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?,-E5IZW69m-Qo- 'Q .EEL A Q' ' . -BW!-. ' v 1 . 1 1,- 2 ,N Fhzg? " - I 2' w .A, 1 1 1 1 rg. fn 5 - ig, f' L rw -x . u 'fl --1 au. ' i 'H ' ,, , . , ' fvf If: lr.. 4 'A fs 1 YY? Q' ' or , .5 H, mx ',- . .21 ' 'L ,Pe ,A ALB 'f . -7- it 4 -1 f 1. 'Jr rp .- 1 rs: L N A5 1-. 1 cr A 'L ci' 1 1 . if -1 'A 1 1 A ,l 14 ' 9.4 1 -x 4 '- ,v - i-S1 Ji, ELK X 1 1: , " vi F AH., i CLASS of I955 emma 24,4 sm ,mm Wea: we - v ,.....- ., ..-.... '.-fY . 1 f -'vs-,W-F ni. -.5-.V nf- -t DEDICATION We, the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-Five, gratefully dedicate this yearbook to Mr. Leslie R. Page, who has continually helped and inspired us both as our class advisor and as our teacher and friend. i-I 3 1- oW3a34Hei?f2aS'g'2uB624 61611 qC1a5ZaH62a oW73vf?3l9W36k'3s99f3c9109o9usf1u P8510 a vhiuiicaa o lp BOARD OF EDUCATION Auburn, New York 1954-1955 G. Burnett Atwater, President COMMISSIONERS G. Burnett Atwater Frank Lesch Joseph P. Cuddy Donald G. MacKenzie John D. Daly Maurice Schwartz Frank L. DeFurio Everet H. Wood William K. Young SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS Dr. Charles G. Hetherington ,o,n,,a,o59g3a5v5s,,s,n,sgn53ut35lt33e ugqasgvgag o a 4 n a v 1 c c o l s 'hifi't4'21't!3'bf-3't4'53'Hd'5'53't!3'5'8'2443'b'43't-'UZZSS'5'5'5'i3'EMT!!!'E31'B"5'E4'i3't921'5Wf1'tS3'Z4'e1'E3J'GW3'l4'F- ....l41..T. FACULTY W. Jay Ellis, Principal v C7 f. E ay ri-Mwwefz William M. Davidge, Vice-Principal Ruth W. Leonard, Vice-Principal Commercial Subjects Carrie L. Brown Mathematics Catherine L. Chrystal Social Studies M. Gertrude Cora Science Vera E. Cotter English, Mathematics Bertha A. Ellis Librarian james P. Elsbree Business Subjects Mary F. Freeman Business Subjects Margaret S. Harrington Business Subjects Millard R. Harter Social Studies Ruth M. Hawkins Physical Education john H. Hilbert Social Studies Paul Kleiber Physical Education Carolyn L. Klink Business Subjects Alvah M. Kubecker Business Subjects Bernard H. Lee Remedial Dorothy A. Long English Rose M. Lynch Social Studies Doris L. Magee English Clyde A. McEwan Science William D. Miller Industrial Arts Marjorie M. Oliver Homemaking Leslie R. Page Latin, Social Studies Spanish Virginia S. Page English, Dramatics Gwendoline L. Reid English, Head of English Department Helen M. Sabourin Art Winifred Sofsky English, Reading Arlene N. Superko Mathematics Ruth V. Tanner English, Latin Margaret A. Taylor Music Constance S. Wood Social Studies, Mathematics, English E. Clara Paul Supervisor of Social Studies Clerk Cl2LSS ISOYILQ -lime: :sour lacly of f'-eti'me'p The long-auaitecl clay has come, when we must 5,13 9 fl y ' .But Yl0U'lf it are ai " ' :EgS9' here ue 'rf'::"r-I J' oo 'ln e , XXIQT g 1 :I-rq"i 5 Qgpf.. 4 ' hack with asigh l ex xx J .gif . " we Know full well our high school gears holrl memories most of friendships true That will endure Zggf' fmu 1, - 5 0lL'lI the comiry gears. Qlq, lit ,LS raise our X l , voices high anll sinkg OLLP 'fcntl 'Q a.cl,ieu.g l1.lii.h heacls h Qhl e- i I anl. visions clear, we Sin-9 ou,p'fh,1riKs dfl2.bJ o alma Mater well helovecl by " I' 4' 2 s In 'ij' Class of Fiftg- five, LJ 56.5 with Pricle goufll our guide, :Dear Fiuhurn Central High. N A 'V jx fo-'af mf Y f S f' rf Nw FQ fk X -LMA? E?- Valedlctornan Gale Pappert Salutatonan g S Tyna I-lomick ' l S i ' ' I VVEKV 1 CLASS OFFICERS Alice Pitcher Samuel Scozzari ident Wanda Kenna Angela Dello Stritto Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Pres ..lg1.. EDITORIAL One of the most important goals which the world seeks today is peace. The world hopes for a peace that will end wars and bring all nations together in coopera- tive work for the benefit of all people. It is known that if we are to accomplish this goal of peace among nations, we must conquer the obstacles that stand in its way. Lasting peace cannot be reached suddenly. It may take years and even centuries to obtain lasting peace for all nations. Ever since the beginning of time, some have struggled to achieve itg today, many more are working and hoping. Over the centuries, many attempts for peace have been made. Within the past twenty years, the two greatest attempts in the world toward achieving peaceful rela- tions among peoples of the earth have been the defeating of the ruthless dictators of World War II and the setting up of the great United Nations organization in which nations of the world work to settle disputes arising from disagreements among nations. In World War II, the peace-loving countries of the world joined together and stopped Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo from conquering the world and destroying all chances of our ever having peace. After much fighting and bloodshed, the war was finally over, but the ill feelings roused in the people of the warring nations continue today, and resentment over their defeat is in the hearts of many people in the de- feated nations. If there is to be peace, the peoples of the different countries must learn to understand each other, understanding among nations being a definite part of peaceful relations. The United Nations, the greatest union there has ever been for peace, was organ- ized so that the countries could discuss their problems intelligently without war. Many disputes have been settled, such as the Iranian oil problem and the Korean War conflict, but there will always be new problems which must be discussed and settled. The United Nations' greatest job is to settle these disputes without having the conflicting countries resort to armed methods. The United Nations' ability to bring countries together in the future will depend on the countries themselves. No one is able to foretell the countless accomplishments that the United Nations organ- ization will be able to make in the years to come. Though peace is sometimes defined as "freedom from war or strife," the peace of the world could mean much more than just freedom from war. It could mean that all countries would get together and work to conquer devastating diseases, such as polio, cancer, and tuberculosis, diseases which are killing so many men, women, and children all over the world. It could mean that instead of using atomic power to make greater A-bombs and H-bombs to destroy lands and people, scientists would work together to put this great atomic force to work in benefiting the peoples of the earth. Total peace could also mean that the more fortunate countries would help the less fortunate and backward ones, like China and Korea today, for we must remem- ber that anti-peace movements thrive when people do not know where their next meal is coming from. Yes, peace, real peace, is the goal of the whole world. Though the world today may be on the right road to peace, the road has many curves, and until these curves -one being war-are straightened out, people must go on hoping, working, and praying to God that someday there will be a warless world with freedom for men of all nations. Mary Etta Ryan Ml91.- ,N J. f? H f ,gm M- ' 1 sl lf QL . Q - i f3'7 A fa 3311+ Q I'- o S bi' S CLAS S OFFICERS S. SCOZZARI Vuczmxes. W. KENNA Sec. A. PITCHER Hens. A- DELLO STDITTO UA L 1 T T x. E I-4 OMEIY D Y MURPWRS , MEM' W CQELAFWS MM SXY.SwwMi1f. 'P5S7X 'dn Yfib Qs , XQV QloS50ff::""Q:f"K C133 K J-IQ-.ftg Zfflali, W lf- L. . .Roi 5q'f"'5. E G 1' rx X 44 gcvwomoufiogg NAU-C0VW E' 4 52 Q4 4,61 A79 s- S" 64, 75, :MXN Come B 'fo 9 Bos C 3 X 6 I' 341 X MJ' qs Q , 2 qn-9 I5 4,6 Q. C1 t LQYIIEQ Q JUSTINE H. BARAN - "Tina," 182 State Streetg Intramural Soccer 12, 3, 43, Intramural Dodgeball 12, 3, 43, Intra- mural Volleyball 12, 33, Intramural Bas- ketball 12, 33, Intramural Softball 12, 33, Sports Night 133, Usher for Commence- ment 133, Junior-Senior Basketball Game 133, Syracuse Play Day 133, Winner of Triangle "A" 133, "Mercury" Staff 143, Committee for "Sno-Ball" Dance 143, Play, "A Little Honey" 143g Ithaca Col- lege. PATRICIA ANN BURNS - "Pat," 29 Howard Street: Intramural Dodgeball 123, Bowling 133, Usher for "A Little Honey" 1435 Stenographer. PATRICIA MARIE ANDERSEN - "Patty," 36 Bradford Street, All-High Band 12, 3, 43, Intramural Dodgeball 12, 3, 43, Girls' Sports Night 133, Intramural Basketball 133, Intramural Volleyball 13.3, Intramural Softball 133, Committee for Magazine Drive 133, Home Room Representative 13, 43, Newspaper Re- porter 13, 43, Intramural Soccer 143, Office Helper 143, "Mercury" Staff - Class History 143, Usher for "A Little Honey" 143, Yearbook Advertising Com- mittee 143, Honor Graduateg Secretar- ial and Bookkeeping Work. CONRAD BARAN -- "Zank," or "Butch," 182 State Street: Baseball 123, Volley- ball 12, 33, Basketball Intramurals 12, 33, Football 12, 3, 43, Junior Varsity 13, 43, Committee for Yearbook 143, Com- mittee for Senior Play 143: Accountant. MARILYNN SUE BUTLER - "Sue," "Susie," 75 Steel Street: Decorating Committee for Harvest Festival 133, Usher for Commencement 133, "Mercury Murmurs" Reporter 133, Food Committee for Junior Class Picnic 133, Sophomore Welcome Entertainment Committee 143, Intramural Soccer 143, Intramural Dodge- ball143, "Mercury" Staff 143, Senior Play Committee 143, Yearbook Planning Committee 143, Yearbook Advertising Committee 1433 Auburn Memorial Hos- pital School of Nursing. MARGUERITE MARIE CARNICELLI - "Peggy" or "Peg," 12 Central Avenueg Committee for Senior Play 143, Year- book Advertising Committee 1433 Office Work. EUGENIA MARIE CECCHINI -- "Jean," "Chico," 45 Wright Avenue: Sports Night 127, Intramural Softball 127, Intramural Basketball 137, Intramural Volleyball 137, Intramural Dodgeball 137, Class Ring Committee 137, Typist for "Mer- cury Murmurs" Staff 147, Statistics for "Mercury" 147, Class Room TAB Secre- tary 147, Office Helper 147, Usher for "A Little Honey" 147, Yearbook Advertising Committee 147 3 Secretarial Work. SONIA ANN CHAMULAK - "Sonny," 223 Seymour Streetg Received Triangle "A" 127, Intramural Volleyball 137, Chorus 13, 47, "Mercury Murmursl' Re- porter 147, Intramural Soccer 147, Intra- mural Dodgeball 147, "Mercury" Staff 147, Committee for Senior Play 147, Yearbook Advertising Committee 1473 Secretarial Work. THERESA JEAN CIRICILLO - "Terry," "Tweeta," 13 James Street: Intramural Volleyball 127, Intramural Basketball 127, Intramural Softball 127, Intramural Dodgeball 12, 3, 47, Intramural Soccer 12, 47, Library Stall? 