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1966 Banyan 1966 Banyan The Yearbook of the Associated Students of Brigham Young University Helio Gonzalez, Editor Conrad H. Thorne, Associate Editor and Business Manager Jeane Woolfenden, Associate Editor J. Morris Richards, Adviser May, 1966, Volume 52 Copyright GD 1966 by the Board of Student Publications, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah All Righfs Reserved The +exf of fhis publicafion or any parf Huereof may nof be reproduced in any manner whafsoever wifhouf permission in wrifing $rom Hie Chairman of +he Board of Sfudenf Publicafions of BYU. Contents Introduction 7 Book I 25 Administration 29 Colleges 39 Student Government 111 Communications 123 Book II 137 Activities 141 SpoHs 185 Fine Arts 231 Book III 265 Organizations 269 Classes 360 Index 498 Conclusion 521 E 4 'vw$ U M -. rlg$i??hgg v . Rt'itkd: 1; l f- ' M I 36:; 1, ix "W w ' w 3'9, . 7' J mam; ' 15:3 Ex .1; , m? M! 1; mM 51713 A h x M 4.37,. X's "L: '1 ?K?K k . "A ' -0 1 ?.d-Yv M, T Ma L '41:: 52' v.5? h, C .H ID 10 n a w 0 H1 w L1 0 S r C p .m h w C h t r a C h u 0 VJ n a C Shaded path that other peoples shall never walk; path that you will never tread again. g '32:?in r3? 3;";1? gengt 5" ' a . I .V , aan; .A IA Whiny .- . , . 1 . , K- Rustling leaves, quiet pools, trembling reflections of hills, great mountain banks brimming With a new day before the dawn. l3 cm. rm - rmma. mfful A creed unfurled to tempestuous winds - a different spirit that thunders and echoes. Then. .. 15 a sacred legacy a broad campus green, monuments to reason 18 perception, discernment; groping fingers, selfish brotherhood, and hence, l9 11 L515: 3 I; 1E 4Q gma . F , , e .1 t $ U f o .wa nm .1 a m g r 0 mt d d n ,a 9 the acorns fall to strengthen but, such is all, others are this; we walk with them, even the best, but our thoughts, our dreams, rise up, and beyond, and W 12.91;: .A L. ,. .. 7 .bwfpz. , rhtggi'jghi - l LE-Ehh nu. QTEH any, -- 4; , . a 1x '73 V . 573m 7i M $$ 7$W I . ,-J '? Xx ??3 m 53E71a' d '1... '4 U is432:3: . w Irv? Kf- . 3?,5521 yr 53" M Confenfs Administration 29 Colleges 39 Student vaernmenf 111 123 COmmunications 28 Leads Board of Trustees Prophet David O. McKay is greeted by conference-goers on Temple Square. LDS President David O. McKay Over two million Mormons around the globe love and honor David O. McKay, Prophet and President of the LDS Church. In as much as BYU is church owned, Pres- ident McKay also acts as President of the Board of Trustees. Education in the Church Was established by revelation and for a religious organization that holds as a cardinal tenet ttthe Glory of God is intelligence? one of its largest dis- bursements is for education of its youth. Of the more than 100 permanent buildings on this 614-acre campus, 80 have been completed since 1951 when President McKay took office. 29 PreSidenf DaVid 0. MCKGY continued "Do not teach even the Hugh 3. Brown, First Counselor F ounded in 1875 by order of Brigham Young and with the admonition that not even the 0alphabet or the multiplication tables be taught without the spirit of God? BYU enroll- ment of more than 20,000 students makes it the nation,s largest church-affiliated university. The Church educational institutions are combined under the direction of the Board of Trustees. The board consists of the F irst Presidency of the Church, the Council of the Twelve Apostles and other lead- ers. Students have opportunity to hear them speak weekly. N Eldon Tanner Secon d Counselor Joseph Fielding Smith. Third Counselor ThorpeB. Isaacson. Fourth Counselor Iphabet or the multiplication tables without the Spirit of God" Harold B. Lg. Ezra Taff Benson 9 7t 1': 9 C $ '. Thomas 5. Manson Confirmation of +he Levifical Priesfhood by John +he Bapfisf. Marion 0, Hanks A. Theodore Tuffle John H. Vandonberg 32 Captured with a rare smile. President Wilkinson enioys the dedication of the Stephen L Richards building. President Wilkinson Spearheads University Progress resident Ernest L. Wilkinson has led an active and Pproductive life dedicated to service. He has con- tributed to his profession as a lawyer, to his Church as a leader and t0 BYU as an educator and friend. In 1950 Dr. Wilkinson was selected by the Board of Trustees as the new President and this year under his leader- ship a number of record breaking events have been achieved. iiThe number one project of the Brigham Young University administration this year Will be the assur- ance of good teaching," were the words of President Wilkinson in a speech to the faculty at the beginning of the year. He added, iiThe question is not how many students have gone through the university, but how many students have had the university go through them? Stephen R- COVBY. Assisfanf +0 Presidenf and Direcfor of Universify Relafions Earl C. CrockeH'. Academic Vice-Presidenf Clyde D. Sandgren. Vice-Presiden+ and General Counsel President Wilkinson continued Emphasis shifts under administrators William Knechf. lI900-I966l Special Assistant +0 President 34 During President Wilkinsods term as the seventh pres- ident of the university, BYU has growu from 5,000 to this yearls 20,000-plus; the faculty has tripled; the number of faculty members holding doctorates has risen to over fifty percent; the number of colleges has in- creased from five to thirteen; and an Air Force ROTC unit has been organized. During 1965 nearly half a million dollars was given to BYU by donors of the alumni, corporations, foundations, businesses, and friends of the university. Under President VVilkinsods administration the physical campus has grown markedly with the com- pletion of over eighty major buildings, including the newly dedicated Stephen L Richards Physical Education Building and the new entrance to the campus which includes large signs, planters and the university seal with an information building to assist visitors. BYU,s future promises a new Life Science Building, while re- strictions will be placed on new applicants and the growth of the studentbody will be slowed down. Emphasis will be in seeking out the best of faculty and students. u will. Joseph T. Bentley. Comptroller John T. Bernhard. Faculty Representative H H . W 9 u u m u h m warhlqmiw u u n W m 7: .2 H . HHWH HM mm HH H 5r u .m . William R. Siddoway. Dean, Admissions and Records J. Elliof Cameron. Dean of Sfudenfs 35 President Wilkinson . . conhnued Management of servnces In other areas of 1 Harold J. Anderspn Roberf A, Baird Ariel Ballif Gary R. Bascom J. LaVar Bafeman R d E. Beckham Physical Planf ASSIsf. Dir. Sfudenf Acfivities Sfudenf Special Services Universify Mail Service Speakers' Bureau uarxiggny Developmenf Sqm F. Brewster Edwin J. Byfforworfh Leland H. Campbell Gary Carlson Herald R. Clark Wells P, Cloward Direcfor, Physmal Planf Press Relations DirH lnsfifufional Research Director, Compufer Cenfer Assemblies and Lyceums Food Services Ruloq G. Craven Lyle S. Curtis. Richard L. Dalley B. Keith Duffin Lymgn J. Durfee JaKNEIfner Specual Serwces Direcfor, Wilkinson Center Auditing Director. Placemenf Audlfing EL C Business Manager Lee W. Farnsworfh Paul Felf Din, Research lnsfifute Director, Indian Affairs ., J" m . x. 3. "WeIcome Home" assembly in +he fall wi+h Pres. Ernes+ L. Wilkinson H. Tracy Hall Ephraim Hafch Direcfor. Research Division Physical Plant Planning speaking. 36 academic community Franlirg R. Haymore Umversufy Press Ronald G. Hyde Mumni Reimions Lynn E. Johnson Adm. and Grad. Cnslr. Kepnefh Lauriflen University Standards Darrell L. Moses Academic Sfandards Cloyd C. Hofheins' M.D. Direcfor, Healfh Cenfer Orrin Jackson Admissions Carl D. Jones Men's Housmg James Laurence Program Bursa u Dale Nelson Scholarships and Awards Sears Hipfze Aux. Malnfenance Vern Jepsen Counseling Servnce Alma King Academic Sfandards Dgrrel J. Manson. . Director, Commumcahons Swen C. Nielsen Orval L. Nelson . Security Special Sfudenf Problems 0. Wendle Nielsen Financial Aids and Loans Keith R. Oakes Direcfor Summer School Management of services comma Emu! Olson C R Peierscn - - . . . . . - . J. Moms Richards G. La Var Rockwood Jerry D, Rogers UNIVWSWY Publications Purchasmg Publicafions Adviser Sfudenf Organizafions Phofo Sfudio C..Jose-ph Rowberry Bill .Sampson Ivan L. Sanderson Keijor B. Saul: David Schulfhoss Unlversnfy Accounting Registration Booksfore UI"WE'SRY Treasurer Press Relafions Fred A. Schwondiman Ral h B. Smifh Lucile S encar d R T l R Director, Aux. Services Assafanf Dean of Siudies Records p '2':ch Ehreg'lor DagecgrrlHLhnszasProgram Lowell Thomson Janie Thompson Lyman Tyler Wetzel O: Whitaker ' Ernest J. Wilkins Laboratory School Program Bureau Dnecfon Library Mohon Picture Produchon Pres.Language Mission T. M. Williams Car ll Wilson A. St rlin Workman Klea Worsley F. Curfigw nder ' Broadcast Services Achyng, Sfudenf Activities Campeus Tgurs and Conf. Counselor for Women ELWC Buxldlyng Serwces 38 Growing College to Receive New Building 520h increase in enrollment in the last 15 years has made the College of Biological and Agricultural Sciences one of the fastest-growing on campus. This tremendous growth rate naturally has called for more buildings and more equipment. At the present time, the colleges facilities are spread all over the campus and its students attend Classes in the lower campus build- ings, the 01d Brimhall and Grant buildings and even Page School. Still, the college is short of space and equipment. This year, a solution to the problem was announced when the Board of Trustees approved the con- struction of a Life Sciences Center which will house the college and provide it with the latest equipment available for classroom work and advanced research. . 135,15 ;' '. . "Lih, 1.- H Rudger H. Walker, Dean 7; N. WV imw..v . Engrossed in a dissecting problem. sfudehfs portray the staie of "+ogefherness" under which Jrhose enrolled in the college worked. 39 Some students did not mind the labs' crowded conditions. Enrollment in agricultural fields increases Although the enrollment in the field of agriculture is declining throughout the country, the number of students in the departments of Agricultural Economics, Agronomy, Animal Science and Horticulture is increasing at BYU. Dean Budger H. Walker attdbuted this increase to the competence of BYU,s departments in these areas and also to the excellence of the university as a whole. Faculty of the College of Biological and Agricultural Sciences Dorald Allred Clarence AsMon Jaussi August D Elden Beck Jay V. Beck Willard Bradshaw C. Y. Cannon, Sr. Arthur Chapman Earl Christensen Lee R. Chugq John W. Van Goff Lynn Hayward William M. Hess Keith H. Hoopu William Hoskisson Carlton lnfanqur Ax Clive Jorgensen Don Larson W. Derby Laws Morris Lawrence Ken? H. McKnigM Seymour Mikkelson Glen Moore Joseph Murdock Growing College confinued m wmmm m , Using a human skeleion. an inS+FUC+OF answers quesiions. A s+uden+ in meaf and mea+ produds class inspec+s carcasses. Joscph Murphy E. J. Reimschusnl R. Phil Shumway Elbcrf I. Simmons Dayona Sfoch Howard C. Shah Vasco Tanner Wilmer Tanner Danni: Tun? Max Wallenfino Leslie WhiHon Sfophen L. Wood 42 Business College is Highly Rated he College of Business at Brigham Young University is considered by employers to be among the natioxfs best sources for helping meet the increasing need for superior young men and women in the massive business world. To earn this reputation the college has been a pioneer since its organization in 1921, keeping con- stantly responsive to the demands imposed by frequently changing business theories and practices. It was among the nation,s first colleges to use the now nearly-uni- versal case-study method of instruction. Under the direction of Dr. Weldon J. Taylor, Dean, the college has continued to grow both academically and physically. More than 1500 BYU students are served by the five . departments of the college: Business Management, ! , W Accounting, Economics, Business Education and Statistics. ' i I ' Weldon J. Taylor. Dean -h ,' Addressing a Human-Behavior-in-Adminisirafion class. aieacher in +he College of Business discusses "norms" and "values." 43 Foctu of The College of Business Shphen L. Alley Dianna Anderson Nadine T. Ashby Howard Barnes R. DerMon' Bell Ivan Call Edward Chrisfemen Wayne Clark Charles M. Cox Evan M. Croff J. Kenneth Davies Arthur Done Business College con+inued Five departments train students to meet demands Among the five departments in the College of Business, the largest department, Business Management, prepares students for work in such specialized areas as market- ing, finance and production management. Professors emphasize leadership techniques giving insight into working with employees and consumers. Accounting is a fast growing field demanding capable people. The Accounting Department of the college trains students to meet these demands in diverse fieldseas a control- ler of an industrial team, a public accountant, or a mathematician in one of governmenfs many departments. Students often follow the accounting course as a step- ping stone to Law School. Qualifying students for openings in business and government, the Department of Economics 3150 provides excellent preparation for a law career. u w t HM HHHH mm H Business classes require review of the instructional factors. Willard B. Doxuy L. Bren? Eager LaRoy Faerber Well: A. Grover Larry Hartman Betty Holquisf Karl Herd- LgRay McAllisfer Glen T. Nelson Clinton Cakes Bryce Orton Glen Palmer Boyd L. Pack Wayne Pearce Betty Pehrson 45 Business College continued s A .-' M As our society daily becomes more technical, there is a growing need for professional statisticians who can increase the efficiency of business and government by reducing the risks of decision making. The statis- ticiaxfs work often saves money, time, equipment and lives. Preparation for careers in both teaching and stenographic and secretarial work is the goal of the Department of Business Education and Office Manage.- ment. Regular class and departmental work in the college is supplemented by such things as the Ex- ecutive Lecmres Program when some of the top bus- iness leaders of the nation are invited to speak on campus. The goal of the College of Business is to pre- pare students for a livelihood, give them an under- standing of economic factors, how they might develop a desire to contribute to a better standard of living. J. Perry Poison Sterling Susions Karl M. Skounn Julia Tall Richard Wirthlin Harold Smith Dale Taylor 46 Disembling and reviewing the parts and designs of the complex computers are those students in H19 programming department. Students learn to contribute expert instruction. Business machines classes receive Future Teachers Try New Methods An education student acts as Jteacher of his class while real teacher and classmates stage a simulated classroom situa+ion. he College of Educa on is one of the largest in the West, having certified as teachers 51 per cent of the graduating seniors in the last seven years. Not only is the college one of the largest, but one of the most progressive as well. New programs are constantly being experimented with to assure that students may be experienced in the latest teaching developments. Since the college recognizes that there is no substitute for practice, the students are introduced to classroom sit- uations as early as possible. Before student teaching, the students face simulated classroom situations created to test the future teachers' ability to control a class. A new program this year was teacher internship, which will permit student teachers to actually take a job and receive half the salary of a regular teacher. This gives them responsibility for the class even though they are still supervised by a master teacher in their work. Antone K. Romney, Dean Future Teachers continued Student teaching programs revamped The College of Education has revamped both the ele- mentary and the high school student-teaching programs. Sixty per cent of the elementary teachers now student teach during two separate six-week periods at different grade levels and schools, alternating with their education courses on campus. The secondary program, just started this year, involves taking five weeks of education courses, doing nine weeks of student-teach- ing and then finishing the semester With two more weeks on campus. These two systems compress both course work and student teaching into one semester. The children anticipate a new studemL teacher. Dwayne W. Belt Max J. Berryusa Catherine Bowles Richard Brown Porcy Iurrup Sferling Callahan Jennie Campbell June Carlisle 48 econd graders af Provo. II' 1' II' ID' 51' .yn i F A I Jumping on he frampoline during +he play period gave all pupils. as well 65 Nancy. a good experience. Haul Clark Dolva Dainu Milford Caffrlll Thnlma do Jong Luhr Downing Robcrf Egborf In? May Hammond Blaine Hardy Frank Harmon Buffy Harrison Dan Henderson Ramona Jacob Anfhony LaFuy Elva Miller 49 um" - . WW l H: Future Teachers con+inued "Boys will be boys", and sfudenf feacher Nancy has +0 main'rain peace. Boundless energy ""19 be direcfed and is a challenge. J. C. MoffiH Reed Morrill Corey J. Muse John 0rd Glen Ovard Eldon H. Puchff Ralph B. Smiih Floyd Sucker Clarence Tyndall Rex Wadham Marguerite Wilson Golden L. Woolf Haul F. Young 50 . , V,. , ; ,J The only male student in a food and nutrition lab is closely supervised by coed classmates. Family Living Students Learn Through Practical Experience Virginia F. Cufler. Dean tudents in the College of F amily Living are offered Sa variety of practical experiences to enrich their course work. Majors in food and nutrition, run the Elizabeth Dining Room in the F amily Living Center and thus gain valuable training in quantity meal preparation and die- tetics. Campus Couture gave clothing and textiles students the chance to do hand sewing, and HDFR majors gain exper- ience in working with small children through the Nursery School. In addition, seniors in home economics education are able to work as consultants assisting the girls in Heri- tage Halls with problems in laundry, budgeting, and meal planning. So many girls are majoring in this field that the demand for student teaching positions far exceeds the supply of places; however, under a new program students may now student-teach in Idaho, California and Nevada. Family LiVing StUdentS continued College serves the campus and the community Many services for the campus and the community are offered by the college. Several students and faculty members are deeply involved in Project Headstart and the Women,s Job Corps; the college also trains leaders for these programs. Dean Virginia Cutler herself assisted with the Job Corps in Omaha last summer. A program in the experimental stage is a women's seminar in which several faculty members travel to various. communities to participate in seminars with the local housewives. In each community leaders gave demonstrations in the fields of clothing and textiles, housing and home management, food and nutrition and home furnishings. ... $144 construction aptly shown. Faculty of The College of Family Living Marian Anderson Minnie larlw Both Bastian Marion Iannion Maurine Irynor Allen: Calder Kenneth Cannon Margret Chiolds Richard Connolly Mignon Domqaard Patricia Huff Eleanor Jargonsm 52 The Mannequin forms make designing and fiHing of new garmenfs easier as well Elmor Knowlos Jun Larun Duane M. Laws Evelyn Lu Jool Moss Jenniev Poulson Virginia Poulson Boyd Rollins Barbara Taylor Eliza bath LincMy LaVoIl Turner Joan B. Mafhoson Ofelia Tyndall Sadic Morris Gay Valentino 53 Family Living Students confinued The homemaking educafion deparfmenf, fully equiped wifh modern facilifies. gives "spice and variefy" +0 roufine Iecfure, .0th Cooking principles are demons+ra+ed using ar+ificial swee+ening. Busy hands pin and s+i+ch a new creafion. 54 Artists Prepare for Careers In Many Fields It in our modern world has ex- panded from painting and sculp- ture of the Renaissance to include such fields as advertising, photography, tele- vision, and news production. To meet the growing needs in the widening art field, the College of Fine Arts and Communications .has developed a broad program to help students prepare for careers from speech therapy to come mercial art. With 73 faculty members and 1,415 students, the five departments of the college were engaged in an im- mense variety of activities. New facil- ities in the F ranklin S. Harris Fine Arts Building helped artists in their training. Thespians performed for the first time in Phillip Margetts Arena T heatre. Tele- vision and radio facilities were provided through new KBYU TV and F M studios. Conan E. Mathews, Dean artists delicately mold and shape clay into art expressions. Artists Prepare coanued Students get a chance to practice The Department of Communications is one of the largest between the Midwest and the Pacific coast. It trains stu- dents for careers in journalism, advertising, and radio and television. In these fields, students gain practical experience by working with the Daily Universe, the Banyan, and the BYU radio and television stations. The Department of Speech trains students for careers in the fields of pub- lic address, speech education and speech and hearing. Stu- dents in the department supplement their classroom work by teaching and by working in the departments clinic treating speech and hearing cases under supervision. Faculty of The College of Fine Arts and Communications Stephan Anderson J. Roman Andrus Richard Bailou LaVar Bafaman Jacob Bo: Robert Boron Rulon Bradley Merrill Bradshaw Floyd E. lreinholf M. Dallas BurnoH Clawson Cannon 56 lllllll Illllllllllllllll unIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllluulIn 0 1 l!!!!!!!l uiiiiiii mm 1 - .Milllllltlllllllllllll ' . a sfuden+s observe Hwe classroom visual presenfafion. and mafch Morris M. Clinger David Dalton Alex 3. Darais Don L. Earl Mervin Fairbanks Crawford Gains Rendol Gibbons Max Golightly Harold Goodman Irwin Goodman Lu 5. Groosbock Richard L. Gum: John Halliday Charles A. Henson David B. Hilliar Artists Prepare con+inued . -. Hm Musical"Oliver"wi+h scenery and music displays +he telenf of the dramatic arts. Artists visit homeland of masters "People and Arts of Europe," sponsored by the Art and the Travel Studies departments, made it possible for art enthusiasts to visit the homelands of the old masters. Students viewed such works as the Vaticank Sistine Cha- pel, painted by Michelangelo. Drama majors were able to increase their skills in stage construction as part of their classwork and, at the same time, provide the finish- ing touches to the many performances put on by the department. The Music Department presented over 140 per- formances and counted among its outstanding events the award of a contract by ABC for a weekly radio program. Lorin Jex J. J. Kuler Harold Laycock Ralph Laycock Garden Law Warren Luch ll .1 t Francis Magleby Lynn McKinley Charles Mutton Albert Mitchell Maughan McMurdia Quentin Nordqren Paul Polls? 58 O 1H1". my Talen'i. as expressed in drawing and painfing. Sfaring unseeingly in+o +he dark.- haIf-finished heads dumbly awaH- +he refurn of crea+ive hands. Owon Rich J. Morris Richards Oliver R. 5mm: Robod Sfruthers Darrel Siubbs Frod Takasaki Norman Tarbox EM; 3. Terry Homer Wakefield Max Weaver Ross Waavor Kurt Weinxinger Charles Whitman Warren Wilson Laol J. Woodbury General College to Star m m m 5" M Van mum . x A +wo year concenfrafion in biological science will be offered +0 sfudenfs enrolled under a new program of General College. Associa+e degree in business is Offered- S+uden+s having an in+eres+ in elemenfary educafion creafe small figures of clay. 60 wo-Year Program Students who think that four years is too long a time to spend in college, will be able to obtain a general education degree in two years beginning next September. The new program, instituted by the General College, will include the concentrations of biological sciences, physical sciences, and social sciences, as well as others. According to Lester B. VVhetten, dean of the college, special classes will be created for the new program and faculty members from other departments will transfer to the General College to teach them. Approximately 18 teachers will participate in the program, 8 of these will be new teachers. Dean Whetten indicated that the program will be especially helpful to students who lack the money or the time to attend BYU for four years or more, but who still want to get a college education. He cited as an example American Indian students who are anxious to return home and help with community development projects. u: Girls may become registered nurses in an upcoming program. lu v m m w mmmmm mmmm W Vase balance Jon spinning wheel is shaped by skillful l l: . w i u xii H w l m w m u hands. 61 Bruce B. Clark, Dean New College Ends First Year he College of Humanities and Social Sciences divided in two at the end of last year and both halves were recognized as independent colleges this year. The human- ities half became the College of Humanities with Dr. Bruce Clark as dean. The new college consists of two departments: English and Languages, and three inter- departmental areas: Humanities, Latin American Studies and Linguistics. 1,137 majors were enrolled in the college. - i4 In The McKay building is +he headquarfers for +he rcollege. Foctu of The College of Humanities h Iorfrand Ball VorDon Iallanfyno Elouisu loll Leon Chlduhr Hoover W. Clark Marden Clark Zan- Aldor Dixon Anderson Vornon Andomn Georg. lannion Marion l. Irldy lalph A. Irihch Jack V. Brown Thoma: Chan" x w m u m m Marlin Compton Soron Cox Richard Cracroff Marshall Craig Hanison Davis 62 4w w, 1. W: f 11L. J ah ' fheir vocabulary and pronuciafion. 14w: LU-ALEYZ . . classes at hotel. New College continued One of the jobs of the college is to oversee the Semester Abroad program. The Department of Travel Study is actually responsible for the program, but the college supervises it. Students and faculty participating in the program traveled to Salzburg, Austria last year; this year, students were able to go to Grenoble, France, as well. While in Europe, students take courses from BYU professors who accompany them and also study in the university in the area. The program has been highly suc- cessful and such places as London, South America and Norway are being considered and may be tried in future. Student M. Carl Gibson Darwin L. Hayes Margaret Goff Dustin Houston Rich: rd Ellsworth Douglas Hlll Ross Esplin David Evans Dun Famsworth Marvin Folsom Byron W. Gasman Don Gubler Blaine Hall Garth M. Hansen Michael Holmes Frank Horton Glade Hunsakar Alberta Jacobs Brian? Jacobs ravel to Austria and France CaH'Iedral spires and a medieval casfle overlook fhe sife of +he Universify of Salzburg. Don C. Jansen John Karfcllnor Ham Kolling Clinfon Larson Harold Ln Thomu MacKay Gl-n McKollar John McKondrick Karen P-rhr Susan Roam Max Roger: Harold Roson Lyman SA Shruvu Tul-fmq Ln Kay Moon Keifll Slad- Lonu Niolun Marion Smifh Carol Oaks Murray Smilh 65 New College continued 4L 4 V T7wmagx?$z:a Many programs revised, i gt; mfgqm MW? classes added Many of the colleges programs have been amplified or revised. The creative writing program has been expanded under Dr. Clinton Larson, and a newly formed advanced writing class was offered this year for the first time. In addition to this, English 218, creative writing, was divided during the second semester into two classes: one in fiction writing and the other in poetry. Also for the first time, the college offered a Ph.D. degree in English and a Chinese minor. A new linguistics program, under the direction of Dr. Robert Blair, was started and a masters degree in linguistics was also offered. m poetry emphasizes critical reading, Rulon Smithson Irena Spears Walter H. Speidel Oroa Tanner Knnnafh Tan Colostia Taylor Douglas H. Thay-r John Thomas Woodruff Thomson F. Leroy Walser Jean Watershed? Arthur Watkins Dale H. Wei? Glenn Wood Karl Young 66 A general course dealing with theory application of various experiences in oxyacetylene arc-welding of all Jtypes of metal. Old Beginning For New College lthough the College of Industn'al and Technical Education stood as a separate college for the first time this year, it had a beginning back in 1875 when President Brigham Young expressed his wishes that each young man should be trained in mechanism and each young woman should learn domestic arts. During the Spring semester of this year, 849 students were registered in the college majoring in such fields as building construction technology and computer programming. The college includes three departments: Industrial Education, for those wishing to teach; Industrial Technology, which offers degrees in design and drafting as well as in tool and manufactun'ng technology; and Technical Institute, which offers training in over twelve different fields through two-year terms. Ernesf C. Jeppsen, Dean Beginning con+inued feeds: 1-. J Tl iii p524 ? .: : wan: Sfudenf opera+es a huge compu+er-guided drill press. Advanced ins+rucfion and pracfice in principles owc press-work. Foctu of The College of Industrial and Technical Education '5. i LaVoll GameH Edwin C. Hinckluy Ivan Holt Ronda Jenkins Lester Long Ross McArfhur Max McKinnon Koifh Naoqlc Boyd 6. Puff William H. Snell Aiberf Sponcor Nursing Starts a New Program new program initiated during the spring semes- Ater of this year by the College of Nursing, will permit diploma graduatesestudents who have complet- ed a hospital diploma programeto graduate in the baccalaureate program in approximately two years. The baccalaureate program leads to either a Bachelor of Arts degree or a Bachelor of Science degree. Stu- dents in this program attended classes at BYU and also receive extensive training in Salt Lake City hospi- tals. This year, 41 girls will be graduated. The associate degree program is another program in the college and it is designed to graduate technical nurses r . t in five semesters, 44 girls will graduate in August. 7 t a Demonstrations with a lite-sized model hold the attention of the student nurses particxpating in the classroom lectures. Nursing confinued . "I; s: of defecfing a pafienf's hearfbeaf is rehearsed by +he s+uden+s. Head bandaging is pracficed by a s+udenf. Faculty of The College of Nursing She ran Barlow Kathlun Boa rnson , 115- . lifa IConrad Mary E. Edmund: Marisa Geddes Carol Kingsolvor Linnea Morrison Judi"! Norton Bath Oponshaw Carolyn Palmer Nancy Plusquellic Norma Pohor LaJuan Roichmau Alice Schmidt Holcn Shvonson Linda TOIIIY Gwan Tuiis Carol Whnlcr 70 Fuming flasks are used in a chemisfry lab +0 defermine +he percen+age of copper in a sample. our- Approved ell qualified high school graduates entering the field of engineering will be able to obtain a bachelofs degree from, BYU in four years following a new program approved in 1965-66 by the College of Physical and Engineering Sciences. Up to this year, engineering students have been required to attend BYU for five years in order to qualify f0r a bachelorls degree. The new program will benefit those students who have prepared in high school to enter the field of engineering. According to Dean Armin J. Hill, the program is in line with a nation-vw'de movement to emphasize the masterls degree as a primary objective for students. Under it, engineering majors will be able to obtain a mastefs degree is as little as five years. ear Engineering Program Armin J. Hill. Dean l l 93 V. Four ' Year confinued A bachelor's degree is not enough anymore The college is composed of the following departments: Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Geology, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, Chemistry and Air Science. All these departments, with the exception of Air Science, offer both a bachelofs and a mastefs degree. More and more students are being encouraged to work towards a mastefs degree. eWe want to get the students away from the idea that a bachelores degree is enough? says Dean Hill. In a geology class. sfudenfs learn +0 use 3-D microscope. Sfudenfs engage in group diSCU55i0'1 0f engineering problems. Faculty of The College of Physical and Engineering Sciences , Dee Barker Cliff S. Barton Paui Barrei+ Brian Besf Myron G. Best James L. Bills Harold Iissell Smith Broadbanf Garfh 0. Bryan? Loran Irynnr Don lodge Kunnofh Bullock Jess Bushman Elia? Butler Glen Calder John Canficld John Cannon Melvin CarOar Dwight Clark John C. Clogq Coran CIuM Lana Compton Daniel Decker Dwight R. Dixon Olani Durranf John Easfmond Glenn L. Enh J. Earl Faulkner Alien Firmago Harvuy Flofchor, Jl. Harvey Fl-ichur. Sr. Dun Fuhriman Andrlw Gardner John H. Gardner Lynn Garncr Burton Gan Norman Gnrh-n J. Rex Goats: loose Goodwin Clark Gublu Wayne I. Hales Korma": Hamblin George H. Hanson Kimball H. Hansen Four - Yearcon+inued No students are being turned away, yet RONALD D. JAMISON Professor Ronald D. Jamison corrects students' math papers. The tremendous growth rate of the university has affected the college greatly. To make room for more students than the facilities of the college are built to handle, careful planning and scheduling, as well as the cooperation of other colleges, have been necessary. But although the college is short of space and facilities, no students were turned away this year. The 1,748 under- graduate majofs registered in the college accounted for nearly 10 per cent of the student population at BYU. ,. - - e :v . It ;.' . V t h t y - . e , m , N ,1 '1 w a Science Center balcony is lined with students hard at work. KIM Harrison Loyal Hastings Floyd Haupi ihphon J. Hawk" Howard Huion Max W. Hill Kenneth Hillam Lohi HEM" Dunn. Hodon Dchrl Humphorys Ron Jamison Jens J. Jonsson Kenna"! Larsen Ruben Longwoll Jay Manes: John Mangum Harold McNamara Richard Meibos LaVcre B. Merritt Gail Miles Martin Miller Clyde Naylor 74 LIRoi K. Nclson Afton Nickoll Howard Nielsen Kenneth J. Nix Lloyd Olpin J. Bevan OH Edward 6. Paul Richard Pearson Wm. R. Phillip: Iill J. Pop. Madin 6. load" Alvin Rnnclnr Dal. O. Richards J. Kai": ligby Donald Robinson Ralph L. Rollins Paul H. Sharp John Simonson Richard Snow Alburi Swanson Gary Tilfien Frank Tippeffs Richard D. Ulrich Howard Vanllui Four ' Year confinued 7., '2 ,1 An engineering s+uden+ develops a pulse generafor. Arnold Wilson Paul J. Wan: Willis Werner John H. Wing Richard Woadburg 76 In an advanced chemisfry lab. 5 s+uden+ prepares +0 experiment Athletes Get a Whale of a Building he new Stephen L Richards building, dedicated last November, is really a whale of a building. But then again, the largest whale known is the Blue Whale and it only measures up to 100 feet in- length. So, the College of Physical Education now has a building as long as six of these whales put together. To be exact, it measures 620 by 280 feet. It contains four gymnasiums, three swimming pools, a large laundry, classrooms, offices, two dance studios and eighteen laboratories in 198,520 square feet of floor space. The swimming pool area is probably the most spectacular. It includes three swimming pools plus two balconies with seats for 1,100 spectators, all in a single room. One of the pools is a beginners, pool only four and a half feet deep at its deepest point. And there is a diving pool equiped with Dura- flex driving boards which are among the finest in the world. The third pool is an eight-lane competition pool large enough for inter-collegiate and Olympic competition. And, oh yes, large enough to hold a whale. p, . Dean Milton F. Hartvigsen visits with Mrs. SteEhen L Rich- ards' after dedication of building named for er husband. u u um Mu Empty and seemingly entire length of the new building. Athletes confinued Wafer safefy class +eaches mefhods of rescue. a" Foctu of The College of Physical Education Robert Bunker Robert Burganer Boyd C. Call Walter Cryer Fred Davis Shlrnl Andaman Chris Aposfol Ilaunr linger!" Beniamin deHoyos Fred W. Dixon Gary Earnest 78 wen ' . ' . " . , .4 : e Where the old stadium stood now stands a new edifice for phys The Human Performance Research Center in the new building consists of eighteen laboratories for experimen- tation in physical education, athletics and health educa- tion, as well as the related medical sciences. The center also includes an animal kennel in which small rodents may be housed and studied, a food and nutrition labora- tory and library area. The largest area, however, is the ergometry laboratory, in which physiological studies of man are done. An example of the work that may be carried on in this laboratory is the study of the effect of exertion on heart rate and on the circulatory system. ical development. Human research center included Charlos J. Hart Frank Hatch Linda Hatch Nana Ray Hawhs lsracl Hoaion Willard Hirschi Cynfha Hits? Leona Holbrook Tom Hudspefh Phyllis Jacobson Sharald James Alma anon Clayno Jonson 79 L . Athletes confinued A member of Hie fair sex scores a foucht'e in her fencing class. .' W nimvmw , ' Hnnry J. Nicholas Norman L. Niclson Clrol Nilnn .3. t. EWW ; Wayno Sfartin Glun Tuck." Karl Tuck" Earl Lindloy Wayno Pure. Elmo loundy Richard Salaur 3. Lu Wallacc Howard Uibnl Ray Wafhrs Stanley H. Watts Reno: Yerg 80 All Students Receive Religious Instruction tudents of Brigham Young Univer- sity are able to integrate gospel study into all phases of their learning since relationships to gospel principles may be discussed in any academic class. In addition, courses which provides rel- igious instruction for all students are offered by the College of Religious In- struction. Thus students are given am- ple opportunity to study the standard works of the church, as well as theology preparation for missionary work, gen- ealogy, church history, world religious and Christian history. Roy W. Doxey is the chairman of the Department of Undergraduate Studies, and Chauncey C. Riddle is chairman of the Graduate Department. Two institutes have also been es- tablished in this college: the Institute of Mormon Studies, directed by Tru- man Madsen, and the Institute of Book of MormonProjects,withDaniel Ludlow B. West Belnap. Dean -, -kl.Ar ....,, 77... HI 5' . r-i E7 A" SfUdenfS continued 1,600 students receive'religious instruction via TV During the past year this college introduc- ed large-screen television instmction. This gave students the opportunity to listen to several outstanding professors, thus broad- ening their viewpoints and giving them the benefit of the knowledge of different teach- ers. Some 1600 students participated in the program, receiving instruction in the Book of Mormon on a large,'27-foot television screen in the Joseph Smith Building. Sfuden'rs aH'end a TV Book of Mormon class. Faculty of The College of Religious Instruction Richard Anderson Hyrurn Andrus Milton V. lackman Anthony l. Bentley Walter Iowan 6. Byron Done Paul Chaosman James R. Clark Alan Cook Roy Doxey Gustive Larson 82 professors Jrl'ze same semesfer. Through felevision. +he fribulafions of Lehi became more real. e354 4.53332? Lawrence Lawlor Daniol Ludlow Truman Madsen Keith Meurvy lobed Pad. 9'"... L. Pearson Melvin J. Peterson H. Don! Pofarson Ellis T. Rasmusnn Russel R. Rich Eldin Ricks Chauncey Riddle Sidney Sperry Rodney Turner David Yarn m , m m u u ' m u u u mm? In a psychology class. Newly Independent College Faced Busy First Year 2-40 h" John T. Bernhard, Dean ncreased flexibility and expanded opportunities for re- Isearch 0f the varied disciplines it encompasses, marked the first year of the College of Social Sciences. The new college was formed from the division of the com- bined College of Humanities and Social Sciences, it in- cludes the departments of Archaeology, History, Geogra- phy, Sociology, Anthopology, Political Science and Psy- chology. Also included in the college are the inter- disciplinary areas of Asian Studies, International Bela- tions, Russian Studies and Economics. The common de- nominator for these diversified fields in the rigorous, exacting, research approach which employs the scientific method to discover new truths or to verify old hypotheses about human behavior. According to Dean John T. Bem- hard, former administrative assistant to the BYU president and member of the Political Science faculty, the college has undertaken several new studies this year. Among them was one considering the feasibility of initiating a Middle East study program; another dealt with the possible mer- ger of the departments of Archaeology and Anthropology. w, W w ngS' u professor Philip B. Daniels discusses tunctionalism: the adaptation of structure or design to its function. v'v uulh Hm u u WV mJ , J N Professor David K. Hart who was awarded +he fiHe' o1c "Professor Snarf" by +he sfudenfbody lecfures in a polifi Faculty of The College of Social Sciences R0 barf Afwood Thomas Alexander Reed B'adfOfd Doyle Buckwalfar Louis Cardon John Christiansen Roberf M. Cundick Harry Dees x William G. Dyer Lea Farnsworfh 85 Newly Independent College coniinued History department makes many changes The History Department, which awarded its first three Ph.Dfs this year, has made many changes. More compre- hensive courses in American intellectual and Asian his- tory were made available for the first time. Another major curriculum change being considered would make pos- sible the period study of United States history. Six separate courses will offer coverage of a different time period from the colonial era to the twentieth century. Successfully continued and expanded from last yearis beginning, the television lecture classes of American History 170 gave a variety of professors the opportun- ity to address large halls of students by television. .U . .1 Professor uses movies and maps +0 explain American geography. Sfopping +0 check results of a mid-term exam, a sociology maior Sherman Fihqarald Stuart L. Grow Kenneth R. Hardy Ray C. Hillam Paul Hyor D-Lamar Jonson Vernon Larsen Melvin Maboy Ray Matheny Keith J. Melville Louis Midglay Marion MitlaH J. Weldon Muffin Edwin H. Mono" Merlin Myers 86 w: l e depar+men+'s bullefin board. SCIOLdGY DEPARTMENT-v noun lot wnwuum. Aalcun 1 . Amm. . r".- $521? 32:. 4.." $. , Rug um .mwm UM! UM IN! M Ht Malia mun mu m vuwu 4- s 4 u h V ; Scuipfure in +he A;chael,oo y Museum was found in Campeche. Mexico. David Siimpson Darhl M. Pedorsen Evan T. Pohrson Jess Rooder Robori H. Slovcr Kay Smith Wilford Smifh Russell B. Swons-n Josnph Symon: Elliot? Tum. Tad J. Warnur Emu Warren Carwin Williams . Graduate School Students entering graduate work expect an emphasis to he placed on objective and analytic work much more so than it was placed at the undergraduate level. Dean Wesley P. Lloyd 0f the Graduate School suggests that this objectivity of research is the main reason for graduate study. Significantly at BYU the student involved in graduate work in any of the more than 100 fields available to him finds that almost half his time is involved in independent research if he is seeking a Master's Degree; and that for a Ph.D., research is the dominant part of his curriculum with his program bol- stered by systematized seminars and classroom work. On the Graduate School devolves the responsibility of co-ordinating the departments offering advanced degrees and setting common standards to assure the meaning and significance of the entire Graduate program. Cur- rently at BYU, 1450 students are seeking advanced degrees on either a full time or part time basis. w i 5? mphasizes Obiecfivity Special sfudy facilifies are provided for +he use of graduafe sfudenfs and o+her mafure scholars in +he J. Reuben Clark Library. 90,000 Knowledge Seekers Enrolle , . , LLLAIN N Boy Scouts learn "Hello Song" during POW-WOW assembly conference which helps Jrhem prepare for merit b 7;, adge examinations. French Riviera. an interest point for students in travel study. ' ' l "e UL lll i I 11 ten years one-half of all knowledge gained from a studenfs college education will be obsolete, ac- cdrding to Dean Harold C. Clark of the Division of Con- tinuing Education. Consequently, ninety thousand know- ledge-seekers are enrolled in programs under the Di- vision,s auspices. Mailed by the ton, correspondence courses were sent throughout the world by the Home Study program. Special Courses and Conference sponsors programs and workshops for students and non-students and this year offerings ranged from creative dance workshops to swimming classes. They also sponsored the 1966 BOy Scout Merit Badge Pow-Wow. The Evening School Program attracted a record 5,200 students sec- ond semester. The Divisiorfs activities continue during the summer when BYU professors participate in the Edu- cation Week Program. In community centers throughout the nation, the professors brought the world of edu- cation from university to individual. Making the world their campus, the Travel Study Program took students to foreign shores for education never to be obsolete. 9O Girls fi+ classma+e in a kimono 6+ a you+h clinic sewing class. Harold Glen Clark. Dean Busy mofher regisfers for evening school wi+h +he "help" of her children. Summer dance workshop offers P,E. q; 1--' r-m m' Grants Boost BYU Research E ven though the administration continues to empha- size good teaching as the main objective of fac- ulty members, more and more research is being done on the BYU campus. The universityk research grants were in excess of one million dollars this year; and, in ad- dition, a new research foundation composed of 25 0f the nation,s leading businessmen was formed. It is hoped that eventually this foundation will bring millions of dollars to the campus for research purposes. The Human Performance Research Center in the new Richards P.E. Building provides some of the most. modern equipment now available for laboratory research; the planned Ag- gricultural and Biological Sciences Building will also contain large numbers of modern facilities. Several faculty members are presently writing books, and others are performing sociological studies or laboratory ex- periments. From nearly every college in the university information is flowing which goes nationwide from the BYU campus to assist in the creation of a better world. William Jensen. graduate assistant to Dr. David D, Geddes, professor in Jrhe College of Physical Education. adjusts a beaker on a Mettler balance. accurate to five decimal places. preparatory to weighing several grams of KOH Jro use in air: experimemL on lac- tine metabolism in ratg, Dr. Geddes expects to ga'rher additional information on fatigue buildup in athletes through this research. W. T wwmgggm , t N ' MMM v t :th rm w WW w m t Mm MxmwmFf? t gww h Hwy e25 3;; u HWW H H WWvltgsrxxuu m JWI H W NH 6 M W V n u rue? H J aa: Hummmvigx u u x A : 3g KNOWJWJH m mwm , a w m' , m w m i i i i min in 'ii Wm WM ' i i . - imW - " . . . . i 'i :1 H 6 WM 1, mu i m i g. i W i. r $.- i i m :m mm ii Glen F. Ovard. Co-ordinafor of Experimen'l'al Programs, Lowell Thomson. diredor of fhe program, and sfudenfs af BY High par- ficipafing in +he experimenf observe.a builefin board which explains s+uden+ responsibilify in daily demand compu'rer scheduling. S+uden+s parl'icipafing in +he new compufer scheduling program work in a language lab in BY High. Under +his recenf innovafion. +he sfudenf's day is divided info I5 minufe periods. and a compufer makes daily evaluafions of his progress +0 allof +he number of periods he should spend per subjec'r. Each person works af his own rafe. 93 Walter D. Bowen - e 2 professorof fhe Year Teaching a religion class. Dr. Bowen uses +he sfory of Abraham who was commanded +0 sacrifice his son-fo illusfrafe faifh, 94 ta hen Dr. Walter D. Bowen heard that he had been chosen Professor of the Year, he thought some one was playing a joke on him. To the modest assistant professor of religion the announcement could mean noth- ing else. Yet, it was true; by a record ballot the students had voted him to receive the honor. Dr. Bowen was almost embarrassed, but his wife and his seven children back in his little three-acre farm in Orem felt proud of him. The members of the 44th Ward were proud too; through close association they had come to know Dr. Bowen as an energetic and dedicated bishop. To the students who nominated him to receive the award, Dr. Bowen is in diligent teacher, and enthusiastic supporter of BYU who dedicates his time and talents to the university? Even students who were not aware that he had re- ceived the award, upon hearing about it agreed that he deserved it. Said a burly shot putter in one of Dr. ,L t .. Bowenis' religion classes: iiMan, I really believe it? t " i 7 W Dennis Barrett. a student in one of Dr. Bowen's religion classes, says: "I can tell that he believes what he teaches." 7 t i Surrounded by students, Dr. Bowen explains assignments and answers questions which he did not cover during the class. 95 M 5 Nu x , u H i in ,gs iw Mi " , a WWW m w Egi :5? M W mm V 'nga : WM HUN 7? wot; f. . Q i H In meefing with his counselors. Gale Brimhalland William Southwell, Bishop Bowen discusses ward proiects and problems. mwwmm . $ gym '- m 7 His pet peeve: No time to prepare Walter Bowelfs day begins at seven in the morning and sometimes ends at midnight. As a teacher, father and bishop his obligations are many. The telephone in his office rings continually; and because of his informal attitude, many ward members and students feel free to drop in without appointments to seek his advice on class and personal problems. Although he believes in a close relationship with his students, Dr. Bowenis large classes make it almost impossible for him to meet every student on an individual basis. He puts is this way: iiI have had as many as three-four hundred students a semester. Naturally I can't talk to everyone of them personally. Still, I believe that a teacher can get close 96 to his students by preparing well and by teaching ef- fectively? He then adds with a smile: iiSomeday 111 try this myself.n Not having enough time to prepare is his pet peeve. He says: iiI dOIft think its right for a teacher to sit in his office and talk to a student about tomorrow's assignment while he should be preparing to teach his classes. On the other hand, if someone comes to me with a vital problem, I'll talk to him any- time." Limited by time, Dr. Bowen believes that a teach- er can also establish close contact with his students in the Classroom through sincerity. "Most students on campus can detect hypocrisy and insincerity, thus, if a teacher is not sincere, he cannot teach effectively? A ward officer falks +0 Bishop Meefing wifh a sfuden'f. Dr. Bowen offers advice on a class proiecf. As a bishop he is offen consul'red on personal problems +00. 97 t . .. . ,i . . , . . ", eta;- r., . ,.-y' ..A 1?... - . , ,- t Taking a break from their Saturday chores. the Bowens pose for an informal photograph in front of their new home in Orem. l His wife is his most beneficial critic Out of his busy week, Dr. Bowen reserves Fridays and Saturdays to spend with his family. In his small farm in Orem, he feels more comfortable than in the classroom. There, he, his wife Connie, and their seven children: Christine 14, Dean 13, Kay Lynn 10, Dennis 8, Sherry Ann 5, Boyd 3, and 10-month-old Bebecca, do things to- gether. There is a small garden behind their new two- story home where Dr. Bowen and his family plant such things as wheat, strawberries and raspberries. The Bowens are a close-knit family and visiting with them one gets the feeling that the old spirit of the pioneers remains with them. Of his wife, Dr. Bowen says: iiShe is my most beneficial critic; she tells me things nobody else would on how to improve myself and my teaching? To Dr. Bowen, work and dedication are of prime im- portance in any profession. He says: "I dorft think a man has found the right profession if he cant go through the day when he doesnit lie awake at night thinking about it and can skip meals unknowingly for it? Walter D. Bowen has fOund the right profession. Taking a call for her husband. Mrs. Bowen teils calier to try again later. Bulletin board iists members of 44th ward. 98 aw H WW NW W WMggdeu WNMWWWH WWWWWWLEV 4 W gW'a-Ayn ,' W , - . V ' I :5 W .h d" .w W v I w - g. min W W z W V M :: I ; 1 . Mk. ,, t M c J J While Dennis and Boyd look on. Dr. Bowen and Dean planf raspberries. LifHe Boyd enjoys a ride on his fa'rherhs shoulders. f4 bl I M U ,mwwmf' 1W I4Iti D D - 4'- ' a .241: - :3 $3483; .. Dr. Bowen always enjoys playing wifh his children. "My wife and my children are fine pride of my 99 Patient dads attempt baby-sitting dur- ing a sixtstake conference. Coping with "over-my-head-messages." When the combined BYU stakes converge. the Smith He one member pursues other thoughts. he system of wards and stakes on the BYU campus forms one of the most unique church organizations to be found at any university. Over 20,000 students are divided into groups of 3000 called stakes, each of which is further divided into 10 or 11 wards. The six stake presidents, Raymond E. Beckham, Clyde D. Sandgren, F red A. Schwendiman, William R. Siddoway, A. Harold Goodman and Wayne B. Hales, meet three times monthly with Richard L. Evans, their adviser and a mem- ber of the Council of the Twelve, to co-ordinate func- tions such as the annual six-stuke conference on cam- pus. The MIA also has a six-stake council which organ- izes such traditional events as the roadshow competition. 100 k' 39' ,7: i r .w Church priesthaod ordination is conferred by ward ldhouse becomes spaceless. elders. 5 mad As parf of a +hree-hour long. combined six-sfake roadshow program, JIren ward children an+ic as Holland mice. ... -w1.,....-g A A u u h Wards, Stakes Provide Unique Organization Relief Sociefy sisfer speaks during fesfimony meefing. 101 4 is the former students' link to the university. Alumni Association Promotes Student Activities he Alumni Association maintains a continued in- terest in the students and alumni of BYU. It en- courages campus activities by sponsoring the queenhs float at Homecoming, the Grand Prix Bike Race on Y Day and the Alumni-Varsity football game. The Association is also responsible for keeping a personal file on every person who has ever attended BYU, a formidable job now that the schoolts enrollment has grown to 20,000. After graduation, the former student's bond with the school is maintained through the Associatiorfs spon- sorship of the Alumnus Magazine, sent without cost to all former students; the Aspen Grove Family Camp; fund- raising projects; class reunions and alumni receptions. The alumni traditionally sponsor the Homecoming queen's Hoaf. Ron Hyde. Execufive Secrefary of +he Alumni Associafion consulfs Al - b' h D wifh his s+aff: Don Nelson. Fund Direc+or: Welburn Van Orman. un?g?;i+yl?;:eye;ndrlgggdgzilespmgzea:nontgnmnzr: 3533+ Aspen Grove Family Camp: and Emily Weeks, Execufive Assis+an+. Y 9. VI! The Fall Leadership Conference was held a+ +he Alumni Associafion's family camp a+ Aspen Grove. 1031 Devotional Speakers Expres: Sfephen R. Coveyl Adminisfrafive Assisfanf Jro +he BYU president fells devo+Ional audience of his experiences in Irish mission. Elder S. Dilworfh Young, one of many devoHonal speakerS, S+uden+s surround popular devo+ional speaker LeGrand Richards. 104 tudents pushed and shoved each other in a mass movement to the fieldhousc; they trampled 0n toes getting to the middle of the row tsomehow a few never remembered to move to the centeri; and they complain- ed about those inconsiderates who got there an hour early to save seats for their friends. But everyone did get in, even if they didift make it by the opening prayer and had to slink guiltily in front of everyone who was already dutifully sitting down. The announcer who introduced the speaker normally confronted a sea of upraised newspapers, but after the iiSo glad to have at our great university . . ."s the newspapers were lowered, and the reason for the whole thing began: the speaker began his message. And it was worth it, after all. Each Tuesday at 10 oiclock, topics from Ioseph Smith to socialism were presented in an atmos- phere 0f reverence and prayer. On September 28 in the first devotional, Mark E. Petersen set the tone for the whole year by a speech on the power within each student to become an exponent of the gospel of Christ. Marion D. Hanks, talk on his philosophy of teaching was valuable to prospective educators. Among the many other inspiring speeches were those of Victor Brown and Spencer W, Kimball, MariOn C. Romneyis iiSocialism and the United Order" and Stephen R. Coveyis exhortation for each student to build on the true foundation of Christ. m. 4m, Marking a change in devotional policy, Elder Marion G. Romney spoke about Socialism and the United Order on March Ist. 105 I H ' - ' ' . . ' ' . - v A : . m MHMHH v ' M ' V , ' I ., : r'... . .7 V .' . . u w u u . i1. . . ,. 1 V K . MW V w M H w, .1 .. r , Howard K. Smifh, veferan commenfafor and aufhor, addresses sfudenfbody and fee fy. He spoke on poliHcal and foreign affairs. Mrs. Wilkinson and Dean Herald R. Clark visit with Allen Drury. author of Pulitzer Prize winning novel "Advise and Consent." Forums . . . A Mirror of Modern Life Giving insights into American and foreign governments and problems, providing knowledge and entertain- ment, the Forum lecture series offers a mirror of modern life. Entitled iiLectures in Contemporary Civilizationfi the series makes available to students speakers such as Louis Untermeyer, men who are experts in their fields. Allen Drury, noted author and reporter, spoke on Oc- tober 21 on the dangerous complacency 0f the Amer- ican people and stated that the thing which impressed him most about American government was its essen- tial humanity. Winston S. Churchill, son of the famous British prime minister and noted journalist and author, also spoke on politics. In a lighter vein, world- famed ventriloquist Edgar Bergen presented his show featuring his delightfully chatty dummies, Charlie MC- Carthy, Mortimer Snerd, and Effie Klinger. Countess Alexandra Tolstoy, daughter of the famed Russian author, Leo Tolstoy, related her experiences with her father. Other noted speakers were Max Lerner, auth- or, educator, and newspaper columnist, and Howard K. Smith, author and correspondent. Lerner wamed the studentbody that the American people were sleep- walking into disaster. He suggested that the 3 Ks be replaced by the 3 Knows: knowledge of our world, craft, and ourselves. With this knowledge, Americans would be able to fully participate with other nations in break-throughs for progress. Howard K. Smith, veteran political observer, spoke on foreign af- fairs. He observed that there was no real alternative to President Johnsonis policy in Viet Nam, and that war between the US. and Russia is unlikely at the present. Smiling W Max Lerner chats with students after forum talk. 107 to .. ,1- I r 2:" x 4'" 5?;N. K -... v-n Marilee Switt accepted the award from the College ot Fine Arts and Communications. A music major, she attended Kansas University trom 1963 to 1965. where she was a mem- ber ot Sigma Alpha Iota, a protessiona! music traternity, and Pi Kappa Lambda. a music honorary. At the "Y" she 15 a member ot Phi Kappa Phi. After graduation she plans to work toward her master's degree. Chosen from the College of Social Sciences is this tether of six children, Farrell Walter Lewis. He has led a very active lite including military service in World War II: employment with two Arizona banks and Whiting Brothers Charter Flying Service tor twelve years: served as 5 Bishop three years, Bie- hop's counselor six years, Elderts Quorum President: and Pres- dent of Holbrook, Ariz. Chamber of Commerce tor one year. 108 E. Talmage Awards stablished last year by the Academic Emphasis Com- mittee and the University administration, the James E. Talmage Award is granted to the outstanding student from each college every year. Academic record, depth of character, and participation in curricular and extra- curricular activities are the basis for the selection. The selection is made by joint efforts of the deans of the various colleges, the department chairman, and the Academic Emphasis Committeee. Recipients of the award this year were the students on these pages. Curtis Hawkins. an English major. was chosen to receive the award from the College of Humanities. His interests center around creative writing. and he has worked as assistant edt- tor ot the WYE magazine. He has also been a senior resident. a participant in the Honors Program. a memberet Phr KapEe Phi and an elder in the Central American miSSIon. Atter IS graduation his plans include entry into the M.B.A, program. A fiH'h year sfudenf from Cardsfon. Alberfa. Canada! Michael Lave" LeaviH was Chosen Jro receive H16 award from H16 Co'- le e of lndusfrial and Technical Educafion. An indusfrial eJqucaJrion major and graphic communicaHons minor, Michael was elecfed as +he secrefary of Jrhe lndusfrial Arfs Associaffon. He is an ac+ive member of Hue Phi Kappa Phi Honor Socie+y. The main Inferesf of Dianne Clyde. recipiemL of H1e award from H19 College of Family Living, IS diefefics. A member of fhe Honors Program, she came To BYU on a scholarship as fhe BeHy Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow for Ufah. She has serv- ed in Alpha Lambda DeHa, a freshman honorary; Omicron Nu, a naHonal home economics honorary organizafion and Y Cal- cares. She has also received appoinfmenfs for diefefic work. From Hue College of Business David Sandberg was chosen as +he oufsfanding sfudenf. An economies major, he has worked +he pasf year as a feaching assisfanf in +his deparfmenf. David has been acfive in many organizafions including Omicron DelJra Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi and Be+a Gamma Sigma. He has also been a senior residenf and member of JrhexSunday School superinfendency, as well as a member of The concerf band. l09 Talmage Awards confinued -ki. ,7 . 'J a ;, 's-L- .. Receiving Hie award from +he College of Agriculfural and Bio- ogical Sciences was John G. Tew, a senior maioring in bac+er- iology. He is presenHy aHending school on a scholarship and has received a pre-docforal fellowship from Hie DepareremL oi Healfh. Educafion, and WeifareHis special in+eres+ is immu- nology, and he is working as a research assisfanf in Hiaf field. HO A fufure elemenfary school feacher, Diane Sfone was selecfed from +he College of Educafion. To give added experience in her major. she has served as +reasurer of fine Associafion for Childhood Educafion: she also has a Jreaching minor in French and is a member of Phi Kappa Phi. To furfher broaden her experience, she spemL Hie summer of I964 in France sfudy- ing a+ +he UniversHy of Paris wi+h +he Travel s+udy program. 1V: E: i' gEi-u: in HM, H m m m m a; m m i'm Wm m i'u i :m m m i . Hnmm XH- ' s TrW The award from +he College of Nursing was given +0 Margaret L. Ashby. whose special inferesf is privafe dufy nursing. She is presenHy serving as a represen+a+ive +0 fine Ufah Sfafe Sfudeni Nurse Associafion. She has acfed as Jtreasurer and vice-presi- denf of SNA. as well as working in He Relief Sociefy, MIA and Leadership CommiHee. She was selec+ed Y sfandouf in March. New Record 6000 Participate in Government ,,, H t Ju wquE a . H Nu H H hut: ASBYU President poses in front of a picture of Jrhe Y's mascot. His office has a busy atmosphere but is always welcoming and casual. n a unique institution such as the Y, it is necessary to have Ia student government that is capable of managing its particular problems, working with its individual attitudes and operating in its different atmosphere. At the Y, the problem arises not of how to get people out to a dance, but what to do with the 8000 that come. Here, the attitude is so enthus- iastic about school activities that jobs for 6000 students are quickly filled for student government. And, at BYU there is an atmosphere of friendliness, cooperation and high stan- dards. The challenge, then, is to combine the problems, the attitudes and the atmosphere and work simultaneously with both students and administration to produce an effective, efficient organization. The 1966 studentbody government coped with just such a challenge and helped President Bob Christiansen accomplish a cougar year that set the Y years ahead of other college campuses in government. Executive Council iuggled studies, responsibilities Under the presidency of Bob Christiansen, these five vice- presidents;their various committees, councils and boards; the two executive assistants and the executive secretary worked concurrently with students and administration to solve the problems, plan the activities and provide the atmosphere that students here expect. For the most part, these students juggled homework and governing responsibilities to find a way to keep up their grade point average and satisfy the demands of the positions. Although their positions were often criticized, they were still positions of great accomplishment and gratification. w Dave Hoopes, from Oakland. California, was Executive Assistant to the President. Boyd Zolinger. from Island Park, Idaho. filled an Executive Assistant position. 112 w .Lynn Southam. from Pleasant Grove. Utah. filled the newly organized office of Academics Vice-President. Craig Collette. a graduating senior from Seattle. Washington. majoring in polit- ical science, faced the responsibility of the controversial tad dance ban on campus. Russell Parker, +he Vice-Presiden+ in Hue CuHural office. was a iunior Dale Marquis, a senior from Glendale, California. from Draper. Ufah, and made his field of maior sfudy in accounfing. handled Hue dufies of Vice-Presiden+ of Finance. Mary Curley. Execu+ive Secrefary from Forf Defiance. Ari- Jerry Callis+er. a iunior from Merced. California, zona, was a iunior in Hie maior field of dramafic arfs. served as Hue VicePresidenf of Sfudenf Relafions. 3' . K a5: wcr' men; Many groups direct student activities, programs f'3 Pariicipa'rion Committee-FRONT ROW: Sue Blosser. Merrill ScoH. Chairman; Diana Wood. SECOND ROW: Danny Wheeler, Gary Tchhell. Mary Jane Crandall. Charles Kemper. Phyllis Raymer. BACK ROW: Sydney Nefhercoff. Ted Crandall. Phil Call. Clark Johnson, Winfer CarnivaI-FRONT ROW: Bryan Lowe. Bill Paul. Sandy Kross. Chairman. SECOND ROW: Jay Fuhriman, Lee Wheelock. Kay Washburn. Kafhy Armsfrong, Pan Winkelman. George W. Fuhriman. Len Renick. Porfer Hall. BACK ROW: Nevin N. Anderson. Dick Sanders. Glay Homer. Roberf Paul, Larry Mendenhall. Richard Hardy. H4 Homecoming CommiHee-FRONT ROW: Gloria Jolley. Gary Farnes, Chairman: Beverly Liffler. BACK ROW: Kenf Whifney, Jan Felix. Jerry Dunyon. Paul Ahlsfrom. Lynn Dahle. Dave McFadden Larry Haws, Jim Finch. Balle of HM Y Commitfee-FRONT ROW: Carolyn Thomas. Lin Bonner. Women's Chairman: Donna Deere. SECOND ROW: Daleen Anderson, .Joan Mclllece. Doralee Marfenson. BACK ROW: Ken McAllisfer. Mike Taffon. Don Carpen'rer. Vaughn Nordes. Mens' Chairman: Guy Lane. Ear 3L .. ad. Pep CommiHee-FRONT ROW: Paf Garreff' Jim Chris+ensen. Chair- man: Sue Larson. SECOND ROW: Don Silver, Larry EasHancL Assisfanf Chairman; Diane Spagenski. Carol Huber. THIRD ROW: Erney Olson. David Sfephenson. Assisfanf Chairman; Roger McVean. George Cobabe. Gil Greer. Culiure CommiNee ChairmensFRONT ROW: Mary Anne Sharpe. Music Chairman: Mick Reber, Diane Call, Song Fesfival. SECOND ROW: Ray Reber. Arnel Brown. Ballef: Bob Russells Movie Commiffee Chairman: Ron Wickman, Direcfor of Campus News Close-up. BACK ROW: Te Urunga Haereifi. Sfeve Heinecke. Concerfs Imprompfu: Dave Wilfbank. Sfage Manager: Gary Hunfer, Preview Board Chairman. Academics Executive Assisfanfs-FRONT ROW: T. Allen Lambert World Affairs: Claudia Wright Execufive Secrefary: Paul Gilbert Execufive Assisfanf of Service Area. BACK ROW: Ivan Colledge. Business Manag- er: Noel Reynolds. Chairman of Academic Emphasis. K g . J t l Hospifolify Commiffee-FRONT ROW: Ausra Rudvalis, Will Merrii, Chairman: Nancy Shepley. SECOND ROW: Cheri Guhin. Janef Fischers Marne BusweH, Diane Buckley, Larry Pulsipher. THIRD ROW: Jane Becks wifh, Donna Poff. Carl Scorup. Karen Marie Maughan. Jeanne Neilson. Allen Chubbs. Terry Jessop. Rich Chisholm. Vic Marchek, Duane Williams. Academic CommiHee Chairmen-FRONT ROW: Don Ellison. Infern Pro gram: Rosalie Erekson. Sfudenf-Faculfy Relafions: Carwin Pe+erson. Missionary Orienfafion. BACK ROW: Vicfor Ludlow. Issues and Confro- versies: David Harmon. Research. Elections CommiHee-FRONT ROW: Luana Wegman. Bryce Chrisfensen. Chairman: Roger Davis. BACK ROW: John Peferson. Gary Twifchell. Janef Taylor. Dave Crosby. Sfudenf RalaNons Office Assisianh-FRONT ROW: Wendy Johnson, Wrifer for Universe: George Burnside, Business Manager: Sandy McAllis- +er. Secrefary fo Jerry. BACK ROW: Paul Hansen, Close Circuif TV; Merwin Grant Execufive Assisfanf: Jim Chrisfensen. Pep Commiffee Chairman. HS Issues and Confroversies-FRONT ROW: John Hammond. Vidor Ludlow. Cenfral Dance Commiffee-FRONT ROW: Linda WesHund. Rosemary Chairman. BACK ROW: Joe Hilfon, Richard Headberg. Hill. BACK ROW: Floyd Pendlefon. Doug Biffer. Darryl Glissmeyer. Bob Royal. Public Relafions FRONT ROW: Sue Blosser. Susan Albrechfsen. Sfuarf Producfion Guild-FRONT ROW: S+eve Heinecke. Jean Davis, Julia Collyer. BACK ROW: Gayle Whiting, Erin Carter. Smifh. Bill Homen Chairman: Arnel Brown. BACK ROW: Douglas G. HamiHon. David E, Wilfbank, Russell Boofh, Gary R. Hunfer. i Preview Board-FRONT ROW: Jack Sederholm. Lana Parks. Gary Hunfer. Finance OHEce-FRONT ROW: Lee Bahr. Margaref Hansen. Bryan Lowe. Chairman. BACK: Roy King. BACK: James Sandberg. Recognifion Commiffeo-FRONT ROW: Lee Ann Reeves. Chairman: Married Siudenfs-FRONT ROW: Sandy Parsons. Jeanie Baldwin. Rox Ann Richard Hansen. Nancy Oblad. BACK ROW: Elizabefh Carr. Pafricia Kovacs. Donna Kovacs. BACK ROW: George Parsons. Ray Baldwin. Andersen. Joann Draney. Sandy Colemen. Chairman: Mike Kovacs. SOCia' Office Assisfanfs-FRO Culiure Execques-FRONT ROW: Jim Monroe. Linda Brown. Secretary Mary Hill. Hisforian: Phil Richards. Scheduling. BACK ROW: Wally to Russ: Bill Homer. BACK ROW: Lauren Dalzen, S+eve Nadauld Skidmore, Special Evenfs; Kenf Bean, Games Area Chairman. , V Presidenf's Assisfanfs-Val MacMurray. Leadership: Darryl Harris, Press General ConfroIs-FRONT ROW: Gilberf Monfano. James Sandberg. Release: Kenf Mann. Public Relafions. Chairman: David Fel'ron. BACK ROW: Henry Knarn. Harold Ray Walfon. Associated Men Students AMS CONN: L HY" MSIDLNV COUNCIL The brother group of the AWS is the AMS. With the 10,035 men students enrolled on campus this year the leaders of the AMS were kept busy co-ordinating students housing activities. The AMS sponsored the Christmas drive, Winter Carnival, Men,s Night, Fight Night, and Y Day. In conjunction with the AWS, the ; Associated Men Students also were involved in helping t ' 2 ? international students become acquainted with the Amer- ' ' SH ican college life and helping them to make their visit to another land one of great enjoyment and education. Officers-Allen Jensen. President; Tom Brighton. Business Manager: Donald Tate, Secretary. mu AMS IInUNttIL CouncileFRONT ROW: Rod Crockett. Randy Harris, Jan Snyder. BACK ROW: Donald Ellison. Steven Haws. Kent Berkey. Jay Johnston. Darian Andersen. 118 Associafed Women Students To act as mouthpiece for the women students, to provide activities for improvement of BYU co-eds as individuals, as women, and as future homemakers and career women; these are the goals of the AWS of BYU. With a major re-organization this year there are now three officers elected by the women students, a rep- resentative from each class, and from IOC and ISC. The council members meet weekly to plan activities such as Sweethearfs Night, and the Preference Ball. Officers-Carol Goodson. Presidenf: Susan Warner. Vice Presidenf: Mar- ilyn Foreman. Secrefary-Treasurer. U F5 z." CgunciI-FRO'NT ROW: Mary Elizabefh Ellis. Mary Margaref Jones. Paffi Greavesh Gerry Goo. SECOND ROW: Linda Day Tolman. Darlene Belnap. Diana Allred. Klea Worsley, Mickey Phelps, Carol Dixon, Anne Johnsfon,Mary Ballanfyne. 'l'l9 u m u u u u w a u MHH 133?: Front Row: Kathy Dahlquisf. J. D. Williams. Jim Fox, Claudia Smith. Jerry Callisfer. Back Row: Karl Blake, Dave Zappe, Mike Murphy, Craig Collette. Robert Valentine, Leona Farley, Richard X. Johnson. Orlean Miller. Helen Stout Helen Blomquist, Terry Olson. Lynn Southam. Lee Barney. Assembly The Honor Council revised the out-dated and often inconsistent Honor Code this year. A heated debate was attended by both students and faculty and the Honor Council members were given the opportunity to sample student opinion before formulating the new philosophy for the system, aiding students and faculty in assuming responsibility and also in providing trained counsel- ors to work with any referred honor code violators. Last yearts ASBYU constitutional revision dissolved the studentbody Senate and created the streamlined ASBYU ASSembly in its place. The new Assembly consists of only 21 members; its smalled size makes it much more efficient than the previously existing Senate. Presided over by Jim Fox, it consists of two representatives from each class, two at large, two from housing, one from organizations, and the five vice presidents. The Assemblymen also discarded Ro- bert's Rules of Order in favor of a more relaxed, informal atmosphere in order to speed the passage of legislation. Honor Council FronfRow: Mike Rayback. Gail Hayashi. Sharon Thomas. Jane+ Gardner. Kafhy Candland. John Shepherd. Second Roy: John Holmes, Charla Woodbury. Janet Pack. Diana Fife. Judy Andrew, Lynn Cundick. Back Row: Don Johnson, Chair- man: Jay Lyons. David Smith. Dave Cherringfon. William Pine. Lisle Updick. 120 Front: LeRoy Cobia. Back Row: Craig Lundhal, Stuart Candland. Richard Circuit. Front Row: Christopher Jones, Milan Smith, Stewart Clark. Back Row: Robert Hunt. Richard Sharp. 5 'i? B G Supreme Court ASBYU Supreme Court is the judicial sector of student government. During the year the court heard cases from the traffic court ranging from moving violations with heavy fines to parking tickets. This yeafs cases also included the IOC trial of Young Men versus the ASBYU, which led to the new court order that gave the Supreme Court jurisdiction over all cases involving suspension of IOC members. The court is composed of one Chief Justice and four Associate Justices, all of whom hold office until they terminate their schooling at BYU. The Traffic Court is composed of six judges, each a stu- dent, who have the authority to refund money to students they find not guilty. The court is divided into two branches: Day Court handles parking violations, Night Court handles moving violations. The traffic policies are set by BYU administration and inforced by BYU security. The court feels its main responsibility is to inform students of the traffic laws. One change this year in the traffic law system is: instead of the point system students are allowed 5 tickets before they go on traffic probation. 121 Inter- Organization Council An active branch of I.O.C. is the Inter-Service Council which monitors the activities of the campus, eight service units. These sewice units are available for ushering, ticket selling, booth manning, and other service projects. The new BYU information booth was manned by the service units as a cooperative project. The council sponsored I.S.C. week where each service unit solicited for members and painted and rejuvenated the 01d stadium. It is through I.S.C. that the student- body can most effectively obtain the service unifs help. :3: V , 52V, :ch. Dave Zappe, Ellis Hamblin, Carol Leighton. Roy Rencher. The Inter-Organizution Council combines the 106 campus organizations into one representative unit. Through the I.O.C. inch Club can schedule events and programs and not have them conflict with another clubk activities. In addition to coordinating, the organization also has the responsibility of maintaining clnh standards. The organization has the authority to investigate and prose- cute infractions of any university standard excpet in cases of grave violations such as suspension or disband- ment when the case would be taken to the supreme court. Inter-Service Council W H 5 . ; Front Row: Bonnie Harris. Susan Tout. Back Row: Bob Smith, Karen Hicks, Christy Valentine, Sue Ann Zielger Dave Zappa. Presi- dent: Tom Reeve. 122 The sfaff of the biggest Banyan ever produced on the BYU campus works in cluttered, seemingly unorganized Banyan Office, Helio Gonzalel. Editor 1e, h, Biggest Banyan EverGoes to Press 11 the fifth floor of the Wilkinson Center in 538C is O the Banyan. Office, an office with its own breed of creators: its own artists, authors, photographers, perfec- tionists, leaders and followers; its own language: its own meanings for spines, slicks, stripping, gutters, galleys and grids; and its own tempo-moods: its own laziness, slow- motion, composure, busyness, excitement and chaos. At the first of the year the staff socialized in the office, learned new names and faces and then, later they met the respon- sibility of publishing the Banyan, the ttBiggest Ever? The year progressed and the staff felt pressure from the 528- page giant. It made the office groan and bulge and at times even spill over into the neighboring Universe Office. On the cork board there were such slogans as: ttTo err is unlikely - to forgive is unnecessaryn and ttlf at first you dontt succeed, cut your throat and watch it bleed? Although seemingly impatient, the staff waited, worked and worried and made the Banyan Office a second home. Staff pushes 208 pages in six days At the onset the book seemed nearly impossible to tackle. We met the first two deadlines. They were red-letter days efew staffs had ever claimed such a victory, yet we slack- ed off until February. Then we received an ultimatum to finish 168 pages in one week. The decision was made and for one solid week we concentrated on the yearbook, dis- regarding homework, studies, sleep, food. Some of us work- ed for 40 hours without sleep, and then after three or four hours of rest we started in working again. We got sick of WilkinsOn Center hamburgers and the smell of Rubber Cement glue, 0f the four glass walls and KSL-FM stereo. But six days later we tnmed over to the Press 208 pages. 5m WM 5 h w Pressman Dale Howells and assisfanfs check Banyan press run. They worked day and nighf +0 meef schedule. I24 Hunu h n --.:A - v 7 Jeane Woolfenden. Associafe Edifor John Yearouf. LayouwL EdHor Tom Websfer, Phofography Edifor 125 Banyan confinued Colleen Allen, Adminis+ra+ion EdHOF Employees of His. Y Phofo S+udio examine a prinf affer +he use of a densifomefer. Cafhy Sfock. Culfure EdHor 126 Marjorie Norris. Classes Edifor Charlie Pope and Al Peers inspecf negafives on a sfripperg lighf Jrable. A . Evan J. Wright Susan Halford. Janef Fischer, Judy Lindsay. Copy Sfaff I27 A record 8100 Banyans are printed V --v , . mu Mm 2;, MW H W h . :m r AW IUMF, WW WW juu lul'lm umquan m w m m min , 3m y SeHing fype +0 be used in Banyan. Larry Boehner reaches for one more copy sheet 128 " u u H u t Ron Taylor and Bob Cary. Photography u: m m Min m . Some directed, some asked, some reflected and some dreamt, but to those who could concentrate on the work at hand the giant began to be cut down. Little by little pictures were scheduled, thousands taken; names recorded, thousands printed; copy written, reams rejected; layouts drawn, many thrown away; but finally-after the pictures were tagged, the layouts cut, the final copy slicked and the whole thing proofread four or five times, the pages went to press. And what came back? A $56,000 publication representing sleep- . less nights, migraine headaches, and lowered C.P.A.,s B-ut 3m , more than this, there were 8100 Banyans in the hands of Norm Smith. Pho+ography students, faculty and administrators-accumulated histories of 1965-66 at Brigham Young University, enough by them- selves to explain exactly what makes the 3Y3 stand out. H mm m m u t , m t "Yoyo" Yokofa developed all lithography plates for Banyan. H n W x N m m m u 3 am- nil? ,, ,, e Front Row: Diane Stewart, Jackie Eldridge, Ilene Verhearen. Back Row: Sally Gordon, Jean Patton, Linda Mangum. Joy Russell, Receptionists. A7 crmmaiii'W-umm, Budge Wallis. Editor Daily Universe Increases Circulation and Pages Printed he Daily Universe can mark up this year as one of its most unusual and rewarding years of publication. The staff under the editorship of Budge Wallis increased the number of pages printed and circulation. Wallis was invited by LIFE magazine in cooperation with the Department of Defense and NASA to attend the launching of Gemini at Cape Kennedy in December. He also attend- ed the National Associated Collegiate Press Convention in San Francisco along with Paul Lau, business manager and J. Morris Richards, adviser. Things that made this year eventful for the staff were the colorful Home- coming edition, the April FooYs edition, the leadership weekend at the Homestead in Heber, more editorials and more in-depth stories, not to mention the comments raised by the columns and editorials on student government. ,1 Sharon Beauchamp. Assistant to the Editor 130 Sfan Hodge. Sporfs Edifor Jaron gummers. Feafure Edifor 131 Daily universe continued Staff works to maintain high rating , I With a staff of over 75 students the Daily Universe gave the ?"th 7 .- w, ,. students a look at the news from the editorial, sports ' and society pages, the wires of the Associated Press and the interesting areas on campus through features. Some of the new positions on the Universe created to make a more complete staff and to better serve the students were the editorial council and an assistant to the editor. These positions were added to give the students a better view of the controversial subjects that came up during the year and to promote better pub- lic relations. At the end of the year the Universe was re- presented in the Rocky Mountain Collegiate Press Associ- ation Conference held in Arizona. The award that has become an annual occurence with the BYU newspaper at this conference is that of the first place plaque. 4 Gerry Weimer. Jeff Powell. Lacy Larsen. Copy Editors Gary Wood. Assistant Sports Editor 132 v' A ' M u whyw m H Hum W m H Jerri Wirltus. Assisfanf Campus Edifor Wendy JohnsonI Assis+an+ Sociefy Edifor Daily Universe continued Supervised by Paul Lau, business manager, and Trent Tanner, advertising manager, the advertising section of the Daily Universe pays for 60 per cent of the cost of the paper's operation. This year it was only neces- sary to allocate $2.03 per student from studentbody funds for this purpose, less than has ever been fur- nished in the history of the school. The business staff manages the financial affairs of the paper and takes charge of the sales, layout and production of adver- tising in the 152 issues of the paper which are pub- lished during the two semesters of the school year. Sharon Whiting and Lynette Haycoclc. Advertising Secretaries u m H 4 ,, 3 3 Front Row: Joan Sudweeks, Rayleen Anne Clutf, Karen Soel- berg, Head Receptionist: Penny HeFfinger. Back Row: Kathy Handly, Earleen Keene, Carolyn Bilo Advertising helps pays for production costs : H' m m u" - wn4. Wayne Lewis and Neil Snow. Adverfising Salesman Sondra Grizard. Office Manager 135' W . Reg Clarke. Nonfiction Editor: Curtis Hawkinse Assistant Editor; Don Hammar, Editor: Douglas Hill. Adviser: Lynn Puqmire, Staff: Clinton Larson, Creative Writing Committee Chairman: Judy Burns. Short Story Editor. roviding creative students with 011 outlet for their talents, the W7yc Arlagazine aims to reflect the unique- ness of BYU life and at the same time to retain high literary quality. After having been sponsored by var- ious organizations, the. magazine has finally returned to the English Department, where it seems to have been remarkably successful this year. More manuscripts were submitted for the fall issue than in the previous two years combined, and nearly 3000 copies were sold. Y Vector Magazine 136 Wye Magazine egun as a technical engineering magazine, the Y Vector is now broadening its coverage to include the chemistry and physics departments as well. Rather than carrying straight reports on engineering, the edi- tors are attempting to slant the magazine toward science fundamentals and to inform engineering majors of visi- tors and job interviews on campus. The publication now has a circulation of about 1000 students and alumni. Front row: WHliam C. Kaesche, Susanne Kaesche. Melissa Vidmare Stephen Julien. Back : Robert Hellewell. ,.,.. e 3 WW WW - 4M a W HHH MLmsww BOOk H X X X X x X x X y X x x x x x x x x X x Contents Activities 141 Sports 185 Fine Arts L231 139 140 w ., W H w .1 x 1 H mm H u Bewildered freshman stops +0 ponder over his regisfrafion schedule. Freshmen were baffled by Jrhe maze. Over 20,000 Face The Frustration of Registration With a record-breaking enrollment of over 20,000 students, registration this year exhibited more of the traditional confusion than ever before. Yet this so- called 3frustrating and complicated" procedure actually helped students register quickly and efficiently during the three days. Enrolled in September were 18,725 day- time students and 1,254 others attending only evening school. With the addition of 333 returning missionaries and servicemen register at mid-t-erm, the total enrollment for the fall semester reached 20,312. This big studentbody represents a 430 per cent increase since 1950-51 when Dr. Ernest L. Wilkinson became president. Unhappy coed argues problem wifh adviser. I41 Registration is frustration, a tussle. . . 142 First snowfall of the year "welcomed" students to the campus. aim is Registration is men in uniform pointing the way; dropping a new catalog in a September snow storm; waiting in line hour after hour; finding a certain packet among thousands and thousands of IBM cards; tussling for that favorite class only to find it closed; rushing frantically for a Dean,s signa- ture; buying parking permits and, best of all, reading a sign that says nFinalization" and knowing that you are through. Another fired student consults with his iust-as-tired adviser. X -: 3!; t" Students wait to get deans' signatures. . ,4 g. Telephones provided vifal communicafion. S+uden+ s+op.s fo check board for CIOsed classes. Many had +0 sefHe for ofher classes. Leaders Attend Six-day Bob Christiansen relaxes in Huck Finn garb, +ypical apparel worn by everyone. Pres. Covey visits with the s+uden+s ?n Jrheir mountain camping quarters. 144 Conference he annual fall leadership week of BYU was held at Aspen Grove in Provo Canyon. Behind Mount Timpano- gos, 200 student leaders found isolation and were able to concentrate on devel-. oping relationships, modes of communi- cation and decision-making policies. Each day for six days they sat in group sessions or listened to theory lectures; played shuffle board, sang around the lodge piano, played gui- tars and listened to fellow students plan future campus activities. Presi- dent Wilkinson spoke of strengthening government influences at the testimony meeting held the last day. Coming back to campus, the students had sun-burned noses, a determination a- bout their jobs for 1965-66 and a firmer dedication to Brigham Young University and its 20,000 students. $1 Pres. Wilkinson fells leaders of their potential influence. x V t - ; 0.-.; The students assemble +0 debate issues concerning s+andards and fine honor code. Thousands of spectators review the school's Iarges1L Homecoming parade. In foreground is Chinese Club float. omecoming Brings Myriad of Events to Campus 11 a flurry of color and excitement, Homecoming Week brought to the campus a myriad of events that delighted both spectators and participants. Dances, contests, pep rallies, and many other activities suddenly took precedence over academic work. As the returning alumni began to arrive on campus, students worked frantically preparing sets, re- hearsing, and building floats and housing decorations. The highlight of the week came on Saturday, November 6, when nearly 30,000 fans crowded into the BYU stadium to watch the Cougars, victory over archrival University of Utah. Homecoming Queen and attendants are greeted by Jrhousands of fans at game. n', 5:. , Wu in m' m m ; , m' m ' Kim Booke. l965 Homecoming Queen i WWW ' M 7 ' W - 1m , r u x mm, h mm m w m m w i m Mu MW: Pretty girls rule the campus for a week 146 Kim Booke, 21 bright-eyed, pretty coed from Provo, was selected to reign as Homecoming Queen. Kim is a girl with a warm and friendly personality and just a touch of shyness, her favorite occupations are skiing and dancing. A member of the BYU Program Bureau, Kim traveled through the Middle East last spring with Curtain Time U.S.A., a Program Bureau presentation. Queen Kim shuns frivolous things and is interested in the serious side of life. We asked her what the highlight of her royal assignment had been and she replied, iiOur Visit with President McKay was definitely the highlight just being able to see him and to talk to him meant more to me than anything else? Kim,s plans for the future include graduation and marriage but are not definite. iiA girYs plans are always tentative? she says. Christine Payne. Second Attendant Christine Payne, a strawberry blonde from Denver,Colorado, was selected Second Attendant. Chris-as her friends call herehas been dreaming of a nursing career since early childhood. In pursuit of her dream she came to BYU in 1963 and enrolled in the College of Nursing; she expects to graduate in May of 1967. Chris likes the outdoors and enjoys fishing and riding; among her homemaking skills are knitting and cooking. We asked green-eyed Chris about her plans for the future and she revealed that she plans to combine her career with marriage. At the present time she is engaged to former ASBYU President Bruce Olsen and they plan to many sometime during the summer of 1966. :dgv Margaret Dyreng. First Attendant Margaret Dyreng, a brunette from Manti, Utah, was select- ed First Attendant. Margaret is very active in extracurricular activities; she is YVVMIA President of the 47th Ward, a member of Angel F light and also a member of the Junior House of Representatives. The dark-eyed attendant values sincerity highly and her many friends are evidence of her own sincere and frank attitude towards people. Of her royal assignment she said, hBeing in the Homecoming Court is one of the highest honors ever paid me: to represent the type of girl on this campus? Margaret told us that she loves to be at BYU and that she is especially impressed with the fellowship and friendliness that exist among students here. 147 Li mm in ?I'? Wuxv-qu'; , .3 -. J .- 'y.?r?mw paw; - , r C thilaab an-mrA-zum 33:9.1. LHK Smlowndr'atua . .3 ma: :a::..::::::m:n . C 3 ,-.:.-.:;r"::s'::...-.. "nuanl... 73W: .n::::::a:yu.- 3 "meg. . C r- 'L .3. ' - . w - 4. a f- 4+5 if; $30 atiir'i mm 13336: 3 :3 x s , Jd b y' l ' 1 if? V q Cougar Marching Band and Card Secfion pu+ on colorful performance for +he fans during +be half- fime of +he Homecoming game. Highlights: a parade and a football win Saturday, N ovember 6 proved to be the biggest day of the Homecoming festivities. The Homecoming parade was the largest the school has ever seen and thousands of people lined Center Street and University Avenue to watch such beautiful floats as the Sweepstakes winner, CThe Worth of a Childf' by XVymount Terrace, CSymbol of Infinite Culturef by the Chinese Club; bDepths 0f Infinityf, by the Senior Class; CInfinity is 21 Never-ending Cycle? entered by the Sportswomen and the Sportsmen, and more. U+es prepare for Cougar aHack. Oversized cycle on Sportsmen float. Cougar mascot calmly reviews pandemonium at half-time of Homecoming game. For the thousands of Cougar fans who crowded into the BYU football stadium and for thousands more who listened spellbound by their radios, the Cougare victory over archrival University of Utah was the highlight of all Home- coming activities. In a real team effort guided by BYU,s sensational quarterback Virgil Carter,the Cats downed the Utes for only the third time in 41 seasons. The game was a wide-open contest that saw both teams move the ball almost at will. Carter, effectively protected by he offensive line, passed for 253 yards and four touch- downs. Carterts teammate Bob Ashdown assured the BYU victory when,with only one minute to go in the Giant Bonfire was part of pep rally. game, he intercepted a Ute pass on the BYU 12-yard line. f Presidenf Wilkinson plays flute in Arabian number. Don Scaleffa Trio played jazz well. The Three D's give the audience one cat their most hilarious songs. Concert, Frolics, also draw big crowds Other big events for the week included the Homecoming Concert and the traditional Fieldhouse F rolics. The concert was a combination of comedy, folk music and jazz presented Friday night by Bob Newhart, The Three D,s and the Don Scaletta Trio. Newhart delighted the audience with a mix- ture of old and new routines including his famous TDriving Instructor." The Three DE, 2111 B3 U graduates now record- ing for Capitol Records 21150 drew a huge ovation from the capacity crowd. The Fieldhouse Frolics, presented Saturday night was under the direction of Jame Thompson of the BYU Program Bureau. The show included song and dance num- bers and 21 unique presentation of Cougar athletic teams. Opening number of Jrhe Fieldhouse Fro Queen and aHendanfs are presenfed +0 sfudenfs a+ Fieldhouse Frolics. Comedian Bob Newharf was Hwe main sfar of Homecoming Concert Picfure series shows him going +hrough some of red 6 miniafure Homecoming parade wifh clowns, +wirlers. floafs ano balloons. Jrelephone and ofher humorous numbers. The real Maria Von Trapp tells audience of her eseape with her family from Austria at the onslaught of Jrhe Second World War. Maria informally chats with students interested n her story. he accomplishments, goals, and potential of BYU women were emphasized November 15-19 in AWS VVomanE Week. With the theme ttAs Women Seekf activi- ties such as a trousseau tea and fashion show focused the campus spotlight on women. Each day a specific theme concerned with one of the various aspects of woman- hood was emphasized. Tuesdays theme of truth was de- veloped by a speech by Truman Madsen in devotional and a discussion of the Topic hWhat Is Truthh by Lynn Southam. Creativity was emphasized on Wednesday by a demonstration and tour of the Hobby Shop and a display of arts and handicrafts in the sunken lounge of the ELWC. Thursdays theme of beauty was amplified to a forum speech by vibrant, warmhearted Maria Von Trapp. The high point of the week came on Friday, however, with the Pre- ference Ball, themed nBecause I o m e n s w e e k Yetfre You? and the announce- ment of Jerry Callister as the Most Preferred Man in 1966. m 0 0 Ir 4a ID 5 r e .T n e n. a M .d e r r e rT e r P .T S O M Preference Ball. Jerry Callisfer. +he s+uden+s a+ . A . +0 IEESE. : wapx if, m, n HffMif. a , .. a: w 1.2.2.. xxx .49.- o infroduced ..H w. :3: Mm KW re a. ., a o . e da+es and +heir ' Two modern Y ladies model fashions of +he year a+ AWS show. n: e m Id. eL. r r e POI e r P women,$ Week confinued A 33 Preferrer wrifes 0qu an invifafion +0 her own mosf preferred. Nervous girls see if +heir Choice has already been nabbed. The coed's choice for special man of fine year, Jerry Callisfer, also holds claim +0 being a prebrred man for fwo previous years. 154 Winter Carnival Gets Weatherman's Nod Though a winter-weary studentbody was getting tired of fighting snow drifts. the white cover assured a successful Winter Carnival. equently in the past the traditional BYU Winter Carnival has languished for seasonal lack of snow; it was fitting that in this year, with Utah vying for the 1972 Winter Olympics, the BYU campus was cover- ed with a blanket of the white stuff. Having natures approval, the varied Carnival festivities combined with student enthusiasm to produce one of the most suc- cessful such events in campus history. The program was launched with the lighting of the symbolic Oly- mpic torch by Utah Governor Calvin L. Hampton in the enclosed patio of the Wilkinson Center. The torch burned brightly throughout the almost two weeks of events, which included dances, shows and contests. Spodswomen's entry in snow sculp+uring contest. 155 Winter Carnival continued Delta Phi Kappa wins snow sculpture contest , ' , 7 w: w EVE m WWW: 'muwuuwm m u t. t m tut ' m x m w HHH x m w h 22: um i :i W m 9.. mu W m V i W , h W f2 . J , To the consternation of Delta Phi Kappa's members. the letters on Jrheir first-prize-winning statue did not always spell "darn." Sporting the theme of iiWinter Olympics 1966? the BYU Winter Carnival featured a number of ski races and win- ter sports activities. Among these events were the hotly contested intramural downhill ski event and intra- mural slalom ski race. Other activities making good use of the plentiful winter weather were held during the festive week. The snow sculpture contest was won by Delta Phi Kappa with their portrayal of a sad cou- gar suffering from a skiing accident. Daniel Hocq, an international student from France, won first place in the ice sculpturing competition with his carving of the Olympic Torch resting on the head of a cougar. In- door activities were another feature of the program and continuous showing of ski movies on the campus captured the attention of less energetic winter sports enthusiasts. A traditional highlight of Winter Carnival is the concert and the winter carnival dances. The featured performer at the concert was Chad Mitchell whose unusual singing style delighted the audience. .7 gg a... . .. Daniel Hocq's ice sculpture won first prize. 156 WW WU Hthth :3 f ' 7 7 - s! , 2.; "D - . Winter Carnival dances. held +hroughou+ +he campus. broughf ouf sfudenf fhrong. Skiing coniesfs revealed abilifies. A, '4 Ufah Governor Calvin L. Rampfon lighfs Olympic forch. Ski sfyles are modeled in a fashion show. 157 Winter Carnival continued Covered in news media throughout Utah, the warm reception aftorded Sue and Nevin by Pres. and Sister McKay was memorable. King Nevin and Queen Sue visit President McKay Carqival royalty presented during DenveraBYU game half-time. The week of February 12 was a thrilling one for Nevin Anderson and Sue Larson, BYU Winter Carnival royalty for 1966. Their reign began on February 12 with the crowning at the half-time of a basketball game with Den- ver; they stood by as the Olympic toarch flamed; and they presided royally at the other Winter Olympics act- tivities. Even President McKay wished them success in a personal interview held in Salt Lake on the 16th. Sue, a sports-minded English major from Provo, keeps busy with her jobs as president of Chi Triellas and head flag twirler. Nevin, an accounting major from Hunt- ington, Utah, serves as a varsity yell leader and is 4 a member of the Cougar Club. He also acts as president of Beta Alpha Psi, a national accounting fraternity and has been a preferred man for the last two years. With tongue in cheek. Sue displays torm which won her crown. 158 Cc. , 7: j rw. . --J 1 - Sue Larson and Nevin Anderson reigned over Winfer Carnival. 859 Foreign Students Bring 6930+ IL 1 '. m- 41 -.- r :3 CU+i85 "10ch Cenfral American fashions. Hosfesses a+ prixe-winning Chinese exhibifs gree+ visifors. 160 he World to the Y hemed ttThe World Is Our Campus? International Week exposed American students to different national cultures and helped to promote global understanding. The 859 foreign students at the TYT coming from over 50 foreign countries offered lectures, displays and activities to provide experiences in various national cultures which would appeal to each member of the studenthody. The weeks presentation included colorful exhibitions of national art, crafts, jewelry and costumes in the Y Center, a special forum speech on the Middle East by Ali Shayegan, past member of the Iranian Cabinet; 3. sports tournament, and a fireside. Each day travelogues were shown and a different type of national food was served in the Y Center. Stu- dents from such varied areas as Africa, the Far East, South America, Europe and the South. Seas were featured. The week concluded with a banquet in which the foreign students were all able to get together and in addition to meet with interested, international-minded Americans. Displays of foreign arts and crafts attracted many visitor. Forum speaker Ali Shayegan meets BYU students. 161 w: m m Aumm ' m WM w m mm m ' u m nu nu mu m m WWW m Min mm wW H W W m' ': m m m u navigafor. Such insfrumenfs may soon confrol space ships' pafhs. Engineering Wee "U.S. Progress in Space." NASA fraveling exhibit impressed Wilkinson Cenfer visifors during Engineering Week. The day is coming we'll all "take gas." MIT Dean of Science Jerome Weisner speaks during Engineering Week assembly. eatures Speakers, Exhibits ngmeering. . . Creative Resource for Progress,, was the theme for this yeafs Engineering Week. During the week, the engineers introduced interested students and faculty to the scope of their activities through a two-day exhibit of some twenty projects prepared by seniors in the four engineering societies on campus. The electrical engineers won the award for the best display and also for the best individual exhibit. A new feature was the selection of a queen to reign over the weeks activities. JaninatFowler, sponsored by the civil engineers, was selected queen, and her attendants were Melissa Fowler and Joan Smith. The engineers also sponsored a forum assembly featuring Dr. JeromeWiesner, Dean of Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Tech- nology. Keynote speaker at the Engineering Week Banquet was Dr. James C. F letcher, current president of the University of Utah, who told the engineers and their guests that life as we know it could not exist on Mars. V Queen Janina receives tribute at banquet. 163 t - 5m Margot Walker. I966 Belle of the Y he Y on the mountain flamed, and as observers held their breath, an upright line and then another began to flare T e Bel le beside it. A. glowing M at last grew visible, and thus it was announced that Margot Walker was the 1966 Belle of the Y. Margot, a pretty brunette from Holtville, California, made Of fh e Y enough of an impression on the judges to place in four of the seven contests designed to find the ideal BYU girl. She is a senior majoring in physical education and in her spare time she serves as an MIA officer in the 47th ward. She enjoys dancing, sports and playing the piano. There aren't many things that she dislikes but she hates busybodies. ttPeople should mind their own business and leave others alone? she says. 164 Julene Jacobsen, Firs+ AffendamL Julene Jacobsen, a sparkling 19-year-old blonde from Riverside, California, was the courts first attendant. She is an informal, vivacious girl who does not take herself too seriously. When we asked her how she felt about being a member of the court, she replied with a mixture of pride and modesty: iiI think that more than anything I was the court jester? She also claims to be a nut on Abraham Lincoln. iiI even keep a scrap book on him,,, she says. Julene likes spring days full of such things as beautiful flowers, fat buzzing bees and warm sunlight. She is refreshingly unaffected and per- haps as a consequence, hates people who are hypocritical. Susan Waymenf, Second AHendeni Susan Wayment, a 20-year-old redhead from Arcadia, California, was chosen second attendant to Belle Margot. Creen-eyed Susan loves outdoor sports and her favorites are swimming and skiing. She hates bananas and people who ask her if her hair is dyed. She likes to get good grades-she holds a 3.5 GPA-but is not a bookworm and although her friends think of her as a quiet girl, she is not always serious. iiI like to goof around too? she says. Susan is a junior majoring in homemaking educa- tion and her future plans include a Master's degree, a mission and a teaching career. We have a hunch that a marriage proposal along the way will disrupt her plans. 166 In +he brighf aHernoon light Lynn, surrounded by followers and aides. lisfens in+en+ly +0 6 quesfion raised by a s+uden+. A dig 1;, wam. m rm; ---- 1 oz: f Jerry chats with passing friends who ask him how things are. P roving that election campaigns can be subtle and still will votes at BYU, Lynn Southam toppled Jerry Callister in the presidential race by the largest vote margin won by a presidential hopeful in 10 years. From the very beginning both campaigns started out in an entirely different tempo. Jerry was the man with tie and coat, a fast gate and the ability to delegate authority. His ingenuity projects were inventive and resourceful and his lapel cards were brightly colored. Lynn was the ttfolksy" candidate, often campaigning in shirt sleeves; the man behind the scenes. His displays were inconspicuous, he seldom used a sound system and his lapel cards were subtly colored. In the end, Lanfs subtlety won out over Jerry,s gaity - its person to person effect appealed to the students and when the ballots were counted, Lynn had' 5,485 votes; 3,193 more than Jerry,s 2,292. Other winners were Paul Gilbert, Vice- president of Academics; Stephen Nadauld, Culture; A1 Kemp, F inance; Sandy Kross, Social; Del Williams, Student Relations; Leo Beus and Donovan Davisson, Assemblymen. m m m m . w u x m m m 4H w t m M o ' t W H HHH Huh E m w u M m t u w u m u w m , MEWLH u u u x h h t t u u x m u M w u w u M t u HM u u Mtg m MN m w mm H u mum W MHH u H M t u t N w Hard campaigner Merwin Gralnt did not get enough votes to win. 167 Big show designed To get votes, promote interest in student government Candidates for most offices campaigned enthusiastically. There was more at stake than votes; they were also trying to fight student apathy towards student government. Helium-filled ballooms, dancing girls, bands, boys on stilts and trampolines, and blaring music interspersed with appeals to vote were all part of the big push. Candidates presented their views at club meetings, dorms and on the quad. They stood in the sun speaking, shaking hands and distributing pamphlets until their noses peeled, Inwardly hopeful but outwardly bedraggled, they kept smiling until the end. While some succeeded in their primary objective; getting elected, the push for student interest was only partially successful. Only approximately 4090 of the studentbody took the trouble to vote. It was much different than in the good old days, when large per centages were recorded. In 1955, for example, SW of the studentbody came out to vote. Studen'l's coming out of forum assembly are met by campaigning crowd holding scores of signs promoting s+uden+ candidates. t. t J! t gimp :1 3. 951A 1 ' 'i Rock'n Roll band and dancing girls seek votes tor Al Kemp. Campaigning girls exchange lapel cards. xxx Sign painfer finishes work on billboard. N Nevin Anderson's blimp was a cufe decoy bmL failed +0 affracf enough vofers. Jv 2-. Taking fime ouf from busy schedule. sfudenfs cas+ +heir vofe. Only 40 percenf vofed. I69 "Enchan're'" Thrills Prom-goers -. ' P . Hundreds of couples fill +he Wilkinson Cenfer ballroom during +he Junior Prom, one of +he gala evenfs of Jrhe school year. 170 y , ,,, w. .. Jlnr' :Ata-t g. t .1 t, 5"u ' 'AH Entertaining Junior Prom couples. The Four Preps present an Imitation of a tamous singing group. The audience loved it. me of the most remembered events of the year was 0 the Junior Prom, themed hEnchantef The concert which began the evening featured the Four Preps per- forming a medley of their most popular hits, songs such as H26 Miles" and uDOWn by the Station." Emphasis at the dance was on atmosphere as multicolored lights glinted off the many facets of a huge silver ball sus- pended from the ceiling, and the soft music of The Scotsmen set the romantic mood of the evening. The ballroom 0f the Y Center was changed from its every- day existence into a misty, blue-lighted world of en- chantment. Decorations were done in pink, pale rose and powder blue; and a smoking volcano occupied one corner of the floor. The cafeteria too was transformed with the use of soft lighting and a blue candle in an an- tique gold holder on each of the tables. Refreshments were pink slush, cream puffs and tiny green twisted sticks of candy. Each girl received a small bottle of Sergyssimo perfume imported from Paris for a favor. For the floor- show, Rosanne Tueller Nielson, first attendent to Miss America 1964, sang 'tI Love Paris," the number that won her that honor. A group of adagio dancers, a folk singing group called The Four Brothers and Three Others, and a ballroom dance team also performed. t max :1 my... . Arriving couples admire Jrhe decorations. In the quiet surroundings a stucleniL finds it hard to stay awake, M, D id it ever happen to you? Perhaps the day you wore a pin-striped shirt? tPeople wearing that seem to be especially vulnerablej Oh, you really did want to study for that test . . . sigh. Itts 8:007You decide yorfll work ,til just before nine. F ifty-five minutes is sup- posed to be the maximum concentration span; you can do that. You flip through the chapters . . . uhhh . . . 