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11' 12 "I 1 11 1 -15- 1111 1 1 1 11 111511 11M Y 111,111 111111 ' 111 i j.1N1 11 1111 1.11 1 1 1 11" 7' "1 11 '11 1'111 ' 57L11l IM: 11111 , 1'1M1 f fIV1'1i1 H 11I!1,11i!!! '1 111 1 1 1 1 wg JJQ 1 -'l 1 1 rl 1,11 1' 11 " ' 1 11 7 1 1 11 - 1 15111111 1 'Q 1 1 f 11:11 1 1 11111 11-1" 1 1 1 11 1 1111111111111 1 1 1 1 1111 111 11 1 X111 111 '- 1111 1 1 1 l'1 1, 311 1 1"11 X 1"11',1N1 11 1 1 1Y111,111' 1 1' 111 1 1 f i m 11 11 1 H 1 1 1 11 5.1 11111 WN Uwihw ' lx 1 11.1 11 1 1 11 11 111 1 111141111 11 ' 1-1 '1111 1 1111 MLXW1 11 1 11,f1M 111 1 1 1 1111 1 11 1 1 1 1-1 11111 11 11 1.11 1411 111 11'11'1111 11 1' QW .11 11' 1 1111 1 11 1 111 1311" 1 -Q11 1111 .11 1111 V WUMM 1 1 41 1 11 ,1 I .11 1 3 111 U ' H 1' 1111--1-111 1 1 1M11,wJ 11 1 .1111 '1111 1 111 y1F'1' 11 111115 Y 1 1 'W 1111 1 1 11 1 1l'1 111 i 1 1 11 1 1 111111 11 1 W1 1 '1'1 1 1 1 11-VH1 N 11 111111111 1 1 LEGEINI STANISLAUS STATE COLLEGE TURLOCK, CALIFORNIA voLuME lv, 1964 A.M. IRVINE, EDITOR MISS JOHNSON, ADVISOR 5, I H I 2 wwe gee, 2 'A I' :N : R nswseffp : '.v ,,....:f -p:-- " 4 bkxssiswiiw' ' swmmgivfiia .' Mxszwsm Yfihwsswffggy 52 Xgrefswfif N s M M N, ifgffwww. on We ,S ft ,, f . is ,, W ,M v W vw QW sf fimsf Siem aw si,Mm2si2wg?ges.i.W ..., ft N Dear Dr. Capurso, ln keeping with the basic philosophy of Stanislaus State College and with the theme of this book, it is with a great deal of pleasure and with a keen sense of appropriateness that the Associated Students of Stanislaus State College dedi- cate this, their i964 LEGEND, to you, Dr. Capurso, our new president. No dedi- cation could be more fitting than to a man who so completely represents the un- derlying philosophy upon which this college is being constructed and who so completely exemplifies the theme guiding the publication of this fourth annual student yearbook-- the education of the whole man. Your long and distinguished career, capped upon assumption of the presidency of Stanislaus State College in July of l963, provides the best possible example of the product the faculty, staff, and students are striving together to shape and form. This career includes, from a list too long to enumerate completely here, such accomplishments as Head of the Music Department of the University of Ken- tucky, Director ofthe Syracuse University School ofMusic, Conductor of the Syra- cuse Symphony Orchestra, Associate Chairman of the Division ofCreative Arts of San Francisco State College, and Research Associate ofthe California State Colleges. Your past career and past and present membershipsin various ed- ucation, music, psychology, and humanities groups and organizations, onthe national and local level, form an impressive set of credentials. With these qualifications and the experience you have obtained throughout this outstanding career, Stanislaus State College cannot help but attain a position of envy as an outstanding liberal arts college, predicated on quality rather than quantity and absolutely dedicated to providing the best and most complete edu- cation possible -the education required for the formation of the whole man. We now have our example and guide - Dr. Alexander Capurso, President, Stanislaus State College, i963 - 207 MIM Jerry Merryman TABLE OF CONTENTS P099 7 Page I5 Page 23 Page 29 Page 43 P099 53 Page 57 Page 71 l il li 5 I ,--.,,,,v-a!""TI' V i' ' ' ' -J ll Ei r ue Photo compliments of Turlock Journal Sikixisiiiif-52,33 Effie? CQLQSQE Yzszlocis, 5a5iEi'as.ei Qxxiifomics 2.2452 Aims of Liberal Arts - Educating the Whole Man Implicit in the basic concept of a true liberal arts college is its steadfast commitment to the education of the whole man. The Humanities, Fine Arts, Social and Physical Sciences contribute immeasurably toward the attain- ment of this goal. The primary obiective and uppermost concern at Stanislaus State Col- lege is to provide our students with a general and broad educational back- ground, and at the same time to provide them with enough depth in specif- ic and practical skills and knowledge to earn their living in their chosen vocations. In the continuous process of changing and shaping the various curricular offerings of our college, the faculty and administration strive with hope and with dedication toward the fulfillment of this happy balance in higher education. The education of the whole man encompasses the development of the mind as well as the body, an appreciation of moral, spiritual and aesthetic values, and, above all, a sense of awareness concerning his responsibility to man and society. Zfwuw compliments of the Turlock Jou rnall THE THREE FACETS OF Dr. Capu rso As chief architect of the college, Presi- dent Capurso directs the building and growth of the school plant. V, K f As President of the college, he is the chief lcompliments of the A.V. departmentl lcampliments of the A.V. departmentl A , administrator and head of the faculty. As chief Administrator, he represents the administration to the student body. LISKDHXVITIIIINIIISTIRZILKSTIICJINI STAFF -r L Upper Left: Dean Crowley, Executive Dean and Direc- tor of Institutional Research. Upper Right: Dean Bruggman, Dean of StudentAffairs. Left: Dean Wisler, Associate Dean afCurriculum. Lower Left: Dean Doyle Dean of Educational Services and Summer Session, Interim Dean of Academic Affairs. Lower Right: Ern- est E. Rives, Business Manager. L Upper Left: Edward J. Aubert, Assoc. Dean, Admis- sions and Records, C. W. Quinley, Jr., Registrar. Up- per Right: Rudolph C. Ferguson, College Counselor. Right: S. LeRoy Wilson, Assist. to the Executive Dean. Right: Chris A. Galas, Audio-Visual Coordinator. Lower Left, Lto R: Bob Byers, Steve Blankenship, Tom White and A. Harry Hlad. L . V ll l if g 1' 1. . 