Central Cabarrus High School - Centarune Yearbook (Concord, NC)

 - Class of 1977

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Central Cabarrus High School - Centarune Yearbook (Concord, NC) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Cover

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MLM I+' Q3-YEQQN 'S Q03 1 QDQA Qsu Xitfie. Retief NVQCM Q, TYNC1' W Qu 'wx We Sgiwwe Qbrwcwb Ou IQMBQ. Qkbkgiu- Nixqlhod- XRQQ 5 A GSFQQN. alma SRS IQRQL A 3Qme3"7C1" bmw M 45003 bmw mm, q0U+Lmob ximcm whom Hub whim, JH ws bm aww LM, Mcwn w Hoblwh wc. 'Maw OJLQ 0, mu? Q4 prud-MX dl Lfwoiim Ywmw. som mhwmm LQNJM Ju mm? wbmufx. Qt Vmpx whom cum O, mu 51,mrvwwm , SM ok wxswlf mbmcm. 15m oyuocl- Omdmdww N cu:V01V ,' J ,LXIML JLbC1!Lf4!n'i' Mm ffm. M Jmwwm Mmm W. ww W TCQJHCL .WAVE . Mm JUMUE iflwmi ilfvwvdi JQKML Amvuvvm j1Jg, ckX4m,xi3l MWL, zllmmik Ma Lily, Wm iw. , M' M HQ fm Xwwu, X M5 Mi W' 503, 1 . . 5 'leur Ox Cbvcgjxkf Qing-MA E5 hflujri. CMNQX OX pgqjz Fry-Sci-,S 11 of L3 U' H6 2 jfs 5 3 'f . fluff M 0 , 9 2,4 wq gsm X -PXNQ Slvqlxwfgwzygcjvi guwx fiuqg' is Q5 if 1NOuv. I iiifiii R Q Introduction .... Student Body . Faculty .... Sports . . . Features Centarune 1977 Organizations .... Administration Ads .... Editor - Maria Lanning Associate Editor - Peggy Quesenberry Advisor - Mrs. Kelly Cochrane 3-. Sty: ' V ' gf- ipiv f'-'-I-r A Qt wifi' f '-"'f""""'.'A T . 'F 2 There are certain people who spend so much time doing for others that they could never be thanked enough. Here at Central Cabarrus, there is one who unselfishly and lovingly devotes much of her time to the students of Central. Every year she prepares the refreshments in a decorative way for such activities as the Ir.-Sr. Prom and the Military Ball. When buttons need to be sewed on or clothes need to be mended, she can always be counted on to do the job. We thank you for the love and care that you show us in so many ways. With love, we dedicate the 1977 Centarune to a beautiful person in many aspects, Mrs. Martha Marks. mvexaxmqg jfs at t x 1 ,3 V ' fav-3 Ur Q "sf x ' a ,, .vc lou-... A A The school year of 1976 - 77 was full of many exciting iand unforgettable times 3 AW fam- Lf. -f5. : .. 1 ':f:?f31:.,j,-H it N 4,,:5!:g Q52 22? :fe f': , ' Q .A A vv Aqfflv ., M x L 0 -dl '..:gM4:':35f5:g 2 53 v f if asia? . "1 '71',f,:5:' .153 35,52 sz 3.1 n 4 Q Lf y ' if W ""f , q,f:.?g4f:,,f:22: LV 1 4--3 1 r , ..., L 1 A 3' J '31 aah! . , ,QV .. UQMW ? , ,, ., , I I , XM, 3 , .,,,., vi sfffj 4, W g I Ad , ,., " j g ff' 429. 5 fl ' 1 Qs . .J Activities of all kinds 3isfi5W?5'52W 'Y' viii? .W Xie f 'cook place in 76 - 77, 'nur ,...Q...M--ff-""""' for instance 7 D0 YOU Those cold football games? Homecoming? A Night on Broadway? Farmer day, Central 7, Northwest 6? 4 REMEMBER ,Z ..,, i Fxljmwk K V, ... V w , 1 1, .wil fjljjjjjfj-J' , M, P - The feeling of victory? Struggling through Spanish? Each school year A t at . I is remembered differently 10 by each student The laughs, the cries ff' af ms.-v "' 'v Hn ,v Y! 1 A ll 'N I- f L Vp ' FY" 'ix ' Yffigvfz f.. 1-run: YC I .1-A L, tn- 447 X Q' xv Wffiif 'WS X 4' are all a part of growing up, 14 and moving on S T U D E N T B a Q D N r P Y Senior Class Officers 16 Robin Burgess, Treasurer Carol Barbee, Secretary Tammy Mfarver, Vice-President Maria Lanning, President Anne Bamhardt Tony Barr Kim Beamer Kathy Beck Iohn Biggers Gary Black David Blackwelder Kathy Blackwelder Linda Bost Susan Brines Sam Broadway Michael Brooks Wanda Brooks Tamara Brown Sandra Brumbles Ioey Buchanan fx. 'Yr LY' W-':.',""-Q 4 , N-.---vp .JN s.. ww 'wg "Q Robin Burgess Donna Byrd Paula Cagle jeff Campbell Tim Campbell Becky Carriker Sheral Cartrett Sherry Casey Terry Christenbury Gary Clark Robert Cobum Terry Cole Cindy Connell Ricky Cook Teresa Costner Steve Craver 19 Ieff Crayton Sherry Crenshaw Sonia Cress Donna Crisco Carl Cruse Monica Davenport Steven Davenport Debbie Davis Shirley Davis Mike Deese Debbie Dixon Carnmie Dorton Audrey Dry Nese' Drye Emily Edmond Terry Edwards 20 W 1. ' A ig? 'li at mff"'l Q L ,f----..,, Qqiifi i Q ii i C Q , 5 Ann Efird Cindy Ellis Leslie Eudy Tina Fayne H y, G Tommy Flowe Kim Floyd Sharon Forrest N E , ,Y 4 I A ' ' Mark Freeman i 5 .,,.. .t so .A.4 ,Y - . , I -4 , :Jia NWIQ. ' i Lloyd Freeze Paula Frye Keiko Fukuzawa Angie Furr Becky Furr Ricky Furr Sharon Furr 1 Sherry Furr V A .--1 Q 1 .v G A 21 sl I , as ,flaw 'Q 5. ei HAWK W '- My Q ' V , Q I 1 ff' wlgg 1 vv K 9 -I ' 'Qu Q 0 Q .. 2 . Y? Zi ws. .14 554 R ag 'x .N X, Bi , .,,, I U . ivgsx F A aqgxmj. V, W5'?9 qw, . ,A Q v'.Q-.. fr ., x , ltfl qw. F' .Lge ws. Ji "libs, . 01, wg Ricky Lisk Randy Little Denise Livingston Darrell Love Denise Love Deric Love Eric Love Nancy Love Priscilla Love Tim Love Tim Lowder Tim Lowder jeff Lyerly Debbie Mann Lisa Marsh Brad Martin , Ni "f-1.'-9 CJ' jx. . .3 y Wh. N L Y lmgi x-LW. +9 1' Q ,wi 2' 990 Q: Q Diane McCann Tammy McCarver Connie McCrary Ann Marie McEachem Ioel McGee Wesley McLean Becky McManus Rex Measmer Patty Mickey Jeff Miller Kenneth Miller Rusty Miller Denise Monday Billy Morgan Cyndi Morgan Kathy Morgan Kim Morris Shannon Morrison Pam Morton Gary Mosely Roxanne Mullis Bonnie Munson Lynn Nantz Marjorie Overcash Ricky Parker Kenny Penninger Timmie Phillips Cheryl Pigg Beverly Plummer Balinda Foss Caroline Purcell Michele Ray X wi , . fr 'E' ,A 4, 2-.7 -wl'f-355 f .fifg aw- -' X1 'YK if' fav Xi., R 'IH' f ,,1ylfQa, RQ Danny Raymer Edward Reeder Debbie Reeves Cindy Ritch Rise Ritchie Judy Roach Ionathan Robbins Bob Roberts Danny Robinson Lane Ross Carolyn Rounds Iamie Ruff Pierre Russell Terry Russell Roger Scott Dale Shoe 29 Susan Shoe Tony Shue Stacy Sides Wayne Sides Allen Smith Debbie Smith Mike Smith Tammy Smith Acreelee Solomon Pam Spainhour Donna Speaks Vanessa Stafford Cathy Stancil jeff Stancil Danny Taylor Bea Thomas 'TN wg I T' 2 xi' X Q ' . -ii' ,xv -3' -4 t gti fiklz t . 'lflf Q 9 'W f'Fl"'5xi:- Q-P5 st? as P 45: at 'fl Paula Thomas Randy Thomas David Troutman Rebecca Tucker Lesa Turner Tim Vanderburg Lori Vinesett Cynthia Wagoner Michael Webster Denise Wensil Charlene White Jeff white Michelle White Jeff Whittington Gary Wyrick Faith Yarbrough 31 A Senior's Recollections of the Past Four Years Freshman orientation . . . new teachers . . . pep rallies . . . crowded lunch room . . . Freshman Class spaghetti dinner . . . student council . . . football games . . . homecoming . . . Greaser day . . . Central 15, Maiden 14 . . . basketball games . . . Christmas parade . . . military ball . . . freshman oratorical contest . . . pajama game . . . Sophomore class meetings . . . spirit stick . . . school song . . . concession stand . . . basketball tournaments . . . Central fans . . . Biology . . . baseball games . . . English . . . victory chains . . . West Side Story . . . mini parades . . . band contests . . . assemblies . . . clubs . . . Iunior Class meetings . . . U.S. History. . . ROTC . . . faculty . . . foreign language . . . basic comp. papers . . . library . . . science projects . . .cafeteria lines. . .popcorn. . .posters. . .Wrestling matches. . .Chemistry. . . break . . . art shows . . . candy sales . . .homework. . . announcements . . . ANight on Broadway . . . report cards . . . Sr. Class meetings . . . senior rings . . . pep rallies . . . Hardees . . . senior pictures . . . green 8: gold day . . . Homecoming . . . farmer day . . . harvest the pumpkins . . . Central 7, Northwest 6 . . . C C Marching Vikings . . ROTC . . . Miss C C Pageant . . . Clubs . . . friends . . . peer counselors . . . crowded halls . . . college day . . . books . . . lockers . . . people . . . ice cream sandwiches . . . Ensemble . . . SAT . . . pep rallies . . . basketball tournaments . . . parade . . . military ball . . . Senior Court . . . 