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We, the 1955 Seniors of Centerville High School wish to dedicate our annual to all the members of the faculty This is only a small token to leave to those who dedicated themselvesto us andour edu cation, but it is at least, something with which to show our appreciation Though Centerville Highis small it leaves noth ing to be desired in its fine staff of teachers In no other school no matter how large, can you find a better faculty, well trainedand experienced as well as friendly and helpful Nowhere willyou find a better spirit of co operation between stud ents and faculty simply because ourteachers strive to measure up to the highest standards possible And so, upon leaving C H S, we just want to say to our teachers THANKS FOR THE HELPING HALD YOU'VE BEEN cWELL!l .-5 l,7fv W xx I ff fl 77 Z xxx XX X XX XX ff!!! XxXQE?X'x XX XQFNSL4TQQQgQQ 775' Sxxk Xwigtbiii:jF :L!iijE2Ii:gEii3s1f'fir!lx 0 CMM 13159 I - x I . Nx f X I - .. I , 1 7 a 0 I A , f ffddi -2, Xl C 'C E f as do X SQQQS T RX lafagi X irNx.d TQ!i5XQfsXx tcsx X X . nf , O Administration Superintendent T , Of Snhool s ruswe E L Outland Principal Centerville Schools 1927 Present Arthur H Hines Walter Kendall wan' C0 Supt of School' Center Township Trustee 1924 Pr6B8ht 1951 Present E L Outland, Principal Algebra H S 1947 l Experience 34 years M A University of Chicago Indiana State Teachers College 'There is a dictionary close at hand, but all the fine words in it couldn't describe our friend, Mr Outland He's made C H S a school to be proud of and he has also made us proud of him W Faculty Rose Hamlltor Ass start Pr n pal English and Botany C H S 1922 l 53 A B , A M Indiana University Northwestern University University of Wisconsin 'If patience and kindliness, trust fulness and good will could be rewarded with gold, she'd be right at home in Fort Knox W 2 t C. . . - 953 A. B. Earlham College e o e ' 9 FACULTY Edna Pickett, English H S 1945 l Experience 15 years A B Indiana University Northwestern University School of Speech Columbia University Earlham College 'C H S's prize English teacher whose knowledge of English Litera ture is exceeded only by her knowl edge of people Iva Glunt, Voc Home Economics C H S 1946 1 3 Experience 182 years A B Manchester College Purdue University Ball State Teachers College 'Its a good thing we have Miss Glunt, for no one but she could bear to take over that terrible eighth period assembly Every student's friend ' Keith Castelluccio, Assistant Coach Health, Civics C H S 1950 1 55 Experience 3 years A B Earlham College uvivaciousness at its all time high He could give any Congressman a lesson in good government W Jeanne Burson, Chemistry and Science H 1952 1 3 Experie ce l year University of Colorada Bell State Teachers College 'She's new this year, but immediately everyone took her to their hearts ' 3 YSX NThe guy who has to put together every possible contraption unmake the students job easier He'l1 makeyouan agriculture x art if you give him half a chance John L Ove twrf, Vocational Agriculture L r S 192 3 Experience 30 years B S in Agriculture, Purdue University Charlotte Hanten Art Experience 32 years A B Earlham College William Penn College Indiana University nAlways willing to take time out for one of us, she's never too busy to lenda helping hand W Lowell A Brooks, Mathnetics Q Science C H S l93h 53 Experience 2h years A B Earlham College B S Manchester College Indiana University Butler University all State Teachers Collewe N'Brooks1e will easily be voted e man with the best sense of humor even tho s been a coach ' Edward S Armstrong, American history H S 1948 1 Experience 7 years A B Taylor U iversity Earlham College Syracuse University Ball State Teachers College A favorite with the students, a :av orite with the teachers, Ldd1e's ust J Eddie, andwe wouldn't havehim any other way Charlotte Kid ey, Speech k Debates H S 1950 1 Experience 16 years A B University of Pittsburgh Carnegie Institute of Technology Western Reserve University 'Our forgetful dramatics teacher who as to live with the fact that she hasn't a Barrymore in the whole senior speech class In a few brief words 'she's just dandy " 4 e pe ' N .N .51 . LL-5 ' A th 2. ----- ' 1 ?Q I , 3'fSf he " C. . . 1 -see H 5 ' - .n Ce c o ' 6' Q .L A ' h P -r. t I. C 'CHS's girls' only gripe is that he wasn't born ten years later Lvery year at Sectional time H6 gives the county something to worry about, and Centerville something to be proud about Both he and his teams are tops ' Leslie Slinker, Athletic Director Bookkeeping, Shorthand, and Typing H S 1951 1 Experience 4 years B S Canterbury College She can teach you gym, she can teach you English, but most import ant sue can teach you what wonder- ful people teachers really are Martha McConaha, Librarian Health, English, 8 Physical Education Experience 15 years A B Earlham College University of Colorada University of Cincinnati University of Wyoming University of Minnesota Colorada State College of Education 'His first love, music, his second love, band He's one of those prover bial athlete musician combinations ' Henry Fbrnoff, Music C H S 1940 1945 1945 1953 Experience 16 years 'tv B M Butler University an Arthur Jordan Conservatory of Music Earlham College Purdue University Wwe have no doubts she knows more Latin than even Caesar did, and that's more than any of us can vouch for ' Kathryn Kimmel, Latin 3 English C H S 1932 1 3 Experience 21 years A B Earlham College Northwestern University University of Wisconsin 'The 'Bachelor in the Bunch' who could give anyone a good lesson in hcl to make friends' Harold McCoy, Mathematics C.H.S. l9h6-53 Experience 2h years B.S. Central Normal College M.S. Indiana University Indiana State Teachers College Hanover College emu 5 e A e' 1 K K ' 1.-lk Co n e " X c e X 1 ll .ll C. H. S. 1939-1955 b V ' 'M VX 5' A L Y e e e My e 0 d e e e ' TODD sin Si reasons why we hate to leave the halls of C H S A play must be 5 i in order what is the mattero' 'SFA- Eddie Friday and nSam Lpok at the gleam in tbn't they look toughl? those eyest first Prize Photo of 1953 Smile and the world smiles with youll A E Yes, Cass, do you have a question? Two reason why our Senior year was so interesting 'Dlck's homespun humor and friendly at D CK HA KINS titude made him welcome in any crowd U Agriculture Dick didn't hare his picture taken but we found this one and-without his permission, decided it would be the one to go in the annual I Junior Play 33 F.F.A. 2,5,43 Judging Team , ' 1,2,3,43 Noon League 1,2,3,4g speech 43 6 n n ' 'E ' xr: I i V:-.1 1 y gf is P ., A J ' I y w . is C- -s-t-e-l-l-u-c-c- -o, , .1???? T W V if P 7 P: 3 I 'ffl A C ., B K :Q J, U E .1 jyhx f' x L T N X A X . ff T w ' R ' ., ' o Y n n N n n n fi" g 3 . 1 . Z -K Q., AV , V2 lg 1 ,' SENIURS -14 vi mn "J I I 'Pells nm, but is also spells fun, depend ability, good times and friend ' JUDY KING Academic Junior Play3, 4 H 1,2,3,4, G1rl's Basketball 4 Chorus 2 'Always a laugh, never a dull moment HAURICE BAKER Agriculture Class Vice President 1, Student Council 2, 3, 4 QPresident 4,j Junior Red Cross 3,4, Track 1,3 Cross Country2,3,4, FFA l,2, Judging Team l,2,3,4, Basketball 2, Noon League 5,-1, 4 H l,2,3,4, Mortonian Staff 4 'The boy wonder of CHS, when he is around you'll never lack for a brilliant answer ' SHIRLEY EDWARDS Academic and Commercial G1rl's Basketball 4, Volley Ball Team 2,3, Ping Pong 2,5, Speech 3,4, Noon League 2,3, Cafeteria 1, Junior Play 3, Senior Play 4 Bark Staff 5 "In Shirley you' ll always find a true friend W The girl with the million dollar figure JIM CIHLAR Academic Class Secretary 3 Class Treas urer l,2,5,4, Student Council 3, Junior Red Cross 4, Basketball, l,2,3,4, Baseball l,2,5,4, Track l,5,4, Volleyball Team 4, Ping Pong l,2,3, Mortonian Staff 4, Noon League 3,4, Junior Play 3, Senior Play 4 7 DAVID NUSS General Basketball l,2,5,4, Baseball 1, 2,3,4, Track 3, Noon League 1, Student Council l,Speech Claes 1 Junior Play 33 Senior Play. "'Red' thought one redhead Iasnit e ough, so he decided to marry one. A truly swell fellow and frilnde' CLAHIICE HITCB LL Agriculture Judging Team 3,43 4-H l,2,5,4g F.F-A. l,2,5,4. 'le rarely ever neard H1011 from 'Mitch' but he was undoubtedly an asset to the Ag. Dept.' BILL HARRISON Academic Basketball 1,2 5 4, Track 5 4 Baseball l 2 5,4 Junior Play 5 Senio Play 4 Speech Class 5, Volleyball Team 2,5 4 Mortoni Staff 4, Cafteria l 2,5 4 WLills' rates high onthe list of top notch athletes andalso poss esses a high scoring personality RONNIE PENNINGTON General Junior play 3, Speech Class M, FFA 1,2 Two cunning eyes,good looks, and a striking personality re the characteristics of 'Penny that we shall always remember LINDA EARLY Academic and Commercial Class President 5, Reporter 1,2 Junior Red Cross 4 Band 1,2 5 4 Chorus 2 D A R 4 Student Coun cil 1,2 5 CPres1dent 51 Junior Play 5, Senlor Play 4, Mortonian Editor 4 Bark Editor 5 Girl's State 5, Speech 5,4 Team Topics 4 'Whenone possesses such inte gence and versatilityas thls, it means nothingless than success JEANNINE SPOTTS Home Economics Mortonian Staff 4, Bark Staff 5 4 H 1,2 'Her happy go lucky ways will e missed by all Especially in the Home Ec de a tment H 09 WANDA HOWELL Academic Speech 3,b,, Junior Play 3130115-01' Play M, Mortonian Staff h, Yell Leader 1,2,3,lL Chorus 2 3,3-L Junior Rea Cross 1,2,3 M Pin! one 1 2,3,h, Majorette 1,2,3phn ECC track Queen 1, Our sparkling cheerleader and the first to gain possession ofa fraternity pin N LINDA EADLER Commercial Bark Staff 3, Mortonian Staff A never worry, I never fret, if I can't remember I just forget ' 1 if In . 4: Nia- I 2 1 1 J ,F 'mf' Q g 3 . I .. .Q,' , , S is 1' . ' . We 3 3 I I ' 3 'L x- 5' ' ., A , ' " 111- ' V --X n p 2. as ' . S136 Q, r ig J ' I !'f , ' 3 ' 3 . ' - - b J U P P - 1 ! . 5 5 9 .1 g 3 'W I' 5 4: , I an . 1 J S . :T L V ' ,D X Q -, ,i'Y 458' v 1 1 A In N . ,QQ 4' g', 'gi?gs+ . 33 fjQ fiif5ig': . . A ff ? raisi- ' I 34,M.v,' H3139 H n O . 0 0 . 1 3 0 3 0 1 I D , . , P , ' . ll .1 O I ' e n 'I n O - 8 1. 