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;ir I fB mmn rk 1949 X2i P atian BROAD RIPPLE HIGH SCHOOL INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA n ike (rank j IV k I t e }2 i i, e t rka 1949 Jk iia at Ian SJ nitltutlo n li tke le nqtn e ne d dh a do ur one man. .... Emerson . . . and that one man is Principal Karll V. Ammerman. For the Broad Ripple story see .... Events pages 1-17 Faculty pages 18-23 Students pages 24-49 Activities pages 50-65 Athletics pages 66-79 Community pages 80-96 DOWN THROUGH TWENTY-SIX YEARS... Karll V. Ammerman has been the in- spiration behind the progress of Broad Ripple High School. During the 26 years of his leadership, Broad Ripple has grown from a little country school with an enrollment of 94 to a thriving com- munity school with 1,468 students. The eight-room grade and high school combination, pictured at the lower left, was built in 1882 and rebuilt in 1896. It was razed in 1947 to make room for the new unit. The section shown lower center was built in 1913 and is the old- est unit of the present school. Two stories of the west wing, upper panel, were completed in 1935. Shortly there- after, the cottage and football field were added. In 1939 a third story was added to the west wing. Ripple is still expanding! Ground breaking for the newest addition, lower right, was held December 15, 1947. With the new wing and building Broad Rip- ple can accommodate 1,500 students. DEVOTED TO BROADER, RICHER HUMAN SERVICE • • • Every Thanksgiving the Orange Aid, Ripple ' s all-girl organization, collects food for needy families. Sue Stark, pres- ident; Anne Rust, vice-president; Sallie Hathaway, treasurer; and Jean Hebel, secretary, are packing baskets (opposite page). The library offers students a ready reference for classroom activities and extracurricular interests. Roberta Mc- Millan discusses some new books with Miss Jane Colsher, librarian, as Sharon Smith signs out some books for Dorothy Arnott (top). Members of the stage crew, Lee Caldwell, Fred Wurster, Bob Schoen, and Ed Elrod (center) assist with all pro- grams in the Broad Ripple auditorium. Students help in the nurse ' s room (bottom) where aid is always available. Here Miss Louise Rice, nurse, helps Peggy Dodd as Anna Wonnell, assistant, takes down necessary information. In these and other ways Broad Ripple fulfills Mr. Ammerman ' s aim for broader, richer, human service. BROAD RIPPLE IS A FRIENDLY SCHOOL... Mr. Ammerman sets the pace for a friendly attitude at Broad Ripple with his cheerful greetings and his contagi- ous smile. Eleanor Hackemeyer, Orman McKinley, and Marilyn Earle (opposite page) stop to talk with him. Corridor m.onitors are at their posts to give directions to students and vis- itors. Sandra West is shown convers- ing with Bill Hollenbeck and Phil Hig- ley as she checks their corridor passes (top). The plaque in the background was presented by the Fathers ' Association in honor of graduates who gave their lives in World War II. At lunch time students find diversion from studies in the sociable atmosphere of the cafeteria (bottom). The Orange Aid with helpful big sis- ters, the Junior steering committee, and the Newcomers ' Club are organizations designed specifically to make the new student feel that he is an essential part of the school. BROAD RIPPLE IS A PLACE TO DEVELOP CULTURE . . . " A true sense of moral and spiritual values — the need of the hour, " says Mr. Ammerman of cultural training. In dra- matics classes (opposite page) pupils learn the fundamentals of stage work. While they are, learning, they read and enact plays for enjoyment. Students learn of the heritage and government of our nation through social studies courses. Here Mr. Willard Gam- bold ' s U. S. History class is discussing the Declaration of Independence (top). Art students (bottom) put the finishing touches on portraits of Ruth Farris. Painting, pencil work, oils, and novelty work are taken up in this class. Many other cultural opportunities are offered at Ripple. Among them are language and music. These courses are presented so that Ripplites may gain a better understanding of literature and the arts. 11 BROAD RIPPLE IS A PLACE TO LEARN SKILLS... Preparing young people for adult life is a serious matter at Broad Ripple. The Business Education Department teaches commercial fundamentals, shorthand and typing (opposite page). Boys may learn woodworking and metal working in the shop. Gene Kos- key works on his project as Dennis Spaulding and Dave Rebenack watch with interest (top). In the Industrial Arts department mechanical and architec- tural drawing courses are also offered. Ripple ' s chemistry laboratory lays the foundation for students entering a field which requires scientific knowledge. Joyce Robinson (bottom) measures one of the reactants for an experiment while Edith Bates, Jim Christ, Arthur Plumley and Bob Weigel look on. Throughout his career, Karll V. Am- merman has stressed the importance of preparing students for the future. He feels that " School is the workshop in which we build for the future. " 13 BROAD RIPPLE SPOTLIGHTS IMPORTANT EVENTS One highlight of a Ripple school year is the presentation of the annual variety show, the " Ripples. " The directors, (standing) Jo Harper, Jannice Bryant, Nancy Secrest, Nancy Winterrowd, Mary Peacock, (sitting) Lynn and Ann Behrman and Janice McComas discuss this year ' s production with Mr. C. Edgar Stahl (upper left). The 1948 operetta, " Hollywood Ex- tra " (scenes lower left) was produced by the vocal music department. Sue Stark and Bob Safford (upper right) were crowned Miss and Mr. Ri- parian at the Yearbook-PTA Skating Party. Others nominated for the title of most popular senior girl and boy were Rosann Tracy, Jannice Bryant, Jack Engledow, and Jack Barnett. Afternoon dances provide relaxation for the students. Held in the cafeteria, these get-togethers (center right) feature novelty numbers as attractions. The Lettermen ' s Club sponsored a basketball toss at the annual Carnival. This unusual shot (lower right) was taken from behind the net. BROAD RIPPLE RECOGNIZES EVERYDAY EVENTS . . . Mr. Ammerman realizes that the ev- eryday events are stepping stones to greater responsibilities and activities. A casual conversation in the hall and a pause at the drinking fountain (upper left) are as much a part of school as the " readin ' , ' ritin ' , and ' rithmetic. " In the Home Nursing class each se- mester girls look forward to the baby bath demonstration. Suzanne Grob and Delores Gulley (upper center) bathe Christa Peterson, daughter of Mrs. Rose- mary Peterson, former Riparian sponsor. The Broad Ripple ROTC officers and sponsors (upper right) Suzanne Grob, Donald Shaw, Barbara Knotts, Tom Haynes, Ruth Hubbard and George Toombs stand at attention. ROTC boys perform their daily ritual of hoisting Old Glory over Ripple (lower right). Each day students gather in study halls (lower left) to prepare their assign- ment. In this way the need of regular study habits and hours is stressed. In the fall of 1923, when Broad Ripple High School was admitted to the Indian- apolis Public School system, Mr. Am- merman came from the vice-principal- ship at Emmerich Manual Training High School to assume the duties of principal of this school. During his 26 years at Ripple, Mr. Ammerman has worked diligently to build a bigger and better high school. The door of Principal Ammerman ' s office is seldom closed. His friendli- ness toward all and his willingness to help at any time are expressive of the spirit of Broad Ripple. In short, Karll V. Ammerman is the spirit of Broad Ripple High School. He is shown (left) with his student secretary, Caroljane Cliff. Dean of Girls Ruth B. Carter, by un- derstanding and counseling, encourages a friendly attitude among Ripple girls. Delores GuUey is shown talking with her. Steve Bond gets the advice of Mr. Hubert Wann, who is always ready to help any boy with his problems. Rip- ple ' s dean of boys " won ' t let a fellow down. " BROAD RIPPLE IS EXPERTLY ADVISED BY FACULTY OF 69... Broad Ripple ' s main office is a busy place. Telephones ringing and type- writers clicking are familiar sounds to the school ' s efficiency experts. Vice-Principal C. Edgar Stahl, a Rip- ple graduate, has performed the duties of that office for nine years. He is shown (upper left) making the daily announce- ments over the P. A. system. A new addition to B. R. H. S. this year is Vi ce-Principal Harold Harding. His winning smile has made an immediate hit with Ripplites. Taking care of voluminous records is the duty of Mrs. Jeannine Howe and Miss Eunice Shivers. Mrs. Eileen Hall, registrar, is not pictured. Broad Ripple ' s bookstore is operated by Miss Ruth Gaubautz and Miss Ger- trude Daniel, bookkeeper. 19 FACULTY COOPERATES IN RIPPLE ' S GUIDANCE PROGRAM . . . Mathematics Department: (upper left) Albert Mahin, co-ordinator, senior class sponsor; Glen Vannatta; Robert Hough- am, reserve football coach; Mrs. Mar- garet Anderson; William Groves; Miss Miriam King, director of counseling; A. Frederick Thomas, Ripple Roundup chairman; Ed Diederich, director of ath- letics, varsity football coach; John E. Williams, department head, sound crew. Business Education Department: (lov r- er left) Clovys L. Harvey, junior class sponsor, business manager of extra- curricular activties; Mrs. Geneva Adams; Frank A. Baird, junior class sponsor, varsity basketball and baseball coach; Miss Winifred G. West, department head. Newcomers ' Club sponsor; Eugene Had- ley, senior class sponsor; Miss Betty J. Porter, Business Leaders sponsor. Not pictured. Miss Marie J. Sullivan. Social Studies Department: (upper center) J. Raymond Hall; George A. Knadler, junior class sponsor; Willard Gambold, department head, student council sponsor; J. Curtis Weigel; Miss Flora Will; Lawrence A. Surface, junior class sponsor; Kyle Peters, reserve bas- ketball coach, equipment manager; Ed- gar Beaman, freshman football and basketball coach. Jo OniUMivui u Music Department: (lower center) Rog- er Riley, Golden Singers; Paul Brown, Clarinet Quartet, Flute Quartet sponsor; Howard Hanscom, Trombone Quartet, Dance Band sponsor; William Owen Beckley, String Ensemble, Brass Choir, Clef Club sponsor. Art Department: (upper right) Mrs. Georgia " Webster; Mrs. Mariesue Van- natta; Virgel L. Clark, Art Club sponsor. Shop Department: (lower right) R. N. Cooksey; S. D. Weaver; H. L. Wann, dean of boys, senior class sponsor, Let- termen ' s Club sponsor. Not pictured, Blaine C. Hiatt. TEACHERS COLLABORATE ON DEPARTMENTAL PLANS . . . Science Depeirtment: (upper left) John E. Williams, department head; Robert Hougham; Mordie Lee, track and cross- country coach; Irvin C. Apmann; Sidney R. Esten, Photography Club sponsor; Noble Newsum; Ernest Lefforge. Language Department: (lower left) Miss Elinor Randall, Latin Club sponsor, sen- ior class sponsor; Miss Margaret Coombs, junior class sponsor; Miss Elizabeth Roberts, Honor Society spon- sor, co-sponsor of Latin Club; Miss Ho- nora Curran; Mrs. Marie Shaw, Spanish Club sponsor and Cheer Leaders spon- sor. Physical Education Department: (up- per center) Milton J. Hiatt, assistant track coach, wrestling coach; Walter S. Jurkie- wicz, varsity line coach, sponsor of in- tramural basketball; Mrs. Mary M. Hea- cox, Baton Club sponsor, freshman bas- ketball team, volleyball, badminton, bowling league and softball co-sponsor; Miss K. Max Moreillon, advanced bas- ketball sponsor, table tennis, archery. Square Dance Club, bowling league and Softball co-sponsor; M Sgt. George E. Miller, ROTC. Ui4 tuKjiJmud JyUMf Home Economics Department: (upper right) Louise Rice, school nurse, Junior Red Cross sponsor; Miss Elizabeth John- son, Homemakers ' Club co-sponsor; Miss Ellen Coots, Homemakers ' Club co- sponsor; Miss Barbara Tingley. J. ' r , ' V English Department: (below right) Mrs. Ruth Herin, department head; Mrs. Ruth Marie Griggs, director of publications, Quill and Scroll sponsor; Mrs. Jane H. Gable, assistant director of publications; Miss Melba Schumacher, junior class sponsor; Mrs. Donna Leigh Collins, Draclu sponsor; Miss Ruth Chandler, Thespians sponsor; Miss Ruth B. Carter, dean of girls, director of liberal arts; Mrs. Mary Ann Elliott, Honor Society co-spon- sor; Miss Honora Curran; Miss Jane Col- sher, librarian, Cozy Hour sponsor; Miss Ruth E. Bertsch, senior play director; Miss Mary Connor, director of produc- tions. Radio Workshop sponsor; Miss Nancy Mcintosh; Mrs. Helen Michael. 