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Catawba College - Sayakini / Swastika Yearbook (Salisbury, NC) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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For Reference Not to be taken from this room m mm ' ... • — Ex Libris 1944 H X [t«STs3Kun «• alcm,ef ' 44 published by Junior Class of Catawba College Salisbury, North Carolina IP ' Dedication Dedicated to all the boys who have left the portals of Catawba to serve their country in a war which is being fought to protect such institutions as Catawba and the ideals for which it stands. We. the student body, are deeply grateful for what our men are doing all over the world from the shores of Tarawa to the banks oi Italy. We on the home front are doing all in our power to bring our men home at the earliest opportunity. This honor board on which have been printed the names of Catawba ' s sons and daughters who are in the armed services of our country, has been erected on the front campus of the college, so that all who pass by will know that we who are still carrying on at home are very proud of our fighting men in the armv. navv. air corps and marines. To each and every person there represented, we dedicate this book, sincerely praying that when the nineteen forty-five Savakixi is printed, all will be back with us forever. Ip( IN oi| .«....■. - « bM . . ».. . 1 ■ . - ■ ■IMI ■ ■• • imo ' i . . «. . .. - ■ • . " ■ ' « €! - u -. . m .. . ■. » • . « ' it i i. ■ tm • -» . -j?e» . ...» - ■ - %.. , mmi . i - WM ■ « m - -•!. - mat .. . - 1 «••-!■- QkWI i ai MM : «;t, » l •• MB. i » » - ». !■ 1 " - isua •(» ■ •use- • ■ ■ • • • . ■ « » ' ?«». ■ m- -1. .--. r » V - ..%» ■ ts - - = 1 . -t .. ... - | mam • - . . fl - . . • i --. - tPOH liM -IBUL i. ■ ■ .... .. - - ;•• . I -.IN IS -.»■ pH » ... i ■ MM - -» -MU ■ ■ - . , ,--■- U . ru. k N. « ■ -«. ..»•■ ■M Maim c -J • t» | w «-» » it»:.t • mt J . .»i •0 MB t KM ■»- » ■4 H . • • .vi 4 u .i- i mj • ••» ' » JMI . MM !Ml • ' ■ - .- . . .- . ■ ua«t MM .. - - 1 . . - • . » " i ■ ... »!■ 6 WXn ' t .v ... • J. - »WO i . " ■ . MM ' L MM • • ..»« MM s. . ■ . . " t " li » • ' I.. ' - .■ - . • -.»—•» MMI . . Me u rucu » ■ - -. . • • . - .» . ■ ■-« » - • . . •■, -•• „ — | m . • ' ■,. . . . .. ■W i • . . • » « .. .. . - ...»l » . 1 • U . . flp t J ?1375 ll ■ ■ ■:■■- ' mmmm. Alma Mater Down in the verdant Southland. High on the Piedmont plains. There ' s a tower that is piercing the heavens And a campus of fond memory lanes. Higher than the walls of man ' s making- Are the thoughts of my sojourn there; Brighter than the sun upon waking Are the friendships time cannot outwear. Fair Catawba, ray Catawba Symbol of life and right ! We thy sons and daughters Hail Thee. Queen of Light ! Rich and glorious be thy future. World of influence wide. And with us who bear thy culture. May thy precepts and spirit abide. FAMILIAR SCENES The Hedrick Administration Building Foil House W ■ Arev Georgians Gillan Khaki and Blue These men would have grad- uated with the class of ' 14 hut due to the world ' s condition, they arc serving in the army. navv. aiv corps, and marines. The Sayakini Staff made an attempt to collect the pictures of all of these boys. We print here the photographs -we could secure. But whether the picture is here or just the name, we are thinking of them all as commencement time draws nigh. Next year we hope we can sav. ' ' 4-5 Cap and Gown Supplant Khaki and Blue. " Hanlev W v Jackson Leonard a Little Myers ■ekKslat Supplant 1944 Cap and Gown Pvt. Malcolm Arey Salisbury, ' North Carolina Ens. Roland Arey Bridgewater, Virginia Pvt. Donald Fuoss Altoona, Pennsylvania Pvt. Anthony Georgiana Altoona. Pennsylvania A S William Gillan Greencastle. Pennsylvania Pvt. Donald Hanley Altoona, Pennsylvania Pvt. Murray Jackson Kannapolis. North Carolina Pvt. Robert Kenerly Salisbury, North Carolina Pvt. Lindsay Leonard Lexington. North Carolina Killed in action, January sixth, nineteen hundred forty-four A S George Lequear McConnellsburg. Pennsylvania Pfc. C. C. Little Concord. North Carolina AS Max Miller Hagerstown, Maryland A S Harold E. Myers Hagerstown, Maryland Pvt. Robert Patterson Rockwell. North Carolina A S James Putzel Salisbury. North Carolina Cpl. Kenne ' h Rhodes Lexington, North Carolina A C James Trotter Salisbury. North Carolina A S William Wagoner Richfield. North Carolina Pvt. Robert Werner Altoona. Pennsylvania Photographs. Patterson Rhodes Trotter Werner WJH ; mm To the President . - Dr. Keppel, our Indian Chief, is the living symbol of Catawba spirit which he has made us feel more than ever before. His dynamic personality is a source of inspiration to all who come in contact with him. His amiability encourages us to confide in him. He is the very spirit of fairness and true sportsmanship: he is genial, kind, courteous, and considerate, yet firm and determined in his evaluation of all matters. His hearty laugh and warm handclasp are known to many, and his presence always creates a warmth of atmosphere. The varied duties of our President range from those of administrative powers to delivering a sermon, and all are performed with the same dauntless determination of accomplishment. One of his favorite verses Four things a man must learn to do If lie would keep his record true: — To think without confusion, clearly; — To love one ' s fellowmen sincerely; — To act from honest motive purely ; — To trust in God and heaven securely. summarizes Dr. Keppel ' s chosen pattern for life. In the two years that we have known Dr. Keppel as our President, we have seen the school improved materially and enlarged in spirit and fellowship. In the vears which lie ahead, we anticipate a continuation of this progress and development! Nell Harden. 