120 pages. N0, only 119; one of them,sa picture! If you read the first chapter, thafll be 40 pages; youtll be more than U3 done. Well, thafs better than nothing. You start out sitting up very straight: I will study; I WILL study. You begin to read. mfhe N andi of Africa have a unique method of social control? . . . have a unique method . . . Someone beside you is chewing gum. There should be some kind of a law against people chewing gum in libraries. Your chin is on your hand by this time; perhaps youtve even wiggled out of your shoes. You wonder if you should take off your sweater. Whatever kind of social control the Nan- di have, it certainly takes a long time to explain it. A cloud of thick cotton seems to have enveloped your head. YThese Bushmen use very similar . . Wait! havelft you seen that somewhere beforeeOh yeah, the other page, the Nandi. You wonder if you can read with your head resting on your arm. You cant It makes you squint, and you close your eyes . . . just for a second. Maybe the professor won't be too interested in the Nandi anyway. After all, your health is far more important than any test. And really, libraries are for sleeping. lyf' In +he humid, hot and smelly library atmosphere. lethargy can be very contagious. as this symmetrical photograph shows. K . An 0H pro in the a a? 2 fo ignore his lee ping a hymnology maior perhaps uses his parka for a pillow as sfuden'rs around him valianfly +ry happy sfafe. I i 1 . I - -' . ' t ' . . w During a sfudying session. a sfudenf loHing comforfably4 becomes an easy farge+ for Morpheus' fouch. I73 Campus Life Produces Variegafion of Events The monkey, Hie dog. +he frugweveryone af BYU was doing +hem: +ha+ is. unfil Presidenf Wilkinson gave a confroversial speech a+ Hue beginning of +he year banning all fad danceS, The s+uden+body splif info fwo opposing camps, one arguing +ha+ such dances were indeed againsf Church standards. Hue ofher saying +ha+ +here was nofhing wrong wifh +hem. Discussions grew heafed and prejudiced leHers +0 +he edifor filled Hue columns of +he UNIVERSE unfil Hwe issue was finally seHled by a leHer frbm PresidemL Mc- Kay. Verdicwao. The decision broughf +he campus nafionwide news coverage and encouraged commenf on ofher campuses. 174 ,. . Indians kep+ ancienf cus+oms alive as +hey demons'rrafed Ornamenfal sfafuary. grass skirfs, and s+riking arf obiecfs were fribal craHs and ceremonies during BYU Indian Week, Dan- only a few of +he samples of na'rive culfure on display af +he cers performed. a feepee was se+ up in +he Y Cen+er Y Cenfer during Polynesian Week. A luau and muumuu and pafio and a pageanf depiding Indian ledgends was held. aloha skirf confesf were also held in coniuncfion wi'rh +his even'r. Q9 ,,, , :- K .V . $9M ,m .- Wi+h Hie advenf of "Peace in Vief Nam" demonsfrafions on college campuses fhroughouf +he country. BYU sfudenfs rallied fo show +heir supporf for U.S. servicemen. A pefifion was circulafed. and angry groups congrega+ed on campus befween classes +0 discuss pros and cons of fhe issue, A pefifion +0 have fhe Unifed Sfafes pull ouf of Vief Nam was also circulafed, buf no.5upporf. I75 Campus Life confinued Nafhan Eldon Tanner of +he Firsf Presidency of fhe Church presenfed +he "Besf Family Movie of +he Year" award +0 "Sound of Music" represenfafive Harry Sokolov while Charmian Carr. who sfarred as Lisel in +he picfure looked on. The award was ins+i+u+ed +his year by +he lmprovemenf Era. KSL TV and Radio. +he Deseref News. and BYU +0 show Church supporf for good enferfainmenf. One of BYU's mos+ powerful means of influencing public opinion. He Program Bureau focuses favorable affenfion on fine school wherever ifs members go. H's colorful shows capfure +he imaginafion of peoples over +he world. "Holiday in +he l'JSA Toured +he Orienf lasf summer under +he sponsorship d Hwe S+a+e Deparfment and "Sfardusf" will perform in Canada during Hus summer. ll $' Lv,l Elsi AAKEfPEIDNTS Presidenf Ernesi' L. Wilkinson and sfu- denfbody presidenf Bob Chrisfiansen looked on as Mrs. Milkinson prepares +0 cuf Jrhe huge cake celebrafing +he firsf anniversary of H19 dedicafion oh +he Wilkinson Cenfer. The cake was one of +he feafured displays during Wilkinson Cenfer Bir+hday Week: ofher acfivifies 6+ +ha+ fime included a freasure hunf in fhe Booksfore. faculfy JralenJr show. dance and free movies af +he Varsify. 47H: Ward members proudly display +he impressive frophy +ha+ +hey capfured in +his year's Songfesf +hemed "Echoes of an Era.': Their winning number. "Throughway" fold +he sad sfory of +he crowded. headache-itnducing condifions on modern highways. For +his enfryh +hey walked off wifh nof only +he Sweepsfakes Jrrophy. lomL also a special award granfed for +he firsf fime +his year which was awarded on Jrhe basis of audience applause. Many of +he bishops aH'ending +he April General Conference of Jrhe Church sfop- ped +0 visif Jrhe BYU campus on +heir way +0 Salf Lake Cify. They were honor- ed aJr a special forum assembly in which +he orchesfra. ballroom dance Jream. Program Bureau and ofher campus enferfainmemL and musical groups per- formed. Affer +he assembly sfudenfs from +he various wards were able +0 meef wifh +heir home bishops and af- fend a luncheon wifh +hem. 177 Forming a huge conveyor. students from sixteen wards keep bucket line moving up and down the face of the mountain to give the "Y Huge Y Gets Face Lifting pring bragged on Y Day. After a changeable April that wouldn,t quite decide to be pleasant, the sun breaking through flimsily-curtained windows aroused as many Cougars as did the sound trucks sent armmd housing units to arouse everyone at 6:00 am. The cam- pus had a different feeling on that day, lazy, almost deserted. There was a carefree, sunny feeling that made people stretch and laugh impetuously as they wan- dered around the walks in the long afternoon. The only vacation between semester break in February and the last day of school, Y Day in the morning is tradition- ally used to cleanup. Originally everyone at school went up to whitewash the block tth, on the mountain; new the size of the studentbody has necessitated adding more and more areas in the surrounding communities to -be cleaned. Activities varying from a chorus concert to a sports car rally added to the remainder of the day, making it a welcome relief between winter and finals. Af +he fop of +he line. a sfudenf uses hose +0 spray whi'rewash on H19 "Y" block. Loading fruck wifh wasfe. a worker helps clean up 1 he Provo Lake shore. Such proiecfs wen+ on +hrough +he enfire area. Af Hie boHom, Workers mix Hue lime and fill +he buckefs. H fook an esfimafed 5.500 pounds Of lime +0 comple+e +he job. 179 Over 2000 students grubby in blue jeans and battle- marked sweatshirts assaulted the mountain at the un- earthly hour of 7:30 am. Heavy buckets of lime were passed endlessly from hand to hand; and sunburns, lime burns and blisters began to develop as the front lines of the whitewash brigade began slowly to advance. But those on Y Mountain were not the only ones working. Below, over 8000 others were developing blisters while engaging in such drudgery as beautifying VVyview Village, Canyon Glen and Provo Cemetery, cleaning not only the campus, but also areas in and around Provo. Eight addi- tional projects were initiated this year to accomodate the increasing number of students, among them being Kellyls Grove Golf Course and the MIA Home. lVork was finished by noon, and the hungary enthusiasts grouped back on campus for hamburgers, instead of the traditional spaghetti, at the fieldhouse and an afternoon and eve- ning of activities to relax from the mornings strains. .2; ML e ., l; V-' Some came to play. At the cemetery of all pla EarIy-rising enthusiasts glamourize Provo area V g. l; .5, m shows +ha+ work wasn'+ all people did. rker Piling up Hie remains of an old building af one of +he parks in Provo Canyon. an "angel" helps in +he fithr agains1L unsighfliness. Some came +0 work. Af Canyon Glen Park. sfudenf workers sfrain +0 carry a barrel full d refuse colleded by fellow laborers. Activities fill lazy afternoon and evening Those who did not findeor did not look too hard forework to be The morning brought work that was fun because of the sense of accomplishment; the afternoon brought fun that was work because of the sore muscles. Probably no other group worked as hard as the faculty men who elected to stun their students with athletic prowess. The students were stunned. In spite of Coach Hudspethts 89 yard pass for a basket, the team headed by LaVar Rockwood earned a healthy victory. Students whose legs X ta Vh done in their areas. turned to sports to release their energy. weretnt too tired to peddle participated in the Grand Prix bike race; sports car fans preferred to rally. Lazy andmr culturally inclined persons chose to view the special presentation of ttCoat of Many Colors" and to attend the Ments Chorus concert. Other indolents watched movies at several campus locations. F ittingly, tth' Day ended nostalgically. ttEncore ,66fhjghlighted achievements this year which,added luster to the nY,,. Highlights of bike race. U'om Cyclisfs ge+ a push from feam- mafes as Hwey begin race. kenfed A+ relay sfop. girl +akes her +urn as boy waifing for parfner prepares +0 go. Uooffow Member of winning feam reaches +he finish line a+ full speed. LiHle blonde missl wi'rh her sfudemL parenfs, fully enjoys desserf of her Y Day lunch. The menu was changed fromfhe fradifional spagheffi +0 hamburgers and po+a+o salad. . x.x d w H u w w w . ' Lam - u u NWW w H WW ' ' : m m; H . 15 " ; ;; $ 1WWW - 1 w HHWH w w WM h ' Wm m Hm n w n. , n . , - w W Mu Mm mm u w m M u 9351$ ' . , W mm mm u 183 Wi+h +he "Y" blaring on He mounfain. anofher Y-Day comes +0 a happy end. h S+er Quarterbaek Virgil Carter scans downtield as Wingback John Green breaks into open and sets to take pass. ' ' . . . For the F' m T'me Cougars Wm WAC Championshlp righam Young Universitfs Cougars, the perennial cel- lar-dwellers of the Western Athletic Conference, climbed 2111 the way to the top in 1965 by capturing the WAC crowu and thus giving the school its first champion- ship in history. 1965 turned out to he that elusive ttnext y621r,, fans had talked about season after season but no sportswriter in the country would have predicted BYU as a possible title winner. Most experts, in fact, picked the Cuts to finish the season buried in the darkest corner of the dismal cellar. Apparently the only ones who saw the light were Coach Tom Hudspeth and his boys, who in spite of the fact that they had a nightmare of a schedule-four of five league games on the roudeproceeded to surprise way- one by winning the crown in the most convincing of ways and by rewriting the Cougar record books in the process. Head Coach Tom Hudspeth instructs Wing- back Green on pattern tor following play. 185 Magnetic Cougars attract record crowds 186 Effectively protected by the of ensive Iin 9 At home and on the road, the magnetism of the Cougars attracted the largest crowds in the team,s history. The colorful Cougars played before 96,092 fans at home for an average of 23,904 per game. Their total attendance at home and on the road was 226,202 a new record for any BYU team. The crowds came to see the Cougars violate many of the cardinal rules of football with impunity, and what is more, with success. Playing with an unpredictable style, the Cats often surprised enemies and fans by passing when they should have run and running when they should have passed. The unusual strategy was a major factor in the Con- garsi success, but according to Coach Tom Hudspeth, the key to Victory game after game, was the tremendous sup- port which he and his team received. .The Marching Band, pep groups, students, alumni, and BYU rooters in general all combined to form the noisiest and most loyal Cheering section in the Western Athletic Conference. Wherever the Cats went, lose 01' win, rain 01' sunshine, there were always admirers to cheer for them and let them know, that at home or on the road, their loyal fans were with them. 6. Quarterback Carter prepares to pass during BYU-U of U game. The Cougars won 25-20. e7 .; LaVeII Edwards instructs defensive team. En+husias+ic sfudenfs cheer for +he Cougars during Homecoming game. Coach Hudspefh said +ha+ school spirhL helped his Jream win. s .' i W rm, H i h 4. sum. i - '. .t Jm 114v ..:, 4... . 4, "1 Kent Oborn. hard-running tailback w d Western Athletic Conference in punt returns. ades Jrhrough opening in Oregon line. Oborn le Cougar mentor named Coach of Year WAC Final S+andings . . Team W L Pct. United Press International awarded Head Coach Tom Hud- Bri ham Y oun 4 I 800 speth the title iiCoach of the Yea? for his excellent tute- .9 g . lage of the Cougars in 1965. The likeable Cougar mentor Arizone State 3 I '750 more than deserved the title since in only two seasons he Wyom'ng 3 2 .600 has taken the Cats from the cellar to their first football New Mexico 2 3 .400 championship. When he first came to BYU, Coach Hud- Utah I 3 .250 speth said that his philosophy would be to look forward Arizona I 4 .200 enthusiastically and never backward in defeat, this phil- osophy along with his strategy and the performances of the individual players paid off big for BYU in 1965. 3-5;, 3- y H V . 7 e , '7 . . Bob Ashdown Lou Andru Bob Allphin Dave Allphin HB End Tackle End i f . Dick Banky Curg Belcher Ken Bray Dennis Brewster Steve Bushore Virgil Carter Ken Carwin Terry Colson Tackle HB eGuaerde t Tackle End QB End Safety Tom Hudspefh Earl L. Lindley Head Coach Offensive Backfield '. ,A ; i , V N .K New Mexico's Tailback Carl Bradford is abouf +0 run info +he Cougar defensive line. LaVell Edwards Frank Fabris Debnsive Line Offensive Line Wayne Sfadin Chris Aposfol Frosh Coach Defensive Backfield iaaa. Splif end Phil Odle makes a sp Jerry Cook Dick Dunseafh Dave Duran Paul Ehrmann Sid Frazier Glenn Gardner Guard Cenfer Guard Guard Guard Tackle Safefy x :, , I I , " Wally Hawkins Max Huber Gordon Jennings Monfe Jones Moses Kim Ben Laverfy Ted McClure HB Tackle Cenfer Tackle Cen+er HB End 189 Tackled by BYU's Glen Gardner. Oregon's Quarterback Tom Trovafo is forced +0 pifchouf. The play resuHed in a l-yard loss. Bill MHon Kenf Nance Henry Nawahine Max Newberry Ken+ Oborn Phil Odle John Ogden Guard HB End Tackle HB End FB Sfeve Ogden Bren? Olson Dennis Palmer Sfeve Peferson Bobby Roberfs Tim Russell Gary Samples Doug Schow H3 H5 H Tackle End End B H B I90 BYU Flagfwirler bbovd shows her approval of Cougar play. Righ? Marching Band's Drum Major and MarioreHe high-sfep during show. I965 Season Scores 24 Arizona S+a+e 2! Kansas S+a+e I4 Universi+y o1c Oregon 34 San Jose Sfafe 6 Wyoming 2l U+ah Sfafe 25 Universify of Ufah 22 Colorado Sfafe 20 Arizona 42 New Mexico Glen Shea Sfewarf Simpson AI Sprouse Dave Swanson Cenfer QB Tackie Dick Thiemann Bill Wanosik Gran? Wilson Barney Williams Guard Guard Guard QB 1 ' . v e . , . e . v-va 5 ' Tremendous eHori' by KemL Nance fails +0 block or deflecf kick by Quarferback Tom Wolfe of Colorado S+afe. The Rams won 36-22. Cougar team sets 24 new WAC records The Cougars broke or tied more than 50 individual and team records in the 1965 season. Twenty-four of these marks were Western Athletic Conference records. Quarter- back Virgil Carter led the Cougars with 22 0f the new marks. Carter was third in the nation in total offense and his total offense yardage for the season was 2,263. Split end Phil Odle set records by catching 46 passes, for 657 yards and 11 touchdowns. He also scored more pointse 66ethan any other player in the WAC Kent Oborn led the WAC in punt returns-ZLand also made the longest punt returne94 yards. The season team records included: Mose yards total offense: 3687; Most first downs: 191; Most yards passing: 1916; Most points scored: 229; Most passes completed: 128 and most wins one season: 6. All these will . make 1965 a year to remember for many years to come. . Wendell Vance +rea+s Tim Russell. .w; ' $ BYU's Sfeve Ogden fries f0 ge+ by Colorado's defensive line. . a Virgil Carfer esfa blished 8 new WAC individual season records. John Ogden weaves Jrhrough U+ah Sfafe's line 1tor a large gain. 193 Kittens Finish Exciting Season Undefeated Doing even better than their big brothers, BYU,s Kittens dominated freshman football in the area by fin- ishing the season undefeated for the first time since 1960. In thrilling football, Coach Wayne Starting boys, twice during the season, had to come from behind in the last moments of play to beat their opponents. Marc Lyons, BYU,s quarterback, threw two touchdown passes to end Tom New- som to beat the University of Utah frosh 27-20. In the next game, Lyons run the winning touchdown in with only 16 seconds remaining to beat Utah States frosh 26 - 21. Later, the Kittens beat Utah again 41 -2 and then the Air F orce Academy frosh team by a score of 14 -6. ",wzswmafe ' J H. 1 W . M 'm u m u u u m u - Marc Lyons eludes Jracklers during BYU - University of Utah game. BYU won 27-20. MN? H JL Q , .' 49;; .. 1 " .p n , A ' i i - " 7.--, WWW . ; v 75 - E' t l- 111 1.2 v '5' .. 1 LE ,, . , 1 WI ,f 7;? L. r . .0." n. .. 1. - . , '31 . :1 t 7' . t if : ..-,,.' . ,i W A r g .. l : a . , I M ' l C II ' K 0 - . Y ' o 1. - v - a . t - f ,1 i I ' a l ' .a , a, l - 1; l . Va: 1 l . t K .1 ,. ' t n , V 4. 4 J i; e . 1 t .r I d. ' 'fn Front Row: Tom Whitaker. Mike Farrell. Dave Fox. AI Pyne. Steve Densley. Bruce Obray, Bob Bean, Garn Wilde. Duane Getfmen. Marc Lyons, Gary Waite. Rick Allen, Dave Rolfe. John Dodson. Randy Morehead. Second row: Dan Kline. Joe Thompson, Tom Lahmann. Hank Salcido, Joe Vigil. Jim Pastors. Harold Monson. Jan Hall. Monte Squires. Hoirrace Smith. Billy Joe Toombs. Don Archibald. Torn Newsom. Back row: Pat Lewis. Don Brownt Mike Loper, Heerf deWindf. John Kei'rh. Dave Murray, Larry Shields, Jim Lindsey. Jim Stubblefield, Rich Valgardson, Ron Goodpasier. Doug Hillam. I94 Cross Country Team Matches Opponents 3:? Competing against 54 other teams at the University of Kansas, the Cougar distance runners placed 12th QQQ in the NCAA Championship. Led A by Bob Delaney, who placed 11th in- dividually to qualify for his sec- ond All-American rating in distance running, the Cougar harriers earned team points also through the ef- forts of Bob Richards and Darryl Be- eardall who both placed high in the field of 164 runners. The Cougars did less well against the rugged New Mexico team in the XVAC Cross- countly championships held at Provo. QM Q' Aw IIQQeiA . Ie QQ QFIInal WAC Standlngs A'AINew Mexico Brigham Young QQI : m1 Q Q w m g A 89 Arizona l22 3x AT'ZOHQI SITQTQ QQ QQJQQQQ l3$ QQ AA: n 055- -counfrVA AILacianILAA 1Aow scorAAAeQQQwiQnAs A Fronf row: Ray Smith. Gene Cummings. Ron Morgan, Bovb Delaney, Darryl Beardall. Second row: Peter Kirtz, Bill Delaney, Ron Stone. Ray Rohatisky Bob Richards. Coach Sherald James. Back row: Greg Taylor GII Rangel AlanLayton Sam FranCIs, John Sago Dale Bennett. 195 .b .7 , i , ,Ms, . . , m Wi+h a Helf Nelson pih hold. heat: Motokawa raHempts to pin Western Sfai'e opponent This was Mac'sla51' wrestling year at +heY. W l ' ' ' rest ers Grl p WAC Cham plonshlp In one of the finest season in Cougar history, BYU's wrestlers gripped the Western Athletic Conference championship and ended with a 12-1 dual meet record. The long setback in the Cats, dual meet record came at the hands of Arizona State after they had won 12 straight this season. It was only the second dual loss for the team since coach Fred Davis took over in the fall of 1964 and began teaching the win-before-you-pin theory. The depth and strength of the team was more obvious during the WAC contest in Salt Lake City where the Cats placed a man in every weight divisiOn to dominate the two-day meet. Mac Motokawa was definitely a standout in the talent-filled club. In this, his last year of com- petition, Mac captured the 1301b. WAC crown and fin- ished the season undefeated, as usual. There is no doubt that wrestling fans will miss this exciting grappler who in his career at BYU was defeated only once, and who, in four years of competition, captured fOur WAC crowns. Another senior who will be missed by the fans is Mike Young. Mike was also defeated only once during his career at BYU and this year won the 147-lb. crown. 196 w W As his adversary "bridges" +o escape. Mike Young +ries for a pin. Mike Young, Dennis Herendeen. Steve Epperson. Jeff Sullivan. Bill Osborn. Back row: Paul Fran? row: Mike Hart Mike Terry, Darold Henry. Mac Mofokawa, Dan Groski, Verl Miller. Second row: Dale Simmonds. Jeff Bafchelor, Efraim Escalanfe, Howard Hall. Dan Richards, Jim Ponfious, Luis Baiz, Richard Wrighf Gene Yamada. Joe DeCorse. Gillespie, Bob Chrisfensen. Kenf Jefferies. John Norton, Craig Alder, Coach Fred Davis. 197 Cougar Skiers Seek Recognition Hampered by a shortage of funds and lack of recogni- tion, BYU,s ski team proved again this year that they have the talent to become a varsity team. The Cougar skiers participated in five contests during the season and at one time they were rated as highly as third nationally by UPI. They won first place in their own Winter Carnival Invitational; second in their VVarm- up Invitational; third in the University of Oregon Invi- tational; fourth in the Weber State College Invitation- al; and fifth in the University of Nevada Invitational. The team received national recognition when Sports Illustrated named Bob F orster, a slalom specialist, to the second all-American team, while team captain Gary Andrus and Wayne Miller both received honorable men- tions. Paradoxically, these Cougar skiers were unable to re- ceive varsity letters because skiing is still not recogniz- ed as a varsity sport by the BYU Athletic Department. q 1.451; ,h h, Randy McDonalJ, Manager; Bill Tuddenham. Doug Peterson, Wayne Miller. John West. Greg Carlson, Gary Andrus. Captain: Bob Forster. Jeff Delia. Michael St. John Atkins. James Bellessa. I98 Bowlers Rank High in RMBC Competition B YUls menls and womenls bowling teams worked hard to surpass the performance of last year's keglers who ranked high in national competition after taking all the laurels in the new Rocky Mountain Bowling Confer- ence and winning top honors at the Associated College Unions tournament. A very talented group of coed keglers played a leading role in their second year of RMBC competition in tournaments at Utah State, Utah, Weber State and Idaho State. The girls maintained a substantial first place conference lead over Utah right into the final match which was televised by KBYU TV. They also participated in the ACU tournament at Utah State, taking , high honors in all events. Led by second year veteran, . 7w Sharon Price, the BYU coeds garnered most of the trophies .' in the Sportsday and Invitational matches. The menfs team performed exceptionally well in the RMBC and, in r, t addition, the ACU'eWith one match remaining, they were Marsha Scales show the form she used in helping her team only a few pins behind first place team, Idaho State. capture Jrhe lead in the Rocky Mountain Bowling Conference. Front row: Frosty Hansen. Captain men's team: Susan Judd. Jim Miller. Marcia Scates, Blake Napper. Second row: Shaffer Brown, Coach; Barbara Baggs. Susanne Ruff, Melva Truck. Sharon Loveland. Kathy Vaughn, Ann Valentine, Coach. women's team. Back row: Steve Wankoi Gary Morris. Ralph Clayton. Sharon Price, Mike Newton. JoAnn John- son, Gene Foose, Martin Monson, Leony Yuway. I99 BYU Cowboys Place Third in National D rawing from the Western strength of its locale, BYU has traditionally boasted a strong and ac- tive Rodeo Team. Last year the cowboys earned first place in the region and went on to the National Rodeo competitions in Wyoming where they took third place honors tfollowing, understandably, two Texas teamsj The team members practice every afternoon and Saturday during the spring roping calves at the school farm in preparation for the 8 weekend rodeos held in late spring in Utah, Montana and Idaho. Important rodeo events include saddle and bareback bronco riding, bull riding, roping, ribbon roping and bulldoging. Cowgirls demon- strate their skills by goat tying and barrel racing. College rodeos differ from professional only in that no entry fees are required nor is prize money awarded. . 499282;; 33$.W Front row: Ron Pace , Adviser. Grant Gerber , x , t' h'fAAYV-lh. i .5. ,.;rr 7' ' :v, :7 g' '7 7.1 t V , ; Kent Shiozawa, considered one of the top roping men in the nation practices in preparation for the first meet ot the year. t . J . 7, a KMW . Jack Welder, Jerry Myers. Doug Peterson. Second row. Gary Gould- ing. John Malatrsie. Brent Dansie. Mounted: Don Thompson. Kent Shiozawa. 200 Cougars Win National Invitational Tournament eaming Coach Stan Watts B and his jubilant basketball players had plenty to be happy about when this photograph was taken; they had just defeated New York University in . Madison Square Garden to win the National Invitational Tournament. Moreover, they were delighted to see the end of one of the longest seasons in BYU basketball history. sf Sports Illustrated photogxrggh BYU's AIl-American Dick Nemelka goes the long way around +0 score Jrwo points against Cougars' first foe of Jrhe season. Illinois. La'rin Americans fi s'r see Cats in action a5 Jeff Congdon can't be stopped as he drives in for a baskenL agamst Americas. Hotheaded Latin Americans were the first fans to see the Cougars in action this season. In June of last year Coach Watts and his squad traveled to South America and Mexico where they won 19 of the 22 games on their schedule. When they came back home, practice continued with no games scheduled until the beginning of December then the Cougars opened the pre-conference part of the season with a 109-98 victory over Illinois. Then came wins over Houston, University of Americas, :1 team from Mexico City, Santa Clara, and St. Josephs. Over.the Christmas holiday period the Cougars traveled to Pennsylvania to participate in the Quaker City Tour- nament. There they lost to LaSalle University but came back to win over St. Bonaventure and Cornell. Againsf Husfon, Craig Raymond proves a few inches can make fhe difference. 5+. Joseph's player fails To block a jump shof by BYU's bullish driver Sfeve Kramer. Seemingly losing con+r-ol of Jrhe ball. Congdon is driving in to score two more points against Utah. He was high man with 33. Cougars beat WAC champion Utah twice Wyoming New Mexico Arizona State 204 , WAC Fmai Standings , Won wqme'IOtN As defending champions, the Cougars were the target of every team in the Western Athletic Conference when WAC play began early in January. The first teams to take a crack at the champs were Arizona and Arizona State, but they came to Provo only to find out that the Cats were invincible on their home court this season. On-the-road games however, were something else again. The traveI-weary Cougars were defeated by New Mexico, Wyoming, Arizona and Arizona State. The only bright spot of the away-from-home schedule was a 94-93 squeaker over archrival University of Utah in Salt Lake City. At the end of the season, the Cats had to settle for second place, but not before beating the WAC champion, Utah, again. This time 115-100. In his fypical close-+o-fhe-ground sfyle, Jim Jimas Hashes pasf Arizona Sfafe defenses +0 score for BYU '-. Nemelka offen oufrebounded faller opponenfs' here we see how. Neil Roberfs scores againsf Arizona. Because of leg in- jury he missed NIT acfion; may no+ play baskefball again. In haIf-i'im-e show CougareHes make fun of Ufah's Redskins. , : NYU defenders failed to stop Raymond. He scored 21 points. Players, flag 'rwirIers, band, Nemelka e Congdon cut net after defeating NYU. Gary Hill. who saw little action during the season Was high scorer tor BYU against New York. He also scored 2l points. were a hit in New York Officials of the National Invitational Tournament were sufficiently impressed with Cougar pre-season and XVAC performances to place BYU in the top-seeded position of the prestigious contest. In spite of this, the NIT crown did not come easily for the Cats; they had to claw their way to victories over Temple and Army. It wasift until the second half of the game against NYU that the. Cougars finally got their run-and-shoot kind of game going. Blocking shots, rebounding and dunking the hallt Raymond played his best game of the. season, but Congdon, Hill, Nemelka, and Kramer were also magnificent. It was a team effort that wilted the. NYU Violets 97-8-1. NYLVs Coach Lou Rossini sum- marized that game: They were just too good," he said. ed flag twirlers. band and players pay tribute to Coaches Watts and Witbeck after BYU defeated NYU .4 muw w Pretty BYU flag twirlers impressed blase New York tans. News releases aimed at anxious BYU students durin the NIT revealed that not all the action in the tour- nament took place on the playing floor. Early at- tention was directed at the talented flag twirlers who had accompanied the squad. The lovely representatives of the touted Cougar co-ed contingent were both shocked and flattered by offers from Playboy Enterprises to join the iiBunnyl, ranks. Evidently anxious to get in 011 the action, and also to continue their fervent sup- port of the hoopsters, the Cougar Band stirred up the allegiances and generosity of the studentbody and alumni. Within a few days they collected enough money to pay passage to New York for 25 members. They too earned the respect of blase New York basketball fans. Nemelka, Congdon and Kramer receive NIT trophy from official. By the all-important final contest there was some doubt as to whether there were any Cougars left in Provo; the scores of Cougar rooters were later unmasked as Army and V illanova iiturncoatsf, By the end of the game the majority of the fans in Madison Square Garden were squarely behind the Cougars. Frustrated Cougars- at-home who had been forced to participate in the ex- citement vicariously and two-dimensionally were not ready to pass up the opportunity to show their support and gratitude to their team. A large turnout at the Salt Lake airport presaged an enthusiastic parade through Provo. Honors and laurels were added to those already worn by the team; further proof of their champion- ship caliber: amidst all this they found time to study. BYU 1;:l09 Vitrminoiks 98 BYU III I l HoustonI W I I :82 BYUH I 23 LAmericasQi $66 BYU I03 Santa Clgra 85 BYU I 87 SarI'rIa C'Igawra x W79 BYU 5I03 StagJoseph's H83 BYU ,. b9 LaSeIIe 7 7l BYU M99 I St. 'WBonaQentUieI H87 i BXU UJIOSg CorneII H M92 ; BYU 95 Arizona s+a+eW 8i BYU 87 I UWArionaH i 2274 I IBjYU 78 New, Mexico 8! BYU A IOI Wyoming I07 WBYWI 35?? Utah SFSte 981 BYU 94;; uUJraI? 93 i BYU 96 Utah s+$+e 8,8 II3YU I039: Dehver 76 H U 945 Arigopa State lOI I YUW 62""AriionaWW W6 MBYU M 89951 New Mexicom $60 BYU I 98:; Wyoming 90 BYU W I15" Utah I 1'00 BYUE i 90 Temple; H I 78 BYU 66 Army 60 HBYU 97 NYU W84 Tired-Iooking Utah State player in vain tries to prevent Nemelka from scoring. Cougar fans will miss record-breaking trio Compiling statistics on a basketball season that stretched from early summer, with the team's extended South American tour, to late March, with its exciting NIT victory, was a job for the IBM computer 01' the abacus. In general it can be said that this year was marked by the highest-scoring, hottest-shooting squad in Cougar history. The hoopsters only equalled their ZO-game record established the year before, but in 10 of this yearWs 25 North American tilts scored 100 or more points, with an impressive 95.5 average. A new school record was set by All-American Dick Ne- melka with a 24-point per game average and three Pep Band members were aIways at games other stalwarts scored in the double figures. Fans to lend their support +0 Cougar efforts. established an overall attendance record of 217,574. 208 Front row: Randy Schouten. Jim Jimas, Jeff Congdon. Dick Nemelka. Ken James. Back row: Gary Hill. Steve Kramer. Craig Raymond. Jim Eakins. Orville Fishen Bill Ruffner. Neil Roberts. '3? Congdon flips one of his flashy backe hand passes to fellow guard Nemeika. As Raymond gets set to take rebound. Kramer goes up for a jump shot against USU. Coach Waffs accepts Tribute after his Jream won him his 300th game. Traditionally, Coach Stan Watts finds himself in the enviable position of having more talented players than he can use. In spite of this, the loss of such sen- ior stalwarts as Jeff Congdon, Steve Kramer and Dick Nemelka, who received national recognition for what the home fans already knew he had in the form of membership in the 1966 LOOK All-American team, will be hard for Cougar boosters to take. Hoop fans recog- T. nize that tttheir boys,, are going on to bigger and better . things, still, the greatest hurt is in the heart. Fresh- 1x111e11 especially who have only had a tantalizing t taste of Nemelszs style and consistency, Congdonh Bill Ruffner was a substitutIOn man dazzling court tactics and Kramefs bullish play will Coach Watts could always count on. miss the trio. Seniors can be more philosophical. 209 Kittens Post 13-1 Season Record roving that the foundation of BYUys basketball power Pis still as strong as ever, the freshman team high- Scored its way to an almost perfect 13-1 record this year. Coach Gary Ernesths boys scored 601 field goals dur- ing the season to break the mark of 599 set by the 1964 team. Leading the Kittens was Finnish import Kari Liimo, who personally established three new records: most points scored, 342; most points averaged per game, 24.4; and most points in a single game, 39. Another Kitten ace was forward Marty Lythgoe who scored 280 points for the season and averaged 20 points per game. The Kittens, who often placed five men in the double figures, continu- ed a tradition of high-scoring, averaging over 100 points per game with a high of 117 against Snow College. Martin Lythgoe seems to fly going up to shoot. Kitten ace. Kari Limmo was a hard man to stop. as photo shows. 210 SEASON SCORES BYU IO9 Weber SI'aIe 69 BYU IIO Snow College 5I BYU I l I Ufah Sfafe 80 BYU I05 RangIey 63 BYU I I7 Snow College 7I BYU 9I Ufah Sfafe 89 BYU I09 UI'aII 82 BYU I IS Ufah Sfafe I00 BYU II2 Easfern Ufah 105 BYU 96 Easfern Utah 95 BYU 94 Weber Sfafe 99 BYU I08 Mesa College 64 BYU I04 Dixie College 74 BYU I I5 Ufah 86 Fronf: Mike Gardner, Assisfanf Coach: CIaonn Hickman, Manager; Gary Ernesf, Coach. Second Row: Lynn Parsons, Torn Parry. Doug Schaeffer, John GabaII. VesfelI Wright Jon Dresser. Third Row: Jack Smifh, Phil Low, Marh'n Lyfhgoe. John Hafch, ScoH Gilmore. Back Row: Kari Liimo. ScoH Warner. 2H Three BYU Gymnasts Among Top Ten in NCAA Meet ew Coach Bruce Morgenegg led his gymnasts to the best season the team has ever had. In dual meets the agile Cats boasted a season record of 9-3 and in the Western Athletic Conference finals in Tucson they placed second trailing defending champiOn University of Arizona by a mere four points. Leading the Cats in the WAC finals was Dick Nicholas Who became the first BYU man to Win the all-around title. He also placed first on the parallel bars taking the title from ASUts defending champion Skip Johnson. Later in the season six outstanding Cougar gymnasts: John Morrissey, Perry Guinn, Austin Thatcher, Tom French, Bob Mullins and Dick Nicholas qualified for the NCAA championship meet at Penn State. At the NCAA meet the Cougars placed three men in the top ten. These were Perry Guinn who placed 9th on rings, John Morrissey, who placed 9th on high bar and Dick Nicholas who placed 10th in aH-around. Perry Guinn Dick Nicholas John Morrissey w W m HHHH :,H ,1 A 4:5 Front: Ron Newson, AssEsfant Coach: Bruce Morgenegg. Coach. Back: Perry Guinn. Mike Muhlestein. Days Hoggan. Tom French. Austin Thatcher. Graig Chamberiain. Sterling Van Wagene. Jerry Solberg, Dave Waiters. Mike Gordon, Richard Nicholas. John Morrissey. Bob Mullins. 212 Soccer Team Plays at Stanford ntil recently soccer was relatively unknown to U Americans; certainly its popularity here was not commensurate to its popularity in almost every other corner of the world. America had football. But sports fans in universities and high schools around the nation are becoming aware of the exciting sport and a nucleus for a strong soccer team is being formed at BYU under the guidance of Ollie Julkunen. Many of the ttAh players come from foreign countries; though ttBt, team member- ship is largely interested American students introduced to soccer in P. E. Though not yet a varsity sport, the soccermen are working to gain such recognition. Their meets are mainly With other college teams in the Utah Soccer League, but this year the BYU sportsmen were granted studentbody funds to represent BYU at the Stanford Invitational Tournament in California where they faced strong teams from Stanford and Berkeley. Front row: Muhammad Ashraf, Devan Bled, Garlan Fitzgerals. Second row: Jorn Kiese, Helge Rei- stad. Sam Manneh, Bill Forrest. Back row: Rudiger Neumarker. Henry Richmond, Olli Julkunen. coach; Hamid Sueedain. Dan Madsen. Swimmers Reach Goals for the Year orking towards a definite goal paid off for the BYU swimming team this year. At the beginning of the year, Coach Walt Cryer indicated that his team would be working fOI; a winning dual record and a third place in the Western Athletic Conference. This is exactly what they accomplished as they finished the season with a dual record of 8-7 and placed third behind Utah and New Mexico in the WAC finals. Even this seemingly mo- dest record took a lot of work and talent since this was the first year in many that BYU had a swimming team active in intercollegiate competition. Star of the young team was Dennis Meyring, a transfer from Vallejo, Calif. JC, who won three gold medals and a second place honor in the WAC finals. Another outstanding swimmer was Doug Reagan, who won a gold medal in the same meet. Lack of depth rather than of talent was the most serious problem that the team faced this year. Coach Cryer will he keep- ing his eyes open for promising swimmers to fill several vacancies that the team still has. He should have no trouble recruiting since the new year-round swimming facilities at BYU are the best in the entire area. Doug Regan. Pete Fierabrand. Ed Rudloff. Tony Price. Tim Brown. Wyatt Earp. Dennis Meyring, Leonard Ch. 214 iii; u we 4H Golfers Second in National Tournament B YU,s golf team ended the fall season by almost upsetting Houston University, the top collegiate team in the nation. Competing in the William H. Tucker Invitational Tournament, the Cougar golfers surged from a 15 stroke deficit and ended only one stroke behind Houston University to take second place in the tourna- ment. Linkster John Miller was the star of the tourna- ment and showed that he will be a Cougar to watch in the future. Miller, only a freshman, has already won the United State Golf Associationls National Junior Champ- ionship. Other standout performers included Bud Allin, who tied for first place for BYU in the Northern Cali- fornia Intercollegiate; and Mike Taylor, a sophomore from Mississippi who holds the state amateur champion- ship for that state. In all, 9 players comprised the team. Mike Taylor. one of BYU's outstanding golfers drops a short putt Jtor his team at Riverside Country Club in Provo. Coach Karl Tucker, Bruce Difloure. John Evans, Mike Taylor. John Miller, Craig Ridd. Kean Ridd, Jack Chapman.8ud Allin. 215 Frank Lolich pitches against Utah at home. Boasting a 5-1 record in the Northern Division of the Western Athletic Conference, BYUis baseballers were leaving competition far behind by the end of April. The Cougars were making good the words of Coach Glen Tuckett, who said at the beginning of the season: iiWe should be greatly improved over the last two years? Much of the improvement came as a result of the experi- ence of a long season last year, which included a playing ', He allowed only five hits in the game and led the Cats to a 3-2 victory. Baseball Team Shoots for WAC Title tour through Mexico in which the Cougars won seven of the eight games they played there. Led by All-American prospect Tom Weir, the Cougars were running a lot more than they had the year before and this was evident in their WAC schedule- where they defeated Utah three times and Wyoming twice to lead the division. It appeared at deadline time that the Cougars had the talent to stay at the top and perhaps would go on to win the Conference. J LIA. . . . -,. 5:3; J1; v 1. ' ' Ev 4. m Mwagt? 1- W ; John Greene is congrafulafed by feammafes affer hiffing homerun againsf Ufah. Gary Rober+s slides info fhird as baseman looks for +hrow. Bud Parker on first keeps an eye omL for Wyoming player. 217 :' WAC Norfhern Division Scores BYU I 3 Ufah .................................. 6 BYU 3 U+ah ................................... 2 BYU l2 Ufah .................................. 3 BYU I 2 Wyoming .......................... 4 BYU 9 Wyoming .......................... 6 BYU 5 Wyoming .......................... 8 as of April 30+h .. Fronf Row: Tom Fife, Rick Winward. Harry Harf, Don Davis, Rick Burrisfon. Larry Sfeele. Lee Jolley. S+eve Martin. Mike Anfone. Mike Grant Second Row: Kevan Balser. bafboy: Lanni Haacke, Gary Roberfs, Jim Hancock. Roger Williams, Sfeve Davis, Pal Eldredge. Dick Clark, Jerry Scheurm Ken Niel- sen. Ken Dyer. Frank Lolich, Bob Foderaro. Glen Tuckeff, Coach. Back Row: Sfeve Thomas Tom Weir, Bob Marfin. Jim Henderson. Jim Englehardf. Marfy Downen, Bry Lake. Dennis Lamb. Clark Burt Bud Parker. John Greene. John Maas. bafboy. 218 BYU's Bob Delaney leads University of Utah and Utah State runners during a triangular meet held in Salt Lake early in April. Trackmen Start Season Defeating Utah, Losing To UCLA y the middle of April, BYU's traekmen were well on their way to another winning season. Led by hurdler Mike Douglas and runner Ron Morgan, the Cougars start- ed out the season by thoroughly beating the University of Utah Redskins in an informal meet in Provo. The Cats won first place in 14 events while Utah could only manage 3. It was a good indi-ation of the kind of season the Cats could expect. The first real test of the season, however, came during the third week in March when the Cats traveled to Los Angeles to meet the UCLA Bruins. Although the Cougars-who finished third last year in the NCAA championshipewere expected to give the Bruins more than one run for their money, they failed to pass the test as UCLAK Mare Salvage led the Bruins to a 99-46 victory. This was however, the first outdoor meet for the Cats, while UCLA had had the benefit of three. Mike Bianco puts the shot to win second place in BYU Open. Gary Hines goes up for one of best marks of the season: 6' 9 220 Patera Sets New Shot Put Record Later in the season, the Cougar trackmen defeated the University of Utah, Utah State and Idaho State, in an informal meet in Provo; as well as both Utah teams in a triangular meet in Salt Lake City. In the BYU informal meet, Cougars Ken Patem, Pete Dana, and Al Rockwell were the outstanding trackmen. Patera set a new mark of 61' 6h in the shot put. Dana set a new record in the triple jump, with a leap of 48, 2". The mOSt exciting race of the day saw BYU,s Al Rockwell defeat NCAA indoor champion Jerry Cernlla of Utah State in the 120-yard high hurdles with a time of :l3.7. In the Utah triangular meet, two weeks later, Patcra extended his own record with a throw of 62' 1V2" -- the best on record for a Utah college athlete, and one of the best throws in the world. In the same meet, Cougar Ben Laverty leaped 48' lle" improving on the mark set by Dana two weeks before. .24. . titw kt'truwn. Pete Dane broad iumps tor a mark of 22' 7V2" at BYU Open. Mike Douglas finishes first in the 440 hurdles at BYU Open. Cats Pass 100-Poin'r Mark Thrice Cougar vaulfer Paul Skowron clears the bar at Utah meet. tSEASON SCORES The last meets before the Banyan went to press, took the 3:3 $ng 835A :3 Cougars t0 Tempe and Tucson in Arizona. There the track- BYU I O3V2 Utah --------------------------- 39 men ran over teams from Arlzona State, Utah, Arlzona and BYU l OI Arizona State ............ 50 .Long Beach State. Ron Morgan set a school record of 9:03 BYU I OI U tab 3' 1n the two-mxle run at the Tempe meet where the Cougars BYU l OI ArizorVw-e """""""""""""""" 56 scored 101 points to 51 for Utah and 50 for Arizona Stflte. BYU '0' Long Beach State 24 At Tucson, the Cats, led by Bob Delaney and Bob Rich- ards, swept the mile run and accumulated 101 points to 56 for Arizona and 24 for Long Beach State. It was the third consecutive time the Cats had broken the lOO-point mark. tax of April I8 222 Fron+ row: Dale Benneff, Pefer Kirfs, Dick Jackson, Ralph Turner. Ray Rohafinsky, Gregg Cramm, Bob Delanye, Mike Douglas, Dave Reeves, Bob Skamnes. Second row: Coach Sherald James, Keifh Young. Henry Barnes, John Redfearn. Jesse Scuff. Bob Richards, Bill Delaney. Pefe Dana, Bob Jackson, Dick Legas, Gary Thacker. Randy Johnston' Ron Morgan, Alan Layfon, Jteam manager. Back row: Head Coach Clarence Robinson: Gene Cummings. Tom McMurray. Jim Jex, Al Balmbrfh, Dennis Belnap. Rock Bishop. Fred Nelson, Earl Coombs. Richard Smith. Doug Chamberlain. Sam Francis, Lew Deveraux, Ron Cavins, Doug Smith, Paul McDaniel. Al Rockwell, Gary Hines. Coach Willard HErschi. 223 Front row: Carlos Sendel, Ernie Smith, Terry Ehlers. Sima Nikolic. Back row: Harvey Bottelsen. Bill Fort, Coach Wayne Pearce. Jonathan Pierce. Keith Nielsen. 'iw'ri ' .u. , . Racketmen Vie for WAC Title h .A . A BYU's Bi" Fort returns Redskins shot during meet in Provo. 224 h N Iith victories over Utah, Arizona, Arizona State and New Mexico, Coach Pearces racketmen had establish- ed themselves as strong contenders for the WAC title by the end of April. By that time, the Cats, most exciting victory was their upset of defending champion University of Utah on the Cougar courts. Hero of the meet was Jon Pierce who defeated Utahts No. 2 player Mike Martinez 6-3, 6-3. Although BYUts Bill Fort lost to Utah,s star Jim Oborne, the well-balanced Cougar team came back as Har- vey Bottlesen, Keith Nielson, and Sima Nikolic, in singles; and Bottlesen-Nikolic and Pierce-Nielson, in doubles, out played the Redskins. This important victory was one of many which the team had accumulated to date. Early in the season they took first place in the Long Beach Tennis Classic and although later they fell before UCLA and USC, they came back with wins over Utah State and their WAC opponents. Said Coach Pearce after the Utah meet: ttthis gives us four straight WAC victories; that puts us in very favorable position in the conference? Volleyball Team Ranks High in National Competition h t- 7, .Fu, V n? 1 V ' n. Charles Naumu retrieves a ball from far to his left using the roll Jrechnique Coach Lowell brought trom Jrhe Orient. ollyeball has been played at BYU for only three V years, but already the Cougars spikers have earned a strong reputation for themselves. Last yeafs per- formance showed the traditionally strong California teams that they have a strong contender outside their bastion. This yeafs third place honors taken at the F ar West Volleyball Tournament in San Francisco re- inforced that contention. htWt-fve definitely established ourselves among the top three teams in the nation? observed Coach John Lowell. Outstanding players in- clude All-American Jon Stanley and John Ahlstrom at the forefront of defense, Charles Naumu and Phillip Hew- len at defense. LowelFs introduction to rigorous Japan- . , ese playing and training techniques combined With new The team's defensive specialists have no fear of Jrhe floor as courts are honing the teams, considerable skills. shown by one who dives nearly I2 feet to get a ball in mid-air. Front row: Jon Stanley. Charles Naumu. Johnh strom. Second row: Richard Cox. Steve Browning. Earl Urban, manager; Larry Kelly. Gerald Hekekia. Back: Coach John Lowell. 225 Intramurals Offers a Sport for Every Student B etween 40 and 50 per cent of the studentbody participates in intramural activities each year. With 242 teams taking part in basketball alone, it would seem that the intramural programk motto is being suc- cessfully carried out: 0An activity for every student and every student in an activity." The statistics for the proe gram are amazing: nearly 1900 boys played in both the softball and flag football games; 1300 participated in volleyball; and 2000 took part in basketball, the most popular game. But these sports were not the only ones offered; over 30 different activities from checkers and horseshoes to badminton and weightlifting provided activity for any student who had the initiative to fill out an entry form. From these facts, it is not surprising to find that BYU has one of the largest intramural programs in the country. A new intramural sport was water basketball. winners in the men's and women's division were A Richards Hall and the 38th Ward. 226 w , E .... .44 ' . m . . , ' , ,, event i S+uden+s wa+ch Byron Becksfead, fable fennis winner. during an exciting mafch. A baHer sfands ready +0 swing during inframural soffball game. Soffball was one of Hue mosiL popular sporfs in +he program. 227 H i t , : 4 u i 3 t v t , ; V , . t r ,i t .. A 7 ..- . ' . - i t i - .. I t ,; 1 t .- With Cosmo and over I0.000 fans looking on approvingly. Cougarettes perform in the tieldhouse during basketball halt-time shOW, Pep Groups Se Sisssssss, Boom! Bah! B-Y-U-raherah-rahm The beat of a pep band . . . brief skirts flying . . . pretty legs showing. All this and enthusiasm soaring as BYU,s pep groups with their boundless energy bound into action. Practically the greatest show on earth, the pep groups, show raised enthusiasm to a riotous pitch, spurring the studentbody 011 to more noise and the teams on to greater effort. BYU wasnyt always number 1, so the pep groups tried a little harder with songs and cheers, squeals and lamentations, all in the name of esprit de corps. The Marching Band, the Pep Band, Cosmo, the Cheer leaders, the Young Men, the Flag twirlers, the Song leaders and the Cougarettes were all part of the show which helped our teams win games. But whether our team won or lost, the people were always glad they got to watch the show. Melinda Nelson smiies at crowd after routine. PreH'y girl, Cheer leaders spur +he s+uden+s on +0 more noise and flue +eam on +0 more effort m mug- . h , ,4J-A'.'Hho1gf m 60:50 was hiilgvlting of half-Hme shows. e Sizzle k 7 . V H. , F 5 , , x-..u . ' . Cheerleaders: Sandy Kross. Ernie Olson. Dwayne Wafson. Nevin Andersen. Bob Pinf-sized yell leader helps er crowd. Hughes. 229 Pep Groups continued The Pep Committee, under the leadership of Jim Christiansen, spon- sored the successful hOperation Reper- toire? a drive to teach the school songs to the studentbody. For fran- tic fans who couldntt fit in the Field- house crush, the games were broad- cast Via closed-circuit TV to the Wilkinson Center. The Card Stunt section, under the direction of George Cobabe, completed a second successful season of stupefying stunts. Whether we won or lost, the half- time spectacle went on, and on, and on, to the frenzied strains of java? rah - rah - rah -rah -rah -rah and sisssssssssssssssss, Boom, Bah! u Song Leaders: Mary Ellen Madsen. Carol Huber. Stefenee Nielsen, Colleen Shields. Mary Jane Shimoda. Diane Gardner. Flag TwirIers: Sandy Mathewson. Melinda Nelson. Jeanne Sorensen, Susan Larson, Karen Miller. Janice Lynn Edens. The World of Art; Expressions of Creativity N wi'wamw .m W! H H As an actor. Nelden Maxfield concentrates on believably transforming himself +0 make the Characier of Fagin. work of art is the result of an artisfs response to life. He is more sensitive to the deeper mean- ings in life than most people. That is why he is an artist. He has spent much time learning the technical i means necessary to express in a formal way his responses w to life in whatever medium he has Chosen-painting, drama, i music, poetry, etc. Art is life. When we are faced with a work of art we do not like, perhaps it is an expression of some phase of life we dislike. Both art and life can be pleasant or unpleasant. Both can be gentle 0r cruel, calm or turbulent, frustrating or soothing. By instinct, human beings are constantly in search of an ordered existence. Such order is found in the human spirit. But life is usually chaotic because the spiritual is relegated to the background by immediate demands of i the intellectual and emotional. The artist blends the chaotic material of life into an ordered form by a kind of balance between the intellectual, the emotional and the spiritual. Honest experience of the arts is an effective means to peace of mind and peace of soul. After a discouraging search. Oliver fin- ally finds love in his grandfather's home. Oliver 232 Lionel Bartts Broadway hit musical Oliver, adapted from Charles Dickens, novel Oliver Twist, was staged for the first time in the Intermountain Area by the BYU Dramatic Arts Department F ebruary 15-19. Under the direction of Dr. Harold Hansen, the play unfolded the story of Olivefs tMichael McCallister and Neil New- elD search for love. F irst he was sent to Mr. Bumblets orphanage but was later sold because he was too dif- ficult to handle. He ran away and was accepted into a gang of pickpockets controlled by Fagin tNelden Max- field; While a member of the gang Oliver found his grandfather Brownlow tLyle Laycockt and was taken into his home where he finally found love. The use of the revolving stage for scene changes added to the plays excellence which was applauded by critics as one of the finest presented in the de Jong Concert Hall. Other leading roles were taken by Bruce Louthan, Patsy Christian- sen, Tamara F owler, Sheryl Jamison, and Glenda Gardiner. "I Shall scream." cries Widow Corney Khrisfina Polifig as Mr. Bumble woos her. . vr , v W ' .. .544 . "Ki Mr. Bumble "lobar? O. Day sells Oliver +0 +he morfician Mr. Sowerberry Paul LarsenL 233 Mrs. WaHy tChristine Wrightt. "who always did serve a The Corn Is Green poignant commentary on all those unfortunates who long for knowledge and who may never have the opportunity to find it? Emlyyn Williams, The Corn is Green was presented by the Brigham Young University Theatre November 24-December 11. Starring in: the drama about a spinster schoolteacher who has dedicated her life to the belief that everyone should have an oppor- tunity to develop his mind were Mae Flegg, John Adams, Tamara Fowler, Christine Wright, Judson Pierson, Robert Borden, Elaine Davis, and Leon Stewart. Max Golightly directed the play with Carol Anne Schuster acting as assistant director. The production, staged in the Drama Theatre of the Harris F ine Arts Center, revolved around the trials of an English spinster trying to establish a school in her home for the children of poor coal miners in the Welsh town of Glansarno. fip-top c up of tea." serves tea to her guest Bessie WaHy Uamara Fowled tries +0 en+ice Morgan Evans to stay at home. visiting friends. An Enemy of the People Rated a dramatic thrill, Enemy of the People ran in the Drama Theatre of the Harris F ine Arts Cen- ter October 13-30. The drama by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen, adapted for the. American stage by Arthur Miller, hinges upon the discovery by the town physician that the water supply in the town,s mineral baths is polluted. The townspeople, at first sympathetic, find that the necessary changes would be an enormous finan- cial burden and declare that the doctor is an ttenemy of the people, for advocating that the water supply t should be changed. Starring in the drama were Nelden " , "'"rte- Maxfield, Myra Katner, Kent Nelson, Lyle Laycock, Kent Chadwick, Roger Nelson, Karen Seal, Alan Hall and Louis H. Campbell. Charles Metten directed the drama which so pricked the viewefs conscience of right versus wrong and the individual versus society that one wanted to stand up and shout in support of the doctor. I W "Enemy! Enemy!" the eople taunt Dr. Stockmann tNeldon Maxtieldt and his tamirJ y as they leave the public meeting. M l" t ltj,frl;i tt'ftjtt'feizlllJLxx'zvnmxu-eia. t ects his wife and daughter from the threats of the town's mayor. The valiant tighter tor truth. Dr. Stockmann, prot 235 f;- V 3 h The Firebugs ' t h' L , e t v , h . h h Using the techniques of burlesque, parody and grotesque . comedy, The F irebugs, a modern, unconventional drama, attacks complacency in the modern world. The ' a h play, written by Max Frisch, shows the reactions of Cott- tf t V , leib Biederman tRobert O. Dayt and his wife tMarilyn Allphint when they discover two arsonists tNorm Morris and Wilfired Dziallast in their home. Biedermann refuses ., to evict them, however, and feels that by appeasing them - mi, V t he can prevent the inevitable. The fear of fire pre- ' h ;' vaded the whole drama, which was directed by Dr. Lael Woodbury, gave a nightmarish reality to the story and provided an ideal setting for the portrayal of the weaknesses of man when faced with major decisions. GoHlieb Biedermann Robert O. Dayt and the firebugs enact a grotesque parody of Everyman and the Angel of Death in his ome. :17th w GoH'lieb Biedermann describes to the town firemen wha+ he'll do to any arsonisf who Jrries to burn his house. 236 Our Town butions to the American theatre is Thornton Wil- defs world-renowned drama Our Town. The play tells about the people of every town and in every age. It shows the intimate daily life of small-town people such as Wally iMichael Brysoni and Emily Webb tCarol Bab- cock, Margaret Dyreng, and Marsha Dahli as if a camera- man had dollied in for a close-up. The camera is then set on a star out in space to show in prespective the eternal destiny of man. Much of this is seen with the help of the omnipotent stage manager iLadd Bennetti. The dramatic classic, which played February 23 to March 12, was directed by Dr. Albert 0. Mitchell. One of the most engrossing and extraordinary contri- Filling Mrs. Gibbs' iPafricia Pearcei daily milk order. Howie Newsome iJoseph Johnsoni deliver the milk to her home. Dr. Gibbs iBrent Monsoni gives his son George iJohn Shepherdi a lecture concerning his responsibili'l'ies after his marriage. 237 Joseph's Urisfan Pied coat of many colors is pulled off from him by his brothers as they prepare +0 +hrow him in the well. Coat of Many Colors he World Premiere performances of Barrie Stavist T Coat of Many Colors opened April 20 for a two week run in the Pardoe Drama Theater. The play which explores the theme of power and its uses tells the story of the successes and failures of Joseph who was sold into Egypt. The witty, sardonic tragi-comedy featured Tristan Pico as Joseph, Tamara Fowler as Vashnee, Roger Nelson, as Reuben, Dan Staples as Potiphar, and Lael Woodbury as the Pharaoh. When asked why he selected BYU to premiere his play, Mr. Stavis, who was on campus for a month, replied hBYU is one of the greatest theater plants in the United States. Its Dramatic Arts Depart- ment is one of the best in the country and directors e .. 0f the caliber of Dr. Hansen are few? The colorfully t X costumed performance by a cast of 50 was directed by 7 Harold Hansen with Beverly Warner as costume designer. Joseph as Chamberlain in' Potiphar's house. u - w m m W : :" WM M3 m ft? ' , 1 , l, '14; Joseph frys +0 convince Pharoah wael Woodburw +ha+ he, no+ Vashnee Uamara FowlerL can bring him glory. Arena Theater The struggles, and accomplishments of the Mormon pioneers sent by Brigham Young to cultivate the deso- late areas of Southem Nevada is portrayed in the play Only There Were Two. Written by Ronald Dalley, the 13lay was the first in a series of three premier perfor- mances of plays on Mormon themes. Playing the lead roles of Daniel and Esther Stark were David Larsen and joyce Tarrier. Other members of the cast included Colette Anderson, Michael Bryson, and John Shepherd. Daniel Stark tDavid Larsent pleads with his wife Esther once Tarried not to give up their home in the "Muddy Mission." to remain true to their mission calling. Daniel Stark tries to convience Israel HohL tMichaeI Brysont and the other settlers 240 Opera ilbert and Sullivank The Pirates of Penzance, lively opera, tells of the meeting of a Major- general tPaul Sharpe and his daughters with a band of pirates in the cove where they have gone by a picnic. Fredrick tSteve Covingtom, who has just finished his indentureship t0 the band, tries to help the girls out of the clutches of the pirate king tNelden MaxfielcU but then returns to the Side of the pirates and almost ' ' , ' 1'? ' causes the Major-general to be killed for his lying. The pirate king tNelden Maxfieldh has some fun roughing up the members of his pirate band so he can keep them in line. After kidnapping Jrhe Major-general tPaul Sherpt and his daughters. the pirates tease the tether and entertain Jrhe daughters. Carmen ated by opera critics .and historians as one of R three most loved and successful operas of all time, George Bizetts Carmen was presented in the De Jong Concert Hall November 9-13. The central figure of the opera is the beautiful, but treacherous gypsy temp- tress Carmen tAriel Bybeet who abandons sergeant 0f the guard Don Jose tGary Fishert in favor of the bullfighter, Escamillo aim Smithy She promises Escamillo herself if he is victorious in a certain bullfight. However, Don Jose in a jealous rage stabs Carmen just at the moment Escamillo emerges triumphant from the arena. Other members of the cast included ppera workshop members, a childrents chorus from the Provo community, and members of the Utah Valley Opera Association. Brandt Curtis directed the opera with Kurt Weinzinger as musical director. Charles Whitmen acted as stage director and did the blocking for the production. f "Stay away from Escamillo or 242 "You're wasting your time. Toreador. I love another." Carmen tAriel Bybeet tells the bulltighter Escamillo Uim Smitht. I'll kill you." the jealous Don Jose tGary Fished threatens Carmen. the girl that he loves. Amneris tJanice Williams Piersont tried to convince the slave A'fda that her love For Radames was hopetess. A'I'da . Verdfs Aida, one of the largest and most spectacular operas of the modern repertory, played in the dejong Concert Hall May 2-7. Featuring a cast of 228, the opera told the plight of Radames tRoy King and Rolando Conzalest, captain of the Egyptian Palace Guard, and Aida tLynn Blackmun, Ariel Bybee, and Melva Allredt, an Egyptian slave and Ethiopian princess. After a great victory over the Ethiopian army and the capture of A'l'da,s father, King Amonasro of Ethiopia, the King of Egypt tWalter Rudolpm awards Radames the hand of his daughter Amneris Uanice Williams Pierson and Christian Politist who also loves him. After betraying Egyptian military secrets, Radames choses death rather than give up A'ida and a life of honor. The opera was directed by Brandt Curtis with Charles Metten doing the staging and Crawford Gates directing the Symphony Orchestra. Other players included Alan Ord, Dan Knud- sen, Viven Beecroft, Nelden Maxfield and Lamar Laws. Aida tLynn Blackmunt and Radames Rolando Gonzalest sing ot the deep love that they have tor one another. 243 ombining the art of music and drama, the Opera Workshop provides students an opportunity to learn about opera by actual participation in the production and performance of operas. However, the Workshop also gives students not involved in opera a chance to be come acquainted with it by observing the productions. Aside from their two major operas, Carmen and Aida, the group under the direction of Brandt Curtis did scenes and excerpts from the operas La Boheme, The Maid is Mistress, La Serva Pardona, Mozarfs Casi Faututte, and Cavalen'a Rusticana. They also presented in con- junction with Productions Guild t'An Evening of Opera? Opera 244 Melva Allred Bette Bacon Stephen Bardsley Vivien Beecroft Lynn Blackmun Daneffa Blackwelder Curtis Bohi Andrea Bowers David Bowers Connie Brooks Paul Broadhead Anne Butler Ariel Bybee Evan Call Ellen Carbine Linda Cawood Gregory Charlton Larry Chrisfy Kristine Comendanf Steve Covinton Francess Cowley Chuck Curtis Maureen Darr Stanley Dinorth Daphne Dixon Gayle Evans Roberta Fifziarrell Carlos Fuentes Carlos Gonzales Rolando Gonzales Harold Gordqn Joseph Harris Edward Harvey BiH Hatch Carroll Hofeling Cheryl Holley Ralph Hoyal Mary Jenson David Johnson Robert Jones Julie Judd Sharon Kemp Kristi Kercher Roy King Dan Knudsen Janice Labrum Paul Larson LaMar Laws Laurie Litsfer Laura Luther Leanna Macintosh Fran Matthew Neldon Maxfield Luanna McClellan Dean Mitchell Carolle Munson Stephen Newman Jed Nolan Nolan ngenalla Cheryln Olsen Alan Ord Kathryn Oyler Michael Pickett Christine Polifis Workshop Brandt Curtis. Director Elaine Reece Elizabeth Rice Elizabeth Roland Walter Rudolph Susan Ruka Marcia Russon Paul Sharp Bob Shedd Gary Sheldon Vincel Skarda Frances Smeathe Linda Steimle Laura Stephens Kieth Stewart Leon Stewart William Stirland Roy Stoner Kathleen Stringam Sharon Sfringam Dean Stubbs Karen Taylor Margo Thompson Fred Tompkinson Carol Torsak Rebecca Totten Lea Weddell Gary Waite Susan Wesfover Leslie Wilki David Williams Janice Williams Sylvia Wooley Ronda Wray Firsf Soprano Cherie Jean Adams Carolyn Burnham Susan Corbett AnneHe 6. Hammer Margaret Holyoak Heleanones Jean Kreipl Linda Mikifs Sue Morrison Cynthia Peckham Ann Pehrson Jana Raestenburg Janice Reisewifz Jan Rice Nancy Robertson Phyllis Snow Leslie Sorensen Margo Kaye Thomson Second Sopra no Charlotte Adams Patricia Andersen Carol Babcock Ema Jo Bascom Karen Bodily Lana Burden Anne Butler Doris Dickson Sandra Frailey Carol Gourley Kay Kenner Verla Labruse Verla Labrue Linda Miller Linda Moody Sharon Robinson Colleen Scott Selma Shingleton Kathleen Sommers Jeana Stowe" Gay Todd Norma Jean Tolman First Alto Joan Bringhursf Patricia Burke Neola Clemens Cheryl Cozzens Ida Gardenhire Annette Hale Women's Chorus S omebody said that music hath power to charm the savage beast. Although the Womenis Chorus, under the direction of Maugham McMurdie, gave no concerts in the jungle, they did charm the BYU studentbody. Appear- ing at firesides, devotional assemblies, and concerts, the Chorus, music was melodius, their vraisemblance magnifique, their audiences enchanted. With a rep- ertoire that ranged from light to classical works, the group kept its diversified listeners united in their admiration for the fair young ladies, sound of music. Graduate assistant to Professor McMurdie was Mike Su- zuki. Ema Jo Bascom and Mary Beth Hughes accompanied. Leona Brown Deborah Clement Bebe Hammond Angela Holbert Robin Hood Barbara Huber Mary Beth Reynolds Camille Robins Diane ScoViIle Anne Shepardson Mary Woodberry Suana Hutchings Patricia HuHo Shirley Luce Lorraine Parker Anne Peyton Toby Purviance Peggy Ransom Kathryn Rasband Sharon Roswell Sheila Kay Sorensen Karen Sponseller Rebecca Toffen Stephanie Thayn Chorus Officers Ann Pehrson. president Sue Morrison. vice-presidenf Patricia Burke. secretary-treasurer Second Alfo Darlene Belnap Afton Bentley 245 Male Chorus omposed mainly of non-music majors, the BYU Male CChorus endeavors to perform the best of classical and contemporary male chorus music, foster brotherhood among its members, and promote the spirit of the Y. During Homecoming Week the group took the lead in Operation Repertoire, the project designed to encourage all students to learn the school songs. Shortly thereafter, the chorus made a recording of ttThe Cougar Song" and hThe Old Y Bellrt for the University, which is played often On local radio stations before BYU basketball games. In their winter and spring concerts the chorus, conducted by Dr. Ralph Woodward, rendered selections ranging from Renaissance to modern. Other highlights of the year in- cluded a basketball halftime show, a high school contact tour, and a popular music presentation on th day. Dr. Ralph Woodward presents the chorus for Arthur Barnes accompanies the chorus in one of the season concerts. applause BHBF H16" concert performance. 246 2.644;: m-gicrwrw t Er. Rdalph WejdwaErd.Ldirecfor: Leon Fish. Jtreasurer: Mark BreinhoH. 4 our iredor: ay . ewis, vice-presidenf; John Tafu. publicify chair- ' ' ' man; Bruce Bingham. presidenf: Daniel Bafes, hisforian: Larry Li+s+er. Dr' Woonar: .provljes enfegfalhrqenfflgTQ secrefary, a break In + an +e nous re earsa sc e ue. Fron'f row: William R. Sfirland, Greg Safer. LeGrande Avery, Roy L. Sfoner. David Adams, Arfhur Barnes. Roger Miller. Hal J. Allen. Sfephen L. Hallida Dohglas Rowley. Second row: Dr. Ralph Woodward. y. Tom Hidley. Ralph S. Rowley. Larry Lifsfer. Ned M. Karren. Berf J. Rawlins. Third row: John N. Tafu, David Lee. Earl Combs. Dustin T. Carsey. Edwin H. Beus, Jay Harding, Phillip Karl Whifehead, Curfis Crandall. Gary 6. Wald- ron, John P. Larsen, Richard C. Nelson. Fourfh row: James E. Frank, Bruce Loufhan. Mark F. Breinholf. Bruce A. Bingham, Bradley B. Anderson. Marvin C. Magleby, Larry C. LeBaro-n, John 0. Henderson, Guy R. Chamberlain. SCO'H' S. Nickerson, Leon E. Fish, Dale Mickelson, Jay E. Lewis, Granf R. Fry, Daniel M. Bafes. 248 A Cappella Choir Dr. Ralph Woodward. Conductor he A Cappella Choir, under the direction of Dr. Ralph Woodward, is recognized as one of the out- standing choirs in the nation and has toured widely throughout the country. On March 20, the group appeared in a joint concert with the University of Illinois Symphony Orchestra at the Music Educatorst National Conference 'in Kansas City. The touring choir also Visited Denver, St; Louis, Wichita, Indianapolis, Rock Island, Omaha, and Urbana, Ill. BYU and Provo audi- ences were able to listen to the choir at devotional assemblies, the Christmas Concert, and the Spring Concert. E W m a MW E e t E u : u HmHme H Choir Officers Robert Keeler. president Karen Ottesen. secretarereasurer Beth Groberg, social chairman Ron Wickman, publicity chairman Kathe Callister and Clyde Luke. wardrobe chairmen Karen Smith. historian Stephen Broadhead. riser chairman Shirley Smurthwaite. councilman Firs? Altos Bonnie Fae Andersen Bonnie Boer Trish Chrisfensen Marcie Conn Arlene Jones Shauna Knigh+ Ka+hy Nelson Joan Porfer Second Alias Bonnie Jean Anderson Kafhe Callisfer JoAn Gedge Sidney Howl: Jacki Lowrance Kathleen Maughan Pafricia O'Brien Cynfhia Williams Firsf Basses Brenf Farley Wilfred Griggs Rober'r Keeler David Kesf Kenf Pdce Ron Richardson ScoH Seamons Ron Wickman Second Basses Karl Burfon Ben Donoho Gordon Harkness Arden Hopkin Roger Miller Dale Roberfson Jon Shindurling First Sopranos Lois Cagle Linda Call BeHy Child Jessie Gibb Carol Goodson Jeni Smifh Shirley Smurfhwaife Andrea Wa+kins Second Sopranos Judy Andersen Eleanor Capson Marilyn Cloward Befh Groberg Karen Hodson Carol Keddingfon Karen Offesen Karen Smifh Firsf Tenors Sfephen Boyd Evan Call Ashley Cooper Wallace McCloy Lary Walker Rulon Wisfisen Des Yarringfon Second Tenors Hal J. Allen Sfephen Broadhead Sfephen Chase Jim Dunaway David Higginson Roy L. King Clyde Luke Wes Mafheson . x HWHHH 249 Dr, John R. Halliday. director he more than 100 members of the BYU Oratorio Choir, " .. ., under the direction of Dr. John R. Halliday, spent long hours working out the intricacies of the oratorio form. Their first performance of the year was in Novem- ber when they presented, in combination with the Symph- ony Orchestra, Dvorak,s ttRequiemf, a work of monumental breadth and sustained power. During the Christmas season they performed for a special hMusic at Midday" program which featured Christmas carols. In February the Ora- torio Choir provided music for the six-stake conference. Oratorio Choir 250 men 1 e1 .1, . A7 1551? Firs? Sopranos Doris Belt Lynette Chapman Margaret Davis Ma-rilyn Dinger Nina Ebeling Jeanie Gifford Linda HalleH Folly Harney Nancy Jones Kathleen Merrill Sylvia Nielson Diane Owens Sue Porter Renee Reber Jan Smith Nancy Smith Relva Sonderegger Virginia Sfrasser Kathryn Willey Carol Williams Barbara Jo Wright First Altos Margaret Barrett Kathy Brunson -...r J A' ,3 $3 I K .N 9: Ann Chipman Joyce Christopherson JiH Clark Janis Denton Martha Fullerton Julie Greenwood Meg Grotting Elaine Haws Hadfield Karen Hoyal Joyce Bingham Jensen Viola Fay Jones Carol Kirkman Pauline Knowlden WynneHe Lewis Phyllis Meredith Pa+ Parsons Carolyn Sagers Sharon Smethurst Nile Rae Thatcher Helene Wood Second Sopranos Jeanette Alleman Linda Barfuss Karen Callisfer Shirley Decker Mary Elizabefh Ellis Elaine Felshaw Lucille Fullmer Michael Gibb RUH'I Halliday Shauna Hammond Virginia Jensen Marfha Johns Karen Johnson Margaref Lee Lyn Miller Paf Nelson Sue Palmer Karen Parker Pam Poole Penny Samuel Marlene Schreiner Cherilyn Smifh Joanna Smifhson Tanya Taylor Joalene Wesfenskow Pam Winkelman Maralee Young Jane Ziemer Second Alfo DaneH'a Blackwelder Jeanne Blackwelder Carol Brashear Mary Jane Davidson Connie Jensen Claudia Keeler Sharon King Mirian Lacey Aleen Lefler HawIey McKinney Leo+a Merkley Sue Mersereau Reola Phelps Bonnie Rockwell Liz Roland Carol Salisbury Margaref Schreiner Mary Anne Sharpe Lou Jean Shur-Heff Diane Smifh DeAnna Sfapley Kafhy Sfephens Cynfhia Tuss Chris Wrighf Firsf Tenors KendaH Blanchard Daryl Cooper q' 4' r L lhwii- 4293 $ 1 Q VQQSjI Darrell Hunf Paul Sampson Kenf Severe Curf Shawcroff Kei+h Sfewarf Michael Suzuki Bruce Walker Second Tenors Glenn Birch David Chrisfensen Allen Chubbs Jim Finch Cloy Jenkins Conrad Johnson Bill Redford Lawrence A. Schreiner Craig Sorensen Keifh Sfewarf Terry Tucker Reed Turnbow Joseph Wise Firsf Bass Dale Call Verne Ha-nsen Scoff Halladay Brenf Hawks Gary Hunfer Lowell Jamison Gary Kerr Roberf O. Larsen Sfeve Newman David Noyes Bob Nunn Larry O'Donnal Bob Shedd Dan Sl'lurfif1c Ron Sfaheli Dave Sfokes Roger Williams Second Bass Ronald Acheson Bill Ballve Vaughn Benson Jared Brown Raymond Carroll Larry Gibson Alan Hassell Doug Hindmarsh Tim Humphrey Spenger Johnson Neldon Maxfield John MerreH Mike Mefcalf Vince Miller Garfh Moore Keifh Norman Brian Swim David Van Als+yne Choir Officers Vincenf Miller. presiden+ Rober+ Larsen, vice-presidenf Janeff SmHh. secrehary Pamela Poole. freasurer Pauline Knowlden and Miriam Lacey, hisforians Raymond Carroll and Darrell Hunf pho+ographers Ronald Acheson. publicify chairman Reola Phelps, social chairman Anifa Call and Presfon Larson. accompanisfs Sopranos Anderson. Marilyn Barr. Susan Black, Edna Brennan, Marilyn Bufterfield, Judy Carr, Norma Cundy Sharon Chrisfensen. Sandra Dunn, Susan Farnsworfh. Linda Fifziarrell Roberta Francis, Camille Gordon, Barbara George, Deanna Gibb, Edith GreenI Marcia Grow, Sondra Grimes, Judifh Grover, Linda Gerfsch. Carolyn Hallack, Ludmila Hammond, Shannon Hanson. Arlene Harker. Eva Harris, Joana Hoem, Deann Harper. Ardith HayI Linda Hilfon, Susanne Jensenl Eileen Jones, Janet JiacoleHi. Phyleffa Johnson, Marian Juddl Marsha Lafferfy, Kathleen Lanford, Marie Lafonfain, Margret Maughan, Karen McClellan. Luanne Moore, Carma Martin, Carlene Mafheny. Vicki McQueenl Paula Moody, Beth Muceuse. Lynda NelsonI Lcuana Noble. Darla Neve. Janef Pefrone Linda Reid, Lynda Richard; Sandra Richins, Wendy Rolf, Jaqueline Rosehan, Susan Rounds. Carolyn Smifh, Carol Smith, Carolyn Soufhwcrfh Nickie Sfouf. J S+one, Mardonne Sauer, Barbafa Sfrong. Corrine TaylorI Carolyyn Tracey. Inez Tucket'r. Brenda Tuella, Hem? Turner, Judlfh Unbedach'r, Beveyly Vandersfek. Jennifer Vonharfen. Toni Welcker, Michelle Whiflock. Jeanne Wiborny, Helga Wilsom Diane Willis, Lou Jean Winfer, Margaret Zindel, Polly AHos Allan, Norma Ar . Lillian AsEfon, Wendy Baker, Lauraiie Barrus Carol Bar'rscHL Susan Bates. Linda Benson, Hazel Bond, Deanna Broderick, Marcia Brown, Joanne Burkharf. Karla Browning, Karen Burrup Dixie Bushneil. Jennie Call, Dora Cass, Barbara Chamberlain, Bonnie Charlson, Julief Cluff' Lorraine Collinsl Mary Ann Compfon Jane? Carley, Cheryl Cornwall, Ellen Dave , Jean Davi son, Jana? Davis, Jane Deiuncker, Velma Den .3, Beverly Fehl erg, Rosamunde Gilbert, Diane Goodwin, Rhoda Hansen, Chere Hardy. Marynne Hacker, Angela Hermansem Carol Hogfsfedf, Kristine Johnson, Judy Johnson. Margarei Johnson, Rifa Kemsely, Connie Universify Chorale The largest choral group on campus, University Cho- rale is also the only music group which does not require an audition for admittance. The 250 members in it are simply students who enjoy singing. The group,s Winter Concert included operatic, religious, secular and Christmas music. Two of the major works of that concert were FaustIs IISoldier's ChorusII and the familiar JCarol of the Drums? The Chorale is under the direction of Kurt Weinzinger who recently returned from Vienna, Austria. Kur'l' Weinzinger. Conducfor Knudsen Linda CarlsonI Alberf RainerI John Long, Roberf LewisI Cynfhia CarlsonI Ronald SabomI'inI Jon Probsf, Lynn LewIsI Karen DavisI Dave SeI'rerI Sfeven PlunkeIth Joyce LeWIsI LNancy EvansII Denfon ShIeldIs FredrIck RIceI Neil LIlyaII Lee GilbeIrfI Jack Smith James RigaIudI Jeanoclaude LundwalII Cherilyn GoodrIchI Keith Thomas Harry Smifh, Ja ck LufherI Laura Grover, RIoberf anhf Chadwin Soufh Barry MarsdenI Elilabefh HackeHI Ronald Tenors Thompson, ClIffordI Jr. MastersI Marci HardyI IDean Baxter, Thomas ThornockI Dean Soufhworth Sandra Harris, LorIn Borou h, Charles Tucker, Jeanne Basse s HafchI WiHiam Broad enf. Charles VanWerfI Michael AllredI Mckell Jef'IerII Roberf Broadbenf, Ray VIskerI DIarwm AndersIonI Bradley Andrews, Douglas A. ArchibaldI DaVId Barfuss, Emer BarfleffI James Blonquist Noel Brooks. Thomas BoulferI Larrv JonesI Brenf JorgensonI Max LeVIfreI DIavid LogIeI Arnold Longmore Dean Marek. Edward PlehnI Mark Praff, John Campbell. DennIs Croft, Douglas ConraIdI Howard CowleyI Shirl EarpI JIohn HarrisI Rodney Hayes: Elwyn LewIsI Corwm WIllIaIms Jerry CHOIR OIFFICERS MIchael VanWertI president Chadwin Wright vice-presiden? Ann MarsdenI freasurer Margof'r Walker and Jeanoclaude RIgaudI socml chalrman Douglas AndrewsI secretary 253 Firsf Violins Karen Lynn Judy Nelson Roberf Galbraifh Teresa Sanders Ann W. Beus Beverly Hill Ann Williams Sharon Cook Kafhy Cundick EdH'h Larsen Dale Johnson Margaref Simmons Myra Palmer Cheryln Olson Virginia Philips Diancs PeHy Darlene Cook Mary Ann Palmer Second Violins WynneHe Jones Gayle Amundsen Gerald Grossnickle Rebecca Gehring BeHy Jeanne Gunn Carolyn Sappingfon Carl Palmer Denise Marshall Allison Funk Anne Smith John McKee Linda Cropper Sylvia McClemenf Dorofhyanne Fulfon Mark Jasinski Barbara Bifner Julia Monson Violas Dan Blakeslee Janef Smifh Myrna Soufh Colleen Smifh Darlene Long Lorraine Wesf Kafhy Dalfon S'reven Day lrene HaHon Marlin Criddle Celli Mary Be+h Hansen Janenne Lamm Lefa Boyer Diane Kirkham Ka+hy Bird Rose Ann Callisfer Tom Case Roberf Englund Sylvia Ha+ch Janice Edens Cheryl Schow Basses David Ward Carrie Jacobs Douglas Keeler Vickie Enders Tim Sfanley Krisfine Commendanf Bea Goff Anna Louise Johnsfon Fluies Jo Marcune Susan Johnson Susan Ray Helen Carey Oboes Marfha Craig Carla Baier Arfc Johnson Lynn Caylor Clarinefs Judy Asay Larry Hill Cheryl Oliver RobenL Bowring Bass Clarinef Bruce Sundrud Bassoons Duane Perry Ardifh Freeman Alex Sufherland Leland Coleman French Horns Brenf Chris+ensen Linda Barfon Craig Munroe Paf Smifh Lynn Robinson Ron Knudsen Brad Mason Symphony Orchestra tudents had many opportunities to listen to the marvelous sound of the BYU Symphony Orchestra in 1965. Besides appearances at several of the devotional assemblies, the orchestra also performed during the program dedication of the Stephen L Richards build- ing in November. The same month, they accompanied the opera "Canned, and presented a rendition of Dvor- akts ttRequiemh with the Oratorio Choir. Members of the orchestra also assisted in the production of ttAida? Special concerts were presented in January and March; in the first of these, a special work written by Dr. Merril Bradshaw especially for the orchestra was per- formed. The group also toured Southern California in March, and performed in Los Angeles and Long Beach. Trumpets Ron Keith Gaylord Durland Fred Smith Stanley Knoles Trombones Carson Sharp Richard Ross Officers Kim Bafeman Carl Palmer. president Dan Blakeslee,. vice-presidenf Tuba Mary Beth Hansen, secretary James Brague Dr. Crawford Gates. Conductor Timpani Carl Williams Karen Baird Percussion Robert Campbell Harp Ca ronn Paxman 255 Ralph G. LaycockI Conductor he BYU Concert Band, composed of 105 students under the direction of professor Ralph Laycock, has performed extensively throughout the western part of the United States. This year, the group received an invita- tion to play for the National Convention of Music Edu- cators in Los Angeles. On-campus performances included the fall and spring concerts and the Fieldhouse F rolics. Among the works in the band,s concerts were ttFestive Overtureh by Shostakovich-Hunsberger, ttLa Bona Figliu- aolah by Puccini, and ttTrilogy for Band,, by Williams. Concert Band Band Officers James Brague, president Judy Asay. secre+ary Jean Hall. historian Brent Christensen. stage mgr. Ron Knudsen, properfy mgr. Ron Hanson and Ron Keith, publicity managers Piccolo Helen Carey Flute Jo Marcune Helen Carey RaNae Pace Mary K. Davis Roxene Geddes Cathy Johnson Suzy Johnson Lily Meiners Margaret Geddes Oboe Jean Hall Martha Oliphant Karan Taylor Susan Broadbenf Nancy Call Corinne Corbift English Horn Jean Hall Eb Clarinet Ed Biggs Bb Clarinet Larry HiII Emil Geddes Judy Asay Kathy Kennard Ed Biggs Cheryl Oliver J. Terry Dodds Evan D. Harrison Carolann Waiker Charles T. Dowis Jan Remley R. Alan Akin Bob Bowring Judy Barton Scott Lynn Malan Dan Harman Roger Wilson Bill Bunderson Elaine Taylor Peggy Sue Hyatt Alto Clarinet Mary Hodge Sandra Bennett Bass Clarinet R. Bruce Sundrud Richard E. Benne Val B. Jones Tomie C. Schreib Confra-Bass Clarin Robert H. Camp Bassoon Alex Sutherland Ardifh Freeman Warren Barton Alto Saxophone Douglas Keeler Preston ond Tenor Saxophone Ken North Barifone Saxophone Norman Hanson Corne+ Gaylord Durland Larry Wardle Sfan Knoles Frederick H. Smifh Warren A. Grover Lynn 5. Jacobs William Hassel Ben Gonzales Jim Pefersen Dean Davis Wynn Randall Wifman Bruce Barneff Trumpef Ron Keifh Merrill B. Jenson Gary Mercer Dallas Richard Lowe Jan Chrisfensen James Johnson French Horn L. Brenf Chrisfensen Ronald L. Knudsen Linda Kicke Donae Ricks Linna Barfon John L. Hadlock Sfephen 0. Taylor Rifa Frefwell Joseph L. Wise Claude Richards Brad Mason Ron Jenkins Trombone Carson H. Sharp Richard Ross Ted E. BuHcane Gordon Gilchris+ AnneHe Kapp Michael O'Brien Richard L. Young Ladd Benneff Barifone Eugene Webb Jim Llewelyn L. Alan Wesfover Tuba James Brague Enes Smifh Ralph Clark Rodney E. Harris Ray H. Thompson Sfring Bass Carrie Jacobs Tim Sfanley Timpani and Percussion Craig W. Paxman Karen Baird Bruce Knowles Gaylene Gunn David Shaw Gar Jensen Carl L. Williams Brenf Laycock Marching Band Richard Ballou lashy, imaginative, incomparable-BYUls blue-and white-suited Marching Band is ranked by all who have seen it as among the best in the nation. Richard Bal- lou,s marchers have a reputation for unique, creative halftime entertainment and they enhanced it this year with flawless performances. The band scored its most popular triumph this year with an inspiring rendition of iiThe Battle Hymn of the Republic? By popular demand the song was encored at a later performance, the first time in 13 years any part of a halftime show has been repeated. Work began early on the routines, with all 120 members back on campus by September 11 to practice for the first show. The band performed for all home games this year and also traveled to Albuquerque, New Mexico and Tucson, Arizona, the first year it has ever taken more than one out-of-state trip. The bandsmenls enthusiasm, beat and showy routines added much to the spirit and excitement of the games. - The Marching Band, with their famous Drum Major James Brague pauses before Trumpet player in the brass section blasts the notes of "The giving further commands to his marchers. Lonely Bull." one of the bandis most popular selections. 258 gum 3615?; LA Il 1 V r J:- ; 5 ' ,. -. 3'7 I a precision movemenfs, forms Hie sign for Homecoming game in +heme. "Infinify Plus' . . 21'. . MaioreHe Karen Welch enfer'rains fans The band enH'Iusiasfically cheers +he foofball feam and helps spur +hem on wifh a fancy bafon rou'rine a+ half-Hme. fo Hue vicfory over New Mexico which resuHed in Hue WAC Championship. Lyceums - , u H W m m :.m Mu MLMW HHWWW m Celebrafed as +he firs+ Russian +0 win Hue firsf prize for piano in Hue MarguerHe Long Compefifion in Paris. Marina Mdivani was fea- fured on November I4 by He Brigham Young Universify Lyceum Series. m W, r'. i Acclaimed by many as +he finesf orchesfra in +he coun+ry, One of +he six bes+ orches+ras in +he US. We PiHsburg Symphony Orchesfra. was feafured a+ +he May I I Lyceum. 260 EN E A '- 71a Maesfro Maurice Abravanel conducfed +he Ufah Symphony Or- chesfra. one of U+ah's finesf culfural achievemen+s, in +wo ap- pearances. January 6 and February IO for BYU Lyceum Senies. Lorin Hollander and his acfress friend. Karen Wolfe. are shown leaving one of his fav- ori+e haunfs. Sardi's. The young pianisf performed on We BYU campus February 2. 261 The Far Wesfern DesigneerraHsman lnvifafional Exhibifion feafured professional works in all fields of ar'r. Arfisfs' hands, fingers create beauty 262 anvas and clay are reserved for capturing illusions; for Ccrystallizing the essence of beauty and ugliness, the essence of what is. Those who devote themselves to these artsethe painters and sculptors-pride themselves on their sensitivity to the impressions offered by the world around all of us which so many of us, either through carelessness or design, ignore. The artisans who make their business of the ephemeral magic which enchants those who haven,t the patience or stamina to endure, thrive in the atmosphere of Brigham Young University, where sensory experiences ,are so rich and varied, facilities and faculties so extensive, and viewers so receptive and appreciative. The artistsn - unique contributions offer to iiY" students the catalysts Crea+ivi+y is being expressed by doing an oil painting. for reflection, inspiration and strengthened dedication. Artistic ability is displayed and expressed by applying the use of concepts such as color and design in making a yarn rug. 263 Polished, reflecfed: the artists' hallmarks. 264 --;' :- 1 5x Sfudenf in Iiihography class applies wa+er f0 sfone wufh pic- +ure fo be prinfed: one sfep in +he process of lifhography. SilhoueHed vases. newly removed from +he hum and whir of +he poHer's wheel. form pools of reflecfions from +he window. Boole X X X XX XX X Y X X XX XX xxxxx Contents , Organizations 269 Classes M 360 Index 498 521 Conclusion 267 3.1-; r. v'e A3. t :t '94 Organizations n a very big universe united by a common belief and activity cards with bad pictures, twenty- thousand little voices cry out from twenty thousand little bodies: I fix; AM DIFFERENT- And in crying the voices become louder and the bodies gain stature and, though their ac- tivity cards still sport very bad pictures, they are smiling because in the universe they have found peo- ple who care. And they have found that even a community with twenty thousand souls is manageable; that though the community as a whole is dedicated to common interests, there is no majepity great enough to; t ,5 keep their fraternity of interest " from prospering; creating and de- fining the elusive hSpirit 0f the Y? Dancers give an example of the excellence that can only be reached by bringing Individual skills together in group performance. AFRoch ? EmphaSiZes; Leadefrship H t ,1! greeing with Cicetfds philoso- phy that ha man can :Et'bontfol others only tom: thew textqpt that he N can control hifnself," the AFROTC, both nationallysand at BYUhteaches Cadets discipline and leadership. The local 855th Wing, composed of groups, squadrons, and flights has given; junior cadets; leadership op- portunities as commanders, while seniorgiit cadets have been given ad- ministrative positions. Utilizing the ProVo airport, seniors; also have participatqd in the Flight Instruc- tion Program, and other Cadets serve in the, Honor and Color guards. ,The highest number of points gained. through inspgctiog. h ratings, hf drill , competitions, and intramural com- petitibn in basketball Band softball determine the flight that received the honorhd pfisitioh of Tiger Flight. Reflechng the s+reng+h and decision which AFROTC strives to develop in its men, Louis Glass yells, "Forward, MARCH!" Withtheir s+riking uniforms and dignified manner, the Color Guard makes the Hag ceremony a moving experience for observers. 270 9w, : : ' e4 'l , i :3 Simula+ed buf realisfic wounds are demonsfrafed by Jim Armsfrong. Mark Howard. and Bruce PeHy during a survival exercise for Juniors in Advanced Officer Training. Wayne Bevan has his wife pin on +he The new Spring Wing Commander Dahl Sfanding a+ aHenfion, eyes unwavering bars +ha+ will mark him an oHicer. Olsen receives Cadef Colonel rank. H1559 cadefs 100k forward +0 fhe fufure. AFROTC cade+s drill regularly fo develop +he abilifies +0 obey wi+hou+ dissent +0 lead wi+h0u+ arrogance. 271 Arnold Air Socie+y Staff Lf. Col. Paul H. Sharp. Squadron Advisor: Jack L. Hansom Chief of Adminisfrafive Services; Larry Hansen. Pledge Masfer and Angle Liaison Officer; Louis E. 61555. Commander: William T. Daniels, Operafions Officer; John Price. Comptroller. Nof picfured: John Graff. lnformafion Officer; Mac M, Bills, Personnel Services Officer; Charles J. Sharps. Execufive Officer: John Mangum, Personnel Officer. iv, lhlui' A F R O T C confinued , 1 Ni 1 De+achmen+ Officers Fronf row: Capt Loyal D. Hasfings. Lt. Col, Paul H. Sharp. Major Kennefh C. Nix. Capt Marfin GA Reeder. Back row: SXSGT. L. Jay Maness, 1756T Affon Nickell. NUSGT Richard Pearson, AIC Garfh 0. Bryant 272 Fan Wing 5m; Fron+ row: Cadef Lf. Col. Jeff L. Jones. Chief of AdminisfraHve Services: Cadef Col. Michael J. Despain. Wing Com. mander: Cadef Lf. Col. "Ole" Dahl Olsen. Operafion Officer. Back row: Cadef Lt Col. Mac Marfin Bills. Personnel Services Officer: Cede? Lt Col. Russ Felt Maferial Officer: Cadet Lt Col. Charles J. Sharps. Accouang and Finance Officer; Cadef Lf. Col. Sfanley M. Hodge. lnformafion Offficer; Cadef Lf. Col. Bill Boyd, Personnel Officer. w u w mm H u u x u u H mm 477' ' Spring Wing Sfaff Fronf row: Cadef Col. Gary Earl Brown. Wing Execufive: Cadef Col. Dahl Olsen. Wing Commander; Cadef Lf. Col. Frank Fullmer, Wing Operafions, Back row: Cadef Lf. Col. James C. Armsfrong, Wing Inspecfor: Cadef Lt. Col. Don A Roylance, Personnel Services Officer; Cadef Lf. Col. Lynn Farnsworfh. Personnel Officer: Cadef Lf. Col. Foresf K. Eld- ridge. Maferial Officer; Cadef L1: Col. Sfan Hodge. lnformafion Officer: Cede? Lf. Col. Roberf E. Parker. Chief of Ad- minisfrafive Services. No? picfured: Cade+ Lf. Col. Dwighf Kelly. Wing Compfroller. 273 Louis Glass Commander Dave Allison Jerry Bair Gary E. Baugh Mac Bills Personal Serv. Off, Bruce D. Bird Gary Brown Operations Officer Le ' Gab J h 6 b ck Larr K. Hansen Jack Hanson qu y o n roes e Pledgye Master and Chief of Admin. Angle Liaison Off. Services 274 William. Daniels Douglas Drury Dave Erickson Robert S. Farr F orming a professional fraternity for AFROTC ca- dets who are second semester sophomores or above, the Arnold Air Society enables members to learn more about the purpose, traditions and concepts of the Air Force and become acquainted with Air Force career officers. Cadets grow very close to each other through partici- pation in the clubts activities. Meetings are held once weekly, and cadets listen to noted speakers and also see movies. Two trips were taken during the year to Hill Air F orce Base where members were able to ob- serve life on the base and also take a ride in a C-124 transport plane. In October, several members traveled to Laramie, Wyoming, to represent BYU at the Area Con- clave; in addition, several representatives went to the national A.A.S. Conclave in Dallas, Texas, in April. There Society policy for the natiOn was set. Social activities for the group included an initiation banquet and. several exchanges with Angel Flight. David Hill Clinton J. Long Larry Lyman John Man an Phil Phillips John Price Personnel 0 Near Comptroller Charles Sharps Jay R. Simmons Norman L. Tree Arthur Walnurn Executive Officer Alpha Lambda Delta Joining with chapters from colleges across the natibn, B.Y.U.'s Chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta strives to fulfill its purpose, to lift the scholastic standing of women students. Recognition is given to sophomores who earned a 3.5 grade point average one semester of their freshman year and t0 graduating members who have maintained this high average. Although only active during the sophomore year, members retain this affili- ation for their lifetime. Active members had many spe- cial events during this year. These included a meeting with Lynn Southam, ASBYU Vice-President of Academics, an ice skating exchange with a male counterpart, Phi Eta Sigma, and the initiating ceremony with the pre- sentation of club pins and membership certificates from the national headquarters. The group gave much service by offering free tutoring to the studentbody. Front row: Susan Sorensen, Carol Brigham, Secretary: Janet Larsen. President: Connie Davis, Vice-President: Janeal Hansen. Treasurer: Nancy Tate. Second row: Phyllis NuHaH, Janet Compton. Julie Call. Sue Anne Speakman, Gini Nel- son, Linda LeBaron. Joan Browning. Third row: Cynthia Johnston, Tresa Thacker. Elaine Renell, Susan Broadbent, Caren Cosgrave. Susan Ajax, Camilla Miner. Nancy Richards, Back row: Sherry Plumb. Sandy Long. Madelei Williams. Mary BoneHa. Sharla Dawn Ricks. 275 S t g uhuum23H e OFFICERS: Roy Rancher. Treasurer: Karleen tCherU Rancher. Art Slaughter. President: Paula Slaugh+er, Member. ship Secretary: Chris Wilfbank. Secretary: Lynette Farar. Milt Farar, VIce-President. Even today, you dontt have to be a reared-in-the- West cowboy to belong to the Arizona Club. Yep, even jet-age dudes, Eastern city-slickers and Philadelphia lawyers participate in the decidedly Western-flavored fun and fellowship provided by the friendly, informal atmosphere of the club,s activities of bi-weekly 'dances, . a su er of authentic S anish food and a sprin sem- A Cl b esterPPsteak fry. The Iiargest geographical clgb on rlzona u campus, this active group contributed time and service to the annual A.M.S.-A.W.S. Christmas Needy Family Drive in addition to their own club service project. Because of the popularity of the former ttArizona Daze" celebration, the campus-wide Western Week has become an annual event. During this week, the Arizona Club sponsors the Western Week Dance for the Studentbody. Front row: LaRue Barton. Betty Lewis. Karen Andersen. Patricia Smith, Ruth Walker, Joelle Twiley. Karen Hancock. Ruth Gomez. Karen Baird, Rosemary Hill, Mary Mattingly. Second row: Karl S. Barton. Stewart Lewis. Cabot Basseft Janice Wafers. D. F. Peterson III. Bill Lee. John Larson, Antone Turley. Irene Lilly. Loraine Bell. Harland Carpenter. Sidney Openshaw. Dorothy Anderson, Marilyn Buehler, Sandi Heywood. Back row: Ken Sfadtman, Steve Staff. Douglas Reid. Marvin Jackson, Bill Raudall, Steve Hymas, Can Hymas. Les Slade. Mike Whiting, Lee Heywood. Fronf row: Elizabefh Williams, Marilyn McCleve. Vivian Whifeside. Carolyn Burk, Leonda Lines. Dixie Lee Peferson. LaVerne B. Masferson. Marie Ann Nelson. Ligia Torres. Paf Murray. Mariorie Savage, Carolyn Baldwin. Second row: Harry E. Efches H. Lila Crapo. Colleen Frosf Janef Irons. Lillis Whipple, Richard A. Reed, Jim Mangum. Alberf Pooley, Dave Logie. Marie S+evensl Laraine Parker, Hels-n Shumwey, Brenf Dansie. Back row: Del Ray Hammons, Mic- hael L. Tebbs, Neil W, Peay. Dick Paulsen. Floyd Wall. Vaun Garlick. Keifh Loraine. Richard Sfevens, Michael Ray, J. Darrell Bushman. Lee Robinson. H w WWW l .x .- - LR u q: Khdvk , Fron+ row: Jan Wooley. Pafricia Yellowhorn. Bimmer Jones. Cheryl Murphy. Judy Skousen, Kafherine Skousen, Cheryl Acord. Paf Morgan, Ann Miller. Ann Craig. Rufh Jacobs. Esfher Pooley. Second row: Ke'n Wrighf. Columbus F. Boone, Merrill Turnbow. Andy Smifh. June Peferson, Mary Ann Pace. Cafhy Hunt Jean Pearf. Back row: Ronald Brewer. Dee Pendergraff, Jack Hart Gary C. Edwards, Mark Nelson,Charles G. Eads. James Palmer. 277 Arizona Club mm; ' S? v Arizona Club's unique brand of "fad dancing" remains in +he fradifional spirif during +his dance in fine Easf Gym. Fronf row: Clara Jane Cooley, Pamela Lunf. Beverley Tailfeafhers. Genay Shumway. Chrisfine Wilfbank. Secrefary: Paula Slaughfer. Membership Secre+ary: Arf Slaugh'rer. President Roy Rancher. Treasurer: Karleen KIherU Rencher. MiH Farar. Vice-Presidenf: LyneHe Farar, Dorene Hancock. Back row: Sfeven Keete. Chad Richardson. Leo Plafero, Leo R. Jameson. Ken GledhilL Ruby Gray Harses. Roger Smock, Peggy Ann Moore, Wendy Richens4 Travis Gale hart Karin Humpherys. Websfer Gudmundson, Nancy BenneH, Nancy Nymam Chuck Rose, JoAnn Jackson. Dave Crosby. 278 Ballroom Dance Team Having the distinction of being the only one of its kind in the nation, the Ballroom Dance Team provides a ready outlet for those students who enjoy ballroom dancing and desire to elevate campus dance standards. Since their organization in 1961 through the College of Physical Education by Benjamin deHoyos, the Team has established a tradition of great activity and excellence in performance. 1965-66 continued this tradition with numerous performances for half-time shows at basketball games, for the General Authorities at Salt Lake, and for floorshows at special events. The Team traveled to Snow Jr. College for a performance and toured with the Program Bureau to the Northwestern States and South- ern California, as well as performing in the Empire Room of the Hotel Utah in Salt Lake. Members also found time for a formal Dinner-Dance each semester. 1r w The Dancers perform a delightful English waltz during the haIf-Hme show of the University of Americas basketball game. Front row: Joan Olives. Bonnie Coles. Secretary-Treasurer: Carolyn Whitehead, Judy Law, Pam Bourne. Chris Candland. Pam Lunt, Linda Foufz. Janelle Hasselfield, Ann Stokes. Kathy Wight. Back row: Daniel Hocq. Alfred Monteilh. La- mar Nybo, David Wilson, Brent Cooper, Carl Stevens, Jay Sorensen. Vice-President: Milton Farar. Jeff Plath Presi- dent: Kloyd Donaldson Dennis Phipps. Carlos Fuentes, Doug Mather, Neal Swarm, Beniamin deHoyos. 279 Delta Phi Kappa First organized in 1869 as a debat- ing society, Delta Phi Kappa is now an organization for returned mission- aries with chapters at seven univer- sities. In seeking to perpetuate the missionary spirit and increase spirit- uality, Delta Phi has carried on a program of tremendous activity. Ev- ents included giving sacrament meet- ing programs around Utah Valley, the Dream Girl Contest and F ormal, the alumni banquet, and an extemporaneous speech contest. The national presi- dent Elder Paul Dunn, was featured at the fall openhouse, Elder Marion D. Hanks at the spring openhouse. In the Homecoming parade, the grouph float was a prize winner, and their snow sculpture won the sweepstakes in that event of the Winter Carnival. Con- cluding the yearhs events, the Nation- al Convention was held in Salt Lake. OFFICERS: Dwayne Wafsont Social Vice-Presidenf; Ken Trane, President: Michael D. Sessions. Spiritual Vice-Presidenf. Front row: Thomas Hanuna, Jon Sabourin, Rulon Holyoak. David tDeeI Zundel. LaMar Nybo. Trent KiHey. Second row: Steve Packer, Austin Yergensen, Dick KefHey, Michael Hess. Bill McArthurt Terry B. Cluff. John D. Shepherd. Tom Tin- gey. Jim Ritchie. Lee Onstoft. Third row: Ron Peterson, Dean Christensent John Bafeman. Mark Bellisfon, Wayne- Boss. Thomas C. Turner. Clair Anderson, Gordon E. Stuart, Richard Hedberg. Back row: Don Hicken. Doug Horne. Clyde E. Wilkinson. Doug Harris. 280 V ' 9 ' nQ , . t Cosmo has good cause +0 be frusfrafed in Hue Delfa Phi Kappa snow sculpfure enfry. A .' ' .4 .L-li Fronf row: David Nicholls. George Cobabe Perry Whife. Keith Higginbofham. R. Bryce Lowry, Dan Gillspie. Second row: Mark Peferson, Lance Forsyfhe. Joe Torgesen, Bruce Loveland. Larry LaHmer, Paul Hoskisson. Newell Rigfrup. D. Gary Lee. Harold L. Wilkinson. Third row: Lynn Michelson, Merrill Turnbow, JeH Romney. Carl Hunt Arf Kelley. Jim Rooks, Mike Jackson. Dave Levifre. Craig Smifh. Back row: Roberf M. Pinkerfon. Charles H. Cummings, Vince Miller. Hal Smifh. Dallas 5. Olson, Charles K. West Jim Becksfead, Kelly Nelson. 281 Chinese Club One of the largest geographical organizations on the BYU campus is the Chinese Club. Native Chinese students, students of Chinese ancestry, returned mis- sionaries, and interested friends compose the member- ship whose major purpose is to promote greater under- standing and appreciation of the Chinese culture. The club also provides opportunity for its foreign students to associate more closely with American students. Of the many attractive floats in the Homecoming parade, one of the most beautiful was the float created by the Chinese Club. Another major activity of the year was their Chinese New Year Celebration. Early in Febru- ary, the New Year Dinner-Dance featured six courses of authentic Chinese food and forty-five minutes of Chinese dancing and entertainment. University, Church, and city dignitaries attended the very publicised event. Front row: Larry Lymann. Homecoming Chairman: Richard Stamps. Vice-President: Anna Shao Fu Ho, Vice-President: Olive Kimball B. Mitchell, Adviser: David Hsu. President; Elwin K. Davis. Treasurer: Judy Au. Secretary: Nancy Pa. Second row: Susan Hsieh. Sharon Sham. Law Chee Keung. Chan Beth. S Sherry Shen, Hsu Tai, Caroline Yu-ying Hsu, Martha Ward. Third row: 282 Garbed in the robes of ancient China! Chinese Club members perform a traditional dance at the Chinese New Year's Party. hu Ching Chu. Tien Hsung Chu. Bill Wang. Roger Croft. Charles Li-Chung Yin. Timothy T. H. Tsai. Chen Chiang Liu, Cheng Brian. Alan C. T. Lin, Ralph K. M. Chang. Stephen K. H. Chang. Andrew M. K. Wong. Diane Harkness. Fourth row: Ming Otuyang, Phel 5. Pa. Dah Hwa Tsang, Dah Cheng Tsang, Shih'Chiu Lung,.Man Cheuk Tong, Tommy M. S. Tarn. Yang Shih. Ping Soh, Chaoerang Lu. Back row: Michael Chi, Su Ylh Chen, William W. L. Cheng. Sheng Chu Chan, Chueu Fong, Monte Carlson. George Yeh, J. Kent Larkim Yang Hsu Kai. Cheng Pal Kao. At an inter-squad debate. Cheryl Pope emphasizes a point. Forensics Team Representing BYU in speech and debate competition with other Western colleges, the Forsensic Team received many individual trophies as well as sweepstakes troph- ies this past year. First organized eleven years ago, the team has grown in that time from a group with one advisor to the present team with three faculty advisors and several graduate assistants. In recent years they have averaged twenty-seven tournaments yearly. Main- taining their high position among the top collegiate debating teams, the Y team traveled to Montana, New Mexico, Kansas, Arizona, and California. They did ex- ceptionally well at two meets in Bozeman, Montana, where they won a sweepstakes trophy and several first and second place ratings. Also, at the Western Speech Meet held in Albuqurque, New Mexico, the F orensic Team won a Sweepstakes trophy and individual awards. First row: Sharon Noble. Christine Haddon, Phyllis Cooper, Claudia Smith, Manager: Vickie Southwick, Cheryl Pope. Sylvia Calli Jean Carter. Pat Kingsley, Becky Layton. Second row: Judy Haynes, Susan Jackson. Marsha Jaco-bs. Pamela McClellan. Kay Kent. Judy Wolff, Marge Miner. Susan Carlson! Marcia Nelson. Secretary: Bill Perron. Third row: David Call, Mark Vanwagoner, Jim DeMoux. Merrill Scott. Stan Shaw, Bob King, Nathan Coulter, Lucky Sever- son, Leo Beus, Wayne Black, Delbert Bradshaw. Back row. Stephen VanDyke. Mark Riddoch. Brent Stromberg. Tim Hegstrom, Jon Rowberry, Assistant Manager: Ed Clerk. Lowell Castelfon. Reed Halladay, Paul Gilbert. Merwin Grant. 283 284 International Folk Dancers Folk Dancers perform the prysiadka from Ukrainian dance Chirvony Past Founded in 1956 with fourteen couples the International Folk Dancers now have over two hundred members and have performed throughout the world and in over twenty states. In the summer of 1964 they performed under the sponsorship of the Department of Defense for the armed forces serving in the Far East, and during that same summer other members were sent by the People to People Organization to Europe to participate in festivals there. A ninety-day tour is scheduled again this summer through most of Europe. Locally, they danced this past year in the Homecoming Parade, the Student Assembly, Fieldhouse Frolics, and gave the sixth annual hChristmas Around the Worldh program. Hundreds of thousands who have seen the F 01k Dancers have been impressed by their cheerfulness and by the precision and authenticity of the dances: the group has proven to be a valuable missionary tool and an important public relations unit. ; bzz' .H . Front row: Marilynn Rappleye. Sybil White. Sherry Warner, Kerri Lynn Sheppard, Sandra Lee Wagstaff. Cynthia Gunn, Linda Praso, Beverly Johnson. Mona D. Brown. Jean Harper. Second row: Jacque Gray, Pam McIntyre, Vickie Hansen, Linga Winegar. Andrea Aagard. Isabel Barlow. Taunya Olsen, Sharon Earl. Pat Dana. Liz Terry. Diane Var- ney. Third row: Bill Erickson, Michael P. McPhie. Mike Hamblin. Roger M. Buchanan. Thomas B. Calder. Sheldon J. Bennett. Mark Vander Kooi. Dale T. Thayn, Kent Boley. Bob Brock. Back row: Brent Hawkes. Ladeile Cook. Nelden V. Maxfield, Peter N. Johnson. Alan S, Hall, Dwight Fihgarrald, Ivan R. Lucas. Gus Karip. Daryl 0. Parker. Daniel C. Harrison. Fronf row: Marcia Gordon, Charlene Sfudebaker. Bonnie Johnson, Claudia Poulson' Jeanne Harding. Margaref Hen- ricksen, Rosalind Amundsen. Sharon King. Rhonda Wray, Sondra Wilson. Second row: Cheryl Davis. Karen Rohrrer. Michelle Hafch, Elaine Felshaw, Joy Johnson. Mary Ausfin. Marilyn Smi+h, Julie Larsen. Sally Jane Hoskins. Pafricia Bushman. Third row: Randolph P. Taylor. Lynn Heward. Larry Lyman. Michael Taffon, Rober+ Turner, Wayne Hale. Dennis Harsfon, Alva B. Richardson. LeRoy Dean Bird, Pafrick Hayes. Back row: Dennis Deveraux. Joe Reimann. Mike Nielsen, Vince B. Tolman. Don R. Allen. Vaughn Sharp. David Hsu. John H. Burgon, Don Lee. Randy J. Harris. Fronf row: Pam Wesf. Shaune Harris. Barbara Pos'r. Ruth Chrisfopher, PauIeH'e Mathews. Linda Hosfeffer, Rance Sfokes, Paula Rofhe. Ann Sfaples. Renee Work. Mary Mafhews. Second row: Maynard Olsen, JaneyL Powell, Karen Kump, Nancy Larkins, Nancy Farnsworfh, Sharon Albrighf. Shirley Gonzalez, Paula Saunders, Cynfhia Bafes. John L. Hadlock. Third row: Jerald C. Tolman, C. ScoH Grace. David Archibald, Keith B, S+oddard, E. Brenf Cragun. Dal- lan M. Pack, Reino Verfulla, Roberf Reynolds. Randy Hopkinm Sam Chamberlain. Back row: Dave Johnson, Craig OL son. Terry Jessop, Van Johnson. Donald Saiga, David Haffaway. Ed Rofhe, Lee Heider, Roger Croft Bob Guymon. Front row: Karen Hawk, Connie Cooper. Guineffe Hirschi, Linda Dixon, Suze Sfrong. LuAnne Jensen, Mary Ann Palm- en Melanie M. Olsen, Susanne Johnson. Mary Ann Jones. Second row: Roy Griffifhs, Presidenf; Greg Lund, Margo+ Walker. Valerie Webs+er. Lynne Cewan, Meredifh Dawn Johnson, Jay Lindsey. Georgia Hill. Gray OHS. Bob Flefcher. Back row: Jim Coffley, Mike McGraw. David Ruirdlisbacher. Tom Websfer, Fred Nelson. Terry Tucker. Larry McCord. 285 286 A national organization comprising professional en- gineers as well as students in engineering, the IEEE ad- vances the knowledge of theories and practices in electrical engineering, electronics, radio, and allied branches of en- gineering. During Engineering Week, the campus chapter I E E E presented special exhibits 0n aerospace, including those on guidance, computers, communications, telemetry, and space in the future. Throughout the year, many speakers from various companies lectured to IEEE on current trends in engineering. At the graduation banquet, graduates were pre- sented desk plaques; their wives received special diplomas. Fron+ row: Sfephen R. Black. Fourfh Year Represen+afive: Don W Beus. Rober+ B. Jackson. Paul R. Bowers. Third Year Represenfafive: Roberf Beal, James McHone. Second row: Larry B. Pascoe. Merrill R. Hunf. Sfephen H. Young. Arlen Sellers. F. Nelson Henderson. Donald Hughes. Brigg G. Lewis. Back row: James B. GilleHe. L. Paul Johnson. David W. Allen. Third Year Represenfafive: Will C. Ashby. Sfeve Scribner. Clayfon Tew, Merrill D. Shumway. x Fronf row: John Blake. Chairman: Orville Dixon. Duane Ben son. F. Ronald Haymore, Forres'r Lon. Robert F. Rusick, Mon- roe Tyler. Program Chairman: Frank Larkin. Willard Walch. Hassan Mazher. Second row: D. Paul Smifh. First vice- Chairman: Cliffon D. Boyack. Second Vice-Chairman: T. Gordon Lewis, Secrefary: L. Duane Johnson. Leon E. Sfod- dard, Publicify Direcfor: Cashell Donahoe, Donald Thornfon. J. Richard Vance, Jack G. Walier. Neal M. Thomas, Dwayne E. Ingo-ld. Third row: Thomas R. Lomax. Treafurer, Engineering Joinf CounCIl Represenfaflve': Michael W. Bradbury. David W. Marx. A. R. Jackman. Ken Keniher. Gary N. Harward. Fiffh Year Represenfahve: L: Sfanley Bell, Scoff K. Anderson. Thomas Maxfield. Dan Bailey, Spor+s Direcfor: James 5. Cox. Fiffh Year Represenfahve. Back row: Paul Berreft Adviser: faculfy members: Richard Woodbury. Jens J, Jonsson, DeVerl Humpherys, Paul J. Wa'ds. John C. Clegg, A Norfon Chasfon. Ferril A. Losee. David M. Ward. Karate Club The form of Karate taught at BYU is called llShoto Kan" Karate. It was brought to Japan from Okinawa by Master Cichen Funakoshi, who then gave its philosophy and development. The clubs ideal is best summed up in a statement made by Master Funakoshi: liThe ulti- mate aim of Karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants." With a perfect character one becomes pure in mind, body, and spirit. Self-defense is self-preservation. A true man of self-defense is not only concerned for the preservation of his physical body, but also for the preservation of his soul, his spirit, all his rights vested in him by God, and for the protection of his fellow men and loved ones. The best llself-defense" one can develop is the acquiring of that status of being whereby he may be able to live all the command- ments of God and draw his fellow man closer to God. Fronf row: Joseph D. Boyd, James S. Chrisfensen, Warren Yee, Kennefh K. Hige, Raphael Morris. Presidenf; Pefe Quinda-ra. Vice-Presidenf: Byron Crooksfon. Ray Palmer, Secre'rary. Second row: Benjamin DeHoyos, Dennis Phipps. Don Black. Rdberf Nelson. Lawrence Palmer. Paul Thompson. Paf Chiu. Janef LHHe. Club Sweefhear+.Third row: Larry Painfon. Keifh Allred. Loren Mays. Bruce Woolsey. Tom ReHberg, Benny Conner. Lance Okimofo, Back row: Burf Melfon, Wally Brazzeal, Eugene Banks, Douglas Smifh. Sieve Bullock. Chip Wood. Tim Sprung. Af a Karafe demons+ra+ion, Raphael Morris shows a defense againsi a simulianeous affack by iwo aniagonisfs, Warren Yee and Lance Okimofo. 