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@CUttO t Sc6 oC Sout 'Dakota i DccUccUcok Recognizing the importance of the service rendered by school board members to the youth of Canton particularly but to the community general- ly, Canton High School dedicates its i960 annual to the Canton School Board Members. Their work draws little monetary reward, the appreciation of thoughtful citizens and the oppor- tunity to be of service being their chief satis- faction. They carry the serious responsibilities they have assumed with faithfulness and integrity, making their decisions, in so far as they are able, in the best interests of all the people. The students at Canton High School take this opportunity to express their gratitude for the in- terest and the service of these civic-minded men I and women ttutuaC Sta Peter Tollinger, Photography Editor; Sandra Eaton, Editor; Miss Tomberg, Advisor; Craig Odeen and Linda Tollefson, Assistant Editors; Loren Long, Business Manager; Janet Suter, Copy Editor. Annual Staff, left to right, first row: P. Sinning, W. Thormodsgard, J. William- son, B. Harris, M. Johnson, L. DeJong. Second row: E. Iverson, D. Stubsten, K. Tupper, J. Myers, G. Twedt, S. Anderson. Third row: D. Mauney, L. Bong, G. Gil- bertson, L. Vander Waerdt, S. Scholten, S. Eaton, K. Klepel. Fourth row: R. Loe, D. Devitt, D. Roetzel, C. Dean, M. Gilbertson.During February the FHA sponsored their eighth annual Sweetheart Dance. Linda Hartland, the Sweetheart of 1959 crowned Marilyn Johnson while Prince Charming, I jren Long, looked on. These senior representatives were selected by popular vote. Minneapolis was the scene of the first real adventure of the CHS Chorus. Leaving in two chartered buses on March 25, the chorus first sang in Mankato. While in the twin cities, concerts were given at veterans' and crippled child- ren's hospitals and at South- dale Shopping Center. Back in South Dakota, the chorus sang at the Cataract Hotel in Sioux Falls to climax a highly re- warding weekend. Something new was added this year when a mass concert was given by the combined bands of Lennox and Canton. This was done instead of going to the usual large group contest in Vermillion. Under the director- ship of Mr. Harold R. Wortman, the concert was given April 8."Class Ring," was the name of the senior play which was present- ed in April. The situa- tion comedy dealt with the problems of a teen- age girl who decided to go steady. Dallas Free- man was director of the three-act presentation. Pictured above are the members of the play cast. They are from left to right in the back row D. Nordseth, J. Van Wou- denberg, S. Enstrom, L. Drake, D. Oakland, S. Eaton, and D. Huckfeldt. Seated on the sofa from left to right are A. Huckfeldt, P.Sinning, J. Elster, L. DeJong, K. Johnson, and J. Van Den Top. The group with the exception of S. Kumlien and S. Anderson are wat- ching director D. Free- man. Gloria Gilbertson was selected as the CHS Home- maker of the Year on the basis of a written exam- ination taken by all senior girls in December. Fifteen Central Building students maintained straight A averages for two semesters and were recognized for their efforts at the third annual Scholastic Achievement Banquet held in March. The eighty students who. had maintained B averages for two semesters were also honored at the banquet.Pauline Babcock Solid Geometry Plane Geometry Trigonometry Algebra I Algebra II Wilbur Bryant Agriculture Clarion White Superintendent Joyce Tomberg German English IV English I James Stoeckman Instrumental Music Donald Pottratz Mary Bryant Librarian 6 American History Civics-EconomicsKathryn Walter Typing Bookkeeping Secretarial Training Shorthand Dallas Freeman English I English II Robert Tupper Principal Industrial Arts TTMWKfUK UieOMO 000000© (OOOOOO 900000 »0000 Vinette Skow Homemaking I Homemaking II Homemaking III General Science Ronald Olsbo Chemistry Biology Physics Robert Perkins Assistant Principal Vocal Music Speech Olive Briles English III World History World Geography Burdell Coplan Athletic Coach Speech 7Seniors: President Katie Johnson, Marilyn Johnson, Don Bong, Jerome Elster. Juniors: Sharon Anderson, Paul Vickerman, Jerry Swenson. Sophomores: Judy Berg, Jim