Central High School - O Book Yearbook (Omaha, NE)

 - Class of 1913

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Central High School - O Book Yearbook (Omaha, NE) online yearbook collection, 1913 Edition, Page 39 of 200
Page 39 of 200

Central High School - O Book Yearbook (Omaha, NE) online yearbook collection, 1913 Edition, Page 38
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Page 39 text:

3 4 ..:,1.,, .: Af ,, ,,,,,.,,,h' ,,,,,,,," X ffm 1 lm. "., ,,,,,, nfvfff, f , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,num wf 110,11 ,010 w,,,f,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,f,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,wfnffff,,,,,,,f,,fW,,,,,,,, 1 rung, 7f,f,.,.,q,,,y, Vy-54.4f0fqff4,.,,,,,,,,,1,.q,,,,q,,,ffnrf 1 1 zqafufgqqlgp. ,115 fupfqffffp, , iq., ,ffvpfy j,,,,,44M,4,,, ,fav ,fy..,.,,,,,,,fyfvqaf,.,,,f.,,45,,,.,V,,,,,5,.,,,,,4f.,,,w,,0440, K ,-- '- 4 -- L-ww.--..-,.,,:,'.' -, ,- .f ,-: ---' at , ,- -w,-:4 I 1.1 ,i ,', f-'.:'vg:,- ,- ,-2-an VV.--:.,,3.-:..::,..:, .H .M 1.3 1, . gg ., ' , ,.?3.':.-i..-' ' - --,L-xr,-9 fetfrv- ' f fur-222 9'-"4 2' -1:1-fi1.:+,A1'?:E 1 .2 4o:Lf4,yx,g::.!Q,, n.f,'f:1::-nga, -121511222-1-353.-.gtg-1:rfgx-:'f.f-.r-52?-2 . -,'.'41---1-1-.--"'ff.ewi' 3 :-' V.-:Er-gwwf ,- r- - 7 ., ,. .. .. ,. ,,.,'. ,.' .H-. U, ,. ,-,, f..., ,.- ,.f,....,-...,, 5 --., 5 ,,.A,,-.5 ,,, ,..fy,. -V.-,-p Af- 2:--5 -1- .'f.f.p '-::-:..,.x, at .q,-1,-:fe g...4 g....a.f.1'..::.-. f.-.--.4 1 ..,-.a-ea-.-1-:,.:nf.4 4-.f,.':,. .e--,f-.11-.1,..g ,.'..:L,f -r, ',, -,,, if. 9,2 S2.5?"1::. .ner-elsif:-,12'z4 --9:':.'.i1i .Jaffe-'ff' 401.11--'!':2 .-L-.11-:':-.-.s 411:-2 4,1'-:2::-ff'-1",2 2219: 5:-r:-1',:Lf1'41K-Iu.frf'9 fe:-:I-u-L ..,ii:512Mi'r'1.'..1:"-:7'1f-:g- it-15:1 Y: -'--'t - - f.-1' '11-: if A-1-J. A--:gif 'q-,gn'--,zgge-'q.-.-:1'fg. -.,-My .-3,51-'g "--egg' -V--,Q-4,351 , el5.ff1..f-may, fa-xifrz 1-12.3125 W.-',--.'L2'fs-f In-sv 11,22-S11,1-:1:'1.:.::fiaf:3 ip-.:-me-a+ zptgfse,-.1,,-955.11-,--g.'f'-F34-5. , 4, : .f1,'- :gpg-:.t-, ,4-..-' I za, 2' :.:'- '-f4:1z:f?.v.--..:Lf9 I. 'i-Ji.'-,1--1--:':if.