Centenary College of Louisiana - Yoncopin Yearbook (Shreveport, LA)

 - Class of 1928

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Centenary College of Louisiana - Yoncopin Yearbook (Shreveport, LA) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Page 114 of 312
Page 114 of 312

Centenary College of Louisiana - Yoncopin Yearbook (Shreveport, LA) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Page 113
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Centenary College of Louisiana - Yoncopin Yearbook (Shreveport, LA) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Page 115
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Page 114 text:

THE CONGLOMERATE 0©F -IIG JD- -isjs TOM BRIDGES Editor The Conglomerate has served well its purpose this year in chronicling for the students the happenings of their own campus as well as those of other colleges. It has sought untiringly to be a true mirror of the college life, not to blur nor distort the picture. Many are the happy memories that in the future will be called up by the perusal of the issues of this college weekly. No previous year has seen a more excellent Conglomerate than the past session. ' ■-■.■-•■ Kincaid, Kagy, Holmes, Smith, Covington Fullilove, Arnett, Huff, Drummond, Odorn

Page 113 text:

©hf (gjcmjglommife Shreveport, Louisiana, March 10, 1928 UNUSUAL CHAPEL TALK IS DELIVERED NOTED LECTURER TALKS ON UNUSUAL SUBJECT — " THE PATH TO SUCCESS " SEVERAL STUDENTS WEEP DEMAND FOR SEATS FOR NEXT ADDRESS IS GREATER THAN SEATING CAPACITY Professor ] M Eye of the Coi iiuive Department delivered an a d.ess on " The Path to Success " h fore the entire student body on On day of las " week. The talk was an i apirational address and hrought len to the eyes of many of the studen The demand for seats at the ne speech is already so great that L seating capacity of the chapel v. fill ; the tin? of the intere=lir things thai Mr. Eye included in h uclTre " He said, " I am glud to ha ' the privilege of addressing a collet student bo.ly There is such a bea of intellectuality in vour shingii beautiful MISSIONARY GROUP IS ORGANIZED CAMPUSBOASTS NEW FRATERNITY Miss Kimball Sponsors Stigma Peu Fraternity New Mission Organization Announces Its Founding The Tuesday Afternoon Mission Group was organized Tuesday in the studio of Miss Mary Jewel Kimbcll in the Woman ' s Building- Each mem- ber had to be the holder of some dis- linguMiable honor before he was de- clared eligible for membership. A number ' signed up. The president is Mr. Jake Hanna. Mr Hanna is renown as a dramatic favorite He is very talented in the art of making exceptional .scholastic Miss Marjorie Palmer was elected secretary. She is one of those sweet young girls who. " loves them all. " No vice president was selected, but it was understood that Mr. Mercer Tinnelle will act in the absence of I Mr. Hanna. Mr. Tinellc is putting I ' iiflfiwh a hard fight. j l ' h for their missionary discussions, M Vernona Hendriek was accla a member. Flowers that bloo For the handsomest of m .... John Paul Goodwin was selected. You know the deacon is truly thoi answer to a maiden ' s prayer. Mr. Walter Oliver Hardy was cho-| t , ho,,., Nin.l,; as noon in honor of its organ: tie I flic fraternity received the , ■ of the faculty j teem ■■( the Kappa Cli Max TOMORROW ell a The organic fter ich dis I Arthur. k about the skua! being it and geting a men s ome- allc the bunk, IN too h. We commend the M up upon inviting this young ruber; It embership. Louie Jennings v bership upon merit individual talents w iss Eli-.abeth the the ( 5 awarded I re required ty for thelcided that the proposii put before the commiti Campbell gave one " of t passing gradi CONTESTANTS FOR: nstunts, the siUI. with Mister Oduw thcr thei nil tak to otcd nplification of dignity for ' (.d , of his blacltbnll ' ■jup. NO WORRIES LIKE THESE FOR CENTENARY CO-EDS GUESS WHO! The fraternity narkable showinj; ' or the first term hird honor poin 1 I Owing to the fact that there wen !too many entries in the race for lh ' .most pop ular ed and co-ed, these Iwi | Contests have been dropped from tlv ! ballot of the popularity contest to b .held at the next chapel period. The! Ljnost beautiful girl, most hanrfi ' Wqii longc a pink-ide rabit react to a six-colored whiten has fell frum a fut brik wall. All kinds of Htul Idegigs and gadgets with colers on them has to bee studied by dailite and then a fellir doan ' t trit nothen for