1977 GRADUATION . . . 32 1l'1CE1'E .NNI-0. p-v""' ,' nthusiastic .4 ever giving up nterested pen-minded eaching Graduation aymg Good-bye ffX'i+- aff, Central Cabarrus Honored EY' l K it . ' 'D 1 as ' Carol Barbee 2 'ekirkklibrk svms. 2 ,W.wd.mm Cindy Hodges 34 These outstanding seniors who have demonstrated excellence in academics, student activities, leader- ship, civic affairs, and determination have climbed to the top of their graduating class. Congratulations for working so consistently to receive this high honor. Ioe Hartsell 1- Rusty Miller The . Angie Griffin 1 v 6 Yu . of fi Tim Love Outstanding Seniors x x gi.: 3 J . . J L 1. Maria Lanning Tammy McCarver Tamara Brown Pierre Russell Q' if 3 . J Ieff Campbell Angie Furr Brad Martin .J'f?'Q yi 4 5934 "?33"'r55 6 'iv -uf , aw. , "' ., HnfW,f,:x,t. ly! My li ,fa - QW, A f if-M -faxm, A '- . fwpflw gif' N , ., i ,4 ,,'vf" 1 ., 4 g . .1 'll I, ta tgfwjx "f, Q vw 35,5 . O ,. , ,xQ:f,i- H ! v 4 ff ws. i J "W . ..,,, .rf p x Q ' . ' vv . ' -' f. my A ,Q , M , .K 5.23 ,I V' -nfrfffvz. ,F .1 . 1, 5,-. ,-:amd-' W A ., Y 'K , f , 4' , ff-5? :N-. Rx I ws',j,V.w ': , M.- .. w - , Jn ,Q W!! 'vii Q.. fe' 0 V 4 x 4 ., , 'N ig' ' W -rr Q 4' k ,, ' : wb 3' Q 5' Qurphn k 1, 1 F ,. .1if?f'4 W 'SN' 1 4 , L ,K "Gr, ,kb ' 1, A' f mfg, ' an f'5YJl" 5- ,nt--., vm-In-mit-xnxx' " , f 'f -., Lori Aldridge Susan Almond Dawn Amder Lita Baggarly Jeff Barbee Paula Barbee Sonja Barbee Tammy Barbee Tim Barbee Sandra Bare April Bamhardt Dennis Bamhardt Iohn Bamhardt julie Benfield Paul Black Alisa Blackwelder Cindy Blackwelder Ieff Blackwelder Kim Blackwelder Mitch Blackwelcler Anita Blankenship Kim Blume Gary Bost Gerald Bowen Beverly Bradshaw Billy Brafford Danny Broadway Duane Brooks Helen Brooks Keith Brooks Lisa Brooks Robert Broome Tony Brown David Buck Randy Buck Vanessa Buckles Elizabeth Buckner Barbara Bumgardner David Bumgardner Yvonne Burch Tammy Bumette Ben Burr Darrel Burris Ronald Burris Lori Cale jay Cartrett Cathy Casey Mike Cheek N 9 X3 'I E z Q :Ali ff ., , if' .0 A 'nd V f V l all ls A x X,.,,"-"C ai -'I t 1 n Q no 'Q ,S-. . ' if jg Nxt A if ,T Q f. is 5' . v L t XX X X ' , ?. .W-in - as I at HY' I .-, , Z o K , Wx f 1 3 - 1 v 'E s ,ego , s 'Ap . 4 , .. - .M 155294 - Chip Chitwood Tonia Clark Kenny Clay Ronnie Clontz Mark Clouse Iohnna Cochran Renee Cochran Tracie Cochran Lynn Coffey Dennis Cook Teresa Cook Violet Cook Carl Council Chip Covington Iarnes Cowell Debbie Custodio Nancy Daniels Pam Davis Kingsley Deese Mark Diorio jeff Dover Sharon Drake Tammy Drye Martha Edmonds Mary Edmonds Dale Edwards Patti Edwards Pamela Efird Wayde Emerson Tammy Esquivel Mike Eudy Susan Eudy Terry Eudy Mike Fitzgerald Richard Fitzgerald Sandra Forrest Ricky Foutz Suzanne Freeman Barbara Freeze Denise Furr Kim Fun' Richard Fun' Tim Furi- Robert Carlin Annette Glover janesta Godwin Timothy Gray Perry Green 5' -x l . XS xl c- 5 rf I Q Pi 4 . : J ,lt ,F-'Q' i fi? . ga X sg . Xfg I , ' ..A,, .xii X .1 Corby Greene Tommy Griggs Marsha Haddock Aaron Hagler David Hagler Lisa Haigler Gerald Hall Allan Hallman Ray Harmon David Harstin Bobby Hartsell Connie Hartsell John Hartsell Ricky Hartsell Susan Hartsell Ann Harvell Roger Harvell Mitchie Hatchcock Shelia Hedrick IeNeanne Heglar Eddie Helms Kim Helms Mitzi Helms Pam Helton Donna Hendrix Ian Hester Harry Hiler Kelly Hinson Star Hinson Wynn Hinson Deborah Honeycutt Rex Honeycutt Ronnie Honeycutt Tammy Honeycutt David Hooks Kathi Howard Leslie Howard Ann Howie Timothy Howie Kim Hoyle Tamara Hunsucker Tony Isenhour Marion johnson Scott Iohnson Paul Iordan Richard Iordan Ricky Iordan Cathy Iustice L v . - -,Q new , . ff a f 1 ,MQ auf' all ..r,f11 ,,, ,V nw to ua 1 ,Hy A, Q4 'A N. 4 M N r , . . V ,, w L 1 'fa ,yi-for , '43-f 5 i, my av X A 1 ta ' 4 3, 'I , .t ff i f , Q51 3 . ' -. , E A " ,av if -R 'V V ,c .a fa T x 'H x., Rfk. M521 5 5,-192135 Tracy Kee Paula Kennedy Nelson Kiefer Robbie Kimbrell Chris Kimsey Allen Kinclley Jean Kindley David Kiser Linda Kiser Susan Kissiah Gary Lambert Cindy Lefler Cathy Lemmond Fred Linker Aaron Little Cindy Litton Diane Lloyd Annie Long Buckey Long Alfreda Love Corliss Love Kathy Love Mary Love Bob Loving Cathy Lucky Kathy Lynch Doug Mauldin Gene McAnulty Mike McCall Novella McCauley jimmy McClellan Beverly McKnight Duane McLain Marguerite McLean Susan McLean Donna McQueen Robin Mills Rosita Montalvo Patricia Moose Judy Morgan Randy Morris Iudy Morrison Tab Morrison Luanne Murph Mitzi Nance Wic Neal Gene Needham Lori Newsome We 'H U s' ' 'e .." '-ET 04, N N l tiff F' L" ' ,If it r 9' . 'ug Af R ' ll 1 vb, L i Q ' um-. 1 x lx 4 a ' x - K A , p-. L N A X , 4, n t vf . sl af. fy N93 ar l t x X K s X , Ieff Norris Mark Page Ianet Patton Lydia Phillips Penny Pope Connie Potter Lauren Potts jeff Price Mary Query Peggy Quesenberry Cindy Rhodes jeff Rice Darla Ritch Dale Ritchie joe Roberts Larry Rollins Richard Sanders Maria Santomasso Pat Sherman Stephanie Sherrill Denise Shoe Phillip Smith Robin Smith Ronnie Stancil Renee Stirewalt Thomas Streater Tammy Strube Patti Suggs Charlie Talbert Mike Terry jane Thomas Scott Thompson Tony Thomton Tammy Tipton Scot Torrence Starla Towell Karen Troutman Rachel Troy Donna Trull Edwin Tucker Iamie Wade Dick Wallace Debbie Ward David Watkins Vanessa Watkins Sandra Webster Marcia Weeks Cliff Whitley Y,,Vg r he H 'Xi V.. N., X 1' -if , X., ff x X f 3 , x f gf L, ,G Qin I-an A I rm VN X ix 7 of ,. 4 x wx xx il Nfl wal.-344.4 Keith Yarbrough Ioyce York Raymond Young Eva Whittington Terri Wilbum Ricky Wilkerson Chris Williams Donna Williams Ioey Williams Danny Williamson Lee Wright iv! t ., ...A uwdlcf Q' .- ,ga ,345 .Q . Ek I9 fi? 3 , wi .ff W Q5 F A. , A. cf 12:12 . A Q rg? W' If 'Qi .. ,Q Alex Cwrl 5,4 w. ii ' n . 'EV f 0 ,Q ..,.. I. J ai' x G f Af V 3 X4 Yew, :N V V, I x C if 'K N 4 f ly J1 Q I . N w 1 ff , lg-1' Q, 5 N: 3 " I 5 658 Xxx a Chip Allen Dale Allen jeff Allen Ophelia Allen Tanya Allen Graham Alligood Kim Almond Lisa Almond Lori Anderson Saundra Asbury Allen Atchley To Atwell XX Bobby Auten Debbie Baker nt l'W"i Q wc LQINQ qjo3un+ Sherry Baker Debbie Barbee Ieff Barbee Roy Barnes Susan Bamhardt Tony Barrier Val Bass Keith Benfield Georgette Benjamin Sandy Benjamin Edwin Biggers Mike Biggers Cheryl Black Ieff Black Lisa Blackwelder Robin Blunt Durethia Bost Derwin Brooks Annette Brunau Bobby Burgess Dawn Burnette Eric Burris Iimrny Busse Angela Byrd Sandy Canup 0 49 ,gs Denise Carland Rick Carpenter Tim Carter Tory Caudle Robin Cauthen Sharon Cauthen Suzanne Chandle Alan Clay Ian Cline Stacey Cochran Timmy Cochran Lisa Coley Norman Coley Debbie Connell Steve Conner Vikki Conner Debra Craig Phil Cranford Aaron Currie Mitch Davis Faye Deese Iohn Deese Debbie Dixon jerry Drye Kim Drye Melissa Drye Lucinda Dulin Debra Edwards Kevin Edwards Mike Edwards Mitch Edwards Martin Efird Therell Efird Chip Ellis Iohn Eudy Rachel Eury Mike Ewing Tina Faggari Sherry Ferguson jim Fields Vx ifbwf A Cliff Ford Tony Ford janet Forrest Tony Forrest Howard Foster Rick Foster Darla Freeman Linda Freeman Iackie Freeze Perry Freeze Rober Fuller Craig Furr Danny Furr Tammy Furr Richard Gabbert Mazola Garlin Shelia Carmon Iirn Gentle Tommy Gill Robin Godfrey Marla Goodman Talisa Grass Gary Gray Pam Gray Kenny Green Nita Green Lisa Griffin Steve Gulledge Lynn Guy Greta Hall Suzy Hallman Rick Harmon Andy Hartis Dale Hartsell Eddie Hartsell Ricky Harvell jeff Hatley Kay Heintz Annette Helms Monica Helms Scott Helms Suzanne Helton Tony Hewitt B. B. Hickman Scott Hickox Danny Hill Elaine Hill Marty Hill Susan Hill Candy Hinson Donna Hinson Eddie Holder Tonda Holland Karen Honeycutt Sonia Hooks Ronnie Hough Bobby Howell Butch Hudson jo Ann Hudson Pattie Hunsucker Willie Hunt Alex jenkins Kathy jett Gregg johnson Kim johnson Billy jones -Lisfgdrie? judy Kee Teresa Kee Teresa Kellis Brenda Kilpatrick Elaine Kimbrell Chris Kimsey Debbie Kindley Chester Kirk Saundra Kiser Wayne Kissiah Beth Klultz Lori Lambert ax if 1.