Central High School - Central Idea Yearbook (Savannah, TN)

 - Class of 1950

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I. + X, 1 W2 A E Q! 3 'Q W 5 , A+ 'K 'M I 'Y ., '4 f. . K ""-.,f,.. r....,., iiffvfif' -.. QWQ 9 U1 , -as 43 F ' 5 as .E ,L X I .,o t .,, H, I Q , " v' V . , PY? ' f f K , - M , ' ' "' H - ' ,mf ., .5 5 VQ , . 1 ,' wwf 1,4 f , I -s . V :V 1 1 ,V M RQ, Vg - - w ., qs. - Ev ,- ' gy ' -V U ' I ' , - a 5 oreworh ln this annual, We, the Central Idea Staff of 1950, have endeavored to recapture for you some of your happiest memories of life at C. H. S. We hope that we have accomplished this aim, and that this annual meets the approval of all who view it. gk 4 Xfiv I 'S- 'l .ik- ,Q 5 Elma llllater if On the city's southern border Reared against the sky, Proudly stands our Alma Mater As the years roll by. Forward ever oe our watchword Conquer and prevail, Hail to thee, our Alma Mater, Central High School, hail! Savannah. Tennessee Dedication We, the Senior Class of 1950, proudly dedi- cate this annual to our sponsors who by their help and untiring support have made it possi- bile for us to reach the goal of becoming Seniors. Wallace W. Dallas, Mrs. W. B. Falls Mrs. Harold Blount rincipal Hg. l REX C. TURMAN B. S. State Teachers College Vanderbilt University George Peabody College 5 MRS. W. B. FALLS A- B. Union University English, French, Speech Arts Adviser to Annual Staff MRS. DAN WILLIAMS A. B. American University History, Civics 4 HAROLD SCHREINER B. S. Washington State College Physical Education Direr-tf ii Coach MRS. W. I-I. SLOAN Union University George Peabody College Library MRS- F. H- BLOUNT MRS. L. V. SEVIER Ill A. B. Murray State College A. B. University oi Arkansas English, Latin English, Journalism Adviser to Annual Staff THE LOWELL PHILLIPS University of Tennessee Junior MRS. L. D. SALLIS Cgllege A- B- Unifm University B. s. Mississippi stare College M8them3fiCS. English Agriculture, Science s 5' if Ki gZNfl:3cEliE:?aElI3Ugg:-IIVI-ll.l. JAMES xv' TIUWELL MARY ALICE RAMER Mathemagfes o Y 0 e.,e B- S. University of Tennessee Home Economics Agriculture, Chemistry mverslty of Tennessee Home Economics Mus. MAUDIC WILLIAMS Nashville Cnnse1'vnto1'v of Music' Music FACULTY HIV! H STUUT Snutlmcrn Brothers Svhoul of Busi- ness C1 nzmmcrcial WALLACE W. DALLAS B. S. Lambuth College Science, Biology Adviser to Annual Staff WILMA LAY B. S. Home Economics Union University George Peabody College Home Economics, Economics MRS. MAX HAYES Baylor University Denver College of Music Music 5 C CLASS FLOWER - Yellow Rose CLASS COLORS - Blue and Gold CLASS MOTTO - "Success Follows Effort" PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDE NT FRANK WILBOURNE Football '46-'50g Basketball '46- '50g Basketball Co-captain '48-'49g Basketball Captain '49-'50g Class Vice-president '49-'50p Annual Staff: Central Idea Staff '49-'50g S Club '46-'50g Junior Play '48-'49g XVho'5 Who '5Og Giftorian JACK BARKER Football '46-'49g S Club '47-'50g Dramatic Club '47-'48g Dramatic Club Minstrel '47-'48g Junior Play '48-'493 Annual Staffg Central Idea Staff '47-'49g Class President '48-'49: Class President '49-'503 Football Co-captain '49-'50g Quill and Scrollg W'ho's Who '50 SECRETARY-TREASURER EUNIA MAI WARREN F.I-I.A. '46-'47g Music Club 147-'50g Dramatic Club '47-'48g Junior Play '49g Dramatic Club MiI1StTC! '48g S Club '48-'5Og Quill and Scrollg Secretary Junior Class '48- '49g Secretary Senior Class '49-'50g Central Idea Staff '47-'48g '49-'505 Annual Staffg Latin Honorary Society '47-'48g High Ten VERLINE ABELS l-', H. A. '46-'-193 Annual Stuff DELCIE SUE ALEXANDER MAX ALEXANDER '48-'49 NELLIE Ross ALEXANDER KATHI-EFS ARNOLD 1-2 H. A. '46-'4sg Annual Staff "4 H' A- 16-49 .lon KEITH BAIN E. F. A. '47-'48: Annual Staffl VVho'5 Who '50 F. H, A, '46-'49 Football '44, '45, '47g Dramatic Club Y47: S Club '47-'50g F.F.A, DOLORES ABNER F, H. A. '46-'49: Music '49 GENE BIGBIE F. F, A. '47-'50 GRADY BOWEN Editor of Annualg Editor of Cen- tral Idea '49-'50g Central Idea Staff '46-'50g Who's Who '48-'50: Representative to Volunteer Boy's State H195 Representative to T. H.S.P.A. '48-'49g Quill and Scrollg Vice-President Freshmen '46-'47Q Junior Play '48-'49g President Dramatic Club '49-'50g Football '47-'50p S Club '47-'50g High Ten. Historian Q VIRGINIA CHERRY Q ' 5 , F. H, A. '46-'48Q '49'50Q F. I-I. A. yy President '49-501 s Club '49-50: " Central Idea Staff '49-'50g Quill 332223 and Scroll '49-'50Q Annual Staff " gn- i if TQ. W i llie fi aa,,.a J0 KATE CLAUSELL F. H. A. '46-'-193 D1'ama.tic Club '49 '50 VIRGINIA BROVVN Music '47-'49Q F. H. A. '46-'49 JOYCE COLEMAN KALENA CROMWELL