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111' - Qi , . -if i -- - N kvxfglf' ,I .,ij-1. I . is , f4.sVn3?:"Q 'Q C' M. qs, ff-wg an-Q M.: 'Y SMRVLXN it 'wh H ' M. ,.vf, . -w A jx , . A ' WF, a5 .15+f?. :iff T K 'x Iii '-J' f A. . v E 5.5: , ,. 'sr . VF! 4. fl x E. ,4, ,1 yi' Foreword Shnrley l-labaly, Editor Ann Dryburg, Sponsor wiv We cordially mvrte you to tune In to Channel 58 and vuew the program of events that took place during the course of our hugh school days We hope that the viewing and re vuewmg you do wull brmg many happy pleasant memo rles VOLUME XIX Centervulle High School R D No l West Brownsvnlle, Pennsylvania 2 K, ' f?'L'. , , ,r -X 1' 4. if +4 fr In W X K y, rv, zf , x. l L , . I ll' ' Il ' ' ll I - Table of Contents I Adm1n1strat1an P2lgCS f H Channels 5 haal Board Principals Facuhy Teaches Bawhng Sensors Junnors IH Aet1V1t1es Saphanxwes Freshrnen Bghth Grade Seventh Grade Clubs Band AAay Day Graduahon Spemal Hanan Snaps Spams Page 7 Page 8 es 9 10 Page 12 Pages 14 29 Pages 30 33 Pages 34 Page 36 Page 37 Page 36 Pages Pages Pages Pages Pages Pages Pages 13 38 Pages 39 81 7 81 IV Cammeraals P21865 82 91 V F1n1s Page 92 Pag , , 11 58 ' - 59 ' - 60 -35 61 62 ' 63 Pages 40- 44, Pages 50- 51 45-49 52-58 ' 59-63 ' 64-65 66-67, 7- 68-75 3 In Memorlam Awww Robert Red Worrel Red was born March 8 T938 un Denbo the son of Mr and Mrs Thomas Worrel H attended Denbo elementary school and Cen tervulle Junuor Senuor Hugh School He was graduated May 24 l957 from Centervulle Hugh School Whule un hugh school Red excelled un sports He was the only person ever to wun the Thomas McAn Shoe Company award or outstandung performances un football hus Senuor year Red was named to the Amerucan Hugh School Team He also celled un track basketball and baseball Red was offered many scholarshups, u funally decuded to stay un Pennsylvanua He entered Penn State un September, l958 He was headed for the Semester Honor Roll Tragedy struck, Red was electrocuted Sunday, December 22, l957, whule helpung hus father erect a televusuon antenna The antenna struck a hugh voltage wure The sudden passung of Red was a great shock to hus thousands of admurers un the Tru County We wull always remember hum as a great athlete and a fune young man was Wulluam C Lane Bull was born November 25 l934 at North Charlerou Pennsylvanua He was the son of Senator and Mrs Wulluam J Lane of Lowhull Bull attended Lowhull Elementary School and Centervulle Junuor Senuor Hugh School and was graduated un the Academuc Curruc ulum May 27 'I952 Whule un hugh school Bull was a member of the baseball team Varsuty Club Spanush Club Band Vearbook Staff Class Play Bas ketball Team Student Councul and Boys Chorus Upon completuon of hugh school, Bll entered the Unuversuty of Puttsburgh and after graduatuon entered the Unuversuty Law School Whule un Law School, Bull receuved the dus tunctuon and honor of receuvung the huC1l'1est grades achueved by the students un hus class Bull was to be graduated from the Unuver stuy Law School un June, l958 Although on Aprul 5, l958 Bull left us We wull always remember hum a ' 'ff i , 'Ay g A We tl S 'ST V .ge u cpe" ll ll - - l ' I . I . . . e A, . 1 . ' I ' f h l u I U . l F1 r 1 l I 1 1 ' 1 I ' , , - 1 . EX- 1 ' u D 1 1 ' ' . I I ' b t ' 4 "With a cheery smile, and a wave of the hand, She has wandered into an unknown land, And left us dreaming how very fair It needs must be, since she lingers there." Miss Bloyer spent but a short time as a teacher at Centerville Never- less, her presence and influence will live on in memory During the l945- 46 term, she taught at Centerville She returned in the fall of l955 to teach English. Ill health prevented her from completing the "So" term. Although she was gravely ill, Miss Blayer kept in touch with us Her pupils remember her as kind, helpful, patient, her fellow teachers as co-operative and pleasant, her neighbors, as benevolent and friendly. lt is to Miss Nellie Bloyerefa friend to all-that we dedicate the 1958 CEHISCAN. 5 wi. ' ' 1 N, , Y V UW new 21 Q 7 5' was 5 if W 'B 4' i 4 W f ,. , V. ff? . i E W , , 4' V3 Q , ,..... , . 44 , ' It '-4 .IW -K'-My, 92?X?fnA+fg2ii5 If -hh fa. Q A . ,M W. 5 M,-Q W Administration U 1 SCHOOL BOARD Left to Right: James Harrig, Principalg Leonard Gill, George Lacnrra, Ernest Lures, John Kraverz, Archie Kinder, Secretaryg ,lorries Pusseii, Glenn Harshnnon, Supervising Principal. Not Pictured: Harry Hiclrie and Vifiiliom Crockett. These ore the poepie who direct us throughout our school years. They provide us with the necessary props to complete o happy ond successful program of schooling So to the members of our School Board goes our thonks. 7 Principal Supervising Principal Mr. Horris Mr. Horshmon Two of the busiest men oround our school ore Mr. Horshmon ond Mr. Horris, They toke core of problems thot others moy not see or know obout. Mr. Horris, Principol, is shown obove speoking ot the Athletic-Bond Bonquet. This is one of mony such occosions thot he hos spoken ot in the post yeor. Mr, Horshmon, Supervising Principol corries on his work in the Qrode schools os well os in the high school. Although he is very busy going from school to school, he olwoys tcikes time to listen to ony problems con- fronting him. 8 ur Cameramen LANGUAGE The Facult 'fa G. Left to Right: James Hawkins, Donald Sapko, John Moreschi, Mildred Moore. These cameromen come from near and for who spend day in and day out helping us solve our problems. To them there is no ploce, and no school, and no student body like our own "Centerville" GEOGRAPHY Joseph Twarzydlo, Robert Jeffery, Nancy Wiegel. "wif" Genevieve Elliott, Vincent Sonson. DRIVERS EDUCATION Cyril Cootsworth SECRETARI ES Esther Moyton, Alma Davis BAND DIRECTOR HISTORY U- z Joseph Behr Seated: John Wolosky, Ann Dryburg, Joseph Pergolo Standing: Robert Jeffery, Peggy Pepper, Vincent Son son. ART SCHOOL NURSE ""qff'wf, Elsie Horton Ann Folmon COMMERCIAL NEW TEACHERS uuu0G!100Q9 00000000000 Almo Nogle Mortho Case Donold Bornhort Mory Corlson Edword Sedory