12, 47, Spanish As- sembly 137, "Mercury Murmurs" Staff 147, Class Prophecy 147, Publicity Com- mittee tor Sophomore Welcome 147, Student Council Alternate 147, Senior As- sembly 147, Chorus 147, Volleyball 147, Dodgeball 147, Decoration Committee for Sno-Ball 147, Secretary of Senior Honor Society 147, Play, "A Little Honey" 147. EVELYN MAE GLOSS - "Ev," "Eve," "Evey," 185 State Street g West Carthage High School 3 Intramural Softball 127, Badminton 127, Intramural Volleyball 12, 37, Central High School: Chorus 12, 47, N. Y. S. S. M. A. 147, Bowling 1475 Saleslady. ELEASE THELMA CHICK - "Red," 12171, State Street: Archery 127, Sports Night 127, Intramural Basketball 12, 37, Intramural Dodgeball 12, 37, Spanish As- sembly 137, Intramural Volleyball 137, Received Triangle "A" 137, Bowling 13, 47. JOHANN PHILOMEANO CIMPI - "J," "Jo," 83 Lake Avenueg Fashion Show 127, Field Trip, Home Economics 127, Committee for Senior Play 1473 Office Work. :Img 'Q--rvf if 1 NORMA JEAN DEANGELIS - "Nor- mie," "Bugs," "Normie Jean," 30 Wash- ington Streetg Home Room Representa- tive 127, Intramural Volleyball 127, May Concert 127, Received Triangle "A" 127, Chorus 12, 47, Student Council Alternate 137, Intramural Basketball 137, -Intra- mural Softball 137, Field Day 137, Com- mittee for Class Picnic 137, Committee for Junior Dance 137, Spanish Assembly 137, Received 4" "A" 137, Intramural Soccer 13, 47, Committee for Sophomore Welcome 147, Senior Assembly 147, 'tMer- cury Murmurs" Staff 147, Class Proph- ecy 147, Senior High Honor Society 147, President of Library Staff 147, Decor- ating Committee for Sno-Ball Dance 147, Play "A Little Honey" 147. ANGELA DELLO STRITTO - "Ang," "Angie," 5655 Orchard Street: Library StaH 127, Intramural Volleyball 127, In- tramural Dodgeball 127, Intramural Soc- cer 137, "Mercury Murmurs" Staff 147, "Mercury" Staff 147, Class Treasurer 147, Oflice Assistant 147, Honor Society Constitutional Committee 147, Senior Play Committee 1475 Secretarial Work. . if , Z . we ,fi I xwfgfs J ---fx ,l,,5,,, .:I:,.c,.. ,, t , , i , , RONALD WILLIS COOMBE - "Ronn," "Ronny," West Lake Street, Skaneatelesg Boys' Chorus 12, 3, 47, "Mercury Mur- murs" Music Reporter 137, Fashion Show 147, Senior Program 147, Bowling Club 147 5 Eastman School of Music. MARY LOU DEACY - "Deec," 97 Van- Anden Street, Library Staff 127, Field Day 12, 37, Intramural Basketball 12, 37, Intramural Softball 12, 37, Intramural Volleyball 12, 37, Intramural Dodgeball 12, 3, 47, Intramural Soccer 12, 3, 47, Ring Committee 137, Basketball Night 137, Sports Night 137, Junior-Senior Basketball Game 137, Received Triangle and Four Inch "A" 137, "Mercury" Staff 147, "Mercury Murmurs" Staff 147, Squad Leader 147, Sophomore Welcome Com- mittee 147, Intramural Volleyball 147, Candidate for Sno-Ball 147, Yearbook Advertising Committee 1475 Office Work. l5W32R'EifQ?fi:f'i-fff.xfagjgl-,'iff' ' , f".5, fi. Ifivii'-57,lIT'E'V1 , ' -.5 5 ' -,Hifi 1 I t . . .'..1 t ilil:ff4f"-'IDN S Z-f - My 'si - 127 ' ' --'A - I 9 , V15 Qrlfeggf '- gf' ,QT " '23 .gn fr k 5g'gi?g:fs. ff' ' H- f - . fs V it it ,fy . .' ' A - . --eg. s. mc- ' , 1 I e .r ' .Stiff elf' f' f- i xzrfvgg. N ga,- . - 17- rf - ffl- f 1,5-pl f .- ms, slr, - 1 ' ' - . 4 5. as.. . -,sw 7 , ,,,c. X! -ll4l ROSE MARIE DURANTE - "Rose," "Ro," 274 West Genesee Streetg Intra- mural Basketball 12, 37, Intramural Soft- ball 12, 37, Intramural Volleyball 12, 37, Field Day 12, 37, Intramural Soccer 12, 3, 47, Intramural Dodgeball 12, 3, 47, Junior Senior Basketball Game 137, Junior Class Picnic Committee 137, Winner Triangle "A" and 4" "A" Girls' Sports Award 13, 47, "Mercury" Stai 147, Intramural Vol- leyball 147, Candidate for Queen for Sno- Ball Dance 147, Yearbook Advertising Committee 1475 Office Work. CHARLENE FARES - 23 East Genesee Street, Archery Club 127, Intramural Basketball 12, 3, 47, Intramural Volley- ball 13, 47, Bowling Club 13, 47, Ofiice Helper 1475 Office Work. JOAN MADELINE FEDOR - "Joanie," 2585 Seymour Streetg Library Staff 123, Field Day 12, 33, Intramural Basketball 12, 33, Intramural Volleyball 12, 33, Intra- mural Softball 12, 33, Intramural Soccer 12, 3, 43, Intramural Dodgeball 12, 3, 43, Junior-Senior Basketball Game 133, Squad Leader 133, Winner Triangle "A" Award 133, Office Assistant 143, Intramural Vol- leyball 1433 Office Work. JOAN MARIE FRACZEK - "Joannie," "Jo," 22 Pulaski Streetg Intramural Vol- leyball 12, 33, Intramural Softball 133, Intramural Basketball 133, Spanish As- sembly 133, Junior-Senior Basketball Game 133, Intramural Soccer 13, 43, In- tramural Dodgeball 143, Winner Triangle "A" Award 1433 Alliance College. 5 K, ,,,, I all ii Lk'. 2l""'X sss, " 4' A .iff srz. ' V 3, , Aki 'K . I Z fx I t -T gt f 44- Ak ' , K .V k..:: Q , :fr I.. I I, 4 Q r-V ....--an I LINDA LEE HEINZMANN - "Lin," 31 Dayton Street: Intramural Soccer 123, Intramural Dodgeball 123, Winner Tri- angle "A" Award 123, Senior Chorus 12, 33, Library Staff 12, 43, Student Council Representative 133, Refreshment Com- mittee for Sno-Ball Dance 133, Sopho- more Welcome Committee 143, "Mer- cury" Staff 143, Oliice Helper 143, Usher for "A Litle Honey" 143, Yearbook Ad- vertising Committee 143g0fIice Work. ELLEN MAY HICKEY - "Eli," "Ellie," 20 Paul Street, Intramural Dodgeball 123, Sophomore Welcome Committee 143, Office Helper 1435 Rochester Business Institute. CAROLE MARIE GREEN - 58 Nelson Streetg Intramural Dodgeball 123, Ollice Helper 143, Ollice Work. NANCY NEVA GROMICK - "Nance," 225 East Genesee Street, Greene Central School: Intramural Hockey 123, Intra- mural Volleyball 123, Intramural Basket- ball 123, Intramural Softball 123, Archery 123, Chorus 123, Central High School: Intramural Dodgeball 133, Chorus 13, 43, N. Y. S. School Music Association 1-13, "Mercury" Staff 143, Yearbook Adver- tising Committee 143g Saleslady. 11151- WANDA CATHERINE KENNA - 9 Union Street, Field Day 123, Intramural Softball 12, 33, Intramural Basketball 12. 33, Intramural Volleyball 12, 33, Sports Night 12, 33, Intramural Soccer 12, 3, 43, Intramural Dodgeball 12, 3, 43, Squad Leader 133, Junior-Senior Basket- ball Game 133, .Iunior Picnic Committee 133, Winner Triangle "A" Award 133, Class Vice-President 143, Dramatics Editor of "Mercury" 143, Student Council Alternate 143, Committee for Senior Play 143, Intramural Dodgeball 143, Intramur- al Volleyball 143, Play, "A Little Honey" 1433 Office Work. PETER KILLIAN - "Pete," 84175 North Division Street, Intramural Basketball 123, Intramural Volleyball 123, Junior Varsity Baseball 123, Basketball Night 12, 3, 43, Intramural Football 12, 43, Ring Committee 133, Junior-Sophomore Basketball Game 133, Junior-Senior Bas- ketball Game 133, Junior-Teachers Vol- leyball Game 133, Varsity Basketball 13, 43, Varsity Baseball 13, 43, Sophomore Welcome Entertainment Committee 143, King of Sno-Ball Dance 143, Decorating Committee for Sno-Ball 143, Junior and Senior Basketball Game 143, Intramural Basketball 143, Senior Play Committee 1433 Undecided. NAOMI MAE MOORE - "N0mie," "Dinty," "Nomer," 9 Willey Streetg Li- brary Staff 123, Cafeteria Staff 12, 3, 43, Usher for Commencement 133, Bowling 13, 43, Intramural Dodgeball 143, Chorus 143, Usher for Senior Play 1433 Cortland State Teachers College. JANICE ANNE MORROW - "Jay," "Jan," 34 Holley Street, Spanish Club 123, Library Staff 12, 33, "Mercury Mur- murs" Staff 133, Sports Night 133, "Mer- cury" Staff 143, Co-Editor of "Mercury Murmurs" 143, Senior Honor Society 143, Ofiice Helper 143, Usher for "A Little Honey" 143, Yearbook Advertising Com- mittee 143, Honor Graduateg Secretarial Work. GLENDA JEAN LOYSTER - "Glen," "Glenny," 197 E. Genesee Street, Chorus 143, Yearbook Advertisng Committee 143 gBookkeeping. MARIA JOSE MANZARI - "Mitzi," "Jose," 223 Clark Streetg Sports Night 123, Intramural Soccer 123, Student Coun- cil 123, Intramural Dodgeball 12, 3, 43, Intramural Basketball 12, 3, 43, Intra- mural Softball 12, 3, 43, Field Day 12, 3, 43, "Mercury Murmurs' Staff 12, 43, Winner 5" "A" Award 13, Intramural Volleyball 13, 43, Library Staff 143, Bow- ling Club 143, "Mercury" Staff 143, Marching 143, Committee for Senior Play 143g Oiiice Work. DOROTHY LOGUE - "Dot," "Dottie," 2055 Lincoln Street: Chorus 125, Intra- mural Soccer 145, Sophomore Welcome Refreshment Committee 145. WILLIAM F. LOWERY - "Rollo," "Bul- let," 321 Melone Village, Intramural Basketball 125, Junior Varsity Baseball 125, Junior Varsity Football 125, Junior Varsity Basketball 125, Sports Night 125, Varsity Wrestling 12, 45, Varsity Basket- ball 135, Varsity Football 135, Varsity Baseball 13, 45, Varsity Football 145, In- tramural Basketball 145, "Mercury" Staff 145, Candidate for King of Sno-Ball Dance 145, Office Helper 1453 Cortland State Teachers College or Professional Baseball Player. ANTHONY JOHN MARTINO - "Tony," 9 Hulbert Streetg Harvest Festival Dance Committee 135, "Mercury" Staff 145, Bowling Club 145, Play, "A Little Honey" 1453 Otlice Work. RENA ANN MATZEN - "Renee," 122 Cottage Streetg Fashion Show 125, Usher for "A Little Honey" 1453 Steno- graphic Work. 1? dun-up LEE ALVIN LASH ER - "Lash," 44 Lan- sing Street: Band 12, 3, 45, Spanish Class Assembly 135, Scout Assembly 135, Orch- estra 135, Empire Boys' State 135, Busi- ness Manager "Mercury Murmurs" 145, Art Editor "Mercury" 145, Assistant Business Manager "Mercury" 145, Intra- mural Football 145, Sophomore Welcome Committee 145, Intramural Basketball 145, Senior Class Assembly 145, Seniors vs. Juniors Basketball Game 145, Play, "A Little Honey" 145, Yearbook Planning Committee 145, Honor Graduate, Com- mencement Speakerg Accountant. BARBARA ANN LOBER - "Bobbi," "Barb," "Barbie," 1055 Washington St.g Intramural Volleyball 12, 35, Intramural Softball 12, 35, Field Day 12, 35, Intra- mural Basketball 12, 35, Intramural Soc- cer 12, 3, 45, Intramural Dodgeball 12, 3, 45, Library Staff 12, 3, 45, Student Coun- cil Alternate 135, Class Ring Committee 135, Squad Leader 135, Secretary of Li- brary Staff 135, Committee on Class Pic- nic 135, Winner Triangle "A" 135 ,Winner 4" "A" 145, Student Council Repre- sentative 145, Associate Editor of "Mer- cury" 145, President of Bowling Club 145, Helper in Main Office 145, Decorating Committee Chairman for Sno-Ball Dance 145, Class Room TAB Secretary 145, "Mercury Murmurs" Staff 145, Usher for "A Little Honey" 145, Yearbook Plan- ning Committee 145, Honor Graduateg Secretarial Work. p . . E .sr 'Qi if 17 IT TYNA ROSE HOMICK - "Totzi," "Ty," 14 Woodruff Place, Intramural Soccer 123, Chorus 123, Spanish Club 123, Sports Night 123, Intramural Dodgeball 123, Lyre for 150 Points in Music 123, Winner 3" "A" 123, Intramural Volley- ball 12, 33, Intramural Basketball 12, 33, Orchestra 12, 3, 43, Band 12, 3, 43, Vice- President of Junior Class 133, Secretary of Student Council 133, Associate Editor of "Mercury Murmurs" 133, Winner of 300 Point "A" in Music 133, Ring Com- mittee 133, Empire Girls' State 133, Syr- acuse All-State Music Conference 133, Committee for Sno-Ball 133, Harvest Fes- tival 133, Intramural Softball 133, Senior Honor Society 143, Co-editor of "Mercury Murmurs" 143, "Mercury" Staff 143, Rochester All-State Music Conference 143, Decoration Committee for Sno-Ball 143, Red Feather Queen for Community Chest 143, Winner 5" "A" 143, Vice-Pres- ident of Student Council 143, Play, "A Little Honey" 143,Valedictoriang Oswego State Teachers College. HELEN JANE KENNA - "Mighty Mite," "Mousy," 9 Union Streetg Field Day 123, Field Day at Oswego 123, Bas- ketball Night 12, 33, Sports Night 12, 33, Intramural Volleyball 12, 33, Intramural Softball 12, 33, Intramural Basketball 12, 