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Catawba College - Sayakini / Swastika Yearbook (Salisbury, NC) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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t PWS - m -«■ harry ray, editor published annually by the junior class of catawba college Salisbury, n. c. CATAWBA COLLEGE l5???Ar? Salisbury, North Carolina 28144; i 9 1U 9S ■ .■ ' •♦- ' — 9 17 administration . . activities 43 59 69 9 17 sports . . . features . .. . classes . . . advertisements . 43 ! 59 1 69 118 1 ' i IN MEMORIAM Commander G. W. Greene was a devout Chris- tian gendeman whose life was one of service — serv- ice to his family, his community, his students, his country, and his God. In serving his family, he was a devoted and loving husband and father. In serving his community, he was a highly re- spected citizen with a strong dedication to that which was right and just. His service to his students is best evidenced by the multitude of persons who are indebted to him for their success in life. His courageous and heroic struggle during his wartime imprisonment is only one example of his service to the country which he loved. And he served his God in these and countless other ways every day of his life. To the students he was a living example of courage, of fairness, of sincerity, and of humility. To know him was to love him. What greater monument could be raised to his memory than the high esteem in which everyone held him? It is with deep feelings of humility and in- adequacy that we proudly and humbly dedicate this 1960 SAYAKINI to the sacred memory of our beloved ( J f ' )M P W5 V « « fl V A. R. KEPPEL, LL.D. President of Catawba College Don and Rosemary Shearer talk informally with Dr. Keppel. 1 I To the Members of the Class of 1960 Dear Friends: My heartiest congratulations to you on the completion of your undergraduate work and the achievement of your bachelor ' s degree. This is highly commendable, but sig- nificant only if you consider it a beginning. If you are to become great leaders in your generation, as many of you have the potential of becoming, not only must the store of your knowledge progressively increase, but the development of your heart and soul and wisdom must keep pace with it. For only as we each confess and prove that we are merely instruments in the Hand of God, can we hope to help fashion a world of brother- liness and love and peace so desperately needed in our day. May Ciod speed you on your way. Most sincerely, j6tStr-» H? ' r V : -f ii Donald Curtis Dearborn. Ph.D. Dean ot the College Raytnond Jenkins, Ph.D. Dean of the Kacultv Elisabeth Russell Scranton. M.. . Dean of Women David J. Sessoms. Jr., M.S. Dean of Men y cim in id trci li on SEATED: Elisabeth Russell Scranton. STANDINCj: Raymond Jenkins, Donald Curtis Dearborn, David J. Sessoms, Jr. Daniel E. Kirk. Ph.D., Professor of Bi- ology; lane P. Holt, M.S.. Associate Pro- fessor of Biology; E. Bruce Newell, M.S., Associate Professor of Biology. Kenneth E. Ackerman, M.A.. Associate Professor of Chemistry; Wendell E. Detty, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry; Antonios Antonakos, Ph.D., Professor of Physics. Hoyt McCachren, M.A., Assistant Profes- sor of Drama and Mathematics; Donald C. Dearborn, Ph.D.. Professor of Mathe- matics; William E. Gibbons, M.A., Asso- ciate Professor of Mathematics; Ralph B. Johnson. M.A., Associate Professor of Mathematics. SEATED: E. Anne Woodward, M.A.. Associate Professor of Women ' s Physical Education; Earl B. Ruth. Ph.D., Profe so of Physical Education and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics. STANDING: Marion M. Richards, M.A., Associate Pro- fessor, Director of Physical Education, and Assistant Football Coach; J. Harvey Strat- ton, M.A.. Assistant Professor of Physical Education, Assistant Football Coach, and Head Baseball Coach; Presnell A. Mull. M.A., Associate Professor of Physical Edu- cation and Head Football Coach. i atciivba 6 Donald J. Selby, Ph.D., Associate Profes- sor of Religion; John [. Carey, S.T.M., Chaplain and Assistant Professor of Re- ligion; David E. Faust, Ph.D., Professor of Bible and History. Bruce A. Wentz, Ph.D., Professor of Phi- losophy and Psychology. STANDING: C. Gregg Singer, Ph.D., Professor of History; David E. Faust, Ph.D., Professor of Bible and History. SEATED: Elisabeth R. Scranton, M.A., Professor of History. Mary V. Fisher, M.S.L.S., Reference Li- brarian; Lulu R. Reed, Ph.D., Librarian and Professor of Library Science; Frances D. Wentz, B.S., Assistant Librarian. D. acuitu J. Leon Coulter, M.A., Assistant Professor of Education; Margaret E. Walker, M.E., Assistant Professor of Educa- tion; Arthur W. Hartung, Ed.D., Professor of Education. SEATED: Katharine French, M.A., Asso- ciate Professor of Home Economics; Edith B. Corriher, R.S., Instructor of Home Econom- ics; Mary E. Knox, U.S., Dietitian. i Hoyt McCachren, M.A., Assistant Professor of Drama and Speech: Lilyan Colson, M.A., Associate Professor of Speech and English; Burnet M. Hobgood, M.A., Professor of Drama and Speech; J. Arnold Colbath, M.A., Assistant Professor of Drama and Speech. FIRST ROW: Annette S. Cheek, M.M.. Assistant Professor of Music; Lucile Epperson, M.M., Asso- ciate Professor of Music. SECOND ROW: Marvin B. Wigginton, Ed.D., Associate Professor of Music; Arthur C. Tennent, M.M., Assistant Pro- fessor of Music; Robert L. Weaver, Ph.D., Asso- ciate Professor of Music. Carl G. Bickers, jr., M.B.A., Assistant Professor of Com- merce; Mary R. Clark, M.Ed., Assistant Professor of Secretarial Science; Millard F. Wilson, M.x .E.. Associate Professor of Commerce; Roy C. Derting, M.B.A., Assist- ant Professor of Commerce; Thomas G. O ' Neal, M.B.A., . ssociate Professor of Commerce. A Nita Andrews, Ph.D., Professor of Romance Lan- guages; Johnny L. Young, Ph.D., Associate Pro- fessor of Romance Languages; Mary Paschal, Ph.D.. . ssociate Professor of Romance Languages. SK.AIED: Lilyan Colson, M.A., Associate Professor of Speech and English; Lillie H. Antonakos, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English. STANDINC!: Ray- mond lenkins. Ph.D., Professor of English; Neil Harden. M.A., Assislaiit Professor of English. Cieorge W. Cireene, M.A., Professor of Social Science, Director of World Government Institute; David 1. Sessoms, jr., M.S., Associate Professor of Political Science. SEATED: Frances Ellen Worthington Eleanor Randall, Tucker, Secretary Dean of Men. Lee, Secre Secretary Secretary to the Re tary to the President; STANDING: to the Director of Public Relations; to Dean of Women; N. Louise gistrar; Barbara Hill. Secretary to Shirley Rhinehart, Budgetary control; Margaret Landis, Account- ant; Eloise Peeler, Telephone and Mimeograph Operator; M. Adele Swaim. As.s ' t. Bursar; Janie E. Anderson, Bursar. Mr Can and Mrs. Ch teen. Bookstore, arks Smith, Manager anil Post Office. A Q. H. Nash, North Hall Head Resilient; Carrie E. Webb, Postmistress and Head Resi- dent Claremont Hall; E. Anne Woodward, Head Resident Zartman Hall. Forrest G. Pridgen, Supcrin ings and Grounds: Doroth ' of Residence. tendent of Build- Y. Kizziah, Dean Alumni Public Relations Staff: BACK ROW: Bob Handwerk, Sports Editor; Joyce Knox, News Editor; Guy Rich, Machines Operator; Stanley Cox, Ass ' t Photographer; Karl von Kleist, Ass ' t News Editor; and Harvey Adicr, Photographer. FRONT ROW: Gwen Sloan, Ass ' t Alumni Records Clerk; Mrs. Ellen Worthington, Secretary of the office: and Neita Stout, Alumni Records Clerk. SEATED: Mr. Peter P. Cooper, Director of the Oilier. Minnie A. McCachren, R.N.; John and Renee McCachren; Louise H. Harrels,,n. R.N. actiuities ' 7 kv jf5 ' c; SEATED: J. Culler; C. Thornhill; F. Breisch; G. Godfrey; F. Cornher; S. Galloway; B. Greeson; P. Laucks. STANDING: Dr. Singer, Advisor; J. Brown; W. Iskra; B. Flynn; J. Callahan; R. Oxendine; G. Jarrett; Dr. Kirk, Advisor. student L ouernment J. FREDERICK CORRIHER, JR., PRESIDENT The fourteen members of the Senate strived to uphold the aims of the Student Government Association which are: to protect the good name and the liberties of our institution and ourselves; to promote peace and tranquillity in our halls; to initiate and supervise student activities; and to strive dili- gently to promote sound thinking and right acting among all our members. The Senate has been successful this year in working to mcrease daily library hours, designing an of cial blazer em- blem, and drawing up a constitution for the North State Student Ciovernment Association. The annual Homecoming celebration and the election of Miss Catawba were also under its supervision. MEN ' S RESIDENCE COUXCIL FIRST ROW: A. Bordeaux; J. Robbins; P. McQuade. SECOND ROW: 1. Martin: R. Oxendinc, Men ' s Representative: D. Nab- inger: D. Teunon. WOMEN ' S RESIDENCE COUNCIL H, Grecson, Women ' s Repre- sentative; B. Small: F. Leonard; G. Ondich. DAY STUDENT COUNCIL ]. Koontz: J. Brown, Day Stu- dent Representative; Mr. Wil,,i)n, Advisor; R. Martin; B. Shelton. .y ddoclau on ■JM il ■ ■ ■K) R mi b Mv B ,,, H iv KeM, ii ®i) EDITORIAL STAFF SEATED: R. Fincher. Editor-in-Chief. STANDING: C. Von Kleist: S. Allen: J. Fenstermacher: H. Adlcr: }. Knox. No news may be good news, but not for the active Pioneer staff. Their deadlines must be met, and the paper must come out biweekly. Because of the able leadership of the editor and her staff, the student body was never disappointed. The staff ' s policy was to publish the latest, most interesting news in the most exciting way possible. Xew columns this year ranging from book reviews and international news to jazz added much arietv to the paper. The frantic office work began a week before each publication. In the fourth floor office staff members gathered to rewrite and type articles, plan headlines, and lav out the paper. Then it as sent off to the printers and always found its way to each student ' s mailbox by Saturday morning. Many staff members were rewarded for their outstanding work when thev receixed Pioneer Ke s at the end of the year. SPORTS STAFF: L. Finger: B. Burchettc, Sport. ' ; Editor: B. Handwork. A IK ' BUSINESS STAFF: T. Queen. Manager: J. Dunn: L. Gaiiher. WBs k- 7 |t0n i r EDITOR-IN-CHIEF R. rinchiT, State Vice-President of North State Conference Press Association. FEATURE STAFF STANDING: R. Dorn; J. Wolfgang; C. Brown. SEATED: J. Fenster- iiiachcr. Feature Editor. NEWS STAFF KOW: ]. Ketchie: It. Faw; J. Quackenliush: I. Browne: A. Funkliouser; G. Sloan; F. Peeler. SECOND ROW: C. Von Kleist, News lulitor: A. Bordeaux; A. Mizeras; W. Iskra; J. Bell; K. Rawling: B. Boggs. Harry Ray, Editor, looking over the layout. Contrary to popular belief, SAYAKINI work does not begin — it never ends. From the time the editor is elected until the time when he turns his work over to the new editor, a SAY. KINI is in the making. During the summer months, the layout is drawn up. Meetings are held during the school year with representatives of_ the engraving and printing companies with whom contracts have been arranged and signed in May of the preceding year. The staff is organized, picture schedules planned, the dedicatee se- lected, necessary information secured, and the hardest -ork begins. Editor Harry Ray found himself practically living in the SAYAKINI office, while advisors, Miss Harden and Mrs. Wentz. found themselves constandy besieged by staff meml ers in need of advice and guidance. From the cooperation and hard work of staff members and advisors alike, this year ' s SAYAKINI has been created. BUSINESS STAFF SEATED: Mrs. W ' cmz, Advisor. STANDING: G. Smith: G. Godfrey. Co-Business Manager; B. Shelton. Co-Busi- ness Manager. SPORTS STAFF H. Adier: M. Greer; B. Handwerk, Editor. v CLASSES STAFF FIRST ROW. LEFT; J. Northrop; C. Brookshire; J. Geiser. SECOND ROW, LEFT; L. Burgess; B. Still, J. Wolfgang, Editor. KN ' EELIXG; D. Steppe; L. Llovd. FIRST ROW, RIGHT; I. Adams; J. Weeks: B. Adams. SECOND ROW, RIGHT: J. Barnitt; .A. Carpenter. 4 ACTIVITIES STAFF SEATED: E. Ressler, Editor; Miss Harden, Advisor. FIRST ROW: E. Hoke: W. Thomas; S. Wolfe; B. Correll; P. Dees. SECOND ROW; F. Stresau; B. Cole; J. Parton; L. Hartley; J. Grubb; J. Linn. PHOTOGRAPHER: H. Adier FEATURES STAFF; V. Sprague; D. Burrison; L. Crocker; J. Fenstennacher, I- ' .ditor. .q jll V f ' iK . 