Teachers Bowling Mr. Sapko Miss Wiegle Muss Underwood Mr Conowoy Mr Moreschn Mass Dryburg Mr Pergola The team relaxes The teachers at Centervulle reserved every Tuesday evenvnq for bowling They went to the Calltornna Bowllng Alley to try thelr skull knocklng down puns Since thus was the first year that they partucvpated un thus sport nndnvldual scores rather than team scores were stressed Channels Q-'NTC' , 'iff - .M .. . ,ml The one event thot is owoited by every Senior is Commencement. This yeor's exercise wos held on Moy 27, l958, in the high school ouditorium. The principol speoker wos Mr, W. R. Willioms, o former student, teocher, ond principol of Centerville High School. The lnvocotion ond Benediction wos given by Rev, Fother Szornicki of St, Agnes Cotholic Church, Richeyville, Pennsylvonio. The exercise concluded with the Seniors singing the Alma Moter. r'f""'r-'T C f- file +- 'wwvl Class Motto - "What you are to be you are now becoming." Class Color - Orchid Class Flower- Pink Rosebud .qv-JI ,-vu-'wifi' When the Class of l958 came to Centerville High School, we began at once to become ac- quainted with the teachers and orient ourselves in our new classes and sur- roundings. The years flew by and soon we were SOPHOMORESl We were now full-fledged HIGH SCHOOL students, And we began to show by our actions that we "felt our oats." "Father of the Bride," a delightful com- edy, directed by Miss Underwood and Mr. Pergola, highlighted our junior year. The colorful Junior-Senior Prom held at the Nema- colin Country Club climaxed our junior year and will be long remembered as one of the outstanding events of our high school days. At last, our senior year has arrived - a year of happiness, sadness, decisions, and the conclusion to achievements in our public school career. The Snowball Fantasy was a Left to Right: Bernard Rymarchyk, Herb Edwards Richard Dugan, Joan Pinkosky, Miss Dryburg M Ruschak, Miss Wiegel, Mr, Conaway, time of gaiety. The elimination of our football team from the Class B WPIAL championship brought sadness. The receiving of our di- plomas will mark the achievement of twelve years of work. Commencement is the finale for the Class of l958. To all the people who have helped us through these high school days, we owe our gratitude. As we grow older and look toward the future, their guidance will be cherished. Joan Pinkosky Class Secretary simon cLAss orncens AND sPoNsoRs Samuel Ansell General Eugene Gregory, a l957 graduate, and his date, Linda Dickson, are shown here at- tending the annual Snowball Fantasy held by the Senior Class on December 20, l957. K 3 if Z Henrietta Bakanoff Vdleffd Ball Commercial General 3 Mcry Ann Bullash Academic QE Emerson Bane Academic Seniors Channel 58 15 Betty Baron Gcrnnfercial .. 'rx' ' t R5 Weir Georgeanna Bevans General James Brado Academic John Brubaker General Karen Blair Katherine Bozick Academic Commercial Seniors Pictured Above are, Left to Right: Delores Gaydos Joe Kolesar, Bernard Rymarchyk, Qaee-n's Escort and Kathy Bozick, Sno-ball Queen. Kathy was pre sented with a winter corsage. 16 L-101' Joseph Caputo Emily CiefV0 JOYCE Cole Commercial General SUCH TALENT! The band shown here, conducted by Mr. Behr, is practicing for their annual spring concert. They practice fifty min- utes a day, four days a week. The Junior High Band meets on Fridays, This looks like a very intricate clarinet part, doesn't it? "Boss Man" When we started as Seventh graders in l95l Mr. Harshman was our principal. Richard Dugan Now as we are preparing to leave he Academic is the "boss man" of Centerville Boro Schools. x W, K Louis Dorazio Herbert Edwards Wallace Ewing General Academic General WHATS SO INTERESTING? Here Mass Channing ns ex plannnng a sentence to the Col lege Prep English Class This English class as made up of the senaors who plan to further their Academic studnes Semors 'xv E' Harry Franks Delores Gaydos Edna Gullus Academlc Carnmerclal Commercial 18 l l 41 T l "' ffl? 5 'vs Gi' .'- 5 an ' X 1 Raymond Gillis Erma Gordon Catherine Green General Commercial T NOTHING UNUSUAL M Pergolas 5th period POD class IS taking a test t really looks as though It IS a tough one hannel 58 N Leslie Gwyn Shirley Habcly Ethel Hanuscnn Academic Academic Commercial l9 I 'S r, ' ' I, , . ' U. x it I l 6 I l . ' 5 Seniors And here we see the Basic Math Class at a party given in honor of Mr. Moreschi, who left us after the first semester. Although he was here but a short time, Mr. Moreschi made many friends. Rosetta Harvey Lawrence Hill Commercial Academic 1 s Edward Hoover Academic nfl ' ij ' ' .- if 4? Stella Huba Robert Keffer Kathy Kegel General General Academic 20 Channel 58 P. O. D. NOT ALL WORK Mr, Pergola finally let go at our Christmas Party. Herb Edwards seemed to be the most popular boy in the third period class. lP.O.D. class 28 girls l boyl X , X l xx Robert Keres Joseph Kolesor General Academic Barbara Kostelnik Commercial Betty Kovocll Commercial John Kovoch Academic Norma Kovol Academic B Irene Kveder General Patty Lesoko General '5- Borbara Lutes Commercial Seniors I RUSH TIME And here, is what is known os rush time. Everyone is hurrying and scurrying for their Vitamin D -- milk. Also a plug for the potato chips, which is the main source of income for the yearbook. Linda Lufes Catherine Lynch Commercial Commercial 22 Channel 58 l THE GOOD LISTENERS Mrs. Case's senior commercial class is listening to some last minute instructions be- fore beginning their work. Better listen care- fully, girls. Pat Mogaynu Academic Pqlfy Mqrghineg William Motto Robert Matusky Commercial General General 23 6' ff ' 1 Joan Mahaffey Academic Elizabeth Neale Theodore Olson Commercial General Jean Paci Commercial X My ' Joanne Pagac Leon Pagac Commercial General Seniors Gerald Panak General THANKSGIVING PROGRAM The annual Thanksgiving Dc Program was sponsored by the Sei iors this year. The program opens with a gay, colorful square donc A debate between Edna Gillis ar Sam Ansell was an extra added at traction. A family scene includir Joan Pinlcosky, Joanne Pagac, Lou .,. 