19 A1 MARTHA WEAVER General Chorus 3,4, 4 H 3,4, Speech 3,4 Junior Play NReserved, but always ady to lend a helping hand H EVELYN GESELL Academic Class Secretary 1,4 Speech 3, , Student Council l 2,3 4, Junior Play 3, Senior Play 4, Chorus 2 Band l,2,3 4, Bark Editor 3 an Girl's State Alternate 3 'One of the Seniors with a a mond on the third finger, left handn A too leader and a swell 58 RONLIL HARRIS General Class Vice President 2 3 Presi dent 4,StudentCounc1l 4, Junior Red Cross 3 4 Volleyball 2 3 4 Cross Country l 2 3 4 Basket ball l 2 3 4. Track 3 4 Morton ian Staff 4 Speech 4 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 HThe Centervllle heart throb w o always takes first on anybody's 'People I Like Best' list U DALE TEMPLE Basketball l,2,3,4, Baseball l, 2 3 4 Volleyball Team 4 'Though WJockon1s at times quite impish, ne's really just a nice guy eager for a laugh ' BARBARA CAUDLE Academic and Commercial Class President l Secretary 2 Reporter 3 Vice President 4 Student Council l, 4. Junior Red Cross 4, Mortonian Staff 4, Bark Staff 3, Speech 3,4, G1rl's Bas- ketball 4g Team Topics 45 Junior Play 33 Senior Play 43 nwhen C H S finds a wittier wit it will be a Caudlen EVELYN JONES Home Economics Bark Staff 23 F H A 2,33 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 Speech 4. nwhenever the fun begins to lag, call in Jonesu BOB JARRETT Commercial Basketball 2, 33 Noon League 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Ping Pong 4, Track 3, 4 'Our oun self made Jerry Lewis, who possesses unique high jump ing ability W Academic Basketball l,2,3,4, Baseball 1 2,3,4, Volleyball 2,5,4,Track 3, Junior Red Cross l,2,3,4, speech Class 4, Senior Play 4,Morton1an Staff 4 "W1ck's' well controlled pitch ing arm is given much credit for our successful baseball seasonsn BARBARA JONES Academic k Commercial Chorus ln 2, Noon League 2,5 Junior Play 3, Senior Play 4 SPeech Class 5,4,Bark Staff 4 n'B u n n y' means dependabilit when she has a responsibility JANE GUNN Academic 3 Commercial Band l,2,3,4, Chorus l,2, Pin Pong l,2,5,4, Volleyball Team l,2,3,4, G1rl's Basketball 4 Junior Red Cross 2,3,4, Speech Class 3,4, 4 H l,2,5,4, Junior Play 3, Senior Play 4 'Jane's neat appearance and petite ways are two reasons wh she rated high with all of us LOREN HAMILTON Agriculture Class President 23 Student Coun cil 3, Basketball l,2,5,4, Cross Country l,2,3,4,V0lleyball 2,3,4 F F A l,2,3,4, KPres1dent 41, Judg1ngTeam 1,2,3,4, 4 H l,2,3,4 lPres1dent 52 Vane of Centerville's all time basketball centers Be may look quiet enough but look ou SHIRLEY HARRIS Academic b Com ercial Bark Staff 4' 4 H 1 'our used to be 'pigtail girl' is the girl who alwayegreets you with a smlle and friendly word ' ' s ' : 1 1 1 1 y .ll . . 8- ' s 5 s - ' e JERRY WICKERSHAM ' a -2 ' . to. I0 DON BATTEN Academic 'Even though Don wasn't able to be at school with us very much, his intelligence vas ldmi15 ed by all, and his ia a friendship we shall always treasure " -36- SONIA JONES-Commercial Band 1,23 Bark Staff 3 I,-H 1,23 Speech 3, Jr Play 3, Senior play 4 'Discreet and delight- ful that's our Sonya " CLYDE REED-General Junior Play 3, Speech Class 3 'This tall, dark and observant fellow will certainly be miss ed intheha1laofCHS' MARY LOU LOUDI Commercial Claes President l, Treasurer 3, Jr Cross 13 Iell Leader, BQL, Jr 3, Staff 43 Senior Play 4 'She didn't come until our 12th year, but we lilnod her imnediately' B TTY LUNDY-Cchmercill Reporter Lgflhorusl 2 3 Bark 3, Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4, Band 33 Speech 3,43l League 2 "Refined and genuine describe this jewel " WANETA GIBSOB Colmrcial Volley-Ball 13 Class Secretary 13 I HA. 3 Basketball 1 'She has proved that 'silence is golden' lots of hm when you learn to know hen' VIVIAN MULLINS Academic Volley-Ball l,2,3,43 Cafeteria 3,l+, Morton ian Staff Ll 'Those ent1c1ng eyes 8: that luring smilel' ll MYRON HIGGINS-Conlmercisl Basketball l,2, Baseball 2f3,43Pine P0118 1,2,3,4! Track 3,L,Bark Staff 3, Hoon League 1, 2, 3, l,,, Speech 3,l,,Jnnior Play 3 'Heh a pretty nice kid to 1cnov,:Lf you can find him " BILL B 1R.D Agricultmme Junior Play 35 Judging Team 2,3,A, Noon Leas- ue 1, F F A 1,2,394, 'A friendly way and a helpmg hand " O Q ' P r Y 'ef .. ' . ma Baskhtblll 3,I,3Speechl, ' . 1 e . . 3 ' 0 5 - ' e e e ' no t ig so AK' ' ix Tn , 7 , Class Ufficers 11 ,.Q... ls ,I K 2 PARTYING ,IZ f 1 12 Class of TH SCORE FROM 1949 to 1953 when we came out into the arena to begin our first quarter of high school chal lenges, members of our temm were Maurice Baker Bill Harrison Vivian Mullins Evelyn Gesell Linda Early David Nuss Dick Davis Waneta Harvey Jeannine Spotts Jane Gunn Clarence Mitchell Dale Temple Bill Beard Shirley Harris Ronnie Pennington Loren Hamilton Myron Higgins Jerry Wickersham Barbara Caudle Evelyn Jones Martha Weaver Jim Cihlar Paul Taylor Ruth Runyon Shirley Edwards Clyde Reed Barbara Jones Linda Eadler Irvin Toschlog Duane Combs Leland Brewsaugh Wanda Howell Patty Gibson Ronnie Harris Sonya Jones Bill Cross Judy King The captain of our team was Barbara Caudle, Maurice Baker served as Vice Presi dent, Secretary Evelyn Gesell, Treasurer Jim Cihlar, and eporter Linda Early We attempted to encourage sportsmanship by having two dances nThe Farrage of Frolicu and January Jaunt inviting backers and members of the opposing teams We had a hayride, made possible by the endeavors and teamwork of the whole class and its coaches, Henry Fornoff assisted by Mrs rickett and Mr Overturf It was a successful quarter and we think this one helped much in acquiring our victory of the fourth quarter Four of our team members fouled out They were Duane Combs, Waneta Harvey, Dick Davis, and Catherine Cuneo Though we were bereaved by this loss we gained Janet Pippin, Betty Lundy, Shirley Anderson, Bill Thomas, Robert Jarrett, and Sue Wright, who added much to the ability of our team High School life was agreeing with us quite well as we tipped off for our sec ond quarter We found a few of ou1 team members had left us nevertheless, our team was still ahead with several students participating in the different school activities This year we won the class tourney trophey for the first time Our officers during the sophomore year were, Captain Loren Hamilton,Vice President Ronnie Harris, Secretary Barbara Caudle, Treasurer Jim Cihlar, and Reporter Linda Early Our after the game dances, The Heart Hop and nThe Sophomore Specialn turn d out to be colossal successes, as was our class hayride All in all, our second quarter of play was Just as enjoyous as our first THIRD QUARTER We stole the ball early in the quarter to score for a financial victory This was our biggest money making year in the entire game, and we came through, as we always do, with flying colors During the time out between our second and third quarters, Paul Taylor and Leland Brewsaugh departed from our ranks, but we found welcome additions in Bill Thomas, Sue Wright Our high school basketball team was made up of 10 members, 5 of which wereJun iors in the first 7 We boasted of having 7 boys on the baseball team Six of our members were in the band and we also had a yell leader Again this year we, of all people, won the class tourney trophey Our class officers for this year were President Linda Early, Vice President Ronnie Harris, Secretary Treasurer Jim Cihlar, Reporter Barbara Caudle A number of the Juniors were in the dramatics class which presented three one act plays for the public and a number of other workshop plays Among the several other programs which we presented was the Junior Senior reception, which was real success I3 5 3 Vs C H 1 ll il, V : , I SECOND QUARTER O - - n ll e .. . 9, FOURTH QUAEPBR This was the last and by far the best quarter of the whole game It was full of excitement ard good times and it was the quarter we'll never forget We started things off by electing Ronn1eHarris as our captain and Barbara Caudle as Vice President Evelyn Gesell took over her cuties as Secretary, Jim Cihlar as Treasurer, and Betty Lundy as Reporter for the school oaper our student Council members were Maurice Baker, Evelyn Gesell Cwho served fmn-straight yearsj, Barbara Caudle, and Ronnie Harris as alternate This class is the sponsorof this annual, of which Linda early was Lditor Although the third quarter is the time when the classes make most of their money we uid credit to the class in our fourth year by adding much to our trip fund This year our class made a name for themselves ln athletics, as usual, and also in other departments of high school activities There were 7 boys in basketball, 7 boys on the baseball team, 4 students in the band, 2 on the cross country squad, and other students take part in various activities The year saw us take part in several different programs, among which were a cha pel program, the Junior Senior banquet, which the Juniors gave ln our honor, com mencement, baccalaureate, our senior trip, and a commencement dance We graduated this year feeling very proud and happy ready to go on to meet whatever may comea lens We want to thank those teachers whohave been our sponsors in past years,and who were our sponsors this year Without them the trip which we looked forward toso much would not have been possible THIS YEAR ws woN THE cuss SECUTIVE YEAR Class Wlll We,the 1953 seniors of CentervilleBigh School, being of sound mind, body, and spirit, Qthe first and last we write with a sigh of hope and optimism rather than fact, do hereby bequeath these things our last will and testament do hereby will the following TH TEACHING STAFF--Our high rating 1 as a class We must be worth at least 200075 in the office records TH JUNIOHS Our ability to win tropheys and other honors, our ability to cope with Cass's toothpicks, our deficit in the Centerville State Bank, and the 'War March of the Priests," to be played at their commencement. 4 T0 THB SOPHOIDRES Our ability to always please even when we displease, our way with the teachers, our freedom from inhibitions, complexes, and the assembly 5O,our good looking boys, and 25 copies of the senior g1rl's favorite book, 'Ian Traps, Simply lnde.' T0 TH FRESHI N---Our favorites the Freshman we wish to leave somethingspecial. We bequeath than the hope that they will someday see their fondest dreamecome true, -and-in the same breath- the hope that they, too, will someday get their diplomas. And so, upon leaving the hallowed halls of C. H. S., we as individuals wish to leave something as reminders of our l2years at hard labor. Rach member of the 1955 class hereby leaves a little token of his advancement in the world. I4 TOURNEY FOR TH THIRD CON- I in 8.3 e W6 2 I T0 'D 'V . 