what he has did. i..,.t ivhltd. The file. etub i np ii s el the faiiilty membu added that he admired the pei wave of one of the professors Mr Eye acknowledged that he used liquid powdei and peach rouge, also. One of the strong parts of the address wj the lively way of describing the beaut which he had discovered in Shreveport. Fortunately. Leon Scale, did not take him on the alley that is the short-cut toward town. -Professor Eye closed his talk by exhorting the students to hard w.trk their closed with the student body. There is such a ray success lies open before you. If you will be good boys and girls in col- lege, you will succeed as I have done in life " And then he quoted a poem. WARNING AGAINST SOME FAIR GO-ED GIVEN EO Jne of the young gentle n ' itenary has received a v. ritten ips of the eamptia. She hi public that she has neve she s Charlie Smith will i fall. Mr. Smith has pledges to keep g . : be he i ROSES OF PICAROY what the Shreve ARE lit BLOOM AGAIN • r ; ' »vr stung by repeated refusals of their scorts to pay dinner or soda cheeks nd theatre bill ' , have formed a club nd sworn by all the eternal Go Is that henceforth they will not open their pockelbooks when out with col- lege men. The movement for financial equal- ity has steadily gained strength en the Mornmgside campus for the past two years and in certain circles the ' Dut-.h " system is the rule- " We just had to rebel some time, " aid Miss Bettie Fell, president oflUhe u yet unnamed revolutionary order. ' How can a poor college girl on an allowance be expected to pay? When love was willing to make any sacri- fice, but nowadays they talk about economic independence and the right to vote. Now I ask. what has that to do with who shall pay for □ hot fudge But the men of the university fcefh not in the least perturbed. They qunte the wheeze about the number of fish in the ocean and continue to economize on their dates. I Engli, P. T., whnte pledge ' s a He did pa: The fraternity will be local 2829 Centenary Bully vard. II vate bar will not be opened after the open house. Stigm requests that we announce tr refreshments will be served Another Abie age i Abie Goldberg, business ma for " The Conglomerate " is m himself quite a name in the MunJ pal Basketball Association Tie h ied hir ;elf a . Joui Katie of I bt Much to the students of the local iosti are blooming again in Dr. 1. Majzlish. head of department, is again wea the flower brings tender Mrs. Maizlish, nee Yeita linsky, to many of her former u U pil». Mrs. ' Maizlish has been gri i jQ«: . .1 while she has been away | .ifaatpg her c tudiea in mathematics he physics at Seeing ]f the Novice league, by feating Draughon ' s. 34 to 11. " Speedy " Goldberg was, as usual hero of the Hebrew attack, looped six from play and three the i Rut after we wrote this article wi found that " Speedy " is not our Abie at all. He is just another Abie. He calls his Ford opportunity, be- Ef yew tak thist hear onglish. frum ,11 round boy. best the rite ' fellir-R deUJ. exampil, lurn why a fellir had not rede the amerik:mi Maga- is frcucht for " common aught ■•I ,,,,- ylooshun and the Bibel. KAPPA CLI MAX PLEDGES TWO SHREVEPORT LASSES « o™ The K appa Cli Max S rity an- nounces with much pic re the pledging of M sses Peggy 01 ver and Florence- Balco m. These :w o young ladies ha re bee n the most sistenly rushed c -eds at Centena v College. Kappa f Max is to be cop tulated round girl, Damon .and Pyth the Pride of Centenary will cided by the ' vote, It has been decided by the judges | l P ul that in judging the beauty award, the v " " following points should be stressed: quietness and dignity, fifty per cent; I estimate of self, twenty per cent., . The Fizicks repartment v popularity, twenty per cent; and cuy how to figger out the looks, ten per cent Those in the ' irrene chease in the muun run-off are Misso Hazel Garrett, j lurn enuf about the temp; Jeanne Rush, and Berlin Barr Missitwean here and thear. B Garrett is a member of the Chi Delta, kin alsew lurn how longe ioioritv. while Miss Rush is a pledge f oar year old man and hi: It tak to ploaw a strip of ground airy ir f the handsomest mrtn " The Conglomerate " gives its sup port to Mr, Roland " Huson. The othci Elmo P. Lee, Jr. of Mansfield. Louisiana, .. and Mr Leonard M. Riggs. Mr. Lee is i of Sigma Phi. while Mr. Hu Kappa Alpha pledge Cub Interviews One Of The Campus Successes My when I heard hii ask who was there, open it. He gave me