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THE SPIRE Cathedral High School Sioux Falls, South Dakota O FOREWORD This year marked the consecration of our Cathedral In keeping vuth thls event we students of Cathedral Hugh School thought nt fitting for us to reconsecrate our lives to God Mmdful of the words we learned as chlldren Thou shalt love the Lord thy God wlth the love of thy whole heart and thy u hole soul and thy xx hole strength and thy whole mmd we haxe trled IH the followmg pages to show how ln every phase of our lnves there IS opportumty to love Go FH 0 if CONSECRATION ln April there took place a ceremony that is centuries old, the consecration of our Cathedral. This ceremony sealed the building as ever given over to God for His worship. It had a further significance. The service through- out was intended to figure the several steps in building up the Spiritual temple of God in the hearts of His people. Saint Bernard said, in giving a sermon on the Consecration of a Church, VVhat, then, has been done visibly on these walls, the same must we spiritually procure in our souls: and if you yvill know, this is the meaning of the sprink- ling, of the writing. of the lighting up, and of the blessing. These acts has the Bishop performed in this visible house. This, too, Christ, the High Priest of the good things to come, daily works invisibly in us. Prayers said in a consecrated Church have a very special efficacy. ln the years to come we shall often echo the prayer voiced by the Bishop in the liturgy of the consecration, . . . of the greatness of Thy mercy may those who visit this house find peace with plenty, sobriety and moderation, an overhoyving store and compassion . . . may the blessing of Thy presence in this place spread to its uttermost boundaries and pervade its porches on every side, . . . may a gladsome peace, gracious hospitality, a plenteous store, religious reverence, and the abundance of the means of salvation never fail in this place. llhzx 15 none other but the house 0 God and the gale o heazen 3 OUR BISHOP I N Hrs Excellency The lVIost Reverend Wxlllam O Brady D D The Blshop s Throne St Joseph s Cathedral OUR PASTOR fi if in -fig, by Q 9 4: ,-5 sf' E Za E 55435 555115 4. .V f ,en '-X xx R ,MI DEDICATION the world are put To the Cathedral boys mn the Armed Forces who all over th at the servxce of our country, tmg thelr mmds hearts souls and streng we dedxcate thxs 1952 Spare 1 , 'X jdCl4hg 777 ffm 777 .fdugudfm 777 CanJzJa 777 Cam! ffZ3feJ 09 anua fy 26, 1952. IQ Ji Pj 777 Cpafla M E0l'0fA8l4J 3'anci4 wary M gvzgoria War, jo! W7 W7afzAm m Wawkia 777 77.,,ffa Waffe Paul: W Hwafa ' 777 Hzmanw 777 lefeu f ZCAM! Qulefyaln X K 3 Take a letter Mlss Johnson Way ne Kreutzberg Donna Frxessen Lu can Gravett Beverly Wrlch Bob Warner and rm Hunter don t have any cracker barrel to gather 'round, but they prepare for their Monday news quiz just the same. RIGHT 1 There are pocketbooks and pocket books The more common type may be uncommon at CHS but the llterary klnd are found bulging from many a pocket In their Engllsh room anet Barnett and Donna Hunt share a chuckle w1th Chxck Barnett lVIary Edrxch Donna Donahoe and Carmen Bjornstad Steve Anawskl and Bud Vossler are engrossed IH the1r own book 2 CIFCUS clow ns or Wee Wlllle Wmkres b1g sxsters? Its the sewing class who could double for either wlth thelr flannel pajamas and mghtles Mary Ann Futrell Dolores Barrett eanne Ann Brown Yvonne Feeney Kathleen Nlaughton Mary Ann Zimmerman Valetta Miller Margie Lahr Fanette Steele Barbara Brown and Agnes Aunt put the finlshmg touches on thexr w ork JUNIOR CLASSES Precision docs it Bill Kunkel, Con OConnor Bull Vernon Larry Aschoff Tom Halght Bernard Frxessen Joe O Con nell 'Vlnlton Lathrop and Joe Nadeau learn the prmcxples of mechamcal drawmg 1917199 SOPHOMORE CLASSES I. It's a plane. It's a bird. It's an amphibiaf' You're absolutely in- correct. That is an extremely excellent slide of an amoeba, argue Kathryn Kiley, Rollie Wagner, John Burgraff, Jack Sonnenfield, and Karen Mc- lllanus at the back table in the biology laboratory. At the second table having no such difficulties are Margaret Krug, Jerry Skaff, and Mary West. At the first table with Tom Turtle are Mary Alice Smith, Tom Rya.n, Dennis Phelan, and Rich Denevan. 2. Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, and Grieg are new names for many in the music appreciation class. Bob N adeau, Dolores Dohmen, Tommy Anawski, Kitty Lynch, Bud Adams, Bob Crowe, and Carol Ann Kreutzberg find they like them better than Spike Jones. 3. Making good use of their study hall are: first row, Sally Winkel, Patricia Adams, Dale Gillen, and Patty Morgan, second row, Helen Berlin, Darlene Jensen, Georgia Schmidt, Jim Zimmerman, Dick Kogel, and Larry Kloiberg third row, Jean Tupy, Mary Cronk, Teresa Weinacht, Ann Fisher, Rick Larson, lllary Janice Donelan, Jeanette Aurit, and Arnold Schneider. S it Z5 r g - 4 - i - 1. While Jim Murphy indulges in pipe dreams Judy Even, Catherine O'- Connor, Peggy Barnett, Wanda Artz, Delores Tumbleson, John Hoffman, Carol Comstock, Gretchen Kenefick, Joan VVal1ner, Francis Owens, Carl Katzenberger, Pat McGreevy, and Dave Kellen diligently peruse their English books. 2. Dennis Bruggeman, Lorraine Hauk, Jim Paa, Mark Ol- son, Carol Willging, Bob Schulte, Jim Denevan, and Darlene Cook study the intricacies of sound in their general science n, xt V' , X i 11'--rx , , if if t FRESHMAN CLASSES A cathedral of their very own right next door makes studying about medieval cathedrals even more real to the world history class. Comparing the old with the new are: standing, Diary Jo Skaff and hlary Ann Calla- han, first row, Jim Katzenberger, llargaret Chalus, Jim lllurphy, and Rosemary Lucas, second row, James Guenther, Rose Garry, Raymond Heyer, and Barbara Flynn, third row, Nora lNIcCabe and Gretchen Kenefick. X li. xx! FIRST SEMESTER HONOR ROLL A HONOR ROLL Row 1 Margaret Chalus Betty Kmney Elame O Brren Mary Bock Cecelra Klrby Jeanne Ann Ellls Audrey Sollrnger Mary Ann Spethman and Mary Allce O Boyle B Horsok ROLL Row 2 Jeanneane Szczurek Delores Tumbleson Wayne Vander Woude Tom Barron Daryl Natz Chuck ONe1ll and Jerry Francxs ROW 3 Carolyn Bechtold Dorothy Kuemper Gretchen Kenefick Bull Lennon Jerry Wlerenga Pat Rogers Carol Krell Fanette Steele and Shella Kelley Row 4 Beth McGlone Rolene Olson Dave Green Greg Connie Weatherstone and Janet Hemauer Row 5 Norma Jean Exschen Eugema Burgraff Joan Wallner Manlyn Even Kathleen Dougherty Patty Hanley Joyce Nelson Peggy Mor gan Janet Barnett Janet Barron Mary Ann Bakeberg and Clarese Deruytter Row 6 Wanda Artz Kay Hertmg Jacqualyn Steele Marge 'lumbleson Joann Kapaun Dorothy Cool: Momca Sprlggs Marlene Johnson Lu Jean Gravett Donna Prnessen Vlola Mnhm and Mar garet Krug Not plctured Peggy Barnett Patrrck Krnney and Larry Kloxber u . . , . . ' Y Y l Y l . . . . , u 7 1 1 1 I , . ' I I ! I , . . . Y Y I Y Y , 7 ' , l l 7 7 1 '1 1 1 1 1 Naughton, Wlllard Conley, Francis Owens, Tom O'Hare, James Schmrdt, Colleen Conway, l I Y 7 I 1 ' 1 V1 1 1 ' Y 'Y Y 7 I Y Y. ' Y ! l Y . . U 1 i 1 H 1 I 1 . 1 ' . : , , . STUDENTS OF DISTINCTION NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Momca Sprlggs Pete Thraen Mary Bock Daryl Natz Gene Bangasser lm Larson Cecella Knrby and Dorothy Cook LIBRARY CLUB FIRST Row Delores Tumbleson Ann Flsher Colleen Conway presldentl Patty Conway and Carmen Bjornstad SECOND ROW Mary amce Donelan Fanette Steele Mary Ten nant Marv Alice Bollmger Jeanneane S7czur ek Shlrlev Fendrlch Conme Weatherstone Rosemary Lucas Marllyn Even Sharon Ry an and Gretchen Kenefick Y ! V l 7 , .I , , . : D Q ! I C 7 l Q I J 1 x ' ' .Y 9 ' ' Y , ! P . Y v a n fi' -Lf ni ' ' a ,v vs ' 47 ' A , , V, I . f 3 4 1 w I ' V' A S, ' s 1 ' S ' ' .vw 1. , M , ,. o V... lv ' rw f SUMMO OF ARIEL As thexr part ln the Plav Festrval at Samt Agatha s School Hou ard the semor speech class gave Summons of Sar1el a one act play by Magda lene Kessle The Festrval was not competltxve but crmclsms were given at the end of each play MOHICZ Sprlggs was particularly commended for her performance as the Clay a role portraymg man s lower