5' QQ., X' To "" 1. A ,B SENIOR CLASS WILL Continued All these things which we have Maurice Baker, will my crew cut Don Batten, will my parakeet to above him. In I. I. left to give Knot much! we do hereby wil L: and what's under it to Larry Ham . anyone who has lung-power enough to talk Bill Beard, will my Donald Duck lingo to any Junior who thinks himselfwor- I thy of Walt Disney s position when he talks himself to death. In Barbara Caudle, will my effervescent personality to Juanita Darrah, and-- only because she wishes me to--my legs to Delores Wadsworth. I. I. In Jim Cihlar, will my blue ribbons in the hhO to Bill Burris. Linda Eadler, will my good shorthand grades to anyone who needs them. Linda Early, will my Af's in Civics to any needy Junior, and the job next year of editing the annual to any sucker, lNancy Winters and Liz Kinney! I. I. Shirley Edwards, will my figure and a half to Roberta. Evelyn Gesell, will my nickname 'Gus' back to its originator, Mr. Castell- uccio. CCant get that name all on one linel I. I. Joanne Cihlar. Waneta Gibson, will my natural blond hair to Phyliss Burris. Jane Gunn, will my glasses to Henry Fornoff and my ability to go steady to Loren Hamilton, will my trips to Pete Widau so he can come back to Jane Ronnie Harrie, will my pool table to Bill Burris and my wardrobe of shirts to anyone who needs them Shirley Harris, will my position as first girl sports writer on the Bark staff to anyone who can take dictation from Cass Bill Harrison' will my 5 home runs last season toJames Brower and my nick name 'Admiral' to Bill Burris Dick Hawkins, will my navy hair style to Raymond Meeks MyronnH1gg1ns, will my back seat in the assembly to anyone who likes cold seats Wanda Howell, will my Fraternity pin to Anne Wright for use in the future and my feed bag to Alta Miller Bob Jarrett, will my Jerry Lewis antics to Bobby Henwood Bunny Jones, will my salesmanship to any needy part time worker Evelyn Jones, will my Chevrolet to my sister, Carolyn Sonya Jones, will my part in the senior play to Jeannine Laremore, and my height to Sue Brown Judy King, do hereby will my short hair to June Allen Mary Lou Loudy, will my twenty four inch waistline to Helena McNary CLHPODCO Mitchell, will my knowledge of farming to John Johnson Vivian Mullins, hereby will my position as Castelluco1o's official paper grader to some unfortunate ho has fourth period practive typing David Nuss, will my bench sitting callouses to my brother Jerry who I hope won't need them Ronnie Pennington, will my driving ability to Fritz Kempton, and 30 inch waistline to Wayne Petty Clyde Reed, will my ability to keep my mouth shut to Kay King Jeannine Spotts Cones, will my Math grades to my brother, Jim Dale Temple, will my place on the end of the bench on L Sl1nker's basket ball team to Mr Robert Dickerson Martha Weaver, will 25 pounds to Gracie May Jerry Wickershsm, will my olde Chevy to Arthur Horr Having solemnly declared this to be our last will and testament, we hereby appoint Mr Outland and Mrs Hamilton executors Witnessed and signed this twenty ninth day of April, in the Year of Our Lord, Nineteen Hundred and Fifty Three Assistant Principal K1 dl 0:11- 'gn' E ,ffa""'Z75z' Editor in cm.: C31-Bind, av Sean? ,449 I5 I, . I. Cs1g1edD6,zQ-sffdffd Principal . lllll fa 7 , boy! Put somethin' ff I Y in the pot boy! 'i 5 LI :Fi A n oying sclcol c t Serin' Is Bel ev n 3 w" s. I 'Y Bet LeRoy won, Why fifth grade teachers bo madl Yes, it's true be ableto auess Vivian, too, was who this isLL gn Come on, Jarrett, whistle E il' x' Martha, your teeth are showing What's that, Dale, a birdbath9 -54 Coulan' ll he was a farmer, could you Only a Beard 15 in 2-ef Caudle, we'll have to agree, you were cute then Hey, Harris a baby once upon 4m'1 Okay, Howell it isn't rain ing out Every class has a Jones Kell, we've got three of them This is B Jeanninel MWTOH Just think, Can't you she1s got a diamond now One of the Joneses how 'bout a BV61Fn by name wus' D0c'S golden girl smile" Early with ao11e'z' I7 Q. , L4 - ,XA 4 1 f 4 . I 'V ' ' ' -1 J . M I g Ft: . ? K . t -R 1 ,un Q :Q l r - to - Q .- "w 53 ' . 5 V? I ,L 4-1 ' r I tg .-, ' J. - - . f , , 1 ta I A ' .. V t I T ' -'X C ' '52 ' tw pl I ' "x .. r -- -f h ' ' I 4 4 1 .X " .' . L. -4 ' , a 535. w e y g Q, he y " fej ' t tc w ' Agh L N pa . . 1 9 l. ,- . fx , ' . 'J y y it x, he , y . H 5: ' ' f V vi' , 'V K ,. 45ffl"'di--.I ' 'N A E' . J do ' ' , 'we un: .Q QA rf 9- 'I ' .xt '.,- R .V I X l fix . A ".., , qv gg F Z ' 'lu ' Egfr f , V q'1 diyv- fv,gyQ. '-s:1q- gbfgg ey he -ff My o -W .V exft- V " , ,,,f v I K' . wil Q 4 v 1 -- LJ What Watching World Series of 1952 HESITATION 'ln i' 's the Bowl for? Barnem 8 Bailey To which lanet are ff, , ' " Howell had a hard night the night before-can you tell?? Alta was surprised? wot Happened? rig? 19 5 a 3 '. . L !f 'Mx Q' 1 " - One of the reasons why girls like 3 5 C.H.S. and the '52 W.C.C. Track Trophy! We're proud of both. Tough Guys! Juniors and Chaos! 1 This couldn t happen again, could lt Mother? Well, 19--de-da 4141130--'..a. , -vs IIIZTFW l 4"'l Working? 1 A-. 7 1 H fd ll .1 xjj I-If 1-L-XMI LIQNS HfWES,11RL NENS FLASH! Big Lon Hamilton's wife gave birth tc a babv girl this morning at 6 30 The little bundle ofjoy weig hed in at 17 lbs 15 oxs However, every story has a dark side Hamlltonhas gone against all the tra ditions of his family as there hasn't been a girl born to them for years A court proceeding has been started against himb his family to change the tra itor's name, 'Bubbles La Tur, the former Shirley Edwards, now a fanousbubble dancer has filed a complairt to gainst Dyron Higgins It seems that Higgins is op erating a dart concession in the lobby of the bur lesque house where nBub bles is now appearing Professor laurice Baker today returned from his 6 month trip to Mars traveled there and back on the space ship he and Clarence Mitchell built This accomplishment was not so surprising as both Yr Vitchelland Mr Baker received A'sin farm shop They were interviewed by Bob Jarretf famousninside story reporter, as soon as they landed on terra firma when asked for a statement Professor Baker replied, uI'm hunggy HAWKINS TAKES FIRST PLACE Dick Hawkins took first prize at the state fair wlth hispen of white rab bits Dickstarted raising rabbits 3 months ago with cnly Zrabbits. Now he has 2,101 of them Explanation 'I taught themtheir mu lplication tables at an early age He makes all of BunnyJones wearlng ap parrel ANNCUNCEMEAT Theformer Mary Ann lc rary,nowI rs Jim Cihlar, gave birth to her third set of quins all boys Nr n Hrs Cihlar have- LEarNLD that plans have been made to startan in dependent foctball,base ball, andbasketballteam fAll Cihlarsl fEd1cor's note Nr.c1h lar, whowas not expected to survlve, is now doing fine PARTY GIVEN The former Sh1rleyHar ris, wife of hrigad1er General Leroy Taylor,en- terta11ed with a snipe home last week Thosewho engoyed the selves were Evelyn GesellShank, Dale 'Frank BuccnTemp1e, B Eearo,and our own,HBub bles' La fur Othersa ttendlng were JudyAing?? Jim Cihlar, and David, Nuss Judy, Jim, ' Red, witnessed their flrst a ttempt at snipehunt1ng'! LindaEADLER wlllattemp toswim theAtlantic Ocean again tomorrow On her last attemptshe wasforc ed to give up Smilesfrom Great Brltian becauseshe got thirsty Cn this a ttempt, she wlll be conpanied by Dartha Wea ver, a practical nurse. Martha will travel ln a rowboat and will be sta ndlng by-wlth a canteen PATRONIAE PAINLESS PENNINGTON your morbid mortician Don't let FINANCIAL TROUBLE take you over Be taken Under PENNINGTCW PL L1 LH r and rs David Red , Huss at ended the Purdue ersus I football game Caturda,, where thier old est boy plays half back He 1S only 9 yr old, but H6 is a hlldo wonder, a gr duate of CPS lntne year ' The usses' have blonds and brunettes xe and hed say that 3of thelr 'little bralns will gra uate thls year rs Duane Sh nk, the former hvelyn Gesell, 1 still selllng Avon prod actsand has a l1ne of Chr ist1as cards, st tlonery she has a thrlving nation offlces ln Centerv'llc,and Chicago, as well as 185991 ones in New York, and ban rrancisco She has 5 lit tle avonettes now, they assist by peddllngthe pro ducts from door to door, ir and hrs hernlt King announce the marriage of their daughter, Judith, to 997 The double ringcere mony took place on lay3l, 1953 She has kept the e lopement a secret for the past 10 years and as we go to oress, the name of the groom hasn't been as yet discovered. TEACHLh NACE GCCD Kelth nAr1stotleHCaste1 luccio, former Civics and rhyslcal Education teacher at ChS, 1S now a sportsoo writer for a universally read newspaper His com ents and statlstics cover a full page C ss always was a man of many words He also owns a drive in popcorn stand with booths where couples may eat pop corn 'n prlvacy UANTFD A Smith ooronatypewriter by a lady with a wide car ri ge Page l I9 June 30, 1963 1 3 1 - l il 1 1 1 - kv l 1 1 ' - . 1fv Aw E I 1 - 4 , ' 1' ' jRb'YA'Q I - H , H . H H : L. 'A ' if 1.11. ! 1 14: kr'-T'--q - . C "' 1 0 . 615. Qt? ' 8 ' . f d . - : A - I l YI d- ll ' 0, N V n E H U. ,rf ' - , ' Q S ' 1 -, , 11 , R - 'fi I. the Police dQP3Ptm9Ht 9' huntingu party atLepgII5 wide business now with her I t 1 1 ill N - H u - n . I , ' . ' - ' e He I . M: A . . , D A 1 - ' U - . - V F -1 nwprxr v C- 'wx 'T ac- . g- 1 U .'l . 4 'Y 0 I J - r m , . n a . fl ' ' lt- of l grlf, g . .u ,H ' . - by A nr - Born Dre 8lT'6I' Page 2 June 30, 1963 BRI V HISTORIES CF SC E Cr 1 I ShvIORS OF 1953 SONYA JCNFS Born donned in a corduroy diaper otto anythlng you can do I can GO oetter Accomplishments Success in keeplng up with the Jones's Assets one cor uroy press and one lost cord BILL BEARD Born son of a hogcaller lotto l'll never have a dstache, but I'll alwavs have a beard Arbltlon to marry harilyn Ionroe Accomplishments Qeing the first ta idernlst to suc ceed 1U mounting a live fish Assets onelocked barn and two stolen horses BOB JARR IT Iottc fc strlve to do the lf ossible,to pleaseCass Accomplishments Learning the tricks Goose Tatw Assets I half ofthe necessary HLIUIIL Dorn wlth berry in his mouth Ambltion a e Wrigley and Company a thriving busl ness Accomplishments inventing a devlce for extracting swallowed gum from child ren lotto To cover the bottom of his assembly deskwith chewed gumfrom every mem ber of the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Gum Manufacturers BILL HARPISC Born Jho knows? Achlevements Invented an automatic pitcher and a catcher for World Series P187 Potto ry kingdom for a ball and bat Famous Last Words I've got a good heater in this car Assets Three hundred broken bats and antics of Chevrolet wlth front seat un BE'NIdCTCI a stlckof Tea Bob Jarrett has gone to Hot Springs, Arkansas for his annual bath. APY LOU LOUUY orn HI was bornto wander I wa born to roa but, Jerry 1 Ceuta v llChlcM School made leel t O1 L6 Motto Loveis like a musn roon ou never know f it' the real tbl g untll 1t's t c late Assets one listlllery for bCttl1DU s n SHlH6 and a rebel accen Accompll hmants accepting Job asboc CSGDIDL te cner at rounta n Clty ann also ovnlng a