287 Kia Ora Club Organized in 1950 by tw0 Maoris, Joe Hapi and A1- bert XVhaanga, a British New Zealander, William Carr, and several returned missionaries, the Kia Ora Club strives to further an understanding of the Maori cult- ure and to perpetuate the deeply spiritual faith of the Maori Latter-day Saints. The club also performs native Maori dances for various organizations and activities; this past year they have performed for the Circle K Club and for a Provo High School Class Reunion. In January they provided half-time entertainment at the BYU - Arizona State basketball game and received a large ovation. Their rhythmic Polynesian dances are en- hanced by the use of authentic, native costumes which are woven from flax fiber. Inspired by cascading waters and birds in flight, the popular poi dance incorporates intricate twirling patterns of the small poi balls. In authentic costume. members of Kia Ora do Maori action songs Front row: Walter Josephs. Dance Director: Pam Haag, Assistant Secretary: Max Stanton. Milton Baker. Treasurer: Mickey DuBois, Secretary: Jolene Blackett, TeUrunga Haereti. President; Don Horrocks. Myra Maynard. Beb Maynardt Second row: Paulene Kennewell. Mary Lou Jones, Patsy Rummage, Linda Larsent Lani Austin. Charlotte Nilssom, Sandy Harris, Mary Ann Peterson. Barbara Petrovics. Donnette Johnson. Maribefh Cook, Kaflene Openshayv. Back row: Celso Lobo. Jim Lindsey, Glen Oftley. Marilyn Boren. Maile Jean Richards. Barbara Pack. LKZ Llndsey. Brian Moody, Bruce Moody. Winston Kt Sam Fong, John Aaron. 288 Mary Austin looks longingly at the lovely display set up for the Dairy Tasting Night. one of the club's many activities. Sigma Delta Omicron Constituting a path to wider professional oppor- teum'ties for the girls in the College of F amily Living, the program of Sigma Delta Omicron is designed to help students be more adequately trained for the responsi- bilities of their Chosen careers by offering information and pleasure beyond what the classroom and textbook provides. The yearly schedule of events has proven to be stimulating and enjoyable for the girls. Their programs included a high school career day, faculty lecture, dairy taste night, lamb supper, fashion show and spring buffet in which all departments of the col- lege met together. F our of the five departments, cloth- ing and textiles, food and nutrition, housing and home management and human development and family relations, also met separately each month to hear speak- ers and gain information about their chosen fields. u 'l lwlllllt x w m: w 2 Front row: Jane Cansler. Nelda Waymenf, Jan Litester, President: Carolyn Hill: Secretary: Carol Gates, Historian. Back row: Donna Walquist. Gerri Foo+e. Charlene Lind, Adviser: Janet Taylor. Charlene Oaks. Carol Hartman, Eleanor Pratt Elliott, Treasurer. 289 H h WM mmmm mm , . ,m t mu m w 1: t -m'" mx :7 H . .. -, ?'i t 1 Provo Schools Superintendent Sherman Wing gives address. t t w w M'J W W w WMH h h t an m m Front row: Joyce Hall. Virginia Merritt. Hugh Baird. Gary C. Flood. David D. Zundel. Louise Kerb. Back row: Cheryl Student Education Association A professional association for college and univer- sity students preparing for teaching careers, the Stu- dent Education Association tSEAt is an integral part of the Utah Education Association and the National Ed- ucation Association. SEA strives to give students pre- paring to teach opportunities to learn more about the profession, to become acquainted with major issues fac- ing the profession and to air their opinions. It gives them a chance to prepare for future leadership in the teaching profession and an opportunity to partic- ipate in welfare benefits offered to teachers through professional organizations. Speakers this year includ- ed Tony LaPray, Max Berryessa, Robert Egbert, W. Dwayne Belt and Hugh Baird who spoke on topics cover- ing current educational trends, special education, and intern teaching. A banquet was held in the Spring. , Mn N M w 7 , as ' t M w m m m m w m m W ; , t . u t h w v : : t m m m m m w? m u l Sfockwell. Elizabeth Hagermant Joan Bafchelder Foord, Francine Sherwood, Robert Turner. Steven Timothy. Martin Lan- ders. Marilyn Wren, Sue Hunt. Kathleen Rawlings. Sharon Wren. 290 . K Eleen Sweeney invifes a sfudenf in Teacher Educafion 30l-a class all SEA members mus'r even+ually fake +o lead class discussion. Froni row: Diane Thornley. Paf Ferguson. Helen Blomquisf. Virginia Merriff, Presidenf; Paula Coffrell, Karen Derr, Sharon Packer. Back row: Darvel Allred. Jim Wessely. Francine Sherwood. Sfafe Secrefary; Shirley Dray, Lynda Cox, Judy Call, Sue Banker, Mary Kay Marley. Gary C. Flood, Vice-Presidenf. Sfafe Presidenf; Bruce McMasfer. 291 Student Nurses Association Making use of a common interest provided by a specialized major, Student Nurses Association does much to provide opportunities for student nurses to get acquainted and aid them in the preparation for the as- sumption of their professional responsibilities. Ac- tivities for 1965-66 were directed towards this purpose and included a lecture by a mortician, the State Nurses Convention, and a canyon party during first semester. Second semester brought more activity With the Big- and Little Sister party, the riotous Student-Faculty bas- ketball game, and hosting the State Quarterly meet- ing. During the month of F ebruary, the State Assoc- iation gave members opportunity to have experience in Disaster Nursing by spending weekends in a bomb shel- ter. The year ended with Student Nurses Week in May , m 4. and the National Convention in San Francisco in June. Student Nurses iaughingly participate in a Big and Little Sis-. fer night with imaginative skits, party games and lots of food. Front row: Margaret Miller. Rhonda Nelson. Wanda Marshall. Secretary: Beth McNeill, President: Carol Brigham. Trea- surer; Irma Hoke. Mary Ellen Edmunds, Adviser. Back row: Kathy Wilson. Marilyn Wallin, Sandra Klingonsmith. Ann Jones, Barbara Taylor. Sfacci Jensen. Carol Larsen, Jan Read. Young Americans for Freedom Nationally, the Young Americans for Freedom were organized in 1960 at Sharon, Connecticut, and current- ly have over seventy thousand members. The organiza- tion has existed locally since 1963. Through the pre- sentation of films, lectures, forums, and symposiums, they have endeavnred to promote patriotism among the students and to provide encouragement for our service- men throughout the world, particularly in Viet Nam. The Young Americans for F reedom also have endeavored to interest students in conservative political views and to expose the dangers and the threat of Communism t0 the free world. This past year the president of the Young Americans, Michel Call, has written a column en- titled uPolitical 170mm,, which has appeared periodic- ally in the Daily Universe. Current problems dealing. with the national and local scenes were discussed. Front row: Douglas Miles, Jerry Taylor. Dawn Lambert, Kathy Pearson. Boyd L. Cardon, Vice-Presidenf: Keith S. Blake. Dan L. Buck, Second row: K. Allan Zabel, Christine Davidson. Treasurer: Curt Conklin. Toby Purviance. Linda Kings- ford, H. Verlan Andersen. Faculty Sponsor: Phi! Painter. Linda Leigh Wood. Back row: Ronald I. Hankin, Michel L. Call, President; Edward 6. Jacob. Lyle Burnett, Paul M. Tinker, Laurie L. Lawson. l . 'T' 'n umllmmlmmlllfllIll;7 llllllllll "H p -- . . I a .. d . ..., Front row: E. Donnell Blackham, Parley Belnap. Dr. Michael Schneider. Guest Organist: J. J. Keeler. Dr. Robert Cundick. Salt Lake Tabernacle Organist; Terry Memmott. President: Lloyd Carr. Second row: Mary Beth Reynolds. Judith Dick, Roy Gobin, Carol Bingham. Preston Larson. Mrs. Robert Cundick. Bro. Parley Belnap. Mrs. Ruth Barrus. Third row: David Van Alstyn, Jim Rasmussen, Bonnie Goodliffe. Mike Moody. Clair Hendrix. Secretary: Janet Compton. Vice-Presidentz Lor- rain Blameiens. Paul Duncombe, Clay Christiansen. Back row: Russ Lemmon. David Hobson, Ron Richardson. Social Chairman: Dan Harrison. Clair Baker. Carol Gulbraith. Reactivated this year, the BYU Chapter of the American 0 can Guild of Organists boasts a membership of thirty-five Amerlcan students. The purpose of this organization is to provide . additional opportunity to perform, and to give insight into GUIId Of organ culture. Guest lectures and student recitals pro- vided the bluk of activity but highlights came as Robert O . Cundick, tabernacle organist, performed a concert for the guild. r ga n Ist Creativity 0f the mind was the theme used by members of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers in obser- vation of Engineering Week. Displays made by members and ASME speeches by guest professional speakers carried out this idea. Also highlighting the year were the election of the first ASME Queen, the broom-ball hockey battle between club members, and the regional ASME convention at Golden, Colo. Front row: Ron Wol ley, Treasurer: Ben Drinkwater. Engineering Week Chairman: David Larson. Vice-Chairman: Richard Thornton, Chairman: Gerald Sorensen, Program Chairman: Farrin W. West. Adviser. Second row: Kin Wong. Deepak Paniabi, Tai Tung Lam, John Cheung Won Kwan, Martin Palmer. Ralph Cheng, Man Cheuk Tong. Third row: Ron L. Myers. Phillip L. Noble. Robert C. Stone. John M. Bateman. Bruce D. Binghamt Chuen Fong. Fourth row: Kjell S. Gunder- sen. David K. Sorensen, Jay Thomas. Seppo Korpela. Jerry R. Miller. Kenneth Anderson. Back row: Robert L. Hellewell, William C. Kaesche III. . 294 Front row: Stephen Chang, Daryoush K. Haghighi. Alan Pe+tit, President: Russell Barber. Vice-President: Reed Gibby. Back row: Steve Benzley, Dennis Maroney, Jim Keller, Torn Stubben, John Neil. Since its affiliation with the national organization in 1961, the BYU Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers has helped civil engineering students to estab- ASC E lish professional contacts which will enable them to better serve their profession. Some of this year,s events included a field trip to Glen Canyon Dam near Page, Arizon and the guest appearance of Mr. Ed Stuber of Bethlehem Steel. The newest member of the Engineers, Joint Council is the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. During Engin- eering Week, which was held in February, the chemical engin- eers exhibited a demonstration on the production of nylon, AIC E dye processes and the recovery of products from crude oil. Lining up sungmer work for chemical engineers is a project of this organization in addition to the weekly seminars. Front row: Brent Sears. Derl Pratt. Warren Griffin. Neil Simpson. Karl Miller. Mike Bingham. Kirk Galbraith, Second row: John Davenport. Nolan Edmonds. Chairman: John Ahn, Lynn Youngberg, Patrick Simiskey. Vice-Chairman: Yan-Chi Kowk, John Davis. Back row: Charles Allen. Dr. M. D. Horton. Ralph Peterson. Paul 'Lurk, Thomas Martin, Max Reynolds. SecretarytTreasurer. 295 :JJ-A ,4 i .7, 1 s h Hv- Front row: Helen Gee. Toni Fabrizio. Vice-Presiden+ of Executive Assistants: Nathalie Hatfield, Pam Shuey. Ginger Malm- rose. Secretary. Back row: Mickey Pugmire. Alan Falkman. Treasurer: M. Kim Sharp. Executive Vice-President; William M. Morris. Vice-President of Scholarship: Douglas B. Wood. Vice-President Executive Lectures: Paul B. Clyde, H. Arlani Ras- mussen. Pete Scholes. Vice-President Placement: Andrew Madsen. Vice-President Membership; Orrin V.Jorgensen. President. Promoting and developing LDS standards as they pertain I to business and gaining an understanding of the scientific BUSIness principles of modern management are the aims of the Business Management Association. This year the BMA adopted AIESEC, Ma n a g e m e n 1' an international organization whose purpose is to create an exchange program with foreign students in the business A . ' field. Members work on foreign jobs for 3 weeks to 1 year. SSOCIatlon During the second year of the Corps de Ballet, members performed at Fieldhouse Frolics, Preference Ball concert, and staged a Spring Concert. This group was organized to C d B II further interest in ballet by providing members with oppor- or ps e a ell. tunities to dance and teach, and providing the studentbody with opportunities to see ballet. Master classes were given once a month by Philip Keeler of the U of U Ballet Department. ",5, ,A i, Front row: Kristina Swensen. Secretary-Treasurer: Andrea Watkins. President: Barbara Post. Kathryn Willey. Back row: Diana AHred. Kenna Krey. Vice-Presidenf: Susan Allmendinger. 296 Front row: Keith L. Naegle. Faculty Adviser: Kent Kohkonen. Treasurer; Rober+ Snell. First Vice-Chairman; Rollin S. Zaugg. Chairman: Vincent Garcia. Secretary: Dell K. Allen. Adviser. Back row: William C. Mikkelsen, Neldon R. Dickey. Frank W. Wiicock. Woodroe L. Wilkins. Membership Chairman: Lee A. Jeppson. Don H. Rawlinson. Editorial Chair- man; Sheldon J. Bennett, J. Frank Anderson, Torn Dickson. Ervon Ray Bennett. As part of an international chain of chapters, BYUts Chapter of the American Society of T001 8: Manufacturing Engineers brought to the campus in 1965-66 many events for ASTME those students involved in manufacturing technology. Plant tours and special lectures conducted jointly with the Salt Lake City Chapter drew not only students but educators and engineers in industry from all over the Western United States. Many students who found themselves in a quandry over income tax returns got an assist from members of Beta Alpha Psi, BYUts honorary accounting club, who offered their ser- vices to students. Also this ear the club offered tutor- ' ing sessions for accounting students and varied activities Beta Alpha PSI for its members. One such activity was the guest appear- ance of Fred Oliver of the Haskins 81 Shells Accounting F irm. Fronf row: Herald R. Clark. Robert J. Smith. Lane K. Anderson. Treasurer; Becky Nielsen, Secretary: Nevin Ander- sen. President: John Frei, Vice-Presidenf; Donald Holman. Dale Taylor. Faculty Vice-President. Second row: Janet Page, Doug Carlile. Jerry Zeibig. Paul Christensen. Larry Haws. Max F. Benson. Larry Evans, Wade Brooksby, James Eck- hart, L. John RoskeHey, Jerry Haddock. Third row: Dr. Karl Skousen, Ralph Muhlestein. Marvin Leavitt. Joseph Chadsey. Richard Jensen, Henry Spackman, John Wanlass, Douglas Hansen. Gary Carpenter. 6. Wayne Callister. Mesa K. Watabe. Fourth row: Victor Pectol. Douglas Medlyn. Lauren Locey, Merrill Worsley. George Talbot, Max Loertscher. Don Kimball. Wendell Gubler, Robert Fuhriman. Heber Barthoiomew. Lonnie Fausett. Back row: Chet Harmer. Bryce Orton. Roy Rancher, Kenneth Bafson, William Conlin. James Whitehead. W. Kent Fairchild. Terry Hunsa-ker, Leon Nel- son, Duane Wardle. 297 u . -' n hMIF Front row: George Nackos, Mary Kaye Doyle, Kathlene Clingen Secrefary: Marilyn Everill, Eleanor Capson. Monique Nautre, Frank H. Bria. David W. LeVHre. Second row: Mike Marshall. Gary Barron. Richard Harding. James A. Chantrill, Thomas Roberts. Program Director:Philip R. Knight, David W. Lawson. Briant Coombs, Daniel Hocq. Serge Anisa. Third row: David Polki. President: Michael Hess, Ken Coleman,Sporfs Director: Merlin Allred, Michael Moody, E. Brent Cragun, John Merle Nash. James K. Hamblin. John Emmett, Kent Greene. Jay E. Lewis, Social Chairman: Back row: Norman L. Tree. Richard D. Seely. Treasurer: John R. Hill, William A. Fawcett IV. Bruce M. Jetferies. Brent R. Hutchings, Ellis Nuttall, Michael Jackson In its second year of activity, the French East Mission- aries Club did much to continue and maintain friendships F h E n'- gained by members in the missionfield and preserve the renc as knowledge of the French language and culture. This was accomplished through a special fireside with President Na- M. . . than Tanner as the speaker, participation in the Winter Carn- ISSlona r'es ival snow sculpturing, and a reunion at April Conference. An interest in the traditions and culture of the F in- nish people and a spirit of brotherhood have brought to- . . gether returned missionaries, students, and members of the FlnnISh Club Church in the Finnish Club. Continuing their third year of activity, the group placed emphasis on greater appreciation of Finish holidays and music. Members enjoyed 21 Christ- mas Dinner and a concert of Finnish music sung by Roy King. kg; cm 0.x Front row: Terffu Korpena, Paula McClure, Terry Johnson. Vice-President: Hell Tammisfc, Secretary; Roberf Thompson. President: Donna Hadfield. Iiris Shafer. Back row: Wayne Allgaier. Seppo Korpela. Robert Bushman. Jay Thomas. Richard D. Harris. Carlyle Perkes. Jon Hazelgren. Alan Phipps, Brent Richman, Robert Shafer, Daniel Mynffl. 298 4. Front row: Bonnie Sampson. Bente Hansen. Records Vice-President: David Sandberg, President: Hank Wilsted, Social Vice-President: Glen Simmons. Finance Vice-President. Back row: Paul Sampson, Dennis Keldsen. Bryce Christensen. Dennis Read. Dennis Hoagland. University Relations Vice-President: Marvin Jensen, Danish Mission Vice-Presidenf. Danish Club Organized in the spring of 1965, the Danish Club is com- posed of returned Danish missionaries and other interested people. The club sponsored several firesides and provides an annual sacrament meeting for the Danish Branch of the LDS Church in Salt Lake City. Perpetuating friendships made during missionary service and maintaining an interest the Danish people are the objectives of this organization. Coordinating the four engineering societies tmechani- cal, civil, electrical and chemicaD is the Engineers Joint Council. Engineering Week, held in February, was the high- E n g i n eer i n 9 light of the year, including a queen contest and judging of the best presentation entered by a society. Then engineers . . magazine, ttThe Y Vector? was published quarterly. The soc- J o I n 1' CO u n c I I ieties competed athletically and sponsored a spring picnic. V9' Front row: Yan-Chi Kwok, Chemical Engineering Representative: Mike Bingham. Chemical Engineering Representative: Kirk Galbraith, President: Russ Barber. Civil Engineering Representative. Back row: Tom Lomax, Electrical Engineer- ing Representative: Dale Petersen. CFVII Engineering Representative: Steve Benzley. SecretaryeTreasurer; Bruce D. Bingham, Mechanical Engineering Representative; William C. Kaesche HI, Editor of "The Y Vector"; Stephen W. Julien. Business Manager of "The Y Vector"; D. Pau! Smith. Electrical Engineering Representative: David Larson, Mechanical Engineering Representative. 299 Front row: Robert McQuarrie. Glen Houey, Secretary-Tretasurer: Clinton Butler. President: Rodney Jex, Vice-President: Lynette Brinkerhoff, Lynn Lowrey, Gladys Clark. Kathryn Barnes. Second row: Joe Keddington, Dale Pearce. Harry Markowski. Fransois Magne, Stephen Nadauld, John S. Robertson, Wayne Smith. Lynn W. Hart.Third row: Grant Niel- son, Lynn Drake. Gerald Crapo. Noel Quinton. Marvin Magleby, Frank 5. Card. David Johnson. David Harmon. Back row. Craig Smith. Bryant Barber, Pete Black, Doug Campbell. Robert Hogge. Allen Runoltson, Robert Gledhill, Steve FiH. Returned French missionaries find a bond of fellowship in the Frenchmen. Organized to continue the friendships formed under President Rulon T. Hinckley, the group has been in existence since 1964. Activities continued this year with reunions at both October and April Conferences, fire- sides featuring President and Sister Hinckley and Elder Paul Dunn, and a social featuring a buffet lunch and a dance. Frenchmen Future Missionaries 300 Prospective missionaries often dream of the coming years as the happiest years of their lives. To help their ttlittle brother? realize their dreams, the Delta Phi Kappa treturned missionariest Club has helped the Future Missionary Club by teaching the basic missionary method and organizing weekly fireside programs of inspirational talks by former mission presidents and outstanding returned missionaries. .t ' I I . 3 Xt , ,v - t Front row: Tom De Marco, Vice-Fresident: Betty Lee Hooker. Joan Foord, Tom CasweH. ?resident: Jeanne Nelson. Ethel Hunt, Marshall Romney. Back row: W. Rex McBride. Charles Hossard. Bruce Barton. JI-m Jackson. Mitch Thompson. John Aaron, Richard Fogg. Last row: Kent Jensen, Allen Jubeck. Jack Otto. H. Lewxs Brown. M Vss ,- A .9 71,, j I n L eigwhy I - .-. N 't 3 Front row: Donna Allred, Secretary: Roxie Cryder. Girl's Sports Director: Mitch Kalauli. President; Wilson K. Ho. Vice-President: Mariyln Carlson, Pubhcity. Back row: Susan Huber. PaHi Lunsford. Janine Ovard, Joyce Pettingiill. Gerald Fuller. Justine Parker, Becky Jenkins. Bethany Byers. Coconut palms . . . moonlit Waikiki beach . . . lovely hula hand . . . The Hawaiian Club, in the traditional aloha style, enjoyed a full, fun-filled year. Polynesian Week, held o o in April, was climaxed by the Polynesian Assembly, consid- Hawallan CIUb ered to be one of the best presented on campus. Members gathered to acquaint people with the culture of Hawaii, to assist Program Bureau, and to assist ward service projects. Learning the culinary art of Makizushi, organizing a club choir that sang at Song F est and various sacrament meet- ing programs, and Subbing-for-Santa were part of the yeafs round of activities for the Ia anese Club. This group, com- J CI b posed of Japanese students aid other students interested in apanese u the Japanese people and their culture, celebrated such tra- ditional events as the New Yeafs F east and a Sukiyaki dinner. v" . .v V!!! t, e 4i. n Front row: Judy Ogden, Larry Ogden, Vice-President: Naomi Okawa. Historian; Wallace Haraguchi, President: Masa- hisa Wafabe. Treasurer; Faith Okawa Watabe. Second row: Steve Mori. Marcia Nelson, Sharon Mario, Hilda Yasu- rnoto. Tammy Tanaka, Elaine Nakamura. Kiyoko Yamagishi, Geraldine lnouye. Third row: Kafsuhiro Kaiiiama., Tom Fusimoto, Sports Director: Ron Inouye. Ken Mano. Dave Sawyer, Social Director; Jill Thatcher. Lorraine Sakota. Annette Meade. Irene Marlowe. Back row: Ron Lee. David Ashworfh, Armel BeardaH, Movie Director: John Rasmussen, H. Bruce Fish. Kent Berkey. K. David Kaneko, Roy Marlowe. 301 Front row: Sue Caswell. Bob Yukes, Treasurer: Anita Rodriguez. Presidenf; Connie Jackson, Secretary: David E. Logie. Vice-President. Back row: David Fitzpatrick, Robert E. Carlilet Jo Ann McArthur. Maureen Fitzgerald. Coral Allen. Mary Ann Carbin. Kristine lsaksen. Publicity; Laurie Chivers' Robert Hutchins. Several thousand miles from home, northeasterners band- ed together to form the New England Club. Providing trans- N portation home via chartered plane at Christmas time and the ew end of the year was the main project for this club. Prior to the exodus home at yuletide, a dance and swimming party E I d Cl b were held. Newly organized fall semester, New Englanders ng an u sponsored Sunday firesides and concluded with a spring fete. Junior and senior students in home economies are ini- tiated twice a year into Omicron Nu, the national honorary organization for this field. This year's outstanding event ' was a visit from the National Omicron Nu president, Dr. omlcron N u Pauline Paul, Dean of the College of Home Economics at the . University of California. F mthering understanding of the basic importance of the home is the main goal of Omicron Nu. am t WWW E W Front row: Glenda Dickson, Editor; Sylvia Noyes. Treasurer; Joyce Boyle. President; Annette Cottam, Secretary. Jen- niev Poulson, Adviser. Second row: Sadie Marris1 Adviser: Nancy Tracy, Fae Bartholomew. Eleanor Pratt. Carol Hert- man. Martha Burton. Third row: Beverly Zeibig. Maralyn Jackson, Carma Lou Morris. Engenia Richan. Marion Benmon, Eleanor Jorgensen. Back row: Pamela Redd. Janet Thorpe. Helen Free, Pamela Tyler. ,a 7 Front row: Isreal C. Heaton, Department Chairman: Ken Wright, President: Sandra Hanson. Secretary-Treasurer; Mich- ael Thomas. Vice-Presidenf: Bruce Butler, Joan Aaron Olivas. Back row: Larry Elliott, Gary Orchard. Dave HoH'om. Doug Wasden. David Baron. Gerry Angeli, Karen Peterson. Dale L. Johnson. Organized only last fall, the Recreation Majors Club enjoyed a busy and fun-filled schedule of activities. The R 1.. clubis purpose is to provide professional programs and lead- ecrea Ion ership experience and to simulate interest in the recrea- tion field. Each month found the recreation majors particie M ' pating in varied events including a steak fry, profession- a lors a1 speakers, selling tournament programs, and a tubing party. Agricultural majors, talented cowpokes, and students with farm-ranch backgrounds find outlets for their talents in the Rodeo-Stockmanis Club. From this group is selected the best com etitors to re resent BYU on a rodeo circuit with other mgor colleges, Ethich this year included a rodeo RadeO'SfOCkmen in Provo. Other activities were social in nature and were climaxed by the biggest event, Western Week, held in May. Front row: Bik Duke, Aleta Burnharf. Jayne Winterton. Karen Kenitzer. Karen Hancock. Marilyn Buehler. Secretary. Treasurer; Jeannette Fish, Anice Allen, Historian: Beverley Tailfeafhers. Second row: Leo Platero, John Lee Nalder. D. 6. Peterson. Religious Co-cordinator; Kent Shiozawa. Bill Boardman. Edward Wiscombe. Jeffery Johnson. Gama Randall. Third row: Jim Hughes. John Malarsie. Doug Kanner. Mark Rigby. Norman Facer. Grant Gerber, Bert Randall. Back row: Brent Dansie. Heerf De-Windt. Fred Clark. Publicity: David Ball, President; Dave Christensen. Vice-Presidenf: K. H. Hoopes. Adviser: Mike Tebbs. 303 304 Frohf row: George Meldrum. Scot Kilts: Von R. Brockbank, Vice-Presidenf: Tom Brighton. President: Rich Green, Vice- President; Richard Merrell. Scot Kilts. Second row: Neil Snow, Ann Jensen. Linda Durfee, Myrna Rasmussen. Ann Shakespeare. Robert Dean, Joe Schaefer. Back row: Richard Smith. Joseph Francis, Phillip Whitehead, Lamont Lyons. BiH Randall. Jim Sipe. RobemL D. Galbraith. Dorr Hanson. Sponsoring activities of a social and spiritual nature for returned Scottish missionaries, the Scotsmen experienc- ed their second full year on campus. Scottish heritage was stressed in such events at the Traditional Burnst Supper, SCOi-smen which commemorated the birthday of Robert Burns, and fire- sides at Which Phil D. Jensen, North Scottish Mission Presi- dent, an Selvoy I. Boyer, London Temple President spoke. Finding a way to fill the gap that is left when someone . special leaves for the mission field prompted the organization Sh h K I of Shomrah Kiyel. Traditional activities were continued this omra lye year with the Sweethearfs Banquet held at Parkts Cafe and a weekend at the Homestead in Heber Valley including a sunrise testimonial. A Trousseau Tea-Bridal Show completed the year. 4-. Front row: Sharon Hankins. Historian; Carol Cummings. Secretary: Sharon Barrow. President: Kathy Clark, Vice-Presi- dent: Lynda McBride. Treasurer; Sharon Brinton, Publicity Chairman. Second row: Patsy Shurtlitf, Linda Newbold. Des- na Wallin. Pam Rollins. Marla Jensen. Kay Reader. Kaye Snell. Back row: Gwen Lesher, Ruth Ann Magleby, Mary Ann Free, Trudy Burtenshaw, Kay Rogers. Barbara Sintzel. Front row: Dick Rigo. Kent Chamberlain. Secretary-Treasurer: Ronald Jensen. Corresponding Secretary: Robert Zootk. Ernest Ahlborn. Back row: Taylor Mayou. Blair Maxfield, Roger Staininger. Vice-President, Historian; Fred Lohrengel, President: Roger Bain. Raymond Rutledge, Alan Jensen. A college honor society in the earth sciences, Sigma 5' G Gamma Epsilon promotes scholastic and scientific advance- lgma amma ment of its members. This year the Alpha Sigma Chapter at BYU sponsored several CeologyXGeography trips and also E 'l featured guest speakers in the field. Social activities co- pSI on sponsored with the Department of Geology included a hWelcome Dinner," and Christmas and spring canyon parties. Presenting the annual Engineering Week Queen and re- cognizing top engineering students have been the primary projects of Tau Beta Pi for this year. This engineering fra- . ternity, established three years ago at BYU, honors dis- Tau Beta PI tinguished scholarship and character in this subject field. Tau Beta Pi is linked with 121 other chapters across the na- tion as part of the national organization initiated in 1885. e '1 ma ya u j I I 7, Front row: Steve Benzley. Treasurer: Russell Barber, President: Dr. John N. Cannon. Faculty Adviser: Ben Drinkwater. Vice-Presidenf: David Larson, Catalogue Secretary Second row: D. Paul Smith, Monroe Cheney Tyler. Charles Allen. Donald R. Thornton. Lewis Wilson, Ronald Woolley. Alan Pettit, Back row: Kirk Galbraith. Bill AHwooH. Robert W. Hill. Tom Maxfield. Leon Stoddard. Gary Harward. W 305 Front row: Hallie Carey. Muriel Smith, Historian: Pauline Duke, Secretary: Eleanor Brought Vice-President; Duane Hufft President: Dr. H. Hansen. Advisor. Second row: Nelden Maxfield, Joyce Terrier, Carma Marie Moore. Brent Picker. ing. Louis Campbell, Richard Smith, Elaine Davis, Linda Hansen. Connie Orr, Maxilyn Capell. Back row: John Adams, Jack Sederholm, David Larson, Donald Poole, Ron Munford. Sheryl Jamison, Patricia Pierce, Michele Preebe. Myra Katner. ttThe Littlest Angelf that delightsome Christmas assem- bly, was produced by Theta Alpha Phi, dramatics organization Th at BYU. This is a national honorary dramatic fraternity or- eta ganized on this campus some 15 .years ago. A rigid theatri- cal examination must be passed in addition to appearing in Al h ph' and assisting with theatrical productions. Firesides, floats, p a I ushering at plays and subbing-for-Santa kept TAP'S moving. Interest in the exceptional child draws students to membership in Theta Epsilon Chi. During the year, members 0 o contributed their services to the American Fork Training Thefa EpSl '0" Ch. School for Sunday School and MIA lessons, held a Christmas party for the handicapped children of Utah County, December 10, and helped local special education teachers. F our years ago Dr. Marguerite Wilson directed the organization of TEC. ' 'w Mu u" ' m w u :z: u a u h M: u u t w n J! Front row: Anita Lambert. Carol Kitchen. Jacquelyn Stockwell, Susan Johnson. Lasha Wilc-ken. Secretary. Back row. N. Benton Domenici, President; Dorothy Forbes. Vicki Compton. Susan Stiher. Susan Barr. Noel Burdell Croft. 306 H 4v Al Peers. President; Kim Johnson. Vice-Presidenf of Activities: Beffie Russell, Darryl Harris. Vice-President of Media; Lee Wheelock, Brent Clement. Secretary-Treesurer. Although organized to assist the Communications de- 0 o partment, the University Advertising Club gives valuable AdverfISIng assistance in many other areas as well. This year the group took charge of the publicity for the opera iiCarmeni, and for the AMS Activity Night. This service made it possible for ClUb the members to realize one of their goals in becoming ac- quainted with creation and production methods of advertising. Whirling calico skirts and ten gallon hats are a fam- iliar sight when the Y Squares perform. Striving to carry square dancing out of the classroom and spread its enjoy- ment, the group fulfilled a year of much activity. The Homecoming parade was livened by the club,s float which fea- Y S tured two squares of members actually dancing. A trip to quares St. George for a square dance jamboree highlighted the year. 17??? 7 e , , .w Front row: Diane Anderson, Secrefary: P. Michael Thomas. Vice-President; Ilene Beck. Earl A. Beck, Caller: Floyd Hill, President: Robert Roth, Adviser. Second row: Fred D. Halls. Laurette Faughf. Susanne Hill. Nancy MacKay. Lee Mae Kay, Susan Tervis. Wendy Gardner, Jim Williams, Darlene Long. Back row: Rifa Carson, R. Leon Graham. Harold A. Biack. Inez Brough, Wendell Dangartield. 307 v ,- Hi 5 v mHWni m mmjwm . Markay Bruggeman Connie Christensen 308 Toni Fowler Robyn Andrus Joyce Burton Ilene Donnelly Diane Gibson u m ' 7' Hummw Lilliann Shonnie Bushnell Executive Officer Nancy Farnsworth Louise Goates Admin. Oiicer Linda Ellis Commandant Linda Bowen Material Officer Leslie Carlson Claudia Hanson Developing from the Sponsor Corps, organized in 1952, Angel Flight completed its fifth year on the BYU campus. Service to the University, AFROTC, and Arnold Air Society, their brother unit, along with other activi- ties provided opportunities to the 53 Angels for develop ment mentally, morally, culturally, and spiritually. Blue uniforms and a feminine salute pervaded throughout such Angel F light activities as initiating new members selected in October; co-sponsoring a blood drive in December with the Arnold Air Society, to which 800 pints of blood were donated, part being sent to Viet Nam; and a second blood drive in May in conjunction with the Red Cross. Mount Majestic Manor in Brighton was the setting of the Christmas Dinner Dance to Which Angels brought their beaus. One of the most formal dances on campus was the Military Ball which Angel Flight and AFROTC sponsored. Climaxing the new year was the announcing of new offi- cers and awards given at the Spring Dinner Dance, May 7. yew. eyes forward, arms at their sides. and feet firmly plante Paula Hanson Susan Hafch Margare+ Layton Nadine Maxfield Becky Nielsen lnformaNon Officer Lyneffe Scholes Paify Searle Julie Shorfen '1 Angels anficipafe a comple+e inspech'on. Lana Parks Tamera Walker Jan Whife Jan Wolfhuis Elaine Jones Chaplain Claudia Pearson Jill Kampfon Linda Kenworfhy Jean Kreipl Her'fa Raschkes Kay Reasor Kathy Saporifi Liason Officer Lou Ann Walker Personnel Officer K'ay Whitney Comptroller Kafhy Young Mary Ann Swanson Karen Tall Jeanne Tucker One Angel experiences a +horough going- over as +he officer examines her haf. 309 Steven Atwood 2nd Vice- President Norman Barber Dell Saunders President Marlin Baies Tom Baxier Robert Berry Wayne Bingham Alan Bohl Daniel Brown Ray Brownlee Christine Candland Robert Cavin Larry Christensen 310 Robert Dalby Donald Eastman Alumni Secreta ry Milton Farar Phi m e m m x m in m m m Q Omes The Eta Omicron Chapter of the Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity was organized on the BYU campus in 1948. F rom its founding Eta Omicron has ser- ved the campus through projects such as selling stadium chairs at games, ushering at devotional assemblies and other functions, maintaining a first aid booth at ath- letic events and on Y day, and working at the campus information booth. They also provided officials at track meets, sponsored the annual Ugly Man on Campus Drive for the campus chest, and assisted in local Boy Scout councils and conferences. Their interest in scouting and youth movements exemplifies their philoso- phy of developing leadership and furthering the spirit of fraternal brotherhood and service. This past year Eta Omicom enjoyed a dinner dance each semester, and participated in ISC Week. They have begun a scholarship program for men in the youth leadership de- partment. Eta Omicom has continued to serve BYU well. i i '. L '..-;i 5i . Ai- APO Openhouse club members and guests including President : J' ckeH look as prospecfive members are insfrucfed on pledging. o. D. Williams Tom Williams Paul Hardy Richard Henry George Hicks Arthur Jarman Mike Cheeerung Recording Sec. Ronald Mathews Robert McAllisfer Michael McPhie Neldon Mitchell Ken'r Moss Duane Perry waifs for We acfion +0 sfarf in a skhL +ha+ APO produced for a ScomL Troop. Pahick Murphy Duane Perry Lee Pocock Larry Preece Timothy Puhr Irvine Rancher Sgt-afAArms Ron Ruggles William Rutter DO" Silver Hisforlan qu Smith Michael Stillman Don Sfovall Leslie Stuart lsf Vlce-PreSIdenf Lorin Taylor Ronald Taylor Ray Thompson Gary Whifing Correspond. Sec. 3H HonorF 4'3; ratermty Founded in 1959 as an auxiliary to the Blue Key, the Archon Honor Fraternity has become an active group on campus. Limited to freshmen and sophomore men who have exhibited outstanding academic progress, this organiz- ation provided companionshhip and intellectual stimula- tion. Special emphasis this year was placed on the weekly meetings where guest speakers such as DrJ. E. Murphy, Davi$rxiznei$nhan Dr. Reed Bradford, and Dr. Truman Madsen led discus- sions on subjects of current interest. Operation Repertoire was given many hours of service by this organization as was the Blood Drive. Ushering, tutoring, and other service projects gave this special interest group basis for their theme, hleaders also serve? Sponsoring a Belle of the Y can- didate, joining in the Songfest, and adding to the Little Man on campus week were activties participated in; but finaliz- ing the year was the annual Awards Banquet held in April. Deserving members and honorary guests were honored. David Allred Steve Anderson Joseph Brubaker Roger Bullock Historian Richard Butler Larry Loveridge Eugene Mahalko Lynn J. McKell John Merrell Pete Newcombe Jim Robeson BerfhoId Werner, David Allred, and David Mendenha" browse through books Archon donated +0 +he Honors Reading Room. Marvin RyHinq David Schwendiman Reed 8. Sundrud Pavis T9Hk5 Secretary-Treasurer VIce-Presldent Berthold Werner Robert Wilksfrom Robert Wilson 312 ,, BetaSigma Epsilk Using the same ancient ceremony as did the early Egyptian scribes, Beta Sigma Epsilon initiated thirty mem- bers into their group this fall. These future businesswomen activated their organization, which became independent of the national group last spring, by providing numerous ac- tivities and interesting, varied programs. Miss Clare Mid- dlemiss, President McKayis private secretary, began the t club,s year by sharing with this group her personal exper- Ileepgefizgsfvich iences with the Prophet and displaying the scrapbooks which she has made concerning his life and works. Miss Middlemiss then became the first honorary member of ,w Beta Sigma Epsilon. The organization contributed a float entitled iiSecretaries Are a Blastf' depicting two secre- taries 0n the side of a rocket ship, to the Homecoming parade; and a banquet was provided for a Thanksgian 7 celebration. A Christmas caroling party, open house, L " fashion show and invitational rounded out the year. L ; mL J WWWH Hm u Cherry Anderson Louise Blacker Judy Bogue Linda Dow Secretary Cheryl Forsyfh JoAnn H. Gray Treasurer Sylvia Hendrickson with t l 1 s - w P . H H1519; , V A I g I l 51 t Diana Huish Shirley W. Lake Colleen Madsen Patricia Penrod Historian Members and +he Gay Lee representative show pieces of ling- erie during the Lingerie Fashion Show presented in February. i Evelyn Snow Karla Siorer Trudy Taylor Nora Tomlinson Donna Wallace Patricia Wilson Shirley Wiseman -P of Business 313 During the spring quarter, 1932, the local appli- cation for membership was accepted by the Blue Key Na- tional Honor F ratemity, and Clyde D. Sandgren was made the charter president. Blue Key is comprised of cam- pus leaders in scholastic, religious, and student gov- emment activities who seek to create attitudes that improve student life and welfare. In 1948, the BYU honor system was initiated as a Blue Key project. Safe- Milan.Smifh ty projects, such as crosswalks and sidewalks. have in- Pres'dent sured adequate student safety. The baseball score- board, the wagon wheel, and the Y Bell have been pro- vided by Blue Key. The placement of needed bulletin boards and the Brigham Young statue have added to the beauty of the campus. The special events of this past year began with their pledge banquet held in November at the Royal Inn and a tubing party held in January at Timp Haven. Events concluding the year were an open house, the annual dinner dance, and a senior breakfast. Charles Allen Marlowe Ashton Rulssell Berber Secretary-Treasurer VIce-Presndenf Stephen Black Clif Boyack Gordon Bretzing David Christiansen Robert Crawford Dick Circuit Roger Dixon Kirk Galbraith Michael D. Gan: Ron George Bill Hartley John H. Hawkins Students admire the large globe in the Clark Library 314 Jerry Holladay Marlyn Jensen Alumni Secrefary Arthur Johansen Don Livingstone m' "5321! A'v ' 7 -4uba-gr , 1' A 5mm Blue Key members provide fas+ and efficienf service wifh Hckef disfribufion +0 sfudenfs. Ray Luce Edward Lyman x;'-' lo. Michael Moody Craig Morrison D. Neuenschwander Edward A. Parent Alan Petfit Doug Riggs Burk Smifh Paul D. Smifh Jan Synder David Tolman GarY B. walburger y 'TJI "M ,U' V ced +here +hrough +he ewffods of Blue Key. 315 iiWe the members of Chi Triellas, for the purpose of enriching our own lives and in so doing, enriching the lives of others, do establish this constitution of Chi Triellas Culture Unit . . . If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things? Throughout the year, Chi Triis pursued this goal in varied activities and wheth- er it was sponsoring the Back-to-School Fashion Show Sugehfj'ggp 0r decorating the joint Homecoming Float with C.A.A. 0r sponsoring a culture night for AWS Womenk Week, Chi Triis excelled. A Christmas dinner-dance was held at Bridal Veil Falls and later a spring formal to which the favorite guys of Chi Triis escorted their dates. Chi Triellas claimed a Winter Carnival Queen in the form of Sue Larson, president. This culture unit was organized in 1961 and since that time has won trophies for Homecoming floats and the annual blood drive, and has become one of the most active units on campus. Judith Bentley Margaret Bentley Elizabeth Bosshard Dee Ann Bylund Diane Sue Call Claudia Carlston Marilyn Cloward Chaplain Janice Colt Lynn Critchlcw Marcia C. Crofts Shirley Crofts Lynn Derrith Karyne Donaldson Jeri Firmage Lynne Garner Social V-President 'Chi Tri President Sue Larson has club members' complete att.- 316 Kay Merrill Carolyn Murray Cultural V.Pres. Beffe Gledhill Mary Ann Gunn Tayna Hale HHHWH Sargeanf at Arms m uuwm u m WW m Helen Payne Linda Pickeff Joan Pugmire Jane Hansen Lola Anna Held Merilyn Henrie Molly Redlon Louise Rolapp Paf Kingsley Donna Magaro Heather McMasfer Mary J, Shimoda Terry Twitchell Judy Wallburger Francine Walters Elaine Wayment Judy Williams Pam Winkelman Nickie Wood Secretary O. H16 agenda of evenfs for spring openhouse. Koreen Youksfeffe, Afton Young Sylvia Zaugg 317 ...... v u u u rm m m mm; H V H H CIrcle K An international organization with over six hun- dred campus organizations in Canada and the United States, the Circle K Club is a branch of Kiwanis Inter- national. Because of their relationship to local bus- iness and community leaders, they strive to serve both community and campus. Service is rendered through ushering at forums and devotionals, and at concerts and plays in the Harris F ine Arts Center. In doing so, 6ng garney the sixty Circle K members put in one thousand ser- reSI ant , . wee hours monthly. Events of the past year mcluded the installation of new members held in November in the Sky Room. Also in N ovember, the Circle K sponsored the car show during Homecoming Week, the annual lost and found sale, and held their Thanksgiving dinner- dance. The second semester installation party was held at the Newhouse Hotel, and in April Circle K Club mem- bers attended the District Circle K Convention which was held on the Utah State University campus in Logan. John Aird Darvel Alfred Merlin J. Allred Lee A. Barney Board Member Board Member Richard V. Barney Bill Beadles Dennis Bednarik Bruce Braifhwaite David Gaines John Hank William Hendrix David H. Henry House Chairman -mr-W .. : hyh m: Brent V. Burgon Milton Christensen Craig Casfagneto Mike Cosgrave 'w $51.34. Nathan Coulter Mont Court Behrcoz Farhangi John Franzen Vut Members of Circle K greet spectators from their Homecem- Eng float which featured a purple sunburs1L and gold lettering. 318 Keifh S. Huntsman Larry Holf Secretary Keifh Ligh? Dale Linfon Clyde Louk Norman Jensen Roberf Mecham Treasurer Part of Circle K's service +0 BYU is ushering. Here members J. D. Mitchell greef Roberf Jones Chris Manson "Oliver" goers." Jeffery Moody Deloy Pierce Larr Saling Lf. overnor Brent Julander Rand Presiwich Harvey R. Self Vice-Presidenf Blaine Soelberg Mifchell Thompson Robert E. Stephens Danny Wheeler Fred Williams 319 + ! Collelat Athletic Assoc'ahon , In 1913 an organization entitled the Three I1s initiated the spirit that carried through the Tau Sigma Eta and now prevails in the Collegiate Athletic Associ- ation. Chartered in 1962 to function as an athletic service organization, the C.A.A. has since assisted in ticket distribution and ushering for athletic events and in special projects such as the Christmas card cam- paign for servicemen in Viet Nam. School spirit was Ronaldekomfer promoted through their efforts in attracting promising P'es'de" athletes to the Y, by their Cougar Days jail, and by their colorful Homecoming float based on the chicken- or-the-egg theme. Social activities of the year in- cluded a western breakfast, a Christmas party at the Alta Snow Pine Lodge, and a spring camp-out. Deer cooked Hawaiian style was a feature of their annual deer- bust, and the traditional Topper Picnic featured mud fights and a tug-of-war. Highlighting the year were the Black and White Formal and the spring dinner-dance. Torn Adams Harold Alleman Rod Allen John Als'rrom Larry Anderson Lou Andrus Mikke Antone Kent Bean Gregg Cramm Robert Delaney Pal Eldredge Firesggeb giggihrman E. Blake Bird Dennis C. Brewster Gary Brewster Paul Brown Steven Glenn Roger Grable Keith Hanlin Thorn Hansen Secretary Sergeant of Arms Duane Carling Alan Cassell Julian Cervantes John Clark Rifualist A favorite CAA activity is Jrhe Western Breakfast. Here mem- bers and dates dressed in Western duds dig into the grub. 320 .Jf w Chrisfqpher .Jones Wayne Langpap Robert Lushv Alumni Chairman Bill Miffon Robert Nunn Kent Oborn L nn Oborn reasurer Bill Prince Horst Roemer Martin Seneca Bill Siebenberg Gerald Simpkins Bruce Smith Raymond Smith Brent W. Sofie Lars Solander Al Sprouse Ross Turner Vice-President Gary B. Walburger David Whmng 'Roberf E. Wood wunam women Social Chairmen Sporfs Chairman Through warm smiles and friendly handshaking CAA members make ?riends and guesfs feel a+ home a+ Jrheir spring openhouse. 321 73 u m, Ht mH m . Nevin Andersen K. D, Chamberlain Clark Christiansen 2nd Vice-Presidenf Lyman Dayton Cashell Donahoe Leon Fish Bob Greene David Boyack Stuart Clark Joy R. Dunyon Paul Hansen W. Kenn Thiess President Jerry Callisfer Lauren Dalzen Gary Farnes John H. Hawkins Organized in the spring of 1963 the BYU Cougar Club was the first student organization of its kind on this campus. In 1964 they combined efforts with the Alumni Association to form the National BYU Cougar Club, which now consists of six other chapters throughout the western states. In the past they sponsored such projects on campus as The King F amily Show, the Geneva Steel Stadium Fund Drive, and special athletic events such as the annual Varsity-Frosh basketball game, the Varsity-Alumni football game, and the Mud Bowl game. They assisted in closed circuit TV of away basketball games, and gave visiting potential BYU athletes a stu- denfs tour of the campus. The Academic Emphasis plaque was purchased for the studentbody, and a long-playing album of the BYU College Songs to be released at Home- coming, 1966, was initiated and sponsored by the BYU Cougar Club. Over $10,000 was contributed by the Club to the BYU Athletic Fund during the past school year. K T Leroy Maughan jumps highatter a toose ball during the Frosh- Varsity basketball game. a tund-raiser for the Cougar Club. Chuck Hedrick Dennis Hoagland Dave Hoopes Terry Jeffers Dave Johnston Andy Madsen Robert L. Maready Dale Marquis David McFadden Ronald J .Miller Dennis Moffaf William Morris Sfephen Nadauld Russ Parker Lloylgl Pendlefon Anthony Ragozzine reasurer Milan Smith Darryl Steele m u Hmu m Denis Stoddard Tag Tagger? lsf Vice-Presidenf Darryl Thomander Lynn Tolley Douglas Wells DelMar Williams Coach Tomn 1y Hudgpefh gives his players a pep falk during +he- Varsify-Alumni game sponsored by +he Cougar Club +0 raise money for Hue Afhle'ric Fund. J. D. WiHiams Jim Wilson 323 Linda Alder Historian i i W f W C t. Annetf Cook Jill Christiansen 1?. Cindy Croxfon Jeanie Gardiner 324 Tina Bateman Beverly Clark Pep Com. Rep. Marilyn Cundick Margie Glines Judy Becksfrand Secretary Julie Enqar Geraldine lnouye Jeane Todd President Margie Boyer iei i Diane Cook Kassie Felt Kathy Jacob mm m w gu- t ,1, One of the oldest and best known campus spirit organizations, the Cougarettes, has earned a special place in the lore of BYU. Promoting pep and enthusiasm by their precision, spirited marches, the 42 girls who came mostly from the F reshman Class made contributions to the iiSpirit of the Y,i far beyond their age and num- bers. Among the highlights of their year were perform- ances and an open house during Homecoming Week, a iiNecklace Night,, at which new members were warmly re- ceived, a drill routine to popular tunes at the first league game, holiday and slumber parties. The girls accom- panied the basketball team on its early second semester Arizona tour, performed at the Denver-BYU game and at the Utah-BYU half-time in conjunction with the Pep Committee. Their March concert was entitled iiA Step In Time? The girls sponsored performances at the Invita- tional Track and Field meet in April, and held their annual dinner dance at Salt Lake City in early May. The faces of these Cougarettes reflect Jrhe excitement of a football game as Jrhey wait to go on the field to perform. Lorraine Judd Colleen Kimball Lynda Kimball Anita McCall Jeaneese Mickel Jody Mikkelson Beverly Miller Judi Miller Kerry Miner Grace Perry Sandy Pettersson Social Chairman Janie Sandmire Mary E. Schmield Annette Searle Christine Smith Ellen Sfrasburg Social Chairman Commandant Treasurer Keven Sumner Margie Swensen Nancy Teuscher Sharlene Thorpe Pam Wilson Jayne Winferfon Carolyn WooHon Elaine Wrigley Wifh legs. arms. and skirfs flying +he Cougare'Hes presen'r a sparkling roufine sef +0 +he music of "l Enjoy Being A Girl." 325 Gayle . Rogers PreSIdenf Cheryi Aiken Verlene Anderson Cheryl Asay Nancy Brian Joan Christensen ' Sharyn Cook Historian S. Vice-President Shauna B-urgon Marilyn Corbridge - 1 .x .2 "we rent? 1; , Edith Dawson Diane Gaudetfe Correspond. Sec. Cultural Vice-Pres. Marilyn Coulam Connie Limb Myrna Jones Judy Harrison Sherilyn Jensen 326 The motto is iiMy Better Parts Above the Stars Shall $03.13,; the colors are powder blue, white and sil- ver; and the club is Delian Vesta, a relatively new cultural unit on campus. Organized in the spring of 1964, Delian Vesta outlined its purposes as the promotion and development of the members through cultural and scholastic activities, the creation of a strong bond of friendship among members and assisting and support- ing all university activities. Homecoming time found members working busily on a float that was to take sec- ond place in the parade. At this time many alumni returned for a special Homecoming dinner with this yeafs members. A Thanksgiving fireside featured Glade Hunsak- er as speaker, and a Christmas cabin party and spec- ial culture night entertained members at Christmas time. New members were chosen during spring rush; the group then participated in Song F est and held a Spring Formal at the Lamplighter in Salt Lake City on May 6. Mariie Recfor is welcomed info conducfed comple+ely by candlelight Paf Mann Jean McDonald Eileen McNaughton Maril n Moake AHen ance Sec. Kafhleen Sfevenson Anne Tadie Launa Tucker Marfy Waffs Jane Wiebers Treasurer a :. VA ,. rush week achiHes. 327 H m i '5- w H h: x i Wags 9: i ear; M in Officially organized in 1963, Dileas Chalean tCae- lic for uWomen of Devotion'v is a service unit which draws members from all four classes. They have served the University by conducting campus tours for visitors, including elementary school children and important dig- nitaries, ushering at the football games and other cam- pus functions, working in the new information booth, selling tickets for school events and participating in Sue Ann- Ziegler the ISC Service Week. Special projects included con- Pres'dm ducting an annual book drive to send literature to Asian countries, assisting at the state mental hospital and reading to several blind students. During the past school year, the following social activities increased unity and enjoyment among Dileas Chalean members: the annual slumber party in October, bowling nights and social exchanges with seveal of the menis social units, inspiring firesides, and co-sponsoring a float in the Homecoming Parade with Alpha Phi Omega. Marla Braun Nancy Cullimore Rita Fretwell Susan Greaves Judy Greene Historian CI Rita McMinn Donna McSpadden Ht 2; x II t ELK, 1 Susan Mines Barbara Mozley Phyllis Nuffall Faye Olsen VicevPresident Secretary a .b . ., . N e, Members of DC's such as Karen Hick were often seen injhe information booth at Jrhe campus entrance giving directions. 328 m m m Wumm l ' ' M t Spec+ad+rswad1f wifh is+ as a Ufe Redskin meefs his doom on 'rhe Hoaf sponsored by Dileas Chalean and Alpha Phi Omega. Kathryn Peterson Roberfa Quigley Sheri Riffe Bonnie Roghaar Gloria Roth H'or Sharon Sieglich Linda Thurman 45W EH?" Wille Donna Wiffer Miriam Wright Millie Young Treasurer 329 Due J H m u n; v13: ; 13m 1 , 1 gamuw en u .' e k 1 J; LAX Emer Devirl Barfuss Gary Bell Frank Bria 1:31 ' .,. 621 1 L m - Lou Dredge David Gardner Scribe Recorder Frank Breinholt $ f1. ' m ta m w. , Richard Gardner Gtade Goodliffe Chancellor Paul Griffin Jim Greenan 330 Organized in 19119 as the Gold Y Honorary, they became the Gold Y Chapter of the Intercollegiate Knights in 1941 when they joined that national organization. The chapter has been nationally recognized by IK for its outstanding efficiency and service. The traditions of the Y have been preserved largely due to the efforts of this organization. They have been lighting the Y since 1919 and sponsoring Belle of the Y Week since 1949; In 1958 they donated the Joseph Smith mural to the school. More recently they have donated funds to the library1s new geophysical globe and to the re- location of the sundial, now at the top of the Field- house steps. They also promoted the construction of the new campus entry way by Helaman Halls. Events of the past year included their semester open houses, en- tering a Homecoming float, and their dinner-dance in May. BYU hosted the 1K Regional Convention in Decem- ber; in April the National Convention was in Las Vegas. Continuing a tradition as old as BYU. lK's ring the victqry beH after the Cougars have come out victorious once again. A ? g; .v'w g 1Q w . Scoff Halladay Douglas Hansen Robert Hellewell Michael Kawasaki Jeff Krumperman Mike LaRochell Executioner .L ,J I W w m - mm M W 1 M, Brent Lewis Paul Lyman Kenneth McAllisier Michael Mickelson Michael Noble ;-:i 7 7 7 ?LETI W X r w W w W W H W H 4 XL, 9? MA . w M? . H r. Thoma; F. Peterson Aniony Sarver Jay R. Simmons David Loren Smhh J, Norman Smith Vlce-Duke Gary CroH Reed Smoof Mike Taifon Bill Taylor Rufh Thomson Duchess W W H H m H mm W 1H A familiar sighf af +he baskefball games were members of lK's like Loren Smifh pic+ured above selling programs. 331 t 3;; ,1 W t t t $5 u u n W m Continuing a tradition of activity and artistic ex- cellence, Orchesis, the national modern dance fratemh ity, made 1965-66 a banner year. In December the group presented the annual Christmas Concert, titled uOut of Darknessf featuring an original script and choreography by members. Other concerts followed in- cluding the Spring Concert with Daniel Nagrin, one of Americafs top modern dance artists. The May Student , , Concert was presented in three different locations in- Marllyn Miller . . Presidenr cludmg a performance at a local hospltal. This was all original work including combined numbers with Ballet Club. Besides these performances members at- tended a regular Thursday lesson to improve technique and learn more about dance movement. Here also they studies primitive and modern jazz dance forms. During the year members traveled to Colorado State for a special dance symposium with other western universities. The year was finished with the annual summer Dancefs Workshop. Tammi Anderson Bonnie Bean Marcia Chalk Marcia Glover Louise Dean Michele Dean Karen Hawk Carol Huber Secretary Patti Jones Sandra Kannlainen Mary Ellen Madsen Monte May Treasurer Rick Milner Kathy Montague Cherlyn Olson Lana Parks Slender. supple bodies s+re+ch and glide into flowing Pat- terns that give form tothe whole range of mans Imagination. 332 George Pelsmaeker Marilyn Rappleye Leah Richards Tomie Schreiber Judy Sealy Colleen Shields Mary J. Shimoda Diana Sorenson 1.23- +ense silhoueHes of Orchesis members black sfudy agains'r fhe brighf wall. Sheri Thomas Vicki Van Wagenen Mariam Wadsworth Karen Wagsfaff Margot Walker Andrea Wafkins Kathy Young 333 W mg n th-aw' ?FwV '7 ,,,,V,,,., Hit WWW Hy o um Rick Nelson President Pete Burns Rick Burriston James Caruso Lewis Caruso Dean Chisler Tom Coleman Larry Evans Stephen Edgar Treasurer Sports Chairman Dave Davis Tom Dolan Organized in September, 1962, by ten sports-minded men, the Norsemen now have over fifty members. They strive to build a great brotherhood in four areas: sportsmanship, scholarship, sociability, and service. This past year the Norsemen have been strong partici- pators in the campus intramural sports and have held other special sports events. One of the most interest- ing was their broom ball hockey event held in January at the Winter Gardens. The game was much like hockey, but the teams of fifteen men each wore no ice skates, and brooms and a soccer ball were the equip- ment. All had an exciting time, but admitted it was a rough sport. The Club also held a swimming sports night and a ski trip to Timp Haven. West of Utah Lake, the armed Norsemen hunted game common to Utah-rabbit. This past year has been an exciting and interesting one for the Norsemen Sports Club due to their participation in and sponsoring both conventional and unusual sports. Jim Jones Publicitv Jack Howard Rick Jensen Sgt. at Arms Sam Jones Dan Loomis Greg Ludlow Doug MacDonald Vice-Presidenf Steven Fales Pat Farley Ronald Hall 334 Thomas Hart David Parker Dean MacDonald Burt McKeon James McLellan Len Pugh Louis Reeves Randy Reeves Jeff Reinking 151' Semesfer Pres. Social Chairman Historian Sherl Sfocking Charles Suggs Noel Sullivan Roberf Taylor Jerry Thomas Johnny Turner Al Warren Allen Young Pam Wilson Sweethearf Brooms and a soccer ball fake a beefing af +he hands of several 335 Howe rd Anderson Page Busken Kenneth Carwin Kenny Driggs 336 Marion Bentley Lewis Campbell Stephen Clark Sid Frazier u m m Martin Bing ham Dennis Carlston Kent Garrett Thomas Sfubben President Steve Bullock Allen Dixon Douglas Hacking auel Hall SCIefy m M w 7 s: , a 71 w x Having lobsters and clams flown directly from Bos- ton to Provo isn,t the major purpOse of the Samuel Hall Society, but their authentic New England clam bake serves as an example of the group,s originality. Or- ganized in 1962, Samuel Hall Society seeks outstanding students in athletic, academic and leadership fields and attempts to place them in an environment encourage- ing brotherhood, social functions and personal growth. Dinner discussions with noted faculty members provide the bulk of the yearly activities. Speeches are followed by a questioning period so members may become con- versant with the subject matter of the lecturer. The Halloween party, however, is fast becoming the fav- orite tradition of the Society; monster costumes, com- plete with coffins, and attempts to identify the mon- sters provide the members and their dates With ghastly ehtertainment. Just before graduation, Brickerhaven, a day and a half of activities up Provo canyon capped With a steak fry, provided the memberst last fling. Kenny and Kerry Driggs enjoy a moment alone at the New England Clambake. Samuel Hall's outstanding yearly affair. Jim Johnson Sfeve Lake Little Bob Martin Steve Martin Gregg Mendenhall Roberf Millet Dick Nemelka Terry Olson Larry Painfon Craig Raymond John Reese Larry Seamons Wally Skidmore Boyd Sorenson Burk Smith Ronald Sumner Robert Tarran Toni TGYIOV Hisforian Stephen Thomas Craig V. Wenfz Secretary-Treasurer 1 1 111 H w Sid Whiting Hal Williams Roberf Wood Sergeant at Arms William Wrigh? Jan Zumbrenen Vice-Presidenf 9 Members enioy an amusing momenf af an affer-dinner lecfure by Dr. Sferling Sessions. 338 Dan Bailey Donald Furnival Peter F. Berry Vice-President Bob Hinkle Mike Hamilton President Bruce Cromar Gordon Eddington Flint Jackson Beginning their year with a deer hunt up Hobble- creek Canyon, Sportsmen continued throughout the year to further their interest in sports. The group was or- ganized in 1959 by boys interested in athletics, but who wanted to have a sports-oriented club that placed less emphasis on social activities. Events continued during the hunting season in November as members combined with the Sportswomen for their annual Sports- feast. The boys went hunting, then the girls cooked the game they bagged. In February the annual giant slalom race was held at Solitude and a Sportsmen Cup awarded to the winner. It has long been a tradition to have rabbit hunts throughout the year, and a water ski- ing trip to Lake Powell is also becoming an annual event. Clinics conducted by qualified members were held several times during the year. The members combined with the Sportswomen in the final activity, a traditional luau complete with roast pig and trimmings. Larry A. Kelly Keith Loraine ' KeWh R'chins Dave Seamons Charles Randall Richard Rasmussen Slecretlary Athletic Director Ronald Shook Jim Stead John Thorne Brad Weston Historian .M? h u v. v m H a u ,- - y : :1: u 4 mwuu H w x I us. m 1-: QJI o . Ea - " ' -m' a 9 ' . ' - r "Infinify is a Never-Ending Cycle." was fhe +heme of winning floaf sponsored by Sporfsmen and Spor+swomen. 339 u , N t m w m mu m w . N , u u u : W t H H w W m t 22.8 H m - u 4 N w m u H M m m ; m u w m m m7 T 'rJH Open house for all interested prospective members he- gan the year for Sportswomen. This group, which fosters participation and good sportsmanshhip, planned a year full of enjoyable activities. A bike ride, getting-to-know- you activity and roller skating party aided the new mem- bers in becoming acquainted. With the float TTInfinity Is a Never-Ending Cyclef portraying a cyclist upon his ve- hicle, the Sportswomen gained the recognition of having Sandra Murphy the best all-around float in the Homecoming parade. Cook- Presidem ing is also one of the attributes of this group,s members; they cook the prey the Sportsmen killed in their annual hunt, then the two groups combine for the traditional Sportsfeast. This yeafs feast had an Indian theme, and everyone came in Indian costumes. The annual invitation- al was held at the restaurant atop Bridal Veil Falls. Cli- maxing the year, an authentic luau with roast pig, torches and native costumes, was held with the Sportsmen. m y l!" m: w W Julie Anderson Marcia Ballard Sylvia Borer: Vicki Brown Ruth Buckmilier Linda Sue Butler Marcia Chalk Vice-President Vickie Crompfon Elaine Earl Bobbi Hansen Intramurals Luan Chandler Penny Hepfinger Wendy Johnson Patti Jones Sue Larson S+uden+s chuckled when they saw +he sad predicament of 340 Carol Listak Janice Malan Card Mendiola H H y quwmwhmug r Karen Rae Miller P. Montgomery Aneffe Mozley Sandra 0rd Elaine Ray Behy Rice Treasurer Karen Seamons Donna Sirrine Maryann Sorensen Secrefary Trudy Iejched Elizabeth Terry Nancy Van Dyke PublICIfy Nancy Tindell Mary Jo Wansgard Phoebe Wilkins i Bunny. +he Sporfswomen confribufion +0 Snow Sculpfuring. 341 h Cristy Valentine President r9 i .r- 1 Patricia Airy Gayla Amundsen Christy Arnold Kathy Candland Susan M. Carter JeAnne Bryan Treasurer Leta Boyer Editor A7,, Judy Chadwick Camille Christensen Suzanne Clark Renee Hefcher Secretary Linda Cropper Diane Day Janis Denton 342 Carol Etta Clement ttAt your service, was the very fitting motto of the BYU Chapter of Spurs. This national honorary service unit for sophomore women, which was organized on campus in 1956, constitutes a backbone of the service units. Their regular projects of the year included visiting the State Mental Hospital weekly, teaching the mentally retarded at American F ork, reading to blind students, ushering at spring semester devotionals and aiding foreign students. In addition the Spurs participated in the A.M.S.-A.W.S. Christmas Drive, supplied held at registration and the stu- dent art sale, and won a plaque in this yearts Blood Drive. Social activity was also provided by joining in the fun of Homecoming, Winter Carnival, Songfest, the Founder,s Day Celebration, and the spring invitational. Highlight- ing the year for the spurs was the Regional Convention for which the BYU Chapter was host. This event drew the National Spurs Officers from many area schools. egt x h x 2 AL h Lti A X Mary Ann Goodall Sharon Gould Susan. Hepworfh Margaret Hill Historian F? t , Carma Johnson Advisor Linda Ingram Marlena Jensen Another service ot the Spurs is reading to blind students. Ann Jones Members of Sharlee Lampson Marsha Lee Spurs amuse pafienfs Marsha Lynn Lee Vice-Presidenf Lyn McLane Linda Parr Kathleen Pearson Linda Rose Claudia Sewell m7 ' 5471. Lou-Jean Shurfleff Linda Shumway Margaref Simmons Dianne Smith Chrisfine Sproul Nedra Sproul Carol Lee Stouf Marsha Van Deburg : Carol Ann Walker Joanne Warr Judi Wolff 343 Kay Beebe Mary Ellison Betty Hooker Marilee Nordfors Appropriately the name Thea Alexis means ttCoddess of Service" and the. BYU service unit bearing it boasts the motto iiA helping hand." The Thea Alexis women were first assembled in the mid 19505 with the purpose in mind to serve the BYU student body, to encourage activity and scholarship, uphold the traditions of Brigham Young University and promote the "Spirit of the Y? To ac- complish their goals, the freshman women have worked at Terri.Mann the Provo Mental Hospital and at the American Fork Pres'dem training school. Some of the girls spent their Sunday hours at American F ork teaching Sunday School and their Thursday evenings giving the Mutual lessons. They also sponsored Christmas parties at both American Fork and Provo. Some of the girls devoted part of their time to assisting the blind students on campus by reading to them and the whole unit worked to bring Christmas cheer to its iiChristmas Family." The Thea Alexis Invitational was held the early part of April this year. Karyn Cederlof Ellen Clark Phyllis Dixon n, 5 Jennie Ferguson Shannon Hammond Kathleen Hill Peggy Jones Kay Kent Jan Lud'wiq Proiect Director .4 j 3; .F ,7 Sharon Reed Janis Rich Susan Smith Sgt. at Arms :rx .. g ; Susan Sfucki Jeanne WhifloCk Secretary Sue Ann WhiMe MIA has begun and fhe pafienfs gafher around Thea Alexis members for insfrucfions. TTLQa Alexis members gafher fo boafd buses bound for American Fork Trgining School where +hey feach MIA; Diana Troufner Lyn Williams Bette Baxter Kassie Felt Wendy McMurray 346 Carole Clarke Patricia Garrett Ruth Jacob Sheri Pardoe H t :1H H Net 3;; 3 i Colleen Cro" Ellen Gray Secrets ry-Treasurer Diann Jensen Cultural V-Fresideni Colleen Peay Sheryl Sand berg President Sharyn Edman Susan Greenwood Socual VIce-Pres. Anita Lambert Asst. Sec.-Treas. Veda Petersen liu e U n It H T0 iiSeek Beauty in All Things? is the aim of the members of the Vakhnom Culture Unit. Founded in March of 1964 with 30 girls, membership has reached 90, with rush being held at the beginning of spring semes- ter only. Sharing cultural experiences and at the same time promoting friendship among girls with similar in- terests were fostered with such activities as seeing as a group iiFlower Drum Song, at the Valley Music Hall in Bountiful, ushering at the Utah Civic Ballet, assist- ing in culture activities for Associated Women Students Week, and helping with Sub-for-Santa. Rosanne Tueller Nielsen addressedi Vakhnom during Wilkinson Center Week; and firesides and exchanges with various groups on campus were held in addition to Homecoming festivi- ties, iiComic Capers? and a talent show. iiYule Tide Spice? the theme of the Christmas Dance, was held at the Homestead in Midway, Utah, and the year was brought to , a memorable close with the Spring Dinner Dance in May. The eyes of +he girls at Jrhe Vakhnom spring openhouse are fixed Marlene Ratliff Lee Ann Reeve Linda Skousen Christine Smith Diana Smoo' Sharon Sfewar? Chaplain Ruth Thomson Vicki VanWagenen Ruth Walker M. Key Whimey .n Chris Smi+h. who, wifh gui+ar in hand. provides musical en+er+ainmenf for all. 347 , :3? r m m Kw 3:2, m m m mmw r u m t mm In h H Susan Tout President Mary Barnett Kathy Bingham Evelyn Jean Blaser Linda Bonner Carole Brown Beverly Burrup Paula Co'trell Secretary Patte Dean Arlene Falslev 7-x-w ' ?WF'. 7 1,? - WWW? t m h . . During the school year of 1941-42, a group of BYU women investigated the National Spurs Service Organi- zation but decided to remain independent. They chose as their organizatiOn name, however, the Spanish word for spurecalcares, and became known as the Y Calcares or Y.Cfs. Then in the spring of 1955, through the efforts of Y.C.'s, Spurs was organized for sophomore women; since that time Y.Cfs has been a unit exclu- sively for junior women. The Y.Cfs have served the campus through ushering at assemblies, lyceums, and other school functions, and by spending many hours at the information booth, reading to the blind, and help- ing at Child Haven. The festivities of Homecoming Week, Winter Carnival, Song Fest, ISC Service Week projects, and co-sponsoring the Belle of the Y Contest with the Intercollegiate Knights enlivened the year for the girls. In addition to service and social aspects, the 3.0 C.P.A. of Y.Cfs also indicates their academic excellence. Ca rol Kelsch Secretary Dianne Johnson Pam Jones Kirma Kenner Carolyn Lamoreaux Reola Felts Rose Ann Finlinson Carol Gates Bonnie Harris 348 Vickie Moffett Historian Joan Mclllece Doralee Martenson Julie Nutter Paulu Page Susan Plofkin members of Y Calcares. Pamela K. Redd Shirley Rober'lson Patricia RoHson Ellen Roundy Donna Sheffield Nancy Sidwell Olivia Smith Joan Sudweeks Carolyn Thomas Treasurer Vice-Presidenf 349 Center of a major campus controversy this year, the Young Men welcomed in the second semester by learn- ing their suspension had been reduced by the BYU Su- preme Court four months, from Sept. 1 to May 2, 1966. The group, a member of the pep committee, had been sus- pended by the IOC for malfeasance 0n the part of several of their pledges. Before its suspension this year, and since its organization during the 1963-64 school year, Hgmyidgfn the Young Men have helped to engender campus iipep, en- thusiasm and espirt de corps? goals of the organiza- tion. From its beginnings with only eight interested students, it has grown to a diversified group boasting over sixty active members. This year the Young Men won first place in Skits-o-Frantic, guarded the cougar at the stadium 24 hours a day for two weeks prior to the Utah game, produced film shorts for the campus theatre, attended a number of away-football and bas- ketball contests, and sang in the annual Songfest. Joe Abegglen Glenn Ahrens Robin Allen Lee Anderson David R, Balmforfh Alan Balmforth Doug Bitter Ron Brown Lare Eastland Allan Ferris Jeffrey Green Russell J. Green Public Relations it" Mm Curt Burnett Cam Caldweltht Bob Castle Jon Gregory Doug Gulbrandsen Bob Guymon Randy Hailstone Treasure? Tom Chapman David Christiansen Brent Cordon Cliff Danielson 4 F v Cam Caldwell leads the Young Men and their enthusias- tic followers in support of the Cougars at New Mexico. 350 Mike Jackson Dave Jensen Ron Jensen Dennis Jenson Craige Johnson Rocky Kuonen Marc Louper Edward Lindquisf gj'w mu Roger McVean David Miller Bruce Muir Charles Nackos John Nelson Richard Norfon Ron O'Nion Yell Leader H x x H. - n, V m L HAW u 'H Michael H. Osfler Dale B. Pearce Randy Pico aliggfeprgtfggiy William A. Ross Ron Rumfallo Russ Seeman Mike Sheen Kirksmanmeifh Mickey Sfeimle Gary Taylor Gerry Thomas Mark Thompson Don Thorpe Richard Villa Tom Wanner ecre ary w m mmmm sfand all nighf guard arou d BYU's proud cougar. h BIeary-eyed pledges. supervised by Roger McVean and Lare Easfland. 351 Leading the Homecoming parade with the tradition- al block nY7 were the girls of White Key. Identified by their uniforms and White Key pins worn each Wednes- day, members could be seen distributing student tele- phone directories or participating in holiday festivities or listening to such special speakers as President Wayne B. Hales, physics professor; Dr. Beulah Allen, former Dean of Nursing; or Dr. Kenneth L. Cannon, HDFB professor. Sylvia Noyes White Key was first womerfs service unit to be established P'eSidm at BYU, organized in 1933. Membership is limited to senior women with a 3.2 minimum G.P.A.; selection is based on scholarship, active support in all duties performed, adher- ence to the standards of the school, good character, pre- vious activity, and loyalty to the school. F ostering ser- vice and furthenhg the best interests of BYU, promoting a spirit of fellowship among the students and encourag- ing scholarship are the primary objectives of White Key. Mary Babcock Stephanie Carlisle Annettee Cotfam Elva E: Davis Advxsor Linda FOUfZ Helen Free Cathy Hales Connie Palmer Cheryl Ann Pay Matte Marfe Pond Elizabeth Russel! Treasurer Historian VIce-PrESIdent ,3 m gwmwm- .H uh it v H u t - W," mm: m. m WW WA , 5L Carol Hartman Carol Huber Cheree Jensen Andrea Lee Claudia Smith R, Diane Stone Ruth Thomson Wm Elizabeth Lindsey Anita Lytle Teresa Mann Orlean Miller It is traditional that members of the White Key organiza tion lead the Homecoming parade with the white block Y 352 Heritage Halls Council Acting as a co-ordinator for the 24 Heritage Hall presidents, the Heritage Halls Council serves as a bridge between the girls in the halls and the admin- istration. Each week the presidents meet with AWS leaders and members of student government to gather information to convey to their girls. Each hall spon- sors activities for its residents, but the Council is in charge of special events for all members of Heritage Halls. During the year, the girls in each hall com- peted for excellence in housekeeping, sports, academ- ics, and social and cultural activities. Each year a traveling trophy is awarded to the hall which has most members with a GPA. over 3.5, and a permanent trophy is given to the hall whose members have the highest over- JoAnn Hughes, Secretary: Pam Edeskuty. President. Back . '- Front row: all G'PA The blggest eyent 0f the year was the InVl row: Janet Jackson. Treasurer; Monica Landward, Historian: Nedra tatlonal 111 May, done thlS year on a PolyneSIan theme. Reese. Adviser; Sondra Merrell. Vice-Presidenf. From row: Nedrc Reese. Adviser: Jo Ann Hughes. Secretary; Pam Edeskuty, President: Sondra Merrell. Vice- Presi- denf: Janet Jackson. Treasurer: Monica Landward. Second row: Kathy Bird, Maeser; Karen Williams, A. Richards: Gayle Rockwood, Wells: Elaine Renell. L. M. Smith: Karen Hoyal, Harris: Leslie Rogers, Penrose: Edra Lynn Munns. Tingey; Marie Garrett. Whitney. Third row: Doris Ann Stroud. Snow: Diana Bingham. Broadbent: Claire Willey. Car- roll; Kathy Dalzen, Fugal; Jeanette Lyon. Fox: Kathleen Rawlins. Felt. Back row: Caroyln Burgess. Gates; Diane Geor- gell, Kimball: Kathy Smart, E. Richards: Monte Bunker. Rogers, Second Semester; Marsha Thompson, Rogers. First Semester; Dian Thomas. M. F. Smith; Janet Erickson. Robinson. 353 lnter-Housing Council Kg... e l i, 1?: R XX; Re-organized from the Student Administration Coun- cil, the Inter-Housing Council was formed in the spring of 1965 to unify all of the on-campus housing. At the he t beginning of October the IHC sponsored a leadership day to orient all of the new officers of each dorm to their responsibilities and to share ideas for activities. Later in October, the Council hosted the IACURH Conven- tion attended by representatives of housing councils from universities all over the country. Bob Toomer and Claudia Thompson were elected as president and secretary-treasurer, respectively, of the IACURH. For all On-campus students achieving a 3.5 C.P.A., a scholar- ship banquet was given March 10 with a trophy going to the dorm with the highest average. The Council l sent represenatives t0 the various inter-mountain and Meeting in a jam session. Inter-Housing Council members seek +he opin- national conventions to gain insight into problems: ion of their advisor, Nedra Reese, in making plans for their activities. w w l t l m l t m u m H , m w m m H mm u M w t, m u: m mHmm l m m -- u m mHH w m m m u ,w :t Hm u umuj u Hululuwv Front row: Nedra Reese, Adviser: Claudia Thompson. President of Inter-chsing Council: Patti Greaves, President of Wymount Terrace: Back row: Robert J. Jensen, President of Men's Residence Halls Council: Helen Bloomquist. Assembly: woman: Pam Edeskuty. President of Heritage Halls: Carol Dixon, President of Women's Residence Halls Council: Darryl R. Glissmeyer. Vice-President 0? Men's Residence Halls Council. 354 t 'w iguwuw M iii! W Inter-Terrace Council ; . Coordinating the activities of the single girls living in Wymount Terrace 1'3 the Inter-Terrace Council which has been in existence since 1962. The council is made up of the dorm presidents and executive offi- cers of the terrace, and acts as a means of communi- cation between the administration and the students. A watermelon bust was held September 13 to get acquaint- ed, at which Dr. Reed Bradford spoke on the iiSpirit of the Y? The girls of Wymount Terrace entered a float with the theme, iiThe Worth of a Child, in the Home- coming Parade and walked away with the Sweepstakes award. Fun festivities planned by the council included . t the annual Wymount Terrace Invitational held in the g, ,z'i" ".g.-.t t Wilkinson Center ballroom, a Christmas party at Moun- "The Worth of a Child" was the theme for the very striking and beaut tain Meadow Ranch, a surprise breakfast and spiritual iful float entry of the lnter-Terrace Council in the Homecoming parade. meetings as testimony and Special-speaker firesides. Front row: Jo Lynn Peterson. Secretary; Kathy Melouf. Treasurer; Linda E. Flannery. Publicity; Camille M. Cornabyi Executive Vice-President; Patti Greaves, President: Lynda J. Perkin, Historian: Brenda Phillips, Vice-President of Sports. Back row: Danna L. Hunter, 7C President; Linda Boyd. 73 President: Nedra Reese. Adviser; Caroyln Myler, 7D Presi- dent: Tresa Thacker, 7A President; Irma Hoke. IB-C President; Susan Greaves, lAeB President. 355 Men's Residence Halls Council Composed of 15 members, the Menis Residence Hall Council is anxious to provide experiences for students living in the residence halls in student government and a social activities program which they could plan for themselves. Over 800 students attended the free hand dance in early October at Cannon Center which was sponsored by the group. Later in the same month they and twenty other such councils from area colleges par- ticipated in the Inter-Mountain Conference. Highlight- ing the social year for the group was the MRHC Invi- tational themed iiMe and My Shadow" which drew some 2,000 students. With the Womenis Residence Hall Coun- cil they co-sponsored a iiStrike It Biclf, talent show and awarded gift certificates and trophies t0 the win- ners. Other activities included a trip to Chicago for a National Residence Halls convention and a banquet. Linda PoHer awards trophies to winners of Jralen'r show spon- sored jointly by Men's and Women's Residence Hall Councils. Front row: Don Poole. Adviser: Becky McCance. Secretary; Robert J. Jensen. President: Ron Mitchell. Bill Schaefer- meyer, Bob Jackson. Steve Sidwell, Adviser: Owen Skousen. Second row: Ron Ruggles. Daryl Glissmeyer. Vice-President Social: "Bud" Lewis Wood. Torn Sykes. Executive Assistant: Robert Y. Valentine. Assembiyman; Richard Sharp. Execu- tive Vice-President. Back row: Bill Atwood. Joe Giles, Paul Roberts. Vice-President Finance: Don Eardley. Vice-President Student Relations. 356 Women's Residence Halls Council Composed of the girls, halls presidents and vice- presidents of Helaman Halls and Desert Towers, a presi- dent from the previous yeafs council and her execu- tive officers, plus two advisors, the Womerfs Residence Hall Council serves to help the women,s dorms function more smoothly. In. an effort to promote a spirit of sis- terhood and cooperation among the girls living in the residence halls, the council acts as a disseminating body for information concerning housing rules and to exchange ideas and work out problems which arise in housing, student government and family councils. The council sponsored a Housing Talent Night, December 10, and a Leadership Conference in October to orient dorm officers to their responsibilities. Mountain Meadow Ranch was the scene of the Christmas party and then once each semester a retreat was held for the council. Members grope for ideas as they discuss plans for Invitational. Front row: Donna LaVaHeyt Q Hall President: Cheri Maugham. Merrill Hall Vice-Presidenf: Linda Potter. Executive Vice-Presidenf: Caro Dixon. President: Kathy Pond, Merrill Hall President: Caren Cosgrave. Budge: Hall Vice-President. Back row: Don Poole, Advisor: Patricia Anderson. C Hall Vice-President: Gene Wade, Q Hall Vice-President: Georgia Mittermeier. R Hall President: Kathy Taylort Treasuurer: Carolyn Edmiston, Secretary: Linda Struhs, Budge Hall Presi- dent: Owen D. Skousen. Adviser. 357 Housing: An Experiment in Living R Despite +he lines and noise, food was appealing after a long day. 358 The new Deseref Towers complex. particularly the cafeteria, was never silent. despite carpeted hallways and quite elevators. ,, , . 7.42, , err ome life for '4 BYU student is an experiment in hu- man compatibility and adjustment. Students .need relief from the college rut; they seek a place to dump their books, an atmosphere conducive to study and a place where food is plentiful. They need a place to belong. The 1900 girls in Heritage and VVymount apartments strung spaghetti over the kitchen, listened to the Tijuana Brass and even read a few chapters of their botany book now and then. The 2100 boys in Des- eret and Helaman, by comparison, lived a fairly care- free life. On the basis of the dubious thesis that all cafeteria meals are terrible, they complained vocifer- ously; but any disgruntled girl babysitting :1 011000- late cake made from scratch would tell them to be thankful for their blessings. Off-campus housing ranged from the opulent Roman Gardens t0 the most pestiferous hole, and residents enjoyed freedom from the discipline and dorm parties of on-campus housing. It was assumed that married students got along with their roommates, but their children spent many tedious hours experiment- ing with the dynamics of sandpail-filling. But even this minor activity was a part of the kaleidoscope of housing. Each night on dorm floors. some gathered to kneel in prayer. h M u mi FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: Cenfer: Reed Halladay, President Back: FRESHMAN CABINET: Cenhr: Don Silver, Participafion. Back: Sue Suzanne Jones, Secrefary: Lee Barney, Assemblyman: John Toronfo, As- WOOdWard, Hisforian; Jay Jacobsen, Culfure: Don Eafon. Finance; Reed semblyman: Bryanf Brown. Vice-presidenf. Wilcox. Publicify. 360 Freshmen Join School Activities 11 spite of being the newest class, freshmen jump- ed immediately into school activities. Class mem- bers added to school spirit during the Homecoming para- de by entering a float with a huge trophy signifying the BYU WAC victory and a coffin labeled U of U; fresh- men also triumphed in a competitive bonfire rally. In November, frosh sponsored the IBM dance. It only took two IBM 1320 and 7040 computers 35 minutes to match up the 3200 students who had filled out questionnaires, but lanky coeds waltzing awkwardly with stubby boys showed that the pairings had not always been suc- cessful. During Winter Carnival, the freshmen again gained prominence as frosh entrants were chosen as attendants for royalty Nevin Anderson and Sue Larson. For the first time this year, freshmen were able to demonstrate their artistic talent by submitting work to a new freshman literary magazine and displaying their art in a special show in the Y Center. The class also took first in Songfest and sponsored a student- body dance 00Carousel0, variety show and frosh formal. CHEERLEADERS. Boys front to back: R. Q. Shupe, Mike Ostler. John Kremer. Willard Fillmore, Bob Morris. Mark Peterson. Girls left to right: Mary Jean Young. Patsy Blackham. Valerie Gray. Linda Kerr. Judy Lem- mon. Diana Sorenson. Va FRESHMAN HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Front Row: McGreggor Williamson. Jayne Litster, Linda Gordonr Patrick Sherrill, JoAnn Kinghorn, Ann Nagata. Terri Barbone. Second Row: Patti O'Brien. Phoebe Wilkins. Candy Robbins. Betsy Kirk, Janet Ramsey. Dee Ann Bevan, Launa Housekeeper. Cheryl LeBaron, Bette Davis. Third Row: Tisa Uda-Il. Bryant J. Brown, Carol Barker. Larraine Rudd, Roy Tammer. Susan Hamby. Maryann Sorensen, Kay Mathewson. Fourth Row: Steven Brown, Jennie Ferguson, Karyn Weenig. J'net Hughes. Steve Turner. Roger Bullock, Mont Thompson. Kim Peterson. Back Row: R. Craig Smith, David F. Paulsen. Bill Fillmore. 361 Freshmen . Aagzrd, Klm Welby Aagar , Mary Andrea AG to Ba Aarom John Wendel Abboff. Anne AbboH'. Jannine Sue Abney. H. Earl Adam, Judifh Ann Adams. Ahulia Arsia Adams. Alicia Adams. David James Adams. Nolan Adams. Peggy Rufh Aders. Lorna Lee Adkins, Helen Sue Ahlander, David Brown Ahls+rom. Joseph James Ainsaoamigues, Serge M. Albrechfsen. Susan M. Albrecht WiHiam S. Alder, Linda Allen. Donna Chrisfine Allen. Grady Thomas Allen, Jerry Ballard Allen. Kenne+h Reed Allen. Thomas Ar'rhur Allred. David Dean Allred. McKelI W. Allred. Orville Cl de Alvarez. Juanifa Aice Alvarez. Marguerife A. Alvey. Deanna Marie Amrhien. Richard James Andersen. Jeannine Andersen, Susan Marie Anderson, Carol Anderson. Dana Elvon Anderson. Dorofhy Anderson. Evan L.. Jr. Anderson. Gerard Henry Anderson. Howard C. Anderson. Janef Anderson. Karen Anderson. Kafhleen Anderson. Laraine Anderson. Luanne Anderson. Mark Lee Anderson. Mary Bernice Anderson. Mary C. Anderson, Nancy Anderson. Nancy Louise Anderson. Phyllis Anderson. Rebecca Ann Anderson. S+even F. Anderson. Thomas R. Andreasen. Donna . Andreason. Irene ; 3' , . - ! Andresen. S+ephen W. v, g u ' 7: '7 1 1 ' $ : 1' 1 f". Andreicik. Debra . . ' , ' ' ' Andrew. Rodney Howard Andrews. Reece Dexfer . S x h m mu m Andrews. Sfanley Jay , . Andrus. Joyce Zola , , ' Andrus. LaRene Anselmo. Sandra Lee Arave. Connie Rae Archibald. David Blair Arne". Lonny Delloyd m m m m w m m u m mu n u 1 m w W Arrowsmifh. James A. Arfhur. Karen Jean Asay. Sfephen Richeson Ashby, Erin Kay Ashfon, Donald Lesfer Ashfom Janef Ashfon, Wendy Coral Asfley. Elizabefh Ann A+kinson. Gloria Ann A+or. Boyce Alan AfwoocL Mervin Dewain Auan, Mary AvereH', Kei+h Douglas Babbel. Becky Kay Babbel, Gene William Backlund, Connie Backus. Ani'ra Louise Badger. Nancy Jean Bagley. Granf A. Bagshaw, Pafricia l. Baler. Carla Sue Bailey. Diana Louise Bailey, Mari Vawn Baird. D. Wayne Baird, Laura Noreen Bak. Casimir Vicfor Baker, Beverly Gay Baker, Carolyn Jean Baker. David Lee Baker, Kajhleen Baker, Kafhlene Anne Balderrama, Maria R. Baldwin, Bonnie Kay Baldwin. Cafhy Irene Balhorn. Cheryle Ball. Ar+hur Elden Ballard, Kenf Leverf Ballif, John Paul Balls. Lyne++e Balfz. Edward George Bangerfer. Suezan Bannis+en Kimberley 8. Barber. Lowell Coy Barber, Norman Carl Barker. Arfhur Jay Barker. Linda Barker, Laurel Alma Barksdale. Janice L. Barlow. Dennis Alvin Barnes, Henry G. Barnes. Ralph Thomas Barnes, Linda Faye Barney. Lee Alva Barney. Janef Bar+holomew, Wynn Evan BarHan. Carolyn L. Barfon. Cliff Bruce Bar+schi. Glenna Gene Bass. Flora Marlene Basfian. Raymond K. Bafchelder. Maryann Bafeman. Janef Bafeman. Kim Alan Ba+es. Cynfhia Sue Ba+es, Earl John Bafes. Pamela Rufh BaHy, Wayne George Baumgari'en. Judifh L. Bax+er, Julia Befh Bay, Judy Loreen 363 FreShmen Bays Maxine Ba to Br Bead'eslanaTgELYS: Beai. Linda Elaine Beale. Mona Louise BeardaH. Gordon Lee Beardall, Sherry Lee Beazer. Pafricia Lynn Beck, S+erling Roe Beck, S+ephen A. Becker, Joyce Lynn Beckwifh, Mary Jane Bedwell. Darlene Kay Bednarik, Dennis Frank Bee, Barbara Ann Beebe, Linda Marie Beebe. Kay Suzanne Beecher, Marilyn Begay, Andrew Lufher Belcher, Sandra Jo Belingheri, Kafhleen Bell. Marfha Marilyn Bell. Larry Vesfer Bell. Lorraine Bell, Mark Aush'n Bellessa. James L.. Jr. Bellision. Nancy Ellen Bellows, Barbara Belnap. Darlene Jean BeH', Donna Sue Bemis, John Richard Benge. Karalee BenneH', Dale Ralph Benne'rf, PauleHe Benninghoff. Susan C. Benson. WaHer F. BenHey, Affon Irene Ben+on, Sharon Sally Berg, Roberf Gordon Bergquisf. Linda Kaye Bernards, Dennis L. Bevan. Dee Ann Biedel. JeHrey Jerome Bigler, Judifh Gayle Billie. Charles Billings. Sharon Kay u ., Ii . .. . ml: Billingsley, Yvonne K. Bfndrup, Esfher Diane Bingham. Connie Bingham. Bruce Jay Bingham. Mark Allen Bingham. Melva Lynne Bingham, Michael R. Bingham, Richard C. Bingham. Wayne Ervin Binkerd. Jaxine Lee Birche". Clara V. Birch, Nancy Elvera Bird, AlbenL Roy Bird, Bruce David Bird. Deborah Mae Bird. Leroy Dean Bird, Roy K. Bischoff. Ronald Bischoff, Robemt Bishop. Sandra M. Bifner. Barbara Anne 364 Hhmrnuum : m .7 ., $ mm Biffer. Douglas B. Bifsilly, Wayne Black. Barbara Luanne Black. Edna Mariene Black. Leslie Kay Black, Lorraine Black, Ronald Eugene Black. Sandra Lee Black, Wayne Morris Blackwelder, Jane E. Blair, Henry William Blair, Theodore Roberf Blake. Keifh Sumsion Blamires, Larraine Blanchard. Donald E Blazer, Roberf Kent Bleak, Jerolyn Lea Bledsoe, Wilda Dee Blosser. Sue Bolfa. John Thomas Bond. Deanwa Bond, William Dolen Bone, Margaref Ann Boswell. Howard Bruce BoH', Deann Bouche. Jean Louise Bourne, Pamela Kae Bowen, Barbara Jill Bowen. Jolene Bower, Lael Jeannine Bower. Lynn Lorraine Boyd, Linda Frances Boyer, Roberf Owen Bradley. Bruce Dyer Brady, John Roberf D. Braifhwaife. Eugene G, Brant Michelle K. Brann, Timofhy Wayne Brannon. Roberf M.. Jr. Brashear, Penny Breneman. Kafhryn L. Brennan. Marilyn Joyce Bre+on. Theresa Brickey. Denfon Donald Briggs. Barbara Jane Briggs, Garry Walfer Briggs. Janice Brighf Rosemary Bright Lyn Edward BrinkerhoH. Allan T. Brinkerhoff, Krisi'in J. Brinkerhoff, Marvin T. Broadbenf. Sally Broadbenf, Paul F. Broadhead. Roberf S. BrockeH, Carol Lee Broderick. Marcia N. Bromley. Pa+ricia Lou Brooks. Cherrin EH Brooksby. Neil Sfark Brofherson. Karen Ann Brough, Phyllis Laurel Brown. Bryanf Jerome Brown. Courfney Allen Brown, Duward James Brown, Frederick Eli Brown. Georgia Annah Brown. Jared Frederic Brown, Kafhleen E. Brown. Larry Fred 365 Freshmen Br to Cl Brown. Margaref Ellen Brown, RobenL William Brown. Timofhy Roberf Brown. Viva May Browning, Penny Bruce, Claire Brueck. Philip Roberf Bruns, Rick E. Bryan, Cindy Bryson. Michael George Buchanan, Doyle P. Budzynskil Barbara J. Buffingfon. Ann Bullock, Lynda Louise Bullock. Richard D. Bullock. Roger Honri Burch.William B.. H Burden. Lana Laraine Burge, Linda Marie Burggraaf. Susan Burgess, Sheila L. Burgon, John Heber Burgon. Brenf Vance Burk. Carolyn Burkhammer, Linda L. Burnham, Dennis Taylor Burnham. Jon Charles Burningham. Merlene Burns, Andrea Burns, Kafherine Marie Burk. Burke Ned Burrows. Nancy Joan Burt Ka+herine Minnie Buri'. Joanne Burfon, Ann Bushman, Pafricia Ann Bufler, Donna Marie BuHer. Mary Anne BuHer. Pa+ricia Jean BuHcane. Ted E. Bu++ers. Diane BuHerFIeld Rulon J. Buzzell. Jeanne Lynne Byers. Thomas Edward Byg. David Noel Byrne. Geraldine Cain. David Maslen Calder, Sandra E. Caldwell. Alefa V. Caldwell. Sylvia Call. Donald J. Call. Nancy Ca". Richard R. Callisfer, Anne Callisfer. Rose Anne Camp, Jennifer Lou Campbell. Jonnie Lynn Campbell. Leslie Mary Candland, Rex ScohL Canffeld. Karlin John Cannon. Carole Canfrell, Thomas Ward Cardelli. Wayne M. Cardon, Bren+ 366 Brown, Lucy Ann Brown, Mona Dee Brown, Paula June h u -1 mu: WW 'm u v::: ::; ' ' My mum m Wm m m , u m m , 'Hmmwm mmwm ; b u m NW A ?N Cardon, Brenf Carfer. Cherie Carfer, Joan Esfher Carfer. Kafhleen Ann Carfer. Timofhy Morris Case. Carol Lynn Cassell, Kennefh Bruce Cassell. KeHh Alvin Casflefon, Helen Kay CasfeHon. Sfanley R. Cafhey. Carolyn Videne Cavaness. Gary Frank CaviH. Rober+ Leroy Caylor. Jimmie Lynn Cazier. Deloyd. Jr. Cederlof, Karen Jean Cerny, William Alfred Chabof. Terry Lynne Chadwick, Kenf C. Chaffin. Barbara Jean Chamberlain. Bonnie M. Chambers, John Allen Chandler. Gail P. Chandler. Timofhy Kenf Charles. Elsie L. Cheever. Janef Lea Cheney. Judy Lynn Cheney. Linda Cheney. Sharon Chevalier. Richard M. Chidesfer. Jay Edward Child. Ellen Marie Child, Beffy Elaine Child, John Roberf Child. Karen Childs. Ka+hleen Childs. Mary Ann Chisholm. Richard Neal Chivers. Laurie Alice Chodrick, Chrisfy Kay Chown, Bonnie Deans Chrisi'ensen. Alan S. Chris+ensen. Connie R. Chris+ensen. David L. Chrisfensen. Dianne C risfensen, Jan F. WWW - - Chrisfensen. John E. 1 1 3 111 1 1 L : ' 3 Chrisfensen. Judy ' ' V 7 Chrisfensen. Kafhryn Chris+ensen. Karen Chris+ensen. Kay Chrisfensen. Larry D. Chris+ensen. Leroy A. Chrisfensen, Linda Chrisfensen. Lora R. Chrisfensen. Lorelie Chris+ensen. PauleHe Chrisfiansen. Vida M ' ' ; Chrisfmas, Merriola FMMT . ' Chrisfopher, Rufh E. W A I ' ' ' Chuclleigh. waHer H. ' ' Chubbs, Allen Jay Chu. Susan Church. J. Thomas 3 ' I x Church. Kennefh Clark, Beverly Clark. Diane Clark, Dodd Leroy Clark. Frank Crocker Clark. Gloria Jean Clark, Jolene 367 FreShmen Clark, Sfephen Kenf . ' Clafer. Charles Roland CI to D. Clay, Loraine Ann Clayfon. Alice LiHian Clegg, Sandra Lee Cleverley, James M. Cline, Joseph Aaron Clop+on. Charles M. Cloward. Roberf Als+on Clum. Rock Brady Cobabe, Randall Joann Cobia. Dennis Howard Cochran. Mifzi Cochran, Vicki Cole. Alona Brenda Cole. Laurel Glen Coleman, Thomas Roberf Coles. Karen Lee Ceilings. Linda Mae Collins. Maryellen A. Collins. Lara Hudson CoHrin, James Ar+hur Compfon. Cherril Fae Compfon, Julia C. Congreves, Vincenf J. Conley, Gerald Clark Conner, William H. Connolly. Dean Bowen Connor. JudHh Gaye Connor. Rubon Cook. Alice Darlene Cook. Bruce Vernon Cook. Gary Lee W ' W Cook, Phillip Alonzo W3 'W 'WWW WWW WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW WWWW Coombs. Earl Sfeven . Cooper, Lesley Ann ' Cooper. Phyllis D. Cope. WaHer Kenf Corbin. Sharon Delilah WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW-WWWWWWWWWWW HWWWm , WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Cordray. Darilee Ann CorlessW Frances Lee Corne++e. Dolores E. Cornwell, Richard L. Cosgrave. Michael L. WWW CoHam, Lynda Mae Coffam, Kennefh R. fW WWWWWWWWWWWW'WW Coffle, William Bruce W K Courf. Owen Gran+ Cowan. Gordon Edward Cowan, Pafricia L. Cowley. Francess Ann Cowser. Kafhleen Cox, David Oran WWWWWHHWWWTWFWEEW V WWWWWWWWWWWWWW'WWWIW'WWWWWWI'WWWWWWWWWW W W WW WWW WW WWWHWH HWWHHHH WW W W 4M - Cox, Gayle Cox. Terrie Diane Cozzens. Cheryl Anne Crabb. Linda Dane" Cragun. Earl Brenf Cragun, Morey Arnold Craig, Alan SCOH' W ,; . . WWWWWWWWW : ' W W WW Cram, Susan Elizabefh Cramer, Richard McPhie Crampfon, JudiH'W Anne Crandall, Floy Fay Crane. Linda Ladawn Craner. Mary Elaine Crapo. Herber+ ScoH WWWWWWWWWWWW 368 W Crawford, Linda Lee Crays, Diane Jean Cresap, Megan Cridd'e, Keifh Jensen Criddle. Carolyn Crocker, Ann Charleffe CrockeH', James Leland Croft Noel Burdell Croffs. Delane Hyrum CroHs, Douglas Wayne Croffs. Sandra Crompfon, Janis Rae Cronk, Pamela Anne Crosby. David Melvin Crox+on, Lucinda Crysfal. Biily Ray Cubbon. Lynda L. Cullum, Sandra Beverly Cullum, Carole Paulene Cunningham. Ann Lee Cunningham, Richard Curfis. Nancy Louise Curfis, Shelley K. Cufler. Mary Aliene Dahlquist Charles H DaHon. Cheryl L. Dalfon, Donna Dee Dalfon. John Blackburn Daly. John Francis Dana, Nancy Darr. Maureen Dasfrup, Jeanine Davidson, Carol Ann Davies. David Gordon Davies. Diane Davies, Pafricia Jayne Davis, Blair Chanfrill Davis. Blair Davis, David Ira Davis, Jan Davis. Linda Dean Davis. Luella Jane Davis. Lorraine Davis Roberf Charles Davis, Shirlee Dawson, Edwin Kim Day. Diane Day, Frances Carolyn Day. Kafhleen ' Day, Sharon Louise Decol, Shari PauleHe Deharf. Cafhie Dejuncker, Velma Lavon Delia. JeH'rey DemeHer, Diane Lynn Dennis, Diane Carol Densley, S+eve Thomas Deroesf, Barbara L. Deryke, Kafhleen Despain. David Kim Despain. Keifh Howard Despain. Lynn Gardner Dibb, Roger Alan Dickman. Vernon Diddy, Jan Yvonne Dilard, Sarahlynne DilworH'I. Milfon Dean Dfnsmoon. Linda Jean Dixon. Brian Clyde Dixon, Phyllis 369 Freshmen Dixon, Pafricia . D' to FY Doszoggoiffss Dodds, James Terry Dodge, Donald Arvid Dodge, Roger Lyman Doman, Linda Donaldson. Pafricia 6. Donalson. John Darrell Doney, Ann Donnelly. Ilene Barr Dorny, Marsha Mima Dofy. Richard John Douglas. Jay William Douglas. Sherry Lynne Dowdle, Glen Lee Draney, Joann Caro! Draschil. Dawn Ellen Draper, Sandra Joyce Dresser, Jon Lauren Drinkwafer, Jean F. Dudley. Darolyne Anne Dudley, Janef Lynn Dugan, Darlene Duke. Charles Herberf : 1 : :1 1 Dukelow, Eva Louise Duncan. Larry Lee Dunford. Barbara Dunn. Janef Carofyn Dunn. Susan Durranf, Alice Durant Mary Anne 211m , 7 Durranf, Thomas Duynsfee. Pefer Lee Dysart Thomas Alvin Eagon. Linda Carol anuinfa. Joyce Kay Earl. Elaine LyneHe Earl, An+hony Secondo Earl, Marilyn Marie Earnest Loren Sfanle Easdon, Susan Helen Easf, Ronell Easfmond, Anna Clare Eafon, Donald Monroe Eby, Robin Irene Edgar, Cafhy Eve Edvalson. Anne K. Edwards. Dean C. Edwards, Dale W. Edwards. Sally Laraine Effinger. Nancy E. Egan. Rober+ Marshall Eiserf. Jerri Lee Elcock, Curf Eldredge. RobenL John Ellgen. Lorna Rae Ellis. Susan EHison, Donald Earl Ellsworfh, John Elmo Ellsworfh, Mary Elmer, George Rex Elsmore, Joseph R. Emiq. Jeanne Florence Enders. Vicki Marie England Lois Jane England. Pa+ricia 370 Ennis, Ken Epperson. David ScoH Erickson, Anifa Erickson. Carolyn L. Evans. Baird A. Evans, Bonnie Kay Evans. Helen Louise Evans. Laird A. Evans. Loren Paul Evans. Rawlin Alberf Evans, Susan Kay Everfsen, Ted Eugene Everf. Diana Rufh Fairchild. Diane Fales, S+even Carl Farley. Sheila Helen Farnswor+h, Harold, Ill Farnsworfh. Nancy Farnswor+h. Teresa Ann Farrer. Rand Glen Faulconer. James E. Ferguson. Darla Ann Ferguson. Leona Mae Ferguson, Richard Earl Ferguson, Timofhy Ferkovich. Alan Joseph Fewkes. Timofhy A. FHe, Anne Chrisfine Fife. Joyanne Fife, Linda Ann Fife, Margaref C. Fillmore. Pa+ricia Ann Fillmore. William L. Finch. Karen Findlay. Shirley R. Finlayson, Don Craig Finlinson, Dawn Fitzgerald, Joan Fifziarrell. Roberfa D. Flandro. Nafhlie Flefcher. Kafhleen Rae Fletcher. Roberf L. Flink, Christine Marie FloreH'i. Sandra Lea Flowe, CurHs Gerard Folkman. Roberf C. Fodnes. Shirley Irene Fornalski. Janef Kay Fos+er. William Dean Foulger. Sydnee M. Fox, David Kei+h Fox, Russell Ellis Frailey. Serena Jane Francis, Duane Wilson Francis. Samuel B.. Jr. Fraser. Pamela Jane Fredericks, Adrian B. Frederickson. Sue E. Freeman. Sue Marie Friedman. Joellen Fricke. Harold Frizell. Roberf Froebe. Diane Marie Fry, Susan Ann Fry. Jesse Elfon Fulkerson. Krisfine D. Fulkrod, Cheryl Leigh Fullmer, Jerry Furness, Ellen Fyans. Pafricia 371 Freshmen Gadd, Richard Sim son G a to Ha Gagnier. Rickeprin Gaisford. Georgia Sue Galbraifh. Roberf D. Gale, Sherilyn Galup. Jay Mark Gardenhire. Ida Elaine Gardiner, Lora Jean Gardner. Gary W. Gardner. Gwendolyn Gardner. Larae Gardner. Marilyn Gardnen Richard Marsh Garlock. Richard C. Garner, Jay Rulon Garner, Suzanne GarreH. Don Charles GarreH', Mary Lou Garre'H', Mark Leroy GarreH. Sfanford Owen Garfrell. Mary Garrison. Margaref E. Gafes. Sylvia Marie Gafherum, Terry Jeane Gedge, Joan Gail m w w E um 53 Gee. Richard W. Gehr. Rober+ William Gengler. Vic'ror Allen Gent Linda LaDean George. Beverly Jean George. Jane1L George. Roberf Harold w 4 1 1 1 1 131 ? . I : $Weiu$g$ivdI m m l . Gerszewski, Suzanne L. Gerrard. Joan Befh Gerfsch. Carolyn Mae GeHman, Duane A. Gibb. Edifh Gibb. Jessie Gibby, Lynda Gibson. Ceclia Ru+h Gidney. JeaneHe Gilbert Diane Louise Gilbert Mary Jane Gill, Shirley Grace Gilleffe, Frances Lynn Gillins, Sfeven W. Gines, Alfa Marie Glabe. Kafhleen Judifh Glabe. Larry David Gleim. Sherry Anneffe Gled'nill, Sherry Jean Glenn. Judy Ann Glenn, Linda Lee M. Glines. Margie Glover, Rebecca Alice Glover. Rebbecca Goafes. Arfhur Wayne Gold. Jo'ene Marie Good. James Sfevan Gooch, Rifchie B.. Jr. Goodpasfer. Ronald D. Goodrich, Keifh Lloyd Goodwin, Danny Edwin Goodwin. Bren+ C. Goodwin, Barbara Lynne Goold. Larry Bruce Gordon. Linda 372 Gough, David Michael Grace, Charles ScoH' Graeber, Margare+ C. Graesser, Deborah L. Granquisf. James W. Grant Gary Lee Grant Peggy JanneHe M H M Graves, John Pefer MW ' w Gray. Darius Aidan Gray. Dorofhy '7 7 ' Gray, Kafhryn Ann Gray. Karen Gray. Ronald Dennis Gray, Wayne Michael Gray, Valerie Lynn Gray, Vicky Lynn 7 . Greafhouse, Susan E. M M 3A ' Green. James Carlyle I " ' Gren, Ni+a Kaye Green. Theresa Yvonne Greene, Virginia w w . u m Greenwood. David E. Greenwood, Gerald O. Gresham. Thomas Gridley, George Roger Griffifhs. Janef Griff, Paula Maria Griffifhs, John Ken+ Griffifhs, Thomas W. Grismore, Regena Grossnickle. Gerald L. Grover. Kennefh Jusfin Grover. Linda Sherry Grover, Linda Eiaine Grover. Kenf F. Groves. David Gill Grow, John Dale Gubler. Bonnie Jean Gudmundson. Susanne Guinn. Harley Duanne Gulbrandsen. N. Douglas Gulbranson, Melville K. Gundecker, Sharon l. Gun+hen David Lee Gurney. Alene Edna Gurne . Paul Gran+ Gusfa son. Presfon K. GusfavesonM Jerry F. Gufzman. Candace S. Hacking. Lela Hackney, Bonnie Befh Haddon. Shara Dee Haddock. Randy Dean Haddow, Chrisfina F. HadfieldM Nancy Haigh, Jacqueline Hakes, Russell Alan Haldeman. Pamela Diane Haldeman. Sfeven Glenn Hale. Ann Marie Hale. Anneffe Hale. Michael Lindsay Hale, Wayne Zendell Hales. Carolyn Halford. Susan Hall. Myrna Lee Hall, Willis Jan Halls+rom, Sue Elien Halverson. Carol Lynn Halvorsen. Roberf . 373 FreIShmen Hamblin, Clgnnie Lei Ha to Ho Hambflfmhii'cngaim Hamby. Susan Kay x" W ,- W V W n w MM .wl' ,-n Hamilfom Douglas G. Hamil+on, Earleen Hammeff. Chrisfine - W i .h Hammond, Bebe Dale W . :W HMWH WW Hancock. Ronald Earl ' Handly. Kafherine Lois Haney, Raymond Lee Hanis, Michael Marfin Hank. John Louis, Jr. Haney. Wayne Howard Hanks. Carma Lea Hanks. Pafricia Anne Hannah. Gaye Marie Hanny. Joyce Elaine Hansen, Allen Brenf Hansen, Connie Jo Hansen. David Paul Hansen, David Dee Hansen. Diana C. Hansen. Diane Jean Hansen, Eric Groo Hansen, Faye Hansen, Garry Richard Hansen. Judy Ann Hansen, Karen Lynn Hansen, Naomi Hansen, Richard L. Hansen. Vickey Ann Hanson, Karen Lynn Hanson. Norman Wayne Hanson. Paula Jean Hardy, Charles Heber Hardy, Kafhryn Hardy. Nona Lynne Harker. Eva Kaye Harkness. Gordon Alan Harlan. Joanne Harman, David Ralph Harman. Danny Ray Harmon. Lynda Irene Haroldsen. Ronda E. Harper. Samuel J. Harr, Kafhleen Harringfon, Craig R. Harris, Randy Ja Harris, Ruf Harris, Terry 6. Harris, Teri Lee Harrison, Edwin E. Harrison. Philip Alan Harshberger, Gary Hars'ron, Dennis Tucker Harf. Richard Marshall Hart Virginia Lee Harfhun, Pamela Ann HarHey, Janice Sue Harfman. Paffy Lou Harfvigsen. Jeanne Haslam, Vicky Hasler. Lorraine :HasseH, Alan Ray Hassard. Charles E. Hasfings. David Warren 374 Hafch. Becky Leone Hafch. Denfen Myron Hafch. Merrelyn Jayne Hafch. Selby Tarrell Hafch. Sandra HaHaway. John David HaHon. Irene Virginia Hawk, Karen Elisa Hawa. Elias Michel Hawk'sworfh. Jerry Lee Haws. Terry Delmar Haycock. Margaref L. Hayes. Elwyn E. Hayes, Kennefh Howard Haymore, John A. Haynes. Judy Lillian Haynes, Kay 1 . ; H Haynie. Margaref K. Heasfon. Ronald Gene Hearn, Linda Anne Heid, Janice Jean Heiniger. Jane+ E. Heisfer, Linda Mae Heisel. Donald F. Heisel. Don Hemingway. Shanna Hemmerf. Tracy David Hemsley, Sandra Lynn Henderson. Gordon D. Heningen John Brian Hennessy. Jane1L L. Henricksen, Margaref Henrie, Thomas Dale Henry. David Herman HenryI Charles Lavon Herd, Pamela Hermansen, Sharyl Jean Herzog. Carol Leone Hess. Cheryle Doreen Hessel, S+even Ray HeHich. Kafherine Heward, Lynn Paul Hfam, Dale HiaH'. Phoebe Elaine H h H M . 