10 1M n informal shot of (Mir president 11 ■ r DEANS Dr. Raymond Jenkins, Dean of the College; Professor of English Miss Elisabeth Scranton, Dean of Women; Associate Professor of History Dr. W. Lvle Willhite, Dean of Men; Associate Professor of Economics an, I Business Administration FACULTY -Milton L. Braun. Ph.D.. Professor of Physics anc Mathematics. Florence Fransioli Busby, M.A., B.L.I.. Directoi of Dramatic Art. Imogene Claiborne, A.M.. Instructor in Mathe matics and Physics. d. Ph.D.. Professor of 1 Mary Elizabeth Con; J - Biology. Donald Curtis Dearborn. Ph.D.. Associate Pro- fessor of Mathematics. Charles Harold Douglas. Th.D.. B. D.. Associate Professor of Mathematics. FACULTY David Farl Faust. Ph.D., Professor of Bible and History. Katherine French. M.A.. Associate Professor of Home Economics. Chester R. Fultz. A.B., Instructor in Physics. Cora E. Gray. Ph.D.. Professor of Home Eco- nomics. John Corbin Hadley, M.A.. Professor of Education. Mrs. T. Edgar Johnston. A.B., Assistant Pro- fessor of Education. Merle T. Kesler. Member of the Music Faculties of Catawba, Queens, and Davidson. Instructor in Violin. Gordon A. Kirkland, A.B.. Director of Physical Education for Men. Helen B. Kraiss, B.S., Director of Physical Educa- tion for Women. James Baugh Mallory. A.B.. Instructor in Physical Education. John C. Peeler. A.B., Director of Self Help, Postmaster, Manager College Book Store and Canteen. George Garfield Ramsey, Ph.D.. Professor of Chemistry. Lulu Ruth Reed, Ph.D.. Librarian. Carlton C. Rice. Ph.D., Professor of Romance Languages. Sarah SchafTner. Dean of Residence. Russell F. W. Smith, A.M., Instructor in Language. Harry Franklyn Taylor. A.M., Associate Professor of Music. Christopher J. Thomas. A.R.C.M., M.R.S.T., Professor of Music. Winifred MacBride Thomas. L.R.A.M., Instructor in Piano. Florence A. Wehr, B.S., Professor of Secretarial Science. Bruce A. Wentz. Ph.D.. Professor of Philosophy and Psychology. Frances D. Wentz, A.B., B.S.. Assistant Librarian. Janie E. Anderson, Bookkeeper. Emily S. Ballard, Secretary to the Financial Secretary. E. L. Callaway, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds. Mary Emma Knox, B.S., Dietitian. Mrs. H. Clyde Nash, Resident Nurse. Nell Nash Hunter, A.B., Secretary to the President. Rev. Milton Whitener, A.B.. Financial Secretary. Helen Pleshar Willhite. B.S., Recorder. Heed Smith Thomas Went . Calloway Hunter Rice Taylor Wehr Anderson Knox Whitener Schaffner Thomas Wentz Ballard Nash Willhite rs Hln ; 4N- K o o ?lj , jfcl 13 III lw « 23« MB THE CLASSES hi in arc " SENIOR SNAPSHOTS " Snow queens . . . Driz, Tuck, Bode— nuf said . . . Catawba ' s " pin- up " . . . Three smart gals . . . Call me buddy, buddy . . . Sensible Seniors— takes no A tickets . . . More pretty snow— more pretty girls . . . " Sweef ' -mates. 16 Barbara Brown President Carolene Kink Vice President Louise Tucker Secretary Doris Dreibelbis Treasurer Senior Class Officers 1 V ; Pauline Marilyn Arthurs, A.B. July 19 Salisbury, N. C. Sayakini 3; Blue Masque 1. 2, 3, 4; B.S.U. 1. 2. 3. 4. Minnie O. Barneycastle, A.B. July 14 Mocksville. N. C. Pfeiffer Junior College 1. 2; Victory Com- mittee 4; Methodist Association 3, 4. Margaret Dorothy Bame, A.B. Salisbury. X. C. July 3 Who ' s Who 4; Pioneer Staff 1, 2, 3, 4. As- sociate News Editor 3. Associate Editor 1; Sayakini Staff. Editor 3; Student Union Committee 4; Blue Masque 1. 2, 3. 4, Blue Masque Cup 3; Phi Epsilon 4; Y.W.C.A. 4; Writers ' Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3. President 4; L.S.A. 1. 2. 3. Ina Berrier, A.B. Xoyember 15 Lexington. X. C. Pfeiffer Junior College 1. 2; Victory Com- mittee 4; Methodist Assocation 3. 4; W.A.A. 3. 4. IS - ' I . V«v ' Nki.da May Bode, A.B. New Knoxville, Ohio May 15 Honor Roll 1. 2. 3; Pioneer Staff 3, 4. Desk Editor 1; Y.W.C.A. 1. 2. 3. -1. Chaplain 2, Vice President 3. President ■ -1 : Phi Epsilon !•; Sigma Pi Alpha 1. 2, 3. 1. Secretary- Treasurer 3. President l; I.R.C. 3. 4: A. B.C. 1. 2, 3, 1. President 3; Choir 2. 3. 1. Gladys R. Bortner, A. 15. December 20 Glen Rock. Pennsylvania Pioneer Staff I: Y.W.C.A. 1; L.S.A. 1, 2, 3; A. B.C. 1 : Rand I : W.A.A. 1. 2. 3. Barbara L. Brown, A.B. April 24 Salisbury. X. C. Who ' s Who i; Honor Roll 1. 2. 3; Staff 3. Literary Editor; Student Union Committee 4; Class Secretary 2, President 3. 4; Blue Masque 1; Pi Mu Kappa 3. 4; Seymour Scientific Club -1; Phi Epsilon 4; Writers ' Club 1. 2. 3. 4. Secretary 2, Pres- ident 3; Pep Club 1, 2, Secretary 2; Sponsor for Sophomore Senior Dance 3 ; May Day Attendant 3; Blazer Girl 4. Dorothy Brown, A.B. June 5 Spencer, N. C. Blue Masque 2. 4; Choir 1, 2. 3. 4; W.A.A. 1. ■ e Mary Helen Current, B.S. April 21 Cleveland, N. C. House President 3; Y.W.C.A. 1. 2. 4; Home Ee. 1, 2, 3. 4; Choir 1.2; W.A.A. 1. 2, 3. 4. David Boyd Davis, A.B. October 17 Salisbury, X. C. George Peabody College 1.2; University of North Carolina 3; Seymour Scientific Club 3, 4. President 4. Carl Theodore Dave, A.B. Hiekorv. X. C. June 28 Victory Committee 4. Chairman 4; Boys Dormitory Committee 4, Secretary 4; Adel- phians 1. 2. 3. 4. Secretary 2. Vice President 3. President 4; A.B.C. 1. 2. 4; Sigma Pi Alpha 3. 4; I.R.C. 3. 4; Program Chairman 3; Choir 4. Ethel Aleda Downey, B.S. December 8 Hagerstown. Md. Pioneer Staff 4; Blue Masque 1. 2. 3. 4; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2. 4; Phi Epsilon 4; Home Ec! 1. 2. 3. 4. Vice President 4; A.B.C. 2. 3. 4- W.A.A. 2. 3. 4. SUM Doris Eleanor Dreibelbis, A.B. August 2 Phoenixville, Pa. Honor Roll 2. 3 ; Pioneer 3, 4; Board of Appeals 3 ; 1. Chairman 4; Class Treasurer 4; House Chairman 4; Y.W.C.A. 1. 2, 3, 4, Vesper Co-chairman 4; Phi Epsilon 3. 4; A. B.C. 2. 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 3, Pres- ident 4; Band 1. 2, 4. Vice President 2; W.A.A. I, 2, 3j 4. Cabinet 3. 4; Monogram Club 4. June DuFFELL, A.B. January 9 SalisburVj N. C. Sigma Pi Alpha . ' !. 1 ; Drum Majorette 2, 3. Louise Craig Foster, A.B. December 17 Mocksville. N. C, Mitchell College 1. 2; Phi Epsilon 4; Choir 3, 4; Orchestra 3. 4, Secretary 4; Band 3, 4. Marian Fowler, A.B. Spencer, N. C. July 17 Who ' s Who 4; Pioneer Staff 4; Sayakini Staff 3; Student Union Committee, Chairman 4; Blue Masque 2. 3. 4, Secretary 3, Pres- ident 4; Phi Epsilon 3. 4, President A; W.A.A. 1. 2, 3, 4. Treasurer 3, 4: Girl Rep- resentative to Athletic Committee 4; Mono- " Tani Club 3. 4. 21 ■■ ' .