Brooks School - Bishop Yearbook (North Andover, MA)

 - Class of 1952

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Brooks School - Bishop Yearbook (North Andover, MA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 16 of 72
Page 16 of 72

Brooks School - Bishop Yearbook (North Andover, MA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 15
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Page 16 text:

tnarrivd: llow and Saltonstall wvnt hotnc- lin' lunt'h. .'Xllc-gavrt and Rowland rf'- inainvd in thc' filth lovin itll' anuthvr yvar. and Hadik and lNICClf'nahan waitcd for thc rvst to Catfh thvm in thc' sixth. Harding clCx't'lop0d arutc' symptoms of audio-mania. and bvgan using his room as a bafllt' box, And thvn vainr' this final ycar. Our form had rvachcd maturity. and Cvvn Leland graduatvd from four yvars oi' mixing to a Coachingjob. In athletics wc discovcrccl that a cyclc' has no dvpth. but Smith did scores forty points in luaskrtball. and wc' hvld up thc' at'aclt'init' vnd with Phillips lvading tht' pavk. Exvvpt whvn Pvircc-. Lvland or HCI'- rvra II12iI1ZlQl'Cl tu sqtivczt' a QU in siclvways. But tht' gvmxral livvlinq ul' thc- lbrin was vxvtiiplilivcl by I,t's Clotnbs whvn ht' tool-1 tht' spring tvrtn oil' to study Frvncli. XXX' wondvr il' thust' wvrv rvally I"rt'nCh vvrhs wc' hc-ard coming out lmtn bc-nvath his hut mtl. Wtll. at lvast thvy wvrt' ll'I't'QUl2lI'. as was thc' lortn.

Page 15 text:

Slxth Form H1StOFY HIS X041 thc lxwnlx ililh claw xxlll ffrddualc fiom B1 oolv C1 C1L1bl0L1S d1NIlIlLl1OI1 for cl xcrx dubmux Uroup Ihmkmff back on lI thc fdiL1llX COITIIUVHIN and If dc mmm throughout thc xr AIN hm 1 bc c n an ac c Uldlt tht IIHOIHK It r ui th? fm m N nuguw 1 uc mix u c lu xsmc UI sur 1 A Rlngu .11 mouun In thc sfcund tOlIIl I 1 mm IIC uccl Ll 1 1 1 mum IU nc uc 1 . Ihr lhlrd Io x zlccl Lllldll N11 Root N uc gmc nl on on x nc xou du luppx and lllffhllf HI mu xou haw cw wma o mmm 11.111 .mx mum nu mu mu 1 X c he c c llllllSl0IT1cllxf SLIIK to dump thc IUICIONKUIXS dlcln I hc In thc f0l1IlhfUIIH N11 XV11 Htl If mfnkfd that uf nur dest 11 Ill ml 1.1 .im dmc III IN to UXNIYIU Xfdl X11 'S Jon pmnounccd the solcmn and illhil summmv up when hz clfuclccl that thc flllh lorm fc cl .cn 1118 L lu s Ifl ml sm f II f In Qllllllllg llllUSl1I'lNNhCIl L11 mm c lf fm I Idl mor Q s 111 IH c xx ln IQ fn xx 14 n 11 Il lc In If nlxxs clcsu mclmcl fssc on I 1 sc mu KI c L A xx 1.11 me mc lo co ac XXII 1 11f'I0l1JlIlC uc lnfv suc tc non .xx mumc x uumc x hun Sc wall .incl Bulloc k XNl1UlllII1CClOl1l to In thc bulk ol 1111 im Ill lhf lDUSSlLlIfNd0I1 the s Ili L dm lplllil .md wc 111.11111 nmnd ca mc n .14 mc 1 KIOXNIII uc m o 4 list wal was when Rlclgc lx vol axmx XXII 1 llc mm Jlllf .lx wc A dllkl mmf' C181 11 could lax hu hands on In the Second form un morc' xounq mnocc mC loxnccl thc' .ilxfdclx motlm group collfn waQ IT121df' Qmall cnough lor I Gland or fx 161' and th ll thc latter S belt would lust suctch around thc Scmm Plcfcct s thl h It was m lh1s ual that thc CHQLIAIIICQ lx gan Soby slfutcd ll ofl uhm n hc shoxcd Pmffrm S hc acl lhlflllgh thc mall IH dLkNOI1 ClOII11ll0lX Dans df1ClSlII10l1dSl7Ulh lnokc the 1r lc s 1 uc nd uhlc h thc lam r kc pt up Bulloc I-. was tc mpomrllx dc fl Ill cl uhm n 1C U1 L dIII1ClQf xnxx blow n off m hls hand and mms, woke up Lo md us xc hung mpldlx lIc1I1SpUllCC coxsn IH bac sums 0 Xlilllllldfl clormxloxx lh ll was thc xc dl of lhc Uzflzly Hon! thc most dmbmous pub lucmon ual atlcmplcd m ilu school oi compulmnx chon .md soccu III thc hall Hx thc thucl 101111 om numlxr had Qxwllcd to thutx mo Ihr ITIOIK IOIDLIQI wcxc contmcd to TUClxCIIUdH Dorm hoxxvxcx a lccomcxlcd sluclx hall xulcd mu hx Icsmoncl .md Nh' Spock In thc SPIIHQ C1 xourlg man Q idncx IIIIHQ to thoughts OI lou or so IPICW sav cDl,1I'fOIII'l bc mg unuquallx maturc yumpcd thc gun Due to some ox c INIQITI m thv h1 hcl cnc lc s A plc IIN mend appc are d ln the sc hool and at thv C hum H118 scum uc ncmccl our lJJIiLlflllUI1 ax QIIIUIULL Imhngs of comfort and 0 41 14 cc 1115 wa nnxuc uxlur mx 0 moms Illdllflfl IJIIINKIN and In Iumonc IS was wo mc mx U 4 N cud hu xxmlx 11ncl40s1n thc 1 nuns lhm fourth form was mdlkrcl hx thc most Conupl I unch cld N Ill the hmolx oi the school In fact all lhf nmstczs had a hand umc' N11 I .mm lclt H1 dupalx XII Bdaclc nm thrown lnodllx mio L1 cold Qhoxxm and XI: Bmtlcll 111101 haurw bfvn clmxfcl lhfx IJFCXIOUQ Muir mm 41 mow ic nCC hx XX C'dl Ioumcx and Sc mall Itllllld to thc solllude of fhoxnv Housc X Iadlcal C1x1cQ Coulsc took the place 01 I-I NI C but xx he 11101 thw xx an a mgnal dr ical tm thc Bxhlc- OI not uv hax cn lXflC1LLlClCd In thc flfth fOIII1 Bulloc lx pflfilllllf cl lox thc last IIITN I .umhccx mm nt homc to Q41 1 ..I . ,. ,.... 'Ai' ,, 21. Q. I . 1. .I , ,1, , ' . ' . XI.. Pa 'k 2 "2 ' 4 l'k ' 2 I 'I 1' f!l't'21kS. 21 l " 'l'll1l'lN'Cl Ihr' I"1x'ur. ' ' ' ' ' rm .'uH'-'f 1 i ' :"N l"z4' 4' ll.s I" ' - , Ill' fl 'l' 'jl 'hllz'--"' ' gli." X'-ll. 'lil .. ,-.,, f A v. -,-..., ifl , '.l.A.I,1,ig. U." . l'. 1 . ' V' 1-.. ,AA I.. A'l In I "gre-' I but llll' 1" poll-mia l'li I alf I'I'l,' out hu Mr. Rc x "1' right '1 th' 'la '---I-1' l'l. 1' 'li-frwaqizj L4' 1- I1-rm nil ' luc' II 'I ' 'I ' vn m'i,'." up h ' I 'l l. .XI-I " 21 llick gl' nu' 211 'l' l'l'i 'I- "I.'.g' I' 'l l' 5: 'h lf.'I' -- l .' . Q .' ' . Nl . .. , . , Q ,. I 1 .UI in .I ll . Tal. .. . ivaq , N flint tn.. . , . .-I l.f. ..ll.S, l-S,,..1. zmcl our self-confidence was S0l'l'1C"X'Vh3lASh3kC1'1 wlafn it was clisc'ovc'1:Ccl that' fmo stiff F. ,1 -1 - Y l it 1 ' ' 'K x 1 .T lg- ' . vv -1 . .hw lv yr v r xl v V 1 . H ,A ., l. I . B. , '- x M , . , U. v , x If N' - , . KI. . t. SH 4. , I. 1' 4 If I .1 .' A. ., 71. ,, 5. . Q1 I . I, ,,.k t- 'H . ix .l' 0. v, S .. .1 I' .I .. llv h I. . ' Q I, -.l , , Iv ' H.. I. 'l'h'.' x" .' zl: Ll ' yvzu' wlwn wx' all Q01 gcfs in NIV. XY 'Ilglll St'lf'-l'Ul'I'C" ' mc'- "i 5 V H i n vf iv I ' 1 Q r 3 . , -1 1 - 4' 1 5 - v 1 gi- I y -rv v - h f . , ., I. l . ' Z- ' . . i A - -Q ,Y AV A-I , . , . , . .' V , ll