31- ' Edward Pavlak Henrietta Pawlak ELLA JEAN PEPPER General Academic Commercial Martha Pepper Joan Pinkosky Raymond Posten General Commercial General orazio, Bill Motto, Pat Mogoyna, nd lrving Skelton laughed boister- usly. The Shirlyn's Sang "King- om of Love." A very reverend solo y Kathy Bozick and the whole cost arked the climax of a very enjoy- ble Thanksgiving Program. Channel 58 M- If 5 img 5 Nancy Rafferty Roseann Rafferty Clarence Rager Academic General General Wilson THE HARD WORKERS Mr. Sedory certainly keeps his chemistry class busy. l'm sure each one of them will vouch for this. Riley Betty Roberts Janet Ruscheck GGHSFOI Commercial General i x xxx Mr. Sedory's Lab class experimenting on the purification of water by distillation, Very inter- esting. Watch out! 5. Helen Shemansky General 'Dv' ,val if Bernard Rymarchyk Ronald Sarkeft Charles Scot! Academic Academic ACCld6miC Channel ,Aff 'S E2 Margaret Shumar Phyllis Skelton Commercial General 27 R R 'sm .,.,A , Ruthonn Ste ens Paul Shpkovlch Acodemrc Acodemrc Deanna Snyder Commercnol MISS CINDERELLA And here us one of our Crnderellos Henri efto Bokonoff ond her dote Tom Stotko just before Ieovrng for the Snowboll Fontosy i Robert Shtchnck Semors iff 1...l Q Kenneth Striker Rebecca Tanner Bonnie Tate General Commercrol Commerclcl 28 5 Xi X Thomas Tenney Robert Torrey Joseph Vensko General General General ALL DRESSED UP AND SOME PLACE T0 GO. All dressed up in their formal best, is Betty Roberts and her date DeWayne Powell, getting ready to attend the annual Christmas Dance. Have a nice time. ,Hulk Channel 58 sgfmxfizlo :Tl ,l Joyce Widok Edward Wozolek Milton Zec General Academic Academic 29 I1 xf""" In ll N unior Class fficers A d Sponsors 5 iineilxi 5 o KK as-X .WX S KK' ,L S 'X ix X xggx ,XKXQ 'ix gx X-. ,... , x -xx Top to Bottom Ofhcers Louuse Wes :ch Morrno Pockroll Shirley Gregory Robert Rudoy, Sponsors Mrs Roseberry Mrs Ellnott Mr Howkrns Mr Sopko Channel 59 Q 3 4 Y IH L vin 'QL 8 .Q-r 30 Dorothy Berger, Pot Borno, Jeannette Bortowich, Chorolotte Belovich, Robert Brodo, Bill Brown, Dianna Choriello. I i'X L. C+ 'hr Colantoni, Richard Crawford, Connie Crow 4 fe- UNITED NATIONS CONTEST The Junior History Class in room lO2 is shown preparing for o test in connection with a contest sponsored by the United Notions. Material was gather- ed from every available source in school, books, maga- Czefwinsky, paul ponko, 'ri-,elmo Deon' zines, pamphlets, and newspapers. The test wos taken by the entire Junior Class. The local winners, ' Annette Goste and Robert Ruday will represent Center- ville in the National Contest. W ' Q , .,,,, X A - 3 l ' .f yi fs l 1 ill J' N Gloria Deems, Betty DeLuca, Judy Detrick, Melvin Domko, Betty Donkers, Frank Dravetslcy, Ronald Durdines. A. .me fn: f J W ,K . gy, . . CPI" ff? it . 14. I Jack Edwards, Leah Fowler, Diana Friend, Annette Gaste, Clifford George, Brenda Gill, Elnora Gill. rn is af, - Robert Glista, Shirley Gregory, Lenora Griffin, John Gruskowski, George Hagedorn Don Havelock, George Hegedus. 31 b. C' Charles Henck, Ellen Jenkins, Joe Jollick, Michael Kanalis, Loretta Karolewics, Joe Kirne, Laraine Kime. ,,-QA I-QQ l""4' Joyce Knisely, Russell Koph Channel 59 ei ff IS' i one -, X A J STANDING ROOM ONLY ' J, ,AV , N Marie Colantone and Margaret Murinczak are f . very anxious to get an autograph from the famed 3 ff Disc Jockey, Barry Kaye, 2 If The dance was one way the Junior Class had of making money to sponsor the biggest event of the Myrna Kuhn, John Lemonovich. year, H1-he Junior Promlff inf fr' Mae Leonard, Ed Malinzak, Bill Meneskie, Bill Monroe, Janice Moon, Dallas Murray, Shirley Nagg. 45 as we l Walter Newsham, Martin Noska, Harry Novick, Attilio Paci, Marma Packrall, Michael Peltz, Jack Pepper. 1 -4 - 'fa , L. 1 g 4 1.x Q Bill Perkins, Gloria Peters, Virginia Pettigrew, Jae Polidor, Arthur Portertield, Erma Roitano, Edwin Roitano. is M, - ' ff J f 'lx i, uniors . ., Our camera turns to a real groovy evening with 4 li K " ' wax scrolls and all, supplied by Barry Kaye famed J .Q b Pittsburgh disc jockey and his special guest, Johnny J , J Nash. The occasion, a dance sponsored by the Junior X Class. Dale Reckner, Robert Rhome, 1 Robert Shashura, Maryellen Shumaker ,, , 15? ,af 0 ' - 3, s 'R Wayne Siarnicki, Darlene Sibula, Lorraine Solak, Helene Sasnak, John Sosnok, Tom Stotko, Sondra Superak, I 5 'l ,rr Bernard Supra, Steve Wargo, Patti Weckoski, Bill Wells, Lindo Zec, Robert Zirkle, Gerry Zukauckas. A,-. V 0: 33 Channel 60 So phomores ophomore fficers And Sponsors Mr-' ,Wa Apr 1.1 1 Left to Right: Charles Greskovich, Eugene Orlandi, Jim Zirkle, Felix Tarrorick Mrs Nagle Mrs. Cowen, Mr, Sonson, Mr. Coatsworth. First Row: Jim Giffin, Jim Topper, Felix Tarrorick, Alfred Ricuiti, Ronnie Ricuiti, Jer- ry Shick. Second Row: Elizabeth Vihidal, Barbara Laskody, Linda Gill, Mary Ann Rus- check, Charlotte De Angelo, Sharon Smith, Lois lllar, Nancy Francek, Francine Dorazio, Evelyn Nichols. Third Row: Kenny Matty, Jim Cleaver, Harry Binns, Elaine Stetko, Rhoda Kinder, lrene Murinsok, Carol Oswald, David Pepper, Richard George, Nick Lesoko. Fourth Row: Nick Mucho, Russel Condit, Frank Hook, Tom Ramsey, Donald Balla, Jim Zirkle, Victor Ballash, John Ludrosky, Mario lmpiccini, Mr. Sterback. First Row: Kathy Kostelnik, Jeanette Ko- kay, Mary Balag, Rose Carpiak, Charlotte Vrabel, Bonnie Shutsy, Myra Edwards, Linda Hootman, Helen Roncadore, Zelda Lutes. Second Row: Larry Lutes, Sylvia Wasko, Carol Neale, Carol Watkins, Ro- berta Smouse, Shirley Namalik, Bonnie Bitner, Marie Ondo, Richard Lutes, Phil Vargo, Third Row: Andy Sosnak, Cecil Burton, Terry Yablonsky, Charles Gresko- vich, Duane Palma, John Troyan, Henry Bartus, Lloyd Ford, Barry Gray, John Saba. Sophomorcs First Row: Judy Hegedus, Phyllis Benlock, Coral Smalko, Margaret Hoover, Frances Dray, Janet Caputo, Bertha Ward, Shirley Zets, Stella Williams, Karen Rancodare. Second Row: Arlene Nelan, Norman Det- dus, Sylvia Herrage, Wayne Gillis, Curtis