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ymM ■ ... .:vfc r ' .’■ . 1 ' . ’ ■., i- ?’ T ' n; ' .1 -i " • • - ■ 4 . ,-.J .. ; r . - ' . - t V ' ' .V, r . •}. ' r ' tiwv ‘ ' " i; jfcL:4u» ' . ' ' .i.. ir ■ ' dit ‘ ' •■ Volume 43 Toledo Ohio Forevvard From the beginning of his existence, man has sought to achieve knowledge of not only himself, but also of his fellow creatures. Through the ages, education has become one of the most important factors in a man’s life. For a person to have a complete education, there is more concerned than just intellectual growth. A true education takes in all aspects of man: the intellectual, moral, physical, ' S cholastically n s F ' Y ' ' U (f ‘ entral Develops, Page 2 B Culturally the Whole ]vll social, and cultural. If missing, he will be lac in his education. This corn that is—of the whole man him to fulfill his purpose glorification of God. The students of Central Catholic High School are fortunate. They have the oppor- of deceiving a complete education, rough special intercession and devotion the Blessed Virgin Mary, students develop e “whole being” for the greater honor and lory of God. Guided by Our Lady’s love and care, Centralites have proven themselves true champions—and this story is told in the pages of this 1963 Centripetal. GKAChletically Page 3 Dedication Sacrifice, perseverance, devotion, and guidance are just a few of the many attributes possessed by Coach Tom- McHugh. Besides these qualities, Mr. McHugh is an outstanding example of a fine Christian and a proven leader. Mr. McHugh, a 1950 graduate, was active in baseball, basketball, football. Student Spiritual Council, and- Student Council, while he attended Central. In his senior year he earned All-State football honors. He graduated from Notre Dame in 1934, where he played football for three years for the Fighting Irish. In 1933 he was chosen to play in the North-South All- Star game in Miami. Before returning to Central as head foot¬ ball coach, he played one year in the Canadian Football League. In 1936 he married Ida Dorfmeister ’30, and is the father of two children, Kathleen 3, and Kevin 1. Having just completed his seventh year as head football coach at Central, Mr. McHugh shows a record of 30 luins, 16 losses, and 3 ties. This 1962-63 season has fulfilled the dream of every high school football coach. Under the leadership of Coach AicHugh, the Fighting Irish reached the summit by copping the State Championship. Because of his outstanding u’ork, Mr. McHugh has gained the honor of being Ohio’s Football Coach of the Year. Coach McHugh has proven without a doubt that devotion and sacrifice have an integral place in the life of every successful person. It is with deep gratitude that, just as Mr. Thomas AlcHugh has dedicated his life to the betterment of Central, tve, the Centripetal Staff, dedicate to him, this, the 1963 Centripetal. Ohio ' s Coach Of The Year Mr. Thomas McHugh, B.S.P.E. Page 5 j Contents ★ ★ ★ Fore ward . 2 Dedication . 4 Administration . 7 Student Body . 19 Classes . 67 Sports . 93 Organizations . 117 Patrons . 149 Ads. . . . . . . . . . . . 154 Register . 157 Page 6 Sister Winifred, as she converses with Steve Chromik and Carol Smolinski, displays the faculty’s deep in¬ terest in the student’s spiritual and physical welfare. Administration Page 7 r Bishop of Toledo The Most Reverend George J. Rehring, S.T.D. I L Page 8 i Principal of Central I f : i I Monsignor John L. Harrington, S.T.B., M.A. Page 9 Ion Faculty, Staft members of Fentral Row 1: Rev. R. Etzel, Rev. O. Rethinger, Rev. D. Mohr, Rev. Conrad Schweibold. Row 2: Miss M. Radecki, Miss L. McCarthy, Sr. Jane Frances, R.S.M., Sr. Marie de Lourdes, O.S.U., Sister M. Alcuin, O.S.F. Row 3: Mr. G. DePrisco, M. J. Gajdostik, Mr. D. Wochowiak, Miss B. Knurek, Mr. P. O’Rourke. Row 4: Mr. T. McHugh, Miss F. Krompak, Miss M. E. Evans, Mr. D. Noble. Row 5: Miss C. Schubert, Miss R. Fackelman. Sr. M. Paul, R.S.M., was absent when the picture was taken. Page 10 i Assistant Principal of Central Page 11 Rev. J. Omer Rethinger (B.A.) Religion Rev. Jude Rochford O.F.M. Conv. (M.A.) Religion, Chess Coach Rev. Conrad Schweibold O.F.M. Conv. (B.A.) Religion Sr. M. Adolph S.N.D. (M.A.) German, Government Sr. M. Agnes O.S.F. (M.S.E.) Religion, English Sr. M. Alcuin O.S.F. (B.S.) General Science, Physical Science Page 12 I i Sr. M. Alice O.S.F. (M.A.) Latin Sr. M. Ambrose R.S.M. (M.A.) English Sr. Angela Marie O.S.U. (M.A.) English Oh dear! Who took my absentee slips? Sr. M. Austin O.S.U. (B.A.) Religion, English Composition Sr. M. Caroleen S.N.D. (M.A.) French Sr. M. Bede O.S.F. (M.E., M.S.) Mathematics, Religion Sr. M. Blandina O.S.F. (M.S.) Biology Sr. M. Casilda O.S.F. (B.S.E.) Physiology, Religion Sr. M. Casildis S.N.D. (B.S.E.) Latin Sr. M. Charlotte S.N.D. (M.A.) Latin Sr. M. Clarisena R.S.M. (M.A.) History, French Sr. M. Cleopha O.S.F. (B.E.) Attendance Office Sr. M. Damien O.S.F. (B.A.) Mathematics Page 13 Sr. M. David O.S.U. (B.A., B.A. in L.S.) Librarian Sr. M. DeChantal O.S.F. (M.A.) Mathematics Sr. M. Dolore S.N.D. (M.A.) Business Sr. M. Germaine R.S.M. (M.A.) Religion, Government Sr. M. Gemma O.S.F. (B.A., B.S.E.) General Science, Biology Sr. M. Gerard C.S.S.F. (B.A.) Mathematics Sr. M. Gordian S.N.D. (M.A.) Latin, Bookroom Sr. M. Grace O.S.U. (M.A.) Journalism Sr. M. Jane Frances R.S.M. (M.S.E.) History, Guidance Counselor Sr. M. Jerome R.S.M. (M.E.) Religion, Mathematics Sr. M. Joanne S.N.D. (M.A.) Girls’ Art Sr. M. John O.S.F. (M.M.) Music Page 14 Sr. M. Kenneth O.S.U. (M.H.E. Ed.) Home Economics Sr. M. Loretta O.S.F. (M.S.E.) Religion Sr. M. Louann S.N.D. (M.A.) Business Sr. M. Louis S.N.D. (B.A.) Commercial Business Sr. Marie Celine O.S.U. (M.A.) English Sr. M. Lucilla R.S.M. {B.S., M.F.A.) Boys’ Art Sr. Marie DeLourdes O.S.U. (M.A.) Spanish Sr. M. Magdalene O.S.U. (M.A.) English Sr. Mary of Mercv R.S.M. (M.A.) Religion, History, Guidance Counselor Sr. M. Natalie O.S.U. (B.S.E.) Religion, Librarian Sr. M. Paul R.S.M. (B.S.E.) Religion, Government Sr. M. Rachel C.S.S.F. (M.A.) English Page 15 Sr. M. Raymond O.S.U. (M.A.) Latin, English Composition Sr. M. Stephanie C.S.S.F. (M.E.) Biology Sr. M. Teresita O.S.F. (M.S.) Mathematics Sr. M. Thomasine S.N.D. (B.S.E.) Business Sr. M. Victor S.N.D. (M.A.) History Mrs. D. Brown (B.A.) English Sr. M. Winifred O.S.F. (B.A.) English Sr. M. Xavier O.S.F. (B.A.) Mathematics Mr. J. Cordiak (M.E.) Assistant Football Coach Boys’ Physical Education Mr. G. DePrisco (B.E.) Music Smile! Mrs. Gerner. You’re on Candid Camera! Mr. T. Dever (B.E.) History, Athletic Director, Tennis Coach Miss Evans (B.A.) Spanish, History Mr. V. Fischer (B.S.E., B.E.E., P.E.) Physics, Business Manager Page 16 Mrs. K. Fox (B.A.) English Mr. J. Garn (Ph.B.) English, Public Speaking Mr. J. Gajdostik (B.A.) History (B.A.) Mathematics ( Miss F. Krompak (B.E.) Physcial Education Mr. P. LaSpina (B.S.E.) Physical Education, Assistant Football Coach, Track Coach 1 Mr. D. Lewis (B.E.) Government, Assistant Football and Basketball Coach Miss B. McGrath (B.A.) Biology, Girls’ Physical Education Mr. T. McHugh (B.S.P.E.) Physiology, Varsity Football Coach Mr. R. Nichols (M.E.) Mathematics, Varsity Basketball Coach, Guidance Counselor Page 17 Mr. D. Noble (B.E.) Music Miss S. O’Connell (B.A.) English Mr. P. O’Rourke (B.A.) Commercial Law Mrs. V. Pheiffer (M.E.) Guidance Counselor Mr. D. Piloseno (B.S., M.A.) Wrestling Coach, Guidance Counselor Well, at least we didn’t get stuck between floors! Mr. J. Westenkirchner, (B.S. ' i Mechanical Drawing, Assistant Football Coach Mr. D. Wachowiak (B.S.E.E.) Physics Mrs. L. Wroe (R.N.) School Nurse Miss R. Fackelman Office Clerk Miss L. McCarthy Registrar Miss M. Radecki Switchboard, Office Clerk Miss C. Schubert Secretary Page 18 I The social angle is por¬ trayed hy D. Zavac and B. Slota as they exchange greetings during the four min¬ utes between classes. Student Body Page 19 Saliitatorian Joseph Nirschl Senior Farewell Dear Central, Through the years each graduating class has tried to express its feelings toward you. This year we have, as have other classes, found that it is impossible to put into words these feelings. We could, in flowery speeches enumerate the many happy moments we have experi¬ enced athletic wise, the satisfaction we have felt in gaining a sound education, and the inner peace instilled within us because of your spiritual guidance. Yes, dear Central, we could do this, but a speech cannot begin to thank you for what you have given us. The best way we can do this is to take the fundamentals of life you have taught us into the world so we can be the adults this world needs to carry on peace and good will to our fellowmen. Although tomorrow opens a new world, there will always be a place in our hearts for you, our Alma Mater. Page 20 Seniors Senior Class Officers: Elaine Moroski, treasurer; Marty Holmes, president; Emma Babarcsik, vice president; Joseph Nirschl, secretary. Page 21 f g1 Seniors Dennis Agosti Rosary Cathedral Biology Club 3; Scuba Club 3, 4; Patron Drive 4; Senior Play 4. Thomas Andrzejewski St. Adalbert Camera Club 2, 3, 4: Cen¬ tripetal 4; Cheerleader 2; French Club 4; Glee Club 2, 3, 4: JCWA 4; Latin Club 2, 3: Operetta 2, 3, 4; Produc¬ tion Staff 4: Senior Play 4; S. C. 3. Lorraine Augustyniak St. Anthony Biology Club 2; JCWA 4; Patron Drive 4; Student Court 4. Jacquelynne Aumiller St. Adalbert Biology Club 2. Emma Babarcsik St. Stephen Biology Club 2; Camera Club 3, 4; Centric 4: FTA 1, 2, 3: JCWA 4; Latin Club 2. 3; S. C. 3. 4. Patricia Bady St. Charles Aquinas Club 3; Biology Club 2: FSW 3. 4; Patron Drive 4; SSC 1, 2; YCS 3, 4. Paul Bailey Rosary Cathedral Biology Club 2; Camera Club 4: Football 1, 2, 3; Hall Patrol 4: Latin Club 4. Leonard Ball St. Clement Band 2, 3. 4: Camera Club 4: Patron Drive 4. Patricia Baranek St. Mary Library Club 4; Patron Drive 4. Mary Ellen Baron Rosary Cathedral Biology Club 2; Bowling 3; CAA 2, 3, 4: GAL 2, 3, 4; Patron Drive 4; Production Staff 4: SSC 2, 3, 4. Clara Barut St. Hedwig Biology Club 2; Bowling 3; CAA 2, 3. 4; Chemistry Club 4: GAL 2. 3. 4: Hall Patrol 4: JCWA 4; Latin Club 2; Math Club 3. 4: Patron Drive 4: Radio Club 3. William Basso Blessed Sacrament Band 2, 3, 4; Student Court 4. Page 22 Susan Beaber St. Joseph, Maumee FNA 3; Hall Patrol 3. 4: Patron Drive 4: Senior Play 4: SSC 3, 4. Jean Beller St. Mary Aquinas Club 3; Biology Club 2; Bowling 1, 2. 4; Centric 4; French Club 4: FTA 3, 4: German Club 2: GAL 3. 4: Hall Patrol 4; JCWA 4: Math Club 3: Pro¬ duction Staff 4: SSC 1, 2, 3, 4; YCS. Mary Bellner Good Shepherd Biology Club 3; FTA 2, 3; Glee Club 3. 4; Latin Club 2: Operetta 3, 4; Production Staff 4. Gloria Baksa Good Shepherd Biology Club 2; Centripetal 4; FNA 1; Latin Club 2; Patron Drive 4; SC 1, 2. Richard Bass St. Agnes Aquinas Club 3; Biology Club 2: Glee Club 2. 3. 4; Operetta 2, 3, 4; SSC 1, 2, 3, 4: YCS 1. Jerilyn Bertling St. Charles Biology Club 3: FTA 3: Patron Drive 4. Class Sharon Best Irene Bettinger St. Patrick of Heatherdowns St. Agnes Hall Patrol 4. Biology Club 2: Chemistry Club 4; .TCWA 3, 4; Latin Club 2: Production Staff 3, 4; SSC 1. 2, 4; Tennis 1. Carol Bick St. Catherine Centric 4; Cheerleader 2, 3, 1: Hall Patrol 4: SSC 1; SC 1. 2. 3. Gerald Blakowski St. Teresa ■ootball 1; Patron Drive 4. Claude Blanchong St. Agnes Band 2, 3, 4; Patron Drive 4. Nadine Bogue St. Vincent de Paul Biology Club 2; FNA 1, 2; Latin Club 2; Patron Drive 4. Dennis Bolbach Blessed Sacrament Biology Club 2; Football 1. 2, 3, 4; Patron Drive 4; SC 3. 4: Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Wrest¬ ling 1, 2, 3. Dennis Boltz St. Vincent de Paul Hall Patrol 4: JCWA 4; Pat ron Drive 4. Katherine Bouchard James Boudrie St. Agnes St. Charles TA 1; YCS 1. Mary Anne Boza St. Catherine Biology Club 2; Centripetal 4: Cheerleader 3. 4; FTA 2; GAL 2: Production Staff 3. Barbara Brahier St. Hedwig Bowling 1, 2, 3, 4; Centric 4; French Club 2, 3; FTA 2; GAL 1. 2. 3, 4; Production Staff 1, 2, 3; SSC 2. Diane Brancheau St. Agnes Biology Club 2: Centripetal 4. Karen Brown Daniel Brubaker Susan Buckholz Michael Budd Iris Buescher St. Adalbert St. Thomas Aquinas St. Mary Our Lady of Lourdes St. Mary ology Club 2: Bowling 3; mtric 4: FNA 2. 3; GAL 3. Hall Patrol 3, 4; Patron rive 4; Student Court 4. Sports Mgr. 1: Student Court 4. Biology Club 2. Hall Patrol 4: Patron Drive 4; SSC 2, 3; Track 2. German Club 2. Page 23 Joseph Burnard St. Joseph. Sylvania Patron Drive 4. Carole Cahill Rosary Cathedral Biology Club 2: FNA 1. Stuart Carl St. Patrick of Heatherdowns Football 1. 2; SSC 1, 2, 3, 4. Kathleen Caroots St. Patrick of Heatherdowns CAA 1, 2, 3; Centripetal 4; SC 2, 4; SSC 1, 2, 3. Robert Carr St. .4nn Biology Club 2. Susan Case Blessed Sacrament Centric 4; Hall Patrol 4; Library Club 3. 4; Mono¬ gram Club 1. 2, 4: Patron Drive 4. Michael Cassidy St. Agnes Football 1. 2, 3: Hall Patrol 3. 4; Math Club 3; SSC 4; YCS 3. John Chimielowicz St. Hedwig Biology Club 2: Football 1. 2; Latin Club 3: Math Club 3; Monogram Club 1; Patron Drive 4. The Irish Knight Lawrence Churski St. Hedwig Basketball 1: CAA 1. 2. 3, 4; Chess Club 1, 2, 3. 4; Patron Drive 4. Donald Cialkoszewski St. Clement Band 2. 3. 4; Centripetal 4; Orchestra 2, 3, 4; SSC 1, 2, 3. 4. Michael Clark Little Flower Biology Club 2; Patron Drive 4; YCS 1. Pamela Coleman St. Ann Band 1. 2, 3. 4; Biology Club 2: Jew A 4; Patron Drive 4; SSC 3. 4. Carol Conlan St. Agnes Biology Club 2; Bowling 2: FNA 1, 2, 4: GAL 2; JCWA 4: Production Staff 3, 4 Tennis 1. Joseph Connor Rosary Cathedral Chess Club 3; Math Club 3. John Cooper Our Lady of Perpetual Help Football 1, 2; Track 3. Keith Cousino St. Vincent de Paul Hall Patrol 4. Sandra Couturier St. Teresa Bowling 3; GAL 3; Library Margaret Cozy Rosary Cathedrai Club 1. Page 24 Louise Crimmins St. Catherine Biology Club 2; Hall Patrol 1: Patron Drive 4. John Creque St. Agnes Biology Club 2; Hall Patrol 4. Richard Cross St. Adalbert Biology Club 2; CAA 1, 4; Hall Patrol 4; Patron Drive 4. John Csomos Blessed Sacrament Centripetal 4; Football 1, 3; French Club 2; JCWA 4; Math Club 4; Patron Drive 4: Production Staff 4; Scuba Club 4; Student Court 4; SC 1, 2. 3. 4; SSC 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 4; Wrestling 1. Joan Danielak St. Agnes Biology Club 2; Bowling 2; FTA 2, 3; GAL 1, 2; JCWA 4; Production Staff 4; YCS 1. 2, 3. Theodore DeChristopher Immaculate Conception Baseball 2, 3, 4; SC 4. ni ' : ' CH 3, Margaret Delp st. Agnes [Biology Club 2: Centripetal 4; FNA 1, 2, 3: JCWA 4; ires 2, 3. Diane Demko st. Adalbert Biology Club 2; Centric 4; Patron Drive 4; Production staff 3: YCS 1. Marcel Despault st. Clement Basketball 1: Hall Patrol 4; Patron Drive 4; Tennis 1, 2; Track 1. Barry DiSalle Christ the King Glee Club 4; Operetta 4: Patron Drive 4; Student Court 4: Wrestling 1, 4. I Patricia Dittman Linda Domanowski Barbara Dombrowski Dave Dowling Little Biology Club Flower 2. st. Hyacinth AAG 2. 3, 4; CAA 2, 3, 4; Centric 4; Monogram Club 4; Patron Drive 4: Senior Play 4: SC 4; SSC 2, 3, 4. st. Adalbert Gesu Centripetal 4: JCWA 4 Patron Drive 4, i Kathryn Curley st. Vincent de Paul Biology Club 2; CAA 1: Cheerleader 3. 4: FNA 2. 3, 4: SSC 1. Ralph Decker Blessed Sacrament Biology Club 2: Bowling 3: Hall Patrol 4; Patron Drive 4. Viviano Diaz st. Mary Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 3; Operetta 3; Track 2, 3: Wrestling 3. ' • ■ I ' ' v V Kathryn Dreyer st. John Biology Club 2: FTA 1, 2. 3, 4: Library Club 3: Patron Drive 4. Page 25 ■ Janice Driscoll St. Clement Cheerleader 2, 3; Hall Patrol 4: Production Staff 4; SSC 3. Susan Ehrbright St. Agnes Biology Club 2: FNA 2; Patron Drive 4: SC 1; SSC 1; YCS 1. 2. Clarence Fackelman St. Mary Camera Club 4: Centric 4; Football 2: Hall Patrol 4: Patron Drive 4; SSC 4. Jean Fleitz St. Catherine Biology Club 2: FSW 4: GAL 2: Library Club 3. 4; Patron Drive 4. Perry Driscoll David Durham Jeffrey Farl Robert Farly Rosary Cathedral Aquinas Club 2, 3: Glee Club 3. 4; Camera Club 2, 3. 4: JCWA 4; Operetta 3, 4: Patron Drive 4; Production Staff 2; SC 2. 4. St. James Biology Club 2; Football I. 2. Rosary Cathedral Biology Club 2: Football 1. 2; Student Court 4. St. Thomas Aquinas Janice Fmmick Good Shepherd Biology Club 2; FNA 1. 4; Glee Club 2, 3, 4; JCWA 4; Operetta 3, 4; SSC 1: YCS 2. Christine Fndricks St. Mary Hall Patrol 4; Patron Drive 4. Lynn Frd St. Francis de Sales Biology Club 2; Hall Patrol 4: Patron Drive 4. Albert Faber St. Patrick of Heatherdowns Patron Drive 4. Maurice Farmer St. Charles Baseball 4; Football 1. 2, 3, Gary Ferguson Good Shepherd Hall Patrol 4; Latin Club 3: Monogram Club 4; Produc¬ tion Staff 4; SSC 1. 2, 3, 4. CentraVs Marching Band James Flood St. Pius X Hall Patrol 4: SSC 4: Track 3. 4. ■ Nadine Flower St. Hedwig AAG 2: Biology Club 2; FTA 3: Production Staff 4; SSC 2. Margaret Forche St. Catherine Hall Patrol 4; Patron Drive 4: YCS 1. Kathleen Forgette St. Mary AAG 1. 2. 3; Biology Club 2: Patron Drive 4. Page 26 Suzanne Fortuna St. Vincent de Paul Biology Club 2; Chemistry’ Club 4: FNA 3; GAL 3; Library Club 2, 3; Math Club 4; Patron Drive 4; SSC 1. Judith Fowler St. Catherine CAA 1; Centric 4; Produc¬ tion Staff 3, 4: SSC 1. Edward Francis St. Francis de Sales Biology Club 2; Football 1, 2; Glee Club 3, 4; Operetta 3, 4; Student Court 4, Joseph Frederick St. Stephen Patron Drive 4. Patricia Friend Rosary Cathedral Hall Patrol 4; Library Club 2, 3; SSC 1. 2, 4. ' ..-a;. Mary Gailliot Blessed Sacrament AAG 3; Biology Club 2; FNA 2, 3; Hall Patrol 4; JCWA 4; Latin Club 2: Operetta 4; Spanish Club 2, 3; SSC 1. Annette Gajewski St. Adalbert Bowling 3; Centric 4; French Club 3; FTA 3, 4; GAL 3; JCWA 4; Math Club 3; Monogram Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Patron Drive 4; Production Staff 3, 4: SC 2; Tennis 3. Mark Gawecki St. Catherine Biology Club 2. Thomas Gerlach James Gilbert Blessed Sacrament Gesu Biology Club 2; Hall Patrol 3. 4; Manager 1, 3, 4: Patron Drive 4; SC 2; SSC 1, 2, 3, 4; Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4. Michael Goodnough Rosary Cathedral Biology Club 2; Camera Club 4; Football 1. 2; Glee Club 2, 3. 4; Operetta 2, 3, 4: Senior Play 4; Student Court 4: SSC 2, 4. David Gould Our Lady of Lourdes (Genoa) Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 4; SC 1. John Ginter St. Catherine Basketball 1. 3, 4; Baseball 1. 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3. 4; Glee Club 4: Hall Patrol 4; Operetta 4; Patron Drive 4; SC 3; Track 3, 4. Joseph Gould St. Thomas Aquinas Barbara Giovanoli Sacred Heart Biology Club 2. Laird Goulding St. Agnes CAA 1. 2, 3; Centric 4; Senior Play 4; French Club 4: Latin Club 2. 3; Library Club 1, 2: Monogram Club 4; Production Staff 4; SSC 4. Barbara Glowski St. Thomas Aquinas Biology Club 2; Centripetal 4: Cheerleader 3; Chemistry Club 4; FNA 1, 2; Math Club 3, 4: Monogram Club 2; Pro¬ duction Staff 4. V Janice Graham St. Pius X Patron Driv ' e 4. Page 27 Joyce Gray Leaiia Grill St. Anthony St. Ca therine Aquinas Club 3: Biolog.v ::iub 2: CSMC 4; FTA 3; ICWA 4: Latin Club 2; VIonogiam Club 2: SSC 4; Student Court 4. Georgette Grosschedl Sacred Heart AAG 1. 2: Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Biology Club 2; Chess Club 1, 2; GAL 1; JCWA 4; Math Club 4; Monogram Club 2: SC 4: SSC 4; YCS 2, 3, Dolores Gruszczynski St. Hyacinth Chemistry Club 4; Chess Club 2, 3: FTA 3, 4; Math Club 3, 4: Patron Drive 4; Production Staff 4; Senior Play 4. Jean Gruszczynski St. Anthony Aquinas Club 3; Biology Club 2; Centric 4; French Club 2. 3; Hall Patrol 4; Patron Drive 4. Donald Gurecky St. Agnes Patron Drive 4; Track 4, James Hahn St. Stanislaus Football 1. 2, 3, 4: Hall Patrol 4; Patron Drive 4; Track 2, 3. Thomas Hahn St. Stanislaus Football 1; Hall Patrol 4; Patron Drive 4. James Halloran Rosary Cathedral Biology Club 2; Hall Patrol 4. Theodore Halsey St. Thomas Aquinas Student Court 4. Richard Harley St. Mary Band 1. 2, 3. 4; Math Club 3. 4; Patron Drive 4. Sandra Harris St. Ann Biology Club 2; Bowling 4; Centripetal 4; GAL 3, Spanish Club 2. 3, 4; Thomas Hauck Sacred Heart CAA 1; Chemistry Club 4; Chess Club 1; Hall Patrol 4; Latin Club 2: Library Club 1. 2: Math Cub 4; Produc¬ tion Staff 4. Correnne Haugh St. Catherine Biology Club 2; Centric 4; FTA 2, 3; Patron Drive 4. John Hayes St. Agnes Basketball 1; Biology Club 2; Football i, 2; SC 4; Stu¬ dent Court 4. Richard Hayward Rosary Cathedral Aquinas Club 2; Centric 4; Glee Club 2; Latin Club 3: Operetta 2; Patron Drive 4; SC 1. 2. 3. 4; SSC 3. 4; Tennis 1. age 28 Mary Healey St. Stephen Biology Club 2; Chemistry Club 4: FTA 1; Math Club 3, 4. Barbara Healy St. James AAG 1; Aquinas Club 3; Biology Club 2; FNA 1, 2. 3, 4; Latin Club 2; Math Club 3: Patron Drive 4; Produc¬ tion Staff 4. Three Merit Finalists Kathleen Henisse St. John Biology Club 2: Centripetal |l; FTA 1. Eric Henzler St. Michael Centripetal 4; Radio Club 2, 3; Patron Drive 4; Produc¬ tion Staff 4; SC 4; SSC 2, 3. 4; Wrestling 2. Donald Herman St. Vincent de Paul German Club 2; Hall Patrol 4. Mary Hernandez St. Charles AAG 2; Biology Club 2; Glee Club 3. 4: Monogram Club 2; Operetta 3, 4; Patron Drive 4. John High St. Agnes Biology Club 2; Baseball 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Hall Patrol 4; Math Club 4; SSC 4; Track 1, 2. 3. 4; Wrestling 2 . Dennis Hilarski St. Agnes George Hilkins Regina Coeli Biology Club 2; SSC 4. Phillip Hoag Gesu Biology Club 2: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Hall Patrol 4; Patron Drive 4: SC 2. 3: Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 1. Joseph Hoeflinger Sacred Heart CAA 1; Patron Drive 4, Linda Hofhauer St. Thomas Aquinas Biology Club 2; Patron Drive 4; Student Court 4. William Hoffman St. Charles Martin Holmes St. Clement Baseball 1. 2, 3. 4; Basket¬ ball 1, 2, 3. 4; Centric 4; Cross Country 1. 2; Mono¬ gram Club 2. 4: Patron Drive 4: SC 4: SSC 1. 3. Leona Holt St. Vincent de Paul FNA 2, 3: Math Club 3; SC 4. Daniel Holzemer Rosary Cathedral Biology Club 3. Robert Homier Our Lady of Perpetual Help Centric 4; Radio Club 2. 3. 4. Boast Seniors Patricia Horgan St. Ann Biology Club 2; Bowling 3 Centripetal 4; FNA 2, 3, 4 GAL 3; Monogram Club 3, 4 Patron Drive 4; SSC 1. 3. Colleen Horrigan St. James Biology Club 2; FNA 1, 2. 4; Patron Drive 4. Victoria Howell St. Charles Biology Club 2; Centric 4: FSW 3, 4: FTA 2, 4; Glee Club 3. 4; Math Club 4: Monogram Club 4: Operetta 3. 4: Patron Drive 4; Span¬ ish Club 4; SSC 1. 4. Page 29 Darlene Hudick St. Thomas Aquinas Biology Club 2; Bowling 3: Centripetal 4: FNA 3: FSW 3; Hall Patrol 4. Sharon Hudick Rosary Cathedral Biology Club 2; Bowling 2: Centric 4; FNA 2, 3: Senior Play 4: SSC 2, 3, 4; Student Court 4: YCS 2, 3. Donna Hulett St. Catherine Centric 4; Monogram Club 4; Patron Drive 4; Spanish Club 4. State A ckno wledges Phyllis Hyde St. Hyacinth Biology Club 2: Chemistry Club 4; GAL 2; JCWA 4; Math Club 3. 4. James Ingham Blessed Sacrament Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Base¬ ball 1: Centripetal 4; Patron Drive 4: SC 2; SSC 2: Tennis 2. 3. Richard Jackson Robert Jaegly Dario Insenga Our Lady of Perpetual Help Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Operetta 4: Orchestra 1: Senior Play 4; Track 2, 3, 4, St. Patrick of Heatherdowns Biology Club 2; Hall Patrol 4; Patron Drive 4. St. Patrick of Heatherdowns AAG 1: Biology Club 2; Patron Drive 4. Sharon Jagel St. Charles Patron Drive 4; SC 1. Phillip Janiszewski St. Hedwig Biology Club 2; Camera Club 3: Chess Club 3; Hall Patrol 4. Marcella Jankowski St. Adalbert Band 2. 3: Biology Club 2; French Club 3: Patton Drive 4. Joanne Jaros SS. Cyril and Methodius, Rossford Biology Club 2; FNA 1, 3: Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Operetta 2. 3, 4: Patron Drive 4: Pro¬ duction Staff 4: Student Court 4. Dennis Jasinski St. Stanislaus Basketball 1. 2, 3. 4; ball 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: SSC 2, 4; Track 4. Richard Jasper St. Catherine Football 1. 2, 3. 4; Patron Drive 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4. David Jazwiecki St. Catherine Football 1, 3: Math Club 2, 4; Patron Drive 4; SC 1: Student Court 4; Tennis 2, 3. 4. Louise Jechura St. Adalbert Biology Club 2; Camera Club 2, 3, 4; Centric 4; GAL 2, 3, 4: Hall Patrol 4: JCWA 4; Math Club 3; Monogram Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Production Staff 3. 4; Spanish Club 2. 3: SC 3. Barbara Jeko St. Agnes Biolog.v Club 2; Patron Drive 4. Barbara Johnson Rosary Cathedral Band 2, 3, 4; Biology Club 2; Centric 4; Monogram Club 1, 2, 3. 4: Patron Drive 4; SSC 3, 4. Page 30 The Irish Are The Best Ronald Johnson Regina Coeli Biology Club 3. Joanne Joyce St. Agnes Biology Club 2; Centripetal 4; FT A 1, 2. 3. 4: Patron Drive 4; SC 2; YCS 2, 3. Roslyn Jurski St. Hedwig Bowling 3: YCS l. Robert Juhasz I St. Stephen ; Biology Club 2; SSC 2, Tennis 3. 4. 3; Susan Justen St. Vincent de Paul Monogram Club 4; Patron Drive 4; SSC 3. Elaine Kaczmarski St. Catherine AAG 1, 2; Biology Club 2: SSC 2, 3. Gary Kajtaniak St. Hyacinth Hall Patrol 3; SSC 1. Dolores Kalinowski St. Hedwig Kenneth Kania St. Patrick of Heatherdowns .Hall Patrol 4: Production I Staff 4; Scuba Club 4; SSC 1, 2 . John Kasprzak St. Vincent de Paul Hall Patrol 3: SSC 3. 4. Walter Kazmierczak St. Hedwig CAA 1; Football 1; Hall Patrol 4; Wrestling 2, 4: SSC 3. 4. Dennis Keller Blessed Sacrament Hall Patrol 3; Wrestling 3, 4. John Kennedy Blessed Sacrament Hall Patrol 4. ■ ' X ■ Patricia Kepus St. James Biology Club 2; Bowling 2, 3: Cheerleader 2, 3, 4: GAL 2, 3: Library Club 1; Patron Drive 4: SC 4. William Kerscher St. Patrick of Heatherdowns Chemistry 4; Hall Patrol 4: Math Club 4; Radio Club 2, 3, 4. James Kest Our Lady of Perpetual Help Biology Club 3: Hall Patrol 4: SSC 2. Martha Key SS. Cyril and Methodius. Rossford Centripetal 4: FNA 3: Pati ' on Drive 4: YCS 2. Jane King: St. Pius X Biology Club 2; Library Club 1. 2. 3; Spanish Club 2; YCS 2; SSC 1. Page 31 Sharon Kirian St. Mary Biology Club 2; FNA 1, 3; Patron Drive 4; Production Staff 4: SSC 1. 2, 3. Frank Kiss St. Stephen Camera Club 2. 