- Q Nix, ffl V v: ' it . . , X V ,. 'L .fx 9 3 YR P2 Gi 'S- it 'X 4. .W if 3 vw i 'L a 934 L -N' XL xy N Q 'UA I X in N Q 1, P LL I, x 355 25 S 4 :. 'X ill . -- , .5 f X R I Sherry Lambert Tammy Lambert David Lanning Donna Ledford Annette Lee Greg Lemmons LaDonna Lentz Beth Leopard Cindy Little Ierome Little Patricia Little Danny Livingston Billy Locklear David Long Ioey Long Mike Long Venus Long Avery Love Jerome Love Mickey Love Susie Love Victor Love Linda Lowder Sandra Macon jamie Marsh Frances Maxwell Norman McCachren Scott McCann Annette McDaniel Tony McDonald Eugene Mclnnis Lois McKnight Tim McManus Mike Measirner Charles Miller jeff Miller Kimberly Miller Pam Moose Terri Moose Jayne Morgan Star Morgan Trina Morris Denise Morrison Iohnna Morrison Karen Morrison Tim Morrison Sherry Munson Mike Overcash Carol Oxendine Ierry Parham Carl Panner Mary Parrish Raymond Parrish Lisa Peeler Alice Pharr Carol Plott Vickie Price Dean Purcell Candy Radford Robin Raymer Laura Reist Donna Rhodes Bobby Ritchie Diane Rollins Lee Rosenstengel Carol Ryles jackie Sanders Dennis Saunders Paris Seaford Gene Sechler Lorrie Sharpe Ronnie Shae Iackie Shue Darrell Shutters Dennis Sides Lee Sides David Smith Kevin Smith Tearl Smith jeff Sossoman Q..- L.-ann J QL v , X 'N ,K-Q Y' Tim Yarbrough Artie Young Vicki Yow George Stacey Kathy Statham Teresa Stokes Damita Surber Paula Sutton Mark Sweitzer Daphne Taylor Rebecca Taylor Terri Teeter Tony Thompson Lisa Tittle Lou Ann Tomlin Janice Troutman Don Tucker Ianice Tucker Angela Upright Russ Vaughn Bobby Vinesett Todd Voncannon Terry Wade Kim Walker Kenny Wallace Iohnathon Watson Joy Whidden Debbie White Renee Whitley Alan Williams Lynn Williams Tim Williams Marsha Wilson 1" 'Qi 1 . 4 , - Y. x 15 U 'Sir 5 A M fbi fn' if 7' a ' 'VK 5" 'fx ,. 7 91 2 f.f'5'9Af 1 ' fi .X 45 5 ,fi Qrfgw i ll, Star Seaford, Sec: , ' Sheri TeaPQ?,Pres?Q jgff Smith, vicebfesidenr W Nan Hartsell, Treasurer -If ' '- M,,,,,,.4, ' ar Q 'lf fbi 5' pg' ma , k tix I :ft V ' 2 .A JC 8 rvgl-r j. X HL 1 A fgx. fy , . dgfx' ff W" sr 41 X f., . M -3 Q 71 if '.'1 "' K I .gat M., :J ga -. we J .Gln , r l y w J ' ' ft, f, gig My 5 Q l, 3 ' . - 54 f yd ' . . ' 113.1 I . ' nl-B ,, ., . I 1- J ., 5 - , ,f '7 ' ' f,, M f t if, K , .yi inxlx' 'V K of ,,' ,uni J . - f t , . as t- 1 , f it ,i i f if ,V t. 1 ,fi y if? If L 2514? . 3 ? 'Q 3 t"""" f X -V ff.. , 1 ' C 1, 3. -f, wa f' gl Ieff Abisher Gene Allred Anne Almond David Anderson Michel Asbury Thomas Asbury Wendy Austin lim Aycoth Darrell Baker Devin Baker Allen Barbee Arlin Barbee Ieff Barbee Robin Barbee Reba Barkley David Bamhardt Belinda Barrier Jimmy Barringer Tim Barringer Shelley Basinger john Beatty Dennis Bennett Julie Benton Beth Biggers Barbara Biggerstaff Cathy Blackwelder Patty Blankenship Tina Blunt Dale Bost H. N. Bost Norman Bowen Io Anne Bright Barry Brindle David Broome Tammy Burns Larry Burris Melissa Burris William Busse Charla Byrd julie Carter Mary Carter Berry Cartrett Ray Cauthen Lorrinda Chadler Eric Chaney Ce Chapman Lisa Chew Danny Christy joey Clark Alan Clawson Archie Coble Lana Coble Myra Cochran Scott Cochran Carol Cole Iohn Coley Alan Conner Wanda Cook jeff Cox Terisa Cox Tanya Craver Brent Crenshaw Jeff Crowley Pat Cruse Nat Daniels April Davis Diana Davis Mark Davis Angie Deas Debbie Dellinger Dicie Dixon julie Drake jamie Drye Nita Drye Kathy Earley Herman Edmond Ann Edmonds Lloyd Efird Rodney Efird Roger Elvin Jerry Eudy Lisa Eudy Ricky Eudy Patricia Everett Darrell Ewing Lisa Feely Eddie Fesperman Pennie Fisher Lisa Folger Gary Forrest David Foster Timmy Foster Sherry Freeman Betsy Freeze Fred Froehlick Donna Fultz Annette Furr Ieff Furr Iulie Furr Ricky Furr Vonnie Furr Mark Gabbert William Garland Linda Gammon Lisa Gilland Christine Gladden Tim Glass Ieff Gledhill Allen Godfrey Kelly Gosnell Tommy Graves Brenda Gray f, v-..,. if Y ig xg ' '59 , X YQ , ' V, a. . - V 1 ' e 'i - " -Q bv g - 31 f " 1 - 'i ' 4, 1 E R X . ,f J f 1 . Q 1 . X ,' W ' 'W .W i v X 'W -, '5i.'lEl. rf i " ,ski r -i ii' ' H, ffv iv' . -5 Q at if if ' - ' f .Av af? M "Af" , is X A L Q , ty va 1 A X, Q, xxx ff Qtr' f ' 'Q .19 Y l T"?"c EG V Nt, m'?as'.'. K Q. ' . at C t t R ,- +1 V, W , 'k.V tk I 5 5 l f .WTF L 'iw' A 2 Ei. ' , A X F A v M , 1' , f 5- ' I . 4' s 1 V I A-.i . - +5 5 . , . QV ix' fy? M I 2 6: 15, ly Mn. .5 1' X , , if , I . 1 w g, ' 1 L A . 9 s , 5+ 121 it , Q wk X 'Y ' Iulie Gray Iustina Gray Pamela Gray Wade Gray Renee Green Rick Green Lanny Griffin Teddy Griffin jenny Hagler Grier Harris Natalie Harris Chris Harrison Lisa Hartsell Nan Hartsell Roger Hartsell Vicki Hartsell Tina Hathcock Jan Hatley Kim Hatley Lynn Hatley Nan Hatley David Heaton Robbie Helms Tina Hepler Chris Herrera Shelly Hewitt Bill Hickman Terry Hickox Ken Hill Linda Hill Marty Hill Teresa Hill Nancy Hinson Patti Hinson Tony Hinson Bonnie Hodges Johnny Hoggard Jamie Holland Anita Honeycutt Cathy Honeycutt Mike Honeycutt Judy Hooper Andrea Hoover Bennie Home Vance Howell Tracy Howie Brady Huneycutt Donna Hunsucker Ioel Hunsucker james Hunt Lori Irvin Billy Isenhour Charles johnson Cindy Iohnson Gillette Iohnson Tiena Iohnson Angela Iordan Marsha jordan Roger Iordan Todd Iordan Dennis Ioyner Dawn Kane Kenneth Kellis Angie Kennedy jamie Kennedy Kevin Kennedy Luann Kennedy Elizabeth Keply Terry Kiker Marvin Kimbell Ioyce Kindley Iohn King Juanita King Arlise Kirk Debra Kirk Sabrina Kluttz Tom Kneebury james Lambert Sandy Lambert Connie Lanning Vinson Layton Steve Ledford Perry Lemmons Debbie Linker janet Linker Ianice Linker Dean Lisenby Becky Little Kathi Little Anita Livingston Perry Locklear Alan Long Iune Long Lorie Long Barbara Love Danny Love Leslie Love Barry Loving Amie Lowder Iackie Lowder Tammy Lowder Billy Mann Iohnnie Marlin Selena Marshall Kim Martin Charles Mason Sherri McAnulty Ernie McCann Darrel McCauley Lori McDaniel Tony McDaniels Iayne McDonald fini i , D ff " kg, 19 X.