33, Intramural Soccer 12, 3, 43, Intra- mural Dodgeball 12, 3, 43, Princess for Sno-Ball Dance 133, Decorating Com- mittee for Sno-Ball Dance 133, Syracuse Trip 133, Winner Triangle "A" Award 133, Squad Leader 13, 43, Business Man- ager for "Mercury" 143, Winner 4" "A" Award 143, Queen of Sno-Ball Dance 143, Intramural Basketball 143, Intramural Volleyball 143, Oiiice Helper 143, Com- mittee for Senior Play 143, Yearbook Planning Committee 1433 Oflice Work. GERTRUDE JOANNE MC LEAN - "Trudy," 145 Gaylord Street, Intra- mural Dodgeball 123, Intramural Soc- cer 12, 33, Intramural Volleyball 12, 33, Intramural Softball 133, Field Meet 133, "Mercury Murmurs" Staff 143, "Mercury" Staff 143, Usher for "A Little Honey" 143, Yearbook Planning Committee 143, Yearbook Advertising Committee 143, Bookkeeper. THOMAS DAVID MC NABB - "Mac," "Tom," "Irishman," 115 Melone Village, Boys' Chorus 123, Intramural Soccer 123, Student Council Representative 123, Rep- resentative to Silver Party Convention 12, 33, Class President 133, Student Coun- cil Clerk 133, Boys' Quartet 133, Co- Chairman of Class Day 133, Ring Com- mittee 133, Committee for Harvest Festi- val 133, Class Picnic 133, May Concert 133, Committee for Sno-Ball Dance 12, 3, 43, Student Council President 143, Repre- sentative at Student Council Conference 143, "Mercury" Staff 143, Play, "A Little Honey" 143, Yearbook Planning Commit- tee 143. ...,l181.., PATRICIA ANNE MURINKA - "Pat," "Pattie," 161 Perrine Street, Chorus 123, Ring Committee 133, Sports Night 133, Usher at Commencement 133, Co-Chair- man of Class Day 133, Ticket Committee for Class Picnic 133, Intramural Volley- ball 133, Intramural Basketball 133, Committtee for Magazine Drive 133, In- tramural Soccer 13, 43, Intramural Dodgeball 13, 43, "Mercury Murmurs" Staff 13, 43, "Mercury" Staff 143, Bowling Club 143, Refreshment Committee for Sophomore Welcome 143, Prompter for Senior Play 143, Yearbook Planning Com- mittee 143, Honor Graduate, Civil Ser- vice Position. SUSANNE JOY NEUMAN - "Sue," "Susie," 109 Mary Street, Chorus 123, Library Staff 123, Spring Concert 123, Class Picnic Committee 133, Decorating Committee for Harvest Festival Dance 133, Intramural Volleyball 133, Intra- mural Dodgeball 143, General Committee for Sophomore Welcome 143, Class As- sembly 143, "Mercury Murmurs" Staif 143, Dramatics Editor of "Mercury" 143, Honor Society 143, Play, "A Little Honey" 143, Honor Graduate: Secretar- ial Work. JOANNE MARIE NOBES - "Jo," "Blondie," 151 Seymour Streetg Sports Night 121, Squad Leader 12, 31, Chorus 12, 41, Library Staff 12, 3, 41, Class Pic- nic Refreshment Committee 131, Intra- mural Dodgeball 12, 41, Sophomore Wel- come Refreshment Committee 1415 Au- burn Community College. GLORIA ANN PACELLI - "Glor," 82 Van Anden Street: Cafeteria Staff 12, 31, Intramural Volleyball 12, 31, Intra- mural Basketball 12, 31, Intramural Dodgeball 12, 3, 41, Squad Leader 131, Operetta 131, Intramural Softball 131, May Concert 131, Decoration Committee for Harvest Festival 131, Chorus 13, 41, Intramural Soccer 13, 41, Committee for Senior Play 1413 Secretarial Work. RONALD PELC - "Yokum," "Ron," 41 Chase Streetg Committee for Sno-Ball Carnival 12, 31, Intramural Volleyball 131, Intramural Softball 131, Sports Night 131, Boys' Chorus 131, Committee for Class Picnic 131, Bowling 131, Intramural Soccer 12, 3, 41, Intramural Football 12, 3, 41, Play, "A Little Honey" 141, Honor Graduate 5 United States Navy. PAULINE CONSTANCE PERUN - "Paul," 22 Arch Street: Intramural Vol- leyball 12, 31, Intramural Soccer 131, Decorating Committee for Harvest Fes- tival Dance 131, Field Day 131, Class Picnic Committee 131, General Committee for Sophomore Welcome 141, "Mercury" Staff 141, Squad Leader 141, Senior Play Committee 141, Yearbook Advertising Committee 3 Airline Hostess. GALE ANNE PAPPERT - "Gay," 9 Dayton Streetg Library Stan 121, Intra- mural Basketball 121, Squad Leader 121, Intramural Volleyball 121, Winner of 41' "A" Award 121, Student Council Alter- nate 12, 31, Cafeteria Work 12, 31, "Mer- cury Murmurs" Staff 131, "Mercury" Staff 141, National Senior Honor Society 141, American Legion Oratorical Contest 141, Play "A Little Honey" 141, Office Helper 141, Salutatoriang Secretarial Work. LINDA LEE PAUL - "Lindy," 59 Os- borne Streetg Library Staff 121, Intra- mural Soccer 12, 31, Field Meet 12, 31, Intramural Softball 131, "Mercury Mur- murs" Staff 131, Food Committee for Junior Class Picnic 131, Home Economics Fashion Show 131, Decorating Committee 131, General Committee for Sophomore Welcome 141, Intramural Dodgeball 141, Prompter for Senior Play 1415 Auburn Memorial Hospital School of Nursing. New ALICE IRENE PITCHER - "Buggy," "Al," 322 Melone Villageg Field Day 123, Intramural Soccer 123, Intramural Soft- ball 123, Intramural Volleyball 123, Chorus May Concert 12, 33, "Sunbonnet Sue" Operetta 133, Intramural Basket- ball 133, Usher for Commencement 133, Chorus 143, Class Secretary 143, Squad Leader 143, Oflice Helper 143, Committee for Senior Play 143g Secretarial Work. EVELYN JEAN ETTE ROGERS - "Evie,l' "Roge," 13 Cady Street: Sopho- more-Junior Volleyball Game 123, Treas- urer of Library Staff 123, Chorus 123, Intramural Softball 12, 33, Intramural Dodgeball 12, 33, Field Day 12, 33, Basket- ball Night 12, 33, Sports Night 12, 33, Intramural Basketball 133, Intramural Volleyball 133, Junior-Senior Basketball Game 133, Ping Pong 133, President of Library Staff 133, Committee for Class Picnic 133, Treasurer of Junior Class 133, Class Ring Committee 133, Play Day at Syracuse University 133, Committee for Junior Dance 133, "Mercury Murmurs" Staff 133, Intramural Soccer 12, 3, 43, Bowling 143, Associate Editor of "Mer- cury Murmurs" 143, Library Staff 143, "Mercury" Staff 143, American Legion Oratorical Contest 143, Senior Honor So- ciety 143, Treasurer of Senior Honor Society 143, Usher for "A Little Honey" 143, Honor Graduate, Secretarial Work or Oswego State Teachers College. IRENE ANTOINETTE RUSINKO -- "Renee," 28 Kensington Avenue, Intra- mural Volleyball 123, Field Day 123, Typ- ist for "Mercury Murmurs" 133, Decor- ating Committee for Harvest Festival Dance 133, "Mercury" Staff 143, Varsity Cheerleader 143, Honor Society 143, Stage Manager for "A Little Honey" 143, Office Helper 143, Honor Graduate: Secretarial Work. MARY ETTA RYAN - "Mer," "Raw," 19 Pleasant Street: Library Staff 123, Intramural Volleyball 123, Intramural Softball 12, 33, Intramural Basketball 12, 33, Intramural Dodgeball 12, 3, 43, Intra- mural Soccer 12, 43, Field Day 133, Span- ish Assembly 133, Squad Leader 13, 43, "Mercury" Editor 143, "Mercury Mur- murs" Staff 143, Senior Assembly 143, Decorating Committee for Sno-Ball Dance 143, Senior Honor Society 143, Play, "A Little Honey" 143, Office Helper 143, Yearbook Planning Committee 143, Senior High Chorus 1433 Secretarial Work. SAMUEL RAY SCOZZARI, JR. - "Sam- bo," "Sam," "Sammy," 235 North Streetg Intramural Basketball 12, 3, 43, Student Council Alternate 123, Band 12, 3, 43, Or- chestra 12, 3, 43, Intramural Football 13, 43, Intramural Volleyball 133, Intramural Soccer 133, Prince for Sno-Ball dance 133, Central New York State Contest Fes- tival 133, Central High School Barber Shop Quartette 143, Class President 143, Yearbook Advertising Committee 1435 Ithaca College. DONNA LEE SHREVE - "Don," "Don- nie," 40 Arlington Avenue, Student Coun- cil Representative 12, 3, 43, Transporta- tion Committee for Class Picnic 133, "Mercury" Staff 143, "Mercury Murmurs" Staff 143, National Senior Honor Society 143, Oflice Helper 143, Committee for Senior Play 143, Honor Graduate: Sec- retarial Work. ROSE MARIE SIMMONS - "Mergie," 13 Ross Place: Library Stat! 123, Intra- mural Basketball 12, 33, Intramural Vol- leyball 12, 33, Intramural Dodgeball 12, 3, 43, Intramural Soccer 13, 43, "Mercury Murmurs" Staff 143, "Mercury" Staff 143, Decorating Committee for Sno-Ball Dance 143, Usher for "A Little Honey" 143, Yearbook Advertising Committee 1433 Ofiice Work. MARGARET LOUISE SIRACUSA - "Marge," 33 Columbus Streetg Intramural Basketball 12, 33, Intramural Softball 12, 33, Intramural Volleyball 12, 33, Field Day 12, 33, Intramural Dodgeball 12, 3, 43, Squad Leader 133, Junior-Senior Basketball Game 133, Intramural Soccer 13, 43, Committee for Senior Play 1433 Secretarial Work. DIANE SUBORSKI - "Di," "Dinah," 4355 Pulaski Street, Cafeteria Assistant 123, Intramural Volleyball 12, 33, Intramural Dodgeball 12, 3, 43, Class Picnic Com- mittee 133, Sports Night 133, Commence- ment Usher 133, Intramural Softball 133, Sophomore Welcome Committee 143, In- tramural Soccer 143, Bowling Club 143, "Mercury" Yearbook Staff 143, Commit- mittee for Senior Play 143, Decorations Committee for "Sno-ball" dance143, Sen- ior Play Committee 143, Yearbook Adver- tising Committee 1433 Office Work. DORIS ANN TEABO - "Dory," 4 Mary Street, Senior High Chorus 12, 3, 43, Squad Leader 12, 43, "Mercury Murmurs" Staff 133, "Sunbonnet Sue" Operettta. 133, Commencement Usher 133, Stage Man- ager for "A Little Honey" 143, Steno- graphic Work. at if JOANNE CAROL SM EATON -"J0anie," "Nitzi," 20 Bristol Avenue: Chorus May Concert 12, 33, Library Staff 133, "Sun- bonnet Sue" Operetta 133, Commence- ment Usher 133, Chorus 143, Committee for Senior Play 143: Office Work in Auburn Memorial Hospital. JUDY ELLEN SMITH - "Smitty," 92 Perrine Streetg Fashion Show 12, 33, Banking Cashier 12, 43, "Mercury Mur- murs" Staff 13, 43, Student Council Al- ternate 143, Office Helper 143, Yearbook Advertising Committee 1435 Secretarial Work. ,Html-Q THE SENIOR CLASS VOTED MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED ......,, BEST DRESSED ......................... DOES MOST FOR SCHOOL ....... MOST POPULAR ........ WITTIEST ..................... MOST DEPENDABLE ....... Tyna Homick Diane Suborski Tom McNabb Helen Kenna Doris Teabo Judy Smith BEST LOOKING ....................... ........ P eter Killian BEST DRAMATIC ABILITY ......... ....... A lice Pitcher MOST COURTEOUS ..... ...... P atricia Andersen BEST DANCER ........ MosT MUSICAL ......... QUIETEST .............. MosT ATHLETIC ...... PEPPIEST ................... MosT TALKATIVE ....... SHYEST ...................... CUT-UP ...................... MOST VERSATILE .............................. MOST PLEASING PERSONALITY CUTEST .................................................. BEST NATURED ....... MOST EASYGOING ...... Norma De Angelis Sam Scozzari Joanne Smeaton Bill Lowery Gloria Pacelli Irene Rusinko Mary Lou Deacy Ellen Hickey Barbara Lober Pauline Perun 22 Rose Durante Conrad Baran Mary Etta Ryan :iw :ff - fd , W .T as ig JH 1 y- 1 I5 if g , v J ' ' V f 'K fa 5. A 'hw ' , . K 19 U- ,T P, fy.. . Q Q. 2 5 s 1 x Q "Hx if va 1 Q.. x 3 1 25? ",l U ' so j fiiii B In .xiii . z,,.,,a I-4 n +-. x, A ,L as . ,ff N iq, -. i X X: . Q, fl: Q XL w E uw' 5 M s aww 'Q 1 MX M X Q QV , 56+ . L . .. , K '- in k , - - -7, , X P6 ,311 9... 