F. H. A. '46-'-193 Annual Sta-ffl F. H. A. '45-'48g Dramatic Club '47 Wh0's Wh0 '505 High Ten' Girl V183 Dramatic Club Minstrel '47- Reserve '46-'47 DORIS CROTTS Attendant to Football Queen '46g F. H. A. '46-'-199 F. H. A. Officer '48-'49g Basketball Mgr. '48-'49g S Club '48-'50: Dramatic Club '48- '49g Dramatic Club .Play '48-'49' Annual Staff: Central Idea Staff '49-'50 '48 , . , 1 ' ' i .iw K - " A .. u se K 5i:f'5.i-- - lLi:'i: 'fil l I 35553311 RONALD DURNIL Basketball '46-'5Og Football '46- '50g S Club '46-'503 Annual Staff: Central Idea Staff '49-'50: Foot- hall Co-Captain '49-'50p Basketball Co-Captain '48-'49g Dramatic Club '49-'50: Junior Play '48-'491 Basketball Co-Captain '49-'SOI Who's Who '48-'501 Fcmcly '-17-'483 High Ten INA LOU FRANKS F'.Pl.A. '46-'48g Latin Honorary NORMAN FRANKS F.F.A. '46-'50g F.F.A. Secretary fit?-'48p F.F.A. Vice-President '48- ':m0Z Annual Staff 3 40 I FRAZILR CHRISTINE GODWIN' F.H.A. '46-'49g High Ten MARY RUTH HARGROVE GRANVILLE GRAY , -. 0. Annual smffg F.H.A, '46-'493 Mu F-F-A- 46-471 Football 49 5' me Club '46-'50: Central Idea S Club '49-'507 Annual Staff: Staff .49-,50 High Tenl Class P1'0Phet WILMA LOU I-IARMON F.H.A. '46-'48g High Ten JANE HINTON Fl-LA. '46-'-185 Class President '47-'48g Dramatic Club '48-'49g Dramatic Club Play '48-'49g Jun- ior Play '48-'49g Central Idea Staff '49-'50g Annual Staffg Music Club '47-'49 9 JOYCE HOSEA F.F.A. '46-'48 ZUBIE MAE HOUSE F'.H.A. '46-'48 SUE HYNEMAN Football Queen Attendant '49-'50g BILLY IRVIN Latin Club '46-'48 F,F,A. '46-'48 F.F.A. '47-'50 LAVON JERROLDS F,F.A. '46-'50 GENE JOHNSON .IACQUIJNE KELLY F.H.A '46-'49 BILLY KERR F.F.A. '46-'503 Dramatic Club '48 '49g Dramatic Club Play '48-'49 Junior Play '48-'493 Football '48 '493 F.F.A. Treasurer '48-'49 GRADY LARD F'.F.A, '46-'50g F.F.A. Treasurer '48-'49: F.F.A. President '49-'50g Dramatic Club '48-'49g S Club '48- '5o: Football '47-'50g Winner of State Farmers' Degree '48-'49 BOBBY MORRIS Basketball '47-'483 Football '49- '50J Annual Staffg Central Idea. Staff '49-'50: S Club '49-'50g Quill and Scroll CLEO NEILL . J MAEDELL NEILL F. H. A. 46 49 F. H. A. '46-'49 MARY POINDEXTER F.H.A. '46-'48g Central Idea Staff '49-'50Q Quill and Sctollg S Club '49-'50Q Class Testator JOE CARROLL NORVAL JOHNIE RUTH OAKLEY F'.F.A. '47-'50g S Club '48-'50g F.H.A. '45-'47 Football '48-'50 MARY CATHERINE PRICE Cheerleader '47-'50I Cenf-T8-1 Idea Staff '49-'50g Annual Staffi Foot- ball Queen '46-'47g Dramatlc Club '48-'49g Dramatic Club P19-Y Q48- '49g s Club '47-'50: F.H.A. 46- 49? D.A.R. Represent:-Ltweg Football Queen Attendant '43"49 il JAMES PRINCE F.F,A, '46-'48 BILLY QUALLS F.F.A. '48-'49Q Football '47-'48Q S Club '47-'483 Class Vice-President '45-'46g Who's Who '48-'49 UALLS ELLA FRANCES REYNOLDS MAx.Q ' Who's Who '47-'4s: F.H.A. '46-'E?0g Music Club '48-'503 l St ff , .igflgola a Representatlve to Volunteer G1r1s' State '48-'49g Central Idea Staff '49-'50 . VERLENE RICH BILLY JACK SHARPE Cheerleader '47-1183 S Club '47- '50g Quill and Scrollg Annual Staffp Central Idea Staff '48-'49g Junior Play '48-'49g Class Poet, F.H.A. '46-'49g Music Club '46-'50g L0 RUSSELL F.H.A. Treasurer '47-'48g High :.vg.LkIq4?lggwN w Ten ' ' ' BARBARA JANE SHEA Football Queen Attendant '47-'43? Quill and Scroll: F.H.A. '46-'47g S Club '48-'50g Latin Honorary So- ciety '47-'48g Annual Staff! CGD' tral Idea Staff '47-'48Z '49-'50Q Dramatic Club '49-'5O: High Teh . etball '47- '50: S Club '47-'50 EMMA NELL SHELBY F. H. A. '45-'47 BETTY ANN SMITH ' Music Club '46-'50g F.H.A. '46'49 WIIJMA DALE SMITH F.F.A. '46-'50 Central Idea Staff '49-'50 LAWRENCE L. SMITH Pj-LA, 946-'49g Music Club '46-'49: WILBURN LESLIE TERRY Football '47-'50' Bask I VVILLIE MAE STRICKLIN DOROTHY TERRY F.H.A. '46-'50g Annual Staff F- H. A' .46-149: Annual Sta-ff JO ANN WEBB S Club '48-'50g Dramatic Club '48- '49g F.H.A. '46-'48 '49-'503 Quill and Scroll '48-'50g Central Idea. Staff '47-'48, '49-'50g High Ten: Dramatic Club Play '48-'49 I3 ELISE WELCH F.H.A. '46-'49g S Club '48-'50g An- nual Staffg Cheerleader '48-'49g Dramatic Club '49-'50g Junior Play '48-'49g Quill and Scrollg Central Idea Staff '49-'50 KAY WELCH FDI-LA, '46-'49g Annual Staffg Cen- tral Idea. Staff '49-'50: Football Queen Attendant '48-'50C Cheer' leader '49-'50g s Club '49-'50J Dra- matic Club '49-'503 Junior Play '48-'49g Class Giftoriani Wh0'S Vvho '49-'501 Quill and Scrollg Basketball '49-'50 BFLLY WINBORN MACKIE NELL WILLOUGHBY Dramatic Club '47-'483 Dramatic F,H,A, '46-'49g Representative to Club Minstrel '47-'48g F.F.A, Re- Volunteer Girls' State '48-'49g porter '47-'48g F.F.A. '46-'49 Fgotbajl Queen '49-'503 Miss sen- iO1' I4 HERMAN WOLFE MARY J0 WINNINGHAM Class President '46-'47g Football F.H.A. '46-'49g Music Club '46-'50 '47-'50Q S Club '47-'50p Annual Staffg Football Co-Captain '47-'48g Who's W'ho '46-'50 ic, al? a '1f.q,J,3, -Q , . I 1 E X .iff . M 1 ,J zz,Qsf2.Q f -- il, .,k, L: , ' mv. A. 4, "1 A . . 