-ti-'flrf",.'fi'-27?--w-'Q-2:5 5.5.14-."f-54-fr!!-'-15-I fine? 5-T511-iff-5if:':si1i'f 'euhxffga-i - req'unix.rc-in-.-g1:11.tf.,:J1rf''-ins. itfvfff 11:- ?7I'5'1'L1. Ig 537' -mi if' M01 1--f."'1r --'1--1:--f"'i1"'9P -.-.521-'.:i. ,. Nr.-,' 1-12 -c-1fgg-Q.-it:5-:,-,..v1':g:-f::-,-,g,g,r"-ISA'-5 is-L-1'f"bQ'J',-Twlftiy fiwi-23 f.Lqefr,fv,gQ '.,a1g-,?gg,f,':5,1::,5L'.-LlygSf1'1g:f ,.1-fa, fs, z -41, - g,.g.- g-.15 --..-. ---.. 1:-- -1:frf::,-f21':--Hz.-: :.z1gf'-2-Af ' Pr' 4-a--:V '-L,---.-...ang-ff .--:iff-2'-.:vev--ze-1.-.-ru.-W.-1-Q.:f:t.y..'.'1-f-' slr. :-..-,-g,1- gay: , --,-.g--311--..-',:-1:54 ,,,-,A-.1--1 AQ,:,.,.,,,1,,,,f,swp,..r..,,,,s,..4. ,:..,.1.1,,,,a,ge,n:.,.a.!,,,QNH-- -enefffs-faire.-:vffnbf 4:.:!fQ1:.ff1f Lhsfz wt -23,2421 lfu,:::.v..i-,ap 5.-effeeeeeekff fee,sisrbbeffefeaa0:.w,:,,,,,.w.s.a,,:,:.1,.,,f.a,r,i...,-in,.a.,-va., A f f ,ff Hem- ,HM-ff, 11-fun, 4--- 5 m f femme 4f1'f-4 1 M-.-:, ff11f3:::::1,,,f,,,,,, 11111-me .1111-,111 -efme111411111-M-.-.111-1,0,100.-.-f.-.111-:rn-31-fffffffrav,wfffmee-. 'ffrlll "'-nffflf ,,,,,,,,,, ,ffnfnf any LE VE Y, BESS, "Betty," Shakespeare Club 141, President HD, Athletic Club "First lhen, Belly will, or won't depend on't, And when shcfll do'lg she will, and lherc's an enrl on'l." LINE, CLADYS AGNES, "Glodies," Lininger Travel Club QI-2-33, Vice-President Ol, Secretary HJ, Latin Society HD, Eligible Commencement Comp. it Cive a Line a line And a Line a line will lake, Nol a telephone line, nor a line of thought, Merely a line in print." LOOMIS, MA URICE M., "Fat," Captain Co. D, Silver Medal, Individual Drill QD, Very fond of dancing-especially the one step. l i MCALLISTER, DOROTHY, "Dot," Priscilla Alden Society U-2-3-43, Sergt.-at-Arms QD, Secretary QU, German Soc. fl-ZQ, Lam Ron A'When she had passed, it seemed lilfe the ceas- ing of exquisite mu.ic." MCAULEY, MILDRED, "Mid," Lininger Cive me a loalf, give me a face That malfes simplicity a grace. MCCACUE, LAWRENCE M., "Mac," Sec- ond Lieut. Co. C, Latin Dramaties QD, Latin Society The "biggest man in high school." "Nobody loves a big man" is not true in Lawrencc's case.