23 S£ rk £e5t Senior Class officers jre Rosann Tracy, sec- retary; Dick McCoy, treasurer; Marilyn Earle, vice-president; and lack Barnett, pres- ident. Whether it ' s the class of ' 24 or ' 49, as far as Mr. Ammerman is concerned, each one is, without a doubt, the " best ever class. " Students new to Broad Ripple have heard this phrase during the opening convocation of the school year; graduates have swelled with pride as they heard it repeated. Mr. Ammer- man always has used the phrase sin- cerely for he feels that the classes be- come " Bigger and Better as the years come and go. " 25 MEMORIES— EXCLUSIVELY SENIOR Senior activities are far more exciting tlian others, but mighty seniors from lit- tle freshies grow. During their freshman year the members of ' 49 class took both football and basketball titles. As juniors, the first class organization took place. John Lyman, treasurer; Jeanne Bryant, secretary; Susan Stark, vice-president; and Jack Engledow, president, were elected (lower left). During the fourth year every gradu- ating student takes the Senior English test. Another event of the senior year is color day. Ruth Wright adjusts her gray and green hat while Jo Exner fixes Dick Hardesty ' s, as the students display senior colors. The senior play, junior-senior recep- tion, baccalaureate, class day, and grad- uation make the year complete. Thus four years pass into memories. Jack Bamett — Senior class president; Honor Society, 2, 3; president 4; Ouill and Scroll 4; Yearbook Staff advertising manager 4; Lettermen ' s Club 3, 4; football 1-4. Marilyn Earle — Senior class vice-president; Glee Club 2, 4; Ripples 2, 3; Music Festival 1, 2; Orange Aid 1; " Peg O ' My Heart " 3; junior-senior reception com. Rosann Tracy— Senior class secretary; Biology Club 2; Music Festival 1-3; Cozy Hour, 1-2; girls ' volleyball 1, 2. Richard McCoy — Senior class treasurer; Ripples 3; Music Festival 3; Football 4; Track 1-4; Cross Country 2, 3. Tom Abbetf — Operetta 1. Verajean Adams — Newcomers ' Club 3, 4; Music Festival 3; Orange Aid 3; Cozy Hour 3. William Adkins— Ripples 2; Quill and Scroll 4; Riparian Staff 2, 4; News Bureau 4; Student Coun- cil 4; Baseball 1. Robert Allison— Basketball 1; football 2. Bill Alsop— Radio Workshop 1; Stage Crew 1, 2. Earl J. Anderson — Art Club 1-4; Biology 2; Historical Society 2, 3; Arts Salon 1-3. Edward Arens — Stage Crew 3. James Arvin — Technical H. S. Mary Asquith — Radio Workshop 4; Baton Club 3, 4; Latin Club 1, 2; Riparian Staff 3, 4; Nurses ' Assistant; Library Assistant; Girls ' Bowling 1. Ruby Balay— Latin Club 1, 2; Ripples 2; Girls ' Bowling 1-3. Kenneth Baldwin— Math Club 2. Phyllis Ballere- Spanish Club 1; Draclu 2; Glee Club 2-4; Ripples 1-3; Music Festival 2-4; Oper- etta 1, 2; Riparian Staff 4; Senior Mothers ' Tea Com.; Senior Colors Com. Sally Banks — Homemakers ' Club 4; Glee Club 2, 4; Music Festival 2, 4; Cozy Hour 1. Mary Jean Barnett — Spanish Club 1, 2; Ripples 1-3; Riparian Staff 1; Senior Class Will Com. Carole Barrett— Art Club 2; Newcomers ' Club 2; Radio Workshop 3; Draclu 3; Choir 2; Quill and Scroll 4; Ripples 2; Music Festival 2; Orange Aid 3; Riparian Staff 2, 3. 27 Susan Bassett — Spanish Club Sec. 3; Draclu 2; Business Leaders 4; Latin Club 1, 2; Consul 3; Glee Club 2; Ripples Dir. 3; Operetta 2; Honor Society 2-4; Ouill and Scroll 3; Sec. 4; Riparian staff 1-3; Yearbook staff 3; Associate Editor 4; Junior-Senior Reception Com.; Senior Tea Com. Jacqueline Bauer — Ripples 1, 3; Operetta 1; Girls ' Bowling 2. Alan Beck — Spanish Club 1; Choir 1-3; Golden Singers 4; Music Festival 1-4; Track 1-4. Virgil Beeler — Latin Club 2; Ripples 3; Honor Society 2-4; Sec. 4; Quill and Scroll 3; Pres. 4; News Bureau 4; Riparian Staff 2-4; Junior Steer- ing Com. 3; Golf 2-4. Kurt Beier — Chemistry Club 1; Spanish Club I, 2; Baseball 1; Track 1-4. Jack Belcher— Basketball 2, 3; Track 1. Donald Beringer — Glee Club 3, 4. Marjorie Berry — Business Leaders 4; Thespians 2; Spanish Club; Draclu 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2; Choir 3; Ripples 2; Music Festival 1-4; Operetta 4; Senior Mothers ' Tea Com.; Joy Bingham — Latin Club 1; Glee Club 1, 2; Music Festival 1, 2; Operetta 1; Senior Mothers ' Tea Com.; Addaline Black — Newcomers ' Club 4. William Blakeslee — Western Military Academy. Stephen Bond — Ripples 3; Lettermen ' s Club 1-4; Basketball 1; Track 1-4; Cross Country 1-4; Gen- eral Assembly Leg. 4. Lueva Bounsall — Spanish Club 1; Girls ' Bowl- ing 1, 2. Barbara Bracken — Yearbook Staff 2; Girls ' Bowl- ing 1-3. Donald Brennan — Art Club 2. Jannice Bryant— Draclu 2, 3; Math. Club 2, 3; Ripples 1-3; Junior-Senior Reception Com.; Honor Society 3; Vice-President 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Riparian Staff 1-3; Yearbook Staff 3; Co-Senior Editor 4; General Assembly Leg. 4; Senior Colors Com. Chairman. Jeanne Bryant — Draclu 3; Biology Club 2; Rip- ples 1, 2; Honor Society 3, 4, Historian 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Riparian Staff 2; Yearbook Staff 3; Co-Senior Editor 4; Junior Class Sec; Senior Class Day Com. Keith Bundy — Chemistry Club 3; Spanish Club 2; Math Club 2; Band 1-4; Dance Band 2, 3; Ripples 3; Music Festival 1-4; Lettermen ' s Club 3, 4 Cheer Leader 2, 3; Track 2-4; Cross Coun- try 4. 28 Diane Burhenn — Business Leaders 4; Hour 1. Cozy Richard Buskirk— Glee Club 3; Choir 4; Rip- ples 2, 3; Music Festival 1-4; Senior Dues Com.; Football 4; Baseball 1. Lee Caldwell Jr. — Chemistry Club 3; Latin Club 1, 2; Stage Crew 1-4; Senior Gift Committee; Base- ball 1. Robert Cannon — Ripples 3; Lettermen ' s Qub 4; Senior Prophecy Com.; Basketball 1; Football 3, 4; Track 1, 2; Cross Country 1, 2. Charles Caplinger — Lettermen ' s Club 4; Bas- ketball 1-4; Football 1; Baseball 3. Barbara Carver — Senior Color Day Com.; New- ton H. S., Boston, Mass. Francis Cavanaugh — Glee Club 2; Choir 3; Music Festival 1-3; Operetta 1-3; Honor Society 4; Football 1. Sharon Chance — Business Leaders 4; Glee Club 2; Choir 3, 4; Music Festival 1-4; Operetta 3, 4; Senior Mothers ' Tea Com.; Marilyn Clark — Newcomers ' Club 3; Treasurer 4; Girls ' Ensemble 3; Riparian 4. Caroljane Clift — Business Leaders 2-4; Ripples 1, 2; Music Festival 1; Operetta 1; Orange Aid 1; Track Queen 1; " Peg O ' My Heart " 1; Senior Mothers ' Tea Com. Joe Clymer — General Assembly Leg. 4; Basket- ball 1; Football 1; Track 1-4; Wrestling 3. Harold Collins — Not pictured. Diane Corbett — Chemistry 2; Latin 1, 2; Music Festival 1, 2; Girls ' Table Tennis 1, 2. James Costin — Photo. Club Vice-Pres. 3; Band 1, 2; Dance Band 2; Ripples 1-3; Music Festival 1, 2; Football 1; Tennis 3. Jack Crabtree— Math Club 2; Baseball 2, 3. Virginia Croan — Draclu 2; Sr. Color Com.; Girls ' Basketball 2, 3; Girls ' Baseball 2, 3; Girls ' Volley- ball 2, 3. Alice Curtis — Clef Club 1-3; Business Leaders 3, 4; Spanish Club 1, 2; Glee Club 1; Choir 1, 2; Golden Singers 2-4; Ripples 3; Music Festival 1-4 Operetta 2-4; Honor Soc. 2-4; B. R. H. S. Organist; Sr. Mothers ' Tea Com. Arthur Dee — Boys ' Council. William Deerwester — Track 1; Wrestling 4. 29 Byron Denny— Basketball 1, 2; Baseball 2-4. Nancy Jo Denfon — Spanish Club 1, 2; Music Festival 1-4; Glee Club 3, 4; Operetta 2; Orange Aid 1; Cozy Hour 1. Mildred Deusser— Glee Club 2; Choir 3; Music Festival 1, 2; Operetta 3. Bob Dickinson — Spanish Club 1, 2; Draclu 3; Choir 1; Golden Singers 3, 4; Ripples 3; Music Festival 3; Operetta 3, 4; Football 1. Joyce Dodd— Art Club 3, 4; Radio Workshop 4 Spanish Club 2, 4; Draclu 3, 4; Biology Club 2 Ripples 3; Operetta 1; Yearbook Staff 3, 4 Sr. Mothers ' Tea Com. Margaret Dodd — Homemakers ' Club Sec. 4; Glee Club 3, 4; Ouill and Scroll 4; Riparian Staff 1; Yearbook Staff 1-3; Bus. Mgr. 4; Cozy Hour 1; Orange Aid 1-4. Ferd Doll— Lettermen ' s Club 4; Basketball 1; Football 1-4. Jean Doll — Business Leaders 4; Biology Club 2; Glee Club 3, 4; Ripples 2, 3; Music Festival 2, 3; Orange Aid 4; Jr.-Sr. Recep. Com.; Sr. Mothers ' Tea Com. KurJ Ehlert— Ripples 2-4; Jr. Steering Com. 3; Football 1, 3, 4; Baseball 1; Cross Country 2. Jack Engledow — Ripples 3; Honor Soc. 3, 4; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Jr. Class Pres.; Sr. Will Com.; Student Council Pres. 4; Jr. Steering Com. 3; Bas- ketball 1, 2; Football 4; Track 1-4. Edward Erpelding — Latin Club; Dance Band 2; Ripples 2-4; Honor Soc. 3, 4; Lettermen ' s Club 3, 4; Sr. Prophecy Com.; Football 1; Track 3, 4; Cross Country 3, 4; Cheer Leader 2, 3. Joanne Exner — Quill and Scroll 4; Yearbook Staff 2, 3; Makeup Ed. 4; Girls ' Bowling 1-3. Richard Fair — Thespians 1; Draclu 2; Biology 2; Baseball 2. Ruth Farris — Spanish Club 4; Draclu 3; Biology 3; Ripples 3; Music Festival 1, 2; Operetta 1, 2; Orange Aid 2, 3; Cosy Hour 1; Riparian Staff 1-3; Yearbook Staff 3, 4; Sr. Mothers ' Tea Com. Charles Faulkner— Photo Club 3; Year-book Staff 1; Orchestra 1-4; Operetta 1; Track 1, 2. Sue Fehlinger — Orange Aid 1; Choir 3. Helen Feltz — Orange Aid 4; Sr. Mothers ' Tea Com.; St. Agnes H. S. Jack Fitzgerald — Radio Workshop 2, 3; Ripples 3; Riparian Staff 4; Basketball 1; Football 2-4; Track 1-4; Cross Country 1. 30 Anna Marie Fulton — Art Club 3, 4. Joan Fye— Art Club 3; Glee Club 2, 3; Music Festival 1-3. Joseph Gates — Newcomers ' Club 3; Cathedral H. S. Thomas Gass— Glee Club 2; Choir 3, 4; Music Festival 1-4; Riparian Staff 3; Yearbook Staff 3. Joan Gilyeat— Clef Club 2-4; Latin Club 1, 2; Ripples 2; Music Festival 1, 2; Talent Show 1. John Glassford — Stage Crew 3. Gretchen Graves — Draclu 2; Latin Club 1; Glee Club 3; Choir 4; Ripples 2, 3; Music Fes- tival 2-4; Operetta 1, 4; Orange Aid 1-4; Riparian Staff 3; Yearbook Staff 3; Sr. Mothers ' Tea Com. Suzanne Jane Grob — Business Leaders 4; Glee Club 3; Ripples 2, 3; Music Festival 2, 3; Oper- etta 1; Orange Aid 1-4; Cozy Hour 1; Honor Soc. 2-4; ROTC Sponsor 3, 4; Jr.-Sr. Recep. Com.; Sr. Mothers ' Tea Com. Dolores Gulley — Thespians 1; Draclu 2, 3; Bi- ology 2; Ripples 2, 3; Operetta 1; Orange Aid 2-4; Riparian Staff 3, 4; Sr. Gift Com.; Jr.-Sr. Recep. Com.; Nurses ' Asst. 4. Donald Hale — Golden Singers 2-4; Ripples 3; Music Festival 1-4; Operetta 2-4; General Assem- bly Leg. 4; Basketball 1. Mary Hamilton — Orange Aid. Sally Hampton — Spanish Club 1; Biology Club 2; Operetta 1; Girls ' Softball 1. Mary Lou Hankins — Orange Aid. Richard Hansen — Band 1-4; Dance Band 2, 3; Brass Choir 2, 3; German Band 3, 4; Ripples 1, 3; Music Festival 1-4; Yearbook Staff 2; Track 3. Robert Hansen — Photo Club Pres. 3; Spanish Club 2; Biology Club 2; Ripples 2, 3; Riparian Staff 2; Track 1; Cross Country 1. Richard Hardesty — Baseball 1. Bruce Harkness — Band 2; Track 2, 3. Jerry Harlan — Newcomers ' Club 3; Cathedral H. S. 31 Joann Harper — Radio Workshop 3; Glee Club 3; Ensemble 4; Ripples Dir. 2, 3, 4; Music Fes- tival 2-4; Operetta 3; Quill and Scroll 3, 4; Riparian Staff 2, 3; Yearbook Staff 3; Ed-in-Chief 4; Jr.-Sr. Recep. Com.; Sr. Class Day Com. Jeanette Hartman — Homemakers ' Club 4; Glee Club 2, 3; Choir 4; Ripples 2, 3; Music Festival 1-4; Operetta 2, 4; Orange Aid 2; Sr. Mothers ' Tea Com. Richard Harvey — Radio Workshop 4; Math Club 3; Historical Soc. 3; Quill and Scroll 4; Riparian Staff 3, 4. Nancy Hastings — Art Club; Spanish Club 1; Draclu 2, 3; Ripples 3; General Assembly Leg. 4; Jr.-Sr. Recep. Com. Carjol Hathorn— Art Club 2, 3; Pres. 4; Glee Club 3; Choir 1, 2, 4; Music Festival 1-4; Cozy Hour 1 ; Riparian Staff 2; Christmas Program 2. Thomas Haynes — Latin Club 1; Honor Soc. 3, 4; Jr. Ways and Means Com.; Student Coun- cil 4. William Hearne — Ripples 3; Basketball 1, 2; Football 1-4; Track 2. Jean Hebel — Spanish Club 3; Draclu 2, 3; Latin Club 1, 2; Glee Club 2; Choir 3, 4; Ripples 3; Operetta 1-4 Orange Aid 1, 2; Sec. 4; Cozy Hour; Honor Soc. 3, 4; Riparian Staff 4; ROTC Sponsor 3; Girls ' Bowling 1. Ronald Hedlund- Leader 1-4. -Lettermen ' s Club 3, 4; Cheer Bonnie Heiliger — Art Club 2; Newcomers ' Club Walter Hertel— ROTC; Draclu 3, 4. John Hicks— Photo Club 1, 2; Spanish Club 2; Riparian Staff 2. Maxine Higgason — Glee Club 2-4; Music Fes- tival 1-4; Operetta 1-3; Sr. Mothers ' Tea Com. Barbara Hill— Art Club 2, 3; Biology Club, 2, 3. loanne Hines — Glee Club 2, 3; Choir 4; Music Festival 1-4; Operetta 4; Stage Crew 2; Girls ' En- semble 4; Sr. Mothers ' Tea Com. Patricia Hinkle— Glee Club 2-4; Cozy Hour 1, 2. Patricia HoUenback -Business Leaders 4; Home- makers ' Club 4: Latin Club 1, 2: Biology Club 3; Glee Club 2-4; Music Festival 1-4; Operetta 1; Cozy Hour 1, 2; Sr. Mothers ' Tea Com. Wendell Hoyt ROTC. 32 Ruthanne Huff— Spanish Club 1, 2; Glee Club 1-4; Ripples 1-3; Music Festival 1-4; Riparian Staff 1-3; General Assembly Leg. 4; Nurses ' Asst. 1-4; Jr.-Sr. Recep. Com.; Sr. Class Will Com. Edward Hughey — Track 1-4. Valera Hume — Business Leaders 4; Spanish Club 1; Draclu 2, 3; Ripples 2, 3; Operetta 1; Jr.-Sr. Recep Com.; Sr. Gift Com. Helen Kurd— An Club 2; Glee Club 1; Choir 2, 3; Golden Singers 4; Ripples 2, 3; Music Festival 1-4; Operetta 1-4; Stage Crev 2-4; Jr.- Sr. Recep. Com. Audrey liams — Art Club 3, 4; Spanish Club 3, 4; Draclu 4; Orange Aid 1; Sr. Mothers ' Tea Com. Glen Inman — Chemistry Club 3; Biology Club 2; Math Club 1, 2; Basketball 1, 3; Track 3. Rufh Jacobs — Chemistry Club 3; Business Lead- ers 4; Radio Workshop 4; Draclu 4; Latin Club 1-3; Sr. Class Will Com.; Girls ' Basketball, Soft- ball, Bovvrling 1-2; Girls ' Volleyball 1-3; Honor Society 3, 4. Merritt Jaggar — Baseball 1-4. Katherine Jenkins — Draclu 2, 3; Ripples 3; Orange Aid 1, 2; Jr.