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le, the Seniors of 1954, wish to dedicate this annual to Marty Tosehlog, a member of our class who died in 1949, as a small token of our remembrance of im gutgre, wedwill strive so make our life u er an comp e e t e m t h left behind 8 P y page e 'To live in hearts we leave behind, Is not to die ' Campbell Xwbpfkfn BOOKW ' - , h . ' 5. As we start through the pages of the Administration ii And Faculty nl Arthur H Hines Superintendent of Schools aw' I L Outland Principal of Schools -dup. y lt Rose Hamilton a ::,,:,,E'm11 rrmupal or H1511 School Z 5 ,, an ,vi X can . f" . 1 . t' f, :W I 4 , O Af A o 0 f ' 4 ' 1 , o fi Edward Armstrong, A B Social Studies Physical Education Coach Junior High Team Lowell Brooks, A Math Zoology Physics Keith Castelluccio, A B Physical Education Social Studies Health Coach Freshman, B Band Chorus Iva Glunt, B S. General Science Home Economics Charlotte Kidney, A B Speech a Debates Dramatics llartha llcConaha A B , U A Physical Education English Health Librarian Harold McCoy, A B , M A Math .B - I Henry Fornoff, B.M D TTH' 'fig' 0 e ,ox 15539 ...i ICK 6537 1525-V June Manger, Science History Edna Pickett, English Literature Faye Sells, B S English Leslie slinker, A B Commercial Studies Coach Varsity Basketball Track, Baseball Ann Thoma , Art Paul Wittman Agriculture Esther Brown, A Latin Katheryn Goble A B Latin ELEMENTARY TEACHERS Fanny Reynolds Mabel Rash Edith Bremer Iva longer Katherine Cain Ladonna Henderson William Helderman Grover Arthur Evelyn Parks Clara Sharp Dorothy Burris Alta Armstrong Marjorie Morehouse Paul Gene Poole A P!!! 'Always room for one lore I' 6 FAREWELL TO C H S pause at the door to wave good by, the halls of Centerville High The balls that were once so bright and gay, Are now so dark and far away reach for the door then hesitate, recall the years before this date. still can remember our Freshman year, When we started our high school life out rere We were new to the crowd, the work, the play, But it became more precious every day After that year of fun and schem'ng, became Sophomores our faces beamln as little jobs And were spoken to by the higher mobs we're 'big wheels we'd think and cheer, snub the Freshmen of the year Then before we knew it were we surprised, They put the word 'Junior before our eyes During that year you must have thought That our conceit couldn't have been bought But it wasn't conceit don't you see, We were just proud, as proud as can be There were banquets and dances, We received our class rings, Oh, what a dear memory Our Junior year brings Don't let me fool you it 1sn't all fun, There were lots of troubles with everyone We sometimes made the teachers cross, Then they'd reply to show who's boss, 'Get your lessons don't be late, It takes 52 credits to graduate But oh too quickly it all flew by, For now we were 'Seniors flying high Yes, Seniors now, and that word means fear To the underclassmen of the year But to us it meant a little more, It meant we'd have to close the door We'd come to the end of our destination, And now to face the world with determination We will bear all the problems of everyday life, And face the future with great strife All these years we've done our best, To get our grades and help the rest Now to all you below us we give some advice, warn you twice the Freshmen we say be kind and true, all the classmen surrounding you And Sophomores keep those sparks of joy, Play it smart, play it coy Use each day as if 1t's the last, Because the ending time is coming fast Juniors, always be on guard, Aim your goal and hit it hard This year is always known to be great, So take advantage before 1t's too late To you, you dear Seniors, we leave our place, We're asking you not to bring it disgrace. This year there's so much to decide, So travel carefully swebysme This year's the last and when you're through We wish success to ewhofyw. New back in our future we start once more, Yes: at last, we must close the door JOANNE CIHIAR We 1 U To ' We . To . . We A We Aw L W ' g. We no longer were thought of Listen carefully- we can't To Oh A " 'ro To , ' . n O I 0 by 7 Janice Benn Academic Chorus Senior Play Richmond Speech Club, Future Homemakers Club, Y Teens, Social Studies Forum,Dramat1cs 'Pretty, with a sweet disnosition ' Ralph Bowles Academic lor Play, Class President l Baseball, Basketball, Track Cross Country, Cheer Leader 'A real oal with a laugh for every situation W June Allen Academic Commercial Annual Staff, Bark Staff H, Junior Red Cross Chorus, Jun lor Play, Senior Play, Student Council, Class President 2 5 Ulf you are looking for some one to doa favor,1ead a group, or give you a laugh look no further ' William Arthur General Junior Play, Senior Play Band 'Contented in his easy going way l Bill Burris Academic Annual Staff,Jun1or Red Cross, Student Council, Reporter 3, Baseball, Basketball, Track 'Tops in everything he does ' Don Chance Agriculture 4 H, Junior Red Cross, Junior Play, Student Council Base ball, Basketball, Track, Vol ley Ball, FFA 'A good athlete with high ideals ' 94" Annual Staff, Junior Play,Sen- f 3 7 o 1 N . . , C ' , - 8 Joanne Cihlar Commercial Bark Staff, Junior Red Cross Chorus, Junior Play, Senior Play, Reporter 2 'A slave to no man ' Jerrv Cockerill Agriculture FPA "Born with the gift of laughter N Richard Crocker Commercial Bark Staff 'Silence speaks louder than words W Walter Etzel Academic Junior Play, Senior Play, Reporter 4, Baseball, Basket ball, Mgr 'He will leave his mark on the oages of History Alice Jean Cook Academic , Band, Chorus, Junior Play Senior Play 'To know her is to like her Crandle Cook General Junior Red Cross, Junior Play, Senior Play, Basketball, Base all, FRA 'A good sport who we shall always remember as 'Shan ll 7' s , " J 4-H . :n 1 A B . ' e'. a .l i 9 Phyllis Horr Home Economics Bark Staff, 4-H, Junior Play, F.H.A. 