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Buckeye Union High School - Falcon Yearbook (Buckeye, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Cover

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vemkh . ',. v""dWWJ H2 Q Hum-Q' his fiilgv' , ,z 3 J 9 K salma .fl Mb.. 'U vqvq -4 55" qw-v 'TL we . ..,-..-K .A :ml W3 an -"ff X-V' xx X! 3' X '11 XJ? E 4 5 'Qt-Xgn...f' BUCKEYE UNIUN IIIGII SCI'I00l BIICKEYE, ARIZIZJNA FALQTQN 7455 Pmassms HQSIBIGIII MARTHA DAWKINS TERRI COX TERENA GERHART PETER SOSA EDDIE AIVIABISCA Q., . 69 5+ X 69 ' 41535 Qc C197 , 3L"'m'R 7495 '!.".....l5..-. C4 Jim was always the best dancer. As always "Bojangles" always won everybodys heart. Dave finally learned to dance the Boogie that 5 L4 1 i L L1 R 4sL05if7SPfQf','f 7" A Q , I 5 ff- , ' v " 'l',,'.,',wLi1.'f,,-Q'.' f'J'V'Z ' - , we f:f3,2f,f.-,lui , o in ai , , ,, qfmgp.sfQ,,,,,-. Q, yt -. I , .Moyes-i ',,',,,.eff-S.-,...fm1 of ,gp ,. ' W f f,,Q5!Q?Hf'9f'71if"- 5?iBiw:M':.A '-. 4. f ft yqwjk ,V -, H 2" a, r -. '-f i 1' ' Q Fgfsl 5. L acevzia., ' . Jo and Tim were chosen Teen King and Queen Boppers of the week. THE FABU LOU FQRTIE We waited all morning for the revue which was being presented by Betsy and her Boogie Woogie Belles . When it finally happened I couldn 't stop moving my feet. fall. Hubba! Hubba! , jill? .K VX.tVQ35i .,.,. :Nh .V gig, - Vlkrvw f Charis, my best friend, was really knocking them out. She bought brand new saddle oxfords for the revue. They hurt a little but after doing the boogie for awhile the pain went away. Brenda Hall and Bonnie Fornes waved at me from the crowd. Betsy, my neighbor, will someday make it to Cheryl borrowed her fathers shirt and her boy- Hollywood. friends P.E. socks. , ...Qgg 5' S337 i545 ,cs 1, .MJ A - K . 4..- y . W. yy' .H .aye J ,H ' 'wr' " '- ' iqufx' , 1 Lui., '1 vw Y mill' , hm I E ' a 9 K I , at N' s 2 '13 Zi W i gg" , b f N .A - n I H ..--ff'-1"1F , ff wpgnpr 7 w.4,,r. , gl -mv A - 5 E H" "' L'Ll af Q be 3 4 W M if ' I, Y 'Rpm E Q Y. E bmw' we-:uw ' 1 'Kiki , H F 0 fx W pe fum, 4 1 rdf W iw t M n ,, 1 1 , 'L " ' ?' ':' ' 1 . ' up I 'I ww. W 1 I ' . f A :V gr 4 ' f -"N ' V., ' iff w W' 1 34:-S 'f1, ,Ah W Q ' ,N ' if yQgv3.,1L' 3 Q ' I A ' H 3 g Eg' v"'k'gi:'7 A f ' ,, " ' ? 5- F :Q ' 5' - Q 52 jf 1 v JJ V: . 'rm gs .--'J , . , f' "sf 'i 4 A E Q 3 '1 ' PJ Y T 2, ' i liin .gy EM M: wry. W' '- '1!M??fF .. i "W2f.f:'311f1 ' K M I -v -. ,. .- :wv,,.w.,. v ,. Q. X 'if ' .-:Nz-.z ' . X-rsgc-.xr .f :.--xx '-4, - Q -,-.':-3: f '- 5 31 ' -yn x 5'-: 75.6, 1' SIKA , -: 13 52 -f .1 5221 I' ex 5. - -'-, ' vue .-as-1 , - ,, 1- T Nu sg N Y , W, X , -if , ' . A--i Q5 E A 1' H . . .a ' - If gr.-.-His' ,p I-.355 ' ,-J' '-'M-A K 3 V .,..-,.... V x 41' , -,f..-...,-.... h . A ,, I , Q 4 . ,.fv...-a'-1' ,, N 1 vi -' +A'-" ,,1:1:-H . 4 5- . 4 . ' , . Y - ' f - 3413133 ggfgwvfu, I 'N . 1f"'+'+'fl11 45: fi '- .srfzqr ' ff' mill: ,4-+----'4'Yf - . . A --'f:.f.'?1f'-.3-u. v Nl , - -,.,,,...4a mf' y !wr:'1'4i-77, ...J A -+:'f'T"' .. 'L -J , . 2 N .AMN-fz..:'f .V-' . L 'Q .J Y W ff , A 4 - K ...ho-or wmv - 1 T gf '!?'Z"fu'.,g..1 gulf' b ? - "f ff?M3wfff3if:33lf: N' W , pg ?j4f3f',qL-,1'vrr'-e1iL7x':fL5 fl' - ' if 12 aff 'JZ J' -' ,iii 2' t- An , ,. 5 4551- K " ,al rf, NJ, Loru was the one who always had a good tan! I remember how well they always dressed! Did I ever learn any thing in photography? The Palo Verde girls stuck together. "Hup, two, three!' A , . 1 'lx -f. ,M sw swf rel gm ., - - W -mf ,fit 1 A? a i ,YQ Finish. 5 -nf ...,,,, f'f'!1"j :X XJV. . f ,L , u -T Qi.. Q " ' .- :+V . 'I auf .. at , ,A g' ,.. The Pom Pons always looked great! Lunch time was the best time! Q, l Col 1 if Nl :Jn v A " n 1' ""'3""""""5"""f'f 1.5. Tom, my Hero! 4 School was a blast! The Navel Reserve! 9 Did we win this game? John always picked up everything! Gayle and her smile! Cassy 84 Kathy, Cute Chicks! Mary Poppins Sanders flys into town! M1 , Kim and Dennis "The Cutest CoupIe" Dressed for the Occasion! x 40+ nn.. 'u ,Q 1, If X A .. I ' She was always 'Q Q 6 ' 1 ' --f' waving at the J - - I " boys! Who else. 1 I y ' fx? ,auv"7' Terry Q 7 x O O O O ' 0 0 o 0 O'-fl" rf I X I I Q K I fm W fx AV 0 B 1 .I r is I 4' N v Z N r 1 Q v I 9 Q 'n I. S 0 I -r 5 U I v 'X I sv Y 1 1 5 , I s Q I I 'N 0 I 2 Q 47 71 I I O N 5.2. - ,A fl' vis ull! 'sasxF"2vkiX -HS 'vi' ' HN 'AS 'HN 'HN ' N' xhx' 'I if 0 nb-1oNf' kfelf Summertime! Lovers Lane! And Debbie! , Display window hang-out! 'i- Q3 1111 llll !VAl Ill Ill! Ill V 1 . Nlary 84 Aud -1 SEQ? -V, - :MX TWO! N::,gE: I E ' ESS: EE: g a f ..:- '...'.: 0 " ' ..,, ---, "--M ga-soon ,. M W' W U R ,,, Reflections on a locker wall. 2' i Q - ix ll wwvv1,, 5 5-3 K .H -x.lf.sH,Sil.xll,s.u,ssi. 55' 551 N571 5',' 'JI' sb! ' ns ' IIN' IIS' Thinking of someone special. On the way to Mandalay! My secret pal ! ! ! 1 If x' 'R ' 1 Q. . . . f T. --, - v. ixxxr X XRS The fearsome foursome! X L, 1 , 'R 1 ,R . . X ' X ..s A , ' . xi, F X A -MJ' nm xipxx .1. I P 5 3- Q , , .x- -fi.. M K nf' 'ff Q ' N fl M ' i- ' 11 1 ' if E 'EFA aan.. -"Ma: 53- , , na, ' 'Zv- ,Qu ,. CH' E XX' . Q . rr ...,-. . if 'T , 4 539 E ,.A.., x 5 x'n G' Lb : x . YV 23 1-vw? F ,. x 4 4 7' ! P ff f v A X vu -A :I -X, .K .. H, T, , 1 if .,1 , i, A. J' f Q rf J' 4 'Dig Q f"i,"" H, WM" Q x . . , - W- M ' cv" H we J. -,', WH , : ,Q " ' .J , x 4 . .V "W rv ral--nlulsi., F I Immun, '12, xx ' f -4 .x 'P' A .. W . I I x .. ,,,. W.. .,,,, ,X ' x I 'Q"',g"Hm. 1 A sa pry v ' l. ,..- 1- ' ,, . .F ' W ' fb 4 I . A . ...Q .1 . . xy . 4 I L ,Q e , I I if . gl: ' 1 I J 3 1 ,fl , N . aff' ! i 'E 2 aw, I :af -, Q -x V. -u hu' fu' t.. I YU ' Y '11 ug 1 ll 75' When age has made me what I am now, I shall find myself remembering friends and times I knew. 6 ADMINISTRATIGN 'I7 Mr. Charles Youngker President Mr. Murray Johnson Clerk Mr. Chet D. McNabb - Superintendent The Buckeye Union High School Board of Education is concerned with the management of the Buckeye Union High School District. The job entails the balancing of the financial budget, determining curriculum policies, and approving requests which make for smoother relationships in the school community. All business of the school is transacted in regular, special, and executive sessions. A member is elected and serves for a five year period. The members are lVlr. Charles Youngker who is president of the board, lVlr. lVlurray Johnson who is clerk and lVlr. Paul Pierce, Dr. Frank Lowrey, and lVlr. Sam Cambron. The Superintendent, IVlr. Chester D. IVlcNabb, is selected by the Board as its official executive officer and vests in him authority to operate the school under policies and regulations established by the board. The school is proud of the accomplishments of the Board and its Superintendent and their UNSELFISH DEDICATIQN AND SERVICE 18 ' Mrs. Irene Makin Business Manager Mrs. Irene Ritchey Business Office 81 Secretary to the Superintendent Mr. Paul Pierce Dr. Frank Lowrey Mr. Sam Cambron Mr. Glen Smith Counselor Athletic Director Mr. Everett Nlyens - Principal Miss LaDonna Foshee !Th is was her best Mrs. Arlyene Turner Mrs. Linda Sanders Nlrs. Joan Sanders sidell Secretary Secretary Bookstore Attendance Clerk 'sc ff 1-. we 5'-'l :rug fl Z I' :U o U' m 3- 0 3' an 'K 3 sw 3 I Z 2. no FF 0 'o 2. 3 2. 'U 'L s . .lv --"-,-.- , ' ':',.u: Q " .,.o"' . T 3415 f v--".--'.,':,.v- FWS-'Q"W' ,.,Q"' . 'X ry' P" sa-"' n ll 5 nw-W . N ff Jr" x xwyzr' tW".,.q" 'NX , ' " .1 LR: Mr. Art Nlaroney Buckeye Park Administrator SITTING: Mr. Beau Limbs Hawks Haven Patio Maintenance-Director Miss Jaime Fish Rose Prunning Supervisor STANDING: Mr. Cornell Renoir Decent Language Instr. ON GROUND: Mr. Timothy McCulIen "D" Building Hall Recreational Director 21 A f -. xi f EFX X ,. 1 -- -50 ' X s Mrs. Marcelyn Van Cleave Counselor Mr. Jack McCormick Senior Placement Counselor f"': - N Q l in FACU LTY 1973-74 TOP ROW: MISS AUDRE CHAPMAN, Head of English Department, Related English, English 7-8B84C, Senior Sponsor ..... MRS. NANCY FOWKES, English 5-6 B84C, Freshman Class Sponsor ..... MR. MIKE HUTCHINSON, English 3-4B, English 5-6B Sophomore Class Sponsor, Replaced Savant ..... 2ND. ROW: MRS. GRACE SAVANT same as Hutchinson, Moved ..... MR. JAMES GROSBACH, English 3-4C, Advanced Composition, Jour- nalism, "Hawk" Sponsor, Sophomore Class Sponsor ..... MRS. JOAN GASPERAK, English 1-2B, English 3-4C, Sponsors Girls League . . . . . 3RD ROW: MRS. VICKY ESTES, English 1-2C 84 B, Sponsors Freshman Class . . . . . MRS. MARY KING, Reading, Sponsors Future Teachers ..... MR. DON MI LES, Head of Spanish Department, Spanish 1-2-3-4, Conver- sational Spanish, Sponsors Pep Club ..... Sn 42 3 J 3 S 1 l' , L, '- TOP ROW: MISS PEARL GONZALEZ, Spanish 1-2, English 5-6B, English 2nd Language, Sponsors Pep Club ..... MRS. FAYE BRITTENHAM, Head of Business Department, Office Practice, Business Machines, Typing 3- Sponsors Sophomore Class ..... MRS. DALE RICE, General Business, Typing 1-2, Sponsors Junior Class ..... 2ND. ROW: MISS KATHY BEDARD, Accounting, Business Math, Business Law ..... MRS. CINDY PITMAN, Typing 1-2, Shorthand, Sponsors Junior Class ..... MRS. JUDY CHANCEY, Geometry, Algebra 1-2, Sponsors Girls League ..... 3RD ROW: MR. JOHN RHODE, Algebra 1-2, Math II, Math I, Geometry, Sponsors J.V. Football, Baseball, Co-Wrestling ..... MR. JOHN KERRIGAN, Head of Math Department, Math I, Math II, Algebra 3-4, 1-2, Geometry, Sponsors Student Council ..... NIR. JERRY BENSON, Biology, Coaches Wrestling, J.V. Football, Head of Science Department ..... i r M, .g X 'Yf 0. -Nf- C3 ni TOP ROW: MRS. DIANE MILLER, School Nurse ..... MRS. MAREA WOOD Librarian, Head of Instructional Materials Center, Spolnsors National Honor Society . . . . . MRS. GLENNA WILSON, Assistant Librarian .X , TOP ROW: MR. GEORGE STEPHENS, Chem- istry, Physics, Science Seminar, Physical Science, Sponsors Chess Club, Science Club . . . . . MR. ROY CLARK, General Science, Sponsors Junior Class, Frosh Football Coach . . . . . MR. JOHN STUTZMAN, Physical Science, General Science, Biology, Sponsors Junior Class . . . 2ND ROW: MR. HANK NEWBERRY, Vocational Construction, Co-op Class, Co-op Supervisor, Sponsors Industrial Arts Class, Coaches Cross Country and Track ..... MR. LARRY LEWIS, Metals H, Industrial Arts, Drafting, Sponsors Industrial Arts Club ..... MR. TOM LOPEMAN, woods 11, Plastics, Welding, Agriculture Products, Agriculture Mechanics, Coaches Boys Tennis ..... 3RD ROW: MR. PETE STEWART, Advanced Agricul- ture Science, Agriculture Products, Sponsors Future Farmers ..... MR. JOHN McCORMICK, Auto 1-2, Vocational Auto, Sponsors Auto Club ..... MR. VANCE LUKE, Graphic Arts Commerical Art, Printing, Replace Mr. Lovitt, . . . . . MR. JOHN LOVITT, Same as above. TOP ROW: MRS. PAT SIVILS, Home Manage- ment, Beginning Clothing Sponsors Future Homemakers, Head of Home Ec. Dept ...... MRS. SHERRI SANDBERG, Family Living, Food Service, Child Development, Co-Sponsors FHA, Replaced Miss Stephens ..... MISS AGNES STEPHENS, same as above, Moved . . . . . 2ND ROW: MR. JACK SWEENEY, Band Beginning 84 Intermediate Band, Humanities, Head of Department ..... MR. DON KEPLER, Sociology, Boys Choir, Girls Adv. Choir, Girls Choir, Concert Choir ..... MR. EDDIE AMABISCA, General Art, Advanced Art, Yearbook Sponsor ..... 3RD ROW: MR. LENARD AGEE, American History, Head of Social Studies Department, Coaches J.V. Basketball and Varsity Baseball ..... MR. BLQD CAMPBELL, World History, American History, Coaches Varsity Football ..... MR. BOB ROBERTS, Free Enterprise, Arizona Constitution, Varsity Track Coach, Football Coach ..... 4TH ROW: MR. TODD JOHNSON World Civilization, Boy's P.E., Varsity Baseball and Track Coach, Freshman Football Coach ru.,- TOP ROW: MR. GEORGE WERNER, Boys P.E., Head Football Varsity Coach, Track ..... MISS ALTHEA EVANS, Girls P.E., Girls Tennis, ..... MISS KAREN MILLER, Girls P.E., Sponsors Pom Pon 84 Cheerleaders, Replaced Mrs. Bobbie Mendenhall . . . . . 