrmlcvurtlg lllCYH'00ll Wfxsu- BURN, 113 lircntlcy Circlc. Srmlm' raw: .Xlxx XVI-1.-XVII., -1-C Clara Cox Apts.g ju-1-xx XYEIZI-il.Y, T26 liortlon Strcctg NlTl.IHfX XVHITKKIIR, 3115 Bust Strcctg 1 lilcrsx XYHVILIQ, 318 lioulcvard, BlI.I,11C Rlwlkll xxlllllli, +112 lflm Strccr: Domus XYHIHQ, Route No. 2. Third row: jorxxx XVHVILIQ, Archdalc, N. C.g jolc DON XKYILI..-KRIJ, 302 Lindsay Strcctg Lois Wlslc, 619 Vlkslcy Plnccg j.rxc:K XVRICNY, Highland Roadg Cmlu YiXR110ROl'Gll, 112 Brcntlcy Circlcg l1.I,AR1J 'x',uus0Rot'c:H, 112 Brcntlcy Circlc. IQIIITTII rms: Klcxxlttrn YAxuscm0L'ul1, 218 Myrtle Struct: Hlc'r'l's' RL"1'H Yonex, 713 Vllllowbrook Strcetg Gr-101149141 Yuan, 913 Randolph Strcctg jrxlc fl'KRR0l,1, Yum, -112 Whlnut Strcctg lim"lrs' Sui Nbuxu, 320 lfnnis Strcctg liomn' Ybl'Y'l'S, 21-1- Sllirlcy Avcnuc. - ,. X x 1 f- A 1 , , nb 6- 2 , Q gg 6'-27' and -an 4' cz 'L' - X x f x: , 4 - L' x, H , 1 1 h 3 ...C sv' 5 :jf Q .QL . ' -K 'w ' -of . ' K Q 'fx s: 055 - . - Q 5 , 'f-'FW 'X ,,'.f."!a-Si KC' N X A 5 'fs HN .Q 1 V" , , -""l . X ' - - A . ii X A W K ll 1 T " A 5 3 xxfwr B 69 Q 1 1 lg l,eadership blossoms 'neath the apple tree as sophomore class oflieers set up tenth grade standards. They are. Irjf! to rilehf Doris Lraveu, president, li red liarmer, upper house representativeg Tbuuuy l,eutz, viee-presidentg .loan Crowder, seere tary, Uordie Maxwell, upper house representative, Mrs. l'lossie Shaw, adviser, and ,lack wvllllS, treasurer. Wise Fools The Greeks called them Hwise fools" . . . we call them sophsgbut whatever the name, we may rest assured that the sophomore elass is as on its toes, just itching to Ngo places." Con- T sisting' of over 400 students, this class began scoring soon after sehool began. On the first A U e play oflicers were elected, the winners being Doris Craven, president, Tommy Lentz, viee- I president, joan Crowder, secretary, and jack Vllillis, treasurer. Already over the line were 3 I representatives to the upper house, Gordie Max- 5 well and Fred Farmer. S' Next, the magazine campaign was carried out Q BRA with more than the amount pledged. The money 'v ' was used to pay for the PEMICAN pictures and the Freshman-Sophomore Prom. - M As the year ended and the score was totaled, Q'A!'XDAlCT the result was that the sophomores were out in SDEECHN front with victory, sueeess, and outstanding ideas ' for the class next year. '70 Sophomores LaRue Allmerrson Helen Alderman Peggy Alexander Frances Allen -liniiny Allred Shirley Allred Clyde Anderson Mildred Anderson Betty lion Angel Carolyn Andrews .Iolin Leslie Andrews -lean Arnifield Nancy Atkins jo Allman Mary Aunian Rebeeea Autry Bruee Bailey Barbara Baldwin Van Baldwin Buddy Ball Nancy Ruth Barker Barbara Bartseli Beitye Baxter -lolin BCLlIll2ll1..lI'. lfred Bean l lelen Bean Delores Beeli Dewey Beck Xlerle Beck Nancy Beck l.ara l.ee Beeson Betty Betenlnough june Bivens Bobby Black Helen Black Garland Blair Pat Blair Marie Board Carole Boek Betty Bowman Don Bowman Robert Boyd Carrie Boyles -lanie Boyles Yan Boyles Bert Bragg Vera Branham Burnie Brewer Alary Ann Britt Paul Brooks Donald Brown Dorothy Brown Gladys Brown lris Brown Sophomores joan Brown Ralph Brown Kenneth Bryant Bobby Buek Bobby Buie Nora Bundy Mary Burney jessica Burton Alnian Butler jerry Byrd Fred Canipliell Horaee Cannon lfdwin Carniiehael Bob Carrigan Donna Fay Carroll Betty jean Carter Donald Carter Ralph Carter Bill Caughnian Donald Cavin Iris Ceeil jane Chanielin Colon Chandler Flizalieth Chapinan lflinor Charles ilioinniy Charping Nlareia Chureh Melha Clapp Peggy Clark Gillis Clark Willis Clark Delores Clement Peggy Clodlelter Betty jean Coggin l,uey Ann Coggins Faye Cole Dorothy Collins Nancy Conier C. L. Corn David Cowan YVayne Cox Bill Craig Darrell Crater Doris Craven Barbara Cranford Dorothy Croiner -Ioan Crowder Fred Caller Peggy Culler Betty Cnsworth Rose Danhmrd jerry Daniel Lewies Daniel Ceeil Davidson Sophomores Cicorgc lhvis ciCI'lllLllI1C Davis llnll Davis ligirlmrai Dziwlilns lfloyd Duxxlcins Hurry Dean .Nlnry l.ou Dillon llurlrcrr Dixon Rnlmurt Dixon Bucky llowcly ISL-try Dryc Barney Duggins licclay Dunn Polly lfyidy lfilitli lflliotr Paar Iillimr Hill l'lli '. 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'lf Hartley Billy Harley Cflmrles Hauser Dieky Hayes james Hayes jenn Hayworth XXEIHLICL' Heilig Bertie lun Henlrie Donald Hendersun Mildred Henry Henry Hepler Whale Hines Peggy Hinkle Hairy Ann Hinson lfrunees Hodges Peggy Hodgin ,Xinry Lou Hnllf Ann Hunts Bobby Hoover Nzlney Howard Sonny Hmxurd Glenn Hudson Beryl Hughes .Xlyrrle Hughes liklifl! I'lllll9llCkL'I' Roy Hunt Relmeeeu Hurt ,Inyee Hussey Robert Hutchins Viviun lnlnnn Helen jnleulrs Doris jenkins Pzlrriein .lohnsnn Relneeea jolmson Katherine -Innes NZIOIIIL' jones Surah jane jones Rllenlnill jones xxvillikllll jones Cfnrlene Kaneer Hilbert Kearns Bobby Keck Hazel Kernodle Vivian King Helen Kinsey Robert lA1dL'i10H- Dmmld Lznnberr -Iinnnie Landrunl ,lkwmnny Langley Viviun llangsron Cllmse Lassiter Hobby Lawson 'lfmnnny Lent! :xx .ly Sophomores Ann Leonard Billy Leonard sloyec Leonard Dorothy Lewis Nancy Lewis lhornas Link llarrell Lloyil Bobby Long' lfclniond Lou e Betty Mabe lfred Mabe Billie Mabry Colleen Mellonald Dale Mellow ell Perry Alellowcll Bill Nlefluinn 'lihurnian Mclienzie lflizabetll Nlelioin liirsie Mel.ainb Don McNeill .lack Marion Berry Nlarrin Charles Martin Ronald Xlartin Patricia Massey Wiyne .Xlashburn Xlilliain Mullin -loe Minton Nancy Mitchell Nancy jean Monroe Lynn Moore -lane Motsinger janice Murphy Martha Neal Ruth Neighbors Mary jean Newell Barry Nixon Annie Ruth Nobles Lucille None Sue Oakley jane O'Brien Nancy Oglesby lfranees O'lielly Marilyn Usborne Carole Uverby Mary Parker Nancy Peace Peggy Ann Peace Alan Pearson james Pearson Elizabeth Peatross Louise Pegrain Peggy Pendry Mona Pennington Sophomores Pltnilgi Perkins .Nltilvin Pcrkinson lfric Pcrrv Nancy Pcrrynmn jerry Pliulps lfrzinccs Pickett liillic Pierce ilipscy Picrcc Arlcn Poms lJ0llglLlS Pools 'loc Polic J llcrlrcrt I otts, jr. luck Poxvcll D Shirley Picrcc Ycrii lla-gin Puckett .Nlgiry Ann Rcctor Hill Rossa' llzirolti Roux-s Ann llcnlirow Mnrtlm Riggs Hobby Robbins llniroltl Rolvlmin lftlwzirtl Rolrinson lluitgi Rogt-rs liolmlvy Rogt-rs Cilizinl Rogurs ljllllllltl Rog'L'rS 'lo QXIHIL' Ronk XYill.itlcm Rost- Vlo :XINRU liflfllfflfl ligirlmrn Russcll lit-tty Ann Salt' lit-tty Sumucl Allncrt Snwycr Iris Scuircu ,Iopmnc Sciiru' Hzirolil Scliwnlx joan Scliwinzcr lxllllllkl Sutlitl Norma SL'NX'2ll'Ll Lonnie Sixton .Xlurjoric Sexton Nt-il Sliclliclml Vliflllllllll Sliirlcy Max Shoul- liurlmrai Short Sylvia Sicbcrt lCv1ilt-ii Simmons Bobby Sink l.ois Sink .Ylzniricc Slzick Suznnnu Slim- llziroltl Sloan Billy Small QB1-111' KI11 S1111111' Sophomores 111111111 8111.111 131111113 51111111 171111s 51111111 K1111111-s 51111111 KI1-.11151111111 1i.1I111'Y1I1L' 51111111 5111 fill if-Q Ji :s 1,151 5l1X'11CY' 151111' 5111111111111 X111rg1111'1 511111113 N.1111'1' 51.111111 111.11111-111' 51.11111-.1 151111111111 SfL'C1L' X1.11111.1 5111111- f,11.lI'1L'N 5111111 1'311111.11.1 511111111 11.1r11111 511111111 -XC, Q' 1 3 X P 1 KN 151-115 5111111111-11 HK K ' 11 .N 3-K E- f.1111111115x1.111s1111 -' '111 "' M. 1 A 1, wr'-"5 5 1J1111g'1.11 11111 A ff Q Y ? ,1 K 1211111111 1.1111-1' . 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' - ' '21 VY , ,11111-11.1 11 111-1111111 KKK Q , os 1,11-.., vo- i '11 J in lll 1 y 'NN ' li i tu wi l.nrcns: Vllhitlcy Nancy 'lN'liil'lr-y Barbara lN'l1irsnn -lohnnic Wiley ,luck Willis liolmhy Vlvilson .Xlnx Wilson Cihnrlcs Vl'inslmx 4 Darrell W'inslow FIOHHITU x'xllSL'l1llHl liirdic Xlbmlfll llIlllllVxx'U0llL'll : ,, Q .xlklfsf Ann Xbrla 'llnininic l,on Young lsliraai A' ' Mary Lou fnclml'y if l Lggy Mm 'lip lijfrf Rcgrctftllly niuttcring. "Allah," nuw iunior Y-Tccns how in lioinngc to thcir "Supv.-riorsm during initiation wcck. 'lhp rigllf: ltls ll tit in thc linish lirr Rudy Upton limr lmcing iiicaslirul hy Xlrs. -lnclcson liar his class ring. Barium friflff Stcpping in the pnliticcfs slums. lrfl In riullff Hunry Uvcrcash, Dunrcc cl1lI'llL'I'. B. B. Yarlrorongli, liida lngrinn. linlm .-Xdaiiis, lfnrish Sizcninrc, -lack llolbroola, Ruth Higlilill, and Cfl1arlicUukcs lmucrnnc City officials for ti day. BUUUIII riullf: licnt Lxcksnn, winner ofthe uinaitcur disc-ioclicf' contcst, iokcs with llnroltl Craven. Vfxllfll radio announcer. M Q? 1- Q-W wmfsm-my Using that "up and at 'emu spirit freshmen class ofhcers boost their magazine campaign. Lrjff tn right: Rachel Leonard, treasuterg Betsy Lhernault, seeretarvg Bobby Bundy, president: Cyrus Brooks, upper house representativeg Gladys Hall, upper house representativeg and jack Kay, viee-president. One Step Over Last September. 329 freshmen came to High Point High determined to become an integral part of life in our school. 'liheir first step in this direction was the election of ofliccrs. Bobby Bundy was elected president, ,lack Kay, vice- presidentg Betsy Chernault, secretary, and Rachel Leonard, treasurer, Ciladys Hall and Cyrus Brooks, upper house representatives. Under the supervision of the adviser, Miss Louisa Hatch, the class participated in the sell- ing of Curtis publications, the money being used for the Freshman-Sophomore Prom and the class pictures in the Pmueax. Taking account at the end of the year, the freshman class may well be proud of itself, for it has achieved its ambition . . . it has become a full fledged member of High Point High School. 80 Q Freshmen joyce Albright Bill Allen Bobby Allred Archie Anderson john Armfield 'llerry Atkins Ann Bain Patsy Bayne Eugene Beauchamp Martha Benfield lfarl Bentley Mary Bizzic Betty Blackburn Wlilburn Blackwell McRay Blair jackie Blake Geraldine Boggs Alan Bohlcr Anne Lou Bondurant Kelly Bost jewel Bowman Robert Brady Betty Sue Brenson Betty Brewer Cyrus Brooks Doris Brooks Betty jo Brown C. D. Brown Charles Brown jimmy Brown Betty jean Buck Geraldine Bullock Leona Bumgarncr Robert Bundy Ifdna Burchette Roland Burgess Bobby Burleson Darene Calhoun Charles Cameron jimmy Cannon johnny Cannon Ralph Carpenter ljrline Carrigan Mary Elizabeth Casey Dolores Cates joe Candle Robert Chaney Kalopia Charles Betsy Chernaulr Herbert Clapp Gladys Clinard joan Clodfelter lfula Cotliey jean Connor . 'Vs N.. -1 if P eg il i MQW' "' mm.. Nom Eiliasiliktl Freshmen Dorothy Cox Mary Frances Cox Billy Craner Hannie Mae Crater Cain Cridlebaugh fada Crowson jerry Culler Helen Dallas -Ianne Darr Alfred Davis Bobby Davis Dolores Davis l.ee Davis Leonard Delapp Nancy Dickens Minnie Dunlap Parma l.ee Durham lfarl lfdwards Barbara lfllington jack lfnibler Wade lfvans Douglas lfarnier Mary lfeeney Betty jean lfloyd Rachel lfloyd H. T. Frazier. Vlr. Wayne Fnrr Donald Gardner jo Ann Graham Austin Garner Nlarveene Garner Vlilliarn Gonrley Hannah Lee Grant Dcssie Gray jimmy Gray Hobson Grayson Betty ,Io Green Bill Green Charles Gregory Clara Mae Grilhn j. S. Grissctt Dewcy Grubb lnietta Grubb Pcggie Gunter Randall Guyer Gladys Hall joe Hall Jeanette Hankins lfrank Hassel Collene Hayworth I Earl Hayworth john Hayworth Faye Hedgeeoek Vernon Hedgeeoek Freshmen Harold Henderson Carl Hensley james Herndon Mary lilizabcth Herndon jcssc Hiatt Paul Hiatt Donald Hicks Frank Hicks Martha Ann Hicks Sam Hicks jerry Hill Betty Hincs Nancy Holloway Lilly jane Hudson Mary Louise Hughes Mona Hull Gloria Hunsucker jo Ann Hurley Bill Hutchins Don Hylton Lawrence ldol Gaynclle lnglc Martha Ann jarrett Harold jenkins Betty jesrcr Louise johnson Donald johnson Bobby jones Charles jones Harold jones jacquelinc jones Billie Ruth Kanoy jack Kay Doris Kearns jack Kearns Marcia Kearns Robert Kearns Iva joan Kemp john Key Hallie Kilpatrick Wanda Kindley Marvin King Betty jo Kinney Bobbie jean Kinney Dolores Lain Ira Land Irene Land Robert Latta Mary Laughlin Grady Lawrence Betty Laws Billy Lawson Margaret Leach jack Lee Freshmen Rachael Leonard Donald l,evina Lawrence lrewallen lflizabeth Lewis VVilliam lf. Linthicum Bobby Logan Donald Logan jerry Logan Carolyn May Lon der Allan Ray Mabe Mauriee Mabe Donald MeCarter Robert l,ee MeCarter Connie McGhee Carlton McGuire Kent Mefiuire Vkilliam Max Mel.amb Pat McManus Arch Riddiek MeMullan Bobby Yernon MCl,eod joseph Franklin Marsh Ruby Martin jo Ann Mason Marvin D. Matthews, jr Faye Meadows Donald M. Mercer j. XY. Metcalf Richard lfdward .Nliehael Helen ,Xliehael Ruthie ixliller lxyelyn .Xlilloway joanne Mitchell Bonnie Mock Budd Y. Montgomery Frances Moore Libby .Xloore Frances Mull