Candor Central High School - Candorama Yearbook (Candor, NY)

 - Class of 1944

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Candor Central High School - Candorama Yearbook (Candor, NY) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 12 of 44
Page 12 of 44

Candor Central High School - Candorama Yearbook (Candor, NY) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 11
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Candor Central High School - Candorama Yearbook (Candor, NY) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 13
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Page 12 text:

za, X '2 wvemwvikwea .execs mxs: N Mmx 5- b. h,:....e... X. QV ......... ........ WN Q Ng ..,,.,,,,,.:.,.,..,.15.1.1..:-:-:,.:-.....-- , gsewm..,......w--e,.....W.2.,,,,5gq.s.m.....,.--ek--.---...W ffr- rn 'S Q5 is SA X4 X.- 3 ME iitgiiiirw 3, ,,... t. 1:3 15 '2 , Egg, . . ,.X ..f. ,W . ......:,, 2-. 1-:Im ,V.V.V.QY.Y.Y..Q ,M 13 1 513 . .. . This year there were thirty-eight pupils under the able direction of Mr. James Brooks. Most of us have had fun learning the Grand March, Virginia Reel, and some new square dances. We hope to round dance la- ter in the year. One day in the first semester the girls had a party for the boys. Games and refreshments were enjoyed. We have become acquainted with our next yearls teacher, Miss Lucy Gooding,be- cause she taught our mathematics for the gmgmost of the year. She will be our teacher .1 ,.... ...- :1:st::,:2:E:5:5 E:s.Ei55E5:!S: X Z. gv X 4 XX X X Sv X X . X that is, if we have good luck. The boys are quite excited because this is their first year of basketball in- tramurals. There are six teams made up of seventh and eighth grade boys. There is quite a little debate over which team is the best. Sydney Bolton had her third birthday, EHEFebruary 29th. Sounds kind of young for the seventh grade, doesn't it?, 7th Grade lit row QL. to R.J P. Hull, V. De Wolf-If M. craig, s. Bolton, D. Weber, D. VenEtten, D. Thomas. ?xf1'Fe:g R. Schumacher, 1.KI'9.Fi0, FSmr'lor, J. Ferris, llr.Brooks, C. Sykes,-B. Chaffee, I. Wilk. 5rd row: J. VanDerPoo1, T. Bebel, F:-Tgirski., R. Anderson, H.Cher- Ink, F. Lindsey, A. Manning, A. Silvernail, B. Ward, J. Rushane, R. Anderson. 4th row: R. Clark, M. Whitcomb, JT-Hrewer, L. VanDerPoo1, A. Wag- eneder, C. Sezesny, B. Parker, J. Waters, R. Clark, J. Kansa 1 Sth Grade Ist row QL. to R.l H- Krauss, J. Wflllims, C.Andrews, B. Van Gold- er, Miss Gooding, J. Embody, J. Whitney, R. Seeley. 2nd row: R. Slate, E. O'Connor, -IT'V'eTrEesen, E.su111van, B.Ahsrt, J. Blinn, F. Cook, J. Doane, C. Hilbert, W. Richards. Q52-521: R. Ries, D. Berg, E, Sczesny, W. Doane, E. Stone, M. Kilpatrick, V.Herris, K. Johnson, The eighth grade started out the new year in the old study hall under the fahhr ful guidance of Miss Gooding. We had twenty-one boys and twelve girls. There were three sub-academics. Seven received Preliminary certificates in January. At the present there are twenty seven members in the eighth grade. We had a late Christmas party this year because of school being closed. We also had a Valentine party at whichtwo teams of boys from the room played a game of basketball. We had refreshments and ex- changed valentines. Two boys, Earl Storm and Walter Deana play on the Junior Varsity. All of the members except one belong to the Student Association. That is an usually high percentage. There are eighteen members belonging to the Junior Red Cross. T. Brewer. W MW-H .M-XM" ' ' A .wff"'l" 'I W K X A. - A .A 9 X T S ff .137 its 155, -A , j fqj gwr , A Y H-.xg V , , A iwggg Wwu.y,,,gggs . -eggs r U. ,,4Qtf5f,5m,g Q f. sw, M M A , ' 33 K 5-5 -N ,Frasier X P W ,S A, J X, .

Page 11 text:

4 - 5-6 FEE? lst row QL. to RJB. Sullivan, F. Bebel, M. Foote, J. Dominic, L. 2nd rowgR. Vergason, R. Williams, V. Quick, E. Ver-gason, Mine Howard, B. Anderson, C. Haag, M, Hu rd . Std rw: L. Kravric, J. Kaidon, G. Thomas, J. Murphy , H. Manning, Benjamin, K. Hull, E. Barden, W. secrecy-ie, H. Scharf, R. Kirk, D. J ohns on . 4th row: C. Hart, H. Quick, D. Benjamin, E. Thomas, B. Brewer, B. Blinn, E. Doty, K. Hearn, A.5gk "': murphy, K. Frost, H. Fm., L. Hurd. Absent, John Shaylor. 5th Grade QL. to RJ H. Wolfe, J. L. Ferris, D. Fessen- D. Fessenden. a- Y. Dominic, J. Bastian, Mrs.Gr1d1ey, B. Bar- B Manley, O. Rushana, C. M. Foote, E. Hurd, C. C. White W. Robinson Logge, R. Ki:-k,'L. Jordan. , 1 G. Inonard, H. Anders-on, , L.Niokereon, R.Kenvi1le, L.Kermedy,, B. Shaylor, Manley, D. Moshier. . 2 . 4 , ' Q H XM. M.. . , f f X R- fl 6th Gra de Ist row CL. to RJ K. Hyde, B. ,'-' 7 Rutledge, H. Farris, B. Stem, F. Root, W. Quick, R. Lovejoy, J. Oltz, A. Bebel. 2nd row: B. Andrews, I.Ve1-gason, M. Lewis, K. Snyder, C. Winnick, , Miss Widrig, M.Barrows, J. '!y1er, M. Benjamin, B. Anderson, P.Whit- ney . . 5rd row: J. O'Connor, C. loft, R. Parker, A. Schonemen, J.lloore, z., D. Hollenbeck, P.Wi1der, D.Soule, Z. Jenovreki, C, Ben.-jgmin, 4th row: C. Ferris, B. Manning, T. Earwardt, N. Seeley, H. South- vriek, R. Anderson, B. Inueri, R., lhcoogneno, R.Lovejoy, J. llichel- ski. Absent: W. Klinger. A Nm. 5 W. Sl .