3, 4; Hall Patrol 4; Production Staff 4; Student Court 4. James Koenig St. Thomas Aquinas Centric 4; Football 2, 3, 4; Operetta 4; Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Radio Club 1: Track 1, 2, 3; Wrestling 3, 4. Theodore Kokocinski St. Hedwig Hall Patrol 4; Patron Drive 4; Wrestling 2. Barbara Kolibar St. Stephen Biology Club 2: FTA 1, 2, 3 4; Patron Drive 4. Judith Konczal St. Catherine Biolog.v Club 2; Production Staff 4. Joyce Konopka St. Hedwig Biology Club 2; Chemistry Club 4: Math Club 3, 4; Monogram Club 1, 2; Pro¬ duction Staff 4. Janice Koralewski St. Jude Biology Club 2. Teacher Appreciation Day John Kosbab Dianne Koszycki Louis Kovach Mary Kozy Blessed Sacrament St. Hyacinth St. Charles Blessed Sacrament JCWA 4: Student Court 4. Biology Club 2: Bowling 2; Chemistry Club 4; FNA 2; GAL 2; JCWA 4; Math Club 4: Monogram Club 4; Patron Drive 4; SSC 1, 2, 3, 4. Hall Patrol 4. AAG 1. 2; Biology Club Library Club 1, 2; SSC YCS 2. Vernon Krajewski St. Adalbert 2; Camera Club 1: Chess Clul; 1; 3: Golf Club 4: Hall Patrol 4ii Patron Drive 4: Sports Mgr ' 2 . Joyce Kremnec St. Adalbert Biology Club 2; Bowling 2: Centric 4; French Club 2: GAL 3: Patron Drive 4. Dianna Krieger St. John Biology Club 2; Centripetal 4: Patron Drive 4: Produc¬ tion Staff 4. Barbara Krzyzanowski St. Adalbert Biology Club 2; French Club 3: Hall Patrol 4: Patron Drive 4. Dennis Kuchcinski St. Adalbert Patron Drive 4. Marlene Kujawa St. Hyacinth Biology Club 2; JCWA 4. Page 32 Frederick Kujda . St. Adalbert i ' Hall Patrol 4. Gerald Kunkel St. Agnes Biolog.v Club 2; Football 1, 2: Hall Patrol 4. Anne Kwapich Little Flower Biology Club 2; FSW 3; Hall Patrol 4; Patron Drive 4; SSC 1, 2. Christine Kwiatkowski St. Charles Biology Club 2: FNA 1. 2; Spanish Club 3. John Kwiatkowski St. Adalbert CAA 1. 2. 3, 4: Camera Club 1, 2, 3. 4; JCWA 4: Math Club 2. 3. 4: Monogram Club 1. 2. 3. 4: SC 4. Becomes I Tradition Joyce Kwiatkowski St. Hyacinth Biology Club 2. Thomas Kwiatkowski St. Hyacinth Basketball 1, 2; Biology Club 2; Cross Country 2; Hall Patrol 4. John LaPlante St. Louis Biology Club 2; Hall Patrol 4; Patron Drive 4: SC 1; SSC 2. Monique Landry Rosary Cathedral ■ lliology Club 2; FTA 3; Hall ! f’atrol 4; Patron Drive 4; .iVcs 1. I. Joyce LaPlante St. Thomas Aquinas FTA 3; FSW 2; Student Court 4, Kenneth Lauerer St. Vincent de Paul Biology Club 3; Patron Drive 4; SSC 3. James LeGros Immaculate Conception Hall Patrol 4; SC 3, 4; SSC 1. 2, 3, 4. Mary Lou Lebowsky St. John Biology Club 2; CAA 1. 2. 3. 4: Patron Drive 4; SSC 1. 2, 3. 4. Lynn Lechlak St. Agnes Kathleen Lee St. Agnes FNA 1. 2: Patron Drive 4; YCS 1. 2, 3. Kathleen Lenahan St. Agnes Biology Club 2; FNA 1; Production Staff 4. Clarence Lewinski Christ the King Football 2; SSC 4. Patricia Lewis Immaculate Conception Biology Club 2; YCS 2. Page 33 Gary Liedel Blessed Sacrament Biology Club 2: Hall Patrol i: SC 4. Ronald Linker St. Agnes Centric 4; Football 1. 2, 3, 4: Hall Patrol 4; Patron Drive 4; Track 1, 2, 3. 4: Wrestling 3. Elaine Lintner St. Vincent de Paul Biology Club 2; Centric 4; Patron Drive 4: Spanish Club 3. Robert Lohner St. Stephen Basketball 1, 2; Biology Club 2; Centric 4; Cross Country 2, 3; Tennis 2, 3. 4. Virginia Lopinski St. Vincent de Paul CAA 1. 2, 3. 4: Centric 4; ' ■ Patron Drive 4; SSC 1. 2. 3. 4. I John Louy Regina Coeli Biology Club 2. Patricia Lozny St. Catherine Biology Club 2; French Club 4: FTA 2, 3: Hall Patrol 4; JCWA 4; Monogram Club 3; Patron Drive 4; Senior Play 4. Kathryn Lutz St. James Biology Club 2; Bowling 3; French Club 2; GAL 1. 3. Donna Maas St. Louis Latin Club 2; SSC 4; YCS 3. Eleanor Machala SS. Cyril and Methodius, Rossford 1 . Biology Club 2: Centric 4: Lj FNA 1, 2. 3. 4; JCWA 4: J Monogram Club 1, 2. 3. 4;J ' Patron Drive 4: SC 4. i Linda Mack St. Benedict Biology Club 3; FTA 2. 3, 4; Hall Patrol 4 : .TCWA 4; Latin Club 2. 3: Library Club 1; SSC 4. Leo Manion St. Agnes Biology Club 2: Hall Patrol 4: Patron Drive 4. Patricia Mansor St. Agnes Bowling 2, 3. 4: FNA 1; GAL 2, 3. 4; JCWA 4; Patron Drive 4. ! Basketball Players Agree, Ronald Matuszewski ” St. Hyacinth Golf Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Hall . Patrol 4; Patron Drive 4; m SSC 4. jiii Chris Martin Blessed Sacrament Biology Club 2; Patron Drive 4; Sports Mgr. 1. Kenneth Martis Good Shepherd Biology Club 2; Chemistry Club 4: Chess Club 3. 4; Patron Drive 4; SSC 1. 4. Robert Matuszak St. Vincent de Paul Aquinas Club 3; Biology Club 2; Bowling 4; Hall Patrol 4; JCWA 4; Patron Drive 4: Student Court 4: SSC 2: Wrestling 3, 4. Mike Marshall Immaculate Conception Biology Club 2: Camera Club 1. 2; SSC 3. Page 34 Arthur Maus Rosary Cathedral Daniel Mauter St. Catherine football 1; Hall Patrol 4; Patron Drive 4; SSC 4; Track 1. Gloria Mazuchowski St. Hedwig Biology Club 2; Camera Club 4; Patron Drive 4; Production Staff 4; Spanish Club 2; SSC 1, 4; YCS 2, 3, Joseph McCarty St. Charles Biology Club 2; Football 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Hall Patrol 4; Operetta 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 4; SC 4: Track 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 2, 3. Terrence McCauley Immaculate Conception Camera Club 2; Hall Patrol 4: Production Staff 3; SC 4. Joan McDonald Rosary Cathedral [.Centripetal 4; Cheerleader 2, 4; FT A 2; Hall Patrol 4; 3C 3: YCS 1. John McGowan St. Agnes Camera Club 2, 3; Hall Patrol 4: JCWA 4; Latin Club 2; Production Staff 2, 3. 4; Track 2. Marilyn McGreevy Rosary Cathedral John McGuire Blessed Sacrament Biology Club 2; Football 2, 3: Hall Patrol 4; SSC 1; Tennis 1; Track 2; Wrestling 1. Joseph McIntosh St. John Mom Is Greaf ' V Nancy McLaughlin St. Clement Biology Club 2: JCWA Patron Drive 4. Michael McManus St. Agnes 4; Football 2, 3. 4: Track 1, 2. 3, 4: YCS 4. Judith Measley St. Francis de Sales Bowling 4; GAL 4; Patron Drive 4. Tom Mennitt St. Clement ology Club 2; Hall Patrol Radio Club 2; Senior Play Robert F. Metz Little Flower Biology Club 2: Football 1, 2, 3; Hall Patrol 4: Produc¬ tion Staff 4; Track 1. Judith Meyer Good Shepherd Aquinas Club 2, 3; FT A 2, 3. 4; Glee Club 4; JCWA 4: Latin Club 3: Monogram Club 4; Production Staff 4: Operetta 3, 4; Patron Drive 4; SC 4: SSC 1, 2. 3, 4. Gary Michaels St. Agnes Track 1. Judith Michalak St. Vincent de Paul Biology Club 2: FNA 1. 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 2: Monogram Club 3. 4: Operetta 2; Patron Drive 4: SC 2. Page 35 Susan Michalak Regina Coeli Biology Club 2; FNA 4: GAL 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 3, 4; Math Club 3: Monogram Club 4; Patron Drive 4; Production Staff 3. 4: Op¬ eretta 3, 4. John Mihalik St. Thomas Aquinas Biology Club 2; Fooball 1; Hall Patrol 4. Constance Miller St. Catherine Biology Club 2; Centric Patron Drive 4: YCS 1. Nancy Miller Regina Coeli 4; Biology Club 2; Centric Patron Drive 4. St. Patrick of Heatherdowns 4; Biology Club 2; Chemistry Club 4: Math Club 4: Track 2. 3, 4. 1 Marilyn Mizen St. Catherine A AG 3; Biology Club 2; CAA 1, 2, 3, 4; Centripetal 4; Latin Club 2: Patron Drive 4: Production Staff 2; Senior Play 4; SC 4; SSC 1, 2, 3, 4. David Mocek St. Charles Biology Club 2; Hall Patrol 4. Diane Mioduszewski St. Adalbert AAG 2: Bowling 3: Centric 4: French Club 2; FNA 3. 4; GAL 3; JCWA 4; Math Club 3: Monogram Club 1, 2, 3; Patron Drive 4; SC 1, 4. Dennis Modlinski St. Hyacinth Band 3, 4; Biology Club 2; Bowling 1, 2, 3; SSC 2. Gerald Molnar St. Stephen Basketball 1, 2; Biology Club 2; Centric 4; Football 1. 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 4; Latin Club J] 2; Math Cub 2; Monogram 1, 2; Operetta 4; Patron Drive 4; SC 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3. j James Molnar St. Stephen Basketball 1. 2; Biology Club 2: Football 1, 2, 3. 4: Hall Patrol 4; Patron Drive 4: SC 1; Track 3, 4. Dennis Moore St. Catherine Hall Patrol 4: SSC 4. Paul Moore St. Charles Centripetal 4; Patron Drive 4; SSC 2. Elaine Moroski St. Adalbert Glee Club 4; Monogram Club 1, 2, 4: Operetta 3, 4; Patron Drive 4; SC 3, 4. Carol Mrozinski St. Hedwig Biolog.v Club 3; Centric 4; GAL 3: Monogram Club 2. 4; ■ SSC 2. Dennis Mueller Our Lady of Perpetual Help Baseball 4; Bowling 3; Foot¬ ball 1; Tennis 2. John Mullen St. Joseph, Sylvania Baseball 1. 2, 3, 4; Basket¬ ball 1; Football 1, 2, 3. 4: Glee Club 4: Operetta 4; SC 2: Track 3. 4; Wrestling 2. Louise Munich St. John Biology Club 2; Camera Club 4; SSC 4. Half-Time Dancers Page 36 David Musch St. Charles ' Biology Club 2; Hall Patrol i. Joanne Nalodka St. Adalbert Biology Club 2; Monogiam Club 2; SSC 1. Lawrence Naumann Our Lady of Perpetual Help Glee Club 3, 4; Operetta 3, 4: Patron Drive 4. Diana Navarre Blessed Sacrament Biology Club 2; FNA 1, 2, 3, 4; Patron Drive 4; Produc¬ tion Staff 4. Robert Nicholas St. Jude Band 2, 3, 4; Baseball 3. 4: Biology Club 2; Football 1; Wresting 3. Jo Ann Nowicki St. John Biology Club 2. Leonore Nowicki St. Hedwig Hall Patrol 4. Joseph Nirschl I t. Patrick of Heatherdowns S land 1, 2, 3, 4; Chemistry c 3ub 4: Math Club 2. 3, 4: X lonogram Club 1, 2, 3, 4: 1 - ‘atron Drive 4; Radio Club y : sc 1, 3. 4; SSC 3, 4. Phillip Norkavage St. Jude Biology Club 2; Centric 4; Student Court 4. Karen Nowak St. Hedwig Biology Club 2; Bowling 2, 3, 4; FSW 4; GAL 2, 3, 4: Production Staff 3; Spanish Club 2. i ‘ ary Ann Nowowiejski St. Hedwig l wling 2, 3, 4; GAL 2, 3, 4. Jan Nyitray St. Hedwig Biology Club 2; Hall Patrol 4: Radio Club 2. Ann O’Connell St. Ann Biology Club 3; Patron Drive 4. John Olmstead St. Charles Band 1. 2, 3: Centric 4; Wrestling 3. Martha St. Patrick of Biology Club Hall Patrol 4: 4: SSC 1, 4. Opalka Heatherdowns 2; CAA 1: Patron Drive Gain Prestige James Opre St. Michael Band 1. 2, 3. 4; Chemistry Club 4: Math Club 4; Patron Drive 4. Paul Orosz St. Stephen Biology Club 2; CAA 3; Camera Club 4: Chemistry Club 4: Senior Play 4: Glee Club 3. 4: JCWA 4: Math Club 4: Operetta 3, 4; Patron Drive 4: SC 4: SSC 4. Daniel O’Shea St. Thomas Aquinas Biology Club 2; Camera Club 3. 4: Glee Club 4: Operetta 4: Patron Drive 4; Production Staff 3. 4. Page 37 Leonard Pacitti St. Agnes Aquinas Club 1; Glee Club 2, 3: Operetta 2, 3; SSC 1, 2, 3: YCS 1, 2, 3. Virginia Partridge St. Hyacinth AAG 2, 3. 4; CAA 1. 2. 3, 4; FSW 3, 4; Production Staff 4: Student Court 4. Robert Pawlicki Rosary Cathedral Football 1; Patron Drive 4. Daniel Piloseno Christ The King Basketball 1; Biology Club 2, 3; Football 1. 2. 3; SSC 1, 2, 3. 4: Track 3, 4; Wrest¬ ling 2, 3, 4. Howard Paquette St. John Biology Club 2; Camera Club 1: Centric 4; Hall Patrol 4: Patron Drive 4; SSC 4. 4 i Judith Parton St. Catherine Biology Club 2: FT A 2; Patron Drive 4; SSC 1. Everyone Irish Kayrl Patton Rosary Cathedral Lillian Paulssen St. James AAG 4; CAA 4; Centric French Club 3; FT A JCWA 4; Patron Drive SSC 3, 4. Carolyn Pawlecki St. Adalbert 4; Band 2, 3, 4: Biology Club 2; 3; Centric 4; French Club 3; 4 ; FTA 3; Hall Patrol 3; JCWA 4; Monogram Club 1, 2, 4; Patron Drive 4; Production Staff 3; SSC 3, 4. Thomas Pawlicki St. Adalbert Baseball 2, 3, 4; Biology Club 2; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Patron Drive 4. Michael Peterson St. Stephen Judy P£af¥ St. Clement Patron Drive 4. Richard Pfaff Immaculate Conception Biology Club 2; Hall Patrol Nelson Pfleghaar St. Joseph, Maumee 4. John Piotrowski St. Hedwig Patron Drive 4. Donald Pitzen St. Charles Football 1, 2. Glenn Placucci SS. Cyril and Methodius Chemistry Club 4: Football 1. 2: JCWA 4: Math Club 4; Patron Drive 4; Tennis Club 2 . Marcia Pluto St. Adalbert Biology Club 2; YCS 3, 4. Page 38 On Sl Patrick ' s r Mary Sue Poes St. Stephen Bowling 2, 3: CAA 4: Cam¬ era Club 2, 3, 4: Centric 4; Cheerleader 3: Senior Play 4: Glee Club 3, 4: Ooeretta 3, 4: sc 1, 2, 4; SSC 4. Thomas Pointinger St. Mary Louis Posadny St. Charles Susan Pountney Regina Coeli ' Cheerleader 2, 4: Library Club 4; Patron Drive 4. I Angeline Poznanski St. Hedwig Biology Club 2; Bowling 2, 3. 4; Camera Ciub 4; FSW 3 4; FTA 2. 3, 4; GAL 2, 3, 4: Patron Drive 4; SSC 1; YCS Henry Puhl St. Joseph Patron Drive 4; Student Court 4. James Priscak St. Stephen Camera Club 3. 4; JCWA 4: Latin Club 3; Production Staff 3, 4. Marcia Przeniezny St. Hyacinth Biology Club 2; French Club 2, 3; JCWA 4; Monogram Club 1, 2, 3. 1. 2, 3. Thomas Puhl St. Joseph (all Patrol 4. Michael Purol St. Adalbert Basketball 1 : Chemistry Club 4: Football 1: Monogram Club 1, 2: SC 2. Michael Rabbitt Good Shepherd Baseball 3; Biology Club 2; Hall Patrol 4; Monogram Club 1: SSC 1. Gerald Rable St. James Football 1. Carol Rae St. Thomas Aquinas Bowling 3: SSC 4. I Wayne Rafey St. John Mary Rahm Rosary Cathedral Biology Club 2; Centric 4; FTA 2, 3, 4: JCWA 4; Mono¬ gram Club 3; SSC 2. Alan Ray Blessed Sacrament Biology Club 2: Bowling 3; Centric 4: Hall Patrol 4. James Reeves St. Benedict Basketball 1, 2; Biology Club 2: Football 1. 2, 3. 4: Glee Club 4; SC 2: Track 1. 2. 3, 4. Barbara Reilly St. Ann Biology Club 2; Bowling 3. Page 39 David Reinbolt St. Jerome Biology Club 2: Centric 4; Football 1, 2; Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4, Carol Reiter Ronald Richmond Anneda Robinson Jeffery Rogers Rosary Cathedral St. Ann Blessed Sacrament Blessed Sacrament Biology Club 2; Centric 4; Cheerleader 4; FNA 3; GAL 3; Glee Club 4; Math Club 3: Operetta 4; Senior Play 4; YCS 3. Biology Club 2; FNA 2, GAL 2; Patron Drive 4; 1. 3: SC Ppiology Club Track 1. 2; SSC Gerelene Rollins Rosary Cathedral Biology Club 2; Patron Drive 4: YCS 1. Richard Romito St. Catherine Wrestling 1. Ruth Romstadt Sacred Heart Biology Club 2; Patron Drive 4. Talent Assembly Presents John Ross Holy Rosary CAA 4. Joseph Roth Immaculate Conception Judith Rothbaum St. Hedwig FT A 2. 3, 4; JCWA 4; Patron Drive 4; SC 4. Katherine Rothert Rosary Cathedral Patron Drive 4; SSC 1, 4. Terry Rowland Our Lady of Lourdes Biology Club 2: SSC 3. Sharon Rozek Ronald Rutkowski Nancy Rutter Carolyn Saam Robert Sadowski St. Hyacinth Centripetal 4; GAL 1; JCWA 4. St. Adalbert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1: Centripetal 4: Chess Club 2, 3. 4; Latin Club 2, 3: Orchestra 2: Patron Drive 4; Production Staff 4; SSC 2; Student Court 4. St. Hyacinth Bowling 3: SSC 1. 2. St. Clement JCWA 4: Patron Drive 4. St. Hedwig Page 40 Paul Saelzler Roger Samson Blessed Sacrament St. Janies Centric 4; Football 1; Patron Band 1, 2, 3, 4; SSC 3. Drive 4; SC 1; SSC 1; Track I, 2, 3, 4: Wrest ling 1, 2. Lucy Schaub St. Jude Biology Club 2; Hall Patrol 4: Production Staff 4: SSC 4. Joseph Schemenauer St. Louis Biology Club 2; Production Staff 4. Susan Schiffer Good Shepherd Biology 2; CAA 4; French Club 2. 3; FTA 3. 4; JCWA 4; Patron Drive 4; Produc¬ tion Staff 4; SC 4; SSC 4. Stars of Tomorrow Susan Schings Rosary Cathedral Biology Club 2: JCWA 4; Patron Drive 4; YCS 1, 2. Genevieve Schlagheck St. James Hall Patrol 4; Patron Drive 4. David Schneider St. Thomas Aquinas SSC 4. Michael Schramm Blessed Sacrament CAA 1, 2, 3; Football 2. Donna Schrein St. Clement Biology Club 2; Library Club 3: Patron Drive 4. Ronald Schrein Regina Coeli Biolog.y Club 2; Centric 4; SC 4: Wrestling 2, 3. Thea Schumacher St. Agnes AAG 2; Bowling 1. 2; FTA 2: GAL 1, 2; JCWA 4; Patron Drive 4; Production Staff 3. 4; SSC 3; YCS 1, 3. Dave Screptock St. Thomas Aquinas Basketball 3, 4; Biology Club 2; Football 1. 2; Glee Club 3: Operetta 3; Wrest¬ ing 1. 3. 4. Joyce Lynn Siebenick Rosar.v Cathedral Aquinas Club 3: Biology Club 2; Patron Drive 4; Senior Play 4; JCWA 4; YCS 1. Karen Seidl Blessed Sacrament Biology Club 2; FNA 2: Patron Drive 4; Production Staff 4; YCS 2. 3. Janice Seitz St. Clement AAG 1: JCWA 4; Patron Drive 4; Production Staff 4; SSC 1. Janet Seymour Regina Coeli FNA 3. 4; Production Staff 4. Ronald Seymour St. Agnes Biology Club 2: Football 1, 2, 3. 4; Track 2, 3. 4. Page 41 Russel Shaffer Blessed Sacrament Student Court 4; Wrestling 1, 2, 4. Marcia Simms Blessed Sacrament Biology Club 2; FNA 2, 3, 4; Patron Drive 4; YCS 1, 2. i Karen Smith St. James Biology Club 3. Jane Smolenski Regina Coeli Biology Club 2; FTA 3. James Shea Blessed Sacrament Biology Club 2; Football 1; Patron Drive 4; Production Staff 4; SSC 2. Scott Sheperd St. James Band 2, 3, 4; Biology Club 2: sc 4. William Sherk St. Ann John Shine St. Jerome Patron Drive 4. Susan Skiver St. Charles Biolog.v Club 2; Camera Club 2. 3. 4; Centric 4; Patron Drive 4: Production staff 4; SC 3, 4. Duane Skrzyniecki St. Adalbert Chemistry Club 4; Football 1; Latin Club 3; Math Club 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 1, 2, 4; Radio Club 2. 3, 4; Scuba Club 4. Bernadette Slota Rosary Cathedral Biology Club 2; CAA Centric 4: JCWA 4; SSC 3, Marcia Smieszny St. Catherine 4; Biology Club 3; Centripetal 4. 4; FNA 3, 4; JCWA 4: Mono¬ gram Club 4: Patron Drive 1: Production Staff 4. Paul Smith William Smith St. Catherine St. Ann Football 1; Math Club 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Foot- SSC 1: Track 2. ball 1: Patron Drive 4: SSC 2. f a, . V Christine Sohczak St. Adalbert Bowling 4: GAL 4: Patron Drive 4: YCS 3, 4. Joseph Sohczak St. Hyacinth Golf Club 3; Hall Patrol 4; Patron Drive 4; Production Staff 3. Antoinette Sobieralski St. Jude Biology Club 3; FNA 3; Production Staff 4. John Soto Our Lady of Guadalupe Biology Club 2: Patron Drive 4; Sports Mgr. 4; SSC 1. 2. 4. Page 42 William Staley SS. Cyril and Methodius Rossford CAA 1, 2, 3. 4. Theodore Stalzer St. Patrick Biology Club 3: Hall Patrol 4. Joyce Stephenson St. Mary Biology Club 2; SSC 1. 2 . Kenneth Sturek St. Adalbert Band 1, 2, 3. 4; Basketball 1; Cross Country 3. 4; Patron Drive 4; Track 3. 4. Anthony Suchala St. Stanislaus Biology Club 2; Centripetal 4; Patron Drive 4. I ' ’ If Jeannette Susor Good Shepherd Band 1, 2, 3. 4; Biology Club 2; Patron Drive 4: Spanish Club 2; SSC 4. James Swemba Dennis Swierczek Regina Coeli St. Adalbert Chess Club 1. 2. 3. 4. Kathleen Szelangowski St. Vincent de Paul Biology Club 2: FTA 2. 3; Latin Club 2, 3; Monogram Club 2: SSC 3; YCS 2. 3. Marcia Szmania Blessed Sacrament Biology Club 2; FTA 2, 3; JCWA 4: YCS 2. 3. iir A Hit To Remember Francis Szollosi Gary Szolosi St. Stephen St. John Biology Club 2; Patron Drive 4; Track 4. Thomas Taddonio St. Catherine SSC 4. Robert Teall St. Catherine liology Club 2; Hall Patrol ; SSC 1. ‘i Frances Testa St. Thomas Aquinas Aquinas Club 2; Biology Club 2; Chemistry Club 4; JCWA 3; Math Club 4; Monogram Club 2; Patron Drive 4; Production Staff 4; SC 1. 2. 4; Student Court 4; SSC 3, 4. James Thielen St. Thomas Aquinas Biology Club 2: Patron Drive 4; SSC 1. 2. 3. ' V Michele Thomas Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Biology Club 2; FTA 1. 2; Patron Drive 4; Spanish Club 2. Barbara Toczynski St. Vincent de Paul Aquinas Club 3; Biology Club 2; GAL 2; JCWA 4; Latin Club 3: Patron Drive 4: Production Staff 3. 4; Senior Play 4: SSC 4; YCS 2. Page 43 Neil Toeppe Blessed Sacrament Hall Patrol 4: SC 4: Wrest¬ ling 1, 2, 4. Lorraine Tomaleski St. Adalbert Biology Club 2; Patron Drive 4; Production Staff 4. St. Vincent de Paul Biology Club 2; Centric .TCWA 4; Patron Drive SSC 2. Thomas Toth Blessed Sacrament 4; 4: Charles Trabbic St. Joseph CAA 2, 3; Camera Club 2; Chess Club 3; Hall Patrol 4; Radio Club 2: Scuba Club 4. Gerry Traucht Bernard Traver Peter Tucker Stanley Turski Philip Urbanski SS. Cyril and Methodius Rossf ord Band 2; Biology Club 2; Camera Club 4; JCWA 4; Senior Play 4: SSC 2, 4. St. Pius X St. Agnes Student Court 4. St. Adalbert Basketball 1; Football 1. 3; Hall Patrol 4; Patron Drive 4. St. CAA 1, 2. John Anna Valencic Good Shepherd A AG 1: Biology Club 2: French Club 2, 3; FNA 1. 2. 3; FTA 3: JCWA 3. 4; Mono¬ gram Club 1, 2, 3. 4; Pro¬ duction Staff 4; SC 2. 3, 4. Mary Venia St. Agnes FNA 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 3; Operetta 3: SC 2, 4. Donald Venier Blessed Sacrament A AG 4; Biology Club 2; CAA 2, 3. 4; SSC 1; Sports Mgr. 2. 3, 4. Joanne Ventresca Blessed Sacrament Biology Club 2; Hall Patrol 4. Anthony Viertlboeck St. Clement Basketball 3, 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 3; Patron Drive 4; Track 4. Sharon Vorderbruggen Dennis Wae Richard Wagner St. Hyacinth St. Hedwig St. Catherine Production Staff 4: SSC 4; Centric 4; Patron Drive 4; Football 2; Wrestling 1, 2, 3, Student Court 4, Wiestling 2, 4. 4. Seniors Stomp Faculty Page 44 Daniel Wallace Diana Walsh Patricia Warchol Mary Beth Watson Victoria Wdowiak Rosary Cathedral St. Charles St. Adalbert St. James Nativity Band 2, 3, 4; Camera Club Biology Club 2, SSC 1, 2, 3, Biology Club 2; Centric 4; Glee Club 2, 3. 4; Operetta Biology Club 2; GAL 2, 1: Chess Club 4. 1; SSC 1, 2. 3, 4; YCS 2, 3, 4. French Club 2; FNA 1: GAL 3, 4; JCWA 4: Monogram Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Patron Drive 4; SSC 2, 3; YCS 1, 2, 3, 4. 2, 3. 4: SC 1, 2. Hall Patrol 3; JCWA Monogram Club 4; SSC 3. 4; YCS 2. 3. Albert Weber St. Agnes Aquinas Club 3; Basket¬ ball 2: Centric 4; JCWA 3; Library Club 1: Patron Drive 4; SSC 1. 2, 3, 4. Judith Weber St. Hedwig Band 2, 3. 4: Biology Club 2: Centripetal 4; JCWA 4; Latin Club 2; Patron Drive 4: Production Staff 4; SSC 2, 4. John Weislmeier St. Mary Basketball 1; Football 1; Hall Patrol 4; Manager 1, 2. Thomas Welniak St. Stanislaus Football 1. Alice Werner St. Thomas Aquinas Biology Club 2; Centripetal 4; Glee Club 3, 4: Operetta 3. 4; Patron Drive 4. Mary Ann Wernimont St. Mary Centric 4: Hall Patrol 3, 4. Rita Westmeyer Good Shepherd Biology Club 2; SSC 4. In Annual Game Marsha Widmer Good Shepherd B ' ology Club 2: CAA 3. 4; FTA 3, 4: Library Club 3; Pati ' on Drive 4; Spanish Club 2: SSC 3, 4. James Wiegand St. Clement Biology Club 2; JCWA 4; SSC 1. Janice Wiesolek St. Adalbert Biology Club 2; Bowling 2, 3; Camera Club 3: Centric 4; GAL 2, 3, 4; JCWA 4; Library Club 1: Math Club 3: Monogram Club 2. 4; Patron Drive 4; Production Staff 3. 4; Tennis 1, 2, 3; Spanish Club 2, 3. Rosmary Wilcox Gesu Biology Club 2; GAL 3; SSC 1. Walter Wilcox Gesu Hall Patrol 4; SSC 1, 4. Mary Wilhelm Immaculate Conception YCS 3. Page 45 i_ Barbara Wisniewski St. Hyacinth Biol ogy Club 2; Chemistry Club 4; JWCA 4. Jay Wodarski St. Hedwig Baseball 3. 4: Centripetal 4: Cross Country 2, 3; Hall Patrol 4: Patron Drive 4; Track 2. Jacqueline Wojtowicz Rosary Cathedral Biology Club 2: FNA 4. Sharon Wyborski St. Catherine A AG 1: CAA 3: Library Club 3; Patron Drive 4; SSC 3. Diane Yager St. Patrick of Heatherdowns Hall Patrol 3, 4. Joseph Yoppolo Rosary Cathedral Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1 , 2 . Patricia Young Regina Coeli Biology Club 2: CAA 1: GAL 3: Hall Patrol 3: JCWA 4: Production Staff 2, 4; SC 1; SSC 1. Stephen Zachel Good Shepherd Hall Patrol 4; SSC 4. Elaine Zales St. Adalbert A AG 4; Biology Club 2; French Club 2, 3: FTA 3, 4; Glee Club 3; JCWA 4; Math Club 3; Monogram Club 4; Patron D’-ive 4; Production Staff 4: Tennis 1, 2. Gerard Zam St. Stephen Chess Club 1, 2, 3; Cross Country 3, 4; Football 1, 2: Hall Patrol 4; Patron Drive 4; SC 3: Track 1, 2. 3, 4; Wrestling 1. Dennis Zavac Blessed Sacrament Biology Club 2: Centric 4; Golf Club 3; Patron Drive 4; Radio Club 1, 2. 3. 4. John Zelling Gesu Biology Club 2; Cross Country 2: Hall Patrol 3; Patron Drive 4: Tennis 3, 4; Track 2, Roger Zeman St. James Chemistry Club 4; Math Club 4: Patron Drive 4; Scuba Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Senior Play 4; SSC 1; Tennis 3, 4. Gary Zielinski St. Joseph, Maumee Centric 4: Patron Drive 4; SSC 1; Track 1. 