2ND ROW: MRS. BOBBIE MENDENHALL, Same as above, Moved . . . . . MRS. RUBYE NARRAMORE, Instructional Materials Center Clerk . . . . . MRS. MARTHA FRY, Assistant Reading Techni- cian 1 E Mr. Neil Hopkins Mrs. Suzie Lovitt Mr. Eleanor McNabb PLANETARIUM CERA Career Education for Rural Areas is unique to the degreethat it is combining six different educational agencies into one. The six are Arlington Elementary School, Buckeye Elementary School, Buckeye Union High School, Liberty Elementary School, Palo Verde Elementary School and Ruth Fisher School. The project strives for a program that articulates Career Education from Kin- dergarten through the 12th grade in a rural farming area that covers some 1,500 to 2,000 square miles. The general goal of this project is to utilize as much as possible the reser- voir of Career Education instructional units currently available. These units will be modified and adapted to a rural setting. The program is under the direction of lVlr. Everett lVlyers llllr. Don Rooks and lVlrs. Ida Carmfchael serves as Mr' Don Rocks their secretary. Mr. Everett Myers Mrs. Ida Carmichael Mrs. Mae Fargo Mrs. Ruth Skaggs Mrs. Dorothy Clickner HAWKS HAVEN Mr. Bob Utley Mr. Dick Colville Mr. Ellis Morraw CUSTODIANS Sorry No Picture! Mr. Frank Reese Mr. Al Eberth Mrs. Janie Sanchez Mrs. Nellie Lowe Mrs. Rose Federico Mr. Eldon Schoonover Mr. Dale McCrae Mr. Jlm Long Mrs. Barbara Dinius Q3- It is impossible to determine the far reaching effects she has had on the lives of her pupils and those who have been associated with her . . .a devoted teacher . . .a loyal friend .a trusted and beloved person to you " Miss Chapmann with great admiration and love We present this 1974 6' Nostalgian Yearbook in hopes that it may serve as a small token of our gratitude and appreciation. 28 E IOR PRESIDENT: Mike Villarreal Vice President: Randy Ray Secretary: Terri Cox Treasurer: Susie Polanco Representatives: Cindy Terkelsen Fred Miller svs.,,,, DONNA JEAN ABELS "Donna" Would like to be the computer in "The Computer that wore Tennis Shoes." Remembers her POW Uncle's homecoming. STEVE ARNOLD "Steve Face" Would like to be the mechanic in the "Love Bug" Remembers buying his " 57" Chevy. DAVID AN DREWS "Dave" Would have liked to play "Judge Roy Bean". Remembers the long lines at Rogers Gulf. RANDO LPH BASSETT Randy LANCE AGEE " LanceweIl" Would like to be the duck in the "MiIIion Dollar Duck" Remembers the State Play- offs in baseball in Spring '73. NANCY KAY ADAMS ll Samll Would like to be the owner of the " Born Free cubs. Remembers being in school 4 years and not remembering anything special. SANDRA BARBA " Snoozer" Whats his name in "Play it again Sam." Remembers being awakened by Mr. Agee after the bell rang. Would like to be Harry in "Dirty Harry". Remembers the night we got a cow drunk. BELINDA BAYSINGER ll Blimpll Would like to be Elizabeth Taylor in "My Fair Lady". Remembers her parents catching her ditching but not the school. 30 DONNA BEAMIS JOE BECKNER "Don Da" "Joe Dog" Would like to be Big Red in The mechanic in "The "Big Red" Remembers Stan Gable getting hit with a tomato during a Talent Show. LEVI BEARD Left eye Would like to be Paul ewman in Winning Remembers not being able to start his bug after the Construction Class worked on it Mechanic." Remembers pitching pennies in World Civilization. is JERRY BENSON IIJBII Would like to be Michael in "The Godfather." Remembers as a Freshman being chased by the Seniors for calling them names. LYNNE BONNES "Bones" Would like to be Lucille Ball in "Yours, Mine, and Ours." Remembers being a cheer- leader lJ.V.l two years. TIM BONDS "Timothy" Would like to be Marlon Brando in any movie. Remembers Sylvester backing into him in his brothers car, WAN DA BO LDEN "PeeWee" Would like to be the girl the hero gets. Remembers the Junior-Senior , Prom. MARIE BROWN "Marbles" Would like to be Ann in "King Kong". Remembers being called Marie Clark, 'Ji .1-Y GREG BRANNAN KEN BUTLER " Chef" " Strawberry" Would like 'LO be Walter Would like to be a western Brennan in "The Duke goes movie director. Ape!" Remembers his dates at Remembers his mobile Sguth Mountain park, party van and refreshments. MICHAEL BROWN "Mike" Would like to be the 76th trombone player in the "Music lVlan." Remembers selling fruitcakes for 4 straight years. KENT BUTLER ESMERALDA CABALLERO Il Kent!! Il ESII Would like to play the butler. Would like to be Liza Nlinelli in " Cabaret." Remembers being a friend to wear a sling. to her friends. Remembers breaking his arm on his motorcycle and having CAR L BURNS "Barney" Would like to be head banana in "Bananas," Remembers the Brad Griffin expedition. DELLA CAMBRON DDD Would like to be Bonnie in "Bonnie and Clyde." . ?F?e?Niii.TA CANTLEY Rlfmefnbjrs meefmg up Wah Would like to be the heroine S effv 5 Cor' in any movie. Remembers her first boyfriend. LO RETTA CANT LEY ll Lorill Would like to be Diana Ross Would like to be Marion in in " Lady". Remembers being Coretta. AUDREY CARBAJA L lIAudll Would like to be an avid fan in " Wood- stock." Remembers making 72-73 Az All State Band and playing in concert at Grady. DEBORAH CARRERA ROBYN CARNEY " Came" "Robin Hood." Remembers being State Furure Farmers 1973 Sweet- heart. JOAN CLARK Deb Joanne Would like to be Jonathan in Would like to be Mary "Jonathan Livingston Seagull? Magdaline in "Jesus Christ Remembers doing the 1972 Superstar." Christmas Tree for the Hawk. Remembers dancing in her room and driving a needle thru her foot. GREG CELEYA ll Groogil Would like to be Alex in TERRI COX "Terri" Would like to be the Marx brothers in the "Big Store." Remembers Mrs. Garetts English Class. "Clockwork Orange." Remembers not remembering anything. BRUCE CRAIG "Bruce" Would like to be in the " Criminals." Remembers never parking in the Student Parking Lot. SHERRY DANIELS TODD DEAN "Sherry" " Boe- Dean" Would like to be the hot Would like to be Clint dog in "Prime Cut." Eastwood in any movie. Remembers having to drive Remembers doing burnouts back from Phoenix without in front of the school. a clutch. DANIEL DE LA PENA u Dannyll Would like to be Gilligan on "Gilligans Island" . Remembers not be caught in High School. tThey'll catch you laterll MARTHA DAWKINS " Merv" Would like to be Tatum in "Paper Moon." Remembers learning to tell lies and starting to believe them herself. JOSIE ELMS llFrogIl Would like to be Frankenstien's Mistress. Remembers getting her spark plugs pulled off. JAMES EDGEMON Jim Would like to be Billy in "Billy Jack." Remembers his fifth year in high school. CARO LYN ENG "Jacque" Would like to be Henrietta in Mister Rogers Neighbor- hood tMeow, Meow!! Remembers having Mrs. Ladd for a Tennis Coach. tx... BRUCE ERICKSON " Snoosie Poo" Would like to be Mannix. Remembers wrecking three times in one month. Q5-fr MARY FIGUEROA PAULA FLOYD " " " Sadie" Laurie Would like to be the Cat in the hat in Dr. Suess. Remembers being a star in the Powder Puff Games. SUE FLYNN "Susie" Would like to be the Wicked Witch of the West in "Wizard of Oz." Remembers riding the rooters bus. STEVEN FOXFORD "Steve" Would like to be Uncle Bill in " Family Affair." Remembers being the friend- ly carry-out boy at Compton's. JEAN GALLAGER " Bojangles" Would like to be the Bear in "Jungle Book." Remembers distributing BO-J ANG LE posters on campus. 35 Would like to be Fanny Brice in "Funny Girl." Remembers not having to take the year end finals. V?" 1 STAN GAB LE "Gabe" Would like to be the guy in "Silent Running." Remembers being suspended before school began. MIKE FURNO "Miguel" Would like to play the parl: of the cops. Remembers al- ways parking in the church lot. JAMES GALLAGHER "Jim" Would like to be Mr. Green- Jeans in Captain Kangarog, Remembers holding up the mulberry trees in front of the school. 415 I DELLA GARCIA Il Delll Would like to be the driver in "Vanishing Point." Remembers getting through High School. RUBEN GARZA " Rubanny" Would like to be Elvis Presley in "Girls, girls, girls.' Remembers spending lost of time in conference in the office. TERENA GERHART "Teen" Would like to be Michelle in " Friends." Remembers always getting the "Hawk" out on time! DEBBIE GARRETT ll Debi! Would like to be the quiet girl in any part. Remembers messing up her gymnastics ,,li A routine in front of the Student Body. NANCY GONZALEZ uNandyu Would like to be Consuelo in Dr. Welby. Painting everyday in advanced art. VICTORIA SUE GIDDINGS ll Suell Would like to play the girl most likely to. Remembers passing through a cemetery when skipping school. D A4n,' DAVID GREEN in 'E BRAD GRIFFIN " Danny" " Griff" Would like to be Burt Reynolds in " Nloonshine." Would like to be the tin man in "The Wizard of Oz.' Remembers the water balloon Remembers the Pig Hunt of fights. 1973. I x LYNN GUFFY STEPHEN HERRING " Guff" "Stephen" Would like to be the teacher Would like to be the good in "The King and I." guy. Remembers running to class R6membel'S Cowboy Week. and the teacher isn't there. DAVID HARDESTY "Dave" Would like to be John Wayne in the " Cow- boys." Remembers the mud fight at the end of his Jr. year. GREG HETTICH uGregn Would like to be Roger Ramjet. Remembers the games, dances, and afterwards. G STEVEN HOPPER "Steve" Would like to be Jimeny Cricket in " Pinnocheo." Remembers being a band enthusiast. ELIZABETH HIGHT ll Lizll Would like to be "RampunzaI " Remembers the day she fell off the bus. SHERYL LYNN JARNAGIN TOM JENKINS ll Sherryn IITommyll Would like to be Dorothy Would like to be Henry in in "Wizard of Oz." " Mash." Remembers finally making Remembers the famous varsity cheerleader. talent show his freshman year. Q CAROL KACER DAVID KIMBRELL " CaroI" "Mock" Would like to be star woman Would like to be Hawkeye in in "The Escape." " Mash." Remembers getting contacts Remembers his office visits. her freshman year. 'J--" O LAINA KIMBEL "Olaina, Queen of the Jungle." Would like to be "Lady Elaine." Remembers the surprise Christmas Party that didn't come off because Charlene forgot the punch. PAMELA PAIGE LANGDON II Pamll Would like to be Tammy "Tammy Tell Me True." Remembers spilling Mod Podge all over her. SHERRI LEATHERS ll Sherll Would like to be Racquel Welch in "The Bombers." Remembers hitting Mr. Rhode with the bathroom door. QUENTIN KEMP ll Que!! Would like to be "Ben Hur". Remembers being the fastest feet in track. CHAR LENE LAYDEN ll C har!! Would like to be Kitty in "Gunsmoke," Remembers Nlr. Big and for- getting to bring the punch, lShe even forgot to come to school!! 3+ 71' ,li . 