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' - - x 7 :'r 1 21 v . S 7 ily, ., . .s -'Q 'I I, gh'-,4l. I f, rl' r ' 4 :L .ii "M . f I-1."' ' . .ml .,I, .1 .f , ,A I ' . f- M. . uieckhl , H . -N A' .iff x nf f , , , fur.- 5'4" ,1n.,,. NH, . N- f , . -vi: S I tial-iitgj I Wm Words: Music: Robert A. Stanley Mildred Woodrum f rafaliima i Dear old Brewer High We love your gleaming walls Let your banner Dear old Brewer High March on to vic to ry Send a joyful High up on a hill you watch as years go by Our voice is never as P-?aHqf1'7PEl5li ggi '.1H15 If D i cry 0'er land and air and sea Thunder of mighty planes still Our mem'ries never die You are the guiding light fly we pledge to you our all Sons of a mighty school i g F g -0- ' 5fFFE?5iZli 311' if at Elggtisgifl ig ii is Daughter fair and true B H S We pledge our love to you. in the sky above B H S We pledge to you our ove shining star above B H S We pledge to you our ove miata-fakf YVZL .H ,.....,,..A. A---V V fm., - - - Q Q - A ff, . f !!! ft ffrfnrftfiw u ' QW . WIR E Nl K31HEi ,fff WN EQ C.F. Brewer High School, 1000 South Cherry Lane, White Settlem Organizations: 134-173 Features: 190-201 Openrngz 1-15 Classes: 16-91 Sports: 92-133 ,. .,,. , ..,, Faculty: 176-189 Ads: 202-219 Index: 220-223 q. Bear Tracks - 'gif El55H'F"4!"s:ge- X :ig-2,333-1Q,j'ei+faSa'f5f exif!!! fqflffg 'in' Q we.ief,eLJ- fl -'- e e1af'f'?Qse-W . fe , , , 4 - '-vfsffaff Qffgfgjjil K Q5 jr: fs. v :e v f g,-ew, ef ff. ,Q-,-, f V e- of E32-fgg,,.? '.-1--:JI Q UHF We at BHS have every reason to be proud. We have a winning 'football team and a number one band. Not only do we have extracurricular activities that strengthen sur physical being but our inner man is strengthened by teachers who care about nur students and the many advantages we have to further our knowledge through career training, science math, and English. We are proud of the fact that we have the opportunity 'to become well-rounded, :reative, and intelligent adults. Bear Tracks ,,,..,..---M We've Got Spirit, How ,Bout You? Pep rallies are a very important part of the week. They are a culmination of a week's worth of practice and planning and they are a production designed to instill a sense of school pride in our football team and in our student body. 4 Bear Tracks Bear Tracks Band's Got More W 5 , , uf ,, ,A U M, Bear Tracks Ai Ik ,, x A fx-n ,, ig Having a band that has received as many honors as the BHS band cannot do anything less than produce a sense of self-esteem and accomplishment in all of us. But first place is not an easy plateau to attain. It takes hard work and alot of extra time. During football season the marching band spends many early hours of practice before school so that it can give the other members of the student body a half-time show that makes us all proud to say that we're from Brewer High School. ..,j1.' ' 5 -ff"' i Vg We've Got the Beat f' 'fi W" f 52 E 1- A My . . 5 ,jg 41 u J ' .f ek V if A 4 .M , A- ? W , W W Q 1 E 1 9 a' if if' 0 lg I l'g is Q ' ao, ii 1 1 fs.. Bear Tracks ' f w gp 'ifrigi ffgilfmif Mm W.. , T I " WQSEIIBF lf' - .f 'QW' he - . ' . Az .R ..,-. f. f, .. 1 P, Q. ' !u 'E X! A Q 5, F f Qwf QW wwf.. I3 4. 1 ,.,. x ns: Fl HIAR XR 1 fa . Cf , 'V V - ' X as NSESJS' ., i, ,. 'is A-.V nn. 55 ' :Jw-4' ut isa upon seniors: 11 Knock ,em Upside the Head M QI' K. Without football there would be no band at half time, no pep rallies, no homecoming excitement, no hall f decorations and nothing to look forward to on Friday nights. We have a Winning football team here at BHS l and we have reason to cheer. Q -4- 4 el ,yu ,a,,.,'-'Y , .gf A N f :A ' 43, Y. -4 L WV ? ,v gg' A A yi' :Mft f, I is d -iii Fgbfgi -V 3542.173 0,9 ,Q ,V A it . if, 4-get 'Sag f GQ: V M, Z QW: f c Ei " ' ' " V .. 5 saw vmxijigyggimfy w i Bear Tracks 13 '4 ' if I L rf W HF 2i",1:,Q ,J 22 aw Ng ,, nf-3554 ,W ff -,, W5 V Q i Q!" fr N3 !."qfEW,g " ' . -vm' ieik- : 4 F HL ,. ,fem , ,. 'f""' wffsfbvf, " W P I -' fi1W,1A::mi if ' dw Q fp- M . iii 3 uf ' " H: 5,551 4 5?-es " 2 "fr 1' 'M 4 . ' iq 5' m-'Vg 5 +e5"'2 , Q wb" ,.., VSVZ1-3' 'I b 51: ii 5, if M ymgwiyw 'V M, 1 -N ' M 4'--W ' wwf' ,wx 5 ,, 'f If' ' aw-'Vp va. A, ff! ' W M7 w Q. Q if 44 iw SL -h,'1Ss22Z,. .- aff if 11. f M. ,L ggi 5ELw',gfi 'W 'Q iw ,, A 1. i :im ,W H53 A , 3 5, 'zlf-J,P.,J.. , eh :pf -::ffEEef -gmgi5E,1" 'iylqgwlc ' , I A-Kg 'EL "1-.7635 ' , ' ,. A Cv ,im ,1 1' ' ' E442 S G gi- 'fp 'Q wg I 1 W :iam Emihv ,. -4 swirl? s, S Q..G09.,eO. 9-Q Q9-gl? Q eo n90'ST:'x"'W0 'D '00 an ba Nb- Q as -'b 00 Q. lx,'9 o -. U9 G 0 Q 51" C7qoo'S95 a. OSOX, 9 0 Q 50.503 . :. Q. 404 Q QQ B-'el 6 U ' '09 HQ9a'o.aoe" 'mags ' H 9' 'B ebb a 09' 'l 3 0 - o Q I . X aff, 'A "ru 'll s 1- I r 5 0 O 7 .I Q 1 xr I Ng 4. Q ,Q Q I oud , x, ' rv, 5, JN fb '. 0 ob D "no 9 ' 4 'r " -' " " 5 ' Q -ax O A I Q I' C' -ang., Q g 7' K ', I 'gil , qlvg G' '. . FT 'xv'-I 'lx X 1 goagie ., Q '..1- ,, . ' , -1 . - ' - . . g-ii .0 v 0 ,fg J, 4-. ' .,- ,,j. 1 ll. I ' -u6'6. 280. We ab 3 7 - - '. ' ,-, TJ ' J' x X1 I H o,g B 0 ' v vu, .' 'P 'x' 1: ., :.,,?, ox F fel' 5 Y .1' 1 ' 1 .. , 5 B 30 . l - ' '41 f : f ' , r' , L -A I ' x u ., sql L V a A X. X-.. D v . gl 1 . ' ' s , ts - 4, t, 4 D., 1 P oe, u .. , f X, d sz in .. xen -5 .W Y 1 9 ' ' X. Q48 - ' ig-'L QI., -Lys- , mutt ,NN K -19 A ' vw W' ' .,,.. 1 y ,ff-,, 4- X5 L-se 3 Af- W Hi' A - X Q' ill 1 l Q hi f' L -wwf'-""ms l l We L bpwlkxl' 4 X Y"'i J su A CL g all Kyla - ill 4 Q! gs A JQJ The thought of graduating from high school is exhilarating. This happy thought began when our seniors first entered high school as starry-eyed freshmen. This year's seniors are a fun-loving group who have also learned to be serious-minded students. This summer will be filled with lots of fun before they turn to their new lives as college students, parents, or business people. Good luck to all the graduating seniors and we hope you carry with you all your lives the spirit of Brewer High School. 17 IQ, .bel 5 3 5 4 f 5 O I1 1 4 4 v N i i l i I P P 1 I I 'Ss L ry 5: SQMXYII. ' A I X 2 Bear Tracks I gr Q' ' ww Yo 55,9 JW 4 4 ? 3 5 W i 4 nvv j uni" T i i, v E 2 5 5 f 4 fr gi s 1 fr il A f Q, A Q' ' 5 Y 5 s 1 s rv A' , ' 4--A r , r s-"'rW""' ' ha. as j . s Y 5. is , A Q4 Brant Ingram and Lori Stanford are this year's Mr. and Miss B.H.S. 19 I I I T W A 4 H I 5 x 1 ? I 4 i ? E Q i x T Y I 4 l i X l ? T Q i i I' 4 . , I 5 ! 1 1 r I i 1 i 4 1 i 1 P e i I 1 1 I l i E I A 1 1, l V w w el I S Q3 , I Q I f E 1 I l . r 1 1 1 I I 5 1 i S s X 1 1 -A, W., mf- -W--rw , . -V ffrffgfx :mg12-.-z,fg1:u,w,,Qgg.g wqfzsssszisiffm ' ' Q' +:,5.w,, Jiif' avr k,Ah 1 , c.,, Q, ..,,, Tfi .iaafwrzziia if '51 - mm-14111 'fwrmf -Q . ,-Q Wgsmzn-f 1 ,, . .Q .Hx ,L ..x.,W .. wumkfzz--21-'ww -A f A .M.grasss?Zizuki?iff,121Qli- . 43324 . ":5'5"i:"'E5il: 13,5 H: :ST 1,53-: I v i I i l v J 1 B if ' "Will 1 1 N" Senior Officers Represent Zealous Leadership Senior officers: Debbie Buchtan Cbelowj, Angela Leonard lbelow middlel, Robbin Williams fbelow rightj, Cindy Holcomb fbottomj, and Lori Stanford Senior officers are: Debbie Buchtan, Cindy Holcomb Cstandingl, Lori Stanford, Angela Leonard, and Robbir fbottom rightj. Williams. 12,37 wwf? 3 do 'i I ' 28 Bear Tracks Bear Tracks Carol Abbott Cheryl Abbott Dianna Abbott Pam Adams Brian Alcorn Kelly Ballard Thomas Barker Debby Barnett Linda Barnett Terry Bartlett Theresa Beasley Alex Beck Rachel Beck Steve Bell Sheri Bigby Todd Boatman Chris Bolin Craig Bonner DeVone Bower Raymond Brantley Andy Brooks Rhonda Brown Roger Bryant Debbie Buchtan Kathy Byers Quintin Cargill Looking a little tired and frustrated, Robert Moore still gets the job donefabovel. 30 Sammy Carr Mark Chaffin Sylvia Chapa Bear Tracks Bear Tracks fr z. Deanna Clawson Renae Cochran Dale Cofer Mark Cofer Rhonda Crary Floyd Croft Juanita Dean Renee DeLos Santos Todd DeShong Caressa Dollahite Donna Downard Lyle Draper DeeDee Duncan Sharon Easton Barbie Eyler Dana Fields Carrie Fenn Sam Feronti Mike Flannigan Martin Foshee Danny Gentry Chris Gerling Buck Gilcrease Susan Green Julie Gregory Tony Guerrero Loreen Hall Laurie Hartley Dana Hatler Jeff Henley Angie Hernandez Deanna Hill Tammy Hofer Cindy Holcomb Stacy Holden Larry Hoover Ronnie Hudgins Charles Hughes Monda Idell Brant Ingram Bear Tracks Linda Jenkins John Jennings fum, Q6 uve Angie Shelton and Miss Kohn smile for the camera. I1 William Jean Jones Bruce Keefer Alan Keiser Krish Kemp Deborah Kinne Tina Kisselburg Stace' Krenek Steve Lacy 33 Randy Reaves supports the senior class at the conventionlabovej. David Lane Felix Leal Vicki Landreth W Steve Lemons Angela Leonard Shan Looper Tracey Lovell John Martinez Ray Martinez Donald McAfee Tony McClure Susan McFarland Sheila McGonigal 34 Debbie Linsley Bear Tracks Bear Tracks I Dina Moore Robert Moore Wesley Moore Sandra Morgan Eric Morris Jiro Morrison Colleen Norton William Orban Chris Ortiz Kellie Pease Michelle Perez Olan Pewitt Ricky Putnam Donna Rasman Steve Rawlins John Raymond Randy Reaves Jimmy Reed Kellye Reeves Randall Robertson Tracy Rubenkoenig Scott Ruggles Wendy Russell Eddy Schutza Angie Shelton Melissa Sherwood Liz Sides Virginia Slaughter Janet Smith Lisa Smith Lori Smith Cathy Sosa Susie Spurlock Lori Stanford Terri Stephens Penny Stewart Randy Stogsdill Ronald Stowe Andy Sullenberger Kevin Taylor Bear Tracks Bear Tracks Tammre Teague glrigstjrglssfgggr Say "cheese," Donna fabovel F1717 Robin Terry Steve Terry John Thornborrow Terri Timmes Glen Unsell Mary Vecchio Randy Walker Tammie Walker Cindy Wander Michelle Watts Greg Weeks Sherri Welch Dusty West Gina Wiggs Robbin Williams Theresa Williams Mary Winters Lee Worth Kevin Bernard Jeff Pipkin S, MS. QI 3' Q Q , .wt - -I V me fr. Senior Who's Who are: Qabovel Lori Stanford, irightl Andy Sullenberger, ffar rightl Buck Gilcrease. 38 as sr 3gxN wri Bear Tracks Bear Tracks Senior Whoas Who Senior Who's Who 1982-83 are: Terri Stephens itop leftj, Linda Jenkins Ctop middlel, Terri Timmes ftop rightj, Charles Hughes fmiddlej, Angie Shelton fabovej, Cindy Holcomb ffar leftb, John Thornborrow ileftj. 39 Four Years Gone But Memories Last Forever Cheryl Lynn Abbott, "Chow," participated in the Symphonic and Marching Band, and band aide. She received awards for three years State Marching, and Superior ratings at UIL Marching Contest. Cheryl remembers band trips, "if I wasn't Cheryl I'd swear I was Carol, Whut????? Whut?????????" and all the memories of ROBERT. Brian Alcorn, "Acorn," participaed in Band, Young Christians, golf. He received awards for State Marching contest two years. Brian remembers Pizza Inn, football games, singing on the rafters in building trades, hunting, Bluegrass Picker, Friday nights in Azle, "HEY, aren't you Bobby's little Brother," after church fellowships and RENEE. Linda Barnett works at Winn Dixie on Las Vegas Trail, drives a '69 Dodge Dart. Linda enjoys horseback riding, swimming, singing, skating, dances and going to the movies. Theresa Beasley works at Rucker's Radio and Television and drives a '69 Mustang. She participated in softball, track, band, Flag Corps, FHA Secretary, and OEA. Theresa remembers meeting Tim, football games, Pizza Inn, and falling down at the track meets. Rachel Ann Beck, La Petite and Steak and Ale, '76 Monte Carlo, HECE for two years, parties on the weekends, going down the Bowie on Friday and Saturday nights, Rachel remembers DEWAYNE, Kevin Bernard works at Revco and drives ,81 Toyota Celica. He has participated in I.C.T. Kevin remembers cruisin' Camp Bowie, University of Texas is lil, his Bud, and most of all the times with KIM. Todd Boatman, "Toddler," works at Captain D's and drives '79 Plymouth Arrow. Participated in Paint and Body for two years. Todd remembers all the good times, Westpoint, and Pizza Inn. The first party out at John's land that he doesn't remember at all, cruising the Bowie and all the F.C.B. and D.D.P. Chris Bolin, "Bolin head," participated in NHS, Math Club Executive Asst., and Annual Staff. He received awards for Who's Who Junior Class, honors Am. History and World History, English II and III, Voice of Democracy, and Most Studious. Chris remembers trip to library, Pillow Head, Putt-Putt and the Bowie. PHOTO NCT AVAHABIE Carol Gwen Abbott, "Ralph," participated in Young Christians, office aide, Marching, Concert and th Symphonic Band. She received awards as Band Representative, superior ratings at UIL and UTA Sol: and Ensemble Contests. Carol remembers band trips, "ii I wasn't Carol I'd swear I was Cheryl," football games' witnessing for the Lord, and times with LEE. Dianna Abbott, "Anna," participated in NHS, Language Club, Symphonic and Marching Bandi She received awards for Who's Who among American High Schools, 8 years' perfect attendance, Best Senior Citizen, awards at UIL, UTA and Azle Solo and Ensemble Contest, and NHS secretary. Dianna remembers band trips, especially Florida, and all the good times shared with friends. Deborah Diane Barnett, "Debby," participated in Drama Drill Team, track and Woods and Water. Debby remembers football games, pep rallies, "It's Magic,' cruisin' the Bowie, class parties, Westpoint, Drill Tearrl and Athletic Banquets, Proms, Church, Monday nigh movies, hunting devil worshipers, Drill Team Contest school dances, Cisco Drill Team member, Terry Bartlett, "Bartlett," works at Taco Bueno an drives a '72 Datsun S10 station wagon. He participated i Marching Band, and Concert Band, received awards fo Who's Who in Building Trades. Terry remembers th band trips to Austin and to other football fields, an meeting people from different schools. Alex Beck, "Capt Brewer," drives '68 red Volkswagen. H participated in Varsity football 3 yrs. received awards i Honor Society, zone champions, and football tea captain. Alex remembers air guitar, knee surge two-a-days, Mr. Pucker contest winner. Steve Bell works at KeMart and drives a '73 Ranchero. H has participaed in basketball for three years. Stev remembers Weatherford J.V. basketball gam shoepolishing with Big Al, his favorite teacher Mis Ponder, URRRRRR! C.D., cutting down waddles a CMC. Sharon Bigby, "Sheri," participated in Woods and Wate Drill Team, OEA, and DECA and was historian of DEC also. Sheri remembers Westpoint, sophomore Syndrom cruisin' Westpoint with K.K. on the floor boar Homecoming 81-82, coming home for Prom, going awa party, 2 straws with Mary, all the wonderful memori with RON! Greg Boe, "Bee," drives a 80 Mazda B2000 Pick-up. H participated in Marching, Symphonic and Jazz Band Greg remembers all of his friends from Brewer and fro other schools as well, Marching Band at UIL, all th hard-working and warm people at the state band trip. Craig Bonner, "The Bon," works at Minyards and drive a '76 Red Cutlass Sport. He participated in basebal H.E.C.E. and enjoys art classes. Craig remembers footba games, Pizza Inn, Westpoint, I Gotcha, last 3 days o Junior year, parties he doesn't remember after all, and al the parties at the land. Bear Tracks Bear Tracks Raymond Brantley, "Bert, Bart, Bush," participated in National Honor Society. Raymond remembers annual staff, metal shop with turtle, Captain Brewer and all his women, Draper getting stuck at Jack in the box, telling John he looks like his sister, Bubba and his shorts, Duffs, LA-LA Daze Fat Boy fCoferJ. Rhonda Brown participated in OEA Club, YAC Club, and Woods and Water. She was reporter for OEA Club. Rhonda remembers Swimming at Days Inn fully dressed, Parties, Prom, Sr. Homecoming, Daltons, Camp Bowie, Holding up the Halll, Great Sr. Class 83, And all special memories of the past and times to come with STEVE. Debbie Buchtan participated in VOEXOEA, Woods and Water and was Bat girl for Baseball team. Debbie remembers baseball party 82, Homecomings, Athletic Banquets, Daltons, Westpoint, Nov. 13, 1981, Halloween 82, Junior lake parties, Senior pep rally, and all the great times with RICHIE. Quintin Cargill works at Parton's Pizza and drives 69 GMC Pick-up. He participated in Football, Junior Achievement, and Track. Quintin remembers parties, football games, track meets, Westpoint, the lake, two-a-days, Fitin my Pick-up, all of his friends, and playing Brownwood in the play-offs. Mark Chaffin, "Porky and Peanut," works at Delta Wireline Products. He participated in Building Trades, Young Christians, and Whiz Kids. Mark remembers 81-82 Junior-Senior Prom, Dallas, Pizza Hut after Whiz Quiz match. and 82 Lincoln Continental. Deanna Clawson, "Agnes," works at Taco Bueno and drives 69 VW Bug. She participated in Marching, and Symphonic band, Softball, and Language Club. She received awards for State Marching Contest for 3 years, and State Solo and Ensemble Contest. Deanna remembers Cruisin the Bowie with LH, CD, and VC., band trips, last pep rally, shaving cream. Floyd Croft drives a Ford Maverick. He participated in Varsity Football. And went to Play offs for North Zone Champs against Brownwood. Floyd remembers Changing flats, Putt Putt, ticket on the Bowie, front seat of the pick-up, being blamed for breaking Quintins pick-up, parties, and football. Cherri Renee DeLosSantos participated in Woods and Water, Prom Committee, VOEIOEA, Volleyball. She served as Vice-president of OEA Department, and was Chairman of Dance Committee. Renee remembers Homecoming Hall 79-83, D.M., JP, BK, TK, TT, TB., "Thanks for all the great times, her special friend Sherri," 4A4 north zone champs, and the memories of CHRIS. Caressa Dollahite participated in Language Club, Marching, Symphonic and Jazz Band, and Softball. She received awards for All-Region Band, UIL Solo and Ensemble Superiors, Band Sweetheart, State Solo Superior, Who's Who in Music, and NAJE Jazz award. Caressa remembers Lamb jokes, V.C. and the Cliffhanger, D.C. wildness, and a terrific friend. Andy Brooks, "Dr. Pepper Kidf' works at the National Guards. He participated in Paint and Body, Rodeo, and enjoys Fishing, and Hunting. Andy remembers Monday night at the Movies, going to hospital with Rodeo buddies, Saturday Nights at Alta Vista, motorcycle riding with Todd Boatman, and Bulls. Roger Bryant drives 70 Ford pick-up. He participated in Marching band 4 years, and Symphonic band 3 years, he enjoys art also. Roger remembers going to State with Marching Band, band trips, football team winning North Zone, the years I spent with C.K.N. Kathy Byers, "Red," works at Food Bin. She has participated in Symphonic and Marching Band, Varsity Track, and was President of Math Club. Kathy received awards for a Who's Who in Chemistry I. She remembers Senior parties, Symphonic and Marching band trips, Going to the mall with Zane and Chris, and memories of ZANE. Sammy T. Carr II, "Trooper," drives 82 Chevette. He participated in National Honor Society, Yac Club, Track, and FRA Secretary. Sammy remembers Crusin the Bowie, Parties at Westpoint, dances, football, Pizza Inn, and Pep rallies. Sylvia Chapa works at River Oaks Dental Clinic, and drives 62 Comet, "Ratmobile." She participated in Volleyball, and Language Club. She received awards for ICT Vice-President, and was a member of the National Honor Society. Sylvia remembers cruising the Bowie after the football games. Charlotte Renae Cochran, participated in Drill Team, HECE, DECA, and Yac. Renae remembers best years 10th, and Sr. most fun year, P.E. Aide, D.T. Camp, HECE with S.V., 10 second lunches at Chic-Fil-a, Minyards parking lot, homecoming 82-83 with J.W., Terry Wilson, HECE Banquet, Cruising the Bowie, and Don't drink the water. Juanita Dean, "Nita," participated in FHA. She works at the Western Hills Nursing Home. Juanita remembers all the football games, pep rallies, short lunches, and her Senior year. Todd DeShong participated in band, and NHS 3 years. He received awards for 4 yrs. Superior UIL Solo and Ensemble State Soloist, Outstanding Ensemble and Solo at UTA, 3 yr. first-chair All-Region, Who's Who Among American High School Students, NHS President, Soph. Class President. Todd remembers band trips, Romania, "Hey your wheel's rolling, all the laughs, and O.N.J. Lyle Draper drives a 79 Turbo Regal and participated in NHS for 3 years, Whiz Kids for 2 years, and 1 yr. with the Paper staff. He received awards for Who's Who in Photography I. Lyle remembers football games, woodshop, LaPetite Open House, Austin, Homecoming, Paper Staff, and times with JEANINE. 