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UC' - -. X C f f7f' "5 7 ,L ,f' " 1 W f-X' ""',W , X V -I Lf xxx., L, 'fic-i C17 9- I f L UI 11 fo f- ' ""!1 X , ' 4-g , " X 'Z , , I bf f ff ,bf 14 f ff ww gk . ' 4,-1 'I N U fi X f , 7 4 ff' J 1 I K ff f A lf. 1 fx V f O V , ' K LZ.-3' x7 .lj ffwv+ff'f,,f 'f J rx 1 lf " A X T f -uh rf' 'fr ,,.,-7L 'JJ' l 1 K gli' - .27 ,f'3 -11 ,,gff'.J'fV"?L'! N ,V f ff fc K ,- I K fy X f f f-J 51.1 -f J -f I f f f f"fQZh"Z7J ' I M! Y fi ff! -fy J -ff 1 X, U V r X " " "X 1 , , J Ciba Mar JBQQIQ of the Glass of 1925 JBribgeton 1Digb School JB1:ibgeton, M. 3. BOARD OF EDUCATION C. C. HITCHCOCK, City Superintendent P. C. LUMMIS, M. D., President JOHN H. MOORE, M. D., Vice-President FRANK F. WALLACE EDMUND A. LOPER HENRY A. HETTINGER H. ROYDEN TICE, Secretary to Board To MISS FLORENCE BOWDEN whose Untiring Labor Unfailing Good Nature and Genuine Friendship XV ill Long Be Remembered By Every One of Us We, The Class of Nineteen Twenty-five Lovingly Dedicate Our Annual. XVe, the class of l25, wish by this small word of appreciation to convey our thanks to MRS. FRANCES HANN who guided us faithfully and skillfully through our Sophomore and Junior Years of High School. TIIHISH H.Lf1H 'SU0!1W0n0 FWD 30 -'OUPEI '1 SIW I-' saqdo T113 saugsng S U1 Q. 3. o -I E UAA pun -1 'D J.. ? O :r Buuew .mLunH R. .""' H Hd 'JQSEUBW DINV IHLIVW 19 HVZI' . F1 P4 SSIIH I-IOUP HD IALLH EIAA HHH I" O 'U F11 W T13 HHH SAA HEL SV PV QUID ods DU 'JP O O Z e1s!s uaA UF! 'IOHVH euew 3 N Cl 'Jai 5 Em :un- OS' 59. gum ga: 45 so wi gin ... S23 z OHDI H.LVNOf NV GNEIH EI SH NO F' cn O Z Q ssrzlg 3, 'fs Q, Ea. E. M fb 5- mo - :E ld --EL 2+ Q51 3.0 m"1 mltfpw. 3,0 25, Z2 SP5- gi UU U1 I" E2 ma gm wi Z2 Q go Z CU U1 Ib P1 : mg zw on Em C157 EEE SE O w P-4 M CP DU EIOOEI VLLS dd Svvninr Wage R SENIOR OFFICERS P7'65id61lf-FR-ANK LOPER Secretary-KATHERINE KRIEG If'1'ce-Presiden1-HELEN BACON TTGUSIITZY-'IIORACE J. SHI-:PPARD EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE HERBERT GLAsPEY MARY BAss1-:'r'r Blzssnz RIIEINGOLD WILLIAM ROBINSON Colors-Purple and VVhite. Motto-"Virtute non verbis"-By virtue not by words. Class Flower-Pansy. BRIDGETON HIGH FOREVER Alma Mater dear, we hail theeg For our school we'l1 do or die. Fresh in memory we'll keep thee, Tear old Bridgeton High. Ceaselessly we praise thee! Ceasclessly we praise thee! All the days we spent with thee Are crowned with joy excelling. Let our hearts be full of courage, Honored may we always be, As we start upon life's voyage. On to victory. Bridgeton High, we now must leave thee. But where'er we chance to Wander, Still thy spirit will pervade us, Dear old Bridgeton High. Brightly gleams our banner: Brightly gleams our banner g Brightly gleams our banner, Our symbol true and undying! Though our way be dark and dreary, And our bark may stranded be. Still, our life, our all is thine Forever, Bridgeton High. . -Everett Putnam, '25, qi 2 FRANK LOPER ..ElDPen aldopeu Burt Avenue "W'hat strung hand fan lzuld lliis swift foot back?" General '22, '23, '24, '25, Class President '22, '23, '24, '25g A. A.: Dramatic Club '23, Student Council '23, '24, '25, Maroon and White '23, '24, '25, Year Book '25, Varsity Track '22, '23, '24, '25, Springtime '25, Orchestra '24, Track Captain '25, Varsity Football '23, '24, '25, Vtireitl' Bnske hall '24, 't 5. "Lupe" has faithfully and successfully led us through our four years of high school. He has also shown excellent ability as an athlete. The Class of '25 expects him to be a leader in all that he undertakes. HELEN BACON atKiZu E Bridgeton, R. D. No. 2 "None knew lmr but to love lfer, None knew her but to praixef' Classical '22, '23, '24, '251 Vice President '23, '24, '25, Editor- in-Chief of Maroon 8: White '25, Debating Club '22, '23, '24, '25, Student Council '24, '25, A. A., Springtime '25, Library Stall '25, Debating Team Captain '25, Helen can shoulder responsibilities in a most capable manner. She has been at the "wheel" in most ever thin during her high Y g 4 school years. Not only can she be depended upon for work, but she also likes good times. llwfif' f' ' , fi YJ! ' V KATHERINE KRIEG "Kitty" 24 Mt. Vernon Street "fl sweet attractive kind of grace." Classical Course '22, General '23, '24, '25, Dramatic Club '23, '24, '25, "The Charm School" '23, Springetime '25, Secre- tary of Class '22, '23, '24, '25, Secretary of Student Council '25, Varsity Basketball '24, '25, Class Basketball '24, '25, Booster Board '22, Varsity Hockey '25, Wearer of "B", A. A. Katherine's smiles have won her much popularity in dra- matics, friends and work. IIORACE J. Sl-IEPPARD NHOP-1 nshepn 26 jefferson Street "Il is belief lo wear out than to rut! aut." General Course '22, '23, '24, '25, Treasurer of class '23, '24, '25, A. A., Debating Club '22, Student Council '23, '25, Ways and Means Committee '2 Maroon and White Staff '24, Spring - 55 ' time '25, Class Play '24, Class football '23, '24, '25, Track Manager '25, Associated Track Manager '24, Though he pursues a scholarly way, much fun he finds from day to day. HERBERT GLA SPEY "Herb" 176 Fayette Street "The Lion is not so fieree as they paint him." Classical '22, '23, General '24, '25, A. A., Librarian '25, Executive Committee '25. "Herb" is one of the guardians of our school docurnents and books, tho we notice that he doesn't devote ALL of his time to it. BESSIE RHEINGOLD "Bess" r I2 Walnut Street "IV here there's a will therd: a way." Classical Course '22, '23, '24, '25, Maroon and White Staff '22, '25, Dramatic Club '23, A. A. '23, '24, '25, Executive Commit- tee 123, '24, '25, Springtime l25. Bessie admits she likes men. Why shouldn't she? Every girl does. However, they do not interfere with her work. MARY BASSETT "Twin" 169 Atlantic Street "Her eye: are fathoms of sfwecl myrteries, Her smzle a ray of .Y'll7l5!li71E.U General 122, '23, ,24, '25, Dramatic Club '22, '23, '25, Spring- time '25, Vice President '22, Vice President Dramatic Club '25, Executive Committee '23, '25, Ways and Means Committee '25, Year Book Staff '25, Booster Board '22, Manager of Girls' Basketball '25, Varsity Track '23, VVearer of "B"' A. A. If you're feelin' blue, go to Mary and you'll always come- "Smilin' Through." .yV, VVILLIAM ROBINSON t'Brute" "Bill" "Rum" "Tiny" 94 Yorke Street "See the ranquering hero comes! Sound the truvnpetg heat the drum." General Course '22, '23, '24, '25, Executive Committee '23, '24, '25, A. A., Springtime '25, Varsity Basketball '24, '25, Class football '23, Football Manager '24. Although he's mighty little, his friends are mighty tall And what he lacks in inches, don't phase the world a'tall. 1 9 ,,. an-orvx Qi ISAAC ALLEN Hlkell Vinelaind, N. J., R. D. No. 6 "A Lion among Ladies is a dreadful thing." Commercial '22, '23, ,24, '25, A. A., Varsity Track ,24- When Isaac slips out after the ladies it will be time to look for bad weather. Probably the shower will not catch him, though, for he surely can run. , V. DAVID M. ASTLE lrDave., Vineland, N. J., R. D. No. 6, "I have a good eye,' I can see a thureh by daylight." Commercial '22, ,23, '24, '25, A. A., Agriculture judging Team '25. Dave may seem quiet to most people, but it's because they don't know him well. He is always on the job, and if you ever decide to run a big luncheon and lack provisions call on Dave and he'll produce his share. FLOYD AUSTIN npudgyn Elmer, N. J. "Ile was strong and mighty with but one failure" General '22, '23, '24, '25, A. A., Dramatic Club '24, '25, Springtime '25, Class Track '24, '25. uFudgy" is a good track man, and we hope to see him shine in our '25 track meet. 