jackson Mull David Mullen Percy Newton Donald Ray Nichols Peggy Nolan Phyllis Noland lfugene Norman james Overby john Owen Virginia Page Wirren Parham jerry Parlier Mary Peatross Pauline Peele VVillard Piekrel Thomas Pieree Carroll Powell Freshmen Charles Preddy Frankie Prevo Clyde Price Bobby Prince Don Pryor Clarence Ridge Paul Ridge Preston Ridge Wfaync Ridgill Bill Ring Mary Rivenback David Rliew l.eon Safrit Anne Sanders Austin Saunders Bobby Saunders Doris Scarce Susan Sehwalmenton Harry Scott Glenn Seward Rolit Sharp Betty Shetlield joanne Shcflield Ramona Shipwash james Slaydon Albert Smith Betty Smith Bobby Smith Donald Smith D. R. Smith lflizabeth Smith Gordon Smith Horace Smith Boyd Snyder Vida Snyder Lee Soots Betty -lean Sorrell C. YY. Spencer Maxine Staton Douglas Stephens Betty .Io Stone Carl Stone Clairene Stone Douglas Stutts Harold Sugg Marilyn Summer jack Summey Charles Gene Surrett eo Sw i n l. . g Vlvillie Swing ,Nlary 'laylor Richard Teague joan Thacker Billy Thompson n m, y ,,V, -- Q - ,. fr, , ,vi Freshmen Greta Thrower Mary Fllen Tuggle David Turnage Allan Upton Edna Venable Ann Voneannon Doris Voyles Charles Vihgner Bonnie Viligner Conny Vilalker Bobby Waltrin Mary Coleen VV.ird Barbara xxfilffflll Cecil Vilitson Andrew Webb David VVeleh Harold Vifeleh i Roger VVhitlow jcannctte Whitsrine Patsy VVhitt Glenn Wiley Kenneth VVilkinson Billy VVilliams Donald VVilliams Arnold VVilson Margaret W'ilson Donald Vlrbod Sylvia Wood Billy VVright Lester Zimmerman Vernon Zimmerman Lzfft: Sergeant Frank Shields is instructing students Frank Slaydon and Peggy Stephens, members ofthe driving elass, as to the do s and don ts in safe driving. Right lt means skill from start to hnish as boys in the shop begin a new project. C nenen DUMCBRTRG. mwfnmms ---cAn--- ISRFBISERGU 86 w m,2m iw Ml-iff 1 Q mfg A M af Q" A af ,PQ 4 75 , -,VV 4 y . N 15 , n if .ga , ,. . gg' 3 5k gaze! ,Q f ,, ,ff f qnw, ,,, L 4 5 Q Y, fi' 4 5 E. A YA -Q X lv' . 3' ' 1 , av V , . 4 ,ff . , ff' 'P W ,gr 'Q if ' E w I , W .M W 1 pf' 4 'Sm H be 'Af Z- - 4? "- ,v , my ,, 5X3-xx' L , fy fm, x .. 5' K -' -"-' ' W f 5' ' Q Srudcnts today take a joy ridc in A jeep fbr granted n contrast to students fifty years ago, we have the facili- ties, opportunities, and encour- agement for participation in the operation ot' our school. Today we have organizations emphasizing music, speech, and other talents which one may wish to develop. The grasp- ing of these opportunities makes the diflierenee between an ex- cellent and mediocre student. Ha, TIVITIES The Pemican ye Sfffpz Si fr Q I v Xf Q ,F ISZIQ 4 Q V ,gifs ss A ssiil As the spirit of education in 1897 left us its lasting contribution, a public school system, so we, in another sense, oflier to you an enduring memorial to your school days, the 1948 Plcmioxx. The greatest credit, of' course, belongs to those of' the editorial staff' who worltcd faithfully until the final dummy was in the printer's hands. They were 'liommy Clarst, the doting father of' our characterg Sarah Shaw, whom you can blame for the feature section, Suzanne lfarnhardt and Betty hlo lledriclc, who racked their brains over cut linesg Sophia Steflian, copy editor, who had her hands full of' l'scraps" and troubleg liean Campbell, sports editor, lleywood xviiiiitim, engraving editorg Dick Davenport, who filled the ofhces of' ianitor, head rib-ticltler, and as- sociate editorg and last, .Xlax 'l'hurman, who is just learning the trade. 'liwo members of' the stafl' to whom we owe mueh are Alton lfmbler, who is responsible for almost all the pictures which the Picxiioxx con- ,5 .kkkk..k 4. K -1 2 5 ls .:.t.,i. 1 saaa si ft -..-..-...,.,s...v,,. ,i '- . y f .M --.W M, ass. . 'hw t , , . .. ' c 5 si ewan ' A A I . .. w. -,f:,,t.- ,,..,,. - V. . Xleditating inentor. Betty ,lo Ring, editor-in-chief of' the ljiiisiuzxx, ponders over page layout, rains, and Rodger Snyder, who, with his well chosen business statli, competently held up the business end. l,ast conie our editor, Betty jo Ring, without whose superior ability this annual eould not have been produced, and .Xliss Dorothy Hollar, who has given so unselfishly of' her time and advice. Lrfli Sarah Shaw , feature editor, and llean Campbell, sports editor, find it nice to reininisce with past yearbooks. Riglllf -lust a huniorous thought between the two printing editors, Suzanne lfarnhardt and Betty -Io Hedrick. 1 . g Rodgcr Si completed hack and s iyder, business manager, with ndvcrtisenicnts and contracts thrown away, hntls tune to sit mile nt the rest of the worltl. . "All glory. l.iual. and honor" to the incznlmers ofthe PIHII- cyw lmusiuess stzilli. l.fjf'f In l'lQl1f, Xrklftklli lJorl.1 Demi Stephens. 'Ioycc litxirns, june lluekiiliy. and Lois King. SI.1lm'i11q. lfjf! In riellf: -loyce D.iwlaius. l'.it l'l.1Cl-QIICY. Gladys Linthicum. Nancy' Snider, Cfiirolyu Andrews. lfilim lfnrle lfnstcr, ,lor-XiinlYriglit, .intl Cfl.iri,inn Xlgisscy. 'lbp riglllf Sophi.1 Stetliqin. copy editor. Lind "5ureshot" look on as 'loin Cliirst. .irt editor. creitcs another cartoon. Hnrmm rigfn: Xliss Dorothy Hollgir, Pi-ixiictxx adviscr. instructs Hcywootl Wlislilwuru, engraving editor, as to measurements Hur tool lines whilc llicla Davenport, as- sociate editor, sums picture pustc-ups. H0ffl!7ll lzjff: Pho- tography editor, Alton lfinhler, as seen through the lens of his favorite ciintcrgi. fgQlx25 68417 G 1 Q QQ 'L November leaves fell thick and fast as Honor Society ofiicers relaxed in the midst ofthem. Lrjfr In right, they are: jeans: Vlalton. treasurer: Amanda Gelcas, presi- dent, Ralph lildcn, vice-presidentg and Sophia Stefiian, secretary. Honor Society With its traditionally beautiful ceremony as a background, the National Honor Society in- ducted I9 deserving seniors on january 7, 1948. Those tapped had double reason to rejoice, how- ever, for not only did they receive one of the greatest honors that may be bestowed on a high school student, they were also given their Honor Society pins as proof of membership. Since it had been the custom in the past for each in- dividual to purchase his or her own pin, this was indeed 21 noble gesture on the part of' the old members. A high degree of success marked all the under- talcings ot' the National Honor Society this past year. Making' these achievements possible were the faculty adviser, Mrs. Rogers, and a fine slate of ofiicers headed by Amanda Ciclcas, president. Rounding out the slate were vice-president, Ralph Tildeng secretary, Sophia Steiiang and treasurer, ,leane Walton. lixemplifying character. leadership, scholarship, and service are the veteran members of the Honor Society. Fin! ro-w, lfgfr to right: jeanelllalton, Amanda Clekas, and Sarah Shaw. Sfvwid row, lfjfl In right: Mrs. Leila Rogers, sponsor, Paul Hardin, Paul lfriedman. ,layne Roach, Sophia Stetlan, Barbara Lowe. Betty jo Ring. and Ralph lilden. .-Xs a means of raising money. the society undertook two principal projects. lfirst was the selling of stationery, and second, the sale of' per- sonal cards in the spring. The State National Honor Society Conven- tion. which proved interesting as well as edu- cational, was attenzlei by members of the local chapter who thoroughly enioycd their trip and brought back many helpful suggestions. Following the adage that we must practice what we preach. the Honor Society held regular meetings for the purpose of' discussing its qualili- eations. laying particular stress upon character. These discussions. which were also taken to the student body through various channels, were well received and proved beneficial to the school at large. Climaxing the activities ol- the Honor Society each year is the eagerly anticipated Honor Society Service Award, which this year was given to Betty .lo Ring. "Dona say it. write it." suggest .layne Roach and Patil Hardin. determining their hnaneial status alter a hard day ol selling Honor Soelety stationery. Senior inenibers ofthe National llonor Society inducted in january are.jir.tl mic. left tn rigllf: ,loyce liearns, Ovid Kearns. Betty Sue Coletrane. Dolly Hedgeeoeli. Ann .-Xthanas..Iune Smith. Suzanne lfarnhardt, lfasilia Caxarnos, Barbara George, and Betty -lo Hedrick. Sffllllif mir. lzjfr to right: Peggy Russell. jud Ruth, Dick Davenport. john Hall. Bill Gray. jim Hardison, joe Aaron, Donald lluirber. and Betty l,ee Dickens. Xfhcrcvcr thcrc's achicvcuicnt thc otticcrs of thc Bcta Ciluli arc always thcrc. 'llicy arc, lzjff In rigllr: Paul lfricdman. prcsidcnt: .Xliss lfmma Xlilling, faculty adviscrg -Ioycc Kcarns, sccrctary, and liilly Stutts. vicc-prcsidcnt. Our Beta Club Banqucts, partics, and an annual statc convcn- tion wcrc on thc agcnda for thc Bcta Club this ycar, proving that tht-rc is morc to an honorary scholastic socicty than mcrc scholarship. lfnlcr Ooo ,I TRY f GEQQE 1' A ' i sf 1 a I lsoiio gl' 1-U4 7 thc lcadcrship of Miss lfmma Milling, faculty adviscr, thc club, which is composcd of only juniors and scniors, was vcry activc this ycar. lfarly in the ycar an cducational survcy was madc, compiling information conccrning collcgcs thc scniors will attcnd, planncd profcssions, and similar data, which providcd thc school with valuablc statistics. Highlighting thc ycar's ac- tivitics was thc annual Bcta Club Convcntion, which was hcld in Ralcigh this ycar. lfach ycar upon graduation, mcmbcrs who havc madc an avcragc of nincty two or abovc during Sctting a prcccdcnt for thc scholasticly ambitious arc thc mcmbcrs of thc Bcta Club. Firxr mug Irift to righr: Don Hclsalicck, Basilia Cavarnos, Paul Hardin, Phyllis Lucas, and Dollic Moscr. Sammi mu, lejfr to right: Billy Stutts, Pcggy Russcll, Paul Friedman, Amanda Gckas, and Sarah Shaw. Standing, lzjff to righr: janc Roach, Ralph Tildcn, and joycc Kearns, N f 1' -aussi' "Bally lierpfsn installed during the hill inalnetion of the Bern Chili .ire.jirxf mit, lzjfl In right: :Xnne Xlnrlerte, .Xlzirilyn Rohinerre. lfrhel Nlae llill. Reheeeii Dickens. Xliiry lfriinees Floyd. Uurn 'lean Sielverr. Shirley liirkiniin, Anil Uiilrer l.ee Travis. Sffllllif mix, lfjfr fn riglll: Berry Willis. .Xlgirgniret l.irtle. Uviil Kearns. Peggy Haitheoek. liohhy Hopkins. :Xnn .-Xthanns. ,liiekie Nleekins. and Wiirren ffloilfelrer, 'lillirii mls. lfjfl fn rrqlllf lfdirh lfrye. Xliiry I-1ll.i Cforliey. .lime Smith. ,loyee Diiwkins. Dorothy Blnek. lflon Nixon. ,lean Short. Betty Sehiiltheiss. Betsy Uvliire. and ljnrsy Cilodfelrer. lfnurfli rung Izjfl tn rzgllf: -leryl lliighes. liirlmnirni l,oxx e. Hill lfrinlnlle, llheiiinell jones. Donzihl llnirlwer. llonahl Goins. Dixie Vlilson, llohhy Padgett. and Ciolalston llgirris. their four years in high school are honoreil hy having their names inseriheil on 21 silver plaque nlisplayell in the lihrnry. Local nieinhers are informeal of the activities of' other chapters of the national orgniriiziitioii through the Hur.: H1111 ln11H1.1! ro which they inay' eonrrihute. Ulheers for I9-L7--H4 xx ere Paul lfriellinari. president. Billy Sriirts. viee-presidentg and ,Ioyee Kearns. Secreriiiy. .-Xhsorheil in rrmlirioniil and ilepennliilmle service of the Bern Cfhih some of its ineinlrers rally elliieitioniil survey lvlnnlis. lhey are. lfjjf fn V1-Lfllff Don Helsnlreelc. Paul lfrieilinxiii. Don lhiirher. joyee lxeiirns. Bimlm Cfiiiyiriios. and ,Xlnry lullli Clolley. , li -v Club ollfcers Charles Simmons. vice-presidentq Ralph Tilden E56 L 1. 5Y5T5"SNi Aovfl mea Q0 O9 byaomvk s L . 0 secretaryg and Robert Boyles, president agree that a smile a day , ' KK! keeps the blues away. Key Clubers Once again the lligh Point "edition" ol' Key Club lnternational has turned in a very creditable performance. .Nlecting at the Asia Restaurant every 'liliursday night, the uchow mangeu ad- dicts have managed not only to down the Chinese dish, but have dished up enough work for the "brothers" to last them for some time. They have set as a goal for themselves the renovation of the high sehool track in order that the com- fcrcnce speedsters and jumpers may have a fine ficld on which to perform. ln addition, they are raising money with which to pay a scholarship to college for some worthy boy, and have taken it upon themselves to clean the sehool grounds. Starting the year with a bang, the local club played host to the organizing convention of' the Carolinas District. After completing the paper worlc that goes with organizing, and not being opposed to the opposite sex, the club gave a big dance for its g'llCSl'S. .Nluch of' the success ol' this convention was due to Dick Davenport, lnternational Key Club vice-president. As the Christmas spirit lit up the angelic faces of' the students, thc club sponsored the annual sale of' Christmas trees from which all proceeds went to the scholarship fund. Later in the season, the club held its annual .Nlotherls Night during which the boys were Mom's beaux for the evening. 