9. , SUSAN LEFFUE ll Suell Would like to be "Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins." i Remembers doing the Boogie at Frosh Orientation. NR MARK LEHMKUHL "Markus Lemkus" Would like to be Bert in "Sesame Street." Remembers Playing Football. KATHERINE GAY LINDLEY Kathy Would like to be Scarlet O'Hara in "Gone With The Wind." Remembers spilling out her purse in Spanish. RANDAL C. LONG Il Randyll Would like to be the "Good" in "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly". Remembers going to the Industrial Arts Convention in Dallas. CHRISTINE LOWREY "Chris" The wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz. Remembers walking into the animal cage in Biology and getting funny holes in her nylons. JULIA MARKOWSKI "Julie" Would like to be the spider in " Charlottes Webb." Remembers getting paint on her clothes in art. 39 DOMINIC V. MALLAMO Dom Would like to be Steve McQueen in "Bullit." Remembers his water fights in the photography class with Doug. TONY LOWREY llKadoll Would like to be Bruce Lee in "Fist of Fury." Remembers being the host of the parties. STEVEN MASENGALE "Steve" Would like to be J.F.K. in "PT 109." Remembers moving from school to school. ,-1 'fu f"Q Q 214 LORETTA McCALL Il Lol! Would like to be Superflys main squeeze. Remembers having two boyfriends at one time. BETTY MCMIL LAN " Bett" Would like to be Hot Lips in "MASH." Remembers her consistency in keeping the same boy- friend. JO MAY "Jo Lee" Would like to be the ship in "Poseiden JERRY lVlcNABB llJamll Adventure." Remembers being Boogie Queen during Forties Week PATRICIA M0 RA LES llpatll Would like to be Elvis Would like to be a tree in "Vanishing WiIderness." Remembers his paisley cougar. FRED MILLER " Cottonhead" Would like to be Grasshopper in "Kung Fu." Remembers winning a wrestling match 13-0 and getting pinned last 8 seconds. Presleys girl. Remembers coming back to school and making friends with her former enemy. MYRNA MINER "Basketball Jones" Would like to be the umbrella in "Mary Poppins." Remembers the summer of '73. SHARON MONGO LD "Sherry Lynn" Would like to be Sally Fields in "Girl with Some- thing Extra." Remembers Nov. 24, 1973 BILL O LSON " Bug Olson" Would like to be Black Bart in "Judge Roy Bean." Remembers doing a doughnut and getting caught. DENNIS GREGORY OSBORN ll Dannyn Would like to be the cruising car in "American Graffiti". Remembers always having a new name for his band for every dance. JOHN PATTERSON "Johnny" Would like to be " Superfly." Remembers going to school every day and liking it. RACHEL ORTIZ "Susie" Would like to be "The BIob." Remembers having Geniel for her best friend. BRAULIO PEDROZA " Medoza" Would like to be Valdez in "VaIdez is Coming." Remembers not knowing any English his Freshman year. DAVID PERKINS "Perk" Would like to be Walter Matthau in the "Laughing Policeman." Remembers his first girl friend and will never forget his last one. 41 STEVE PEABODY Would like to be Billy Jack. V, once. PATRICIA PERRY ll Dugill Would like to be Barbara Striesand in "The Way We Were." Remembers not learning her routines for Pom Pon during N football season. ' Remembers being a wrestler, LEONARD PINNIX ll Lenll Would like to be Gene Kelly in "Singing in the Rain." Remembers being in Concert Choir. lFor one year.l SUSIE PO LANCO "Sensuous Susie" Would like to have the editors think one up for her. lLook, Susiell Remember her for flirting in the rain. RUSSELL POWERS GREGORY PIERCE ll Greg!! Would like to be Woody Allen in "Sleeper." Remembers being President f lerri of FFA. R0 BERT QUEEN "Rascal" "Kin Would like to be Clyde in "Bonnie 84 Clyde." Remembers his wreck and not talking about it. gll Would like to be in the "King and I". Remembers January 10 in the afternoon. STUART PRIGGE " FeeBee Joe Humble" Would like to be one of the kids in "The Cowboys." Remembers wrecking his mustang. RANDY RAY ll Ray!! Would like to be Rex Allen in "Vanishing Wilderness." Remembers beating Ajo at Ajo. ALMA MANDELIA RICHARDSON n Mandyu Would like to be in any part with Clint Eastwood. lHow about his ears'?l Remembers being Debbies witness, f RONNIE ROACH "Roach" Would like to be the lobster in "Mr. Limpet." Remembers graduating. DIANE ROBERTS "Alice" Would like to be Ellen in "Play Misty for Me." Remembers faking a hurst knee during the morning of a play performance. JAMES ROBINSON llJirnII Would like to be the monsters in "World Beyond." Remembers wrecking his ROBIN ROBERTS ll Robll Would like to be "Auntie Ern.ll Remembers having her father for a teacher. Q, it N x a ' S DOREEN ROGERS Il Dee!! Would like to be the bull- rider in "Junior Bonner." Remembers getting thrown Caf, ROBERT RUNKLE ll Robll Would like to be Piccalo in " Brian's Song." Remembers rolling in John Lee's car. in the trash cans by Hardesty. TONY ROER lllronyll Would like to be "Spider Man." Remembers making All- State Football his Senior year. l l l ROXANNERUNKLE " Roxie" Would like to be "Kung-Fu" Remembers selling goshy Hawks and footballs. DALE Russsu. "J.L., JR." Would like to be one of the doctors in Mash. Remembers throwing cups of cokes at friends. lAnd runningi. CHARLOTTE SAPWELL " Charletta" Would like to be Snow White lBut not eat the apple!! Remembers Dale in High School. CHARIS SCHETTINO MARY LYNN SABA ll Nlarll Would like to be the Beast." Remembers doing the Boogie during 40's Week. lEverybody is trying to forgetli KATHI SYLVESTER "Gin er" "K at" 9 Would like to be Jane in "Tarzan," Would like to be Mary Tyler Moore in the "Last Trip to Remembers doing the Boogie Shanghai." at a pep assembly. lYou, too?i JAMES SWINDLE llJimII Would like to be Steve McQueen in the " Getaway." Remembers but tries to forget Graphic Arts. DONALD TED DER ll Donll CINDY TER KE LSEN "Cindy Lou" Would like to be the bum in Would like to be the toll " Last Train to Lima." booth in the "Godfather," Remembers the Tug-of-War Remembers driving into a in the parking lot. ditch on graduation night. Beauty of " Beallf-Y and ROGER THOMPSON ll Hossll Would like to be Marlon Brando in " Last Cha Cha Cha in London." Remembers getting out of school on weekends. ROBIN TIPPIE "Rhee" Would like to be Racquel Welch in "Kansas City Bombers." Remembers getting thrown into irrigation water in the park and smelling like fish. ELSA TIJERINA "Elsie" Would like to be the Cheshire cat in "Alice in Wonderland." DEBRA DeSHAZO TRAMPP "Debbie" Would like to play any part as long as Lee Majors is in it. Remembers walking into the wrong room and too embar- rased to leave. DONNA WALLACE "Donna" Would like to be James Stacey's girl friend in any movie. Remembers the day the canal over-flowed. 45 EARL URWILLER "Skeeter" Would like to be Archie Bunker. Remembers making State Tennis. SHIRLEY ANN TRAMPP llsisll Would like to be in a movi with Elvis. Remembers taking Auto Shop and getting a better grade than the boys. DAVID WATKINS "Dave" Would like to be the Oscar winner of 1977, Remembers the year he made Concert Choir. 'F ADO LIO VASQUEZ "Dolio" Would like to be Oblio in "The Point." JAMES VILLA "Pino" Would like to be a policeman on the " Rookies." Remembers playing Football his freshman year. VERA VITA "Vee Vee" Would like to be a star A of a BUHS National School Assembly. Hasn't gotten over the shock of walking into the Wrestlers dressing room. A, ..,f SUZANNE WHITE ll Suzill Would like to be in a Dracula movie. Remembers getting spanked in Hawks Haven. DAVID TRUELOVE ll Dave!! Would like to be the vampire in "The Night Stalker." Remembers missing the bus on a band trip. BARBARA YANEZ ll Barbll Would like to be one of the birds in "The Birds." Remembers getting caught for ditching and saying she was in the bathroom. MARK CAIN " Merve" Would like to be the villian in an old time movie. Remembers socking Marty Mathews on the back. tTough Guy!! 46 .5 2' .wx IIA , fx' 1 LAURI WEDGWORTH ll Curiyll Would like to be Michaels wife in the " Godfather." Looking at everyday as a blessing and finding out it was a catastrophe. BRENT WEST "Brent" Would like to be Peter Fonda in "Easy Rider." Remembers not shaving his head for wrestling. WALLACE WELTON ll Wallys: Would like to be in the new musical version of " Tale of Two Cities." Remembers being elected Auto Club Sweetheart. MIKE VILLARREAL GENEIL YATES II Mikel! II Gen!! Would like to be Don Corleon Would like to be Caine on in "The Godfather." "Kung Fu." Remembers being depanted Remembers getting the and thrown outside his room teacher wet when the water on a band trip. hose blew off in science. WAYNE SLUSHER "SIush" Would like to be the audiance for any movie. Remembers not having a RAUL DE LA CRUZ picture taken for this section "Junior" but the staff had one. Would like to be the Cookie Monster in "Sesame Street." Remembers 2 + 2 : 3. l 4 Cindy - Dependable Terena - Feminine Tom - Studious Jerry 84 Terry - Most Dependabl Russell- Masculine Lauri - Likely to Succeed Most School Spirit - Robin - Rus - Fred Flirts - Stan 81 Charis Carolyn Studlous Talented Audrey 8fDennIs .oi ,n, ani .w Witty ' JO Best Dressed - Robyn -Q. f..h I 4-v"""b Witty - Greg Best Dressed - Tim Witty - Debbie Llkely to Succeed - Mike Fun to be with - Della 81 David SENIOR FAVGRITES Best Lookin - Susan fuk Robert - Most Shy Pam - Most Shy Bruce - Best Lookin' Best Audience Martha-lEven applauded Bodine!! Lance - Tallest i Susie - Most Athletic Mark - Most School Spirit , K f .vwi -s I , .LA In A ' f' A Q a,,, A H IL .A ' N mam .m., . fx 4 if xv i S1 'if I 9, I.. , , ' I tx X K i - fx P -I-S" , n " 3 U25 N in 35 ' I ' ' 9 . f .A .N . 1' gxff- , ' i Y , if T 'Sq .1 u 'J , 'Sf L W ,V x , W, fm 0 K '. 1' ,A fllr Il, L . ig- . - ii., Uflqtyxq fx P wx! 5 Mill NLM A ,N I , M . -.,,i2E2:NrNxN . GENELL ALLEN , , . 1 I r r The umbrellas came in handy on sunny days. fy ' . 327: ' , fy . . I ',Pz,:.gg V ' Q , l CHRIS ABRIGO PAU LA AJA BETTY ADRIAN MIKE AKIN SUSAN ADRIAN DWAIN ALLEN ROXIE ANDREWS PAUL ASSELIN RONALD BACHELLOR SHERRY BARBA JERRY BELL E LAINE A LLISON EARNIE AMABISCA BUFORD ANDERS BARBARA ANDERSON Q gffiff Donna always wore her best hat to the assemblies. DAN BORCHAR DT RAYMOND BRAM LET MARIANNE BREITWEISER ROY BROWN REBECCA BIGELOW DICK BLACK RAY B0 LDEN SUSAN CARATACHEA MARY CARRIER ED CARTER MARY CELEYA FAITH CAMBRON TOM CAMBRON CARL CANTLEY RON BURROW I-. HI 2 LINDA CR OWE MARK CLICKNER DAVID COOPER RHONDA COLVILLE RANDY CROSS JACQUE CONNORS DEBBIE CROUCH WENDEL DICKERSON BETTY DOMINGUES FRANK DREW KIM DUNCAN MICH AE L CU LP KEITH CUR RENS CHERYL DAVIS BRIAN DeMUTH A cross-country star was always a good bet! RICK ELLSWORTH JONEEN EMMONS RANDALL DUNIVANT DON EASTERDAY LAWRENCE ELLIS BONNIE FORNES RANDY FRAELICH DEBBIE FRAKER 322253 - If - .1 ., ' 1 .4 ,fr LARRY FRANCO LIZ GANDARA LARRY GARCIA CHARLES GARNER E4 JAMES Ewo LDT is DEAN FANTOZZI Nap time at the old show house. , -1'f3Q:iL Y Q , so ' f KIM FLOWER L , as - L ff ' l ' 1 K W BRENDA HALL 1 ' , DORA GOMEZ ELVIRA GRIJALVA ROSIE GONZA LES FRANCIS GUTIERREZ MARY GREEN DEBBIE HAGGARD LINDA HARRIS RHONDA HATFIELD JOHN HAWLEY JACK HAYS EDDIE HAMILTON DAWN HARDESTY KATHY HARDIN DAVID HARRIS Judy's skirt was made in France . . , '34 t ,-,V Trying to make a good impression! PAT HIEBERT G LENN HODGES RICK HOLLO WAY CARRIE HORNBACK THERESA HAZELWOOD HAL HEIDEN ELLA HERRING EVE LYN JACKSON A . ,7,., .V LORA JARNAGIN JOELLYN JOHNSON KATHY KELLEY ' fi , nm,-, ROYCE KENTCH JANET KING BILL KOKALY JULIE LANFORD 'wx -. ,N wi, . 1'-, -zf,.w,,5,.1 LA T ,w-:Wa fx, KATHY LOWE The corner was always the best seat. Mu THERESA LOWREY ROBERT LYON RANDY LANFORD CHERYL LEFFUE ROBERT LATHANI FRANCIS LEWIS GEORGE LEE JERILYN LONG CARO LE MABREY MARIA MACIAS CINDY MAIN WANDA MANDRELL CHARLOTTE MANNIS CINDY MANSANARES fl A nice girl in P. E. class. X I my n. ., 3 L L DAVID MAR LEY FRANK MARTIN JUDY MARTIN MARK MOLITOR CARMELLA MOODY TINA MROS DAWN MUNRO JOHNNY MASENGALE MARTY MATHEWS DEBBIE MAYFIE LD RANDY METHENY JOHN METHOT SANDY MILLER PAT MILLIGAN ROY MILLS ' , .,'."'fW J ,W za ' Tv? U 0 rf-- Q3 MITZI NICCALL LORI NARRAMORE IVY MCCRAE DOUG NEAL LORRAINE NAHAS ALAN NEWBERRY LARRY OSBORNE RICK OXFORD MARILYN PABLO LINDA PEDGEMON BILL NEWBERRY DALE NICHO LAS ANTOINETTE OCCHI GARY ODONI RHONDA ORENDER Sitting in front was always the best seat iff, ' T lf? z 2 RICKY PIERCE NANCY PIERSON MIKE PINNIX DEBRA PONCE CHERYL PENDERGAST PHYLLIS PERRY JERRY PEYMAN KRISTY RAT LIEF JOY READ JIM REED Let Lottie lead you to a luscious lunch! KENNY PORTER j JOE B. REED GLENN REYNOLDS KEVIN RICHARDSON JUANITA RICH LINE rf- 1 If as 'ft 5 KAREN RITCHEY SHANNON ROGERS DON SCHAAF MARY SMITH PETER SOSA JACQUE SPRAGUE RANDY STEWART SANDY STONE CLEM SEGUNDO It was Dutch Treat at Hawks Haven all ROBERT SCHRODER GAYLE SCHULZ CHARLOTTE SEDIG .