Page 13 text:

There were ten Fr-shmen Girls in Sept under the direction of Miss Ogden in the Science room. Shirley Stevens and Rene Austin joined the class from Brooktondale Laura Moore moved ln Nov. and Jetty Hoyt, from Uwego, joined the group. At midterm Katherine Rice Georgia Andrews and D6fO3 thy Knight entered from the eighth grade after passing preliminary requirements The Freshmen boys in Miss Stah1's homeroom the language room numbered elev en in the fall. Rooert Johnson and Niles English entered from Urooktondalc. Leon Kennedy. entered early in September from Newark Valley, 'followed by Oscar Huffman from Ohio in December. Oscar left the class ln march to ,return home. bale Kel sey, Walter McHale, dill Staubach, and Ev- erett Vergason entered the ranks after midterm- The Freshmen have IOOZ member- ship in the Students' Association and in Hello, recognize us? Yes, we're the? work behind us E There are 27 enrolled in our class Q new that Ruth some and Paul Jantz have lf left Instead of the old study hall forma our home room, we are back in the old elbhth grade room next to the new 1ibrary'e under the supervision of hiss Grippln f The following are our class officers,Qf -.zu Pres. Edward Winnick, Vice pres. Edward Osovski, Sec. Helen Anderson, Trees. Joyce H whi tney , -fi ii -: Our class shows a fine school spirit S because of its memberships in the extra- curricular activities. There are three on Q on the varsity, seven in orchestra, ten in 'f'2'2 5 glee club, some in homemaking club and the F'.F'.A. and we have IOO'jZ membership in the X ' ::g:Q.:g:g,3:,:,x, 2 ::g::g:::::,5:5ax:::::5k:i:5:5g5s::s:1::1 f'-f:-:.rrs:5:2-r:a1Ess2:r:r:1:2:25:r:'seak1-ar:zr:1:fS:5:E5ss:f:Er:rs:f:rf.:ref X ,:,.:.:.,.+5:. ,,,5:5,,,,,:5:,-1:g:j II.:':,:,:5:g1:,51 3::5,:- ::.,1 :,:,:,,:---,:-:-4--,-,gin -s--z:,:5,w,e:,-v- :--,:,.,:- :,,:::g-:- :,:,-1-.1-13:-sf-es -1-J..-: ::::--4-1,V--:-as:r-r-'-:-1--:R-:-:-:-1 -.avr-::ez-2:-1:,r:E1: :1:.-::'f:gr--:M , , A 4 X , if 6 I I gs i 9 1 ' gg 3 - . . . , . 2 I I the Junior Red Cross. 1430 Y Q Q1 - Students' Association. Freshmen Ist row CL. to RJ D. Manning, G. F65-aTtT, J.ove1-bough, Miss Stahl, lies Odgen, I. homes, S. Sindn, R. Austin. 2nd rain C. Bauer, F. Bruolmak,P. TEST. Anderson, D. Barrows, L. Kennedy, K. Rice, S. Stevens. 3rd rowg W. Mcflale, R. Johnson, Irdxin, N. English, 0. Huffman, N. Sullivan, W. Staubaoh, E. Ver- gason, F. Estelle. 4th row: E. Quick, B. Hoyt, G. ix-ers, D. Kelsey, R.Ho1lenbeek, B. Ferris. x XK4, x-4 5 Sophomore Ist row KL. to RJ E. lphr, lisa Gfpg, D.Wil11ame, S. Polyniak, E. Lovejoy, S. Knldon, T. Trevor, E. Johnson, J. Whitney. 2nd row: A. Skrzypek, P.Lindsey,- H'TAKd?z-son, E. Dance, J. Donoo, E. Ylngenedor, H. Compton, A. Cur- tislr, A. su-nt. 5rd row: E. Craig, L. Baehynski, '5TYTnE1ck, J. Jennings, J. Jon- ninga, H. Nielsen, C. Smith, E. Osovski, E. Winniok. K fggggfw, . -fifjaff of ,A 1 K ,Iggy xy, ,,jftfgmgLg,,, , 12, ,, " so me as if 7t5s??f , f.i..,J.,fp W - ,, X my gd, ,. .,. yt, ,yur ,gg,z.f':. ersess,menfsf woereeeetwlgvef freshmen class of last year, but sqdzmoreswe now with a year's credit of high school the junior varsity basketball team, four

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