Burnet High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Burnet, TX)

 - Class of 1961

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Burnet High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Burnet, TX) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Cover

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1 1 1 r -1 ' ' X 5 51, ,, 1 q. ww lk ! x .gy . I I-1 2. I5-2 fi E"- vip SA15 :law if :IH Q-xg bf! ii,-H, li' w wry bi-H' .. Www' - 'a 'L . ,ul :,f K ,4 I 11,- fgvk' . , '41, fm nv L. ,HU gl 1:-1 U1 EW' QV. 1ff.. ff. Ig V. I. f 9 fi 1 T. I ', I fi 1961 The Burnet Bulldag COLEY HENRY SAMMIE COX MARGIE HUTCHINS ROBERTA MONTGOMERY - Snapshots PAUL SEIDENSTICKER - Sports SUE LUCKSINGER - Art BETTY JANE MOORE - Literary Mrs. Arlee Barton, Roberta Montgomery, Sammie Cox, Coley Henry, Margie Hutchins Sue Lucksinger, Mrs. Margaret Smith. Paul Seidensticker, Ann Friend, Jonathan Humphreys, Lorraine Lowery, Betty Jane Moore . ANN FIREND - Business Manager LORRAINE LOWERY - Asst. Editor JONATHAN HUMPHREYS - ECHIOI Administration Congratulations on capturing the BHS Spirit and recording it on these pages. May you be repaid many fold from the echoes of silent pleasures reaching you from the Exes down through the years, as they relive that Spirit recorded here. I. C. Petty J. C. PETTY Superintendent I want to congratulate the faculty and students of Burnet High School upon the many accomplishments you have made during the 1960-61 school year. You have come a long way. May this fine yearbook always be treasured as a memento to your high school career. The alumnus will always be welcomed to visit us, par- ticipate in our programs, and continue as an integral part of our community in making BHS the best high school possible and one which would reflect good training and a sound edu- cation. Jack Temple JACK TEMPLE H. S. Principal JQHNNIE SMITH HOMER GOODRICH Junior High Principal Elementary Principal Burnet High School Faculty GLENN ANTHONY ARLEE BARTON B. D. CLENDENNEN TOM HENRY Science Homemaking English - Speech Vocational Ag. WILEY HOLLAND CLINT LOW KENNETH MATTHEWS MIKE NEWBY Spanish Math Social Studies Science - Coach MARGARET SMITH LILLIAN TARVER CLIFF VANDEVENTER BLANCHE WORD Commercial English Head Coach Music Junior High School Facult - "LL- 'K H K ' , fav- j A , , , V A,f 1 , , . , A - f.t,.,a,-Q.. , , ,,,. , . , . 4 .93 If--Eff ,if-,gf ii'-49, f .V 'fg 1 i-ig !!! -L , e, TP' .haf Don Palmer ' Thelma Kroeger Iva Lee Gibbs E SIXTH GRADE TEACH RS Velma Elliott Lura Norris SEVENTH GRADE TEACHERS Era Rau SPECIAL EDUCATION Fred Rau EIGHTH GRADE TEACHERS Mildred Galyean Winifred Rhoden Dora Dean Matthews Elementary School Faculty Grace Kroeger - Agnes McCoy - Elizabeth Knox - Frances Henry Annie Forehand - Normadale Smith - Bobbye Behlau - Gayle Newby Jewell Taylor - Dorothy Fancher - Regina Hauck - Ethel Warner Eunice Anthony - Murriel Kassaw - Hazel Garrett - Evelyn Sandner LUN CHROOM LADIES BUS DRIVERS SAMMIE COX Favorites Seniors JONATHAN HUMPHRIES MARY SUE BAKER FHA 4 yrs.g Pep Squad 4 yrs.g Speech Club 1 yr., Choral Club 1 yr.g Cour- tesy Student 1 yr. DON BARNETT Football 4 yrs. , Lettered 4 yrs. , All District 60-61, Honorable Mention All Central Texas 60-615 Track 4 yrs.g Baseball 3 YIS-: Basketball 2 yrs., Ath- letic Club 1 yr., "B" Club 2 yrs., Sen- ior Class Vice Presidentg Harvest King 60-61g Speech Club 4 yrs., One Act Play 59-60, Spanish Club 1 yr.g Va- queros 1 yr., Science Club 3 yrs.g Key Club 2 yrs. , Secretary 60-61. BRUCE BLALOCK Football 3 yrs. , Lettered 2 yrs.g Track 2 yrs.g Science Club 2 yrs.g Speech Club 3 yrs. , One Act Playg Key Club 2 yrs. BOB BREWER Band 4 yrs.g Track 2 yrs.g Speech Club 1 yr.g Courtesy Student 1 yr.g Most Progressive Band Student 59-60. DONALD BUCK Football 2 yrs.g Basketball 2 yrs., Track 3 yrs.g FFA 3 yrs. , Treasurer 59- 605 Key Club 2 yrs. RONALD BUCK Freshman Class Favoriteg Football 2 yrs.g Basketball 1 yr.g Track 3 yrs.g Key Club 2 yrs.g FFA 3 yrs. MIKE BURLESON Football 1 yr.g FFA 3 yrs., FFA Dairy Judging Team 59, Livestock Judging Team 60 - 3rd place regional, 5th place state, Meat Judg- ing Team 61g Key Club 2 yrs., Vice Dresident 60-61. PHIL CLARK Football 1 yr.5 Speech Club 1 yr.5 Cho. Club 1 yr.5 Span. Club l yr.5 Courtesy N Student 1 yr. DOYLE CLAWSON Football 4 yrs. , Lettered 3, All Dist. it 615 Tr. 4 yrs.5 Basketball 3 yrs.5 Base- ball 1 yr.5 FFA 3 yrs. , Most Outstand- fi fx ing in Agriculture 59, Judging Team 2 A212225 yrs. - 5th in St. Conf, Cha. Star Farmer 60, Sent. 605 Key Club 2 yrs. , Treas. 60-615 Speech Club 1 yr.5 "B" Club 2 yrs.5 Spanish Club 1 yr. SAMMIE COX FHA 4 yrs. , V. Pres. 60-615 Pep Sq. 3 yrs.5 Ann. Staff 2 yrs. , Art Ed. 59- 605 Basketball 4 yrs., Lettered 1 yr.5 Tr. 4 yrs.5 Volleyball 2 yrs.5 Sr. Cl. Treas. 