-Il"-FQ 'Z ya. R . iowa frm' 5,-,.2?'e!'g xfx , -, i iii I QQ if " " I 13+ f fl' ' , ' Sf' 'K 9 5 ' ' 9 ' ' K r tu' J, ,A gS V y ij M R 5 s '4 F f, f f -a j 'J X 'A 'f "M S Patty McEachem Candy McGinnis janet Mclnnes Tam McKillop Iammie McMillian Angie Moose Doug Moose Terry Moose David Morgan Debra Morris Melanie Morris Patty Morris james Munson William Munson Penny Myers Renee Nance Frankie Newell Philip Nichols Michele Nield Tamera Noles Cathy Oxendine Mike Oxendine David Penninger Kathy Penninger Teresa Perdue Alan Perez Teresa Petrea Sonny Plott Scott Plummer Beth Poole Deanna Poss Terri Powell Allen Queen Gary Queen Tanda Query Mark Ramseur Richard Redman Tommy Reeves John Ried junior Rinehardt Aaron Ritchie Marty Robbins Tony Robins Lynne Ross Orlando Russell jeff Scott Jeff Seabolt Star Seaford Dewey Sellers Eric Shaver Karen Sherrill Kevin Sherrill Scott Sherrill Trent Short Angela Shue Annie Shue Dana Shutters Gene Simpson Ann Smith Diane Smith Ieff Smith Mark Smith Berry Spears Donnie Sprinkle Lisa Sossoman Daphne Stafford Chris Stancil Donnie Stames Steve Statham Angie Stegall Pam Stowe Tavia Stowe Wayne Stowe Iohn Strube Ierry Suggs Mark Suggs Kenny Tallent Wayne Taylor Sheri Teeter Lee Thomas Betty Ann Thompson Karen Thompson Teresa Thompson Gregg Thornton Doug Tipton Bobby Torrence Butch Townsend Richard Troutman Roger Tucker Diane Upright Scott Vance Michael Vaughn Lisa Vinesett Cindy VonCannon Gena VonCannon Bridgette Wade Darrell Wallace Tommy Wallace Diana Ward Ioe Watkins Allan Wells Beth West Roger Whitaker Milton White Carol Wilkerson Mark Williams David Wilson Ronald Wisemen Ellen Worley Renee Wright Gary Yates l Q 63 Robert Barringer - History Grady Brady v Libfafi-H11 Kelly Cochrane - Business johnny Drye Carolyn Allen - English Auto Mechanics Beverly Burriette - Art ram, 5: 41 is ' . 'Q 1.-' SN' -2' W an JP 'sg -gm p x Q, is r Rf gxv v . - use . K ' 'cf 2"i"x"3t? --'f '-l gf-5 K-v :,fg:v!v5 x . ,:5,...,.,,kfX 1, ,' 5 MQ! ig' ,affair ff' S :gf saw will Q ' 5 .-..:,.Jijl?,.: V ,Li a gf, f 4 . . I ' . Q I 4 Q' ff f f pq 1 f V ,fr . Q .135-'A' .ff iv? 355 r' H hxsslri .- xxx .- Susan Dalton - Math Rachel Cummings - English Bobby Cloninger - Science 64 N P xi 4 L.. Kathleen Gore - English Clare Grissett - Science I. W. Fulbright - Electronics ,Ag5f's'f'1xis ff' iff-.l-:Q 3 gmt igfxi f l 3,3 -5 Wk -2-'N rw' f 1 at fa 1 eg 1 wi t A-4 SV? . ' f 5- A . E gl sifgxfj - ,, Q,,,,:, ' V, ' x f X 7 .... , 9 X t 4... . . Q, H-' 4 9 . riff .I . an ." Katherine Eaves - Math Lewis Cress - Agriculture Maurice Clarke - Science ' i S i , -.4 1, 5, ,q Q 1 QQ., : 4 3. bf. I ,, 'Q . 'sf 135 e ' Ar xx 1, ik- - fx if Pb, Z is -is , Q , . . X X - l Q'f..X02Q3-H53 J' Mildred Green - Home Economics Lillian Griffith - English Steve Foil - Audio Visual 65 T:?F ,VQ A Mmnrr..-I E ' l 2' w ' F , ' is w w Q f 11.51 4, ,- f,A, -.X :fry . fs-"5-"-".,--'SRS S35 fQg.auf'f f B xxx' Q N' 'ff , 2 WW 'F QW 7' , ff 1 w Mildred Hice - English h 1 L I. Lee H0pkinS - ICT A Io Honeycutt - Spanish Y. 9- 3 Bill Hull - Agriculture Sidney Hall - Planetarium Max Harris - Business i Howard james - Business Marjorie Hudson - English and Drama Cathy Lowder - Math 66 ' 'ich 581413 'YWFP' W r ' FV' 1'v"t1"'3 3" Q f it 'E vegan? 'f .f Z jr ' ' ' . '-:iii-" f 9 1 he " "4 Rv E , s ck ' ' k Mm.-' 1 . - ff.-j.ff,gg,.y1gfg.q.f.?f'mqF L -' ' vfzggzs 1 at-as as f i VA Q .k.A E Q- A Q H 4 :lik M Betty Hurst - English Carolyn Lambeth - Math Mike Lambeth - IV and Physical Education is I :Q f , 23 I .a li I. ., ..':N' x , W . 'K V 7 1'2 .A yffy, iw...- , t t. Lloyd jordan - Drivers's Education Margaret Maulden - Math Sherylle McLain - History . .anv- f jim Lyerly - Physical Education Martha Marks Gay Michel - English Home Economics 67 . - ad ' L 4 . :Wg , A iv. ' L ' ' f,f""" f S V rl A' S ' z f . ix S . -is 1 I Y :Ax mi pamm hamaisl an canada eu SW V . 96 , V, 1:16 Mary Beth Quay Dorcas Morgan - English French and English Norma Sanko - Science S xx ri .M Catherine Rivens - Math Iuanene Savage - English Mary Quick - Science I f I 1 l , xx -4, ,, Diane Scott - History and English Mitch Sherrill - Graphics Tommy Stowe - History 68 -.i 5 Qi, F' w-A..-.Nuwm 5- f ,,s , 1 , A ,, A , : - ,Ci I 1 1. 'Ai 'M ----. f ,fat 1-n..,raxs.V y .a.. -amz: 52- fr Gary Weart - History Dorothy Snyder - Distributive Education Alice Tinsley - Science J 5' I L i if V '5 ' i . . fc Ioann Webster - History Louis Suther - Masonry Bfefldfi WilliaIY1S - HiSfOl'y -. ,nv .,..,,,, , .5-0 I X x - is tj f A" A., S Frances Zilkanich - English Bill Wightman Ioyce Stancil - Health Physical Education Occupations 69 jay Vaughn - Driver's Education Phyllis Hartsell - Cosmetology Ioan Hathcock - Secretary li . QNX' Katherine Gourley - Library Richard Welch - Math Sarah Pryor - Social Studies 59Cfefa1'Y 8: P.E. 70 Georgia Roberson - Physical Education :.Z.m1 ' z-.1..-. ,: , : Q. ' V ' ' ' A V. ' fi fi ,' Q.,v'fK?'Y' '1-Y'-","f 4,85 . f... , ' - x W- " fx-H..-,--we-.f ' " fl L,,,1. '. .,,Y. Nw.-+ . , . . . .V M. :yur ,,g.pv,,,,:A. ' , A -. , ,. xpo , ,ucv wi - 4 ,. L Vw ,.n5,..ua:5w'...- . w . ' "1 Hr ' . x""" W . -,...---z.J?Eu'fw+ . 1 fialf Y E X 2 1 x 3 s . , R 3 3 i W x , 'ax 5 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS - N01 Judy Morgan, Carolyn Rounds, Maria Santamaso, Alfreda Love, Tracie Cochran, Angie Griffin, Angie Furr. Top, Tammy McCarver, Vanessa Watkins. Captain, Angie Griffin, Co-Captain, Tammy McCarver 72 The 1976-77 varsity cheerleaders attended summer camp at Appalachian State University where they were ranked as the top varsity squad. Congratulations! ,J s 9j??f,! 5 f 9 ff at 5 xv? t vs. E Our ferocious leader! Peanuts hil' Cerlffalf The 1976-77 Varsity Cheerleaders were rated the top varsity squad at summer camp. They are outstanding! The student body holds great pride in their achieve- ments. 'N' 2, la .ak""" gd., . , f . V iff S ' 7" 3 ,, 173, 23 7 , if 'ge ffm, . T 7 , W Q 1 7 if Z! V fi 5 A g i n-e i 'T .W -.:"U , F a At ga Z.. 3, ,,,' "2 I , 1-wtf gf'?hg4?W Y n A 3 3, . Y.. Angie Griffin rw'-'-4-.g a::f , E i E F ,,pm,,.. ,, ,ff Vanessa Watkins Angie Fl-111' Iudy Morgan Q Tammy McCarver ff Alfreda Love and Carolyn Rounds i-M. Tracie Cochran and Maria Santomasso 75 VIKINGS , Qyikn '-. Imaam - ,W f. . 3.95 W Dr. Burke, Team Doctor Dale Hartsell, Manager , ga- iw ' .ar T' '-"Wa Captains: Tim Yates, David Glass, Randy Thomas, Charlie Talbert ":- W ,r- 15 1 A ,Q at D' 4 V P4 A 1, r- .1 i r., vs, fe.. .qua .1 -Q 4 1, ' , 0 3 A- ! V! K' s 3 'f f I 0 fl V 4 1 I 4 i l nf, ' v Mike Lambeth vu A WJ, fq W Zv- X 2 ? v Steve Yates MEAN ,fn L ,N F 73, 9 .v ' ' ' : gs ..9'. Q' n ffl'- ifii- will COACHES IE sl 1 jay Vaughn , F 'imma f -- 2 ?'. 7 Bill Wightman '5 .3 Gxfili ' Tommy Stowe ,yan ' X z ,, Bob Cloninger GREEN ., if --Q.. 3? 1- x . Q x, ' X 4 e ,.,,.g'- M 5 , . f A x 5 'se . ' ' g 2' . 'Q ab f - Q3 -3 A A W Sy , 1 f f ' s ' 3? . r , , , ,, f rf' E. ,-N ff XJ ' ali' Richard Welch l Wi- , ROCKY RIVER - ALL - CONFERENCE All Conference, Tim Furr, fnot pictured, Tim Yatesjg Honorable Mention, Phil Smith, Charlie Talbert, jeff Rice, Perry Freeze , ... ff if R 3 'i' ' '4-1 'QQ A 'WK f tell: ' .'.1:'AE wx .- 5 's 1 4 tr -,go -F 5, V Af' :MV :vi b ,.., .. ., , , K aff' ' ' ff- 4' xy V:-' fr' xi' -- 78 wwf' Congratulations! Victory over Northwest 7-6 In the Rain! nam pu . :1fa',,K . z 9 2 3 we-Q ,,. . g Q Q A Q , 4 1 ggv:'5g's.- .J 1, '1 9 31 , K Q f ,V . 1 lj s. , Charlie Talbert, Quarterback Allen Kindley, Quarterback Ricky Iordan, Flanker Wic Neal, Flanker Aaron Hagler, Flanker Mark Diorio, Flanker WX! w,",', 1-H, fniifaa- e v 4.53 P LJQM4 80 Tim Furr, Defensive I-lalfback Perry Freeze, Fullback Robert Carr, Nose Guard 4-LA P5 Randy Jones, Line Backer Randy Thomas, Tackel .... .- .4 1 .:-'- 5' 3.i2' 5: . wg' ft t5..,.l' I .3 Lee Wright, Defensive Halfback Ricky Wilk9l'50I1u 5fI0l'lg Safety V 7 Af. , ,. f.. 3 -, g1,.4f" . ' . 5 if 'f , ' 5 3 .lf . A . L " " Q 4- L g"'1i ' kms? 9 -Q 1' wt ., 1' ' f s M - ,, 2 gf wi , 1 .V 'gif' ,L i ' Q ff . . 