-Sr. Recep. Com.; Sr. Mothers ' Tea Com. Ted Jenner — Draclu 3; Debate Class 3; Ripples 3; Sr. Gift Com. Judith Job — Draclu 3; Ripples 3; Music Festival 2; Riparian Staff 2; Jr.-Sr. Recep. Com.; Sr. Class Will Com. Bruce Johnson — Glee Club 2; Choir 3; Golden Singers 4; Music Festival 2-4; Operetta 3, 4. Richard Johnson — Math Club Vice-Pres. 2; Ri- parian Staff 1 ; News Bureau 4; Jr. Ways and Means Com.; Sr. Gift Com. Donald Jones — Band 1-4. Jacqueline Jones Art Club 3; Cozy Hour 1, 2; Girls ' Bowling 1. Gloria Kennard — Business Leaders 3, 4; Home- makers ' Club 4; Music Festival 3; Sr. Colors Com. Mary Kersey — Homemakers ' Club 4; Music Fes- tival 2; Riparian Staff 3. Richard King — Riparian Staff, Make-up Ed. 4. 33 k Richard Kinnett — Boys ' Council. Richard Kirkpatrick — Ripples 2, 3; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Track 1, 2; Golf 3, 4; Cross Country 1, 2. Robert Kirkpatrick — Ripples 2, 3; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Track 1, 2; Golf, 3, 4; CrosS Country 1, 2. William Kline— Spanish Club 3; Draclu 3; Glee Club 2; Choir 3; Music Festival 1-3; Operetta 2, 3. Donald Klingler— Glee Club 3; Ripples 3: Let- termen ' s Qub 1-4; Basketball 1-4; Football 1-4; Track 1-4. Natalie Knight — Riparian Staff 1. Robert Kring — Glee Club 3; Ripples 3; Music Festival 2, 3; Lettermen ' s Club 3, 4. Wayne Lahman — Music Festival 1; Lettermen ' s Club 3, 4; Basketball 1; Football 2-4; Track 1-3. Jack Langston — Photo Club 4; Spanish Club 1-2; Latin Club 1-3; Music Festival 1, 2; Track 1, 2. Barbara Lanham — Music Festival 1, 2; Orange Aid 1, 2; Sr. Mothers ' Tea Com. Thyra Lannerd — Draclu 3; Art Club 1. Harriet Laycock — Photo Club 3; Business Lead- ers 4; Girls ' Basketball 1, 3, 4; Girls ' Softball 1. Mary Edith Lee — Business Leaders 4; Orange Aid 4; Sr. Mothers ' Tea Com. Joann Lehr — Spanish Club 1; Biology Club 2; Math Club 1; Gless Club 2; Choir 3, 4; Ripples 1; Music Festival 1, 3, 4. John Lewis — Glee Club 3 Ripples 3; Music Festival 3. Frank Little — Spanish Club 1, 2; Music Fes- tival 1. John Lyman Honor Soc. 3, Treas. 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Riparian Staff 3, 4; Student Council Vice-Pres. 4; Lettermen ' s Club 3, 4; Jr. Class Treas.; Football 1-4; Track 1-3. Sally Lyman— Art Club Pres. 3, 4; Spanish Club 1, Pres. 4; Glee Club 2, 3; Ripples 1-3; Music Festival 1-4; Operetta 4; Orange Aid 2. 34 Jeanne McClain — Music Festival 1; Sr. Colors Com. Dorothy McClamroch — Radio Workshop 3; Glee Club 2-4; Ripples 2, 3; Music Festival 1-4; Ri- parian Staff 2; Yearbook Staff 3; Jr.-Sr. Recep. Com. Richard McClure — Band 1-4; Music Festival 1-4; Ripples 1, 2; Orchestra 2-4. Jeuiice McComas - -Business Leaders 3, 4; Latin Club 1, 2; Music Festival 1, 2; Honor Soc. 3, 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Yearbook Staff 3; Cir. Mgr. 4; Sr. Mothers ' Tea Com. Robert McCoy — Boys ' Council. Tom McCullough — Ripples 3; Lettermen ' s Club J, 4; Basketball 1; Football 1-4; Track 1-4. Patricia McDonald — Nevs comers ' Club 4; Orange Aid 4; St. Agnes Academy. Darrel McFall— Ripples 2, 3; Operetta 2; Let- termen ' s Club 4; Basketball 4; Football 1; Base- ball 1, 2; Golf 3, 4. Orman McKinley — Sr. Ways and Means Com. Dorothy Maxwell — Glee Club 2-4; Ripples 2; Music Festival 1-3; Operetta 2; Sr. Mothers ' Tea Com. Janet MeckUng— Glee Club 1, 2; Choir 2-4; Music Festival 1-4; Operetta 2-4; Orange Aid 1; Riparian Staff 1; Girls ' Bowling, Volleyball, Bas- ketball, Softball 1-4. Glenn Melloy — Baseball 3, 4. Royce Meranda — Spanish Club I, 2; Math Club 2, Pres. 3; Honor Soc. 3, 4; Library Asst. 1-4. Marlys Miles — Homemakers ' Club 4; Music Fes- tival 1, 2; Sr. Color Day Com.; Girls ' Softball 2; Girls ' Volleyball 1. Yolande Miles — Music Festival 1, 2; Sr. Color Day Com.; Girls ' Basketball 1; Girls ' Softball, Bowling 1, 2. David Miller — Chemistry Club 3; Spanish Club 3; Band 1-4; Dance Band 2-4; Music Festival 3. Richard Miller — Band men ' s Club 4 Football Leader 1-4. Ripples 2, 3; Letter- Track 1, 2; Cheer Shirley Miller— Glee Club 2, 4; Ripples 2, 3; Music Festival 1, 2; Orange Aid 1, 2; Yearbook Staff 3; Riparian Staff 4; Jr.-Sr. Recep. Com. 35 William Miller — Newcomers ' Club 2. Jerry Mitchell— Draclu 2; Math Qub 3; Glee Club 2, 3; Choir 4; Music Festival 1-4; Oper- etta 4; Orange Aid 1-4; Honor Soc. 3, 4; Ouill and Scroll 4; Riparian Staff 2-4; Sr. Mothers ' Tea Com.; Girls ' Basketball, Softball I. Bruce Moon — Boys ' Council. Donald Mount — Football ,1 3. lames Mueller — Business Leaders 4; Draclu 3; Band ,1-4; Music Festival 1-4; Music Asst. 4. Gene Neely — Boys ' Council. Jo Anne Neff— Draclu 3; Glee Club 2; Choir 3, 4; Music Festival 2-4; Operetta 4; Orchestra 2-4; Honor Soc. 3, 4; Sr. Gift Com.; Music Asst. 4; Girls ' Bowling 2; Girls ' Softball 3. Patricia Nesbitt — Orange Aid. Constance Neudigate — Business Leaders 4; Spanish Club 1. Paul Newport — Spanish Club 1; Biology Club 2. Randall Nicholls — Wrestling 4. Clarence Niehaus — Latin Club 1, 2; Band 1-3; Tennis 3; Cross Country 1, 2. Phyllis Orme — Music Fectival 3. Sarah Jane Overbey — Thespians 2, Biology 2; Cozy Hour 1, 2; Yearbook Staff 2, 3; Sr. Mothers ' Tea Com. Robert Owen— Glee Club 2, 3; Choir 4; Rip- ples 4; Music Festival 2-4. Eelty Parker — Spanish Club 1, 2; Draclu 3; Golden Singers 4; Music Festival 1-4; Operetta 4; Cozy Hour 1, 2. Mary Peacock — Choir 2; Golden Singers 3, 4; Music Festival 1-4; Operetta 2-4; Honor Soc. 3, 4; Music Asst. 4; Orchestra 1-4; Clef Club Pres. 4. Lois Pearson — Spanish Club 2; Music Festival 2; Orange Aid 3; Sr. Mothers ' Tea Com.; Girls ' Bowling 2. oo Jean Pennington — Art Club 2; Draclu 3; Music Festival 2; Cozy Hour 1. Nancy Pippenger — Business Leaders 3, 4; Draclu 2-4; Latin Club 1, 2; Biology Club 2; Glee Club 3; Ripples 3; Music Festival 2, 3; Quill and Scroll 4 Riparian Staff 1, 2, 4; Yearbook Staff 2, 3; Sr. Prophecy Com. Betty Jean Pixley — Spanish Club I; Glee Club 1, 2; Choir 3; Golden Singers 4; Ripples 3; Music Festival 1-4; Operetta 1, 3, 4; Sr. Mothers ' Tea Com. William Pollard — Cross Country 3. Rena PoHjird — Latin Club 1. Barbara Pratt — Music Festival 4 Cozy Hour 1; Girls ' Softball 4. Joseph Pratt — Not Pictured; Business Leaders 2; Biology Club 2, 3; Math Club 1, 2; Glee Club 3, 4; Music Festival 1-4; Operetta 1. Maxine Query — Business Leaders 2, 3. Patricia Raines — Draclu 3; Glee Club 2; Choir 3, 4; Ripples 2, 3; Music Festival 1-4; Operetta 4; Sr. Mothers ' Tea Com. Mark Rankin — Golf Team 3. Vernon Reid — Lettermen ' s Club 4; Football 1-4; Track 3; Wrestling 3. Ragene Remler — Thespians 1, 2; Draclu 3; Choir 2, 3; Music Festival 1-3; Operetta 2; Sr. Mothers ' Tea Com. Patricia Rinkard — Orange Aid. Marvin Robbins — Latin Club 1. Joyce Roberts — Business Leaders ' 4. Carol Rogers — Business Leaders Pres. 4; Span- ish Club 1; Ripples 3; Orange Aid 2; Riparian Staff 1; Jr.-Sr. Recep. Com. Paul Ross — Draclu Pres. 3; Latin Club 1; Honor Soc. 2, 3, Ways and Means Chrm. 4; Quill and Scroll 3, Treas. 4; Riparian Staff 3, Ed. 4; News Bureau 1-4; Jr. Steering Com.; Jr. Ways and Means Com.; Sr. Prophecy Com.; Tennis 3, 4. David Rouse — Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Track 2-4; Cross Country 2-4. Harold Roy — Band 3, 4; Dance Band 4; Base- ball 3. 37 Fred Ruge — Business Leaders 3; Football 1; Baseball 3. Janith Ryan — Draclu 2; Latin Club 1; Ripples 1; Music Festival 1; Orange Aid 1, 2. Robert Safford— Ripples 3; Sr. Colors Com.; Leitermen ' s Club 2, 3; Pres. 4; " Mr. Riparian " 4; Basketball 1-4; Football 1-4; Track 2, 3. Robert Sargeant — Ripples 1 , 2; Dir. 3; Oper- etta 1-4; Riparian Staff 4; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Jr.-Sr, Recep. Com.; Sr. Class Day Com.; Base- ball, Basketball, Football Mgr. 1-4. Delores Scheidler— Draclu 4; Glee Club 3, 4; Ripples 1-3; Music Festival 1-4. Nancy Schiele — Business Leaders Vice-Pres. 3; Thespians 1; Baton Club 3; Draclu 2, Vice-Pres. 3; Ripples 3; Music Festival 1, 2; Orange Aid 1-4. Charles Schoonover- Math Club 2; Football 1. Arvine Sears — Music Festival 1. Nancy Secrest — Latin Club 1-4; Sr. Color Com.; Girls ' Bowling 1, 2. Kenneth Seidensticker — Baseball 1; Track 4; Tennis 3; Cross Country 4. Judith Ann Shattuck — Draclu 3; Glee Club 3; Choir 4; Music Festival 2-4; Operetta 4; Orange Aid 2. Frank Shoptaugh — Latin Club 1; Choir 2; Band 1-2; Ripples 1-3; Music Festival 1; Operetta 2; Basketball 1; Baseball 2, 4; Track 3; Wrestling 4; Cross Country 3. Jacqueline Sieloff— Glee Club 2; Choir 3, 4; Ripples 3; Music Festival 1-4; Operetta 1-4; Orange Aid 1, 4; Cozy Hour 1; Sr. Mothers ' Tea Com.; Girls ' Bowling 1. Nancy Silverthorn — Thespians 1, 2; Radio Work- shop 4; Spanish Club 1, 2, Pres. 3; Draclu 3, 4; Ripples 3; Riparian Staff 1-3; Yearbook Staff 2, 3; Sr. Mothers ' Tea Com. Terrence Simpson — Chemistry Club 3, 4; Draclu 3; Band 1-4; Ripples 2-4; German Band 3, 4; Music Festival 1-4; Orchestra 4; Choir 4; Let- termen ' s Club 2-4; Football Mgr. 1, 2; Track Mgr. 1, 4. Nancy Sledge — Riparian Staff 4. John B. Smith — Ripples 3; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Football 1, 3, 4; Wrestling 3. John R. Smith — Ripples 1; Honor Soc. 3, 4; Riparian Staff 3; Student Council 4; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Basketball 1-4; Football 1-4; Track 1; Golf 1-4. 38 Katherine Smith — Baton Club Pres. 4; Band Majorette 3, 4; Ripples 3; Music Festival 2, 3; Operetta 2; General Assembly Leg. 4; Jr.-Sr. Recep. Com.; Sr. Mothers ' Tea Com.; Girls ' Bowling, Volleyball, Basketball 1. James Smitson — Art Club 1; Lettermen ' s Club 3, 4; Basketball 1-4; Baseball 1; Track 1. Rosemary Soots — Draclu 3; Operetta 4; Rip- ples 3; Sr. Mothers ' Tea Com. Susan Stark Business Leaders 4; Latin Club 1; Glee Club 2; Choir 3; Golden Singers 3, 4; Rip pies 2, 3; Music Festival 2-4; Operetta 2-4 Orange Aid Treas., Pres. 4; Yearbook Staff 3 Jr. Class Vice-Pres.; Sr. Mothers ' Tea Com. Chrm. " Queen of Hearts " 1; " Miss Riparian " 4. Ramon Stauth — Biology Club 2, 3; Choir 1; Golden Singers 4; Operetta 2-4. Robert Stephens — Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Bas- ketball 1-4; Football 1-4; Baseball 1-4. Frances Sullivan — St. Agnes Academy. David Sweetman — Square Dancing 4. Betty Sue Talkington— Glee Club 2, 3; Choir 4; Golden Singers 4; Ripples 3; Operetta 4; Sr. Mothers ' Tea Com. Carol Marie Taylor— Clef Club; Choir 1, 2; Golden Singers 3, 4; Ripples 2; Music Festival 1-4; Orchestra 1-3; Operetta 2-4. Charles Taylor — Boys ' Council. Yvonne Teepell — Business Leaders 4; Biology Club 3; Glee Club 1, 2; Clef Club 2. Edward Thatcher Baseball 1-4. Betty Uhls— Band 3, 4; Music Festival 3; Oper- etta 1; Girls ' Bov rling 1-3; Girls ' Volleyball 1-3. June Uphaus — Latin Club 1, 4; Band 1, 2; Oper- etta 1; Honor Soc. 2-4; Sr. Class Will; Girls ' Bowling 1-3; Girls ' Volleyball 1-3; Girls ' Basket- ball 1-4; Girls ' Bowling 1. Barbara Walker — Chemistry Club Sec. 3; Busi- ness Leaders 2, 3; Spanish Club 2, 3; Draclu 2, 3; Homemakers ' Club Pres. 4; Cozy Hour 1-3; Honor Soc. 3, 4; Girls ' Bowling 1. Peggy Wallace — Orange Aid, Baton Club 4. Ward Wallingford — Sen. General Assembly 4; Christmas Play 4. 39 Jo Ann Walrod — Business Leaders 4; Spanish Club 1; Draclu 2; Glee Club 2; Choir 3; Golden Singers 4; Ripples 1; Music Festival 1-4; Orches- tra 1-4; Operetta 2, 4; Orange Aid 1. Lolita Washmuth— Art Club 1; Latin Club 1, 2; Cozy Hour 1; Orchestra 1-4; Library Asst. 1, 2; Sr. Prophecy Com. Ira Weaver — Track 1. Patricia Wefler — Orange Aid. Ronald Welling — Sr. Color Com. Harry Westcott — Latin Club 1, 2. Robert Whitten — Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Foot- ball 1-4; Wrestling 3, 4. Marilyn Wilgus — Business Leaders 4; Glee Club 2; Choir 3, 4; Music Festival 1-4; Operetta 3, 4; Sr. Mothers ' Tea Com. Beverly Wilson — Music Festival 3. Martha Wilson — Business Leaders 4; Draclu 2; Latin Club 1, 2; Ripples Dir. 3; Orange Aid Vice- Pres. 3; Cozy Hour 3; Honor Soc. 2-4; Quill and Scroll 2-4; Sec. 3; Riparian Staff 1-3, Ed. 4; News Bureau 4; Sr. Class Day Com. Chrm.; Student Council 4. Nancy Winterrowd — Business Leaders 2-4; Radio Workshop 4; Spanish Club 1, 2; Draclu 2, 3; Riparian Staff 1-3; Yearbook 3; Sr. Colors Com. Barbara Wisehart — Girls ' Bov ling 1 . Hugh Wolf— Ripples 2, 3; Lettermen ' s Club 1-4; Sr. Ways and Means Com.; Basketball 1-4; Base- ball 1-4; Football 1-2. Anna Wonnell — Business Leaders 4; Cozy Hour 1; Jr.-Sr. Recep. Com.; Sr. Mothers ' Com. Yetive Wortman — Business Leaders 3, 4; Span- ish Club 1; Draclu 2; Cozy Hour 1, 2; Jr.-Sr. Recep. Com.; Sr. Mothers ' Tea Com. Ruth Wright — Homemakers ' Club 4; Music Fes- tival 2-4; Orchestra 1-4; Orange Aid 1, 2; Ri- parian Staff 4; Sr. Mothers ' Tea Com.; Library Asst. 2, 3; Girls ' Softball, Basketball, Volleyball 1-4. Marjorie Yetter— Biology Club 2, Glee Club 2; Music Festival 2. Elaine Zaring — Business Leaders 3, 4; Spanish Club 1, 2; Draclu 2, 3; Biology Club 2; Cozy Hour 1; Yearbook Staff 3; Jr.