60-615 Harvest Qu. Nom. 58- 595 Sr. Cl. Fav. 60-615 Homecoming Qu. 60-615 Miss B.H.S. Nom. 60-61. STEPHEN DAVIS Football 2 yrs. , Lettered 1 yr.5 Basket- ball 2 yrs.5 Tr. 2 yrs.5 Baseball 2 yrs.5 Speech Club 1 yr.5 "B" Club 1 yr.5 Vaqueros 1 yr.5 Cho. Club 1 yr.5 FFA 2 yrs. LARRY ECKERT Key Club 2 yrs.5 Speech Club 2 yrs.5 Football 4 yrs. , Lettered 2 yrs.5 Tr. 4 yrs.5 Basketball 2 yrs.5 Vaqueros 1 yr.5 "B" Club Sr. Cl. Rep.5 Span. Clubl yr. DAVE EKRUT Fresh. Sgt.-at-Arms5 Band 2 yrs. , All Dist. 58-595 Football 3 yrs. , Lettered 2 yrs., All Dist. 59-60, Hon. Men. All State 60-615 Tr. 3 yrs. , Lettered 2 yrs.5 Basketball 3 yrs.5 Baseball 2 yrs., Lettered '2 yrs.5 Speech Club 2 yrs.5 Nat. Hon. Soc. 1 yr.5 Stu. Coun. 2 yrs., V.n Pres. 59-605 Jr. Cl. Treas.5 Sr. Cl. Pres.5 Cl. Fav. 59-60. THURMAN FANCHER Fresh. Cl. Pres.: Stu. Coun. 3 yrs., Pres. 59-60, 60-615 Speech Club 3 yrs.5 Key Club 2 yrs.5 Sci. Club 3 yrs.5 Nat. Hon. Soc. 2 yrs.5 "B" Club 2 yrs., Pres. 59-60, Sec.-Treas. 60-615 Soph. Cl. Fav.5 Cutest Boy 59-605 Harvest Escort 57-58,59-605 Most Likely To Succeed 60-615 Mr. B.H.S. 60-615 Football 4 yrs. , Lettered 35 Bas- ketball 4 yrs. , Lettered 25 Baseball 3 yrs. , Lettered 35 Tr. 4 yrs., Lettered 45 Band 1 yr. Key Club 1 yr 1 yr., Track 4 District 58-59 District 60-61 ANN FRIEND Nat. Hon. Soc. 2 yrs., V. Pres. 59- 60, Sec. 60-61, Ir. Cl. Fav., Friend- liest Girl 59-60, FHA 2 yrs., Parl. 59- 60, Pres. 60-61, Pep Sq. 2 yrs., Most Outstanding Mem. 60-61, D.A.R. Good Citizen Award 60-61, Most Likely to Succeed 60-61, Ir. Cl. Sec., Ann. staff 1 yr., Bus. Mgr. 60-61, Courtesy Stu. 2 yrs., Sextette 1 yr., Miss B.-H.S. 60-61. DARLA GLAZNER Sci. Club 1 yr., Span. Club 1 yr., Pep Sq. 4 yrs., News Staff 2 yrs., Volley- ball Team 2 yrs., Speech Club 3 yrs., Cho. 2 yrs. E. W. GRAVES Track 2 yrs., Football 2 yrs., FFA 4 yrs., Vaqueros 1 yr. JANE HALL Pep Squad 3 yrs., FHA 4 yrs., Speech Club 3 yrs., Cho. 2 yrs., Band 1 yr., News Staff 2 yrs., Stu. Coun. 1 yr. BARBARA HOLLEY Band 2 yrs., Pep Sq. 2 yrs., FHA 4 yrs., Choral 1 yr. JONATHAN HUMPHREYS Sr. Cl. Fav., Ann. Staff 2 yrs., Asst. Bus. Mgr. 59-60, Ed. 60-61, Nat. Hon Soc. 1 112 yrs., Key Club 2 yrs. , Pres. 60-61, Sci. Club 4 yrs., Pres. 60-61, 2nd place Sci. Fair 59-60, Stu. Coun. 1 yr., Fresh. Cl. Treas., Ir. Cl. Rep. Courtesy Stu. 2 yrs., Speech Club 2 yrs., One Act Play Dist. All Star Cast 59-60, Band 1 yr., Spanish Club 1 yr. DeWAYNE HYMAN ., Stu. Coun. 1 yr., Best All-Round Soph., Basketball yrs., Football 4 yrs., Lettered 3 yrs., 2nd Team All- , All-District 59-60, All Central Texas 59-60, All- , All Central Texas 60-61, Senior Sergeant-at-Arms, "B" Club 2 yrs., "B" Bouncer 60-61, Vaqueros 1 yr. DENNIS JAMES Football 4 yrs. , Lettered 4 yrs. , All Central Texas 60-61, All Dist. 59-60, 60-61, Basketball 2 yrs., Lettered 1 yr., Track 4 yrs. , Lettered 4 yrs., Soph. Cl. V. Pres., lr. Cl. Pres., Who's. Who - Most Handsome 58-59, Mr. B.H.S. Nominee 59-60, 60-61, Speech Club 2 yrs., "B" Club 2 yrs., Vaqueros 1 yr., Pres. 60-61, Courtesy Stu. 1 yr. ROBERTA MONTGOMERY Soph. Cl. Rep., Soph. Cl. Fav., Sr. Best All-Round, Cheerleader 3 yrs., Head Cheerleader 1 yr., Basketball 4 yr., Lettered 3, Track 2 yrs., Stu. Coun. 2 yrs., Sextette 1 yr., FHA 4 yrs., Off. 2 yrs., Pep Squad 1 yr., Ann. Staff 1 yr., Snapshot Ed. 60-61. BETTY JANE MOORE Band 4 yrs., Speech Club 2 yrs., Ann. Staff 2 yrs., Snapshot Ed. 59-60, Lit- erary Ed. 60-61, News Staff 2 yrs., Stu. Coun. 1 yr., Cl. Rep., Sr., Cho. 1 yr., Courtesy Stu. 3 yrs., Spanish Club 1 yr., FHA 4 yrs., Nat. l-Ion. Soc. 2 yrs., V. Pres. 1 yr., Harvest Queen 1960. WANDA OVERSTREET Fresh. Best All-Round, Soph. Cl. Treas., Pep Squad 3 yrs., Cheerleader 2 yrs., FHA 4 yrs., Stu. Coun. 2 yrs., Basket- ball 3 yrs., Track 1 yr., Ann. Staff 1 yr., Sports Ed. 50-60, Football Sweet- heart 58-59, Courtesy Stu. 6.0-61. RONNIE PETRICK Football 4 yrs., Lettered.4, Basketball 4 yrs. , Lettered 4, Track 3 yrs. , Let- tered 3, Baseball 4 yrs. , Lettered 4, Basketball 2nd Team All-Dist., Ir. Cl. V. Pres., Sci. Club 1 yr., V. Pres. 60-61, Speech Club 2 yrs "B" Club 2 yrs., Best All-Round Ir., Best All-Round Sr., Key Club 2 yrs., All-District Basketball 60-61. SAUNDRA ROBBINS FHA 3 yrs., Speech 3 yrs., Pep Squad 2 yrs., Track 3 yrs., Basketball 1 yr., Volleyball 2 yrs., News Staff 1 yr., One Act Pl. 2 yrs., Best All-Round Jr., Cho .' 