1 . , FIRST ROW: B. Leonard; T. Wellborn; R. Stover; D. Brunner; T. Sipp; A. Liner; G. Bostian; E. Simms. SECOND ROW: M. Greer; J. Barnitt; A. Lausch; H. Jones; J. Browne: B. Correll; B. Thompson; K. Boone: G. Reed; J. White; D. Newell. THIRD ROW; Mr. Colbath; B. Matthews; E. Brinklev; M. A. Brown; ]. Culler; G. Bauguss; S. Wolfe; J. Sylvester- P Van- dcreau; S. Rickard; C. Ludwig. FOURTH ROW: D. McCorkle; J. Linn; B. Earnhardt; B. Hil Aycrs. K. Pearson; V. Spraguc; R. (I5lue The Kids, a new play by Charles Best, was given a dual premiere at Louisville Playhouse and Catawba College. This play presented the courage and the unique posi- tion of the youth who fought for Hun- gary ' s freedom in the 1956 revolution. Shown here are Tony Sipp, Anne Lausch, Carroll Kann, and Honorary Junior Blue Masquer. Coleman Emerson. «H »Jlttfe ' v.. .rfiili y bISI I 1 1 r l m 1 |C mtm- :: ■ ' . m ' ia S r -• : li! W jK ' iJI ' - 1 QSm ■ " i . ■ 1 W " ' .mgiii -A ■ - mmm) ' ' ' 9 ' H lflKKi WKKKH " " ™w ' - • The premier of TAe Secret Conctihine by Aldyth Morris was presented under a grant from the United Church of Christ. In addition to the development and pro- duction of a new play, the grant was stimulated by interest in a closer relationship between the church and the arts. Shown in the picture is the clini;ictic scene of this charming and exotic morality play set in ancient China. « V ' M An interest in the ;id ;uicemcnt of good theater and a wiliingnes. ' ; to helji toward this goal is the basis for mem bership in the Blue Masque. The forty mem- bers achieve a more thorough understanding of the theater through acti e participation in various phases of dramatic presentations. " Blue Masque On The Air " and operation of the concessions stand at football games are two of the special projects sponsored by this club. ni V y { ' - OFFICERS SEATED: C. Von Klcist, Treasurer; L. Brlnklc . Sec- retary: |. Culler. Social Chairman; A. Liner. Histo- rian. STANDING: R. Matthews, Concession Stand Manager; C. Ludwig, President; R. . yers, Vice-Presi- dent; D. Newell. Social Chairman. W TJw CuL ' c Du ' tiltrs, hrst independent production ot Bob Matthews, senior drama student, was a thoughtful comedy set on the stage of an abandoned theater. Ginny Reed, Bill Perkins. Anne Lausch. and Bob Hill portrayed this group of once- successful entertainers banded together for survival. uAaue ... he was staring at the bookcase, the bookcase that hides your door. " Mr. Kraler tells his Jewish friends who are hidinp from the Nazis in an attic in Amsterdam. The Diary of Antic Vraiik the tirst Blue Masque |iroduciion of the 1959- 60 season. . nne Frank and Petei- Van Da. in, portra etI by Betty Paw and L avid McCorkle, dream of the day when lews will no longer be persecuted — when they can leave their hiding place .111(1 return to their homes and friends. This yciir ' .s stMSdii opeiicd with the prcscnt:iti ' ii til i In l)uir of .tunc I- ' iaii , tlirccted hv Hnyt McC.ach- rcn, which was lollowed by The Cave Dii ' c lcrs, di- rected by Boh Matthews. . n adaptation of Homer ' s I ' niil w:is the next play in the club ' s schedule ol five major productions. Special projects included the debut of contemporary . mcrican drama, a patron member- ship drive, aiul an awards b;iiu|uet held at the vear ' s end. km ■ r ' ' - ■ ' ' - tm ' si ■; ;%;u ' ;iS«j-4 y Si .SLAIED: D. Steppe; N. |. Yarbrough; R. Green, tuerain: G. Pierc : M. tastcp: G. Kearns; D. Marett: F. Breisch; G. Ondich: L. Leonard; S. Vogel. FIRST ROW: S. Rickard, P. McEheen, B. Wattam; L. Daniels; R. Everhart; J. Williams: R. Everhart: J. Clodfelter: D. Kaneklides, President; B. Middleton; C. Earnhardt: Dr. Wigginton, Director. SECOND ROW: K. Briggs; C. Ketcham; J. Robbins; E. Greene: K. Cranfield; A. Mantz; C. Doll; P. Kurkowski, Vice-President; B. Mazer; R. Emory; E. Moss, Treasurer; J. Tussey; C. Sturkey. L atuwba L oileae (JSunci Thirty-six students of the Catawba College Rand provided spirited music for athletic events, parades, and a spring concert for Catawba College and the surrounding community. All students who play a wind, brass, or percussion instrument are eligible for membership. CLEF CLUB FIRST ROW: G. Ondich: N. J. Yarbrough: R. Green; D. Steppe: D. Kaneklides. SECOND ROW: S. Rickard: P. Kur- kowski; L. Daniels; Dr. Wigginton: B. Muldkton: F,. Moss. MAJORETTES M. F.istrp: G. Ke:nns: D. M;ire mci r: Ti ' .A V. Dr. Weaver. Director; X. J. Yarbrough, Treasurer: G. Onilich, Secretary; C. Thurnhill, Vice-President; S. Rickartl. President. Flo Breisch, Wardrobe Mistress, checks of Shirley Vogel ' s robe. length i atuwba K oliecie i n r lOir Catawba ' s choir, under the direction of Dr. Robert Weaver, fulfili.s the function of providing the col- lege and community with sacred and religious music during monthly vesper services, chapel periods, and other events held throughout the year. Special projects included programs for area churches and the N ' et- erans ' Hospital and a formal Christmas concert. A concert tour of the New England States was the high- light of the year. FIRST ROW: M. Grove: S. Chapman: J. Browne; J. Burkholder: G. Ondich: C. Thornhill: A. Lausch: N. Happel; K. Boone: P. Kcasler: B. Faw; |. Fenstermacher. SECOND ROW: B. Mvcrs: J. Grubb: J. Quackenhush: B. Moss; L. Wilson; N. I. Yar- brough: F. Breisch: E. Link; A. Madden; E. Ressler: R. Stassavich: L. Hartley; P. Egolf: G. Piercv; B. Austin. THIRD ROW: I. Aaraas; J. Clodfelter; N. Caldwell: D. Landis; T. Truesdale: S. Vogcl; C. Walton; C. Doll: D. McCorkle; T. Himes; C. Brc.kshire: F. Stern; K. Briggs; J. Hamilton: Dr. Weaver. FOURTH ROW: H. Youngkin; C. Rider: R. Kcasler: J. Robbins; I r.iL ' L ' ir- R. Dorn: J. Winkler: I. Tussey: S. Rickard; C. Kctcham: C. Ludwig: P. Laucks; C. Calloway: P. Kurkowski. B e _ .sKAIhl): F. Hrcisch; P. Egolf, Secretary. FIRST ROW A. Funkhouser: P. Keasler: Mi s Epperson, Advisor. SEC OND ROW: C. Conrad: N. Caldwell; E. Link, Vice Presi dent: M. Yount; S. Vogci: N. J. Yarbrough, President THIRD ROW: T. Himes; R. Conrad; B. Mazer; R. Keasler; J. Clodtelter, Treasurer. Jl.. 2 . Wl, udica Uocat (L-nSemote R. Keasler, President of the Student Division of the North Carolina Federation of Music Clubs and E. Link, Sccrctarv of the N. C. Federation. SEATED: B. Myers. FIRST ROW: F. Breisch; A. Lausch; S. Chapman; H. Jones. SECOND ROW: Mr, Tenncnt, Advisor: R, Conrad; R, Keasler, Hi ' ■ ' Mi FIRST ROW: ]. Fcnstcrmachcr; J. f)uackcnbush: J. Browne: M. Grccr: L. Llovil: B. Sills; T. Schweitzer; ]. Northrop: Z. Miller; V. Strickland: A. Funkhouscr; W. Thomas; B. Small: S. Galloway. SECOND ROW: J. Knox: R. Long: J. Grubli; ). Parton: I. Aaraas: A. Carpenter; G. Bauguss: M. Logan; L. Hartley; M. Seiwell; F. Breisch; J. Yocum; H. Jones. THIRD ROW: E. Link; C. Caulk; B. Bush: D.Teunon: R. Dorn; S. Rickard: S. Farinella: H. Youngkin: D. Evans; .A. Mizeras; I. Culler: D. Kaneklides; J. Kelbaugh. FOURTH ROW; Mr. Carey, Advisor: H. Barney; J. Graham; H. Honcycutt; L. Loliin; I. Weiser; C. Rider: J. Robbins: G. Davidson; W. Fister; D. Barbee; C. Doll; W. Snovva. student K kristlan ..y ddocicition Students of various creeds on the Catawba campus are invited to join tlie Student Christian Association in order to unite in a common loyalty to Jesus Christ. The Student Christian Association is divided into five committees — Religious Life, Community and World Service, Campus Life, Ways and Means, and Publicity — which assist with chapel programs and freshman orientation, provide volunteer help at Rowan Memorial Hospital, plan dances, and proiluce a student directory. CABINET SEATED; [. Yocum. Co-Vice-Presi ilcnt; T. Schweitzer, Co-President: 1 Northrop, Co-President: R. Dorn. Co Vice-President. FIRST ROW: A. Funk houser; H. Kuvkenikill: (. Knox; I. Link; L I-cnsterm:icher: ]. Browne SECOND ROW: D. Teunon: S. Rick ard; M. lloneycult; . ' . Mizeras: B Bush; 11. K;ineklides. tf y SEATED: G. Bupp, Vice-President; F. Peeler, Project Chair- man; S. Bowers, President; I. Everhart. STANDING: B. Mash- burn: R. Fincher; J. Ditzler; B. Small: S. Galloway: Miss Harden, Advisor; S. Allen, Secretary-Treasurer; B. Pinkston; G. Ondich. f- ni (Lpsiic on Promoting scholarship, leadership, character, and service is the aim of this honorary organizati on which is composed of a maximum of twelve out- standing women of the Junior and Senior classes. Projects which benefited elderly or needy people, receptions after special events, and a tea in honor of the new members were among Phi Epsilon ' s activities. Ulnited student Jsreiiowdliip Organized to create closer bonds between the college and the church, the United Student Fellow- ship endeavors to provide wholesome recreation and religious fellowship for United Church of Christ students. Panel discussions on important topics re- lated to the religious life of college students, ob- servance of religious holidays in a true Christian spirit, a doggie roast, and a welcoming banquet were among the group ' s monthly programs. First United Church of Christ of Salisbury works in close cooperation with the organization. FIRST ROW: J. Fenstermacher: L. Penn, Vice-President: J. Barnitt: B. Sills; S. Gallowav. SECOND ROW: G. Godfrey, President; Mr. Seiwell, Advisor: J. Wolfgang, Social Chairman; B. Hassick: S. Briggs; E. Res ' sler; ). Northrop. THIRD ROW; R. Long; J. Brown; T. Schweitzer: C. Fister; K. Briggs: H. Youngkin; D. Baker. FOURTH ROW; H. Rav: C. Brookshire: R. Regan; B. Sliney: D. McGaha; J. Bell, Program: J. Callahan: L. Loftin: R. Everhart. ' % - - ' -t y ■ ■• ' ,-i3Dt»flE _ _ Jt . ' JIJ-S FIRST K( ; : I., |..hnM n. Treasurer; L. Burgess, Social Chairman; A. Mjikkn, Secretary; R. Wilson, President: J. Knox, Vice-President; J. Bigger, Publicitv Chairman. SECOND ROW; J. Quackenbush; F. Leonard; I. Everhart; C. HoiTner; N. J. Varhrough; R. Fincher; Miss Walker; A. Ching. THIRD ROW: J. White; G. Rich: Mr. Carothers, Advisor; B. Singleton; P. Kontos; F. Stresau; . . Mizcras; F. Stern. estmlndter eiiowdlti To develop student concern for the doctrines of the Presbyterian Church and the Christian life is the chief purpose of Westminster Fellowship. The twenty members have busied themselves with giv- ing medical aid to the needy in foreign countries, r organizing a similar fellowship at Livingstone College in Salisbury, and discussing contemporary political and social topics in relation to the Chris- tian student. yrcletiahl r land . lthough this group was organized to provide service and fellowship for students planning careers in Christian work, any student interested in religi- ous education and activities is invited to join the Adelphians. The thirty Adelphians carry out the club ' s aim through employing deputation teams which visit the various churches in Salisbury and the surrounding area and through teaching Stinday School to the patients at the Veteran ' s Administra- tion Hospital. Club meetings, held once a monlh or specially called, help to give a broader under- standing of Christian service thrtuigh a program of speakers antl special activities. kNLLLL (j: M. Ikiiiii; |. B.irimt; U. ■! nungkin: G. Davidson: W. Snowa. FIRST ROW; |. Fenstermacher; J. Wolf- gang; J. Grubb, Secretary-Treasurer: J. Quackenbush; N. Hap- pel: B. Sills; A. Daugherty; Dr. Faust. Advisor. SECOND ROW; B. Shelton, President; H. Ray; I. Callahan; G. Godfrey; 1. Harrison; ]. Bell; B. Yocum; B. Hundeman. Pogf 31 i OFFICERS: S. Bowers, Secom! Vice-President; B. F. Peeler, First Vice-President; K. Overton, Secretary. Sm;dl, President; J a cippci apipct w Kappa Tau Kappa tries to meet the professional and social needs of its thirty-five members and to advance the teaching profession. To gain entrance, prospective members must be upperclassmen who have earned a " B " in one semester of an educa- tion course, and have maintained a " C " average in tliat course. Some of the club ' s special projects iluring the year were orphanage tutoring, home- coming, and a faculty show. Regular programs featured a joint meeting with Kappa Delta Pi, jianel discussions, and the sliuwing of educational film strips. FIRST ROW: S. Bowers; B. Small; F. Peeler; Y. Goodman; E. Beaver; G. Tucker. SECOND ROW: F. Hampton; A. Peeler; B. Greeson; I. Everhart; E. Horton; N. J. Yarbrough; A. Madden; B. Smith; S. Nichols; J. Wilhelm; N. Barnhardt. THIRD ROW: B. Moss; H. Miller; S. Blackburn; L. Barnes; E. Spencer. FOURTH ROW: D. Kaneklides; J, Ditzler; Miss Walker; J. Gribble; T. Sipp; B. Cromer: Dr. Hartung; T. Babb; Mr. Coulter; B. Shelton. , :: J» = I-:- ' - ' ■ ' ■ ' ■ ' • — •■ ■ - ' -.; . u FIRST ROW: [). X,.rthru| . . l;.iVMi-; C. l:upp: A. Lausch: li. Moss. SECOND RO ' ; 1!. Piiiksem; S. Bkickbuin; J. Duzlcr: S. Allen: B. Younj;. THIRD ROW: V. Peeler; Mk« W.Lker, Advisor; 1, Evcrhart; S. Wilhelm. CLppci oDeltci f- i Kappa Delta Pi is a national honorary society which encourages high professional, intellectual, and personal standards among prospecti c elementary and second- ary teachers. It has twenty members who meet month- ly, juniors and seniors, who rank in the upper fifth of their class and who are majoring in education, are eligihlf for mtmher ' .hip. Special projects this year includcil a lall fashion show and a inemliership li;inc]iict in February. In . I:irih delegates were sent to a national convocation in (Chicago. The meetings this year revolved arountl the theme: " The Links Between Elementary and Scc- imihirv F.ducation. " OFFICERS SEATED: I. Ditzler, Vice-President: S. Allen. President: B. Moss. Secretarx . STANDINt!: Dr. Hartung, Advisor: .A. Peeler, Historian-Reporter. Page 33 duertldlna ( lub FIRST ROW: Mr. Wilson, B. Fidler, B. Mashburn, E. Moss, A. Pfirrman, J. McGrath, Mr. O ' Neal. SECOND ROW: Miss Clark, F. Leonard, E. Frey, S. Collins, R. Hiatt, P. Hendricks, A. Hendricks, E. Shugart, D. Evans, R. Calloway, B. Gen- semer, B. Frazer, R. Ball, C. Bender. J. Griffin, J. Smith, R. Martin, A. Bowers. THIRD ROW: E. Beaver, R. Goodman, C. Brookshire. G. Smith, J. Martin, C. Rider, D. Lanning, H. Colcy, L. Morton, K. Johns, D. John.ston. T. Bean, L. Thompson, C. Lyerly, W. Dorman. FOURTH ROW: R. Conrad. H. Honevcutt, R. Edwards, R. Snow, B. Wright, P. Folmar, I. Robbins, W. Rctallick, R. Miller, V. Goodman, L. Hunsucker, R. Shelton, G. Brown, B. Lee, W. Iskra, G. Holshouscr. Students in the business field who are interested in or desire to learn more about advertising may be members of the Advertising Club. By partici- pating in the club activities, each member has the opportunity to be of a professional service to his fellow members and to aid the college. Outstanding businessmen frequendy present programs for the monthly dinner meetings. As a special project, club members sell Christmas cards and candy. c P Page 4 SEATED: J. McGrath, Representa- tive; B. Mashburn, Secretary; A. Ptirrmann, Treasurer. STANDING: B. Fidler, President; Mr. Wilson, -Advisor; E. Moss, Vice-President. V f 1 %: ' Whip " , if you are a good boy I ' ll fill It with golf balls next year. Dr. A. R. Keppel cut.s the ribbon on the water fountain which the Adver- tising Club donated to the College. Other members of the Club pictured are Mr. Wilson, E. Moss, A. Pfirr- inann, 1 . Fidler, B. Mashburn, J. McCrath, B. Martin. M ii FIRST ROW: Mr. Wilson. Mi« Clark, Mr. Bickers, A. McRee, D. Tolm.sioB. A. Hei:drick , 1. Gribble. G. Sides, r. 0 " Xeal. SECOND ROW: V. Yarbrough, A. Webb. B. Pinkston. 