'Quietness and sweet- nessnare two virtues envied by all, John Johnson Academic Annual Staff, Bark Staff, Jun- ior Red Cross, Junior Play, Senior Play, Student Council, Class Secretary 1, Vice-Pres1- dent 5, President 4, Cross Country, Cheer leader. 'A leader in anybody's class.' 'UU l -n In I Joyce Hamm General Chorus,FHA, Brownsville-School Play, Paper, Chorus, Junior Class Secretary 3, FHA, Boost- ers Club. nh girl with a viv- aoious personality who makes friends eas1ly.' Larry Hamm General Junior Play, Student Council, PTA, Senior Play. 'Worth his weight in gold.' ,f""""t ii?12S5?7b so ,,r we Q, Yiv' 1-If 10 Julian Johnson Agriculture Junior Play,Track, Cross Coun- try, FFA, 'Few words accompany his friendly smile.' B111 Johnson Academic Annual Staff, Bark Staff, Jun- ior Red Cross, Junior Play, Senior P1ay,Class Secretary 3, Vice- President l, 4, Track. 'The red'39 plymouth is a sym- bol of our boy 'B11l'. Alan Kempton Agriculture Junior Play, Senior Play, PFA U ore fun than a barrel of monkeys Kay King Academic Bark Staff, 4 F, Junior Play, easurer l T h e B 1 o n o m O-5.4 Y -Q V .11-af' Marzetta Lamb Commercial Her Bark Staff, Junior Play laughter will be missed around the halls of C U S Jeannine Laremore General Annual Staff, Junior Play A more charming Sweetheart Queen could not be found " Q wa? .AP Elizabeth Kinney Commercial Annual Staff, Bark Staff, Jun lor Red Cross, Chorus, Junior Play, Senior Play , Student ouncil, Class Secretar 2 Treasurer 2, Cheer Leader girl with a swell personality, who will always be remembered Sally CKramerD Pickman Academic Chorus, Junior Play, PHA 'The first of the girls to reach the goal " V 'T 'UN M O .n xxx I K vs' A Tr . FA G 6 B b s h e l l .' X . Ja , I b 3 , 'al , ' V . , o yy 'F' ff. V. . HQ ' . . 0 n - X IAA! On W I: ' A :44d I 'il '3 ,D U ' 3 'V O N Y X ' : 11 76 Mary Mustin Home Economics FHA ' There is a world of good work and good thoughts behind that quiet appearance Wayne Petty Agriculture Band,Jun1or Play, Senior Play, Student Council, F 'Pol1t1cs, and Petty make one grand combination ' phi' 'five Gracia Ann May Commercial Annual Staff, Bark Staff, Jun lor Red Cross, Band orus Junior Play,Sen1or Play Her personality is as melodious and outstanding as her wonder ful voice N Alta Miller Academic Annual Staff, Bark Staff, Jun lor Red Cross, Junior Play, Senior Play, 'Full of un and fancy free, just as nice as she can be ' TT? IZ 'ff' Kay Tolson Commercial Annual Staff, Bark Staff,Band, Chorus, Junior Play, Senior Play. W Peppy , blonde, and hard to beatgone you'll always want to meet.' Rose Ellen Trusler Academic Annual Staff,Bark Staff, Band, Chorus, Junior Play, Senior Play. 'A Bose among thorns.' A Sal - . ll , - :Q 'Tx - A I 1 - 4' K ' 1' ll 4-1 5 F0 C Ao t I ' , b ,L I y ' N li Paul Widau Agriculture Class Treasurer 5,4, Basket- ball, Track, Cross Country , FFA. 'Top notch personality and always ready uahave a good t1me.' Nancy Winters Academic Annual Staff, Bark Staff, 4-H, Junior Red Cross, Chorus, Jun- ior Play, Senior Play, Student Council, Class Vice-President 2. NHer all-around abilities and charming personality will lead this girl to succesa.' S Anne Wright Academic Annual Staff,Bark Staff, Band, Junior Play, Senior Play, Stu- dent Counc1l,C1ass Reporter 1. USweet as can be with miles of smiles for everyone.' Jane Wrigley Commercial Wabash-Chorus, Junior Play, Student Council, Secretary 3, Cheerleader. 'Always willing to p1ease.' X ss 'VIH June Allen, will my long hair to Linda Crawford Bill Arthur, will my spot light for hunting DBPKCU P3 s anybody who can buy the gas Ralph Bowles, will my white sidewalls to some energetic person I, Janice Benn, will my one year at Centerville to any lucky Richmondlte Lg Bill Burris, will my athletic ability to Herman Lehman I, Don Chance, will my physique to David Pentecost I, Joanne Cihlar, will my date ability and my ability not to go steadyto my sister, Margie, who can share my good fortune with Felena MoNary I, Jerry Cockerill, will my hearty laugh to any Junior who has to take Civics I, Alice Jean Cook, will my anniversary presents to my sis ter, if she has one I, Crandle KShaneJ Cook, will my car to someone with moneyto buy license plates I, Richard Crocker, will my stock in Standard Oil Co Linda Lichtenfels Walter Etzel, will my friendship with the state police John Wambo Joyce Famm, will my friendly disposition to Ada Toney Larry Hamm, willuy sneezes with the special sound effects Phyllis Forr, will my brown hair to Jackie Wissler John Johnson, will my position on the Cross Country Team anyone who is sloooow" Julian Johnson, will my curly hair to Tom Borden Bill Johnson, will my rod to someone witha good raincoat Alan Kempton, will my nose blowing ability to