1 yr., Courtesy Stu. 2 yrs. WILLIAM GEORGE RUSH Football 2 yrs., Basketball 1 yr., Speech Club 1 yr., Track 1 yr., FFA 1 yr., V. Pres'. of Green Horn Chapter. RONALD SAMFORD FFA 3 yrs. , Meat Judging Team 60-615 Courtesy Student 1 yr. DAVID SCHROEDER Speech Club 1 yr.5 Football 1 yr.5 Track 1 yr.5 Basketball 1 yr.5 Courtesy Student 2 yrs.5 Key Club 1 yr.5 Va- queros 1 yr., Secretary-Treasurer 60- 61. PAUL SEIDENSTICKER Basketball 4 yrs. , Lettered 4 yrs. , All- District 59-60, 60-615 Football 4 yrs., Lettered 3 yrs.5 Baseball 4 yrs., Let- tered 3 yrs.5 Track 3 yrs. , Lettered 35 Student Council 2 yrs. , Parliamentarian 59-605 Sophomore Class Presidentg Na- tional Honor Society 2 yrs. , President 60-615 Key Club 1 yr.5 Annual Staff 1 yr., Sports Editor 60-615 Basketball Dreamboat 58-595 "B" Club 2 yrs. MILLARD SHELL Football 4 yrs., Lettered 3, 2nd Team All-District 19595 Track 4 yrs., Let- tered 45 FFA 4 yrs. , President 59-60, 60-61, Lone Star Farmer 1960, Out- standing VA ll boy 58-59, Star Chapter Farmer 58-595 Athletic Club 1 yr.5 Student Council 1 yr.5 "B" Club 2 yrs. , President 60-615 National Honor Society 2 yrs. , President 59-605 Speech Club 1 yr, President 60-613 One Act Play 60-615 Extemporaneous Speaking 1 yr. 5 DOROTHY SHELTON Pep Squad 4 yrs.g FHA 4 yrs. , Secre- 5 tary-Treasurer 60-615 Speech Club 1 yr.5 Spanish Club 1 yr.5 Senior Class 1 Secretary. - LARRY WEISINGER FFA 4 yrs. . National FFA Farm Safety Award, Certificate of Merit in Sheep Production 57-58, National FFA Farm Electrification Award 58-59, Farm Mechanics Award, Lone Star Farmer Degree, Chapter Reporter 56-60. CHERYL THOMPSON Favorites Juniors LARRY KING Patsy Alexander Willis Amidon Matthew Buckley Ruby Faye Condrey Harvey Crow George Downs Juniors Roddy Edgar Donna Farquhar Rosemary Farquhar Richard Fitzgerald Connie Galceran Nik Tommy Garner Sammy Garrett Martha Griggs Evelyn Hall Janice Hall Smith juniors Margie Hutchins Mary Jane Jones James Kincheloe Larry King Charlie Kroeger Kay Kroeger Ken Kroeger Floyd Lankford Charlotte Lawson Phillis Lewis funiors Lorraine Lowery Betty Miller Marvin Parker Bobby Payne Robert Pevehouse Ronnie Pevehouse Van Plevan Zane Sites James Smith Lowell Stuart Juniors Donna Taylor Cheryl Thompson Ronald Waggoner Cody Wales Ben Williams Dan Punn--Susie FFA Preeident New Bulletin Board Freshmen Jane Students Ramsey Glinton Sophomores VIRGINIA HUTCHINS Favorites IESSIE PERKINS Eva Io Alexander Ceola Arnold Ross Brans ford Beulah Burton Don Burton Jimmy Collins Frank Crow Lee Roy D'Spain Pamela Dycus Alicia Everett Patricia Gatliff Larry Gentry Terry Glazener Donald Goodwin Timothy Guthrie Harold Hall Cecil Harned Coley Henry Anna Ruth Hoover Virginia Hutchins Albert lowers Johnny Kroeger Mike Lary James Lewis Sue Lucksinger Jimmy McCoy Mackie Marx Larry Massey David Meredith Lyndon Montgomery Iames Warwick Eva Yonnie David Norris Jesse Perkins John Potts James Price Freddie Kay Raymond Jane Reavis Dorothy Riley .Timmy Shelburn Betty Tucker CHARLENE CHAMB ERLAIN Favorites Freshmen CARY DALE CLA WSON Iimmy Alexander Lonnie Lee Anglin Edrie Benton Wade Bird Ray Carter Charlene Chamberlain Cary Dale Clawson Gene Ekrut Rickey Evans Bud Faris Suzanne Felps Sandy Galceran Linda Glimp Louie Goble Penny Goodwin Doris Hall Howard Hall William Haynes Karen Hilliard Judy Jones Mary Leigh Iones Dudley Kinsey Lula Belle Langford Shirley Lindeman LaVerne McGuire Bobbie Marhefka Sharon Matteson Donald Meredith Bob Miller Jennifer Millsap Sara Montgomery Robert O'Hair Nadine Pabst Terry Petrick David Petrick Betty Ratliff Henry Zimmerman Pamela Rau Marvin Reavis Tommy Reed William Schroeder Johnny Scott Billy D. smith Mike Stifolter Sharon Strahan Frederick Sylvester Toni Tanner Diana Thornton Virginia Tucker Virginia Warner Sharon Whitted Jack Young r 0 I N. 1399 CFFICIQI B all OT N9 1399 1 RURNET COUNTY r ' Dner Npreurber s. moo vpie for the eeuaiarre or your eiruaee ur eeeir ruee by eerereiuug or preriaug pur All other names in mer reee. Ypu may vote fer eu fire eerraianer nl e party by ruurupg rr Rue mruupir every , GENERAL ELECTION other puny column. ' Npre. varerx sr unure Te Ee Anarea ' if 5 .I , , up rr.. er... r .,. DEMOCRATIC PARTY REPUBLICAN PARTY CONSTITUTION PARTY PRoIuEITIoN PARTY INDEPENDENT A WRITE-IN I Fur Preraaeur and vaeerreriaeprr Eur Preriaeur .ua vice-Preuaerur Eur Preuaeur .ua viee-Prerraerur Fur Preriaeur .ua vice-Preriaeuu Per Preriaeru prra viee.Preriaepu Io1IN P. KENNEDY und RICHARD M. NIxoN era CHARLES I.. SULLIVAN rua RUTHERI-'oRD L. DECKER rua LYNDON Is. 101-INSDN HENRY CABOT LODGE N1ERRI1'r R. CURTIS E. HAROLD MUNN For Governor: Per Cuvemor: I rp... gm,-,,.,,, PRICE DANIEL WILLIAM Ii. STEGER , I-'ur Lruurrururr Governor: Eur Iseueeuprrr curerrurre Fur Lieutenant cprerrrure 'por Lrpurenmr g.,v,,,,,,,, BEN RAAISEY GILRERT N. HARRISON PHILIP LEE EUEANK Fur Arruruey General pr Terper Eur Attorney ceuerri pr Terurr !For Attorney cerrerrl ol Tern: 2, rp, Arrpruey General of Tm-.,, u'ILL w1I.soN GORDON TREADAWAY , MUCKLEROY IICDDNNQLD Q Eur Uunea srerer Serurrurr rpr Uuarea sirrer Seunprr