'fffbbfw MAURICE BACON nMuShu 150 Cottage Avenue "Great thoughts like great deeds need no trumpet.r." Classical '22, Commercial '23, '24, '25, A. A., Year Book Stall '25, Ticket Committee for Springtime '25. UMush" is our star basketball player for the 'lPenpushers." It would mean defeat without him in the game. He shows execu- tive abiliry along many lines. 096072, EVELYN BANKS Cedarville, N. J. "A true friend is better ta he had than richer or gold." General '22, '23, '24, '25, A. A. '24, '25. Evelyn is quiet, but she can make lots of friends. JOHN F. BANKS, JR. "Banksy" "johnny" Cedarville, N. J. Commercial '22, '23, '24, '25s A. A. '24, '251 Agriculture Judg- in'3 Team '25. Johnny was one of the members of our class who helped to bring from New Brunswick honors of which we are proud. We wish him much success in his future life. MAE BARSKY fMaziej no North Laurel Street "If you rowet learningk prize, zlimb her height: and take it-" General '22, '23, Commercial '24, '25, A. A., '23, '24, '25g Chamber of Commerce '25. Mae is good material for a good friend. MARTHA BASSETT tChidJ 169 Atlantic Street "Ta be quaint yet modern is an aceo1npli.rhmenl." General '22, '23, '24, '25, Dramatic Club '22, '23, '24, A. A., Springtime, Class Track '22, '23, '24, Varsity Basketball '24g Wearer of UB". Martha is like a garden of flowers, alluring, pretty and color- II , I 2 WALTER BEEBE "Walt" Norma, N. J. "A prime among good fellows." Classical '22, General '23, '24, '25, Inter-class track, Special' Chorus, A. A. If Walt isn't in the main room in the morning you may know he's off practicing with the special chorus, and he can sing, too. WALTER BELL CWilliej Newpor', N. J. "The greatest truths are the simplest and so are the greatest men." General Course '25, Varsity Basketball '25. "Willie" is another long one from Newport. In fact, he is so long that he can easily put in 18 or 21 Field goals when he gets warmed up in the first quazter of zr basketball game. ,. ,ff 1' f ' Eva., MARY BLEWV "Roberta" "Elvira" VVest Commerce Street "fl girl you 1won'l had eevcry day, For .the's always ready fwzth .something to say. u General '22, '23, '24, '25, Dramatic Club '22, '23, '24, '25, Charm School '23, Springtime '25, Boos'er Board '22, Secretary 1 of Dramatic Club '25, Glee Club '23, '24, '25, A. A., Maroon ' and VVhite Staff '24, '25, Student Council '25. ' Active in all activities, popular with everyone, talkative al- - ways-and a real actress-that's Mary. V ,,,, , CARLTON BODINE "D0bean" 669 North Pearl Street "Once he .vafw a youth blushing and addressed him, 'C'ourage, 'my boy, that is the complexion of e1irtue'." General '22, Commercial '23, '24, '25. A. A., Debating Club '25, Chamber of Commerce '24, 25. "Dobean" may be small in size, but he sure has big ideas. Springtime 5 come to the L . NVILLARD BORI CAN "Bill" 71 Pine Street "A college joke to cure the blues." General '22, '23, '24, 725. Bill always has a good word for everyone an joking. RUSSELL BREVVSTER URUSH 204, Hampton Street "Fain would I zlimb, but that I fear to General '22, Commercial '23, 724, '25, A. A. Year Book S'alf '25, Chamber of Commerce '25. Usually we think of a fat man as being happy, :no exception to the rule. Some day we expect to editor of some newspaper. Anyway l1e's starting o I3 fazzxff l23v ,241 Y?