Buchanan High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Buchanan, TN)

 - Class of 1955

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Buchanan High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Buchanan, TN) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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Q an vb' fl , ' f'?KV'1? 'M ,sz-5, gl: 0 Hal 'AN-Q3 t A Q QMNLA A Jw :in Y' M mf f , N .,,. . ' Qaf Ki i 956 fs ra , ,Af , 25 K vm 'Q H V . -f : f - , ,A uM,4-1 , , ,, 'X ' MV L -f....15 . .. ' .f3sa?'W w:- ,- fm. . P gm rs, ., 9 Q W ' 5' 'MW N , - , Q .wi .4 , f xii + vm, M iw W ., MWEIQ, W4 , W L. f . , xf' L T l'M. L. ,L 4 Z- ,,v,,..4, , sm.: K if 1, 'iff has S + ,Q Q: Wm' . V V 'H-.wi 1 2 L, M-My ., . W 4'-,, K ' f f .. k I ' L W Q I Jn JW ,..,, .. -. tt .X W M an . , g . I ..., W M ..,. ,ak A W .. K V WE W if , 1 B 7, . .. ..,, , f W W ,f ,. Y if '- K . K Nw. Y W Mm 'www W3 Q f Tifgli k,--. ' ,, . - - V W .'.,' V , A ff 'kkk T5 ijfTff ff -1' 1:,,,,,w5'?.yf.W ., Q: be, I ijgiaw ,VVV, :ig hw H .X K ff Q17 'ff -K I f ' xg-,rigs igkifw- Q wwf-1 LL A I V , TA , . , ,, fx 'A X' .,.-L A' ' K -'hk, ' Z K W ,.,-' K .,., k..- ,Q :Wfkf . i ' :EFW Q , ga,-5g,g b' MES A -a3af'H'f.. j 5EJi1:i':1?'7:'A .V 23,5455 i v,,f' T ffgytfff. ffi-wa' ' W K 1 M 4 ' ,H + V f7f'Evs-iflmflk QT! 'f H ,, f ' f - k h ' M, ,,,, ' 5, Q 4 g fag A - 211- f f' .', faafg lM:f'!fZ,4,mU..q My if AZti Qi ' Zfi l iW f Z iN MmmwmfmWmv xwmmmxxmxwwm igig:iis? , V I 5 .gag :W ' vs gl.-4' i 925 J .A .. QC! ff D Ln Y'5 U rg:-PF f' -'n.'4,,o 1 Q ,Q fu? Q-I N 595.150 . ' Q1 ' '14-'Nu 1? Q vt: ll '4 .1 H L., . Ol lf fi ,E 1 Ziff!! S A, nil .4 ,.,' in I ull, 1 sa, W 'L s - . - an I. AP w 4 - U 5 6 0 ' V. . b . . s 1 n V. - .- ' Q 'Q' 9 .53 .5 .3 1' .ink ' ' I :wa . V QQ, C- . V r'- K' , A . ' x. 2 ' , ' .- ' c'c ' L 1 ' ' 'vi 'K sis-Q 1' 'Q V Q' 15 3 a . . . 4 f f. -.1 . X ,er ...Q 1..:,,J, ' . . ,, ,.- -iz.-QE: V- 'A 'ar 5 Y I . A N- , ' ' ,A HA. ' . Q A 'if' -P - . 1 , . W - . -iq! . A -ff.. -' U, 'f-- V W ' ' . A A 5 ' W- , ,. .SV -. A , ,. J--7-3 , 'Q A r Q -W, v L r- ,,,., ' -Af 5 ' .c Q 'P 'e . M W T ii 'f3'lf :. Qs, 1, ,g,v - ' N :,L,,,,:, A. . I .Q k,..,.....- 3,1 5' Mr Ei.: -H w L- ,. - 5 ,Y vw 'f 1 . W' fre-. . 3 .K , 3 ' f'f'i- W, W. . r-wwf-V 3 ' .1 . - ..:f.:... f ' f fm, M-135, A A.z::a:gY 2'--M ff, -1,7 , K mn' Mai T' 'W r . f:,5 +'v'fm' Afrlw .3 - y jk' 2, .1 'an 1 .1- , I N, .- - - QQ-- + ,r f- - Q- abs- Q. ' f - '-Y.,,3- Y.' 4' 1' ?':':'f v ,, '- -,.vg', M, ' .' - Q3-.Q-Q '. T -T rv. -lf, , , ,, 1 ESLQ. - '4 N.: '. ',' 4-. --, ,. v , XWMQL s L ,lk ,, WU. 6 .-:-.-:.g.g -.-:.-2.1.3-'-.-:-:.f.'3:1:':.'g.w-f.,g--:qt-.-'f Q-.-3-'-1-:-. -1-2-2-5-1: 7---ie'-2: v.,z-:?s:Zg-'-t--- - '4ag'g'g:-1-.? '5-'+ -Q vzg-2-zz.-12-. -f-'-:Vx-43.12-: 1-2.-:I if-.f-2-:Q 4:'g-:-:-:-:-:-Zg2g2g.- S- f-tg'-'-. 42 -.o 'f'l'f'2'1g? ffQ:':2:f:g-fi 13.0.05.-1552553123,.g,.,.gxr2..7,4.g ' .-',.-:gas-tg!f,g4-3.3-fgzfzsga-14.3-.,-1-q?a:4'.ggg-:ps-2943!-5q:A24-:-5:-1.21-'-Z-L-gf., '45:2gZ:2ffri:4+3-:g.f1:2:1:1:1g-113-1-1.-.,-qfgg: 1-le 'f.-1-:fa-1g!w'7' '-1-:-'i:1:?1:,-lg-:T:1:-: -. 4-,'.-.'. ,.g tg, -,'.,.,.f.,-g...,-,-Q.-.-9,5.5u,?2.,5:,Ih.,qo,-.-:-1 -,.'a,,q,q'c.'e1.:q.f-ef.,,g-,-,,-,-g.',-QQ,-5.4-,-,-y,::.947 .24-,q.-.'.-:Q -.fs .'. QQ.,-,v:?.'.sv.-. .,f,-,-1.1.16 g...',-.-fv,-. .- ye.-...g.'..'.'. .'gb,',fj-,-.49-.-.-. . 'fn -'. 943-gif.-:A:.-3.0 -2.-''-:rv '-:-ma.g.,4g.'945Q,.-.4-'-5?-J-WLS:eg-Q' Q1-1-:it-'-'4-4-2:-fe.-:At-2-5''z'.'-1.11:-,m '.-4:-1-1-:-:f:2-1-25:3'-5-QQM'ss'.-:-5-:5-Z-94S-I-:-ga-1-gf.-:-f-:-:Af-:-.-2-4-fw:-:-571:15-Z-'-:-'vJ'.'-'-'-:-'fi-!'I-1A'vZ-Sv '-.-.,3.wgeg5. -, .3-5532-z-:1:?:e.