■■ ' ; ' ■ ' .. •■ ' ■ ' ■ ' Lj.A.00 Doris Edna Gaddy, B.S. Morven, N. C. May 16 W.CU.N.C. 1; Y.W.C.A. 2; Home Ec. 2, 3, 4; A.B.C. 2. Jeanne Harris, A. 15. Concord. N. C. July 27 Pfeiffer Junior College 1. 2; House Com- mittee 4; Y.W.C.A. 3, 4; W.A.A. 3, 4. Paul F. Grubb, A.B. January 9 Linwood, N. C. Blue Masque 4; Seymour Scientific Club 3, 4. Jean Patricia Hay, B.S. January 27 Spencer. X. C. Entertainment Committee. Chairman 4; Blue Masque 2. 3, 4; Phi Epsilon 3. 4. Secretary 4; Choir 4; W.A.A. 1, 2. 3, 4; Monogram Club 3, 4; Drum Majorette 3. 22 Henry Adam Headixger, A.B. May !• Spencer, N. C. Seymour Scientific Club 3, 1; Baptist Student Union 3, i. Secretary-Treasurer 3, 1. Eunice McM. Henley, A.B. March 22 Laurinburgj N. C. House Committee 2. 3, 1; Y.W.C.A. 1, ■ , 3, i; A. B.C. 1. Doris Elizabeth Heinly, B.S. July 20 Royersf ' ord, Pa. Phi Epsilon 3. t; Home Ec. 1. 2, 3. ■!•; Methodist Association 2, 3. 1; A. B.C. 1, 2; Choir 1. 2. 3, 4; W.A.A. 1. 2, 3, i, Vice President 3. Frieda Elise Hill, B.S. July 4 Polkton, N. C. Pfeirl ' er Junior College 1.2; Home Ee. 3, t. 23 ■- ' ■■■■-■.. ' -■ I I lSS Miriam Virginia Hortox, A.B. July 16 Salisbury. X. C. L.S.A. 1. 2. 3. 4; Choir 2. 3. 4. President 4. Edna Divine Hucks, A.B. December 17 Charleston. S. C. Honor Roll 3 ; Pioneer Staff 1 ; Vice Chair- man House Committee -1; Blue Masque 1.2. 3. 4; Phi Epsilon 4; Cheer Leader 1: Pep Club 1, 2. Treasurer 2. Margaret Gordon Hunt, A.B. June 20 Salisbury. N. C. Honor Roll 2. 3; Blue Masque 1. 2. 3, 4: Sigma Pi Alpha 2. 3. 4. Eloise Bethea Huntley. A.B. October 20 Ruby. S. C. Queens College 1 : Mitchell College 2 : Pioneer Staff 4; Blue Masque 4; Y.W.C.A. 2; Choir 4: W.A.A. 3. 4. 24 Jonx B. Hurley, A.B. September 30 Asheboro, N. C. Who ' s Who 4; Sayakini 3, Co-advertising Manager; Tom-Tom Committee 4; " Catawba Says Hey " Committee 4; Senate 2, 3, K Treasurer 2. President ; Class Treasurer 3; Chief Marshal 3; Y.M.C.A. 4; Adelphians I. 2, 3. 1-; Methodist Fellowship 1, 2, . ' 3, 4, Vice President 2, President 3; A. B.C. 1; Choir 1. 2. 3. I; Orchestra 1. 2, 3, Vice President 2; Blazer Boy 4. Esther E. Jones, A.B. Reedsville anuary 23 Who ' s Who 1: Pioneer Staff 1; Sayakini Staff 3; II ir Roll I. 2. 3; Senate 3, 4; Blue Masque 1. 2. 3. t. Treasurer 3. 1- ; V.W.C.A. I. 2, 1. Treasurer 2; Phi Kpsilou 2. 3. I: Methodist Fellowship 2; A. B.C. 3; Choir I; W ' .A.A. 1. 2. 3. t, Secretary 2. President 1-. June E. Kaukpman. B.S. September 1( Roaring Spring. Pa. Honor Roll 1, 3; Pioneer Staff 1, 4; House Chairman 4 ; Blue Masque 2. 3. 4; Y.W.C.A. 1. 2. 4, Secretary 2; Phi Epsilon 4; Sigma Pi Alpha 1. 2, 3. 4, Vice President 3; Home Ec. 1. 2. 3, 4, Treasurer 3; May Day Chairman t. Evelyn Cordelia Kluttz, B.S. March 20 Granite Quarry, N. C. Honor Roll 3; Blue Masque 4; Y.W.C.A. t: L.S.A. 1. 3. 4, Treasurer 3; W.A.A. 4. 2 ? 5L. r? J tmM SEmmfi ckass n atf 3h Calvin Leonard, A.B. January !) Lexington, X. C. Student Athletic Representative 4; Public Speaking Medal 3; Basketball Manager 2, 3; Baseball Manager 2. 3; Basketball 4. Bryte Little, B.S. February 2 J Stanrield. X. C. Wingate Junior College 1. 2; Blue Masque 3. 4; Y.W.C.A. 3. 4; " Methodist Fellowship 3; A.B.C. 3. Vanda Louise Lippeht. B.S. December 14 Edith Garxell Lyeri.v, A.B. February 22 Salisbury. X. C. Granite Quarry. X. C. Brevard College 1; Choir 4; Orchestra Blue Masque 4 ; Y.W.C.A. 4 ; L.S. A. 1 . 2. 3, Treasurer 2. Vice President 3; Choir 4. 2, 3. 4. 26 03e1S2 Martha Louise Lykhly, 15. S. April 2 Granite Quarry, N " . C. Honor Roll 3; Blue Masque 4; Y.W.C.A. 1; Choir 4; W.A.A. 4; L.S.A. 1. 2, 3, 4. Mary Rankin McKenzie, A.B. February G Salisbury, N. C. Y.W.C.A. t. Mark Billman Michael, A.B. March 19 Dalmatia. Pa. Pioneer Staff 4; Blue Masque 3, 4; Y.M.C.A. 2, 3, 4. Vice President 4, Chaplain 1; Adel- phians 1. 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer -i; A. B.C. 1, 2, 3. 4, Vice President 4; Band 1. 2. 3, 4. Anna Catherine Miller, B.S. Salisbury, N. C. June 27 BHR bpSKpse SENIOR Mary Pauline Miller, A.B. Salisbury. X. C. August 1-1 Who ' s Who 1; Honor Roll 2: Pioneer Staff 1. 2. 3. 1. Editor-in-Chief 4. News Editor 3; Co-Editor Tom-Tom 4; Totem 1; Senate 1; Junior Marshal; Blue Masque 1. 2. 3, 4; Phi Epsilon 4; Writers ' Club 2. 3, -1; Sigma Pi Alpha 2, 3. 4: Methodist Fellowship 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3; W.A.A. 1. 2. 3. 1; Mono- gram Club 3. 4. Reba Moore, A.B. Matthews. N. C. W.C.U.X.C. 1. 2. August 2G Evelyn Davis Morgan, A.B. August 21 Salisbury. X. C. Pi Mu Kappa 2. 3. 1. Secretary 3. Vice President 4; Y.W.C.A. 4; Methodist Fellow- ship I- 2, 3. 4. Secretary 2. 3. Treasurer 4; I.R.C. 1. 2. 3; Choir 1. 2. 3. 4. President 4. Jean Porter Newman, B.S. May - ' 3 Yaldosta. Ga. House Committee 3. 4; Blue Masque 1 » 3. 4; Home Ec. 1, 2. 3. 4. President 3; Phi Epsilon 3. 4; Sponsor Soph-Senior 3- Mav Court 1. 2. 3. 2S Harold Alexander Owen, A.B. , January S Salisbury, N. C. Norma Jean Porter, A.B. January 18 Salisbury. N. C. Pi Mu Kappa 1, 2, 3, 1; Seymour Scientific Club . ' !, !•; Writers ' Club 2 ; L.S.A. 1, 2, 3. Sara Jane Richards, A.B. Erie, Pa. May 31 Pioneer Staff 3, -1; Blue Masque -1; Y.W.C.A. 1; Choir 1, 2, 3, -i. Annette Jean Rieling, B.S. July 29 Philadelphia, Pa. Who ' s Who t; Pioneer 1, 2, 3, i, Feature Editor 3, Business Manager 1; Sayakini Staff 3; Student Government 3, -i. Secretary 3. Vice President t ; Class Treasurer 2; Blue Masque 1, 2, 3, t ; Pi Mu Kappa 3; Seymour Scientific Club 3, 1, Secretary 3, Vice President 1; Phi Epsilon 2, 3, 4, Vice President ■!■ ; W.A.A. 2, 3. . ' -•■ Carolene E. Rink, A.B. September G Salisbury, N. C. Who ' s Who 4 ; Honor Roll 2, 3 ; Class Secre- tary 1, Class Vice President 4; Blue Masque 4; Y.W.C.A. 1 ; Phi Epsilon 4. Methodist Fel- lowship 2, 3, 4. Recreational Chairman 2. Program Chairman 3, President 4; I.R.C. 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 2, Program Chair- man 2. President 3. 4; Choir 1. 2, 3, 4. Secre- tary 4; Orchestra 1. 2. 3. 4, President 1. 2. 3, 4; W.A.A. 1. 2. Board of Appeals 4; Totem Staff 4. Edith Eugenia Smith, B.S. January 7 Spencer. X. C. Mary Elizabeth Sofley, B.S. June 2 Cana. X. C. W.C.U.N.C. 1. 2; Home Ec. 3, 4; W.A.A. 3. 