Bridgewater High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Bridgewater, SD)

 - Class of 1946

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Bridgewater High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Bridgewater, SD) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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l1H?W1lDCAT 1946 E WI NIORC IDGE H S O BRIDGEWATER TH 1946 LDCAT SPONSORED BY THE SE LASS WATER IGH CH S DAK " J 4 - N..- J.. 2cjQ',::p.f QMQZ? DEDICAIIDN Ne, the Senlor Class of 191.6 dedicate thls yearbook to Peace Our hlgh school years have been dlsturbed by the Hblood and sweatn of an Amerlca and a world at war, shadowed under a cloud of threaten1ng tyranny, and shaken by un certalnty and fear War years have made us con sclous of our part ln the p1cture of Amer1ca war years have made us mature Our schoolmates and faculty advlsors have glven thelr servlces and llves that we nlbht contlnue to envoy a better Amerlca So we dedl cate our Annual to Peace and to a future of hope and achlevement we dedlcate our own llV6b to the preservatlon of brotherhood, eluallty, and good wlll to the preservatlon of Peace V I A ' , - 1 . . . , H w U ' - I . F . i l "- . 0 Y SCHOOL SCHUOL BOARD Hr J Nlpf, Ltr A Aamlld, Dr I A Payne, Mr E Guenthner, Mr I T Kahn, Mr IJ J Gross Absent fran plcture Mr E N Leiferman FACULTY 13 Hrs wOi1'SI!l8 llathmeti 'Q Scie MM lies Stewart 5 8: 6 s Harvison 8: 4 if lliss Detimer 1 8: 2 lr Sonstegard Slperintendent Socail Science Athletics Miss Zeal kmglish Biolog Vocal Music Kiss Chenthner Principal Social Studies Bzglish Dramatics llr Samp Social Studies llr Wellman lliss Delhngs llathmtics Commercial Arts Science Dramatice Athletics lliss Gibson Kiss Snift Home Economics 7 8g 8 Physical Edu Beginners Rnd 7-3- 3,-Fd tiqg-5 ' . I ANNUAL STAFF STANDING Kathryn Hofer, John Wollrnan, Anella Neber, Henry Solem, Donald Hawley, Faye Morrlson, Darlee H6ltZID8.I1 SEATED Teresa Loes, Mary Welland, Be en, Fern Kehn, Lo1s Gaspar, M8I'g1B Nelbes, Ke eth ,iilunder ffy Lois Gaspar Eiltor WWW M of Hr Sonstegard Fern Kehn Advisor Co-Editor MM W Q 'L E- . . SENIDIQS 4i DARLEEN HEITZMAN nShe not only a student fine, She's good at thlngs of any kind RUTH HOFER NRather qulet, rather shy, Hlt there's a twinkle in her eye ANNA MAE PRINGLE WGay, coquettish, full of glee, Did you ever see anybody Qulte llke me?" 1ke boys? 1 DEWAYNE KLUNDER HHe's a quiet likeable lad, Not too good and not too bad W 6 popular young debater, not exactly a woman hater Und N9 MAHGEVELBES Q '39 'Dimples in her checker- Dlmples 1n her chin, 'lhey always show N with every grin W MARGARET KLINGER HAnother one of those quiet girls, Nith a winsome smile and p tty curls W DONALD HA 'WILEY JUQ7! HB g broad shoulder f bukfvv Straight blond hair, But oh how he blushes When the women stare N , Wald! !3"f' Wg ,S A d Plump: 'fain .fl r' f I 1 J, fx' 'jg 23 - ,S . .H . .H 'AU-f' buffy '71 ga A4 ' A . 