Franks, Richard Mellow, Tom Kirtly, Joyce Kirk. Third Row: Lloyd Ford, Chris Raf- ferty, Eugene Orlandi, Jae Katko, Jim Raytek, Harry McKnight, John McKulka, James Raymond, Bob Bolin, John Supra, Howard Belski. A new course required of all stu- dents ot Centerville High School is speech. Some people talk too much, some don't talk enough. Speech is supposed to be the answer ta the problem. Here, Mr. Kern is telling his class what to say and how to soy it. rick, ,John Passo, Alfred Rudai, Joy Hege- Row One: P. Bush, S. Smith, B. Small, D. Kuty, F. Meneskie, M. Peltz, B. Condit, D. Packrall, M. Dor- bini, C. Bollash, F. Kanalis. Row Two: J. Bellisario A. Smith, M. Shriver, J. Smith, C. Philp, K. Kovach M. Ramsey, F. Gaydos, J. Stewart, B. Matta, Mrs. Downs. Row Three: T. Malinzak, J. Kresovich, L. Samarin, R. Swarrow, N. Romanos, R. Baurngard- ner, F. McGrady, W. Watkins, T. Davis, R. Renner, A. Superak, E. Weekley, B. Tanner. r I Our camera catches Mrs. Carlson giving instructions to the Ninth grade girls in howto get ready for a class in Cooking. The girls showed us that they really were prepared, when they served at the "Band Athletic Banquet" which was sponsored by the School Board. Freshmen J' ' A V 1 - 4 , -. 'pay A' R . , A . . . . Q, I .v Row One: E. Scott, P. Santi, J. Ruday, D. Lozosky, V. Kveder, S Matusky, P. Connelly, M. Murinzak, M. Green, S. Ringo, S, Walsh Row Two: L. Gray, M. Reckner, D. Rudman, R. Raytek, B. Tenney S. King, K. Greff, M. Newbrough, M. Harvey, E. Douple, Mrs Ammon. Row Three: M, Hardoby, F. Seghi, A. Smith, D. Clish M. Mahaftey, E. Zaharsky, T. Hartman, M. Gillis, J. Kripinsky J. Russell, P. Romanos, T. Bane. Row One: J. Yoger, M. l-launcher, P. George, V. Davis, M. Deibel, B, Nelson, G. Ciervo, N. Kuhl, P. Baumgardner. Row Two: R. Ruscheck, R. Powis. 1 Row One: E. Gilley, V. Crumrine, D. Shriner, S Novak, K. Romanos, M. Hook, J. Weaver, M. Moon Row Two: B. Hanna, E. Pepper, M. Sekora, E. Stim mel, J. Shimko, E. Smith, J. McGrady, B. Gregory, K. Tilton, P. Kanalis. Row Three: P. Kinnear, P. Gill, J. Yothers, S. Lahoff, T. Raymond, C. March ines, S. Zetts, B. Babko, J. Folman, D. Bastian. ss, T Row One: M. Koval, C. Kolesar, L. Copechal, J. Wargo, A. Bielek, C. Bartus, A. Green, M. Shashura. Row Two: D. Pepper, R Andolsek, J. Ratica, J. McKuIa, C. Nagg, R. lmpiccini, F. Dorazio, Miss Underwood. Row Three: R. Rhome, B. Shriner, J. Sowlfa J. Walsh, P. Keruskin, P. Takash, W. Edwards, P. Gaydos, J Zalek, G. Caputo. 'S C we ' .Yin I if ' 'JV 2.f: ."1 1 ,-.'f - ll I .ga K WMM' X61 . 1 . Shop work is one of the most inter esting subjects offered to the seventh eighth, and ninth grade boys. Here Mr. Gennaula shows the boys the prop er way of making a neat project. Row One: R. Ward, D. Wozolek, J. Muchisko, T Viola, K. Butterfield, L. Smith, L. Raytek, G. Zuk auckas, M. Wargo, M. Smalko, C. Lister. Row Two F. Kveder, J. Cole, I. Sarket, D. Kegel, A. Kinder B, Whetzel, D. Gudel, D. Gillis, W. Pearson, B Shumar, Mr. Jeffrey. Row Three: J. Toth, P. Mc Kula, B. Settie, J. Shirnko, B. Holt, G. Radvansky, T. Yurotovich, T. Bevans, D. Knezovich, R. Frost M. Golitko. EJ Row One J Swoger J Mason M Sethman C Kck J Passo J Stepanik P Gilly Row wo M Bodnor G Sosnak D Zuckowski K Golensky G Hardoby A Lucia B Kuhl M E Kostelnlk S Palornbo E Karolewics Row Three J Santo B Zirkle L Kirk N Durdines M Ward M E Matyi Russell Rush Miss Pe per Row Four Grachen G Sanigo J Kopf B Copeland T Matty B Walters l Skelton T Slfiick B Matty J Skelton Row One N Coking H Ball R Smith W Topper G Kovach T Zangla Row Two B Smith D Burger M K Sabo C Huba J Kegel J Pagoc K Drodowski S Robison K Gugar J Yager P t Cair Row hree A Pamo Gif n Beatty K Laskody L Nelan M Korbini N Ko ka D. Rainey C. Smith L. Stotka S. Cole Mr Barnhart. Row Four: R. Beatty K. Gorby D Fazekas E. Crevdo D. Mellow F. Wells W. Vance G. Morosky A. Ballash J. Riccuity W. Swartz M Parmentier. Row One: R. Zemba, J. Mucho, P. Kolesar, A Griffin, P. Wargo, R. Shimko, G. DeAngelo, T Pagac, B. Hoover, J. Fowler. Row Two: J. Mur- incsak, G. Peterfield, A. Lynch, M. Nicholls, K Belovich, S. Logan, D. Eyerly, J. Fulmer, J. Boka Mr.Conoway. Row Three: R. Gillis, S. Olsen, R Andolsek, P. Ramsey, F. Kurtz, T. Clemrner, F Kurtz, G. Ball, T. Rafferty, B. Holt, T. Nizich, J Patterson. .- 'Er-1'9" '11 ,A y'q 1 ' W "Ti I 3 ' I .I ' -1 v Q--f --f ' I fx I 1' 1 J 'b , Q X 3 Qm1,g,2,3, --xr gk' -' X mf, 6 r , :V i X 1 N I " .L ,, .Av ' fi .wi 'Q' , . N , mf . - , , 4 g 5 . 5, -.iss . wif "' A QQ. ,av The Centinel is published once a month to bring to the students of Centerville current events concern- ing its students and faculty. The main objective of the newspaper is to bring before the student body of our school feature articles of in- terest regarding community and school activitiesg unusual material as a result of student experiments within the various departments of the schoolg and editorial comments regarding controversial questions - in other words, to make the Centinel a medium of expression for all activities ot the school. The Centinel is not out to make any more than enough money each year to send two representatives to the Summer Journalism Clinic spon- sored by the Pennsylvania State University. lt is interested in serv- ing the school and community in any way possible. STUDENT CONGRESS The Student Congress con- sists ot the president of each club and homeroom. This year, as in the past, the Student Congress held their annual Thanksgiving Food Drive and Christmas Toy Drive. They were also in charge of a talent show in which the proceeds were used to buy a water cool- er. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS The cameraman turns his attention to room lO7, the li- brary, where he spies Mrs. Simms and her assistants who do a wonderful job in caring for our books, magazines and newspapers along with super- vising our selection of books. Shown seated near the window are, Patsy Bush, Pete Ramsey, Barbara Kuhl, Sandy Robinson, Pat Kolesar and Charlotte Jane Philip. At the second table, lris Sarkett, Jeanie Weaver, Karen Tilton, Cheryl Bartus, Kathy Butterfield, and Eloise Scott. Standing, Mrs, Simms, Librarian, Nancy Kuhl, Lavada Wells, and Sam Ansell. FORENSIC lt was quite an honor for the Forensic Club to receive the award as the leading Chap- ter in Western Pennsylvania. Shown here is Dick Dugan receiving the award from Mr. Bruno Jacobs, Looking on are Mr. Harris, Mr. Pergola, Miss Pepper, coach, and Miss Chan- ning. 447' 41" JUNIOR HIGH MATH CLUB The Junior High Math Club was organized for students who showed on active interest in Math. The activities of the Club consisted of logic and spatial reasoning, the drawing Of geometrical designs, short cuts in multiplication and re- creational math, ALPHA BETA MU The purpose of Alpha Beta Mu is to stimulate interest in all phases of mathematics. Any student having taken one year of higher moth and starting a second year is eligi- ble for membership. The board of discussion, lfour members elected by the club members? present the problems of the various stu- dents for discussion at the regular monthly meeting. As a special project the members are selling pencils to pay for a Chinese mathemati- cal game of skill called Nims. FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA The Future Nurses Club is composed of the girls who are planning to enter the field of nursing after graduation. The purpose of this club is to ac- quaint the girls with the arts of medicine, One of our projects this year was a bake sale. From the proceeds the club is planning to buy pens for the senior members. Pat Magayna 1.49 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA The Future Teachers Club is made up of students inter- ested in teaching as a career. The sponsor helps the student select a college which will best quality him for the department in which he is interested. The members of this club include, seated from left to right: Linda Zec, Henrietta Pawlak, Miss Channing, Jane Pepper, Shirley Gregory. Stand- ing Norrna Koval, Loretta Karolewics, Bob Ruday, Bonnie Shutsy, Kathy Kegal. F.B.L.A. The Future Business Leaders of Amer- ica is a newly organized club including all students who are planning to enter the business world when they graduate. The club holds meetings twice a month, and has various social functions. The officers for the i957-58 term were Pres- ident, Emily Ciervo, Vice-President, Mar- garet Shumar, Secretary, Betty Kovachg Treasurer, Liz Neale, Reporter, Betty Mahaffey. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA luv First Row: Charlotte Vrabel, Arlene Nelan, Janice Moon, Gerry Zukauckas, Thelma Dean, Irene Murinsak, Norma Koval. Second Row: Roseann Karpiak, Mary Bolog, Bertha Ward, Janet Caputo, Lorraine Solak, Diane Friend. BIOLOGY - SCIENCE CLUB First Row: Jackie Ruday, J. Mucho, M. Kostelnik, E. Karo- lewics, J. Fowler, M. Matty. Second Row: Virginia Kveder Mary Jane Moon, Arlene Kinder, Toni Viola, Linda Raytek Pat Stetko, Mrs. Ammon. Third Row: Eloise Scott, Darler Lazosky, Margaret Koval, Judy Wargo, Andrea Bielek, Marg aret Murinczak, Carol Kolesar. Seated: Linda Hootman, Roberta Smouse, Shir Iey Habaly, John Kovach, Nancy Rafferty, Rose De Fabba, Pat Magayna. Standing: Mr. Hawk ins, Emerson Bane, Bob Keffer, Milton Zec Charles Scott, Ed Hoover, Lawrence Hill, Mr, Sedory. THE SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club consists of students who have an inter- est in the Spanish language. The main object of this club is to promote Spanish customs and to create a more active in- terest in the Spanish language. Students of Spanish l and ll are eligible for membership of this club. THE INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB With the aid of Mr. Gen- naula and Mr. Sterback and the Industrial Arts Club all the furniture and equipment in the school is in top notch shape. In his spare time each individual made a project of his own choice. .0106 RA? HJ. Our camera man catches the band is it provides all the music for the annual May Day festivities. MAJORETTES Head, Ruthie Stevens, Kathy Bozik, Ethel Hanuscin, Joan Pinkosky, Mary Ann Ballash, Kathy Kegel, Gloria Peters, Shirley Gregory, Betty Roberts, Carol Neale, Helen Ranci- dori, Shirley Nomolik. 6 Mr. Joseph Behr, Director. 47 Q., . A Q' fsif I HEEN 3-1 -kr i. NN E Sri QQ Y Q, A-QQ -ew! H 1 f 1: uf.. "' M" " AZ V . - A '17 4 1 . ' - 2' - ge, M v f ff : J? , 2 I , . , ,,xVf , f 7 I X Q' AA A' f f fb fm W X' 7 X 'Y "" . 'J A , . :K 5 5 ii'pm4,,,Eg'f? L M - gg if .4 -. ' -9 5 V' J ' ' 2 ' .0 'lf' y M V W air? 'wi-0w,.-, ,f If N ' I Y k :ll A sr K 1 4' A .Y M JL Flag I V T ,L K-paw gg , ,, 'Q if AQ -J'-, ...........,.... + vw' -1-ha w .W im'f fra ' a 15 X . is if ' 5 -L ,f n 'K 44' Xa ,As ,., 1 . -A . ,W .M I , i 'l I-I 1 r ll Q 4 M15 'V ' ' 1. fx ' gf f ' 3' ,4 A df, X 5 ' ,, . I s V H 'wx I , A if I ,f X ' 1 if Sgi A'A' 1 A J f ,, f - ' V- ' . T'.f'l'1'f'1 ' ' f 1' if I W' 1. .4 , K., ..' . f' ,-qnx r - g? ' , f 55 A ' 4 2 1 M Q- ' ,Qbggsfbf -.- .ap-My : ' QM? A fx xV:,?i W '01 ,' 4 'Q Jw A- f , Y 5, z in ',??:A 1 1, .,Q. if . - , 11,1 fn.-,.l JL" ", - "' " A "W 'V' I 'K ,gg , A ' 7 3 ft, sv U . 'F if ' W LQ'-mug s 'CL A ' ' nr' .. , 'fi 7 5 , 4,7125 Z .f , gr- 5 5' 1 ' A ab V 1. alt 5 , - gig . . L f I , y A' . p X gf L wf'f 2 , f .4 V . ,V V -v-- eg -I V, ,. - 1 ,, K Q, QQ Y 7 2 i L4 I ml Q . Q - "" "M - ...M m ' 1 nf' f an " vi bw fs, m ,,, ,:x , ' f f g ', pf 1 1 ' ..... .........,, 'Q A Jwxfii hy!! 'g " '57 . ,f xr! f L R Iv . 'H ' 1-. ' 'A ' , N L :,,, 1 1 hA , QY ' V rn- A V '-" -Q V Q V' Y 1 ' I --vi 4 2 ,, H N- Q- :FF gz.-1 - s'.65' ' ' ' b-A.. 2 V " i E I 5"ar'lP2fg'5M ef? ,E f ""'4'- , .sw ,N ,, Jw ,gg Q . A 93 5"'4:,' K 'MU' '11 ,A fi - 1 1. Q 1 A . ' 25 K A A K I A K - ff J! , V L wig' VV k,m, Q V4 F A l K A Zi' LW' M M I gkgfj y, ' ., 4' Q .,. A 1 an fa' ,W,,r44.,, ,1i.4,,BW 4W ,,.f ?Ag,g,fg WA ,. 4 . -sa , 1 Y "air wif , J K ' 1 W figsf' f 'vgiw V - e if f .f'w4 025, ii . 