tr vclingtrained flea clrcus with all the lleas trained to scratch her bac on com an EVLLIN GESLLL Born a natural corn sale otto Hthe pcstman only true As ets a trained ex army general as a butler Acccmnllshrents belng a ,rand other tefcre reach lng the age of MO CLARENCE MITCHELL Born to e at home on the ran e otto what any farmer can do, I c n do better, and faster Assets Thirty SOO l acre SHIRLLE EDWARDS orn u have been t n ght for her eyes are s OQPR to If at 1 r t yot not succfed, u y not try try agair Accomplishment cvming the first thrivirg bubble factory Cbirlee her products for sent profession! Assets a husband wors i archery closets of burst -peclmens u e all her pre wko ma and four d bubble DALE TLMPLL born In the QSQPSSSIOD Accompli a iddie built in a jungle lickname Brank hments Invented car with all the necessities for eyyedition Assets two elephant hides bamous Last words haven't Jlantat cns and t1c hand carved Accorplishments the poslt on as of AgP1CU1tuT6 government 3o5 plas pipes Peachlng Secretary cf our LS BAP ARA CALDLL Acconpl1s.ments las Terry Lewls' comedian abllityo an a pair cfcrossed eyes land earsl lotto ever work for your gra es, Just flirt with the teachers ramous Last Mor s I never break anything Assets one second hand classrlng slightly used Also first girl to master the art of looking upfrom the other side of gratwug Mr Slinker just loves his bookkeeping class. About oneof his studentshe says, 'She doesn't know a debit from a credit, butshe cer tainly adds up.n Z0 I seen you someplace be fore? DICL PAWFIAS Born Lour guessis as good as mlne Accomplishments urote the famous book Moet ofl the stove, randma, you'retoo o to rloe the Rangelln tpectacular Deed birst monk to ever use a type writer in a monastery for manuscri ti scri tures LgND:gsADLEg Born In the State of Con fusion Accomplishments Invented a bathing suit with built in oars, for easier long distance swimming Famous Last words Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink Motto What's Marilyn hon roe get that Ihaven't got more ofqf? ROhNIB HARRIS horn nsniration for the ong 'Heartbreaker Accomplishments tending Zh girls to sanatoriums to recuperate from broken hearts Also wrote a book 'Girls why and what for Motto Ssssssssssiiiiiiiil Assets one skunk and two scents Nickname-Bert Mr. Harris is extremely embarrassed when we men- tion the Harris Fan Club, so we won't mention it. - 1' -T' '1 11. ' ""' lx .. 1- . x ?' , ' " ' ' 4 ii A - '1 - P . B --n'st - a . - S -L, lf' ' Q rg ,, ' N, he .' - ., : ' " ' - Al V SA. en A A .L ' AA . , . , , ,. -Q .. F 1 , - . me a -Ot J Q - 00 A - ..-..' h V- 0" 1 'G' w ' ', - V l . .. An 'F ' C'-n..- I u Q .'. P 1 ' ' ' ' A ,-1 ' ' , - I s . - n , - 4 a 1', 0 L . un S Q A - f' ' ' ' . . nn- F' L1 ' I A ' . ll' n , 1 . , 1 ---I . t. 1 A m' - . 'S 1 - U H . . -, . F . , 'Ki A , a I 9 . -1 3 n - 1 I M - - , - . A 1, A s x . .Q 1 ' 5 gy . ' 1 -Ll , l -A ' h Y. f .. s X : . I' 0 ' S -- . 1, - If ' .- lx . C' 0 " ' , t'y . T A an-.nn '- -L S W s 1 l - man ' ' e , Dm .. - "' 'V - . 1 - v I v.. u D Born-Jerry Lewis twin rings twlceg I rlng three f - on , - . - ' Q .Ep , . S -- - j ' U v I ' -- f- A - , - . . i - N -' MA , .A " -, , ' ,X j -W jf- Q 'X . - ' I . 5 1 n .D U - ', 'l f e ' - , A a , -- - J e -' w Y . Q ---- y L 4 ld .. W T .g 4 :I ' L V 2 , - -- . . - Q C 4 ----' h - . F , , - I ' - 1 U- a ' Y -m k r F 0 ' 0 - -- Y -n . 2 - r u l ' 1 1' ' - - A " - . ' I " . 0 , . 11 1 "' L . , -- . , - 4- .' q ' . . A v . " ,F Y 1 ' ' A ' 5-N 7 1 LJ - I' -,-, - 3 A v T u . h -I . .1 ' A up ' ' n ov fi X - 5 ' I. .n r ' a 1 "5 4 ' w . 1 -l. . T ' A "' fr fi ' - -r Q to - --A A L - u u O 1 ' rl - S ' t - --my . I A pn- Q A a ---- , . .-- , . --- , , I - ' u " o - O . J. ' br ------ . Q . Page 5 June 50 1955 WANDA HOWELL Born CCheerJ leaderof her family Accomplishments Owner and producer of the world's largest factory for manu facturlng of the world's favorite reducing pill nWanda's Whizzy Wayto win Wolves Assets One Phi Sigma Kap pa fraternity pin and a fiance with a vacant bank account Motto Howell NowBrown Cow LINDA EARLY Born You can't proveit by me Accomplishments Inventing a device for correction of protruding ears shegot the idea from her least favorite subgect little brother U Famous Last Words You do and you can clean it up!! Assets A box of love let ters and a peroxide bot e EVELYN JONES Born Out of the blue Accomplishments secured a ring for the third fin ger, left hand Thefirstl Motto When the Blueof the night Assets Two nBluen eyes MAURICE BAKER Born Grade A Accomplishments Secured the position as president of the WGeniuses in Gen eraln association Assets One medal for mak ing the most applicable suggestion at the recent meeting of the nBetter ment of Brains, Inc ' Motto To make the best bestest BETTY LUNDY Born In the sec 1 story of an empty lot Acccmplish ents Relgning as the lone red headed female in our class Assets One black wig Famous Last Words I'll never o with Bob again!! Cly e eed sent a pint of blood to the local in come tax bureau An ad in the Old Trails Echo Visit Baker's De partment Store He can outwlt the whole family JANE GUNN Born Well, now,do we have to go into that? Accomplishments Confiscat ing Pete's ring before he could break it in Assets A collection of moth eaten Red Crosa well used speeches and a cert iflcate making her an hon orary member of the Blood Donors Anonymous Club Iotto Uwe all have some thing in common that's blood H Famous Last Words Oh never JIM CIHLAR Born That's a good ques tion Accomplishments gained the position of U S trea surer when the serving one was fired Assets Two deteriorated gold coins Motto-Money is the root of all evil How I love roots mind! Born It musthave been else how could it walk Accomplishments Writing the book nLove Them and Leave Them 'Less they can Assets Two roulette wheels and one deck of marked cards Motto 'All that glitters is not gold but I d1dn't know it untill it turned her fin er reen vf Ag'HULLINS Born in NMY Old Kentucky Home Accomplishments Upon grad uation, Vivian filled the spot vacatedby Fanny Brice on the Baby Snooks show Assets A distillery on the side Cof a hill! Motto Kentuckyyyyy I hear you callin' me BARBARA JONES Born 'I Wath a Wabbit W Accomplishments success ful investment in a carrot factory, which provides an opportunity for all under privileged wabblts to eat Assets Over supplyo grass skirts and love letters Nickname Bunny For Sale Bob Jarret wants to sell one slightly used whistle and 25 red hairs 'Betty is now almost bald! 21 MARTHA WEAVER Born To be or not to oe Accomplishments Being the first personto usea type writer in a monastery for the transcribing of scrip- tures Assets Two toothplcks soveniers from Cas Motto They're either too young or too old WAN ETA GIBSON Born In the still of the night Accomplishments Wasdraft ed by Martin and Lewis as a referee Assets One of Harry Tru man's first piano pieces Motto Silence is golden JUDY KING Born They didn't know if they should name her King or Canova Accomplishments Judy al ways did havea heavy foot and now she drives in the 500 mile Indianapolis by the way she holds the cordl races Assets one mouth compar able to that ofJce Brown Motto Teenagers should be heard and not seen Born When the red red robin came bob bob bob bin' along Accomplish ents The very first Senator tocome from halls of C H S Assets one splinter and a callis Motto WI didn't do 1 W LOREN HAMILTON Born High on a windy hill Accomplishments Brought forth the first girl into the Hamilton family Assets a recedinghairline Motto If it wasn't for my Civics' rade Mvirsrr HIGGINS Born In a Crosley Accomplishments Spending three fourths of his Sen lor year out of school Assets A pair ofcrartreuse cords Famous Last Words What I couldn't do if I had one convertible Jeannine Cones placed the following ad in a local newspaper For rent Two rooms and a bath for lady with built in features I . 4' ' f" ' "' y H ,, . 1 -- . - t ------amy . . - -- 4 tl . re- O , I senior to do this. Beat You To It.n DAVID NUSS - - ---- I I C C I O O O O O O D I I O O I O O I I , , - - V1 , a "" ""' to " . ' an 1 - Page 4 June SO, 1963 CLYDE REED Born In the kitchen Qthats where H6 found Cookj Accomplishments Madefamous the song, I'm Achih For the Bakln' of My Old Cook' famous Last Words Here now Assets A cardoi'moldy but terflies, left over from Mrs Hamilton's f16lQ trip DALE TEMPTJE Born Questlonable Accomplishments Madefamous the song "Doin' what comes Naturally W Assets 5 front teeth and a blush Laugh of the Week Pamous Last Words in an accldent, I this wa Tig Bime I wasn't was born E Assets A sister with brain Accomplishments Gettingrid of my last name Famous Last Words I don't know SHIRLEY HARRIS Born To oe a Taylor Accomplishments Qewed a set of girl scoutbadges on Leroy's air force uniform Assets an armysurplus shop and a collection ofengage ment rings Famous Last words Absence makesthe heart grow fonder but presence makes it beat faster IOREN HAM LTON Born High on a windy hill! Accomplishments Brought forth the first girl into the Hamilton family Assets a receding hairline Motto If it wasn't for my Civics' rade E s POR SALE Jane and Pete now own a small ostrich f8Pm1D south Africa When Jane doesn't behave, Pete makes her go bury her head in the sand Jane set a new speedrecord for a man P10683 ostrich when sherode oneto Siberia and back in only 5 days. There she obtained 5 names for the blood donors. Linda Early and Barbara Caudle are in a hospital in Chinarecuperatingfrom the wounds they suffered from Loren Hamilton, Jane Gunn, and Evelyn Gesell, the day the annual came out. OFF AGAIN The notorious divorces, Barbara nOff again, againu Caudle, has Just returned irom her seventh jaunt to Reno She visit ed the former linda Early there, who now owns Monte Carlo and afew othermill ion dollar concerns Between marriages, Bar bara is entertaining the elite at the Blue J This is a Casino owned Dy the former Evelyn Jones, who is now married toBob Blue who is helping herrun the casino Barbara Will16C ture at theslks Club next week Her subjectwill be nHow to Use the Matinglll Call of the Moosen JHGQS Clyde Reed sen tenced Mrs Evelyn Shank to 20 years in absolutely solitary confinement She was proved withouta doubt to be a witch Fbr his main argument Mr Higgins district attorney, said nShe must be a witch,else how did she get the fill ing into the pie without breaking the crust ' GARBED IN BLUE Miss Sonya Jones hadone of the mostbeautiful gown of all in weddings during this year She was clad in a soft, Sheer blue net dress which fell to the floor as S86 swepton down the isle PLAYER INJURLD At the baseballgame to day between the Yankeesl and the Giants, the ball struck Bale 'Yogi' Temple on the left side of the head He was DTOUSDS t the Reid Memorial Hospit al where Martha Weaver, head nurse there, took X rays They showednothing which has always been the opinion of CHS teachers. HOWELL STARS Wanda Howell now can be seen on C B S in the play "Our Miss Brooks. She did suchagood Job in the senior class play that they gave her the lead. There is a coach on the radio, as well as television. 