anyone in the 8th period assembly I, Kay King, will my record, 'What it Was, Was Pootball,' to Lloyd Mustln I, Elizabeth Kinney, will my ability to go steady to Ann Hubbard I, Sally Kramer Hickman, willdw second ring on m finger to anyone who wants to be happy I, Marzetta Lamb, will my pep and ability to getim school on time to Arthur Horr Jeannine Laremore, will my English pin to Don Cook Gracia May, will my little green car to my brother, Bob Alta Miller, will my '4l' Bord to the 8th grade museum Mary Mustin, will my silence to Ann Toney Wayne Petty, will my radical opin1onstoKQA castelluccio Kay Tolson, will my well used bookkeeping book tosome, energetic business student I, Rose Ellen Trusler, will my good grades to my sister Ruth Ann I, Paul Widau will my broken arm to any unfortunate basket- ball player in his Senior year. I, Nancy Winters, will my odd eating habits to anyone with a strong stomach. I, Anne Wright, will my trips to Purdue to Sheila Winters. I, Jane Wrigley, will my quiet manner to Anna Jean Harvey. l O I, ' I, Y I h -5? to . I, . to In to 0 I, A 9 In to Alan Coons. I. A , n If to .. I! 0 Il 0 In I, 0 I, . I, ' f I, . 0 I, 0 I 0 Ig ' ' 3 4' . if ,. "- ' -L 'S-.v 'ORB :'f-1.91: ' 'X"' "W " 2 - h b e 8 Ne 'omanlll foman a'out town"' Miss Johnson ano WH9I'e'S YOU! Pllblif' Fflemy T0 4, 1s'P r 'T'o1son'11 ff-17145 1' C e tration I one n Swell buys Our Herol 61f4 5 Clean out boys Fans going wild!! Eh! What's thatvvv 15 J J C0-01909 Claws Nesf i TFE LU! OP THF FOOD SFIP OF C L Q ' FOURTH DECK As we started our Freshman year our class numbered 58 We had eagerly looked forward to this year our first vear of high school we sponsored our usual two dances and had the alloted number of parties Our commander was Ralph B his mates were R111 J Vice President, John J Secretary Kay K Treasurer, and Anne W Reporter As a reward for our achievements, we advanced to third deck THIRD DWCK As we advanced to third deck,we chose as our commander June A , her mates were Nancy W Vice Dresident, liz Kinney Secretary and Treasurer and Joanne C Reporter The high light of this year was our chapel, which we worked verv hard During th t fear we lost 5 passengers but nevertheless moted o second deck SECOND DFCK On second deck, we found that our duties were bigger than ever before That vpar we chose as our commander June her mates were John J Vice President Bill J Sec retary, Paul W Treasurer, and Bill B Reporter In order to launch our trip to New York and Washington, we worked very hard selling magazines, working in the stand and pre entlng our Junior Plays, but again we completed our missicx We also presented the Jr Sr banquet in honor of the Seniors which turned out to be a huge success This vear was a year of hard work, but along with that was the fun, and we had plenty of it Soon the great hour had arrived, we now had attained the rating of first deck And we were determined to do our best PTRST DFCK Here, our skipper was John J , his mates were Bill J Vice President, Liz K Secretary , Paul W Treasurer, and Walter E Reporter One of our important events was tacky day, in which, we dressed in the oldest clothes we had and that night we continued our gay time at a party at K1nney's Another 'as Senior day, in which we taught classes walter E took over the Job of Mr Outland, and June A took over the duties of Mrs Hamilton Still other important events were the Jr Sr Banquet, the Senior trip, and the Commence ment Dance Our cruise was coming to a close, and we were all a little unhappy, because we would never forget our long voyage together On Mav 25th we reached port DESTINATION COMPLFTED BY JUNE ALLEN 1 . l r' ". , .. , , I Y X1 A J' ,- f . .J... 54 , 0 ' 9 . ' 'Q 0' . I 1 , O" 0- . 0 I 0 ' O" 4 1 J ' ' , Q- 0 " 1 one x u I , we were given credit for our other accomplishments, and pro- 4- A . , U, . .. - 110, . 0' , 0 " ' I" I" b U .. , - s . - , , A . F! - l . ' 0' O". I 3 1 6' O S A I YI . 0 , O 0 0 O 0" l A ' O . i. O .I CODIIOOOOOCIOOO -J l Queen Laremore D'g Trus r's orazy hair do at that are he oven t a I n ne? the 6 Ralph looks so lnrnrewt B thing oeeutv of 1G17 KQV T Cousin not twins BillkJohn Liz, your knees are showing Glamoux rl Alta Even then Anne was think ing of Purdue Whatys your diet now, -l Aliceyavooo Th k f KD leggEoOGr3cia?2:9 Ronnie's girl What are you going to sweep, La b9999 ll ,, Vhen Wavne was iust a little fella At that age A Red Devil with a Nancy d swell personality sweet mired dogs 17 .9 C r I xx , ,, . 1 l O .n .L V Q4 OOOOOOOIOIII 1- DU was l K. AT l1--- , , Jo , ' V f , angie! I il 1 I F - , v- , S- - . .DOI ,.-- Qx M, 4 V s 3 dh.. Q 62' ' .lla "L, , ' - 3 . ' ,- .1 .wk-,Mr:,3. , , . Q!!E3ha4 i r! ' A '-yy 1f-ri .. ' K Ulllffi. 1 ,A llllllllllli - OC , -1' x 3 L " TW "'i5x ,r 'Safe-4'zi.iX'Qi X . 