1 " HiaH'. Sarah Nancy .. l: ' , Hickman, Clayfon Dee Hicks. George William Hicks, Bryan KemL Higham, Leslie Ann Hildebrand. Joseph R. Hill. Barbara Marie HiIL Helen Louise Hill, Jimmy Hill, Kafhleen Hill, Lawrence Arlo Hill, Linda Louise Hill, Susanne Marie Hilligass. Kafhie Hinckley, Clark Bryanf anhe. Helen Hirsf. Rufh Carol Hodneff, Lenna Hoffman, Gary Bruce Hofsfedf, Kriane S. Hofheina Lynda J. Hoffmann. Ingeborg C. Hogan, ScoH Hess Holbert Angela Kay Hoibrook. Helen Holgafe. Myrna Lou 375 Fresh men Hflladay, Bryin Dale Holada , Mars a Ann HO to Jo1 Holand. Granf K. Holley. Cherryl Kay Holley. Kay HoH, Hanson Lyman HoH', JeaneHe Holyoak. Margaref E. Homer. Dianne Hooker. BeHy Lee Hoopes. Cynfhia Ann Hoover, Ellen Jean Hopkin. John Arden Hopkins. Mark Davis Hopkinson, Glen 5. Hornby. Glen Leroy Horn, Sherry Renae Horsley, Maureen Hosac, Stanley James Hosfland, Kafhleen D. House, Darlene Dawn House, Pamela Jean Houskeeper, Laura Hovenden, Alan Edward Howard. Susan E. Howard, Thomas Lorin Howarfh. Rae Shirlene Howell. Gay Ann Hubbard David Charles Huber, Susan MyrHe Hucksfep, Cafhy C. Huchel, Frederick M. Hudson. Gail Ann Hudson. Rober+ Devere Huff. Jeanne Es+elle Huggard, Dennis Frank Hughes, Judifh Valeene Hughes. Jo Ann Hughes. Kennefh Lee Hughes. Mary Ann Hulet Karen Lee Hull, Elwyn Norman Hunsaker. Darlene Hunsaker. Judy Hunf. Brian William Hunf, Roberf Joseph Hunfer. Lynda Joy Hun'rer. Marlow C. Hunfer. Wayne Alden Hun+ing+on, Elizabe+h Hurst Eldon Winfield Hufchings, Doris Y. Hufchings, Karen Hufchings. Karen Laura Hufchings. Suana Hufchinson, Peggy V. Hufchison, Sheila HuHo. Pa+ricia Ann Hyer. Elaine Hymas. Sfeve Laverne lllum. Sfeven Francis lnouye. Sfephen Karl Isaac. Kaye Marie lsaacson, Jeaneffe M. Isaksen. Krisfine lshoy, David Fosfer lsbeH, Vicfor Kennefh 376 Isom. Michael Ray lvie. Rhea Jackson, Harvey Philip Jackson, Joann Jackson, Michael R. Jackson. Richard T. Jackson. RobemL Taylor Jacob. Ka+herine T. Jacobs. Lynn Sears Jacobs, Marsha Jacobs. Marilyn Jacobsen. Dick Henry Jacobsen. Merle Jacobsen. Susan Jacobson, Chrisfy Lynn Jacobson. Barbara Jacobson, Richard Fay Jameson. Richard G. Jamison. Carolyn Dale Janssen. Gayle Elaine Jayne. Fred Eugene Jeffs, Ernesf Paul Jenkins. Clifford L. Jenkins. Jenkins, Jensen. Jensen. Jensen, Jensen. Jensen, Jensen. Jensen, Jensen. Jensen, Jensen. Jensen. Jensen. Jensen. Jensen, Pamela Elaine Rebecca Boyd C. Carol Fae Claire Marie Daniel Leroy Gary Morgan Geraldine L. Ida Lucile Kafhleen Lynda D. Marla Leone Mary Donna Norman Gerald Renee Roberf Wayne Jensen. Sieven Daloy Jensen. S+ewar+ Allen Jensen, Sfeven Howard Jensen. S'rephen Henry Jensen. Susan Joy Jensen. William Craig Jenson. Merrill Boyd Jeppsom Karen Jeppson. Rebecca .JeweH, Irene Jex. Sfephen Michael Jimas. Barbara Ann Jimenez, Jeri Johansen. Mark 8. Johns, Layna Johnson, Alan Roberf Johnson. Ann Johnson. Bonnie Lynn Johnson, Bryan C. Johnson. Dana Johnson. Daniel Arfhur Johnson. Elaine Johnson, Elin Barbara Johnson, Evelyn Regina Johnson. Gary Johnson. Glade Raymond Johnson. Janice Kay Johnson, John A. Johnson, Judifh M. Johnson. Judy Carol Johnson. Karen Merene 377 Fresh men Jihnson. Krisfine Jo nson. Lorraine JO' 1'0 La Johnson. Margaref K. Johnsom Marilyn Anne Johnson. Meredifh Dawn Johnson, Michael R. Johnson. Nancy Ann Johnson. Norman Kay Johnson. Phillip Johnson, Richard Lee Johnson. Robert Lee Johnson. Van Lyle Johnson, Venice Johnson. Wendy Lee Johns+on. Anne Briscoe Johnsfon. Coy? Randal Johns+on. Susan Marie Johnsfon. Walfer James Jolley. Craig L. Jolley. Dean Lynn Jones, Barbara Lynn Jones. Brenda King Jones, Cheryl Anne Jones. Denfon Lenn Jones. Jeffrey Keifh S. Jones. Kennefh Evan Jones. Larry Marvin Jones, Mary Jane Jones. Mary Ann Jones. Nancy Carol Jones. Peggy Ann Jones. Rheim Brinfon Jones, Roger Kay Jones. Rosalind Bea Jones. Sally Ann Jones, Susan Jones Timo+hy Melvin Jones Valerie Jones. William Rowe Josephson. Joyce Lynne Judd. Kennefh Riley Judd. Nancy Marena Judd, Susan Kay Judd. Susan Kae Judkins. Penelope E. Julien. Craig Kenne'rh Julian. Mignon Jurinjak. Sheryl Lynn Jusfus. William Elmer Kay. Roberf Brenf Keeler, Kafhleen Joyce Keene. Earleen Claudia Keifh, Cheryl Lynn Keller. Lauren Barker Kelley. Kennefh Dale Kellum. Cheryl Carleen Kemper, Tanda Jo Kemsley, Connie F. Kenison, Mary Lynn Kennedy. Ronald Leroy Kennedy. Richard W. Kenningfon. Jane+ Kenwor+hy, Linda Helen Kerkes. Janis Gay Kerr. Eileen Cecilia Kerr. Linda Kesler, Kary Granf 378 Key. Susan Jean Kibbe. Karen Dorofhy Kiesel. Linda Lane Killian, Marsha Killpack. Russell K. Kimball. Lynda Diane Kimball, Kirf Michael Kimball, Richard W. Kimber, NaneHe King. Nyla Rae King, Sfeven Mi'rchell Kingsford. Linda C. Kinney. Rufh Nina Kirk. Elaine Kirk. Elizabefh S. Kirkland, Karen Elaine Kirkman, Joann Kirschbaum, James L. Kifch. Joel Roberf KiHerman, Sharlene Kline, Dan Ray Kludh Vicki Lynn Knight Vicky Lee Knight Sfephen Leslie Knighfon. Jerrod Van D. KnowHon, Lynn Leane Knox. Gregory Allan Knudsen. Joan Kofford. Helen Konold, Cherly Hollis Korber, Sharon Leone Kovacs, Michael S. Kraaier. Sydney Kraus. RobemL Howard Kreipl. Jean Kulbieda, Connie Rae J. Kump. Karen Kunzler, James Spencer Labaron. Cheryl Ann Labrue. Verla Sue Labrum, Barbara Joan Labrum. Sfephen Leroy Labrum. Ida May Lahmann. Thomas Ray Lafond, Marie C. Lamb, Elizabe'rh Mabel Lamb. Janis Carol Lambert David James Lambert Joan Lambert Richard KemL Lancasfer. Clarence S. Lancas+er. Thelma Ann Landes. Linda Lee Lane. Joyce Marie Langford. John Anfrim Langer. Susan Lynne Langley. Chrisfine A. Laplanfe. Alberf Larochell. Michael D. Larsen. Carolyn Larsen, Dianne Ngaire Larsen. Eric Allen Larsen. Lanna Jean Larsen, Neil W. Larsen. Neil Larsen, Susan Gail Larson. Anfhony Edwin Larson, Dorofhy Larson, Kennefh Bruce Larson, Mary Elsie 379 Freshmen Larson. Paul Richard La to Ma Lafham. Pamela Law, Georgia Lawlor. Rober+a Rae Lawrence. Charles R. Lawrence, David Paul Lawrence. James Daryl Lawrence. Rebecca Lawson. Elaine Laycock, Brenf Richard Lay+on. Kennefh Frank LeaviH. Roger LamomL LeaviH', Valoy LeaviH', Saundra Fawn LeaviH'. Verna Jean Lee, Florence Jean Lee. Glennaa Lee. Kafherine Marie Leeper. Kevin Ronald Lefler. Aleen Leifson, Frank Vicfor LeHo. Craig Richard Lemmon, AnneHe Louise Lemmon. Doris Dee Lemmon, Judy Lynne Lemon. Ann Marie Lemon, Shauna Lenik. Chesfer F.. Jr. Leonard, Terrie Linea Leonhardf. Helen Adele Lercher, Buni, Laura L. Lefher. Sheryl Lee Levifre. David Wayne Lewis, Corwin Glenn Lewis. David Bagley Lewis, James Wade Lewis, Linda Louise Lewis, Linda Jean Lewis. LaneHe Lewis. Marian E. Lewis. Pearl Krisfine Lewis. Susan Linda Lewis. Vicky Lorraine Light Kei+h Allen Lilya, Leen Ann Lindsay. Judifh B. Lifsfer. Jayne LaneHe LiHle. John Lavoy LiHle, Rosemary L?Hle. Susan LiHlewood. Merrill Livingsfone. Louise M. Lloyd, Colleen Lobo. Celso Roberfo F. Lofgren. Gary Frank Logan, Charles Howard Lohr, Donald Dean Long. Claudia Jean Long, Linda Lee Long. Margarei Earle Longmore, Lawrence R. Loose, Laura Woi Lords. Lillian Kay Lough, Fredrick Sieven Love, Judy Loveland. Bruce Oliver Loveland. Linda Lou 380 Lovell, Lawrence H. Loveridge, Larry W. Loveridge. Wayne ScoH Lowe. Judifh Lowrance, Daniel C. Lowrey, Cheryl Renee Lowry. Fred Brion Lowry, Linda June Lowry, Richard Bryce Lubniewski, Pafricia Luce. Shirley Renee Ludlow. Gregory C. Ludwig. Darlene Ludwig. Mary Jane Ludwig, Sue Ann Lundwall, Cherilyn J. Lunf, John Bruce Lunf, Harold MoffeH' Lu'rz, Marcia Rae Lybber+. Evonne Lynn, Diana Lyom Paffy Elizabefh Lyons. Pafsy Jean Lyons. Marc Francis Maas, Harold Arfhur MacDonald, Douglas A. MacDougaH. Merrilee Macklin. Barbara Jean MacLeod, Colin Barry MacNair. Margare+ E. Madsen. Rees ChrisHan Mahoney, Pafricia E. Mains. Elaine Marie Makepeace, Dorofhy A. Malan. ScoH Lynn Malouf, Murray Craig Mandin. Ian George Mangum. Linda Jean Manis. Sandra Lynne Manwill, Gail L. Marble, Marva Marchanf, Cafherine Marcune. Jo Raquel Marks, Rena Mary Ann Marlowe. WaHer Wayne MarrioH'. Sandra Jean Marsden. Elizabefh Ann Marshall. John Philip Marshali, Fred Jewell Marshall, Pafricia E. Marshall Tenia Irene Marfin. Carlene Marfin. Jeffrey Mac Marfin, Julia Anne Marfin, Melody Jean Marfin, Sherrill Floyd Marh'nez. Kafhryn L. Mason. Bradley Joseph Mason, James Chris Mafheny, Vicki Jean Mafheson, Lawrence E. Mather, Jenna Sherie Mefhews. William Lee Ma+hewson. Marian Kay Mafhis, Judy Carol MaHhews. Chrisfine MaHingly. George, Jr. MaHhies. Michael Paul Maffson, Mary Leora Maughan, Evelyn Fern 38! Fresh men Mo to Na Maxwell, Cheryl Jean Maxwell, Gilberf R. Maxwell! Marvin Ray May, Cafhrine Marie May, Monfe Mayne, Linda McArfhur, Arfhur Earl McArfhur. Be++y Louise McArfhur, James Rulon McArfhur, Joann McBride. Sharron McBride, Walfer Rex McBride. Wayne Frank McCall, AnHa E. McCain, Dennis Jay McCance. Beverly Lynn McClean. Grefchen McClellan. Charles E. McClellan. Norman L. McClellan, Larry R. McClemenf, Sylvia McClellan, Pamela Rae McClellan, Sandra Kay McClung, Brenda L. McCombs. Nadine Rae McConkie. Mark Lewis McCullough Jan Lee McCurdy. William James McDougall, Dianne B. McEwem Rae Dean McGloin, Judifh Anne McGregor, Gary Kay Mclnfyre. Pamela A. McKay. Karole Sue McKee. Michael Lynne McKell, Elaine McMillan, Bayue Brown McMullIn, Diane McNally. Maryella McNeely, Judy Mae McNiven, Helen Darlene McPhie. Karen McPhie. Karen McPhie. Michael Paul McRae. Mildred Gayle McRae, Terry Lee McSpadden, Donna Dee Mead. Hyrum A.. Jr. Mecham. Florence A. Mecham, Deann Medved. Carol Lee Meek, Beverly Ann Mehl. Roberf Charles Meier, Donna Marie Meiners. Lily Mae Menhorn. Cherese L. Menssen. Anke Margref Merrell. John Yafes. Jr. Merrill. Jeanne Merrill, Judifh Ann Merrill, Vonda Grace Meservy. Carla Rae Mikifs, Linda Ann 382 Maughan, Julee Ann Maugham, Margaref E. Maugham. Paul Gordon MauH, Chrisfine Milczarek, Carl Kay Millecam, John Henry Miller, Craig Allan Miller. Faye Francis Miller, Gary Duane Miller. LineH'a Faye Miller. Lyla Lee Miller, Marilyn Rianne Miller. Nancy Lee Miller. Sandra Lee Miller, Terrance M. Millis, Linda Diane Milne. Chad Monahan Miner. Nancy Mines Susan Mifchell. Judi+h Mifchell. Pafrick Neil MHchell, Neldon Z. Mix. JeaneHe Joyce Moeller, Lynda Joyce MoHat Craig Mafher Mogel. Suzanne Louise Monson, Harold K. Monson, Judifh Irene Monson. Susan Kay Monfague. Leland Eddie Mon+ague. Paul Walker Monfano, Jr Cesar A. Monfgomery. Barbara S. Monfgomery, Alene Monfgomery. Roberf C. Moody, Cheryl Lorraine Moody. MiHon Glen Moon. Richard M. Moore, Birdean Moore. Irene Moore. Marilyn Ann Moore. Marilyn Moore, Richard Allen Moore, Sharon Morgan, Elaine Morgan, Sfephen Wilbur Morgan, Veda Kaye Morris. Roberf Bruce Morrison, Carolyn D. Morse. Susan Yvonne Morse. Rober+ Earl Morfensen, BeHy L. Mor'rensen. Karla Moss. Gary Eugene Moulfon, Jason Barf Mourifsen, Roberf Glen Mower. Carl Lifsfer Moyes. Jay Ivan Moynahan, T. Woody Muglesfon, Shonnie L. Muir. William Nicholas Mullins, Pafricia A. Mumford. Diane Mumford. Claudia Mumford. Neal A. Munns. Terry Eldon Murdock DeHa Murdock. Shauna Murley. Judifh Ann Murray, Barry Ellis Murray. Linda Myers, Geneal Mylroie. Marlene Trina Nabaum. Susan 383 Freshmen Na to Pa Nance. Laura Eileen Naugle. Judifh Mae Naylor. Cecile Marie Neaf, David Paul Nebeker. Lana Jane NeH, Jeanne Anne Neilson, Roberf Keifh Neilson. Susan Rae Nelson, Ar+hur Reid Nelson. Carol Fay Nelson, Diane Clare Nelson. Dorofhy Gayle Nelson, Douglas V. Nelson, Fred Mar+in Nelson. Gary Wendell Nelson. Henry Sfephen Nelson. Ida Mae Nelson. Kafhleen Helen Nelson Karen Nelson. Kafhleen Nelson. Kei+h Bruce Nelson, Kenf Kruger Nelson. Marcia Nelson. Rober+ 0. Nelson. Rosemary L. Nelson. Shari Lynne NesbiH'. Georgia Lee NefhercoH. Sydney Neve. Jane+ Louise Newcombe, Pefer John Newbold. Sharon Newquisf, Shirley Ann Nichols. Glenn Gordon Nichols, David Warren Nichols. Deborah Gail Nicholson. Linda Joy Nickerson, James ScoH Nickel. Jenny Jo Niel, Paula Ann Nielsen. Cafhie Nielsen, Lamon+ M. Nielsen, Lorraine D. Nielsen. Mary Lucille Nie!sen. Terry J. Nielson, Gary Jay Nielson, Kirk Kay Nielson, Mark Chesfer Nielson. Sylvia Noble. Darla Gaye Noble, Jay Pefedsen Nokes. Loralee Norberg, Phyllis Befh Nordfors. Marilee Nordfeif, Terry C. NordfeH'. Charles C. Norman, Chrisfine Norfh Marilyn F. Nor+on. Sandra Millie Nowland, Cheryl Anne Nowland, Sandra Kay Nunes. Linda Sue Nuzman. Ciyde Edward Nyholm, BeH'y Alice 384 Nagafa. Ann Hisako Nagy. Elmer Ernesf Nalder. Sherry Nalder, Barbara Joanne Oaks. Dennis Eidon O'Berry, Pafrick Joseph O'Brien. Pa+ricia I Odd, Sfeven Jay Ohai. Laola Oh. Leonard Landis Oien, Keifh Willard Okerlund, Gwen Sue Okimo+o. Lance Se'rsu Olafsson, Anne Mari? Oldroyd, Ronald L. Oler, David Louis Oliver. Cheryl Oliver, Diana Jean Oliver, Richard Ernesf Olmsfead. Janice Lynn Olsen. Clark Alden Olsen. Faye Olsen. Karen Sue Elsen, Karen E. Olsen. Lonnie Eugene Olsen. Vickie Lynn Olson, Cherie Lynn Olson. Dorofhy Luella Olson. Donnie Richard Olson. Evan McKay Olson. Kafhleen Marie Olson. Sherry Lee vuson. Iony Lee O'Neal Danny Ford O'Neal. Douglas Onion. Pafrick Elwell Ons'roH'. Kennefh L. Qpenshaw. Sidney Openshaw, Richard Lynn Qrme. Keifh Merrill Orfon. BriHLa Sue Orfon. Byron Richard Or+on. Sally Raye Or+on. Sharon Rose Osfler. Cheri Lynn OsHer, Judy Ann Osfler. Michael H. OsHer. William Orval Offs, H. Gray OH. Thomas S+ephen O++esen. Ronee 0H0, Jack Corley Owen. EHen Joyce Owen, Janef Louise Owens. Judy Lee Oxnam, Roxanne Oyler. Kafhryn Ann Packer, Suzanne Pales, Ru'rh Ann Palmer. Barfon Lee Palmer. Deanna Gale Palmer, Lawrence C. Palmer. Ken+ B. Pangman. Ann Elizabefh Parcell, Karen Park. Susan Daun Park, Thomas Duane Parker. Daryl Aus+in Parker, Floyd Courfney Parker. Gregory Allen Parkinson, Del Roger Parks. John Ves+al Parre'rt Dawna Lyn Parry. Harrief Marie 385 Freshmen Parsons. Ronald Lee Parsons, Candice Hope Pa to Re Parfridge, Dianne Parfridge. Dave Toomds Parfridge, Maureen r Passmore. J. Danie! Pafe. Donna PaHen, Peggy Ann Pafferson. Vicki Jo Paffon. Jim W. Paul, Eric Bradford Paulsen. David Finn Paxman, Dennis Lamar PayeHa Sharon Jean Payne. Ann Payne, Sherry Lee Peed. Charles Darwin Pearce, Dixie Pearce, ScoH Legrand Pearl. S+ephen Elus Pearson. Claudia Rufh Pearson. Linnea Karin Pearf, Julia Ann Peay, J. R. Packham. Cynfhia C. Peebles. Margaref Ann Pehrsson. Sylvia Peine, Carol Deanne PendergraH, Shirley M Penningfon, Linda Gale Perkins, Don Perry, Howard Lee Perry. Melvin Dan Pefers. Kafhy Jean Pefersen, Alan Larry Pefersen, Gary Lynn Pefersen. Kafhleen Pefersen, Toni Rae Peferson. Carla Dea Peferson. CoIeH'e Kay Peferson, Darlene Peferson. Della Mae Peferson, Donna Lu Pe+erson. Gary Bush Peferson. Irene E. Peferson. Jack Dennis Peferson. Jeanne Peferson. Judifh Lynn Peferson. Kim David Peferson, Paula Peferson. Roberf Glen Pe+erson, Sfeven Lee Peferson, Vealynn Peferson, Vealynn Pe+iHi, Joann Peffersson. Sandra Joy Pefh'ngill. Joyce E. Pew, KafHeen Barbara Pe fon. Ann Marie Waf, Richard Alberf Phain Roberf Lewis Phelps. Vickie Lee Phillips Chrish'ne L. Phillips, Donna C. Phillips, Gail E. Phillips, Michael L. Phipps, Candace Larene 386 Pierce, Lianne Pike. Marianne PiJrcher, Venna Ann Plefsch. Pefer George PlunkeH. Joyce Ann PoH. Donna Marie Pond, MarieHa Pond, Virginia Pooley. Alberf Mark Poole. Howard Randall Pope, Cheryl Popp, Kaye Helene Por+er, Geraldine Porfer, Margaref Ann Porfer, Nancy Lee Posey, Cheryl Ann Poffer, David Lee PoHer. Linda Jean PoHer, Mickey Edward Pounds. Candace Lee Powell, Janef Marie Powell, Judy Lynn Powell, Leslie Powers. Peggy Powers. Susan Carol Praff, Dorene Helen Preafor. Gerald Dale Preafon John Douglas Preafor, Margare+ F. Preece. Gerry Preece, William R., Ill Price, Anfhony S. Price, Virginia Claire Friday, Loralee Prigmore4 Gerald Lee Prinsfer, Pamela Jo Prior. Paul Alberf Pri+che++, Karen Ann PrifcheH. Joyce Rub PrifcheH. Lynda Gaye Prusse, Linda Elaine Puckeff. Harry Gene Pugmire, Elizabe+h G. Purdy, Margie Diane Purviance, Rosamond T. Pufnam, Helen Ann Pyne, Alfred Herberf Quin+on, Peggy Lynn Ouin+ero. Van+a Quisf. Bonifa Sue Rabey, Lynn Margaref Railsback. Sharalee Ramos, Genevieve Ramsey Janef Louise Ransom. William Leon Ransom. Douglas Joseph Rasband. Mildred Karen Rasmussen, James Lyman Rasmussen, Myrna Dee Rafhke. Roy Marvin Rawson. John Michael Raws+horne, Susan D. Ray. Carol Jeanne Ray. Marcia Delores Raymond. Pafricia E. Raymer. Phyllis Ann Reading. Pamela Reasor, Janef Kay Reber, Alice Renee Redd. Bryce Vincen+ 387 FreShmen Redd, Hermie Joan Redd. Louise Ann Re to $0 Redford. Ralph Wade Redick. Barbara La nifa Redford, Sharon Kay Reed, Roberta Lynn Reed. Sharon Pearl Rees. Bonnie Rees, Linda Ann Reese Cecile Reese, Rodger Reeves. Lorna Reeves. Randall David Reicherf. Ronald Edwin Reid. Julian Terry Reid. Lois Vivian Reil, Ellen Remsburg, Paula L. Rex. Sfeven Glen Reyna. Aydria Maria Rey. Samuel Terrell Reynolds, Laura Mae! Reynolds. Ronald H. Rhinehar+, Vicforia J. Ricci. Dawn Kay Rice. JiH Marie Rice, Thomas Gordon Rich, Ann Rich, David Sherman Richards. Linda Kaye Richards, Sandra Kaye Richards. Trudi Richardson, Brian Lee Richardson, Judifh Ann Richardson. Jeff W. Richardson. Janean Richardson. Linda A. Richardson. Linda M. Richardson Robert Jr. Richins, Gary Raff Richins, Kenne+h Ray Richins. Melinee Kay Richins. Sherrie Richins, Wendy Rufh Rl'chman. Helen Rickards, Janef Alma Rickenbach. Elverno Ricks. Douglas Wayne Ricks. Sfeven Keifh; Riddoch. Leland Mark Riedel, Jacqueline Ries. Renee Loa Riffe. Linda Sherrese Rigby. Elsa Louise Rigby. Janef Lynne Riggle, John Arfhur Riley. Mary Ca+herine Riley. Michael John Rindlisbacher, David L. Ringgenberg. Pafricia Riordan. Nancy Sue Riordan, Nancy Ririe. Janeene Risenmay, David Eldon Robbins. Lucinda Robeson, James Edward Roberfs, Carol Jane Rober+s. Jan Krisfen Roberfs, Linda Elaine Roberfs. Pa+ricia Roberfson, Charlef Lee Roberfson, James W. Robinson. Diane Robinson, John Gregory Robinson. Linda Gayle Robison, Beverly Robison, John Gregory Robison, Mary Evelyn Robison, Sco++ Clark Rockwood, Ann Rode. S+even Edward Roe. Cindy Diane Rogers, Eileen Rogers. Evelyn Rogers. Gary Dennis Rogers, Nancy Alane Rogers, Norma Jean Rogers, Richalyn Kay Rogers. Suzanne Rohner. Karen Louise Romney. Marshall B. Roo+, Laura Mae Rose. Paul Edward Rosenhan. Susan Faye Rosenlof. Lillian M. Rosfenbach. Sherry L. Ro+h Sally Sue Ro+he. Edgar Frank Rounds, Donna Bess g .9 w Roubidoux, Marilyn A. 1; . hail v Rowe, Deborah Jean Rowekamp, Rober+ W. Rowley, Nedra Rowsell, Sharon Rubow, Lynn Neeley Rudd, Doro+hy Lorraine Rudd, Edward Thomas Rudy. Marfine Rudvalis, Ausra E. ,- V. . '.x. W 'h ' lit I91 XI f .. b.3711"; . - Rudlog. George Edward Rugg, WaHer Pierce Rugg. Reese Edwin Rummage, Pafricia Ann Rupp, Connie Lee Rush. Charles Alberf Russell, Donna Rufledge, William J. Ryser. Janice Sabin Marvin Don Sagers. Kennefh S. SalaHno. Loma Joy Salisbury. Gary Eugene Salisbury, Carol Ann Sambrano. Ri+a Sanborn. Margaref Ann Sandberg, Susan Kay Sanders, Jerry Wendell Sanders. Marilee Sanders. Michael LeWis Sandsfrom Lynda L. Sanford. Laura Lee Sarager, Gerri Donise Sass. Larry Glenn Saunders, Jimmy Gibbs Saunders. Paula Rae Savage, Ede! Corla Saxfon, Glenn R. 389 FreShmen Schaefermeyer, W. A. Schafer. Douglas Duane SC to S p Schiess, Pe'rer Lawson Schiffler. Heidi Hedda Schlerf, Karen Nadine Schluefer, Nancy Jane Schmufz, Susan Schoessow. David Emil Schoen, Roberf Allen Schofield, Roberfa Schofield. Raymond, Jr. Schemes. Louise Ann Schoufen. Mary Schow, Nancy Gay Schusfer. Carol Anne Schurman. Sherry Ada Schwarbmann, George, Jr. Schwendiman David J. ScoH. Jesse Hafch Scoff. Randall Roger ScoviHe, Diane L. Seamons, Ronald Ervin Searle, AnneHe Searle, Garry Michael Searle, Nancy Lee Sears. James Edward Secrisf, Tim MaHhews Secor, Lynne Ellen Seeman. Shirley Lynne Sei+er. Michael Walfer Self. Jon Delor Sekaquapfewa. Eugenia Selph, Carolyn J. Seffle, Thomas Wesley Shadlow, Pamela L. Shannon, John Fifzhugh Sharkany. Ellen Jane Sharp, Kafhleen Sharp. M. GramL Sharpe. Kafhleen M. Sharp. Roger Moroni Shaver. Suzanne Shaw, Frank W. Sheam Michael Shelfom Candace Marie Shelfon, Diane Kay Shelfon. Mike B. Shepley. Nancy L. Sheppard, Kerrilynn Shepherd. Wayne Lewis Sherri", Pafrick J. Sherwood, Lynda Gwen Sherwood. Laura EiIeen Shinglefon, Debra Gay Shipman. Richard Karl Shumway, James Sfephen Shupe, Susan Lavon ShurHefF. Peggy Jean Sibley. Shirley Irene Siemssen. Raymond E. Silver, Donald George Simmons. Dyanne Simonson, Mary E. Simper. William J. Simpson. Bonnie Carol Simpson, Brenf Johnson Simpson, Dennae B. 390 :15 . 4.32, ft X Simpson. Roberf A. Sindel, Pamela Ann Single+on. Linda Sue $ingle+on. Sfephen W. Sinks, Kennefh Skeen, Rufh Skeen, Rufh Skiba, Joyce Anne Skidmore, David K. Skrede, Cheryl Jean Slade, Jared Anderson Slenkamp, David Augus'r Smart Margaref Jean Smart James Waldemere Smifh Alan Jere Smifh. Bicky Evon Smifh. Brenda Lou Smifh. Carolyn Yvonne Smifh. Carole Smifh, Cindy Lynn Smifh. David Craig SmIHL Dennis Kay Smifh. Donald Parker Smifh, Enes Harry Smi'H'm, Howard Russell Smifh, Jeni Smifh. John Ralph Smifh. Junola Smifh, Julia Smifh, Judy Ann Smifh Kafhleen May Smi+h. Kafhryn Karleen Smifh, Leona Smifh. Lynn Smifh, Nile Smifh Ralph Charming SmHh, Richard Craig Smifh, Sfanley Allan Smifh, Susan Maree Smifhson. Donald James Smoot Reed Philip Snelson, Sharon Lynn Snow, David Lorenzo Snowden. Helen Lenore Snyden Judifh P. Sobers Laurel Joanne Soelberg, Linda Jo Sohm. Linda Kae Solomon, William Ted Solosabal, Donna Lou Somppi, Evelyn K. Sommers. Rober+ Leroy Soper, Nyle Richard Sorensen, Howard ScoH Sorensen. Kay Sorensen, Mary Ann R. Sorensen, Norma Jean Sorensen, Sfephen J. Sorensen. Sandra Sorensen. Toni Jean Sorenson. Diana Lynn Sorenson. Rifa Sofer, Nicholas G. Soufhwick, William Ray Sowards, Sheila Kae Sower. Doylene Lindsay Spackman. David Earl Spaefh, Rufh Nancy Spence, Maril n Lavina Spencer. Ka+h een 391 FreShmen S Sglencer, Sharyn Le: 1 K J Sp to Th szzidgx. gaztiy Sperry, Tamara Sprague, Alice Jeanene Sprunger. Laurine Evah Squires. Monfe Ar'rhur Sfadfman, Janice Revae Sfahnke, Heidi Rosa D. S+aker, Susan Sfanger, Lynn Marie Sfanley. Dollie Mae - Sfark, Diane Sfeele. Wendy Jayne S+ephens, Genee Sfephens. Laura K. Sfephenson. Douglas G. Sferling. Sluvia A. S+evens. Carolyn Sfevens. Gerald A., Jr. Sfevens, JoAnn Sfevens. Judy Sfevens, Joyce Taylor Sfevens. Linda Lee Sfevens. Susan Sfevens. Richard B. S+eward, Dwigh+ Wayne Sfewarf, Barbara Sfewart Diane Sfewart Michelle Sfewarf, Sfephen G. Sfewarf, Virginia E. Sfiborek, Evelyn Joyce Sffnson. Ronald Arnold Sfock. Ronald Benjamin Sfock' Taunifa Lee Sfockwell. Jacquelyn S. Sfockwell, Anifa C. S+oddard. Saundra L. Sfoker. Doug Sfone, Bruce C. Sfone. Diane Marilyn Sforrs, Shirley May Shaft Duane Lee S+ouf. Janef Sfrasser. Virginia SfraH'on. John A., Jr. S+ree+er, Pamela Rufh Sfrickland, Joy Ann Sfringfellow, John K. Sfringham, Morgan Lewis Sfringer, Karin Sfringham. Darlene N. S+ong. Richard Vernon Sfrong. Vaughn Ray Smart Norman Leslie Sfubbs. D . Dean Sfucki. Susan Lorraine Sfurgis. Roberf Macrae Sfyer. David Buryl Sudweeks. Janice D. SuHon, Alan Kelsey Svedin. Wilma Swallow. Pafricia Sweefland. Sandra Rae Swensen, Es+her Swenson. Jane+ L. 392 SwensonA Sandra Joan Swim, Brian E. Taberf. Chrisfy Lee Taft Julie Ufah TaH'. Jane+ Barbara Tailfeafhers. Beverley Talbot Elzo Rex Tall, Karen Deoine Tanner. Cafherine Tanner, Harold Allen Tanner. Jolene Tanner. Linda Gayle Tanner. Roy Lynn Tanner. Terry Lee Tanner. Sferling M. Tashnebully. Modesfa L. Tafe. Linda Diane Ta+e. Dale Richard Taylor. Carma Jean Taylor, Edwin Isaac. Jr. Taylor. Harvey Brenf Taylor, Iris Taylor. Kenf Lavell Taylor, Lari Jane Taylor, Marsha Taylor. Mary Georgena Taylor, Michael John Taylor, Michael Kemp Taylor. Nancy Taylor, Pafricia Marie Taylor, RobenL Arfhur Taylor, Sfephen Orson Taylor. Toni B. Taylor. Veldon Dee TenneH, Ronnie Jay Terrell, Forresf Mann Terry, Marie Alene Teuscher, Nancy Tharp, Yvonne Josianne Thafcher. Jill Thayne, BeHy Marie Theler. John Louis Thelin. Dennis John Thomas, Dennis Gene Thomas, Fredrick D. Thomas, Jared Ralph Thomas. Ka+hy Thomas. Kafhleen Iris Thomas, Nancy Jane Thompson, Carol Lonnis Thompson. Chris Leon Thompson. Gary Douglas Thompson. Jackie M. Thompson. Karen Ann Thompson. Lois Mae Thompson, Lois Anne Thompson, Mi+chell Thompson. Michael Lee Thompson, Mark James Thompson, Monfe Dell Thompson, Nola Rae Thompson. Ray Hadley Thomson, Susan Dee Thorne, Marsha Thornock, Dean Thomas Thornfon, Carolyn Thornfon. Roger Dean Thorpe, Terrie Lynn Thoru , DoreHa Marie Thune I, Thomas Earl 393 Freshmen Th to Wh Tiney. Rober+ Edward Tindell. Nancy Tingey, Dee Ann TippeHs, Roberf Clark Tippeffs. Rufh Tifus. Gerald Thomas Tobler. Joanne Todd, Gay Holmes Tolley, Dennis LIOyd Tolman, Ann Tomer. Thomas N. Ton Adrian William Tonks. Davis Loel Toombs, William Dennis To ham, Sfephen Giles Tarrea Glenda Joyce Torsak. Tayla Lee Toyn. Teresa L nn Tracey. Carol Li da Trimble, Dennis C. Tripleft David C. TriveH, Carol Ann Troufner. Diana Wayne Trunnell, April Tryfhall. Frank Vernon Tucker. Donald John, Jr. Tucker, Jeanne Tucker, Robyn Adele TuH', Ann Tuff. S'reven Ashby Turner. Brenda Sue Turner. Craig Lowell Turner. George Roberf Turner. S+even Wayne Turnen Sharon Elaine Turpin, Edwin Harold Tu++le. Diane Tque, David Merrill Tque, Jane1L Elaine Twifchell. Gary Bill TwiHy. Nancy Lee Udall. Diane Udall, Marc Richard Udall, Teresa Jean Udy. Alan Craig Ullery. Rickie Duane Underwood, Judy Ann Ufley, Susan Jane Vandevanfer. Dixie Vandersfek. Jeffrey A. Vanluven. Sfevin Earl Vanorman. Shirlee Vansfeeland, Claudia L. Vanwagoner, Mark Owen Vasenda. David James Varney, Laurel Dawn Vaughn. William R. Veirs, Ronald Laurence Vernon, Ricky Leo Ve'refo. Linda Rene Vefefo, Ann Vidmar. Melissa Ann Villella. Cliffie Ann 394 Thursfon, Gary C. TibbeHs. Kerf Michael Tilfon, Sherrie E. Timofhy, Luella Jo Vincent Linda Kay Voie, Larry Sfephen Waddell. Danni David Waddell. Ellen Wagenbach, Karen Lea Wagsfaff. Sandra Lee Wahlshom. John Louis Waife. Gary Lee Wakefield, Jeanne Walbom, Paul Debarfon Waldvogel. Carl Werner Walker, David Werner Walker, Edwin LaVern Walker, Lana Ellen Walker. Linda Sue Walker, Roeen Walken Thomas A. Walker, Thomas Vicfor Walkup. Lonnie Jean Wall, Donald Lavearl Wall, William Michael Wallenfine, Jean Wallin, Desna Lee Walrack. Gary Chandler WaHom David Lee Ward. Craig Lindsay Wardell. Helene Sue Warden. Alan Warner. Douglas E. Warner, R055 M. Warnick. John Michael Warr, Susan Adele Warren. Kay Warren. Michael Gene Wa+ers. Carole Geneal Wafson. John Thomas Wafson, Mary Hellen Wafson, Valdean Max WaH. Sharon Elaine Waymenf, Dal DaHon Webb, Brian Emery Webb. Ka+hryn Dianne Webb. Nancy Ann Webb, Sfeven Lynn Weed. Marilyn Weenig, Karyn Vee Weiermam Carolyn Dee Welch, AnneHe Welch. David Michael Welch. Karen Wellman. Vicki Marie Welling. Claudia Wells, Tony Wendf. John CarJrer Werner, Ber+hold W. West John Leslie Wes+enskow. Joalene Wesfover. Leon Alan Wesfover, Lynnae WeHs+ein. Byron R. Wharfon. Danny Carroll WheaHey. Sfeven WheaHey. Colen H. Wheeler, Douglas Wayne Wheeler. Lynda Lee Wheeler, Walfer Dan Whipple, Carolyn Whife, Elaine Whi+e1 Gregory ScoH Whife, Jeffrey Alan 395 Freshmen Wh to Zu Whifing. Gale WhH-ing. Mark Edwin Whifing, Myrna Whiflock, Jeanne Marie Whi+ney, Joy Whifney. Judy Gee Whifney. Lois Lynn Whiffaker, Richard L. Whiffle. Sue Ann Wicksfrom. RobemL W. Widdison, Shirley Faye Wilcken. Josephine L. Wilcox, AnHa Louise Wilcox Charlynn Wilcox, Leslie Rufh Wilcox, Reed Neil Wilde. Tamara Leigh Wilde, Valerie K. Wilhoif, Eileen Vivian Wilkins, Phoebe Jane Wilkinson. Connie Wilkinson. Dennis Lee Wilkinson, Theresa C. Williams. Billie Jean WiHiams, Carliss Jo Williams, Caryl F. Williams. Dianne Williams. Douglas F. Williams, Jane Williams, Jenkin V. Williams Lyn Ann Williams. Nancy Ann Williams. Robin P51L Williams. Roberf H. Williams, Susan Carla Williams. Sarah Lynne Williams. Susan Williama Vaunie Sue Wilson, Myra Cafherine Wilson. Nora Kay Wilson, Norman Floyd Wilson. Rober+ William Winegar, Bruce H. Winegar, Sharon Winegar. Neil Lee Wing, Sidna Ann Winn. Beverlee Winn, Shirley Lynn Winspear. Linda Louise Winfers. Margaref Ann Winward. Edris Nadine Wise, Roger Eugene Wiser, Kenf Clawson WiH'ers. Diane Daphne Woehrmann. Richard A. Wolfe, Annik Marie Wolff. Jeffrey Harold Wolsey. Bruce Eldon Wood. Diana Wood, Douglas M. Wood. Deon Wood. Forres+ Russell Wood. Haro1d George. Jr. 396 Whife, Jan Mavor Whifehead. Phillip K. Whifeley. Rober+ Eldon Whifeside, Vivian Lee o. cilia Wood. Jeri Ann Wood, Karen Wood, Richard Gary Wood. Lillian Diane Woodard, Willis Joe Woodland, Lana Carol Woodruff, LareHa Jane Woods, Loyd Woodward. George Val Wodward. Marilyn F. Woodward, Susan Woody, Joanne Mary Woofen. Carol Anne WooHon. Carolyn Rae Wormell. Linda Carol Worfhen, Boyd Leon Worfhingfon. Pa'rricia Wra+hall. Rober+ Lee Wray. Ronda Lorraine Wride, Larry Neldon Wright Danny Lavorde Wright Evan Jeremy Wright Margaref Ann Wright Miriam Wright Thomas Arfhur Wrigley. Mary Elaine WyaH. Douglas D. WyaH, Rober+ Gordon Yamzon, Rocela Theresa Yamanaka. Russell Yaringfon, Des C. Yellow Horn, Pafricia Yee. Barba Vicenfe Yorgason. Renae Yosf. Luann Young, Chrisfie Lee Young. Elva LoreH'a Young, Kafhleen Joy Young. Mary Jean Young, Paula Dee Young. Susan Kay Youngberg. Janeen Youree, Jennifer ILee ' Z' k , W'Il' Ab + Ai' a near run, a lafe Freshman sfudenf .. . : 213""; 86:63:: Jeair fries +0 make if on fime +0 an impor- , - I' ' ., -. . Zundel. Edwin Richard +an+ class across +he 80-acre campus. M 397 . . - - r, g waifing for Sanfa Claus +0 show up. Sephomores End Busy Year C lass of ,68 members called themselves the scintil- lating sophomores, and 21 look at their yeafs act- ivities might show the reason why. The first big event was the Sophomore Cotillion, entitled llMedda." F ive hun- dred and eighty couples attended this Arahizm-themed semi-formal, three. times more than had come the previous year. During Homecoming, the class competed against the Freshmen in a bonfire rally, sponsored a hoote- nanny and also entered 21 float in the parade. Those Who saw Skits-O-antic will remember the old-fnshioned melodrama featuring the alluring golden-haired girl and her intrepid lover against the evil Boris Bettino, who was seeking to prevent the golden spike from being driven because it would wreck his stagecoach business. The skit took second place. Among the other activities were a class party on u Polynesian theme, a tie with the. Freshmen for second place in Competition Week, a Songfest entry and n vaudeville show on Y day. The Class also sponsored two firesides during the year, with Chauncey Riddle and archaeologist Thomas F crguson. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Nathan Coulter, President: Karen Nixon. Secretary: Ivan Jacob, Vice-president. . fa f SOPHOMORE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, Front Row: Len Renick, Gary R. Stephens. Exec. Asst; Irvin H. Jacob. Vice Pres.; Karen Nixon, Secretary: Nathan Coulter. President: Susan Noble. House Secretary: Susan Wright. His- torian. Second Row: Norma Jean Madsen, Lee Williams, Susan Leefeldf, Sally Ann Nebeker. Gayle Rogerst Eileen L. McNaughton, Anne Findlay. Bweni Stephens, Luana Wegman. Third Row: Vonda Ray. Polly Zindel. Gini Nelson. Mary Ballantyne. Leila Guay. Joe Rice, Grettle Haglund. Donna LaValley. Fourth Row: David R. Clawson, Bruce 6. Ellis, Howard Palmer. Leo Beus, Tom Ferguson, Keith Huntsman Jeff Reinking. Back Row: Mason D. Harrell. Jr.. Glen Lambert, Paul E. Gilbert, Ron Nuyman. Merwin D. Grant. 399 sophomores Abboft David Garfh Ab to Bo Aztigrfaofsx'em Adams, James Paul Ahrens. Glenn David Airy, Pafricia Anne Albrefsen. Jack Vernon Aldous. Jane+ E. Alexander, Mary Dawn Alexander. Vicki Alexander. RobemL H. Alldredge, Anfoine Don Allen. Donald Clair Allen. Elizabefh Allen, Kafhryn Mildred Allen, Sandra Eckley Alley, Michael Allphin, Sharon Lee Amundsen, Gayle Andersen. Bonnie Jean Andersem Karen Lee Andersen. Krisfene Andersen, Margaref J. Andersen, Pafricia D. Anderson. Chrisfina L. Anderson. Darlene Joy Anderson, David Joseph Anderson. Jeanne E. Anderson, Karma Anderson. Marilyn Kay Anderson, Marion Dean Anderson. Michael Lee Anderson. Rodger Leroy Anderson. Sharol Faye Anderson, Sharon Lynne Andrus, Vaughn A. Anhder, Trudy Grace Armsfrong. Leonard J. Arnold Crisfy Lew Arnold. Mary Asay, Julie Ashby. Tyra Lee Asher, Reulon Floyd Afkin, CIara Jo Ausfin. Edwin Wrighf AvereH, Geraldine R. Babbel, Bonnie June Bachman, Danel Wayne Bacon, BeHe Bailey. Richard David Bailey. Robert Lee Baker, Donald Allen Baker, JeaneHe Baker. Nancy Rae Baldwin, Marilyn Ballanfyne. Karin B. Ballanfyne. Mary Y. Ballard. Roberf Nelson Balmforfh, David R. Banbrd. James Banks, Eugene Wilson Barainca, John W. Barker, Judy Barkley, Jackie Barnes. Cheryl Jean Barney, Blaine Milfon Barney Richard Virf 400 Barreff. Margaref Rufh Barron, Judy Anne Barry. Diana Rae Barfel, Richard Barfholomew. Pamela A. Bascorm Doris Bascom, Ema Jo Bash. Jill Ann Bass. Donald Charles Bafeman, Tina Diane Bafes. Daniel Morgan Ba+es, Linda Bauer, Pafricia Ann Baughmam Richard Jay Bawden, Michael W4 Bax+erg Alison May Baxfer. Evan Jay Beagley, WiHiam G. Beal. Beverl Jo Beam CharYene Bean. Bonnie Beasley. Robin Eric Beck. Bruce M. Becker. Wayne Michael Beede. Leslie Sharon Beer, Renee Kafhleen Behrens, Susan Kay Behunin. Laiuana Gail Belich, Susan Kaye Belnap. Sfeven Ira Bench. Roberf Kevin Bender. Norman Clair Benike. Cheryl Marie BenneH. Bruce Vernon BenneH, Sheldon Jay Benson. Vaughn Clayson Benfley. Judifh Benzley, BeHy Claire Berg. Maynard John Bergeson. AnneHe Berkey. Chrisfine Rae Berling. Barbara Befh BerreH'. Judifh Ann Bevan, Linda Lucile Bevan, Renee Bevan, Warren A. Biggs, Dennis Ray Bingham. Diana Kay Bird, Kafhy Ann Bisson, Joel William BiH'er. E. Lorraine Black, Donald Wayne, Jr. Blackburn. Kimball G. Blackburn William K. Blacker, Be+h Blackham, Anna Blackwelder, Lola J. Blake, Charles F. Blanchard. Jeaneese G. Blankenship, S+even C. Blumel. James Blue. JeanneHe Marfin Boberg. Jean Carol Bodmer. Paul Mar+in Boe+es. James Russel Bogue, Judy Boice. John Kenf Bone, Cherie Lee Bonella. Mary E. BonHeld. Harry K., Jr. 401 Sophomores Bo to CI Bounds. Bonnie Lee Boyd, Louise Elma Boyer. Lefa Boyer. Margie Kay Braasch, Sharon L. Braddock. Pafsy Lee Braifhwaife. Joseph W. Bramwell, Jane Briggs, Doyle Brinkerhoff, Helen Brinkerhoff, Mary S. Briscoe, Vickie Marie Broadbenf. Charles D. Broadbenf. Susan Brock, Roberf Carl Brooks. Linda Rae Brooks. Sfeven Donald Brouws. Sandie Leigh Brown, Bren+ Lee Brown. Daniel Rowen Brown, Joanne Brown, Linda Gayle Brown. Mary Frances Brown. Maureen Brown. Roberf Charles Brown, Ronald Bryce Brubaker, Joseph M. Bruggeman, Markay Brunt Alice Anne Brusco. Mary Ann Bryam Jeanne Bryanf, Linda Jean Budd. Virginia Marilyn Budge. Donna Jean Budga Richard TaH Buell. Gary Bruce Bugnef. Rober+ G. Bunch, Thomas David Bunker, Gayle K. Burgener. Arlene Burke. Carfer Karl Burke. Cheryl Rae Burke, Pafricia N. Burnah, Arfhur N. Burns. Russell Pafrick Burr. William Ferrill Burris+on. Rfck S. Busby, Nikki George Buscaglia, Gail Bush, Kafhleen Bushman. John Darrell Bushman. Don John Bushman, Roberf W. Buswell. Marne BuHer, Richard Miller BuHerHeld, Carol J. Bufferfield. Judy J. Byers, Bonifa Kay Bylund. Deeann Bylund, Colleen Marie Byrne, Kennefh Lee Cadena. Anneffe Allen Ca". Sylvia 402 Booker, Janie Boofh. Barry Gail Boo+h, Sfeven William m " 11V, 125 Callisfer, Lee S. Camarillo. Linda E. Cameron, Nadine Campbell. Alifa Anne Campbell. Douglas 6. Campbell, Ka+hleen Kay Campbell, Lloyd Nelson Canady, WyaH Jackson . Candland, Kafhleen L. '.. 11w K . Y ' ; 1 Carey, Helen Janice HHHMW ' ' - . , . : ' 7V Carlson. Dick Leroy I - '- Carlson. Leslie Carls'l'on. Claudia Carpenfer, Donald A. Carpenfer, Janell Carr. Elizabefh Carr. Rebecca Carragher, Brenda Jane Carroll. Joan E. Carsey, Dusfin T. Carfer, Bruce F. Carfer. Ina Claire Carfer. Jean E. Carfer, Nelson Arfhur Car+er1 Susan Marilyn Cass, Barbara Louise Caswell, Thomas H. CafmuH, Donna Jean :3" 7' Cervanfes, Julian J. h? Chadwick. Judy Norma ngmyum W Chamberlain Deanna F. , NH Chamberlain, Roberf J. ' ' Chandler. Jamie Chan'rrill. Earl Chen, Brian Ping Chang 9. .. - - Cheng, William w. L. ' ' Chlarson, Julie+ Chris+ensen. Adelberf Chrisfensen. Ann Chris+ensen. Connie Chrisfensen. Connie Chris+ensen, Joy Ann Chrisfensen, Karalee Chrisfensen. Ka+hleen Chris+ensen. Roberf G. Chrisfensen. Talmage D. Chrisfensen, Terry Lee Chrish'an, Pafricia 6. Clark. Eugene Clark, Harold Alber+ Clark. John Mark Clark, Kafhryn Clark, Kafhy Clark. Larue Clark, Richard John Clark, Sfephen Edward Clark, Suzanne Clawson. Ever+ Thayne Clay. Eileen Elizabe+h Clevenger. Zane M. Cleverlw Ray BaH CliH'ord, Ray Thomas Clough. Susan Sherrii Cloufier, Chrisfine Cloward, Marilyn CIUHI. Carol Cluff. John R. CIUH. Lorraine Cluff, Rayleen Anne Clynick, Cheryl Ann 403 S'Ophomores Coafels. Nanclzl Iljee f Co e, Fran ee CO to Fi Coleman, Kennefh R. Colledge. Ivan Eugene Collyer, Sfuarf Colson. Kay Marie COH, Janice Conoven Raymond Conover. Wilson Conrad, Linda Joyce Cook, AnneH Cook, Kennefh Delynn Cook. Ladelle E. Cook, Lynn J. Cook. Sharyn Eileen Cooke. Wayne Manning Cooper. Cafhie Corbridge. Pauline Ann Corneft Kafhleen Cornwall. Ellen Corry, William Kenf Cosgrave, Caren F. Couch, Ray Orin Coulam. Lois Ann Coulfer. Na+l'1an W. Courfright Marian Cox, Jan Louis Cox. Lillian Sherrie Cox, Michael A. CrandalL Nafhan Jay Crapo, Alvin Leroy Crawford. Paf Crifhfield. Della Kay Crifhfield, Kei+h D. Crockehh Huber+ Larue CroH. Douglas Orvil Crooksfon, Nancy Crosby, Carl A., Jr. Crossman. Melanie Cuff, Laura Ann Culley. Mary Jane Culver, Carol Jeanne Currier, Sandra Curfis. Bonifa Marie Cufler. Alan Gordon Dalby, Alan Charles Dallinga. Linda Sue DaHon. John C., IV Dana, Pafricia Eileen Darling, Roberf Elwood Dauenbauer. Carolyn A. Davies. Donald Frank Davis. Carole Lee M. Davis. Connie Davis, Elaine Cecilia Davis, Jean Alison Davis. Joy Davis. Karen Dawson. EdH'h Ann Day. Diane DeGooyer, Byron R. Demars, Dianne Demsher. Gloria Ann Demsherl Mary Louise Denfon. Janis Kaye Despain, Geraldine Despain, Marilyn Kae 404 M w W 'i '" Wfi'w g ' I W Deferman, Roberf Allen Dibble, Marcia De Dickerson. Margaref A. Dickerson. Michael L. Dicksom Doris Dickson. Thomas Dixon, Bren+ Carfer Dochkus. Carole Ann Dodge, Ted Wayne Donaldson. Garefh K. Donnelly. Sharon K. Doran. Joanne E. Dougias. Donna Douglass. Marsha Bee Dow, Linda Carol Dowdle. Clark A. Downing. Carolyn Kaye Dryden, Elaine Dubbeld, Darian Leslie Duffy, Marianne Duke. LucreHa Dukes, Pa+ricia Duncan. Charles Lynn Duncan, Noel Ann Duncan. Susan Thayer Dunford. Krisfene Dunn. Jane+ Liszbefh Durranf. Cafherine Dufkvs. Sharon Lee Eager. JudHh EasHey. Lee Vern Eberhard. Rand Edgar. S+ephen Alan Edmonds, Ri'ra Mae Edmunds, Susan Edvalson. Judy Rae Egbert Carol Lee Eldredge, Hasfings J. Ellis, Bruce G. EmmeH. Ru+h Carol Ence, Kennefh Gus+av England. Carol Ann Ericksen. Gerald Wayne Erickson, Carol Diane Evans, Adrian Louise Evans, Diana Melrose Evans. Mary Ellen Eveland, Dennis Mar'rin Evelyn. Marjorie Lou Fairbourn, Dennis R. Farar, MiHon Vern Farnes, Clyde William Farnsworfh Erwin L. Farnsworfh, Renald W. Farnsworfh. Richard J. Farris. Sandra Lee Feliz, Anfonio. Jr. Felshaw, C. Elaine Felt Ka+hleen FeHon. David Willard Fielding. Ilene Fielding, Nadine FHe, Roger Layne Findlay, Anne L. Finklea. James R.. Jr. Finlinson, Ka+hy anney, Cheryl Ann Fish. JeanneH'e P. Fisher. D. Jean Fisher, Orville P. 405 Sophomores Fi to Foose. Engene Richard Foofe. Geraldine Kay Foofe, Margare1L Carole Ford, Karen Dawn Foreman, Judifh B. Forsyfh. Marilee Fosfer' Celia Ann Foufz, Jerry Wayne Foufz. Kelsey Joseph Frailey, Sandra Joy Frandsen. Diane Franklin, Olivia Frazier, Karen Rufh Frazier, Nemma Olivia Freeman, Douglas R. Freesfone. Lavon French, Thomas Louis Frefwell, Rife Ann Fricke, Margolee Frischknechf, Carol A. Frost Colleen Fuhriman. Susan Joy Fuller, Gerald Gabrielson, Lennard S. Gallacher, David L. Galloway, Arlefa Gardner. Dairrel G. Gardner. Diane Gardner, Margaref Ann Gardner, Roberf Kenf GarreH. Marie Geddes, David Hafch Geddes. Margaref E. George, Deanna George. Joann Gessel. Janelle Elaine Gho, Pino Mario 0. Gibb. Michael Rae Gibson, Diane Gifford, Sandi Lee Gilbert Don Jesse Gilbert Edna Margref Gilbert Rosalie Gilbride, Jame T. Jr Gilchrist Gordon K. Gilleffe, Gay Gillie, Pamela Lee Gilman. Carol Beverly Gilmore' Cafherine Glover. LadaWn Goaslind, Gary Dee Gonzales, Benjamin S. Gonzales. Leonard C. K. Goodell, Mary Ann Goodliffe. Kenf Perry Goodman, Michael Hyrum Goodrich, James Rae Goodsell, Kafherine L. Gordon. Barbara Jean Gordon David Kenf Gorner, Helen Margaref 6055, Arlene Janef Gould. Sharon Lee 406 Hi FEH, Sfephen Dale Flannery. Linda Eileen Flores. Enoc Foley. James Pafrick Grampp, Leslie Kay Granell, Gary Wendell Grant Merwin Darwin Gray, Ann Hazel Mary Greaves, Susan Green. Ardella J. Green. Dianne Helen Greenan, James Sfeven Greene Addison Ken+ Greenwood Julia Ann Greer. Gilberf N. Griggs. Karen Jean Grogan. William Lloyd Gudmundson, Ann Gunn, Cynfhia Gunn. Sfanley Richard Gurr, Roberf Dean Gurr. Shauna Colleen Gwynn, Linda Elizabefh Hacken, RobenL John Hales John Limcord Hall, Alan Roger Hall. Howard Jon Hall. Jean Hall. Ronald William Halladay, Joan Laraine Hammer. AnneHe G. Hammons. Del Ray Hancock. James L. V . Handley, CharloHe 'w u , '5 v Hansen. Claudia u u u i u M1 H Hansem Jon Lynn Hansen. JudHh Hansen, Launa Jan Hansen, Lefa WM"! Hansen, Malene Harding. Jean Harlow, Thomas G. Harman, Nancy Lynne Harmon, Kennefh Reed Harris, Marlene Harris, Shauna Elaine Harrison. Clinfon C. Harrop. Gary Garfh ' " v . . 3 Hart Harry Delmer mm. l .3 L 1 Har+en, Valerie Lynn Harvey. Jeanie Harwood, Rober+ L. Hassell. Janice E. W . Hafch, Michelle ' m " ,V HaHield, RobemL M. Hawk, Shelly Barbara Haws. Sylvia Claire Hay. Linda Alice Heaviside, Susan Anne Hellewell, Vickie Anne Henderson, Daryl Lee Henderson. John Odis Henderson, Leon C. Hendrickson, Craig L. Henson, Cora Lee Hepworfh. Susan B. Hermansen. Carol Jean Hess. Nila Jean Hefheringfon, T. M., II HeweH. Janef Suzaine Heywood. James Kay Hfgbee, Dennis Franz Hill, Alice Edifh Hill. David Nelson 407 sophomore's Hil!. George. Anne Hi to Kl Sal'sJEmE'rsai: Hill, MargarmL Hill, Timofhy Harland Hills, Darlene Diane Hills. Richard Packard Hirsf, Jerry Paul Hoag. Sunny Darlene Hodge, Carma Doreen Hodge. Mary Margare1L Hodson, Zola Marie Hoen. Jean Marie Hoke. Irma Mary Holladay. Karen Jo Holland. Sonia Jean Hollingwori'h, Ann Holman, Ann HoH, Joyce Ann Hood. Lawrence Ernesf Hoopes, Shauna Rae Hopper. David Hoskins, Sally Jane Housekeeper, Arlen S. Howk, Sidney A. Hoxsey. Jennifer Anne Hoyal. Karen Joy Huber. Barbara Rose Huch, Daniel Raymond Huggins. Georgia Carol Hughes. Eileen Louise Hughes. Glenna Rae Huish, Diana Leigh Humphrey, Carol Lee Hunsaker, Camilla Hunf, Andrew Aus+in Hunt Cafherine Hunf. Terrence AHen Hunfamer, Ka+hryn L. Hunfer, Danna Lynn Hunfer, Jill Cafherine Hun'rer, Marijane L. Hun+zingen Ralph L. Huskew Lyndal L. HyaH', Nancy Mae Ingram. Linda Marie lsaksen. Henry Leo, Jr. Isaksen. Timofhy D. Jacklin, Leroy David Jackson, Thomas L., Jr. Jacob. Irvin Hall Jacob. Jane? Eileen James, Cynthia Jean James. Dona Larene Janse. Julie Ann Jasinski, Mark Heber Jefferies, Ken+ Archie JeHeries, Bruce M. Jenkins. Don Wenfz Jensen, Carol Lauraine Jensen. David Franklin Jensen, Fred Jensen, Gayle Jensen, Karen E. Jensen, Mariorie Jensen, Ronald Ray Jenson, Connie Jeanne 408 Jenson, Luanne Jeffer. Roberf Jex. Marilyn Jiacoleffi. PherHa Johnson. Beverly E. Johnson, Curfis Dale Johnson. David 5. Johnson. Deanna Jean Johnson. Elizabefh Ann Johnson, Inger Margref Johnson. James Russell Johnson, Janice M. Johnsonl Janef Marie Johnson. Jan Johnson, Joseph Edward Johnson. Karin . V ' - .- ' ,l Johnson, Karen ,, - 'j ' , ' Johnson, Linda Louise . T . , g5... . Johnson. Malcolm Cluff ,5:- ,. : - . Johnson, Marian Kay , '. m m " - .' ' ' Johnson, Marilyn Johnson. Marilyn Diane Johnson, Roberfa A. Johnson. Rufh Ann Johnson, Sue Ann Johnson. Terry Warren Johnson. Theodore A.. Jr. Johnson. Vickie Lee Johnsfon, Cynfhia B. Johns+on, Terry Wayne Jones. Ann Elizabe+h Jones, Beverly Kay Jones. Brenf M. Jones Collins Bruce Jones, Donald Ray Jones, Helen Ruby Jones. Howard Leon Jones. Karen Sue Jones. Laura K. Jones, Marsha Jones, Mary Alice Jones. Phillip R. Jones, Val Brenf Jones, Walfer Bren+ Jonkey, Deanna Dawn Joy, Dianne Marie Judd. Jerry Allyn Judd. Lorraine Mary Judd, Sandra Lee Judson. Kafhleen T Juncker, Sammy Chad Kampsula. Karen Ann Keamo, Myrna Lani Kehlenbrink. Kafhlyn Kelly, Doris Anna Kelly, Sandra Darlene Kenifzer, Karen Sue Kenison, Alan B. Kennewell, Paulene J. Kerr. John Robert Jr. Kidd. Sandra Dee Kim. Huen 800 King, Penny Lynn King, Pres+on Leroy Kingdord, Cheryl Kirk. Roberf Warren Kifchen, Norma Ann Klein, Michael Regner Klemm. Chriane Klingler, Shari Helen 409 Sophomores K . ' napP, Christa Kn to Mc KEESJJT'SEdECSZZi Knudsen, Linda C. Koch. Jill Elaine Koford, James Dell KohkonenI Kenf E. Kohlsfrand, Mary Ann Korfh. Bruce Y. Kraudy. Ka+hleen Kuonen. Rocky Deen Lamb. Richard Morgan Lambert Glen Ray Lamberf, Richard C. Lamphiear. John M. Landsborough. Marilyn Laney, Gaylene Lang, Beverly Lapioli, Sharon Elaine Lark'm Aurline Larkin, Sfeven 5. Larkins, Nancy Jo Larsen, Janef Larsen. Julia C. Larsen. Kelli Denise Larsen. Linda Louise Larson. Eldon C. Larson, Janef Larson. Lyle Ted Larson, LyneH Robyn La+am. KeHh Duncan Lafham. Saundra Jean Lavalley. Donna Lyn Lawlor, CharloHe Rufh Lawlor, KeH'h Dow Lawrence. Marfha L. Lawson. JaneHe Ellen Lawfon, Lyle AHen Lay, Leland Gibson. Jr. Layfon, Peggy Lynn LeaviH. Marilyn D. LeaviH, Wallace Garfh Lebaron. Larry Owen Lee. Farrell Allen, Jr. Lee, James Lloyd Lee, Marsha Lynn Lee. Sfephen Rober+ LeFevre, Keifh Owen Lefler. Ann Legerski, Anfhony John Lemire. JoseHe Ann Lemon. Carol Verna Lerios, Wayne RobenL Lesher, Gwendolyn E. Lesueur, Wayne Francis Levenfon. Janis Lee Liechfy. Florence Lilienquisf. Michael D. Lillegraven. Dag N. LillywhHe, Mifchell J. ' : g, 4?? 5 ,9 , 05' Lima. Wilson Limb, Connie Jean Lindeman, Judy Ann Lindholm, A, Sherline Linfon. Dale Ray Li++le, Douglas Ray LHHe. John Thomas 410 .y, 11-53;! Lolich, Frank F.. Jr. Long. Karen Long, Sandra Lou Lonsway, Dianne P. Looney, Arlyne Lopossa. Jane+ S. Lorscheider, Sandra L0H: Rosemary Loufhan. Bruce D. Lowe, Dennis Richard Lowe, Kenne+h A.. Jr. Loyd Joan Frances Lucas, Ivan Roberf Ludlow, Vicfor Leifson Lued+ke. KunL An+on Lundeen, Pamela Jean Lufher, Laura Lee Lyman. John Leslie Lyman, Ru+h Anne Lyman. Susan Lynn, Derth Diane Lyons. Judi+h Holly MacDonald, Judi+h Ann Maclnfosh. Leanna M. Mackay. James A. MacKenzie. Vivian M. MacPherson. Sfuarf S. Maddox Cheryle Lanell Madsem Norma Jean Magaro. Donna Lee Magelsen. James Alfon Mains. Marilyn Anne Malloff, Pefer John Malou?, Kafhleen Malquisf. Blaine C. Mangelson. Marilyn Manfe", Sfarr Lee Manwaring. Mariel D. Marshall. Michael R. Marfin. Margare+ Marfineau. Carolyn E. Marfineau, Linda Mae Marfinez, Jake F. Mason. Nancy Lynn Masfers. Lizabefh Leah Masfers. Marcia Mafhison, Diana Lynn Maugham. Karen Marie Maughan, Linda Maxfield, Nelden May, Marian Ann McAllisfer, Karma Jean McAllisfer. RobemL D. McAllisfer, Virginia M. McArfhur. Jerry Dean McBride. Barbara Dee McBrida Rolla Ted. Jr. McCleve. Marilyn McCown. Pafricia Ann McCoy. Pafricia Rae McCullough. Joan Irene McDaniel. Connie McDonneI, Carol Ellen McGinnis. Sandra Diane Mclnfosh. Fred Mcln+yre, Judy Zelma McKell. Lynn J. McKnight Carol Ann McLane Malinda Maurie McMulIin, Bradford W. SOPhomOreS McMurra , Wend McNeilis Tilwmas M2 MC to PO McPheEon. Rober+ MCCune, Hal Knighf Mecham, Ann Melfon, Barbara Jo Mendenhall, David R. Menzel, Michael Wayne Meredifh, Phyllis M. Merkley. AnneHa Merkley, Nelson Merrill, Kafhryn Merrill. Halber1L Waldo Merrill, Ka'rhleen Merrill, Tamara Michaelis. Lois Mary Michaels, Sheila Ann Miller, Kalvin Lee Miller, Linda Lucille Miller, Sheldon Thomas Miller, Susan Maurine Millet Roberf William Millward. Edifh Ann Miner. Rosalie Mio, Mie Amy Moake, Marilyn Mollerup. Ann Monson. Max Chris Monfano, Ar+emio E. Mon+ano. Gilberf Ray Monfioy. Roberfo Moody, Jeffrey Brian Moody. Pafsy K. Moore. Erin Marie Moore, James Lawrence Moore, Samuel H. Moran, Monica Morey, James Allen Morgan, Maxine Mae Morgan, Peggy Ann Morley. Terry Sfewarf Morris, Beffy Jean Morris. Ranae Morrison. Randy Ralph Moseley. Richard Muehlen, John Bernard Muir, Virginia F. Muller, Margaref Mae Murphy, Marilyn J. Murphy, Paula Murray, Kafhryn Murray, Marsha Lou Naldgr. Jeanne Love Nance. James Henry, Jr. Naumu. Charles Nebeker, Mary Louise Nebeker. Sally Ann Neece, Barbara L. Neilsom Ronelda Marie Nelson, Ella Caro! Nelson, John William Nelson. Judifh Rae Nelson. Virginia Nelson. Virginia Alice NefhercoH, Monfy A. Neville. Pamela Lynn Newman, Joyce Marie 412 Ea WWW v mrql g N rny:- v Nield, LyneHe Nield, Lyniece Nielsen. Neldon G. Nielsen, Therissa Nielson. Linda Niewold, Ellen Carol Nilsson. Colin Nissen, Penny Margaref Noble. Susan Kaye Noland. Clifford W. Nordin, JudHh Karen Norfon. Dale F. Jr. NuHaH, Phyllis Oberry, Daniel Odekirk. Toni Kay O'sen. Eldeen Olsen. Maynard Roberf Olson. Craig Tha+cher Olson. Miken Rae Olson, Ranae Olson, Richard Brenf O'Neil. Margare1L Ann Oram. Shirley Jeanne Osfeen, Sfevene Oswald, Kennefh Dean Offersfrom. Caro! Jean Owens. Roberf Walfer Pack, Marvin W. Packard. Dan Spencer Page, Carol Lynn Palmer. Howard Delberf Palmer, Nelda Palmer. Tayna Kay Pangman, Andrew W Park. Jean Armsfrong Parker. Jusfine L. Perkin, Ellen Marie Parr. Leroy Frazier Parry. LynneHe Paulson, Elsie Mae Paufz, Mary Ann Paxman. Pafricia K. Pay, Tim L. Payna Marla Pearce, Ale+a Pearson. Denise Pearson, Rodney C. Pehrson, Ann Corinne Percival, AHon Dee Perry, Duane Ray Pefersen, Dale Lloyd Pefersen, Jolynn Pefersen, Shirley May Peferson. Brenda Lee Pe+erson, Mary Diane Peferson. Marylu Philippef. Linda Lynne Phillips, Norman R. Phippen. Joan Befh Phipps, Alan Jay Phipps. John Dennis Pierce. Kafhleen PiHs. Janef Place. Douglas Poll. Kafhleen Pollard. Roena Pope. Janef Porfer, Barbara Jean Porfer, Gary Sargenf Por+er, Pa+ricia Ann 413 sophomorels Post Bafbara Beth P0 to SI $322? 52233:: PraH'. Amy Chrisfine PraH'. Cynfhia AnneHe Prescoff, Carma Jean Pruden, Judy Kaye Purcell, Carol Ann Radebaugh. Lyn Raper. Karen Elaine Rasmussen, Miriam Rawlins Linda Jean Ray. Vonda Reay. Neil Gordon Redd. Don Sperry Redd, Regina Reeder, Michael W. Reese. John Allman Reeve, Jane+ M. Reeves. Cheryl E. Reeves, Sandra Lee Regenscheit Nancy M. Reid. Lynda Gail Reimer, Todd Hillard Reinking. Jeffrey Carl Remley. Alice J. Rencher, Irvine GramL Renell, Elaine Renick, Leonard Morgan Rice. Roger Laurn Rice, William Ronald Rich. Eiieen Rich. Elaine Richards. Leah Rae Richards, Nancy Clara Richardson. Donna Sue Richins, Karen Jean Ricks, Sharla Dawn Riggs. Dennis Carl Riggs, Fredrick G. Riggs. Ronald Golding Rigo, Carol S. Riley. Derall Lee Riley. Jane Amelia Risenmay, Ray Leon Robbins, Rean Lavone Robinson. Wanda Befh Robison, Pamela Sue Rockwell, June Carolyn Rockwell. Bonnie M. Rockwood, Gayle Rogers, Joseph Ronald Rogers. Pamela Rohafinsky, Ray R. Rose. Linda N. Ross, Nan Louise Rofh, Gloria Deane Ro+he, Joanne Louise Rofher, Carla Lucile Rounds, Carolyn Rouns, Darlene BeHy Rowe. Lauana Kaye Rowland, Gloria Jean Rudolph. WaHer B. Ruiz. Irma Rule, Ronald Joseph Rumpf. Mary Susanne 414 Ruring, Dalerna May Russell. Harley Roberf Russell, Kafhleen Russell. Roberf Allan Russell, Roberf B. Russell. Warren Keifh Russon, Marcia Lucille RuHer. William Forry Ryan, Judy Alice Rygg, Darwin M.. Jr. Rynearson, Carolyn J. Sabey. Sandra Sandberg GilbenL Sandberg. James C. Sanders. Teresa Saur. Pamelin Susanna Sawyer. David Archie Scalph, Nancy Sharon Scafes. Marsha Ann Scharff. Johanna L. Schenk, Lesly Diann Scheuller. Dennis G. Schmauch, Sallie Sue Schreiner, Merlene 'x'; Schwendiman. Dwighf P. .. W Schweiher, Karen Lee $1 ' ' , 7- n . I WQKN, . 4 ., . Scnfres. Marfha Kay y, ,. " Seamons. Brian t 1.1:: Ah Searle. LoreHa Seely. Joan Lynn Seely, Richard Deloy Segersfedt Marilyn H. Sekiya, Floyd Tadao Self, Harvey Richard Sessions, Sfanley Dale Sewell. Claudia Sewell, Donald Ray Shafer. Susan V. Sharpe, Janef Lorraine Sharps. Ann Elizabe+h Shepherd, Sharon Lee Sherwood. Adrienne E. Shesler, Kafherine J. Shields. William Shiozawa. Jo Ellen Shipp, Roberf Sfeele ShOWgren, Eric Conrad Shuey. Pamela J. Shumway, Helen Shumway. Linda ShurHeH Lou Jean ShurHeH, Norene Sibley. Douglas Paul Sidwell. Sfephen M. Sierer. Charles Edward Simmons. Ann Elizabefh Simmons. Glen Grover Simons. Pe+ie Eugenie Simper, Ausfin D., Jr. Simper. Pamela Laura Simpson. Careen Louise Simpson, Sfeven C. Sims. Laraine Sigrid Sioblom. Marilee Skedeleski. Julia Sue Skonnard. John B. Skow. Karen Kafhleen Slaugh, Laird Dwighf Slobodian, RobenL Paul Sly. Doyle Dee 415 Sophomores Sm to Tu Smiflm Carol Agnes Smith, Evelyn Smifh. Jean Smifh, John C. Smifh, John Roberf Smifh Lane Spencer Smifh. Mary Faye Smifh, Mary Kafhleen Smifh. Michael Don Smifh, Nancy Ann Smi'rh, Nicola Diane Smifh. Pauline Smifh. Richard Cassify Smifh, Sharon Smi+h. Sharon Joan Smifh. Susan Kafhryn Smoot David Smuim Richard R. Smurfhwaife. Susan Ann Snow. Carol Ann Snow. Cynfhia Gay Snow. Jan Lenore Snyder, Gary Dayne Soderborg. Rufh Jean Soelberg. Karen Sommerfeldf, Daniel M. Sorensen, Carolyn Lee Sorensen. Susan Rae Soufhey. Trevor Jack T. Soufhwick. Jay Soufhworfh, Dan L. Souza. Larry John Sowby, Carole Jane Spackman, Dennis Paul Spagenski. Diane P. Speakman, Sue Anne Spencer, Marie Spencer. Norman Lloyd Spendlove. E. Maria Sperry, Susan Kay Spigarelli. Jack A. SpiHler, Gail Karen Sproul, Chris'rine Sproul. Nedra S+anding, Mar+ha Lynne Sfandring. Lauren Stanford. Sharron E. Sfanger. Nancy Lynn S+aples. Ann Lorraine Sfapley, Deanna Sfeele, Lawrence D. Sfeimle, Michael V. Sfephens, Mary Ellen S+ephens, Rober+ E. Sfephensen. Judy Ann Sfephenson. Gwen Sfephenson. Suzanne S+eHler. AnneHe Sfevens. Carl Denfon Sfevens. Marjorie Lynn S+ocking. Sheri Dee Sfone, Susan S+orrs, Karen Lee 416 Smifh. Anne Elizabefh Smifh, Anneffe Alice SmHh. Barbara June Smifh. BeHina April M? F " , . .m , 1. m m w w - V ,. S+ou+, Carol Lee Sfowell. Jeane Dee Sfrange. Jack Barker Shafe. Eric C. Sfringham. Melanie Sfuarf, Ka+hleen Sfuarf, Sherry S+ufznegger. Julie Sfufz, Sarah Jane Sundrud, Reed Bruce Su+herland, Donald J. B. Swain. Sandra Jeanne Swanson, Lavern Swenson, John Allan Swenson. Kriana Swenson, Launa Ann Swenson, Mary Ann Swift Susan Ann Szendre. David Joseph Tadje. Jacqueline Ann Tampico, Gale Joanne Tanner, Janef Elene Tapia, Carmela Tafu. John Nicholas. Jr. Taylor, Allan Granf Taylor. Dayna Kay Taylor, Ka+hy Taylor. Krisfin Rufh Taylor. Milo Thomas Taylor. Pafricia Ann Taylor, Sharon Ann Taylor, Tanya Taylor, Trudy Tebbs. Michael LeFevre Tenney, Nafhan Carl TerwiHeger, Linda Thafcher. Carvel K. Thafchen Joyce Marie Thayn, Sfephanie June Thiemann, Richard C. Thiriot Joan Thomas, David Merrill Thomas, Janef Marie Thomas, Renee Thompson, Lamar D. Thompson. Parley Dean Thornfom Arland Dee Thorpe, Donald Anfhony Thursfon, Mary Kaye Tidball. Caye Todd. Marca Jeane Tolman, Ina Lynne Tolman, Kafhy Lee Tolman, VincemL Bruce Tomlinson, Sharon Ann Tompkins, Cheryl Linda Torgesen, Joseph King Torsak, Taylalee Townsend, Cheryl Rae Traberf. Bonnie Jean Tracy, Inez LynneHe Treseder, David Jeffry Trunnell, Merradyfh A. Tucker. Charles Ray Tucker, Ronald Tom TuPrs. Leland Wayne Turley. Carolyn Turley, Douglas Marion Turner. Rober+ L. Turner, Shirley Joanne 417 Sophomores V my. Mich? HS. Tw to Zu Sgnfjevliigr'k,hg::1$ni:J: Van Rensselaer, F. K. Vandemaele. Judifh L. , 1 MW USHHWHN Vandersfek. Jennifer L. , , , - Vernon. Gregory Glenn 2 1; '3 W VesferfeH. Colin E. A. .. . '17 ,V . - 1H Villa. Richard ' LE, Voelkel. John Charles Volz. Carol Lou Voufaz. Sharon Lee Wai+e. Janef Waldbeiser, Mary Lue Walden, Karen Ella Waldrop. Norma Jean Walk, Joann Marie Walker, Kennefh Murray Walker, Rosemary Walker, Rufh Maria Wallace, Laura Befh Wallace. Sfephen K. Walles. James Donald Walfers, Francine Ware. Claudia Raye Warnick. Carl David Washburn. Geraldine Wafers. Janice Wafkins, Margaref .. ' , , ' WaHs. Susan Kae ' wwm M Webb, Linda Pafricia Webecke, Laraine Kay Weed. Sfanley Edward Wegman. Luana Kaye Weimer. Carol Lee Welch, Lynda Kaye Wells, BeHy Ann WeHs, Sharren M. Werner, Brenda Jo Wesf, Loraine Wesfcoff, Linda L. Wesfenskow, Karen Ann Wesfer. BeHy Jean Wesfon, Carol P. We$+on, Phyllis 6. Wheat JudH'h Ann Whi'fe. Jane+ Rufh ' Whife. Marcus HiaH Whife, Susan Linda WhiHock. Cafhieen Whiflock. Rae Lee WhiHaker. Connie Jo Wickman, Chrisfine Ann Wiebers. Jane Lorena Wight Kafhryn Wilcox' Keifh Linbrd Wilcox. Maureen M. Wilkes, Kennefh Cless Wilkin, Brian Roberf Willey, Kafhryn Susan Williams. Arfhur Bren? Williams. Deann Williams, Donald Lynn WiHiams, Duane J. Williams. Frederick C. Williams, Jeanne Williams, Sharon June Like a suspended jewel. Hue aufumn-sfripped Jrrees onfo leaf-covered ground. Williams. Shirley Leon Willifs, Karen Lee Willyerd. Keifh D. Wilson, Carolyn Ann Wilson. Donna Lee Wilson. Kafherine Wilson. Kafhleen Wilson, Marjorie L. Winspear, Marcie Deon Winferfon, Jayne C. Winward, Michael Robin Wirth. Steve CorbeH Wifhy, Timofhy Forsfer Wolfe, Beverly Ann Wolfe, Mary Elizabefh Wolfley, Vern WoHZ. Ralph Edgan Ill Woodbury. Charla Jean Woodward. Ar'rie Fay WorHon. Susan Wright Joyce Wright Mark Joseph Wroldsen. Barbara Ann Wursfen. Douglas Wyche. Margaref Ellen Yancey. Norene Yorgason. Jay Ramon Yosf, Norman Fred Young, Margaref Young, SuzeHe Louise Youngberg. Duane Z. Zaugg. Rodney Paul Zaugg. Noel Sfringham ZeHerower, Lucy T. Zimmerman. Gail Ann Zindel, Polly Zundel. Pamela CIIII oft? I gamma? 9 IiUIII 1;: 1968 ??II-IIIIIJII I965 FIAW'W HI Junior Class Vice-presidenf Karen Callister serves punch and cookies to passing students during Class Competition Week. Juniors Win Class Comoetifion ASBYU President Bob Christiansen presents Class Competition trophy to Del Williams 420 embers 0f the Class 0f 67 walked off with the M trophy for Class Competition Week for the second straight year, but this was only one of the many activities of the Class. Juniors entered Skits-O-Frantic and made the finals in Songfest; they sponsored a studentbody fireside with Carlos C. Smith, General Superintedent of YMMIA as principal speaker, and held an awards ban- quet for outstanding juniors. They also entered the Home- coming parade with a float themed "Enter to learn; go forth to serve? On March 4, juniors were invited to uJoin the Junior Jenerationi, for class day. During this day they sponsored a display featuring the achivements of their class, including trophies the class had won and tributes to the juniors on this yeai"s basketball team. Excitement about the Junior Prom began to build up around the third week in March, when the theme iiEn- chantei, was announced in the Daily Universe and ads for long formals and tuxedo rental service first appeared. But after all the excitement, the long wait and even the expense were worth it, for the concert-dance turned out to be one of the most successful activities of the year. 1 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: wn- urtr rppr '?tf rmmhh v ur v s? J . A?" b i$ E JUNIOR HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Fronf Row: Terry Olsen. Assemblyman: Leona Farley, Assemblyman: Karen Callisfer. Vice Presidenf; Del Williams. Presidenf: Vicki Brown, Secrefary, Terry Cluff, Execufive Asst; Lou Dredge. Financial Adviser. Second Row: Roy E. Barraclough. Toni Fabrizio. Deanne Drumiler, BeHe Baxfer. Vicki Sfapley. Joanne Ray, Helen Giller, Connie Fox, Diane Call. Teddie E. Gibbons. Third Row: Sfeven Packham. Boyd GarrioH. Nanci Redford, Kafhy Brian. Ann Whifing. Jan Wolfhuis, Clare Campell. Meg Evans, Diana Allred. Susan Plofkin. Fourth Row: Joe Williams. Dick KefHey, Dan Be". Gene Lines, J. D. Hancock. R. Wayne Boss, Dennis Hoagland, Judi Davies. Back Row: Mark J. Howard. Glay Allen Homer, Russell Boofh. Jerry Shupe, Dave Belnap, Don Davisson. 421 o Juniors . , Aarnos, Joum Samull AbboH, Barbara Louise Ab t0 BU AbboH, Carol Susan Ackerson. John Adair, Michael David "iij-W':fw 7f Adams. Dianne Lucille Adams, Wyaff M. Adamson, Orville Bruce Adler. David Charles Afuso, Jane Chiyomi Ahlsfrom, Paul W., Jr. Akre. Judy Kay Albrighf, Sharon Joyce Alder. Joann Allen. Diana LynneH Allen, Janice M. Allen, Marcia Merlyn Allen, William Allen Allgaier, Wayne Allmendinger, Susan AHred. Deanne Allred. Donna Dee Allred, Rulon Brenf Allred, Zelva Arlene Amundsen. Rosalind C. Anderson. David R. Anderson. James McKay Anderson, Lana Lovicy Anderson, Leon Richard Anderson, M. Cherry Anderson, Maralee J. Anderson, Pafricia Anderson, Shauna C. Andreasen. William Roy Anfhony, George E. Armsfrong. Nadean Arnell, William Bruce Arnold. Cheryl Gay Arnold, Diane Arnold. Duane Myron Arnold. Kafhleen Ash+on. David Earl Ashworfh, David Boo+h AsHe, Dianne Gale A+kinson. Rufh Afwood, Marie Afwood, S+even Richard Au. Judy Wai Chun Ausfin, Myla Marie Ayres, Carol Ann Azelfine, Barbara D. Babbel, Bernalin Babbs. Sherry Lynn Badger. Richard Snow Been Bonnie Kafhryn Baify, Nancy Carol Baker! MiHon Charles Baker. William Ray Ballard, Diann Ballard. Nelson Ballard. Marcia E. Barnes. Marian Kay Barney. Milo Arnell Barney, Von Kimball Ba'rfalini. Ron H. Barfholomew. Joan Barfon. Marilee 422 Bafes, Geraldine Bafes, Randoiph Vaughn Baugh, Judy Lorace Baxter. Gail Marlene Baxfer, Thomas K. R. Beach, Ronald Harlan Baal. Rober+ Max Beard, Richard Paul Beck, Michael Worfhy Beck, Milfon M. Behunin, Oral Bell. Daniel Lee Belnap, David Alan BenneH', Clifford G. Benson. Earl Benson, Lola Jane Bergman. Pafricia H. Bickmore, Elizabefh K. Biddulph, Kafhleen V. Billings. Charlene Bingham, Claudia Marie Bingham, Kafhryn Joan Bishop. Crisfi Lynn Bishop, Karen BiHon. Dennis G'enn Blackburn, Carolyn Kay Blacker, Louise Blair. Boyd Freu Blair. April Williams Blanchard, John Paul Blank, Linda Lou Bodily, Marilla A. , A v , Bodily. Sharon Lynn .2111 k V ' j. ' Bogren. Bryan+ Lee 1' 3331399 ,wil, . . ' . . Bolingbroke. Michael R. Bollinger. Thomas W. Bonner, William F. Boofh. Russell KemL Borrowman, Leah Renae Boswell, Roberf Cecil Bounous, Connie Lee Bowers, Andrea Na+hele Bowman, Deanna Joy Boyce, Dianne Boyce, Roberf Daniel Boyd, Margare1L Laura Bradfield. Challis L. Bradford. Kenf Hansen Braifhwaife. Sydnie An Braun. Marla Jean Brian. Kafhryn Lee Briggs. Ivan R. Brimhall. Diane BrimhaH, Lloyd R. Broadhead. Lesfer Broadhead. Sfeven Reed Brown, Cheryl Adele Brown. Daniel Granf Brown. Homer Ronald Brown. Leslie LaPrele BrOWn, Linda E. Brown, Vicki Elaine Bruce, Donna Bea Brunson, Kafhleen S. Bryson, Doran William Buck. Dan Buckmiller, Ru+h L. Buehler. Marilyn BueH, Ralph Sfanley Bullock. S+even K. 423 Juniors Q Burggraenc Samuel E. 1H Burgin, Dennis Eugene BU to Ed Burnharf, Alefa Kay Burnside George H. div? BurreH, Kaylene Burrup. Beverly Lynne Burrup, Dixie Bur+enshaw. Trudy Burfon, Marfha E. Burfon, Sandra Gail Buss, Lawrence Edwin BuHer, Bruce Corwin BuHer, Margare+ BuffeHield. Lynda Bybee, Mayo McClain Bylund. Judifh Lynne Caldwell. Cam Call. Dale Schuyler Ca". Maralee Jeanne Call, Michel L. Call, Rodger Lesfer Callisfer, Karen Befh Cameron. Roderick L. Camp. Jan Allyson Campbell. Clare Ann CampbeH. Loyd W., Jr. Cannon. Mary Jean Carbine. Ellen Cardon, Boyd Louis Cardon Donna Mae Carling Raymon Carlson Marilyn Fern Carlson. Shirley Rae Carrfs. Charles Arfhur Carroll. Wallace Carfer. Erin Wayne Carfer, Karen Cary. Roberf Gam Chamberlain. CharIoHe Chamberlain, Dennis D. Chanfrill. James Arlen Chapman. Donavon Laroy Chapman, Thomas Chafwin. Pafricia Cheney. Lowell Leon Cherringfon, Owen Chiu Kin Sung, Pafrick Chrisfensen, AnneHe Chrisfensen, Doris J. Chrisfensen, Gayle Chrisfensen, James H. Chris+ensen, Manya Chrisfensem Pa'rricia Chrisfensen' Roberf Chris'Hansen, Lynn A. Chun. Charles Junior Circuit Richard K. Clark. Fred Clark, Marie Norma Clark, Zona BeHy Clarke, Kafhrfne A. Ciarke, MarieHa Ciauder, Penny Lavoun Clawson, Michael Allen Clement Carol EH5 Clement Charles Ross Close. Jack 424 Cluff, Kafhleen Cluff. Michael Myles Cluff. Happy Cluff, Terry Brenf Coafs, EHen Marie Coleman, John Wayne Collard, Linda E. Conkling. Virginia Kay Conrad. Gary Landis Cook. Ani+a Jean Cook. Douglas G. Copeland, Ellen E. Cornaby. Barney Cosfello. Donald D. CoHreH, Paula Diana Coulam, Marilyn Cox. Joyce Marie Crandall, Mary Jane Crapo. Gerald Herber+ Crapo. Shaunna Creer. Gordon Walfer Crego. Kafhryn Ann CrockeH, Donald E. Crockeff. Norene Croffs, Marcia Claire Cromar, Kirk Allan Cromwell, Charles D. Crompfon. Vickie Crooks. Glen Allen Crowley. Clarence Clay Crum. Roberf Wayne Cullum. John Loren Culy. Karen Lee Darringfon, Darrell J. Dasfrup. Deloia Elaine Davie, Marillyn M. Davies. JudH'h Ann Davis, Elwin K. Davis. Richard John Dean. Louise Dean. Lynn Cufler Decapof. Diane M. Delany, Terry Delgado. Roger Del Plain, Roberf C. Denduren+, Harold 0. Dent Gerald Jessen Depriest Clarence H. Devaul+. Chrisfie J. Dille. Loyd C. Dinger, Marilyn Louise Dixon, Lillian Sue Dixon, Jeff Drake. Fenfon Lynn Drakm Garl R. Dredge, Louis Sfephen Drumiler. Dianne Kay Drury, Monfeen Duell, Bonny Lucille Duffin. Elaine Duncan. Anne Mae Dunn. Carolyn May Durant Vincenf Arfhur Durfey, Maryanne Durfschi. Lawrence A. Dufson, Carolyn Lee Eardley, Don David Edens, Janice Lynn Edeskufy, Pamela Kaye Edwards. Carolyn Kay 425 . Junlors Egelund. Larry Duwayne Elkins, Bryan Richard E9 to Ho Ellison, Linda Kay Empey. Marfin Blake 1:5 3 England. Ronald W. Epperson. Sfeven Paul Erickson. Lynne Rufh Erkkila, William E. Erwin. Glenn Roger Erwin. Janef Louise Esplin. Michael Dwane Evans, Mae Margaref Evans. Mary Kay Eyring. Carlene Fairchild, Kennefh Jay Fankhouser, Curfis Dee Farley, Leona Berdine Farrer, J. Ross Faughf. Roberf Alma Faulkner. David Paul Fauseff, Lonnie Ray Fauseff, S+ewarf James Fawson, Donald Eric Feinauer, Alva Ferguson. Leah Jane Fillmore, Denzel Lee Finch. Laura Kay Fish, Leon Elliof Fi+zgerald. Geraldine Force. Margare+ Fowkes. Charles W. Fowler. Julia Ann Fox. AnneHe Fox, Connie Mae Francis. Dardd Frank, James Edward Frizzell. Kennefh Fromm, Donald George Fromm. James Pafrick Fuhriman. George W. Fuhriman. Jay Richard Fullmer, Lucille Funk. Ronald Burfon Gaby. Lewis Phillip. H Gale, Alice Marie Gallacher. Jerold l. Gallagher. Roland T. Gammell, Elizabefh Ann Gardner. Erma Norene Gardner. Homer Jay Gardner. Levier Henry Gardner. Zoe Ann Garner, Lynne EllioH GarrioH'. Boyd Alan Gaynor, John Donald Gee. Leri Dawn George. Ronald Glen Ger+sch, Paul Gibby. Geneil Alfa Gibby, Leo Udell Gibson, Joyce Gibson, Rulon Owen Gideon, Charles Alfred Giles. Joseph Fred Gilgen, Deborah Gillespie, Lynn R. GilleH. David L. 426 Gledhill, Kenne+h V. Gledhill. Roberf Barry Glen. William Glenn, Sfeven Lund Gonzalez. Shirley Ann Goodrich, Morris Dee 6055' Roberf Pike Goss. Rufh Phyllis Gosslin, Ronald Graeber. Susan Gordon Graf. Jan Marion Graff. Charles Terry Graham, Rozalynne Dee Grant Roberf Lo+hair Gray, Ellen Jeanenne Gray, Sally Gray, Sharon Kae Greaves. Pafricia Greaves. Paul Rand Green. Pafsy Sharon Green, Russell J. Greenwood. David Greenwood. Susan E. Greever, Paul T. Griffin. Marian Grix, Carolyn Grover, Rodney Blaine Grover. Warren Alsfon Guerra, Luis S. Gufe. John Paul Haag. Pamela Jean Hadfield. Donna Befh Hagbery. William E. Hakala. Gary R. Haldeman, Linda Gayle Hale. Renee Hales, Rawlene Hales. Richard Harold Hall. Blaine Dean Hall. Charlene R. Hall. Dawn Hall, Spencer Lee Hamilfon. Howard Mack Hamilfon, Linda Hammond. Shauna Gae Hancock. Charles Brenf Hancock. Gilberf Laron Hand. Pafricia M. Hankins. Sharon Eileen Hanks. Larry Lincoln Hansen. Charles Walfer Hansem Jane+ Hansen, Joseph Brenf Hansen, Kafhleen C. Hansen. Karen Marie Hansen. Mark Anfhony Hansen. Michael Hansen. Randy E. Harding. Richard M. Hardy, Dean Hardy. Timo+hy John Harmon, David Ken+ Harris. Ausfen Rodney Harris. Roger Wrighf Harris. Sherry Rae Ann Harrison. Evan Dean Harrison. Raymond Dale Hart Jack Devon Harf. Thomas Edward Harward, Chrisfine J. 427 Juniors Ha to KU Hafch'HSiZS:rngg:all-d' Hauefer. Janis M. Hawkes, Pafricia Hawkins. William G. Haws. Janice Rae Hayes, Pafrick Wray Heidenreich. Fred L. Heinecke, Sfephen D. Hellewell, Roberf L. Helwig. Dick Allan Henderson, Anifa Henderson Beffy Ann Henderson. David B. Henderson, Ernes1L W. Henderson, Francis N. Henderson. Janef T. Hendricks. Bruce Henke, Marvin Henrikson, Orvel W., Jr. Henry, Richard Frank Hess. JeaneHe Hess. Michael O. HeweH. Roger M. HiaH'. Joyce Hickman, Mary Higbee. Glen Higginbofham, Keifh F. Hill, Mary Befh Hill, Pafrica Lee Hillier, Kafhleen Rufh Hills. Lawrence Wing Hinckley. Doro+hy L. Hinfon. James Lavar Hocq. Daniel Louis 6. Hodgins, Darrell Hoen, Bonnie Hillam Hogan; Roger Nelson Hoggan. David Lynn Holbrook, Vicki Louise HoH', David Larry Honsinger, Ann Hoopes. Helen Kae Horfon, Laurie K. Hovey, Glen Reid Howard. Cary Randall 1 Howard. John Wallace Howard. Mark James Howard. Tanyu Quinn Howard, Vic+oria Huff, Beverly Arline Hummel, Joan Humphrey. Timofhy J. Hunf. Carl Paul Hunfer, Diana Rufh Hunfer. Gary Reed Hunfer, Kennefh Lamonf Hum. Carol Ann Hurst Byron Lloyd Husf. Sherry Evelyn Hufchings, Brenf R. Huxfable, Hugh Mafier lsaksen, Dallas Eugene lverson, Marsha lvey. Edwin Richard Jackson, Roberf B. Jacobs. Janef Claire 428 Jacobson. Gary F. Jenkins. Marylinda Jenkins, Ronald Alvin Jenks, Kennefh Enos Jensen, Consfance Jensen, Donald Niels Jensen, Eileen AnneHe Jensen, Frank Howard Jensen, Joylene Jensen, Judifh Karen Jensen, Keifh Sfewarf Jensen. Lee 6.. Jr. Jensen, Mary Lynn Jensen. Rober'r James Jensen. Sfaccie Jenson, Dennis Jeppson, Tamara Ann Jewell. Tommy Johnson, Allona Kae Johnson, Chrisfina Jo Johnson, Colleen Johnson, David Clinfon Johnson. Dianne Johnson, DonneH Larue Johnson, E. Kim Johnson. Jannine Johnson, Ri+a Marie Johnson. Sydney Anne Johnson. Susan M. Jolley, Gloria Gay Jones, Arlene Jones. Carol Margaref Jones, Mary Lou Jones, Mary Margaref Jones. Miriam Pamela Jones. Pamela Gayle Jones, Zola Befh Jordan. Barry Duane Judd, Roger Lynn Juliam Ronald Karip. Geza Kafner. Myra Dee Keele. Valerie Nan Kell' Joyce Beverly Kelly. PaHy Rene Kelsey, David Phillip Kemp. Alber'r L., Jr. Kennedy. Ruby Arcola Ker, John W. M. Kern, Jerome ScoH Kershaw, Sam Henry Kiefner. Judifh P. KieH. Carolyn May Kirk, Cheryl Grace Ki+ley, Tren+ PickeH Klingman, Barbara Lee Knapp. George Mason Knell. Rober+ Byron Knight Karla Knight Shauna Lee Knight Wayne Allen Knowlden, Alberfa P. Kocherhans. Carol Krenzer. Richard Mason Krey, Tinly KronmiHer. Pafrick W. Kross, Sanbrd Allison Krummenacher, JeH'rey Kubofa, Allen Safoshi Kunkel, Maeva 429 . JunIO'rs Labrum. Janice C. Lamb. Marilyn Kaye La to Ne Lambert Ani'ra Jo Lammers, Harold Dean Lamoreaux, Marilyn Landward. Monica Lane, W. Carlfon Langley. Charley C. Lanier, Mae Larsen, Henry F. Larsen, WaHer Lee Larson. Gordon Kay Larson. Jon Wallace Lau. Mark Findlay Law. Eldon Bryce Lawlor. Francine Lawrence. Gary C. Lea. Gary Wayne Lebaron' Margare+ G. Lee, GramL Nolan Lee, Terry Gene Leech, Shirley Ann Leefech, Susan C. Lehnhof, Harold Ernesf Leishman, David Devoe Leonis. Michele Leslie. Douglas Bren'r Lefhbridge, Terryl Ann Levanger. Terry Lynn Lewis, Boylsfon Brooks Lewis. Diane Lighffoof. Shari C. Lillywhife, Nanc Lines. Gene Lauren LoHus. James Gary Logie, Arnold John Longhursf. Warren Q. Lorenzon. Richard A. Lo'H'. Donald Dennis Loveland, Sharon Kay Lowe, Bryan A. Lowe. Daniel Joseph Lundgreen, David Affon Lyman, Larry Sharp Lynn, Barbara Lyon. JeaneHe K. MacDonald. Jerry Macdonald. Pafricia Macey, Pafricia Ann Machan. Gary Lee Maclsen, An rew John Madsen, Colleen Madsen, Michael George Mallory, Karen Lou Malmrose. Ginger E. Mangan. John Fredrick Mann, Karen Lee Mann, Laurie Mann. Pafrfcia Ann Mansfield. Karen Ann Manwaring. Adele Manwarfnq. Jay Richard Marchek, Vicfor Edgar Markowski, Harry J. MarrieHe, Delores A. Marshall, AnneHe W. Marshall. James Harold Marfin, Patricia Ann Masfers, Carolyn B. Mafher. Lynden Douglas Mafher, Roberf Sherman Mafheson. Kenne'rh W. MaHhews, Kelly King Maffhews. Ronald B. Maxwell, Andrea McAHee, Silvia McAllisfer, Sandra Kay McBride. Geraki L. McBride. Owen Lee McBride Susan Carol McDonald. Jean Mchen. Linda Kay McEwem Melanie McFarlane, Melva McGregor. Donald SCOH McGreW. John Michael McGuire, Harold L II MCKeH, Marilyn McLachlan. Chriane T. McLachlan, Linda 6. McMullin. Jerry A. Mcnown. Penelope Joan Mecham. Brenda Kay Mecham, Laurel Bernyce MerreH, Jeanne Lavon Merrell. Lexiane Merrill. Joseph W. MerriH, Clyde Erwin Messervy. Sharon Corey Meyring. Dennis R. Michaelson. Jay R. Michelsen, Frederick L. Mickelson, Michael Joe Mikkelsen. William C. Miles, Carol J. Miles. Chrisfine Miller. Alan Leigh Miller, Berf Wayne Miller. Sharon Alice Millerd, Sheila Larue MilleH. Nora Mills, Lamond Roberf Millward. James Bergen Milne. David Spencer 1- ' T ?"1 . I MissaH. Marcia Marie L77 , x , ,- MoffeH. Vickie Lou Molfo, Mavis Berfha Mon+gomery, Priscilla Moody. Charleen D. Moody. Paul Young Morrison. Cheryl Rae Morrison. Mary M. Young Morfon, Kay Diane x Morfon. Lorraine Mosher, Alman Lavere Moss. Rebecca Louise Mounfeer. Marva Joan Mower. Joseph Craig Munk. Marian Munns, Edra Lynn Murdoch. Janef Lennox Murphy. Cheryl Kay Murray, Carolyn Deon Musick. Roy Joseph Myers, Lane Alan Myler. Caro'yn M. Nelson. Bruce Edward 431 Juniors Ne to R0 Nelson, Rober+ Galen Nelson, Sandra Jean Neville, Cody Marie Newbold, Judy Ann Newbury. Judy Nicol. Alan Nor+on, Holly W. Norfon, Richard C. Nowa, James Lepnard NuHaH. S+even Brenf NuHer. Julie Ann Nygren, Ray Oblad, Nancy Elaine Obray, Richard Ogden, Susan Elayne Ohlsen, S+ephen Ken+ Olives, Manuel Raul Olmsfead, Claudia Ann Olsen. Nancy Ann Olsen, Paul Olsen, Theran Irvin Olson, Linda Lorraine Olson, Terrance D. Openshaw. Roger Ronald Opperman. William Orfon, Chrisfina OsHer. Jack Carl Ofa, Michael Glenn Pace. Marden Alber+ Pace, Susan Pack, Barbara Marie Packer, Camille Befh Padfield. Glenna Jean Palmer, Carol Es+her Palmer, Clair Ray Palmer, James C. Palmer, Linda Palmer. Marsha Kay Panfen Lynn Leroy Pardoe. Sheryl Ann Parent Edward A. Parke, KeHh Arfhur Parke. Kenf Clarence Parker, Laraine Parsons, George W. Parsons. Pafricia Ann Paulk, Mary Pearl Payne. Pafricia Ann Peacock. ErnesiL Pearce. Dale Ben Pearson, Kendall Lee Pearson, Marian Perigo, Gary Creighfon Perkins. Curfis Neal Perkins. James Permann, Merrill H. Perry, Vane Jean Persons, Richard Allen Pefersen. Alberf Dahle Peferson. Brenf Dann Pe+erson. Carwin Y. Peferson, Charles W. Peferson, Deanna Mae 432 Nelson, Jerry Nile Nelson, Lila Lorene Nelson. Mark Wayne Nelson. Richard C. A d fl x MWHHH Pe+erson. Erlend D. Peferson, Mara Dee Pe+erson. Virgil Mark Peferson, WiHiam B. Phelps, Loa Clair Philips, Philip H.. II Phillips, Brenda Joyce PickeH, Michael Pine. William Carl Pla++. Jeffrey Pope. Barbara Ann Porfie, Ilene Kay Powell, Karen Louise Powell, Thomas Corwin Powell. William E. Powers. Eileen PrescoH. Randlyn Dee Price, Carol Louise Price Dian Pulsipher, Lawrence E. Query, Michael Paul " . Query. Roberf Farrar H 4 -- " Quigley. Roberfa " . -. ' . ,- Quinn. Richard T.. Jr. .- Ramer. Dennis Herman Rands, Larry Greenwood Rappleye Fred Gaynor Rasband Ka+hryn Ann Redor. Margaref C. Redal. Bur+on L. Redd. Pamela Kay Redford. Nanci Lynn Reedy. Paula Sue Reese. BeHy Joyce Reeve, Ka+hleen Reeve. Lee Ann Reeves. David Wayne Reeves. Louis Reich. Sfeven Anfhony Rancher. Karleen C. Reynolds. CharleHe J Reynolds Roberfa Lee Reynolds; Wayne 5. Rice, Neil Lynn Rich. David Edward Rfchan. Eugenia Richards. Barbara J. Richards. Philip S. Richardson, Charles E. Richardson. Alva B. Richardson, Bevan M. Richardson. D. Chad Ricks. Naomi Ricks. Sheryl Rae Riddle. Richard Bruce Robb, Gary Ray Rober+s. Denise BuHer Roberfs. Paul Walker Roberfs. Ralph Kenney Roberfson. Marie Robinson. Husfon L. Robinson. Sharon Lee Robison. Calvin Ray Rodeman, Roberf Euqene Roqhaar, Bonnie Rufh Rolfson, Pafricia Anne Rollins, Bernard Rollins, Nancy Bernice Rollins. Pam Rose. Bryanf Ray 433 J uniors R0 to Tc: ROSS' WE'AZWUEEZK Rowbofhom. Brenf Royal. Roberf Bryanf Roylance, Joan Rudd, Barbara Gene Rumfallo. Ronald Russell. Charlene Sabin. Darleen Sabin. Marfha Sainsbury. William E. Sakofa, Lorraine Kiyoe Samiee, Saeed Sampson, David Paul Sampson. Saundra Samuelson. Joan M. Sanderson, Lila Rae Sanford. Kaye Lurlean Sarver, Anfony M. O. Saunders. Gary P. Schlange. Pafricia Ann Scholes, LyneHe Schow. Douglas. Jr. Schreiner. Lawrence A. ScoH'. Eileen Sue ScoH, Joyce Elaine ScoH'. Linda Carol SCOH. Richard Mark Scribner. S'rephen P. Seamons. David Taylor Seamons. Karen Seeman, Russell Elmer Sessions, Lynda Lee Sessions, Michael Dell Shaffer. Mary Lou Sharp. John Richard Sharpe. Mary Anne Sheffield, Donna Sheld. Dale Shepherd, James Thomas Sheppard. Brenda F. M. Sherwood. Linda Sherwood. Mar Susan Shirley. Harol Granf Shorfen. David Rollie Shumway, Ufahna Shupe. Gerald Allen Sidwell. Nancy Lee Sierzega. Marie Silver, Janice Diane Simmons, Jay Roberf Simmons, John Glennan Simmons. Pafricia Ann Singer, Carolyn Jean Slaughfer, Willard A. Sloan. Rufh Maureen Smea+h. Frances Anne Smifh, Carolee Smifh, Darrell Thales Smifh, Deanne Gay Smifh, Dennis C. Smifh, Douglas Alan Smifh, Eric John Smifh. Gladys Diane Smi+h. Jane++ Lucille 434 Ross, Kennefh Louis Roundy. Norman J. was: qgri v u 1 311?7 7 1 1? L1: . a - Smifh. Kirkham Smifh, Marilyn Hacking Smifh, Michael Wayne Smifh. Noel Edward SmHh, Norman Read Smifh. Pa+ricia Smifh, Rodney Craig Smifh, Sandara Joan Smifh, Vicky Ann Smifh. Vivian Dianne Smifh, Wesley Dexfer Smoof, Diana Smouf. Marilyn SneIL Kaye Rylia Snideman. John Francis Snow, Evelyn Gayle Soelberg. Reynoldo B. Sonkens, Jerry Wayne Sorensen, Janef Sue Sorensen, Jay Dean Sorensen, Kafhleen Ann Sorensen. Leslie Ann Sorensen. Reid Spencer. Richard H. Spragg, Frank Sproul, Jerry Kennefh S+amps, Richard BrOWn Sfanger, William C. Sfapley. Vicki Jeanne SfauHer. Jeffery Dean S+ayner. S+ephen E. SfeimIe. Linda Page Sfephens. Cafhy Sfephens. Lawrence H. Sfephenson, George L. SferreH. Morris Ray Sfevenson. Kafhleen T. Sfewarf. Allen Paul Sfillman. Leonard M., Jr. Sfifzer, Susan Sfock. Cafherine Mae Sfoddard. George R. Sfoddard. Judy Ann SfoHers, Kennefh W. Sfokes. BremL Darrell 95$?! - Sfoner, Roy Leslie Sfowell. Richard H. k; . -' : : ; - ' s '- S+range, Janis Ann ':; . - V , . Sfrange, Jay Edwin E ' ' S+ru+z, Linda Louise ' 7 " Sfuck, Susanne Lynn Summers. Kafhleen Swan! James Alberf Swann, Neal Roberf Swarfs. George C. Tabone. Paul Roberf V-TI A Ii Tagg. Carol Eva Tam, Tommy May Sang Tammisfo. Heli T. Tarfer. Sfanley James Tarwafer, Mack Elberf Taylon Barbara Taylor. David Rober'r Taylor, John Mifchell Taylor. Karen Lynn Taylor, Loy David Taylor, Sfephen Arnold Taylor. Sfephen Kroge Teeples, Karen Kay Terry. Elizabefh Rae 435 . JUhIOfS Tiafcher, Ausfin B. T afcher, Nila Rae Te 1'0 ZU Thibodeau, Richard T. Thomas. Carolyn Jane Thomas. Janef Gail Thompson, Connie Gene Thompson, John E. Thompson, S+ephen Thomson. Margo Kaye Thomson, Maureen Thorpe. Janef Verlee Thunell. Ann Marie Thurber. Be+h Thursfon, Morris A. TibbiHs. Dean Edwin Tinker, Paul Michael TippeHs, Isabella Ann TippeHs. Sherie May Tolman. Chrisfine Tom Ronna Elna Torgesen Gerald Wayne Trane. Kennefh Glen Trendler Terry Tucker, Linda Jean Turley. Arlene TurnbuH, Jacqueline Turner. Johnny 5., Jr. Turner. Randall Twi+chell, Ronald Twyman, Leon Tysdal. Kallie Lou Uibel. Jacob Ross Van Dyke. Donna VanWagoner. David Leo Vanwer+, Michael Don Viccellio, John Arfhur Vidmar. John Charles Viencek. Roberf Samuel Vonk. Ronald Arie Wagner, Bonnie Jean WagsfaH, Colene Wagsfaff, Karen Lee Wakefield. Jerilyn Wakefield. Laraine Walburger. KeHh J. Walker. Carol Ann Walker Kay Leroi Walker Leroy Richard Walker Lou Ann Wallace Myrle LoriHa Wallach, Carol Anne Wallin, Joyce Veda Wallis, William D. i Wal+on. Harold Ray I Wangsgard, Mary Joan ard, Carma Jane Ward. Judifh Lucille Ware, Bonnie Lucille Wasden, Philip Asay Wafers. Harry Gale Wafkins, Andrea Wafson, Gayle Wafson, John William Wafson. Linda Merle Waymenf, Susan Webb, Warren Ross Weber, Donald Gordon 436 a 99 w ; Webs+er. Thomas P. Weimer. Joyce Rae Wells, Marion Gawain Wells. Pamela Sue West Dee Wayne West Lawrence B. Wesf. Marianne Wesfenskow, Allen Joie WesHund, Linda Ann Wesfover, Carole Wheeler, Richard L. Whife. Charles Hopkins Whife, Judifh K. Whifa Mary Alice Whife, Mary Elizabefh Whife, Perry Alan Whife. Richard Allen Whifehead. John Blair Whifemarsh, Bruce D. Whifeside. Cheryl Lynn Whi+ing. Ann Widmier' Roberf G. Wiley, Alma Granf Williams. Ann Bedford Williams. Delmar P. Williams, Gerald A. Williams, Janef Williams, Joe L. Williams, Karen Marie Williams, Mary Sue Williams. Mar+ha K, Williams, Susan E. Willis. Bruce Marfell Wilson. Curfis Pafrick Wilson, Jean Wilson, Frank M.. Jr. Wilson, Pafricia Wilson, Roberf Bruce WHson. Trudy Wilson. William Don Wilfbank, David Ellis Winfers. Gaylene K. Woffinden, Neil D. WOW. Cheryl Dee Wolfhuis, Jan Wood. Byard Meade Wood, Douglas Bowen Woodard. Francis M. Woodard, Pauline Woodard, Sonia Lyn Woodward. Carol Woodward, Joyce Wesf Woolley, Jany+h Lois Wride, Bruce Baker Wrida Neve Kafhryn Wright Kafherine Wright Larry G. WyaH. Geraldine Young. Leon C. Young, Maralee Young, Marjorie Young. Millie Ann Zaugg, Rufh Ann Zaqu, Wilfred Lee Zeifler. Charloffe J. Ziegler. Sue Ann Zincke. Douglas Allan Zurchen Marylee Zurcher. Willard Emery 437 :M a a m 1 : jag , t v a: gig; H; I966 Senior Class project was this 340-pound relieic world globe. The rotating globe, which cost $l0.000 is over six feet tall. Senior Proiect: enior officers have a traditional problem; most of their students have lasped into casual cynicism. En- thusiasm seems to be a monopoly of the underclassmen, who are not as concerned with such weighty matters as those last two credits needed for graduation. Seniors have never had quite the pep of other classes. But the class this year was different in a way, yet in a way, much the same. Some things Hopped; other were smash- ing successes. Perhaps, though, the senior class this year did have more successes than is usual. Their Homecoming float, a scene of the ocean floor entitled iiDepths of Infinity," took first place for organizations. However, the freshman project was only a halfway success. The blue and white beanies were a sellout, but frosh didnit seem to be too enthused over the Class of i69 sweatshirts. As usual, the seniors had the dubious 438 H44. -.. -u...v.7 $10,000 Globe honor of receiving the least number of points in Class Competition Week; however, this total is a great im- provement over the performance of last year's seniors. The class project, a hugh globe cosu'ng $10,000, which was placed in the library, caused much comment within the studentbody. Class members are also proud that they were responsible for the nomination of Belle of the Y, Margot Walker. Senior Week, last activity of the class, ran May 8-14. Beginning with a fireside on Sun- day, the week included recognition of outstanding sen- iors in each college, a guided tour through the heating tunnels which honeycomb the campus, cut-rates for sen- iors in the Y Center, and a final nostalgic trek to the Y. IlBK EL I35 FRISIDEIX SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: J. D. Williams. Assemblyman: Orlean Miller, Assemblyman; Gary Bell, Vicepresidenf. Wells, President Nicki Hancock, Secrefary; Doug 'r .p SEN'OR HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Fronf Row: Margarei Blackha m, Donna Wiffer, AcHng Sec.: Diane Renchler. Sharon Smith. Merilyn Henrie. Joan Chrisfensen. Liz Lindsey. Tawnie Olsen, Marilyn Poll, Barbara Wafson. Back Row: Craig Lundahl, Rufh Ann Ricks. Carol Huber. James D. Williams. Assemblyman; Paul S. Carpenfer, Assemblyman: Gary M. Bell, Vice-Presiden+: Neil GaiffiHs, Dave Hamilfon, Sandy Kross. Chuck Cozzens, Doug Wells. President 439 Abaiian. Kafhryn: Alhambra. Calif., English. Abel. Karen Gene: San Leandro. CaliF.. Eiementary Ed. Adams, Paul Neldon: Las Vegas. Nev.. Polifical Sci- ence. Adams. Cherly Lynn: Long Beach Calif. Ele- menfary Ed. Alder, Julia Ann: Melba, Idaho. Elemenfary Ed. Alexander. Jack E.: Provo. Ufah. Zoology. American Socie+y of Range Management Norseman. Allen, Charles Ray: Provo, Ufah, Chemesfry. Allen, Hal J.: Provo, Ufah, Sociology, A Cappella Choir. Allen. Roberf George: Torrance. Calif., Ma+h. Allred, Darvel: Upland. Calif.. Political Science. Circle K Club, Producfion Guild, Song Fesf I965. Assoc. of Childhood Ed. Allred, Gary Grani: Sfaffor. Ariz.. Spanish. Allsop. Lynne: Las Vegas. Nev., Elemenfary Ed.. Vakhnom Culfure Unif. Alsfrom. John Kirby: Frean Calif.. Business Mam agemenf. C.A.A.. Volleyball Team. Amiroebrahimi. Firouzan: Teheran. Iran. Civil Eng. Anderson. Arfhur 0.. Jr.: Pensacola. Fla.. S+a+is+ics, Baseball. Ander- son 6. Carole: Mesa, Ariz., Homemaking Ed., Sigma Delfa Omicron. Anderson. Julia Marie: Manhaffan Beach, Calif.. Clofhing Textiles. Sporfswomen, Sigma Delfa Omi- cron. Anderson. June C.: Fairbanks. Alaska. English. Anderson. Lee Grani: Spokane. Wash., Economics. Young 'Men. Omicron Delia Epsilon. Anderson. R. Clair: Roseburg. Ore., Sociology. Andorion. Raymond 5.: Las Vegas, Nev., Electrical Engineering. IEEE. Andrew. Judy Ann: Magnolia, Ark, Sociology, Honor Council. Andrew. John S+anley: Pro- vo, Ufah, Lafin American Sfudies. Andrews. Vernalynn: Scoffsdale. Ariz., Elemenfary Ed. 440 Seniors Ab to Ba Andrus. Marie E.: Pasadena. Calif., Sociology. Kia Ora Club. Angell. Gerald: Dnar Bch. Canada. Rec- reafion Club Aroney, Paula Joyce: Provo, Ufah. Pre- Therapy. Angel Flight Alpine Club, Brazilian Club. Calif. Senior House of Represenfafives, Sophomore Class Cabinet Class Compefifion Week Chairman. Arringfon, Ammon lrby: Provo. Ufah. Business Man- agemenf. Asay. Kathleen: Byron. Wyou Library Technology. Ashby. Margaref Lucille: Phoenix. Ariz.. Nursing, Sfu- den? Nurse Vice-Presidenf. Leadership Commiffee, A.W.S.. Y Sfandouf CommiHee. Afwood, Bcnna Sue: Ogden, Ufah, Homemaking Ed.. Sigma Delfa O'mi. cron. AHwoo". William J.: Los Angeles. Calif., Civil Engineering, Men Res. Halls Council, Tau Befa Pi. A.S.C.E. Augade. Alberf Charles: Calgary. Alberta. Canada. Civil Engineering. A.S.C.E. Ayers. Leonard Wayne: Orem. Ufah. Speech. Dramafic Arm Mask Club. Bab- cock. Mary Ann: Provo. Utah. Elemenfary Ed.. A Cappella Choir. Prafprop Choir. Y Calcares, Whife Key. A.C.E.. Culfure Office; Badger, Charles Edward: Sanfar Rosa, Calif.l Industrial Ed., I.A.A. Bahr. Albert Lee. Provo. Ufah. Psychology. ASBYU Asst Vice.Pres. of Finance Circulafion, A Cappella Choir. Oraforio Choir. Cumorah Club, ASBYU Sum- mer School Vice-Pres. Finance, Bailey, Daniel Edward: Redding. Calif.. Elecfrical Engineering, I.E.E.. Sporfy men. Baker. Calvin Clain: San Bernadino. Calif., In. dusfrial Management Baker, Dan Curfis: Provo. Ufah. Elecfrical Engineering. IEEE. Baker. Louise: Sugar Cify, Idaho, Elemenfary Ed. Bales, Dan Sfephen: Salf Lake Cify, Ufahl Business Management Young Republicans. Ball, Roger E.: Downey. Calif" Hisfory. Ballanfyne, Shirlyn: SaH Lake Cify, Ufah. English. Ballis. Donna Marie: Boise. Idaho. Elemenfary Ed. Bang. James R.: Orem, Ufah. Indusfrial Ed.. A.I.A.A Banker, Sue Ellen: Phoenix, Ariz., Elemenfary Ed.. 5. E.A., Cumorah Club. S.N.A. Barber. Russell 3.: Syracuse, Ufah. Civil Engineering, Blue Bey, Tau Befa Pi, A.S.C.E.. E.J.C. Barfuss, Emer Davirl: Fullerfon. Cam" Business Man- agement IK's. Sr. Resident Barley, Gayle Ann: Arrow- head, Calif., Elemenfary Ed. Barlow. Brenf Alvin: Cenferfield. Ufah. Psychology. I. KJs, Shamrock Soc- iety. Barlow, Elberf Gene: Denver, Colo.. Mafh. Cou- gar Club. Compufer Research Cenfer. 441 Seniors Ba to Bo Barlow. lsable Ann: Bounfiful, Ufah. Bacferiology, ln- fernafional Folk Dancers. Shomrah Kiyel. Barnard, Nan- cy Jo: Fowler. Colo.. Sociology. Alpha Kappa DeHa. Burner, Edward Lee: Long Beach. Calii, Communica- fions. Radio 8: Television. Barney, Ferril: Hafch, Utah, Accouang. Barnhill. William C.: Coffeyville. Kans., Design and Draffing American Insfifufe of Design and Draffing, DeHa Phi Kappa. Barfholomew, Fae: FayeHe. Utah. H.D.F.R. Composife. Omicron Nu. ACE. Badholomew. Lamar 8.: Provo, Ufah, Polifical Science, Phi Efa Sigma, Blue Key. Bar+IeHn Nola Maurine: Boise. Idaho. Elemenfary Ed. Bascom, Eunice Nadine: VicforviHe, Calif" Elemenfary Ed. Graduafe Wives. Basinger. Lee Alvin: San Lor- enzo, Calli, Business Management Bassam, Moham- med Hamed: Oneizm Saudi Arabia Economics. Bras. Han. Alma: Provo. Ufah. Animal Science. Bafeman. John Morgan: Ogden. Ufah. Mechanical Engineerong. A.S.M.E., DeHa Phi Kappa. Safes, Ron- ald Harold: Idaho Falls. Idaho, Accounfing. Bauer. Blaine 3.: Charlo, Mont. Bofany. Baugh, Gary Evan: Orem. Ufah. English. Secondary Ed.. AFROTC, AF- ROTC Chorus. Arnold Air Sociefy. Circle K., Swed- ish Tre Kronor, German Club Daily Universe. Bean, Vani+a Hope: Tefon. Idaho. Speech and Hear- ing Correcfion. Sigma Alpha Efa. Beardall, Darryl Ray: Sanfa Rosa. Calif" P.E. Beardall. W. Lee: Orem. Ufah. Polifical Science. Young Republicans. Beaver. CharloHe Ann: Provo, Ufah. H.D.F.R., Elemenfary Ed.. Sigma Delfa Omicron, Senior Recognifion Com- miffee. Becksfrom, James E: Spanish Fork, Utah. Elementary Ed. Be". Gary McClellan: La Canada. Calii. Psy- chology, Sr. Class Vice-Pres.. IK's. Be", Karen Diane: Suffer. Calif,. H.D.F.R.. Sigma Delfa Omicron. Bel- lows. Carolyn: Orem. Ufah Teachers' Ed. 442 BenneH, Myron Dean: Provo, Ufahh, Youfh Leaderv ship. Bennion, Kafhrine Ann: Palo Alfo, Calif.. Hu- manifies. Honors Program, Spurs. Oraforio Choir. Bennion, Vernon Ralph: Provo. Ufah. Zoology. Ben- son, Duane: Spanish Fork. Ufah. Elecfrical Engineering. I.E.E.E. Benson, Max Farrell: Provo. Ufah. Accounfing, Befa Alpha Phi. Ben'rlay. Margaret: Provo. Ufah. English. Chi Triellas. Benzley. Daren; Provo, Ufah. Homemak- ing Ed. Benzley, Sfeve Edward: Idaho Falls. Idaho, Civil Engineering. A.S.C.E., Tau Befa Pi, Phi Efa Sig- ma Engineers Joinf Council. Berg. Sandra Sue: Lincoln. HL. Sociology. Best Mich- ael Fredrick: Kamas. Ufah. Psychology. Bevan. Wayne Rulon: Provo. Ufah. Sociology. Arnold Air Sociefy. Bilbro. LoreHa Ann: PorHand Ore., Homemaking Ed.. Sigma Delfa Omicron. Universi+y Chorale. Bills. Mac M.: Springville. Ufah. Indusfrial Edu Arn- old Air Sociefy AFROTC. Bingham. Charlofle Mae: Garden Grove. Calif.. Music Ed. Bingham, Michael Rigby, Idaho, Banking and Finance. Business Man- agement Bird. James Erron: Idaho Falls. Idaho. Ele- menfary Ed. Birrell, David Roberf: Twin Falls. Idaho. Communi- cafions. Bishop. Dale Gordon: Hinckley Ufah, Chem- isfry. Blackburn, Gerald: Lancasfer. Calif" Zoology. Balckburn, Virginia L.: Porf Orchard. Wash.. H.H.M., Sigma Delfa Omicron. Blackburn, Margarei Ann: Long Beach. Calif., Ele- menfary Ed., Spurs, H.H.C.. Senior House of Rep- resenfafives. Blackwelder, Donald L.: Sanford Fla" Hisfory. Blake. John Louis: Provo, Ufah, Elecfrical Engineering. Los Cholos, l.E.E.E. Blomquisf. Helen Anne: Dillon, Mont. Elemenfary Ed. Spurs. Alpha Lambda Delfa. Vice-Pres. of Heritage Hall. Assemb; lyman, Infer-Housing Council. Bobbs, Sheila Louise: Fair Oaks. Calif.. Elemenfary Ed.. A C.E., S.E.A. Bodily. Mary JeanneHe: Yuba Ci'ry, Calif.. Music Ed. Bogdan. Caroline L.: Auon- lam Sask. Canada, Speech Therapy. Sigma Alpha Efa. Boivie. Richard Lynn: Carson Ci+y. Nev.. Span- ish, Chilean Club Pres, 443 Seniors Bo to Bu Bond. Gerald Wayne: Phoenix. Ariz.. Speech. Fin- nish Club. Program Bureau, Senior House Repre- senfantive. Bond. Kafhryn: Fresno. Calif.. English. Eng- lish Liferafure Sociefy. French Club, Boofh. Curinda: Boise. Idaho. Elemenfary Ed. Bc'rhwell, Lin: Provo. Ufah, Sociology. Senior Class House d Represen- fafives. Senior Class Publicify Direc+or. Alpha Kappa Delfa. Bowen. Linda: Spanish Fork, Ufah, Elemenfary Ed.. Angel Flight l.S.C. Bowers, Kay Ann: New Bal'rirnore. Mich.. English. Spanish Club, lnfernad'ional Sfudenfs Organizafion. Bowman, Laraine: Pahrump, Nev.. Elen menfary Ed.. A.C.E. Boyack, David Tippeffs: Provo. Ufah, Economics. ASBYU Social Vice-Pres., Sopho- more Class Pres., ASBYU Senafe. Universe Ediforial Council. Cougar Club. Boyack, Kafhleen M.: Encino. Califu Bacferiology, Junior Class Cabinet Thea Alexis. Delian Vesfa. Boyce, Eugenia Ann: Pacific Grove. Calif. H.D.F.R. and Elementary Ed.. Senior Resident Boyce, Suanne: Norfhridge. Calff., English' Sporfswomen. Boyd. Bill 6.: Cody, Wyo.. Hisfory. Arnold Air Sociefy. Ja- panese Club. Hisfory Club. Boyle. Jeaneen May: Mesa, Ariz.. English. Boyfer. Mac . .. ' Neil: Cedar Cify. Ufah. Psychology. Bradbury, Mic- , WWW heel W.: Orem. Ufah, Elecfrical Engineering. I.E.E.E. , Brague, Carl Leroy: Provo, Ufah. PoliHcal Science. Brenchley, Kafhryn: Wellsville. Ufah. Horne Econo- mics Ed.. Sigma Delfa Omicron, German Club. Bren- nan, Phyllis Jean: Oakland. Calif.. Spanish. Bria. Frank Harry: Provo. Ufah. Pre-Med.. Aquafic Counr cil, IK s, Briggs. Gaye LeeI Vidor. Texas. Bacferiology. Brighfon. Thomas Bow: Menlo Park. Calif.. Business Management Scotsman. A.M.S. Council, Business Man- agemenf Associafion. Brink. Sheryl Lee: Merced. Calif" Physical Ed. Brinkerhoff, Phillip R.: Orlando. Fla., Accounfing, Business Managemeni Associafion. Befa Alpha Psi. Brinfon. Michael Frank: Redwood Cify, Califq Civil Engineering. A.S.C.E. 444 Brinion, Sharon Lenore: Flagfaff Ariz.. Elemenfary Ed. Brinfon, Susan. SaH Lake Cify. Ufah. H.D.F.R. and Elementary Ed. Thea Alexis, Infer-House Council. Brisk. Allen Larry: Copper'ron. Ufah. Polifical Sci- ence, Alpine Club. Pi Sigma Alpha, Briskoy. Marilyn May: Whiffier, Calif.. Speech and Hearing. Sigma Alpha Efa. Bronson, Margaref Jean: Briarcliff Ma., New York. Elemenfary Ed. Brooks, Re Nae: Defroif, Mich. Eler menfary Ed.. S.E.A. Brown, Dixie Rose: Springville. Ufah, Nursing, S.N.A.. Sophomore Class Represenfa- five. Brown. Janice Marie: Self Lake Cify. Ufah, Physical Ed.. Universify Chorale. Treasurer of Mod- ern Dance Club. Brown. Mary Suspn: Pocafallo. Idaho. Mafh Ed., ASBYU Recepfionisf, InfernaHonal Sfudenf. I965 Se- mesfer af Salzburg. Ausfria. Brown. Pafricia Ann: Lehi. Ufah, H.D.F.R. and Elemenfary Ed., Sigma Del- fa Omicron. Brown. Roberf Kennefh: Compfon, Cam" Business Management Brown. Sally Ann: Sfockfon. Calif.. Spanish. Spanish Club. Shomrah Kiyel. ' i" ; , u m WHWH Wu umvuw Browning, Clarie L.: Idaho Falls, Idaho, H.D.F.R., Sigma DeHa Omicron. BrowningI Karen E.: Idaho Falls, Idaho, Elemenfary Ed. Buccellado. Anfhcny F.: Piffsburg. CalH.. Animal Science, Kia Ora Club. California Club. Buchanan, Kaylinda, Paris France. French. Phi DeH'a Phi. Ausfrian Club. Bucknum. Claire E: Bend. Ore., Homemaking Ed. Buf- fingfon. Carol Sue: Dallas. Texas. Personnel Manage- menf. Bullock, Arfhur Waine: Welling, Alberhzr Cana- da. Sociology. Bullock. Roberf Ray: Tacoma. Wash. Bofany. Bunker. Bob: Provo, Ufah. Animal Husbandry. Burda. Ronald Edward: Menlo Park. Calif.. Psychology. BurdeH, Nancy Lyn: Riverside, Cam" English, Eng lish Majors AssociaHon. Burge, Jr., Willard D.: Pro vo. Ufah. Design and Draffing. American lnsfifufe for Design and DraHing Club SecrefaryL Burgess, Jo Ann C.: Alpine. Ufah, Elemenfary Ed. Burgon. Garfh Sfanley: Midvale. Ufah, Business Man. agement Burley. Georgia SH": Provo. Ufah. Ele- menfary Ed., Arizona Club. Chi TrieHas. Burnes. Pefer Douglas: Des Moines. Iowa. Economics. 445 Seniors Bu to CI w M i u BurneH. Roscoe W.: Porfland. Ore., Socioiogy. Burn- ingham. Judifh 5.: Lehi, Umh. Clofhing and Texfiles. Sigma Delfa Omicron. Burnside. Janef Sproul: Burley. Idaho, Badedologyl Honors Program, Phi Kappa Phil Whiie Key. Burnside. Roberi' J.: Burley, Idaho, Phy- sics, Secrefary of Sigma Pi Sigma. Bushman, Daphne: Gridley. Calif., Elemenfary Ed. Butler, Linda Sue: lfhica. New York. English. Sporfs- women. BuHerwodh. Joan K.: SfaHle. Wash. Busi- ness Ed. Bybee. Barfh Nalder: Bell, Calif., Lafin American Sfudies. Young Men. Cabana. Felipe S.: Wahiaws, Hawaii, Civil Engineer- ing. A.S.C.E., Hawaiian Club. Cahoon. Tressa Gay: Edmonfon. Alberfa. Canada, H.D.F.R. Composife. Kia Ora. Canadian Club. Call, Henry Dee: Layton. Ufalm Sfafisfics. Call, Judifh Liana: Sacramenfo, Calif. Elemenfary Ed., S.E.A.. German Club. Call. Lois Jean: Malad. Idaho. Elemenfary Ed., Alpha Lamba Delfa, Cumorah Club., A.C.E. Cam- mack. Earl M.I Jr.: Provo. Ufah, Sociology. Camp- bell. James E.. Jr.: Jackson Beach. Fla.. Sociology. Confederate Club. Arizona Club. Consler, Elizabeih A.: Silver Cify. New Mexico, Elemenfary Ed., S.E.A. Capson. Eleanor: Arcadia. Ufah, Applied Music, A Cappella Choir. Caren Hallie Margaret: Burley. Idaho Dramafic Ar+s and Speech, Thefa Alpha Phi. Carl- isle. Joseph R.: Provo, Utah, Business Management Carlisle, Sfephanie A.: Provo. Ufah. Art Synchro nized Swimming Club. Whife Key. Carpenfer, Linda Jean: Encino. Calif., Zoology. Befa Befa Befa, Physical Ed. Maiors Club. Carpenfer. Paul Snow: El Cerrifoy, Calif.. Economics and Inferna- fional Relafions. World Affairs Commiffee, Senior House of Represenfafives. Salzburg Semesfer, Ger- man Club. Carr. Wallace James: Oakland. Calif.. Sociology. Alpha Phi Omega, California Cub. Car- roll, Raymond: Provo, Ufah. Teacher Ed., Yearbook Photographer. Newspaper, A.C.E.. French Club. Span- ish Club. Oraforio Choir. 446 VWMUm Carfwrighf. James F.: Provo, Ufah. English. In+er- collegiafe Knighfs, English Maiors Club. Cask. Sfeve: Spanish Fork. Ufah, Civil Engineering. Casilefon. Llyod V.: Springvile. Ufah. German. Casfle+om Nilda A.: Sanfiago. Chili, Hisfory. Caswell, Susan Alice: Marblehead, Mass. Hisfory. Profesfan+ College Fellowship. New England Club. Chadwick, Douglas 3.: Provo, Ufah. Economics. Al- pha Phi Omega Prerlaw Club. Junior Class House of Represenfafives. Chambers. 6. Dawn: Eugene. Oregon. Clofhing and Telees, Sigma Delfa Orniv cron. Champion, Waylon 5.: Creedmoon Nor+h Carolina. Recreafion Ed. Chandler, Barbara 0.: Provo, Ufah. Bacferology. Chapman. Terrance 0.: Mesa. Ariz.. Secondary Ed.. Polifical Science. Chapple. Harry Leroy: Hunfingfon Beach Calif.. Hisfory, Hisfory Club. Chapple. Rich- ard Lynn: Spanish Fork, Ufah. Russian. Russian Club Secre+ary and President German Club. Chifwin, Donna Marie: Los Angeles. Calif.. Sociology. Chang. Kai Hung: Hong Kong, China. Civil Eng- ineering. Changl Ralph Kai Man: Hong Kong. China, Mechanical Engineering, A.S.M.E, Chinese Club. Chorringfon, David J.: Presfon. Idaho. Psychology. Honor Council. Chipman, Connie: American Fork. Ufah. H.D.F.R. and Elemenfary Ed.. Honor Council. A.C.E.. Shomrah Kiyel, Sigma Delfa Omicron. Chipman. Harold C.: Provo, Ufah. Psychology. Chess Club, Pacemaker Band, Y's Man Band, C.B.M., Jazz Club. Chilpman. Lyneffe 5.: Self Lake Cify, Ufah. Elemenfary Ed.. Sigma Alfa Afa. Chrisfensen. Carl. Richfield Ufah Physics. Sigma Pi Sigma. Chrisfensen, David Lee: Fillmore, Ufah. Animal Sci- ence, Sfockman's Club President Rodeo-Sfockman's Club Vice-Presidenf. Chrisfonsen. Diana 6.: Visfa. Calif.. H.D.F.R. Composife. Russian Club. Chrisfen- sen, Donald M.: Temple Cify, Calif" Hisfory. Chris- fensen, Gail Ann: New Orleans. La.. Psychology. Chrisfensen. Joan: American Fork. Elemenfary Ed. De- lian Visfa CuHure Unit Senior House of Represenfa- fives, Secrefary of Missionary Orienfafion Comm. Chrisfensen, Larry R.: Provo. Ufah, Youfh Leader- ship. Alpha Phi Omega. Clark. Caroyln: Monfrose. C010,, History. Clark, Connie Lou: Los Angeles. Calif., Homemaking Ed.. lnfernafional Folk Dancers, Shomrah Kiyel. Sigma DeHa Omicron. Homecoming CcmmiH'ee. Finance Recepfionisf, Dorm Treasurer. 447 Clark. Miriam Leslie: Chafsworfh. Calih Ari: Clark. Susan Kay: Twin Falls, Idaho. Elemenfary Ed. Clay. Jill: Provo, Ufah, Business Ed., Phi Chi Thefa. Clegg. E. Dalee: Provo, Ufah. Elemenfary Ed. Clement Dallas Brenf: Roberfs, Idaho, Adverfising and Public Relafions, Edifor of BYU Leader. Secre- tary of Universify Ad Club. Kappa Tau Alpha. Clyde. Dianne: Springville, Food and Nufrifion, Omicron Nu, Sigma Delfa Omicron, Thea Alexis, Alpha Lamba Delhi Y Calcares. Dorm Presidenf-Horne Hall, Honors Program. 1.H.C.. Affendanf-Belle of fhe Y Cobia. Leroy Richard: Moses Lake. Wash. Bofany, Traffic Courf. Cobson. Amy Rosanne, Provo. Ufah. Sociology, Alpha Kappa Delfa. Cockrill, Pafricia I.: Oakland, Calif., History. Cod- Iing. Charles Vail: Ashfon. Idaho. Mafh. Ed.. Univer- sify Chorale, Ori'rono Choir. German Club. Cloeman. Karen Lee: Provo, Ufah. English. English Maior's Club. Sfudenf Educafion Associafion. ColleHe. Craig D.: Seaffle, Wash, Polifical Science. Sfudenf Housing Board. Sfudenfbody Vice-Presidenf of Social. Sfudenf- body Execufive Council. Sfudenfbody Assembly. Collins, Ann Louise, Ogden Ufah, Chemisfry. Col- lins, Michael D.: Provo, Ufah, Business Management Young Men. lnframurals. Conley, Ca+herine J.: Silver BeH. Ariz., General College. Conover. Charles 5.: Provo. Ufah. Indusfrial Ed. Cook, Janice: Roseville, Calif.. Associafe Degree Nursing. Cook. Jerry C.: Provo. Ufah,. Radio-TV. Program Bureau, M.C. Direcfon Chi Sigma Alpha. Cook, Sandi Mae: Provo, Utah. German. Dorm Vice- Presidenf, Universify Chorale. Junior Class House of Represenfafives, Salzburg Semesfer. Coombs. Mar- garef Sue: Thousand Oaks, Calif., Sociology. Poly- nesian Club. Cooper. Bren+ D.: 5an Lake Cify. Ufah. Hisfory. Ballroom Dancing Club. Cope. Sandra: Provo. Ufah. Business Teaching. Phi Chi Thefa. CoHam. AnneHe: Psadena. Calif., Homemaking Ed.. Omicron Nu, Sig- ma Delfa Omicron. Whi're Key. Cofire". Claudia E.: Salf Lake Cify, Ufah, Speech and Hearing Pafhology. Infernafional Folk Dancers. Sigma Alpha Efa. 448 Seniors CI to Da 7 G Wu w: m ' Mm,ng 353 ' x ; TW . gr :. V ' w t Ap Emiymmuwwnm w: v fxexuxm H Cowan, Joann: Duchesne. Ufah. Hisfory, Dorm Presi- dent I.H.C. Council. Cox. Beffy Lorraine: Dallas. Texas. English. BYU Salzburg Secretary. Ausfrian Club, Robinson Hall Family Prayer Coordina+on Texas Club, Curriculum Hisforian. Conens. Charles Fay: Byrom Wyo., Psychology. Academic Emphasis Com- miHee. Senior House of Represen+affves. Creer. Caro- lyn: Eugene. Ore., Elemenfary Ed., Thea Alexis. 3:7 x H 7 A HA M H u c k - Criddle. Marilyn: San Pablo, Calif.. English. CrockeH, Rodney Lynn: Manfeca. Calif.. Polifical Science, As- sociafed Men Sfudenfs Council. Croft Gary Max: Provo, U+ah, Geography, IK's. Senior House of Rep- resenfafives. Geography Club. Cropper. Diane: Provo. Ufah Psychology. 2W - J7 . Crosby, Rodney Lewis: Cowley. Wyo.. Animal Sci- 11111 ." ' ,5 1 l , 1 .4 ' , , - : ence. Cullimore. Nancy Marie: Oklahoma Cify. Okla.. u mmm , x mm Speech Pafhoiogy. Dileas Chalean Service Unif, Sig. ma Alpha Efa. Cundiclr, Kathleen: Self Lake Cify. Ufah. Medical Technology. Curfin, Nancy Jane: Provo. Ufalm Accounfing. Curfis, Charles 6.. Jr.: Venfura. Calif.. PolHical Science and Communicafions, Opera, Workshop. Dague. Donna Dianne: Tacoma. Wash, Elemenfary Ed., Sfuden+ Associafion for Childhood Educafion. Sfudenf Nafional Educafion Associafion. Dalby. Robert William: Provo. Ufah. Accounfing. Alpha Phi Omega. Dalfon, Carol: Provo. Ufah. English. Cougareffes. Danley. Janice Earlene: Washingfon, Pa.. Elemenfary Ed. Darling. Dee Richard: Spanish Fork, U+ah Zoolo- gy. Dasfrup. Sherrie A.: Auburn, Calif.. Communica- fions. Davenport John Edward: Salem Ore., Chemiv cal Engineering. Davenporf. Nancy Sue T.: Chino, Calif., Teachers' Ed. Davila. Camille Cyrus: Toppenish, Wash. Sociology. Spanish Club. Los Cholos Club. Davis. Beverly Ann: Pacoima. Calif" Elementary Educafion. Davis, Blanche Stine: Pleasanf Hill. Calif.. Thea Alexis. Thefa Alpha u. Davis. Carole: 56H Lake Cify, Ufah, Bacferiology. Modern Dance Club. Davis, Danny Glen: DeHa. Colo.. Accounfing. Davis. Dennis Howell: Spanish Fork. Ufah, Design and Draffing, A.I.D.D. Davis. Frank Harvey: Las Cruces, New Mexico. Animal Science. 449 Seniors Dc: to En Davis, John P.: Provo, Ufah, Chemisfry. English. ATCHE. Davis, Judifh Kay: San Gabriel, Calif.. Elev menfary Ed. Davis. Rex Terry: Redondo Beach. Calif.. Elec+rical Engineering. I.E.E.E. Decker. Andrew Dean: Grand Junicfon. Colo., Aqronomv. Decker. William Clair: Puyallup. Wash, Poiifical Sci- ence. Demille, John Theron: Monroa Ufah. Draffing. Dendurenf. Howard E.: Pomona. Calif., Polifical Sci- ence, Brazilian Club. Deniers, Elaine. Pocafello. Idaho. French. Pi DeHa. Phi L'Alliance Francaise. Derr. Karen Elfriede, Red Hill. Pa., Elemenfary Ed., A.5.E.. S.E.A.. German Club. Despain. Kafhleen: Cen- ferfield, Ufah Elemenfary Ed. Dickey, Neldon Russell: Gresham. Ore.. Tool and Manufacfuring Technology. Difloure. John Bruce: Las Vegas. Nev.. Accoun+ing. Golf Team. DiHrnar. Edberf E.: SaH Lake Cify. Ufah, Tool and Manufacfuring Technology. Dixon. Byron Paul: Arling- fon, Va.. Accoun+ing. Dixon, Don Charles, Payson, Ufah, Pre-Med. Chemisfry, "Y" Chemistry Sociefy, German Club. Dixon. Linda: Salf Lake Cify. Ufah. Physical Ed. and Dance. Orchesis lnfernaHonaI Folk Dancers. Dixon Orville La Mar: Provo, U+ah, Elecfrical Eng- ineering. I.E.E.E. Donahoe, Cashell. Jr.: Richmond, Va., Elecfrical Engineering. Cougar Club. 3rd Shake MIA Board. Darius. Dixie: Brawley. Calif.. Polifical Sci- ence, Dorm President Senior Resident Debafe Team. Dorius. Sheldon Alma: Pacifica, Calif., Civil Eng- ineering. Dorny, Louis Brough: Van Nuys. Calif" Doyle. Dem nis Olney: Maywood. Calif.. English Doyle. Mary Kaye: Burbank. Camn Eiemenfary Ed. Dray, Shirley Marie: Rensilaer. N. Y.. Elemenfary Ed. 450 Drinkwafer. B. J.I Jr.: Yakima, Wash, Mechanical Engineering. A.S.M.E.. Tau Befa Pi. Dubois. Mary N.: Porfland. Ore.. Elementary Ed.. Kia Ora Club. Dorm Social Chairman. Dudley. Dana: Magrafh, Alberfa. Canada, Elemenfary Ed. Duensing. James Allyn: Los Altos. Calif" Business Management Duke, C. Pauline: Provo, Ufah. Dramafic Arfs. Speech. Y Calcares, Thefa Alpha Phi Secrefary. Mask Club. Dunn, Ka+hleen Jean: Hayward. Calif.. Elemenfary Ed. Dupaix. Roger Owenl Hunfing Park, Calif., Physical Ed. Durfey, Roma: Bicknell. Ufah. Elemenfary Ed., H.D.F.R., A.C.E. DurhamI Viginia: Self Lake Cify. Ufah, Elemenfary Ed. Dye, Barbara Joan: Provo. Utah. Physical Ed.. BYU Leadership Commiffee, Maiors Club. lnh'amur- als. Eads, Charles Granf: Laramie. Wyo., Spanish, Argentine Che Club, Spanish Club. Arizona Club. Eas+man, Donald Lee: River+on. Ufah, German. Sec. ond Vice-Presiden+ Alpha Phi Omega. De Hollanders. Eafough. Judifh: Provo. Ufah. History. Hisfory Club. French Club. Model U. N. Edmins'ron. Carolyn Ann: Mefairie, La., Food and NufriHon. Women's Resi- dence Hall Council Secrefary, Vice-Pres. Dorm Bldg. R. Sigma DeHa Omicron. U.H.E.A.. Jr. Class House of Represenfafives. Sr. Class House of Represenfa- fives. Jr. Class Y Day Comm. Chm.. Infer Hall Coun- cil His+orian. Edwards, Chrisfine: Orem, Ufah, Eng- lish, Vakhnom Culfure Unif. Edwards, Ralph Evan: Orem. Ufah, Speech Therapy. Sigma Alpha Efa. Egan. Ray Marshall: Provo. Ufah. Sfafisfics, Jap- anese Club. BYU 60H1 Ward. Egan. VoneHa Elaine. Burley, Idaho. Business Ed. Be+a Sigma Epsilon. Elder. Joe Don: An+onio, Texas, lndusfrial Ed. Elder, Ros- ann Maurice. San Anfonio. Texas, Physical Ed. Dance. P. E. Maiors. Orchesis. A.W.S. Ellis. Jane: Woods Cross. Ufah, Elemenfary Ed. Elli- sor, Hannah 0.: Midvale. U+ah. H.D.F.R.. Elemenfary Ed. Ellsworfh, Gary W.: Fresno, Calif.. Polifical Sci- ence. Ellswori'h, Thomas J.: Pasadena. Calif.. Account- Eng. Elwell. O'Nion. Baron; Alamo, Calif., Polifical Sci- ence, Young Men, Ski Team, Alpine Club. Engle. Marilyn Y.: Erie. Pa., EducaHon, English Liferary As- sociafion. Engeler. Elma Gerfrud: Elgg, Swiherland. French. Phi DeHa Phi, Infernafional Sfudenf Council. Enke. Elizabefh M.: Provo. Utah. H.D.F.R., Infer- nafional Folk Dancers. Chi Trellas. Sigma Delfa Omi- cron. Enke. Rufh Graham: Provo. U+ah. H.D.F.R. Ercan- break, Dennis L.: Provo, Ufah, Psychology, S.E.A.. Undergradua+e Psychology Club. Erickson. Muriel J.: Elmhursf. HL, Elemenfary Ed.. Honors Program. Sopho- more House of Represenfafive's. Junior Cabinef1 Dorm Hisforian. Senior Resident Erikson. Karin 5.: Con- cord. Califu His'rory. Espe. Karen Ann: Lemon Grove, Calif., Mafh, Dorm President Infer-Terrace Council President A.W.S. President S.A.B. theringbn, Margaret Burley. ldaho.. Elemenfary Ed., Alpha Lambda DeHa. Y Calcares. A.C.E. Evans, Daniel Boone: Arimo, Idaho. Mafh. Evans, Dashel D.: Vernal. Ufah, Elemenfary. Ed.. Shor mrah Kiyel, Universify Chorale. Evans. Gary Hugh: Riverside. Calif., Accounfing. Chess Club. Evans. John A.: Provo, Ufah., Hisfory, Presidenf Kia Ora Club. Blue Key. Young Demo- crafs. Evegnee. Charles P. Everefl. Sharon Fae: gelsfgra. Calif.. Elemenfary Ed.. Universify Chorale, . . .A. Everill, Marilyn: Salf Lake Cify. Ufah. French. French Easf Missionaries1 Pi DeHa Phi. Facer. Norman Hol- brook: Provo, Ufah. Business Management Rodeo Club. Faclrrell. Douglas C.: Springville. U+ah. Psy- chology. Fail, Linda Ann: Salf Lake Cify, Ufah, Elev men+ary Ed.. H.D.F.R.. Sigma Delia Omicron, S.N.E.A. Fairchild, Bonnie Lynn: Provo, Ufah, Nursing. S.N.A.. CougareHes. Fairchild, Wayne Kenf: Provo, Ufah, Ac- counfing. Befa Alpha Psi. Farhangi. Behrooz: Mahabad, Azerbiian, Economics, Governor U+ah-Idaho Circle K Disfricf, Presidenf Circle K. Man of Year. Circle K Infernafional. Farnsworfh. Ken+ R.: Palo Alfo. Calif.. Zoology. Pre-Denfisfry. Farnswodh. Mariorie R.: Salf Lake CHy, U+ah, French. Farnworfh, Richard A.: Provo, Utah, Spanish. Farrer. Linda Sue: Beaver, Ufah, Physical Ed.. English Minors' Club, P.E. Maiors' Club. Fafani. Zakaria Yahya: Saudi Arabia. Geology. 452 Seniors En to Fr Fechner, Susan Ashby: Sebasfopol. Calif" Elemen- fary Ed. Fernades. Margareh Bombay, India. H.D.F.R.. Omicron. Sigma Delfa Omicron. A.C.E.l. Firmage, Geradine: Provo, U+ah, Zooiogy. Fish. Connie Kaye: Provo, Utah. Elementary Ed., Delian Vesta CuHure Unif. m H M ' Hu V m u m Fish. Elaine: Los Alfos Hills. Cali?u H.D.F.R. Fisher. James Rober'r: Boun+ifuL Ufah. Sociology. Fisher, Joy May: Mounfain Horne. Idaho, Physical Ed., Aquafic Council. Maiors' Club. Flefcher, Darrell Dean: Mesa. Ariz.. Mechanical Engineering. Fong. Chuen: Porfland. Ore., Mechanical Engineering. A.S.M.E.. Chinese Club. Forbes. Doroihy Nice: Ti- conderoga. N. Y.. H.D.F.R. Ford. Lesfer Bruce: Reno, Nev.. Zoology. Pre-Med. Pre-Denf. Club. Ford. Verna Jean: Page. Ari1.. English. r u mil u "I m NW m m um mmeH : H 7' Fors. Allan E.: La Cranda. Calif., Accounfing. Alpha ' ' M ' Phi Omega. Forsyfh. Cheryl: Sugar Cify. Idaho, Busiv ness ECL. Be+a Sigma Epsilon. Fossum, Karen E.: Prairie Cify, Ore., Humanifies. Vakhnom Cul+ure Unit Fouh, Linda: Las Vegas, Nev.. French. Fowler. Franklin D.: Morrisfon. Tenn.. Guidance, Ari- zona Club. Fowles, Margaref: Caldwell, Idaho, Bac- +eriology. Fox. Karen Jean: Rock Springs. Wyo.. Business Ed. Franklin. Dimick E.: Albany, Ore., Civil Engineering. A.S.C.E. Franklin, Irene Lorea: Housfon, Texas H.D.F.R.. Soci- ology. Publicify Chm. Texas Club Hospifalify Comm.. Secrefary Budge Hall, Merrill-Palmer Summer I965. Franz. Anneva Burton: Berkelem Calif., Elemenfary Ed., Sfuden'r Government Frederickson, Jerry 6.: Idaho Fall, Idaho, Economics. Phi Kappa Phi. Phi Efa Sigma. Omicron DeHa Epsilon. Blue Key. A.E.C. Free. Helen Larae: Provo, Ufah. Clofhing and Texfiles. Sigma Delfa Omicron; Omicron Nu, Whife Key. Senior House of Represenfafives. Freeman. Connie Lee: Provo, Ufah. H.D.F.R. Free- man. Kenf V.: Aurora, Ufah. German, Deserf Towers 5-708. Freesfone. John Vicfor. Bakersfield. Calif" Zoology, Frosf. Teresa: Monficellm Ufah. Arf. 453 Fry. Jeanine: Bremerfon. Wash.. English. Arizona Club, English Majors', German Club. Fukuoka. Chris Tadao: Honolulu, Hawaii. Finance and Banking. Fullmer. Bonnie 5.: Blackwcoo?I Idaho. Geography; Fullmer. Frank J.: Blackfoot ldahq Bushess. Furr. Rufh Mae: Haber. Ufah. English. Phi Kappa Phi, Spurs. GalbraHh. Kirk P.: Richland. Wash. Chemical Engineering. Blue Key, Tau Bevfa Pi, A.I.C.E. Presidenf Engineering Joinf Council, Chm. Engineer- Ing Week I965. Garber. Paul Jerold: Self Lake Cify. Ufah. Design and Draffing. A.I.D.D..Garbe+f. Michael Jack: Palo AHo, Calif., P.E., P.E. Majors' Club, Sham- rock Sociefy. Gardner. David Marsh: Tuscola. IH'., Asian Sfudies. lK's, Homecoming Commiffee, Chinese Club. Gard- nor. Judi+h Lynn: PorHand. Ore.. H.D.F.R. Gardner. Lois Jean: Polk, Pa.. Spanish. Gardner. Margaref: Chafham. N. J.. Teacher Ed. GarreH, Charlene: Tualafin, Oren Nursing. S.N.A.. Y Calcares. GaHen. Richard W.: Spokane, Wash.. Civil Engineering. Geary. John Keifh M.: Ewell Sur- rey. England, English. Gelvdmacher. David L.: Granfsl ville. Ufah, Accounfing. George. Roberf Gordon: Downey. Calli, Physics, Sicy ma Pi Sigma. Georgeson, Elaine: Richfield. Ufah. Elemenfary Ed.. A.C.E. Georgeson. Michael 8.: Dow- ney, Idaho. Civil Engineering. A.$.C.E. Gerschler. Bruce M.: Burbank. Calif" H.D.F.R. Gibbons, Leland Bruce: Gooding. Idaho. lndusfrial Ed., I.A.A. Gibbs. Richard Wesley: Durham, N. C., CommunicaHons, Secrefary Sigma Delia Chi, Sfaff Wrifer Daily Universe. Gibby, Raymond Wayne: Rose- burg, Ore., Indusfrial Ed" LA.A.. S.E.A. Gifford. Jeanie L.: Zillah. Wash, Elemenfary Ed., Ona+orio Choir. CumOIrah Club. Seniors Fr to Gr Gillespie, Daniel: Tooele. Ufah. Po-iifical Science. Vi- kings, Jr. House of Represen+a+ives, Delia Phi Kap- pa. Russian Club. Gilliam. McLaurin 8.: Ormand Beach, Fia.. His+ory. Gillingwa+er. Arden: Orem. Ufah. P.E. Gimsa. Maren: Hamburg. Germany, English. Glade. Carol Lynne: Boise, Idaho. Elemenfary Ed. Glade. David: Boise. Idaho. Adver'rising and Public Re- lafions. Glass. Louis E.: Business Adminisfrafion, Sr A.M., Arnold Air Sociefy. Ad. Club. AFROTC. Glaz- ier, Eleanor: Mesa. Ariz., Elemenfary Ed. Gledhill, BeHe: SaH Lake Cify. Ufah, Sociology. Chi Triellas. Glenn. Susan Rui'h: Aio. Ariz., Elemen- fary Ed.. Arizona Club, Young Republicans. Gliss- meyer. Darryl: Bounfiful, Ufah, German. M.R.H.C. Social V.P.. ASBYU Social Acfivifies Board. Inferv Housing Council. Glover, Leroy L.: Seaifie, Wash.. Mechanical Engineering, A.S.M.E. Glover. Marcia: Brigham Cify, Ufah, P.E.. Orchesis, English Majors'. Goafes. Donna: Downey, Calif" Ele- menfary Ed. Goafes, R. Louisa: Salf Lake City, Ufah. H.D.F.R, Angel Flight German Club, ROTC Choir. ROTC Briefing Team. Goddard. Arfhur M.: Belie. vue, Wash, Polifical Science. Godwin. Sfeven L.: Ely. Nev., Finance and Banking. Golden, Michael J.: Nephi, Ufah, Accounfing. Good- man, Beverly Ann: Kiamafh Falls. Ore.. H.D.F.R. Goodman, Elaine: Dallas. Texas, Journalism, Banyan Sfaff, Daily Universe Staff. Goodwin. Gene E.: Burleiy, Idaho, Business Manage- menf, Jr. House of Represenfai'ives. Male Chorus. Goudge, Penny: Pasadena, Caiif.. Healfh. Goudy. Kay: Spokane. Wash.. Hisfory. Honor Council. Gould- ing. Gary E.: Sf. Anfhony, Idaho. Business Manage- ment Rodeo Team. Grant Colleen: Columbus, Ohio, Food and Nufrifion, Sigma Delia Omicron. Graves, Paul L.: El Cerrifo. Calif, Zoology. Beia Befa Befa. Gary, Helen: Simms. Mont, Business Ed. Phi Chi Thefa. Befa Sigma Epsi- on. Green, F. Ray: Hunfingfon. Ufah, Accoiunfing. Green. Jon Allen: Porfland, Ore. Psychology. Green. Jon Dean: Sf. George, Ufah, Humanities. Program Bureau, Phi Kappa Phi.Greene, Lynne: Venfura. CaliL English. Spor'rswomen, Cenfraf Dance. Greer. Mike H.: Sf. Johns. Ariz., English. Griffin, Paul E.: Belmont Caiif.. English. Griffin, Paul J.: La Canada, Calif., Physks. lK's Grimm Warren H.: Caribou. Men Chemical Engineering Griffifhs, Thomas: Durango. Colo.. You'rh Leadership. Alpha Phi Omega. A.M.S. Council, Jr. Class Execu- five Council. Griffith, William: El Monfe. Calit Zoology. Circle K, Sr. House of Represenfafives. Griggs. C. Wilford: Pocafello. Idaho, Hisfory. Guinn. Thomas W.: Provo, Ufah, Zoology. Gullino, Guy D.: Provo. Ufah. Econo- mics. Gunfher, Larry L.: Brigham Cify Ufah. Physics, Sig- ma Pi Sigma. Gunfher, T. Marie: Boulder Cify, Nev.. Mafh Ed. GunH-ner, Paul R.: American Fork, Ufah. Humanifies. Phi Kappa Phi. lK's. German Club, As- sisfan+ Sfudenfbody Accounfanf. Gufhria, Larry R.: San Diego, Calif., Business Management. Guymon, Trudy M.: Idaho Falls. Idaho. Clofhing and Textiles. Sigma Delfa Omicron. Haacke, Bonnie Ann: Magna. Ufah, Eiemenfary Ed. Haacke, Lani Paul: Magna, Ufah, Physical Ed.. BasebaH Team. Haddock. Gerald Ray: Burbank. Cali'i.v Accounting. Befa AI- ha Psi, Pre-Law Associafion. Haddock, Janef F.: Burbank. Calif.. Speech and Hear. ing Therapy, Sigma Alpha Efa. Hadfield, Elaine: Lehi, Ufah. Music Theory. Haereifi. Te Urunga: Auckland, New Zealand, Teacher Ed., Kia Ora Club. Aquafic Council, lnfernafional Sfudenfs. Rugby Club. Hagerman. Elizabeth: Housfon, Texas, Hisfory, Trea- surer Sfudenf Education Associafion. 