Central High School - Optimist Yearbook (Crookston, MN)

 - Class of 1938

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Central High School - Optimist Yearbook (Crookston, MN) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 43 of 104
Page 43 of 104

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Page 43 text:

Mgtwfif mil 1 15: wfyfjpffthpw Q eww mix C' f--.I-Af' -Lf rf' The llltI1lfft'l' Xt't'lIl' from HGfUl'l'tlH lietty lfrickson as alternate. Dramatic clivision contestants were lietty johnson, reacling "Ile," Claire Miller, "'llhe Doctor Comes from Mos- cow," ancl Margaret .Xnne Clark, "'l'ritles." 'llhe rlecision of a critic juclge cleterminecl the three l lu stutlents to he enteretl in the sul:-clistrict contest sol . , t at. klimax. lhese contestant were Claire Miller. clramatic: Margaret lfox, humorous. anml Rohert' Mcflall, oratory. 'llhe suh-rlistrict contest eliminatecl two Cen- tral contestants from further competition, hut the thirtl was clestinecl to go on. Margaret lfox ancl Robert lllcfall placecl seconml in their respective tlivisions, ancl Claire Miller placecl first in her clivision. .Xt the clistrict contest heltl here Claire again placetl first, anal she preparetl to enter the VV C fle who uses his gifts to huy the safety of a hahy. 'llhe cast incluclecl Saraflan, a Wise man, plavetl , 1 es from the wrath of llerocl, ancl a wise man hv lxolmert McCall: iluclah, a shephertl, 'Iames ssey: lilizaheth, mother of hlolm, Claire Miller: fliers of llerocl, tlifforcl Miller, Nov Moline and .lack 'lliecleman. Other roles were playerl hy lit l inert lloles, llexter lirogman, -Iohn lfleur, shep- X hercls: lletty -Iohnson, .Xlice ffreseth, Marvel jasper, ancl Margaret Dunham, angels: Chester Swanson. Vernon lfargo, ancl Sherman Myers, the three kings: fllenn llouske, the prophet priest: 'llhelma Sharp, the Maclonna: lflovcl St I Xs g l ion mence, toseph. .- :sistingf with tie prorluctf re Muriel Kohn, in charge of costumes: liars lmara Miller, properties: l,IlYltl Wiley, hghts: regional conflict to he helcl at llaglev. She won Mflflfm Ulwll- l'l"'ml'U'l'3 111111 MMF' 5l'l"'l2'- fm' K v I K ' 4 X the first place at the regional contest ancl, amicl the cheers of the stumlent hotly, left for Minne- apolis with her coach, Miss Newman, to enter the state contest. llere Claire placeml fourth among the Minnesota high school stuclents enterecl in the tlramatie tlivision. Claire has achievecl that which only a few Central cleclaimants have tlone hefore her. antl hoth she ancl her coach tleserve all the congratulations that we can offer them. wk ff 4: XYith a climax fitting to a successful act, the curtains swing together for a hrief intermission: anal when they part again, a new scene presents itself to the eyes of the autlience. wk wr is nouncer. .X program of special Christmas music was presentecl as a feature of the program lay the senior high school choir anrl the junior high school glee cluh. 'l'he program was acclaimecl as one of the finest Christmas entertainments ever to he proclucefl at the school. ,-Xs a part of the program presenterl in honor .incoln's hirthrlay a short play "Choosing a D of l Lincoln lark Statue" was presentecl uncler the flii ' of Mi s V rvylt 'l ' 'ectlon . sp 4 ' -s. lhe theme of the play was the selection of a statue of Lincoln that woulfl he the most characteristic of his life. :sf as :sf 'Ilhe curtains rlraw slowly together: the final ' IX act is completeml. lhe actors crowcl ahout the clressmg rooms. ancl then' conversation is hlletl n aclclition to the junior ancl senior class plays, with snatches of ".'Xren't you sorrv it's all over?" two short hl:l5's were presemetl clurin! thc Year. anrl "lDicln't we have the most fun working to- tln llecemlmer 17, as the final feature of the pre- holiclay schemlule, the nativity play. "Gloria," hy liatherine liester was protlueetl uncler the clirec- tion of Miss tJ'llrien and Mr. 'llhorson, with the assistance of Miss Vowles anml Miss Morck. It ltal tlepictecl the Christmas pageant as inspirerl hy the angels' song, "Gloria in lfxcelsis Deo," 'llhe play tells the story of a shephercl who stays hehintl to tentl a wouncletl lamh, a frightened mother who f39l gt-ther?" Out in front the auclience slowly moves up the aisle towarcl the floor. 'llheir faces show that they have enjoyecl the evening's performance. , t l h ey smile proudly, ancl they speak of the crecl- mle work of each of the plavers. .-Xs the last person leaves the lmuilcling, the' janitor snaps off the lights ancl, locking the floor, stoops to pick up a crumplecl program. lle unfolrls it antl reatls: S1 reech XYork 1038-.X Most Successful Season.

