Burbank Junior High School - Wizard Yearbook (Berkeley, CA)

 - Class of 1931

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Burbank Junior High School - Wizard Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Page 42 of 70
Page 42 of 70

Burbank Junior High School - Wizard Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Page 41
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Page 42 text:

AA permanent theatre was established in l688, for the purpose of pre- senting plays. It was career. Puppets have been The oldest were of ter and carved.wood. Perh puppets of the Orient, there that Mr. Punch and his family began their made of various materials, in many styles and sizes a cotta. Other ancient ones were of bone, ivory, aps the most interesting of all were the old shadow made of carefully stretched hide, beautifully gilded, colored and pierced. You can still see shadow plays in China, India, and Java. A marionette, to be successful artistically, should be simple in con- struction, having as little exaggerated action as possible, yet capable of showing all necessary emotion. Most certainly it should be of pleasing appearance. Dorothy Larripa, Mercedes Brennes L8y' SEVENTH GRADE ART Mr. McCaleb's L7 class is very interested in art, and has learned many helpful things concerning it. Knowing art may aid us in getting future positions.--Anthony Gerdans A good surveyor must know how to draw plans, and all about vanishing points.--Joe Bertholdi . Explanations are most easily made by illustration.--Ethel Lindstrom A scientist should know how to Commercial art is Art is important when it comes Cartoonists show us the bright draw.--Matteo Gdella trade.--Ethel Lindstrom to drawing costumes and styles. --Adele Locombs side. --Robert Battelle a successful Nice Furniture and beautiful homes depend upon the artists who design them.--R. Viramontes . When we know art, we choose the most colorful articles.--Naomi Stiles H Sewing is pleasure to be ture life. We How to launder able to Q52 of Burbank's most interesting study various kinds of cloth, and garments, is our chief subject at SEWING classes. It is a great that will aid us in fur learn how they are made. present. We are also do- take it, as we learn much ing quite a bit of Social Service work. We enjoy this very much. Each girl is making a baby's garment. Some are making dresses while others make under-clothing of all kinds. The girls get a great deal of pleasure out of this, because they know that they are helping someone else, We also make clothing for ourselves. We learn much about it which is of great value to all of us, besides being necessary in years to come, Genevieve Moyer H9y'

Page 41 text:

'J ?Tf'u- -5 -:-2-I f-' .-,. .M ..-.-.' ' .4 .. .D Q .. : .g.,5.-.tp -:gin , mir?" J' ' ff: ' - 1: 51 ..-:fF:Zi'1E:1f" 'Lette - "J-' ."' - 11 7--,C':.'.L1j "" , "'f'i".",:1:4. "E2':.5.- M" :aJua FTE? If a:!5W.MQW1i.w. Qgiiii f .-- .',' f -'I . - -. H" 1: ' Jn' . 'I' HI' " H '-1-1, , T3-vi. XJ-'ivflx ngutzsag 7 .,-,gr V-aj. 5' '11:25',5:f- ' gg.. wwfaafsis, 2:1-Q. .325-Szljf 1...-5.35.6 'V ' F53 21? If EW L x.. ,-, y- hi.: 5:11 'SZ'-R. .' T-'Hi -1:2 --1'-'62-1-tie .ez-z 132' --' .'.- 'A n' -.'-.f...L--'A-.-.----. .'. ' I --- :.- zz - '. .ng v . , - ,. ,,5i:55-ea. -L11 .-p:s':ef""'F'-l'5'P2+9Qlif:a,,-. '-14 -ia' -' .551 l? im if-:kia 'ff'-11:21-.: 1 'fa f are am: Hs. . . -:' .-,..-1 .. :ie 'fm .. Q ,. ::ss5535,1:eeg-.11-.'.., 45s:::,f1----- "UPEI: ,.2aiz- . ,Ei hiss ka- 1tssstsihasissQissismslifffftk ahhh 5.15113-j:: 'afggg F11-' li1.1f:35:1:::31-2" ' ' 'l:,1::1'-'..g-''zfri'':.1-5.it:iglgtizig-:'.::'.422:-L-2I-'. . -. . 45w,.f .1 frames? - awcavf ' -MNQ sr'? X 1 FW I 5:11 -':-Qi1'f535::1' --:-ifiiim. 1 fx" 1 'ESR' 1. -i:3'I153:iW-gf 5. :3-5532251-Still" ' xg-' X1-317 .':2:1z1?." ' .111f.-rirvfffgPlgilig'-221131. .231'-'i3"'...g,::..- -ii lx- Twr 1w5Mk. -we vHb3WWiWwHMi than 3-7 'Sill' 2- 'zigzi' :i1j3i'?-:3:Q'-115:-A-4' -5355 . asserts as Ptimiwvsst swwsienaemmf was "J ff:-. 5 ."f??22i?3i 1535555292: sift' '5 ' " N" . g ' 'Lf':'-if-51:1255u:3T'1"I1. f 3391- 2:17:13 ifzi-EEHI' ' :I "1::E1"?-. -..' .. zrirfezs ' ":'c.f' E1 : . e ':f.fr:f-1 :-::r':.i-21' JG- J' .ae .gg ,.-'. ..,':.'.'.'.,g '-:- . ,- -1-.,-:.':.- -05:5-g-g 'g-' . 2 :.-'-.mm t' 'xii 2 15:5 .11-4-g,.:.-ifff 'i ..-:::" .'::-'ff-L-11? '-1 . A-':1: .1 1--::::- Q-irilnii-1 :Brian .5-'isa' '-'Emi-.11 ZEFHE1- 1'--.1-:fri--.. if .-.iii-:1.:f' ' ' ' "..:?f-IEE ziiiiii .mg-35? 1525" 'ifitzi 1 ' "Jf'Ig1E15!:::gg,f?:?:i:-Sf. 1 , ,, . 1 .-:Er .5191 .:i:'21' .. '-av.:-.2?5:4f.E-5.,r5.r:'5:"' S- -mf I . at? ,.-.12E1g1g:-.L :risk "3i:.-:-:afg:ss:1:ig"'ff ' , .9 fihgqaw as :P ' 6 femmes sans .l --1.1111-1: 4.-....1:fg:.:, .-sz:-'-' .1-' ..z-1.115-TJ' ' -'f.:."1::.zg ,-!:g:' V 'if if. afqf , l , f . .sys-rp: ., 51 ,132-:iz-iaisi " --3-..gg.5if:E5I-Siiiztisszzeiz +' W. ' .-gg -11: .1 aggrgit- 1-5:53-:,:-If '- I .....,,..g3g' 4. Fira.. "Qi::SGfg1s '3y:?4'C '.- .'!'::'Jf-14' .JS 'Zi-,.g-1125 , ,-,-,-.:g1'I--.--.:i:!f1- :1:25::-3'-v 1321 '-4 Islsiiza 5:' ,.:-f:.,g.:5!5S-:ZI1Ef:: .1-.52: - '-: . ,-11' ,- za , - 3' ::.'f'n-'f1?41,s:i .v Llsfs. W. 1 '.-.1-. 1' 5-11B"::S-gg.. 21' - '-...zz '-'21'!:- , -1 '13:: -' '--,-f::- ' " 1 fg. j' '-at-'f 'f - 5 " . 5 ' tx 114 1 1 3' ' . '-'-2:5.'f'I:- ..-nf" -BJ' "g w'M"x,.-YV-IF-N '---:--I-, '-1. . 'g . x I .1-.-1'----.-wr ,W W, Y . V Y ,Y.,. .-'-- yn, ' - ga. Ty-I -- ...,-W wh fn, ,gh ' ANU--w. . . . . - . . . . ' -1-, .' 'v -.-.- - ' if -Hg,-:.:,, . -j::g.:.:-pg' - 1.,-1 una- - -1. . ' . -1,-.1 '1:::siEE?:: .-2' . as .-'.- .- . ' -. " ' - : . ". -- J , v 'sages rimefaait' .V -"' fri MARIONETTES Marionettes were first known to Greece and Rome. They also flourished in China, Japan, and Siam. Here in America, we know very little about puppets, altho our Indians did have articulated figures for their corn festivals and ceremonial dances. Puppets and marionettes are to be remembered in connection with the great'men who have fallen under the fascination of their quaint magic. Some of these men are: Goethe, Haydn, Maeterlinch, Johnson, Swift, Sand, and many others. Many of the plays have been presented in all parts of the world. They are mostly known as Punch and Judy shows. Punch first originated in the year of 1600, in Italy. He was then taken to England, where a wife and child were devised for him. 5 1 G I E 'TT tp: v ,Q yu- ff' 4:z115:c.'g.5'::.51 ggi... gig.-5 -9' Wmgwm me M as 5

Page 43 text:

GENERAL METAL SHOP Burbank Junior High School has one of the best pre-vocational shops in Berkeley. There are plumbing, auto, electric, machine, lathe, forge, and sheet-metal divisions under the supervision of Mr. Erick. All of the boys greatly enjoy working in the shops as the work is de- signed so that one may progress from the simplest of objects to more com- plicated problems. Each step is planned and the material figured carefully so that there will be no mis-steps. The band and the orchestra have music stands which were made and painted in the shops. The boys in the auto shop have a Ford which trav- elled from North Carolina to California. They have repaired it and now have it in good running condition, At the California State Fair in 1930, Burbank was the only school to win a silver cup. It was won by our metal shop for the variety and excel- lence of the display. Charles Luna H9z', Andrew Texas H9zn THE WOOD SHOP Burbank has an ideal shop where boys may learn the art of carpentry. There are four wood lathes where the boys can learn to turn out lamps and other attractive pieces. There are also about thirty-six work benches, an up-to-date band saw, large wood saw, and an electric planar. All of these make the work easier, and by means of the equipment the boys are able to make more pretentious articles. This term the shop has an excellent new feature. It is the new tool room. This room is much larger and is better ventilated than the other one, making the working environment much healthier. Every precaution is taken for the safety of the boys working in the shop. Guards are placed on the saws, and other details are designed to prevent accidents. We are indeed proud of our modern and progressive wood-shop division. Nicholas Minitsky H9z' WHY THE SUBJECT OF CLOTHING IS USEFUL ' The study of clothing is valuable to us in a great many ways. First of all it gives us a chance to learn something about sewing and different stitches. Once a week we write topics on different subjects and each per- son finds out about styles and colors that are most becoming to her own in- dividual type. If you like to make your own clothes in the best style you will find this subject very interesting. ' Elsa Schlafke H8y'

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