4; Cabinet 4. Doris Alta Slick, A.B. June 12 Roaring Spring. Pa. Pi Mu Kappa 2. 3. 4. Treasurer 3; Sevmour Scientific Club 3. 4; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Phi Epsilon 4: Band 1. 2, 3. 4; W.A.A. 2, 3, 4. 30 Sarah Potts Sossoman, A.B. April 25 .Midland, N. C. Blue Masque 4; Y.W.C.A. 1. 2, i; Methodist Association 1, 2, 3. 4 ; W.A.A. i. Eris Sturdivant, A.B. March 13 Marslivillc. N. C. Pioneer Staff 2, 3. 4; House Committee 2, 3; Blue Masque 3. 4; Phi Epsilon 3, 4. Helen Rice Stroud, A.B. Moeksville, N. C. June Mitchell College 1.2; Y.W.C.A. 1: Method- ist Fellowship 3, 4. Annie Laurie Taylor, A.B. August 18 Salisbury, N. C. Appalachian State Teachers College 1, 2, 3. 31 PJ» Nina Louise Tucker, B.S. Cheraw. S. C. January -J Charles Waggoner, B.S. S alisbury, X. C. October 2 Honor Roll 3; Pioneer Staff 1. 2. 3. 4, Chief Typist 3. -1; Totem Staff 4 ; Auditing Com- mittee 3; Class Secretary -1; Y.W.C.A. 3, 4; Phi Epsilon 4 ; A. B.C. 2; Orchestra 1. 2. 3. 4. John Homer Wilson, A.B. August 20 Spencer, N. C. Seymour Scientific Club 3, 4; B.S.U. 3, 4, Vice President 4. And so we ship off; our signal says " go " It ' s no longer Catawba, but instead A.P.O. We ' ve yearned for the day, but now that it ' s here We ' d gladly trade mortar boards for dinks and frosh fear. Hut our -.ails -they arc set and the weather is fair Nought hut the voyage is ours to dare. And though we ship northward or southward or west Our thoughts and our hearts at Catawba will rest. 33 -5 ■■■.•-. ' ■.- " JUNIOR SNAPSHOTS " And we work at school too . . . B.C. (before cadets) . . . Phi Ep mourners . . . Please repeat that Tinker . . . That ' s the best way to stop the 1ms boys . . . Charlie. Hill and the publicized gams — we rniss you! . . . Life can be beautiful . . . Gone but definitely not forgotten ! 34 KV43? Junior Class Officers ■- ' ■ ,c- ■■ ■ ' ) Frances Elizabeth Arthurs Salisbury, N. C. Lillian Gi.ay Barrier Salisbury, N. C. Sarah Jane Binkley Hagerstown, Aid. Edna Earle Cameron Salisbury, N. C. Betty Lenora Chapman Salisbury, N. C. Fran ces Pauline Corriher China Grove, N. C. Willi k May Cowan China Grove, N. C. Margaret Lucille Cranford Salisbury, N. C. Doris Jean Garmon Concord, N. C. Joseph T. Hammond, Jr. Philadelphia, Pa. Nell Harden Salisbury, N. C. Margaret Louise Johnson Kannapolis, N. C. Junia Evelyn Keppel Salisbury, N. C. Edna Marie Kluttz Concord, N. C. Mary Yorke Kluttz Rockwell, N. C. 36 Jones Calvin Koonts Lexington, N. C. Harvey Koonts, Jk. Lexington, N. C. Alice Virginia Lang Wilmington, Del. Rebecca Sue Leonard Lexington, N. ( ' . Robert Chester Lowe, Jr. Banner Elk, N. C. Thomas Charles McGinnis Salisbury, X. ( ' . Wanda Holt O ' Daniel Spencer, N. ( ' . John Calvin Peeler Rockwell, X. ( ' . Mary Sue Phillips Camp Hill, Pa. Thurmon Poston China Grove, X. C. Nan Elizabeth Ratliff Morven, X T . C. Irving Rudolph Salisbury, X T . C. Melvin (iii.i.y Scarlett Reading, Pa. Albert Lee Scott Hagerstown, Md. Betty Axx Sharpe Lexington, X. C. WlLBURN DAVAULT WlLLIAMS Granite Quarry, X T . C. Harry Emmitte Thomason Salisbury, X. C. " SOPHOMORE SNAPSHOTS " Sno ' fo ' sho ' . . . Rocky and her O.A.O. . . . Yum ! Yum! . . . Jeans — not Janes . . . Nice — huh? . . . Peas in a pod . . . Who ' s that smile for Ceei? . . . Soph-Senior Dance Committee in action. 38 Sophomore Class Officers - ;.ijv SOP Rosa Lee Armstrong Frances Elizabeth Bradshek Mary Elizabeth Butner Joseph Brown Conrad Virginia Mate Dedmox Bobby Vance Dittox Jean Pearl Fisher j (anita mozelle flsher Bronnie Efird Foreman Patillo Fowler Margaret Helen Gaddy Fredrecia Bowver Greene Ethel Mae Haden William Chalmers Haden Virginia Shaver Hall Joseph Leon Haller Melyix Thomas Hamm Frances Josephine Hkdrick James Hobsox Anna Lois Knox Margaret Lemmon 40 Bkkkard Patterson Lentz Lois Maclay Lynx McBridk Virginia Lanier Marsh George Harold Myers Chigusa Okawa Ronald Okawa Gladys Irene Patterson G oldie Jean Peeler Freddie Sylvester Roseman Cecile Elizabeth Rowe Merrea Smith Ronnie Gene Stahl Rose Stoner Martha Jean Swanson Wanda Reene Taylor Grace Temple IIlXDA TROUTMAN Gkrtrudk Hayes Walton Hugh Douglas Young, Jr. " FRESHMAN SNAPSHOTS " In the beginning . . . Ann learning the ropes from Pat . . . It ' s a dawg ' s life — eh ' •worms " ? . . . Freshies and froggies . . . Two master-minds at manual labor . . . Class prexy and Savakixi photog- rapher . . . Loafing out front . . . Carrying the torch for " gym. " 42 an © HlP FRESHMfiN Mary Evelyn Adams Sarah Elizabeth Barrixger Doris Elaixe Beck Hexry Berxhardt Margaret Louise Bernhardt Imeldia Blackwell Lee Blackavelder Mary Olivia Bowyer Lois Elizabeth Brown Xellie Xovaleex Bullock Dorothy Jane Carriker Eloeise Sharpe Cheek Nancy Delozier Martha Louise Ellington Lewis Edward Everlixe Evelyn Catherine Faust Edxa Earle Ferree Mary Katherine Fraley Elizabeth Frieze John Ray Gobble, Jr. Annie Katherine Goodman Betty Joe Greexe Bessie Greer Mary Elizabeth Harrelsox 44 Betty Sue Hedrick Ferne Rank Hefi ' ELEInger GllACE HoRNEY Joseph Hunt Mary Valia Hutchins Helen Clarine Ixgold Robert Keesler Johnston Robert Felix Kluttz Sara Leake I it us Sink Leonard Lyndol Virginia Leonard Nancy Rose Leonard Grace Beaver Lyerly Herman Massey Lorene Johnstox McKenzie Earl Michael Clyde Miller Kathleen Louise Morgan Betty Parker Morton Jean Osborne Amelia Marsh Parker A xx Lea Parker Herman- Peeler Richard Nevin Peeler mm fSf . • ■ . Sarah Catherine Peeler Marion Vaughan Pitts Patricia DuBois Proctor Helen Coleman Raymek Atha Darlene Redding Lorraine Robertson William Gordon Robinson Sara Rodgers Charlotte Jean Rosemond Lois Mae Safley John William Settlemyre James Sharpe Frances Rith Sixes Charles Boyce Sink Peggy Sue Smith Kathryn Thomas Jean Thompson Robert Warren Tosh Helen Louise Tussey Edwin Van Poole Dorothy Jean Wandel Frances Roberts Warfield Robert Wilhelm Rttth Wilson Mary Jane Womack Mary Elizabeth Yodeii Violet Young T James Grady You ts Students Whose Class Pictures Do Not Appear in Annual Juniors Carroll Bowen Amy Fry Nellie Gray Rutledge Flonnie Hoi r Donald Ritchey Sophomores Mary Smith Mary Stuart Snider Charles Sussman Freshmen