-1-1.-Q.-.Q-'.+s-9?srl:-2-'-:-ay -'-ss:-r'.-2-2:-.-.z-35-2-.5-'7-:sz-446-5.92:-:-xwfezs:-:Qc-. 9-I-ff.-fp145-.-ff--g.f.g4:-:-V,:g:f.g.-.g.g-or.v..y'.--7-.-.g.g.g.Q,-1-if.-ff.op:-:-gt-:-r.-.-'-.-4: -,,.- W.-.-,f.pM.g.g.g-.Q-.Q-' ,.,+,-.-.fx-5 fir? 4a.g,.-.gf 427:-:Q-.pf-. w,4s'.q.s,.,,,.55,, 3,3.y.g.-.- gg-.-:-ze .-.fe-aff? -g+g-:W -.-.-ni:-r.-. -,'.g.,-p- wb.-ak, -...9,,.-.f-c-:-Q.. N--A,-P. .-.54',5,ew.v.e,,,'-ge,-7-mg., ,g. .Q-.-:-:-35.3.3-,:-.-.-.-.Q-.x-.-.wg yy, -,g-.-1.3,.-,.5.-.'.g.-.-ff.'.,., wg., .',-.4.-.3441 -.,Q.-.wi -V,.'.-.-.-.v.-.-1'.g.g-.-.-9.3.-.'.'-.f.-.-.- 'dy .-173221-+'.qa- 's,,r+wgg,,1'3.5S4.r.35.-144:c1.w.2rg.g.-3:-ag.-:ge-2. a-:-c-.4--:f,-:-4:f.4,w:-:-gf,:-:-.-r':-.:f.:.-- - ' '-'N-.'--44-.-z--:-:-.-.-:-:-:-.-'-g-.c-.'.g.:-:-L-.-2-gm:-sf: f' at-.4-.'-.at-.-539s .-:oc-. -.'g'.e-:-.f:fz-'N'33b,,- .. s'-4-:-..'1'14'.'15-,fth,s-Q-Say,-r -.-2.-:-:Lfs-3.42-.-L44-f,-:.'.34-y..-:-rf:-:-:-- A-'-24:44.1-g.'.--1-:-3-:f1-2-Q-2-:-f.g.'.:-1-:-.-.-1-.w-. qxfgmg .xy-!9'.g.-,-' a 4-'65'h'..'-1-Z'1.v .a y8'.'.,h -,zz-.n-.3.,'f5 sexi, ,'-'Il pk-.-.-f'-1-,.'.,?'g-,': -q.ft..,.u:-Z-A v'.-,g.f. -.g.-,5.-.,-.yi'-,.f.,-.'.:.g41.5.p,: 1-.iY:q.-4 94.-J '. . Q .f4.'-!54fI. v was'-'-'qu-.'-'Q 4'-:az-a'-ff4'.-25-2-wiv -3 gr -Sfizvv -'-'5'-' -ri-.2.-IJ'-.-.-:-Ss'-'e -'-5 '5g.v,N-:,'-.'.g.!g5,x: .g. pg... '- Qs?-f.g-1.-71Hg, R'.-243.3-'-:-. ae-'4-:4-.gtg-1,'. 3-. .- - 4-:-rf:-af' '-1p:-:-:y1-'4-:--g.-vf,'-.g.-4.g.r'.-4-.ff . .. .,.g.,.g. J, . 4.5..,' 4.55, . -..2-- -,-,-.,..p.4.,- .,,,:f.v.+.,-, ,J ',.--,-fg.-S,-,-if x 415.-.5-gl. eP...,.-.5 ,,,,,,.g..g ' - 2 '- W . - , ., 4, , - - .-...- -,--.-,- --..'. K' N r ' U ' xx 'I v' 'V X 4 I I I 1 X I , 1 J EMM ,1-f-.NX .5 O 0 fl, X 9 . Z D03 P.. A N 4 v It - N Equed me of 71212 lldf EDITORS John Blount, Editor Fay, Williams, Assistant BUSINESS STAFF Thomas Kilpatrick Ella Sue Lax Donald Williams 'l r T Editor if SNAPSHOT EDITORS Peggy Maupin Tommy Parker Geneva Hughes CIRCULATION STAFF Carolyn Culpepper Shirley Williams Robbie Williams FEATURE EDITORS Shirley Ealey James Williams Gene King Bobby Clayton TYPISTS Norma McCu1ston Tressa Moody Zeofbazifbn I!llllllllllllllllllllillllllllllIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIHIWIII s t v - ? We the Senior Class of 1955 pause to show our ap- pr us eciation to our fellow students, who have given their whole hearted co-operation and with whom we have shared catin f7dCUgy MRS, MABLE GRUBBS TOY JACKSON KERMIT KEMP Principal MRS, ROBERT WALLACE RATLIFFE PASCHALL MRS, VELNA PASCHALL MISS LILLIAN PAYNE MRS, KERMIT KEMP MISS MAYE WILSON L cigcgoof 57101455143 ' Bus Drivers: PETE COLEMAN HARDEMAN BUCY MILTON RAY ARLTON CHILCUTT ROY WILLIAMS ki, MM E, if F . i AALL'L LALLL AAL Cafeteria Staff: THYRA LEE LITTLETON DATHEL LAX NELL NANCE Janitor: PEYTON NANCE Pr Q3 -fe in ,Y 12, - 1.5 - ' A 3:f 5: ' IE :E . H ' ,sr . I : E ,xfrf-2-, Q- E25 :N 2 :r EE L 34 ' 52 2-2F:fISf5::3' E 57 E 77 . is E55 E1 Er' : 1' ' ' 2 E: 2 3 : X - 2 5 0 0 o o A SAAAXLI. WE WELCOME YCJUR ACCOUNT Uammeffezbf BANK 4 TRUST co. Paris, T nnessee M mber F, SALANT AND SALANT ING G00 CSQHI 0113 NK f JOHN BLOUNT Napoleon was llttle, too, RALPH BUCY Sigh no more, Ladies, sigh no more! BOBBY CLAYTON Believe one who has tried it youth comes but once ln h a life-time. CAROLYN CU LPEPPER When I speak, sit still and ke listen. SHIRLEY EALEY It's nice to be natuxal, you're naturally nice. BETTY GREEN Not much talkg Sweet silence. if fhr- en 101'-3 HAZEL HINSON Experience makes one wise, GENEVA HUGHES After 4 years of high school, I can still enjoy life. THOMAS KILPATRICK Mighty Thomas has talked out. GENE KING There 's a naughty little twinkle in her eyes. PEGGY MAUPIN Eager to learng Ready to do, NORMA MCCUISTON Her voice is very soft and lowg a remarkable thing in a woman, c5en1O11s TRESSA MOODY Deep brown eyes, running over with glee. M , TOMMY PARKER . Life is what we make it. an X , DONALD WILLIAMS Oh, some power the giftie gie me to see my- self as others see me. 