1 .'. B I ,PROGRAM , H., l 11 1 I 1 1 M1 1 ,. ,. 1 , I A . F : ' 111, . , . gm: 1-,-. ' .li-L-45.1.3 ljli -Li' ii, f ',,h'1L.5!' .5 Mlfzlrii ' '-fl--.l'T'7l ' .. F - .i 1114... . , 1 1 L to R: Mrs. Miriam Maloy, Mrs. Louise Carter, Mrs. Agnus Bennett, and Miss Judy Ting. Not Pictured: J. Carlyle Parker. Dean Galloway L to R: Mrs. Edna Metcalf, Miss Anita Domries, Mrs. Betty Hedgpeth, Mrs. Lila McCombs and Mrs. Mildred Lon es 4 :V Y THE LIBRARIANS: Dean Galloway, College Librar- ian, is the administrative head of the library staff. Mrs. Miriam Maloy is in charge of the Technical Pro- cesses Division. Mrs. Agnes Bennett and Miss Judy Ting are catalogers --processing booksfor placement on the shelves. Mr. Carlyle Parker heads Public Services, students may consult him for help in re- searching term papers, bibliographies, or for infor- mation on a particular subiect. Mrs. Louise Carter is the Circulation and Reference Librarian. Other library staff members include Miss Anita Domries and Mrs. Edna Metcalf, Technical Services, proc- essing of books, Mrs. Betty Hedgpeth and Mrs. Mil- dred Lones, ordering books, Mrs. Lila McCombs, in charge of the Circulation Desk, and Miss Sharon Bullard, Mr. Galloway's Secretary. Upper Leff L fo R Mrs Vurgmna Malfavl Mrs Chlolle Forretle Mrs Anna Johnson Mrs Pal Moore Mrs Sanders Top Rlghi- Mrs Esther Noda and Mass Lorraine Johnson Boflom Rlghf Mrs Marlene Hendersholf parthme and Mrs Leona Cabral lower Leff L to R Mrs Susan Raduechel Mnss Alice Crowder Mrs Lucille Graham Mnss Mary Jo Fer rise and Mrs Yvonne York Noi Plciured Mrs Joanna Gomes Mrs Deanna Duffy Mildred'Baker, Mrs. Bobbie McNeal, and Mrs.'Anila ' 2 - l - ' l tai L to R, seated: Carol Anderson Marion McCardia Lucille Graham Sharon Bullard Vicki Barker I. to R, standing: Irene Hatfield Chloie Terrette Leona Cabral ln charge of Student Personnel: Carol Anderson and Vicki Barker E4 .. ,. -l I. to R: Betty Hersh Betty Blagg Bonnie Southward Liane Beauchamp Marion McCardia Gail Sward i l 'l ,, jf! 'W ' il l 'A l Top Leli: Clifford Dick, Technician for the Audio-visual Deparimeni. Top Righi: Susan O'Brien, Manager of ilwe Book Siore. Righi: The co-owners of ihe Snack Bar are Nellie Ellerly llefil, and Marion McBeaih. Boiiom, L fo R: Custodial Services are maintained by Van Gideon,JohnKugler, and Paul'Adamsg Pete Oriman is ihe Building Maintenance man. ..!:31..' ul, -+, LIBRARY: The library makes a distinctive contribution to the college, community, and the library profession. To the stu- dents and faculty, the library provides facilities and mater- ials for study and research. In addition, the library staff teaches the students how to use books and libraries. lt en- deavors to help students acquire the ability to continue learning throughout their lives. In relation to the faculty the library provides materials needed for research, informs them of new materials in their respective fields, and satis- fies their general informational needs. To the community, the library offerscooperation through inter-library loan. For the library profession, the library staff participates in pro- fessional activities, contributes to professional knowledge, and recruits prospective librarians. In summation, the li- brary of SSC is truly a center of learning where students ioin with a faculty of scholars and artists in pursuit of knowl- edge andwisdom. I FACULTY Richard B. Reinholtz Head of the Creative Arts Division Head of Art Not Pictured: Thomas P. Barrett, Head of the Business Divisiong and Kenneth G. Young. Glenn A. Hackwell Biological Sciences I6 James C. Hanson Head ofBioIogical Sciences Rolf Parton A rt Frederick E. Koffke Head of Economics Lloyd H. Ahlem Education Lloyd E. Bevans Education Charles R. Farrar Head of Educahon F -I, Eldon A. Koplm Education S Top Leff: William F. McClintock, Education Right: Haig A. Rushdoony, Education Left: Lorna M. Swain, Education Bofiom Lefi: James P. Jensen, Head of Englis Middle: Lawrence D. Berkoben, English Right: Lola V. Johnson, English Y-TZ? amz. Xi-e . Qar?A Wm, NHS' ...K le. J. c i Left: John F. Saunders, Head of For- eign Languages. Right David B.Sien- zel, Head of Social Science. Middle: John E. Caswell, Political Science. Bofiom Left: S. LeRoy Wilson, Head of Journalism. Bofiom Righi: John P. Rasmussen, Social Science. wx Top: James N.Javc1I1er, Head .of Mathematics 8. Physics. Middle: Clif- ford C. Cunha, Head of Music. Bot- fom: Sylvia M. Ghiglieri, Music. 4 f .. f '1133 iiii f 53 115 2 ...i ii if X f ii 1'1' ..... 2 i 2 i'i f E i M E? ::- M " '-'-'f : 121-1 .11 E5 '22 21315911 .511-55.2125 1 Top Left: Paula K. Loetfler, Chemistry. Middlef ChrisA.Galas,HeadotPhys- ical Science. Bottom Left: Lloyd H. Ahlem, Head ofPsycl'1ology. Bottom Right: John E. Caswell, Political Science. i i i Robert N. Davidson Head of Sociology and Anthropology Max C. Norton Head of Speech Lamar R. Jackson Sp eech PART-TlME FACULTY - Not Pictu red: Dr. David E. Austin - Ed. ' Mr. Walter T. Caldwell - Soc. Mrs. Maude Edmonson - Ed. Dr. Robert T. Elliott- Ed. Mr. Fred C. Byer - Ed. THE FACULTY: The English poet, Shelley, called the poets the unacknowledged legislators ofthe world - --the best, the wisest, and the most illustrious ot men. To the college institution, the professors are its poets, representing the best, the wisest, and the most illus- trious men chosen to guide new generations in the search for truth and knowledge. They are the un- tailing