Elster. Freshmen: Bill Wittrig, Lynn Rodway. Eighth Graders: Janet Graverson, Robbin Bong. I Student ouuciC The student council represents the student body of Canton High School. They defend our rights and present our grievances in student council meetings. Another of their duties is to check the lockers. In elected student Johnson Lincoln dldate. addition to being president of the council, Katie was also chosen the County D.A.R. Can- 8Sandra Anderson Bill Harris Carol Stensland If rain makes flowers beautiful-—why doesn't it rain on me???? I like a girl with a good head—on my shoul- der. After man came woman, and she's been after them ever since. President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Motto: To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. For what then will the Class of '60 be remembered? Our size? no, we are not an exceptionally large class. Our scholarship? no, that too is average. But what about such qualities as spirit, initiative, and leadership? We are a class proud of our many achievements. The floats we have produced for Homecoming have won first prize awards throughout high school, despite the economical means used in building them. "Let's Dump 'Qn" was the theme of our freshmen float, while "We're Pulling for You" was the theme of the sophomore float. "They Smell De-feet" was the theme used during our Junior year. Since the seniors usually enter a float in the "most beautiful" catagory, this year "Our Boys Will Shine," adorned with four lovely girls, was the prize-winning float. For the last three years our team has won the class basketball tourney and has gone on to victory over the faculty. In the athletic department the Class of '60 has played a vital role in breaking records in all sports. As juniors we sponsored one of the outstanding Junior- senior banquets in many years. "Mardl Gras" was the theme that decorated the Hiawatha Golf Club on that rainy evening. No effort or cost was too great to make it a memora- ble event. As our high school days come to a close the sixty-three members of the class, especially the nineteen who started first grade together, have many memories to recall. The class,comprised of many capable leaders and willing workers, would like to have the faculty and student body know that all they have done for us and with us has been greatly appreciated and has done much to make these four years im- portant and outstanding in our lives. 10Barbara Toft The only certainty is that nothing is cer- tain. Elline Iverson A good listener is a silent flatterer. Richard Oakland I don't want to be President; there's no chance for advancement. Mildred Johnson If you're looking for trouble offer some good advice. Lynda Nelson I know an awful lot but I can't think of it. Erma Klepel There are many oils, but the best one is still elbow grease.dim ir Si Donald Bong Nature designed us to be of good cheer. Patricia Sinning Generally speaking, she is generally speak- ing. Barbara Gilbertson I can't believe every- thing I hear, but I can repeat it. Eldon Van Dyke Even girls find it difficult to argue with a man who's quiet. Marilyn Johnson Figures don't lie. Rodney Bong The difficult I do right away, but the im- possible takes a little bit longer.Sharron Enstrom A mind unemployed Is a mind unenjoyed. Dennis Swenson Not every man looks both ways before cross- ing a one-way street I Roger Eastman Hold the fort, I'm comingI Dawn Howard Be not simply good; be good for something. Ann Jurgenson Meet her, know her, and you'll never forget her. Peter Tolllnger Press onl A better fate awaits thee.Andrew Huckfeldt He flung himself upon his horse and rode mad- ly off in the wrong directioni Rosemary Sundstrom She's so modest she pulls down the shade to change her mind. Barbara Harmison She has a head like a doorknob; any man can turn it. Dean Albertson Sophisticated man- ner, there's mischief in his eye; never a dull moment when Dean is standing by. Ginger Glenn If good people are measured in inches I know I am one of the best! Dean Nordseth On my honor I will do my best to pass my subjects and get out of this mess.Margaret Oliver I'm as old as my tongue and a little older. Larry Syverud I believe in getting into hot water-------it helps keep you