Per Uuiiea srrrer Seuerprr Q X' Fur United sneer Senator: LYNDON II. JOHNSON IOIIN c. TOWER HARD A, LOGAN Q9 Q, x Fufi fguweecrzasuggue Ccunr Q q XQZJQ Eur chief Iueriee uf supreme cuurrr A A Q me .e u Rug Arruumee Irirriee uf supreme Q mer QQ ab get qcibey-t I-'ur Arrueiriie Iuruee nt Supremo 'num use r .R - C rr, P Ir CLYDE li, SMITH N ix' 9905: G92-43 nxeliippti 'W M u Fur Aueeauie Iuruee at Supreme . get gxe effect' eieefbrcfk Eur Associate Juruee pr suprerue cuurr, Pleee 21 Av' 'r S er ,S We no k ' cpuri, Piece 2: IOE GREENIIILL sg?5ec,bev4b'c'4,9Qy Avy' 6315 e e -e. x . For Iuripe, cuurr pr Criminll Appeelrr Per Iuage, cuurr prcr-irruuu1Apper1rr 56 qfjpaitec 5. Femmes icy ue sa., po, Judge, Com, or C,r,,,i,,,1 Appelh, Iv. 'I ueDoNALD RUBEN R LOZANO AJ- Q, , 9060 ,rr xeebehrfyxess, A e. X . Eur Runrpra cprrrrruruuuere Eur Rua -euerr Eur Rralrpea Commissioner: if Qc JS niece ,, GEF 3+-o on I-or perimd C.,,,,,,,r,,r,,,.e,. ERNEST 0. THOMPSON W. . I. C. IARMAN R 6y4v2s'dLQgr.RqIeR dew., asqttgi 91539 .. e Fur rzruuprruiier of Public Acco pu-wll f Public Acccuulf: Fur Cvmvtrollfr of Public Accounts: get A 9 235i9Qy21a-5-PQ rar Cvmptroller of Puirne Arwurrru ltOBElt'I' S, CALVERT S AR VE CALEENEJ IosI:PI-I M. RUMMLER Qufdeyv 6516 Q99 Key -A A rr .,, - rar currurrieuuuer uf ceuerel For lr ieraauer uf ceuerel Lrrua Par fgaruruuuuuer ur ceuerel Luua ufiozofpisbqusr 9,254 Eur cerurrurrceuer pr Ceneral Lrua orr-r ore Ocez x. , c . S omr JEIQISY SADLER AXT BYLES W. C. "DOC" MILLER I 02242593-xiitsfk' C' , , r. For State Treeeurerr re Treasurer: Fur Sine Trereurerr I igcdxctibvm Eur sine Treerurerr IESSE IAIIES . LEN LACY BERT ELLIS ef' R I rur cururrurriuue -p e, I-'ur cpu..-urrripuer of Agriculture: Eur cruruuiuiprrer uf Agrreulrurer Fur cprrururrauuer pr Agriculture: JOHN c. w CLARENCE IJANKLERS R L PETERS , Per gzuugreru , ri Eur Congressman, 10th currgreuipuel ' 1Par Congressman, Your cuugrereipurl Iuuureu Diurrerr Durrierr IIUNIER TIIOHFNBERRY ROY R BROWN Ifur ciurr justice, cpurr uf crru Eur chief justice, cuurr ur cryin Appeuir, arrl Supreme yuaseiui I Appeals, ara supreme Jueueiel District: Digtfigtg Roi' cz ARCHER Frracsurejuga rgxrgarfrripru I-'pr State Rpera uf Education: , A '. ' Arl fur Reprerrurerriye, urn Dirrrieu For Repreeeruruye, mu nuirrrrr TERRY 'IDWNSEND 'ur Iuape, sara District cpurrr or Judge, sara D' tri r C urrr JACK IIILLER 'S C 0 ubiururrer Azruruey, 33rd Iuar 'errier Airpurey, sara Iuaaefei Slrttt: I: L:ARLos ASIILEY ur cuuuiy Anon-.eyr ry Anomeyr It o 4R.rIpup BURLESON 'ur Tur Aueyrer rua Collector: ur Aererrpr rua Collector: A. xv. melauup LExvIs I Sh 'af Fo su 'Rr 0l'l'Al?EAClZ RIIJDICLI. I cn 'ur cpuury curuurzeripuer Preeirrei Eur cuuury caurruirrruuer Preeiuer Nu. Ie Nu. Ir I. cz Ross uCount,y Comnission r Precinct Fi 3 Chester C. Li ble r l 5 No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 No. 4 Scratch or mnrlr out one rtntement so that the one remaining rhnll indicnta the vuy you wish to vote. FOR the Constitutional Amendment authorizing the Legislature to crelto l Hospital District co-extensive with Limnr and Hidalgo Counties, lnd co with County Commisdunerx Precinct No. 4 of Comanche County. AGAINST the Constitutinnnl Amendment Authorizing the Legislature to create I Hospital District on-extensive with Lamar md Ilidnlgo Counties, and co with County Commissioners Precinct No. 4 of Comanche County. FOR the Amendment to Section 49-b of Article Ill of the Constitution of Texas hy adding thereto I provision authorizing the Veterlns' Lund Board to bpuae puurpurea urraer rueu seeuuu to Ireru uuereu at . rure or rates uur rp ereeea three rua pue-Irexr pereeru iawm per ruuuur, AGAINST the Amendment to Section 49-b of Article III of the Constitution of Tens hy adding thereto E provision nuthnrizing Lhe Veterrms' Land Board tn bonds authorized under such Section to hear interest at u rnte or rates not to exceed three and one-half percent C1611 per Immun. FOR the Constitutional Amendment allowing nn annual salary of not to exceed ance nt not to exceed Twelve Dollars 48121 per dny for the first one hundred compensation for Mcmhers ol the Legislature and limiting the Regular Session AGAINST the Constitutionnl Amendment allowing nn annual salary of not tn exe ance oi nnt to exceed Twelve Dollars f3l2l Per day for the lirst one hundred compensation for Members of the Legislature and limiting the Regular Session Four Thousand. Eight Hundred Dollars 15-i,S00j per yenr ond and twenty 11201 dnys only of unch Session of the Legislature to one hundred and forty 1140! days. era Puur Thousand, Eight Huuarea Dpiierr isrsooi per yelr rua Anil twenty 1120? dnyr onlv of each Session nt the legislature to one hundred and forty it-101 days. -extensive .erreuriye