1, 1 I Q- XZN 45 . A rg' AD ls ' if'- R QW? 'iff' ,Q P+ "5" 7 P' Ybp: Heywood and .Xlax "putting it away" at a liey Club supper, agree there's nothing better than pork chops. Hn mm: "'l'his is a lovely way to spend an evening" and lie Llubbers and their dates at the lxey Klub District dance don't need a second invitation. .0-'Q' Sf Grady .-Xnderson and Charles SHIIIUOIIS lean against ye olde Hngpole relaxing in the thought that "n1ll's f-Qlil'iI1UPPUI'fLlI1ifj'H while lxermeth lngr.1m. Robert lirmyles and Ralph I llden, elezm the selmol grounds, Rey ffltllmlmersjirxl mir. iff! fo rlqllf: Bobby YUIIHYS, Kenneth lIlgf'2llIl, jimmy Hurtlisrm. joe .'x1lI'UI1,2lIld Dick IDZIYCHPUTI. Srmrm' mir: lfjfl to right, Paul l'1fiL'dII1LlIL 'lllki UIQIIUIHPSUIL Heywuml Ulxshburn. .X1llX rlqhllflllllll. Don Martin. Ray llny- worth, .mul Grady :Xmierson. 'lkllirtf role, XftIll1flllQ, fzjff In l'f4Lf1lf.' -Iulm Hull, Bobby joe Hickey, .Ind Ruth, jerry Hester. Ralph VIQHJCII, and Robert Bmyles. Nlarilyn Robinette, editor-in-chief, sharpens her pencils before sharpening her wits and settling down for a long season of journalistic thought. Ybp riglfr: Good news travels fast as Suzanne Slate passes out uthe literary matter" to Xlargaret Little and Barbara Nlabrey. Bllfflllll lfjfff UNew news makes for good news" confirm Poilzfei' feature editor, Betty -Io Hedrick and feature staff: Nlazie Strickland. Betty Sue Colc- trane, and lilo" liiinsey. Carolyn Andrews was absent when picture was taken. Harrow riifln: Ads a dd to :none ' supply and 'Xlax Qho-if' Shirley Gallimore Suzanne r y . 1 . . . 5 . . 1 - , . Slate, and Robert Ladehofi sean newspapers for o ideas. iginal The Pointer Another spoke in the wheel of' activities that revolves daily around life at High Point lligh is an old and well established institutionf'l'l1z' IJ0fllIt'I' -s the school newspaper, Although actual production got ofli to a late start, at first about two weeks were spent in classroom study during which Miss Muriel Bulwinlcle, l'ni11f1'1' adviser. carefully placed be- fore a comparatively 'lgreenn crew the fiunda- mentals ofi journalism. Meanwhile, an enter- prising business staff was busily scouting the town for ads to help finance the publication. The all-important position of' editor-in-chief' was assigned to an experienced iunior. Xlarilyn Robinette. Aided and abbetted by Paul Hardin, managing editor, and .ludson Ruth, associate editor, the three were constantly searching for new ideas, that is, between issues. Daily, during sixth period, Flbny Flcachey and Frank Slaydon, sports editors, generally could be found en route to the coach's office gathering material. Chief 'fnosc for news hounds" were Don Thurber and jackie Meekins, news editors. Betty jo Hedrick, feature editor, ,lo Kimsey, Betty Sue Coletrane, Mazie Strickland, and Carolyn An- drews duly claim greatest part of the eredit for the feature section. Chief headliner Paul Fried- man completed the staff which wrote the paper. On the business staff, ehiefhustler was Gladys Linthicum, assisted by staff members Shirley Clallimore, Max Shoaf, Robert Ladehoff, Hubert McCain, Suzanne Slate, Margaret Little, and led by Mrs.W'alden, business adviser. Kathe- rine Hester served as circulation manager. Gladys Linthicum. business manager, gives a last minute check-up of her pride and ioy, the advertisements. before the presses begin to roll. Botmm rigllr: "A hint to the wise is suHicient,'--the Pointrr associate editor. jud Ruth. managing editor. Paul Harding associate managing editor, Paul Friedman: and Xlrs. .Xluriel Bulwmkle. adviser, investigate an issue of the Pflirltfr to profit by past mistakes. Ybp Itjff: lt's l'oil1n'r time as sports editors lfrank Slay' don and Nlimy Teachey pour over a copy fresh off the press. Harrow ffffiff Probing the l'oir1tf'r. news editors jackie .Xleekins and Donald lhurber "look the situation over. 'Z7' ff N I' ff' W-2 'www .1-f"'f ff W .... WMM-wa-ff' 99 - f i X 7 mix X Z ,1 - ry? Z a lllllllllllllllllllll l x rf! Q all MQ . gin CP- X " Q60 -Mk l Promoters of speeeh and diction these Masque and Gavel otlieers are, lqft tn righf: Barbara C-eorge, r secretary., Paul Hardin, sergeant-at-arms, jeane Walton, treasurerg Walter lice, president, and Barbara Lowe, viee-president. Masque .And Gavel Students who dotc on diction are Masque and Gavel memlmers, jirxf mar, Ifjfr In rigllf: Amanda Gekas, Suz- anne llarnliardt, Sarah Shaw, Katherine Hester, .leane Walton, Betty Sue Coletrane, Cflariann Xlassey, Barbara George, and Betty jo Hedrick. Swrwin' rum, lqff rn riglll: Nancy Greer, Betsy Bolling, Ann .-Xthanas, Basilia Clayar- nos, Peggy Russell. Nliclcey Klarsh, Sophia Stetliau, and Betty jo Ring. Third mic, Ifjfi tn right: joe Aaron, joyee Kearns, lileanor Xlinnis, Ovid Kearns, jane Roaeh, and Miss Ruth Goodman, sponsor. FOIIVIII rnfw, lrjft fn right: Betsy Baker, Walter lice, Barbara Lowe, and 'lo liimsey. Fifth row, ftiff rn right: jack Steed, George lfreeinan, Ralph Tilden, and Paul Hardin. 100 l l 4 Ncw inductccs of thc .Nlasquc and Gavcl arc, jirxr ro-15, lqfl In right: Barbara Lcc. .Nlargarct l.ittlc, jcan Kcarns, Scotty Cfook, .Xlarilyn Robincttc, jane Bcain, Dura jcan Sicbcrt. Sara liarricr, Carolyn Murray, and jackic Nlcckins. Se'mm1'mu', lfjfr rn right: Nancy launbcth, joannc Hihitc, Gladys Linthicum, Dot licndall, Xlazic Strickland, lfvclyn Nancc, Barbara Mabrcy, Boonic Davis, Martha Hodgin, and Ruth Nlonroc. Tlliriz' mir, Irjft Io rigllrf Cfharlcs Xlcffonkcy, lictty Suc Young, lictty Draughn, Dorla Stcphcns, junc Smith, Dollic Nloscr, Max Thurinan, .Iinuny Hardison, Bobby Padgctt, liobby Xounts, and jon liarncs. FUIIVIII mic, lrjf! In riglllf Bill Ciray, Paul lfricdinan, llobby Ncill. Dcwcy Circcr. Hcy- wood xxzisiiiitim, Pcrry licziah. licnt jackson, jcrry Hcstcr, and Bob Narrcn. At thc Dcccinbcr Nlasquc and Gavcl inductions Barbara flcorgc rcads thc naincs of thc ncw inductccs. Uld .Nlasquc and Gavcl incinbcrs arc scatcd in thc background. A Spccchcs, acting ability, and an cvcr rcady flow of words is all it took to bccomc a mcmbcr of thc Masque and Gavcl Society at its annual induction on Dcccmbcr 3, 1947. This organiza- tion, which strivcs to promote achicvcmcnt in spccch, has bchind it an intcrcsting rccord. High Point High School bccamc a chartcr chaptcr of thc Masquc and Gavel in 1941. This young group workcd so cnthusiastically, that by thc cnd of thc sccond year, our school was onc of thc thrcc schools in the nation sclcctcd as having the bcst all-round chapter activity. AS a rcsult of this achicvcmcnt, Nliss Ruth Goodman, thc faculty adviscr, scrvcd as national prcsidcnt for two ycars. This past ycar, thc Masque and Ciavcl was again vcry activc. lt provided spcakcrs for the Q High School World Pcacc Contest. Onc of thc jj., y mcmbcrs, Dcwcy Clrccr, was placcd sccond in ,sf A fn thc state finals of thc "I Speak For lDctnocracy" X F' radio spcaking contcst. i 101 Y-Teens 'lialks and LllSCLlSSlfJI1S on the Arts, Prepara- tion for Marriage, blobs and Careers, Poise and Personality, Personal and Family Relations, and Religion have been the varied programs' for Y- , Teens during this year. Outside these programs, in the individual clubs, the Y-Teens have par- ticipated in the Cancer Drive and in the March of Dimes campaign. ln August, 1947, a southern regional con- ference of Y-Teens was held at Camp lllahee near Brevard, North Carolina. Barbara l.ee, Peggy Culler, Helen Cariss, and Betty -lo Hed- rick, accompanied by Miss Dorothy Hollar rep- resented High Point. 'lhe North Carolina State Y-'l'eens Conference was held in Raleigh November I4-16. Those attending from High Point were Barbara l.owe, Peggy Rose Stevens, Betty l.ou Underwood, Dolly Moser, .loann XYright, l,orene Kivett, Mary l.ee Church, Rebecca Dickens, Susan Sink, Peggy Alexander, Shirley Rae Callimore, Marcia Church, .lo Ann l,owe, Billie Ann Slate, and Helen Martin. All these girls came baek with their heads full of ideas and have worked to bring about better relations in their clubs. Senior Y-'leens are, first ro-mc, lfjff to right: Iileanor Minnis, Q Bla! X pf 3 ' """"' 2 'x fa . The senior Y-Teens have a monthly supper meeting at the YWYC.-X with their adviser, Mrs. Frank Marks. Similarly the iuniors have had a number of suppers where they have learned to cook ltalian spaghetti from their adviser, Mrs. john Birkner, who has just recently arrived in the United States from her former home in ltaly. Uther advisers are Mrs. Dorothy Ches- brough who directs the sophomores and Miss Betsy Dixon, who in addition to being Y-'it-en director is freshman adviser. june Smith, Mary Frances Hunter, joyce Dawkins, Betty M'illis, Katherine Hester, joyce Kearns, and joAnn Wright. Semlld mu: Betty Teague, Mary Corn, Louise Hutchins, joyce Meredith, Doris Stone, and Betty jo Ring. Y1lIfViiTll'U,'f Betsy Bolling, Peggy Russell, Ruth Hyde, Nancy Cauble, and Barbara Tobias. 102 l.ijff.' .Xlciiilicn ol' rho sophoniorc Yflqccns girc. -firxl mir, lijft rv rilullff Peggy Cnllcr. llcrry lliixtcr .incl Vlcnin :Xrinliclcl Srimiil rms: Shirlcy iliilliinorc. Carolyn Anilrcu s. and Crirric lioylcs. Tllim' rms: Bcity 'lo Snider. .Nlzircigi Church, L1llLl'l0.1I1Il Uviscliiiiii. lfonrtli rms: Peggy Clark. Xlonu Pcnningron, ginel lfliziilmcth NlcCoin. l"'ifI11 mir: Nzincy Klon- roc, ljcggy .-Xlcxiimlcr. iinil Shirlcy .-Xllrcil. Right: "Chicucronc," iunior Y-Tccns .irc.-firxf mit. lift ro ri-M1113 Carolyn Xliirriiy. Scotty Cook. pinil lilly l,nc1is. Sf't'llllif 11115: ,Xliizic Striclilzinil. N1lIlL'l"l0SlIlll'll. .inll PM Nlcycrs. Tllirii mic: Rclmcccni lJlCliCI1S.-IOLIIIIIL' llivisl Chgirlcnc llioniiis. ginil llctty Pcgrniin. Hflzrlll mic: Dum vlcain Siclicrr. l,oi1isc Uixcill, ginil lictty ,XlL'l'111I'llllg. lfiflll mir: Xliiry Alicc lfilwiirils, l.orcnc liivcrr, and Susan Sink. 51,1111 rms: .Xliirggirct l,ittlc, ,Xlnrilyn Rohincrrc. iinil -lc-gin lic-urns. Si'1w1r!1 mir: Sara lliirricr. Dot licnnlgill, and lioonic lhyis. Senior Y-'ll-uns arc, firxl runs, lift in richf: ,ICZIIIC lllilton, Peggy Rosc Srcvcns. Alice lhonipson, Barbara George, Surah Sliiixy. zinil l,ois King. Sffllllill mis, frifl In fl4LflIf.' llctty l.0l1 lfnilcrwoonl. -liinc Huclizihy. Snzunnc llariilmrilr, Clariann Nliisscy. llc-try -lo llcclriclx. Put Nlurpliy, and Boliliic Hinklc. 'I'l1ird ro-up lijfl to right: llgirlmrii Nicholson, jo Kiniscy, Barbara l,owc, llixic Hciidcrson. 'Indy Rockwcll, iinil Ovid Kczirns. asa . ,, .,........ Dynamic debaters ofthe lforensic League are,jirxj rms, lrjft to riglli: Dollic Moser, Garolyn Andrews, Betty Sue Noting, Norman Schwartz, jeane Walton, and Sophia Stcll an. St't'0lIif rn-15, lfjfr fn rilcln: Betsy Baker, Betty jean Pegram, Nancy Snider, jackie Xleekins, and Ralph lfdwards. Forensic League How the Debating Club, otherwise known as the Forensic League, has managed to survive the current period of indifference to debating is a mystery to some people. To the members of the club, however, this is no puzzle, because they know that, no matter what the odds, as long as thcrc are some who love an argument, there will always be a debating club. Not only has this organization survived with its small membership, it has really ugone places" this year, having debated many schools in the vicinity of High Point as well as its annual op- ponents in the Triangular Debates. The team taking part in the latter was composed of jackie Nicekins and Sophia Steflian on the aflirmative with Drewry Greer and Kent jackson taking the negative. Clyde Garrison and jcane Vlhlton were alternates. The query was Resolved: That thc Federal Government should require arbitration of labor disputes in all basic American industries. The capable officers who, along with the club adviser, Miss Gladys Watson, have made possible the successful season of debating were Sophia Steflian, president, Nancy Snider, vice-president, jeane Walton, secretary, and jackie Nleckins, program chairman. Wishing to become a member of the National Forensic League, the club is trying to obtain enough points in speaking to make this ambi- tion a reality. Alert and active orlieers of the lforensic League are, ,Ylfffl1AQ.'jCLlI1C Walton and Sophia Stetlfang ,vt.u1i1'i11g: jackie .Nleekins and Nancy Snider. Sports-minded .Nlonograni Club otlieers are jim! mic: Bill Rae Hunsuekcr. sergeant-at-arms, and Bill Campbell, treasurer. St'l'lIl1if rn-1:5 Nelvin Cooper. president, and T. C. lsom. vieefpresident. Charles ,XleConkey. secretary, was not present when picture was taken. Monogram Club Une of the recently organized clubs in High Point High School is the Monogram Club. This new organization was formed with the purpose of prompting and upholding the highest athletic standards and creating a closer bond of fellowship and loyalty among lettermen. Membership in this organization is available to any letterman of High Point High School. All members are admitted upon the recommenda- tion of the coaching staff and are then accepted by vote of the club. Heading the five man executive board of the Monogram Club this year were Nelvin Cooper, presidentg T. C. lsom, vice-president, Charles McConkey, secretaryg Bill Campbell, treasurer, and Hill Hunsucker, sergeant-at-arms. The Monogram Club, aided by the Key Club, was responsible for the football programs for the home games during football season this year. First in the Black l3ison's sports world are members of the Monogram club. Fin! row. lzjfl I0 righl: lfddic VVhite, Ted llvans, Robert Smith, jack Petty, Gene Dillard, Kenneth Bryant, VV. B. Miller, jack VVhite, and jack Ridge, Sfwnd mfw: .Xlilton Chandler, Richard Crowder, Bill Rae Hunsuelcer, Kenneth Xarborough. Bobby Baird. Spencer Hurley, jimmy Rickert, 'If C. lsom. Charles MeConlcey, and Bill Saunders. Third rom: -lim Allen. Truett Grant, Russell Blackburn, D. C. Kennedy. Bill Seekler, and Bill Campbell. 