7. Keicbie. ]. RoberLs. W. Hampion. P. Hendricks. L KiBc .-l. Hcilig. H. Smith. ]. Smith. 1. Griffin. F. Leonard. THIRD ROW: 1. WaLser, 1. Sullivan, D. Baker. G. Smith. A. Burkhajt. ]. . liman. B. Spinnler. M. Dobson. Q. Morton. K_ Johns. B. Mashbnrn. W. RetalBck. E. Mo. . FOURTH ROW: K. Dowjl. J. Moss, 1. McDowell. ]. Lyerh-. C. Cook. C. Smith. C. Brookshire. FIFTH ROW: ]. Haves. P. Kurkow. ki. I_ Brown. G. Holshou-ser. V. GoodmaD. W. Lyerlv, R. Edwards. D. Latming. D. Evans. W. Ktssler. P. Folmer. SLXTH ROW; J. Beam. H. Honevcutt. R. Eller, R. Sloop, J. McCombs. L. Thompson, B. Lee, B. Wright, C. Bender. . ccoiiniinrt tin CU To proinde smdents interesied in accoundiai: and busi- ness vcixh conLacts " with per .ons in ihe accounting field is the purpose of the Accounting Club of Catawba Collegc- The sevenrv-fi c members meet each month at dinner meet- ings held in and around Salisburv . Prominent businessmen who are invited to address the club introduce their fields of business to the students. The purpose of the Accounting Club is to bring together interested aci:c u7iting students of Carawba College " vrith pro- iVssional accountants of the vicimitv in order to « pp3eiiicnt cHassT ' Oonii teaching with practical c serraii ' Oiini. Two fund-raising proiects occupied the club ' s artention this year: the sale of Iruii cakes before Chrisimas amid cajndv before Easier. The club ' s special proieci. a Loan and Schi lar- ship Fund- benefits from the money receoTed ' nji xht cantl and fnait cake sale Members ' of the AccoiMiiling Club who apply for loans from this fund to help meer financial suecvSs d ' O not repay the loans until after gradination. SEATED: G. Sides. First Vice Presi- dent; A- McRee. President; D, Johnston. Second Vice President; ST. NDING: T. Gribble, Treasurer: Mr. ' ' ilson and Mr. Bickers. Co-adTisors; A. Hendricks. Secretary. Page 3 6 = «:«• KXEELIXG: L. Burgess. Secretarv: D. Johnston: B. Brewer, President; J. Walscr. FIRST ROW: B. Pinkston: G. Baugess: I. Wolfgang: B. Goodman; J. Wilhclm. Vice-President. SECOND ROW: C. Morgan; E. Ressler: S. Blackburn; S. Wilhelm; B. Hassick. ' igmci f- i ..ywipka Sigma Pi Alpha, an honorary language fraternity, helps its twenty members to gain knowledge of foreign countries and languages through holding monthK programs and furnishing Catawba ' s new language laboratory. Membership is determined by proficiency in a foreign language course. nternutlonui Keiciuond L lul? Promoting better relations and understanding of foreign peoples and governments is the International Relations Club. Special projects included observance of United Nations Week .intl the sponsorship of delegates to a social-science forum and a United Nations assembU-. FIRST ROW: L. Finger; W. Dorman. President; .A. Chirig; I. Ghaemmaghami: Dr. Faust, . dvi.sor. SECOND ROW; L. Penn: B. W.mi, ' : ]. Vocum, Secretary-Treasurer: L. Crocker; H. Jones; M. Killion; W. Iskra, Program Chairman; R. Fincher. THIRD ROW: R. Handwerk; J. Bell; B. Hassick; E. Ressler; I. .Aaraas; K. Rawling; P. Kontos; A. Bordeaux, Vice-President; A. Bowers. « ' S eumout " S cientific L iuf? All science students who wish to stimulate interest in the natural sciences may join the Seymour Scientific Club. At the monthly meetings, timely and informati ' c pro- grams are presented by stu- dents, faculty members, and guest speakers. Special ac- tivities included a spring trip to the Oak Ridge atomic plant. FIRST ROW: Miss Holt; B. Dees: B. Correll; B. Griffith: S. Gallowav, President: G. Drum, Treasurer; A. Funkhouser; F. Breisch: Dr. Kirk. SECOND ROW: Dr. Antonakos; B. Wilson; A. Mantz; V. Lanier; D. Steppe; J. Brown: J. Culler: J. Graham; Dr. Detty, Advisor. J . ome C conomlc6 L tub FIRST ROW: F. Leonard: R. Allen, Secretary: L. J. Moss, President: B. Still. Vice-President: B. Kuykendall, Reporter. SECOND ROW: Miss French, Advisor: S. Bowers; P. Hendricks; S. Nichols; L. Crocker: L. Harding: B. Small: T. Penninger: N. Stout. Open to students who are stud ing home economics, the Home Economics Club provides opportunities for participation and learning that cannot be had in reg- ular classes. The seventeen members held an initiation lor n c w members and tlcmonstrations of domestic skills, and at Christmas, made wreaths for a home for the aged. Page 38 B ,- luniors and seniors whose major held is physi- cal education are eligible for membership in the Majors Club. The club has as its goal the pro- motion of professional interest and attitudes in the aims of the North Carolina Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation with which it is afiBliated. Mi ■A a OFFICERS: Mr. Richards, Advisor: W. Shadnck, Treasurer: C. Thornhill, Secretary: R. Oxendine, President; C. Hood, Vice-President. The hftv members of the Majors Club hold monthly dinner meetings at which club pro- grams are presented and business transacted. As Its project for the year, the club held a fund- raising sale. nicilord ( iub FIRST ROW: T. Little: F. K zcr: T. DcMaio: P. Holland; C. Thornhill; J. Cline; E. Horton; T. Truesdale; L. Camp.igna; T. Babbs: Mr. Richards. SECOND ROW: J. McDouell: B. Flvnn: G. Jarrett; W. Shadrick: R. Cromer; L. Morton; T. Queen; I. Worthington; R. Blackburn: R, Haskins. THIRD ROW: S. Ballard; R. DeVictor: R. Deese; J. Daniels; P. McQuade; D. Knecht: R. Fisher; R. Oxendine. FOURTH ROW: C. Hood: S. Morrow; E. Griffin: G. Wilson. ht: r. A FIRS I ROW: T. Penninger: B. Ha-sick: C. Gilson: L. Barnes: S. Gencrv: L. Brinklev: K. Reumann: M Helms SEC- OXD ROW: P. Holland: M. Peeler: A. Lausch: A. Funkhouser: S. Bowers: A. Zeger: S. Gallo%vav: T. Truesdalc- G Ondich THIRD ROW: W. Golding: M. Paulcs: V. Long: M. Peeler: B. Mashburn: E. Horton: L. Miller: A. Schofield- B Sta ' iavich- H Jones: F. Breisch: M. Brown: C. Thornhill. FOURTH ROW: li. Seiwell: ]. Quackenbush: E. Link: J. Grubb: B. Cole- b ' Smith: Z. Miller: S. Chapman: [. Grubb: G. Bauguss: E. Hoke: ]. Cline: J. Culler: J. Browne: C. Brown. w. omen J tkietlc Through sponsorship of a complete intramural program for women, the ' omen " s Athletic Asso- ciation promotes physical proficienc and develops good sportsmanship among Catawba ' s students. Under the direction of fall, winter, and spring managers. V. . offers competition in team and individual sports which include hockey, basketball, volleyball, badminton, ping-pong, tennis, shuffle- board, and archery. Participants receive points for which awards, ranging from WAA pins at five hundred points to blazers at two thousand points, are made. Open to all women. WA. sponsors the annual May Day program and sports night, and this year participated in several inter-collegiate women ' s in- vitational meets. FIRST ROW: C. Thornhill. Vice-President: G. Ondich, President. SECOND ROW: B. Hassick. Publicity Chair- man; C. Gilson. Zartman Repre.sentative: T. Penninger, Secretary-Treasurer. THIRD ROW: K. Reumann, Clare- mont Representative: L. Barnes. Winter Manager: B. vich. Spring Manager. FOURTH ROW: F. Breisch, Fall Manager: M. Peeler. May Day Chairman: Miss W, ,,ilward, .Advisor. Barbara Cole stops Phyllis Holland ' s ball from going into the basket. Looking on arc Claire Thornhill and (irace Ondich. K. Horton. F. Brcisch, and P. Holland fight over the ball as M. Zeger. G. Ondich, B. Seiwell. L. Barnes, arxl r. Penninijer look on. A ddociatlon In a May Da - fnrmatinn frDm " The Kinc and I " arc: T. Pen- ningc-r in the forcaround, L. Hill. C. Hincktn. M. Zeger. G. Hujjhe.s. B. Cole. T. Truesdale. H. Matthews. F. Hampton, M. Hill. r3 W Iu(l S l (.sttT makes a good vnllcy while teammates Barbara Seiwell md l.i;in Clinc look Dn. ■wmmmm (_- ( lub Promoting sportsmanship and creating a close relationship among Catawba ' s varsity athletics is the " C " Club, an organization composed of forty- three men who have obtained a letter in football, basketball, baseball or track. Prospective members must undergo an initiation before being received into club membership. All members receive from the club " C " jackets which are purchased with money received from the sale of tickets for a transistor radio awarded at the first home basketball game. More money is earned through operation of a concessions stand during the basketball season and the annual school carni- val. Meetings are held twice a month. G. Jarrett, Vice-President: C. Hood, Secretary: G. Whisenhunt, President; J. Underwood, Treasurer. FIRST RO ' : B. Frazer: G. Jarrett; G. Whisenhunt; F. Kvzer: R. Ball; J. Worthington; T. Queen; L. Finger. SECOND ROW; B. Flynn; G. Sapiro; I. Underwood; D. Chalk: W. Dorman; C. Bender; S. Morrow; L. Forbis: R. DeVictor. THIRD ROW: C. Hood; H. Medford; R. Oxendine; R. Snow; G. Brown: B. Lee; D. Teunon; E. Griffin. Page 42 sports ■ - .-i-. i -? ' - ' v :. football . SEATED: Coach Mull. STAXDIXG: Co-Captain Bcnnv ' ttnght and John McGrath. Catawba ' s foutball squad underwent a vear of transition and rebuilding this season. Presnell Mull, in his first year at Catawba, was faced with a rather desperate situation. Lack of depth, a green squad, and the problem of employing an oflense which was entirely foreign to many of the plavers. all added to his troubles and combined for a rather mediocre season. FIRST RO " : D. Campbell. D. Lamb. D. Elkin. B. McDevitt. J. Rose. J. Gardner, D. Tarleton. I. Underwood. S. Lambeth. SECOND ROW; B. ' right. J. Worthington. S. Morrow. R. Ball. C. Dixon. J. . rahill, M. Wachter. R. Seller. . B. Sitler. THIRD ROW: G. Brown. E. Griffin. B. Boschini. R. Kurnik, P. Mucke, R. Jones. P. Folmar. R. Oxendine. J. McGrath. R. Ha kin FOURTH ROW: L. Campagna. F. Kyzer. R. Cromer. D. Shearer. J. Yarbrough, G. Smith. ' -r- ' ' ' S olrlt Its Kti CHEERLEADERS FIRST ROW: B. Witmer: B. Mashburn: m% M. Greer. CENTER; B. Still. SECOND - ROW: M. Peeler: E. Spencer: B. Hill; J. Cline; R. . llen. a( t =1=; c Oi.ich IVcsncll Mull .uiviscs guard lim Gardner, 65, during the u.irlv mdiiicnts ot the second halt of a tense h.irrlc .TC-iinst Western Carolin;!. Grace Ondich play. Catawba ' s fii ht sonc his ear ' s schetlule was rather unusual In the fact that Western Carolina was i layetl twice. The weekend before schndl bei an. the Indians traveled to Ashe ille tn face the Catamnunts in Presnell MuM ' s debut as heail coach. The untlerdog Intban.s came away with a 6-ti tie. Later in the ear an injury-ruklletl ' IVibe squad was shut out 30-U In the Catamounts m Cullowhee. Catawba officially opened its season against Davidson. The Indians suJiered a 42-6 licking al the hands of the powerful Wildcats. Sophomore halfback Ed Griffin raced twelve yards for the onlv Tribe score. This game seemed to ser% ' e as an omen of things to follow. Jean WortHEgton. 20. skirti tht end in die Tribe s battle against Davidson which was held at Charlotte. L riciLron Newberry handed the Tribe its second loss 14-7. Jim Rose heaved a 50 yard touch- do%vn pass to lead Catawba offensivelv. Guard Ray Oxendine was lost for the sea- son when he sustained a leg injury in the first half. during tlie Newberry game. 6 y H Lenoir Rhvne stomped Catawba 50-6 in the annual Turkey Bowl. A 12 yard pass from Ron Ball to Grover Smith averted a shutout. Don Shearer, John McGrath, Benny Wright. Jim Underwood, and Paul Folmar ended their football days in this game. rl 7 ' 20 • a I Quarterback Ronnie Ball, 10, runs the option pla to perfection during the annual Turkey Bowl game against L. R. K reci h Coach Pre 1 1 ' 1 and Coach Harvey Stratton arc about to con- jjratulatc Sam " .Mole " Morrow after he raced 79 yards tor a Tribe touchdown during their romp over Guilford. Sam Morrow ' s touchdown runs of 79 and 27 yards sparked Catawba to a 32-7 victory over Guilford in the Tribe ' s best showing of the year. Ron Ball threw touchdown passes of 15. 