0, J yy xr, -113, am v 4 1 I, ,pw Q-' it 3 ' E 'EH ,'145 -Xxx 22 . 'VU ' 1 B 3 57 Q5 L M gg, uc " If ' ' mrrmm HOFER J,aL,6'f nShe'll be a success UMD! In a very short for she can sing And she can smile Miss DeEungs Advisor DALE GRABER WGir1s may come and glrls may go, it matters not to me Oh no' ELAINE GOSSEL Ubhe's so quiet that you can hardly feature, that when you know her She's a jolly good creature ' EUGENE SCHULT2 ef Wwith the g1TlS he's very shy Often tlmes we wonder why U JOE K iOFER UNith the guitar they say he's fine, Don't crowd glrls, stand 1n line N BERNICE TAMMEN nAlthough she 18 the quiet sort, You'll find she's a good sport W TERESA LOES knows what she wants knows when she wants it says what she thlnks, knows why she thlnks lt N FERN KEHN 'For a cheery disposltlo She has no competltlon 5? " .4 Q - N..- J.. Lggxgzl' . I, 5 fr' SVN mr oonstegard X Q' K iauperlntendent J-J My DHWMLHWUER 'There must be haopy thoughts Back of that laugh H HENRY QOLEM Hwhen Henry was a sophomore, He was so very shy, but now that he's a senlor, Iou'd be surprlsed Oh, My" I ,A A,,f fxvfff 63615 KEN UiHNkB ?7' LA Jolly and a qulet lad, Jhose character 1S far from bad Qjjizpij LOIS GAQPAR nbhe has two blg merry brown eyes And she knows how to use them, bhe surely would abuse them U FAYL OPPluJN Faye 11563 to laugh, raye llk6S to play, Anythlng that Faye does, Is breezy, brlght and gay N JACK JhNNlNuo HA happy, carefree lad Llke g1TlS9 Oh, I'm not so shy NHOFR M3-41 fi sat on the slde llnes Jhen he was a soph , mow they all yell for hlm, even the Prof j AINIIIJLA BER HL1ttle and very neat From her head to her tlny feet N x yy 'ax yK Q W if V3 X 7 . A j l we ,ky Q' .gf 5v 15' QQ -Xificd L A ' Nktj! 259 X - J LU-XX fx Jyx' i?T? 'wig , , Jxxiybp ijg 55 u H , l N ' r ' X 'bf 3 , ww ,f 'J , ,N i U K ,. if! . . ,S ,T V141 1 ,A A i Y . K ' u .5 11 ' I . if there were any flirting rules . ' rx N iligxxl-, El P gg H if F' . n , 'w v g ' Y HQXX n L 5, 3 w ' K 'f' V . 41 X am 1, . . ' J, lx , ' M - - ' . - . 1 A' "",f! ww nf ' 'A - . JAMESWEBER AJ' ABELLV ERD STER ERNEST SCHALL " KL? QOLLAN D JU CH T LILAQ 'IBCPHE TTER HAROLD GAbPAR LLQNARD BARTE1. 