-Sr. Recep. Com.; Sr. Mothers ' Tea Com. 40 2 a ifo-u ne netnLe . . . cUee H4 au4 cltif, jpotluUl cUa n4i6. . . . Back Row: Kenneth Cruger, Walter Bond, Donald Shaw, Richard Hufflne) Dave Herrlman, Dan Rowles, Paul Alli- son. Second Row: Joyce Kryter, Betty Macnabb, Mary Davis, Dee Campbell, Debby Masten. Front Row: Rosalie Simmons, Dianne Hopkins, Audrey Thomas, Marybelle Rice. Back Row: Bill Jessee, Forrest Reeh- ling, Margaret Appel, Jane Helmus, Betty Lawrence, Dale Langford, Joanne Nice- ley, Susie Cadle, Harry Newburg. Front Row: Mary Ann Green, Jane Wehrle, Gloria Trissell, Elaine Cook, Dolores Dillman, Betty Combs, Dolores Hayes, Dian Moore, Betty Ann Hester. Back Row: Glen Inman, John Hicks, Ronald Hedlund, Delbert Basham, George Toombs, David Nelson, John Campbell, Wendell Hoyt, Pat Bolan, Sally Lyman, Phyllis Orme, Marjorie Berry. Front Row: Nancy J. Hastings, Carol Rogers, Ruthanne Huff, Elsie Gwinn, Josephine Sanders, Jean Ferguson, Mar- tha Dan, Mildred Dan, Betty Berryhill, Joyce Glaser, Jean De Bolt, Constance Neudigate. Back Row: Jo Anne Eby, Jean Pointer, Jim Christ, Dick Dille, Nancy Lowe, Paul Clapper, Clyde Blackard, Gene Smith, Ted Morton, Robert Taylor, Alfred Clark. Second Row: Joan Pierce, Doris Par- rotte, Jean Alderson, Jean Houseman, Marilyn Hull, Becky Cecil, Phyllis Tackett, Paul Evans, Bob Riddell, Bob Elliott, Jean Wilder, Rose Marie Riddell. Front Row: Cresia Marsh, Nancy Cox, Roberta McMillan, Roberta Snyder, Bev- erly Boyer, Margaret McCarty, George Ann Varnes, Joyce Robinson, Janet Lahr, Barbara Hoffner. Back Row: John Lovell, George Freyii, Pat Thomas, Louis Tandy, Bill Frazer, Charles Aldag, Dick Madden, John Johns, Paul Downs, Robert Boiler, Don Bren- nan, Bill Cale, Bob Skinner, Robert Earle, Tom Jacks. Second Row: Robert Young, Nancy Lee Downs, Margaret Ellen Casady, Beverly Jean Loser, Ray Lanouette, Joan Dawson, Eleanor For- man, Ellen Emery, Jane Leahy, Susie Messel, Anna M. Nordholt, Patricia Downard, John Allen. Front Row: Myrna Owens, Pat Smith, Janet Baldwin, Margie Cornelius, Joan Chase, Barbara Coss, Virginia Dodd, Pat Luke, Angela Raetz, Mary Agnes Raetz, Lois Rice, Diane McClure. 41 Ue i ood time cU tUe P 1A QluUUfnal cafiynlacd . . Back Ro w: Dale Wilson, Charles Mur- •ray, Tom McClure, Bob Osterhous, Bob Conlon, Steve Frazier, Kenny Bigham, Bob Atkin, Bill Nixon, Aden Klingler, Mary Sue Johnson. Second Row: Victor Lawrence, Hedy Kuss, Jack Loy, George Dew, Dwight Austin, Shirley Shaw, Paula Baumgartner, Dave Blue, Dorothy Nelson. Front Row: Barbara Rynerson, Nancy Campbell, Marlene Brown, Sally Gordner, Irene Martin, Phyllis Christy, Sally Max, Thelma Sears, Janie Adams. Back Row: Vemer Mabrey, Fred Beck, Bob Daniels, Joe Granger, John Plum, Bob Schoen, Bill Dunn, Phil Dunham, Joe Braune. Second Row: Carol Alten- bach, Nancy Palm, Ruth Sargent, Bud Teague, Anna Hayes, Connie Pfisterer, Shirley Phillips, Nancy Ahrbecker, Bar- bara Cheney. Front Row: Susan Fox, Dorothy Walker, Joan Merrill, Arlene Tway, Mary Inman, Waneta Stadler, Betty King, Verna Beam. Back Row: Robert Weigel, Glen Thompson, Mai Purdy, Russell Cole, Dick DeBoest, Dick Campbell, Alice Scott, William Berner, Alice King, Mary Ellen Morris. Second Row: Joseph Evard, Roger Overstreet, Clara Mae Freeland, Rita A. Black, John Brown, Barbara Caldwell, Lucybelle Keller, Wilma Shelley, June Mitchell, Don Packwood, John McCardle. Front Row: Jack Fye, Ann Behrman, Bettie Dunica, Carole Barrett, Barbara Miller, Kathleen Neely, Ada Tway, Barbara Owen, Va- lerie Jacobs. Back Row: Carolyn Kensinger, Marcia Wildey, Betty Sue Ross, Kristin Richey, Nancy Willett, Tom Abrams, Joe Stovall, Don Davis, Don Sherry. Front Rotw: Mary Margaret Keating, Jodelle Hook, Estella Brendel, Joan Starr, Shirley Han- na, Sara Simmons, Phyllis Gray, Loretfa Zink. Back Row: Eugenia Miller, Mitzi Mas- ters, Bob Hanna, Don Peacock, Carter Hall, Bill Lloyd, Jack Cummings, Bob Williams, John Ashworth, Dick Turmail, Tom Logan, Dave Givens, Phil Higley. Front Row: Judith Spratt, Martha Mc- Kinstray, Patty Van Winkle, Jack Web- ber, Jack Secoy, Dick Wame, John Schreiber, Anne Rust, Doris Graham, Wanda Washmuth, Marie Woltjen, Bar- barbara Ray, Jim Alltop. 42 1 %:i y- " -% mt Ue ne44A JuULdUuf yuuiUiix dcuf Ltf daif Jt Uak lAdcU . . . Back Row: Jim Stewart, Bill Spencer, Douglas Stagner, Tommy Anderson, Ralph Wendling, Ronald Anderson, Rob- ert Altum, Joe Hawley, Harry Young, Bill Hollenbeck. Second Row: Carla Woods, Rosemary Sapp, Sandra Ander- son, Bruce Farnsworth, Tom Boone, Rob- ert Nicholls, Robert Leonard, George Wildman, Bill Kendall. Front Row: Bar- bara Wagner, Lois Stowers, Jean Thomp- son, Mary Anne Sparks, Ruth Hubbard, Mary Ann Hall, Rita Taylor, Bill Lazar. Back Row: Mildred Lewis, Phillis Reese, Mary Cavanaugh, Nancy Towns- ley, Dick McCammon, Donald Snape, Pete Novak, Craig Young, Tom Barden, Dick Tulley, Warren Sparks. Front Row: Sue Van Sickle, Virginia Lee, Shirley St. Clair, Charlene Huffine, Barbara Carson, Connie Anderson, Louise Allen, Marilyn Schetter, Barbara Bassett, Barbara Baur- ley. Back Row: Kaye Turpin, Dee Hughey, Jim Kirchhoffer, Raymond Rice, Jim Gib- son, Dick Lawson, Kenneth Hixon, Jerry Sickel. Second Row: Max Beaver, Dick Kiewitt, Paul Kieper, Thomas Dan, Ron- ald Towner, Jim Crull, Carolyn Schory. Front Row: Barbara Wolf, Marilyn Eng- mark, Jim Koskey, Marilee Bonner, Pattie Netter, Joan Schofner, Carole Ferris, Carol Dady. Back Row: Bill Worthington, Dalton Jones, Bill Guarnery, William Roberts, Bruce Baird, Everett Cranfill, John Elkins, William Fox, Cynthia Higgins. Front Row: Roberta Phillabaum, Janet David- son, Bill Cothran, Frank Nelson, Ruth Wise, Suzanne Marsh, Susan Duckworth, Barbara Wadsworth. Back Row: Philip Hoyt, Don Duncan, Pete Straub, Don Marienthal, Bob Van Rheenen, Peter Mogg, Fred Karch, Jack Gaskill. Second Row: Mary Ann Sum- mers, Catherine Knue, Bette Jeane Jones, Jack McNairy, Barbara Niles, Maxine Fultz, Julianne Farris, Jim Copsy. Front Row: Betty Allen, Glenna Jackson, Eve- lyn Stewart, Ingrid Zimmerman, Kath- erine McLerran, Shirley Finley, Bar- bara Fox. 43 PloitnUu and electUuf, 044A nC ' UAUf -o KfKiKi ' 4ti4 ie4iJt co444uUl . . . Back Row: Dennis Schiele, Richard Birqe, Charles Lindner, Bill Grouse, Tom Heidenreich, John Bain, Ronald Rice, Jack Molt, Jack Phillips, Jerry Wells, George Bauer, William Klennert, Jim Amos. Second Row: Eddie French, Rich- ard Henson, Bob Johns, Ruth Hoffman, Carol Teckemeyer, Peggy Sturgeon, Jo- anne West, Wilmena Preusz, Don Shaner, William Basham, John Wynne. Front Row: Annette Howell, Ronda Hunter, Jeanne Hubbs, Jayne Hubbs, Barbara Day, Barbara Smith, Rita Burch, Benna Shepherd, Anna Mae Miller. Back Row: Carol Welch, Gloria Chan- dler, George Seidensticker, Don Mar- tinelli. Jack Freese, Alice Jones, Carolyn Dessauer, Larry Frank, Stephen Gar- stang, Paul Harbaugh. Second Row: Jo Ann Wilson, Dolly Megenhardt, Mary Frances Wright, Jean Thiery, Frances Bubenzer, Dorothy Figel, Betty Nicholls, Christine Ascher, Lenore Ash, Frances MacMahon. Front Row: Jo Ann Faulk, Susie Smith, Betty MacLeod, Nancy Stassus, Barry Bartle, Lucy Stovall, Anne Lockridge, Mary Anne Busselle, Helen Bland. Back Row: Jack Scott, Jack Mills, Janet Schrader, Virginia Johnson, Jane Alice Long, Loretta Mayer, Sarah Adams, Tom Bailey, Birk Shepherd, Dave Church- man, Needham Hurst, Franklin Speck- man. Second Row: Buster Holliday, Norma Louden, Irene Sims, Nancy Truex, Janie Emery, Edward Hughes, Spencer Brock, John Rennard, Barbara Ogle, Wanda Adkins. Front Row: Joyce Roys, Ann Duff, Lyn Duff, Norma Jean Clark, Barbara Hocker, Janet Wilson, Barbara Mason, Moonyeen Messner. Back Row: Peggy Wefler, Don Ream, Don Schafer, Jim Westcott, Jim Robison, Stuart LaDuke, Janet Kingston, Bob Rid- dle, David Robertson, Thomas Jett, Don Gleason. Front Row: Judy Parsons, Nancy Lee Dickerson, Marilyn King, Helen Botkin, Phyllis Query, Phyllis Bongfeldt, Charles Jackson, Virginia Schierbaum, Dorothy Arnott, Jane Rust, Morris Ratliff, Kenneth Kinder. Back Row: Bill Hansford, Don Kirk- patrick, Janet Wert, Alice Symons, Bud Hall, Jim Lesh, Spencer Trudgen, Stephen Pfleiderer, Ed Elrod, Alice Emhardt. Second Row: Charlmagne Cline, Richard Bane, Bill Gaubatz, Jackie Long, Dave Hanna, Jim Hillis, Bob Martin, Helene Zaiser, Saralu Hottel. Front Row: Jane Zaiser, Mary Ann West, Nancy Fergu- son, Pat Guthrie, Sallie Hathaway, Bar- bara Hyde, Diane Ambrose, Donna Knox, Kathryn Berry. 44 Seeiaxf, tUe pAxxiidct o uui yi o fi iactlce, ife4 t eveA " Ripynlei . . . Back Row: Hagar St. Qair, Leon Beck, Rosemary Bingham, Ronald Robertson, Carol Murphy, Diane Adams, Frank Lewis Vlach, James Gresh, Gordon Walker, Carl Daneman, Dick Roettger, Richard Jones. Front Row: Bob Law- rence, Margaret Branning, Raymond Wooden, Earl Bishop, Betty Bradley, Janet Sage, Elinore Lawrence, Roland Restivo, Robert McMillan, Billy Engle- dow, Tom Branning. Back Row: Dave Jessee, Dick Harney, John Rouse, Carol Crosbie, Janet Rags- dale, Janet Rust, Reita Ridenour, John Sieloff, Victor Wenning, Paul Estridge. Second Row: Dick Good, Joann More- land, Ann Packard, Fred Wurster, Tom Johnson, Harry Smith, Gordon Smith, Florine Nelson. Front Row: Ruthann Cortner, Dave Coffman, Janet Long, Ed- ward Cox, Joe Reagan, Barbara Shepard, Caroline Verbarg, Margaret Kelley. Back Row: Marianne Hall, Henrietta Doane, Earl Walker, Henry DeBoest, Leonard Wood, John Moenning, Dick Hagen, Stanley Sackett, Richard Gayde, Kenneth Deppen. Second Row: Fritz Shumaker, Sandra Moon, Jackie Smith, Joyce Berry, Helen Eby, Fred Haffield, Donald Siegel, Shirley Reinert, Dale Misamore, Marlene Carver. Front Row: Helen Gwinn, Samuel Condon, Ruth Harris, Barbara Jacobs, Joan Rabold, Mary MillhoUand, Nancy Lindley, Sue Lyons, Gene Black. Back Row: Gene Gunter, John Shady, Bill Cale, Bill Milender, Don Midyett, Jim Hess, Cliff Bush, Robert Wilson, Tom Biggs, Susan Hughey. Second Row: Joan Ooley, Joyce Seifert, Darlene Mil- ender, Don Smith, Charles Spencer, Phil Newkirk, Kenneth Yount, Louis Mavis, Norma Webber. Front Row: Bonnie Jean Livingston, Judy Carr, Mer- rie Jo Ober, Josephine Shattuck, Jim Smith, Sara Von Behrent, Jane Hop- wood. Back Row: Billy Wadsworth, Dick Knight, Douglas Currie, Fred Heffel- man, David Gooding, Roy Parrott, Bob Williams, Keith Estell, Charles Trowl, Frank Mitchell, Loren Comstock. Second Row: Marilyn Bestandig, Barbara Poirier, Alice Hill, Frank Abbott, Ralph Wood, Anita Yohler, Ronald Dodd, Myron Hack, John Acher, Dick Dickinson. Front Row: Rueben Robertson, Betty Kiefer, Carol Rutter, Mike Kinney, Charles Pettijohn, Jane McCarty, Sharon Smith, Don Miller, Dolores Eddy. 45 NeujL tJtoHJO Bociettf Me nLe iA f 244M and Sdo-U toa . . . Back Row: John Christie, Jenny Lentz, Trudy Lowery, Wayne Preusz, Don Prater, Sydney Baker, Marsha Johnson, Sara Jane Clark, Phyllis Jean Davis, Dick Richardson, Shirley Whaley, Robert Gandy, George DeMoss. Front Row: Carolyn Miller, Helen Warner, Janet Wil- son, Helen Middleton, Ellen Warner, Artamae Johnson, John Riddle, Paul Privette, Bob Hook, Carole Ranger, CaroU Groves. Back Row: Donna Shireman, Lois Pickard, Nancy Kuhn, Melvalee Nollau, Barbara Bigelow, Zula Mae Tyndall, Lynne Holliday, Janet Ellis Newman, David French, Lowell Canary, Paul Neely, Marjorie Hovey. Front Row: Gale Jarvis, Mary Joan Rithmiller, Glen Wil- liams, Deborah Carroll, Marijane Downs, Jo Ann Teague, John Lemmon, Truman Leffler, Philip Murray, Bob McLean. Back Row: Buddy Cassity, Donald Boots, Ronald Dickie, Milford McCaffrey, Carol Capel, Martha Downs, Norman Metzger, Phillip Greenwood, Richard Jackson, Peter Bridgford. Second Row: Bill Elliott, Donald McDermed, Lewis Thomas, Dick Macy, Joan Peterson, Martha Oliver, Richard Polley, Nancy Max, Terry Coder, Allen Campbell. Front Row: Zoe Clatworthy, Eileen Pat- terson, Beverly Skaggs, Helen Wolfe, Georgia Rider, Carolyn Woodfill, Bar- bara Summers, George Lane, Davey Lou Shew, Gayle Jackson. Back Row: Ronald Ragsdale, Joyce Wilson, Daniel O ' Leary, Jerry Dake, Jack Bigham, Bill Zier, Richard Newell, Don Brooks. Front Row: Howard Peters, James Chalfin, Meredith Smith, Betty Walls, Patricia Dobbs, Maxine Cast- ner, Jim White. Back Row: Lynn Behrman, Janet Mac- Donald, Lee Shircliff, Eleanor Thomas, John Stark, Nancy Thomas, Schuyler Brignall, Dick Phillips, Anthony Clark, Bob King, John Higley. Second Row: Carol Ottinger, Kenny Basell, Kay Shipp, Nancy Greenwood, Dennie Cory, Mar- garet Johnson, Lannie Christoffel, Mar- ilyn McComas, Jean Ferris, Marcy Ann McCleerey, Tom Chilton, David Moser. Front Row: Joe Jones, Dick Berner, Mar- garet Edwards, Don Blue, Roberta Wendt, Sylvia Yatt, Marcia Robertson, Nancy Gackel, Bob Mead, Joanne Gremillion, Jack Best. 46 0i4 i. Mi4 ilc efi4sAime d!L GliAMimal a ulL Mcuf f)Mi fiG4fU, Back Row: Dick Carver, Carl Ander- son, Jack Gosbin, Jim Kemper, Bob Kin- nett, Paul McNorton, Eugene Neudigate, Georgia Thompson, Don Bryan, Dale Ditzenberger. Second Row: Jan Som- mers, Howard Harman, Max Delong, Sallie DoUman, Merre Jo Gorman, Shir- ley Wise, Martha