Centerville Senior High School - Mortonian Yearbook (Centerville, IN)

 - Class of 1952

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Centerville Senior High School - Mortonian Yearbook (Centerville, IN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 18 of 60
Page 18 of 60

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Page 18 text:

DOROTHY BOWLES and BILL MCDANIEL As ml rocket came to rest on the landing platform at Centerville Airdrome, I thought of my old days at C H s nlle I had s fem minutes to wait for my crew to re fuela I decided to walk uptown to see if it had changed ir t e 40 years I had beer ava The change was remarkabley ',j7 ",," The new modeln buildings and escalator sioewalksk fx. 1' !ZjD marked it as a nuge xetrooolis One of the outstanding 62- A landmarks vas the Logan Building headquarters for Logan ,422 AS I evolved frol the revolving door, and draped my b 'MYZD lanky frame over a stool at the counter, I noticed a dis tinguisled looking eloerlv lad sterlrg at me As I del X- ved into the deep, dark, chasms of mv hollow cranlum I N-v recalled a talkative runt from the Class of '52 Ahllll ,uf time, for ve both started flapping our lips at the same time Wasn't that just like her always talking at the same time I wanted tog After the greetings and selutetions were over, I a sked her what she had been doing the past 40 years I snould have hnovm better what she yapped about for the next 7 hours 165 minutes is here put briefly After graduation, she attended the Purdue School of PHRTMSCY, then found the one nan in the world with whom she could argue day and night without get ting mad so she married him This was Keith Logan In the time she has left after helping manage the company and caring for her 26 kids fYes, she raises goatsJShe promotes a Truman for President campaign,Margaret, tnat 1 Drug Industrie , Inc Q BOB BLUE owns and operates a chain of T V and radio networks over which he broadcasts daily sports programs The former heavyweight matman retired after he broke his toenail in a fight with the Great Togo Fe married the nurse who attended him in his ensuing illness, and they now have 8 ch1ldren,6 cats, and a canaryfoops one of tne cats just swallowed it! He writes best sellers in his spare time CHRISTINA CHANCE is now head librarian at the Hamilton Libraries She accepted this position after she finished her last world tour, during which she sang for tne Queen of England Her lyric soprano voice has been laudedas even greater than Jenny L1nd's TOM ECKVNRODE, who scored nome runs in each of the last 25 World Series, to lead the Giants to victory over tne Yanks retired last spring to become a concert pianist His daughter, Margaret, does the vocals BARBARA EVANS became the blushing bride of Duke Collins and tneynow have a dancing school in Abington, where they teach tne HCharlestonN During vacations, they and their 7 children tour the mounta1ns,teach1ng square danc ing to the hill billies DUANE GUNN attended Butler University, and later coached for many years at C H S During this time, only one of his teams has failed to capture the State Championship This was a 1 point loss to Richmond, when in the last 2 seconds of the game, a double technical was called on him for sticking his tongue out at R1chmond's coach, J1mfABJPeters After this, he succeeded his father in law, Nolan Hyre as Centerv1lle's leading T.V. and outboard motor salesman. JOE HATFIELD became assistant to W. R. Hines, Professor of Civics at Centerville University. He is still spry at 62, and is HOW touring ghe Wigld on a motorbike collecting facts on Civics for a book which he Pl3nB 0 WT e Fourth Period Civics, and How to Escape It' CLAUDE HUNT and LEROY TAYLOR went on tour for several years doing a Lion and Mouse act in the vaudeville circuit, then opened a gymnasium. Cligdefdo es manicuring and massaging, while Leroy teaches Weight lifting, Bndl 9 538 art of self defense with a short sword. He is married to Tiny Littfegla lf lb. woman wrestler. Claude spends his spare time pasting Pictures 0 mee' in a scrapbook. They are the ones A1 Caop drew of him when he posed for L1 1 Abner Comics. CARROL STUDY succeeded Miss Glunt as the Home Ec. teacher at C?H.S.Egg- though she has had many prooosals,she has been so busy bekins P193 OP - I4 coaches and principals that she had not had time to get married- I I I V by 1- -I ' A v Q ' I Q - W7 Q ' ' ' ,. AQ DOROTHY BOWTES. She must have recognized me at the same X - .1 . J , .' 7 1 , . . . . A , A A A W ' S. . , A , ,