41 PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE DeeDee Duncan participated in Drill Team 4 years and served as lieutenant her senior year. OEA for 2 yrs. She received an award for All-Star dancer. DeeDee remembers Prom '82, Homecoming '81, '82, freshman dances, Drill Team, times with Mary, and the many special memories of STEVE. Barbara Eyler participated in Key Club, FHA, and Drama Club. She received awards for NHS, Who's Who in Cosmetology, and Reporter and Parliamentarian of Cosmo. Barbie remembers going to state with Cosmo, Nov. 4, 1980, all the fun times with Bald Suprano, Steve asked to marry him, football, and June 4, '83, a beginning of experiences with Steve. Sam Feronti participated in football, baseball, basketball and the K.A. Club. He received awards for NHS member, Who's Who in General Business, Who's Who among American High School Students and Most Distinguished American High School Students. Sam remembers Westpoint, zone Champs, Daltons, two-a-days, and air guitar contest. Christine Gerling, "Chris," participated in Drill Team, Woods and Water Club, and Drama. She was awarded a member of the National Honor Society. Chris remembers senior pep rally, halftime, the Bowie, fun times in drill team, contests, proms, best friend J .S., and C.H. elephant and giraffe. Julie Gregory participated in Cosmetology, VICA, the Annual Staff, and was basketball manager. She received awards for NHS member, VICA president and vice-president. She remembers Terri's Tickle Pink Party, Prom night, double dates with TT and JE, Pizza Inn after football games, getting stuck with 4 lg. pizzas, and great 3 yrs with JERRY. Larie Hartley participated in Flag Corps for 3 years. She remembers fun times cruisin' with Deanna, Caressa and Veronica. Camp, Austin, and at the football games, thanks to Stephanie, Deanna, and Mary for always being there when I needed them, Thanks to Darlene for all the times. I will never forget them. Denise Hayden works at Orange Julius and drives a blue AMC. She participated in Flag Corps for two years and Language Club for one year. Denise remembers football games, going out with Renae and picking up guys at CAFB, Taco Bueno, and MARC. Angie Hernandez drives 77 Silver Gran Prix. She participated in Marching, Symphonic and Stage Band. and VOEXOEA. She was sophomore class treasurer. Angie remembers Austin, Whataburger, Camp with Ronda J., Carlsbad N.M., Homecoming '82 and JOE GRUBBS. Cynthia Holcomb, participated in NHS, Annual Staff, Language Club, and Jazz Band. She received awards for Who's Who Among American High School Students, Most Distinguished, Honeycomb of the year, Who's Who in Spanish, all-star dancer and Honor Roll, and Sr. class officer. Cindy remembers Summer of '82, Homecoming '82 with TIM, officer parties and 7:00 a.m. Sharon Easton works at Bolin's Inc. she participated in VOEIOEA, basketball, track, Woods and Water, and Drill Team. She has received an award for making the Cisco Junior College Wrangler Belles. Sharon remember football games, Westpoint, Dalton's, Drill Team Camp, contest and trips, dances, Prom 83, trying out for Wrangler Belles, times with friends. Carrie "Finnie" Fenn, Cutlass, Who's Who in Annual Staff, Who's Who Among American High School Students, 2nd place French Quiz Bowl, Most Studious, '82-'83 annua staff editor-in-chief, Language Club, NHS, Woods and Water, and cheerleading. Carrie remembers Danny and the duck, house-hunting at midnight, Austin with Annua Staff, hunting for annuals on Prom Nite '82. Mike Flanigan works at Foliage Factory and enjoys ridin bicycles, a Fuji 18 speed and a Schwinn 12 speed. H participated in the Woods and Water Club, Buildin Trades, Biology II. Mike remembers "never once eating ir the cafeteria." Buck Gilcrease participated in Band 4 years, NHL member, and was Drum Major 1 year. He received award for Who's Who, Who's Who Among American High Schoo Students, Who's Who Among Distinguished America High School Students and Best Senior Citizen. Buc remembers band trips, Florida, FRA member, Westpoin State Marching Competition, and being a Brewer Bear Tony Guerrero works at Edisons and drives 78 Dodg Monace. He participated in Symphonic, Marching an Jazz Band, and NHS member. He received awards fo Who's Who in Concert Band, Superior UIL Solo ratin Who's Who among American H.S. Students, Who's Wh in Music. Tony remembers state marching trip, the trip t Florida, and football games. Dana Hatter participated as a two year member of HER and FHA. She served as vice-president of HECE. She w awarded Who's Who in HECE. Dana remembe November 16, 1979, Silver Wheel, freshman year, friend. Joe's 66 Chevelle, graduating at Mid-term! K.J.R. Jeff Henley participated in NHS, football 4 years, baseba' 4 years, and basketball for 2 years. He received awards fo zone Champs '82, Who's Who Among American Hig! School Students, and Most Distinguished High Schoq Students, Junior and Senior Favorite, and FHr Vice-president. Jeff remembers 2-a-days, movies, specia times with CINDY, and Roos baseball games. Tammy Hofer participated in Parliamentary team, OEA Language Club, and FHA Club. Tammy remembers th Parliamentary team winning 1st in area, winning 2nd i state, plane ride to Nashville, Athletic Banquet, Prom: Homecoming 82, Cleborne-Brownwood game, Hallowee '82, and most fondest and cherished memories of JIRC 1 Ronnie Hudgins participated in Building Trades and IC'I Ronnie received an award for Sergeant-at-arms for IC'l He remembers parties. He doesn't remember Bubb Pucking, Martin and LaDonna duke it out, the sophomor nicotine fits, Pizza Inn, Westpoint, his sophomore yes spent with friends, and a year and a half with SHERRI s far. Bear Tracks PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Bear Tracks B5 will Charles Hughes works at Best Products, he participated in NHS, Woods and Water Club, and Math Club. He received awards for Who's Who among American High School Students, Who's Who in Trigonometry, and finalist for 4 years for ROTC scholarship. Charles remembers football games, Senior day, and cruising the Bowie. Brant Ingram participated in football 4 years, 1 year in baseball, Woods and Water and the BA Club. He received awards for All District Lineman, and Honorable Mention, FHA Secretary and Reporter, and was Freshman, Sophomore Favorite and Mr. BHS. Brant remembers Westpoint, Dalton's, Playhouse, I Gotcha, Bowie, and July 15, KRISTI. John Jennings works at Jack Williams Chevrolet as a Mechanic and drives a 55 Chevy. He participated in I.C.T. and Auto Mechanics. John remembers long school days, Auto Mechanics Class, football games, and parties. Wilma Jean Jones, "Jeanne,', participated in band, basketball, and Girl Scouts. She received awards for all German Band, 2nd place rating in School US History Classes, and assorted Girl Scouts' awards. Jeanne remembers trip to Switzerland, her old band and fun they had on trips, poker games with guys at work, extended family in Germany and best friends. Alan Keiser participated in football, track, and FHA. He received awards for Who's Who among American High School Students and Most Distinguished, Jr. class president, all-district offensive, defensive tackle. Alan remembers Westpoint, Dalton's, two-a-days, Halloween, 100 mile run, drive-in, the Bowie, parties, and the Eagle. Tina Kisselburg participated in Annual Staff, VOEXOEA, basketball, volleyball and Language Club treasurer. She received awards for Who's Who, Honor Roll for Most Outstanding Dancer, All-Star Dancer, Drill Team Lieutenant, and Class Officer. Tina remembers CJC, Dalton's, Westpoint, Camp Bowie, June 3, Homecoming, the duck, and special memories of KAP. Stacy Kruse, "Dipstick," received an award for a Wh0's Who among American High School Students. Stacy remembers her husband J.M.K., and a special life together beginning November 6, and working at the Northwest Bank, Yuck! Vicki Landreth participated in Marching Band, DECA, and Flag Corps. She also served as Secretary of DECA. Vicki remembers bands trips, Florida, winning at UIL, going to state, Sr. year, DR and TR and Mr. Downeyis Class, Cheryl and Caro, remember pair of dresses in 2nd grade? But most of all she remembers her sophomore year when she met her special friend TRAVIS. Debbie Marie Linsley works at Crystals and drives a blue Firebird. She participated in Language Club, HECE, volleyball, and track. Debbie remembers Crystals parking lot, San Antonio, St. Louis, Holland, 525 P.W. 3118, Ted, Dave, Auto Mechanics and Mr. G., Suzuki hunting, and most of all MIKE. Monda Idell participated in Drill Team, Cosmetology and FHA. She received awards for Football Sweetheart and was a member of the Homecoming Court. Monda remembers crazy times with Michelle and Sandra, getting stuck, good times with Gina and bad ones, great times in Drill Team and fun at Azle Parties. Sheila Jackson participated in Band and DECA. She remembers band trips, cruising the Bowie, pep rallies, best of years 11th, 81-82, 12th, 82-83, Algebra 3rd period, Homecoming 82-83, football games, and her son Brandon Jay Cynthia Johnson, "LULU," participated as basketball manager, volleyball, and track. She received awards for the Honor Roll and for perfect attendance. Cynthia remembers most of all her trip to Japan Bruce Keefer works at Lazy K Western Store and drives a '71 Bronco. He participated in FRA, and served as the treasurer for FRA. Bruce remembers football games, Friday nights, 4-Wheelin', Halloween 82, Accounting II, and Trig. parties, dances, Dalton's, Westpoint, cruising the Bowie, and times with friends. Kristi Kemp works at Texas American Bank and drives a 78 Thunderbird. She participated in VOEIOEA, and the Woods and Water Club. Kristi remembers Westpoint in the floorboard, June 13, Homecoming 81, Prom 81-82, Howdy Dance, LB iuh-huhl. July 15, t'Where are we S.B.'?" and best memories with BRANT. Stace Krenek participated in Language Club, and Tennis, and OEA. She received awards for Who's Who among American High School Students, Most Distinguished, NHS, and Who's Who in English and French. Stace remembers Florida, Rusty's, New Mexico, Camp Joy, Mustang Park, Austin, Galveston, concerts, Mark IV, and best friend RICK. Steve Lacy participated in Marching, Symphonic, and Jazz Bands, Drama, FHA, and NHS. He received awards for Who's Who Among American High School Students, All-Region Band 2 years, TWC Honor Band, and was a Thespian member. Steve remebers band trips, class room experiences, times with friends, World History, his special future wife 'tBARBIE," June 4. Angela Leonard participated in Woods and Water Club, HERO, bat girl for baseball team, Sr. Class President, and HECE Secretary. Angela remembers Halloween 82, Howdy Dance, LB luh-huhl, Westpoint, Dalton's, Bowie, Sophomore Syndrome, Water Ballooning, the baseball party, Prom 82, memories of ol' BHS, friends and partying with KB, DD, and RW. Shannan Looper, "Shan," participated in DECA, FHA, and the Woods and Water Club. Shan remembers Jr. year, Prom 82, Homecoming 82, I Gotcha, parties, Rusty's, good times with SMC, SM, CT, DR, Six Flags, 'tWorking on five, ya' know, CT?", swimming in the rain, "DR, remember getting even, getting caught at everything'?", Van Halen, TCU, January 17, and memories of JIMMY. 43 Tracy Lovell participated in Drill Team, VICA, FHA, and Cosmotology. Tracy remembers Homecoming 82, Monda, "Remember the night in the van?" 20 below, going toilet papering with D.C., M.I., and G.D., and most of all all of the good times and the bad shared with DALE. Donald McAfee, "Big Mac," participated in football, DECA, basketball, and the Sigma Delta Phi. Don remembers "Hell raising with Randall and Andyn New Year's Eve 81-82, concerts, Pizza Inn. Bowie, Daltonis, JC Penney's, egging on Halloween, gang fights, muddin in my jeep, being wild and crazy, starting the first fraternity with Randall: Sigmi Delta Phi. Susan McFarland participated in VICA, Cosmetology, FHA, Annual Staff, and Woods and Water. Susan remembersjr. year, summer of82, good times with CT, DR, SL, and RM. April 21, summer School no prob, I Gotcha, Rusty's, "Wake Up," Sept. 5th, Rush St. eatin' taters, S.I. remember jungle juice, RM I'm still waiting, CT juke box, and SLATER! Dina Moore participated in VOEXOEA, softball, track, and volleyball. Dina remembers working switchboard for WSISD, football games, pep rallies, friends, times with SW, and RD. 4A-4 North Zone Champs, going the wrong way on a one way street with SW., and last but most important, times spent with JAMES. Sandra Morgan participated in Cosmotology, and the VICA Club. Sandra remembers freshman year, Kung Fu, Camp Joy, Mustang Park, Sr. Party, Monday nights at drive-in show, crazy times with MI, and MD. SL remember I Gotcha and ABCls, CT remember great times at rock and roll parties we went to. Being little Miss Innocent?, July 13, 1981, and especially JOHN. J iro Morrison participated in football and Language Club along with YAK Club. Jiro remembers times running around with Steve and Eric, "Hey, Steve remember Senior Party?" and "Eric remember May 24 College?" football games, 4A-4 North Zone Champs, cruising the Bowie and Pizza Inn. Kellie M. Pease participated in Drill Team, Woods and Water and FHA. She served as vice-president of FHA also. Kellie remembers coming back after a yr. in Germany, seeing friends again, fun and hard times in Drill Team, football games, contest, San Antonio trip "Deb wake up!" Sr. Pep rally, riding downtown and Trinty Park, fun with LK, TB, KM, and LK. Ricky Putnam works at Georges gigolo Service and drives '68 Red Camaro. He participated in football, Paint and Body, 1 yr, and VICA. Ricky remembers football games, winning Zone, having best season ever 9-1, playing state champions for District Brownwood game, Pizza Inn, dances, Bowie, and Westpoint. Steve Rawlins participated in Marching, Symphonic, and Jazz Band. He received awards for NHS, Who's Who among Am. High School Students, All-Region lst chair 3 yrs., All-State Band, All-Region and All-State Orchestra, band president, 6 solo and Ensemble Superiors. Steve remembers All-State Band Soph. yr., trip to Florida, solos at half-time, 7:00 a.m. and CHRISTY. John Martinez works at Revco, he participated in softball Student Council, and I.C.T. John remembers parties ai Westpoint, cruising Camp Bowie, Monday nights at the drive-in show, football games, Pizza Inn, and partying. Anthony McClure, drives a 83 Mercedes Convertible he participated in football, NHS, and B.A. Squad. He received awards for Most Distinguished American Higl School Students, zone champs, and Gobbler Champ. Tong remembers two-a-days, Bug blowing up on Sr. night witl T.H., air guitar, Hogs and Mustangs, Pizza Inn, Bowie chasing Cougars with EM, JM, and DC. Sheila McGonigal participated in NHS, and playdays fo rodeo's. She works at Daddy's Country Cooking, and drive a 76 f'10 Datsun. Sheila remembers stealing the flowers a the prom. Listening to Jim yelling for help at Six Flags oi Sr. Night. But most of all she remembers ANDY. Robert Moore works at Neiman Marcus and drives a '6 Chevy Truck. He participated in Woods and Water Clui and National Honor Society. He received awards for Whoi' Who among American High School Students. Robeil remembers Halloween of '81 and Bridgeport. Eric Morris participated in football, baseball, NHS, a Language Club. He received awards for Who's Who arno American High School Students, All District punter a quarterback, most Valuable player in baseball, sophomoi of the year in baseball, Most Athletic and All distri pitcher. Eric remembers air guitar, taking over YA chasing W.H. and Zone Champs. Colleen Norton participated in Marching Band, VOE, a prayer meetings. She received awards for All-Region Ban 8 First Division Medals for Solos. and NHS membe Colleen remembers Mr. Sergel, band trips, Galvesto Florida tWhen it rainedl, UIL and State Marchi Contest, Mr. Lamb's hard work, working at Food Bi Homecoming, Pizza Hut, and of course LEE. Michelle Perez participated in OEAXVOE Club and t Language Club. Michelle remembers Sandy Lake, Fres and Sophopmore years, junior year, "You girls get off t roof," Mrs. Ezell, getting caught, New Orleans LSS, Summer, running around with Susie, older men, Pepper Rocky's, guys for Bridgeport, Labor Day '80, Hallowe '82, and times with RANDY BRYANT. Donna Rasmon participated in Band, ICT, DE, Woods a Water Club. She remembers freshman year, Marchi Band, football games, summer of 80, I Gotcha, good tim with SM, SL, MV, and WR., parties, "Hey, WR remem Hootervillef' "Shan remember the coke party and .. remember, 'Letls call it the night!" Randy Reaves participated in Basketball for 4 years. I received awards for NHS member, and Who's Who Woodshop. Randy remembers going to Dalton's a Westpoint, Miss Ponder's Class, Shoe polishing wi Cuckoo-Man, Halloween of 82, and beating S.F. and E. with J.H. Bear Tracks Jimmy Reed participated in Auto Mechanics and served as VICA's Vice-President. Jimmy remembers Gong Show, Pizza Inn, Camp Bowie, Car's, Van Halen, Sammy Hagar, Point Blank, football games, concerts, times with friends, and his very special SUSAN Randall C. Robertson participated in football, Rodeo Club, Woods and Water and served as Sergeant at Arms for DECA. Randall remembers taking 5-yr. plan, two-a-days, skipping school, hall walkers, getting hats taken up, parties at Azle, gang fights, times spent with BG, and DM. egg fights on Halloween, and of course starting first frat. Delta Segma Phi. Wendy Russell participated in Marching and Symphonic Band and served as HECE's president. She was a member of State Marching 3 yrs. Wendy remembers Monday night drive-in, Van Halen, Texas Jam, Keg Parties, freshman year, "Hey, Donna remember Buzzz?" and being part of Senior Class of 83411. Angie Shelton participated in basketball, Student Council, Woods and Water and Cheerleading. She received awards for NHS member, Who's Who, Class Officer, and Sr. Favorite. Angie remembers VCL8zM, Prom '82, basketball party '81, 17th Birthday, the 3 Musketeers, Dalton's, ETSU Cheerleading Camp, "On the Wall," Homecomings, and most special of all TREY. Virginia Slaughter participated in basketball, FHA,, track, and volleyball. She also served as an office aide. Virginia remembers Coach Curry's three and thirty-six on the wall. Homecomings, Proms, times with friends, football games, causing trouble, her "green Ford", Pizza Inn, but most of all she remembers all the special moments with J ERRY. Lori Smith participated in Symphonic, Marching and Jazz Bands, Flag Corps, Youth Orchestra, National Piano Guild. She received awards for All-Region Band, All-Area Band, NHS, Who' Who in Music and DIS, TWC Honor Band, UIL Solo and Ensemble Superiors, Flag Corps captain. Lori remembers band trips, nose jokes, Austin, Florida, and Canada. Susan Spurlock participated in Annual Staff, OEAXVOE, and Drama. Susan remembers HKS, "Get off that roof girls," magic time machine, October 22, "What year is it, M.P., and C.C.'