2. John Zitziberger St. James Patricia Zylka St. Adalbert Biology Club 2; Bowling 3; Centric 4: French Club 2, 3; GAL 3: Patron Drive 4. Now Ifs Up To The Class of ’’64 Page 46 Junior Class Officers: J. Heil, secretary; T. Carter, vice president; S. Bond, treasurer; T. Pantoja, president. Helmut Albach, James Amstutz, Law¬ rence Andrzej ewski, Michael Anello, Paula Anello, Della Armenti ' out, Ruth Arquette. Michael Aubry, Lorraine Balcerzak, Marvin Bankertz, Mary Barber, Mary Barrett, Leona Bartnik, Robert Bartok. Lawrence Batesole, Michael Bauer, Kenneth Bauerschmidt, Pamela Bauer- schimdt, Judith Baz, Dennis Belkofer, Barbara Beltz. Mary Bender, Ruth Bennett, Thomas Beres, Deborah Bertling, Francis Ber- tok, Thomas Beutler, Joan Biggs. John Bihn, Lawrence Bird, Kathleen Bissonnette, AnnMarie Bistritz, Donald Blanchard, Sara Blayz, Janice Block- owski. Darlene Bodi, Richard Boellner, Bar¬ bara Bogdanski, Michael Bohland, Michael Bohnett, Susan Bond, Kath¬ leen Bondy. Page 47 William Borer, Lawrence Borkowski, Leonard Boros, Martha Bouchard, Kathryn Bowman, David Brack, Mary Lee Brake. William Braker, Stephen Braunfels, Richard Brazeau, Christine Brezinski, William Brockmeyer, James Brown, Richard Brown. Tammy Brown, Thomas Brown, Paul Brzozka, David Bubacz, Mary Buch- holz, Michael Buczek, William Buehler. Richard Buehrer, Carol Burkholder, Kathleen Burns, Karen Calkins, Carol Calmes, Sebastian Carone, Sandra Carr. Thomas Carter, Rita Cellura, Carol Chechak, Richard Chechak, Joseph Cheney, Daniel Cherry, Patrick Cherry. Donna Christ, Stephen Chromik, Judith Ciesielczyk, Donald Ciski, Patrick Coffman, Thomas Conlin, Cynthia Connor. David Connors, Beverly Cook, Augus¬ tus Costanzo, Thomas Cousino, Rose¬ mary Croak, Anthony Croci, Kathleen Cryan. Janice Cuttaia, Margaret Czelusta, Karen Czerniakowski, Alexandra Czer- niawski, Paul Czerwinski, Carol Czy- zewski, Kathleen Daly. James Daney, Salvatore DeCola, Jeanne DeGroft, Helen Deibler, An¬ thony Deiger, Dee Diroff, Mary Dixon. Susanne Dombrowski, Patrick Dona¬ hue, John Donofrio, Dennis Donouan, Gregory Douglas, Harold Drennan, William Dressel. Arthur Drewyor, Detlef Drosd, Charles Duck, Celena Duncan, Diane Dun- meade, James Dunn, Patricia Dunn. Marie Dusha, Connie Earl, Steven Eck- hart, Geraldine Fackelman, William Falke, Therene Fedczuk, Kathleen Fisher. Page 48 Joan Flaherty, Charles Florian, Daniel Flynn, John Flynn, William Flynn, David Fournier, Robert Fournier. Linda Fox, Donald France, Janice Frankevic, Marilyn Frankforther, Clif¬ ford Frankowski, Michael Frankow- ski, Susan Gabel. John Gallagher, Patricia Galpal, Frank Gedert, Bonnie Getzinger, Patricia Gill, Vincent Girardi, Daniel Gladieux. Rose Godbout, Ann Gogol, George Goodrich, Janice Gorajewski, Felicia Gorney, John Gould, Antoinette Gra- chek. Richard Gralak, Robert Gratcl, Patricia Gross, Kathlen Haack, Margaret Hagan, Kathleen Harrison, Mary Has- enfratz. Steven Hayden, Nancy Heban, William Hegedus, Janet Heil, Philip Heller, Marcine Helmier, Michael Henisse. Thomas Henzler, Robert Higgins, Vir¬ ginia High, James Hilker, Kathryn Hobbs, Bruce Hojnacki, Kathryn Holt. James Hornyak, Lorraine Horvath, Janice Hosley, Pamela Huber, Patricia Huber, Judith Hulett, Ronald Hum¬ phrey. Pamela Humphrys, Philip Hunter, Wil¬ liam Ingraham, Diane Jablonski, Cheryl Jacobs, Judith Jacobs, Thomas Jaegle. Becky Jaegly, Joseph J. Jakab, Martha A. Jankowski, William J. Jankowski, Donald Jasper, Rita Johnson, Lyn Joseph. Carol Jutkowski, Joanne Kaczala, Nancy Kaifas, Barbara Karcsak, Joann Katona, Dave Keil, Joan Kellermeier. Michael Kendrick, Joseph Kerekes, Kaye Kerscher, Dianne Ketzer, Joseph Kielczewski, James Killy, Terry Kinzel. I i Page 49 Karen Kipker, Robert Kischau, John Klear, Kathleen Kleeberger, Sharon Klonowski, Virginia Knapp, Linda Kneisley. Judy Knitz, Nancy Knorr, John Koch, Pamela Koehler, Michael Koelsch, Leo Kokocinski, Marcia Kolasinski. Stanley Kolebuck, Sandra Komasin- ski, Elsene Komenda, Kenneth Koper- ski, Christine Koralewski, Juanita Koralewski, Suzanne Kordowski. Fred Kosinski, Ann Kovach, Diane Kovach, Sandra Kovach, Cheryl Kovacs, Diane Kovarik, Lawrence Kowalski. John Krajcar, Mary Krakau, Diane Krasniewski, Paul Krasula, Jean Kro- menacker, Sharon Kubiak, Edward Kujawa. Ann Kwiatkowski, James Kwiatkow- ski, Nancy Kwiatkowski, Nicholas Kwiatkowski, John Lawniczak, Judy Lengel, Mary Lennex. Frank Lenz, Edward Lepiarz, John Lewandowski, Shirley Lewandowski, Sandra La Chapelle, Sheila Lake, David Lammers. John La Plante, Mary La Plante, Mari¬ lyn La Scola, Robert Lauer, James Liebherr, Shirley Linehan, Mary Lininger. Daniel Lis, Patricia Lopinski, Barbara Love, Mary Lynch, Michael Maciolek, Daniel Maenle, Donna Magrum. Patricia Makulinski, Ronald Malak, John Malik, Sandra Malinowski, Linda Markis, Pamela Marshall, Terrence Marshall. Richard Martens, Susan Mattlin, Gloria Matuszak, Elaine Matuszek, Maryann Matuszak, John Mazurowski, Patrick McCarthy. William McCartney, Kathleen McCros- ky, Michael McGrath, Lawrence Mc- Hale, Patricia McKeone, Judith Mel- czak, John Metzger. Page 50 Kathleen Metzger, Mary Michaels, Mary Michalak, Leona Michalkiewicz, Jean Miller, John Miller, David Min- nick. James Mizerny, Kenneth Mocken- strum, Richard Momenee, Robert Momenee, Charles Moran, JoAnn Morelli, Mary Morse. John Mueller, Joseph Mundwiler, Don¬ na Muszynski, Walter Muszynski, Bar¬ bara Myers, Teresa Myers, James Nally. Michael Narges, Thomas Newman, Ronald Nickerson, Duane Nowak, Frederick Nowak, Loretta Nowak, Ray¬ mond Nowak. Barbara Nowicki, Michael Nusbaum, Duncan Obee, Timothy O’Brien, Thomas Oess, James Okapal, Anne Olejownik. Paul Olmstead, Joyce O’Neil, Jean Oravecz, Nancy Orosz, Richard Os¬ born, Antony Pantoja, Paul Pastorek. Daniel Pavuk, Janet Pawlicki, Paul Pawlowicz, Walter Pawlowicz, Gerald Pawlowski, Mary Pedro, Jan Peer. Marilyn Penchef, John Periat, Donald Perkins, Pamela Perkins, Robert Persh¬ ing, Dennis Perzynski, Barbara Pfaff. Michael Phillips, Janet Pieron, Carol Pietrzak, Fredric Piotrowski, Kathleen Piotrowski, John Plocek, David Plum¬ mer. Joyce Pluto, Kathleen Podlas, Roberta Popelik, Harry Porthouse, Robert Power, William Poznanski, Carole Protsik. Brenda Prusakiewicz, Gerald Raczk- owski, Kenneth Raczkowski, Judith Raether, James Rains, Virginia Ran- tanen, Brian Ratajczak. Gerald Reardon, Frank Reed, Joseph Reeves, Marsha Refermat, Robert Reick, William Reigadas, Florian Rein¬ hart. Page 51 Therese Reinhart, Patricia Rice, Diane Rich, Jeanette Riker, Judith Ringlein, Mary Robakowski, James Rogge. Jerome Roman, Mary Romstadt, Denise Rooney, Madonna Roper, Richard Rothert, Mary Rotondo, Bernard Rowe. Harold Rowland, Michael Rozek, Charles Rumschlag, Carol Rutkowski, Constance Rutkowski, James Rybar- czyk, Rosalie Rybka. Joseph Rymers, Michael Rzadecki, Bonnie Sackrider, Kristine Sandys, Carol Savage, Joseph Scalzo, Robert Schlagheck. Kathryn Schmidt, Patricia Schmidt, Jane Schmitz, Peter Schnapp, Lucy Schuman, Carol Schramm, Carol Schwartz. Thomas Schweibold, David Scorziell, Dennis Schwind, Richard Sexton, Larry Shanteau, Bonnie Shinevar, Marita Shoemaker. Dennis Shouldice, Sandra Sielschott, Michael Simon, Kenneth Siwa, Sandra Skaff, Leonard Skotynsky, Thomas Smith. Carol Smolensk!, Joseph Smolinski, Lawrence Sneider, Kathleen Sobczak, Richard Sobczak, Andrew Sokolowski, Robert Soncrant. Judy Sorosiak, John Sparagowski, James Spurrier, Gordon Stachowiak, Lawrence Stahl, Michael Stanbery, Karen Stapleton. Carol Staszak, Kenneth Stein, Paul¬ ette Steinmetz, Marcia Stifel, Nicholas Stolarski, Paula Stone, David Sullivan. Jean Susor, Mary Susor, Beatrice Swartz, David Swai ' tz, Patricia Swis- tara, John Swope, Joyce Szepiela. John Szkudlarek, Joseph Szirotnyak, Sharon Szollosi, Carol Szychowski, Rodney Szydlowski, Raymond Syvert, Camille Szalkowski. Page 52 Kenneth Szczesniak, Chester Szczygiel- ski, Marianne Szelagowski, Harriett Szenderski, Penelope Szenderski, Diane Takacs, James Taylor. John Thieman, Christine Thomas, Paul Thomas, Kathleen Thompson, Duane Tilliman, Margaret Timiney, John Timmers. John Tincher, June Topolski, Ronald Toth, Thomas Troknya, Michael Tscherne, Ruth Tscherne, Russell Van- derHorst. Stephan VanderHorst, Valerie Van Dorn, Maureen Velte, Carol Walker, Norma Walsh, Kathleen Walters, Carole Warrick. Donna Wawrzyniak, Robert Weaver, Thomas Weaver, Daniel Welch, Jack Welsh, James Wernert, William Werynski. Ruth Wiczynski, Michael Wilkonson, Donna Wielinski, Alexsandria Wieski, Sharon Wisniewski, Joseph Wlodarz, Lawrence Wodarski. I Kathleen Wood, George Woodworth, Roman Wysowaty, William Your, Rob¬ ert Zaleski, Barbara Zankl, Marcella Zapiecki. Mary Ellen Zimkowski, Gary Zdaw- czyk, Richard Zunkiewicz, John Brouer, Joseph Depinet, Robert Goat- ley, Roland Mihalik. Robert Morrin, Antoinette Palm, Donna Radoci, Nancy Schiel, Daniel Schick. Page 53 Sophomore Class Officers; J. McGurk, president; S. Borgess, treasurer; S. Zalenski, vice president; R. Healy, secretary, missing when picture was taken. Mary Ann Adamczy, Karen Agosti, Patricia Albrecht, Michael Amstutz, Harley Andrzejewski, Ronald Arnett, Sharon Ash. Patricia Aubry, Mary Auth, William Babel, Theresa Babula, Frank Bana- siak, Gregory Bankston, Joseph Bar- rick. Suzanne Borgess, Michael Boucha, Joseph Boudrie, Lorraine Bromer, Pamela Brown, James Brucken, Janet Buck. Barbara Basso, Joseph Bates, Susan Batey, David Bauerschmidt, Robert Beckham, Lorraine Beeley, Matthew Bennett. Joan Berning, Sandra Beyer, Peter Bick, Nancy Biggs, Thomas Biniak, Lawrence Bissonette, Timothy Blan- chong. Patricia Blauvelt, Jeffrey Boldt, Joanne Bonk, Helen Boratyn, Paul Borawski, David Border, Bonita Borer. Page 54 Richard Buckenmeyer, Diane Burk- hardt, Michael Calkins, Jerome Camp, Robert Carl, Susan Carr, Michael Cas¬ sidy. Clarence Cerrone, Thomas Chmielew- ski, Antoinette Cichy, Edward Cielikowski, Christopher Cline, Mary Collins, Thomas Collins. Patricia Connell, Catherine Corcoran, Craig Correll, Dorothy Cousino, Susan Cousino, Mary Couturier, Floyd Cran¬ dall. William Crane, Patricia Cray, Michael Cryan, Michael Cullen, Gary Cunning¬ ham, Elaine Cuzynski, Annemarie Cyranowski. Donald Czarcinski, John Czarnecki, Judith Czyzewski, William Davidson, Kathleen Davis, John Degnan, Patricia DeMars. Patricia Dever, Charles Devine, Eileen Dillon, Sharon Doney, James Dorr, Sandra Doucey, Jean Dressel. Thomas Duck, Barbara Duffey, Ruth Dugan, Kathleen Dunn, Terrance Dus- zynski, Michael Duthiewicz, James Dyko. Gregory Dziegielewski, Gary Earl, Marilyn Eckstein, Linda Eggleston, Karin Eisenreich, Rita Esper, Michael Essi. Karen Faber, Michael Fadell, John Falke, Thomas Fall, William Ferren- berg, Sally Fink, Tamyra Finley. Charles Fish, Margaret Fisher, John Fitzgerald, Robert Flahie, Rosemary Florkowski, Gayle Francis, Patricia Freppel. Robert Gabel, Dorothy Gadt, John Galambos John Gardner, Jeffrey Gau- dynski, Mary Gearhart, IPeter Gendy. Susan Gerlach, Joan Gilmore, Made¬ line Girardi, Frazene Gladieux, Jacqueline Glinka, Bernadette Gora- jewski, James Gouttiere. Page 55 Linda Graber, James Grandowicz, Frank Grobosky, Thomas Grochowski, John Grosjean, Michael Gyorko, Helen Haas. Judith Habrych, Mary Hagan, Daniel Hall, Michael Hanudel, Roy Harley, Judith Hawkin, Richard Healy. Barbara Hegedus, Jeffrey Hellrung, Robert Helvey, Robert Hickok, Elaine Higgins, William Higgins, John Hogan. Monica Holewinski, Dennis Hollerbach, Timothy Holt, Thomas Hoover, Sandra Horvath, Thomas Hruska, Christopher Hunter. Raymond Ichrist, Mary Ignasiak, Charles Jacob, Ernie Jacob, Janice Jagodzinski, Patricia Jarzynski, Thomas Jarczynski. Carolyn Jasinski, James Jastrzemski, Marilyn Jaworski, Thomas Jezwiecki, Marsha Jenkins, William Jennings, Richard Jaslonowski. Rosemary Johnson, Barbara Joniec, Anthony Kaczmarek, Suzanne Kac- marek, David Kahle, Terrance Kalka, David Kaminski. Susan Kanthak, Sandra Karnikowski, Barbara Karow, James Kasprzak, Michael Katafiasz, Mitchell Kawczy- ski, Gerald Keane. David Keller, Glenn Kemp, Dion Kend¬ rick, Kathleen Kennedy, Richard Killen, Kathleen Kime, Mary King. Richard Kirian, Kent Klaus, Sharon Klein, Richard Kleparek, Christine Knack, Nancy Knapczyk, Carolyn Kniolek. David Koester, Beverly Kolebuck, Phillip Kolinski, David Kolodziejczyk, Karen Kondalski, Carlene Konecki, David Koontz. James Koontz, Esther Kosakowski, Thomas Kosakowski, Lorraine Kotlew- ski, Donald Kowalski, Michael Kozak, Suzanne Kozak. Page 56 Marianne Koziowski Charles Kraemer, Gerald Krall, Donna Kranz, Thomas Kranz, Edward Krasinski, Kenneth Krasniewski. Gary Kremnec, Patricia Krempa, Paul Kronfield, Janice Kruger, Judy Krum, Ralph Kubacki, Mary Ann Kubicki. Robert Kubicz, Elaine Kuchcinski, Chester Kucinski, Richard Kujawa, Michael Kulakowski, Theresa Kurek, Linda Kurinko. Marjorie Kwasniak, David Kwiatkow- ski, Craig LaBay, Louis Laberdee, Joseph LaCourse, Philip Langendonk, David Lardinais. Danial Leek, Gloria Lee, Lawrence Lehman, David Lewandowski, JoAnne Lewandowski, Judith Lewandowski, Lawrence Lewandowski. Thomas Lewandowski, JoLynn Lock- wood, Carol Logsdon, Ruth Loomis, Sharon Louy, Ronald Lowrey, Judith Ludwig. Sharon Lynch, Mary Maas, Timothy Mack, Lori Magnatta, John MaHoney, Martin MaHoney, Patrick MaHoney. Sandra Malin, Ray Malinowski, Clif¬ ford Mallett, Suzanne Maloney, Ken¬ neth Marciniak, Albin Marezak, Joseph Marquis. Dennis Marsh, Allyn Martin, James Mathias, Bernadette Mattes, Shelia Mattimoe, Monica Matuszak, Michael Mayers. Karen McCartney, Philip McCartney, Marty McCarty, Joseph McGreevy, Mary McGuire, James McGurk, Glenn Mcllhargy. Joan McKaig, Gary McKinley, Shelley McPartland, Michael McVicker, Thomas Meehan, Barbara Meinke, Kathy Melczak. Maria Menes, Donna Mercker, Judi Mercurio, Linda Mercurio, Ronald Michalak, Antionette Michalski, Mich¬ ael Michalski. Page 57 Fredrick Miller, James Minor, Robert Mioduszewski, Bonita Mohr, Donald Moline, Linda Mominee, Joseph Monks. Lawrence Montrie, James Moore, Timothy Morgenstern, Robert Morrin, James Motley, Mary Muller, Michael Murphy. James Napierala, Kathleen Neeb, Law¬ rence Nester, Regina Nueman, Carol Niewiadomski, Diane Niezgoda, Robert Nitkiewicz. Deborah Nitz, Diane Norts, James Nortz, Suzanne Notestine, Paula No¬ vak, Marcia Nowak, Margaret Nowak. Michael Nowak, Robert Nowak, Dale Nowicki, Mary O’Brien, Joyce Olek- siak, Richard Olewinski, Kathleen O’Loughlin. John O’Neil, Dennis Overberg, John Pacer, David Palka, Sandra Panchak, Gregory Parker, Patricia Patro. Sally Paul, Patrick Pawlecki, David Pawlicki, Joan Periat, Joan Pietrzak, Patricia Pietrzak, Toby Pizza. Paul Plenzler, Judith Pollauf, Janice Poplar, Joseph Porthouse, Dale Powell, David Powell, Michael Powers. Michelle Printy, Patrick Rafferty, Ber¬ nard Ragle, Patricia Rahm, Rosemarie Randolph, Gregory Rawski, Thomas Rawski. John Ray, David Recker, Frederick Reno, Patrick Revard, RolDert Roach, John Roesner, Dorothy Rogalski. John Rogers, Darlene Rollins, Bernard Roman, Gloria Rose, Janet Rose, John Roth, Frank Rough. Sharon Rause, James Rowe, William Sader, David Sadowski, Minerva Salinas, Edward Samsel, Patricia Sandoff. Page 58 Karen Sattler, Janet Schaefer, Thomas Schaub, Rita Schetter, Jeffery Sch- makel, Ronald Schmitt, Carl Schoen- felt. Dennis Schoviak, Joann Schupp, Julie Seguin, Mary Seitz, Gerald Semanson, Timothy Sexton, Dale Seymour. Gregory Shandera, Michael Shea, Michael Sheets, Thomas Sherman, Kathleen Shofer, Julia Shonelarger, Martin Shriner. Sharon Simms, Christine Siwa, Marcia Siwasck, Margaret Skowron, Randel Skrzyniecki, Lawrence Slagle, Daniel Slandzicki. Pearl Slater, Michaline Slomka, Chris¬ tine Slomkowski, Ann Smith, Daniel Smith, Jeffrey Smolenski, Karen Smo- linski. Charles Soto, Walter Sneider, Dennis Snyder, John Snyder, Ronald Sobczak, Terrence Sochocki, Terrence Sokolow- ski. Kenneth Spitulski, Phyllis Sprinski, Betty Sprunk, Richard Starkey, Clark Staszak, James Staub, William Steele. Suzette Stoykoff, Timothy Strahm, Christine Struckholz, John Sulier, Linda Surdasky, Nancy Swemba, Angela Szczepanski. Carolyn Szczepanski, Sandra Szela- gowski, Carl Szkudlarek, Joyce Szmania, Ralph Szteiter, Terrence Szymczak, Mary Szyperski. Karen Taft, Janet Tarka, Patricia Thompson, Shirley Trabbic, Ralph Trease, Lawrence Tremmel, David Troknya. Nicole Truby, Evelyn Tucker, Amy Turby, Rhonda Turner, Maryann Ty- minski, Thomas Uliczny, Susan Van Alst. Carol Vander Horst, Linda Vander Horst, Patricia Vanderhorst, Diane Villhauer, Richard Wade, Henry Wag¬ ner, Linda Wagner. Page 59 Joselyn Wahmfhoff, John Wakelin, Cathy Walasinski, Robert Walczak, Randolph Wales, Patricia Walindzinski, Jerome Walker. Anthony Wallace, Rosemary Wallace, Judith Wasielewski, Martin Wcislek, Thomas Weber, Kathleen Werner, David Wernert. John Whelan, Ronald Whipple, Sandra Wichowski, James Wigand, Ellen Wierszewski, James Wietrzykowski, David Wilczynski. Donald Wilczynski, John Wilmes, Kathleen Wilson, Thomas Winkler, Nancy Winters, Kenneth Wirtz, Mary Wirtz. Marilyn Witko, Marcia Wojcik, Kath¬ leen Wojda, Barbara Wojtowicz, Gene Wotring, John Wozny, Fred Wulf. Susan Wyek, Mary Wymyslo, Judith Yarcso, Michael Yavorsky, Susan Zal- enski, Carol Zankl, David Zawodny. Richard Zibbel, Doris Zielaskowski, Barbara Zielinski, Geraldine Zielinski, Thomas Zimmerman, Dennis Zolciak, Wanda Zoltaszek. Charles Zurawski, James Zychowicz, JoAnn Zychowicz, Lorraine Beeley, Donald Boes, Harm Brouwer, Theressa Colisino. Dennis Dant ' ord, Lynn Hamilton, Fran¬ ces Hayes, Larry Lamont, Paul Roman, Paul Raczkowski, Rita Rantanen. P ' reshiiieii Richard Young, John Zak, Patricia Zalecki, Patricia Zavac, David Zawie- rucha, Thomas Zawodny, Kathleen Zolciak. Joe Ach, John Bondy, Thomas Clark, Colleen Fedczuk, Michael Horne, Rick Nirschl, Dianne Panchak. Richard Paland, Richard Ringlein, Paula Wymyslo. Page 60 Freshman Class Officers: P. Lane, secretary; T. Boardman, vice president; R. Clement, president; S. Kives. treasurer. Georgia Abrass, Laraine Adams, Kath¬ leen Albrecht, Dale Amborski, Christine Anderson, Susan Anderson, Robert Arquette. Ruth Augustyniak, Victoria Avent, Larry Badhorn, Marilyn Bagdonas, Elisabeth Bailey, Sharon Baker, Mary Ball. Michael Barabash, Michael Barney, Sandra Barrow, Bonnie Batesole, Patricia Batey, Marlene Batog, Kath¬ leen Bauerschmidt. Theresa Baz, George Beakas, Robert Becker, Mary Behan, Mary Benner, Patricia Berkel, Thomas Bialecki. Raymond Bigler, John Blakowski, Rob¬ ert Bly, Thomas Boardman, Michael Bocian, Dennis Boes, Susan Bohnett. David Borer, Timothy Borgerson, Ken¬ neth Borowicz, Dorothy Brand, Sharon Brazzill, James Breisacher, Rita Brunner. Page 61 Carol Buckenmeyer, Theresa Buczek, Michael Bunting, James Burzynski, Alexandria Bush, Richard Calmes, Ronald Carlson. Michael Carr, James Chick, Cathy Clark, John Clark, Dennis Clear, Richard Clement, John Collins. James Cooper, Rose Corcoran, Gary Corrigan, Mary Cousino, Thomas Cray, Christine Creque, Timothy Cressler. Jacqueline Crippen, Thomas Czarnecki, Thomas Czelusta, Helen Czepiec, Thomas Davidson, Jacquelyn Davis, Jean Davis. Richard Day, Deborah DeMars, John Dillon, Peter DiPaola, Donald Dixon, Susan Dixon, Ann Duchala. Carol Dmytryka, Janet Dombrowski, Richard Dorn, Nancy Dorogi, James Dowling, Charles Dressel, JoAnn Dres- sel. Mary Beth Duffy, Joseph Dumas, Thomas Dunn, James Dunne, Robert Dutkowski, JoAnn Dziewiatka, Kath¬ leen Earl. Charles Early, Barbara East, Mary Ejhinger, Jean Emlinger, Therese Eng¬ lish, Michael Essex, Charles Etue. Nancy Fahringer, Frank Farkas, Susan Feasel, Nancy Fellhauer, Patrick Ferguson, Ann Fischer, Thomas Flynn. Michael Fosnaugh, Robert Fournier, Thomas Fraziar, William Gadt, Rose¬ mary Gajewski, Thomas Gardner, Carl Gedert. Theodore Gerasmiak, Camille Gerem- ski, George Gerken, Terri Gerlach, Gerald Gibbons, Mary Gogel, Robert Golen. Camille Gonsiorowski, Laura Goodrich, Mary Gould, Thomas Grachek, Renee Gravel, Dennis Gray, Marlene Greb. Page 62 Sue Grobosky, Michael Gunner, Marcia Haladyna, David Haley, Michael Haley, Francis Hamp, Michael Hanlon. Gary Harman, Richard Harman, Janis Harrington, Michael Hartranft, Diane Hasemeyer, John Haugh, Mary Hawk. Nancy Heil, Arthur Heiing, Arlyne Helm, William Hemmert, Joseph Hess- ling, Michele Hetherington, Nicholas Hetzer. Monica Heywood, Margaret High, Michael Hogan, Pamela Holewinski, Sharon Houstin, Barbara Howe, James Hubbard. Terrence Hughes, Barbara Hulett, Mary Hulett, Elizabeth Humbert, Thomas Humphrey, Grace Hunter, Fredrick Jablonski. Sharon Jablonski, Anthony Jacobs, Nancy Jagielski, Claude Jagodzinski, Frances Jagodzinski, Thomas Jameson, Felicia Jasinski. William Jenkins, Frederick Johnson, Phyllis Johnson, Patrick Joyce, James Kahl, Richard Kaifas, Stanley Kanderski. John Kardos, James Karow, David Karpanty, Thomas Kasprzak, David Kaszubski, Karen Katafiasz, Phillip Kelley. Kevin Kendrick, John Kepus, Paula Kern, Karen Kersey, Kenneth Kiel- czewski, Kathleen Kilcorse, Karen Kirk. Michael Kitz, Sandra Kives, Carol Klein, James Klonowski, Patricia Kmonk, Susan Knierim, James Koch. Robert Kolacki, John Kolasinski, Joseph Kolasinski, Eugene Konczal, Frederick Koperski, Thomas Koralew- ski, Philip Korczyski. John Kosakowski, Michael Kosakow- ski, Janice Kosinski, Jay Kowalski, James Kozlowski, Kathleen Kozlowski, Veronica Krajcar. Page 63 Vicki Kronfield, Ronald Krygielski, Harriet Kryszak, Steven Krzyminski, Gary Kubat, Thomas Kuchcinski, Joyce Kuehmann. John Kuhl, Ronald Kujawa, Carolyn Kurdziel, Margaret Kusner, Linda Kwiatowski, Gabriela Lachowski, Ken¬ neth LaFountain. Dorothy Landry, Patricia Lane, Leslie Langenderfer, Richard Langenderfer, Margaret Laplante, Eernita LaPoint, Linda Larnhart. Kathleen LaScola, Lawrence Laswell, Susan Lechlak, Jacalyn Lee, Linda Lee, Robert LeGros, Carol Lehmann. Jeffery Lengel, Patricia Lennex, Suzanne Lindsay, Pamela Lininger, Paul Link, Harriet Little, Kathleen Luken. Janis Lusiak, David Lykowski, Ter¬ rence Lykowski, Susan Lynch, David Mack, Robert Mack, Patricia Macie- jewski. Gary Maciejewski, Richard Mahen, Frank Majchszak, Duane Malin, Michael Marek, Marsha Martens, John Mattes. Diana Matuszynski, William Maxwell, Ruth Mays, Hugo Mazzei, Daniel Mc¬ Carty, Timothy McCarthy, Dennis McCort. Thomas McDonald, James McGreevy, John McHugh, William McNamee, Kenneth Melzak, Ellen Mertes, Maur¬ een Meyers. Lillian Michaels, Thomas Michalak, Daniel Mielcarek, Janis Milano, Paul Misch, Andrea Misiuda, James Mizen. Judith Mockensturm, Martin Mohler, James Morrin, Marie Moszkowicz, Ed¬ ward Mowka, Daniel Mulligan, Daniel Mundwiler. Antoinette Murawski, Michael Murnen, Gayle Murphy, Patricia Murray, Ann Musch, James Muszynski, William Nachtrab. Page 64 Jeanne Nalodka, Patricia Nalodka, Elaine Neilly, Mary Ellen Noe, Diane Nowaczyk, David Nowak, Jean Nowak. John Nye, Thomas Okapal, Mary Olczak, Diane Olmstead, Patricia O’Loughlin, Diane Opeil, James O’Reilly. Carol O’Rourke, Michael Osowski, John Ott, Elaine Pacer, Robert Pacer, Char¬ lene Palmer, Mary Ann Parent. James Parker, William Partridge, Mar¬ cia Pawlowicz, Ann Pedro, John Pero, Michael Pethe, Marie Pettit. Frances Pickard, Pamela Poirier, Gloria Pomorski, Pamela Poplawski, Ann Poznanski, Thomas Protsik, Clyde Prucnal. Kathryn Prudhomme, Charles Puhl, John Rafey, Christine Raizk, Richard Rajner, Gerald Reichert, James Reilly. Timothy Renard, Ralph Reny, Janet Ressler, Timothy Richard, Kenneth Riedeman, William Rietzke, Edward Rihacek. Sharon Robie, Clara Robinson, Anthony Rodriguez, Carolyn Rollins, Dyann Romatowski, Edwin Romito, Laurel Roper. Mary Rosa, William Rough, Mary Rowan, Karoll Rowe, Jacqueline Ro- zek, James Rumschlag, Geraldine Rut- kowski. George Ryan, Karen Rydman, Linda Rzadecki, Lynnette Rzymek, Richard Saelzler, Darryl Sahadi, Mary Sandys. Thomas Sarra, Christopher Schaal, Richard Schmich, Linda Schultz, Chris¬ tine Seibenick, Janice Seibert, James Semanson. Cheryl Sharp, Michael Shea, Thomas Sheets, Susan Sheperd, Robert Sheroian, Robert Shonebarger, Steven Siminiak. Page 65 Michael Simon, Catherine Skoli, Thomas Sk eldon, Michael Skibinski, Sandra Skibinski, Kathleen Slomka, Kathleen Smenner. Judith Smith, Frederick Sneider, Gary Sniadak, David Sobczak, Renee Socie, Janice Sohnly, Patricia Somers. Robert Spitulski, Jane Spurrier, Carol Stack, Carolyn Staskiewicz, Richard Stebli, Thomas Stelnicki, John Stevens. Robert Stevens, Stephen Stewart, Kathleen Struckholz, Timothy Sulli¬ van, Kathleen Swartz, Mary Syvert, Patricia Szelangowsk. Karen Szkatulski, John Szychowski, Robert Szymanski, Terrence Szyperski, Kathleen Tamlyn, William Taylor, Helen Thieman. Kathleen Thomas, Ruth Thomas, Diane Thompson, Kenneth Thornton, Maur¬ een Timiney, Margaret Torzewski, Janet Trabbic. Janet Trawinski, Judith Trepinski, Mary Tripp, Susan Trzcinski, Elaine Turk, Marie Tyburski, Michael Upham. Helen Urrutia, Diane Valasek, Marga¬ ret Valigosky, Sharon Vallongo, Diana VanAlst, Jackie Vanderhorst, Margaret Wac. Charles Walinski, Joan Walsh, Timothy Waltzer, Joseph Wambold, Louis War¬ ner, Therese Warrick, Patrick Wcislek. Raymond Weber, Daniel Weisenburger, Carla Welch, Kenneth Wenninger, Margaret Werynski, Kathryn Wichow- ski, Marilyn Wiczynski. DeLores Wiench, Richard Wierzbicki, Joseph Wilhelm, Mary Wilhelm, Ken¬ neth Willhauck, John Wilson, Cheryl Winters. Michael Wolever, John Woll, Marjorie Wood, Joseph Wortketter, Margaret Wray, Dennis Wroblewski, Linda Wysowaty. Page 66 Central’s three semi¬ finalists in the Natioiial Merit Scholarship tests, J. Nirschl, M. Healey and J. Kwiat- kowski display the scholastic angle of the school. Classes a Page 67 Girls attend lecture in auditorium. Fr. Reginald leads boys in Stations of the Cross. Rev. Dennis J. Geaney Rev. Edward J. Kersten Retreat—the spiritual pause During the last week in January, after the strenuous mid-term exams, Central students are given the opportunity to take an over-all look at their spiritual progress through¬ out the year. This year Rev. Edward J. Kersten and Rev. Dennis J. Geaney, two Augustinian priests, conducted the retreat held from January 30 to February 1. Father Kersten, a native of Cicero, Indiana, studied at Villanova University and Augustinian College. After his ordination in 1956, he taught at his alma mater, St. Rita, in Chicago. He is now assigned to parish mission and student retreats, throughout the country. Father Geaney, a former Bostonian, has degrees from both Villanova University and the Catholic University of America. Although Father spent sixteen years teaching in boys’ high schools and giving various retreats, he took over this year the task as the girls’ retreat master. Students attended three conferences a day and Mass was offered in the auditorium. During their respective lunch periods, the boys and girls participated in Stations of the Cross and Benediction. Confessions were heard continuously and spiritual readings were conducted in the conference rooms. These three days of prayer, meditation, and instruction certainly benefitted each and every student not only for this past year but for their future life. Page 68 Religion—life’s basie foundation Central, in her aim to develop the whole man offers to the student the subject on which life’s foundation is based. As he delves into the reason for man’s existence, the means by which he can work out his Christian existence and obtain his appointed goal, the student of Religion perceives and undertakes the question “Whither goest Thou.” The first three years are devoted to an over-all study of the fundamental truths of our Religion. The senior year prepares the students for serious dating and marriage. Also a study of apologetics, which is a reasoned explanation of the defense of the case of the Church, is stressed to help the students explain any questions which they may en¬ counter later on in life. Instead of the final exam taken by the students in Religion, the seniors must take the Bishop’s Religion Exam. This exam tests the knowledge the students have acquired throughout their years of study in Religion. Material from the basic foundation of the subject to the more complex studies of the senior year are included in this two-hour exam. At the commencement exercises the boy and girl ranking the highest in this test are rewarded for their efforts by receiving the Bishop’s Cross. Besides the instruction received in the Religion classes. Mass, Holy Communion, Sta¬ tions, First Friday Devotions, Benediction, an annual Retreat, a May Convocation, and a Senior Day of Recollection are made avail¬ able to the students in order to instill good sound principles into their everyday lives. Left to right: S. Komasinski, K. Metzger, E. Matuszek, S. Dombrowski, M. Helmier. Page 69 Left to right: M. Rabbit, I. Bettinger, C. Rae, M. Pluto, P. Moore. J. Chmielowicz English—the writer’s helpmate A basic knowledge of the English language and the ability to use it is the foundation of a student’s