heralds, companions, and followers ofthe en- lightenment of the stores of knowledge of mankind. They sound the trumpets, ring the bells, and call the students to do battle with the world's problems ot the past, present, and future. They otferinspiration, guidance, and solace for all who wish to partake of man's knowledge. As the directors of learning,they determine the character, the atmosphere, and the tone of the college. The administration tormulates the goals and obiectives, but it is the faculty that in- terprets them to the students. Thus it is, the success or failure of an institution of learning is closely con- nected with its faculty's ability to be the best, the wisest, and the most illustrious of men. STUDENT GCCDVIEIRINIIIVIIEINIT 3 ff' M32 'MK 'W we , ' 4f3Y'.,, '.i Us 2214 wx. i ft sc ss ,mwigff P55 s 3 .. .5 W iw. asf NWN I ,x ,. MW ff 2 Q' 2 if N 2 www The development of the character of Man is a complex process. There are so many small influ- ences that help to shape the finished product. Jud asthe qualhy ofa dbh Blessened bythe careless cook who fails to include one small in- gredient in the making, so the characterofman suf- fers in quality when he fails to explore one small aspect of the world about him. We students of Stanislaus State College are for- tunate. We have been able to satisfy our thirst for knowledge at many different fountains. Such, it is said,isthe advantage ofan educahon ataliberal arts institution. We have been provided an opportunity to taste many delicacies during our education here. Some we will acquire ci taste for. Others we will reiect. But regardless of the area of knowledge to which we may return, to explore it further, ourliberal ex- perience has allowed us to sample a variety of ideas. lt has given us a chance to see the pano- ramic view ofthe whole, wonderful world about us so that we may then lower our eyes to see the flowers at our feet. -We Pat Jara .4 5 .sc Q 5 S vjawggf 7 5 xr 'SXIAQKHS iggswqsozx 1 ,L A, 3 Q , nf- 1 , f- I4 -,L . isvfrifwsxew gwsmdfftt mirage,-,ffssbft 553 stikmxsafif 99? wx ,S ,,: A 52 V- Qwisswiiwfltii' gf' N f Q ,, ,.,-37?-s --Y-Y - ---- ui 1.-fe-,-.1 x, .,. 1. N -3 M I.: ' f X2 SN YE,-rfi , ' 'f 'Yi 1 ii' I E, Q I . , gist ,-l.:i,,-.QM ' SM- 1 Q N W: i ev- E .Q 'S -'ggi ,I ' ,322 4 V- .v,'f,i. 'ff My f, 1 i 1 Mya?" .49g4g,,g1f , Q ' ,E if f .W y M1114-i.-J, i il 1auvn3,:vK,Q EXECUTIVE OFFICERS Top Left: Our Office Top Right Pai Jara, Presideni Middle: Kaciryn and Sharyn, Secretary 'i Leff lo Righh LEGEND Ediior, Toni Irvine Men's Representative, Richard Aman Aciing Secretary, Veralyn Fernandes Treasurer, Jeri Torrealbag Vice Presi denf,Jim Toepferg President, Patlaro and Dean of Student Affairs, Dr Bruggman. ELECTION BOARD: Members ofthe Election Board forthe academic year of l963-l964 are: lris Bird, Gale Cuneo, Sally Chiavetta, Joe Silveira and Milton Garcia. STUDENT COURT: The members of the Student Court are Joan Mallea and Robert Kerby. Last semester's Chief Justice was Gale Cuneo. This semester's Chief Justice is Joe Woi- ciechowski. 'T I l l SENATE Right Jlm Toepter Presldent of the Senate Below LtoR Dr Bruggman DeanofStudentAttalrs Sharyn three places over Kaaryn Lane Secretary Coy Rob erts Presldent of Sentor Class Jam Shuman Men s Representative Albert Blzznnl Presxdent of the New man Club Sharon Neubaum Student Coordnnator Pat Jara Presudent of the Assocnated Students Linda Sanders Alumm Representatnve and Jam Toepter Vice President of the Associated Students Not Plc tured Lynne Wuse Edutor of the SIGNAL and An totnette lrvlne Editor ot the LEGEND SENATE During the academic year of l963 64 the Senate members havetrted to organize the Senate unto a practical tunctlonmg body ot the student govern ment system They have trled to pro duce actnvltles and leglslatlon for the over all good ot the student body One mlght say that the Senate members feel about the Senate as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow felt when he stated In his poem Psalm ofL1te Laves of great men all remand us We can make our ltves subllme And departing leave behind us Footprints onthe sands of tume Footprints that perhaps another Sallmg o er lute s solemn mam A forlorn and shipwrecked brother Seeang shall take heart agam Let us then be up and doung Wlth a heart for any fate Stull achlevmg stull pursuing Learn to labor and to walt 27 CONSTRUCTION OF NEW CAMPUS: The first phase of construction of the permanent campus of SSC at Monte Vista and Geer Roads is now un- der way with proiected completion date priorto the Fall Semester of l965, representing an investment of iust over five million dollars. The first stage includes site development proiects and construction of three build- ings -- library building, class-room building, and boiler plant. Phase l of the site development llevelling and underground world began in Fall of l963. Phase 2 of site development llandscaping, walks, and roadsl will start in early summer of l964. In January l964 work was begun onthe library building, classroom building and the boiler plant. Work on out- door physical education facilities will begin inthe Summer of I96-4. The key consideration in the planning of the new college campus has been to provide for maximum flexibility, allowing for the needs of a small college which will grow slowly. Today's construction will contain few permanent walls, providing for smooth, economical ex ansion toward the ro'ectecl student of l2,000 in the year 20 P P I l8. . i 28 ae?f,agi5-at T51-. 