1 U I , v-..,, W CLASS WILL p We, the Class of '55, being of rather sound mind and slightly bruised body, do sorrowfully QPJ bequeath in this our last Will and Testament the following: To the Junior Girls: Our ball point pens and the "green light" from Secretarial and Office Practice classes. To the Junior Boys: More female cadets to entertain them while they learn. To all Sophomores: As successful a Sophomore Welcome as we enjoyed. To all Freshmen: The chance to become seniors. To Mr. Ellis: His continued good services to Central High. To Mr. Davidge: Another successful year as vice-principal. Pat Andersen leaves her friendly personality to Winnie Keogan. Conrad Baran leaves his admission slips to Marie Jones. Justine Baran leaves her Office Practice "workshop" to Marilyn McCarthy and Donna Komanecky. Patty Burns leaves her dream of being 5' 4" to Louise Ruetsch. Sue Butler leaves her chemistry knowledge to Donna Williams and Blondie Pelc. Marguerite Carnicelli leaves her ability to get to school on time to Ann Ryan and Angela Leonello. Jean Cecchini leaves her position as secretary-to-the-boss-of-Red Star to Judy Cholette. Sonia Chamulak leaves her mischievous smile to Beverly Quick. Elease Chick leaves her red hair to Rita Major. Johann Cimpi leaves her driving ability to Janet Gregory and Vera Ward. Terry Ciricillo leaves her happy nature to Vinnie Colella. Evelyn Closs leaves her blond hair to Pat Thompson and Dale Anderson. Ronald Coombe leaves his tenor voice to Alan Kubarek and John Antonik. Mary Lou Deacy leaves her height to Mary Lou Smith. Norma Jean DeAngelis leaves her "scatterbrain" to Barbara Kowalczyk and Shirley Westlake. Angela Dello Stritto leaves her athletic ability to Shirley Seibert. Rose Marie Durante leaves her roller skates to Joan Lombardo and Nicolina Maggio. Charlene Fares leaves her gum-chewing exercises to Sandra Gernak and Helen Georges. Joan Fedor leaves her Olfice Practice "due date" assignment book to Barbara Bommersbach and Nancy Borza. Joan Fraczek leaves her talkativeness to Janice Clark and Ruth Wood. Carole Green leaves her love for school to Roberta Casbarro. Nancy Gromick leaves her position in the chorus to Judy Regets and Williarn Kufs. Linda Heinzmann leaves her cherished history book to Carol Covert and Pat Farrington. Ellen Hickey leaves her shyness to Judy Gratton and Rita Hoey. Tyna Homick leaves her display book in Secretarial Practice to Pat Kachurak and Joan Hickey. Helen Kenna leaves her cute ways to Pat Ledor and Angie Lo Iacono. Wanda Kenna leaves her position as vice president of the class to David Bishop. ...I 24 I., Peter Killian leaves his dashing personality to Dave Davia and James Eckett. Lee Lasher leaves his "little black book" to Fritz Homick and John Zamniak. Barbara Lober leaves her place behind the wheel of the Driver Education Chevie to James English and George Charles. Dorothy Logue leaves her ability to lose books to Pat Houghaboom and Roberta Killian. William Lowery leaves his position as fullback to Peter Borza and Gerald Gdula. Glenda Loyster leaves her flashy frames to Mary Stafford and Clifford Northrup. Maria Jose Manzari leaves her "Tin Lizzy" to Nick Maltese. Anthony Martino leaves his crew cut to Frank Merola. Rena Matzen leaves her precious varsity sweater to Mary Vreeland and Terry Wilson. Trudy McLean leaves her love of food to Helena May. Tom McNabb leaves his Harriman campaign buttons to Pete Sikora. Naomi Moore leaves her unusual name to Ormie King. Janice Morrow leaves her "pony tail" to Shirley Townsend. Pat Murinka leaves her calm nerves in Secretarial Practice to Marion Kowatch. Sue Neumann leaves her hope for a happy future to Bill Coleman. Joanne Nobes leaves her tardy slips to Mary Walawender. Gloria Pacelli leaves her stylish Italian haircut to Joanna Tokarz. Gale Pappert leaves her outstanding scholastic ability to Lucille Talbot. Linda Paul leaves her "sloppy Joe" sweaters to Marlene Heffernan. Margaret Peacock leaves her determination to finish school to anyone who can use it. Ronnie Pelc leaves his corner in the vice-principal's office to anyone who wants it. Nancy Perron leaves her bangs to Ann Morrissey. Pauline Perun leaves her neatness to Marlene Thompson. Alice Pitcher leaves her acting ability to Joan Schlegel. Evelyn Rogers leaves her oratory medal to the next successful candidate. Irene Rusinko leaves her endless complaints to Joan Mosley. Mary Etta Ryan and Doris Teabo leave their comical actions to "Jo" Penna. Sam Scozzari leaves his plaid shirts to Bob Steigerwald. Donna Shreve leaves her complicated explanations to Cynthia Sapharas. Rose Marie Simmons leaves her dimples to Torn Stopyra. Marge Siracusa leaves her admiration for grocery stock clerks to Pauline Tilkins. Joanne Smeaton leaves her tap shoes to James Taylor. Judy Smith leaves her photography hobby to Eleanor Tkacz. Diane Suborski leaves her "sharp" clothes to Beverly O'Conner. We, the Class of '55, do hereby appoint as chief executor of this will George Gobel, "So there you are, and here we are," and that's our Will. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we do affix our seal and signatures. Signed, Class of '55 -I 25 1- PROPHECY Here we are, Lad-ies and Gentlemen, your zany news commentators, "Bugsy" De Angelis and "Tweeta" Ciricillo with our weekly aero-vision show. We are speak- ing to you from the Grand Lazanarian Ballroom in the Hotel Pierogi on the planet Mars. Here, the Central High Class of '55 is having a celestial reunion. This is the first time in forty-tive years that the members of this class have all been together. Many significant things have happened in these four and a half decades. One of the most startling is the scientific discovery made by Dr. Conrad Baran. He syn- thesized a drug which, when injected into the bloodstream, helps to keep human beings young. He calls it his Ponce de Leon Youth Serum. To aid in the progress of science, the members of the Class of '55 were requested by their classmates to be the first people injected with the serum. They all bravely consented, and, as the experi- ment was successful, they will be here tonight looking and acting nearly the same as they did forty-five years ago. Dr. Baran's sister, Tina, has been his able assistant in all his work. We are glad that both will be able to attend the reunion tonight. That roaring sound you hear in the background, ladies and gentlemen, is Rocket No. 9 coming in for a landing. We will now take you outside the ballroom to see the arriving members of the Class of '55. First comes the pilot, the former Irene Rusinko. Renee consented to drive the rocket, since prior to her marriage she had been a pilot for the New Moon Rocket Lines. Her co-pilot on this trip, Pauline Perun, is tal ing excitedly to some of the guests. Do you suppose she is describing the hard time she and Renee had on another trip dodging a huge comet that was headed for their rocket ship? The passengers are now disembarking from the space ship. Let's talk with a few of them. "Senator McNabb, how did you make out in your debates about bringing jupiter into the United Planets ?" "The decision to admit jupiter was reached, and as soon as the conference was adjourned, I hurriedly boarded this express- rocket. It's sure nice seeing you two again. I think I'll go in now and see the rest of the old gang." Here comes that famous trio, "The Rocketettes," consisting of Angie Dello Stritto, Marge Siracusa, and Rose Durante. The girls' specialty dance is very popular at the Venus De Milo Hotel, where they are appearing nightly. They have to get ready to rehearse their act for the class program tonight. That's probably why they are rushing past us without stopping. Let's try to catch that human comet running towards us. "Say, Tyna-Tyna Homick!" "Oh, hello there! Sorry, but I can't stop and talk because I want to be the first to get the scoop on our class reunion. I'm the editor of 'The jupiterian' newspaper, you know." Look at racing Janice Morrow, star reporter of "The jupiterianj' and speedy Judy Smith, the newspaper's top photo-editor, trying to keep up with Tyna. Like all reporters, they must keep up a very fast pace. "Say, Bugs, whatis that thing coming towards us ?" "Oh, don't get alarmed, Tweeta. That's only our Hedda Hopper, with one of her fabulous hat creations! You do remember Alice Pitcher, don't you ?" "I thought I saw a familiar face under those extended antennas, Bugs. Do you think she brought her famous assistant designer, Gloria Pacelli, with her?" "Naturally. Here she comes now with Alice's model, Diane Suborski. just look at the hat on Diane! Let's find out what Alice calls it." "Hi, girls! Would one of you mind telling us what that bonnet is called?" "But, naturally! This is called 'A Tootsie Torpedo.' It won the prize for origin- ality in Donna Shreve's Beret Contest at the Milky Way Salon." Maybe some of you listeners will remember that Pat Murinka also won a Hrst prize for her colorful hat creation, "Little Martianmellow Men." Doris Teabo models all of Pat's creations. -j 26 1- "Boy, Tweeta, I wonder if Sue Butler and Pete Killian will be able to come tonight." "Well, Bugs, I hate to inform you, but that bald-headed guy walking by is Peter, and the lady on crutches, with him, is Sue." "So that's what happens when chemists blow up their labs!" "Head Chemist Evelyn Rogers was away at the time, and she couldn't cprevent the situation. However, Pete and Sue received excellent care from nurses Lin a Paul, Nancy Perron and Elease Chick." The last passenger is now descending from Rocket Whoop-it-Up. Why, that must be the president of New Moon Rocket Lines, Joanna Cimpi, herself! Another rocket, The Star jumper, is zooming in for a landing, too. Let's go over there and meet some more guests. How quickly it has landed! The door is already open. The first passengers to descend are Carole Green and Ellen Hickey. They have to hurry to the hotel to prepare the food for this festive occasion. As you may know, they are two of the chefs at Patty Anderson's Venus De Milo Hotel. Head Chef Mar- tino, who arrived earlier, will probably sample all the food to make sure it is superb. He is fussy, as most chefs are, and he won't permit any food which is not perfect to leave the kitchen. One true blessing tonight for the volunteer dishwashers, Rena Matzen and Pat- ricia Burns, will be Lee Lasher's stupendous Flying Saucer Dishwashing Machine. It will be a treat for Rena and Pat, since they have to wash dishes by hand for their fourteen children. Joanne Nobes, Joanne Smeaton, and Marguerite Carnicelli, all ex- cellent waitresses, have volunteered their services on this memorable occasion. These girls, now married, are kept on their toes catering to their families. Barbara Lober, hostess for tonight, is coming toward us. She is probably looking for her boss, jean Cecchini, who is president of the Red Star Rocket Express Lines. Dorothy Logue is vice-president of this corporation, while Rose Marie Simmons, Evelyn Closs and Nancy Gromick are junior partners. "Well, I