105 Our F.H.A. Girls ,lust imagine spending a xveelc at White lultel 'lihe lfuture llomemnlters and their advisers zit- hlune. This organization, xvhieh is made up o students studying home economies in high sehool, gives girls opportunities to develop leadership, to broaden iieqiiniiitnnees, and to be- come state and national otlieers ot' the lfuture llomemalcers ol' :Xnierie1i. lhe High Point ehnpter has lieen organized and directed this year hy .Xliss .Xlury lillu ln- grqun. Among the sueeessliul money making projects undertaken by rhe girls was the sale of Cliristnizts eiirds. Delegates from our ehapter attended the dis- triet nieetingi held in l ligh Point at vvhieh .Nlaxine lfairloxve vials eleeted stzite piirliaiinentiiriiin. tend this eump each year during the month of f. perieneed l'ill:X officers gather 'round to keep the ne fires cooking. 'lliey .ire, lrjfl In flllfflff Sylyi 'li1te, llpirlmru llnvis, Doris Sl'L1IIlk'f'. clllfillyll Xlorris Ovid lxenrns. Dixie Henderson, und Aloyee lliivvlvins. if Iii pc lillfllft'HC3IIlCIllLlliL'FSOl-.'XI1lL'I'lC2iLlI'L'.-fll'XfI'01l.',lIffiffIl rigfll: Pstsy lfnidy. Doris White, Uell1i5triClQlund. Betty :Xnn Steele lflorrie Russell, .Nlona Pennington. und lflizulmeth .NleCoin. Svrolliz' rn-13, .Xliirgnret Xlefinllister, Constance Davis. Betty Sue Myers, Ciiirolyn Klorris, lfyulen Simmons, Betty Sue Saunders, and l,LlllI'Cl'I'2l lflliot. 'l'l1mlrn'u': llessie Gray. Nancy Holloway, Betty .lean lluelv. lloliliie .-Xnn Cirissett. Sylvia iliite. Nnney Nlelloxxell, Peggy l3e1in.'Sur1i -lones, Sum l"orlJis joyee llnxvlcins, .Xlnrgnret l,ittle. lliivin liee ilenguc. Dixie Henderson, Ovid lxenrns, :ind lflon Nixon. l"onrfl1 mil Betty -lo Green, lfileen Turner. lflliinette Andrews, Yirginm Wvenver, -lean Katherine XlllI'I'lU'..lll3l1lf1l Nlellutlie. Sliirlex Hollovvgiy, Doris Stniney, llelores lieelv. liarlnirni Davis. :ind l'i,lll1llPk'fll Pezltross. 3 lajfl: lndianapolis Syinphony eellist, Charles Xledlin, .w'nfr'if, takes a lJusnian's holiday as lie explains a niurie passage to Naney Xlitehell, Betty Cusworth. Geraldine lirawley, and jean Weekly. Riglll: .Xlusie nionarehs Donnie Silver. eon- eert niaster, Xliss X irginia l-rank, orehestra directory and .-Xnianda Ciekas, eoneert iiustress, review a niusieal seore. Singing Strings With an average membership ol' +5 partiei- pants and an almost eoinplete syinphonie in- strumentation, the senior high orchestra gives three perliormanees a year. The orchestra again entered the annual North Carolina .Nlusie Contest at Wonian's College in Cireenslmoro this year, where, for the past several years, it has reeeived the Class :X rating of one. Responsible for this outstanding sueeess was .Nliss Virginia lfrank, who took eharge of the orehestra in 1927, unsellishly devoting her time and efforts to presenting a hetter group eaeh year. Ahly assisting her are the eoneert master and mistress, Donnie Silver and .Xnianda Ciekas. Development ol' a love and taste for the world's standard repertoire, and the aehievement of indi- vidual and group exeellenee in perl-ormanee are the main ohieetives of the orehestra, along with helping develop the student's total personality and providing the eoniniunity with performances when needed. ,Xleniliers of the high school orehestra are First rirflifix: Amanda Gekas, Donnie Silver, Norman Sohnehen, Annie Sue Alverson, Ruth Hyde. Darrell Beverly, Clara Yarliorough. Rachel Leonard, jane Chainelin, Charles Stout, and Nancy Lewis, Swrulii 11'iuIi11x.' Cilariann Xlassey, Ann Xlarlette. Dura jean Siehert, Nancy Monroe, Darene Calhoun, and lfdna Wall Sinith. jvflllili' Shirley Kirknian, jean Short, ard Nlareeline Ayers, Vinlil1z'f'llo,v.' jean Weekly, Geraldine lirawley, Betty Cusworth. and Nancy Xlitehell. l7n11l1lz' 13.1r.rz'.r: Virginia Saunders and Ralph lilden. fdbbtf liolrliy Hopkins. I-'lnfrxf Betty Lee Diekens and Nancy Cauhle. C'l.1rim'tr.' lfarl Wayne Kearns, and Roliert Brady. Hay- .i'nml.' john l.eslie Andrews. llorllx' Charlene il honias and Robert Xledlin. Cl0H1t'f,V.' Bill lfriddle, Bud Xlontgoniery. ard ll, 'li llartlev. 71f0llII70l1t'X.' Bill White and lietsv White. H,1rifw1z': jaek Kay. l'rrr11xi'1ffr1: liill Gray and ,lack Ring. I 1 A Cappella members, first ww, iff! to righl are: Don Martin, james Michaels, and jeane Vhalton. Second row: Vernon Taylor, Nick Hapilias, and Peggy Rose Stephens, Third row: Yan Boyles, Carolyn Murray, and Barbara George. Fourlh row: Robert Dixon, Amanda Gekas, and joAnn YVright. Fifth ww: Perry McDowell, Dot Lewis, and joAnn Greene. Sixth mfw: Kenneth james, Rebecca johnson, and Sophia Steffan. Smwlth row: Vivian Baisey, Eleanor Minnis, and NVilma Barker. Eighth mu: lrivelyn Solomon and Betty jo Hedrick. Lilting Lyrics 'Llfair are the meadowsg fairer still the wood- lands," a soft hum, and reverent silence from the audiencefso begins the theme song of the A Cappella Choir. This song, with its religious, earnest mood, is typical of a choir which, under the direction of Carl Cl. N. Constedt, has be- come one of the most creditable assets of' High Point High School. The A Cappella Choir, organized in 194-0 by Mr. Cronstedt has long' been known for the unity, spirit, and co-operation of its members. It was With a Udo, re, mi" james Michaels goes through his musical calisthemcs for Mr. Cronstedt. Three making ready-A they're sure to go. lt's the high school trio, lfffl to right: Betty jo Smith, Ruth lillen Monroe and Sophia Stefian with Dot Lewis at the piano. through this co-operation this year that the choir sang for outlying' communities, as well as local civic clubs and leading churches. Une of' thc outstanding highlights of the Christmas season was the annual presentation ofthe HMessiah" by the combined choruses with local soloists particapating. Leading A Cappella activities were Buddy Vaughn, presidentg Sonny Connor, vice-prcsi- dentg Barbara Cieorge, sccretaryg and Vivian Baisey and llot Kendall, co-librarians. Section leaders were Betty jo Smith and Ruth lfllcn Xlonroe, sopranog Sophia Steflian, altog Paul Hardin, tenorg and Skip Vaughn, bass. A Cappella choir officers arc. lfjft to rigln: Skip Vaughn, presidentg Vivian Baiscy, lihrariang Barbara George, secretaryg Dot Kendall, assistant lihrariang and Sonny Connor, vice-president. A few of "Curly's li'1 Hulk" give their vocal chords a work out. I.rjl'I ta right: Paul Hardin, john Hall, Sonny Connor, Kenneth james, and Skip Vaughn. Mr. Cron- stcdt plinks the ivories to assurc pitch. A Cappella members arejirxr mms, left to right: Betty Sue Colerrane, Sonny Connor, and Alvis lfnnis. Sfrovm' rms: Ann Arhanas, Ruth ,Xlonroe and Skip Vaughn. Third mix: lfvelyn Nance, lfddic Myers, and lfvcretr ltfllington. PWUIIFTII mis: .lane Roach, jimmy Hardison, and Fred Connally. Fifrll mu: jeanettc Davis, Thad l.cvincr, and George Freeman. Sixth rout Dot Kendall. .Nlary lflla Coffey. and johnny Raper. Sl"T.'t'lIflI mix: Berry jo Smith, john Hall, and Paul Hardin, X 2,63 On Parade The trumpets sound and the drums roll. Our High Point lligh School band moves with preci- sion on to the muddy' field, where it is beginning to feel very niuch at home. With the last strains of the "lYashington and l,ee Swing," the hand tiles oil with the satisfaction of a job well done. liut wait, let us go behind the scenes. lfach afternoon, Monday through Friday, weird and lost chords may he heard escaping from the music wing until, under the direction ol. julian Helms, the chords are found and brought into harmony. lfrom here, the band proceeds to the athletic held, where the formations are worked out in detail and rehearsed. XYitl1 the leadership Left: .Xlice 'llhoinpson und Fred Cionnzrlly, druin inzliorettc and nmior talk things over with lmnd director, Xlr. julian lleluis. Righl: lieatin' gums instead ol drums are ineinlmers ol the percussion section ol the lmnd. lejlf In rixqlff: Clayton Cranford, 'linnny Allred, Bill Gray, "Pee-W cc' Wurdell, und Lloyd Nance. of its director and the co-operation of its members thc show gradually takes shape so that by lfriday the group is prepared for the big night. Nlr. Helms, who hails from Charlotte, has the enthusiam and ideas for the makings of a real band. This was particularly evident when 'lihe members of the high school band are: Allred, ,I. Fountain, R. Parkinson, M. Andrews, j. L. Friddle, B. Pons, A. Bailey, B. Garrison, C. Ruth, ul. Baldwin, B. Geddie, K. Saimiels, B. Ball, B. George, B. Sawyer, A. Bartsch, B. R. Glenn, D. R. Scarce, j. Beauchamp, li. Gray, B. Shipwash, A. Beaver, T. Hayes, .l. Short, B. Black, B. G. Hayworth, B. Shufelt, C. Bohler, Allan Hedrick, K. Slaydon, lf. Brady, R. Honbarrier, B. Sloan, H. Bundy, R. Hudson, G. Sloan, H. Burrows, -I. Hurley, Surrett, C. Cameron, j. jcster, D. Swarrzberg, D. Carmichael, li. jones, C. Thomas, C. Carpenter, R. Kay, j. Thompson, A. Cauble, N. Kearns, lf. VKfigoncr, D. L Caughman, H King, bl. Wall, B. Chatham, l. Kimsey, bl. VVard, rl. Clapp, H. Long, R. Vlflardell, R. Conally, F. Medlin, B. VYhitc, B. Corn, C. l.. Montgomery, B. VVhitlow, R. Cranford, C. Morris, D. W'ilson, D. Cranford, P. C Monroe, R. l" VVinslow, D. fuller, j. Murphy, -I. Vlbod, H. D. Davis, H. Murphy. P. Ybrk, B. R. Dickens. B. l.. fNleConkey, C. Zimmerman, I. lfllison, Carl Nance. l.. Zimmerman. N Nichols, D. the band was asked to represent North Carolina by putting on the halflshow at the Shrine Bowl game. Following the presentation of several varied programs, it participated in the State Contest where it received high rating awards. ,lihese high steeping baton mistresses are the maiorettes who strut with our band. They arc, lcjft In righl: 'glow Kimsey Barbara George, Alice 'I hompson, head, Pat Alurphy, and Barbara Smart. Black Bisons enjoy cxrcnsivc sports with standard uniHmrms and 21 capable coaching staff he cheers of the spectators, the thrill of singing a school song . . . this is where school spirit begins, for athletics sig- nify the love of living as well as the enthusiasm of youth. When the first public school was opened, one of' the needs felt most keenly was that of a physical education program. That need has been realized, for today, the athletic is one of the most extensive as well as popular departments in High Point High School. T115 ATHLETICS llid x on ever sec a dream walking . . .? XXL-ll, they did. liootball co-Captains Bean Cfampliell and lliruett Grant ''reinemlicrwhen.H '47 Football .Xlthough the Black liison of l947 did not roll up an impressive record of wins, it must be handed to them that they did light, mostly in the mud, since a great percentage of the games were played under the downpouring skies. Having won three games and tied three, they did not let the four defeats go so easily. Coaches Tony Simeon and Carroll Bowen led their charges to a 7-0 victory