Marshall, Adrianne Nail, Pattie Alexander, Mary Sadler. Front Row: Jean Silvey, Jim Keyler, Beverly Elmore, Barbara Adams, Bar- bara Inman, Bob Surman, Arlene Baker, Gearldean Drury, Sue Skaggs, Bessie Carter. Back Row: Charles Harrison, Jack Hogan, Bob Allison, Louis Wooldridge, Susie Cory, Shirley Hanson, Don Skin- ner, Barbara Granger. Second Row: John Henry, Bob Sicks, Anita Van de Voort, Barbara Farmer, Judy Helms, Lois Wool- dridge, Luann Myer, Marcia Ross, David Stratton, Ruth Meyer. Front Row: Mike Ambrose, Jane Malott, Billy Lever, Ginny Jones, Carolyn Johnson, Barbara Cole, Dave Roettger, Carolyn Springer. Back Row: Donna Avels, Barbara Jean Ross, Doris Richards, Sally Stiles, Bar- bara Quinn, Mildred Shepherd, Philli p Mendenhall, Patsy Wissen, Don Jacobs, Gary Haines, Frank Eward, Dewey Petty. Second Row: Jean Woodring, Marcia Brasier, Shirley Craig, Joyce Klingler, Mark Forster, Larry Kay, Bob Carpenter, Richard Medaris, Eleanor Hackemeyer, Mary Jane Lewis, Ronald Cranfill, Bill Ross. Front Row: Shirley Peterson, Bob Sowerwine, Jeanette Cath- cart, Sharon Billing, Jean Toombs, Jack Hopkins, Don Wuerzberger, Barbara Lee Albright, Donna Deal, Betty Brink. Back Row: Thomas Lawson, Larry Kinder, Robert Johnson, Dudley Craig, Kenneth Hughey, John Mueller, Sarah Verrill, Kathy Neff, Delores Gilham, Norma Earle, Sandra Childs, Hobart Mc- Vey, Rick Ahrbecker, Steve Gould. Second Row: Don Williams, Marilyn Sue Sindlinger, Ray Hankins, Doris Emery, Marcia Esch, Summa Sheets, Joann Irwin, Roberta Zaring, Jane Kilger, John Coyle, Bob Carey, Darroll French. Front Row: Charles Hayes, Bob Boyer, Don Rice, Barbara Lind, Delight Williams, Mary Ann Finch, Phyllis Yater, Priscilla Jean Horsley, Jerry Morton, Norma Corey, Kathy Medcalf, Jill Douglass. Back Row: Paul Atherton, Edmund Shaw, Duane McClure, Robert Tinnel, Jack Logan, Gene Koshey, Dave Reb- enack, Anthionette Denzio, Arzella Bar- nard. Front Row: Don Reder, Raymond Wolfe, Hugh Allen, Marie Martin, Dick Bounsall, Jackie Rozelle, Shirley Copsy, Barbara Cruea, Phila Cole. 47 ui deHilmeHialUff tke i4,H4Xi -BeHAJO HecefUlan . . . Back Row: Carolyn Cravens, Suzanne Hanson, Elinor Sweetman, Janet Wach- stetter, Thelma Query, Shirley Hamei , Martin Carlin, Virginia Griffice, Gordon Ingles, Terry Woodard, Robert Johnson, Jack Peacock. Second Row: Ann Chase, Carolyn Hartman, Johnny Wyttenbach, Patsy Cox, Jane Bromert, Virgil Hamil- ton, Betty Ray, Jerry Young, Louise Henley, June Morrison, Nancy Jones. Front Row: Ruth Condon, Jack Hamm, Hariiett Forsyth, Jacqueline Richards, Judy Risk, Valeria Phillips, Herschel Sears, Phyllis Wolf, Roy Westcott, Nancy Rogers. Back Row: Rick Williams, Mike Graves, Rodger Meyer, Robert Kirk, Chester Pat- ton, Michael Kelly, Tom MacMahon, Bill Campbell, Barbara Sovine, Dorothy Cur- tis, Harry Fitch. Second Row: Joyce Buchanan, Vella Mae Hammack, James Haston, Ronald Miller, Dolores Wern- sing, Shirley Thomas, Shirley Snyder, Georganne Peters, Judy Roberts, Sally Williams, Bob Coble. Front Row: Lois Hickman, Carole Smith, Mary Thompson, Bill Duesler, Jack Kount, Earl Kirk, Mary Ann Lichtenberg, Louise Sparks, Gordon Graham, Dick Moll. Back Row: Ben Baird, James Koll- meyer, Willa Grinstead, Charmion Kap- pes, Rosemarie Dodd, Beverly Baldwin, Thelma Woodruff, Nancy Gerlach, Jackie Ricketts, Dave Alvis, Dick Richards, Bill Meade. Second Row: Margie Gwinn, Marilyn Boyle, Peter Spaulding, Mar- jorie Clapper, Sandra Kennell, Barbara Bonewitz, Eleanor Gray, Mary Lou Bees- ley, Robert Plumley, Jim Lahr, Ronald Beam. Front Row: Alice Ashby, Paul Spaulding, Richard Moulton, Bob Young, Nancy Niblack, Susan Haskell, Jeanie Sage, Darlene King, Lucy Sconce, Joan Bechtold. Back Row: Janet Neely, Dave Ober, Tom Willey, Ja y Hanselmann, Shirley Jackson, Martha Butterv orth, Barbara Nelson, James Horner, Hov ard Beasley, Leon Rattler, Albert Parrott, Henry Huder, John Heimann. Second Row: Dolores Schlueter, Loleita Townsend, Jack Lloyd, Douglas Paden, Jim Colyer, David Geupel, Dick Land, Robert Grable, Eugene Cruse, Wesley Grebe, Carol Billeter, Billy Cobb, Bob Jacks. Front Row: Richard Fordyce, David Shumate, Donald Naegele, Joseph Wood, Philip Roberts, William Johnson, Barbara Minor, Sharron Mitchell, Nancy Marlnee, Nancy McNay, Mary Dooley, Mike Curtis. Back Row: Janice Patterson, Josephine Dokes, Charlotte Van Meter, Anita Van de Voort, Jane Davis, Jeanine Sanders, Jo Ann Estep, Carolyn Officer, Walter Colbath, Ted Bosler. Second Row: Paula Neese, Kathryn Ward, David Fitzgerald, Carolyn Harris, Jo Ann Lygrett, Robert Hirschman, Jerry Garrett, Alfred Hiecke, Eddie Jines, Duane York. Front Row: Jane Manuel, Carol Champer, Janet York, Jimmie Walters, Jean Jose, Lisabie Viel- haber, Margaret Behnke, Shirley Clark, Edna Hicks, Faeann Van Meter, Joyce ' an Der Meulen. Sa4f44i f j ooaJt4fe to- (ui wo-ncle LJfui KdO i i at tU tyiaa. c o fce. Back Row: Bill Beam, Ray Huff, Jim Perkins, Bill Campbell, Charles Hoover, Bill Ross, Clint Hare, Joe Vaughn, Rich- ard Johnson, Jack Retz, Charlss Jackson. Second Row: Harold Besse, Eleanor Ac- Ion, Roberta Jean Konkle, Lorna Hamil- ton, Glenna Gay Adams, Jane Potter, Mary Louise Rosenberger, Thomas York, Bob Smith, Charles Crouch, Clyde Wile- mon, Meredith Wolfe. Front Row: Shir- ley Stewart, Ann Kohlmeyer, Dallis Good, Bob Hamilton, Therman Noel, Lyman Hoyt, Wyman Hoyt, Roger Wil- liams, Elizabeth Atkinson, Donna Besse, Sonya Sackett. Bac!c Row: Burk Crce, Galen Corbett, Neil Hinchman, Bob Hamaker, Frederick Wantland, Philip Cravans, Foster Tudor, Martha Ann Overman. Front Row: Myra Jo Melton, Pat Denton, Dick Roehm, Stanley Paulsen, Nancy Bundy, Gene Ragsdale, Philip Woods. Back Row: Stephen Sharp, Walter Matthews, Paul Bowers, Lee Graham, Kenny Appel, Charles Vernon, Dorothea Mumaw, Norma Hubbard, Marcia Brown. Front Row: Josephine Gribben, Roy Brown, Bob Taylor, Judy Rinehart, Betty Johnson, Carolyn Johnson, Allan Strucks- berg, Suzan Sconce, Donald Parker. Back Row: Lake Conant, Dick Begley, Lola Morris, Ronald Faulkner, Janet Long, Fabian Lannerd, Fred Wendling, Suzanne Yohler, David Williams. Front Row: Robert McKimmey, Peggy Thomas, Virginia Kelly, Myra Maholm, Jane Blake, Virginia Cox, Cynthia Senefeld, Virginia Barrett, Mary Ellen Kirkwood. Back Row: Dave Buennagal, Elaine Hayes, James Roberson, David Bauer, Shirley Jo Huey, Ann White, Bonnie Mae Shaw, Frank Walter. Front Row: Carol Washmuth, Sandra Hughes, Janet Richman, Sally Frank, Nancy Loucks, Jerry Mills, Russell Wurster, Floyd Send- meyer. 49 xi ctl ttle5 I Jack Engledow, president, conducts a Student Council busi- ness meeting with the help of officers John Lyman, vice-president, and Jim AUtop, treas- urer. Believing in Principal Ammerman ' s philosophy that " the formal supple- mented by the informal makes a well- balanced program, " faculty members and students have cooperated to work out a broad activities program at Ripple. This year the Student Council was reorganized. Under the leadership of President Jack Engledow, Vice-President John Lyman, Secretary Barbara Knotts, and Treasurer James Alltop, this repre- sentative body suggests improvements in the school program. 51 HONOR SOCIETY RECOGNIZES DESERVING STUDENTS Stressing character, leadership, scholarship, and service, the National Honor Society provides a goal for every student. The formal banquet and initiation of the organization are financed by the sale of popcorn and ice cream at the basket- ball games. In the picture at the left, Royce Meranda, Alice Curtis, and Joe Cavanaugh man the concession stand. Back Row: Elaine Cook, Carolyn Kensinger, Jim Alltop, Forrest Reehling, Bob Leonard, Dick Warne, Charles Aldag, Barbara Knotts, and Ruth Hubbard. Third Row: Tom Haynes, Ed Erpelding, Jack Engledov , Loretta Zink, Margaret Appel, Rita Taylor, Royce Meranda, John R. Smith, and Joe Cavanaugh. Second Row: Jerry Mitchell, Janice McComas, Jean Hebel, Susan Bassett, Alice Cur- tis, Mary Peacock, Jo Ann Neff, June Uphaus, and Ruth Jacobs. Front Row: Martha Wilson, Virgil Beeler, secretary; Jeanne Bryant, historian; Jack Barnett, president; Miss Elizabeth Roberts, sponsor; John Lyman, treasurer; Jannice Bryant, vice-presi- dent; Paul Ross, ways and means chairman; and Susan Stark. Suzanne Grob, Barbara Walker, and Mrs. Mary Ann Elliott, co-sponsor, are not in the picture. 52 QUILL AND SCROLL HONORS JOURNALISTS Participating in the initiation ceremony of Quill and Scroll are Martha Wilson, John Lyman, Susan Bassett, secretary; Virgil Beeler, president; Jo Harper, and Paul Ross, treasurer. Dick Harvey and Nancy Pippenger are not pictured. The or- ganization is sponsored by Mrs. Ruth Marie Griggs and Mrs. Jane Gable. Members inducted into the national high school journalistic society this spring were William Ad- kins, Jim Alltop, Janet Baldwin, Jack Bamett, Carole Barrett, Jannice Bryant, Jeanne Bryant, Peggy Dodd, Joanne Exner, Bill Frazer, Doris Gra- ham, Mary Ann Hall, Barbara Knotts, Nancy Lowe, Dick Madden, Mitzi Masters, Janice McComas, Jerry Mitchell, and Robert Schoen. GROUP PRESENTS SKITS Those interested in phases of radio — dramatic or technical — may belong to Radio Workshop, which is under the direction of Miss Mary Connor. In the picture at the right members Dick Harvey, Mary Ann Finch, Jane Helmus, and Carole Bar- rett give a special announcement over the P. A. as a Radio Workshop project. Other members of Radio Workshop are Nancy Ahrbecker, Margaret Appel, Mary Asquith, Janet Baldwin, Ann Behrman, Lynn Behrman, Rita Black, Harriett Borchers, Beverly Boyer, Bob Boyer, Joyce Dodd, Bill Duesler, Doris Graham, Dolores Hayes, Betty Ann Hester, Diane Hopkins, Ruth Hubbard, Ruth Jacobs, Joyce Kryter, Janet Lahr, Nancy Lowe, Roberta McMillan, Phillip Mendenhall, Katherine Neff, Betty Sue Ross, Nancy Silverthorn, Judy Spratt, Pat Thomas, Jean Wilder, Martha Wilson, Nancy Winterrowd, and Carla Woods. 53 THESPIANS Thespians, students enrolled in freshman and cophomore English, promote an interest in dra- matic art3. Pictured at the palm-reading booth at the Carnival are. Eleanor Hackemeyer, Lynn Behrman, Sallia Dollman, and Barbara Granger. The Thespians group is sponsored by Miss Ruth Chandler. Other Thespians are Betty Brink, Martha But- terworth, Robert Carey, Sandra Childs, Carol Champsr, Norma Corey, Carolyn Cravens, Beverly Elmore, Barbara Farmer, Mary Ann Finrh, Harriett Forsyth ' , Alice Hill, Shirley Jackson, Margaret Johnson, Anne Lockridge, Barbara Ann Lind, Janet MacDonald, Katherine Neff, Judy Roberts, Elinor Sweetman, Lois Wooldridge, and Helena Zaiser. NEWCOMERS ' CLUB Broad Ripple ' s friendly spirit is exemplified by the Newcomers ' Club, designed to welcome and acquaint new arrivals with Broad Ripple. In the picture Lyn Duff, Betty Kiefer, Miss Winifred West, sponsor, and Ann Duff are shown at their booth at the Carnival. Other Newcomers are Jean Adams, Dorothy Bledsoe, Marilyn Clark, Nancy Campbell, Doris Hansen, Mary Keating, Carolyn Ketcham, Norma Landen, Angela Raetz, Mary Raetz, Joan Sand- burg, Joyce Seifert, Bob Sigafoose, Nancy Sledge, Mary Ann Summers, Deena Uhls, Barbara Wagner, and Harry Young. PHOTO CLUB Directed by Mr. Sidney Esten, the Photo Ciub promotes an interest in good photography and in the making of better pictures. This club furnishes many of the pictures for the Riparian yearbook and weekly. Managing their Carnival booth are George Seidensticker, Don Williams, Nancy Stassus, Bill Frazer, and Carolyn Dessauer. Completing the membership, which is limited to fifteen, are Bill Cale, Carol Capel, Dave Church- man, Dick DeBoest, Steve Frazier, Sallie Hatha- way, Jack Langston, Bob Leonard, Art Plumley, and Don Schafer. 54 BATON CLUB One of the preliminaries for being a drum ma- jorette is belonging to the Baton Club. The spon- sor of this club, Mrs. Mary M. Heacox, gives in- structions on twirling to the members who all hope that some day they will be majorettes. Shown in the picture are Jane Zaiser, Betty Ann Hester, Drum Major Tom Jett, Betty Macnabb, and Katherine Smith. Other members of the Baton Club are Sara Behrent, Nancy Dickerson, Annette Howell, Shir- ley Peterson, Phillis Jean Reese, and Janet Schrader. COZY HOUR Bi-monthly meetings of Cozy Hour provide a chance for Ripple girls to know one another bet- ter. Programs discussing matters of importance to girls are arranged by this organization. Alice King, Miss Jane Colsher, sponsor; and Anne Rust sell " nic-nacs " at their Carnival booth. Cozy Hour has no specific membership list because all Broad Ripple girls are invited to the meetings. LATIN CLUB Students who are taking or have taken Latin are eligible for membership in the Latin Club. Members learn about Roman life, literature, and history through the activities of the club. Pic- tured decorating for their Christmas party are the officers, Alice King, Janet Baldwin, Margaret Appel, Donna Knox, Nancy Ahrbecker, and Janet Wert who is kneeling. Miss Elinor Randall spon- sors the group. Other members of the Latin Club are Joan Bechtold, Barbara Bonewitz, Lannie Christoffel, Joyce Glaser, Sue Hughey, Jane Long, Marilyn McComas, Nancy Niblack, Don Ream, Marcia Ross, Janet Rust, Nancy Secrest, and June Uphaus. 