a — as least he wiggled hi out oy the ed tor to in- one n my mind leans tl|fl ' c . s of every- I did not «T ov er who it hould be, eetl to the door of Mr. Mc Coy and knocked, threi times. must have been beaming d hirr approach the door,-l and was able to gain my e enough to roalce inquiry as ,ne thing he contributed his To my surprise he deigned swer my question, but turn- ed the ruts of the conversation te- nds of coffee. He asked me lisianian the kind of coffee I preferred. Again, I put the question to him concerning the reason for his success. This time he stalled me by asking me what kind of waiters I preferred. I politely said that I preferred college students and again put my question He was dressed in a handsome j to him. dressing gown, light tan with cold This time there was no way to evad metal trimming. He was smoking a i answering me. He broke down am Turkish pipe of some antiquity.. The confessed tjiat his success is " entirely v.iri-colorcd pillows and tapestries due to his pleasing pevtmality: _He had been spread about the day bed suggested that if a straw vote of She .under the directions of the art j gi r i s be taken that he. would bt teacher at Centenary, Miss Gladys j e l ec ted as the moat pleasant profe Butler, who has been interior deco-| s or. He offered to give bis telephone rator of a number of our choice I number so that all girls desiring ar apartments near the campus. interview might be able to get dates ! I was at first dazed by the splendor | with him. For best all round girl Mis e Mae Griggs, Sarah Belle aux, and Mary Bauman are i r tha supporting Miss Bau ipaign manager is Itlis- Amy Belle Schermerhorn. The Gold Dust Twins of the Lamb Theta Chi house, Mr. Tom Bridges id Mr. Arthur Few were deel; e only two contestants for the best I round boy. Professor Piero ine was a candidate, but owing t s advantage as to years, he was disqualified. ?re were many pairs for the Da- nd Pythias race It was finally yew but petater cheps and drmi k Koak- Kota for thre weeks. It is a litel resom to ' lurn awl this as a feller us were ' his kote and a ti ef he mis in the clns. The prefesser be- a vary petikeler pursincg. cided I elir , the i would be among Mr. Leon Scales and Mr. " Papa- Hughes, Mr. Files ' Dutch " Binion and Mr. Clarence ' ■ Jelly ' Davis, and Miss Elizabeth Smith and Miss Pauline Hammond. The greatest of honors would be the ' selection as the Pride of Cente- nary. The three contestants receiv- ing the highest number of votes in the preliminary were Mr. Emory Browne. Miss LiUa Fartheree, and Miss Zenobia " Gertie " Arnett. Mr. Marshall Walker withdrew at. the re- Belwean this hear Mist Wartcrs and ' the Doct. King in the Bilogey sexun yew kin jist lurn how kum that a amceby an a perymeeshyum kint git along keping houst evin ef some won is a payin thy instalmunts on there fumitchure. Ef yew pay ctoast atenshun you kin figger out if you re grandechildrun la a goin to hav red i ' s and grene wings or grene i ' s and red wings. This hear is veri im- portant for every won would luv tew know ef there desundents ar a goin tew bee az purty az them. Perfesser Sea, whicht Ts alsew veri ickeller who kums tew his clas t ch a fellere to resit the grada pagis of thist papur. Probley the best techur hear is a yung feller with a smal red mu stash Jay Hamelten mak Koy— whicht ' teches Spanesh. He is a kat an a veri suxsessful feller, bein at a ten- der age a r.ashunelly noan figger. He feds of off a spechul dite — bein tew gud to ete with komroon fellers and dinin hal waters. quest of Mis wanted to kt Rut) Whitley the honors Ef yew stay 1 (Continued

Page 115 text:

THE CONGLOMERATE STAFF 38SII- -0G £ «- ABIE C. GOLDBERG Manager @fsj EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT Editorial Staff Tom W. Bridges... Editor Emily Dean Odom Editorials Maude Spaulding Associate Editor News Staff Tom M. Drummond.-.-Manageing Editor Jane Fullilove Helen Ensey Julian Covington Landon Yauger Margaret Holmes Miriam Huff Estelleen Kincaid Katheiine Smith Zenobia Arnett Society Ellen Moore Features BUSINESS DEPARTMENT Managerial Staff Abie C. Goldberg... Business Manager Advertising Leonard C. Riggs. Manager Edward Wilkerson Jo Campbell Herman Chapman George Litchfield Circulation Darrell Overdyke Manager Julian M. Bemiss King Wm. Smith Exchanges Chapman, Litchfield, Ensey, Bemis, Riggs Overdyke, King, Wilkerson, Campbell

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