Page 17 text:

Cyhonc L Bxxm B1Nc11u1 SIXTH FORM N11r11a13LI NX -Xxsrm Ildstlnournt, Sussex England Xlllxc CdlHlJl'lClQC Born Dccunlmu 21 195 fntcud Slxth I'OI'l11 Exchanqc' Studvnt JI Phllllps Brooks Socu tx 5 P axcrs C lulx Prcsldc nt Drammc xi90Clrlll0D Przsl nt 52 lorum ,z I UUISX 1llc lxc ntucln Bmg Harxarcl Born Scptunlm 5 1955 Entered F1lth lox 111 Forum 32 Hoclxu Man dgtr J2 THE BIbHOP 52 Russmll Housc Prc fe 52 Mamtcn IHC? Prcfcct C oncorcl C horus JQ XII ox x1 C1Rll'Nl:. C11x11 l IUNlClCI1CC Rhode Isl ind lxun X it Born Uctolmu Qb, 1954 Enttlcd lhlrd lorm Current Mfalrs Club Do Forum Football Ins1gn1a 31 Basket lml The Next later 51 Edltor of THE BISHOP Jz llsl A I, . '. .ff " 4-K 1 A1 4v, xr j, ' . Z . . , .2 ". .' 'Q' 'f1,.. I '51. dv 'ff 'fu 'A 1' .. ' is ,.,.l15. A '--' 1, '. 54 ' '7 V :.'. . ,.Q,. 4, .. 114 QQQH .p ' ct ' -2 , . ,r M Ml- .: ,. ' il A I.:1:, lll 'LW D. ,' . - ., 7 .C I at ru A, C if' ' 'al' : " ' j "',v i., rf 1 4: ll. I A 'rl' 3 Q- 1 ,, ,- . . ,, 'l'52... ' f ' 'rf- , 9

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