Page 38 text:

,,zfu.,,,,' ,,p.,,," ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,f "ra, ,,,,,,,f4::z'm,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, "ff"''1'fi''f'Iff'fF'Tf"'T'ffifffi'ff'ifTEff'if11'iY"ii'5ffffff'ii'Ef"f"T?"ffT'7i. ' "' -.fTff'ffT'5f'a T2 f'Z?E??fTf'?2 2972 iff? JTFETTTIEYZ' 1,2131715EE?iT1iffIT57'74175'1'Tff?'iTf?ifT!ff35'Siffffff-'ffffii1?Sf"7f7' ' T 5 . A, ,. 'V - .,' :.'S'. 1'-.f--: f:,r7:. . A-5,0213 ,112-,-I'-ww. , 5:-Q 1,-1 :mf--Peff T12 ,..,,2:',:rF-'f' .-Zi-1:1 ' , w.G'f:.Y1ZQt. .tri-1f5,'?:ff'w54 ,L 4- -jr, -:en -'--L - ' W 3.,aliLim,Q1.52.,,L2:5:sg2anis,z'S2LLz,LLLL1.9:J:ma:an3.2,3para2Erwin,LL1,:Q2JQQL:zX:::fQs::1QL:,,,,:,sg1 2.....Kr ' "1-Linsw' 2:32:51 fn "-sgswzwf 55:22:3-Q3:,:sJ:'--'mas,zxfxszprfsizsiszim:5,,,.:.:p.asrsMaxi,:2n2s3:1,a,szaf,.a5.sz,:,:Lt:Li,L sm, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 .,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, , ,,,,, ,, ,,,W,,am,1 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,"f,, I, as-.me --4--- w,1,111,,-,Ts A4A--411- : .-.m,w...-..,g ,,,,,, ,,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,, ,, ,,..,,.mA ,-,1 . ,,,,,,,,,,,,.. LANDCRAF, KATHERINE, German Society Cl-2-31, Shakespeare Soc. "Theres nal a lzonnie flower lhat springs. By founlain, shalv or grseng Therc's not a lzannic bird lhal sings, Bul minals me 0' Kalherincf' LANCDON, HAROLD A., Captain Co. I, Boosters' Club UU, W. D. S. U-41, Vice- Pres. GJ, President HQ, Editor of "Locals" MJ, Debating Manager Harold is so English he always says "Hupp" rather lhan "up." LARSEN. BERTHA M., "jeff." In small proporlion we jusl beauties see, And in shorl measures life may perfect lac. LA WSON, BLANCHE. "SIill walcrs run Jeep." Blanche is exceed- ingly quiel,' so Ive conclufle she musl lhinlf a good cleal. LEAVERTON, HAZEL D., "Sis," Shake- speare f4J, Acc. Clee Club HD, Orchestra Q-3D, Racquet Club Q2-3-41, C-ym. Club Q3-40. Can do anything in lhc may of music. Plays piano so as lo rival Paderewslfi: not to speak of lhe violin. LEHNHOFF, MA URINE FRANCES, "Patty," Pleaicles fl-21, Browning Racquet Club UU, Latin Soc. "She doeth lillle lfindnerscs which mos! leave undone or flespisclhf'

Page 40 text:

f , nuff, R if ..r.. .M AWD' .,'..:A l an 1 4 f 1 ,..:.a:A.f.1.u ,ffffnf ,,1uf., ,,u,,,,, for "Z ' , rn, "G, f 1 , ,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,,,,f ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, , , , ,, ,,,,,,,,fz,,m w,,,,,,,,,,,Wf4,,A v,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,H, ,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,U,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,.,,,,,,,,,, , , , ff.,,,,,,,,,,7.W...,.W5.Vf,,,,,f,,q,f,,,5f,.4f-N,,.,1,,5,,,4,,f:,,,,4,,, , ,, Wai., fy, ffqfgyfym 14557, 55113 feng? ,f4ff.575ff,,,g141,,,i,.ff,1:,f47,,:K,,,,., .,..,,qfffuyffffgqf,,f.Y,,4,,,,,,,,,..f,4,,.,,,,,,i,.,,.,.,.:,,,,,,,..,,,,,.,,5,, ' f' ' V'l:l'i5f,',"-5--13:9-"-iLrir'f1" 31-I-wi' 51 535-?55'ri'i'2"5? ??7:'2-9-2:3811-'fo 1-1-'fiifjefi'-5'-i53F.i51?5a"'f'lf1'?3i?1'L:Ef111-!i7:f512fS:1g-:G:p'i5.31 . 1 ., -.fig .-.'f'4I:v '-.:'1r:'.:2-355:21.-of-.W hfmffe'-.ffs.v' 22:11 . 1:1229-2:' fzif sd- 11324.-E we JS-'Z-ui Llllivkfrsfi-:fr-Bari , - . .. ..,-. . .4 ..i .i--- -.- - ...J -J rw... 1 -M. .- I ..f ,.--t,--u - -Q.,-v H.. ,,...-1. .-. -rw. ., . ,...4" 1- ,.. . ,x-. H. .-.t ...V .f, . ,, . M.--..-. . .. -.fe -:.....,, .7-.-y:.f.e-- ,,g,1-- gf:-...Q L.-4 A--,I ,-,---.:,:f,.,g,y-4.:',f,g,-..-,r fsnffg- f- .--.qw1'mw.-4.11.15-::re :,,-if-wp , --. --,'. .L. . -1' im.. .-X..'p:. ...r-- U -.,-1-fe '-:.'.- . --.-,,.- -1-,aah-, -2.1-e..f-,i.,f Lg ,q,...,,,o - ,-3..,, ,cy 4121? 1.-,v..g',g-f..-:Qe....,,:.f.3 vt--:.',---sw v-.,:'g.:4:-1:.a1.-.-.-A'-fpH-.--:-1-?-1-:. ",-H.. - r ww.: ee - f:..' --'nm' .--.--1-.1-5'+::f'.z1 . -. .. ., - . .. . . f . ......r,. fr , .....-Wat f .4 1,1 1 Ho. ,yuv-. -.,,...-., .,.,1, ff. .t Wm. ,. .- .,. .. . '.'jg".1-,K ,,,11',g 1'2" :1:TQ1'2',l-2:-'1Lf,f' A"i".'1-:. vm'-zz-13, Lf..-,.f-'gzgn-..-.'-sri14-f.y,-.-21.5.-E jvgfarlvgz.-.mx-,W-v1c:1'v fi-53:5 itarrggzvuiv.-' 551-,J 5':a:::1:.'gf s2Q:E.e1..:31E1S::17-Z23?-:gtukitf fv:.::'g.' 'fa-. we 'Ia .aff fx-1 ,vearf :sw ni-:Ty +'f'Ga1-::1'X:-2-Yfzi -, f .'1-.jfj gi-1 .f. ' .-'f11:::.:ii,-J'.1f'r'-. .Tv.-5:iii-'2f",'1rf'r1-rf'--QE 2fgrivf-Z1-f'f3.'-Z-752' fiiiisff jim?-Gtilfif ,15?-:fifsihrfimfafi.5'5'qE:1:eSgy..,agar. X ' ,:f,,ue...i5,,,.up,f,,A,,:f,,,,svn.:,,,,,,.a.,....f,,.n. :Hyun...Jr-,,i:..,,,,y,,,,p,1 ' 4000 ,won f2n.1A.ee' eeefxeer-'ve.,1::e:f.ef:e,u,.,:::f.-,eeefhezl1'-5Qe,e5a:s5fusx....-.sn:.za:u:1.:1w.w:.iL,au:::.:Zia.:..,,::a sf .v H ,,,,,,,, ,,.,, ,,,f,,MW,W,,W,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,W,,f,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, ,neue-.-.111 me-.e1::1111e-4- 0 ,I ... Yv... ------ 2 :,-.-:Hfeefnw-fm-f.-.-.A:,:1114..-:f--f:::f,0v0,,,,,,,,00 ,,,, ,af .MCFARLANEL JOHN, "Paclcey," 'iEditor-in- Chief" of "Commerce," Junior Commercial Club, Baseball O-4D, Football U-41. Editor of the "Commerce" and quarterbaclf an the team is certainly a queer combination, but Packey was equally good at both. MACNEY, ETHEL C., "Wee," Browning fl-2-3-41. "The maid who modestly conceals Her beauties, while she hides, revealed' NICNETT, EDITH, HD. S." Lininger Travel Club fl-2-3-45, Treasurer 141, Latin Soc. MALLOY, FRANCES5 E., "Bloncly," F. W. S. QD, Latin Soc. QD, Racquet Club QI, CD. Lam Ron HD, Reporter HQ, President Can you, we aslf in all seriousness, picture "Blondy" as a dignified, sedate school ma'am? Yet that is what .she intends to he. "She that was ever fair and never proud, Had tongue at will, and yet was never loud." MCLAFFERTK CEQRCE Lu '-Luke," D. MALM, FRANK, "Mamy," Capt. Co. F, Glee D. S. fl-2-3-41. Club 13-41, Booster's Club 141, Circulation Luke docs not approve of the tango, the cactus Manager Register or any modern dance. Therefore he origi- "The first thing we do, lct's li-ill all the law- naled a little dance all his own. yen." Take care Frank.

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