'E 151'-233-1 'fi-1' ' '- I -K' ' Y , il 9 . fg M. , laEE?fgiL,,,ggg1s X I " 'ff' i ffwfll . Q WW- ,JQQ XX Ioel McGee, Center Tim Yates, Line Backer fx., f E Q ' ,V . 4 f. Phil Smith, Running Back we I me .f ,., Barry Mason, Tailback Mike Deese, Defensive Halfback ,v V. Q .v-J 5 1:1 , Cary Blafkf Tiifkel jeff Rice, Defensive End Scott Iohnson, Center 5 " 5 ,wi-mN,.4"' r X ff'Q'Q' 'YQQ Qjffsjm le M Ms. G A , Q f 'W Q 32 X :rj M, David Glass, Guard Randy Buck, Guard Greg Womack, End f ,Nh ,err E 'iv' M X W 1 Id '. 4A , Q ,, kprif.- - 1 :f'z-f'-'AT ' r K K T5 A ,, " .Ng,.. '11 rs e xv 1 fr PZ Steve Hartsell, Tackel Marion johnson, Tackel Lexy Stowe, Nose Guard vig 1 "-22? ta .wi X ..?l'3... E... il 3443- A- Larry Rollins, Tackle Danny Robinson, Tackle Gary Clark, Guard ,ii L ig. Rusty Miller, Tackle .laxat- Q 'Q 1-:V . . .x'.:1 4' 'A " " -f? wr' - . -.. ,J 1.23m Robert Broome, End David Buck, End Terry Edwards, End 81 f 4 s 2 p x ' '52 44"-15? ' Q ' ' ,J 5 .5 ff , I i, I, , Danny Broadway, End Mark Clause, Flanker fm 145 83 if -EZ xr m. fi: 'Uh 84 I -1 EQ. fo WPKNN dGfy 3 x Q: -15, W Q 1'1" X . 3 'HJ' .H , ? Y S x 9 as '24 , . .Ing Sr'-fl K 4 0, 1976 - 77 VARSITY BASKETBALL Assistant Coach Bob Clonninger and Head Coach Earl Mason 1, ga.,,gg,,.-.,..,w,.,.. . ,,,.,,, ---Wg.-'ve-M wg: Manager Donnie Winecoff, Coach Earl Mason, Tim Furr, Danny Broadway, David Buck, Randy Iones, Wesley McClean, Robert Broome, Randy Thomas, jeff Blackwelder, Ricky Parker, Barry Mason, Aaron Hagler, Coach Bob Clonninger, Scorekeeper Pam Hough. 86 as , xy W aviewff ff" O . C-Cam vngglfagg ffflnl ,I - u. Y? i 5-.,, , M 9 gENTRlJz QENTRIXL 2 HHHAHRU5 QQEARR QENTRHI zu , JWWHHHRV gimmz zz ,S WIKRRU gENTRRl WSDHRU' Ieff Blackwelder David Buck Robert Broome Randy jones Randy Thomas VARSITY LADY VIKS Sona Barbee, Tammy Smith, Managers. Lydia Phillips, Nese Drye, Suzanne Freeman, Susan Hartsell, Sandra Webster, Durethia Bost, Yvonne Burch, l Debbie Mann, Lauren Potts, Pat Govan, johnna Cochran, Stacy Sides. Cindy Hodges, Scorekeeper. Georgia Roberson, Coach. Coach Georgia Roberson 90 BASKETBALL All that pushing and shoving out there on the floor Makes you wish that you had known before That the game would be a free-for-all With all of the players diving after the ball The other team hoops and you wonder what's happened It seems to be that your center was just flattened Some other chump hit her right in the nose With one of those wild flying elbows You decide you'll have to play dirty too So you trip one girl just before she shoots The ref doesn't see it, you're in the clear Which makes you think he just had a beer "Does the ref need glasses" the other team yells Our coach yells back "Your team smells" You won't try to rebound if you're smart Cause all you'll get is an elbow to the heart Don't worry if you ever miss a shot Kareem Abdul Iabbar you're certainly not The game finally ends, the ref collapses Falls right down on his new pair of glasses We won the game by only three We'll run tomorrow, you wait and see. Lisa Raye fri? ' .S J if A.ff 2 if ' 572519. 'Mlm YV J' Q14 mvvg , -,,, N-if - 6 gf 1. 3 E2 1 L B if 1 ZZ' R K Q 5 'in ' .H figlilll ?2 2 Q Q? 2 . M . . bs -git. f- , S L 3 IIT!! as ani I Q L N EI! 5 is Qf'wA:- 94 UIRJIX-OS I 4 I - X Z, ' fa RK I! 'N wi. Y if- x ' w gvsk - 1' it. f . r fp ' S '14 , as pf - ' ff ' 22" " 1 fi X ,,. - r.: ,P 5 X 4 , . 1 4 2 ' 4. Q .R -Y 'K ' 'n' 'I I 3 ' .W 0 1 ,,,, ' " X 1: v' 0 K: ' Z:-f 4.. 95 Q av" J X, Q ff! ARK? ,fa-ff' -49 smxx m w fff .-"""' ., 1 x, . f x -gr, X A, ,, my 955 f 'ct A Q 1 ' 1 't bfi ' 3 thai -ff if No. 1 I.V. VIKS ,,j sf N -as A X A fx W .f xpan 'lst Row: Howard Foster, jimmy Hughes, David Heaton, David Yates, Greg johnson, Steve Gullege, Alan Perez, Timmy Foster, Stacey Cochran, Tony Thompson, Tommy Gill. 2nd Row: Phil Cranford, Tony Parish, Cary Yates, Ronnie Jones, joey Clark, Mike Measimer, Mike Ewing, Roger Hartsell, Chris Herrera, Jerome Little, Scotty Cochran, Norman McCachren. 3rd Row: George Stacey, Carl Paxmer, Kevin Kennedy, Iohn Reid, Ieff Miller, Billy Sistare, Eddie Hartsell, Mike Honeycutt, Trent Short, Chris Harrington, Ernie McCain, Roger Fuller. 4th Row: Butch Townsend, Brady Honeycutt, Kevin Sherill, Mitch Edwards, Cliff Ford, Tim Glass, Kevin Edwards, Darrell Ewing, Ieff Hatley. J 1 ww: A 1 ?3r .f sy? aw' ffl, r if Captains: Stacey Cochran, Gregg Johnson, Brady Honeycutt, Billy Sistare, Cliff Ford. 98 X W , wif f L, 1 " ,".,m1 4 ' L., ,314 rw -'Y X fn A ,A 'hi lf, OFFENSE J va f Af' U C 'thaw x DEFENSE w 0 , WA, Q.. DMV 9, U. v . znw.1.'x..,..o.-.4,.,,s..w1-HSN-n"'fT5w41??-'?5'f"..' ,J 'A This is the second year the Baby Viks have been unde feated. Their record includes 18 wins and 2 ties. Congratu lations I.V. g, ' 6 EV? 'gf :aw Q :Jn 'QF'- YP '- 51? J, fifgi l,2 rggL'y": ,J :3":'?525 3 M.-, , . 2',Cv,q 101 BARRINGERS BABY VIKS 1st row: Teddy Griffin, Kevin Kennedy, Gregg Johnson, johnny Eudy, Carl Farmer, Bryant Stafford, Kevin Sherrill, Iames House, john Beatty. 2nd row: Coach Robert Barringer, Dennis Ioyner, Mark Sapyta, David Broome, Brady Huneycutt, Ieff Shipp, Avery Love, Tim Glass, Mike Sapyta, Charles Miller Marion johnson f b f L ,f 1, Coach Robert Barringer 102 nf, Q... ,,, Q 3 gs 5 33. fx x ef A ' F' fr . baix f ...f .,g ,, i kuw ' ' x , O . . Ai' Q i , of a W, s Xa aw' 5- iS V I ff' 731 BABY VIKINGETTES lst Row: Lisa Peeler, Angie Deese, Susie Love, Lynn Ross, Natalie Harris, Angie Stegall, Starr Seaford, Karen Wilkerson. 2nd Row: Ian Halley, Manager Gillette johnson, Scorekeeper, Debra Kirk, Beth Poole, Angela Shue, Donna Hinson, Nita Drye, Iohnna Morrison, Manager. Sarah Pryor, Coach. GL-9 if., ,WIKI ang-Bgbt' ' .45 G Coach Sarah Pryor 106 - 3 is ii V my Y WS V f as A 2 Q' 2, ' fb J, P 'fa , 4, A ! is , s U' 0 fo 13 33 ' ,U 6 , MR- xy a 1 r 2. 4-'vff' t"'z2l4 1976 - 77 VARSITY WRESTLERS '75, 'Vil- "Y"' 9 4' A.. 1st Row: jeff Sossoman, jeff Black, Wic Neal, Tommy Furr, Mark Diorio, Kevin Edwards, Phil Harris. 2nd Row: Robert Carr, Freddie Williams, Dennis Garmon, Scott johnson, Mike Ewing, jeff Rice, Ronnie Iones, Don Davis. 3rd Row: Mark Clouse, Terry Edwards, Coach Lambeth, Donald Calderwood, Vance Howell. I.V. Matmen lst Row: Danny Christy, Chris Herrera, Ieff Smith, Tim Foster, Darrell McCauly, Hemian Edmond, Willie Hunt, Dick Clark. 2nd Row: Alan Godfrey, Chris Stancil, Aaron Currie, Gary Yates, Ernie McCann, George Stacey, Cliff Ford, Billy Sistare, Coach Mike Lambeth. 110 eng... 1 gn' , Y Y- "'.: , t . . A , 'fi f ' 1 - -3-H Nw-mums A f 'YAP ,A 'K........,, C Matmaids 111 The Swingers - Girl's Tennis lst Row: Lisa BlackwelderLEina twell, Alex jenkins, Donna Williams, Vicki Yow, Marla Goodman, 2nd Row: Ann Howie, Kathy Statham, Go Teeter! Mitchie Hathcock, Linda Lowder, Angela Byrd, Terri Teeter. N! LU f X O 0950 A X in V ri V :Q 1 x . Come on girls! Coach Georgia Roberson 112 THE MEN N THE COURT -TENNIS "'ll.lllll:Eaa-- lin All llllllllllillI:::::lllgiil5 I llllllll 4:2-,,,,,,!!!!!Ill!!!!C!I!lIlIll!IlI!llllZ 'u15!.,::ii:::::::: :EH-Ill-llllly u nlllllllgm-lll llll MII .rhlllgnlllllililllI,lIlllllllll.llilin.' I, a - i- ff, ,,f' 'A 1 ..W 2, , me i-'P 'fe - i-.la--'N -1' Kneeling - Dale Hartsell, Roger Fuller, Standing - Carl Cruse, Joey B uchanan, Chip Covington, Chip Chitwood, David Griffith Varsity Baseball Team sv 1st Row: Tony Kiker, Ricky Wilkerson, Ricky jordan, Danny Broadway, Tim Furr, Gary Clark, Carl Council. 