nature ABOVE Joyce Olson as the Spxrlt Blalr Dravls as Sarlel the Angel of Death and Momca Sprrggs as the Clay wa1t for the Graduate who stands midway between lrfe and death UPPER LEFT Pete Thraen the guardlan angel of the lrttle blmd boy Ted Plns prepares to lead hmm across the threshold of Eter mty Low ER LEFT Rosemary Lynch the old woman Mary Bock the young mother and Patty Hmes the sulclde talk wrth Marge Smnth the Graduate m the antechamber of Etermty BELOW Nlomca Sprlggs the Clay scornfully be llttles spiritual values to the Graduate Marge Smith f 2 11 f' T fr af . . . . , L . , ' 9 1 y 1 f A4 ' 11 ,5 ' 5 1 ' . ' , ' A . 1 , X l X 3 s i V 2 s fl? 3 , r n I : 7 l , - . ' : ' , , 3 Y ! I I Y Y . Il , , ' , , . . 1' , . ' -Q ff A , 2. V 3 3 LW 2 JUNIOR CLASS PLAY Mother oey Trot Rose Teensne Rose janey Mnss Wmsron POPPY jimmy John Mrs Biddle George Bxddle Rescued Woman r' ef, I Room or One More Peggy Morgan Charles ONe1ll Patncxa Hanley Patrxcxa Conway Janet Barnett Mary Ahce Bollxnger Davxd Green Conde Baker Donna Donahoe Roy CaErey Mary Spanz fl F J W WuuqQ-nll....--'---,--.A'i.Aw--.w----. , . Betty .fffffiflffffQffffffifffi. Joyce Nelson CHRISTMAS CANTATA ,. r Row 1 D Hawn narrator, D Donahoe J Wersensee 'VI A OBov1e M Edrxch J Barnett S Wmkel K Dougherty B Brown C Bechtold P Morgan V ohnson and NI A Spethman ROW2 D Cook faccom pamstj S Daniels S Flemmg T Schmrtz M Mcllwenna C Klfby A Sollmger B Hxcks M Jensen K Lynch I Kapaun J A Ellis B McGlone and M Pms ROW3 N1 Bock 'VI A Bollinger D Oursland D Natz R Denevan B Lennon T Pms R Smykle D Glllen P Rooney D Deruytter R Buysse J Zxm merman M Fmnegan M A Futrell and M Tennant ROW4 Goeres E Peterson Sonnenfield G Van derloo H Sweeney B Nadeau D Dargen D Green R Connors G Galvm B, Armstrong R Caffrey P Forrette M Sprlggs J Forrette and B Schmxtz NATIVITY SCENE W? Blessed Mother Nancy Koch St Joseph Roland asper angels Darlene Trembley nm Hunter Elnora Arend kmgs Ronald Wag ner Don Hawn Pat Sollmger shepherds Wayne Kreutzberg and Bob Aschoff : . C , . , . ' , r . . ' . , . ' , . , . ' , .l ', v. ,.. ,. ,.J , .. .L 'g zl. - 1 ' v ' .v ' v ' Y. v ' lx ' y v ' v . , . ' , . . , . D , . Z . ,1 . . , . i , ' 1 ' l s ' v ' a ' y ' 1 ' 9 ' y ' .v 1 ' ' , .R , . . , . 5 zj. , .I ,j. , . - , . . ', - , . , . . , . -, . , . , . , . , . , . , . . 5 S g Q. me 5 ' 'fl Y , ,, K? f Y Y S f V' E lg 33 - 3 t n: E 3,55 Q J . , ig ' 3 J. r L , A lj s Y 7 . . f f 9 - - N f , . r , Q 1 ,Qs f 5 Ziff: R ' 16 MORE ABOUT MUSIC PIANO CERTIFICATE STUDENT Dorothy Cook merited a piano certificate after completing her regular piano classes and the required courses in theory, har- mony, history of music, and accompan- iment and ensemble. For the last three years Dorothy has been the accompanist for the Glee Club. I3 Q9 P 1 Y' FRESHMAN CHORUS ROW I : Rose Garry, lVlary Lou Hunter, Alice Toohey, Mary Jo Skaff, Delores Tumbleson, Margaret Chalus, Gretchen Kenehck, and Betty Kinney, ROW 2: John Hoffman, Dick Miller, Dave Kellen, Francis Owens, Hugh McGill, Mike hlongoven, Robert Hemauer, Willard Conley, Neil Elkjer, and James Guenther, ROW 3: Greg Naughton, Phyllis Weber, Rosemary Lucas, Clarese Deruytter, Nora lNIcCabe, Carol Com- stock, Carole Krell, Joanne East, Mari- lyn Even, Barbara Flynn, and Dennis Dingmang Row 4: Blary Kay Vernon, Sharon Keegan, blary Ann Callahan, Judy Even, Sharon Ryan, Elaine O'Brien, Connie Douthit, and Eugenia Burgraff. THE CATHEDRAL ORCHESTRA C, A me -- The Orchestra and Band are both under the direction of Mr. Richard Guderyahn. This year the last charter members will graduate. iii - 31 ABOVE: The general science class pays a visit to the Waterworks. Looking in the reservoir are Sheila Toomey, lXIike Den- evan, Pat Sweere, Larry Kean, lllark Olson, and Sharon Toomey. RIGHT: Touring the Standard Oil tank farm on a field trip for physics and chemistry are joe McGill, Gene Bangasser, Donna Donahoe, Jerry Gossman, Janet Barnett, Bonnie Schmitz, and Ralph Murphy. Does it still flow at this temperature ? asks Joe. FIELD TRIPS 1,,,W . V, w MM-T521 2--4-3 1957 sf' . f 4 HANDBOOK