'flux-1.-Qi JAMES WILLIAMS Master of Mischief. 7 ' A ff SHIRLEY WILLIAMS ' id 5 Q. 1 f That romantic Romeo had nothing on me. i RUTH w1LLoUGHBY s ' ' A A A maid demure and sweet Q' A whom all delight to meet. Wdi' A P ' . 1 , 'Y vi.: ' X '-- ' -iiii - fa. ,fha X - a r , f mfg I 'L I., X H, 'la Z X M A 'hr Chev ZQJJI' We, the Senior class of 1955, being of sound mind and unselfish of heart, do hereby execute our last will and testament. ARTICLE I To our dear teachers we leave our sincere thanks and appreciation for bearing with us throughout our school days. ART IC LE II To the Juniors we leave our love for William Shakespeare and English Litera- lure, ART IC LE III To the Sophomores we leave all the valuables we couldn't find in the rush of leaving. ARTICLE IV To the Freshmen we leave our ball and chain. ARTICLE V I Thomas Kilpatrick, leave Mr. Kemp with one less headache. I Carolyn Culpepper, leave my basketball uniform to Wanda so it will stay in the family. I Norma McCuiston, leave so there will be one less problem child at Buchanan I Bobby Clayton, leave my curly hair to Delbert Clayton. I Donald Williams, leave my Toni Kit to Billy Wilson. I John Blount, leave the office keys to Brooks Simmons. I Shirley Ealey, leave my pleasant disposition to Joan Hughes, I Ralph Bucy, leave my get up and go to Johnny Oliver, I Betty Green, leave my small figure to Martha Ray. I Geneva Hughes, leave anything I can't carry with me to Mrs. Grubbs. I Tommy Parker, leave my place on the radiator to Johnny Adams, I Gene King, leave my high voice to Peggy Culpepper. I James Williams, leave my unfinished English assignments to Jimmy Alton, I Tressa Moody, leave my innocent ways to Margaret Wilson. I Shirley Williams, leave my unshaved whiskers to Ronald Williams, I Peggy Maupin, leave my happy go lucky ways to Wanda DePriest, I Hazel Hinson, leave nothing, cause I'm carrying everything to Franklin. I Ruth Willoughby, leave, ain't that enough? Q . Q- .f ,Wh -1 N' N is Q X 'Q 3 X F'- i SA ix , L a Y. ew - Q ' Q ' ., f .W x K i A SA- . M-M X Mfg? i fig ,,. W M , -5 1 Q 5 Y ' ., x ww 1':w -Nm vga, X -Q. 1 Mx Q , .W-,fx 'Q ' x R 1 '95 . . Q 3, L. x-gk , Q N vu as ' +L. ,gi S My 5 kr l Q? if 51 l - -v 1 .-iq.. R in Ls 5 :S i -:N af Q .- - gf? ,..,g' Q t K ff, - km N gs .4 , 'S '1 Q 5 E: X 3 f ... - -L. s .5 us i ,A Q. f - FS 3 w l P' f . 3' 5 .utV1. ix Q-an say f K 41 wan ' 4 N 'fl g ' Q' ' 1 Y v.4.,..w,gf,g.-'gf' f . .- me lv, Y' 'ga , xg 1 U .1516 X-3 1 - w , Ly. , JUHW '1 viii-WM '.a If 4 w ' 4 , , D -rw? 1 Xx x I ,VV '1 ,. V ' wi S 1 , ,W ' mf: . , 1 . L -. fr, QM, F ff, -,f A 2? fx' REL w, AI ,si f1A f ' 4 . . fs' X 2 . D 34' ,qcvtIfL,,f,, ':',0..'0'cr!5Q. offaaivqohi., lv get A , ,.4'.-V - 392' J 3P1ey LQIC3 Tropfecy One of Buchanan's more prominent gypsys sat very quiet after having gazed into her crystal ball for a long time, She shook her head sadly, then started to tell me what she saw. She had just seen the Buchanan class of '55, but they were living in the future. Thomas Kilpatrick has his own soda fountain and hot dog stand at the new rocket station in Buchanan. Carolyn Culpepper is an airline hostess on the first atomic propelled airplane, Norma McCuiston is still around as Mr. Kemp's private secretary, 10 years after her graduation from Buchanan, Bobby