1 ZF, ' -11 iii, Q?-il", , M ..-. .W mm In '55 il? W9 ,V 4, C u vw- if Wx... ,ew 4 1, L. Monte Doran Billy Duncan Patsy Duncan Opal Eaves Virginia Fondren Robbie Ford Melissa Franks Carolyn Godwin Jane Cromwell Billy Crowe Brink Curtis Billy Frank Davis Bobby Davis Anne DeBerry Royce DeBerry James DeFord Sinclair Dickey Douglas Doran ENJWY ENGUSH Eldridge Austin Franklin Austin Ed Bachuss Wanda Jean Barron Paul Bedwell Jack Bowling Bobby Brown Mary Ella Broyles Bonnie Burns Betty Lou Clausel Nettie Sue Clausel Betty Conner ... Robble Roy UOYOUIN' A xneliu Hamilton Henderson Hmmm JOVWM5 Frances Johnson Kate Johnson Tommy Johnson Patsy Lanier Jack Linam lone Martin Kate McMullen uetty .io Milam Imogene Mix Billy Jean Moffett Betty Jo Parker Jimmy Patterson life fflrrf . ' Q L f if xc 1- A t 'S 2 i A K Hr" 51:2 A are 1 yy, 'T x-,ii Eddie Quallg Jack Reynolds Katherine Rinks Nancy Roach Glen Robertson L, G. Sartain Max Seaton June Shelton Chris Smith Laverne Smith QQ' A A ' V HW 'a -1- f ' :Q ' ' ?jQQ5fii?"'P,l Figs, 4 Osbin Smith Peggy Stanfield Marie Stout Elmo Strawn iv x m Roesclla F V . dp' Freeda Thompson +4 E Paul Thorne xxx. Patsy Umphers Hazel Wallace Flulvye .lark Whitlow VVolfe XV 111.44 4 Wallis '. - ,. y gi Q E f P? X ,J Xu , - . X fi ri Q e 5 1 . 'E ff ,. st em., ff I 'Y E, ,if ' . " ,X . . W f' f Q 4 Y' wa' . it 3 , Wa 14" E if .f x mg -s ., iw, W e vi , f .5145 , - fe lalffig l , K -zgpfiziz 3: . pt Q' 4 4? WN SGI? fri 'J ' - 'Q fa H F QV 55 n .4 K ,,""" ,I S 1 5 ri '-'E AMX ml n -1 of 7. 9, "-is E N.-J nffx Jip. s w if st ' 8 95: f A x K K.,, . T' ' . Q' tiakw- so gee - . ' f 15' -iffflx . ' f - ' 'U 1115? 717 ff: ' M .Q K tigrizll 5 2"-lffgfj? i . Y' V157 X 1- '-Jr 3 17 -"' ,l ' S OPH 0.911 ORS Bucky Byram, president: Rebecca Roach, secretary-treasurer: Gary Coleman, vice president. Sponsors: Mrs. Sloan, Mrs. Sallis, Mrs. Sevier, Mr. Phillips Dan Adkins - . ' Bob Alexander C' 9 Bruce Alexander g V V ' , Helen Alexander ,,,.q'- in Jimmy Alexander 'O' f X . 3 , Juamm Alexander f ' fx I" for 1 P, 1 H ' E r,rL r A , Nedra Alexander ml A Carolyn Allen 5 5 Edmond Armstrong James Bain 5 , Peggy Barnett wx Bobble Beckham f 1 P " f l. . , ""l' 5 rg, , .. " J Robert Beckham -- 1 Q V , ' ' James Bennett x .V , 117 .j ' Carolyn Bigble 8 ' will - C. C. Brandon ' A Junior Branhier ' ' W M 1' Robbie Sue Brashier -.. mv Chester Brewer Claudette Byram . Patricia Cagle , . Luther Carey -,,,,,3,3 1 W ' -- g y Y A J' -,M----wil l ,Li Mary Frances Cherry Vernon Claulel Houston Couch Betty Ann Cromwell John D, Cromwell Bobby Crowe Mary Lewis Davis Becky DeWitt 3 L ... ...f K y I -Qt.: ,p-..,5,,..A-gs-A-Av'-s 1 Oather Marvin Alene Doran Duncan Dllfllim emi: f-ff ' 'E TTS Sh L flkgfff '1' . f ii Y ., i K A I , .ki . yA.. 1 - 1, - U .- 3: - Qian? f : f' , 6, . 4, fi? L - . iff 'S Sf Alf? W yi? 5 4 1' 'ia' 532 I fg ' ji' 1 3 1 1' f ' ,- ts . ,. K! 5.1, A .,. X , , I 1 If 1 ' , ,, MJ A Y a f ,Q , , 1 l,- w . is N 1 I f 1 Ruth Freed: Johnny EVUIB Flurry Franklin re w nd 15 i I X .gill s l fl 3 '33 ,f sf. Ll NQ!!Q5 .iff 1.L' f fl' Q Q if ' eg Q gf N 4 , 3 is Q lm i .i FN vg . f-.M 9 ' , - ,,:-:-,jelfsfr ' --iw Jffifzie wwfgiiiiw I:-'ss-Qs? U xiii i - , .s- Eff: if-'::f'1 M k . i 133x515 . k : ' - - .,..,, I ' 'L" gg. J, 5 Vi ., ,, A L ,E i VifE?'if' 1 ' 'i if 1 J Q92 sf' , Q' f fl" .:- 6. -Q 1. ," iii Martha Jennings Celia Lai-d Peggy Lee James Lewis Peggy Harrison Betty Higgins Miley Higgins Annie Jean Hodge Billy Hopper Robbie Horton Geneva Hosea Billy Faye House Kate Hughes Herbert Hurst Bemis Franks Joyce Franks Len Franks Margaret Franks Odell Franks Otis Franks Dorothy Gammill Billy Gray Lucille Gray Frankie Griffin Cornelius Harris .lov Harrison Mary Jane Lewis EF David Logue lg., Jane Love Nita McCasland vi i s L - - Billy H2201 Mary Louise Max David A. Gene Neill Neill Owens Owens Parrish Paulk sis? 4 is si? 5 1525. if x -fik Isr 'e' i ' :- Ji ,.--1' X Gordon Phillips Joe Lynn Prince Bettie Joyce Qualls Earlene Ragan Mabel Reynolds Anita Robinson Hoover Scott Lmry Shaw hluomi 'Thutt Wullave Sibley llwlyn Smith I-'rnnk Smith fggf x jx 7 4 S 1 si ,si - he Lf 'I-P., ' ' l Q "'42,1Qj:1?7 I w- f Q5:t?f'25.'ffAA fggw ' wi if ' F EF? y ' . iffgf -4, ,A ,.,.f Q it 5'-"E . Q7 1 yttll W 4 5 D - get W W y 5 A K -, if "' 'N :F-4 16. 