COMMITTEE Assisting in drawing up a handbook for the school are Hugh McGill, Mary Alice O'Boyle, George Vanderloo, Marlene Johnson, Beth McG1one, Pat Sollinger, Connie Weatherstone, Dennis Deruytter, Pat Hines, and Greg Naughton. STUDENT PRINTS IMPORTANT INTERVIEW Monica Spriggs, editor of The Stu- dent Prints, interviews Mr. Louis Budenz, former managing editor of The Daily Worker and one-time Communist. STAFF AT WORK SEATED: Don Hawn, Rosemary Lynch, Cecelia Kirby, Carolee Green, Lois Fitzgerald, Roy Caffrey, Dorothy Cook, Veronica Knorr, and Jim Larsong STANDING: Blonica Spriggs, Bob VVarner, Dave Green, Bill Lorentz, Mary Bock, Peggy Morgan, Pat Ryan, Bob Oster, Francis Synsvoll, Pat Sollinger, Ron Eastman, and Jim Lacy. I Q L. 4X x K ,Y '1 THE SPIRE E ' ' 1 I ,ff ' X - ' X f ' , ae X 'S S V ' 1' Daryl N atz, editor 1 ' THE YEARBOOK GOES TO PRESS SEATED: Paul Rooney, Carolee Green, Nancy Koch, Elnora Arend, Daryl Natz, Carol Amcnt, Blair Dravis STANDING: Joe McGill, Bonnie Schmitz, Pete Thraen, Gene Bangasser, Suzanne Bream, Rollie Jasper. el f.1Z ' , Q X 1 ,Xi x.f .Q 35 'ilk ff' ii ' mf Ra ' ' wg' 'I 5 enunnrvv' m 'lip Wim! WE CON SECRATE 41 Vfrfzwlg 1 n fd! A, if Thou shalt love the Lord thy God fwzth the love of thy 'whole heart Mark XII 30 O R HEARTS I 3 - ve' x sf, v 5 'Q 'Hz' I f If X .l, V , N V. ' 4 n X 1 ' . fx, . u , f ,I vu' ' . V , d A .1.,. 0,,, . Y' - 1 fi' 1. a sv 'V' ' . .li ' V 'I V w, 1' ., f 1. , ,, . W., ' . .',o:n. , ,ff V f ,Q-h'h . . '25 low, ' '-f M A . V f . 4 ' , ',' 5 'gf Q -.3 -9 lfwl 0 . ,,1' - 4 4 Q, 2 M ,, - t .A .4 1 or , -f em. Q ' S ,.'. 4 fi! N . - ,eq'1 '7 n ' n 2,4 ,, ENIOR OFFICERS Francis Synsvoll, vice-presidentg Marjorie Smith secretary Rosemary Ly nch treasurer and Ronald Fleming, president. . Egan, ,...-f' A af- -'alum SENIORS ustme Adams Sodalxty Carol Ament Glee Club Sodahty Splrz Band Orchestra Pep Band Busxness Club Elnora Arend Sodalxty Spare Busmess Club Robert Aschoff Sodalnty Eugene Bangasser Sodahty CPrefectl Natnonal Honor Socxety sflfl Band Orches tra Pep Band jumor Academy of Sczence Boys State Bruce Bell Class Vnce Presndent 3 Football Basketball lCapta1n All Cath ollc 1951, 19521 Monogram Club Llabsserp Royalty Mary Bock Glee Club Sodalxty fSecretary 21 Natxonal Honor Socxety Student Prmt: Bmsmess Club Suzanne Bream Sodahty Spzre Band Orchestra Busmess Club Jox ce Class Sodalnty Doroths ,lean Cook Glee Club QAccompan1stl Sodallty Natnonal Honor Soclety Student Prmt: Busnness Club BlalrDrav1s Glee Club Sodahty Altar Boy Basketball Sprre Busmess Club Ronald Eastman Class Vxce Presxdent 2 Sodahty Football Basketball fAll Cath olxcj Monogram Club Student Print: Llabsserp Prmce 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' 6. , : 1 1 1 1 1 ' . . ' ' . 1 1 1 1 . ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ..- .r 1 1 1 1 1' ' , 1 1 1 1 1 , . . s 1. 1 S Z I 1' . ' 1 1 l 1 - 1 1 1' C l ' , Lois Fltzgemld Class Treasurer 3 Sod1l1ty Studrnt Print: Band Orchestra Pep Band Business Club R0n'1ld Fleming Class President 4 Sodality Altar Boy Football fCo Captain Basketball Monogram Club fPres1dentJ Llabsserp Royalty Loretta Fly nn Marlon Hugh School Marion South Dakota 1 Sodalnty Library Club lPresndent 35 oan Forrette Glee Club Sodallty Business Club as 27' Y NF-T' , lk I f Y 'Tv- 5 Donna F riessen Sodalitv StudcntPr1nt.f Lu Jean Gravett Sodality Student Prmt: Girls State Business Club Carolee Green Class Secretary 2 Sodality Student Pnnt: Spare Band Orches tra Pep Band Business Club Homecoming Colleen Raymond Harris Class President 2 Football Basketball Monogram Club Donald Hawn Glee Club' Student Print: Patricia Hines Sodalityg Business Club Dennis Hoffman Sodalityg Band 9 Orchestra 5 James Hunter Sodaliryg Altar Boy Business Club Roland Jasper Marlene Johnson Joann Kapaun Mary Jane Kiley Cecelia Kirby Glee Club Sodality QPrefectl National Honor Society Student Pnnt: Llabsserp Royalty Veronica Knorr Sodallty Student Przntr Sanctuary Club Business Club Nancy Koch Sodality Spare Business Club VVaync Kreutzberg Glee Club Business Club Magdalen Kuemper