?," Good times with D.G.H., ghost of McKinney, R.C. and Scrooge sr. pep rally, the water gun kids, and DON'T drink the water. Terri Stephens participated in NHS, basketball, Bear Mascot, Language Club, Volleyball, track, and Woods and Water. She also received an award for Best all around. Terri remembers 3 Musketeers, b-ball party, mud fight, stealing pilons and U.S. Homes signs, July 4th Weekend, Halloween '82, Cheerleading Camp, waterballooning, street dance and hanging loose. Ronald Stowe remembers football games, skipping school, going to class, long school days, daydreaming, pep rallies, causing all sorts of trouble, being cool, his 80 Pick-Up, cruising the big Camp Bowie, parties, and times spent with his friends. Kellye Reeves participated in NHS, Band, FHA, JA, Yac, and Majorettes. She also received an award for Superior UIL Majorette Ensemble. Kellye remembers cruising the Bowie, giving lessons to CH, "All night" parties, friendship with CH, after football games, WH Sonic, half-time performances, times with friends and sr. year. Tracy Rubenkoenig drives 70 Chevy truck, he participated in Band and Auto Mechanics. Tracy remembers band trips, football games, half-times performances, pep rallies, cruising the Bowie, ball park, times spent with friends, state marching competition, and working at Safeway. Eddy Schutza works at Food Bin and drives 75 Monza. He received an award for being a 3 year member of the National Honor Society. Eddy remembers Putt-Putt on Friday nights, homework until 1:00 in the morning, 2 yrs. of hysterical Miss Ponder, and breaking the rope during Ranch Day tug-of-war. Elizabeth Sides participated in Drama, Language Club, and Woods and Water. She received awards for Best Actress '81, Who's Who in Drama II, and president of the Drama Club. Elizabeth remembers 1:00 am Sept 6, '82, Drama Banquet with GF, best friend SC, "Arsenic and Old Lace," the Bowie, Homecoming '82, seeing green frogs, talking to trees, good times with friends. Janet Smith participated in Drama, Drill Team, and Woods and Water Club. She received an award for Who's Who among American High School Students, and Who's Who in Drama. Janet remembers getting up early for 3 yrs., football games, Monday night drive-in, halftime, and times spent with RONNIE. Cathy Sosa participated in Marching and Concert Band. She also participated in H.E.C.E. Cathy remembers bike rides with Lisa, eating out after football games, halftime performances, morning practices, times spent with friends, pep rallies sr. year, being P.E. aide at Liberty Elementary, and times of fun and excitement. Lori Stanford participated in cheerleading, NHS, track, Woods and Water, Student Council and basketball. She received awards for Homecoming Queen, Who's Who, Sr. Class treasurer and Miss BHS. Lori remembers 3 Musketeers, L.B. - WOW!, all night Cheerleader work sessions, shoe polishing, Ranger games, parties on New Year's Eve and KELLY, Penny Stewart participated in VOEIOEA, and works at National Truckers Service. Penny remembers sr. pep rally, "The Movies," 6:30 in the mornings, Homecoming 81-82, "What stop sign," times spent with friends, football games, Camp Bowie and Pizza Inn. Andy Sullenberger participated in NHS, Student Council, president of Student body, church, and band. He received awards for Who's Who Among American High School Students, Dar Award, Good Citizenship award, and Most Likely to Succeed. Andy remembers sr. year and Student Council, trip to Austin, State Convention, morning visits with JS, dz LB, pep rallies, and a special thanks to everyone for their hard work. 45 PHOI0 NOW AVA! LABLE PHOYO NOT AVAILABLE Tammie t'Cupcake" Teague, drives a '72 Monte Carlo and works at LaPetite. Tammie has participated in HECE. She is involved in FHAIHERO and loves to play softball. Most of all Tammie remembers MIKE. Andy "Tex" Templeton works at Cinema V and drives a '64 Chevy Malibu. Andy likes to play basketball, football and remembers going to Pizza Inn after the games on Friday night. John "Thornburg" Thornburrow works at Best Products. John's honors include NHS representative, Student Council, Annual Staff photography editor, and Who's Who Among American High School Students. Teresa "Renee" Wagner works at Levitz and drives a Dodge Dart. Teresa's honors include NHS, Who's Who Among American High School Students and honor roll. She's involved in FHA, volleyball, basketball, and drill team. Teresa remembers moving to Brewer and meeting new peopleg leaving old friends behind. Tammie Walker works at the White Settlement School Business Office and drives a Ford Maverick. Tammie enjoys being in the OEA club and has helped with many OEA projects. Gregory Weeks drives a '70 blue Firebird Formula 400. Greg has been awarded Who's Who in Paint and Body. Greg remembers two years in band, trying to pass my class, but still failing, hoping to graduate and his worst class, English. Sheila Whitfield works at Payless Cashways and drives a '76 Granada. Her honors include Who's Who Among American High School Students, and honor roll. She's involved in DECA, marching band and GDRA. Sheila remembers homecoming '79-'80, football season, pep rallies, cruisin' the Bowie with M.R., I Gotcha, and JJ 's keg parties. Robbin "Rob" Williams is involved in Woods and Water and has received honors for corresponding secretary, presient of DECA, and calendar girl. Robbin remembers her freshman year, Athletic banquet, prom '81 and '82, homecoming, West Point, Sunday football, Howdy dance, LB "uh-huh", sophomore syndrome, hey Ang we did it, January 19 and all my special years and memories spent with Jesse. Mary t'Winnie Bubbles" Winters has received honors for OEA historian and OEA president and involved in OEA and parliamentary team. Mary remembers prom, homecoming, TH, GW, LJ remember JD in Nashville, going to Houston, remember the two straws Sheri B., cruisin' the Bowie, West Point parties, dancing at Dalton's, the van and TS, April 30, '82, and all the memories of my friends and most of all TIM. Christi "Tefer" Tefertiller works at Craig's Sound Galle and drives a '72 brown Cougar. Her honors include Who Who Among American High School Students, Society Distinguished American High School Student Cheerleader, Student Council, and NHS. Chris remembers her sophomore year with Heidi, Marty, an Don, prom my jr. year, and my sweets - SF, SS, GH, a MS. "SLATER". Steve "Officer Terry" Terry works as a bank securi officer and Rickey's and drives a '80 Chevy Camaro. H honors include two years in ICT and VICA. Ste remembers Camp Bowie, WHHS girls, getting busted fr beer on Camp Bowie. Terri "Tiny Timmes" Timmes works at Daddy's. Terri honors include editor of the paper and historian of NH She's involved in varsity track team and K-12 summar Terri remembers lasagna birthday party at Julie's, seni night at Six-Flags, standing Julie up with 4 large pizz the Austin trip and best of all Terri remembers JIM. Randy "Talkers" Walker drives a '77 Chevrolet Truck. honors include Who's Who Among American High Sch Students, Society Distinguished American High Sch Students, Who's Who in Algebra Il, and Who's Freshmen class. He's involved NHS, FRA, football, Woo and Water and B.A. club. Randy remembers Woods Water, West Point, cruisin' the Bowie, winning 4A-4 nor zone championship, and playing Brownwood. Cindy Wander works at Publisher's Circulation Servix and drives a '77 gold Malibu Classic. Cindy is involved OEA ftreasurerj, member of parliamentary team and al in VOEIOEA. Cindy remembers homecoming '81 and 'H Athletic banquet '81, Mary remember the judge, Februa' 12, 1981, Halloween '81, West Point, and the great tim I had with my friends. Most of all she remembers ti precious times with JEFF. l l Sherri Blevins Welch works at Stripling's Cox and driv a '79 Silverado Truck. Sherri remembers cheerleadir basketball, track, softball, volleyball, Coach Curry, "r special friend", Hey Renee, remember the Maverick ai Cherry Lane, and Tower Baptist Church. Most of all s remembers her sweet husband, Joshua Kyle. Gina Wiggs works at the Administration Building as Fashion Uniforms and drives a '74 brown Malibu. H honors include NHS, Who's Who in VOE, and secreta in the OEA club. She's involved in basketball, volleybd and is on the parliamentary team. Gina remembt Nashville, Tennessee, Houston, Dalton's, cruisin' tl Bowie, going to JJ 's with HV, and all the fun times "r and LJ had when we went riding around." Theresa "Lupus" Williams works at Nation Trucke Service and drives a '72 brown Dodge. She's involved, drill team and DE-OEA. Theresa remembers the fun tim in drill team, senior and freshman year, San Antonio trij cruisin' the Bowie on Friday nights, and homecomi '83. Lee "Worthless" Worth drives a '67 Plymouth. His hom include auto mechanics, senior representative for t Youth Council, having Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lo Lee is involved the Young Christians meetings, church a tennis. Lee remembers the prom, homecoming, footb: aftergame fellowships with friends, racing my car a losing, and most of all he remembers CAROL. Bear Tracks A ,lil it S ear Tracks rf ow " www-sq. Senior Convention, a day of total chaos. Ctop leftJ, Randy Reaves, sweet and innocent portrays a perfect senior. ftop rightj, Felix Leal takes part in classroom discussion. fmiddle leftb, "I think I can, I think I might." questions Liz Sides Cmiddlel, Lee Worth struts his stuff. CahoveJ,"Can't you see I'm trying to study," shouts Steve Lacy. fbottom Ieftl, Andy Brooks comes to class for a change. fbottom rightj 47 Seniors take part in their daily gossip session in class lcenterj, "You want ME to let you take a picture of me?" asks Vicki Landreth. Qabovel, Trudy Morris at a sign painting Mparty' lrightj. 48 The camera catches Virginia Slaughter by surprise it leftj, "Who Mem? asks Brian Delk Ctop middlej, To. McClure shows his dazzling smile. labovej Bear Tracks "Tough Tex" Terri and her pawtners round up at the senior convention fleftj. "Typing in this cold is murder" says Gina Wiggs Cbelow far leftl. While the cat is away, the mice will play Cbelow middleh. Terri Timmes pretends to choke the unsuspecting Mrs. Ezell Cbelowl. Sheila Jackson writes an ad fbottom leftl. Donald McAffee turns his head to allow the cameraman a better look at his earring fbottomj. ii T 535 N, ,U , Hgqh 5522? qw , I, Y ffcefgwgg fu-1 322 m,,.. ' 'v , ll . ci,i,,, , +:3fi5-in T, ,,,,r, , . if Bear Tracks 49 5: f Y ii 25? z X 1 Y 4 I I W 3 r I i F X w N X w L 4 w 1 v J , . ff . r officers for 1982-83 are: Brad Mercer, Debbie Latimer Q tand' J R d M s mg , o ger cCal1 and Tim Spoonmore 3ear Tracks Tim Spoonmore Cleftl, Debbie Latimer fbelow leftl, Rodger McCall fbelowj, and Brad Mercer ifar leftl. 51 Junior i Shelly Acord David Andersen Michelle Andersen Scooter Anderson Candy Aziere Michelle Barfield Lisa Barnes Clayton Barnett Doug Bartlow Tim Beck Debra Becker Thomas Blakney Sherri Boggess Gordon Bowen Candy Bray Robin Brown far right: Kim Williams smiling because she got into the school spirit by decorating her saxophone, right: Ginae "Jane" McDonald enjoying another day of hard work in annual staff. 52 Bear Tracks :W , I .. is W. ga' M fy fu s W 'vii S .fl ' J ev 5? X if Linda Bustos Gilliam Butler Lisa Callison Traci Calton Billy Campbell Randy Carlyle Veronica Casillas Biatriz Chapa Oralia Chapa Teresa Chapa Shelly Cobb Shelly Coffman Stacey Coontz Mary Coppinger Alva Cox Don Cribbs Kerry Rogers showing his intelligence by keeping busy in ICT Cbottom leftJ.Ricky Johnston practicing for the play called "Doctor lnspite of Himself lbottom rightj, Class of '84 Phyllis Cross Benita Crowe Matt Crump Scott Cummings Max Curtis Tina Curtis Renee Daniels Mark Daniels We're the Best. . . Ken Pape pretends he's unaware of the camera while Tim Grantham figures this is his big chance. iabovel. Kim Williams listens attentively to an English lecture. Qfar ri htj Scott Lahmer and Angela Powell, 'tAhoy g . mateslv Crightl. 54 Rusty Davis Sharon Davison Richie Deaver Cathy Deibler Stacy Draper Jeff Duncan Chad Dunn Ben Early 1 Z Bear Tracks 41 ,...--1" 4-9 15 Bear Tracks Jeff Elam Matt Evetts Billy Fanning Kristi Ferrar Larry Flemming Hilda Flores Ricky Flores Theresa Flynn can't a k for more. . . Angela Powell Loves to pose for the camera. ffar lefty David Stephen looks happy for some unknown reason. Ctop rightj. Hayden Lewis and Billy Wagner trying to master the computer. frightl. Janice Foy Lisa Frantom Mark Gabbert Bobby Gage Jon Giaguinto Don Gill Stacy Godi Mike Goins 55 . . .cau e WG7I'9 the class. . . Shame on you Tina Curtis! You were sent tothe office for bugging LeeAnn. lfar rightl. Jeff White and Susan McFarland, who said juniors and seniors can'L be friends? ltop rightl. Is this the real Teresa Chapa with a smug look? lrightj. Jay Gordon Dianna Graggs Wayne Grissom Nancy Grubb Tim Gratham Sandra Hall Tamara Hall Tammy Hall John Harmon Janet Hanes Ken Henderson Mark Hendrix Manuel Herrera Cylinda Hickson Billy Higgins Selma Hoffman 56 ff , y a LL, . X Y ' s , lla. V-r ff", X on 'WFS 'Us 'V' aa.. Bear Tracks WHL ...of ,84!! Lori Salinas savors the taste of her cheese crackers Cfar leftj. Scott Lahmer without his pal looking glum 'i .46 419' JC' Bear Tracks ftopl. Ricky Johnston discussing procedures with classmates. Cleftl. Les Hogwood Bret Holbrook Jimmy Holler Clint Jaynes Karen Jenson Gary Johnson Gene Johnson Ricky Johnston Lesa Keiser Lesley Keiser Eric Keller Charlisa Knight Danny Knowles Donald Kraft Sean Kruger Jeanine Kuhlman Scott Lamer Debbie Latimer Tho Le Kristi Leach Juniors Trey Thetford showing that juniors do have fun every once in a while ftop rightj. Another outstanding junior showing that it isn't all fun and games itop leftl. 'f 1 K Elizabeth Leal Billy Lemme Hayden Lesuis T Daniel Maloney X Robby Martin Brenda Martinez Dory Mayfield Darrell McAfee I 2 2 Sharon McBride Rodger McCall Ginae McDonald Perry McDonald ,,,, ,, X M W 53 Bear Tracks ,WON oo' Y"+-fy J. Jerry McFarland Penny McGyffee James McKinney Kim McNutt 1--9 Junior Karla Pollard glancing at people in the hall Ctop leftj. D? Y Honor Society meeting itop rightj. i, F N-I:-,.,.,g Debbie Latimerls look of enthusiasm at a National l Q1 Paula Melton Brad Mercer S ,4 Bret Miller Johnny Miller W? Jeff Mitchell Doug Molden Delores Molinar Theresa Moore Carol Moreno Dana Morgan Kevin Moskola Bear Tracks Randy Nabors 59 Michelle Nelson Mike O'Connor Denise Orebaugh Kim Osborne Ken Pape Lisa Park Ron Parris Bobby Peace Zane Peppers Lisa Petrek Pat Phillips Karla Pollard Juniors Robin Pope Angela Powell -43 Eric Keller turns in his assignment. Kfar rightl. Ben Early waits for class to begin. Krightb. 1 4 Q P ., w e. -R. ' ' 5 A I I Bear Track: -oo' .I 1-ni A ,Q ,.-a '11 -Y' -41" ,...-pf 1 Bear Tracks --I' .0001 Kim Prather Paul Priclemore Michelle Ray Ricky Razo Traci Reath Tony Richards Clyde Richardson Robbie Rodriguez Kerry Rodgers Richards Rodgers Frank Rothman Mary Rowland Junior Lori Salinas Rusty Sanders Mary Coppinger waits for her knight in shining armor Kevin Taylor. lfar leftl Harold Helmke cameraman for K-12, shoots an important event ffar leftl David Sayers Sheldon Scott Leon Sherman Tonia Sherrand Lori Shertzer Steven Smith Craig Southers Tim Spoonmore Ron Staats Bobby Stanfield David Stephen Mike Stewart Juniors Richie Deaver and Tim Spoonmore hold up lockers between classes. Qrightj. 62 1, fx 2 ' ff' S ' f -f it X is Q- ki fel- if Bear Tracks 1 I 1 Reggie Stewart Sam Stewart Ken Stowe Nora Stringer Debbie Summerville Trey Thetford Ricky Thompson Julie Turner Daryl Vanderford Lynn Wade Billy Wagner 1 f il Jody Waldon Bear Tracks Junior Remember Jane? Good ol' Jane! Hey Jane where's Tarzan? lfar leftl. Michelle Anderson can't believe she just ate a chocolate covered ant. fleftl. 63 Linda Walker Suzanne Waller Juniors Juniors Kristy Leach and Lori Salinas show "awesome" spirit at one of Brewer s totally terrific pep rallies Qtop E 1 D.J. Walker Jeff Ware Michael Watts Renee Welch Jeff White Kim Williams Rhonda Wooten Donna Yays Faron Young Kim Young Junior ho's Who Junior Whds Who for 1982-83 are: Ricky Johnston fleftj, Zane Peppers Cbelowb, Debbie Latimer Qrniddle leftl, Shelly Cobb fbottom leftj, and Dianna Gragg Qbottomj. S-X .iiio :aw 4 J' , Bear 'QQ Tracks 65 I I I I I I I I I I , I 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I ophomore Officer Officers standing left to right are: Johnny Summerhill, Chad Davis, Kerry Knox, and Misti ear Tracks .', qrw, Johnny Summerhill iabovej, Misti Valentine ffar leftl, Chad Davis ffar left, bottoml, and Kerry Knox fleftj. 67 Joseph Abanilla Kelly Abbott Bubba Andersen Andy Anderson Andy Anderson Valerie Archa Scott Adkins Yvette Atkins Hulen Bailey John Baker Stefanie Baker Tim Baker Gary Robinson seems to have finally found his locker after break lbottom rrghtb Scott Marshall having a good time at State Marching Contest Qbottom lefty . . Class of '85 af' fs-' X1 X 'T-. Scott Carlyle Julie Carothers Dwayne Casey Bear Tracks Kevin Blassingame Brian Blum Steve Bolich Kim Branch Andy Bray N annette Brown Eric Browning Glen Burke Jason Burnett Leonard Calder Mark Caley Judy Carey Melinda Earley being too excited about what is going on behind her to pay attention to what is going on in front of her fbottom leftj. The preps of the sophomore class are having a "totally awesome" meeting fbottom rightl. 69 Karen and Terry, the lovebirds frightl, John Clem wouldn't even crack a smile for us lfar rightb, Terry Cox ready to get to work Qbottoml. Can Boogie. . . Christy Chamberlain Teresa Chapa Larry Chapman Jana Clark John Clem Ben Cochran Terri Collette Carol Collins Melissa Cornelius Terry Cox Karen Crisp Danny Crocker Mike Cunningham Darrell Dale 70 ,J 1 'K' 155 r 1 Bear Tracks Donny Fisher actually paying attention to his teacher lfar leftl, Mike Cunningham was a little shy about having his picture taken lleftl, Sophomores studying at break fbottoml. I O I Ji e. Charles Daniels Chad Davis Randall Deaver Tonia DeLeon Hope Dickens Carolyn Dickey Jamie Dixon Carey Donaldson Ronnie Doughty Mike Downey Lance Draper Jonathon Dunfee Fred Durko Gina Dyer e Can 71 Melinda Earley Carlisle Edwards Jeff Elliot Bret Emmett John Engelke Roy Erwin Jesse Esquivel Teresa Evans Cliff Everage Tim Farmer Misty Fielding J oAna Fenn Donald Feronti Donny Fisher Theresa Flynn Bret Garrett Russell Henderson, Mike Serenil, Donald Feronti, and Randall Deaver enjoy a moment of frivolity between classes. frightl. . . fcause we're the class. . . 72 Ronnie German Randall Gibson Ricky Gomez Bear Tracks l X , J-4" Debbie Hunt Collette Ikerd Celia Jaynes Bear Tracks Adam Goode Carrie Goss Greg Green Patricia Grissom Eluid Guerrero Scott Harris Bryron Hartman Kim Hatcher Russell Henderson Beverly Higgins Penny Hill Ronald Holland Shelly Hooten John Huffman Adrian Hughes Linda Hughes Darlene Potter and her friend Christi Tefertiller smile sweetly for the camera. fleftj. . . .of '85!! Lynden Jaynes Kari Jolly Coy Kent Lauri Key Kerry Knox Dawn Lane Ronald Lane Mike Laurderdale Shelly Lawerence Renee Layton Paul Lemons Cherly Lewis ophomores Karen Crisp and Nancy Grubb, office aides, pose for us. Qrightl. Wendi Scroggins and JoAnna Fenn are happy about something and they aren't going to tell. ifar rightl. 74 Mike Lewis Paul Lewis Keith Lucero Scott Marshall """5f X, Kevin Martin Bernice Martinez Daryl McCollough Bear Track Tommy McKee Jana McKinney Sandra Mejia Tina Mieske Parish Miller Robert Miller Frank Molinar Craig Moloney Terry Mooney Wendy Morehead Charlie Moreno Tina Moris ophomores Johnny Summerhill is about to get his books from his locker lfar leftl. Rodney Young in a hurry to get to class lleftj. Billy Morrison Darin Moyle Stefanie Mulford Frank Mullens Lisa Oxendine Kim O'Connor Billy Perry Darlene Potter Dena Price Windy Putnam Chris Ramerez Ramona Ramerez ophomores Jana McKinney and Jana Clarkg two pretty faces Crightl. LaDonna Wethington takes time out to give us a smile ifar rightj. 76 Lori Rawlins Rosemary Ray Shane Reed Andi Reeder Angela Rice Brian Rickard Darla Riley Rhonda Roberson apr' Ronny Robins Gary Robinson Rhonda Rogers Bear Track Page Saddler Christy Salinas Mike Sanders Theresa Sanders Danny Scarbrough Windy Scroggins Steve Self Mike Serinal ophomores Misti Valentine looks too tired from basketball practice, so Darlene Potter has to hold her up ffar leftl. Bernice Martinez and Jackie Moses enjoy break Cleftb. Kelli Shafer Richard Sherrard Stephen Slaughter Lisa Smith Twilia Smith Laurie Stephens Johnny Surnmerhill Darla Teague is Scott Terry Belinda Thompson Kellie Thornton Bear Tracks 77 Sharon Tow Charles Valdez Misti Valentine Scott Walker Andrea Wander Toni Webb Jerry Weigant Dawn Wilborn David Welch David Westbrook Jessie Westover LaDonna Wethington Jerry Whalin Christi White J olivetto Wiley Mattew Winters Andi Reeder and Jana Clark smile because they love - bemg classy sophomores Kbottoml. ophomores ,sq James Wood Rodney Young Tina Young Bear ophomore ho's Who :ar Tracks -or ' 1? ff xx Sophomore Who's Who for 1982-83 are: Sharon Tow, Gary Robinson, Chad Davis, Sandra Mejia, and Misti Valentine. fleft to rightj. 1 4 1 X 2 1 1 4 6 I 9 s x E i Lear Tracks re hman fficer Class Officers for 1982-83 are: Chance Welch fback rowj, Gail Chamberlain, Stephanie Draper row left to rightl, and Eric Johnson Knot picturedj. :QWQV -5731! 5 E1 i . S Z K , X f " Gail Chamberlain ftop leftl, Chance Welch ltop rightl M NX jf Stephanie Draper lfar leftl, and Eric Johnson fleftl. l rs ALA 81 Freshman. . . Lisa Benton giving her look of success ltop rightl. Richard Abanilla David Adkins David Adkins Lynn Alexander Todd Andrea Tim Baker Janice Bolling Sabra Barker Daniel Beck Sean Beckner Toi Belcher Lisa Benton Terri Berkley Melissa Blakeny Lynn Blanchard Melony Blassingame 82 Dan Bolin Robin Bray Skeeter Brewer Ronnie Bridges 2. Adam Broad Trisha Broad Dink Brumment Daniel Bryant . . . Class of '86 Freshmen Finally getting used to the easy life at high school ltop lefth. Robert Buchanon Michelle Burks Jeanie Burroughs Chris Carr Toby Carr Dee Carroll Gail Chamberlain Dollie Chatman Dawn Cearley Estes Clapp Mary Clark Alice Clements DL Cooper Joe Corbitt David Covey Dwayne Cox Randy Cox Sean Craven Johnny Crocker Nick Dear Dawn Deponte Tammy Deritis Stephanie Draper Mike Dunn 83 Roy Ford Dwayne Foster Carl Fowler Ken Floyd Mary Frantorn Craig Gandy Suzy Garza Serena Geter LeeAnn Gober Art class is a busy place to be. Cfar A rightl. Billye Perry shoulders Ken Starne. frightl. 