clean. Jerald Van Woudenberg Bashful, sensitive, good and kind; a guy like him is hard to find. Gloria Gilbertson She doesn't enter a room, she invades it. Douglas Roetzel All the world may not love a lover, but all the world watches him. Delma Aashelm A pleasing smile, a cheerful word, often seen but seldom heard.Jerome Elater May you live all the days of your life. Laurie Drake Smile all day and happiness will surely come your way. Carol Graverson Don't Judge me by my actions, I'm really a good kid???? James Van Den Top Ask me, — I'll have an answer. Carol Harmon Quiet as a cyclone. Ronald Edwards I have never let my schooling Interfere with my education.Richard Huckfeldt The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it. Charis Rowe Music is to me, like honey to a bee. Sandra Eaton Like gravity, she has the power of attract- ion. Wayne Thormodsgard He who loves and runs away may live to love another day. Vernon Thorson A boy with high blush pressure. Shirley Kumlien I may be small, but so are diamonds.Dermis Hanson Girls are always run- ning through his mind; they don't dare walk. Ruth Baird Laughter bubbling from within is the heart's own medicine. Janice Lennon Tall and slender, but not too thin, pret- ty as a picture, neat as a pin. Craig Dean When in doubt about kissing a girl give her the benefit of the doubt? Jean Sullestad Can't cook, can't sew, can't draw, can't sing, guess I'm just a genius. Richard Vander Waerdt I'm only an average man; but, brother, I work harder at it than the average man.James Martin A rare combination of courtesy, friendship and determination. Jean Martin I don't care what happens, just so I'm in on it. Laurie De Jong As cheerful as the morning sun, and a friend to everyone. Loren Long I'm a self-made man, but I think if I had to do it over, I'd call in someone else. Katie Johnson I have a terrible conscience; it doesn't keep me from doing things; it just keeps me from enjoying them. Robert Cramer The only trouble about being able to read a woman like a book is that you' re liable to forget your place.Margaret Baird Ardeth Thompson Junior Sweethearts Ardeth Thompson Jack Lease Bob Sanderson Ruthmary Wallem Joanne Kroeger Loren Rodway Jim Roberts Dale Jensen Don Bogue Larry Heyden Jim Kessel Kay Hoffman Bob Koch Rod Green Clyde McCaskey Bill Mullinix 20 Judy Halvorson Larry Hill Bob Nelson Denny Devitt Ronny Thorson Janice Roberts Dorothy Hamilton Paul Paulson Marilyn Halvorson Leslie Kinkner Jim Hurley Mary Ablquist Paul Severson Linda Bonine Jerry Myers Nancy Sundling 21Dennis Husman Gerrit Van Den Top Vem Hemmingson Glenn Sundvold Illyn Knutson LaVonne Torberson Linda Sweeter Gail Twedt Jane Scholten Larry Myhre Dennis Lunder Ellery Kramer Joel Thormodsgard Dewey Hessaa Elaine Jurgenson Case Niemeyer Leonard Torberson Gary Rikansrud 22Paul Vickerman Linda Tollefson Jerry Swenson Judy Williamson Joyce Neugebauer Romaine Larsgaard Pat Olson Mike Thies Carolyn Wittrig Ronnie Opland Colleen James Craig Odeen Don Decker Karen Engel Bob Nelson "Alias Mr. Olsbo Joan Dann Denny Stubsten Harold Eiesland Sharon Anderson 23 JUNIORS President Judy Halvorson Vice President Larry Hill Secretary Bob Nelson Treasurer Dennis Devitt SOPHOMORES President Gary Stensland Vice President Sharon Eaton Secretary-Treasurer Jane Ann Dean FRESHMAN President Mary Opland Vice President Doug Thormodsgard Secretary-Treasurer Linda Eiesland 24Sofi6o tt ie4 Kathy Mitchell Rich Toft Karen Klepel Denny Martin Jim Sweetman Alice Hoffman Steve Okeson Linda Rust Evelyn Mullinix Sophomore Assembly Roger Husman Larry Ramharter Mary Hamilton Barbara Sweeter John Olson Gordie Jurgenson Judy Boyum Paul Olson Judy Berg 25 Mike Gilbertson Sharon Baton Gary Renli Connie Clark Loma Ingebrigtson Terry Bong Linda Hartland Jim Elster Vern Stensland Evelyn Bulley Vernon Peekes Jane Ann Dean Eileen Albertsen Gary Stensland Carol Skattum Lee Steams Doug Rikansrud Denise Rikansrud Dennis Hanson Janet Suter Dorothy Tuntland George Dann Harriet Stengel Doug Hanson 26Soft io4H vie Sharon Scholten Larry Minor Karen Fodness Jerry Jensen Roger Baldwin Lynn Aasheim Judy Roti Janet Vander Meer Sophomore Assembly Dennis Howard Russell Skinner Mavis Bahnson Alice Vanderwerf Richard Loe Hilda Miedema Dennis