in the opening game at Reidsville. lfnd, Bill Hunsucker, caught a pass from 'l'. C. lsom after a drive to the two yard line, while highlighting the game was Bill l'lllington's 70 yard punt from behind his own goal line. ln the second start, the local team outplayed a highly favored Nlcflallic Prep from Chattanooga, Tennessee, but fell victim of the 'lslcepcr endw play and had to settle with a IZ-I2 tic. The following week our team traveled to Durham, bringing back another tie, this one being a 6-6 count. lilacli Bison coaches are. lijff In riligllff Vlohnny Crowder. as sistant coach. Head Coach A-X. Simeon, and Carroll Bowen iuiiior varsity coach. Right, Ifjfl to right: Max ward, Bobby Hayworth, andj Burlington's powerful Bulldogs rolled over the Locals 25-6 to score the most decisive victory of the year. A 55 yard pass from Bill lfllington to Charlie jones netted the lone touchdown for the Pointers. The next two games were uheart- breakers," losing only by one touchdown to both Lexington and Salisbury. ln the peak performance of the season, the blue clad Pointers scored early and held Charlotte Central, conference champion, to a 6-6 deadlock in the mud of Memorial Stadium. It was then that they lost the services of T. C. lsom, who suffered an ankle iniury. Maintaining their pace, they came back to roll over Asheville 26-IZ before a crowd of High Pointers. Next came our arch-rivals, the VVhirlies of Greensboro. The Bison jumped to a 14-0 lead early in the game, but fell victim to the W'hirlie's passing attack and wound up on the short end of a 21-I4 score. The season ended with a decisive I3-O win over R. UI. Reynolds of Hin- ston-Salem. .Nlany ol' our players were honored during the season. Richard Crowder was named on the all- conference team with Bill Campbell and played in the first Shrine Bowl game which originated in High Point this year. lsom and Campbell were named the most valuable back and linesman by the popular vote ot' the community. At the football banquet .lim Allen and Kenneth Yar- borough were named co-captains of next year's team, while Bill Campbell received the most valuable player award by virtue of the team's vote. lajft: Football managers "let up" to catch their breath. Left to right: l'Nos" Alman, Billy jones and -lim Neely. i w' fl 9 O oe Don Vkiillard run out late for practice. a W l , fix. 6 Q n A lllllll W' I ff f'N O ff! . C1 Football scores for the '47 season were: High Point High Point High Point High Point High Point High Point High Point High Point High Point High Point lr 7 ,.... ll 6 .... 6 ,,... 0 ,,,.. 0 ...., 6 .... 26 ..... 1+ ..,.. 1 ii' R. .Reidsville effallie Prep , . .Durham . Burlington . .Lexington , . .Salisbury . Charlotte . . .Asheville .Greensboro 1. Reynolds U ll 6 25 1 6 6 I2 21 0 gf-Vg ,. if ,sf ..: .X iv wr. . wgfzm Aggxzaii' f -gays' Ryze K' 1: fs la 3 A sijqglhk ' 3 is-A 5 Y? :, ..1'f , S Members ofthe junior Varsity football teain arc, lfjfl Io right, jirxt rms: Donald Hicks, Harlan Burton, Buddy Nance, Dick Curley, Vkilliani hlyers, Wade lfvans, Fred Cilacsner, Bobby Baird, Pete jones, Darrell Yoncannon, VV. Metcalfe, and Yal Kearns. Sf'l'0l1lf row: Bucky Brown, Don Morris, Roystcr Tucker, Darrell VYinslow, Gilbert Kearns, lfred lfarnier, Leonard Del,app, Ralph Brown, Charles Gregory, jilniny lfreeuian, Alinon Butler, Bill Wright, Cioldston llarris, Donald Poindexter, and Kenneth Wilkerson, manager. Thiriz' rnfw: Don Leviner, George Bright, Bobby Logan, Bob lfountain, Ned Weatherford, Bill Allen, Charlie johnson, .Xlax 'l'hurnian, Bobby Bundy, Douglas Stutts, Perry McDowell, Bill Ring, Harold Reid, Dane Ciuyer, and Ray Cireen. Football boys who are watching the gaine while they keep the bench warm are from lqft In righf: Robert jones, Bobby Hayworth, Nlax Ward, joe Don Vlillard, David Brewer, and Clayton Reed. a 4 ill 120 12 ,...,, W. may 2' f , mm s f M723 a w ,JA Q? -.-, 55' W f- wwf , 4, A .3 'af M f H Q Q Eiga 1' .1 2 '- ug 'NX ,,wf,mT.., .L f f i . . R. ' -gi X ., , ,Nw . A..,,.,m., ff M , SM, :WSH -. .- fn WW. .KRW P .. ., . is S Ibis f ,gg 1-, v A 4324. ' iff? ' 2 0 M 7 , 'rf Z J QMSKW2' 'ilv' ' 2 W: :rw . 'efjsfg-1 Q ' T if 4. Q1 -A Q w , wg, ,L , ,X ., -xQw,a:w13..3s, -gm, 'xv ,K ff--f W fix fpfgfgggss - ,m K- - fazik fmilggszmbw U - K -W Qswgf Q Q, 4:1 www -fy 7, 2 2'1- 'T k : rm wr . A W Q X at Q 4 , vagal ' 4512-'QQ A l Qi, 'YQ 13 - Q , .A i 3 ' wi" gf P D if X - W XTf'5-5'-Ji" aff . www .. fir " '15 E Q lt's f'iumpball" as Crowder and the Vyilson center spring for the toss up. State Champs Called by many as one of the greatest basket- ball teams the state has yet produced, the great- est team High Point High School has ever turned out, elimaxcd a brillant season of play by captur- ing thc coveted N. C. State Championship crown. The Black Bison, in having the most fruitful season of any local squad, tasted the bitterness of defeat only once in twenty-eight games and this came at the hands of a non-conference foe lsowi, manager Gimxi, Center at the Mid-South tournament in Greenville, C. However in this same tournament the Bison basketeers bounced back to wallop VVilson and bring back the consolation trophy. Lcd by eo-captains Richard Crowder and Billy Ray Hunsucker the local cagers started the season playing championship ball which con- tinued throughout the hazardous schedule, in- dicating to those fans who knew the sport that this was High Point's year. Starting the ball rolling by entertaining several non-conference foes, the locals played the part of the impolite host by severly trimming their invited guests. Continuing their winning ways, the Bisons ran up a string of victories over con- ference and out-of-thc-loop foes, including Duke and Davidson gl. Y.'s and a highly rated Carolina freshman team. 'lihus when the Mid-South tournament came along the team had racked up an impressive 19 game winning streak. But came the slip and Crecnville nosed out the local aggregation by one point, so the High Pointers brought back the consolation trophy. After the tournament the Bison completed their schedule and incidently became the cham- pions of Guildford County by defeating their old rivals Greensboro, not once, but twice. High Point emerged on top of Western Con- C IIAXIDI i R forward HL'NSL'C1KI'IIi, forward Cizowniiit, center XXYHITIL, guard l'ii.LINo'1'oN, guard IIXRRIS Hurward SMVIII, guard Coovizk. guard Powriu., forward Axmiksow, manager ference with a perfect record of 14 loop wins. Playing in the state tourney in Durham the locals hustled their way through the first round by de- feating Raleigh 55-41, then in the semi-finals the Bison turned on the heat and knocked off X'Yilmingron 54-44 and earned the right to meet Wilson in the finals. Vkilson played hard, but the Bison played harder and Wvilson came out the losing end of a 44-41 game. The High Point Black Bison were State Champions. Individually the Bisons had everything. Crowder topped the scoring column but was closely followed by Harris and Hunsucker. lncidently these three boys were placed on the mythical all-state team of which Crowder was acting captain. But to us the whole team was all-state. Cooper with his great all-round work, lfllington and Wfvhite coming through in the pinches with their outstanding floor play all made our all-state team, which was not mythical. . These were our all-state, N. C. State Champions. , ,, , M . f A., Crowder tries for another basket in the Salisbury gam YXRHJROLQH forward Rimini, guard NIILLER, guard BECK, forward Hfxssma., forward io-eiiptiiiiis Bill Rae Himsiielier and Richard Crowder FCVICXK' High High High High High High High High High High High High High High High High High High High High High High High High High High High High YC the schedules. ligisketliiill scores fbr the '48 season were: Point 43 ..,...,,.,..,.......,...... Nilsoii Point 36 .... Point 62. . Point lil.. Point 39 ,.., Point 45. . . Point 43 .... Point ST.. Point 32. . Point 44 .... Point 43 .,,. Point 64 .... Point 63 .. Point 36. . . . Point 55 ..., Point 50 .... Point 46 ..., Point 52 .... Point 54 ..,. Point 68. . . Point 75 ,... Point 47. . Point 48 ,,.. Point 45 ,,.. Point 55 . . Point 54 Point 44 onferenee games. Tlouriiiiriieiit games. Pioiir 45 ...,......,...,. K jefle .... ..Ri1leigh rsuii of Roanoke ..............Nlt.Airy ' ijiiiig .....ifXslieville rson of Roanoke . . . .Di1ke,l. Y. . . . Wfiliiirlotte . . . . f"Siilishury Pill. Reynolds . . . .Davidson -I. V. .Carolina Frosh . ..,. 'Gastoiiia . . . . . .'kCharlotte .Carolina lfrosh . . . . Wliiirliiigroii . . Xfirecnsboro . . .xSiilisbury . . . . fkilastoniu . . .Jffireeiiville ......'lVl'ils0n . , . . . fkAshcville XR. VI. Reynolds . . . . .,kBlll'liDgIOI1 . fkfireeiisboro ......TRaleigh . . .TW'ilmiiigton . .... 'HYilson 31 39 23 ll ZZ 33 29 28 25 20 39 4l 35 34 35 37 33 35 39 JD 49 54 44 28 43 41 44 -I-I Ybp: jack White holds his breath as Crowder towers over Duke for another two point ringer. Hotrovll: lt's ii toss-up herweeii Rmmoke and High Point. 124 First rofw left: Richard Crowder jumps to score in the Duke game as Dewey Beck stops in mid-air to look on. Firs! row eenter: One of Roanoke's live in on his way to score with a left hand hook. First row right: Nelvin Cooper outdoes Salisbury to place the ball in the hoop. Second row left: Height is the determining factor as Duke junior Varsity and HPHS players scramble for the ball. Semrzd row center, lop left: Richard Crowder sends the ball into mid-air. Semnd row eerzter, top right: Crowder and Wilson forwards witness another two points for the Black Bisons. Seeond row renter, hottom: Interested fans watch the Bisons in action. Second roi: right: Crowder takes over as Duke junior Varsity and High Point fight for thc ball. Third raw left: High Point leads Duke junior Varsity as they ring up another two points. Third rofw eerlter: Coaches Shugart, Honcyeutt, Simeon, lshee, Bowen, and Correll work out Black Bison basketball strategy. Third rou' right: High Point's up in the air at Blount Airy. 125 Lrffi lt's K'iuuip" ball for .Nlary Ann Rector and Anne Hall. Right: 'lihe camera iuan earehes Betty Baxter and Peggy Sykes peering from the show er. ,loan 'lhaelaer puts up ii good race but 'llightningll Sure- shot slides into home base before her. Gal-listhenics 'lihe return to school in the fall marked the beginning ofavery successful year in girl's phy- sical education under the capable leadership of Miss Ann Upchurch. Following the outdoor sports of soccer, tennis, and archery in the early Fall, it was necessary to come 'Lunder cover" for a while. Basketball season, highlighted by intramural games had finally come, creating great interest among the students. Turning the tide, general interest turned to dancing, including waltzing and folk dancing. Spring opened the door once again, through which these meager beavers" willingly passed to regain the freshness ofthe out ofdoors. Most enthusiastic participation was in tennis, archery, and softball. '4Never a dull moment" could certainly be applied to girls' physical education. 'lbp VIIUIIII Widely popular sport. Vollcylmll, sets the girls' gym class in action. 'lbjr lrifl: High . . . and . . . wide . . , .Hidiilr riqllf: :Xccurncy wins out as Miss lfpchnrcli counts thc lvull's eyes. .Uiiii1'I1' lrjff: l'.,XCL'lSClllL'.1I1N lncttcr hcalth so. I-2-4-4-. 1-IJ--L Borrow lzjft: Girls Icnrn tlic nrt nfsportsinaiiship in 21 close ganiu of vullcybnll, Ifnflnul rigllr: Ciyni baskets get Ll going river as girls physical cdiicntimi begins. 127 Practicing in the gym after school it's a free throw for everybody. Boy's Fizzie Ed.. Une of the outstanding features of our school curriculum is the athletic department, which has one of the best physical education programs in the state. NVirh the opening of school, classes were held on the athletic field where tag football predominated. Daily calisthenies were a regular part of the program to build the body physically as well as mentally. As the weather grew colder, the classes moved inside, where basketball was the chief interest, along with wrestling, boxing, tumbling, and gym exercises. ln the spring, things really began to roll with softball and tennis in the spotlight. Also on the program were field and track events, and volley- ball. 'lihe capable co-ordinator of this program was Coach Tony Simeon, athletic director and coach of football and basketball. Lqft: Looks like a looper. Right: Boy,s gym class and a pigskin make for a fast game of tag football. f , , A f ? t:'5 Unis if in l Q wma.