Page 17 text:

ILL We, the Senior Class of '52, having sound minds, bodies, and a bottle of spirits, and fearing that our spirits may soon be broken: do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament. As a class, we bequeath the following: For the Faculty ----- WE LEAVE. To the Juniors---We leave our seats by the windows, the gum deposited under them, our dirty yellow cords, and our superior ranking in the school. To the Sophomores---We leave our most efficient brooms and muscles, to be used by their clean-up committees. To the Freshmen---Since the above was all we posessed, we leave only aixpe that they, too, will someday gain the dignity, poise, and prestige that goes with being a Senior. Our singular selves bequeath the followirg treasured belongings, to be divulged among our fortunate survivors in event of our passage into the cruel world---To put it bluntly YOU CANHAVE THE JUNK WHEN WE GET OUR DIPLOJLS V f , Q haf? , fl Col f fm 5 Q LM ,f HIDXI YLL X59 Bob Blue, will my way with the women to Walter Etzel Dorothy Bowles, will my ex boyfriends from Richmond to Nancy winters, who do esn't want them, and my ambition to my brothen Ralph Christina Chance, will my love for chool to Jxnet Pippin Tom Fckenrode, will my lightning speed to Dale Temple, and my shortstop abil ity to John Schultz Barbara Evans will my willingness to go steady for 4 ye rs to Phyllis Burris Duane Gunn, will my unwanted nickname to a more capable predecessor, Jim Cihlar Joe Hatfield, will my team in gym class tc Bill Burris and God bless youl Betty Mabry, will a semester of Civics to anyone who 1sn't luckv enough to get out of taking it Iris Miller, will my love for Chevrolets to Carol Park who loves only Fords Thurleen Miller, will my gift of gab to Mary Mustin Vern Knipp, will all my points and fouls in noon league to Jim Reed Joan Parrish will my long hair to any needy 'poodle' ! Iris Resh, will my 4 years of cheerleading to my sister, Mary Ann, and my trusty toothbrush Jim Shawhan, to WDoc's' Health Class will my plymouth to Bill Burris Bill Smith, will my yell leading position to Alan Kempton Julia Winters Dick Stevens, Carrol Study, Clyde Morris, Leroy Taylor, Egils Purina, but don't take all will my red hair to Phyllis Burris will my office in the Senior Class to Clyde Morris will my extra pounds to Alice Cook will my left handed basketball shot to Bob Blue will my curls to anyone who wants them will some of my ways of playing ping pong to Ronnie Harris, of them, or you will be a loser I, Claude Hunt, will the busted manifold on my Pontiac to Loren Hamilton for his Plymouth It runs too quietly I, Carl Orsborne, will my Agriculture classes to any 'happy' Junior. I, Joan Meeks, will my part in the Senior Play to anyone willing to put grease in THEIR hair. Dan 1 t I HB 1 ?' gil? gin vgggfvT1wilgym3g?oJg egggegfulrrfhn filled veare in hirh school to mv sister P lena, who I he e will eoorec11+e +V m a much 8 I In e Having solemnly declared this to be absolutely our LAST will and testament, we herebv appoint Mr Outland and Mrs Hamilton executors- Witnessed and signatures attached this twenty nineth day of February. in the Year of our Lord, Nineteen Hundred and Fifty Two feigned! di Qf2C6'l7Cal7l superintendent feigned! Priuoip feigned! X V' My ' 4 Editor-in Chief I3 1 Y H IUL . If o I, - , Il S AZ o 1, - - A , I, Q f , . Q , 5, 9 ' . 1, , ' 8 O I, , 0 I, . , T, . I! e I, - 1, . 1, - , I, , . I, ' I, - 1, - - In ' I, - O .....- , ' ' r A V ' ' V , - ng Q .1 0 V M 4' VV , D I fr, 'J - .. c AV. L . .- . ,- O . . . I 0 " pf, f- r ff. ' X . VZ!! fepi- - ,Z ,gg ,I-L - , ,gyfl fs',K,a,,,g, 4 .1