3' 1' an . ,- Nmlinv Snodgra IFS Elizabeth Spent-4-1' Joyce Stricklin Mary Stricklin Anne Talley Gene Tidwell Yvonne Todd Caxelton Tyler Vernell Tune Betty Turman .Incl Vanhoose Carolyn Walker Hubert Walker Ross Walker 4 Nl S 0353 .4-7' va- ff' -Y" . 5 'i ,--f my ,e 4? 44' ,,. S11 W Lia- -za, x 1: . X 1 My f ,J- "' 19 u 8 s Qi 55 r 5 2 by 'IF L X Robbie Watson ' 1 '13 Peggy Webb 'Q' - Jean Welch Joe Robert White ' f 3, I Robert Charles Dorothy' Bettie lfmxik Milly J" ARVUIY vvnkms yviuoughby lVinlJoi'n VVinninp,lmn1 XVolfc lVuilvy Young' H317 ef qi- ' . is ,541 -fn- 1 iv?" 4-5 , 1- Riavmen we A if an .fy in I ':fj5,?3?VQf! L Q,'g'9j fi? , Peggy Lowder, vice-president: Bobby Kerr, presidentg Winnie Gale Shutt, secretary- treasurer. Sponsm-sz Mr. Shreiner, Miss Churchwell, Miss Stout, Miss Lay. Vlrglnia Abrams Bob Adklsson Claudine Alexander Karen Alexander Elvin Austin Peggy Austin Ruth Austin Dorothy Banks Don Barlow Betty Barnett James Berry Clara Devfs J. E. Blackwelder - ' Bruce Blount Max Brewer Jimmy Briley Bessie Brown Betty Brown ' Q 07 I e . , I 'M 'J' ,--a, ""' '-3' f xv Q , s. Q, li MV' K if h lift s .. ..- vlwcw Wiz: ::3mam5v. on Ji B l.,. g "C-X A wfrr , j 'Iona .. .M 'eee' l .-1 F 41 .1 ix fs June Bums Keaton Cagle Betty Clay Margaret Clay Bobby Conner Robbie Cook Billy Cromwell Ray Cummings Bobby Davidson Otis Davig Carolyn DeBerry James DeBerry Ella Dennis Eugene Dennis '37 ei -0-:gr Nj- rs, 5. '4' 3 f 4' 3 . v B ,:, ,J f " N, 19 A ?': .- - w"" .lrlenl::..-.325 ,-wi'-sly' A 5 'Q' A X E , Iul I 14 I wx ima H , Q - .J 45 ,af l - ' - 4 " , , . .. e...'?. -M "Q-A "' " - reef Q, 4" if my f' Y.. f A X A , y A I " 5 .L X 4 I Ill 11' , '-' X .a- - . , f .J J A Y.. sf I N, Tommy Dickson X L , 1 Q , . , . A - 1- -- 'fr "Lf',L 3 '?ll?iEefim? ' :T V N' fu' V ,Q if k,,k ,Q E? , ,,- x rony Dickson H , A .L ' 5 5' Y f . Jack Duncan If.. I: sq of AA' Mary Louise Duncan X 1 I W - Ur -"" Naomi Duplessle ,V ar x F' I x Helen Robert Joe Mm-jog-1, Vivian D. H. Eallel' Easley Falls Falls Faulkner Ferrell . y a . 1 lnet A - -A A .fl l A B 4- r w C 5, , V,f'5Lg l . A A N 23 l l .L X xy A ww' 8 . 'A V'Nf"' 4A'l A 1871 f ' , " '1fff-',- "lf F1 11 -- .,.-f Q - f veM....,M. K 3 5 '7,1 K l ' ' ' X sf it A ' Ellen Lee Franks g we A' g ,Q ,j Ellen Marie Franks 6-'SP' X A bqb , as J " Lorraine Gassaway : A ",, 1 ' , Y L4 L ' N Joyce Ann Gean ff X 'W Barney Haggard - A N L C. Hampton ' J J X J' I. , Q ,, ' -- X f W.. eg i N- w g 'F Q 'vw ear, is Q . X7 V ., i .M-v W ,F i nh iii X Eg, 1 - . 1 L my y W ,VV,- Ei rrrf. V, g y i y me . ,S i - kkk, fic i S2 J ' f Lrnr Ji H e in MQ R N E N, y . 1 ,put as R .4 U f ' lf M :-Fi.fSf:i9Z 3, -W-Mggg, 111573 ,.--v ts may ', I Q X p Q fu-lf e 554. i ' f '33 . 3-1: atv, ,, I W ' pgs Q y if ra . A are gnu . '13 - .Af ogg! K W 1 V' z - av' i X A . . ' it ' .sn f Q 52 A3155 W I sig gi fi 25 ' ' "" . " .. . J V 1 ' f"bQ .a frfa f i 1 wa SH .. .I , 'T HQ., as ff were ,f R ka. hx' Q f s mia 3 ? we 5 Ann I'au'risli 24 W ,nr f. 1 N .Toe Parrish , 1 ,ff ,ig .Mx R ' am: ya. K fi lviiwi' , ". 'I' 'f fbzfiii -,. f A '- 'wzsgalge Q ' N, . F yhkh, :KV L i . X Na- at LFS fiii " J . 5, - ' re, , J ' sgtgirvif, Q Q zg.. ' '13, M '55 ' Billy Montgomery Eugene Neill John M. Neill Charles Nokes Katherine Lloyd P11 I i Orson Faulk Rita Hardin Doris Harville Travis Harville Mary Higgins Peggy Hinton Shirley Holder .., my - ,xi -- .ings -' Jimmy Hughes Charles Horton J f 1 Annie Hunt A f i',V I ig Austin Hunt f -,1 ,, I L, D, Irvin Frank Jennings LQ Lk :I n I Margaret Jerrolds Mary Jene Johnson James Jones Elizabeth Kelley Pay Lackey Martha Lane Curtis Lard Betty Lay Eddie Linam Mary Catherine Mabry L. G. Mai tin Sue McCasland Frankie McLain Joe McKnight Sara McMullen QQ Nell XYallnk'c phmk Plunk ff W + Q M W f f , '21 QE Q W K I Jimmy Qualls Gene Reed Betty Rich Reba Rich Ruth Ann Robinson Joe. D. Rose Jimmy Ross Rebecca Ross Gene Russell Joe Frank Scott James Shutt, Bobby Singleton Boyce Smith Jack Smith Jimmy Smith Ramona Smith Rex Steele Lois Stephens C362 'kr Arnold Stewart Jacqueline Stricklin Patsy Sullivan Dan Taylor Merrill Taylor 'l'h6llTlZl Terry Mary Julia Thomas Betty Thompson Dorothy Thorne Louise Tidvwll Harolf-I Todd Lester Tucker Cornelia Turman Billy Turner Annie Lou Vamhoose Tiiwis i A ' ,.,. if if. F Wbf t Q : " 2 ft rf' . Dorothy Walker Lawanna Walker Nell Brown Walker Edith Webb Helen Fay Helen James Marlene DO' 'nhl Whitlnw Willoughby VVoli'e W olte VK 3 'z Lt Young HMS The Boss mass W 46 4: 3 ?1f 35 M Q Q ha ? ff +2 x 2 is Q' 5 Q on if X K Pl YN: I W I l- rxi Ng azuty Y - 5 . Q? . ,- if ' i 3 as N A .Bs ,N ww K 8 I 1 ' .gn ..., Q A 5. s -.,.-- V -3231 '. q..-.5 1 r IIBXL ' 4, If vu: , 'Qs , C, x lim o ar w. .. ' 1 A .1 UF '49 Muslc Club Allegretto M M 1 . 