55 rpTm HOMEMAKERS ' CLUB Demonstrations and lectures have taught the girls hov to be good homemakers after they finish school. Shown at the Carnival are Miss Ellen Elizabeth Coots, sponsor; Betty Keifer, Joan Bechtold, and Judy Helms. Other active members of the Homemakers ' Club are Dorothea Abramson, Betty Berryhill, Suzanne Cadle, Peggy Dodd, Ann Duff, Lyn Duff, Ellen Emery, Joan Gilyeat, Pat Hollenback, Mary Kersey, Ada Tv ay, Arlene Tv ay, Barbara Walker, Peggy Wefler, and Ruth Wright. SPANISH CLUB Promoting a higher interest in the Latin Amer- ican language and customs is the main purpose of the Spanish Club. Shown selling flowers at the Carnival are Janet Wert, Bob Boyer, Mrs. Marie Shaw, sponsor; Joyce Glaser, and Beverly Boyer. Other Spanish clubbers are Beverly Baldwin, Don Blue, Jane Bromert, Nancy Cox, Bill Duesler, Audrey liams, Sally Lyman, Dorothy Nelson, Martha Oliver, and Jean Woodring. BUSINESS LEADERS A ' s and A pluses are stiff requirements, but Ihose who receive them in two commercial sub- jects are eligible for Business Leaders. Miss Betty Porter, sponsor, is shown al a carnival booth with Susan Stark, Suzanne Grob, Susan Bassett, Carol Rogers, Judy Spratt, and Carolyn Kensingei. Other members are Margaret Appel, Marjorie Berry, Diane Burhenn, Sharon Chance, Caroljane Clif:, Alice Curtii, Jean Doll, Pat Hollenback, Va- lera Hume, Ruth Jacobs, Harriet Laycock, Mary Edith Lee, Janice McComas, Jim Mueller, Con- ;;tance Neudigate, Joyce Roberts, Ruth Sargent, Yvonne Teepell, Marilyn Wilgus, Martha Wilson, Nancy Winterrowd, Anna Wonnell, Yeiive Wort- man, and Pat Carter. 56 ART CLUB " Hansel and Gretel, " the Art Club ' s marionette show, has been one of its main projects during the past year. Audrey liams, Carol Hathorn, Carol Rutter, Jane McCarty, and Peter Spaulding are pictured working on the puppet show. This club is sponsored by Mr. Virgel Clark. The Art Club roster includes Barbara Lee Al- bright, Earl Anderson, Barbara Cole, Becky Fulton, Barbara Hocker, Joann Irwin, Carol Johnson, Nancy Jones, Fae Van Meter, Jackie Smith, Carol Springer, Jean Woodring, and Phyllis Yeter. SQUARE DANCING CLUB New to Broad Ripple this year is the Square Dancing Club, sponsored by Miss Max Moreillon. This organization made several public appearances, including performances for the PTA and the Southerners Club. Shown dancing in the picture at the right are David Sweetman, Bob Van Rhee- nen, Sara Behrent, Annette Howell, Sally Max, Peter Bridgford, Joan Ooley, and Kurt Beier. Other dancers are Betty Brink, Zoe Clatworthy, Nancy Dickerson, Tom Graves, Bill Lever, Nancy Max, Joe Mulkey, and Janet Wilson. 57 DRACLU Draclu, Ripple ' s advanced dramatic group, pre- sents plays and radio programs during the school year. Shown at the " Cake Walk " at the Carnival are Don Shaw, Dick DeBoest, Doris Graham, Nancy Ahrbecker, Nancy Pippenger, Ann Behrman, and Mrs. Donna Leigh Collins, sponsor. Other members of Draclu are Carole Barrett, Paula Baumgartner, Marjorie Berry, Harriett Borch- ers, Beverly Boyer, Nancy Campbell, Mary Cava- naugh, Joyce Dodd, Susie Duckworth, Dick Fair, Barbara Greenlee, Tom Haynes, Walter Hertel, Betty Ann Hester, Alice Hill, Jean Houseman, Audrey liams, Ruth Jacobs, Carolyn Ketcham, Bill Kline, Janet Lahr, Nancy Lowe, Joanne Nicely, Betty Sue Ross, Dolores Scheidler, Nancy Silver- thorn, Judy Spratt, Gloria Trissel, Joanne West, Sandra West, Jean Wilder, Marcia Wildey, Bar- bara Wolf, and Carta Woods. Mrs. Jane Gable (upper panel) checks the budget of Co-Business Manager Peggy Dodd, Circulation Manager Janice McComas, Co-Business Manager Mary Ann Hall, and Advertising Manager Jack Barnett. Joyce Dodd, Ann Behrman, Sue Van Sickle, Makeup Editor Joanne Exner, and Ruth Farris are members of the Makeup staff, (lower panel) who mounted pictures for the 1949 Riparian. 58 Studying the plans of the 1949 Ripari- an Yearbook are Associate Editor Susan Bassett and Editor-in-Chief Jo Harper. These plans were started last spring, formulated at Indiana University where the editors attended a journalism insti- tute during the summer, and completed during this school year. Don Schafer, Dick DeBoest, and Bill Cale of the Photo Club took many of the action pictures for the book. These boys worked under the direction of Mr. Sidney Esten. A YEAR OF WORK, WORRY, AND FUN MAKES THE ' 49 BOOK In the picture below the yearbook class editors are shown discussing their problems. They are (standing) Jeanne and Jannice Bryant, co-senior edi- tors, and (seated) Underclass Editor Margaret Appel. Deciding which of the pictures should be used in the yearbook are (standing) Bill Frazer, photo editor; Jim AUtop, sports editor, and (seated) Activities Editor Doris Graham. 59 m n t .- RIPARIAN STAFF PUBLISHES FOUR-PAGE WEEKLY PAPER Under the supervision of the Editors- in-Chief Paul Ross and Martha Wilson, the page editors plan the coming issue of the paper each week. The fall se- mester Riparian weekly editors were (standing) Virgil Beeler, sports editor; Dick Harvey, feature editor; Mitzi Mas- ters, news editor; and Barbara Knotts, editorial editor. Paul Ross and Martha Wilson are seated. In the spring semester Dick Madden served as news editor and Mitzi Masters as feature editor. 60 BUSINESS AND EDITORIAL STAFFS Bob Schoen, business manager of the Riparian weekly, gives his staff instructions. Pictured (left) are, Back Row: Betty Sue Ross, Kristin Richey, Dick Warne, Phyllis Ballere, and Nancy Ahr- becker. Second Row: Alice King, Anne Rust, Sallie Hathaway, and Mary Asquith. First Row: Bob Schoen, Carole Barrett, Ruth Hubbard, George Ann Varnes, and Janet Baldwin. News that appears each week in the paper is gathered by the editorial staff of the Riparian weekly. Mrs. Ruth Marie Griggs (lower panel) is shown giving instructions to the reporters. They are (standing) Bob Young, Betty Ann Hester, Carolyn Dessauer, Arthur Plumley, Nancy Sledge, Jane Helmus, and Jerry Mitchell. Seated, Third Row: Shirley Shaw and Doris Parrotte. Second Row: Mary Ellen Morris, Adrianne Nail, and Lu- cille Becker. Front Row: Nancy Willett, Mary Sue Johnson, Janet Lahr, and Ann Chase. NEWS BUREAU The Broad Ripple High School News Bureau re- leases publicity to the city and community news- papers and radio stations. Paul Ross was the head of the News Bureau from September to January. He was also in charge of correspond- ence to the Indianapolis Star. Members of this staff included Dick Madden, Indianapolis News; Nancy Lowe, North Side Topics; and Arthur Plum- ley, Indianapolis Times. From January to June, Martha Wilson was head of the News Bureau and also served as corre- spondent to the Indianapolis Star. The only other change in staff was Dick Johnson who became correspondent to the Indianapolis News. Virgil Heeler was in charge of sports publicity sent to the Indianapolis Times; Charles Aldag for the Indianapolis Star, and Bill Adkins for the Indianapolis News. Bill Adkins supplied the local radio stations with news and sports information. " ' i-lBf ff.BfeMtS ' • DANCE BAND Providing the music for Ripple ' s after-school dances is the Dance Band, directed by Mr. Howard Hanscom. Back Row: Eddie Yount, Jim Rennard, Tom Boone, and Harold Roy. Pianist is Dick Moll. Front Row: Henry Huder, Earl Bishop, Tom Abrams, Bob Kirk, Dave Alvis, and Joe Jones. Ray Westcott is not shown. GOLDEN SINGERS Ripple ' s twenty-eight choice voices, the Golden Singers (op- posite), presented many programs this year. This group, as well as the Choir and the Girls ' Ensemble, is under the direction of Mr. Roger Riley. Back Row: Jack Scott, Alan Beck, Dick Turmail, Ray Stauth, Bruce Johnson, Bill Lloyd, Don Hale, Gordon Smith, Bob Dickinson, and Bill Roberts. Second Row: Susan Stark, Marie Woltjen, Connie Pfisterer, Barbara Summers, Waneta Stadler, Loretta Zink, Carol Dady, and Carol Taylor. Front Row: Jo Ann Walrod, Marilyn Hull, Betty Pixley, Marilyn Engmark, Betty Parker, Carolyn Kensinger, Bonnie Hurd, Alice Curtis, Mary Peacock, and Joan Nicely. Dolores Hayes is not shown. m 1 - 1 N ■■ n k J i 1 i ■ ' ' pkl tr VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC GROUPS HAVE BUSY YEAR Pictured at the left are the Choir members. Back Row: Loren Comstock, Glen Thompson, Stanley Sackett, Bill Hansford, Bob Weigel, Peter Straub, Bill Cale, John Bain, Jack Webber, Richard Bane, Jerry Sickel, Kenny Bigham, Thomas Gass, Dale Langford, Don Packwood, Dick Buskirk, Raymond Rice, Stuart LaDuke, and Louis Mavis. Third Row: JoEllen Geiger, Jackie Sieloff, Vir- ginia Johnson, Ronald Rice, Wayne Schimpf, Dave Hanna, Robert Owen, Lowell Canary, Edward Hughes, Joe Reagan, Don Smith, Richard Polley, Jim Westcott, Spencer Trudgen, Jean Nicely, Jean Houseman, Marilyn Wilgus, and Alice Curtis. Second Row: Gretchen Graves, Helen Hennessy, Susan Jones, Sue Fehlinger, Sally Lyman, Frances Bubenzer, Janet Meckling, Kristin Richey, Betty Sue Talkington, Helen Wolfe, Jane Long, Barbara Niles, Nancy Max, Shirley Finley, Alice Emhardt, Thelma Sears, Joan Starr, and Joan Lehr. Front Row: Jane Helmus, Glenna Jackson, Joanne Hines, Jeanette Hart- man, Sharon Chance, Jane Adams, Jean Hebel, Pat Raines, Cresia Marsh, Sally Gordner, Nancy Ferguson, Irene Martin, Sally Max, JoAnn Neff, Barbara Owen, Judy Shattuck, Dolores Hayes, and Marjorie Berry. The Girls ' Ensemble, which was organized in the fall semester, is a group selected from the glee clubs. The girls (lower panel) have performed for local churches and clubs, as well as for the school. Back Row: Eugenia Miller, Jo Harper, Lynne Holliday, Mary Cavanaugh, Dorothy Maxwell, Jennie Lentz, Nancy Denton, Barbara Baurley, Zoe Clatworthy, and Alice Jones. Second Row: Carol Welch, Dottie McClamroch, Ruth Anne Huff, Phyllis Gray, Mary Frances Wright, Joe Sanders, Saralu Hottel, Joyce Berry, and Barbara Cheney. Front Row: Nancy Kuhn, Diane Ambrose, Joan Rabold, Joan Ooley, Mary Ritctmiller, Barbara Day, Deborah Carroll, Valeria Jacobs, Helen Warner, Martha McKinstray, Kathryn Berry, Jo Shattuck, and Helen Hennessy. % I BROAD RIPPLE BAND Broad Ripple ' s Band performs for the school in audi- torium programs and at football games. Members of the Broad Ripple Band are Tom Abrams, John Allen, Edith Bates, Sara Behrent, Earl Bishop, Don Blue, Robert Boiler, Walter Bond, Tom Boone, Robert Boyer, Betty Bradley, Marcia Brasier, Peter Bridgford, Keith Bundy, Tom Chilton, Loren Comstock, Kenneth Cruger, Max Delong, Paul Downs, Robert Earle, Ed Elrod, Alice Emhardt, Bill Engledow, Keith Estell, Bill Gaubatz, Gordon Graham, Phillip Greenwood, Virgil Hamilton, Ray Hankins, Dick Hansen, Marjorie Hovey, Sue Howe, Henry Huder, Richard Huffine, Edward Hughes, Tom Iacl;s, Tom Jett, Marsha ]ohn:on, Donald Jones, Ebert Jones, Joe Jones Jr., Robert King, Robert Kirk, Bob Lawrence, Victor Lawrence, Bob Leonard, John Lovell, Nancy Max, Dick Mc- Cammon, John McCardle, Dick McClure, Dick Madden, Dave Miller, Dave Moser, Jim Mueller, Barbara Nelson, Bill Oaks, Daniel O ' Leary, Donald Packwood, Shirley Peter- son, James Rennard, Bill Roberts, Harold Roy, Don Shaner, Don Shaw, Terry Simpson, Beverly Skaggs, Pat Smith, Bob Surman, Louie Tandy, George Toombs, Nancy Truex, Betty Uhls, Robert Van Rheenen, Frank Vlack, Gordon Walker, Bob Weigel, Roy Westcott, Tom Willey, Bob Williams, Glen Williams, Raymond Wooden, Johnny Wyltenback, Kenneth Yoiinl, and Jane Zaiser. ' i », ' A ' T " BROAD RIPPLE ORCHESTRA Both the Orchestra and the Band at Broad Ripple are directed by Mr. Owen Beckley. The Orchestra entertains at many school festivities. Members of the Broad Ripple Orchestra are Dave Alvis, Sydney Baker, Joan Becktold, Earl Bishop, Tom Boone, John Brown, David Coffman, Elaine Cook, Barbara Coss, Patsy Cox, Alice Emhardt, Charles Faulkner, Dorothy Figel, Joyce Glaser, Richard Hansen, Jim Hess, Sue Howe, Marilyn Hull, Tom Jacks, Don Jacobs, Tom Jett, Mary Margaret Keating, Carolyn Lambert, Eli- nore Lawrence, Jane Leahy, Betty Macnabb, Mary Jane Malott, Dorothy Maxwell, John McCardle, Dick McClure, Jim Mueller, John Mueller, JoAnn Neff, Douglas Paden, Mary Peacock, Juanita Perry, Mary- belle Rice, Philip Roberts, Jane Rust, Janet Rust, Janet Schrader, Terry Simpson, Mary Ann Summers, Louise Tandy, JoAnn Teague, George Toombs, Robert Van Rheenen, Gordon Walker, JoAnn Walrod, Dick Warne, Lolita Washmuth, Jerry Lee Wells, Sally Wil- liams, Marie Woltjen, Jean Woodring, Ruth Wright, Don Wuerzburger, and Loretta Zink. 66 ' fltkletic5 " We recognize and applaud excel- lency of performance " at Broad Ripple. Mr. K. V. Ammerman has led the student body and faculty in the belief that the value of athletics is contained in the quality, both of prowess and of attitude. Guided by these ideals, led by ex- perienced coaches, and cheered by en- thusiastic Ripplites, the athletes partici- pate in a well-rounded program. 