-53 JOSEPH BOLNICK njoeu Elmer, N. J. "A friend in need is a friend indeed. Commercial '22, General '23, '24, '25, Dramatic Club 23 A. A. '23, '24, '25. Joe has always shown himself a true friend and has always aid of all who needed his assistance. d is forever , EDNA BRANDRI FF "Eddie" 182 Giles Street "No mouse was ever half so still as this sfweet little lass Commercial '22, '23, ,24, '25: A. A. l'Eddie" is unusually quiet, but when she speaks we listen and "Rus" is see him joke ut well. l Y BROOKS t.D0thyn MDM., 289 Bank Street DOROTH "The blush of rose is o'er her cheek" Classical '22, '23, ,242 General ' Secretary of Debating Club '23, Springtime, ass as e '24, '25, Varsity basketball '24, '25, A. A. Dot is so sweet we can't help lovin SAMUEL BROWN "Sam" "Brownie" 87 Fayette St General '22, Commercial '23, '24, '25, Dramatic Club '25, Chamber Manager '25, Class of Football '23, tertaining Committee of jr. and Sr. Sam is rather large for his age, b we admire. He is much interested has proved himself a good banker, luck. MAX BRODSKY "Puss" R. F. D. No, 6, Vineland, N. J. "Tried and true." Classical '22, '23, General '24, '25, A. A. '24, '25. "Fuss" is true to himself, true to his class and, above all, true to his school. 25, Dramatic Club '22, ' ' Cl b ktball g her. :lHann1v 66 Church Street "The fwarld': no better if we -worry,- Life's no longer if -we hurry." General ,22, '23, '24, '25, Athletic Association, Class Track '23. Hannah doesn't seem to take anything seriously except danc- ing and Maude. reet y 25, A. A., Debating Club of Commerce '25, Traihc '24, A- A., Play '24, En- Reception '24, ut he has a disposition that in commercial affairs and we wish him the best of I4 THEODORE BROWN "Streak" "Brownie" 54 Orange Street "Honest labor bears a lowly face." Classical YZ4, '25g Varsity Basketball '24, Captain Varsi'y Basketball '25. The height of "Streak's" ambition is meeting a certain little girl in the hall and holding a daily conversation with her-xt seems to be a great pleasure, too, from the smiles on his face. MARY BUCKALOO f.Mary,y Cedarville, N. "There is nothing in the world worth doing wrong for." eneral '22 Commercial ' ,'2 'z5' A A '24, '25 G 9 23 4. , - -- . If everyone could see things as Mary sees them, this world would be a better and happier place in which to live. 3 DORCAS BUDD C Hsuddia' 279 Bank Street "Harmony prevails ihroughout my life." A Classical '22, General '23g Commercial '24, '25, Chamber of Commerce '25, Athletic Associzvion. If you need system or a good bookkeeper, call on Dorcas. HANNAH BURTON "Tom" 558 Irving Avenue "To be slofw in fwords is a wo1nan': only virtue." Classical '22, '23, '24, '25, A. A. '24, '25, Hannah is a quiet and likable classmate. Her quaint, dry liumor makes her well liked by all. I5 JULIA CO ULTER Classical course '22, Julia is as sweet as she is quiet and as intelligent as she is both. R. Commercial '22, ' Commerce '24, ,25. Ethel is El regular She doesn't "buzz" m it K - '14, 23, '24, '25, A. A. '24, '25, Chamber or ANNIE COUCH HAUHV 121 Grove Street "If: time to giggle" General Course Anna's laugh is infectious. She '22, '23, '24, '25 ,.A. A. '23, '24, '25. is a sure cure for blues. "Aunt julia" Fairton, N. J. '23, '24, '25, A. A. '25. IDA COUNSELLOR "Chatterbox" 127 York Street General '22, '23, '24, '25, A. A., Class Track '23, '2.l, '25, Class Basketball '24, '25, Varsity Basketball '25, Varsity Hockey '25, Library Staff '25, Traffic Manager '25. . One seldom sees Ida unless she is talking, but her talking is one of the things that make her ag good pal. 4 , ve-'H-1.11, XLR u ETIIEL CRYSTAL "Ethel" D. 6, Vineland, N. J. busy bee in the Commercial Department. uch about it either. I6 JEROME CUFF "CufFie" "Rum" 31 Nichols Street "Your word is as good as the Bank, sir." General '22 '23, '24, '2 . 