456 Seniors Gr to Ho Haggeri'y. John Fred: Buffe. Mont. Mafh. Hawkel. Lorene Kay: Lehi. Ufah, Home Economics Ed., Sig- ma Delfa Omicron. Halos. Caiherine: Wayne. Pa.. Nursing, WhHe Key. Y Calcares Spurs. Thea Nexis, S.N.A.. Alpha Lamba Delfa. Haley, Johnny Ben: Pensacola. Fla.. P.E.. Jr. House of Represenfafives. Sr. House of Representafives, Elecfions Commiffea Men's Housing. Hamblin. Ellis W.: Eager, Ariz.. Chemisfry. Arizona Club, l.O.C. President Hamilfon, David K.: Sugar Cify, Idaho, Internafional Relafions, Senior House. Pi Sigma Alpha. German Club. Hammer. Donald James: Spokane, Wash,. English. Blue Key, Ed. Wye Mag.. Supervisor of Sfudenf Adverfisemenf. Program in College of Humanifies. Hammond. Karen Lynne: Mo- desfo, Calif" English. Kia Ora Club. Honor Council, S. E. A. Hancock. Barbara J. A.: San Bernardino. Calif" Homemaking Ed. Hancock. Dorene: Mesa Ariz.. Ele- menfary Ed.. Arizona Club. Hancock. Eugene M.: Blackfoot Idaho. Food and Nufrifion. Hancock. Nickie Rae: Campbell. Calif" Home Ed.. Senior Class Secrer fary. Mademoiselle College Board, AWS Council. Ufah Home Economics AssociaHon President Hanks. Bren+ David: Hillsborogh, Calif.. Economics. Hanks. Nancy: Dayfon, Ohio, Elemen+ary Ed., Swee+- hear'r of Alpha Phi Omega. Oraforio Choir. Hanson. Barbara: Provo. Ufah. English. Sporfswomen, Fresh- man Senafor, Freshman Council. Alpha Lamba Delfa. Ausfrian Club. Hansen, David Wendell: Housfon. Texas. Accounfing, lnferCoHegiafe Knighfs. Hansen, E. ShnIey: Ogden, Ufah. English. Hansen. Eileen: Burley, Idaho, Housing and Home Manage- ment Hansen. Larry Barnes: Meridian, Idaho. Bofany. Honor Council. Hansen. Margareh Paul. Idaho. H.D. ER" F?nance Office. Execu+ive Secrefary, Sigma Delfa Omicron. Hansen. Nels Arfhur: Orem. Ufa-h, Poli+ical Science. Senior House of Represenfafives, Russian Club. Han- sen. Shawn Lee: Sandy. Ufah. Elemenfary Ed.. Modern Dance Club. Hansen. Shphen L.: Cen+erfield, U+ah. German. Hansen. Thomas: San Leandro. Calif., Arf. Hanson. Brooks K.: Sanfa- Ana. Calif., Educafion. Hanson, Sandra Jean: Buena Park, Calif., Recrezr Hon. Hanson. Sfeve Dunn: Pacific Grove, Calif" Eco- nomics, Omicron Delta Epsilon, Phi Efa Sigma, Cul- fure Commiffee. Leadership Commiffee. Haraguchi. Wallace K.: WhiHier, Calif.. Economics. 457 Seniors Ha to Ho Hardinl Paula Lee: Burbank. Calif., H.D.F.R. and Ele- menfary Ed., Whife Key, Omicron Nu. Harding. Fred J.: Provo, Utah. Business Management Harmon. Doris, Melbourne. Fla.. Elemenfary Ed. Harris, Boyd Leonard: Sfavely. Alber+a. Canada, Socio1ogyl Alpha Kappa Delfa. .. WIMMJ , , ,. L Harris, Ronald Cleve: Malad. Idaho, PreALaw and History. Harrison. Alber+ Lewis: Riverside. Calif.. Zoology. Harrison. Linda L: Ogden. Ufah, Com municeHons-Radio-Television. Honors Program. Spurs. Harrison. Pamela: Arlingfon. V6,, Music Ed. 7 WW Wu x M M Harfman. Carol Joyce: Long Beach. Calif.. H.D.F.R.. Vice-Presiden+ Spurs, H.D.F.R. Secfion Chairman of Sigma Delfa Omicron, Whife Key, Omicron Nu. Phi Kappa Phi. Harvey, Bruce Douglas: Blending, Ufah. Elecfrical Engineering, Tau Be+a Pi. I.E.E.E. Haskin, William H.: Baker, Ore.. Polifical Science. W Haslefon, Richard 3.: Underwood. Minn., English. Hassan. Mather M.: Elecfrical Engineering. I.E.E.E. Hafch. Barbara: Kennewick. Wash., English. English Liferafure Society. Hafch. Elizabefh: Veracru1. Mexi- co, English. Hafch, Pafricia Ann: Colonia Juarez. Chih., Mexico, English. Alpha Lamba Delfa. Universify Chorale. Hafcheson, Marlenez'Provo. U+ah. Sociology. Con- cenf Band. Marching Band. Hawkins. Curfis Claude: Long Beach. Calif.. English, Asst Edifor Wye Mag.. Young Democrafs. Commiffee for planning Wilkin- son Cenfer Lounge, Honors Program. Senior Resi- denf. Hawkins. Jennifer: Oakland. Calif.. Elementary Ed. Hawkes, Valerie: Provo. Ufah. Nursing. S.NAA.U. N.S.N.A, Hayball. Paul Ashley: Bakersfield, 03an Business Management Hayes. Mariorie Ann: Granfs- ville, U+ah. Elemenfary Ed., A.C.E.. S.E.A. Haymore. Franklin R.: Provo. Ufah. Elecfrical Engineering. I.E.E.E. 458 5: n E, i si- Heaps. Richard Allyn: Provo. Ufah. Psychology, Sham- rock Sociefy, Hedgecock. David C., Jr.: Greens- borough. N. C.. Psychology. Hedrick. Judiih K.: Indianapolis, Ind.. H.D.F.R. and Elementary Ed. Hell- well. Linda Sue: Sacramenfo. Calif., Elementary Ed.. Junior House of Represenfafives, S.E.A.. A.C.E. Hemry, Sylvia Ann: Onfario, Caliiu Elemenfary Ed.. A.C.E. Henderson. James 6.: Wilmingfon. N. C.. Business Management Norseman. Hendrickson, Blaine E.: Provo. Ufah. Polifical Science. Presidenf of Pi Sigma Alpha, Junior Prom Chairman. Cen+ral Dance Commiffee. Wilkinson Cenfer Program Council. Jr. House oi Represenfafives. Hendrickson. Sylvia: Je- rome, Idaho. Business Ed. Henley, Rosemary: Casa Granda, Ariz.. Mafh Ed.. Honor Council. Senior Resident Business Manager Preference Ball. Henry, Darold D.: Scoffsbluff. Nebr.. Physical Ed., C.A.A.. Wresfling Team. Herendeen. Dennis L.: Phoenix. Ariz., Psychology, Wresfling Team. Hess, Eileen: Bounfiful, Ufah. English. English Club. Dorm Presidenf and Secrefary-Treasurer. Hess. John Jackson: Burbank, Calif., Business Man- agement Win+er Carnival Commiffee. Hewlen. Phillip, Ronald: Honolulu. Hawaii, Sociology. Volley- ball, Hawaiian Clubs Higa, Kennefh Kosuke. Lanai Cify, Hawaii. His+ory, Hisfory Club. Karafe Club. iiapanese Clubs Higginson. Alzina: Denver. Colo.. afin. Higley, Jill Esfmond: Provo. Ufah, Nursing. Hon- ors Program. Hill. Charles Eugenh Provo. Ufah. Spanish. Hill. Joan: Bellflower. CaliR, H.D.F.R. and Elementary Ed.. A.C.E.. S.E.AH Omicron Nu. Hill. Rosemary: Malad. Idaho. H.D.F.R. Hinfon. Carol: Bounfiful, Ufah. Clofhing and Texfiies. Jr. Class House of Represenfafives. Sigma DeHa Omicron. Hirscki. GuineHe: Rexburgs Idaho. French. Pi Delfa Phi, lnfernafional Folk Dancers. Ho, Wilson Kekoa: Waimanalo' Hawaii. Business Management Hawaiian Club, InfercoHegiafe Knighfs, Aquaifics Council. Hoen, James Howard: Provo. Ufah. Me- chanical Engineering. A.S.M.E. Hoggan, Wesley Lyle: Burbank. Calif" Recreafion. Hogge, Roberf: Visalia, Calif.. English. Hogge, Ro- berf Melfon: Visalia. Caiifu English. Hohl, Barbara Lynn: Self Lake Cify. Ufahs French. Hollingsworfh. Kay: Denver. C010,, Psychology. HoH- isier. Brian 6.: ScoHa, N. Y., Business Management Holmes. Blair Ralph: Vicfon Idaho, History. His+ory Club, Aus+rian Club. Honors Program. Holmes, Mar- gie: Driggs. Idaho. Homemaking Ed. Holms'read. Kennefh B.: Lehi. Ufah, Economics. Holt Dale R.. Jr.: Self Lake Cify, Ufah, Polifical Science. Holyoal. Rulon Merle: Moab. Ufah. Technical Teach- er Ed., Delfa Phi Kappa. Homer, Nancy RuHI: Sacra- menfo, Calif.. Accounfing. Hopkins. Mary Ann: Pocafello, Idaho. English. Hor- Iacher. David R.: Provo, Ufah. lndus'rrial Ed., Indus- frial Arts Club. German Club. Hosltin. Wells Lamar: Provo, Ufah, Adverfising and Public Relafions. Adver- fising Club BYU. HoudIeHe. Cafherine: Piedmont Calif., Hisfory. Howard, Jocelyn K.: El Cerrifo, Calli, Special Ed., Spurs. The'ra Epsilon Chi. Afio M'ai Club. Howe". John William: Huddleston. Va.. Business Management Howell. Vaughna Jean: Modesfo, Celif., Elemenfary Ed.. Cabinef Secrefary ASBYU, Sfudenfbody Re- cepfionisf. S.E.A. Howells. Chad Burdeft: Orem. Ufah. H.D.F.R.. Oraforial Choir, A Cappella Choir. Hsiah. Ying Chi Susan: Taipei, Taiwan. Music, Chi- nese Club. Huber. Carol: Payson. Ufah. Mafh. Alpha Lamba Delfa, Infernafional Folk Dancers, Whife Key. Sr. House of Represen+a+ives. Huff. Reece Randall: WhiHier, Calii, English. Huffman, Mavis D.: Provo. Ufah. Elemenfary Ed. Huffman. Raymond E.: San Jose. Calif.. Hisfory. Hughes. Donald Leroy: Kansas CHy, Mo.. Elec+rical Engineering, I.E.E.E.. lnfercollegiafe Knighfs. Hugh- sfon, George Allen: Brownville, Texas. Sociology. Hughsfon. Karen M.. Self Lake Cify, Ufah. H.D.F.R. Seniors Ho to Je w u m 1 Hull, George Eugene: Los Angeles. Calif., Arf. Hum- phries. Virginia: Walnuf Creek. Calif.. Elemenfary Ed. Hunsaker. Donna 3.: Provo, Ufah. Elemenfary Ed. Hunsaker, Jay 6.: Sal? Lake Cify. Ufah, Busi- ness Management. Hunsaker. Linda: Kennewick. Wash, H.D.F.R.. Sig- ma Delfa OmEcron. Hunf. Clara Marie: Baker, Ore.. Home Economics Ed., S.E.A., Sigma Delfa Omicron. Hunf. Riley Alan: San An+onio, Texas. Accounfing. Hunfer, Jane: Holden. Ufah Elementary Ed. Hunfer. Linda: Idaho Falls, Idaho, Clofhing and Texfiles, Sigma Delfa Omicron. Hurst, Karen Sue: Des Moines, Iowa. Elemenfary Ed. HyaH. Margaref Susan: Norfh Haven. Conn., Music Theory, Concerf Band. Opera Workshop, lngebrisgfsen, Evelyn: Los Angeles, Calif" HumanH'ies. Ingram. Barbara Jean: Magalia. Calif.. Nursing, Young Democrafs. Jacldin. Harold: Pleasanf Grove. Ufah. Polifical Science. Pi Sigma Alpha. Jackman, Arfhur Roland: Rosemead. Calif., Elec+rical Engineering, I.E.E.E. Jackman, Diana Lee: Pico Rivera. Calif" Home Economic Ed. Jackson, Maralyn H.: Boise .ldaho, Home Economic ed., Omicron Nu, Sigma Delfa Omicron. Jackson. Marvin Neal: El Cenfro, Calif.. Animal Science, Arizona Club. Jacobson. Cardell K.: Sandy. Ufah. SocioIogy, Alpha Kappa DeHa. James, Rhondda C.: Melbourne, Vicforia, Ausfralia, Special Ed., Thefa Epsilon Chi. Jamison, Lowell Tyler: Los Angeles. Calif" Economics. Jamison, Sheryl Lee: Glendale, Calif" Dramafic Arfs, Thefa Alpha Phi, Opera Workshop. Janas. Clyde ArH'Iur: Pasco. Wash, Hisfory, Jeffery. Carol Lee: DeHa Ufah. Arf Ed German Club. Jenkins. Dennis Ren: Rigby. Idaho, Polifical Science, Debafe WorensicsL Presidenf of Confederafes. Jen- kins. Lyneffe: Freedom Wyo., German. Jensen, Alan William: Price. Ufah, CommunicaHons. Infercollegiafe Knigh+s. Jensen. Allen Royce: Cardsfon. Alberfm Canada. Zoology. A.M.S. President Social Acfivify Board, Circle K Club. Jensen. Brenda Kay: Cardsfom Alberfa. Canada. Psy- chology, Canadian Club. Jensen, Cheryl: Fallbrook. Calif.. H.D.F.R. Jensen. Diann E: Midvale. Ufah. Business Ed.. Vakhnom Culfure Unit Jensen, Douglas. Vance: Flint Mich, Economics. Jr. A.M.S. Council. Sophomore Senafor. Alpine Club. Goldbricker Soc- ial Unif, Debafe, Omicron Delfa Epsilon, Samue! Hall Sociefy. Summer Academic Emphasis Commifee. Jansen. Elizabefh R.: Dingle. Idaho. Food and Nu- frifion. Omicron Nu. Jensen. Marvin W.: Orem, Ufah. Business Management Jensen, Nellie Clark: Loveland. Calli. Hisfory, Infernafional Relafions Club. His- fory Club. Jensen. Richard 6.: Nephi. Ufah, Ac. counfing. Befa Alpha Psi. Jensen. Ronald Granf: Monfpelier. Idaho. Teacher Ed., Sigma Gamma Epsilon. Jensen, Sharon Ann: Boise. Idaho. Elemen+ary Ed. Jeske, Dean Frank: Mil- waukee. Wise" Business Management Johnson. Dale Lee: Hunfingfon. W. Va., Recreafion. Recreafion Club. Johnson, Elaine Mae: Picture Buffs. Alberfa, Canada. Elemenfary Ed. Johnson, Gloria J.: Thousand Oaks. Calif.. Homemaking Ed.. Sigma DeHa Omicron. John- son. Kafhlena Kae: Moab. Ufah, Elementary Ed Johnson, Linda Sue: Milford. Ufah. Elemenfary Ed. Johnson, Lowell Ralph: Shoshone. Idaho, Portuguese. Johnson. Meredifh Ann: Pleasanf Grove. Ufoh. Home Economics. Johnson, Myrna: Picfure Buffe. Alberfa. Canada. Homemaking Ed., Sigma DeH'a Omicron. Johnson. Severin V.: Biackfoof, Idaho. Economics. Cougar Marching Band. Johnson, Wilford L.: Spanish Fork. Umh. Arf. John- sfon, Norman Paul: Salf Lake Cify. UJrahi Animal Science. French Club, Missionary Orienfafion Com- miffee. Jolly, Cherie Kay: Orem. Ufah, English. Jones. Chrisfopher: San Gabriel, Calif" Public Re- lafions and Adverfising, Supreme Court Tau Sigma. A.M.S. Council, Central Sfafes Club. 462 Seniors Je to Ke Jones. Dennis Kirk: Self Lake Cify, Ufah. Spanish. Delfa Phi Kappa, Cenfral American Club, English Majors Club. Jones. Heber Warren: Raymond, Al- ber'ra. Canada, Mafh. Jones. Jeffery L.: Sunnyvale Calif" Geology. Jones. Jerald Wilford: San Diego, Calif.. Sociology. Jones. Kafhy Sue: Torrance. CaIIL Accouang. Jones. Lewis H.. Jr.: Brigham Cify, Ufah. Hisfory. Jones. Linda J.: Cuyahdoga Falls, Ohio. LaHn American Studies. Jones. Linda Joyce: Bakersfield. Califu Ele- menfary Ed. Jordan. Ray Armsfrong: Provo. U+ah. Secondary Ed. Jorgensen. Orroin V.: Fillmore. Ufah. Economics. Busi- ness Managemenf Associafion. Judd. Carol Diann: Ledyard. Conn., Food and Nufrifidn. Sigma Delfa Omicron. Judd. Julieffe: Salf Lake Cify. Ufah, Music Ed.. Opera Workshop. Judd. Mary Lynn: Dixon. Calif.. Medical Technology. Juhasx. Carol Ann: Akron. Ohio Psychology. Jusfis. Richard Alan: Provo, Ufah, PolIHcal Science, Press. Opera Workshop. Kammerman, John C.: Escondido. Calif., Pre-Law. I.C.C., Palomar College. German Club. Pre-Law As- sociafion, Swiss Mission Club. Kauer, Rosa Eileen: Rexburg. Idaho. Elemenfary Ed., S.E.A. Kearl. Ca+- herine Ann: Los Angeles. Calii, Speech. Kearney, James Joseph: Provo. Ufah, Bacferiology. Keehner, Charles Larry: Jacksonville IH.. Zoology. Norsemen, Sporfs Club. Keeler, Chrisfine Cox: Provo. Ufah, Spanish, Oraforio Choir, Spanish Club, AWS Treasurer. Kei'rh. Kafhleen: Phoenix. Ariz.. Art Ke- Irumono. David L.. Jr.: Honolulu. Hawaiil Mafh, Ma'rh Club, Hawaiian Club. KellerI James Leo: Caldwell. Idaho. Civil Engineer- Ing. A.S.C.E.. Senior Resident Cholo Club. Kelley. Rober+ Allen: Jamesfown. N. Y., Elemenfary Ed. Kelly, Brian Kermif: Provo. Ufah. Adverfising and Public Relafions. Adverfising Club, Wye Magazine. Kelsey, Michael Roland: Provo, Ufah, Sociology. Seniors Ke to La Kempfon. Charles D.: Provo, Ufch, Business Manage- ment Norseman. Kemp+on. Rene: Whiffier. Calif" English. Keniher. Kennei'h L.: Hagerman, Idaho. Eiec- +rical Engineering. l.E.E.E. Kennedy. Wendi Sue: San Diego. Calif., Elemenfary Ed. Kerr, Gary Ricks: Pori'land. Ore., Accounfing. Kesf, David L.: Cosfa Mesa, Califu English. A Cappella Choir. Kest Dianna Rufh: Cosfa Mesa. Calif" H.D.F.R. and Elemenfary Ed.. Sigma Del'ra Omicron, Family Council. Spanish Club. Keffley, Richard Merle: Au- rora. Ill., Psychology, Delfa Phi Kappa, Jr. House of Represenfafives, Jr. Prom Commiffee. Kewish. Charles Warren: Provo, Ufah. Zoology. Keysor, Dennis Leroy: Monferey. Calif.. Asfro-physics. KH- +inger, Lynn: Oakland. Calif.. Teacher Ed.. Modern Dance Club. Kilfon. Walfer A.: Supbury, Mass.. Business Management New England Club. Soccer Club. Yankee Club. Kim. Homin: Seoul. Korea. Public Adminisfrafion. lnsfifufs of Governmenf Service. Kim. Pyung Ho: Seoul. Korea. MBA Korean Club, Kimball. Don Carlos: Flagsfaff. Ariz.. Accounfing. Befa Alpha Psi Public Relafions Officer. Kia Ora Club, Arizona Club. Kimball. Sandra Gail: Long Beach, Calif.. Teacher Ed. Kimmel, LyneHe F.: Cos+a Mesa. Calif" Office Mam agemenf. Kingdom. Richard John: El Cerrifo. Calif., Design and Draffing, A.I.D.D.. Amafeur Radio Club. Kinghorn, Clive J.: Rigby. Idaho. Communicafions - Radio and TelevisFon. Kinnaird. Berenice: Cleefhor- pes. England. German. Kinsman, Leo Lynn HI: San+a Ana, Calif" Geography. Kifchen. Carol Fern: Salf Lake Cify, Ufah, Elemenfary Ed. and H.D.F.R. Kiyabu. Richard Hideo: Honolulu. Hawaii, Physical Ed.. Physical Ed. Club. Klein, ln- grid E.: Pico Rivera. Calif" Sociology. 464 Klepser. Alan Warren: Alfoona. Pa.. Hisfory. Klingon- smifh. Sandra: Las Vegas. Nev., Nursing. S.N.A. Komm, Gary Fowler: Cardsfon, Aiberfa. Canada. Business Management Kofwih, Marguerite M.: Val- lejo, Caiif., Genealogy. Young Republicans. Cumorah Club. Koudelka. Joseph J.l Ill: Nampa. Idaho. Business Management Kowailis. Pamela: Self Lake Cify. Ufah. Business Ed. Kramer. Roberf: Orange. Calif.. Socio- logy. Kwan. Cheung Wan John: San Francisco. Calif., A,S.M.E., Chinese Club. Kwok. Yan Chi: Kowloon. Hong Kong. China, Chemical Engineering. Lahaderne. Lawrence H.. San Ma+eo. Ceili. Sociology. Laboy. Feiifo, Honolulu, Hawaii, 50- ciology. Lakes Shirley Williams: Buckeye, Ariz., Business Ed. Lam, Tai Tung: Kowloon, Hong Kong. China. Me- chanical Engineering. Lancasfer, Donald Ray: Heber. Ufah, Elecfronic Engineering. Lane, Pairicia Anne: Alameda. Cam" H.D.F.R. and Elemenfary Ed., In- ferhouse Council, A.C.E., Sigma Delia Omicron. Larkin, Derrall Cole: Sf. George. Ufah, Polifical Sci- ence. Sigma Delia Pi. Pi Sigma Alpha Dixie Club. Larkin. Frank, Cliffon: Kaysville, Ufah. Electronic Eng- ineering. l.E.E.E. Larsen. Lacy Leilani: Layfon. Ufah. Journalism. Larson. David Wayne: Murfaugh. Idaho. Mechanical Engineering A.S.MsE.. E.J.C.. Tau Befa Pi. Larson. Delores Bage: Inglewood. Caiif.. Physical Ed. Larson, Susan: Provo, Ufah, English. Lafhen. Generia F.: San Diego, Calif.. Business Ed. Lafimer. Larry F.: Sandy, Ufah, Commercial Ari, Del+a Phi Kappa. Phofography Teaching Assisfanceship. Physics Deptl Kia Ora Club. Lafshew, Charles Larry: Long Beach. Calif., Business Management Lafshaw. Laural Ann: Long Beach. Calif.. English. LaHa, John Neal: Buriingame, Caiif., Eiecfronic En- gineering. Laudenberger. John W.: Columbia. Pa.. Adverfising and Public Reiafions. Young Men. In- fraeMurais. Laurifzen. Kenneih 3.: Springviiie. Ufah, Polifical Science, Freshman Council, Homecoming Parade. Chairman. 465 Lavin. John Richard: Elmon+I N. Y., Tool and Manu- facfuring Technology, A.S.T.M.E. Law. Chee-Keung: Kowloon, Hong Kong' China, Chemisfry, Alpha Phi Omega. Chinese Club, Infernafional Sfudenf Orga- nizafion. Lawlor. Dale Walfon: Whife Rock, Brifish Columbia. Canada, Business Managemenf. Leavifl. Deanne: Calgary. Alberfa. Canada. Physical Ed. LeaviH. Marvin Alton: Overfon, Nev" Accounfing. Leaviff. Michael L.: Cardsfon. Alberfa, Canada. In- dusfrial Ed.. I.A.A.. Arizona Club. Lee. Andrea Marie: Granda Hills, H.D.F.R. and Elemenfary Ed.. Omi- cron Nu. White Key, Honors Program, Banyan. Lee. Donald Grani. Provo. U+ah. French. Infernafional Folk Dancers. Lehndorfer, Karl E: Riverside. Calif.. Elemenfary Ed. Leighley. Kenneth C.: Syosset N. Y.. Tool and Menu- facfuring, A.S.T.M.E. Loifhead, Kafhryn: Forf Worfh. Texas, Clofhing and Texfiles. Sigma DeHa Omicron. Sophomore House of Represenfafives. Lemmon. Alfa Ann: Tucson, Ariz.. Arf. Sr. House of RepresenfaHves. Lemon, James Edward: Hazelfon. Idaho, Elemenfary Ed. Leani. Irene Lee: Elko. Nev.. Business Manage menf. Young Democrafs Secre+ary, Y Squares. Daily Universe. Levy. Afvel: Manaxuli. Hawaii. Poli+ical Science. Lewis, Bei'fy Baden: Mon'recello. Ufah.. Ele- menfary Ed.. Arizona Club. Lewis. M. Brenf: Santa Monica, Calif" Communica- tions. Academic Emphasis CommiHee. Lewis. Farrell Waker: Provo, Ufah, Psychology' Phi Efa Sigma, Psy Chi. Lewis. Karen Elizazefh: Sf. Anfhony. Idaho, Elemenfary Ed. Lewis. Roderic: Van Nuys, Calif.. Mafhemafics. Lewis. WyneHe: Las Vegas. Nev.. Music Ed., Oraforio Choir, M.E.N.C. Lindsay. S+anley W.: Heber Cify, Ufah. Indusfrial Ed., I.A.A. Lindsey. Elizabefh A.: Woodland Hills. Calif" English. English Maiors Club. French Club. Y Calcares. Kia Ora, Whife Key, Senior House of Represenfafives, Pi DeH-a Phi. Lines, Leonda: l Yuma. Ariz., Homemaking Ed.. Sigma DeHa Omicron. Arizona Club. Seniors La to Ly Linford. Gene Marie: Chicago, Ill.. English. LiHle. Marilee Badger: Boise. Idaho. Elemenfary Ed. Living- s+on. Nyleen M.: Provo, Ufah. Sociology. Livingsfon. Robert L.: Provo. Utah, En'ro-mology. u n 1H mv f'1. - - LU x ,, 4 Llyod. Ada Ruth: Douglasfon. N. Y.. Clofhing and Texfiles and Business Management Honor Council. Yankee Club, Cumorah Club. Lloyd. Diana L.: Self Lake Cify. Ufah, H.D.F.R. Lloyd. John Carroll: Meade. Kansas. Physical Ed. Lloyd. Max Clifford: Riverfon. U'rah, Accounfing. Alpha Phi Omega. Lockhart Nancy: Downey, Calif.. H.D.F.R. and Ele- menfary Ed. Lehman. Walfer Arnold: Waukesha. Wis.. Elementary Ed.. Young Republicans. Lomax. Thomas R.: Nephi' Ufah, Elecfrical Engineering. I.E.E.E. Class Representafive. I.E.E.E. Joint Council Represenfafive. Chairman of Engineering Week. Loosli, Anna: lfhica, N. Y., Clofhing and Tefoes, Sigma Delta Omicron. Preview Board of CuHure Office. M M "IWM HY " C Lorfz, Larry Evans: Las Vegas. Nev.. Physics, Sigma Pi Sigma. Loseo. Alvin J.: Alhambra, Calif., Account ing. I.H.S. Lehman. Virginia L.: Freeport N. Y.. Arf. Louw. Ronald Charl: Springs, Squfh Africa, Psy- chology. Phi Efa Sigma. Lovenbury, Kirk Peier: Louveciennes. France. Anfhro- pology, German Club, Young Democrafs. Lowrey. Sara Lynn: Covine, Calif.. H.S. and H.M. Lowry. Glen Ray: Chico. Calif., Accounfing. LuceI Willard Ray: Provo. Ufah. Hisfory. Blue Key. Phi Kappa Phi, Hisfory Club. Phi Alpha The+a. Ludwing, Dell Grant: San Diego. Calif., Perfuguesa Brazilian Club. Lund, William Guy: Provo. Ufah. H.D.F,Ru Arizona Club. lK's Lundahl, Craig Raymond: Idaho Falls. Idaho. Sociology. Sr. House of Rep- resenfafives, BYU Traffic Court Alpha Kappa Delfa. Pre.Law Associafion. Lundberg, Rufh Ann: Hardin. Mont, Speech and Hearing Correcfion. Sigma Al- pha E'ra. Oraforio Choir. Lunsford, Pafricia A.: Monferey, Calif" Physical Ed., Hawaiian Club. Spanish Club. ?.E. Club. Lunf, Den- ns Madin: Rahway. N. J., Sfafisfics. Lurk. Paul Wesley: Provo, Ufah, Chemical Engineering. Lyman, Edward Leo: Delfa, Ufah. Hisfory. Blue Key. Hisfory Club. 467 Seniors Ly to Mc Lyman. Gayle: La Grande. Ore., Hisfory. Hisfory Club. Lyman. James Paul: Provo. U+ah. Business Management Youfh Leadership. lni'ercollegiafe Knights. Lynch, Morgan Michael: San Francisco. Calif.. Accouang. Lynn:I Harry Jay: Downey, Calif. Zoo- ldogy. Honor Council. lnfer-hall Council. Dorm Presi- en+. Lyfhe. Anifa Viola: Coeur 'dAlene. Idaho. Food and Nufrifion. Omicron Nu. Whife Key. Y Calcares. Ly+le. Noel J.: Las Vegas, Nev.. Psychology. Ma. Lial' Hwe: Bangkok, Thailand. Chemisfry. Madsen. Chris- fine: Websfer Grgve. M0,, Clofhing and Texfiles, lnfernafional Folk Dancers. Sigma Del+a Omicron. Magleby. Marvin C.: Elsinore, Ufah. French, French Club Male Chorus. Mairs. William Grayson: San Bernadino. Calif., Sociology. Meltin. Linda Laverle: Pleasanf Grove. Utah, Elemenfary Ed. Mangun. Gene R.: Orem. Ufah Office Management WW Mann. Georgia Theodore: PlaHsmoufh Nebr.. Span- ish, Thea Alexis. WhHe Key, A.C.E. Merchant, Jeff Jones: Cedar Cify, Ufah, Polifical Sciencm Soufh German Mission Club. Marley. Mary Kay: San Jose. Cali, Elemenfary Ed.. A.C.E., S.E.A. Marley. Ray- mond: Pocafello. Idaho, Accounfing. Maroney, Dennis Arlin: Hollisfer. Calif,, Civil En- gineering. A.S.C.E. Marquez, Dolores Jean: Fort Worfh. Texas. Elemenfary Ed. Marruffo, Nazario C.: Provo. Utah, PreJaw and Spanish. Marshall. John: Provo, Ufah, Art Marston. Diane: Provo. Ufah, Accounfing. Marfin. Blaine L.: Eugene. Ore.. Business Management Mar- Hn. Jane Smifh: Eugene, Ore., English. Alpha Lambda DeHa. MaMn. Thomas F.: Provo. U'rah. Chemical Engineering. 468 Marx. David Wayne: Elsinore, Utah, Elecfrical En- geneering. Mason, Bonnie Lyn: Porfland. Ore., Educa- fion. Associated Women Sfudenfs, Sfudenf Rela'rions Pep CommiHee. Sophomore House. Mason. Terrence Lee: Douglas. Ariz.. H.D.F.R. Masuda. Allen T.: Honolulu. Hawaii. Sociology, Hawaiian Club. Bowl- ing Team. Mafheson. Herbert D.: Provo. Ufah, French. Mafhe- son, Wesley A.: Oakland, Calif., Sociology, A Cap- pella Choir. MaxHeld. Thomas 6.: Provo, Utah. Elecr frical Engineering, Tau Befa Pi, 1.E.E.E. Maze, Gayle Adelle: Temple Cify. Calif.. Homemaking Ed.. Sigma DeHa Omicron. McAffee. AnneHe: Provo. Ufah. Elemenfary Ed. Mc- Arfhur. Carol Lee: San Diego, Calii, Homemaking Ed. Sigma Del+a Omicron. McBride. Leburfa: Pima, Ariz.. Home Economics Ed.. Sigma Delfa Omicron. McCabe. Pafrick Henry: Provo. Ufah. Physics. Sigma Pi Sig- ma. GramL Lakes Missionary Club. McCaleb. Rebacca: Salf Lake Cify. Ufah, Bacferio- logy, McCann. Dale Reese: Sal+ take Cify, Ufah. Business Management McChesnay, Elissa Lee: Glen- dale, Calif.. French. McClean. Gordon M.: Provo, Ufah. Zoology. McClellan. Linda Lee: Provo. Ufah. Elemenfary Ed. McClellan. Luanne: Flinf. Mich. Speech Therapy, 1 W W 1111;;133i:1;:11111u m1l i 41 ' V , S.N.A.. Sigma Alpha Efa. Mask Club. Cumorah Club. V 9' Universify Chorale. McCeIIan. Marianna 5.: Pale Alfo. Calif" Elemenfary and Specialized Ed.. Special. ized Educafion Club. McClure, Thomas Hardy: San Bernadino. Calif., Polifical Science. McCracken, Kinne M.: Provo. Utah, Speech, Alpha Chi Omega. Nu Phi Epsilon. Spurs, A Cappella Choir. Second Vice-Presidenf of HospHalify Com- miffee. McCrackan, William R.: Fremont. Calif.. Com- municafions, Sco'l'smen. Hosf of Y Cenfer. McDonald, George R.: Palafine. IH., Mechanical Engineering, A. S.M.E. McDonald. Larry Miles: Shelby. Mont. Ele. menfary Ed. McDougal. Carmi Donald: Wesf Jordan, Ufah. Ac- counfing. AFROTC. Mchen, Margaref Jane: Dun- can. Ariz.. Recreafion. Arizona Club. McFadden, David Edward: Provo. Ufah. Political Science. Cougar Club. Senior Class House, Afforney General, Assisfanf Chairman of Homecoming. McFadden. Mary Maxine: Phoenix. Arizz. Elemenfary Ed:. Chi Omega Lambda Delfa Sigma. Angel FIighf. Homecoming Commeen. S.E.A.. A.C.E. 469 McGregor. Walfer Brenf: Sun Valley. Calif., Anfhro. pology, Chilean Club, Hawkin's Hall Sociefy. infra- mural Foofball. McGrevy. Wayne Nelson: Auckland, New Zealand, Zoology. McMurfrey. Linda Rufh: Ririe, Idaho. Elemenfary Ed. McPherron. Marcia 0.: Boise, Idaho. Sociology. Angel Flig'nf. McPhie. Calliene: Salf Lake Cify. Ufah. Spanish. Mec- ham. Elaine: SaH Lake Cify, Ufah, H.D.F.R. and Ele- menfary Ed.. Chi Triellas, A Cappella Choir. Medley. Margaref Ann: Bounfiful. Ufah. Physical Therapy. Medlyn, Douglas Roy: Grass Valley, Calif.. Account ing. Befa Alpha Psi, lnfernafional Reiafions Ciub. Malfon. Frances: SaH Lake Cify. Ufah. Elemenfary Ed., Dorm President Mendiola, Carol Sue: San Fran- cisco. Califu Lafin American S'rudies. Spoorfswomen. Merre". Richard: Pomowa, Calif" Chemisfry. Mer- riH. Virginia. Rufh: Blackfoot. Idaho, Elemenfary Ed. S.E.A., Young Democrafs, ln+ramurals. Michaelson. Pafricia L.: Hillsboro. Oreu Elementary Ed.Middle+on. Mary Jane: Ukiah, Calif; Sociology. Millard. Richard D.: Piffsburgh, Penn., Design and Draffing, Design and Draang Club. Miller, Judy: Thayne. Wyo., Homemaking Ed. Miller. Karen Rae: Sfockfon. Calif., Elemenfary Ed.. Flagfwirlers, Spostomen. Mills,I Donald Wesley: Sud. bury, On+arEo. Canada, French, French Club. Cougar Ciub. Hockey Club. MHchell, Rebecca 5.: Provo. Ufah, Homemaking Ed.. Thea Alexis. Sigma DeHa Cmicron. Mikhell. William T.: Roosevelt Ufah. Bus- iness Adminisfraiion. Honor Council, Cougar Days Commiffee, Junior Prom CommiHeer Business Man- ager of Junior House of Represenfafives. Mix. Linda Kay: Grand Juncfon, Colo., Arf. Molen, Karen thel: Greaf Falls. Mont, French. Monaco, Daniel Grover: Walnuf Creek, Calif" Geography. Manson. Karen: Larchmenf. N. Y.. Polifical Science. 470 Seniors Mc to Ne m w m w mmuh Morgan, Vernon Rey. Sal? Lake Cify. Ufah. Sociology and Asian Sfudieg Chinese Club. Morrey, Russell: Provo, Ufah, Accounfing. Morris, Judy Marie: Arco. Idaho. Physical Ed., Women's lniramural Council. Morris, William Morfon: Alhambra. Califu Economics. Cougar Club, B.M.A. Morrison. Carlefon H.: Provo. Ufah. Spanish. Spanish Club. Morrison. Craig Wilbur: Lovel. Wyo.. Zoology. Phi Efa Sigma, Blue Key. Morfensen, Barfley: Silver Cify, N. M., Range Management, lnferna+ional Folk Dancers. Jr. House of Represen+a+ives. Hall Senior Resident Arizona Club. N.A.R.M.. Universify Chorale. Morfensen, Ivan Jed: Rexburg, Idaho. Indusfrial Ed.. Indusfrial Arfs Club. Moss, Kenf Grover: Rexburg, Idaho, Sociology, Young Democrafs. Arizona Club. Alpha Phi Omega. Moss. Mary Kafhleen: Clearfield, Ufah. Nursing. Moulfon. David Sfanley: Provo. Ufah. Physics. Alpine Club. As. sociafe of Sigma Pi Sigma. MourHsen. Dale Clark: Salt Lake Cify. Ufah, Hisfory. Hisiory Club. Mourifsen. Lela Jean: Self Lake Cify. Ufah, Physical Ed. Mourifsen. Marfa C.: El Monfe, Calli, Speech Pafhology. Sigma Alpha E+a, Associafed Women Sfu- denfs. Dorm Officer. Murdock. Rosemary: Blackfoot Idaho. English, Honors Program. Spurs. English Mai- ors Club. S.E.A., Alpha Lambda Delfa. Murphy, Alan Kei+hz McGilI, Nev.. Mechanical Engineering. Murphy. Susan: Ogden. Ufah. English. Murray. Jane Ardis: San Luis Obispo, Calif., Botany. Presidenf of Befa Befa Befa. Myers. Neva Rae: Boise. Idaho. H.D.F.R. Myers. Susan Ann: Onfario. Calif.. Ele- menfary Ed., Angel Flighf. Nance, F. Keni: Madera. Calif., Pre-dent, Zoology, Collegiafe Afhlefic Associafion. Nash. Rodney Ross: Provo. Ufah, Business Management Ward Clerk. Beta Gamma Sigma. NelsonI Carolynn SmHh: Provo. Ufah. English. Nelson, Consfance C.: Provo, Ufah. Sociology. Thea Alexis. Sophomore Council, Y Calcares. Alpha Lambda Delfa, Forensics Team. Tau Kappa Alpha. Alpha Kappa Delfa. Nelson. David Milfon: Hinsdale. UL. Polifical Science. Nelson. Kafherine I.: Rayfown. Mo., Art Nelson. Leon Beffridge: Provo. Ufah. Accoun+ing, Befa Alpha Psi. Nelsonl Marie Ann: Nampa. Idaho. Sociology. Ari- zona Club. 471 Nelson, Rober+ Loren: Welling. Albeda, Canada, Ele- menfary Ed. Nelson, Ronda Lee: Brigham CHy. Ufah, Nursing, Secrefary Dileas Chalean. Program Chair- man Nominafions, Chairman Sfudenf Nurses Associa- Hon. Senior Resident Dorm Vice-Presidenf. Nelson. Susan, Walnuf Creek, Calli. Elemen+ary Ed. Nerdin. Joanne: American Fork, Ufah. Fine Arfs. Nevils, Judifh Arlene: Eureka. Cal'if., French. Alpha Lambda DeHa. Pi Delia Phi. Honor Council. S.E.A. Newman. Rober+ George: Buena Park. Calif., Busi- ness Management Nichols. Bobbie Sharon: Milford. Ufah, Business Ed. Nielsen. Larae: Cenferfield. Ufah. Elemenfary Ed. Nielsen. Kafhleen: Ephraim. Ufah, Eiemenfary Ed. Nielsen. Kennefh Arvle: SaH Lake Cify, Ufah. Busi- ness Management Arizona Club, Brazilian Club. B. M. A.. Songfesf '65 CommiHee, Young Republicans. Nielsen. Rebecca Lynn: MacKay. Idaho, Accounfing, Befa Alpha Psi. Nielsen, Wilhelmina C.: Mesa, Ariz., Clo+hing and Texfiles. Sigma Delfa Omicron. Nixon, Wellman Edwin: Long Beach, Calif., Accounf- ing. Noble. Phillip Lael: Canoga Park. Calif.. MechanE- cal Engineering. Nordes. Vaughn Edward: Sfockfom Calif.. Accounfing, Infercollegiafe Knighfs. AFROTC. Norfon. Alice Jane: Canby. Ore., Homemaking Ed. Norfon, Ronald James: Ogden. Ufah. Polifical Sci- ence. Noyes. Geri Lynn: La Grande, Ore., Nursing. S.N.A., S.N.A. of Ufah, Presidenf of Fox Hall. Infer- house Council, Presidenf of Senior Nurse Class, AWS off Campus Vice-Presidenf. Noyes, Sylvia, Ann: Sa- lina. Ufah, Homemaking Ed.. Presidenf Whife Key, Treasurer Omicron Nu, Y Calcares, Sigma DeHa Omicron. Noyes. Verla: Morgan, Ufah, Homemak- ing Ed. Sigma Delfa Omicron. Nuilo. Lofario. Guafemala. Public Adminisfrafion. Nus- baum, Janice Louise: Denver. Colo.. Accounfing, Nuffal, Howard Leslie: Provo. Ufah. Design and Draffing. Oaks. Charlene Ann: Ogden, Utah. Hou5r ing and Home Management Y Ca1cares' Senior House of Represenfafives. Sigma Delfa Omicron. 472 Seniors Ne to Ow Obrien, Billie Jean: Tulare. Calif" Communications, Program Bureau. Alpha Epsilon Rho. Ode", William Charles: Mansfield, Ohio, Anfhropology. Spanish Club Universify Archaeological Sociefy. AFROTC. B.F.D. Ogden, Larry Filburn: Dallas. Texa; Asian S+udies. Japanese Club. Collegiafe Afhlefic Associafion, In- framural Sporfs. Infernafional Sfudenfs. Ogi. Tomoko: Sapro Hokaido. Japan, Art Okawa. Naomi Sue: Hauula, OahuI Hawaii, English. Japanese Club. Phi Kappa Phi. Olcoff. Ronald Duane: Orem. Utah, Design and Draffing. Olor, Phillip: Sfirling, Alberfa, Canada. Speech Correcfion, Sigma Alpha Efa. Olivas, Joan Aaron: Evansfon, Wyo.. Rec. reafion. Ballroom Dance Team. Olsen. Dahl D.: Nyssa. Ore.. Asian Sfudies. AFRO'TC. Arnold Air Sociefy. Chinese Club. Olsen. Dixie Lee: Creswell. Ore.. Psychology. Olsen. Kennefh David: Monfpelier. Idaho, Business. OlsenI Pairicia Kay: Indianapolis. Ind., H.D.F.R., Senior Recognifion Soc- iefy, Sigma Delfa Omicron. Olsen, Shirley Louise: PorHand. Ore.. Elementary Ed., Y Calcares. Olsen. Wendel Reed: ldaho Falls. Idaho. Secondary Ed. Omps. Anna Elaine: Hyderabad. In- dia. Humanifies. Onsfof. Lee Wayne: Pocafello, Idaho. Civil Engineering, Delfa Phi Kappa. Oral, Alan James: Walla Walla. Wash.. Music. A Cappella Choir. Opera Workshop. 0rd. John Craig: Provo. Utah. Zoology. 0rd, Sandra: Provo. Ufah. Elemsnfary Ed. Osmond. Miriam: Berkeley. Calif.. H.F. .R. Osfergar, Allan C.. Jr.: Blackfoot Idaho. Porfuguese. Osfler. Glen L.: Provo. Ufah. Youfh Leadership. 05+- lar. Nellie N.: Provcu Ufalm Elemenhary Ed. Osfler, Renee: Hawfhorne, Calif., H.D.F.R. and Elemenfary Ed.. Sigma Delfa Omicron. A.C.E. Os+randen Linda Lee: Seneca Falls, N.Y.. Speech Therapy, Sigma Alpha E+a. OHley. Vivian Agnes: Norfhridge. Calif., Home Economics, Sigma Delfa Omicron. Owens, Richard R.: Joseph. Ufah, Mechanir cal Engineering, A.S.M.E. Owens. Rose P.: Provo. Ufah, Elemenfary Ed., Honors Prorgam. 473 Packard, Joanne Marie: Walfham. Mass.. Ar'r. Ed.. Oraforo Choir. S.E.A. Packer. Sharon Lee: Phoenix. Ariz., H.D.F.R. and Elemenfary ECL. S.E.A. A,C.E., Cumorah Club. Page. Janef Louise: Rosemead. Calif.. Accounfing, Befa Alpha Psi, Befa Gamma Sigma. Painfer. Harold: Mamou'rh, IH., Zoology. Young Republicans. Young Americans for Freedom. Infer- nafional Relafions Club. Universify Chorale. Painfon. Lawrence R.. Jr.: San Mafeu Calif.. 50510 logy. Samuel Hall Sociefy. Palferyman, Earl Rees: Salf Lake City, Unh, Business Management Palmer. Carl Leaviii: Cedar Cify, Ufah. Physics. Sigma Pi Sigma. Nafional Physics Honor Sociefy. Presidenf BYU Symphony Orches+ra. Palmer. Marfin Lyle: Spring- ville, Ufah Mechanical Engineering, A.S.M.E., Den Danske Klub. Palmer. Ray William: Blending, Ufah, Accounfing BYU Karafe Kai. Parker. Lee Ross: Bounfiful, Ufah. Bofany. Befa Befa Bah, Biological Sociefy. Perry. Vinaffe: Arlingfon. Va.. Mafh. German Club. Mafh Club. Alpha Lambda Delfa. Pasion. AHrad: Wahiawa. Hawaii, Business Management Pafrick, William W4, Jr.: Provo, Ufah. Bofany. Befa Beta Befo. Circle K. Paul. Erich Rober'f: Arcadia. Calif., Mafh. Paulsen. Cherrie Dawn: Dragerfon. Ufah. Elemenfary Ed. Paxman. Craig William: Murray. Ufah. Music Ed., Concert Band. BYU Marching Band. BYU Symphony Orchesha, Theafer. Phi E'ra Sigma. M.E.N. C.. German Club. Pay. Cheryl Ann: Provm Ufah. Homemaking Ed., Whife Key. Pearson. Sue Jean: Idaho Falls. Idaho. Bacferiology. Peers. Alberf Allan: San'ra Barbara. Calif.. Adverfising and Public Relafions, Universify Adverfising Club. B.M.A. Pehrson. Nola Jo. Garden Grove, Calif., Elemenfary Ed.. $.E.A.. Theta Epsilon Chi. Republican Club. Pendlefcn. Lloyd Sharp: Lehi. Utah. Polifical Science. Cougar Club. Cumorah Club, Central Dance Com miffee. Pi Sigma Alpha. Penrod. Pafricia Ann: EI- berfa, Ufah, Business Ed., Delian Vesfa Culfure Unit Be+a Sigma Epsilon. Pergrossi. James Glen: Reno. Nev.. Draffing and Designing, A.I.D.D. Perry. Duane Elfon: Pendlefon. Ore.. Music Ed., Symphony Or- chesfra. BYU Quintet M.E.N.C. 474 Seniors Pa to P0 w x; u m m 151.4..ww3 w i j Perry. Sharon: Provo. Ufah. Homemaking Ed.. Sigma Delta Omicron. Pe+erson. Cliffon Kay: Lea, Ufah, Zoo logy. Peferson. Deanna Lee. Provo, Ufah. Nursing. S.N.A. Peferson, Dixieolee: Ferry, ldaho. Hisfory Ed.. His+ory Club. Spanish Club. Arizona Club. Peferson. Frances E. Decafur. 6.3., Sociology. Peter- son. Karen: Fallbrook. Calif., Recreafion Club, Pefer- son. LyneHe Dee: Fullerfon. Calif.. Teacher Ed. Peferson, Ralph Eugene: Ogden. Utah. Chemical Engineering. Peferson. Ronald B.: Bounfiful. Ufah. Elec+rical Eng- ineering. I.E.E.E.. DeHa Phi Kappa. Peferson. Thomas Flay: Kingman. Ariz.. Mafh Club, Arizona Club, In- +ercollegia+e Knighfs, Banyan Sfaff. Pe+fih Edwin Allan. Jr.: Bakersfield. Calif.. Civil Engineering. Blue Key. Tau Befa Pi, A.S.C.E. President Phillips. Judifh Ann: Fresno. Calif" H.D.F.R. and Sociology. Jr. and Sr. House of Rapresenfafives. Jr. Class Secrefar'y. Piacifelli. James 5.: Price. Ufah. Psychology. Piggoff. Connie E.: Grand Junction. C010,. Hisfory. Filling. Bonnie Edna. R.: Ogden, Ufah' Sociology. Filling. Earl William: Calgary, Alberfa, Canada, French. Pi Delfa Phi, French Honor Sociefy. Pincock. Cynfhia: Kensingfon, Md.. English. Indian Eli, Spurs. Cenfral Dance CommiHee. Sec. Ed.. English Majors' Club. Pinkerbn, Rober+ M.. Jr.: Hard- in. Mont. Sociology, Delfa Phi Kappa, Scofsmen. Pinksfon. Norma Kay: Provo, U+ah, Speech and Hean ing Therapy. Songleader, Pep Commiffee. Sigma Al. pha Efa. Planfy. Roger: Orem. Ufah. Physics. Poll. Mariyln: Provo, Ufah. German, Infernafional Folk Dancers. Alpha Lambda Delfa. Y Calcares. Ausfrian Club. Pond. MeHa Marie: Brigham Cify, Ufah. Ar+ Ed" Spurs Hisforian, A.W.S.. Whife Key. Pond. Wayne Johnsfon: Alburquerque. N. M.. English. Poole. Virginia: Pres+on. Idaho. Business Ed. Porfer. Edward Eugene: Provo, U+ah. Design and Drafting. Cen+ral BriHsh Mission Club, A.I.D.D. Pori- er. Joan: Las Vegas. Nev.. Music Ed., A Cappella Choir. Ausfrian Club. POWeH. Charles E.: "Sf Marys. 65.. French. Powell, Roberf 3.: Nephi, Ufah, Elecfri- cal Engineering, Phi Efa Sigma. I.E.E.E. 475 PraH, Derl Ray: Pocafello. Idaho. Chemical Engineer- ing. Preece, Roberf 0.: Boise, Idaho, Design and Draffing. Price. Kenf Hampfon: Colorado Springs. Cotou Business Management Oraforio Choirl A Cap- peHa Choir, BsM.A., Alpine Club. Priebe, Michele: Willard4 Ufah, Speech. Prince, William H.: Los Angeles. Cam" Accounfing, Vikings. Collegiate Afhlefic Associafion. PriH, Ro- berf. Eldon: Proves Ufah. Polifical Science. Pugh, Dil- worfh Leonard: Provo, Ufah. Elecfrical Engineering, Norseman. Pulley, Douglas Boyd, Los Gafos. Calif., Zoology. Purser. Jack E: Provo, Ufah. Radio and Television. Pufnam, Richard Edward: PleasamL Hill. Calif.. Rec- reafion, Norsemen, Baseball. Quinney. Glade A.: Brigham CHy. Ufah. Hisfory. Quinfon. Linda: Murray, Ufah, Elemenfary Ed. Rackham. Lawrence H.: Carmichael. Calif.. Business Management Ragouine. Anthony V.: Henderson, Nev.. Communicafions, Cougar Club. Daily Universe, Jr and Sr. House of Represenfafives, Randall. Alfred R.: Joseph Cify, Arizu Mafhemafics. Arizona Club, Track fearns Randall. Charles H.: Mesa. Ariz.. Agriculfural Economics. Sporfsmen Club, Arizona Club, Rodeo Club. Rashid. Abdul Rank: Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Geology. Rasmussen. Harris Arlan: Fairview, Ufah, Business Management Rasmussen. Lane 0.: Draper. Ufah. Russian Area Sfudies and Russian, Russian Club, Fin- nish Club, Phi Kappa Phi. Phi Efa Sigma. Rasmus- sen, Mayra: Polifical Science and English, Assistanf Campus Edifor Daily Universe. Junior Class Senator, Senior Class Senafor. Chi Triellas, Phi Sigma Alpha. Thea Alexis. Rasmussen, Paul Moyle: Gunnison. Ufah, Mafhemafics. German Club. Rafliff, Marlane C.: Alamo, Calih Home Economics Ed., Vakhnom Social Unif. Rawlin- son. Nancy Jean: Los Angeles Calif.. English. Ray. Beverly. Mesa, Ariz.. Elemenfary Ed. 476 Seniors Pr to Ri FauwuwjjupM 1w . s' WK . sllhsGlhsG1l;1Qllujllumil'lwl X . s Ray, Gary Norman: Hamilfon. Mont. Draffing and Designing. Ray, James Kenf: Provo. U+ah, Com- mercial Art AFROTC. Ray Michael Stanley: Albu- querque. N. M.. Recreafional Ed. Ray. Sharon H.: CincinnaH, Ohio, Arf Ed. Reed, Diane Sue: Newhall, Calif., Mafh. Reber. Mick: Cedar Cify. Ufah, Art Redd, Marlene: Monficello. Ufah. Elemenfary Ed. Redford, Janef Lynn: Oakland. Calif" Psychology. Reed, MaryJo Ann: Casfro Valley. Calif" Hisfory. Dorm President Vice-Presidenf Infer-Terrace Council Social. Reifer. Jerry Lee: BellHowers Calif.. Business Management Norseman YsProfesfanf Fellowship. Rancher, Roy 3.: Eagar, Ariz., Accounfing. Inferr Organizafional Council, Social Acfivifies Board. Ari- zona Club. Befa Alpha Psi. Renchler. Diane: Las Vegas. Nev., Arf Ed.. Pep CommiHee, Sr. House of Represenfafives. Rex. Robert Alan: Randolph, Ufah, Agriculfural Eco- nomics. Rayburn, Dennis Alan: Bakersfield. Calif.. Bushess Management S.A.M. Reynolds. Max J.: Provo, Ufah, Chemical Engineering. Reynolds, Pafsy Sue: Cody, Wyo.. Elemenfary Ed. Rhees, LynneHa: Whitfien Calif.. Teacher Ed. Rice, Charles David: Woodside. Calif., Business Manage- menf. Rica. Kafhleen: La Canada, Calif., Home- making Ed. Sigma Delta Omicron. Rice. WaHer Wood. Jr.: Sf. George, Ufah, Chemis+ery, Phi Kappa Phi, S.E.AA, Dixie Club. Rich, Kafhleen Fern: Schenedady. N. Y.. Music Ed. Ricks, David Arfal: Falls Church, Va., Business Man- agmenf. Archon Honor Frat, DeHa Phi Kappa. Ricks. Derrald Mark: Idaho Falls, Idaho. Sociology; Ridd. Gordon Lynn: Provo, Utah. Communicafions - Journal- ism. Opera Workshop. A Cappella Choir. Riggs. Brenf Dail: Bell. Calif.. Sociology, Pre-law Associafion. Cumorah Club. Riggs, Char! Whifing: Phoenix. Ariz.. Economics. Riggs, Doug: Rigby. Idaho. Psychology, Blue Key. Riggs, Valarie: Provo, Ufah. Psychology. 477 Seniors Ri to Sh Rigo, Richard J.: Lorain, Ohio, Geology, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Alpine Club, Inferamural Foofball. Ringger. Hans R. L.: Orem. Ufah, German, lnsfrucfor- W Language Training Mission. German Club. Wesf Ger- man Mission Club. Rinquest Harry H.: Fresno. Calif" Psychology, Honor Councii. Archon Honor Frafernify. Rifner, Kafhleen: Alfadena. Cam... Physical Ed. Robbins. Charles Wiley: Moun+ain, View. Wyo.. Ag- v. ronomy. Robbins, Sfanley Ervin: Van Nuys. Calif" V m Psychology. Roberfson. James M.: LeviHown. Pa.. ' Mafhemafics. Sr. House of Represenfafives. Roberf- son, Janell: Spanish Fork, Ufah, Home Ed. Robinson. Kae: Burley. Idaho. Elemenfary Ed. Rod- '1 ' ' , g dick. Bonnie D.: Walnu+ Creek, Calif.. Psychology. H mm x' Roemer. Horsf Hugo: Wesf Germany, Accoun+ing. Collegiafe Afhlefic Associafion Hisforian. Rogers. Janef S.: Provo, U+ah, H.D.F.R. t : mm guw :hi gig? Rehead. James Ernesf J.: N.W.T.. Canada, Accounf- ing. Rollins, Carl W.. Jr.: Green River, Wyo.. Adver- +ising and Public Relafions, Communicafion Appren- +ice Program. Advertising Ciub, Arizcna Club. Roos. Miekael Alber+: Boise. Idaho. Elecfrical Engineering. Presidenf Universify Homes, Acquafics Council. Rosa. Carol Rae: Norfhridge, Calif.. Sociology, Cougar- etfes. Rose. DoreHe Cecile: San Francisco. Calif.. Speech Pdfhology, Sigma Alpha Efa. Oraforio Choir. Rose. Roberf Douglas: Long Beach. Calif.. Economics. Cou- gar Club. Omicron Delft: Epsilon. Sophomore Class Council, Gymnasfics Le'H'erman. Chairman Issue Week. Academic Council. Program Bureau. Rosha. Theresa Toanini: El Paso. Texas. French and German. Thee Nexis, Pi Delfa Phi. Hawaiian Club. Rofh. Barry Michael: Alexander, Va., Hisfory, Hisfory Club, Ag- ronomy Club, Young Democrafs, Cenfral Publicify. Ro+hey, Lon Godfrey: Ogden, Ufah. Business Man- agemenf and Markefing. Rounds. Susan Aileen: La Crescenfa. Calif., Elemenfary Ed. Rowbury, Lyle D.: Warden. Wash" Markefing. Rumsey, Doyle Andrew: Idaho Falls, Ida. Physical Ed. 478 Runyan. Donald Wayne: Denver. Colo.. Economics. Sr. House of Represenfafives. Sr. Class Finance Chair- man. Rusick, Roberf Frank: American Fork. Ufah, Ele- cfrical Engineering. I.E.E.E. Russell. Elizabefh R.: Carson Cifys Nev.V Communicafions, Whife Key. Ad- verfising Club. Kappa Tau Alpha, Spurs. Alpha Lamb- da Delta. RussellI Nell Lorene: Provo. Ufah, Healfh Ed., Regisfered Nurse. Graduafe of 5+. Vincenf School of Nursing. Ryffing. Joseph Howard: Layfon. Ufah. Chemisfry. Chemisfry Sociefy. Finnish Club. Sabourin. Jon Sfew- arf: Seaside, Ore., Adverfising and Public Rela- +ions. DeHa Phi Kappa. UniversHy Chorale. Saleah. Jozeffe 6.: Beirut Lebanon. Nursing. Salephour. Ka- zem: Tehran, Iran. Civil Engineering. A.S.C.E. Salim. Parichehr: Tehran, Iran, Food and Nu+ri+ion. Sigma Delfa Omicron. SalisburyI .Pahicia: Denver. Colo.. Teacher Ed. Samuels. Garry Monh: Provo. Ufah. Banking and Finance. Sanhrd. H. Ray. Provo, Ufah. Arf. Saunders, Dell M.: Vale. Ore.. Accounfing. Banyan Organizafions Edifor. Alpha Phi Omega President Phi Efa Sigma. Schade. Armand Dennis: Ogden. U+ah. Mafhemafics. Schaefer. Joseph D.: Spokane, Wash., Accounfing, Scofsmen, Arnold Air Socie'ry. Schillen, Jack C.. Seams, Wash., Accounfing. Schmidt Edward Lee: Peru. lnd.. Business Manage- menf, Pep Club. Honor Council. Schofield. Abby E.: Walnu'r Creek, Calif" Poli'rical Science, Ausfrian Club, Operafion Chris+mas Card Secrefary. Salzburg Se- mesfer. Schow. Cheryl Kay: Twin Falls, Idaho. Music. Schreiner. Margaref: SpringviHe, Ufah, Off. M.. Spurs. Alpha Lambda Del'l'a. Scoresby, Juneve: Iona. Idaho. Elemenfary Ed.. AC. E.l.. French Club. Y Daly CommiHee. Scaft Linda Marie: Carlos, Calli. Business Ed. Sears. Brenf Wall- er: Vallejo, Calif.. Chemical Engineering. Sears. Che- ryl: Vallejo, Calif.. Business Management. Freshman Group Leader. Phi Chi Thefa. Salmon. Helen Larue W.: Self Lake Cify, Ufah. H.D.F.R. Semadeni. Lorenzo H.: Monfecello, Ufah. Business Management Sharp, Merrill Kim: Provo, Ufah. Economics, Vice-Pcesidenf of B.M.A., Secrefary- Treasurer of Omicron Delfa Epsilon. Sharps. Charles Joseph: Laconie, N. H.. Pre-Law and Polifical Sci- ence. Arnold Air Sociel'ry Rifle Team. AFROTC. Pre- Law Club, Yankee Club. 479 Seniors Sh to 51 r -7..,. Shaw. Linda Leona: Colorado Springs, Colo.. HS HM. Sheen. Gordon Grant Cards'ronl Alberta. Cana- da. Accounfing. Sheldon, Gary Lani: Honolulu, Ha- waii. Accounfing. Sherwood. Francine E.: Daly Cify, Cafil. P.E.. W.E.A., Inframurals, Womens P.E. Maj- ors. Aqua+ics Council. Shiploy, Gordon F.: Midway. Ufah, Indusfrial Ed.. A.I.D.D. Shoveller. Walfer John: Onfario, Canada. Hisfory. Norsemen. Hockey Team. Schriver, Pamela Lynne: Eugene. Ore.. Speech. Sigma Alpha Efa. Shumway, Anona: Mesa Ariz.. Elemenfary Ed.. Wilk- inson Center Hospi+a1i+y CommiHee. I.O.C. Secre- +ary, Arizona CIub. m MM , Shumway. Mary Lee: Granfsville. Ufah, Nursing, S. NA. Shumway. Nedra Kay: Porfland. Ore., English. Shumway, Ronald, Phoenix. Ariz.. Polifical Science. Sima, Nikolic: Balgar-d. Yugoslavia. P.E. Assisfan+ Coach +0 Tennis Team. Simiskey, Patrick L.: Layfon, Ufah. Chemical Engineer- ing. Simms. Barbara: Elemenfary Ed., Hawaiian Club. Simpson. Neil James: Boise. Idaho. Chemical Engineer- Eng. Sirrine. Helen AHon: Portland, Ore.. English, Honors Program. Skarda. Shphen Thomas: Covina, Calif.. Psychology. MW ' Skinner. Kafhryn Effa: Bozeman, Mont, Elemenfary . Ed., Spanish Club. M. F. Smi+h Dorm Treasurer. Skousen, Linda: Mesa. Arizu Homemaking Ed., Thea Alexis. Sophomore House of Represen+afives. Vak- hnom. Sigma Delfa Omicron. Slafer. Marvin Jack: Pleasanf Grove. Ufah, Public Relafions and Adver- fising. Smart Carol Eileen: Rexburg. Idaho. English. Smifh, Alan Roberh Alpine, Ufah. Geology. Sigma Gamma Epsilon. Smifh, Cheryl Dee: Oakland, Camu English. Elec+ion Commiffee, Productions Guild, English Ma- iors. Smifh, Claudia: Heber. Utah Business Ed.. Befa Sigma Epsilon. Spurs. Thea Alexis, Whife Key. Forensics Team Secrefary and Manager, ASBYU AS' sembly Secrefary, Jr. House of Represenfafives. 480 Smifh. David Leslie: Boise! Idaho. Business. Easf CenfraJ Sfafes Mission Club, Archaeological Sociefy. Young Republicans. Honor Council S.A.M. Smifh, Floyd Bailey: Porfland. Ore.. Spanish. Spanish Club. Smifh. Karen Ann: Manila. Philippines, Music. A Cappella Choir, Thea Alexis. Smifh. La Grande 6.: American Fork. Ufah. Speech and Hearing Correc- fion. Sigma Alpha Efa Treasurer. Smifh. Milan Dale. Jr.: Chevy Chase, Md. Polifical Science. Blue Key. Pi Sigma Alpha, Cougar Club, Chief Jusfice ASBYU Supreme Court. Smifh Nancy Irene: Wes'r Covina. Calif" Medical Technology. Smi+h, Raymond Lesfer: Medford, Ore.. Psychology. Tau Sigma. Collegia+e Afhlefic Associafion, Track Team. Smifh, Richard A.: Salf Lake Cify. Ufah. Dre. mafic Arfs, Thefa Alpha Phi. Smifh. Roberf Jay: Walnuf Creek, Calif" Adverfising and Public Relafions. Smifh. Sharon Ossmen: Salmon Ore., Elemenfary Ed.. Program Bureau. Smufhwaife. Shirley A.: La Grande, Ore.. Music. A Cappeila Choir. Sfudenf Relafionsi Y Caicares. Snow. Phyllis Mae: Anchorage. Alaska. Housing and Home Management Befa Sigma Omicron. Snyder. Phillip Gordon: Modesfo Calif., Business Man- agement Homecoming CommiHee, Ski Club. Scel- berg. Le Grands 3.: PayeHe. Idaho. Communicafions. Sigma DeHa Chi. Circle K, Daily Universe. Soong, Warren Kon Him Honolulu. Hawaii, lndusfrial Educee fion, I.A.A. Sorensen. Gerald C., Jr.: Vallejo. Calif.. Mechanical Engineering. A.S.M.E. Sorensen. Linda Jean: Alhambra. Calif.. Physical Ed. Sorenson, Anne Marie: Sanfa Clara. Calif., Dramafic Arfs, Universify Choraie. Women's Chorus, Cumorah Club. Sorenson, Marcus 8.: Easf Ely, Nev. Physical Ed.. Nevada Club, Arizona Club. Sorenson. Sfeve C.: Lea, Ufah. Business Management Sparks, De Ray: Nephi, Ufah. Accounfing. Spencer. Terry Ray: Redding. Calif" Business Management Stafford, James, Henry: Jacksonville Fla.. Business Management DeHa Phi Kappa. Stamps. Virginia L.: Sanfa Anna, Cailfu Physical Ed.. Inframurals. Re- creafion Club. Spanish Club. Sian+on. Max Edward: Torrance, Calif., Anfhropoiogy, Kia Ora Club. Sfaples, Richard C.: Sacramenfo, Calif. Business Management Sfeed, Charles Evan: Calgaryi Alberfa, Canada. Elemenfary Ed. Sfeele, Jean: Ma- grafh. Alberfa, Canada. Hisfory. 481 Sferreff. Beverly Jean: Eugene, Ore., Arf Ed. Sfevens. Elmer B.: Addison Me.. Hisfory. Sfevens, Varlie: Harfford, Conn.. H.D.F.R. and Elemnefary Ed. S+ewar+, Pafricia: Provo. Ufah. Bacferiology. Sfillman. Suzanne: La Crescenfa, CaHL Homemaking Ed. SHllweII, Linda Lou: Kansas Cify, M0,, Home- making Ed., Sigma Delfa Omicron, Jr. House of Rep- resenfafives. Sfirland, Janeh Chesfer. Pa.. Business Ed. and Office Management Universify Chorale. Cumorah Club. Sfone, R. Diane: Housfon. Texas. Ele- menfary Ed.. White Key. A.CAE. Treasurer. Honors Program. Alpha Lambda DeHa. Sfone. Vicki H.: Nampa. Idaho, Elemenfary Ed.. Elec- fions Commiffee. Sfudenfbody Secrefary. Sfraus. Rufh: Burbank. Calif.. Sociology Shebel, Hilma Jean: Provo, Ufah. Elemenfary Ed. Sfrong. Graham W.: N. Baffle- ford. Canada, Hisfory, Canadian Club, Hisfory Club. English Club. S+rong. Susan Kaye: Sacramenfo, Cahi. Lafin Infer- nafional Folk Dancers. Sudweeks, Irene: Arlingfon. Va., English. Suico. Richard Allen: Fremont Calif., Political Science. AFROTC, Arnold Air Sociefy. Wesfern Club Vice-Presiden+. Alpine Club. Summers, Ray Harrison: Gresham Ore.. Communicafions, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Sigma DeHa Chi. Su'rherland. Karen 5.: OHawm Onfario. Canada. Eng. Iish. SwansonI Diana: Bremerfon. Wash., Elemenfary Ed., Y Calcares, Senior Resident Swanson. Roberf John: Deep River. Conn., Tool and Manufacfuring Technology. Swanson. Carolyn: Nampa, Idaho Psycho- logy. S.E.A., A.W.S, Freshman Council. Tapley. Joel Lane: Hunfingfon. Park, Calif.. SocL ology, Alpha Delfa Kappa. Ta+e. Joel Richards: Twin Falls. Idaho, Sociology. Tofbn. Michael Elliof: Price, Ufah, Chemisfry, IK's. Infernafional Folk Dancers. Chemisiry Socieiy. Program Bureau. Taye, Terry Joyce: 56H Lake Cify. Ufah. Y Calcares, Honors Program, Alpha Kappa Delhi. 482 Seniors St to Th NH v u 1' mmmmg; Taylor, Charles Thomas: Richland. Wash. Business Management Bavarian Club. Taylor, Dennis Quinn: Sherman Oaks, Calif.. German, Goldbrickers. Soc- ial Acfivify Board. Taylor. Julie Kay: Sanfa Susana. Calif, Homemaking Eds Taylor. Karen: Spanish Fork. Ufah. Nursingl S.N.A.s S.N.AAU., N.S.N.A. Taylor. Larry Bosworfh: Long Beach. Calif. Sociology. Infernafionai Folk Dancers. Taylor Lorin Parry. Span- ish Fork. Ufah. Business Management Alpha Phi Omega, California Mission Club. Taylor. Ronald Carl: Spanish Fork, Ufah, Zoologys Alpha Phi Omega, Gen man Club. Taylor. Sara Louise: Redwood City CaliF.. Spanish, Hisfory Club. Spanish Club. English Club. Teemanf, Tilli: Ledyard. C0nn., Clofhing and Texfiles. Tenny, John: PrescoH, Ariz.. Polifical Science. Hil- mo. Walfer Jack: 5. W. Tacoma, Wash" Business Management Terry Sharon: L05 AHos Hills. Calif.. Hisfory, Hisfory Club, Young Americans for Free- dom, Young Democrafs. Teruya, Allan: Honolulu. Hawaii, Business Manage- ment. Teruya, Mildred Joyce: Honolulu. Hawaii, Eng- lish. Pi Delfa Phi, Tew. Lillian Alzadia: Leslie. Idaho. Elemen+ary Edi, Concerf Band. Women's Chorus. Thakher. Terry Lee: Whiffier. Calif., Psychology, Iniernafional Folk Dancers. Universe S+aff. Thayn. Dale Thompson: Moore. Idaho, lndusfrial Arfs. Infernafional Folk Dancers. Thomas. Jay Ernesf: SaH Lake Cify, Ufah, Mechanical Engineering, A.S.M.E. Thomas, Nancy: Maiad, Idaho, Elemenfary Ed., Dance Club. Arizona Club. Thomas, Neal Merril: Salf Lake Cify Ufah. Elecfrical Engineering. Williams. Thomas E.: Spenard, Alaska, Youfh Leader- ship. Pledge Masfer. Fellowship Chairman, Scholar- ship Chairman. Alpha Phi Omega President. Pep and Concerf Bands. Thompson, Roger Mark: Pullman, Wash. German, Pi Delia Phi. Phi Efa Sigmas German Club. Thompson. Sfephen, Sf. Georg e. Ufah. Ac- Counfing. Thorne. Nora Sue: Sfillwafer, Okla.. Speech, Sigma Alpha Efa. Thorns, Terry Carfer: Provo, Ufah. Physics. Nafional Physics Honorary Sociefy, Sigma Pi Sigma. Thornfon, Donald Ray: Provo, Ufah, Elecfrical Engineering. Tau Befa Pi, I.E.E.E. Thornion Richard K.: Provo, Ufah. Mechanical Engineering, A.S.M.E. Thurman, Gary Boyd: Provo, Ufah. Mafh. 483 Seniors Ti to W'a TibbiHs. John: Lorenzo. Idaho. Agriculfure. Timpson. Quinei: Palos Vedres. Calif., H.F.D.R.. Sigma DeHa Omicron. Spanish Club. Tingey, Thomas J.: Spring- If M ville, U+ah. Mafhemafics Delfa Phi Kappa, Circle K . Y W" Phi Efa Sigma. Arizona Club. Young Republicans. -Y Circle K Treasurer. Dream Girl Chairman. Young Rer publicans Chairman. Y Day Chairman. Milifary Ball Chairman. Tingey, Ward Max: Colorado, Springs. CoXo, Zoology. Befa Befa Befa. n :3 HuMw ,J Tolley. Lynn Jack: Wendover, Nev. Accounfing. Cou- gar Club, Business Managemenf Club. Tolman. Jerold C.: Affom Wyo.. Arf Ed., Orchesis. Ianernafional Folk Dancers. Japanese Club. Tolman. Rodney Wayne: Defroii. Mich., Polifical Science. Theafre, Orchesfra. Freshman Cabinet Brazilian Club ASBYU Radio Press Secrefary. Tong. Man Cheulr: Hong Kong, China. Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. Tanks. Caralee: Pocafello, Idaho. Elemenfary Ed., Sr. House of Represenfafives. A.CE. Toronfo. Ila Joan: Spanish Fork, Ufah H.F.D.R. and Elemenfary Ed.. Freshman Senafor. Thea Alexis. Chi TrieHas. Torsak. Carol Ann: Bremerfon, Wash, Humanifies. A CapY pella Choir, Opera Workshop. Program Bureau, Ger- man Club. Tracy, Nancy Lynne J.: Provo. Ufah. Home Economics, Sigma Delfa Omicron. Omicron Nu. Trapnell Frederick E.: Santa Rosa Calif" Zoology. Block Y Club. Traunfvein. Leonard H.: Provo, Ufah. Psychology. Tree. Norman Lewis: Sunnyside. Wash, French, World Affairs Forum, ln+ercollegiafe Knighfs. Arnold Air Sociefy. AFROTC. French Easf Mission Club. Tree. Phillip Norman: Orem. Ufah. Bacferi- ology, Delfa Phi Kappa. Trinnaman Frances A: Lehi, Ufah. Elemenfary Ed.. 5. E. A. Tsai, Timofhy T. H.: Taichng Tiwn. China. Chemical Engineering. Tenney, Judy Ann Turner: Lub- bock. Texas. Nursing. S.N.A., Deleas Chalean. Texas Club. Tvefer. Corrine Emma: Walnuf Creek, Cam" Physical Ed.. Dorm Officer. Physical Ed Maiors Club. Twifchell Terry Raye: Fori Wayne. lnd.. Sociology. Chi Triellas, Mask Club. Sfudenf Government Tyler. Monroe Cheney: Ucon. Idaho. Elecfricel Engineering. Tau Befa Pi. Delfa Phi Kappa, I.E.E.E.. I.E.E.E. Pro- gram Chairman, Y Vecfor Managing Edifor. Van CoH: Ann Carol: Orem, U+ah. Bofany. Van Wagenen. Vicki C.: Provo Ufah, Sociology and Psychology. Song Leader, CougareHe, Vakhnom Culfure Unif. Orchesis Dance Club. 484 Vance, Larry. R.: Los Angels. Calif.. Zoology. Pre- Med.. Pre-Denf. Club. Varney. Diane Elaine: Palos Verdes. Calli. Humanities. lnfernafional Folk Dancers ' S+ardusf Review". Vernier, Gary 3.: Paradise. Calif.. Economics. Honor Council, House of Represenhafives. Senior Class Finance Chairman. lnfremural Afhlefics. Vickers, Clara Ann: Marcon. 6a.. Elemenfary Ed. Voqler. Susan Ann: Springvalley. Calif.. Medical Tech- nology. Volk. Carlisle C.: Sanfa Barbara. Calif , Ele- menfary Ed. Voyles, Gene Lamar: Live Oak. Fla.. Office Management Wade Connie: Fillmore, Ufah. Ma+hema+ics Ed. Wadsworth, David Cecil: Grand Rapids, Mich. Com- mercial Art Wadsworih. Kennei'h W.. Idaho Falls, Idaho, Chemical Engineering, A.I.C.E. Wahl Nance Arlene: Porfland. Ore.. H.F.D.R. and Elemenfary Ed. Walbur+er. Gary 8.: Claremenf. Calif , Economics. Walch, Nancy Greene: Burbank. Calif,, Elemenfary Ed.. Walch. Willard Bean: Bounfiful. Ufah' Elecfrical Engineeringh Walker. KenneH-n R.: Poison, Mont. Medical Technology. Walker, Sandra Eileen: Baldwin Park, Calif" Polifical Science. Walker, Valerie Dee: Murray. Ufah. Educafion, In fernafional Folk Dancers. Program Bureau. Wall. Floyd Allen: Mounfain View, Wyo., Business Managemenf. Arizona Club. Wallace. Barbara E.: Belvedera Calif.. English. Waller. Jack Garland: Bloomfield. N. M.. Eedrical Engineering. Wallin. Marilyn F.: Provo. Utah, Nursing, Thea Alexis, S.NA. Wallis. William 8., Jr.: Vernal, Ufah, Adver- h'sing and Public Relafions. Daily Universe Edifor, Sigma Delfa Chi Vice-Presidenf. Walfon, Julie Ann: La Canada. Cam" German. Ausfrian Club, Jr, House of Represenfafives, Honors Progrem. Delfa Phi Alpha. Wanlass. Kafhryn: Lehi, Ufah, H.F.D.R. and Elemen- fary Ed. Warner. Lorene: FiUmore. Ufah, Business Educa'rion, Marching Band. Concer+ Band, Hawaiian Club. War- ner. Susan: Porfland, Ore., Sociology. A.W.S. Council. Warr, Joanne Elizabefh: Dover. DeL, EIemenfary Ed., Spursl Junior Adviser, Chrisfian Science Organizafion. Wasden, Glade J.: Rexburg, Idaho. Indian Sfudies. 485 Wafers, Larry Warner: Iadho Falls, Idaho. Business Management Wafers, Nancy: Inglewood. Calif,, Teacher Ed. Wafson, Barbara Ann: On+ario. Calif.. Home Economics Ed., Sigma Delfa Omicron. Sr. House of Represenfafives. Wafson, Donald Craig: Raymond. Albeda. Canada, lndusfrial Ed,, I.A.A. ViceAPresidenf. Rodeo Club. Canadian Club, Arizona Club. Wafson. Ingrid Lynne: Sanfa Barbara, Calif., Nursing, S.N.A. Waison, Ronald Ross; Moscow, Idaho. Chemis- fry. Webb, Kenna Kae: Twin Falls. Idahq Dramafic Arts and Speech Daily Universe. Mask Club. S.E.An Cumarah Club. ASBYU Producfions Guild Makeup Chairman. 46+h Ward Drama Direcfor. Webb, Karen Margaret 851+ Lake Cify, Utah, English. Webb. Lyneffe: Vancouver, Brifish Columbia. Canada Elemenfary Ed. Weeks, Margaref: Redding Calif. H.D.F.R., Schola Canforum, Women's Chorus. Ora: forio Choir. Wehmeir, Colleen Mae: American Fork. Ufah. Special Ed., A.C.E.. Thefa Epsilon Chi. Ger- man Club, Gafeway Club. Weidner, Sfephen M.: Porfland Ore.. Polifical Science. Wells. Drauglas 0.: Las Vegas. Nev.. Psychology. Cou- gar Club. Social Acfivieies Board. Sfudenf Alumni Coordinafor. Senior Class Presidenf AWesfergard, Ray 0.: ldaho Falls. Idaho, Accoun'ring. lK's. Wesfon, John Bradford: Boun+HuL Ufah, Zoology, Sporfsmen Club. Whalen. Michele Jane'r: Falls Church. Va.. Elemenr fary Ed. Whea+ley. Susan: Murray. Ufah. Sociology. Wheelock. Eugene Lee: Lompoc, Calif.. Adverfising and Public Relafions, Adverfising Club. Whipple, Evan Leroy: Las Vegas, Nev.. Hisfory, Hisfory Club. Spanish Club. Senior Resident Cougar Marching Band, Whipple, Lillis. Logandaie. Nev., Teacher Ed. Whifaker. EvereH Fred: Berkerley. Calif" Bo+any. Whifehead. Ashley 3.: Falconbridge, Canada, Busi- ness Management Canadian Club. Whifelock. Mac- arfhur: Payson, Ufah, Asian Sfudies. Whifney. Made- lon Kay: Kansas CHy. M0,, English. Alpha Lambda Delfa, Angel Flight Vakhnom. 486 Seniors We: to We H w Whiffingham. Edgar A.: Republic of Panama. Span- ish. Wickman, Ronald Brenf: Rochesfer. N. Y.. Hm manifies. A Cappella Choir, Varsify Theafre Movie Commiffee. Campus Close-ups Newsreel Direc+or. Sigma DeHa Pi, 2nd Sfake Choir Direcfor. Wiebers. Diana P.: Orange. Calif., Polifical Science. Wight Judifh Ann: San Luis Obispo, Calif., Spanish. Span- ish Club, Pi Del'ra Phi. Wik. Karen Joy: Anaheim. Calif., Elemenfary Ed.. English Minors Club. Wilcox. James Frank: Durango. Colo, Arf. Wilde, L. Clair: Park Cify, Ufah. Elemen- fary Ed. $.E.A.. Arizona Club. Young Republicans Club. New England Club. A.C.E. Wilkins. S+even C.: Idaho Falls. Idaho. Physics, Sigma Pi Sigma, William. Dean Mae: Idaho Falls, Idaho. Nursing, 5. N.A. Williams. Jerry Glen: Mon+pelier. Idaho, Fi- nance and Banking. Bear Lake Club, Universify Chor- EHe. William, Michael Day: SeaHle. Wash.. Spanish. WilliamsI Roger Lavon: Boisa Idaho. Adverfising and Public Relafions, VarsHy Baseball, Adver+ising Club. Semper Fidelis Chapfer. Williams, William A., Jr.: Sf. Louis, Mo. Ma+h, Willis, Laurel Dean: loan, Idaho, Design and DraHing, A.I. D.D. Wilson, Clifford Lewis: Provo, Ufah, Mechanical Engineering. Wilson. David Edward: Provo, U'rah. English. Wilson. Herber+ Leslie: Spanish Fork. Ufah. His+ory Hisfory Club. Wilson, James Harvey: Long Beach. Calif., Advertising and Public Relafions, Daily Unir verse S+aff, Cougar Club. Win+ers. Bruce Burfon: AHon, Wyo.. Special Ed., Thefa Epsilon Chi. Win+ers, John Buri'on: Affon, Wyo , Physics. Concer+ Band. Russian Club. Winward. Ellen Louise: Chico, Calih Physical Ed. Wise. Blanche Larene: Offawa. HL, Humanifies. Wif- +er, Donna Lorraine: Long Beach, Calif" S+afis+ics, Delias Chaleanl Sr. Class House of Represenfafives. Wolmarf, William: Bay Shore, N. Y., Psychology. Wong, Andrew M. K.: Hong Kong, China. Design and Draffing, Chinese Club, A.I.D.D. Wong, Kin Pong: Hong Kong China. Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E., Alpha Phi Omega. Wood. Gary Lawrence: Oakland, CaliF., Polifical Science. Daily Universe. Pep Com- miffee. Freshman Council. A.M.S. Council, Assem- biles, Drama. Wood. Harold Wayne: Farmingfon. N. M.. Psychology. 487 Wood. Kai'hleen K.: Boise. Idaho, Music. Carillonic Bell Mis+ress. BYU Guild of Organisfs. Wood, Roberf Esfillz Decafur, III., Adverfising and Public Rela- +ion5, C.A.A. Woolf, Kenne+h Lee: Porfland. Ore.. Tool and Manufacfuring Technology A.S.T.M.E. Wool- ley. Donald Jex: Sacramenfo, Calif" Accounfing. Woolley. Ronald Lee: Jerome. Idaho, Mechanical En- gineering. A.S.M.E., A.M.S. Vice-Presiden+.WorHon, Marsha W.: Orem, Utah. Elemenfary Ed. Worsley, Merrill F: REverfon, Ufah, Accounfing. Beta Alpha Psi. Wren, Sharon Irene: Blackfoot Idaho, Elemen+ary Ed" S.E.A. Wrighf, KenneH'I L.: Fresno. Calif.. Recreafion EdA, RecreaHon Maiors Club, Arilo'na Club. Wrighf, Owen Drew: Pleasanf Grove. Ufah, Secondary Ed. Yams, Carol: Soufh Ga+e. Calif.. H. H. Management Year- ouf. John Harold: Moses Lake, Wash. Commercial Arf, Banyan. Washingfon Club. Campus Chest Yokofa. Marie France: Mahina. Tahifi, French. Fren- ch Honor Club, Phi Delfa Phi, Spanish Club. Young, David Allan: Glendale. Mo.. Elemanfary Ed. Young. Elray James; Kanab. U+ah, Sociology, Chinese Club. Alpha Kappa Delfa. Young. Maureen Geneva: Eu- reka. Calif., Sociology. Universe Social Edifor. Social Acfivifies Board. Y Day Publicify Chairmam Spring Orienfafion. Youngberg. Lynn Zaugg: Weiser. Idaho. Chemical Engineering. Yssel. William Jay: Covina, Calif" Phy- sics, Sigma Pi Sigma President Chilean Club. Zaugg. Rollin 5.: Union, Ore.. Tool and Manufacfuring Techv nology. Zdrale, Dennis R.: Clairfon, Pa., Zoology, His- Jrory Club. Zoology Club. Dance CommiHee, Infer- mural Foofball and Baskefball. 488 Seniors We to Ze Zaibig. Beverly Bird: Lubback. Texas. Home Manaqemenf. Omicron Nu. a . Housing and Associate Degree Nurses Ba to Wy Banks, Grace: Maplefgn, Ufah. Nursing. Carfwright Sharron: Baker. Ore.. Nursing. Cheney. Lynda: SaH Lake Cify. U+ah, Nursing. Clayson, Carol: Provo. Ufah. Nursing. Gammell, Diane: Susanville, Calli, Nursing. Gibb. Pirkko: Ogden, Ufah, Nursing. Gibson, Lola: Provo. Ufah, Nursing. HackiH. Sandra: Mesa, Ariz.. Nursing HansenI Laura Lee: DeHa, Ufah, Nursing. Jensen. San- dra: Bear River. U+ah, Nursing. Melby. Caroyln: WaHord Cify. N. D.. Nursing. OnsfoH, JudHh: Bur- bank. Calif., Nursing. Or'msbee. Donna: Grand Junction, Colo., Nursing. Pe++ersson. Joanne: Hunfer. Ufah, Nursing. Raw, Mari- lyn M.: Salf Lake Cify, Ufah. Nursing. Rice. Valerie: Magrafh. Alberfa, Canada, Nursing. Robinson. Merrilee: Manhassef, N. Y.. Nursing. Ryf- fing, Clydene: Las Vegas, New Nursing. Sh'ai'e, Janeva: Mounfain View, Alberfa, Canada. Nursing. Tyler, Pahicia: Ucon. Idaho, Nursing. Whipple. Maureen: Granger. Ufah, Nursing. Whifby, Nadine: Nursing. Wiseman. Willie Lee: Grand Junc- Hon. Colo., Nursing. Wynder. Sandra: Hill Springs Alberfa, Canada, Nursing. 489 , Baccalaureate Degree Nurses Ab to We Abegglen. Joan: Twin Falls. Idaho. Nursing. Ashby. Margaref: Phoenix, Ariz.. Nursing.Brown, Dixie Rose: Oxnard, Calif.. Nursing. Chrisfiansen, Norma: Grand Juncfion. Colo.. Nursing. Culp. Naomi Jean: Hardin. Mont. Nursing. Fair- child. Bonnie Lynn: American Fork. Ufah. Nursing. GarbeH. Charlene: Tualafin, Ore., Nursing. Garfher- coal. Gloria Ann: Glendorc. Calif.. Nursing. Griffey. Barbara: Provo, Ufah. Nursing. Halpin, Janef: Nursing. Haws. Valerie: Nursing. Higley, Jill. Provo. Ufah. Nursing. Humphreys. Paf: Ashfon, Idaho. Nursing. Jones Bon- nie: Los Angeles. Calif., Nursing. Jones. Rufh: Monf- pelier. Idaho. Julio, Linda: Salt Lake Cilfy. Ufah. Nursing. m gym Kennedy. Beffy: Nursing. Kungonsmi+h. Sandra: Nurs- V 7k A . HWiwL ing. Lemmon, Nancy Jo: ldaho Falls. Idaho, Nursing. 7' HM Lyman. Paf: Nursing. . . , ,, . McNeilI, Befh: Blue Wafer, N.M.. Nursing. Mecham. Mary Linda: Provo. Utah. Nursing. Miller. Margaref: Pleasanf Grove. Ufah, Nursing. Moss. Kafhleen. Clear- field. Ufah. Nursing. 490 Murray, Pafricia: Larkspur. Calif., Nursing. Naylor. Mary Lee: Nursing. Nelson, Ronda Lee: Brigham Cify. Utah. Nursing. NeuhuysI Yvonne: Hermosa Beach. Calif.. Nursing. Nicholson. Maxilyn: Nursing. Noyes. Geri Lynn: La Grande, Ore.. Nursing, Peferson. Deanna Lee: Provo, Ufah. Nursing. Rogers, Sandra: China Lake Calif.y Nursing. Seamon, Caroyln: Nursing. Taylor. Karen: Spanish Fork, Ufah, Nursing. Tenney. Judy: Nursing. Wallin. Mariyln: SeaHle, Wash., Nursing. Wa'rson, Ingrid Lynn: Sanfa Barbara, Calif.. Nursing. WilliamsI Dena Mae: Idaho Falls. Idaho. Nursing. Wood, Mary Helen: Mesilla Park. N.M.. Nursing. "The Mansion." home of fhe sfudemL nurses in Self Lake CHy. 491 341nm . ..,. 1.3g? 15 i. 55.x. .. :x rrgxwfi i, ahgtig. nggbwnisxwm 15a$ax$rwlw .35.. 33.53 1...,1... . , IS paramount inner area of H16 library like a fracfion of ano+her world, one where knowledge an Curfains draw back +0 reveal 492 Graduate Enrollment Increases According to Dean Wesley P. Lloyd, one of the ma- jor units in fostering the universitys high aca- demic reputation is the BYU Graduate Program. Conform- ing to the nationwide trend of increasing graduate enrollment, 1560 students are presently registered in the Graduate College. In the 1964-65 year, 322 mastefs degrees and 35 doctorates were given out; this year it is expected that 400 degrees will be awarded from nearly every department in the university. The graduate students have sponsored several firesides throughout the year, one of the most outstanding being a panel discussion 011 the role of social science in the LDS Church. At the end of the year, a dinner-dance was held at which the class was turned over to the new officers. For most graduate students there was only time to study. We"ase GRADUATE CLASS OFFICERS: Front Row: Rene Hope. Executive Assistant; Roger Ke'n Walter, President: Helen Clair Stout. Assemblyman: Richard KentL Young, Vice-President. Back Row: Ralph Rostron, Secretary: Richard Johnson. Assemblyman. 493 Graduates An to Pa Andrew, Anna Marie: Idaho Falls. Idaho. Special Ed.. S.E.A. Ashraf. Muhammad: Zahore. Pakistan, Physical Ed.. ln+erna+ional Sfudenfs Council. BYU Soccer Team. Afkinson. David Earl: Placerville, Calif.. Infernafional Affairs, Hisfory Club. Bascom, Earl Wesley: Vicfor- ville. Calif., Art Baison, Kennefh 8.: Las Vegas, Nev.. Accounfing, Befa Alpha Psi. Brown. Bruce Leonard: American Fork. U+ah. Psychology. Phi Efa Sigma, BYU Fall Leader ship Chairman. Brown. Gerald Edward: Salf Lake Ci+y, Ufah, Por+uguese. Burton. John William: Roy. Ufah, Spanish, Sigma Delfa Pi. Spanish Club. Chen, Chiang Liu: Taiwan. China. Chemical Engineer" ing. Davies, Dale HuleH: Calgary. Canada. French. Pi Delfa. Phi. Downey, Karen Alice: Provo. Ufah, Business Ed. Draper. Ar+hur Zemira: Provo Ufah. Mafhema+ics, Chess Club, Mafh Club. Edwards. Darrel: Orem. Ufah, Psychology. Elan, Au- sencia Barrera: Manila, Philippines. Specia! Ed., In- +erna+ional Club, Thefa Epsilon. Evans, David Lloyd: Provo, Ufah, Physical Ed. Folkersen. Shirley Ann: La Puenfe, Calif.. English. Alpha Lambda Delia. Frandsen. Joan: Cen+erfield, Ufah, Business Ed.. Fuhriman. Rober'r Lee: Melba, Idaho. Accoun+ing. lK's, Be+a Alpha Psi. Gardner, Dahl Toland: Affon. Wyo., M.B.A.. M.B.A. Associafion. Goodliffe. Bonnie Jean: San Francisco, Calif., Music Theory, UniversHy Chorale, Chamber Orchesfra. Goodliffe, Glade P.: American Fork. Ufah, Accounf- ing. Gubler. Jerald Royce: LaVerkin. Ufah. German. Harver. Thomas Edward: Albuquerque, N. M.. Span- ish Peninsular Sfudies1 New Mexico Club. Knigh'fs of Templar. Arnold Air Sociefw Graduafe AFROTC. Haws. Larry Dee: UCon. Idaho, Accounfing. Befa Alpha Psi. 494 Henry, Claude. Jr.: Provo, Ufah, Bacferiology. Henry. E Anne Lee: Provo, Ufah, Bacferiology. Herrin. Charles Selby: Benfonia, Miss., Zoology. Hoopes. David Craig: Insfifufe of Governmenf Service Ex- ecuh've Assisfanf +0 President Afforney General, Sem afe President Freshman President Cougar Club. Phi Sigma Alpha. Phi Efa Sigma, Viking Social Unif. Senior Resident Board of Direcfors Sfudenf Pubr licafion. Polifical Science Teaching Assisfant Kam. Carney Marie S.W.: Sunsef Beach, Hawaii, Lafin. Classics. Samoan Club. Kao, Chang Pai: Taipei. Taiwan. Civil Engineering. Chinese Club. Kirby. Gra- ham W.: Columbia, 5. C.. Ar'r. Public Rela+ions. lnfercollegiafe Knighfs Direcfor, Texas Club. Arf Guild. Kifano. Chihoko: Wakaymyama. Japan, Educa- fion. Kondris. WyaH James; Temple Cify, Calif., Music Ed. Lee. Hong Yung: Sungbk Ku Sol, Korea. Polifical Science. Lee. Sung Tao: Taiwan. Republic of China, Mechanical Engineering. Lee, Yeo Bai: Moab, Ufah, Music. Liang. Jann Wuu: Taipei, Taiwan. Mechanical Engiv neering. Lindback, Kari: Sfockholm, Va Sweden, Phy- sical Ed.. Infernafional Folk Dancers. Locey, Lauren Leon: Modesfo. Calif Delfa Phi Kappa. Befa Alpha Psi. Honor Council. Mcallis+er. Kennefh F.: N. Y. C.. N. Y.. lnfercollegiafe Knigh+s. Belle of He Y Com- miffee, M.B.A. Associafion Treasurer. 73 McMasfer. Kirby M.: Orem, Ufah, Ma+hema+ics, Honors Program, Cen+ral Dance Commiffee, Frosh Baskefball Team, Tennis Team. Ma+h Club. McNeil, Befh: Bluewafer. N. M., Nursing, Leadership Commif- fee, S.N.A. Millet Lorin Edward: Provo. Ufah. Phy- sics. Moody. Michael F.: Spanish Fork Ufah. Music ComposiHon. A Cappella Choir, Biue Key F.E.M. Club. Moon, Bradford: Rock Springs, Wyo., Physical Ed. P.E.M. Club. Arizona Club. Norsemen. Morfensen. Judifh Kaye: Pasadena. Calif.. Educafionl Cami Los. M .7 . Young Republicans, Japanese Club, Homecoming M . . Commiffee. Hisfory Club. Moser, Judy Ann: Idaho : Falls. Idaho. German. Delfa Phi Alpha. Nadimabadi. Siavash: Tehran. Iran, Geology. Nelson, Sievens Ca": Provo. Ufalm Sociology, Alpha Kappa Delfa. Owens. Jerry Lance: Hawthorne. CalEf.. Mafhemafics. A.C.M., Mafh Club. Pack, Paul Eugene: Laie, Hawaii. ED P5. P65. Charles Chang Tai: Pin- fung, Taiwan, Chemical Engineering; 495 Graduates Pa to Wi Paniabi. Despair: Bombay. India. Mech. Engineering. A.S.M.E. Parker, Roberf E.: Hafch. New Mexico. Po- Iifical Science. Arnold Air Sociefy. Paul, Ehrhardf: Arcadia. Calif., Public Admin., Afhenian Club, Alpine Club, Chairman I966 Winfer Carnival. Pres. Fencing Club. Porfer. Lee Ashby: Wilmingfon. DeL, M.B.A. Richardson, Sonia L.: Las Vegas. Nev.. Family Living Ed.. Opera Workshop. Rodas. Juan. Jose: Quezal- fanango. Guat. Public Admin. lnfernaiional Sfudenfs Organiz. Rod ers. W. Don: Blue River. Wis., PolHical Science. Rosielley, Lowell John: Idaho Falls. lda., Accounfing, Befa Alpha Psi, Archon Honor Frafernify. Concerf Band. Rout, Hugh. Wayne: Vincennes. lnd.. Hisfory. Young Republican. Y.A.F. Self. L. Carol: Cards'ron. Alberfa. Family Relafions. Selman. Orrin McEwan: Salf Lake Cify. Ufah. Educ. Admin. Shin ll Soo: Seoul, Korea. Dramafic Arfs. Shumway. Diane: Phoenix. Ariz., Spanish, Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Delfa Pi. Smiish. Nafhan Jerome: Harbor Cify. Calif., His+ory. Hisfory Club. Honor Council. Smiih. Norman: Farming'ro-n. New Mexico, Mech. En- gineering. l.K., A.S.M.E., Arnold Air Sociefy. Fenc- ing Club. A.M.S. Council. Banyan, Universe. Snyder, John Sieven: Alhambra. Calif" Physics, A.M.S. Coun- ciL Blue Key. Sigma Pi Sigma. Soufhwell, William H.: Lyman, Nebraska. Physics. Stone, Devon: Provo. Ufah. Civil Engineering, Suzuk. Masaki Michael: Provo. Ufah, Music, Oratorio Choir. Assist Conducfor of Women's Choir. Talbot George James: Provo. Ufah. Accounfing. Be+a Alpha Psi. Tanner, Nancy Ann: Jackson. Wyo.. Business Eds Rodeo Club. Wadman. William Morgan, San Diego, CaliF.l Economics. Omicron Delfa Epsilon. Waldvogel. Howard: Bensenville. Ill.. Business Management Wal- ser. Linda Jean: Arlingfon. Virginia, Spanish. 496 Wifbrf, John Island. N.Y., Biochemisfry Wheeler. David L.: Ogden, Ufah, Physics, Sigma Pi Sigma, Whife, Judifh Ann: Provo, Ufah. German. Williams, Cyn+hiaz Cedar Cify. Ufah. Music Ed.. A Cappella Choir. Phi Kappa Phi. Wilson, Roberf E.: Porfland. Ore.. lndusfrial Ed. Work, Pe+er T. Gunnison. Colo.. M.B.A.. M.B.A. Asr sociafion. Wrafhall, Don Morris: Sunnyvale. Calif.. Physics, Sigma Xi. Young. John Morfimer: Provo. Ufah. M.B.A., Pres. Delfa Phi Kappa. French Club. Vice- pres. Jr. Class. Jr. Class Cabinef and House of Rep.. Sr. House of Rep. Young, Vern Maeser: Provo, Ufah. Communicafions. Delia Sigma Chi. Kappa Tau Alpha. Alpha Epsilon Rho. WIHWIIHH M .m GEN ERA I- 'M D EX II II I A I A Cappella 248 I Administrafion 33 AFROTC 270 Aida 243 Alpha Lambda Delta 275 Alphai PI'II 02Omega 3l0 I4 I IIHIWIIILEW AIurn Angel FIIghf 308 Archon 3l2 Arena Theafer 240 ArIzona Club 276 Art 362 Assembly I20 Associated Men Sfudenfs ll9 Associafed Women Sfudenfs IIB Awards. James E. Telmage l08 BaIIef Z97 Ballroom Dancers 279 Band Band Marching 258 Banyzin I23 Baseball 216 Baskefball, Frosh 2I0 Baskefball Varsify 20! Belle of th I: Y I64 Befa Alpha Psi 296 Beta SIgma Epsilon 3I3 Biological and AgricuI'ruraI Sciences College of 39 Blue Key Bowling I99 Business College of 43 Business Management 297 C Carmen 242 Chi TrieIIas 3I6 Chinese Club 282 Circle K 318 Coat of Many Colors 238 College AH-Ilefic Associafion 320 ConIinuIng Education, DIvision of 90 Corn ls Green 234 Cougareffes 324 Court Supreme I21 Courf, Traffic IZI Cross Country I95 D DaIIy Universe I29 Danish CIu Debafe Squad Delian Vesta 326 Delfa PhI Kappa 280 Devoiionals l04 DIIeas ChaIean 328 E Education College of 47 Eleciions I66 Enemy of the Peofle I235 EngineerIng Wee 162 Engineers 295 Engineers Joint Council 298 F Famil LIvIng College of SI Fine rts and Communicafions College of 55 Finnish Club FIrebugs 236 Folk Dancers 284 Football Frosh 2l0 FootbaII Varsity 20l Forensics 283 Forums I06 French Easf Missionaries 299 Frenchmen 00 Freshman Officers 360 Freshmen 36I Fufure Missionaries 300 6 General College 60 Golf 2I5 Government Sfudenf III Graduate Officers 492 Graduate School Graduafes 494 Gymnasfics 2l2 H Hawaiian Club 30! Heritage Hall 353 Homecoming I45 Honor Council I20 Housing 358 Humanlfies CoIIege of 62 Industrial and Technical Educafion College of 67 Insfifufe of Electrical and Electronic Engineers 286 InfercoIIegiafe Knights Infer- Housing Council 354 Infernafional Week I60 Infer-Organizafionai Council I22 lnfer- Service Council l22 Infer Terrace Council 355 Intramurals 498 J Japanese Club 30I Junior Officers 420 Junior Prom I70 Juniors 422 K Karaie Club 287 KIa Ora Club 288 L Leadership I44 Lyceum: 260 M Marching Band 258 Men's Chorus 246 Men's Residence Halls Council 256 N New England Club 302 Norsemen 3 4 Nursing, College of 69 0 Oliver 232 OmIcron Nu 302 Opera Workshop 244 Oratorio Choir 250 OrchesIs 332 Orchestra 254 Organisf 294 Our Town 237 P Pep Groups 228 Physical and Engineerin Sciences, College of 71 Physical Education CoI age of Preferred Men Professor 0 fIhe Year 94 R Recreafion Maiors 303 Regis'rraIion I41 Religion College of 8l ResearcII 2 Rodeo Team 200 Rodeo Sfockmen 303 S Samuel Hall Society 336 Scofsmen 334 Senior Officers 438 Seniors 440 Shomrah Kiyel 304 Sigma Delfa Omicron 289 Sigma Gamma Epsilon 305 Sinng I98 Soccer 2I3 Social Sciences. CoIIege of 84 Sophomore Officers 398 Sophomores Spodsmen 338 Spodswcmen 340 Spurs 342 Sfakes I00 Sfudenf Educafion Association 290 Sfudenf Governmenf Sfudenf Nurses 292 Supreme Courf I2I Swimming Team 2H T Tau Befa PI 305 Thea Alexis 344 TheIa AIpha Phi 306 Theta Epsilon Chi 306 Track Team 2i Traffic Couri' I2l Trusfees. Board of 30 U Universe, Daily I30 Universin AderHsin Club 307 University Choral e 252 V Vakhnom 346 Volleyball 225 W Whife Key 352 WInIer CarnIvaI I55 Women's Chorus 245 Women' 5 Residence Halls Council 357 Wresfling Team I96 Wye Magazine I36 Y Y CaIcares 348 Y Day I79 Y Press I36 Y Squares 307 Y Vecfor I36 Young AmerIcans for Freedom 293 Young Men FACULTY INDEX Alder, Zane,62 Alexander. Thomas.85 A11en, Dell K. , 68,297 Allen, James 13.,85 Allen. Mark.85 Allen, Phylus.52 Alley, Stephen L. .44 Allred. M11dred.70 Allred. Rue1.48 Andersen. H. Verlan, 293 Anderson. D. Chn's.62 Anderson, Harold I. .35 Anderson. Dlanne.44 Anderson, Marian.52 Anderson, R1chard L.BZ Anderson, Sharel, 78 Anderson. Stephen.56 Anderson. Vernon 111.82 Andrus. Hyrum.82 Andrus. I. Roman.56 Apostol.Chrls,7e,183 Ashby. Nadine T. .44 Atwood. Robert W. .85 B Babock. Hyrum.48 Backman. Milton.82 Baird. Robert.36 Ba11. Bertrand.62 Ballantyne. VerDon.62 Balllf, Ariel S..36 Ballou, Richard,56,258 Bangerrer, Bauer, 78 Bankhead, Reid .82 Barker, Dee 1-1. . 72 Barlow. Frances.52 Barlow, M1nnie.52 Barlow, Sharon.70 Barron. Howard.82 Barrus. Ruth. 294 Barton. Cliff. 72 Bascom, Gary Ray.36 Bastian. Beth,52 Bateman, I. LaVar.6,36.56 Bauer, Edtth,43 Bearnson, Kathleen, 70 Beck. D. E1den.40 Beck. Jay V. .40 Beckham. Raymond E. .36 Bell, Elouise,62 Bell. R. DerMont,44 Balnap. B. VVeSLBl Belnap. Parley,294 Belt. W. Dwayne.48 Benmon, George.62 Bennion, Marlon.52 Benson. E.T..31 Bentley. Joseph T..34 Bentley, Anthony,BZ Bernhard, John T. . 34.84 Barren. Pau1,72,286 Berryessa. Max.48 Best. Myron.72 Best, Br1an. 72 81115. JamesJZ 8155511, Harold.72 Boren, Robert,56 Boss. Iacob.56 Bowen. Walter,82.94699 Bowles. Catherine.4B Eown. M. Shafter, 199 Bradford. Reed H. .85 Bradley. Rulon.56 Bradshaw, Merr111,56 Bradshaw, W111ard,40 Brady. Marion,52 Ereinholt, Floyd E. .56 Brewster. Sam.36 Britsch, Ralph A. .62 Broadbent. Smilh.72 Brown, Hugh 8.,30 Brown, Iack,62 Brown. 1. R1chard,48 Bryant. Garth,72. 272 Bryner. Loren. 72 Bryner. Maurme.52 Buckwalker. Doyle.85 Budge, Don W. .72 Bullock. Kenneth," Bunker. Robert. 78 Burgener. Robert. 78 Burnett, M. Dallas,56 Burrup. Percy,48 Bushman. Jess R..7Z Butler. Ellot. 72 Butterworth, Edwin,36 C Calder, Allene. 52 Calder. Glen. 72 Cell. C. Boyd.78 Call, Ivan,44 Callahan. Sterl1ng C. .48 Cameron, I. 211101.35 Campbell, Ienn1e.48 Campbell. Leland,36 Cannon. C. Y..40 Canfield. 101111.72 Cannon. Clawson,56 Cannon. John N. . 72,305 Cannon. Kenneth L. .52 Cardon, Lcu15,85 Carnsle, InneMlE Carruth, R1:hard.36 Carter. Melvin. 72 Chapman. Arthur,40 Chaston. A. Norton.296 Cheesman. Pau1.82 Cheney. Thomas.62 Chldester. Leon,62 Childs. Margaret, 52 Christensen. Dean C. .49 Christensen. Edward.40 Christensen. Evelyn. 44 Chnsuansen. Iohn R. .85 Chugg . Lee. 40 C1ark. Bruce B. .62 Clark, Dwight, 76 Clark. Harold 61911.91 Clark. 113291.49 Clark. Herald R. , 36, 297 Clark. Hoover. 62 Clark. James R. .82 Clark. Marden J. .62 Clark. Wayne.44 Clagg. John C.,72.286 Clinger. Morris.57 Cloward. Wells P. .36 C1u11. Coran. 72 Compton. Lane. 72 Conrad. Rn.a.70 Connelly. Richard. 52 Cook. A1an,82 Cottrell. M11ford.49 Covey. Iohn.43 Covey, Stephen R. .33,144 Cox. Charles,44 Cox. Soren, 62 Cracroft. R1chsrd.52 Cra1g. Marshall.62 Craven. Rulon. 36 Crockett. Earl C. .33 Croft, Evan M1.44 Cryer. Walter. 78 Cundxck. Bert. BS . 294 Cums. Brandt. 57. 244 Curtis. Ly1e S. , 36 Cutler. Virginia , 51 D Dames. De1va,49 Dalley. Richard L. .36 Daniels. Phllip.84 Darais. Mex,S7 Davies. 1. Kenneth.44 Davis. Elva,3SZ Davis. Fred.78.196.197 Davls. Harrison,62 Decker. Dan1el,73 Dees. Harry.83 DeHoyos, F. Benjamin,7B,279,287 Delong. Genit, Ir.,64 Belong, Thelma.49 Derrick. Maureen. 64 D1xon. Dwight,73 Dixon. Fred.78 Domqaard. M1gnon.52 Donaldson, David.41 Done. Arthur A. .44 Done. G. Byron:.82 Dowmng. Lester,49 Doxey. Roy W. .82 Dcxey, Willard B. .45 Duffin. B. Kelth,36 Durfee. Lyman I. . 36 Durrant. 01an1,73 Dyer. W11Ham,83 E anar.L. Brent.4s Earl. Don,57 Earnest. Gary.78.211 Easlmond. E. John.73 Edmunds, Mary 211211.70 Edwards. LaVell.186.189 Egbert. Robert L. .49 Either. Iay.36 El1sworth. Richard.64 Enke, Glenn.73 Esplin. 11055.64 Evans, Davtd.64 Evans. Richard L. .31 F Fabris, Frank.79,189 Faerber. LeRoy,45 Fairbanks. Merwln,57 Famsworth. Dean.64 Farnsworth, Lee.36.83 Faulkner. J. Ear1,73 Felt. Paul E..36 Flnnage. D. A11an,73 Fitzgerald. Sherman K. .86 Fletcher. Harvey. 73 Fletcher, Harvey L, 73 Folsom. Marvin H. .64 Frost. Herberl.41 Fuhriman, Dean,73 G Gamett, LaV211.68 Gardner. Andrew, 73 Gardner. John H. . 73.88 Garner. Lynn E. .73 Gassman. Byron.64 Gates, Crawford.57 Geddes. David,79 GEddes. Marise.70 Gee. Burton.73 Geertsen. O. Norman,73 Gibbons. Rendol.57 Gibson, M. Carl.64 Goates. 1. Rex.73 6011. Margaret T. .64 Gol1ghtly. Max B. .57 Goodman. Harold.S7 Goodman. Irwin.57 Goodwln, Reese.73 Green, 10hn.64 Grey, Alan H. .66 Grizard. Sondra,135 Groesbeck, Lue S. .57 Grover. Wells A..45 Grow. Stewart.86 Gubler. Clark. 73 Gubler, Dan, 64 Gunn, Richard,57 H Hafen, W1111am1., 79 Hales, Wayne 8. , 73 Helgren. Patricia.64 Hall. H. Tracy.36 HaHiday. John R.,57.250-51 Hamblln. W. Kenneth.73 Hammond. May,49 Hanks. Marlon D.,31 Hansen, Dorothy,64 Hanseg, George H. .73 Hansen. Hafold 1., 57,396 Hansen. H. K1mba11.73 Hardy. Blaine Carmon.49 Hardy. Kenneth R. .85 Harmon, rank,49 Harris. John B. .64 Harris. John Sterling.54 Harrison. B. F.,41 Harrison. Betty D. .49 Harrison. B. Kent,73 Hart. Char1es 1..79 Hart, David K.,85 Hartman, Lerry,45 Hartvigsen, Milton F..77 Hasnngs. Capt. Loyal D.,74. 272 Hatch, Ephraim.36 Hatch, Frank, 79 Hatch , L1nda.79 Haupt. Floyd. 73 Hawkes, Nena Rey. 79 Hawkes. Richard. 74 Hayes. Darwin 1.. .64 Haymore. Frank.37 Hayward, C. Lynn.41 Heaton. Howard, 74 Heaton. Israel C..79.303 Helquist. Betty 1-1. .45 Henderson. E. Dean.49 Henson, Charles A. .57 Herde, Kar1,45 Hess. Wilford.41 Heuston, ustin.64 H111. Armin I..7l H111. 1.. Douglas. 64,136 H111. Max,74 Hillam. Kenneth.74 Hillam. Ray C. .86 HiIller, David, 57 14111011. H. 8111,74 Hlnckley. Edwin C. . BB Hinckley, Gordon 13.,31 H1ntze, Leh1,74 Hmtza. R. Sears,37 leschX. W1113rd,79,223 Hirst. Cynthia.79 Hoihems, Cloyd C..37 Holbrook, Leona,79 Holmes. 8. Michael,64 Holt. Ivan L. .68 Hoopes, Kelth. 41,303 Horton. Frank,64 Horton. M. Duane.74.294 Hosklsson. W11113m.41 Hubbard. Ernest D. .45 Hudspeth, Tommy,79.185.187,189 Huff. Patricia,52 Humpherys. DeVer1.74.286 Hunsaker, 615119.64 Hunter. Howard W. .31 Hyde, Ronald G., 37,103 Hyer. Paul V. .86 I Infanqer. Carlton A. , 41 Isaacson, Thorpe 8. , 30 J Jackson, Orrln H., 37 Jacob, Ramona M., 49 Iacobs, Alberta,s4 Iacobs, Brian: 3., 64 Iacobson, Phyllls, 79 James, Sherald, 195,79 Jamison, Ronald, 74 Jenkins, Ronda, 68 Jensen, Clayne, 79 Jensen, DeLamar, 86 lensen, Don C., 65 Jensen, Mary 13., 8121 Jensen, Vern H., 37 Ieppson, Ernest C., 71 Iex, Lorin, 56 Iohansen, Franz. 58 Iohnson, Lynn E., 37 lanes, Carl D., 37 lanes, 1'. Rlchard, 60 Ionsson, Jens L, 76,286 Iorgensen, Clive D., 41 Iorgensen, Eleanor, 52 K Kartchner, John 2., 65 Keeler, I. 1., 58 Kelling, Hans, 65 Klmball, C, Rodney, BO Kimball, Spencer W., 31 King, Alma W., 37 Kingsolver, Carol, 70 Knecht, William P., 34 Knowles, Elmer, 53 L LaPray. Anthony, 49 Larsen, Don H., 41 Larsen, Jean M., 53 Larsen, Kenneth M., 74 Larsen, Vernon W., 86 Larson, Clinton F., 65 Larson, Gustjve 0., 82 Lauritzen, Kenneth 11., 37 Lawlor, Lawrence D., 83 Lawrence, Morr1s, 41 Lawrence, James H., 37 Laws, Duane M., 53 Laws, W. Derby, 41 Laycock, Harold R., 513 Lee, Evelyn M., 33 Lee, Harold W., 65 Lee, Harold 13., 31 Lee, Tsai-feng, 65 Lewis, Ben H., 35 Lewis, Stella, 53 Lewis, Wayne, 135 Liechty, Elizabeth Louise, 53 Lindley, Earl L., 50,189 Lloyd, Wesley P., 88 Long, Lester 13., EB Longwell, Ruben, 74 Losee, Ferdl, 286 Low, Gordon M., 58 Lowell, John, 225 Luch, Warren, 58 Luckau, Paul F., 65 Ludlow, Daniel H., 83 Lysenko, Peter, 65 M Mabey, Melvin P,, 85 MacKay, Ruth, 65 MacKay, Thomas, 65 Madsen, Harold, 65 Madsen, Truman G., 83 Magleby, Francis R., 58 Maness, L.1., 74,272 Mangum, Iohn H., 74 Matheny, Ray, 86 Matheson, loan, 53 Mathews, Conan 13., 55 McAllister, LeRay, 4S McArthur, Ross, 1., 68 McKay, David 0., 29,158 McKay, Mrs. David 0., 158 McKeller, Glen, 65 McKendrick, John, 65 McKmnon, Max, ea McKinley, Lynn, 58 McKnight, Kent H., 41 McMurdie, Maugham W., 58,245 McNamara, D. Harold, 74 Me1bos, Richard L, 74 Melville, 1. Keith, 86 Merritt, LaVere 8., 74 Meservy, Keith H., 83 Marten, Charles L., 58 Michaelis, Blame, ED Midgley, Louis, 86 Mikkelson, Seymour, 41 Miles, Gail P., 74 Miller, Elva K., 49 Miller, Martin,L., 7 Millet, Floyd, 80 Millett, Marion T., 86 Mitchell, Albert 0., 58 Mltchell, Olive, 282 Moe, Rudy, 80 Mofflt, I. C., 50 Moffitt, I. Weldon, 86 Monson, Darrel 1., 37 Monson, Thomas S., 31 Moon, H. Kay, 65 Moore, Glen, 41 Morrell, Edwin 13., BE Merrill, A. Reed, 103 Merrill, Reed,50 Morris. Sadie 0., 53 Morrison, Linnea, 69,70 Moses, Darrell, 37 Moss, 1. Ioel, 53 Murdock, Joseph R., 41 Murphy. Joseph R.,42 Muse, Corey, 50 Myers, Merlin, 86 N Naeqle, Keith L., 68,297 Naylor, Clyde, 74 Naylor, Jay, 80 1 Nelson, Dale L., 37 Nelson, Donald T., 103 Nelson, Glen T., 45 Nelson, K. LeRoi, 75 Nelson, Orval L., 37 Nicholas, Henry 1., 80 Nickell, Afton, 75,272 Nlelsen, Lama, 65 Nielsen, Norman L., 80 Nielsen, O. Wendle, 37 Nielsen, Swen C., 37, Nielsen, Howard C., 75 Nilsen, Carol, 80 le, Kenneth L, 75,272 Nordgn'en, Quentin R., 58 Norton, Judith, 7o 0 Cakes, Keith R., 37,50 Oaks, Carol, 65 Oaks, Clinton L., 45 Oliphant, Robert, 80 Olpln, J. Lloy'd, 75 Olson, Emest L., 313 Openshaw, Beth, 70 01121, John 15., 50 Orton, Bryce 8., 45 Orr, I. Bevan, 75 Ovard, Glen, 50 P Packer, Boyd K., 31 Packer, Thane, 80 Palmer, Carolyn, 70 Palmer, Glen, 45 Pardoe, T. Earl, 103 Parker, Karen, 65 Parsons, Robert E., 85 Patch, Robert C., 53 Paul, Edward, 75 Payne, John W., 87 Pearce, Wayne, 45,80 Pearson, Glenn L., 83 Pearson, Richard, 75,272 Pedersen, Darhl M., 87 Petersen, Betty 1., 45 Petersen. Mark H., 31 Petersen, Melvin 1., 83 Peterson, C. R., 1Nea11, 3B Peterson, Evan T., 87 Peterson, H. D0111, 83 Petr, Boyd G., 68 Phillips, W. Revell, 75 Plusquellic. Nancy Iean, 70 Pollei, Paul, 58 Polson, I. Perry, 46 Poole, Don. 356 Pope, 131111.. 75 Potter, Norma, 70 Poulson Ianniev, 53 Poulson, Virgima, 53 Puckett, Eldon, 50 Puqmire, Lynn, 136 Rasmussen, Ellis T., 83 Ream, Susan, 65 Reader, Jess W., 87 Reader, Martin 6., 75,272 Reichmann, Lalauna, 70 ReimschuseI, Bf . .42 Rencher, Alvin C., 75 Rich, Owen, 58 Rich, Russell R., 83 Richards, Dale, 75 Richards, LeGrand, 31 Richards, I. Moms, 38,59,103 Richardson, Jed, 59 Ricks, Eldln, 83 Riddle, Chauncey, 83 Rigby, 1. Keith, 75 Robinson, Donald, 75 Roblson, Clarence F., 223 Rockwood, C. LaVar, 38 Rogers, Terry D., 38 Rogers, R. Max, 65 Rollins, Boyd, 53 Rollins, Ralph L., 75 Romney, Marlon C., 31 Ramney, Antone 14., 47 Rosen, Harold, 65 Roundy, Elmo, BO Rowberry, C. Ioseph, 38 S Salazar, Richard, 80 Sampson, 3111, 38 Sanderson, Ivan L., 38 Sandqren, Clyde D., 33 Sauls, Kiefer 13., 38 Schmidt, Alice, 70 Schneider, Michael, 294 Schuthess, David A., 38 Schwendiman, Fred A., 38 Sessions, Sterling D., 46 Sharp, Paul. 75,272 Shreeve, Lyman S., 65 Shumway, R. Phil, 42 Siddoway, Wllliam R., 35 Simmons, Elbert R., 42 Simonsen, John M., 75,244 Skousen, Karl, 46, 297 Slade, 1. Keith, 65 Slover. Robert H., 87 Smith, Harold T., 46 Smith, Joseph Flelding, 30 Smith, Kay H., 87 Smith, Marlon, 65 Smith. Murray. 65 Smith, Oliver, 59 Smith, Ralph 13., 38,50 Smith, Roben1., 46,297 Smith, Wilford 2., B7 Snell, Willlam H., 68 Snow, Ne11, 135 Snow, Richard, 75 Spencer, G, Albert. 68 Spencer, Lucile, 38 Sperry, SSdney H., 83 Stapley, Delbert L., 31 Startin, Wayne, 80, 189 Stevenson, Helen T., 70 Stimpson, Dave, 37 Stocks, Dayna L. , 42 Stmthers, Robert, 59 Stubbs, Darrel, 59 Stutz, Howard C. , 42 Sucher, Floyd, 50 Swanson, Albert D., 75 Swensen, Russel 13., 57 Symons. Joseph N., B7 Takasakl, Fred Y., 59 Tall, Julia K., 46 Tanner, N. Eldon, 30 Tanner, Trent, 135 Tanner, Vasco, 42 Tanner, Wilmer, 42 Tarbox, Norman, 59 Taylor, Barbara, 53 Taylor, Dale H., 46,297 Taylor, Floyd, 38 Taylor. Weldon 1.,43 Terry, Elvis 3., 59 Thomas, Robert K., 38 Thompson, Janie, 38 Thompson, Lowell, 38 Tietzen, Gaxy. 75 Tippetts, Frank, 75 Talley, Linda Belle, 70 Trent, Dennis W., 42 Tucker, Karl L., 80, 215 Tuckett, Glen C., 80 Tufts, Gwen, 70 Turner, LaVeIl, 53 Turner, Rodney, B3 'DJttle, Elliott, 87 Turtle, A. Theodore, 31 Tyler, Lyman, 38 Tyndall, Clarence, 50 Tyndall, Ottella, 53 U U1be1. Howard.80 Ulrich. Richard D. .75 V Valenune. Gay.53 Van Cott. 101111.40 Vandenberg, Iohn,31 Vanileet. Howard,75 Van Orman. Welburn.103 W Wadham. Rex.50 Wakefield, I. Homer.59 Waner. Rudger.39 Wallace. Lu.ED Wallentine. Max,42 Ward, David. 286 Warner. Ted I. .87 Warren. Bruce.87 Watlers, Ray.80 Watts. Paul J..286 Watts, Stanley, Weaver, Max D. .59 Weaver. 12055.59 Weeks, Emlly.103 Weinzinqer. Kurt.59 West. Farrln.295 Wheeler,Caro1,7D Whetten, Lester.61 Whitaker. Wetzel 0.,38 Wh1tman. Charles.59 Whitton. Lesl1e.42 Wilkins. B-nest I. .38 Wilkinson, Ernest L..32,36.151.l44 Williams. Carwm.87 W1111ams. T.M. .38 Wilson. Caryll.38 Wilson. Marguerite.50 Wilson, Warren.59 W1rth11n. Ric1'1ard.46 Witbeck, Alan,207 Wood. Stephen.42 Woodbury. Lael.59 Woodbury, Richard.286 Woodward. Ralph.246.247 Woolf. Golden.50 Workman. Sterling.38 Worsley. K1ea.38 Wynder, Curt15,38,103 Y Yarn, David H., Ir..83 Yerg. Renee.80 Young, Hazel.50 499 STUDENT INDEX A AAGARD ANNA B AAGARD anooxs auRnELL ALGARD KIM uELEY 362 AAGARD MARY ANDREA 362 284 AAGARD s FLORENCE a AARDEMA RICHARD JOHN AARNOS JOUNI SAMULI AARON GERALD TINGEV AARON JOHN hENDEL AEAJIAN KATHRYN Jo H2, 362, 288,300 440 ABBOTT ANNE 362 AEBO17 BARBARA LouIsE422 AEEOTV CAROL SUSAN 422 ABBOTT DAVID GARTN 400 Aeaorr JANNINE sue 352 ABBOIT RICHARD wEaa Aauovr SHELDON LERov AEEOYY SHIREE Asuovr YHOMAS EDIIN Aaeoxr THOMAS MAURICE AEBOUD GEORGE EDWARD ABE vosulxo AHEGGLEN JOAN 490 ABEGGLEN JOSEPH H 350 ADEITA VIVIAN ANN ABEL EILEEN many ABEL KAREN GENE 440 ABIA SAM u AENEY n EARL 362 ABPLANALP SANDRA KAY ABRAHAMSON JEANNXNE z AERAYH PAUL LINCOLN ACHESON RONALD c ACKER LINDA DALE ACKER RUYH PAULINE ACKERMAN KATKLEEN M Acxsnsou JOHN F Acono nsxo HENRY ACOSTA RUTH VIVIAN Acrou ROSANNE MARIE ADAIR ANIETA GAYLE ADAXR DOUGLAS x ADAIR MICHAEL DAVID ADAM JUDITH ANN ADAMS AHULIA AR51A ADAMS ALICIA ADAMS BARRY c ADAMS Bovo NADSEN ADAMS CAMERON IALKER ADAMS CAROLYN JUNE ADAMS CHARLOYYE ADAMS CHERIE JEAN ADAMS CHERYL LYNN ADAMS CONNIE ADAHS uAvln FlELDlNG AcAMs DAVID JAMES ADAMS DAVID MICHAEL ADAMS DIANNE LuchLE 422 ADAMS EFFXE n ADAMS HELEN CAROL ADAMS JAMES PAUL 400 ADAMS JEFFREV KIMBALL ADAMS JESSE LORAINE ADAMS JOHN ARTHUR ADAHS JOHN HORVT ADAMS JUDITN KAVE ADAMS MARC DELOS ADAMS MARSHA LYNNE ADAMS NANCY LEE ADAMS NOLAN DDUGLAS ADAMS PAUL NELDON ADAMS PEGGY RUYH ADAMS RANDALL A ADAMS RAYMOND c ADAMS RHEA nurH ADAMS nanRY xSAAc ADAMS ROLVNE RAE ADAMS SARA JANE ADAMS snlaLEV JEAN ADAMS STEPHEN LYNN ADAMS VHOMAS MILES ADAMS vchx RDNEEN ADAMS ulLLIAM MILO ADAMS HVAYY MARSHALL ADAMSON ALLEN GRANT ADAMSON DALILA JEAN ADAMSON JANET ANNE ADAMSON JAv ARYHUR ADAMSON ORVILLE BRUCE 422 ADAMSUN PHILLIP n ADERS LORNA LEE ADKINS NELEN SUE ADLER DAVID CHARLES AFAGHI ARAGHI EHSANOL AFAGHIARAGHI E AFUSD JANE CHIYOMI AGEE KENNEIH LESLIE AGLER DENNIS LEE AGUXAR KELLY D AGUIRRE noaznv NELSON AHERN ELLEN JEAN AHLANDER DAVID BHOIN AHLANDER JAMES F AHLEORN ERNEST s AHLBORN MARGAREI L AHLBORN noasnv c AHLS'EDY JOSEPHINE L AnLSYROM JEFFREY E AHLSYROM JOSEPH JAMES AHLSYRDM LYNNE a AHLSYROM MIRIAM LEE AHLs1nou MICHAEL L AHLSTnon PAUL w JH AHN SEUNG UN AHRENS GLENN DAVID AIDUKAITIS JULIE v AKDUKAXYIS NELSON c AIKEN CHERVL LEE AIMAN LINDA GAIL AINGE JANE A1NGE KENNEYH EDIARD AxuSAoAuzsuEs SERGE H 298, 362 AIRD JOHN HAROLD II 313 AXRTH EDIARD LEIIS AIRV PATRICIA ANNE AIYKCN RAY EUGENE AJAX suan AKANIMANEE 50MBUL AKHAVAN ABDDLNOSSEIN AKIN Roasnr ALAN AKPAUIO MAODU ADAMS AKRE Juuv KAY ALAND KEN? MERREL ALAND RICHARD SMITH ALuAcn ALLEN ARYHUR ALBISIDN COLLEEN KAYE ALBRECHV DAVID SYUART ALBRECHY JOHN HouAnD 400 422 400 245 245 440 247,362 234. 306 362 400 362 422 362 SM 422 422 362 400 500 ALBRECHT STAN LERov ALERECHT HILLIAM s ALBRECHTSEN SUSAN M ALBRFYHSEN ANTHONV R ALanETHsEN HACK G ALBRETSEN JACK VERNON ALERIGHT SHARON JovcE ALDER ARLO MAX ALDER BRhNY COLEMAN ALDER CRAIG EUGENE ALDEN FRANCIS c ALDER JEFFREY MARION ALDER JOANN ALoER JULIA ANN ALDER LINDA ALDER SUSAN JANICE ALDous JANET E ALDRED DAVID ALDRIDGE DANIEL T JR ALEMAN DANIEL ROSS ALEXANDER CHARLES E ALEXANDER JACK EARL ALEXANDER MARILVN J ALEXANDER MARY DAuN ALEXANDER ROBERT H ALEXANDER VICKI ALGLn KEITH DERAY ALLAN DENNIS K ALLAN GLENEEN ALLAN KAYHLtEN ALLAN NORMA ALLDREDGE ANTOINE DUN ALLDREDGE DAVID LEROY ALLDREDGE DONALD EMER ALLDREDGE MARY ALLDREDGE quoa M JR ALLDRIDGE RANDV c ALLEMAN DAVID P ALLEMAN DUANE ALLEHAN NARDLD ALLEMAN JANICE MAE ALLEMAN JEANEVTE N ALLEN ALICE IRENE ALLEN ANxcE RAE ALLEN ANNE ASENAIH ALLEN CHARLES RAY ALLEN CHERYL LEONA ALLEN CLAIR L ALLEN COLLEEN ALLEN CORAL VOUNG ALLEN CRAXG MARSHALL ALLEN DAN HILLIAM ALLEN DAVID HALTER ALLEN DAVID IXLLIAM ALLEN DELL K ALLEN DIANA LVNNETT ALLEN DON ROBERY ALLEN DONALD CLAIR ALLEN DONNA CHRISYINE ALLEN DHIGHY DREH ALLEN EDNARD JOHN B ALLEN ELIZABETH ALLEN GARV BVRUM ALLEN GAnv ROSS ALLEN GERALDINE ALLEN GRACE JEAN ALLEN GRADV YHONAS ALLEN HAL J ALLEN HELEN JUAN ALLEN JAMES A ALLEN JAMES VINCENT ALLEN JANICE M ALLEN JAV SHELLEV ALLEN JEFFREY LOUIS ALLEN JERRY BALLARD ALLEN JOHN LAIRENCE ALLEN JOHN MICHAEL ALLEN JULIA PENELOPE ALLEN KAREN xuuLE ALLEN KATHRYN ALLEN KATHRYN MILDRED ALLEN KATHY KAY ALLEN KENNETH REED ALLEN LARK M ALLEN LAuRENCE MARVIN ALLEN LINDA CECIL ALLEN LINDA LAVERNE ALLEN MAE BELLE ALLEN MARClA ALLEN MARCIA MERLVN ALLEN MARSHALL TODD ALLEN MARVIN LYNN ALLEN MAx CLEVE ALLEN ORIS FoNz ALLEN PHILLIP TERRY ALLEN REX oRxN ALLtN RICK GORDON ALLEN RohEnl FRANKLIN ALLEN ROBERT chRcL ALLEN ROBERY JERRV ALLEN nquRt HAVHAN ALLEN RUBLN wAvNE ALLEN RODNLV LLONEL ALLhN RDNALD DLAN ALLEN ROSALIND GAlL ALLEN SANDRA ECKLEV ALLEN SANDRA SNlDFN ALLLN STANLEV BERRY N IHOMAS ARTHUR ALLEN tnouns RUBEN ALLEN VICKI BALL ALLEN uILLIAM A R ALLENBACH MANY ELLtN ALLEV CAROL ALLEY MICHAEL LEuls ALLEY 5YEPH:N uhBB ALLGAIFR uAVNE ALLGOOD H uuucE ALLIGDOD KENNEIH n ALLIGOOD MAxst DONNA ALLIGODD NANCY a ALLIGUOD HILLIAM L ALLIN uuu IHoMAS ALLISON JOHN DAVID ALLISON RONALD .EE ALLMAN STAN CRAIG ALLMEND1NGLR KAREN A ALLMENDINGFH SUSAN ALLMON HILLIAH c JR ALLPHIN DAVID J ALLPHIN MARILYN ALLPNIN RDUERT Louis ALLPHIN SHARON LEE ALLRED ulLL MARK ALann HRADLtV JAMES ALLRED CAROL ALLRED CECIL KEIYH ALLRED cuRv uEuDELL ALLRED CRAIG Ksnuv ALLRED HARVEL PAUL ALLQED DAVID DEAN ALLRED DEANNE 362 362 400 285, 422 197 1122 440 362 ,324 400 440 400 400 400 252 400 320 250,251 303 305,314,340 286 422 400 362 400 362 246,248,440 422 362 362 422 194 440 350 320 400 362 422 400 298,422 296,422 400 291,318,440 231,312,362 422 ALLRED ALLnen ALLRED ALLRED ALLnED ALLRED ALLneo ALLRED ALLRED ALLRED ALLRtD ALLRED ALLRED ALLRED ALLRED ALLRED ALLnED ALLPED ALLaLD ALLRED ALLRED ALLRED ALLSOP ALMOND DONALD BRUCE ALFERY JOSEPH LEROY ALSOP DON RODNEV ALSTRDM JOHN xxasv ALTMAN BONNIE GAVLE ALVAREZ ALICIA ESVELA ALVAREZ JUANIYA ALICE 362 DIANA DONNA DEE EDHIN TAYLOR GARYH u GARY oRAmv JEFFRV ALMA JOHN M JUDY ANN KRISYINE MCKELL n MhLVA Lia MERLIN JosEPH NORMAN LANE ORVILLE CLYDE FATRICIA JEAN PAISV JtAN NAUVD LYNN NEB:CCA suE G ROGER 1VAN HusE CAMILLE RULON BRENY LELVA AHLENE LYNNE 121,290,421 301,422 440 252,352 244 298.318 362 422 440 225,320,440 ALVAnez MARGUERIVE A 362 ALVEY DEANNA MAHIE 352 anaenn wILLlAM F AMBLER LYNN AMERIDGE LAURIE DAIN 440 AMIROEBRAHIHI F AMNHIEN RICHARD JAMESEGZ AMUNDSEN GAYLE AMUNDSEN ROSALIND c ANALLA LILLIAN FAV ANDELIN LANE BEnRv ANDERSEN ADELL MARIE ANDERSEN ARSEN KAV ANDERSEN BONNIE JEAN ANDERSEN CAYHY ANN ANDERSEN DALE EDIXN ANDERSEN DARIAN anucElZO ANDERSEN DARLA RAE ANDEHSEN ELSIE VENNA ANDERSEN GARV nvnu ANDERSEN HANS v JR ANDERSEN HOWARD LEE ANDERSEN JAMES IALTON ANDERSEN JEANNXNE 362 ANDERSEN KAREN LEE 376,400 ANDERSEN KHISIENE 400 ANDERSEN LAURIE ANDERSEN MAnGARer J ANDERSEN MARLO RAY ANDERSEN NEVIN NORMAN 229,297,322 ANDEHSEN NIELS ROGER ANDERSEN PATRICIA D ANDERSEN RANDAL HAL ANDERSEN SHIRLEV novt ANDERSEN soaeu ANDERSEN SUSAN MARKE ANDERSEN TODD GILBERT ANDERSEN VERTlS n ANDERSEN IVDONNA a ANDERSON ALAN DOUGLAS ANDERSON ALAN STEPHEN ANDERSON ALICE E ANDERSON ALLEN R ANDERSON ARTHUR 0 JR Annensou BECKY LEE ANDERSON BEVERLY ANN ANDERSON BONNIE FAE 245 ANDERSON BRADLEY a 246,252 ANDERSON sauce I Anusasou BRYANT F ANDERSON CANDICE MARV ANDERSON CARLEVON u ANDERSON CAROL ANDERSON CAROL ANDERSON CAROLVN J ANDERSON CHARLES E ANDERSON CHERYL ANDERSON CHRXSTINA L ANDERSON CHRISYINE R ANDERSON CLAIR BAHTDN 280 ANDERSON COLEITE ANDERSON DALENE ANDERSON DANA ELVON ANDERSON DARLENE JOY ANDERSON DARRELL n ANDERSON DAVID JOSEPH 400 ANDERSON DAVID R 422 ANDERSON DEAN RAY ANDERSON DIANA ANDERSON DIANE LYNN ANDERSON DXANNE s ANDERSON DONALD RAY ANDERSON DDROYHY ANDERSON DOUGLAS c ANDERSON u-AxNE u ANDERSON EDITH EILEEN ANDERSON Enwaao c ANDERSON ELAINE ANDERSON ELIZAaEtH A ANDERSON EUNICE uxANE ANDERSON EVAN L JR ANDERSON EVERETT E ANDERSON FAVE ANDERSON s CAROLE ANDERSDN GALE RAY ANDERSON GAEV CALL ANDERSON GARV LEE ANDERSON GEORGE c ANDERSON GERALD Louzs ANDERSON GERARD HENnvaez ANDERSON HAROLD HARRY ANDERSON HELEN L ANDERSON HOIARD c ANDERSON JAMES CLYDE ANDERSON JAMES DAVID ANDERSON JAMES FRANK ANDERSON JAMES G ANDERSON JAnEs MCKAY ANDERSON JAMES u ANDERSON JANEY ANDERSON JEAN ANDERSON JEANNE E ANDENSDN JESSIE ANDERSON JOHN DAVID ANDERSON JOHN LEE ANDERSON JOHN MONROE ANDERSON JOHN o ANDERSON JOHN STEPHEN ANDERSON Jubv LVNN 5NDEnsuN JULIA MARIE ANDERSON JuLxE ANN s ANDERSON JULIE D 340 ANDERSON JUNE c 440 ANDERSON KAREN 362 ANDERSON KARMA 400 ANDERSON KAYHLEEN 352 ANDERSON KAYHLEEN 00 205,422 428,400 400 245,400 362 440 362 400 362 400,144 307 276,362 362 440 336,362 257,297 422 362 400 440 ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON LANA Lovlcv ANDERSON LANE KENT ANDERSDN LARAXNE ANDERSON LARRY DEAL ANDERSON LARRY ERNEST ANDERSON LARRY JAMES ANDERSON LARRV KENY ANDERSON LEE GRANY ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERTON ANDERYON ELAXNE ANDERTON TOM J ANDJELKDVIC DRAGAN ANDREAS ARLENE s ANDREASEN ANITA ANDREASEN DONNA ANDREASEN HILLIAM Rov ANDREASON BARRY ANDREASUN IRENE ANDREJCIK DEBRA ANDRESEN STEPHEN w ANDRESS LXNDA c ANDREI ANNA MARIE ANDREI DIANA JANE ANDREV Juov ANN ANDREW RODNEY Hownno ANDREIS COLLEEN ANDREIS DOUGLAS AIKEN ANDREIS GAIL LOREYTA ANDREHS JGNN SVANLEY ANDREHS KAREN RENEL ANDREWS NICHOLAS w ANDREIS REECE DEXTER ANOREIS SYANLEV JAY ANDREIS TERRY ANDREub VEHNALVNN ANDROS ROBERT RALDN ANDRUS ALEC VEIGH ANDRUS CALVIN NIELSON ANDnus ILENE ANDRUS JOVCE ZOLA ANDRUS KnlsrlNL K ANDRUS LA RENE ANDHUS LA vow ANDRus LAIANNA E ANORUS LOREN L ANDRUS LURRAlNh ANDnus LOUIS JDMN ANDHUS MARIE E ANDRUS NEIYON u ANDRUs RICHARD RAY ANDaus ROBERT GARY ANDRUS RDEVN SUE ANDRUS SUZANNE ANDRUS VAUhHN A ANGE COLON KELLV ANGELL GARY s ANGELL GERALD IlLLlAM ANHDER JANcL ANHDER ?Ruuv GRACE ANSELMO SANDRA LEE ANSLOI RALPd JUNN JR ANTNDNV EDIIN DELL ANYMONV GEORGE E ANYHONY RICHARD D ANVNONY SNARON ALLYN ANYONE MlCHAtL SIMEON ANYRDBUS JAMES R AFFFEL KATKLEEN c ApuAn JDNN SAMUEL APGAH JR JOHN FRIYYS KENNETH I KENTON C KURT D L015 MAE LOREN F LOWELL KAY LUANNE LVNEYTE LYNN JOHN M CHERRY MARALEE J MARC ALFRED MARCIA MARETTA HUNT MARGO MARILYN MARILYN KAV MARK BRVAN MARK LEE MARY BERNICE MARY c MELEA SCOTT MICNAEL LEE MICHAEL s MICHIEL H MYRDN G NANCY NANCY LOUISE NEwELL s PATRICIA PAUL ANTHON PAUL H PAUL MCKAY PERRY HAVNE pErER L PNILIP D DNXLXP RAY PHILLlp DALE PHILLIP K PHYLLIS R CLAIR RALPH TESCH RAVMDND E RAYMOND GULL REBECCA ANN RENE H JR RENEE REVA JANILE REX HUND RICHARD 5 ROBERT KEN! ROBERY I RODGEH LEROY RODNEY KEITH ROY M JR SARAH SUE SCOTY K SHAROL FAVE SHARON LYNNE SHARRON LEE SHAUNA c STEVEN ALVIN STEVEN F SYEVEN JAY STEVEN LEE STEVEN R SUSAN NARV rAMARA L YAMMARA LEE TED c THAYLE K rHOMAs R VERLENE HILLXAM D HILLXAM E CARL NED 294,295 422 297 312 320 350.440 LEON RICHAR0310,422 362 422 422 252,400 MARION DEAN 400 362 362 362 400 362 362 357,422 362 440 440 362 400 231,312,362 362 326 362 422 362 362 362 120,440 362 252 440 312 3E2 440 362 312 320 441 30F 400 303,411 400 302 422 320 APGDOD MARGAREI APPLEBV KANDRA KAREN APpLEGAIe MICHAEL J APPLEGAIE SUSAN K ARANDA MARIO JAIME ARAVE coNNIL RAE 362 ARDUCKLE ANN ARCHBOLD PATRICIA J ARCHIBALD UHENY DAVID ARCHIHALD onvxu aLAKx ARCHIHALD non GARY ARCHIBALD DONALD J ARCNIBALD LVNN ARCHIBALD nov neunsz ARCULANIUS wILLxAM H ARLVLE ERMA JEANNE 3 ARuYLE JDShPH CRAIG ARGVLE Juulvn ELAINE AHGVLE REED L nnnvwos JONN PHILLIP ARM IALYER ARMITSYEAD LYNN LLOYD nnnsxnouo aaeut n ARMSYRUNG uauc: VENN Annsrnoua DANNXE KAV ARMSTRONG JAMES c JR AnnsrRuNc JIM n ARMSTRONG KAYHKYN R Annurnuuc LEONARD J ARMSYRONG NADEAN ARNELL LDNHV DhLLOVD ARNELL waLIAM nuuce ARNETT CLIFFORD m ARNFYY KENT ARNOLD ARNETY MARVIN REX ARNETT RONALD CMESTER ARNOLD CAROLE LYNN ARNOLD CHERYL GAY ARNOLD cnlsvv LEu ARNOLD DIANE ARNOLD DUANE uvnon ARNOLD ELIZABEIH "Av ARNOLD KATHLEEN ARNOLD KIRK JAY ARNOLD KRISYINE E ARNOLD MARY ARNOLD NANTHA LOUISE ARNOLD PHILLIP REV ARNOLD RICHARD READ ARNOLD THOMAS MICHAEL ARNOLDSEN BETTY LYNN ARP LILLIANN 252,308 ARRXNGYON cAMMON Inav 441 AEROVSMITH DONALD s Annousnxrn JAMES A AR1nuR EVAN cnonSIEn ARTnun KAREN JEAN ARYINE KATHRVN ASAV CHERVL FAY ASAY CLARK ASAY ELLIS DOYLE ASAY GARV JAY ASAY JUDY ANN 254.251 ASAY JULIE 400 ASAV KA'NLEEN 4111 ASAV LAVERNE KERLlNE ASAV LINDA Lou ASAV LYNN J ASAy PHYLLIS ASAY axanRn CLYDE ASAY STEPHEN RICHESON ASH ANNA LAOUATA ASH EDIIN DOUGLAS ASH KAYLEN IILLIAM ASHBV anuce uxsnop Aser DAVID LON ASHBY ERIN KAY ASMBY GERALDINE ALIA ASHBY HARLAN conwAv ASHBY J ROLAND ASHBY MARGARET LUCILE AsHav MARSHA JEANEYTE ASHBY NADXNE I ASHBY RONALD RALPH ASHBY SHIRLEV LEE assay susnm RAE ASHBY IILLKAM CARD ASHCRAF' non MELVIN ASHCRAFT hANDA FAY ASHCROFT DELEERT DEAN ASHDOVN MARY ILENE ASHDOhN ROBERT ELLIS ASNER REULON FLOYD ASHFORD Josgrxa e ASHMAN ALAN KENY ASHMAN MARV KAYHRVN ASHRAF MUHAMMAD ASNTON ANNA S ASHYON CLVDE LEIIS ASH'DN DAVID EARL ASHYON DENIS J ASHVON DONALD LESTER 353 ASNTON JANE! 323 AsuraN KARL MXLYON ASHTON MARLOHE KEN! ASHYON PATRICIA n ASHTON wENuv CORAL ASHwonTH DAVID EDOYH ASHIORYH MICHAEL HAY ASPLUND MARY KFISTINE ASVIN CAROLYN LUCY AsrxN SYEPHEN a ASTLE DAVID WARREN ASTLE DXANNE GALE AsrLE RICHARD MAVHEI ASTLEV ELIZABEYH ANN AYCHISON sulnLEv RUYH ATNAV HABEL s ATHAV mounts a AYHAY RUSSELL JAV AVHERYON JAMIE sue ATKERSON CYNTHIA ANNE AYKIN CLARA JO AYKIN JEFFERV n AYKIN RICHARD YHDMAS ATKINS MICHAEL JOHN AYKINS nanRr J JR AYKINS YMOMAS HENRY ATKINSON ALVlN JAY AYKINSON cunrxs o ATKINSON DAVID EARL AYKINSDN DONALD - AYKINSON DUANE FARR AYKINSON GLORIA ANN AYKINSDN KEIrH J AYKINSON KENNETH N AYKINSDN LONNXE RAE ATKINSON MAX A AYKINSON nurn 422 AYKINSON SHAUNA LEE ATKINSON vvonns ATOR aovce ALAN ATYERTDN BRUCE VANCE ATYRIDGE ROBERY J ATYIOOLL vILLIAu J AVIDOD BONNA sue ATIDOD CLOVD Faesron 252,295,3L2 194 271,273 H4 400 422 362 422 422 400 422 422 422 363 353 326 110,441,490 286 400 213,494 422 314 252,3F3 301.422 3t3 400 198 494 3E3 305,441 41 AYIDOD DENNIS ARCHER AYIOOD MARIE ATIOOD MERVKN DEHAKN AYIDDD ROBERT L ATUOOD ROBERY IILLIAM ATHOOD SYEVEN RICHAQD ATHOOD SUSAN 5 AU JUDY HA! CHUN AUGADE ALBERT CHARLES AUGER HARY AUGER THOMAS C JR AUGUSTUS DENNIS LEON AUGUSYUS EHNESY V AUSMAN FRANK CHARLES AUSSERESSES ROBVN C AUST TNOMAS EDIARD 422 363 310,422 202,422 441 AUSTXLL ELLIS EARL AUSYIN CLAIRE Austh DORIS HAY AUSYIN EDHIN unxcur AUSYIN ELOISE CAROL AUSTIN LAnav BLAINE AUSTIN LINDA LEA AUSTIN LINDA LEE Ausva MARV AUSTIN NVLA MARIE AUSTIN ROGER L AUSTIN SHAXRVL VELNA AUSYIN STEVEN REES AUSTIN SUSANNE MARIE AUSTIN IHAIRVL Aauus AUSTIN VAUGHAN M AUTENTICO RANDOLPH a AUYH RONALD DENNIS AVERETT aENNV RAY AVERETT GERALDINE R 400 AVEREYT KEITH DOUGLAsseB AvEREtt REX NIELSON AVERY DAVID FRANKLIN AVERY GARV JUNE AvERv JAMES HARRISON AVERY JOHN LEGRANDE AVERY MARY JovcE AVERV TIMOYHV MARKER AVA! rnEouan KAKELA AVALA HENRY AYERS LEONARD IAVNE AYLEN CAROLYN lvv AVLING LINDA DIANE AVRES CAROL ANN AVRES MAnGAREY ANN AVRTON DAVID EARL AZADEGAN ESFANDIAR AZELTINE BARBARA o AZEVEDD RICHARD A B BABE GORDON REX BABE THOMAS 111 EABHEL BECKY KAY BAEEEL BERNALIN BASBEL BONNIE JUNE BABBEL GARETH Rov EAEaEL GENE llLLIAM BABES SHERRV LYNN EABCOCK CAROL ELINOR BABCOCK JANE CARLSON BABCOCK KAREN EABCDCK KENNETH LYNN EAHCOCK MARY ANNA BABCOCK MELODY SUE BABCOCK OREL BRANCH BABCOCK WARREN EUGENE EACHER KENNETH BRUCE EACHER RONALD MELVIN BACNMAN BETINA LOU BACHMAN DANEL iAVNE BACHMAN PATRICIA MAE BACKLUND CONNIE BACKLUND LINDA JEAN BACKMAN BRVAN BINGHAM BACKUS ANITA LDUXSE BACKUS cv DELANO BACON BETTE BACON GARDNER MELVIN BACON ROLLAND SCDYY BACON IILLIAM HESLEV BADGER CHARLES EDIARD 441 BADGER DON JOSEPH BADGER KATHRYN JAYNE BADGER NANCY JEAN BADGER RICHARD SNOW BADNIN ANNA CORENE BAE UNG HEUN EAER BONNIE KATHRYN EAER STEPHEN CHARLES BAGHANEM ALI MOHAMED EAGLEY BARBARA EAGLEY ERROL CALL BAGLEY GAQY WAYNE BAGLEV GRANT A BAGLEV IELLS LA RON EAGSHAH PATRICIA 1 BAHEN DENNIS GEOHGE BANR ALBERT LEE BAHH LINDA ANN BAHR LYMAN GENE BANR STEPHEN JOSEPH BAKER CAQLA SUE BAILEY ALFRED HILLIAM $A1LEV CAROL BAILEY CARROLL a BAILEY CHRIS HARVEY BAILEY DALE GARDNER BAILEY DANIEL EDHARD BAILEY DAVID PAUL xxl BAILEY DAVID RUSSEL BAILEY DIANA LOUISE BAILEY GEORGE M BAILEV GLADE CHARLES BAILEY JACK SYEPHEN BAILEY Juuv vELov BAILEY KATHLEEN N L BAILEY LINDA RUTH BAILEY MARI VAIN BAILEY MARVIN JAV BAILEY RICHARD DAVID BAILEY HOBERT BENNETT BAILEY RDBERY LEE BAILEY RONALD FiED BAILEY nurH ELLEN BAXLEV SANDRA SIMMS BAILEY STEPHEN GREGG EAILEV THOMAS EDIARD BAILEV HILLIAH DURLIN aAlN RDGER JOHN HAIR JERRV cules HAIR ROBERT LELAND HAIRD BEVERLY JUNE BAXRD BONNIE LEE EAIRD CHRISYINE E BAIRD u IAVNE BAIRD DENNIS RAY BAIRD DDUGLAS FRANK 400 285,289,363 422 246 363 422 400 363 245 352 .441 400 363 353 244,400 363 422 248,422 363 363 116,441 254,263 286,338,441 363 363 400 400 305 274 ELVIA MARIE JANE? LEA JOSEPH ERNESY KAREN JAVE LA VONNE BONNIE LAURA NDREEN MARVELLEN RALPH MICHAEL ROEEFT ABNER JR HUBER! ALLAN ROBERT KAY ROBERT NEFHI aAlan ulLEnno E BAITY NANCV CAROL BAIZ LUIS BAK CASIMIH VICIDR BAKE BLAINE RALPN BAKE LARRV DEAN BAKER aEvEnLv GAV BAKER CALVIN CLAIN BAKER CAROLYN JEAN BAKER CATHERINE GAIL BAKER CHERILVN n BAKER CLAIRE BAKER DAN CURTIS BAKER DAVID LEE BAKER DONALD ALLEN BAKER DONNA SUE BAKER GAIL FRANCXS BAKER GEOFFREV JOHN BAKER GERYRUOE PEAHL BAKER HENRV ARLAND EAKER JAMES RICNARD sAxEn JEANETYE BAKER KATHLEEN BAKER KATHLEEN ERIN BAKER KAYHLENE ANNE BAKER LAURALXE BAKER LEEARL CLAUDE BAKER LONNIE JEAN BAKER LOUISE BAKER MILYON CHARLES BAKER NANCY RAE BAKER PHVLLIS KAVE BAKER NEED 5 BAKER REED unan BAKER ROBERT BAKER YHOHAS CARL BAKER VICTORIA E BAKER llLLIAM RAY EALDERRAMA MARIA n BALonv suAnvn c EALDIIN ALLEN ADAIL EALD'XN ANNA LOUISE BALDIIN BONNIE KAV aALnulN CAROLYN EALDIXN CATHY IRENE EALDIXN CLVDE RAYMOND EALDIIN CONNELL KAY EALDHIN KEITH JAMES EALDIIN MARILYN EALDIIN NIKKI LEE EALDIKN ROLAND A EALES DAN STEPHEN EALFOUR HALLACE R EALHORN CHERVLE BALKCOK OEIEV BRIAN BALL ARTHUR ELcEN BALL DAVID JOSEPH BALL GLORIA NANCY BALL KEXYH ousus aALL LELAND IADE BALL oasou u BALL ROBERT E BALL ROGER E EALLANYINE BARBARA E BALLANYVNE KARIN a EALLANTVNE MARV v EALLANYVNE HERLENE BALLANYYNE snxvau EALLARD BAnaARA EALLARD BRYCE RUSSELL EALLARD CHERYL L BALLARD DALE HENRIOD EALLARD DAVID aALpH EALLARD DEBRA BALLARD DELOS C JR BALLAED DIANN EALLARD DOUGLAS R BALLARD KENY LAVERL EALLARD LINDA JOYCE EALLARD LYNN PAUL BALLARD MARCIA E EALLARD o DUANE BALLARD RanRr NELSON EALLARD $TEVEN ROBERT EALLARD VAL K EALLESTEROS BENJAMIN BALLI FREDERICK KARL EALLXF BONNIE LAURIS BALLIF DONNA NELSON BALLKF JOHN PAUL BALLS LYNEYTE BALLVE IILLIAM C BALMFDRVH ALAN RAY EALMFDRTH DAVID R BALMFORTH SNEILA BALYZ EDHARD GEORGE EALYZER THOMAS ALLAN BANMES BRUCE EDIAHD BAMMES JONN ALDEN EANDLEV TED HOWARD JR BANDLEY THOMAS n BANDV FAULA LYNNE BANFOQD JAMES PHXLLXF BANG JAMES RICHARD BANG LINDA LEE BANGERTER enucE a BANGERTER CORY I EANGEHYER GAIL ANN BANGERYER JERaV LYNN EANGERTER LEE ANN BANGERTER SUEZAN BANGERTER VERN I EANHAM EDWARD HENRY BANKER SUE ELLEN BANKHEAD JOSEPH Lana BANKS EUGENE llLSON BANKS GRACE ALBERTA BANKS LINDA KAY EANKS ROBERY JAMES BANKSYON DOLORES LYNN BANKV RICHARD K EANNISYER KlHBERLEY B EANNISTER LEIGH M BARAINCA JOHN w aanaaro VALERIE a aAnaEN CAROL BARBER BRYANT ROYAL I BARBER CLIFYON EDIARD BARBER DouGLAS LEE BARBER GARY RAY BARBER HOIAND KENNETH BARBER LOWELL COV BAKED BAIRD BAIRD BAIRD BAIRD BAIRD BAIRD BAIRD EAIRD BAIRD BAIRD BAIRD BARBER NORMAN CARL BARBER RICHARD LEIXS BARBER 256.276 363 36,103 422 363 363 441 363 400 363 363 252 441 266,422 400 422 363 363 277 363 117 400 441 363 363 303 441 400 399,400 441 422 363 422 330,422,400 363 363 273,350 350,400 363 400 441 363 291,441 287,400 489 363 400 300 363 310,363 RUSSELL s 295,305,314,441 BARBONE YERESA MARV 361 BARCLAV CAROL EFFIE BARDROF LESLxE GAV BARDSLEV CAROL ANN BARDSLEV STEPHEN J EARELS RONALD RAE BARES DENNIS CARL EARFUSS EMER DEVIRL aARFuss LxNoA ANN BARFUSS MILO MARK aAnFuss ROBERT DALE EARFUSS RUBY ROSE M BARGERON CECIL BRENY BARGERON LAURA BETH EARKDULL JAV HARaxan BAHKDULL JOSEFINA u 244 16 m m .330,440 250,251 BARKER ARYHUR JAY BARKER CARIE MAE BARKER BARKER CAROL ANN CHERYL FAVE BARKER DEE ANNE BARKER BAHKER BARKER BARKER BARKER BAEKER DENNIS NOLAN EDMUND SMIYN EVA REBECCA JANENE JUDV LAUREL ALMA EARKEH LINDA BARKER BARKER BARKER BARKER EARKER BARKER BARKLEY JACKLVN SUSAN LINDA RAE PAUL E RAELDON RAY RICHARD L RICHARD VALERIA BARKSDALE JANICE L BARLEV DARLING BAHLOV EARLOI BARLOI BARLOH BARLOI BARLUH BARLOH HARLOW EARLOH BARLUI HARLOW EARLDI BARLOI EARLDI BARNARD BARNARD BAHNER BARNES BARNES BARNES BARNES BARNES BARNES BARNES BARNES BARNES BARNES BARNES BARNES BARNES BAHNES BARNES BARNES BARNES BARNES BARNETT BARNETT EARNEYY BARNETT BARNETT BARNEV BARNEV EARNEV BARNEY BARNEV BARNEY EARNEV EARNEY BARNEY EARNEY BARNEY BARNEV BARNEV BARNEV BARNEY BARNEV BARNEV EARNEY BARNEV BARNHIL BARNSON BARNUH BARNUN BARNUM BARNUM BARNUH BARNUM BARR su BARRACL BARRAYY BARREYY BARREYY BARRETT BARRETY BARREYY BARRETT EARREYY BARRETY BARRETT BARRETT EARRICK BARRGN BARRON BARRON BARROH EARROH BARROI BARRus BARRUS BARRUS BARHUS EARRUS BARRV D BARRV J BARRY L BARRV a BARSDN GAVLE ANN KAYHLEEN M BONNIE BRENT ALVIN DAVXD HAROLD DENNIS ALVIN EDRIS KAV ELBERT GENE ELLA ISABEL ANN JAMES MAX KAREN KENT J REED NICHOLA RULON JOEL SHARON DAVXD HINST NANCY JO EDIARD LEE ARTHUR P BONNlE DONNA FOWLER HENRY G JULIE ANN KAYHEYN LEE RALPH LINDA FAVE LINDA FAVE MELVIN KARL RALPH YHOHAS ROBERT PAYRI SANDRA LEE 363 361 400 363 LARRY 400 363 441 441 363 322,441 284,442 5 STEFFEN 0N Nb A an L mN N 223,263 300 363 363 CK SUSAN COLLETV TERRY REGINA YRUDY ANN VALERIE ANN VIRGINIA MAY DAVID IAVNE JDHN BRUCE MARV SUSAN MARV THEYIS MARI BLAINE MILTON BONNIE LOU CHARLES L CLAIR DENNIS JOE FERRIL L FRANK GARY AVON GARY 5:011 JANET 256 348 E 400 442 363 LAWRENCE HALL 363 LEE ALVA MACK LEE MC LLDVD MELINDA LEE MILO ARNELL PHIL H RICHARD VIRY VON KIMBALL L uxLLlAM C LINDA JANE ANITA CARL MAX 120,318 ,360 422 310,400 422 442 DERRIL LAVDN JONN CLEAVE LINDA DAVIS ROGER VERL 5AM HARRIET uuGH ROY E JANE 306,399 471 DENNIS HOIARD 103 DoNlEcE IVA JUNE MARGAREY RUTH MARSHA 250,251,401 MICHAEL SCOT? 