2nd Row: Shelton Hames Tracy Kee Joel McGee, Ronnie l-loneycutt, Ionathan Robbins, Greg johnson, Terry Edwards, 3rd Row: Coach Robert Barringer, Carol Barbee, Statistician Susan Furr Scorekeeper, jeff Rice, Ricky Parker, Charlie Talbert, Kim Barbee, Statistician, Assistant Coach Mitch Sherrill. ' er'-X Q X 1' 'WU f ' ci , ,ff l 'iv ' ,V ' . ' ' 1 4 4 it ll X 6 1 , if A ,t 1 K , 7 fx ' 1 X4 , 'Q ' 2 v ' xv a ll' ll4 2 4.8! ,xt ,Mn :A . x' :,: ,:, K K 2' .Luz , :ns n.z.L .Q FF W 5 f, ' :jf ' : '15 ?:f I f '31 f 'gi gash? :Qt 3 4155- ,xi j -Kr' zum' :jjf , , 'gg st,-,r 3 'QQ' 2f25: ,.:fff V: ff' .13 Q ., 75 C535 Flfi f ifff l 1 an-1:4 'A Z: .-: , fxffgg' : f? .T ff el' ' ' ' ,gg FM ffl , 5 , E,E,' :3f :' 4 , . V' fx rfb, -f ff. iff ,, - - 4 W .arf -Q" 1' . grws' ,qlzfw I 451: '-',tg,f,:,g'q, ,':a,5,',. , ,- is aj- --ui my V7 .6 .-. ,+,,'f,,,, ,I , Nm . iw, V A .Nvf 4 K 'Q XTJHIR' 'T' Xl' ' C N'xlsIAr'f,' Xl " f x 75 g i I.V. SLUGGERS 'V 'V f! l M v, 'QW ii: C0 . ' f -:fn ' . jim" k 4jAx'L 4 ' in 1 'r 5 vi - 1 ',,, , , Coach Weart - the Squirt AGQ 0 x Stati sticians, Cindy Morgan ' if X. IKWEQ 'dir' , Kim Beamer 1st Row: Cindy Morgan, Mike Cheek, Tommy Gill, Carl Farmer, Mark Clouse, Tommy Furr, Iamie Wade, Kevin Edwards, Tony Thompson, Carl Little Kim Beamer. 2nd Row: Gary Weart, David Little, Stacy Cochran, Scott johnson, Carl Council, Charles Miller, Ieff Rice, Ricky Wilkerson, Kenny Clay Iames Benjamin, Perry Freeze, Mike McCall. 116 MEA GREEN GOLF TEAM 'G An 1 - 1 . .4 Eddie Hartsell, Danny Robinson, Lane Ross,Coach Mike Lambeth, Ieff Dover, Scott Terrence VIKING THINCLADS Coach hm Lyerly Coach Tommy Stowe I-...Y Scorekeepers X K 54" ,..- See you at the finish line! 3, .6-fw -Q.-,. .al-'I Sco rekeepezs 1, ff4f' W .ml .3:4'wA33Q J . ' Ale .BMW Cl gxqpwi M W, Gnu? bmq 4 MQW Q, WUJJLC2 xy JCUHM KCQNLQJ LXCYQN ,,, Q-BCQOCS JCCWMLQ A K'WXSvk omggxb v D . Q Xblm Llkwwx Mohd QXUT' CK L, QL OOXCUJ 509483 'W' QVNQYX LNNL CMAQ, Lpcvugxvwb x 1920313 Qwf LIYEQLJ ivcbyx ' jg tv' ,Rf CYKQJ W' YQAM5 CL lwklxlikfklgf v Q Qu. QM wi SGML CS-LLWN Nm,91jCLvCL2'1Q B+ Q, A J. ok QM XIX' V wxrwL. ui 'L wi XQQXN bpm Xgfx QLAQQQA H Q QM Lifgfxxw QCLW Xxgvw L , LW Y. X fb!wxmxNn4N947" KXQJJ fy XXX jf F z'ig:"'2 I ' 'x . WTA' ' 1 Aw'E" 1 ' V' in , . ,K,L U . W, , l ,. .-l,,,E5M, 121 4 ,R if s ffl! Q - il, ., ,, Q ' if .. ., ,f hiv 1 6 X 5 f ef f 'XVI Q., 'if' Y? f y " vff ,f ' Q A. 'fp ,jjj ,,,2gAq XQ 3 Q 9 x ,nf 1 ,M I V W .x ,U . 4 f , 1 'f ' ' . ' , :A ,'54-'if-Mm , 4, l 1 4 if .. xp. yggi, ,., X b .5 fg?Vg,!V. T Tfifgffw ' f :Q giifffi' ' if-f:V'8Z, Q ' 1 " 'A N: fy.: I r , J ,, f'1'?iF"'1,f aw ' V ' P' i EX' ' x 'Y K W H ,A 'K .-fi V ' ' v gf-4 V ,, 1 .gg fy . 'Sf 'mf-'4a':, 3' I , ' '- -w , NS ' f' . 'y xi xl!-..,. I VI .Lx W , vs, ,f ne,,, ?1 f , X v . , A X f , VJ- ' H fag. In ,V ,5 4' 1 , . , A 'w?" 'f. A . - , ' .. Z-4 -,,,,, 4, ...Q 4',f9 - v ' w A ., J ' W' 'Q g, v f Q , fr , 'wi . we 'WA' , 1 we . , W X - . ,fa v . 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I Q ' 1+ -n 'Q fi? .f 1' s QM Q Susan Hartsell and Tim Furr Mike Deese and Diane McCann Sonja Barbee and Terry Edwards Gary Clark and Stacy Sides Susan Shoe and Mark Diario 1,9 V 4-1' Lai i Robert Carr and Beverly Bradshaw Angie Furr and Danny Broadway Ricky Wilkerson and Susie Love .SS x a X , 5 i A f fr' . , , -f s . Allen Kindley and Angie Deas Connie Hartsell and Ricky jordan Phillip Smith and Robin Godfrey Peggy Quesenberry and Lee Wright Mark Clouse and Lisa Haigler Ralf' ' f , 'pf ' , I r ,ff H' , 3 , , A, ' 'xl'-' w , W 1 x , 'C 'fa- gg- 1:6 fix , wi 5 it ,fy Yuki! 4 iff! M2 i y 'S' af' 3355, 1 4. My ' . .X t ,,gl??'l. AJ, .A aw' .13 x. ,N 1 Debra Weathers and Randy jones David Buck and Beverly Plummer Lisa Peelef and SCON l0l'm50I1 126 f , , ,gf Wic Neal and Angie Stegall , , I , X ' . , xg-Q. , Q C YR A .J , , W I 1 . ' 9 1 5 3 if .v-Y X, - " " Af . V f .. , 51: , if , Q 4 fo if ' -. 1 f V lil ' K Cheryl Pigg and Ieff Rice Barry Mason and Corliss Love A ,V 5' V. ,, Q? x N ,ellm , Robert Broome and Iulie Benfield Randy Bl-lCk and Wanda Kee "1 . -5 "1 if " , ct 1 mba ml: fgifx X V XX x C Q .1 ef , , E3 - r 1- -S ' pf ' Zliilfpfigh U ' ' X' ' .. e-2 . S. K: W ' ' 1 . W l w, 3 -K Q40 , .,.. . s If .si ff, ' U Marion Iohnson and Carolyn Rounds Aaron Hagler and Vicki Conner Perry Freeze and Lisa Vinsett Miss Cabarrus County Ir. Miss Miss Angie Griffin 7 mv 'Eff . K g '38 Y' ,Moz QW MF ,ff .f,.:9' .,,, R fw- if.. , A ,f w v YW!! WJ 97' Q " L 4 '. .0 in ,,..,, nf- . 1,,,r:4,,e FZ ':: 'wx .. ' 9 W, 0 . ,L . . , ws . ss, ' So M Q4 22 3 , K 3,40 ......-. W .,., ' MW., my f -'gf 1' 234, fra "'1' g .. . Qgyi..re,,.,':2:2f2,V: ii gf yil W 'fi if ,5"f:?i1f 'gffiff '3f?11W:' E :rf A-1 , ly 1 .O 4 ,v Q x, , ...fr f , H .':'Lr4:f-'3 V 3? ,Z 117 'Y ff 4- " 3 - .V ' , :my ' f ,, ,A ,l cf f z 5 ,. ,V . ,fm rv' , 'L' Q, . -f A A ,LI " v. ,. - M .1 H f " f , ,J yi' A -, RQ- yy K, I , .MA . Jr. ' f W '-'ffm ' 'f ,Ft went' .f Miss Central Cabarrus Miss Angie Griffin X Ist Runner - up Miss Carol Barbee N Znd Runner - up Miss Pam Hough Iudges Award X M K k F kuzawa 131 f 2 1 The 1977 Miss Central Cabarrus is crowned 1 X 5 Y .5 xi ' S 7 ' Q . '-61, .,. 'vi Mh',,, Q' ig .i,. Q H Q, 9 G X" 1 'Aw if Governors School DAR Good Citizen ,iff X04 Rusty Miller, David Little Tamara Brown SPEC Participants Girls' State Boys' State K 'X X lk ',.,,i', K f ' ,- it - . S, 1 ' -,.. A - "W -N , A. ., . . ., M Angie Griffin Ieff Campbell, Tim Love Exchange Students '07 -if 'bf ai rx lst Row: Eric Misenhimer, Trina Morris, Carol Oxendine, Kathy Barr. 2nd Row: Susan Kissiah, Marguerite McLean, Kim johnson, Terri Teeter, Sandra Webster, 135 Presidential Classroom Cindy Hodges, Susan Hartsell, Kim Hoyle, Donna Williams Marshals UHZOP-++-1DfN+-423563710 Student Council Leadership Class Student Council Officers Pres. Pierre Russell, 1stV.P. Susan Hartsell: 2nd V.P, Lydia Phillips, Sec. Tony Thompson, Treas. Iaime Ruff, Advisor Norma Sanko The Student Council is active in local, district, state, and National Student Council Association. We have performed numerous services throughout the 1976-1977 school year. These include: Welcome Back Dance, sewing at the ROTC Banquet, providing handicapped parking facilities, contributing to the Peace Corps, decorating the lobby at Christmas, relettering the entrance sign, sponsor- ing the bloodmobile, giving a farewell tea to Mr. Katayama, and contributing to the Ensembles' Florida tour, Overall the Student Council was very successful this year in its attempt to unify the faculty members and the students. National Honor Society Pres. Angie Griffinp V. P. joe Hartsellg Sec. Wanda Brooksp Treas, Becky Fu National Math Club 'Tl' ch T T L Pres, Angie Griffin: V. P. Bonnie Munson: Sec, Ann Marie McEa erng reas. Iunior - Senior Beta Club L. ,u..., 13.44. 4. Pres. Roxanne Mulhsg V. P, Phoebe Barbee: Sec. Beverly Plummerp Treas. Susan Shoe Freshman - Sophomore Beta Club P es. Tony Thompsong V. P. Terri Teet Sec. 8: Treas. Teresa Kellis A 'l Centarune Staff E Editor, Maria Lanning, Associate Editor, Peggy Quesenberryg Advisor, Mrs. Kelly Cochrane ,f 4. Editor, Tamara Brown, Associate Editor, Cindy Rhodes: Advisor, Miss Kathleen Gore 142 'Q Pres. Paula Cagleg V. P, Ann Eflrd: Sec. Becky Carrikerp Treas, Sabrina Goodman l an l' -Q Msn Pres. joe Hartsellp V. P. Bob Robertsp Sec, Michelle Laneyp Program Chairman Kelly Hinson Keyette Club v-i-I T. f 5 ...