Clayton now is mayor of Hazel, I guess his many visits in that direction during his younger days paid off at last. Donald Williams has just won the Indianapolis Speedway, he came out with no injuries other than a broken neck. The national election was of great interest to the people of Buchanan, John Blount has just unseated Senator Albert Gore, Shirley Ealey has just won the Ladies Professional Golf Championship. What happened to Basketball, Shirl? Ralph Bucy stlll hangs around the Sweet Shop, he just assumed ownership last week. Betty Green is now owner and operator of one of the newest and most successful business Rrms of Henry County. The Lakeside Fashion Shop for Small Figures. Geneva Hughes is now successfully married and has six kids, she stays busy most of the time. Tommy Parker was last seen co-starring with Debbie Reynolds in A Slow Train to China, Gene King is now a nurse at West Tenn. State Hospital. She got her promotion on good conduct. James Williams now is in the tourist business, he now has 36 lakeside cabins on Kentucky Lake. , Tressa Moody is also down close to the lake, but I can't see very clearly what she is doing, Shirley Williams is now foreman of the General Motors Co, Why can't he be satisfied, he is now working for manager. Peggy Maupin still has her same old job, she's still mopping. Hazel Hinson is now at home near Buchanan washing diapers for twins. Ruth Willoughby has just organized a new branch of the lonely hearts club, The gypsy just dropped off to sleep before we could get any more future information concerning our former classmates. MESS? Beg E855 EDS B22 -x3x85Om asa Esau UE2 2:5 Enema QQEQ-E25 5:20 32:2 M3 H383 Havasu HE? BE: se Q 82505 E3 use B:-gkggm E22 350 EH gg -V325 ME OH P1535 mcg 0:8 53 saws 'Ez 83332 H304 H222 3:32 .Egan -'OH-SEQ 352022 8-az xOg':Nm EEF-Em 5:5 HgEE8iO8w aagm UE.-iq Egam Enix avsmdm 235003 bgggm Emwao 2:20:52 mm OH w-H243 we-303: A-am we 9:5033 :EOE wigs MES E wig! EOM M-Eg :Megan wsxg :S EO QEHO3 wing mn-E53 SOOO SCENE 5:3 Bag msxg-E wiv-Hg SEO Us wr-EEE wgmgdw EE HE? wg-503m S53 wsaumg MEEE M-255 was NDSU SLS :UZ 2552 Ease? 3026 -gms was :Em .Siam Sm NA-saw EESO 503-553 HEOMXZDU :EE Q3 EUSODH 2:03 Dio gh mga- QWIEQU S5553 EE mu-kwa: :gum mE2H-rs ho:-AW E552 aug aoggu isom- EMM-SUEAW WEBE3 mu-'EH MEVH 9:8 as EE EOEE Hug: 85:23 Eason Hang:-6 53926 :EOE Egg 506 E3 Hoig NAEEO-H. gum:-OWS N562 xogazm MQEOEK 3022 N32-H. , ESA Compliments of YELLOW CAB CO. Phone 66 LLOYD HATHAWAY CLYDE HATHAWAY Compliments of Ask Your Grocery for Yukon's Best - Fairy Queen MCEVOY and Lynn Grove's Best Flour Yamada! Mme MURRAY WHOLESALE GROCERY Phone 124 COMPANY Paris, Tennessee Distributor s -wunwv f JUIVIUR ill ff f W N.. wff +P if x I I '7 .I ,V.f,f,L' .-f- 'l .w, J: s ,ar NA' 1 f I 'K 1' 'P QQ.- ' 7 1' X it fjlylyy Q Mg X3 Ei' 1 gg 'f-3 f ' '- - I 1 X Q- ,gvfg W X :V, 43 5 Il! I l X' I 1' f . 4 X - ff ,x - Q -X . S ,Q JNXS5, X xg ', Q ff Q? Q 511.6 ! ,f Xf X L-Lal unzbr First row: Theresa Lacy, Elliott Kemp, Donnie l-Iutson, Tumpy Rogers, Carol Hutson, Mildred Robinson, Curtis Berkley, Frank Canady, Rex Hutson, Buddy Mangrum, Jimmy Gulledge, Janet Linsman, William Essary. Second row: Mrs. Ratliffe Paschall, Joyce Hopkins, Betty Sue Oliver, Carolyn Thompson, Katie Mangrum, Wanda Culpepper, Lucretia Willis, Earl Williams, Glenn Barber, Wallace Earl Johnson, Nancy Garner, Judy Williams, Janice Chilcutt, Janice Adams, Diane Wright, Judy Green, Daisy Hutson. Third row: Dewey Rogers, Buddy Castleberry, Keith Jackson, Julia Nance, Marilou Story, Kent Jackson, Sandra Dunlap, Butch Salmon, Tommy Up- church, James Hamilton, Pete Wright, Edwin