60 and 5 yards. Jim Underwood scored on the first pass with Bob Sitler hauling in the other two. Page 4 m x Cirovcr Smith 22 cluclc!. a Lenoir Rhuic dLUiulcr jiul ciosics the goal hne after snagging a pass from quarterback Ronnie BaH. This was the only Tribe score in the 50-6 massacre in the Turkey Bowl. Catawba ' s home debut turned out to be some- thing less than successful as the Tribe suffered a 34-7 defeat at the hands of East Carolina. After scoring an early first quarter touchdown, Catawba simply was unable to cope with the Pirates ' speedy backs. Appalachian ' s Mountaineers were held at bay by the Tribe lor three quarters before the roof caved in on Homecoming Day. An 8-0 deficit at half- time left some hope that the Indians would be able to pull an upset. A series of bad breaks — an inter- cepted pass, a fumble by a (Catawba punter, and another fumble — allowed the isitors to score a 28-U victory. Jcan_ Worthington 20 scoots the left end as Joe ArahiU 40 and lim Gardner 65 lead interference. The Tribe won their first game of the season against Elon 21-8 in a game played at Shuford Field. Joe Arahill scored twice on one-yard plunges, with Jean ' orthington scampering 8 yards for the other Indian score. A terrific pass defense combined with a goal-line stand by the Tribe early in the first period spurred the Indians on to victory. e- Presbyterian ' s Tangerine Bowl-bound express trampled the Tribe in a rain-soaked contest played at Clinton. The Blue Hose rolled up a 28-0 half- time advantage. However, Ron Ball ran 50 yards with an intercepted pass for a TD, and Joe Arahill scored from the 1 yard line to ease the 35-14 defeat. t Lennie Campagna 56 strains to leave the shadow of the goal posts as two opposition defenders close in. Jean Worthingion 20 slushes through the mud against Presbyterian in a rain- soaked game played in Clinton, S. C. MAWBA COLLEGE LESPJi: ' ■Salisbury, North Carolina 28144 rmsprr. i. ' --- r :5 f . K. Briggs. L. Finger, B. Pinner, D. Nabinger, K. Money, W. Spinnler, V. Faulk, B. Long, B. Coffin, R. Hendrickson, R. Deese. KNKFI.IXG: R. DeVictor. . . . C f rodd Finishing fast in N.A.I.A. District 25 cross country meet is Ruby Deese, Catawba junior. Catawba ' s still young sport of Cross-country again proved to be one of the most successful. Under the direction of Professor Kenneth Ackernian. the Tribe compiled a record of four wins and two losses, com- peting successfully against Pembroke, twice against Pfeiffer, and Waihington and Lee, while losing to Wake Forest and High Point. The Indians finished second behind High Point in the Conference meet with Richard De ' ictor, Roby Deese, and Wayne Faulk setting the pace for Catawba. In the State meet the Redskins finished sixth against competition from the bigger schools in the state. Catawba Cros,-. Country Star Richard DcVictor leads the pack in a meet held at Catawba course at the citv lake. R. DcVictor and R. Deese lead the pack in a meet against Pfeiffcr at the citv lake course in Salisburv. Cc ountft Y S3 ' m Bill Spinnler. Catawba sophomore, takes a breather after a four-mile run over the Catawba course m a triangular meet. Dr. Keppcl presents Coach Kenneth Ackerman with the N.A.I. A. District 26 Championship Trophy won during the 1958 cross country season. V. ' --if-i ' ::-:,-}!f ' FIRST ROW: L. Forbis; R. Snow; B. Flynn, Captain; C. Hood; and H. Medford. SECOND ROW; R. Kopp; G. Clayton; D. Knccht; D. Rca; D. Chalk; and E. Maxwell. THIRD ROW: Coach Ruth; M. Clayton; J. Moss; J. Cole; J. Pickett, Manager. (AJadheWaii cneciuie Nov. 28 PfeiflEer Dec. 1 Belmont Abbey 2 Mercer 4-5 Florida Tournament 8 Davidson 12 Western Carolina 14 Atlantic Christian 15 East Carolina 17-19 Parris Island Tournament Jan. 7 Pfeiffer 9 High Point 13 Lenoir Rhjne 16 Elon Jan. 18 Davidson 20 Western Carolina 23 Appalachian 30 Elon Feb. 3 Guilford 6 High Point 10 East Carolina 13 Lenoir Rhyne 16 Guilford 18 Adantic Christian 20 Appalachian 24-27 North State Tournament Page 52 Vi- ' -r ic. - .y. d cishetocttl Roger Snow and an unidentified High Point player scramble for a loose ball during the second half of a hotly contested game against High Point during the regular North State Conference season. Catawba ' s North State Champs whoop it up in the dressing room after copping the crown for the first time in seventeen years. Coach Earl B. Ruth (foreground) is shown with the game ball, while Captain Bob Flynn is holding the championship trophy. Roger Snow and Roger Kopp display individual trophies which were given to each member of the Indian squad upon winning the Conference championship with their 59-57 victory over Lenoir Rhyne in the final game of the tournament. y ction LJn he ( ourh The Tribe ' s top seven cagers: L. Forbis, R. Snow, C. Hood. H. Medford, B. FIvnn, R. Kopp. D. Chalk. Page 54 Roger Snow drives towards the Tribe bucket in the record-shatter- ing game against PteifTer. !W ■ I .. 1 1 W 1 I ' i I -tt«— —IBwJ S cichboarci l Uizcirdd Bob Flynn, this year ' s captain, lays up a two- pointer in the Tribe ' s opener which was played in the Linn-Corriher G mnasium. V:3 N Captain Bob Flynn and Coach Ruth. irach cmd This spring ' s track squad will have quite a tradition to maintain if it is going to match last season ' s record. Last year ' s team won both the North State and District 26 Championships. Every school record was broken except for the shot put. Most of the members of that record- shattering club ill return to the cinders and sawdust pits this year. Roby Deese, Gary Sapiro, Wayne Faulk, and Barry Bush, who set all re- cords last spring, will lead the Tribe as they try for more records and championships. R. Deese fixes equipment before track meet held at Shuford Field. KNEELING: R. Deese, G. Sapiro, T. Sipp, L. Finger, G. Rich, B. Bush. STANDING; T. Winter, E. Martin, R. DeVictor, Coach Ackerman, D. Nabinger, W. Faulk, Manager J. Siegel. " ; -f,.-.. ' ' ' r- ' " •. : . ' lieicl even ts Barry Bush, Catawba ' s strong man, prepares for one of his patented dis- cus heaves during spring practice, which began February 2. :f ■:..■ ' .. rTt -,. - Dave Nabinger passes the baton to Wayne Faulk as the two Tribe harriers practice in preparation for attempt to break the record which the mile relay team, of which they are members, set last year. T. Queen, G. Jarrctt, B. Frazer look out over the bleak Neuni.iii lielil as it is being prepared for the oneoniini; seas. mi. (l uSebciil Catawba ' s hard-hitting baseball team, coached by Harvey Stratton, will attempt to improve upon its record of last year. Letl by the pitching of gangly Horace Medford and junkball artist Bill Frazer, along with the hard hitting of Ray Oxen- dine and the strong defensive ball for which the Tribe has long been respected, the Indians should again be a threat for the conference title. CATAWBA ' S RETURNING LETTER MEN FRONT AND CENTER: Johnny Stratton. FIRST ROW: B. Frazer. L. Forbis, D. Teunon. G. Whisenhunt. T Qu SECOND ROW: R. O.xendine, D. Rea, C. Bender, G. Jarrett, Coach Stratton. .s v. ■li ' i- ' -.i- .. .V. features ■■: - ' ' :tm JTrej iiiian lai Brenda Thomas Phil Laucks a Ci66 mf: iopnoniore L iaj Of, Amie Carpenter Don Teunon ■ ■£(■ ' % ' - ' .■•■■-■ -; Carol Ann Brown Coy Ludwig avoriteA Senior ( a JJ Becky Mashburn Bob Fidler V ■■■■r ' K ' » % • s V k H 1 B • . r- H l ' erk - Amie Carpenter of Burlington displayed her warm, glowing smile as she waved to the crowd during the halftime ceremony of the Appalachian game on Homecoming day. Her bright and cheerful face brought sunshine to the dull, rainv dav, and brought a hope of victory when c ur spirits were low. J oniecoiniiicj ' J The Queen ' s attendants, Beckv Wong from Hong Kong, and Brenda Thomas of SaUsburv, displayed their usual grace and charm as the - waved to the spectators. Representing beauty- of local and inter- national flavor, these girls won the hearts of all Catawbans on Homecommg dav. nmfi- Catawbans found themselves in Hickorv for the Lenoir Rhvnc game on Thanksgiving D a V. Miss Catawba, Joan Ditzler, was introduced at halftime and greeted the crowd with her warm smile and pleasing personality. She was a spark of hope when vic- tory seemed impossible! JOAN DITZLER LariMhilc. Pit. = at-. • " (T ids i citciLvbcL Miss Catawlia .anil Iicr escort, Fred Corrihcr, mcl Miss Lcnior Rhynr and Ikt escort on the- held in Hicl or , and tlic girls cxchanpcd flowers. i. - - . fr. " . 1 ' -- . r-ii »• M " i " I960 Waij Queen REBA FINCHER Wa SEATED: Sophomore attendants Amie Carpenter, Barbara Seiwell, Jackie Franck. STANDING: Freshman attendants Emily Hoke, Brenda Thomas, Beckv Sills. I fi ' ' i-, ;r ' . .y- a id oj J o JOAN DITZLER oDciU .... SF.ATI-,[ : Scnliir mcll(l,lnt lkck M.ishbuni. Rarbara Small, Kay OMTtmi. STANOING: junior attindants France!. Hamp- ton. lVck W ' .nu;. i ' ui: Alkn. f- Sandra Allen Erie, Pennsylvania lohn Callahan Cireenville, Pennsylvania Sonja Bowers New London Frederick Corriher Landis Jerry Brown Salisbury Willie Dorman Red Springs WL ' s WL Fourteen seniors and one junior were elected to appear in the 1959-60 edition of " Who ' s Who in Ameri- can Universities and Colleges. " These students, chosen by a special committee of Catawba faculty and stu- dents, ha e been recognized along with students from approximately 700 colleges and universities of the country. Students receiving this high honor were chosen on the basis of their scholarship, their participation and leadership in academic and extracurricular acti ities, their citizenship and service to the school, and their promise of future success. Page 66 : , ' .-ll iY-N ' r : - f ' O. s. Rcbn Finchcr F.ugene C ' rodlicy Donald Johnsion Kann.ipoli . Red Lion, Pennsylvania Mooresville ( " o Liul ' . ii; Rebecca Masiiburn Arnold McRee S:ilislnir) ' Mailisoii Maiden ( rfacc ( )ii(lich Robert ixick.ircl Barbara Small I ' illsliiirLjh, l iin:. i ani.t ThomasN illc Hickory Page 67 ■-X ' -.- ' w: Dorothy Ann Shuford and Adrian L. Shu- ford, III. children ot Mr. Adrian L. Shu- ford, Jr. cut the ribbon to officially open the Science Building during the Home- coming ceremonies of 1958. A favorite little hgure on campus is Johnny Stratton. Wearing his Catawba " C " , he smiles for the camera in the canteen. The Public Relations office is always buzz- ing with busy workers. Here is Joyce Knox working on a press release. Taking tune out for a chat are Bill Shel- ton dnd Gwen Sloan. Nominated by her senior classmates and elected by the Sophomore class, lovely Barbara Greeson. our Christmas Queen, reigned over the " Old Fashioned Christ- mas " dance. Wearing a jeweled tiara and carrying red loses, she was a queen in every respect. e -fsp- m-9( r y ' K: ' classes mmm Mim Credit tmeii OFFICERS KNEELING: Phil Lauck.s. Senate Representa- tive: Jim Robbins, Presulent. STANDING: Becky Sills. Secretary; Frances Gilladette, Vice- President: Bonnie Aiiams. Treasurer. Mr. . ckerman .Advisor of the Class of 1963. Registration, the freshman mixer, the reception at Dr. KeppeF.s and orientation to college life all combine to make the hr-t week at Cata« ' ba College one of confusion, excitement, and perhaps a little fear for and uncertainty cf that which is to follow. In the succeeding weeks nostalgia, the feeling of insecurity, and grade worries are overcome. En- thusiasm makes these freshmen bubble with school spirit, as they become an integral part of the campus and join in all the activities and sports e ents. Highlighting this year is the Frosh-Junior Dance. Freshmen Betty Fau , Martha ThreadgiU. Marty Sciwell, and Lynn Harding are insisting that their classmate wear a dink too! Wiirking ililigentlv at their Rat Court punishments are freshmen George l aviilson and Larry Loftm. P.ud Long spends a quiet evening studying. Or perhaps his mincl is not on his stuches. ,- ' -■ - " ' !r?; ' t, r. ? i resli man Ingritl Aaraas. Nittcclal. Xnrwav; loan Accomando. Hackcnsack. N ' cw Jersey: Bonnie Adams. Lampeter. Pennsylvania: Thomas ,Mlen. Kannajinlis. Hoylc -Alli.son. Concord: Kay .Atkinson. Mt. .Airy: Dokires Ayers, Salisbury: Daniel Barbee, Le.vington. Thomas Barkley. Salisbury: Carolyn Earnhardt. Cooleemee: -Ann Barnnger. Cono er: John Beaver. China Grove. Sara Benson. Greenville. Pennsylvani: Barbara Bernhardt, Salisbury: Jayne Bishop. Mt. Dora. Florida: .Alan Blankenship. Spencer. Barbara Boggs. Spencer: Jay Brandon, Salisbury: Sylvia Briggs. Lexington: Donald Brunner, Ridgwav, Pennsvlvania. .■ rtie Burkhart. Le. ington: David Caldwell, Salisbury: Leonard Campagna, Lilly. Penn.svlvania: Marilyn Carbone. Trow Martha Carter. West Point. Virginia: Nel.son Cas.stevens. YadkinviUe: Sherrell Casstevens. YadkinviUe: Charles Caulk. Gibson. Lonnie Chandler, New London: Suzon Chapman, Charlotte: Beth Coleman, Reidsville; Beverly Corelle. Salisburv. C laiA Stanley Cox, Kannapolis: Kenneth Cranhcld. Concord: Judy Cress. Salisbury: George Daviils »n, West Haven. Connecticut. Troy Davis. Gastonia: William Davis. Landis; Patsy Dees, Salisbury; Charles Doll, Hacerstown. Marvland. Wade Dyson. Mocksvlllc: Myra Eastep. Lexington: William Edwards. Salisbury; Patricia Esolt, Mannis Choice. Pennsvlvania. A f f n Robert Ellcr. Granite Quarry: Henry Elrod, Spencer: Robert Emory. Selma; John Eshbach. Lancaster. Penns Ivania. k Raetord Everhart, Lexington: Richard Everhart, Salisbury; lames Evster. Seven V alleys, Pennsylvania: Salvatore Farinella. Wethcrsheltl, Connecticut. B.