Tangen Dennis Skinner Pat Hurley Nels Ekle Ronny Florell 27 Dennis Espeland Sherrie Nelson David Baird Gloria Miller Carolyn Peterson David Oakland Norma Enstrom Lavern Kinkner Jay Van Den Top Karen Hammer Steve Fait Barbara Birgen Laurelie Detmers Larry Johnson Kay McDougall Virgil Jelsma Bill Souvignier Carol Romereim Eugene Husman Mary Kinsley Judy Schaeffer Don Eastman Betty Ovre Charles Oberle 28 p%ed uH€4€ Marlowe Molstad Marsha Sanderson Richard Osvog Diana Mauney Linda Vander Waerdt Alan Thorson Lynette 3ong Bill Wittrig Bill Arnold "B" Team Cheerleaders Mary Opland Faye Thormodsgard Stanley Vetos Doug Thormodsgard Cheryl Thies David Mathison DeAnn Anderson Linda Eiesland Doug Sherman Moreen Thorson Tom Suter 290p'te 6 Ke t Martha Kessel Bill Moen Jill Carlson Joe de Boer Daryl Rikansrud Mary Kuhns Lynn Rodway Cheryl Menholt Carol Lintvedt Freshman Sweethearts Maurice Mausbach Roddy Anderson Donna Paulson Suzanne Torberson Donald Peltier Gloria Anderson Rockne Bahnson Bob Kroeger LaVonne Hemmingson Larry Sweeter Sharon Myers 30 Diane Sunvold Ronald Hill Shirley Gibson David Skaien James Markle freshman Class Play Gladys Forsberg Dennis Briggle Marcella Westhuis Galyn Oakland Doug Schnose Gilbert Vande Stroet Joan Boyum Daryl Van Meeteren' Leonard Abbott Elvera Ekle Elaine Wallem Sally Pederson Jim Hall 31 Doug Reierson Mavis Olson Dennis Krueger Pam Hurd Jane McCaskey Robert Strehlow Kathy Tupper Duane Ness Gilbert Van De Stroet Freshman Sextette Judy Florell Jean Lier Jon Mullinix Dennis Hardy Sharon Dobbe Keith Long Gloria Ekle Donald Baird Joyce DeVries David Heyden Marlys Bahnson 32Verne Dick Don Jerry Denny Craig Canton, independent of a conference for the first time in many years, rolled its way to an un- defeated season in foot- ball. Total points scor- ed by the C-Hawks reached 280; points scored by op- posing teams totaled 57. Several new school records were made. Dick Vander Waerdt now holds the record for the most tackles, with Don Bong for the most yards rush- ing, and Denny Hanson for AndY passing. Don Dick Vander Waerdt was elected team captain and Bob Cramer received the Sportsmanship Award. Student managers for the team were Jerry Myers, Charles Oberle, and David Baird. In addition to being ranked second in the state, the squad placed seven members on the all- state team. Chosen were Dick Vander Waerdt, first team; Bob Cramer, second team; Denny Hanson and Don Bong, third team; and Loren Long, Jerry Swenson and Craig Dean, Hhonorable mention.t?o0t6 U Season's Record We Beresford 27 Lennox 21 Centerville 27 Washington JV 26 Rock Rapids 46 Vermillion 19 Gregory 32 Augustana Academy 34 Student Managers Don Paul Paul Terry Loren 6 7 0 6 13 0 6 Bill Bob Steve Rod Bob DickThe Canton C-Hawks are pictured above. They are from left to right, first row: K. Long, R. Shatter, R. Bahnson, D. Hanson, J. Hall, R. Anderson, A. Thorson, D. Baird, R. Strehlow, B. Moen, D. Thormodsgard, B. Arnold, S. Vetos. Second row: L. Rodway, J. Mullinix, T. Suter, M. Molstad, D. Reierson, J. Sweetman, B. Witt- rig, J. Martin, G. Renli, T. Bong, D. Hanson, D. Bong, R. Bong. Third row: J. Jones, L. Abbott, M. Gilbertson, L. Rodway, J. Lease, L.Torberson, D. Rikansrud, G. Stensland, D. Hessaa, V. Stensland, D. Martin, R. Peterson. Fourth row: Ass. Freshman Coach R. Eastman, R. Lunder, D. Lunder, R. Green, D. Peltier, D. Rikansrud, R. Loe, D. Hanson, G. Jurgenson, V. Thorson, B. Harris, D. Decker, M. Thles. Fifth row: Freshman Coach B. Thorson, A. Huckfeldt, H. Elesland, R. Baldwin, D. Roetzel, R. Vander Waerdt, D. Huckfeldt, D. Devltt, P. Vickerraan, J. Swenson, Head Coach B. Coplan. Sixth row: L. Stearns, D. Bogue, R. Nelson, R. Toft, P. Paulson, B. Cramer, L. Long, S. Fait, C. Dean, G. Rikansrud, Line Coach R. Olsbo.Freshman Football Team, left to right, first row: J. Hall, B. Arnold, J. Mullin- ix, T. Suter, K. Long, L. Abbott, A. Thorson, D. Thormodsgard, D. Peltier, B. Wittrig, L. Rodway. Second row: Coach B. Thorson, R. Minor, R. Strehlow, R. Anderson, M. Molstad, S. Vetos, R. Peterson, D. Rikansrud, B. Moen, R. Bahnson, D. Relerson, D. Baird, Assistant Coach R. Eastman. Track, left to right; first row: K. Long, B. Wittrig, J. Mullinlx, T. Suter, B. Arnold, M. Molstad, D. Thormodsgard, D. Baird. Second