1 ev. a . .. ,. L V ' ' 3 ik 211 WGN S SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS Coy Roberts President SENIORS SENIOR CLASS: During the tall semester the Senior Class concentrated on the Christmas Dance. Bake sales were held quite often in an effort to finance the dance. The dance was a success and the Senior Class then turned its at- tention to the spring semester. This semester's activities dealt mainly with graduation, the Gift committee, commencement committee tcomposed of tac- ulty and seniorsj, and the Vasche Award committee. Several bake sales and a "country store" sale were held to help finance an alumni-graduate activity after baccalaureate. All in all the Senior class had a fine year. The class was headed by Coy Roberts, Presidentg Sue Fox, Vice President, Veralyn Fernan- des, Secretary, and Mitch Garcia, Treasurer. LOOK AMIL IAR? 5-an D KA,-f, 524- ' J Pimbkbh fm, Q Q i a wr 7 X YN?-5? . J' 1 ,, ..f' : PEPHI' , , -:,:'- ' 727- Y- 2'- . 1- .5 -, v ,, 3 v . 4' 4 ' . "6'V'l..' " .Q 4' M A . .4 .-..,,. i' Z , -"ff This bake sale was sponsored by the Seniors to raise money for their dance. Pictured are Vir- ginia Gnekow and Coy Roberts. SENIOR DANCE Mary Christmas was Shirley Garcia and Saint Nick was Richard Aman., WINTER FORMAL: The Senior Class sponsoredthe annual Christmas Formal on December I8 at the Turlock Golf and Country Club. Prior to dancing to Pat Tobin's Trio, dinner was served. Merle Haile entertained with a medley of Hawaiian songs. The small attendance did not detract from the good time enioyed by those present. Above: Toni Irvine, Editor: Miss Johnson, Advisor. Upper Right: Linda Rosa and Bill Maruca. Right: Richard Aman, Advertising Manager and Business Monagerp Linda San- ders, Layout. LEGEND STAFF JL. Left: M. Haeri, Photographer. Not Pictured Iris Bird, Copy Editorg Albert Bizzini and Tes- ibel Frey. tanislaus State College SIGNAL Left: Roy Wilson, Advisor. BeIow,Lto R: Lynne Wise, Spring Semester Editor, Jim Shuman, Advertising Director. Not Pictured: Pat .Iara and Phil Colvard, Staff. Bottom, L to R: Roy Wilson, Advisor, Linda Rosa, Fall Semester Editor, Haig Arakelian, Jr., Cir- culation Manager. Not Pictured: Pat Jara, Assistant Editor and Kent Whitt, Advertising Director. STATEMENT OF POLICY Hi' STANISLAUS STATE COLLEGE SIGNAL I. The STANISLAUS STATE COLLEGE SIGNAL, as the mode ot campus communication accepts its responsibility to give the students and faculty of SSC fair and honest coverage of campus and student-related events through impartial, accurate, and complete news reporting. 2. The SIGNAL recommends the above statement be a- dopted by the Senate as a general policywhich is a frame- work for more specific policies decided by the editor, un- der the direction and advice of the director of iournalism. 3. The SIGNAL recognizes the American heritage ottree- dom ofthe press ancl regards itasan unquestionable right to discuss and report whatever news is not explicitly for- bidden bylaw or iournalistic policy. At The SIGNAL has the right and duty to constructively criticize the student government and administration ot Stanislaus State College and the board of trustees ot the California State Colleges. -in Opinionated material will be restricted A to editorials or other articles designated as such. ii.e. columns and feature stories con- taining by-lines.j 5. All letters tothe editorwillbe published AS SUBMITTED, except tor style changes. ii.e. 'Don Jones,' appearing tor the second time, would be 'Mr. .lonesfj 4 sig:-9. 34 Al BIZZIFII President NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Club IS an organization of Catholic stu dents and other interested persons on campuswlth the purpose to deepen the splrutual and enrich the temporal lnves of nts members through a bal anced program of rellglous Intellectual and servnce actuvltnes Emphaslzang nts Interest In education the club has establlshed cz schol arshlp fund for any qualltled deservmg students ln need of tmanclal assistance The money tor thus service prolect IS ralsed by havung bake sales durmg the year shown below Faculty Advusor for the group IS Muss Sylvla Ghnglnern and Rev Louls Sweeney ot the Sacred Heart Catholic Church In Turlock serves as Chap Iam for the club L to R: Al Bizzini, Silvia Ghiglieri, Jose- phine Daniel, and Linda Sanders. SSC COMMUNITY ORCHESTRA Above, L to R: Tom Nakoshima, Livingston Lion's Club President, and Joseph E. Bruggman, Con- ductor. Lett: Nila Stephens presenting her senior recital. All music majors must in their senior year present a recital. Other seniors whogavetheirsthisyear were: Kent Whitt, Esther Rich, Ronald Parker, James Worth- ington and Edith Wheeler. ,, , GEOLOGY CLUB Above: Last Semester's President, Jim Toepter. There is no acting president for this semester. Right, L to R: .lim Toepfer, Victor Viisma, Mr. Galas, Advisor, Dick Jacobs, Marvin Hendricks, and Robert McCormick. Not Pictured: Hope Nolen, Secretary-Treasurer. Ein-Q ' , This is one ot the most active clubs on campus. They usually meet twice monthly and this year they contem- plate two trips. One of the trips is planned for Mount Shasta and it will be purely a pleasure excursion. The other trip will be for collectors and will probably be some place in southern California. Anyone is invited, the mem- bers usually take their families and lots oftun is had by alll Dr. Caswell I , f I Pat Jura Coy Roberts M.U.N. M.U.N.: The Model United Nations meet was held in Spo- kane, Washington at Whitworth College on April l5-l8. SSC represented Uruguay. The delegation consisted of Pat Jara, Ron Hansen, lnot Picturedl and Coy Roberts, Chairman. Dr. John Caswell was the