1 4 " ROSE BIRD NORBERT HOFFMAN WALTER WEBER BETTY GOSSMAN DELBERT ERICKSON .IUNIOIQS VLH' .A CU yfd' -:.3,-,23 1?Q5fE'Z5 -F f 7ufz.51f1f K rvQA-- Jw ! " 4 . J I M MN WW KENNETH NJEHNER MARY ANN GUENTHNER PHILIP THOMPSON THNER R JOHNSON DOROTHY MILLER WAYNE HEITHLAN MARY ELLEN THOMPHJN DONALD KLINGER "" "' MISS GIBSON MISS zum. +4 gg lc ' mx A -K 6,0 A .,,.,, fy W fn O, nf 4' - 'X Civ Y v f l 111 L4 H4 SOPHCMORE CLASS FRONT RQWg Diane Wipf, Joan Gross, Marilyn Harvieon, Lorraine Beier, Anna Engbrecht, Edna Hofer, Jean Jucht, Eunice Janssen, Elizabeth Gossel, Phyllis Brown. SECOND ROW: lr. Samp, llarjorie Potter, Evelyn Wellman, Patty Leifenman, Mildred lens, Delores Daggett, Ladeen Janssen, Lois Wilcox, Helen Fhoss, Lorraine Hofer, lr. Wollman. BACK ROW: Robert Leitheiser, Douglas Pringle, David Shanard, Robert Jennings, Robert Black, Jay Bollinger, Dale Schwans, Leland Klunder, Donald Weaver, Howard Rinehart, Calvin Heitzman, Kenneth Glanzer, Lloys L ntz, Joe PULL , 1' - 6 if I E V X MMM 2- J - 5 I i k 13,3 QM 4 F? WE 1' FRESHEAN FRONT ROFI: Rita Gossman, Jo Dynne Shane, Jean Ann Morrison, Katherine Daggett, Viola Hofer, LuEtta Fauth, Virginia Roth, Arlene Bird. SECOND HOT: Norman Nagner, Jeanne Gross, Donna Welbes, Gene Pollmann, Miss Guenthner. BACK HOLY: Clinton Juhnke, Harold Forsch, Donald Ericnson, Vernon Presuhn, Melvin Fluth, Richard Platt, Kenneth Daggett, Thomas Heber, Nonnan Hofer. SEVENTH AND EIGHTH FRGAT RON Llla Scharffenberg, Agnes Glanzer, Marlon Weber, Janet Graber lr Bernlce Pollmann, Donna Shane SECOND ROV Beverly Gross, Bertha Pol man, Melvln Tshcetter, Joseph Hofer, Emanuel Glanzer, Dean Thsha, James Pollmann M1 s Swlft THIRD RON Kelth Jack Platt, Rlchard Gross, marllyn Tschetter, s Gross, Millard Hofer, Raymond Krantz, George Lukker, Curtls Fauth, Paul Tschetter Jackson, Byron Harvlson, M61Vl!'1 R fi ',.,. .61 FIFTH AAD QIXTH FROAT RO. Lou Ann ueber, Shlrley Phelps, Shlrley Aamlld, Arlene Roth Bernlce Tschetter, Esther Forsch, Lorralne Johnson, Carol Scharffenberg SECOND ROI Roger Harter, Harold Koch, Wilmar Roth, Nallace Sample, Viola Engbrecht, Hyman Roth, Marllyn Anderson, Selma Hofer, ulSS Stewart BXCK B dle Plearson Myron Anderson, Jack ROv Ronald Slevers, Calvln Kehn, ra y , H f Edwln Tschetter Hofer, Cllnton Zleman, Jerome Harvlson, Samuel o er, ' 0 s Q, S 0 , , ,, . .. A ' 1 " .. Q A - 0 - J 9 ' 1 i 5 1 A' . - f . L f . r 1: , - ' . ' : 3 . fi . . . ,Yo . C f 9 , . 1-1 . . O . F to--l, i In N., - R -- 'Y " x! N ' a-, -.. . ,J , , by W Y . x' ,I Q -- Q A 5 a - v - 0- 1 ' A , , 53, 4 . A KN - V . - 4 g f A " - R A M., N - E' I A 4 A A 1 X - l M . kb .K f'ix "qv I . 3 , -4 I x N., X41 Kwik Y . .- ' Y' . , ,. I Y As. xv: I , I ' il A 'il' , . ,,. O A .1 ,. . . . 7 O . . I . . . H , MQW, Gp JLAJ QMQDLW ,QGDQ Q QMW, JOSTEN'S Q"-""" ku-'J fl Class Rings 3 1411151 E o XC ohh Q 5165511 t I' X Snnouncements Telephone 1,261 I I-4 X an Hofer Implement Co ll fx! Joie? pf up lm Q W Gamble store Border S61'V1C8 S:l.l?veXn r xx NFumer Q, Harry Krantz 5 Pro 1 if ,Cru .mery an y Diner A A eq Kmegeris Place O'Nei11 studios , N NNN Sa-QGQ Recreatlon Hall 'Neil-11 Nebraska f.e!.zffMVf ffl' pn, QV11f1'kL,1, nyc, S+-1 .hows cur. vxzwss' CAFE w,,C,fs1?:N's CAFE NYM 7 ff mf! 4.1 -do .H NORTHERN STATR PO ...R CO BILL VAGNER, CARPENTER RED 8: HITS' NICHOLS BAR NANCY THEATER A G SEIVERS, MAI GARAGE ED LEIFERMAN, STANDARD OIL CO V P ETTLRGREEN SCHROEDOR ELEVATOR BELL TELEPHONE CO MRS JILLIAL GLANZER, A T PRODUCTS "V'II..LIAM S GLANZER, ATTORNEY AT LAW IRENE' S BEAUTY SHOP cfnoss HARD JA W LLL LUMBEIR co L! L MARSHALL, M P' P R FRANK YOUNG, BARBER SHOP, RECREATION PARLOR GROSS HATCHERY - P. .A A A , ' 1- 1 0 -,:.,J. - ' V "FE: A A ' 1 T A it A K X . 5 Qi, 1 'O A ,X j ' 'V 1 l.. A 1 , I I - A If I 'V I f' " A if X , X N ' . J, , x - V T f I Q , N, A u 1 , Xu I J 'i 94 A J V S J i N f 3 J 1 'i xx, U x 1' ,Ik X .fx X -X X d . X Lf Wx' ' ' 'N '- S ,N w YU ' L5 ' N 5 , hw v-,h ,.' , -,, I FA ' V at X- X X ,' uf? 1 -1 , . " x - NI 3-Nt. P Q Sw: :I 'h A . xt C 'Q Q ,N eg A . -qu , lg T xl 'x X X, 5- "' 'N A ' J A N 1, 1: 'Q' A . 4 7 X R N- " MOBILGAS PRODUCTS J 1 H Q F' K kx -Q ,fx v 1- L .I ' VG gxgi' h ' pi 1 ' L , 'xl ?:-l J A 1 X Q I i vga V x a 9 gs ' SCI-xx A' QBXQ xx A QQ A V f. ,Ni f N. ' on O il I . -'J x K xv ,' - lf, K5 X ': xi TX, xi' ' Q 0 r A 1 Vx -A f A A A fl" :L A A 'f""f ' A 'lf Q' 'if TAC, '1 . .1 V1 ! I tif, f f' Al ' U f,w ,A ,- gg EC ' ,L S, 6 K S,,L5Q2'f!,A ' U, " ,If 'VYYW V ,L ..4 ul' , I . A ltg A-I V o o A Q ,, ,,,,- WAN, M, , I f N.: 7 Q . -, 14 1 fL ' A . . A . - - A ll Q o o Y ' 5 1n, Jennings Meat Market Meat and Groceries Locker Servlce Midwest Press and Supply Co Sioux Falls, S Dak Telephone 3137 FIRST STATE BANK Banklng an Insurance Brldgewater Milling Co Walter Schultz Prop Telephone 2261 K Q K Co One of your Rellable Chaln Stores N C Lund O Optometrlst an Jewler E Q O Guenthner Peter's Shoes Port' Hats Qxality Grocerles Socony Vacuum Service Abe Aamlld Agent Call 2L3l Shanard G ain Results Not M A Velbes Physlclan an Surgeon Coffee Shop Cholce Steaks and Chops Fenn's Ice Cream B J Shane, Prop Meyer's Garage Ford Sales an Servlce L1on's Club Promoters Communlty Improvements Lelferman Implement John Deere Farm Machlnery 'N Slagle Lumbr Personal Friendly Service ,fi nl, 5 - d I . I O C De ' d Co. s - , Explanations d d ' u . Co. of ' I and - A 9 ' -- Qgiff HONCIIQS HOST VORTHY STUDENT OUTSTANDING ATHLETE Tbresa Loes John Ygllman HO ECOMILG KI G Henry Salem 42' 14 CARNIVAL QUEEN Darleen He1tzman QW wmihih HOMECOMING QUEEN Fern Kehn i 5 Z ' 1 T v '. 1 r K4 , ,,,, --L , -' , ' I 39 . ' ' X X 's "k. " 5 A , ' 'X', :::'?-s. -. 'A 5,419 in lyk CY ' .. . .. 1 X' . , 1 I r x . f v, ' , ' f ' 2: ' ' V 'f' A ' ,, ji' '-7 ' 7 lv. v gs ' 3 I 'At' I ' " A I 1 . , Q: K 1 5 ' V -QL Y 3 i ,, A ,,,. 1 -...N- V, , - ,K 8 Q4 , , ' ,' m,f,1w , 1 f" " 32 - QaS22m3M, W,,. q, vyn ' f,hi y . K V , I I . gg -., ' . wfwfrn-H. , - ' , .a ,. ff an .' "'1i.,'.