- pf LITA SHAW ROGER SHIR LEY DONNA SILLS LINDA SMITH the time. :E- I QQ? Even Doug looked good in dark glasses! TIM TER KE LSEN E LOISA TIJERINA DARRELL TILLEY JODINA TILLEY HARLEY STRIMPLE KEITH STROTHER DAVID TEDDER DAVID TREGUBOFF ROBERT TURNER DAVID URIBE ANNA VILLA ERNIE VILLA NORMA VILLA ROGER VILLA THERESA VILLA c., , .Ilf- ii Tiff-. A f ' Q5-'ri LINDA WHITHAM JEANETTE WILSON LINDY WITHERSPOON SCOTT WOLF JERRY WORKMAN LYNN WHITLOCK LINDA VOSE JIM WEATHERFORD TAMMY WAGNER NANCY WELCH RICKY WASHINGTON ROBERTA WHITCHURCH JOYCE WOOD PAT YANEZ CARLOS YBARRA JIM YULE 64 GPHO GRE 65 President: Gary Benson Vice President: Cindy Porter Secretary: Cindy Burns Representatives: Janet Bayne David Jarnigan DIANA ABE LS DARLENE ANDERSON TANNIE ARNOLD TAMMY ALLISON TERRY ARNOLD JOYCE ANDERS KATHY ASHING LEE ANDERSON RUBY AUSTIN PATRICIA ADAIR I was her favorite student. CARLA ADAMS LYNN AKIN TERRY DAVID BALLER DONNA BALLER RETHA BARNES h, 4 LARRY BECKNER DOROTHY BELL JOHN BELL SID BENARD GARY BENSON BRIAN BILYEU FRANK BON RICHARD BRAMLET VIARVIN BARRETT NANCY BREY They like everyone and were charming. w?LRBYUERBORVgeVN ATRICIA BEARD CYNTHIA BURNS "T TOM CABALLERO SANDY CANTU TONY CANTU TOMMY CARATACHEA f I fa I V EDDIE CARBAJAL LINDA CARLEN MARK CARREL RAY CHANCELLOR CASSY C LOPTON ROSE COBBIN MACK COKER FRANZ CONDE I 4 Once the door was closed I knew it was going to be a test. Q5 X P - Q . KIM COOPER TONY COOPER GARY COX ORVILLE CROFF 'i"'? JIM CROUCH WANDA CU LP JOYCE CUMMINGS FRED DAVIS ROSE EASTERDAY W THERESA ELDER 'B 4 CATHY DOWNEY BOBBY ELLIS LESTER DUNNING LARRY ENG NORMAN DYE LOU ANN ERICKSON At Lettergirls' meetings Cindy had the best seat in the I6n2FSYI.Ii':E2I1?:SUGH house. CThe middle!! CATHY FARGO IVIICHAEL FER RANTE . , . Y-V YY B A GREGG FLYNN ROGER FOXFORD MIKE FRAELICH IVIARY FRAKER 'wr NEIL FUSSELL ANGE L GARCIA 'P- KATHY FREEMYER FLORENCE GARCIA STEVE FULLER ELLEN GARZA TAMMY FULTON KATHY GILl.IHAN DON GODBEHERE She never knew she had a friend. ROSA GOMEZ ELLEN GONZA LES JAIVIES GORDON IJ SHIRLEY GRANTHAM JOHN GREGG JENNIE GUTIERREZ RICHARD GUY BUDDY HART CASEY HART BRAD HALL JAMES HATTEN BILL HARDIN GARY HEFLEY MONTY HARRIS MARY HERNKE GARY HERRING Everyone likes Doritos especially Tammy. MARY HERRING CANDYCE HERTZ KIM HERTZ E fi if ,Y if 5 PAT HOPKINS LES HORNBACK MIKE HOWARD HOMER HUFF MARCIE JENNINGS DEBBIE JONES MARY ANN HUFF OLIVER JONES JOHN HULL KAREN DAVID JARNAGIN KARSTETTER TOM KASSENBAUM Remember him in the hall? -Q..,,,Nx DAVID KELLOGG ELIZABETH KENT PAM KEPLER RORY LAMBERT DIANNA LEATHERS CINDY LEE MARCIE LEHMKUHL JENNIFER LANGDON SHERRIE LARSON JUDY LATHAM WILLIAM LAUGHREY ,ex , ff. . ' x a I H 9 HECTOR LERMA , JOY LIND LEY MIKE LORENSEN PATSY MAISONNUEVE KATHY MARKOWSKI DALE IVIARLEY If there was laughter--Cassy was there! TERRY 'VIA RSH DEREK MARTIN IVIARY MARTIN KEVIN IVIETHENY MIKE MILLER DEBBIE IVIAYFIELD KAREN MOODY JANICE MCCRAE RAYIVIOND IVIOODY NORMA MCCRAE VICKY IVIORTON LEONARD SHER RY IVIOSER A few mint leaves for jello salad. g:I5lIg3lgk'ASoN WES MASTERSON R GAIL OLSON PATSY NIATTING LY ,fy . , 1 . Mm I I KATHY PETERSEN TAMMY PIERCE DANNY CYNTHIA PORTER PENNINGTON COLLENE RADOVICH vv1Ll.1ANl DANNY RAMON PENNINGTON GLORIA PEREZ TERRY JACQUELYN REED OPENSHAW GLORIA ORONA Here they are again! Mgfcpggg MILLIE ROACH JAMES PAU LEY BARBARA ROBERTS LESLIE ROBINS ROYCE ROBINSON PAMELA ROD RIQUEZ -5 DAVID RUCKER ' JOHN RUSSELL FRANK ROER JUANITA sANcHEz BRYAN ROGERS SALLY SANCHEZ DANIEL v1o1.A SAPWELL ROHRBACK f Glenda was always a good Iistiner. RICKEY SCHAAF LESLIE SCHIND LER JOHN SCHRODER SCOTT SCHRODER DEBORAH STEVENS CHRISTI STEWART SHER RY SMITH LEONA STROTHER CENOVIA SOSA JQELLEN EVA SOSA SY LVESTER DEBORAH TOTH SHARON SCHWAB RODNEY SHELLEY SCOTT ' tt' TRENHAI LE FRED SERNA Our favorite pas mme. CHAR LES TROYER JUDY SMALLEY RICKY TRUJILLO SHELIA TSCHOUR f in-.MSS DEBBIE WEATHERFORD CLARK WEBB JOHN WAGONER RALPH WILBURN TOM WALLS DEBBIE WILLIAMSON LORRAINE WARNER LORI WILSON Y TURNER LOUIE VALDEZ LEON VAN STEVE VANSKIKE AR LON YATES MARY YERACE HARVEY YOCHAM BERNICE WITT DIANE WOOD BEN WORDINGER PEAR L YANEZ CEASAR CORDOVA SUSAN HENRY 78 FRE HMAN President: Lydia Hendricks Vice Pres.: Patti Smith Secretary: Lezah Terkelsen Treasurer: Susan Beloat Representatives: Lee Ann Chancellor Tim Villa " gym .555 Q9 EW' gm, ,. Jeff Brannan Lori Briscoe Ray Carmichael Monica Carrera Steve Celeya Dale Brown Gerald Brown Lee Ann Chancellor Ed Chapman Benny Coker Helen Brown Charles Browne Jeff Coker Geroge Cole V. 32, Theresa Bulfer Lyla Busby Penny Burns Tammy Cantu Mary Burton Jeri Carbajal Lezah, the leader! v .1- Ward Cole Caren Croff Rusty Cox Terri Crow Vickie Craig Maria Elena Cruz A good catch! Don Davis Jimmy De La Pena Mark De Shazo Michelle Davis Patricia Denning Katherine Dewey Kannah Eberth Sylvia Espinosa Charles Ellibee Tammy Felix Cathy Engle Mary Francis George Anna Domingues Serna Domingues Glenda Frew Greg Galpin Diana Green Bill Grombach CGSQI' Guajardo Michelle Gandara Conrado Garcia Steve Guffey Joe Gutierrez Julie Hancock , x1,i David Garrison Terry Garrison GE' Q" .x' x 1 4 Nicky Hardin Craig Gatlin Brian Gllleo Holly Gerberich Jeana Gillihan Liz Giddings Tom Godbehere Gayle Henderson I never finished my lunch! Robert Hawley Lydia Hendricks Kevin Henry Mr. Hopkins tronmy club. Freeman Herring Donald Holden Stanley Hopper explained things to the as- Linda Hull Dixie Hunter Chris Hunter Sharon Jameson Eric Kennedy Tony King Ricky King Lila Keasling Bill Kolton Paula John J ohnny J ohns Terry Kirkpatrick Emily Kissling Doug Kokaly Deborah Laffoon Steve Languns Candy Mancuso Paul Mansanares Michael Marlzowdxl , 4 JEQQMX I Shelley Larson Rose Ann Lewll Charles Layton Elaine Locklar Debra Marksmeier Brenda Martinez Domlnga Martinez Sam Martinez Curtis Muon .5 Kathleen Locklar Jerri Lueck Pamela Lorensen Joe Lugo William Lowe Jesse Macias The now aclonco toachorl 55 +R - -2 A -7,15 'ig .:fxfff:f ,, i . 5 4 5 . ' A I L. 15 4 pl? f i . 'gk 59551 ,, X, xiii -fw,g,w-F 'ff nf :H-fx p 2- f Lifvfv ...wg w 1:9 x . .f .- x -1. ' "1 gk ,r si 151, .411 'Q ,Q f ., 63 2 wp . , 523 1 .--..., V .1 af -A K .waxy - ,r 'ar . i mfewh s 33? ,Ai CMH' . yy is Xb' -Ax 1-M I Q x iv-gi Ei -au ia U ,.,..1 ..',.v in fb ,114 ' 1 0 wr. Rachel Nanamore Jan Neuschwander Chris Northern Susan Neal Loren Nicholas Joe Nunez Kathy Padilla David Peabody John Palumbo Domingo Perez Tim Patterson Manuel Perez '1W'!",1J!.',"b'- ' f 'T 3 C 1 Nancy Perry Debbie Powell Johnny Nunez Sue Ollis I Cheryl 0'DonnaI Ray Ortiz Charles Older Sherilyn Oxford And they said it never rained here! Dal'l8l'Ie P70995 Bgni Reams Diana PUQH Koni Reams Arman Reams William Reed The plctures of the old grads were always fun to :eel Tim Reeves y ' Jessie Rico L 1.5, fa, 1 .if Ricky Rico Dawna Riefkohl Steven Riddle Janet Roberts Earl Robinson Danny Salcido Shirley Rodgers Ygnasio Samarripa Geroge Rohrback Georgia Sapwell gl .1235 N Janet Louise Roberts Larry Robertson aaa. Tina Sarnett Karen Schlax Kathy Scott Peter Schettino Tina Schulz Ralph Sedig Rick Snow Greg Stewart Tony St. Nlyefs Lynn Stewart Robert Staggs Margaret Stewart Mike Stone Danny Summers N ll if Mark Sedig Bruce Smith James Shaw Craig Smith Patricia Sil'l9l9f0n Patty Smith Ballet lessons were a must! . - I 1 " .,..."I34'5 il, 135 'sf- 312 's Rickey Tilley Alex Tolmachoff Gary Treguboff Marvin Troyer Thomas Trujillo Stella Turk Gerald Underwood Gerry Villa Olga Vasquez Theresa Villa Ruben Vasquez Tim Villa Kenneth Sylvester Lezah Terkelsen Jeff Thurston Steven Tijerina Robert Tedder Sandra Tedder Whoever came in first got the girl! Nancy Turner Don Underwood eww Dale Wallace Renita Warner Glenda Wood Melba Wood Reuben Wood Dan Werner David West Robert Wood Charles Woods Mary Yanez Paul Ybarra Bob Young John Young vw--..,, sd... ..,. .. Kenneth Whitham Robert Whitlock Y +12 Cindy Wilkins Sarah Wilson Carolyn Williams Wayne Winter Walter Williams Sandra Witherspoon Try it again, Sam! ig-3 Coming evening time it would appear, The dark green bicycle was always here Upon the door a quiet knock, A quiet boy to enter. I'm sure he had a million dreams Tho they seem faded now . We'll miss the bicycle standing there, So lonely now it seems. In Memorium Mark Douglas Moring Qrganizations STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS President - Jen'y Benson Vice President - Tim Bonds Secretary - Della Cambron Treasurer - Audrey Carbajal lST ROW: LR: M. Celeya, M. Saba, T. Gerhart, D. Cambron, T. Bonds, Jerry Benson, A. Carbajal, L. Bonnes, L. Kent 2ND ROW: C. Terkelsen, G. Perry, J. May, B. Anderson, C. Eng, R. Roberts, J. Bayne, L. Chancellor, C. Leffue, L. Wedgworth 3RD ROW: B. Newberry, D. Osborn, F. Miller, T. Jenkins llook at his facell, Lance Agee, K. Porter, Frank Drew, R. Pierce iand look at Lou's Tiaral, M. Villarreal, T. Villa, D. Jarnagin lwhat's he lookin at?l STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is made up of the Associated Student Officers and representatives from each class and authorized club in the school. It is through this organization that requests are made by clubs and classes for all activities, and take up matters relating to student problems arising in the school. g 'H The President hearing ideas for the Student Council. I The Student Council t Float. 'T' ,1 K ,'. 64 .w r . K "1-. I ' f ,yi 'LVN' gf.. , N , 'awk V-1 rf AW? 4 FQ' , 11 7:1 35 'J HQ ' 'U Ffff 1' ,Ei 3 ff' Q 5 . W 1, ' x 461 Q, - ",.m0llulu ,, .flltsf ' ." 9' V.. , 'S. ,-, LH 1ST ROW LR: C. Porter, D. Perry, L. Bonnes, C. Davis, J. Martin, J. Conners, P. Aja. 2ND ROW: R. Roberts, J. Emmons, E. Grijalva, C. Sosa, D. Fraker, C. Moody, L. Wedgworlzh, L. Jarnagin, S. Leffue, C. Eng, C. Main, B. Anderson, C. Leffue, A. Villa, M. Saba. LETTERGIRLS Lettergirls is an organization composed of those girls who have received a varsity letter in Tennis, GAA, Pom Pon, and Cheerleading. The Purpose of Lettergirls is to further inter- est girls in athletics. The basic duty of Let- tergirls is to perform services to the school community. The girls are re- sponsible forthe up- keep of the trophy case, and assume the responsibility of passing out programs and ushering at the football games. Vice President - Jacque Conners President Susie Polancq Secretary - Lora Jarnagin Treasurer - Cheryl Davis 96 ml HAWK STAFF HANGS ON The "Hawk is the official publication for the stu- dents and by the students of Buckeye Union High School. Written and edited by students, the paper is also printed at the school. The paper strives to contain all the current news of every facet of life at Buckeye Union High School. Students are en- couraged to submit stories for publication, and upon approval of the sponsor, take the class of- fered in journalism. "The Hawk needs student in- terest and participation to fulfill its goal of re- flecting student activity at the school. The Hawk is one of the few school papers of its type in the state produced entirely on the school campus. The Hawk is sponsored by lVlr. Jim Grosbach. Hawk Reporters: Randy Dunivant, Roxanne Runkle, Bending is Frank Martin while standing is Tom Bonds Rhonda Hatfield, Joneen Emmons, Geniel Yates, and Cindy Terkelsen Susan Leffue and looking at the camera Genell Allen. is Della Cambron 97 1ST ROW L.R. Genell Allen - President, Jacque Sprague - Vice President, Pam Langdon - Secretary, Kathy Sylvester - Treasurer, Kristy Ratlief - Encounter Chairman, Carolyn Eng - Parliamentarian, Donna Abels - Reporter, Libby Kent - Student Council, Paula Ala - Recreation. 2ND ROW: G. Orona, G. Dominguez, K. Harden, K. Downey, P. Denning, Judy Smalley - Historian, Mrs. Sivils - Advisor, C. Clopton, K. Kelly, C. Nelson, C. Maberly, Sandy Turner's Sister, 3RD ROW: J. Sylvester, R. Tippie, J. Latham, N. Adams, S. Neal, K. Engle, E. Jackson, C. Lowrey, J. McCrae, M. Huff. 4TH ROW: S. Beloat, M. Jennings, M. Green, G. Wood, B. Fornes, B. Reems, L. McCall, L. Cantley, C. Meredith, T. Schulz, S. Dominguez, C. Reems. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Future Homemakers of America is a national organization through which members develop as individuals by taking responsibility for the youth planned and youth directed activities that extend beyond the class- room Home Economics Education Program. This year the FHA Organization began their year activities with the first dance of the season to raise money to send the club to the District Meeting in Antelope High School. The Buckeye Chapter had the most girls at the District. The Pancake Breakfast was something new and everyone seemed to enjoy it. The Intermediate Foods Class decorated cakes beautifully to sell at the Annual Halloween Carnival and the Missing In Action Run for Freedom was a tremendous success with a large turn out. The club made toys for a Christmas Project and took them to the Childrens Baptist Home. Everyone looked forward to the State Meeting in Tucson and the Annual FHA Spring Banquet. This year has been a very active and productive one under the leadership of this years officers and Mrs. Sivils. O Jacque Sprague passing flag Genell Allen getting ready to Libby Kent at MIA Run for to pass the flag for MIA run. Freedom! 