1 ,af i fiffiilzw JA, 5. K - , ex iff, V Vn'egp.if,,: f ' ' , ' QIWQ'-div X H 1' v ff ' , ,4 524' My V , , 132 , A A A -vi.,,,4 . , -4 , Q H if 4 ,f ,- 'X - 2 V, f ""Wi:a1s.45..., '-Ty i M, 0 lp' Q' Z Q V - X 'faf"fffQ. 4 13 5 xv ,, 'Zigi l , . A 'Y ' gy- I " 4 A . Nuff ,Q ! . Ei' Lg 1 B34 ng RIFLE CLUB Channel 58's own "Have Gun Will Travel" teaches their members respect and care of their rifles. Q PHOTO CLUB Our future flashbulb poppers of Amer- ica are found in this organization. The members are taught how to take good photos and the proper operations of different cameras. Clubs CHORUS This year the Centerville High Chorus didn't have too many opportunities to show their musical ability, but the few performances they gave were well done and appreciated. --U ll Ill ll lll'l Ill ll 65' AUTO CLUB Channel 58's version of "Highway Patrol," the Auto Club, learns how to clean, handle, and service their autos. JUNIOR HIGH ART Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci have nothing on our art club members. These proud followers of the paint brush and clay pot are all ready expressing interest in the artistic side of life. JUNIOR HIGH SCIENCE Our chemical crazy ,characters have a terrific time playing the parts of "Dr. Jekyll" and "Mr, Hyde" while exploring the realms of chemistry and biology. CONSERVATION Tree, bird, fish, soil, insect lovers can be easily found in this organization studying the new and better ways to preserve our natural resources and wild life. GEOGRAPHY Channel 58's own continent hoppers from "Wide, Wide World," seem to have a great deal of interest in the other con- tinents and people of the world. May Day Coronatlon ln May of l958 our Channel 58 cameras puck up the Moy Day Coronatlon of Centerville Prunce Charmlng Bernard Ryrnarclfmyk son of Mr and Mrs Nuczholas Rymarchyk of Low Hull crowns the May Queen Ellzabetlfm Neale daughter of Mr and Mrs Ed Neale of Low Hall Luz and Bernard were Chosen on the basis of looks and personality by the members of the Sensor Class 52 C I , , X , , , 'sim , A 4? Y , f lf r r. V , . I I I ' ' I I I ' ' The honor guord ond Moy Court preporing to escort the Queen ond Prince Charming to the throne. Following the honor guord ond Moy Court is the Queen ond Prince Chorming preceded by the crown bearer ond the flower girl. 53 The Crowning ft , .. N , The honor guord stonds ot ottention os the Queen ond her escort opprooch the throne. YJ The procession ends os the Queen ond Prince Charming reoch the throne. The big moment orrives when the crown is ploced on the Queen's heod by Prince Charming. 54 iii' at he he ueen And Her Court Our camera now catches the May Queen and Prince Charming as they pose for the photographer with the Crown Bearer, Walter Dryburg, Jr, and the Flower Girl, Jeanette Harris. Walter, better known as "Buddy" is the son of Mr, and Mrs. Walter Dry- burg, Sr. of Malden. Jeannette is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Harris. The ueen's Court The Court includes, on the Left, Top Row: Jock Brubaker, Margaret Shumar, Bob Zirkle, Helene Sosnak, Charles Greskovich, Carol Neale, Roy Baumgardner, Faye Gaydos, On the Right, Top Row: Henrietta Balconoff, Joe Kolesar, Di- ana Charielle, Wayne Siarnicki, Mary Ann Pus- check, Eugene Orlandi, Vivian Davis, and Torn Sharkady. Center: Liz Neale, Bernard Rymarc- zyk, Walter Dryburg and Jeanette Harris. Ma Pole Dance f Shown here ore the Junior girls performing the onnuol Moypole Donce in honor of the queen ond her court. My The ninth grode girls donce while the high school bond ploys Allegheny Moon. The Junior high pom-pom girls ond the mojorette club, led by Lois Illor, go through their routines for the Moy Day audience. The Majorettes The high school mojoretfes, led by Ruth Ann Stevens hod ci special routine for the Moy Doy celebration. 57 P ramids The tumbling team, composed of seventh grade girls and led by Mrs. Downs, form a pyramid to climax their performance. Square Dance The Centerville American Legion presented ten awards to students for various achieve- ments in 1958. For their part of the pro- gram, the Sophomore girls do a square dance as the crowd' looks on. Special Honor Channel Commencement 1958 Our camera man now catches the story of the last Grad- uation exercises to be held at Centerville High School. As the exercises get underway our reporter, Mr. Harris, Principal of the School, welcomes the Class of l958. JU As the camera man picked up this picture he really found a very sad group. The day we awaited was finally here, but we were not as happy as we pretended to be at practice. Af! , A M ,wwf V H 'fum I 4 2, . A ,,, I V , M V Our camera man turns his attention to the Class of i958 and the largest audience ever to assemble in the High School Auditorium. Our camera is turned toward Mary Ann Ballash, highest stu- dent in the class, as she de- livers her Farewell Address to the members of her class, their parents, and their guests. Shown here is the Class of l958 as they listened atten- tively to the speakers of the evening. The principle speakers ofthe evening were left to right Father Szarnicki Pastor of St Agnes Church Richeyville Mr Kravetz president ofthe Board of Education, Mary Ann Bal- lash, and Charles Scott, first and second honor students respectively, Mr. Williams, principle speaker of the even- ing, and Mr. Harshman, Super- vising Principal ofthe Borough Schools. Fi! v, -gggw - ,pg xl 1 1? V The band strikes up the Alma Mater as the Class of i958 joins with former grGd- uates in singing "HaiI to thee dear Alma Mater." Mr. Evans, our photogra- pher, caught this scene as Miss Wiegel, Miss Pepper, Mrs. Top- per, and Miss Dryburg present- ed each graduate with the "Class Flower" a pink rose. Miss Dryburg is pinning a rose on Erma Jean Gordon, a home- bound student, who was tutor- ed by her. -fr' ,, 'J A J Q it "M" t H' a t ,V,,. : gf! -,W Tig ia in gm K5 i M K' wt 'Y Mr. Harris presents the class, as Mr. Harshman presents the long awaited for diploma to Pat Magayna, member of the class of 1958, The Recessional This was one of the tough- est shots the camera man had to make. This photo shows