84 Robbm Elhs Sabrlna Emory Steve Enghsh Julle Evans Larry Fewell Freshmen Mark Eddy Matthew Eddy Melissa Eddy Danny Elam Mary Durko Paul Earle Tori Eastland new Bear 'cel y FIG hmen G , . , .ff oyyo J Traci Godi Cf f . ,z or H fi Zrf 1 xv rr? if: J Eddy Gossett , , ,fy f-,W Y Ginger Gossett Mark Grammar David Grantham Billy Griffin M Melinda Hamilton Bert Hayes Jerry Hatter Vicki Hayes Douglass Herron Jean Hill Tommy Higgins Lori Holmes Dani Houchin Oleta Huffman Clayton Hunt J .D. James Eric Johnson Ronny Johnston Cherxa Crockett and Matthew Winters work on their art projects ffar leftl. Dwayne Casey on his way to his next class. left kg B5 Tiffany Johnson Tim Kasterke Stacy Keanaaina Brian Keiser Cindy Keller Tesa Kilpatrick Jeff King Trang Le Eugene Lindsley Kari Lindsley Lori Lively Elizabeth Lockhart Michelle Lohman Ronny Long Dana Longino Lesley Luckett Ravannah McBride Lisa McComber Kevin McDermatt Stephanie McDonald Lisa McGarrah Danny McGee Teri McGennes Tamara McNutt ...fx Tammy Smith glances down to see if her shoes are tied. ffar rightl. Laura Lively looks lovely. irightl. Freshmen 86 Q. E Bear f""' v-.9 1 Bear Tracks Pam Melton Lekha Menon Darren Midkiff Eddie Miller Brian Moon Tracy Mooney Kyle Morrison Dani Mory Jackie Moses Sam Mullens Cathy Nance Larry Neal Rusty Nelson Debra Oakley Mark Orban Donald Orebaugh Tina Paden David Parsons Toni Pease Sabrina Petty Katrina Podsednik Elizabeth Polk Gary Prestidge Dena Price Cathy Nance and Elizabeth Polk roaming the halls during break ffar leftl, Michelle Lohman chatting on the phone at break lleftl. Fre hmen 87 Christie Rasor Joe Razo Rob Razo Shannon Reid Steven Reeves Karen Rhodes Brian Richard Joseph Ridge Angie Robello Kristi Roberts Cyndi Robertson Robert Robinson Donny Rogers Dena Rubenkoenig Shellie Rubenkoenig Connie Searcy Danielle Sellers Greg Schmitt Joe Shelton Dawn Sheppard Mike Sherwood Von Short Robin Shue Freshman Shelley Rubenkoenig showing her class spirit by decorating for homecom- ing Kbottom rightj. Melony Blassingame pauses for a freshman snapshot while doing her Algebra work. We'Ve Got. . . 88 Juda Smethers Steven Smith Tammy Smith Terry Smith Bear Track: SH AM., . iff' S A r 1, s ' X NHZJSA , we k 9' 4 is . X-X 3 , , 5 . ,Q ,, ' I X is . I :M Q 3 R a .5 x . ' ,R lx fv , ' x X ... ' 1 . 1 -.-. 1' ns, X4 . -'-r-11:3-s - -.ww . , XLS? i . si? ' vi?-Sig X W S- . 63 ng- A Q x X , 35 N. X , five exe: ss Y. T -- - N -- , fi fafifel V 21, ' , 125 -' dm, eg, i g ...gr j 1 f Q , W, . sig l sy " :S - fsizitfi . 1. f ERS, 4 QS S X is n SE 55, l yt l Q my l ip .. We . . Q fc gi., 3' -1- Ei C N? fx 2 ? we xi ' 2 ' 5 A-ae, I A R . S w sk A f .Q in is ,X Q., P' K W . A a S X 'A E il 2. W - Q- -QN f . 2 ,Ns so .. ' Q " 44- F 5:5 2 ,ta .- z YM! .:g2'l,Z:,,i1 11 4 N 1" .. 3 ,, . ps 'Y erll , -f me Si T -az-' ' ,Qi xl S Q 'Usa -D W 1AT3??'55fi ' A :kia QNX if m,Lb S .. :ns 11' P- f vang Roy Trent Richard Tucker Donny Tyson Todd Vance Bear Tracks i I Jay Thowds Amy Thornborrow John Tilley Michelle Tolleson Joan Trantham Tonia Smith Vicki Smith Maureen Spence John Stalling Ken Starn Tami Stephens Mary Stowe Pam Stults Rob Summerhill Robin Strobel Todd Tallant Tim Turpley David Taylor Gerald Tedford Lisa Templeton Dawn Terri Elmer Thompson Ronnie Thompson . . .Spirit Two freshmen pose to have there picture taken. Cfar leftl. Charlise Edwards is a whiz on the computer, ileftl. 89 Kenneth Vigil Edna Voss Tim Walker Craig Wagner Phata Ware Chance Welch Frank Wells Laura Westover Mike White Andy Wilcox Tammy Wilcox Randy Wiley .N Bo Williams Dennis Williams Kelly Williams Mark Williams Toni Williams Freshmen Bo Williams tries to look mad, but look at that smirk on her face. Cbottom rightj. Dawn DePonte wondering why she has to watch all those coats. Cbottom leftl. 90 ,Af Dwayne Wilson Rusty Woodard Cathy Young 1048 .... 5, as W H e I li 4 ml all Bear Tracks Fre hman ho's Who -.......W.... rv H Vs ear Tracks Freshmen Who's Who for 1982-83 are: David Covey ffar left, topl, Stacey Keanniana lleft topj, Jeff King ffar left, acrossl, Lisa Benton ileft, middlej, and Dani Houchin fleftl. 91 522: Ri!" ltbbbsss. ' 0555555 QW 0 N553 va. O X 1 AV fx, 1' I Y J. K . , ' X M X A rf , S f . I E 1? l gf Q x XL!- . 'ive L X . Q 1 f ' L 1- X J- fl? l .35 i ,,v"J A, if It is a tribute to our school that we have such a high regard for competition and physical sport. It is in the area of sports where we find that the spirit of our school really stands out. The students who turn out for sports events exhibit pride in their school and the students who play these sports display their prowess and their loyalty. The coaching staff instill in their team members a desire to be winners and this desire to be a winner is essential for a successful life. 93 Varsity barrels over the Lions. Cabovel. Kevin Taylor sprints to the endzone while defense attacks iabove rightj. Clint Jaynes receives the pass in mid-air frightl. Eric Morris determined to complete pass Cfar rightl. 2 Varsity Football orth Zone Champs The Brewer Bear football team has kept the respect of many people in the community due to their strategic teamwork. The nine and one season ofthe Brewer Bears has meant an enormous amount to every individual on the team. First of all the Bears defeated the Azle Hornets with a thirteen to three victoryg then after preparing for Mansfield, the Bears were off. Un- fortunately, the Bears lost at Tiger Stadium. However, after this loss between the Bears and Tigers the team must have hit a winning streak. The next eight games which were 94 against the Crowley Eagles, Diamond Hill Eagles, North Side Steers, Poly Parrots, Grapevine Mustangs, Castleberry Lions, Carter Eagles, and the Keller Indians were great successes. After this year of victories the Fighting Brewer Bears were looking forward to the district play-off game against the Brownwood Lions. No one was more disappointed about the forty-one to zero loss to the very tough Lions than the members of this proud Brewer football team. The loss was disheartening, but when considering the fact that this Bear team was picked to finish no better than fourth in North Zoneg a team that had no o starters back from the 1981 teamg a that had the character to overcome injuries and still finish nine and one, a team that started only three seniors defense against the Brownwood Lions in play-off game at Clark Stadiumg the experienced during the season far ou the loss of this one game. All the n of the 1982-83 squad can be proud ofthe that they have been an integral part Brewer football tradition that d success and commands respect. Bear Tracks 'Vlonda fdell l V QT l P Bear Tracks Football Sweetheart This year the honor of Football Sweetheart was awarded to Senior, Monda Idell. Monda is an active two-year member of Cosmetology. She is also a one-year member of the Honeycomb Drill Team. We extend our congratulations to Monda as this year's Football Sweetheart. 95 arsit 'S Victoriou HOME OF THE Ofightia-fi BEAR 5 Ill ll li ew m , sz: El W P I . ,,,,, A . ,,.,,..r .,,,.,.,,N.iZW f Y- 1' f vju MVM3 A 1 1 v' 14" my r ' ' W ' ' ' ' Lv" ' ,, A A W, ,, ,QW ,. r.,,,,m-,WMI-WM were-wfwfwm-f,,M-M'-V wmv M,.M,g'-'wwf-Affw-e -M--Mfwwfff zfisifvwfixg. nas .,f,, f ,, . , ,, , ,, , ,, ., M 4, ,.,.,,,t...,,,M,,.aw,.,,-,,,, ..n,..W,.,, ,W Am,e.,,.,M, im ,,., W.,N.t..t,.,..,,,ViQw:LWA-M,W!M,gY,W - - . ,, M- ' f f Y ' ' ,W W- ,raw ,.,, W,.,.W.,,..,,.,W4,::- 'fa 1 " fr..-W ,l-,,,,,Mj' , "7 " " . W., .. A . 5 3 v f ,gy .,mM..,,.,W,, ,,W.,m,,.,.,. .W,,.W.,,W jay, ,WW 5- wg N , . . I f W , ' mu , " ' A. , " ' ' " " TTLLJ, W- Q' , -..:r"w'f'E7'5: ..,,M?4'fAvwfQw"v'e-a,.,.,,.'fV' ,om+:z9x1.swrzf+:fw1cwnnxosremfrvawvpmwfzafrgmeMtn-W..f ,by am.-. ,, f 'WIIIIXI-,...gM W-1 Wd , W ,, -we Y " l...,,,.,N. ' WNIPWW-V ,W . W, 15: ' 'W ' 4' -wwf . :: .. W , -W . W" 4 Nl H RIA-M-M-T -7"'f'f" , - 5,3115 'X' "' J -A!"MV" "las mr.me,Z, " A i ,, wuwmfww' JfM""fi"'f7't--,Z We 'W-' K ing, ' ,, ,Q - 'fee " we , K ' f' , Y'1fif'1zm " K " , " , . A ' ' 'W' W - 'f ' i., ' "JL, if ' :sr f vw. 7, 1 :sin . ,. . M f. -'re Af f, , ff,if'wf21,muJ'W wwf' ,, ' er, , 'Li .V -. . - V, er..-F0311 'X ', f -I Y ,, ww - fe ' - W a wzfgaieszm 14 M , 1,4 Q? X W- f , , f , f -- , I N , , 3, ' Standing left to right' Kevin Martin, Larry Hoover, Brad Mercer, Sam Feronti, Bret Holbrook, Terry Mooney, Floyd Croft, Eric Morris, Quintin Cargill, Brant Ingra ' ' ' M h W' t Al K ' David Westbrook, Ricky Putnam, Kneeling: Joseph Ablnella, Kevin Taylor, Rodger McCall, Tony McClure, Clint Jaynes, Alex Beck, at ew 1n ers, an 615' Randy Walker, Matt Evetts, Sitting: Jeff Henley, Richie Deaver, Tim Spoonemore, Jiro Morrison, Trey Thetford, Steve Lemmons. 96 Bear Tracks u Coaches kneeling left to right: Mr. Butler, Mr. Stewart, Mr. Stephens, Ms. Kohn, Mr. Davis, Mr. Benefield, Mr. Roller, Mr. Gonzales, and Mr. Hart. The coaches of Brewer High School are ery serious about their sports and hope heir young men and women will play to heir best ability. The Brewer coaches onsist of eight coaches and one trainer. Mel' Davis is the head coach at Brewer Mr. Stewart coaches varsity football, and teaches geometry. Mr. Benefield varsity football, J.V. baseball, and health. Mr. Butler coaches varsity football track and teaches World History. Mr. Stephens coaches varsity football, varsity baseball, and health. Mr. Roller coaches freshmen basketball, J .V. football, and teaches Government and Free Enterprise. Mr. Gonzalez coaches freshmen football, and teaches World and American History. Mr. Hart coaches freshmen football, freshmen basketball, and teaches English. Our first female trainer Gail Kohn, .V.2.'.'.t..f..t.3, . . . . 4 i. f . . . . . .. v Q 4 . . i J ' . . 3'-'A ' 5'-wise . ur. -1 ' fi - - , 2 223' -45 .. .fir gf . r gehxkf rf - rare r Awltlgggfif, . m ,, Ille rg, - 'lf3iSfSH" f . jig., "9 2. 'B 1 L ,gy ,- ny, , . k Y ,,'. 1 H ...reps fa ,s , ' ,.f:r.s:f: ' , i " -2wIii.'.'.'f. 'CJ . 11.1553 1 r . xmm'.' -Y Bear Tracks took full control this year of the Athletic department, helping all the athletes with their injuries. She also teaches health. The athletic staff of Brewer High School has been an excellent source of motivation to all the students who are around them. We hope that this dedicated staff has the ambition to return and make the 1983-1984 season as successful as they have made this year. 97 Bre er Bears A155 C' .4129 fl f 5, f,.g.,.q.g X. ..g1,,m,., .uf ,. ,fiiifiif .H'+,'fL' ,f . , . nf Wm. A -. , 1 1 Lflvwif 'iff HU nd NV"- 4 A g .' 4 ' Qhqf ',gfg,- ,,,i,',n . ,M Cm 4 JW..-'a k Q A. f , W, A H, .. ., , , .3 , T2 -52: 5.1" ,- ' - , S gm: . ' 1 ,g 2 ' 1 v AH-1 A Agfa., Y Xi: .1 ' ' -5 q..,w. ww- sv. . ilfl 32 . 51 v',1,g4-yd. Ax. Wu ,JN L.- ':5:g,:7,:g,f .A .,5,:, i MAS 4 3.51, a K . :PM . 98 Bear Tracks he Be t ofthe Be t Clint gg , rf 1,15 ,'5ffi,gg,,e:g .A Tv.. .Wlgftg ft- - ' f':',yL ' WSE"-!:. .- 1- lg, -f 'Q ff ayne 9. ,won , ' 5 ', A hx, . ., ,.. ja-H 2w1I'32', . 'fa' '3 ' Q1 X A 'fm Nj,Ql.-4 4 V - ear Tracks X Z k 'YS::c.'.'. 3, . .vu . A4 " ,.'JJ'.1 x W- x .fn : ' 'I Teffjiiglwboney - Lgvpni 11,3 K . fy. .fum 99 J .V. Football has Rewarding Season l:.l Back row standing, left to right, Lance Draper, Mike Serenil, Kelly Abbott, Jamie Dixon, Kerry Knox, Jesse Esquivel, Donnie Fisher, Alva Cox, Steve Self, ' ' ' ' S ddl B ron Hartman, John Neeley, Chad Davis, bottom row left to Summerhill, Donald Feronti, middle row left to right, Gary Robinson, Andy Bray, Page a er, y . . . . D M C ll h L dell James, Ricky Gomez, Paul Lewis, Jimmy Neal, Frank Molmar, Randall eaver. Russell Henderson, Daryl c u oug , yn 5 1 Mike Serenil springs into action to receive pass fabovel. Junior Varsity struts on the field to meet their match Ctop rightl. Johnny Summerhill rushes in to block for Kerry Lrightl. Ricky Gomez runs in another touchdown for the Bears Cfar rightl. 100 Bear Track Bear Tracks The Bears block for Kerry Knox is a strive for a winning touchdown Crightj. Daryl McCollough flies in the air to receive a pass ibelow lefty. Byron Hartman looks worried as the opposing team kicks the ball his way Cbelow rightl. Kerry Knox in action ibottomj. J.V. Scores Brewer 0 Azle 6 Brewer 13 Mansfield 18 Brewer 12 Crowley 0 Brewer Diamond Hill F Brewer 33 Northside 12 Brewer 21 Poly 26 Brewer Grapevine 7 Brewer Castleberry 0 Brewer Carter 0 Brewer Keller 0 101 Freshman Football Have Fair Season Richard Abanilla goes in for a tackle for the freshmen team Qbelowl, Randy Wiley is still wondering who has the ball Cfar rightj. Standing from left to right: Coach Gonzales, Tim Walker, Eddie Miller, Kenneth Floyd, Robert Razo, Randy Wiley, Tony Richardson, Mike Whiter, and Coach H ' ' Ch W lch David Atkins, David Grantham Clayton Hunt Bottom row: Tim Kasterke, Eric Johnson, Mike Sherwood, Larry Kneelmg: Nick Dear, Estes Clapp, ance e , , . Hernando Herrera, John Stallings, Steve English, and Darin Midkiff. Not pictured: Jeff King, Tommy Baker, and Richard Abanilla. 102 Bear Tracks Tracks Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Azle Mansfield Diamond Hill Castleberry Crowley Grapevine North Side Poly Carter Keller The freshmen anxiously await the officials decision frightl, The freshmen football players massacre the Crowley Eagles fbelow leftl, Richard Abanilla says "I've still got the ball coach." fbelow rightj. 103 Girl ar it olle ball Q Above left: Team takes a breakg above right: Sharon Tow goes up for a spikeg above: Tina Young goes up for a blockg middle: Terri Stephens hunts for the ballg far right: Sharon Tow makes a bumpg right: Virginia Slaughter makes a quick move. A e 104 Bear The varsity volleyball girls have finished a tough season. They are one of the hardest working teams I have coached. We worked hard but we seemed to have hard luck. Our season started off slowly, however, we won our first district match against Diamond Hill. Northside then squeezed past us. We came back with a strong win against Poly then fell to Northside after 3 games. It took 3 games for Grapevine to beat us and we then lost to Castleberry. The girls came back strong against Carter Riverside and won. Alas, we ended the first round of play losing to Keller. The second round proved to be exasperating for the team. Losing to Diamond Hill after two games, Northside after 2 games, Poly 2 games, Grapevine 3 games, Castleberry 2 games, and finally beating Carter Riverside in 3 games. We ended the season with a 2 game loss to Keller. Although our season standings are not strong I am proud of these girls and I enjoyed working with them very much. To the graduating seniors: Terri Stephens, Dana Fields, Linda Jenkins, Gina Wiggs and Virginia Slaughter and manager Tina Kisselberg, thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with ladies of your calliber. I'll miss you. fr'-1 rt.: Q Above far left: Linda Jenkins makes a move to bump the ballg far middle left: Misti Valentine makes a move for the ballg bottom left: team takes a break for quick lessong below: Sharon Tow and Dana Fields wait with anticipation. lear Tracks ,U wt 5 105 Girls Varsity olleyball OLD LOVE BALLS. B S DAUGHTER B H 8 YE PLEDGE GU8 YOU f" . top left: Dana Fields, Gina Wiggs, Terri ns, Linda Jenkins, Misti Valentine, Sharon ina Young, Virginia Slaughter, and head iss McMullen. ear Tracks 1 wnqbqu 5 ' Q ,,,.,,. . '-in .Q f , X M ii , O 3: ww-frail . ' i I? :fs a - I 4 , S. Above, leftto right: Dana Fields, Gina Wiggs, Linda Jenkins, Virginia Slaughter, Miss McMullen, Terri Stephens, Sharon Tow, Misti Valentine, and Tina Young, and mgrs. Tina Kisselburg, DeAnne Wheat, Kelli Shaefer, not pictured Christy Salinas. 107 ns 'ahh ., is 7 A A ,.:- .,-, D . gi i F 11 ' . Below: Tonia DeLeon waits for the ball while practicing before a game, below left: Renee Welch sets the ball for Bo Williams spikeg below far right: Lisa McGarrah looks at the other team in disgust. irl Junior ar ity Volle ball Top row left to right: Darla Rilwy, Lisa McGarrah, Bo Williams, Jana Clark, Andy Reeder, Renee VW Cox. bottom row left to right: Juda Smithers, Carlisa Edwards, Tonia DeLeon, Tonia Smith, and Tolleson. 108 Bear Tracks Fre hman Girl olle ball Upper left: Danna Longino, waits to return a serve, while Lower Right Tiffany Johnson makes a serious pose for the photographer. Left to Right: Miss McMullen, Tiffany Johnson, Lori Lively, Cindy Roberts, Taml Stephans, Dawn Bottom Row: Left to Right: Geal Chamberlin, Dana Longino, Pam Melton, Dani Houchin. Tracks Varsity Basketball Boys Have Trying Season .14 'wi Left to right: Randy Reeves. Steve Bell, Don Jones, Chance Welch, Clint Jaynes, Coach Kincannon, Andy Templeton, Bryon Hartman, Terry Mooney, and Dunn, Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Northside Poly Grapevine Castleberry Carter Keller Diamond Hill Northside Poly Grapevine Castleberry Carter Keller 110 Bear Tracks helton 1 k lunar" H' S 5:4 ,. ar Tracks ' . Basketball Sweetheart This year's Basketball Sweetheart is a very active young senior, Angie Shelton. Angie has been a student council member four years, a National Honor Society member three years, and was awarded Senior Favorite this year. She was a class officer her freshman and sophomore years and a member of the basketball team four years. For the past four years she has been a highly-spirited BHS cheerleader. We extend our congratulations to Angie Shelton for being elected this year's Basketball Sweetheart. auf' 111 Boys Varsity Basketball Has Dazzling Season I ...Q ar ity Action , 3. ...,v, , W. W.,,,, We ' 1 , Q ' ' lsigmsz A v ,Q ,M -m W . ,,, Tracks Clint practices free-throws iupper leftl, Russell and Chad wait to play K center leftl, Steve goes after the ball ffar leftj, Byron looks lost fleftj Terry Mooney guards his man with skill fabovej. 113 Girl's Varsity Basketball Have Good Season Standing left to right: Kelli Shafer, Tina Young, Karen Jenson, Angie Shelton, Terri Stephens, Jana Clark, Virginia Slaughter, Misti Valentine, Lori Stanford Fields, Tonia Deleon, Sandra Mejia, and Coach Curry. W3 Brewer North Side .-aw Brewer Poly Brewer Grapevine Brewer Castleberry Brewer Carter Brewer Keller Brewer Diamond Hill Brewer Northside Brewer Poly Brewer Grapevine Brewer Castleberry The varsity girls wait for the rebound irightl, Tonia Deleon sets the ball up for two points Cabove far rightj, Coach Cox and Coach Curry pose for a simple snapshot tabove rightj. 1 14 Bear Terri Stephens gives the King Tut pose Ctop leftj , Tonia Deleon plays good offense ftop rightj. The varsity girls wait to be told which set of warm-ups they have to do next labovej, Virginia Slaughter struts down the court after making both free throws Qrightj, Tina Young is ready to play a defensive game Cleftl. Varsity Girls Have Winning Season l L L i 3 I-f vw 11 RIB, ? 3 8 1 i'3'g-. It ' 1 Q -a 4 Af -g r 7 Y, Q t . f 5 7 M. V, ,Q'1,.1'3,'2fi YJ' L . ,,..,-f' 35: I -,,., :ig ,f . 1, 6 M 3 Q 'V' 1 Q W my J .V. Boys Have A Tough Season F 1 BREWER 'I I 380128 Back Row: Johnny Miller, Mike Serinel, Les Hogwood, Kerry Knox, Larry Chapman, Front Row: Paul Lemons, David Welch, Scott Marshall, Terry Cox The Bears offense shoots for two points. lrightl Les looks puzzled about the play. fbelow leftl Why is Kerry Knox running like crazy and Paul Lemons grinning like a Cheshire Cat? Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Northside 64 Poly 45 Grapevine 60 Castleberry 41 Carter 47 Keller 81 Poly 72 Northside 74 Grapevine 66 Castleberry 60 Carter 61 Keller 57 118 Bear J .V. Girls Struggle To Improve Their Record l. to right: Melony Blassingame, Bo Williams, Lisa McGarrah, Renae Welch, Andi Reeder, Wendi Scroggins, LaDonna Wethington. Kneeling: Coach Cox Q! w' -f sf, ...JY -.iwff 7 . A- :ffl 5 as 45199653 My Q 'Wu ear Tracks Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Northside Poly Grapevine Castleberry Carter Keller Northside Poly Grapevine Castleberry Renae Welch and Wendi Scroggins look amazed that a foul was called on one of the Bears lupper leftj, Lisa McGarrah is ready for the game to Stall. The Freshmen Have ia Year of Learning :':L 5 Back Row: Eugene Lindsey, David Grantham, Eric Johnson, David Adkins, Tody Carr, Rusty Nelson, Richard Abanilla, Front Row: Todd Tallent, Tim Walker, Ti Kasterke, Dennis Williams . , ,, Q ,,,, W, , i , jgg. I , A 3. W ,,,,si 5 . in .LA,.V . . ,. . X: ' ,.. "' ,f . -- ' - ..., , '-559' f G in ll I 'ii j if 'G Q Ve ', 2 dwell? 