education. Here at Central the students receive the best education possible because of our fine English Department. Under the direction of the English instructors, this Department teaches many different phases of the subject. Since English is a three-year required subject, there are a variety of courses offered. The first two years stress the basic fundamentals of both grammar and literature. American literature and a Junior Essay are required by all third year students along with English grammar. The fourth year offers courses in English Literature, composition, public speaking, and journalism. The latter course gives students the opportunity to be on the Centric (school paper) or the Centripetal (yearbook) staff. i Page 70 Left to right: T. Schumacher, L. Mack, J. Cooper, J. Earl. Public Speaking—the orator’s guide The art of communication is very necessary to the well-being of civilized mankind. Perfection of this art is the primary endeavor of the students of the Public Speaking classes. It is an important attribute to be able to make your thoughts understood by others, and to convey your ideas intelligently. Not only that, but the ability to listen attentively and to draw sound conclusions from listening are attributes to be treasured. In this one semester course, under the direction of Mr. John Garn, seniors are given the opportunity to study the fundamentals of good speaking and how to avoid speech errors and defections. A. Kwapich Page 71 German — the diseipliiie developer R. Miller, R. Toeppe. Developing mental discipline and the ability to think and concentrate are the primary aims of German along with giving the student a greater appreciation of the German people and their contribution to world civilization. There are at present two years of German offered. The first puts the emphasis on listening and speaking skills along with drills on verb con¬ junctions, genders, and cases of nouns and sentence types. Original writing and dialogue memorization are begun in the second year. German culture is constantly woven into the content of speaking and reading lessons. Projects are also assigned to develop research skills, to increase knowledge of the culture of the people, and to create interest in the German fields. Some of these projects consist of map work and scrapbooks on German musicians, artists, the German school system, family life and the symbols in the coat of arms of various German states. E. Henzler, E. Kuchcinski, D. Dowling. Page 72 French — the translator’s language Class Passes Papers M. Haladyna passes paper up to S. Baker. “Zitudiez-vous pas du tout? Au contraire j’etudie beaucoup.” This is one of the common phrases learned by the students at the beginning of the French course. The first two years are devoted to the learning of grammar and its application in translating gramma¬ tical paragraphs. These students also pursue the geography and history of French-speaking countries. Third year students enlarge their vocabulary especially in the declen¬ sion of verbs. Translating famous French literature is also a major undertaking by these avid admirers of French. Students are enabled to perfect their speech in the language by speaking into a tape recorder which when played back lets the student hear his own mistakes. He can then correct them readily. French is one of the most important languages since it is considered one of the universal languages in which many documents and literary works are written. Page 73 Latin—the need of the professional fields To the students here at Central, Latin is not a dead language, but on the contrary, it is one of the most popular of the foreign languages. Besides those who wish to major in Latin and go on to teach it, this subject is needed for those who plan to enter the medical profession or the seminary. Just as important as this is the fact that Latin serves as the basis of our own English language. In the four year course the pupils cover everything from the basic fundamentals, to the history of Caesar’s Gallic Wars, to the writings of such famous philosophers as Cicero and Virgil. In accordance with the Latin course, many of the students participate in the extra¬ curricular activities carried out by the Latin Club which was established three years ago. Early in the spring the ability of these students is tested by the Auxilium Latinum Test, which compares our students with all Latin students across the nation. Left to right: G. Abrass, T. Sarna, T. Waltzer Page 74 Left to right; M. Narges, P. Plenzler, K. Davis, M. Skowron, D. Christ. Spanish—the Spanish-Americaii link As a link with Latin-American life, Span¬ ish offers students the chance of learning about and promoting the interest in Spanish¬ speaking countries. The first and second year students are concerned with the grammar and use of conversation. Spanish and Latin customs, literature, and backgrounds are pursued by the third year students while the seniors are interested in Spanish literature, especially Don Quixote. A Spanish written newspaper is put out by the students who contribute the articles themselves. It contains puzzles, jokes, and articles. La Charla Esponal is the name it carries. Spanish is a practical subject because it helps us to avoid any misunderstandings with our Pan-American countries. It is also helpful in the diplomatic service, commerce, and journalism. i. Page 75 Physics—the basic law of engineers How many of us have ever really stopped and thought about what thunder really is or why batteries run down and need re¬ charging? These and many other questions are answered in the physics course offered at Central. In this class the students learn the funda¬ mentals necessary for the engineer student. Discussion and lecture periods are con¬ ducted three times a week and on the remaining days laboratory work clarifies any questions which may have been raised in the student’s mind during discussion. Physics is an almost mandatory course to be taken by the high school student if he plans to enter an engineering or scientific course in college. With the unduly scientific world in which we live today all students would be wise to take a course in physics. J. Liebherr, M. Wilkinson. M. Koelsch. Page 76 D. Maas, S. Ehrbright, D. Mioduszewski. Chemistry—the bond of the space age Ionization, chemical bonding, crystalliza¬ tion, oxidation, and colloidal suspensions are only a few of the many varied topics studied in our Chemistry Department. Students have a choice of two different chemistry courses: CBA and traditional. The Chemical Bond Approach, introduced just three years ago, deals with the ability to predict whether or not a reaction will take place by the knowledge of chemical bonding. The traditional course, however, deals with the basic fundamentals of chemistry. Laboratory sessions, consisting of experi¬ mental work, are held twice a week for two periods, while the rest of the week is spent in lecture and discussion. Because of the highly scientific world we live in today, all future citizens and leaders need a basic knowledge of chemistry. At Central this is more than accomplished. Page 77 Top, left to rignt: J. McDonald, J. Wojtowicz. Bottom, left to right; T. Kasprzak, J. Milano, M. Hogan, L. Warner, K. Prudhomme. Phvsiologv — the kev to better living The physiology classes are open to all students in order that they may learn the structure and composition of the human body. This course proves very helpful as a pre¬ paration for those wishing to enter nurses’ training, medical school, or work toward a degree in dietetics or home economics. For others who do not intend to go into a special field, physiology safeguards their health and enlightens them in regard to their various problems in school and home. General Science — the discoverer of general truths A broad outlook on the fields of science are presented to the student who takes Gen¬ eral Science. It acquaints one with the funda¬ mental principles of biology, physiology, physics, and chemistry. Along with the ex¬ planation of many everyday happenings to which we pay little attention, the answers to. Page 78 why the light shines from a bulb when we turn on the switch, or why there are leaves on trees are obtained. Each year students of this course partici¬ pate in the Toledo Area Science Fair at Toledo University, Bowling Green State Uni¬ versity and Ohio University, Columbus. C. Knack, L. Kurinko, J. Oleksiak. Biolo ofv—the science of life In the Biology class the world of Anthro- pods, Mammals, Protozoa, and Spermato- phytes are explored by the student in various ways. Besides the frequent references to the text, the students obtain their knowledge by experimenting in lab with real specimens which they gather themselves whenever pos¬ sible. The collecting of leaves, the bisecting of animals, the planting of seeds, give the pupils an opportunity of studying living things. The use of the microscope in checking on the smallest living organisms provides an incentive for further study in this scientific field. Physical Science — the science In secondary schools, today, there is an increasing demand for a science course that shows the interdependence of physics, chem¬ istry, geology, meteorology, and astronomy, and presents the material as a unified whole. of sciences This year a new science course called Physical Science, which offers to the students an opportuninty to fulfill this demand, was added to the Science Department. Page 79 Math—the scientist’s support C=n(n— 1 ) (n— 2 ) . . . (n—r-|-l) r n r! Does this problem stun you? This is an example of what the present day students will have to face if they enter a scientific, academic, or mathematical field. Realizing this Central offers a full four- year mathematics program for these students. Elementary algebra is available to the fresh¬ man while the second year students learn the theorems and postulates of plane geometry. To develop the ideas one learned in elemen¬ tary algebra the junior is given a course in advanced algebra. The fourth year math stu¬ dents take both solid geometry and trigon¬ ometry in order to completely round out his mathematical education. For those students interested in a business field both general math and business math are offered. m T»( Xi tf kwik ' : fHWK tm v iM « Left to right: J. Pollauf, T. Jazwiecki, K. Taft, J. Yarsco. Page 80 Drafting — the architect’s ahl I ' i I I t i: D. Zolciak, J. Wozny. With engineering as tech¬ nical as it is today, students in that field need all the back¬ ground attainable. The two year course in drafting is just that, as it doesn’t go in for great detail but rather stresses the basic fundamentals of technical drawing. The great variety of subject matter makes the course one of the more interesting sub¬ jects in the Central curricula. Students are taught proper lettering techniques, lay out development, orthographic projection, freehand sketch¬ ing, and scaling among other things during their initial year. The second year course con¬ cerns itself with engineering, geometry, and problems. The boys learn to visualize and reason more efficiently. The course contains more technical problems as construction of cams and gears, fasteners, and assembly drawing. These students will leave Central with a basic knowl¬ edge and understanding of engineering and architecture. ,1 4i Page 81 History—the • narrator of the past Through history, tales of lost civilizations and bold adventure are brought to the attention of the student. The freshmen explore the early life of the world and its civilization in Ancient His¬ tory. World History explains in detail the circumstances and happenings of the world in modern times up to the present day. American History must be taken by all juniors in order that they may better under¬ stand and grasp the purposes for which our country has developed itself and remained a place of refuge to those who are politically or religiously persecuted. Movies and de¬ bates are some of the addi¬ tional means by which the student learns about his country. History, the story of man’s success and failure in life, proves to be a very useful sub¬ ject to all students living in a cultured society. Top, left to right: C. Duncan, P. Saelzler. Bottom: Mr. Gajdostik explaining Ancient History. Page 82 « National Problems — the guide to society This is a study of the funda¬ mentals of American govern¬ ment. It is a required course which is taken by all students in their senior year. While teaching the student how to be a good citizen and help his country in every way, Na¬ tional Problems also shows the reasons why he must be a good citizen. It also points out the problems of our pluralist society and proposes several solutions which have been given by authorities on the subject. Because these problems keep changing from year to year, the solutions must also keep changing in order to be effective. The students are kept up to date on these changes by related readings from daily newspapers, mag¬ azine articles, and papal encyclicals. Top: R. Matuszewski discussing the American Observer with class. Bottom: R. Harley giving magazine report. Page 83 Left to right: R. Buehrer, D. Venier, J. Amstutz, M. Schramm, W. Staley. Bovs’ Art—the artistic stufly The Boys’ Art Department offers the stu¬ dents an opportunity to express themselves individually. The freshman and sophomore years are devoted to the basic technique of lettering, sketching, color and design, while the junior and senior years stress the application of these techniques. Along with these funda¬ mentals, students are taught leatherwork, wood carving, and ceramics. Any student wishing to follow a career in art after grad¬ uation receives in this course his initial prep¬ aration through his study of interior decor¬ ating, crafts, oil, and water coloring. Aside from his ordinary classwork, a stu¬ dent is given the opportunity to make posters for the various activities, such as retreat, senior play, and operetta, which occur during the school year. These posters for the senior play (Mrs. McThing) and the operetta (Guys and Dolls) appeared in downtown and neigh¬ borhood stores, as well as in different parishes throughout the city. All interested students have the oppor¬ tunity to become members in the Catholic Art Apostolate, which aims to restore all things to Christ. Page 84 Girls’ Art—the creative course Any girl who is interested in creatively expressing herself may fulfill this desire through participation in the art classes. During the four year course offered at Cen¬ tral, students are given the opportunity of understanding the principles of good design, color, calligraphy, painting, drawing, cera¬ mics, and crafts. At the completion of her fourth year, each girl has also attained a strong background in art history, and fundamentals. Each senior student is given a week in which to exhibit her artistic achievements by arranging samples of her work in the display window on the second floor. Other artistic abilities of these art stu¬ dents are seen in connection with the oper¬ etta. These girls design the cover for the programs and make paper sculpture for advertisement purposes. Stress is on the principle that “everyone should use head, heart, and hands to make well, things that need to be made.” Through this course, every girl is given the oppor¬ tunity to further develop her talents for the glorification of her Creator. Left to right: J. Szmania, M. Widmer, B. Slota, M. Slomka, L. Kotlewski, N. Biggs. Page 85 Library—the researcher’s haven “A storehouse of knowledge,” is a phrase which can apply not only to a description of the human mind but also to our school library. For in these rooms are located volumes upon volumes of books used by hundreds of students each day. Students refer to these books to attain information for science projects, term papers, book reports, essays and also to satisfy their reading enjoyment. The biography and fiction sections offer reading for leisure and enjoyment while the reference room, with its magazine and encyclopedia informations, will supply the answers to many research questions. Left to right: D. Wac, K. Siwa. Left to right; T. Brown, R. Szydlowski. Page 86 Left to right: K. Tamlyn, N. Fellhauer, P. Somers, B. East, J. Vanderhurst. Home Economics— the homemaker’s guidepost The homemaker of today must know the important role she plays as a helpmate to her husband, as an understanding mother, and as an active member of the community. The students in the homemaking classes are preparing for their vital role in life by studying the basic phases consisting of “Family Budgeting,” “Food and Nutrition,” “Clothing and Related Arts,” “Family Nursing,” “Work Simplification,” and “Rela¬ tionships with Others.” Leisure time activities are also stressed and students taking this course are capable of using this time for helpful recreational purposes. Left to right: R. Corcoran, P. Zavac, J. Ressler. Page 87 Business— M. Rozek examines charts which show the progress of the typing students. In preparing the students for their part in the business world of tomorrow, the com¬ mercial department provides courses which will enable the pupils to meet the require¬ ments of the modern business offices. In the typing classes the students are given an oppor¬ tunity to master the keyboard, besides learning all movable parts of the typewriter. Later they get to put their knowl¬ edge to practical use. Speed and accuracy are their main concern. First year shorthand stu¬ dents learn the basic forms of words in order to build their shorthand vocabulary, while the second year continues to increase their speed and per¬ fect the basic forms. In the latter year typing is correlated with shorthand to instill in the students the ability to com¬ bine the two with maximum speed and efficiency. Class taking a speed test while J. Koch checks accuracy Page 88 the friend of commerce P. Baranek and J. Wiesolek check envelopes as the class types up the returns of the Chronicle drive. Bookkeeping is essential be¬ cause it demands of tomor¬ row’s accountants accuracy, clerical neatness, and system¬ atic habits. All other forms of secre¬ tarial work are included in Office Practice, which en¬ deavors to familiarize the stu¬ dents with business machines and general work required of an efficient secretary. Besides these secretarial courses, Commercial Law is offered, which acquaints the students with the legal world in which he must live. Both the social and legal aspects are touched upon in great detail. Practical experience in these fields is accomplished through “mock trials” held in class and through attending actual courts while in session. This subject shows the stu¬ dent how law will effect his personal as well as his future social and business life. k .IR w t 1 ; Class types from dictation. Page 89 Chorus— sounds of music’ Freshman and sophomores prepare for membership in the Glee Club by participating in the Boys’ Chorus or Girls’ Chorus. Tryouts are conducted the first two weeks of the fall semester. The boys, under the direction of Mr. Donald Noble, and the girls, under Sr. Mary John, have made quite a name for Central by performing in assemblies and at various programs throughout the city. The rehearse for assembly. S. Michalak shows class the sound tract from the operetta. Music A])preciatiou—the class of critics Studying classical composers and their works is the main activity of the Music Appreciation classes. After listening to records of these composers’ works the students criticize them and express their opinions. Harmoiiv—creativity in music J •! Besides Chorus and Music Appreciation, Harmony, which gives to the students the opportunity to use the mechanics of chords and their progr essions to express themselves creatively in music, is offered here at Central. Page 90 Attendance Office—the absentee’s enemy Absent students, tardy stu¬ dents, students wishing to be excused, all report to the Attendance Office in Room 107 to receive either a pink, white, or blue slip. A pink slip denotes tardi¬ ness for a class and a blue slip means that an excuse for ab¬ sence was not accepted. Both type slips send the student to Room 222 for a penalty to be served after school. A white slip, presented in every class after an absence, means the excuse given was accepted as valid. Ronald Matuszewski meets Sr. M. Cleopha. Seated; Sr. M. Mercy, R.S.M., Sr. Jane Frances, R.S.M., Mrs. V. Pfeiffer. S tanding: Mr. D. Piloseno, Mr. B. Nichols. Guidance—an artery for counsel Not only is Central interested in the intel¬ lectual training of its students, but also in guiding them in their plans for the future. This is accomplished through the work of our fine Guidance Department. Under the direction of Mrs. Velma Pfeiffer, the depart¬ ment tries to help the students answer certain questions through detailed analysis of their scholastic records, financial situation, and vocational abilities. As a result of their work many more students have been able to enter college after graduation. Page 91 Nurse’s Office Ml ' S. Wroe, R. N., bandages M. Bauer’s arm. the liealth corner It seems as if all the aches, pains, and even imaginary diseases of the school eventually congregate in Room 224. More than likely the reason for this is because this room happens to be the office of the school nurse, Mrs. Wroe, R.N. She is here to treat the ills of those who are truly sick and also to foil the attempt of anyone trying to fake sickness in order to escape a class. Besides this she has the task of checking the physical con¬ dition and past medical history of all freshmen. Left to right: Mr. V. Fischer, Miss R. Fackelman, Miss M. Radecki, Miss L. McCarthy. Oflice Staff—the heart of business life Besides keeping records and balancing the school’s finances, Central’s office staff also supplies the students with answers to ques¬ tions pertaining to school life. This dedicated group of workers, including a registrar, a secretary, a business manager, and office clerks, is the heart of Central’s business life. Page 92 These students, K. Sturek, D. Bolhach, M. Holmes, R. Rutkowski, D. Reinbolt, clasp hands in championship sports unity. Sports Page 93 Presenting Central ' s 1962- ' 63 Row 1: B. Drussel, Dick Gralak, Jim Amstutz, Joe Yoppolo, Rod Sydlowski, Viviano Diaz, Jerry Molnar. Row 2: Don Venier, Tom Brown, John Mullen, Steve Cromik, Ron Linker, Jim Hahn, Jim Molnar, Ron Seymoui. Row 3: Tom Cousino, Jim Minor, Duncan Obee, Jerry Krall, Mike Stanberry, Joe LaCourse. Row 4: Mike Simon, Jim Zychowicz, Larry Stahl, Nick Stolarski, Mike McManus, Mike Tscherne, Tom Winkler. TEAM SCHEDULE Team We T Cleveland Benedictine _ 16 8 Muskegon Catholic Central - _ 46 0 DeVilbiss _ 36 20 Scott __- 33 0 Waite _ 30 0 Libbey _ 58 0 Woodward _ 37 6 Steubenville Public _ 20 12 Macomber _ 32 6 St. Francis _ 20 7 “To the victor belongs the spoils.” This term aptly applies to the 1962 version of Central’s football team. The Fighting Irish opened up the season by beating a good Cleveland Benedictine team and then trouncing an average Muskegon Catholic squad. But neither of these victories opened up any eyes around the state and the team was rated a meager 14th in the opening Associated Press poll. It wasn’t long, how¬ ever, before the Toledoans started their climb to the top; and nine weeks later Northwest Ohio had its first state championship. The highpoint of the season was the game at Steubenville Public. When the teams faced each other the Irish were rated 2nd while the “Big Red” stood 5th in the state. With 10,000 looking on, Central stopped the Steubenville team and showed the state their claim to the state title. Four days later Toledo Central topped the AP poll. The DeVilbiss game had its great spots, too, as the Irish were at one point two touchdowns down, only to come back and win by two touchdowns. The Central schedule was, however, no easy one, as the team had to beat DeVilbiss (5th in the state), Steubenville (6th), and Cleveland Bene- Page 94 City, State Champions Row 1: Phil Hoag, Dennis Bolbach, Tom Pawlecki, Mike Bellas, Tony Viertlboeck, Tom Carter. Row 2: Dave Scorziell, Jim Reeves, Paul Krasula, Pete High, Dennis Jasinski, Dick Jasper. Row 3: John Flynn, Dan Flynn, Mike McGrath, Tom Buetler, Dennis Zolciak, John Ginter, John Soto, Dan Brubaker. Row 4: Jim Liebherr, Joe Rymers, Ken Marciniak, Joe Cheney, Tony Dieger, Bernie Ragle. dictine (14th). The Irish had little trouble in copping the City Title, scoring over 30 points in every City game. The team, which practiced from the middle of August until late in November, trav eled over a thousand miles in their trips out of town, unusual for a high school team. The outcomes never depended solely on one player as it was a team effort all the way. More honors climaxed the season. United Press Inter¬ national (UPI), and the Litkenhouse rating system also crowned Central as their state champion. It was also an¬ nounced that no team had ever won the AP poll as decisively as the Irish had, by racking up 524 points. Individual honors came when tackle Tony Viertlboeck was named as “Line¬ man of the Year,” which added to his honor of 1st team All- State. Tony was later named All-American by “Scholastic” magazine. Coach McHugh received due credit when he was awarded “Coach of the Year” in Ohio. At the banquet, Phil Hoag, fullback, was named MVP adding to his 2nd team all-state honor. The Fighting Irish dominated the All-City team, placing 10 men on it. Hoag and Jerry Molnar captained this year’s squad. THE TOP TEN (AP) Teams Poll Pts. W-L-T Toledo Centi ' al (33) 524 10-0-0 Warren Harding (10) 337 9-0-1 Niles McKinley (1) 325 9-0-1 Sandusky (2) 310 8-0-2 Middletown (6) 230 9-1-0 Toledo DeVilbiss (1) 203 9-1-0 Steubenville (0) 179 9-1-0 Cincy Roger Bacon (0) 179 9-1-0 Cle. St. Ignatius (5) 131 10-0-0 Alliance (1) 90 7-2-1 Page 95 plosive Toledo h H Outclass Crusader 12tb In State in hiituv l OftotxT )ftulM r ■ Ii ' ish ’hn ' t ' 1 i ♦he Fix’ An ' nit un! n-u. The Centrst n in u rfAv for k fonr-game B .. . tu ' O rh ' imKB. M Slh ill ihi- jBpj r th- o U»lx r J h-U»he ' i ' 1 . The ‘-j.