-W ,WG if i 553211. X will . K ami' R inning. l High Point High Point High Point High Point High Point High Point High Point High Point High Point High Point High Point High Point High Point High Point High Point Kenneth Bryant sends a high flyer to center field as catcher HPete" jones squints to follow its course. HP-1-at-y is-a-1-1'f Members ofthe baseball team are. jirxr roar, lfjfl to righf: jack Ridge, Nelvin Cooper, Thomas McGhee, Charles Bryant, D. C. Kennedy, and Don Huber. Second row: Perry jones, jack VVhite, jack Hinkle. Bob Adams, james Thomas, and Don Hooper. Third 'rofwi Bruce York, Bobby Rogers, Rodney KNZiles, Vyhyne York, and Farl Campbell. Q9 bl . . 130 Under the watchful eye of coach Carroll Bowen, the 1947 Bison baseball fortunes played exceptionally well last season despite the lack of experience. The diamond crew came through with six victories while taking nine setbacks against top flight teams. The two successful games against Burlington and R. j. Reynolds were followed by two de- feats to Mt. Airy and Burlington. jimmy Riclcert pitched a no-hitter against Salisbury, but lost, however, on an unearned run in the last Representing High Point on the North Caro- lina All-Star team was Nelvin Cooper, who with Don Huber, jack Wfhite, Don Hooper, and Bob Adams rounded out one of the finest infields in many seasons. "Slugging" Tommy McGhee led the defenses in the outer garden, eapably as- sisted by james Thomas and Rodney Vlfblls. . Baseball scores for the 47 season were: l I l l ................... Burlington o 4 ...,........... R. j. Reynolds 3 8 .... Mt. Airy I2 3 . . .Burlington I0 0 ...,. Salisbury l 0 ..,. Burlington 8 6 ...... Burlington 4 0 R. j. Reynolds 2 9 ..,.. Greensboro I3 6 .flihomasville 4 4 ,... Salisbury 6 6 ........ Gray I9 3 . . .Greensboro I2 2 .flhoinasville 4 l .... Lexington 9 is 0 'X -f XX rf L f X naw, I p v-'llllll 7 maui: .all ' 5 I 5 , f S I N X M346 Lfft: D. C. Kennedy puts a lot ofmuscle behind that swing. Center: Don Huber proudly grins as he watches the ball zoom over the fencc. Right: Bob Adams bites his bottom lip and gets a good grip on the bat. Lfft: Nelvin Cooper snags thc horsehide to put the runner out at first base. Cenlfr: Pert catcher Perry jones. crouches in position waiting for thc pitch. Right: Kenneth Bryant grips the Hhickory stick" before he makes the swing. Left: jack VVhite nonchalantly waits while the pitcher winds-up. Cwfzter: Donald Hooper bends down to catch the ball atfgfirst base. Right: Ducking his head to watch the ball, jack Hinkle waits for the pitch. lt's anyl1ody's game as. lejfr to rigllf. chccrlcadcrs lfyclyn Nancc. Nlarilyn Rohincttc, Peggy Layton. liarhara l.cc. Nancy Grccr, Bctty jo Hcdrick and jack Willis givc out with a tcam moralc buildcr. Bison Boosters Undcr thc capablc lcadcrship of Miss Ann Up- church, High Point High's pcppy chccrlcadcrs accomplishcd a grcat dcal this past ycar. In ad- dition to cnthusiastically lcading chccrs at all thc games, rho-sc six girls and onc hoy sponsorcd lt's a pyramid of pop with chccrlcadcrs. Bottom ro-Ir. left to right: lfyclyn Nancc. ,lack Willis, Nancy Grccr and liarliara l.cc. Srmmi rout .Nlarilyn Rohincttc and Pcggy Layton. 'lbpf lit-tty 'lo Hedrick. thc succcsstiul homccoxning' paradc and also a dance at the cnd of thc football scason for thc tcam. Assisting hcad chccrlcadcr Pcggy Layton. xycrc Bcrry ,lo Hcdrick. Nancy Circcr. lfvclyn Nancc, Marilyn Rohincttc. liarliara l.cc. and jack Willis. "Sureshot" flips to scc xyhcthcr it will hc chccrlcadcr sponsor .Xliss Ann Upchurch or hcad chccrlcadcr Pcggy Layton. Gene Dillard, right, extends his hand in sports- manship across the net to Alton Lmbler, who holds the winning trophy. Gver the Net VVinning' nine out oftxvelve matches, the 1947 Black Bison tennis team enjoyed its best season in many years. Hubert Barrier, eity champion and one time state ehampion, and jake Steele eoaehed the net men. The roster of' the tennisters in order of their position is as follows: Robert Sliaekelford, Alton lfmbler, Raellord Halker, lfddie Wlhite, Gene Dillard, and Donald Saunders. ln a eity wide tournament this summer, Robert Shaekleford beeame senior eity champion, while Alton Embler won out in the junior bracket. ,ga .tin lil f A niateh for any team are the Blaek Bison raeketeers. They are lqft In right, fin? mac: Gene Dillard, Robert Shaekleford, and joe Aaron, Snmld rats: Alton Ifnibler, Donald Saunders. lfddie Vl'hite. and Raeford Halker. Lzffr: lt's xvhanil and over the net with a niee baekhand shot by Raehird Haluker. f.'mrfr.' Rulers ofthe racket are the state tennis nieet contestants, lfjff to righl: Alton lfnibler, Robert Shaekleford, and Raeford Halker. Right: lfddie XX hite stands poised to receive the serve. Travelers of the cinder path are tracksters, left tn right. jirrr ro-15: Charles McConkey, Bobby l.ee, Ted Evans, and "Vl'heat" Miller. Srcond rofw: Bill Seckler, Milton Chandler, B. B. Yarborough, and Taki Thompson. Third rms: Clayton Reid, manager, Horace Davis, Bruce York, Bill lfllington, Ray Hayworth, jackie Hawks, Coach Homer McCoy, and Bill jones, manager. '47 Tracksters Although having failed to defend its Western Conference Championship, the 1947 track team turned in an impressive record. Credit belongs to coach Bert lshee, who turned out a well rounded squad. Starting off the season, the Bison trackmen turned in a sterling performance, copping a dual meet from their rival, the Greensboro Purple Whirlwind, on our athletic field. This meet was a "mst" for many of the boys. Next came the triangular meet with R. Reynolds of Winston-Salem and Greensboro. Our boys came through with a victory again, still keeping a clean slate. The scoring was well divided since most of the tracksters broke into 1 the scoring column. The sprinters and distance men proved their Q merit when, for the second time in as many years, City Relays held in Charlotte. In a hotly contested meet, Charlotte Central defeated the favored Bison, taking the conference crown. The Locals led throughout the meet un- til the final event when the ofheial disqualified one of our players, giving Charlotte the crown. Dewey Beck and Richard Reid took first place in the high hurdles and javelin throw, respec- tively, capturing 5th place in the state meet. Ngil, Sprinters on the mark, rap, lfjft to right: Tommy Mc- Ghee, Bill Ellington. Bottam: Dewey Beck, Don Mc- 134 3 they walked away with top honors in the Queen 1 Righl: Cirappler Kenneth stealthily approaches his vietim. Lqfr: Bobb Baird stru I Iles pugnaeiously to pin Roy Bragg. KK X Grunt ,Ill Groan Artists Bison mat men are, lrft to Tigllf, fin! 'rout Coaeh Rook Sappenlield, james Daniels, Donald Rogers, Billy Yoneannon, Bobby Baird, james Slaydon, Reuben Gourley, Glenn Hudson, and Connie Walker, manager. Srcwld rms: Bill Seekler, Darrell Vl'inslow, Robert Smith, jim Allen, Kenneth Bryant. Charles Cameron, and Roy Bragg. Coach F. A. Shugart was absent when pieture was made. is 135 Social lifb at High Point High School is broad and well-rounded aughter over a shared joke, the comradeship resulting from mutual interest, the thrill of school spirit . . . these are a few of the experiences we have in common with the stu- dents of 1897. Yes, there is one aspect of school life which has not changed with the years. Recorded on the following' pages are some of the little incidents you will remember best, chuckling in later years, "Those were the days." FEATURE S lqff: Siiiilin' Shurilli Snipes. iovinl and ctlicicnt night wntcliiimn. lat-ups our million dollar lmuiltling sialic. Rlqlzrf lfxuiiis chit-li clt-nn-up Hlklll, xx ith his pail mul mop in his lmml. is on thu juli. Those W he Served . . . Lihriiry assistants rate high in cfliciciicy. lfirxr rn-tc. lrjff In rihulif. thcy arc: Franccs Nlull. june Huckuhy. Betty ,lu Samuel liillic Xliilmc, Sarah .lL1IlL'VIflllL'S,,lCLlIl Stiiiiicy, and Bill 'l lirimas, Srmllii T0'TL.'.' lfrqinccs Floyd, litlwl Nlac Hill, Dot ilhomp frm, liiirlmrn lxc. Alma lfishcr, and llulz1StriCklnritl. 'Illini rn-1:3 lictry Willis, lfmlrm lfarl lfiistcr, licrty-loSiiiitl1. l'iVLllL"l Siiiiiimiis, liasilia Clavzirims. and Ruth lfllcn Nlonrmr. 138 i Girls who assist in Miss Memlenhalls ntliee are, lfjft to right: judy Garrett. Rebecca Dickens. Phala Perkins. Betty jean Pegram, jean Brown, Barbara George, Madge O'Hrien, jane O'Brien. jo Ann Davis, jo Ann Carroll, Rachel Leonard, -lo Ann White, Ann Athanas, and jeane Walton. Lrft: Charles Mcffonkey, Mr. VVhitley. Betty jo Ring, and Norman Schwartz tune-in to make the morning announce- ments as, right, Don 'IYmliver, Mary Lou Dillon. and classmates listen over the amplifying system m their home room. l 139 Bfmrh lnoyj arc, lzjff to right: xx-Llyllt Xlglrslllmllrru, Harold Reid, amd Harold Hcndcrsun. Behind the prr1jccmr,l1jff!n right: lfvcrcrt Idlllllgfflll, ROM-rr Cham-y, Harmon IACIIIIILIII, Roy Wblmsrcr, Bobby Goins, c:l11lI'lCSf:I1iILiS, :md Dqlrrv.-ll Yolmuzlrmlmlm. uPf'0lJlCl1l l1llII!hCI'OI1C is to find 1ll10hjlICl'.U explains Alton Ifmblcr to Dick Boylcs, Rau-ford I-lnlkcr, and Cflydc liuxrcr, as they get rcndy ro snap that cnmcru. .. 140 Xlr. Sinn-on's starl' QICIS a visit from thc cameraman. Lfjfr to riglzf: Shirley Clallinmorc, Ann Bainc. Carolyn Andrcxvs, Russell lilackhurn, Barbara Cranford, and jane Roach. . . . Beyond The Call of Duty lllhcoy keep those Counters Clean' students working in the school storm' arc, lqfl In rilqllf: Boluluic Hlnlilc. -loycc .Xlt'atloxx's, Betty jo Snider. Wink Allen. Gayncllc Scars, Dixie Henderson, johnsic liridgcrs, Bobby Padgett. Cfhct Allen. jam' Bunn, Betty Ruth Saltz. Barbara Xlilliams, lflon Nixon, Ovid Kearns, Clariann Massey, and joycc Kearns. 141 Behind. The Footlights . . . 'lip lfjft: "Following yonder star" ftravelers, lfjfr In I'flQllf.' Billy Stutts. Betsy Bolling. Katherine Hester. jud Ruth, Barbara liowe. and Ralph liltlen. 'Ibp riglzrx A host of angels herald the new-born King. Firxf rms: Pat ,Xlnrphy and Nancy Greer. Hizrlc foie: Xliekey Xlarsh. ,lane Roaeh. and Dollie Nloser, Cr'nfrr1effr: Lois King. Dixie hhvllS0l1, and Bobbie Hinkle gaze toward Hthe star ofwonderq star ofliglitf' f,il'lIft'7' right: .Nliss Walden slcillfiully applies 'ggrease paint" to Dollie .Xloser as Dixie VYilson waits her turn. Hottrwi lAljg'hl.' The Angel Gabriel. jane Roaeh, appears unto the Virgin Mary. portrayed by Betty -lo Ring. Burrow zw1n'r.' Sarah Shaw. Betsy Bolling. Katherine Hester, Barbara lioxve and Bobbie Hinkle' caught in that nervous moment before enrtain time. Bottom lfjfr: Pat Murphy. -lane Roaeh. anal Mickey Nlarsh repair their "angel" faces. 1 A 1 1 'lifp lqff: lt's makc up time for junior play cast. 'lbp riqhff Hrs. Slutsh.1111111cr fcillffliyll Xliirrnyb and Xlrs. lfwstur fl'iYk'ij'I1 Nnncci look on in L'xn1spcr11tio11 as Oogic Pringlu fllurry 511111011 takcs ll Ulllgllkx l.1sl1i11g f'r1u111 Xlr. Foster Qlinh Yuuntsb while daughtcr -Indy lfostcr f,lOkllIU Uihitcj :md RL-xfimrd Xlcrcdith Uiiimirwr fllcywood XXi1Shillll'lU look on liclplcssiy, ,Uiddlr lejff: ciOlIllI1iffCC II1L'lIlbCI'S Dura .lL'21l1IlL' Sicbcrt 111161 Ray l'ILlyXK'OfIi1 set thc SI11gC in ordcri Uliliilf' riullr: Nlr. Foster and Mitzi flizirlmra Mabrevj show ll littlc "c11rio11s" intcrcst as Xlrs. Hotchkiss fIQoris Rau Kilt-11119 mid ludv 11ttc111pt to discontintic lfluisc llotchki'ss's Qllor Kclidallb clocution. Iinrmm hifi: .XiL'IIliJCI'S of thc cntirc cast of m1 Ilim' U'IllIfIl1fj'11I'C: lfjfr In rigllpjirxf mu. Dot Kendall, .Xhirilyn Robiucttc, Bobby Baird. -I1111111114 White, lim-ly11 Nance, Bfvlmby Xounts. Betty Inu Hayxxrvrth. Carolyn NI11rray.z1nd Bzirhnru Lwc. Bird' mir: Doris Rm-CQIQ1111. Barbara Xlnbrcy, lit-111111111 Wlishbtirn. Harrx' S111111,-t. Nason Brown. Cilvdc Baxter. Ifddic U51-rs. jane Ht-11111. and Betty Faye Hcdgccwck. lifffififfz rrqllf: Barbara Xl.1l'1rcv. Btirbnrri l.cc. D01 Kcriilali. i'iX'L'ly'l1 Xzmcc tiutogrnph pr11gr11111s wliilc Xliss Iiluirmr Yming rdircuturb givcsiasr111i1111t1-i11Etr11cti1111s in between tinishiiig strfwkvsoflilakc-11111111101111 NN'l1it1-. Ujfl: Gals and gcnts ar the Freshinan-Sophmnorc Prom "break thc icc" with a gala load-out. Tlicy arc. lrfft to riglli .Xlazic Strickland. Roystcr Tuckcr, Pvclyn Nancc and Dcwcy Grccr. Right: -lcan Hayworth and Francis Alinan take advanragc of thc Uswccrcr than swcc-t" musical strains of rlic orchestra. Frosh-Soph Hop 'Hip lejfr: A circus tlicinc calls for gala fcsrivitics at thc lfrcsli:nan-Soplioinorc Prom. 