Candor Central High School - Candorama Yearbook (Candor, NY)

 - Class of 1944

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Candor Central High School - Candorama Yearbook (Candor, NY) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 14 of 44
Page 14 of 44

Candor Central High School - Candorama Yearbook (Candor, NY) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 13
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Page 14 text:

JONIORS RLMEMBEH YOU'RE JUNIORSIII First row: Eufene Chrysler--Gene Wait For me Maryn Bruce Richards--Shrimp Pistol Packin' Maman Miss Kennedy--Advisor umairzy Doatsn Betty Vergason--Bet . H Don't Sweetheart Me Helen Estelle--Estelle nLong Ago and Far Awayu Dorothy Gri dley-- Gridley Stardustu Second row: Margaret Parker--Marg I'll Wait for You Marian Slate--Mary Ann 'Happy in Loven Marian Parker--Mare Please Think of Men Marian-Maxwell--Maxy Mary Krauss-Beano Ruth Harrington--Ruth Shirley Storm--Shirt It's Love, Love, Leven Third roy: Dorothy Roberts--Dot Have I Stayed Away too Jane Anderson:-Janie A Horse That Knows The Julianna Talarski--Julie peak Lown Genevieve Hart--Jenny nMy Heart Tells Me' Veronica Uubowik--Ron 'Take it Easyn Louise Walters--Squeak NMus1cmakersn Grace Dunham--Snooks WNo Love No Nothingu Betty Kessler--Kess uCuddle Up a Little Clos ff n 1 n n n g N n - m ' ll S I Couldn't Sleep a Wink Last Nightw Say a Prayer for the Boys Over There Coming in on a Wing and a Prayeru Long!!! Way Back Homeu erll There is a man power shortage in the junior class with only two boys and eight- een girls. Under the supervision of Miss Kennedy the class met in September to elect officers. Those elected were Pres., Gene Chryslerg Vice pres., Bruce Richards: Sec- retary, Betty Vergason and Treasurer, Helen Estelle. The junior class is a very active class- Everyone belongs to the Students' Association. During the Students' Assoc- iation drive the juniors tied with the freshmen and were both awarded with lolli- pops. The majority of the girls belong to the glee club and the homemaklng club. Three of them are in the orchestra. Both of the boys belong to the F.F.A. Bruce is on the,Jy. varsity and Gene is on the varsity. The junior class decided not to have a junior play this year. Instead they sponsored movies and sold soft drink after the movies and basketball games. The junior class bought their rings this year in case they could not get them next year. Everyone who ordered a ring had to have at least eight units. ' GEMS FROM JUNIOR ENGLISH A colon is used often in poems to make the reader stop before continuing. A semi-colon is used also in a poem for the reader to hesitate before finishing the poem. nThe Man Under the Yolkn is an essay by Lindsay. "Laying Away at Night" is a poem by Stewart E. White, G. Chrysler: NYou wouldn't give anyone the devil for something they didn't do would you? Or would you?n Teacher: nNo, why?u G. Chrysler: U'Cause I haven't got my lesson done.n

Page 13 text:

There were ten Fr-shmen Girls in Sept under the direction of Miss Ogden in the Science room. Shirley Stevens and Rene Austin joined the class from Brooktondale Laura Moore moved ln Nov. and Jetty Hoyt, from Uwego, joined the group. At midterm Katherine Rice Georgia Andrews and D6fO3 thy Knight entered from the eighth grade after passing preliminary requirements The Freshmen boys in Miss Stah1's homeroom the language room numbered elev en in the fall. Rooert Johnson and Niles English entered from Urooktondalc. Leon Kennedy. entered early in September from Newark Valley, 'followed by Oscar Huffman from Ohio in December. Oscar left the class ln march to ,return home. bale Kel sey, Walter McHale, dill Staubach, and Ev- erett Vergason entered the ranks after midterm- The Freshmen have IOOZ member- ship in the Students' Association and in Hello, recognize us? Yes, we're the? work behind us E There are 27 enrolled in our class Q new that Ruth some and Paul Jantz have lf left Instead of the old study hall forma our home room, we are back in the old elbhth grade room next to the new 1ibrary'e under the supervision of hiss Grippln f The following are our class officers,Qf -.zu Pres. Edward Winnick, Vice pres. Edward Osovski, Sec. Helen Anderson, Trees. Joyce H whi tney , -fi ii -: Our class shows a fine school spirit S because of its memberships in the extra- curricular activities. There are three on Q on the varsity, seven in orchestra, ten in 'f'2'2 5 glee club, some in homemaking club and the F'.F'.A. and we have IOO'jZ membership in the X ' ::g:Q.:g:g,3:,:,x, 2 ::g::g:::::,5:5ax:::::5k:i:5:5g5s::s:1::1 f'-f:-:.rrs:5:2-r:a1Ess2:r:r:1:2:25:r:'seak1-ar:zr:1:fS:5:E5ss:f:Er:rs:f:rf.:ref X ,:,.:.:.,.+5:. ,,,5:5,,,,,:5:,-1:g:j II.:':,:,:5:g1:,51 3::5,:- ::.,1 :,:,:,,:---,:-:-4--,-,gin -s--z:,:5,w,e:,-v- :--,:,.,:- :,,:::g-:- :,:,-1-.1-13:-sf-es -1-J..-: ::::--4-1,V--:-as:r-r-'-:-1--:R-:-:-:-1 -.avr-::ez-2:-1:,r:E1: :1:.-::'f:gr--:M , , A 4 X , if 6 I I gs i 9 1 ' gg 3 - . . . , . 2 I I the Junior Red Cross. 1430 Y Q Q1 - Students' Association. Freshmen Ist row CL. to RJ D. Manning, G. F65-aTtT, J.ove1-bough, Miss Stahl, lies Odgen, I. homes, S. Sindn, R. Austin. 2nd rain C. Bauer, F. Bruolmak,P. TEST. Anderson, D. Barrows, L. Kennedy, K. Rice, S. Stevens. 3rd rowg W. Mcflale, R. Johnson, Irdxin, N. English, 0. Huffman, N. Sullivan, W. Staubaoh, E. Ver- gason, F. Estelle. 4th row: E. Quick, B. Hoyt, G. ix-ers, D. Kelsey, R.Ho1lenbeek, B. Ferris. x XK4, x-4 5 Sophomore Ist row KL. to RJ E. lphr, lisa Gfpg, D.Wil11ame, S. Polyniak, E. Lovejoy, S. Knldon, T. Trevor, E. Johnson, J. Whitney. 2nd row: A. Skrzypek, P.Lindsey,- H'TAKd?z-son, E. Dance, J. Donoo, E. Ylngenedor, H. Compton, A. Cur- tislr, A. su-nt. 5rd row: E. Craig, L. Baehynski, '5TYTnE1ck, J. Jennings, J. Jon- ninga, H. Nielsen, C. Smith, E. Osovski, E. Winniok. K fggggfw, . -fifjaff of ,A 1 K ,Iggy xy, ,,jftfgmgLg,,, , 12, ,, " so me as if 7t5s??f , f.i..,J.,fp W - ,, X my gd, ,. .,. yt, ,yur ,gg,z.f':. ersess,menfsf woereeeetwlgvef freshmen class of last year, but sqdzmoreswe now with a year's credit of high school the junior varsity basketball team, four

Page 15 text:

a- f fl'-. -"4- Q 'VI .gg V - Y- ,. IZ: 31.1-f'f,' Class Wlll ' the Seniors of l 4 being o reasonably sound mind make the following bequests to probably ungrateful receivers Mary Williams leaves her ability to find something to argue over to Joyce ,. 3 as A? g q , we ,,n,. va,,a: , nl I js A l "' D as A o 5 J , V x , ' Q if ' , I we , , f I J Q as ' I t ' I' V QIFQ., 5 5 I R Now that the four years we have strug oled through are ne rly over, memories some floating back to us. Flrst our Freshman year with a few of us bashful and shaky and wondering what was going on a- bout us, getting accustomed to the passing of classes. cause the room and the In our privilege of homeroom was we dldn't elect officers be- glrls were ln the Homemaklng boys ln the Science room. sophomore year, we had the initiating the 'newliesf Our in the study hall and Mr. Pattinson, our advisor. During our junior year our homeroom was the history room with-Mrsv Threlchler, as advisor and Miss Kennedy our home room teacher. we elected as officers of our class: Pres., R. Ahart, Vice Pres., P. Staubach, Sec., M. Green, Treas., R. Weben We presented 'More Fools than Onen as our Junior play. The cast of characters were: M. Williams, M. Andrews, D. Nielson, R. Ahart, P. Staubach, R. Weber, C. Marshall, E. Chrysler, L. Benjamin, M. Green, H. An- drews, and E. Gage. Now we are proud Seniors with only six boys and thirteen girls. Several of the boys of our class have left to join the service: Merle Carrier, Army, Donald Rhydderch-Navy, Edward Manley-Army, Ro- bert Nlchols-Navy, Robert Baker-Army. Our Class officers are: Pres. H. Kaldon,Vice Pres.- K. Scharf, Sec.- H. nndrews, and Treas.-L. Benjamin. Rev. Earl Tolly was our speaker at Commencement. The valedictorlan was Mary Williams and the salutatorlan Loretta Benjamin. Helen Kaidon received the D A R award for citizenship. The Baccalaureate Service was held ln the Methodist Church Instead of spending our money for a long trip this year, it seemed better to una to invest most of it in a memorial for the Candor alumni now in service. Due ol- namental face moulding ls embossed Jyod beautifully finished in burnished bronze. It has a large eagle on burnished bronze finish. processed in gold and the top center of Scroll is screen the lettering ln blue. lndividual name strips are emiossed in blue letters on gold and they slide in- to the slotted holders. lt has a glass front to protect the plaque from dust and uirt. The name of the school is lettered above the individuals' names. that was left of our iunds took us on Whitney. To Gene Chrysler, Patricia Staubach leaves her daily task of letter writing. Robert Weber leaves nothing to anyone who can find use for lt. DeForest Heffron and Richard Ahart leave their ability to snap the girls with rubber bands to D. Kelsey. Esther Gage leaves her pig-tails to Betty Kessler. The Senior girls leave their tall, dark and handsome boys to the Junior girls To Mrs. Strong, the Seniors leave a nThanksn for her helpful guidance through- out thelr High School career. lra and Graydon -Martin leave their knowledge of the farmtQJlmmy and Johnny Jennings. Charles Butler leaves his ministerial ability iln Flattering Wordl to Dale Barrows. The Senior girls leave their giggling nature to the Junior class. To the Sophomores, they leave their jitter-bugging ability. To the Freshmen they leave three more happy years of school life. lHope you take advantage of itll Richard Ahart and DeForest Heffron leave to Buddy Bauer their regular visits to the office. Kathryn Scharf leaves her undone lessons to Mrs. Strong. Helen Kaldon leaves her charming personality to Shirley Storms. To the Juniors, the Seniors leave the new library equipment. Marie Walters leaves to Marian Max- well, her slacks. The Seniors leave their courage to walk out of study hall any time they want to, to the Faculty. Mary and Helen Andrews leave to Miss Kennedy, all the time they wasted by being late to History class. Dorothy Nellsen leaves her New York accent to Rene Austin. Virginia Moshier leaves to Harold Co- mpton her ability to be absent or late to school. Mary A., Marie G. and Loretta B., leave to Betty K., Helen E., and Dorothy G., the best times while cheerleading. Marian Hill leaves to hleanor Wagen- eder her quietness. Marie Walters leaves to Betty Kess- ler her sinus trouble and used kleenex. gli? if:5:5:s il? 551 :lea S 1 . Exif' wa. :VS it -s , . :4.g.'.s .At sa-:ai E -.sw QQ Z ,,,, it

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