-S 'ix -.4 v - X- Y' ,S-'XLT 1 '+qVf-A 4- ' ,' J Q f 1 A -5, " 1 " H ' A 'L Q ' 5 n drx, f "' , -I k fi- ' j LQ,,,,:,.jx lb , 41, . ' I'. 1 , ',, V in A 1 , 4' -' 4 . " V NJ- .pA, fi , f w.,.A, -5,,M . A , Q- f v -f , ,1 W ,Ar 1' .4 . f Y fs., ,..z.m Q' -w , G 's Q ji 'I Q ,mf , VN, ' af' As t, Q. Q, , ' .gd 5, s .-.' .21 1' Q. ,im ,. . Sf. .Q 5-fi, , ,E x '1 f f , . ' 4 Q M g A 3-3 1 . 'lg 'iiggq 1-.43 g-igJ', +5 4.1. n - b C, 'Ea-.. ,. t 4 V A A , 255 ,gy ...,,. N' V . 4 ' WX Y . 1 A " ' .YA Q X and AA .nm .I , Fm-is 1 've-' if Ubin:-..,..,, -av. C94 - N-4' -492, ' :I AV ffff J ff f- AV13 his 5- A ., IQFQA I 4gyLJ92w.6 4 I v I 1 " . 'L X.,-X27 .ff Aww W 09517 X5 Aptfazwaw x WJ 3 fm of 9 Hoff !Coach Sons tegard Howard Rinehart 773 wfff MJ? ff , fy 4 1 YY 1 X ff I f X Q XA ' ' C ' Hofer hnest. Schallenkamp Dale Schwans John Wollman Leland ICl.under K Wi' 1- .,,' " ildx 1 fa A . Q i ,fl fffbmxi 4 3. " . .V Q f X . J ,415 if ,Nil 'R si v ' 'T x f' ' ' 1 N X, Wk 3 KN pw- , if' + ' 15 'S 1, , 5 M f 77, f , Z. is J. 4 I Vt, Ka 1 4k Q V Q . gi? 5" I ' f 'W 1 li i , ' v Donald Hawley nmjZEJack Jennings Henry 5019111 4 S , ' j' NT 5' :A A V 4 ,gf V 'X wwsf' fs L f . T f f W fm 4' , , 'i -'.' I f 41 f ff , f ' i .1 ,f 1 ' fix' A "f fy --4 rife M, A 1- , , f ' f ' arf Q ff, 1' , J - K Y , W, 'sad 1 BASKETBALL SQUAD FRONT ROW Donald ETICKSOH, Gene Pollmann, Melvin Fluth, Rlchard Platt, Tbm Weber, Aloys Lentz SECOND ROW Joe K Hofer, Donald Hawley, Jack Jennlngs, Calvin Hofer, John Wellman, Henry Solem, Dale Graber, Bob Jennings THIRD ROW Mr Wollman, Jay Bollinger, Howard Rlnehart, Dale Schwans, Leland Klunder, Norbert Hoffman, Ernest Schallenkanp, Donald Weaver, Mr Sonstegard BACK ROW Joe Solem, Harold Gaspar, Halter Weber, Davld Shanard, Bob Black, Kenneth Glanzer Emery Salem Menno Alexandria Spencer 26 Montrose 36 Marion 35 Canistota 36 49 SEASON'S RESULTS THEY 25 35 16 41 25 29 H mboldt School for Alexandrla Salem Humboldt Emery Spencer Montrose Marion Canistota 30 Deaf 28 THEY 39 23 23 lllh. divan. ' wayne? FOOTBALL SIAQQING Joe Solem, Coach Sonstegard, Leland Klunder, Jay Bolllnger Henry Solem, Jack Jennings, Junior Wbllman, Norbert Hoffman, Dick Dlatt, Howard Rlnehart, Robert Jennings, Dale Schwans, Harold Gaspar, Donald Hawley SEATED Thomas Weber, Bob B ack, Walter Weber, Norman Hofer, Keith Nation, Douglas Prlngle, Davld Shanard, Dale Anderson, Kenneth Glanzer, James Weber 1945 46 Schedule They Mt Vernon Alexandrla Plankinton Tripp Letcher Ethan 20 Howard ai? l' 3 s is no K x,f 7 , Q g' fylgnajggg? : ' , We 28 . 