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ELLEN BENNETT CHRISTIE ANN BENNEYT CLARENCE 6 JR BENNEYT CLIFFORD a EENNEYY DALE RALPH BENNETY DEAN LOYDE BENNETT DOLORES HELEN BENNEYT ERVON RAV BENNETT J van BENNETT JOAN BENNETI JOHN SAMUEL BENNETT LADD T BENNETT LARRY non BENNEYY LYNELL aanzrr MARLENE c BENNETT nAvaN RAV asnnerr HELVVN L BENNETT MVRON DEAN BENNETT NANCY JEAN EENNETY PAUL oousLAs BENNETT FAULETTE BENNETT RAYMOND E BENNETY nxanRo E BENNETT Ronsnr c aENNEYr SANDRA u aznnevr SKELDON JAY BENNETT SUSAN BENNIE RONALD LEE BENNINGHDFF SUSAN c asuuxou sauce CARVER BENNlON DAVID ARTHUR BENNION FRANCINE n BENNlON GIENDOLIN P aENNJON HARDEN REX BENNION KATHERINE ANN 442 BENNXON KENNEYH P EENNION LINDA BENNION PHILLIP J BENNION Rov BILLINGS aeuuxon VERNON RALPH aensou ALVIN x BENSON BETTV aeusaN CHARLOTTE L BENSON DEAN IALL BENSON DUANE BENSON EARL TAFT BENSON GARV LEE BENSON HAZEL IRENE BENSON JOHN ANDEEI BENSON JOHN 1AFT BENSON JUDIYH GALE BENSON JUDITH KAY BENSON LOLA ELAINE a BENSON LOLA JANE BENSON LVNN HUNSAKER BENSON MAX FARRELL BENSON MORRIS ELAYSON BENSON nANDv J BENSON ROBERY RITCHIE BENSON nurn KAYNLEEN BENSON VAUGHN cLAvsoN401 BENSON HALTER F BENILEV AFTON IRENE BENTLEY ELLA F BENTLEV JUDITK 316,401 EENYLEV NARGARET 316,443 BENILEV MARION TAVLOR33$ BENTLEY RICHARD aneurasq BENTLEY RICHARD 5 JR BENTLEY VANCE I BENTLEY IILLIAM I BENYON SHARON SALLY BENION SUSAN BENZLEY BETTV CLAIRE 401 BENlLEY KAREN P BENZLEY SVEVE EovAno 295,305,443 BERG ALGERY IARREN BERG CARL DOUGLAS BERG GISELA MARIA asaa JACK EUGENE BERG JOHN nanny aenc LEONARD RICHARD BERG MARY ANN Avxs BERG NAVNARO JOHN BERG aoaenr GORDON sens SANDRA n BERG SHARON DXANE SERGE GLEN LEE aEncescn ANNEYTE asnaeson DEON BERGEY ELLSIORYH A EEHGMAN PATRICIA N aencoulsr LxunA KAVE BERKEY CHRISTINE RAE BERKEY KENT GARFXELD BERLING BARBARA BETH EERNARDS DENNIS L BERNHARD JOHN GARY Banner! 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BLOUNT CHARLES EDIXN BLUE JACK RICHAED BLUE JEANNETTE MARTIN BLUEHLEKN KENNEYH u BLUMEL JAMES HARYIN BLUMELL IARINA J BLUMELL MELVIN R BLUHER IXLLXAM SIDNEY ELUNCK ELAINE NEIBAUR BLUNCK PEGGY JD BLUNCK RULON DAVID ELUNCK IlLLlAM H ELUTH CHARLES SAMUEL HLUYH LYNDA LEE BDARDuAN uxLLIAM E 30555 SHEILA LOUISE BOEERG JEAN CAROL aoac CAROL DEAN aoao MARTHA EOCKHOLY RICHARD A EODDEKER Hucn SHERMAN aeolLv CAROLVN 245 aoova ELDEN STANLEY BODILY KAREN BoolLv MARILLA A aonlLv NORMAN MARK BODILY RICHARD n anova SHARON ANN BODILY SHARON LYNN BODINE BONNIE JEANNE EODINE MARY JEANNEYTE soonen PAUL MARYIN Bouv NENRIEYTA EDNA BOEHM ELLEN EnNA BDETES JAMES RUSSEL aosrrcnen HANS J BOFFOLV RICHARD LEE EOGDAN CAROLINE L Boccs LYNN auan LAnnv n BOGREN BRYANT LEE 423 EDGUE JUDY MAHIE 313,401 80H! cunvts ALVIN 241 HON! 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anus"! nOSAMAnv BRIGNVON THOMAS BOU 365 120,304,444 ERIGDDE ARNOLD E JR ERIN JOHN SCOYY SRIMHALL DIANE 423 SRIMNALL FRANK EUGENE BRXMHALL GALE J ERIMHAL ERXNHAL ERIHHAL BRIMHAL L GEORGE n L LLOYD R 423 L MARK EUGENE L HARYHA LYNNE BRIMHALL FAUL BRIMHALL SYEFHEN KARL BRXHLEV JUDV ANN BRKMLEY MAOK B BRINDLE JEANETVE K BRINGHURST ALLAN a anxnanuasr DOUGLAS BRINGHURST JOAN 24S aaxncnunsv KENY H BRINGHURSY MICnAEL D BRINK SHERVL LEE ERINK llLLlAM LEONARD BRINKERHOFF ALLAN T 355 aRleEnHOFF DAVID B BHINKERNDFF DOUGLAS BRINKERNOFF HELEN 402 anxutsnnosr JAuES D BRINKERHOFF JAnEs LUE ERINKERHDFF KRISYIN J 355 BRINKEHHDFF LYNETTE 300 BRINKERHOFF nAnle r 355 anlnxsnnosr MARY s 402 BRINKERHOFF FHILXP R 444 BRINKERNDFF RALPH o BRINTON aRleoN ERINTON SRINTON BRINTON BRINYON BRINTON ANN MARIE DAVID B MARILYN MARY JANE NICHAEL FRANK 444 SHARON LENanE 304,445 SUSAN 44S salons: VICYDRIA anlscoE VICKIE uARxE 402 BRISK ALLEN LARRY 445 anlstv MARILYN MAV 445 ERISYOL HOIARD a BRITSCH F MERLENE BRITTINGHAM 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BULLOCK DARRELL K BULLOCK GARY ALLEN BULLOCK HAROLD R BULLOCK KENNETN IAVNE BULLOCK LEE l BULLOCK LYNDA LOUISE BULLOCK MICHAEL S BULLOCK NEIL DEE BULLOCK PHILLIP M BULLOCK RICHARD D BULLOCK ROBERT RAY BULLOCK ROGER HONRI 423 366 445 402 445 366 366 361,445 312 231,366 BULLOCK SYEVEN K 287,336,423 BULLOCK TRACEV ANN BULLOCK VICYOR COLLIN BULLOCK llLLIAI BRENT BULLOUGH FRED EARL auLMER GARY v BUNCE MICHAEL FRED BUNCH THOMAS DAVID BUNDERSDN IILLIAM L BUNDY GLENDON BLAINE BUNGAY RICHARD M BUNKER ANIYA chHELE BUNKER ANN VISNISKKI BUNKER CHARLES LEE BUNKER DAVID S BUNKER GAVLE K BUNKER LAIRENCE VAL BUNKER MONTE VILAYE BUNKER FAULENE BUNKER naaERr E BUNKER ROBERT PALMER BUNKER ROGER MERRILL BUNKER SMXRLEV ANN BUNNELL auonv ROSS BUNNELL MARJIE BETH BUNYING DEANNA LYNN BUNYINR GARV HAVNE BUNTING JAMES REID BUNYING JOHN ALAN EUNYON GEORGE LORAXNE BURBIDGE DENNIS E BURBIDGE SHERIDAN BURCH CHERYL LEE BURCH RDBERY JOHN auncH RUSSELL HENRI BURCK STEPHEN P BURCH IKLLIAH a ll BURDA RONALD EDIARD BURDEN LANA LARAINE BURDETT LARRV GLEN BURDEYY NANCY LVN BURDXCK JULIE ANN BURGE JOHN ROBERT suns: LINDA MARIE SURGE IlLLARD D JR sURGENER ARLENE BURGENER DOUGLAS JOHN BURGER LEROY JAMES BURGESS CAROLYN BURGESS Jo ANN c BURGESS SHARVN BURGESS SHEILA L BURGGRAAF SAMUEL E BUHGGRAAF SUSAN BURGIN DENNIS EUGENE BURGOINE RDaEnr K JR auaGON BRENY VANCE BURGON GARTH STANLEY Bunsen JAcouELxNE BURGON JAMES H JR BURGON JOHN HEHER BUEGDN SHAUNA BURK CAROLVN BURK GERROLD MACK BURKE CARVER KARL BURKE CHERYL RAE BURKE GLENNA SUE BURKE JANE LESLEV BURKE PAYRICIA N BURKE Rnavn BURKHALTER CHARLES i BURKHAMMER LINDA L BUQKHAHT KARLA F BURKINSHAH JAY LYNN BURKLEV RONALD HENRY BURLEV GAHV LEE BURLEV GEORGIA SHlLL BURNAH ARYHUR N BURNES PEIER DOUGLAS BURNEIY J REID BURNEYY JANICE K aunNEtY LYLE HARVEY BURNETT ROBERT CURYIS BURNETT ROSCOE I EUQNETT ROSS LAMAR BURNHAM CAROLYN KAE EURNHAM CRAIG HORSLEV EURNHAM DENNIS TAYLOR BURNHAM JON CHARLES EURNHAM KEKYH FARLEV BURNHAM LEON CORDELL euRNHAM HELDON s BURNHART ALETA KAY BURNINGHAM c LAMONT EURNINGHAM JOY BURNINGHAH JuDlrM 5 EuaNINGHAH MERLENE BURNINGHAM RUIN EURNINGHAM SYEPHEN E BURNS ANDREA BURNS DALLAS JOHDAN BURNS ELDVE JACOB BURNS JEANNETTE SUE BURNS JUDV LYNN BURNS KATHERINE MARIE BURNS KATHLEEN BURNS LINDA 1RENE BURNS RUSSELL PATRICK BURNS TERRV ODELL BUNNSIDE GEORGE M EURNSIDE JANEI SPROUL BURNSIDE ROBERI J BURR BURKE NED BURN GLADE LEEARL BURR JAV IAVNE EURR LUANNA MARIE BURN IILLIAH FERRILL EURRASTON MICHAEL s aunaELL KAVLENE EURHELL LESTER RAY EURRELL PAkELA BURRELL IXLFRED CRAIG auaals JULIA ANN 402 256 402 353 366 445 245,366 445 356 445 402 353 445 366 424 366 424 318.366 445 285,325,366 277,366 402 402 245,402 366 252 445 402 445 293 446 245 366 366 303,424 445 355 66 136 366 402 1152424 446 446 366 402 424 BUHHISTDN RICK S BURRous MARY ANN EURROIS MARY LOUISE BURROIS HURXEL LOUISE BURROIS NANCV ANN EURROIS NANCY JOAN EURROKS THEODOR JOHN EURRUF aEvERIV LYNNE BURRUP DIXIE BURSON CANNES DUDLEY BURY BRYAN TAYLOR BURY CAROLE J Bun! JOANNE EUR? KATHERINE HINNIE BURT MICHAEL JOE BURY SANDRA LORENE BURT scoYt JAuES BURY uALLAcE CLARK EURYENSHAI TRUDY BURTON ANN BURTON ANN MERCER BURTON ARTHUR POWELL BURTON HARRY E EURYON DAVID ALMA BURYDN FEED PALMER BURYON JOHN IXLLIAM EURYON JOYCE BUR'ON LINDA BURTON MARTNA E EUETON ROBERT MCKAY BURTON SANDRA GAIL Bunran SONIA EURYDN VIRGINIA LYNNE EUSBY NIKKI GEORGE BUSCAGLIA GAIL ANN BUSCH NELSON DENNIS A EUSCHLXNG IILLIAM BUSH BEULAH JANE M BUSH CAROL ANN BUSH FRED JOHN BUSH JOYCE KAY BUSH KAYHLEEN BUSH LARRY EMMETT BUSH LLOYD GEOBGE BUSH RICHARD DAVID BUSH SYEVEN VAL BUSH VERNON EUGENE BUSH HILLIAM EDIARD EUSHER GARY EDISON BUSHMAN BARBARA ANN BUSHMAN DAFHNE BUSHMAN DELCIA BUSHMAN DON JOHN BUSHMAN EVELYN H BUSHMAN NAROLD EARL BUSHMAN JANENE BUSHHAN JOHN DAKRELL EUSHHAN KENNEYH IAVNE BUSHMAN LAREE EUSHMAN LINDA GAIL BUSHNAN MILYDN L EUSHMAN noaMAN P BUSHMAN PATRICIA ANN BUSHMAN ROBEKT u BUSHNELL JANICE ANN BUSHNELL JENNXE L BUSHNELL SHUNNIE BUSHORE SYEVE E EUSK JUDV LYNN BUSKEN DANIEL PAGE BUSKER BERTHA s Buss LAIRENCE EDHIN BUSHELL MARNE EuYCHER RUSSELL H BUILER ANNE FRANCES BUTLER BART LERVELL BUTLER BRUCE CORIXN EUYLER CLINYON KEAT BUTLER DAVID F BUTLER DONNA MARIE BUTLER GEORGE DOUGLAS BUTLER JUDV BUTLER LINDA IRENE BUTLER LINDA SUE EUYLER MARGAREY BUTLER MAHY ANNE BUYLER PATnxclA JEAN BUYLEE REEVE HAXHELL BUYLER RICHARD MAX BUTLEH RICHARD MILLER EUYLER TERRELL M BUTLER TERRY PAYRXCK 334,402 366 348,424 252,424 366 366 304,424 366 489 308 302,424 424 402 402 402 446 402 277,402 265,366 298,402 252 306 336 424 US. 244,245 303,424 300 366 340,446 424 366 366 231,402 BUYLER THOMAS EARL BUTLER YHOMAS M BUYLER HILLIAH DON BUTSCHEK JEAN RUTH aurv DAVID LAMAR BUYYARS CLINTON D BUYYARS LEO GRANT EUTTCANE TED E BUYYERFIELD ALAN v BUYYERFIELD ALLAN A aurTERFIELo CAROL J 402 BUTTERFIELD Juov J 252,402 aUYYERFlELD LINDA 224 BUYYERFXELD LINDA ANN EUYTERFIELD LYNDA EUYTERFKELD RULON J 366 256,366 aurTsns DIANE 366 aurTEnuoan BYRON E BUTYERIORYH JOAN x 446 BUTYLE JOSEPH HORSLEY EUfTDN VERNON R suxvou DARRELL ALFHED auxron STANLEV THERON BUZZELL JEANNE LVNNE 366 EYBEE ARIEL JANE 242,294,3501445 BVBEE EARTH NALDER BVBEE HuuAna cuRYls BVBEE MARIE BVBEE NAvo McCLAIN 424 BYBEE Rlanno c a BVBEE ROGER NDALL av: MARIANNE BVERS aErHANV LYNN 283,301 BVERS BONIYA KAY 402 BVERS JAMES ALLEN EVERS JANICE IYNN BVERS THOMAS EDIARD 366 ave DAVID NOEL 355 BVINGYON PAUL aAv BVLUND COLLEEN MARIE 402 EVLUND DEE ANN EYLUND JUDIYH LVNNE BYNUN OEANNA E LANE BVRNE GERALDINE 355 BVRNE KENNETH LEE 402 avnues PATRICIA ANN avnuu PHILLIP HALFH avsrnon JUDITH A BVYHEVAV evon nose avIATEn VIRGINIA 316,402 424 503 C CABANA FELIPE S CAaor PAVRlch ANN CABRERA CARLOS ADOLFO CADENA ANNETTE ALLEN CAFFREV KAYHRYN LYNN CAGLE LOIS JEAN CANODN BRUCE a CANOON DALE DELOV CAHOON DAVID EDIARD CAHOON HARLAN NILSSON cAHooN LINDA FAVE CAHOON PATRICIA CAHOON YRESSA GAY CAIN DAVID HASLEN CAIN MARGARET ANN cAlNE CHARLES AVERY CALAVAY JAMES D CALDER NARJDHIE S CALDER SALLY JOYCE CALDER SANDRA E CALDER THOMAS E CALDWELL ALETA v CALDIELL CAM CALDIELL CARYN L CALDWELL DANIEL H CALDIELL ELDRED A CALDHELL LAVRENCE R CALUHELL STEVEN KEXTH CALDIELL vale CALES DARRELL EUGENE CALIGIURX TONI LOUISE CALL ALAN BRENY CALL ALISON CALL ANITA SUSANNE CALL ANNIE RUMNEV CALL ANSON VEE CALL DALE SCHUVLER CALL DAVID CLAVTON :ALL DEAN RuaEnr CALL DIANE SUE CALL DONALD J CALL DORA MARIE CALL DUANE HowEN CALL EDIYH 5 CALL EVAN LEONARD CALL HENRY DEE CALL JANEAN MOORE CALL JR CHARLES H CALL JUDENE NlcnoLs CALL JUDIYH LloNE CALL JULIA ANNE CALL KARLA MARIE CALL LINDA ELIZABETH CALL L015 JEAN CALL LYNN SMXYH CALL LVNN HAVNL CALL NARALEE JEANNE CALL HICHAEL FORD CALL MICHEL L CALL NANCY CALL PHILIP MICHAEL CALL RICHARD R CALL RODGER LESYER CALL RONALD LEROV JR CALL SYEVEN TAYLOR CALL SYLVIA CALL YAMRA SHEPPARD :ALLAHAN CATHLEEN :ALLAHAN FRANCES N CALLAHAN MAUREENA RAE EALLAHAN WILLIAM G CALLAIAY llLLlAM Ill CALLIS JOHN PAUL CALLISYER ANNE CALLISTER CINDA CALLISYER G IAVNE CALLISTER CALLISYER KAREN BETH CALLISTER KATHE CALLISTER LEE 5 CALLISTER LVNDON cALLlsTER Ross ANNE CALLISTER SUSAN B CALYA PHYLLIS AILEEN CALVERY DENNIS IADE CALVXN JONN ROBERT CAMARXLLO LINDA E CAMERON BRUCE ELLIDY CAMERON DANIEL R CAMERON JAMES DAVID CAMERON JOHN RODNEY CAMERON MAXINE a CAMERON NADINE CAMERON RODERICK L CAMMACK JR EARL H :AMNACK MELVIN LERDV CANMACK RICHARD E CAMP JAN ALLVsoN CAMP JENNXFER Lou CAMP IILLIAM JEPPSON CAMPBELL ALIIA ANNE CAMPBELL ANN CAMPBELL BLAINE 3 JR CAMPBELL BRUCE LARSEN CAMPBELL CANDICE CAMPBELL CLARE ANN CAMPBELL DAVID F CAMDEELL uENNlb N CAMPBELL DOUGLAS 5 CAMPBELL DOUGLAS R055 CAMPBELL EDHAno BRIAN CAMPBELL GARRETY H CAMPBELL GREGORY LAIL CAMPBELL JACOUELXNt u CAMPBELL JAV VAR CAMPBELL JEAN CAMPBELL JONNIE LVNN CAMPBELL JR JAMES E CANPEELL KATHLEEN CAMPBELL KATHLEEN KAY CAMPBELL KAYHLEEN L CAMPBELL LESLIE MARV CAMPBELL LEHIS ELNER CAMPBELL LLoVn NELSON cANvaELL LOGAN BACON CAMFEELL LOUIS HAROLD CAMPBELL Lovn u JR CAMPBELL LYLE RICHAED CAMPBELL MAURXCE C CAMPBELL RANDY DEAN CAMDEELL ROBERT A CAMPBELL RanRY HENRY CAMPBELL TESSA LouISE CANAAN ROBERY E JR :ANADA PHILLIP JAMES CANADV GARY MICHEAL CANADV vaTr JACKSON CANDLAND CALVIN T CANDLAND CHRISTINE CANDLAND DAVID NOEL CANDLAND DON STUART 445 402 248 446 366 366 284 366 350,424 424 263 115,316,421 366 252 244 446 424 293.424 256.366 114 366 424 238.402 366 294 JERRY ELDON 103,113,120 103,250,251 243 402 254,366 402 421,424 252 403 300 366 446 403 366 306,336 403 424 254,256 403 279,310 CANDLAND KATHLEEN L CANDLAND REX SCOYV CANFIELD KARLIN JOHN CANNING HILLIAM G CANNON aaENY RHEAD CANNON CAROLE CANNON EONSYANCE SUE CANNON noRoYHY ELLEN CANNON DREH DOUGLAS CANNON GOLDA ELAXNE CANNON JAMES EDIXN CANNON JOHN FRANCIS CANNON JOHN OUAVLE Jn CANNON JUDITH CANNON KAREN CANNON KATHLEEN CANNON M ARLENE P CANNON MARY JEAN CANNON MELVA JOV CANNON pErER MAUGHAN CANNON RUYH XPSON CANNON SUSAN CANNON TMOMAS QUENTIN CANSLER ELIZABEYH A CANSLER MARY JANE CANTRELL LINDA SUE CANTRELL MERrON YED CANTRELL RAVMOND A CANYRELL YHoMAs IARD CANYRELL IILLIAM M JR CAFELL MAXILVN MARXE CAPENER ELDON HouARD CAPENER JERRY RUSSELL cApPAooNIA PHILIP J CAPSON ELEANOR CARBIN MARV ANN CARBINE ELLEN CARD DEANN EKINS CARD FRANK SYEVART CARD GORDON LESYER CARD LOIELL ELDON CARDALL LVNEYTE cAnDALL RICHARD D CARDELLI WAVNE M CARBON BOYD Louis CARBON DONNA MAE CARBON GERALD JOSEPH CARBON HARRIEIT R CARDON KATHERINE CARBON LAVON ROMNEY CARBON NEIL R CARBON PAMELA CAEDON PAMELA CARBON PAUL MICHAEL CARBON FHXLLIP DUNN CARBON ROYAL LAVOR CARBON SANDRA ARrHuR CARDIELL HOANA BILLIE CAREY HALLIE NARGREY 120.403 366 366 366 424 446 289 366 248,298,445 302 244,424 300 366 424 204,446 CAREY HELEN JANICE 254,256,403 CARLEN RICHARD BE6RV CARLEYON DELLA D CARLILE ERENY G CARLILE DOUGLAS RAV CARLILE LONNXE K CARLILE ROBERT ELMO CARLILE UILMA FAUN CARLING DUANE SPENCER CARLING RAYNDN I CARLISLE ALMA L CARLISLE JOSEPH R CARLISLE STEPHANIE A CARLXSLE YERESA CARLSON ALBERT EDIARD CARLSON CAROL BARRUS CARLSON cARoLVN ELLEN CARLSON DIANE LORAINE CARLSON DICK LERDV CARLSDN DUANE c CARLSON FRED EARL CARLSOM HELEN K CARLsoN JAMES ALBERT CARLSON KAREN YHAIS CARLSON KATHRVN HELEN CARLsoN LESLIE cARLsaN LINDA JOYCE cARLsuN MARILVN FERN CARLSDN MARVIN A JR CARLsoN MONYE BASIL CARLSON RONALD K CARLSON SHERMAN A CAHLSDN SHIRLEY RAE CARLSON SUSAN ANN CARLSDN VICTOR IRL CARLSRUH EMILY ANNE CARLSTDN CARMA S CARLSYDN CLAUDIA CARLSYDN DEAN LEGRAND CARLSTON DENNIS PRICE CAELSTON GREG cAaLsYoN PERRY NEtL CARLTON JAVNE GAIL CARLroN JOYANNA H H CARLTON LINDA NEIL CARLTON LVLE IALTER CARLTON LYNDA cARLYON NEXL HERBERT CARNES BEAYRXCE DAV CANNES JOYCE ANN CARON STEPHEN F CARFENYER DANIEL J CARPENTER DONA RUYH CARPENTER DONALD A CANDENTER GARY PACKER cAnDENrER GERALD A CARPENVER GERALDENE CARFENYER MARLAND E CARPENTER JANELL CARPENTER LESLIE H CARPENTER LINDA JEAN CARPENTER PAUL SNOI CARPENYER YMOHAS ALAN CARR ELILABETH CARR LLOYD anoN CANR MARY ANNE CARR NORMA CARR REEECCA CARR IALLACE JAMES CARR VAYNE LEE CARRAGHER BRENDA JANE CARRELL KENNEYH I CAHRIGAN NEIL KEITH CARRIE CHARLES ARYHUR CARROLL CHRIS MARIE CAaRoLL DEAN MAX CARROLL FORREST BXRD CARROLL JOAN E CARROLL LINDA SUE CARROLL PATRICIA CARROLL HAVMOND F CARROLL RAYMOND KAY CARROLL IALLACE I CARRUTH NORMA LVNN CARSEV DUSTIN Y CARSON ANITA LOUISE CARSON XII LEONARD R cAnsoN JAMES LEONARD 297 320 424 446 352.446 252 403 308,403 301,424 282 252 424 283 316.403 336 198 114.403 297 276 403 403 445 424 245,403 .CARYER CARSON KATHRYN BLAIR CARSON MARGARET u CARSON HERRlLL G CARSON RITA CARTER BECKY CARYER BRUCE F CARVER CHERXE CARVER CHERYL RAVE CARTER CLAVYDN FRANK CARVER CRAIG LEROY DAVID LAURENCE CARVER DENA SUE c CARTEH DENNIS CARTER DIANNE KNDTTS CAQTER EARL FRANKLKN CARTER ERIN IAYNE CARYER FRED L CARYER GARY c CARYER HAROLD C CARTER INA CLAIRE CARTER JAMES EVAN CARVER JAMES MERRILL CARVER JEAN E CARVER JlLANlE CARYER JOAN ESTHER CARTER JOSEPH L CARYER KAREN WEBB CARTER KATHLEEN CAEYER KATHLEEN ANN CAETER KENNETH 6 JR CAETER LARRY HALL CARVER LIZAEETH LEE CARTER MAC LESYER CARVER MELANXE DENE CAHYER MICHAEL LEROY CARYEH NELSON ARTnUR CARTER ROBERT IILLIAM CARTER ROBIN JAMIEL CARTER STEPHEN C CARTER STEPHEN G CARYER STEVEN nAVNE CARTER SUSAN MARILYN CARTER THDMAS EDIAHD CARTER TIMOYHY MORRIS CARTER VICKIE LYN CARYER VIRGIL R CARTER HESLEY KEN! CARTMELL ooRls MARIE CARYIRIGHY DAVID c CARTHRIGHT JAMES F CARTIEIGHT HARV JEAN CARYIRIGNY RICHARD Y CARTiRlsHV SHARHON G CARTHRIGHT leLIAM a cARuso JAMES VINCENY EARUSO LEIIS A CAHVIN KENNETH RALPN CARY JAMES DOUGLAS CARY ROBERY 6AM CASADAY LINDA RAE CASE AMY SANDRA CASE EEVERLV GAIL CASE CAROL LYNN CASE DAVID JOEL CASE LLOVD A CASE PAMELA JEAN CASE YOHHV IARREN CASEBOLT CAROL LVNN CASEY GERALD EDIARD CASEV FAYRICIA CAsulon JACK CHESTER cAsK STEVEN LXsLE cAsoN HARV u L T CASON RAV FLOYD CASDS ROGER MANUEL :Asos RoMuLo JESUS CASPERSON DONNA MARIE CASS BARBARA LOUISE CASSELL ALAN EGAN CASSELL XEIYM ALVIN CASSELL KENNEYH BRUCE cAssIDv ALAN FRANCIS CASSIDV DAVID R CASTAGNEYO CRAIG M CASYAGNO wlLLxAn a CASYANDN JORGE LOPEZ CASYELAN JOSEFINA G CASYLE DEAN LOIELL CASYLE PAUL SMITN CASTLE ROBERT LVNN CASTLEYON HELEN KAY CASYLETON LLOVD v :AsYLEToN LOIELL DEE CASTLETON NILDA A CASYLETON STANLEY R CASTO ROBERY FENNO CASTO TANNA RENEE cAsIELL LElls RAY CASHELL SUSAN ALICL CASHELL THOMAS H CATE CAROLYN ELSIE CAYHEV CAROLVN VIDENE CATNEY CARRDL DEAN CAYLIN CAROLE ANN CAYMULL DONNA JEAN CAYMULL FERRELL HENRY CATMULL JOAN CAROL cAYTON RONALD EUGENE CAUMON GAIL ROCHELLE CAVALHEIRD RUBENS D CAVANAUGN ALLEN K CAVANESS GARV FRANK CAVINS NONALD CHARLES CAVITY ROBERT LEROY CAIODD LINDA LEE cAVLOa JIMMIE LYNN CALIER DELOVD JR CALIER DONALD ARYHUR cAZlER JonN ROBERT cAzlER MARVIN LEON CAZIER SHARON LOUISE CEDERLOF KAREN JEAN CENTER NANCY LEE CERNV MAR5MA KAV CERNV IILLIAM ALFRED CERVANYES JULIAN J CESAR JUDITH ANN CESSPOOCH JOHN REEVES CHABOY TERRY LYNNE CHADSURN LINDA CHERIE CHADSEV JOSEPH LEROY CHADIELL DANIEL LOUIS CHADIICK DOUGLAS 5 chAoilcx ELAINE R CNADIICK GARY J CPADIICK JAMES CULMER ChADIlCK JANETYE CHADIICK JUDY NORMA CHADIICK KENT c CHADIXCK RICHARD H CHADIXCK SARA H CHADIXCK SHARON CNADIICK SYEVEN CHAFFXN BARBARA JEAN CHAGNON LINDA KAY CnAlDEz GDNZALO M CHALK MARCIA JUNE 307 403 367 116,424 403 283,403 267 424 267 336 267 185,165,193 330,447 465 334 334 336 424 367 245 338 447 252,403 320 367 367 313 350 367 447 283 447 367 302,447 300,403 367 403 367 223 310,367 264,367 367 344,367 367 320 403 367 297 447 403 367 367 332,340 CHALK VINCENT LERav CHALKER LEI LANx CHALKER MATHEI BRENY CHALMERS F L JOSEPH CHAMBERLAIN EONNXE u CHAMBERLAIN CHARLES K CHAMBERLAIN annLov1E CHAMBERLAIN CRAIG n CHAMBERLAXN DEANNA F CHAMBERLAIN DENNXS u CHAMBERLAIN DONALD I CHAMBERLAIN Guv R CHAMBERLAIN JAV CLYDE CHAMBERLAIN KNUTE CHAMBERLAIN ROBERT J CHAMBERLAIN RONALD E annaERLAIN SAM REED crAMeEns 5 DAHN CHAMBERS JOHN ALLAN CHAMBERS ROGER s CHAMPION IAVLON E CHAN asvn VEE LOK CHAN BOON iENG CHAN cnsux anN "ARV YEE SEE CHAN RICHARD MING c CHAN SHENG cnu CHANCEY JUDITH J CHANDLER BARBARA n CHANDLER DENNIS A CHANDLER EDHIN BLAINE CHANDLER GAIL P CHANDLER JAMIE CHANDLER JEFFREY LEE crANDLER LUAN CHANDLER aoaenr F CHANDLER YIMOYHY KENT CHANEV CLAUDXA ANNE CHANG ANYnONV TAK uAI anNs CHIEN TAN CHANG SAMUEL CNl NSXN CHANG IXNIFRED K A CHANNING MARY MURIEL CHANTRILL EARL P CNANTRILL JAMES ARLAN CHAPLXN JAMES TAVLon cuApuAN avaan JERRY CMAPMAN CAROL JEAN CHAPMAN DENNIS aunx CHAPHAN DONAVDN LAnov CHAFMAN JACK RICHARD CHAPMAN LVNEYTE CHAPMAN TERRANCE o CHAPMAN YHOMAS ALAN CHAPFELL CARL AusTIN CHAP?ELL CAROLYN MAE CHAFPELL NATHAN REX CHAFFLE HARRY LEROY CHAPFLE LARRY GORDON CNAPPLE RICHARD LYNN CHARLES ELSIE L CHARLES ll nus" M CNARLTON GREGORV v CHARLION Raasnr E CHART DENNIS LEE CHASE DUANE BYRON CHASE LINDA CHASE MILFORD HARD CHASE REED HAROLD JR CHASE STEPHEN KEITH CHASTEEN GARV PAUL CHATTERLEV CHERYL L CNATYERLEV JIMMIE L CHATTEHLEV MICHAEL I CNAYYERLEV SANDRA L CMATYERTON KENT CLYDE antreavou NICHOLAS H antrERYcN SUZANNE CHAYIIN DONNA MARIE CHAVIIN PATRICIA CHAVEZ IRENE JOANN CHECKETYS sxuusv M CHEE RAYMOND CNEESMAN MILLIE F CHEESMAN PAUL RDBERY CHEESMAN ROSS ALAN CHEEVER DOUGLAS LEE CHEEVER JANE? LEA CHEGUP RernIA MAY CHEN BRIAN PING CHANG CNEN ano SHEN CHEN CHXANG LIU CHEN DAVID HSIAO HSIN CNEN noun SHEN CHEN snux YEH CHEN SUEN LING CHENEY BONNIE GRAV CHENEY aneur OHVAL CHENEY DARRELL LEE CHENEY DARWIN Lenny CHENEY DON MICHAEL CHENEY Juuv ANNE CNENEY JUDV LYNN CHENEY LINDA CHENEY LovELL LEON CHENEV LYNDA SMARr CHENEV MARK FnANKLIN CHENEY MELVIN DAVID CHENEV PATRICIA ANN CNENEV SHERAN CHENEY vvonne HARLESS CHENG KAK NUNG CHENG mum KAK MAN 282, CHENG WILLIAM H L cuannxucrnn DAVID J CHERRXNGYON JAV OVEN CHERRINGTON PAUL A CHERRY CHARLES DAVID cnennv FRANCIS ROY JR CHESLEY KAREN E CNESLEY FAM DENISE CMESLEV YHDMAS ELIOOD ansnuT JONN ALMA CHESNUT SUE CAROLE CHESSER NARV c cuesssn IILLIAN L cuesren JOHN w JR cnesrnur HENRIETYA CHEVALIER RICHARD M CHEH MING vzana cnx 5H1 CHEN CHIAPELLA OLLIE JEAN cnxcx Juoxtn LARAINE CHIDESTER JAY EDIARD CHlLD BEYTV ELAINE :HILD ELLEN MARIE cann HouAno RONALD CHILD JOHN ROBERT CHXLD JULXEANNE c CHILD KAREN CHXLD LAHRENCE JOHN CHXLD RICHARD J CHILD uILLxAn D CHILDERS HARV JILL CHILDERS YHOMAS JAMES CHILDS JOHN DOUGLAS CHILDS KATHLEEN 252,357 424 212 403 424 246 403 285 447 367 447 232 447 367 403 340 367 298,424 424 215 250251 447 244 267 403 494 367 367.488 424 357 447 294,295 282,403 120,447 282 367 367 CHILDS MARY ANN CHILDS MELVIN V CHILDS RALPH P CHILTON KERLIN EARL CNINN CHERYL CHIPHAN ANN CHIPMAN CONNIE CHKPMAN HAROLD c CHIPMAN LESTER D CHIPHAN LVNEYYE E CHIPMAN HERALVN OLSEN CHXPMAN RALPH JIM CNISHOLM RICHARD NE L CHISLER DEAN BURTON cnxtuouo ROBERT J JR cHlu KIN SUNG PATRICK CHIU MARK MEI SHENG CHIVERS LAURIE ALICE CHLARSON JULIET CNODRICK CHRISTV KAY CHOKSHI DlLlP 5 CHOU DANIEL MEI CHANG CHOU TE CHDIN BONNIE DEANE CHRISTENSEN ADELBERI CHRISTENSEN ALAN S CHRISTENSEN ANITA J CHRISYENSEN ANN :MRISYENSEN ANN K CHRISTENSEN ANNEYTE M CHRISYENSEN ARDEN J CHRISTENSEN AURILLA J cHRleENsEN AVLENE H CHRISTENSEN BING CNRISYENSEN BLANE E CHRISYENSEN BLAYNE H CHRISTENSEN BYRON J CHIISTENSEN CAHILLE CHRISYENSEN CARL CHRISTENSEN CARL L CHRISYENSEN CARL v CHRISYENSEN CAROL CHRISTENSEN CAROL ANN CHRISTENSEN CHRIS S CHRISTENSEN CLARK G CHRISYENSEN CLAV c CHKISYENSEN CLOVER B CHRISTENSEN CONNIE cansYENSEN CONNIE CHRISYENSEN CONNIE CHRISTENSEN CORLISS CHRISYENSEN CRAIG N CHRISYENSEN DAN ERIC CHRISVENSEN DARIIN L CHRISTENSEN DAVID E CHRISYENSEN DAVID E CHRISTENSEN DAVXD L CNRISTENSEN DAVID LEE CHRISYENSEN DAVID M CHRISTENSEN DAVID R CHRISYENSEN DAVID u CNRXSYENSEN DELBERT E CHRISYENSEN DENNIS H CHRISTENSEN DIAN CHRISTENSEN DIANA G CHRISTENSEN DIANE L CHHISTENSEN OIANNE CHRISTENSEN DONALD M CHRISYENSEN DORIS J CHRISTENSEN EARL L CHRISTENSEN :LLEN K a CHRISTENSEN ELSIE SUE CHRISYENSEN FAY CHRISTENSEN FRANCIS B CNRISTENSEN GAIL ANN CHRlstLNsEN GAVLE CHRISTENSEN NEDER c CHR1SYENSEN HDIARD x CHaxsTENsEN JAMES A CHRISYENSEN JAMES c CNR1SYENSEN JAMES S CHRISYENSEN JAN F CHRISYENSEN JOAN CHRISYENSEN JOAN LEE CHRISTENSEN JOHN E CHRISTENSEN JOHN H cnalsTENsEN Jov ANN CHRISYENSEN Juav CHRISTENSEN KAuALEE CHRISTENSEN KAREN CHRISTENSEN KAREN CHRISTENSEN KAREN CHRISYENSEN KAREN c CHRISYENSEN KAYHLEEN EHRISYENSEN KAYHRYN CHRISTENSEN KAY CNRXSYENSEN KENNETH J CHRISYENSEN KENNEYH R CHRISTENSEN KENT L CHRISTENSEN L BRENT CHRISTENSEN L REBECCA CHRISTENSEN LAHAE CHRISTENSEN LARRY CHRISTENSEN LARRY CHRISTENSEN LARRY CHRISTENSEN LAHRV CHRISYENSEN LARS 0 CHRISYENSEM LAvov E :HHISYENSEN LEANN CHRISTENSEN LEE ELMO CHRISYENSEN LEGRANDE CHNISTENSEN LEROY A CHRISTENSEN LINDA cMRleENsEN LlNDA CHRISTENSEN LONALEE CHRISTENSEN LORELIE CNRISTENSEN NANVA CHRlSYENSEN MARGAREI CHRISYLNSEN MARILVN M CHRISTENSEN MAqus A CHRISTENSEN NARK u CHRISTENSEN MARVXN L CHRISYENSEN Mc cov N CHRISYENSEN MELVIN J CHMISIENSEN MEKILVN CHRISYENSEN MICNAEL D CHRISYENSEN MILYON P CHRISTENSEN NORMA ANN CHRISTENSEN oLu v CHRlernsEN PAYRICIA CuRISYENsEN PAUL E CNRISYENSEN PAUL E :HnlerNSEN PAULEYTE CHRISYENSEN PHILLIP u CHRISYENSEN RAV CHRISYENSEN RAV LYNN CHHISTENSEN REONA M CKRISYENSEN REX LEHDV CHHXSYENSEN RHONDA CHRISYENSEN RICHARD L CHRISYENSEN QOBERT CHiISYENSEN ROBERT CNRIS'ENSEN HUBER! ctherNsEN ROBERT cNhlsIENSEN ROBERV CHRISYENSEN ROBERY CHRISTENSEN ROLAND :6 n r o c Av L t x L m n 367 250,231 447 447 447 115,367 334 237,424 302,367 403 367 3 7 483 367 403 404 447 308,403 367 314 367 303,447 367 447 424 447 424 114.115 287 256,357 326,439,447 367 403 403 357 367 310,367 447 367 367 424 318 490 424 297 367 424 403 194 CFRISVENSEN ROVAL J CthSTENSEN RUVH CHRISIENSEN RUTM E CHRISTENSEN s LAVERN CHHISYENSEN SANDRA L CHRISTENSEN SHERRIE A CHRISYENSEN SHERRY J CHiISIENsEN 51EVEN H CHRISTENSEN SUSAN D CHRISTENSEN SYLVIA R CHRISTENSEN YALMAGE D CHRISTENSEN TERRY LEE CHRISTENSEN YERRV N CHRISTENSEN TREVOR L CNRISTENSEN VEDA B CHRISTENSEN I BRENT CNRISTENSEN HAYNE A CHRXSTENSEN iAVNE L CHRISTENSEN IILLIE F CHRISTENSON DON J CMRISTENSON NORVEL G CHQKSYENSDN PEYER L CHRXSYENSON ROBERT A CHRXSIIAN CHARLES Z CHRISYIAN LEHIS CLARK CHRISYIAN PATRICIA G CHRISTIANSEN ALICE J CHRXSYIANSEN CYNTHIA CHRISTIANSEN DAVID H CHRISYIANSEN EDNA M CHRISTIANSEN JILL CHRISTIANSEN JUDIIH CHRISTIANSEN LYNN A CHRISTIANSEN NED E CHRISTIANSEN ROBERT L CHRISTIANSEN RUTH ANN CHRISTIANSEN Scott J CHRISTIANSEN VALOR G CHRISYIANSEN VIDA CHRISTIANSON DAVID J CHRISYMAN MERRIOLA CHRISYOFFERSON BHIAN CHRISYOFFERSON LUDEAN CHRISTOFFERSON NAch CHRISTOFFERSON 6M H CHRISTOPHER RUTH E CHRISVDPHERSON c Jov CHRISTOPHERSON DAVID CHRISYDPHERSON ENuCH EHRISTOPHEESON JOYCE CHRISTOPHERSON KAY CHRIS'DPHERSON M M CHRISYOPHERSDN SANDRA CHRISTY LARRY RHODES cnu SUSAN Cnu YXEN HSUNG CNUEBS ALLEN JAV CHUDLEIGM HALYER H CHUN CHARLES JUNIOR CHUN DONNA MAV LAX H CHUN REGINALD ROBERT CNURCH GLEN JONES 2HURCH J THOMAS ChURCH KENNETH CHURCH RAVMOND JAxEs CIRCUII RICHARD K CIZEK CHARLES JOSEPH CLAPIER STEVE LEIIS CLARDV hALDEN MATHIAS CLARIDGE DAVID F CLARK ALMA CHARLES CLARK ANNE MAURINE CLARK BESSIE S CLARK CLARK BEVERLV CLARK BILL L CLARK anENv RICHINS CLARK BRIAN E CLARK CARMEN LOUISE CLARK CAEOLLVN CLARK CHARLES VDN CLAHK CHERYL JAOUEYTE CLARK CLAUDE EDHARD CLARK CLYDE LAMAR CLARK CONNIE LOU CLARK o CAROLVN CLARK DALE MDRACE CLARK DAVID LEE Rev CLARK DAVID 0 CLAEK DENNIS BRIAN CLARK DXCK JQE CLARK DODD LERDV CLARK ODN LEE CLARK DONALD YHAYNE CLAHK ELEANOR 5 CLARK ELLEN ELIZABETH CLARK EUGENE CLARK EUZELL YIETJEN CLARK FLOYD EUGENE CLARK FRANK CROCKER CLARK FRANK VANORMAN CLARK FRED BERRETT CLARK GLADVS CLARK GLORIA JEAN CLARK HAROLD ALEERY CLARK HOIARD c CLARK JAcouer K CLARK JAMES KYLE JR CLARK JILL CLARK JOANNE CLARK JDHN MARK CLARK JOHN NILE CLARK JOLENE CLARK JOSEPH HILLIAN CLARK JOVANN CLARK KATHRYN CLARK KAYHRVN CLARK KATHY CLARK LARRY LVTHGOE CLARK LARUE CLARK LINDA RUTH CLARK LORRAINE CLARK LVNN HILLIAM CLARK MARGAREY ANN CLARK MARIDITH CLARK MARIE NORMA CLARK MARILYN CLARK MIRIAM LESLIE CLARK PAUL FREDERICK CLARK PIERCE USHER JR CLARK RALPH SYANLEV CLARK RDEAN MERRILL CLARK RICHARD JOHN CLARK ROBEHT DEVAR CLARK RONALD J CLARK ROSE MARIE CLARK Ross OLSEN CLARK RUYH GIDDINGS CLARK SYANLEV 60651N CLARK STEPHEN DON CLARK STEPHEN EDHAHD CLARK stPNEN HONE ll CLARK SYEPHEN JACK CLARK STEPHEN KENY :LARK SYEFHEN IAVNE CLARK SYUART LEIIS CLARK SUSAN 403 403 367 256 403 424 111.144 285.367 250.251 244 222,267 262 115,387 367 424 mm mm av 314.424 331.367 283 447 367 344 403 307 424 300,367 403 250,251 320,403 367 403 403 403 424 448 256 403 366,403 368 121,322 CLARK SUSAN KAY CLARK SUZANNE CLARK THELMA PHILLIPS CLARK VIRGIL NDIARD CLARK VANDA MARIE CLARK IAVNE ELDEN CLARK ZONA BETYV CLARKE DENNIS RALPH CLARKE JOE ESTDN CLARKE KAYHRINE A CLARKE KATHRYN CLARKE LAIRENCE SAEEY CLARKE MAHIETYA CLARKE REGINALD o CLARKE RENEE SUSAN CLATER CNAHLES ROLAND CLAUDER PENNY LAvouN CLAUSEN NANCY qulNE CLAUSSEN IXLLXAM J cLAwSON DAVID RICHARD CLAHSON EVERY THAVNE CLAISON JOYCE CLAISON K1? C CLAHSON LARRV DEAN CLAISON MICHAEL ALLEN CLAUSON MILDRED JUNE :LAWSON NANCV MAE CLAVSON VILLIAM H CLAV EILEEN ELXZAEEYH CLAV JILL R CLAY LORRAINE ANN CLAY NEIL HENRY cLAV VERNON EDIARD CLAVSON CAROL CLAVSDN CLARK REUEL CLAYTON ALICE L:LLXAN CLAYYON BARBARA AGNES CLAYYON CHARLES c 11 CLAYTON CNRISTXNE CLAVYON DAVID STEVEN CLAYroN GARY HANLO CLAYTON JEHRV LEE CLAYTON KEITH JOSEPM CLAYTON LVNDDN S CLAVroN PATRICIA CLAYTON RALFH YAVLOR CLAYYON RICHARD H CLEGG EDIYM DALEE CLEGG EMILY ANN CLEGG GORDON D ELEGG INEZ JOLLEV CLEGG JANICE SORENSON CLEGG JOSEPH RICHARD CLEGG KENNEYH REED CLEGG LAVAR CLEGG SANDRA LEE CLELLAND IlLLIAH E CLEMENS NEOLA MAE CLEMENY ANNE F CLEMENT BARRV GRANT CLEMENY CAROL ETTA CLEMENY CnAHLEs Russ CLEMENT DALLAS BRENT CLEMENY DAVID LEE CLEMENT DEBORAH LYNN CLEMENT DOUGLAS REED CLEMENT JOHN ARLEN CLEMENY KAREN LVNN F CLENENY MELVIN ALMA CLEMENT RICHARD PAUL CLEMENTS MICHAEL REID CLEMENYS NEXL H CLENDENIN CAROL GENE CLEVENGER ZANE H CLEVERLEV JAMES M CLEVERLY RAY EAYY CLIFFORD DOUGLAS M CLXFFORD RAY THOMAS CLIFTON BRENDA ANNE CLIFTON LANRENCE C CLIFTON LORA JUNE CLIFTON MARVIN DONALD CLINE ELSXF LUNA CLINE JOSEPH AARON CLINGEH KAVHLENE CLINGER LARRY DEE CLoNrs ROY LESTER CLDPYON CHARLES H CLOSE JACK DEAN cLouGH SUSAN SHERRIL CLouleR CNRISYINE CLOVIS RICHARD JAMES CLOIARD CHRIST1NE D CLOIARD KAYHRXNE RUYH CLOHARD MARILYN CLOIARD ROBERY ALSTON CLUFF HARBERA CLUFF CAROL CLUFF CHESTER REED CLUFF DONALD LEE CLUFF JowN R cLuFF KAVHLEEN CLUFF LORRAINE CLUFF MARGAREY SHARON BLUFF M1CHAEL MVLES cLuFF MURRAY NONAHAN CLUFF NORMAN K cLuFF RAVLEEN ANNE CLUFF RONNIE nuanR CLUFF IERRY BReNr CLUFF IILBUH ELnoN CLUM ROCK BRADY CLUNAS CHER! LYNN CLVNAS GARY HlLroN CLYDE CRAIG LYNN CLYDE nlANNE CLYDE JOAN CLVDE KATHLEEN LYN CLYDE PAUL HLAINE CLVNICK CNERVL ANN :Llecx DENNIS LEE CLYNlCK DONALD C CDATES NANCV LEE COATS ELLEN MARIE couABE GEORGE EDIARD COHABE JUDITH ELAINE conABE RANDALL JOANN COBB JAMES FRANCIS couBLEv ORVIL JAMES COHER DEBORAH JEAN CDBIA DENNIS MUHARD :DnlA LE RON hARnEN coulA LEROY RICHARD COCHRAN BILL LEE COCNRAN JOANNE CDCHRAN MARSHALL KENY EOCHRAN MITZI COCHRAN VICKI COCKRXLL PArRchA l COULING CHARLES vAlL coFFEY JDNN ROLLAND COFFIN VICKI LYNNE COFFHAN JUD1TH COLARUSSO srARLA JEAN CDLCLESSER LINDA LEE COLE ALICE ANN COLE ALONA BRENDA 448 403 424 424 424 136 368 424 398 403 489 368 196 448 358 245 424 424 448 245 368 368 208 368 424 248,316 368 403 405 425 252.403 425 350 134,403 280,421,425 468 448 296 403 404 425 114.281 368 368 448 368 368 418 448 368 COLE DONALD CLAUSEN COLE FRANK DEE COLE LAUREL GLEN COLE Ross HAROLD COLE SALLY JEAN COLEMAN ARYHUR EUGENE COLEMAN EYHEL ANN COLEMAN JOHN NAYNE COLEMAN KAREN LEE COLEMAN KENNETH R COLEMAN KENNETH HICKS COLEMAN LELAND J COLEMAN MIKE BLAINE COLEMAN REBECCA MAY COLEMAN REED ELAINE COLEMAN RONALD J COLEMAN SANDRA L COLEMAN SNARDN ANN COLEMAN THOMAS ROBERT CDLES EEVYIE FANN COLES BILLY EVANS COLES BONNIE KAE coLEs KAREN LEE CDLEYTI PATRICIA ANN COLLARD LINDA E COLLARD MAX EDNARD COLLEDGE 1VAN EUGENE COLLEYTE CRAIG D COLLEV L015 JANE COLLIER REIVHA M COLLIER RUYH JANINE COLLINGS HOWARD EARL COLLINGS LINDA MAE COLLINS ANN LOUISE COLLINS ANN V COLLINS CATHV ARLA COLLINS '11 CHARLES L COLLINS KATHLEEN COLLINS LARA HUDSON COLLINS LARRV IARREN COLLINS MARY ANN COLLINS MARVELLEN A COLLINS MICHAEL D COLLINS MICHAEL JOHN COLLINS PENELOPE s COLLINS RANDY GENE COLLINS STEVEN ALBERY COLLINHUOD GREG LAMAR COLLYER STUART CVRIL COLSON KAY MARIE COLSDN TERRY LYNN COLT JANICE COLTNARP QOGER LEROV COLTDN GLENDA KAY COLYRXN DALE DON COLYRIN DAVID DEAN COLYHIN JAMES ARYHUR COLVIN J LEE COLVIN NAN COMES JACK DUANE COMENDANT KRISTINE E COMPTON CHERRXL FAE COMPTON JANET COMPTON JULIA C chANT DEAN ROSSMAN CONANT iILLIAM L R JR CONDER YONV CARLISLE CONDIE CAROLYN CONDIE PATSV RENEE CONDIE PHILIP GLENN CONDIE RULON PACKARD CDNDIE SHERYL ANNE CONDIE SPENCER JOEL CONDIE TERRY LYNN CONDIE THOMAS G CONDIE IlLLlAM KAY CONDOS FAUL HAY CONGDON CHARLES R CONGDDN DIANE 404 see 425 446 238.404 254 117 334,368 279 368 425 115,404 112,120,448 368 316,448 368 252 368,440 116,404 404 316,404 368 244,254 368 252,275,294 362 concuw JEFFREY DELLZU4.Zus-7,Zns CONGREVES VINCENT J CONKLIN cuRY EUGENE CONKLIN sAMuAL CONKLING leGxNxA KAY CONLEY CAYHERINE J COMLEV DAvlo ANTHONY CONLEV GEHALD CLARK CONLEV IILLIAM ROBERT CONLIN FHANK LEROV CONLIN RUBV NIELSDN CUNLIN IILLIAM EAR? CONN BEVERLY EUNICE CONN MARCXE KAREN CONNABLE LYNNE S CONNELLV CHERYL ANNE CONNELLV DOROTHY v CONNELLV JOHN RICHARD CONNER RIKKI LEE CONNER WILLIAM H CONNIE ROSE ANNIE S CONNDLLV DEAN BOWEN CONNOLLY FRANK L CDNNOLLY LARRY JOHN CONNOR BENJAMIN E CONNOR JUDITH GAVE CONNOR LOIELL A CONNOR RUBEN DALE CONNOR SHARON a caNDvER CHARLES E CONOVER RAVMDND H CONOVER hILSON L CONRAD GARY LANDIS CONRAD HOHARD CLIFTON CONRAD LINDA JOYCE CONRAD PAuELA JEAN CONRAD RXTA CONVERSE KAREN MARIE CONWAV CLAY MICHAEL coax ALICE DARLENE COOK ANITA JEAN COOK ANIYA RUYH COOK ANNEYTE COOK BRUCE K COOK BRUCE VERNON COOK CAROL ANN COOK CAROL KATHLEEN COOK CAROLE JUDY COOK CONNIE JEAN coax DARILD JAY coax DAnRELL J COOK DON HILLXAM COOK DOUGLAS 6 COOK GARY LEE coax GAVLE coax GEORGE BOOTH COOK GERARD JAMES COOK NENRY F cook INA LEE COOK JAMES a cook JANET VIRGINIA cucx JANICE LYNN coax JERRY c COOK JOHN CLARK COOK JONN FRANKLIN COOK KENNETH COOK KENNETH DELVNN COOK LADELLE E 368 295 425 448 360 297 2M 368 287 360 445 404 404 334,425 252 404 368,254 425 324,404 368 425 368 448 448 404 284,404 COOK LINDA JEAN COOK LOIS DIANE COOK LORAN DAVIS COOK LYNN J COOK LYNN Ross COOK HARIEETH coax PATRICIA COOK PHILLIP ALONZO COOK ROBERY F COOK RONALD A COOK RONALD SHELDON coax SANDK MAE E COOK SANDRA KAY coax SHARI COOK SHARON HAzEL COOK SHARVN EILEEN COOK SYERLING L COOK SYLVIA KATHLEEN coax THERDN EARL CODKE ROSS FRANK CODKE IAVNE MANNING couxsoN PETER sYuAnv cnoMas EARL STEVEN CODHBS LESLIE BRIAN! coouas MARGARET SUE cooMas RICHARD JAMES cocMaS STEVEN HALES cooN PAUL ERVEN CODN RICHARD ARTHER coon SANDRA KAREN CODNEV KAYHLEEN ANN cooNEv LARRY DON COONS CAROLYN COONS MICHAEL LEE COONS SHARON LEE COOPER ASHLEV K COOPEH BRENT D COOPER CARMA LYNNE COOPER CAYHXE COOPER CONNIE ELAINE COOPER DARVL EVAN COOPER DIANE MARION COOPER GILBERT LEE COOPER GORDON CLIVE COOPER LESLEV ANN COOPER MARC DANE canER MARJORXE L COOPER PHVLLXS D COOPER RDSALIE COOPER IILLXAN T COPA HALTER KENT COPE GERENE COPE JAMES AUSTIN Ill COPE NELLIE GAY COPELAND ELLEN E COPELAND JAMES DIAVNE COPELAND THOMAS E CDREETY DAVID LONE CORHEYY HAROLD S CORBETT JuLXE ANN CORBETT SUSAN J CDRBIN DAVID RANDALL CDRBIN SHARON DELXLAH cnRBxYY CORINNE B COHBRIDGE JUDY GAYNEL CORBRIDGE MARILYN CORBRIDEE PAULINE ANN CORBRIDGE REESE J coRaRIDGE STANLEY P CORCHNOY EARRV XRVING CORDNER SHEA CORDNER VXDLET HALL CORDON HARIANNA COHDON RALPH BRENV COHDRAY DARXLEE ANN COVE RODNEY DALE COREY JOSEPH FRANKLIN CORLESS FRANCES LEE CORLESS JOHN CONDIE CORLEY CHERYL MAUR CORNABV EARNEY I CORNABV CAMILLE MARIE CORNABV coLETTE CDRNABV DAVID KENT CORNABV DIANA LEA CORNASV RICHARD IAVNE CORNELIUS COLLEEN CORNELL BONNIE ANN CORNELL CAROLYN A COiNELL JOV HOUSTON CORNEYI KATHLEEN CORNETTE DOLORES E CORNKLS JR VERNE w CORNISH Kuntls GEORGE CORNIALL ELLEN CORNIELL CHERYL LVNN EDRNIELL RICHARD L CORRIVEAU ROLAND R CORRY STEVEN DECKER CURRY WILLIAM KENT CD051 GAYLE MARIE CORYSEN ELAINE CORY JOHN YHOHAS con SHARON JILL CORYELL GLEN ALLAN cossaAvE CAREN F cosnRAvE NICHAEL L COSSEY HVRUM JEAN cossav ROBERY COSSUTO JOANNA COSTELLO DONALD D COYANY JOHN OLIVER CDTTAK ANNETTE corvAM CHRISTIAN CDTTAM KENNETH R COTYAM LYNDA MAE corTAM NANCY HELEN CUTTER MARY RAMSEY COTTLE HILLIAM BRUCE CDTYON DELANO DIIGNT CUYYRELL CLAUDIA E COYYRELL PAULA DIANA COUCH RAV GRIN COUCHER FLORENCE L H COULAH L015 ANN couLAM MARILYN CDULSON LARRV JAV COULTER NATHAN u COURSEV JOANN ZAV COURT DAVID CAMERON COURT HON? OIEN EOURY DIEN GRANT COURTRIGHT MARIAN COVXNGYON ERROL DENIS cavaGTuN LVMAN o CDVINGTON NIKKI CDVINGYON STEVE v COIAN GORDON EDIARD coHAN JoANN COIAN JOEL MAX COIAN LYNNE covAN PATRICIA L COIAN ROBERY VERN co-Anr IANDA suE CDIELL SARAH ROSE EOILEY FRANCESS ANN COHLEV JANEY 404 288 368 448 254 326,404 404 223.246 298 446 248 279,448 404 285 250 368 283,368 368 424 245 368 325 404 350 358 368 252 425 355 404 368 252,404 368 425 302,352,448 368 368 368 448 291,348,425 404 404 326,425 318,399,404 318 368 404 444 368 449 360 244,368 cadLEY JANEY KAYIE COILEV KENDRICK o ccuLEv MARSHA HAE couLEv SHXRL cunrxs couLEv SYEPHEN c cuuLEv WAYNE DIXON cousea KATHLEEN cox ANN LAREE cox ARYHUR DAVID cox BETTV LORRAINE cox CAMILLE BASTIAN cox CAROL ANN cox DAVID ORAN cox DEAN - cox DELIVN LARSON cox E ANNE BOUCHER cox EARL DEE cox GAYLE YAVLaR 368 cox GLENDA LDY cox GLENN JAMES cox JAMES ALLEN cox JAMES ANDREI cox JAMES s 286 cux JAN Louls 404 cox JOHN RAYMOND cax JOYCE MARIE 425 cox KENNETH LEE cox LILLIAN SHERRIE 404 cox LYNDA BEATRICE 290 cox MARALYN LOU cox MELaA YVONNE cox MELVIN IESLEV cox MERRILL cox MICHAEL cox MICHAEL GEORGE :ux RICHARD HARDEE cox RICHARD LEE 225 cox ROBERT JAMES cox SUSAN JEAN cox SYLVIA RDMAINE cox TERRXE DIANE 355 cox TOMMY HouAno cox IALYER KEXYH coy JEAN AFTON COZZENS CHARLES say 439 COZZENS CHERYL ANNE 24 cozzsns novvv JEANNE CHASE KELLY CHARLES CRABB LINDA DANELL 368 CRASH SANDRA CRAEYREE anuce CONRAD annuocx JULIE x ancuN EARL BRENV anGuN JAMES VILLIAM CRAGUN NOREY ARNOLD 368 CRAIG ALAN SCDTT 365 CRAIG NAZIE ANN 277 anxa LAURIE BAKER CRAIG MARTHA JEANNE 254 CRAIG PAUL E CRAIG RUTH HAGLUND cuAM GARY GLEN CRAM JANET MARIE I A 404 51 252,336 368 449 368 285,298,368 CRAM SUSAN ELIIABEYH 362 CRAMER RICHARD MCDHIE 3 CRAMM GREGORY HILLIAM 223,320 CRAMPYON JUDIYN ANNE 3 CRANDALL ANN CRANDALL CALVIN GENE CRANDALL CLYDE a CRANDALL CURYXS a CRANDALL DAN K CRANDALL FLOY FAY :aANnALL JAMES B CRANDALL JAV M 6RANDALL JEAN CRANDALL JOHN c CRANDALL KEN LEE CRANDALL LARRV JOSEPH CRANDALL MADELYN CRANDALL MARIE LENA F CRANDALL MARY JANE 114 CRANDALL NATHAN JAY 404 CRANDALL TED s 114 CRANE nAvxD HEBER CRANE FREDRKC JOHN CRANE GEORGE THOMAS CRANE JAKES anNE JAMES LVNN CRANE LINDA LADAIN CRANE MARION ADELAIDE CRANE MICHAEL ALFRED CRANE IXLMA CRANER ANNE LORENE CRANER ELLEN v CRANER LORRAINE Berry CRANER MARV ELAINE CRANFIELD TIMOTHY A CRANFORD GARV PHILIP CRANNEV waLlAM DOYLE CRAFO ALVIN LERov anpo CHRISTINE MARIE anpo GERALD HERBERT CRAPO HERBERT scarf CRAPD JAMES DOUGLAS anvu LILA RAE GRAPH LLOYD sauce c9190 NORMAN LINFGRD anpu PAUL HOIARD anpo PHYLLIS ANE CRAPO SHAUNNA CRAPO YHOMAS MASON CRAVEN KAV SUSAN CRAVEN RUEANN HINTER CRAWFORD ALICE G CRAWFORD c CHRISTINE anIFonu DALLAS RAY CRAIFORD HAROLD CLARK CRAHFORD LINDA ANN CRAIFORD LINDA LEE CRAHFDRD LYNN DEAN CRAIFORD PATRICIA ANN CRAWFORD Rannr G CRAIFORD RONALD J CRAIFORO RULON x anuFonn TnonAs P anvs DIANE JEAN CREASV MICHAEL LEuls CREEL MARY JACKALEE CHEER cAROLVN CHEER DAVXD NEIL CREEK Gannon IALYER CHEER JOSEPH nanHY CREER KENT MILLER CREER NANCY LOUISE CREER ROGER PAUL casco KAYHRVN ANN CRELLIN neunv 5 JR CRESAF KENON CRESAP MEGAN cneu JOHN CDLLEYY CRIDOLE CAROLYN cnxnuLE KEITH JENSEN cnlDDLE MARILVN CRIDDLE MAaLxN GLENN cnln sruAnt v JR CRIFE GERALDINE s 246 368 68 68 ,425 368 368 404 300,425 368 277 425 369 404 314 369 449 425 425 334 369 369 365 449 254 505 CRIPE SUSAN ALICE CRIPDS JANE AILEEN CRISHON LARRV HERMON CRITCHFIELD CARL JAY CPIYCHFIELD JOY it CRITCHFKELD L015 L J CRITCHFKELD HARLXSS L CRITCHFIELD RONALD C CRITCHLEY JUDY ANN CRITCHLOV LVNN IRIS CRITMFIELD DELLA KAY CRITHFIELD KEITH D CRIYSER BRVAN KALnAR CROCKER ANN CHARLETTE CROCKETY ADA MALINE CROCKETT DAVID s CROCKETT DONALD E CROCKETT HUBER? LARUE CROCKETY JAMES LELAND CHOCKEYT JOHN ALAN CROCKEYT LONNIE DEE CROCKEYY LYNN H CROCXEYT MARGARET R cRocKEYY NORENE CROCKEYT PATSV RAE I CRDCKETT GUINTEN E JR CEOCKETY ROBERT N CRDCKETT RODNEY LVNN CROCKETY YHONAS M CROFF KENNEYH LEE CROFY BRIAN A CROFT CANDACE ELAINE CROFT CLAXR LEIIS CROFT COLLEEN CROFT DAVID DEE CROFY DEAN HILLIAK CROFY DOUGLAS ORVXL CROFT GARV MAX CROFT JANIS FAV CROFY MARILYN YVONNE CROFT NOEL BURDELL CROFT RDGER G CROFT VAUGHN C CROFYS DELANE HVRUM cHoFfs DOUGLAS IAVNE CRDFYS MARCIA CLAIRE cRoFYs SANDRA CROFTS SHIRLEY A cRoMAR BRUCE voUNG CROMAR DALE VDUNG CROHAR KIRK ALLAN CRDMAR RlanuD L CRDHAR ROBERY J CROMPTDN JANXS RAE CROHPTON RONALD JAMES CRDHPYON VICKIE RAE CROMIELL CHARLES 0 CRONK NICHOLAS R CRDNK PAMELA ANNE CROOK BEVERLV ANN CROOK GAILVA B CRODK JAKES PETERSON CROOK JOHN LASELL CROOK NANCY ilLLMuTM CROOK NEIL ROBERT CROOK ROBERT CROOKS CLIFFOQD DUANE CROOKS GLEN ALLEN CROOKS RANDALL DUANE CQOOKSYDN GAIL CROOKSTDN KENNETH I CROOKSYDN NANCY cRooKSToN RDBERT KENT cRoPPEn DIANE CROPPER LXNDA CROSBY CARL A JR CROSBV DAVID MELVIN CROSBV KENNEYH s CRusBV NANCY LYNNE CROSBY PAMELA ANN CROSBV RODNEY LEUIS CROSHAI GEORGE V JR cRossMAN NELANIE CROTCHETI LEE DAVID CROUCH DXANE CRDI LXNDA ANN CRO! IILLIAM now CkOIDER CHARMAINE L CROHLEV ARIEL LEON CROILEV CLARENCE CLAY CROILEV JOHN MICHAEL CRDITHER BRUCE BJORNN CROIYHER SYEVEN DEAN CROXYON LUClNDA CROZIER KELLY CRUH NICOLA DIANE 5 CR0! ROBEHr IAVNE CRUMP JOVCE HANSEN CRUMP SYEVEN KESLER CRUZ HILARIO I11 CRUlE PHYLLIS L cnvnER ROXIE NAV ERYER IALTER CRVSYAL EILLV HAY CRYSTAL SIDNEY CUBHON LYNDA L CUFF LAURA ANN cuLBERYsoN cAvnERINE :ULLEY MARY JANE CULLIMDRE DENNIS R cuLLlMOHE NANCY MARIE CULLXMORE SIDNEY KENT EULLINORE SUE CULLUH CAROLE ?AULENE CULLUM ISABELLA ANN r CULLUH JOHN LOHEN :uLLUM SANDRA BEVERLY CULHER KAY LAMAR CULP NAOMI J CULVER CAROL JEANNE CULV KAREN LEE CUMMKNGS CAROL c CUMMINGS CARDL LVNN CUMM1NGS CHARLhS N CUMMINGS FREDERICK E CUNDICK KA'HLEEN CUNDICK LYNN RAV CUNDICK MARILVN E cuNDv SHAnoN KAY CUNNINGHAM ANN LEE CUNNINGHAM JAMES BURR ;UNN1NGHAM JOHN B CUNNINGHAM MAHV M CUNNINGHAM PERRY H CUNNINGHAM RICHARD CUNNINGHAM IlLLIAM CURFEI JAMES CLYDE CUHLE DAVID M CURLEV blLDERY CUHLEV KENNEYH H CURLEV LanErrA A s CURLEV MARY LOUISE cuquN DOUGLAS M CVNRAN GALE JANICE CUHHIE SALLY MAE cuERlER SANDRA LYNN cuanN JANET FRANCES n a m 5416 316 404 404 369 425 369 425 120,449 346 133 252,404 331,449 134 306.369 252.285 369 369 316.425 369 316 338 425 369 305,340.42! 425 369 425 404 449 254 194,273, 449 404 425 324,369 425 266 369 369 404 404 329,449 369 425 369 490 404 425 304 291 254.449 120 324 252 369 369 113 40-1 CURTIN NANCV JANE CURTIS ALAN LDY cuvas BLAINE L CURTIS BONIYA MARIE CURYIS cARoLYN CURTIS CHARLES 5 JR CURYIS chlG v CURTIS DAN GAYLEN CURTIS DOROYNV I CURTIS EVAN HARER CURTIS NELEN M BROIN cuirls JOANNE CURYIS JUDITH ANN :URYIS KAREN JEAN CURTIS LElls YERRY CURTIS LVLF s CURYIS NANCY LOUISE CURTIS PArRxClA ANN CURTIS SHELLEV K CURTIS SUSAN CURTIS VILLIAM HENRY cuslcx JUOIYH INEZ CUYLER ALAN GORDON CUTLER ARTHUH c JR CUTLER EEYSY ANN CUYLER CALVIN MILLER CUTLER CAROLYN CLYLER DONALD CLAIR CUTLER GENEAL EAENEV CUTLER LXNDA JUNE CUTLER MARY ALLENE CUYLER STANLEY JOHN CUYLER THEODORE J D D EVEGNEE CHARLES F OABELL JERRV LVNN DAGUE DONNA DIANNE DAHL ARTHUR DAVID JR DAHL JOHN DOUGLAS DAHL MARSHA ANN DAHL RICHARD PEHRsoN DAHL YHELMA DAHLE ELBER' LYNN DAHLE Honnis KAV DAHLNAN GERALD L DAHLOUXST CHARLES H DAHLOUXSY KAYNLEEN DAILY HILLIAM DEAN DAINES BERNARD NELSON DAINES DAV!D EUGENE DAINES DEE RAY uAlNES GAIL CHRISTINE GAINES SUSAN CLARICE DALAL BABUBHAI A DALEV ALAN CHARLES DALBV ROBERT i1LLlAM DALEEOUT RICHARD S DALEV DAVID M DALGA! MARY E DALL KENNEYH L1ND DALLEV ABRAM F DALLEV EEHNELL KAV DALLEV LUANA GAY DALLEV nchARD LDIELL DALLIHORE JOAN DALLING BRADLEV E nALLlNGA LINDA SUE DALRVNFLE DONALD L JR DALYON CAROL J D DALTON CHERVL L DALTON DONALD M DALYDN DONNA DEE DALTON JOHN BLACKaUaN DALTON JOHN c IV DALTON KAYHIE L DALTON MVHLE SMXYH nALTON PENNV nALYoN noGER EARL DALY ALICE BRENDA cALV DAVID LESLIE DALY JOHN FRANCIS DALV JONN REED nALzEN KATHLEEN JOY uALzEN LAUREN DEAN DAM TU YRINM DAMEACH MAJA DAMEN MARVIN EDIAno DANA DIANE DANA JOSEPH KEN? DANA KAREN DANA NANCY DANA PATRICIA EILEEN DANA susAN KAV GANG YHANM TU DANGERFIELD CAROL D DANGERFIELD DIANE L DANIEL DONNA FAVE DANIEL ISAAK DANIEL JAMES CARROLL DANIEL vlcxv PARIS DANIELS DENNIS LLOYD DANIELS DIIGHY ALLEN DANIELS ELAINE DANIELS JAHES IEBBER DANXELS MARY JANICE DANIELS PAYRICXA ANN DANIELS PATRICIA E DANIELS PAUL JACKSON DANlELS RALPH LEROY DANXELS vlLLIAM JOHN DANIELS IILLIAM 1 DANIELSON CLIFFORD E DANIELSON YRUDY A DANLEY JANICE EARLENE DANNA ALICE E DANNA PETER DANIEL DANSIE ARTHUR BRENY DANT HILLIAM SELBOURN DARAIS NORMAN A DARE BYRON DOUGLAS DARLING DEE RICHARD DARLING JUDXTH ANN DARLING LEROV u 111 DARLING NEDDIE LVNN DARL1NG ansERT ELuooo DARLING SHERRY NELL DARNELL DONALD Ross DARNER CAROLE ulANE BARN MAUREEN DARRINGYON DARRELL J DARROUGH GEORGE NAV DART RODNEV CLAVYON DASYRUP DELCIA ELAINE DASYRUP JEANINE DASTRUF RICHARD A DASYRUF SHERRIE A DATDFF VIVIAN P DAuENHAuEa CAROLVN A DAUGNERYV LARRY c DAUTRICH MARILVN DAVE CHIDANAND M DAVENFDRY FREDERICK J DAVENPORT JOHN EDiAaD 449 404 244 449 369 369 404 369 114 369 120 404 310,449 404 449 369 369 369 404 254 369 353 117,322 369 264,404 274 350 449 220,223 200,277 449 404 244,369 425 425 369 449 444 294,449 DAVENPcRr DAVENPORT DAVENPORY DAVENPDRI' DAVENPORT RODNEY L JR DAVENPORT VERNON C DAVEV JEAN CAROL DAVID HcIARo ASH DAVID MARYHA ANN DAVID MARY ANN DAVIDSON CAROL ANN DAVIDSON CHRISYXNE A DAVIDSON DIANNE DAVIDSON JANEY DAVIDSON MARY JANE DAVIDSON nDaEH1 REID DAVIE MARILLVN u DAVIES BVRL LUCILLE DAVIES DALE HULEYY DAVIES DAVID GORDON DAVIES DIANA DAVIES DONALD FRANK DAVIES JUDXTM ANN DAVIES JUDITN v DAVIES MARION LLOYD DAVIES MICHAEL L DAVIES PATRICIA JAYNE DAVIES RIC COURTNEV DAVIES RUSSELL G DAVIES SUSANNE G DAVIES YHOMAS JOSEPN DAVKES VENETA DAVILA CANXLLE CYRUS DAVIS ALADEEN GDFF DAVIS ALYDN LLOYD DAVIS APHIL KYLE DAVIS BARBARA LVNNE DAVIS BARBARA NEVBV DAVXS BEVENLV ANN DAVIS BLAIR CHANTRILL DAVIS BLANCME ELAINE DAVIS BONNIE RAE DAVIS BRENT A DAVIS BRENT Ross DAVIS CAROLE DAV15 CAROLE LEE u DAVIS CANDLVN DAVIS CHARLES VAVNE DAVIS CHERYL DAVIS CONNIE DAVIS DAN FUSSEL DAVIS DAN WILLIAM DAVIS DANIEL EARL DAVIS DANNV GLEN DAVIS DARLA KAY DAVIS DARREU HENRV DAVIS DARRELL IILLIADI DAVIS DAVID IRA DAVIS DAVID RICHARD DAVXS DEAN ARIEL DAVIS DEE AR GLADE DAVIS DENNIS HOIELL DAVIS DIANE DAVIS DIANE MARIE DAVIS DON LYNN DAVIS DON RALPH DAVIS DONALD C DAVIS DOYLE J DAVIS DVANN DAVIS EBBIE LA VAR DAVIS ELAINE CECILIA DAVIS ELIZABEYH L DAVIS ELHER HAHOLD JR DAVIS ELOISE M DAVIS ELVIN K DAVIS EVELYN G DAVIS FRANK HARVEY DAVXS FRANK VHITE JR DAVIS FRED PAUL JR DAvxs GAVLE NEIELL DAVIS GERALD HILL DAVIS HARRISON M DAVIS HEBER LEE DAVIS JAMES BENJAMIN DAVIS JAMES DIIGHT DAVXS JAMES MICHAEL DAVIS JAN DAVIS JANE NADMI DAV15 JEAN ALXSON DAVIS JESSE MICHAEL DAvls JOHN DAVID DAVIS JOHN P DAVIS JOHN RODERICK DAVIS JoN DANIEL DAVIS JOY ARLENE DAVIS JOYCE IILTEANK DAVIS JUDITH KAY c DAVIS JUDITH MAE DAVIS KAREN DAVIS KAREN DAVIS KAREN DAVIS KATNI DEE DAVIS KATHY ANN DAVIS LARRY D uAvxs LINDA DEAN DAVIS LORRAINE DAVIS LUELLA JANE DAVIS MARGARET DAVIS MARXANNE ALLENE DAVIS MARXLVN JEAN DAVIS MAHLENE ROSE DAVIS MARLEY HOOVER DAVIS MARY KATHERINE DAVIS MVkLE LEKGK DAVIS NANCV DIANE DAVIS NElLs J DAvxs PAMELA MAE DAVIS PATRICIA CHILD DAVIS PAUL K DAVIS REX YERRY DAVIS RICHARD JDHN DAVIS RICHARD ORVIL DAVIS RICHARD WILLIAM DAVIS ROBERT CHARLES DAVKS RDHEHY DEE DAVIS ROBERY DENN1$ DAVIS ROBERY EDIARD DAVIS ROBIN BURY DAVIS ROGER JOHN DAVIS ROGER SIALBERG DAVIS RONALD ARIEL DAVIS RUDY PAUL DAVIS SHERRILL KAYE DAVKS SHIHLEE DAVIS STEVE LARRV DAVIS TAMARA JEAN nAvIs IED MILLER DAVIS vALrER TNOMAS DAvIssoN DONOVAN Dow DAVITD YAVA MARIE nAusom cARLVLE 5 DAISDN DENNIS ELLIS DAISON EDITH ANN DAVSON EDIIN KIM DAHSON JOHN LEIIS DAV ALMA LAIRENCE DAV DIANE KATHRVN L LAURA ANN NANCY SUE T ROGER? S BROIN scorv 449 252 369 293 252 250,251 425 494 369 339 425 369 449 449 369 449 449 404 285 275.404 449 359 334 256 449 348 306,404 275,425 449 369 252 404 294 450 404 450 421 404 369 369 369 250,251 256 450 425 369 115 369 421 326,404 369 DAV DAV DAV DAV DAY DAV DAV DAV DAV DAV DAV DAY DAY DAV DAY DAV DAV DXANE ANNEITE EARL MARVIN FRANCES CAROLYN FRANKLlN DAVID GERALD JACK J RODNEY KAREN KAYNLEEN KENNkTH VANCAMP KENT RICHINS LILLIAN ORVILLE IAVNE JR REBECCA ROHERT Louxs ROBERY OIEN SHARON LOUISE STEVEN LAMAR DAY VICKY MAHIE DAV IILFORD ALMA DAVLEY THOMAS EARL DAYTON LVMAN DELLo DE BLouls EVAN IRA DE CAIRE AHLENE DELIA DE CELLE ROBERT E 11 DE GOLYER ARIHUR H DE GDLVER LARRY JACK DE GEAFF CAROLE LYNN DE GRAFF GAVLE DE bRAFFENRlEO DAvxD DE GHEY JOHN DAVID DE GROFF Ross DEAN DE HAAN RONALD JOHN DE HARY CATHIE DE HART CRAIG CARSON DE HART VIRGINIA M DE JONG KATHLEEN DALE DE JONG LAMONT R DE JUNCKER VELMA L DE LEEUH FARELL HENRV DE LEEuI MXLYON ALPH DE LONG ALICE MARIE DE LONG RICHARD P JR DE LONG ROBEHT PALMER DE MIK GREG IlLLIAM DE MILL KENNETH MARK DE MILLE JOHN tnEnoN DE MOUX JAMES BRYCE DE OLIVEXRA GLAcl A DE VRIES BRENDA KAY DE IAAL HOHARD JACOB DE IKVY ELIZABETH ANN DE IIYY PAMELA GAVE DEAN ALLAN DElncE DEAN ARZUMAN GEORGE DEAN JH HAROLD L DEAN LOUISE DEAN LVNN CuTLEa DEAN PATRXCXA DARLENE DEAN R MICHELE YHAVN DEAN ROBERT CHARLES DEAN HILLIAM F BEARING ROYLENE DEARINGER JEnRv I BEARINGER MURLAN ANN DEARHAN DIANA CLAIRE DEBLOIHS KAREN JANENE DEBOER KAREN LOUISE DECAPDT BONNIE JEAN GECAFDT DIANE M DECELLE KAREN JEAN DECKER ANDREI DEAN DECKER DAV1D BRYANT DECKER DAVID S DECKER SHIRLEY E DECKER VXCYOR E DECKER IlLLlAM CLAIH DECOL SHAHl PAULE1TE DECORSE JOSEPH ALBERT DEE BRENT ARYHUR DEEM DONALD ARNOLD DEEPRADITKUL GANOK DEERE DONNA JEAN DEES BRIAN REID DEGN BEVERLEY HODGSON nEGN DAVID IALLACE DEGNEH DAVID CARL DEGOOVER BVHDN RAv DEGRAFFENRXED LAURA J DEHAAN PEYRUS ANDREI DEHNEL JUDVTH ANNE DEHNAD AHMAD DEHOVDS JOSEFINE DEKKER RICHARD A DEL FluM DORENE J DEL PLAIN ROBERT C CELANEV BILL H DELANEV DONNA MARIE DELANEY ROBERT lAVNE DELANEV SUSAN MARIE DELANGIE SUZANNE DELANV YEHRV DELEVAN PEGGV RAE DELGADO ROGER DELXA JEFFREY DELLASTATIOUS JACKSON DELNEN ELISABETH BELONG JOSEPH SMART BELONG KAY DELP PAMELA ELAINE DELPN BETYV JEAN DEMARco ANGELO T DEMAES DIANNE DEMETER EUGENE J DEHEIRAS SYEFHEN 5 oensrrsa DIANE LVNN OEHEULE MARHAE xuno DEMEULE RENE PAUL JR DEHSHER GLORIA ANN DEMSHER MARY LOUISE DENDURENT HAROLD 0 OENDUHENT HOVARO E DENEEN ARIC NAVNE DENELEV YEHRV LEE DENISON HANSENE DENKERS ELAINE DENNA CORDELL LAMAR BENNETT ELAINE DENNEYT GARLAND L DENNEYT GLENNA M DENNEYT NEYTXE HARDY DENNIS DELOV LAMAa DENNIS DEIIGHT LEROY DENNIS DIANE CAROL DENNIS DORINDA DENNIS RAPHAEL ELVxN DENNIS VILLARD LEON DENNISDN LAREV LEE DENNV LUDIELL HALLACE DENsLEV BARBARA ANNE DENSLEV STEVE THOMAS DENT GERALD JESSEN DENT RALPN CARL BENTON DONALD DARRELL BENTON JANIS KAVE DENYS GEORGE FRED DEPAuLA LINEU 342,369,404 DEFEI KENNETH MA! 369 369 236,237 369 254 332.425 425 349 332 304 425 450 250,251 450 369 197 144.348 425 195,223 219,223, 425 425 199,369 300 404 369 404 404 450 450 359 198,369 425 250,251 DEPPE EARL DE VON DEFPE LARUE DEPREYIS LINDA RAE DEFRIEST CLARENCE H DEROESY BARBARA L DERR KAREN ELFRIEDE DERRICK CRAIG HEADS DERRICOYT SNARON L DERROI uxcHAEL IAVNE DERVKE KAYHLEEN DESAX RAMESHCHANDHA G DESCHAMPS MARV KAVE DESDAIN DAVID KIM DESFAIN GERALDINE DESPAIN JOHN ASAV DESPAIN KAYHLEEN DESPAXN KEITH HouAaD DESPAIN LYNN GAEDNER DESPAlN LYNNE H DESF'AIN MAEXLVIN KAE DESPAIN MICHAEL JOHN DESPAIN THOMAS BOYD DESPAIN IILLIAM GLEN DESPAXN HILLXAM J DESTJEDR CLAUDIA DEYERMAN ROGER? ALLEN DEUTSCH VICTORIA ANNE DEVAULY CHRISTIE J DEVER MICHAEL EDIARD DEVERAUX JUKMIE DEAN DEVERAUX LEV R DEVEREAUX DENNIS J DEVEREAUX NEIL JAY DEVEREAUX SANDRA v DEVEV RICHAED RANALD DEVEV ROBEFRT IAVNE DEVKYT WILLARD II DEVOCHY JAMES HILLIAM DEVOE GEORGE A DEIEESE HUGH Louis DEIEV DAVID J DEVINDY HEERT PAUL DEilYT GREEF! DEXYEH IAVNE R DEVERLE NANCY CAROL DIAL DIANA DIBB ROGER ALAN DlaaLE MARCIA DE DICK GERALD KENT D1CK JUDITH J DICK VIVIAN LUCILLE DICKENS DEE ANN DICKENS ROY RODGERS DICKENSDN CansTlNE A DXCKERSON MARGARE! A DICKERSON HICNAEL L DICKEV LESTER Rov DICKEV NELDON RUSSELL DICKEY NORMA LDIS DICKMAN VERNON GLENN DICKS ROBERT HENRV DICKSON AVXLDA DICKSON DAVID DOUGLAS DXCKSON DAVID KAY DICKSON DORIS DICKSON GLENDA K DICKSON KAYHLEEN DICKSDN LOLA ANN DICKSON RICHARD L chxsoN THOMAS DAVID DIDDY JAN YVONNE DXEPENBROCK CAROLE A DIESEN HAROLD HAVMOND DIETSCHV RO'BERT G?TD DIFLOURE JONN BRUCE DlLG JOHN ALAN DILG IILLIAM JOSEPH DILLABERRV SANDRA 6 DILLARD SARAHLVNNE DILLAVOU PATRICIA J DXLLE JOSEPH CAEL DILLE LOYD C DILLMAN JENNIFER Lu DILLON DEANNA RUTH DXLHORYH EECKV Lou DILHORVH CLARA ANN DILIORTH JOSEPH N DILIORTH LECRAND M DILWORTH HILTON DEAN DILHORYH DRIN NARION DILIORTH STANLEY REID DIMICK DAVlD ruELLER olnlcx UEANNA GA! DlMlCK FRANKLIN E DINXCK MILDRED H DINGER MARILYN LOUISE DINGESS JUDIYH CAROL DINSMOOR LINDA JEAN DIRKMAAT JOHANNA c DISNINGER DIANE RAE BITTER AUSYIN A Jn BITTER LINDA LEE DIYYHAN DAVID LVNN DerHAR EDBERT E DIXON BEENT CARTER DIXON BRIAN CLYDE DIXON BYRON PAUL DIXON CAROL DIXON DAPHNE JUNE DIXON DAVID CHXPMAN DIXON DON CHARLES DIXON DONNA EVELVN DXXON ELDON WARREN DIXON GARY VIRGE DIXON GEORGE EunAnD DIXON GORDON ALBERY DXXON HOIARD ALLEN DIXON JANE DIXON JANET DIXON JEFF HOODED! JR DIXON JUDITH ANN DIXON LILLIAN SUE DIXON LINDA DIXON MARDEN GUY DIXON onlLLL LA MAR DIKON OIEN ALBERT DIXON PATRICIA DIXON PHYLLIS DIXON RICHARD CHIPMAN DIXON RICHARD s DIXON RanRr E Dlan ROGER ADAMS DIXON RONALD DEAN DIXON YERRY ANN s DIXON IXLLIAM JACK DJAHANBANI FARROKH R DDANE IILYON ALLEN DOBNEV ARTHUR MICHAEL oousoN BEVERLY JEAN DOBSON JO ANN DOHSON JOHN CALVIN DOBSDN Lon! oouson NORMAN ROGER DOCHKUS CAHDLE ANN DOCKSYADEE LEON BOYD DODD ALICE DODD IVY LIND 425 369 291,450 369 404 428 369 404 273 405 425 NN mm wu 194 369 405 294 405 405 257.297 369 245.405 302 257,297 369 215,450 369 369 244 250,425 369 450 405 369 450 121,354 244 450 425 425 285.450 286,450 370 344,369 314 370 370 405 DODD JOHN MELVIN DoDns JAMES TERRY DODDS JOSEPH DUNCAN DODGE CLARA l DODGE DONALD ARVID DODGE ROGER LVMAN DODGE SETH MARYIN DODGE IED IAYNE DODSON JOHN DRVAL DOELL FRANKLIN ZELMER DOEllE ELMAVAH DOIRDN IALLV DAVID DoLAN TNOMAS MICHAEL DOLENAR DAVID LEIIS DOMAN LINDA DDMENIE! NARDUCCIU a DOMGAARD GORDON GRANT DDNANOE CASHELL JR DONANOE DAVID RAYMOND ooNALDsoN GARETH K DONALDSON JACK LAVARR DONALDSON JANE ANN DDNALDSON JAY K DONALDsoN KARYNE LEE DONALDSON KEan G DONALDSON KLDVD N DONALDSON FA'RICIA G ouNALsoN JOHN DARRELL DONE JACALVN DONEY ANN DONGA BEVERLY ANN DUNN KAYHHYN SUE DDNNELLY COLLEEN M DONNELLY ILENE BARR DuNNELLV SHARON K DONNELLV THOMAS E DDNOHO BENNV FRANKLIN DONOVAN GERALD OIEN DOPF DEAN JAV DDRAN JOANNE E DORIUS CLAIR LOUIS DORIUS DIXIE N DORIUS JANES 0 DORIUS PATRICIA DaRlus SHELDON ALMA DORMAN RODNEY PAUL DDRMAN ROGER NDRVAL DOHNV JONN DENNIS DORNV LOUIS ENOUGH DORNV MARSHA MINA DORNV RUTH EIILV HORNY I BROUGH II DORSEV ALBERT LEE conYON RONALD YEaav DOSHI BHARAT C DO'SON LARRY A DDYSUN LAIRENCE R OOTV DANIEL EDIARD DOYV ELIZABETH A 0011 RICHARD JOHN DQYV ROBERT LEE DOUBEHLEV GEORGE E DOUD PAUL sYANLEV DOUGLAS DONNA LEE DOUGLAS JAY IlLLlAM DOUGLAS MICHAEL DAVID UOUGLAS alCHARD FLOYD DOUGLAS RONALD MAX DOUGLAS SHERRY LVhNE DOUGLAS TEERY LYNN DOUGLASS MARSHA BEE DOVE JACK EARL DOVER GEORGE MARK DOW LINDA CAROL DOID JAMES CARROLL DOID ROBERT EATON DOIDLE CLARK A DOIDLE DON ROBEHY DOVDLE GLEN LEE nouns CHARLES TILLHAN BOILING CHARLES P JR BOILING VED KING BOILING TRUDV DIANE DDINEN MARYIN LEE DOINEV KAREN ALICE DOINEV IILLIAM ROBERY DO'NING CAROLYN KAYE DOINING GEORGE JAY DOINING LAURALEE DOINING LOUIS CHARLES Downs DENNIS RAV COINS JOHN ANDREI DOXEV CAROL JEAN C noxEv CLARKE BENSON DOXEY DOUGLAS ALLEN DOIEV GEORGE RONALD DDXEV HELEN DOXEV KIHBALL ROY DOXEY SHARLEE DOVLE DENNIS OLNEV DOVLE JAMES MICHAEL DOYLE JERRY IADE DOYLE THUMAN SCD'T anGE LYNDA DRAKE EEVERLEV ANN DRAKE EleAaEYH - DRAKE FENTDN LVNN DEAKE GARL R DHAKE ROBERY UARING DRANEV JOANN CAHOL oRAPER ARYHUR lEuan DRAFER CAROL JEAN DRAPER CAROL LYNN c DRAPER DAVID LEcaANDE DRAPER LINDA GAVLE DRAFER MICHAEL I DRAPER NEAL EDIIN DRAPER nAv L DRAPER RAYMOND PETER DRAPER RICHARD DON DRAPER RICHARD LunAv DRAPER SANDRA JOVCE DRAFER SCOTT LEE DRAPER TERRV P JR DHAFER TMDMAS VILLIAN DRASCHIL DAIN ELLEN DRAIHORN EUGENIA L DRAY SHIRLEY MARIE DNAYYON JOHN NORMAN DRECHSEL JANEY ERNA DRECHSEL SANDRA BETH DREDGE BRUCE MARLIN DREDGE LOUIS STEPHEN BRENNAN LOYD LEIBV DRESSER JON LAUREN DRESSER IILLIAM L BRIGGS ARTHUR IILLIAI DHKGGS DOUGLAS NESLEN BRIGGS GOLDEN K II DRKGGS PAUL CREEK DRIGGS SUZANNE C DRINKIAYER a J JR DRINKIATER JEAN F DFOUBAV IENDELL PAUL DRUMILEH DXANNE KAY DRUNMOND CAHOL LVNN DRURV CAROLYN ANNE 256,370 370 370 405 194 334 470 06 285,322,450 405 315 279 370 370 252 308,370 405 248 405 450 450 450 370 370 405 370 222,223 370 405 313,405 405 370 256 494 405 450 300,425 425 117,370 494 370 370 291,450 330,421, 211,370 117.335 249,305,295 370 421,425 DRURV DOUGLAS DRURV MDNTEEN DRVDEN ELAINE DRYDEN THOMAS EDGAR DU PAIX ROGER DIEM DUBBELD DARIAN LESLIE DUBOIS MARV N DUcE MARSHA DUCE THOMAS F DUCKEYT DEAN I DUCKIITZ NonBERY H o DUCKIORTH MICHAEL H DUDLESYON ANNE KAY DUDLEY DANA DUDLEY DAROLVNE ANNE DUDLEY JANET LYNN DUDLEY LEIIS EDIIN DUDLEY ROGER DURiAN DUDMAN MARJEAN DUEHLMEIER JANNIS DUELL SONNY LUCILLE DUENSING JAMES ALLVN DUFFIN ELAINE DUFFIN KAYHERINE DUFFV NARIANNE DUGAN OARLENE DUKE C FAULXNE DUKE CAROLYN DUKE CHARLES HEEBERT DUKE JOHN HELEKUNIHI DUKE JOVCE MANIARXNG DUKE KENNETH DARRELL DUKE KENNEYH NXLES DUKE LUCRETIA DUKE PHILLIP ROGER DUKELOI EVA LOUISE DUKES PATRICIA DUMHAR RICHARD RONALD DUNAIAV JAMES s DuNaAR DAIN ALXENE DUNBAR JOHN MICHAEL DUNCAN ANNE MAE DUNCAN CHARLES LYNN DUNCAN GEORGE NORYDN DUNCAN IRA DAVID DUNCAN LARRY LEE DUNCAN NVRDN 0 DUNCAN NOEL ANN DUNCAN SUSAN TNAVER ouNcouaE ALVIN PAUL DUNFORD BARBARA DUNFOED GEORGE GARY DUNFORD KRISIENE DUNKXN SIEVEN PAUL DUNLAP VIRGINIA FAVE DUNN ALICE RIGEY CAROLVN JEAN CAROLYN MAV JANET CAROLYN JANET LISZHEYN JXEMIE J JOLAVNE JON NEVERS KAYHLEEN IRENE KATHLEEN JEAN L015 C OLE DON PATSV JEAN ROBERT BRUCE RONALD JANES SHVRLONE SUSAN SUSAN COLLEEN THOMAS REX DUNNXNG PAUL ALLAN DUNNING RICHARD v DUNROE THOMAS BRENT DUNSEATH RICHARD D DUNSTAN YHOMAS JAMES DUNVON JDV ROBINSON nuPAIX LE MOVNE ALAN DUPREV EUGENIE MAE DUPREY KAREN LOUISE DURAN DAVID JOHN DURANT VINCENT ARTHUR DURFEE KARMA DURFEE LINDA DURFEE SANDV J0 DUEFEY JOSEPH MC LEAN DURFEV JUDITH A SMITH DURFEY KEITH A DUHFEV HARVANNE DURFEV RONA DURHAM MARGAREY DURLAND GAVLORD I DURRANY ALICE DURRANT CAYHERIME DURRANY DEBORAH ounnANY NARV ANNE DURRANT SHARON D DURRANY SYEPHEN l DURRANT THOMAS IARREN CURRANT VIRGINIA DURSYELER DALENE DURTSCNK LAIHENCE A DURYSCNI OREN STREET DUSENBERRV KAYHRVN D DUSYIN DELLAS MONROE DUSYIN ERROLL JOSEPH DUTCNER THOMAS LEE DUYKus SHARON LEE DUYRO DONNA JUNE DUTSON CAEOLVN LEE DUTSON LAVERN C DUYSON LORIN LA MONT DUYSON LVNNE VONZEE DDTT SHARON LOUISE DUYV KAY CHRISYEESUN DUVNSTEE FEVER LEE DYE BARBARA JOAN DYE ILA J DYE MAVIE LDRETYA DYE HYRON JOHN DVE IILLKAM ANDREI OVER CHERYL NEIMAN DVER KENNErH EDIAHD DYEC ROEERY GEOFFREY DVRENG MARGARET NAY oYsART RDEERY RONALD uvsARY THOMAS ALVIN DYSON LYNN DZKALLAS IILFHIED E EAus CHARLES GRANT EAGAR JUDITH EAGAR LAIRENCE IEG EAGON LINDA CAROL EAKINS JAMES 56011 EALAND CHARLES D 11 EAOUINYA JovcE KAY EARDLEV DON DAVID EAkL ANYHaNV sEcoNDo EAHL DON LEE 1 274 425 405 405 288,451 451 370 370 425 451 425 405 370 306,451 370 405 370 05 48 425 405 370 405 405 294 370 405 252,370 322 338 425 304 370 451 425 405 425 370 451 145,147,151 370 451 405 370 209 370 356,425 370 EARL EARL EARL ELAINE LYNETYE EVELVN MAV MARILYN MARIE EARL RUTH L1LL1AN EARL SHARON CLEONE EARLE ANDREI SAMUEL EARLE BEVERLY JEANNE EARLEV SUSETTE DIANE EARNESY LDREN STANLE EARNHART VINCENY M EARNSHAI JACQUELYN L EARP JOHN IVAYT EASDON SUSAN HELEN EASDN GEORGE RICHARD EASY RONELL EASTERLING JERRIE A EASVLAND LARRY LANE EASTLEV LEE VERN EASTMAN ANNA MARIA STNAN DONALD LEE EASYMAN ELIZABEYH ANN EASTMAN RODNEY GORDON EASTMAN VAUGHN DAVID EASTMOND ANNA CLARE EASYNDND ELAINE EASYMDND aoBERY JAMES EASTMDND VICKI EASTON KATHERINE JANE EASTON IILLIAM D EAYDN DEAN LAVEL EATON DONALD MONROE EATON EVELVN KAVE EATON RICHARD C JR EAYOUGH CAROLEE Ju EAYOUGH DELBEPY JAY EATOUGH JUDITH ESELKNG NINA MAE EBELING RUDY DEAN EBERHARD CHARLES ALAN EBERHARD DIANE CLARK EBERNARD GARV LEE EBERHARD RAND EBY ROBIN IRENE ECCLES RONALD LYLE ECCLES SAMUEL HARD ECKEL KENNETH GAIL ECKEL ROBERY ERNEST ECKERSLEV SUSAN ECKHARY JAMES CONRAD ECKNART MARY LAIRENCE EDDINGYON ARLENE D EDDINGYON GORDON LYNN EDDINGTON RONALD E EDDINGTON SHARON JEAN EDDXNS ALBERT S ECDY RICNARD C EDENFIELD GRADY L EDENS JANICE LYNN EDENS MATYIE DIANA EDENS HILLXAM JAMES EOESKUTV PAMELA KAVE EDGAR CARDLVN EDGAR CAYHV EVE EDGAR STEPHEN ALAN EDGEL JOHN FRANCIS EDMAN GARV FRANK EDHAN SHARVN ANN EDMXSYON CAROLYN ANN EDNUNDS RXYA MAE EDMONDS ROY IILLIAM EDMUNDS ERENY DAVID EDNUNDS MARY ELLEN EDuUNDS NOLAN JENSEN EDMUNDS SYEPHEN-IAVNE EDMUNDS SUSAN EDSON STEPHEN ROGER EDVALSON ANNE K EDVALSON JDDV RAE EDVALSON MARV LOUISE EDIARDS ANITA MARIE EDIAHDS CAROLYN xAv EDIARDS CHRISYINE EDIARDS CORIIN QUENY EDIARDS DALE I EDIARDS DANIEL IAXNE EDIARDS BARREL EDIARDS DEAN C ECIARDS DENNIS M EDIAHDS JAMES ROLPH EDWARDS JOHN MAGNUS EDIARDS KARL LEE EDIARDS KATNLEEN ANN EDWARDS KEIYM REID EDIARDS LELAND L EO'ARDS LINDA EDIARDS PHILIP JAY EDIARDS RALPH EVAN EDWARDS RAY G EDIAHDS RICHARD ELLIS EDHAHDS ROBERY I EDIARDS SALLY LARAINE EDIARDS SHAHLENE EDIARDS VEENA DIANE EEN LAMONT REDD EFFINGER NANCV E EGAN NERRIYT IINSTON EGAN RALPH DENNIS EGAN RAV MARSHALL EGAN ROBERY MARSHALL EGAN VONETTA ELAINE EGEERT ARCHIE OSBDHNE EGEER' CAROL LEE EGBERT JANICE FELIX EGBERT HARV ANN EGEERT EOEERT L EGEERT SYEPHEN L EGBERY YVONNE B EGELUND LAREV DUIAVNE EGGEN VERNON SYANFORD EGGERTSEN LARS E EGGERTSEN SANDRA KAV EGGETY JAMES LYNN EGGETT IALTER GERALD EGGLESVDN RICHARD FAV EGUARAS EUGENE IARD EHLERS IEREY CHAELES ENRLICH PHYLLIS ANN EHRMANN PAUL JEROME EKCKE LINDA GAIL EISERY JEHHI LEE EIVNER ENERSON REID EKINS JAHES GARY EKINS JOHN GARY EKINS REED R EKPONVONG ATII E EKSTHOM JENENE C EKSYRDM KENT DOUGLAS ELAN DALE PAYRXCK ELCOCK CUR? ELDER DANNY LEE ELDER JOE DON ELDER KAYHLEEN ELDER ROXSANN HEARD ELDER IILLIAM DAVID ELDREDGE HASYINGS J ELDREDGE ROBERT JOHN ELDREDGE SUSAN 340,370 370 264 370 214,252 370 370 114 405 370 310.451 360,370 451 250,251 405 370 397 338 230,254,425 353,354,425 370 334,405 346 357,451 405 292 294 451 370 370 451 370 313,451 405 370 370 451 451 405 370 ELDRIDGE FOREST K JR ELDRIDGE JACKIE LEE ELEN AUSENCKA aARnEnA ELGGREN MARK DANIEL ELGGREN YHOMAS u ELIASDN ALICE E ELIASON DAVID REID ELIASON MILDRED ELIASON RONALD BRENT ELISON CNRISTINE ANN ELIZONDD JAY EHHETY ELKINGTON CLAIR NIEL ELKKNGTON DON JUSEFN ELKINGYON J ELAINE ELKINS SHVAN RICHARD ELLER RUSSELL R ELLEHTSDN ELDEN R ELLGEN LORNA RAE ELLXNGFDRD CRAIG M ELLIOYT DAVID ELIIN ELLIOTT LARRY STEVEN ELLIOTT LVNN EDIARD ELLIOTT "ARSHA ANN ELLIOYV MIKE OIEN ELLIDYT FAYRICIA ANN ELLIOYT RONALD CLARK ELLIOVT ROSS BURDELL ELLIOT? SUE ANN ELLIS BRUCE G ELLIS DALE MERRELL ELLIS ELAINE HOLMES ELLIS GEhALD IAVNE ELLIS JAMES L ELLIS JANE ELLIS JOAN ELLIS LEONARD RAY ELLIS LEONARD v JR ELLIS LINDA ELLEN ELLIS MARY ELIZABETH ELLXS RONALD LEE ELLIS SUSAN ELLIS HILLAHD NOLNES ELLISON DONALD EARL ELLISON LINDA KAY ELLISON MARY ANN ELLXSDR HANNAH D ELLITNORPE Jo ANN ELLSIORTH CHARLES S ELLSIORTH DAVID L ELLSIORYH EVELYN NAN ELLSIORTH GARV RICH ELLSIORTH GARY I ELLSIORTH JOHN ELuo ELLSIORTH JOHN MANN ELLSIORTH KIMBERLEV R ELLSIORYH LINDA L ELLSIORYH LORENCITA ELLSIORYH HARILVN F ELLSIORTN MARV ELLSIDRTH ruonAs J ELIER GEORGE REX ELMER SHELDON A ELSASSER FRANK DONALD ELSMORE JOSEPH R ELYON DAVID K L EHADIPOUR MOHAVOUN EHANUEL TOM IILKES JR EMBRV HEREDKYH GAEL ENERY RONALD IILFORD EMERY SHARON DUNLAP Eula JEANNE FLORENCE EMMETT DAVID THOMAS EIMETT JOHN HUNTSMAN ENMETT JR Rov HXYCHEN EMMETY RUTH CAROL ENMOT RICHARD DWIGHT ENPEV LA DAIN CLOVER EMPEY MARXANN EMPEV MARTIN BLAKE EHPE' PHXLIP H JR ENCE BARTON KENDALL ENCE KENNEYH GUSTAV ENDERS DONALD LEROY ENDERS VICKI MARIE ENDO SYANLEY Monlo ENFIELD FREDERICK R ENGAR JULIE KAY ENGEEHSON RONALD H ENGEL MARILYN YVONNE ENGELBRECHT PEYER I ENGELER ELIA GERTRUD ENGELHARDY JIM CARL ENGER ROBERT RAY C ENGLAND CAROL ANN ENGLAND JOHN LARHV ENGLAND LDIS JANE ENGLAND PATRICIA ENGLAND PAUL ERENY ENGLAND RONALD I ENGLAND RUYH ANN ENGLE AFTDN LEE ENGLE LLOYD ROSS ENGLUND BEYTV GENE M ENGLUND MARY ANNE ENGLUND ROBERT DERR ENGSYRDN DONALD E ENGSYRDM VAL FRANCIS ENKE ELXZABETH M ENKE GLENN GRAHAM ENKE GLENN L ENKE Hutu GRANAN ENLOE NORR1S CARLYON ENNIS KENNEVH JAMES ENOS SUSAN GAIL ENSIGN GARY M ENSIGN RICHARD D ENYIISYLE JIMIY ELIVN EPPEFSDN DAVID SCOYT EFPERSON LAN! SUZANNE EPPERSON STEVEN PAUL EFPERSON VESTA REGINA ERCANBRACK DENNIS L ERCANERACK PAUL R ERDnAN DAVID SCOIT ERDMANN BRUCE IVNN ERDTSIECK EDIARD A EREKSON JOHN ANION JR EREKSON ROSALIE ANN ERICKSEN BARBARA ERICKSEN GERALD IAVNE ERICKSON ANITA ERICKSON CAROL DIANE ERICKSON CAROLYN L ERICKSDN CHAD L ERICKSON DAVID ARTHUR ERICKSON EDGAR ROVDEN ERICKSON FRED IILLIAM ERICKSON JANE? ERICKSON JOHN PERRY ERICKSON KARIN LEI ERICKSON KENAULANI ERICKSBN LENNANT T 11 EnlcxsaN LYNNE RUTH ERICKSON MURKEL J ERICKSDN ROBERT BOYD ERICKSON ROBERT T ERICKSON STEVEN REECE 273 494 426 303 399,405 451 308 121,250.51 370 115,120 425 344 451 451 370 370 451 370 370 370 298 405 426 405 254 394 451 451 405 370 370 426 254 451 452 371 197,425 452 115 405 371 371,405 274 353 426 452 ERICKSDN IAVNE BERT ERICKSON IXLLIAH CARL ERIKSEN ERIK PAUL ERIKSEN HUGO A I ERIKSEN VALANEE J ERIKSSON KARIN S ERIKSSON LINDA JOANN ERKKILA IXLLIAM E ERNST HVRNA SUE ERIIN GLENN ROGER ERIIN JANEY LOUISE ESCALANYE EFRAIM ESDALE PEYER SINCLAIR ESPE KAREN ANN ESPERSON JANICE LEE ESPXNOZA LUIS V ESPLXN MICHAEL DIANE ESPLIN PATRICIA ANN ESGUERRA RONALD LEE ESTES CAMILLE GAV ESYES FHILLIS VERNA EVCHEVERRV IILLIE M ETHERINGTDN MARGARET EUBANKS SHIRLEY ANN EVANS ADRIAN LOUISE EVANS ASHEL ALMOND EVANS EAIRD A EVANS BONNIE KAY EVANS BRIAN EVANS BRUCE ROGER EVANS CHARLES ARGVLE EVANS CONNIE MARIE EVANS DANIEL BOONE EVANS DASHEL D EVANS DAVID GARrH EVANS DAVID LLOYD EVANS DEAN C JR EVANS DEAN KOHLER EVANS DENYON L EVANS DIANA NELROSE EVANS DONALD DUANE EVANS FAUN GAVLE EVANS GAIL PATRICIA EVANS GARY HUGH EVANS GERALD CLAVTON EVANS GLENN A EVANS GREGORY JACK EVANS HELEN LOUISE EVANS JAMES ARYHUR EVANS JANE EVANS JAV MORRIS EVANS JDNN ALLEN EVANS JOHN LLDVD EVANS JUDIYH AUDRA EVANS KAREN ANNEYYE EVANS KENT 5 EVANS LAIRD A EVANS LARRY ALLEN EVANS LOREN PAUL EVANS Louis c EVANS LYNNE CAROL EVANS MAE IARGARET EVANS MARGARET EVANS MARY AT-ooo EVANS MARY ELLEN EVANS MARY KAY EVANS MICHAEL ALEX EVANS PAYRICXA EVANS RAILIN ALBERT EVANS RICHARD ALLAN EVANS RICHARD G EVANS RICHARD JAMES EVANS ROBERT KEN? EVANS ROBERT ROVCE EVANS SUSAN KAY EVANSON DALE EUGENE EVANSDN LINDA MAUREEN EVELAND DENNIS MARTIN EVELYN MARJORIE Lou EVENSEN DEBRA LOUISE EVENSON CHRISTOPHER I EVEREYT ROBERT SNOI EVERETT RONALD MALAN EVEREYY SHARON FAE EVERKLL MARILYN EVERITT ROBYN LEE EVERSOLE UTAINA ALICE EVERY DIANA RUTH EVERYSEN LILA IAV EVERVSEN MURIEL 5 EVEaTSEN TED EUGENE EYES PAUL GARY EIELL LEON IILLIAM EYRE DAVID TED EVRE GEORGE DAVID EVRKNG CARLENE EVRING NARGAREY E EVRING MICHAEL RAY EVRING OBEE JOHN GARY F FAEER "ARV LORRAINE FABRIzIo TaNl DIANNE PACER KATHLEEN PACER LOUISE PACER NoRuAN HOLBROOK FACER PATRICIA JEAN FACKRELL CARLOS F FACKRELL DON MAVLON FACKRELL DOUGLAS C FACKRELL LELA NElLsoN FADEN LESLIE JOEL FAGAN JAMES LEROV FAGAN HICHARD ERSEL FAGER IANDA SANDRA FAGRE RICHARD T FAHR KATHLEEN HELEN FAIL LINDA ANN FAIRBANKS BERT LAMARR FAIRBANKS DAVID IAVNE FAIRBANKS VICKI J0 FAIREOURN CLYDE DAVID FAIRBOURN DENNIS R FAIREOURN KARMEN FAIRCHILD BONNIE LYNN FAIRCHILD DIANE FAIRCHILD JAMES C FAKRCHILD KENNETH JAV FAXRCHILD IAVNE KENT FAIRCLOUGH E LINDA FAIRFIELD CHARLES JR FALER JUDITH ANN FALES LINDA HARV FALES sYEVEN CARL FALKNER STEVEN C FALLER PEARL IRENE FALSLEV AHLENE FANENE TAUVEVE L 284 426 426 426 197 452 426 452 405 371 3H 452 452 494 252 405 244 452 371 215,452 371 297,334 371 426 421 405 426 371 371 405 405 452 298.452 371 371 426 421.296 303.452 405 452,490 71 426 297,452 334,371 348 FANKHOUSEH CURTIS DEE 426 FANNING KENNETH R FANNING THouAs RDV FARAR ueron VERN 275 27 FARHANGI EEHROOI FARLEV DIANNE 8, 79,310 318,452 507 FARLEY LEONA BERDINE FARLEV PATRICK JAV FARLEY REGINALD P FARLEV SHEILA HELEN FARLEV STANLEV BRENT FARLEV HILFORD N FAnuER EILEEN U FARMER JENNIE LVNN FAnMER RICHARD ALLVN FARMER SUSAN FARNES CLVDE WILLIAM FARNES GARY IXLLIAM FARNSVORTH ANNE FARNSNORTH CARL LARRY FARNSHOHYH CHARLOYYE FARNSIORYH DEAN a FAQNSIORTH EARNESY L FARNSVORYH ERROL K FARNSWORYH ERVXN L FARNSHOHYH GRACE E FARNSIDRYH NAROLD Ill FARNSIORTM JR F D FARNSVORYH KARL SMITH FARNSIORIH KENT R FARNSIORTH LINDA Jo FARNSIORYH LINDA N FARNSIORTN nARJnRIE R FARNSIORIH NAch FAENSIORTH RENALD H FAnNsIoRrH REX I FARNSNORYH RICHARD FARNSIORYH RICHARD J FARNSVORTH RICHARD s FARNSIDRYH Rov GENE FARNSIORIH YERESA ANN FARNHORYH RICHARD A FAKE DAVID KENT FARR DONNA JEAN FARE JANICE FARE ROBERT SHIRL FARR STEVEN BLAIR FARR TERESA FARRAR KENNETH IAYNE FARRAR PATRICIA AVIA FARRELL MICHAEL DnNN FARRER J Ross FARRER JOANN S FARRER LINDA SUE FAHRER RAND GLEN FARRIS SANDRA LEE FAYANI zAKARlA VAHVA FAUGHY ROBERY ALMA FAULCDNER JAMES E FAULKENHAM KAAREN A FAULKNER DAVID PAUL FAUSEIT LONNIE nAv FAUSEYY SYEHART JAMES FAUTIN MONTE ROGER FAUTIN PAULINE FAUX EUGENE LAUERENCE FAICEYT HILLIAM A FAISON DONALD ERIC FAISON EVAN CURTIS FAHSON KENNEYH DARIIN FAV RUSSELL D FEARN llLLIAM LINDSAY FEARS ROBERY LAURENCE FEAYHERSTONE DAVID C FECHNER SUSAN ASHBY FEHLBERG ROSAMUNDE M FEHLEISEN GUNDL FEIERAEEND PETER FEINAUER ALVA RAE v FEXNAUER LESLIE L FEINAUER LVNN PAUL FELAND THOMAS F FELIX JAKES IVAN FELIX JAN V FELIX LEO LA VAR FELIZ ANTONIO JR FELLOIS DOUGLAS E FELLOIS STANLEY ROPER 120,420,426 334 371 405 130,114,322 405 371 452 252 452 285,308,371 405 405 371 452 274 194 426 452 371 405 452 426 371 426 297,425 426 253 252 426 114 405 FELSHAI c ELAINE 250,251,285,405 FELT KATHLEEN FELT PAUL ERNEST FELT RUSSELL RAY FELTMATE aElD DOUGLAS FELION DAVID HXLLARD FENN BERNARD JAMES M FENNIHONE LINDA FENTDN ROBERT FEREBEE LORA NADINE FERGUS HOIAHD EDIIN FERGUSON DARLA ANN FERGUSON HAL GEORGE FERGUSON HELAMAN R P FERGUSON HOWARD JERRY FERGUSON ISAAC CLYDE FERGUSON JAMES ELDON FERGUSON JENNIE ANN FEasusnM JULIE K FERGUSON KENY IRVINE FERGUSON LEAH JANE FERGUSON LEONA MAE FERGUSON RICHARD EARL FERGUSON ROBERT E FERGUSON SHARON ANN FERGUSON STANLEY P FERGUSON THOMAS ALLEN FERGUSON TIMOTHY FEEGUSON llLLIAN J FERKOVICH ALAN JOSEPN FERKOVXCH ARDITH I FERNANDES AFRA M FERRELL JUANITA u FEnRIER HALLACE HALL FERRIN ERIC GALE FERRIN J DEANNE FERRIN SANDRA LOUISE FERRXS ALLEN EUGENE FESER MARJORIE JOAN FETTERS BEVHXNE LARUE FETZER JOAN FEUl ERICA FEVKES TIMOTHY A FEY MXCHELLE MARCIA FXDEL SAUNDRA JEAN FXEDLER PAUL FIELD RICHARD E B FIELD Rn! JOE FIELDING ILENE FIELDING JANICE F FIELDING KAREN FIELDING MAX HERNAN FIELDING NADINE FIFE ANNE CHRISTINE FIFE DIANA MAREE FIFE JON HCALLISYER FIFE JDVANNE FIFE KEIYH REYNOLDS FIFE LELAND THOMAS FIFE LINDA ANN FIFE MARGARET C FlFE MERRILL EUGENE FIFE ROBE"? ALLEN FIFE ROGER LAVNE FIFE SUSAN CHElSTINE 508 324,346,405 273 117,405 371 344,361 426 371 371 399 3H 371 313 453 371 405 405 371 120 3H mm NV 405 FIFE HILLIAM suxvn FILES MICHAEL H FILETTI MARY DENISE FILGUEIRAS REGINA M FILLuonz CARHA RIRIE FILLNORE cuarls n FILLMDRE DENZEL LEE 425 FILLMORE MELVIN VERN FILLMORE PATRICIA ANN 371 FILLMORE IADE IRIDE FILLMonE HILLIAM L 371 FINCH CLIFFORD D FINCH JAMES EDIARD 114 FINCH JANICE ROGERS FINCH KAREN 371 FINCH LAURA KAY 426 FINDLAY ANNE L 399,405 FXNDLAY SHIRLEY R 371 FINEGAN YHOMAS EDI FINKLEA JAMES R JR 405 FINLAVSON ANN a FINLAYSON non CRAIG 371 FINLAvsoN KEITH P FINLAVSON LIZEETH ANN FlNLAYsoN MERRILL P FxNLAVsoN STEVEN E FINLINSON BURNIS KENT FlNLleoN DAIN 371 FINLINSON KENNETH H FINLXNSON K171 ROLAND FINLINSON MORRIS J FINLINSDN nos: ANN 348 FINLINSON VANCE J FINNEY CHERYL ANN 405 FloRETTI SANDRA LEA FIRMAGE DAVID HARVEY FIRMAGE GERAthNE 315.452 FISCHER JANET LYNNE 115 FISCHER JDACHIM FISCHER STEVEN F FISCHER VIKI LVN FISCHIO JAMES ANTHONY FISH DON RAv FISH ELAINE 103,453 FISH HAROLD sauce 301 FXSH JEANNETYE p 303,405 FISH LEON ELLIOT 245,322,425 FISH L015 JEAN FXSHEURN JOHN scar FISHER BETTY LUE FISHER CAROLYN FISHER CAROLYN nurn FISHER u JEAN 405 FISMER DARWIN CLAIR FISHER DON LDIELL FISHER GARY vxun FISHER GLEN GARY 242 FISHER JAMES ROBERT 453 FISHER JAN soaoon FISHER JENNIFER L FISHEH Jov MAY 453 FISHER LANCE ALAN FXSHER LAUREL FISHER LLOYD DEAN FISHER MARIE ELENA FISHER NANCY JOVCE FISHER ORVILLE p FISHER nosznr KENT FISHER RONALD JAV FITCH ROBERT H 320 FXTE KENNEYN STEVE FxTr JAY HILLIAH 209,405 F111 STEPHEN DALE 300,405 FIYZGARRALD DIXGHY D 284 FITZGARHALD GARLAN o 213 FXYZGERALD GERALDINE 425 FITZGERALD MAL R FIYZGERALD JOAN 371 FITZGERALD KAYHLEEN FlTlGERALD MAUREEN L 302 FITZGERALD SUSAN FITZHUGH ALVIN L FszJARRELL ROBERYA 0 244,252 FIYZPATNICK DAVID - 133.302 FITZFATRICK JACK J FIYZPAYRXCK SHARON L FIYZPAYRICK WAYNE FJELDSTED DIANE FLAGS JOHN c FLAKE DAVID OIEN FLAKE DENNIS DON FLARE EDWARD VERNERD FLAKE LESYER DENNIS FLAKE ROBERT KENNEYH FLAKE srANLEV MADISON FLAKE VAL KOIALLXS FLAMM JOVCE FLANDERS BARRY NYAL FLANDERS SAHAH JAYNE FLANDRO NAYHLIE 371 FLANNERV LINDA EILEEN 355,406 FLEGG MAE poppy FLEITZ STUARY o FLEMING JAMES EDHIN FLEMING LINDA KAv FLEMING SANDRA LEE FLETENER ALLEN JAMES FLETCHER CLYDE aovu FLETCHER DARRELL DEAN 453 FLEYCHER JUDITH RAE FLETCHER KATHLEEN RAE 371 FLETCHER LAnnv IAIDE FLETCHER MvaNA Lou FLEYCHER RENEE L FLEYCHER ROBERY AvaN 255 FLEYCHER ROBERT L 37! FLETCHER SHERHAN G FLICK ROGER CARROLL FLINDERS GAIL FLINDERS JAY I FLINK CHRISTINE MARIE 371 FLINI DENNIS NOLT FLINT RICHARD ALLEN FLINT SANDRA LEE FLOOD GARY CHARLES 290.291 FLORES EFREN CANO FLORES ENOC 405 FLOI ELIZABETH u FLouE CURTIS GERARD 371 FLDIER nzaaeat VERNON FLDHER JUDSDN H JR FLouER KAV MARIE FLOIERS RONALD c FLOWERS SANAn L FLOYD MERRXYT CHARLES FLOYD PATRICIA GAVLE FLUHARTV LARRY H FLanAN JOHN ROGER FLUHNAN axanao a FLVGARE EDIARO azcx FLYGARE JOHN KAY FLVGE DANIEL IlLLIAM FLYNN SARAH JUNE Focx H LINDA FODERARO noaenr JDHN FonNEs SHIRLEV IRENE 371 F066 LAURIE RICHARD 300 F066 ROBIN LYNNE FOLEY JAEES PAYRICK FOLEY LAIRENCE FAUL FOLKERSEN SHIRLEY ANN FDLKMAN ALAN JAHES FOLKNAN CARMA DIAN FOLKHAN ROBERT C FOLLANDER JOHN MARX FOLSOM GREGORY FDLSTEH DENNIS CHRIS FONG CHUEN FONOYX LETANE MIKE FONTAINE GARY HAYNOND FODRD JOAN EAYCHELDER FOUSE EUGENE RICHARD FOOTE BILLIE JANE FODYE GERALDINE KAY Foot: MARGAREV CAROLE F0015 NANCY FORBES DOROTHY ALICE FORBES GLENNELL FORBES VERNAL DELLOY FORBESS SALLY ANN FORCE MARGARET FOHCZEK LESLIE HALTER FORD CARDLE YOUNG FORD CAROLYN FORD DALE ALAN FORD EDIARD L FORD GERALD PENNY FOHD JAMES ERIC FORD KAREN DAWN FORD KATHRVN MYRTLE FORD Kin EURNHAM FORD LESTER BRUCE FORD ROBERY CALVIN FORD ROGER LEO FDHD SUSAN NATALIE FOHD VERNA JEAN FOREMAN JUDKYH B FDHEMAN MAnlLVN K FORMEV JACK MELVVN FORNALSKX JANET KAV FORRESY DAVID FORREST HILLIAH s FOhS ALLAN E FORSBERG ROBERT J FORSNES VICTOR GEORGE FORSTER JON ROBERT FORSTER PEGGY LUCILLE FORSYTH CARYL VVONNE FORSVTH CHERYL FORSVTM CNERYL JEAN Fouser CRAIG I FORSVTN DOUGLAS R FORSVTH ELKZABEVH FOQSVTH MARXLEE FORSVYHE DARLENE FORSVTHE LANCE LEE FURY DAVID LYLE FURY IILLIAN SHELBY FORYIE MARK HAVNE FORTUNA MARY ELLEN FORWARD TERENCE OIEN FOSSE JOHN CARL FDSSUM DONALD IlLLXAO FOSSUN ERIC PAUL Fossun JOHN H JR FUSSUH KAREN E FOSTER CELIA ANN FOSTER DELURA L FOSTER ERIC DEAN FosYER INA LEE FOSYEH JERALD REED FOSYER JOHN EDIAHD FOSTER JOSEPH DAVID FDSYER JOYCE C FOSYER KAREN LILAS FOSYER RICHARD THOMAS FOSTER ROBERT CLYDE FOSTER ROBERT NDIARD FOSTER SHARON FOSTER SUSANNE H FOSTER IILLIAM DEAN FOTHERINGHAM CHARLES FOULGER DAVID CRAGUN FuuLGER DEANNA H FOULGER GRAVDON K FOULGER SVDNEE M FOULK HILLIAM JOHNSON FOUNTAINE EDIARD GARY FOUSHEE JAHES SCOTT FOUTZ ALICIA FOUTI BRENY FDUTZ CANDACE FOUTZ JAMES EOBERY FDUTZ JERRY IAYNE FOUTZ KELSEV JOSEPH FOUTZ LINDA FOUTl MELANEY SUE FDIERS BLAIRE CARL FDHERS DIXIE LEE FoIERs GEORGE IILLIAM FDIERS HILDA LEDMAR FOIKES CHARLES H FDIKES STEPNEN VANCE FOULER ANTOINEYTE FOILER FRANKLIN D FDILER JANINA FOILER JOHN EMERSON FOILER JULIA ANN FDILER KENNETN GEORGE FOVLER MICHELE FOILER PANELA FOILER STEPHEN KAV FOILER TAIARA GAIL FOILES MARGAREI ANN FOILES ROGER ALLEN Fox ANNEYTE FOX CHAHLES JAY FOX CONNIE MAE FOX DAVID KEITH Fox DAVID THOMAS FOX FHANCES GAIL Fox GRANY HILLIAM Fox JANES ALLAN FOX JAMES A Fox JOSEPH CARL Fox KAREN JEAN FOX KATHLEEN J Fox LYNN ROBERT FOX LYNNAE FOX MICHAEL JOHN Fox REGINALD Y JR FOX RUSSELL ELLIS FOX YHDMAS SDUYH FOV THOMAS IESLEV FRAILEY SANDRA JOY FRAILEV SERENA JANE FRAKER MICHAEL RAY FRAMPTDN ROBERT ALLEN FRANCIS CAMILLE FEANCIS DALE HOLT FRANCIS HAROLD PIERCE FRANCIS DAVID EICNARD FRANCIS DUANE HILSON FRANCIS J IAVNE x 406 494 282,294,295,453 290,300 199,406 289,406 406 306,453 426 453 453 406 121 371 213 453 196 313,453 406 261 453 406 371 371 406 405 279,352,453 426 453 163 426 308 234,239 453 426 421,426 194,37! 120 453 371 245,406 371 252 371 FRANCIS JOSEPH ALLEN FRANCIS Rannr p FHANCIS EDGER F FRANCIS SAMUEL 5 JR FRANCISCO PAMELA FRANCO DENNIS EUGENE FRANCO! DAVID LAnnv FRANCDM JULIE FRANCDM KAREN LYNNE FRANCOM KIRK GEORGE FRANCOM STEVEN FARREL FHANCOM STEVEN PAUL FRANDSEN CHRISTINE M FRANDSEN DIANE FRANDSEN JOAN FRANDSEN MARY CARSON FRANK JAMES EDIARD FRANK LOUISE FRANKLIN IRENE LDREE FRANKLIN JERE c FRANKLIN LARKIN C FRANKLIN NANCY SUE FRANKLIN OLIVIA FRANKOAN ALVAS JOnN FRANKMAN KATHLEEN c FRANKS DON MERRILL FRANKS LYNN l FRANSON JEANINE FUNK FRANSON JOHN KARL FRANYZ BEYTINA LUCIA FRANZ ANNEVA aunron FRANK KAV BURTA FRANZEN JOHN JUDSON FRASEO PAKELA JANE FRAUGHION DONALD E FRAHLEY MARY ANN FRAYNE STUAHT A FRAZIER ARYHUR C FRAIIER ELHER BRENT FRAZIER FLORENCE L FRAZIER JAMES SIDNEY FRAZIER KAREN RUTH FRAZIER LOIS ELAINE FRAZIER NEHMA OLIVIA FREDERICK JAMES LOUIS FWEDERICK RICHARD M FREDERICKS ADRIAN a FREDERICKSON JERRV G FREDERICKSDN SUE E FREORICKSON BARBARA L FREE HELEN LARAE FREE "ARV ANN FREE IENLOCK DUANE FREEBAXRN MARK R FREELAND LINDA K FREEMAN ARDIYN ANN FREEMAN CHARLES HENRY FREEMAN CONNIE LEE FREEMAN DAVID IALYER FREENAN DOUGLAS R FREEMAN JR JOSEPH c FREEMAN KAYE FREEMAN K541 v FREEMAN LAInENcE a FREEMAN ROGER DAVID FREEMAN sue MARIE FREER GEORGE ALAN FHEERKSEN GENE u FREESTONE JOHN vxcron FREESYONE LARNV IAVNE FREESYONE LAVDN FREHNER CLYDE RANDALL FREI JOHN STEVEN FREI RALFN LLovo FRENCH LETTV L FRENCH ROSE ANN FRENCH YHOMAS LOUIS FRENYHEIAV CHARLES J FRERXCMS HORSY FREYHELL RIYA ANN FRIANT REX uAVNE FRICKE HAROLD H JR FRICKE NARGDLEE FRIEDMAN JOEL ROGER Faxeunan JOELLEN FRISCHKNECHT CAROL A FRISCHKNECHT NEIL C FRISCHKNECHY NEIL J anvz voon JOSEPH FRITZ iILLlAM ERIC FRIZELL ROBERY HAROLD FRIZZELL KENNEYH E FRUDSHAM CAROL ANN FROEBE DIANE MARIE FRDEEE KAREN MARLENE FROMH DONALD GEORGE FROM" JAMES PAYRICK FROST COLLEEN FROST sux1n oxaaons FROST TERESA FRY DARRYL uxLLIAM an cnanr REED an JEANINE an JESSE ELTON FRY RAYMOND DANXEL FRY SUSAN ANN FRVAH xAv PHYLLIS FNVE KENNETH LEROY FRYER BRENT cHAnLEs FRVER BRENT THOMAS FRYER KENT HAROLD FUCHXGANI JAMES "ISAC FUENYES o CARLOS M rueuvss snAsno ARTURO FuGAL COLLEEN FUGAL GAIL FUGAL J HILTON FVGAL JERALD MAC FUGAL JOHN PAUL FUGAL KENNETH BRYAN FUGAL MAXINE ROBINSON FUGAYE ROGEAN FUNRIMAN nenasa I FUHRIHAN INGRID T FUHRIMAN JAV RICHARD FananN JERILVN KAV FUNRINAN ROBERT LEE FU8RIMAN SUSAN FUHRKNAN SVSAN JOY FUJA LAIRENCE STEPHEN FUJIMOTO 70M YAHOTAU FUKUOKA cnRxs TADAO FULKERSON KRISTINE D FULKERSON noaenr LEE FULKROD CHERVL LEIGH FULLER CAROLYN IRENE FULLER DENNIS xxnx FULLER ELEANOR GAE FULLER F HESER FULLER GERALD RALPH FULLER JEANNE DIANE FULLER LINDA FULLER NEIL DONALD FULLER SUSAN PAULXNE FULLERTON MARYHA L FuLLMEa BEVERLY xAv: FULLIER BONNIE E 304 194,223,371 406 494 246,426 453 318 453 mu pm pm 9 cm m mm 371 453 371 302,352,453 304 254,256 453 406 453 371 453 406 297 212,213,406 256,328,406 271 406 371 406 371 426 371 426 425 277,406 453 246 454 371 371 244,279 114,426 114,426 297,494 406 454 371 371 301,406 250,251 454 FULLNER DAVID MICHAEL FULLMER FRANK J 273,454 FULLMER GARV LVNN FULLMER JERRV 371 FuLLMsR LAURA LEE FULLMER LUCILLE 250,251,426 FULLMEH uELVIN aLxss FULLMER MICHAEL DALE FULLMER TERRY LLOVD FuLtnN ooROIHVANNE 254 FULTON JAMES YHOMPSON FUNK ALAN VERL FUNK ALLVSON "ARIE 254 FUNK CRAIG SKOLICH FUNK LYNDA FUNK MONA LAVON FUNK nnNALD BURTON 426 FURGESON LYNN MARIE FUHNER JAN TAVLOR FURNESS ELLEN 371 FURNESS MAnTnA JEAN FURNISS vlcxx DEE FURNIVAL DONALD n 333 FURNIVAL nocEn GEORGE FURR JAMES BRUCE FURR RUTH MAE 454 PURSE MARY SUZANNE FURUYANI ISAHU FUSS MICHAEL IVAN FYANS PATRICIA 371 GAEALL JOHN IADE 211 GABBITAS BARBARA JOAN GAaaxrAs DON SAVAGE GABHIELSON LENNAnn s 406 GABV LEHIS PHILLXP xx 274,425 GADD RICHARD sansaN 372 GAFVERT JANE MARIE GAEE NOHMAN J GAGNIER RICKEY RXN 372 GAILEV CATHERINE SUE GAINES DAVID LESLIE 3n GAISFDRD GEORGIA so: 372 GALERAIYH ANN P GALERAIYN BRUCE H GALBRAITH BRUCE JOHN GALBEAITH CAROL JEAN 254 GALERAITH JAMES M GALBRAITH KIRK p 294,299.305'314 GALanAxvn MARGAREY E GALBRAITH PAULEYYE E GALBRAIYH RANDY D GALBHAIYH RICHARD c GALERAIYH noaanr n GALBRAITH ROBERT E GALE ALxce MARIE 426 GALE CHARLES LEnov GALE DARIIN FRED GALE JOSEPH ARYHUR JR GALE NDRD LORAN 254,304 GALE SHERILYN 372 GALLACHER DAVID L 405 GALLACHER JEROLD l 425 GALLAGHER CHARLES F GALLAGHER ROLAND Y 426 GALLOIAY ANGELA FAer GALLOIAV AaLETA 405 GALLOIAY DAVID A GALLOIAV LENNA IRENE GALLOIAY HHETUS JOAN GALLUF JAY nAnK 327 GAMBLEE ELMER GAMBLES PAUL DEAN GAMETT JAMES HELVIN GANEYTE KENT n GAMNELL DIANE 439 GAIHELL ELXlABETH ANN 426 GAIMELL IILLIAM n GAMMON LINDA EDNA GAuMON MVHNA GANT DOUGLAS JAY GANT SYEVEN JOHN GANZ MICHAEL DOMENxc 314 GANZ IILLIAM JOE GAPFIAYER MERRILL GARAV LINDA JANE GAQBE JANE OLSON GARBER LEE JAHN GARBER PAUL JERDLD GARBEYY MICHAEL JACK 454 GARCIA LAURA ROSA GARCIA LEROY EHNEsv GARCIA PEnLA zuNILDA GARCIA VINCENT HENRY 257,297 GARDENHIRE XDA ELAXNEZ45,372 GARDINER BETTV ANN GARDINER CONNIE RAE GARDINEH LoaA JEAN GARDNER ALBERT LEE GARDNER DAHL TDLAND 494 GARDNER DAIRREL G 406 GARDNER BARREL n GARDNER DAVID MARSN 330,454 GARDNER DIANE 230,406 GARDNER DONNA JEANNE aAnoNER DOUGLAS v GARDNER ERMA MORENE 426 324,372 GARDNER GARY I 372 GARDNER GENEAL GARDNER GLEN E 190 GARDNER GLENDA JUNE GARDNER GIENDDLVN 372 GAnDNER HELEN E GARDNER HOMER JAY 426 GARDNER JANET 120 GARDNER JOEL DELOS GARDNER JOHN llLLARD GARDNER JUDXYH LYNN 454 GARDNER KATHLEEN GARDNER KAVLEEN GARDNER KEITH LERov GARDNER KENNETH BRUCE GARDNER LAaAE GARDNER LAnRv EAnL GARDNER LAan NICHAEL GARDNER LEVIEH HENRY 426 GARDNER LILLIAN o n GARDNER LINDA xav GARDNER LINDA KAY GAHDNER LINDA LEE GARDNER L015 JEAN 454 GARDNER MARGAREY GARDNER MARGARET ANN 400454 GARDNER MARILYN 372 GAnonen MICHAEL E GARDNER NORMA ?AYLOR GARDNER NORMAN DAKL GARDNER RANDELL F GARDNER RICHARD MARSH 330, 372 GARDNER ROBERT KENT 406 GARDNER ROBERY uulNN GARDNER kOGEH SHERMAN cAnDNER SHARON GARDNER GARDNER GARDNER GARDNER GARDNER GARDNER GARDNER GARLAND GARLOCK GARLOCK suAaou LOUISE SHIRLEY SUSAN suzANNE TEHRELL REED Tonnv A 20E ANN DEAN GUV DIANA H RICHARD c 372 GARN MILDRED SIDNIE S GARN RA GARNER GARNER GARNER GARNER GAENER GARNER GARNEE GARNER GARNER GARNER GARRARD GARRETT GARREYT GARRETT GARRETT GARRETT GARRETT GARREYT GARRETT GARRETT GARHETT GARRETY GARREY! GAHRETT GARRETY GARRICK GARRXCK GARRICK GARRIOT GARRISO GARRXSO GARRISO GARRISD GARRIYV GARRDI GARRV H GARSIDE GARYHIA GARYREL GARVSID GASHLER GASSAIA GATES C GATES H GAYES 5 GATHERC GATHERU GAYYEN GAUCHAY GAUCHAV GAUDETT GAV DEN GAY FAR GAV FHA GAV LAR GAY MGR GAY RON GAVNOR GAVNDR GEAR no GEARV J GEDDES GEDDES GEDDES GEDDES GEDDES GEDGE J GEDLAMA GEDLAMA GEE HEL SEE KEN GEE LAM GEE LER GEE MAR GEE MAR GEE MER GEE RIC GEHMLIC GEHMLIC GEHR R0 GEHRING LFH FRANKLIN CNARLES c JAV RULON 372 JUANITA LVNN EVAN LYNNE ELLIoYT315,426 M KAYE IAer MARCIA cAv OIEN DEspru PEGGY ANN SUZANNE 372 LAMAR ELIIN CHARLENE 454,490 DON CHARLE5372 JOHN v JR KENT LEE 336 LYNDA c MARIE 353, 406 MARK LERDY 372 HARV Lou 372 PAYRICIA VEE 114,346 PAUL JOSEPH STANFORD OIEN 372 STEPHEN LAMAR STEVE J IAYNE rnouas JAMES c KEIYH DENNxs ROGER STEVEN r Bovn ALAN 421,426 N JOHN MARTIN N MARGARET E 372 N PENELOPE L N ROY DALE EowARn A THOMAS IESLEY aLLY JOY PAIRICIA er onru DAHN L HARV 372 E PETER STUART MAvIs GAY v IlLLIAM s AROL VERONA209,34B ARRV CHARLES VLVIA HARIE372 DAL GLORIA ANN 490 M TERRV JEANE 372 RICHARD H 454 ANN M JANET E DIANE L 325 N15 uAVNE RAL DEE JR NK HILLIAM 11 RV GLEN DEN LEON ALu MARYELL DAVID FREDRICK JOHN DONALD 4m BERT E OHN KEIYH M 454 DAVID HATCH 405 EMIL JOHNSON 256 MARGARET E 256,405 RAv HATCH RoxENE RUTH 256 DAN GAIL 24B, 372 N LLovn EARL u susAN A EN 296 NEW" PAUL 0N1 LYNN l nAIN 60 EILEEN YELL JOSEPH RILL KERR HARD : 372 H Lu JEANNE M n MARx BERT IILLIAM 372 GERALD KAY 426 GEHRING REBECCA 254 GEHRIS GEXSHAR SHERIOOD C JOAN GELDMACHER DAVID LEE 454 GENE! ouNALD KREGEAR GENGLER VICTOR ALLEN 372 GENY BUDDY JOE GENT LX NDA LA DEAN 372 GENT ROBERT RAVMOND GENTRV GEORGE GEORGE GEORGE GEORGE GEORGE GEORGE GEORGE GEORGE GEGRGE GEORGE GEORGE GEORGE GEORGE GEORGE GEORGEL GEORGES GEORGES GERBER GERBER GERBER GERBER GERNART GEHISCH GEHLACH RONALD GUINYON APRVL BEVERLY JEAN 372 CNARLEEN KAY DEANNA DEBRA JANET 372 JoANN 406 NANCY MARIE RICHARD ELDON RICHARD H ROBERY GORDON 454 ROBERT HAROLD 372 ucNALD GLEN 314,426 SHERYL DOSHA L DIANE 353 ON ELAINE c 454 cu MICHAEL E 454 AARON GRANY 200,303 JANET c MAX P PEGGY ANN DNIL c ER VAL nov LINDA LOIS 252,405 GERMER LOIS GEBNER LAHRY LAVNE GERNEY GERRARD GERRKTS GERSCHL GERSZEI GERTSCH GERTSCH GERYSCH GERYSCN GERYSCH ARLENE suE JOAN BETH 371 EN KATHLEEN A ER BRUCE M 454 SKI SUZANNE L 372 CAROLVN MAE 252,372 DARLENE PAUL LAIRENCE425 RONALD LERov TERRANCE E GERUN PATRICIA L A GESLXSON ALLEN s GESLKSON avnou 7 GESSEL JANELLE ELAINE406 GEYYMAN DUANE A 194,372 GETIS LARRY D GHAFFAFI REZA GHANNAD REIA GHO PlNo MARXO o 405 GHOSLIN ROBERY NIXON GIEE ARLAN ROYCE azaa EDITH 252,372 5153 JESSIE 240,372 6153 JOHN DAVID 5153 MICHAEL RAE 250,251,406 6135 PIRKKO M NlEMl 489 6158 RONALD KENNETH Glaa vlcvon NOLAN GIBBDNS BOBBIE s GIBBONS DONALD PECTOL Gtaaous KEITH RAVNONO GIBBONS LELAND BRUCE 454 GlaaoNs VEDDIE E 4n GIBBS nxcuAno HESLEV 454 GIBEV ADRIAN REED JR 295 GIBEV GENEIL ALTA 425 claav LEO unELL 426 GIBBV LYNDA 372 alaav RAYMOND IAVNE GIBSON ARLEA RAE GIBSON CELIA RUTH 372 GIBSON CLVDE OSCAR sxasoN DIANE GIBSON GARY RICHARD GXESON JOYCE GIBSON LARRY MINER GIBSON LOLA HDRKHAN439 GIBSON MARILYN clason NOLAN JOHN GXBSON RULON one" 425 GXOEDN CHARLES ALFRED426 GXDNEV JEANETTE 372 GIDNEY JOHN EVANS GIFFORD CORA BONNE GXFFDRO JEANIE L 2484250551,454 GIFFDRD LEAH HoLLEY GIFFORD SAND! LEE 406 GILBERT DIANE LOUISE 252,372 GILBERT DON JESSE 405 GILBERT EDNA MARGRET 405 GILBERY HERBERT u GILBERT JACK FROSY GILBERT JEAN GILBERT LARK GILBERT LARRV KAY GILBERT MARY JANE 372 GILBERT NAOMI GILBERT PAUL ENSIGN 115,283,399 GILBERT nAvMoND EARL GILBERT ROSALIE 405 GILBERT IlLLARD A III chanon JR JAMES Y GXLCHRXST ARNOLD J GILCHRXST cannon x GILCHRXST THDMAS E GILES CURTIS LAVERL chEs DALE s GILES DAVID SHERHAN GILES DEE SATTERLEE GILES GARY DON GILES JOSEPH EDGAR GILES JOSEPH FRED GILES NANCY GXLES STEPHEN MICHAEL GILES THOMAS NIELS GILGEN DEBORAH GILGEN READ GRANI GILL BARBARA BEATRICE GILL KLINTDN DEVOE GILL pAuLINE ELAINE GXLL RICHARD ARTHUR GILL SHIFLEY GRACE 372 GILLER HELEN DDRCAS 4n GILLESPIE ALAN KENT GILLESFIE DANIEL ALVAZBI,455 GILLESPIE FRANK n GXLLESPIE GARV Rlcxs GILLESPIE LEONARD KAV GILLEsaIE LVNN R GILLESPIE PAuL ALAN GILLESPIE PETREA ANN GILLESPIE ROBERT GILLESPIE SYEPHEN a GILLESPIE IILFORD n GILLEYT DAVID L 426 GILLETT DAVID llLLARD GILLETYE FRANCES LVNN372 GILLETYE GAV 405 GILLETYE JAMES B 286 GILLETTE PERRY c GILLIAM MCLAURIN 5 JR 455 GlLLlAH VIVIAN JONELL GILLICH GARY IAVNE GlLLlE PAMELA LEE GILLXLAN DALE HOHARD GILLXLAND JANICE E GILLILAND NORMAN L GILLXLAND STEVE F GILLXNGIATER ARDELL M455 GILLINGIAYER DAVID u GILLINS stEVEN I 372 GILLMAN ALAN n ulLLuAN GARY iALKER GILLMAN LEONA GILLMDRE DONALD A GILMAN CAROL BEVERLV40$ GILMORE CATHERINE 406 GlLMonE MARY ANN GILMuRE scorv CLAVTONle GXLSEN LELAND GIHSA MAPEN 455 GINES ALYA MARIE 372 GINN EDMUND c GINN EVAN D u JR GKNN rluornv CARL GINN IANDA xAv oxaAuo JDHN LERov serst GARY HASLAM GJEVRE DAIN MARIE GLABE KATHLEEN JUDITH372 GLABE LARRY DAVID 372 GLADE CAROL LYNNE 455 GLADE DAVID SYEVEN 455 GLADE suzANNE LYNNE GLADHIN RONALD s GLASS LOUIS EUGENE27U,272,274,455 GLASSFDRD GUV c GLAZIER coLLEEN GAVE GLAZIER DEIAYNE BOYD 300,406 252 405 25Q406 355,425 426 426 197 406 GLAZIER ELEANOR E 455 GLAZIER LORAL s GLEASON MARLENE L GLEAVE KXNLEV TAYLOR GLEDHILL BEYTE E 312455 GLEDHILL BRENT LAMARR GLEDHILL DAVID c GLEDHILL KENNEYN v GLEDHILL LE ANN GLEuMlLL ROBERT BARRV300,427 GLEDHILL SHERRY JEAN372 GLEED DAVID ALEx GLExu SHERRY ANNETTE372 GLEN llLLlAM GLENN HAROLD svapwen GLENN JUDY ANN 372 278,427 GLENN LINDA LEE u 372 GLENN RICHARD GLENN RONALD EARL GLENN SANDRA LEIGH GLENN STEVEN LUND 320,427 GLENN SYEVEN vnlcnr GLENN vAL DEE GLINES MARGIE 324,372 GLINES ROBERTA JANE GLISSHEYER DARRVL1161354,355,455 GLDVER ooNALn P JR GLqun GARV LYNN GLOVER JAMES M GLOVER LEROY LENNXS 455 GLOVER MARCIA 332,455 GLOVER RALPH JOSEPH GLOVER nEaECCA ALICE 372 GNEXTING JULIA ANN GNEXTING LANNV ROY GOAD nAvnouo JR 103 GOASLIND GARY DEE 405 GOAYES ARYHUR HAVNE 372 GOATES DONNA 455 GOATES LAMAR F GoATEs R LOUISE 303,455 ooaxN RAVMOND CLEMEN1294 GOBLE CAROL ELAINE GouLE GORDON BRENT GOBLE llLLIAM KENT GODDARD ARTHUR MORRIS 455 GODDARD KENNETH DAVID GODFREV GLENN VILLIAM GODFREV KENNETH I GODFREY VALERIE JEAN GODHKN KENNETH a aopuxn STEVEN LEE GDE IILLIAM KENNETH 455 soecherz GERARD n GDESCH KIHBERLE A GoEsuAN STEVEN u GDFF BEVERLY nurn GOFF BLAINE ALBERY GOFF CECIL ELIJA JR GOFF CORA LEE GOFF SANDRA LEE GOING LEONARD MARVIN GOLCHERT HEIDEMAVXE E GOLD CHARLENE ROSE GOLD CHERVL VIOLET GOLD JANET LYNNE GOLD JOLENE MARIE 372 GOLD KELVIN IILLIAM GOLD ROEERY SAXLER GOLDEN CARL IRA GOLDEN JAMES HILLIAM GOLDEN JUNE ROSE GOLDEN MICHAEL J 455 GOLDING PAVRXCIA ANNE GOLDRICK CATHERINE E GOMEZ FERNANDO R GOMEZ MARINA RUTH 276 GOMM RICHARD THOMAS GONGAIARE MARV J0 GONSALVES GERALD P GoNzALEs BENJAMIN 5 255406 GONZALES DANIEL L GONZALEZ ADAME HELID GONZALEZ DAVID M GONZALEZ GERMAN GONZALEZ ROLANDO 5 243,244 GONlALEZ SHIRLEY ANN 205,427 can GERALYN SAu NEE 121 GOOCM RXTCHIE 5 JR 372 6000 JAMES SYEVAN 372 GOOD JUDITH ANN GDDDE MERLIN F GOODE RICHARD BRYANT GooDELL MARY ANN 406 GOODLIFFE BONNIE L 294 GOODLIFFE GLADE F 330,494 GODDLIFFE KEN? PERRY 406 GOODMAN BEVERLY ANN GOODMAN anxcxroau M 455 GOODMAN ELAINE 455 GOODNAN JOHN ANDREI naooMAN MICHAEL anun GOODMAN RAYMOND 1 JR GOODMAN ROBERT JAMES soooHAN SYEVEN HARRY soonHAN IILLIAH NARDY suooPAstR RONALD o GOODRch DAVID ALLEN GDODRICH JAMES RAE 405 uooonxcu KEIYH LLOYD 252,372 GDUDRICH MICHAEL a 194,372 GOODRICH 000015 DEE 427 GOODRICH PARLEY DEAN noounlcn ROGER EVANS GODDRIDGE JOHN H GOODSELL KATHERINE L 406 Goonson CAROL ANN 121,248 GOODIILL ROGER H GOODIILL SANOHA EODDIKN BARBARA LVNNES72 coonnxn BRENY c 372 GOODIXN DANNY EDIXN 372 GOODIIN DAV1D LANCE GODDIIN GENE E 455 GOODIIN MAcv LYNNE GOODIIN NAch GOODIIN RNODA FRANCES 252 GODDIIN RxanRu D GOODIIN ROBERT ALLEN GOODIIN RoNALo GARV GDCDIORTH JOANN Goonuonrn MARIE GOOLD DONALD GARY cucLo LARRY BRUCE 372 GORDON EAREARA JEAN 252,406 GORDON CHARLENE E GORDON nAvxD KENT 405 GORDON HAROLD JAnEs 244 GORDON LINDA 361,372 GORDON MARCIA JANE 255 GORDON 9 MICHAEL 212,213 GORDON RONALD BRUCE GORDON RONALD FARRELL GORDON SALLY JANE GORE ARTNUR DENNIS GORNER HELEN HARGARE74DS CORRINGE KERMA JOAN ooss ARLENE JANET 405 5055 ROBERT PIKE 427 6055 RUTH PHYLLIS 427 GOSSLING RONALD c 427 ccTTFREnsou 503 I GOYYFREDSON MARGENE H GOTYFREDSON IANDA P GOUDGE PENNY sounv KAY DONNA couov MAYTHEI GOUGH DAVID MICHAEL 373 couan JOAN GOULD JANE? LEE GOULD JUDITH ANN GOULD MARGAREY JAVNE GOULD SHARON LEE 455 455 406 GOULD SYEPHEN VICTOR GOULDING GARY EVAN zou,455 GDURDIN PAUL FRED GOURLEV BRUCE I GOURLEY CAROL ANN 245 GDURLEV KENT LOSEE GDHAN NAANUE KENN GOVANS GONERS GRABLE GRACE CHARLES SCDYT NXLLENA CLVDE JAY ROGER ASHLEY 320 235,373 3 GRAEBER MARGARET c 37 GRAEEER susAN GORDON 427 GRAESSER DEBORAH L 373 GRAF ALEX s GRAF JAN MARION 427 GRAFF CHARLES TERRY 134,427 ERAFF CKRISYOFHER c GRAFF JONAYHAN KIRK GRAFF STEVEN GERALD GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAN GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHES GRAMFP GRANAT GRANGE BONNIE JEAN CHARLES RAY CLIFFOHD LAIRD COLLEEN SUSAN DAVID Bnoaxs EDGAR nosenv GARV VAVNE JAMES 3 J0 NELLE JUDITH ANNE KENNETH M LINDA a MAJOR IALLXS uonnxs ANnus RAYMOND LEON 307 RICHARD c naaen1 GARV nnNAL Gannon ROZALYNNE DEE427 THOMAS AnnnEu wlLLIAM JR IALTER a LESLIE KAY KIRK AARON ROBERT HALTER 407 GRANELL GARY NENDELL407 GRANEL GRANGE GRANGE GRANGE GRANGU GRANT GRANT GRANT GRANY GRANY GRANT GRANT GRANT GRANT GRANT GRANT GRANT GRANT GFANY GRANTH GRASS GRASYE GRAVEL GRAVES GRAVES GRAVES GRAVES GRAY A GRAY A GRAY a GRAY a GRAY C GRAY C GRAY D L MARIAN x EDIARD VANCE SAMUEL L JR R JAMES EMERSON IST JAMES H 373 COLLEEN DENNIS CRAIG GARY LEE 373 JAMES u JONN ROBERY KENNETH BRUCE LEn MELVIN MERIIN DARIIN283,393,407 MICHAEL BRUCE MYHNA IALL PEGGY JANNETTE373 ROBERT LOYHAIR427 SUSAN NELL IILLXAM ROBERT Eu JANE ANN HARRIET 11 BARBARA ANN L FHVLLIS s IVAN VEARL JOHN PErER 373 MICHAEL CLANE PAUL LELAND 455 NN HAZEL MARY 407 NN LORRAINE AREARA ANN RUCE LAVERL HARLES PAUL ONSTANCE c ARIUS AIDAN 373 GRAY DAVID JUNIUS GRAY D GRAY E GRAY H GRAY J GRAY J GRAY J 0RDTHY LLEN JEANENNE ELEM JO ANN ACOUELINE EANINE n OHNNY BRIAN 373 346,427 313,455 284 GRAY KAREN 373 GRAY K GRAY K AYHRVN ATHRYN ANN 373 GRAY NOLAN RUSSELL GRAV RONALD oenuxs 373 GRAY SALLY 427 GRAY SHARON KAE 427 GRAY VALERIE LVNN 361,373 GRAY v GHAV I GRAVBE ICKY LYNN 373 AYNE MICHAEL 373 AL NORMA JEAN GREATHDUSE CHARLES V GEEAYH ousE HUGN E GREATNOUSE SUSAN E 373 GREAUX GHEAVE GREAVE GHEAVE GREBE GREEN GREEN GREEN GnEEN GREEN GREEN GREEN GREEN GREEN GREEN GHEEN GREEN GREEN GREEN GREEN GREEN GREEN GREEN GREEN GREEN GREEN GREEN GREEN GREEN GREEN GREEN GREEN GREEN GREEN GREEN GREEN GnEEN GREEN GREEN GREEN nnNNA s PATRICIA 354,355,427 5 PAUL RAND s SUSAN KEITH nov ARDELLA J 407 ARNOLD HARRISON EEAVELVNN BETH BRADLEY HERMAN DIANNE HELEN DONALD vxLLIAM EDHAno JAMES F RAY 455 GARRY EAXTER JAMES CARLVLE 373 JEFFREY scarf 350 JESS L JOEL NDRMAN JON ALLEN JON DEAN JUDY LYNNE KAREN RUYH LANIGENE HANDV LANNY DEE LAURALEE 4 320,355,407 407 456 456 LINDA KAV LLOYD GARY LUCINDA MAY MARCIA HELEN 252 MARTl ALBERTA NITA KAYE 373 PArsv SHARON 427 RANDALL LEROY RICHARD ALYON 304 RUSSELL JOHN 350 SHARON E SHERILVN RUTH SHIRLVNN NELLIE SUSAN LUCILLE TERESA RICCI GREEN TERRY DOUGLAS GaEEN THERESA vvoNNE 373 GREEN VEQN s GREEN uENDv GREENAN JAuES STEVEN 330,407 GREENAN JAY RanRr GREENE ADDISON KENT 298,407 GREENE BRUCE IILLIAN GREENE CRAIG H GREENE DENNIS RAY GREENE JOHN JOSEPH GREENE JUDIYH ANNE 328 GREENE LYNNE R 456 GREENE RAND! GEEENE ROBERT EDIARD 322 GREENE RONALD MAX GREENE SUSAN GREENE VIRGINIA 373 GREENE HILLIAM DUANE GREENHALGH DAVID RAV EREENHALGH GORDON LEE GREENHALGH KAROLVN E GREENHALGH MERRILL A GREENHALGH l TERRY GREENLAND MAxxNE GREENIDDD ANNALEE GREENWOOD DAVID E 373 GREENIOOD DAVID i 427 GREENIDOD DONALD E GREENWOOD GERALD O 373 GREENHOOD JONN LEROY GREENIOOD JULIA ANN 250-1,4u7 GREENIOOD JUNUETTA J GREENHOOD LURAE MUNK GREENIOOD MARGARET GREENVDOD STEVEN EARL GHEENWODD SUSAN E GREENwoan GREEK GILBERT N 346,427 VICKY JILL 114,407 GREER HERBERT RDSSELL GREEK JAMES LANE GREER MIKE HOHARD 456 GREER RAY JEFFERV GREEVER GREEVER JOHN 8 PAUL TAGGART GREGG GEORGIA PARKER GREGG SUSAN LVNN GREGOIRE SIEVEN LEON GREGORY GREGORY GREGORY GREGORY GREGORY GREGORY GREGSON GREGSON GHESHAM GRIDLEY GRIDLEV DONA L GARALD REX HOLLY EYHA JON SEVERN 350 MAHARV SYEPHEN EAnL DONALD LLOYD PERCV c JR YNDMAS A 373 GEORGE ROGER 373 YHOMAS c GRIFF PAUL JAMES 373 GRIFF PAuLA MARIA GRIFFETH LORENZO P GRIFFEV GRIFFIN GRIFFIN GRIFFIN GRIFFIN GRIFFIN GRIFFIN GRIFFIN GRIFFIN BARBARA JEAN 490 ARCHIE DUANE KARL JACK LINDA ANNE LYNNE LUCILLE MARIAN HOLLY 427 PAUL EUGENE 456 PAUL JAY 330,456 WARREN H 294,455 GRIFFITH DENNIS NEIL GRIFFITH FRANCES ANN GRIFFITM QAE ANNETIE GRIFFITHS ELXZABETH L GRIFFITHS GAVLE E GRIFFITHS JAMES R GRIFFITHS JANE? 373 GRIFFITHS JOHN KEN! 373 sansers ROY o 235 ERIFFITHS TNDMAS A 456 GRIFFITHS YHDIAS a 373 GRIFFITHS uxLLlAM LEE GRIFFITTS ulLLlAu E 456 GRIGG BILLIE LOUISE GRXGG LAUREL F GRIGGS GRXGGS BRIGGS GRXGGS GRIGGS CHARLES H 456 EVELVN JUNE HELEN KAREN KAREN JEAN 407 VAUGHN PRAVT GRXLL CHARLES MINARD saans JUDITH ANN 252 GRXMES KENNETH 3 JR GRIMES RICHARD c GRIMES RONALD nay GRIMM HILLIAM KENRV BRINSLEY DONNIE HUGH GRINDER EVELVN RUTH GRINER LVNDA KAY GRISARD THOMAS E GRlsuoRE REGENA 373 GRIX CAROLVN GRDBERG GROEERG GROBERG GRosEiG 427 ELIZAaErH 240 ENOCH J JOSEPH H LOIELL ALMA GROESBECK Jonu P 274 snoesazcx LUE s GROGAN IILLIAH LLovu 407 GROHLER HElNz J H GRDNINGER ROBERT DON GRDO GAVLE JEANNE GROSKI DANIEL FRANC15197 GROSHAN SINAI aaoss JEANNE EDIVH GROSS LEROY JAMES GHDSSNICKLE GERALD L 254,373 GROSSO SANDRA LuctLLE GROTEGUT BERNIECE A cnorH JULIA RAE GROTTING DENNIS ARNE GROVE ANN ELXZABEYH cnovsn BARBARA KELLV cnoven GARY MAX ewoven KENNETH JUSTIN373 GROVER KENT F 373 GROVER LINDA ELAINE anovsn LINDA SHERRV 252,373 GROVER HARVANNE GROVER noaanr SNIVM 252 snoan RODNEV BLAINE 427 cnovsa IARREN ALSYON 255,427 cnovsn uELLs ALSTON cnoves DAVID GILL 373 each DAVID lENDELL JR GRDI JOHN DALE 373 anon KARLEEN DARuE GROI SONDRA REVA 252,325 GROi SYEVART L JR GRUDZINSKK EDDIE L GRUMAN BARBARA ELAINE GRUIELES JOHN PHILLIP GRUNANDER CARL L GRUIELL ELMO L JR GUAY LEILA ANN 359 GUELER aaNNlE JEAN 373 GUELER DAVID CLARK GUBLER EARL ROSS GUELER GUELER GUBLER GREG ILA aAwN JERALD ROYCE 494 GUELER KATHLEEN 509 GUBLER PAMELA GUBLER HENDELL RAY GUDMUNDSON ANN GUDMUNDSON CLAIR h GUDMUNDSON JANIECE GUDIUNDSDN SUSANNE GUEDES RITA CASSXA GUERRA LUIS S GUHIN CHER1 GUILD ELKSABEIH ANN GUXNN HAHLEV DUANNE GUINN PERRY VAVNE GUINN THOMAS IILLXAM 297 407 373 427 115 373 212,213 456 GULBRANDSEN N DOUGLA5350,373 GULBRANSEN MVRNA c GULGRANSON MELVXLLE K GULL DANIEL ALFRED GULL DON STEPHEN GULLEKSON GAIL E CULLINO GUY DOUGLAS GUMNOI J FRED GUNDECKER SHARON I GUNDERSEN KJELL S SUNGLE DIANE MARIE GUNN ALFRED GARV GUNN BETTY JEANNE cuNN chTHlA GUNN GAVLENE GUNN LESLIE ANNE GUNN MARY ANN GUNN RODGER SYEVEN GUNN 5AM BYRON GUNN stANLEV RICNAHD GUNN YHOMAS LEE GUNNELL ROBERY DEAN EUNNELL STEVE JAV GUNSDN CLARK YHEODORE GUNTER ALAN BENNEIY GUNTEk FRANCIS P JH GUNTER GARYH ARLO GUNTER JOHN LEE GuNTHER BLAXNE CARL GUNTHER DAVID LEE GUNYHER LARRV LLOYD GUNYHER MIHIAH GUNYHER PAUL a GUNYNER ROBERY LEE GUNTHER r MARIE GUPTA PREM VAYX GURNEY ALENE EDNA GUHNEY DANA LEE GURNEY ELIOOD M GURNEV KENNEYH BRUCE GURNEV PAUL GRANT GURNEV IALDEN oklN GURR CAROL ELAINE GURR DENNIS RAY GURR ROBERT DEAN GURR SHAUNA COLLEEN GUSTAFSON DUANE B GUSYAFSON PRESYON K GUSTAVESON JERRY F GUYE JOHN PAUL GUTHRIE GARY D GUTHRIE LARRV ROSS GUTIERREZ MARY R L GUTZMAN CANDACE s GUYMON DEAN REED GuvHoN KENNETH VAUGHN GUVMON ROBERT LEE GUVMON TRUDV MAXXNE GUVMON VERNON MELVIN GUZMAN HONEGGER NOEMI GIVNN DENNIS LLOYD GIYNN LINDA ELIZABEYK GNVNN RurH MARIE HAACKE BONNIE ANN NAACKE LANI PAUL HAAG PAMELA JEAN NAAG ROBERY GENE NAAS DEESA NACKEN ROBEEI JOHN NACKETT RONALD D HACKFORD RAYMOND G HACKING DOUGLAS IAVNE HACKING EnilN MERKLEV HACKING LAURENCE J HACKING LELA HACKIYY SANDRA LEA HACKNEY BONNIE BETH HACKNEY LAHRV G HACKNEY MELANIE Lu NACKIELL ALBERT N MADDEN DANIEL LEE HADDOCK GERALD RAY HADDOCK JANET F NADDOCK RANDY DEAN MADDEN SHARA DEE HADDUI CHRISTINA F HADERLIE PAUL F JR HADERLIE EONALD GALE HADFxELD CVNYHXA HADFXELD DONNA BEYH HADFKELD DOUGLAS H HADFIELD ELAINE HAIS HADFIELD JOHN LEO HADFIELD KOVEN LAMONY HADFIELD LARHV u NADFIELD MARSHA LEE HADFIELD MARY LOUISE HADFIELD NANCV HADFIELD WILLIAM E HADLEV KAREN MADLEV MonMA JEAN NADLOCK JAHES CURTIS 456 373 294,295 254 284,407 256 317 407 313 456 456 456 373 407 407 373 373 427 456 373 285,350 456 456 456 288,427 407 252 335 373 489 373 257,456 455 373. 373 373 427 456 373 256,205 HADLDCK JOHN LEGRAND 115,288,456 HAOLOCK VESLEV NEIL HAEREITI TE URUNGA NAFEN ALYSON NAFEN DOUGLAS MAX HAFEN GREGORY EARL HAFEN STEPHEN GORDON HAFEN STEVEN BALLARD HAGAMAN EDIARD I HAGUERV IILLIAM E HAGERMAN ELllABEYH A HAGERVV aanRT D HAGGAaD ALLEN ADLEV HAGGBERG EDWARD S HAGGBERG LINDA LEE hAGGERTV DAVID L HAGGEHYV JOHN FRED 4 2 HAGHKGHK DARVOUSH x HAGHIGHI MOHAMMAD H NAGHIGHI SHAHIN F 427 291.456 5 95 HAGLUND GREYTLE OIEN399 nAGMANN MARK JOSEPH NAIGN JACQUELINE 373 HAlLs JOAN ELAXNE HAILSTDNE RANDV a 350 HAINS'DRYH JEROME C HAKALA GARY R 510 27 NAKES JANE MAKES LORENE KAY MAKES RUSSELL ALAN 373 HALDEMAN LINDA GAVLE427 HALDENAN PAMELA DIANE373 HALDEMAN STEVEN GLENN373 HALE ANN MARIE 373 HALE ANNEYTE 373,245 HALE CHARLES ALVIN NALE DENNIS BURDEYTE MALE DORAIN ROUNDV HALE cuv A HALE MARILYN 103 HALE MAHILVN KAV HALE NICHAEL LINDSAV 373 HALE NANCY HALE RENEE 427 HALE susau HALE TANVA 317 HALE IAVNE ZENDELL 285, 373 MALES CAROLYN 37 nALEs CAIHERINE 352 457 MALES annVL MAE HALES CHERYL OLBERG MALES DAVID A NALES DAVID ALBERT HALES DEANNE HALES DENNIS HALES DON GERALD MALES GEORGE NOEL HALEs GLEN JARMAN HALES HERTHA ISON HALES JANICE HALES JONN LINFDRD 407 NALEs KEl1n ARYMUR MALES RAHLENE 427 HALES RAVMON DRAPER HALES REED YHOHAS HALES RICHARD NAROLD 427 MALES VERA H HALEV JOHNNY aEN 457 HALFoRD SUSAN 373 HALGREN JULIA P HALL ALAN ROGER HALL ALAN scorr HALL ANYONE LAVAR HALL APRIL LVNNE MALL BLAINE DEAN 4Z7 HALL CARL HAYSON HALL CHARLENE R 427 MALL CHARLES PAYRICK HALL CONSYANCE LEIGH MALL DARL LAMAR HALL DAVID nxanno HALL DAIN 427 HALL DENNICE RAE HALL DOROTHY HALL GEORGE RAY HALL GLADE L HALL HOUARD JON HALL IDA ROSE L HALL JAMES stANLEv HALL JEAN HALL JOHN F HALL JovcE MARIE 291 HALL KARMA LEE HALL KEIYH EUGENE HALL KENDRA uthnvr HALL LARRY DONN HALL LAWRENCE STUARY HALL LxNDA JEAN HALL LUCILLE YANCEV HALL LVNEYYE HALL MACK RONALD HALL MARVIN CLARK HALL nnav FRANCES HALL MVRNA LEE 373 HALL FHILLIP CLARK HALL PORTEH JONES H4 HALL RAY HECORD HALL ROBERT EVAN HALL HONALD HXLLIAM HALL SPENCER LEE HALL SUSAN KAVE HALL vnov EDIARD HALL llLLIS JAN 373 HALLACK 540v KENT HALLACK LUDMILA 252 HALLADAY CLARE A KALLADAV JOAN LARAXNE 407 NALLADAV REED ELMO 283,360 HALLADAY scovT J 3M HALLAM ROBERY IALDD NALLER RONALD ANDREI NALLE'Y LINDA a NALLEYT ROBERT A JR NALLIDAV RUIN 250,2S HALLIDAY STEPHEN LYNN 246 HALLING CARDLYNN HALLS FREDRICK DECKER 307 HALLS SUSANNE HALLSTRON SUE ELLEN 373 nALstnuu BEHALDENE r HALVERSON CAROL LYNN 373 HALvonsEN HOEERY c 373 MAMaEanN L1NDA JANE 284,407 197,407 255,407 334,407 427 250,251 uAMaLIN CONNIE LEE 374 HAuuLIN ELAINE HAMBLIN ELLIS u 457 NAMBLIN JAMES KEENE 298 HAMBLXN JANELL 374 HAABLIN JEAN NAHBLIN MICHAEL I 274 HAMDLIN SARAH ANN P HAMBRIEK PAIRXClA ANN 284 HAMBV CAYHV LEE AAMBV SUSAN KAY HAMIDI FEREYDOUN HAMILTON CHARLES MARK HAMILTON DAVID K 439,457 HAMILYON DOUGLAS 6 u6,374 HAMILYON EARLEEN HAMILTON HOIARD MACK 427 HAMILTON JAMES HAnKER hAMXLTON KAVE unlcnr HAuXLYoN LINDA LoulsEBZB, 427 HAMILTON MICHAEL I 33 HAMILTON SHEILA hAHILYON TnouAs A NAMLIN ANN MARIE HAMLING MARY suE FAMHAR DONALD JAMES HAMMEH ANNETTE G HAMMER srepnen JAV hAMMETT CHRXSTINE 374 hAMMOND BEBE DALE 245,374 kAMMONO aavn LEIIS HAMMOND DON LEE HAMMOND GILBERT DEVOE rAMMono HEIDI nanuann JEANNE KAYE nnuunnn JOHN J HAMMOND KAREN Lynn: 457 hAMMOND KEITH DAINES MAMMOND MAX 0430 nAuuouo MILTON LEnov 361,374 135,457 245,407 HANMDND O0AL GENE HAMAOND PAYRICIA HAMMOND RONALD LVNN HAMMOND RUSSELL PAUL HAMMOND SHANNON HAlNOND SHAUNA GAE 252,344 250,251,427 HAHMOND SUZANNE MARIE HAMNONS DEL nAv 277,407 NAMMONS HILLKAM JAY HAMNER CNAHLES HALTER NAMFE NOEL MIRIAM NAKPTON REX nsnasnt HAMPTON VIRGINIA LEE HAN PETER zuua an HANBERG REX stANLEv NANCOCK BARBARA J A 457 HANCOCK CHARLES ERENY HANCOCK DORENE 278,427,457 HANCOCK EUGENE H HANCOCK GILBERT LARON 4427 HANCOCK HANCOCK KAREN JOY HANCOCK JAMES L 407 HANCOCK JESSE DANIEL 421 276,303 LORA SUE NIEKXE RAE 439,457 HANCOCK HANCOCK HANCOCK RONALD EARL 374 STEVE JAY HAND GORDON NAVERN hAND JUDY ANN HAND PATRICIA u 427 HANDLEV CHARLOTTE 407 HANDLEV LARY JAMES HANDLV KATHERINE L015134,374 HANEV HouAan IAYNE HANEY MARVIN DUANE HANEV RAVMOND LEE 374 HANIS MICHAEL MARVIN HANK JOHN LOUIS JH 313 nAleN RONALD IRA 293 HANKINS SHARON EILEEN 301, 427 HANKS ALICE LARSEN HANKS BRENT DAVID 457 MANKS CARMA LEA 374 NANKS DIIGHT hILSON HANKS ELDON DEE HANKS ETMEL MARIE BANKS GEEGORV REED HANKS HANKS JANEAN MARIE JANICE HANKS KAV LxN HANKS nun! NANKS LARRY LINCOLN 427 HANKS MARLENE HANKS NANCV GLADvs 4B, 49, 50,457 NANKS PAYRICIA ANNE 37 4 NANKS HANLIN HANNAH RICHARD KAV KEITH v 320 GAVE MARIE 374 HANNV JOYCE ELAINE 374 HANS SYEFHEN PHILLIP HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN MANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN NANSEN nANsEN HANsEN HANSEN HANSEN MANSEN uANsEN HANSEN hANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN NANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN NANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN NANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN NANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN NANsEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN NANSEN HANSEN HANSEN ALLEN BRENT 374 ALLVN KAY ALONA AMANDA IHEELER ANDHEI H BALLARD c BARBARA BENrE LDE EEVERLV JEAN 340,357 299 aouer MARIE CHARLES IALYER427 CNERE LUE 252 CLAUDIA 308,407 CONNIE J0 374 CRAIG HAVES DALE CLARENCE DAVID DEE 314 DAVID LEON nAvlu PAUL DAVID PAUL 374 DAVID IENDELL 457 DEAN HAURICE DENNIS sern DXANA c 374 DIANE JEAN 374 DOROYHV GAYLE oonovnv L M DOUGLAS DAVID 297,3$ E SYANLEV 457 EILEEN 457 ELAINE ERIC cho 374 ERROL uAc FAVE 374 FRED RICHARD GARRV RXCNARD 374 GARYH u GARY IXLLIAn GEORGE ADAMS GLENN ALLAN GLORIA HELEN LOUISE HouAnu G JAMES v JANE LINDA 3H JANE M JANEAL J 275 JANEY 427 JANICE NIELSON JARED MERLVN JEAN HADELINE JERRI KAY JOHN L 407 JOHN ilLLIS JON LYNN JOSEPH BRENY 427 JOYCE ANN JUDITH 407 JUDIYH L H JUDV ANN 374 JUDY ANN JULIA ANN J KAREN LYNN 374 KAFEN MARIE 427 KAREN IILMA KAYHERINE A KAYNLEEN c 427 KATNV LYNNE KENNEVH Gannon KRISTINE LANE MXCNAEL LARRY BARNES 457 LARRY JAMES LARRY aner LAUNA JAN LAURA LEE 489 LEVI 407 LINDA JEAN LINDA LEE LINDA RAE 305 LORELL J LoulsE a LVNN H HALENE MARGARET MARIE MARK ANYHONY 427 272,274 407 407 us,4s7 HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN HANSEN IARK ELDEN MARV BETH 254 MARY HELEN L MERLIN ARVEL NAN NADHI 374 NECIA DEE NELS ARTHUR 457 PAMELA DEE PAUL anouu RANDV E REED Huxnaaoox 243 RICHARD L 7,374 RICHARD TAVLOR ROBERT ALLAN nanRr R ROBERT TERRY ROSS DEE RUSSELL LEo SHARON LEE 457 SYEPHEN L 457 STEPHEN a SUSAN SUSAN A THOMAS PETER UDA HOLLEY VERNE IHEELER vlchv ANN 374 VICKIE SUE 284 VIRGINIA ANN IAVNE coon HILLIS aovn "5.322 320,457 HANSING LINDA RACHEL MANSON HANSON HANSON HANSON HANSON HANSON HANSON HANSON HANSON HANSON MANSON MANSON HANSON HANSON MANSON HANSON HANSON HANSON HANSON HANSON HANSON MANSON HANSON HANSON HANSDN HANSON HANSON dANSaN HANSON HAO hnv HARAGUC HARBAUG HARBERY HARBKCA HARUREC NARBREC HARDCAS HARDEND HARDGRA HARDIN KARDIN NARDING HARDING HARDING HARDING HARDING NARDxNG HARDING HARDING HARDING HARDING NAKuxso HARDMAN HARDuAN HARDHAN HARDMAN HANDY a HARDY C HARDY c HARDY C HARDY D HARDV D HARDY D HARDY E HARDY F HARDV J HARDV x NAKDY K AnLENE 252 BILLIE LOUISE anooxs x 457 Donn IILLIAu 304 FRANCES JEAN GARY L GLENYCE L JACK LERov JEnROLn ALVIN JOSEFHENE JOYCE SIENSON KAREN LVNN 374 KARLA JOV LOUISE c LVNNETIE v HAHIANNA MARILYN RAE MARILYN ROSE MARLENE uonugu IAVNE pAuLA JEAN RAY ulLLxAM RONALD MELVIN 256 SAuonA JEAN 303'457 SHARON RAE SYEPHEN GERALD SVEVE DUNN 457 TERRY ALLEN lENDELL REED AN HARTE n1 hALLACE K H LEROY IALDo SON LYNN I N JAMES LEE HT noazar nAuL HI SHEHRIE L TLE CRAIG KAY ORF JANE MARIE VE LUEINDA J LAURENCE JAY PAULA LEE ELDON RANDY FRED J 453 lLENE JEAN KAREN LEE LINDA RICHARD M Rannr OIEN STEPHEN D STEVE J u LARRY DEAN GEORGE DEE LAURIE E PAUL IALKER REGINALD F E AREARA JANE NARLES NEaER 374 HERVL KAY LYDE BRIAN AVID CHARLES EAN MARK 252 ouGLAs KAY nuwAno RED LEnAv DAN MARIE AMILLIN M Aanvn 374 272,274 255,374 305,374 301,457 352,458 285,407 298,427 HARDY MARGAREY C HARDY MARILYN SUE NARDV MARV YHUNELL HARDY MARVNNE JOY 252 HARDY NONA LYNNE 374 HARDY PAUL MONROE 3n HARDY RICHARD KE1TH U4 HAROV R NARDV s MARDV Y HARDV T USNTDN v z IDNEV DEE HOMAS FORD xnoruv JOHN 427 HARE TOM Rev MARINE NARING HARKER NARKER HARKER HARKER NARKER HARKINS HARKNES HARKNES MARINES HARLAN NARLESS HAQLINE HARLINE HARLXNE DAVlD RALPH SUSAN GAYLE DENNEV LEROY EVA KAVE JOHN MICHAEL JONN RAV LOIS JEAN JACK IILLIAM S DIANE s GORDON ALAN s IALLACE S JOANNE 374 JULXE x DENNIS D DOUGLAS L JR LLovD A JR 252,374 252 240,374 HARLXNE SHARON ANNE HARLOI HARLOI HARMAN HARMAN HARMAN HARMEH hARMER hARuER hARHER HARMON hARMON HARMDN HARHON NARMON HARMON HARMON JDHN GRONBECH THOMAS G DANNY RAV DAVID RALPH NANCY LYNNE 407 CHESYER v 297 now RICHARD JAMES LA CELL SUSAN CLAUDIA FAVE DAVID KENT oonxs KENNETH REED 407 LVNDA IRENE 374 ROGER MARYIN 427 SHARON M 407 255,374 374 u5.300 458 HARMSION PAUL FLOYD h0RNAGEL GARY LEE rAaNEv PAULINE NACH1N250-$ HAROLDSEN GARY CARTER HAROLDSEN RoNDA E 374 NARP LINDA Lou HARPER ARDIYN R 252 HARDER ARTKUR IILLIAM HAHPER DAIN HARPER GREG LYNN HARPER lva 6 JR hARPEH LEE CRAIG NARPER MARY CAROLE hAaFEn MICHAEL R HARPER RICHARD F HARPER auav JEAN 204 HARPER sAMuEL J 374 HARPER YERHANCE GLENN hARR KATHLEEN HARRELL DANXEL PARKER NARRELL MASON DOUGLAS 399 HARRINGTON CRAIG R 374 MARRINGTON KATHLEEN 309 NARRINGTON R1CHARD R PARRIS BONNIE JEAN 122,340 NARRIS aovu LEONARD 453 HARRKS ERVAN E HARRIS CALVIN RALPH HARRIS CARDLVN 1 n:nats DARRYL IAVNE u7lao7 HARRIS DERROLD DEE HARRIS DXANE GAY PARRIS EARL STANLEV NARRIS GARY LEROY HARRIS GEORGE T HARRIS JAMES JOSEPH hARRIS JEAN PAnTRxDGE HARRIS JOANNA HARRIS JOHN KENNETH HARRIS JOSEPH DOUGLAS 244,230 HARRIS KENNETH ERLCE HARRIS LORIN ANDEnsonzsz HARRIS MARILVN HARRIS MARLENA HARRIS HARLEM: 407 HARRIS MARSHA ANN HARRIS MARY JANE HARRIS NEIL JDSEPN wARnxs NORA HELEN hARRlS PAMELA nose HARRIS PATSV HARRIS RANDV JAV 120,285,374 HARRIS RICHARD DAVID 298 HARRIS RICHARD LESLIE HARRIS ROBERT LAMAH nannxs RonNEv EVAN HARRIS RODNEY J HARRIS ROGER LEE NARRIS nann unxcnr 427 HARRIS RONALD cLEvE 458 HARRIS nos: MARIE HARRIS RUTH 374 hARRlS RUTH LAHRAINE HARRIS SHARRON KAV HAakls SHAUNA ELAINE 285,407 HARRIS SHERRY RAE ANN 427 HARRIS STERLING A r 252,326 252,256 HARRIS YEHX LEE 374 HARRIS YERRELL E HAERIS TERRY G 374 HARRIS TIVLA BALDIIN HARRIS VAL MELVIN HARRISON ALEERY LEIIS 458 MARRISDN aAnY EVEAHD HARRISON BEVERLY JO HARRISON CHARLES HARRISON CLINTON c 407 HARRISON DAN JENKINS HARRISDN DANIEL c 284,294 HARRISON DAVID OWEN HARRISON DENNIS E HARRISON EDIIN E 374 HARRISON EVAN DEAN 256,427 HARRISON GERALD c HARRISON GERALDXNE c HARRISON HARLAN F HARRISON JUDY ANN 326 HARRISON LEON c HARRISON LERov DUKE HARRISON LINDA L 458 HARRISON ORVAL c HAERXSON PANELA 450 HARRISON PAYRICIA u HARRISON PHILIP ALAN 374 HARRISON RAYMOND DALE 427 HARRISON RUTH A HARRISON SANDRA DEE me HARRISON THOMAS PAGE HARRISON VAL HEBER HARnaP GARY GARTH 407 HARsnaEnGER GARV HARSVON DENNIS YUCKER 285, 374 HARSTON uEanlLv HARSION PATRICIA JEAN HART BARBARA LVNNE MARY HANS MDLBERT HAQT HAHOLD BIRD MARY HARRY DELMER 407 MART JACK DEVON 277,427 HARY JOHANNA MARY JULINA MARY KAREN HARY KENNEYH IAYSON HART LYNN IthERToN 300 HAAT MXCNAEL ALLAN HARY MICHAEL HAROLD 197 HARr RICHARD MARsnALL 374 HART RICHARD RAYMOND HARY SHERRY ELLVN MARY YHOMAS EDIARD 334,427 HART VIRGINIA LEE 374 HARTEN VALERIE LYNN 407 HAntHuN PAMELA ANN 374 HARYLEV BRYAN PAUL HARTLEY JANICE sUE 374 HARVLEV LINDA PERRY NARTLEV HILLIAN c 314 nARYMAN CAROL JOYCE 302. 