advisorot the group. As of this writing, it was still in doubt it the delegation would be able to attend because of finances. The delega- tion was seeking financial support from the student body and the various civic organizations in Turlock. We hope next year SSC will be able to send a delega- tion to M.U.N. to be held at Claremont College in Los Angeles. STUDENT TEACHERS: When the student in the Education Program at SSC reaches the semesterforstudentteaching, it is a sign he has reached thefinal hurdle to surmount be- fore becoming eligible to apply for either General Ele- mentary or General Secondary Credential. ln the Gen- eral Elementary program, the student teaches a full day on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and half day on Tuesday and Thursday. A seminar is held on Thursday afternoon. The General Secondary student teaches daily one class in his maior and one class in his minor field. However, he is asked to spend three periods to a half day on the high school campus, allowing time for student- teacher conferences, getting acquainted with the school, and attending faculty meetings. A seminar is held during late afternoon on Wednesday. In both programs, the stu- dent is under the direction of the Education Division and the supervising teachers in the schools assigned. Pictures to the leftare General Elementary, the picture below shows five of the eight persons who are going fortheirGeneral Secondary Credentials. COLLEGE COMMUNITY CHOIR A Compliments of Coy Roberts I Compliments ofthe Turtock Journal SCIENCE FIELD TRIPS ACTIIVIITIIIES li' I- ' -..-rv. -- . TOUGH LUCK NIGHT: The Associated Students presented a Tough Luck night on Friday, December l3, in Donnelly Hall. High point ofthe evening was the showing ot the motion picture "The lmportance of Being Earnest" based on Oscar Wilde's play. Baby-sitting service was provided, and no admission was charged. A disappointingly small number of the college community turned out for the festivities. 1' iff.QQi ff ,L Z , ,M MEET THE PROFESSOR: A "Meet the Professor" series was held during the fall semester, sponsored by the Special Events Committee of the general faculty of SSC. ltstpurpose was to acquaint students with the various philosophies of the professors presented. SENIOR ONE-MAN ART SHOW: The Senior Show is an exhibit of the student's work, which shows sig nificant growth and development in all aspects of the art curriculum and represets maior work toward fulfillment of requirements for a Bachelor of Arts Degree. Richard O. Patten's show included water color, oil paintings, sculptures, prints, designs, and drawings. 45 VINCENT HALlINAN'S SPEECH: On September 30, l963, at 8:00 P.M., Vincent Hallinan, former vice-presidential and presidential candidate on the Progressive ticket, spoke in the foyer of Donnelly Hall. His talk was video-taped by a Fresno television station for later view- ing. Mr. Hallinan was introduced by Professor Robert N. Davidson of the Sociology and An- thropology Department, and questioned by a panel made up of Professors Caswell and Parton, and students Richard Aman and M. Haeri as well as by members of the audience. The discus- sion was moderated by professor Davidson. An overflow standing-room-only audience was on hand for Mr. Hallinon's talk. from the right. FAR WEST TURKEY SHOW' The Far West Turkey Show is held annually on the Stanislaus Coun ty Fair Grounds, atwhich timethe students make room for the turk eys. Pictured with Dr. Capurso is Yvonne Whetstone, second EW Ze SUMMER CONVOCATION The Summer Convocatlon took place dur Ing summer session The topuc ofdls cusslon was The Role ofthe Profes sor to Guide or Confuse On the panel were Lto R Professors Rem holtz Stenzel Johnson Farrar Dov ldson and Galas It also marked the tlrst offlclal appearance otDr Capur so as the new president of SSC .lu ANNUAL LIBRARY TEA The tea IS a socual event sponsored by the entire library staff during the Chrlstmas Holldays An lnvlta tlon IS extended to all College personnel The tea was held on December I9 2 30 4 30 p m The women ofthe library staff provude homemade cookues coffee tea and punch . 1 ' ' .. 1:5z,."". m:ff.1 gg ii'-L-:eff-iQzQ::i Tir? . Bibi' P'l'f'ill1vfi'?5'-'BTi'.-2' 'flee-i':?'-'39i.ff?31l lf ' ' -Lit' 'l ' f ,ff MAGNIFICAT: The college Com- munity Chorus presented Bach's "Magnificat" attheTurlockFirstMeth- odist Church on Sunday, December 15, 1963. Professor Cunha directed. The "Magniticat" is considered one of the greatest choral works ever written. Soloists included: Letha Petersen, Sylvia Sateren, Ray M. Carter, Joan Pearson, Roy Austin, and Homer Maxwell. STAN-ETTES: Stan-Ettes is a combination social-charity organization ofthe non-academic women of SSC. Alice Crowder, for right, Admissions Office, is this year's President. Activities include an annual Christmas Sale of handmade articles. In 1962 the group donated the proceeds to Medic Alert. In 1963 a silver service was presented to the college. 