3b 14 ' 6 LL 12 lL 20 68 25 2 O 8 lL HHED CHORUS FRONT ROW Mary Ann Weber, Jean Jucht, Anna Ehgbrecht, LuEtta Fauth, Marjorie Potter, Lois Gaspar, Dorothy Hofer, Rita Gossman, Jeanne Gross, Anne Guenthner, Edna Hofer, Lilas Tschetter SEIJOND ROW Miss Zeal, Mary Ann Guenthner, Jo Dynne Shane, Rose Weilarrl, Anella Weber, Diane Wipf, Evelyn Wollman, Annabelle Bknster, Fern Kehn, Darleen Heitzman, Teresa Loes, Patty Lelferman, Mildred Mews, Marllyn Harvlson, Dorothy Miller THIRD ROW Betty Gossman, Donna Welbes, Lorraine Hofer, Kathryn Hofer, Delores Daggett, Ladeen Janssen, Mary Ellen 'D1ompson, Margaret 1CLinger, Lorraine Beier, Virglnla Roth, Eunice Janssen, Bemlce Tannen, Lois Wilcox, Rose Bird FOURTH ROW Nonnan Wagner, Aloys Lentz, 'hxomas Weber, David Shanard, Delbert Erickson, Dick Platt, Calvin Hofer, Donald Erickson, Robert Leitheiser, Harold Gaspar. BACK ROW: John Wollman, Leonard Bartel, Vernon Preeuhn, Henry Solem, Holland Jucht, Leland Klunder, DeWa.yne Klunder, Dale Graber, Kenneth Bmger, Gene Pollmann. 1.1 5 mfiiggsd C K. 5 '5' A A A 73' .. N g Y: nf, if wr ' N 1 W 2 0 2 '. 0 2 o 'Z iv-f Q9 KTPS GLEE CLUB FRONT RON Aloys Lentz, Harold Gaspar, Robert Le1theiser, Vernon Presuhn, Donald Erlckson, Gene Pollmann, Noman Wagner SECOND ROW Miss Zeal, Delbert Erlckson, Dick Platt, Henry Solem, Kenneth Bmger, Walter Weber, Mary Ann Guenthner BACK ROW Thomas Weber, Dale Graber, Calvin Hofer, Leland Klmmder, Rolland Jucht, Dewayne Klunder, Leonard mrtel, John Wollman HJY'S QUARTETTE Harold Gaspar, Delbert Erickson, Rolland Jucht, Leonard hrtel. 5 - , -1..,- -Z- ug? - ' l GIRLS GLEL CLUB FRONT ROW Evelyn Wbllman, Edna Hofer, Donna Welbes, Jo Dynne Shane, Mary Ann Weber, Rita Gossman, Dorothy Hofer, LuEtta Fauth, Jeanne Gross, Virginia Roth SECOND ROW Lorraine Hofer, Eunice Janssen, Anna Engbrecht Marjorie Potter, Lois Wilcox, Jean Jucht, Lorraine Beier, Darleen Heitzman, Teresa Loes, Bernice Tammen THIRD ROW Mary Ann Guenthner, Mary Weiland, Dorothy Miller, Betty Gossman, Rose Weiland, Diane Wipf, Patty Leiferman, BACK ROW Anne Guenthner, Marilyn Harvison, Mildred Mews, Delores Daggett, Ladeen Janssen, Mary Ellen Thompson, Delores Leitheiser, Kathryn Hofer, Fern Kahn, Annabelle Ernster, Anella Weber, Lois Gaspar GIRLS SEXTETTE Margie Nelbes, Patty Leiferman, Kathryn Hofer, Mary Ann Guenthner, Fern Kehn, Annabelle Ebnster, Anella Weber M 6 I Y ,I I : ! ' -1--: . . ' Margaret Klinger, Margie Welbes, Rose Bird, Lilas Tschetter, Miss Zeal. .f I ?r5k,.3' SENIORS President Uarleen Heltzman Vlce Presldent-Teresa Loss becretary Margie Nelbes Lreasurer Fern Lehn Actlvlty Board Members Uernlce Tammen Henry Solem Class Motto nThrough Trials to Triumph Class Colors 'Gray, H ue, and Cerisen Class Flower nCarnat1onW JUNIURS Presldent- Annabelle Ernster Secretary Lllas fschetter Treasurer- Harold Gaspar Actlvlty Board Members Anne Guenthner Delbert Erlckson SOPHOLORUS PP8S1d6Ht--HOb6Tt Le1the1ser Vlce