5, .41- F- 1 Y it L . ., Q F - L Oilfillll 45V ' A - B ' 0 " 1 ln: " " llll CLASS OFFICERS Vice President Bruce Farris Treasurer Larry Burris President Lloyd Mustin Secretary Noreta Basham Reporter Ada Toney Our Freshman year was simple but fun Our sponsors were Miss Glunt, lr Overturf, and Miss McConaha We elected our officers on September 4, 1951 They were Janice Hyre President, Bruce Harris Vice President, Larry Burris Secretary Treasurer, and John Shultz Reporter During that year we had only two class parties The first one was a weiner roast at Ann Hubbard's. Coming home from the party a few of the students decided they would have a hay ride of their own since the school d1dn't allow it We were penalized for it and couldn't have any more parties for a year Also that year we sponsored two dances one of them we maned the 'Holly Hop We started our Freshman year with a total of 44 students , but closed it with a loss of four of our friends In our Sophomore year our class sponsors were Miss McConaha and Mr Overturf At our first class meeting we elected Janice Hyre Presi dent Bruce Harris Vice President, Larry Burris Secretary Treasurer, and Sally Jarrett Reporter We staxted to work on our chapel program It was called 'Folk Song U S A We had a lot of fun presenting it to the school and we also took it to Camp Atterbury with the Jun1or'Red con's Fling In the second semester we had a come as you are dinner dance , for our class party Our class sponsored the class tourney for that year and the Seniors of 53 won We also had a dance after wards This last year, our Junior year, has been the best Our sponsors for this year were Mr McCoy, Mrs Pickett, Mrs Kidney, and Mr Ann strong Our class officers were Lloyd Mustin President, Larry Burris Treasurer, Noreta Basham Secretary, and Ada Toney Reporter We gave our Junior Plays on October 29th and 50th We gave 2 one act plays called 'Wide Awake Willie' and Kid Sister We also presented Talent Scout Show with Mr Annstrong as Godfrey Annstrong We sold magazine subscriptions and the two temn captains were Janice Hyre and John Wambo Hyre's team won and Wambo's team gave a party for the winners We gave our chapel program, called 'Valentine Fantasy , for the school on Feburary l6th,and then again that night for the P T A Bazzar Our dances this year were 'Early Autumn Dance and the Knight's Ball Around Christmas time the Junior and Senior classes started a project for making toys for the children at Eplleptic V11 lage, which was under the leadership of Mrs Kidney We took the gifts to New Castle on December 21, 1955 The remainder of our Junior year was spent without any more big projects, but was fun anyway By SALLY JARRETT 18 O n' Q ' I . ." ' Cross Show. We had two dances that year the 'Snow Ball' and the 'Fal- Y' H . . If 'N' - a O ' n . n Q O O ll ll' Q JANE BARTON NORETA BASHAM SUE BOGAN POI BOPDEN SUE BROWN QUELDA BURNER LARRY BURRIS PHYLLIS BURRIS DON COOK ALAN COONS JUANITA DARRAH ROBERT DICKERSON PATSY DOOLIN BILL DOWNING BRUCE HARRIS JACK HAWKINS ARTHUR HORR ANN HUBBARD CARL HUCKERY JANICE HYRE SALLY JARRETT CAROLYN JONES ELVIN LAMMOT NELDA LISENBY RITADELL LUNDY DAVID MEDEARIS LLOYD MUSTIN MT' 48" 1r' '!" gil Qf 'Nl' A' 4h 26- 1 .h J -1 'il'-A si- if X 'Cf an NLM . - .V .Qi . I 1 g. 4. s , A Q ' L I ' f A i1 1. -LQ ja . V ' ' ' 8 1 ,V T g, LA i C RIT 'Ei 'f XM: sl , q . A ! -5 . gm I 'V A I 'Ni 2 . f K I ,Q X ETP. A I Q L, Q' ' ROBERT FULTON ' , ... ' 1 --X .. ,. VAI 4 j-1 I -Q 2. 41, W I A' 4 I Q It -:rf I Q? Q A gf L1 5 f-V fl W I li: S Q 'Caj A 112 W -r " I L A I V 6 A 35, "" - .-Q ' "7 Q' TE U-'T"'x .1 6 ! A I ' ixx v I . 19 .V , I, wif , .ffl I 1 I ill 9' 'Dx X. I JOH WANBO Food old Sol -r ,X -H N I 10' --rf ' STANLEY NYRES DOROTHY PHILLIPS MELINDA RAU JIM REED nos 1 -Q X ,- Ml Il , RICHARD RUDICIL JACK SOPER WESLEY SPAHR ADA TONEY FLORENCE TROUSE DEAN TURNER KAY VANCR JANICE WICKIRSHAM Happireos Say, dio you to r about 1-HKJF. Exasperat1on"1 is A Those hula hopp'in Juniors ' 3 ,af W ' Iv . g . W 1 ' J I A ' 9 , ,I ,S r A -VA 3 1 W4 If v , , aM . " 'Az fffi'5?"4,. ' , 'Q I M' - I ' wg Q , I .J-., ' 'ij' J, 1 . ' C 'w ' ' I., , "f ,:, U ' X on V 1 . ' 8 o 0 o o I 20 ll Nw Say look Mr Powers Crazv mixed u kics 5,21 Local Cat Man .g ,E 9 -. TM Monroe's pzeci les Those darn bees F' -md' Bubbles' WX L Just friends?Z Juniors trade-mark 21 6 K ' 1.1 1 Q ' ' K I 11 bxlb V . , H5 - r if-s V lx ,sb Q . ,N ,Y : , . 'V a QV 1" ' ix- '- , ' J ' f ' - 4 W ,. rf A -'Q 3 2 e P f1,,M -' 4'fI'J??j a ,H'!EQW, -baby 'rv . U ' . J 4'V? ow -, U, ' l 1-1 h' 1 S iv , f Z . , l A ' 1 x X --f ,k i n r.. 3 A 5 Q V , l Q go f X ' , ' I , I N , E5 L y, 53 Lzfg M I A A W I 1 i 3 ' Q 4 x wi? 'F K Q . 45' f l 1 ' ,xg if ' sb iw , 5 s V' EY :5,' . -Qi, Q ff' , Ii 'Li' - i- . ' :Q .. I ' ! I , 4 Q: N , ' A ztwggi? .L vt? ,FQ.y:J-1-311 E N ' , L Q 4? H 2 a I ' ? Q, iii 11i m. .. 39' I r gl. 'Q i "I L 1 ' 1' K x ,f Q - 4 . - , I ' ' ' r W' 'EQ D A xy, ' n 1.- v,- K 'xi' I!-f . I 1 V Sophomores First Row, left to right: David Therrien, Ben Hawkins, Bobby Loudy, Charles Kramer John Rowan, David Tidrow, Tom Darnell, Jim York, Randy Jones, Shelby Willis, King, and Bob Faucett. Second Row: Martha McConaha-Sponsor, Ann Toni, Jane Cook, Josephine Kalb, Barbara Floyd, Roberta Edwards, Betty Bowles, Marie Spotts, Sheila Winters, Jackie Wissler, Delores Wadsworth, and Lowell Brooks-Sponsor. Third Row: Marian Rose, Helena McNary, Ursla Bowman, Judy Williams, Sharon Dawes, Jeannine Carter, Edward Stauffer, Jack Jenkins, Joyce Johnston, Connie Mustin, Ann Hilde- brand, Janet Flanagan, Marthlene McClure, and Sally Monger. Fourth Row: Pat Fowler, Toby Tubesing, Violet Laremore, Jim Brower, Jim Barton, Jim Spotts, Ray Meek, Jerry Nuss, Carl Conti, John Mills, Mark Wright, Bob Henwood, Carolyn Pope, Lois Downing, and Linda Renschler. I ul The Class of 1956 entered their Freshman year with 53 students. Eleven of these were transfered from Abington and three others were new in the commu- ni tye 1 3-an We sponsored a successful dance and also gave a chapel program. Our class members have been active V 2- ful' CLASS OFFICERS in the Student Council both years. We President-Charles Kramer have had a lot of fun in the first two Vice President-Carl Conti years and we hope we'l1 enjoy the next Secretary-Lois Downing two as much- Treasurer-Janet Flanagan 1'-UI 3 DOWNING Reporter-Roberta Edwards ZZ hiv- -.