1 ' I 'ma' ,r r.nn-vxlnn u..:mvnr.n nur 1 li!!- iqli 'I- Ili If-1 l- fx'- li..- Annual Staff Seated: Herman Wolfe, Art Editor, Dorothy Terry, Mary Ruth Hargrove, Advertis- ing, Mary Catherine Price, Feature Editor, Bobby Morris, Advertising, Joyce Cole- man, Activities Editor, Eunia Mai Warren, Associate Editor, Grady Bowen, Editor-im chief, Virginia Cherry, Associate Editor, Jane Hinton, Advertising, Jack Barker, Ad- vertising Manager, Verline Abels, Art Editor, and Nellie Ross Alexander, Class Editor Standing: Granville Gray, Max Qualls, Circulation Managers, Norman Franks, Ad- vertising, Billy .lack Sharpe, Business Manager, Elise Welch, Advertising, Mr. Dallas, Sponsor, Willie Mae Stricklin, Advertising, Ronald Durnil, Sports Editor, Frank Wilbourne, Photographer, Barbara Shea, Senior Editor, Mrs, Blount, Sponsor, Mrs. Falls, Sponsor, Kay Welch, Sports Editor, Billy Kerr, Circulation Manager, and Joe Keith Bain, Advertising. QE matic lub Standing: Mrs. Falls, Billy House, Tommy Johnson, Roy Terrell Henderson, Ronald Durnil, Grady Bowen, Paul Bedwell, Brink Curtis, Billy Crowe, and Malone Shutt Seated: Mary Lou Wallace, Melissa Franks, Elise Welch, Patsy Lanier, Barbara Shea, Kay Welch, Nancy Roach, Imogene Mix, and Hazel Wallace' Central Idea STAFF Editor-in-Chief ..................,..,..........,....... Grady Bowen Assistant Editor ...,.................... Eunia Mai Warren Feature Editor ....... .,........,...,. B arbara Shea Copy Editor ....... .................. M ary Catherine Price Sports Editors ........ Ronald Durnil and Kay Welch Art Editor ............. ......,.................,....,. B obby Morris Exchange Editor ..... ........ J o Ann Webb Business Manager ....... ..... F rank Wilboume Advertising Manager ....... ........ P aul Bedwell Circulation Manager ....... ..... B rink Curtis Standing: Jo Ann Webb, Max Seaton, Roy Henderson, Tommy Johnson Jane Hinton Eunia Mai Warren, Brink Curtis, Frank Wllboume, Elise Welch, Ronald Durnil Bar bara Shea, Kay Welch, Mary Ruth Hargrove, and Wilma Dale Smith Seated: Paul Bedwell, Bobby Morris, Mary Catherine Price, Grady Bowen Mrs Sevier, Patsy Lanier, Mary Virginia Poindexter, Virginia Cherry, and Ella Frances Reynolds 65 1 A U SX U Y ox L9 K ,N W wx LQQQQ I KX! P Yvubge w1Q'YRXXov1, 'iregsurerg ?awg bmixev, Beporxer-, piwenxe Sqxixux, Song veaaev, xaamamm, sec,-emfy-, flargxma Cxxevrg, Yfesxdenmg Soagxita Mexanoer, S1 ace- detne Byraxv,YatX1a10emavkan,t8a1'y So YN orxeg , yixstovian 1 Y-obbie Bo 'dem-, Gmc Yresx First Row: Miss Ramer, Robbie NVatson, Betty Higgins, Bobbie Beckham, Claudette Byram, Juanita Alexander, Peggy Barnett, Virginia Foidren, Robbie Horton, Ind Royce DeBerry Second Row: Dorothy Winborn, Neita McCasland, Peggy Lee, Elizabeth Spencer, Bettie Vl'inningham, Mabel Reynolds, Yvonne Todd, Peggy VVebb, Kale Johnson, Betty Cromwell, Nedra Alexander, and Frankie Godwin Third Row: Martha Lou Jennings, Laverne Smith, Annie Laura DeBerry, Carolyn Godwin, Robbie Ford, Earlene Ragan, Marie Stout, Evelyn Smith, Anita Robinson, Frankie Griffin, Martha Kate Hughes,Alene Durham, and Geneva Hosea Fourth Row: Helen Alexander, Joyce Stricklin, Nettie Sue Clausel, Mary Lou Wal- lzu'-e, Bettie Quaills, Rubye Whitlow, Mary Ruth Evans, Nadine Snodgrass, Naomi Shutt, Carolyn Bighie, Jane Love, Mary Louise Owens, Joy Harrison Fifth Row: Robbie Hamilton, Patsy Lanier, Nancy Roach, Imogene Mix, Virginia Cherry, Mary Frances Stricklin, Carolyn Sue VValker, Mary Jane Lewis, Mary .lo VVorley, Mary Lewis Davis, Margaret Franks, Patricia Cagfle, Annie Jean Hodge, and Joyce Franks Sixth Roni Amelia Jerrolds, Jo Ann VVebb, Anne Talley, Lurille Gray, Dorothjv Gammill, Freeda Flurry, Delcie Sue Alexander, Dorothy Horton, Hazel Neill, June Shelton, Betty Lou Clausel, Betty Turnian, and Rose-lla VVallis First Row: Miss Lay, Dorothy Banks, Thelma Terry, Becky Ross, and Shirley Holder Second Row: Lorraine Gassaway, Peggy Austin, Dorothy Thorne, Ann Parrish, Bessie Brown, Ella Dennis, Nell Plunk, Annie Lou Vanhoose, Carolyn DeBerry Betty Walker Lay, Ellen Marie Franks, Helen Joyce Easley, Clara Nell Bevis, Marjorie Falls, Betty Rich, and Jacqueline Stricklin Third Row: Betty Barnett, Frankie McClain, Dorothy Young, Sarah McMullen, Robbie Cook, Naomi Duplessie, Frankie Godwin, Mary Julia Thomas, Mary Catherine Mabry, Lois Stevens, Ella Dean Franks, Vivian Faulk- ner, Edith Webb, Virginia Abrams, and Betty Jo Clay Fourth Row: Elizabeth Ann Kelley, Karen Alexander, Cornelia Turman, Helen Wolfe, Lawanna Walker, Betty Thompson, Margaret Jerrolds, Helen Whitlow,Ella Franks, Katherine Patterson, Claudine Alexander, Reba Rich, June Burns, Mary Jene Johnson, Rita Hardin, Nell Brofvn Walker, and Louise Tidwell Fifth Row: Martha Lane, Margaret Clay, Dorothy Walker, Patsy Sullivan, Mary Higgins, Peggy Hinton, Ramo- na Slnith, Ruth Ann Robinson, Doris Harville, Annie Mae Hunt, Sue McCasland, Marlene Wyatt, Katherine Rinks, Mary Louise Duncan, Peggy Lowder, Winnie Gale Shutt wg? X ,W Q- , im, 'LAL' T is 6 4 K 5 3 r X 2 :- -ef . 