Wheatley, Nancy Linville. gfzfof anof 7061115 QFGOQS First row: Patricia Hinson, Shirley Little, Kathryn Linsman, Brenda Rogers, Kathy Rogers, Jimmy King, Glenn Baars, Darrell Rowlett, Fred Ray, Gerald Howard, Jerry Merrell. Second row: Wanda Lemonds, Betty Gayle Hutson, Anna B. King, Mary Margaret Green, Janice Alton, Paulette Oliver, Joyce Roberts, Janette Essary Ronnie Green, Tommy King, Autry Robinson, James Wilson. Third row: Martin Paschall, Bill Kemp, Jerry Adams, Jerry Williams, David Paschall, Julia Chrisman, Eva Joyce Freeland, Larry Brisendine, Norma Mc- Cormick, Ronnie Berkley, Donnie Linville. Zrkzsf a120fLSec012of9Jra0Q.s First row: Sharon McClure, Susan Shankle, Jackie Jackson, Carolyn Oliver, Rubye Fay Berkley, Gayle Rogers, Larry Rogers, Danny Osbron, David Rowlett Jennie Lynn McFadden, Lonnie Merrell, Hinda King, Joy Clayton. Second row: Leonard Garner, Randy Osbron, Alice Lemonds, Zona Chilcutt, Voyze Harris, Miss Maye Wilson, Marie Williams, Gayle Howard, Priscilla Neese, Martha Holt, Linda Fay Dunlap, Danny Roberts. Third row: Angela Taylor, Aleta Barber, Richard Smith, Beth Dill, Don Mc- Cuiston, Betty Jane Lax, Martha Patterson, Julia Willis, Jerry Stockton, Larry Craig, Brenda Townley. Compliments of FARMERS BANK 8: TRUST CO. Puryear, Tennessee Serving Old Friends and New Since 1907 Deposits Insured Up to Sl0,000. by Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Compliments of PARIS DAIRY PRODUCTS CO. Pasteurized Grade A Products Mary Lynn Ice Cream Paris , Tenne ssee Compliments of Compliments of PEZOPLES BANK E. OF MURRAY, KENTUCKY We Pay 2173 Interest on Savings Accounts Murray, Kentucky M b F D I C em er . . . . Compliments of Compliments of HAZEL TRIANGLE INN DRY CLEANERS Murray, Kentucky Hazel, Kentucky I-IENRY FARMERS COOPERATIVE Rison Street 'Farmer Owned and Operated PAN-AM OIL COMPANY Gasoline - Kerosene - Lubricants ERNEST GREER - G.T. HAMILTON Feed - Seed - Fertilizer Distributors Farmers' Supplies Phone Z7 pal-is, Tennessee Paris, Tennessee Phone 3 I mm RILEY S FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE CO. SERVICE MICHAEL OIL. CO. Cities Service Distributors Phone 672. Paris, Tennessee Carload Buying Counts Paris - Nlartin - Dresden McKenzie - Humboldt - Camden Tennessee Hazel - Murray, Kentucky Compliments of GIBSON SEED COMPANY Paris, Tennessee Compliments of TI-IE DAIRY O.UEEN Mineral Wells Ave. Paris, Tennessee Compliments of UNITED GAS COMPANY THOMAS QI. WEAVER, JR. 105 South Brewer Phone 1496 Paris, Tennessee It 4 auorzfes Friendliest PATRICIA HOW ARD THOMAS KILPATRICK Most Intellectual NORMA MCCUISTON JOHN BLOUNT Most Handsome TOMMY PARKER Most Beautiful MARGIE STORY . ,S .1 ,, gi x -X A ff? Cutest FAYE WILLIAMS IIMMY ALTON Most Popular CAROLYN CULPEPPER DONALD WILLIAMS A :QL yllf , iii-f ! Niven-A Best A11 Around HAZEL HINSON THOMAS KILPATRICK Wittiest CAROLYN CULPEPPER W, T. WATSON Most Likely to Succeed GENE KING JOHN BLOUNT aoonfes 'QQ Most Athletic SHIRLEY EALEY JIMMY ADAMS Most Dependable PEGGY MAUPIN THOMAS KILPATRICK gisniia Jaan S-:mi a,,....-f , R U Illl W..,,, U was if ,M ' i sv- ii -r Y-sl :Q v sq ,As X ..4d'? V- . Wx UNION INSURANCE COMPANY Paris, Tennessee Phone 33 and 34 Co mpliment s of MILLIGAN AND RIDGEWAY FUNERAL HOME Paris, Tennessee UNITED GROCERY CO. Distributors of Dixie Treat Feed Flour and Meal Lexington, Tennessee Compliments of PINE POINT GROCERY 8: CAFE Highway 79 East 12 Miles from Paris Co mpliment s of I. W. SCOTT JR. Dirt Moving and Ditching Phone 1 618 Compliments of COVINGTON MO TOR CO. Chevrolet - Olds - Cadillac FAIR STORES INC. A Good Place to Trade. H. J. ADAMS, Mgr. Phone 38 Puryear , Tennessee THE PARIS POST -INTELLIGENCER Henry County's Favorite Newspaper 4Jf C116 OFFICERS President ----- ----- S usie Lax Vice President - - - - - Patricia Howard Secretary-Treasurer - - - - Maxine Green Reporter ------- - - John Oliver First row: John Porter Oliver, Patricia Howard, Peggy Maupin, Tex Rogers, Susie Lax, Maxine Green, Carolyn Culpepper, Hazel Hinson, Carolyn Buchanan, Peggy Culpepper Gene King. Second row: Richard Robinson, Donald Hutson, Donnie Chilcutt, Billy Wilson, Shirley Hinson, Delbert Clayton, Geneva Hughes, Dorothy Nell Edwards, Carrie Canady, Wanda DePriest, Rachel Smith, Third row: Ruth Willoughby, John Lax, Tommy Little, Jimmy Adams, Jean Green, Margie Story, Joyce Calloway. gufure j2Q1z2emafer.s gf gmerzca President ---- - - Vice President - - - - Secretary - - - Treasurer - - Reporter ---- Parliamentarian Historian - - - - - Song Leader - - Chapter Mother Dorothy Edwards - Maxine Green Ruth Willoughby Peggy Culpepper - - - -Susie Lax Geneva Hughes - - Carolyn Culpepper Patricia Howard - - - -Mrs. Stonewall Lax First row Wanda DePriest, Dorothy Edwards, Maxine Green, Patricia Howard Peggy Culpepper Carolyn Culpepper, Ruth Willoughby, Geneva Hughes, Peggy Maupin Second row Gene King, Norma McCuiston, Geraldine Canady, Martha Ray Betty Hinson Lucinda Roberts, Jean Green, Carolyn Buchanan, Hazel Hinson Susie Lax Mrs Robert Wallace, VS! .fig eff -M Eng ' ,fir LA 'Avril J'-7--' gufure garmers gf fzmerzba N ii President ---- - Ralph Bucy .- Vice President - - - - Tex Rogers 'hifi R , ., X --AP , tr Secretary ---- - Fred Gamlin if! S 'I Treasurer - - ' ' ' John Oliver ffm ' Ag Sentinel - - - - Delbert Clayton Sponsor - - - - -Ratliffe Paschall Sweetheart - - - - Phyllis Ealey , Q. ,,,, PHYLLIS EALEY First row: Mr. Ratliffe Paschall, James Williams, Fred Gamlin, John Oliver, Delbert Clayton, Tex Rogers, Ralph Bucy, Second row: Richard Robinson, Billy Wilson, Donnie Chilcutt, Donnie Barnhill, Donald Hutson, Ronald Williams, L.V, Clayton, Mason Williams, Johnny Adams. Third row: Tommy Clayton, Charles McCormick, Jerry Culpepper, Tommy Little, Keith Chilcutt, Billy Williams, Jimmy Adams, Charles Sweat, John Lax. 449377 President ---- - Vice President - - Secretary - - - Treasurer - - Reporter - - - Sponsor ------------- Carolyn Culpepper - Shirley Williams - - - Shirley Ealey - - - Fay Williams - Patricia Howard - - - -Toy Jackson First row: Mr. Toy Jackson, Fay Williams, Patricia Howard, Susie Lax Shirley Williams, Carolyn Culpepper, Hazel Hinson, Shirley Ealey, Gene King Carolyn Buchanan, Peggy Culpepper, Phyllis Ealey. Second row: Ralph Bucy, John Blount, Fred Gamlin, James Williams, Keith Chrlcutt W. T. Watson, Donald Williams, Jimmy Adams, Robbie Williams. Boys' Zasfefgaf jeam Top row: Donald Williams, W, T, Watson, Fred Gamlin, Keith Chilcutt, Jimmy Adams. Bottom row: John L. Lax, Tommy Little, John Porter Oliver, Jerry Culpepper Bobby Clayton, Delbert Clayton. gif' Zasfefgaf geam Top: Front row: Ruth Willoughby, Manager, Carolyn Buchanan, Susie Lax, Fay Williams, Patricia Howard, Carolyn Culpepper, Robbie Williams, Manager, Back row: Peggy Culpepper, Shirley Ealey, Margaret Wilson, Phyllis Ealey, Maxine Green, Jane Green, Toy Jackson, Coach. Bottom: Front row: Jimmy Adams, Bobby Clayton, Toy Jackson, Coach, Jerry Culpepper, Tommy Little, Delbert Clayton, Back row: Ralph Bucy, Manager, Donald Williams, Johnny Oliver, Fred Gamlin, Keith Chilcutt, W, T, Watson John Louis Lax, John Blount, Manager. joys ' fEdSAGf6djA76d12? G56 Gfkd OQIIS' Margie Story, Jean Green, Tressa Moody, Gene King cgenenff anof Cifzygff Qirraf ygasfeffdff Top: Front row: Wanda