-i ■ •tjieniix’i ’ fentral n el .’1 % the ' j:h. ' ! ' By MM 13 ' vvnr.i » pi’sjBjHj jOtr ' . aU‘ ' ' ; ' pr t- ' ) xpjA -r.c I ' ihi ' M- ' ' •• ■ inihf in OiC vT ' b bfilr ally ere! ento petition in i eff -ct!v » x ' .fi’i he M ' lters that thc H fouid not stop the M ing. ■ tiip aprroxmtfltely 4 esses, none woold say, ho’ m Dominate rep Statistics IB Leaders Unchonged In Grid L caderii remait •he city Wisii s- pU:| HoaO iividual statisti. rnll nwuy ■ek’» games. p;q ntral Calhr-Hi OT.-lD is ffl 3 ' ' •« ' - jrned the baU a outstanding alh. ' B 3C 1 yards, p.ftn r n Va- s r cf!’. ii fitus caufihl 7 passe:: ' lias caught a pn,-- g averaged H.3 y; s scored twice ALL-CITY Dennis Bolbach Sr.-HB ALL-CITY John Ginter Sr.-HB vvi ' vks in t Rt NOTH tlStiCS. rour,,, , pUivn Ths figures: id9g:. ,..., niSMl.Vti r 4. tmfinn. Mxtembet “t it , . , . Central • kicking natMain . idbfe r WSS have WftUe ? iK.-,. naartwarr jrOots, I ttno i aitOnn n-Vt»bp • rfn ' pn. Rnw-ij., j.jab«T o-er -yieinert in urst n«ir quarter oT a turn by h l A h productive lrj h required and a 3-yaTd« r 31 pJayt 10 antas the hai ' after M »TI e ft toiah ■ ' ’rough for 23 Try as they might me teaifo discovered q’ _ ' ore the ii they ennid mt cope • John G: artetijack .1 week Cenit in the Unit I f . Acek ihec we fm-prej " 49 i ' j ' cv A h Romp M6-0 Win John lU Hoag, a oUe-dri ' « I i»e foUowirj ?tt Ti ' U’Ji ' thi lU h.T ' .r . m ti ing my A! .cr u H ' ‘ ' to 1, tf, ■ . »JP? T5nrr, irr % nut: t • in ' team ‘it-va . CenUat « — ..C prruC eenirfti — er c ' « ' «a4«-ara 1 — — c. , T» 01 being‘ ? uiPn, 2 5 do : , itornowa. W4« ard -iS ' -J -} • OS.S has OrVOWM t‘i , ,Ch(vbalia. VH nt M U VM yearn doc K ' faet. Ss u » 1« te.v nilini ' nt rMii BKCEiVlNO Kec. vr, al- oument n rithu% . i ?J5 i.ve scrv!c«wte. jfH.iem-h witiRto.; Kit Gwinn«« »» I afternnnn= ' acft.p ’ ! tO- ' Hi playcrjrwsh CC[ and _ , h to MurVii«»!» ' ». Zoi ' p»vfK, It I n;! • nVNT BETl ' UNN 1 he M ' rpblwUer. OcVObls Ll%b«y 800, Jvn». C«ntr i in 0. BETCflNb Sr ' etl H, WatU t,. M, ' • L ' .-tni ' %»«£. ? Pl HJrk ,l«hn Gir i for Jhr fnsli PPp t«Ufhd»»wn iflacular nms - kj|kaHapcd IZ yard B|9eld in the thiri Wm a 5t-vnrd jatm yymoar opened th leorjn? in the firy and Deriniv Zoirlai a pass fntercepho) m the closing e.)nt» •di {. ' -.it up 3 7 ye .1 135 for diru in n . jp .1, . ' idditi ' " -! S . KfiJrtff 1 .TrMI irl ine Knig 0 quickly u , ,ir.sl dinvn, .H J nut and “ ' X The try f.iV ■ » Irish Ictl 20 Rjk xi the t ' uLit-r ' SI H9h s aii. i).i !« ' . « ' Ma.sV ■:in. IM Tmh- t • «or ■L c V. ' ‘ ' ALL-CITY Dennis Jasinski Sr.-E ■bHVcov rsTKeitc knetvsi! a yrt Tbombj juPR’-AVe , Jg T.fiefi — Moa. VsratuaMlf h| Buna . Eeb . — HI nt ' C , f it»rrt4 - Klk fkte o — f»Apet 4 H eow Sr Tb» tn r ' u Ms Sfif n» or . a r» T« m S4w n»«; ‘rlo -f S 44. S-vaeS mnl. sr%nv» mum !»f W !fir4» . l{ »as fwnv r laU «l2-$: rd x ALL-CITY Jim Hahn 0, Sr.-E Hnav ' »»♦« ' un » tAII ' 4 A • •w. . . •r 1 Harrington a Proclarnat , . t nunrit of the lt.v of ], mending Central CathoU eess of Its 1962 Football fp» ' fAiUd ' ■ - ' 1 U- ■ oavr. r und Wii L . tfj hw ii ' nsi ' V phi.u-,.! 1. Jill ill llii ' •! i the .-1 t-T -• • . • ' 8n ., ,.rv. nt I!-,v g; Aa ‘ . -Ill-1-■■»i. ■■ by ,1.! hlr iduablc , dn-d. " J V.«iJ ’hi t M,...te. r. SiH Mr Jim C. rdioK hu foiK ' h at Ceidud Cathul’ thr ' -t yvnr. ' In ihe ht- ’ t-ondh ' d ttie ends findj n»»»cdy. bill this year he: gurnri W!i plu’’ ' : So ' H Sladiuni ' • (‘lev • I.Uid Ufin vii Ear l, v ' .eek the C‘c eoiichev havt? picked u. C!-aehets- after catYl ' uh anr; dcfnseiw player Th». oilejiMve und September U vMiiy ALL-CITY Dick Gralak Jr.-T c of great happ 5tdl lorlunes, then ' • .hat Ci ' nu’ U ' in;, iniij thnnigh f»ther f- c tnemb r kjike Mc.-j ini ' acainst DeVilhis Avl at Waiii ' i. nif tinu when tlte t- Si tjuldn ! •—; at { Uni. Jim MHlblWIX « ■d I had Id , T- ti,i( 33-0 tie- Jr.-l I for its --- - the season last night ■ U cotl, W BjlOuartorback John MuUen f aled thinRS to come when ' ' a 73-yftrd drive in, trning quarter for Con • TD. I period, helfhscjj tallied to 14-0 load. emaimng Iriah taiUo: in each quarter -were by Junior fullback Den- Boblbach. The llKbpuund P Rungster went in front tw.. EwR ards out to elintax ea ' h if the sconng drive.s. sRt t ' t f ' Wlml tl t {jV s »U It o o !—• « r t NT—I ' fljutti -r , -fc.S ' T—S riin (0 lorrW J f I NT—tj ruH Ij Jdl Jr . , N ' T—t ra ‘ ■•“ ' •trNT—|» .t». eh 8 fun " k r • TkTtSTIi AVind W tc iilsii basket l V T®U49 sppiirnber NOT! SeplemJ mp Wof [ ■ o to pPmg Band Game Mn icided Rprsef » ' ' ! o ' xedo (■3ti5- ' -l!C-Mlid,-- ' .;..n ‘ ALL-CITY Joe Yoppolo Sr.-G WrU - C KM ' H«: ' f I »M— . . . UV r ' I ) M .itt 4 i t j N r-e.i«i ALL-CITY Tom Pawlecki Sr.-C 3 lmu ' hd ' ' v?i and 1 C ' ti eisiun a). :.ik 14. ITero ' :- J.i ' iMvki I ' J. n Di ' iger «i: P.iul Ki ' a.nda (!. r with Pu- anr!Ounco ' in-!;f j A loledo ' s f iii’pd m;(r ' ' r ' ‘rc hi rii.-f lOO mr.n ' ihcrfi will rcuntp [ ipthe Irish ic.r-v 1 ,1 prrfii’-:; d dmj i - m f-’ tin’ j e! , iil u!l .St ' 0h ■ t . c ntui ' i ' i at Sun E ' ?.. sil.v in ItMT :in l llHk ' the All-Wi -t ‘t Te Centrals lone long thrust WA ' a 5i;- ard looehdowB pU that started with .»n 18 van! pass from John MuUcj to Phil lloas and ended wit! |{r«4 w •■•• Chios No. 1 Prep Football T m W i ll 1 I .s Onlral 30. Uaite 0. Poledo Central J dts Big Red Ti le Hopes ilson Sco IDs In Sh sium Irish Coact Calls Viet ' " he Greer I By JOliV r Hfrald-SUr ‘ I ley can wrap up the 1962 I 1 p and addrc ' - iX for ; r 36 Toai H Ray Hi yrr’a W at HarduiQ Stadium ' big, powerful Ti k 4 « ' . I i 3 in the la ' est I Pr s poll, packed !md H| ' way to s 3 -12 Uen Big R«d for I nt victor)- tv ' fnre largest tumoirt ; great high school i (if Steoben’.ille ' s Uius ' lH • U I ' JitOfV. B far s I am cc-noTevi ’i. ■ Uw. stale champ4tni:s 1 ’ a f’Vfricwijsr dej‘‘ ' ctf i Hvl declared -ifier ihr i- ;dout. Sov.ur. McHugh I VC-ll ' f IS ties V ;ED TOLKtW ® Irst I owB5 Ru hii.g ' ? i :m irft Dovms Pajismg 1 k-jul ' irst Dowok Ber»3lti ' s ’(rfai First Downs uishicg Plays ' ards Rushing ' ards Lost Racing N ' et Yard- Rushing asses Attempted as e$ Completed I ' ards Faffing . ’enalties ards Lost PenalUes Airoto unts •verage Punt ' • teuo 4 closing dri . m| caught us. $i If. a Uiis season that an» has ronif -M dost to t i| in the fourth period, ttol . . ’ tlid ii)] •7 he ' .i i Mt.HukhV ' u J Uirxif ‘ » |SSS 71 candidal IS itouchdowt - a ter the Siconvrnced SSArish had JliTI fllRed if r( 6’ledoans p ! 6 to u ' ork in me The attested to Ibad a 16-r ALL-CITY Ron Seymour Sr.-HB ' 4it abfvc all ulh ' ( • th. si-ason aiifl th..i v,x ui u an i 7 i.a, 7 taurheitiwn.v and 4 ti an l 2 c‘ fr. . i •li ' iin -Mulk- tternui silence the Big Red ' room. ‘’And to datel second l st, ’ Homanl y added. I • For Toledo iijiJii: vr rW • .r f. f man was lavish In his praise! Rgbtir Irish.‘‘They didn’t I f lad b fight for every inebj The tliri ' C t« { ptayer on oirt n.s ‘ I ' hii Hour and John Gintvi , John h..: a total cjjrcMisc for the 10 gam h r u iu‘t ' ..on oi ' li ' Xi ' i yarris. i cianplefing 23. for a net Ruin halfback, who • - • the bull U4 XI 7 ft»r a total o ■ Jf )t B Phil Hour, a ti Vii Gpr 1 not gain • ! ' 400 yards, tiu • - C ' atholi .irc Jivhij M.ilicf lie j“--tind bif . Hi- carrieo itu bait .lU umi- ' epartment he at’empted .73 Ginter. a .t-U " IHti puuia i rt Bt ALL-AMERICAN ■ Tony Viertiboeck AA Sr.-T .uv-n ' -’ -vrrr. .. t:»,;;.J ;.•:■ S. mV U ' ■ ' ' - ' .-1 ( v ' ' T... - ' they ,,v , ...a en •ptemi »tetnlM r %f o •mbrr The IpM UotMJwar jjpj C’entral ha as com pa iopponents. Bi-l ' .do DeV int ' ni. Gi otennty j’aro?! ' .va Ta ' : uroppea iu touno 1 hir?lUii .k h1||H|| !Pr mooni-••lo ' t- n. riJM I -cr. jack.-j iiihfi- h--- 5 m 7 iJ -r Mike McAl. C t fWin. -v al WaiO St ■.viu‘n ihe sxa Rod Sydiowski Jr.-G Dove Scorziell Jr.-T ’ iU ' w .n..|.er ’ij.. SE.AT IX Mmsi’ ' v v h Mike Bellas Sr.-E ■urse ‘¥ Joe Caidostik Central Gridders Top Steubel iviile Director Central Clinches Tity Title ! ♦ I • f " % Citv h ' n-.r -f ! .i:r- ‘ Irish Storm Pa acomber, 32 ame ‘it’ Htnihall, xair l U,r vf- l nl« • Dick Jasper Mike McManus Sr.-FB Th - Ir sh la. i n. tinu- jn ‘ ' ■hibiiJnt: iJu-.r ii« as! night, marc hu-• gn .ik} • n It plr ' s aitfr Ihr uji nirr » br tly - ftenv.ii.l h»‘y V. u u n d up a ii’i ' .riiii, ftiarch. AUii b-’ fh ' tb. ' a ' as 4 ver li-- ' .ixh pil‘ t3 UM yarilv to 5 for Macof in umber One Dennis Zolciak Soph.-FB : r fa.h-ill « I in thV ' A-anl 1 in »nd{U‘t. •honl fiN 1 u: Jrath 2 . ' I’he I ho cjppiinonl,: lij-icv vvi ir.aS orl ' uJ blossii ' .gs f- •tVi say a pravcr • lioni. G..i t ' .ar. il: ' - otornity. Ho lia- v:f I n ' lUs. nur fai’h, -ai ,oramenis and nnr sc whuh ciia ' iis re K(m Soy.iiuijr iho-f- vvin o f = TS- Hash ' c eSH UnK " - ‘hr- y piinh ' il ’ . 5 v.ir. 1:4 !• and H K Th:- i- I S’all I a Jliam ' Phil Haag, ■ tiijre . atiCvt central t«uc‘: )v«r onrc fr f it er front i ' Statis-»w ' ' ; oi the tiiii soaM.iiJ and that six nf th dowp.s Olid ?■ 7 touchdowns and and 15 idavin. have seotx ' d point ’d nr more. Phil Hou . w ith 15 t ' y ' l.: with lUlt pinnts; Jnhn .M c . ints. John (Jintor. d touche -A touchdowns, 4 rar.vc:.-inr by runninj; .na.i K touchdovvns anri 1 cuiny 14 ; Detini. ' - Jasinsl , 9 |||dcigvr H; Paul Kr.ist scoicd by the able to Let us nt-ver tor ct. Hasl ,n i(v and cndt ' a ’fir !■• rcpa.V a lih- r- ' f love and faithful .•«• coo verst 32 points; Johi kicking t »j ' ' Jn ji for 20 poic’ M Jtm Hahn l Ron for tht B g -1C Fnculty an { Studenti . sruiinb this ' rhank--givio•: vn m Central ' ; ' history a- • incmi rablc. K ' ra ' i ' hil to Abtvjgl us ar f he great benni ' - bc ov ,t ..r,r dnrina the ssembty Msgr. Harrington R.v riicT ri rwoLH FVtiid sp ' Wfitct ' out B 1 Ccntral L V .Ntrive t‘) 1 h Xo ways I lirsl " f ail in ,1 did IK G- d. We Wtint fc| ? tr.inr scholastic W ' ' ’ hu-tn L ' ' • u I Tom Carter k and . Ik- ■ ' ' ■•-QB t " " ' W«it for gonyMcH«gh i-Kntn ' toriBusKijnimetlt tndir HHMb ' M Turn Mcttiurr’ aiifl Central CaM 1 foDtbiO team in Ohio. Brag QjggBlK ' lead in the As.wiateti Jag the rireviouyl.v imbeayflH ' 1 dt-si ' t ouV Harrington, -v h c n j BF-d jf vva- aoythjty. VpecUd " :-n.u at hus Vi .;r ' ' efOi cotumented: ■• • l think it inieht be thp -, maturity of moxt of the J seniors. They ' re a manly group. H is something I tell the- seniors at the start of the ' .vear, that they are four-year r wen now and they have to art more mature.” ■‘Evety of v ' ur pic:- ? ' , raoo ' ' Jifougii. ' ' was Mt-’Huyids ’ •stoicmenl. “Thi ' i ' e wo. ' .n ' t x-p.c v,h-.‘ didn ' t, ' ond he pi ' —ft dod , ti.i run down hi - entitc roster . The Ifisli mentor, on .AU-Chy fullback for Central in 134 , also gsuv full credit to hi ; v,-irsily ‘ achrng staff: Jim C-odj-ik. r‘fnv I-c-tis, Joe West- ‘ cukirchner " OuV sJodont. ' - back liio tcoon „ to.-,” McHugh ■■ ' VVe have the i’csi oitendancc m town. ' We !Oo.-t uverogo ubi »t 1,500 sh ' d ' -yf ;i:.j: ' i ' 5 c : n i f-T .the DeVilbiiSs gc toc, we may letnyboy, Shave sold over 2 .(k ” Uir the th t h i pridv wet). They and not tyded ««; Sebastian Carone .7 Jr.-HB Ron Linker t f frehner lewis fhey wanted to give their ever. ' , nuuute ' f eveiv Do- If wait for rexelalmed and I don’t ;al t .imtlrtate Jim Koenig c - Steve Chromik Or.-vj - , It won n«c tiwui.-, . ' 0 place il rtMurded tu, ‘..raight vir lories ihU the foot¬ ball field. ' j Contimird from Page 21 things have pen n e the slate poll tirM introduced. i ” Vi luive ii good spirit here,” said ' VIsgr. Ilarring- Ton. Tim UUP students have l ken success »« stride. Three B ' c been no sudden boister- koulhursts aod our athletic ■tess hasn ' t Intertered with Hjj tuo! program.” star nMi r I ' nuiball u I Mik-- M‘-.- U‘ur y..in. t iJ.-Vi!l»i.- at u’ Wnllc Sta- Mii- ' .v. ' : ’U Um vtUivV ,U i ' -iiiiii» ' t ' ••c the ■ .iirnirr nt in tl- T-riOi jpol i ' McU ' iyfv i J ' M,..i ru.j-Con? arid the tavut :i ' r ' .- ' adou? ' ' i M?gr. Harrington was jum racKius in his prnj d -4 t HT’: Central Calhohc an’ .Ii-lui nlen, t) ! " , l.H; poiUKi Stnn-r t,!u. iu ' ( ' M3 yaiU.s He ean-icd tlu- b.il! S9 ’ I ;. . ' Ip. dt’j JU t iiH ' Ht he att ' -’ripti n Utei. ,1 5-11 . JHd Rymers .■ ■ ed 12 |«is. ' es. ' •-mj Duncan Obee Jr,-G Mike Stanbery Jr.-C rtiboeck Na d To First I Ohio 11 I Named 1 In Ohic :iiid ■ -:’ rKl! ni ' n ■ptrc t!m» ' I ' ur !!u ' by Scott. .13-0 ' U ' Hi, Waitc ' M-n. Th» If i-ti T!:i t c of Con lost otdy oiu CcrmnI C ft ' n ■inngf Nick Stolarski Jr.-E Fhii I’tm.v VjCi “l i Mt Flu!;ti Sfptt-no. wn. Kour.so. B 3 vchcn Rt Chao - IcatT). the 28 I). October 5 October ! Great p Imh £nm i votes in th|| Mike McGrath Jr.-HB second- sy. Kile-; By vnv.r srij.vvos.D Si ffrt Writer about ?r have won ti fav •ons.. w K- jfbackv! ■ffit n t r a I be on Us 5 g ' -omc- % fKi To- f h o o I er done ‘p all of I h I e t H- P 5 n- Nobody lewtiral ha5» any cla crov n next to vr 7h% . C» ' o ' the h;, ' jMckinc d thj w- ' 7 4,vsVV ' rd theirj aluNt ' Vn§ Mike iF Chiivei Boh I i vvcl -baiji iH-ibnd It ' !’. .Jim Sotfi. i! liavt I uc. )4 in beat l.r ; Si ni t I-O roi i.rd anci I ' c. S otibcnvdic ' i record and is AP ll. aWnski leads the team rai pass receiving;, wltich ? h; pF-T or yards. Dennis cau;:ht 7 pusses for j total of 7 IVhke Beltiis cantthl 5 po -ov i i tniui tj t .2 y.H- ls, Jmi Il;dm uveratiert 14 3 ytuO ' --n :• pa.—i U; jards Jusm.sk« h.ns .scored tv ;»• .a pav.- play .c ha ‘c I ' Uih sr M ' fd one - ran 7 ho Toledo Time " ' . Tu sdav. November 6. 1962 entr n.- I ' -r 2 •-•.••♦■k in ■I.P..i: til.) tin ■ . a- p..li vifk (■••! • - ' ' . - -nrt III U-J ' t. ' no • DeVilbiss Sixth In jrid Poll ' -.fid ftu v .ci-k ttjoy • • ,,jio position tj . tid¬ in ' M...;:..n:d poll »» ' i JtM If., n. V.il i ■•■v -r. n, .. cfaiti. J.. .-‘tliaii I r ' Mnus. Nov. y ■Vo fp.f j.jop in hi-dory, a ' foled ' •ntral Catholic—ha vvi n- thr No. 1 3 io ‘tba!; le m ‘ I. !n o: ' f ' fscb I ♦-; I, iiii 3 ' : i d to UlC top of the Kited Pi ' ‘‘ pot! ‘ 2n-l2 vit-n.. SY ' rtfi- ' r O’.-ci ' pi atcit SteiiberiViiJc. draFa viel.ify oV€i; tf ve No;th ' .vesD Vv- h t ve. rs ruled ' oy me N-aiheaa tern qua . ' tor of the Ohl, •fcllagli 10 Hith ranked AUi- aiice but of the , deelfiV_ . . i ler Liu.a Senior hed beaten ' ' f nee. and Fremont Rosa f [ " jd MassUion on the to [ most dismal scu =-n ir I -. i ?ntral was second hi la ' kN poll and Steubenvl ' i. iedv DeVilbis.v. beater Central, in eight ;-d {rorn eighth f atral. yiu.-h H ill t ’r Triday mght. ojnts while lim ' d 375 poU ledo Libbi e claimed •;pionah!p5 ' ’4Ss blit ;-»II was starte Mike Simon Jr.-HB jiV.. Club host OiU! ft the ii)m.s a week ek and repnr ago Toledo vers of the cc DeVilbiss knocked top- dictinc otfensii Tony Oieger Jr.-HB 24 ickt ' Iif defensiv ck C.rnhik m Seymour fitlm Holbach ?ntraJ, which tn onheatCD s., I hall, cas wlo the ' inpioaship with a r Maeomber. Ve Ve r vsy Thank -gj- ' tn " ral- hl ' - ny n " ruble. Joe LoCourse Soph.-QB .aes tod 53. V pound Tried grva »rtum ’•mv tt» •uugh .tj sea.snns- i rct iomber It -was u great day for the y-eng 811 yards against .Irish last Friday night at Steu- ' V-iirbr interei the Glass Buwl at b ' H,vUle. but it might even be dium. al llu- half tm., ' . wli f ' ” ' do the . , St. 5 t- h ol’s %v.l. . .v„vy you O.uli aihleiic pro- Coach t b Nfcbols got the ' iliH.-.-, did not gt phice Irish, off on the lA ' hen his cro ' won Die ci Coach Tom team bus lea si ii wmmng ' A ' ayg umry team mpionship. Jerry Krolf fj Soph.-FB .,1 }{;.i Horn mi ' M HI uuntt le •nt.-. and Central hni 8-? .. jeo ' if the Jfi.s: sports as do the rest’ they eould tennis, track wanted to. .u u ; Irish — s football j contenders in ba i golf program, es , football; father Fuqua wan provided ' ! standing teams. But there is one in. a possible Irish ‘ this year. UN little Dan ion. the ' VVaite bonding c City League lists b«; ;»ne of its sports and we looked. Harazon ite teams on lop the league standings. great recrubni ' r. ' the ihiiK i i-rirKi niter a . ' fiort ht kick, the IriMi niarcbed 50 • i-avdirt icfU the llnii! ■ .irid the CcltF led 14-7. ‘ 1 ' ii ' K I!;- ' thr Kmghts to piijd. . ' M ' .vu noM-k! ' , .o-.liri. Alter ' ' }• • ' :• -• now It, Jim Reevf- 4 Bears Jim Jr.-C cord, the City 1961-62 ch n- lail—DeVilH..-. ' t basketball - k-—Libbey anr’ -DeVilbiss; y ■$: t e n n i s - r , mg—Waite; cro ' hbbey; wrestling game conleFt l.ima ' iS Ut {.».•! t ' K ' f)eVilhis -l.ini 1 • ‘another ’‘prestitc” for the City Leapu the only other team in the state to beat Alliance this, year and last week humped ' Springfield S »utb in a kc ’reater Ohio I.eegue ;i,iroe. ms IMI VTR. f. 433) 534 en Uardme ' ly» 337 McKinley fh 3tr» t’SKV f2) etown H)) :i)0 ULBISS III co iHc ( 0 ) Bacon tOi St. leuatiu.-i »fC ill he Sp lys pvd con-cr.‘ • like 1 . g : The Top Ten " I Poll Pt . While City Le WvS? being giver Tscherne tv I . T Lorty Stahl Jr.-T Jr.-G s-a-l 31fl espe thei ; Joe Cheney 1 Jr.-HB Jr.-E r o. 1 High School Fo Loo wiih nger.s • throuch . ' cies. b«jt ft U» pli‘. — eaU Liebherr ,»♦ hwth rieve- .nsillc DeVil- ,VITiinjf .’!mI - r I.jmc ‘ «pi»PrtK MHa Voulfa V-. Jtf I V I.IST S I • I KI- St 4 N H 11 , » y ,IJ MO.N r UO: tn» «a t Btavr,..r,ii .j ‘t .«»»,,,jje Ji I »M otasnvBi !«G ♦ I uv - •f ’ lilt nti4 “4 . ' I ' Nsi i» J n u.cnivov ,t,. • " 4 l.akrHon - v i I S. S«»KW,u K SJ CM I (. va.-tr. fl- Don FIvnn ' K,. .n .nl-rn « •■jrilll s«« FIsm. Y Y " " • TIII«B.»r4n«. KlU t. Akr» •? ar «nrt 4tr a St Smc nl nea s»tB r4l Ki4t » Tom Beutler Jr.-C ' oledo Central Catholic — Ohio’s all Team Seasoned Lightweights Steadily Advanee Row 1: P. Kromfield, P. Pawlecki, D. Kirian, K. Wirtz, D. Killan, D. Shea, K. Marciniak, A. Martin, B. Higgins, J. Wietrgykowski, L. Bissonnette, T. Kazmarek, D. Kahle, T. Hroska. Row 2; J. Minor, R. Whipple, D. Moline, B. Carle, M. Cassidy, D. Seymour, L. Laberdy, B. Ragle, T. Winkler, T. Lewandowski, R. Healy, D. Wolfe, J. Somlinski. Row 3: J. Ray, B. Helvey, J. Brucken, J. McGurk, T. Schaub, R. Wade, M. Amstutz, T. Holt, J. Hollering, J. Stau ' b, J. Zychowicz, M. Hendel, P. Bick. absent: B. Babel. JV’s (4-2-1) Schedule Frosh (6-0-1) WE THEY TEAM WE THEY 8 0 Waite 0 0 0 12 Scott 14 0 28 0 Start 26 14 6 14 Woodward 24 0 16 0 Bowsher 16 8 6 6 DeVilbiss 34 0 32 6 Macomber 42 0 Freshmen Gain City Title In Unbeaten Season Rc v 1: T. Sullivan, K. Kielezewski, G. Kelly, D. Malin, D. Nowak, J. Klonowski, T. Skeldon, R. Dorn, T. Hughes, D. Borer, T. Warner, T. Bialecki, M. Fausnaugh, R. Calmnes, J. Szychowski, J. Wambola. Row 2: J. Ott, P. Joyce, W. Maxwell, M. Simon, F. Johnson, L. Lozwell, J. Haugh, A. Jacobs, J. Rumshlack, J. O’Reilly, B. Gadt, D. McCarty, R. Langenderfer, R. Clement, T. Boardman, M. Murnen, M. Haley, T. Reinard, W. Partridge, K. Borowitz. Row 3: E. Mowka, M. Horn, J. Pero, J. Kolasinski, R. Ringlin, J. Clark. T. Waltzer, R. Kolacki, R. Bly, R. LeGros, F. Farkas, M. Essex, E. Romito, J. Dunne, J. Wilson, T. Flynn, T. Gardner, D. Boes, J. Parker. 100 Brains Behind the Brawn Mr. LaSpina, Mr. Westenkirchner, Mr. McHugh, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Cordiak view games for mistakes. Mr. Paul LaSpina A graduate of Miami University, Mr. LaSpina joined the Central athletic depart¬ ment this year. As physical education instruc¬ tor, Mr. LaSpina’s job is to help develop Central’s youth into better citizens. He also assists in football, basketball, and is head track coach. Mr. LaSpina has already proven to be an asset to the athletic program. Mr. Joseph Westenkirchner A valuable member to Central’s coaching team, Mr. Westenkirch ner also joined the sports ranks this year. He attended Waite High School and was a member of the All- Ohio first team in 1943. He continued his football career at Notre Dame and San Fran¬ cisco University where he made the All-West Team two years straight. Mr. Westenkirchner is the assistant line coach at Central. Mr. Thomas McHugh A former graduate of Central and football star of Notre Dame University, Mr. McHugh came to Central as football coach in 1954. During his time here, through his great skill and leadership. Central’s teams have pro¬ gressed steadily. This year after he led the 1962-63 squad to an undisputed state cham¬ pionship position, the Associated Press named Mr. McHugh the Ohio High School “Coach of the Year.” Mr. Donald Lewis Under the direction of Mr. Lewis, Central was said to have one of the finest backfields ever produced in Ohio football competition. Mr. Lewis graduated from Woodward in 1951, then later entered Toledo University. There he played basketball for one year and base¬ ball for three years. Mr. James Cordiak Through the hard work and drive of Mr. Cordiak, Central’s line became the best coor¬ dinated defensive group of boys to hit the gridiron this season. Mr. Cordiak attended high school in Cleveland and continued his education at Bowling Green University. Foot¬ ball and basketball were always a dominant factor in his life and his experience has greatly helped the teams. Page 101 Fighting Irish” In Action Page 102 City, Sectional, District Champs J. Gilbert, Trn., J. Ingham, P. Thomas, T. Viertlboeck, D. Schick, B. J. Smith, D. Perzynski, M. Holmes, T. Weaver, P. Krasula, J. Ginter, D. Jasinski, T. Brown, Mgr. Kneeling: Coach Lewis, Coach Nichols. Coach Nichols Irisli Ride Roughshod — Post 21-2 Record Central’s victorious roundballers, rated 7th in Ohio in the final Associated Press poll, showed the mark of true Irishmen as they captured the title of City Champs for the second consecutive year. The Celts completed their cage schedule with 16 victories against a single defeat. In the Ohio High School Tournament the Irish proved successful as they advanced to the regional bracket and captured the district and sectional crowns. Central’s future also looks good in the world of basket¬ ball. Many underclassmen helped to make this year a great success. They have contributed many links to the great chain that is presently reigning as “City Champs” for the second straight year. Page 103 Jim Ingham Dan Schick Paul Thomas Tom Weaver Marty Holmes Dennis Perzynski ALL-CITY Page 104 Billy Joe Smith ALL-CITY Paul Krasula Tony Viertlboeck John Ginter Dennis Jasinski Page 105 Reserves Display Promise With Successful Season Row 1: D. Kahle, J. Marquis, B. Helvey, D. Zolciak, J. Rodgers. Row 2: T. Kaczmarak, M. Gyrko, Coach D. Lewis, B. Ragle, B. Babel. Row 3: J. Mahoney Mgr., J. McGurk, W. Wilmes, J. O’Neill, G. Kemp Mgr. Baby Irish’ Show Mark of True Men; Gain City Title Row 1: T. Jacobs, M. Murnen, J. Parker, T. Boardman, J Szychowski, M. Haley. Row 2: J. Kepus, S. Kryzminski, R. Clement, J. Kozlowski, D. Meilckarel. Row 3: T. McCarthy Mgr., G. Gerken, R. Ringlein, W. Partridge, R. LeGros. Page 106 Trn. J. Gilbert, B. Dressel, Trn. B. Soncrant, D. Venier, J. Mahoney, T. Brown. Cross-Countrv Team Captures City Championship First Row: J. Mazurowski, L. Wodarski, J. Wlodarz, B. Walczak, R. Buehrer, T. Smith. Second Row: T. Fall, B. Weaver, H. Rowland, L. Andi ' zejewski, K. Sturek, J. Zam, M. Gyurko, R. Treas. Central’s cross country team opened up the 1962-63 athletic season by winning the City Championship. The “Fighting Irish” distance team, under Coach Robert Nichols, went through the season unbeaten in dual meet competition. Senior runners Ken Sturek and Jerry Zam, pictured at the left, led the squad through its vigorous prac¬ tices and strenuous training schedule and were consistantly Central’s best in the two-mile run. Sturek was defeated only once in dual meets. The harriers finished second in the District tournament and 18th in the state meet. Zam and Sturek. Trainers and Managers Keej) Teams Going Page 107 Baseball Team Highlights Spring Sports Row 1: Mgr. T. Brown, T. Henzler, A. Sokolowski, J. Ginter, J. Liebherr, S. Carone, T. DeChristopher, M. Rabbitt, Mgr. J. Motley. Row 2: D. Screptock, J. Mullen, M. Holmes, T. Weaver, D. Schick, P. Hoag, T. Pawlecki, D. Zolciak, Mgr. G. Kemp. Irish Look Like Good Bets To Cop City Title Every year as the spring rains fall, the trees take shape, and the grass turns green. Central fields a pretty fair base¬ ball team. Pretty fair usually means city championship caliber for Central has reigned as City League Champs four out of the last five years. This season’s squad is no exception. Six lettermen return to make a very experienced outfit for 1963. Although balance is imminent, much will depend on the right arm of two-year letterman John Mullen. Mr. James Cordiak in his third year as baseball coach would like to make it 3-for-3 in city titles. And with a break in the weather, he will accomplish his desire for he has already shown his fine leadership and baseball knowledge. As the Centripetal goes to press, the Fighting Irish are perched alone on top of the City League standings with a mark of 5-0; their overall record stands unblemished in seven games. The season has already been highlighted by outstanding performances by J. Mullen with a masterful one-hitter over Scott and a great two-hitter over Woodward. Seniors John Ginter, Tom Pawlecki, and Marty Holmes have teamed with junior Dan Schick to lead the hitting attack. Irish ace John Mullen Page 108 Wrestlers Stay In Championship Form Grapplers Capture Third Straight City Championship Central again proved to the city that it has one of the best wrestling programs in the area by capturing its third consecutive City Championship, and by winning the District Tournament. The Irish, under Coach Piloseno, worked hard throughout the season at their strenuous practices which included hundreds of calis¬ thenics. They were rewarded by dropping only one match while remaining undefeated in City League competition for the second straight year. Mr. Piloseno’s men scored a record 114 points in their complete domina¬ tion of the District Tournament at Waite High. Central sent five representatives to the state tournament in Columbus. They were Rick Wagner, Dan Piloseno, Jr., Mike McGrath, Russ Schaffer, and Dave Reinbolt. Reinbolt finished third in his 145 pound class. At the banquet, Wagner and Reinbolt were honored as Most Valuable Players. Piloseno, right, in action against Waite. Row 1: J. Koenig, D. Screptock, R. Schaffer, W. Kazmierczak, D. Reinbolt, J. Scalzo, M. McGrath, R. Wagner, D. Piloseno, Jr., M. Essi, T. Duck, D. Keller. Row 2: R. Toeppe, B. DiSalle, G. Constanzo, W. Poznanski, J. Liebherr, J. Mazurowski, D. Lewandowski, L. Monti’ie, J. Okapal, J. Grossjean, D. Overberg, D. Wernert, D. Moline. Row 3: J. Plocek, R. Trease, T. Jazwiecki, T. Kalka, R. Gabel, D. Lis, M. Radecki, J. Falke, P. Bick, M. Amstutz, P. McCartney, E. Romito. Row 4: G. Mcllhargy, B. Arquett, J. Mizen, P. Misch, J. Door, W. Jenkins, J. Motley, D. Mundiviler, J. Breisacher, P. DiPaola, K. Hellrung, J. Keller. Row 5: Coach Dan Piloseno, J. Snyder, R. Kleparek, J. Rumschlag, D. Mulligan, J. Kolasinski, J. Amstutz, Managers L. Nestor, W. McCartney. Page 109 Liiiksters Prepare For Great Season Row 1: B. Matuszak, R. Matuszewski, D. Zavac, J. Sobczak. Row 2: K. Siwa, J. Daney, V. Krajewski, D. Nowak. Row 3: T. Morgenstern, Father Conrad, R. Sobczak. Once again Central has come up with another fine golf team. The squad, under the fine direction of Coach Father Conrad, is holding up the tradition, as Central has had many great golf teams in the past. Father Conrad is a good coach who sets forth a fine example to his boys as he shoots in the low 80’s. The Irish linksters will be fighting hard this season to wrap up a great sports program. Senior Conf. 115: 1963 Intramural Champions Row 1: P. Bailey, D. Jasinski, B. Smith, J. Reeves, J. Thielen. Row 2: H. Puhl, R. Linker, R. Johnson. Led by varsity stars Dennis Jasinski and Billy Joe Smith, Conference Room 115 cap¬ tured the Boy’s Intramural championship. The seniors, under Sister Marie Celine, cli¬ maxed their quest for the title by ripping the sophomore boys of Room 222, 49-41. Jasinski was high scorer of the tournament in pouring through 15.2 points per game. Smith showed his All-City ability as he grabbed over 60 rebounds in the five games. This year’s tour¬ nament was one of the most successful in years and was directed by Mr. Cordiak. Page 110 Nationals Top; P. Pawlecki, J. Borowski, R. Kubacki. Bottom: J. Daney, B. Matuszak. Nationals Roll On To City Cliainpionslii[ Americans Top: J. Rodgers, C. Staszak. Bottom: V. Girardi. Chessmen Battle To Area Title The Chessmen, under the direction of Father Jude Roch- ford O.F.M. Conv., highlighted an undefeated season by out- thinking Ottawa Hills for the Greater Toledo Area Chess Championship. The team, well known for its power and scoring balance, was considered by all as the “scourge” of the league. The team composed of four seniors and two underclassmen was long on experience which was gained by constant practice throughout the summer, and early fall. The “Men” showed in competition that they pos¬ sessed the intangible qualities of all true champions; desire and devotion. Left to right: D. Swierczek, K. Stein, L. Churski, B. Beckham, K. Martis, R. Rutkowski. Page 111 Trackmen Have Best Season In Years Row 1: Mgr. J. Mahoney, D. Gurecki, P. Saelzer, R. Linker, R. Seymour, J. Ginter, R. Miller, J. Zam, J. Flynn. Row 2: Coach P. LaSpina, J. Amstutz, R. Brazeau, T. Buetler, M. McGrath, J. Cheney, K. Sturek, D. Jaspar, L. Andrejewski. M. Gyurko, Mgr. R. Saelzler. Coaeli Dever Gives Tennis Team New Look Row 1: S. Werner, J. Lewandowski, J. O’Neill, J. Spurior, J. Gilbert, D. Jazwiecki. Row 2: R. Zeman, K. Stein, J. Killy, P. Hunter, R. Juhasz, J. Lebay. Page 112 Varsity Cheerleaders Lead Student Body... Top: Pat Kepus, Carol Bick, Mary Ann Boza, Kathy Curley. Bottom: Carol Reiter, Joan McDonald, Anne Marie Kwiatkowski, Sue Pountney. Lightweights Keep Up Uiiderelass Spirit... Judy Wasielewski, Jackie Glinka, Sue Dombrowski, Shirley Lewandowski, Kathy Sobczak. Page 113 G. A. L. Central’s Feiiiiiiiiie Athletic Organization Officers: Row 2—K. Wojda, C. Slomkowski, M. Girardi. Officers: Row 1—J. Hosley, P. Dever, K. Smolinski. Established at Central in 1930, the Girls’ Athletic League has completed its thirty- third year as an athletic organization. Acti¬ vities of the year were under the supervision of Miss Betty McGrath, Miss Frances Krompak, and the leadership of the officers. To promote and develop leadership, sportsmanship, athletic ability, and to present an extensive physical and health program to its members are the purposes of this organi¬ zation. The G.A.L. lists bowling, horseback¬ riding, roasts, picnics, and splash parties on its activity roster. Membership is open to all girls at Central. At the completion of the school year an athletic banquet is sponsored by the G.A.L. At this event, letters, chevrons, pins, brace¬ lets, and trophies are awarded to members who have earned sufficient points. The girl designated Most Deserving is awarded the All-Around Trophy. Miss McGrath and Miss Krompak, besides directing the G.A.L. are instructors for all girls’ gym classes. Basketball, volleyball, shuffieboard and hit-pin baseball are included in the physical education classes. Page 114 P. Batey, C. Klein, N. Heil, M. Wilhelm, Miss McGrath, G. Rutkowski, C. Lehmann, C. O’Rourke, P. Lane. Row 2: B. Wojtowicz, P. Walindzinski, J. Glinka, J. Cuttaia, J. Berning. Row 1: K. Kozlowski, S. Zalenski, D. Landrey, P. Mansor. Page 115 Band On Parade Nirschl and company lead Santa into town. Central’s Danein’ Irish In Aetion K. Kerscher, C. Jutkowski, E. Moroski, P. Szenderski, N. Swemba, C. Niewiadomski, M. Thomas, P. Makulinski. Page 116 P. Driscoll and F. Testa open a Student Council meeting to discuss the cultural aspe -t of the school. Organizations Page 117 Student Council The Student Council, the official voice of the student body, consists of three branches of government, the legislative, the executive, and the judicial. The legislative includes the student senate and class councils, the exe¬ cutive—the commissioners, and the judicial— the student court. The four Student Council officers are aided in the fulfillment of their duties by the com¬ missioners, class officers, the senators of each class, and conference room representatives. Som.e of the activities sponsored by the Student Council, under the direction of Sister Louann, S.N.D. and Mr. Dever, are the Polio Drive, Car-O-Sell, the Talent Assembly, the Food and Toy Drive, and Santa’s Post office. Central was selected to work on the Give- Away Committee for the Ohio Association of Student Council’s annual convention which was held at Whitmer High School during April. Commissioners: Top—T. DeChristopher, J. Kwiatkowski, J. LeGros, J. Hayes, H. Puhl, J. Csomos, D. Bolbach. Middle—M. Mizen, L. Domanowski, A. Valencia, R. Schrein, S. Sheperd. Bottom—D. Mioduszewski, L. Holt, K. Caroots, S. Skiver, M. Poes. Senators: Standing—R. Hayward, D. Lis, K. Marciniak, R. Kaifas. Seated—S. Schiffer, M. Robakowski, T. Michalski, N. Heil. Page 118 P. Driscoll, president; F. Testa, secretary; L. Fox, treasurer; D. Perkins, vice-president. Page 119 Co-edilor Marilyn Mizen The Centripetal The sixth period Journalism class became the center of activity for those students plan¬ ning the yearbook. The color and design of the cover and the theme and dedication of this year’s book were just a few of the deci¬ sions this group had to make. New ideas for the sections took shape after the students had been divided into their various groups, and write-ups for the classes, sports and organizations were written. Then the typists, copy readers and proof readers went to work typing and editing copy for the printer. 1. Organization editors, J. Joyce, J. Weber, M. Key, D. Cialkoszewski, T. Andrejewski. 2. Sports editors; business and ad managers, J. Ingham, J. Wodarski, R. Rutkowski, T. Suchala, E. Henzler, D. Dowling. Page 120 Co-editor 1963 As copy turned into type, and type, plus cuts, became pages for the yearbook, the editorial staff was kept busy proof reading the galleys as they arrived from the printer. In the meantime the business staff planned the subscription drive for the student body, checked paid and unpaid ads, and set up the patron, senior register and ad sections of the book. Finally a date was set for distribution so that the entire school could enjoy the year¬ book of this Wonderful Year 1963. John Csomos 1. Underclass and senior editors, S. Rozek, K. Henisse, M. Delp, D. Hudick, A. Werner, M. Boza, S. Harris, D. Brancheau, D. Kreiger, K. Caroots. 2. Associate editors, B. Glowski, J. McDonald, G. Baksa, M. Smieszny, P. Morgan. Page 121 The Centric Co-editor Co-editor Susan Michalak Richard Hayward News! News! News! This is the word most used by the students of the second and third period journalism classes, who publish the bi-weekly newspaper called the Centric. News from every corner of the school can be found in each issue. The classes are divided into first, second, Second period proof reading galleys for their issue. Page 122 Third period journalism trying to impress the cameraman with their studious preparation of their issue of the Centric. third and fourth page editors, staff writers, business staffs, proof readers and typists. The students are taught the fundamentals of journalism and they study the professional ethics of a journalist. The classes alternate in editing the fourteen issues of the paper. At the Senior Breakfast gold and silver monograms are given to those who have done outstanding work. Every year the junior class is given a chance to become editors of the Centric by publishing the Easter edition. Page 123 Math Club The Math Club consists of junior and senior math stu¬ dents. Every two weeks, under the guidance of Sister Mary Teresita, O. S. F., the club meets to study those phases of math which are not covered in the classroom. At meetings, members rotate, each taking over the meeting for that week. This provides variety and keeps all active. Besides the interesting meetings, the members also have outside activities. Club members take part in various math contests sponsored throughout the year. B. Glowski, S. Bond, J. Lewandowski, D. Skrzyniecki, P. Orosz. YCS At Central, the aim of the YCS is to serve, in the persons of one’s fellow students, the needs of Christ. YCS mem¬ bers, at the cost of personal effort and sacrifice, endeavor to promote whatever will effect a happier and successful student life. Under the direction of Father Thomas Redding, this organization sponsored the annual ‘Retreat Pamphlet Library Service’ and partici¬ pated in the national and regional study weeks spon¬ sored by the YCS. JCWA The Junior Council on World Affairs, which this year has about 140 registered mem¬ bers meeting under the direc¬ tion of Sister Mary of Mercy, R.S.M., promotes interest in history and world affairs. Besides sponsoring the an¬ nual trip to Washington, D. C. and New York City for the senior members, the council also takes part in a Quiz Bowl in which the J.C.W.A. of vari¬ ous high schools in and around Toledo participate. A. Smith, P. Warchol, B. Nowicki, M. Zimkowski. Seated: S. Schings. Standing: A. Valencic, R. Bass, D. Dowling, D. Mioduszewski. Page 124 Camera Club Knowledge of the camera is the basic function or prin¬ ciple of the Camera Club. Under the direction of Sister Mary Lucilla, R. S. M., the members learn the latest ideas in developing and processing. Much work is done in this class for entrance in the photo¬ graphic contests. Besides these activities, the club conducts an annual field trip which gives all the shut- terbugs a chance to test their skill as photographers as well as processors. M. Poes, J. Pluto, J. Kwiatkowski, F. Kiss. Radio Club The Central Catholic Ham Club, now in its eleventh year of existence, is helping mem¬ bers to secure amateur licenses by providing courses in code and theory. Members also learn how to build their own equipment. Its 20 members, through station W8QVJ, lo¬ cated in the basement of the Music Building, have con¬ tacted “hams” in distant parts of the country. The club is under the direction of Sr. M. Teresita, O.S.F. W. Kerscher, R. Homier, D. Kolodziesczyk, D. Brack. Neptune Divers The Neptune Divers Club is the only high school skin- diving club in the area. The club participates in aquatic activities and has for its aim the mutual enjoyment of skin- diving, the promotion of pub¬ lic education and interest in skin-diving, and interest in aquatic safety and conserva¬ tion of aquatic resources. R. Zeman, D. Skrzyniecki, C. Trabbic, D. Agosti Page 125 St. John Berchiiiaiis Society Under the guidance of Sister Mary Louis, S.N.D., the mem¬ bers have an opportunity to serve daily Mass in the school chapel, lead the stations dur¬ ing Lent, participate in the annual retreat, the May Con¬ vocation, and the Senior Day of Recollection. This organization, founded in 1936, has as its primary aim, the fostering of religious voca¬ tions among its members. Seated: A. Weber, J. Gilbert. Standing: M. Bellas, M. Holmes, G. Ferguson. J. Stevens, J. LeGros, F. Testa, J. Wakelin, S. Eckhart. Eucharistic Marian The Eucharistic Marian committee aims to unite the students of all the conference rooms in giving honor to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and His Blessed Mother. Students are privileged to assist at a public Holy Hour in the Chapel every First Friday of the month. Special devotions to Our Blessed Mother are encour¬ aged for Marian feasts and during the months of May and October. The crowning of Mary during the month of May is the special privilege of two Eucharistic Marian mem¬ bers, and gives all the students an opportunity to honor Mary publicly. Page 126 C. S. M. C. Under the guidance of Sister Mary Charlotte, SND, the Catholic Student Mission Cru¬ sade meets monthly to pro- m.ote mission activities. By the annual sale of Christmas cards and wrappings, money is raised for the missions. The organization also sponsors the Bishop’s Relief Fund and the collection of Catholic litera¬ ture for the mission field. Many students at Central also participate in the National Mission Convention held every year in August at Notre Dame University, South Bend, Indiana. Seated; L. Kotlewski, C. Lehmann. Standing: J. Topolski, E. Matuzek, G. Grosschedl, J. Nirschl, T. Zimmerman. Girls’ C. A. A. Career opportunities avail¬ able to an art student and accurate information concern¬ ing these opportunities are important matters to the members of the Catholic Art Apostolate. Under the direc¬ tion of Sister Mary Joanne, S.N.D., the members strive to apply their knowledge of art to glorify God in their future lives. In February, Mr. William F. Whitsett, director of the Cooper School of Art, Cleve¬ land, spoke on art careers and demonstrated oil painting. Kneeling: M. Widmer, G. Mazuchowski, M. Mizen. Standing: M. Lebowsky, J. Hosley. Page 127 Boys’ C. A. A. The members of the boys’ Catholic Art Apostolate, since its beginning at Central in 1950, have had as their pur¬ pose the raising of the stan¬ dards of art appreciation and the revival of true Christian art. The boys’ section alter¬ nates monthly with the girls’ in changing the C.A.A. bulle¬ tin board in the main corridor. Meetings are held monthly, under the direction of Sister Mary Lucilla, R.S.M., to help the boys’ art students achieve their goal. J. Kwiatkowski, G. Michaels, J. Ross, L. Churski. L. Domanowski, V. Partridge, K. Daly. A. A. G. These girls of the A. A. G. are block printing the faculty Christmas cards for next year, one of their annual projects. The club consists of girls of the second, third, and fourth year art classes, under the direction of Sister Mary Joanne, S.N.D. Some of the other activities the girls have undertaken this year are posters for the C.A.A. bulletin board in the main lobby, a mosaic mono¬ gram for the Notre Dame con¬ vent at Birckhead, and the painting of the display case outside room 205. St. Hilda Guild Members of the St. Hilda Guild, under the direction of Sister Mary Joanne, which is composed of the four girls’ art classes, are responsible for the daily care of Christ the King Chapel. Extra duties include the preparation of the chapel for the devotions on the First Fridays of each month and care of the altar in the gym during the retreat. At Christ¬ mas time each year the dues of the club are used to obtain useful gifts for the chapel, such as the new altar cards purchased this year. M. Romstadt, G. Lopinski, V. Partridge, L. Domanowski. Page 128 Future Nurses of America To acquaint themselves with the various careers of¬ fered in nursing and the duties demanded of nurses, the Fu¬ ture Nurses of America, under the direction of Sister Mary Ambrose, R.S.M., participated in such activities as a tour of Saint Charles Hospital and lectures given by various dis¬ trict nurses. Throughout the year they also attend movies which portray life in the nursing fields. M. Refermat, J. Michalak, P. Horgan, S. Komasinski. Future Teachers of America Research into the various fields of special education, such as teaching the blind and the deaf, was the project for current members of the F.T.A. Their schedule included visits from guest speakers. Miss Susan Cassady, teacher for mentally retarded at Larc Lane and Miss Ruth Maier, traveling teacher in the spe¬ cial education department, ex¬ plained their special work to the club. In addition, excellent movies were provided to give a better understanding of the various aspects of the special types of education. C. Chechak, C. Walker, M. Dixon, A. Poznanski. F. S. W. A. The Future Social Workers, established in 1960—is under the direction of Sister Mary Ambrose, R.S.M. Its member¬ ship is confined to juniors and seniors. The activities for this year included a tour of St. An¬ thony’s Villa, The Catholic Charities, and St. Vincent’s School of Nursing. Interesting professional So¬ cial Workers have spoken to the group at several meetings during the school year, thus acquainting members with the career they might intend to pursue after graduation. V. Howell, J. Lengel, P. Bauerschmidt, P. Bady. Page 129 Chemistry Club Open to all students of the chemistry classes, under the direction of Sister Mary Florian, O.S.F., this club meets once a month and discusses the phases of chemistry not stud¬ ied in the classroom. Demon¬ strations are provided by the students, along with reports of what has been accomp¬ lished. During the year field trips were taken to chemical places of interest. Members also participated in the Toledo and Bowling Green Science Days. G. Placucci, D. Skrzyniecki, W. Kerscher, C. Barut, J. Konopka. Biology Club A deeper understanding of the functions of science, found in daily living, is the main ob¬ jective of the Biology Club. At meetings, the members have a chance to discuss construc¬ tions of plant and animal life, topics not normally discussed in class. As in previous years, this year’s members, also partici¬ pated in the annual Science Fair at the University of To¬ ledo. Those students with bet¬ ter projects, then proceeded for state competition at Bowl¬ ing Green. S. Kozak, D. Lardinais, J. Minor, M. Ignasiak. Library Club Arranging attractive dis¬ plays, checking magazines, and replacing books, are just a few of the tasks performed by members of the Library Club. Working in the library during their study periods, the girls promote good read¬ ing throughout the school. Through their eye-catching displays, they make it easier for the student to find inter¬ esting and informative read¬ ing material. Standing: K. Seidl, M. Hulett, P. Baranek, S. Case. Seated: J. Fleitz. Page 130 Spanish Chib A study of typical native costumes, songs, dances, and fiestas enliven the Spanish Club under the direction of Sister Marie de Lourdes, O.S.U. Oral reports on Latin American countries, their art and literature, provide a valu¬ able cultural background for the Spanish students. The principal activity of the club is the publication of a Spanish newspaper called “La Carla Espanola.” This paper has been published on special occasions for three years. C. Jacobs, T. Brown, M. Salinas, A. Olejownik, J. Koch. P. Marshall, J. Riker, K. Calkins, A. Czerniawski. French Club Seen here, are some mem¬ bers of the French Club, view¬ ing a copy of a French paint¬ ing. Their interest in French culture was aided this year by the appearance of the Ver¬ sailles Exhibit at the Art Museum. Besides reports, talks and slides, another attraction this year, through the help of the club’s moderator. Sister Mary Caroleen, S.N.D., was the acquisition of French pen pals for many of the members. These pen pals carry the study of France outside the class¬ room, literally into a French home. Latin Club Central’s Latin Club is organized as a special Chapter of the Junior Classical League, a National Organiza¬ tion whose purpose is to study the civilization of Greece and Rome in order to understand and appraise the world of today, which is indebted to ancient civilization in its gov¬ ernment, laws, literature, lan¬ guage and arts. The members attend area meetings held at other high schools in and about Toledo. They also attend the State Convention in Columbus. Locally they sponsor a slave auction and celebrate the Saturnalia, “semi-Roman” fashion. R. Harley, C. Walker, C. Niewiadomski, K. Shafer. Page 131 Story It’s a late summer afternoon at Larue Towers, where Mrs. Howard V. Larue III (Mary Sue Poes) is entertaining her old school-mates Evva (Barbara Toezynski), Maude (Patricia Lozny), and Grace Lewis (Sue Beaber). She is abruptly interrupted by a phone call from her son Howay (Charles Zurawski), who says that the boy living at Larue Towers is not he but a stick. This immediately throws the household staff, Carrie (Sharon Hudick), Sybil (Linda Domanowski), and Nelson (Paul Orosz) into utter confusion. Later in the day, Mrs. Larue has her run- in with Chef (Laird Goulding) and Virgil ' Mrs. McThing’ Presented by the Senior Cl ass November 23, 24, 25 Shantyland Pool Hall and Lunchroom, was the scene of this year’s Senior Play, presented on November 23, 24, and 25, in Central’s auditorium. “Mrs. McThing,” writ¬ ten by Mary Chase, was directed by Mrs. R. Weiher and produced under the student co¬ chairmanship of Thea Schumacher and Daniel O’Shea. (Bernard Traver), characters at the pool hall where her son is supposed to be living. She finds out that her real son has joined Poison Eddie’s (Dennis Agosti) gang, and is now a member along with Dirty Joe (Dario Insenga) and Stinker (Tom Andrzejewski). She then meets Mrs. Schellenbach (Marilyn Mizen) who comes in to check on her son Poison Eddie. Mrs. McThing (Carol Reiter) then turns Mrs. Larue into a stick. Mimi (Mary Venia) comes up with a plan to eliminate the sticks. When the plan works, Mimi is left by her mother, the beautiful Mrs. McThing (Lynn Seibenick), to play with Howay. Page 132 1. “It’s a farm train.” 2. “Edward Arthur Schellenbach!” 3. “Oh mother, don’t leave me!” 4. “Now don’t panic!” 5. All right! Stick ’em up, you guys!” 6. “There was a spot of egg yolk on her collar!” 7. “Ah, shut up!” Page 133 Music Depart 111 eiit Central’s Music Department, under the direction of Mr. J. V. DePrisco and Mr. Donald Noble and Sister Mary John, gives students an opportunity to develop their talents. It also provides them with many varied musical activities such as the Marching Band, Orches¬ tra, Glee Club and Girls’ Chorus, and full credit courses such as Music Appreciation and Harmony. Mr. Gerald V. DePrisco, music director. Band Members Display Awards J. Nirschl, D. Cialkoszewski, S. Sheperd, D. Insenga. Four band members received recognition for their achievements: Joseph Nirschl. drum major award; Donald Cialkoszewski, band achievement trophy; Scott Sheperd, John Philip Sousa award; Dario Insenga, band achievement trophy. Page 134 Drums: D. Insenga, S. Wichowski, P. Brzozka. Reeds: D. Connors, D. Welch, C. Sychowski, J. Poplar, J. Raether, A. Bush. Violins: P. Rafferty, M. Powers, J. Koenig, R. Florkowski, T. Myers, R. Popelik. Brass: W. Pawlowicz, R. Zunkiewicz, R. Mioduszewski, D. Cialkoszewski, E. Kujawa, D. Gould. String Bass: J. Spurrier, J. Oleksiak. Orchestra Students belonging to the orchestra are given, through this organization, the oppor¬ tunity to develop their musical ability and thereby entertain others with their various programs. This organization has combined its talents entertaining at various assemblies throughout the year and at the annual Senior Play, “Mrs. McThing.” Besides playing at “Parents’ Night’’, their orchestrations for “Guys and Dolls” helped to make this year’s operetta a big success. Page 135 Reeds and Flutes: Row 2: B. Basso, S. VanAlst, S. Klein, G. Grosschedl, J. Ragther. Row 1: C. Corcoran, J. Lynch, S. Bush, M. Barrett, B. Johnson. Sax: Row 2: B. Mattes, R. Rutkowski, D. Connors, J. Klear, R. Samson. Row 1: J. Czyzewski, J. Susor, N. Jagielski, J. Hogan. Trombones: Row 3: L. Nester, J. Nirschl, R. Jesionowski, J. Szkudlarek, R. Toth. Row 2: T. Pantoja, D. Gould, R. Harley, R. Harley. Row 1: R. Nicholas, E. Kujawa, D. Kendrick, P. McCartney, S. Sheperd. Horns: J. Kruger, M. Dusha, G. Gerken, D. Cialkoszewski. J. Lewandowski, C. Pawlecki, M. Kendrick. Drum Major: J. Nirschl. Reeds Saxaplioiies Trombones Horns Page 136 Tubas: J. Spurrier, D. Kolodziejczyk, M. Buczek, W. Jankowski, D. Pawlicki, L. Ball, C. Blanchong. Trumpets: Row 3: D. Lis, D. Mielcarek, E. Samsel, T. Jarczynski, R. Lauer. Row 2: L. Langenderfer, K. Kipker, R. Mioduszewski, R. Gratcl, J. Kasprzak. Row 1: K. Kendrick, P. Raczkowski, W. Pawlowicz,J. Miller, T. Jasprzak, R. Zunkiewicz. Clarinets: Row 3: P. Wcislek, D. VanAlst, P. Coleman, C. LaBay, J. Killy, D. Welch. Row 2: M. Crynan, J. Weber, P. Misch, R. Chechak, C. Szychowski, J. Opre. Row 1: R. Tscherne, M. Helmier, J. Poplar, M. Krakau, J. Jakab, J. Lewandowski, P. Dunn. Percussion: Row 2: D. Modlinski, J. O’Neill, M. Rzadecki, T. Rawski, B. Rataczak. Row 1: D. Insenga, M. Rozek, R. Carlson, D. Wilczynski. K. Sturek. Page 137 Row 1; D. Muszynski, M. Watson, M. Robakowski, S. Borgess, R. Croak, B. Prusakiewicz, P. Makulinski. Row 2: C. Niewiadomski, J. Meyer, A. Cyranowski, V. VanDorn, S. Kordowski, E. Matuszek. Row 3: M. Poes, P. Albrecht, S. Michalak, C. Rutkowski, S. Blayz, M. Michaels. Glee Club December 5—Football Banquet (West Side Story) December 17—St. Hedwig December 18—Tour: Cardinal Stritch, Rosary Cathedral, St. Agnes, St. Hyacinth, St. John. Row 1: T. Andrzejewski, R. Bass, P. Driscoll, L. Bissonnette, A. Martin, W. Your, B. DiSalle, T. Zimmerman. Row 2: G. Molnar, E. Francis, D. Perkins, J. Rymers, T. Cousino, R. Michalak, G. Reardon. Row 3: D. O ' Shea, J. Wilmes, P. Krasula, J. Mullen, L. Naumann, W. Sneider. Page 138 Row 1: K Row 2: M Row 3; K. Marciniak, C. Correll, T. Pantoja, H. Rowland, T. Sochocki, T. Blanchard, C. Cerrone. Goodnough, J. McCarty, S. Eckhart, D. Belkofer, J. Wozny, P. Orosz. Mockenstern, W. Falke, J. Klear, J. Wakelin, R. Rothert. Schedule December 19—Court House December 20—Lion’s Club March 14—St. Patrick of Heatherdowns April 25, 26, 27, 28—Musical Comedy, “GUYS DOLLS” Row 1: M. Hernandez, P. Thompson, P. Anello, A, Werner, M. Bellner, N. Swemba, J. Emmick. Row 2: F. Gorney, T. Myers, S. Komasinski, P. Galpal, E. Moroski, L. Joseph. Row 3: J. Blochowski, J. Jaros, A. Kwiatkowski, V. Howell, C. Staszak. Page 139 Guys Dolls’—1963 Musical But I promise you, it’s true, I’ll know Luck be a Lady with me Once again, the stage of the State Theater was the setting for Central’s annual musical production. This year, the combined efforts of the Glee Club and the Music Department, under the direction of Mrs. E. Weiher and Mr. G. DePrisco, produced the highly suc¬ cessful, “Guys and Dolls”, April 25-28. The story, set near Times Square, New York City, revolves around the efforts of Nathan Detroit in carrying on his floating crap game. There is no available place for the game, and so Nathan and his fellow- gamblers (Nicely-Nicely Johnson and Benny Southstreet) connive to raise the $1,000 needed to rent a garage. They are having difficulties finding a place for the game be¬ cause Officer Brannigan has been waging a strong battle against their gambling. Mean¬ while, more complications set in as Nathan’s fiancee. Miss Adelaide, a singer- at the Hot Spot, is getting restless from their fourteen year engagement and wants him to quit gambling, settle down, and marry her. Nathan moves into action by making a $1,000 wager with Sky Masterson, a noted gambler who is passing through town. Sky is talked into a bet that he can’t take any doll Nathan chooses, to San Juan. Nathan feels sure of victory when he chooses Miss Sarah Brown, the leader of the Save-A-Soul Mission near Broadway—an unlikely character for a date to San Juan. A happy ending prevails for all—the dice keep rolling. Sky is “rescued” by Sarah, and wedding bells ring for Nathan and Adelaide —and thus the curtain closes. Page 140 Row Row Row 1: l.