row: M. Mausbach, D. Rikansrud, A. Thor- son, R. Strehlow, D. Relerson, S. Vetos, D. Kroeger, D. Sherman, B. Moen, D. Peltier. Basketball, left to right; first row: B. Moen, R.Anderson, D. Baird, R. Osvog, D. Ness, R. Hill. Second row: L. Sweeter, T. Suter, M. Mol- stad, B. Arnold, D. Relerson, R. Bahnson, R. Strehlow. Third row: S. Vetos, D. Rikansrud, K. Long, B. Wittrig, A. Thorson, D. Kroeger, M. Mausbach.Left to right: Vern Thorson, Rod Bong, Paul Vickerman, Loren Long, Jerry Swen- son, Bob Cramer, Craig Dean, Doug Roetzel, Denny Hanson, Don Bong, Last-minute advice is given by Coach Coplan. Student managers were David Baird, Charles Oberle, and Jerry Myers. s4 ” 07ea t Season's Record Canton Opposition Vermillion 62 57 Lennox 49 41 Parker 54 46 Elk Point 52 40 Vermillion 52 51 Madison 53 52 Hawarden 45 48 Gregory 52 58 Lennox 63 61 Alcester 60 54 Centerville 54 49 Harrisburg 57 69 Beresford 46 59 Scotland 37 75 Hurley 44 52 Parkston 58 89 Flandreau 34 48 Augustana Academy 59 57 38S'"7ea K Front row, left to right: Terry Bong, Jack Lease, Larry Ramharter, Doug Hanson. Second row, left to right: Jim Sweetman, Doug Rikansrud, Harold Eiesland, Bill Souvignier, Gary Rikansrud, Richard Toft, Denny Devitt, Don Decker, Rod Green.Members of the i960 track squad,front row, left to right: D. Kroeger, D. Reierson, B. Arnold, M, Mausbach, D. Thormodsgard, M. Molstad, D. Sherman. Second row: D. Rlkan- srud, D. Eastman, D. Roetzel, L. Myhres, P. Decker, R. Eastman. Third row: A. Thor- son, J. Martin, R. Green, B. Wittrig, J. Mullinlx, T. Suter. Fourth row: G. Jurgen- D son, T. Bong, J. Lease, D. Martin, D. Lun- I der, R. Baldwin. Fifth row: R. Lunder, V. S Stensland, D. Rlkansrud, G. Stensland, M. T Gilbertson, G. Dann, L. Long. Sixth row: A G. Renli, S. Vetos, D. Hanson, B. Cramer, N D. Devitt, P. Vlckerman. Seventh row: B. c Souvignler, H. Eiesland, B. Nelson, S. e Fait, P. Paulson, L. Steams. Eighth row: D. Hanson, J. Hall, D. Vander Waerdt, R. Bong, E. Kramer, D. Bong, D. Peltier. Last row: R. Opland, B. Moen, R. Strehlow, D. Baird, K. Long, R. Toft. -eicd  4 4. "Sports of all sorts" were undertaken by the twen- ty-six members of the GAA every Thursday afternoon at four o'clock. Flag football, basket- ball, volley ball, swimming, skating, and softball were among the most popular acti- vities with the girl ath- letes . Girls dressed for var- ious sports represented the group in the Homecoming par- ade. To round out the year's activities a "turn-about " dance was sponsored in April. Officers for the year were Shirley Kumlien, Pres- ident; Laurie DeJong, Vice President; Katie Johnson, Secretary-Treasurer; Sandra Eaton, Program Chairman, and Dorothy Hamilton, Reporter. Acting as advisor for the organization was Mrs. Helen Rowe. Front row, left to right: M. Sanderson, L. Bong, J. Lier, J. Suter, K. McDougall, A. Hoffman. Second row, left to right: L. Drake, K. Johnson, S. Kumlien, B. Bir- gen, K. Tupper, S. Myers, S. Eaton. Third row, left to right: L. Ingebrigtson , L. Hartland, N. Enstrom, L. Rust, J. Berg, S. Eaton. Fourth row, left to right : J. Dean, L. DeJong, C. Graverson, D. Rikansrud, E. Mullinix, J. Boyum, E. Bulley,Twenty-one CHS tracksters attended the Vermillion in- vitational on April 9. Shown here are a few of the Canton entrants participating in their events. Shown below is the gridiron squad in action during tne 1959 season. The C-Hawks remained undefeated throughout their first season as an independent team.ECHO reporters are pictured above from left to right, first row: C. Clark, C. Rowe, L. Bong, D. Mauney, J. Sullestad, J. Suter, C. Lintvedt, N. Sundling, C. Romeriem. Second row: C. Skattum, D. Tuntland, S. Torberson, L. Drake, B. Blr- gen, B. Toft, J. Lier, D. Oakland, M. Kessel, S. Kumlien, L. Bonine, J. DeVries. Third row: N. Enstrom, S. Enstrom, K. Mitchell, J. Kroeger, M. Kinsley, B. Ovre, G. Twedt, F. Thormodsgard, M. Baird, C. Wittrig, J. Neugebauer, Fourth row: R. Baird, L. Ingebrigtson, L. Hartland, J. Dean, C. Graverson, G. Gilbertson, J. Lennon, L. Vander Waerdt, L. Sweeter, L. DeJong, K. Johnson, C. Stensland. Pictured below is the Echo staff for 1959-60. Miss Walter, advisor, gives some pointers on page make-up to co- editors Laurie DeJong