the first members of the class as they left the Auditorium for the last time in their High School Career. The audience stand as the class continues to file out. The camera catches the last of the graduates as they depart. The last of the graduation exercises at Centerville are over. Shurley Habaly Yea rbook Edltor Mary Ann Ballash D A R Award Hlghest Honors Class of 58 Charles Scott Second Hnghest Honors Class of 58 Karen Blalr Jr Chamber of Commerce Award Honors 64 Both Karen and Kathy were chosen by the Jr Chamber of Commerce to represent Centervllle IH the All Star lette Show to be held between halves ofthe All Star football game In Turtle Creek In August Kathy Bozlck Jr Chamber of Commerce Award E .df QAM C is ,Xxx Q C Les Gwyn Yearbook Asslsfont 495 Duane Friend Cool Queen Condudote Bonnie Tate Amencon Legion Scho'orshnp Penn Commercial Joseph Kolesar All Stote Bond Kathy Kegel Forensic Scholorshnp Rlpon College Betty Kovoch Third Place Wlnner an Shorthand Regnonol Contest x fl, , ,AS 4 K ll to I", ? C Al K, to I . . 4 . , The entrance of Lucy Lee, Helene Sosnak, from the South. Sandy Superak gives Ed lessons. unior Play Our play, "Her Kissin' Cousin," was a delightful comedy involving the lives of several Northern teen- agers. Their world is suddenly turn- ed upside down when Miss Lucy Lee Saunders arrives from the South, and tries to make "time" with all the boys. It is then that Jenni Desmond decides that Tom Jackson a shy homely boy, is for her. With the help of Molly and Jodie, Jenni does her best to make Tom into Lucy Lee's type of boy. As the play ends Jenni's plot is a success and everyone gets back together as Lucy Lee leaves for South Caro- lina with her fiance, Randolph Fitzhugh. Her Kissin' Cousin Bob Zirkle gets the ox, Jock Edwards looks Joan Pinkosky and Harry Novak watch Ed Molinzak falls hard. Judy Detrick lends a helping on from behind. The Cost. ,F WY, gg? 4 ni xmgglv. 0 E 1 W f Q5f'3'4fg3 5 Q . . A. ,f ,f 4, ,, ,L f , 4 'W , f V Ev ? 1 Q Lffw, Q ' af ,him Svc I . n45.5'54 A S 3, 4 1' ! 1 N daifl Y , pon 5. , M , - Lf' -in M' -'T I-M4 4. -V-... . ' a his vig' xv M .- Cf' .2 Coaches vs 7' Semor Gndders Leon Pagac Co-Captain This year's football squad compiled a very good league record of four wins and one loss. Although the team was inexperienced it remained in the run- ning for a Western Pennsylvania Inter- scholastic League playoff berth until the final game of the season. This game was lost to Bethlehem Joint by the narrow score of six to nothing. Congratulations are in order to this fine group of boys and their coaches, Mr. Wolsoky and Mr. Daley. -N. 1 l " EX ll' wg 'l'- if "mLXw...- og Paul Stipkovich Co-Captain l'Qsi'2t Edward Wozolek Harry Franks 'Qi' Louis Dorazio M 'Y F X 1 x, .mf is, 'ff 4 L! 9 '- , J 43' .- X 15, .- wi xQ?3 1 , , S C - gg I Q if. 1 I " 5' 3 9 se 'Q 727- F N1 ,,- fa I X 5 pf Q F ,N-4 .mn -.R g F- Vars1ty Cheerleaders fg -4 W-f ke XXV Pep Club The Pep Club is the cheering organ- ization of our school. lt stands be- hind the football and basketball teams, regardless, if they are at the top or at the bottom. The varsity cheerleaders are the leaders of the Pep Club and work hard in bringing out the "school spirit." unior Varsity Cheerleaders Michelle l-launcher, Brenda Gill, Faith Men- gske, Joyce Knicely, Linda Gill, Barbara Las- kody. unior High Cheerleaders Barbara George, Dorothy Kuty, Faye Gaydos Cecelia Nagg, Fran Kanalis,.Henrietta Barger 'P 1 W ' I X A f Q ' 1-. 2 Q, gf-2,gfEf S-,Q N ' 43 :fn 5 T 2 'YQ '4'Sif""M1 ' fa?" V, - W'vV f ' serif,-,, ff? Km K ij Q 8-6 1213-V ,gi M " ' "" ,Y 'M f . H.'fi.gf4W e x "f f ? -4 ,l 7' W 9 in if "' Rig.. Z , ff 4 ' 7416 1 xy' I Q N ,A "nz, 4 I ??fQ-tr ' f M Af Q'Luo-A N AQ ' 4,1 - X 4 42 974 'A ' 1' I 5 ' vs' Tata , "nn, U- N Q gifrfv-'f'i??3 x K I ,V S235 A6 Q 1 gi gf A , it ,Q 1 4 Pi ? Ae MXL , , , . R Y il' gtk? ' M. .f 'af J' Q 1G"M,,, ' -N F 'Wi iff Q' -uv, ,M fp 1 r , , FU , ! .. 1.313 i ' f" 3. 1 f ' 2 f. pg 5 - Tffg . ' ' ':. PM tk mg-... ,X.w's5 4 1 V AQ' Q A' gn.: 34, V? 5 .Eg if -'ff 3 i 4 fm X- E1 Track irst Row: J. Passo, G. Deitrick, V, Ballosh, . Bollo, D, Porterfield, N. Rymarchyk, T mcheck, R, Stitchick, R. Durdines, W. Za- k, J. Jollick. Second Row: Mr. Daley, L Ord, J. Zirkle, T. Yablonsky, R, Rhome, R opf, B. Watkins, R. Condit, J. Kime, P tipkovich, A. Paci, Third Row: J. Schwol n, M. Mohoffey, M, Kanolis, J. Raytek, M oska, R. Shashura, D. Palma, F. Torrorick, . Logan, R. Ruday, C. Roger. Golf Left to Right: Mr. Tworzydlo, D. Balla, C. Greskovich, R. Durdines, J. Kolesar, B. Dur- dines, J. Balla, J. Brado, M. Peltz. The golf team earned the right to participate in the W. P. l. A. L. Cham- pionship games by winning their sec- tion crown. Their only league loss was to Baldwin. They lost to Penn Hills in the championship playoffs. r. Hi gh Football The "Little Wildcats" finished one of their most successful seasons with four wins and a O-O tie with the section champs, Waynesburg. They were coached by Mr. Sonson and Mr. Sapko. 73 Snaps Wanting for theur turn Junnor Hugh Bond Concert Favorlte pastime The SIWIYIYVTS SIHQ Erma bemg crowned at the prom The queen gets her regal bouquet A real gab session Real energetic 7 These scenes from around the school bring back many memorles some good and some bad Hom 55 61 41 55 53 72 55 58 76 58 36 Malinzok Redstone Brownsville German Peters Redstone Midway Brownsville St. Johns All Saints St. Johns 'Jefferson SENIOR Visitors 54 43 50 43 49 52 53 57 38 43 3 1 yy 3 Detrick J 1 COACH ES Basketball Left to Right: Bob Zirkle, Jim Zirkle, Charles Greskovich, Alfred Riccuiti, Bill Monroe, Melvin Domko, Bob Broda, Eddie Pavlak, Jack Pep- per, Charles Henck, Bill Motto, Chris Rafferty. Mr. Conowoy, Mr. Sonson. In 1958 the Centerville High School Varsity Basketball team en- joyed a mediocre season. The boys played hard but what they lacked was experience. Home Visitors 59 'Mapletown 29 53 'Beth Joint 65 55 'Bentleyville 53 88 'West Beth 39 60 'Ellsworth 69 70 'Jefferson 29 51 'Mapletown 53 46 'Beth Joint 63 95 'West Beth 42 62 'Ellsworth 66 41 'Bentleyville 29 'League Games l SENIOR BH' MONO Ed. Pavlok D A 1 Q 0 QQ wg 5 M 56 Xvgyfww Wjwb Q A is JWQM Q! jWb wQMfw,Lwv Liv xxggil H 3,593 w V WM 'SN E12 my yi M fix 2 mg Tig Mg'3fy4iiJL ff' QQ Xe MM 41 Q M42 45535 w iw' if QVM if R 'H' be + My X E-Cc . g L5 0 r S fy My M 2 DQx0Y'iS Gakjdos ' . 