- ......,. 5... ,......-. 3 as Pres. Patty Mickey: V.P, Iulia Linkerp Sec. Tammy Hughesp Treas. Diane McCannp Rep. Robin Burgess Ir. Civitan Club A ...Wi 'I :I Pres. Tammy McCarver5 V. P. Cathy Hartsellg Sec. Penny Popep Treas. Susan Shoe -s-....... ' 2 Spanish Club 0 1 e ,fx Y- Pres. Dana Hopkinsp V. P. Donna Hendrixp Sec, Kay Greeng Treas. Ben Burr 3' Pres. Angie Griffin, V, P. Tim Love: Sec. 8: Treas. Stephanie Sherrill 145 L li .,:r :W V-- K!gVi..T.L,, Y AiQ1.,:f Peer Counselors Av... 0- -A-" v- - L. f" ' J I .Xi W A "E13'A'Tl+q fir-if Advisors: Miss Gore, Mrs. Hudson Library Club Qllllll , M . ,, Pres. David Guffeyg V. P. joe1McCeeg Sec. Sherry Crenshawp Treas. Mark Clouse Injglws ! Varsity Club Pres. Randy Thomas: V. P. Tim Furrp Sec. Yvonne Burchg Treas. Randy Iones w o I.V. Vlking Club QT, Q, Pres. Gregg johnsong V. P. Karen Honeycuttp Sec. Sheri Teeterg Treas. Lisa Peeler Pep Club Pres. Emily Edmondsg V. P. Ioy Whiddenp Sec. 6: Treas. Sam Broadway Pres, Gary Wyrickg V. P. Terry Russellp Sec, Belinda Barrierp Treas. Tracie Cochran WY SCF? 3 A 'Ui EKQXSF3 55315855 1 C Deca Pres. Harry Heldery V. P. Marsha Wilsonp Sec. Debbie R . 2, R Y-34 ,f eevesg Treas. Cammie Dorton Future Homemakers of America Pres, Patti Hinsong V. P. Kim Miller: Sec. Cheryl Piggy Treas. Kay Heintz Future Teachers of America P s. Tamara Browng Treas, Deborah Honeycutt FFA - Advanced Class P Yl.llllll5llf'A P es. Txm Lowderg V. P. Carl Cruseg Sec. Tommy Floweg Treas. Edwin Tuck Future Farmers of America Pres. Bill Ionesg V. P. H. N. Bostp Sec. Norman Coleyp Treas. Billy Mann n Central Cabarrus WW Marching Vikings OO Riflegirls Flaggirls f i X, K, Emily Edmond, Cynthia Aycoth, Drum Majors Mr, Donald Addis, Band Director mn. ... msd ' . 551 flu CONCERT CHOIR W .J J gf VIKING CHCIR f j, ,-QR, iii. 156 CC. Members of the Cabarrus County Ensemble -gk , We 1 u Q za? EE Q if A ? , ack J fi' ke a Whittington, Patty Mickey, Viking Choir directors Alex Ien- 'lsf Terri Teeteff ACC0mPani5t5 Stephanie Sherrill Mr. Richard Keasler, Director Concert Choir Accompanist 157 - Bus Drivers 11 Us-uv i Graphics Cosmetology .Ik Stu X3 WJBSWIL Health Occupations IN N.C. 51st AFIROTC C33 41 52 YE x? fp CONCORD, NL. ?f Squadron TlSgt. Wxllxam R. Shreve USAF1ret.J C010 STAFF FLIGHT "A FLIGHT "B FLIGHT "C 162 wi' - in 'O J .-. I, 13, Q 1 N .,l hi ' M . . yi , . 4 J A Y Qs? W Eaiiz . ff' . ' . I F Q iss " ug ' 'Q :X I 1 sm, r. ' 'K f' gg: ,' ' ' 9 U 5' f x I. , ,.,.,,.,.. f UI G-S L I . WV. 4 I . ,k A A11 '-f 00 'A WOMENS DRILL TEAM RIFLE DRILL TEAM Principal, Mr. M. L. Barnes L-.J X, K WT: H 1,4-,s1"" 2 , ' I 4d!"""-1, X' w f, -x Assistant Principal, Mr. Earl Mason F, WW x.i-x. Secretary, Mrs. Thelma Silliman I4 ..g k.?,, . ' x 3 ' mo ,I x f W L X u r Q , A. T' ,. - Sk ,..:'E. ..,..... hvffv vw" K aw Sw fl Cabarrus County Qfficials S U P E R I N T E N D E N T A S S CJ C I A T E Counselors Mrs. Iuanita Query, counselor ,ju , Mrs. Pauline Putnam, counselor 5 5 as ' 555 Mrs, Katherine McQueen, secretary 169 CUSTODIANS x nl, Jug ., ge-gi, - Qxi,,,,.g.'t ,, 'sg--4.6 K l. ,, Q ' he y- fd 44' l - N X, ,XPS 1t,.- V' I Wi, ' P 7 -K S ,if ' vs. , 'QT' Ll ' . 4 . s' .ya 1,1 CAFETERIA WORKERS fy 1' "1 ggxwx 32: 'fs-l x ffl iw' 5 5 E, 4' 5 lst Row: Myrtle Howell, Catherine Barringer, Rena Hatley, Carolyn Morton, Margie Rice.2nd Row: Ioan Saunders, Helen Hatley, Rachel Wyati, Howard Edith Auten. 170 Welcome To Deaton Homes Bobby L. Deaton, Sr. is a builder with years of experience and scores of satisfied home owners. Consider this when you want your next home built just for you Q your family. l 455 5406 8. 782 8182 if Deaton Homes 5 -. - - ,- - V- A W I Mlllilllltll.. Flowers for All Occasions X1 And Fruit Baskets Phone 455-2294 MRS. JANIE QUEEN Owner X5 ' 'Z RQ' fwlb-gif. WWI! 6 Ni HARRISBURG FLORIST lil it W .ll'.'l lm TASTQN ' V s-A ' -' S- Harrisburg and Concord I Managed by Batty and Flalchsl Littll I APOLLO RESTAURANT U. S, 29 North, Harrisburg, N. C. f I.. SKICIWI Across FYOITI CIIBYIOYIB MOTO? SPUBGWBY I For food out ot this world . , t y our famous Apollo Burger CITIZENS SAVIIIGS Concord Harrisburg Kannapolls Jenrvie Martin Art SUPPIIGS , Custom Framing FOIL S, lmconvolmfn Scrap lron-Steel Scrap Metals FRAME AND ART BATTERlEs - STRUCTURAL STEEL SHQPPE :X P. O. Box 296 4 HARRlssuRc, N. c. 28075 A 'Y Telephone 4555134 329 Highway 49 Omce: 4555307 Harrisburg, N. C. 28075 Res: 4552020 TUCKER FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE CO., INC. 2 Locations .... Kannapolis, Midland "We Service What We SeIl" RCA "' ZENITH " WHIRLPOOL " GE THE CROSS ROADS TIRE STORE Wholesale and Retail Tire Service Expert Recapping Hwy. 601 81 27 Int. Midland, N. C. l 172 Compliments of TEAMSTERS LOCAL UNION NO. 71 5000 North Tryon Street Charlotte, North Carolina M....,,wN-N Xs GENE'S SHORTSTOP HIT A HOME RUN EVERY TIME 1091 Old Charlotte Highway an THE couconn Rl? NA'rloNAl. BANK Phone 782-6443 HINSON'S GENERAL STORE AND GRILL 1180 Old Charlotte Rd. Telephone 786-5155 Fleetwood Shopping Center Telephone 786-8714 - Personal Loans - Auto Loans - Savings Accounts - Checking Accounts MAIN OFFICE f 782-2141 NORTH OFFICE X 782-2141 HARRISBURG OFFICE I 455-2141 MT. PLEASANT OFFICE X 436-6531 TIME PAYMENT DEPT. I 782-2141 FLORIDA STEEL DRUM COMPANY, INC. P. O. Box 168 Harrisburg, North Carolina 28075 ROBERTA FACTORY OUTLET Men's 81 Ladies Wearing Apparel MIDLAND AUTO PARTS, INC 'Name Brand Merchandise p. 0, BOX 198 Intersection Hwy. 49 81 601 Midland, N. C. 28107 COUCOYCI, N- C- Phone 888-2441 Phone 786-3816 "We Get Off On CROSS ROAD SERVICE 8. GROC. Highway 601 Phone 786-7215 Butch Honeycutt The Query and Noland l.adies From North Carolina!" BOB 8- BETTY JONES Portland, Oregon The Beaver State of the Pacific Northwest DOVER'S SUPER MARKET, INC. 557 Cabarrus Ave. USDA Choice Meats Quality Produce 81 Low Prices Locally Owned Phone 782-2117 or 782-2118 I FLEETWOOD FABRIC SHOP Material and Accessories 355 Union Cemetery Road Concord, North Carolina Luke 81 Louise Robinson, Owners Known for Quality 81 Senlice HARRISBURG FABRIC 8. FASHION 402 Morehead Rd. Harrisburg, N. C. Phone 455-2312 . For The Finest in Fabrics Simplicity 81 Kwik Sew Patterns Notions - Tricot - Lace - Trims Also Lessons given in Sewing of Lingerie ROCK'N JEANS 498 Church St., N. Concord, N. C. Owners: Mike 81 Judy Burris Phone 788-2414 Jeans for Guys 81 Gals Boogie on ln! lIilUS'S Gill clDli2i1cI3uiNw-vt , J I YH Ill YIIISI H I IK YIIIUY ll IILICIWIY IIIPIIII FOOD! Ill I CHI Slllllldl 01 IIYEIIIB Mu our mu noun on Q Wt-Q nnuucl on Q! uvnvmm :Irv lomluu l E. l. MORRISON LUMBER CO. LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIAL 267 Corban Ave., S. W. Concord, N. C. Phone 7862164 ..,,.,..