and Katie John- son, business manager Jean Sullestad, and associate editors Carolyn Wittrig and Margaret Baird, sports editor Jerry Myers, and feature editor Dick Oakland. The ECHO, a bi-weekly publica- tion by the journalism department of CHS keeps the students and the townspeople Informed of the activ- ities at the high school. In the annual ratings given by the South Dakota High School Press Association, the ECHO for 1958-59 received a first class rating. Each week the forty-five ECHO reporters met to study one of the various phases of journalism. The group was divided to cover the dif- ferent areas of Journalism as news- writing, advanced newswriting, fea- tures, business and headlines, sports, and proofreading. One of the staff members led each group in its study. April 1 was a big day for the department. In addition to presen- ting an assembly program, a four page mimeographed paper called the HEC-0 was produced by the reporters and staff. This paper contained all the "news" that couldn't be printed in the regular publication. 45Laurie De Jong - Andrew Huckfeldt Donald Bong - Sandra Eaton Vernon Thorson - Shirley Kumlien Robert Cramer - Katie JohnsonSandra Anderson - Bill Harriscfe c In the regal tradition that has been followed for thirty-five years. Canton High School students again cele- brated Homecoming in October. Reigning over the two-day festivi- ties were Queen Carol Stensland and Mas- ter of Ceremonies Dick Vander Waerdt. The royal pair and their twelve attend- ents were chosen by the student body in balloting prior to this memorable occa- sion. With a trumpet fanfare the Corona- tion of the Queen and Master was under- way. Assistant principal Robert Perkins Installed the Master. The Queen was in- stalled by Principal Robert Tupper. Bar- bara Haralson, Marilyn Johnson, Connie Clark, and Joyce Neugebauer were members of the "Le Parlsiens" who presented a French can-can as part of the Coronation entertainment. Following the Coronation were a bonfire, pepfest and snake dance led by the cheerleaders. A movie was also shown in the auditorium. Starting off Friday's activities was the assembly, which was held after lunch. Entertainment was again provided. Miss Blue and Gold, assisted by No. 65, Lee Stearns, presented the traditional "lucky pennies" to the coaches and mem- bers of the gridiron squad. Under cold, gray skies the annual parade wound its way through the streets of Canton. Linda Tollefson, head major- ette, led the CHS marching band. "Our Boys Will Shine Tonight" was the slogan on the prize-winning senior class float. Adorning it were Laurie Drake, Marilyn Johnson, Rosemary Sund- strom and Carol Harmon. Enthusiastic spirits prevailed as Queen Carol and her attendents present- ed the game ball to co-captains Denny Hanson and Bob Cramer. "Blue Moon" decorations and the mu- sic of Tommy Grable filled the auditor- um following the C-Hawk victory ovei Vermillion. More than two hundred stu- dents and graduates of 1959 attended one of the most successful dances in recent years. At midnight Homecoming came to an end, but to those who took part in it, the festivities will long be remembered.Piccolo and Flute Sharron Enstrora Eileen Albertsen Jane Ann Dean Carol Lintvedt Dorothy Tuntland Oboe SKirley Kumlien E-Flat Clarinet Janet Suter Bassoon Kay Hoffman Majorette Pat Olson ft B-Flat Clarinet Evelyn Bulley Craig Dean Laurie DeJong Sharon Eaton Dennis Hanson Lorna Ingebrlgtson Larry Johnson Pat Olson Charis Rowe Linda Rust Carol Skattura Faye Thormodsgard Majorette Linda Slesland Alto Clarinet Jean Lier Linda Sweeter Bass Clarinet EInda Toliefson Alto Sax Sandra Anderson Joe deBoer Denise Rikansrud Harriet Stengel Larry Syverud Tenor Sax ju3y Halvorson Head Majorette Linda Tollet'sonDavid Mathison Baritone Sax James Roberts Percussion Dean Albertsen Judy Berg Sandy Eaton Dorothy Hamilton Trombone Margaret Baird Mildred Johnson Kathleen Tupper Judy Williamson French Horn Connie Clark Carol Graverson Jean Sullestad Barbara Sweeter Tuba Don Bogue Richard Oakland Dennis Stubsten Cornet Roderick Anderson Linda Eiesland Nels Ekle Ginger Glenn Linda Hartland Larry Hill Richard Osvog Dennis Swenson Baritone Horn Korma Enstrom Dennis Espeland David Oakland Dick Wegener Mr. Stoeckmann