believe most of our classmates have arrived, Bugs. What do you say we go inside?" "Let's visit the bartender, Ronnie Pelc, and see if we can snitch some Burpsi- Cola. It sure was nice of Linda Heinzmann to supply the class tonight with this tasty drink from her factory." It looks as if Linda, Sales Manager Naomi Moore and Advertising Agents Sonia Chamulak and Glenda Loyster are discussing a big transaction with their attorney, Trudy McLean, at table No. 4. Mary Lou Deacy and Joan Fedor, partners in the firm, are evidently acting as advisors for this transaction. At table No. 5 are joan Fraczek and Charlene Fares, who own the Sweet Babe Diaper Factory. With them are their two best consumers, the former Kenna twins, each of whom has three sets of twins herself. "Hey, Tweeta, who's that up there swinging from the chandelier ?" "Gee, Bugs, don't you recognize him? It's the football hero of our teen-age days and the now colossal Horset Racer, Bill Lowery. For heaven's sake, what is he doing up there? My guess is that he caught a whiff of Sue Neuman's new perfume product, Venitioa Sensation. Say, isn't that his manager, Maria jose Manzari, telling him to come down?" "Yes, Bill is to be in the championship race tomorrow at the Sweep-it-Downs, and Maria wants him to save his energy. Say, Tweeta, I see the ever popular band- leader, Sam Scozzari, organizing his musicians. What do you say we take our seats? I think the program is about to begin." Let's take a peek at the program notes. Gale Pappert, well known as chairman of the Planetary Congress, is to be the mistress of ceremonies tonight. Ronald Coombe will do an excerpt from his latest movie, a recent revision of "Gone with the Hurricane." To conclude the program, our famous songstress Mary Etta Ryan will sing her new ballad, "Slow Rocket to Saturn." Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, as our aero-vision show comes to a close, we want to remind you to view our mental telepathy show next week. Then we'll be broad- casting from jupiter. We hope you have enjoyed meeting the members of the Class of '55. So-"If you want to see mugs, tune to Tweeta and Bugs." .-I 27 IT W iw QSM M ' s. im? QD Hi ..- 3 m ii gi ll LQ. 'X L 2 if Z 4 W Q jf' 4 Vmgif QF 1 ,L , A- A A Ll Q' 'X A 5 - x ,Q'ivFvz 1 - A: gl. 2 - ,A .ki . ,. L . x A . .Q-W7:5,'X"'l: 'fm 7 Q- , -IfQIffe:Qi.2QQfV.1Q,,,.ff11,, 'sitlfimzi M- 11: Af N Q 1.2 Ili! Q W U ns, gf. A .H 11 E f WSW f Q Qi -J' fw- K ima SSW W if f' ,QQ i 'W' ,Sig Z f. f A p-QQ V96 YW 'K . ' ,- f -sw-1 f- - x A Wg QA wxwww . ii l gig? M.,-f.,.f 'wx -- Q wk f A 'gmtf , L, ,, , f- ' , -ff ww , an .,m1.f1 flaw--vmwlep. 1zf21Q..,1f'W'm- U K ' m K 4.1 L f "-- M L, X. " :NN ' N ik V. W if 16 rv' 11,3 0-M af Y 'hs fw. vw 95' 'D . 4 if v' N- '51 iff? 3 3 13' E- ' 'iii , 3222 hug 'Ni .YD 4 r N . 144 . A 4 F454 ,g ' 1 an gs , aw k , In ' f+ ,V iv J in 1 T 110 Q my V 1 L is :N ,V N in . if E? ' Q V ' abb y 1 X QT 5 .w xi S Q 3 fftgffx , , 'W X ' lx L--. HY, 7-LQ, fy I Ag X. -'hflllkifgi A ' , ,nw J I " . , QI -I -.,.5bh1m ' 9 V "wx, V ' P' 1 f , A Jw Q" ,n X232-'L gm: U 3-.aa qv, 'Q .I "alia il M xv'- lgx QE sis? : 'Z iii? iw' , 5 V gp' qw? fp ' ' ' fx' " H in mm ei 4 W rt" Q 5 Y M-, ku- nf 'Ek Q5 Q-'X 'Q J Fw. ivy 3 1 FN WDW MU, i M K L,-ff gyflf, . XJ fi? X no ' f X1 fig-xx xXWXgvQx'nX': 5.1, ,QR XM, XM XR-yf ff-J Q .w - N 7 HQ, ' .1-V" ' Y, 1 - ' if f - 1153!-3? "A LITTLE HONEY" CAST or CHARACTERS Diana Minton ........................................ GALE PAPPERT Tom Corning ....... ......................... T OM MCNABB Scoots Minton ..... ........................... J USTINE BARAN Jerry Minton ................ NORMA JEAN DE ANGELIS Grandma Thornton ............. SUZANNE NEUMAN Martha Minton .,..... .........,.. T YNA HOMICK Roger Minton ..,.. ............... L EE LASHER Albert Parker .....,.............. ................. R ONALD PELC Delores Megglehammer ,.....,..... THERESA CIRICILLO Mrs. Simmons ...,. Eve Tyler ........... Exterminator .... Patricia Andersen Patricia Burns Jean Cecchini Linda Heinzmann Barbara Lober Rena Matzen MARY ETTA RYAN WANDA KENNA ANTHONY MARTINO USHERS Trudy McLean Naomi Moore Janice Morrow Joanne Nobes Evelyn Rogers Rose Marie Simmons -l 34 1- DRAMATICS On March 11, 1955, the Senior Class of Central High School presented "A Little Honey," a three act comedy by William Davidson. The play takes place in the Minton living-room in Ashton in early summer.The Minton residence is just like any average American home until Diana Minton, the Minton's eldest daughter, discovers that her boy friend, Tom Corning, has returned home after being in japan for two years. During their first evening together, Tom is surprised to find that Diana has changed considerably during his two-year absence. Tom can hardly believe it when Diana tells him that she works at the local auto school overhauling cars and trucks. After Tom loses a bet on a ball game to Diana and she succeeds in starting a car when his attempts to start it have failed, their re- union ends abruptly with his walking out on her. Gale Pappert plays the intellectual Diana, and Tom McNabb, the dismayed engineer. Grandma Thornton, characterized by Suzanne Neuman, arrives just in time to play Cupid to Tom and Diana. Tyna Homick, as Mrs. Minton, gives her mother some stiff competition, for she believes that Diana can win Tom only by reading books and being intelligent. The trouble is, however, that Diana is too intelligent. While Mrs. Minton is worrying about Diana, Eve Tyler, an attractive Southern widow played by Wanda Kenna, is playing up to Mr. Minton with her sweet talk and ways. Like many a poor hen-pecked husband, Mr. Minton, as played by Lee Lasher, is very much flattered when the flirtatious and seemingly helpless Mrs. Tyler places her problems in his hands. "Scoots," the Minton's youngest daughter, is continually getting into mischief and causing an uproar in the Minton household. Her many comical antics are repro- duced by Tina Baran. jerry, Diana's sixteen year old sister, has already caught her man and so she tries to help Diana catch Tom. jerry leads her boy friend Albert around by the nose, but he doesn't seem to mind it. These two typical teenagers are played by Norma Jean DeAngelis and Ronald Pelc. Theresa Ciricillo and Mary Etta Ryan add much to the humor which prevails throughout the play in their respective roles as Delores Megglehammer and Mrs. Simmons. Delores is a washed-out, singing maid who has frequent troubles with the members of the family and whose main objective seems to be to displease Mrs. Min- ton. Mrs. Simmons, Grandma's glum, sour-faced nurse, is always running in and out with a heavily laden wheelchair, trying to fulfill Grandma's many requests. Anthony Martino, as the Sure-Shot Man, is called to the Minton home to fum- igate Delores' bedroom after bed bugs have been set loose in it by the mischievous "Scoots." The climax of the play occurs when Diana and Mrs. Minton have to decide whether to listen to Grandma, who is determined to get Diana and Tom together. They do follow her suggestion, and with Mr. Minton's help, Grandma stages a re- hearsal to show Diana the technique to use in winning Tom. Although the real per- formance by Diana and Tom turns out to be just the opposite of their rehearsal, their purpose is achieved and Tom does propose. Diana's meek "yes" is too much for Grandma, who faints as the curtains close. Stage Managers Irene Rusinko and Doris Teabo worked especially hard and really deserve a great deal of credit for making the production a. success. We of the cast and of the Senior Class would like to thank Mrs. Page, our won- derful director, whose countless efforts made "A Little Honey" into a "honey" of a play that was acclaimed by both cast and audience. STUDENT MANAGERS Irene Rusinko Doris Teabo LIGHTS AND CURTAINS Conrad Baran Peter Killian SENIOR PLAY FACULTY Mrs. Leslie R. Page, Director assisted by Miss Helen Sabourin Miss Mary Freeman Miss Carolyn Klink Miss Gwendoline Reid Miss Vera Cotter Mr. William Miller Organ Music - Miss Margaret Tayl -I 36 1-- CROWNIN6 OF SNO-BALL tl 37 1- SENIORS' SOCIAL EVENTS The hrst memorable senior year activity of the Class of '55 was the traditional Sophomore Welcoine. lt was held on October 21 and 22. After the Sophs paraded on Genesee Street to show their costumes to the Friday night shoppers, there was a party at the school. The chaperones for the party were Mrs. Alice McLean, Mrs. Ernest Smeaton, Mrs. Alex Marullo, Miss Leonard, and Miss Superko. During the evening a kangaroo court was held, and the Sophs performed for the crowd. We will never forget Harry Zamniak who, dressed as a woman, sang "St. Louis Woman." To usher in the winter season, the Sno-Ball Dance with all its royal splendor was held on December 17. The king and the queen chosen by ballot were Peter Kil- lian and Helen Kenna, a charming couple. The other well-deserving candidates were Conrad Baran, Bill Lowery, Mary Lou Deacy, and Rose Marie Durante. The throne was a sleigh, and snowball decorations throughout the gymnasium carried out the winter atmosphere beautifully. QUEEN AND KING J J J , Z, ,J ii l if I J "MERCURY" STAFF Editor ,,.,.., ..,,,.,,..,.,,....,,....... ....,...........,................... M a ry Etta Ryan Class Song ...... ........... T yna Homick, Tom McNabb Patricia Andersen, Trudy McLean History ........ Will ............. ........ M ary Lou Deacy, Angela Dello Stritto Theresa Ciricillo, Norma De Angelis Prophecy ........ Art Editors ............... .....................l..... L ee Lasher, Patricia Andersen Dramatics Editors ....... ...... S ue Newman, Wanda Kenna, Justine Baran Library Editors ........ ...............,...... J oanne Nobes, Patricia Murinka Social Editors ..,.... .................................... E velyn Rogers, Rose Marie Durante Photo Editors ...... ........ J udith Smith, Rose Marie Simmons, Anthony Martino Sports Editors .......... ........ W illiam Lowery, Maria Jose Manzari, Conrad Baran Musical Editors .......... ...................................,....... A lice Pitcher, Samuel Scozzari "Senior Class Voted" ........................................................ Irene Rusinko, Pauline Perun Statistics ........................ Gale Pappert, Jean Cecchini, Janice Morrow, Donna Shreve Planning Committee .......................... Mary Etta Ryan, Barbara Lober, Helen Kenna, Lee Lasher, Marilyn Sue Butler, Gertrude McLean, Patricia Murinka, Thomas McNabb Advertising Committee .....................,.................... Patricia Andersen, Janice Morrow, Rose Marie Durante, Mary Lou Deacy, Samuel Scozzari, Glenda Loyster, Nancy Gromick, Jean Cecchini, Rose Marie Simmons, Marilyn Sue Butler, Pauline Perun, Diane Suborski, Judith Smith, Marguerite Carnicelli, Sonia Chamulak, Gertrude McLean, Linda Heinzrnann, Cashier 11 38 1- CO-EDITORS ..................,. Tyna Homiclc, Janice Morrow ASSOCIATE EDITORS ...............,,....... Mary Lou Smith, ALUMNI ...... ASSEMBLIES CLASSROOM EXCHANGES FACULTY .,.... FASHIONS Judy Gratton, Evelyn Rogers Suzanne Neuman Elizabeth Kutcr Theresa Ciricillo Rose Marie Simmons Donna Shreve Norma Jean De Angclis FEATURES Mary Etta Ryan MUSIC .....,....... .,...........,..........,...........,.,...... P atricia Andersen PERSONAL ...................,. ...... P atricia Murinka, Mary Elizabeth Stafford SENIOR INTERVIEW ..... .........,......................,.,,.............. B arbara Lobcr SPORTS EDITORS ...... ..................,..........,.,. M aria Jose Manzari, Ormonde King REPORTERS ........,. ...... H elen Ladouceur, Cynthia Sapharas, Gertrude McLean JUNIOR HIGH ......,. ...... G eorge Hippisley, Williain Dorr, Jo Ann Finizio, Diane Morrow, David Zibbon, Emily Kotzer TYPISTS ............. ........ J ean Cecchini, Mary Lou Deacy, Doris Teabo, Angela Dello Stritto, Mary Etta Ryan, Patricia Andersen, Gertrude McLean ADVISORS ...... .,.... M r. Hilbert, Miss Klink, Mrs. Tanner STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Patricia Andersen Barbara Lober Donna Shreve Francis Homick Mary Lou Smith Patricia Kachurak Robert McKeon Pat Scott Joan Barwinczak Betty Kuter Ruth Heinzmann Edward Urich Wfilliam Dorf Sandra Pingryn Deidra Matthews Michael Tabaczyk Donald Chowaney Pauline Antonik Donald Paradise Alan Paul Williainm Zanowick James Good Lillian Hojnacki Neila Hunter ALTERNATES Theresa Ciricillo Wanda Kenna Judy Smith Dale Anderson Cynthia Sapharas Marilyn McCarthy Sheila Panek Joan Westcott Vincetta Bellerdine Janice French Gerald Jenner Bernice Townsend Jerry Gratton Linda Ross Kenneth Mooney Gwen Van Loan Mary Carpenter Robert Calimeri Lewis Parker Paul Lattimore Nancy Wachna Virginia Dekoschak Susan Huffman James English - Q t l W, H K I an 5 , 4 -. ,ste R X S it A I STUDENT COUNCIL 1954 - 1955 President .......... .................. .............. T h omas McNabb Vice-President ........ ....... T yna Homick Secretary .......... ....... O rmonde King Treasurer ...... ........ J ohn Zamniak Clerk ..... ...... D avid Bishop The Student Council, the governing organization of the student body, is made up of the students, by the students, and for the students. The officers are elected by the entire student body, through secret ballots, about May of the year before they take office. In September, when school begins, each homeroom elects a representative and an alternate to send to the meetings. This year the Student Council has discussed and passed many "Bills" for the good of the school. Among them are the following: One of the nrst items discussed at our meeting was the sale of book covers. They are really attractive, with a picture of Central High School on the front and a Mercury head on the back, and have sold like "hotcakes." Next, the members of the Student Council voted to sell tickets to the football games and later did so. The games proved to be very exciting. A discussion was later held concerning a school store. It was decided that the store would sell paper, ink, and pencils and that it would be open during the noon hour, before school, and during seventh bell. It was voted that the Council buy a public address system for the school, and the public address system was purchased. The system was first used at the annual Student Council "Sno-Ball" dance on December 17. A list of rules as to who could use the system was put before the Council at a later meeting. A constitution was discussed in the Student Council, and it was decided that a committee be appointed to look over the old constitution. The committee did so and revised it. Later, it was decided that the parliamentary method of procedure would be used to keep the meetings in order and to make it possible to accomplish more. The president, in carrying out some of his campaign promises, purchased some mirrors for the boys' gym, after consulting the Council. The Student Council is the democratic system in the schools today for pupils to obtain experience in governing. The preceding accomplishments serve to illustrate what can be carried out with the joint consent of the students and the faculty. ...I 41 17 R , A + ,T M, ,Q V ,. ff' n A 'Wulf - 7' K H , JV7. ,f 'h 4 mm-, fa fs f V 1 . . ..- ,---. - . ' 5 L . Q y -Sf: .fvfgh 3552 I ,, 3 gpg , 5-gg ,-.Lk 5 .- ,L 1 -, L, - I 'Z ta i 'E .X.-. G, Q V V , V 1 , 'S 3 5 A I Q A 3,4 4 ... .W ix. Q . M., ,W ,, .. , 1 ,, ' 2 . V 53 1 'I , ' 2 VV., -1 - gn , A, 1 , Q: , , z :sig-g Jw -.Q -za. I M gi. .Q I-wp 2 y - ' ' J if ' f I ff ".. 'Eiga Q E QLLA - s My 3 ' 1 , -' V' 22 , 2. If f--f-- Q - , s' T f 1 f- fi' f-'IWW' .vial i-25 5 5 5 2 Q ggi? 5- '." fi 1 ' 11 f f Am L--. Gai' -- , W. 'Mp My Qgiw , may mf--fig? -' L,Q,Qgf - E v A A Qgjifzl X ' Y' ' f- T 'ir ,xg . ' X X-fi g. 2 5 7? if , 1 if ' mf ififiil- - ' 1 X - . ,wi .: 2? Q sg ' 1 f - K 'Wim k 5 , L- ,j " , ,, 1 . f 6 A n " A.. - ' 1 ,553 an L - V - N:-, 2 N H, , , . , ,, M . Vlrf,,,- f X wi f. kv .ww fzfww-www ,Q wx-.- -. x --.. 1 'gg fr,fWf N fb ks ' 'bt .J A: X V I 5 K ff?-:L5,:fi ,. " " K -3213,-1if'E5i3'Z2 H - W 1Q.,,Q- W 4 4 Ei Mgmt! K 'Ei ,W lf Ax 4' V-1 LW Vx 2 1 Q , Mx g, 1 I fx. , Na , p ev A., , - f 5.635531 -52' 6 2, W Jud: ,A M. 1' 3 -fs ' "1 If f 5 . ,, 5 gqlwg' f x r' a ITSNQRQ ,T 5 5 f 3559, I' QE kg: S I if ' ix, Q? em , by f' bf W xf vs, af 4 If Wife? 'ef Qk X Q 2 131' 4 1' f:xQ?k'1yQa' gbEVkw:'Qgf 'M 5 inns, un- XX ,, far f Q ", ' , .. f f . .Ml V 4441 I X B iy X' pw 061'-V ' 9'?-9 ,H ,Vo f . f ax ,yy ' A W v -M A ,K 5 'Y' .- A ' ' M My in , ' M Q0 A , ,,k k W. . -...... , , , W Q5 jvwgfg-I I gk. M f n , . rw 1 K .Ng , - ., ' 'I' K - - 7--f. uf, W, - . ' I- A ,N ' 'V W V ff S A ,L - -3 A . L..- Q 57 VVLV J K S .nil , 5 w,"'1W5WWT,g.. ,yytlg V " ' . , 1 'LL"L- '---' 'L K A..,- ' f ',WffmQ TH A' "k'Ai'ff"' 91" ""'w "MW 7"lf'l 'l3 . V with ,,,mQw,m K '2 ,3. +f,:... N" '7" f,,,-,, f , -K . 1-. . :VV t A iy, M, ,, fn if A 'ffq' T" 1 f' ' -1' l 1 A- ..x.. ww .. .,.b,..,.z. ., - . .. , . ,Qff?fw- ff: - , w:,m.,aa2,f '- ,,-Q.-:-Sw - . A ,-A, A15 f fx-fywv f ,, - , h. - Q fiff f- 'iwsasxifmxvi'-. Qu H. ,. WI X x E Q, 5 ,. B ,Q -s S 2 . wg is C Q2 ,f :urs -'f :...:.... ffivv . i . g A IGM 'Ea .. .'.. . it 21.52--,.,.'.:.: 5 f X IFN iw ef ' X U X xx 7 ., in , gui . l-L, 4 ,, ..,- Mm ffm KK i 'L :C-Mr A W wiki' x x Q Q--stil. film 'fd my nv-"" 1 Q, 5 fd! 'N f 1 'Lim X . ws? ll vu ELM. 21521 ' 4 I.. SENIOR GIRLS' CHORUS Many activities have made the year 1954 very busy for members of the Senior Girls' Chorus. Numbering fifty girls, the group began preparations for the Thanks- giving assembly program immediately. In November, Evelyn Closs and Nancy Gromick journeyed to Mexico, New York, to participate in the Central New York State Music Festival. Twenty-one girls were selected to comprise the Christmas Chorus which accom- panied the play, "Amahl and The Night Visitors." We were proud of our results in cappella" singing fsinging without accompanimentj. The soloists for the Christ- mas program were Donna Komanecky, Norma De Angelis, Theresa Ciricillo, and Alice Pitcher. On February third, Donna Komanecky and Mary Etta Ryan sang with john Zamniak for a Morning Musicals Program at the Cayuga Museum of History and Art. An assembly program "Stratford College, That's Us!" was presented in March. It was fun to prepare for this entertainment for the entire school. In May each year is held the Auburn Music Department Concert at East High School. We always love to wear our evening dresses, and we try hard to represent our school worthily. -f 44 1- NINTH GRADE GIRLS' CHORUS Although not so large as last year, the chorus had quality if not quantity. After becoming used to singing in three parts, we began rehearsing Irving Ber- lin's "Say It With Music," an arrangement of "Three Blind Mice" and Noble Cain's "joshua Fit De Battle of Jericho." We prepared most of the year for the Music Festival to be held in May at East High School. We were invited to sing at a meeting of the Professional Woman's Club at the Woman's Union in April. Ml 45 IM LIBRARY STAFF Presldent ............. ........ N orma De Angelis Vice-President ........ ....... M aria Jose Manzari Secretary .......... ........... J udy Gratton Treasurer ...... ...... B landyna Pelc OTHER MEMBERS Judy Cholette Janice Morrow Theresa Ciricillo Joanne Nobes Linda Heinzmann Evelyn Rogers Barbara Kowalczyk Eleanor Tokarz Barbara Lober Under the direction of Miss Ellis, the school librarian, a group of girls help in the library each year. Any girl from the ninth grade through the twelfth is eligible to work in the library, and those who are chosen by Miss Ellis are proud of the honor. Among the many varied jobs that these girls perform, the most usual are to check books in and out of the library, put returned books back on the shelves in their proper places, and do assistant librarians' work with the seventh and eighth grade classes. The staff are grateful for the opportunity to work with Miss Ellis and to gain skill in the important library work that she teaches. Now that we have just learned that she is retiring at the end of this year, we wish Miss Ellis all health and happiness during the years that lie ahead. ...I 46 1...- SENIOR AND JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETIES asf pl mfg!! My X 2 gig if an -c,Q055,wb My My Mx 2 if WL SNOW SY iff' 5 . X Qpjfjiw MW? UE W .e,, Z 51a-vfQ,,, SUV QV! Q! JUNK-Mt 97 .fecvim-tai' Sail jf-:ZW 951 MWWXM KMWQQ0, jg AW MMM wMW X , wx ff2Q""w jwl-if .QL dig. Q9 ,p66vv'4"'! ' fa 507. Cgrppfvy 5 Wy? 5. MMLQJI MN qflxgl 4 W 1 xox 1 '73 I :'Xf -- 1115!-JE Q SOUAD ALL-HIGH FOOTBALL ALL-HIGH FOOTBALL SOUAD 13 Ithaca 20 6 Proctor 27 0 Cortland 45 13 Geneva 36 e 0 IT1 Ro 14 32 229 Totals 0 Watertown 53 ,- Zyw ff 'TT -K .ig , -0' 2 7 2 fy.. wg ! ...B A , i . 'f ' 4 Q gg 1 , Q ,-5 le, vu iii:-4 A Q , ,, f .. .,,. , ..: 'M 'NRM ,bww X Nw? M ALL-HIGH SWIMMING SQUAD ALL-HIGH WRESTLING SQUAD 13 S If Y ' af N Q vw 'Sf 2.1--, M, if -A,,..... 5 x L.S-.JJ , X35 iw- ,,, -W-up ,A ighziw' ' Sm A KL 5 A E Y I 1? PA .kkk I fy! 5 A -k,A k i 0 jf, A ghk r Mrk xii T QU- sv ,J R W Q if is ' an if A 5 F ? V if W m ' A ' S3 ""5' "?'1 L ' if -2 5z??2.?E59" X T55 -' W 3' ,Q M53 wf 'm'::-s ' ' ' W v 'av '41 kk "'f Z QL L Q 5 gm n W W if , F is , K 5' A I, ,X if ,ww-,' 2 'V '. wx fx+-ww Q ,Q 1 ,, ,N .fy vw: Www. -fi,-,'mvep,L Lenny, wk,-wifi H 5. , ,5,,,.L,,.,X,gg::222134 'TREK' Q 'wllfi-9? 'Q 5 SR. DODGEBALL WINNERS Front Row, Josephine Penna, Wanda Kenna Joanna Tokarz, Capt. Patricia Murinka Justine Baran Back Row, left to right, Helen Kenna, Roberta Casbarro, Shirley Townsend, Diane Suborski, Joan Lombardo SR. SOCCER WINNERS Front Row, Joanna Tokarz Helen Kenna JR. DODGEBALL WINNERS Front Row, Gail Mosher, Carol Peoples, Capt. Walda Rogers Back Row, left to right, Martha Keefe, Lorraine Martino, Barbara Rooker, Carolyn Krell Ht SR. VOLLEYBALL WINNERS Front Row, Josephine Penna Wanda Kenna, Capt. Norma De Angelis, Capt. Diane Suborski Wanda Kenna Justine Baran Back Row, left to right, Roberta Casbarro, Shirley Townsend, Diane Suborski, Theresa Ciricillo, Patricia Murinka Back Row, left to right, Shirley Townsend, Joanna Tokarz Shirley Westlake I KQX .M -. 