issue the irrue me e per aieru uliuw- as ure rueraruuru e per aierrr unuw. ns the rururirrruur .ua sr rururuuuru son ure cuurmurrpuui Arrreuarueur piyaug the LL-gislnture Authority tc eiurrzfy Iuuur ruui Ieuriere, Irpeure and repuiure Ieurierr, aeaue interest rates of interestg lnd providing for a rnnximum rate of interest ul ten per centum H079 per Annum in the nhscnce of legislation Bring maximum AGAINST me cpruruurzeuui Amendment giving ure Lepuierure nuthnrity ru classify loans rua Ieruierr, Ireeure pua repuiure Ieuaere, define interest rurer uf Iruerrerr and pruyaarup fnr r maximum me of rurererr pr reu per eeuiuru nom per uuuuu in ure nrreuee pf Iepreieuuu lixing ruerupuru rates of interest. und fir maximum rates of interest. Best All-Around Best Azz-Amumz Best Personality M 0815 Dependable ost Likely to Succ Most Courteous Class 0 fzcers President - KEN KROEGER Vice President - TOMMY GARNER Secretary-Treasurer - KAY KROEGER Reporters - ROSEMARY FARQUHAR, LORRAINE LOWERY President - COLEY HENRY Vice President - GINNY HUTCHINS Secretary - PAM DYCUS Treasurer - MIKE LARY Reporters - JERRY GLAZNER, PAT GATLIFF Class Ufficers President - DAVE EKRUT Reporters - BETTY JANE MOORE Vice President - DON BARNETT LARRY ECKERT Secretary - DOROTHY SHELTON Treasurer - SAMMIE COX President - HA?PY ZIMMERMAN Vice President - DAVID PETRICK Secretary - KAREN HILLIARD Treasurer - SHARON MATTESON Reporters - JUDY TONES, TERRY PETRICK t. f ,H W 1, I H 'TW 55? . , my sk N, ,, A we 13 f, mf ESS? X im 1' A I ILE QD YA IM gil' Y Homecoming Nominees mecoming Quee Miss Sammie Cox Harvest Queen Nominees I I A Harvest Queen Miss Betty Jane Moore 4 Student Council President - THURMAN FANCHER Treasurer -'CHARLOTTE LAWSON Vice President - RONNIE PETRICK Parliamentarian - CODY WALES Secretary - CONNIE GALCERAN attonal Honor Society STANDING: Donna Farquhar, Cody Wales, Jonathan Humphreys, Dave Ekrut, Millard Shell Thurman Fancher, Margie Hutchins. SEATED: Betty Jane Moore - Vice President, Ann Friend - Secretary, Paul Seidensticker - President, Mr. Matthews - Sponsor. Burnet Future Hnmemakerx of America President - ANN FRIEND FHA Meeting vice President - SAMMIE cox 12'14"6O Secretary - DOROTHY SHELTON Reporter - CHARLOTTE LAWSON Sponsor - MRS. ARLEE BARTON Key Club Speech Club F.F,A. OFFICERS AND SWEETHEART ll V ll Larry Massey, Treasurer, Iirnmy Shelburn, Vice President, Coley Henry, Secretary, Connie Gal ceran, Sweetheart, Millard Shell, Presidentg Don Burton, Reporter, David Meredith, Sentinel. Future Farmers Qf America Spanish Club Burnet High School Sextette Kay Kroeger - Lorraine Lowery - Alicia Everett Pam Dycus - A F 'end - Virginia H t hin News Staff Kay Kroeger, Jane Hall, Betty Iane Moore, Rosemary Farquhar, Martha Griggs, Charlotte Law son, Evelyn Hall, Darla Glazner, Mrs. Smith, Sponsor. Science Club B-Club Vazqueros CONNIE GALCERAN PATSY ALEXANDER FFA Sweetheart Kay Club Sweetheart ANN FRIEND 1961 D.A.R. Award RONNIE PETRICK SUE LUCKSINGER Girls' Basketball Sweetheart Boys' Basketball Sweetheart . A ' M, CONNIE GALCERAN - Drum Major ,D f ., : U- QSE7 fl ,Q 1 ,QL 222 235535 ret ries? 5 Z ia SANDY GALCERAN - Sweetheart The Burnet Band Director - MRS. BLANCHE WORD Reporters - MARY JANE JONES President - CONNIE GALCERAN KAY KROEGER Vice President - ALICIA EVERETT Managers - RONALD WAGGONER Secretary - MARTHA GRIGGS Treasurer - MARTHA GRIGGS IAMES WARWICK BRASS AND PERCUSSION SECTION Burnet Bulldog Band WOODWIND SECTION Ma o rettes 1. Mary Jane Jones, 2. Kay Kroeger, 3. Alicia Everett, 4. Pam Dycus Cheerleaders 1. Patsy Alexander 2. Roberta Montgomery 3. Cheryl Tompson 4. Pat Gatliff Burnet High School Pep Squad 5 . ,A.L , M,,,, ANN FRIEND - Voted Outstanding Member 7 RONNEYDL- U"U"u mm -53i1lSTfCKE1F All-District Basketball All-District Football DENNIS JAMES DON BARNETT DeWAYNE HYMAN DOYLE CLAWSON DAVE EKRUT 2 years A11 Central Texas 2 years 2 years Athletics 5 FLOYD LANKFORD NNIE PETRIC K PAUL SEIDENSTICKER JESSE PERKINS THURMAN FANCHER irls 9 Basketball FIRST ROW: Matteson, Chamberlain, Farquhar, Sites, Cox, Montgomery SECOND ROW: Lawson, Thompson, Robins, Yonnie, Alexander, Hall. THIRD ROW: Everett, Alexander, Lucksinger, Jones, Coach Newby. In T1'31H1l'1g Carniva Track Baseball OFFICE WORKERS NOT PICTURED: Roberta Montgomery, John Potts, Shorty Robbins. FIRST ROW: Brewer, Buckley, Humphreys, James, Schroeder, Burleson, Shell. SECOND ROW Galceran, Rau, Glazener, Overstreet, Cox, Moore, Thornton. r ATHLETIC MANAGERS Butch Fitzgerald, Terry Petrick, David Norris Eel Val Egg S5bg----------,,-m-,-mM Qggud EQQkn-w,---n--m------ Lg mpg Q8 3 .....................-a...x..-......-....,-............ L13gQ----------------H----- Cepperam Govan-M--mmm-'W-mm eazathwainQ--w------V----N------MQ Egfglg F5113--n---w--,,-m-w Essen ----- ---w-mnm--m-f-Q+- BURNS? wQN--U'-'- Ebnetrationa fi-32 6 wins 5 iosaea Yeh, auilaogeaaaaas muauwwq one-pea--v.-mu yawn-wwmu -.gun-mm.-.-Q 4---w--"f"'Ll6""6 ww-M----G-18 8--G 2G'6 12-28 52-0 S-6 26,20 tie Music while we eat! ! Mr. and Miss Junior High Junior High Che erle ad ers Linda Ann Stieuke - LeTre11e Sprott - Linda Cowan - Sharon Blalock Tumbling Harvest Prince and Princess BARBARA COX BOBBY METZLER Eighth Grade Sharon Blalock, Betty Brizendine, Maletha Cornelius, Barbara Cox, Tommy Crain, Sandra Sue D'Spain. Penny Everett, J. B. Floyd, Mike Glenn, Earl Good, Susan Humphreys, Eugene La Bar. Mrs. Winfred Rhoden Teacher Robert Metzler, Louisa Miller, Robert Nicholson, Harold Overton, Sylvia Owens, Jack Phillips. Phil Ray, David Samford, La Vetta Samford, Donna Schooley, Linda Stienke, Dewayne Tippie. Viva Jean Warwick, Billy White, Leora Janie Williams, Mary Williamson, Sammy Wilson, Dale Wofford. Eighth Grade Glyn Brizendine, Sue Burton, Geneva Ruth Carpenter, Terry Castellaw, Billy Daniels, Drucillia Fox Judy Frymire, Charlsie Garrett, Marvin Germany, Sal Hernandez, Lynda Holley, Rex Keele. Mr. F red Rau, Teacher Mary Lucksinger, Duane McBee, Beverly Milliorn, Clyde Murdock, Carolyn Newton, Susan Parker. Gloria Payne, Charles Phillips, Vernon Richardson, Hal Siler, Doug Smith, Saundra Taylor. Brenda Tippie, Harold Tippie, Sharon Warren, Lynn Wells, Johnny Yonnie, Larry Youngblood. Eighth Grade Ira Adams, George Allen, Ken Barnett, Jessie Brown, David Carter, Linda Cowan. Gene Davis, Brenda Eden, Julian Escamilla, Lynda Felps, Dinah Frazier, Sally Gardner. Mrs. Era Rau Teacher Ben Williamson Sandra Guthrie, Dudley Hall, Lloyd Heckel, Donna Holland, Orene Huggins, Cherie Kroeger. Mary Landtroop, Jimmy Lastly, Bobbie McDavid, Io Ann McKenzie, Sandra Rau, Larry Reavis. Larry Rutledge, Dorothy Sanders, Miles Sawyer, Marsha Scruggs, LaTrelle Sprott, Sharon Verlander. George Worrell Mrs. Velma Elliottfs Seventh Grade Robert Lee Adams, Judy Amidon, Ginny Baker, Richard Barber, Horace Barton, Joye Bibles. Robert Bordovsky, Jerry Brinkley, James Cantwell, Linda Kay Cordes, William DeLeon, Margaret Dellinger. Gary Eden, Lynn Ellett, Joe Ellett, Andy Feild, Suzy Glenn. Sharon Goble, Danny Guthrie, Jimbo Hornsby, Doyle Jackson, Emmett Glen Lewis, Carolyn McLennan Mike Massey, Carrie Lea O'Bier, Linda Pafford, Larry Piper, Patricia Schwartz, Winfred Shelburn. Jimmy Shepperd, Kenneth Smith, Margaret Smith, Harold Steinke, Janice Thorp, Rick Verlander. 9 J Mrs. Mildred Galyean 5 Seventh Grade Roy Lee Bethke, Joyce E. Crawford, Steve D. Duggan, Danny Duke, Adelaide Escamilla, Richard G. Fry. Harry A. Garner, Geral G. Greer, Wayne T. Good, Charles Harris, Charles D. Haynes, Laura Janie Haynes. Janet L. Hilliard, Lynn Johnson, Samuel L. Kindred. Oneta R. Lamb, John E. Lowe, James Ronald Lucksinger, Charles W. McMillion, Charlotte J. Marx, Linda T. Mason. - Bobby Ray Nichols, Lenita R. Pafford, Willie R. Richardson, Margaret M. Schroeder, Eddie M. Schack- elford, Gwen Shelburn. Jimmy L. Smith, EddieJ. Terry, Mike Williams, Kenneth W. Wills, Karen Wooten, Shirley F. Worrell Mrs. Lum orrisps Seventh Grade David Barton, Robert Bingham, Pam Bowers, Mary Gene Clements, Sharyn Marie Cox, Dannie Crawford Roy Dearing, Margaret Debo, Billie Dickinson, Glenn Gates, Bobby Good, Jerry Goodwin. Patricia Hall, Tommy Hill, Cindy Kroeger, Howard Kreoger, Bill Kuykendall, John Landtroop. : - f- ' ' i , .,. ' - ' itil 'Viiass V, V-vV.V sw ' f , ag, 15.513 I, 51, .Vv, . rs' , V-ggtggs,VsV.VVf Vs-Vszvsxi. .,V..sVV,iV.VV'f ' fi . Vl ' ' ' K V if F- -. 5 its A . vga, V , 9 ez.VvV:w, , .,,,. gf Vs V, Vsgjmggfsiiseils f'V,V'f5' , HVV-if if , :LV "'w'fQg42? V .. sw iw rt, - sms1Vss.ftt uf .. VVVVVVVV- -V VVV V'V V -VV Vs,:iVrsVV21Vmx5s V.V::V: V - V,V .s . -1, fr gal? . V . .fx .,,.,, ,. , V ,.,, , ,s ,, , V V ,..,. V ,.. ,r . ..,r. , . . ,. . V.xx..,,. M .s,.r2,.s. S ., W., , V. ,atm MV, V,. .,V Q-:MSVVVQ V . VV V V-VVVQQV .V .anna . tl ,V . ., - ,Var -fA--f W3 to 1, ., V fx: -. 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Richard Culp, Barbara Dellinger, Tommye Dorbandt, Caroline Duncan, Shirley Fry, Suzan Fox. Ioe Garcia, Daryl Goodman, Raymond Hallmark Nancy Harrison, Donald Hunziker, Allen Lindeman, Shirley Lucksinger, Ruth McReynolds, Barbara Milliorn. Aldena Marie Mills, Larry Owens, Freddie Pabst, Tim Pelfrey, Roberr Romine, Richard Sanders. John Sandner, Lee Shackelford, Janis Tippie, Rodger Vail, Ioan Merlene Wills, Larry Williams. Mr. Don Palmefs Sixth Grade Sharon Baker, Pat Barton, Wayne Bird, James Dorsey, Victor Fry, Fonda Hall. Frank Haynes, Sharon Hyman, Sharrion Langford, Wanda Landtroop, Katy Lavendar, Karen Lewis. Charles Lockwood, Curtis McDaniels. Vickie Massey, John Petty, Shirley Ratliff, Verlon Reagon, Mandolin Richards, Marie Samford. Bill Sawyer, Neil Shelburn, Gary Smith, Tommy Tate, Joe Frank Taylor, Cheryl Turnlinson. Charles Vansickle, Ray Vasquez, Bonnie Williams, John Wilson, Clinton Worrell, Mallie Yonnie Miss Iva Lee Gibbsgs Sixth Grade ,V 1 ,ga I ,VQ,:. 