Page 42 text:

Th G O t0st, s11000h 0l:1ss0s w01'0 011111l111't01l hy th0 th1'00 Q n lllfllllj' z11l1'is01's: Miss .Xlwin in th0 111'z1t111'i0z1l 1li1'isi11113 Miss l311l011, 1h0 l111111111'1111s: z1111l Miss bf N0w111z111, tl10 1l1'z1111:11i0. ,Xf101' th0 s0:1s1n1 llllil 11111- g'1'0ss01l. th0s0 0l:1ss0s in th0 f11111lz1111011t:1ls uf 11.1.1111g 111' 1111111-11111111111 111111 1.111-11151111 15 1111, s11000h w01'0 Sll171?lZllltl'tl with i111li1'i1l11z1l t1':1i11i11g'. 1lZll'k'1ll :1s 1l10 :1111li1-1100 :1ss0111l1l0s in th0 :1111lit111'- 1Q11.1'1.11 Q11-15 W1-11 111111-1-1-11 111 1111- 1l1':1111:1ti0 111111. Xxlllll will l10.th0 ljlllllljl' 11l flll' 1l1'llgl'1l1l1 111111510111 14111-113 111.1111-1 1q11111 511.11911 31111-11111 '1'1,1-- 1h0y :11'0 illlllllt 111 w1t111-ss? XX ill it 01111z1l th0 high 1-11111-1.1 141,15 11113511-1,1111 111.11.11 111,111.1-1 11.11111.111. st:1111l:11'1ls :1tt:111101l th0 1m1'01'11m11s s0z1s1111f 'llh0y 111.11111-111151111 111.111 1111111511111 11111.11-111.1.1 111111. l0:111 l111'w:11'1l l'1lg'l'l'ly 111 lllCIl'. s0z1ts 115 Illtxll' 0y0s Q1111-11' Q11111-1. 311111.11 111.111, 11111111.81 111111 111111, Willfll lllf' SVW11 1'1'lV1'1 01111111111 Wl11Cl1 IS fl1'21W11 S111'i111g. 'llh0 lz11'q0st 1l00l:1111z11111'v 1livisi1111 this ll! 0111101-:1l lllt' STIIQC. llll lllC llll1l'l' Slflk' Ol tl10 CHI" VQQ11' Vvglg 11111 h11111111'11u5 111111 vvith 11111-1111' 1-1111- lillll st:1111l 1h0 0hz11':10t01's of tl10 1l1'z1111:1. 'l'h0i1' :1t- 11-Sfgmts, 'l'h0y W01'0 l10tty l':l'lL'liSllll. ,lllllll ll:11'11- 11111'l1' 15 11110 '11 111'1'1"'11S 1'flQ'1'1'11CS5- M Ill HWY VC' ing, Vi1111:1 1I11h11s1111, l1'1-110 R111lh01'l4, lJ111'is llilll- 1110111h1-1' lllC'11' lllll'S. will th0y l10 Zlllli' to 1l1m tl1011' 51,111 H1131-f llugtglfsnii, Mz11'j111'i0 R11st:11l, M:11'q:11'- l11-st :1111l l11s0 l.lll'll' 111111111-11t:11'1' st:1"'0 lriffht? 'llh0 111 1?1,X A1111-.1-111-1-1 1?1m'1- 15111111-Q 111111-1-11 K11111- . h r. . 1, 155 . 1 5 . 0111't:1i11s 1m:11't. l0011 l,2lllQl1ll1l. Xxiilllllil llZlll111CS, 1l0:111 M0R:10, bk X lc M:11'g:11'0t Mi0kl0s1m, l.110ill0 1l11l111s1n1, l.ill:1l1 Ul- s1111. M:11'iz111 R1-i11s0l1111i1lt. Ruth IE1-rg, l,11is XY11111l- 1-0l:1111:1ti1111 is Il li0l1l which, IllUl'0 than st1'1m1. :1111l li0Vl'1'lj' XYz11'1l. Xvllll was it who :1sk01l lllj' tlIlll'l' 1-x11':1 0111'1'i011lz11' activity, 11tT01's 11110 tl10 wh01'0 tl10 girls w01'0 :lt th0 ti1'st 111'z1t1n'y 111001- 111111111't1111it1' 111 1JI'llYi' his t:1l011ts z1111l i111livi1l11:1l ing? lt must h:11'0 l10011 11110 of th0 11i110 lmys 1'0- 1hility. 