3 l ' 'i,'.' Xs,'s' , ,, W N irr W T . if Q' -r Y' ' in S Q1 3 ' ie' ,,,, , ,,W' ,,,,, if 1- Q 1,s i- 'r" ., , 1 5 Y , r 'fl-1 The Bears jump high in the air to get the ball. fabovel Woshllll imiddlel The Bears make a good offensive play iupper rightl Dennis Williams sets the ball up for two points. lrightl 120 ll Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Northside Poly Grapevine Castleberry Carter Keller Diamond Hill Northside Poly Grapevine Castleberry Carter Keller Bear Tracks Qi E Freshman Girls Have a Fine Year Tonja Smith, Lori Lively, Dawn Deponte, Cindy Robertson, Robin Ellis, Tiffany Johnson, Michelle Dana Longino. Front row: Tami Stephens, Jeanne Jones, Coach Cox, Lisa McComber, Gail Bear Tracks Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Brewer Poly Grapevine Castleberry Carter Keller Diamond Hill Poly Grapevine Castleberry ,W li. ,ax Z Freshmen girls make a mad rush for the ball ftopj Jump ball! Cabovel. Experienced Varsity Baseball Team From left to right, top row: Coach Stephens, Paul Lernmons, Eric Morris, Sam Feronti, Terry Mooney, Kerry Knox, Joe Rhodes, Chad Dunn, Mike Serenil, Tre, Thetford, Kneeling: Melissa Cornelius ibat girll, Jeff Henley, Donald Feronti, Kevin Taylor, Daryl McCullough, Steve Lemmons, Ricky Razo, David Welch, Tir Spoonemore, and Andrea Wander lbat girll. i f: l if ww fGl'fj,' cgi is at e""V V tvtt e , ' ' ff V- A 'fi 'Zi '1 . p 7 .V 5' I ' Yifiefiff n A ai? Jw wx? V, ,1 U ,yas 1,,ia': -A f' ': 'f 19: ' 13, ff c -if" a 1 Vi- , My - ga., prf,,.,,1, 3, 11 'W - -. ,li U'1e,V.45f f A df?" mg ' 5. 55 fir was ,Z , 5 , 5" i,'Jf?fflff1jf2'-f"1Q 1 l l KW. ,g ,,J,4,,,l+.,. , R, . W,-Q,,'f- fi' ,' f T75 , A ' ' 12 ' ffl? 'V -'NX " ' ' """" ,Z 'fn as .Mum-w-' v ' ', I lame: 2 . M a 'Q f 'V 'W-Y M ,-Q,Lf, 5 , I A ,Vg V ' V.,' ,M' M ff , , 3 ', . A' fb' X f M V , .,,.-ff' If t".-'1"i',V.,,,'. Vwi ' ' , g , . If V- ' I A A .5 3 fy wcim ' 'ew ez K Q 'x f a s e 'e i e ,,., 'A , , Ml' W if ' ,wb k W , ,3 ., -A . ax.. ,..,,f,.aVV, W, -, 3 , , pf" 'gig me 'll 4' 'r A' V ' , 1' A V W'fp3,a.'fwaJi'3ww Aff ', Y' 52.51 f. :H ' if-' ' A K V , Kerry Knox tries to steal a base without the pitch seeing him fabovel, Ricky Razo swings at a ball it flies over the plate Qleftj, Steve Lemmo stretches to catch a foul ball iabove leftj. 122 Bear Tracks H V r Have High Ambition Chad Donald Dunn Feronti Paul Steve Lemmons Lemmons Ricky Joe Razo Rhodes -I if Trey David Thetford Welch ear Tracks for 1983 Season Sam Feronti Daryl McCullough ' D ' Q- . -if-it 'Q Mike Serenil Melissa Cornelius Manager Jeff Kerry Henley Knox Terry Eric Mogney Morris Tim Kevin Spoonernore Taylor Andrea Wander Manager 3 y v H Q F ! 1 I k w ,gnu IWW Eff 1 .- T LMZEQF? Q v racks .L Daryl McCullough takes a moment for serious thinking Ctop leftl The Bears prepare for a winning game. ltop rightj Kevin Taylor is sucessful in hitting a homerun. Ccenter leftl Tim Spoonmore, anxious and waiting. icenterj Here catch!!! icenter right! Joe Rhodes can't decide which way to run. Cleftl 125 Junior Var ity Pla Ball i 1 Back row standing: Gene Johnson, Robbie Rodriquez, David Grantham, Jeff King, Todd Tallant, Ronald Lane, Jesse Westover, Micahel Lauderdale, Coach Benefielf front row kneeling: Jimmy Neal, Tim Walker, Darrin Midkiff, Eddie Miller, Kevin Moskola, Joe Razo, and Ricky Gomez. 1 , . 'Z A inY?-if1i,?ei1fsf'Ufs3: K' ' l' " K A " F i ' 'set' Joe Razo makes a winning catch ffar leftl, Mit Lauderdale says "Can I catch it?" fmiddlel. Edd Miller makes a throw for the infield fabovel. .VF A , . - Qi 2" aff? 126 Bear Tracks J Tracks Jimmy Neal dreams about being a professional baseball player. Qleftl You're not playing football, Eddie. fbelow leftj The Bears are fired up to play a great game of baseball Cbelow rightl Jeff King runs the bases with pride. ibottom leftl Joe Razo slides in for a homerun. fbottom right! 127 Tennis Swings A Mean Backhand E 2 Q E 3 Il E E 1 5 5 E From left to right, top row: Tho Lee, Carrie Goss, Teresa Chapa, Tina Curtis, Angie Hernandez, Hayden Lewis, Scott Marshall, kneeling: Glenn Unsell, Felix Lei and Sean Beckner. A -,,,-f?'W5l'f!.f2 ff? vu: wif' 'A Coach Dimond gives Carrie some instructions on how to serve Cabove leftj, Angie Hernandez and Carrie Goss play some serious tennis faboveb, Dusty West gets set for a good forehand Cleftl, Tina Curtis says "Well, where did it go?" Qrightl. 128 Bear 5 1 i ' -f , 4 , 4 K I 5 ,. 15 1' I ,, 0 A 1 Angie and Tina finally take a break fupper leftj. Hayden doesn't look very active iupper rightl. Coach Diamond helps Carrie Goss prepare for the match icenter leftl, Dusty and Tho play doubles with good teamwork. fabovel, Felix swings his strong arm. ffar leftl, Dusty says 'Tm ready whenever you are" Cleftl 129 Boy's Track Team Works Hard During Practice Back row standing left to right: Donnie Fisher, Alan Keiser, Matthew Winters, Clint J aynes, Michael Downey, David Westbrook, and Molinar, Lance Draper, Johnny Summerhill, Russell Henderson, Dennis Williams, Sammy Carr, Kelly Abbott, and Richie Deaver. Alan Keiser hurls the disk through the air Qabovel, Sammy Carr stretches his back muscles fabove rightl, David Westbrook is concentrating on breaking Ala.n's record Krightl, Russell Henderson prepares to sprint ffar rightl. 130 Bear Tracks Girls Track Team Holds! Promise for '8 Season gr" ff Ms 1 I 41. 1 -M-fe -- .,,...,,., ,owl lick row standing left to right: Patty Guire, Jackie Moses, Cynthia Johnson, Renee Welch, Cyndi Robertson, Tiffany Johnson, Wendy Moorehead, Ramona Ramirez ont row: Sandra Ponce, Brenda Martinez, Tina Young, Teresa Chapa, LaDonna Wethington, Tonia Deleon, and Chris Ramirez. i V . , . v Bear track girls enjoy doing exercise fabove leftj, Chris looks ready to go home fabove middlej, LaDonna thinks shels the leader of the pack fabovej, Girls track team limber up for a rough work out frightl. Tracks Golf Swings Into Action Kerry Barrett Terry Cox Chad Davis Scott Marshall ' FM -':, f i . 1 ,i ' 'ua9x.MLvfi:b 27"I , 132 Chance Welch Bear Tracks Bear's Golf Team x ax 5 , my ,,-. , ' .. ' ,B x,, 13 . "' f 'S N' K ' 3 'SPI N' f y .N . Q- f N f' f 'mn W! A t.,. -F .eft To Right Terry Cox, Coach Kincannon, Scott Marshall, Kerry Barrett, Chance Welch, Chad Davis. Golf does not get a lot of recognition at rewer but it definitely has its place here. his year's team is young but it is one that ,as members who are skilled and xperienced. According to Webster's ictionary golf is 'fan outdoor game layed on a large tract of land with a mall, hard rubber ball and a set of lender-handled clubs, the object being o drive the ball into a series ofsmall holes -vith the fewest possible strokes." 1 A more personal look at the game pmes from some of our Brewer golfers. It is a challenging game," says Kerry arrett. "It takes practice and skill. I ractice a couple of hours each day, five ays a week after school. One thing I joy about the sport is that a person can Bear Tracks play golf all his life whereas with other, more physical sports, the player is age-limited." "It's a fun game," says Terry Cox, "I don't care for the practice but I enjoy the competition between schools. I've been golfing for six years, my brother taught me." Coach Kincannon has really been a big help to Terry by instructing him in the fundamentals of the game. Chad Davis has been playing golf for five years. He attributes his proficiency to his dad who is himself a very good golfer. "I play about 9 holes with my dad every day or every other day." Chad, who also plays football, compares the two sports and, aside from the obvious differences, he finds that he likes the W, fgvit K- 1 ,31 K . r - P ai individualism of the game of golf, "With football, you play as a team and score as a team, with golf, you must depend on your own score." Chance Welch, who has been golfing five years, became interested because his father and brother are golfers. About the sport Chance says, "The things I like about golf are that you don't have to be in top physical condition or physically large to playfl About practice he says, "You wouldn't think that you would have to practice very much, but you do." Off-season football takes away from much of the time he'd like to spend practicing golf but he goes on weekends. 133 X W , V I Q " N' 7 K PQ fgj .aL - As 5, Ng "yah i sim, ff 1 X f 7 if ., , zfj X ff 0 we . 5 L Viv ,,,-,.Mm, ras, , A I H , ' . ... 4 9 """"s' l ..: -2125" . h 2 .dsl iff ll. .I .lfl '91 lt 1 lu J f " Our organizations keep alive our spirit of fun and at the same time teach and strengthen us. We are very fortunate to have such a wide variety of organizations because we are able to serve in areas where we are most needed and also where we will most benefit. Some clubs carry with them a tremendous amount of responsibility, others are concerned with the activities within the school, some focus on music, others on matters of the mind. Regardless of the kind of club you choose, its main intent is to prepare you for life outside of the school. 135 The 1982-83 varsity cheerleaders, with Lori Stanford as head cheerleader, have done a great job in raising the school spirit. At East Texas State summer camp, they won the spirit stick five out of five times, the mascot spirit stick four out of five times, nine superior ribbons, two excellent, and a most improved ribbon. With the new sixth period cheerleader class, the cheerleaders now have more time to practice cheers and paint signs. At the Friday night football games, their efforts can be seen in their new difficult-to-perform cheers. The cheer- leaders should be congratulated for a job well done. Darlene and LaDonna show us what they can do Qbelowj. Lori Stanford, the head cheerleader, has great spirit at the pep rally tbelow rightl. Angie Shelton is leading our team to a victory against Poly lbelow far rightl. Terri Stephens, the bear mascot, singing a song called 'AI am a Brewer Bear" ffar bottoml. Standing: Angie Shelton, Lori Stanford, Terri Stephens, Misty Valentine, Karen Jenson. Kneeling Potter, Debbie Latimer, Christi Tefertiller, and LaDonna Wethington. arsity Cheerleaders Have Spirit 136 1 , E Bear Tracks F Ea. ,1 L: ' The cheerleaders anxiously await the beginning of the game ifar leftl. Lori Stanford shows great spirit at the pep rally lbelow rightl. The cheerleaders do a good job in lifting everyone's spirit fbelowj. Darlene and Debbie end a cheer of victory with the look of pride fbottom leftl. Christie is waiting for Karen to get organized Kbottom middlej. After all the hours of practice, Debbie still has trouble completing the cheer. 137 Freshman Cheerleaders The freshmen are newcomers into the high school but they are doing a great job. Under the supervision of the freshman cheerleaders, the freshmen have shown great spirit by winning the spirit stick and supporting school activities. Miss Ponder, leader of the squad, has a big part in helping the girls do pyramids and other stunts. The freshman cheerleaders consist of Sabrina Petty, Robin Ellis, Tiffany Johnson, Melony Blassingame, Angela Robello and Christy Razor. These girls have done so much for school spirit by having practices during the summer and going to camp and also by just taking part. We should gongratulate these girls for a job well one. Freshman cheerleaders cheer the varsity boys to another great defeat lbelowl. The cheerleaders do a cheer for the varsity players Crightl. Angela and Tiffany wait to cheer while the varsity players enter the gym Kbottoml. Tiffany Johnson shows great spirit at the pep rally ffar rightl. Standing left to right: Melony Blassingame, Tiffany Johnson, Robbin Ellis, Sabrina Petty and Angie Ro Kneelingg Christie Razor. 138 3 s - mm lm , r 252 .is Stefanie Mulford, Kim O'Connor. Kneeling: Charlisa Knight. Front: Elizabeth Leal. Tracks Junior Varsity Cheerleaders The 1982-83 Junior Varsity Cheerleaders have a great squad. They all show enormous amount of spirit. Under the strong leadership of Miss Ponder, the Junior Varsity squad has led our team to have high spirit. The Junior Varsity squad consists of juniors Charlisa Knight and Elizabeth Leal and sophomores Stefanie Mulford and Kim O'Connor. There is no specific captain ofthe squad, the girls take turns at leading the team. We should commend these girls for their pride and hard effort. The Junior Varsity cheerleaders perform a pyramid to boost the crowds spirit ffar leftj. Kim 0,Connor enjoys cheering at the Northside pep rally fupper leftl. 139 2 Q I Q -L, S ' , no 1 Q I ,A I l , ,V ' X ' gf.,-f fl ., 'y 'irv I 73 ,A I - 'vi Q A 'Q' I ' -, ff AK is - " ' C M -V ' Tr ' ' Lif t' A x' Q 'F f "' Il -- XJ' 2.4 Q ,wgkw - ,, ., wg '1 V T f , W v1 il one Q f A :A 4 " 45 mir 5 5-sf", fl ,Q Q? H 5 'Q E g - fl SVG 1 g J A 5 ' J " T fr ' fr f 3 6. 5 'ri 'lf fax T' 3 , elyg J g E if ,f15e,w- it jsmwfe it .gf ,, T E ' a w ' AR is p rix W 1 w , M e f Q, ,. ' , ,. .gf ,, I , 4 f , ,f l T V A ,V ij fv ' tp f A, X ,, if gf ' W 'f 15 -W -' 9 A A 6' of ,F T qi: " if 1,56 -' I 1.5. -1 'L' I , H I 2 , a 13: I if :' Bi M 1 Q f 1' ,. QS K A , . N12 ,' Q, gf 'IQ g r , V , !, VV K Z .gy . V, bV4W N ,. . A, : A t , w A ., ,Q rn .ai , , e , A fy. T T T f by if fly X l ' 1 'af ' T i 1' l U V li lf T i E al 1 X" get w H' fl, get -Nz ," ,- H wx Q ,V "- ' fl ir, M Sli -if -r J ,, 1,f wi-A All EU 5 'W , ., f 1, Q- ' A '9 9 if f uf HQ' 1 , Q 2 fy g 1 "' ' ' , V x A . ,fy V -' - .I ,,,. ' fr ,EJ -+- VTWWA sfgw-1 -Wf izf E:-3.1 1' " Y-1- .. LMW'-M ef i ,,f,, '. z "T P' ,I ef V .V " ' ' J ' + 'e , ,LVA 2 , I WSE? 5 ft 5 , 1 VV V, ' ' ' ,L W qw In '-reef fl ,Q .. V 2' K N, I E i Marching , 5 S Band ' - The Brewer Bear Marching Band has had a great year. They received straight ones at the Cleburne Marching Contest in October. About two weeks later the band went to the Region 5 U.I.L. Contest and received straight superior ratings. The Bear Band was the only band to receive straight superior ratings by all three judges in class 4A. The band was then off to State. They did a great job at representing White Settlement at Austin. We should congratulate the band for a job well done. Keep up the good work!! I 140 Bear T ' Qaressa Qollahite Band Sweetheart Caressa Dollahite has been a band member since the sixth grade. She is now a member of both the symphonic and jazz ensemble bands. Last year she recieved a superior for her solo performance of "Scene in Air". For the past two years she recieved a superior rating at UIL contest for both solo and ensemble. For the past four years she has been a member of the all-region band and she was also selected for the TWC Honor Band. These aforementioned honors are only a few of her accomplishments so it is easy to see why she was chosen this year's Band Sweetheart. Tracks 141 Trombones Basses and Baritones Clarinets 142 'lutes Trumpets nor Saxophones Alto Saxophones N x ercussion French Horns Brewer S mphonic Band f From left to right: John Clem, Mark Daniels, Dawn Lane, Perry McDonald, Billy Lemme, Don Cribbs, Roger Bryant, Wayne Peterson, David Farrar, Jeff Ware, Cl. Everage, Jody Walden, Steve Rawlins, Eric Keller, Stacy Godi, Carol Abbott, Tina Curtis, Lori Smith, Lori Rawlins, Cristy Chamberlain, Gail Chamberlain, Frank Mullir Robbie Rodriquez, Buck Gilcrease, Dianna Abbott, Kim Williams, Todd DeShong, Tony Guerrero, Robert Robertson, Steve Lacy, Paula Melton, Kathy Byers, Robl Martin, Kellye Reeves, Stacey Draper, Suzanne Waller, Toni Webb, Belinda, Mary Frantom, Stacy Keannaanina, Veronica Casillas, Caressa Dollahite, Deanna Clawso Stephanie Draper, Lisa Benton, Lisa Park, Colleen Norton, Debbie Oakely, Kelli Shafer, Lorri Shertzer, Cheryl Abbott, Laurie Stevens, and Director of Bands, N Lamb. Brewer Concert Bands From Left to right starting at the top: David Sayers, Andrew Alderson, Tracy Godi, Mary Durko, Kevin McDermott, Gregg Green, Eluid Guerrero, Tracy Rubenkoenig, David Parsons, Jeff Elliott, Ricky Thompson, Cindy Keller, Jeff Duncan, Robin Shoe, Rusty Davis, Mr. Collison, Terry Bartlett, Robyn Bray, Brian Alcorn, Carol Collins, Scott Lahmer, Ginae McDonald, Rodney Young, Shellie Rubenkoenig, Bobby Stanfield, Kristi Farrar, David Stephan, Elizabeth Polk, Stephen Reeves, Yvette Atkins, Donna Yaws, Rene Layton, Cathy Sosa, Shelly Hooten, Michelle Ray, Lisa Templeton, Tamara McNutt, Lee Blanchard, Christy McBryde, Vicki Landreth, Connie Searcy, Shelley Coffman, Sheri Boggess, Valerie Archer, Teresa Evans, Janice Foy, Sheila Jackson, and Phala Ware. Qabovel. Michelle Tolinson, Chris Carr, Beau Williams, David Taylor, Cheria Crockett, Lance Draper, Shane Craven, Thomas Higgens, Fred Durko, Darrell Dale, Kim Branch, Serina Geter, Danielle Sellers, Michelle Berks, and Amy Thornborrow Cabove rightj 144 Bear Brewer Jazz En emble Brewer tage Band From left to right, top row: Dani Houchin, Robbie Rodriquez, Greg Boe, Cristy Chamberlain, and Lori Rawlins. 2nd row: Steve Rawlins, Ken Pape, Jody Walden, Eric Keller, and Mr. Lamb. 3rd row: Todd DeShong, Tony Guerrero, Scott Walker, Kim Williams, and Caressa Dollahite. 4th row: Scott Marshall, Lori Smith, Dawn Lane, Mark Daniels, and Mark Williams. m left to right, back row: Mr. Collison, Cliff Everage, Tracy Godi, Michael Lauderdale, Ricky Thompson, Jeff Duncan, and Rusty Bryant. Middle row: Robert bertson, Stephen Reeves, Rob Summerhill, Darrell Dale, and Veronica Casillas. Front row: Rodney Young, Frank Mullins, and Jeff Elliott. Bear Tracks 145 1982-83 0 'Ns Majorettes The Majorettes, who go to various contests, have been rated straight ones throughout the year. They consist of Senior Kellye Reeves, Juniors Lisa Barnes, Stacey Draper, and Sophomores Terri Collett, and Andi Reeder. This group is under the strong guidance of Mrs. Johnson and has done well. These girls get up every morning to march with the bandg they also perform various routines in pep rallies. This year the girls have twirled fire and also all of them have their solo feature during the Hungarian Rhapsody. In May the girls will be going to State to be judged by very tough judges. Good luck and keep up the hard work. L ' 'FEL ' . . se 1' , "rf J gs sf ,A " . ,L g - .,y F 'g . , Z , . , gm ,U . r, .wi S .-- " ' 1 el.. uw M A W .. . M y in A .. ' ff 9 5 ' i : . K W ' - , P set 14 . . .,,, . - 'Siam 5- P - 1 ' W g.,,g,sJ"f - , 'A A . .5 '35, . ":fff:'J',,f o4yfgfgrr..,Ws .,: . A - f "'- , ..,, ...M 'i' , Ef.i,,Q,f:r . '11 . :iffiii . 5WLf'.1.-fi9iff'5'1W.J .y.. V ., ,S n c a Andi Reeder practices her routine with class. Qfar rightb, Terri Collett gets ready to leave after a hard days work imiddle topl, Lisa Barnes and Stacey Draper march with pride and dignity fabovel, Terri Collett shows off her twirling abilities fmiddle bottomj. 146 Stacey Draper, Terri Collett, Andi Reeder, Kellye Reeves, Lisa Barnes. . wg Bear Tracks Flag Corp The Flag Corps is a group consisting of thirteen members. Under the supervision of Laurie Hartley and Jeanine Kuhlman the Flag Corps has improved from past years. The Flag Corps also does a great job at coloring the band with their blue and white flags. Mrs. McCormick, the sponsor, has said that she wants to have good, precise routines and spirit. Mary Durko practices in the cold weather ffar leftb. The Flag Corps at the beginning ofa game labove leftl. Mary Durko, Ramona Ramirez, and Connie Searcy are excited before the game fleftl. Darla Teague and Mary Durko perform at the pep rally laboveb. 147 Standing: Karen Crisp, Monda Idell, Nannette Brown, Tracy Lovell Michelle Black J ulxe Carothers Angela Rice Stephanie McDonald l Sharon Easton, Traci Calton, Debby Barnett, Lori Lively Janet Smith Sabra Barker JoAna Fenn Terri Berkley Kneeling Mary Winters Lohman, Gina Dyer, Jane White, Julie Evans, Katrina Podsednlk Elizabeth Lockhart Toni Williams Sltting Hilda Flores Wendi Scroggins Cindy Holcomb Kisselburg, DeeDee Duncan 1982 - 83 Hone combs This year's Honeycomb Drill Team was hardworking and dedicated to having a good season. Despite early practices and backbreaking Cand muscle-stretchingl work, the girls stuck with it and earned recognition as an outstanding team. They also helped raise school spirit at pep rallies and football games. The Honeycombs should be commended for their efforts. Janet, J oAna, and Chris have varying reactions to a new routine fabove rightl. Mary says, "I knew it was bad, but nobody told me it was that bad!" frightj. Nannette knows how hard it is to be glamorous early in the morning ffar rightl. 