22 LOCAL NEWS Barbara Caudle Tice took a SHOTS 3ourneyaround.ner 5,000 acre farm today ln her airplane Babs was accompanied by her seven children, the family dog, and a pet kunk xsssssfsswss The former Linda .arly motored to Richmond today onher scooterto the Bank Shespent several hours in her private vault looking over her collectionof en gagement rings and remin lscing over the good old days B C Cbelore child ren Miss waneta Giosonis sue ing the city of Richmond for damages Seems as she was passing by Woolworths yesterday,she waswelcomed by a stray pigeon Jerry 'Wick' wasarrested yesterdayfor spanking his children withoutdue cause Seems ne iound themtrying to peroxide their hair ssssssssssss Miss Bunny Jones, star of radio and telev1s1on,last week slgned two contracts with the Metropolitan Op era One was to star in their recent opera utown by Patty's Run W ATTENTION' Anyone seeing Caudle and Early please report it to the State police They the culprlts were seen leaving town theday after the annual came out The End ' V on I - fl U I 1 R " I J ' S 0 . '. ' Born-That'sthe q64question SENTENCED TOEQU YEARS5 , - 0 K ll 'S 3 alnre be Tlacb Mhcv Jarrett 8 iyre unn3's Tean Par 5 Candle Looking Eadler Gorgeous Gus mr s' and 'C Snapshots H e' what She Saw That'a What We Likel MEN'l 411 1! '71 I amf Sophomores Gus again More MEN!! More Seniors Commencement Ridlflg High Dance 23 Junlors Class of 1952 Jlll110I'S KAY TOLSON ul L ALLB aILL ADIFIR IIALYL sILL BUPRIS DON CHANC' 1 QQ JOANIE CIFLAR ALICE COOK CRANDLL COOK JLRPY COCKEPTLL DICK CROFKHR 6 IALTLR ETZLL LJRRY HAMM HYLLIS HORR KAY KING AIAN KLVPTON JULIAN JOHNSON JOHN JOHNSON BILL JOHNSON SALIY KRAMER L MARZETTA LAMB JEANN INE LARVMORE GRACIA MAX ALTA MILLER MARY NUSTIN VMYNE PETTY ROSE ELLFN TRLCLVP PAUL WIDAU NANCY WINTERS ANNE WRIGHT Here on this pate are pictured the faces of our friends, the Junlor of 1952 53 To them we hope comes good luck along with the hopc that thelr Senlor year is half as successful as ours has been flhe two lnsets were necessary because the subgect were not present :hen the other DlCtUP9S were taken I 24 O O l It If I." W Q fig LA V- 1: ' Q' 5- A i 7',c, J Q . . . U M A -C x Fx 1. ' .2 I A ga , x gg 5 :A .Q . , ' x l , Q . ' K IL -- .' A. f 1N'L as if 6 g ' I ' f I I I x. v L f ' l ' . A Q v y J . V i 5 ,V ' ,I " ' S. X 1: s,1' QV f ' 1: vi .. - A, ' - LIZ KINNEY ' TQ,Q J '4 C ' if 1 lb K fi K s ' O I - S- . Q " , L 5- V F ' I Vs QT' , 4, , ' . , 'er' . 2 I 5 , 2' 1'4 . I UL. 3' ' ', A . 1i!? I A. m ,il N-'Sc' New 9 Is it roalq 7 7 YbQr,8 95 Whatsaamatter, Kay? Samson, Jr Raeslin' match Jb ego again ee Juniors Uh: tho Trl ok . Gul' l CLASS OFFICERS June Allen, Presiden John Johnson, Vice President, Bill Johnson, Secretary, Paul Widau, Trea suror, Bill Burris, Reporter 25 Years ..iEL. 'fb ti D81-t Y 15904- IIUH on! N01 mouth shut XJVI Don Chance :Ulu 'WW' 0 - , 3,2 I f ? ,K . A d Wvpibgwmp' umfm' 1 it tif: ff: 7 5 f 42549. 41 fe Z iff, Z X ,P 1 I X .71 2,2 J" 1110, 7 XX ' . to ,film we've been through our Freshman, Sophomore and Junior years and it won't be long before we're Seniors, the year in which we graduate As we entered our Fresh- man year we numbered 58 Our classmates that year were, June Allen Bill Arthur Ralph Bowles Bill Burris Claude Caudle Jo Cihlar Jerry Cockerill Dick Combs Russell Best Alice Cook Crandle Cook Dick Crocker Joe Ervin Walter Etzel Phyllis Horr Bill Johnson John Johnson Julian Johnson Alan Kempton Kay King Larry Hamm Liz Kinney Sally Kramer Mary Mustin Alta Miller Gracia May Nancy Mervin Marzetta Lamb Betty Nafe Carol Parks Wayne Petty Rose Trusler Sheila Weaver Paul Widau Nancy Winters Anne Wright During the years we have lost Claude Caudle, Dlck Combs Bill Combs Russell Best, Joe Ervin, Betty Nafe, Sheila Weaver, Nancy Mervin, Delbert Ullery, and Carol Parks We have gained Jeannine Laremore and Kay Tolson During our Freshman Sopho ore and Junior years our officers were FRESH AN SOPHGMORE JUNIOR June Allen President June Allen President Ralph Bowles Presldent Bill Johnson Vice Pres John Johnson Secretary Kay King Treasurer Anne Wright Reporter Student Council Fres man June Sophomore Bill Nancy Winters Vice Pres John Johnson Vice Pr Liz Kinney Secretary and Bill Johnson Secretary Treasurer Paul Widau Treasurer Joanne Cihlar Reporter Bill Burris Reporter members during the Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior years were Allen, Larry Hamm, and Liz Kinney Burris, Liz Klnney, Wayne Petty, and Nancy Winters This year was our money making year and we feel we have done a fine Job three boys on the first team and one on the second, 6 members are in the band, and one is a yell leader We have several boys out for track and volleyball uLotS of Funn is what we've had together, and we are eagerly looking forward to beingSEN IORS next year have By JUNE ALLEN 26 , 5 1 . J I m , : Junior: . June Allen, Don Chance, John Johnson, and Nancy Winters ' . 0 We N -.--.--5 ...ig ,W 'Sak WNW Class rmc bers are, alphabet1cally Dick Atkins, Jane Barton, Ioretta Basham, Sue Bogan, Sue Brown Cuelda B wer, Phyll s Burns, Larry Burrls, Alan Coons, Don Cook, Juanlta Darrah, Bob D1ckerson, Patsy Dool1n,BillDovm1ng, Robert Fulton, Eddle Goss, Bruce Harris, Jack Hawkans, Phyllls Horr, Ann Hubbard, Carl Huckery, J8.I11C6 Hyre, sally Jarrett, Carolyn Jones, lv1n La.mmott,Nelda L1senby, R1t adell Lundy, David Iledearls, Stanley Meyer , Lloyd Mustln, Suzanne Must1n, DorothyPh1l.lips,he1inda Rau, Jim Reed, ROSa11B R1ley, Richard RL'l.d1C8.l, Barbara Runyon, Jack Soper, Lesley Spahr, ada Toney Flo Trouse, Dean Turner, KayVance, John Wambo, and Janice Wlckersham, Martha McConaha, J ohnOvertu.rf class sponsors U? SUPH N w --5' fffqg 0 . N. 6 - , I W vo flflz 0 f cmss OFFICERS: President,-Janice Hyre, D Vice President-Bruce Harris, Secretary- f A ,N Sally Jarrett, Treasurer-Larry Burris. 27 " """"' " - -sv. i J -1 ' .:!Q., U A 5 T V, . . 4' 71 . B -P ,irq Y ,4 ' 1,13 M ff -, ,.1"- +V ,. Af, U fr,-3 . H , -- '- , ' 'W ---,fir , . rf' ..i.,v..' ., 1 -V, I. ,. 1 . U 'I E W 4 Q '- , ,. - -1 we A . - - 1. f--1.. , mmf' 1,-s 'A U ,L R - ' ' - , ' . t . - ' T?-gg P t :lv-, V gas: .1 Y, , - my A' ff5""'i""i' ' 'ii' " . "ff HQ " E, ,.,g"' " - , . A , of r -bn'-.1 4 :Zh : U . ' . ' Q 9 . 'M '. '-, 1- A-,aw , , , G.: . . . .N , ' X-1 .- "' ' V "uf-'E X :L , 'gy-'lf -,. .1 ' ' - " 1- '- - ,- nn m -H"',... 1 - L , ,. 'X ,M w -. w M ,,,- --3 . ,. ,,.,,. A , .., . . ,L . .4 , f, , ,4 ' 'mf ' 5' rf' v A 'SW 1' L, L "3 'V , .AQ A -G V- .1 K., ,S Xl ' ' P ' s Q I 5. ' .41 ' A .-F " Q' 1 - ' ,, A ,,,., 7"w 43 , , affmai-Lux. u ', , -, - K..- N- 1. 1, - - A "'.z,' L B, Af, K -. . R , I A H '.M.,. -N 1 -v EL: . x ' , . se J ' J iffffi. " 5 ' 1 lar " of -E w 1 K v , 'brig I v ' ' - ' Eff? L i I . , , , ..., .., c M .f 4 , f' ' , .LL X .5, L, ' , .I I ' iff" .315-47" , ' A, ' . x . T'l . 2 A , , , "QT: V... i . I l . . . . . . . . E . - . . - . v . S . . . X, . . . J A . . 0 , C Ill, v ' ,f 1 2 Class of 1955 f X ' WM Q14 We started in our Freshman year of high school with 49 members. They were: Dick Atkins Dale Baker Jane Barton Noreta Basham Sue Bogan Larry Burris Phyliss Burris Bob Chamness Fred Clingenpeel Donnie Cook Gayle Cross Juanita Darrah Bob Dickerson Patsy Doolin Bill Downing Bob Fulton Ralph Frame Bruce Harris Jack Hawkins Charles Hildebrand Arthur Horr Ann Hubbard Carl Huckery Janice Hyre Sally Jarrett Carolyn Jones Alan Koons Elvin Lammont Ritadell Lundy David Medearis Stanley Meyers Lloyd Mustin Suzanne mustin Melinda Rau Fred Peterson Dorothy Phillips Jim Reed Rosalie Riley Richard Rudical Johnny Schultz Jack Soper Wesley Spahr Florence Trouse Kay Vance Franklin Vaughn Johnny Wambo Janice Wickersham Jim Wright However, during that year we lost Ralph Frame to Greensfork During cts first year, we had 4 band members 4 track members, and 4 boys on the baseball team Our officers and student council members were President Janice Hyre Student Council Kay Vance Vice President Bruce Harris Secretary Treasurer Larry Burris Reporter Johnny Shultz Jimmy Reed Bruce Harris Ada Toney When we returned to school in the fall of '52, we found we had only 40 members as we had lost Dale Baker, Bob Chamness,Fred Clingenpeel, Gayle Cross, Charles H11 debrand, Fred Peterson, Franklin Vaughn, and Jimm wright Just before Christmas we lost our best singer Johnny Shultz, who movedto Hagerstown, but during the year we added Quelda Burner, Eddie Goss, Dean Turner, Dan Winters and our southern belle, Nelda Lisenby This year we had 7 basketball members, 2 baseball playersan 5 band members During this year we presented a chapel program called HFo1k Song U S A W t the student body as well as the PTA Sally Jarrett C Y N N , . I . 3 1 . n . u a Q 0 BY , M: M '4 41 A-wg: ff J tv ll , ,, JL' i x ' Bic- ua- fa- -l.'ll V 2, 9-f' mf 5 4 9-,L 6 Class members are, alphabetically Jim Barton, Reva Bolan Nora Bose, Betty Bowles, James Brower, t Fl Jeannine Carter, Carl Conti, Jane Cook, Tommy Darnell, Lois Downing, Roberta Edwards, Jane ana gan, Barbara Floyd, Pat Fowler, Orville Hahn, Bill Hahn, Ben Hawkins, Bobby Henwood, Jean Holbert, Jackie Jenkins, Joyce Johnston, Randolf Jones, Josephine Kalb, Tommy King, Charles Kramer, Violet Laremore, Robert Loudy, Marthalene McClure, Helena McNa1'y, Raymond Meek, John Mills, Sally Monger, Lady Ann Moore, Bill Moyer, Jerry Nuss, Carolyn Pope, Julia Rollins, Linda Renschler, Marian Rose, Delbert Runyon, James Spotts, Marie Spotts, Dav1d Therrien, David Tidrow, Toby Tubesing, Delores Wadsworth, Judy williams, Shella. W1nters, Jackie Missler, James York, Brian Henderson, Phyliss Mad ison, Sharon Dawes Class Sponsors are Lowell Brooks, Charlotte Kidney,and Katherine Kimmel 'Z Class Officers are, left to right President-Charles Kramer, Vice President-Pat Fowler, Secretary- Linda Renschler, Treasurer-David Therrien, Reporter-Carl Conti 29 aagf', , H ,1, a :sal gas 1 47 - -B L ,, ' 51, Z" A 23" x El -,,i:,,f ,.e?fl,". . 1 t U Q .F 'fin ,asf ,- 'i ' -. ' ' -'f2'.-.2- 'fri-' rf:-. , ., . ' agp, ww 2- - gg M. .. nz' , -gg'si5, , - - nf v '- if Inns.. ' ' 1 '-H I , " ' AQ. 4-l"':'5 Y - A L A zl , V 1' Y K if, I . . V j f 1, , V W. . Y - .