Sodalxty James Lacy Sodality Altar Boy Football Student Prznt: Charlotte Larscheid Class Secretary 3 Band Orchestra Pep Band Business Club Llabsserp Royalty James Larson Football CStudent Manager 2 3 41 Basketball National Honor Society Student Przntr Boys State Catholic School Press Associ ation 26 St. Columba High School, Iona, Minnesota 1 Spire Business Club Sodalityg Student Printsg Business Club May Queen Glee Clubg Sodalityg Student Printxg junior Academy of Science Business Clubg Catholic School Press Association Sodalityg Sanctuary Clubg Business Club XX G f Rose-m'u'y Lx nch Class Treasurer 4 Glee Club Sodalnty Student Prmt: Band Orchestra Pep Band Busmess Club Catholnc School Press Assoc: atlon Nlarlls n Mader Sodallty CSecretary Treasurer 31 Band Orchestra Pep Band Busmess Club Maureen Mader Class Treasurer 1 Sodallty Band Orchestra Pep Band Busx ness Club Llabsserp Royalty Patrick lhlasur Sodalxty Altar Boy Basketball Band Orchestra Pep Band QLeaderJ Q Joseph McG1ll Altar Boy Qodallty Football Monogram Club Spxre Lea McGu1re Class Treasurer 2 Sodallty Cheerleader Band Orchestra Pep Band Busmess Club LlabsserpPr1ncess 3 Daryl Natz Glee Club Altar Boy Natzonal Honor Society fPres1dentJ Student Prznt: Spire fissxstant Edntor 3 Edltor, 4, Band Orchestra Pep Band junlor Academy of Sclence Boys State tl? I James O Connell Joyce Olson Sodallty Busmess Club Robert Oster Sodalnty Football Basketball Monogram Club Student Pnnt: Busmess Club Llabsserp Royalty Erin Peterson Sodallty Glee Club Business Club Dxane Porter Sodallty Sanctuary Club Business Club 27 - . : Q : : gg t . ., .1 1 . : ' : : s 9 '- iv- - S . y'.. :L V at ': ' 5 5 ' P by t ' , , : n ' : , s s 9 X- xt .it xy: A t , :A g . . . Q rf ' s 5 A A1 t - fi, if 45' ' 2 ' A I lv I ff! 6 . 6 bl . ' : 4 A 1 1 Patrxclc Sollmger Sodalxty Student Prznts Busmess Club Monxca Sprxggs Glee Club Sodahty Natxonal Honor Soclety fTreasurerl Student Prmts QEdltorj Glrls State Busmess Club Cathollc School Press Assocxatxon Francls Synsvoll Class V1cePres1dent 4 Glee Club Altar Boy Football Basket ball Monogram Club Student Print: Class Presldent 3 Glee Club Altar Boy Football fCo Captaml Basketball Monogram Club Natxonal Honor Soclety CVICC Presldentl Studen1Pr1nts Spxre Band Orchestra Pep Band Junxor Academy of Scxence Llabsserp Royalty John Toohey Sodalnty Darlene Trembley Sodalxty Sanctuary Club KVICC Presxdentl Margerv Tumbleson Glee Club Sodalltv Student Prznts junior Academy of Sclence Busmess Club Cathollc School Press Assocnatlon Ronald Wagner 28 A K- - D s ' 9. ' ' 1 . . Y I D ' - ' , : ,Q 9 : - 9 1 Robert Thraen ' , 9 5 I : ,- '. . 9 . 5. . Q . : : 1 5 , . V 5 . - . - 1 . ' : 1 ' I. . . 1 I : Paul Rooney Glee Club Altar Boy Football Student Przntx Spzre Band Orchestra Pep Band Bonnalyn Schmitz Glee Club Spire Sanctuary Club Busmess Club James Shields Altar Boy Marjorie Smlth Class Secretary 4 Sodalxty Cheerleader Student Prtnts Band Orchestra Pep Band Business Club Llabsserp Royalty Robert Warner Class President, lg Glce Club: Sodalityg Altar Boy: Student Print: CAssnstant Edltorlg Business Clubg Catholic School Press Associ- ation Beverly Wrich Sodalxty, Business Club QU' 4991 7 1934 June 24, 1949 Photography Harold s IN LOVING M EMORY It would not seem right for Edward Flanagan s plcture not to be shown with us his class although has eternal commence ment began three years before our com mencement from high school For our entxre freshman year Ed was with us-a sunm helpful friendly classmate Those of us w ho had been with hmm ln the Cathedral Grade School and those of us who did not know. him until hugh school feel we have a claim on his prayers, and shall always re member him m ours JUNIOR OFFICERS Gordon Englert, vice-presidentg Fanette Steele, secretaryg Diane Douthit, treas- urer, and Tom FitzGibbon, president. I 5 f I r 3 SOPHOMORE OFFICERS H' Rrchard Larson treasurer Sharon Damels vrce presndent Rrchard Too- hey presxdent and Jeanne Ann Ellrs secretary FRESHMAN OFFICERS Denms Bruggeman treasurer Greg ory Naughton presldent John asper nee presldent and Judy Even secre 30 M-v4 9 T17 .wrvxl ' ' I ' . . I JOIN 6 K D . . ,. . S f A , . - : . ' A In v 1 . r i . 