'Ibp right: Van Boylcs and jack Willis takc rlicir rurn as Ruth lillcn Monroc signals for tlic nc-xt group. Hmmm lfjfr: Ciordic Maxwcll, Pcggy Tccr. and ,Xlaxinc Farlowc fill thcin up again as liolilmy Neill, Nlrs. Shaw, Heywood llaslilmurn. Kcntjackson. and Rudy Upton coinc hack livr Sucomls. 30110111 righl: Moments for nicinory as couples enjoy the "lJrcainstcrs" inusic. l.fjfI: Glover Bedford. lfdgnr Turnur. zmtl Donald Spcnccr rcmcmhcr it's "ladies first" in thc punch line. Right: Oh-hl Cflcmcnts. things c0ultln't hc that lunl wliun Duvitl Lnmhcrt. Surah Slinw. Pat Nlurphy, and lfrank X on Drchlc scum to hc enjoying it so much. J' r.-Sr. Prom 'lbp lejffj jim .-Xrmlicltl and lgarlmrn licurgt' innltt' the must nl' musit' while Yan York and tlntc Hour in another rcalm. ,lilf7 right: Hanging out tlw ucuiiic :mtl gtf lfu sign arc. lzjff fn rigllfi Rainoiia Rhodes. Peggy Russell. Bohhic Xlycrs. and Betty ,lo Smith, Hnrromx llrt-inning in tltmcc tempo Put Xlurphy and Ralston Wblch. Bt-tsy Hardin and Claude .Nic- Rinncy. llizcl finiincrman Qmtl lit-nnctli Uwcns sway to the pulsating rhythm of Paul lit-ll's himtl. Standing this unc out arc jinncs johnson. lrving Silver. ,lack Ilauks. Rohcrt Sliairltlclimrtl. Rnhcrt Boylcs. Kilt-int-nts .NlullcnS. Nlarvin Smith. lftldic linslcy. ,lunc Smith. Ralph liiltlcn, and -lack Ridge. Top mu left: Doris Staniey, joe Aaron, Sergeant Shields. and joAnn VVright eross their fingers as a student driver goes he- tween the white lilies during a tense moment ofthe driving test. Ybp mu' right: Miss Melnnes and Bible students Betty Frances Flilte, Hilda Hayes. and lileanor Minnis get the yuletide spirit as they hegin the seasons holidays with playing Christmas carols and records of the Nativity. .lliddlr ro-'Lu lfiftf Sue Sink. Martha Hodgin, and Mary l-'ranees Hunter-4 doing their duty in Mr, Huntls ofliee. .Hiddlr rmq1ie'l1tr'r top: Miss Cressls typing class buzzes with a Hhunt and peek, hunt and peekwl Middle row rrntffr bottom: Anything for a picture, as att photographer Alton lirnber inaltts his xx ay among t e gym rafters for a Hshutter-click." ,Widdlr row right: lt's two down and four to go as students ehangeelasses for third period. Bottom row left: Dolly Hedgeeoek and joyee Dawkins find everyone here or accounted for as they cheek attendance. Hntlwn right: And another orchestra rehCarsal's through---Darrell Beverly, Marcelcne Ayers and Nancy Monroe put their in- struments away for another day. 5-Y' ,ff ,iw , 'lifp lrjfr: SuziiiiiiuSl.1tc.1nd Bill Cfrtiig fililivimis ufitlxc c.1mcr.1ii1.iii ciigrms in coiivcrstitirmii. 'lbp fllltitifw: Cfliirlic Xlnrtiii amd :Xlicn Smith iimtch tlicir skill ugiiimt .luck XX illis and Grady :Xiitiyrsoii in 11 ping pong gpiiiic. lop rlqln: .-X xxorkiiiim riils the tiliditoriuiii tlurirs iit'Ci.H.S. ptiiiit. Sr't'llIlif mu' lrff: "Nos" :Xliimn and Xiiirilvn Rolviiicttc. Ricimrtl Cfrmidcr tml liiirlmra l,mi'c. liirlvzirgi fit-orgc and llmmld lirowii. Ciimrliu Xliirtin and ,Icrry Pliclpsi, Bolibit' Hinlilu and "Sczixi'L'c.l" Paul Hardin and Riiyiiioml llcrmlrm. ililllllf 771111 lrjff: Ur. Si1llg.ll'l'.S Imiilcrrmoiii gcics :ill out for the hoiiiccoiiiiiig piirudc. vlilllfii mix. right: Billy Vluiics. jim Allen. 'lf Cf. lmm. jack Hinklc xvzitch Tructt Cirimt tiikc in ii Scoop and ll il11iii0twiL'L' crcimi nit the niimitil flmiitlmll bimquct. Hnrmm. lfjfr: lt's ruiiifwrcd that too iiiany cooks spoil thu soup. but not this soup .md mit these Cooks tlicyirc temps, Borrow, iwm'r.' Grady .-Xmicrsnti and Hill Ring Strip tisr ii quick hrciitii SL'i1OlJi.bOYk'I' firir iiiwtlwr tiny. Hfllflflll. rigllff Cfold wciltlicr quills for wiiriii rmiinitnrs. 9-iumicrs enjoy 21 giilii lmiiiccoiiiing dniicu. Sf'1'f111ifro-1: Vf4Lfllf.' lmyiil supporters for rumii No. WI urujilcquulinc Ht-ilig and FINIS So many small unnoticed things go into the production of an annual, yet each is as vital to a good yearbook as Work is on a larger scale, there- fore We wish to thank all Who had a part in making the 1948 PEMICAN a reality. Especially to Miss Dorothy Hollar who gave so unselfishly of her time and energy to come to the aid of our entirely Hgreen horn" staff, and to Mr. Whitley, Mrs. jackson, and all faculty members who co- operated and were graciously tolerant with us, we can only say a sin- cere, "Thank you." We wish to express our appreciation also to each individual on both business and editorial staffs Whose untiring efforts were the oil that kept the wheels of production turning. Much praise is due to Alton Embler whose constant effort in pro- ducing better pictures has been an incentive to the rest of us to strive for perfection, to Dick Davenport, our associate editor, Suzanne Earnhardt and Betty jo Hedrick, industrious printing editors, Heywood Wash- burn, engraving editor, Sarah Shaw whose camera is responsible for catching the variety of shots in our feature sections, Tommy Garst, the staff artist, Bean Campbell, sports editor and especially to Sophia Stef- fan who complied and edited our copy and to all those who assisted her. We wish to express our deep appreciation to Mr. Gordon Brightman and Mr. Bob Ihrig of .Iahn and Ollier Engraving Company and to Mr. William Oliver Smith Whose ideas and suggestions were so invaluable to us. ' To all those who were instrumental in giving us the opportunity of working on the PEMICAN we say thank you so very much for the ex- perience and opportunity to do something for High Point High School. We enjoyed it. RING and RoDGER 148 , " mum iafnxux Y ' I i 'J J N' I j " ""' 5 ,v i I N I ' I I 1 I iff I P 91- 1 , '-lf-4 lion, 2 gf N -.,.. ... ..,...,..............,.,............,,......... .4 : club it . K .. . . .,.. .... . .,,,,, .,.. - r 9.4 -I jg X x 7 c,Q Ap r , in , F it ,vt K SERVICE I' lun ENRQS 7' lf "J HN S CDLLIER AGAIN" The slogan tl-1at's imaclzeci lay genuine goociness in quality anti service, the result of 43 years successful experience in tile yearizoole field. We find real satisfaction in pleasing you, time year- Loolz puialislmer, as well as your photographer and your printer. JAHN 8 OLLIER ENGRAVING CO Makers of Fine Printing Plates for Black or Color Commercial Artists - Photographers SI7 W. WASHINGTON BLVD., CHICAGO 7, ILL. Compliments of MARIETTA PAINT HH d COLOR COMPANY F U5 in urns ure o. "Established in 1910', MANN,S CUT-RATE DRUG STORE uk HIGH POINT KANNAPOLIS CREENSBORO REIDSVILLE THOMASVILLE BURLINGTON wHITE9S STUDIO 12315 'North Main Street HIGH POINT, N. C. Weddings, Portraits 'Thotograph CommerciaI A nything-A nywhere-V gA nytime Fashion Academy awards the KAISER - FRAZER '6The Most Beautiful Car in Americaw i' GATE-CITY MOTOR CO. Kaiser-Frazer Distributor i q . Tob left: S'no wonder Doris Stone and her friend like the Q20 A. Wt'PIlIl SURGE snow. Top right: Dot Thompson's hoping that friend's Ruth Monroe and Gordie Maxwell don't let her down. Bottom left: Miss Ann Upchurch, gym teacher, is ready and waiting for a fast game of volleyball. Bottom right: June Bivens, Doris Craven and Peggy Murphy peep through gym locker room bars. WARREN'S RADIO SERVICE 1034- South Main Street Teleplwne 5911 Compliments of High Point, N. C. REDWINE HARDWARE C0. Compliments of 208 North Main Street High Poinfs Largest Credit jewelers Terms as Low as -31.00 Weekly T OF Q all '44, Compliments st Z x -t Z of ' .. I 5 UM J EFF'S CUT-RATE DRUG STORE Q- w 1 V r ' I Start with Lesterf 122 SOUTH Ufln ST- P""'E?99 LESTER'S JEWELRY of Youthful Styles 224 North Main Street 122 South Maill Street PHONE 3900 Phone 5251 High Point, N. C. HIGH POINT COLLEGE HIGH POINT, NORTH CAROLINA 'A' The Best Place for High Paint Boys and Girls to G0 to College ALEXANDEIPS DEPARTMENT C0"1P1f"ff"'fS U! STORE BEESON HARDWARE COMPANY "Where Quality is Higher 214 North Main Street Tfwn 1'ff'f'f" High Poem, N. cz. Complinzenls of Complinzenls of BLUE BIRD CAB COMPANY, INC. BELL RECORD SHOP Left: '4Kisser', on the ke-ys pouring over a sports article' in Cuaclt SIIIIEUIIDS office. l,'e11lvr."l'l1f-rffs nothing lik lllI1l'll Illilll' sment in rivnit' slvlv. Rifffttf Uavnvlle Sears and ,ltwvr Kearns takcls Cara- of the mill-after ruwl I . ct . Y I the sclmnl store. W. A. DAVIS MILLING CO. Manufacturers f uality-Tested I lour. Meal and lweemle PUGH-BYERLY SPORTING GOODS CO. ' nc : ' .' A 5950 ' P' . I. CAROLYN FABRICS Furniture Fabrics of Distinction Hi h Point, N. C. flompllments 0 ENGLISH MOTOR HIGH POINI N C INGRAM S PHARMACY YELLOW TAXI C0 Opp t W r H Ph 08 ELLINGTON S Fl DR MAX RON ES Ooezz PotN P flppreczale Your Pazronage LINDALE W SECHREST 81 SON Since 1697 Ambulance SP1 mc e DIAI 33-l-9 NORMAN S AMOCO SERVICE AMOIO TIRES AND IUBES Phone Z1 l NASH JEWELRY AND LOAN CO 'Vaslt Saves You C0511 0 Q if ix 1 Q f ' - af HSPOFLSUIIIIISS' lenttr ' East Hugh Strfet Phone g Q' High omt, N C fOl71Il1lI7IE7IfS , - i f of I C0. I l "D K ' U osite Railroad Sation 107 es igh Street one 29 9 Home of ozrvrs Point North Carolina South Main Street Ext. W A ' ' 66 99 pt m ris High in , . C. 9 U f . . . . F D. 0 t Corner W'ashington and College f.. x f w as SUNSHINE LAUNDRY Phone 3393 210-212 Pine Street HIGH POINT, N. C. RING'S ESSO SERVICE I-Ieodquortcrs for All Atlos Products 200 Fnbl Ish Street Compliments of PICKETT COTTON MILLS, INC. HIGH POINT N C lhwlb Top Jane Beam and Bobb e H nkle peer ng out of the student store 11 dow agree that It s a long way do n Cente left Mrs Shaw has her homework too Center 'rzgh t Munch ng to music Bottom Uhmrn m g ade A ce ent nuses Ralph Tlden as onlookers watch the 1I'lSp6Ct1O Complunents 0 ROWLAND SUPPLY COMPANY Wholesale Plumbmg and H6dtlIlg fbupphe After Hlbh School raduatlon for the nest office po 1t1OI1 attend JONES BUSINESS COLLEGE The School or Better Tramzng Amredlted and Llcensed if I - - l A O, -L xl' -,y'73i.9 4 .N , h52+-'-M-av 1 gk Qty' ' X 1 4 N u ' ' A IN. . ' 'rr L g ' q , I ,, ,A in business education and a good if 1 I S' ' 7 . 'V cc f 1 - - an : i i i ' w'1 ' ' W . . . 'r : . , . ' ' . I I I i I . f H ' I' m ," 1 i ' ' n. I I I BARBECUE OUR SPECIALTY Dip: :Eat DRIVE-IN GOOD FOOD FINE QUALITY THE PLACE TO EAT 810 South Main Street Jarrett Stationery Company WARNERS TRANSFER C. A. WAuNr:R,, Prof TI I' , 2345- 6 ep lone 3 120 West Broad Stn I l06'8 Nllflll wlrvnll Slfeel Hllll.Yl'lIl1Ill ,Waving Uur .51 It! High Point. N. C. Day Plume 4037 N llt Phone 258 Cornplinzenls of 6' featuring HI GH FllRl'IX'IlRE BY TOMLINSON SUITS PRESSED WHILE YOU WAIT and CAHI'li'I' BY JAMES LICI-QS 8i ROWS 2 E w e xc, lv is Q LET'S WORK TOGETHER All the yeors you've been working toword this important moment- GRADUATION -- Reddy Kilowott hos been taking on new jobs too, in business, in homes, on the forms ond in the factories ot the Piedmont Corolinos, He's all set to keep on working with you in the challenging yeors oheod . . . creoting new iobs ond helping you in scores of woys to meet the Q Q 7 DEMANDS AND THE OPPORTUNITIES OF TOMORROW DUKE7 Puwizn COMPANY Complimenls of Cflnlplinleflf-Y vf L. A. WELCH PRINTING CO. IVIALPASS Sr KEARNS Food Market H2 Nllrlll wlwnn Corner N. Wl'enn and R l.1rl n KOONCE FUNERAL HOME, Inc. '5f"'1Plf"W'1f-' of AMBULANIIIC slcuvlcie HIGH POINT STEAM LAUNDRY Plume 4545 228 North Wl'6Hl1 Street Ill ne 3320 Students A1Ways Welctilrie at I SHACKELFORD MEN'S WEAR 124 North Main Street EE E IIQHPEEEEEQI I f:UII11Ill.I7It'lIfS of SECURITY UPHOLSTERING CO. High Puint, N. C. SPRINKLE-MADDOX STYLE-MART CLOTHES 128 North Main Street DIAL 3036 TURPIN ELECTRIC CO. WIRING : FIXTURES : SUPPLIES 'sphonc For Us 111111 Weifl Wire For Youn T. C. LOHR TEXACO SERVICE Phune 4396 1600 English Street Iligh Puint. N. I' 621NorthMain Street Cf"'1I'I""'f""S of LADY FAIR BEAUTY SHOPPE 1 C0-9 Inc. Sppllfily Building 34-T South Hain Street High Point. N. C. Phunt 161 PL1 KIRINIQ : HEATING : AIR I,.'UNIJI'I'IONINIl EFFIIIIENT OPER.