Presldent Ulane Hlvf Secretary and Treasurer Marjorie Potter Actlvlty Board Members Mlldred Jews Kenneth ulanzer FRLSHMAN PT6S1d6Rt-RlCh3Fd Platt Vlce Presldent Jean Ann Morrlson Secretary and Treasurer Donna Welbes Actlvlty Board Members Arlene Hurd Norman Wagner 1-Scif: -- ll Vice President-Rose B rd . , W ' u fig - FIRST BAND FRONT ROW Ronnie Seivers, Beverly Gross, Margie Welbes, Marllyn Harvison, Lilas Tschetter, Lois Wilcox, Joe Solem, Gene Pollmann, Diane Wipf, Donna Shane, Bradley Piearson SECOND ROW Henry Solem, Aloys Lentz, Patty Leifennan, Lila Scharffenberg, Fem Kehn, Kenneth Glanzer, Davld Shanard, Mary Ann Guenthner, Joan Gross, Darleen Heitzman, Curtis Fauth, Jack Platt, Mr Samp B.CY ROW Robert Lelthelser, Richard Platt, Robert Jennlngs, Jack Jennings, Donald Hawley, James Weber, Ernest Schallenkamp, Jay Bollinger, Rolland Jucht, Wilbur Johnson, George Lubker SECCND BAND FRONI ROW David Sonstegard, Betty Pringle, Robert Aamlid, Clinton Zieman, Marilyn Anderson, Richard Vosberg SECOND ROW Enanuel Glanzer, Bernice Tschetter, Mary Ann Weber, Keith Gross, Donna Welbes, Rita Gossman, Shirley Phelps, Calvin Kahn, Miss Swift QC!! ROW Byron Harvison, Jean Morrison, Jean Jucht, hxomas Weber, Melvin Fluth, LuEtta Fauth, Paul Jackson O . . A e 2 ' - "' . A . . . Q o 1 5 2 O 3 5 , W . .4 7 " Q0 ' 4 -we Q ' 4... 4 2 - xl 1 .- i ,Mi I- sx B kr, .1 , . e -1-.1- 0 I .1 0 3 0 Tggx, L. 37,915 . THIMPET TRIO Kenneth Glanzer, Joe Solem, Da.v1d Shanard BAND SOLOISTS Henry Rolem James Weber L:l.las Tschetter RNA as '38 "B" CLUB STANDDIG Howard Rlnehart, Ernest Schallenkamp, Leland Klunder Norbert Hoffman, Dale Schwans, Donald Hawley SEATVD Henry Solen Bob Jennlngs, Jack Jennings, Calvln Hofer, John Nollman, Leonard Bartel Q, -llgw TCIIRNALLDIT BAND Robert Leithelser, Patty Le1ferma.n, Mary Ann Guenthner, Darleen H6ltZII18I'l, Lllas Tschetter, D1ck Platt .K :EEZ- , x f' 2 H l , n- L 1, ' F 'f I r 3 Y N., x .LL U 'S' -.yo - . 9 as "" K N- 1 ff -0 f A , 4- .9 CG H 3 I l I . ' .-i..i.' 3 0 .J 2 . , . . . 'l'i, Q 1 ,A . vfzff K A vm we A 571 'lay v B fi B Q . I B I f lid' . . . 0 iv-f JUNIOR BLAY CAJT FRONT RON Anne Guenthner, Betty Gossman, Dorothy Mlller, Mary Ellen Thompson, Mary Ann Qxenthner, Annabelle Ernster, Rose Hlrd, Lilas Tschetter BACK RON Miss Guenthner, James Weber, Delbert Erickson, Holland Jucht, Nllbur Johnson, Walter Weber, Miss Dellmgs SENIOR PLAY CAST FRONT gO:'J: Mary Weiland, Lois Gaspar, Anella Weber, Margie Welbes. SECOND ROW: Darleen Heitzman, Delores Leitheiser, Miss DeHungs, Faye Morrison, Miss Cuenthner. BACK ROW: Junior Wellman, Kenneth Hanger, Jack Jennings, Donald Hawley. Q6 'B if ,P -4 12 CHEEHLJADZRS Jean Morrlson, Margle Nelbes, Rose Ve1land 5 51191 PEP CLUB FRONT ROW Joan Gross, Lorralne Hofer, Rose