48 1 - g A r PLAY OF DANIEL The Play of Daniel a l2th century religious drama that is entirely sung was produced by the SSC Music Department and given onjanuary l8 in St Francis Episcopal Church Clif ford Cunha and Sylvia Ghiglierldlrectecl Featured were Homer Maxwell as Bel shazzar s Prmce Joan Pearson Belshaz zars Queen Robert Parks Daniel and Del Fahrney King Darius Beverly Payne was Stage Director 'ug Lto R Robert Parks Jim Worthington and Beverly Payne OVERSEAS STUDY PROGRAM Dr. Thomas Lantos Director otln- ternational Programs for Calif- ornia State Colleges interviewed interested students tor the Over- seas Study Program in January. Qualified students may earn credit at SSC while studying in France Germany Japan Latin America Spam Sweden Switzer- land, and Taiwan. g ,J Lto R: Dr. Bruggman, Dr. Stenzel, and Mr. Lantos Compliments of Tu SUMMER ARTS FESTIVAL: During summer session a Summer Arts Festi- val was held for the purpose of displaying the students' work as well as involving the community and the students in the arts. Professors Cunha lshown above conductingl and Reinholtz collaborated on the festival. lt included work done by members of the community, summer school stu- dents, full-time students, and for the first time Professor Partons' work was shown here. Various phases of art appreciation were discussed. String groups and the College Community Chorus provided a musical background for the festival. 1 g 1 1 - 6 0 7- Speaking, Top Left: .loe Woiciechowski Top Right: Joe's team mate, Lynne Andersen- Bottom Left: Neil'Nuotio Bottom Right: Neil's team mate, Violet Boland SSC STUDENTS DEBATE TOPIC: Six students have, under the direction of Lamar Jackson, formed three debating teams which have iperformed before the students and tac- ulty. Neil Nuotio and Violet Boland,are members of one teomg Jerry Jackman and Irene Nordstrom form the other team lnot picturedl. The third team was mode up of Lynne Andersen and Joe Woiciechowski. ATHLIETIICS if Dennis Colberf Infield Front Row, I. io R: Tommy Thompson, Jim Thomp- son, and Dennis Colbert. Back Row: Larry Buffer- field and Jim Green. Bob Keller Manager Tommy Thompson Pitcher Joe Woiciechowski Catcher 0:73 Jlm Nicholas lnfleld Bob Arpouka Frank Beltran Larry Butterfield Denms Colbert Denms Gibson Jim Green Bob Kellar Bob Knrby Don Nicholas Jlm Nicholas Carl Orndoff Roger Perry Dodd Samuels Jam Thompson Tommy Thompson Joe Wolcuechowskl Bull York Pitcher lnfueld Infield Infueld Outfleld Outfneld Outfleld Infield Inheld lnfleld Pitcher Outfleld Pitcher Outfneld Pitcher Catcher Catcher Oakdale Modesto Modesto Modesto Modesto Modesto Tu rlock Stockton Modesto Modesto Ce res Modesto Modesto Modesto Modesto Modesto Tu rlock Larry Butterlleld Bob Arpoulxa Infueld Pitcher Jlm Thompson Outtleld Game played wuth D V I Warrnors 8 All Stars 3 ' lv , 1 'T . , , - W . ' . Mx. " 'ut - -' ' , ,L . lvlttt ' ' A , - 1. , v yur 1 , . '. T 1' ' - , " Q. 'J X554 ' -' ' V, ' gf, 5'f,"f,,7 ' Y ,L , t V ,viii r,'v!, Az. ' '- J fl f fmt" , .j M 1 M m,w..t1L:: wth' .J ,, ,,. .N :V V., , . JY, , -.W - ,- ,I .A 1 . fl' "tif '3' ' ' "' ----- -4 " . . . . . . . ' 2 . 'HN 1 l' " ix J Q X LQ E 4, 3 GTE 5 15 TIF' LF" 11 ' .. if , filifl . ' 1 my eq ', T T' f ' was H5 W QW W www W .-LH! , 1 11 5 'r . ' "WWF 1, f ' "W 5 V ' ' " 1 451 56 HP- .9 1 fn 2 C .4 If l at P 'E' my ,MJF ' I 5 GRADUATES N A ROY J. Allen Maior Frank Bautista W B.A. B,A. Spring '64 Fall '64 Cedric LeRoy Benjamin Sylvia Bewley B.A. B.A. W Spring '64 Fall '64 Vergence Bavero B.A. Fall '63 Guy Allen Broolis B.A. Fall '63 Kristie Carlson B.A. Spring '64 Gale R. Cuneo B.A. Summer -WF?" ' Gwynne Chandler Phillip D. COlVCl'd Sprung 64 5Pf""9 64 7 1 l A ., 1 ll ll H l m llwlllil' lllgllw l Charlohe A. Dewhirsf Ruth E. Evans B.A. B.A. Summer '63 Summer '63 59 V7 1 4 N I Paul edward Field Munson G. Ford B.A. B.A. Eta? Fall '63 Spring '64 ESX' an Manuchehr Haeri Ronald A. Hansen B.A. B-A Spring '64 Spring '64 Tesibel Elyse Frey B.A. Fall '63 Erma Headrick Spring '64 I 1 . A Poiricia Ann .lcro B.A. Spring '64 Janna Veldhuis Kroeze B A Spring '64 N Jane .lohnsfon Laura Mae Junker Spring '64 Spring '64 F E. f" f-15 ye. . 'i :El .es-.-a. V Glenice Jean Muriin Mary Elizabeih Maioza i BA. BA. Spring '64 Spring '64 Robert Donald McCormick Mdrifd June MCElvdin Sprung 64 Sprung 64 Duane Nolen Hope Carswell Nolen B.A. B.A- Fqll '63 Spring '64 Emp Paul Meunier B.A. Fall '63 Patricia O'Hare B.A. Summer '63 Carol Terry Owen B.A. Spring '64 .Iuene Colleen Fall '63 Olembia S. Parker Richard O. Pohen spring '64 FoII"63 H. Howard Porter Coy Gene Roberts B.A. B.A. Spring '64 Spring '64 XX Linda Marie Rosa Anna M. Sanders Spring '64 Summer '63 A .,r'a""" , " ff' Kathleen M. Smiih B.A. Spring '64 LaVerne Rey Sireefer Ldffie Deurle Sweef B.E. B.A. Fqll '63 Spring '64 Clyde G. Thomas Spring '64 BA u If ' iynvf-111ai::,imf N' l 'li li il .ll :Sli ET' Tom Thompson B.A. Spring '64 vc or G F Vilsma 1 Spring '64 vfigaiw l in lllllllllllll l' Hi ill, Wal lil I1 U lliliifllnil' 5 1, Ji fill ll ii H' l itil il: James David Toepfer Jack P. Ulrich i B.A. B.A. Spring '64 Spring '64 IUQN fa Ronald KeniWl1iH Mildred E. Wylie B.A. B.E. Fall '63 Summer'63 Janice R. Berbena B.A. Summer '63 Albert Charles Bizzini, Jr. B.A. Spring '64 Barbara A. Boyd B.A. Summer '63 'Daisy M. Chambers Boyd B.A. Spring '64 Eva Lee Boyer B.E. Spring '64 William C. Catzalco B.A. Fall '63 'Doris M. Causey B.A. Summer '63 Ann L. Chapman B.E. Summer '63 Gerald Hubert Cox B.A. Spring '64 Valleria V. Davis B.E. Foll '63 Marion M. Dinsmore B.E. Summer '63 Joann Marie Doerksen B.E. Fall '63 Emily l. Doolin B.E. Summer '63 Chesley Arthur Eason B.A. Fall '63 Ella R. Fletcher B.A. Spring '64 Doloris O. Foster B.A. Spring '64 'Alberta Lee Freitas B.A. Spring '64 Hanna Mary Giesbrecht B.E. Fall '63 David F. Gillespie B.A. Summer '63 Mearl J. Givens B.E. Spring '64 Richard L. Goodwill B.A. Summer '63 Mildred M. Grimm B.A. Spring '64 Corrine M. Groll B.A. Spring '64 Jeffrey Hanne B.A. Fall '63 'Those persons whose pictures were taken but did not turn out - our special apologies -- The Ecliior, Ken B Hanslen Summer 63 Bobbie N Harvey Sprung 64 Craug Haflueld Fall 63 Dorus E Hedberg Sprung 64 BarbaraJ Huclms Fall 63 Gwendolyn Hullulcer Fall 63 Sprung 64 Roberial Jamison Summer 63 Ida Belhal Johnson Fall 63 Lucy D Johnson Summer 63 Francus Joseph Klung Fall 63 Helen G Kloppung Summer 63 Doris W Landrelh Summer 63 PeggyJ Lundsey Summer 63 Bobble Lee l.uHle Sprung 64 Carl Eugene Livingston Sprung 64 Aluce E Lylle Summer 63 Esther Rulh Marlrovuch Sprung 64 Wulluam A Maruca Sprung 64 Full 63 Kalheruna O Mellus Summer 63 Maruleu Mendenhall Fall 63 Gerald H Merryman Sprung 64 Evelyn Newburg Fall 63 Pairucua Nucholas Summer 63 DonaldM Nucholson Sprung 64 B,A, ' I B.A. J BA. .I ' BA.. I J B.A..I i BAI I A J B-AI. BJ4. ' I B.A.I ' D B.AI I J B.E.I H 53.41. I ' 'Donald William Hopper William A. McQueen, J B.A. I B.A.I ' BA. I' J BA. .I ' J B.A.I B.A..I J BE. ' I B.A. I ' B.A.I- J B.A.I BE. 