“Where’s the crap game?” 2. “I just acquired 5,000 potatoes.” 3. “I tried the regular places.” 4. “Solid Gold Watches, $1.” 2: 1. Samba in San Juan. 2. “She thinks we’re married already.” 3. “Bacardi!” 3: 1. “Follow the fold.” 2. “Where did you want to eat, Howard Johnson’s?” 3. “My heart is heavy with sin.” Page 141 A. Queens All S. C. Candidate— Emma Babai ' csik Homecoming Queen and Court—A. Poznanski, E. Babarcsik, J. McDonald, J. Topoleski, M. Venia (absent when picture was taken). With the “Alumni and Friends of Central” looking on, Central’s 1963 Homecoming Queen, Angeline Poznanski, escorted by Clarence Fackle- man, was crowned by last year’s Queen Angela Halker, during the halftime celebration at the Central-Libbey game. Angie’s four attendants ' and their escorts were: Judy Topoleski and Joseph McCarty, Emma Babarcsik and Richard Hayward, Mary Venia and David Screptock, and Joan McDonald and Ronald Rutkowski. Emma Babarcsik was chosen by the senior class to represent Central at the Toledo Area Student Council Dance, “Enchanted is the Night,” held on February 2, at the Naval Armory. From all the local high schools represented, Emma was chosen to be a member of the queen’s court. The other senior girls who were on the ballot when the class voted were: Linda Domanowski, Elaine Moroski, Mary Sue Poes, Susan Schiffer, and Frances Testa. Page 142 r S. Schiffer, J. Ingham, P. Pastorek, J. Heil. I February 22 I This year the juniors brought the theme of the Mardi Gras to the annual Junior-Senior prom, “Creole Carnival,” held on February 22 at the Naval Armory. The work of the chair¬ men, Paul Pastorek and Janet Heil and their j co-workers, combined with Johnny Knorr’s j orchestra, provided an enjoyable and unfor- i I Junior-Senior Prom getable evening. The main highlight of the prom was the crowning of the queen and her court. This year the Queen was Janice Wiesolek and the members of her court were: Carol Bick, Gerelene Rollins, Marcine Hel- mier, and Sandra Komasinski. Creole Carnival’ Page 143 F. Testa and J. LeGros display the devotion jelt by all Central students. May Convocation Each year Central students show their deep devotion for our Lady through the annual May Convocation. This ceremony, sponsored by the Eucharistic-Marian Com¬ mittee, gives students their opportunity to publicly express their devotion to Mary, patroness of Central. Beginning with a pro¬ cession of the students from the school to the front campus, the coronation program in¬ cludes the recitation of the rosary, Marian hymns and a sermon. A special highlight of the program is the Glee Club’s presentation of the “Ave Maria.” Like other queens, our Lady also has a court, the living rosary, formed by the St. John Berchmans Society and the Eucharistic-Marian Committee. This year, because of their outstanding work in the Eucharistic-Marian Club, Frances Testa and James LeGros were given the honor of placing the crown of flowers on the statue of Mary. Thus the students of Central climax their devotion to Mary, which is of great impor¬ tance to them, during May, our Lady’s month. Page 144 A. Valencic and W. Sherk donn caps and gowns in anticipation of graduation, June 9. Graduation Although a Centralite spends only one hundred and forty-four weeks at Central Catholic High School, these are possibly the most important weeks of his life. Herein his education lies, the key to his future. As graduation day bears down upon the Class of 1963, regrets are heard on its arrival, because installed in the graduate is an edu¬ cation that cannot be topped anywhere, traits of character that will, most probably, be with him the rest of his life, social events that have matured him, and sporting contests that have thrilled him. As each student takes the long walk down the Sports Arena aisle, June 9, history will be made for him. It will also be made for the school, for this is the first year that graduation will take place on a Sunday and in the afternoon. However, all indications show that more history should be made by the Class of 1963 because of the ability displayed. Page 145 Monsignor Harrington, Mr. Fischer inspect new faculty handbook. NOVEMBER 1. Color day 2. Teacher Appreciation Day 3. Senior class play— “Mrs. McThing” 4. Parent-teacher day 5. Football team rated No. 1 in Ohio DECEMBER 1. Monogram Assembly 2. Santa’s post office 3. Christmas vacation JANUARY 1. Semester exams 2. National Honor Society unit formed 3. Retreat Parents meet teacher annual open-house. Faculty honored at special assembly. Do You Recall... ? SEPTEMBER 1. School opens with 1,986 pupils 2. Band plays at half-time show in Detroit’s Tiger Stadium OCTOBER 1. Homecoming 2. Tag day dance 3. Cross country team wins city title Page 146 FEBRUARY 1. Junior-Senior prom— “Creole Carnival” 2. Junior essays 3. Chess team named City Champs 4. Wrestling Team wins City Championship MARCH 1. Talent Assembly 2. St. Patrick’s Day Assembly 3. Juniors receive rings 4. Basketball team climbs to regional meet APRIL 1. Senior-faculty game 2. Musical— “Guys and Dolls” 3. Two National Merit Scholarship Test finalists Seniors triumph over aggressive faculty. Twiomm’ ICBHnM. I , pfSlL 25 - 26 - 3 } ' - eNmaTHotii ismTe Posters promote Operetta. MAY JUNE 1. May convocation 1. Report cards 2. Senior day of recollection 2. Senior breakfast 3. NHS Induction 3. Graduation Or Remember At All? Page 147 Mrs. M. Lusher, Mrs. J. Wojciechowski, Mrs. L. O’Neill, Mrs. A. Lewandowski, Mrs. M. Bush, Mrs. E. Hanenkrath, Mrs. L. Nawrocki, Mrs. E. Murphy. Mr. F. Ellerbrock Head of Maintenance Maintenance: Mrs. V. Toczynski, Mr. F. Ellerbrock, Mr. L. Schafer, Mr. R. Ellerbrock, Mr. L. Nosker, Mr. L. Kean, Mr. E. Pawlinski. Mr. Packo Cafeteria Head Page 148 M r. John L. Harrington Martin Hernady R . Joseph Jaros Rev. Robert Kirtland Rev. John E. Lester Father Martin OSB, (James Dusseau, ’47) Rev. John A. McClure ’48 Rev. Donald Mueller Rev. H. M. Morrin Rev. A. Radecki Rev. Thomas A. Redding Rev. Omer Rethinger Rev. William L. Richter Rev. Michael Ricker Rt. Rev. A. J. Sawkins Very Rev. Jerome E. Schmit Rev. Raymond Sheperd Rev. Michael J. Walz Rev. Thomas Wehinger Parents and Friends A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend Mr. and Mrs. S. Andrzejewski Norb Babkiewicz Mr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Bady Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Baksa Nancy Ann Baksa Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H. Ball Mr. and Mrs. James Baranek Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Bialorucki Trudy and John B. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Bogue Mr. and Mrs. R. Bolbach Mr. and Mrs. Harry Boltz Mr. D r ra fey Mr. an Brenda an ack—- a ss o ’Gl Mrs. Mary J. Bressl r Mrs. Alfred " ' B eg i Mr. and Mrs. R ori udd Mrs. Jack BuescheK Mr. and Mrs. John Bhrkhar Mr. and Mrs. Harry Robert A. Burns Mrs. Stella Buzalski I. J. Calmes Camp Big Orange—69 Mr. and Mrs. John Cark Mr. and Mrs. Henry Case Wendell E. Catlin Realty and InsurarT Catholic War Veterans, Post 639 Central Catholic Marching and Concert-Ba: Central CHESS Club Boosters Central Class of ’56 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Chmielowicz Mr. Leonard Churski Mrs. Monica Churski Mr. and Mrs. Sebastion Ciaffaglione Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Cira Mr. and Mrs. Virgil E. Clark Mr. and Mrs. John D. Coleman James A. Condrin Correnne and Phil Jim Corbett Mr. and Mrs. Earl Cousino Jim Craze Barber Shop Mr. and Mrs. Edw. J. Crimmins, Sr. Margaret Cronin Mr. and Mrs. Norbert E. Cross Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Davies Mr. and Mrs. DeChristopher Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Demski James Demski Mr. and Mrs. John Demko, Sr. Kathy Dreyer Mrs. Martin F. Driscoll The Ehrbrights Mr. and Mrs. John J. Ehret Mr. and Mrs. Felix Ellerbrock Mr. and Mrs. Edward Erd Mary Ellen Evans Dr. Geza Farkas Fire Station 4-A Mr. and Mrs. I. A. Fleitz Mr. and Mrs. Edward Forgette, Sr. Judge Robert V. Franklin, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Frederick Page 149 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gailliot Joseph F. Gajdostik Tom Gardner Mr. John M. Garn Mr. and Mrs. Ray Gedert - Mr. and Mrs. Jack Gilberts Mary Jane Gill Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Gilley | Michael Gilley Glenn and Kate Ginter Mr. and Mrs. John R. Glowski Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Gogol Mr. and Mrs. Andrew B. Grossc Mr. Edwin Gruszczynski Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Gruszczynski Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Gruszczynski Mr. Andrew Gurecky Don Gurecky Haddad, Thomas and Thor Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Hague Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Ted Hahn Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hakeos Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Hayward Homer Hauham, Boys’ Club of Toledo Dick and Roy Harley Miss Hanna Hauser Richard Heim Mr. and Mrs. Benny Helmier Mr. and Mrs. P. Hernandez Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hoeflinger Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hofbauer Dr. and Mrs. A. F. Hoffman ’62 Mary Ann Hoffman - 1 0 Mr. and Mrs. L. Hojnacki v- Mrs. Elizabeth Hollo Harmon S. Holt Pat Horgan and Jim Miller Clarence R. Hulett Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jackson Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Jagel Mr. and Mrs. Ray Jankowski Mr. and Mrs. James Jaros Ben Jaskolski Mr. and Mrs. Sy Jazwiecki Mr. and Mrs. Louis Jechura Mr. and Mrs. J. Jendrzejewski Michael S. Jackson Sharon Jagel and Bob Crable Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jeko Mr. and Mrs. Walter Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Joyce Suzanne M. Joyce R. N. Committee lily PATRON Senior ' 7 K r me A. Juj ' ski ' Mrs. Lotti l Kahdziorsld ji IV s. S Kazimer - . and Mrs. Walter Kaffianieryak r. ' and Mrs. Ervin HT eller Mr. Herman KemvJi Mr. and Mra. jyank J. Kennedy Gei m pus . [F pus A nd Mrs. John Key I . J jiiii Mr. and Mrs. F ji nk Kiss A Miv nd Mrsjester Ko yljO parlvnej ’ 7 and Frank Kokocinski Kolebuck Kolibar teve Kovacs rs ajld Thomas S. Kovacs Ko b I Mrs. Joseph Krajewski Mr. and Mrs. B. Kremnec Barbara Krzy nowski Mr. and Mrs. Krzyzanowski Jerry and Elamd Kuchcinski Mr. and M£ C. Kuchcinski Blanche I nkel J Mr. ai cP Mrs. fWilf jd Lapdr Lang, Wilgus, ,G ciberg, I y and. en ' te iJNJr. ' ncL Mrs.i |Geoyge Lauer V aF ' M A ' nd MrsyAndrewLir MH and asra, ' ar Kwapick Loui Andre ' Lintrier Edward Lopins w Laymon zny Mi]( ' and Mr Mr. and vMi4 ' A.; Lm ' Josephp) ach4la p E. fj’ jiMahoney DfTThomas lx Maloney Tom Mangas Mr. an Mrs. Leo M. Adi Mx Varyd Mrs. Elias jyir. ari Mrs. Joseph l|(ifartis Mr. a ( Mrs. Ronald Mattlin ] Ir|i dhd Mrs. Joseph W. Matuszak w- and Mrs. Joseph Matuszewski r. James E. Mayer, D. D. S. B. McGrath and F. Krompak Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. McNally Mr. and Mrs. B. J. McLaughlin Mrs. Alice Mertes Page 150 PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Metz Max Michalak Mr. and Mrs. M. Mickolski Mr. M. P. Miklosek Amamda Miller Barbara Miller Mr. and Mrs. Casimer Miller Mr. and Mrs. Dale Miller Kathy and Connie Miller Sandra Miller and Ann Marshall Lupe Mireles Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Mizen Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Mocek Mr. and Mrs. Edward Modlinski Mr. Richard Mohr Mr. and Mrs. Bert Molnar Mrs. Bertha Molnar Dave and Bob Moore Mrs. Harold F. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Moroski Daniel R. Muenzer Amelia Nader Mr. and Mrs. Larry Naumann Howard and Pearl Navarre Dean Neumann Mr. and Mrs. Albert F. Nirschl Dan Nowicki Mr. and Mrs. John Nowowiejski Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Opalka Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Opre Paul, Eleanor and Julie O’Rourke Mr. and Mrs. Daniel O’Shea, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Paquette Bob and Mary Lynne Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Paulssen A. Pawlicki Mr. and Mrs. Cas Pawlecki Dave Pawlecki Mr. and Mrs. Walter Pawlecki Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Perkins Mr. and Mrs. E. Pettit Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Pfeiffer Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Piloseno Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Pinski Mr. and Mrs. G. Piotrowicz Mr. and Mrs. S. Piotrowski Egisto Placucci P.O.F.K.J.B.R.T.C.P.P.O.D.C.R.Z.D.A.J.O. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Poes Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Przeniezny Mr. and Mrs. Geo. M. Puhl Mr. and Mrs. A1 Pullella Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Quinn Mr. and Mrs. Earl C. Ransom Marian Rejent, M. D. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Resig Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Rothbaum Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rublaitus Edward G. Rutherford Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Rutkowski Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Rutter Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Sadowski Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Saelzler Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Schaub Richard V. Schneider, M. D. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard M. Scharf Ron Schrein and John Shine Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Seibenick Mrs. Karl Seis Dick Sexton ’34 Dr. and Mrs. R. E. Shaffer Shea Family Dr. John F. Sheehan Elsie E. Shine Carlton J. Siegel Tom Siegler Mr. and Mrs. Chet Simms Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Skiver Mr. and Mrs. A1 Sobb James J. Sobezak, Airman First Class Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sobezak Mrs. Pauline Soltysiak Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Smieszny Charles J. Smith St. Clement School St. Stephens’ Holy Name Society Mr. and Mrs. R. Stephenson Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sturek L. F. Sunderman Albert W. Susor Dr. and Mrs. T. J. Sutton Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Swemba Walter Swemba Mr. and Mrs. Ray Szelangowski Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Tafelski Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Testa Mr. and Mrs. John Toezynski, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Toezynski Tom, Tim, Jim, and Paul—Athletic Dept. Mr. and Mrs. John Tomaleski Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Topoleski Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Toth Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Turski, Sr. Marigene Valiquette Fred and Grace Van Rassen Harvey R. Venia Page 151 y , Mr Charlotte Fred 1Wagener Fairiily Tha4dMis N. Walinski Mr.-and I A. Qaijl ' WebeiJ a ;A- ' Mr. a :d M hn Wel r j ‘ ' Mrrv nd Mrs. Jam . lker 0 ' , Aand Mrs. . tt TWern a I Mr , gnd Mrjs. j onn WernimM;) lestgate Seryidfi Sta| H , U ' A.. Mr. .and MrS!] Jo o.L- ' 7 ' Ivm (T Wde (kek Wircz nskb- R. PH. ai;! ij Bi $ £e; Products, Advisors Mr.l andiMrs. C. Wyborski Richard Zak Mr. and Mrs. Michael Zales Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Zam Paul M. and Gerard A. Zam Mr. and Mrs. Floreon Zielinski Mr. and Mrs. Paul Zunkiewicz, Jr. Zychowicz Brothers Mr. and Mrs. Edward Zylka Business Friends Abel Body Shop Acme Pharmacy Al Chuck’s Sohio Al’s Finer Foods Al Fogel Insuranc Al’s Restaurant and akeryN Andros Drug’s Inc. Ansted-Daso Foods, Inc.p Austin Pharmacy A W Drive-In, Point il jfs ce B B Beverage Store, (Vrchard Broadw e " The Beauty Bar Bertling’s Antenna Service Beverly Downs Mobil Service “The B. G. Ramblers” Bob’s Barber Shop, 3233 Monroe Street Bob’s Grill, 431 St. Clair Street Carl H. Bohland—Cigars Buck Ike’s Cafe Cal’s Barber Shop Canary Cleaners Carone Bowling Sales Wendell E. Catlin, Realty and Insurance Champion Tuxedo Rentals Page 152 CDave’s Sunoco Service—Lagrange DiSalle Plating and Diecasting Co. Dolphin Paint Chemical Co. Don’s Barber Shop, Don, Bob, and Johnny J)ouglas Radio and T.V. Duffy’s Gulf Service IyI Tt)unbar Bros. Inc. 1 Durdel’s Earl’s Sohio Radiator Service Edgewater Furniture Edmund, Mabel Demski Greenhouse Jean Erd Shop Erie Drug, 4502 Lewis Avenue Fair’s Metal Finishing, Inc., Erie, Mich. The French Lawnsprinkling Co. For The Best It’s ‘Frisch’s’ Galies Marathon Service Gino’s Pizza Spaghetti Glass Bowl Lanes Glendale Pharmacy, Inc. J. R. Glynn Insurance Agency, Inc. Goon’s Pharmacy Gouttiere’s Bakery Gramza’s Friendly Service (Mobil) Great Lakes Distributors, Inc. Joe Grogan Motors Joe Grogan Motors, Inc. Haffelder’s Mayfc4t J ampton Drug Store ats etter Dr s, manuipttgs uss ajming, Inc. Corppiiments of Inky’s Italian Food Jv S Drug, 4851 Summit St. mpli!tg nts of Jersey Farm Dairy ll g? Sweet Shop ' Hats Jug’s Bowling Center Jump-A-Roo Kaczmarek Co., Brown Avondale Kirby Co. of Toledo Koehler Insurance Associates, Inc. Joe Lacziks Tuxedo Rental Everett and Hazel Landin Bob LeFevre, Dealer, Kirby Co. of Toledo Lynn’s Leo A. Maher Sons Insurance Co. Margaret’s Beauty Salon, Navarre Avenue Martin Jewelers Pete Manton’s Westland Lanes Maumee Lumber and Supply Co. Inc. RONS 25 Do Maxmejs, 145 Me lle F MeWin Me k Ba’ HospiMl Coo| s .Fod Mark odernrBarberl ho Kej{ayMP| armacy Dyers, ann fi ons, Im. ' Nolan nc.A Monroe, Mich. {_y (Mk Phjirmacy Y Ohio H mwarey Ohiq chigaiy eating Co. ce Ra pbation, 801-803 Detroit Ay Pauken ijwine Shop PepnKs ' izza Pe amal Service Barber Shop PiM s Sohio Service Primrose Cafe, 1380 Alexis Racinowski Florist Bob Ringlein, Dun Bradstreet S. Rockwell Oil Co., Temperance, Mich. Rohne’s Beauty Salon Romp Plumbing Heating Compliments of Ronnie’s Beauty Salon The Robert C. Rothert Agency « Sautter Employment Service j St. Thomas Aquinas Church Schaad Mobile Service Scott Park Hamburger Seaway Beverage Co. “Sexton’s Carry-Out” Bowlers Shea’s Furniture Shoreway Barbershop Silka’s Mens Boys Wear Snyder’s Sunoco Service Socorro Martinez-Taco-Village Restaurant Sodd Cleaners Inc. Stanley’s Market Stebbing Bible Sunset Fireworks Louis Tansel Sohio Service Taylor’s Bar, 828 W. Central Avenue Thomas Sohio Tom’s 1 Hr. Cleaners Tommy’s Take Out Variety Tony’s Confectionery, 2901 Elm Street Tscherne’s Grocery Tudico’s Mobil-Friendly Service Urbanski Hardware and Furniture Variety Sportsmen Club Vince’s Sweet Shop Mary A. Warning Florists Wayne Grid-Iron Grill Westwood Machine Products Westgate Gulf Service Center Whitehouse Creamery The Willard Garage Conference Rooms onferenc;g 119. Conference 120, Conference 122, Conference 126, Conference 128, Conference 202, Conference 204, Conference 208, Conference 217, Conference 219, Conferei ce 222, Confer ce 2 , on xAice 2m, f nhe 3( 6, Conference pjb8, Comerencp iConfe 310, ' ] ere ce__3147 Conferqhce 31 Cortf erehc Coherence 323, ' Conference 324, —T!onTerenoe3! Conference) 3t T Classes Senior Boys Junior Girls Freshman Girls Senior Boys Sophomore Girls Senior Boys Freshman Boys Senior Boys Sophomore Girls Senior Boys Sophomore Boys Sophomore Girls Senior Boys Freshman Girls Senior Girls Junior Girls Sophomore Girls Sophomore Boys Sophomore Boys Freshman Girls Freshman Boys Sophomore Girls Senior Girls Sophomore Girls Senior Girls rqshman Boys 1 0, Sophomore Boys eshman Boys vunior Boys Freshman Girfs r resnman ±5oys Senior Boys Cafeteria Study Hall—Tuesday Period 7 Centripetal Staff Biology Girls of Room 308 Boys’ Gym Classes—Period 8 Boys’ Study Hall 226, Period 4 Boy’s Study Friday, Cafeteria, 3 7 English Room 118, Period 3 Freshman Boys Room 214 Page 153 PATROm homore English, Mrs. Fox, Period 7 r G’s Follies—Period 5 ter Gerard’s Study Room 222—Period 6 udy Room 226—Period 7 Little Cafe—Period 3 “Taciturn” Teens of Two Twenty-Two Torrent Typists of 107, Period 6 Typing Whizzes” of 107, Period 7 C.Y.O.’s epherd C.Y.O. ' .O. of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Sacred Heart C.Y.O. St. Agnes C.Y.O. St. Catherine C.Y.O. St. Hyacinth C.Y.O. St. Vincent de Paul C.Y.O. Board of Trade Bldg. Member National Quality Award and Presidents’ Club Buying Insurance?? CALL THE AGENT YOU KNOW — EV 2-5338 Need Information About Insurance? Have Insurance Questions? Call Paul — EV 2-5338 He’s As Close As Your Phone 1 Togetdownto SRASS TRACKS Whether you are a commercial or academic student, the telephone company may have a spot that vnould suit you very nicely one that provides a good salary and excellent opportunities to get ahead. The point is. If you are a girl who is about to graduate, we would like to talk with you in our employment office OHIO BELL Page 154 D. J. MARLEAU CO. 3516 Detroit Ave. CH 4-4961 (X CONGRATULATIONS and WISHES " Gl Ed’s Barber Cjr0 0- JLo P LQ . . 0 . COLLEGIATE CAP GOWN COMPANY CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS Representative, P. D. Cook Ogontz Road NICKLES BAKERY Retail House-to-House Delivery Within 25 Miles 2698 Hill Ave. JE 6-2469 ' BOB JOE’S PURE SERVICE Motor Tune Up—Brake Service and General Repairing Starr and Dearborn Norge Laundry Cleaning Village 5038 Lewis Ave. Coin-Operated Laundry Dry Cleaning Save 75% On Your Dry Cleaning Bills Excellent Results Sweaters, Skirts, Sport Jackets, Slacks Page 155 ' A ' u A iable Pr scription Service 382-1434 BRIDAL AISLE (P dliu A’ 1 lUcttill V X " .iVi. 3230 Lagrange St. Toledo 8, Ohio Open Six Days A Week Monday, Wednesday and Friday till 9 P.M. OHIO HARDWARE 2929 LAGRANGE ST. tISH BROTHERS ' , )A SPORTING GOODS CO. Oi Jj P JS ' rr and E. Broadway “It pays to play” CH 6-8169 HARDWARE CO. " Starr and E. Broadway Same Location Since 1909 ALFONS STYLISTS 3227 Door At Secor Toledo JE 1-1071 By appointment only y Len Pacitti—Hair Stylist Mortgage Investors Corporation FIRST MORTGAGE LOANS OF ALL TYPES Residential—Commercial—Industrial Unlimited funds for Commercial and Industrial Loans secured by strong leases, or by good credit. " THE MURNENS” Ray A. Murnen, President 1314 Madison Ave. Toledo 2, Ohio 241-4163 62-63 Addrefs ' -1508|vance St. Webe jr f ' ' -j SENIOR REGISTER iV ame Augustyniak, Lorraine.. Aumiller, Jacquelyn_ Babarcsik, Er m _ .a -- tirger Bady, Patricil__ LI _. —.. — 745 Torontt Baksa, Gloria__1 Bon4 ' (lot. Baranek, Patricia _-227i erome Baron, Mar Ellen _ _ _320 Kimball Barut, Cl al. ..J- _ Jr P ' _ ttler Beaber, Sasir .—-_ |— .1jZL....A25 Way Beller, J nZ._jby-—-_ 38 Wilson Place Bellner, Mary-l.....dy __--—i.624 lEarl St. Bertling, _ J—Caswell Best, Sharoti._ __Blairmont Bettinger, Irene_ - ---I _- ' 1m 417 Rollins Rd. Bick, Carol_ ' _1263 Kepler Bogue, Nadine_619 E. Oakland Bouchard, Katherine_3902 Canada South Boza, Mary Anne_1017 Cribb St. Brahier, Barbara_322 Austin St. Brancheau, Diane_3710 Hazelhurst Brown, Karen Ann_3545 Dean Ave. Bucholz, Susan_ 1237 Yates Buescher, Iris_822 Yates Cahill, Carol_ _626 Tennyson! Caroots, Kathleen_A._3214 Maete, Case, Susan_ 2843 Coleman, Pamela_ Conlan, Carol_ “ Couturier, Sandra_ Cozy, Margaret_ Crimmins, Louise_- -r__Cali Curley, Katherine_- -3439vjeanette Danielak, Joan_ .x-39 ' l ’ ' o atson Delp, Margaret_D3606moiles Ave. Demko, Diane_E. We Dittman, Patricia_A._ _jX! . 1653 Mil Domanowski, Linda_-504 ConQft St. Dombrowski, Barbara__..-.. j A-3i3 C ge i ve. Domonoks, Shirley_i. l 2x)|pranbury Dreyer, Kathrine_ d —..2 3 llltfi’ Driscoll, Janice_ f. J ....3202 Keemont L If Q TfiC d uij I ' D u, e !