Welland, Marg1e We bes, Jean Morrlson, Miss G1bson, LuEtta Fauth SECOND RUV Edna Hofer, Donna Welbes, Jo Dynne Shane, Patty Leifer man, Lo1s Wilcox, Marjorle Potter, Jeanne Gross, Dlane Wipf BACK ROW Rlta Gossman, Mildred Mews, Marilyn Harvlson, Delores Daggett, Ladeen Janssen, Arlene Bird, Evelyn Wollman, Mary Ann Weber 13 -,,'fI g 4 .ff HOLE EB CLUB Wipf, Miss Gibson, Lo1s Gaspar, Rose Ehrd, Anella Neber, Margle Welbes SECOND RON Edna Hofer, Dorothy miller, Patty Lelferman, Ellzabeth Gossel, Errelyn Woll man, Lols Wilcox, Joan Gross, Helen Fuoss, Margorie Potter, Phyllls Brown, Anna Ehgbrecht, Anne Guenthner BACK ROW Mlldred Mews, Marllyn Harvison, Ruth Hofer, Delores Daggett, Ladeen Janssen, Delores Leitheiser, Mary Ellen Thompson, Fern Kehn, Lorraine Beier, Kathryn Hofer, Annabelle Ernster, Anna Mae Pringle, Betty Gossman, Lilas Tschetter DECLAM Miss Swift, Marilyn Harvison, Mary Ann Lhenthner, Margie Nelbes, Miss Stewart. 'ggi' . . A 5 ' I FRONT ROW: Mary Weiland, Rose Weiland, Faye Morrison, Lorraine Hofer, Diane G . MEXIAPHONE STAFF STANDI 'G Harold Gaspar, Anne Guenthner, Rose Welland, Aloys Lentz, Donald lsrlckson, Jlmmy Weber, D1ck Platt, Mary Ellen Thompson, Mlss Stewart, Fern Kehn, Patty Leifennan, Bob Lelthelser, Douglas Pringle, Dlane Nlpf, Rose B1rd, Marllyn Harvlson SLATED Betty Gossrnan, Lllas Tschetter, Phyllls Brown, Mary Neiland, Faye Morrison, Delores Leith eiser, Lorraine Hofer, Mlldred Mews S FUDENT ACTIVITY HJARD STANDING Norman Wagner, Delbert Emckson, Bernlce Tammen, lr Sonstegard, Arlene B1rd SEATED Kenneth Glanzer, Henry Solem, Mildred Mews, Anne Gaenthner 1 I. : ...Tit . U . l . , . . . . . ,., : . ' I . . I O Y PI' 5' ard L 1 , y R , .N n ' ' . I 0 2 I 5 l ,usd 1 Vqffl X. 'x K' ' ff -if F'-Ji ,-n 'Ni , , w-assi ! 5 VA' I AH 1.C,.:,,i5 14:29 THIRD AND FCIJRDI FRONT ROW Pearl Hofer, Carol Tschetter, Darlene Tschetter, Beverly Meyer, Evonne Koch, Celeste Glanzer, Lo1s Glanzer, Jo Ann Huisman SECOND ROW Barbara Lee Piper, Cella Morrison, Darlene Phelps, Betty Prlngle, Janet Brown, Marllyn Pollmann, Dav1d Sonstegard, George Sample BACK ROW Bernard Breedlng, Robert Aamlld, ane Hofer, Donald Sa.mple, Noel Harter, Richard Vosberg, Junior Pollmann, Michael Hofer, Joe Danny Hofer, Mrs Harvison FIRST AND SECOND GRADES FRONT ROW Robert P0llma.nn, Gerald Tschetter, Joseph Glanzer, Bemlce Hofer Evelyn Tschetter, Barbara Meyer SECOND ROW Darleen Hofer, Garnet Sample, Orinne Glanzer, Hope Hofer, Margaret Dykes, George Gross THIRD vow Jack Tschetter, Donald Hofer, Miss Dettmer 9 ,I 0 K 's , , , ' 1 O , O P I I . . z . . 0 : ' ' Dw I I 6 f ' 'Q Aa as Q is ,af Qjrf -.9-1 A 0, 'Q ,- .N J sl, XE '! wif o -0' .R -. 1 3 4 xx , D. eff, -7" K of .5 cl. 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