2 ,i e eL J , 1 1 5kf.iqz'5z "e. kwigilti iffg -'gy In hs kmxizyuk -VV,kh',k :zz ug fr: k,-: .gg in eeeeeeeeee B i l 1 J A 1 1 eeee ws., "' m'm" 2,522 e,.eee 1 'B 1 J ' ",. 1 A ww--2, Q I iflkfiiri I - ' V? I 1 I U , .,f-.-r'i:SE:Sw, 'K ,. ,, H iff! e,hA' e.,, ,K . 1- . J , Q 1 J in 1 eeee eeee tie eeee is B ee'e ieee "ee" ee'h A 1 1 . 1 so ' J ' s 'fzf i lf' za s-, 1 5 , Le" . 1 ...,, ' L 1 1 , gf ,K A ,"- V f ' , .e - . -I .I "1f as ' f " ,ewrm,:m1,rm,f-Meng-:LQW11sw:snsv,,sw-.1 f,gfw-wail .:k' ,fffgg 'f,-- ,lem-rf, ,.f, ygszgiir,--,. '- Veee eefi Wifyeil'-H'4s' fwsifeifleisiii i.eiffff2:fe'1 nr , sP1:'a.srfrf's::, jllfiwlrel ' Jssrrszgfeifffsfs My vf--f' sr 1 rr- , - ' ' , Lee ' 1 ,eh' B111 Adams, Jonathan Allen, Larr Atkinson, B111 Barber, fa Connie Brown, James Brown. . 'rrk . . r'1, Linda Clendennen, John Dobbs, Greg Guthrie, Carl Hallmark, 33, Qi: 11.11 Cliff Hilliard, Larry Hooker. J David Huggins, Jerry Hyman. - . B J Larry Jenkins, Jock Johnson, Linda Johnson, Burnam Jones, Betty McDavid, Morris McGuire. James McMil1in, David Martinez, LaVerne Marx, David Meador, Janis Millsap, Joyce Nelson. Von Dean Nelson, Jeffrey Schwartz, Ray Steele, Linda Tippie, Alene Warwick, Ava Rae Weisinger. f JUN1UR H1511 1-UU'1'bA1.1J J LJLYLKJIX LILKJLA UILLY I Elementary Sclwol First Grades C Q C Second Grades 3 3 E Third Grad Fourth Grades F Grades Q4 Q Q J 2 9 ADAMS FOOD STORE BURNET AUTO COMPANY 29 COMPLIMENTS OF CAMP LONGHORN TEXAS CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL COMPANY 19 1 9 Trav1s Q li if Q CA 8- 844 1 Address Mail to P O B 78 Houston 1 T S d G 1 L'meston " -'?:.-T Thea FE '-'Q fa : 5'5.?? ,, -.g.g.5.5.:.:Z,.-.. lg -.. Q, :- 122:-:-rf-:-:bi -2:5 H F:-:. u 1, f1....j.',.. .sy Ki, Q., g l : 1-ff.f.5.::qq .. kg. 3312... I . ia .:-Q 5-121 '- '2 O "' x'--2111 g Q '. gh g 0 O I I D Q UR 24253, F as, six 1.1. WE WELCOME YOUR ACCOUNT FIRST STATE BANK OF BURNE T THE GALLOWAY COMPANY Insurance . Bonds , Mortgage Loans , H. H. GALLOWAY Post Offlce Box 55 ERVICE TRENGTH AFETY W. C. GALLOWAY Burnet Texi-1S COMPLIMENTS OF HIGHLAND LAKES READY-MIX CO., INC. HELEN'S FLOWERS P1 gY IO Hpp PIONEER ABSTRACT 8. TITLE COMPANY .N ,... I - O. Box 605 B t T f 11 ,. TEXACO, INCORPORATED f n f W. D. CORDER, Consignee PL 6-4236 BURNET COUNTY SUPPLY Burnet T xas TEXAS THEATRE Compliments of DR. J. E. SANDNER COATS 231 S. Pierce PL 6-4521 Burnet's Largest and Most Complete Food Store Compliments of PRESSLEY MOTORS PL 6-4140 204 N. Water Burnet, Texas BURNET LUMBER COMPANY CREASEY SPORTING GOODS COMPANY 206 S. Waters PL 6-2347 SPORTING GOODS gl EQUIPMENT APPLIANCES Guns and Ammunition Philco Fishing Tackle Maytag Schwinn Bicycles Frigidaire Golf Magic Chef Tennis Friedrich Baseball Archery EDWARDS FROZEN FOOD CENTER Compliments of GENE AND MARY ALTCFT Cr.1-mxmztmfrs CLEMENTS FUNERAL HOME DODGE RAMBLER Dart-Lancer Compact Car Complete Auto Service FRY MOTORS PL 6-2.128 Burnet T FREDERICKSBURG SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Insured Savings and Home Loans Fredericksburg, Texas Phone PL 6-ZZO1 101 N. Water WARDEN'S HUMBLE STATION TASTY TREAT DRIVE-IN Good Things to Eat Complete Fountain S Highway 281 S. PL 6-2450 Compliments of BURLESON AND COMPANY INSURANCE Burnet, Texas Burnet, T EDGAR'S FLORAL AND GIFT SHOP Make Your Home a. Happy Place With SCOGGINS FURNITURE CO. The House of Friendly Service Furnitu Carpets Dr p PL 6-2231 Burn t T EDGAR'S FUNERAL HOME BURNET TELEPHONE COMPANY INC. WHITE'S STORE "Service ,, , ,--- Is Our The Home of Greater Value ' - f'fgj'Qm First IQI QQ- ,, Thought JEROME AND MARGERY X FELPS DONALD FAWCETT 403 S. Water Phone PL 6-2151 Burnet, Texas BURNET GIFTS AND VARIETY Gifts for All Occasions PL 6-4358 Burnet, Texas HI WAY GRILL Good Food Open Z4-Hours LAKEWAY PLUMBING AND ELECTRIC COMPANY DICK KELLEY AGENT Ph. PL 6-2296 Burnet, Texas PL 6-4450 aoulmfifun 1506 N. Water Burnet, Texas IIIRES DAIRY CREAM DRIVE-IN Delicious Food and Drinks SEIDENSTICKER Clothes for Teenagers" B t T 1 I ALLBRITTON 8. OAKLEY DRUGS Burnet, T I : f The X JANE E.SHOP if YNY f On the Square SJ Burnet Compliments of JORDAN EVERETT Auio Auto Associaie Associate Store Store 2.32 S. Main Burnet HARROD'S FOOD MARKET Air Conditioned Staple and Fancy Groceries Prescription Specialists HIEBEINBOTHAM M dbfwf HOME FURNITURE ': 3, Complete Home Furnishings Q ,L and G, E, Appliances hx Phone 6-2.453 Burnet Burnet, Texas HAIL INSURANCE SERVICE HYDROGAS Agent