- -.4.. tl fx W- kill Q- F5731 1-QL L -. 451:31-,ia L 'iiiedi Freshman First Row, left to right: Duane Faucett, Curt Faucett, Ronnie Wessel, Jay Custer, Bob May, Paul Van Middlesworth, Jesse Eden, Freddie Phillips, Jon Love, Kenny Stough, Jerry Winters, and Jim Loudy. Second Row: Mr. Wittman-Sponsor, Mary C. Johnston, Mary Ann Resh, Lee Cook, Janice Howell, Allan McClain, Gordon Dickerson, Mary E. Johnson, Susan Johnson, Carol Bousman, Virginia Mullins, and Mrs. Goble- Sponsor. Third Row:Bonna Ludwig, Sue Spraker, Ilo Johnson, Marie Morris, June Ann Hartman, Stephen Kinder, Jim Martin, Terry Moelk, Dickie Kidwell, Dennis Jones, Anna Jean Harvey, Sharon Botsford, Barbara Holton, Linda Crawford, Rachel Darrah, and David Pentecost. Fourth Row: Kay Hawkins, Nancy Bertsch, Lynne Fraze, Anita Gilbert, Russell Lehman, Jin Eliason, Okie Clay, Bill Mathews, Don Widau, Paul Frame,Iennis Jenkins, Paul Williams, Ruth Ann Smelser, Shirley Pennington, Rosalie Crocker, and Ethel Hughes. .- -.- True to tradition and custom, our . Freshman class may be compared to the month of March, in as much as we 'came in like a lion and went out like a lamb." The outstanding event of our Fresh- man year was the winning of the E.C.C. Freshman Tourney. Nine students received letters in band. We sponsored onedance, ,--J , The Santa-Claus Hop, and presented the Lanier High School Trampoline Act for our chapel program. We are hoping that the rest of our high school days will be as successful as this year. E 'eg ! L... RUTH ANN SMEISER CLASS OFFICERS President-David Pentecost Vice President-Gordon Dickerson Treasurer-Dennis Jones ' I 1 Secretary-Russell Lehman N V? fpfyf Reporter-Don Widau 'Ai 'C'---'f,. 23 Eighth Grade In . First Row, left to right: Jack Frame, Richard Rau, Billy Borden, Ronnie Hahn, R onnie Bechtel, Jimmy Rash, Dickie Williams, Earl Owens, and Jack Cox. Second Row: James Horn Carol Davis, Judy Iarker, Judy Moore, Patty Kay, Jeanne Van Dine, Lawanna Baker, Delcie lakes, Buth Ann Trusler, Carolyn Lundy, and Patricia Smith. Third Row: Margie Cihlar, Pat Daniels Maril n Rusk J d , y , u y Wissler, Joyce Ryan, Mary Ruth Renschler, Karen Glunt, Nancy Platchore, Grace Bell, Linda Llchtenfels, Conni Be d E ' ' e n er, dith Rhoades, and Peggy Little. Fourth Row: Alan Lohman, nussell Study, Jim Robbins, Joseph Hawkins, Terry Dale, Tarry Jones, Mar? Frame Fred e - J Snellen, Bob Schwartz, Ronnie Cook, Cecil Carlin, Claude Soper, and Jay Druley. ,g.,., lv 'GDN ',q, CGA- GoO'. o o GU Q .L 1-nh md ' fi ff 117 6,3 y QQ X wiv' xdxrl 5 D3 CLASS OFFICERS President-Claude Soper Vice President-Judy Wissler Secretary-lary Ruth Renschler Treasurer-Ruth Ann Trusler Reporter-Margie Clhlar Z4 Seventh Grade A-4. fl f Ill 1,5 WF First Row, left to right: Buddy Phillips, Eugene Mull, Plchard Rowan, ,Jackie Bertsch, Dovin Coffey, Jerry Brown, Michael Mulrooney, David Hawkins, Vincent Parshall, and Jerry Pruitt. Second Row: Carol Moelk, Mary Morris, Peggy Jeffer- son, Carolyn Dale, Mary Ellen Jenkins, Wilma Gard, Donna Andrews, Sharon Burner, Sandra Synder, Sandra Johnson, and Mary Ruth Riley. Third Row: Mike Rhoades, Bob Edwards,James Bowman, David Williams, Ray Druley, Darrell Hancock, Susan Bousman, Sharon Brooks, Nancy Staats, Billy Mullins, Clyde Pennington, Bruce McClain, Fred Harvey, Alan Bailey, and Eddie Palmer. Fourth Row: Raymond Dickerson, Jane Kinney, Harold Routson, Nancy Fuckery, Byron O'Bayley, Cletus Toschlog, Kermit Johnson, Linda Gabbard, Jerry Armstrong, Jewel Duggan, Kent Fudge, Losha Usher, and Albert Crocetti. W , . 00? if 0 X lf cuss orrlci-:Rs , President-Harold Routson X Vice President-Albert Crocetti f Secretary-Jewel Duggan Treasurer-Fred Harvey Reporter-Sue Abel 1 Z5 is First Row, left to right: Henry Fornoff-Director, Janice Hyre, Anne Wright, Judy Moore, and Gracia May. Second Row: Carol Kinder, Rose Ellen Trusler, Lee Cock, Kay Vance, Curt Faucett, Jackie Bertsch, John Wambo, Linda Litchenfels, Josephine Kalb, and Sharon Botsford. Third Row: Marthalene McClure, Ruth Ann Trusler, June Ann Hartman, Ruth Ann Smelser, Nancy Bertsch, Pat Fowler, Carolyn Eliason, Carolyn Lundy, Darla Parks, and Martha Lind. Fourth Rows Patty Smith Sheila Winters, Janet Flanagan, Cletus Toschlog, Linda Renschler, Judy Williams Susie Abel, Wilma Gard, Helena McNary, and Alice Jean Cook. Fifth Row: Rosalie Crocker, Terry Moelk, Bruce Harris, Larry Burris, Jane Cook, Gregory Armstrong, Ronnie Smith, Steve Kinder, Richard Rau, Jay Druley. Sixth Row: Susie Bousman, Carol Bousman, Randy Jones, Morris Needles, Jerry Nuss, Jimmy Robbins, B111 Arthur, Raymond Dickerson, Ray Druley, Mark Frame, and Jimmy York. ear , A band and chorus contest is held each year with bands and choruses from all over the state participating. The C.H.S. Band has done Y f ' wonders