- • ItiAiC c V-- ' , ARY MANSE Ehrbright, Susan__ J. _42021 2 Packard Emmick, Janice___1460 Pool St. Endricks, Christine__—.2254 Mayville PI. Erd, Lynn __1140 Champlain St. Fleitz, Jean -___....4525 N. Lockwood Flower, Nadine_ 231 Kasciusko Forche, Margaret_1254 Crestwood Forgette, Kathleen_934 Frederick Fortuna, Suzanne_1015 Clay Ave. Fowler, Judith_1317 Crestwood Friend, Patricia___2202 Fulton Gailliot, Mary__4244 Templar COLLEGE 6 I ( ) r Y0 6 The Diocesan College for Women Write the Dean 2413 Collingwood Blvd. CH 3-9241 LMAR SPORT SHOP Uniforms and supplies for all teams Trophies And Engraving Crown Prince Bowling Apparel Ebonite Bowling Balls and Bags Op n till 8:00 P.M. ‘ 2236 Wayne EV 5-3131 Body and Fender Work Frames and Axles Straightened Wheel Balancing and Alignment A1 Sobb Auto Service 2815 LAGRANGE STREET Phone CHerry 8-4275 OPEN DAY AND NIGHT W T t? fUy ro iO ' c f dSD AQO ) T s iOl St ' GK Y Page 157 r the tastiest treat in town! THE “ALL jj AMERICAN” For a tasty snack anytime . . . enjoy the goodness of a McDonald’s ALL AMERICAN! At McDonald’s you get fast, cheerful, courteous service . . . plenty of parking ... no tipping and the finest hamburgers . . . fries and shakes!. Try An All American Today . . . 100% PURE BEEF HAMBURGER GOLDEN FRENCH FRIES OLD-FASHIONED SHAKE took for the golden arches 47c McDonald ' s Four Convenient Locations nv ient JL Monroe St t at Aoli|urn " L key Road, near Miracle Mile Woodvip Road arNGr t E te Secor and Central } v; ly 3 " r r ' Congr tulatiio] Ifrom J i T i LOTSblV u An ' porfan Name’ln carbureti? , rsfhcel9tt u CLASS OF 1963 JOE GROGAN MOTORS Chrysler-Plymouth and Valiant Phillips and Haverhill Page 158 Thinking Of Remcnleling? We Are Completely Equipped To Remodel Your Home Quickly, Efficiently and Economically. PLANNING DEPARTMENT MATERIALS CONTRACTORS AND FINANCING w Baths ' ; • Attics, j • Add ions •.Dornie s Pf he j ♦J asements »V GALhiANT (k U • BER COAI X 1605 Jack 1913 Nebraska A nue 153 Oak Street LYNN’S RESTAURANT 4652 Lewis Avenue Banquets Four Private Dining Rooms GR 5-3463 V Peoples Market 107 Louisiana Avenue Perrysburg, Ohio Roy - Rich Mercurio Where Customers Send Their Friends ATTENTION JUNIORS SENIORS You Can Now Start A Most Profitable Life Time Career In Beauty Culture And Finish Your High School Studie Call or Write Miss Jewel Eckel TOLEDO ACADEMY OF BEAUTY CULTUR 331 St. Clair St. Toledo 4, Ohio CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF ’63 Mr. and Mrs. John Cialkoszewski W. T. GRANT Miracle Mile Congratulates The Class Of 1963 L Page 159 MSGR. O’CONNELL COUNCIL 386 Knights of Columbus 45 Jefferson Ave. V » . V . I t ' .V rr •• . jf ' ’ •«■ ' • • • r: t . • r v; ; Goodman Bakeries Iiie. BEST QUALITY BREAD 16 East Bancroft 2725 West Central 3416 Monroe 1500 Secor ROBERT F. LINDSAY REi TOR List and Buy With Gonfideftee 4628 kewis ,1 j y GR 4-9148 Marleau-Herciiles Fenee Residential and Industrial W ood—W ire—Iron—Rustic Manufacturers and Erectors MARLEAU—HERCULES Established 1889 r 3600 Detroit Ave. Toledo 12, Ohio CH 1-2242 ' o r Office E q u i | m e n t . . . Supplies • Furniture • Machines CH 1-1193 riksens 323 Erie St. Page 160 MaChere Hair Style Academy 1717 Jefferson Avenue Toledo 2, Ohio Phone CHerry 4-4651 A Complete School Of Cosmetology AMERICAN AND ITALIAN FOOD We cater to banquets, parties, and weddings up to 60 people Pizza, Spaghetti, Chops, Ravioli, Chicken, Steaks, Froglegs, Sea Food Open 7 Days Bring the family and enjoy the finest . . . Call for Carry-out VENEZIA INN Joe and Grace Davie, Owners 2243 Tremainsville GR 4-6877 PHILIPS STUDIO n . Specialists in 437 Superior St. C- ' emjo Booklets Toledo 4, Ohio CH 1-6489 7 Z- fyO ompHipents of HITE CHEW JJPT s Largesf CheVrplet Dealer” CH 1-3141 Page 161 1962-63 Ncrote y ' i Address Gajtewski, hnej el—__ 297 Majestic Dr. ,[ Giovan , k|saWu i.l -608 Oswald ' Glowsja B ar ...__jLi— -1931 Idaho St. , - yr -. NT -3413 Douglas . ' Orlll Leana- - ' ' -4 - 948 Alvison C sschedl, Georgette-3455 Seaman Rd., Oregon, O. )Srus 2 C 2 ynski, Delores-825 Parkside Blvd. Grus 2 C 2 ynski, Jean-1239 Hamilton St? Haile, Kathleen- yh ' .... 62 Ravine Park Harris, Sandra-3536 Bluff St. Haugh, Correnne- 1 J _ 704 N. Haven Healey, Mary , - M.. _1 2231 Woodford Healy, Barbara .- k --. ...545 Nicholas St. Henisse, KjatHleen__V _117th ' I nand ' ary- -_ 1 ( Airline Linda _ 1 _n... 2j0l4 Hfin? -eona- -.1 31 Booth y ve. Hoffgan, Patricia ______ 1355 Lawtk Ave. Horrigan,|G(ffleei _865 ol,burn St. Ho well, ria A _J 734 Bar y Hudick, Darlene. -..632 rvM eywood! Hudick, Sharofc 626 B win Huleto, Donnar . _ 156 Gould Hyde, Phyl| y4 ' .... — 737 .Woodstock Johnson, BarR Johnson, Lois Joyce, Joanne Jurski, Roslyn Jagel, ' Sl ron JankowW ,. Marcell; Jaros, Joanij e Jechura, Jeko, Barbara |09 " Wayne St. 2 Windehtere - .y ,30 E. Riven Rd. ise- - li .31 W. d land 36 J 1 Ha 2 elhurst 2Vn Fulton a plewooi dO Jwal 1 ' 6D £■ Justen, Susan_ X 4 _-h-_- _ 2823 Kac 2 marski, Elaine Kalinowski, Dolores Kepus, Patricia Key, Martha_ 1 3 1 R!» King, Jane 4620 Eastw I 558 Austlr ? 822 Prouty I., Perrystrorg, O. 3327 Goddard Rd. Kirian, Sharon-_WOlDWalnut Kolibar, Barbara- _ X. 83 ens Rd. Konc 2 al, Judith- A lIlM Ovef;land Konopka, Joyce_ AS 30 Koralewski, Janice_423l4 Kos 2 ycki, Dianne-808 Marmion Ko 2 y, Mary-2433 Berdan y ve. Kremnec, Joyce- 8 East Lake Krieger, Dianna- 2740 131st St. Kr 2 y 2 anowski, Barbara_3302 Mulberry Kujawa, Marlene- 1135 Parkside Kwapich, Annemarie_810 Gulley Rd., Holland, O. Page 162 Congratulations Class of 1963 WELSH-HOOD M Robe F. Welsh MOBILE 1520 Saum Detro 132-34 Summit St vjJaj The Studio of MmTK. mmeXin 2237 Colliiigwo Aven ic y Jerry 3 r- ' (T mous , or God Cow j1 virY)iCt K -.y levrpflfet Co. tree! .LJ. U p “Original Floral Creations” Glendale Flower Shop AND GREENHOUSES CORSAGES FOR EVERY OCCASION X 1-2445 2615 Glendale Ave. ■0 MEATS OF QUALITY G rambling Bros. Meat Market 502 Tecumseh Street Corner of Collingwood CH 1-8269 Toledo, Ohio Joseph Andrew Congratulations Class of ’63 ERIE DRUGS FREE DELIVERY 4502 LEWIS GR 2-4006 MADE IN U.S.A. o Wr l What a wonaerfiil Open World Have you noticed schools like this on your travels? Probably, because new buildings are springing up everywhere. They are beautiful and functional structures with large glass areas to create an “open-world” atmosphere to eliminate the feeling of being boxed in. THE QUALITY MARK TO LOOK FOR LiBBEY OWiNS FORD a, Gnedt Uv GloAd TOLEDO a, OHIO Wherever you live, work, shop or travel, you’ll find L O F Glass making it more enjoy¬ able. In homes, motels, schools and stores. In offices and fac¬ tories. In hospitals and church¬ es. In cars, buses, trains and planes. There’s an L-O F Glass that insulates windows. It’s called Thermopane® insulating glass. Another subdues sun heat and glare. L O F Glass that makes automobiles safer. L O F Glass to do a thousand things. And when anyone needs glass, there’s an authority on it nearby — your local indepen¬ dent L O F Glass Distributor or Dealer. His name is in the telephone book Yellow Pages under " Glass”. Call him. Laboratories, shops and studyrooms are separated from twin classroom buildings by a broad, central court, Ithaca Senior High School, Ithaca, N.Y. Architects: Perkins Will, White Plains, N.Y, Page 164 SENIOR REGISTER Name 1962-63 Address I Kwiatkowski, Christine_1972 Airline Avie,- Kwiatkowski, Joyce___1024 Park de Bkyi i I A- ' LaPlante, Joyce---559| PI. Landry, Monique_Fulton Lee, Kathleen_j..V__..1322 RoI as Lenahan, Kathleen_3821 A r tha Lewis, Patricia__510 Ple, aKt PL _ Lintner, Elaine_3226 eaumony Lopinski, Virginia_Ave. Lozny, Patricia.—__ {Ai26 astway Lutz, Kathryn---891 jColha j Maas, Donna_506 St. Machala, Eleanor— _106 Central Mack, Linda__ 910 Prospect Mansor, Patricia__—744 Dryden D6- Mazuchowski, Gloria_246 Palmer St, McDonald, Joan_409 Melrose Ave. McGreevy, Marilyn_3115 Cambridge McLaughlin, Nancy_5248 Rowland Measley, Judith_2750 Elm Meyer, Judith_ 6l4 Utah St. Michalak, Judith __916 E. Central Michalak, Susan_645 Sandralee Dr. Miller, Constance_4816 Burnham Miller, Nancy_804 Waybridge Mioduszewski, Diane_3401 Elm St. Mizen, Marilyn___ 1015 McDonald Moroski, Elaine_ 3402 Kirby Mrozinski, Carol_528 Bronson Munich, Louise_4816 290th St. Nalodka, Joanne_638 East Pearl Navarre, Diane_3905 Maxwell Nowak, Karen_2807 Chestnut Nowicki, Joann_4461 288th Nowicki, Lenore_219 Austin Nowowiejski, Mary ___715 Russell O’Connell, Ann_ 2263 Lawrence O ' Palka, Martha_3138 Cragmoor Ave. Parton, Judith_4350 Bellevista Partridge, Virginia_637 Polonia Court Patton, Kayrl_2423 Lawrence Paulssen, Lillian_618 South Hawley Pawlecki, Carolyn_107 E. Hudson Pfaff, Judith_ 5142 Talmadge Rd. Pluto, Marsha_402 Windermere Poes, Mary_2026 Caledonia Pountney, Mary Sue_ 631 Cloverdale Poznanski, Angeline_239 E. Central Przeniezny, Marcia___603 Woodstock Rae, Carol_1301 Camp St. Rahm, Mary_ 327 Islington P. J. KRANZ INSURANCE AGENCY Professional Independent Insurance Agents Carefully Planned Insurance Protection For Your Life— Income—Home—Car—Business 820 Security Bldg. 243-2217 HAUPERT APPLIANCE 1444 Sylvania Ave. (corner Westway) “We Feature the Complete Line of Frigidaire Appliances” GR 9-7379 Page 165 iJ lOyi l STER 1962-63 Address Reil Barb a |.._Lj ' _1626 Macomber St. Rej[jler, sN-ol_iy _308 Boston Place qhinsojjj Arl |e a_____2033 Berkshire Ger gne_2436 Robinwood dA Ruth-339 Raymer ui Judith_709 Ashwood t b atherine__322 Winthrop St. 1 Sharon___359 Kopernik Nancy___608 Woodstock Saam, Carolyn_3648 Brock Dr. Schaub, Lucy_917 Broer Ave. Schiffer, Susan_960 Forsythe Schings, Susan_342 Richardson Schlagheck, Geneviev_801 Orchard St. Schrein, Donna_5458 Ruth Ave. Schumacher, Theodora_1219 Berdan Seibenick, Joyce_2611 Robinwood Seidl, Karen_2205 Sylvania Seitz, Janice_3350 McGregor Seymour, Janet_5053 Tappan Simms, Marcia_1736 Berkshire Skiver, Susan-----—517 Shasta Slota, Mary-219 Kevin Place Smieszny, Marcia_4562 N. Haven Smith, Karen___920 Harding Dr. Smolenski, Jane..--908 Southover Rd. Sobczak, Christine_3162 Cottage Sobieralski, Antoinett_1214 Underwood Stephenson, Joyce_915 Peck Susor, Jannett-622 Navarre Ave. Szelangowski, Kathleen__3140 .Otto St. Szmania, Marcia.-_232 beaufort Testa ' ; France l .y!!_’_-_ Kelsey Thomas, MjchHe 1504 Indian Cj:ee» d., T iwerance, Mich. Toczyniki, Barbara_4 -Y-.3 J TwininarSt. Tomaleski, Lorraine__u_Lj rC_36i ' 0 Winde™ere Topoleski, Judith-- 324|C aumont t yalencic, Anna -.-- 3 0Oakmont St. Venia, Mary. -7—2 ' A ! -4l36 Lewis Ave. Ventresca oOfftL---_1932 Brame Vorderbri getl, Sharon.. -__1002 Broer Ave. Walsh, " Dianna-_-y-. ' l Haimpton Warchol, PatricMc T .-AM7 Franklin AVe. Watson, Mary- T-bJ --- x50 -1563 South Averv Wdowiak, Victoria__. -- 719 Weber, Judith__f Werner, Alice_ A-_9 Wernimont, Mary..--.C!:_921 Sherma i Westmeyer, Rita-702 Leonard Widmer, Marcia-735 Forsythe Wiesloek, Janice___4l W. Oakland Wilcox, Rosemary-2126 EvariscTale- SHOP AN’ SAVE . ' ' 1 - The Shield of Quality START’S DRUG STORES THE REXALL STORES OF WEST TOLEDO 1009 Sylvania cor. Martha 1659 Sylvania cor. Jackman 3330 Laskey at Secor COMPLIMENTS OF r CARL’S ’ ' Drive-In” CLEANERS 424 Oak St. OX 1-8252 Stoker Sa( s ervic Co. Toledo 2, Ohio Page 166 A W- . ' ' •mKyTt rd’i (miss casuaw ' 0 MISS CASUAL Miracle Mile Shopping Center Y Y u ' fT- A FRIEND n A ' ■ Weddings, Funerals, Anniversaries E. Z. FLORIST Flowers For All Occasions Ed and Helen Zglinski 2936 Lagrange St. Toledo 8, Ohio Office: RA 9-3110 Res.: RA 9-2893 GENE’sl fe 4935 Lewis Avenu Congratulations from BOB HODUR TIRE CO. Factory Distributors 4665 N. Detroit at Calif. Blvd. GR 4-9441 L YY ' i ' idELVIN DRUGS j J y Lagrange St. Prescriptions Our Specialty CH 4-3811 Toledo, Ohio ED. OROSZ MKT. 2126 Consaul St. OX 1-0662 HOMEMADE Fresh and Smoked Sausage and Bacon “We serve quality, not quantity” Page 167 r. ji 1 sy Method Driving School Learn in Safety f jo Drive Safely r.- ' f If y !. A ; ' ' V • I 5-1544 141 • S ' I tAmENTS L s sons Rental Accessories A Service A FAUST WHITE MUSIC CO. 613 Adams St., i; CH 1-3520 V Where Quality Counts k ' iff) .fof Jj S ' cki ail Lounges i y C m efiasAl ‘ Service Restauirants Pastry Shop s c )WNTOWN SUBURBAN Madison at Erie Westgate Shopping Center Nationally Known for Good Food Deluxe rotato Chi Company Leonard R. Garwacki COMPLIMENTS OF BLESSED SACRAMENT CYO 4= Roofing Co., Inc. u Roofing Sheet Metal Contractors 1715-25 Starr Avenue OX 1-5737 Toledo 5, Ohio Page 168 n Avenl 965 Forsythe SENIOR REGISTER Name Wilhelm, Mary_ Wisniewski, Barbara. ' Wojtowicz, Jacquelin i:_ Wyborski, Sharon_ __55 ij agley RdJ Yager, Diane_ j. _ 2520 Elgije Ave. 1962-63 Address __725 Ord%d, 4 Woo ;)k 17 3 Young, Patrici . Zales, Flame iXE- Zylka, Patricia Agosti, Dennis Andrzejewski, Tl iji is Hofstetter Rexall Drua f Secor and Alexis M ' H. F. Hofstetter ....J_1.2479 __-| 7 E. |y 3nhattan Bailey, Paul__ .A }iA5 Warren Ball, Leonard__ ....LI. _j__ _aol7 Montey Lane Bass, Richard__j:ri -i 3809 Homewood Basso, William__pMS Charlestown Bellas, Michael_ ...Lr .. _ IJ _ 1711 K ron Blanchong, Claude -4___ 511 L U lede Bolbach, Dennis___ A _4246 i rrison , Boltz, Dennis__-IJ Ashwood " ' Boudrie, James__534 ' F rango, Dr. Brubaker, Daniel__ __ l7L8 inal Budd, Michael_ 1. J_..V_ ._J| %i9 Rhode andrRd. Burnard, Joseph_V-. (fc5j fefvent Blvd| ylvania,, (3. Carl, Stuart_ . _2 48 Escott Carr, Robert _j __..1370 W.‘ Woodru Cassidy, _.;--37l4 Chmielowicz, _ _3 LI? Warsaw Churski, Lawre edl j Cialkoszes kl; JS nald Clark, MichVel_ Connor, JoAph Cooper, YhSm Cousino, Kei ‘- Creque, iN(ayAardj — Cross, Ricfi d Csomos, loh yi’ jy. j R. A. Lardinais _Baker _i-. .3255 Wichka _l ..„-6444 I sdr St. f 2736 hestnut L34 tjIynn Drive 911 Kpcham ,-.J -371 yieley 4-54 7 Blackstone j-.jnA ' b lellwood Ct. 14 ' DeChristopher, JTheodfoe l ' _ A.y. .. _105 7 Colburn Decker, Ralph L--j4--7- __4J43 Stannard. Demski, Jamqg.:_ _3 522 Victory Dr. Despault, Marcel__ .fL .__y...._5620. Adelaide DiSalle, Barry _ .m... . _Elmhurst Diaz, Viviano 1 -—Aj_ .jL.JfL.. _22 Mayvjjife Dowling, Davicjf.L.ijA.. __ 28 |Gii kel Driscoll, Perry .. _.....418 Bostoff PI. Durham, David_ j.Nd.. _ .. -J . .J. _h ..._ 110 Orchard Early, Robert t ' - A . _i irckhead Faber, Alfred---_ -3549 Schneider Fackelman, Clarence.:___122 Machen Farmer, Maurice_304 Hanover Ferguson, Gary— ---1432 Lakewood Flood, James--3223 Middlesex tf riold R ob Nachazel Cipriani SPAGHETTI PIZZA HOUSE Take-Out Orders 2428 York Open at 5 P.M. OX 1-1121 Page 169 » .u SENIOR REGISTER Name Francis, Edward ... Frederick, Joseph- 1962-63 Address -6l7( Mulberry St. Valentine vondale Avondale G ' awecki, Mark__ _ Asbury Gerlach, Thomas —-Georgetown Gilbert, James-- •- -..1767 Kensington Ginter, John- -V-. _ i-. Vermaas Gogol, Thomas- _ istark Stre Goodnough, Michae Gould, David Gould, Joseph ___ Goulding, Laird Gurecky, Donald Hahn, James_ L .. .YlJ.JB.y_,. ' ' _ 170 Hahn, Thomas_ 7 _ 170 Halloran, James-_ 413 Ider Ave. Halsey, Theodore-1408 Liberty St. Harley, Richard_ 2321 Warren Hauck, Thomas- 223 White Street Hayes, John-4212 Birchall Hayward, Richard- 2916 Collingwood Henzler, Eric- 2050 Keen Herman, Donald___3123 Enright High, John-4155 N. Lockwood Hilarski, Dennis-3904 Wallwerth Hilkins, George- 937 Custer Hoag, Phillip- 2257 Densmor, Hoeflinger, Joseph- 307 Parker Holmes, Martin-. 55 awi j Homier, Robert- 94 5 DalS» d C Ingham, James_.7X1 18 Insenga, Dario---2046 (fent al throve, Jackson, Richard-2233 E. Country Cl Jaegly, Robert-1017 Rosedale, Maumee, O. Janiszewski, Philip- 443 £. Central Jasinski, Dennis-I 6 O 8 Avondale Jasper, Richard-4565 Overland Pkwy. Jazwiecki, David-324 Sunset Blvd. Johnson, Ronald- 3 I 8 Capistrano Juhasz, Robert---_ 10 Magyar Kajtaniak, — 1112 Evesham Kania,,K K»neth-.fj. ._ 2349 Belvedere Kaspr-za John.....-.. ... ' .....iyL..__.. -V- 8 9 Bootji Kazmierczak, Wal r-- _Palmet- ig|er, Dehnis - .1 - 7 ,Rushfiid Ke nned K rscheiV William ' Ll. Kest, Jan| ..,A__._. ' @ ' . Kiss, F{ ; ncis Koemg; Jam . Kokbcinski, -Ted - 716 y slil nd .... 4036 -Wereford 2 Tp Burroughs ( ..A-.7 12jCaledonia ’J-,,[-1- 533 Valley wood ' -138 Dexter Kosbab, John—A..-L-.— " bilO Westbrook Dr. VT _ Croei Monument Works 2480 Albion Street Toledo 6, Ohio CH 4-6011 HAVE FUN ALL THE WAY! Whether you are planning a class outing, an out-of-town theater party or an educational tour remember Charter Bus is the most convenient means of transportation. Go car-free, go care-free. For quotations or information call CH 3-1241 The % Traction Central Ave. (3 SILKA’S Men and Boys Wear 3034 Lagrange St. Toledo 8, Ohio RA 9-2811 Page 170 A HIGH QUALITY PRINTING PLATES TOLEDO PRODUCTS We know that the printing perform¬ ance of our printing plates reflects the ability of our craftsmen, and our reputation as a quality house is de¬ pendent on each and every plate. So it is with your Alma Mater. The reputation of your school de¬ pends on the reputation you develop for yourself. May your teachers at Central be forever glad they taught you. ®«-fARRlS-CV 5 SEIDEL-FARRIS-CLARK INC 110 EAST WOODRUFF, TOLEDO 1, OHIO longratulatf SJAU ,j yWS , w 3 Seniors P, ii Ay R 7 isiness School . lorthwest Ohio”! A Cordial Invitation To Our New Air-Conditioned School At 224 Superior Street ond Cleaners Laundry 718 East Broadway “Your Friendly Cleaners” Marie Poole, Mgr. For your printing needs . . . rely on KRIEGER PRINTING COMPANY 821 Junction Ave. Toledo 7, Ohio CH 4-8429 JAMES COYLE SON EUNERAL HOME 539 Broadway 2475 Collingwood CH 3-2239 CH 4-0251 Page 171 Page 172 7 962-63 Address 1509 Western ' 438 E. Streicher 61 West Benalex _4048 Fairview .21 East Oakland 901 Woodstock _425 Clark _3347 Blackstone _216 Colburn Myx .....4 oni 4417 Woodmont )840 Revere Dr. pbe -_3 Birmingham Terrace ,eo_38 Eggeman a m Michael_u02 Prouty MarMoV Christopher_Loxley MartlV Kenneth C_1636 Schj mberg St. Matuszak, Robert_3415 , p. Matuszewski, Ronald-1 } jl Evesham Maus, Arthur_W—24 Mauter, Daniel_ V446 McCarty, Joseph -- McCauley, T tyence. McGowan, J McGuire, JohI __ j. -|4Cj46 G McIntosh, Josep McManus, M MennitE " feonp Metz, Robert. Metzger Michaels Gar} Mihalik, J®hn.. Miller, Robert Mocek, David . Modlinski, Den Molnar, Ger d Molnar, Jarnii.. Moore, Dennis Moore, Paul.. Mueller, Dennis Mullen, John _ _-- 6 4 AJ Musch, David Iburn lylvania en Park ___3132 131 St. omewood Ave. ' 255 rock Dr. 230 w l Bancroft Irkdale rayfield Hurd St. ?38 Treelawn 242 Decatury -622 Woodstdc —.2025 Gen e .. 2025 Genesee -40 7 Pa a ■fl Naumann, Lawrence! _ L Yale D ve Nicholas, Robert.-_L l_ _404 RipHards Nirschl, Joseph ... __ j, ____.3131 Roc ' Ksberry Norkarage, Phillip.... .y .- _ .2 0 Turner Nyitray, Jan___ -yW E. Central Olmstead, John_ I- __2236 Wayne St. Opre, James_ 2526 Goddard Orosz, Paul_2120 Consaul O’Shea, Daniel__ 1240 Halstead Pacitti, Leonard___3614 Homewood Paquette, Howard..__4624 Edgemont St. Bel rue Toledo, Ohio Phones GR 4-5711 CongratulatioS om PAGE BOY CLEANERS 1921 Lagrange St. With Drive-In Convenience BEST WISH] ’ROM INKY’S PIZZA 3945 Detroit Ave. Near Sylvania GR 2-0300 or GR 2-9911 Page 173 SENIOR REGISTER Name Pawlecki, Thomas Pawlicki, Roh ry Peterson, Micnael Pfaff, Richard Pfleghaar, Ndson Piloseno, DapleK Piotrowski, jkmn. Pitzen, Donald Placucci, GlenJ Pointinger, ijrtomals- Posadny, Louis. Priscsak, James.— Puhl, Henry Puhl, Thomas Purol, Michael 127 Pari 222 4 Ge ssee 250 Knower ohn, Jmtimee, O. Barcelona L-.317 Everett 559 Bronx _2001 Miami -734 Frederick .1664 Wayne St. _357 Burger Street . I E. Brodway, MaiWee, Q.j W. John St. Mauime, .440 E. earl Rabbitt, Michael_650 CJafk Street Rable, Gerald_2401 ' Broadway Rafey, Wayne_. 29l6 123 St. Ray, Alan_. 4229 Woodmont Reeves, James_. 1109 Buckingham Reinbolt, David_ .y. _Millbury, O. Richmond, Ronald_x._1537 Freeman Rogers, Jeffrey_. ._4235 Bellevue Romito, Richard_(.—.4323 Overland Pkwy. Ross, John_7-_6l6 N. Wheeling Roth, Joseph_212 Eastern Rowland, Terrence_40 Holland-Sylvania Rd. Rutkowski, Ronald___227 E. Weber Sadowski, Robert_2812 Elm Saelzer, Paul_1749 Barrows Samson, Rodger_914 Prouty Schemenauer, Joseph_234 Heffner Schneider, David_ 2073 Idaho Schramm, Michael___3823 Grantley Schrein, Ronald...__932 Waybridge Screptock, David_1429 Ironwood Seymour, Ronald_3640 Berkeley Shaffer, Russell_3724 Bowen Shea, James_2036 Eastbrook Sheperd, Scott_811 Lodge Sherk, William_2428 Lawton Ave. Shine, John_I4l6 Owen Road Skrzyniecki, Duane_54 E. Hudson Smith, Paul_1267 Craigwood Rd. Smith, William_1060 Norwood Sobczak, Joseph..__413 Ascot Soto, John_439 Segur Staley, William C___156 Oak, Rossford Stalzer, Ted_3730 S. Beverly Hills Sturek, Kenneth_ 505 Oakland Suchala, Anthony-1530 Buckingham Swemba, James W___5943 Davida Drive Swierczek, Dennis__ 3145 Elm St. Szollosi, Francis__ 2022 Genesee Toledo, Ohio Be Wi r, By LFrom WEIZEJTFURNITURE CO. 208 jpaifip Ave. .0 Congratulations Graduates J CENTRAL BAND PARENTS Morey Opticians 706 Madison Ave. • Toledo 2, Ohio CH 6-9858 Page 174 MANUFACTURED BY PALMER-PANN CORPORATION 328 No. Westwood Ave., Toledo, Ohio World ' s Leading Creators of Paint-by-Number S s C Master PAINT-BY-NUMBER SETS TOLEDO PRODUCT SOLD WORLD-WIDE Page 175 (y DISALLE PLATING CASTING CO., INC. Since 1902 Specializing In Production Plating and Die Casting THE BLADE AND PAPER 232 SUPERIOR ST PRINTING COMPANY CH. 1-6215 - TOLEDO EV 2-3473 VALITON RAMBLER Your West Toledo Rambler Dealer VgeB|IGK MARATHON SE 1405 Sylvania Ave 479-8677 Lewis and Toledo j J iQOe 472-0W7 a QaU iomiki Jlem uci£ 3302 Lagrange St. CH 4-9581 Toledo, Ohio Spacious Parking Lot • Completely Air Conditioned RONALD C. COOK, Funeral Director Page 176 Urbanst Venier, Donald_ 2248 Grantwood Viertlboeck, Anthony_260’ Alexis Wac, Dennis_ 322 Dexter Wagner, Richard_609 Sunset Wallace, Daniel_ 23Scottwood Weber, Albert___3839 Willys Pkwy. Weislmeier, John _1219 Page Welniak, Thomas_1704 Avondale Wiegand, James_6059 Whiteford Ct. Wilcox, Walter_2126 Evansdale Wodarski, John_:_261 " Lagrange Yoppolo, Joseph __ 529 Virginia Young, Allen E- 2558 Lawrence Zachel, Stephen_530 Walden Zam, Gerard____-J..-.1617 Mahala St. Zavac, Dennis_ _4209 Woodmbnt Zelling, John C-..1701 Ottawa Drive Zeman, Rodger_.t:_1901 Arlington Zielinski, Gary J_ _l..D.... 130 N. Masters Ct., Maumee Zitzelberger, John___846 Wright ' i ■ J LAHR OXYGEN SERVICE COMPANY INC. Rental Service Of Oxygen Therapy Apparatus GR 2-5931 CH 1-1174 28 N. Superior Best Wishes to the Class of ’63 J. S. DRUG 4851 Summit St. Toledo, Ohio Dr. P. E. Gilbert OPTOMETRIST Eyes Examined Glasses Fitted 623 ADAMS STREET CH 2-2165 Page 177 Page 178 In 1924 Libbey—a division of Owens-Illinois—perfected a unique fire process for safeguarding the rims of fine glassware. They called this glassware " Safedge” —and to prove the process was as good as claimed, they backed it with the most dramatic guarantee in glass history: " If any ‘Safedge’ glass becomes chipped on the rim, from any cause whatsoever, it will be replaced free of cost.” This offer, of course, still stands. Today, Libbey “Everyday Crystal " with the famous “Safedge” guarantee graces even the finest tables, yet sells at low prices. MAKERS OF Q)PRODUCTS O wens-Illinois GENERAL OFFICES • TOLEDO 1, OHIO Page 179 John Clear Opticians 2522 Monroe Street Ground Floor Plaza Hotel Toledo 2, Ohio ! Phone Qh 6-1331 Jr- ' ■ A , y —giving ' smiling, dedigtted service to the side i; Joan Vollmayer, CCHS ’61 SVH ’64 D. Blanchard, B.A. CCHS ’49 Marlehe Drzewiecki, R.N., B.S.N. CCHS ’56 SVH ’59 for information about your nursing career call: Sister Ruth Hickey, R.N., B.S., M.A. CH 1-8161 Tom’s (Tuxedo Rental 5 Cherry Street ierd s rom Central Catholic High) Phone 243-7771 Latest Styles In Dress Suits For Every Occasion Special Rates For Prom White Dinner Ja Tuxedos Full Dress Frocks Strollers j Page 180 u Cx E QATHl LIC CLUB V ers you ATC ij LETE AB HFUI OTEATION IFUL S lkMING POOL ASIUM FACILITIES Swim Lessons Group Splash Parties by Appointment EDGEWATER FURNITURE APPLIANCE COMPANY 5204-5210 Summit St. RA 6-1581 Steve Werkman MEMBERSHIPS Available for all Age Groups The Catholic Club 1601 Jefferson CH 3-, c SUJKOWSKI SON FUNERAL HOME 1629 Nebraska Ave. a yrpii ao s sioual Pharmacy’s e2eiiW Preston E. Broadway CONGRATULATIONS ROBERT JEWELERS 325 ST. CLAIR Genuine Registered Keepsake DIAMOND RINGS Student Charge Welcome ox 1-2443 OX 1-2444 Von Ewegeii Proll. Plaza 2740 Navarre Ave. OX 3-0405 Page 181 1 1 f - V i-5 j K ri K] ' V ' ..J) r - :r z. ' Alumirmm Awning—Roll- Up .j ' old Up. ' Permanent Fiberglas Awnings JObi Metal Awning Co. r !-J , GR 9-7328 A " P ' 353 Stctfr Kd. Toledo ( o r. , r Cr ' kP ■ „ w L isO[)tical Dispensary p CH 6-6463 408 Madison Ave. Toledo, Ohio UrbauHi a del FiiW o. P ,Av StaM Av6 ue CoaHK i; , - | W . I , , e|wjin-Williaiins PaWt A. A VAyVU - -” ' ' , T A A O lesfci J __nereie 11 v » bn riieti£ ) A t4vJr 261 |VIt. Royal Dr CH 4-4553 Stephan L. Zaleski K U ' EAT MORE ' ' PIE CAKE ' o t- : ' A Our Pies and Cakes ar§ baked after midnight and delivered i time for liinch to restaurants, hotels, dubs, institutions and factory cafeteria ' s. A, ' A n. i n ! ' A ' ’ See Us for Pies and Cakes for Your Banqueti feAd Partie k ii !l I t INSURE IN... I . INSURANCE- AC r I, Personal Service J7 ■ A y4V ' ' ’ “Purse-Nal” Satisfactory fhiTrieHlioiiias Pie Company 925 North Erie Street CHerry 4-4679 All Lines Ym DEALER :. Y EWRITER al ' eCI ' service 909 Madison Ave. New Used Office Machines Rentals — Repairs Try Olympia Typewriters Before You Buy Olympia Types Best Because It’s Built Best CONGRATULATIONS To The Class of ’63 THE PAR 4 H. H. BIRKENKAMP EUNERAL HOMES, INC. 0 ! J04 Years Personal Service In The Same Location i ri i 1003 to 1011 Broadway CH 3-2183 CH 3-2184 Toledo, Ohio Ohly One Branch ' Tremainsville and Alexis Rd. GR 9-5377 „ Trill y, Ohio ' ■ ' ■ A J I OWENS-CORNING Fiberglas argest producer of fibrous glass and fibrous glass pro dt; TTirw MARKETS, live. e. Cheltenham Rd. Oe,WHIO THE ' WORLD ' S FINEST MEATS £RmAI|) POOR CO. of TOLEDO, iNe. l ) M | r 1940 W. Central Ave. , [V ' ' ' ‘ ‘ z ' . ecial designed dooft in Wood, (] Steel i umindm GR ripf All Your f rr fATTER a b i z I ' L50 Nebraska • Rotary Press Service Mat Making and Casting Addressing Service Largest Occupant List i( we put into a simple handbill (or an h kqjits salespower . . . add nothing to its limkte your next job. Publishing Co. 100% Union Shop Phone CH 3-6163 Page 184 f

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