'l'h0 :11'l1i01'0111011ts ul 0:10h 1'1111t0st:111t 0111110 11111'ti11g 111 l0:11'11 tl10 f11111l:11110111:1ls 111' 1-tl'01'1i1'0 lS :1 1l11'00t l'l'Sl1ll 111 his 11w11 0lt111'ts z1111l 111t01'- 111':1t111'y: Ri0h:11'1l Cntn. .-Xsl0y llllllgvll, lQl'll1ll'lll 111'0t:1ti1111. l':ZlCl1 CUlltl'5lilllt h:1s th0 Cllllllll' of 011- 1l11l111s1111. li1'l1C0 liCU'l1Cl', S5'l1':111 lDik0l, XY:1lt01' IL'!'lIlQ 11110 of llll'00 li0l1ls: 111':1t111'y, 1l1'z1111z1ti0, 01' H1-zltty. tlitl4111'1l Mill01', lllUl111 ll1111sl10. :1111l R11l101't ll1lllllll'llll5. llIl4ll'I' th0 g11i1l:11100 of Il filflllfj' sup- M0L':1ll. 1'l'Vl5"l' lu' 5"4'l45 11' 1l1'W'l"l' his lfllcllw TU HW .Xs :1 1'0s11lt uf tl10 1m1'0li111i11:11'1' 0li111i11:1ti1ms I'11ll0st 0xt011t. ll1'CZll1Sl' h0 IS 1'1'Sl11'11S11l'lf'.T1' W' h0l1l i11 U2lCl1 1li1'isi1111. 111110 01111t0st:111ts t1111k 11:11't lllllvl- 1111-111h01's 111 Z1 1011111 111' Zlll 111'gz1111z:1t11111, h0 111 1111. 111,1111. 11111111.51 1111 191.111-11111-11 15' 1'1,111111.111111 is ll'1'l' 111 i11t01'111'01 l11s s0l00ti1111 i11 11111 111:1111101' 111 1111. 1,1-111111-11111 111111511111 W1.1.1. 11511.11 11111131.11 h1- 1l1-011l0s 111 lr0 th0 must :111111'111x1'1:1t1-. 4ll'llVCI'lI1g "l,i11011l11. thc RlZl5U'l'fl1l M1111 ul' 1h0 'llhis 1'0:11' :1t CK'lll1'Ill i11t01'0st in 1l00l:1111z1t111'v .Xg0s." fZitt111'1l Mill01', "XVill:11'1l NYils1m11," :1111l w111'l1 llZlS h01-11 t'S1ll'L'lZlllj' high. 'llhu t11t:1l 1111111l101' lflllJC1't M0C:1ll. "'l'h0 l':lL'VClltll l'lz1g110." t1l01111 111' Slllfll'l1lS 1w:11'ti0i11:1ti11g i11 tl10 1bl'l'llllllll2ll'j' 0li111- ll1111sl40 was th0 ZLllCl'llIlll'. In 1h0 l111111111'1111s 1li1'is- i11:1ti1111s wus Iiftx'-th1'00. l11 111'1l01' that this lilfgt' i1111 01mt0st:111ts z1111l 1l10ll' s0l00ti1n1s w01'0 Mz11'g':11'- 1 01111111 might llIlY0 1h0 111111111't1111ity Ill l10111-lit 0t liggcx "1lz1110," iXl11I'QZll'Ct Fox, "'l'h0 XY2lllZ,u 1li1'00tly f1'11111 th0i1' 11:11'ti0i1mz1ti1n1 111 tl10 l110z1l 01111- :incl hluhn ll:11'1li11g. uxxvllllil ,lllll'l'l', 1lz11111:11'y." with Miss l!11l1-11, Miss Alxxin, Miss N1-w111:111 801111-nl: Al!l.l'1lZll'R'l liggc, AIIlI'jI2ll'l'l lfux, l'Iai1'0 Mill01', AIflI'1.IZlI'l't ,X11110 C'l:11'k, lin-tty ,l1xl111s1111. St:1111li11g: t2it'I'111'1l Mill:-1', 1I11h11 H:11'1li11g, Roh1-rt Mrfzlll, Asluy ll0llll'Il, l381