4, 6 T 5 K7 NJ? Ab .1 Q Q' V Q A , A f M5 V 4, 1 A Vw i f fluff S M ' V 1 L .N , ,gl Y f- W Y Y I U n 'NP , , R C f' 'IW U! PK Y fn ., WO - X , , bg' D xxx if cg el' f 1 Nffp fb ' W" 7 q X- N 7a.iw"' x X ' v 4, , . H 1" ., ' W ' t ' , Q33 -, X, I W fx I -A xxj V U ly rw A n K I u I V X. QAJN N- ? oocH.E5"CApu1'o xx. f W CMU: A511145 Kctlry YN ot www f6fxf7f Wm The Good Old Days 1 Bwjvxaiin f., !'5K 2' Rose B F xoxoo Leif, Nwh c. KulcSaV 'I M4 M' My an' R u-Hx Ann Ne vtng Jueqhd S SKCHOU xfilm . Kqvcn bla mY X-Xenngii-q Niauxhogs- mar -:HCT 5Yn.uY'sQY 77 4019 W if fa -15 ,Jeanna C Covdon X J, ii. ,I Sqhlxa kkiosko BCQHN5 Tanner 1 4.35 -.. k'.f-My ' ff swag E-s-Md H museum Chuck 'See-5-N 'dl oil' Lt5Q.N-40 QE ,555 Fo5bTT4- Harvey 78 ?""fvV r E1 kg. ,K 1 - V - fx V , Q K ,W , , 6-Nur LCC 35' NHXQCNCY Ednu Q XM5 Sam msc YJQN43 Kevueh Joann Q0 QC Bal hm Lui: S VA, leTTA Bmff lo Q ole Bomb QQQKQV Li 79 B X- TT'Xm+u'5l-'j Iyene. Kv :dev All mu Qgmnnm 5h.Jer A.. QQK Lmda Lu.+':s JqC':VJcXK 6351 ww-Q-..,,,K 1 if my fda v GQ Q "f ' in-Q ff f f f 'i'2',1g ' f IQ: Harb Alifosfivlh li' M 'f Emahj SCWO 80 A J? til U wma Kxndex' x'NXY!C X X-XCnYxc+4x'Q 54921 in-:qs B X9 T wax KLX -j Qvvxn 600 'Vd Jcxne V Y cvncud Rkjmavclkj K Uovmo Kovo.X Pod' MQQILQQQ 81 Commercials A Last, but by no means least, our camera turns to the scene in the concession room at noon. Here we patronize a few of our many sponsors. If you want the best in milk, chips, candy or pop, the line forms on the right at the end of the hall. We wish to take this opportunity to thank all those merchants and individuals who did so much in helping us to complete this, the last, Cehiscan CCenterville High School Annuall 82 sb ot the DE SOTO AND PLYMOUTH 93 Mom Street West Brownsvnlle Pennsylvomo Phones f 9 I I ST 5 5861 Mom Goroge ST 5 6578 Used Cors pl mmm, I 83 J I In - . g ,, I ' Jkt 4?- CFINSI-ll fillet? GALLATIN NATIONAL BANK Servnng South Western Pennsytvonuo Snnce I896 Ilcmluz fcdcf fi Dcfmfzt Izmmzmc C fnfmz Iflllll Bw! II Alva: FIRST NATIONAL BANK BrownsvlIIe Pennsylvonno Mwzilur fcdcrzl lhjmszt 1115111 zmc Cmpor 111011 NATIONAL STORES HONUS WAGNER Everything For The Outdoorsmon Work Clothes Shoes Sportsweor Compung Equsprnent 45 48 W Chestnut Street Woshungton PennsyIvonIo Phone Woshungton 2995 John Moresch Chorles Gennuolo D Id S ono op Joseph D Pergolo OIon Sterbock Jomes Howklns Andrew Ruschok Phyllrs Roseberr Wretho Snmms Mrs Mrs on on on on on on Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs John I-Iodlnko Melvnn Kepler Joseph Hoboly Mox Mogoyno Sr Cormune Clervo Alllson Rofferty Mass Esther Moyton Buddy Dryburg J x I A I I Mr. i Mr. Mr. ko M . , SPORTING GOODS I r. Mr. . ' y ' Mfr' d I ' Mr. d . ' ' Mr. d . . , ' ' Mr. d . , Mr. d . ' ' - . Mr. d . ' I ' A , r. I Q4 Class Rings Trophies Commencement Medals Invitations Annuals DON ENEIX Union Trust Building Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Personal Cards Band Uniforms H095 Caps and Gowns For Complete Business Training A T T E N D PENN COMMERCIAL George Washington Hotel Building Write: Box 225 Washington, Pennsylvania Phone: 4220-J Compliments NEW CLUB BOWLING ALLEY Market Street Brownsville Pennsylvania Grover Ferguson Jr Proprietor Compliments GENOVESE VENDING CO California Pennsylvania 'gewffd My www To keep the story of your wedding day in pictures that will always be a treasure and a tribute to your loveliness ca a skilled photographer to record the beauty of the day as only a professional craftsman can EVANS STUDIO 90 N Main Street Washington Pennsylvania Phone Bal 5 6060 We wish to extend our sincere thanks to the merchants and persons who aided us in WORKING HARD? -'mai the Complehon of the l958 Cehlscon Mr Harris and Miss Mayton take care of THE STAFF the money for the clubs of of ' ' - ll A.. Q . ' 3 I 1 L -t W, r 85 1 CIRCLE Sales and Servnce TV and Appliance Brownsville Pennsvlvanla Phone STate 5 7300 Compluments LUZIER LAWN MOWER Sales and Service Rgufe Rlcheyvllle Pennsylvanla Phone Centervulle 83 Compllments BLUE DIAMOND GRILL Rlcheyvllle Pennsylvanla Frances 81 Frank Pagac Propnetorc WYELS MARKET Grocerles Meats Frults Phone 903l Beallsvllle Pennsylvanra MC DANIEL TIRE SERVICE Tur Repair and Recap Servlce Route 40 Beallsvllle Pennsylxanla Phone Beallsvllle 25 Studebaker Packard Sales and Servnce JOHN KUDAS AND SONS Tnre Recapprng and Vulcanlzung Cult Gasoline and Ouls 305 Mann Street Phone 9 l92l Bentleyvllle Pennsyl anna in Cornplnrnents BROWNSVILLE HARDWARE Under the Bndge Phone ST 5 400 Complrments FIDDLES CONFECTIONERY Under the Bridge B ownsvulle Pennslyvanla SPRINGER S Wallpaper Paunts Venetlan Bllnds Water Street Brownsvllle Pennsylvania YENKOS CENTRAL GARAGE Chevrolet Cars and Trucks General Electnc Appliances Bentleyvnlle Pennsylvania F l of A 40 ' ' , ' I 1 of 1 , G , . . 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Suggestions in the Centerville High School - Cehiscan Yearbook (West Brownsville, PA) collection:

Centerville High School - Cehiscan Yearbook (West Brownsville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


Centerville High School - Cehiscan Yearbook (West Brownsville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Centerville High School - Cehiscan Yearbook (West Brownsville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Centerville High School - Cehiscan Yearbook (West Brownsville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Centerville High School - Cehiscan Yearbook (West Brownsville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Centerville High School - Cehiscan Yearbook (West Brownsville, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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