1 is iw: - Q., wqff if if ,A 'Rf gl .A ,gr X52 Seated First Row: Mr. Tidwell, Sponsor, Jack Reynolds, C. C, Brandon, Eddie Qualls, Norman Franks, Billy Kerr, Grady L1-ird, Bernig Franks, Gene Johnson, Jack Wolfe, Marvin Duncan, Joel Vanhoose, Len Franks Second Row: Frank Smith, James DeFord, Gene Paulk, Max Seaton, Edmund Arm- strong, Cornelius Harris, Fianklin Austin, Johnny Franklin, Wallace Sibley, Billy Duncan, C. A. Smith, Billy Gray, Gordon Phillips Third Row: Aaron Young, Houston Couch, Jimmy Patterson, Odell Franks, Law- rence L, Smith, Gene Bigbie, L, G. Sarteiin, Lavon Jerrolds, Robert Walker, Ross Walker, Joe Norval, Osbin Smith, Elmo Strawn, Carelton Tyler Fourth Row: Oather Doran, Max Owen, Douglas Dolan, Otis Franks, Bobby Davis, Glen Robertson, Travis Harville, Monte Doran, Willie B. Russell, Charles Willoughby, Billy Neill, James Young, Jack Linam, Bob Alexander, Luther Carey First Row: Bobby Davidson, Paul Plunk, Joe Rose, Joe Falls, Eddie Linam, Curtig Lard, Frank Jennings, Jack Smith, Lloyd Paulk, Bruce Blount, and Jimmy Qualls Second Row: Mr. Phillips, Joe Scott, James Smith, Vemon Clausel, Carl Smith, Billy House, John M. Neill, Tommy Dickson, Bobby Adkisson, Jimmy Ross, L, C. Hampton, Lester Tucker, and Tony Dickson Third Row: Ray Cummings, Billy Love, Gene Russell, Bobby Brown, Rex Steele, Miley Higgins, Eugene Dennis, Don Barlow, Ernest Webb, Gene Reed, Harold Todd, and Jimmie Joe Briley Fourth Row: Billy Hopper, Fay Willoughby, Elvin Austin, Robert Easley, D H. Ferrell, Barney Haggard, David Parrish, Gene Tidwell, Eugene Neill, Max Brewer, and Bobby Kerr. lH5SrUUm 650 X85 xi' 'cg 0h! Caesar again T xc? 409 Mrs , Swan. The Central Idea Gonna. be SBCTCTBIICS . Wxgxgua Flltur e Farnlers XNQYY- my ' eiov -HW limpses ni xx ev, xo Koz- 6 ' 5 SGT fefwov F Utllpe Hom OGXCK-'Y W Ge xfve' emakers X ,YXXCS ca -S -Q Study hard! ls Ver F Ur J' in sged fllgn, tiles Does X equal Y? First Row: Bruce Blount, ,Iimmy Smith, Jimmy Hughes, Billy Montgomery, Tommy Dickson, James Berry, Dan Taylor, Tony Dickson, Otis Franks, Charles Horton Second Row: Ross Walker, 1ManagerJ, Larry Shaw, Granville Gray, Miley Higgins, James Bain, Joe Robert White, Billy Crowe, Roy Henderson, Tommy Johnson, Bobby Morris, Wilburn Terry, Bobby Adkisson, Tommy Sawner Third Row: Jack Reynolds 1Manager1, Grady Lard, Herman Wolfe, Len Franks, Hobert Beckham, Bucky Byram, D. A, Parrish, Grady Bowen, Frank Wilboume, Joe Norval, Ronald Durnil, Jack Barker, Coach Harold Schreiner ef 'vel' . 12? 1 davsdxd Q9 '50 ovooowc? Q" .92- '69 C129 Football Schedule Savannah 12 I-Iohenwald Savannah Humboldt Savannah Bolivar Savannah Parsons Savannah Decaturville Savannah Selmer Savannah Lynnville Savannah Waverly Savannah North Side Savannah Kossuth Savannah Brownsville 'wb S n ui.. Wg fit' "4 ' S fs. fr " Mi. , l f Fifi 1 UI ' 4 Fi, 'X , v I K Y M Q '4 1 ,W d 1 , l. 1, W 5 0 -Huw wa' ,, os.--n '--.-- - Y I " , . xx u..:A,...ju ?- , . ... f f x I :QW ',1 c'5ar'.2' x I ': .J an-Q f ' 4 , w - If F 'f ,I 5 ': sz, D ' K If f , .1 I A. I ! 7,955 .1 , I X' f Cf v f I' D I 1" - 3- ' 1' r ., . --gy 1 . r r . ' I ' ' O ..-, O .O . o .,. to ' , if ' In I 9- 1,3 - ' ff , 'fm I 0 . vu.. "1 , D Z Xi ?s,11q-fl ' ". ,045 J! .' 0' v '- li' fp J' .M pr' 1' Viv 4 ' 9 ough Rn Read!! oo? b een!! X549 6 ,jfcgfmo OQQWQE? Q33 30. 494:45 fisfbwek Ogodowwffef Q9 Q53Q,,,co5,K'QoQ6l9'34x'93"5- q95,'5z,..b9Q7J4 Ai Q' O C3 .g6954,a2-,Q,J'1'zf +5063 .seydioiq 0, ,pq s . 9 QQSWQ 466YJ,5o,2,KUQs'0q,:?oz A fz, W3 -S i ond? eff Qmzfz' +1:'vi4x'?'C' G' 590449. 6 'wzs-y5'a?"W Q' Xo0S',Y'4'5 bv Q:8o4Z"o Sou- w fame? 59:91-34 Cllikllb Firsi row: Rcbuvcu Ilourll, Mziry Julia Tliunmh. Kaiy VX'vlx'ii, Mziry Czilliorilic Price, Bonnie Burns, 1'c-ggi Harrison Second row: lime IVIZ1l'l.lIl,EilSO Welch, D01'ull1yTlio1'1w, Iilsiiy .lziiic Lewis, Winning Gale filiull, June Burns, lllurx Frances Cherry, June Cromvi'01l, Bobbie BUK'1ill1lll1 ' Third row: Virginia Cherry, Hazel Neill, Mziry Louise liiziicwiii, Ju Ann Webb, Bucky Di-Witt, Iiiiogviiu Mix June Shelton Fourth row: Euiiiu Mui VVz1rren, Jack Barker, Roy 1lf'l1fl:'i':1wn, P11111 Hcwlivoll, 'Foiiiiiiy Suwiicr, Bill'iJIll'2l Slivfi V Fifth row: Lynn Franks, Ronald Durnil, Biirlqy liyrzini, 'l'iJ.gimy .lulmsuny Hubert Iiovkliaiii, ,Inc Norvail, Grail, Lnrd Herman Wolfe Shah ww: HOOVCI. Scott' Joe Robe!