4 M ' 1 2 Q I , ,Q is I E 4 fi . Tgf dj I I L 3? 1 5 5 L T 1 ., 9 - 2 lx ff .514 A I D Y '- . 7 J 9 E 1 nf My ' SI N' 5 Q mx V ' a 9 ' in r - I A I f , ? X 'fl . , V i ary Q R' M 'Q . , , .J A ' 3 M ,Y ,f ,Lett , . ' 1, . ' . t- K .r K 1 f, Q in K . i K i't :X 5 S i tr It S -' fe W-4 f ' ' xx' Q In f i g I I S ' . L' ff' F W- X , -. I, ' L xfilhxy E A F K K I l if r l'. Orchids for my lady? Oh no, look at that price, Jerry! Chuck O'Neill, Den Dargen, Brian Bolger, and Tom FitzGibbon look on as Ralph llflurphy and Jerry Gossman compare prices of corsages for the Llabsserp. 2. Denny Deruytter, Joanne Hemauer, Kathleen Dougherty, Charles Bassing, hlaric lllcll- venna, and lllary Tennant attend Room for One lNIore to applaud their classmates. 3. A little relax- ation after a long, hard day. Phil Bechtold, Paul Zirbes, Patty Conway, Jerry Francis, Joann VVillging, Cecile lllonson, Guy Hanni, Janet Barron, David Wierenga, and lllargie Lahr enjoy the quiet atmosphere of the Snack Shack. I' AFTER After defefttxng the YV ashmg ton XVHYTIOTS for the Hrst tlme m sw xe1rs the Irlsh celebmted thelr basketball wetorx at the c1nteen B111 Kolb Audrey bollrnger eanette Aurlt and Hugh bn eenes dance to the mus1c of Sharon D1n1el5 helped by 1m Lounter Cdrolxn Bech told Gene Lambert Pat Garten Tom llllller Tom Kemp Pat Heulx and HDICC Horton gatmer around the pxano 3 BEFORE Before the lV1sh1ngton game the school gaxe lustx support at the pep meetmg Cheerlng urth x lm and vigor are Larol ein Idrnessen Darlene Dui fek Verna ohmon Nlary Cook Mrke lllyere Donna Nlemz Birbara Langdon Uarjorxe lblarquirdt Shirley BTUIHIFIQ Drtk Kogel Whrt ney 'VIundt Bull Stapleton Duck lrederleko 1m Ioley Ed Armotrong herald Hop k1nQ oe Burns Dlck Smy kle led Pxm and George Yanderloo FIRST YEAR IS HARDEST W 5 x + fl QS Y. P' . A I- -tlz ,,,, I 5 'E' iz' -fi' ,Lg I . . I ' ' . X wg v,,, 4,9 i P .ABOVEZ Carol Lahr, Neil Elkjer, Jackie Steele, Kay Herting, Tom Boos, Jack Jasper, Dennis Dingman, Norma Jean Eischen, and Rolene Olson hold up Grendel, Coach Salemls dream man. LEFT: Pro- verbial lost freshmen La Rae Woelfel, Sharon Hen- nings, Mary Flynn, Joanne East, Nora McCabe, James Schmidt, Bob Boyum, Phyllis Weber, Tom Kent, and lWike Denevan consult programs the first day to find out where next. RIGHT: CHS courtesy goes into practice as Gene Abdallah, Larry Kean, and John lllurphy help the girls with their boots. The favored ladies are Sheila Kelley, Roberta Kolb, Connie Douthit, Carol Comstock, Clarese Deruyttery Rae Hunt, and Alice Toohey. HOMECOMIN G The cycle of events that make up Homecoming began with the nocturnal outdoor pep meeting. Blair Dravis, Homecoming chairman, introduced the speakers, Father Mardian, Coach Nusier Salem, the class presidents, who also happen to be gridiron heroes, Ron Fleming, Tom FitzGibbon and Rich Toohey, and also Pete Thraen and Jerry Francis. Next the Colleen, Carolee Green, was presented. The crowd then twisted itself into a snake dance which, led by the Colleen and the co- captains, Ron Fleming and Pete Thraen, wound its way to a bonfire at the scrimmage field. A serenade to the faculty in front of the convent finished the first evening's activities. The next afternoon the curtain of the Home Talent show went up on a variety of stars, among whom were square dancers, tap dancers, instrumentalists, vocalists, and leading ladies of the air waves. The solo prize was won by Bob Smykle for his vocal selection, and the group prize was won by a quartet of senior boys, Paul Rooney, Pete Thraen, Francis Synsvoll, and Blair Dravis. The game that evening was a loss to Holy Name of Omaha, 45 to 19, but the dance following was a win. H OC MO EL CL QE ME IN N G PQ 2277 -9 A I X, X A , X-M W. ' ' K V Robert Oster Bruce Bell ' L R f, 5 4 Charlotte Larscheid Marjorie Smith X O-Q 5 f Ronald Fleming Maureen Mader fi 9 I W, A Robert Th raen Cecelia Kirby CIN DERELLA LLABSSERP f 1 4 ,fm he ' Wm we-, Wd 4 f Y' N A fp 3N7Q5'Cg0d '11 xiii? fygfodif '- iff I il- Q ,ix R if . I. x Z V, 14 ' QEJ gg -, PRINCE CHARMING AND CINDERELLA Ronald Eastman and Lea NIcGuire N 2 is ! x X fa 59 ' METAMORPHOSIS 1 X vr N H1 IH' 'jjj U7 J XM-A l I my ffl if w ifjiy 3-My in b wire '5' ' X H if 7 sv- L .. e B. XS-,kk 9-ie, .QLH ivwqqf' iwgq A 'wf F fl grin WE CDNSECRATE Thou Jhalt love the Lord thy God 'wzth the love of thy 'whole soul Mark XII 30 O R SOULS If ' fu- ana OUR PRIESTS The Reverend J J Deragqsch The Reverend J P Mardlan Among the beautxful prayers sand by the Blshop m consecratmg our Cathedral accordmg to the anclent rxtual of the Church were these words Almighty and merc1ful God Who hast bestowed on Thy prlests m preference to all others such graces that xx hatsoever IS meetly and perfectly done by them m Thy Name may be deemed to have been done by Thee YVe have many opportunmes to Judge the acts done by our Cathedral clergy as acts done by Christ Thxs year the prrests dxd not teach rel1g1on in the school but they stlll mamtamed a frlendly and helpful contact wxth all the students and worked xuth partlcular groups Father Deraglsch had charge of the altar boys and Iather Mardxan was Sodalnty 'Vloderator and Athletxc Dlrector i ,. U rf , ,a.,.,.,,,,,,.. 1 PONTIFICAL SERVERS TOP ROW! Pete Thraen, Jim Lacy, Daryl Natz, Joe McGill, BOTTOM Row: Pat Healy, Tom Barron John Burgrail, and Larry Kloiber. Q v - U Y Q A F5 L5 OTHER ssnvizns-Row r: Dick Miller, Dick Kogel, Neil Ronan, Jim Hunter, VVillard Conley, Gene Lambert, Joe Burns. Row 2: Dennis Bruggeman, Ted Pins, Mike Nlongoven, Pat Rogers, Greg Naughton, Neil Elkjer, Tom C'Hare, Larry Kean, Tom Kemp. Row 3: Jerry Fines, Paul Rooney, John Sonnenfield, Pat Masur, Frank Barnett, Ron Fleming, Jim Murphy, Carl Katz- enberger, Hugh McGill, Dennis Spriggs. REGINA COELI MA QUEEN M n 'A v' L I 65 1 . I W-M W X K? E X15 . i w Qxxifpx N Wise if is fvxff SENIOR SO DALITY ivx Prefects Ceceha Kxrby and Gene Bangasser THE AGEIXDA FOR THE YEAR Chmaxmg the Sodahty s 3.CtlVltlCS for the year w ere the May Crownmg and the break sponsored the recltatlon of the Llttle Office of the Immaculate Conceptlon a panel on Catholxc educatxon by alumm attendmg Cathollc colleges and a charxty basketball game FOOD TO THE NEEDY Sodalnty treasurer Chuck O Nelll and secre tary Mary Alice O Boyle help fill Chrlstmas baskets 'S fast for the Sodalist-s and their.m0thers.. ln the preceding months the Sodality had JUNIOR SODALITY s.....p, 1 ' f' -v-- . it ' f 'fr 4 ABOVE: Junior Sodality officers Audrey Sollinger, secretary, Tom Ryan, treasurer, and Larry Kloiber and llary Ann Spethman, prefects, read the Sodality regulations. A few of the fifty-six students received into the Sodality on December eighth are shown at the right: Blike llongoven, Dennis Bruggeman, Neil Ronan, Jim Denevan, Hugh McGill, Alice Toohey, Pat lklyers, Doro- thy Kuemper, Kay Herting, and Rosemary Lucas. 1 y -sk , KK ' ,VW MN '-Q Red Cross Christmas boxes for children overseas are filled by Blargaret Chalus, Joan VVallner, Sandra Dravis, lwargaret Krug, Peggy Barnett, La Rae Woelfel, and Kathleen Naughton. Cathedral students are faithful to the First Fridays. Joyce Nelson, Joan Goeres, Patricia Stricherz, Mary Crowe, Jim Win- gert, Wayne Vander Woude, Peggy lVIor- gan, lVIary Spartz, and Mary' Alice Bol- linger head for a quick breakfast on a wintry First Friday. 5 iii? ,Q 942: g PRAISE YE THE LORD Participating in the noon rosary, which is led by a senior student over the public address system, are lllary Ann Leitheiser, Janet Friessen, Tom Lalley, lllary Ann Bakeberg, Diane Douthit, Joe Smith, Pat Kinney, Helen Knoll, Patty Hanley, Vince Donelan, Pat Ryan, and Gordon Englert. The Junior religion classes study the Holy Ghost and church history. Shown here are llarilyn Jensen, Conde Baker, Blarianne Finnegan, John Sweere, Nlary Alice O'Boyle, Roy Caffrey, Janet Reb- nord, Dave Green, Lois Blue, Bob Flem- ing, and lNIelvin Schmidt. BLESS YE THE LORD RIGHT Blrstermg therr fingers to clean vrgrl lrghts may not be akin to martx rdom but It IS a helpful service to the Church Janet Hemauer Sharlene Fleming Colleen Conway oAnn Bell eanneWe1sensee Viola Mnhm Sherla Lrampton ane Lammers eanne Ann Ellis Conme Weatherstone and eanneane Szczurek pohsh txl the lights glrsten BELOW Gathered around the Advent wreath are Paul Young Frank Barnett Tonya Schm1tL llflary Pins Beverly Hlcks Ann Flsher Jerry Fmes fom Barron and Ron Connors fn mg on halos after takmg a quxz on samts are Greg Galvm jerry Wnerenga 'Vlary Ann Spethman Beth McGlone Shrr ley Fendrrch WVayne Lass Jerry Trembley and Tonya Schmitz ,os 45 . 