1 -x i , Rx! A 1:Lf"' W C A , . ig, 41 1 y SQ Ng, F 2 wwf W4 ffAk 4: 5 7 4' XX, .f ,wif ' - s 141 :W rx' "FQ" Ji , 'MQ anavgipq I, ,fuse 031: i" pfillflli ill N, 4: :lg I Q, as ,f ,X If I , "-029'-01408041-2 l7s?1?0'1727'Qs056N9f04'7s?f9f9fQ010'6bl?f?17s?6v6127s0'6N7Z CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISI-IES tothe CLASSOF'55 THE OLDEST BANK IN CAYUGA COUNTY f afionaI :fn Bank of Auburn AUBURN, N. Y. - LOCKE, N. Y. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Member Federal Reserve System 10?v01f0vf010w01s0w'-020217 PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS I 2024 10'f07l0Pl0'l05 f05105l09'095P17'0'C05'0'i77'0" Compliments ot H. J. GARDNER JENKINS Body and Fender Repairing LABORATORIES First Class Auto Painting INC. 11 LINCOLN ST. DIAL 2-5641 PHARMACEUTICALS COMPLIMENTS OF FRED R. DRAKE INC. Distributor ot Blue Sunoco Gasoline ond Motor Oils For Cayuga ancl Seneca Counties 113-115 W. PARK AVE. AUBURN. N. Y Compliments ot FINGER LAKES Best Wishes A AUBURN ARMATURE CO WHOLESALE GROCERY 6-8 COLUMBUS ST. Electrical Power Equipment PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS II 7Y02'-0P'0'l0N0Pf0N-7201G0N0N01f05Z5l0'R?f0Hl0"00'471 . eaugcpawp-ng WILLIAM F. SHEEHAN JEWELER and SILVERSMITH Diamonds - Watches 118 GENESEE ST. AUBURN, N. Y. Next to National Bank DANIEL and STONE, INC. Dodge - Plymouth 35-39 Garden St. Auburn, N. Y. Compliments ot VAN DUZER APPLIANCE CO. The Best in Appliances Frigidaire Products 23 North Street Auburn, N. Y. CONGRATULATIONS TO Seward Hi Y Wayne Ackart Leonard Bobbett David Campbell john Contiguglia Richard Contiguglia Donald Costello Clayton Gilmore William Halaiko john Herrling Lloyd Hutchings Richard Knaul Richard Lind Robert McCarthy David Parker Douglas Ross john Sager Richard Scolaro james Sweeting Richard Vinciguerra OUR SENIOR MEMBERS Emerson Tri Hi Y Marlene Bass Marilyn Charles Michalean Cimildora Alice Conkright Nancy Daly Catherine Gallager Anne Ganey Faye Hamilton Shirley Harris Carole Kenyon jane Mellor janet Millar Marilyn Procino june Short Beverly Skillett joan Stenard Barbara Taylor Carol Watrous Joanne Worden Frederick Webster E D D I E ' S Compliments of Fish Fry Hots A FRIEND Fresh Made Ice Cream FIVE POINTS nova :ow 0.0.0. PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS III K01f?10N7'02s01s0N?'011010170P10X0f0Pf0ls0'10 f70ff0120410ff0 udgecz' by the CUSTOMERS we keep Our customers keep coming back to us, season after season. That means we've pleased them. We have given them nationally known cloth- ing and furnishings at locally -famous prices, with a good measure of service, too. EGBERT'S DRESS WELL AND SUCCEED Auburn, New York N010-40: 2-00'-0201 PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS IV 0N?f0Ws01l0f0'04f02s02s?s04s0lC0f'0's0220102f7 s7'0'0W01W10'0 The H. R. WAIT CO. Try Wait's First tor HOME FURNISHINGS Main Stores and Offices 77, rear 79 and 81, and 83 Genesee St., Auburn, N. Y. Antique Shop, 24-26 Clark Street Best Wishes Class of 1955 D. E. FRENCH AGENCY REAL ESTATE MORTGAGES H. Donald Conley. Broker 96 Genesee Street Auburn, N. Y. THE PLACE TO SAVE FOR AN EDUCATION SAVINQ-TT Ar-in l.oAN ASSOCIAT-IBN AUIIIIN 96 Genesee Street Compliments ot RED if sun EXPRESS LINES ewffawsfaoaofafawaoowswwtmcawwwszwvsfawavfwawsiafaeaoz PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS V f0'2011021747 h0v104f7f07405f0'201Q01f7Q02f0v'0f'0'102G0?40' JYQNQIYQW-05 Compliments of BEST WISI-IES TO TI-IE CLASS OF '55 SARGENT'S ' WILLIAM B. 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Compliments of 23 PERRINE STREET KROMER'S BAKERY 5 NORTH STREET A"b""" N- Y- Auburn's Home Newspaper THE CITIZEN - ADVERTISER . . . devotes thousands ot inches ot space annually to authentic and timely reports of SCHOOL ACTIVITIES In Auburn and Cayuga County Sports. classroom and social happenings ot high schools and grade schools throughout this section play an im- portant part in the news columns ot your local newspaper. Auburn Publishing Co. 34-36 DILL STREET DIAL: 3-6211 I Compliments ot WORDEN s PAINT HNUGENTS.. Coats Suits Dresses ' I'-lose Lingerie Sportswear Handbags Dealer 'U 107 GENESEE STREET AUBURN, N. Y. Paint Wall Paper . CORNER GROCERY STORE Window Shades Venetian Blinds A. C' Brunjes Artist's Materials Picture Framing Fri?t?2:gQyLeg2:EEieS 48 GENESEE ST. DIAL: 3-9441 Groceries and Beverages "'0"-7'02s7s0'-w0wl0N02s-710444 PLEASE PATRONI ZE O XV FREE DELIVERY Y?'6"'05C9410K6 UR ADVERTISERS 0N0'K0"0'20v-01s01s0"-0N0'120"'0X0's0'2'-0H0"0N01s0'12?'-?s0"W'27s0"0Y-02s7f0f'0 COMPLIMENTS OF MEAGHER 81 CUDDY, Inc. Joseph P. Cuddy FUNERAL SERVICE Dial 3-8951 81 North Fulton Street Auburn, New York Congratulations to ROBERT A. CARTER THE CLASS OF '55 MATHEW P INVESTMENT SECURITIES AGENCY 21 South Street INSURANCE DIAL: 2-1426 DMU 2-6361 Congratulations to THE CLASS OF '55 PETER BERRENA MARSHALUS CLOTHING STORE Headquarters for Young Men's Clothes SPORT COATS SPORT SHIRTS SUITS SLACKS RAIN COATS SWEATERS 131 Genesee Street Auburn. N- Y- 1r0K010vs?s7w?s9402s0P61s0W s04s7'7s0' PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS XVI wanowoxonow-02:03:01 't0"0"0"' cempiamene oi Compliments Of STANDARD TANK and JAMES J- HICKEY MANUFACTURING gg, Reliable Plumbing end Heating FOOT OF McMASTER ST. zo PAUL ST. AUBURN, N. Y. Entering New Frontiers . . . Like the graduate. we face the exciting challenges ot a new frontier based on electric science and development. As more and more new uses are found tor electric power. the bigger becomes the challenge. Keeping electric supplies ahead ot exciting new possibilities and uses is our biggest job, calling tor constant pioneering. Some ot this pioneer- ing is at Milliken Station, a new steam electric generating plant we're building on the shore ot Cayuga Lake. We pledge to continue building and improving electrical tacilities to keep supplies plentiful, dependable - the best way we can prove we're partners in the progress oi the region we serve. NEW Y0llK STATE ELECTRIC 8: GAS Compliments ot Compiiments of THE IDEAL CLEANERS SANITARY LAUNDRY Dial 3-3511 247 w. GENESEE ST. DMU 3'366l W0's71010HQ1?0v6Qf-?6WC?4747f0f?0w?s0M10v6avyf0s0'00v10'f?s?f0 PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS XVII ww-fa 000 0w000 Compliments of T R A U B ' S FURNITURE STORE a 0?-1. Nw s. 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PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS XIX mavfaafaroaavonofawnoxwwawwnararmwnaaanaraxawfwfatoxaaww Compliments of CUDDY 81 GEHERIN OIL COAL HEATING EQUIPMENT BORST BROTHERS International Harvester Equipment Farm Hardware TELEPHONE 2-5531 112 Clark Street Auburn, N. Y. DEFENDORFS I. G. A. Compllments of 156 S. Seward Ave. Groceries - Fresh Vegetables Table-Rite Meats Dial: 2-3111 Compliments of EVANS and LIND MODERN POWER FARM EOUIPMENT Grant Ave. - City Line v 0v0K0'00w0b01s001 '0'-0"'0"'4 PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS XX 7000000000006100000000000000000 Compliments of ONONDAGA COACH CORP. Chartered Buses AUBURN - 3-7221 CONGRATULATIONS And Good Luck SHE'-L 5TAT'0N CHAS. "Coop" coNBoY GENERAL TIRES and TUBES Accessories Lubrication 81 CLARK ST. DIAL: 3-9611 Furniiure FIVE POINTS FOOD STORE Quality Meats ancI Groceries G' He Frozen Foods Town TaII: Ice Cream Free Delivery Chrysler - PIyl'T1Ou'CI1 37 LEWIS STREET DIAL: 3-5308 SALES and SERVICE BAR-L SUPPLY u BEACON FEEDS . D'e': 39051 Gefelee end Lewe Seeds 20-26 WATER sr. AUBURN, N. Y. STATE STREET ROAD AUBURN. N. Y. EPSl'Q 0 4 017e0402e02s?'00e?s0-e02202e0ee01s0be02f01e0ef-7e01s0c PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS XXI zemwwowwemwcmwfmwwrmwfcawoeaowfwamwcawvawvwwwwot Compliments of "Kl" YOUNG AUBURN INSURANCE AGENCY 21 South Street Compliments of WALL AT it em 0l1,J,0I'lI Q:Iml E' Gi? ESEE ST' llll L Linz SIS uurnuni Ill!! nunniun n 1 ST. Prescription Pharmacies Compliments ot A FRIEND BEST WISI-IES Class of 1955 SIMPLEX MANUFACTURING CO., INC. 1'0210'0vf01 h2102101202s0 201r01'000'01J40-6f01-0'10110f4 PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS XXII ae?v0x.0a 1030329 '00E?'Q5ZE'0?'0'5E7E0W95'-055'K0 WEBSTER DAIRY Fresh Rich Millc and DARE'S RADIO Wholesale Electronic Parts Milk Products Dial: 3-7711 22 E. GENESEE ST. DIAL: 2-0441 85 GRANT AVE. 248 CLARK ST. COMPLIMENTS OF HAMMOND AND IRVING, INC. O AUBURN, NEW YORK GENESEE N. J. PAsTusl-IAN LABORATORY. Inc. 16 Garden St. 45-49 owAsco ST. DIAL: 2-6461 Manufacturer ot GLITEX Best Auto Painting Plastic Electrical Insulation Vinyl and Polyethylene Tape and Special Shapes Fende' and Body Work E0590lE0EE0'40Pf05"0510iE? 10K0f'-0'420vf0v1?Q0f0'-'-0N0N01e. PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS XXIII Compliments of DANKSHA'S TEHAN INSURANCE AGENCY --WOOD ACRES-- General Insurance AUBURN SAVINGS BANK BLDG. 135 GRANT AVE. AUBURN' N, Y. DIAL: 3-6373 CADILLAC OLDSMOBILE JOHNSON SEAHORSE OUTBOARD MOTORS CHRIS CRAFT PENN YAN KIT BOATS BOATS Your Authorized Johnson Dealer Since 1930 LEWIS E. SPRINGER, INC. Cor. Water and Green Streets Auburn 3-7341 TROY LAUNDRY PRES-I-oN.s All Types of FI ef owers i ts LAUNDRY SERVICE 23-25 WALL sr. DIAL: 2-4631 Dali 2-5441 Auburn N Y za GENESEE ST. AUBURN, N. Y. 110N011Q1710Pf0K0N01f0A0110v1740H0117102f0N72011011?f7l0N014012-72020110210 PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS XXIV Y?'?K0??'0?f0'C7'7'0?'Q7f0' N753l?404'53'63f0K?'7'0"0N05f0f6 Compliments of LEWIS ELECTRIC COMPANY ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS 79 North Street Auburn, N. Y. VAN'S BAKERY Service To Your Door AUBURN PANTS FACTORY STORES Sportswear for Men and Boys AUBURN GENEVA Compliments AUBURN LUMBER CO., Inc. Your Lumber Number 3-3259 YARD - 17 HULBURT ST. BOB NOLAN'S SPORTING GOODS Penn Yan Boats-Mercury Motors 49 GENESEE ST. AUBURN, N. Y. THE JACOBS PRESS COMPLETE PRINTING SERVICE Auburn, New York 70MQf?'0f0'W10vs0s0vQ4QC?f9w7l?f?s7612762h76wf02s01f?s?10610lL PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS XXV C0'f9f0'17f02'0'101'0'l0120V0'10ft0"02f947Q0lQ04l01'0N0f Compliments of BUSTER'S PIONEER RESTAURANT East Genesee Road Compliments ot J. 81 A. 81 D. D'ANGELO Compliments ol A. FRIEND MacKAY'S Service Station PHONE 2-4561 RICHARDSON SQUARE Complete Auto Service Compliments ot AUBURN FREIGHT DELIVERY 0' 721-0' PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS XXVI 01 l07C?C07'0"?9? C09'-?4?52f0199490? 