--. . ' 1 , x. , . 51' N' ' L - X F 31 4 ' ' . ' 2,4 :I : ,z 3 I 4' 2 E: J. F ' ' 1 ,W , W., Q 4 . . 1, Q . , .. , V l . fr " ' . X X Q . , Y V ,"- - 'A pa . A - -, J f D xv Q - 3 A ' 4' , x N - J 1 V - ' N 'ir ' , NJ Q5 ' -'var " f SL' . -. - . lu A 1-'kg "if 2",f,,,,r, , .. V ' 1 '. 0 fl 7 -3.3 f,.' 15 lflj., -2 " 4 - -pg-Q-.1 f '- . L - V - H f - , .f-,- 3, . , , .- 4, , M ,J - '- ,"1:,'-1.-.f' . P - - s, -. , .::- -w . - "' "- 2- . --fi." ..'97f' A .- f-1..1'- 'L., '- ' " 1' '. ...,',?,. g-,,.'- t - M' . ',',' . --ff: ,y. - if., " -5-N, -,Kg , A i L ,, n 5' ,A h H- 0, 4 70. Iv 5 .g M 1, .fps R ,fa rm - f ,. . A. . - " f .' U- . - s -- - . f jf-.. gf, Q - sn . -,' 4 1' ,, Awsq - lfnxf ' f.f,:'-, f2,ff'9'g1e-I , -,g,lixA-- .1-.9 .L H X "X . - --.2-', 4 N : 9 'I nu . . . . , - . : . 'x 99 X O . o P' ' I X" Fl 6 fb . I - O X Q N Freshmen ff XX 0f', We are the 56 ers a new crop of creatures afflicted with that dread disease Freshmanltis only cured by becoming a sophomore Cln some cases that we Freshmen observe, even that doesn't cure it J When we entered C H S in September 1952, we elected as our officers the following Charles Kramer President Secretary, David Therrian Treasurer, Therrian, Marthalene McClure, and Tom Pat Fowler Vice President, Linda Renschler Carl Conti Reporter Charles Kramer David Darnell were chosen for the Student Council Those enrolling for our Freshman Jim Barton Reva Boian Nora Bose Betty Bowles James Brower Jeannine Carter Carl Conti Jane Cook Tommy Darnell Sharon Dawes Lois Downing Roberta Edwards Janet Flanagan Barbara Floyd Pat Fowler Orville Hahn Bill Hahn Brian Bobby year were Henderson Henwood Ben Hawkins Jean Holbert Lady Ann Moore Bill Moyer Jerry Nuss Carolyn Pope Jackie Jenkins Joyce Johnston Randolf Jones Josephine Kalb Tommy King Charles Iramer Violet Laremore Robert Loudy Phyliss Madison Karthlene McClure Helena McNary Raymond Meek John Mills Linda Renschler Marian Rose Delbert Runyon James Spotts Marie Spotts David Therrien David Tidrow Toby Tubeslng Delores Wadsworth Judy Williams Sheila Winters Jackie Wissler James York Sally Monger Julia Rollins also joined our Freshman class later in the school year Our class has participated actively in all phases of school life. TwelveFresh- men will receive letters in band, fourteen in chorus, and there are twelve boys who play basketball on the second and Freshman teams. During the year we sponsored a dance, the February Fiesta, and were hosts to the finals of the Freshman Basketball Tourney. We werefortunate to haveas our spon- sors, Mrs. Kidney, Miss Kimmel, and Mr. Brooks, who have been helpful, cooperative, and Lots of Fun. By HELENA MC NARY A woodpecker lit on a Fresh an's head And settled down to drill, He bored away for half a day And finally broke his bill. 30 .I All . ulluhl, 'NZ ,f I , ' F' x 2 f 'SV 5. f ah'N ZQZWV. dp 53 ,fiZ?4? ' . lj ' 1912 .. 1 N Q .ex ' X e A s , ffp"-Q53 5 lx N " QF '1 'EQ7-,"?' First Row, leftto right Kenny Bose, Jay Custer, Ronnie Ieseel, Fred Phillips, Kenmr Stough, David Pentecost, Bobby Loudy, Bob May, Jerry Winters, Jessie Fden, J in Martin Second Row Donna Ludwig, Sharon Botsford, Susan Johnson, Lee Cook, Mary C Johnston, Barbara Riley, Shirley Pennington, Jan ice Howell, Nancy Bertsch, Sue Spraker, Third Row Rachael Darrah, Marcia Lyons, lary Ann Resh, Mary E Johnson, Virpinia Mullins, Carol Bousman, Hrs Pickett-Sponsor Fourth Row Russell Study Anna Harvey, Bob Sheckles, Lynne Fraze, June Ann Hartman, Ilo Johnson, Ethel H1 hes, Rosalie Crock er, Bertha Brady, Kay Hawkins, Terry Noelk, Steven Kinder, Fifth Rox Ruth Smelser, June Clar1'son Charles Jones, Jimmy Eliason, Ies Sllnker-Gnonsor, Dennis Jenkins, Oalcie Clay, 'P ul 'm.!"4.!"'9,Pmllwi1 liams, Earl Rose , Alan McClain, Russell Lehman, Gordon Dickerson, Henry Fornoff-Sponsor Elghth rade gn: , Class Officers are, left to right, Dennis Jones Vice President,Dav1d Pentecost, Sec retary treasurer, Ruth Ann Smelser Presi dent, and Bobby Nay Reporter 31 I I 2 . . A f 1 ' 1 ' ' '. . "3 V ,Q ,V ii ,, ' .1 . " , is - -. X I. ,k 0 lg 4 - , I ' - 'am N "1 ' 7' - A V ' , 4 - , 1 v- "- ,- I, f V ' Z " A1 i A - . , K ,E V L 4 ,e P, ,Li V , 1'-L '-I 41 . . . ,X X , . 2, f ' ' '- If ' 74' I- .. , '- '--51171212 A lf- , I, 'I , ff I -f+?d.L,:x,3:', Qggplfiu-.7 - , T' ,-J, ,, .. 2-M. yr . , ,A 3 .' i7 ' 1 -I ,V-,,"?iT1 .-C fd gg, ge-. .f 'M w ' f' ""' - V ' fl- 1,11 iff R' f A w .1'?:'xA.w:v ' N 2 .."' . ,, I , Q 0 v. . ,, . . . . - ' : -I . . . O J I I Q , .. Y' - -. If . . . J ' n .a - K . - O 0 Q ' if 6 H E' Y . e -A X' ' ' 4 J if-Y. s p 'QM .. ' , , . E 4. Q. 'tx X an - - 1- Jw. , . First Row, left to rlght Jimmy Resh, lchard Runyon, Jack Frame, Jay Druley, Robert Schwartz, Ronnie Hahn, R1ch.rd Rau, Joseph Hawkins, lerry Dale, Second Row, left to Tlbht Jack Co , Jim Robbins, Dlckie Williams, Claude Soper, Lee N6W9L1Tk,JOhD Lamb, MarkFrame, Terry Jones, class spon sor Keith Castelluccio Third Row, left to rlght Miss Burson-class sponsor, Judy Parker, Carolyn Davis, Carolyn Lundy, Janet Booker, Lawanna Baker, Delsie Lakes, Judy Moore, Ruth Ann Trusler, Judy Nissler, Fourth Row, left to right Edith Rhoades, Peggy Little, Joyce Ryan, Patty Kay, Barbara Caldwell, Karen Glunt, Connie Bender, Mary Ruth Renschler, Marilyn Rusk, Sue Hubbard, Margie Cihlar Seventh Grade I xg! Class Officers are, left to right, Margie Cihlar Reporter, Mary Ren schler Secretary, Ruth Ann Trusler Treasurer, Sue Hubbard President Judy Wissler Vice President 32 '?u . . My , s ' . ,4 l " N I , . A x, I A - t ,. ' - Q1 v. A 1 4' 1 .JN figs: , X ,, ,-!,,.,.- E, V I - lv , .. , . . - , A ' ' 3 - -. ' i 9 . Q i' 'S MQ, .. ' ,K I -. - .n , . ' 'K ,','f - x, ' - X 1 .' 1. Y X' --by My 1-7' tag .1 ,M K H M , r.- 'll ' I ' T11 L ng:-IF . ' - ' - E . . , , , ,, .. .,- V V- .-, . 0 .,. 0 AL . ' a T ' ' 'U : x 1 ' O . . . . . 1 s+"' ...el ,. A ,, 4 ' A f .. I! T N' me L 'T If 5, ' .9 "' o A TEAM TO BE PROUD OF First Row, left to right Johnny Wambo,J1m Cihlar Billy Harrison, Petewidmn Jerry Wickersham, Sec ond Row Inle Tam ple, Red Nuss, Don Chance, Ion Ham ilton, Ron Har ris, Bill Burris and the coach, Les Slinker gf AQa iw The basketball season of 1952 53 for Centerville High School is one that ,will long be remembered, both by the school and the town The lOteam members, two stud ent managers, and two coaches, 3 cheer leaders and others who led us through 2lvic tories against losses are fellows that will never be congratulated enough for their fine work, and the honor they brought to the halls of CHS The magnificent waythey endeavored to keep up their wins and the excellent showing they made in the h team tourney at Hagerstown and the sectional are only a few of the reasons why their re cord will long be treasured Suffering our first defeat by Kn1ghtstown's teamafter 15 victories d1dn't slow them down They went on victoriously until the final game in the sectional on February 28, when we were upset by a momentarily strong team, a game which we hated to lose especially to our school rival, the Red Devils of Rich mond, but in this game they showed what admirable nstuff' they are made of After winning over the Brookville Greyhounds we attained the title of East Central Confer ence Champions and received the traveling covered wagon from Cambridge City, last year's ECC champs On January 7th we won over Hagerstown in the opening gameof the Hagerstown Tourney and went home that evening wearing the titles of Tourney Champ ions after trouncing the Cambridge City crew in the final game of the tourney We were very highly and wonderfully honored for all our victories by var ious organizations in the community who held banquets and suppers for us The Senior Class honored us by using one of their class parties as a means of congratulating us. Bill Harrison won the foul shooting trophey this year and was also high individual scorer, but was followed closely by Lon Hamilton. Ronnie Har ris was an excellent defensive man, and Bill Burris was a good shot from the floor, while Paul Widau was a scrapy man on the floor, stealing the ball more than his share of the time. Cihlar and Wickersham did their best When they were called upon as did Nuss , Chance, and Temple. Sect'l Centerville 45 Fountain City 32 Centerville 59 Cambridge City 44 52 Richmond 65 Centerville The 1952 53 varsity basketball scores were as follows Centerville Centerville Centerville Centerville Centerville Centerville Centerville Centerville Centerville Centerville Centerville Centerville Centerville Centerville Centerville Knightstown Centerville Centerville Centerville Centerville +Denot 33 2 41 66 52 57 60 59 65 72 74 65 Greensfork Straughn Spiceland Farmland Boston Webster Union City Cambridge City Hagerstown 41' i Cambridge City Greensfork Winchester 35 Milton 46 Hagerstown 47 Cambridge City 41 Centerville 54 Williamsburg 38 Morristown 52 Liberty 54 Brookville 31 es Hagerstown Tourney l c gl F : . , D ' 'b f V '. ,af- f 1 f C . fa 5 fav R' P 7 4 ' 71 42 72 38 78 53 89 58 72 32 72 gg - 79 75 40 7 48 63 47 21 qt, o Waker n ae 1 lll 'o er econd ow tuoent LW V Jerfy N oJer Jim weed C1 ndle cook and co ch e1tn tnllucc C B Team Centerv1lle's econd Team this year was one to be proud of Under the aole coach ing of Kelth Castellucclo th v von more than half their vames and had many many close scores in thee mes which they lost All of the boys except Crandle Cook were elther So, omor s or freshmen 1+ of them were :oohcmores 5 reshmen Jerry us was the tall boy on the B squad, Jerry is onlya reshman Dave be cz aris, a sophomore is going to be avalu a le asset to Les Slinker s ten next year as Crandle and Donnie Cook orobably will be Jacl Soper and Carl Fuckery did their bit as did Dill Moyer, Jack Jenkins, Bob Dickerson, Jim Reed and Bill Downing Downing: was the shortest of all the boys this year but he made up in enthusiasm what he lacked in size The student mana ger for the second Team this year was Jim Earton who was always on the job to help Cas and the rest of the team as much as possible Castelluccio better known as Cas was high spirited Cto say the leastl and enthusiastic coach, and m de his team as well as the spectators like him Ve are sorry we are not able to print the B' team scores in the annual, it was due entirely to an oversight on the part of the editor uv u 34 ' mn Wh 1 Basketball A X 5' '9' Fra Ecu., te rilht.: :J L -- -l :o , D 'J I-Ieflearis, Ion Cock, itll O Jfcli Jefkins 1-216 'J N If. y . ? f' 1 5 T ' 3-'V1-, Jim Effton-C971 ,. , .. - ' '. fs f "' an " 71' ' ' nn' '4 - . -. fn, a Q , . . -. . - A -- - as-v '- 1'1"'21U' -L- V ,su 'VH ' m xymfrfi 1 f"'Q I ,,. .w',4,, x . - l VR s . . . . . " 4.f.l' 4' , ' e - . ,H " 1 Q .. .. , fvfl . ' nb e "' 2 . N . ':' 4. Y ' ' ' L. s - ' F' . i - e , N - .r , U . . 