67 " TO A GRAND COACH " Ed Diederich celebrated his twenty- fourth year of coaching at Broad Ripple with an undefeated, untied city cham- pionship football squad. He had come close before, but never realized the suc- cess that was finally reaped during the ' 48 season. As a token of their appreciation for Mr. Diederich ' s guidance during the season, members of the team presented him with a full-size gold football. Throughout the coach ' s career, which ended with his death on April 5, 1949, he influenced the lives of countless youths. Mr. Diederich lived as he be- lieved that " When the One Great Scorer comes to write against your name, he writes not that you won or lost, but how you played the game. " Back Row: Jim Robinson, George Seidensticker, Dick Turmail, Dave Nelson, Bruce Farnsworth, John Bain, Jim Gibson, John Wynne, Clifton Bush, Ray- mond Rice, Jim Kirchhoffer, Don Duncan, Don Boots. Third Row: Robert Hougham (Reserve coach), Walt Jurkiewicz (Line coach), John Ashworth, Joe Granger, Ferd Doll, Jim Alltop, George Shelby, J. B. Smith, Tom Logan, Jack Harnett, Dick TuUey, John Lyman, Bill Hearne, Bob Cannon, Don Kirkpatrick (Mgr.). RIPPLE LEADS THE WAY On the night of September 24, 1948, Broad Ripple and Central of Evansville engaged in the first night football game ever to be played on an Indianapolis high school field. The appreciation and sincere thanks of the school goes to Mr. and Mrs. Har- ley H. Hornbeck who donated money for the lights in memory of their son, Harley Hornbeck Jr., who was killed in World War II. Harley was graduated from Broad Ripple with the class of ' 39. Night games have proved so success- ful that in coming years more extensive use of the lights will be made. Second Row: Bob Sargeant (Mgr.), J. R. Smith, lack Fitzgerald, Bob Safford, Tom Hiedenreich, Dick Camp- bell, Bill lessee, Bob Stephens, Don Klingler, Jack McNairy, Jack Secoy (Mgr.), Head Coach Ed Died- erich. Front Row: Bob Hanna, Douglas Stogner, Tom McCullough, Wayne Lahman, Dick McCoy, Arlen Klingler, Bill Mitchell, Jack Scott, Kurt Ehlert, Bill Crouse, Bob Young, Bob Whitten. Not pictured are John Plum and Jack Engledow. 9 r ■ V i «- ' l°S rX S 70 YEA RAH, CITY CHAMPS! Ripple opened its 1948 football season as the host team to Central of Evansville. On the third play of the game Central ' s end, Dick Burdette, scored on a T.D. pass to give Ripple its first and only experience as the trailing team during the year. Six plays later Bill lessee broke loose for a 42-yard touchdown jaunt, and Ripple went on to win, 20-6. Don Klingler scored 12 of Ripple ' s points on runs of 92 and 65 yards to pace the Rockets to a 26-14 win as Ripple journeyed to Richmond the next Friday. Don also led Broad Ripple through its first city encounter the following week as the Washington Continentals fell 20-6 to the northside invaders. Dick Camp- bell took a pass from Bob Stephens to account for the third Ripple tally. After trouncing Sacred Heart, 32-0, and Warren Central, 33-0, Ripple out- fought a stubborn Manual squad, 19-0, for their sixth straight win with Kling- ler, lessee, and Stephens sharing scor- ing honors. Approximately 10,000 fans jammed into the Broad Ripple field to watch the Rockets give Cathedral their first setback in city competition, 26-13. Irish fullback George England, the only player met all season who was able to slip into Ripple pay dirt via a running play, tallied twice against the Orange and Black line. Northside rival Shortridge fell, 24-7, followed by the Howe Hornets who were outmudded 20-0 as Bill lessee scampered for T.D. runs of 20 and 65 yards. Individual honors were plentiful at the season ' s end. Linemen Bob Safford and John Lyman were named to all-city lineups, along with Klingler and lessee. Klingler, who led Ripple ' s scoring attack with 78 points, was named first string fullback on one all-state team. The over- all count for the season was Broad Rip- ple 220, Opponents 46. Ripple scored at least three touchdov ns in each game, and no team came closer than two touchdowns to marring Ripple ' s first un- soiled record in the school ' s history. Cheerleaders shown at the right are Jim Lesh, Dick Dickinson, Dick Moll, and Dick Miller. ' 10-6 Verdict 71 Back Row: Charles Aldag (manager), John Smith, Darrell McFall, Don Klingler, Bob Safford, Bob Sargeant (manager). Second Row: John Campbell, Bob Stephens, Coach Frank Baird, Hugh Wolf, Jim Smitson. Front Row: Dick Camp- bell, Charles Caplinger, and Bob Hanna. Ripple 52 Westfield 30 Ripple 27, Lawrence Central 43 Ripple 49, Cathedral 31 Ripple 56, Greenfield 54 Ripple 43, Howe 39 Ripple 39, Washington 27 Ripple 50, Decatur Central 33 Ripple 46, Noblesvill© 31 Ripple 45, Sacred Heart 46 Ripple 55, Southport 52 Ripple 55, Howe 40 Ripple 57, Pike Township 49 Ripple 31, Washington 39 Ripple 42, Warren Central 50 Ripple 52, Crispus Attucks 55 Ripple 53, Greencastle 52 (overtime) Ripple 56, Manual 32 Ripple 52, Howe 47 Ripple 57, Ben Davis 38 Ripple 39, Southport 42 Ripple 33, Shortridge 45 72 WON 14, LOST 7 The Orange and Black cagers got off to a roaring start this year with im- pressive home victories over Westfield and Cathedral. Moving to the Tech gym, the Rockets conquered Howe ' s Hornets 43 to 39 and returning home beat De- catur Central 50 to 33. The initial defeat of the year came at the hands of an inspired Sacred Heart squad, 46 to 45. Led by Bob Stephens ' 26 points, the " Bairdmen " again trounced Howe 55 to 40 in the afternoon game of the holi- day tourney at Tech; however, they lost 39 to 31 to an underdog Washington team. Still in the holiday spirit, the Rockets dropped a 55 to 52 decision to Crispus Attucks but got back on the winning trail with easy victories over Manual and Ben Davis. The Ripple boys left home grounds the next week-end and dropped 45 to 33 and 43 to 27 de- cisions to Shortridge and Lawrence Central respectively. Glad to get back to its own gym, the Orange and Black took a 56 to 54 thriller from Greenfield, then dropped Wash- ington and Noblesville by 39 to 27 and 46 to 31 scores. Southport and Pike Township fell, 55 to 52 and 57 to 49, but Warren Central stopped the Rockets 50 to 42. Broad Ripple finished its season by winning a 53 to 52 overtime hair-raiser from the Tiger Cubs at Green- castle. In the Sectionals Ripple whipped Howe ' s Hornets for the third time of the season 52 to 47. Sectional hopes vanished in the next game, however, as Southport ' s surprising Cardinals stopped the Orange and Black, 42 to 39. Action scenes are from the following games: Decatvir Central (upper right), Westfield (center), and Washington (lower right). 73 Back Row: Don Kirkpatrick (manager), Jim Amos, Bob Skinner, Dick Lawson, Jack Gaskill, Dave lessee, James Gibson, Warrsn Sparks, Jack Hopkins (manager). Second Row: Loren Comstock, Paul Estridge, Jim Alltop, Coach Kyle Peters, Needham Hurst, Dick Tulley, Bill Hollenbeck. Front Row: John Plum, Dee Hughey, Jim Rennard, Dick McCammon, Phil Higley. RESERVES COMPLETE SUCCESSFUL SEASON Broad Ripple ' s basketball fortunes of the future took on a much brighter aspect this year as the Rocket " varsity- to-be ' s " roared victoriously through a nineteen game schedule. Only black mark on the Orange and Black record v as a heartbreaking 24-to-22 overtime defeat suffered at the hands of South- port. The Orange and Black second- stringers outscored their opponents by a 628 to 413 margin, averaging 33.1 per game to their opponents 21.7. High scorer for the season was John Plum with 90 points. Ripple 45, Ripple 48, Ripple 29, Ripple 29, Ripple 35, Ripple 31, Ripple 38, Ripple 35, Ripple 33, Ripple 20, Westfield 12 Cathedral 26 Howe 25 Decatur Central 15 Sacred Heart 24 Tech 26 Washington 21 Crispus Attucks 19 Manual 25 Ben Davis 15 Ripple 30, Shortridge 20 Ripple 25, Lav rence Central 19 (double overtime) Ripple 34, Greenfield 27 Ripple 31, Washington 19 Ripple 38, Noblesville 20 Ripple 22, Southport 24 (overtime) Ripple 41, Pike Township 24 Ripple 30, Warren Central 24 Ripple 34, Greencastle 28 74 FROSH NOT SO FAR BEHIND Football Ripple 0, Cathedral 6 Ripple 21, Howe 13 Ripple 28, Warren Central 14 Ripple 28, Manual 7 Ripple 7, Park Ripple 7, Shortridge 14 Back Row: Eugene Beaman, Jim Kemper, Tom Parrotte, Schuyler Brignall, John Hogan, Tom Mac- Mahon, John Higley, Ronald Dickie, Ted Hosier, Dick Phillips, Larry Kinder, Stephen Gould. Sec- ond Row: Jack Hopkins (manager), Gordon Ingles, Alfred Hielke, Walter Colbath, Don Jacobs, Jerry Garrett, Jay Hanselman, Mike Graves, David French, Bill Ross, Ricky Ahrbecker, Bob Kinnett, Bill Vaughn. Front Row: John Cayle, Ronald Beam, John Christie, Dave Rebenack, Jerry Young, Jim Lahr, Mike Ambrose, Darrall French, Tom Willey, Hobart McVey. Basketball Ripple 22, Ripple 26, Ripple 30, Ripple 21, Ripple 29, Ripple 37, Ripple 25, Ripple 34, Ripple 32, Ripple 28, Ripple 21, Ripple 25, Ripple 20, Ripple 36, Ripple 19, Ripple 13, Ripple 22, Ripple 20, Ripple 27, Ben Davis 26 Manual 23 Fairview 17 Cathedral 23 Washington 26 Southport 41 Cathedral 23 Pike Township 22 Tech 17 Howe 15 Shortridge 22 Crispus Attucks 28 Washington 23 Lawrence Central 18 Ben Davis 21 Howe 21 Pike Township 16 Shortridge 30 Lawrence Central 16 Back Row: Don Skinner, William Vaughn, Ho- bart McVey, Ted Bosler, Eugene Beaman, Dick Richards, Bill Meade, Larry Kinder, Bob Kinnett. Second Rotv: Dave Rebenack, Jay Hanselman, Eu- gene Neudigate, John Higley, Tom MacMahon, Kenneth Hughey, Robert Plumley. Front Row: Bob Surman, John Stark, Lowell Canary, Peter Bridgford, Dale Ditzenberger, Jerry Garrett, Ben Baird. 75 TRACK The Ripple trackmen lived up to their nicknames in the spring of 1948 as they " rocketed " through six dual and tri- angular meets to give Coaches Mordie Lee and Milton Hiatt their first unde- feated season. Last year the Rockets opened the season by overwhelming Lawrence Cen- tral. This was followed by an impres- sive victory at Manual in a triangular meet with the Redskins and Southport. Broad Ripple kept on the winning path the following week against Washington and Crispus Attucks. Some last-minute points enabled the Rockets to nose out the Continentals. Indianapolis Relays came next. The bright spot for Broad Ripple was a first place trophy in the 440 relay. In the City Track Meet, seven days later, Dick Gooding broke the tape in the half-mile run to give Ripple its only first. Rich- mond was the next Rocket victim, and Warren Central ' s Warriors followed. The Orange and Black ended the season by defeating Howe. GOLF Virgil Beeler, Darrel McFall, Dick Kirkpatrick, Bob Kirkpatrick, and John R. Smith are shown looking over a score- card. These boys formed the nucleus of the golf squad that has just completed the most successful season in the three- year history of golf as a major sport at Broad Ripple. Not shown in the pic- ture is Dick Hall who was medalist in the state meet last spring. John Williams is the golf coach. 76 WRESTLING Broad Ripple ' s second year of wres- tling competition may be characterized as a season of development, if not vic- tories. The only victory in the " grunt and groan " sport was copped by Dick Birge, a junior, who took first place in the county meet in the 138-pound class. He followed this with third place in the state meet. CROSS COUNTRY Coach Mordie Lee ' s cross country team finished the 1948 season with a won 2, lost 4 record for dual and tri- angular meets. The Rockets traveled to Richmond for their first contest, and suf- fered a 23-to-32 defeat. This was fol- lowed by a 28-to-35 loss to Lawrence Central. The Orange and Black harriers continued their losing ways by drop- ping 23-to-32 and 26-to-43 decision to Washington and Howe, respectively. After losing four straight, the Rockets finally broke into the victory column by outrunning Columbus and Crispus At- tucks 26-43-51. They warmed up for the Sectionals, in which they copped fifth place, with a 20-to-35 victory over Warren Central. The Rockets finished the season by placing third in the city meet. BASEBALL Strengthened by seven returning let- termen, the Rockets of 1948 rode to sec- ond place in the city high school base- ball standings last spring. Coach Frank Baird ' s boys garnered six wins and three losses against city competition to finish second behind Tech. The season opened with wins over Franklin Township, Zionsville and No- blesville. Crispus Attucks dropped the Rockets in their first city game, 3 to 2, but the Orange and Black retaliated with four successive victories. The Rockets climbed closer to the city title by beat- ing Cathedral 2 to 1 . However, all Broad Ripple hopes were crushed in the fol- lowing game with Tech. The Big Green came from behind to drop the " Baird- men " 9 to 5 in a hard fought game. The Rockets beat Washington again, and finished the season with a 14-to-9 tri- umph over Shortridge. 