Culpepper, Lucrecia Willis, Katie Lou Mangrum, Daisy Hutson, Judy Williams, Diana Wright, Janice Chilcutt, Nancy Garner, Back row: Carol Hutson, Cheerleader, Joyce Hopkins, Manager, Carolyn Thompson, Nancy Linville, Toy Jackson, Coach, Marilou Story, Sandra Dun- lap, Betty Sue Oliver, Cheerleader, Janet Linsman, Bottom: Front row: Rex Hutson, Glen Barber, Bud Mangrum, Edwin Wheatley, Earl Williams, Elliott Kemp, Frank Canady, Back row: Donnie Hutson, Pete Wright, Kent Jackson, Dewey Castleberry, Dewey Rogers, Keith Jackson, Tommy Upchurch, Wallace Earl Johnson, Toy Jackson, Coach, NAME Paschall Townley Hutson Canady Mangrum Dill Dunlap Rogers Williams Wheatley Kemp Berkley fDN12'fQ geayue POSITION Second Base RF Third Base Pitcher Third Base LF Ss RF First Base RF Pitcher CF BATTING AVERAGE 266 205 250 406 333 450 390 322 622 180 483 180 Comfgfcfme-nfs . nc Oifli Egfdff Xl ONL NTUC KY n.Axr-:Civ L Q fo wk Nmxiondl FQ-:orb Inc. Compliments of MURRAY LIVESTOCK CO. Phone 119 Murray, Kentucky Compliments of gan! of Wwifza Murray, Kentucky PARKER POPCORN CO. Friendly and Dependable Service Since 1937 Carload Buyers and Processors of Hybrid Popcorn South Second Street Phone 6 6 5 Mur r ay, Kentucky RUSHTON DRY GOODS CO. PARIS MILLING CO Occident and Dixie Feed 123 E. Washington Street Paris, Tennessee Quality Merchandise at Low Prices If It's Feed We Have It Paris, Tennessee MARCHING ON WITH TIME Year after year another graduation class comes along with its demands. Year after year this bank tries to impress on the minds of the young that saving and thrift are very essential and that there is no better place in the world to keep your savings than here. FIRST TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK F.D.I.C. Insured Compliments of LUMBEI? COMPANY GOLDEN PEACOCK We Treat You D the Year Q Hazel, Kentuck Y . Par1s, Tennessee ROUTON'S FIDWER SHOP PURYEAR DRUG COMPANY BOB NEESE GRILL DALE do STUBBLEFIELD BELK-SETTLE COMPANY MARTIN OIL COMPANY TOMMY'S GRILL Paris, Tennessee Puryear, Tennessee Paris, Tennessee Murray, Kentucky Murray, Kentucky Murray, Kentucky Puryear, Tennessee HAMLET DRUG COMPANY Paris, Tennessee PROVINCE 8: MORGAN Paris, Tennessee GILLESPIE AND TYLER Paris Tennessee HAROLD JACKSON Paris, Tennessee PARAMOUNT CLEANERS Paris, Tennessee MEALS DRUG COMPANY Paris, Tennessee Compliments of FEY DRUG STORE Paris, Tennessee THE TOGGEEY JOHN N. CURRIER Paris, Tennessee Ponto -Ped Shoe s Hyde Park Suits - Stetson Hats Compliments of Compliments of NATIONAL STAQ C LEAN EE S STORES CORP. 210 Market Street Paris, Tennessee Paris , Tennessee L Fgfffff Sg5MgN THE PARISIAN llO C LION SERVICE CENTER Wash - Grease - Polish Z4 Hour Wrecker Service Fast Road Service Phones: 152 Days 121 or 2750 Nights Henry County's Home Newspaper Since 1895 Complirnents of ALVIS WALL SHERIF F OF HENRY COUNTY Compliments of MCDANIELS CAFE East Washington Street Sandwiches - Plate Lunches Specialty: Home Cooked Foods Compliments of SONNY BOY BREAD Paris, Tennessee Complirnents of G. D. NEESE DISTRIBUTOR Lion Oil Products Phone 50 Paris, Tennessee Compliments of U- TOTE'UM SUPER MARKET Paris , Tennessee Compliments of M CCARTNEV PRODUCE CO. Wholesale Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Phone 132 and 93 Paris, Tennessee Compliments of CHENOWETI-I IMPLEMENT CO. Paris , Tennessee Compliments of BOATQNRIGHT COMPANY Murray, Kentucky Compliments of Compliments of J. L. STRADEF2 PAIQMERS 5 FEED x SUPPLY SON Groceries - Fresh Meats Vegetables Paris, Tennessee Hazel, Kentucky Cleaners and Processors of Field Seed WARREN SEED COMPANY lst and Poplar Streets Phone 415 Murray, Kentucky Complirnents