4 FHA Homecoming float. H tt . X r 1' Roxie Andrews - President Janice Monroe - Vice President Lottie Sedig - Secretary Mary Green - Treasurer FUTURE TEACHERS The FTA is a project of the National Education Association and its affil- iated state and local group. It works Q ,ji-,,, to enable members to study and indentify the qualities, traits, and aptitudes which are basic or related to successful teaching. The club is sponsored by lVlrs. lVlary King. Mrs. King supervises a FTA Meeting. NJ 0 'Q MEMBERSIST ROW J Monroe, L Sedlg 2ND ROW M Green,R Andrews, H. Brown 3RD ROW Doug Neal r-' ,- F if 1, l'u9,Km'wu11 xhM,,A,,nb 15-714 ,359-"" dxf, -'ff ' 1 A , M' xg K ,. 'nn ' 49" ,. ,I -5 ,ls pw 'Y ' I X ,qv r X 4' n 1 I Y. fin , , gig Q. O I 5 mai x x x x X I "5.K AQ? If xx Mtg" ji f x X vi" x fx x 1 gi 1661411 I? fl 2 ff p 4-' '. V I W514?!2 .1 , A vim. LH L1 W Q fry, 7'5'11s pm x is f r X 5 , I X fu . . A . f ' ,.:,m '1 ,yr-' f x Q fx. gnu .Mn - x ii hi x Q J I 1.1 gggi LW" Qfifii 3 WT: wr? 5 4-1 . ., v .- S I Q 3-I if ' 5 1 'Q T .f':?"5 5 3,2 9 K -'F Wa YQ- f 4 W .A if K, :V ii 'N jx' , if . bw" 'E 'Gi A ' ' Q -f :W U , . 's 1, -ff. 1-N ff 'sp ' , 71 ' ' f w -J Q mkltfg '4 3 x iq typ ' fn JA 14 V .S 5. S, V v - ,A ii . a ,ew f A , A , ' ' gf A , 3' Xf -.51 4. X fa l " ' kk " V4 f 5 ,ff .V 11' 'fv' ' f A .ig , :A - ' kv . . K it 6 f M .L .S . E 9 V 1 gg af' 3? 'A in If ' V'5'f"V ' ,ig 'T' Q gzgszikgl A . , . N. W 'W .W by My - Q. .az ' ,jf W M V ' 3 F pans f v l iff' if , ,.,, Q Q ' -is 1 ,f gn x. g-Hifi V ,gf .QQ ' L .L Future Farmers of America State Sweetheart Robyn Carney and Chapter Sweetheart Debbie Haggard Debbie Haggard crowned Sweetheart for 1974-75 Chapter Sweetheart Debbie Haggard with her attendants Gayle Schulz, Jacque Conners, and Linda Vose C7 QV vs Q if lg:s'h OFFICERS: Della Cambron - President Gigi Perry - Vice President Carmela Moody - Secretary Lori Narramore - Treasurer GIRLS LEAGUE This organization is open to all girls in school who are interested in combining fun and service to the school . This year the League was very active under the leadership of Della Cambron and the sponsors Mrs. Chancey and Mrs. Gesperak. The League be- came a vital point of interest and study since the outcome of the Christmas Formal would determine if any more formals would be kept on the school social calendar. The Mistletoe Ball was a tremendous suc- cess with over a hundred couples attending. Besides the formal the League sponsored a car wash for pro- viding funds for their activities. Something new and well appreciated was a cookie and punch party for the teachers. The League won the Alumni Award for their Homecoming Float. Again this year the League sponsored their Valentine Sale which always is a great success. This years officers looked forward to their swimming party at the end of the year after a very industrious and successful term. FRONT ROW: J. Lanford, E. Garza, L. Stewart, D. Perry, L. Bonnes, T. Arnold, G. Perry, J. King. STANDING: L. Chancellor, K. Cooper, M. Lehmkhul, C. Burnes, M. Saba, P. Rodriques, R.Roberts, L. Sedig, D. Hardesty, D. Cambron, S. Jarnagin, J. Martin, L. Jarnagin, C. Radavich,J. Conners, C. Pendergast, K. Flower, S. Tschour, P. Yanez, L. Wilson, J. Mooris, C. Main, S. Turner, L. Narramore, P. Odom, L. Schindler, S. Leffue, K. Karstetter, D. Haggard, N. Turner, S. Leffue, C. Moody, C. Stewart. fe 1ST ROW LR: B. Hardin, C. Hunter, R. Mongold, N. Fussell, G. Benson, R. King, J. DeLaPena,.D. Black. 2ND ROW: M. Sedlg, R. Turner, M. Cain, E. Villa, T. King, C. Garner, J. Polumblo, A. Newberry, B. Newberry, D. Gamson. 3RD ROW: C. Cordova, B. Rogers, F. Drew, S. Rogers, T. Terkelson. INDU STRIAL ARTS CLUB The Industrial Arts Club is a National Organiza- tion sponsored by the American Industrial Arts Association. Students who are enrolled in or have taken a high school course in Woodwork, Draft- ing, General Shop, Plastics, Auto Mechanics, Metals, Industrial Crafts, Graphic Arts, or Electricity-Electronics are eligible for member- ship into the Industrial Arts Club. The purpose of the Industrial Arts Club is to upgrade craftsman- ship, encourage group effort, strengthen relation- ships between industry and education and to help students personal initiative and individual goals. Sponsored by Nlr. Larry Lewis and IVlr. Hank Newberry Ol-'FIC ERS Frank Dew - President Gary Benson-Sgt. at Arms Dick Black - Vice President Bill Newberry - Stu. Council Rep 105 Alan Newberry - Secretary Smannon Rogers - Treasurer I , d . J OFFICERS Senior Members Terri Cox - Secretary Martha Dawkins - Vice President 5. Jamaginl D. Cambronl 5. Leffue, Mary Lynn Saba - Treasurer Jo May - President M. Saba' R. Roberts, T. Cox, M. Dawkins, J. May Sophomore Members E. Garza, L. Wilson, P. Yanez, C. PEP CLUB The Pep Club promotes the best interest in the school by stim- ulating school spirit. The duties of Pep Club are to advertise the games and encourage student attendance. This is done by preparing posters and developing pep assemblies which seem to be the outlet for School spirit. Under the leadership of its of- g ficers the club works after school in planning their activities. THIS SPACE RESERVED FOR AUTOGRAPHS FOR PEP CLUB MEMBERS we UW.. fm tw 1 --..-....-f... f. - K . 3 t ta vig, , , 39 -. 1 aqui' 1 X s - 1 1 .I Y .X . V 1 4 A K ' - . ji ,D X 'qw f H, .. Y jilfii 0 E 'E 3 film .. X kv X4 '70 J4.. ' - Y . vr,1f:4E' fi , -. " .3 W A g,4,,.' 1, -' .f .Y .f -5- ,HQ A. .Mg . q U ri:-:, 1 , .gk-3+ K ' "l55'lCQ1'-'L-'li ' igg JQQ. ,,,. sa--uc. . , .L Q-ff' , wr-.IH .VP M-1, . - --..97ec1yLz,,' .:z:: 31,1 1 :a"'- 5 Hug 'f5'f'w- ' ,. I 0 H- is-mam-51: x - aff . .. fcf' """' . gf ' +51 ,. 5 'W A x'f,Tf',QFgL 'ffzl' 3 . Q, 'u ,..., " Q ' F fy I n":E" ' :.:i5:E gui-2 + gj:::,::' -? K W nf ' " Cf 1 lr - L ""33'Zff.,:-. M L Rr W L . 5 Z H' v ' '5f5L9'1f155w.2-' 3: X77 , 3 iv. ,ff 41,2 . 1.513-:ffgm - S X Nm i 4, b-ff v 41' 1' .. 5 I ' 5 .x l - ' - I K f' N I 'Q A X Barbara Anderson Linda Vose MHYY Smith President Vice-President C0l'l'eSP0"ldlI'l9 59CYefaYY GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Membership in Girls Athletic Association is open to all girls interested in athletics The aim of the club is to promote the spirit of cooperation and the highest ideals of good sportsmanship. GAA holds play day, sponsors all intramural tournaments, and participates in sports activities among other schools. The banquet at the end of the year is the outstanding event for this organization and includes the presentation of awards for its members. 1ST ROW LR: P. Smith, J. Carbajal, T. Lowrey, N. Villa, P. Aja, J. Richline, P. Rodriquez, A. Myers, N. Turner. 2ND ROW: C. Moody, K. Flower, C. Porter, M. Smith, L. Vose, B. Anderson, E. Garza, L. Chancellor, S.Long, A. Villa. 3RD ROW: T. Villa, M. Davis, J. Martin, C. Main, L. Wedgworth, G. Perry, D. Puga, P. Yanez, G. Orona, E. Sosa, M. Huff, M. Gomez, W. Bolden, M. Macias. 4TH ROW: L. Kent, K. Petersen, C. Mason, D. Richline, C. Turk, G. Frew, J. McCrae, R. Austin, S. Beloat, H. Brown, J. Moring, P. Yanez, L. Erickson, M. Francis, C. Adams, K. Morris, C. Nelson, M. Amabisca, S. Turner, D. Napolitano, J. Reed. 5TH ROW: D. Weatherford, J. Harris, M. Gandara, J. Wilson, E. Grijalva, D. Ffakefl E- Allison, L- McCall, M- Ffakeff R- R0bel'f-5, L. Wilson, T. Arnold, M. Lehmkuhl, L McCrae, G. Henderson. Ellen Garza Publicity Cindy Porter Recording Secretary A59 if A 9 ' I I . w ,I gx ' x 1:2 , 43 nd? .-of CHESS CLUB The Chess Club is a club designed to give beginning and experienced chess players a chance to learn and improve on their ability to play the game of chess. Members LR: D. Nicholas, L. Wedgworth, L. Eng, D. Perry 2ND ROW: C. Schettino, G. Perry, B. Delvluth, R. Cross, Steve Guffey BACK ROW: Doug Neal,T. Jenkins, Q. Kemp Charles Garner making his move! in President Lauri Wedgworth with Frank Drew and Theresa Lowrey go over their membership status. Frank and Theresa battle it out! ASTRONOMY CLUB A lecture by Nlr. Hopkins. OFFICERS: Tim Reeves - President Nancy Welch - Vice President Keith Strother - Secretary 84 Treasurer Lauri Wedgworth - Student Council Members LR: Lori Briscoe, Jan Neauschwander, Keith Strother, Elaine Locker, Rebecca Bigelow David Truelove, Rueben Bigelow, Kathy Dewey CSTANDINGJ Mr. Hopkins, Tim Reeves, Lauri Wedgworth, Ken Porter, Larry Eng, Braulio Pedroza, Jeff Coker The Astronomy Club is centered around the Planetarium facility. Members become involved in the methods of Astronomy and related sciences. Club members are en- couraged to participate in the sky observations with the reflecting telescope. lt is a service organization to the community, in assisting with the PIanetarium's monthly open houses and special programs. The Sponsor for the club is lVlr. Neil Hopkins. Lauri doing a presentation for the club. MMN,,,,..,.+.n..u.?3ow 1 A 111 liiilitigj Q Ssvefrmfrsg g E Mary Lynn Saba Charis Schettino ' 112 Caroly Eng - Vlce Prosldont Sale Polanco - Secretary Jorry Benson - Sfudent Councll Jo May mg! Pony E158 Tilefifla Lauri Wedgworth 113 'K' Robln Roberts umoum. nowog sgcuew ' Underclassmen National Honor Society Members Dale Nicholas Linda Crow Cheryl Leffue Cheryl Davis Doug Neal Jacque Conners Brian Delvluth Kenny Porter The Buckeye Union High School Chapter of the National Honor Society is composed of members of the Junior and Senior classes who have proven themselves to be outstanding in the fields of Scholarship, Character, Leadership, and Service. After meeting scholastic requirements eligible students are rated by the entire faculty on the other characteristics. After the first semester of the Sophomore year, students are considered for provisionary membership if their grade average is 1 .5 Or better, and if they fulfill the other requirements. This active chapter also serves as a service organization and has helped regularly at school functions in providing a very capable ushering service. Perhaps one of the most successful activities for the organization this year has been the Parent Coffee which will probably become an annual event. The National Honor Society gives a book scholarship each year to a graduating member. THIS SPACE BELOW IS FOR AUTOGRAPHS COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF THE NHS! T14 CONSTRUCTION Construction is an organization which provides students with the opportunity to plan and build a structure. The members learn how to plan, estimate, and site prepa- ration. Various techniques are learned which include: concrete work, plumbing, electrical work, block work, plastering, carpentary, and painting and decorating. The officers holding the various of- fices are voted in by other members of the group. Some of the projects that the group has done this year are the sidewalk from the front of the school on Eason Avenue to Highway 80. This was a beautifi- cation job that was well appreci- ated by the community. The patio in front of the Hawk Gym was en- larged and mosaic Hawk emblem was placed in the center which was designed by Monica Carrera. Per- haps the biggest job the group has tackled this year is the ticket booth below the press box at the entrance of Olsen Field. The group is sponsored by lVlr. Hank Newberry. 424' xxx ,MO f1u.,..,,, .. 