Betty Anne Dueeell Charles Earnhardt Mary Emma Epting Betty Gill Ruth Hay Thomas Hudson Leonard King Billy Joe Leonard Harold Lingle William. Noell Mary Bernice Raker Roysten Rudole Jack Trotter Walker James Walser Max Whitley Martha Win gate 47 Book Twt ■ ACTIVITIES 1375 JUNIA KePPEL Editor-in-Chief Calvin Koonts Business Manager The 1944 v Hampered by war-time conditions and war-time privations, the Sayakini Staff has persistently plodded along to the finish line. Outstanding merit goes to the business staff which has done unusual work in collecting all conceivable resources. The literary staff also deserves praise for their faithful cooperation and diligence. Many people outside of the actual yearbook staff have cooperated and contributed in the making of the book. We want to thank Dick Peeler, a freshman, who took all the club pictures and many of the snapshots found herein. We also want to acknowledge the professional photography of Dave Davis in his picture of the servicemen ' s board found at the beginning of this annual. We cannot forget the fine work done by Mrs. Wingfield of Oestreicher ' s in photographing the student body. We appreciate her loyal cooperation. Without our typists this book could not have been compiled. Our thanks then go to Alice Lang, Nell Harden, and Louise Lyerly. To our engravers and our printers for their cooperation, we express our appreciation. Because Catawba College is a loyal part of a larger and greater organiza- tion, the United States of America, we of Catawba are proud to id the war effort by lending our men and by making a part of our facilities avail- able to the government. Likewise the Sayakini, in an effort to place at the , disposal of our country all available resources, presents to the student body of Catawba College, a smaller volume than in previous years, but one which we trust will be received with high enthusiasm and prized all the more because of its patriotic intent. ■a Bm m THE STAFF Editor, Junia Keppel; Associate Editor, Nell Harden; Associate Editor, Sarah Jane Binkley: Feature Editor, Edna Earle Cameron; Girls ' S ports Editor, Yorkie Kluttz; Boys ' Sports Editor, Melvyn Scarlett; Copy Editor, Frances Arthurs; Photographer, Dick Peeler; Business Manager, Calvin Koonts; Assistant Business Manager. Alice Lang; Faculty Adviser. Mr. Russel Smith. Sayakini A 5 Srac 51 H H F |Q BERNARD HUKLEY President Annette Hilling Vice President Senate Sabah Jane Bixkley Secretary Thomas McGinnis Treasurer Dr. Wii.i.iiite, Coach Kirkland Facility . I dvisers SENATORS: Esther Jones, Junia Keppel, Pauline Miller Cecile Re Melvin Searlett. Makiax Fowl. EH President JrxiA Keppel Vice I 1 result at Gertrude Walton Secretary Esther Jokes Treasurer Mns. Busby Director •Mser . ■ " ■ ?■■ Blue Masque Frances Arthurs, Margaret Bame, Sarali Barringer, Henry Bernhardt, Louise Bernhardt, Sarah Binkley, Frances Bradsher, Mary Butner, Edna Cameron, Dorothy Carriker, Eloise Cheek, Joe Conrad, ' Ethel Downey, Charles Earnhardt, Pati Fowler, Fredrecia Greene, Bessie Greer, Paid Gruh, Virginia Hall, Jean Hay, Ruth Hay, James Hobson, Pat Hucks, Peggy Hunt, Joe Hunt, Eloise Huntley, June Kauffman, Evelyn Kluttz, Calvin Koonts, Margaret Lemmon, Billy Joe Leonard, Bryte Little, Edith Lyerly, Louise Lyerly, Mark Michael, Pauline Miller, ' Harold Myers, Wanda O ' Daniel, Eleanor Omwake, Mary Sue Phillips, Jean Porte r Newman, Patsy Proctor, Annette Rieling, ' Carolene Rink, Cecile Rowe, Melvin Scarlett, Boyce Sink, Sara Sossoman, Eris Sturdivant, Jean Swanson, Wanda Taylor, Jean Thompson. Jack Trotter, Edwin Van Poole, Gertrude Walton, Jean Wandel, James Younts. Pi Mu Kappa President. Smith Foushee; Vice President, Evelyn Morgan; Secretary, Frances Bradsher; Treasurer, Betty Chapman; Faculty Adviser, Dr. Conrad. Barbara Brown, Joe Conrad, Bob Dutton, Gladys Patterson, Norma Jean Porter, Annette Rieling, Doris Slick. • v- ■ . Choir MmiLui Hcnxox Cabouxe Rixk Seen I Xelx Huiiirv Ma. Cmjusovphe}; Thomas Din ' Sarah Jane Binkley, Xelda Bode, Frances Bradsher. Margaret Cranford. Carl Dave, Nancy Delozier, Juanita Fisher, Louise Foster, Helen Gaddy, Bessie Greer, Fredrecia Greene, Jean Hay, Doris Heinly. Eloise Huntley. Junia Keppel, Mary Yorke Kluttz, Vanda Lippert, Edith Lyerly. Louise Lyerly, Evelyn Morgan, Wanda O ' Daniel, Eleanor Omwake. Harold Owen. Sarah Catherine Peeler, Dick Peeler, Jean Peeler, Mary Sue Phillips. Sarah Richards. Gordon Robinson. Cecile Rowe. Irving Rudolph, Frances Safrit, Boyce Sink, Mary Stuart Snider, Wanda Taylor. Grace Temple, Bob Tosh. Jean Wandell. Beth Yoder. Y. YV. C. A. President. Xelda Bode; Viee President, Junia Keppel; Seeretarg, Sarah Jane Binkley; Treasurer, Xell Harden; Faculty Adviser, Mrs. Sarah ScharTner. Margaret Bame, Lillian Barrier, Imeldia Blackwell, Frances Bradsher. Xovaleen Bullock, Edna Earle Cameron, Betty Chapman. Elouise Cheek. Pauline Corriher. Ethel Downey, Doris Dreibelbis, Evelyn Faust, Edna Earle Ferree, Juanita Fisher, Bessie Greer, Ruth Hay. Betty Sue Hedrick, Eloise Huntley, Louise Johnson, Esther Jones, Evelyn Kluttz, Mary Yorke Kluttz. Lois Knox, Alice Lang. Iris Leonard, Xancy Leonard, Rebecca I -onard. Edith Lyerly, Louise Lyerly. Mary Rankin McKenzie, Evelyn Morgan. Kathleen Morgan, Ann Parker, Jean Peeler, Sarah Peeler, Mary Sue Phillips, Sarah Richards. Cecile Rowe, Doris Slick. Grace Temple. Louise Tucker. Helen Tussv. Gertrude Walton. Y. M. C. A Mk.i.yix Scarlett President Mark Michael Vice President John " Calvin Peeler Secretary-Treasurer Dr. Brick Wejjtz Mr. Russell Smith Faculty Advisers Henry Bernhardt, Joe Conrad, Carl Dave, Charles Earnhardt, Melvin Haiiiin, Joe Hammond, Tommy Hudson, Campbell Hunter, Bernard Hurley, Robert Kluttz, Calvin Koonts, Billy Joe Leonard, Robert Lowe, Thomas McGinnis, Earl Michael, George Harold Myers, John Settlemyre, Boyce Sink, Bob Tosh, James Younts. Phi Epsilon President, Marian Fowler; Vice President, Annette Reiling; Secretary, Jean Hay; Treasurer, Doris Heinly; Faculty Adviser, Miss Helen Kraiss. Margaret Bame, Sarah Jane Binkley, Xelda Bode, Barbara Brown, Margaret Cranford, Doris Dreihelbis, Ethel Downey, Louise Foster, Pat Hucks, Esther Jones, Junia Keppel, June Kauffman, Alice Lang, Polly Miller, Jean Porter, Carolene Rink, Doris Slick, Eris Sturdivant, Louise Tucker, Gertrude Walton. 