'Good I-UCI.. Stetson Hats - Manhattan Shirts fo the HART, sci-IAFFNER xr MARX CLASS OF '55 and , CLIPPER CRAFT CLOTHES DOWD - LEO'S . -7 STAT! STREET J 5 auwnn, us. v. 127 Genesee Street CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF '55 May success in your chosen career crown the commencement which you have achieved! A well conceived plan and a substantial foundation are the basis for a successful building. In character building the importance of a foundation is most essential. WILLIAM E. BCULEY CO., Inc. General Contractors AUBURN, NEW YORK Telephone No.: 3-7311 Thompson Boats Old Town c oooo o Compliments of AII the Leading GEBHARD, TRYON SPORTING GOODS CIICI LATTIMORE T. J. WATERS SPORT SHOP General Insurance 46 FRANCES ST. DIAL: 2-1271 14 SOUTH ST. DIAL: 3-3267 Q0-0:0-'010 0000000000 PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS XXVII 1'0H70-'?r?0's7r?0f?S7s?Q0'2?S7S?s?l7'70S6101s0v0+6161W1f01616 GODFREY SERVICE STATION 31 GRANT AVE. AUBURN, N. Y. Texaco Products Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of ROYAL DRY CLEANERS "Masters in Keeping Your Clothes Beaut itul" Congratulations Class ot '55 BO-MER MFG. CO., INC AUBURN, N. Y. Compliments ot STANLEY A. VOSBURGH Contractor FLINT BUILDING AUBURN, N. Y A FRIEND STATE STREET MARKET "Green Arrow" Specials PHONE 2-2441 147-149 STATE ST. J. O. BARAN, Prop GEORGE A. YORK Jeweler and Master Watchmalcer Iblfg E. GENESEE ST. AUBURN. N. Y. Telephone 3-8171 Compliments ot THE LIBERTY STORE 13-15 EAST GENESEE SHERMAN'S First Thought tor Sportswear 9 Catalina Swimsuits 9 Cole ot California Swimsuits 0 American Golfer Sportswear Swimwear . '1:: 5 I'.' Accessories of all luincls Compliments ot J. E. Kitts, Manager Metropolitan Life Insurance Company 1s001s0fs0'01 vW1W16ff70k0f0' PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS XXVIII 0's0'R0"01l01f0Y01r01f0"01'0"0N0'102'0I f0'10110-'-0N0'0110 TRUST COMPANY W, AUBURN. N. Y. -...f Pom' mmoN. N. Y. The rarer Thing Necessary for Your Success is to Start a Bank Account WHY DON'T YOU? O Auburn Trust Company AUBURN, NEW YORK Member ot Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Member Federal Reserve System 1JQ00lr0+h0ff0f s0f0v-0N0v0'4 PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS XXIX '20Y2h9N?'7C?'?Z55"7'797C0N74?40"7C0'Z'?17C?'?f0N?'?5'5N?5' Compliments of BOWER AND FRANCE Compliments ot NEW PROCESS GEAR ATLANTIC SERVICE CORPORATION North and Garden Streets 5 Pulaslci St. Auburn, N. Y. Auburn, N. Y. Marian M. Mosher Louise W. Merna Compliments of Miigfs-Egan' DAIRYLAND INSURANCE ICE CREAM STORE SUNDAES, SODAS, LUNCHES 83 North Street 501 National Banlr Bldg. Auburn, N. Y. J- l-attlmore Wm- Holmes Phone 2-1541 For Anything lnsurable Home Made Candies , Compliments ot CUSTOM CLEANERS Home Made Ice Cream POOLOS Since 1890 203 State Street 45 GENESEE STREET and D. . . S Sodas Sundaes Lunches 60 North wlslon treet Best Wishes to the CLASS OF 1955 NORTHWAY CHEVROLET INC. 366 Genesee Street ?R95903'0"955?'09?'91C055N-7l0"7Z5'09'?'? '0f0f0's0X00s0'1f4 PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS XXX so-'omafofmfowawzaf-ana-fo emma fo:-0 Compliments ot AUBURN MAID FOOTWEAR, IIIC. 9 LOGAN STREET Auburn, N. Y. Phone 3-7344 GASOLINE KEROSENE MOTOR OIL FUEL OIL ADAMS and BRQWNE OIL CO., INC. PHONE 3-7356 236 North Street Auburn, N. Y. BENTLEY REALTORS DEPENDABLE information and negotiation in all matters ot Real Estate transactions. City, Suburban. Lake and Farm properties. Business and Real Estate Appraisals 126 Genesee Street Auburn, N. Y. DIAL 3-9831 "Shop For Your Home in Our Ground Floor Window" BILL PERRQN'S FENNESSY and TRACY SERVICE 51'A11QN TIRES - BATTERIES AUBURN'S NEW SHOE STORE LUBRICATION - WASHING Dial 2-9973 16 North Street Cor. State and Seymour Sts. Auburn, N. Y. QQIQP' PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS XXXI wsfaowzfmgafafawiwaqafmiasmwafmowwwswwfaravfoaeasmwafasaw Compliments ot COOPER WALL PAPERS PINE HILL GROCERY Phone 2-9819 44 Clark St. Auburn, N. Y. 98 Chapman Ave. NORGE HOME APPLIANCES Compliments ot Tlnomas P. O'Brien . Jewelers and Optometrists 40 State Street Dial 3-6831 70 Genesee SL Auburn' N CITY FUEL CQ.. INC Phone 2-2849 Auburn, N. Y. Rossrs FURNITURE co. GULF Ot PRODUCTS Fuel Oil - Kerosene - Gasoline HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES PHONE 2-3751 81 W IIS 10-12 CI IcSt t t a treet ar ree McMaster Street BASTIAN BROS. CO. Rochester. New Yorlc Designers and Producers of NAME CARDS CLASS JEWELRY Commencement Announcements Member of the Educational Jewelry Manufacturers Assn. JAMES L. MASON 90 Rock Island St. Gouveneur, N. Y. Compliments ot AUBURN CO-OP G.L.F. SERVICE p AUBURN C0-OP G.L.F. FARM HARDWARE STORE Feeds, Seeds, Fertilizer Farm Supplies, Roofing FARMER OWNED - FARMER CONTROLLED "17s7s0"0'K7f-0'2sQs01s-0v-00W's?s0vs02s0H0X0's01' s0v'0v0X0a s0v01' 0x01 PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS tai :av .6 XXXII N0f0N?'?s0N75f6'l7fQ'?'7fQ17'0Y04f?0M0'0If?0"QW11?f00010P'?' You are cordially invited to inspect Our Modern Printing Plant We offer you Complete Facilities by LETTER PRESS of PHOTO OFFSET FINGER LAKES PRESS, INC. 26 Aurelius Avenue Auburn, N. Y. Dial 3-9331 or 3-5200 Compliments Ot SCHICHT SYSTEM SHOP PAULINE'S NEWS Pringn Og. E . t Custard - lce Cream - Novelties I g 'Ce' qulpmen PHONE 3-5922 Gold Stampmg 286 W. Genesee St, Auburn' N, Y, 34-36 State Street Auburn, N. Y. We Call and Deliver Phone 3-3912 African Violets EAST -l-All-OR SHOP Large selection in bloom, gorgeous vari- CI . C' S'F:"C"f"' P'oPk H ties. Potting soil and all your supplies. Sanln Y'eS5ln G Clfln ' Ladies' 8: Gong' Tailors Pgorrnal Cli'Jtl1esqRented S 38 E. Genesee St. Auburn, N. Y. 200 Grant AVe- Dial 2-2213 KARMELKORN SHOP I F. H. EMERSON, Prop. "'0ff04'0"5N0W0K02f0'G0'-N-0N0XQf-01 'ac0af0:s01'7'0Ws01s0fs0'v-01s7s6 PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS XXXIII ff? Compliments of R. L. 81 B. C. SCHCOLEY EXCAVATING CONTRACTORS Shovels, Cranes, Air Compressors Winch Trucks Phone 2-9526 144 York Street Auburn, N. Y. 50 years of experience in training tor business. Registered by the University ot the State of New Yorlc. Fall term begins September 1955 CENTRAL CITY BUSINESS INSTITUTE 428 South Warren Street SYRACUSE 2, N. Y. 15 South Street AUBURN 2-6661 CAYUGA COUNTY SAVINGS BANK OUR NEW BUILDING REFLECTS OUR FAITH IN AUBURN AND CAYUGA COUNTY Member ot Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation I 111-115 eENEsEE sr. AUBURN. N. Y 1f0ff0'f0'0ff01r0v0v10461s0's-05102 16 PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS XXXIV Compliments of SQUARE DEAL FURNITURE CO. Complete Home Furnishings 54-58 GENESEE ST. DIAL 2-0471 Compliments of DRANCSAK'S MARKET 86 North Division Street AUBURN, N. Y. PHONE 3-3308 ANN - ELLA'S 177 State Street Compliments of U. S. HOFFMAN MACHINERY CO. KING'S GARAGE and SUPPLY G.M.C. Sales 8: Service General Auto and Truck Repairing 264-268 CLARK ST. AUBURN, N. Y AUBURN PROVISION CO. Wholesale Meats - Butter Cheese and Poultry 157 State St. Phone 3-6041 Auburn, N. Y. OFFICE TRAINING INSTITUTE 125 Harrison Place Syracuse 3, N. Y. The Friendly School With the Money Making Business Courses Including Stenograph, the Fastest, Easiest Known Way to Take Dictation William J. Veigel, Dir. Compliments ot A. G. TARBY COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHER 36 Market Street Auburn. N, Y, M010 PL. 000500000 i0i0i0ii0"0M EASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS XXXV "Shoes of Distinction" BENNETT 81 TRACY sHoE and LUGGAGE sHoP 82-84 Genesee St. Auburn, N. Y. l-lome of FAMOUS BRAND Footwear and Accessories AUBURN CEMENT PRODUCTS CO., INC. Builders' Supplies Manufacturers ot CONCRETE and CINDER BLOCKS PHONE 2-3361 R-B-I Tested Business Training Since 1863 One and two year courses in: Accountancy - Sales - Advertising Merchandising - Medical Secretarial Standard Secretarial ROCHESTER BUSINESS INSTITUTE 172 Clinton Ave. S., ROCHESTER 4. N. Y. RUSTON'S FOOD STORE Quality Groceries and Meats at Super Marlcet Prices Cor. Seymour and Holley Sts. WE DELIVER RONDINA, Inc. FURNITURE, STOVES, ETC. Furniture Exchanged Complete Line ot GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES 56-66 STATE ST. PHONE 3-7461 Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1955 DON'S BEAUTY SALON 118 GENESEE ST. Phone 3-3471 Auburn, N. Y. B Y R N ' S SPORTING GOODS "Everything for the Sportsman" D 0 A N ' S FOOD MARKET "Everything in Fine Foods" za Mary 37 Lewis 35 Gaylord 5 81 7 GENESEE ST. AUBURN, N. Y. 3,3207 3,5303 3-6269 -00000 PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR AIXIERTISERS XXXVI '01'00s7f701s01s?20's7f0N0210N?s02s0i0'f0N016"0W0P10f402s0Y 0W0110'Y0W-75 Compliments of PANFlLl I.G.A. STORE THE I-IILLTOP Magazines 81 Papers, Groceries 81 Meats 44'f2 Clark St. Auburn. N- Y- Ice Cream and Sott Drinks 68 Lake Ave. Dial 2-1112 SPRINGSIDE INN Compliments of Auburn, New Yorlc NEW SYSTEM LAUNDRY Phone Auburn 2-3241 146 VanAnclen Street Luncheons and Plate Specials f a SAVINGS BANK Under the Town Clock-GENESEE AT SOUTH MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION "YOUR SCHOOL BANK" J. J. HARRINGTON CO.. Inc. General Contractors 2 Carpenter Street Dial 2-4361 Auburn, N. Y. 0b40010'C0X?'01102401s7f7'02s0120P'0H s0W20f01'-0X0ff0H04cJ'-0vs.kv-Jw PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS XXXVII 1704 '01f05l0v'0ff0'f7r0f140110Pr7s0vf?s02f0127H05'0f6 BEST WISHES to the GRADUATES ma dljvbks' The Shoes You Love To Live In Shoes for Women Factories at AUBURN and BINGHAMTON, NEW YORK Congratulations to the Class of '55 WHITING'S HOMICWS MEN'S SHOP Wall Paper and Paint Store 159 State Street PHONE 3-523l MAYFIELD 4-STAR CLOTHING 31 E. GENESEE sr. AUBURN, N. Y. Furnishings and Shoes DUTCH BOY also Formal Wear fo hire Ready Mixed House Paint BEST WISHES Compliments of To the Class of 1955 B R A M L E Y ' S CAYUGA BUILDERS SUPPLY co 79 Genesee Street 1f0N719s? s0N767f026K0127'7f0N016P20'f02021?10N0P17'0fQG0WL PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS XXXVIII 41-5 u -'-3 , 56 ,L nl' n , .. 5 1 I .F H 5 'w 4 . , . -"1 1 " S. n 'si Q X um , X 14 LE C! X n It " ' ' a 11 .?!, .ar , T E . ' J V1 'a .. 4- 'Q ' .1.'. 1 .z 7, ...,'.'.,Nj. '. Q, 4 .-, H , x 4-1 -A" 1 af 1' W1 '- "1" ..1.V." ' .1 'v , 115, 1. fv.-In ,. ,'..'-,' 4 .44-ggi- ,as .4-lg.. .- 9 5 . .np-...r '-illf-wir.. .,:.a., . T- ,AJ U.. ,, Y rs i"..31J,:u-'Q fxxug-,, V - . I , ,. .'!Q'5f.-,Q ' mf nf - -. ' 'wx af ,:2Tl1E'.4'1-' '?',:'V'f:'4f-is5i'f'yr,J1f'le5"f1-If'f'il . ,v .P . I-if f'5'5w MT-1 'f - .,:, ' -3575 Pafal-,,-1--F v M4 1. , . - . 1 5 - f - , we :'e'i3aA:.f:y?fffgL-i:- w'- rv-f .9 - Q. .4 x,q-1.-,,:w,,hfd -Ny, ,-xg, - r 'Z . 'e' ro. " r "W " ' ' 2 'f1'J:g,'.5f-.1-Lf . . ' . -, . 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Suggestions in the Central High School - Mercury Yearbook (Auburn, NY) collection:

Central High School - Mercury Yearbook (Auburn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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Central High School - Mercury Yearbook (Auburn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Central High School - Mercury Yearbook (Auburn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Central High School - Mercury Yearbook (Auburn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Central High School - Mercury Yearbook (Auburn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


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