1973-4 DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS Betty McMillan - A.P.S. 51.5. Elsa Tljerina - Nurse's Ass't. BUHS Bruce Erickson - Jenners Food Falr COORDINATOR CLIFTON NEWBERRY gil Randy Long - Buckey Saddlery Steve Peabody - D 84 M Oll Mike Villarreal - Jenners Food Falr 116 Greg Hettlch - Mobil Station Greg Brannan - Liberty Sc-hool Steve Hopper - Buckeye Industries Debble Carrera - White Shears Flowers -el Don Tedder - M A L Auto Della Cambmn - Liberty School an '- ' his Q- I lie? gf! Suzanne Whlte - Wolf's Dept. Store Randy Bassett - Chevron Statlon John Patterson - Phoenix Valley West . . ,Q-,bb waz S .. s! ,Q if' :Eff ,Ag ar f' 'NN "1 Ji' 'v'l W 'A - 'J' ' " kj f ,. Y kt' y I, 'l L"f 1 'A' K , Q L, K - .xx N- R . f if - Levl Beard - Beard's Upholsterlng Bruce Craig - Edgars Garage Loretta McCall - Buckeye Motor Hotel r, l,,r' '- Carol Kacer - Plerce Aviation 117 Charlotte Sapwell - U. S. Soil Conserva tion VAR ITY Cheryl Davis Lynne Bonnes H8 Sheryl Jarnigan Mary Sm ith THIS PLACE RESERVED FOR MY BOYFRIEND CHEERLEADERS Juanita Richline Barbara Anderson .AE Zi' A 'A ' - in 0 3 ' P " Q, , -2 . X ,df 2, "Wai 5 1 if 5 -: ,fr 2 t if 'ffffw Wav A , , awk ' yn ..:-' Cindy Mansanare f.. " , 'sf-FK - QQ 76. L, "'!"'! Y 4 . its. -2, W.,, xx .4-'ir' i L px if .,,, 2- 4 , .A .1 H . X . ' x 1 I - - se . t 14 ' .- , O ' ' .P 51 V . -" .' K 8 ' . vs' . . 'r m - , -.f :." f f .. X gf , " X '51 4,-4.1.5 T454 v 3 :,f'T.f'. -. ' is .,!.,m ' ,r Ww- ,,L rw . 'Mx . .Ni . , -gg, . Y . YQ-avi' '. w F SNS' ., v'iffq,'.Q. s L, ff: Fw. .,.-1 V' . QA, Lrzrlll 1,-,. -6 vig, .1f,. 5 ' xl.. 1 'G' sv H Robyn Carney ww , 'L I an -1. ... ,J W - , nik ..K 1'- ' : .ij :- sr Wi Q, 1 f.- . 11 s s x an - T LM 4x N 8- v Vis i i ki ua- , . lip, 1 1 ,1 :A x fx-A S? it J 7, on .Q N J.. .A -4 "WN, N fl M in ' Q .43 g., f W, g,h.a,g,JfLl 4, 'r.?",f ".A Q.-vhgf ,JV -Aus, ,5 511 fu A ,l Fa ,W ,gi 1 fy km'-DJLQ rf THIS SPACE RESERVED FOR BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE ON LY! Our Captain! PECIAL AUTGGRAPH 1. Autograph of my sweetheart! 2. Autograph of my favorite teacher! 3. Autograph of the cutest girl ! 4. Autograph of the cutest guy! 5. Autograph of my funny friend! 6. Autograph of my neighbor in English! 7. Autograph of smartest person I know! 8. Autograph of the friendliest person! 9. Autograph of someone I would like to know! 10. Autograph of person I would like to go to the Nu-Vue with! Roses are red Violets are blue is sweet and so are you ! 11. Autograph of person I would like to ride the bus with! 12. Autograph of the person I would like to streak with! 13. Autograph of the person I would like to share a twinkie with! 14. Autograph of the person I would like to give my cheat sheet to ! 15. Autograph of the cutest cowboy! Down by the river Down by the Sea broke a bottle and blamed It on me! I told o d got a w lppln so a. a. Ha! 16. If your picture is not in this book sign here! 17. Draw your picture here. 18. Sign here if you like. 19. Scratch and sniff 20. What is it? 21. - Autograph of my favorite freak. 22, Autograph of person I would like to see on July 4th. 23. Autograph of my favorite athlete! 24. Autograph of the person I would like to share a Ladmo bag with! 25. Autograph of the person I would like to be locked-in-with in the display window. 26. Place fingerprint of your favorite person. 27. Autograph of person whose body is most likely to be recalled. 28. Autograph of someone who walks to Rusty's. 29. Autograph of someone who walks to the park everyday. Be Kind - Take A Freshman to Lunch ! 30. Autograph of a person I don't know. Be Kind - Smile at a Senior! 31. Autograph of my favorite band person. A Kiss Goes Here! 32. Autograph of my favorite dancer. 33. iReserved for someone I have known for 15 years !l 34. Paul Asselin sign here! Be Kind - Help a Sophomore Across Eason! 35. If you're a Junior sign here. Be Kind - Help a Junior Learn to Write! 36. iReserved for a Future Farmer 5 37. Sign here if you have bad breath just don t talk. 38. YesI want a 1975 Yearbook! MMM' 5 P .: ::3"?i5f'ii 5 r ? - - y, '.jW3g'fv', 4 il . A f M ,- , .-gg, V , , i Y N ' V 'nk I' vi ,.... xx Q A A ,L A - . . ,N ,,-. ', f si 1.4 'lm A - A -,A .., ,. , K J . qu' - . W. , " Y wh ' 1 'ivf5'1f'f'w-"q"z "',Q,,f Q' B .. .j ' Li, -4-sf 6.4 ,lv 'lp Wfx " K.. L + , 1 ,R- ,k- ' ' ' ff:g:,, -WW Ti H 1 , --- , 1 P ' K! X .mu . V 1. j I , ' ' Q-ye ' L, A gm ' ,uidfgiggf 1 - . ' , - - M 00' gn.. V , ,,,f W-..1fl5N:4.fnX 'f L ., W , . I LW 2,35 4: N... I V A, ,wig wg 1 THE Theresa Lowfey GOLDEN HAWKETTES Karen Karstetter i 1 AND DRUM MAIOR M 13330 Ill! . sw 'A 8 ,J Q. V' . X V 4. f.Q'4vv-av gy- f1 . , .v-Lfrr,vf.iq'-M .-..x Q , K t gg ig ,W A , .. 3,55 . ,A gig '- ff- ,,Vv- , 1, 'ta-. H.,-' , Q 1- 734 P .Ng7'x95?X-QA . 5 Q, WAT'-bf Q b. ' ' ' f-- fffji, Q' frfQy, L , . K 5?'1'3ipEgg,g,. ...--"' A L1vf "'5""'- K .. ' "Wg: wig? Q,wu,,.,. A-,QQ . V 'vi-.--s-, 4 ,, , , --51 '. ,yn I, V , A , A , . I , , Q. 1' .' -"' " he-i.."' A W - .- , A ,mf ' I ., 5- '- Q. "'3f', .mv 4 ' ' 19 an-..,V ,Hue .,,... , N ps n 'N 4 , K J 2 HAWK BAND 1ST ROW L. R.: J. Carbajal, M. Burton, M. Amabisca, M. Carrera, K. Lindley, S. Sanchez, M. Gandara, C. Webb, M. Lehmkhul, R. Nardi, A. Carbajal, M. Green, L. Nahas, D. Leathers, S. Barba, J. Lindley, L. Wedgworlh, M. Celeya, L. Wilson, C. Porter, S. Leathers, C. Stewart, P. Kepler. 2ND ROW: L. Chancellor, C. Burns, T. Schulz, D. Puga, A. Meyers, T. Lowrey, K. Kanstetter, T. Cambron, A. Tolmachoff, R. Masengale, E Metz, D. Truelove, J. Brannan, R. Woods, D. McKinney, P. Mansanares, R. Menuey, L. Erickson, T. Villa, R. Roberls, S. Barba, J. Roberts, G. Henderson, C. O' Donnall, D. Green. 3RD ROW: T. Hazelwood, T. Wagner, D. Ponce, D. Tilley, A. Yates, M. Coker, G. Stewart, M. Villarreal, H. Huff, T. Villa, J. Robinson, M. Akin, K. Whitham, C. Garcia, P. Hopkins, L. Osborne, R. Woods, L. Van, A. Abrigo, B. Baker, D. Harris, L. Nicholas, J. Schroder, M. Brown, S. Hopper, L. Pinnix, S. Masengale. Officers TAGE BAND M. Celeya, A. Carbajal, R. Nardi, L. Pinnix, R. Roberts, B. Baker, G. Henderson, J. Robinson, J. Roberts, S. Hopper, S. Masengale D. Harris, B. DeMuth, L. Nicholas, J. Schroder, K. Wilson 5 71.225 J l f 3 5 QE Q al" ' 1' . 5 1 - 1, 4. E 5 J Q . , f, Q ' Q- 1g Q-:tgxiy f - I " W. Q 9' 3, 5 . , . -X - fKaLiQ?f'j IW Fi 'FQ -W 'jf 1 wi. K pw. .,..,,,,, . . X M. . , L 5 R z if Q E'95i?'C53W '9' " J 54 ,Q ,mfs , ff, CGNCERT CHGIR 1ST ROW L R: D. Haggard, D. Hardesty, K. Ritchey, S. Caratachea, J. Lantord, C. Davis, J. Emmons, D. Munroe, L. Jarnagin. 2ND ROW: D. Nicholas, J. Clark, T. Arnold, C. Moody, P. Heibert, K. Flower, L. Narramore, N. Welch, M. Mathews, L. Crowe. 3RD ROW: R. Bramlet, D. Watkins, J. Masengale, Pinnix, R. Austin. 4TH ROW: C. Troyer, D. Osborn, B. DeMuth, L. Van, M. Lehmkuhl, D. Tilley. Students who have had previous high school choral work or have been approved by the instructor may audition for this group. This organization offers many excellent performing opportunities for mature voice students. The Choir pre- sents a Christmas and Spring Concert as well as making musical appearances in various local and state programs during the year. This year the Choir presented programs at the Womans Club, Chamber of Commerce, and at the State Capital at Christmas. Brain De IVluth, John Nlasengale, Joan Clark, Dennis Osborn, and Mark Lehmkuhl this year auditioned for the All-Regional Choir and sang in February at West High in Phoenix. Dennis Osborn and Mark Lehmkuhl received a 1 Rating at the Regional Musical Festival at West High and participated in the State Music Festival at Mesa. 130 l 1 x l OFFICERS: Dennis Osborn - President, Brian DeMuth Vice President, David Watkins - Manager, Carmela Moody - Secretary. Joan Clark Cheryl Davis John Masengale Leonard Pinnix Carmela Moody Dennis Osborn Nancy Welch Darrell Tilley Lori Narramore Brian DeMuth Dawn Hardesty MADRIGALS GIRL CLEE 131 FRONT ROW: Sandy Miller Patsy Mattingly Tommy Fuller Lydia Hendricks Debbie Weatherford Lori Briscoe Mary Francis Candy Hertz Tammy Cantu Christine Meredith Sheron Moser BACK ROW: Diane Woods Rhonda Orender Debbie Stevens Cathy Engle Tina Mros Holly Gerbrich Linda Carl en Rachel Narramore Roberta Joyce Woods fum, 4 s a--,N ,BQ Q x - -. ' ,.. . ., ,g,..,-4 . -51, W '... T,--1 il. 'jj . 'T 1 4 y X . ,r bx X X x fl' A, 5, ' f -r YY, I. 'lf 2 . , ,M . - UF 1.155 S 'Y 'gi 9. , 'Qian-1 1 " I 1 41 N 1ST ROW: F. Mlller, A. Newberry, J. Masengale, J. Peyman, R. Pierce, R. Ray, R. Powers, E. Villa, R. Oxford, L. Massengale, Mgr. 2ND ROW: Coach Werner, K. Porter, J. Yule, M. Molitor, R. Runkle, J. Benson, H. Heiden, T. Roer, J. Weatherford, M. Villarreal, Coach Roberts, Coach Campbell. 3RD ROW: F. Drew, B. Griffin, Q. Kemp, T. Jenkins, L. Agee, S. Gable, D. Harris, P. Asselin, S. HAWK FOOTBALL VARSITY The 1973 "Hawks" could be characterized as a team that would not quit! After a disappointing opener with Tolleson, the "HAWKS" bounced back to shut out Superior, an eventual co-winner of the A-South Division. Then after three heartbreakers in a row, Buckeye answered with an inspiring overtime win at Ajo. Although we finished fourth in our league, behind three of the top teams in the state, the Hawks were a well respected football team by their opponents. Rogers, M. Lehmkhul. Individual recognition came to several "Hawks" as Tony Roer was named to the First All-State Team. Tony and Paul Asselin were First Team All-Conference Players and Hal Heiden, Russ Powers, and Jerry Peyman were Honorable Nlention. With 13 Lettermen and a fine J .V . Group returning, Buckeye Football is on the Road to the top of Arizona Football 1973 Varsity Schedule HAWKS Tolleson 29 Record 3 - 6 HAWKS Eloy 15 HAWKS Superior O HAWKS Ajo 0 HAWKS Peoria 26 HAWKS Gerard 20 HAWKS Dysart 14 134 HAWKS Phx Indian 8 HAWKS Gilbert 25 J, V . Schedule Hawks 21 Hawks 20 Hawks 6 Hawks 6 Hawks 19 ' Hawks 22 Q a Q Q Hawks 13 ' Hawks 33 Phx Ch. O Agua Fria 19 Peoria 14 Dysart 34 Eloy 13 Ajo 14 Gerard O Record 5 - 3 IV TEAM 1ST ROW: D. Pennington, J. Pauly, J. Metheny, L. Eshenbaugh, M. Oxford, K. Strothers, B. Rogers. 2ND ROW: A. Anderson, R. Austin, S. Wolf, W. Masterson, H. Huff, E. Hamilton, L. Hornback, Mgr. R. Schaaf, 3RD ROW: Coach Rhode, P. Sosa, R. Shirley, T. Caballero, L. Van, C. Rohrback, D. Borchardt, R. Foxford, B. Bilyeau, Coach Benson. iv. FOOTBALL FRQSH FOOTBALL Coaches Johnson and Clark are extremely proud of the 1973 Freshman Football Team. They started with a tie and a loss but finished undefeated in League Play. The entire team performed well with the key being a stingy defense and a crunching ground game. Gerald Brown was the outstanding Freshman back in the league and was supported by a fine blocking line and a great blocker at Fullback in Freeman Herring. Also shining this season were Tim Villa, Tony King, Rusty Cox, Bill Grombach, Dan Summers, and John Palumbo. The entire Frosh Team should provide a nucleus for great football teams at B.U.H.S. in the future. 1ST ROW: R. Aja, T. Montgomery, B. Coker, G. McPherson, D. Summers, G. Villa, R. Trujillo, R. Woods, M. Miller. 2ND ROW: D. De La Pena, K. Sylvester, W. Williams, J. Rico, R. Ortiz, S. Celeya, E. Kennedy, D. Werner, J. Palumbo, A. Tolmachoff, A. Abrigo, Coach Johnson, T. Villa, F. Herring, C. Smith, T. King, B. Grombach, T. Garrison, Y. Brown, R. Boyd, C. Gatlin, R. Cox, T. Trujillo, R. Sedig, Coach Clark. 1- Frosh Schedule Haw ks 6 II II 8 " 25 " 13 " 24 ll 50 " za Agua F ria Peoria 36 Dysart Eloy 13 Ajo Gerard 12 Phx Inds. Tolleson Tolleson 6 YM .., ,,.. if-. . lu' 34' - u n S .Ib ,Q wg-5 I 3 4k Q- F'-W: ' f 5 if 9' an 1'- X 4 I s X rv .pf-If" anim. I I' 'xx X V., , . ff . dsl.-f' Q, 1 I i A-1 il,-Qvyyv A' f -.-4. -:-, . S 1. - .,.. fe. QL: 1:- 1: 5 ' ,Ms 4' .-X On-- , ,, zlkl, J f ' I ' .W V. . - M Q4 U, , U W I mi' f , W, V . A 4 M- w 'M rl A -1 nu, - 3 . 