--tty Paw. Conover; Worthington Fister. Reading, Pennsylvania: lanifs Fletcher. Kannapolis: Robert Forrest, Salisburv. C.liarles Fout . Westminster. Maryland; I iseph Fullcrton, Hanover. Pennsylvania; William (iamble, Sahsbury: Wimlred Class. Conshohocken, Penns l ama. Irai (diaemmaghami, Tehran, Iran; Roger Gillon, Kannapolis; (Constance Gilson. Almoncsson, New Jersey; (Jeorgc Glenn, Hamlet. f ' eSn i ncin Larry Goilwin, Salisbury: Rrentia Gootlson. Denver: Rhett Greene. Lexint;ton; Martha !») Greer. l.e inut» ' n. Jean Grubb. Mocksvillc: John Hamilton. Boonville: Nancy Happel. Cascade. Maryland: Lynn Harding. Nautjatuck, Connecticut. Perry Harkey. Kannapolis: Barbara Harrington. Landi; lohn Harrison. Lenoir: Linda Hartlev. Mocksville. Arnold Heilig. China Grove; Savonne Hemphill. Gastonia: Carlton Hill. Lexington: Emilv Hoke. Walkersville. Marvland. Richard Hollar. Newton; Willie Holshouser. Concord; Roy Hopkins, Salisburv; Hazeline Horton. Cleveland. Carol Hughey. New Bern; Harry Ibbotson, Slatmgton, Pennsvlvania; Tom Jacobsen. Fort Lauderdale. Florida; Frederick Jones. Sali.sburv. Ronald Keever. China Grove; Charlotte Kesler. Granite Quarrv: Judy Ketchie, Lynchburg. Virginia; Caroline Kirkpatr!ck, Salisburv. William Knoff. Summit. New Jersey: Richard Kurnik, EKsworth, Pennsylvania; Donald Lamb. New Bern; Philip Laucks. Reading, Pennsvlvania. CL 3d Pat Lawinj;. Newton: Rrcntb Ltonarcl. Ashcboro: I.tirctta Lcdnanl. Lexiniit( n: M.irth.i I.c.inaiil. I,c ini;ton. f(-»u Linn. Sali-shurN : l.vnda Ll.ivd. High Point: Larry Loftin, Newton: M;trt Lo!:an. York. Pcnns Kama. Robert Long, Richlandtown, Pennsylvania; Doyle Luckenbaugh, Salisbury; Helen Lyerly, Ft. Lauclcrclalc, Florida; D.-anie Marett. Statesville. Bernanl Mazer. Hyndnian, Pennsylvania: Beverly McCauley, Burlington: Juilith McConnell. Fairlawn. New Jersey; David McCorkle. Burlington. k dA £Mik f. k HiMm t xkiik£k Bill McDexitt, Williamstown, New Jersey; Phili|i McElveen, Hampton, Virginia; Dora McMahan, Concortl; Zona Miller. Bedford, Pennsylvania. Edward Mintz, Salisbury; Kenneth Money, Lexington; Jo.scph Nas.), Hicksvillc, New York; Johnny Nesbitt, East Spencer. Limes Nichols. Spencer: r) Ntjrinan. B.oon ' ille; C h;irles Outl.iw, Monroe; l,.irr i ' .irnsli, Salisbury. lo ce I ' arton. Morganton; Robert P.itton. Altoona, Pennsylvania; Stephen Peacock. Spencer; Samuel Penninger, Matthews. resh man Stanley Pieloch, Oceansidc, Long Island, New York; I.saac Pierson, Alloway, New Jersey; Priscilla Pinkston, Salisbury; Linda P(jteat, Spencer. Martha Power, Lexington; June Quackcnbush, Winston-Saler Karen Rawling, Salisbury; Howard Regan, Lexington. Karen Reumann, Westwood, New Jersey; Charles Rider, Uellsburg, Pennsylvania; James Robbins, West Point, Virginia; Richard Roe, Highland Park, New Jersey. Jame.s Rose, Altoona, Pennsylvania; David Saleeby, Salisbury; Philip Saylor, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania; Ann Schofield, Durham. John Seaford, Granite Quarry; Martha Seiwell, Salisbury; Rebecca Sills, Orlando, Florida; William Singleton, Red Springs. Grover Smith, Wadesboro; Tommy Smith, China Grove; Walter Snowa, Richmond, Virginia; ry Stambaugh, Hanover, Pennsylvania, Garneita Stout. Salisbury; Richard Stover, Ferndale, Maryland; Fred Stresau, Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Vivian Strickland, Reuls ille. Judith Sylvester, Claymont, Delaware Whitley Tarlton, Wadesboro Brenda Thomas, China Grove Wanda Thomas, Burlington mkdik a a66 Hrcnda Thompson. Asheboro; Martha Thrcadgill. Asheboro: Ton - Transou, Boon illc. ' irginia Turlington, Rt)Sfboro; l ' .[tt WuHlcrau. Mercersburg. Pennsylvania: Michael Wachter. Greensboro. t ' harlcs Walton. West Haven. Connecticut: Mark Ware. Kannapolis: Garrv Watkins, Salisburv. ' a!lace Watson, . rarat: Robert W ' att.nii. Tonawanda. New York: Jt)hn Weetnian. Clewiston. Floriil.i. |ohn Wciser. Hanover. Pennsylvania Thomas Wellborn. Lincolnton: John White, Ract ' orcl. James WMlhclm, Salisbury: Linda Wilson, Collingswood, New Jersey: Fionita Witmer, Loysburg, Pennsylvania. Shirley Wolfe. Mercersburg. Penns Ivania: Joe Yarbrough. Lexington: Don Y ' ost, Salisbur . Juilith Young, Rutlaml. Vermont; M;ir - Ellen Yount, Charlotte: lames Zammiello, Castonia, J ii I I ' eiiiortciin JAMES edc;ar zammiello A Member of the Class of 1963 January 24, 1940— March 1, 1960 ophomored OFFICERS: Bob Wilson, Prc ' sulcnt; Jiniiny Bell, Vice-President; Fcnstermaeher, Secret;ir ; George Drum. Trcas Miss Harden. Advisor o£ the Class o£ 1962. N ' eterans now, the sophomores cannot help smil- ing at the in-L-oming frosh as they reflect upon their debut into the college society. But, quickly re-established into the familiar routine, they join in the many activities with abounding energy. New drama and language laboratories and longer li- brary hours are much appreciated by this class as they apph- their improved study habits and come to the realization of what college means. Amie Car- penter, reigning as Homecoming Queen, and the impressive Christmas dance are two of the bright- est spots in this year ' s activities. m y ' s Sophomore Shirley Vogel. a Music Major, spends mjn long hours ot practice in the music building. T ikin.:: a pre-se.i i ' ii .wim in tiu bird b.itii l sophomore Jean Fcnstcrmachcr with the aid ot Jerry Brown, senior. S ojjkoinoreS . ddressing invitations to the Sophomore-Senior Prom are Tommie Truesdale. Bonnie .Austin, Maxinc Paulus, and Wilma Golding. ' " ♦ ' ' Jl ' - ' m m FIRST ROW: Harvey Adler, Raleigh; Frances Agner, Salisbury: Andrew Appanaitis, Robbins: Barbara Arev. Salisbury: Bonnie Austin. Locust: Richard Baker, Charlotte. SECOND ROW; Andrew Balanda. Berwick. Pennsylvania; Samuel Ballard! Hamlet; Gary Barnes. Kannapolis: Hubert Barney, Winston-Salem; Joan Barnitt, Hasbrouck Heights, New Jer.sev; Norman Beaver, Landis. THIRD ROW: James Bell, Thomasville: James Bigger. Charlotte: Bonnie Binns. ' Sarasota. Florida; Florence Breisch, Reading. Pennsylvania; Kenneth Briggs. .Allentown. Pennsylvania; Elizabeth Brinklev, Cana. Virginia. opli oiiiofe FIRST ROW; Mary .Ann Brown. Hamlet: Arctta Bryan. Salisbury; Robirt Burchette. Winston-Saltm: lean Burkholder. Le- banon. Pennsylvania: Gary Burleson. Salisbury; Deborah Burrison. Plainheld, New Jersey. SECOND ROW; Barry Bush. Pompton Lakes, New Jersey: Amie Carpenter, Burlington; Bettie Carpenter, Salisbury: Edward Carter. Concord; Arthur Ching. Djakarta. Indonesia: Martha Clarke. Salisbury. THIRD ROW: Gene Clayton. New London; Michael Clayton. Haw River: Javne Clodfclter. Lexington: William Coffin. Ea.ston. Pennsvlvania; Barbara Cole. Candor; Norma Sue Collins, Mt Air . FIRST ROW: Joann Culler, Hagerstown, Maryland: John Daniels, Salisbury: Rachel Deal, Moorcsville: Bettie Delhnger, Char- lotte: Richard DeVictor, Howard. Pennsylvania: Wayne Dickson, China Grove. SECOND ROW: Kenneth Dowd, Stanfield: George Drum, Charlotte: Robert Earnhardt, Sali.sbury; Don Elkins, Lexington; Barbara Feimster, Landis: Jean Fenstermacher, Silver Springs. Maryland. THIRD ROW: Larrell Forbis, Lexington; Wayne Foulk, Bridgeport, New fersey; Jacquelyn pranck, Fayctteville: -Alice Funkhouser, Baltimore. Maryland; John Gehrkc. Salisbury; James Gieser, Garrett Park, Maryland. a uss FIR.ST ROW: Wilma Golding, Mt. Airy; Glenna Goodson, Salisbury: John Graham, Kannapolis; Edward Griffin, Elloree, South Carolina: Bruce Griffith, West Haven, Connecticut; Margaret Grove, York. Pennsylvania. SECOND ROW: June Grubb, Lexington: William Guy. Cramerton; Worth Hampton. Laurel Hill; Robert Handwerk. Hummelstown. Pennsylvania; Terry Herrington. Salisbury: Ronald Haskins. Kannapolis. THIRD ROW: Barbara Hassick. Bethlehem. Pennsylvania; Joseph Haves, Fair Bluff; James Head, Salisbury; Marie Hefner, Hickory: Raymond Hcndrickson, Bridgeport, New Jer.sey; Irene Honbarger. Salisbur . t p. p €i £k lii Jm FIRST ROW: Robert Hundemann, Pompton Lakes, New Jersey; Douglas Johnson. Kannapolis; Helena Jones. Sao Paulo, Brazil; Peggy Keasler, Salisbury; Frank Kivett. Spencer; Frederick Knetsche, Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania. SECOND ROW: Linda Koen, Wilmington; Spurgeon Lambeth, Thomasville; Darlene Landis. Silver Springs, Maryland; Verne Lanier, Welcome; James Laurie, Havertown, Pennsylvania; Amon Liner, Charlotte. THIRD ROW: Eleanor Link, Welcome: Tornmie Little ' , Raleigh; Virginia Long, Salisbury; Arlan Mantz. Slatington, Pennsylvania; John E. Martin, Hagerstown, Marvland; Edward ' Maxwell, Bedford, Indiana. opn omore a add FIRST ROW: John McDowell, Southport: David McGaha, Middletown, Maryland; .Ann Mesimcr, Salisbury: Linda Miller. Con- over; Alan Mizeras. Fair Lawn, New Jersey; Tamara Morgan, China Grove. SECOND ROW: Jerry Moss. Kannapolis; David Nabinger, Cleveland, Ohio; Maxine Paules, York. Pennsylvania; Kenneth Payne, Kannapolis; Jerry Peck, Sahsbury; James Peeler, Salisbury. THIRD ROW: Kathleen Penn, East Brunswick. New Jersey; Lois Penn, Havertown. Pennsylvania; Thyra Penninger, Mt. Pleasant; Ray Pickel, Walnutport. Pennsylvania; James Pickett, Asheboro; Darryl Porter, Lexinc ton. ii dM C (Ti f FIRST ROW: Dwight Rca. Matthews: Elinor Ressler. AUentown, Pennsylvania: William Retallick, Faith: George Sapp, Boon- ville: Annie Seaford. Granite Quarry: Barbara Seiwell, Perkasie, Pennsylvania. SECOND ROW: Richard Sellars, Salisbury; John Siegcl, Millersburg. Pennsylvania; Larry Sink, Winston-Salem; William Sliney, West Haven, Connecticut; Donald Sloop, Salis- bury: Stewart Smith, Mt. Airy. THIRD ROW: Roger Snow, Bedford, Indiana: Patsy Somera Brinkley, Salisbury; William Spinnler, Wayne. New Jersey: Rebecca Stasa ich. Hickory: Ned Storey, Salisbury: Jamics Sullivan. Salisbury. I- ' IRST ROW: " rhi Sutlnn. K.innapohs; James Swiceguod, Lexmgton; Donald Teunon, Cranford. New lersey: Walter Tillerv. Stalesvdle: Tommie Lou Truesdale, Charlotte; Richard Tucker, Concord. SECOND ROW: Shirley Vogel. West Seneca, New York: Carl von Kleist. Salishurv: John Walser. Salisbury; . ltonso Webb. Riverside, Connecticut: Johnn Lou Weeks, Mt. Hollv: Charles Wdhelm. Cleveland. THIRD ROW: Lloyd Williams, Spencer: Bobby Wilson. Salisbury; Th.imas Wilson, C.harlotlc: Frances Windham, Burlington; John Winkler, Raleigh: Joseph Wise, Kannapolis. FOURTH ROW: Janet Wolf- .cang. Red Lion. Pcnn vU ania: Thomas Wooten. Hamlet: Jean Worthmgton. New Bern; ' aughn Yarbmugh, Salisbur ; Bobby ' Wargin. Salisbur : Herbert Youngkin, Easton, Pennsylvania; Mitzi Zeger. Mercersburg, Pennsylvania. t). o ili-f : lii ■ ' W k OFFICERS: Carol Ann Brown, Secretary; John Martin, Vice-President; Guy Rich, Treasurer; Coy Ludwig, President, Auni uniofj Miss Holt, Advisor of the Class of 1961. Moving out of the underclassman status, and for the most part, having the core curriculum courses completed, a sincere persistence and optimism is .idopted by the junior class. Sights being raised over the former horizon to view the prospects of a future position in the world or on the graduate level, this junior class is characterized by industry and re- sponsibility. Being elected to honorary societies and chosen a Junior Marshal are two very high honors received by this class. The Junior-Senior Prom momentously highlights the year ' s activities. In a booth in the library, Junior class president Coy Ludwig is busily at work on a research paper. Planning the dccoratifjns for the lunior-Senior Prom arc Bob Gensemcr. Roxanna Neikirk, Dave Knccht. Coy Ludwig, and Carol Ann Brown. " Bill " Smith takes sizxs, and orders Catawba class rmgs for juniors Dave Knccht. Ray Oxendine, and Frances Hampton. - . % k , i unior Rachel Allen, Salisbury; I ' reil Archer, Cliina Grove; Ronald Ball, Bluefield, Weit Virgin!; limmie Beam, Statesville. Billy Beck, Lexington; Charles Bender, Reading. Pennsylvania; Tim Benton, Spencer: Ronald Blackburn, Kannapolis. Avery Bordeaux, Delco; Allen Bowers. New London; Carroll Brookshire, Salisbury; Carol Ann Brown. Hendersonville. Jeanette Browne, Hickory; Linda Burgess, Harrisonburg, Virginia; Joan Cline, Cherryville; Harrill Colev, Newton. lim Cooper. Salisbury; Louanna Ellington Crocker, Graham; Lowell Daniels, Kannapolis: Roby, Lexington. Melton Dobson, Concord; Richard Dorn. New Brunswick. New Jersey; Ralph Edwards. Mount Hollv: lames Emerson, Salisburv. Howard Evans, Salisbury; Mar ' . nn Evans. Winston-Salem; Iris Everhart. Lexington; Paul Folmar. Williamsport. Pennsylvania. a uds William Frazcr. Glassboro. New Jersey; Shelby Galloway. Rosman; Bub Gensenicr, Allcntuwn, Pennsylvania: Roberta Goodman. Salisbury. Frances Hampton, Elkin: Glenila Hartley. Linwood; Roy Hiatt. Mt. Airy: Robert HiU. Kittanning. Pennsylvania. Phyllis Holland, Statesville; Howard Hollar. China Grove; Sarah HoLsclaw, Salisbury; Elizabeth Horton, Salisbury. ShirlcN " Hunsucker. MooresviUc; Douglas Johnson. Norfolk, Virginia; Carroll Kann, Shippcn.sburg. Pennsylvania; Gave Kearns. Thomasville. Richard Keasler, Concord; James Kelly. Mocksville; Melda Killion. Salisbury; Mark King, Salisbury. Elaine Kluttz, Ciranite Quarry; David Kntcht, .MIentuwn. Pennsylvania; Fred Kyzer. Spartanburg, South Carolina; Shirle Lewis, Landis. Rodger Lofland. Hollywood, Florida; I inda Loftin, Troutman; Coy Ludwig, Salisbury; Jacob Ludwig, Salisbury. itk kisk k ' A A j-t- ' JAf ?? ' ; %-i ■ . ' k ' unior lumcs B. Lyerly, Salisbury; Jaints E. Lyerly, Granite Quarry; Wilbert Lyerly, Salisbury; Alice Madden, Allentown, Pennsylvania. lohn Martin, Cleveland; Marcia Martin, Anderson, South Carolin lames McCombs, Kannapolis; P,iul McOuadc, Pitman, New Jersey. Sam Morrow, Fairforest, South Carolina: Alan Morton, Huntersville; Lctty lo Moss, Stanfield; Reed Mott lcy, Richmond, Virginia. Rettt Sue Myers, Woodlcaf; David Ncal, Salisbury; Roxanna Neikirk, Hagerstown, Maryland; David Newell, Richmond, Virgmia. Judith Northrop, West Haven, Connecticut; Halcna Park, Faith; Annabelle Peeler, Faith; Genevieve Picrcy, Burlington. Barbara Pinkston, Salisbury; Thomas Pope, Salisbury; David Potcat, Spencer; Fred Rainwater, Salisbury. Page 88 a ciSS Hiirry Ray, Roarino; Spring. Pennsylvania; Richard Rex. Allcntown. Pennsylvania; Guy Rich, Laurinhurg; James Roberts, Mocks ille. Everett Sechrest. Lexington; Thomas Sexton. Coolccmcc; Eleanor Sims, Salisbury; Ronald Sloop, Kannapolis. lames Smcltzer. Anchorage, Alaska Barbara Smith. Mt. Gilead Carol Smith. Charlotte Glenn Smith. Landis Clarence Spillman. Mocksville Virginia Spraguc, WyckofT, New Jersey Doris Steppe. Valdese Frank Stern, Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Charles Thnmpson. Salisbury; Claire Thornhill, Charlotte: Martha Whicker. Walkertown; Sarah W ' llhelm. Salishur . P.ugeiie Williams. Winston-Salem; Guy Williams. Kannapolis; Rebekah Wong. Hong Kong, China; Janet Yocum, Myerstown, Pennsylvania. 