1' , . . . A ., - r ' s V ' , J , J , x E 1 J 1 J , x' ' y v J L S . . V , . ij ' , , A 'M - my V V ' 1 I V x . Q - . f , , ! I ' V I ' I '5 we 93 5 K V . Q fl A , ' A A yy Q A ,-ci B42 Q! S ' M 1 , . . L- 1 . . ' 7 ' 1 9 ,r 5. V V' 1 ' , , ' - ' XS: V J x 9 , A. . . . . , 9 '. D . I , - 1 A , vig.-. , ,FLM '??5f? t M W --W Wifi' I 7:7 r g:l'l9' l.-If ,no ,-N., ,rr , . 111,51 , V 5 5 ,- rf L SERVE YE THE LORD I. With no upperclassmen around to exer- cise seniority the freshmen may get cassocks to fit. VVillard Conley, Dick Miller, Neil Ronan, Hugh lN'IcGill, Greg Naughton, Dennis Spriggs, lN'1ike Mongoven, and Tom O'Hare take their pick. 2. A generous and efficient group of freshman girls give one Saturday morning a month to cleaning holy water fonts, Hlling vigil lights, and putting out the Catholic papers in the Cathe- dral. Sharon Ryan, lllarilyn Even, Sharon Keegan, Eugenia Burgraff, Elaine O'Brien, Pat Sweere, Pat Nlyers, Betty Kinney, and Diary Lou Hunter gather in the utility room before going to work. 3. Every home- room decorates according to the true Christ- mas spirit. Robert Hemauer, Dorothy Casey, Sharon Toomey, James Schmidt, Dorothy Kuemper, Carole Krell, hlary Kay Vernon, Lauren Peterson, and Joan Strich- erz fix up their crib. 4. In connection with their religion class Tom Callahan, Sandra Dravis, Bonita Van Broeke, Sheila Toomey, Kathleen Kirby, Larry Kean, and Aureilia VVilliams watch Father X perform the rites of baptism. Sheila, playing the role of god- mother, seems to be doing an excellent job of keeping the baby from crying. 5 B M! Xa-H ', 'Hauser LSL Lwshw XX UN r Q27 'X ATHLETICS Knute Rockne once sald A boy who hopes to be a good football play er must have brams courage self relrance firm muscular coordmatlon mtense fire of nervous energy and an unselnsh Splflt of sacrr flee He must lxve cleanly he must make faxr play an obsesslon lhe great Rockne s chief concern was football players but yy hat he said IS true also of basketball players Here at Lathedral ue have two alms to wm and to play farr VVe do not alu ays succeed m the former we hope we do rn the latter In our strength we shall praxse the Lord wg. 47 fu f y X '-I gr A . QM V is as Za A at 1 ' l 1 WR' fl ' g Q lima r if el i V 'qmwlssu ' W, W s l 5 ,, y . H v . ! D J - . y . . y . H . . .- . . . ,, ,. , . n I, e 1 Y ' ' Y ' - V Y ' . 3 ! ! ' ' , . , , , , I 'S Q f 4 Uh, MEELAN ma TO CHDO 4, Vx fhjv f X NAKII-, .. wuz., yh,,,.JkfSkA1Z t'k- .0 1 X N,-XXII: YS. C XI'lIIfIJ 3. I C2 RXI 95, ff VP! gm-65' W -XSHINC INOINXSC -XIII -ni-3 432. ,om 'Nil' -ww WZ 'EVMK 3,4 Coach Salem F1tzG1bbon Toohey Englert Lalley Murphy Barnett Flemmg Bol ge r CHS CHS CHS CHS CHS CHS CHS ....... f....,4. A y cus if ,V CHS .,,........... .. Gossman Pnpestone Brookings Le Mars Holy Name Vemullxon Flandreau Hawarden Francis Heelan - ....................-. Washington llfn C gl Ch Vernon Young Bell Kunkel Thraen ,N r X-1 Vossler 49 I SOUTH DAKOTA CATHOLIC CHAMPS X, VVVH an t . . 17 Ralph Murphy, Ron Eastman, Bruce Bell, Mike Sorenson, Gordon Englert, Chuck O'Neill, Steve Anawski, Frank Barnett, Den Dargen, and Ron Fleming CSee picture abovej won the 1952 South Dakota Catholic Bas- ketball Cham- pionship. In addition to this honor the team accepted the invitation to play at New- Eastern States Catholic Invi- tational Inter- scholastic Bas- ketball Tour- ney. Ours was the only team west of the Mississippi River partici- port, Rhode pating in the Island, in the tournament. Coach Peterson Captain Bruce Bell Sl

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