'M "'....n. ' -nn. -mu .Q J-Ag, vu-5 -vu. .' ,RJ 2 W ah., P, A F, LW . '.....W l is . . .,,,.,... LR Domingo Perez Tim Bonds, Mike Markowski, Tom Cambron, Rick King, Rick Oxford, Danny Salcido, Dwaln Allen Pa I Mansanares, Ricky Ellsworth SCHEDULE Hawks Hawks Hawks Hawks Hawks Kawks Hawks Hawks Hawks Hawks Hawks Hawks lost won lost lost won lost won lost lost lost 2nd 2nd BEST TIMES Tim Bonds Donnngo Perez Dwain Allen Tom Cambron Rick Ellsworth Danny Salcido Rick King Paul Ivlansanares IVIike IVIarkowski Rick Oxford Tum Bonds Domingo Perez C R 0 S S C O U N T R I Y CENTRAL DIVISION 15:20 14:46 Ajo 26 16:07 Phoenix Indian 29 16:06 Buckeye 85 18:48 16143 STATE IVIEET 18:22 Class-A-B-C 18:12 18:02 Buckeye placed 14 16:42 Dwain Allen Tom Cambron 1ST ROW LR: J. Young, R. Wood, A. Vasquez, D. West, N. Hardin, R. Tedder 2ND ROW: P. Felix, G. Orona, J. King, C. Main, T. Gerhart, D. Richline, G. Peny, T. Schulz 3RD ROW: K. Schlax, N. Hardin, D. Black, G. Benson, F. Roer, R. Powers, T. Roer, F. Drew, E. Villa, K. Butler, B. West, D. Martin, R. Orender 4TH ROW: J. Masengale, B. Newberry, B. Pennington, M. Sedig, B. Olson, J. Benson, D. Truelove, L. Osbome, H. Huff, J. Weatherford, J. Johnson, D. Peabody, E. Hamilton, R. Wood, Coach Benson UHAWKD VARSITY WRESTLING Hard work, dedication and will to win have made the 1973-74 Wrestling Season a successful one from a team point of view and for several individuals. The team had a 6-2 dual meet record, placed 3rd in the Buckeye Invitational Tournament, placed lst in the Bourgade Invitational, won the Class "A" Central Division Championship, 3rd in the Regional Tournament, and placed 4th in the State Tournament. In addition to the fine wrestling, the Hawks were presented with the Sportsmanship Trophy at the Buckeye Invitational . Dick Black 100 Eddie Hamilton 112 Gary Benson 126 Kenny Butler 138 Russell Powers 155 Frank Drew 167 Fred Miller 185 tOrville Croff Unl . l year. STATE TOURNAMENT PLACEMENT 4th 4th 4th 3rd 3rd 1 st 2nd 3rd I. V. Wrestling tMost lmprovedl The Hawk J.V . Squad finished the season with a 5-2-1 record. Several boys got some good experience this year wrestling on the J.V. Team and some wrestled a few matches on the Varsity Squad. With another year to mature they will surely be tough Challengers for the Varsity positions next Oufsfanding W'est'e' of B-U'H'S' fo' 197344 Sea' Congratulations to the coaches for a job well done! son State Champion 167 - Frank Drew 139 STANDING: R. Orender, K. Schla, C. Main, T. Felix, D. Richline, G. Perry. SEATED: G. Orona, J. King, T. Schulz, T. Gerhart. Officers: President- Terena Gerhart Vice Pres.- Cindy Main Secretary- Donna Richline MAT MAIDS The Buckeye lVlat Maids main duties are to act as hostesses to the visiting schools and keep the time and score at all home matches. This year the line consisted often girls. By spending much time and work, the girls made wrestling posters and displays, and helped support the team by at- tending every match and all invitationals . The mat maids extend a big congratulations to the coaches and team for their fine season record and great performance at state. SENIGR WRESTLERS NOT PICTURED B. Olsen J. Benson D. Truelove A. Vasquez P' Y WE L fllf v .1 W' 3:1 x . ..!l'PlV39" "Wil ' IA.. 4. N. ' X " X R' 5 q A i9w4 vlliululnvv"' 1 an 5 .11 ., 151 I 8 S ! as -A if U 'Ill' :war f-"""q isssxiq X x K. . Q. ' Q , is ' kvli- .'x- x I Q. 1 Af.- IVWFX' L Q I 2 V it U - Q H-'bfzf vnmmmi 6 hi 4 1,-an 'rv , . LBC KEY!- 1ST ROW: C. Hunter, Tr., R. Chancellor, W. Brown, R. Lanford, E. Amabisca, H. Hieden 2ND ROW: D. Davis, Mgr., M. Miller, Tr., T. Jenkins, L. Agee, L. Vanl, T. Caballero, Q. Kemp, Coach Johnson Hawk Varsity Basketball Buckeye will lose three Seniors Lance Agee, Quentin Kemp, and Tom Jenkins, however, seven lettermen will return for the 1974-75 season. In addition the J .V. Basketball season was rather successful with a 9-10 record. The Hawks can look forward to next season with a good number of experienced players . Buckeye will compete in the Class "A" West next season with Dysart, Parker, Mingus, Lake Havasu, and Bourgade. FINAL CONFERENCE STANDINGS Central "A", Gilbert 9 - 1 Ajo 4 - 6 Gerard 8 - 2 Eloy 3 - 7 Buckeye 5 - 5 Phx Ind 1 - 9 Lance Agee, Sr. Tom Jenkins, Sr. ' Quentin Kemp, Sr. l 1st Team All-Conference Quentin Kemp, Sr. Honorable Mention All-Conference Lance Agee, Sr. Wilbur Brown, Soph. Leon Van, Soph. 1973-74 Captains Lance Agee Tom Jenkins Leading Field Goal Percentage for Lance Agee - 492 Leading Free Throw Percentage Tom Jenkins - 702 Leading Scorer - Quentin Kemp 357 'Points 14.9 Av. per game Leading Rebounder - Lance Agee 268 Rebounds - 11.2 Av. per Game Also set the BUHS Defensive Rebound Record for a single season with 216 De- fensive Rebounds. Quentin Kemp finished his BB career with 542 points ranking him 9th BUHS History career point total. Leading Hustle Point Lance Agee 493 - 20.5 per game aver- age Leading Assists - Wilbur Brown 51 1ST ROW: D. Davis, Tr., C. Hunter, Tr., R. Aja, J. DeLa Pena, P. Mansanares, R. King 2ND ROW: J. Polumbo, F. Herring, D. Werner, T. Villa, H. Anderson, G. Stewart, D. Summers VARSITY BASKETBALL 1973-74 57 50 FROSH SCHEDULE Hawks 36 Thunderbird " 49 Dysart " 58 Mingus ' 49 Agua Fria 50 Tolleson 29 Peoria ' 47 Parker 35 Dysart ' 59 Eloy 35 Ajo ' 47 Gerard 54 Phx Indians ' 27 Gilbert " 57 Eloy JUNIOR VARSITY SCHEDllLF Hawks 43 Thunderbird " 41 Dysart " 42 Mingus 63 Agua Fria ' 61 Tolleson ' 45 Peoria 66 Parker 38 Dysart " 64 Eloy 48 Ajo 45 Gerard 69 Phx Inds 40 Gilbert 58 Eloy 52 Ajo 43 Gerard 71 Phx Inds. 44 Gilbert Hawks Thunderbird " 50 Dysart 44 " 56 Mingus 63 " 74 Agua Fria 83 64 Casa Grande 65 51 Phx Chris. 41 " 63 Moon Valley 79 ' 67 Tolleson 82 ' 60 Peoria 73 46 Parker 38 53 Dysart 51 CONFERENCE "A" CENTRAL Hawks 67 Eloy 53 " 40 Ajo 50 " 43 Gerard 61 " 79 Phx Inds 68 42 Gilbert 69 70 Eloy 57 66 Ajo 57 46 Gerard 73 ' 76 Phx Inds 74 64 Gilbert 83 Wins Losses 5 5 3RD CONFERENCE Buckeye Hawks 57 Agua Fria 80 " " 90 Phoenixlndians 56 " " 53 Gerard 83 TOTALS: Overall Record 11 Wins 13 Losses Non Conference 1ST ROW: D. Davis, Tr., C. Hunter, Tr., T. Cooper, D Jarnagln, L 6 Wins 8 Losses Robinson, W. Laughrey, T. Kassebaum 2ND ROW M Miller, Mgr , A Conference Anderson, J. Nunez, C. Rohrback, T. Caballero, Y Brown, W Masterson, 5 Wins 5 Losses R. Moody E NX 5 i EJ F X4- gay. - .B l .. I 1L, , 4f'1 3 Q I 13 '22 xx 1' at 413' - as f mu w , f fm , f 4 : 1215, A H A W f s ' F? 1 ,gf 17: V , C 'Q' Q 7- 1, 4 a 5 I 's y -sv ' my 4 ,., ,.,,, 1-4 A 1. ,, ,3,1,,, K f f- ,Q A ,, f- ,Hz . N! ,wr- I' ff E n . ,. - 1 N -. V. J - wLJY'ffw '..-Q. ,121 -vii., ' Arai 5, X A . A. ww. ,. V, , ,-'lmgx . . , 1 , Q 1, LW, . 3? , Q 4 , , i K , 'L :er - . 3.55 , ,,f,1g:yyg.M L. Q : , Agffpg, 552.3 2 ' 3: :K 5 3 f ,, L31 16 ,QM Qiwi Aw- ' .A , 4 img,-5 .gf-fl ,-ww:-.H 1 gf, V -vim -ff . f, fgfiie Wlfwffv 1 YRS? ,'w?'5 ?': '-Yfiif ' 4 ?-1, 197' . .J-45 . i' 9 25 ? aw -z, Y Y . l A . N f 0 Q , 'f' ,Q 4 I mx' " A I-Q., ' Q-if 1 .- . ff- . 4 lf: gf izffjj, 2123, iL "5Q21?:'x, " .j ,536 ' . ' ,L . .W E P 4 1 I 1 a 4. l 1 4 SX A -fy S l ,Au VARSITY Mary Smith, Lynne Bonnes, Linda Vose, J. V. Maria Ambisca, Patti Smith, Michelle Davis, Mary Lee Cenovia Sosa, Susie Polanco, Cindy Porter Herring, Pearl Yanez, Barbara Anderson TRACK SCHEDULE IVIar. 5 Agua Fria Apr. 2 Tolleson 7 Thunderbird lil Bourgade 12 Peoria Dysart 14 Coolidge Gilbert 19 Bourgade Miami 21 Dysart 22 Gilbert 26 Agua Fria 25 Peoria 28 Coolidge lVlay 3 84 4 West Central Divisional IVIay 10 St 11 Class A State Since this picture was not included last year it is only right that we do include it this year. It Seniors will also appear next year in our anniversary edition. - A .. A A 1 1 ,5 " 'rt 'fx ' " VARSITY 1ST ROW: LR - R. Trujillo, A. Newberry, T. Bonds, D. Perez. 2ND ROW: R. Oxford, Bilyeau, J. Peyman, W. Brown, M. Villarreal. 3RD ROW: Coach Roberts, K. Porter, D. Harris, L. Van, T. Cambron, J. Hatten, Y. Brown, R. Bolden, Mgr. TRACK SCHEDULE Mar. 6 Tolleson8.Wickenburg Apr. 11 Dysart Relays 13 Dysart 17 Ajo 16 Ray Relays 19 Peoria Invitational 20 Phx Christian, Gilbert, Gerard 24 Phx Christian 23 Ajo Invitational 27 San Manuel invitational 29 Gilbert lVlay 4 Phx Christian Invitational Apr. 3 Agua Fria 11 Class A Central Division 6 Buckeye Invitational 18 Class A State lVleet J. V. 1ST ROW: J. De La Pena, L. Eng, D. Salcido, P. Ybarra, D. Summers. 2ND ROW: S. Fuller, M. Oxford, R. King, R. Nardi, R. Woods. 3RD ROW: S. Celeya, F. Herring, W. Masterson, B. Young, S. Schroder, B. Cromback, H. Huff, T. Trujillo, A. Abrigo --A. ,X 1' Q P -., Q , ., Coach Roberts Abrigo 8. Freeman Quentin Kemp, Sr Mike Villarreal Brown Huff Mike Villarreal . . i I -- I ' 1 1 ....,,.,,,- , t , ,-1..- - lf' ,i , - D -M h h , N I b A . , , I me 1 A .0 fi" rw.-. 1 2 ' ..., . T Q . if 5-3 .. ., 3. u1,AA,. ,Q V l'-.....-a..5xI1'-:1faK:f-- . -M me A'-- - -"' M N Ii' Til 'A l 'L 'ca TRACK TGOTSIES Tim Bonds, Sr. Mike Villarreal, Sr. 1ST ROW LR: P. Floyd, M. Celeya, J. May, A. Carbajal 2ND ROW: T. Cox, R. Roberts, L. Kent, L. Wedgeworth, M. Dawkins ual SP' T9 'JT' VARSITY TEAM 1ST ROW LR: D. Hardesty iScorekeeperl B. Anders, R. Pierce, J. Weatherford, E. Carbajal M. Akin, 2ND ROW: S. Davis iScorekeeperl, R. Lanford, E. Villa, N. Cooper, J. Pauley, R. Stewart, P. Sosa 3RD ROW: S. Herring, L. Osborne, F. Drew, L. Agee, J. Benson, S. Prigge, L. Valdez BASEBALL SCHEDULE IVIar, 5 Dysart IVIar. 26 Tolleson Apr 8 Phx Christian 29 Agua Fria 12 Peoria Apr. 2 Santa Cruz 15 Dysart 5 Ajo lVIay 16 Bourgade 9 Gerard 19 Phx Christian 18 Phx Indians Lance Agee, Sr. Jerry Benson, Sr. Stuart Prigge, Sr. ' 'Qffltm 23 Gilbert 26 Santa Cruz 30 Ajo 3 Gerard 7 Phx Indians 10 Gilbert 16 State Playoffs Steve Herring F. 1ST ROW LR: J. Richline lScorekeeperl, D. Crippen, D. Jarnagin, L. Eshenbaugh, G. Benson, R. Chancellor, L. Robertson, P. Sosa 2ND ROW: D. Richline !Scorekeeperl, D. Pennington, R. Wilburn, G. Herring, L. Robins, W. Dickerson, J. Pauley, L. Dunning, Coach Rhode. , , ERosH SCHEDULE jun10rVars1ty Mal 5 Dysarl JUNIOR vARs1Tv SCHEDULE 12 Pemia 15 Dysart Nlar. 5 Dysart Apr. 2 Santa Cruz l?ll?ZlliE:iir 8 Phx christian 5 Ajo 26 Tolleson 9 12 Peoria 9 Gerard 29 Agua Frla 15 Dysart 19 Phx Indians A ll 5 Tolleson 16 Bougade 23 Gilbert P ' 9 Gerard 19 Phx Christian 26 Santa Cruz 19 Tolleson 26 Tolleson 30 Ajo 23 Gilbert 29 Agua Fria Nlay 3 Gerard l 27 Agua Fria 7 P'3X1"d'a"S 30 Wickenburg 10 Gilbert May 3 Gerard 10 Gilbert Freshmen V Ill, M.. I fi 1ST ROW LR: G. Rohrback, P. Nlansanares, J. Cooper, D. Summers, R. Nlongold, T. Hoyt, R. Aja, M. Miller 2ND ROW: Coach Newberry, D. Werner, B. Reed, C. Shaw, K. Sylvester, J. Lugo, T. Villa, E. Kennedy, T. Garrison 149 B 1 , E s X ' ' i or 1? ogy, wsu, 1 1ST ROW LR: David Kellogg, Bob Hawley, Jeff Coker, Ben Wordinger 2ND ROW LR: Don Godbehere, Lynn Akin, John Schroder, Charles Troyer, Ricky Ellsworth, Coach Lopeman BOYS TENNIS lThis page compliments of Marston's1 SCHEDULE ar. gua rua :vu 5 A F' C 1' I 1' 8 Bourgade nngru u u Ions 12 Peoria 14 Tolleson Gfqduqfgg 19 Coolidge 21 Dysart 26 Agua Fria 23 il? Eetdd f Apr. un er ir 3 Bourgade M 11 Coohdge AAAE In :ummm Aunrumusnnms-scnoot 16 Dysart g, nmcz-cnuncn 20 Miami ,,., Phoenix, Arilona 25 Peoria lVIay 3 8. 4 Western Central Divisional at Buckeye 10 81 11 Class "A" State Phoenix Tennis Center Serving Arizona Schools DVB6 0 years 150 A PHONE 267-1311 FAVURITES X ,yn ,f -U! 1 . 1 fr if Q W Q . K-X ' gl: '1 ,fl 3 .L Psa f ' 5:1 gf.-dx., K f , K 56+ 'nu . ' N: 1 'Q 1 Aix , F53 ,.,w .r 4, x Q -J .gif ,. X .av Q14 J' 3. I f? F - if .IL K . , g,.4i5,. -f 34, a fi 13,3 gg, N K ceigfifg,-. O O M1 .dx I K X , X New es N Salutatorian CARO LYN ENG Valedictorian TO Nl JENKINS ,cs .4 7 .Wil - .N X ,ef . ,S f J, vu w nf v w HONIECOIVIING KING Mike Villarreal 154 HO MECO NIING QUEEN Susan Leffue 155 ff 4 iyky. iq. Me. 5 h"', O ,xg A Re, 'I' M W u ,dmv ,J 5.5 j ,Q X 2, Qi .- Sf we as .Uv " 1 v , 'K KX fglgP9 vfmfixf 1 Pg? . -i' X f x ,ff A ' x K -Q . v , --sa X v. -1 W7 5 Q 7' gy.. My .12 1 ' s -1 Q L. Sf' gif 'K 1' . 5, - X , 'FN' A 2 N1 if Ls! :Q 0 ll I L X- J -' .3 fx ' 1 N x Lf, ul . Q x .G g I V gn I O O V 0 0 0 I I O A 'C' v . . , O O C O Nw 'pst O .0.o K' ig 0 C I V U O x K . . . . ..l ei . 5 ' ' 0 0 Q an 0 5 5 gr' ' 's'.'o,a' 5 ".07.' ff 'u.Ds 0 0 .0,'.0 5 o f 9. ' ' ' 0 0 'Q ' ' Q O0 0 0 peg." 0 0 0 " 0 :Q -, . Oo O .. UQ ' 0 O '. Q . . . C " Q. ... Q P 5 O of ..9 .. sh N ' 0 0 s'.' ss lbs. DAVID HARDESTY IVIIKE VILLARREAL M TIM 305155 TERENA GERHEART y 158 W K 4 'M-fa ,.,, 'Dwarf' if I 3 I I, -if '? -. , ws! , W, Y? N 3 , A 1 .A .17 ,I F F as Season , one 5, fli 'Pg I, . . ,,,, s ,M . ,..,. A V., v. 2- ' um .uv-vz.s-4.