148 ""'QlV Zindy olcomb p Honeycomb of the Year Honeycomb of the Year for 1982-1983 was awarded to Cindy Holcomb, a senior. Cindy has been on the drill team for four years and served as lieutenant her junior year and captain this year. She received all-star dancer and honor roll for most-outstanding. Cindy also participated in NHS, annual staff, Key Club, Young Christians, stage band, YAC, and served as Language Club secretary and senior class corresponding secretary. Cindy has many memories of drill team and comments about her experience, "Drill team has been a large part of my life, but it's been time well spent. I feel the teamwork and friendships have helped me prepare for the challenges that lie aheadf' Mrs. Roller, drill team sponsor, says, i'Having Cindy as a captain this past year has been a tremendous pleasure as well as being a super big help, I don't believe anyone could have carried the honor of Honeycomb of the Year as well as she has. Thanks a lot, Cindy! fr Q auf' fail Bear Tracks XDR fix. 149 Hilda Flores, Wendi Scroggins, Cindy Holcomb, Tina Kisselburg, and Dee Dee Duncan. Tina and Debby march proudly at the White l Settlement Days Parade Qtop rightl. Debby takes a short nap, 7 a.zn. comes pretty early Kabovel. Cindy says, "Ask me, I know!" icenter rightl. Drill teamers watch their friends with interest Qrightj. Gina concentrates on her fancy footwork lfar rightl. 150 X ,f 5 s -4 .E N Bear Tracks Bear Tracks Wood and Water "Woods and Water is Brewer High School's outdoor program. The group includes over fifty students. Our objectives are simply to have good experiences and good times. Activities have ranged from afternoons at the zoo to weekend camping trips. In the future we hope to plan a canoe trip, picnics, and more weekend outings. By working closely with the Scout's Explorer program, beautiful facilities and many summer activites are available. We hope to further develop the Woods and Water program into a strong, and excited group for everyonef' Miss Lewis - Sponsor. Woods and Water members ftopj. Cheery campers from the first Woods and Water campout this yearlbelowj 151 Top row: Mark Cofer, Robert Moore, Sammy Carr, Andy Sullenberger, Rodger McCall, Clint Jaynes, Tony McClure, Alex Beck, Steve Lemons, Buck Gilcrease, Teri Stephens, and Chris Bolin. 2nd Row: Eric Keller, Ken Pape, Tina Curtis, Ben Earley, Angela Powell, Karen Jenson, Tim Spoonemore, Trey Thetford, Eric Morrig Stacy Kreneak, Christie Tefertiller, Angie Shelton, and Lori Stanford. 3rd Row: Eddy Shutza, John Thornborrow, Charles Hughes, Debbie Latimer, Sharon Daviso Dianna Gragg, Hilda Flores, Cindy Holcomb, Suzanne Waller, Colleen Norton, and Sylvia Chapa. 4th Row: Ricky Johnston, Shelly Cobb, Paula Melton, Lisa Par Felix Leal, Chris Gerling, Kelly Reeves, Lori Smith, Sheila McGonigal, Terri Timmes, and Biatriz Chapa. 5th Row: Jody Walden, Brad Mercer, Randy Walker, Carr' Fenn, Todd DeShong, Dianna Abbott, Candy Azier, Steve Rawlings, Tony Guerrero, and Barbie Eyler. ' I-ann., , , l l l 4 I f Q il Charles and Brad settle in for another 'lexcitingu N.H.S. meeting ftop leftJ.J eff, Randy, Sam say "that's right, we're bad!" ltop rightl. Sheila laughs at a particularly funny joke Qaboveh. Eric takes a trip to La La Land during a meeting at break irightj. 152 Bear Tracks tanding: Terri Timmes, Randy Walker, Dianna Abbott, sitting: Angie Shelton, and Todd DeShong. ational Honor Societ The National Honor Society is doing a great job under the supervision of President Todd DeShong and other officers. This club has had various fund raising projects that include dances and different activities. High academic grades are a must to get into this society. Although everybody isn't in every project, this society pulls together as a unit to raise school pride and spirit. The sponsors, Mrs. Ware and Mrs. Hope, have great hope in making this a memorable year, we should give the National Honor Society a big "thanks!', Bottom left: Sheilia McGonigil laughs at fellow member's joke. Bottom right: N.H.S. members discuss what to do the next week. Bear Tracks 153 Student Council A Standin : An ie Shelton, Kevin Martin, Darrel McCollough, John Thornborrow, Jeff King, Tina Curtis, Jody g S Walden, Middle Row: Tim Spoonmore, Scott Marshall, Andy Sullenberger, Shelly Cobb, Lori Stanford, Sitting: ' ' ' andre Mejia, Dana Houchin. Christi Teferteller, Christy Razor, Gail Chamberlain, S Student Council representatives are elected by the Student Body for the student body. Representatives work hard at raising school spirit. They also try to get other students involved in school activities. A good deal of time and effort is put out by this group to help the community. Food and toy drives are sponsored for the needy. This group also sponsors the annual Ranch Day program that is so popular at Brewer. The students on Student Council merit the recognition and commendation of the student body for their contribution to Brewer and White Settlement. John says "See the Sauerkraut, mmmm, mmmm' itop x Q 5 i 5 5 ii 1 r L 4 1 l 21 l n E E i 4 Q rightl. Christi plays with her dolly fcenterl. Andy Sullenberger watches with awe Kcenterl . Tim has a hard time figuring out how to play with his toy Crightl. i 154 I Bear Tracks Jlllllllll ff'-1 ding: Scott Marshall - treasurerg Shelly Cobb - Secretary: Sitting: Andy Sullengerger - president, not pictured y Spence - vice president. 5 - 3 fu" K - ffl? 'ah I I, I VkVVr,. g ,xii nr Tracks I ,- J , 1- ,' 9 .4 , 3 , Q! gl' sw W' 'L 3 or fixed I ,f I 4 lc VIVV I J, I e .ic ' il - V r 1 -I ' 11' . , f i W , , Vs hy- ,. .ii ,1 L4 W: 59: V 5 3' of V Sei? v y 4 X. i 1 we Lori and Christie adore the dolls.Ctop, rightl Andy explains as Tina smugly looks on. Cabovej Jody and Dani are caught playing with the toys. ifar, leftj Scott and Daryl are excited about the toy. fleftl 155 Annual Staff The Annual Staff has a large job because we want to make sure that your year is complete by giving Brewer the best annual ever. The staff works hard to raise money in different activities throughout the year, so that we can produce the annual. Under the strong leadership of Mrs. Finn, the staff gives their best effort. Carrie Fenn, the editor- in-chief makes sure that all projects and the annual are at their finest. The staff members are on a point system this year in which every person must earn 100 points to be able to go to Austin with the staff. This includes coming to meetings, workshops, selling ads, and helping in projects. We slhould commend the staff for a job well one. Mrs. Finn checks layouts for errors ltop leftl. Raymond Brantley pauses for a picture ftop far leftj. Carrie Ferm, our hard-working editor iabovel. The organization section is a stressful job, but Shelly Cobb is still able to smile iabove middlel. Ginae McDonald dislikes posing for pictures - a little Cabove rightl. Christi Tefertiller is always ready to smile frightj. Annual signs are being painted by Kim OlConnor ffar rightl. 156 A .uwf Bear Tracks K John Thornborrow has done a great job as photography editor ftop leftb. Clowning around is important to relieve stress, says Jeff White itopl. Hayden Lewis preparing to print a faculty picture Cabove leftb. Tina Kisselburg takes care of ad sales fabove midd1eJ.Biatriz Chapa is a valuable worker Cabovej. Jody Walden and Tina Paden smile for the camera fleftl. 157 Whiz Kid Back row: Tim Baker, Robert Miller, Zane Peppers, Mark Chaffin. Front row: Scooter Anderson, Ken Russell, and Randy Trent 52155332 mil ,V "f,' 1'j1' 7.f44 -hc, 'f"ff,g' ,, 5312? Z? nw ll D 'd St h n, Scooter Anderson, Chris Carr. Seated: Dan Wingo, Matt Crump, and Devon Bower. Standing: Randy Trent, Ken Russe , aV1 ep a 158 Bear Tracks Youth Advisor Council ing left to right: Steve Lemons, Lisa Frantom, Lori Shertzer, Renee Cochran, Clint Jaynes, Eric Morris, Jiro Morrison, and Devon Bower. Middle row: Sammy Sabrina Petty, Kristi Leach, Debbie Latimer, Dianna Gragg, Carrie Goss, Rhonda Wooten, and Renee Welch. Front row: Shelly Lawrence, Mark Eddy, Wayne om, and Chris Carr. L Rodeo Club View .-sf. ,r"""w ng left to right: Curtis Gandy, Tony Richards, Steven Slaughter, Jim Pollard, Elmer Thompson and Jay Gordon. Seated: Dwayne Jett, Bobby Baker, Cylinda n, and Andy Brooks. Bear Tracks 159 Drama Club This year's Drama Club, led by the strong leadership of Ms. Deaver, has had a very rewarding year. The only requirements for the club are to have theatrical interests and to be ready to work. The drama club plans to compete in the U.I.L. one act play competition, and to have several productions. This year's officers and club should be congratulated on a great year. Ricky Johnston struggles to free himself from his captives ibelowb. 160 Standing left to right: Stefanie Mulford, George Woodky, Ricky Johnston, Scott Harris, Danny Knowles, Caley, Shane Reed, Stefanie Baker, Mike Lewis, Dawn Welborn, Darrel Dale, Gilliam Butler, a.nd R Johnston. Seated: Lynn Wade, Michelle Barfield, Liz Sides, Debbie Barnett, Shelly Cobb, and S Nobles. I lb MX ti 1 "er X , , X T7 -V ,- 5 Jil f . 'ff :' .'!Z."1u, 'Y '-.jg , rf at if up . Drama Club officers are standing: Stefanie Mulford - secretaryltreasurer, Michelle Barfield - reporter, a seated: Ricky Johnston - president, and Liz Sides - vice president. Bear Tracks Standing left to right: Shelly Cobb, Kristi Leach, Manuel Herrera, Zane Peppers, and Chris Carr. Middle row: Carressa Dollahite, Veronica Casillas, Denisa Moore, Carrie Goss, Dianna Cragg, Mary Stowe and Deanna Clawson. Kneeling: Lori Stanford, Tina Kisselburg, and Dianna Abbott. Language Club This club consists of people enrolled in either French or Spanish classes. The sponsors for this yearls Language Club are Mrs. Wright and Mrs. Ware. The only requirements are to be enrolled in a language class, or to have completed two years of language. This year's officers are: president, Debbie Latimerg vice-president, Dianna Abbott, secretary, Cindy Holcomb, and treasurer, Tina Kisselburg. The Language Club has been raising money through many activities to help with their trip to Mexico, planned for late April. The club also competes in the language fair, and last year won first and second place positions in the academic and cultural competition. The Language Club has had a very busy and yet rewarding year. Coy Kent is frantically conjugating verbs ftop leftl. Cindy Holcomb looks up excitedly when someone mentions the upcoming trip to Cancun, while Darrell McCullough takes the opportunity to peak at Cindy's paper labove far leftj . Felix Leal appreciates agood joke Cabove leftj. Not pictured are Steve Lemons, Eric Morris, Jiro Morris, Cindy Holcomb, Debbie Latimer, Terri Timmes, Felix Leal, Rhonda Wooten, Teresa Chapa, Charlie Moreno, Mark Eddy, Clint Jaynes, Dana Fields, Terri Stephens. above are this years Language Club Officers, seated: Cindy Holcomb - secretary, Debbie Latimer - Tracks Dianna Abbott - vice-president, and standing: Tina Kisselburg - treasurer 161 Paper Staff This year's Paper Staff, led by Ms. Doss, has had a very good year. The staff, which publishes eight issues of the Bear Facts and competes in the U.I.L. competition also takes an annual trip to Austin with the annual staff. Members of the staff must have an interest in writing and informing the student body and an overall "B" average. An interesting fact about this years paper staff is that Terri Timmes, the editor, is the only former member. Last year the staff won the award of honor at the ILPC competition. The staff should be congratulated on a great year. The Sheik of Arabe, Jeff Pipkin fabovej. Lyle Draper prints a picture iabove middlej. Brad Mercer knows that writing copy takes alot of thought fabove far rightj. Tamara Hall takes Brad's copy to the typewriter. 162 - I r r x Q 5 1 Standing left to right: William Orban, Lisa Frantom, Brian Rickard, Pat Phillips, Jeff Pipkin, Clint Ramona Ramirez, Terry Mooney, Kerry Knox, Tamara Hall, and Brad Mercer. Seated are: Terri Doss, Scott Lahmer, and Lyle Draper. Bear Tracks - f Zsw-1 - , Tracks .laik V wig ,,L' A -QQ' 3, -W 'V 3 97 A ' -W: W.V- fgj v r' ., ., '- l:i3'.: ' .xC1-' 5 ' "An . K , , QR . ' ' .44 Printing quality pictures is Lyle Draper's department ftop leftl. Ms. Doss helps Scott Lahmer and Terri Timmes ftopj. Scott Lahmer looking at negatives while posing to be placed on a negative fabove leftl. Lisa Frantom sells ads over the phone iabovej. Ramona Ramirez writes very interesting articles Cfar leftl. Ms. Doss is cheering because paper sales were great Cleftl. 163 Donna Distributive Education Clubs of America A student who is enrolled in the marketing and distributive education may be in Distributive I9 is Education Clubs of America. The club promotes civic consciousness, trains in leadership skills, and helps give understanding in vocational and social awareness. The club hopes to attend the Leadership Lab in Glen Rose, the area contest in Temple, and the State contest in Houston. Last year seven DECA students were National Who's Who, and DECA has won many other area and state contests. Randall and Bobby take time out to have their picture taken ftop leftl. Mrs. Brewton gives her students some advice on arranging the scrapbook Qabovel. Sheila Jackson works on making ads Qabove rightb. 164 Officers standing: Cathy Gabbert - parliamentarian, Michelle Watts - vice president, Randall sergeant of arms, Candy Bray - reporter, Vicki Landreth - secretary, Sheila Whitfield - decoration and and Kelly Ballard - treasurer. Seated are Rohbin Williams - president, Mrs. Brewton, and Sheri historian. Bear Tracks Industrial Cooperative I I O Training Industrial Cooperative Training promotes interest in Vocational Education and Industrial Cooperative Training contests along with leadership. The club symbolizes technology and research in industry. Ken Barnett, this years new sponsor, plans activities and projects for the club. Industrial Cooperative Training provides students with an excellent opportunity to gain job knowledge, while still enriching this knowledge. Back row left to right: Jeff Mitchell - parliamentarian, Kerry Rogers - reporter, Steve Terry - treasurer, and Ronnie Hudgins - sergeant at arms. Seated are: Sylvia Chapa - vice-president, Martin Foshee - president, and Suzanne Waller - secretary. Standing, left to right: Joe Rhodes, John Martinez, David Lane, Jay Gordon, Brian Delk, Bubba Barker, Robert Herfkins, Michael Watts, John Jennings, Mark McKinney, Kevin Bernard, David Farrar, Rod Tatts, Dwayne Cox, Don Cribbs, and Mr. Barnett. Seated: Steven Terry, Ronnie Hudgins, Martin Foshee, Suzanne Waller,, Jeff Mitchell, and Kerry Rogers. Not Pictured: Sylvia Chapa. 165 Vocational The VOCT Club, under the supervision of Mrs. Dinkell, has shown outstanding spirit throughout the school year. These students must be enrolled in C.V.A.E. to be able to take part in club activities. The officers have done a superb job at raising spirit and participating in school functions. This club has made positive contributions to the school and the community. Another purpose of this club is to promote an appreciation for the American way of life, develop an understanding for the world of work, and develop individual pride in workmanship. We should congratulate and keep supporting this group. Standing lett to right: Connie Carrera, uwayne yen, i Occupation Career Training Bobby Peace, Alicia Razo, Mrs. Dinkle, and AlicialoonzaigsfHfclriiexlffftllflialaffiHQf1lQ12QffE2Qr3Llkgk, Trotter, and Carol Moreno. Seated: Jerry McFarland, Standing: Craig Southersg Reporter, Wendy Stellg Treasurer, Jerry McFarlandg Sgt. At Arms, Carol Morenog Secretary, David Wilsong Parliamentarian, Harold Helrnkeg Advisor, Lisa Petrikg President, and Larry Trotterg Vice- President. 166 Craig Southers, Wendy Stell, and David Wilson. Bear Tracks T Office Education Association This year's OEA has had many very successf ul years in the past. This year, under the strong leadership of Linda Crouch and Bennye McMullen, the girls have gone to Area, State, and National Competitions and have ranked very well. The plans for this year consist of decorating the hall at a nursing home, and visiting childrens hospitals at halloween in costume. The groups requirement's are to be in an office education class and to promote office education. All of the officers have high hopes for this club. We should commend these students for a job well done. left to right:Michelle Ray,Dianna Gragg, Tammy Hall, Cathy Diebler, Colleen Norton, Karen Mary Coppinger, Sharon Easton, Rhonda Brown , Penny Stewart, Theresa Beasley, Rene Karen Strawbridge ffar leftl and Linda Jenkins lleftl rush to finish a timing. Moore, Tammie Walker, Teresa Williams, Gilliam Butler, Tracey Reath. Seated are: Sheri Bear Tracks Q33 A L 3 ww, ' Tammy Hofer, Gina Wiggs, Michelle Alexander. Kneeling: Hilda Flores, Diana McClure, e Duncan, Mary Winters, Debbie Buchtan, Cindy Wander, Sharon Davison, Kim Prather, Standing: Rhonda Brown - reporter, Tammy Hofer - historian, Dianna Gragg - treasurer, Hilda Flores - vice president. Sitting: Gina Wiggs - secretary, Mary Winters - president, and Linda Jenkins - parliamentarian. 167 Future Homemakers of America Above are the 1982 - 83 members of the Future Homemakers of America Club. Home Economics and Related Occupations .NWN Standing left to right: Larry Little, Robin Terry, Craig Bonner, Tim Beck, Rusty Sanders, Page Jennings, and Cheryl Ogdon. Middle Row: Angela Leonard, Kim McNutt, Mike 0'Conn'or, Wendy Russell, Cindy Mullins, Robin Brown, and Tammy Teague. Seated: Jeanine Kuhlman, Debbie Lindsley, Dana Hatter, Rhonda Wooten, and Cathy Sosa. 163 Bear Tracks Melody Teresa Moore, Brenda Martinez, Phyllis Cross, Lesley Keiser, Oralia Chapa, Reneee Daniels, , Middle Row: Julie Gregory, Sandra Morgan, Barbie Eyler, Monda Idell, Debbie Barnett. Roland, Stacy Coontz, Rosemary Ray, and Sharon McBryde. Bear Tracks Jeanine Hanes, Sgt. At Arms, Oralia Chapag treasurer, Brewer Reporterg Debbie Barnett, Renee Azle Reporter, Julie Gregory, President. Seated: Teresa Moore, Secretary, Barbie Eylerg and Sharon McBrydeg vice-president. Co metolog Monda Idell practices her cosmo abilitiesitopl Sharon McBryde gets her nails done iabovel. 169 Building Trades i 4 Back row left to right: Johnny Miller, Matt Evetts, Kris Lawson, John Giaguinto, Richard Rogers, Kirby Littlepage, Frank Young, Kevin Carney, Ricky German, Bret Miller, Randall Gibson, Mark Chaffin ifront rowl Donald Kraft, Clarence Richardson, Kenneth Stowe, Bobby Baker, Darrin Moyle, Bret Emit, Gary Johnson. N Af,,:x ,X , A ,V 5,8 g gggzzggf ,"-, , 1 Xg,HfQQ.,"s 1 1 H . W 'G 5' Y "' 'iff , ,fflffr 3221:1-.lrf:,Q,.:112f'vw,,: 1551" 11 - -1-dress. ,efmrw Ygszia ' ' W. ,. r R32 A Building Trades student in action Randall Gibson plasters the walls and ceiling, leftl Kirby Littlepage cuts wood to build the ileftl 170 Bear Tracks Paint and Bod Standing left to right are Randy Carlyle, Bret Holbrook, Todd Boatman, Rusty Bryant, Mr. Flowers, Sheldon Scott, Ronny Thompson, Chris Clark iFront Rowl Ron Stewart, Billy Campbell, Claten Barnette, Andy Brooks, Kevin Taylor, Scott Cummings, Ricky Putnam, and Ben Early. i f i 1 ,g , gr , . ,V 4, 42' mm S 1 'Q 442 ,M ,,, we 2, of YH . , C Q , .R QW 'Wa A. v. .,, W M U M ww eu fi i Q Bear Tracks Ronny Thompson repairs his lights fabovej. A Paint and Body student feels for dents in his car Cleftl. 171 Auto Mechanic Standing left to right: Mr. Grant, Jimmy Neal, Kelly Joe Roden, Scott Ruggles, Jimmy Reed, Tracey Rubenkoenig, Chuck Malley, Randy Stogsdill, Troy Ranta, Mike Goins, John Harmon, Doug Molden, Seated in center: Jimmy Hollar, Bill Fanning, Wayne Grissom, James McKinney, Mark Cofer, Bottom: Steve Smith, Greg Smith, Randy Nabors, and Billy Wagner. .I.C.A. From left to right, top row: Mr. Grant, Scott Ruggles, Jimmy Reed, Tracey Rubenkoenig, Chuck Malley, Randy Stogsdill, Troy Ranta. Middle row: Steve Smith, Bi Fanning, Wayne Grissom, Randy Nabors, Mark Cofer. Bottom row: Greg Smith, Doug Molden, Mike Goins, and Bill Wagner 172 Bear Tracks Math Club vii'-'K Ffflaa I Standing left to right: Mrs. Chevalier, Lisa Frantom, Ken Russell, David Stephan, Billy Lemme, Mrs. Dulaney, Chris Bolin, Robert Miller, Lisa Oxendine, Sharon Pow, Mrs. Dickinson, seating: Tracey Reath, Kathy Byers, Ken Pape, Zane Peppers, kneeling: Lori Shertzer, Dawn Shepard, Theresa Flynn, and Tim Grantham. hoir anding: Rhonda Rogers, Edna Voss, Billy Lemme, Sherri Goss, Tina Mieske, kneeling: Mary Durko, seated: Kim Osborne, JoAnn Trantham, and Julie Evans. Bear Tracks 173 Aix A1955 D 2674-lj 7 25 L3x2B 7 all QC7. 33 2 rg., -G-XT .ac . , ml , . A f IL .:' YY 1 1 ff WF I L I len sJ of' ,W.