41 . A , J 9' , , V ,fi 1 1 AA. ff ' Z. ' sf! 1 'A wr jill, ' , 4 L 1. fl . C - fl , 9-. 1 4 f a , ' W, , F "dy 9 1 'Z 7' n u . - . ATHLETICS Freshman Pasletbell mean Frort fiov, left to Tlght student IN rager, J.m Larton, Charlle Kremer, Jlm Brower, Jlm Loudy, econd now Jael :Le Jenkins, Jerry "1 ss, Orville Hahn, Bill boyer, Bill Hahn, and me coach, Kelth Castel uccio JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM Front Row, left to right Dennis Jones, Ronald Hahn, Richard Rau, Loudy, Bobby May, Claude Soper, Second Row Russell Study, David Pentecost, Terry Jones, Gordon Dickerson, J sy Druley, Richard Lehman, Dennis Jenkins Behind them is the coach, Mr Armstrong 35 ,' . A 1 A.i , "3" 'ab 54 . Q' ' ' ' S . ' : 1' nz , 1 . . , -L 0 sf f! : ' W - -D kg N fy, . ff-5 QAK, U , f 5- C' Q , ,. 42 .W : Jim ' : l O I Vx, lili' 'Y Lv gl V! -, u ii xx Front Row, left to right Jim Brower, Don Cook, Crandle Cook, Bill Hahn, and Myron Higgins Second Row David Nuss, Jack Soper, Dale Temple, and Jim Cihlar Third Row Bill Harrison, Jerry Wickereham, Don Chance, Bill Burris, and Bob Jarret the far right in the third row is our coach, M Slinker Baseball Squad f -Q f I K M 40170 I 1--"f-"1 The Centerville Bulldogs slugged their way to their fourth straight Wayne County Conference title The Bulldogs, with ex cellent pitching and tremendous hitting, racked up a 7 won l lost record They batted 341 as a team for the year Jerry Wickersham started off the season in fine style witha brilliant no hit, no run game against Fountain City, winning 10 to O The team hit eight home runs, fourtriples and five doubles during the season The Bulldogs outscored their opponents 97 to 15 for the whole season Harrison led the team in batting with a 558 average followed by Wickersham's .478 Centerville Centerville Centerville Centerville Centerville Centerville Boston Centerville 36 SEASON' S RECORD Fountain City Economy Williamsburg Whitewater Greensfork Webster Ce terville Milton .lv-ffx-m A A vu ra-4 X ' ' J '? if li. . gg T h xl KA l K fl : . 3 . . . At fx, . 'lx - - ' , If wade ' vw . 5 W 55 Minsk! X s I 1 W"3e M UN.-.1 'L Front Row, left to right Bob Dickerson, Jin Reed, Tommy King, Jack Jenkins, Bill Downing, Charlie Kremer, Bill Moyer, Tommy Darnell, Second Row John Johnson, Raymond Meeks, David Medearis, Carl Huckery, Peta Widen, Ronnie Harris, Maurice Baker, Jerry Nusa, and Keith Castelluccio, Coach CROSS COUNTRY vw' TRACK Front Bow-L. to R.- Jim C:Lh1n.r, Bill Moyer, Wren Higgins, Don Cook, Jeek Jenkins, B111 Beard, David Medearie, and Bill Hahn, Second Row-L. to R.-Jim Raed, Carl Huekery, Jack Soper, Bob Jarrett, Jim Spotte, Bob Dickerson, and Julien Johnson, Third Row-L. to R.-Coach Les Slinher Jerry Russ, Don Chance, B111 Harrison, Ronnie Harrie, Bill Burris, Jerry Uichrsham, Paul Widen end Assistant Coach Keith Caatelluocio. 37 A , A," 1' 1 g . l or Y "IJ, Q -I i .f 1 mkhihluls , ' 1 fxl XX " ' - , u J A . J -il: ,ff ex. 5 L. ---'5: ' , ,I ,. 5 ,ig ' --A g . xx fl' K ' Q ' . 4 f Re-,J 'f ,,- J xi, J . PX V- K. fl Jai " .F E ' 'x' i . . gf f' ' . 1 V 4, Wm 5 Tx X gf. 1 " X N K - a' gf, N, y l If ' tv. s f , ,W x , , .s f J g , L . , - -. U, . - ' 5 AA r- ' ' l 9 ff, W X . vi Q I K F , N 'l X . X N I ' T 427. Ak IG! , .- 1 . I4 X lr ' F-.QV X In 'O s .,. I I.: 7' Q OLLEY BALL 1LPM rront Row, left to right ale lewple, James Brower Carl Huckery, Jim Cihlar, holding trophey? Myron 1ggins,Jack Jenkins, Jim potts Second Row, Red uss, Don Chance, Billy arrison, Ronnie Harrls, ill Burris,Jerr3 Nicker sham, andthe coach, Keith Castelluccio WINNERS OP THF EAST CENTRAL CONFERENCE VOLLEY BALL TOURNLY HIGH SCHOOL CHEER LEADERS Wanda Howell Ralph Bowles Mary Lou Loudy Mary Ann Resh 1 -ur-53 '33 uw J CRO" vo oe ' F Front Row left to right Rlchard Rau, Shella Iinters, Uellnda Pau, delena hcnary, Gracla lay, Xanda Howell, and Naurice Baker Second Row left to rlght ose Hamllton, snonsor, Lez l1nney, Jane Gunn Nancy winters, Llnda Early, and Bruce Harris Third Row left to right Bill Johnson, John Johnson, Ruth Smelser, Don Chance, Barbara Caudle, June Allen, Ronnle Harris, J1m cihlar, Jerry W1Ck6 ham S Front Row left to r1ght: David Therrlen, Bill Kramer, Maurice Baker, Claude Soper, Dennis Jones, Bruce Harris. Second Row left to rlght: Quelda Burner,Barbara Caudle, Evelyn Gesell, Marthlene Mc Clure, June Allen, Nancy Winters, Kay Vance. Thlrd Row left to rlghtz hrs. Hamilton, Mary Ann Resh Sue Hubbard, Ruth Ann Smelser, Ronnie Harris, Don Chance, John Johnson, Jim Reed, and Hr. Outland. . Yi " , Q 'ni gl--gr-4-: f 2 4121, 'tigiqf' J J J ,J an J 4 S -. -'L wi ' I ' n Q no Aww ,in gm. +60 s A 3, , . 0 K ill' 5 .". Qi QE' v 1 X f-1-A' J . , J, 4 1 , rl , tk- . l 'I 0 Q c J a'-t .W .. - Q-fx We . 1 'een ,Q Q J - ' N .. iff' ' rv ' if ,Z ,Y 5 a V. I . ix, r , , Q9 - ' ' v o '05 ,x ,J Qc! A 'eg Y Mfg Q . ' iff Q 1 ,I 1 ' fl 7' if eg ' 1' J he N 39 AMD Row One: Anne Wright, Row Two Graola May, Evelyn Geaell, Ron Smith, Jack Bertsch, Carol Kinder, Mary Custer, Carolyn Eliason, Carolyn Lundy, Jane Gunn, Janice Hyre, Row Three Jmme Clarkson, Alice Cook Ku Tolson, Rose Trusler, Linda Early, Haney Bertech, Sharon Botsford, Carol Bousman, Anna Harvey, Marthlene McClure, Rm: Four: Steven Kinder, Sue Abel, Jane Cook, Diok Rau, Jay Custer, Judy Moore, Sue Bauman, Josephine Kalb, Ruth Trusler, Ray Dickerson, Ray Druleyg Row Five: Connie Bender, Lee Cook, Rosalie Crocker, June Hartman, Row Six Bill Arthur Helena Mclary, Janet Flanagan, Judy U11 liens, Linda Rensohler, Pat Fowler, Brian Henderson, Cletie Toschlog, Sheila Winters, Kay Vance,Hank Fornoff, director Row Seven Jim York, Randy Jones, Mark Frame, Ed Goes, Bruce Harris, John Wambo LUT7 BU1'1'5-In T0117 H003-ky -70117 Nuns. Jay Druley is standing by Ray Druley CHORUS Nancy Bertsch is standing by Pat. Fowler Row One: Judy Wissler, Carolyn Lundy, Shiela Winters, Jackie Nisaler, Judy Moore, Marcia Lyons, Ruth Trualer, Sue Bouaman, Josephine Kalb, Mary Reehg Row Twox Gracie May, Ada Toney, Melinda Rau, Judy Williams, Lee Cook, Sally Monger, Sue Spraker, Ann Harvey, June Hartman, Sue Johnson, Janet Flanagan Donna Ludwig, Row Three: Sue Bogen,Ann Hubbard, Ritedell Lmmdy, Rose Trusler,KayToleon, Connie Ben- der, Nelda Lisenby, Marilyn Rusk, Jane Cook, Marthlene McClure, Sharon Botsford, Noreta Baeham, Rob- erta Edwards, Rosalie Crocker, Barbara Floyd, Kay Vance, Helena Mollaryg Row Four: Janice Hyre, J aue Barton, Linda Renechler, Pat Fowler, Shirley Pennington, Martha Weaver, June Clarkson, Hank Fornoff. 40 Yi- ll K 1, , j. Lf", . ' . - 'Q . ' " Nx , fy I :I I ,F wx rn , K , --5 QL f- -B . . ' ' ' ,I 6 S." - '- L , ' ' , ' 1 ' . 5,5 K M , I I B a I , 'V af - A 4 . , J- n a First Row: Arthur Horr, Tommy King, Bill Downing, Dick Hawkins, James Brower, Larry Burris, Row Two Maurice Baker, J sck Jenkins, J im York, Stanley Meyers, Charlie Kramer, Row Three Dick Rudioal, Bill Moyer, Wayne Petty, Robert Henwood, Elvin Lamott, Jerry Cockerill, Row Four Pete Hidan, Jin Spotts, Don Chance, Loren Hamilton, Eddie Goss, Julian Johnson, and the instructor, J L 0vertm'f 402' First Bow Marcia. Lyons, Virginia lhllins Mary E Johnson, Sharon Botsford, Sue Brown, Second Row bi: instructor, Miss In Glunt, Donna. Ludwig, Rosalie Riley, Shirley Pennington, Sharon Davee, Bar- e Riley. 41 O I Q K I . - - W . A sn, 'A S . M' + : sf s . fo :4 Q s ' ,- 3 e 2 'U 1 NY K W PARK STAFF Seated,5arbara Jo es and ommercial Teacher, Les Slinker Standing, left to right Gracia Vey, Dick Crocker, 'ary Lou Loudy, Kay Ying, Qhirley Harris, Liz is standing by wr Slinker EURRIS IN THV AIR Receivinr the trophey for our victory in the Jayne County L41 ker' accepts CIHLFR WINNING ALAIN 42 5 .'nL,g8 1 Q' ' 'K Ig., . , Ps , 4 , I . Q I y, L QKX .1,'.da' +V' J Kinney, garzette Lnmb, Editor-in-Chie? Evelyn GeseI1, and fhyliss Horr. Joan Cihiar I lui' ""A?g X-,Qxsr . , ' 'B a I " X, I I3 y I F H.N . t Q' , l Y , V -. K rr..-I1. n,-,. . - 5 I- 1 y if 6 I ACTIVITIES .X LX --, X Y I J N5 SENIOR TRIP By there snaps you can see why we enjoyed our trip so very much. And did well Q, f if The rornlng of departure i"?q 'if 2 ' ' 1 'I 3 'Q . 1 X Q 5 U' f' LM 'Iii' 1 I 'j, lk' , kg Tlme 6 A5 Baker in one of hi May 9, 1953 silent moments 5 4 r-'xl U J I IH L meii' Red, whatcha dO1D'9 Na -if I liifhx Hart , the bus drlver a welcome additlon to any Senior trlp We hated th t our trip so uch fun to us NTTGHELL anH his pine' had erded for we knew we'd mlss t51S wonder Gsiliglgh ful person who brought 9 BE'T sonething botherlng ou9 3 ? ia This, my friends, is none other than the villian-PL111s' 1 43 1 1 4 A ' - 0 S A , . , R f ', 'L " m ?." ' -"' " f" , 4 ,, . - . I Q . - 0 5' fx: i 'L 1: M ' 'Q Ja' W: 4 Q :Q ,A A . .-.ufwfj -L ,, ' 0 o ' Q fe: ffTfh" '20, 1' f . ' . ee, -lin ' - ',. ,M . i , 1 4, L C , r fi. 'fri 'w g I 4 ' I ,' 5 f3a'k,i5f - 4 ,. N, L, Ji! QL' tuio so .532 1- x, - A. 7 Gr r - . . , 'iw Q 1' 'ff' Q60 ,n , , , eb "! 4 At the ECC track meet dv Q'.h H Z , I' . :Q , Q 1 Q -.. A 5 as J x ?L'iEv iifi':?fW'kr ' ' ' 'X ,f ag UI 2 - .. fe .t" .15 1554 RJT- . - I ' IL , I I ' . 2 11,1 5 ' - vii! In ,ggp1 H?f ' . . S11 :" ---'V , . I In , f' MW" 1? vvvvfiktgil H- 'fumihflsw CAFETERIA First Row Lloyd Muetin, Jim Barton, Bobby May, FT6d Phillips, Jerry Winters, Eelsie Lakes, Virginia Mullins, flo Trouse, Mary Ann Rosh, Second Row Miss Glunt, Marian Rose, Patsy Eoolin, Juanita Larrah, Edith Rhodes, Lee Cook, Rachel Earrah,Conn1eNus tin, Phyllis Herr, Janice Howell, Carol Eousman, Third Bbw liz Kinney, Bill Harr- ison, Vivian Mullins, Suzanne Mustin, Ruth Ann Smelser, Marie Morris, Mary Mustin, Mrs Davis, Mrs Winters, and Mrs Doddridge I X. sa ve Me: C Sufferin' Suocotash Terrorgg Q 'Q Ho1'I'0rsl Y- Hoee among Thorns l . f' N I 1 s . , fw, l I K' 1' L 2 I . ,V H -f ' ,wf ' - ff- 'A ' "1 ' 'smt- ,y,fLi5Jv7iws'T i Jjij.,-I .vn,:,,bh u K U I I ,S in i.. b ...Jw ' 'Q . H A ,,- , . 5, fe"-A' ' ' . 7 ifL'2.'i""' I . . f , . 1' j L xx I 1, 1 K , i Q 8 if ' 9' V 'f K' 5 'N 3 A I lf 1-1, vi , A' y 'Y - u gi lg, . z N Q ' 1,1 4 QS W. -' ' 1 .5 6 X . x I V , , J. I 6, x - ' , ,i V 'T N ,fi 1 I ? Y ' Y , 5fJv ff A 1 OI A . M -as -' .3 10 I Q -Q 7' ' l eb 2 . 