'I 1 B.A.. i It B.E.. 'I B.AI I ' A Calhline Nutson B.A. Summer '63 Florence Oswald B.E. Summer '63 Karen K. Panarra B.A. Summer '63 Grace D. Paiferson B.E. Summer '63 Helen C. Perry B.A. Summer '63 Charlene Pimenlel B.A. Fall '63 .loanna Ralfoni B.A. Spring '63 Rulh E. Rankin B.A. Summer '63 Mildred F. Renda B.E. Spring '64 Eslher Baird Rich B.A. Spring '64 Dave Roberls B.A. Fall '63 Lillian Roberls B.A. Spring '64 George T. Rogers B.A. Spring '64 Norman L. Roslad B.A. Summer '63 'Joseph Silveira B.A. Fall '63 Belva Marie Simpson B.A. Fall '63 Jerry Dean Smiih B.A. Spring '64 'Mary E. Sparks B.A. Summer '63 Nila H. Slephens B.A. Spring '64 Eihel V. Toler B.E. Spring '64 Shirley D. Vaughan B.A. Summer '63 "David Henry Willell B.A. Spring '63 Melvina M. Williams B.A. Summer '63 Norma Beniamin Willson B.E. Spring '64 James Phillip Worthington B.A. Fall '63 Maureen Young B.A. Spring '64 DEAN S LIST FALL T963 RUTH M AYERS DONNA CARLSON PATRICIA GRAHAM CORRINE M GROLL PATRICIA JARA SANDRA MCKELVEY DOROTHY C MILLER EVELYN NEUBAUM BRENDA H NOLEN JOSEPH SILVEIRA l GWYNNE P. CHANDLER TURLOCK. Alumni st 13' va SW fa '22 ffl CALIFORNIA Association OFFICERS President: Mrs. Bertha Davis, shown above. Vice-President: Mrs. Richard Brown, not pictured. Recording Secretary: Mrs. Alberta Caswell, not pictured. Corresponding Secretary: Mrs. Ellen Beke- dam, bottom left. Treasurer: Mr. Tom Lyons, not pictured. Reporter: Mrs. Elaine Stringer, pictured left of Dr. Bruggman. Chaplain: Mrs. Helen Conley, pictured to the right of Dr. Bruggmon. Advisor: Dr. Joseph E. Bruggman, Dean of Student Affairs, shown above. 70 t LSSIDDVERTIISIIINIG u w v 4 se: '4 4 '4 :fun r m .1441 J' A nunuf' I Youn g dal e s Introducing the New G.E. Stereo 250 Market Street, Turlock 10 o g WSWS Nt OD 1 Boies Drug Store New Location -- Prompt Prescription Service 201 West Main, Turlock ' -Y-4'Q"' :J-C1 H4 .ow 1 '- A Y v I' 1 Lx - -f"1-5 5- M- . -' 1, 11, , y-"""' V 1.-aff? i ,:1,1l:-- , Y - Q1-wav H -,. ,,-, ,T llguffgl 'if f '11 g K - ' in f , AE.: ,. :3"i,,-9,5 u g 1 Qi ,:.'2.'r!'s-, L' 1-' -' ix?" - Q .:, 5 4 rl , -15' A gui nf- 1- ,1 fi' ,. .z. Wf k -. 1.1 f -xgzq .- ,yf .-is. 1, v f f'--. 'fe L s ' ' rl 77,4 H " .I -V rv .4 311543, T if ' R9 "'1 T5i5?i:':...i"11r5 'I- irgif, "V i ,.'5" ' 2::5f r- ' f Johnson's House of Flowers Flowers for all Occasions l24 N. Broaclway, Turlock Woolworth's Your Money's Worth S at Woolworth's an ujfrlllglll-an V5JQOLVVkV,'it3' I -i -, T A . l 29 West Main, Turlock Coey's The Family Shoe Store Poll-Parrott Shoes l26 West Main, Turlock 1 V1 . ,' ., llllll 2. 8, qi Z I N Qlulmllfs op' T ,f L T Tx NX Guy 8: Sliger Gloeckler Jewelers Bank Americards Accepted Watches -Diamonds 22l WestMain Street, Turlock Sterling Service 2l9 WestMain, Turlock Turlock Toggery ,f or 2 Y A e 4 Finest in Men's Clothing Latest Styles X 2l6 East Main, Turlock BAHHW State Savings 8' Loan Polly Ann Bakery i Breads - Cakes - Pies SUVHTQS ACCOUNTS Doughnuts - Rolls - Cookies Real Estate Loans l2O North Center, Turlock l2l South Center Street, Turlock Q!! MRT! 5 KlVA College Book Store School Supplies forthe College Student Located on Campus LATlF'S Restaurant EXCELLENT FOOD AND ATMOSPHERE L l TO North 99 L Turlock LIBERTY MARKETS No. I oI7Ih and Lander Avenue No. of Geer and Monte Visfo No. 3 afLc1nder and BerneII Avenue I I I ! I TURLOCK VAN 81 STORAGE 914 Lander Avenue Turlock MOVING CRATING STORAGE I - " W "" ""',5:g,-P-5 mmww QU AUT ARTS W I WHIII ,TF WTEIP ---sr. T .W Q I L, .H H A nl 1 I f-we .await-f, X .ww '--.."5'f . 'Ville L Y- 23'7iiE"if- Q',fE:"'i'Pv'-ff' 1Hza'7,,.'L-513: "-.'Wilt-:'.5:"'i5'2':'r-.1526? 152 V ' A ' , f 'is 14 1 ' -' .xr " "1'4L..' ' 'QQQA5 ' ' e.f'3"fv' 12- "-' mga. .,.,, . 1' , ..: ' J - f-fi qi. :'!':w.ilga'::::::ga1s..,.E, ' Z W-..,:s:::5,f'::f.g:3::u,2:,E1"'5.552.55 4--i-2?,.,.'ji--"'1mff'f?-il -2 - ' ' e Ei' .':.255" U5 4 ,TIN ' ,gg " ,jv,5'!3 ,l5f5.L-:-Q:UH: ' lg Y Q-'Y'-1 -"' Z -'Y-'llkilg' f 1. - - V 'Q J-,s::w-Us 2.2. ! -1 , me- 7.1. , fm ,. MSL: 1. .a i 4. fe? 'Ui' " ?:Ef2eg.':1f-ai-D'Ai's" ' f "mi-'I-4 'ii' '-: ---4, 1 'L 'ffm ' I".3'3- - T, ' ' , , .5-'jf . in T57 .Ti I "1 Qi , Ti E Q-U: FQ :Env 'ft--3 T :f'5,"" ff: fi F. fffgni-5121. gk-14 " - T"f"' ri? 1 ' 'WF ve" ifi fiifill T5 iffiff: V "1 ' half? : -, ' ' fi?" " L l EH., 235212 . - .4-E-5, I V gf T -Q - T,-Ls, fgitgg. ,1-5,555 ,-. - ' -4' -' 1 gi, ' 5 A L M ,Fi'ci1l11:if'T'r-'33-iii "ibm ' A,i,,, 'A ali" .-f 7"'f'ejg:f,-:EEQEW1-1zvrggaiegj-iz'1-:qi 5i?".2. f 1,9755 ' UQ" N--r' ' Li' ' T2 25:1 YT- "1 1311-'PES 141, r"1-Af"-f y 1111 E11 I "g."Xg,,-,sie f L- 315-f? we -A li 'il U ' ixifj' ' 'EY l"5"'ml'-ffziliffi J", :ruff 1.11 - F i 1. gi ' I Y. ,, ,F -gf if 1--ei- ' f-L I - .T ,auf E EIA. 'EWS ,flQq4::.'