55 Lee Blackwelder, Lewis Everline, Austin Hamilton, Joe Hammond, Bernard Hurley, Harvey Koonts, Calvin Leonard, J. W. Loy, G. Harold Myers, Harold Owen, Thurman Poston, John Settlemvre, Melvin Scarlett. Adelphians Carl Daye President Melvin- Hamm Vice President Melvin- Hamm Secretary of Deputations Mark Michael Secretary-Treasurer Dr. D. E. Faust Faculty Adviser Writers ' Club President, Margaret Bainc; Vice President. Frances Bradsher; Secretary- Treasurer, Gertrude Walton; Faculty Advisers, Dr. and Mrs. Jenkins and Mr. Smith. Barbara Brown, Calvin Koonts, Virginia Marsh. Polly Miller, Carolene Rink, Cecile Rowe, Melvin Scarlett, Jean Thompson. Sigma Pi Alpha Ne LDA Bode 1 i-esi dent Sarau Jaxk Vic ' •esideni Nki 1. Harden Secret 11 rti- Treasurer Dr. Rice ani Mr. Smith Faeit 11,1 Idvisers . i ! - - Carl Dave, June Duffell, Ethel Hack-n. Peggy Hunt, Juno Kauffman. Pauline Miller, Thurman Poston, Betty Ann Sliavpe. Home Economics Club Margaret Cranford, President; Ethel Downey, Vice President; Mary Butner, Secretary; Pauline Corrilier. Treasurer: Miss French, Faculty Adviser. Rosa Lee Armstrong, Frances Arthurs, Betty Chapman, Doris Gaddy, Doris Heinly, Freda Hill, June Kauffman, Margaret Lemon, Katherine Miller, Mary Sue Phillips, .lean Porter Newman, Nan Uatliff, Elizabeth Softly, Rose Stoner. Orchestra (aroi.exe Rink President Alice Lang Vice President Louise Foster Secretary-1 , easurer Mr. Harry F. Taylor Facility Adviser Alma Until Arthurs, Frances Bradsher, Mary Butner, Sybil Cline, Betty Jane Davis, Man ' George, Fredrecia Green, Yancla Lippert, Dick- Peeler, Boyce Sink, Bonnie Stall], Louise Tucker. Band President, Charles Waggoner; Vice President, Mark Michael; Secretary- Treasurer, Boyce Sink; Director. Mr. Harry F. Taylor. Henry Bernhardt, Doris Dreihelhis, Boh Dutton, Doris Heinly, Tom Hudson, Edna Klutt ., Alice Lan S , Pat Lent ., Earl Michael, Dick ' Peeler, Jean Peeler, Doris Slick, Grace Temple, James Younts. Baptist Student Union Fraxces Arthurs President Homer Wilson Vice President Henry Headinger Secretary-Treasurer Dr. Milton Braun Faculty Adviser Pauline Arthurs, Novaleen Bullock, Frieda Hill, Graee Homey, James, Louise Johnson, Iris Leonard, Hetty Morton, Wanda ( Harold Owen, Ann Parker, Jean Swanson, Louise Tucker, Ruth Hugh Young, Jr., Mr. Harry F. Taylor. Flonnie VDaniel, Wilson, Methodist Fellowship President, Carolene Kink: Vi ce President. Doris Heinly; Secretary, Pauline Miller; Treasurer, Evelyn Morgan; Ftieultii Adviser, Dr. Lyle Willhite. Ophelia Barneycastle, Lee Blackwelder, Boh Dutton, Doris Jean Garmon, Fredreeia Greene, Bernard Hurley, Frances Ruth Sykes, Sarah Sossoman, Helen Stroud. B9 Affiliate Members: Mrs. Conrad, C. P. Fultz. M. L. Rr Imogeiie Clairborne, Mary E. Members: Mary Bowyer, Barbara Brown; Betty Chapman, Bob Dutton S F £ e . r . lm % Paul G™bb Virginia Hall, Henry Headinger, Clarine Ingold, Esther Jones, Alice Lang, Pat Lentz, Robert Lowe, Doris Slick, Rob rosh, Edwin Van Poole, Charles Waggoner, Homer Wilson H D 1 oung. Reformed Students President Carl Dayej Vice President, Jnanita Fisher; Secretary-Treasurer Mary Yorke Kluttz; Faculty Adviser, Dr. Donald C. Dearborn. Xelda Bode, Elouise Cheek, Ethel Downey, Doris Dreibelbis, Evelyn Faust Edna Earle Ferree, Ressie Greer, Melvin Hamm, Josephine Hedrick, ' Clarine Ingold, Robert Kluttz, Nancy Rose Leonard, Mark Michael Harold Myers Gladys Patterson, Dick Peeler, Tlmrraan Poston, Melvin Scarlett John Settlemyre, Robert Tosh, James Younts. Seymour Scientific Club David Davis Pre side nl Annetti; Vice President Lee Scott Secretary Tixkek McGinn is Treasurer On. M. L. Rkacx Pacvlty Adviser 6U The Totem Calvin Kooxts Editor Caholexi: Risk Assistai t Editor Bobby DCTTON ' business Managei Prof. Russell F. W. Smith Faculty Adviser Literary Staff: S. J. Binkley, V. Marsh, M. Bame, P. Miller, G. Walton, M. Scarlett, F. Bradsher, C. Rowe. Business Staff: Circulation: L. Tucker, M. I la mm, E. Van Poole, J. Trotter. Typists: B. A. Sliarpe, J. Hedriek. Business Staff: B. Downey, ]). Dreibelbis, t . Hcinly, K. Huntley, I.. Knox, . . Lang ' , X. Leonard, M. Mirlmel, D. Hedding, 11. Sbnrpe, D. Slick, J. Trotter, L. Tucker. The Pioneer Editorial Staff: S. Binkley, X. Bode, P. Bradsher. L. Bernhardt, S. Barrhiger, H. Bernhardt. E. Cheek, E. Cameron, E. Faust, P. Greene. W. Greene, V. Hall. X. Harden, C. Illgold, .T. Kandel, J. Kauffnian. C. Koonts, A. Lang. H. Myers, E. Onnvake, J. Osborne, D. Peeler. S. Richards. C. Rink, C. Rowe. M. Scarlett. E. Sturdivant, W. Taylor, J. Thompson, G. Walton, J. Younts. mm HO + • Book Three 1 ATHLETICS -; - " !v. r-.v MT2IC iSt£ CHEER LEADERS The lack of a football tram at Catawba failed to dampen the spirit and enthusiasm of our cheer leaders as was demonstrated by their efforts put forth at the basketball game. Chief cheer leader Helen Caddy, supported by Ceeile Rowe. Merrea Smith. Gertrude Walton, and Edna Earle Cameron, brought a spirited response from the spectators. " Fifteen rails. " for our pep promoters. 1 64 All hopes of continuing Catawba ' s fine record on the gridiron this year were shattered in September when Coach Kirkland an- nounced that there would be no varsity football for at least a year. To all Catawba students, alumni, and friends, this announcement came as a severe blow, but the disappointment of all was somewhat lessened by the knowledge that every effort had been made to con- tinue the gridiron sport here at Catawba. However, the obstacles, such as : lack of men, difficulty of securing adequate transportation, and the problem of finding suitable opponents, proved insurmount- able; therefore, Catawba reluctantly withdrew temporarily from the gridiron wars. A little later in the year we began to notice that some other schools — not man} ' , to be sure, but some — who, like Catawba, had no Navy or Marine trainees on their campuses were fielding foot- ball teams. Many of these teams were little more