of THE SWEET SHOP Puryear , Tennes see Compliments of Complimenting BUCHANAN H.IGH'S COUNT Y FARMERS CO-OP WONDERFUL Murray, Kentucky BASKET BALL T EAM Compliments of SUI.LlVAN'S . DRUG CO. Paris , Tennessee Community Builders A Friendly Place to Trade LASATEI2 LUMBER CO. Paris, Tennessee Compliments of TEEVATHAN DRUG CO. Paris , Tennessee Compliments of NI. LIVINGSTON Z CO. Whole sale Grocer s Compliments of FASHION SHOE STORE Grace Walker, John C. Roberts and Red Goose Shoes Paris, Tennessee PZN. AMUSELMENT CO. A1lTypes of Coin Operated Machines Paris, Tennessee Compliments of BUCHANAN 'S Boat Dock Springville, Tennessee Route One I Compliments of PA I2 I S MANUFACTURING CO. Paris, Tennessee C. I-I. PARKS 8: CO., AGENTS Puryear, Tennessee General Insurance Phone 31 Diamonds - Watche s ROGERS JEWELERS Easy Credit Terms Silverware - Jewelry Paris , Tennessee Compliments of MQSWAIN BROS. Prescription Druggists East Side Square Phone Numbers 16 and 15 Paris, Tennessee FIELDS Your Headquarters for Athletic Equipment and Sportswear Home of Converce All'Star Basketball Shoes Paris , Tennessee Insurance McSVVAIN Z CO. WOODROW M. NLINOR General Insurance East Side of Square Phone 20 Compliments of RUSSELL PHARMACY Pre sc riptions Service Air-Conditioned Paris, Tennessee Compliments of TAYLOE- HANCOCK GLASS CO. Paints - Glass - Wallpaper Floor Finishing and Auto Glass Compliments of TINY TOT SHOP Paris, Tennessee Compliments of NIU Z Z ALL' 5 Z06 E. Washington Paris, Tennessee CARTER Sales and Service Your Frigidaire Dealer Telephone 18 Paris , Tennessee Compliments of PARIS RADIO CO. Paris , Tennessee SMITH ELECTRIC CO. Motors, Repairs and Wiring Phone 1550 515 East Washington Street Paris, Tennessee PARIS HARDWARE A Good Place Compliments of NATION AL t B 0 HY TOILET CO. WARREN'S PAINT Phone 100 Paris, Tennessee Compliments of HIGGS AND MATTHEWS W. Washington Street Paris, Tennessee Always Your Booster THE KREAM KASTLE Good Eats Out E. Lake Drive CRAWDAD CHAMBERS A'7.u,ln-.ua vuksook Tum: Ynnoox Couruuv-DALuI.s QB .V 'NY 1' 'H .fl :sf '31, 4' . pl 5 4 ll ig. !sV4:. 5 L, Y ' g .Q L -, ' j i .'-41 . g ,L G V W' W ll . ' ,173 ' A ,gs 1Q4'...gf.fqQI!, ty H 5 - 'Q L - 'cgi ' ' :Q . . . VL, .. 39,5 va xx KW I YQ .r .mg Q- ' an - Si wi s I W L -5 'L by Q' K ' qv, qi, L, I . 'h . un w. 'H T 'U J I , 4 U Q, an 1 5' '4'gH ' if ' --' wa. 'n.'1 ' +R Nr .sm '- --- . - L V f ' -Y -Q g is N. M -...f Ng :R P . ' L L .r Q 1- 0 1 s ' ,L .n no ' r . X , . ' s if Q ' . - f 6 . ,Q .L .3 .. w A 'wth 5. H,:.wugj? I. N L :L . 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Suggestions in the Buchanan High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Buchanan, TN) collection:

Buchanan High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Buchanan, TN) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Buchanan High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Buchanan, TN) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 49

1955, pg 49

Buchanan High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Buchanan, TN) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 37

1955, pg 37

Buchanan High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Buchanan, TN) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 44

1955, pg 44

Buchanan High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Buchanan, TN) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 8

1955, pg 8

Buchanan High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Buchanan, TN) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 22

1955, pg 22

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