-M -.4 ....,,..,..,,. .K , J , , , ' . .,-me-.W New v ' ' .M-. .. . Q. Valencia Gin Gerald Peyton F - 4' is Football Season CUNGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1974 .. f " - ga ,J N FROM THE BASILIO AIA FAMILY Congrcztulofions to the New Graduates I J' 4 -0.141 .1545 qfI3'f-.. fa V: 5. Q 4 YOUNGKER FARMS SAM CAMBRON FARMS CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS PW DAIRY f 'Q , 1 f ,, .- N . 37441317-'C ' ' 1 -e 2 H+ ,,- I Q- CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Don Varney 8g Fred Dickman "ONLY LOVE BEATS IVIILK" WA HEIDEN 81 SON CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS CLASS OF '74 OUR SAVIORS LUTHERAN CHURCH PIERCE AVIATIGN Bon Voyage Seniors Complete Aerial Service Spraying-Seeding Fertilizing-Defoliating Dusting PAUL PIERCE 8a JAMES PIERCE Buckeye, Arizona 386-4302 Best of Luck and Wishes to the Graduates of 1 974 DRE W'S GIFTS AND HOBBIES Art Supplies 726 Monroe Avenue Buckeye, Arizona TOM ALLENS RANCH Congratulations to the Senior Class of '74 May God Bless Remember Now Thy Creator in the Days of Thy Youth. ECC . 12:1 163 IVAN' S SERVICE Repair all Gas Appliances, Refridgeration, and Home Appliances 815 Eason Ave, Buckeye, Arizona 386-4231 Congratulations Seniors! Congratulations Seniors FIRST SOUTHERN BAPTIST CHURCH "The Church that Loves Youth" :zz . - x f - R .- Th.. .. Sunday School - 9:30 AM Morning Worship - 11:00 AM Youth Bible Rap - 7:00 PM Tuesdays Youth Choir Every Sunday Youth Activities Weekly BELLA VITA MOBILE HOME PARK Congratulations to the graduating seniors! 941 Monroe Ave, Buckeye Pete and Ann Molitor Rec. Hall Swimming Pool MANUEL,S FISH 8z CHIPS Fried Chicken - Shrimp Hamburgers - Mexican Food Phone 386-4084 627 Monroe Avenue 'l ff , gxi ag ' cwdllhvfmx "3 .Q ..-flrr? Best Wishes to the Graduating Seniors! V DR. FRANK D. LOWREY YOUR TIIOIIBLES ii EDGAR S GARAGE S bfi, 6 'XM 11 ENN? , 9 N f, . on TC ...qi A I BEN FRANKLIN STORE 313 Monroe Avenue Buckeye, Arizona Congratulations to the Graduates of 1 974 ARIZONA MA CHINER Y COMPANY Your John Deere equipment is ngyer Al I home ,V H me is a dealer you n count on long fter the sale. Fo hop or field serv For top-quality p rts. For new and used equipment and service-work financing. We're here today, here tomorrow . . t only minutes away. The welcome mat is always out. St p i d s. WITH US, SERVICE IS A PROFESSlON...NOT A SIDELINE 225 North lst Street Buckeye Congratulations to the Seniors of 1 974 WHITE SHEARS FLOWERS Buckeye Q25 601 Monroe 386-4448 9 tgp? tiff " .vt Avondale I ' 9 410 E. Western Ave I A '-- 932-3081 Litchfield 7021 N. Litchfield Rd. 935-2613 VANSKIKE'S F, Pip HARDWARE Pkg . if - i UI lei l' l l ROGER WOLF'S HEATING AND COOLING Congratulations Seniors 325 North 1st Sn-eet Phone 386-4781 Best Wishes to the Graduating Seniors CHEVRON CHEMICAL CO. Bob Lanford of 1974 cow ru oline ORIGINAL STEAK HOUSE '. featuring fl 32 oz. Cowboy Steaks ,v ' 16 oz. T-bone Western Band I Friday St Saturday Closed Monday Banquet Room 84 Facilities I '- I -- ' v , l , , I x ii 'NAME 9 11111 l' I' Q i I 386-2260 or 386-9917 l A I Wishes the Class 'f Congratulations Seniors of 1 974 East Highway 80 Good Luck! ..-. N at Perryville Road MC CULLEY'S CHEVRON surf FARM msurance nee , STATE FARM is a you nee o 4 I A know about insurance. 'NSURANCE : JI fl For au your ds 11 d t "FOR INFORMATION CALL" I Agent an BRUEHL GARY 806 Jackson Avenue. . . . 386-4454 Your Bookkeeper Personalized Accounting Services Income Tax Copy service 824 Monroe Ave Buckeye Tune-Up Accessories Night Lubrication Auto Repairing J m Elder I Atlas Tires 81 Batteries Beverly Lorena Annette 517 Monroe Avenue 386-2865 SMOYER'S FINE FOODS "Congratulations Seniors" Computer Tax Accounting Computer Accounting - Income Tax AGRI-BUSINESS CENTER West Highway 80 - P . O. Box 668 Buckeye, Arizona Jackie A. Meck C6025 386-2785 President C6027 386-4419 Phoenix Line - 935-5113 phone 386-9965 1 0 4 Monroe 166 ll lT'l GOOD FOOD l .. Xkyhjj YOU vnu? Q sf ::. ' ' ' , M 'Ifmf J ' ' . C f QEQ weddmgcakes MILDQEUS QESTAUQANT JL lcxhd . . , f f Pastr es i ,,rirM'illl ? ' 5 3, Donuts BU CKEYE BAKERY 31 9 Monroe Ave . Buckeye, Arizona 85326 Nathan Fuller Phone 386-4801 Congratulations to the class of '74 GILLUM'S MEAT LOCKERS D P 720 Monroe 1 Buckeye, Arizona 386-2441 'lllluv' BUCKEYE SEED AND FEED CO., INC. seen FEED FERTILIZER 3864741 Buckeye Congratulations to the Seniors of 1 974 167 A, 1 ,I ,fa Phone 386-9906 416 East Monroe Buckeye, Arizona Congratulations, Seniors WESTERN AUTO STORE COUNTRY GIFT SHOP Joe Schettino - al 3 I 386-4621 i -rl C OK ER 'S WELDING Good Luck C lass 8053 N 1st PH 386-2333 Agricultural Services D Congratulations Seniors! Insurance - Office Leasing AGRI-BUSINESS CENTER 5 Gm: nws ' BURGER QUEEN West Highway 80 P 0 Box 668 PARKSIDE TRAILER PARK A Buckeye rizona 850 Monroe ceozi 386 2785 386 2821 Jackie A IVleck President C6027 386 4419 Phoenix Line 935 5113 Congratulations Graduates' . RALPH WATKINS CHEVROLET CUMPANY I immfi l , .4...,-..-fp "Pioneers and Participants in Arizona's Progress-Production-Prosperity" 44 Yearsof Continuous Sales 8: Service Continued Through the 2nd Generation by LEIGH WATKINS Good Luck IACK CABLE REALTY WHITE CHEMICAL COMPANY Western Farm Services Complete Plant Care 601 Narramore Ave. 702 N. 4th Street Buckeye , Arizona Buckeye 368-4401 A 386-4501 BUCKEYE WRECKERS AND USED CARS CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! NORTH IST STREET BUCKEYE CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS OF l ll74ll DR. ALAN R. CRANETT 81 Staff Buckeye Medical Center P .C . 305 N. 4th Street Buckeye BUCKEYE CLEANERS We Specialize in All Types Q,,W,g,,,,,,,, f l ' 8LS ' , H3mfS22L'2F.,.d3LZlZi.d ODOM DRILLING AND PUMP ' Buckeye 386-4641 108North4thSt. X' 327 N 1 tst t . s ree "Congratulations Class of '74" lVlr. 81 lVlrs. Pete Clemit Buckeye, Arizona Congratulations Seniors of 1974 DIPPLEKS' MA YTAG COIN o LAUNDRY 62 DR Y CLEARNING I DOR BEAU S CHelen Beauchamp? v2 'V Sgij, Where Love is Flowers Are' 3' ew, For all occasions UNITED IIFFY MART - 12: Our Special Designs Good Luck Seniors! ' To Serve You' 6 1 1 IVlonroe Buckeye Arizona 386-2077 fl Y ll: nf' li 3242 FLOWERS - PLANTS - cuFTs ids . I K ' ' Li-- ROCER' S CU LF STATION Towing and Wrecking Days or Nights Day 386-2452 Night 386-2762 U .S . Highway 82 Cemetery Road MIRICK 81 PATTERSON INSURANCE 422 lVIonroe - P .0. Box 477 Buckeye, Arizona 85326 Telephone 386-4878 You' lltpllllll lmrrua MGYIT 'IIIYII YOU gil' Mcl'zL AUTO PARTS ri 55-fir In ,,""'m1' .L H r ' ,Lf di al. 1 r i, -3 I, A COMPLETE SELECTION OF NEW 81 REBUILT AUTO PARTS 886-4818 509 MONROE 170 RUSTYS DRIVE-INN "We're on our way to Rusty's" "Where Friends NIeet" Soft Drinks, Shakes, Sundaes Burgers--Fish--Shrimp--Chicken--Tacos 386-2561 Highway 80 8: Watkins TAKE OUT ORDERS RB. DUNCAN sf SON TRUCKING COMPANY BEAM CURPORATION l . East Highway 80 Good Luck Seniors Congratulations Buckeye Phoenix . 386-4511 935-4411 Seniors! 171 f4CAlE CRHV QUOBJPAIVYQLNCI "Wishing you the Acme of Your Dreams" From the Acme Gin People COMPTON'S MARKET 105 S . Fourth 386-4304 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! UCKEYE ALLEY Read the world-shaking editorials by Mark Shepard Your Hometown Newspaper Since 1 912 172 sucksve PHAruviAcv t JENNEITS FOOD FAIR ra:-1 "Quality with Economy" I I1 iw Prescriptions - Cosmetics Sick Room Supplies - Baby Needs Fountain Service Congratulations the Class of 1 974 ' 1- '- 7579. - ., . L, Good Luck Grads 491 I-ANCW5 WE'-DWG 306 vvesr Monroe 386-4264 304 N. Firsi Si. ,S MONROE AVENUE BUCKEYE, ARIZONA Suomi: q 1 CONGRATULATIONS SENI ORS ! BUCKEYE AUTO SUPPLY ni' 107 South 4th St. Buckeye Az 386-4541 BEST OF LUCK ! SABA'S 307 Monroe 386-4731 Congratulations to Mary Lynn and the class of 1974! CONGRATULATION GRADUATES BUCKEYE FAMILY PHYSICIANS LTD. RobertA, Saide M.D. Luis E. Mena M.D. Jerry F Long GOOD LUCK' SENIORS BUCKEYE BOOT 81 SADDLE SHOP 321 Monroe Ave Telephone Buckeye Arizona 335 2766 HOBBY HACIENDA GOOD LUCK SENIORS' ROY 81 GWEN ERWIN 401 Monroe Ave Telephone BUCkeYe Az 386 2777 1 . n o I - 0 I ' - ' "Congratulations Seniors' 5 cARMsN's .mal Y BEAUTY SHOP GL 1 gaudy S444 174 386-4712 Buckeye K.C. JONES INSURANCE AGENCY J.C. WILSON INVESTMENT CO. SEE 305 Monroe A v 386 4414 935 3722 K.C. JONES ACCOUNTANT Buckeye,Ari FOR THE BEST IN INSURANCE-BOOKKEEPING AND ACCOUNTING Representing THE Hartford- Home - Continental - Western Insurance Companies O'MALLE Y'S BU CKE YE LUMBER COMPANY WOLF' S DEPARTMENT STORE LUMBER PAINT HARDWARE 407 M B k uc e e RAY HYER 386-4436 onroe Arizona Manager H118 S . 4th Street A "LA PLACITA CAFE" Xa Congratulations Mexican food wi N1 'Q 'he , 4 Nellie 8 Manuel uf 7 Graduating Seniors ,f -- in Amabisca 0 'WAX gg AX cAnnznA-5 BARBER snop Monroe Avenue 'L L0 'J hm 386'4632 Buckeye LIBERTY GIN Cotton Ginning and Crop Financing Highway 80 and Airport Road 386-2391 NUI: gjays U0 fplayn Best Wishes to the Class of "74" THE BUCKEYE HOME Morris Athletic Supply SUPPLY uqjowz Alfzozfa Alpsaiafiafu PHQNE l6Cl2l 945-9561 SAND - GRAVEL slrzlllllf 5 R. MIX CONCRETE fqyippgggf Dan Drew Sales Representative 935-3571 - 386-4383 - Res. 386-4566 5 A S5257 176 We do more for Arizonans than any other bank. Valley Bank finances more cars. We pay interest to more Arizona savers. Valley Bank has far more offices in Arizona. More Arizonans carry Valley Bank Master Charge Cards. Valley. Bank checking accounts are the most popular. We approve more home modernization loans. More Arizonans depend on Valley Bank for trust and estate matters. Valley Bank lends more money to help Arizona's ranchers and farmers. More business and professional people benefit from our unique business systems. Valley Bank approves more student loans. We've helped thousands of young Arizonans get an edu- cation. We're sure we can do more for you, too. Just ask. THE MILL IRON INN COFFEE SHOP AND DINING ROOM sq 1 P-'z?a. . M -l .y k Y A grid?-sgffs Qggttifa 3 - West Highway 80 - Buckeye Congratulations Graduates I77 THIXTON,S HAIR CARE BARBER SHOP 81 BEAUTY SALON Bill- Shelia 506 Monroe Ave . 386-2 996 Best Wishes to the Class of 1 974 JEAN W. FRANCIS W atchm aker-J ewelcr HALL'S HAVEN TRAILER COURT C S o East Highway 80 e I1 n 9 i Y o 3 r t s u I a t i 0 n S Let's Boogie on Down STYLE RITE! GANLEYS FLOWERS Member if National Florists Assoc. 1 O4 Broadway Phone: 386-4812 ARLINGTON CATTLE CO. COMMERCIAL FEED YARDS "We can feed out your cattle cheaper than you can and sell them for more . . . Congratulations to the Class of 1 974 Buckeye Phoenix 386-4477 275-7628 BUCKEYE M OTOR HOTEL 202 E. Highway 80 Buckeye Congratulations Seniors! D. M. OIL 8: TIRE COMPANY Full and Complete L1ne of Tlres and Tubes Jewel Turner Stan Shawler and Sam Wlgg1HS WESTERN AG SERVICE INC 5 Mile North U S Highway 80 on Rainbow Road P. 0. Box 516 Buckeye Arizona 85326 Crop-Dusting Seeding, Spaying Day or Night Service Brad Schulz General Manager Bus. 386-4406 Res . 386-4106 O ,. .. .sw .,., , k . 5' , ' df, . ,xF5. i 9-Qi. ix, 1 .X ,f Xi 4-N Q1 it i . as Th 'ggQ3fi Y, 4 'H ' ffwf' ' nf t if' .ia 'gel ' k ig " 1432 fit: 4 .Zia K W i i ' ' ' . 2 ,- wn wzti s . , 3 .H M,,WX , ,A ,Q 1 I ASL., r an , , , , 'Q Wigs xml V 'xa' in i nfqgi' . 0 'fi 'A F 4 x 1 Q Q 3465 Y V- y. x R 'L .f 5 - A ,Q ,A, Q I., 1 L ALAS, NOSTALGIA ISN,T WHAT IT USED TO BE! THE END E Terri Cox Martha Dawkins N F ii H . i i 'n '39 , , :Y .. A Y' 3 1: nat L' S W ip K 's , '7 1: 'Pr Nw Q 4+ ,wigs W Terena Gerhart Pete Sosa Eddie Amabisca And Special Thanks To: Faith Cambron Dave Brummett Fran Smith . Don Davis -A-JNL. PL .iff .7 xx . -. ' N24-. 1 K 1a41fx,5 as sv- 0 !',.....f "-Ad 'TIT 5 JUN 1,1- wiv.. js F,-Q 4 HQ. v fl ,. 1- f '. r'::. f gl: .EL--gg ' 1f'1r '-N, ,r,fz', - ' rv -P -'rave' xf. K ,-41, : ..,.A . 4 .-ff, nl'-f 1, Y 'M' A v aw Q", L. M 5 fc I-rg wtf '-3-:A f W 1 7 'v. ' . J' B . ., V. v ". ' - 2' 5,2-I" jc' 1 N' ' ,P -L ,az f- V v .I ze, hfzzijf ,A-, A- A -N A 1. X. N X N V f I I !z. . ' n Uibw saw . ,. --I, K, 'V' ,TA K Qi, A X, i , Vi k ' 3541: hw 9 'K 4 we 4 'Y fi,- , s 44'-QSM

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