Director Sandy Eaton Secretary-Treasurer Sharron Enstrom Music Librarian Sandy Anderson President Judy Williamson Vice-PresidentFeatured on this page are the instrumental ensembles and soloists who participated in the music contest at Vermillion on February 11. At the top of the page is the Jazz Workshop, a new organization of members from the band who played popular music at the "turn about" dance in April. Continuing counter- clockwise on the page is the flute trio who recei- ved a third place rating, the clarinet quartet who received a second place rating, and the cornet trio who also received a second place rating. Pictured next are the various soloists, and the saxophone quartet . Accompanists for the so- loists are grouped around the piano. All-State representatives were Dick Oakland and Charis Rowe.Front row, left to right: D. Anderson, S. Baton, L. Torberson, D. Rikansrud, S. Dobbe, L. Bonine, F. Thormodsgard, S. Anderson, E. Albertson, B. Birgen. Second row, left to right: K. Engel, C. Stensland, C. Thies, C. James, E. Iverson, C. Wittrig, A. Jurgenson, M. Baird, P. Olson, K. Johnson, S. Myers. Third row, left to right: S. Gibson, C. Harmon, D. Howard, C. Romereim, C. Lintvedt, M. Sander- son, L. Eiesland, J. Williamson, C. Rowe, J. Lier, L. Sweeter. Fourth row, left to right: E. Bulley, K. Mitchell, G. Anderson, J. Sullestad, S. Kumlien, L. Hartland, M. Opland, P. Hurley, M. Johnson, R. Sundstrom, C. Graverson. Fifth row, left to right: B. Toft, B. Gilbertson, R. Baird, S. Enstrom, M. Kinsley , J. Suter, D. Tuntland, L. Rust, B. Sweeter, J. Halvorson. Sixth row, left to right: K. Tupper, M. Johnson, L. Ingebrigtson, J. Berg, C. Nelson, J. Boyum, J. Dean, E. Jurgenson, E. Mullinix, L. Drake, J. Lennon. Seventh row, left to right: J. Martin, A. Thompson, I. Knutson, D. Hamilton, S. Eaton, M. Kuhns, G. Glenn, G. Gilbertson, J. Dann, M. Oliver. Inset, Director Robert Perkins. J. Hurley, Baritone; D. Martin, Tenor; B. Toft, Mezzo Sop- rano; B. Gilbertson, Mezzo Soprano; P. Olson, Alto; J. 53First row J. Sullestad, S. Kumlien, S. Eaton, J. Williamson, M. Kuhns, D. Anderson,'s. Enstrom. Second row: J. Martin, B. Sweeter, E. J £er£S0 ki dUSD’ r Rowe J Suter. B. Toft, C. Graverson. Third row: D. Hanson, D. Oakland, D. Nordseth, D. Hanson, R. BoAg, D. Huckfeldt, J. Elster, A. Huckfeldt Fourth row: R. Oakland, D. Bong, R. Larsgaard, P. Vickerraan, B. Nelson, J. Van Woudenberg, D. Bogue, C. Dean, D. Franken. 7 tcxed Boy's Ensemble Junior Trio Mixed EnsembleMembers of the Mixed Chorus are pictured above. They are from left to right. First row: J. Halvorson, M. Johnson, K. Johnson, J. Boyum, M. Baird, S. Anderson, F. Thormodsgard, L. Bonine. Second row: G. Glenn, B. Gilbertson, A. Thompson, M. Johnson, J. Dann, P. Olson, D. Hamilton, E. Mullinix, Ft. Osvog. Third row: J. Hurley, V. Jelsma, M. Oliver, G. Gilbertson, M. Molstad, V. Feekes, R. Opland, D. Stubsten, J. Van Den Top. Fourth row: D. Albertson, R. Toft, L. Stearns, D. Roetzel, J. Sweetman, D. Martin, C. Odeen, J. Van Den Top, D. Wegener. 7 tixetC 6 U14, Girl's Triple Trio Senior Trio All-State Chorus MembersChristmas Chimes Mary Visited by an Angel The Nativity For the 25th consecutive year, the Living Pictures were presented on December 17 and 18. Members of the cast were Laurie De Jong and Loren Long as Mary and Joseph, Joyce Neugebauer, Gall Twedt, and Nancy Sundling were the angels. Loren Rodway and Leonard Torberson appeared as bystanders in various pictures. Acting as the shepherdess and the old shepherd were Joanne Kroeger and Bob Cramer. The shepherd boy was portrayed by Jerry Myers, and Dennis Lunder was Tidings of Great JoySistine Madonna the young shepherd. Representing the wisemen were Vernon Hemmingson,Bob Koch and Harold Eies- land. Darla Bren and Rod Green were St. Barbara and St. Sixtus. Depicting the cherubs were Arnette Crom and Marlene Iverson. Choral music was presented by the massed choirs of the CHS Mixed Chorus, the Girls' Glee Club and the Junior High Choru3. The Verse Choir -led by Burdell Coplan recited the Bible verses pertaining to the birth of Jesus Christ. Adoration of the Wisemen Wisemen Follow the Star Shepherds ComeLeft to right, first row: J. Jensen, B. Moen, R. Strehlow, D. Baird, L. Rodway, B. Koch, j! Elster, J. VanDenTop, D. Roetzel. Second row: R. R M. Gilbertson, R. Loe, G. VandeStroet, D. Sherman, D. Skinner, ra"!e „a11V row: R. Thorson, P. Paulson, M. Mausbach, G. VanDenTop, D. Riiknsrud' V Dann V Jelsma, D. Harding. Fourth row: B. Cramer, N. Ekle, G. Rikansr , Stensland, S. Vetos, V. Feekes, D. Baird, L. Kinkner, L. Hemmingson. Pictured above are the FFA offi- cers for I960. They are from left to right: E. Kramer,report- er; D. Roetzel, vice president; B. Cramer, president; J. Elster, secretary; J. Van Den Top, sent- inel; V. Hemmingson, treasurer. Bob Cramer and Doug Roetzel received their State Farmer Degree at Brookings on April 25. 58Left to right, first row: G. Ekle, A. Ekle, S. Gibson, C. Skattum, C. Clark, M. Sanderson, D. Mauney, J. Lier, J. Williamson, L. Tollefson, P. Olson, M. West- huis, L. Bonine, C. James. Second row: G. Miller, E. Klepel, G. Gilbertson, C. Stensland, S. Eaton, M. Kessel, C. Rowe, S. Kumlien, D. Tuntland, K. Mitchell, J. Scholten, L. Nelson, L. Hemmlngson, J. DeVries, S. Torberson, J. McCaskey. Third row: J. Sullestad, J. Schaeffer, L. Elesland, D. Anderson, C. Harmon, B. Toft, B. Gilbertson, K. Johnson, L. Hartland, J. Berg, S. Eaton, M. Johnson, D. Howard, S. Enstrora, J. Halvorson, J. Neugebauer, G. Twedt. Fourth row: S. Scholten, K. Klepel, D. Sundvold, S. Myers, K. Tupper, R. Baird, L. Drake, E. Albertson, J. Dean, L. DeJong, C. Graverson, G. Glenn, L. Vander Waerdt, M. Op- land, M. Kuhns, N. Enstrom, A. Hoffman, B. Ovre, L. Torberson, J. Martin, M. Oliver. First row, 1. to r.: D. Tunt- land- treasurer, J. Williamson- secretary, J. Halvorson-vice- president, L.DeJong-president, Mrs. D. Skow-advisor. Second row, 1. to r.: J. Berg, C. Skattum, S. Kumlien, R. Baird. Back row, 1. to r.: S. Ander- son, L. Hartland. ?' 4. Pictured above are repres- entatives of the FHA style show which was held May 10 in conjunction with a Moth- er-Daughter Tea. 59The experienced debaters this year were from left to right: Clyde McCaskey Craig Odeen, Dennis Martin, Dorothy Hamilton, Ronnie Opland, Don Bogue, and Mar- garet Baird. The debate coach was Donald Pottratz. "Resolved: That the Federal Government should substantially Increase its regulation of labor unions" was the '59-'60 debate topic. The debaters traveled to Brookings, Vermillion, Sioux Falls, Sioux City, and Yankton to participate in debate tournaments. The inexperienced debaters were left to right: Rod Anderson, Dennis Hardy, Dennis Howard, Doug Thormodsgard, Bill Arnold, Tom Suter, Cheryl Thies, Mary Op- land, Janet Suter, Bill Wittrig, and Mary Hamilton (not Pictured).ES Anderson H U M 0 R 0 Winner: U Mary S HamiltonFun, Fellowship, and Food, along with good music, highlighted the Pop Concert this year's spring concert of the CHS Band, A Night Under the Lights" presented by the CHS Vocal Department,"The Cinderella Ball" was the theme of the Junior- Senior Banquet which was held in the Armory on May The CHS Auditorium was transformed into a Southern plantation for the Junior-Senior Prom.First Federal Savings and Loan Assn. Sam Masten Dirks Insurance and Realty Huntting Elevator Newton Hills Dairy P.J. HofStad-Lutheran Brotherhood Amundson's Dry Goods Farmer's Elevator, Grain Dept. Peterson's Farm Service Olson Implement Farmer's Co-op Oil Jr. Toddlers Shop Dr. T. Angelos Gambles Store Bahnson's Conoco Canton Hardware Martin's Ben Franklin Canton Cleaners Dakota Fertilizer Co. A R Food Mart Haugen's Jewelry Store Lewdoc Cafe Heiskell's MoIstad Drug Baumann's Clothing Store Coffee Shop Skogmo's Noid Drug Canton Greenhouse Carl K. Anderson Anderson's Hardware Tollinger's Studio Farmer's Elevator, Lumber Dept. Farmer's State Bank Amen's Barber Shop Dr. R. Bunkers Mel's Standard Station Irene's Beauty Shop Sioux Valley News Williamson's Jewelry Dr. Obel T. Andresen Deinema Ford Sales Dr. G. 0. Goodman Imperial Barber Shop Peterson Bakkene Barber Shop Anderson's Furniture Canton Apparel Shop Modern Cleaners Fait's Chevrolet Dr. H. W. O'Banion Lloyd Myrabo Brown's Shoe Store Vick's Hotel and Insurance Canton Livestock Sales Dr. Wm. Warness Iowa Public Service ol an nnrr ViaaoH annual a Rikansrud's Implement 64 ♦also purchased annuals

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