-XTORF TO SEIINE X01 I CEClL'S OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. THE LIZZIE GOOCH SHOP 304- South Main Nutebuok Fillers. Fountain Pens. I 2 and 3 Ring Binders. and Drawing: Supplies ff.w'l1lsi1fe Rt'Illfj"fII-Ir.L'llV4 and Ilifliliurt Au-atle Building Left: It's some snapshut that draws the attention of Miss Goodman. Mr. Shugart, and Mr. Iluneycutt as a Student Converses with Hrs. Harrisun. Right: R. D. Newman. NIlItun Chandler. I'W'ink" AIIen. and Reu Jen jgitahe a gorcgliluuk. f L CflIII12HVIIl'llfS of Corner South Main ami Davis Streets Phunc- 44302 PHILIP LUCAS. Uwner High Puinl. N. ff. 109 West Washington Street cil'Q'Q"llSiDl!l'll Road SVVABTZBERIPS V i H. lm. PENNY i W. E. LINTHQCUM 6' SON Certified R E A D Y M I X E D CONTRACTORS GRADING AND HAULING Dial 3243 or 5922 - If No Answer - Call 2529 TOMLINSON STREET - Just off W. Russell Sell you, 1I',,,,1,l, Au,,,f,,,, Wayir TAX SERVICE, INCONIE and PAYROLI CITY AUTO AUCTION COMPANY C- A- MCMURRAY WE Bl Y . sim, . TRADE PIMP 5202 one Nlih. West of High Point 312 Security Bank High Point. N K Hii5lWVaY 29 Phone 35952 Part Timz' Iioalfkeep1'1zg Curnplinzvnis of C""'l'!i"'e'7f3 Of GILVS PRINCESS CAFE The Store of Quality and Style HH0,,,e of Cogd Eatsu HORTON FURNITURE COMPANY LIOIIIAIIII-lIIt'lIfS of Iffomplele Home Ifzlrrzishcrsi 00 IC. Washington Street Phone 3794 E H - H 1 Q PAPER BOX COMPANY LRLTRIC STONES, R+,J.c1c,H A nf AND RADIOS PARKER-BROWN LUIVIBER CO. C0'H1'Ii"l611fS 0f nr oak som High mm. N. cz. SAMPLE SHOE STORE PIIONIC 3304 II9 North Nlain I . ' - - ' I 'I Necessary repairs afIOI'IllI1CI1. Taking in the sun after unm. S. 81 S. TOOL WORKS T'ooLs, mas. Jlcs, mc. II. .I. SINK PHONE Oakview Rl. 1 Iligh Point, N. 5-0.58.3 STEWART'S SNACK SHACK Cowl Sa11cIwicI10s C. Wcsl LPXIIIQKIIIIT AIBIIIIC N L. F. FERREE and SON LIFE INSURANCE BROKERS 214- Prof0ssIonaI Building NORTH STATE TELEPHONE CO .li- . I . . High Iomt. VPIIOIHHSYIIIC, and Randleman C0fl11IIEll1l'llfS of GALLOWAY'S PHARMACY 109 North Main Strvvt, Phone' 5455 VICK PAINT 81 WALL PAPER CO. High Point, N. C. I Compliments vf PHILLIP'S GROCERY I . Q MGQDIAL SO I ' HENDRIX FURNITURE STORE HUNTER COAL 6 ICE CO., INC. 1417-149 South Wrenn Street High Point, N. C. Always Dependable Phone 3366 CUMBUSTIONEER STOKEHS C. DeWitt Holton Furniture Company v uolwlity Fwniturcn Compltmenls of 817 South Main Street Phone 3791 JACQDBS MEN9S SIIOP A Complete Line of Appliances CITY APPLIANCE CO., IN 811 North Main Street High Point, N. C. Compliments of FASHION SHOP High Point, N. C. Compliments of CENTRAL ICE DELIVERY 512 West Broad Street Compliments Of CANNON-FETZER Compliments of S. H. KRESS 81 CO. High Point, N. C. Compliments of KIRKMAN'S SHOES 131 South Main Street High Point, L--l---AGENCY--------w 'INS-LJQANCE-lQEAL ESTATE WM. F. FREEMAN ENGINEERS INCORPORATED 11692 East Commerce Street High Point. IN. C. Top left: i'Satan" gets the best of Salisbury. Top right: Flag bearers hold high the United States and North Carolina flags. Middle 'rowi Miss May Mead- ors' room has Salisbury "up a tree," possoms and all. Bottom left: Mr. Whitesell's room who placed in the home-coming parade exhibit the Black Bison stamping the "Yellow Jackets" on the gridiron. Bottom right: Paul Hardin and Raymond Herndon shoulder a replica of the victorious Black Bison. ALLEN'S NEON DISPLAYS, INC. GEO T wool, ac S0NS MIlIIIlfHCfUT6 1'.s of NEON SIGNS INC0R110HAT,,3l, F"f'm'IY Since 1921 ALLEN SIGN CO. Distributors Carpets - Rugs Complinrenis of Styles for Floors - Profits for Stores Display Rooms : 2141 to 322 West Broad Street 1036 51111111 x11.1i11 SI 111-1- 1 High POW- N- C- BURTNER FURNITURE COMPANY 5. P. KIMSEY PLUMBING and HEATING CO. FURNITURE. STONES AND HOUSEIIOLD FURNISHINGS 1915 English Street 900 East Green Street Plume 2861 Phone 3241 - 3662 High Point, N. C. S. E. HAUSER SZ COMPANY COIIIIJITIIIEIIIS of Wllolesah' i.lI1lI Retail 1 WRIGHT-WOMBLE-PITTS l"zn11'y and llvmfy Crm-e1'ivs : Ifvml 111111 Sew! Phone 2776 118-120 N. Wrenn Street 122 North Main Street I ' . In . M. P. Woodall Plastering Co, c ROSE FURNITURE Nm' ANP REPAIR 'mlb 243 51111111 RIH1I1 111111118 4332 217 Professional Buihling H. I P . N C V ' I. . . . Phone 2669 II- I 0111 ' W. C. BROWN SHOE SHOP We CIIIJI For and Dr-'liver Compliments of WARD STREET GROCERY 208 East Washington Street High Point, N. C. Phone 4313 .Ilorfvrll and NUM' Lqlllflllllfllf Complinlents ,AIR COYIJITIONI-ID 0f Hes! Foods Ubtainalile ROYAL RESTAURANT A FRIEND High Puinfs Best THE GREATEST NAMES IN RADIO WMFR WMFR-FM 1230 KC 99.5 MC CHARLES DEPARTMENT STORE South Main Street American Broadcasting Co. HIGH POINT, N- C- GULF OIL PRODUCTS JESS WASHBURN INSTRIBUTOR KEROSENE FUEL OILS 'A' HILADQUARIERS PETROLEUM PRODUCTS 3 for 'A' Dial 022 Wood-Armfield Furniture Co., Inc. QUALITY BEAUTY SHOP DICPENDABLE FURNITURE If Your Hair Is Nor f1,6f'0I7ll'V1g To You, 460 South Main Street Phnne 4260 You Should Be Coming To lfs Compliments of PAT BROWN LUMBER CO. HOBBY SHOP 160 South Main Sire:-l Mode1 Airplanes Racer Cars and Jet Racers Buats and Trains HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCE CO 145 South Wrenn Street High Point, Complinz en is of N g'The ,Major ,flpplifzrlrv Storev 1'hnne 2850 Cornpliments 0 f F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. Com plim-ents 0 f BARGAIN FURNITURE CO. Compliments of WAGGER JEWELRY CO. 1 Left: Students in the lunch line feel that it is a mighty long way there but it surely is worth it. Right: Jimmy W Allred rakes the racks searching for his well buried text books. "One Student Tells Anntheru A L B E R T ' S DEPENDABLE JEWELERS 1116 South Main Strf-et "Dorff Worry, Call Murray', Phone 4021 COIIIIIIIIILCIIIS of PENNEY'S DEPARTMENT STORE The lies! in Hn-memafle Candy mul Pastries Phone 37415 THE SWEET SHOPPE 712Eng1ish I I I Compliments of IIIGH POINT SAVINGS Sc TRUST I I Il H, QQ? , I .TI IT II I9 II IIPI Banking QQ Insurance IR I JI 'HI I UU I R'feir,g-'I 1905-1948 " A' X Member of F.D.I.C. I I I I I SMITH STUDIO Er CAMERA SHOP , . COIIZIJZZNZHIIIS of KODAK HICADQIIARTERS Kmlr11ks - I'vfl1flShfIIg - Pzrlzuws 1'f!llI1III 206 North Main S111-vt Il I Point. N. L. QUALITY SHOE STORE, Inc. CIOIIZIIZIIIIPIIIS of biwfvff Sfwff Fiffffm JACKSON HOSIERY MILLS, INC High Point, N. C. High Point. N. C. HIGH POINT, THOMASVILLE fr DENTON .MCAD 5 Nothing But .L 1 Service To Sell!" -142 if -l 4 'i it ii..- INCORPORATED QUALI-r 66 Y This is Ft? T Q Q 4. That Burlington Mills 40 Cloth I Was Telling You About" ullfbven ill10 fbE IW qfAmerim"e Executive Ofhces ' Greensboro, N. C l 4 Juniors of lJiStiIll'ti0ll for the C High Poinfs Finest Apparel Store Junior Miss C0lIIfI1liIIlf67ll'S of Coca-Cola Bottling Company of High Point TOBIAS INC. N . n Phone 32211, North Maul at Brldge ALLEN B. WELBORN INC. v . GENERAL INSl HAYNE Sales - bwzwzcfe' X j - . . . HH lrulvssmnal Blllltllllfl 'A' Hlgll Point. N. L. West Broad ul Crimvs Phone 301-Ali - 5050 BRITT ELECTRIC COMPANY EX ICHYTIIINC Iil,HfI'I'RIC,Xl, i' Pllum' 2830 C YOUR HUDSON DEALER . . . . Hlffh Point. X. C Compliments 0 BELKSTEVENS COMPANY 66 lhqh Pmnt Q Largest and Leudmq epartment Store' N N 0 W ' ' 9 . ', . D 9 1 Compliments of KIWANIS CLUB INC. of HIGH POINT, N. C. Compliments of THE RADIO CLINIC High Point Radiator 6' Body Co., Inc. Body, Radiator and Fender Repairing 107 Vvillnwbrouk Street Phone 4-964- Complimenls of PIEDMONT I INSURANCE 81 REALTY CO. I Complinzents of HIGH POINT HAIRDRESSERS Security Bank Building Conzplinienls of CUT-RATE FURNITURE CO. co1iP1-ETE H0111-3 FURNISI-II-IRS TROXLER FURNITURE CO. i'The Price Is Less" . 1 81 Country Gas Co. 1 I 615-617 East Green Street Phone 2879 I Dealers in PYHOF.-XX CAS High Point, N' C. N Conzplinienls of I AUTOMATIC LATHE CUTTERHEAD COMPANY ' High PM N C QIotItL.fL uk fltfxtfttxcttmtx 1 ' ' ' A' Bmw t.Ixtx'txtA1,vuN Wavttx Nttvuux Satmzft fIUl71lllII7It'I1f 748 North Main Street I Of 1 BOYLES TIRE Co. WML I l NASH Sales - Servire N Complirrmnls of W I Qf'ff'fff' Ffmfs , W. F. MAULDIN, INC. I I Plus Personal Attention l 819 North Maru Street I H4 East Iligh Street High Point, N C Telepllune 2807 ' ' Phone 3411 - 3412 OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. 213 Nurth Main Street Pl 14,111e r 5236 ROYAL POR'l'ABI,.E TYPEWRITEHS COIILIIZITIILEIIIS of TUCKERS DRY CLEANERS l0l4 Ifusl Crm-en Street Pllmle 2980 Conzplinzenls of MACANAL TEXTILE CORP New York, New York GUIIIIIIIIIIHIZIS of CUT RATE FOOD STORE llll Ifust IIITPII Street I'I1un1' 4-220 YOUNTS GROCERY 790 North Alain Street Conzplinienls of ROGERS CAFE Maw lingers. Prup. Complim en tx Thompson-Arthur Construction Co. Muniripnl ln1pr0z'wm'n1.w CUlII'I't'fl' - IIIIIYIIIIIIII - IHIIIIIIIIIIIIIN l'111'erl11'11Ix IgI.AKI'Q 'IIII4HII'5UY. Mgr. 244 S. Nluin Stu RICIPS AUTO SERVICE General Auto Repairing Delco Batteries and Delco Parts 2013 W. COIIIINPITC Street PHONE S3216 ETOIIZIJIEIIIBIIIS of vxgu RO S MENDENIHALL-iuomvseon QEALTOQ 9 II6 West Washillgtrtii Street Phone F3156 PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS CLUB Ijrojvvl- s A Girl Sc-nuts 6' AQ? C0'OP1E'I?EATlVE 4I'1X',si5?9' '94 HIGH POINT CO-OPERATIVE CLUB INTERNATIONAL High Point, C. S 4 f 5 I ,. V .. x .::: '-'.- S :f-, " E 5. 1 1 ' , 4 X AJP a , ,K ,. ff 5' N, 2 ,, yi is Top Vtllll lrffl: l l1l1t'l' tht- NllIPt'lWiri4lIl of Xlifs lllglflllll arf- mllfiflzml mmlx-. Pvggy flurrigan uml lmunu H11l1lg1:11'm-r, Twp mir. rigfll: lftla ,Im-an 'IX-xv ssrwslles nilh the- xxrinklvs. lliflzllv ruff. le'-ft: lllaflyf Hrmm pulling lll'I' hnisllml prmlllwl un Ll f4ll'Ill ruusvf that vlullws may nut Illillit' rhf- lady luul Ihvfy Qurm-ly lwlp. Uirlfllv rung rfgflli Nlrx. 'I4!'LlQllll" inslruvlf lunm- e-v. girls Helly ,lr-an Hardy, Yam-3 lirmxn. and .luunu xxfijlllf In Illt' art ul' N-xxirmgg, lirzllum run, fwfr: ffharle- Nl:-cllin vxllilwil- lxif mml:-l fur llw Flxln-r llmly Lmlmpvtiliun amml In ljnlly llf-mly-4-In-k. NaxIiu11z1l4-ll uinm-l'.wlluuppruw-il NIllDIt'll4'Lil'lf'lIlN. lfnlnzrn rmr, l'I,UfIl.' Ths- Illilnllill training mlepartlm-nr ui H.l".ll.5. ulwrv ymfll H1111 Ilfblllillgl but IIN- heel. For Your Yearbook Your photographer must have a skilled organization which will maintain highest standards of quality and render intelligent service with friendly Cooperation. We invite your inquz ies and hope that we may serve you. I 'WO0TTENfMUULTUN PHOTOGRAPHERS Studios at Chapel Hill and New Bern READ THIS . . before you decide T on your profession ottfgltllilg 4' 0 21,92 00 ,X ' 'lirouk FV' "" URINC the next six years, half a million teach- ing positions will be available in the United States. Thousands of men and women are needed to replace inadequately prepared teach- ers now in the schools, to fill the vacancies caused by normal turnover, and to meet the needs of the five million additional children born during wartime. There is a need for ele- mentary and high school teachers, college in- structors, principals, superintendents, and edu- cational specialists of every kind. Now you know the law of supply and de- mand. When your kind of training and ability are needed, offers for it are made more and more attractive. That is whatis happening in the teaching pro- fession. Many communities are taking steps to improve their local school conditions-some are granting salary increases-some states are establishing definite minimum salaries for teachers. The ability to teach is a special gift, a valued talent, and no profession provides greater per- sonal satisfaction than teaching. If you are a 'iborn teacher"-make your decision now to join this honored profession. For "Our Teach- ers Mold Our Nation's Futuref and America's future has need of you. Printed as a public service by EDWARDS 8: BROUGHTON COMPANY Printers : Stationers : Lithographers : Engravers Raleigh, North Carolina A UTOG RAPH S ers? Q W fy W Q2 A Wfy ,DW fgggf-WVMP BWQJL ,QM wzfgf law? .X. bxgx E Q if , , .Q , S355 Ss X AUTOGRAPHS ,fag 5 5, ' 'I . ,Jf 5, , 0' X191 EMM gw' fy :Gu 44155 , ,WSF W 'lac ff EJJVQ qi: ,, - fi Q f ,haf - 5 dk" ' ' V "J"- A ' r X , , if 6 Q, M , 05 5"f5"Ww ix M Qi? f . K!!-,Gm WW Mm nzlwf. Wk ,,-'a7V"w, I. ., - , XX ,ff J- 'r .axx W v, , 4-'25, as YY,A ,M Ygr 1..- ' df . Ov X Qx awwwwoiwo RJ W M W W Ng QW' QM 41 " ff ? , 4DJ g,ToF 1""" V D n fxQqq 'f"""fw'feW' XEI WWW AL? W' ' M Bfxfstm fail Q ff MW 9 3512553 MW fi2 1 W , .ff"'f s"M Q , ,' f'-"W .,A1m 1 5 Q lid AUTOGRAPHS 9 l '32, 1 rf ' 'U ' , E Mkww-ZW rg ., W My 4? 'I ,P QAMWMW .Wi ,ff M 1 Jf vii". ff mf" -3 t 1 .ma Vg , 1, -I' 1 '-gba .l'. .H . 1A,wY, A XL on w fp 5 XJ' I A Q "' 'A MQ? gif "E, if WW V' iw Jv- 93 ' Xugq' 595 Wg ' f ,WW W fix : ,n-A---,R . -..Y-. -. -. YY., Y. ww . W----...wv ---..,.,,. V ..,,-,,..7....,--W v-7.+..-v ,,..-.v --,.,.,- , I M ,f 'L' 65 , A . . O AUTOGRAPHS V I + ' ff! V919 r su 9269 Q f 'X in ' ,Riff wx fix!!! j 'Pg A631 ,f45 !XV'f'I 'I 1 0' E ff C .. JB 0 f I J 2 K F-SX ' ff' bliffji Q 32. if V sr - N"'s' -sfX,-in-A4 N.,l,-lptahinu-KI- 4 ,.r", , ' Vg . --.-...,,,- -.. . '-. ..4..,,,...f,i,. ,I ,,,. -- A' 41:4 tang--.A wwf, W ' ff- .z f gl" - CZ f "U" 'No-4f""m -gk, W L!! Lg u 5. ,av Q 1- , A., LR na ..- 1-5 iJ 3 .fri 'R .g. Q. 3, 1 .'-i -...-..'-'?- , , mi

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