--... 1 - There is no school on earth where a group of teachers can be found who care any more about their students than at Brewer. The real reason all of us are here is to learn and our teachers are aware that they shape both our minds and our characters. What we learn from our teachers we carry with us all of our lives. For this reason, our teachers are the backbone of our Bear Spiritg without them our minds would be empty, our spirits dull. 175 Faculty iw- , . sg.. .,.. 5 .K 1 N' A ,Sf X' .g.....nv i'A 5 Ns' ff? Mrs. Crouch Qabove leftl, Mrs. Dulaney Kabove centerl, Miss Deaver Labove rightl. Mrs. Gosney Qabovej and Ms. Doss Krightj 176 Bear Tracks I Bear Tracks Mrs. Dickinson, fabove leftj, Mrs. Finn Cabovel, Mr. Williamson icenter leftb Mr. Lamb Cabovel and Mr. Collison Cleftl 177 Faculty Miss Lewis labovel, Mrs. Taylor Cabove rightl, Mrs. Hope Qcenter rightj and Mr. Grant Qfar centerl Mr. Gonzales Cabovel and Mr. Hart Lrightj V 178 E. Bear Tracks ' R f K w ,N My . wa ll Mex: , A., 43 4 5-. 4 4- .1 1 UZ: ff M wwhfg Lf,, 1 Mwimmw 37 e 1432255225 Li- - ..f,3L2,,. . .4 1 Avy f 'gLg?sg1f2', 'Wk Qiicxzem, -, ' ww- , I, A 75. 41155197 Af 'fn 'Q , if I . 4s Q . .7 62 ? "" 1. 3.2 7 , T H , , , by lf K , ' f ,c 3 Q ww f i Q A X - ,ff ' N85 , wv'e'5"'w5 Mr. Barnett, fabove leftb, Mrs. Morris fabove rightj 5 x Miss Cox ffar leftl, Miss Kohn fcenterj, Mrs. Schmidt fcenter leftj, and Miss McMullen Caboveb 181 Faculty Mrs. Fender labove leftl, Mrs. Brewton Qabove centerl, and Mrs. Ware fabove right? Mrs. Brandon icenter leftj, Mr. Curry icenter rightl, and Mrs. McMullen frightj 182 Bear Tracks r.,, ,Z 3 " 5 AW' A -5.1 1 Q. H2 . . - iw-W Bear Tracks Mrs. Shwartz fabove leftj, Mrs. Carter fabove rightl Mrs. Ezell Qcenter leftl, Mrs. Larson fcenterl, Mrs Burton Qcentet rightj, and Mr. Stewart Cleftj 183 Facult S3 l i y : E v, l Mr. Roller Kabove, leftl, Mrs. Culbreath fabove rightl, and Mrs. Dinkel Kcenterl, and Coach Kincannon fcenter rightj. K Q V, M Mr. Kearley iabove leftl and Mrs. Chevalier Krightl. 184 Bear Tracks 4,-QQ, , ,r , .,5?f:, ' J, 55,':st:sf:f55f 5 f-,. Aw M. ,. ,pf Sponsor Page Back w: Catherine Deaver, Vikki Doss, Jennifer Finn, Blayne Williamson, James Roller, Nancy Wright, Pam DeVoe, and Paula Ponder. Front row: Karen Che 2 Pa l Hope, Mary Ware, Melba Roller, Mary Lewis, Patricia Shmidt, Renee Nophsker, and Suzanne Culbreth. Karen Chevalier Math Club Paula Hope Co-Head Sponsor of Senior Class National Honor Society Mary Ware Language Club National Honor Society YAKS Melba Roller Drill Team Mary Lewis Woods and Waters Patricia Shmidt Co-Head Sponsor Freshman Class Renee Nophsker Whiz Kids Dungeons and Dragons Suzanne Culbreth Whiz Kids Catherine Deaver Drama Club Co-Head Sponsor - Freshman Class Vikki Doss Paper Staff James Roller Co-Head Sponsor Senior Class Nancy Wright Language Club Co-Head Sponsor Sophomore Class Pam DeVoe Co-Head Sponsor Sophomore Class Paula Ponder Student Council Freshman and J .V. Cheerleaders Bear Track S u todian day custodians are Mr. Dalton Allison, Mr. Paul Stanley, and Mrs. Penny Lewis ght custodians are Mr. William Rainey, Mr. Villcheck, and Mr. Roy Kieser. Bear Tracks Admini tration c Mr. Clay iabovel, and Mr, Krivanek fabove rightj. Mr. Busse labovel and Mr. Kime frightl. 188 Bear Tracks Superintendent Clabe Welch 5 l i E r x l E F i ! , , 5 4 Mr. Clabe Welch is a hard-working, caring administrator for the White Settlement Independent School District. Some of his accomplishments for the benefit of the school are as follows: He established E.S.L. CEnglish as a Second Languagel non-English-speaking students. Mr. Welch made recommendations for the new gym materials which included new mats, new floor a lighting. Not only is Mr. Welch interested in the school but is also interested in the faculty. He instituted a much-appreciated four-hund dollar a year raise for the local staff. Mr. Welch shows his interest in the students in other ways as wellg for example, he is always present at pep rallies and other stud events. 190 Bear Tracks 1982-83 School Board and eoretar to the Superintendent nbers of the school board are: standing, Mr. Jimmie Barrett and Mr. Larry Marshall who is school board president. Seated are Mr. Joe Howeth, Cecil Jenson, and Mr. Willie Brannon. Not pictured is Mr. Fred Thetford. fiyra Jaynes, secretary to the superintendent ear Tracks M32 .1 'e 3? 5. 5 ' A N . A 1- , i 1 e l ' ae' I , , l 1: X .mx J My . r L! .J A ll xl sl y . , 1 ' Q d l , Q 'MW 9 . X kg: J . i ,. 'H 'lf Student Life is the section of the annual devoted to some of the activities of the school year. From the Pucker-Up Contest to Ranch Day, each page has been carefully designed to bring back some happy memories. Here also you will find the dedication page and our editor's message. So, turn the page Bears, it's been a year of high spirits and fun times! 193 Ranch Day ACt1V1t16S F111 Brewer W1th Splflt Ranch Day at Brewer High catches the eye of everyone from the Big Gulp contest to the ever-famous tug-of-war. Lori Stanford 8: Randy Reaves received the titles of Ranch Day King and Queen. The events were the Obstacle course, Horse race, Sack race, Big Gulp, and Tug-of-war. These fun-filled events are all a hilarious way to spend Ranch Day. Senior guys pull to victory Qtop leftj Mrs. Culbreath gets into the spirit of Ranch Day too ftop righti. Mark Chaffin uhorse' for Mark Caley and Buck Gilcrease, Randy Reaves "horse" race to win. Kleftj 194 Bear Tracks we ,ffsfz,,g,, :fix 'xiii "z A a Bear Tracks a Mary Winters crams in her last big gulp. fupper leftl Angela Leonard demonstrates her famous chug-a-lugging. ftop centerj Randal Robertson spurs his Uhorsel' Don MacAffee. ftop rightj Mean Alan Kieser says "I'l1 take another diet lemon-lime please." ileftl I didrft know Bears ate bananas. faboveb X 195 David Westbrook, he's got the beat iupper leftl. Students jam at the dance fabovel. Band Hurricane in action Cmiddle leftl. Lead singer fantasizes his music lmiddle rightl. Kelly Leblanc, "God I'm Good." flower leftl. wi , 1 . V N H fag ., N . e ' ex 3 , 2 if X f 197 Valentine Cake Sale n I 5 2 2 , K K ! ,.-nd " Tr "" W in-1....,. ,.,b We 11 --'f,1 me . , , LLL: ' 1 4, . . . H effffff' N M e e"LLW,,..-,,...aw l , Mrs.Smithsqueezes1c1ngandT.L.C.onaVaJentme A lgjffunpov-3" ,WW QX., ,W V ya., H 'T .M W "M Cake fabovel, Laurie Hartley and Toi Belcher A aa., , iki-ai forget their diets Qrightl. """ ' , H' ' ' ' The Drill Team sponsored a Valen tine's Day Cake Sale, serving personalized cakes. These heart-shapes calories had everyone digging deep i1 their pockets so they could get one. 5 Cindy Holcomb attracts passers-by faboveb, Hilda Flores decides how much Valentine cake she wants lrightl. S 2 S I 193 Bear Tracks y f Er. u Pucker - Up Conte t Trudy Morris waits to pucker up in the Student Council Sponsored Contest. iabovej. Dana Fields points to her smackers fabovel, Dee Dee Duncan smooches the wall fleftl, Tonya DeLeon, Angie Shelton, and Mary Winters smack away Cabove leftj. 199 1982-83 Bear Tracks Dedication The 1982-'83 Bear Tracks staff would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Eldon Krivanek for his help in producing our annual, without his efforts it would not have been possible. As one teacher puts it, "he's very approachable, pleasant, and concerned about student and faculty as a unit, not divided into groups." His sincere concern is definitely appreciated by all members of this year's staff. Another teacher comments, "Mr. Krivanek is a fine example of a principal and a friend." His fairness and understanding is felt by the students, teachers and community. In addition to our thanks, we would like to offer congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Krivanek on the birth of their Valentine baby, Christina Marie. It is with great pride that the 1982-'83 Bear Tracks is dedicated to Eldon Krivanek, Principal of Brewer High School. 200 Bear Tracks Editor's Message W r. 1 . As editor in chief of the 1982-'83 Bear Tracks I learned many things. One of the most important things I learned was what great friends I haveg without their help and support I could not have faced the responsibilities of being editor. I'd also like to give Mr. Krivanek and Mrs. Finn a special thanks for their time and trouble. Being on annual staff has been a unique experience filled with many challenges and rewards that I will remember long after high school. I'd like to reward next year's staff with a truckload of liquid paper and a camera that really works. To the class of '83 I'd like to say Good Luck and I hope everyone enjoys this year's annual for many years to come. I OJULLQ Qffwfcfn, Bear Tracks .bf Q! cyl al- ' A 1 ' EU, 1 P 5 5 -Q 'f 0142! vi ZW ff.-H r T .,.a 'e "" M , HR 'F' as " I Ili U Bear Tracks - 6.SSx'fs6Ld- FLCLS njff fgzNl"' A , "' xffv fvs!""' X ,e,,.f-f::"" ,vN- ,ggi-0 f---' ,vos-gqfi D Ars? fx!-'v ,.z-fx f""""' F,--Z fs.:-" N X Kisselburg Roofing, Co. 33:35 Sn 91962 ALL TYPES or' ROOFING I X-X , 1 C YIAA L-A X Z Q L A BARRETT F 4 8609 Michael st., Ft. worth, rx. f W 246-6147 Owner: Bill Kisselburg TAPE - BEDDING - TEXTURE Jerry Lewis Hardware ACOUSTICAL Complete Line of Household Items Fencing and Building Materials Lawn Mower Parts-Chain Saws Hunting-Fishing-Plumbing 246-1288 FortWorth, Texas Electrical Supplies 8000 White Settlement Road 246-4666 Sic ,em Bears 45, S B. G. and Linda ,grin Owners ff 9 l - Duke s Donuts RT V Gateway National k 500 Chem Lane h-Cl, "' Wm'l 246-9033 l l l -I Open Mon.-Sat. 5 a.m. till 12 p.m. - 'Pax . .Ml ti' E' -1 1 ,,if F54 We Support the Brewer Bears 'NAVQ 31' E +-""-"'-f"lg" ' ' 5 A fr 3,11 Cherry l Lane Flowers SL Gifts Carolyn 84 Bill Goez 804 S. Cherry Lane 817!246-4371 Ft. Worth, TX 76108 'tn Grentumg to bank" Gnlewn NATIONAL BANK g 3532 Jovce oRuvE - 244-3411 - FORT WORTH MEMBER FD4C 204 B Tk Rickey's Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service Alterations Burgers 84 Cherry Lane Cleaners 875 S. Cherry Lane Business: 246-4041 Home: 246-1158 8320 White Settlement 246-4545 Dr. Barney Stumbo ff 'ix'f,l4ltgr Veterinarian .fflj ,.,-,, iwjfa., Serving White Settlement i for 13 years ex gxs 'A Ng '-45? " K.W. Lumber Co. 6416 Smithfield Road P.O. Box 80346 Fort Worth, Texas 76180 281-8080 817 F Auto - Ccsuolvy - Business 1. 1 MATHEUS INSURANCE AGENCY "AllK1nds of Insurance" 8906 White Settlement Rd. Fort Worth. Texas 76108 246-4664 D. W. Matheus Kreamie Kream 821 S. Cherry Lane 246-9076 ,rat 6 '. H2113 time YZQQ-if fee' -X 'Y ff X- 205 HOMETGWN FUOD ii - C STORES : ElBHE1tl1l'E1!!I'!1 and J one's Bro's Quality Meats 8400 White Settlement Rd. 246-9221 Congratulation Brewer Seniors H South Shore Lake Worth Behind General Dynamics on Bomber Rd. 246-9050 Complete Menu Appetizing Dinner Food and Expertly Lunch Prepared Patio C.g3o!!e1'!a1ftcI WEST 7325 Calmont Cat 1-20 84 183 Interchange! Fort Worth, Texas 76116 ,137 l f . .1 ein- l Y e j' ' gf ,I nigg a: I v ei Q 57:55, at V' Telephone 244-8290 282-1151 Howeth's Laundry and Dry Cleaning Laundry-Alterations Leather Cleaning Full Service Cleaners One Day Service 8430 White Settlement Road 1- X humlwa 5 F certify.. f' A ivy: 1 wnowlls f' N1nsPuur: g 4 FUNIIAL WIIA ii ' Blfflarz Qfordst eras waive ssmwem Rom Phone 246-2701 master char e Mas C L DILLON .9 246-1547 , Aa, 206 Bea Rebuilt Parts American and Imported Parts Machine Shop Service Speed Equipment ASTRO'S AUTO PARTS 246-4611 Open all day Sunday 10 A.M.-5 P.M. Mon. Thru Sat., 8 A.M.-7 P.M. Free Workshop Free Instructions Open daily, Tues. thru Sat. Tues. Evenings OFFICE SUPPLIES " OFFICE MACHINES SALES 8a SERVICE OFFICE FURNITURE " PRINTING SERVICE OFFICE SUPPLY Ceramiques Sz Collectiques 246-5651 8127-A White Settlement Fort Worth, Tx. 76108 OFFICE AID OF WEST FORT WORTH 7936 HWY. 80 WEST FORT WORTH, TEXAS 76116 817-244-8970 8732 Hwy 80 West Fort Worth, Tx. 244-7259 PHONE 244-6282 Gateway Auto Supply Name Brands at Discount Prices Charles Stephens 7621 Hwy 80 Manager Fort Worth, Tx Bear Tracks 207 WE ARE PROUD TO HAVE BEEN A PART OF WHITE SETTLEMENT INFLUENCE YOUNG LIVES F YEARS SPIRITUAL RCI! SP0 DF WW, 'S 6' 0 H. QD 'S I 9. In 4:3131 5,1 yfn 4llII'll7 il' '9 . gf Q Vnctory s SINCE 1868 PHYSICAL' HELPING TO OR THEIR PLACE IN THE WORLD FOR OVER lOO f MENTAL FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF WHITE SETTLENENT 7801 White Settlement Road D J 08 r. Paul E. Miller, Pastor B T k FUOD BI 7840 White Settlement Road Fast Friendly jajhion SCI'ViCC Wm! Authorized Utility WMM Pay Station Store Hours: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. 7 Days a Week Phone: 246-0521 , White Settlement Hospital COIVIMITTNIENT TO patientstf t Emergency Opportun ty f pl y t Preventiv d A n Itn nter of AANII 'v Leadership ri im Worm TX 76108 496 Education I p g You've get a bright future. We'l1 do our part to help eep it that way Mr 1 4 2 742 A , ,J ' Q ,wjw fav ., Wir . I, MM, , W 15? fiigmw hwwf K 4 if 4. B ll 2 in 4 111 55? r Your generation will need as much electricity as is being used these days. Maybe more. We at Texas Electric are working to provide you with the electricity you'll need for college, your homes and your jobs. In the past, We've used mostly natural gas and oil to make electricity. Today, We're making almost half of our electricity in plants built to uselignite coal. And, We're building a plant to make electricity using uraniuln fuel. By abundant fuels We ll help keep Texas .F Q your future ctr looking bright. E ervige IlSiI'lg 1311686 ChG3.pGI' and IIlO1'6' 7 f o n , Company Go Get'em Bears SID'S PATTERN SHOP Better Patterns Make Better Castings PHONE 921-4814 Sid Wirsing Res. Ph. 246-3946 2142 Mistletoe B1 Ft. Worth, TX 210 Bear T k THE MOST LIKELY Normandale Baptist TO SUCCEED AGAINST THIRST. Church N A 126 N. Judd 'Q W Joe Vernon - Pastor Colin Purdy - Music Minister Mike Cochran - Youth Minister 246-2180 45 XQEEQI 'jf' Q4 V, lllglx I ' I li'lLll EmphusiLcs Ev yll' g S d I tl e Reaching ol' New f C! 1 Gene Thompson and Associates Realtor 300 N. Jim Wright Freeway 246-4646 Member: Independent Real Estate Brokers of America Inc. Investments Farms 8z Ranches Residential Commercial D I MUQIIHNH REALTOR B ar Tracks 211 New Used Il BEE CASH REGISTER co. D a d M Auto Parts 1111 Iioiiit -.Nle-c 11.11114 111 501 S' Cherry Lane S WVSMW Wm I. N White Settlement, Tx. 4 7 111 1 'Q 246-1661 and 246-1682 Citiartiriltwcl Xtork-lrtfe lstiriialw 8131 Wliltc Settlement lri Nthite Settle-merit Fort Worth Texas 34h-4W,1l heqjons StGUI'Gl1t 601 N. Cherry Lane ham-Rpm Mon-Fri I V, B kfasi lunch Shor O d K G 11 h mme imrkmk Ji ard 1 ,,1-, ...Mgt J V rriir, 1 CHARLES CHAMBERS Sparkman Supply Inc i f ---f i? LIj', 115 Arthur V .CHAMBE H Fort Worth. Texas " 335-4475 V BRICK SALES my-'1 All types of paint supplies 200 E. Vickery Blvd., Ft. Worth 332-9377 All types of body supplies Metro 429-2930 THE BIGGEST 1 WESTERN AUTO 1 Z.. H our Wrecker Service IN . Radio' Dispatched Boost Batteries 7 Mount tires f 15' .-E 428 Las Vegas Willie Ballard-owner X. Q ' lib Prompt-Courteous- Professional Service 46-4100 Fenced Auto Storage 1 W MGKINCQIU -1 , . llnn ......z..... 212 BearT k 1:"f5h2e:- . ,SFR-'P if N. 'QQ - ' .?: fl NORTHWEST , . W .Er fi w ar. :if 'L Aw I .. if gp.. .ir A ,gg gi: an ,---- 53 332. 1 fi F522 .LK MEMBER FDIC 4-2-2 'Inf' .-,,- '- --Q: , '.,..'- .. . 1-,. ... ., .,.... ri-cab.-Fam-r.. H" f2'1' . 'f,::g,,. ' . .gf.f-'-21:5ffif'-- 3:e:f:f:f" Ill v" I 5Er51J:Ef1-' :i'!FIu-., me ' 246-2501 C Mlm 'ffifi Diff- "MFl""N. ---- r .54-.5 ' .15 '- 4gg,..'!!qull-g- , -:ji -92: if lflflqflgnflllllIRS y ,.-zfif. '.'.- "', , :UIQ Z. - 'sit'-5-,Q-:':c...f-fi - :i:- 'Helm fizizffiz. r.:---1-J-Tl:-'L" e::f:::'f4 "-'-2- or -Qgigij 3415 - l' z "W" ?:?:v5:f:f:5fLf' 751:-.' 2' ".S:i: 'H mm zriritillf. -ffif ' . :Sep-at :::.If:3:5l - . H i::5: 13:95. , , . 7 I 0 If ,:-l22iFif 5fi:fffi:5.5. ' ' 5 ,Q -5:25 i' 255232: I S " I 4 ,. - , n Z OUR SERVICES NOW INCLUDE: O CHECKING ACCOUNTS O SAVINGS ACCOUNTS O IRA ACCOUNTS 0 "NOW" ACCOUNTS 0 CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT O SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES fVaried Sizesl 0 CASHIERS CHECKS O MONEY ORDERS O TRAVELERS CHECKS O NOTARY SERVICE 0 CONSUMER 8a COMMERCIAL LOANS O LOBBY BANKING, MON-FRI, 9:00 TO 2:00 O DRIVE IN BANKING, MON-FRI, 8:00 TO 6:00 O SATURDAY DRIVE IN, 8:00 TO 12:00 O 24 HOUR AUTOMATIC TELLER MACHINE. The goal of the officers and employees of Northwest Bank is to offer our customers the friendliest and most efficient service in the area for a fair and reasonable price. Bear Tracks Congratualtions to the Seniors of 1982 - 83 of Brewer High From THE CITY OF WHITE SETTLEMENT LEE' S CANDY AND TOBACCO 250 Roberts Cut-Off Rd. Fort Worth, Texas 737-6721 731-6434 GOOD FOOD 8a Exciting Family Entertainment is Delicious Pizza X Spicy Spaghetti 1 Deluxe Sandwich 'F Super Salad Bar X Soft-Serve Sundaes if Movies 8: Cartoons Fast Service for Large Groups Private Dining Room Available 4 380 Seats :n'ri5LfjaiirAe, fl 1 H C "Y 'fl f A 6 l K'-iM' x wiv, V , 'Q , Lf v Q WAI. gzffrl. jf? i l N- '-iff, --f ' "6""1 XX '15 ',, ,Q , deg.. I j X 1 I 1 Take Out 6381 Camp Bowie Blvd. SERVICE 11-10 pm Q12 pm Sat Sz Sunl B T k if o.f o o Tropical and Marine Fish o Complete Line of Aquariums and Supplies o Aquarium set up and Maintenance Service 8547 Hwy 80 W. at Las Vegas Trails West Shopping Center 244-8210 Johnny Sr Louise Stevens - Owners Orbit Cleaners One day cleaners 8151 White Settlement Road 7:00-6:00 Monday-Friday 8:00-12:00 Saturday Toys 'H' Us A Special THANKS to you oNE'i-noun MARTI N IZING DRY CLEANERS Dry Cleaning Laundry Alterations Leather Cleaning Wedding Gowns Heirloomed HRS. 7:OO AM - 6100 PM Mon. - Fri. To 4:00 PM Sat xxx 2809 SO. CHERRY LANE 11 Block s. of i zoi 244-2271 CAL'S TOP SHOP, INC. Vinyl Top Specialist Auto Upholstery -Glass- Body side molding Pin Stripes carpets Insurance Claims 645 N. Cherry Lane White Settlement, Texas 76108 GO BEARS! Calvin Draper Bus. Phone Owner and Operator 246 1571 Bear Tracks The Annual Staff Wishes to Express Their Appreciation and Thanks to the Following People For Their Invaluable Contribution to the Annual Mr. Dalton Allison Mrs. LaVon Ballard Debbie Barnett Mr. Wayne Burt Mrs. Linda Carroll Ms. Vikki Doss Mrs. Joy Gilcrease Lee Ann Jennings Ms. Sheen King Mr. Eldon Krivanek Scott Lahmer Mr. Gene Lamb Jiro Morrison Mr. Wayne Muir Tony McClure Susan McFarland Mr. Wayne Muir Mrs. Suzanne Narrell Jeff Pipkin Angela Powell Mrs. Janie Shelton Mr. Donald Stanley Charles Valdez Dennis Williams Kim Williams Also a special thanks to all the teachers who allowed the staff members to work on the annual during class time 2 Bear T acks Abanilla, Joseph 68, 99 Abanilla, Richard 82, 103, 120 Abbott, Carol 29, 140, 143, 144 Abbott , Cheryl 29, 140, 143, 144 Abbott, Dianna 25, 29, 140, 144, Abbott , Kelly ss, 100, 130 Acord, Shelly 52 Adams, Pam 29 Adkins, David 82, 102, 120 Adkins , Scott 68 Alcorn, Brian 29, 144 Alexander, Lynn 82 Alexander, Michelle 167 1 Anderson, Andy 68, 140, 143, 144 Anderson, Bubba 68 Anderson, David 52 Anderson, Michelle 52, 63 Anderson, Scooter 52, 158 Andrea, Todd 82 Archa, Valerie 68, 140, 143, 144 Atkins, Yvette 68, 140, 143, 144 Aziere, Candy 52, 140, 143, 152 ll Bailey, Hulen 68 Baker, Bobby 59, 170 Baker, John 68 Baker, Stephanie 68 Baker, Tim 68, 82, 158 Ballard, Kelly 29, 164 Barfield, Michelle 52, 165 Barker, Bubba 29, 165 Barker, Sabra 82, 148 Barnes, Lisa 52, 146 Barnette, Clayton 52, 171 Barnette, Debbie 29, 148, 160, 1 Barnette, Linda 29 69 Barrett, Kerry 68, 132, 133 Bartlett, Terry 29, 140, 143, 144 Bartlow, Douglas 52 Beasley, Mary 68, 147 Beasley, Theresa 29, 167 Beck, Alex 29, 97, 152 Beck, Daniel 82 Beck, Rachel 29 Beck, Tim 52 Becker, Debra 52 Beckner, Sean 82, 129 Belcher, Toi 82, 198 Bell, Steve 29, 110, 112 Benton, Lisa 82, 91, 144 Berkley, Terri 82, 148 Bernard, Kevin 38, 165 Bigby, Sheri 29, 162 Black, Michelle 68, 148 Blackney, Melissa 82 Blackney, Thomas 52 Blanchard, Lee 82 Blassingame, Kevin 69 Blassingame, Melony 82, 88, 119, 138 Blum, Brian 69 Boatman, Todd 30, 171 Boe, Greg 140, 143, 145 Boggess, Sherri 52, 144 ll lllllllll E 4 Bolich, Steve 69 Bolin, Chris 23, 30, 152, 173 Bolin, Dad 82 Bolling, Janice 82 Bonner, Craig 30, 168 Bowen, Gordon 52 Bower, DeVon 30, 158, 159 Branch, Kim 69, 144 Brantley, Raymond 30, 56 Bray, Andy 69, 100 Bray, Candy 52, 164 Bray, Robin 82, 144 Brewer, Skeeter 82 Bridges, Ronnie 82 Broad, Adam 82 Broad, Trisha 82 Brooks, Andy 30, 47, 171 Brown, Nannette 69, 148 Brown, Rhonda 30 Brown, Robin 52, 