14 w £ - J " Page 89 •n: - ' ' . " y en I ord OFFICERS SEATED: Andy Hendricks, President. STANDING: Fred Hinson. Vice-President: Sandra Allen. Secretary: ClitT Hood. Treasurer. Mr. lohnson, . dvi,sor of the Class of 1960. J Seniors at last! Seeing their goal close at hand, they concentrate on completing their specialized studies in anticipation of the great dav when thev receive their hard-earned sheepskins. For future educators, practice teaching is an e.xciting new ex- perience. Interviews are held for future positions and for graduate school. John Ditzler, Miss Cataw- ba: Barbara (ireeson, Catawba ' s tirst Christmas Queen: and Reba Finchcr, May Queen, represent this class well in the year ' s most memorable events. Many other honors are received, the greatest one being the selection to Who ' s Who. ■ yi Lo ' kin c- (jvtT bulletins in the Placement Bureau are Howard Huney- cutt. loan Ditzlcr. and Norma Jean Yarbrough. Finding the right job atter graduation is an important task of every senior. M Busily typing a job appHcation in the typing room is Sharon Gentry, Commercial Educa- tion major. Mr. Wilson is a valuable assistant to every job-hunting senior. Bob Fuller is receiving information about 1 ' ' 60 career opportunities. Senior married couples take time i.iul tor a chat. Here arc Ed and Barbara Moss. Sandra antl Ron Blackburn, and Andy and Phyllis Hendricks. Jane Ann Adams Temple. Pa. A.B. History. Sociology Women ' s Residence Council 3: Say- a yiiii 3. 4; I.R.C. 3. 4: Y. V.C.. . 1, 2; S.C.A. 3. 4: Adelphians 2. 3. 4; U.S.F. 2, 3. 4: W.. .. . 1. 2. 3. 4: CREW 1. 2; North Hall House Council 2. 3. Vice-Pres. 2. Pres. 3. Richard Gilmer Avers Dick Salisbury. N. C. .• .B. Drama. English Writers Club 2: Kappa Tau Kappa 4; Blue Masque 1. 2. 3. 4. Business Man- ager 2. Department Manager 3. 4. Vice-Pres. 4: Blue Masque Augustine Dalv . ward 3: Dean ' s List 2. 3. s. en lord Sandra Sue Allen Greenville. Pa. . .B. English Class Sec. 3. 4: Sa al[ ' ni 2. 3: Pioneer 1, 2. 3. 4. News Editor 3. Managing Editor 4: Phi Epsilon 3. 4. Sec-Treas. 4: Y.W.C.. . 2: S.C.A. 3. 4: U.S.F. 2. 3. 4: Kappa Delta Pi 3. 4. Pres. 4: Dean ' s List 1, 3: Junior Marshal; Who ' s Who in .American Universities and Colleges 4. Linda Marlene Barnes -Albemarle. N. C. . .B. History. Sociology ' S.G.. . Traffic Council 4: Blue Masque. Rep. 2. 3: CREW 1; Kappa Tau Kappa 4; Y.W.C.A. 1. 2: S.C.A. 3. 4: V.A.,A. 1. 2. 3. 4. Manager 3, 4: Zart- man House Council 2, 3. 4. loe B. AUman Toe Kannapolis, N. C. .A.B. Accounting .Accounting Club 2, 3. Nancy Elaine Earnhardt Salisbury. N. C. . .B. Social Studies. Kappa Tau Kappa 3. 4. ,- Thomas Ira Bean Denton, N. C. A.B. Business Administration Accounting Club 3; Advertising Club 3. •). Sarah Elizabeth Beaver Kannapolis, N. C. A.B. Commercial Education Lenoir Rhyne College 1; Kappa Tau Kappa 4t Advertising Club 4; Ars De Musica 4. " : Louis Lawrence Biacchi Lou Berwick, Pa. .A.B. Physical Education Fordham Universitv 1: Majors Club 2, 3, 4: " C " Club 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2; All Conference 1.2; All State 1; Little All American: All N.LA.A.; All Dis- trict 26 2: 1956-1957 Professional Football; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Soft- ball 1, 2, 3, 4. Sandra Lower Blackburn Sandy Kannapolis. N. C. .■ .B. Psychology, Elementary Education Kappa Tau Kappa 3, 4; Sigma Pi Alpha 1. 2, 3. 4: Y.W.C.A. , 2; S.C.A. 3; Ka|ipa Delta Pi 3, 4. Gretchen Egeressy Bostian Gretch Haddon Heights. New Jersey .A.B. Chemistry, Mathematics North Hall House Council 3; Pioneer 1; Blue Masque 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1; Choir 1, 2, 3: Seymour Scientific Club 1, 2. 3, 4; Canterburv Club 1, 2, 3; W.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 ' ; Blue Masque Golden Screw .Award. Agnes Buxton Bowen Salisbury, N, C. A.B. English Mars Hill College 1, 2; Kappa Tau Kappa 4. Sonja Eloise Bowers Albemarle. N. C. A.B. Home Economics S.G.A. Sec. 3; Phi Epsilon 3. 4, Pres. 4: Kappa Tau Kappa 3. 4, Second Vice-Pres. 4; I.R.C. 1. 2, 3. 4. Reporter 2. 4, Sec.-Treas. 3: Home Economics Club 2. 3. 4, Vice-Prcs. 3; W.A.A. 1, 2. 3. 4: Kappa Delta Pi 3. 4: Y.W.C.A. 1. 2: S.C.A. 3, 4; Dean ' s List 1. 2, 3: lunior Marshal; Who ' s Who in Amer- ican Universities and Colleges 4. (larv Ronald Brown Mt. Airy. N. C. A.B. Business Administration University of Tennessee 1 : Advertisintj Club 2. 3. 4: Football 2. 3, 4; Base " - ball 3. s. eniofj Barbara Anne Brewer Granite Quarr -. N. C. - .B. French. English Vinnccr 3. 4: Kappa Tau Kappa 3, 4; Sigma Pi Alpha 2. 3. 4. Pres. 4; Y.W.- C.A. 1; Dean ' s 2, 3; Kiwanis Club Scholarship 3. Ruby Lee Brown Carthage. N. C. A3. Chemistry. Biology Kappa Tau Kappa 4. Clarke Heltman Bricker Glen Rock. N. J. A.B. Biology " Muhlenberg College 1; Blue Masque 2, 3. 4, Vice-Pres. 3; Band 2. 3. 4: Clef Club 4; Kappa Tau Kappa 4; Seymour Scientific Club 4: Intramurals 2, 3. William ]tr:t Bro«n Sali.sburv. N. C. .A.B. Biology S.G.A. 2, 3, 4. Treas. 2. Legislative Board 3. Day Student Rep. 4. Pres. of Day Student Council 4; Blue Masque 1. 2. 4; Seymour Scientific Club 1, 2. 3, 4: U.S.F. 2, 3. 4; CREW 2: Track 1. 4: Intramurals 1. 2, 3. 4; Who ' s Who in .American Universities and Collegi ges 4. y Gale Umstead Bupp Lansdale, Pa. A.B. Religion. History Band I: Phi Epsilon 3. 4, V ' lce-Pres. -4: Kappa Tau Kappa A; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2. Cabinet I, 2; S.C.A. 3, 4. Cabinet 3; U.S.F. 2. 3, 4; CREW I: Adel- phians 1. 2. 3. 4, Deputation Co-chair- man 2; Kappa Delta Pi 4: Dean ' s List 2, 3: Zartman House Council 1. 2, Sec. 1. Chester Walter Byerly Thomasville, N. C. A.B. Religion and Philosophy Wingate Junior College 1; Dean ' s List 2, 3. John Franklin Callahan Greenville, Pa. A.B. Religion and Philosophy S.G..- .. Senator 3, 4, Traffic Committee Chairman 3, 4, Judicial Board 4; Class Pres. 2: Pioneer 2. 3, 4; Savak.ini 3; Adelphians 1, 2, 3, 4: Y.M.C.A. L 2, Sec. 2: S.C.A. 3. 4. Sec. 3: .Accounting Club 2; U.S.F. 2, 3. 4: LR.C. 3: Blue Masque 1; CREW 1: Collegiate Rotar- ian 4; Pioneer Key; Freshman Dorm Resident Counselor 4; North Carolina Assoc, of Student Governments 3, 4, Pres. 4; National Student Assoc. 4: Who ' s Who in American Univer.sities and Colleges 4. Coy Roger Calloway Cycle, N. C. . .B. Business .Administration North Carolina State College 1; Win- gate Junior College 2; .Atlvertising Club 4: C hfiir 4; Intramurals 3, 4. Clifton Douglas Chalk Youngsville. N. C. .A.B. Ph ' sical Education Anthony L. Cinquemani Ton - Salisbury, ' N. C. .A.B. Business .Administration Delhi .Agriculture and Technicians Col- lege 1: Blue Masque 2. Richard Edward Conrad Pfafftown. N. C. A.B. Business Atiministration AtI ■tTrising Club 2: Ars De Musica 1, 2, 3, 4: Ensemble 1, 2, 3, -1: Choir 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1. Robert Earle Cromer Bob Spartanburg, S. C. A.B. Physical Education Majors Club 2. 3. 4; 4: Football 1, 2, 3. 3, 4. " C " Club 2, 3. 4; intramurals s. eniord Clyde Harold Cook, Jr. Kannapolis. N, C. A.B. Accounting Wake Forest College 1; .Accounting Club 3, 4. Anna Elizabeth Daugherty Smiley Altoona, Pa. A.B. History, Religion and Philosophy Sayakjni 3: Pioneer 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 1, 2: I. R. C. 2, 3. 4: Y.W.C.A. 1. 2; S.C.A. 3, 4, Co-chairman Religious Life Committee 3: CREW 1. 2: Adel- phians 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 3; U.S.F. 2, 3, 4; Pioneer Key; ReHgion Award from Southern Svnod 3; Dean ' s List 3. Joseph Frederick Corriher, Jr. Fred Landis, N. C. A.B. Sociolog ' S.G.A. Pres. 4 Vice-Pres. 3: Class Pres, 1: Sayaliini 2, 3, Business Manager 2 Photograj her 2. 3: Pioneer 3, 4, Photog- rapher 3, 4; Tom Tom Editor 4 Catuu ' ha Says ' Hey ' Editor 4: U.S.F, 3, 4: Y.M.C.A. 1, 2. Cabinet 2: S.C.A, 3, 4, Treas. 3; CREW 2: Young Demo crats 2; Dean ' s List 1; Junior Marshal Collegiate Rotarian 4: Campus Photog rapher 2. 3; Who ' s Who in .American Universities and Colleges 3, 4. Thomas Anthony DeMaio Hawthorne, N. ]. A.B. Physical Education Majors Club 2, 3, 4: Football I, Man- ager 3; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Elon Slate Dennis Sjlisbury. N. C. A.B. Mathematics. Physics Kappa Tau Kappa 3: Sigma Pi Alpha 3: Kappa Dtlta Pi 3, 4: Seymour Scientific Club 1. 2, 3, -i: Dean ' s List 1. 2, 3; Kiwanis Scholarship 3. -4. Joan Elizabeth Ditzler Lanstlalc, Pa. A.B. Psychology, Elementary Education S.G.A. Chapel Committee 2; Judicial Board -1; Student Union Committee 4: Band 1; Kappa Tau Kappa 3, 4; Y.W.- C.A. 1, 2; S.C.A. 3. 4: Campus Life Co-chairman 4; U.S. P. 2. 3; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Vice-Pres. 4; CREW 2; Phi Epsilon 4; Miss Catawba 4. Joel Nicholas Dobkin Salisbury, N. C. A.B. Business .Administration UniversitN ' of North Carolina 1; Ad- vertising Club 4; S.C.A. 3, 4; I.R.C. 4; Westminster Fellowship 4. Willie Purdie Dorman, Jr. Red Red Sprmgs, N. C. .A.B. Political Science S.G.A. , ludicial Board 4; Student Union Committee Chairman 4; Class V ' lcc-Pres. 2, Pres. 3; Blue Masque 2, 3; .Advertising Club 4; I.R.C. 3, 4, Pres. 4: S.C.. . Social Chairman 3; " C " Club 2, 3. 4; Young Democrats 2: Chief Marshal 3: Collegiate Rotarian 4: Baseball Manager 1. 2: Intramurals 2. 3, 4; State Student Legislature 3; Student United Nations Rep. 3: Pres. House Council 1: Who ' s Who in -American Ctjilcgcs and Universities 4. Dixie Gay Draughn Dixie Elkin, N. C. .A.B. Commercial Education Blue Masque 3: Advertising Club 2, 3: W.A.A. 1, 2. 3, 4; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2. James Allan Dunn, Jr. Jim Salisbury, N. C. A.B. Political Science Pioneer 2, 3; Advertising Manager 3; Canterhurv Club 1: CREW 1. V r Carl Ray Eagle Salisbury, N. C. A.B. History Sigma Pi Alpha 2, 3 Kappa 3, 4; Kappa Dean ' s List 1, 2. -1: Kappa Tau Delta Pi 3, 4; Joseph Frank Faulk Mocksville. N. C. A.B. History Mars Hill College 1, 2; Kappa Tau Kappa 3. s. eniord Kenneth Robert Filer Ken Salisbury, N. C. A.B. Accounting .Accounting Club 2, 3, 4. Robert Maxwell Fidler Fid Lebanon, Pa. A.B. Business Administration Choir 1, 2: Advertising Club 3. 4, Pres. 4: Accounting Club 3; Class Favorite I: Collegiate Rotanan 4: Track 1, 2; Intramurals 1, 2, 3. 4. 1! Darryl Hugh Evans Dary Elizabethtown, Pa. . .B. Business .Administration - House Council 3: Advertising Club 3, 4: Accounting Club 4; Y.M.C.A. L 2: S.C.A. 3. 4; Class Favorite 2; Col- legiate Rotarian 4: Dean ' s List 3; In- tramurals 2, 3. 4. Reba Nell Fincher Kannapolis. N. C. A.B. English, History Greensboro College 1; Pioneei- 2, 3, 4, Feature Editor 3: Editor 4: Sayak. ' ' ii 2; North State Conference Press Assoc. 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4: Blue Masque 2. 3, 4, Bo.x Office Manager 3: Kappa Tau Kappa 3, 4; LR.C. 3, 4; Westminster Fellowship 3, 4; Phi Epsilon 4; Pioneer Key 3: ' ho ' s ' ho in .American Uni- versities and Colleges 4. Howard Linn Finger Maiden, N. C. A.B. Religion and Philosophy North Carohna State College 1: Pioneer ■ ; I.R.C. 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3. -t. Cross Country 3, 4; Intramurals 2, 3, 4. Millard Jay Fisher Mil Bridgeton, N. J. A.B. Physical Education, Psychology Majors Club 1, 2, 3, 4:Accounting Club 1; Dean ' s List 1; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Robert Bruce Flynn Bob Sonierset, Ky. A.B. Physical Education S.G.A. Men ' s Athletic Rep. 4; Blue Masque 2, 3; Maiors Club 2, 3, 4; " C " Club 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4: North State All-Tournament Team 3; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. F.leanor Ann Frey Greenville, Pa. M. Secretarial Science Woostcr College- 1: S.C.A. 3. 4; Ac- counting Club 3: .Advertising Club 4; Band Majorette 3. Louise Goodman Fry Gold Hill, N. C. A.B. Commercial Education PfeilTer College I, 2. Lois Georganna Gaither Lo Aspers, Pa. A.B. Mathematics Kappa Tau Kappa 2. 3, 4, Sec. Treas. 4: Sigma Pi .Alpha 2, 3, W.A.A. 1, 2 f i- Mary Sharon Gentry Elkin, N. C. A.B. Commercial Education Blue Masque 3, 4: Advertising Club 3: S.C.A. 3; YAV.C.A. 1; W.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Eunice Yvonne Goodman Gold Hill, N. C. A.B. Sociology Kappa Tau Kappa 4. s. eniofd - »-» Eugene Edward Godfrey Gene Red Lion, Pa. A.B. History, Sociology, Religion and Philosophy York Junior College 1; S.G.,- . Vice- Pres. 4, Board of Review 4, Legislative Board 4; Sayal ini 3, 4; Co- Business Manager 4: Band 3, 4: Y.M.C.A. 2; Adelphians 2, 3, 4: U.S.F. 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, State U.S.F. Pres. 4: CREW 2; Freshman Dorm Resident Counselor 4; Delegate to N. C. Student State Legis- lature 3; Who ' s Who m .American Uni- versities and Colleges 4. Ruth Ehzabeth Green Winston-Salem, N. C. .A.B. English. French Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Clef Club 3, 4, Sec. 4; W.A.A. 2, 3. 