than " glorified high school teams " composed largely of seventeen year olds and iF ' s, but no one seemed to mind. The teams were supported just as well as they would have been if they had been composed of mature, experienced players. We at Catawba, seeing what could be done, decided that we would leave no stone unturned in our effort to bring football hack to our campus. Members of the Senate conducted an open forum in chapel at which time the student s, faculty, and visiting service men (former Catawba boys) voiced their unanimous approval of any attempt to reinstate football at Catawba. Later, the Senate presented each student with a question- naire on which were printed the following questions: " Do vou miss naving a football team at Catawba? What does football mean to you? What does football mean to Catawba? Would you like to see Catawba have a football team next year? " Some of the responses to these questions were as follows: " Football is an integral part of college life. " " It means cooperation on the part of the team, the student body, and the faculty. " " It means a unity of spirit and a oneness of purpose. " " Let ' s have football if it ' s at all feasible. " These few quotations from various questionnaires characterize the spirit which was manifested by all of the students in their answers to the questions. In the entire student body there was not one dissenting vote. As a result of this student action. Coach Kirkland and other members of the faculty have resolved to begin early a thorough in- vestigation of the possibilities of Catawba again fielding a football team next fall. They can make no definite promises, but they do say that if it is at all possible, Catawba will have a football team next year. 65 Basketball Haller McGinnis Bowen Walser Peeler Lingle Scott Sbarpe The outlook for the 1942-43 basketball season at Catawba was dark, indeed, when Coach Kirkland issued the first call for court aspirants. Of the twenty boys who turned out. only Joe Haller. Tinker McGinnis, and Fred Peeler had had previous varsity ex- perience, and this only in a reserve capacity. With these boys as a nucleus, and supplemented by such local high school and intra- mural stars as Carroll Bowen. J. C. Peeler. Harold Lingle. and Jim Sbarpe. Coach Kirkland managed to assemble quite a formidable array. The Indians were undoubtedly the smoothest team in the con- ference, as was attested by their six straight wins by impressive scores over Appalachian, Guilford, and High Point before an under- rated High Point team staged an upset in a return engagement. The Indians also looked good in bowing to Davidson. Carolina, and North Carolina Pre-flight. three of the best teams in the state (the N. C. Pre-flight team was ranked as the tenth best team in the nation). At times during the season the team showed little of the calculated finesse of former Indian teams, but the boys kept fighting every minute, and thereby endeared themselves to followers " of the cao- ' e sport wherever they appeared. 66 Feeler BASKETBALL TEAM Joe Haller Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania Tinker McGimiis Salisbury. North Carolina Carroll Bowen Salisbury. North Carolina James Walser Granite Quarry. North Carolina Fred Peeler Salisbury. North Carolina John C. Peeler Rockwell, North Carolina Harold Lingle Granite Quarry. North Carolina A. Lee Scott Hagerstown. Maryland James Sharpe Spencer. North Carolina Harry Thomason Salisbury. North Carolina Calvin Leonard Lexington, North Carolina Robert Kluttz Rockwell, North Carolina Leonard 67 GIRLS ' ATHLETICS The girls ' sports are sponsored by the Women ' s Athletic Association for the purpose of de- veloping girls physically and promoting good sportsmanship among the women of the college by fostering an interest in dual, individual, and team sports. It is the ambition of many of the girls to earn at least a monogram. A girl receives this award by participating in enough sports to gain one thousand points. Each of the major sports— hockev soccer. basketball, tennis— gives the participant one hundred points. For taking part in any of the minor sports— volleyball, softball, archery— a player receives seventy-five points. Points ' are also awarded for participation in pitching horseshoes, hiking, horse-back riding, bicycle riding, and skat- ing. An active girl is able to earn her monogram by the end of her sophomore year. When a o-irl has earned her letter, she automatically becomes a member of the .Monogram Club. She mav then work for points toward receiving the highest award— a white woolen scarf bearing a small monogram. Each year the W.A.A. has several outings. Hikes and fish frys provide fun for all. At the annual banquet in May a plaque is awarded to the class winning first place in intramural sports. Monograms, stars and scarfs are presented to the girls who earned them, and officers for the coming year are installed. The W.A.A. is an active and worthwhile organization on the Catawba Collet campus. ° W. A. A. CABINET Margaret Cranford Doris Dreibelbis Marian Fowler Pati Fowler Doris Heinlv Esther Jones Yorkie Kluttz Ceci Eowe Lib Sofley MONOGRAM CLUB Doris Dreibelbis Marian Fowler Jean Hay Doris Heinlv Esther Jones Yorkie Kluttz Polly Miller Lib Sofley Ethel Downey fiS I 3tf HOCKEY VARSITY Jean Hay. Cecile Rowe, Virginia Hall, Yorkie Kluttz, Pati Fowler, Lois Konx, Marian Fowler. Evelyn Faust, Edna Kluttz. Esther Jones, Ina Berrier. BASKETBALL VARSITY G., Kathleen Morgan; G.. Helen Gaddy; G. Margaret Cranford; F., Marian Fowler; F. Virginia Hall ; F., Ceeile Rowe. SOCCER VARSITY L.W.j Yorkie Kluttz; L.F., Virginia Hall; C.F., Jean Hay; R.F., Ceeile Rowe; R.W.. Helen Gaddy; R.HB., Bessie Greer; C.HB.. Ethel Downey; I..IIH., Lois Knox; R.FB., Edna Kluttz; L.FB., Esther Jones; Goalie. Becky Leonard. 69 -¥• Book Four + FEATURES m BLAZER BOY AND GIRL The blazer boy and girl is a new feature of the 1944 Sayakixi sponsored by the Senate, Y.M.C.A., Y.W.C.A., Phi Epsilon, W.A.A., Baptists and Methodists; character-building clubs on the campus. The two students chosen from the senior class were selected for having made the greatest contribution to the school spirit. 