.l-suse-1v,,.v ,csgigz rsw ,, ' I 251- " Z ,, ' I 'A 57' 7, ' 'f ' ', wi" "lf " -.,L,'L.i .,.. i i'.".?2..:I'5?"'7 JI'-4,1 F3i15Lf3?.'5Ei47-it-1, ' L: sl' Q. ri ri if I lf- J ff- T71 wg fa xf 'T flzil ,:gg'LE,,f,f lg LQ M :V-if gpg, :gl T., vg:pg,,.',Q'Z:51-il I 35:-at 2xHX1l:gLiffy5Ea . of ,,:,--,ff -.,s, -' :.'-- .rl vnu sf. ,- , -9-ma 'uk H -..-I . I'- ,. , g ,1 F.:-:fm -livrfg -wry:-5+,,E,.,.,. sv ,144 -:M 1,..- x 1 11 ii, ,. I-X V, -'W - EE ,. ' 3-n5.j5L.' egggfg, .gxzfgjv I1J'g2'5,Q 1 ,,,3f4,J,l1,,,1 MQ 5 ' f r ' ifffql i 1 i"f": '11 a 44 + --' -, . -4 T ' -ul3Q- " 2 ' ' ' i7fF1E:' A ''f,'1--Q','tf".z5rQ"1EP-1:!1.5.i--+.4f3521.?1'?-:H-5' i:i:.,T.L:. iii- as-QM, gf, . -isgi..e.4.,gl ug ' ' -'55, :T-y"?"'iT'2iC,i ,.-'inf' een-ff-'r-7-:I-3:2a5vi'I'1-1E"':i"2E9.5-:,,, Starr's Auto Parts Prompt Customer Service 218 N. Broadway, Turlock lflfolwllll Turlock New Car Dealers Association SMITH CHEVROLET CO. DENIS DODGE LEDUC MOTOR CO. J 8. B MOTORS WENNELL PONTIAC INC. C.K. SANDERS SNIDER MOTORS 5, :' fy. xx., Richard 8. Chambers Turlock Stationers Headquarters for School Supplies 4Ol East Main, Turlock Saunder's Sheet Metal Quality Work P.O. Box 66, Turlock Troplc's Steak House Family Style Dinners Manio's Pizza Newest in Town Crane 8g S. 99, Turlock PENNEY'S l39 West Main Turlock, Calif JACK STEWART'S Mens and Boys Wear Dry Cleaning 30 Del Puerto Ave. Patterson, Calif. EDGAR'S A 8g W Root Beer 555 North 99 Turlock, Calif Dean Floral Shop Friendly, Personal Service Phone: 634-49l3 l2O Lander Avenue, Turlock -,f -- W ef? . V '-'.,f'l' L"".'f'- v , Qi sc . af-. w ff--'fs-9' .' A , fi-es:-rc, 5.351 F- , .T Y' A A v-:ef -Vv??s:?J- Ax ii- kk ' ff 3' " WF is D T cc s s Ken Nelson Pools Instant Fun - Just Add Water l8l8 EastMarshall -- ME 4-3230 Turlock, Calif. 45 -1 Plzfscnlprfau C E N T R E CRANE AVE. Nwvmaommmw 5011094 PARKING ff A W! CENT 5 .. PRESCRIPTION CE TRE T . W EAAA.. .t - 1' , -:g:g:g3:E:E:1:2'5" ' ' ' " ' -- .......', - 1. - - , .,.,. -.-,-.-,-.-.-.-.-.-.-,-.-.-.-.A.-.f.-. L V .4.-.-. -' .-11-1g , . . . . .5i.-:-.-:-5:2:I:-:S52551532:E:EE255E2E5EIEYE1525555E5E5212232EI5I31E2S2EIE1?3SE1ES3i1E:5:5:32EE:yx I 401 crane Ave, RA'R" EHQ'QQ'Q'P35Ef5"iS51 PLAZA GROCERY On the Circle l l Plaza Ave. Patterson, Calif. S 81M FOODS The Place to Shop 35 Del Puerto Ave. Patte rson, Calif. SNOW WHITE LAUNDRY Linen Supply - Dry Cleaning 352 East Olive Street Turlock, Calif. GIANT ORANGE Friendly Service North Highway 33 Patterson, Calif. Remember Legend FARINHA'S FLORAL Dom and Jeanne Farinha .lr 28 Del Puerto Ave. Patterson, Calif. BESSEY MOTOR CO. "lt's a Ford" 250 El Circulo Patterson, Calif. CARLSON'S CAFE Home Style Cooking 236 East Main Turlock, Calif. Advertisers ADVISORY BOARD Standing L to R RobertJ Evans MD of Mariposa RossA Carkeet Sonora Hartley H Bush Oakdale KennanH Beard Sr Modesto and Buddy T lwata Livingston Seated Dr Capurso Presidentof SSC Turlock William Logan Patterson Miss Lorraine Johnson Turlock and Stanley T Wilson Turlock ADVISORY BOARD So that you may knowwhat these members do here is some interesting information about them This information applies to all California State College Advisory Boards Responsibilities of Advisory Board As provided by the Education Code, the primary responsibility ofthe boards is to furnish advice to the presidents and the Colleges Board responsibil ities do not include policy making or administrative functions. General Functions of the Board a. Keeping Informed about college activities b Furnishing advice concerning community attitudes Developing community support Participating in public events conducted by the college f Providing leadership in relation to college advisory committees g. Reflecting personal prestige onthe college c d Make-up of Board Members drawn from a broad cross section of community groups, In cluding the following business, industry, finance, labor, press, radio, TV, the professions, public officials, women's groups, related commu nity organizations, alumni, and IH some situations, college foundations and college advisory committees Also, members drawn from the ma lor geographical locations within the college's primary service area These are but a few of the functions the board members serve. T If . f' ?i'T"T'.'f 'ET' ,- , ,,'-'T' , .gli-rsfsaoilfgt,-1, A tg l.'.illf" ,,'1T. iq-.-'ily 1 "',:7-flu", ' ' ' 4155- v. - 1 it 1 t,f,:-V. X -3-V ir - l . i -. .Hg-.-5gjei,.11 'n pg "s - 4 q je' , , ,bi i .f.' .1 q 'I ,Q .-an ' , 1. 1' V ,- . l-' Q V Y! i ' git- . lit-xp - fu. ,T Y ,igjgtazx ,ug :wa , T ', lztfl-'V ' . lt . . . . I ' ' I ' 'I I ' I I - I 7 - I -1 1 . , . . - , 1 7 1 1 1 I . ' I . F R D Y H v nm ummm u ummm: um m un un vnmlnv mxxung . llllllllill'1.llK 'I ' 1: N A 1 wmv I-ug ss nfihgwrrmsxlxn, ...Hn nu' .Ru xx mm IN . I c Press lnternonon - d Ur-me ts of Iimen tcomp M .'w9 'LN 1 ii' J in .55 1 gg L 1:4 L. 1 , 21 . 5541. K. 1 I 1 ,fam 51" j.., wif TY V I ,sm iw T EM i,!:w ww 11, X v 1. 'lu Jw, V 1 1 nc 1 'mr' 1,1 -,pf , 11, Q 1 ' 1 1,1 1 1 1.1 N114 Y 11 111, '11 ,,1:' "1ffS-111, ,, ' ,1g,,j:1T:f.. iI1Y-11.13.1115 ij"?j,' , 1- 1. 'Q ,f 11: '- I 1'!",r' C1-:1',f,1-. 'g,g..fg'1'.- 'i1'EiP1'1 11:19 113. 1 .. Y .111 1 A.-..1!-'T 1,13 QE v1,:11 ' 23 ,Ev,1-J21'.- '..--"- me ' 11-V-.,1:1' 1 , 11- H,-w ,Z if., 1-111. --11 1113. .:-1 11.1, -V -'ZL'p. . .'L'1,'1 ," ,V .1 H .Y L, ,. 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Suggestions in the California State University Stanislaus - Legend Yearbook (Turlock, CA) collection:

California State University Stanislaus - Legend Yearbook (Turlock, CA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


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