Page 19 text:

rovegETTYbMABRY finished nurse's training, then married Jimmy Her schoo11n P O e very helpful for they run a dog and cat h it 1 S Say, the pets of their children are the most frequent pagigntz Needless to LARY ANN McNARY after getting h D t f lish from I U married her old fla er Oc or 0 Philosophy degree in Eng d rath r crowded' at res t f me, an now resides in Dogtown They are P SH or most of th 1 by the St Bernarda which they raise e rooms n the houge are occupied IRIS NILLFH went to beauty school and aft r 1 1 Eggldalive as cheaplv as one, finally married gimconghgy ??veJo:mg fgggt neg? rusbgnggn and Iris uses h 1 tra4n1ng to help her 4 young daughters catch THURLFEN MILLER wrote a 'Dorothy Dlxn column in the 'Old Tra1l's Echon for many years, but was fired when she was caught writing to herself to see if she could suggest a plan by which she could make Bill propose This did n't discourage out T M , for the next week she was nominated and elected JOAN MEEKS married her one and nl d th ttl d raise their little famll 0 y' an ey Be e near Abingdon to Y Then came fame and fortune, for Joan vor the title of Irs America She won this a claim by her unusual talent for ole ing the ba! JO VERA KNIPP now operates an implement store in Centerville He bou tit ah with the money he recieved for wr1t1n of his N d W 1 leading love stor ma 1 a g esoapa es n one of the y gaz nes We don t know what it b t f it must have been a lulullll was' u or 35OO'oOO EGILS KTHE BOUNCERJ PURINS became the World's Champion Ping Pong Player, and now operates as a hobby, classes in the arts of ping pong, volleyball, and tennis He says, 'I have attained my position by always being on the ballln IRIS RESH, after getting her degree in nursing, became Supervisor of Nurses at the new Outland Memorial Hospital At the age of 40,she married Joe Ryan, and they now have a basketball team which plays for Webster High School Iris does all the yelling JIM SHAWHAN and CLYDE MORRIS went into business for themselves shortly after graduation They are now with the Barnum and Bailey Circus Clyde is tattoing cartoons on the tattoed ladies, and Jim is photographing Clyde's art work CARL ORSBORNE and DICK STEVENS attended Purdue, and later became Pres and Vice President, respectively, of that institution At 60 they are still bachelors, but they say, NJust because there's snow on the roof, 1t's no sign there's not fire in the furnacel' BILL SMITH, after leading yells at I U for 16 years, finally graduated and ls now trying to spend a 810,000,000 inheritance, left bv an eccentric aunt At present he is engrossed in the promotion of the experiments in the World's slowest speedboats, to see how fast they can go forward in reverse on dry land without gasoline JOAN PARRISH married Joe Fulton, who became president of the Locke and Hill Furniture Company They have several children, but the exact number is not known for Joan has not had time to count them lately She has the World's largest collection of unfinished mrniture, and also many stray cats JULIA ANN WINTERS, after getting a degree in business management from Oberlin, went to New York to become business manager of the New York Yankees. She married the youngest son of Bob Feller, who was one of the new pitching sensations. when he discovered that Julia, too, could play ball, he coached herfor her present pos1t1on--- shortstoo for the Mud Hens, a woman's baseball team, which is coached by Casey's great grandmother. Since I am so modest, I left my own fortune 'till last. My name is BILL McDANIEL, better known as Adm. Willy Mick of the Interplanetary Armed services Command. I don't like to brag, but I do have a pretty influential position. I am Vice Admiral in charge of keeping boll-weevils out of the el- bow padding of the space suits of buck privates in the Canine Corps. I have had tnis position for 35 years, and am thinking strongly of making it my car- reer. ' . o M' , - e 'O 0 . 1 A V V -J3 ' , . 1 0 The first woman president of the U.S.a. CThe United Sausa:eaters of Amerlcat- T . 0 O O , e

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