1. By loyalty to ideals and traditions of the college. 2. By local support of all college activities, rather than specialization in one. 3. By noteworthy service rendered in some particular phase of college activities. 4. By advancing college interests through positive criticism, not negative. 5. By strengthening wholesome and sympathetic relationships between students. H. By strengthening wholesome and sympathetic relationships between stu- dents and faculty. I m$®i Miss Barbara Browx Mr. Bernard Hurley 73 Jx-xiA Keppel Editor of the Sayakixi. Berxard Hurley President of t h e Senate. Tixker McGixxis Treasurer of t h e Senate and a mem- ber of the basket- ball team. Carolene Rink, President of the Orchestra and the Methodists: Polly Miller, Editor of the Pioneer; Mar- garet Bame, Associate Editor of the Pioneer and President of the Writers Club. Ten students on the Catawba campus be- came members of the national organization called " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and I niversities. " Prerequisites for membership are character, scholarship, leadership in extra curricula)- activities, and potentiality for future usefulness to business and society. S $ Barbara Brows President of t li ( Senior Class. WHO ' S WHO Margaret Bame Barbara Brown Marian Fowler Bernard Hurley Esther Jones Junia Keppel Thomas McGinnis Pauline Miller Annette Rieling Carolene Rink AxNKTTK HlFLIXC. Vice President of the S e n a t e and Business Manager of the Pioneer. Marian Fowler President of Blue Masque a n d Phi Epsilon. Esther Joxes President of t h e Women ' s Athletic Association. Back row, left in right; McGinnis, Brown, Hurley, Rink, Keppel, Bame. Front row: Fowler, Jones, Rieling, Miller. 7!) ■■ " FACULTY SNAPSHOTS " And professors work too? . . . Our Music-Maker . . . England ' s gift to Catawba . . . " Doc " and the head of the family . . . Our " star " gazer ... El profesor . . . Nice smile . . . Mary Emma shoots her victim . . . Homeward bound. ' CADET SNAPSHOTS " Here Sir! ... At ease there, mister! . . . Cadets cramming . . . Mallory ' s men of might . . . Last call for chow . . . The pause that refreshes . . . And never forget the obstacle course . . . There ' s always time to play . . . Retreat. Catawba College Library ■ Hnn -¥• Book Five wm ma ADVERTISING O Wtmr mm ood fashion and good sense demand clothes that will outlast the war. . . . SUITS : COATS : DRESSES : SKIRTS SWEATERS : BLOUSES LINGERIE : ACCESSORIES Arnold ' s " Your Guide to Better Fashions " 108 South Main Street Salisbury, North Carolina BETTY LOU SHOPPE SPORTSWEAR ACCESSORIES : MILLINERY Remember, " If It ' s from Betty Lou, It ' s the Correct Style for You " 107 W. Fisher St. 204 S. Main St. The GOLD Shop LADIES ' WEARING APPAREL It ' s Smart to be Thrifty It ' s Neiv . . . You ' ll Find It At KENERLY ' S Men ' s Shop Arcade Building W. Innes St. Catering to College Students WE APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAGE THE FLOWER SHOP (Formerly Hanford ' s) Mrs. K. G. Peeler, Prop. Next to Capitol Theatre Phone 381 Compliments of the Class of ' 44 Compliments of the Class of ' 45 EARLE ' S STUDIO PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY PHOTO FINISHING COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY 113 South Main Street Salisbury, N. C. NORMAN INGLE Class Rings 116 North Main Street Salisbury, N. C. Compliments of FISHER THOMPSON HARDWARE Sporting Goods Headquarters Compliments of the CATAWBA COLLEGE CANTEEN M Compliments of the Class of ' 46 Compliments of Bamby Bakers TOMS DRUG STORE " On the Minute Service " Salisbury, N. C. 102 South Main Street Phones 234 - 235 SALISBURY L A U IV D R Y 135 East Fisher Street Phone 292 Compliments of EFIRD ' S DEPT. STORE Salisbury, N. C. Compliments of the Class of ' 47 Compliments of OESTREICHER ' S BEAUTY SHOP Mr. L. B. Coulter, Manager Compliments of NEWSOM. .. Jeuelers 104 South Main Street Salisbury, N. C. Compliments of ROWAN SAMPLE SHOE STORE Salisbury, N. C. ENJOY SALISBURY PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY ■ Mm PHOTOGRAPHS FOR THE SAYAKINI BY OESTREICHER STUDIO EDWIN EARLE, JR. Stationery- Office Equipment and Supplies 119 West Innes Street Solisbury, N. C. Compliments of MAIN DRUG CO., INC. Cut Rate Drugs " PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS " 200 South Main Street PHONES 163 - 164 Salisbury, N. C. TREXLER BROS, and YOST THE COMPLETE OUTFIT FOR THE YOUNG MAN Salisbury, N. C. DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY JJ, xeonar Convenient Terms ' " SALISBURY MOORESVILLE CONCORD KANNAPOLIS DRINK CHEEEWINE For Your Health and Pleasure Compliments of NEHI BEVERAGE COMPANY SALISBURY, NORTH CAROLINA Bottlers of ROYAL CROWN COLA and NEHI BEVERAGES ROWAN CREAMERY, Inc. PASTEURIZED MILK, BETTER and CREAM 127 East Kerr Street Phone 1328 Compliments of HARDEMAN and SON, INC. Corner of Innes and Lee Salisbury, N. C. Smart Styles Loin Prices CANNON SHOE STORE 128 South Main Street Salisbury, N. C. Every Pair An Outstanding Value COMPLIMENTS OF DUKE POWER COMPANY s Be Kitul to Your Eyes . . . Use Proper Light " ROWAN PRINTING COMPANY Salisbury, N. C. A COMPLETE BOOK STORE Printers of THE PIONEER THE TOTEM THE TOM-TOM SALISBURY THEATRES The Capitol The Victory The State " For Anything Electrical " WALTER CARTER 126 North Main Street PHONE 242 RELIABLE PAWN SHOP " Money Loaned on Anything of Value " ' 112 North Main Street PET ICE CREAM " A Health Food " Salisbury, N. C. Phone 214 Compliments of BELK-H ARRY CO. SALISBURY, NORTH CAROLINA Snap Bach With STANBACK Quick Relief for Simple Headaches and Neuralgia Muscular Aches and Pains NURICK ' S " S nort Clothes for Young Men " Compliments of Salisbury Evening Post Daily and Sunday ! - tt ,--y- J r H CHARLOWE ENGRAVING CO. Charlotte, North Carolina TflSfcS Catawba College Library AUTOGRAPHS «i ■:■}■■■

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Catawba College - Sayakini / Swastika Yearbook (Salisbury, NC) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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