in these contests by winning first R , place for the past eight years. Another re- f-fh markable fact is that the band hasplaced ' first, 12 out of the past 13 years. Center- f- , J' ville can always depend upon the band to do a 7 f Sffffkf ' good job and bring home top honors. I 7 Q r it , - X Q S - all ' t ill 1 1 ' Q . Z6 Chorus Xi w First Row, left to right: Sue Brown, Josephine Kalb, Lee Cook, Donna Ludwig, Noreta Basham, Linda Litchenfels, Judy Williams, Helena McNary, Sally Monger, and Carol Moelk. Second Row: Jackie Wissler, Carol Bousman, Nancy Staats, Melinda Rau, Judy Wissler, Marthalene McClure, Janet Flanagan, Jane Kinney, Patty Smith, Jane Cook, and Ann Toney. Third Row: Henry Fornoff-Director, Marilyn Rusk, Sharon Dawes, Gracla May, Sharon Brooks, Rose Ellen Trusler, Alice Jean Cook, Ursla Bowman, Lawanna Baker, Sue Bousman, Ruth Ann lrusler, and Carolyn Lundy. Fourth Row: Linda Renschler, Nelda Llsenby, Violet Laremore, Nancy Bertsch, Rosalie Crocker, Ruth Ann Smelser, Janice Wickershmm, Sue Bogan Ruth Ann Renschler, Pat Fowler, and Kay Vance. Each year at Earlham, a solo and ensemble contest is held. This is a statewide contest 5 and there is stiff competition. Centerville has participated for the last three years and has done very well. The first year we had nine first places out of 15 entries. The sec- ond was 15 first places out of 22 entries, and this year we had the highest number of first place winners in the contest in our class. Z7 SLL 0 ff 0 C5 635 A e Blg BUl'dO S By BILL BURRIS Although this year's edition of the Bulldogs d1dn't com pile any great records, it will be remembered in the years to come for its competitive spirit Sl1nker's lads started the season in great fashion winning their first six games includ ing an overtime victory over Splceland before losing to Union City's E C C champions 51 46 The Bulldogs then defeated Cambridge City 71 52 thus went into the Hagerstown Tourney with a 7 and l record The Bulldogs hope of bringing the trophy back to CHS was stifled by a tall, experienced Hagerstown team after they had been out played by the smaller but detenmined Bulldogs Although the Bulldogs started a new winning streak when they beat Winchester, it proved to be very costly when Paul Widau, a veteran guard suffered a fractured wrist in this game One of the high points of the season was the revenge victory over the Tigers of Hagerstown The CHS crew stunned the confident Tigers with a 52 to 40 score which revenged an earlier ll point loss in the holiday tourney The Bulldogs winning ways were halted by M1lton's Wayne County champions 45 to 35 This loss started the Bulldogs into a slump in which they lost five straight games They broke out of their slump at Liberty with a 61 59 victory and continued their winning ways the following week to end the regular season by defeating Brookville 59 to 48 The victory was Coach Sl1nker's 50th victory since he becmne coach here three years ago We bowed out to Mllton's eventual sectional winners in the first game of the tourney Paul Widau had the highest scoring average per game and was one of the team's better defensive men before he was forced out with a broken wrist Don Chance did a terrific Job of playing in the pivot and out rebounded men much taller than he was Bill Moyer and Jack Soper played a sound floor game while getting their share of the rebounds Crandle Cook and B111 Burris gave the Bulldogs a scoring punch from the floor while supplying the team with aggres siveness All the others, even though they did not actually play as much as the regulars, are just as responsible for the team's fine showing as those who played' Centerville Centerville Centerville Centerville Centerville Union City Centerville Centerville Centerville Centerville Milton Middletown Knightstown Williamsburg Morristown Centerville Centerville Straugnn Greensfork Spiceland Boston Webster Centerville Cambridge City Greensfork Winchester Hagerstown Centerville Centerville Centerville Centerville Centerville Liberty Brookville Covertimel Hagerstown Invitational Tourney Hagerstown 61 Centerville 50 wcMmmlTwmwy Milton 41 Centerville 31 Season Record won 12 lost 8 Z9 O Th g I 47 38 47 53 ss 49 Centerville 58 Farmland 45 vo 55 '75 59 51 46 71 52 68 49 42 41 52 L 40 4:5 55 76 38 82 62 51 49 59 55 61 59 . 59 48 ' -'- -- BILL MOYER Sophomore F 6' Wt O 1 year experience position forward l xxd BILL DOWNING Junior Ft 5'5' Wt 120 1 year experience position guard JM 1 , . 'X Na DAVID M DEARIS Junior Pt 5'9' Wt 25 1 year experience position guard WALTER LTZEL Senior Manager 1 year experience 30 J JACK JENKINS Sophomore Ft 5'8' Wt 40 1 year experience position guard JERRY RUSS Sophomore Ht 6'1' Wt 90 1 year experience position center Z 1 , X N N NX .l N V Qs - o . 1 3 J - x 4 X' ' 3 1 z . . . 1 .te A . 13 - Xt x 1 B '-X X . 'Z"f. 4. ' N X . 1 1' 'f J s p a E 1 V 4 ' ' ' . . 