-L wvhigqi C, CA Biaimliiii, Billy Jai:-li Sharpe, Ii, A, I'Zl.l'l'ihll, Bobby Moi-- ris XVilburn Terry Seventh rowi Granville Gray, Billy Crowe, lplilllk VVilb0u1nc, James Bain, Grady Bowvii, Russ VV:illi0r' Milly li"'2ll1,' Efghfh row: Bobby Adkissgnv Larry Shaw, Chris Smith, .Lu Za liz-yiml-iw, Billy Houhac Cll-illElER ILHXIDIERS First row: Bonnie Burns, Rebecca Roach, Peggy Harrison Second row: Kay VVelch, Mary Catherine Price, Mary Julia Thomas 4l First row: Coach Harold Schreiner, June Burns, Rita Hardin, Winnie Gale Shutt, Mary Frances Cherry,Janc Cromwell Manager Becky Jane DeWitt Second'row: Mary Jane Lewis' June Shelton, Peggy Lowder, Mary Louise Duncan, Hazel Neill, Imogene Mir Third row: Kay Welch, Mary J0 Worley, Kate McMullen, Dorothy Walker, Dorothy Thorne KBASIIQIET BAML Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah 2 Central High School Schedule GIRLS Waynesboro .. Shlloh ........, Alumni ..... Clifton .,........, Ramer , .,...,.. .. Morris Chapel Michie ...,.....,........,. Waynesboro ., Clifton ...,.,.., .. Adamsville .., Selmer ., ..., .. Sardis ....,.. Saltillo ..... Shiloh ... Michie ,, Malesus Morris Chapel Saltlllo ...,............,... Rainer ......... ,. Henderson ..... Selmer ,.... .,,. I I 0.1 Y... .,,..- Q luv v lb 'l i . Nw. if '04 I' in-lv Left. to right: D. A. Parrish, C. C. Brandon, Hoover Scott, Frank Wilbourne Ronald Durml, Chris Smith, James Bain, Miley Higgins, Billy Fay House, Wilbvrn Terry, Manager Tommy Sawner, Coach Harold Schreiner Y , E k fwifzfkl 'L Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah Savannah 44 Central High School Schedule BOYS 35 Waynesboro ,. 58 Shiloh .,.....,... 64 Alumni ...... 41 Clifton ........... 47 Ramer ..,...,.,,. 56 Vlorris Chapel 52 Michie .........,.. 41 Waynesboro , 54 Clifton .......... 27 Adamsville .... 38 Selmer .,,.... 71 Sardis .... 58 Saltillo ....... 74 Shiloh ..... 53 Michie .... ......., 50 Malesus ...,,,.,. 65 Morris Chapel 73 Saltlllo ..,.....,.....,..... 40 Ramer .,..... 36 Henderson .., 40 Selmer ...,.., V afulfes -sf ' -Qfwwad'-'3'w H' Fang? 'Y- WV, V., A M 'M' YQ .Q F' umwrw, A-sv .. nukgfm ' Wymmfwf? -......,5 '..,g ". N .,..,, I Q W ., L L, , . ff ' ,. as , Y:- ,X gg, gi .ml L Y :mx g, . ' ff 4.4. 5 . -1 1' 3 . rf ' -gl , 11 ' , , 6 ., . 22 J i af rf, ' is f E2 fi Q, 1 Q f E: 24 3 f C. I-I. S. Beautles Mary Jo Worley Mary Jene Johnson Miss Sophomore Miss Freshmen A W 1 Wanda Jean Barran V f Miss Central High Virginia Fondren Mackie Nell Willoughby or . . Miss Juni MISS Semor J0 ANN WVEBB EUNIA MAI WARREN INA LOU FRANKS GRADY BOW'EN JOYCE COLEMAN BARBARA snlm GRANVILLE GRAY HIGH TEN VVILMA LOU HARMON CHRISTINE GOIWVIN VERLENE RIC EH BARBARA SI-IEA GRADY BOWEN HARPE Quill gnb Scroll MM MA RY VIRGINIA POINDFIXTER- JACK BARKER Z' ' x VIRGINIA CHERRY to ANN WEBB 49 J LOQIMM 'mmu5U. BM 'ilu 'L v ia xf 5 -5, Egkfliw ,N . mmm ,7 wa M YW .S gg 44 21.91, w g eh , sf:-: -. 1. - Hmmm 'YFJLCYTN mammal! . 'Ummlnmf 'TW11 zgv ,,' V ' awww MIL E 3 Bm., Q 9 w A I if A Q .1 k ' , Q ' MY EH' Dm 5 -7 ? i 'ML 'Wubma LO. , f a Tnaadm. W A 1 ' , ty. if ' ' - .:,.. '- ' ' Swv www M WMA Low "gn-SS Wm! OMB. si Q 2 F L , 'GE is. 1 Q, .G oocffFffv fa" 'ZMNW' ' WM fWwLf of 44. Q. .,,, QM' A- 95?-fvzfh-id 7 4 Wy! MWWM7 X Ux.LJClfv01A-fxxl 'J' J-2Z4'L'-A vigyayfjbc, i eg, I Wwf, Wbywmp jftigak . .h4AJ,7,,7d!gQyu-hx - fff,E X ff ' J I ga55'f Wd fM4a4 740 .JVM I L""" I 14-4-a,.,Z,,,-en If 7 5 Q6-1 ,C22wEg',AK5,,,HL,,.x fall ZZZAWZ9 AREA 4533 Qiziv' mmm 4.7 , .x'l5f'1'Q'7AxQ26 zijaf 3 k ZAAQQL B '- kfw, J..W, Wwhsxm 7 , , 'jofm' 'J' 'ff'-3'-1 .ff C5424 QZVI., WJ, I 1 JMM Hub Ulbmwv UM5,wvfcZ,LU 5 , 4 ', Ewffwfgfkwy, ! 'gwwf M ffffffff X7 X img Q - YJM Mfffffi Milf? QW ff sg 65' 7' . f wgWQ2'32ffiQQj9f 514 5 7fw mae! 5 227 5 Zvi Ciwewmffm -fy-3 Awww QMQMMW?0M5Nf,f,,,,gj7' hfzfwh 3fWWwa,,L.L 1,45 ,L iwe 2 . MF7' ,M amwafgmf PYZQQM Wm M Qffmimwf WUWW54 X Compliments Of The Citizen's Bank Savannah, Tennessee C 81 M Cleaners Pickup and Delivery Service Alterations Phone 3606 Savannah, Tennessee Compliments Of Savannah Theatre Vinson Drug Store Prescription Druggist Phone 65 Adamsville, Tennessee loe's Shoe Hospital Invisible Soling Joe Bishop, Owner West Bridge Street Savannah, Tennessee We Welcome Your Patronage Stafford Chevrolet Co. Frigidaire Appliances Phone 103 Adamsville, Tennessee Compliments Of Bank Of Adamsville Your Needs Are Our Business Member F. D. I. C. Adamsville, Tennessee Compliments Of The Kroger Store Simon Hughes, Mgr. Compliments of Compliments Of D. I. Hughes Store The Vogue Phone 79-J Selmer, Tennessee Smith's Grocery 81 Markei lerrolds Hardware Store Choice Meats - Fruits and Vegetables Phfme 3777 Quality Groceries 64 Highway East Highway 69 P110116 3104 Savannah, Tennessee We Deliver Williams Insurance Agency It's Better To Be Compliments of Safe Than Sorry Savannah Button Company H. M. Williams H. J. Williams Ben Franklin Store 366155 fumifure Sfore Kerr 81 Harrison Implement Co. annah, Tennessee ' H. J. Beckham, Owner Complete Furnishing For The Home Dealer In 501111 Deere Phone 3596 .