77 RIPPLE ' S LETTERMEN HEADED BY BOB SAFFORD Composed of boys with one or more athletic awards, the Lettermen ' s Club is sponsored by Hubert Wann, dean of boys. Bob Safford headed the organiza- tion and Bill Jessee served as vice-presi- dent. Secretary and treasurer duties were performed by Hugh Wolf. This group sponsored a booth at the PTA Carnival. (See Page 15.) Pictured below are members: Back Row: Jim Alltop, track and football; Mr. Hubert Wann, sponsor; Dave Rouse, track and cross country; John B. Smith, football. Fifth Row: Jack Secoy, man- ager; Tom McCullough, football; Bill Mitchell, football; George Shelby, foot- ball; Phil Higley, football; Vernon Reid, football. Fourth Row: Darrel McFall, golf and basketball; Terry Simpson, manager; Bob King, cheer leader; Tom Logan, football; Ronald Hedlund, cheer leader; John R. Smith, football, basket- ball, and golf. Third Row: Steve Bond, track and cross country; Ferd Doll, foot- ball; Dick Campbell, football and base- ball; Ed Erpelding, cheer leader; Jack Engledow, football and track; Don Pack- wood, track. Second Row: Bob Kirk- patrick, golf; Dick Kirkpatrick, golf; Hugh Wolf, baseball and basketball; Bob Stephens, football, basketball and baseball; Bob Weigel, track and cross country; Bob Cannon, football. Front Row: Bob Whitten, football; Jim Smit- son, basketball; Keith Bundy, cheer leader; Bob Safford, football and bas- ketball; Jack Barnett, football; Bill Hearne, football; John Lyman, football. J ' GIRLS PARTICIPATE IN INTRAMURAL SPORTS Although Ripple ' s girls do not partici- pate in interscholastic competition, they engage in intramural sports under the supervision of Miss Max Moreillon and Mrs. Peggy Heacox. The girls bowled during the entire school year at Broad Ripple Bowl. Vol- ley ball and deck tennis enthusiasts played last fall, while basketball, table tennis, and badminton occupied the girls ' time in the winter. Archery and soft ball have been the focal points this spring along with the Miss Rockette pos- ture contest which was sponsored by all the girls ' gym classes. Stressed in gym classes are rhyth- mics, conditioning exercises, stunts, tumbling, individual testing activities, relays, games, and posture. Upper left: Janet Meckling (back to camera) and Janet Wilson jump for the tip-off in a demonstration for a " B " League basketball game. Advanced girls played on Thursday afternoons and beginning girls on Tuesdays. Upper right: Nancy Dickerson vaults the horse while Ann Lockridge looks on. Lower left: Two agile girls demonstrate the elephant walk, one of the stunts prac- ticed in gym class. Lower right: Janet Meckling and Mar- ilyn McComas, of the " A " and " B " Leagues respectively, display their tal- ent at the ten-pin sport, a regular Mon- day afternoon activity. 79 ,r-r- 80 J ommunttu Looking west down Broad Ripple Avenue (63rd Street) one sees the shopping district. " Broad Ripple " is more than a high school. It is an entire community in the far northeast section of Indianapolis. It is the name applied to the shopping dis- trict around the area of Broad Ripple Avenue and College Avenue; it is the name of the neighborhoods within this locality. The school, the places of business, and the homes work together daily aid- ing in the progress of one another. 81 DADS, PTA AND ALUMNI BOOST RIPPLE FUN Everyone ' s busy at Ripple! Patrons of the school sponsor many activities for the pupils and faculty. The Dads triumphantly parade after winning the horse collar in their basket- ball game with the Howe Dads (top). To make possible the first night high school football game, volunteers from the Fath- ers ' Association erected the lights on the athletic field early last fall. Other activi- ties included the Joe and Jane Dance and banquets for the faculty, for the foot- ball team, and for all the boys who " went out " for athletics. The PTA Carnival was one of the highlights of the year for Ripple stu- dents. Among the many booths and games was the flower booth (center). The PTA also sponsored ice and roller skating parties, which were given in connection with the Riparian. Weekly candy sales in the cafeteria were made by the mothers. Other activities in- cluded the annual grad dance for seniors and their dates, and an all-school night dance, the first of its kind. As a main project, the organization is presenting a $4,300 public address system to be in- stalled in both the new and old build- ings. A new group, the Lettermen ' s Alumni, challenged the faculty to a basketball game which became a thriller as the fac- ulty was downed, 34-33 (bottom). The entire Alumni Association reorganized at a successful meeting of five hundred members on February 12. Officers are: Robert Maxwell, President; Miss Mary Sheets, Nola Ploughe and Mrs. Martha Moreland, Vice-Presidents; Mrs. Robert Bosson, Corresponding Secretary; K. V. Ammerman, Treasurer. 82 ixuA e U. Lif Man4ff 9na. BILL GILBERT, Owner 6251 College Avenue BR. 5482 " Every Customer A Favorite Customer ' 83 QnxuuiHf Q4JitU (lip pie Catering to the Northside ' s finest, Roth ' s Market is Broad Ripple ' s complete food store. Roth ' s carry the freshest fruits and vegetables, a complete stock of canned goods, and a choice of the highest qual- ity meats. ROTH ' S MARKET 6319-21 GUILFORD AVE. BR. 3363 !) t lipfue ... Jt4, tU Swuik £UofL When good friends get together .... inside or out they can enjoy prompt seivice and good food. SNACK SHOP DRIVE-IN 1020 Broad Ripple Avenue Proprietors, Mr. and Mrs. L. L. VonBurg 84 Oii, the, Bail Get on the beam. Shop where the champions do. For the upmost in athletic equipment and ap- parel it ' s the Sportsman ' s Store. Remember, one aid to a winning team is winning equipment. SPORTSMEN ' S STORE 812 Broad Ripple Ave. BR. 7696 As these four Ripple fellows know, clipping ' s a pleasure in the Broad Ripple Barber Shop. Here they find the best in service, economy, and efficiency. For expert shaves, shampoos, and haircuts, it ' s the Broad Ripple Barber Shop. (Con- versation on request). RIPPLE BARBER SHOP 809 Broad Ripple Avenue BR. 7920 85 1 Gift Problems Solved at JULES MEDIAS SHELL SERVICE Complete Lubrication in Tires — Batteries — Accessories Broad Ripple Jewels by Jules — Men ' s Wear by Medias C. L. FRAZIER 840 Broad Ripple Ave. BR. 6146 College and Broad Ripple Ave. BR. 0971 WHITE EQUIPMENT COMPANY Adventures in Good Eating ... ' ' The White House " RADIOS For baking treats of rich, tasty goodness, made RECORDS with only the finest ingredients, visit Doll ' s Bakery. REPAIRS G. E. APPLIANCES BROAD RIPPLE PASTRY SHOP 910 Broad Ripple Ave. BR. 6411 6318 Guilford Ave. BR. 4328 Does Your Porch Swing Cry for Paint? Don ' t Neglect It BINKLEY PHARMACY For Paint, Lumber, and Supplies, See Better Service in Drugs . . . BROAD RIPPLE LUMBER AND SUPPLY CO. 4 5902 College Ave. BR. 2456 1001 Broad Ripple Ave. BR. 5456 i What Does Every Perfect Car Washing .... Lubrication Picnic Need? . . . j Tires .... Batteries ! Why .... delicious hot-dogs and hamburgers ... of course. Ranger ' s STARK WETZEL CO., INC. PHILLIPS " 66 " SERVICE ' 725 Gardner Lane FR. 1451 901 Broad Ripple Ave. BR. 0066 KINGAN ' S (leUaLU Meatl Whether it ' s hot sizzhng wieners that you want, roasted over an outdoor fire (as demonstrated by the attractive Broad Ripple trio on the left); luscious hamburgers with onion and mustard (or " without " ); or sandwiches of tender Tasti- Cooked Ham, always ask for Kingan ' s Reliable and then you can rest assured — the " eats " will be a success! FINEST QUALITY MEATS FOR OVER A CENTURY KINGAN COMPANY General Offices Indianapolis, Indiana rOCK YOUR FREEZER For the hot days ahead, be sure you have plenty of ice cream on hand. Buy cash and carry at McKINSTRAY ICE CREAM CO. 3024 Martindale WA. 5530 For the best Chocolate Soda on the Northside it ' s iiUeAX Plta utuiC4f 4850 College BR. 2491 Phone Riley 8671 Modern safety coaches available for trips of any duration. Low rates . . . courteous drivers. 250 West Ohio Street Indianapolis INDIANA RAILROAD Your 1949 RIPARIAN PRINTER CLARENCE E. CRIPPIN SON, INC. PRINTERS 225 North New Jersey Street FR. 2466 EXQUISITE DIAMONDS Nationally Advertised WATCHES Finer Jewelry D. V. SCHAFER ycf44A S CKzd Rlfip-le ew-elen, 6317 Guilford Ave. BR. 1679 Caa z Along with top quality meats, Bruno carries fresh fruits and vege- tables . . . staple and fancy groceries . . . and frozen foods. Free deliveries except Wednesday and Saturday. BRUNO ' S MARKET 6315 Guiliord Ave. BR. 0989 lUi eo4di Be yau . . . Wouldn ' t you be proud as punch to wear jewelry that really clicks? See Herff-Jones for class pins and rings that are popular with all high school crowds. HERFF-JONES 1411 North Capitol Ave. RI. 1554 Cn your next date with her go to the BROAD RIPPLE BOWL for lots of fun and good exercise. Open all day Saturday. BROAD RIPPLE BOWL 1010 Bioad Ripple Ave. BR. 0018 QciiUwf. cuU Odlenyi . . . To be sharp and use up that spare time, get your- mvicc self a hobby. We feature scale model railroads by Lionel and American Flyer. All makes of model airplanes and engines are also available. .... Ankle on over to ... . BROAD RIPPLE HOBBY SUPPLY 929 Weslfield Blvd. BR. 7492 o an 2 Qoodi . . . Your old friend in a new Broad Ripple, Ziviens can keep you up-to-date on dry goods and shoes. Ihere is a wide assortment of scarves, belts, and cottons. ZIVIEN ' S DEPT. STORE 820 Broad Ripple Ave. BR. 0498 Mom and Dad Know . . . that where teen-agers enjoy eating they too can be assured of the best in good food. For your best girl or the whole family, it ' s " THE GRILLE " BROAD RIPPLE GRILLE 6311 Guilford Ave. BR. 0032 Home-Made Ice Cream Favorite Sweets and Candies 6304 Guilford Ave. BR. 7841 Qet a HejfiU . . . While looking over that wardrobe do you see empty spaces? Fill in those spaces with a striking peddle pusher outfit or a lacy blouse with a swing skirt. If your clothes aren ' t becoming then be coming to us ... . THE JAMA SHOP 6249 College Ave. BR. 7402 Patricia Hollenback and Marlys Miles, students of Home Eco- nomics, are shown in the class room kitchen recently equipped with a Chambers Range. Girls of today no longer need to learn cooking by the trial and error methods their grandmothers used. The drudgery and guesswork have been taken out of the kitchen and replaced with real enjoyment and perfect results. Fear and failure have gone forever with the modern cooking methods combined with the most labor-saving, efficient appliances and kitchen equipment available. The beautiful Chambers Range gives assurance and perfect per- formance because it is dependable and precision-built for a life- time of satisfaction and service. CHAMBERS RANGE STORES Inc OF INDIANAPOLIS 91 Qa witU a . . £iueet Mm! DELAWARE FLOWER SHOP 2922 North Delaware Street TA. 4568 Hours: 8 A.M. to 6 P.M. Drug stores east — drug stores west, Of all the stores, WALROD is best. Come on Guys and bring your dates. You ' ll be pleased with our cut-rates. Tell the others, they ' ll be glad, The finest sodas to be had. RALPH WALROD PHARMACY 6002 N. Michigan Rd. BR. 9663 jTj r . s- ► For more than 50 years Indianapolis Engraving Company has been one of the largest engravers of yearbooks in the nation. Quality of engravings is one of the main reasons for Indeco ' s success. Indeco has the know-how to do it right with highly skilled craftsmen and the very latest in en- graving and photographic equipment. Remember: PUT YOUR HAND IN THE HELPING HAND OF INDECO. INDIANAPOLIS ENGRAVING CO. A 111 East Ohio Street RI. 5461 93 STELLA ANN LAUGHLIN LOUDERMILK Broad Ripple High School, Class of 1909. Members of the Class of 1949 (opposite page) enact a graduating class picture of forty years ago. As time changes so does the technique of good portraiture. You will find the latest styles and lighting at Indianapolis ' Largest Downtown Independent Studic LOUDERMILK Official Photographer, 1949 Riparian 425 State Life Building LL 1494 94 95 Kipplc 5 rutute Broad Ripple High School builds the future on the record of the past. The constituency of this high school, being suburban and semi-rural, is a deter- mining factor in the type of training offered by this institution. Training for life, itself, is a chief objective. Formal and informal offerings, meeting modern re- quirements of secondary education, with major emphasis upon the cultural aspects of the arts and sciences will continue to be characteristics of Broad Ripple High School in the future. 1 L Indianapolis Marion County Public Library Renew by Phone 269-5222 Renew on the Web Yyuy A Imcpl.ora For General Library Information please call 269-1700 I iiys vsH H " 0 W ' t U ' Ni LD INDIANAPOLIS-MARION COUNTY P L 3 1978 06775 9712

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Broad Ripple High School - Riparian Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Broad Ripple High School - Riparian Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Broad Ripple High School - Riparian Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Broad Ripple High School - Riparian Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Broad Ripple High School - Riparian Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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