1 PAUL WIDAU Senior Ft 5'11' Wt 55 5 year experience position guard JACK SOPER Junior F 6' Wt 1 year experience position forward BILL BUPnIS Senior 6' Wt 4 years experience position guard 31 2 DON CHANCE SBHl0P Nt 4 years experience position center 7 CFAHDLE COOK Senior Ut 5 10' Wt 155 1 year ex erience position guarc,fbrward LES SLLNKE Coach .ES ex erierce, 5 years vor 50 lost 15 percentabe eo7 Second Team Kneeling: Jim Reed-Student Manager, Keith Castelluccio-Coach. First Row, left to right: Denny Jones, Don Cook, Jim Brower, Don Widau, Carl Huckery, Raymond Meek, Denny Jenkins, Russell Lehman, Gordon Dickerson, and Bill Hahn. Straughn Centerville Centerville Centerville Centerville Centerville Union City Cambridge City Centerville Winchester Centerville Centerville Middletown Centerville Williamsburg Morristown Liberty Brookville Centerville Greensfork Splceland Farmland Boston Webster Centerville Centerville Greensfork Centerville Hagerstown Milton Centerville Knlghtstown Centerville Centerville Centerville Centerville The Second Team this year compiled e 9 and 9 record which is very compli mentary. They played against opposition which much of the time was much more ex perlenced than they were. Cass and the boys did the job well. . C W f g fp!- x .of - 32 'W Freshmen Team 5 1:55 ' 4 ,,4 lag has IW, 2 'H i Keith Castellucclo-Coach, Kenny Stough, Bob May, David Pentecost, Denny Jones, Terry Moelk, Dick Kidwell, Gordon Dickerson, Dennis Jenkins, Bill Mathews, and Don Wldau. Record: won 7 lost 1 Junior High .a-1. l XL . SX fu First How, left to right: Vincent Parshall, Ray Druly, Ronnie Hahn, Clyde Penning- ton, Claude Soper, Jerry Armstrong, Jay Druly, Charles Routson, Richard Rau, and Fred Harvey. Second Row: Jerry Pruitt, Buddy Phillips, Bill Borden, Terry Dale, Joseph Hawkins, Terry Jones, Cecil Carlin, Cletus Toschlog, Bobbie Edwards, Tommy Palmer, and Eddie Armstrong-Coach. 33 Cross Country BL... First Row, left to right: Jack Hawkins, Dave Medearis John Johnson, Paul Widau, Julian Johnson, Wesley Spahr, and Bill Downing Secord Row Keith Castellucclo Coach, Jim Reed, Carl Huckery, Charles Kramer, Tom Darnell, and Tom King Third Row Jack Jenkins, Bill Moyer, Jerry Nusa, Jim Spotts, Bill Mathews, Denny Jen kins, and Dlck Hawkins Cheerleaders Q f- ! " 'ai' 4 ,I J 5 g JD xl? I of x John Johnson Elizabeth Kinney John Wambo ,X i 34 Track ,1 ' n BBG X 1 w First Row: Jack Jenkins, Jack Soper, Bill Hahn, Jack Hawkins, Julian Johnsmm David Tidrow, Dick Hawkins, Dick Kldwell, and Bill Mathews. Carl Huckery, Jim Spotts, Jim Brower, Paul Williams, Paul Widau, Don Chance, Alan Coons, Bill Moyer, Jerry Nusa, and Ies Slinker, Coach. Inset: Bill Burris VoHeybaH ff , UK In '19 4 Q.: K X fx' X L ' Bill H hn Julian Johnson Jack Jenkins Gordon Dickerson and B111 5gggg.Roggcond Row? Jack Soper, Car1,Huckery, B1ll,Arthur, Jim Browen, and Don Chance. Inset: Bill BurI'1B- 35 2 1 L Ill E. 4 ....... i' is Don Chance, and t R 1 ft to right Don cook Jack solver, B111 Burl' 1 Helix, Second Row Les Slinker coach, Raymond Meek, walter Etzel' Jerry Nuss, and Alan Coons Third Row Gordon Dickerson, Terry Moelkv Jim Brower' Crandle Cook, Russell Lehman, and Ralph Bowles O Baseball The 1955 Bulldogs not only won the county championship for the fifth con secutive year but also became the second team in the history of the school to finish the season undefeated Two big reasons why the Bulldogs were able to accomplish this were the timely hitting of Jack Soper which made him the team's leading hitter with an average of 435 and the poised play of underclassmen. Other bright points of the season were Don Chance'e tremendous home runs and Bill Burr1s'f1ne pitching which featured two no-hit games. 36 ,S v 37 A 57 Q IILIUVBHIFQ Q W u' , .9 M. N Y K 9' Ji " Wm Y xl D' r- 3- Q -'U XX Xen 41' Alice Cook Student Rose Ellen Trusler Marie the Maid Flooper Bushnmn Joanne Cihlar Cheerleader June Allen Lady Blaokborn Joyce Elizabeth Kinney Cecily Blackborn Donna Bretton Nancy Winters Eda Troutliver Alta Miller Kay Tolson Crandle Cook Wayne Petty Ralph Bowles Bill Arthur Walter Etzel Bill Johnson John Johnson gg g . 19 "" 111 , fi l Student Student Stage Hand lord Blackborn Sidney Wilkins the Butler Andy Jerome Harry Dewilde Biff Reese Bruce Sherrington clifford Cafeteria First Row, left to right Mary Morris, Florence Trouse, Mrs Doddridge, Miss Glunt, Mrs Moore, Mrs Davis, Delcie Lakes, and Joseph Darrah Second Row Marie Spotts, Patsy Doolin, Juanita Darrah, Marie Morris, Marian Rose, Phyllis Horr, Edith Rhoades, and Ruth Ann Trussler Third Row Rachael Darrah, Barbara Holten, Connie Mustin, Joyce Johnston, Jeannie Carter, Judy Wissler, Elizabeth Kinney, and Judy Moore. Fourth Row Carolyn Pope, Wesley Spahr, Anita Gilbert, Jim Reed, Lloyd Mustin, Mary Mustin, Jim Robbins, Mary Ruth Renschler and Marjorie Cihlar. Cusfocllans fx' - Left to Right Martha Winters, Ethel Doddridge, Wayne Thomas, Claude Dillon, and Herbert Hedges 40 I C ' . C C O O . . O . . I U l 0 f'-fs,.L- , elf. i ia . Q ' ,, w , f K a ' ' 'x f f V - - 'f' ' if' is ., . . V Q, ' ' -" n - Tut, -,E .A f 1 . ' ' " F515 - f ,I Q,.9 U . M, , In -' 4 - ',' .Y.