168 Browning, Eric 69 Brumment, Dink 82 Bryant, Daniel 82 Bryant, Rodger 30, 144 Bryant, Rusty 145, 171 Buchanan, Robert 83 Buchtan, Debbie 22, 28, 30, 167 Burke, Glen 69 Burks, Michelle 83, 144 Burnett, Jason 69 Burroughs, Jeanie 83 Bustos, Linda 53 Butler, Gilliam 53, 160, 167 Byers, Cathy 30, 144, 173 Q Calder, Leonard 69 Caley, Mark 69, 160 Calton, Traci 53, 148 Campbell, Billy 53, 171 Carey, Judy 69 Cagill, Quintin 30, 97 Carlyle, Randy 53, 171 Carlyle, Scott 69 Carney, Kevin 170 Carothers, Julie 69, 148 Carr, Chris 83, 144, 158, 159, 161 Carr, Sammy 30, 130, 152, 159, 196 Carr, Toby 83, 120 Carrera, Connie 166 Carroll, Dee 83 Casey, Dwayne 69, 85 Casillas, Veronica 53, 144, 145, 161 Cearley, Dawn 83 Chaffin, Mark 30, 158, 170 194 Chamberlain, Christy 70, 144, 145 Chamberlain, Gail 81, 83, 121, 144 Chapa, Biatriz 53, 152, 157 Chapa, Oralia 53, 169 Chapa, Sylvia 30, 152 Chapa, Chapa, Teresa 53, 56, 128 Teresa 70, 131 Chapman, Larry 70, 118 Chatman, Dole 83 Clapp, Estes 83, 102 Clark, Chris 171 Clark, Jana 70, 78, 114, 116 Clark, Mary 83 Clawson, Deanna 31, 144, 161 Clem, John 70, 140, 143, 144 Clements, Alice 83 Cobb, Shelly 53, 65, 152, 155, 156, 160, 161 Cochran, Ben 70 Cochran, Renee 31, 159, 164 Cofer, Dale 31, 97 Cofer, Mark 152, 172 Coffman, Shelly 53, 140, 143, 144 Collette, Terri 70, 146 Collins, Carol 70, 140, 143, 144 Coontz, Stacey 53, 69 Cooper, D.L. 83 Coppinger, Mary 53, 61, 148, 167 Corbitt,,Joe 83 Cornelius, Melissa 70, 122, 123 Covey, David 83, 91 Cox, Alva 53, 100 Cox, Dwayne 83 Cox, Randy 83 Cox, Terry 70, 118, 132, 133 Crary, Rhonda 31 Craven, Shanel83 Crawford, Eddy 164 Cribbs, Don 53, 144, 165 Crisp, Karen 70, 74, 148 Crocker, Danny 70 Crocker, Johnny 83 Crockett, Cheria 85, 144 Croft, Floyd 31, 97 Cross, Phyllis 54, 144 Crow, Benita 54 Crump, Matt 39 Cummings, Scott 54, 171 Cunningham, Mike 70, 71 Curtis, Max 54 Curtis, Tina 39, 56, 128, 129, 140, 143, 144, 152, 154, 155 Dale, Darrel 70, 144, 145, 160 Daniels, Charles 71 Daniels, Mark 54, 140, 143, 144, 145 Daniels, Rene 54, 169 Davis, Chad 67, 71, 79, 100, 132, 133 Davis, Rusty 54, 144 Davison, Sharon 54, 152, 167 Dean, Juanita 31 Dear, Nick 80, 83, 102 Deaver, Randall 71, 72, 100, 130 Deaver, Richie 54, 62, 98, 130 DeLeon Tonia 71, 114, 115, 116, 131, 199 Delk, Brian 48, 165 DeLosSantos, Renee 31, 167 Deponte, Dawn 83, 90, 121 Deritis, Tammy 83 Deshong, Todd 31, 140, 143, 144, 145, 152, 153 Dickens, Hope 71 Dickey, Carolyn 71 Diebler, Cathy 54, 167 Dixon, Jamie 71, 167 Dollahite, Carressa 31, 141, 144, 145, 161 Donaldson, Carey 71 Doughty, Ronnie 71 Downey, Mike 71, 130 Draper, Lance 71, 100, 130, 144 Draper, Lyle 31, 162, 163 Draper, Stacey 54, 144, 146 Draper, Stephanie 81, 83, 144, 147 Duncan, DeeDee 31, 42, 148, 150, 167, 199 Duncan, Jeff 54, 144, 145 Dunfee, Jonathon 71 Dunn, Mike 83 Dunn, Chad 54, 110, 112, 123 Durko, Fred 71, 140, 143, 144 217 Durko, Mary 84, 144, 147, 173 Dwayne, Cox 165 Dyer, Gina 71, 148 Earle, Paul 84 Earley, Ben 50, 54, 60, 152, 171 Earley, Melinda 69, 72 Eastland, Tori 84 Easton, Sharon 31, 42, 148, 167 Eddy, Mark 84, 159 Eddy, Matthew 84 Eddy, Melissa 84 Edwards, Carlise 72, 140, 143 Elam, Danny 84 Elam, Jeff 55, 166 Elliot, Jeff 72, 140, 143, 144, 145 Ellis, Robbin 80, 84, 121, 138 Emmett, Bret 72, 170 Emory, Sabrina 84 Engelke, John 72 Erwin, Roy 72 Esquivel, Jesse 72, 100 Evans, Julie 84, 148, 173 Evans, Teresa 72 Everage, Clifford 72, 140, 143, 144, 145 Evetts, Matt 55, 98, 170 Eyler, Barbie 31, 42, 152, 169 Fanning, Bill 55 Farrar, David 144, 145 Farrar, Kristi 55, 140, 143, 144 Farmer, Tim 72 Fenn, Carrie 23, 31, 42, 152 Fenn, JoAna 72, 74, 148 Feronti, Donald 72, 100, 122, 123 Feronti, Sam 31, 42, 97, 122, 123 Fewell, Larry 84 Fielding, Misty 72 Fields, Dana 27, 31, 114, 116, 199 Fisher, Donny 71, 72, 100, 130 Flannigan, Mike 31, 42 Flemming, Larry 55 Flores, Hilda 148, 150, 152, 167, 198 Flores, Ricky 55 Floyd, Ken 84, 102 Flynn, Theresa 55, 72, 173 Ford, Roy 84 Foshee, Martin 26, 31, 165 Foster, Dwayne 84 Fowler, Carl 84 Foy, Janice 55, 140, 143, 144 Framton, Lisa 55, 159, 162, 163, 173 Frantom, Mary 84, 144 Gabbert, Mark 55 Gage, Bobby 55 Gandy, Craig 84 Gandy, Curtis 159 Garrett, Bret 72 Garza, Suzy 84 218 Gentry, Danny 32 Gerling, Chris 32, 42, 152 German, Ricky 170 German, Ronnie 72 Geter, Serina 84, 144 Giaquinto, John 55, 170 Gibson, Randall 72, 170 Gilcrease, Buck 25, 32, 38, 42, 144, 152, 194 Gill, Don 55 Gober, LeeAnn 84 Godi, Stacy 55, 144 Godi, Tracy 85, 144, 145 Goins, Mike 55, 172 Gomez, Ricky 72, 100, 126 Gonzales, Alicia 166 Goode, Adam 73 Gordon, Jay 56, 159, 161 Goss, Carrie 73, 128, 159, 161 Goss, Sherri 85, 173 Gossett, Eddy 85 Gossett, Ginger 85, 140, 143 Gragg, Dianna 56, 65, 152, 159, 161, 167 Grammar, Mark 85 Grantham, David 85, 102, 120, 126 Green, Gregg 73, 140, 143, 144 Green, Susan 32 Gregory, Julie 32, 42, 169 Griffin, Billy 85 Grissom, Patricia 73 Grissom, Wayne 56, 159, 172 Grubb, Nancy 56, 74 Guerrero, Eluid 73, 140, 143, 144 Guerrero, Tony 32, 42, 140, 143, 144, 145, 152 Guire, Patty 131 Hall, Loreen 32, 164 Hall, Sandra 56 Hall, Tammy 56, 162 Hamilton, Melinda 85 Hammons, Loren 166 Hanes, Janet 56 Hanes, Jeanine 169 Harmon, Michael 56, 172 Harris, Scotty 73, 140, 143, 160 Hartley, Laurie 32, 140, 143, 160 Hartman, Byron 73, 100, 101, 110, 112 Hatcher, Kim 73 Hatter, Dana 32, 42, 168 Hatter, Jerry 85 Hayden, Denise 42 Hayes, Bert 85 Hayes, Vicki 85 Helmke, Harold 61, 166 Henderson, Ken 56 Henderson, Russell 72, 73, 100, 130 Henley, Jeff 18, 32, 42, 97, 122, 123 Herfkins, Robert 165 Hernandez, Angie 32, 42, 128, 129 Herrea, Hernando 84 Herrera, Manuel 56, 161 Herron, Douglass 85 Hickson, Cylinda 159 Higgins, Billy 56 Higgins, Beverly 73 Higgins, Tommy 85 Hill, Deanna 32, 164 Hill, Jean 85 Hill, Penny 73 Hendrix, Michael 56 Hofer, Tammy 32, 42, 167 Hoffman, Selma 56 Hogwood, Les 57, 118 Holbrook, Bret 57, 98, 171 Hoolcomb, Cindy 28, 32, 42, 148, 149, 150, 152, 161 Holden, Stacy 32 Holland, Ronald 73 Holler, Jimmy 57, 172 Holmes, Lori 85 Hooten, Shelly 73 Hobover, Larry 32, 99 Houchin, Dani 85, 91, 140, 143, 145, 154, 155 Hudgins, Ronnie 32, 42, 165 Huffman, John 73 Huffman, Oleta 85 Hughes, Adrian 73 Hughes, Charles 32, 39, 43, 152 Hughes, Linda 73 Hunt, Clayton 85, 102 Hunt, Debbie 73 ll Idell, Monda 32, 43, 95, 148, 169 Ikerd, Collette 73 Ingram, Brant 18, 19, 32, 43, 98 l Jackson, Sheila 33, 43, 49, 140, 143, James, T,J. 85 James, Lyndell 74, 100 Jaynes, Celia 73 144, 164 Jaynes, Clint 57, 94, 99, 110, 112, 113, 130, 152 159, 162 Jenkins, Linda 26, 33, 39, 167 Jennings, John 33, 43, 165 Jennings, Page 163 Jett, Dwayne 159, 166 Johnson Cynthia 33 43 131 Johnson: Eric si, 851102, 120 Johnson, Gary 57, 170 Johnson, Johnson, Gene 57, 170 Isaac 33 Johnson, Tiffany 86, 121, 131, 138 Johnston , Ricky 53, 57, 65, 152, 160 Johnston, Ronnie 85, 160 Jolly, Kari 74 Jones, Don 110, 112 Jones, Tracey 33 Kasterke, Tim 86, 91, 144 Keanianna, Stacy 86, 91, 144 Keefer, Bruce 33, 43 Keiser, Alan 23, 33, 43, 98, 130, Keiser, Brian 86 Keiser, Lesa 57, 164 Keiser, Lesley 57, 169 Keller, Cindy 86, 140, 143, 144 Keller, Eric 57, 60, 144, 145, 152 195 Kemp, Kristi 33, 43 Kent, Coy 74, 161 Key, Lauri 74 Kilpatrick, Tessa 86 King, Jeff 86, 91, 126, 127, 154 King, Wendy 140, 143 Kinne, Deborah 33 Kisselburg, Tina 33, 43, 148, 150, 15 Knight, Charlisa 57, 139 7, 161 Knowles, Danny 57, 160 Knox, Kerry 67, 74, 100, 101, 118, 122, 123, 162 Kraft, Donald 57, 170 Krenek, Stace 33, 43, 152 Kruger, Sean 57 Kruse, Stacey 43 Kuhlman, Jeanine 57, 147, 168 Lacy, Steve 33, 43, 47, 140, 143, 144 Lahmer, Scott 54, 57, 58, 140, 143, 144, 162, 163 Lane, David 34, 165 Lane, Dawn 74, 140, 143, 144, 145 Lane, Ronald 44, 74, 126 Latimer, Debbie 58, 59, 65, 136, 137, 152, 159 Lauderdale, Mike 74, 126, 145 Lawrence, Shelly 74, 159 Lawson, Chris 170 Layton, Renee 74, 142, 144 Leach, Kristi 58, 64, 159, 161 Leal, Elizabeth ss, 64, 159, 161 Leal, Felix 34, 47, 128, 152, 161 Le, Tha 58, 128 Le, Trang 86 Lemme, Billy 58, 144, 173 Lemons, Paul 74, 118, 122, 123 Lemons, Steve 34, 98, 122, 123, 124, 152, 159 Leonard, Angela 28, 34, 43, 168, 195 Levy, Brian 140, 143 Lewis, Cheryl 74 Lewis, Hayden 55, 58, 128, 157 Lewis, Mike 74, 160 Lewis, Paul 74, 100 Lindsley, Debbie 34, 43, 168 Lindsley, Eugene 86, 120 Lindsley, Kari 86 Little, Larry 168 Lively, Lori 86, 148 Lockhart, Elizabeth 86, 148 Lohman, Michelle 86, 87, 148 Long, Ronny 86 Longino, Dana 86, 121 Looper, Shan 34, 43, 164 Lovell, Tracy 34, 44, 148 Lucero, Keith 38, 74 Luckett, Lesley 86 l Malley, Chuck 172 Maloney, Daniel 58 Marshall, Scott 68, 74, 118, 128, 132, 133, 140, 143, 145, 154 Martin, Kevin 74, 99, 154 Martin, Robby 58, 142, 154 Martinez, Bernice 74 Martinez, Brenda 58, 131, 169 Martinez, John 34, 44, 165 Martinez, Ray 34 Mayfield, Dorrie 58, 164 McAfee, Darrell 58 McAfee, Donald 34, 44, 195 McBryde, Christy 144 McBride, Ravonnah 86 McBride, Sharon 58, 169 McCall, Rodger 58, 99, 152 McClure, Diana 167 McClure, Tony 34, 44, 48, 98, 152 McConber, Lisa 86, 121 McCullough, Daryl 74, 100, 101, 122, 123, 124, 154, 155, 161 McDermott, Kevin 86, 140, 143, 144 McDonald, Ginae 52, 58, 63, 140, 143, 144, 156 McDonald, Perry 58, 140, 143, 144 McDonald, Stephanie 86, 148 McFarland, Jerry 59, 166 McFarland, Susan 34, 44, 56, 156 McGarrah, Lisa 86, 119 McGee, Danny 86 McGennes, Teri 86 McGonigal, Sheila 34, 44, 152 McGufee, Penny 59 McKee, Tommy 75 McKinney, James 59, 172 McKinney, Jana 75, 76 McKinney, Mark 165 McNutt, Kim 59, 168 McNutt, Tamara 86, 142, 144 Mejia, Sandra 75, 79, 114 Melton, Pam 87 Melton, Paula 58, 142, 144, 152 Mercer, Brad 59, 99, 152, 162 Meron, Lekha 87 Mieske, Tina 75, 173 Midkiff, Darren 87, 126 Miller, Bret 59, 170 Miller, Eddie 87, 102, 126 Miller, Johnny 59, 118, 170 Miller, Parish 75 Miller, Robert 75, 158, 173 Mitchel Molden l, Jeff 59, 165 , Doug 59, 164 Molinar, Dolores 59, 172 Molinar, Frank 75, 100, 130 Moloney, Craig 75 Moon, Brian 87 Mooney, Terry 70, 75, 99, 110, 162 Mooney, Traci 87 Moore, Denisa 161 Moore, Dina 35, 44, 152 Moore, Robert 35, 44, 152 Moore, Theresa 59, 169 Moore, Wesley 35 Mooreh ead, Wendy 75, 131 Moreno, Carol 59, 168 Moreno, Charlie 75 112, 113, 122, 123, Morgan, Dana 59 Morgan, Sandra 35, 44, 169 Morris, Eric 27, 35, 44, 94, 98, 122, 123, 152, 159 Morris, Tina 75 Morris, Trudy 48, 199 Morrison, Billy 75 Morrison, Jiro 35, 44, 98, 159 Morrison, Kyle 87 Mory, Dani 87 Moses, Jackie 87, 131 Moskola, Kevin 59, 126 Moyle, Darrin 75, 170 Mulford, Stefanie 75, 139, 160 Mullins, Cindy 168 Mullins, Frank 75, 140, 143, 144, 145 Mullins, Sam 87 Nabors, Randy 59, 172 Nance, Cathy 87 Neal, Jimmy 75, 100, 126, 127, 172 Neal, Larry 87, 102 Neely, John 100 Nelson, Michelle 60, 166 Nelson, Rusty 87, 120 Nelson, Steve 75 Nobles, Shelli 75 ' Norris, Monica 140, 143 Norton, 'fi Oakley, Debbie 87, 144, 147 Colleen 34, 44, 140, 143, 144, 152, 167 O'Connor, Kim 76, 139, 156 O'Connor, Mike 60, 168 Ogden, Cheryl 168 Orban, William 35, 162 Orbaugh, Denise 60 Orbaugh, Donald 87 Ortiz, Chris 35 Osborne, Kin 173 Oxendine, Lisa 76, 173 H9 Paden, Tina 87, 157 Pape, Ken 60, 142, 144, 152 Paris, Ronald 166 Park, Lisa 60, 140, 143, 144, 152 Parrsons, David 87, 144 Peace, Bobby 60, 166 Pease, Kellie 35, 44, 148 Pease, Toni 87, 148 Peppers, Zane 60, 65, 158, 161, 173 Perez, Michelle 35, 44 Perry, Billye 76, 84 Petrek, Lisa 60, 166 Petty, Sabrina 87, 138, 159 Pewitt, Olan 35 Phillips, Pat 60, 162 Pipkins, Jeff 38, 162 Podsenik, Katrina 87, 148 Polk, Elizabeth 87, 144 Pollard, Jim 159 Pollard, Karla 60 Pope, Robin 60 Potter, Darlene 73, 76, 136, 137 Powell, Angela 54, 5, 60, 152 Prather, Kim 61, 167 Prestidge, Gary 87 Price, Dena 76, 87 Pricemore, Paul 61 Putnam, Ricky 24, 35, 44, 98, 171 Putnam, Wendy 76 m VF Ramirez, Ramona 76, 131, 147, 162, 163 Ranta, Troy 172 Rasmon, Donna 35, 37, 44, 164 Rawlins, Lori 76, 140, 143, 144, 145 Rawlins, Steve 35, 44, 144, 145, 152 Ray, Michelle 61, 142, 144, 167 Ray, Rosemary 76, 169 Raymond, John 35 Razo, Alicia 166 Razo, Joe 86, 126, 127 Razo, Ricky 61, 122, 123 Razo, Rob 86, 102 Razor, Christie 88, 138 Reath, Traci 61, 122, 123 Reaves, Randy 35, 44, 47, 110, 112 Reed, Jimmy 35, 45, 173 Reed, Shane 76, 160 Reeder, Andi 76, 78, 119, 146 Reeves, Kellye 35, 45, 144, 146, 152 Reeves, Stephen 88, 140, 143, 144, 145 Reid, Shanon 87 Rhodes, Joe 122, 123, 125, 165, 172 Rhodes, Karen 88, 140, 143 Rice, Angela 76, 148 Richards, Tony 61, 102, 159 Richardson, Clarence 170 Richardson, Clyde 61 Rickard, Brian 76, 88, 162 Ridge, Joseph 88 Ramirez, Chris 76 219 Riley, Darl a76 Robello, Angie 88, 138 Roberts, K Robertson, Robertson, Robertson, Robertson, risti 88 Cindy 88, 121, 131 Randall 35, 45, 164, 195 Robert 144, 145 Rhonda 76 Stewart, Sam 63 Stogssdill, Randy 36, 172 Stowe, Kenneth 63, 170 Stowe, Mary 89, 161 Stowe, Ronald 36, 45 Strawbridge, Karen 167 Stringer, Nora 63 WW Robins, Ronny 76 Rodgers, Kerry 53, 61, 165 Rodgers, Rhonda 76, 173 Roland, Melody 169 Rothman, Frank 61 Rowland, Mary 61 Rubenkoinig, Dena 88 Rubenkoinig, Shelly 88, 140, 143, 144 Rubenkoinig, Tracy 36, 45, 140, 143, 144, 172 Ruggles, Scott 36, 172 Strobel, Robyn 89, 147 Stults, Pam 89 Sullenberger, Andy 21, 36, 38, 45, 152 Summerhill, Johnny 67, 75, 77, 100, 130 Summerhill, Rob 89 Summerville, Debbie 63 Wsagner, Billy 55, 63, 172 Wagner, Walden, Craig 90 Jody 65, 142, 144, 152, 154, 155, Walker, D.J. 64 Walker, Linda 64 Walker , Randy 37, 98, 152, 153 Walker, Scott 78, 145 Walker, Tammie 37, 167 Walker Waller, , Tim 90, 120, 102, 126 Suzanne 64, 144, 165, 152 Russell, Ken 158, 173 Russell, Wendy 36, 45, 168 5 Saddler, Page 77, 100 Salinas, Lori 50, 57, 61, 64 Sanders, Rusty 61, 168 Sayers, David 62, 144 Schmitt, Greg 68 Scott, Sheldon 62, 171 Scroggins, Wendi 74, 77, 119, 148, 150 Searcy, Connie 68, 144, 147 Sellers, Danielle 68, 144, 147 Self, Steve 77, 100 Serenil, Mike 72, 77, 100, 118, 122, 123 Shafer, Kelli 77, 114, 116, 144 Shelton, Angie 20, 36, 39, 45, 111, 114, 116, 117, k Tallent, Todd 89, 120, 1 26 Taylor, David 89, 140, 143, 144 Taylor, Kevin 36, 61, 98, 94, 122, 123, 124, 125, 171 Teague, Darla 77, 147 Teague, Tammy 37, 168 Tedford, Gerrald 89 Tefertiller, Christi 37, 73, 136, 137, 152, 155, 156 Templeton, Andy 37, 11 Templeton, Lisa 89, 144 Terri, Dawn 89 Terry, Robin 37, 168 Terry, Steven 37, 165 Terry, Scott 77 0, 112 Thetford, Trey 55, 53, 99, 122, 123, 124, 152 Thompson, Belinda 77, 144 Thompson, Elmer 89, 159 Thompson, Ricky 63, 144, 145 Walsh, Teresa 164 Wander, Andrea 78, 122, 123 Wander, Cindy 37, 167 Ware, Jeff 64, 144 Ware, Phala 90, 140, 143, 144 Watts, Michael 64, 165 Watts, Michelle 37, 164 Webb, Toni 78, 144 Weeks, Greg 37 Weigant, Jerry 78 Welborn, Dawn 78, 160 Welch, Chance 81, 90, 102, 110, 112, 132, Welch, David 78, 118, 122, 123 Welch, Renee 64, 119, 131, 159, 196 Welch, Sheri 38, 167 Wells, Frank 90 West, Dusty 38, 128, 129 Westbrook, David 66, 78, 99, 130, 197 Westover, Jessie 78, 126 Westover, Laura 90 1 133 Wethington, LaDonna 76, 78, 131, 136, 117 119 Whalin, Jerry 78 White, Christi 78 136, 152, 153, 154, 199 Shelton, Joe 88 Sheppard, Dawn 88, 173 Sherman, Leon 62 Sherrard, Richard 77 Sherrard, Tonia 62 Shertzer, Lori 62, 140, 143, 144, 159, 173 Sherwood, Melisa 36, 164 Sherwood, Mike 88, 102 Short, Von 88 Shue, Robin 88 Shutza, Eddy 36, 45, 152 Sides, Liz 36, 45, 47, 160 Slaughter, Steven 77, 159 Slaughter, Virginia 36, 45, 48, 114, 115, 116 Smethers, Juda 88 Smith, Janet 36, 45, 148 Smith Lisa 36, 77 Smith, Lori 36, 45, 140, 143, 144, 145, 152 Smith, Steven 62, 88, 172 Smith, Tammy 86, 88 Smith, Terry 88 Smith, Tonia 89, 121 Smith, Twilia 77 Smith, Vicki 89 Sosa, Cathy 36, 45, 144, 168 Southers, Craig 62, 166 Spence, Maureen 89 Spoonemore, Tim 62, 99, 122, 123, 125, 152, 154 Spurlock, Susie 36, 45 Stalling, John 89, 102 Stanfield, Bobby 62, 140, 143, 144 Stanford, Lori 18, 19, 28, 36, 38, 114, 116, 117, 136, 137, 152, 155, 161, 194 Starne, Ken 84, 89 Statts, Roy 62, 165 Stell, Wendy 166 Stephen, David 55, 62, 144, 158, 173 Stephens, Laurie 77, 144 Stephens, Tami 89, 121 Stephens, Terri 36, 39, 24, 114, 115, 116, 117, 152 Steward, Mike 62 Stewart, Penny 36, 45, 167 Stewart, Riggie 63 Stewart, Ron 171 220 Thompson, Ronny 89, 171 Thornborrow, Amy 89, 140, 143, 144 Thornborrow, John 37, 39, 152, 154, 157 Thornton, Kellie 77 Thowds, Jay 89 Timmes, Terri 21, 37, 39, 49, 152, 153, 162, 163 Tolleson, Michelle 89-, 140, 143, 144, 121 Tilley, John 89 Tow, Sharon 78, 79, 173 Teantham, Joan 89 Trent, Randy 158 Trent, Roy 89 Trotter, Larry 166 Tucker, Richard 89 Turner, Julie 63, 167 U W Valentine, Misti 66, 67, 78, 79, 114, 116 Vance, Todd 89 Vanderford, Daryl 63 Vecchi, Mary 37, 164 Vigil, Kenneth 90 Voss, Edna 90, 173 Turpley, Tim 89 Tyson, Donny 89 Unsell, Glen 37 Valdez, Charles 78 White, Jane 148 White, Jeff 56, 64, 157 White, Mike 90, 102 Whitfield, Sheila 164 Wiggs, Gina 38, 49, 167 Wilcox, Andy 90 Wilcox, Tammy 90 Wiley, Jolivette 78 Wiley, Randy 90, 102 Williams, Bo 90, 119, 140, 143, 144 Williams, Dennis 90, 120, 130 Williams, Kelly 90 Williams, Kim 52, 64, 140, 143, 144, 145 Williams, Mark 90, 140, 143, 145 Williams, Robbin 38, 28, 164 Williams, Theresa 38, 167 Williams, Toni 90, 148 Wilson, David 166 Wilson, Dwayne 90 Wingo, Dan 158 Winters, Kirby 170 Winters, Mary 38, 148, 167, 195, 199 Winters, Matthew 78, 85, 99, 130 Wood, James 78 Woodard, Rusty 90 Woodky, George 160 Wooten, Rhonda 64, 168, 159 Worth, Lee 38, 47 V Yaws, Donna 64 Young, Cathy 90 Young, Farron 64 Young, Frank 170 Young, Kim 64 Young, Rodney 75, 78, 140, 143, 144, 145 Young, Tina 78, 114, 115, 116, 131 The 1983 Bear Spirit Review of the Year The Annual Theme: We hope you enjoy your annual for many years to come. The theme of our annual was chosen with great care. The term spirit can be defined in two ways: it can be an animated state of the mind or it can have the denotation of a more intangible kind of spirit, the inner spirit. We have made new friends this year, shared new experiences, and matured a little. We have enjoyed some victories and suffered some defeats both in school activities and in our personal lives. Inspite of, or perhaps because of the defeats, we have learned a little more about each other and about ourselves. Fads and Interests: Nineteen eighty-three fads include: flashy punk styles, smurfs, leg warmers, and of course, Garfield. Friendship pins came in and out this school year along with Moon Zappa's t'Valley Girl". Video games peaked interest and the t.v. shows "Fame", "Hill Street Blues", and "Square Pegs" were big hits just to name a few. The music groups Men at Work, the Go-Gois, and The Motels were popular and favorite teen hang-outs were Dalton's Corner and Rumor's. Faculty: Five new teachers and one new, highly-enthusiastic councilor were added to our faculty, Ms. Mary Lewis, Mrs. Karen Chevalier, Ms. Catherine Deaver, Mrs. Suzanne Culbreth, Mrs. Monzetta Wilson, and Ms. Sheen King. Three teachers and one administrator were blessed with 1983 babies, Mrs. Pam DeVoe, Mrs. Renee N ophsker, Mrs. Jennifer Finn, and Mr. Eldon Krivanek. This was Mrs. Nophsker's last year at Brewer and we'll miss her. School Activities: The Student Council gave out carnations and sang love songs on Valentine's Day, they also sponsored the Pucker-Up Contest and several other events to increase school spirit. They held successful food and toy drives on Thanksgiving and Christmas. The Language Clubs sang songs at Christmas time in French and Spanish. CVAE got involved this year and won several pep rally spirit sticks. DECA brought home the first place trophy for the Quarter a Mile sponsored by the Muscular Dystrophy Association. The Brewer Bear football team were winners and the band carried on its tradition of excellence. Dances were not as successful as hoped but candy and bake sale fund-raisers were at an all-time high. For the most part, the organizations had a fun-filled and profitable year. 'HT Po Aoi? 403. ff ala '-if 5 N4 Q V 5 E Y W N X. 'x . , : fx ,, , w ,. U1 H I M P l 5 I I s ? I W .. , -.,, , .X".?:-. .f 1 ..l.,,..-. .U ., -- W , , --..,-.... ..... -......... ....... ...,,.. N I . I . . A . I ' k l,'v V l . A . P J .'l, ' X . . f . .: I . I.. 1 U' A. . ' -Ag' 4 . uf 3 . - '. I , . .. . . - ' ' T r .,,1 ,. bg, . . 6. X '!'i'w'7 ' .':'r.-"' v n".' Q , N X, ..m,:. .. ,, .4 I 1' , "KE ' ,-In K ' .' . '4 I -M' V ' 1' .xg I . ' 4 . i. I 1.-1. 'flu'- . 5: ,' Q32 1, ' .4 . I f 1 ' A ,n . - ' - '-- v - 131:51-'Y 'qv-f.jtjgqgfj-PI-wi-I--''-'-?-I-H-fys'f'P?f2'3 . .,. ....., ,,.,.... .-.f..,x.,........4....A, ...-f1... .Qa..,..z1s.. . 4-5-1.1.-'f '- 1"' " M' ' '3f"95"f'

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