4: U.S.F. 2: Y.W.- C.A. 1. 2; S.C.A. 3, 4. ' ann Grey Goodman Concord, N. C. A.B. Business Administration University of North Carolina 1. 2; Ac- counting Club 3, 4; Advertising Club 4. Barbara Jean Greeson Burlingtcjn, N. C. A.B. Biology S.G.. . 3. 4, Women ' s Athletic Rep. 3. Women ' s Rep. 4: Pres. of Women ' s Residence Council 4; Blue Masque 1, 2. Social Chairman 2: Kappa Tau Kappa 4: CREW 1: W.A.A. , 2, 3. 4; Zartman House Council 1, 3. Social Chairman 3; May Court 1, 3. ■ A i B -1: A 9 John William Gribble Kannapolis. N. C. A.B. Mathematics. Physics Accuunting Club 3, 4, Treas. 4: Sey- mour Scientific Club 3. 4; Kappa Tau Kappa 4. John Pernay Griffin Marshville, N. C. A.B. Business Administration Wingatc Junior College 1, 2: Advertis- ing Club 3, 4; Accounting Club 3, 4. Don Jefferson Hedrick Lexington, N. C. A.B. Political Science . ccounting Club 3. ntlre v Joseph Hendriclcs Andv Yonkers, N. Y. A.B. Business .Administration Class Pre.s. 4: Accounting Club 3, 4, Sec. 4: . ' Xdvertising Club 4; Kappa Tau Kappa 3. 4: Class Fa ()ritc 3: Collegi- ate Rotarian 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2. Phyllis Bennett Hendricks Rupert, W. Va. A.B. Home Economics Band 1.2: Choir 1; .-Accounting Club 4: Advertising Club 4; Home Econom- ics Club 1, 2, " ' 3. 4. Sec-Treas. 2: Dean ' s List 3: Claremont Dorm House Coun- cil, Sec. 2. Vice-Pres. 3. Marilyn Ann Helms Greensboro. N. C. A.B. English ■.A.A. 3; Y.W.C.A. L David M. Hess Faith. N. C. A.B. English Choir ]: Band ]. Glenn Junior Holshouser Junior Rockwell. N. C. A.B. Business .■Administration Advertising Club 3, 4: Accounting Club -i. s. eniord Cecil Talbott Himes Dutch Lander, Md. .■ .B. Music Education Choir I. 2. 3. 4, 5, Vice-Pres. 3, Stu- dent Conductor 4. 5: . rs de Musica 1. 2, 3. 4- 5, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4: Vocal Ensemble 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Blue Masque 2. William Howard Honeycutt Concord. N. C. . .B. Business .-Administration High Point College 1 : .Advertising Club 3, 4, Sales Manager 4: .-Accounting Club 4; S.C.A. 3. 4, Co-chairman ol Ways and Means Committee 4: Col- legiate Rotarian 4; Intramurals I. " 3, 4. V Fred Donald Hinson -. Freddie Concord, N. C. .A.B. Chemistry, Biology S.C.-A. 3, Student Union Committee 3: Class Vice-Pres. 4; Sigma Pi .Alpha 2. 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 3; Sevmour Scientific Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4: Cheer- leader 2, 3: The Jack Kelly Memorial Scholarship. Arthur Clifton Hood, Jr. Hood Sanford. N. C. .-A.B. Physical Education Class Treas. 4: Majors Club 2. 3. 4. Vice-Pres. 4; " C " Club 2, 3, 4, Sec. 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Intramurals 1. 2, 3. 4; Men ' s Residence Council 3; Band 1. Henrv Chatham Hubbard, Jr. Hank Salisbury. N. C. A.B. Mathematics, Physics Wilbert Leonard Hunsucker Asheboro, N. C. A.B. Accounting . dvcrtising Club 4; Accounting Club 1. 2. 3, 4. Clyde Woodson Hunt Woody Spencer, N. C. A.B. Physical Education, Biology Pfeiffer College 1; Football Trainer 4; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; Majors Club 2, 3, 4. Wayne Rainhard Iskra .Mlcntown. Pa. . .B. History, Political Science S.G.. . Senator 4: Class Vicc-Prcs. 3; Pioneer 4; I.R.C. 2, 4, Program Chair- man 4; Blue Masque 4; Kappa Tau Kappa 3. 4; . ' dvertising Club 3. 4; Young Democrats 2: Dean ' s List 2; Basketball 1: Intramurals 2, 3, 4; State Student Legislature 2. 3: Student United Nations Representative 3. Robert Dewey Jackson Biscoe. N. C. A.B. History, Sociology Presbyterian Junior College 1. 2: In- tramurals 3, 4. Gary Garland Jarrett Newton, N. C. A.B. Physical Education S.G.A. 4, Men ' s Athletic Rep. 4; Majors Club 1, 2, 3, 4: " C " Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4; Track 1; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. I .zs: T ' Kenneth Johns Ken Pittsburgh, Pa. A.B. Business Administration Advertising Club 3, -1: Accounting Club 4. Doris George KanekHdes Salisbury, N. C. A.B. Christian Education Y.W.C.A. 1, 2: S.C.A. 4, Ways and Means Committee Co-Chairman 4; Ars de Musica I, 2; Band 1, 2, 3. 4, Treas. 3, Pres, 4; Clef Club 3, 4; N. C. Intra- Collegiate Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Blue Mas- que 1, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Pi Alpha 2. 3, 4; Kappa Tau Kappa 4. s. eniord Lee Strickland Johnson Wilson, N. C. .A.B. Religion and Philosophy. History Lees-McRae College 1, 2: Sayak ini 4: S.C.A. 4; Adelphians 3, 4; Westminster Fellowship 4, Treas. 4. D. Jean Kelbaugh Towson, Md, A.B. History Towson State Teachers College 1. 2: Adelphians 3, 4: U.S.F. 3, 4, Sec- Treas. 3; S.C.A. 3. 4, Co-Vice-Pres 3 Cyrus Donald Johnston Don Mooresville, N. C. .A.B. Business -Admini.stration Advertising Club 3. 4: Accounting Club 3, 4, Second Vice-Pres. 4: Sigma Pi Alpha 1, 2, 3, 4: Y.M.C.A. I, 2; Dean ' s List 1, 2, 3: Junior Marshal; Intramural.s 1, 2. 3, 4; Who ' s Who in .-Vmencan Universities and Colleges 4. Ruby Joyce Kno. Carolina Beach, N. C. A.B. English Saya (ini I, 2, 3; Pioneei- 1. 2, 3, 4, Managing Editor 3, Asst, Editor 4: News Editor for Catawba College 4: W,A.A. 1. 2, 3, 4, Cabinet 3: Y.W.- C.A. I, 2; S.C.A. 3. 4. Cabinet 4: Westminster Fellowship 2, 3. 4. ' Vice- Pres. 2, 4, Pres. 3; Zartman Dorm Council 3; Seymour Scientific Club 1; Pioneer Key. . ■ ' ' «!»r ' .J Panagiotis ' . Kontos Pete Papados Gcra Mytilcne. Greece A.B. Chemistry, Biology Goshen College 1, 2; I.R.C. 3, 4; Sey- mour Scientific Club 3. 4; Westminster Fellowship 3. 4; Ars de Musica 3. 4. Paul Herman Kurkowski Scranton, Pa. A.B. Accounting Susquehanna College 1; Band 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4; Choir 2, 4: Accounting Club 3, 4; Blue Masque 2, 3: Clct Club 4: Intramurals 2, 3, 4; N. C. Intra- Collegiate Band 2, 3, 4. Bo-Peep Kuykendall Winston-Salem, N. C. A.B. Home Economics Y.W.C.A. 1, 2; S.C.A. 3, 4, Cabmet 4; Band 1, 2, 3, Majorette 2, 3, Chief 3; Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4, Social Chairman 3, Reporter 4: I.R.C. 2, 3, 4; Clef Club 2, 3: Clarcmont House Council 2: W.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; May Day 3: Sayak,ini 3. Donald Lee Lanning Don Lexington, N. C. . ' .B. Business Administration, Social Studies Oak Ridge Military Institute 1, 2; Say- al(ini 4; .Advertising Club 3. 4; Ac- counting Club 4. Anne Nagle Lausch Reading. Pa. . .B. English, Drama Blue Masque 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3. 4; Ensemble 1. 2, 3, 4: W.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4: Y.W.- C.A. 1: S.C.A. 3, 4: Dean ' s List 2. William Vance Lee Bill Lawndale, N. C. A.B. Business Administration Blue Masque 2: Advertising Club 1. 2, 3. 4: Accounting Club 1, 2, 3, 4; " C " Club 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3. 4: In- tramurals I. 2, 3, 4. Avice Tate Lentz China Grove, N. C. A.B. Commercial Education Advertising Club 3: Accounting Club 1: S.C.A. 1. 2: W.A.A. 1. 2; Dean ' s List 1, 2, 3: Junior Marshal. Jean Forbes Luther Sahsburv. N. C. A.B. English Kappa Tau Kappa 3. -5: Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Dean ' s List 1, 2. 3. s. eniord James Uriah Lentz Jim Granite Quarry. X. C. A.B. Physical Edu cation .Majors Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Cicero Luther Lverh Red Salisbury, X. C. -A.B. Business Administration . dvertisine Club 3, 4. ?(S1 . Faith Marie Leonard Fayrie LuLz. Fla. . .B. Home Economics Asbury College 1. 2; Xorth Hall Pres. 4: .Advertising Club 4: .Accounting Club 4: Home Economics Club 3. 4: Treas. 4: Westminster Fellowship 4; Dean ' s List 3. Rebecca Lvnn .Mashburn Becky Madison. X. C. -■ .B. Business .Administration S.G.- . Student Union Comm. 3: .Ad- vertising Club 3. 4. Sec. 4: .Account- ins Club 3. 4: Sisma Pi .Alpha I. 2; Y.V.C.A. 1. 2: wI A.A. 1. 2. 3. 4. May Day Chairman 3: Cheerleader 2. 3, 4, Chief 4: Phi Epsilon 4: Class Favorite 2, 3: May Court 2: Dean ' s List 3: .All Xorth State Cheerleader 3: Zartman Dorm Council 2: Who ' s Who in .American Universities and Colleges 4. William M. Matthews Doxlcstoun. Pa. A.B. Chemistry Class Treas. 3: Se mour Scicntihc Club I, 4; Intramurals 1. 2, 3, 4. Robert Martin Matthews Bob Charlotte, N. C. A.B. Drama Blue Masque 1, 2, 3. 4, Blue Masque Ofif-Stage Award 3, 4. John Matthew McGrath New York. N. Y. A.B. Business Administration Ad ■ertising Club 2, 3, 4: Accounting Club 3 1 " C " Club 1, 2, 3, 4; FootbaU 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 2, 4: Intra- murals 1, 2; All-Conference 1, 2, 3, 4: All-State 3; All N.A.I.A. 4; Capitol Theatre Award 4. Delton Jack McLelland Kccd Statesvillc. N. C. . .B. Business Administration Mitchell Junior College 1; Intramurals 2. 3; .Accounting Club 3. 4; .Ad ' ertis- ing Club 3. 4. John David McPherson Salisbury. N. C. -A.B. Commercial Education Advertising Club 3, 4; Blue Masque 1, 2, 3. 4: LR.C. 1. Charles Arnold McRee Shrimp Maiden, N. C. A.B. Accounting Class Treas. 2; Accounting Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 3, Pres. 4; Y.M.C.A. 1; Dean ' s List 2; Junior Marshal; Intra- murals I, 2, 3: Who ' s Who in Ameri- can Universities and Colleges 4. «? - f Hilda Haithcock Miller Salisbur , X. C. A.B. Sociology. Elementary Education Kappa Tau Kappa 3, 4; S.C.A. 1. 2: U.S.F. 2. 3. Quentin Morton Kannapolis. X. C. A.B, Business Administration Accounting Club I, 2, 3, 4: Advertis- ing Club 3. -4. s. eniord Richard . lexander Miller Biscoe. X. C. A.B. Business Administration Presbyterian Junior College 1, 2: .Ad- vertising Club 4: Intramurals 3. 4. Barbara Scheffler Moss Barb Egypt. Pa. - .B. English. Elementar Education Choir 1. 2. 3. 4; Kappa Tau Kappa 2. 3. 4. Treas. 3: Y.W.C.A. I. 2: S.C.A. 3: W.A.A. 1, 2. 3: Dean ' s List - m Donald ' ann Moore Don Thomasville. X. C. . .B. Business .Administration Accounting Club 1, 3. Edward Elsworth Moss, Jr. Ed Glen Rock. Md. . .B. Commerce University of Maryland 1; Band 1. 2. 3. 4. Treas. 4; Accounting Club 3. 4: -Advertising Club 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4: Y.M.C.A. 2; Clef Club 4; Intramurals .a ' ' Malcolm Lawrence Xiblock Larr Cleveland. ' N. C. A.B. Bicilogy, Chemistry Blue Masque 1. 2: Ars dc Musica I; Scvmuur Scientific Club 2; Intramurals 2. ' Shelby Foster Nichols Cooleemee, N. C. A.B. Home Economics Home Economics Club 1. 2, 3, -t. Pres, 3: Kappa Tau Kappa 3. 4: Accounting Club 4; Y.W.C.A. 1. Dorothy Northrup Salisbury, N. C. A.B. Sociology University of North Carolina 1, 2; Kappa Delta Pi 4; Blue Masque 3, 4. Grace Eleanor Ondich Grace Pittsburgh. Pa. . .B. English, Sociology S.G.A. 3, Women ' s .Athletic Rep. 3, Board of Review 3: Blue Masque 1, 2. 3: Band 1, 2, 3. 4: Clef Club 3, 4; Choir 1. 2, 3, 4, Sec. 2. 3, 4: Phi Epsilon 4: W.A.A. 1. 2. 3. 4. Sec- Trcas. 2. Vice-Pres. 3: Pres. 4: Dean ' s List 2, 3; Zarlman Dorm Council 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 3. Pres. 4: Who ' s Who in .American Universities and Colleges 4. Katherine Ethel Overton Kay Columbia, S. C. ,A.B. Religion and Philosophy Winthrop Woman ' s College 1: S.G..A. Constitution Revision Committee 4; Kappa Tau Kappa 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3, Sec. 4: .Adclphians 2. 3, 4, Sec.-Treas. 3: Y.W.C.A. 2; S.C.A. 3, 4, Co-Sec. 3; Canterbury Club 2, 3: W.A.A. 2, 3, 4; CREW 2: Kappa Tau Kappa .Award 3. Kent Seward Pearson Pearsc Hagerstown. Md. .A.B. English Pioneer 1: Sayak,ini , Assistant Editor and Sports Editor 3: Writers Club 1: Sigma Pi Alpha 1, 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 2, Treas. 3; Seymour Scientific Club 1; Y.M.C.A. 1; Blue Masque 2, 3, 4; Pioneer Key 1; Dean ' s List 1. 2; Junior Marshal: Intramurals 1. 2. Frances Gertrude Peeler Smokc) ' Salisbury, N. C. A.B. English, Frencli S.G.A. Day Student Council 2; Say- ak,ini 2, 3; Pioneer 2, 3, 4; Phi Epsilon 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4, Sec. 3; Kappa Tau Kappa 3, 4, First Vice-Pres. 4; Sigma Pi Alpha 1, 2, 3, 4; West- minster Fellowship 2, 3, 4, Treas. 3; Junior Marshal. Tony Ray Queen Salisbury. N. C. A.B. Business Administration S.G.A. Freshman Rep.; Majors Club 3, 4: " C " Club 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Sayaliini Business Manager 3; Pioneer Business Manager 4: Intramurals 2, 3, 4. s. etiLord Myrna Dolores Peeler Faith, N. C. .A.B. English, Drama Blue Masque 1, 2, 3, 4; W.A.A. 1, 2, 3. 4, Mav Day Chairman 4; Band I: Y.W.C.A. 1; Cheerleader 3, 4; Kappa Tau Kappa 4: Majorette 1; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Miss Basketball 3. Jimmy Ben Rabon Jim Salisbury, N. C. A.B. Business Administration Advertising Club 2, 3, 4; Accountii Club 3. Albert Peter Pfirrmann, Jr. Westfield, N. J. . .B. Business Administration Advertising Club 2, 3, 4, Treas. 4; Track 1, 2; Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. Robert Ale.x Rickard Sonnv Thomasville, N. C. A.B. English, History, Religion and Philosophy Pioneer 1; Blue Masque I. 2, 3, 4: Band 1. 2, 3, 4: Drum Major 2. 3. 4; Clef Club 3, 4: Choir I, 2, 3. 4. Vice- Pres. 3, Pres. 4: Y.M.C.A. I, 2: S.C.A. 3, 4. Co-Pres. 3, Cabinet 4; Adelphians I, 2, 3, 4; U.S.F. 2; CREW 2; Dean ' s List 2, 3; Collegiate Rotarian 4: Intra- murals 2, 3; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges 4. Gary Stanley Sapiro Gar North Brunswick, N. J. A.B. Chemistry Band 1: Choir 1. 