Page 44 text:

- A l ,V W l 1 Kuna l W 1..-v..xncenn-my-1 . Y. M. , 'II1 I LI 1 I I I Q ' d I 1 , Cp Q U i . I i 1? I- ,I I Ii In 1 L ,S ,. . I 1 a 'Q 2 1 4 , I I My 1 . .M..,1-in-.-.1 'OIL " "' Vf-- MwN vff--'- - X ww..+,,-.-.-v.q.m...,....-.......-.-.-.-.n.1..f.-.-f1-, 1- 7 ------------v----W--f-1-w gg! A 'k ,V 5 Vww, -Af' ff . --Q .,..,.H.,,md.- ,-,, - W ,ffm-1gx,u.,w:a.:0m.'w 2 ""1'-"LW'-'W-MWQM'-W-NWA-Af-+f1--K-1 1 if VVL, A 1- ...,L.M .3 L,,,. ,I .,..1,.,V "I'1'1-I'111g' tI11'c111g'I1 II111 IiCj'I141ILN is 1'+111wi1I1'1'1-II In' ICIIIIIX' INN 111 I11' :1 g1':1x'c- 11111-11512 I111w1'x'1-1'. g . ' . ' . . . A I V W 11 Im1'111gs 1'L'bl1IIS firm' lIISI1llIL'l'. IIICSK' 1m11't111'11s :1111I Q this 1'1'x'11'w ul' "Nvw I"i1'1's." ' II111' IIIQIII, I IIlXYl'I4K'1I 111ys1'II 111 II11' I41-x'I111I1' O :1111I II11- I11's1 IIIIIIQ I saw was I111'1111Iy Illvllv IQ:1i111-SI. S11z:111111- 1NI:111g:11Avt .X11111- Q'I:11'I4I, Si1I IIQ111' XI11Ii11vJ. :1111I .Ii'I'I'f' IFIUI111 I IK'l1l'I p1'11x'i1I111g' The Senior Class Play . . 1 I11C'lI 111I111 .1s I111'1'fI I11'I11 1111 :1 I1lllII IIII NI'l"'l' I 5 I11':11'1I .1 t1111'w1'i1111' ZIIIII Ill'IXYK'l'lI "1':1lf:1fl:1ls" I 2.065 into l.ChCzu.Sul Il'11ljII1'fI II11-."1':11f:1f1:1111-1"' was S11-pI11-11 811111141 Q fI.1II111'fI KI1II1-rf, :1 w1'111-1', wI111 IIZIS I'l'Ck'llIIY III- I1111I1'fI IIIIY I:11'111. hl1'11I11'11 IS IIINL i401 1111I1'11lwIVwi1I1

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