----' " ""' '-N... le " " Sn COURTEOUS 'E CHQICE SERVICE '-5'-E """"" Mile? I I FRESH VEGETABLES' Get The Best I Over 15 years experience -Call Best-Way In Traffic Safety Instruction STONY GAP FISH HOUSE INC. Two Locations to Serve You Concord 81 Albemarle We Feed You Good For Take-Ou-t Orders or Private Parties in Concord - Call 786-5614 BEST-WAY DRIVING SCHOOL Suite G-10 'IAIbemarle Center" 4822 Albemarle Road Charlotte, N. C. 28205 BRUCE D. WAGONER C7041 455-5225 Home C7041 536-1938 NO uvwmc Av! , 5 I y 1 I -J . sf. .9 x' STEAK HOUSE Concord, Rt. 29 North YOUNG CLEANERS "We Strive to Please" 340 Church St., N. Phone 786-3011 1 CM I 'Auf Ov Q M92 Of" Ujfcbt Jg,f.og.fgg o ull'--Q X910-,OL Ov I Q, 'X f LL, A ,1 , L I 1 7 g , , , - MV ,.eo,.1f life' ,'ecffrecwf1ef+9f'Lr'U NV ARMY AUMJKLLXC ftpg QC V I. JUXCWULLL gp.UJf, ' X A T , in 'loo -fWuL'1N V O F05 Q G ,QL V ' ' K www aw V X Q V. w Oli- fubtbbg-V, Q J MTNQL D L xii I A Luvvywxum ' 'QLX' XM X-j'l,CiLVv' VL KM X ff C' j QCD? CL NQQA-lfQ""' THE A. G. BOONE COMPANY 1812 W. Morehead Street P. 0. Box 8003 Charlotte, North Carolina 28208 I 177 Where You Can Have a Sundae Everyday f',,-- 4, ,- , ,P Q-, Sundae 1- Fm J TYNQ 672010 M 6' 'C LY in ,pf , Soft lce Cream ,- 338 Q " Sundaes - Shakes P EPS: Banana Splits s Delicious - ' Compliments Hamburgers - Hot Dogs - French Fries Of HWy,27,g,601 THE PEPSI COLA BOTTLING CO. Midland, NC of Charlotte, North Carolina Phone 888-4200 Congratulations Seniors CHRlSTY'S NURSERY 8. LANDSCAPING SERVICE LAWSON BONDS STUDIO PORTRAIT AND COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY 38 Union Street South Highwayzg S Concord, N. C. 782-4637 Phone 782-6922 CONCURD 5 KANNAPULIS PLANTS K CONCRETE N A SUPPLY 1 470 MCGI LL AVE. -CONCORD 1 CONCRETE SUPPLY COMPANY READY-Mixer: CONCRETE 26 TH STREET EXT.-KANNAPOLIS MAIL-P.O. BOX 508 CONCORD, NORTH CAROLINA 28025 TELEPHCNE 782 -4187 933-2737 HARRISBURG LIONS CLUB Compliments of ROBINSON'S, INC. Specialty Shop for COHEFHTUIHTGS WOMEN - MISSES - JUNIORS Class of '77 3 Union St. S - Phone 782-2811 Concord, North Carolina HUNTLEY JEWELERS, INC. FOOD SHELF SEIKO WATCHES Gas A Gros. Cochran's Gin Fertilizer 81 Seeds Snapper Mowers 8t Tillers Owners: Clyde Dellinger, Jr. J. L. Cochran Quality Merchandise Reasonably Priced KEEPSAKE DIAMOND DEALER CENTRAL CABARRUS CLASS RINGS By: John Roberts, Gold-Lance, R. Johns Phone 782-4621 561 Cabarrus Ave. Concord, N. C BONNIE'S HAIR FASHIONS 539 Caba rrus Ave. W. 786-6710 We style women's and men's hair Owner 81 Operator - Bonnie Shoaf Operator- Billie Smith ATI-il.ETlC S 84 SPORTING GOODS 409 some TRYON srl Posr orrics sox 2:19 CHARLOTTE, N. c. moi moo 334-oa95 HK YOUR HAPPY SHOPPING STORE Carolina Mall Hwy. 29 Concord, N. C. .V .,,, .,,r,. Cone fabrics have stood for freedom from the start...since 1895, when Americans started living in them. One of our early offerings was Cone deeptone denim. And we soon became the leading manufacturer of this famous fabric. Next came corduroy. Once the fabric of kings, it became just as popular among Americans of all ages. But Cone didn't stop there. ln fact, denim and corduroy are just two of the many fabrics that have won acclaim for Cone Mills in its 81 year rt it history. Today, with 22 modern plants, Cone creates a whole line of quality fabrics for casualwear, sportswear, sleepwear, uniforms and career apparel. Fabrics for home-decorating and home- sewing--even polyurethane foam--are now a part of the Cone family of products. The almost 14,500 employees of Cone Mills are proud of their part in creating the basic fabrics that are the backbone of American casual fashion...and proud of the freedom each fabric gives you. Would you like to be a part ol the Cone team? Contact us at any of our plant locations in the following communities: Cliffside, Forest City, Gibsonville, Greensboro, Haw River, Henrietta, High Point, Hillsborough, Pineville, Reidsville, Salisbury, North Carolinag Carlisle, Cheraw, Greenville, South Carolina, Tupelo, Mississippi. People live im 'gs P, CUT-RITE UPHOLSTERY EJSPERT AUTO TAILORING SINCE l949 .,:g2zi.xr::E::::'g11::N Q26 Compliments of CONCORD N. C 782-1771 Security Bank and Trust Company concono, N. c. 28025 345 Union Cemetery Road Wikia- 782-2137 FORMALWEAR ' L ......e Q Gamma Mau HARRISBURG FURNITURE SHOP Concord, North Carolina Highway 49 LARRY ROBINSON, Manager Large Fabric and Naughyde Selections CUSTOM MADE DRAPERIES Phone 455-2315 Coy Ritch, Owner BIRDWICK SHIAPARELLI Bachelors' "No Friend nonsense MOJUD panty hose." l t . . n erwoven Switchmates Supp hose KAYSER-ROTH HOSIERY COMPANY, INC. C0l'lC0l'd A Division of KAYSER-ROTH Corporation North Carolina Compliments of CABARRUS BANK 8: TRUST COMPANY Concord, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, Albemarle North Carolina ,ff -- -1 A A fwww., 1 1 ll IK V ,mekizpl X 'Q' ,,.. .!n,v.,. . A - -Q Q qi - ...,, 1- fix! Vibx in ci' . ' fx ll'.. nhl' fl wf lfql. l A , , m lr 'A w, W A rrr rl,r 8 1 l l rll A ' ' ll HARTSELL FUNERAL HOMES Albemarle Midland Concord 983-1188 888-5571 786-1161 A. J. TUCKER SUPPLY, INC. Route 2, Box 126 Midland, N. C. 28107 Telephone .... 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D TIRE SERVICE Locally Owned 8t Operated by Don Dover 541 Cabarrus Avenue ' 788-1712 M or l 39551251 r JW Umm wwe Grind CBLQMUJUVQ fmfriitrf liilflflfgm uomboeyuii sVUU15E Qian fiom 1 QDJYYU'WL.0fl Otmfl NVUUDC6 x 0.1 ' . 7 W t Ja LL , f .1 4 f 5 Q rs 12: ' SN X f-X 'Q I 'Kg . - lx' N' Q Q If In working as a member of the Centarune -9 5 5 QQ Q1 sa Staff for the past three years, I have learned 3 Q that it is impossible to satisfy everyone's xg 'sy -1 XA likes, and dislikes, especially when it in- QJ Q' 3 gb volves pleasing twelve hundred students. 3 F? Y G 1, The members of the Centarune Staff and I ' ,, Q 3 Q have put forth a great deal of effort to make ,Ei 5 V this year' s Centarune the best ever. We have ,T Q5 N- s spent much time and have worked hard in VN Y Y putting the Centarune together in the hope Q , 5 ,lixiliggat you, the members of the student body , " X C31 ould be pleased with it, but most of all Q E if N proud of it. QN .3 I E ,Q 3 N I especially hope that thi977 Centarune ' eq is in 5 - X . X we-e , bc , X952 N if f 73 X5 51 Qj V N 3 S Vxfjskb- gc , .2 f, B fyggsg Qfqlv it fe hs Qc, A J , " -N 'f' ' -. ' 'S Y 7' 192 f 2--...f will hold special memories for each membe of the senior class. As a graduating senior thi: year's Centarune will be the last high schoo yearbook that you will receive. I hope that i will mean something special to each of you I thank the members of the Centarune Staff Mrs. Cochrane, Sherry Crenshaw, Mr Barnes, Lanny Pigg and his helpers for mak ing my job as editor a little easier. I appreciatl the help that each of you have given m throughout the past year. I wish much success to Peggy Quesenbe and the Centarune Staff of 1977-78. 7722 243 imkmm cL.pliwUwNL J Jw dvajwi do GSW mf if in dqiQMmv 0i'0fOCwZ daizmg. M M321 Moi w'fLL.1fMMz'N Mu MM md' - ,,,Q, ,, .,,f., Q,1,,f, ,, D ' qffmf' QU W Ma? 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Suggestions in the Central Cabarrus High School - Centarune Yearbook (Concord, NC) collection:

Central Cabarrus High School - Centarune Yearbook (Concord, NC) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 155

1977, pg 155

Central Cabarrus High School - Centarune Yearbook (Concord, NC) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 60

1977, pg 60

Central Cabarrus High School - Centarune Yearbook (Concord, NC) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 163

1977, pg 163

Central Cabarrus High School - Centarune Yearbook (Concord, NC) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 92

1977, pg 92

Central Cabarrus High School - Centarune Yearbook (Concord, NC) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 27

1977, pg 27

Central Cabarrus High School - Centarune Yearbook (Concord, NC) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 89

1977, pg 89

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