352, 458 HARYNAN LARRY DONALD HAHYHAN MICHAEL JOHN NARYMAN FAYYV Lou 374 HARYMAN llLLlAI ELLIS HARTMAN ZETYA HAURXE HARYNEa LA RUE JEAN HARYSFXELD JAMES MARK MARTVIGSEN JAMES L HARYVIGSEN JEANNE 374 HARTVIGSEN JOHN M HARVEY anucs DOUGLAS 458 HARVEY CAEOLYN POND HARVEV DALE LAuAR HAHVEV JEANIE 407 HARVEV RICHARD L HARVEY THouAs EDIARD 494 NARVEV IILLIAN C NARIARD BHIAN HIYCH HARIARD CHRISTINE J 427 HAR-ARD GARY NEAL 286,305 MARHARD KEITH THOMAS HARIARD Lu JEAN HARIARD MARCIA LVNNE RARIARD RONALD CHAD HARIARD RUSSELL LLOYD HARIARD THouAs oan nARuooo nanRr L 407 HARIODD llLLARD 6 JR NASKIN IILLXAM HARVEV458 HASLAM CLAUDIA HASLAM EVA HASLAM EVELYN c HASLAM sAnv KENNEYH HASLAM LINDA L NASLAH szvn svuAnr HAsLAn VICKY 374 HASLAM IILLIAH BRUCE HASLER BRENT F HASLER anus: DAVIS HASLEa JOHN uALTER NASLER LORRAINE 374 HASLER MAnJoRxE ANNE HASLETON EEVERLV ANN NASLETON GAVLE o HASLETON JAMES DUANE NASLETON RICHARD H 458 NASSARD CNARLES E 374 HASSELFELD JEANELL L 279 HAsssLL ALAN RAY 374 HAssELL EVA L 428 HASSELL GARY EDIIN HASSELL JANICE E 407 HASSELL JOYCE nAsseLL uAVNE LAMAR HASSELL HILLIAM N 256 HASSlNG GERALDINE HASTEY BRENDA JOYCE HASTINGS BAREARA E HASTINGS DAVID IARREN374 HASTINGS LOYAL DEE NASYINGS ROBERY u nArcn AARON L HATCN ALAN LORENZO HArcn BARBARA 453 HATCH BECKV LEONE 375 HATCH cnan JUNE HAYCH DALE HAYCH DENYEN HVRON 375 HATCN ELIZABETH 458 HATCH FRANK uanE hArcu FRED RoLAND HATCH GARY EPHRAIM HATCH GAHV LEE HATCH GERALD LEON HAYCH JAMES BURNELL HATCH JAuzs YNOMAS HATCH JOHN ALEXANDER 2n HATCH KATHERINE HATCH LAIRENCE MARTIN HATCH MAEILVN HATCH 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284 HAuKES GAREYH wARnEN HAIKES GLENN LESLIE HAIKES PAMELA HAwKes DArnchA 428 HAIKINS ALLEN THOMAS NAIKINS BONNIE x NAwKxns BRUCE n NAuKXNs CURTIS CLAUDE 136,458 HAHKINS DOUGLAS c HAIKINS GARY FLOYD HAIKINS JAMES ORAL HAIKINS JENNIFER JILL 458 HAIKINS JOHN MALES 322,3M HAIKINS JOSEPH H JR HAuxle LLovn E HAIKINS noagnr JAMES HAIKINS RONALD xunv HAIKINS susAN KAY HAIKINS ulLLXAM G 428 MAwszonrH JERRY LEE 375 HAHLEV ARDENA LEE nAwLEv CHARLES nanny HAHS BEN FRANK HAIS DELov c nAus ooaovnv RITE HAIS GLORIA JoLENE nA-s ILEEN NAHS JANICE "AIS JANICE RAE 428 NAws LARRV DEE 134,297,494 NAHS MARK ANDaEu HAIS MARY SHARON "AIS RALPH JAV 244,252 NAIS SYEVEN n no HAws vava CLAIRE 407 nAIs renav DELMAR 375 HANS THERON KAY hAlS VAL JEAN HAHS VALERIE NAV LINDA ALICE 252,407 HAYASHI GAIL x 120 HAVEALL PAUL ASHLEY 458 HAVCOCK LYNNETTE 134 HAVCOCK MARGARET L 375 HAVCOCK PAUL uAnLev HAVCOCK ROBERV PAUL HAYCOCK ROLAND HAL HAVCOCK snAaou ELAINE HAYDEN THOMAS JOHN rAves CONNIE HAVES DAVID LVNN HAYES DENNIS MAJOR WAVES EDIARD ELLIUVY HAVES ELIVN E nAvEs JEANNIE x HAYES KENNETH HOIAnD 375 HAYES KnxsrA HAYES MARGARET ANN HAYES MARJORIE ANN 458 HAYES NAch ANN HAVES PAYRIEK IRAV HAYES RALPH IENDELL HAYES naaERI JAMES HAVES SHAREL HAVMAN CHERVL DEE 345 HA?MOND Roazn1 E hAVNDND ROGER L HAVHOND TERRV LEIIS hAVMORE DANIEL n HAVMORE FRANKLIN a 295,453 HAYMORE GLORIA HAVMORE JOHN A 375 HAYMORE RALPH BURION HAYNES BARRY ARTHUR HAYNES Juov LILLIAN HAYNES KAY HAYNES RICHARD scovr HAYNES SHERRIE ANN HAVNIE JON L hAYNlE MARGAREV K 375 HAVNIE onson c FAVS DENNIS Roasnv HAvs MARLEEN HAYIARD sauce JAY MAVVARD LANELL a HAYHARD SIDNEY ELAINE HAZELGREN JON IILLIAM 398 "EADMAN ROBERT ALLEN HEAL STANLEY FIRMAGE HEALEY JAMES hlLauR HEALEV NOLAN LYNN HEAF DANIEL REED NEAP KATHERINE ELCISE HEAFS LAMONT EUGENE HEAFS veccv ELLEN HEAPS RxcHARu ALLVN 459 "EAPS ROBERY LANE HEAFS u KEN 252,375 285,428 283,375 HEARN LXNDA ANNE 375 hEASTON neule xAv hEASYON RONALD GENE 375 HEATH noNALn KIRK hEATH JAMES BRIDGE HEATH JAMES HENRV hsArH MARV MARGARET HEATH MONTY DALE hEArH PATRICE HEATH YEROLEE hEAYON ARLINE HARDV hEAYDN Gsnnv LEE HEAYON KARIN HEATON KAVE BAKER HEATON MELVIN anRLES HEAYON IlLLlAH nee JR HEAVISIDE SUSAN ANNE 407 HEBER GAIL HILHELMSEN HEBERY ANITA ANN Heaenr LVNN a HEBER'SON DAVID HECHTLE RALPH NECK aARaARA ANN HECKER ANGELA KAYHRVN 252 HECKERY CAROL LEE HEDBERG achARD G U6,280 HEDGECDCK c DAVID JR 459 HEDGEPEYH FEED KERR HEDGER SNERI BOWEN HEDGES SIDNEY ELLIS HEDIN INGRID HEDMAN JOHN GlLsERY HEDGUISY FRANCIS JENE HEDDUIST STEVEN ALLAN HEDFICK CHARLES L JR 373 HEDRICK JUDITH x 459 HEELXS DENNIS R HEER PHILIPP Rxanau HEGGIE BRUCE G HEGSTROM Txnornv Gus 283 HEGVESSY CAROLYN sue HEID JANICE JEAN 375 HEIDENREICH FRED L 428 HEIDENREXCH KARL F HEIDER DARRELL LEE 235 HExL HARRY EARL HEILNER SANFORD J HEIMDAL STUART FALLOI HEXN PAMELA RUTH HEINECKE STEPHEN n U5,H6,428 HEINER CAROLYN 401 HEINER LARRV ORVILLE NEINER RANAE HEINIGER JANET E 375 sturz sauce IILLIAM HEXSEL DONALD F 375 HEISIEH LINDA MAE 375 HEXTMANN PHYLLIS LEA uEKEKXA GERALD 225 HELD LOLA ANNA 3H HELLEIELL LXNDA suE 459 HELLE'ELL ROBERT L 294-5,331,428 HELLEIELL VICKIE ANNE 407 HELLSTRDM MICHAEL I HELHANDOLLAR RALPH P NELHES GAILA E HELMS JO ANN HELOUIST BOYD JAY HELauIsT JOHN IALTER HELVEV EDREN MARXE HELIIG DICK ALLAN 428 HELZER COLLEEN HEulNcuAv SHANNA 375 HENMERY aura ANN HEMuERT TRACY DAVID 375 nEuMle ALFRED LANE HEuulNG RICHARD HALE NEMFEL CAROLYN HENRY SVLVXA ANN 459 HEMSLEV A xAnL HEMSLEV SANDRA LYNN 375 HENAGE LYLE FRED HENDERSON ALLAN I HENDERSON ANITA 428 HENDERSON aerrv ANN 428 HENDERSON CAROLE HENDERSON uANxEL N HENDERSON DARVL LEE 407 HENDERSON DAVID B 428 HENDERSON EILEEN HENDERSON ERNEST H 428 HENDERSON FRANCIS E HENDERSON FRANCIS N 286,428 HENDERSON GERALD A HENDERSON GORDON o 375 HENDERSON J wlLLIE NENDERSON JAMES 5 JR 334,453 HENDERSON JAHES L NENDERSON JAN DAVID HENDERSON JANET r 423 HENDERSON JEANNE 407 HENDERSON JOHN 0015 246 HENDERSON JUDIYH A HENDERSON KAREN SUE HENDERSON KXH DEE HENDERSON LEON c 407 HENDERSON LESYER R HENDERSON LxNDA v HENDERSON LYNDA L HENDERSON IENDV JUNE HENDERSON llLLXAM a HENDRIAN JAuES Rov HENDRICKS BRUCE JAMES428 HENDRICKS JAMES VANCE HENDRICKS LLEIELLVN o NENDRICKS MARJEAN HENDRICKS THOMAS GLEN HENDRICKSON BLAINE E 459 HENDRICKSON nova u HENDRICKSON CRAIG L 407 nsnnnlcxsou JANEYTE HENDRICKSDN KAYE L HENDRICKSON RAYMOND x HENDRICKSON ROGER D HENDRICKSON RONALD G HENDRICKSON SHARON s HENDRICKSDN SYvaA HENDRIX CLAIRE HENDRIX DANNY LESTER HENDRIX EVE MCKNIGHY HENDRIX GARY sun HENDRIX JUDITN L HENDRIX LELAND JACOB nENnnlx llLLlAM L 3M HENXNGER JOHN BRIAN 375 HENINGER MONA HENXNGER susAN HENION DAVID L HENKE MARVIN csclL 428 HENKEL onAn RULON HENLEY JANEY KDONTl HENLEY ROSEMARV E 459 HENNESSV JANET L 375 HENNING ANDREA JOAN HENNKNGS CAnoLVN ANN HENNINGSON ROYCE nennxcxssn MARGARET 375 HENRIE DAVID RAv HENRIE GERALD FARRxs HENRIE MAX DEAN HENRIE MERILYN HENRIE THOMAS DALE HENRIE nALLAcE KEITH HENRIKSEN DALE L HENRIKSEN KAREN 5 HENRIKSDN JR ORVEL n 428 HENRIOUEZ SILVIA nanny :HARLES F HENRY CHARLES LAVON 331,375 HENRY CHARLES nannv 313,459 294 317,439 375 HENRY CLAUDE JR 495 HENRY DAROLD D 197,459 HENRY DAVID HERuAN 318,375 HENRY E ANNE LEE 49S HENRY HAROLD naNALD nanny JALENE a HENRY RICHARD FRANK 3H,428 HENRY SANDRA LEE HENSELEN J CLAerN NENSNAI CARL MXYCHELL HENSLEE IESLEV ELLIS HENSLEV SALLV ELLEN HENSON CHARLES ALFRED HENSON CDRA LEE 407 HENTSCHEL wAvNE HEPFINGER FAMELLA RAEI34,340 HEPHORTN RuslnA nzpuonrn SUSAN a 407 nspuonrn IXLNA HERBERT DAHNELLE KAY HERBERY GARY RICHARD HERBERT JXMMIE D nenusar NICHEAL URENY n:nauacen CAROL A HERD PAMELA 375 HERDE MVRNA DURFEE HERENDEEN DENNIS L 197.459 HERGET SHERVL DEDN c HERGET SHIRL LORENlO HERMANSEN CAROL JEAN 252,407 HEHMANSEN DAVID E NERMANSEN SHARVL JEAN 375 HERNANDEZ LARAINE HERNANX ELIANA HERR JANELLE GAV HERRICK JAMES HALTER HERNICK JEANE RAE HERRICK KYLE LlAs HERRICK MICHAEL HEREIN CHARLES sELaV 495 HERRKNG JAMES DENNIS HERZOG CAROL LEONE 375 HESS BARBARA ANN HESS CHERVLE uonEEN 375 HESS DON LEE NESS EILEEN 459 HESS JEANETTE 428 HESS JOHN JACKSON 459 HESS xArHv LOUISE HESS MACLEAN RODERICK HESS MICHAEL D 280,298,428 HESS NILA JEAN 407 HESS REX J JR HESS nose MARV HESSEL sYEVEN RAV 375 HESSENTHALER GEORGE D HESSLER HAROLD LEROY HEIHERINGTDN Y M II 407 HEYTICH KATHERINE 375 HEUSSER BRUCE ALLEN NEH LEN PHILLIP n 459 uEuARo LVMN PAUL 285,375 HEIETY JANE' SulAINE 407 HEIEYT ROGER M 274,428 HEYM JULANA HARLENE nevuoun ANNETYE HEYIOOD JAMES KAY 407 nsv-ooo JANICE HEYIOOD KUMEN LELAND 276 HIATY DALE Lewis NIAYT JOYCE 425 HIArr LUJEAN HXATY DHOEBE ELAINE 375 HIAYY SARAH NANCV 375 HIAIT TAMELA JEAN NIDBERY HOLT I HIBBERT MARIAN nxcx KAREN MAE HICKEN DAVID KENT HXCKEN DONALD CLEGG 280 HICKEN JANE HICKEN JOYCE ANN thKEN KENNETN L HICKEN LINDA JANE HICKEN Lucv HICKENLODPER LARRV L FICKHAN cLAvroN DEE 2H,375 MICKNAN JOHN ulLLIAu MICKHAN MARV 428 HICKNAN RODNEY A HICKS BRYAN KENT 375 HICKS GEORGE IILLXAM su,375 HICKS GORDON M JR thKS JOHN IALLACE HICKS RICHARD CHARLES HICKS STEVEN uALTEn NICKS SUZANNE HORTON HIDALGO JULIO A MIDLEY YHOMAS HARRY 245 HIDLEY IILLIAM PAUL NIGA KENNETH KOSUKE 287,459 hlGBEE DALE wlLLIAM NIGBEE nAvlu NVRON HIGSEE DENNXS FRANK 407 HIGBEE GLEN ALLEN 428 HIGBEE KENNETH LEO HIGBEE LAMOND CALVIN HIGEEE LINDA ANN HIGBEE THOMAS MICHAEL hIEGINBOTHAM KEITH F 29L429 HIGGXNBDTHAM NORMA J HIGGINS BRENDA LA v HIGGINS KAYHRVN E HIGGINS LARRV CHARLES HIGGINS nov E HIGGINS SHARON EVON HIGGINSON ALzINA n 459 hxcsxuson DAVID LEE 248 H1665 YERRV JR HIGHAM LESLIE ANN 375 HIGLEV DARRYL KENNEYH HIGLEV HARVEY BRUCE HXGLEY JILL EASYMDND 459,490 HXLDEERAND JDSEPH R 375 HILDEBRAND FAULA GAY rxLDEaRANDY DAVID A HILDEBRANDT JANCXLLE HKLDRETH GXNNV LOUISE 122,328 MILL ALICE EOXYH 407 HILL BARBARA MARIE 375 HILL BEVERLY JEAN 254 HILL CAROLVN JEAN nILL CAROLYN ROSE FILL CAROLYN VIRGINIA239 HILL CHARLES EUGENE 259 HILL CHERYL JEAN a HILL DAVID NELSON HILL DELLA MAE PORTER HILL DICK D HILL EARL KIRK HILL FERRELL J HILL FLovn ALLAN JR 307 209 274,407 HILL cARv a MILL GEORGE ANNE 409 MILL GEORGE MAnx HILL GEORGXA LEE HILL GERALD GRIFFIN FILL GERALD REED HILL GLADVS MARGARET HILL HELEN LOUISE 375 HILL 111 GEORGE H FILL JANICE NANCV 408 HILL JEANNE HILL JEFFERY BLAINE HILL JXMMV GLENN 375 285,908 HILL JOAN PRAYY 459 HILL JOHN RICHARD HILL Junv ANN HILL KATHLEEN HILL LANA HILL LARRV LYNN 254,256 HILL LAVRENCE ARLo 375 HILL LEE ROY BILL LINDA ANN HILL LINDA LOUISE 375 HILL MARGARET 342,408 HILL MARGAREY LYNN HILL MARGIE 50: H MILL MARNITA c HILL MARY BETH 423 HILL MAVIS uHxTLocx HILL MAX GLAqu HILL MICHAEL RAv HILL NAluA RUYN c HILL PAMELA GAv HILL PAMELA LEE HILL PAYRICA LEE 428 NILL ROBERY IIMMER 305 HILL RONALD n HILL ROSEMARV HILL RUYH LOUISE HILL SANDRA JEAN HILL SHELDON DEAN HXLL susANNE uARxE 307,375 HILL TIMOTHY HARLAND 408 HILLAM n DOUGLAS A 194 HILLAH RICHARD JON HILLCOAY FATRICIA L HILLEnv EDIARD ALTON HILLIER DAVID EROVN HILLIER KATHLEEN Rutn428 HXLLIGAss KATHLEEN w HILLHAN VANCE auv MILLS nAnLENE DIANE 408 HILLS DIANE GEORGIA HILLS JUDY KAY a HILLS LAURENCE NXNG 428 HILLS RICHARD PACKARD 408 HILLS aonALD CREE HILLS Rev c HILLS THOMAS F HxLMo IALYER JACK 483 HILSACA DAMIANDS o HILSMANN FREDRICK R HILTON CARHEL JANE HILYDN uoNNA MAE HILTON JOSEPH ROY JR us HILTON JUDITH JOYCE NILTDN KATHLEEN HILYON LA NORE OLSEN HILTON Roasnr BRENT HILYON STEPHEN HOMER HILTON SUSANNE 252 nxnss CARILVN LonAx HXMES JOHN DEE NINCKLEV CLAHK ERVANT375 HINCKLEY DOROTHY L 428 HKNCKLEY LAVNE D HINCKLEV MILDRED L nxuouAasn DOUGLAS F 344,375 n6,H7,276,459 HanMAnsn MICHAEL I HINDMARSH TED c HINDS CHARLES KERMIT HXNES aAnoLo PAUL HKNKEV JOHN ANDREH HINKLE ROBERT ALAN 338 HINMAN CHANNING LEE HINSON ANDREA c HINTON CAROL 459 HINTON FREDRICK H HXNYDN JAMES LAVAR 428 HINTZE CLAUDIA HINTZE DAVID NELSON HINYZE HELEN 375 HXNTlE JERRY LUND HXNYZE RAVMDND A HXNTlE SHARON HINTZE STEPHEN ERIC HIRSCHE DOUGLAS a HIRSCHI DARL HIRSCHI GUINETTE 285,459 HIRSY JERRY DAUL 408 MIRST LINDA JANET HIRST LVLA H HIRST PAnELA LOUISE HIRST RUTH CAROL 375 NIRTLE JAMES ALLEN HISLDP PAYRICIA HJDRYH TERRY u H0 ANNA GRACE 28 Ho IILSON KEKDA 30 HaAG SUNNY DARLENE 4U HOAGLAND BYRNNA L HOAGLAND DELORES HOOD NOAGLAND DENNIS Rov 299,323,4u HaAGLANo GORDON uuon HOAGLAND JACK c HoAcLANo JANA LEE HOAGLAND JUDITH ANNE HuAGLAND MARK IOOD HDAGLAND IYDMA RANEE noaav EDIARD EARLE HUBSON DAVID CLARK 294 HOBSON MARILYN uAv Hoco DANIEL Louxs o 279,298,428 HDDA BOEAK YAMVA HDDGE CARMA nonEEN 408 HODGE KAREN HODGE LYNN 5 HODGE MARV MARGARET 256,408 HDDGE SYANLEV MILLER 131,273 HonGst DAHRELL L JR HODSKINS EARL - Ill HDDGKINSON DAVID c HODGKINSON GEORGE H noosxxnsou LORNA noocxlnsou YHERON R HDDGSON nxANE HODNETT LENNA 375 HODSON KAREN nooson ROSEMARY JUNE HUDSON ZDLA MARIE 408 HOEFT IILLIAM LA nAnu HOELZER CLIFFORD a 222,223 2 1,459 8 HOEM oEANN 252 HDEN BONNIE HILLAM 428 HDEN JAMES HouARD 459 HDEN JEAN MARIE 408 HOFELXNG CARROLL DoLA 244 HOFFHXENS GERALD A HOFFHAN CAROLE P HOFFMAN GARY BRUCE 375 HOFFMAN NAN sultn HOFFMANN CHARLES F HOFFMAN" conuon E HOFFMANN INGEBORG c 375 HDFHEINS LVNDA J NOFSYEDY KRISYXNE 5 375,252 ncaAN LEE 5 HOGAN ROGER NELSON 428 HOGAN SANDRA LVNN HOGAN scorT HESS 375 H065 HALTER HENDERSON HOGGAN oAvxo LYNN 212,213,420 HDGGAN IESLEV LYLE 459 HOGGE MICHAEL 5 H0665 ROGER1 HELTDN 459.300 NuaLAN ocNALa LINDEN HDGLVND IILFDRU JOEL HOHL BARBARA LVNN 459 HDKANSON DEVON ETSEL HDKE IRMA MARV 292,305,406 HOKE snsanv LVNN HOLBEN MELISSA JEAN HOLDERY ANGELA KAv HOLanoox GURDDN a HDLBRODK HELEN 375 HOLBRODK RONALD CAL HOLBROOK SYEPHEN GARN HDLBROOK VICKI Louise 428 NOLDAVAY DAVID ROBERT HOLDAIAV DENNIS FRANK HOLDAIAY oou REED HOLDAIAY PHILLIP KEN! HDLDAIAY I RICHARD MOLGATE DAN ELHIN HOLGAYE DELBERY JAMES HOLGATE MYRNA Lou 375 HOLLADAY ALLEN ROGER HDLLADAV BRYAN DALE 37E HOLLADAV EARL IAVNE NOLLADAY GERALD 8 M5 HOLLADAY KAaEN J0 408 HOLLADAV KAYHRVN KOLLADAV MARSHA ANN 376 HDLLADAY MELINuA s NOLLAND GRANY K 376 HOLLAND JEFFREY aov HOLLAND JOHN LEE HOLLAND pArnlclA r NDLLAND REEECCA A HOLLAND SONJA JEAN 408 HOLLAND STEVEN YALE HDLLAR ROBERV EARL NOLLEY CHERRYL KAV NOLLEY DENNIS MACK HOLLEV KAY 376 HOLLEY MICHAEL A HOLLIDAY CAROLYN p HDLLINGSHEAD RICHARD HDLLXNGSHEAD RICHAHD HOLLXNGSMEAD ROMA J HDLLINGSIORTN ran 0 245,375 244,376 HOLLINGIORYH ANN 408 MaLLINcuoRrN KAY 460 HOLLXSYER SRIAN G 460 NDLM JAHES aaVANT HOLN RONALD GEORGE NOLMAN ANN 408 HOLMAN DONALD PARL 297 dOLMAN LARRY c HOLMAN MAnIAN HDLMAN MARILYN JANEY HDLMAN ROBERT ANYHDNV NOLMAN RONALD GAVLE HOLMES BLAIR RALPH 460 HOLMES DAVID cannon 5H NOLMES NOLMES NOLMES HOLMES NOLNES NOLMES HOLMES HOLMES GEORGE PRICE GLENN x JAMES CONRAD JOHN JAv NARGIE GREEN PAYSV HILTON RALPH RICHARD RAMA LOUISE HOLMES RONALD E HOLMES VIVIAN JUNE HOLHSTEAD KENNEYH B HOLT DALE ROVAL JR NOLT oAvxn LARRY HaLr DIXIE DEAN NDLT GARV RAY HOLT ssonsa IILSON HOLT HANSON LYNAN hOLY JEANETTE HOLT JOHN HILLIAM HOLT JOYCE ANN NOLT JUDITH ANN M hOL? KAREN ANNE HOLT LAHRENCE PALMER HOLT LOUISE VIOLA NOLT MARCIA HOLT Rocen IAVNE HOLY RUTH BATES HOLYOM DAVE J HOLTOM ZELDA ANNE HOLTDN DIANNA LYNN HOLTON FRANCIS TANNER HOLIaY ALICE s HDLTRY LINDA SULLIVAN nOLvaAK CAROL JEAN HOLVOAK GARTH IAVNE HDLVOAK JAMES ALAN nochAx MARGARE? E MOLVOAK RULON MERLE HDLlINGER FRANCES E HOMER DIANNE HOMER GLAV ALLEN HOMER JULXE HOMER NANCY RUTH NOMEH IILLIAM EVAN kONARKHAH DAVUUD NONE ALTON LERov HOME CAROL NONE NEIL DEE HONEVCUTY LOREN 1 nonsvcurv PAYSV DAIN HONEVCUYT SANDRA L hONEVMAN ROGER ERLCE HONSINGER ANN v 428 HOOD EDIARD CLEGG noon LAURENCE ERNEST noon aoexN ELIZABEYH HOOKER EEYTY LEE nooxs DON c nouns JUDIYH ANN HDOLEV DAVID NEHMAN HDOPER ALAN JON HoovER DOUGLAS ARCHIE woopER KEITH R HODPER SHIRLEY ANN w roovEs CVNYHIA ANN HOOFES DAN FREDRICK HDOPES DAVID anxaxoa,112,3z3,495 HOOPES DOUGLAS EDIARD nuoPEs HELEN KAE 428 NOOPES JANET NOOPES KATHRYN MARIE HOOPES SHAUNA RAE HOOFES STEVEN LAMAR HOODES YEX LEE HOOPS KENT EARL HOOVER DAVID JAMES Hoavsn DENNIS IELLS HOOVER ELLEN JEAN hOOVER RICHARD R HOOVER IESLEY BLISS nope RENE CARL FDPKIN JOHN ARDEN FOPKINS CHARLES R HOPKINS DARLENE HOPKINS HAROLD 3 JR HOPKINS JEANNE MARY NOPKINS MARK DAVIS HOPKINS HARY ANN HOPKINS MVRON J HOPKINSON GLEN s HOPKINSON HAROLD n HOPPER DAVID IENDELL HOFPER RICHARD BUYLER HORD PAancx LEE HORIUCHI ANNETTE AIKO HORLACHER DAVID R HonLACHEn FnEn c HORLACHER LLOYD survn HORN SHERRY RENAE nonNaERcEn ANDREI L HORNBERGER ELDEED n HORNBERGER GILBERT 5 nonuav GLEN Lanv nouns cARMA HoaNE MERRILL HORNE ulLLxAM DOUGLAS MDRNER ROBBIE JEAN nonnucxs DEAN R nonRocxs DONALD VERL HORROCKS TEROLD w HDRRDCKS TERRI LE KoaSEcanF GENE E HORSLEY MAUREEN HDRSLEV RICHARD e HORSLEV ROGER KENY HORSPOOL MARGAREY n HOHYON EVE LOUIS HORYON ILLA MAE HORTON JAMES VEnN HORTON JO ANN non1ou LAURIE K nonrou nanar CRAIG HDRYDN IM RICHARD HOSAC STANLEY JAMES HOSAC SYEVEN HILLIAM HOSCH HEINz L noscn SUSAN MARIE noscnouEn LYNN LISA HOSKIN VELLS LAMAR HOSKINS SALLY JANE HOSKISSON DAVID A Hosxxsson PAUL v HDSKKSSON IAVNE vouua HUSTEYTER LINDA JEAN HDSYLAND xArHLEEN o nou KIANG TIEN NOUDLEYTE CATHERINE HOUSE DARLENE DAIN uouss JAMES CRAIG nous: KAREN KAV HOUSE KATHLEEN 0 HOUSE PAuELA JEAN nous: REVNOLD DEAN HOUSEHOLDER MARGRET A HDUSEKEEPER ARLEN s HOUSEIORYH DONALD E HOUSKEEPER LAUNA RAE 120 460 460 460 319.428 376 376,408 245,376 280,460 376 114,421 460 116,117 408 245 300,344,376 376 408 376 493 248,376 285 460 376 408 460 376 CALL 15 200 288 376 428 460 285,408 231 285 376 460 376 376 246,408 361,376 551 12 HOUSKEEPER TED BRENY HOUSLEV GILNAN JAuEs HOUSTON CLAUDIA R Houvz LA DONNA HDVENDEN ALAN EDIARD HOVER DAVID s HOVER MARILVN HOVEV GLEN REID HouAnn ALICE FAV HOIARD CARV RANDALL HouAnn DONALD HUGH HOIARD GARV RAY HOIARD JACK LANE 334 NovAnD JAMES JOHN HOIARD JOCELYN x 460 HOIARD JOHN vALLAcE MOIARD MARK JAMES HOIARD PAYRICIA HOIARD ROGER ELLIS HDIARD ROGER HALEY JR HDIARD SUSAN E HOIARD TANVU OUINN HOIAHD TERHIL DEE HouAno THOMAS LORIN HOWARD VICTORIA HOIARYH RAE SHXRLENE MOVCROFY STEPHEN EARL now: BRENT HENDELL MOVE DAVID xENr nnuE GRoan RICE HnuE ROBERT avnau JR HDIE VIRGIL CLYDE HOIELL BARTON JOHN JR HOIELL GAV ANN nauELL GLADE FELIX HOIELL GIVN M novELL JOHN ulLLIAM HOIELL PATRICIA HOIELL ROLAND BLAINE HouELL SANDRA JEAN HouELL VAUGHNA JEAN HOIELLS CHAD BURDETT novELLs MARCIA nouELLs SHANNON HOIERV HILLARD M HOIK SIDNEV A HOILETY GRANT SMIYH HOILETT scarf u HDXSEV JENNIFER ANNE HDY THOMAS PAT HOYAL CARL LAunENCE HOVAL JAMES CHRISTIAN HOVAL KAREN Jov 250-51,353,406 HDVAL RALPH PAUL 244 NDYT CALVIN NILYON novr PHYLLIS MAE novr ROBERT REGINALD HOVT TIMOTHY Ann HRDNEK PAMELA CLAIRE NSIEN VING CH1 SUSAN HSU CAROLINE vu vxua HSU CHAK Fu HSU DAVID 0115 Hsu pu CHOU HSU ROILAND HSU 7A1 NSU YUAN FOO DANIEL nu BERNADETTE IANG RL HUBBAED DAVID CHARLES HUBBARD LANI MARIE HUBER BARBARA ROSE nuaER BECKV GAYLE NUEER CAanL HUBER CAROL ANN HUBER CAROLVNN HUBER CLARE A HUBER GAVLE ANN HueEn MAX HENRY HUBER SUSAN MYRYIE HUBER IENDV ELAINE HUCH DANIEL RAYMOND HUCHEL FREDERICK H HUCKSYEP CAYHV c HUDAK svn CLYDE HUDDLESTONE RALPH E HUDNOR JOHN DEE nuusan GAIL ANN nuusou PAMELA ANN HUDSON PHILIP MICHAEL nuosou ROBERY DEVERE HUDSON RONALD roon HUDSON SHARON SUE nuosou IILSDN LEE HUEY DONALD JOHN HUFF BEVERLY ARLINE HUFF SRENY u HUFF CECIL LERAV HUFF CHARLES EVERETT HUFF CRAIG IAVLAND HUFF DUANE JAMES HUFF JEANNE ESTELLE NUFF JOHN DOUGLAS HUFF KAV TAYLOR HUFF KENY IXLLIAM HUFF MXCHAEL L HUFF REECE RANDALL HUFF R055 5 NUFFAKER ARDATH KAY NUFFAKER HILSON RAY HuFFnAN JOHN HENRY HUFFMAN "AVIS o HUFFMAN RAYMOND E HUGGARD DENNIS FRANK nuuclns ELAINE KAY HUGGINS GEORGE LEROY nucaxus GEORGIA CAROL HUGHES ALICE sunnou HUGHES ERONIVN a HUGHES DAVID CRAIG HUGHES DONALD LEnov nuaHEs DOUGLAS KEIYH HUGHES EILEEN LOUISE HUGNES EMILIE HUGHES GLENNA RAE HUGHES HAZEL CARVER HUGHES JAMES strnou HUGHES JEANNETTE HUGHES JIM ARCHIE HUGHES JO ANN nusnEs JOHN NEVILLE HUGHES JOSEPH KENY NUGHES JUDITH VALEENE NUGHES KENNETH LEE Husnes unuv ANN NUGHES RICHARD a nuonEs noaenr REED HUGHES RONALD DEE HUGHES IILLIAH E HUGHSTON GEORGE ALLEN uusnsvon KAREN M HUISH DIANA LEIGH HULET KARAN LEE NULL ALVCE ANN HULL DALE ERNESY HULL DARRELL MILFORD HULL DAVID MARTIN HULL DONALD MARVIN 376 300,423 428 428 271,421,428 376 428 376 428 376 376 460 460 460 248,408 400 337 282,460 282 282,385 376 245,408 352,439,460 114,230,332 301,376 408 376 376 376 376 428 306 376 460 460 376 408 286.460 408 408 361 303 353,376 376 376 376 229 460 450 313,408 376 HULL HULL HULL ELIVN NORMAN GEORGE EUGENE GILEERV IEAVER HULL MARILYN NASH HULL RICHARD DALLEV HULLINGER DAVID SCOT! HULLINGER HAL PENROD HULLINGER LUANA M NULT ARNOLD FRANCIS HUMBERSTONE BRUCE E HUNMEL JOAN HUMPHERVS KAREN L NUMPNERVS LINDA KAY HUHPHREV CAROL LEE HUHPHREY CHARLDYTE A HUNPHREY PATRICIA L NUMPHREV YIHOYHV J NUNPHRIES EUGENE ROY HUMPHHIES MAR JEAN A HUMFNRIES RONALD GLEN HUMFNRIES VIRGINIA HUNDLEY DAVID M HUNDLEV DONALD JARED HUNDLEV JDNN DAVIS HUNKIN ENI F JR HUNSAKER EEYTY HUNSAKER CAMILLA HUNSAKER CURTIS a NUNSAKER DARLENE HUNSAKER DAVID R HUNSAKER DONNA a HUNSAKER JAY G HUNSAKER JUDITH J hUNSAKER JUDY MUNSAKER LINDA HUNSAKER NANCY A HUNSAKER TERRY S HUNSAKER TMOHAS GLENN HUNSAKER vlLLlAM N HUNSINGER KEN G HUNT ANDREI AUSTIN HUNT BRIAN IILLIAM HUNT BRUCE LEGRAND HUN! CARL PAUL HUNT CATHERINE HUNT CECIL ELTON HUNT CHARLES BARRY HUNT CHARLOTTE LOUISE HUNT CHARLOYYE LYNN HUNT CHRISYENA F HUNT CHRISYINE F HUNT CLARA MARIE Hunt DARRELL RAY HUNY DAVID JANES HUNT ETHEL CHARLOTTE HUNT JAMES MELVIN HUN? JOHN ELHDOD HUNY JUDITH ANN HUNT MERRILL R HUNT PAMELA HUNT REGAN G HUNT RICHARD LEVI HUNT RKLEV ALAN HUNT "OBERY DON HUN? ROBERT JOSEPH HUNT ROGER LEE HUNT RONALD HAVNE HUNT RONNIE ANYNONY MUNT YERRENCE ALLEN HUNT VIVIAN MARIE HUNYAMER KAYHRVN L HUNTER ALISON HUNTER BARNEY LEONAKD HUNTER BETTY ROPER HUNYER BOYD M HUNYER CARL OIEN HUNYER DANNA LYNN HuNYER DELILAH MARIE HUNTER DENNIS J HUNYER DIANA RUTH HUNTER DOUGLAS ALLEN HUNTER GARY REED HUNTER GREGG BROUGH HUNTER JANE HUNYER JILL CATHERINE HUNTER JOHN LARRV HUNTER JON Cl HUNYER KENNETH LAHONY HUNYER LARRY B MUNYER LESLIE HDIARD HUNTER LINDA HUNTER LINDA HUNTER LVNDA JOY HUNTER MARIJANE L HUNTER MARJORIE K HUNTER MARLOI c HUNTER SUSAN HUNTER IAVNE ALDEN HUNYINGYON ELIZASETH HUNTINGTON RAY LYNN HUNTLEV JAMES DOUGLAS HUNTLEV JOHN CAMERON HUNTSMAN ALICE A HUNTSMAN KEITH SMITH HUNYSMAN MARILYN DEE HuNrsuAN MICHAEL ALAN HUNTZXNGER EALPH L HUFE KAREN LOUISE HURDLE CHARLIE MARVIN HURN CAROL ANN HURREN IEILER REEDER NURST BYRON LLOYD HURST ELDON IINFIELD Hunsr HENRY HAYNE HURST JAMES CHARLES NURST KAREN SUE HURST LANA DIANE HURSY HARXLVN HURSY MELVIN DHIGHT HURSY MICHAEL YERRV HURST HILLXAH MELVIN HURST IINSYDN EAVLES HUSKEV LVNDAL L HUSSEY MICHAEL lAYNE HusY SHERRY EVELVN HUSTED DIANE DUNFORD HUSYED ROGER CLARK HUTCH FAYRICXA JANE HUTCHENS YERRV a HUTCHEsoN DONALD H HUTCHINGS BARBARA A HUYCHINGS BRENY R HutcnlNGS CALVIN LEE HUTCNINGS CAROL t Hurcnluss DORIS V HUTCHINGS JANET E HUTCHINGS JOSEPH DEON HUTCHINGS JULIET HUVCNINGS KAREN HUTCHINGS KAREN LAURA HUTCKINGS KAYNLEEN HUTCHINGS LARRV T HUYCHINGS KARCELVN KUTCHINGS MARV ELAINE HUYCHINGS SYEPMEN a HUYCHINGS suANA HUrCHINs ROBERT c 376 461 428 278 404 490 428 4H 408 376 461 461 376 4M 297 408 376 428 275,403 461 250 300 286 461 121 376 408 408 355,408 428 115,116,428 461 408 428 461 408 376 376 376 319,399 408 428 428 376 461 408 428 298,428 376 376 245,376 302 HUYCHINSON HUYCHINSON HUTCHINSON HUTCHINSON PEGGV v HUYCHINSON RAY J JR HUTEHISON SNEILA HUYEHISDN HALLACE I HUTTO PAYRICIA ANN HUXVABLE HUGH MATIER HUYEI'Y S'EFHEN R HVAYr MARGARET SUSAN HYATY NANCV MAE HVBSKMANN GRETCHEN A HVDE BEYYY FREDA HYDE CAROLYN HYDE DAVID HENRY HYDE IILLIAM PALMER HYDE llLLlAM THOMAS HVER ELAINE HYER LUCILE HYLAND CYNTHIA LEE HVMAS CLlNr HYKAS STEVE HVMAS STEVE LAVERNE HYNEK LAVNE LEE BRUCE S CAROL ANN HELEN L IBBETSON JOHN DAVID IBEEYSDN NONAVEE 5 IBSEN MARJORIE RUYH ICKES RODNEY DENNIS IEREMIA ELlu s lLER SUSAN MARIE ILLUM STEVEN FRANCIS INDERMILL LDHRAKNE INGEBRIGYSEN EVLVN R XNGOLD DIAVNE ELMER INGRAM AILEEN INGRAM BARBARA JEAN INGRAM LINDA MARIE XNOUYE DONNA RAE INOUVE GERALDINE lNoUVE RONALD N lNoqu SYEPHEN KARL INVUODS BESSIE SUE IPSON DAVID KELLER IRONS DAVID IRONS JANET CLAHA IRVINE MARLOU IDLSEV IRVINE MARY IRVINE PAYRICIA ANN IRVINE REGINALD J JR IRVINE RONALD NEIELL IRIlN kosENARV M ISAAC ALLEN LEROY ISAAC KAVE KARXE ISAACSDN DOUGLAS E stAcsoN JEANEYYE M ISAACSON NELVlN LEON lsAAcsoN IILLIAM E ISAKSEN DALLAS EUGENE ISAKSEN NENRV LED JR ISAKSEN KRISYINE ISAKSEN YINOTHV D ISEELL VICYOR KENNEYH ISEMINGER GERTHUDE A stov DAVID FOSIEH ISOI-I KELLY HOOD 150M MICHAEL RAY ISON RICK EMERALD 150M SANDRA IVERSEN SHEILA RAE IVERSON IVAN NED IVERSDN MARSHA IVERSOM PETER CHARLES IVEY EDIIN RICNARD IVIE JAMES aaucE XVIE LEIIS V IVIE RHEA IVINS JAHES ?DDNEY IVORY DEAN PAUL Ivanv HDIAHD KEITH XVDHV MICNAE- BOVD IlAYY HELEN FELIX XIAYT JnHN DIIOND ll IZAYT VELDDV C J JACK A-RER? IICHAEL JACK DAISY MAEUEEM J JACK DDROYHEA DAIN JACKLKN HARD.D JACKLIH LEROY DRVID JAEKNAN AHTHUH ROLAND JACKMAM DIANA LEE JACKMAM RICHARD VEE JACKSON c BRENT JACKSON CARL MAVNARU JACKSON CAROLE JANE JACKSON CLARK GIFFORD JACKSON CONSYANCE E JACKSON DAVID ROBERT JACKSON FLINT R JACKSON GREGORY A JACKSON HARVEV PHXLIP JACKSON JAMES LEE JACKSON JANEY JACKSON JOANN JACKSON JOHN NEIELL JACKSON KELLY LEROY JACKSON LINDA Lou JACKSON LOLA COLLEEN JACKSON MANALVN H JACKSON MARILVN JACKSON MARVIN NEAL JACKSON MICHAEL LVNN JACKSON MICHAEL R JACKSON MICHAEL Rov JACKSON NORMAN ANYHDN JACKSON PRESYON Louis JACKSON RICHARD H JACKSON RICHARD Y JACKSON RIEAARD l JACKSON ROBERY a JACKSON ROBERY rAVLoR JACKSON RONALD E JACKSON RONALD SIDNEY JACKSON SKERLAND E JACKSON STEPHEN r JACKSON SUSAN J JACKSON THONAS L JR JACOB EDIARD GRANV JACOB IRVIN HALL JACOB JANEY EILEEN JACOE JERRY coLlM JAcoa KAYHERINE Y JACOB MARILVN JAcoa Rut" JAEOB SUSAN RAMDNA JACOBS ALAN KEITN JACOBS EROVCE G 375 376 245,376 423 256,461 408 276 376 376 461 286 461 408 301,324 301 376 277 376 376 428 408 302,376 408 319,376 376 377 428 426 377 461 408 286,461 461 302 338 377 300 353 278,377 372,461 276,461 351 377 258 223,286 223.377 355,428 2232377 283 408 293 399,408 408 324,377 277,346 JACOBS JACDBS JACOBS JACOBS JACOBS JACOBS JACOBS JACOBS JACOBS JACOBS CAROLVN LEIGH CARRIE JANEr CLAIRE LAHRENEE ROGER LEO RALF-I LYNN SEARS MAKILVN MARSiA NANEl'TE PARLEY BALDIIN RICHAQD IES' DOUGLAS L HENRY H JR JEFFREV F JERRY DEE JERRY IARREN JJ E LLOYD :OBERY Lvd MERLE MICHAE- v SAVJRA J 51ANN04 KAY SJSAV SV.VAN G E? CNERILVN A RDSANNE J BARBARA BETTY LOUISE CARDELL K CNRISTV LYNN DALE RUSSEL FREDERICK G KAREN MARIE JAccasM JACOBSON JAcoaSON JACOBSDN JACOBSON JACOBSON JACOBSDN JACOBSDN JACOBSON JACOBSON MARSHA E JACOBSON RICHARD FAY JACOBSON ROBERT M JACOESON VICKKE ANN JACOBSON IILLIAM G JACQUES JOEL C JAEHNE DENNIS BRIAN JAMES CONNIE YVErIE JAMES CVNTHIA JEAN JAMES DONA LARENE JAMES HAROLD c JR JAMES JOSEPH JOHN JAMES KEN ROBERY JAMES MARILEE JAMES Monnls HAMILTON JAMES PADDY RANDY JAMES RHONDDA c0115 JAMES RICHARD IILLIAM JAMES RICHARD ulLLxAN JAMES ROBERT ADAMS JAMES EMERALD uENuELL JAMES THOMAS ARTHLR JAMEsoN BRENY L JAMESON DAVID GEORGE JAMESON LEO RAV JAMESON RICHARD G JAstaN CAROLYN DALE JAMISON GARY JENSEN JAstoN LOIELL TVLER JAMISON SHERYL LEE JANDA GLENN ARNOLD JANES CLYDE ARTHUR JANSE JAN PETER JANSE JULIE ANN JANSEN DIANE JANSSEN GAVLE ELAINE JANZEN FREDERICK V JARMAN ARTHUR LAVELL JARMAN c GILL JARHAN DAVID COLLls JARHAN LELA ANN JARRETT KENY LYNN JARVIS DONALD IAVNE JARVIS JANES NEIL JARVIS KARL JAnvxs KENNETH ALAN JARVIS KENNEYH EUGENE JARVIS ROBERY GEORGE JARVIS stRLEv ANN JASINSKI MARK HESER JASPERSON aovn HALFH JAVNE FRED EUGENE JAVNES LA VARD DEE JAVNES ROY RUBERY JAVNES VICKI ANN JEANSELME JANICE JEDEKA LLovo F JEFFERXES BRUCE M JEFFERXES KENT ARCHIE JEFFEHIES LVNN MURRAY JEFFERIES IlLLlAM L JEFFERKES WILLIAM H JEFFERS DARROL LEONE JEFFERS JUMN TERRV JEFFERV AULENE JEFFERV CAROL ANN JEFFENY CONNEE JEFFS ERNESY PAUL JEFFS FNYLLXS JUNE JELxNEK ARLETTE JEMISON IILLIAH F JENCKS LANCE HARDLD JENKINS CLIFFOED L JENKINS DENNIS REN JENKINS DON HENYz JENKINS DOUGLAS JENKINS EDITH CONNIE JENKINS EVAN CLDV JENKINS GARY c JENKINS GARY EUGENE JENKINS JAMES l JENKINS JEAN C REESE JENKINS JOSEPN ARLEN JENKINS LORRAINE H JENKINS LVNEYYE JENKINS LVNN AARON JENKINS MAX EVAN JENKINS JENKINS JENKINS JENKINS JENKS KENNErH Enos JENNINGS GORDON MINL JENNINGS LINDA KAVE JENNINGS RICHARD DEAN JENSE DEE IESLEV JENSE GRANT K JENSE HARLEV IESY JENSE LEONE BURCH JENSEN ALAN GERALD REBECCA RxannD LYNN 254.256 428 256.377 377 283.377 377 377 321 377 4Q 377 377 408 408 209 461 276 377 461 306,461 461 408 377 311 254.408 377 323 461 377 377 461 408 461 429 PAMELA ELAINE377 301.377 RONALD ALVIN 256,429 429 305 JENSEN ALAN IILLIAM 451 JENSEN ALBERT 1 JH JENSEN ALICE MELREE JENSEN ALLEN ROVCE JENSEN ANN JENSEN JENSEN BARBARA RAE JENSEN BOVD C 3 ARNOLD IILLIAH 120.461 0 377 JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN BRENDA GRACE BRENDA KAY 462 ERUCE NEuELL CAREN COOPER CAROL FAE 377 CAROL LAURAINE405 CAROL MARIE CHAHEE LYNN 352 CHERYL conINNE462 CMRlelAN cnaxs11u N CLAlnE uARIE 377 CONNIE CONSYANCE 250,251,428 DALE EVEREYT DANIEL LEROV 377 DAvxn FRANKLIN35L408 DAVID uxLLIAM DENMARK L DENNIS LAvov DIANA KAY DIANE DIANE DIANN E DICK A oaN CLIFFORD DONALD KENT DONALD NIELS DONALD THOMAS DOUGLAS VANCE 337,462 EARL nxcnnnn EDIARD JAV enutn RUSSELL EILEEN ANNEYYE252,429 346,462 429 ELISABETH a 452 ELIlABETH ANN ERMALOU EVELYN RUTH FRANK HOIARD 429 FRANKLIN CLAIR GAR ELLIOTT 255 GARTH LAIRENCE GARY LEE GARY NORGAN GARY O GAVLE GAYLE LORRAINE GAVLVN MARIE GEORGEANA GERALD LEE GLORIA JEAN E NARVEV EUGENE IDA LUCILE JAMES A JAMES BURT JAMES RICHARD JANICE JANINE JAY EDIIN JERALD LEE JERRV LOUIS JOAN EVELYN JOHN JAY JOSEPH DELRDV JOYCE EDKTH JOVLENE JR FREDRICK L JR LEE 5 JUDITH KAREN KAREN E KAREN ELAINE n KAREN MALINE KARLA JEAN KAYHLEEN KAYHV JOAN KAV kEITH SYEIART KENNETH VAL KENNEYH HAVNE LARAINE LARRV DAME LAunxrz ALVIN LESLIE LINDA ANN LINDA RAVE LINDA RAE LLDVD ERUCE LUUXSE Anus LYNDA D MARJORIE L MARJORIE RUIN HARLA LEONE MARLENA MARIE KARLVN KEITH MARVIN I 377 408 429 429 429 409 377 429 300 377 400 304,377 342 315 299,462 JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSEN JENSON JENSON JENSON JENSDN JENSON JENSDN HARREN c JR IILLIAM BERTON HILLIAM CRAXG IILLIAM D CONNIE JEANNE D PAUL DENNIS GEORGE KAREN HUN! LUANNE MARGARET K JENSON MERRILL BOYD JENSDN SHERRY ANN JED JACK GARNER JEFFERSON DENNIS GALE JEPPESEN LYNDA LEE T JEPpESEN MARVIN KENT JEPPSEN ROBERT IVNN JEFPSON DAVID IlLLlAM JEFPSON IRENE JEPPSON KAREN JEPPSON LEE ARLINGTON JEPPSON REEECCA JEPPsoN TAMARA ANN JERMAN NANCY RAE JERNIGAN MARGUERXTE 5 JERNXGAN ROBERT C JESKE DEAN FRANK JESPERSEN ROY SOREN JESSEE REED KENNEYN JEssnP DELLANE GORDON JESSOP HOWARD LYNN JESSOP J0 ANNE JESSOP TERRY IAYNE JEYTER ROBERY ALLEN JEIELL JAMES J JEHELL TOMMY E JEIEYY IHENE JEX BHVAN TUTYLE JEX DAVID IILLIAN JEX FLORENCE MARIE JEx GORDON IDOLLEV JEx JAMES DONALD JEX JERRY L JEX KEN? TUTTLE JEx MARILYN JEK ROBERT FRANK JEX HODNEV HXCHAEL JEx SYEPHEN MICHAEL JIACOLETYI PHVLETTA JIACOLETTI RAYMOND JIMAS BARBARA ANN JIMAS JAMES ROBERT JIMENEI JERI J08 JANICE NARILVN JOBSIS ADRIANUS C JOE TA! YOUN JOHANNSON GAVLE ADAIR JOHANSEN Anvuun I 3 JOHANSEN JAMES SIEN JDHANSEN KA'HRYN AhN JOHANSEN MARK B 3 JDHANSON RICHARD JONN ETHEL THERESIA JONN RICHARD DUANE JOHNS CAROL MARIE JOHNS DENNIS IILLIAM JOHNS JAMES SEvEan JOHNS LAVNA JOHNS MARYHA LEE JOHNS RICHARD STANLEY JOHNS ROBERT uxcuAEL JOHNS SALLV ANN JONNS SHAaON nurn JOHNSEN ALTA ANN JOHNSEN ANNE LISE JOHNSON ALAN nannr JOHNSON ALBERT LVhN JDNNSDN ALICE x JOHNSON ALLAN H JR JOHNSON ALLONA KAE JOHNSON ANN 3 JOHNSON ARlC anuc: JOHNSON BARBARA ANN JOHNSON annanu c JOHNSON BARRY LE nov JOHNSON aERrrL INGE JOHNSON BESSIE ALDEN JOHNSON BEVERLY BEYH JOKNSON BEVERLY E JOHNSON BONNIE LVhN JOHNSON BRUCE uxnn JOHNSON BRYAN c JOHNSON BYRON A JOHNSON CALVIN J JOHNSON CARL MAURITZ 377 400 351.429 285,409 256,377 3471347 377 429 462 115,285 252,409 429 377 222 409 300 377 252,409 377 205,209 377 15 77 377 250-51 377 429 77 254 284 409 285,377 377 MARY CAMILLE MARY DONNA MELBA VDNEAL MELBURN K MEHRILVN IICHAEL GARTH non? K NAOMI JEAN NEILS EDIARD NELLIE CLARK NOLA ANN NDKNAN GERALD OLIVER a PEYEH DAVID PHKLLIP HANDLE FKILLIFS HILEV n LYNN RENEE REX BUCKLEV REX FAV RICNARO HICNARD RICHARD RICHARD RICHARD RDBERY C ROBERY JAMES ROBERY IAVNE NOGEH HILLIAK RONALD GRANY RONALD RAV SANDX SANDRA DEE SHARILVN H SHARON ANN SHERYL ADELE SONJA JOVCE STACCIE STANLEV DON SYEPHEN CLYDE SFEPHEN HENRY STEVEN DALOV STEVEN HOIARD SYE'ART ALLEN SUSAN Jov TANYA THELMA VXLSON THOMAS LDIELL TONVIA BASYIAN rREscorT EARL VALORIE S VIRGINIA MARIA BRENT DENNIS GROVER LEE LYNN 377 4Z9 462 319,377 377 297,452 334 429 354,356 377 462 305,351,408 489 326 462 292.429 377 377 377 377 377 250.251 JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JONNSDN JOHNSON JOHNSDN JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSDN JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNsoN JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JDHNSDN JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON CARMA TAYLOR CAROL CAROLYN CAROLYN CAROLYN E CAROLVN LEE CAYHRVN 256 annLES LVhN CHRISTINA JO CHRISTINE a CLARE s CLARENCE E CLARK CALVIN 114 CLU$F llLLlAM COLLEEN CONRAD s CRAIGE DANXELJSI cunrxs DALE 409 DALE EDiARD 254 DALE LEE 303,462 DALE RICHARD DANA DANIEL ADANS DANIEL AEIHUR377 DANIEL c DANIEL xAv DANIEL LEROY DANNE AOON DAVID c 285 DAVID cLlNTON300,429 DAVID LEE DAVID s DEANNA JEAN DEE LAFAUN DELDY GLEN DENNIS CRAIG DENNIS DEE DXANE DIANNE DON a DON BVRON DONALD LDV DONNA LYNN DDNNEYT LARUE288,429 E KIM 429 ELAINE ELAINE MAE ELEANOR ELENA ELIN BARBARA 377 ELIZASEYH ANN409 ELIXN LLova 244,409 409 348,429 120 377 462 JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JDHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JONNSON JaHNsON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JONNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JDHNSDN JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON EUGENE EVELYN F LARA FRANCI FREDRI GEORGE GLADE GLEN K GLORIA GORDON HAGAN HAL LA HARVEY HELEN HOLLY L REGINA377 E s BRENT CK LEON I RAVMON0377 Enulr J E s DENNIS VELL 462 DIANE HOSE B HOEARD R INGER JACOUE JAMES JAMES JAMES JAMES JAMES JAMES JAMES JAN JANE? JANET JANICE JANICE JANICE JANNINE MARGEET409 LYN ERIC HARNUN KAY 337 RUSSELL256,409 squ TILDEN HXLLXAM 409 EVELVN MARIE KAV M MARY 409 377 429 JEAN REBECCA JERALD ARYHUR JERALD LEHOV JDAN EVALINE JOANNE 199 JOHN A 377 Jenn DAVXD JOSEPH EDIARUZ37,409 5 JOY Lv JDVCE JUDITH N 28 CYNTHIA ANN JUDITH B JUDIYH JUDITH JUDITH u JUDI'H JUDY CAROL JULIE KAREN KAREN KAREN KAREN KARIN LEIGH LOUISE 377 RAE 252,377 409 ANN Lou LYNN MERENE 7 37 409 KAYMLEEN A KAYHLEEN H KATHRVN ANN KAYHV SUE KAY FALnER KENNEYH LEE KRISTEN JOY KRISTINE LARRY LARRY 37B 328 ARDEN G LELAND A LENORE ANN LEROY LESLIE PAUL LINDA LINDA LINDA LlNDA EDIIN 286 FAV LOU LOUISE LUE 409 462 LINETTE LORALEE LORRAINE LOIELL RALPH LYLE DUANE MALCOLM CLUFF MAkGARET ANN MARGARET K 378 462 286 409 252 378 MARGUERITE A MARIAN KAV MARXLVN 252,409 409 0AHILVN HARILVN MARILYN uAnlLYN 378 409 ANNE DIANE LEE NARK H MARK THOMAS MARTHA LOUISE MEREDKTH DAIN 285,378,462 NEREDITN N MICHAEL G MICHAEL MICHAEL MICHAEL MILDRED MILYON NILYON MUHELL nYRNA NANCY A NANCY L NOEL HV NOLA MA NORMAN PATEICK PAUL ST PEGGV A PETER N PHILLIP RALPH E RAYMOND RAVNOND REESE H RENA HA REYNOLD RXCHARD RICHARD RICHARD RICHARD RICHARD HAL JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JONNSON JoHNsuN JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSYDN JOHNSTON JOHNSTON JOHNSTON JOHNSTON JOHNSTON JOHNSTON JOHNSTON JONNSYON JOHNSTON JOHNSTON JOHNSTON JOHNSTON JOHNSYDN JuHNsroN JONNSYON JOHNSYON JDHNSYON JOHNSTON JOHNSTON JOHNSTON JOHNSTON STEVEN IAVNE SUE ANN SUSAN SUSAN MABEL susANNE SYDNEY ANNE FERRY w rERRv uARREN YHELMA ROSE THEODORE A JR YNDNAS H YRELVA A rnuuv KNELL VAN LYLE VAN RICHARD VENICE VICKIE ANN VICKIE LEE leA ANN M IENDV LEE IILFDRD BRENY IXLFRED L WILLIAM ALOIS ANN M Y ANNA LOUISE ANNE BRKSCOE BEYVV JOANNE CALVIN NEALE CARL FERRON CATHERINE A COYY RANDAL CYNYHIA E DAVID BRIAN ELAINE MARLIN DEE JAMES NILE JAV ORVEL JAV RONALD JEANETTE LEA Jo ANN LYNN SUSAN MAR? JANE NDRMAN PAUL HICHARD I SUSAN MARIE JOHNSTON YERRV HAYNE JOHNSTON HALTER JAMES JOHNSTONE FRANCIS I JOHNSYUN JOYCE F JOLLEY ALAN DNAVNE JOLLEV ARBEN KIRKNAM JOLLEV BEVERLV RUTN J JOLLEY CHEHXE KAY JOLLEY CRAIG L JOLLEV DEAN LYNN JOLLEY GLORIA GAY JGLLEV JOANN JOLLEV JOELVNN JDLLEV LEE ANDREI JR JOLLEV kARILvN JOLLEY RONALD LVNh JOLLEV VAL RVAN JOLLEV VERNON CALVIN JOLLEV VERNON FERRIL JONAS RAYMOND VINCENT JONES ALAN MAHVXN JONES ALECIA ANN JONES ANN ELIZABETH JONES ARLENE JCNES BARBARA LYNN JONES EEVEHLY KAY JONES BONNIE LYNN D JONES BRENDA KING JONES BRENY M JONES BRIAN IXLLIAM JONES ERIGHAM PAUL JGNES BRVAN JONES BRVSON H JONES CARL RICHARD JONES CAROL ANN JONES CAROL MARGARET JONES CECIL RYAN JONES CHERYL ANNE JONES CHESYER REED JONES CHRKSTOPHER JONES COLLINS BRUCE JONES CONSTANY LAVERE JONES DALLAS IILLIAMS JONES DANIEL LOUIS JR JONES DAVID HINCKLEY JONES DENNIS FRANK JONES DENNxs KIRK JONES BENTON LENN JONES DONALD LYNN JONES DONALD RAV 409 254,256 429 205 429 290.409 409 285,378 378 133,409 115,340,378 362 254 121,370 370,223 275,409 323 462 378 409 378 462 378 79 114,429 348 292,409 427 429 378 121,321,462 409 378 409 JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JUNES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JDNES JONES JONES JONES JDNES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JnNEs JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JDNKE JoosT JORDA JORDA JORDA JORDA JORDA JOHDA JORDA JORDA JORDA JORGE JORGE JORGE JORGE JORGE JORGE JORGE JORGE JORGE JORGE JORGE JORGE JORGE JORGE JORGE JORGE JORGE JORGE JORGE JORGE JORGE 288,429 121,429 MARY LDU MAnv MARGAREY MAX ELDON MELVIN ROBERT HERLYNN KNXGHT MICHAEL HENRY MIRIAM vAMELA MONA LAINE c MONTE JAMES II 197 MVRNA ANN 326 uvnun DEE NANCY CAROL NICHOLAS nElo DDETYA LEE PAMELA GAVLE PAYRICIA ANN PEGGV ANN PHILLIP R REUEL MCMILLIAN RHEIM ERINTON RICHARD DORAL RICHARD FRANK RICHARD HOLY ROBERT ALLEN ROBERT ALLEN RCBERY CLIVE ROSERY naNNxs ROBERT INNAN a nnaERr PAUL nuaEnr SYEVEN RODNEY ALLEN ROGER KAV ROLLIN GARTHE RDNALD DAVID RONALD YAYLOR ROSALIND BEA ROIEN cox RUYH MAY SALLV ANN SANELLVN c SAMUEL E a SANDRA BDDINE SANDRA LEE SHARON HAV SIEQRA SUE STEPHEN KXEYH SUSAN SUSAN LARAINE SUZANNE TERRY EARL TIMOTHY MELVIN VAL BRENT VALERIE VERA G VIOLA FAY 250,251 IALYER BRENT 409 IARREN JEHELL llLLlAM IRIIN IILLIAH LYNN IlLLlAM ROIE WILLIAMS GLENN IVNNErTE L 429 250-51,378 340,429 332,340 344,373 409 378 319 244 378 378 490 378 334 378 360 378 256,328 133,378 254 lOLA BETH 429 v DEANNA DAIN 409 EN JOHN anxa N BARRY DUANE 319,429 N CAROLYN LOUISE N FLORENCE n N GERALD s N JULIE GALOVZCH N KAREN sue N LARRY BENNEYY N RAY ARMSYRDNG 453 N HILLIE I JR NSEN BRUCE IAYNE NSEN BRYCE IAITE NSEN CLARA a NSEN nonxs E J NSEN DOUGLAS L NSEN ELMER CLAY NSEN GLENNA ROSE NSEN xsnEAL c NSEN JEANINE NSEN KENNETH L NSEN LOUISE H NSEN LVNN NSEN MARILVNNE N NSEN MAX L NSEN ORRIN v NSEN PHILLIP T NSEN aouov A NSEN SYANLEY L NSEN WAYNE MARK NSEN IN ALAN NSON JAMES snort 252 296,463 VAN YOUTS KEITH LEE KAV NN AVINIA RON RIE KAV A L ANLEV NNE EKLS DHIN BANKS PERRY Y KENT EARL ERIK LEE R x R114 NARXE ROBERT ROBERT ROBERT ROBERT RanRv ROBERT ROBEET ROBERTA HOLLAND RONNIE RULoN H RUSSELL ALLEN DOVLE IVAN x LEE MARION I A DEAN LEE K RUTH ANN SAUNDHA SEVERIN LEE v SHAHA LAREE SHERRIE SHIRLEY LEE MAY erPHANIE M SYEPHEN SYEVE M STEVEN LLEH STEVEN LOUIS 378 462 378 378 284 328 378 120,493 429,252 370 409 309.409 462 JONES JONES JONES JONES JCNES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JCNES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES JONES DONNA LYNN EDUARD STEPHEN EDlAED TANNER ELAINE ELAINE FRANCES ERMA ELAINE EUGENE CARBINE GAVLE LORAINE HAROLD EDHIN hEeEu KAY HEBER IARREN HEFIN HELEN HUBV HDBARD LEON nOIAnn IAYNE JACK HADE JAMES NELDDN JAMES WILLIAM JANET MARV JEANINE JEFFREV KEITH S463 JEFFREY L JENNIFER JERALD IXLFCRD JESSIE LEONA JOHN EMERV JUDIYH ANN JUDV ANN JULIE ANN JULIE MAHGARET KAREN BDDINE KAREN LEE KAREN SUE KAYHRYN KATHV SUE KENNETH EVAN LARRY HARVIN LAURA K LEIIS H JR LINDA JDVCE LINDA KAYNLEEN LVLE CURRY MARDONNE SYLVIA HARILVN MARJORXE N MARSHA MARVIN HAROLD MARVIN LEROV MARV ALICE MARY ANN MARY ANN MARY JANE 463 245,409 409 334 252 463 409 463 378 378 409 463 463 370 378 378 JORY JAMES NICHOLAS JOSEPH LOREN ORVAL JOSEPHS IALTER HUBERT 233 JDSEPHSON JOYCE LYNNE 375 JOV DIANNE MARIE 409 JUEECK IILBUR ALLEN 300 Juno CAROL DIANN 453 JUDD DIANE FAYE JUDD JERRY ALLVN JUDD JIMMY ARLEN JUDU JOHN CLAxn JUDD JULIEYTE JUDD KENNEYH RILEY JUDD LORRAINE MARY JUDD MARSHA JUDD MARY LYNN JUDD NAch MARENA JUDD ROGER LYNN JUDD SANDRA LEE JUDD SUSAN KAE JUDD SUSAN KAV JUDD VAL erpHENs JUDKINS JAMES VHonAs JUDKXNS PENELOPE E JUDKINS RUSSELL ALAN JUDSON CAROLANN L JUDSON KATHLEEN 1 JUDY JOHN MAURICE Juov KARLA vESTERGARD JUESCHKE ARYHUH F JUGANT GEHARD F JUGANT ROBERTA JUHASZ CAROL ANN JUKES FAYRICIA LEE JULANDER JAV BRENT JULIAN JULENE JULIAN MIGNON JULIAN RONALD uAVNE JULIEN CRAIG KENNETH JULXEN STEDHEN I JULIO LINDA HYATY JUNCKER SAqu an0 JUNG yous sun JURACAN ABRAHAM JURINJAK SHERYL LVNN JUSTESEN JOEL LEE JUSTIS RICHARD ALAN JUSYIS Roaear TRACY JusYus CHARLENE KAV JUSYUS uxLLIAM ELMER 37g 409 463 378 429 378 378 409 483 M9 378 378 299 490 409 378 463 244,463 270 325,409 252 409 199,370 513 K KACHUK RONALD annAD KADEL ERNEST PAYSON KADEL Juoxtn KAY KADER ABE KADER omen erscne CHERYL s c KAESCHE IlLLlAM c KAGEL RICHARD IRHIN KAHN JEFFREY KAXLIPDNI COLIN NDANI KAXRDUZ AKL KAJIYAMA xArsunxno 301 KALAULI MITCHELL o x 301 KALENSKV IVAN a KALLAS nlannn J KALYHIA HARSNADWAV L KAN CARNEY MARIE s u 495 KAMM DIANE LYNN KAMMERMAN GERALD c KAHMERMAN JOHN c 463 KAMPSULA KAREN ANN 409 KAN CH1 KIT KAN IAN YEE KANE NORMAN HOONANI KANE FANELA KANEKO KENICHI DAVID 301 KANEKOA CURTIS K KANEKOA RDEERY x xANEwasHEn KENNEYH A KANNIAKNEN SANDRA J KANO KUNIO KAO CHENG PA! KAPADIA NASHXM AHMED KAPP ANNEYTF KAPP DIANE PERRY KAPP GAnv L KARAKI vxcvoa KAYSUO KARAS MICHAEL ANTHONY KARDALEFF KENNETH n KARDOUNI GLORIA a KARDOUNK ZADEH SALEM KARIP GEZA KARLE JAMES NARMON xARLxNSEv xuanEE JR KARLINSEV MYRON DAVID KARPDIXTZ KIM HANKS xARnen JAV DEE KARREN KEIYH JOHN xARREN NED M KARTEHNER ANN KARTCHNER CAaL snzur KARTCHNER HDIARD DALE KARYCHNER JOHN z KARTCHNER NANCY anoe KARTCHNER VERL s KASSOI ROBERT scorr KAINER MVRA DEE KATYELMAN DONALD F KATTELMAN KENNA RAE xsz xAtnLEEN BELLE KAUER ROSA EILEEN xAuAKAMI MASAKO KAHASAKI LAWRENCE M KAHASAKI MICHAEL N am KAY CHARLES ouANE KAY JOANN KAY MAHGO ANN KAY ROBERY BRENT KEAMO MVRNA LAN! KEANE DIANE CLAIRE KEARL CAYNERINE ANN KEARL Kunrls SPENCER KEARNEY JAMES Josean KEARNEY LAnnv EUGENE KEARSLEV EDWIN EUGENE KEARSLEV SYEVENS NYLE XEATE KATHRYN ANNE KEATON RENEE KECK CHERVL a KEDDINGYON CAROL KEDDINGYON JOSEPH G KEEHNER CHARLES LARRY KEELE ALAN F KEELE aeaA Lou KEELE SYEVEN NIELSON KEELE YHAYNE annca KEELE VALERIE NAN KEELEn CHRISYXNE cox KEELER CLAUDXA KEELER JOHN auuo KEELER KARL F KEELER KATHLEEN Jove: KEELEH LARRY RICHARD KEELER PAUL DOUGLAS KEELER nouEnY aRooxs KEELEY SHARON KAY KEENE EARLEEN cLAunlA 134 KEETCN FREDERICK s KEEYEH RICHARD A 332 292,495 256 284,429 306,429 463 370 409 463 463 248 300 463 278 429 463 250-51 378 256 248 KEHLENBRINK KATHLVN 409 KEHR DANA LLovo KEHR ROBERT IEBSTER KEHR HILLIAM HALE KEISKER nranao ALAN KEITH aannx: PEEK KEITH CHERYL LVNN 378 KEITH CONSYANCE DAUL KEIYN JAMES RONALD 255 KEITH JOHN ROSCOE 194 KEIYH KATHLEEN 453 KEer RALPH - KEKUNANO DAVID L JR 463 KELDSEN DENNXS 299 KELIXLXKI DALE K KELL JOVCE EEVERLV KELLER nonornv LOU KELLER JAMES LEO KELLER LAUREN BARKER 37a KELLER STEPHEN JAV KELLER lILLIAN JAX KELLERSBERGER KENY u KELLEV KENNETH DALE KELLEY RXCHARD REX KELLEV ROBERT ALLEN KELLEY RONALD LLovD KELLEY rERnELL MARVIN KELLOGG ROBERT D KELLS MARv sue KELLUM CHERYL CARLEEN 378 KELLY ARTHUR MERRILL KELLY BRIAN KERM11 KELLY EAROLVN KELLY CHRISTOPNER PAT KELLY DORIS ANNA KELLV DhlGHT nouanu KELLV LAnRv ADRIAN KELLY MARTIN LUYHER KELLV MICHAEL KRAIG KELLY NANCY CAROLYN KELLY NAncv COLLEEN KELLY PATTV RENE 429 379 463 463 409 429 514 111 294,295,299 295,463 225,338 KELLY KELLY KELLV FRESTINE ANN RICHARD KENT HOBERT WAYNE KELLV SANDRA DARLENE KELLY SHIRLEY K KELSCH CANOL KELSCH JavLENE KELSEV DAVID PHILLIP KELSEV GREGORY L KELSEV MICHAEL ROLAND KEMP ALBERY L JR KEMP CECIL RAV KEMP HAROLD DOUGLAS KEMP RICHARD GOFF KEMP SHARON ANN KEMP VICTOR MICHAEL KENPER ALICE VIRGINIA KEMPER CHARLES LIEBIG KEMPER YANDA J0 KEMPYON CHARLES D KEMPI'UN JILL LOUISE KEIIPYON KAY HOHARD KEMF'TON RENE KENSLEV CONNIE F KENASTON LINDA SUE KENDALL CLARK KENDALL HAROLD EDILEY KENDALL KEITH ALAN KENDELL VAL HALLACE KENDRICK BETTY P KENDRICK LINDA LOU KENDRICK RONALD c KENISON ALAN E KENISON LYNN 1 KENISON MARY LVNN KENHZER KAREN SUE KENlTlER KENNETH L KENNARD FRANKLAND R KENNARD KAI'HLEEN KENNEDY CHRISYINE N KENNEDY GERALDINE l KENNEDY LINDA P c KENNEDY PATRXCK KENNEDY nxcmko I KENNEDY RONALD LERDV KENNEDY Ruav ARCDLA KENNEDV uARREN KIRT KENNEDY IENDI SUE KENNELLY MICHAEL J KENNELLY SANDRA MOVES KENNER BRUCE BELL KENNER KIRMA LEE KENNEVELL FAULENE J KENNEV KAYNRVN MARV KENNING JAMES s KENNXNGTON ARCHIE n KENNXNGYDN CAVHERINE KENNINGYON JANET KEN! DAVID LEROV KENT DONNA KAV KENI KA1NRYN YNEADRA KENY RONALD GENE KENIDRYNV LINDA HELEN KENHORTHY SHEILA ANN KENVDN CIL FRANCES KER JOHN 11 I4 KERBV PAAELA KERBV YHOMAS ARYHUR KERBV I LYNN KERCHER KRISHN E KERKES JANIS GAV KERN DIANA LVN KERN JEROME SCOTT kcuu InN nAvln KERR DEONE LOUISE KERR EILEEN CECILIA KERR GARY RXCKS KERR JOHN ROBERT JR KERR LELAND BARRETY KERR LINDA KERR LDNNIE JOSEPH KERR NARJORIE NORIENE KERR NORMAN OSBORNE KERR RICHAHD E JR KERR IILLXAM CAMERON KERSMAH 5AM HENRY KERSHAI SUZANNE INEZ KERYTULA REINO OLAVI KESLER CAROL LEE KESLER KARV GRANT KESSINGER ALFRED JAY KESSINGER LARRY E KESSLER SUSAN KATHRYN KESSOCK YERENCE J KEST DAVID LAURENCE KEST DIANA Rum KESTER JOEL ELXSS KETTLESON NANCY c KETfLEV RICHARD MERLE KEIER RICHARD BERYRAN KEIXSH CnARLES IARREN KEV SUSAN JEAN KEVES COLLEEN L KEVS JOHN IALYON 1n KEYS SHIRLEV ANN KEYSER DENNXS LEROV KNOSHNOODXNEJAD P KIEEE KAREN DOROTHY KIBLER JOHN PAUL 0410!: JERRY JOHN KIDD SANDRA DEE KIDHAN GARY LAVERE KIDMAN SUSAN KIEFNER JUDITH F' KXEFT CAROLYN MAV KIENER ELSEETH Lvuu KIES PRESTON DAVID KIESE JORN RUDOLF KXESE LORRAINE BLAKE KIESEL LINDA LANE KKKEL KEHH ROBERT KXLLAH DOUGLAS CECIL KXLLEBREI BEVERLY J KXLLIAN KATHLEEN KILLIAN MARSNA KILLPACK GIEN ANN KILLPACK KAREN KILLPACK LINDA KILLFACK RUSSELL K KILLPACK TERRY JOE KILLPATRICK ALLEN R KILPATRICK YERRV LEE KILTON IALTER A KIN EVO DAE KIM H0 MIN Km HUEN 500 Kb! HVUN 500 KIM MOSES soc cHuN JR KIM PVUNG H0 KIM SUNG vouNG SUSAN KIM UNG HOOK KXMBALL CRAIG IESLEV KIMBALL DAVID GOLDEN KIMBALL DAVID KAY KIHBALL DON CARLOS KIMBALL GORDON R KIHEALL GRIFFIYH LYN 409 348 429 463 429 114 378 464 309 464 378 409 378 303,409 286 256 378 378 429 464 348 288,409 378 283,344 309,378 429 244 378 429 378 464 409 361,370 378 248,464 464 280,421.464 464 379 464 379 429 429 213 379 379 379 464 464 409 464 297,464 KIMBALL KIMEALL KIMBALL KIRT MICHAEL LARRY ROBERT LEE MARVIN KINBALL LELA DEE KIHBALL LENEA KIMEALL LYNDA DIANE KIMBALL NARV COLLEEN KIMBALL MERL DOUGLAS KIMBALL RICHARD I KIHBALL SANDRA GAIL KIHBALL llLLXAM 0 KIMHELL OARELL RAV KIMBER CHRISYENA ANN KIHEER NANETTE KIMELMAN ELISABEIH v KIMHEL BARBARA JEAN KIuMEL LVNEYYE F KIMuERLE KAROLVN KINATEDEH JOSEPH D KINALHLOE RALPN 151: .IR KINDL HILLIAH CLARK KINDRED JAMES F KINDRED JANICE G KINDRED KENY LEuls KINDRED KRISTINE KING BRUCE GEORGE KXNG CAROLVN E KING CDRLIE ANN KING DAVID FOSTER KING DENNIS DUANE KING DENNIS VOLNEV KING JANEYH KING JANICE FAVE KING JOHN IAVNE KING KAREN KAV KING KAROL JOAN KING LEDRA J0 KING MARION SHYYH KING MARVIN DALE KING NARV GAIL KING NVLA RAE KING PAUL MARHN KING PEARL JEAN KING PENNV LVNN KING PRESTON LEROV KING ROBERT RAY KING RONALD EDIIN KING ROY LYNN KING SHARON KING STEVEN MHCHELL KING YNOMAS JAMES KXNGDON RICHARD JOHN KINGNORN chvE J KINGHORN JOANN KINGHORN oan A KINGRV JEFFREV GEORGE KINGSBURV CAROL L KXNGSEURV IILLIAM C KINGSFORD CHERYL KINGSFORD LINDA C KXNGSLEV FAYRICIA LEE KINGSOLVER CAROL L KINGSTON MARGARET E KXNIMAKA JR JAMES L KINNAIRD BERENKCE KXNNEE RONALD EARL KINNEV JUDITH MARLENE KINNEV KENNETH BRUCE KINNEY RUTH NINA KINSER TIHuYHV c KINSEY JR CHARLES L KINSMAN 111 LED LYNN KIPLING GARY LEE KIRACOFE IALYER L KIRBV GAYLE EMILE KIRBY GRANAH I KIREV JAHES J JR KIRK CHERYL GRACE KIRK ELAINE KIRK ELIZABETH S KIRK GLENN RAY KIRK HERBERY LED KIRK ROBERT HARREh KIRKENDALL BRUCE 6 KIRKHAN CAEOL RUYH KIRKHAM DIANE KIRKHAM JAN DOUGLAS KIkKHAM NORMAN DEAN KIRKLAND HEBER n KIRKLAND KAREN ELAXNE KIRKMAN JuANN KIRKPATRICK THOMAS L KIRKPAYRICK NENDELL B KIRKHOOD ALAN DEAN KIRKIOOD JAMES ARIHUR KIRK-OOD KAREN ANNE KIRSCHEAUH JAuES L KIRYZ PETER IOLFGANG KISAN GERALD JOHN RISER BARBARA JEAN KlsER MARVANNE E KISSH HELEN LAURA KIYANO cnmaxo KIYCH JOEL ROBERT KIYCHEN CAROL FERN KIYCNEN CLAUDXA GENE KITCHEN FRED RAYMOND KITCHEN JEANNINE h KITCHEN MARIAN ROhLEV KXTCHEN NARILVN KITCHEN MARVIN R KITCHEN NORNA ANN KITCHEN IESYON ELLIS KITE JEERV KENT KHLEV TRENr PICKEYY KIYYERMAN SHARLENE KITTINGER LVNN DAVIS KIYAEU RICHARD HIDEO KJAR DAVXD L KJAR LLOYD HAMBLIN KJAR MAXINE KLEIN INGRKD ELSlE KLEIN JOSEPH F KLEIN NICHAEL REGNER KLEINMAN DIXIE LEE KLEINNAN nAHoLD REV KLEINPETER CAROLE L KLEME CHRISTINE KLEE81 GERALDINE KLENK LAIRENCE DAVID KLEPSER ALAN IARREN KLIEIER JERI LOUISE KLINE DAN RAY KLKNG GARV RlcrIARD KLING ROBERT KLINGLER KAREN LauxsE KLXNGLER SHARI HELEN KLINGMAN BARBARA LEE KLINGDNSNHH SANDRA KLOOSTERNAN CDINELIUS KLUDT VICKI LVNN KLuNGEanK GORM VEGAN KLUSS FREDERICK G KLUTTZ JOHN CALVIN Kueuscn BARBAHA GENE KHAN HENRV GEOHGE JR KNAPP CHRISTA 379 324,379 379,464 379 464 379 409 409 293 115,244 250-51,235 379 454 464 361 409 293,379 283,317 464 429 379 361 409 250-51 379 379 379 223 495 379 306,464 409 280,429 379 464 464 464 409 409 465 194,379 409 429 292,465 KNAPF KNAPP KNAPP GEORGE KLAUS LOUISE ANDRUS KNAPP SHARON G KNAUS CONNIE LEE KNECNV PEYER ANTNONV KNECM1 SUSAN n F KNEELAND BRUCE F KNELL ROBERY avRoN KNIGHT DDRIENE SNOOY KNIGHT ELaoN LA VELLE KNIGHT JEFFERV PAUL KNIGHT JD LEHIS KNIGHT JUDITH ANN u KNIGHT KARLA KNIGHT MARILYN KNIGHT MAX DAVID KNIGHT NOEL DAVIS KNXGNY FHILIP FIOBERT KNIGNY REEECCA KNIGH! ROBERT ALLEN KNIGHT ROGER JAMES KNIGHY SHAUNA LEE KNIGHY SHEILA GAYE KNIGHY STEFHEN LESLIE KNIGHT VICKY LEE KNIGHT IAVNE ALLEN KNIGHT IILLIAH BINNS KNIGHYON JERROD VAN D KNIGHTON MARIE CLARK KNOELOCK EDITH c KNOLES DENNIS B KNOLES STANLEY D KNDLL PETER FRANK JR KNOLLER LINDA JEAN KNOFF JAMES EDIARD KNOILDEN ALBERTA P KNOILES BRUCE HOIARD KNOWLES ELEANOR C KNOWLES GARV MICHAEL KNOILES HDBERY E KNOULTON LYNN LEANE KNOX GREGORV ALLAN KNUDSEN DANIEL Ross KNUDSEN GALE CECIL KNUDSEN JOAN KNUDSEN JOYCE ANN KNUDSEN FHILLIF E KNUDSEN RONALD LEilS KNUDSON HOMER E KNUDSON LAHRENCE B KNUDSON LINDA c KNUDSUN PHVLLIS E Kann CHARLES DALE KOCH JILL ELAINE KOCH RICHARD ALLEN KOCHERMANS CAROL KOCHERNANS IMF" K s KOEBER RICHARD H KOFFORD HELEN KOFFORD KAREN JEAN KDFFORD LAHRENCE C KOFORD JAMES DELL KDGAN FREDERICK J KDHKDNEN KEN! E KOHLER ANNA LVNN KOHLER ARLIN KAY KOHLER IDA NADENE KOHLER JUDV VICYORIA KOHLER "ARDEN REED KOHLER NORMAN KoanYRAND MARV ANN KOLLER BEVERLV OLSEN KOLLER CAROLYN KOLLER NORMAN BRENT KOLTERNANN ERNEST JR KOMAR JOHN ROEERY K0504 ARLENE YUHLEV KOMM GARY FOILER KONDRIS IYATT JIWES KONE ANN ROSLYN KONOLD CHERLV NOLLIS KORALEHSKI JOAN c c KORANV ROSALYN KORE LAVINA MARGARET KDRB LOUISE GAIL KDRBER SHARON LEONE KDRHONEN ULLA HAXJA KORPELA SEPPO ANYERD KORPELA YERTYU K a KORYH BRUCE V KORYH IAYNE RUDOLPH KosnInNGSAKUL F K K055 JUDITH F KOTIH'Z MARGuEaxVE M KOUDELKA JOSEPH J In KOUOELKA JUDY KOVACH LVNN KovAcs MICHAEL s KouALLIS PANALA KDIALLIS STEPHANIE KOIALLIS YONNA NARXE KOIALSKX KATMIE A KOVLE BRENT HANSEN KOYLE DUANE HANSEN KRAAIER SVDNEV KRAEMER MARY F J KRAMER CONRAD F KRAMER CONSYANCE JILL KRAMER SYEVEN PAUL KRAUDV KATHLEEN KRAUS BRENY J KRAUS ROBERT HOIARO KREAGER ROBERT ALLEN KREBS CVNYHIA RUTH KREIPL JEAN KRENER JOHN ARYHUR KREMER ROBERT I KRENZER RICHARD MASON KREV JANEI' MARIE KREY KEENA ANN KHEV RUSSELL PAUL KREV SALLY JEAN z KREV TINLV KRISHER PATRICIA GAIL KROESE JEROME ALLEN KROFF PAUL VERE KRDFF RICHARD EUGENE KROGH JOHN EEEERY KRDLL GARV MELVIN KRONMILLER PAYRICK l KRDSS SANFORD ALLISON KRUMNENACHER JEFFREY KauMDERMAN JEFFREY P KRUMPERMAN KAREN KRuzlE LARRY EUGENE KU YANG HSIEN KUEIOYA ALLEN SAYOSHI KUEHNE KAREN A KUESTER DONALD PAUL KUGEL NANCY KUHN ERROL RAVMOND KUKUK IILLIAH DUANE KULBIEDA CONNIE RAE J KUIP KAREN KUNEIA GABRIELE E KUNG RosANNA NIEI c MASON 429 429 299,410 248,429 379 379 429 379 254,256 410 429 256 379 379 244 379 256 252,410 410 257,410 410 465 495 379 290 379 294,295,298 410 465 465 117,379 465 203,207,209 410 379 245,309,379 361 465 337,429 296 306 429 429 114,429,439 29 331 379 285,379 KUNIC IVAN NEHECEK KUNKEL IAEVA KUNZ AhDVS KUNZ CALVIN SEVHDUR KUNz ROBEHY GENE KUNZE HAROLD EHIL KUNlLER JAMES SPENCER KUONEN ROCKY DEEN KURYZ RALPH EDIARD KIAK RICHARD Doc SUNG KHAK soLu KIAN CHEUNG HAN JOHN KIOK VAN CH1 KION YOUNG UK XVLE CHERVL ANN KYLE KENNEYH LORNE KVNASTON LVNELL KVSAR YNOHAS OIEN L LABDY FELIYO JR LABRUE VERLA SUE LABRuM BARBARA JOAN LABRUM BEVERLEY E LAERUM IDA HAY LABRUN JANICE C LABRUM RANDALL CRAIG LAHRUM STEPHEN LEROY LACARIERE DDLDRES M LACARIERE LOUIS A LACEV MIRIAM YVONNE LAFFERTV KATHLEEN LAFFERTV YERENCE LAFOND MARIE C LAFuNTAlNE MARGARET M LAHADERNE JUDXTH B LAHADERNE LAIRENCE H LAHMANN THOMAS RAV LAX KAM FONS LAIRD ALEXANDER 1H LAIRD JANE JENSEN LAKE RALPN BRYANV LAKE ROBERY cowAN LAKE ROGER BRUCE LAKE SHIRLEV IILLIAMS LAKE SYEPHEN COIAN LAKER BRENY R LALLAI'IN DAVID M LALLATIN GERALD JOE LAM rAI TUNG LAHANA MICHAEL RONALD LANE DENNIS LEIIS LANE ELIZAEEIH "ABEL LAME JAMES RILEV LAMB JANXS CAROL LAME JEANNIE ILENE LAMB KAREN BETH LAMB NARILYN KAVE LAMB RICHARD MORGAN LAMB 'I'NOMAS BRUCE LAMBERT ANNA J0 LhMDERY DAVID JAMES LAHBERT GLEN RAY LAMBERT JOAN LAMBERT LANCE D LAMBEHT LESLIE KUULEI LAMBERT LINDA LOUISE LAMBERY LVNN JAV LAMBERT MELODEE LAMBERT RICHARD c LAMBERI' RICHARD KEN! LANEERY ROGER JOSEPH LAMEERY THERON ALLEN LAMBERT ulLLIAM F LAMBSDN MAXIELL LAMBSON MAXIELL aRUCE LAW! JANENNE KAY LAMMERS HAROLD DEAN LAMONT JOHN CLAVYON LAMOREAUX BEYTV E LAMOREAUX CAROLYN LAMOREAUX MARXLVN LAMOREAUX noes!" D LAMFH LURIS CLAUDE LAMPHIEAR JOHN M LAMPLUGH EERTNA L v LAMPSON SHARLEE LAMSON MERLE Eonh LAMsoN NDRMA R LANCASYER CLARENCE S LANCASYER DENNIS R LANCASVER DONALD nu LANCASVER TnELuA Arm LANDAU KAY CECILE LANDERS MARVIN PANcHo LANDES DIANE LANDES LINDA LEE LANDGRAF RUTH JANET LANDRIYH GEORGE C JR LANDSBOROUGH MAEILVN LAND'AND LDREN ELSMAN LANDIARD MONICA LANE BEYYE ANNE LANE DIANNE CAROL LANE JOVCE HARIE LANE PATRICIA ANNE LANEV CLAIRE GUVLENE LANEV YHEON UALKEE LANEV VICKI DIONNE LANG BEVERLY LANG FRED PERRY LANGE CYNYHIA MARIE LANGE uHCNIAL LEROY LANGEL ANDREI JAuEs LANGER SUSAN LYNNE LANGFORD JOHN ANYMM LANGFORD ulLBuR REED LANGKILDE DALE A LANGLEY CNARLEV c LANGLEY CHRISTINE A LANGLoIs MARILYN SUE LANGPAP IAVNE lILLXAM LANIER MAE LANT JOHN GLEN JR LANTZ HOIARD EUGENE LAPIOLI SHARON ELAINE LAPLANYE ALBEM LAPRAV ANYHONV J LARA ERMA LAREON DARLENE LARGE LINDA N LAEGO JIMIIE ROPER LARKIN AURLINE LARKIN DALE HERMAN LARKIN DERRXLL anE LARKIN FRANK CLIFYDN LARKXN J KENT LARKIN LANA KAV LARKXN STEVEN 5 LARKINS NANCY J0 LARDCHELL IIICHAEL D LARcsE RICHARD MILYON LARDSE ROBERTA LARSEN EEVERLV A 429 379 351,410 294,295,465 294,299,465 348 46 24 5 5,379 379 379 244,430 379 250-51 252 252,379 252 194,379 313,465 337 294,295,465 379 379 430 410 306,346,430 379 399,410 379 410 379 430 345 430 379 465 379 290 379 410 353,430 379 465 410 379 379 430 379 321 430 410 379 410 465 286,465 282 410 285,410 331,379 LARsEN LARSEN LARSEN LARSEN LARSEN LARSEN LARSEN LARSEN LARSEN LARSEN LARSEN LARSEN LARSEN LARSEN LARSEN LARSEN LARSEN LARSEN LAasEN LARSEN LAFSEN LARSEN LARSEN LARSEN LARSEN LARSEN LARSEN LARsEN LAHSEN LARSEN LARSEN LARSEN LARSEN LARSEN LARSEN LARSEN LAHSEN LARSEN LARSEN LARSEN LARsEN LARSEN LARSEN LARSEN LARSEN LARSEN LARSEN LARSEN LARSEN LARSEN LARSEN LANSEN LANSEN LARSEN LARSEN LARSEN LARSEN LARsEN LARSEN LARSEN LARSEN LARSEN LARSEN LARSEN LARSEN LARSON LARSON LARSON LARSON LARSON LARSON LARSON LARSON LARSON LARSON LARSON LARSON LARSON LARSON LAESDN LARSON LARSON LARSON LAasaN LARSON LARSON LARSON LAWSON LARSON LARSON LARSON LARSON LARSON LARSON LARSON LARSON LARSON LARSON LARSON LARSON LARSON LARSON LARSON LARSON LARSON LARSON LARSON LARSON LARSON LARSON LARSON LARSON BLAlNE MICHAEL aonnxs PEARL BRAD LEE BRADLEY REA BRUCE MERRILL anuce u CAROL ANN CAROL DEAN CAROLE ANN CAROLYN CHARLES c CHARLES cuntxs CONNIE JEAN a DARLA FAE DARAELENE VERA DAVID ELLIDYY Z40 DAIN RAE DEE EDIIN DIANE sue nxANNE NGAIRE 379 DOUGLAS P 4n EDITH GENEVA 254 ERIC ALLEN 379 ERNEST p GEORGIA ELGA GLEN 0 GRANT anvce HAROLD LuDLav HENRY F 430 HERMAN GENE JANET 410 JANET JOHN PAUL 245 JOHN REID 276 JON N JULIA c KATHRYN ANN KEIVH u KELLI DENISE 410 KENNETH DALE KENNEYH REX KENY HALL LA NITA LACEV LEILANX 132,465 LANNA JEAN 379 LARRY conwAv LINDA LOUISE LLavo DON MARION CLAIRE NAN NEIL w PAUL GENE PAUL noaenr RAY LORENZO ROBERY DAVID RONALD DEE nav LELAND SANRDLANE srlnLle DAVID SUSAN GAIL 379 YHOMAS c rnunv n VAUGHN ELLIOYY wALrER LEE 430 HELDON GORDON A LEONARD AnunEA LOUISE ANTHONY EDIIN 379 BRIAN GRANY CARL vlcroa DAVID HAYNE 295,305,465 DOLOREs SAGE 465 DOROTHY 379 DOUGLAS P ELAINE MARIE ELDDN c 410 ERNEsr MAnn FnANK ROBERT GARY ALFRED aAnv FLOYD GORDON KAY 430 JANEY 275,410 JAle JEANNE JOHN RANDAL JON VALLACE 430 KENNEYH KENNEYH anucs 379 LARV REED LESLIE DAVID LINDA LVLE TED 410 LYNETTA LVNETTE noavn 410 LYNN DAVIS MARILYN MARY ELSIE 379 uICHAEL LA MAR NIELS uxLLARD NORMAN ROSS OHLO ELAINE PAUL RICHARD PRESTON K RAYMOND KEITH RISA Roaanr ARNOLD ROBERT ERNESY Rannr HARLAND ROGER LEE STEVEN RICHARD SUSAN SUSAN 328,379 285,410 286,410 379 245,233 244,380 294 340 230,316,465 LAHSSDN DALE EDWARD LASSIG LASSKG LASSON LASSON LASSON DON PETER SYLVIA BUTLER CAROLVN F RICHARD DLE HOHENT EUGENE LAST RONALD u LAYAM KEKVN DUNCAN 410 LATER RICHARD N LAYMAM LATHAM LATHAM LATHEM LATHEN LATIHER LARRY F DENNIS eovARu PAMELA 300 SAUNDRA JEAN 410 JOHN rAaon 11 GENERXA F 465 251,465 LATIMER MARVIN v LATSCHKOHSKI RUTH E LATsHAu CHARLES LARRV 465 LAYSHAI LAUREL ANN 465 LAtrA CARMEN RAE LAYYA JOHN NEAL 465 LAu MARK FINDLAY 430 LAu PAUL DANXEL 134 LAua xunr A P LAUDENBERGER JOHN I 465 LAUDXE LAUDIE LAUDIE LAUPER LAUPER LAUPER ARTHUR ROBERT DRE! T L015 ANN MARC DENNIS MAncAnET F SUSAN ELLEN LAURINA JOSEPH LARRV LAURXTlEN BRAD G LAURITZEN KENNEYH A LAURKYZEN KENNEYn a 465 LAURITZEN RAV ulLsoN LAuRleEN VERLEE E LAURONEN L1NDA DIEN LAVALLEV DaNNA LYN 357,399,410 LAVERTV DEN IlLLxAM LAva JOHN RICHARD 466 LAv anE KEUNG M 466 LAu DVANNE LAv ELDON ava: 430 LA! GEORGIA 360 LA! GLORIA HAE u LAI JANELL LA! JUDY 279 LA' LAMONY IORTHEN LAILER JAMES NENHV L LAuLEss SVBIL J LAILon cHARLoYTE RUYH 410 LAILOR DALE IALTON 466 LAuLon DEAN DOI LAULOR FRANCKNE 430 LAILOR KEITH Dow 410 LAuLon LAInENCE Dow LAILDR uanRYA RAE 300 LAuRENCE BILL LAIRENCE CNARLES R 380 LAIRENCE CINDY KAY LAURENCE DAVXD PAUL 380 LAURENCE DON ROBERT LAnRENcE GARY c 430 LAWRENCE GARY PaRvER LAIRENCE JAMES nARrL 380 LAHRENCE JOHN PRESLEY LAuRENcE MARYHA L 410 LAuRENCE MARY KAY LAURENCE REEECCA 380 LAIS DousLAs IATSUN LAHS JAv RONALD LAIS LAMAR RICHARD 244 LANSON DAVID w1sEMAN 296 LAISON ELAINE 380 LAISON JANETYE ELLLN 410 LAISON JOANNE E LAISON KEAnNs I LAISON KIM YHOMAS LAISON L LAISDN L LAISON R LAITON F LAHYON L LAVVER G LAY LELA LAVCDCK LAYcocK LAVCDCK LAYCOCK LAVER CH LAVLAND LAVNE GL LAvroN A LAYTDN J LAVYON K AUR1E LINuooo 293 1NDA ALPH S'EVEN RANKLIN c YLE ALLEN 410 ARV FRANK ND GIBSON JR 410 BRENT RICHARD 256,380 JDLANE Z48 LUCV TANNER STUART LVLE v RlerNE GAIN sveveu D ORIA psunv LAN SNELGROVE Acx PHILIP ENNEYM FRANK 380 195,223 LAVTON KENT JENSEN LAVTON MARGARET 309 LAVTON P LAYTON R LAYYDN R EGGV LYNN 410 EBECCA 283 anR1 LEROY LAvroN HALYER c LAZENEV LEA GARY LEAK MAR LEAR Aun LEAR BAR LEATHAM LEAvEn v LEAVIYI LEAVIYT LEAVer LEAVITT LEAVITY LEAVITY LEAVITT LEAVITY LEAVXYY LEAVIYY LEAVITY LEAVITV LEAVIYY LEAvlrr LEAVXYT LEAVIYT LEAVITT LEAVITY LEAvIrY LEAVITT LEAVIYY LEAVITY LEBARDN LEBARDN LEBARON LEBARON LEBARON LEBARON LEEARON LEBARON LEBARON LEBARDN LEBLANC LEELANC LECHEMIN LECKIE R LEDUC JE LEE ANDR LEE ARLO LEE BEEN LEE BENJ LEE CARO LEE CARD LEE CHUC LEE DAMN LEE DONA LEE DONG PATRICIA LEE IAVNE 430 GARET JEAN nev LUCXLLE BRA JEAN LOUIS n ILLIAM LEWIS ANNE SHARON DEAN s DEANNE 466 FERRIN D GERALD IREN 0 JAMES sovo JANICE KATHLEEN LARRY n LEIIS HAFEN MARILYN D 410 uAnle ALTON 297,466 HKCNAEL L 66 ROGER GLEN 380 ROGER LAMonr SAUNDRA FAHN 380 VALDY 380 VERNA JEAN 350 vxcxl ELLEN IALLACE GARIM 410 IILLIAM P CHERYL ANN 361 DAvxo CHENEY JENNIE L LARRV OIEN 245.410 LINDA x 275 MARGAREY c 430 MARV MELXADA RICHARD c SHIRLEY s STEVEN H BERNARD J JADE JOSEPH ANY JAMES 5 ONALD JAv unv 5 EA MARIE vluscn vows AMIN L MEVREND L M JACOBSEN x ath cnou ETTE 23; Lo GRANT 455 yoou 352,466 LEE DOUGLAS DON LEE DUAN LEE EILE LEE Esz LEE FARR LEE FLOR LEE FRED LEE GARR LEE GEOH LEE GEOR LEE GEHA LEE GERA LEE GHEN LEE GLEN LEE GRAN LEE HARR LEE HONG LEE JANE E CONDIE EN PALMER ABETH JANE ELL ALLEN JR 410 ENCE JEAN 360 ERICK DAVID y ouNALD GE PATRICK GE IILLIAM LD aAnnv LD KALEI A ANNEMANIE NAA 380 1 NOLAN 430 v RICHARD quG 495 s LLOYD 410 LEE KAYHERINE MARIE 330 LEE LARA INE LEE LAURA ELLEN LEE LOUENE J 5 LEE NARGAREY 250-51 LEE uAnsnA LEE MARSHA LYNN 410 LEE MASTER GARV KENY LEE MICHAEL VALLAhT LEE MIKE EDHARD LEE NELSON MERIIN LEE PAUL WEN CHUNG LEE RAE JEAN LEE RICHAED EANNING LEE RICK SUNGTAO LEE RuNALn EUGENE 301 LEE SCUYY GARDNER LEE STEPHEN ROBERT 410 LEE TA! sun LEE YERRY GENE 430 LEE IERRY NELS LEE YSAI FENG LEE IILLXAH PHILLIP 275 LEE on 9A1 495 LEECH SHIRLEY ANN 430 LEEDS RALPH SYEHLING LEEFELDI SUSAN c LEEPER KEVIN RONALD 330 LEES 6RAN1 u1LL1Aw LEES LINDA LILLIAN LEEYHAM JOHN IAVNE LEETHAM REED CURTIS LEFEVRE KEITH OhEN 410 LEFEVRE aONALD LEFLER ALEEN 380 LEFLER ANN 410 LEFTIICN ROBERT ALAN LEGAS RICHARD CLARK 223 LEGERSKI ANTHONY JOHN 413 LEHNARDT HEIDEMARIE A LEHNDORFER KARL F 466 LEHNHOF HAnuLn ERNEST 430 LEHR ROGER KARL LEIERAND JOHN uxLLxAM LEIFSON FRANK VICYOR 330 LEIGH LLEIELLYN YOUNG LEIGH ROBERYA IONE A LEXGMLEV KENNETH c 465 LEIGHYON CAROL LEE LEIS CARLY RAUMN LEIS JANNIECE DASYRUF LEISHHAN cnn1571us H LEISHMAN DAVID DEVOE 430 LEXSHMAN ROBERT LEE LEXSHMAN TRUDY BETH LEITHEAD GLEN SELKIRK LEITHEAD KATHRYN 466 LEIYHEAD KATHY ELLEN LEITHEAD SONIA LELLo CRAIG RICHARD 330 LEMASYER PENNY BEYH LEMIRE JOSETTE ANN 410 LENKE ARLENE ELAINE LENNON ALTA ANN LENNON ANNELLE LDUXSE 390 LEuMoN coals DEE 339 LENNON EARL CLARK LEHHON Juov LVNNE 351 LENNON NANCY Jo 300,490 LEMN HARRV SAMUEL LEMON ANN MARxE 330 LEMON CAROL VERNA 410 LEMON GARV SAMUEL LEMON JAMES EDIARD 465 LEMON JOHN RUSSELL LEMON SHAUNA 350 LEMON STEEN COOLEV JR LENDY IELDA EEAYE LENtx anern F JR 3su LENIO TERENCE ANYON LENTINI IRENE LEE 455 LEONARD CLAUDIA LYNN LEONARD DAvxn HUGH LEONARD JOSEFH PETER LEONARD Lucv PHELFS LEONARD PAUL Lavls LeouAno PEESTON LARRY LEONAHD TERRIE LINEA 360 LEONAnosou GARY aNuLE LEONHARDT HELEN ADELE ago LEONIS uchELE 430 LEFPER DALE KENMUIR LERCHER BUN! LAURA L 380 LEnxos HAVNE ROBERT 410 LERDHL Jennv a LEROY EDSANN LESEBERG BEEN! RALPH LESEEERG YESSA LESHER GIENDOLVN E LESLIE ANAaEL LEE LESLIE DOUGLAS BRENT 43o LESLIE KENNEYH F LESUE GEOFFREY M c LESUEUR nAvln aAarou LESUEUR ELAINE LESUEUR MICHAEL aLonD LESUEUR HAVNE FRANCIS 410 LESIING KURT GEORGE LEYHBRXDGE TERRVL ANN 430 LETHER SHEHVL LEE 380 LEUYZE JOSEPn MARVIN LEVANGER JONN OSCAR LEVANGER YERRV LVNN 430 LEVENSON JEFFREY n LEVENYON JAle LEE LEVITRE DAVID IAVNE chv ARVEL LEwELLEN GALE Rov LEIls BENXTA Jo LEIIS aerrv BARvoN 276,466 LEIIS EOVLSTDN anooKs430 LEIIS BRIGG G 286 LEIIS CARLA ANN LEIIS CAROL nausea LEIIS annLEs ORLANDO LEWIS CHERVN KRISYINA LEIIS CONNIE LEIlS CONNIE KAYE LEuls CORHIN GLENN 252380 LEIIS CYNTHIA RAE 252 LEWIS DAVID EAGLEY 380 LEWIS DAVID HAVNE LEuls DIANE 430 LEIIS DIANE KAYHLEEN LEIIS FARRELL HALTER 466 LEuls FLovn NICHAEL LEIIS FREDERICK nlxou LEIKS GIENDOLYN ANN LEIXS JAMES iADE 380 LEIIS JAY EARL 245.295 LEIIS JOHN ARNOLD LEIIS JOHN LUDLOH LEIIS JOSEPH RONALD LEIIS JOSEPH IAYNE LEIIS KAREN ELIzAaErH252,466 LEIIS KATHRYN ANN LEIIS KATHRYN JEAN LEllS xAv LEHIS LANETYE 380 Levls LARETA LEIIS LARRV ELDRED LEIls LEYHA JANE LEIIS LINDA JEAN 380 Levxs LINDA LOUISE 380 LEIIS LVNETYE 399,430 248,466 304,410 MD 252,298,380 466 LEHIS N BRENT LEHIS MARIAN E LEWIS MARILYN JANE LEIIS MARX MEREDIYH LEWIS MARLVN RAY LEWIS MERRILLVN Leuxs MORGAN LEIKS NANcl LYNN 252 Lewxs NEDRA ANN Leuls PATRxc Roaent 194 LEIIS PEARL KRISTINE 380 Lents ROBERY HIGGINS LEIIs ROBERY wAuL LEHIS RDDERIC 466 LEIIS ROGER PIERPONT LEw1s naNALD DEAN Leuxs snanEV ANNE LEIIS SPENCER GRANY Lawls STELLA DIXON LEIIS STEIART FROST 27G LEils SUSAN ANNE LEHIS SUSAN LINDA 380 LEuxs THERAS GORDON 295 LEilS vxcnv LORRAINE 380 LEIXS VXRGINIA LEIIS VIRGINIA nAE Lzuls IVNNETTE LIANG JAMN qu LICNFIELD ANNE LICHFIELD RUTH ELHA LICHTENIALTER KAV E LlDDELL JERRY THOMAS LIDDELL RICHARD H LIDDIARD DON LEE LIDDLE ETHEL LIEBHARY VINCENT J LIECHYV ELXZAaErH L 5 LIECHYY FLORENCE 410 LIFFERYH DENNIS RAY LIGNT KEITH ALLEN LIGHrauaNE MARION a LIGHTFDOT SHARK c 430 LIIMO KARI LApAux LILAONITKUL RAVI LILJENDUIST BLAINE L LILJENOUIST CHARLES c LILJENOUIST MICHAEL D 410 LILJENOUISY VAUNA 5A: 331,455 380 LILLEGRAVEN DAG N 410 LILLVIHITE MIYCHELL J 410 LILLVHHITE NANCY 430 LILLYIHITE ROSLYN 1 LXLYA LEE ANN 252,300 LIMA wasoN 410 ana CONNIE JEAN 325,410 L1MB SANDRA L LXMPERY HANNELORE M anpeax RUDOLF LIN ALAN cnensurono LIN YEONG CHIN LXND CHARLENE 209 LIND JOHN ABBEY LXNDBACK KARI 495 LINDHERG ALANA JEAN LINDBERG NEIL ALAN LINDBERG VIRGINIA MAE LINDBLOM KAREN LXNDBLOH MARCIA LEE L1NDE LARRY cannon LXNDENAN JUDY ANN 410 LXNDHOLH A SHERLINE 410 LINDLEV ROBERY IHOMAS LINDLEY ROGER L1NDMAN GERALD DALE LXNDOUIST EDIARD L 3a LINDOUIST KENNEYH c LXNDSAV JOHN F LINDSAY JUDITH E 380 LINDSAV LYNN wesr LINDsAv STANLEY w 466 LINDSAV VICTOR H LINDSEV DIANA LOUISE LINDSEV ELIZAaErH Azga,352,439,466 LINDSEY GARTH scovr LINDSEV JAMES AARON LINDSEY JAN ALENE LINDSEY JOSEPH I LXNDSEY RICHARD c LINDSEY SALLV J0 LINDSYROM JAMES 1VAN LINDSYROM LINDA ANN LINEBAUGH PAUL LINES GENE LAURELL LINES LAan MILTON LINES LEDNDA LINES IAVNE EARL LXNFORD GENE MARIE 467 LINTON BRUCE I1LL15 LINTON DALE RAY LIPYAK EVA TAMAsxA LISDNBEE JEARLDENE LISONEEE uARGAREr LISTAK cARoL LVNN 341 LISTER ALLEN E LISTON RONALD LUNT LIYCHFlELD ETTA M LITSYER JANICE MORLEV 289,380 LxrerR JAVNE LANErrE 351 LXTSYER Jo ANNE L LXTSYER LARRV eowAnn 246 LIIYLE uAvxa EUGENE LITTLE DOUGLAS RAV 410 LITTLE HAROLD R LIIYLE JAuEs iENDELL LerLE JANET MARIE 287 LIYTLE JOHN LAVOY 330 LlTTLE JOHN THOMAS 337,410 LIYTLE JULIE ANN L111LE LARRV GEORGE LIYTLE LLOVD ED-IN LIYTLE MARILEE BADGER457 LITTLE nlanRn BRENT LITTLE ROBERT LITYLE ROSALIE MAnls L11TLE ROSEMARY 300 L111LE SUSAN 380 LIVTLE THOMAS THADDAS LlrrLEFIELD CanraN P LITYLEFIELD nxcHARD E LIYTLEFIELD SYEVEA n LIYYLESOLDIER DALE . LITTLEuoou MERRILL 380 LlU a F DIANA HAN Lxu xlex o LIU LINnA JEAN SHb c LIuFAu ALAFIA 511511 LIVINGSYON BARBARA A lelncsvon BLAINE 1 valwasrou DOUGLAS a LIVINGSTON EARL J LIVINGSYON MARVIN LEE LIVINGSTON NYLEEN M 467 LIVINGSTON ROBERT L 467 L1v1NcsvaN rnsonoaa L LIVINGSTONE DONALD H 315 LIVINGSTDNE LOUISE M 330 LIVINGSTONE nAnsuA L 250-1,4ea 495 319,380 210,211 194,238 285 421,430 277,466 318,410 LLEIELLVN COLIN JOHN LLEIELVN JAMES F 255 LLOYD ADA GRAY LLOYD BRUCE R LLOYD CAROL DIANE LLOYD COLLEEN LLOYD DELBERT PRESTDNZSG LLOYD ntAnA L 457 LLovu cARv BENTON LLovo JOHN CARROLL 467 LLOYD MAX CLIFYON 467 LLOYD REED LEGHANDE LLOYD RODNEY JAMES LOBO CELSO ROBERTO F 288,380 LOCEV LAUREN LEON 297,495 LDCKE HARRY JAMES LOCKE L1NDA LOCKHART NANCY 467 LOCKHARY PAMELA KAY LODEFINK MARGAREV ANN LOEFFLER YERRY CARL LDERYSCHER MAX RLSH 297 LOFGREEN HAROLD VAN LGFGREN DAVID MXKAL LGFGREN GARV FRANK 380 LOFYIN FRANK YHEDDORE LOFTLS JAMES GARY 430 LOGAN CHARLES Hu-Ano 390 LOGAN M1L10N ELIOOD LoGlE ARNDLD JOHN LOGIE DAVID EDMOND LOGIE SUSAN RAE LOHMAN uALYEn ARNOLD 467 252,430 277,302 LOHR DONALD DEAN 380 LOHRENGEL CARL F 11 305 LOLICH JR FRANK F 411 LOLLAR DIXIE LEE LOLLAR SHIRLEY GRACE LOMAX THOMAS R 285,299,467 LOHBARDI KAREN LONAS RXCHARD JOHN LONG CLAUDIA JEAN 380 LONG CLINYDN JAMES 274 LONG CONNIE LARAE a LONG DARLENE 254,307 LONG JOYCE YVONNE LONG KAREN 411 LONG LINDA LEE 380 LONG HARGAREY EARLEBBO LONG NANCY KAA LONG RICHARD DAVID LUNG RICHARD KENNETH LONG Roasnr NATHAN 252 LONG SAMUEL DEE LONG SANDRA Lou LUNG STEPHEN HAnRy Loncnunsr DENNIS u LONGHURST THOMAS M LDNGnuRsr IANREN a 430 LDNGMAN DENNIS JAMES LONGMORE DEAN RAV 252 LONGMDRE LAIRENCE HBBO LoNsuAv nlANNE P 411 LOOMIS DAN LEROY 334 LOOMIS JAMES L 275,411 LOONEY ARLVNE 411 LOOSE LAURA '01 380 LousLl ANNA 467 LOOSLI MARIANNE LCOSLI RICHARD o LOPER MICHAEL JEAN 194 LOPEZ JORGE M Lopez M REEECCA LOPEZ RICHARD M LOFOSSA JANEY s 411 LORAINE KEITH EnuARD338 LORD LINDA ANNErrE LDHDS LILLXAN KAV 330 LORENSEN DAVID M LORENZON RICHARD A 430 LDRSCHEKUER SANDRA 411 LORTZ LARRY EVANS 467 Low: Fonnasr ALBERTZBG LOSEE ALVIN J 467 LOSEE aILL JONN LOSEE L015 ANNE LOSSER NEIL LA MAR LDTA VALERXE K LorHVAN PHILLIP ERIL LOTHVAN TRUDV n EVANS LUTY ALEXANDER DELovu430 L011 DENNIS L LOTT DONALD DENNIS LOTT ROSEMARY 4U LaTr HAVNE JEROLD LDTZMAN VIRGINIA L 467 LOUDER DEAN R LOUGH FREDRICK STEVEN380 LDUK chuE EARL 318 LOUMIS KATMERINE LDUNSBURV ooNALn E LDUNSBURV Knls LoUTnAN BRUCE D 246,411 LOU! RONALD CHARL 467 LOVE oouw LOVE JOHN wILLs Love Juov 380 LOVE NAch KAV LOVE HILLIAN LAURENCE LOVEDAV PAUL LAMONT LOVELANO ALAN SEE LDVELAND BRUCE OLIVER380 LOVELAND GARY LYNN LuVELAND LINDA Luv 390 LOVELAND uAnoA LOVELAND RUTH ANN LDVELAND SHARON KAY LDVELESS GORDON LEE LOVELESS JAMES GLENN LOVELESS JUDIYH LYNN LovELEss MVREEN PEARL LOVELESS RAYMOND M LOVELL DAVID RAY LDVELL KAY L LOVELL LAURENCE H 381 LOVENEURV KIRK PE1ER 467 LOVERIDGE ARNOLD v LOVERIDGE CARL scorr LOVERIDGE ELIGOD L LOVERIDGE LARRY v LDVERIDGE RONALD c LOVERXDGE UAVNE 5:017331 LOVES IAR IINFIELD J LOVEYY GlNA ELEANOR LOVETT VIRGINIA LEA LOI DOREEN ANN LDI LESLIE RUYH Lou PHILIP STEIAHT 211 Low ROBERY AVEREYT LouE BRVAN A 114,116,430 LOIE CHARLES E JR LDHE DALLAS RICHARD 256 LOIE DANIEL JOSEPH 430 Love DENNIS RICHARD 411 LOIE EDIIN LEE LDIE a ERENY LOIS Jn KENNETH A 4H 199,430 221,381 515 LOIE LOVE LOVE LOWE JUDITH KENT CLYDE LYNN YHDMAS MARGARET ANN LOIE SALLY ANN LOIE IARREN KAHELE LDIELL JOHN CLARK LauELL SYEPHANIE 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JEFFREY cunoou LuND KAREN MAE LUND LAHRENCE GREGORY 285 LUND MICHAEL F LUND ORLYN LUND HILLIAM GUY LUND VEPPA DAINES LUNDAHL CRAIG RAYMOND 439,457 LUNDBERG CHARLES nAuL LUNDEERG RUIN ANN LUNDBERG STEVEN sauce LUNDBLADE RONALD w LUNDEEN MOIARD xlnno LuNDEEN FAMELA JEAN LUNDGREEN DAVID AFYON LUNDGREN ALv1N a LUNDGREN ROBERY N LUNDIALL CHERILYN J LUNDIALL NOREEN MAV LuNDuALL ROSEMARY LUNNEN LARRY E LUNSFORD PATRICIA A LuNr DANIELLE LUNT DENNXS MARr1N LUNT ELNO JAMES JR LUNr HAROLD MOFFET' LUNT JOHN unuc: LUN1 PAMELA onus LunK PAUL IESLEY LUSBV BOB DONALD LUSCNER NORHAN KARL LUSK JOHN nAv LUST JOANNE CAROLVN LUSTER 0 ANN LUSTER JAMES REED LUSTV EVAN ROBERT Luvn:n LAURA LEE LurH1 RENE F Lurz ALLAN ERI1N Lu12 JAMES nuuv Lurz LORETTA MARIE Lurz MARCIA RAE LYALL PAMELA JANIS LVEBERT EVONNE Lqu NORMAN LEON LYM LAVOR c LYHAN CHAD LYMAN CHARLES HANSEN LVMAN EDIAHD LEO LVMAN GAYLE LVMAN JAMES PAUL LYMAN JANET JOY LVMAN JOHN LESLIL LYMAN JOSEPH HANSEN LVMAN KEITN LYNN LYMAN LARRV SHARP 274,282,285,43m LYMAN pAMELA sue n LVRAN RLYN ANNE LYMAN SUSAN LYNCH an1nn PAYRICK LYNCH MoacAN uchAEL 468 LVNN BARBARA 430 LVNN anvce M L7NN DENN1$ LYNN DEHRXYH ntAne LYNN DIANA LYNN KAREN LVON JEANE1YE K LYON LEoNAnn MICHAEL LYON MAX Lqu PAvrv ELXIAEEYH LYONS NARRY JAY LYONS JLDIYN HOLLY LvaNS LAMONY s LVONS MARC FRANC1S LYONS PAYSV JEAN LYSAGER nnuARn LEE LVSENKO PEYER LVSV EUGENE u1LL1AM LVYHGDE MARTIN JAME5198,210,211 LVYHGOE suE ANN LerE NOEL J 381 248 381 300,467 381 281,381 411 282 381 284,411 245,381 315 334,381 381 467 am 381 411 248 348 467 467 411 430 252,381 301,467 467 381 381 278,279 284,467 3N 244,252,411 381 315,467 468 331,458 4H 411 387 468 411 304 194,381 381 468 51 6 M HA L1AK was 468 MAAS HAROLD ARTHUR 331 uAAs IILLIAM nouGLAs NABEV PETER JUDSON MAC ARTHUR DONALD J NAc DONALD DOhGLAS A 334,381 MAC DONALD JAMES E MAc DONALD JOHN Jn MAc DONALD JUDITH ANN411 MAC DONALD PAxaxc1A 430 NA: DONALD RANDALL 5 MAC DONALD aoszav a MAC DONALD TAYLOR 0 MAC DOUGALL HERR1LEE 381 MAC FARLANE DONALD A MAC INYOSH LEANNA M 244,411 MAC xAv enscoav Lynn MAC KAV JAMES A 411 MAC KAY JERALD a MAC KAY SAHUEL F uAc KAV YHOMAS - MAC KENZIE v1v1AN M 411 uAc LEOD :0L1N BARRY 381 MA: MURRAY VAL DAN 117 MAC NAIR MARGARET E 331 MAC PHEE ROBIN uac pneason STUART s 411 MACARYHUR ALEXANDER D MACBEYH LINDA E MACUDNALO DANIEL G MACDONALD DAVID M MACDONALD JERRY LEE MACE iAYNE MCARTHLR uAcEy annxch ANN 430 uAanoo TERRANCE a MACHAN GAnv LEE 430 MACK GERALD REES MACKAV JAMES LAVOh HACKAV "ARV V1C7DEIA uachv ROSEMARY YVLER MACKELFRANG SANDLE nAcxev LYNDA LEA MACKLIN BARBARA JEAN 381 uAcuuARRlE KAREN Ann MACRAE xanuevn JOHN NACRI ROBERT NORMAN MADADI EERAHIM A MADDEN MERNA ANNE NADDDX CHERVLE LANELL 411 HADDOX ROBERT IADE MADRID cAnv JOE MADSEN ALAN LEONARD MADSEN ANnnEu JOHN qussN HARD ROBERYS MADSEN CALV1N ALMA PADSEN CAROLYN x NADSEN CHRISTINE FADSEN COLLEEN unoseN DAN 5 MADSEN DAVID CARL MADSEN DAVID HINSON MADSEN DAVID VILFORD PADSEN DEAN JAY MADSEN DENNIS RAV HADSEN DIANA LYNN uADSEN DUANE LEROY MADSEN snxx H MAnsEN FLOVD ALFHDNZO MADSEN HELEN souxne uAnsEN JULIANNE MADSEN LESLEE qusEN LINDA LEE MADSEN MARV ELLEN unaseu MER1LVN FADSEN MICHAEL GEcncE MADSEN MICHAEL n NADSEN MICHAL ANN MADSEN NORMA JEAN 399,411 MADSEN nEEs cuaxsrxAN 381 unnssn nossn BRVAN NADSEN RONALD A MADSEN ROSALINDA cnuz HADSEN ROSEMARY uADSEN nussaLL A uADSEN sue ANN qusON CLARK NOAL MAEDA ANNETYE x MAEsrAs JOE ABE MAEl rowv nAv MAGAna DONNA LEE nncAnnELL JAMES N MAGELSEN JAMES ALYON 411 NAGILL SIDNEY M JR uAGLEav MARVIN c 245,300,468 MAGLEBV RUTH ANN 304 MAGNE FRANCOIS J P 300 NAGNUSON GARY A MAGNUSSON aeer MAE MAGNUSSON KJARYAN 1 nAcnussuN Rosenr EARL wacoon SALLY MAGUET DONALD GLENN MAHAFFEY BARBARA E uAHALKo EUGENE uANlEL MAHNKEN FICHAEL oAvlo uAnONsv DAVID Eu-Ano uAnonEv PATRICIA E VAHUNV CECIL R VAHONV DIANA LOUISE quwoa u RANDALL MAINURD anans c NAINS ELAINE MARIE uAINs MAHXLYN ANNE MAXRS IILLIAM GRAYSON MAJERS CAnOL ANN MAKEFEACE oonarnv A MAKER KENNETH M "AKIN L1NDA LAVERLE MALAN JANICE KAE MALAN JDNN STEPHEN uALAN SANDRA LEE MALAN SCOYT LVNN HALARSIE FMANK JOHN MALHE1R0 RAY JOSEPH MAL1N MARGAREY ANNE MAL1N MARY LINDA NALLEA chx MARTINE MALLEN uAnnEN EVEREYY NALLOFF 951:2 JOHN HALLORV KAREN Lou MALMBERG DEN1SE MALMEERG YAMlAN c MALunosz GINGER E MALONE u1ANA LYNN MALONE uxNAH LEE MALONE JAMES GREGORY MALONE QUERIDA HALONEY IILLIAM c MALDTY SHARON LYNN MALOUF KATHLEEN 355,411 MALouF MURRAY CRAIG 381 wenzxqw 468 313,430 230,332 430 301 317,411 231,312 381 381 411 468 381 468 341 256.381 200,303 411 438 430 HALov HALov MALov D1ANE J JAN1CE LANEL HALOV MAnLcN SEYH MALOV waL1Au ERNEST MALnulsr BLAINE c NAstanM LINDA JEAN MALSIROM NANCY LEE MALZAHN L1NDA SUE MAMONE FRANK CHARLES MANnxn 11M GEORGE uANELL naN1CA ELICE a HANER JIMMIE RAY MANESS LARRY JAY MANGAN JOHN FREDRICK MANGELSDN ENOLA J MANGELSON MARILYN NANGELSON MAx LORENZO MANGUM DON RanRr MANGUM DONALD PAYNE HANGUM GENE R MANGUM JAMES 1nv1N HANGUM KIM s HANGUH LESYER J JR MANGUM LINDA JEAN MANcuu LINDA JEAN MANGUM RXCHARD L MANHARI DENNIS c HANIRE KATIE FRANCES MANIS SANDRA LYNNE MANN c KENT MANN CHARLES ROBERT MANN GEORGIA rnsoooan MANN KAREN LEE MANN KENNEYH EUGENE MANN LAURIE MANN FAYRICIA ANN MANN YERESA JOAN MANNEH SAMXR FARAH MANNEHITZ llLLIAM a MANNING ALAN KENT MANNXNG MARRV DELL JR MANNING HELEN CLAIRE KANNING ROGER DEAN MANNING SANDRA JEANNE MANNING uALtER EUGENE NANO KENNETH NIDEAKI HAND SHARON ss1suxo MANSELL nENNv H 111 uANstELo AMOS R JR MANSFIELD ARTNUR p MANSFIELD xAnEN ANN MANSIUS CHARLENE MANrELL STARR LEE MANIARXNG ADELE MANIARING JAV RICHARD MANuAnlno MARlEL D MANIARING NAch JEAN MANIILL GAIL L MANuxLL MARION 5 "ANY auzv HORSES RUBY MAnvcnxeF JOHN MARGLE GAIL FRANCIS MAnuLE MARVA MARBLE NORMAN DELNO HARCHANT CAYHERINE MARCHANY DONALD J MARCHANY FRANCES 1 MARCHANT FRANK REUBEN MARCHANT JEFF JONES MAaCHANY LEuls P HARCHAN? waLlAM c MARCHANY l1LLlAM s MARCNEK VICTOR EDGAR MARCOV ALLAN RICHARD MARCRDFT nurn ANN MARCUM JUD1YH ANN MARcuNE J0 RAGUEL NAREADV ROBERY LEROY HAREK EDIARO HILLIAM MAREITI EDYYH JOLYNE MAaGuLles JANET GAVL: MARXER ROBERYA LYNN MARION JACK r H MARKEE JUDITH ANNE IARKEE noaznr PORYER MARKEH NANCV LDU MARKHAM BEAYRICE IONE MARKHAM DKANNA F MARKNAM PAYRICIA MAE MAHKMAN DAVID DEAN MARKDISKI nanny J MARKS GLEN SEALER MARKS RENA MARY ANN MARKS nannr TRUMAN MARLEV MARSHA RAE HARLEY MARY KAY HARLEV RAVMOND GENE MARLouE Rov HILDING MARLOIE IALYER HAYNE MARONEV DENNIS ARLIN HARONEV PAULA AUSTIN MARGUAHDSON ANNOMARIE MARQUEZ DOLORES JEAN MARQUIS uALe J uAknxerrE DELOHES A n1nn1or1 KENNA JUNE MARR10TY LINDA ANN MARRlcrr RUSSELL JR MARRIOTT SANDRA JEAN uAanlorr v MARGARET MARR1011 IILLIAM o MAHROYY DOUGLAS u MAanuFFo NAZAnxc c MARSDEN ELIZABETH ANN MARSDEN MARY LOU1$E nAnsn cAtHEnqu R MARSH JANET JOHNSON MAESH JONN DEHIYY 11 MARSH SYEFHEN u HAusn VALERIE YVONNE MARSHALL ANNEYTE v HARSHALL BILL c MARSHALL CAvnv LOUISE MARSHALL cnnlsrluz K MARSHALL DENxsE ANN MARSHALL FnEo JEuELL MAnsnALL JAMES HAROLD MARSHALL JOHN Fnzon1c MARSHALL JOHN PHILIP MARShALL JUDITH ANN MARSHALL MICNAEL n MARSHALL PATRICIA E wARsnALL naaEuT LEROY uAnsnALL STEVEN BEN "AnsrALL eruAR1 n MARSHALL TENIA IRENE MARSHALL IANDA E MAns1on ARNOLD a uAns10N DIANE MARSVON ncsenanv NARYELL DARHIN SEAnLE MARTENSON CAROL J MARTENSON DORALEE A MARYXN ALLEN BRENY unn11n BARDARA MAHYIN BERTRAM nAv 411 274,430 411 277 381 377 458 430 430 430,327 352,344 213 301 438 H1 430 411 381 381 468 115,430 254,256,381 323 252 300,430 381 291,468 468 301 381 295,468 468 113.223 430 381 468 252,382 381 430 468 381 298.411 381 381 292 468 114,348 MARTIN MARTIN MARIIN HAHTIN MARTIN nARYxN MARTIN MARTIN MARTIN MARYIN MARYXN MARYIN KARYIN MARTIN MARTIN MARTIN MARVIN MART 1N MARYIN MARTIN MARYIN MARYIN MARYIN MARTXN MARTIN MARTIN MAnrlN uARYIN ELAINE L BONNIE LYNN BRENT HEATON cARLENE D LADAIN DARRELL IRIKN DENN1s GRANT GEORGE A JR JAMES M JANE SMITN JEFFREY MAC JuL1A ANNE KAYHLEEN MARGARET NELOOV JEAN NIELS LERDV OLGA HAV FATnlclA ANN ROBERT EUGENE Hosea? KENNETH ROGER GEORGE 5:011 "CCLLNG SHERMAN SHERRILL FLOYD SHERVL E STEVEN EARNESY STUARY REED THOMAS ALSYIN EARVIN YKDMAS F MAR11N TONY REED MARTINDALE DAMARXS qu11NoALE MARK h MAR11NEAU CAROLYN E HARIINEAU JOHN H MAR11NEAU LELAND KEN! uARIINEAu LINDA MAE uARYlNEAu h1LL1AM o uARTINEz CAROL ANNE uARTINEz DENNIS JOHN MAnerEl DIXIE LEE MARVINEZ ERNESY E VARYINEZ GLEECV MARV NARTINEZ JAKE F uARYxNEz KATHHVN L MARYINSEN BLA1NE LEE MARX DAVID IAVNE MARZIALE SHARON YONYA MASCARD ROBER1 VAvLoR MASnHuN MANA MASK CLATE INEELER JR MASK L1N0A LENORE MASK F CAROL GARNs MASON BARBARA JEAN MASON BONNIE LYN MASON BRADLEY JOSEPH MASON EDHARD ARNOLD MASON JAMES CHRIS MASON LYDIA KARIE nAsoN LVNDA LEE uAsuN NANCY LYNN MASON YERRENCE LEE MASON IALrER BLAIR FASSEY ADRIAN BRYAN MASSEY KAYIE J A MASSEY RANDY HAROLD MASSEY RDBERY RAYMOND KASSEV IAVVELLEA D MASTERS CAROLYN B NASYERS LXZABEYN LEAH MAerns MARCIA HASYERS TERRY DOUGLAS NASYEHSON LAVERNE a HAsqu ALLEN r NATHENV MICHAEL 0 MAIHENV VICKI JEAN MATHER JENNA SHERIE FATHER LYNDEN DOUGLAS MATHER nosEnT SHERMAN MAYHESON AunRxA NAYHESON cAnoLVN l NAYHESDN HERBERT D MArHESON KENNETH - MATHESDN LAInENcE E NATHESON HAHLENE H MAYHESON ROBERT Y MAYHEsoN VESLEV A NATHEIS FLORA R MATHEIS GARY ALTON FAYHEVS KENNETH E uArHEIs nAnv ANN MAYHEIS FAULEYTE J a NAYHEIS FERRY BRENT "ATHENS HILLIAM LEE MATHEISON MARIAN KAv wAYHEusoN SANDRA ANN MAYHXS DONALD FORREST uATHls JANIS APRIL MATHIS JERILYN NATNIS JUDV CAROL FATHIS STANLEV M MAYleoN DIANA LYNN MAYIS BRUCE ALLAN MATIS JAMES HENRV NATKIN CAROL uAYxxN DAVID IAVNE NATLDCK CLINTON T WATSON GAVLE LAVON MATSUMOR1 DOUGLAS MAYYESON THOMAS M MAYTHE! FRANCES JANE VATYHEHS CHRISTINE MATTHEWS GEORGE E MATTHEIS JAMES B MATYHEHS JOHN LOUIS MATTHEus JOHN 1 111 MATTHEIS KELLY KING MAYTHEIS MARY LVNN MATTHEIS FATRICIA A M NAYYHEIS noNALD a MATYHENS STEPHEN 1 MATTHEHS HILLIAM E MAIYMEIS IILLIAM u HAYYHIA KAREN M MATTNKA KURY A JR VAYYHIAS ROSERY wAVNE NAYTHlES MICHAEL PAUL MATrINaLEv GEORGE JR MATIINGLV ANITA ROYCE EATTXNGLV MARY HUTH MAYTINGLV PATRICIA A PATTSDN "ARV LEDRA MATUA HOA LAUINA MAU RONALD E VAUGHAN CHERILYN HAUGHAN DAVID ALTON NAUGHAN DEBRA G MAUGHAN EVELVN FERN MAUGHAN JEFFREY DEE MAUGHAN JULEE ANN HAUGHAN KAREN MARIE MAUGHAN KAYHLEEN MAUGHAN LEROY RIGEV MAUGHAN LINDA MAUGHAN MARGAREY E MAUGHAN MARION ANonEA HAUGHAN HARLA Jov NAUEHAN PAUL GORDON 468 252,381 294,468 411 411 411 381 285,469 469 256.381 381 411 459 431 411 252.411 277 469 252,381 381 279,431 431 469 431 381 248,469 Z85 285 381 361,381 0 381 411 244 351 431 381 381 276 381 357 381 115,252,411 411 382 382 MAUGHAN P5758 ELVIN MAUGHAN SUSAN CDOFER HAULL CHRISTINE MAURO FRANKIE HAND MAURO KERRY DAVID MAURO LARHV SYEIARY MAuss BARBARA a HAXFKELD EVEREYY B quFlELo FRANK LAMAR MAXF1ELD JUDIYH KAr MAXFIELD NAOINE E MAxFlELD NELDEN VARD MAXFIELD NORMAN A HAXFIELD RDSEMARV MAXFXELD THOMAS G MAXFXELD 'I'RUDV qu-ELL ANDREA HAX'ELL CHERYL JEAN HAXIELL GILBEHY 5' MAXHELL JOHN EARL MAXIELL MARVXN RAV MAY ANITA VIOLA HAY BRUCE EARL MAY CAYNRINE MARIE HAY JERRY PontER MAY JOHN DAVID MAY LINDA JEAN MAV MARXAN ANN MAY HONYE MAY vlcxx MICHELLE HAYEOCK MORAL MAYER SYEVEN JOSEPN MAVES RUYH BOILER MAVGREN LORIN F xAVHEI NORMAN F MAVLXN LELAND FRANCIS MAYNARD rAMo T MAYNE JANICE DEAN MAVNE LINDA MAVNES CHERYL LYNNE HAYNES LVNN cARoL MAYO ALVIN KENNEYH MAvou YAYLOR v1N10N HAYS LonEN ARIMUR HAZE GAVLE ADELLE MAzHEH HAssAN MOHAMED MC ADAMS JAMES R Mc AFERYV RAYMOND F Mc AFFEE ANNETYE MC AFFEE EDIARD ARVEL MC AFFEE 51Lv1A Mc ALLISYER BEN E JR MC ALLXSTER JACK 5 Mc ALLISTER KARMA J MC ALLlsTER KENNEYH F MC ALLISTER MARVIN 5 ALLISTER ROBERT D ALLISYER SANDRA K ALLISIEH SYEPHEN N ALLISTER VIRGINIA ARTHUR CAROL LEE ARTHUR DAvlo s ARTHUR JANICE RAE ARTHUR JERQY DEAN ARTHUR JOANN ARTHUR RONALo s ARTNUR ulLLlAM J BEE NAROLD c BRIDE BARBARA DEE BRIDE CLARK LEE MC BRIDE F VAVNE BRIDE GERALD L BRIDE JOHN CRAIG anoE JOHN IVNN uRXDE KELLY CLARK BRIDE LEBURTA BRIDE LYNDA JEANNE MC BRIDE MARVIN L BRIDE OVEN LEE BRIDE PAULENE BRIDE ROLLA TED JR BRIDE SNARRON 061105 SYANLEY Y BRIDE susAN CAROL BRIDE IALrEn REX aRxDE IAVNE FRANK CASE PAYRICK HENRV M: CAIN DENNIS JAV CALEB REEECCA ANNE CALL ANITA E CALL JUDITH ANNE MC CALLlsTER J c JR CANCE BEVERLV LYNN cANN CAROLYN v CANN DALE REESE CANN MIYCHELL JOHN CANTS aEcxv ANN CARLIE VAN IALLACE CARTNV NORA JEAN cAusLANn cAvaN - cAusLANu JOHN c CLEAN GORDON M CLEAN GREYCHEN CLELLAN CHARLES E CLELLAN GARY EARL CLELLAN HUGH DEVON CLELLAN JANICE cLELLAN JAV Louxs CLELLAN KEIIN JOHN CLELLAN LAan a cLELLAN LxNuA LEE CLELLAN LuANNE CLELLAN MARIANNA s cLELLAN NORMAN L cLELLAN PAMELA RAE CLELLAN SANDRA KAY CLELLAND RICHARD 3 CLEMENT SYLVIA CLEVE MARILVN CLOUD DONALD G CLOV HALLACE L :LUNG BRENDA L :LUNG LYNN LERov CLUNG ROBERT D CLUNG RODNEY BRIAN CLURF DAVID ELLIS CLURE LAURA LEE CLURE TED JOHN cLuRE THOMAS HARDY COARD NARRV o COLLUM MARGARET N ZOMBIE DOUGLAS A conus GRAY ARUID MC conas NAD1NE RAE CDNKIE HANK LEils CONKIE srAMFoRn s CONKIEMAHV EVHEL coNNtLL BEVERLY J C CONNFLL DONNA J M: CORD LAan EDIARD Mc cov DENroN LEE Mc cov MARILYN NELL MC COV PATRICIA RAE NC CRACKEN KINNE u vc CRACKEN IILLIAV n M: CRADV DENNIS E MC cnuuMEN CAROL JEAN x n MC 382 309 241,284,411 286,305,469 431 382 382 382 382 411 332.382 286 411 114,331,495 311,411 115,431 411 469 411 302,385 280 411 4M 468 304 4M 382 4H 382 382 469 362 468 331,382 382 469 356 469 382 382 332 283,382 332 254,382 277,411 248 382 469 382 382 285 411 469 469 NC NC NC NC NC MC uc MC uc uc MC MC CUAN DENNIS N CUE ROBERY JUNIOR CULLOCK VALERIE A CULLOUGH BONNIE J CULLOUGH CHALLIS L CULLOUGH BENTON R CULLOUGH JAN LEE CULLOUGH JOAN 1 CULLOUGH ROBERT G CULLDUGH RONALD V CULLOUGH SHERRY A CUMBEk ELAINE CUNE GEORGE MDODV cuan ulLLIAu J DANIEL CONNIE DANIEL EARL IAVNE DANIEL GLENDA DANIEL SANDRA J DERNOTT RICHARD E DONALD ANDREI JOHN DONALD ANNALEE DONALD DEAN RONALD DONALD GEORGE R DONALD JEAN DONALD LAFRV NILES DONALD STEVEN S DONNEL CAROL ELLEN DOUGAL CARI! D DOUGALL DIANNE B DOUGALL JORN A DOIELL GEOHGE L DOIELL JOHN DAVID DOIELL NONA SUE S DOIELL ROBERY C JR DDiELL THEODOHE R EUEN KAREN EuEN LINDA KAY EUEN MARGARET JANE EIAN JOSEPH KENNEV EIEN DRLO KAY EIEN RAE DEAN FADDEN DAVID E FADDEN EARLE ' FADDEN LINDA SLE FADYEN cAHOL LYhN FARLAND GERALD A FARLANE MELVA GARV ALVIN GARV IANOA a GEE ROBEHT ERNEST GEE SHEILA LYNNE GINNIS SANDRA D GIVEN GARY GRANY GREGOR cATHLlN GREGOR DONALD S GREGOR EILEEN GREGOR GARY KAV GREGOR IALYER a GHEVV IAVNE NELSON GREI ANTHONY F GREN JOHN MICHAEL GREi ROEERY i GUIRE HAROLD L 11 GUIRE JAMES ALBERT MDNE JAMES CARLTON XLNENNV JEAN MARIE INELLV JDLENE INNXS HARILVN KAV INTOSH FRED F INYOSH JACK EDIARD INYOSH ROBERT K KNYVRE PAMELA A KAREY JAMES LESLIE KAssaN STEPHEN D KAY KAROLE SUE KAY TEan A KEA JONN v KEE KAYNLEEN KEE IICHAEL LYNNE KEE PAMELA JANE KEE ROBERT HAROLD KELL DAVE MAC KELL ELAINE KELL LVNN HEEEH KELL LYNN J KENNA MAHILVN DEAN XENNIE GENE HARRY KENNY EDI ANN KENZIE EEENICE KENZIE CAROL G KENZIE HAZEL C KENZIE HEIDI V KENZIE LELAND R KEON JOHN BURYON KIBEEN STEPHEN A KINLAV DOUGLAS R KINNEV HAwLEV L KINNEV nlanau A KXNNON ALICE NAE KXNNON MARILYN KNIGHT CAROL ANN LACHLAN LXNDA G LAIN MARJORIE G LANAHAN G x JR LANE MALXNDA u LAHEN ROBERY JOHN LAUGNLXN E M JR LAUGHLIN JOHN E LAUGHLIN JOHN R LAUGNLIN RANDY M LEAN uAnsnA LVNN LELLAN JAMES ALLEN LEOD DOUGLAS LVNN LEOD KAREN JEAN MASTER BRUCE M MASTER KIRBY M MEEN ELAINE KAY HILLAN EAVNE BROVN NILLAN JANEY C HINN RITA LYNNE MULLIN BRADFORD I MuLLlN GLENDA L HULLIN JENEV A HULLIN KATHLEEN R MULLXN LYNEYYE M HULLIN PNILLIP v HULLIN VERDON 0 HURnAV YMOuAs LADD MURRAY IENDV MUHYHEV LINDA RUYH NAEB DONALD LEE NAMARA HARLDI J NAHARA "ARILVN NAUGHTON AUSYIN JR NAUGHTUN EILEEN L NAUGHTON NANCV G NEAL STEVEN ROBERT NEELY JUDY MAE NEXLIS THOHAS M NEILL BEYH NIVEN NELEN 0 NIVEN HODNEV JAV PHERRDN nAvMoNu s DHERSON DAvxn L PHERSON MARVELLA PHERSON ROBERT PHIE KAREN 382 411 382 411 469 327,431 469 411 382 4M 469 382 114,323,469 431 382 470 470 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PATRICIA ANN Hccov DELDRES nccuv JERRY EDIARD uccu: JANICE Knxsrx NCCUNBER DONALD ALLEN NCDANIEL JAMES FERA uCDANlEL PAUL MALCOLN MCDONALD KENT R MCDONALD MARGARET ANN MCDONALD MICHEAL T ncnoucALL NORuA c MCEIAN BETH MCEHAN RUTH c MCFADDEN MARV MAXINE 469 MCGLOIN JUDIYH ANNE 382 MCGLON GLonxA JEAN MCGREGOR DANIEL ALLEN MCNENRV KENNETH IAVNE ICILLECE JOAN aALLARull4,348 MchMoxL JOHN llLLXAM IC1NNIS KATHLEEN L 382 382 323,332 412 114,351 382 352 382 469 ncxnrvne DONALD RAV NCXNYVRE EARL FRANK 338 NCIN'YRE JUDY zELuA 411 MCIerHE SUZANNE MCINTVRE VERNA ELAINE KCKEE BEYYY GEORGIA MCKELL MARILYN MCKELL ROBERT llLLlAM HCKENDRICK JANET J MCKENZIE JOHN EARL MCKIE JOSEPH RAY MCLAEHLAN CHRlerNE v ICNASTER HEAVHER E MCHEEN SVLVIA ANN MCMULLEN OLIVE JEAN HCMULLIN DIANE MCMULLXN FARIS IALKER MCNALLV MARVELLA MCNEES GEORGIA ANN HCNIVEN DENNIS JAY MCNOIN PENELOPE JOAN MCFHERRON MARCIA D MCPHIE CALLIENE Mcoulva DAVID BRENY HCININNEV SHERI ANN HEACHAH GAYE ESTHER MEACHAM JOHN ARLEN NEACHAM LA-RENCE a MEAann MICHAEL A MEAD HYRUM A JR NEADE JOHN B MEADOIS iILLIAM LEIIS MEALV JANET ALICE MEANS TAMARA ANN MEASOH KENT F MECHAM AL1A BAKED HECHAM ANN MECHAM ANNE MECHAH BRENDA KAV HECHAN :HARLOTYE MARY uECNAH DARVLE MECNAH DEANN MECHAM ELAINE HECNAM EVELVN MECNAM FLORENCE A MECHAN GARY CARL NECHAM HARVEY DEE MECNAN JEANNENE MECHAM JOAN L MECHAM JUDITH EASSEYT MECHAM LAUREL BERNVCE MECHAM MARY LINDA MECHAH RAYMOND D HECHAH RICHARD I MECHAM ROBERT CARL MECNAN ROGER LEO MEgHAN SHARK IIGNALL HECHAN SHERMAN LEROY MEDGIN FRANK MEDLEY MARGAREY ANN MEDLVN DOUGLAS ROY MEDVED CAROL LEE MEEK BEVERLV ANN MEkK BRADLEY EDSON HEEKS BRUCE I MEEKS JOSEPH DIAVNE HEEKS WANDA JEAN NAV MEERS JERROLYN NEHALKD JOHN PAUL HEHDIZADEH MONSODR MEHL ROBERY CHARLES MEHTA ANILKUMAR 5 MEIER DONNA MARIE NEIK GERALD LANONT MEINERS LILY MAE MEJIA ENELINA R MELBV CAROLYN SUE MELBV JAMES MICHAEL MELCHIN DIANE nEHEH KELDRUu CAROLVN KELDRUH CAYHERINE ANN MELDHUM GEORGE KAY 431 317 382 382 431 470 470 382 412 431 382 248,470 382 431 490 319 470 297,470 382 382 382 382 256,382 489 304 NELDRUM JAMES R JR MELE LEAJEAN HELLoR EVAN THOMAS MELLOR GRETA E MELLOR LAHRENCE N MELLOR RchARD HUGH uELLoR SYEDHEN PAUL uELYON ARTHUR BURTON MELTUN ARYHUR RICHARD "ELTON BARBARA J0 MELrou Doaxs JEAN MELION FLOYD FRANKLIN uELYou FRANCES ueron Rosanr ARTHUR MELVILLE RUTH I uEunotv BARRY JOSEPH usuuov? NOIARD K1RK HEMMQIT JACK GREGORY usuuorr KATHLEEN NEIMOTT KENT CLXF1DN MEMMOTY NERALVN 1 ueuuo11 HOGEH LAnD HEMHOTY YERRIL ROSS MENMOTI THOMAS L MEMORY VON MENDENHALL HENDENHALL MENDENHALL MENDENNALL LAnav u MENDENHALL RONALD R MENDIDLA CAROL sue MENDDNSA EUGENE L 11 MENHDRN CHERESE L HENLOVE aoaenr L MENLavE SYEVEN ran MENSSEN ANKE MARGRET MENSSEN IOLFGANG A MENZEL MICHAEL IAVNE NENZIES RICHARD n MERCADO HENRY IILLxAM MERCER GARY I MERCER JULIAN JAY MERCER RICK MERCER IKLLIAM YATES MEREDIYH PAUL VIRGIL MEREDIYH PHVLLIS u HERIAN aansou MERINO ESPERANZA MERlNO JOSE MARIA HERINO HAalA INES MERKLEV ANNETTA MERKLEY DORAN STANLEY MERKLEV LEOTA VEE MERKLEY NELSON AIHD MERKLEV HKCHARD E HERRELL CLIFFORD L MERRELL DIXIE RAE NERRELL JEANNE LAVDN MERRELL JOHN YAYES JR MERRELL LEXIANE MERRELL RICHARD L MERRELL RICHARD L MERRELL SONDRA MERHELL SYEFHEN T MERRIHE' DELHAE MERRILL DAVID F MERRILL DELIA ANN MERRILL GARY LYNN MERRILL HALsERr IALDO MERRILL HELEN K MEERILL JANICE MERRILL JANNEY MERRILL JEANNE MERRILL JOSEPH u HERRILL JUDIVH ANN 382 HEERILL KAYHLEEN 412,250-51 MERRILL LEOLA KAY 317 MERR1LL MARY JEANNE MERRILL MICHAEL G MERRILL PAUL DEAN MERRILL PAUL FELSHA- MERRILL leLIP c MERRILL RICHARD c MERRILL ROBERT EUGENE 9ERRILL RONALD a MEHRILL TAMARA MERRILL roux RAE MERRILL VONDA GRACE uaaaxrt ELAINE R MERNIYT CLvnE ERUIN nenklrr HAL MERRIYV VIRGINIA nuTn290.291.47U "ERSEREAU SUSAN a 250-51 uEnTz DENNIS CLELAND usnz unsuLA uesERvy :AnLA RAE MESERVV JERRV n MESHELL JUDY ANN MESSERVV SHARON :0REV431 MESSICK ROBERT M MESYAD KENNETH c METCALF JOY MARIE METCALF MICHAEL N METZ OLIVE COLEMAN MErzGER HENRY KEITN MEYZGEH SHARON Lqu MEULEMAN CHARLES x uExlA MAnv ANN MEYER CAROL ANN MEYER CHERYL LYNNE nEVER ERNEST A NEVER JACK IARREN JR NEVER SYEFHANIE LYNN MEVER WILLIAM ROY MEYERHOFFER HAL D MEYERS JERRY RUSSELL MEYERS JOHN IAVNE MEYERS SVLVIA LE1 Mavens T JEAN usvnlNo DENNIS R MICHAELIS L015 MARV MICHAELKS MARC MICHAELIS RICHARD s ulansLs SHEILA ANN MICHAELSON JAV n MICHAELSON PAYRICIA MICHEL IERNER MICHELSEN FREDERICK L ulanNEn EDIARD A PICKEL DAVID ROV NICKELSEN DALE LLOYD MICKELSEN Gnasonv MICKELSEN KAFEN LEE NICKELSEN xnvnnvu MICKELSEN "ARK SEAYON MICKELSEN SUSAN KAY MICKELSON MICHAEL 405431 MICKELSON vxchv RAE HIDDLESIORYH DIANE ulDDLEYON MAnv JANE MIDDLETON 7133 IRENE uxxAHx JOHN MIKESELL EDIIN J MIKESELL LEO VAUN nlers LINDA ANN HKKKELSEN onEL H MIKKELSEN HlLLlAN c 287 112 470 248 294 DAVID R GREGG E JENNIFER K 312,231,412 337 114 341,470 382 382 412 256 250-51,412 412 250-51 412 312,431 231,312,382 431 304,470 353 412 RAE 382 431 412 382 431 382 214,431 412 412 L410,431 470 245,382 257,297,431 EIKKELSON JOHN ELIIN MIKKELSDN LAURA JO MILAN LESLEV ANN KILEURN ANNE JULIA NILCIAREK CAROL KAY MILES BERNARD L 111 KILES CAROL J NILES CHRISTINE HILES DAVID EDIIN MILES DOUGLAS LVON NILES JOAN ulLES KENNEYH NKLLAR ELLEN FRANCES MILLAR HARVEY DERRILL HILLAR JAIES FhANKLlN MILLAR PAUL RICHARD MILLAR SHIRLEY ANN MILLARO RICHARD u NILLBURN RONALD RALPH MILLECAH JOHN HENRY NlLLER ALAN LEIGH NXLLER ALLAN DELOV MILLER ARNOLD ARTNUR MILLER BEET IAVNE MILLER BETH MILLER BEYN MILLER BEVERLY MILLER BRENY CHARLES MILLER CANDACE H MILLER CAROLYN DEE HILLER COLLEEN A MILLER CRAIG ALLAN "ILLER DAVID RAIS NILLER DAVID IXLLIAN uILLER DONN IAYNE MILLER DOUGLAS CECIL MILLER ELNA ORLEAN MILLER FAVE FRANCIS MILLER GARY DUANE "ILLER GERALD DRVlL MILLER GLEN COLIN MILLER GLEN LEON IILLER GLENN HOHARD KILLER HENRY RGBERT MILLER JAMES IRA MILLER JAMES PATRICK "ILLER JAMES PAYRKCK MILLER JAMES RONALD MILLER JERRY H MILLER JUAN MILLER JDE IILLIAH MILLER JOHN EDIXN MILLER JOHN JOE MILLER JOHN LAUHENCE MILLER JOHN SCDYY MILLER JOHN HENDELL MILLER JUOIYN EVELYN MILLER JUDY HILLEH JUDY ANN ulLLEH Juov ANN MILLER JUDY LYNN NKLLER KALVIN LEE MILLER KAREN RAE KILLER KAREN VICTORIA MILLER KARL ALBERT MILLER KATHLEEN MAE MILLER LAIRENCE HARRY MILLER LAIHENCE N MILLER LEONARD F "ILLEH LIN DAVID MILLER LINDA C "ILLER LINDA JEAN NILLER LINDA KAVE MILLER LXNDA LUCXLLE MILLER LINDA MARIE MILLER LINEYTA FAVE HILLER LLOYD CLIFTON HILLER LLDVD LYNN MILLER LOREEN HILLER LVLA LEE MILLER HARGAREY ANN MILLER MARXLVN JOYCE MILLER MARILYN KAVE HILLER MARILYN LOUISE MILLER MARILYN M MILLER MARILYN R MILLER MARILYN MILLER MARY ANN IILLER MERLIN CONRAD MILLER MICHAEL LORIN HILLER NAch LEE HILLEH NANCY LOUISE IILLER NEIL KAV MILLER FATRXCIA llLLER PHVLLIS JEAN HILLER RICHARD KIM MILLER ROBERT E D MILLER ROBERY HENRY 8ILLER RDBERY LLOVD HILLER ROGER L MILLER RONALD J NILLER SANDRA LEE MILLER SHARON ALICE MILLER SHARON LYNNE MILLER SHARON NASS MILLER SHELDON THOMAS MILLER SHERMAN CRAVEN KILLER STANLEY SCOYT ulLLER SUSAN MAURINE MILLER TERRANCE M MILLER YERRVL GEORGE MILLER VERL EDIARD HILLER VINCENT ALBERT MILLER HAVNE KEITH MILLER HILLIAM E NILLERD SHEILA LARUE MILLEY LORIN EDWARD MILLET MICHAEL BRUCE MILLET ROBERY NILLIAM MILLET WILLIAM HENRY MILLET IILLOI DEAN HILLETT ALOHA MILLETY JEANETTE MILLETT LAISON D MILLIMAN CAROL JOAN HILLIMAN JEANETYE n HlLLls LINDA DIANE WILLIS RUTH ELIZABETH MXLLS BARBARA MILLS DARRELL F HILLS DENNIS GARDNER MILLS DONALD HESLEV MILLS GAIL SUSANNE HILLS GORDON EVEARARD MILLS KAREN MILLS LAMOND ROBERT MILLS LUIS KIM MILLS MARY EILEEN V IlLLs MICNAEL BRUCE MILLS MICHAEL LAleR MILLIARD EDIrH ANN HILLHARD JAMES BERGEN MILLIARD JOSEPH n MILLVARD MELODY ANN MILNE CHAD HONAHAN IILNE DAVXD SPENCER MILNER RICHARD FISHER RIANNE 325 383 431 431 293 431 325 383 351 302 383 199 294,295 215 325 470 412 341,470 245,250-51 412 250-51,383 383 292,490 332 383 246,248 383 431 412 412 383 197 281 198 431 495 337,412 431 470 431 412 431 353 431 332 MILNER ROBERY KEITH MINAJAVAHERI NEHDI MINEER ANN GROVER ulNER BRENDA LYNN NINER CAMILLA v MINER CAROL MINER CHARLES DENNIS MINER DON RODNEY MINER EDIARD GLEN MINER GARYH CLARK ulNER GERRY LANCE MINER JAMES ONEIL MINER JOSEPH KAY MINER KATHLEEN MINER KERRY GENE MINER MARGEHV uAE MINER MARINA LARAKNE ulNER NANCV "KNEE NANcV P STEVENS MINER RICHARD LAVEaE "INER ROSALIE MINER IESLEY KENT MINES SUSAN MINKLER ANGELXNE MINNICK DENNIS LEE MINOR MARYLUE MINOR iAVNE MORRIS HINSON ROYAL IEBER 11 N10 HIE AMV MIBZA SAXVED HASAN I MISSALL MAECIA MARIE HIYCHELL ALBERT 0 JR NITCHELL ALVIN RAY EITCHELL ANN ELLEN MXYCHELL ARLA RENEE MITCHELL CARLA V MITCHELL CHARLES Y MITCHELL DERALD LAMAR MIYCHELL GERALD B MITCHELL JAMES LEIIS MITCHELL JAMES P MITCHELL JEFFERV LYNN MI'CHELL JESSE DAVID MITCHELL JUDIYN EIYCNELL KAREN MARIE MITCHELL KATHLEEN FITCHELL KENNEYH D MITCHELL MARGAHEY KAY MIYCHELL HARGIE FATTI MITCHELL MARV ANN MITCHELL MICHELE MITCHELL NANCV MARY MITCHELL NATHANIEL H MIYCNELL NELDON Z HIYCHELL FATRICK NEIL MITCHELL REBECCA 5 MITCHELL HDBERT 5 NITCHELL ROBERY LEROY NIVCHELL ROBERT u NIYCHELL RONALD G "I?CHELL RONALD G MITCHELL TANYRA "IYCHELL IILFORD B JR HITCHELL IILLIAM D MITCHELL IlLLIAM V HIYORAV HEEECCA LEE MIYDRAV ROGER G MITTERMEXER GEOHGXA A MXTTLER BRUNO JOSEPH MIYTDN HERBERT I II MIX JEANEYTE JOYCE MIX LXNDA KAY ulYAGAIA VASUO R "IYAIAKI SYEPHEN A 311E JOHN DAVID nu JENNY iEN YUAN MOAKE MAHILVN MannLV EILEEN MARIE uoalLlo uARsHA C NOBLEY HELEN ERMA NOCK JAMES MARVIN MOELLER JAMES MICHAEL NOELLER LYNDA JOVCE uoELLER MARINA E MUEN LYNDA MARIE "BENCH BARBARA ADELE MOENCH PAMELA MOFFAT BLAKE i HOFFAT CRAIG MAYHER MOFFAT DENNIS GEORGE MOFFAT RALPH RANDY MDFFEYT VICKIE LOU NOGEL SUZANNE LOUISE NUHLER LINDA RUYH MOHLMAN CARL GLEN MOHLMAN JOHN ALLEN uoHLMAN REX DELBERY "GLEN JON EARL MOLEN KAREN ETHEL MOLEN MARK EUGENE MULLER DAVID A MOLLERUF ANN NOLTD MAvls BERYHA MONACO uANIEL GROVER HONASHIYH JON LEE NONCUR CAROLEE MONDAV ROLAND BRIAN NONDFRANS coNARD H HONDTRANS BANBARA J uONEV HILLIAH KENY Ionlor RENEE SHARON lONNETY JOHN DANIEL FONROE CRAIG LEE MONROE JAMES IALYER MONSON ALICE ANNEYYE MONSON BEEN! NIELS MONSON BARREL GLADE naNsuN HAHDLD K IONSON JUDITH IHENE MONSON JULIA LEA NONSON KAREN RUTH "ONSDN LOWELL DOUGLAS Manson MARYXN ELI MCNSON MAX CHRIS MONSON SUSAN KAV MONSON rnoMAs JESSE uonsau IAYNE KENNEYH MONYAGUE GERALDINE MONYAGUE KAYHLEEN MONTAGUE LELAND EDDIE MDNTAGUE PAUL WALKEE MONTAGUE llLLlAM K MONYANO ARTEMIO E MDNYANO CESAR A JR MONTANO G1LBERY RAY MONYEXLH ALFRED MONTGOMERY ALENE "ONTGDMEHV BARBARA S HONYGOMERV DANIEL A KONYGOMERY GARV LEE HONTGOMERV MICHAEL G VONYGOMERV PRISCILLA IONTGOMERV ROBERT C waNYILLO ERLINDA nllA uaNYJov Rosanro MDNTDVA LIYIA H uoonv BETH IlLsoN 275 325 328,383 412 319 383 311,383 83 470 356 357 321 383 470 327.412 383 323 348,431 363 470 412 431 470 103,117 237 194,383 383 254 470 199 319,412 383 341,431 383 412 252 517 MDUDV uoaov MOGDV MUDDY "000V FOODY Maouv MOODY Nnaov MOODY VOQDY NOON uoaN NOON MOON MOON VOGN VOCN PGGN NOON NOON MOON AOON MOON CHAELEEN D CNERVL LORRAXNE JEFFREV BRIAN LINDA MANON MARILYN MICHAEL F HILTON GLEN PAVSV K PAUL YOUNG ROBERY sauce nuru KARLEEN ALLEN DEAN BRADFORD BRENDA BROIN HELEN J JOHNSON HUGH ELLIOY ILENE JAMES LEROY JOHN NEPHI JUDITH ANN LANAR Fasten LAuour IILLIS LEON PHlLLXF RICHARD x noun RICHARD NEPHX noon VERNON EVEREYY uooNEv NOLA n MOORE BARBARA BALLDU noonE BIROEAN MOORE CARMA MARIE MOORE DAVID NATHAN MOORE DENNIS FLOYD noon: DIIGHT conev NODRE ERXN MARIE MOORE aARav x moons GARTH RAV moon: GLEN LESLIE MOORE sonoou L MOORE IRENE MOORE lvv BLALOCK nouns JAMES LAIRENCE MOORE JEANNE ANN MOORE JDVCE MAE MOORE LA NELL LINES Moons LEON CLARENCE nouns LEON JOSEPH MOORE MARILYN nouns MARILYN ANN moons PEGGY ANN noon: RAMONA MOORE RXCHARD ALLEN MOORE RICHARD PATRICK NDORE ROBERT LELAND moons ROBERT LYNN JR MOORE RUBY LINDA noone SAMUEL n naoas SHARON LOUISE moons SHlRLEY J manna STEPHANIE 1 MOORE SYLVIA LEE MOORE YHOMAS J MOORE IILLXAM E JR MODRING BRENDA KAYE MOORMAN SHELIA ANN MOOSMAN BRENT LERov MORALES MXCHAEL a MORAN CLARENCE n JR MORAN MONICA sue HORAVEC GAnny MDREHEAD JAMES R MOREHEAD HIYA LOUISE MOREVYI DARIUS ANDREI Money JAMES ALLEN MORGAN BARBARA JOYCE MORGAN ELANCHE r MORGAN CAROL MORGAN a NEIL MOHGAN DANA EUGENE MOHGAN DAVID ANDREI uoncnn DAVID JOHN MORGAN ELAINE MORGAN HAROLD SCOYT MORGAN JACQUELINE uoRGAN JonN REID MORGAN KARYL c uoncan MAXINE MAE MORGAN NAYHAN MAYO MORGAN PATRXCIA MORGAN PEGGV ANN MORGAN RONALD EDGAR MORGAN erpHEM w1LauR MORGAN rznnv anew? MORGAN VEDA KAVE MORGAN VERNON REV MORGAN I1LLlAu E JR MORGENEGG sauce LEE Hon: stsvsu HINOVUKI MORLEY JERRY EUGENE MORLEY ROEERY JOHN MORLEY RODNEY RAY MonLev rERRv SYEHARY MORN FRANK THOMAS MDRRELL EVAN RAE MORRELL STANLEY H MORRELL u1LL1AM 1 NORHEV RUSSELL ANDREI moaRILL ARLO SIDNEY MORRILL DAMARIS s MORRILL HAROLD L MORRXLL JOANNE n MDRRILL TONI ANN HonaxLL VENEYA MORRIS BETTY JEAN MORRIS CARLA JEAN MORRIS CARMA Lou Monnls CHRISTINA A MORRIS DIANN HORRlS csonue w JR nonaxs GERALDINE sue nannxs JUDY MARIE Muanls MARGAREI HARY MORHIS NAOMI YINA nonnxs NORMAN DALE Honnxs RANAE NORRIS RAPNAEL nonnxs RAY :Laanr naan1s ROBERT sauce moanls ROBERT D JR nonnls RONALD LADELL uoun1s SHIRLEY ANN n MORRlS STANLEV IAYNE MORRIS T GARY nonnxs uxLLIAH nonrou MORRISON CARLEfDN H nonuxsou CAROLYN a moanxsou CHERYL RAE MORRISON CRAIG hlLHUR noun1sow BARREL 5 uonnxson GARR a uonw1son LELAND JED MORRISON MARK OEORGE MORRISON MARY M YOUNG HORRXSDN RANDY RALPH moanxson RICHARD s MORRISON 5AM DAVID MORRISON SUE E nonn1ss LAIRENEE L 518 431 383 319, 412 245 298 248,294,485 383 412 431 495 383 383 252,306 412 363 383 278 383 412 383 412 194 412 277 412 223 383 383 471 212,213 301 412 412 302 471 287 361,383 199 296. 