-,:., .l wx ' . ', , ,- . - 3 ' ,'.',d.. 5 3 f f - f U 1 i y Y, 1 A A I ' . . l Student Council QA I- ll'l A.,..aQ.J Ning' 'Ak 1- First Row, Left to right Mr E L Outland Advisor, Ada Toney Secretary, Nancy Ninters President, Liz Kinney Vice President, Kay Vance Treasurer, and Mrs Rose Hamilton Advisor Second Row Kent Fudge, Losha Usher, Mary E Johnson, Anne Wright, Judy Wissler, Denny Jones, Janet Flanagan, Sue hubbard, Nancy Huckery, Marie Spotts, and Ruth Ann Trusler Third Row Charles Krmner, Terry Moelk, Ruth Ann Smelser, John Johnson, Lloyd Mustin Reporter, and John Wambo FFA First how, left to right: Jerry Winters, Arthur Horr, David Dentecost, Jon Love Paul Withnan Sponsor, Bill Downing, Tom King, Bob May, and Robert Faucett. Sec- ond Row: Larry Burris Secretary, Wayne Petty Vice President, Jerry Cockerill Dick KidwelL Jhn York, Charles Kramer, Wesley Spahr, Shelby Willis, and Ben Haw kins. Third Row: Bruce McClain, Jack Jenkins, Charles Miller, Jim Eliason, Den nis Jenkins, Bob Henwood, Julian Johnson, Elvin Lammott, and Stanley Meyers. Fourth Row:Phu1 Widau-Treasurer, Bill Mathews, Don Widau, Jim Spotts, Alan Kemp ton, Bill Moyer-Sential, Mark Wright, Don Chance-President, and Jim Brower. i 1 41 O , . --3:--5, - - 1 J 5- s . J f I - K yi - ill Z -"f " f' X1 1, ,Ar as . 3 .f i. " V V J X. ' J ' OV U . gf 41. 1 A g , 5 p , 2, ' l ?fl 'D 9 . e . sf '59 - ' - - il . Y ' . . .. 2 . V. . ,P , - Q Q X W, E fc J L 'I Riga. 1fsff.f'w U -Q :ZW I - - v v V- 'A 1' x 1 41 K A . ew Q V 4 V X ', " ' M U 'Ji I ' 2 0 o 0 ' ' ' 1 3 3 . I ' 0 2 u o I " 0 Q O O 1 -J , .g 'W . - ' - up , ,. . ' , A . . I . j - . Z 1 ' v:i ' I 1' A un ' lv, . .ik l:O I If , , A 0:6 lm dai mar' I 6? 'lf ni uqw it ,..a-f"'. nmfiff I ,,.0 Bus Drivers First Row Wayne Thomas, Ray Linginfelter, Gayle Warner, and Hubert French Second Row Carl Luerman, Lawrence Ramey, Claude Dillon, Alvin Kramer, and Sam Jenkins ' 1 43 -lata:- l , , n 5 A , 1 ' 4, . ' "- rl 1 X l .V :its 'r ' v Q 'f x 4 l ,5 V Q, C, g ' f I ' l ' b r ag -3' -' H V n , . , . , 'L .L O " I' ,. . fe " Y ,. . H ag LM A- E .. . . 'Q iq is ,nv , 9 h' . fl h ' E - e Q 5 ' ' H c K O N . Y D 1 0 - H 5 . , , I 1 Li as . L C I 4 I X41 . JI' We S A 1' nk, XJV. IQ, 'B 1, 7 'Rl' I I SK ' 1 - THE BHBH STHFF First Row, left to right Don Cook Sports Editor, John Johnson Feature Editor Seated Rose Ellen Trussler Art Editor, Alta Miller Business Manager, Anne Wright Editor, and Nancy Winters Assistant Editor Back Row Les Slinker Advisor, Don Widau Freshman, Walter Etzel Senior, Ada Toney Junior, Sue Abel 7th, Margie Cihlar 8th, and Roberta Edwards Sophomore News CFNJ cn0 iv WVJ w First Row, Left to right June Allen Treasurer, B111 Johnson Vice President Nancy Winters President, Joanne Cihlar Secretary, Mrs Hamilton Sponsor Sec ond Row Jack Bertsch, Helena McNary, Melinda Emu, Gracia May, Ruth Ann Smelser, Liz Kinney, Mary Johnson, Sally Monger, Sheila Winters Third Row: Richard Emu Bruce Harris, Don Chance, Crandle Cook, John Johnson, Lloyd Mustin, Jerry Winters 44 " V 0 : ' 1 . 2 " e X 0 9' .. 4 " is ff I J l Q A 35324 Q C, ff' 'f x '. . , ' K 1, . co S' X ,, , , K: : .1 1 0, L2 1 he . :V . A. I is M 5 z ' ' .S x 1 ,V i ' X f f . A Nj. .1-I N I 1. ' X II 1 1 Q v ' it . V we J 2.34 ' - .' 1 - 1 ' Y Q Q . Q . - 2 ' l o E E T H awww .rv-'ur' Candidates Y Jiri li lhat's wrong, B111??? 'Big Orange Drink' .A King Pete and Queen Jan WK Q5 Ouchlll Going BtoadIlI1?? Lone1y??? 'Changing Partners' MAKING SHAKERS FOR TOURNEY Crazy lan Crazy! H Two ' s company!! A fm L--1:1 5 1 4 Caught in VM 0-07555 Ioman's helperlllll Bra1nwork???? UPI' 99 W7 45 S W E A R T B A L L . 'tif -7- ,I ru S ' L I . I g N s J.-5 f 5 Q mf. 3, r e go 5,1 P' n fr' - ' v ' ! ,, . if g S .UI ' v - L Q , 1 ll f ef 'LM ' '. N' ' I . . x - 'Z' ',fffs ' M kg IQ f' 5 4'-'i . 3+ K W. 'b , ff :ZX -, Cf A, Q 4 . --'V I I , if ef' . 1 ' " ' ' I I' i A 'X an m I Y HL . K f gf ' 9 . ve - f . F' . r n ' lx X b A ik ' W 1 "Ht ' v -: L ,, CY! " ,x 'A 1 ,g A f F i f Q n, . 4:1 -. ...,. W b ef' en. r qf F ' "5 fs 'YU Um fi v"f"39? 'f'W'ffvv- C5 H J' 'rl 46 1 I 'J k 4 A -.M4lsllf 44llHl"LM..- -gallons-I . 4lll.l, . First Row, left to right: Phyllis Horr, Alice Jean Cook, Sally Kramer, Rose Ellen Trusler, Kay King, Gracie May, Joanne Cihlar, Janice Benn, Jane Wrigley, Joyce Hamm, and Anne Wright. Second Row: Crandle Cook, Larry Hamm, Alta Miller, June Allen, Jeannine Laremore, Elizabeth Kinney, Marzetta Lamb, Mary Mustin, Nancy Winters, Kay Tolson, Richard Crocker, and Alan Kempton. Third Row: Ralph Bowles, Julian Johnson, Paul Widau, John Johnson, Bill Arthur, Bill Burris, Don Chance, Walter Etzel, B111 Johnson, Wayne Petty, and Jerry Cockerill. HONORS AND AWARDS JoNEs AWARDS ENGLISH AWARD CAFETERIA AWARDS D.A.R. AWARD lst Ruth Ann Smelser Juanita Darrah Phyllis Horr Nancy Winters 2nd Judith Brown 3rd Nancy Winters Elizabeth Kinney MOST OUTSTANDING SENIOR GIRL AND BOY Nancy Winters Don Chance SCHOLARSHIP CERTIFICATES Ruth Ann Smelser Pat Fowler Ada Toney Nancy W1Ht6PS Sue Spraker Violet Laremore Kat VHHC9 WHYHS Petty June Ann Hartman Delores Wadsworth Tom Borden Rose Ellen TPUSISP Mary E. Johnson Linda Renschler Janice HYT9 June Allen Rosalie Crocker Charles Jones Sharon Botsford Jay Custer Lady Ann Moore Raymond Meek Roberta Edwards Carl Conti Judith Brown Sally Jarrett Jeannine Laremore Lloyd Mustin John Wambo ANNUAL STAFF We of the staff have decided that snapshots will be of greater interest than our picturesg therefore we are listing our names and omitting our pictures. Nancy Winters Ed1t0P June Allen Assistant Editor Elizabeth Kinney Co-Editor Rose Ellen Trusler Feature Editor Bill Burris Sports Editor Jeannine Laremore Art Editor Gracie May Co-Art Editor Alta Miller Kay Tolson Circulation Manager Ralph Bowles Assistants Bill Johnson Business Manager John Johnson Anne wright Assistants Mrs. Rose Hamilton Advisor U on 'IIS 'B

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