- we Serve To Serve Again Tractors and Equipment That's Why We Are Here Phone 3566 Compliments Of Savannah Process locker Company BROWN SHOE COMPANY wh-t a wh-t 1 e an 1 e Owners Air Step 'T W 'O lj, ' zen Load Robin Hood O' 5 Phone 3821 Savannah, Tennessee Buster Brown iverside Lumber Co. Phone 3661 Flooring - Ceiling - Siding Dimension Lumber of All Kinds Rough or Dressed Savannah, Tennesse The Thrift Store Your Fabric Center Barker Implement Company McCormick-Deering Tractors International Trucks Pontiac Sales Sa Service Savannah Decorating Co. Interior Exterior Decorating Supplies Floor Finishing-Painting-Paperhanging Savannah, Tennessee Phone 3549 Freeman Cleaners Free Delivery "Service That Pleases" Connie Shoes Phone 3281 Savannah, Tenn. Calrington's Ready To Wear . 51 Y 1 Q Westem Auto Associate Store BROOKS 8' MCFAU' Savannah's Best Store Everything For The Automobile 004 of Truetone Radios Batteries And Tires Phone 3701 Savannah, Tenn. Appeal Publishing Company Leslie Houston, Manager Adamsville, Tennessee School Printing a Specialty Breckenridge Jewelers Dom' App"a"ce co' Claude M. Breckenridge, Owner Edgar DOP-lin, Owner R0Y'S Cafe Jordan Cash Slore Roy Henderson, Owner J' B. Jordan, Owner H. M. Allen Compliments Of - i O I I A V Snclarr Reflnrng Company f- - R A M O U J. T. Hassell, Agent Tho Ford Ferguson Tractor And Equipment Savannah, Tennessee The Rexall Store Phone 3331 Savannah, Tennessee In Drugs, If It's Rexall, It's Right L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Attleboro, Massachusetts Class Rings and Pins Commencement Invitations Diplomas - Personal Cards Club Insignia Memorial Plaques Represented By -- Mr. Irving Harris P. O. Box 496 - Jackson, Tennessee Hasse!I Motor Company Compliments Of :Z-X Winningham Furniture Q p A 'Q Adamsville, Tennessee Sales And Service Phone 3421 600 Main Street , Con T. Welch, Agent Compliments Of General Insurance The First Nahonal Bank Citizens Bank Building Savannah, Tennessee Savannah, Tennessee Compliments Of SHACKELFORD FUNERAL DIRECTORS Savannah-Selmer-Bolivar Compliments Of Price's Esso Station James Price, Mgr. Savannah, Tennessee Phone 9966 For The Best And Cleanest Food With The Best And Quickest Service Wolfe Bros. Cafe Savannah, Tennessee Freeman Motors Dodge J ob Rated Trucks Dodge 8z Plymouth Cars Phone 3381 Compliments Of McDougal Drug Company Compliments Of Firestone C. H. Duren 81 Son R. D. Rinks, Owner Phone 105 Adamsviue Tennessee Headquarters For Sporting Supplies Phone 3781 GRADY COUNCE 8: SON CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH Trucks - Tractors Sales - Service McCormick--Deering Farm Equipment International Harvester Telephone 41 Selmer, Tennessee lack Hinton Implement Co. W- C' Ffelief 3' Sons New and Used Brown Shoes Cars - Trucks - Tractors Pedwin Shoes For Men 64 Highway - East Robin Hood Shoes For Women Phone 3526 And Children Phone 3291 Savannah, Tenn BAlN'S GARAGE Sales Service Willys Cars, Trucks and Jeeps General Repairing, Gas, Oil And Accessories Phone 3346 Savannah, Tennessee Compliments Of EMMETT YEISER CHEVROLET C0. Savannah Tennessee 1858 1950 ABE RUBEL X1 COMPANY Your Store Of Satisfaction Corinth Mississippi PAUL DAVIS CONSTRUCTION CO. Fine Logs Make Homes We Specialize D. R. ROCHELLE LUMBER CO. Savannah, Tennessee All Kinds Of Building Material Compliments Of Hotel Fariss Coffee Shop Savannah Tennessee East End Cafe Courtesy-Quality-Service One Ot The Best Dry Kilns ln The South Dining-Dancing Kiln Dried Hardwood8i Pine Flooring Parke"Reed'OW"er M Savannah Phone 3954 Tennessee ou mg, rim Framing, Sheathing Savannah Furniture Exchange Frigidaire Appliances Maytag 81 Barton Washing Machines R. C. A. Radios Youngstown Kitchen H. H. Perry, Owner Phone 3101 Savannah, Tenn. .gww ik L.. a if-nf' EMM A ,Iii K ,QM Q,fr tf vw ni Nr w , Q as A 'v s K I 5 5, if Z B M

Suggestions in the Central High School - Central Idea Yearbook (Savannah, TN) collection:

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Central High School - Central Idea Yearbook (Savannah, TN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 45

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