323,471 4 383 431 315,471 431 412 uonaxsssv JOHN anucs MOESE NOMA MORSE ROBERT EARL MORSE SUSAN YVONNE NORTENSEN ANNA C HORTENSEN Anv1o L MONTENSEN HARTLEY MDRYENSEN sevrv L MORTENSEN CARDLVN J MONTENSEN ERIC BRANDT HDRTENSEN GAIL NADINE HORVENSEN HYRUH KAY nonerssN IVAN JED MONTENSEN JUDITH KAYE MORYENSEN KAELA MOHTENSEN LINDA P MORIENSEN PETER J JR "OFTENSON CURTIS I ll Monrzusou MARGARET L nonrznson MARION K MDRYENSON MAX L HORYON KAY DIANE MORYON LORRAINE MOSCRIP BARBARA ANN MDSCROP RICHARD 5 MOSELEY a RxcHARo MDSER JUDY ANN MOSHER ALMON LAVERE Moss BILL IRVIN POSS ELINOR ANNA Mass GARY EUGENE M055 JOSEPH LOWELL H055 Jun11n HOSS KENY GROVER MOSS "ARV KATNLEEN MOSS REEECCA LOUISE MOSS RONALD IARREN MOSS SYEPHEN ROGER uoss SUZANNE moss ilLLIAM DARRELL HOSTELLER BARBARA KAV NOTE GEORGE EARLE MOTIEE TEHRANX T MOTOKAHA NOBUVUK! MDULTON CAROL SEARLE MDULYON DAVID STANLEV MOULTON DEAN LEROY MOULTDN EVELYN NOULYON JASON BART HOULYON LESTER NEAL HDULYON MICHAEL J NOULYON SVDNEY MOUN'EER MARVA JOAN MOURITSEN DALE CLARK MOURIVSEN LELA JEAN MOURITSEN MARTA C MOURITSEN ROBERT GLEN MOHER CARL LITSYER mowsn JOSEPH anxc MquR MICHAEL RAVNOND MOVREY DANIEL BAKER NOVER ROXANNE MOVES JAY IVAN MOVLE BETTY LOUISE MOYNAHAN Y NOODV MOZLEY ANNETYE MOZLEV BARBARA MARIE uuzvxo-sxx RICHARD 4 NY LION ANNA LJELVhN MUCEUS LYNDA SUE NUCK DAVID LOUIS HUEHLEN JOHN BERNARD MUELLER CLAUS G MUELLER DUANE ROBERY MUELLER HELEN MARIE MUELLER JANE ANN L MUELLER LOYHAR KURT R MUGLESTON SHONNIE L NUHLESYEIN DALE LEE MUHLESTEIN JOHN S HUHLESTEIN JOSEPH K MUHLESTEIN MICHAEL K NUHLESTEIN RALFN KENT MUHLESTEIN RICHARD D "U18 BRUCE BUYS MUIR DOUGLAS c MU1R LORRAINE PUSH MUIR VIRGINIA F MUXR IXLLXAM NICNOLAS "UXRHEAD 111 JOHN MULKEY KAVRA LYDELL HULL JOHN PHILLIP MULLEN ANNETTE E MULLEN SYLVIA JEAN MULLER MARGARET 8AE MULLER uALTER G MULLINIX SYANLEY n MULLINS LAURENCE a MULLINS LEIIS SKIELDS MULLINS PAYRICIA A NULVEY GARV ARTHUR HUMFORD CLAUDIA uuusono DIANE MUMFURD LESLIE ELLEN MUMFORD Laxs ANN nuxroan NEAL A uuuronu sue VUMMA PATRICIA A MUNCY KQVING DONALD MUNFOFD non BEDEnuE FUNK MARIAN VUNNS EDNA LVNN MUNNS YERRV ELDDN MunsoN CAROLE E PURDUCH JANEY LENNOX VURDDCH LECIA RAE NURDOCH PAMELA JEANNE HURDOCH ROBERT E NURDOCK CARHA LUCILE NURDOCK DEEANN HURDOCK DENIS EARL MURDDCK DETTA uunoocx FRANK NEIL "UROOCK KENNETH JOE NURDOCK LUANN NURDOCK MAXINE LEVIS FUHDOCK ROSEMARV MURDOCK SHAUNA FURDOCK VICKY KAY NURLEV JUDITH ANN FURLEV HURIEL A NURPNV ALAN KEITH MURPHY CHERYL KAY NUHPHY DONALD LEE MURPHY JOHN JAMES FURPHV MARILYN J MURPHY MICHAEL A FUNPHV PAYRICIA KAY MURPNV PATRICK JOHN MURPHY PATEICK I MURPHY PAULA HURPHV SANDRA MURPHY SUSAN MURPHY VILLIA" GEORGE uuanAv aAaRv ELLxs MURRAY BYRON K NURRAV CAROLVN DEDN LEE 212,213 383 383 471 383 471 495 383 431 431 412 431 383 311,471 471 431 431 471 471 383 383 431 383 383 328 252 412 212,213 297 351 412 383 431 383 471 383 363 471 277,431 120,337 412 471 317,431 HURRAY vuiRAV MURRAY MURRAY MURRAY uuRRAv uumuv MURRAV MUHRAV NUHRAV MUHRAV CHAELES L DAVID IYNDHAM DEIRDRE GAV FAY HOPKINS FRED DENNY JANE Annls JEAN ELVCE KATHRYN LINDA MARSNA LOU PAYRICIA GAIL NURRAV ROBERY D MURRAY HILLIAM .1 MURRI BLAXNE RAY NURRI RONALD JOHN MURRV MARK H MUSE ConEv J Nuslcx Rev JOSEPH MUSK KATHRYN JUNE HUSTER CATHERINE E MUSTER RICHARD FRED MuTA-IEH AEDULRAHAMAN MYERS CAROL ANN FVERS DONNA D MYERS GALE ONEN MYERS GARY ALLEN MYERS GENEAL MYERS JACQUELINE LEE NVERS JOAN MARGAREY MYERS KENNETN RYAN MYERS LANE ALAN MYERS MARY JANE MYERS MICHAEL LVNN MVEIIS NEVA RAE MYERS RONALD LEROY MYERS STEPHEN ROBERY NVERS SUSAN ANN MYERS VAUGHN EARL MYLER CAROLYN M MYLER CHARLES F JR nvLER SUSAN MYLROIE MARLENE TRINA HVNYI'I KARL DANIEL N KENNETH RACHEL ANN SUSAN CHARLES JAMES GEORGE NICKS LOUIS JAMES NABAHE NABAHE NABAUM NACKOS NACKOS NACKOS NADAULD SYEPHEN D 103, NADER ALBERT PIERRE NADJMAEADI SIAVASH NADLE ALISON E NAEGLE KEITH LOUIS NAGAI TSUNEO NAGATA ANN HISAKO NAGV DALE CAhL FRANK NAGY ELDON CARLYLE NAGV ELHEa ERNESY NAKAMURA EARL NALDER BAEBARA JOANNE NALDER SEVERLEV NALDER JEANNE LOVE NALoEn JOHN LELAND NALDER snaanv NALLV LDNNIE a NAMAIIZADEH nennx NAMES GERALD IAYNE NANCE F KENT NANCE JAMES HENRY 1n NANCE LAURA EILEEN NANTD ROBERT M NAPPER CYRUS BLAKE NARIVA sunxxo NASER JUNE NASH BONNIE JEAN NASH JOHN MERLE NASH RODNEY ROSS NASH RONALD L NASH SHIRLEE BECK NASH STANLEV REECE NAUGLE JUDXYH MAE NAUMU CHARLES VEARL NAUTRE MONIDUE RENEE NAVE PHILIP J NAIAHXNE HENRY K NAV BHENT H NAY tHcMAs CARL NAVLOR CECILE MARIE NAYLOR NARY ELAINE NAVLOR IALLACE ROBERY NDEH EDET JDSHOU NEAL JOHN noasnr NEAL MICHAEL DUXNN NEAL nnseu1n1e nunssv NEAMAN GEORGETYE F NEAY DAVID PAUL NEBEKER DELSERY u NEBEKER GARY RALEIGH NEBEKER LANA JANE NEBEKER MARY LOUISE NESEKER ROLAND SCOIT NEEEKER SALLY ANN NEBEKER HENDELL D NEEELING GEORGE A NEECE BARBARA L NEFF BARBARA NARXE NEFF JEANNE ANNE NEFF JONN EMERSON NEFF PAUL ELVVN NEIDHARDY BARBARA SUE NEIGH80UR5 MARIALEE NEIL JOHN DAVXD ALLAN NEXLSON CHARLA DIANE NEILSON GEORGE VERN NEILSDN JIMMIE L NEXLSON JULIE ANN NEILSON aoaenr KEITH NEILSON RONELDA MARIE NEILSON SUSAN RAE NELSEN BRENT EDIARD NELSON ARLO J NELSON ARYHUR REID NELSON BRucE EDNARD NELSON CAROL NELSON CAROL FAY NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON CHARLES CRAIG CHARLES K CHERVL DEANN EHERVL NUNYER CLAIRE H CONSTANCE C DALE DOUGLAS DALE E DAREL ARVIN 0111110 B DAVXD MILTON DAVID IlLLARD DELBERY GARY DENNIS RAY DIANE 194,383 470 412 383 412 277,491 431 383 431 471 284,295 471 355,431 383 298 383 351 351,298 117,300,323 495 257 361,384 384 301 384 303 384 192,471 334 199 288 471 384 288 384 491 384 384 399 384 295 384 384 431 384 CARDLVNN strH AH 471 471 NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSCN NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON NELSON IAYNE KENT NELSON IILLXAM H NEMELKA RICHARD S NEMETH JOE PAUL nsnnxn JOANNE uesaxt AanEA RAE NESEIIY GEORGIA LEE NESER FREDERIC LEE NETHERCOYT KATHLEEN NETHERCOTT MONTY A NEVHERCOYY PAMELA NEVHERCOTT svonev NETHERYON LINDA SUE NEYYLES DOUGLAS D NEUENSCHIANDER DENNIS NEUHUVS YVONNE NEUMAHKEH QUDIGER 5 NEUTEBOOM NOBERY H NEVE JANET LOUISE hEVE RDDGER FETERSDN NEVES ELDON ALIPHIN usvzs VIRGINIA LOUISE NEVILLE CODY MARXE NEVILLE HOLLV N NEVILLE PAMELA LVNN NEVXLLS JUDITH ARLENE NEIBAUR GAIL DELFNXA NEUEERRY MAX RAY NEIBEFRV ROBERT K NEIBILL HORACE ALLAN NEIBOLD JUDV ANN NEVBOLD LINDA NElaoLD SHARON NEHBURV JUDV ns-av GERALDINE ueucunaz PETER JOHN NE'ELL GREGG A NEIELL VILLIAM L JR NEIEV JANICE M DYER NEIIYT JAY STEHART NEIMAN ELLA JANE NEIHAN EUGENE HOIARD NEIHAN FERN JDANN NEIMAN FgANK HARMON NEIMAN HELEN GAY NEIMAN JOYCE MARIE NEIMAN LEON DENNIS DIANE CLARE DONALD A DONALD YRACY DOROTHY GAVLE DOUGLAS 11 ELLA CAROL EUGENE ELDON FRED MARTIN FRED R JR FRED II JR FREDERIC CLVDE GARYH LAMONT GARY MILTON GARY wENuELL GLENDDN NEAL HENRY SYEDHEN IDA MAE IVAN in H JACK ADOLFH JAMES ANDREI! JAMES HARLEV JANES PERRY JANE JEANNE RAE JERI JERRV NILE JOHN LOVELL JOHN IILLIAH JON MDRRXS JUD1TH RAE JUDV KAY KAREN KAREN LOUISE KAREN R KAYHERINE X KAYHLEEN KAYNLEEN HELEN KEITH BRUCE KELLY RICHARD KENNETN R KENT EARL KEN1 KRUGER KIM LEE KRISTIN LARRY EARL LELAND ROBERT LEON BEYYRIDGE LXLA GULL LXLA LORENE LINDA MARxE LOIS LOUANA LVN EUGENE H LYNNE MARCIA ANN MARCIA SUE MARIE ANN HARJEAN MARJORIE J MARK H MARK HAVNE MARY CAROL MARY FRANCES MELINDA ANN MERRILL LVLE MICHAEL A MILO LIND MORRIS DEE NANCY ANN NANCY E FALST ORVAL L PATRICIA ANN PATRICIA JLNE PAUL M REGINALD DEE RICHARD c RICHARD IAVNE ROBERY DORIAN ROBERT GALEN ROBERT KENT FOBERT LORAN ROBERT D ROGER DEAN RONALD VERNE HONDA LEE RosEnARV L SALLY SUE SANDRA E SANDRA JEAN SHARI LYNNE SHELDDN D STEPHEN RICN STEPHEN ROBERT STEVEN LEROY STEVENS CALL SUSAN VERDENE VIRGINIA VIRGINIA ALICE VIVIAN 384 384 384 412 223,384 85 384 384 384 300 432 351,412 412 254 384 471 384 384 384 281 384 297,471 432 252 283,301 301,384 277,471 277,432 228,230 250 246,432 334 237,432 384 472 292,472,491 334 432 384 495 472 175,339,412 412 206-209 202,207,337 472 384 412 uq,3e4 315 am 213 252,334 432 412 472 231,312,384 412 NEIMAN ROBERT GEORGE NEIMAN RONALD ALLAN NEHMAN STEPHEN D NEIOUIST SHIRLEY ANN NEISDM TOM HENRY NEISOME aoeav ARNOLD NEISDME BRENDA JD NEISDN RONALD RALPH NEITON KATHLEEN ANN NEITON HICNAEL l NEITON MVRA LEE NEIVILLE TROY JAMES NEZ HARRY NXBLEV BONNIE ANNE NXBLEV SUSAN JANE NICHOLAS RICHARD LEE NICHOLAS SUSAN LAURA NICHOLES FRANCES E NICMOLES JOAN KAV NICHDLES uARV LVNNE NICHDLES VERLXN ROY NICHDLL JENEAL NICHDLLS DAVID s NICHOLLS PAUL JOHNSON NXCNOLS BLAINE I NICHOLS BOBBIE SHARON NICHOLS BONNIE JEAN NICHOLS DANIEL R NICHOLS DAVID IARHEN NICHOLS DEEORAH GAIL NICHOLS DIANE NICHOLS GARY DUANE NICHOLS GLENN GORDON NICHOLS XVAN RAY NICHOLS LYNN L N1cnuLs LVNN LA MARR NICHOLS KARJDFHE L NxcHuLs ux TURNEOH NICHOLS HELVIN ROV NICHOLS PAYHICIA LELA NICHOLS IlLLlAM H NICHOLSON CAROL ANN NICHOLSON LINDA JOY NICHOLSON MAXILYN r NICHOLSON STEVEN FAUL NICK SAEED SHAVEGI NICKEL PENNY .Io NXCKELL AFTON VALE NXCKERsoN JAHES SCOT? NICODEIUS KAREN IRENE NICOL ALAN CHASE NICOL MICHAEL RUE NlcoL P KENT NICOL HILLIA" IAVNE NICOLL JOEL LEHI NIEDERHAUSER HYRUM 6 N18. PAULA ANN NIELD LVNETYE NIELD LVNIECE NIELSEN ALBERT HAYNE NIELSEN ANNETYE PEART NIELSEN BARaAaA B NIELSEN CAYHIE NIELSEN DAVID LLOYD NIELSEN DENNIS P NIELSEN EARL L NIELSEN EDMOND JAMES NIELSEN GARYH S NIELSEN GENE E NIELSEN 61.081A DAIN NIELSEN GRAN? LERov NIELSEN NDIARD EUGENE NIELSEN JACK KENNE'I'N NIELSEN JAMES BARRY NIELSEN JANICE ANN NIELSEN JEAN LAVON NIELSEN JEANNINE LDI NIELSEN JUDXTN NIELSEN KENNETH L Jn NIELSEN KENNETH LOREN NIELSEN LA REE RICKS NIELSEN LAMDNY M NIELSEN LARAE NIELSEN LARRV NIELSEN LINDA NIELSEN LINDA HELEN NIELSEN LINDA JOYCE NIELSEN LORRAINE D NIELSEN MAC M NIELSEN MAavA NIELSEN NARV LUCILLE NIELSEN MICHAEL FLOYD NIELSEN MICHELE GAY NIELSEN NELDDN G NIELSEN NEPHI BRENT NIELSEN NIEL JOSEPH NIELSEN NORMAN LEROY NIELSEN PAMELA NIELSEN PAUL JAY NIELSEN PAUL RICHARDS NIELSEN RAY PAUL NIELSEN REBECCA LYNN NIELSEN REED NICHOLI NIELSEN ROBERT LEON NIELSEN ROBIN ADAIR NIELSEN RDNALD ELDON NIELSEN ROSANNE 7 NIELSEN SNERRV NIELSEN SHIRLEY JEAN NIELSEN SHYRL ROSS NIELSEN SYEFENEE NIELSEN SYEPHEN E NIELSEN TERRV J NIELSEN THEEISSA NIELSEN 10m" IALKER NIELSEN YDNETYE NIELSEN IADE LAGaAND NIELSDN BRUCE MARK NIELSON CARL NIELSON CLAIR EVAN NIELSON comm GUBLER NIELSDN DAIL DEE NIELSON DENNIS F NXELSON DEON REED NIELSON DOUGLAS J NIELSON ELIZABETN NXELSON ELLOUISE NIELSON EUGENE KEITH NIELSON GARYM BARRIE NxELsoN GARY JAV NIELSON GORDON KEIYH NIELSDN HGIARD LARRY NIELSON JAMES MARK NXELSON JANET NIELSON JULIA ADAMS NIELSON KAYNLEEN NIELSON KENNETH ARVLE NIELSON KIRK KAV NIELSON LAWRENCE GLEN NlELsoN LINDA L NIELSON LLOYD JANES NIELSON MANGO mANNE NIELSON HARK CHESTER NIELSON MARY NIELSON MICHAEL GRANY NIELSEN PRESYON G NIELSON REID KENY GRANT 472 244 384 194 212,213 199 212,213 251 472 384 384 384 384 491 384 246,247 432 300 470 384 384 413 227,472 230 384 413 472 472 384 384 285,298 NIELSDN NltLSON NIELSDN NlELsoN vale NIELSEN IILMELNINA C NIEHAN JOHN HALTER NIEFRASCHK MICHAEL R NIETHAMHER MADELEXNE NIEYD HECTOR FREDDY NKEIOLD ELLEN CAROL NIKOLIC SIMA NILSDN COLLEEN NILSON GALE BRUCE NILSSDN CHA8LOTYE NILSSDN COLIN IAVNE NILSSON DARRVL J leaEY ROBERT LE HOV NISH STEVEN RAV NISHINOTO JOSEPH S NISNIMOTO NANCY N NISHIHOTO IAYNE H lesEN PENNY uARsAREr NISSDN MARYHA ANN NISSON VICKXE N1! KENNETH JESSE Nix STEPHEN GEORGE NIXON CLYDE BOVACK NIXON KAREN COLETTE NXxON IELLHAN EDIIN NOAKES GERALDINE NOBLE ALLAN LEE NOBLE BEVERLY LAURA NOBLE DARLA GAVE NOBLE JAY PEYEVSEN NOBLE MICHAEL EROIN NOBLE PHILLIP LAEL NOBLE ROBEEY DUKE NOBLE SHARON NOBLE SUSAN KAVE NOEL DAVXD IALKER NOEL KEIVH c NOFCHISSEV ARLIENE A NDHARA LILLY NOKES LORALEE NOLAN JED DOUGLAS NOLAND CLIFFORD I NOLEN ALICE DEAN NOLTHENIUS CONSTANCE NOLTNENIUS JULIE F NaReERG PHYLLIS BETH NORBV SUSAN LYNN NORDBERG RONALD EARL nanoEs VAUGHN EcIARn NORDFEIT TERRY C NORDFELT CHARLES C NORDFORS MARILEE NORDGREN GRACE M NORDIN JUDIYH KAREN NORDSTROM GERALD B NORDSTROM JULIE R NORDSYROM KAROL ANN NORDSTRON MARILYN K NORDSIRGM STEPHEN L NORDSYRDM THOMAS NILS NORMAN ALICE MARIE NORMAN CHRISTINE NORMAN CLIFFORD CL1VE NORMAN KEIYH EDIARD NORRIS IVY LOIS NDREIS MARJORIE NORRIS NVLE B NORRIS ROBIN MITCHELL NORRIS IlLLlAM DEAN NORTH DAVID SNIYN NDRYH KENNETH IALTER NORTH MARGARET IHITE NORYH MARILYN F NORTH RANAE NORTH RAYMOND KARL NORTH leHARD ALLEN NORYHROP BONNIE JEAN NDRYON ALXCE JANE NORTON ARYHUR DENNIS NORTON CHARLES D NORTON CHARLES RAV NORTON uALE F JR NORTON HOLLV I NORTON JAYNE NoRroN JOHN THOMAS JR wontcu MERRIIT R JR NORTON NEIDRA ANN NORTON RAY ELLISON NORTON RICHARD C NORTON ROBERY JAMES NORYDN RDEERY L NoRfuN RONALD JAMES NORFON RUSH EIGELGI NORTON SANDRA MILLIE NOSLER JOHN F JR NaucHl AILEEN HXSAE NovAx KAV HXLL NOVAK SYEPNEN FRANK NcIA JAMES LEONARD NOILAND CHERVL ANNE NOILAND SANDRA KAV Noyes DAVID HILLIAH NOVES EVA NOVES GENEVEE ELOISE NOVES GERI LYNN NDYES SVLVIA ANN MOVES VERLA NUFFER SIANVON SMART NUILA LOTARIO NUMBERS RALPH DAVID NUNES LINDA SUE NUNN ROEEHT G 111 NUSuAuM JANICE LuLXsE NLYTALL ELLIS LEONARD NLVIALL EUGENE DIXON NLTYALL HOlARD LESLIE NLTYALL JAHES CRAIG NUTTALL KAYHLEEN NUTYALL KATHLEEN L NUYYALL LAnRv p NUTTALL MARGARET K NUYTALL PAUL FRAZER NUYYALL PNYLLIS hUYYALL SYEVEN BRENT NUTTALL YHDMAS L JE NUFTALL VERL GEORGE NUYYALL IILLIAH A NUYYER JULIE ANN NUYVHAN IILLIAH a NUZIAN CLYDE EDIAHD NULMAN RONALD FRANK NVEERG DONALD GLEN NVBERG NANCV BRUBAKER NVBO c LAMAR NVaonG FLOYD BRENY NYE EARL anENr NVEU FRANCES NYGREN RAY EARL NVHOLM BEYYV ALICE RICHARD GARV EICHARD LYNN ROBERY JAEES 384,250 472 413 288 413 413 399 472 252,384 384 331 294,295,472 283 399,413 384 413 3u4 nqnauqn 384 354 384,344 413 256 384 413 432 197 351,432 472 384 432 384 384 472,491 472,352 472 472 384 321 472 298 275,382,413 432 318,432 384 399 279,23u 432 384 O sennv PAYRICK J BERRY HILLAHD 0 JR BRAV DAVID BRUCE aRxEN BILLIE JEAN BRIEN JOHN nAvuono ERIEN MICHAEL LVMAN BRXEN PATRICIA BRYANT DENNIS ELDON CELL CHRxsroPHER J DELL JOHN AUSTIN DELL IILLIAM c DONNAL LAHEV s DONNAL VALDEN L NEAL DANNY FORD NEAL DOUGLAS NEAL RHEA EUNIECE NEIL DAvxn GEORGE NEIL MARGARET ANN NION BARON ELIELL NIDN FATRXCK ELIELL OAK DAVID CECIL OAKLEY ARVlD MARK OAKLEV "ELEM M chst ROBERT ELLIOT OAKS CHARLENE ANN OAKS DENNIS ELDON OAKS HAROLD LORNELL OSERHANSLY COLLEEN OBERLV nannr PRICE OBLAD NANCY ELAINE oaonN CLARK BARNEV aannn HAROLD KENT OBORN LVNN F OBRAV RICHARD LYNN OERIEN CLAUDIA COLE OCONNELL ROBERT 7 00A AILEEN "ISAKO oun STEVEN JAY ODEKXRK roux KAY ouLE PHILLIP MORRIS DERTLE JOHN DOUGLAS azanl ERIIN F OFFIELD BARBARA ANNE OFFRET LELAND GLEN OGDEN sauce EDIAHD OGDEN CLYDE I OGDEN conIIN FRANK OGDEN HAlEL OGDEN JOHN CHARLES OGDEN JOHN PAUL OGDEN KATHRYN ESTHER OGDEN LARRY FILBRUN OGDEN MAC NIEL OGDEN REED I OGDEN RDGEH LANE OGDEN STEVEN DALE OGDEN SUSAN ELAVNE oat Tonaxo DGREN CAROL ANN OGZEIALLA CHARLES N OH KE HI DH LEONARD LANDIS DHAI LAOLA DHLIN DAVID SPENCER OHLSEN STEPHEN KENT onnAN HICHAEL LYNN OHR ELIZABETN MAE OHRAN JAMES HALLACE OHRAN RICHARD STANLEY OIEN KEIYH IILLARD clEN LORENE JANELLE oxAIA NAOMI SUE OKELBERRY VERN J DKERLUND GIEN SUE DKIHDYO LANCE sersu oxxuuaa JUDITH nxnsxo OLAFSSDN ANNE MAer OLCOYT DOUGLAS RULDN oLcor1 RONALD DUANE OLD SHOES ALICE DLDNAM LEE JULIAN DLDROYD JOYCE BAILEY 385 OLDnovn MARK THOMAS OLDROVD PATRICIA SUE DLDRovo nlanao LAMAR DLDROYD RONALD L DLDROVD SYEPHEN BRUCE OLDS LESLIE MAY OLER DARIIN RANDALL OLER DAVID LOUIS OLER FHILLIP MARK OLESON coals MILDRED DLESON JOHN RAYMOND OLIPHANT MAnrnA OLIVAS JOAN AARON OLIVE CHEREL J h OLIVE HARLIE RONALD OLIVER CHERYL avaEa DAVID SAMUEL OLIVER DIANA JEAN OLXVEa DONALD NOBERY uvaER GARY LYNN OLIVER RICHARD D OLIVER RICHARD ERNEST385 OLIVERSON JUDY ANN 0leos MANUEL RAUL OLMSYEAD CLAUDIA ANN 432 OLMSTEAD JANICE LYNN 395 OLPIN EDIIN DEE OLFIN JUNE OLSEN ANIYA MARIE OLSEN BARBARA LOUISE OLSEN BJARNE P OLSEN BLAINE CARTER OLSEN CLARK ALDEN OLSEN DAHL o OLSEN DAN EOIIN OLSEN DARLENE 1 OLSEN DAVID LVNN OLSEN DEIAVNE L OLSEN DIXIE LEE OLSEN nonuvnv IRENE OLSEN DORTNV LouETrE OLSEN DUANE EARL OLSEN ELDEEN OLSEN ELSIE NELEN OLSEN ELVA JEAN JONES OLSEN FAVE OLSEN FRANK I OLSEN GRAN! MELVIN OLSEN HAROLD M OLSEN HELEN DEE OLSEN HELEN PHYLLlS OLSEN JANIS OLSEN JOSEPH JAMES OLSEN KAREN OLSEN KAREN E OLSEN KAREN SUE OLSEN KENNETH DAVID OLSEN LARRV DEAN OLSEN LARRV HERALD 385 194 473 256 248,361,385 473 z 413 385 a a o o a a a o a o a o a o o a a a a a 299,473 385 117,432 188,321 321 432 385 189 193 301,473 432 473 244 214,385 385 432 385 303,473 385 281 385 473 385 473 256 279,473,303 385 256 385 385 2 71,273,274,473 473 413 326,385 385 385 473 LEE H LINDA ANDELIN LINDA ELEMENTS LDNNIE EUGENE MARIANNE MARIE MARV ANN NAaVANN MAYNARD ROBERT MELANIE u MICHAEL DAVID HICNAEL DOUGLAS NANCV ANN OHEN SCOTT PAUL GENE PHILLIP H RAND FERRIS SHARON SHARON LEE SHAUNA SHERHEL E SHIRLEY LOUISE TAUNVA TED CHARLES THERAN KHVIN VICKIE LYNN IENDELL REED BRENT CHRISTIAN CHARLES KENT CNERXE LYNN CHERVLN CRAIG YMAYCHER DALLAS STANFORD DEE RAY DONNIE RICHARD DOROTHY ANN ncRoYHv LUELLA ERNESY GARTH EVAN HCKAV GEORGE ALLEN JR JAHES STUART JANIS PEARL JDCKE MARK JUDI ANN JUDITH E M KAYHLEEN ANN KArHLEEN MARIE LARON CHARLES LEON LEAYHAM LINDA LINDA LORRAINE LOREEN Jov L LORNE HAROLD LOUISE MARION E MEL JAV MIKEN RAE OSCAR BUD RANAE RICHARD BRENT ROBERT DEE ROGER EUGENE SHERRV LEE TERRANCE D THOMAS I OLSON TIMOTHY MICHAEL OLSON TONV LEE OLVERA MARY SYEPHENS OLVERA RAFAEL E OMAN LONNIE RAV OMAN SAMUEL RAY onus ANNA ELAINE 0MPS SUSAN GAY DNEAL CATHY ELLEN ONEAL JAMES PAUL ONEILL CHARLES I ONGMAN SUSAN JOV ONSYINE RAY ONSTO'T JUDITH ANN oNsTcTY KENNETH L 0N5101T LEE IAVNE OPENSHAI KARLENE R OPENSHAI LINDA K OPENSHAI PAMELA R OPENSHAI RICHARD LVNN DFENSHAI ROBERT GLEN DPENSHAI ROBERT REID OPENSHAI ROGER RONALD OPENSHAI sxDNEV OPPERMAN JR IILLXAM D OGUIST SELFRXD ORAH ROSEMARY DRAM SHIRLEY JEANNE ORCHARD DAVID GENE ORCHARD DUANE K ORCNARD GAFV K ORCMARD JANEY MARX: A ONCHARD SYEFHEN DEAN Ono ALAN JAMES 0RD JANIS GAIL 0RD JOHN CRAIG 0RD JOHN ELDEN 0RD MARGAREY ANN 0RD SANDRA KAY ORDAHL DEBonAn ANN onDMAN MARCUS JAV ORGILL DENNIS RYAN ORGXLL JEFFREY R DRHE DIANE ORHE KEITH MERRILL ORME PATRICIA lLENE ORMOND ELEANOR .AYTS ORHSBEE DONNA JEAN ORMSBEE JAMES EUGENE DROZCU CXFRXANO ORR AMOS DALE ORR CONNIE SUE ORTEGA MONICA LUCIA ORYON BARBARA LGUISE ORYON ERXYYA SUE ORION BVEON RICHARD ORION CAROLYN DRTON CHRISTINA ORVON DENNIS NEFF ORION FERRIN LAY ORYON FRANCES ORION FRANK TERRY DRYON GEORGE KENT ORTON GRANY G aRToN MARSHA ORTDN 8Aiv ELLEN ORTON MICHAEL KENT ORYON SALLY RAVE onYoN SNARON ROSE ORION IAVNE JACK OSEDRN BILL DEN osaoRN DAVID J OSBORN DOUGLAS v asBoRN JAHES RUSSELL OSBORNE DONNA MAV OSBORNE JACOUELVN J OSCARSON JOHN LEONARD OSMOND MIRIAM LEE uSSMEN SHARON KAY OSTEEN STEVEN ENNIS OSYEncAn ALLEN c Jn OSTERGAH NANCV F OSYLER BERNELL COILEV OLSEN OLSEN OLSEN OLSEN OLSEN OLSEN OLSEN OLSEN OLSEN OLSEN OLSEN OLSEN OLSEN OLSEN OLSEN OLSEN OLSEN OLSEN OLSEN OLSEN OLSEN OLSEN OLSEN OLSEN OLSEN OLSON OLSON OLSON OLSON OLSON OLSON uLsoN OLSON OLSON OLSON OLSON OLSON OLSON OLSON OLSON OLSON OLSON OLSON OLSON OLSON DLSON OLSON OLSON OLSON OLSON OLSON OLSON oLsoN OLSON OLSON OLSON OLSON OLSON OLSON OLSON OLSON GLSON OLSON 349 385 285,413 432 432 473 284,439 432 385 473 385 244,254,332 285,413 281 385 385 229 385 385 432 413 413 413 85 337,421,432 385 473 303 244,473 473 341,473 385 386 385 365 385 385 197 473 4m 473 OSTLER CHER! LVNN 385 GSTLER DAVID nxannDs OSYLER DIANE OSYLER ELVlN A OSTLER GLENN L 473 OSTLER JACK CARL 432 OSTLER JAY LoIELL GSTLER Junv ANN 385 csTLER JUDY MAE uSTLER LARRV J OSTLER LINDA ANN OSTLER MICHAEL H 351,361,385 OSYLER NELLIE N 473 OSTLER PAUL NARRISON asnea RENEE 473 OSYLER IILLIAM ORVAL 335 OSYLUND DOI GLENN OSTRANDEH LINDA LEE 473 OSTVIG MARV DIXIE OSIALD BELMONT a OSIALD KENNEYN DEAN 4K OVA MICHAEL GLENN 432 0115 H cnav 295,335 01! THOMAS STEPHEN 335 071 IINONA OTTEN YNOMAS CHARLES DYTERSYRON CAROL JEAN 413 ortensrnon JAN concou orTESEN RONEE OTYESON KAREN ANNE OTTLEV GLEN IAVNE DTTLEV VIVIAN AGNES arro JACK CORLEV OUVANG ulna OVARD JANXNE OVARD SHARON FAVE OVERLV ROGER CVERKAN JOSEPH o ovzasou LELAND c avsson HARGARET J OIEN AMV aIEN ELLEN JOVCE DIEM GEORGE nIEN JANE! LOUISE OIEN MARTHA PATRICIA OIEN PRXSCILLA ANN quN ROBERT EARL oIEN RUTH EILEEN OIEN IAVNE LEROY DIENS DAVID LAGENE ouzus DIANE OIENs GLADE HENDELL cIENs JERRY LANCE OIENS JOSEPH IILLIAM OIENS JUDV LEE DIENs LVNN J OIENS MELVIN KENNETH cusns RICHARD H 473 ouENs ROBERT HALTER 4m oIENs RODNEY J awsus ROSE P axaonnoI SHANNA IONE DXNAM ROXANNE OYLER DEAN n DVLER DEANNA KAV OYLER DEE EDIARD OVLER KAYHRVN ANN P PA AEEL 5 PA NANCY 282 PAAKANEN RONALD HAYNE PAASO L1NDA ELIZAEEYN PACE AFYON GIBSON PACE ALAN KEITH PACE CHERRINE FACE CLARA HELEN PACE DIANA LAI PACE E JEANNE PACE GAnv GRIFFXTH PACE JANET pace MARDEN ALBERT PACE MARY ANN PACE RANAE R PACE axanRu I PACE SUSAN PACK BARBARA MARIE PACK CLARENCE I ll PACK DALLAN MAURICE PACK DELHAR MERRILL PACK DENNIS DEVAR PACK DONNA JEAN PACK JANEY LYNN pncx LINDA LEE PACK LLovn CARLYLE JR PACK MARVIN u 413 PACK MELVIN oELov PACK MELVIN JAMES PACK PAUL EUGENE 495 PACK VONA NELEN PACKARD DAN SPENCER 413 PACKARD DENNIS aLxss PACKARD JOANNE MARIE474 PACKARD JODl NYkRH PACKARD MARY Lou PACKER BEVERLV JEAN PACKER CAMILLE BETH 432 FACKER DAVID PECK PACKER JOHN DARLEV PACKER PAMELA PACKER RUSSELL I PACKER SHARON LEE PACKER SYEVEN x PACKER SUZANNE 385 PACKNAM SYEVEN CARL 421 FAOFIELD GLENNA JEAN 432 PADGEYT 32111 E PAOOVANI LINDA ELLEN PAEZ RICHARD ANTHONY PAGE CAROL PAGE CAROL LYNN 4K PAGE CHARLES CALVIN PAGE GIEN PAGE JANE? LOUISE PAGE FAULA DEE PAGE RULON KEN! pane STEPHEN DEXTER FAX CHARLES CHANG IA! 495 PAINE ELIZA Jo PAINTER HAROLD F PAKNYER MARY EDIANA prnrou LAIRENCE R JR 281,331,474 PAK ou HUN PALENSKE NORMAN A 385 248 288 473 300,385 282 385 385 250 495 385 473 385 244,385 432 276 256 432 288,432 285 120 231,474 280 297,474 349 474 PALES RUTH ANN 385 PALFREVHAN ALVS J PALFREVHAN DAVID L PALFREVMAN EARL REES474 PALFREYNAN SANDRA PALMER sanron LEE 335 PALMER BRENT IINrLE DALuEn BRUCE IxLLlAM PALMER CARL LEAVITT 254,474 DALMER CAROL ESTHER 432 PALMER PALMER PALMER PALMER PALMER PALMER FALMEH PALHER PALMEH PALMER PALNER PALMER FALMER PALMER PALMER PALMER PALNER PALMER PALMER PALMER PALMER PALMER PALMER PALMER PALMER PALHER PALMER PALMER PALMER PALMEE PALMER PALMER PALMER PALMER PALMER PALMER CLAIR RAY CLARON DELAINE CONNIE CORINNE DAVID ASAEL DEANNA GALE DENNIS E DIANE CONNXE EDITH KAREN GARY KNIGHY GARY n GLEN ouER HDIARD DELBEnr399,413 JAMES 5 277,432 JAMES DAVID JANET KATHLEEN A KENT a LAIRENCE c LXNDA MARILYN LOUISE MARSHA KAY MARTIN LVLE MARY ANN MERLENE NYRA PEARL NELDA PHILIP L RAY IILLIAM RICHARD x ROBERT Louxs STEPHEN B SUSAN EVELYN SVBIL YAYNA KAY TERRY auuca 385 385 237,335 432 432 234,295,474 255 254 413 287,474 250 413 PANCHERI GLORIA JEAN PANCOA PANGNAN ANDREI I ST LINDA JEAN 4l3 PANGMAN ANN ELIZAaErnSBS PANHORSY CHARLES R PANJAB PANKOH PANYER 1 DEEPAK c ROGER ALLEN LYNN LERDV 294,295,498 432 PARAZIN ROBERY JOHN PARBERRV JON HAROLD PARCELL CLIVE PARCELL KAREN PARDUE PAREENE FEVER PARENT PARIS PARISN PAFISH PARISH PARISH PARK D LYMAN 365 346,432 315,432 SHERYL ANN ARIHUR EDUARD A ROBERT HELCM ANNA MARIE RONALD DEE VIRGINIA LEE IALTER IESLEV ONG NHA PARK HOIARD ALEXANDER321 PARK JEAN ARMSTRONG PARK J 413 OHN CLARKSDN PARK LARRV RICHARD PARK L VNNITA PARK NANNETTE PARK SUSAN DAUN PARK YHOHAS DUANE PARKE PARKE PARKE PARKE PARKE PARKER PARKER PARKER FARKER PARKER PARKER PARKER PARKER PARKER PARKER PARKEQ BARKER PARKER PARKER PARKER PARKER PARKER PARKER PARKER PARKER PARKER PARKER PARKER DARKER PARKER PARKER PARKER PAnKER PAHKXN FARKIN FARKIN PARKIN PARKIN PARKIN PARKIN PARKIN PARKIN FARKlN PARKS PARKS PARKS PARKS PARKS PARKS PARKS PARKS PARMLE 385 385 CAMXLLA BEAL GARV EUGENE KEITH ARrIuR KENT CLARENCE RerRt DAVID ADELINE ALTON IM JR BLANE GILBERT BRENY EARL DARYL Austin DAVID HUGH 334 DENNIS LEE 23L3n FLOYD caun1NEv365 snnv LEON GILES ESLKE GLEN EDIAac GREGORY ALLEN 385 JAMES RULCN JENNILVN JOE EDIARD JOHN IRA Jn JOSEPH rnouns JUSTINE L KENNETH R LARAINE LEE R055 LEON J LORRAINE MARY ROBERY EUGENE 273,496 R055 aERnEv RUSSELL Glaas103,U2-3,323 SALLXE KAE EARL LEERANDE ELLEN MARIE FRED DEE JERRY REX KEN? Lennv LINDA LOU15E LYNDA JEAN MAX H sou DEL ROGER 385 SON L1NOA ALLEN llLLlAN BONNIE JEAN JOHN VESYAL JUDITH KATHLEEN LANA ELIZABEVH116,309,332 LARRY EVERE1Y HARV ALICE v VERA EERNELL 432 432 284,385 288,413 245,277,432 74 4m 355 385 DARNELL GARV LESTER FARR L FARE L PARRET EHDV FRAIIER 1NDA SEGRE T DAINA LVN HS 343 PARRISH GEORGE FARRISH JovcE PARRISH PARRV FARRV FARRV PARRY PARRY QARRV PARRY PAHRV PARSON PARSONS PARSON FARSONS PARSONS PARSONS PARSONS PARSONS PARSONS FARYRIDGE FARVRIDGE FARTRIDGE PARYHIDGE PARYHIDEE FARYRKOGE SYLVXA LEECE BETTY RAE GARY BERNARD HARRIETT MARIE LUDELE CLAXRE LVNNETrE RANDY NEth THOMAS DEE zu vanTtE 474 s CANDICE HOPE 386 GEORGE I "7,432 5 GEORGE IlLEUR LVNN KAV zu PATRICXA AhN 25m432 ROEERY JOSEPH RONALD LEE 335 SANDRA JEANNEIIL THELMA MAE ANN CLARENE A DAVE vauuosaaa DIANNE 356 GLEN ARTNUR JAVLENE M3 519 PARTRIDGE JOHN Anvnun PARTRXDGE MAUREEN 386 FASCHE IINNIE uonls PASCOE LAaav sauce 286 PASXON ALFRED 474 FASKETT MILO EUGENE FASSEV EnuAnD JDNN PASSEV erVE FRANK PASSEY unxvuev KAY pAsser IxLLxAM H PASSMDRE ANNE L PASSMDRE J DANIEL 386 PASSMDRE STEPHEN n FEAV GAHV DANIEL PEAV J R PEAV JOMN RALPH FECK cLlNroN IAVNE PEEK KAREN JEAN PEEK KARLA DAIN DECK MARV LOUISE FECK RONALD COOK PECKHAM CVNTHIA C PECYOL VICYOR ALVAN PEDERSEN DAVXD I PEDERSEN GERALD E PEDERSEN LAURENCE K 386 245,386 297 PASTOR JOHN MICHAEL FASYORE VINCENY JIMMVIB4 PAYCH CAMILLE H pArcn ROBERT ALLEN FAVE DONNA 386 PATEL BNASKER c PEDERSEN FEDERSON SUSAN LOUISE DAVID RALPH PEDVXN BARBARA sue FEEBLES MARGARET ANN 386 PEEL JELAIRE EDuAnus PEEL JOHN LLOYD FA'EL BHOGILAL M PAYERA DENNXS ALLEN DAVERA KENNETH HAVNE 2U FATERSON DORIS JEAN PAYEV KENNETH H PATRICK BARBARA PATRICK JOHN nooks PAYRICK VILLIAH 3 JR 474 PATTEN DAVID PAITEN DAVID YERRV FAYTEN HELEN nu RELL FATTEN JANE ROBERTA PATTEN LELAND s FATTEN PEGGY ANN 385 FAYYERSON CAROL M PATYERSON CHESLA L PATYERSDN CLARK LYNN PATTERSON DENNIS 1VAN PATTERSON DOUGLAS H FAYYERSON ELIZABETH A PAYTERSON aazaonv aov PAYTERSGN JEAN I PATTERSON MICHAEL L PAYTERSON VICKI Jo 386 FAYYERSON vxnch J pAIron JIM I 386 FATYON YHELMA JEAN PAYYON llLLlAM IAVNE OAUL EHRHARDT IILLXAM 04 PAUL ERIC BRADFORD 386 PAUL Jossnn CHARLES PAUL xnlelNE PAUL RICHARD PAUL ROBERT ERICH U4 FAULK MARV PEARL 432 PAULL DAVID ALelN PAULL JULIE ANN PAULSEN cnsnnxa CAIN 474 PAULSEN DAVID FINN 385 FAULSEN DICK nAv 277 FAULSEN JANEr BHIAN PAULSEN VIVIAN FAULSON ELSIE uAE 4x PAULSON SIDNEY c FAUOLE ALLAN PAUTZ MARY ANN 4K PAVIA LEONARD Pnosnsn FAXMAN CAROLVN 254,3H FAXHAN CRAIG HILLIAM 256,474 PAXMAN DAVID B PAXMAN DENNIS LAuAR 386 FAXMAN ELMER x PAXMAN JOHN SALMON PAXMAN uAnJEAN N PAXMAN MICHAEL VAUGHN PAxMAN PATRICIA K 4K PAXMAN SHIRLEY a PAXTON LINDA KAY pAv CNERVL ANN 352,474 PAV Y!" L 03' PAYEYTE SMARON JEAN 385 PAYNE ARLIN EnuAno PAVNE CAROL ANN PAYNE cnnxsrxue PAYNE DAVID EMEH PAYNE uoNALD LEE PAYNE EVAN ARNOLD PAYNE GARV EARL PAYNE GORDON ALLEN PAYNE HELEN VIRGINIA 317 PAYNE JAN DARIXN PAVNE LINDA LEE PAYNE LINDA SUE PAVNE MARIANNE PAYNE HARLA 4K PAYNE PATRICIA ANN 432 PAYNE RALPH JESSE PAYNE SANDRA KAVE PAYNE SHERRV LEE 386 PAYNE SPENCER LEON PAYNE vava rouus PAYNE THOMAS BRADLEY PAYNE IILLIAM o PAvstnup MARXLVN FAYSTRUP MAav LOUISE PEACOCK ERNESY ROBERT 432 DEAD CHARLES DARIIN 386 PEAK JOSEPH rHoMAs PEARCE ALEYA PEARCE DALE BEN PEARCE DxxxE PEARCE scorr LEGRAND 386 PEARL LINDA KA'HRVN PEARL STEPHEN ELUS 336 PEARSON aovo ALBERY PEARSON CAaoL ANN PEARSON CLAUDIA RUTH PEARSON DENISE PEARSON EVELYN PEARSON FERVL ANNE PEARSON GEDRGE HDYYEN PEARSON GERALD NEILS PEARSON GILBERT IVEN PEARSON HAROLD BERT PEARSON NOIARD BRENT PEARSON JEFFREY GLENN PEARSON JO LYNN PEARSON KATHLEEN 343 PEARSON KENDALL LEE 432 PEARSON LENNART JON PEARSON LINMEA KARIN 335 PEARSON MAn1AN 432 PEARSON MELVIN JAY PEARSON MICHAEL s PEARSON NANCY ANN PEARSON RANDAL OGDEN PEARSON RICHARD A PEARSON RXCHARD c PEARSON RODNEV c 4K PEARSON SUSAN JEAN 474 PEART DONALD BRUCE PEART JERILVN nA-xlns PEAR? JULIA ANN 388 PEAR? MELVA JEAN 277 PEASE GEORGE PEAv BOBBIE LAVELL PEAV COLLEEN 346 szv oAvxu GEORGE 386 145,147,151 03 300,351,432 386 309,386 413 520 PEEL NORMAN DOUGLAS PEEL THOMAS FERRIL PEERS ALEERT ALLEN FEEHV KEXTN M FEERY HARIYA LAUREL PEHRSDN ANN EORKNNE PEHRSON FRANCES EMILY PEHRSDN JOHN KAY PEMRSON LINDA LEE FEHRSON NATHAN BRUCE PEHRSON NOLA J0 FEHRSON PATRICIA ANN FENRSDN PATRICIA KAY PEHRSDN RICHARD GALEN PEHRSSON vava PEINE CAROL DEANNE FEKNE RUSSELL GOHDON PEINE VIKTORIA JUYYA PEIRCE LINDA LDUISE FEIRCE PAMELA PELAEZ GARY JUAN l PELEKAI EDUARD PAU FELL AMY RUTH PELLS GODFREY HENDELL 307,474 245,413 474 386 386 PELSMAEKER GEORGE J 5333 FELusl STEPHEN RONALD FEMEROOK SUZANNE L PENDERGRAFY DEE ALAN 277 PENDERGRAFT KAREN SUE PENDERGRAFT SHXRLEV N 386 PENDLETON LLovo snARv323,474 PENDLEIoN LYNDA ANN PENFOLD ANN PENG MONA YUAN CHUN PENNEV DONNA IRENE PENNINGYON DAVID I PENNINGYON LINDA 6ALE385 PENRDD FAYRICIA ANN PEPPLER CHARLES R JR PERCIVAL ALYDN DEE PERCIVAL NEIL BRIGHAH PEREZ ARYHUR PRAY! 313,474 4B FERGROSSK JAMES GLEN 474 PERIGO GARY CREIGNYDN PERIN DAN EDUARD PERKES CARLVLE u PERKES JOHN OLIVER PERKINS cuRrIs NEAL PERKINS DUN PERKINS ERNEST NEIL PERKINS JAMES B 432 298 432 385 432 PERKINS JEROME MARVIN PERKINS LEE ANN PERKINS LEMOYNE PERKINS NED LEON PERKINS IINONA a PERKD JUDITH ANN FERL lLsE MARIA OLGA PERLEY JR LOUIS L PERMANN HERRXLL H PERREYY JOHN HENRY PERRIN TERRY DEAN PERKINS SAMUEL MELVIN PERRIYON EDGAR JOHN FERRON IlLLlAM EDVIN PERRV ALLEN JAv PERRY DEVERN JAV FERRV DUN H PERRY DUANE ELTON FERRY DUANE RAY PERRY GRACE ANNE PERRY HUIARD LEE PERRY J c GLADE PERRV JACK EARL FERRY KATHLEEN PERRY LEE 1 PERRY MARILYN PERRY MELVIN DAN PERRY SANDRA G PERRY SHARON FEHRV SHEILA BDEEYYE FERRY SHERRY LOUISE PERRY vANA JEAN PERSINGER MARVIN n FERSINGER PATRICXA A PERSONS RICHARD ALLAN PERYTUNEN PIRKKO E K PEYEHEIT ROBERY EARL PETERS CRAIG TAYLOR PETERS DAVID HENRY PETERS GAIL MARGAREY FEYERS JAMES LEE PETERS KAYHY JEAN PETERS MARTNA JOANNE PETERS RONALD LEE PETERS SUSAN JUNE PEYERSEN ALAN LARRY PETERSEN ALBEQT DAHLE PETERSEN CHAHLES R FEVERSEN DALE C FETERSEN DALE LLOYD PETERSEN DANIEL BLRK PETERSEN DENNIS JOHN PETERSEN ELOISE PEYEHSEN GARV LYNN PETERSEN GLEN STANLEY PETERSEN HOIARD RAY PETERSEN JACK CHARLES PETERSEN JAMES RAY PETERSEN JERHV DUANE PETERSEN J!" L PEYERSEN JOHN c PETERSEN JOLVNN PETERSEN KATHl ANN PETERSEN KAYHLEEN PETERSEN MILO J JR PEYERSEN NADINE PEYERSEN PATRICIA ANN PETERSEN PATRICIA KAY PETE8SEN PAUL MART PETERSEN ROZELLA SEAL vEIERSEN RUTH ANN PEYERSEN SHIRLEV MAY PETERSEN SYEPHEN B PEYERSEN TONI RAE PETERSEN VEDA EAE PEYERSEN VICTORIA s PETERSEN IENDEL J 432 283 254,474 311 413 325 386 475 432 336 SM 256 355,413 386 PETERSON ARVAL LYNN Paranson azrvv n PEIERSON BRENDA LEE PETERSON BRENT DAMN FEYERSDN CAuxLLe PE'EHSUN CARLA DEA PE1ERSON CAROL ANN FEYERSON CAROL ANN PETERSON CARNIN Y FETERSON CHARLES J VETERSON CHARLES H FEYERSON CLAHENCE D PEYERSON CLIFTDN KAY perensou COLETTE KAV 395 PETEQSON PEYERSON DEYERSON PETERSON PETERSON 4B 432 386 u5,432 432 47s PFAFF RICHARD ALBERT 386 PHAIR ROBERY LElls 386 PHALEN oAvxn GEORGE PHELPS clunv ANN PHELPS GEORGE EDIARD PHELPS HELEN MICHELE 121 PHELPS LaA CLAIR 433 PHELPS HARDEN KENNEIH FHELPS FAYRICIA LYNN PHELPS REOLA 250 PHELPS VICKIE LEE 386 PHEYSEV ARTHUR A PNILBRICK DOUGLAS R POLLOCK KENY i POLLOCK MICHAEL HAvs POLLOCK SAHUEL LVLE POLLOCK SHARON S POLLV JULIE ANN FULLV KENNETH EDIARD POLSON ROBERT DALE voNo FARELVN POND KATHRYN 357 POND HAHIEYTA Faun MEYYA MARIE G FOND v1 397 352,475 RGINIA 387 POND IAVNE JOHNSTON 47S CORNELIUS R DAN ARrHun DARLENE 336 DARLENE JUNE 277 DAVID A PHILIPPE? LINDA LYNNE 413 PHILIPS PHILIP N 11 274,433 PHILIPS VIRGINIA L 254 PHXLIS MICHAEL BRENT PHILLIPS ARYHUR 5 JH PHILLIPS BRENDA JOYCE 355,433 PDNTKOUS TIMOVHV FAUL157 POOLE DENNIS LELAND POOLE DONALD GERALD 306,355,357 7 FOOLS NOIARo RANDALL 38 PEYERSON DAVID A PETERSON DAVID L pErEnsoN DEANNA LEE Persnsou DEANNA MAE PETERSON DEE ALLRED PETENSON DELLA MAE PETERSON DIXIE LEE J 277,475 PETERSON DONNA LU FETERSDN nonoruv A PETERSON DOUGLAS F JR198,ZOO,Z76 PETERSON EDIARD DALE Petensou ERLEND n PETERSON FERRELL A PETERSON FRANCES E FETEFSON FRANKLIN L PETERSON GARY BUSH PErEnsoN GEORGE K PETERSON GERALD DUANE Pzrznsou GLENDA RAE PETERSON GRACE a Perensau HELEN PETERSON neunv JR PEIERSON IFENE E PETERSON JACK DENNIS 386 PETERSON JACK HAROLD Ferguson JACKIE LERDV PETERSON JAMES DENNIS FEVERSGN JAMES HENHV PETERSON JAMES H Petsnsow JAMES uAn11N PETERSON JAMES scar! PETERSON JAMES IELDON PETERSON JANEI ELAINE FEYERSON JANET L PETERSON JANEY LYNNE psrsnsou JANICE LAVON FEVERSON JAY cLARE PETERSON JEANNE PETERSON JOHN ARTHUR PETERSON JOHN CARL EEHWJWNMHD FETERSON JON ALLEN FETERSON 4n ANDRE! F FEYERSON JR LAIRENCE FETERSON Junxtu LYNNE335 pstensou JUDIYH LYNNE PETERSON KAREN PEYERSON XAYHRVN PETERSON KATHRYN PETERSON KAY LEROY PETERSON KENT CHARLES PETERSON KENYON LEE PETERSON KIM oAvln 3 vetensau LAURELEE Persnson LEE IAVNE PETERSON LINDA PETERSON LINDA JEANNE PETERSON LINDA JOAN PEYERSON LONA R PETERSON LYNEYTE DEE 475 FETEHSON LYNNETTE PETERSON NARA DEE PETERSON MARCIA LYNNE PETERSON MARIDEAN PETERSON MARILYN FEYEHSON nAnTlN G FEYERSON "ARV DIANE PETERSON MARY JD PETERSON MARYLU PETERSON MERLVNN L PETERSON MOLLY KAVE FETERSON MVRNA PETERSON NANCY L PETERSON NORMAN L PETERSON ORLEN CURYIS PETERSON PAYRKCIA F PETERSON PAUL HENRY PETEHSON PAULA PETERSON RALPH EUGENE PETERSON RICHARD N PETERSON ROBERT GLEN PEYERSON ROBERY SMITH PETERSON RODNEY LARS FEIERSON kONALD a PETERSON RONALD GLEN PETERSON RONALD KEITH PEYERSON SANDRA JEAN PETERSON SHIRLEEN PEYERSON STEPHEN E PETERSDN SYEPHEN JOHN PETERSON STEPHEN L PETERSON STEPHEN u PEYERSON STEVEN LEE PETERSON SUSAN VEE PETERSON 1AMARA ANN PETERSON THuMAs FLAV PETERSDN YHOHAS ROLF: PEYERSON THOMAS H PEVERSDN VAUGHN LYNN PEYERSOM VEALVNN PETERSON VICKIE D PETERSON vchlE LVNN PETERSON VXRGIL MARK PETERSON llLLXAM e PETERSON IINFIELD H PETERSON VVDNNE PEYEHSON ZKNA PETITTK JOANN PEYRDNE LINDA DENISE PETY DAVID MARYIN PETT NOLA ILLENE S PETYERSSON PETTERSSON PEYYEV ANN FETTINGILL PEYTINGXLL EMILY J SANDRA JOY JOYCE JOYCE E LEIIS JAY vEthr EDIIN ALAN Jn parvxt JAHES ELnnED FEYTXY HARALYN a PEYTLEY EDGAR EROCK AEYTV BRUCE BRADFORD PEYYV CANulss COOPER PETTV CLYDE LEan PEYYV RONALD J PEI KAYHLEEN BAnaAaA FEXTDN IALLACE LEON PEVTDN ANN MAOIE PEZISHKI FARR! 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G POHER ELIZABETH ANN POIERS DALE M POIERS G ExLEEN 433 PDIERS JIMMIE c PUIERS KAREN M o POIERS LARRV x 414 Povens MARSHA GAY POIERS PEGGV 387 FOIERS SUSAN CAROL 387 POYFAIR EOIIN L PRAYT AMY CHRISTINE 414 PRATT BELVA HILL PnArT CYNTNIA ANNEYTE414 PRATT nAvxn HEBER PRAY? nAv1n LEROY FHAIT nAvxD REY PRATY DERL RAV 294,476 PRAYY ooRENE MELEN 387 PRATT ELEANOR ANN 289,302 PRAYT GARV LEE PRAYY GLENN DUANE PRATT aaesonv JAMES PRArr JEANNE FRATY JOHN ALEERY PRATT JOHN LEDN 252 PRATT NEIL EUGENE PRAY? 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276,304 HANDLE KARIAN HANDS ELAINE RANOS LAnnv GREENIOOD 433 RAND: Lenov u JR RANGEL GILBERT JR 195 RANGER PnILIP FOSTER RANKIN DARLA JEAN RANsoM DOUGLAS JOSEPH 387 RANSOM PEGGY JD 245 RANSOM IlLLlAM LEON 337 RANSTRDM ELEANOR n RANlENBERGER JANE RANZENEERGER SYEVEN s RAFP AUDREV aARnErr RAFF KERRY ARLYNN RAPPLEVE FRED GAVNOR 433 RAPPLEYE MAR1LVNN 284,333 RASBAND GEORGE CLYDE RASBAND KAYHRYN Anu 245,433 RASBAND MILDRED KAREN 387 RASCHKES HERTA AUDREY 309 RASHID ABDuL RAZAK 47G RASMUSSEN ANDREH wM RASMUSSEN BRENT K nAsuusszN c MARYIN RASMUSSEN CARLA DIANE RASMUSSEN CAROLYN RASHUSSEN CRAIG a RASMUSSEN DALLAN EAFL RASNUSSEN DANIEL s RASMUSSEN DAVID ELVER RASMUSSEN DEANN RASMUSSEN DELLA MAE RASNUSSEN HARRIS A 286,476 RASMUSSEN HELEN RASNUSSEN JAHES LVMAN 294,387 RASMUSSEN JANE RAsuusSEN JOHN LEVAR 301 RASMUSSEN KIRK GLENN nAsuussEN LANE D 478 RASMUSSEN LEONARD x RASMUSSEN LEnov HASHUSSEN MARY M RASMUSSEN xAVRE 476 RAsuussEN MIRIAM 414 RASMUSSEN MvnNA DEE 304,357 EASHUSSEN RASMUSSEN 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RAZEE SUSAN KATNRYN READ DENNIS RAVMDND 299 READ DxANE SUE 477 READ MAuxLVN L READING PAMELA 387 REAGAN DOUGLAS 5 214 REAGAN MAURINE ELLEN REAM ROBERT G REAMs ARTHUR JAMES REAR SUSAN KAY REASOR JANET KAV 309,387 REAsoR MIKE FREDERICK REAV DALE MAE REAV NEIL GORDON 414 REAV PAUL o REBER ALICE RENEE 250,387 REBER MICK 115,477 RECHIF MARGARET ANN RECTOR MARGARET c 327,433 RED ELK GERALD n REDD BRYCE VINCENY 387 REDD Bunyan a REDD CVNTHIA JANE 349 R500 DON snERav 414 REDD GRETCHEN REDD HAROLD J REDD HERMIE JOAN 388 REDD JEANNE x REDD LoulsE ANN 388 REDD MERLENE REDD PAMELA KAV REDO PAUL DAVID REDD REGINA 414 REDFEARN JOHN HILTON 223 REDFEEN LINDA DIANE REDFDRD JANEY LYNN 477 REDFORD JOHN CLARK REDFOHD NANCI LYNN 421,433 REDFORD RALPN IADE 388 REDFDRD SEYH VILLIAM REDFURD SHARON KAY 388 REDICK BARBARA LANIYA age REDLDN MOLLY ANN 317 REECE MARINA JO u REED BEVERLY ANN REED BEVERLY MURIEL REED BEVERLY SHIRLENE REED CARL u JR REED CHARLES EDWARD REED CORINNE REED LINDA LORRAINE REED MARVJO ANN 477 REED ROBERYA LYNN 388 nEEn SHARON PEARL 344,333 nEEnER DENNIS JAMES REEDER KATHLEEN 304 REEDER MARSHA JOANNE REEDER MAHYIN G REEDER chHAEL I 414 nEEov PAULA suE 433 REEDV REBECCA JANE REES BONNIE 388 REES CAROL NANCY REES DAVID MICHAEL REES DEE FDRYER REES ERNEsv CRAIG REES ERNESY J REES JOHN MORRIS REES LESLIE E REES LINDA ANN 388 nEes REBECCA REES RICHARD GRANI JR aEES TERESA LEE 1 REESE BETTY JOVCE 433 REESE CECXLE 395 REESE ELDON IAVNE REESE JOHN ALLAAN 337,4h REESE LINDA ELAINE wEEsE LoThICK IVAN REESE ROBERT YDRGER REESE RODGER GLEN 388 REESE ulLLIAM DENNIS REESE IXLLIAM N JR REEVE ALLENE REEVE CHRISTINA ANN S REEVE JANEY M REEVE JULIANN ESYELLE FEEVE KATHLEEN REEVE LEE 433 ANN H7,248,347,433 nEEvE STEPHEN Mch REEVE THOMAS VAnNEv 122,330 REEVES CHERYL E u REEVES DAVID IAVNE 223,433 REEVES DERRELL GENE REEVES IRENE REEVES LDRNA 388 477 302,349,433 REEVES LOUIS 433 REEVES uxcuAEL JACK REEVES RANDALL DAVID 335,388 REEVES SANDRA LEE 4H REEENSCNEIY NAch M 4U REICH STEVEN ANYHDNY 433 REICHARDY DENNIS D REICHERT RONALD EDIIN 388 REID CAnuL RAE REID DOUGLAS PAUL 276 REID FRED REID JANEY 292 REID JOSEPH xxnx aslu JULIAN TERRV 388 REID KAVHLEEN REID LOIS VIVIAN 388 REID LYNDA GAIL 252,414 HEIL ELLEN 388 REINANN JOSEPH L 285 REIMER SANDRA suE REIMER 1000 HILLARD M4 REIMSCHUSSEL Lu AhN nEanR uENNXS EUGENE HEINHART LEON HUIARD REINHART MARY LYNN REINKING JEFFREY CARL 335,399,414 REINIAND LOUIS GAR REISEIXYZ JANICE MAV 245 REIsVAD HELGE K 1 2K HEIYER JERRY LEE 335,472 nExAn ROSEMARV LEE REMDE ANGELICA n REMINGTON GRANT LEROY REHLEY ALICE J 256,4H RENSBURG PAULA L 388 REMUND RICHARD 5 RENCHER ALVIN c RENCNER DAVID GRAN! 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LINDA GAVLE ROGERS MOANA JEAN ROGERS NANCV ALAN: 389 ROGERS NORMA JEAN 389 ROGERS PAMELA 414 ROGERS PAMELA JUNE nocsns RICHALVN KAV 339 ROGERS nurn CHRISTINE ROGFRS SAMUEL LOIELL nonEns SANDRA KAV 491 ROGERS SUZANNE 339 ROGERS VICTOR 0 ROGERS IINSLOI DON ROGERSDN JOHN M ROGNAAR BONNIE RUTH 329,433 RONAYINSKY RAY a 195,223,414 ROHEAD JAMES ERNESI 3473 ROHEAD SANDRA axLEEN RDHNER KAnEN LOUISE 285,389 ROJAS JUAN J ROLAND ELIZABEYH ANNE244.250 ROLAPP LOUISE ANNE 317 ROLF JACQUELINE RAE 252 ROLFE CHARLES DAVID 194 ROLFSON PAYRXCIA ANNE34$433 ROLLEV CRAIG ROLLINS BERNARD CROFT EOLLINS Jn CARL I 473 ROLLINS KERRIL suE ROLLINS NANCY aenn1ca433 ROLLlNS PAMELA suE 304,433 ROLLINS SUSAN ROMA DIANE TERESA ROMAN RICHARD s ROMANO JON AUGUST ROMERXL FREDERICK I noun KATHY LEIGH RDMNEY DEANNE ROHNEV ELIZABETH ANN ROHNEV ERNEST SPENCER RONNEY 1AN1Hus EARLOI ROMNEV JEFFREV JAcoas ROMNEY JOHN S ROMNEV LAuRENCE ALVIN ROHNEY MARSHALL a ROHNEV NELLIE J RDMNEY RICHARD IAYNE ROMRELL KENY MILYON acne BONNIE 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CHARLES R ROSS! JOANNE Hoss11Ea Juuv HVER ROSSIYER RONALD DALE 320 nossxran IILLIAu D ROSSMAN RONALD EoIAnn ROSYENBACH SHERRY L 389 343,414 351,434 ROSYRON IRA RALPH 483 ROSTRON PAMELA F ROTH Bnaav MICHAEL 478 ROTH GLORIA DEANE ROTH RICHAQD EUGENE ao1H ROBERT RUSSELL 307 no1n sALLv suE 389 nor" SANDRA LEE ROYHE EDGAR FRANK na1HE JOANNE LOUISE ROYHE PAULA RUTH 285 aoann CARLA LUCILE 414 no1nen 1nAcv nAan ROYHERMEL noavn ROTHEY A sco11 ROTHEY ALBERT THOMAS RGYHEV LaN GODFREV 478 ROTKIEIICZ FRANCIS R Roualooux MARILVN A 389 ROUNDS CAROLYN 252,414 nouNos DONNA BESS 389 naunns JOANNE E nauan SUSAN AILEEN 478 nouuov ELLEN 349,434 nuunnv ELMO s Rounoy NOHMAN J 434 nauNs DARLENE aETrv 414 RGUNTREE ALLAN AAnaN ROUY HUGH IAVNE 496 ROUTSON ADELIA KAY nou11 MAVANEE ROIeERRv COLLEEN K 3293414 285,389 414 ROIBERRV JON HENRV 283 RDISDYHAH BHENY 434 ROIBURY LVLE D 478 nowaunv ROGER HILL ROIE BRUCE ALLEN FOHE DEBORAH JEAN 389 now: JACKIE LEE ROIE KAREN ELAXNE ROIE LAUANA KAYE 414 EDIE LYNN EAnLroN noIE MARK J ROI: NORMAN HUGMES ROIEKAMP aannr u 389 ROIEN RONALD DEAN ROILAND GLORIA JEAN 414 ROILAND RICHARD L ROILEY ALICE Lou15E RouLEv BARBARA JANE ROILEV DELL VERN noILEv uaNALn BENSON ROILEV DOUGLAS GRANT 245 ROHLEY E DIAVNE nowLEI GENE MAX nouLEv J HouAno RDILEV JANICE L novLEV JOHN I1LFono noILEv NEDRA 389 RDHLEY PHILIP BIGELOI ROILEV aALPH s1EVEN5 ROILEV ROEERT NELSON 245 ROILEY VENNA RDHSELL SHARON 245,389 novAL ROBERT BRYANY RDVALL JESSIE LOUISE ROYCE 91x15 LYNNE wovca JOANNE E navce RAND! LAYNE ROVLANCE DON ARNOLD 273 ROVLANCE JOAN 434 ROVLANCE KENNETH a RDYLANCE LINDA MAE novLANCE SHARON L015 ROVLE KENNEYH nAcx 331 RUEINGER KENNEYM LEE nusou LYNN NEELEY 389 RUDD BARBARA GENE 434 RUDD CHARLEEN VEHNA nunn CHERYL ANN RUDD DOROTHY LORRAINE 361,389 nuoo EDIAao YHUHAS 359 nuno FRANKLlN DAVID nuoLaFF ceanse EDIARD 214,389 RUDOLPH HALTER a 244,414 RUDVALIS AUSRA E 115,389 RUDY MARYINE 389 RUFF susANNE 199 RUFFNER IILLIAM R 209 Runs CHARLES RAMSEV Ruca REESE EDIIN 389 nuca RICNARD REED RUGG IALTER PIERCE 359 nuaalo SYANLEV R RUGGLES RONALD IRAV 311,356 RUIZ IRMA 414 RUKA SUSAN MAE 244 RULE RONALD JOSEPH 414 RUMFALLD RONALD 351,434 RUMMAGE FAvnxch ANN 233'359 RUHNEV ROGER ERNEST RUMPF MARV susANNE 414 RuusEv DOVLE ANDaEu 478 RUNOLFSON ALLEN BRENT 300,331 RUNULFSON KENT H RUNVAN DONALD IAqu 479 RUNVAN RAYMOND J JR RUPLINGER MICHAEL K RUFF CONNIE LEE 389 Ruvv LESLIE ANN nus? RALPH DAVE HUPFER JOHN NATHAN RURING DALERNA MAY 415 RUSH CHARLES ALBERT 389 nusnranvn DENNIS s RUSHTON ALLAN c nusn1an NAOMI JILL Rusn1on ORA LEANN RUSICK ROBERY FRANK RUSS GEORGE NUBER wuss SUSAN KAV RUSS VICTORIA JOYCE RUSSELL CHARLENE n 434 RUSSELL CRAIG ALLEN RUSSELL DONNA RUSSELL ELIZABETH R RUSSELL GORDON F JR RUSSELL HARLEY ROBERY 41s RUSSELL Jov RUSSELL KATHLEEN 415 RUSSELL KENNEYH H HUSSELL NELL LORENE 479 RUSSELL RICNARD E RUSSELL ROBERT ALLAN 415 RUSSELL ROBERT a 115,415 RUSSELL Rann1 aavxu RUSSELL SIDNEY MORRIS RUSSELL STEPHEN HAYS RUSSELL IARREN KEIYH 415 RUSSELL IILLXAM 11! 192 nusson Junv LEE RUSSDN KAY LEaNAao Russon KENT L RUSSON MARCIA LucILLE 244,415 RUSY PAULA RUTLEDGE JAMES R 395 RUTLEDGE I1LL1AM J gag RUTT DIANN RUYYER JOSEPH MICHAEL RUTTER IILLIAM annv 311.415 RUIARD LYNN ROGER RVAN JUDY ALICE 415 nIAn KAY LouELL RYAN MARGAHEY nurH RVAN NICHOLAS F Jn RVGG DARIIN H JR 415 vac JUDY MARIE RVNEARSON CAROLYN J 415 286,479 RVND JOSEPH JAMES 214 RYSER JANICE 389 RVTTING cLVDENE 489 varxuc JOSEPN HOIARO 479 avrTINs LINDA RUTH RVTTING MARVIN BITTER 231,312 S sAAuAYuAND BIJAN SAAGA DONALD slum ALBERT PAUL SAARI DONALD PETER SABEY JANICE SAaEv SANDRA 415 SABIN DARLEEN 434 SABIN MARYHA LEE 434 SABIN MARVIN DON 389 SABIN NEIL RANDALL SABIN VICKIE ANN SAaounIN JON s1EIAn1 SADLEIR KATNIE 5 SADLER KENNEYH LEE SADLER RUTH SAEDIAN HAqu HAMEU SAGERS CAROLYN 250 SApERs KENNEYH s 339 SAGERS LANA KAY SAGERS MARY ANNA SAGERS SIDNEY MUSSER SAHARINEN HARJA LEENA SAINSEURY WILLIAM E 434 SAISNU ronlo SAKAI DAN 1 sAKorA LORRAINE KIVOE 301,434 SALARI AHMAD SALARI MANIJEN 1 sALAleo LoMA JOY 389 SALAZAH RICHARD DAVID SALCIDO HENRY RICHARD 194 SALDANA RONALD L SALEAH 4025115 G 479 SALEM HORMOZ SALEHPOUR KAZEH 479 SALIH NASSOOD M SALIM PARICHENR 479 SALIH ROUZEEN SALIN DOUGLAS MICHAEL SALIN JAnEs IARREN SALING LARRV DEAN 317 SALISBURY CAROL ANN 250,329,389 89 SALISBURY GAHV EUGENE 3 SALXSBURY PATRICE u 479 SALLANDER PAMELA KAY SALLENEACH HDIARD G SALMON IRENE M SALORANYA NAIL! x K sALT L CAaOL 496 SALT! AMER OMAR SALIAV IVA JEAN SAM FONG VINSYON K 288 SAMERANO RIYA 389 SAMIEE SAEEO 434 SAMPLES GARV IINSYON SAMPSON DAVID PAUL SAMPSON DEIEY CRANE SAMPSON DIXIE L SAMPSON JACOUELVN SAMPSON LAHRV L sAuPsoN SAUNDRA SANS DANA LOU SAMUEL JANET PENNV 250 389 301,352,479 252,280,479 434,250,299 5AquLs anucE LEnov SAMUELs GARRY MONTE 479 SAMUELSON JOAN M 434 SAMUELSON JOHN 5:011 SAMUELSON SVDNEY ANN SAMYAL EHAGIANT sxncn SANBDRN MAasAnsr LAN 389 SANCHEZ EIEOUIEL c SANcrEZ IRENE Y SANDBERG CORALXE SANDEERG DALE EDIARD SANDHERG DAVID xAnL 299 SANDBERG GILEERY 1 SANDEERG JAMES c SANDEERG JANET SUE SANDBERG ROBERY JAV SANDBERG SANDRA LVhNE SANDBERG SHERYL ARN 346 SANDBENG s1EvEN EARL SANcaenc SUSAN KAY 389 SANDER LARRI DENNIS SANDERS BARRY RUSSELL SANDERS CONALVN s SANDERS DOUGLAS LEE SANDERS ELDEN LvnAN SANDERS JAuEs c 111 SANDERS JERRY uENnELL 399 SANDERS JOHN FnANxLIN SANDERS JULIE M SANDERS KEMF I1LL1Aus SANDERS LARRY CLEON SANDERS HARILEE 389 SANDERS MARILYN SANDERS NICHAEL LEuls389 SANDERS NEDHA JEAh SANDERS SALLY LINDSAY SANDERS 1ERESA SANDERS THOMAS c SANDERS VIRGIL JR SANDERS IAL1E: n SANDERS IKLLXAM VAN SANDERSDN ALLEN REESE SANDERSON ANNE110 SANDERSON uELnAV s SANDERSON JERRV L SANDERSON LILA RAE 434 SANDERSON s1EIAn1 c sANuMInE JANIE N 325 SANDOVAL ELMO SANoovAL LEs1En SANDSTROM JavCE MARIE SANOSTROH LYNDA L 389 SANDSVROM RDEERT A SANDVIK DAVID conuon sANFoau HOIARD nAv 479 SANFORD KAVE LunLEAN 434 SANFORD KEN1 I SANFORD K1! A SANFORD LAURA LEE 389 SANFORD MELVVN LYLE sANFanD lAVNE L SANGSYER PAUL1NE SANNAR JEan CHARLES SANNAR SHAREN ANN I 5AN1 ANYHDN LEON SAN1 nAvlo DREI SANY DENNIS 5:011 SANr ELIZABETH SARA" SAN1 JAY VERNON SANTIBANEI EUGENE SANTISTEVAN SUSAN LEE SAPORIYI KATHRYN L 309 SAPPINGYON CAROLVN 6 257 SAFPINGYDN EuwARD D SAFPINGYON LINDA c H SAPPXNGYON MELVXN JAV SARAGER GER! DONISE 389 SARDONI JOHN nannt SARGENT DALE BLAIR SARGENT DAVID neukv SARGENY JnMN MICHAEL SAanAE non REZAI SARVER ANTONV M 0 331,434 SASS LAnnv GLENN 399 SATCHEL IYHAN H SATHER NELS MARIO 5Aro 1A15u1 SATYERYMIAITE LYNN c SAYTDN aAvuaNu E SAUER aAnaAnA GALE 252 SAUER GANV L SAUNDERS BARBARA GAV SAUNDERS DELL M 310,479 SAUNDERS aAnv P 434 SAUNDERS unuv Glass 339 SAUNDERS KEITH cnoucn SAUNDERS LARRV E SAUNDERS NANCV JovE SAUNDERS NANCV LEE SAUNDERS PAULA RAE 285,389 SAUR FAMELIN SUSANNA 415 SAUTER LOGAN Gneconv SAVAGE CHRISYINE n SAVAGE nun u SAVAGE EDEL EDRLA 389 SAVAGE MARJORIE JANE 277 SAVAGE RALPH HATCH SAVAGE RONALD ELTON SAVEa1o MARIA a 5 5Av1LLE uono1nv SAIVER DAVID ARCHIE SAXTON GLENN a sAx10N PAUL uILson snvLun KAREN MARIE SCALMANINI JAMES n SCALMANINI JOHN E SCALPH NANCY snAnou 415 SCANLAN JOSEPH c SCANLAND ROGER MARTIN SCAREROUGN KENNEtH J SCARBROUGN LINDA c SCATEs MARSHA ANN 415 SCHAAD EDIARD MICHAEL SCNAAD KATHY IAsnaunN SCNAAF SIEVEN JOHN SCHAAF 11M01Hv KELLV SCHADE ARMAND nsnnxs 479 SCHADE KENNEYH KIRK SCHAEDLER ROLAND J SCNAEFER JOSEPH a 304,479 scHAEFERuEVER I A 356,390 SCMAEFFER DOUGLAS B 211 SCHAELLING SYLVIA SCNAFER CAROL ANN SCHAFER DOUGLAS DUANE 390 sanuaEcx JANIS uARlE scnnvsa CHARLES ALuEN SCNARFF JOHANNA L 415 SCHAUGAARD CNRIS L SCHAUMANN GARV a SCHEIDEGGER ELDON a SCMELLENEERG KAYHRYN SCHENK LESLV DXANN 415 SCHERBEL PAUL A SCHERER SUZANNE SCHEUER PAIN ANN SCHEULLER DENNIS G 415 415 116,117,415 254,415 301,415 339 SCHEURN JERRY L SCNICKEDANZ MARINA L scnlCKEoANz RICHARD L SCHIESS PETER LAIsoN 350 SCHXESS SHARON KAY SCHIFFLER HEIDI NEDDA 390 scHxLL VERDK CLAIRE SCHILLEN JACK c 479 scHxLLlNG ALBERT E SCHLANGE PATRICIA ANN 434 SCHLAPPX LLavo KENT scHLEcEL HvaNA DEE SCMLENDORF KAYHRYN SCHLERF KAREN NADINE 390 SCHLUETER NANCV JANE 390 SCHLVETER BRACH DUANE schAucu SALLIE SUE 415 SCHHID Ross 5 SCNMID Rov OTTO scNMloY EDIARD LEE 479 SCHMIDT MARY E scuulnr RALPH FRANK SCNHIDT llLLlAM DUANE scuuuHL ALeEnr P JR scnnurl DIANNE scunurz SUSAN 390 SCHNEIDER ALBERT REX SCHNEIDER HELGA MARIA SCHNEIDER ROSE SCHNODR DARYL Louxs scHoEN ROBERT ALLEN 390 scHOEssOI DAVID ENIL 390 SCHOFIELD AEBV E 479 SCHOFIELD ELAINE scHanELn MARY ELLEN 325 SCHDFIELD PAYRICK a SCHDFIELD RAYMOND JR 390 scHanELn RaaEaYA 390 sconIELo SHIRLENE H SCHOLES LVNEYYE SCNDLES FEVER IAYMAN SCNDLES YHOMAS M scnoMAs ARTHUR JOHN scnouAs LOUXSE ANN 390 scuooNavEn RDBERY P SCHDPPE vlcxv SUE SCHDUYEN MARV 390 SCNOUYEN RANDY N 209 SCHOI CHERYL ANN 254,479 scHaI CHERVL KAY SCHOI DAVID A SCHDI DOUGLAS JR 434 scHnI DUANE RIVERS scHoI KAYHERINE JANE SCHOI KENNETH MARK scnou NANCY GAV 390 SCHRADER ARLENE c SEHRADER DAVID F SCHRAMEK ROSINE a scHRAMM VERNA SCHRECK ROSEMARIE SCHREIBER LAIRENCE c SCHREIBER routs c scMaEIER EETTIE ANN SCHREIER FLORENCE l SCHREINER LAIRENCE A 434 SCHREINER MARGARET 479,250 SCHNEINER MERLENE 250,415 SCHRODER KATHERINE SCHROEDER DONALD E SCMROEDER JOHN M scHnOEOEn ROBERY F SCHRUM DONALD H SCHUBACK anA SAMYN SCHUCK BRIAN EnIAnD scnuLtz ROBERT IALrER scnuMANN c GARN scuuuANN CHARLES A scnuNEIAN ELAINE u SCNURMAN snennv ADA 390 SCHUSTER CAROL ANNE 390 scnIAB DAVID IAINE SCHIAB SONDRA LEE SCHIARTZ KAREN SCHIARzMANN GEORGE JR390 SCHIEEACH GERMARD H SCHIEITZER KAREN LEE 415 SCHIEMMER OSIALD scnIENDIMAN DAVID J scnuEanMAN DEIAYNE SCHIENDIIAN DIIGHT p 415 SCHIENnquN GARY SCHIENDIMAN JoHN suou SCKFRES MARTHA KAI 415 scoFFIELD BLANCHE c M SCDFIELO FRANK EDIARD SCDFIELD ROBERY ALDEN scuREsav ALVIN LVNN sconEsav FRED LERDV sconesav HAROLD BRUCE sconssav JEAN LAKE sconEsav JUNEVE 479 sconuw CARL JAV 115 5:01? CAREY BRENT SCOYT CHARLES REX scorr CHARLES ROBIN 5:011 CLVDE MELVIN 309,434 296 255,333 L 231,312,390 SCOYY COLLEEN 245 scorr DANIEL ROBERY SCOYT DEL scoYr EILEEN SUE 434 scarr GEORGE JESSE 5:011 GORDON KENT scurr JANET MARIE scorl JESSE HATCH 223,390 scoYY JOYCE ELAINE 434 scarf LARRY DU IAVNE scotr LARRY MARCUS scorr LINDA CAROL 434 5:071 LINDA MARIE 479 5:01? MALCOLM HAROLD scott NERRILL HENSON 114,283 scovv RANDALL ROGER 39D scovr RICHARD J scar? RXCNARD MARK 434 scarf ROBERT NORMAN scar! IILLIAM DAVID scovxLLE DIANE L 245,390 scan MAVLON IXLSON SCRIEER KIRK JON SCRIBNER cuv ASHAV SCRIBNER STEPHEN 9 286,434 SEAaLE KATHLEEN n SEABLE sreanu YHOMAS SEABURV KAREN SEAGER DONALD EDIARD SEAGER PHILLIP DONALD SEAXCH DAVID ERIC SEAL KAREN JEANNE SEALEV SHANNON H SEALS CAROLVN BEVERLY SEALV JUDY LYN 333 SEAMAN CAROLYN JONES SEAMAN LEE EVEREYY SEAMAN nocew FORESY SEANONS BRIAN IRVING 415 sEAMoNs DAVID YAVLDR 338,434 SEAKONS IRENE ssAuoNs KAREN 341,434 SEAMONS LARRV VERN 337 SEAHONS DUINYON FRANK SEAMONS RONALD ERVIN 390 SEAMONS SCOT? YAVLOR 24g SEAMDNS TERRV ROEERY SEARLE ANNETIE SEARLE GAHRV MICHAEL SEARLE GENAE SEARLE JULIE SEARLE LAIRENCE I SEARLE LOREYYA 415 SEARLE NANEV LEE SEARLE PAYRICIA JANE SEARLE PAUL u SEAnLE RAMON scorr SEAELE RANCE I SEARLE RICHARD M SEARLE SONJA E SEARLES KAREN LEE SEARS BRENT IALKER SEARS CHEHVL SEARS JAMES EDIARD 390 SEARS ROGER GIBSON SEAY CAROL DEAN SECOR LVNNE ELLEN 390 secnlsr TIM MAVTNEIS 390 SEDELL VIVXAN K SEDERHDLM JACK PAUL SEDGIICK DENNIS I SEEGNILLER GARYH c SEEGMILLER IILLxAu E SEELEY EARL J SEELEY LINDA Jov SEELEY ROBERT THuIAs SEELV JOAN LVNN 415 sEELv RICKARD DALE 298 SEELV RICHARD DELOY 415 SEEMAN nussELL ELNER 351,434 SEENAN SHIRLEY LVhNE 350 SEETHALER ALBIN JAMES SEEVER aAnYon F JR 325,390 390 390 281,309 294,479 479 116,306 SEGERSYEDY HARILVN H 317,415 SEGGEHMAN ISABEL a SE60 JOHN ilLSON 195 SEIYER MICHAEL HALTER 390 SEIYER STEVEN PAUL 252 SEKAQUAPYEIA EUGENIA 350 SEKIVA Fcho IADAc 415 SELDEN IALYER SELF HARVEV RICNARD 313415 SELF JON DELoa 330 SELLERS ARLEN GLENN 286 SELLS M MARIE OLSEN SELMAN HELEN LARUE w 479 SELMAN onnlu HCEIAN 495 SELPH CAROLYN J 390 SEMADENI LORENZO H 479 SENDEL CARLOS SENECA KAREN l SENECA MARTIN E JR 321 SENEGAL LEE ARTHUR SENKE CAROL ANN SENSENBACH Juov HAE seuvea DARLENE ROSA SEFULVEDA GARV EUGENE SERGEL sue ELLEN SERR SYEVEN MICHAEL ssssxous JAY IYLEV SESSIONS LYNDA LEE sessions MICHAEL DELL SESSIONS NEAL MILTON SESSIONS REID n SESSIONS STANLEY DALE 415 SEYYLE IHOMAs IEsLEv 390 SEVERE GEORGE KEN! 250 SEVERNS NANCY M1NOR SEVERSON LAIRENCE L SEVERSON LUCKY NORMAN 283 SEIELL CLAUDIA 343,415 SEIELL DONALD RAY 415 ssvuoun LISA c L SEVMOUR PATRICIA ANN SHACKELFDRD CARLEEN J SHADLDI PAMELA L 390 SHAFER nAYalclA s SHAFER ROBERY MERLIN 293 34 434,280 SHAFER SUSAN v 415 SHAFFER HELEN EVALINE SHAFFER MARV Lou 434 SHAFTER CNERRYL EDITM SHAFTER ELMER Ixnx SHAH ARIINDLAL l SHAH MANHEE u SNAH VADUNANDAN p SHAHAN RITA MARGARET snAxEnIN HDHSEN SHAKESPEAaE ANN 304 SHAH SHARON PING PING 232 SHAMO RONALD IALIER SHANNON JOHN FITzHUGH 390 SHARBAUGH RAYMOND M SHARKANY ELLEN JANE 390 SHARP CARSON HlLDREYH 254,255 SHARP DAPHNE F snanv DENNIS FAUL SHARP EVERETY aAvuono SHARP JANEY OBORN SHARP JOHN RICHARD 434 SHARP KATHLEEN 390 SHARP LOREYYA MAE SHARP u GRANY 390 SHARP MARVLINDA J SHARP MERLIN F SHARP NERRILL KIM 295,475 SHARP NXNETTE SHARP PAUL HOIARD 272 SHARF PAUL KAY 241,244 SHARP ROGER Manon! 390 SHARP VAUGHN RENNALD 285 SHARPE JANET LORRAINE 415 SMARPE KAYHLEEN M 390 SHARFE umv ANNE 115,250,434 SHARPS ANN ELIZAEEIM 15 SHARFS CHARLES JOSEPH 273,274,479 SHAVER SUZANNE 390 SHAI aEVEHLEV JANE snAv DAVID MICNAEL sHAI DAVID OIEN 256 SHAI DOUGLAS JONATHAN SHAH FERRIS LYNN SHAI FRANK I 390 SNAI GARY DEAN snAI LINDA LEONE 480 SHAI LINDA YANNER SHAI MARTHA ALINE SHAI HICHAEL FREDRICK SHAW SYANFORD ELLISON 253 SHAI suzANNE SHAI IAFREN snenr SHAICROFT ANNETTE SHAICROFY cunrls AHEL SHEA GLENIOOD M SNEAN MICHAEL SHEDD Roasnr LVLE SHEEN DAVID KENNEYN 351,390 244 SHEEN Goaoon GRANT 480 SHEETS DONNA LEE SHEETZ LlLLlE BELLE SHEFFEH RDSALKE L SHEFFIELD DONNA SHEFFIELD EILEEN SHEFFIELD JAMES ERIIN SHEFFIELD SHAUNA SHELD DALE LERov 434 SHELDON GARY LANI 244,480 SHELLEY EERNEKCE a SHELLMAN ELIZABETH I SHELTON suntan R SHELYDN CANOACE MAHIaSD SHELTON DIANE KAY 390 SHELTDN KENNETH MAR 349,434 SHELYDN NIKE a 390 SHELYON TERRY SHEN SHERRV YXN 282 SHEPARD CARL IXLLIAM SNEPARDSON ANNE L 245 snepanuson RUTH A SHEPHERD CARL LEROY SHEPHERD JACK DAVID SHEPHERD JAMES YHONA$34 SHEPHERD JOHN DAVID 120,237,280 SNEPHERD KAREN LESLIE SHEPHERD uvnon DELYN SHEPHERD SHARON LEE 415 SHEPHERD IAVNE LEI15390 SHEPLEV NANCY L 115,390 SHEPPARD BRENDA F M 434 SHEPFAHO DAVID a SHEPPARD KERRILVNN SHERMAN MARVIN CARL snERMAN ulanLE SHERMAN VEnNnN c SHERREYT SRIAN F SNERRILL CHARLES LEE SHERRILL PATRICK J 361,390 suEanan JAMES MICHAEL snennon KAYHERINE s SNERIDOD ADRIENNE E 415 SHERIDOD DARRYL GENE SHERIooo EVA LYNNE SHERIDOD FRANCINE E 290,291,480 SHERIoou GAIL s SHEnvocu JAV IESLEV sHERIOoD LAURA EILEEN390 SNERIODD LINDA 434 SHERIOOD LVNDA GIEN SHERIOOD MARY SUSAN 333 SHERIOOD SHARON sneanoo IILLIAM a SHESLER KAYMERINE J 415 SHIDELER BARRY CRAIG SHIDELER CAROL JO SHIELD LEONARD xx SHIELDS BURTON A SHIELDS COLLEEN SHIELDS DORIS E SHIELDS FREDRICK v 252 SHIELDS IAN R055 SHXELDS JERRY SHIELDS MICHAEL LARRV194 snlELos nannr GLENN SHIELDS 5051: c SHIELDS VAL JAMES SHIELDS IILLlAu 415 SHIFFER RanRv LEE SHIN CHlu LUNG SHILSON LAURIE suE SHIMMIN Juoxvn F suxnona MARY JANE 230,311333 SHIN IL 500 495 SNKNDURLING JDN J 248 SHINGLETON DEBRA GAvaeo SHINGLEYON sELuA ANN245 SHIOZAIA GEORGE KEN7200,303 SHIozAIA Jo ELLEN 415 SNIPLEV GORDON F 480 SHXPLEV RAYMOND c SHIPHAN KEIYH EVERETY SHIPNAN RICHARD KARL390 SNIPP ROBERT SYEELE 415 SHIRAK1 REED TAMDTSU SHIRLEY DENNIS LAVNE SHIRLEY HAROLD GRANT 434 SHIRLEV VAL GENE SHIRZAD xnosnou snxu ANYDNIO N s snocx DUANE PAUL SHOELL DAVID FISHER SHOLES IELlNDA JOEYYE 5H0Lrv ELLEN LYNN snoox RONALD RAY 338 SHDRY JACALVN suE SHORTEN DAVID ROLLIE 434 SHOR'EN JULIE 309 SHURYHAIR HAGGXE SHORTS CHERI MILLETT snoars JERRY DEAN SMOVELLER IALTER JOHN 335,480 SHOIGREN ERIC CONRAD 415 SKREEVE LVMAN leNEv SHRIVER PAMELA LYNNE 480 SHUDIN IKLLIAM suuev PAMELA J SHULTHIES CAROL REHER SHUNAN RICHARD KAY SHUHARD DAVID LVNN snuMIAv ANNEVTE SHUMIAY ANDNA 480 SNUMHAV ARAN DANIEL snuMIAv CAROL RAE snuMIAv CAROLYN M SHUMIAV DALE PRICE SHHMIAV DEL KARYCHNER snquAv DIANE 496 snquAv nonornv SHUHIAY ERIC BRANDON SHUMIAV FRANCINE snuIIAV GARY LYNN snuMIAv HELEN 276,415 SNUHHAV JAMES STEPHEN 390 SNUMIAV JOE SANFORD SHUMIAV LARRV E SNUMIAV LINDA JOYCE SHUMIAY MARY LEE snquAv MERRILL DEE 235 snquAv MYRNA LINDA suuMIAv NEDRA KAY 480 SHUMIAV RICHARD PHIL SHUHIAV RDDENE 284, 390 230,333 296,415 343,415 480 snquAv RONALD LEE 430 snuMIAY UTAHNA 434 SHUFE GhRALD ALLEN 421,434 SHUPE Roasnr o 351 sauna SUSAN LAVON SHURTLEFF Lou JEAN SHURYLEFF NORENE SHURTLEFF PEGGY JEAN 390 SHURTLEFF PHILIP s SNURTLEFF SANDRA LEE SHURTL1FF DANIEL R SHURYLIFF NANCY SHURYLIFF PATRICIA A 304 390 250,343,415 415 SNURTLXFF RAMONA M snunvs GERALD n snuRrs HENRY IAYNE SMURYs LARRY EARL SHURTS SANDRA ANN s suunrz DAVID RAY SHURTZ Rovueu RAY SHUYTLEIOR'H MAUREEN 51A DAVID SANDV SlaaErr BENJAMIN 5153511 LVNAN CLYDE SIBBETT ROSETYE FAVE 415 sxaLEv DOUGLAS PAUL SIELEI SHIRLEV IRENE 390 slunounv CNARVL ANITA stonnIAv NILA PEREY SIDIELL NANCV LEE 349 SIDIELL STEPHEN M 358 sta DONALD JEFFERV staENBERn IILLIAI D 321 SIEBER FaEuznxcx J SIEBERT ROY H SIEMSSEN RAYMOND E 390 stREn CHARLES EDIARD n5 SIERZEGA MARIE M l 434 SIEVERS LEROV EDISON SIEIERY HURSI F SIEIERY INGRID I SIGAFUS EDGAR IILLIAM SIGLER DONALD EDIARD SIGLER GARV FLINT SIGMON RUSSELL T stcocx cAnv LEE SILCDCK MERILEE M SILK FREDRIC ROGER SILK SUSAN CAROL SXLLITD MARILYN SILVER DENNIS HACK SILVER DONALD Geon55u4,3n,360,390 SILVER JANICE DIANE 434 SILVER STEPHEN a sin TIAN cave SIMISKEV PATRICK L 294,480 stManos DALE lRHIN 197 SXNHDNS ANN ELIZABETH415 SIMMONS CAauA KAY SIMMONS CAaoLINE SIMMONS DUANE M squaNs DVANNE 390 SIMMONS GLEN GROVER 299,4K SIMMONS JAV ROBERT 274,331,434 SIMMONS JONN GLENNAN 434 SIMMONS JULIA MELLISA SIMMuNs KAYHLEEN SIMMONS LESYER AL-vu SIMMONS MARGAREY Ann SIMMONS "ARV ANN SIMMONS PATRICIA ANN 434 SIMMONS RALFH GERALD SIMMONS RETA sxuuous ROBERT D sxuuons RULON EUGENE SIMMONS THOMAS IAVNE SIMMONS VIRGINIA SUE SXMNS BARBARA JEAn 430 sxuon Roeznr AUGUSYUS sxnous PEVIE EUGENIE 4K slIansou DARLENE SIMONSON MARV e 390 SIMPER AUSTIN D JR 4K SIMPER PAMELA LAURA 05 SIMPEH iXLLlAM J 390 SIMPKINS GERALD D an SIMPKXNS RONALD D SIMPSON aoNNIE CAROL 390 SIMPSON BRENT FRANCE SIMPSON BRENY Jonnsowaso SIMPSON CAREEN LOL15E415 SIMPSON DELMER J SIMPSON DENNAE E 390 SIMPSON NEIL JAIES 294,480 SIHPSDN RICHARD HLNY SIMPSON ROBERV A SIMPSON ROBERT MVRON SXMPSON STEVEN c 4H SIMPSON erIARt E SIMS DAVID JAV SIMS KATHLEEN sxus LANAINE SIGRID 4K SINCLAIR KAYHV SUE SINCLAIR RON MILES SINCLAIR VICKI ANN stDEL DAVID ARYHUR SINDEL PAMELA ANN 3m SINEs DOROYHY DEE SINGER CAHOLVN JEAN 434 SINGLEYON EDIARD 6 SINGLETON LINDA suE 391 SINGLEYON MICNAEL n SINGLETON STEPHEN w 391 SINGLEY GARV BRADFORD smxs KENNETI D JR 391 SINYZEL BARBARA LEE 304 SIFE JANES RUSSELL 304 SIRRINE ANN HANKS SIRRINE DONNA JEAN 341 sInRINE HELEN AFYON 480 slsson DAVID MICHAEL SIYTERUD CLYDE EDGAR slu KA1HERXNE IING 1 SJOBLOM MARILEE 4H SKAMNES ROBERY I 223 SKARDA SYEPHEN 1HOMA54EO SKEDELESKX JULIA SUE 4H stEN nuvn 39 SKELTDN JAnEs DAVID SKIBA JOVCE ANNE 3m SKIDMORE own: I 391 sxxouone MERETTA : SKIDMORE IALLACE E JR u7,337 SKINNER EnLINE L SKINNER FREDRICK D SK1NNER KAREN SKINNER KAYHRVN EYYA 430 SKINNER PAULA SKINNER TERHELL EEORN SKDNNARD JOHN B qu SKOUGARD MICHAEL S sxuuseu CARALVN a SKOUSEN CYNTHIA SKUUSEN ERIC NAYHAN SKOUSEN eavlu MICHAEL SKOUSEN JOEL NATYHEI sKousEn JUDY xAv 277 sxousen KATNERINE l 277 SKOUSEN LINDA 347,480 sxoussn MARK ANDREI sxousen uleL IILLARo SKDUSEN SHARON DXANE sxaI KAREN KATHLEEN 4H SKOIRON PAUL LOREN 220 sxov GARY RAYMOND SKREDE CHERVL JEAN 3m SLACK aoaenr E SLADE AUDREY IRIS a SLADE DONNA MAE SLADE DOUGLAS NILS 343,254 SLADE JAMES LINN JR SLADE JARED ANDERSON 3m SLADE LESTER LEROY 276 SLAGUISKX IxLLlAu H SLATER aILLv GRANT SLAYER KAREN sue SLATER KENNEYH ARLIN SLAYER MARVIN JACK 430 SLAYER VICKI LYNNE SLAUGH DANIEL LAIRD SLAucn FRANK LOUIS SLAUGN LAIRD DHIGHY 4n SLAUGH MORGAN n SLAUGHVER IXLLARD A SLAV DAVID IAGLEI SLEATER GEORGE G JR SLEIGHY DOVLE WAYNE SLENKAMP DAVID AUGUST 39 SLOAN RUTH MAUREEN 434 SLOBOUIAN ROBER1 PAUL 415 SLOCUH CHERVL JEAN SLOCUH KATHERINE J SLDYTE vlcxx ANN SLOVER ROBERY H 11 va DOYLE DEE 415 SLV VALERIE GAY SMALL DAVID JOE suALLIuoo JOYCE FAVE SMARY CAROL ANN SMART CAROL EILEEN 480 SMART CARVEL aLooo SMART DAVID LYNN SMART nonovuv ANN SMART JAMES L 111 snAnr JANES IALDEMERE 391 SMART JAV RICHARD SMART KATHLEEN SMARY KAYHLEEN G 353 SMART MAnGAner JEAN 391 suAn1 MILO CLXNTON SMARYY GLORIA ROSE suAatr PHILANDER x JR SMEAYH FRANCES ANNE SMEDLEV EDWARD F SMEYHURSY SHARON ANN 250 SMIGELSKI LEOPOLU a sMxYH ALAN JEHE 391 SMITH ALAN ROBERY 430 SMIYH ALBERY a suxvn ALLEN LEnov SMIYH ANDV GEORGE 277 suxvn ANNALEE sultn ANNE suxvn ANNE ELIZABETH 5 SMITH ANNETTE ALICE 416 suer ANYHON LEON SMITH BARBARA JUNE 415 SMITH BARCLAY E Jn SMIYH BEVTINA APRIL 416 SMIYH axcxv EVON 391 sner BILLV DALE snxrn aovo FRANCIS sulvn BRENDA SMIYN BRENDA Lou 391 SHIYH BRIAN MARI SMITH BRUCE HIXSON 321 suxrn BRUCE MICHAEL SMIYH BURL JEANETYE sulru BYRON LXNDSEV SMITH CARL BER? SMITH CAROL 252 SNKVH CAROL AGNES 416 SNIYN CAROLE 391 SMXYH CAROLEE 434 SMKTN CAROLYN JUNE 252,391 suxYn CAROLYN LOUISE suxrn CAROLYN YVONNE SNIYH CAROLYNN o suxrn CARRDLVN SMITH CECIL LEROV suxrn CHAnuxcx E SMIYH CHARLES EDIARD SMITH CHARLDTYE snltn CHEERI LUNNE SMITH CHERILYN 250 SMITH CHERYL DARCUS SMITH CHERVL DEE 480 SMIYH CHERYL LORRAYNE SKIYH CHRISTINE ALENE325,347 snxvn clunv LUE SMIIH CINDY LVNN 391 SMIYH CLAUDIA 352 sulrn CLAUDIA JOAN 120,233,490 sulru COLEEN SMITH COLLEEN BATES 254 snurn COLLEEN J SMIYH COLLINS n snzrn CRAIG c 300 snlrn CRAIG Rov sux1n DANNY FULLMER SMITH DARRELL YHALES 434 SMITH DAVID CRAIG 391 SMITH DAVID DARRELL SMITH DAVID F JR 276,278,434 244,434 SMITH DAVID LESLIE 120,481 suer DAVID LonEN 331 SMIIH DAVID SYANLEV snlrn DEAN JOHNSON SMITH DENNIS c 434 sMIYH DENNIS KAV 391 SMIIH DENNIS VON SMIYH nswxrr PAUL 299,235,305 suxrn DIANA SMITH DIANE MARGAREY 342 SMITH DIANE RAE suer DIANE RUTH snlrn DONALD PARKER 391 SMIVN DOUGLAS ALAN 434 SMIYH DOUGLAS PAUL 223,287 SMITH EILEEN SMIYM ELISABETH ANN 9 SMITH ELIZABETM KAY SMITH ELVIN KEIYH snlrn ENES HARRY 256,391 SMITH ERIC JOHN 434 SMITH EVELYN 416 SHIYH FERN ALICE sulfa FLOYD BAILEY 480 SMITH FoRREsV CLINTON SMIYH FREDERICK HAGEN 254,256 SMITH GARY ERNEST SMIYH cARv EuoELL snlrn GARV EUGENE SMIYH GARY LEON snlrn GARY NOEL sultn GARY RICHARD SMITH GEORGE E JR snnrn GERALD JAMES sMIrH GLADVS DIANE 434 snxrn GLORIA ANN suxrn GORDON RAYMOND SMIYH GRANT a SMIYH HAROLD BURGESS sulYH MAROLD IArcn JR snxvn HAROLD TAVLOR SNITM nEunv nAv suxrn HORACE IAVNE 194 523 SMIYH SMKYH SMITH SHIYH SMITH SHIYH SMITH SMITH sanH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMIYN SMITH SMITH SMIYH SMITH SMITH lerM SHIYH SHIIH SFITN SMITH SMIIH SMITH SMIYH SMIYH SMITN SMIYH SMITH SMITH SVITH SMIYN SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMXYH SMITH SMXYH SMITH SMXYH SMIIH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMIYH SMIYH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMIYH SMIYH SMITH SMITH SMIVN SMIIH SHITN SMIYH SMIYh SMITr SMITH SMlYH SMIYH SMITH SNIYN SNITH SMXYH SMITN SMIYH SNKYH SMITH SMITH SMITH SHIYH SEITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMIYH SMITH SMIYH SMIIH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMIYH SMIYH $M11H SMITH 5M1TH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMIYH SHIYH SMITH sulYH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMLTH SMITH SMITH SMITH sulYn SMITH SMIIN SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMJYH SNIYN SMIYH SMXYH SMIYH SMIYH SMITH 5M11H SMITH SEIYH SMITH SMITH SMXYH SMKYM SHITH sMer strH SMITN SMITH SFXTH 524 HGIARD POULTDN HOIARD RUSSELL HYRUM IEAAC 391 E 111 FRANK J uRucE JACK DEVAL JACK LEE JACOUELYN J JAMES JAMES JAMES JAMES JAMES JAMEb JANET JAwEr JANErr JANICE JAV ME JEAN JEN! JESSE A ARrHuR AUBREY GREGORV NORMAN HAVMDND 242 331 254 SUE LUCILLE M QVVN 250,434 416 391 RICK JEwELL 0 JR JOAN JOHN C JOHN c JOHN E JOHN R JOHN ROBERT ELLEN 416 HARLES DHAHD ALPH 391 416 JhDY ANN 391 JULIA 116,391 JuNoLA 391 KAREN ANN 431 KATHERN MAE KAYHLEEN KATHLEEN MAY KAYHRVN 391 KARLEEN 391 KAYHV F KENDALL KENNETH KENNEIH KENNETH NEVE ALBERT MCKAV MERHILL KENI DEAN KEVAN FOSS KIRKHAM LANE SPENCER 131 351,435 416 LARAINE P LARELL KAY LARRY RAHON LAusoN LE GRANDE G nAnLci 491 LEON JAY LEONA 391 LKNDA DEE LINDA NARXE LOFTON LOIELL ALAN SOREhan LVNETYE LYNN 391 MACK EVANS MALCOLM SLOAN MARGAREV snnnon MARILYN HACKING435 MARILYN K MARILYN L 285 MARLENE NORTON MARSHA MARY AN MARY FA MARY KA JANE N VE 416 VHLEEN 416 MEARLE D MELBA A MELODY MICHAEL MICHAEL MICHAEL MICHAEL MXCHAEL NNE JEAN oou GRANT FIPKIN TIM IAVNE 435 416 MILAN DALE JR 121,314,321491 MXTCHELL J MONA A MONYE G HuR1EL NAch AAN NANCV IRENE NATHAN NEXL BR NILE NOEL ED NORMA G NOHMAN READ ENE GALE 306 416 250,481 JEROME 496 0:5 391 IARD 435 ENIEL 435,496 OLIVIA LEA PATH 1C1 PAYRXCI PAUL AL PAULINE PEGGY J PHILLIP 349 A 254,276,435 A s 3EH1 416 EAN MlChAEL R MERVIN RALPH C RALPH I RANDAL RANDV H RAYMOND REEECCA REN ?XCHARD RICNARD RICHARD RICHARD EICHARD RICHARD RXCHARD RICHARD ROBERY ROBERT ROEEHT ROBERT ROBERT ROBERY ROBERT MANNING AHREN nov ARRIS LESTER 195,321,481 GAY 391 A 305,481 a CAssxTv CLAIN CRAIG MELVIN MERLIN srucx BAILEV BARON 223,416 391 304 EVAN JAv 122,297,311,481 L LEON Jn MARVIN ROBIN LEIGH RODNEY CRAIG 435 RONALD VERN RUNNA LEE ROSANNE ROSETT SAMUEL SANDAH SANDRA A HAROLD A JOAN 435 SANDRA KAY SANDRA LEE SMITH SMIYN SMITH SMITH SuIYH sulvn SMIrn SNITH SMITH SMITH SMITN SMITH SMIVH SMITH SMXTH SMITH SUSAN SUSAN SUSAN MAREE SUZAN FAV svDNEv SNARON YEDDV ROYLENE KATHRYN LEE YIVOYHV KENT YlonHv I YRAVIS JOHN VICKY ANN VXRGINIA SUE VIVIAN DIANNE HALLACE ELLIS wAvNE CLARENCE IESLEV DEXTER SMITH llLLXAN EARL SMITH IILLIAH HARVEV 5M1 YHHART FRED S leTHsoN DONALD JAMES SMITHSDN JOANNA SMOCK ROGER FERRY suacT DAVID MILLARD SHOOT DIANA SMOOY REED PnlLIF sMoUt KAREN sMouY MARILYN swuln RICHARD H SMURTHNAIYE SMURYHIAITE LINDA J IHOMAS COURTNEY HEATnER H SMURTHWAKYE SMURTHWAITE SMURTHIAITE MICHAEL H SHIRLEY A SUSAN ANN SAUNDHA CELXA sHAnoN SHARON JEAN 416 SHARON JOAN SHERMAN HEBER SHERRY 416 seNxA KAY 391 SYANLEV ALLAN STANLEY L STEPHEN WAYNE STERLING JENSEN STEVEN ARLO SUSAN SUSAN DIANNE SUSAN E51HER SMYYH JAHES SNAFP JANET MARIE SNARR JIMMY THOMPSON SNEAD SVLVIA L SNEDEKER DAVID M SNELGROVE MARIDELL E SNELGRDVE PATRICIA A SNELL KAVE RVLIA SNELL RUUER1 M SNELL RONALD PHIL SNELSON BETTE FERN SNELSDN NEDRA LVNNE SNELSON RUSSELL E SNELSON SHARON LYNN SNIDEMAN BEVERLY M SNIDEHAN GEORGE DEAN RICHARD SNIDEMAN JOHN FRANCIS SNIDER CHARLES E SNXDER JILL LOVA SNODDY JONN SYEPHEN chH CAROL ANN SNOI CYNYHIA GAY SNOI DAVID JONATHAN SNOH DAVID LORENZO SNOI OIANNE 5N0" DON LEE SNOI EVELVN GAVLE SNOI JAN LENokE SNOI LEE ELDON SNOH LINDA 5N0! LOWELL MILLER SNDV MARIE MERRILL SNOI NEIL THOMAS SNDI PAUL ANDERSEN SNOI FEVER BALLARD SNOI PHVLLIS ANN sNov PHYLLIS MAE SNOI RICHARD KERMIY sNoH ROEERY LEROV SNOI ROBERY Louis SNal RONALD K 5N0! RUIN LYNNE sNow STANLEY B snow SUZANNE SNOI IANDA M SNDIDEN DxAMA FRANCES sNowDEN NELEN LENORE SNYDER canv Lou SNYDER GARY DAVNE SNYDER JAN STEVEN SNYDER JUDITH P SNVDER PHILLIP GORDON SHANNON CLAIRE SNYDER SOBERS LAUREL JOANNE sonanaonc RUTH JEAN SODERBDRG SARAH SOELBERG C BRENT SDELBERG CLAUOIA J0 SDELSERG KAREN SMIYH SOELBERG LE GRAND E SOELBERG LINDA J0 SOELBERG RENOLDO B SOFFE BRENT IALLACE SOFFE CRAIG ASH SON PING soHM LINDA KAE SDLANDER LARS THOMAS SOLASAARI ANNA lesA SOLBERG JEERV ARTHUR SOLOMON JANET ANN SOLOMON NORMAN KING SOLOMON HILLIAH TED SDLOSABAL DONNA Lou SDMMER RONALD LEE SOKMER SHERRY ANN soMMERFELDY DANIEL n SOMMERFELDT ERIC R SOMMERS KAYHLEEN v SOHMERS ROEERI LEHGV SOMPPI EVGLVN K SONDER RICHARD EUGENE SONDEREGGER RELVA SONG DAE sun SONGER LINDA KATHLEEN SONKENS JERRY IAYNE SONNE IILLIAN BLAKE SOONG IARREN KON MIN SOOP EVEREYY SUPER EDIARD LEwls snPER NVLE RICHARD SORENSEN CAROLYN LEE SORENSEN CLIFFDHD G SORENSEN DAVID K SORENSEN DEAN RICHAHD SORENSEN DOUGLAS C SORENSEN ELLEN SORENSEN FRANCINE B SDRENSEN GARY BARYELL SORENSEN GERALD c JR soRENsEN HOHARD JOHN SORENSEN MOHARD SCOTT SORENSEN SORENS$N soRENsEN SORENSEN SORENSEN SOHENSEN SORENSEN JANEY JANET SUE JAY DEAN JEANNE JOSEPH JAV KAREN L KATHALEEN R SORENSEN KAYHLEEN ANN SDRENSEN KAY SORENSEN KEIYH n SORENSEN LESLIE ANN SORENSEN LINDA JEAN SORENSEN MARY ANN R 416 344,391 435 435 300 435 391 250 278 416 34z435 331,391 435 415 248,480 416 317 304,435 257,297 435 415 416. 391 313,435 415 304 245 391 416 120,315,496 am 481 391 416 134,416 481 391 435 321 282 391 321 212,213 391 391 416 245 391 391 250 435 481 391 416 294,295 249,295,481 3M 435 279.435 230 435 391 245,435 4m 351.391 SORENSLN SORENSEN SORENSEN SDRENSEN SDRENSEN SORENSEN SONENSEN SORENSLN SORENSLH SORENSEN SORENSEN sonENSEN SORENSLN SORENSLN SOHENSON SORENSGN SORENSON SORENSON sonENsoN SORENSUN SORENSDN SORENSON SORENSDN SDRENSDN suRENsoN SORENSON soRENsoN soRENsoN SORENSON SDRENSON NAN NANCY NnnMA ROGER Rosin SANDRA SHEILA KAY srAFFORD LEO STEPHLN J SUSAN RAE TONI JEAN IARREN REID HAVNE JONES IOODROI G ANN ELLEN ANNE MARIE ARLENE Bern BOYD IAYNE BRYCE CAPL CLAUDIA ANN CURY DUANE DIANA LYNN EDuARD LEwls FERRIL H GORDON PAuL JANICE JOHN LEON KENNETH nAv MARCIA J MARcus 9 ANN C JEAN DENN l 5 MILES SORENSON NEIL K SORENSDN FAUL M SORENSON RANDALL GUY SOREN SON sanNsuN SORENSON SORENSON SORENSON SORENSON SCTER SDYER suuYH SOUTH MIC SOUYH MVR SOLTH PHI sourn 1ER JER REX R RIYA HOBERY EARL STEVE C SYEVEN LYAN YHOMAS KEIVH CONSTANCE NICHOLAS 6 RV NEIL HAEL GOULD NA LYNN LLIP BARRY RV NEIL SOUYNAH DELVLE cLAxa SOUTHAM L ESLIE R SouYMAM LYNN uxLLlAN SOUIHAM N scuVNEv T SOUYHIELL soutnthK SOUTHhch SDUTHIICK SOUTHIICK SOUTHVICK souvH-lcx SOUTHI ICK soukuunr SOUTHIORY SOUTKIORY souThIORT SOUTHVORT souzA LAH Ach ANN REVOR JACK 1 IILLIAM N ANNE E GARV LEE JAY DENNIS NEAL SHLPE PHYLLIS R VXCKlE DAIN KILLIAN RAY H DAN L H LINDA H NICKIE D n SANDRA RAE N IXLLIAN E RV JOHN SDIARDS BETTY JANE SOHAEDS SHEILA KAE sDuEV CAROLE JANE SOIeY PATRICIA ANN SOHEH DOYLENE LINDSAY SOuEHs JACK CLAIR SPACKMAN BLAINE A SPACKHAN DARELL V sPAcKMAN DAVID EARL SFACKMAN DENNIS PAUL SPACKMAN FREDERXC D SPACKMAN HENav KAY SPACKMAN RANDALL F SPAEYH RUYH NANCY SPAGENSKI DIANE P sPALDlNG HILLXAH E sPANGLER KENNEYH D SFARHAIK GEORGE s SPARKS CYNTHIA FAVE SPANKS DE RAY SPARKS JANEY PRINCE SPARKS ROGER KENNETH SPATIG MAX SPAUGH LINDA MAXINE SFAULDING BRENT SPEAKHAN SUE ANNE SPEARS KAYHLEEN ANN SPEARS PHILLIP EARL SFEARS STEPHEN E SPECKART MARY K SFECKART MELINDA AhN SPECKART STEPHEN F SPEER GALE HILLARD SFEIR IlLLIAM LLOYD 481 337 333,361,391 4m 246,391 254 252 112,120,165 416 496 416 283 391 416 252 252 416 SM 416 SM 391 416 297 391 114.416 275.416 SPENCE MARILVN LAvaA391 SPENCER SPENCER SPENCER SPENCER SPENCER SPENCER SPENCER ALEXA MARIE ANN CARL EARN CHARLES JAY CHERYL ANN DOUGLAS SPENCER IRA D 111 SPENCER KAYNLEEN SPENCER LEONA JO SPENCER LDRHAINE SPENCER SPENCER SPENCER SPENCER MARGAaEY M MARIE MICHAEL L DARRELL KEITH HARDEN CARLES SPENCER NADINE SPENCER NOEL GLENN SPENCER NORMAN LLOYD SPENCER PAULETTE ANNE SPENCER RICHARD H SPENCER RUSsELL LARRY SPENCER SHARYN LEA SPENCER SUSAN SFENCER YERRV RAY SPENCER VIRGIL LEROV SPENCER SPENDLOVE SPENDLOVE SPENDLDVE SPENDLDVE SPENDLOVE VIVXAN CROSBY DAVID CRAIG E MARIA KIM JOSEPH LARRY v LESLIE RAE SDENDLOVE SHENRV SPEHRV PHIL VANCE SPERRV SUSAN KAV SFERRV TANARA SFETH RUDOLPH LYNN SFXGARELLI JACK A SPILSBURV MARIE sPlao SHARON LEE SPITYLER GAXL KAREN SFDHH PAMELA JEAN SPONSELLER KAREN HUT" SPOTTEN GORDON PAUL SPOYTEN RONNIE K SPRACKLIN IAVNE n SPRAGG FRANK IESLEV SFRAGUE ALICE JEANENE 351 416 392 4M 343.416 392 392 416 392 416 416 245 435 392 SPRAGUE GAY LVNNE SPRINGER DAVID LOIELL SPRINGER DOROYHV c SFROUL CHR1511NE SFROUL JERRY KENNEIH SPROUL NEDRA spnousE JR CHRIS A SFRUELL SHEILA JANE SFRUNG TIMOTHY M SFRUNGER LAURKNE EVAH SPHUNGEn LINDA LUELLA spuksEON MAXINE ROSE SDUXERS JUDITH RAE soulREs MARILYN Jo SOUIRES MDNYE ARYHUR STADYMAN JANICE REVAE SYADTMAN KENNEYH LEE SYAFFANSON JOHN R STAFFANSGN LURA LVNN STAFFORD JAMES HENRY STAFFORD JOHN CARL STAHELI JOE LEE SYANELI HAHCELLA ANN SYAHELI RONALD J sTAHELl uENDELL KENT STAHNKE HEIDI ROSA n STAKER ALICE DEE ANN STAKER ALLAN REED STAKER aanxE LAvoNNE STAKER DORIAN PAUL STAKEk EVERON LEE stKER KAYHRVN STAKER SUSAN STALEV GnANY E STALKER ELLA RAE STALLINGS CAROL ANITA STAMPS RICHARD BRowN SYAMPS VIRGINIA L STANDAGE PNIL GARV SYANDIFIRD GEORGE R SYANDIFIRD STEPNEN F STANDIFXRD VANCE a STANDING MARTHA LYNNE SYANDING REYTA SYANDRING LAUREN STANFIELD SUSAN LVNN STANFORD MARION STANFORD SHARRON E SYANGER GEORGE l sTANGEa LYNN MARIE srANGER NANCV LYNN sTANGER HILLIAM c SYANLEV DOLLIE MAE SYANLEV JON CLAYTON SYANLEV MARY AFTON STANLEY NORMAN E STANLEY YIHOTHV DARVL STANSFIELD RUSSELL C STANTON BRIAN EUGENE sTANYoN MAX EDuARD STANHORYH ROGER EARL stAPLEs ANN LORRAINE SYAPLES BEYTY I STAPLES DAN E StAPLES DAVID EMERSON STAPLES JAMIE STAPLES LANE KAY SYAPLES LXNDA STAPLES LUCV ANN STAPLES MARILYN STAPLES RICHARD C SYAFLES ROSEMARY STAPLEY DEANNA STAPLEY VICKI JEANNE SYAPLEY IAVNE CURYIS SYARK DIANE SYARK KAREN ERIKA SYARK RANDOLPN u STARKER TRUMAN I STARKIEAYHER IILLIAM SYARLEV GRANV EDIARDS STIRLING JULIE l SYARR DAVID ALLAN SYARR J1! E STARR KARL E SYART NANCY LYNN STARTIN JANICE NELSON STARZENSKI ROBERT E STAYEN CALVIN CLAUDE STAUFFER JEFFERV DEAN STAVNER RALPH CLIVE STAYNER SYEPHEN E STEAD JAMES ALBERT STEADMAN SYEADNAN GERALD D SYEADNAN KENT MOEDL STEADMAN NEAL KENT SYEAaMER ALICE JEAN STEED CHARLES EVAN STEED EARL GARY STEED JUDITH DENE STEED MAUHINE ROBINS SYEED SEYMOUR P STEED SEVMOUR PAUL STEEDMAN VICKI J0 SYEELE A DARRYL STEELE STEELE JEAN STEELE LAHRANCE D STEELE LYNN H SYEELE RANDALL LVLE SYEELE SYEVEN L SYEELE IENDY JAVNE SYEEN DORIS ROBINSON SYEERE LARRV ARNOLD SYEFFENS GARY COLLIER STEGLICH SHARON L SYEIMLE DVAN ROCK STEIHLE LAURENCE J SYEIELE LINDA PAGE STEIMLE MICHAEL V SYEIMLE IAVNE DOUGLAS STEIMLE IILLIAM L STEIN BONNIE BEA SYEIN VICKI LEE STEINAUER GERALD l STEINFELDT HERMAN D STEININGER ROGER C STEINNAN PAYRICIA J SYEINNETZ JERRV RAV SYEMMONS JOHN D STEMMONS IILLIAM L BRENT MARVIN CAROLYN SENECA STENZEL SYEFMENS STEPHENS DENNIS EUGENE CATHY DAVID BISEL SYEPHENS DONALD KENY SYEPHENS FRANK A STEPHENS GARV ROY STEPHENS GENEE STEPHENS SYEPNENS SYEPMENS SYEFHENS STEPNENS STEPHENS JOANN KAROL KENT HXAT1 LAURA K LAIRENCE H MARV ELLEN SYEPHENS ROBERT E STEPHENS HOBERT l' 343,416 435 343,415 321 287 392 194,332 392 27G 4m 392 392 282,435 AM 416 416 254.256 288.481 285.416 481 250,416 421,435 392 435 435 335 481 103 El 416 392 329 244,435 351,416 435 mm mm Nm 244,250,392 435 416 319 STEPHENS SHARON ANNE SYEFHENS SUSAN I SYEPHENS VAL GARNER STEPHENsEN JUDY ANN STEPHENSON STEPKENSON SYCPHENSON STEPHENSON sTEPHENsoN STEPHENSON erPHENSON SVCFHENSON SYLPHENSON STLRLING sLuvIA A DAVID DOUGLAS 6 GEORGE L suEN KATNRVN J SHARON J suzANNE STERRETY BEVERLY JLAN STCRRETY MORRIS RAY sTERLENuAcn JAMES R SYEYTLER ANNEYYE STEUARY BRADLEY u STEVENS STEVENS CARL DENroN STEVEN5 CAROLVN STtVENS CHRISTINE c SYEVENS DANNY Ross SYEVENS EARL DAVID sYEvENS ELMER HIGGER STEVEN; FARIS SYEVENS GERALD A JR SYEVENS JANEY STEVENS JAY REED JR DALE BLAKE TERRY Jonu AUDREV CHEHVL 416 392 482 435 416 279,415 392 482 392 STEVENS STEVENS STEVENS JO ANN JOHN EDHARD JOHN GARV SYEVENS SYEVENS SYEVENS STEVENS SYEVENS ervENS SYEVENS SYEVENS STEVENh STEVENS STEVENS STEVENS STEVENS SYEVENS STEVENS sTEvENs STEVENS STEVENS THOMAS H STEVENS VERLIE ANN s1EVEN50N ELAINE n STEVENSON CAROLYN E SYEVENSON DOUGLASS E STEVENSON FAVE stEvENSON FORD LUND STEVENSON JESS BHENY SVEVENSON KAYHLEEN T STEVENSON RICHARD L STEWART ALLEN PAUL STEIARY EAREARA SYEIART BARRV D STEIARY BEYTV LOUISE STEVARY CRAIG ALDEN STEWARY CUQTIS LAVAR JOVCE rAYLuR JUDY Junv DARLENE KAREN KAROLYN LEWIS TED LINDA LEE MARY ANN MXCHAEL LEE NORMAN s RICHARD RICHARD H SHIRLEY DEE SYEFHEN R SuSAN MARJORIE LVNN MITCHELL LYLE 392 392 392 416 277 392 392 482 327,435 435 392 STEIARY SYEIART STEIART STEIARI' SYEIART STEuARI STElARY SYEIARY SYEIARY STEVARY STEIARY sTEwART STEIAET SYEHARY srszav STEIART STEIART SYEIART SYEIART STEIART ervARV STEIART STEIAHI SYEIART STEEARY STEUARY STEIART STEIART leuARY STEIART STEIART STEIARY STEIARY SYEIAHT STEIAHT SIEIARY SYEIART STEIART SYEIART STEIARr STEIART DAVID ELLqu DAVID R DIANE DONALD LEE DUANE w DURINDA P oulGHI IAVNE E DALE GARY vAN GAVLAN VANNov GAVLE BURKE GEORGENIA ANN GLADE a GLENN uXLLARD GORDON G HAROLD VAL HARRY hAVNE JAMES uILLlAM JOHN IICHAEL JOHN IAVNE KEXYH DOUGLA5244,250 LEuN chuon 244 LORNA DELL LYNDA LVNN DONALD MARSHA LARSEN MARY ELLEN MARY JANE MICHELLE NORMA ELAINE PATRICIA KAY 482 RAVNOND CRAIG RONALD AnnlAN ROXIE LVNEE RUTH SHARON srevnEN o SYLVIA VXRGINIA E IALTER NOEL IILLIAH G 392 347 392 392 SYIBOREK EVELVN JOVCE392 S1IDNAM ROBERY CLYDE SYILES KENNETH EDIARD ST ILLENS STILLMAN SYXLLAAN SYILLIAN STILLMAN uanEn PAUL LEONARD u JR435 MICHAEL 1 311 RONALD IAVNE SUZANNE 482 STILLIELL L1NDA Lou STILLIELL LOVIE JR SYINPSON LESLIE R sTxMFsoh MIRXAI Fbwn SYINEEAUGH THOMAS LEE SIleaN JERRY LEE SIXNSON MARSHALL J SYXNSON RICHARD 9 srlnsou aaNALo AnnuLDagz sTInLAND JANET IORTH 482 STIRLAND IILLIAM a 244,246 STIRLING KEITH HENRY SYIRLING STEVEN L STITZER SUSAN LEONE 306,435 SYJOHN JAMES vaVANus STOCK SI'OCK CATHERINE MAE JOHN ALFRED 435 STOCK STOCK STOCK PAULA JEAN nanRT 3 ROGERS LEE STOCK STOCK RONALD BENJAM1N352 TAUNITA LEE 392 STOCKUALE REED GORDON STUCKFOHD MICHAEL L STOCKING SHERL DEE 335.416 $10cxs JOYCE HILLVARD SYOCKIELL ANIYA C 290.392 STDCKIELL JACOUELYN 5306.392 STOCKIELL ROBERT ALAN STOCKIELL VIRGINIA s STDDDARD DARRELL JAv SYDDDARD DENIS IALDD 323 sTounAnD EUGENE M SYODDARO GEORGE R 435 STODDARD JEAN ARDELLA stonuAHo Junv ANN STODDARD KEIYH ERENY 235 STUDDARD LEON EUGENE 286,305 sToooAnD LESLIE STODDARD PAMELA JUDD SYODDARD RICHARD L svoqunu RONALD IAVNE SYODDARD SAUNDRA L 392 STODDARD THOMAS ADAMS STODDART IENDELL G STOFFERS KENNETH H 435 STOGSDILL DONALD D SYOKER DOUGLAS GREEN 392 sroxzn NANCY EVELYN SYDKER SHARON KAV c stones ANN LOUISE 27g SYDKES BRENT DARRELL 435 sroxes DAVID BARRETT stones DENNIS STEVEN STOKES ESYHEH u SYOKES HAROLD TAYLOR svuxes LILLxE v s SYOKES RANAE 285 stones SHARON ELAINE STOLIORYHY xNEz J stone AMY LOUISE STONE BERKELEY EARL STONE sauce c 392 STONE COLLEEN DANET STONE DEVON MERLIN 496 svoNE DIANE MARILYN 110,392 sroNE non J STONE EDGAR LEE stone IRA c JR STONE JOHN ROYAL sraNE LORAINE STONE LYNDA EILEEN stone LYNN nnnnv STONE RACHEL DIANE stuns RICHARD LLOYD stone RICHARD NELSON STONE noaenr ALAN STONE ROBERY CLYDE 294,235 SYONE RONALD ELBERT 195 stone nanxE EARLE STONE SHAnLEEN STONE SYEPHEN JOICS SYDNE SUSAN 416 SYDNE VICKI H 432 STONE ilLLlE SYONEHOCKEP Annuvu L SYDNEKING JACKIE L StONER uAnK RUSSELL STONER nov LESLIE 244,245,435 sroon LOREYYA MARIE stanza KARLA RAE 313 svoRns KAREN LEE 416 svunns NORVEN llLLARD svnnns SHARON STORES SHIRLEY MAY 392 STDSICH ESTHER P $7071 DUANE LEE 352 srovv EV LYNN start GERALD NORMAN 51011 LELAND HVRUM JR SYOYY NOLAN GEORGE stor1 PAMELA GAY 5701r PAYTV KAY svorr HOBERY LEGRANDE srorr SYEPHEN LARav 276 SYOTTS RICNAND LEO sTaur CAROL LEE 343,417 stout CLAYTON GAIL svour MAZEL srouY HELEN CLAIRE 120,493 srour JANE! 252,392 srour JANIS 309 stout JOLENE CAYIULL stout LUJEAN STOUT REED RVBERG 5Tour REVNOLD I000 sTovALL DONALD LVNN 311 STDIE NANCY STOIELL GREGG NELSON SYDIELL JEANA DEE svawELL JEan LORENIO STOIELL JULENE schELL RICHARD H 435 STRADER THOMAS IALTER stuAlN FLovo auntxs STRAIT CLIFTON EUGENE STRING CAROLVN n STRAMG JOHN DOUGLAS SYRANSE JACK BARKER 417 245,417 STRANGE JANXS ANN 435 STRANGE JAV EoulN 435 STRASDURG ELLEN 325 STRASBURG GEORGE E STRASSER VIRGINIA STRATE ERIC 5 STRATE JANEVA 489 STRAYFDRD LVNN RALPH SYRATYON ANN szATtoN BARRY J SYHAITON CAROL STRATYON DOROTHY STRATTDN H BRENI SYRATYON JANEV LVNNE STRATTDN JANICE M STRATTDN JEan CLELL SYRAYYON JOHN A JR 392 STRATTON LYNNE STRATTON PAULINE SYRAYTDN ROBERY o STRATTON ROBERT RALPH 4 250,392 417 STRAUS nurH IDA 82 SYREBEL ANDREI SYREHEL HILHA JEAN 482 STREBEL JAMES LVNN STREETER PAMELA RU?" 392 STREIBEL LORNA NARI: STREMEL JOHN FEVER JR SYRICKLAND DIANE u svnxcuLANo DONALD x SYRICKLANO JOY ANN 392 STRICKLAND MONTE D SYRICKLER JOSEFH K STRIMGAM KArnLEEN L 244 STRINGAM MoaaAN Lewis 392 STRINGAM SHARON JEAN 244 STHIuGEn KARXN 392 srRINGFELLou JOHN K STRINSHAM DARLENE N 392 SYRINGHAM DAVID s STRINGHAH MkLANlE 417 STRINGHAH NADENE SYRINGNAN RICNARD D STRXNGNAM ROBERT s SYROBELL SANDRA D srnuunERG ERENr VERN 283 STRONG A CORRINE 252 srnons DAVID HEBER SYRDNG DENNIS JOHN STEONG GERALDINE STRONG GRAHAM IILFRID 482 STRONG JANICE MURIEL svnous JOHN DOUGLAS SYRONG MARK EDWIN SYRDNG MARY MARGAREV STRONG RICHARD VERNON 392 sxnoms SHERYL LORAH STRONG STEVEN c STRONG SUSAN KAVE STRONG VAUGHN nav synons IAYNE MILTON STRONG IAYNE RONALD SYRONKS EVA DlANN sraops VIRGINIA L SYRDUD DORIS ANN 3S3 svnauo MICHAEL V SYROUP DOYLE BONHAM sTnuns LINDA JUNE 357 srRuns RONALD L SVRUNK IILLXAM E SFRUTHERS CHIRL P SYRUYZ LINDA Louisa 435 285,482 352 STUART GORDON EARL 280 stuARr JANET GAIL s1unnr KAYHLEEN 417 sxunnt LONNIE DALE STUARY MORRIS wLLLIAM STUART NORMAN LESLIE 392 sruAaT SHERRY 417 sruaaEN THOMAS OIEN STUBBLEFIELD JAMES I 194 STUBBS D DEAN 244,392 svuaes EVA STOKES sruaas JUDITH ANN sruaas llLLlAM JAMES STUCK SUSANNE LYNN 43S STUCK! SUSAN LORRAINE 345,392 STUDEBAKER CHARLENE E 285 STUM SUSAN o STUMPH FLEICHER LEE STURGEON ROBERT s stunalLL CHARLES E STURGIS nosERv MACRAE 392 sTurz JOSEPH LANNY SYUTZ LAUREL ROE SYUYZ REUBEN CRAIG stuvz RONALD MARK STUTZ SARAH JANE 417 s1urz IHONAS ROBISDN STUYZNEGGER JULIE 417 STUTthubER LUTA STVER DAVID uunvL 392 su VlH CHEN SUAREl CARLOS ENRIOUE sucos JOHN IXLEV suDIEEKs DIANE SUDIEEKS DON RAYMOND SUDIEEKS IRENE 482 SUDIEEKS JANICE o 392 SUDIEEKS JAY DEAu suuueexs JOAN LYNEYTE 134,349 SUDIEEKS VENICE 6 SUCIEEKS uALrEa a sus LA-RENEE GENE sucas CHARLES L 335 Suxco EICHARD ALLEN 482 SULLIVAN BRIAN LEON SULLIVAN CHARLES E SULLIVAN JEFF JAMES 197 suLLxVAN MICHAEL J suLLXVAN NOEL CLYDE 335 SLLLIVAN RONDO KAY SULLIVAN SUSAN SUNMERHAVS ANN sunnzns JARON BLAIR 131 SUMMERS KATHLEEN 435 SDMMERS KEIYN EUGENE suuuans MILYON GENE SUMMERS RAY HARRISON 482 suunens ROBERT AnNEL SUMNER CLAUDE v SUMNER DONNA LEE SUMNER GREGORY ROBERT SUMNER KEVEN H 325 SUMNER RONALD ALDER 337 SUMNICHY LEEANN E SUMPTER JAMES HOIARD SUMPYER KENNEYH HUSH SUMSION CALVIN J SUMSION Ennss1 RAY SUMSION JOHN uHITNEV suuslou KEITH SUMSION KEN? MAx SUMSION sIEvEN llLLIS SUN snxn YUNG SUNDERLAND ROBERT A suMuaule DANNY HAVCHZSG suuunuo REED BRUCE 254,312,417 suNG SHIRLEV 5LTHERLAND ALEX u 254,256 SUYHERLAND DONALD J 8417 SUTHERLAND GERALD K SUYHERLAND HARRV L SUYHERLAND JAYNE ANN SUYHERLAND KAREN 5 482 5vaou ALAN KELSEY 392 suvTON JAMES LUTHER SLYTON MARGARET ANN SLYYDN won uARREN e SUVARNASUDHI KHANEY SLZUKI MASAK! MICHAEL250,49E SVEDIN waMA 392 SIAXN MARILVNN SIAIN SANDEA JEANNE 4U SIAIN WALTER ELLERv suALaERG REY J SHALLEV DEANNA JEAN swALLaI ANITA LOUISE suALLou PATRICIA 392 suALLou SYLVAN c suAN DIANA JEANNE sun" HERBERT FRANK SIAN JAMES ALBERT 435 SIANN NEAL ROBERT 279,435 SIANSON DAVE LEE SIANSON DIANA DEhEV 482 ShANSDN LAVERN c 417 SuANsaN ROBERT JOKN 482 SIANSON SHEILA SIANSDN SYEVEN M suAPP GARV K suAPP JERRY SIAPP RONALD LARRY swARvs FERN SHAHTS GEORGE c 435 suAsz SALLY w snEAnlNcEN JESSE 1 suEENEV EILEEN ANNE 291 swesveu SUSAN SIEETLAND SANDRA RAE 392 SHENDSEN DOUGLAS H SIENSEN ALBERT JOHN SHENSEN ESYHER 392 suenssn GEORGIANNE F SIENSEN GRAHAM KNUD SIENSEN HELEN r SVENSEN JERRY HUNTER SIENSEN KAY HUNYER s-ENSEN KEITM suENSEN Lewis OSIALD SHENSEN LORAN ELMO SIENSEN MARGARET J 325 SVENSEN MARILYN N SHENSEN PHlLlP ROMNEV SIENSEN RXCHARD H SHENSEN YnAcv L SIENSEN IINSLDI DEAN SHENSON CARGLVN 482 s-LNson souaan J suenson HELEN c A SIENSDN JANET L 309,392 SIENSDN JOHN ALLAN 417 SIENSDN 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VALLEY RAE ANN TAM runny MAY SANG TAMANANA THOMAS NAOKI TAMMXSTO HELX T 298,435 TAMPICO GALE JOANNE 417 TANAKA HIDED TANAKA YOMINE TAMMY 301 YANGREN KIM YANGREN NANCY ANN TANGREN SHARON LVNN vnuusn ANN anunson YANNER CAROL LYNN TANNER CATHERINE 393 TANNER DARRELL K TANNER DARYL HAVNE TANNER DAVID MERLVNN TANNER DOUGLAS KENT TANNER EDITH KARON x TANNER ELVXN n TANNEQ GARY E YANNER GARY a TANNER HALIORYH YRENY YANNER HAROLD ALLEN 393 TANNER nsnnv SMIYH 327,417 393 309,393 232,435 YANNER JANET ELENE 417 TANNER JOHN snERMAN F YANNER JOLENE 393 TANNER JUDY HAY TANNER LEON IlLLIAMS TANNER LINDA GAVLE 393 TANNER MARION FARKES TANNER NANCY ANN 49G TANNER PATRICIA ANN TANNER PAYRICIA H YANNER PAUL LEE VANNER ROBERT M TANNER ROBERYA TANNER RONALD ORA TANNER nov LYNN 36L393 TANNEH SYERLING n 393 TANNER YERRI TANNER TERRY LEE 393 TANNER ntLLlAu WESLEY YANNER uxLuER LVNN TANG MELVXN MASARU TAPIA CARMELA F 417 TAPLEV DAVID ALLAN TAPLEV JOEL LANE 482 YARONE JOHN DALE TARRAN RanRr IALKER 337 YARRIER JOYCE E 240.306 TARTER STANLEV JAMES 435 rnnvxn :HARLES c YARIAYER LYNEYYE 435 TARIAYER MACK ELBERI YASHNEBULLV MODESYA L 393 TATE BARBARA YATE DALE RICHARD 393 TATE DONALD nunson 120 TATE GARY HILLXAM TATE JAMES BARHIE YAYE JOEL RICHARDS 432 TAYE JULIE ANN TATE LINDA DIANE 393 IAIE LOLA TAMSON rAVE LUCILLE c TATE NANCY ELLEN 275 rare RICHARD LAIRENCE vars RONALD s TATE susnu TATTON nvnuu uxLLlAu TATTDN MICHAEL ELLIOT 114,255,331 rnvu Jenn NICHOLAS JR 246,417 YAIES causrnucz MARY IAhZER 01x1: CUMMINGS TAIZER LYNN nvuuu YAVE TERRY JOYCE 482 YAYEB AHMED r IAVLOR ALLAN GRANr 417 TAVLOR ANTNONY HANSEN YAYLDR ARLENE RENEE TAYLOR BACLE DON xx tAVLon uAneAnA YAVLOR BRENT L TAYLOR BRUCE THOMAS TAYLOR CAHMA JEAN 393 TAVLOR CHARLES JERRY TAYLOR CHARLES THOMAS 483 TAYLOR DANIEL c TAYLOR DAVID p TAVLOR uAvxo ROBERT 43S TAYLOR DAIN ALLEN TAVLOR DAYNA KAV 417 rAVLua DELL RAY TAVLDR DENNIS QUINN 4B3 YAVLOR DIANE IHIYELEY YAVLOR DONALD EDIARD TAYLOR DOUGLAS GEORGE TAYLOR EDWIN ISAAC JR353 TAVLOR ELAINE 256 IAVLon FARRELL J TAYLOR FREDRICK LOREN TAVLOR GARY CHARLES 351 TAYLOR GARY MCCLELLAN351 TAYLOR GENEVIEVE n YAYLOR GENIEVE YAYLDR uonoon F TAYLOR GRANT HARDY TAVLOR HARVEY URENY 393 TAYLOR IRIS 393 YAYLDR JAMES ISAAC TAYLOR JAMES MERRILL TAYLOR JAMES MICHAEL YAYLDR JANET TAYLOR JANET LOUISE YAYLOR JANINE PEARL w IAYLOR JED a TAYLOR JERRY GERwIN 293 TAYLOR JERRV LEO TAYLOR JOHN MITCHELL 435 TAYLOR JOHN ROBIN YAYLOR JOHN I TAYLOR JON GREGORY 195 TAYLOR JOVCE DIANE TAYLOR JUDITH ANN YAYLDH JULIE KAY 483 TAYLOR JUNE ALAXNE 292,435 115,289 YAVLOR KAREN 483,491 TAYLOR KAREN LYNN 244,256,435 TAVLOR KATHY 357,417 YAVLOR xsxrn TAYLOR KENNETH J TAYLOR KENT LAVELL 393 TAVLOR KRISTI TAYLOR xnxs11n RUTH 417 TAYLOR LA NEA FAE YAVLOR LARI JANE 393 YAYLDR LARRY aosuonvnqaa TAYLOR LARRY JAV TAYLOR LARRY KENT YAVLOR LAVAA GLADE TAYLOR LXNDA LEE TAYLOR LORIN PARRY 4B3 rAYLcn Lov DAVID 435 YAVLOR M LAVERN TAVLDR MARGAREY NIDA YAYLOE MARK JOHNSON TAVLOR MARSHA 393 VAYLOR MARY GEORGENA 393 TAYLOR HARV JEAN YAVLDR MELVIN I TAVLOR HICNAEL non IAVLOR MICHAEL JAN TAVLoa MICHAEL JOHN 215,393 TAYLOR MICNAEL KEMP 393 YAvLoR MXLO YHONAS 417 TAYLOR NADXNE ELLEN TAYLOR NANCV 393 TAVLOR NELSON R YAYLOR NORMA YAYLOR cnan K JR 1AVLDR PATRXCIA ANN 417 TAYLOR PAVnXCIA MARIE 393 YAYLOR PATRICK KAY TAYLOR PAULA JOYCE TAYLOR PETER NOLAN YAYLDR RANDAL JOE TAVLDR RANDALL LEE TAVLoR RANDOLPH PAUL 285 YAVLOR HXCHARD snout YAYLDR noasnr ARYNUR 353 TAVLDR ROEERY DAVID TAYLOR ROBERY DEAN YAVLOR ROBERT JOHN 335 YAVLOR ROBERT MARION 1AVLon RONALD CARL 483 TAVLan RONNIE STANLEY YAVLOR 5AM H 111 YAYLOH SAMUEL u JR TAYLOR SARA LOUISE 483 YAVLOR SHARON ANN 417 TAYLOR STEPHEN ARNOLD43S 1AVLOR SYEFHEN KROGE 435 1AVLOR SYEPHEN ORSON 256,393 TAVLOR svzvsn DAVID YAVLOR TANYA 250,417 YAYLOR TERENCE M IAVLnn TERRY NORMAN TAYLOR YHoMAS REX YAYLOR TIMOTHY KENT TAYLOR TONI a 337,393 TAYLOR TRUDV 313.417 YAYLDR VELooN DEE 393 TAYLOR VIOLA DIANE TAVLoa hILLlAM H 331 YAVSOM STANFORD H THAMES CHARLES ROBERT TEBBS BLAINE A 15835 CLARK MARCHANT 15555 MICHAEL LEFEVREZ77,303,417 TECUMSEH nos: MARIE TECUMSEH SACAJAIEA R YEOROI DAVID RALPH YEDROH GERALD iXNTERS YEE GDAN an VEEMANY KAARE IEEMANY YXIU YEEHAN' VILJAR 1EEPLES KAREN KAY 43S TEETER LYNN MARXE TEGAN avnon DAVID TEGLAND SANDRA FAVE TEICMERT MARSHA TEXCHERT R auan TEICNEnT YRUDV 341 YELFoao JEANETTE MARY rEuPLES CHERYL Jovce YENG JENN BANG IENGAIO MICHAEL TENGEERG DAVID LEROY 1ENNELL RONNIE JAV 393 veuuzv ANN BERGMAN TENNEV GALE u TENNEV GEDFGE WILLIAM TENNEV JOHN EOVD TENNEV JUDY ANN TENNEV NATHAN CARL TENNEV USCAR LAVAN TENNEV THOMAS REED YENNEY IXLLIAM F TERRELL FDRRESY MANN TERRY BRYAN G YERRV DOUGLAS IEBSYER TERRY EARL MELROV YERRV ELIZABETH RAE TERRY LXNDA LEE YERRV LLOYD FRANKLIN YERRV L015 ANN YERRV MAazs ALANE YERRV MXCHAEL BRENY YERRV MICHAEL I TERRV RAY o TERRV SHARON LEE TERRY SYEPHEN F YERRV TuNV LEE TERRY IILLXAM THOMAS TERUVA ALLAN FRANCIS TERUVA MILDRED JOYCE YERVORr PAUL L YERIILLEGER LINDA TESCH DE ANN TEUSCHER JEAN TEUSCHER NANCV 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MAX WALKER ROEEN IALKEQ NDNALD EVERETT WALKER ROSEMA8Y IALKER RUYH ARDEANE IALKER RUTN MARIA IALKER SAMUEL IALKER STEVEN C 'ALKER SYEVEN H WALKER YAMERA IALKER YEHRANCE IAVNE IALKER YNOHAS A HALKtR THOMAS VICTOR HALKER VALERXE DEE WALKER VAVNE ALLVN uALxup LONNIE JEAN "ALL DONALD LAVEARL uALL oouovnv x IALL ELXIABEYH ANNE HALL FLOYD ALLEN IALL FRANK DALE HALL JOHN LAVRENCE IALL MERRILL SUDHEEKS HALL NORMAN aenzou IALL RICHARD CLVDE HALL nouznr F Jn IALL RONALD LERox HALL waLIAM MICHAEL WALLACE BnRUARA E WALLACE DIANE WALLACE DONNA JEAN IALLACE GANV ARTHUR IALLACE KATHLEEN L WALLACE KENDALL I IALLACE LAURA BETH VALLACE MELBOURN D IALLACE MYRLE LORILLA IALLACE NANCY KAVE NALLACE STEPHEN K IALLACH CAROL ANNE IALLEN ROBERY GLENN HALLENTKNE GLEN CRAIG NALLENTINE JEAN WALLER JACK GARLAND WALLES JAMES DONALD HALLIN BRUCE cuv WALLIN DESNA LEE uALLIN JOYCE VADA IALLKN NARILVN F uALLls CANDIS YNERESA IALLIS JANEY LEE NALLXS VILLIAM 3 JR WALLIS WILLIAM DAVID iALNUM ARTNUR RAYMOND 194,244,395 418 395 436 436 395 315,321,485 436 485 286,485 418 418 250 256,343,436 395 395 436 418 485 395 248 395 309,436 252,285,333 395 418 347 276,418 309 395 341,395 485 395 395 277,485 395 485 313 418 436 418 436 395 286,485 418 304.395 436 292,485,491 103,130,485 436 274 IALPDLE IALOUIS IALRACK IALSER HALSEk IALSER IALSER IALSER IALYER IALrERs IALYERS IALYERS IALTHER IALTMAN HALTMAN IALTON IALION HALYUN IALYDN HALTON WALTON KENY DOUGLAS 1 DONNA N 289 GARY CHANDLER 395 JOHN MARY1N LELAND ARTHUR LINDA GENE PATRICIA ANN c RONALD HERMAN ROGER KENNEYH FRANCXNE PEGGV ANN PENELOPE LYNN NINA CAROL BARBARA a LESLIE RAY DAVID LEE HAROLD RAY JULIE ANN LINDA JEAN SHELBY VERNXE J0 496 493 317,418 395 117,436 483 IALYz LINDA KAY IALZ ROBERT HENRY IANSLEy KENNETH RAY IANG I1 IANGSGARD MARV JOAN 282 436 LLIAM CHE HAN IANIC TONI KAY HANKLER KATHLEEN IANKO ROBERY STEVEN IANLASS IANLAS$ IANLASS IANLASS IANIASS HANLASS IANOSIK 199 DAVID R DIANE MARIE JONN IESLEV KATHRYN SYANLEY GLEN HXLLIAM PAUL ANDNEV I 297 485 IANSGARD I1LL1AM H IARBURYON HEYTV JANE IARBURYDN DALE LELAND HARD IARD IAHD IARD WARD IARD IARD WARD J1 WARD WARD HARD HARD uARD IARD HARD HARD iAHD R1 HAND HARD IARD IARD HARD ll IARDELL ALAN IAYNt IARDELL HELENE SUE CARMA JANE CLARICE JtAN CRAIG LINDSAY DALLAS RAY DAVID BRUCE GRANT REILLY JAN JOSEPH JUDXTH LUCILLE KEITH J LARRY KEITN LLOVD REED LONETA LYNN MARCUS KEN? nARrHA MAE NEAL ARYHUR 436 395 76,254 LL DAIN 436 282 CNARD LA VELL RONALD EDIARD SHAUNA Jo SUSAN DIANE SUSAN LINDSAY LLIAH IARREN 335 395 IARDELL KATHLEEN HARDLE DUANE DARRELL 297 uAuoLE lLENE HARDLE LAMONTE IARDLE LARRY PAUL 256 IARDLE MARGIE IAGLEV iARDIELL YERRV STEVEN IANE BONNX: LUCXLLE 436 IARE CLAUDIA RAVE 418 WARE GENE ANDENS uARlNEn BONNIE suE IARNER DOUGLAS 5 395 IARNER cnzsonv MELDON IARNtR LINDA LEE WARNER LORENE 485 wAnNER RHODONNA iARNER RanRr A lARNER R055 M 395 WARNER scorr REX 210,211 HARNEH SMERHV LIN 284 lARNER SUSAN 121,485 uAaNER SUSANNE IARNICK CARL nAvxn 416 IARNICK JOHN HXCHAEL 395 IARNICK KENNETH LYNN IARNXCK RICHARD M IARN1CK STANLEY u uARR JOANNE iLllAEETH343,4BS HARR RONALD RE! VARR SUSAN ADELE IARREN IARREN HARREN IARREN IARREN IARREN IARHEN IARREN IARTENA DANA 395 ALBERT ARYNUR 335 CAROLYNNE c CONNIE IHITING GERALD MARVIN GLOR1ALEE KAV MICHAEL GENE SHIRLEY ANN LEE 395 385 IARTHEN CONNIE JEANNE IARTNEN JAC LAJUANA IASDEN HASDEN IASDEN uAsDEN hAsnEN hASHEURN IASHEURN hASHEURN VASNEURN hAsHBuRN IASHGURN IASHEURN IAssoM DELMAR F DOUGLAS F GLADE JAMES JED IXLLXAM PHILIP ASAY ALAN TVRLS GERALDINE JANET IRENE JERRY c JERRY MARYXN KAV SUSAN IARHEN CLARKE 303 485 436 418 IASTELL DOUGLAS ALLEN hATABE IAYABE IAYENE IAYERS hAYERS uArERs WATERS iATERS hATEHS iATERS IAVERS IATKINS nATxle hAYKlNS WATKINS IAYKINS iATKlNS IATSON IAYSON HAYSDN IATSON EATSON HAYSON iAYSDN IAYSDN IATSON IAYSDN IATSON hATSON 3m 297.301 FAITH MARIE MASAHISA ANl CLIPPER CAROLE GENEAL 39S DEauIE DEA HARRY GALE JANICE JOE DAVID LAnnv uAnNEH NANCY lnENE SXDNEV IILLARD ANDREA MARGARET L MERLVN 0 MICHAEL uAVNE SHARON LEE ulLLIAu J BARBARA ANN uAvID CRAIG DONALD CRAIG DHAVNE c ERth KAY GAVLE GRANT H INGRXD LYNNE JOHN THOMAS JOHN thLxAu JOSEPH LEE 4n noaanr I 436 276,418 486 486 296,333,436 418 439,486 486 229,280 436 486,491 395 436 iAYsuN HAYSON hAYSON iATSON NAYSON HAISON iAYSON IATSUN KERRY x LINDA HERLE MARV HELLEN REID LERON RICHARD EARL ROBERY ALAN RONALD ALBERI RONALD ROSS iAYSDN VALDEAN MAX iAYSON VIRGINIA ANN IATT GERALD DEE IAYY JOHN - hAtT SHARON ELAINE IATTERS CLAUDIA JEAN IAYYERS DAVID nAv uATrs ANNA LEE hAYTS BHUCE CHARLES uAvvs JUDITH ANN uAYYs NORMAN E IAYYS RICHARD ARL1N uAIts RICHARD VERNON uaris Roaznv DAVID IATYS ROBERY JAY IAYYS SYEFHEN DAVlD IAYYS SUSAN JO IATTS SUSAN KAE uAtvs TNOMAS nlLLlAH iATTS VERDUN Austh IAX RONALD DEAN IAYHAN CAaOL JANE IAYHAN JUDIYH LYNN hAVMAN SANDRA LEE hAVHAN SONJA KAY HAVMENT DAL DALTON 395 wAvMENT ELAINE 317 HAVMENT NELDA SALLY 289 IAYMENY SUSAN 185,438 IAYHIHE DAVID RUSSEL HAVNE DIANA FRANCES WEASELFAT noszLLA F IEAVER cnnoLvn hEAVER DENNIS IAYNE IEAVER KAYHEHINE G iEAVER KURT STODDARD IEAVER noss MAUGHAN uEAvsn nut" LEDEA BEAVER SYANLEV TODD nesa ALAN IENDELL wsaa ALlsVN MARIE mesa BRIAN EMERY wsaa EMMA Lou mess GEORGE MERRILL I583 JANET LYNNE I585 JOANN WEBB JOHN SHERMAN IEBB KAREN MARGARET uses KAYHHVN IEBE KATHRYN DIANNE IEBE KENNA RAE IEHB LAURENCE EUGENE wsaa LINDA DALE usaa LINDA PATRICIA ueaa LVNETYE haae LVNN srunTcN Iaua MARGO wees uAalE hEBa MAnx RAY ueaa MARVA IEBB NAch ANN IEBB SYANLEV JAV teas SYEVEN LYNN IEBS SUELLEN sruNE mesa YEan LOUIS uEaa uAnREN ROSS IESB HILLIAM BARTON ueua IILLIAM EARL uaaa VILLIAM nanny IEEBER DARLENE IEEECKE LARAINE KAV IEEER CRAIG ENO IEBER DAVID LEROY IEBER DONALD GORDON ueaen LINDA JEAN HEBER PAYRICIA ANN IEBER axannn BRENT neasn RONALD EuGENE UEBSYER SAkEARA JEAN IEBSTER FRANK EDIARD WEBSTER KIEK BRIAN IEBSYER LAURI ELAINE IEESYER Louxss ETHEL weesten MELVINA ROSE WEBSTER RONALD KENT hEasTER THOMAS P 285,437 IEBSTER VALERIA JULIAZBS ueasrsn IILLIAH R IEDDLE ROBERT c iEED MARILYN ween STANLEY Euunnn ueexes DELSA IEEKS MARGAREY IEEKS RICHARD H uEELANn nsuunlx uaens SUSAN nu1n iEENlG D1ANE IEENIG EILEEN IEENIG ELSA KAV hEENIG KARYN VEE uEENIG VAL DEE HEETER xArHLEEN HEGMAN LUANA KAVE uEHuExER COLLEEN uAE HEXDNER SYEPHEN u IEXERNAN ARTHUR s HEIERMAN CAROLVN DEE HEIGHT CONDA ANN IEIGNT DIANE RAILE IEIGNV oon ROGER uexcHr DOUGLAS LANEY IEXGHY GARY HILL uEstT GEORGE LAMAR HEIGHT JOHN neunv WEIGHT KARL COLLINS uElch LARRY DEE IEIGNY LVNN EARL IEIGHY SHIHL REED IEIMER CAROL LEE IEIMER GERALDINE RAE IEIKER JOYCE RAE WEINDORF aov FRED IEXR cannon T JR IEXR JANICE CAROL IEIR L015 GRIFFIN IEIS DXANE ualss GREGORV MILTON NEIYZEL CHERYL MAV IELCH ANNETTE VELCH DAVID MICHAEL IELCH JOHN iOODLAND IELCH KAREN IELCM LYNDA KAYE IELCKER MICHELLE IELKER HARRY DELBERY IELKER RALPH DEAN IELLING CLAUDIA IELLING DAVID ROBERY IELLINGVON BARBARA 436 395 486 395 395 212,213 418 395 486 395 485 256 418 486 395 395 418 436 395 418 486 361,395 115,399,418 486 486 395 418 437 395 395 259,395 418 252 385 HELLINGTON BERYRAND v IELLMAN GREG BLAND IELLMAN VICKI MARIE IELLS azrrv ANN IELLS DOUGLAS BURL IELLS DOUGLAS D IELLS KENT CECXL IELLS LINDA JEAN IELLS MARION GAIAIN VELLS MARY Lou IELLS MELVIN RAV IELLS MICHAEL n WELLS MICHAEL : VELLS PAMELA sue lELLS RICHARD DENNIS IELLS ROBERT IILLIAH HELLs SHARREN M IELLS TONV IELSH SYELLA TREE IELTV GIEN CELESYE IENCHEL PATRICIA ANNE IENCZEL vxcton LASZLO HENDEL PHYLLIS IENDI JOHN CARTER iENGREEN SANDRA LEE vENTz CRAIG VERNON IENTZ RDDGER YHENY uEnNEn AFYON LINDA WERNER EERYHDLD H IERNER BRENDA J0 uEnNER HENRY CLARENCE WERNER KATHLEEN L HERNER ROBERY LOUIS WERNER RONALD EDIARD HERRErr IXLLIAH P IERT JO ANN HERT LElLA ELIZABETH IERTZ MERVVN EDDY HESELOH RONALD MACK IESSELY JAMES ERNES! IEST ALLAN uvAxN vast BRADLEY ALAN IEST BRIAN K list CAROL ANN west CHARLES xenneru IESY DEE IAYNE NEST DONALD J west FRANKLIN L 111 west HARVEY HALYER HESV JAMES DAVID west JOHN LESLIE HEST JOSEPH HEEER nest LAIRENCE a wear LERONA EILLEEN IESY LORAINE west LYLE RAY nest HARIANNE IEST PAHELA HEST RXCHARD LEE IESY RONALD MELVIN west VIOLA IESY HILLIAM MYRDN HESTBY CAROLYN M WESTCDTT LINDA L ussrCOII IXNN 5 HESYENSKOI ALLEN Jolt HESYENSKDI JOALENE vastausxou KAREN ANN VESTENSKOI PAUL JAY ueern BETTY JEAN IESTERFlELD BRUCE I HESTERGARD H LOUISE HESTERGARD RAY o uESYERN DANIEL RAV VESYERN EDIIN VAL IESYFALL LINDA JEAN HESYLING JOAN HELEN IESTLUND LXNDA ANN IESTMAN HAVNE CLARK HESTON CAROL P IESYON GLENN CARROLL wesvou JOHN BRADFORD uesron PHYLLIS G IEsron VICKI RAE utsvou HAYNE RULON IESTOVER BARYA VEE vEsvovzn CAROLE HESTOVER ELDEN KEITH ussruven JANET uzsrovea LEO J vsstoven LEON ALAN uEsroven LVNNAE IESTOVER RICHARD o ussrovgn ROBERT N vesrovsn SUSAN DENIsEZ44 IESTPHAL STEVE RALPH HESTIICK GEORGE n usrrsIEIN avuou a IE'TSTEKN KENNETH F IEVLAND JACK ARNOLD IEVLAND SHERYL AUYV a usvnouru JOHN SYANLEV INALAN MICHELE JANEY 486 uHALEN NANCY Louis: HHALEV HlLYON HARVEY IHARTON DANNY CARnoLL395 IHARTON FAIRLENE JOHN IHANTON JAMES E IHEADON DEAN 395 418 323,439,486 437 418 395 395 337 312,395 418 291 281 437 198,395 437 254,418 437 285 418 427 250,396 418 418 331,485 116,437 418 339,486 418 256,395 395 395 IKEAT JUDIYH ANN 418 IHEAY xnrnenvn wHEAYLEY COLEN M 395 IHEATLEV erVEN 395 IHEAYLEV SUSAN 486 IHEATON IHEELER iNEELEE iHEELER IHEELER hHEELEH IHEELER VhEELER 8HEELER IFEELEH vHEELER IHEELER IhEELER iNEELER INEELER IHEELER MATTHEI DARCV ARROL DON CAROL 551K CHARLES FORD DAVID L DELHYN n JR DOUGLAS IAVNE 395 EDWARD ARTHUR EUNICE L FRANCIS E JAuEs CLYDE LYNDA LEE 395 MARLENE RICHARD RICHARD RICHARD UHEELER RUSSELL IHEELER IALTER DAN IHEELOCK EUGENE LEE IHETTEN ROEERY JAY IHETZEL DONALD EDIARD hHICKEH DIXIE LEE IHICKER HAVA quCKER RICNARD GRANT IHIMPEY DUANE IILLKAN UHIMPEV GEORGIA anunr WHIMDEV ROBERY JAY IHXPFLE BEYH IHIPPLE CAROLYN IHIFPLE CHARLES T unznvL: EVAN LEROY hHlPFLE ssonas EDGAR hHlFPLE LILLIS 497 I E L 437 p M 4n 319,395 114,307,486 395 486 277,486 iHIPPLE MAUREEN ANN iHlPFLE YIHOTHV S IPISNANY BEYTV JEANNE IleAKER BONNIE BEYH IHITAKER CAROL MARXE IHITAKER CHARLES h INIYAKER EVERE1T FRED IHITAKER RICHARD M V8ITAKER 70M SCOTT IHITAKER VELHA JEAN IHIIBY ANNA MARIE IHITEV JOAN RAE IHITBY NADlNE E Ihlra ALANA HHITE BOYD BARNARD ll IHIYE BRENT CLARK Ihle CAROLYN IHITE CHARLES HOPKINS IHITE DAVID ELMO hHlTE DENNIS DALE hHlTE DIANE LOUISE EHIYE DIANNE IHITE DDEEEN c IHIYE DOUGLAS RANDALL iHIVE EILEEN E IHIYE ELAXNE iNlTE FRANCIS ELLEN units GERALDINE N iHlYE GORDON CLEMENT IHITE GREGORY SCOTT HHIYE JAN MAVOR IHITE JANEY HLVH IHITE JANICE LVNN INITE JEFFREY ALAN IHIYE JOHN ROBERT IHXTE JUDITH K WHITE KARL REESE INITE KATKLVN SUE IHIYE LOWELL 0 IFITE MARCUS HXAYY IHITE MARIAN EDITN IHITE HARILVN LEE IHXTE NARV ALICE VHITE "ARV ELIZABETH UHXYE MICHAEL ALHEET IHIYE MILDRED ALICE INXYE NANCY LVNN WHITE PATTI HINCKLEV IHITE FERRY ALAN iHI?E FHVLLIS RUTH IHITE RELDGN ELARK hHlYE RICHARD ALLEN VHITE ROBERT IVCLXFF VHITt RONALD Kuar INIYE RUTH ANNE F IHITE SHERI Lou IHIYE SUSAN HHITE SUSAN LINDA IHIYE SVBIL MARY IHITE HALTER VALDON HHITE HESYON JAY IHITE HILLXAM JOE HHITEHEAD ASHLEV E IHITENEAD BETH DUFFIN IHITEHEAD CA8OLVN J HHIYEHEAD JAMES B IHITEHEAD JOHN ELAIR IHITEHEAU MARJORIE M IHITEHEAD NORENE iHlYEHEAD PHILLIP K lHlThHEAD RchARD 5 IHXTEHEAD ROBERT L IHITEHEAD ROBERY L HHITEHOUSE ANNELLE IHIYELEY MARGARET M IMITELEV ROBERT ELDoN IHITELOCK MACARYHUR INITEMARSH BRUCE D IHIYESIDE CHERVL LYNN IHITESIDE LINDA SUE IHIYESKDE VIVIAN LEE IHIYFIELD JUDITH ANN IHITFORD KEITH EDIARD lNITlNG INITING IHXTING VHITING iHlYlNG lHlYlNG lHlTXNG IHITING IHITXNG HHIYING IHITING IHITING UHITING IHITING IHITING IHIYING IHXYING IHIYING hnIYING IHITING leYLEY IHITLEV IHITLOCK HHITLOCK WHIYLOCK WHITLOCK hHITLOCK IHIYHAN IHIYNEV hHITNEY IHITNEY IHITNEV WHITNEY uHIYNEV IHIVNEV HMITNEV ANN HUD AARON CHARLES R CYNTHIA IVY DAVID LODGE DEANNE B GAHV GAVLE LINDA LEE LYNN J MARK EDIIN 8ICHAEL D MVRNA NORMAN CRAIG PAULINE RICHARD H SMARON LEE SIDNEY NIEL SYEIAHT CRAIG IENDY J DAN TON GUNDERSEN CAROL L CAYHLEEN ERHOL E JEANNE MARIE RAE LEE DAHHELL LYNN DENNIS R FREDERIC D Jov JUDY GAE KENT HELL L015 LYNN MADELON KAY MAHK SNOI INITNEY RICHARD I JR HHXYNEV STEPHEN H IHXTYAKER CHARLES T IHIYTAKER CONNIE JO IHIYTAKER DAVID JAY iHlTTAKER HELVIN R WHITTAKER RICHARD L IKIYYENDRE ANYHONV R IHITYINGHAM EDGAR A IHITTLE SUE ANN HHXTTLES DAHN HAREE HXEORNY HELGA E 9ICKENHEISER YHDMAS G IICKENS JON CRAIG HICKNAM ANNA NARIE HICKHAM LYNN HICKMAN CHRISYINE ANN IICKMAN RONALD BRENY HICKSTRON ROBERT I IIDDISDN SHIRLEY FAVE IIDENHANN JAMES H IIDEREURG IENDY HIDMER RICKEV ARYHUR IIDMIER ROBERY 6 IIEBERS DIANA F IIEBERS JANE LORENA IIER JOSEPH EVELL UIESE XNERID MARIE 489 486 194 489 437 395 396 309,395 418 395 437 418 437 437 281,437 437 418 284 486 279 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JAY INN H 1D THOMAS RLENE ERYL DAIN LIVN sruARr ANE RN MINER ANN ANNE CLAIR 487 396 396 396 487 418 396 418 194 IILDE SHERRI E LVNN I1LDE 1A IILDE VALERIE K WILDER D 396 396 MARA LEIGH ALE GEORGE ulLDER DALE HDIARD UILDER SYEVEN WILDEH II IILDING VILEV AL 1LL1AM CURTIS DAVID MALIN MA GRANT 437 IXLEV GAROLD K J IILMELNSEN JANICE IIILHoxr EILEEN V1V1AN 396 uXLKEs KENNETH CLEss 418 I1LK1N BRIAN ROBERT 331.418 IILKINS IIILKINS l1LK1N5 I1LK1NS ulLKle l1LK1NS IILKINS llLKXNS llLKINS HILKINSON HlLKlNSON IILKINSON IILKXNSON llLKINSDN I1LK1NSON IILKINSON HLKINSON HILLARDS IlLLARDSON IILLARDSON I1LLARDSON HILLARDSON IXLLE HARV DAVID a JEHRV LEON PHOEBE JANE RICHARD JAMES RDEANN E STEPHEN E STEVEN C STEVEN RAY IOODROE L CLYDE E CONNXE DENNIS LEE HAROLD L JOYCE GAY LORENZO K NIYA THERESA C 0N BEYTY JEAN DAVID LEE DONALD J GLEN LERDY JONN DAVID ELLEN 487 257,297 280 396 395 281 396 329 IXLLES ARLENE I1LLES BRIAN RALPH IXLLEY CLAIRE IXLLEV KATHRYN SUSAN NILLEV R I11LL1 ANS HILLIAMS I1LL1AM$ 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LEE HINSOR JACOB FREDRICK IINSOR MARCIA IXNSPEAR LINDA LOUISE llNSFEAR MARCIE DEON HINYCH DENNIS ALBERY IINTCH ELAXNE IINYCH JOAN ENXD IINYER DAVID JAY HXNTER DENNIS JAMES wthER KAREN IleER MARY LILLIAN IthERS ARNEL CYRIL IleERS BRUCE BURTON IINTEHS GAVLENE K ulNYEns JOHN BURYDN HINTERs KARGAREY ANN lleERS MICHAEL D llNTERS SUSAN LEE IINTERYON AVA I1NTERTDN AVA HINTERYON DON I IINTERTON JAVNE C IXNYLE DONNA RAE IINIARD EDRIS NADINE SHARON ELAINE uLLls I1LL1$ I1LL1$ BRUCE NARTELL 437 GENE MEERILL KENYON loco IINIA llNIA wlNIA RD ELLEN LOU1SE RD LEON RICNARD RD M1CHAEL ROBIN 341,361,396 353 250,296,418 llLLIS I1LL15 LAUREL DEAN Lou JEAN I1LL15 LYNETTE AILEEN HILLIS YHEODORE JAV i1LL1TS KAREN LEE WILLMDRE SUSAN IILLOUGHBV NANCV ANN I1LLSON MARCHETA L IILLVERD KEHH D IILLVERD MARY ELLEN IILHOTH BRUEE IAVNE IXLSHAI RUSSELL IILSON ALBERT JEROME IILSDN BETTY ANN IILSON BILLY DEAN IKLSON BLAINE RICKS IILSON CAROLYN ANN IIILSON IILSON i1LSON IxLSON IILsuN I1LSON ilLSDN WILSON HstuN IXLSON 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437 312,497 ROBERT I1LL1AN231.395 FOGER MAX 256 285 437 437 299 276,277 115,116,437 HIXOM DOUGLAS A ulxou KEN .1 IoEHRHANN RICHARD A IOELLMAF JAN MCGREGOR IOFFINDEN GARY ARTHUR IOFFlNDEN GORDON T HOFFINDEN NEIL D IOLCOTT BRANDY LVNN VOLCOTT HAkLENE chF MARINUS EDUARD IOLFE ANNIK MARIE IDLFE BEVERLY ANN IOLFE IOLFE IOLFE 'OLFE MARY ELIZABEYM MICHAEL GEORGE NANCY JOAN HOLFE PIERRE PAYRICK IDLFE RICHARD WESLEY HOLFERTS EDGAR inLFF CNERYL DEE IOLFF JEFFREV HAROLD HOLFF JUDHM ANN WOLFLEV LARRY s IOLFLEV VERN ALVIN JR ItoLMARY llLLIAM IOLSEY BRUCE ELDON IDLSEY HEBER GRANT IOLSEY SHARLENE IOLSEV SYEVEN LEE HOLTER AARON RUSH HOLTHUlS JAN IOLTZ RALPH EDGAR 111 IOLVERYON ARLLEEN IONG ANDREW M K IONS EDDV ulLHARD IONS K1N PONG IONG PAUL K IONG RANDOLPH K K IONG IALLACE KIVOSNI IOOD 6000 I000 I009 HOOD hOOD Icon HOOD IOOD HOOD I000 I000 IOOD 51LL1E GA1L BVARD NEADE DENNIS ROGER DEON DIANA DOUGLAS BOIEN DOUGLAS 11 ERIN OBRXEN FORREST RUSSELL GARY EUGENE GARY LAURENCE LAIRENCE EUGENE BENJAMIN IXLLIAN GERALDlNE ROGERS 396 114,250 396 396 419 487 437 487 252,396 303,325,419 396 487 419 133 419 303 487 256 396 313 396 419 256 329,439,497 96 497 396 419 419 437 396 283,343 419 487 287,398 309,421,437 419 282, 487 295, 311, 487 437 396 114,396 297,437 396 396 132.487 HOOD i000 IaoD noon hDOD uOOD noon I000 I000 I000 hOOD .000 Icon .000 uuou luau hoou uOOD hOOO noon noon IDOD IOOD I000 I000 IODD HAROLD iAVNE HELENE J BRENT JAMES JANES BRUCE JEN! ANN JOYCE ED1TH KAREN KAYHLEEN K LARRV EUGENE LEIIS JAV LILLIAN DIANE LINDA LEIGN LVNDA GAE HARV HELEN MICHAEL GENE RICHARD GARY ROBERT CLARK ROBERY EsYlLL ROBERT H1LL1AM RODNEY BLAIR SNARLA SHARON LYNN SHERRY HAR1E SYANFORD CONROY IOOD SUSAN MAE IOOD THOMAS LINCOLN IOODARD ARDlS BELL IODDARD FRANCIS u IDODAHD GORDON J HOODARD GREGOkV N IODDARD PAUL1NE IOOOARD SONIA LVN IOODARD IILLIS JOE NODDEERRY MANY VADNA uaoDBURV CNARLA JEAN HOODEN MELVIN JAMES IUODGER BLAIR CLARKE IOODHEAD IENDV M hUODLAND LANA CAROL IoooLANo LEE NELVXN inooRuFF DIANNE iOODRUFF IooDRUFF IODDRUFF ROBERTA B H0005 LOYD EUGENE uuons KERR ILL cLAvsuN IODDS NAYHANIEL L IooDuARD ARLAN I UOODIARD ARTIE FAY Ioouuno CAROL IOODIARD DAVID IOODIARD GEORGE VAL ummuARD JOVCE wES1 IOODIARD MARILVN F IooDIARD MICHAEL c inDIARD SANDRA SUE HODDHARD susAN uoouy JOANNE MARY hGOLCOTT JUL1A ANN UGOLF DAVID KENT hDOLF KENNETH LEE IoaLF LESLIE RAE WDDLF MAC NARTELL WOOLF NANCY ANN UOOLF VALDO KENT iOOLFENDEN v JEANE hODLLEV DONALD JEX uoOLLEY DOROYHV DAiN iOOLLEV EARL MAusEN HDOLLEV EDIIN t4 HaoLLEV EHXLV icoLLEY GAVLIA KAV ucoLLEY JANYTH Lots IDOLLEV JUDHH SMITH IOOLLEV JuLxANA uuaLLEV KAREN WOOLLEV RONALD LEE uunLLEv SUSAN IRENE VOOLLEV SYLVIA ANN IOOLLEY IENDV SUSAN lcoLMAN JEANNE NARIE IODLSEV BRUCE IOOD HDOLSTENHULME DARIIN IOOYEN CAROL ANNE IOOYEN CHARLES LEE HODTTDN CAROLYN RAE IooTTnN HOOTYON KENNEYM v HODTTON ROBEaY JAMES IOOYTDN IILLIAM S IORDEN DONALD F IORK JANICE EENEE IORK PETER T IORKMAN CARL HAROLD IDRKMAN IORKMAN IORKMAN VALEREE P IORKMAN vAVNE A HORLEV ROBERT DAVID IORLYDN MARSHA l IDRLYON SUSAN onLToN lOHLTON IORMELL IORRELL SHAUNA YHONAS H LINDA CAROL ROBERY REESE IoRsLEv KLEA EVANS woRsLEV MERRILL E IDRYH SUSAN GAVLE IONTHEN aavn LEON IORYHEN ELLIS cLAvroN IloiiTHEN MARlAN REBECC NDRTHINGTON GREGORY L IORYMXNGYQN JUANITA K IORTHINGYON LEuLA E IORYHINGTDN FATRICIA IORVON KEIYH BARNETT IoRToN MELVIN E IRATHALL CAROL JOYCE InArHALL DON MOERIS IRAYHALL IRAYHALL IRAYHALL ROBERT LEE IRATHALL ROBERT S IRAV RONDA LORRAINE HREN MARILYN IREN ROBERT TIM IREN SHARON IRENE IRIDE BRUCE BAKER IRIDE LARRY NELDON IRIDE MARGARET LYNN IRIDE NEVE KATHRYN IRIDE SANDRA KAV IRXGHT ANTHONY FHANK HRIGHY BARBARA JD IRIGHT BOB C IRXGHT CAHOL LYNN IRIGHT CAROLYN iRlGnY CKADIIN s IRISH? HRIGHT IRIGHY iRlGHT vnlsHY HRIGHT IRIGMT GRANT R CHR1SYINE CHRISYINE CLAIR ANN CLAUDIA CRAIG NELLIS DANNV LAVORDE LAREYI'A JANE LARRV DONALD JOHN STEHLING JEAN MXTCMELL THONAS GROVER DONALD Pnlon CHARLES THOMAS HAROLD GEORGE JR 396 487 250 397 397 487 356 397 293 491 397 321,337 488 437 245 120,419 397 397 419 437 397 437 397 360,397 97 488 103 488 277, 437 295, 305, 488 244 397 325,397 321 285 497 419 397 121 297,488 397 497 397 244,285,397 295 290,488 437 397 437 250 252 234,250 115 397 VRIGHT IRIGNT HRlGMY NRIGHT wRXGHT HRIGHY IRIGHT IRIGHY lRlGHY IRIGMT lRlGHT IRXGHT VRIGNY HR16HT HRIGHT IR16NT IRXGHT HRIGHT IRIGHT IRIGHY IRIGHT HEIGHT iRlGHY IRISH? HEIGHT HRIGNY IRIGHT WRIGHY HRIGNY IRIGHT IRIGHY IRIGHT WRIGHT HRIGHY IRIGHT lleHY IRIGHT iRlGHT IR16HT IRIGHT IRIGNT IRIGHY IRIGMT HRIGHT DAVID SHANT DENNIS DENNIS R DOUGLAS LEE EVAN JEREHV GERALD IESYON JAMES DAVID .IAuEs RUSSELL JAMES STEFMEN JOHN HOIARD JOSEPH IAYNE JOVCE KATHERlNE KATHLEEN KENNETH L KENY S KERer MURPHV LARRY c, LARRY GLEN LELAND H JR LEO JAV LORAINE LVNN CANNON HARGAREY ANN MARK JOSEPH MAX LORENZO MIRIAM NAch ALDEN NORMAN ED NORMAN l DIEN DREH PAMELA IENDY PH1L DUKE RAYMOND SCOYT RICHARD ALLEN RICNARD DUANE RODNEY ELIVN SHARON ANN SXDNEY IILSON SUSAN E THOMAS ARTHUR IRIGHT VESYELL LYNN HRIGHT I1LL1AM DALE VRIGLEV MARY ELAINE IRXELEY SI'EVEN KIMBER HROLDSEN BARBARA ANN lU HSINMIN IUNSCHEL THOMAS C IURSYEN DOUGLAS JOHN IUTHleH LANCE ROBERT IVAYT DOUGLAS D IVATT GERALDINE IYAYT ROBERT GORDON WYBOURNE SANDRA L lvcHE MARGAREY ELLEN IYCHERLV HARE lErY ANN IVLIE KENNETH E IVLIE llLLIAM J UVLLIE JAMES ROBERY IVNDER FAYRICIA HVNDER SANDRA VIOLA IYNIA TERRY PAUL Y YADON SAuUEL LEE VAKE MAPGAREY LOU15E YAKE MARILVNN LuclLLE YAMADA SETUKD VANADA SHICHISM1 VAHAGISNI KIYOKD YAMANAKA RUSSELL YAHASHITA KEIKO VAMzoN YANCEY VANCEY KUGH SYEPMEN KARLA ANN YANCEY NORENE VANDEL PAIRXA YVONNE YANG ANNIE YANG CHANG YUN YANG GEORGE SHIH VANG Hsu KAI VARHINGYON DES C VARIDOD EDMUND JOHN vAsuMoro HXLDA HIYSUE YATES YATES VAI'ES VAYES YATES VAYES YAVES SN1RLEY FAE VAZZlE EDDIE CHEE JR VAzZlE PHOEBE ANN YBRIGHT LUISE MARIE vEAl-ER MELVIN BOVD VEARDUI' JOHN HAROLD YEARSLEV JANEY MARXE YEARSLEV NATHAN L VEAYES CLAYNE HONSON VEE VICENTE YEE IARREN Inna 0N YEH GEORGE s L VEH MARY c L YELLOI HORN PATRICIA YENISCH ANN MARIE YERG RENEE VERGENSEN AUSTIN z YERGENSEN PHILIP H VERKES JUDIYH ANN YIN L1 CHUNG VIP SING Vlu VDKDTA MARIE FRANCE YONEzAIA VUKIHIKO vooN BYLING IDOK YORGASON JAY RAMON YORGASON RENAE VDRGESEN DAVID FaANz CAROL LVNEYTE EDHARD CEC1L MARVEV LVNDEN JOHN E MAnGAREY YOST CHRISYX AN CARTER vast LUANN YOSY NORMAN FRED VDST T ORDEN vouKSTETTER YOUNG AFTON YOUNG ALLEN YOUNG BRENY YOUNG CARMA YOUNG CAROL YOUNG CHRlsnE LEE VOUNG D CEAIG VOUNG DAVID ALLAN YOUNG DEIDRE ANN YOUNG DER! RENEE VOUNG DOUGLAS ARDEN YOUNG ELRAV JAMES YOUNG ELVA LORETTA YOUNG ERMA LUDEAN VOUNG GEORGE E VOUNG 1R15 NERNILL YOUNG JAMES ROBERT vouNG JANE? YOUNG JOHN HORHMER DOREEN M CLARE KEITH DALLAS JEAN DAVID HARRV JR DONALD LELLAND SHEILA LUCILLE ROCELA THERESA MARGARET CLAIRE 397 419 437 277,303,488 437 397 419 329,397 197 399 397 211 337 325,397 419 419 437 396 419 489 197 397 397 419 282 248.397 301 488 397 287 292 277,397 280 282 488 419 397 397 419 317 335 489 397 488 488 397 497 vouNc YOUNG YOUNG YOUNG YOUNG YOUNG vouNG YOUNG YOUNG VOUNG VOUNG YOUNG vouua YOUNG YOUNG YOUNG YOUNG YOUNG YOUNG VOUNG YOUNG VOUNG YOUNG YOUNG JOHN nousn1 JUDXTN KATNERVN KATHLEEN JOY KEIYH LEROV xenmern JAMES a KENNhYH LLOYD KITCHENER a LEON c 437 LEONARD nEuAvne LESLIE ANN Lava GREY MALCOLM CRAIG MARALEE MARGARET MARJORIE MARY JEAN MARY MARGARET MAUREEN ELOISE MAUREEN GENEVA 488 MAX HALLEV MICNEAL u MILLXE ANN NANCY ELXZAEETN 309,333,397 223 250.437 419 437 351.397 197 329.437 ZAUGG NOEL STRXNGHAM YOUNG PAULA 0:5 397 YOUNGBERG EERALDINE L YOUNG RKCHARD KEN? 493 VOUNGBERG JANEEN 357 ZAUGG RODNEY PAUL young RICHARD L 256 VDUNGBERG LYNN zAuaG 294.483 znuaa ROLLIN s vuuNc RcBEnt GENE JR vouNGaLooo PHILIP A ZAUGG quH ANN M YOUNG naaEnT Lguxs YDUNGMAN MICHAEL KIM znuca SVLVXA YOUNG ROBERY REID YOUNY JOMN HENRV LAUGG IILFRED LEE YOUNG ROBERTA waxst YUUREE JENNIFER LEE 357 ZDRALE DENNIS R YOUNG ROGER LERDV VSSEL IXLkIAM JAY 488 155 EDwARD 1 Vanna Rovcs CLIFVON vu GEORGE CH1 nuzx lElBIG BEVERLY BIRD YOUNG SARAH DEE ANNE VUKES ROBERY KENNETH 302 151515 JERRV LEE VOuNG SHARRON ELAINE VthY MonALEs L 199 lthLER CNARLOTTE J YOUNG swsanN HOIARD 286 zEMp REED MDLY vounc SULEE zeuccn CAROL RAE VOUNG SUSAN ZEPFA PATRICK J x vows susm GALE Z LESXGER CNERVL LOIS YOUNG SUSAN KAY 397 lEYTEL MARY LOUISE vouus SUZEYTE LOUISE 419 ZABEL K ALLAN 293 ZEYTEROVER Lucv Y YOUNG VEEDA FAVE n IAERISKIE RICHARD G llBANDEH HORMOZ VCUNG VERN MAESER 497 zABRstlE STEVEN K llaaARYH JOHN ANTHONY vaums mums BARYOA ZAK DARLENE JANICE IIEGLER SUE ANN VOUNG IILLIAM COLVKN ZALEISKI Donownv llEGLER IARHEN MAnK vounc IILLIAM vuowns ZAHORA coRNELlc RAUL zxeuzn MARGUERITE 3 YUUNGBERG ALV DAN LAPFE DAVE EDuARo 120.122.311 llEMER PAUL DOUGLAS VOUNGEERG DUANE z 419 ZAUGG LYNDA zlEMER FHVLLXS s 419 419 257,297,488 437 3024488 297 437 419 122,328,437 250 The Banyan staff would like to say thanks: To Bob Mouri+sen for his excellen+ +heme copy. To Provo CH'y Powerl for fine use of one of +heir Jrrucks +0 phofograph +he Homecoming parade. To Bi" Jones Itor helping us wifh pas+e-ups. To Elvin. Hwe nighfwa+chmam for nighf-wafching us. To Charlie. Yoyo, Al. BenI BillI Larry, Dale, Delvar. Frank and He resf of Hue guys 6+ +he press for a job well done. To Jerry Rodgers and his crew, for class and group phofographs. To Mounfain S+a+es Bindery for making and engraving +he covers. To Deseref News Press For binding +he books. To Roberfs Engraving and Li+ho Co.. for Hue color separa Hon negaHves. To +he Church Information Service, for phofographs of Hie adminis+ra+ion. Tca Dafa Processing: Nilan and his crew. for preparing Hue m ex. To Spor+s lllus+ra+ed 1or +he phofograph on page 201. To S+an Hodge. Jaron Summers, Dave Hoover. O.D. Williams. and Dusfin Husfon for +heir oufsfanding phofo- graphs. To Deseref News for phofographs of +he FirmL Presidency. To Dave SchuHhess for helping us +0 gef phofographs of +he NIT. To +he News Bureau for press releases. ZIMkEnMAN GAXL ANN ZXnMERMAN GAVLE P ZIMMERMAN JOHN BRENT zIMMERMAN RICHARD u ZIMMERNAN SHARON M llNCKE DOUGLAS ALLAN 419 437 ZINCKE llLLlAM ALBERT397 leDEL POLLV ZIYZMAN DAVID EVANS ZoBELL ROBERYA RAE zanLL STEVEN LAMAR ZOBELL IAVNE PAIGE IOLLER BARBARA JEAN lOLLlNGER BOYD J ZOLLINGER WILLIAM A LOOK ROBERY LDUIS ZUMBRENNEN DOUGLAS K ZUMBHENNEN RICHARD J ZUNDEL DAVID B ZUNDEL ERWIN RICHARD lUNDEL PAMELA ZURCNER MARVLEE 252,339,419 397 112 305 337 280.290 397 413 437 ZURCHER nxLLARD EMERV437 zuRo DIEN 8 529 ln Memoriam ALUMNI; Mark Henry Brimhall, 85 Zella M . Ballard Wakefield, 84 Archibald F. Bennett, 69 Major General Ornl A. Anderson, 70 Dr. Jay B. Nash, 65 William Nobel Waite, 67 Dr. Lars H . Peterson, 82' Dr. Murray 0. Hayes, 76 Edith Helen Bentley, 22 Margaret Barker Mitchell, 53 Hermese Peterson, 86 N . Gunnar Rasmuson, 76 Shadraclc H. J onesx 95 Mary Ettee Farrer Whitehead, 91 Capt. Paul A, Meiners, 37 mm llnwn m'ur Vivl Nam LeRoy Gibbons Jr., 64 Phoebe Campbell Smoot, 84 Capt. David Edwin Stenqujst, 39 Dr. Dilwortlv Coolker, 72 Sarah E; Fletcher Jones, '91 Margaret Peterson Man, 91 William G. Barton, 90 The following a1 umni lbst theiz lives in an airline crash on the way to the BYU-New IVIexico football game: Dr. Jared B. Critchfield, 42 Theodore R. Gledhill, 44 Dr. Gordon Kenneth Lewis, 39 Dr. Roger W. Parkinson, 37 James Lambert Peterson, 40 Dr. Marion E. Probert, 40 FACL TY AND STAFF: William P. Knecht H. Wgyne Soffe Grant Richards William Boyle Erma Bennett : fGeorge Warner Margaret Peterson Maw Atty. Richard Rulon Wilkins, 38 ' STUDENTS: ' Warren Lenker Thomas Scott Port Cdlvin M . Cutler Erma Clark Marilyn Lamoreaua: Judith Kaye Adams Richard Kieth Hardy Linda Lou Kendrick Marie Elena Fisher Nancy Colleen Kelly Kathleen Marie Farling We Will Remember, 743'. .31. W - us me 7! ril Fin , ;v-,'3;- 115 M33; We Will Re ncmbcr! .9 wazu ?EEruu :3 a .zlplvzsikf ,. H. . .3 .33... .1 ma ?.th .i f Editor's Last Words Well, it was the second time arcund for me but it wasnit wonderful; and it certainly wasn,t more comfortable; it was just as difficult as the first. Even the fact that I had a good staff did not make it easier. No, I am now convinced that there is no easy way to put out a yearbook. Of course, there were more pages to be done than there had ever been be- fore, and then, we tried to do everything more carefully than before. This perhaps was what made our task more difficult. Anyway, ifs all over but the distribution, and now I w0uld like to thank some people for their contribution to the production of this book. First of all, my wife, for put- ting up with the whole thing for another year. Then, my staff -- my staff, now there,s a weird bunch for you. Kooks, everyone of them a kook. Crazy they had to be to spend all those hours working on this book, when they could have been out having fun, or studying, or simply sleeping. I really dont know what made them do it. I suppose each had his own reasons. -But then I wonder too, what makes peo- ple volunteer to fight in Viet Nam, or join the Peace Corps, or go on missions. -Whatever it is, it brought together a group of individualistic, temperamental, crabby, creative people, who, by the way, did an excellent job this year. dz; fa??? Editor, 1966 Banyan with Di-Alminatefv

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