1 Qbq 4 h 5 of I ' ' cl' 9 - 3 xx 0 .ri 1 1 41' ,, - ' 1 6' ' 4 U, f 4 . ' f 3-Tv - , E 1, if f 1. fb 8 - ' 2 B1 , 99 't v,.if..:c A ' 44 1 Senior Play This pictureis the one that was taken for the Palladium Item. The persons in it are, left to right: Linda Early, Betty Lundy, Jane Gunn, Mary Lou loudy, Shirley Ed- wards,Barbara Caudle,Evelyn Jones Barbara Jones,Evelyn Gesell,Wanda Howell, Jim cihlar, Jerry Wicker sham, Bill Harrison, Red Nuss, and, Ronni e Harri s This year's senior play was entitled nOur Miss Brooks' and found the person in reference involved in one trying situation after another, one of whichwas having to direct the senior play after she had counted on not doing so The lead in this play was handled capably by Wanda Howell and the coach, of whom she was constantlyixxpur suit, was played by Ronnie Harris Bill Harrison, who depicted Ted Wilder, was one of Miss Brooks' biggest problems as he was constantly doing things whichhinderedknr progress with the coach Jane Drew, the adept English student who won one thing, after another and later got the lead in the senior play, infuriated Hrs Allen and her daughter Rhonda Jane Drew was played by Linda Early and Sonya Jones playedthe part of Mrs Allen, while Jane Gunn portrayed her daughter Miss Finch, the libra rian, who was one of Miss Brooks' close fr1ends,was played by Betty Lundy, and the role of Miss Audobon was portrayed by Barbara Caudle Jim Cihlar did an excellent, admirable job of filling the shoes of the principal, Mr Wadsworth, and Red Nussand Jerry Wickersham did full justice to the parts of Stanley and Martin Evelyn Gesell Mary Lou Loudy, Evelyn Jones, Shirley Edwards, and Bunny Jones played the part of some of Miss Brooks' students and did a very admirable job in their roles Some of the parts of the play that were especially interesting were such scenes as thendem onstration' by Miss Brooks of how to produce sound effects, Miss Audobon's outburst in front of the coach about how the play was stolenfrom her, directing her accusa tions at Miss Brooks, Jane Drew trying out for the lead in the play the class dec ided to give, the basketball players invading the English room, and, of course, the happy ending when everyone got what they wanted A 45 1 P -I , 1 . n af 4 B ' ffbfis I A P -1- lf , V mditor ln-Cblef II .IA AMY .lrlmok St ll 432. Gene al M na D .AJLUIC D -0 Co-Sports Edltor LOrEI HAI ILTON 3 P1Ct'l1I'9 Edu tor V1'VIA.n iU'LLIAIwS Co S orts Editor B UD I O Art Editor POI IZ AR.. IS Co-Circulation Manager WANDP HO' 'ELL Yearbook uvlSO'f' MRS HAMILTON .TEANNINE SPOTTS CONES 46 Gerver 1 ara er JT CINIAR LI ,JA ADI ,ff Co-Circulation Manage .TER Y UICHE SHA I Front Row, left to rlght Evelyn Gesell, Martha Weaver, Jeannine Spotts Co e ly o ct y Lundy, Mary Lou Loudy, Vivlan Mullins, Evelyn Jones, and Shirley Harris Taylor Second Row Llnda Early, Barbara Jones, Shirley Edwards, Sonya Jones, Linda Wadler, Barb ra Caudle, D1cL Hawkins, B111 Beard, Don Batten, Myron Higgins, Maurice Baker, Jane Gunn, Wanda Howell, and Judy King Third Row ar J 8 s s ton Jer y W1Ck6TSh8m Bill Harrison Dale Temple, Processional Invocation Music Scripture Sermon Music Benediction Recessional BACCALAURJPT SERVIC b Graduates Rev Paul Banta Centerville High School Chorus Rev. Rex Custer 'What Do You Have' Rev. George Scherer Centerville High School Chorus Rev. Rex Custer Graduates L. I 47 Cl ence Mitchell D vid Nuss Jim Cihlar Clyde Reed, Ronnie Harris, Loren Hamilton, Ronnie Pennlng and Bob Jarrett COWMENCEMENT EXERCISES Music Processional Invocation Music Speeches nFortitudeN uFaith' nAmbitionn Music Senior Centerville H S Band Graduates Rev Paul Banta Centerville H.S. Band Theme 'IF' Fu Ayn Salutatory Maurice Baker Special Speaker David Nuss Valedictory Linda Early Centerville H.S. Band Presentation of Diplomas Supt. A H Hines Honor Awards E. L. Outland Benediction Rev. Paul Banta Recessional Graduates is ul l K ki ,ai H' 1 nf J !-'-f. t, If I ' : n s, Tar ta Glas 2, Bftt Do tell Ten years together Oppened-a Kiss me ,bv Q Q09 48 X .mx Xxx if 8 fre 8-If Love mhought any mhe annual wouldn t be complete without 95-L15 .Q x . '1hlEin.MAL oA: 4- ff. Tonb of the Unknown soldier Ia? 'O fe ,Sw ? i Lee or ing Q0 -Q ' I Q12 4 Hhooos slipped. washington Cathed-f1 49 emor Trlp Bri ht and early on Saturday morning, lay the Tenth, 32 seniors and 5 sponsors said their fond farewells to those they must leave behind fisn't that right Red29 and climbed aboard a greyhound busahlch was bound lor Washington, NewYork, and oth er points east iced because it was Saturday night late when we pulled night, I might add! was a long way we had to travel that first day, but no one not all new and we were having so much fun we stayed in tort Ligon1er at a lovely old hotel and as it was in, almost everyone went to bed early that night Klhe only At 6 o'clock Sunday morning we left for Jashington On our way there, we stopped at uettysburg and procured a guide who took us on a tour over the oettysburg battlefields Early sunday evening we got into washington and occupied the rooms reserved for us at the Houston Hotel Ne stayed in washington until Ned nesday morning and everyone had a grand time sightseeing buch points of interest as the Washington Monument, the White House, the Capitol, thePrchlves, and the Lib rary of Congress were visited by all of us specially inspiring was the Lincoln Monument with all its simplicity and sentiment On the way to New York, Wednesday, we stopped forlunch at Philadelphia and saw Ynoependence Fall and the famed Liberty Bell There wasn't a student there who did not pause for a moment to think of those things which meant so much to our freedom New York was the highlight of the whole trip It's big stores, it's bright lights and gay noise, all in all lt's immensity, made it the place most of us liked best Only a few were ready to pack their bags and come home, and that was because of purely personal reasons Evelyn and Mary Lou were quite fond oi their rooms in ally liked to be in New York because of the interesting restaurants and bercousin's entertannment and nourishment very spicy bome of the class went out to the island on w ich the statue of Liberty stands while others went shopping A few of the things seen or visited ln New York were the Rockettsat Rockefeller Center, JackDem sey's restaurant, the umpire State Bullding,and of course allthe department stores 'ur hours were ll 30 which was just a little early lwe thought! so a few of us took Cihlar aside and bribed him to keep Mr Outland out until l o'clock It worked! CJust teasing, Jimi We left New York and went on to nlmlra where we stayed at the Mark lwaln hotel which was the nicest hotel by far of any we stayed at on the entire trlp Therewas a Jaycee convention there and some of the girls had a few bids for an evening danc ing in the hotel ballroom So your mind will rest easy, Mrs Hamilton, none of us accepted: We had beautiful weather on the trip until we reached Niagara Falls where l began to rain A tip to honeymooners never visit Niagara whlle it's raining How ever the next day it was sunny and we started on our way to Detroit we spent all day Monday traveling through Canada When we crossed back into the states wehad to open all of our suitcases and all the other stuff we had for the customs office N were the first class to have to do that I guess we just look like criminals Most of the boys had flrecrackers they bought confiscated and Jocko Tem le managed give everyone a laugh when everything in his suitcase came unpacked and he strug gled diligently to repack them Monday night we stayed in Detroit where it rained again Jarrett, Higgins, and Temple dldn't mind the rain though They spent their evening in a 'Theatre enter taining the entertainers Tuesday we started home after visiting the Bord Museum and Greenfield Village and Judy King got sick But after a couple of hours nursing in a hospital she re covered nicely when we were almost home, Ronnie and Jerry decided things were too dull, so they dressed up as Burns and Allen for somebody J Ronnie looks darling in a glrl's scarf Mr Outland and Early got decorated, too Chope that picture of E. L O turns out pretty good That'll be a good one for the scrapbooksl At 9 o'clock Tuesday night we pulled into that town of renown, Centerville Parents, boyfriends, husbands, and ju t friends were waiting for us Boy, it sure was good to get home!! 50 0 . 5 . It C' -f X - the Henry Hudson Hotel and regretted to leave more than any of us. Evelyn, especi- o I 5 . 9? ' . ' - y ' t . 'e I V A O t n R S V . . I ll - Honest A 9 Taylor at hone 111 L gum Q 4 E455 ef-fx if 'Wi Queen Ea 'bara Jr -Sr Banquet ar En.- XIX vernal Frlerdslup 'Q-f'! 435 Hzew me The pause than refreshes out to Q06 2 'T S:LmandLon Be tdwick 0 0 4' Q' .50 6'-'29 Nice Vlew Vo QQO' V e' 066 -K' Q., '81 IP' Mr Overturfl!'l l 51 Zn? sy .uhh Z qw 7 I H Cha el f 4 OIIOI' P xf Qfhhys 1 I wb 5 4 ' I , Gjeiibff? OUTSTAN ING SENIOR BOYS Maurice Baker tie Bill Harrison BAND SWEATERS Evelyn Gesell Linda Early Jane Gunn Wanda Howell Others received letters CROSS COUNTRY Ronnie Harris Maurice Baker Others received letters VOLLEYBALL AWARDS Bill Harrison Jim Cihlar Jerry Wickersham Ronnie Harris Dale Temple Myron Higgins David Nuss Others recieved letters JONES AWARDS lst Linda Early 2nd Helena McNary 3rd Pat Fowler BASKETBALL AWARDS Jerry Wickersham Bill Harrison Loren Hamilton Ronnie Harris Dale Temple Jim Cihlar David Nuss The senior members received jackets Others received letters ENGLISH AWARD Jeannine Laremore BASEBALL AWARDS Jerry Wickersham Bill Harrison Bob Jarrett David Nuss Myron Higgins Dale Temple Other members re ceived letters DAR Aww Linda Early TRACK AWARDS Bill Harrison Ronnie Harris Bob Jarrett Jim Cihlar Other members received letters NOON LEAGUE CHAMPIONS G1rl's volleyball Mullins' Mules Boy's basketball Jarretts' Jackals HIGH SCHOOL PING PONG CHAMPIONS Doubles Anne Wright Ronnie Harris Alta Miller Myron Higgins Sinvles Roberta Edwards Myron Higgins CAFETERIA AWARD Bill Harrison received CERTIFICATES OF AWARD FOR RADES or 955 on ABOVE a special award for his six year's work in the cafeteria Maurice Baker Nancy Winters Kay Vance Helena McNary Linda Early Wayne Petty Ada Toney Pat Fowler Evelyn Gesell Lloyd Mustin Marthlene McClure Bill Harrison Roberta Edwards Carl Conti Linda Renschlar I want to expre s my sircere gratitude and appr ciatlon to all n teachers and classmates w o have given me such inde penslble assistance Without which I probably couldn't have stayed with ty class through out high school But in short, thanks to all Qvx Bill Harrison B111 Burris FOUL SHOOTING TROPHEY ALL SECT ION!-L TEAM Bill Harrison who have been so kind Don Batten 52 U I ' ' C. r- 21 . l 5 Lu , I. 1 0 U! . u I 4 ' o I S H . Y . ns 4 . ' . rf' ,- .Q .1 . 3 r U Q I .-,,

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