2; Sigma Pi Alpha 3, 4; Scvmour Scientific Club 2, 3, 4; " C " Club 4; Dean ' s List 1, 3; Basket- ball 1; Track 1, 2, 3, 4. Teryl Vernon Schweitzer Terry York, Pa. A.B. History, Religion and Philosophy Choir 1; S.C.A. 3, Co-Pres. 4; Adel- phians 1, 2, 3, 4; U.S.F. 2, Vice-Pres. 3, 4; Young Democrats 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. ' V " Clarence Wayne Shad rick Shad A.B Salisbury, N. C. Physical Education, History Majors Club 2, 3. 4, Treas. 4; Base ball 4; Intramurals 4. Bevvey Melvin Shaver Kannapolis, N. C. A.B. Sociology Donald Leroy Shearer Jake Elizabethtown, Pa. A.B. Physical Education U.S.F. 3, 4; Majors Club 1, 2, 3, Football I, 2, 3, 4; Intramurals I, 3, 4. Rose Mary Shearer Rosie Baltimore, Md. A.B. Christian Education Pioneer 2, 3, 4; Adelphians 4: Choir I, 2; Sinma Pi Alpha 2, 3, 4; Y.W.- C.A. 2; S.C.A. 4; U.S.F. I, 2; W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: CREW 1, 2; Women ' s Guild National Scholarship 2, 3, 4. Robert Sydnor Shelton Bob East Spencer, N. C. A.B. Business Administration Advertising Club 1, 2, i, . Allen Edward Shugart, Jr. Ed Newton, N. C. A.B. Business Administration Advertising Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Account- ing Club 1, 2, 3: Thomas M. Warlick Scholarship. s. eniofd William Carolyn Shelton, Jr. Bill East Spencer, N. C, A.B. History, Religion and Philosophy Sayal{ini 3, 4, Co-Business Manager 4; Kappa Tau Kappa 4; Adelphians 3, 4, Pies. 4; Intramurals 1. Cliarles Henry Shuping ' Charlie Salisbury, N. C. A.B. Chemistry Seymour Scientific Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Mrs. John Ellio tt Chemistry Award. Billy Troy Sliive Bill Salisbury, N. C. A.B. Social Studies, History Curtis Levi Sides Curt China Grove, N. C. George Harley Sides, Jr. George Salisbury, N. C. A.B. Business Administration Accounting Club 3, 4, First Vice-Pres. ■4; Dean ' s List 1, 2, 3. %. Anthony F. H. Sipp Tony Somerdale, N. J. A.B. English Blue Masque 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2; N. C. State Collegiate Band 2; Kappa Tau Kappa 4; Y.M.C.A. 1: Track 1, 2. 3, 4; Cross Country 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Carol Gwendolyn Sloan Gwen Kannapolis, N. C. A.B. English Mars Hill Junior College 1, 2; Pioneer 3, 4; S.C.A. 3; Blue Masque House Manager 4. Barbara Sue Small Barbie Hickory, N. C. A.B. Home Economics S.G.. ' . Women ' s Residence Council 4; Class Sec. 1: Sayak,ini 2, 3, 4, Club Editor 2, Editor 3, Advising Editor 4; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2; S.C.A. 3, 4: Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4; Kappa Tau Kappa 3, 4, Pres. 4; CREW 1, 2; Phi Epsilon 4: Dean ' s List 3; Clare- mont Pres. 4; .■ (lclphians 1, 2, 3, De- putation Chairman 2; Who ' s Who in .• merican Universities and Colleges 4. Harry Efird Smith Salisbury, N. C. A.B. Accounting , dvertising Club 3; Accountini; Club 2. 3, 4. Joe Bradley Smith Wadesboro, N. C. A.B. Business Administration Wingate Junior College I, 2; Adver- tising Club 3; Accounting Club 3. Eleanor Elizabeth Spencer Spencer, N. C. A.B. English Woman ' s College of University of North Carolina 1, 2: Sigma Pi Alpha 3. 4, Treas. 4; Kappa Tau Kappa 4; Cheerleader 4; May Court 3. Charles Edward Sturkey Sturk Salisbury. N. C. A.B. Business Administration Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Advertising Club 2. 3, 4; Intramurals 3; Civitan Music Scholarship. s. en Lord Rose Yvonne Stewart Cooleemee, N. C. A.B. English Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4: Kappa Tau K.ippa 3, 4. Geraldine Jensen Tucker Jerry , Mooresville, N. C. A.B. English Oklahoma State University 1, 2; Kappa Tau Kappa 4. Buena Still Boo : Salisbury. N. C. A.B. Home Economics C heerleader 1, 2, 3, 4; Siiya ni 4; Pioneer 1; Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4; S.C.A. 3, 4; W.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2. lames N. Underwood Charleroi, Pa. .■ .B. Mathematics, Physics California State Teachers College 1 : " C " Club 2, 3, 4, Treas. 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Honorable Mention All- Conference 3; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. f M , { ..1, Phyllis Lee Walser Phil Salisbury. N. C. A.B. Home Economics Home Economics Club 2. 3, 4: S.C.A. 1, 2; U.S.F. 2, 3, -1. Henry E. West Mooresville. N. C. A.B. Chcmi.«ry Seymour Scientific Club 1. 2, 4; Intra- murals 1, 2, 3. Gerald Martin Whisenhunt Whis Newton, N. C. A.B. Mathematics. Physical Education Maiors Club 2, 3. 4; " C " Club 2, 3. 4, Pres. 4; Baseball 1. 2. 3. 4, All- Conference 2; Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. lane Ellen Wilhelm Salisbury, N. C. A.B. Mathematics Sipma Pi .Alpha I. 2. 3, 4. Vicc-Pres. 4: Kappa Tau Kappa 3, 4. Theodore Vincent Winner T. V. Barrington, N. ]. . .B. Business .- d ministration .Advertising Club 1, 2. 3, 4: Account- mg Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Y,M.C.A. 1, 2; S.C.A. 3, 4; Track 1. 2, 3, 4: Intra- murals 1, 2, 3. 4. Benjamin F. Wright Banjo Benny A.B. Business .Administration " C " Club 2. 3. 4; .Advertising Club 2, 3, 4; Accounting Club 2, 3, 4: Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-captain 4, All-Con- ference 4 . s. en lord Norma Jean Yarbrough Gastonia, N. C. A.B. Music Pioneer 1. 2, 3: Saya ini 3: Band 1. 2, 3. 4; Clef Club 3, 4: An de Musica 1, 2. 3, A, Vice-Pres. 2, Sec. 3. Pres. 4: Choir 1, 2, 3. 4, Accompanist 3 4, Librarian 2, Treas. 4; Ensemble 2, 3, 4: Kappa Tau Kappa 3, 4; West- minster Fellowship 2. 3. 4, Sec 3- V.W.C.A. 1, 2: S.C.A. 3: Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Dean ' s List 1, 2, 3. William R. Yocum Bill Myerstown, Pa. A.B. Sociolog} ' Lebanon Valley College 1. 2; phians 3, 4; S ' .C.A. 3, 4. Adel- Betty Stiles Young Mooresville, N. C. A.B. English Mitchell College 1, Kappa 3, 4; Kappa Dean ' s List 3. 2; Kappa Tau Delta Pi 3. 4: f-il . » 1 I Indian cheerleaders do a frenzied dance around the searing flames of a pep rally bonfire. Ncita Stout puts freshly-typed letters from the Public Relations Office in the new, large mailbox in front of the Ad. Building. Future Catawbans are Dr. and Mrs. Young ' s children. Who ' s taking a picture ot ulniin, Liccky Sills? lust out for a stroll! i Compliments of Corriher Mills Co. Manufacturers of High Quality Combed Cotton Yarns LANDIS, N. C. Page 118 ELECTRIC HEAUNG TROUBLE-FREE No burners to clog, no fuel to stor« No tanks or pipes to check Fewer parts to wear out ECONOMICAL Duke ' s all-electric heating rate provides savings Individuol room thermostats provide economv of zoned heat SAFE as an ELECTRIC LIGHT No flame-hot surfaces to scorch or burn No flames or fumes CUTS CLEANING COSTS No smoke, soot or other combustion products Furnishings, walls and woodwork stay clean Duke Power neither sells nor installs Electric Comtort Heating, Dut will orovide full information and the name ot aualified heot dealers. DUKE POWER COMPANY TAYLOR MATTRESS COMPANY " { you don ' f resf y eW, call us! " All kinds of Mattresses, Blinds and Awnings Salisbury North Carolina PURCELL ' S Richard Dobkin Salisbury North Carolina Page 119 " We appreciate the opportunity of writing your student insurance. " Chamblee Insurance Agency Raleigh ROAKES GROCERY 1 12 Mahaley Avenue Phone ME 6-0052 Salisbury, N. C. ' Your Neighborhood Grocer ' ' The Chanticleer Restaurant Charcoal Steaks - Delicious Foods The " Gourmet Rooms " for Private and Semi-Private Accommodations Salisbury, N. C. Interstate Hwy =85 Phone ME 3-1313 CASPER ' S 103-105 North Main Street Salisbury, N. C " W iere Shoe Styles Are Creafed " North Caroline SHOP NORMAN ' S " The Home of Good Furniture " R. W. NORMAN COMPANY 225-227 N. Main St. Salisbury North Carolina CONGRATULATIONS HAVE A COKE! SHOP Rowan Printing Company for School Supplies Crepe Paper Books Stationery Greeting Cards 120 N. Main St. Salisbury, N. C. Phone ME 6-4511 " Established in 1920 " Page 120 SALISBURY MOOSE LODGE No. 900 230 NORTH FULTON Isenhour Brick Tile Co. and Sl bsidiary Taylor Clay Products, Inc. Box 1249 Phone ME 6-0131 Salisbu ry, N. C. Compliments of CAROLINA CAMERA, INC. 1 1 6 North Main Street ME 6-0891 MAYNARD MUSIC COMPANY One of fhe Oldest Music Houses in fhe South 108 West Innes Street Salisbury North Carolina Compliments of MYRLE S. ALLEN BEATTIE ' S CAFE 216 E. Innes St. Salisbury North Carolina Page 121 Holiday Inn and Restaurant On Bypass 85 121 North Main St. Dial ME 6-5051 COLLEGE INN BARBER SHOP On the corner from the campus Salisbury North Carolina HARTLINE FISHER College Shell Complete Car Service U-Haul Trailers W. Innes Gregory Ave. Phone ME 6-3804 S H Green Stamps SALISBURY LAUNDRY CLEANERS INC. Phone ME 6-5301 135 E. Fisher Street Salisbury, N. C. GUYES SALISBURY Celebrating 21 Years of Fashion Leadership Page 122 101 S. Main St. PILOT Insurance Realty Company Writing All Forms of INSURANCE Since 1901 PILOT BUILDING ME 3-0541 LA PETITE BEAUTY SHOPPE For A Lovelier You Phone ME 3-4992 201 Gregory Ave. Salisbury, N. C. Congratulations from ZIMMERMAN ' S " The College Man s Shop " no North Main Street Salisbury, N. C. MARSHALL ' S STEAK HOUSE West Innes Street Salisbury, N. C. Featuring Charcoal Steaks, Seafood, Chicken, Country Ham Easy Payments Student Charge Accounts Are Invited " Your Friendly Jeweler " 214 South Main Street Salisbury, N. C. Compliments of ROWAN COUNTY CAR DEALERS ASSOCIATION PET DAIRIES INC. Phone ME 6-3922 Page 123 Compliments of NORTH HALL SITTING a P.trcy; R Green; F. Leonard: J. Weeks; R. Fincher; S. Chapman; B. Adams; J. Yocum; M Carter; S Hemphill; A. Barrmger; J. Adams. KNEELING: T. Truesdale; L. Crocker; L. Gaither- a ' Yu " l u , Z , l° " ' il;P- ' " ' -■ " •, ' - THIRD ROW: Mrs. Ava Nash, Housemothei A. bchoheld; Z. Miller; L. Wilson; J. Wolfgang; M. Pauls; M. Leonard; P. Egolf; J Knov W Geld- ing; J. McConnell; B. Wong: B. Thomas: B. Austin; G. Sloan. FOURTH ROW: A. Carpenter- I Clod- felter; F. Windham; M. Carbonc: S. Galloway: C. Hughev; M. Logan; D. Steppe; M. Seiwell- T Penninger; L. I. Kclbaugh. NOT PICTURED: A. Daughertv; I. Northrop- V Reed ' ' For Fast Pain Relief Snap Back With STAN BACK THE COLLEGE BOOKSTORE • Textbooks • School Supplies • College Outline Series • Jackets • Sweatsocks • Stationery • Sweatshirts • Tee Shirts • Sweatsuits EVERHARDT ' S ESSO SERVICENTER 1532 W. Innes St. Salisbury, N. C. Telephone MEIrose 3-9998 Try Our Service One of North Carolina ' s Fine Stores SALISBURY, N. C. Page 124 Belks The BELK-HARRY Co. - FAMOUS FOR FAMOUS FOODS FOOD TOWN STORES Rowan County ' s Largest and Most Complete Super Markets 2 Convenient Locations E. Innes at Long St. W. Innes at Mahaley Ave. THE GOLD SHOP 130 South Main Street Phone ME 6-2841 Salisbury, N. C. THE STORE WITH THE BLUE FRONT 111 SOUTH MAIN STREET Serving Salisbury Surrounding Counties Compliments of CRESS SON ' S Fashions for Men and Young Men Salisbury North Carol ino ROWAN DAIRY Phone ME 6-401 1 Kannapolis Mooresville Salisbury Com pliments of PURCELL ' S DRUG STORES 101 N. Main 111 W. Innes ME 6-2041 ME 3-2131 Compliments of JIMMIE BLACKWELDER ' S BARBECUE 1621 West Innes Street Page 125 Do ZJlie ( IciiS of 1960—Conqratidcit ' ionsl and I I ' elcoiuc to membership in the Catawba College Alumni Association wherever you go — whatever you do — whoever you become — YOU ARE ALWAYS A PART OF CATAWBA COLLEGE, AND, AS CATAWBA GROWS, YOU GROW ALSO Maintain contact with your college and visit your campus often THE ALUMNI OFFICE COMPLIMENTS OF " THE DISTINGUISHED MEN OF A ' SECTION " Harvey Adier Verne Lanier Jim Bell Jim Laurie Jim Bigger Dave McGoha Allen Bowers Alan Mizeras Ken Briggs Reed Mottley Lee Buecker David Newell Borry Bush Kent Pearson Roger Callowoy Harry Roy Arthur Ching Guy Rich Mike Clayton Terry Schweitzer Fred Corriher John Siegel Woyne Foulk Tony Sipp Robert Gensemer William Sliney Jomes Gieser Jim Smeltzer Robert Handwerk William Spinnler Ron Hask ' ns Frank Stern Ray Hendrickson James E. Swicegood Roy Hiatt Donald Teunon Doub Johnson Robert Wilson Charles Ketchom Herbert Younqkin Paul Kurkowski Page 126 COMPLIMENTS OF HENDRICK HALL Joe Arahill Dan Barbee Don Brunner Dallas Campbell Sherrill Casstevens N. M. Casstevens Charles Caulk Lonnie Chandler George Davidson Troy Davis Carlton Dixon Charles Doll Robert Emory John Esboch Raeford Everhort Jim Eyster Sal Forinella Worthington Fister Charles Foutz Joe Fullerton John Hamilton John Harrison Harry Ibbotson Tom Jacobson Bill Knoff Rodger Kopp Phil Loucks Lorry Loftin Dave McCorkle Ken Money Joe Naso Dean Norman Charles Outlaw Bob Potton Som Penninger Stan Pielock Bob Pinner Charles Rider Jim Robbins Richard Roe Jim Rose Phil Soylor William Singleton Glenn Smith Grover Smith Walter Snowo Lorry Stambaugh Fred Stresou Whitley Torlton Tony Transou Charles Walton John Weetmon Jock Weiser Tom Wilborn Robert Wottam John White Mike Wochter Joy Zamiello John Callahan, Resident Counselor Gene Godfrey, Resident Counselor Page 127 p. o . TORRENCE STUDIOS 1927 WEST INNES STREET BOX888 PHONEME6-0271 SALISBURY, NORTH CAROLINA Portraits Weddings Commercial and Yearbook Photography CHARLOTTE ENGRAVING COMPANY y -liarlolte, I lortli ( arolit The South ' s Finest Annual Engravers Since 1915 GRAPHICALLY DISTINGUISHED yearbooks by WASHBURN PRINTING COMPANY MAIN OFFICE AND PLANT: 214 WEST MOREHEAD STREET SALES OFFICE: 304 WEST MOREHEAD STREET CHARLOTTE, N. C. Page 128 . -.■ ■ ' ■■ : ■ ' •Tfef m. • i I 1:1 OBSimE S

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