for Butane - Propane STATE FARM INS. CO'S. VOYLE TIPTON Bank Plan Auto Financing Burnet, Texas 126 E. Washington PL 6-2204 Burnet, Texas ,.p' ' azz TE o p R-V1 if , - ' C ompllm ent s 5 'DEPENDABLE Of 61 q DRUGGIST GARRETT'S TEXACO KUYKENDALL DRUG STORE PL 6-4181 Burnet Texas Burnet, Texas Compliments of DOUG RICHARDS GMC 607 E. Polk PL 6-2393 BURNET LAUNDRY Complete Laundry and Linen Rental Service Phone 6-4255 PARKER MOTEL Vented Heat - Refrigerated Air Telephone 2701 WALTER D. KLETT Building Contractor Buchanan Dam, Texas Residential - Commercial MR. 8: MRS. OLAN J, CORDES Buchanan Dam, Texas Managers PL 3-2354 6103 YARBOROUGH'S 111 E. Jackson Burnet, Texas 5 WWW WOFFORD JEWELRY PL 6-4271 208 S. Main Burnet, Texas MODERN BEAUTY SHOP "Beauty ls Our Business" FRANKIE ZUMWALT Owner and Operator NOTTIE CORNELIUS PL 6-4490 North Side of Square Burnet, Texas MILLER FURNITURE STORE Burnet, Texas FLAMINGO RESTAURANT Charcoal Steaks - Our Specialty Cold Drinks - Beer ROY AND MOZELLE TAYLOR Managers Lakeshore Drive Buchanan Dam, Texas RHODEN'S FEED MILL Burnet, Texas Compliments of WAGGONER'S FOOD 8. ICE Hi-Way 29 West PL 6-2254 HECKMAN OIL CO. SERVICE WHEN Burnet You NEED IT ex Tas 5? emember A. B. MCGILL 8. CO. Bertram, Texas BERTRAM LUMBER CO. J 25' IZ? ff- -'Th 1- wang.: AVI! -gig?-F! E..-v,....': .' r j' -'E V ' i'5i'l'-25' ' 5 W2 nf, U" 1. a. . ,iliac-,'ji df .ga ...3 . "Everything to Build Anything" Bertram, Texas Burnet, Texas PL 6-4335 DUNN'S MOVING AND STORAGE Moving Safely Dunn Bonded and Insured 30 Years Experience I-I. J. DUNN P.O. Box 275 garden Wczlaea CARLS Burnet , Texas LA VISTA MOTEL 1516 Buchanan Dr. Burnet, Texas THANKS To the Annual Staff for Your Help In Making This Annual MARGARET SMITH ARLEE BARTON A. L. KROEGER SERVICE STATION Your Goodyear and Sinclair Dealer PL 6-2247 102 E. Polk Street Burnet, Texas BURNET ABSTRACT CO. HAINES BOOT SHOP Saddle Goods and Shoe Repair PL 6-4134 210 South Main Burnet, Texas Compliments of LAKE VIEW CAMP Lakeshore Drive Phone LLano 6001 THE BRANDING IRON K , 1 S JuStG00dFOOd Home Baked Real Pit Bar -B -Que L 5 Flavors Dining Room and Catering Service Owned and Operated by MR. AND MRS. WELDON BUCK Buchanan Dam Fine Pastries f? Q A Special Occasion I Q . Cookies CASTELl.AW'S Phone PL 6-446 Burnet Cake s , Pie s , and HECKMAN MOTEL 205 N. Water Burnet, Texas CITY GARAGE Burnet, Texas RALPH RADIO AND TV Repair All Makes and Models 300 E. Jackson Burnet, Texas Compliments of THE Y GROCERY Buchanan Dam Best and More Food for Less GEORGE'S CHUCK WAGON Burnet, Texas Compliments of WYLIE'S MOBILE SERVICE Buchanan Dam Compliments of FAMILY SHOE STORE Lampasas, Texas Compliments of FULTON BROWN'S FEED STORE Lampasas, Texas Compliments of CASS DRUG CHASTAIN MILLER Prescription Pharmacy Lampasas Te as Dial CH Z-5141 Lampasas , x TO EACH AND EVERY PATRON WE, THE BURNET ANNUAL STAFF SAY THANK YOU Compliments of ARROWHEAD MOTEL SHILLINGS E LEC TRIC Phone PL 6-2355 or 6-2205 Burnet, Texas JAMES BRANNON'S GULF SERVICE 108 South Water Street Compliments of S. H. TAYLOR HARDWARE Bertram, Texas DAVID 'S DEPARTMENT STORE PL 6-4287 Your Friendly Store Burnet, Texas Compliments of WOOD'S GROCERY Kingsland, Texas 1, Comp iments of can on THE VILLAGE INN C. D. MCDONALD STORE for Buchanan Dam Food at Its Best on Beautiful Inks Lake NORRIS SHOE SHOP Boot, Saddle and Shoe Repairs 217 South Pierce Burnet, Texas RED TOP BAIT SHOP Live and Artificial Bait MR. AND MRS. ED HINES No Phone Compliments of PIONEER LUMBER COMPANY Building Materials and Paints Burnet, Texas RETAIL MERCHANTS ASSOCIATION MRS. GAY S. HAIL Owner and Manager PL 6-43 1 1 --1 of Town Guests Come to V1S1t t Let Them Miss ---- LONGHORN CAVERN IN MEMORY OF DAVID PIPER JAMES EKRUT DALE CUNNINGHAM BURNET SCHOOL STUDENTS Wor1d's Third Largest and Most Fascinating afTAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY 6 "The World's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" MKG Z WWW K 0 Q N X f QSXAX KX X X X 1 e 5 j, 5 4. ,' Il. :N 'fy' 51 q Q' IE 1 24 'I f H wk: .Av EM up " ,Ll sk ,A y 11: ' N, . .li W 11. . y.Lv 5 A. J ' 51 Q P X gn .ix .F ' ' .I 4, 'JV 1: 'A E? 'f . 11 4, . it 9. X ,TE . 151 . . k . Y -.,y P il L 'r 'l Q,

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1961, pg 29

Burnet High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Burnet, TX) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 49

1961, pg 49

Burnet High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Burnet, TX) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 87

1961, pg 87

Burnet High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Burnet, TX) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 72

1961, pg 72

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