1 5 The saying, "Good goods come in small packages" is no ex- ception in "Cuties" case. ALBEiT CURRY t'Reverend" Elmer, N. J. "Nobody bu! myself mn be my own parallel." Commercial '22, '23, '24, '25, A. A. '24, '25, Orchestra '24. "Reverend" is interested in the commercial department and has proved himself a good banker. He has a rather abrupt way about him, but by that he harms no one. We wish him much success in his future life. EDMUND DAVIS nEd,, 89 Irving Avenue "The noblest mind the best contentment has." General '22, Commercial '23, ,24, '25, A. A. '23, '24, '25, Ticket Committee Springtime '25, Chamber of Commerce '24, '25. i'Ed" has been a big assest to our class, and also to the school, especially the commercial department. Q PAUL DAVIS nAmyu lrnavisu "A friend is never Iznofwn till a man hath need". Commercial 322, '23, '24, '25, A. A. '24, '2S. Words unsaxd are never regretted." I7 GEORGE EBNER l'Ebbie" l'Ebner" I94 West Commerce Street "Mingle a little folly with your wi.vdo1n,' A little nonsense now and then ir plea.rant." Classical '22, '23, General '24, '25, A. A., Dramatic Club '23, Class Football ,23, '24, Class Basketball '24, Varsity Basketball '25. A smile, a giggle, and then a hearty laugh--that's Ebbie. K N. X .f 5 . K . RUTH ESIBILL "Rufus" 79 Bank Street "What are men but one of nature's agreeable blunders?" Classical Course '22, '23, '24, '25, Dramatic Club '22, '23, '24, '25, Glee Club '24, Year Book Stal? '25, Hand Book Committee '25, A. A., Springtime. Ruth was born under a lucky star! She is not only a good sport, but a good pal. ff- , , ,af ETHEL FILER ' 'tArtie" 106 Marion St 'ect "This girl fwith the giygle, dfd you ask? 0, Joy! She's a member of the Senior Class." General Course '22, '23, '24, '25, Dramatic Club '22, '23, '24t Springtime, Secretgy of A. A. '25, Maroon and VVhite Stal? '25, Varsity Track '23, '24, Class Track '23, '24, Class Basket- ball '24, '25, Captain class team '25, Varsity Basketball '2:, '25Q Captain of Varsity team '25, Varsity Hockey '25, Booster Board '22, Orchestra '22, VVearer of "B", A. A, Ethel is full of fun, athletic and capable. What more could you ask than that? SADIE FISHBEIN "Sally" R. F. D. NO. 6, Vineland, N. J. "Be eheerj'11l,' a liyllt heart liweih long." Classical Course '22, Commercial '23, '24, '25, A4 A. ,24, '25, Chamber of Commerce '24, '25. A ready smile is always hers no matter where you see her. I8 fr " W J' X' , 'EARL GARRISON EDWARD FITCH "Fitcl1ie" "Ed" r East Avenue 4 "One may say that his wit shines at the expense of his mem.ory." General Course '22g Commercial '23, '24, '25g A. A. '23, '21, '25, Assistant Football Manager '24, Dramatic Club '25g Special Chorus '25, Springtime '25, Chamber of Commerce '25g ATA. '23, '24, '25g Teller in the Bank '25. "Fitchie" is one of our many "Sheiks", and his wise cracks are forever being heard. F' HL V LUTHER FOSTER "Foster" Elmer, N. J., R. D. No. 3 "Quiet, reserfued and studious is he." Classical '22, '23, General '24, '25g A. A. Luther is one of our commuters whom we do not see as often as we should like to, but what we've seen we like. Q Sfmt KENNETH FRAZIER trKennyr: 43 Oak Street "The rule of my life is Io make business a pleasure, aml pleasure 15 my business." Classical '22, '23 '24, General '25, A. A.g Maroon and White Staff '24, Springtime '25g Football '25g Class Football '24, Var- sity Basketball '25g Baseball '24, Orchestra '24, '25. "Kenny" is our varsity star in basketball, and he sure has the reach when it comes to putting the ball in the basket. 1- HGMYQ, 2 r S Hampton Street "The dimple that the thin contains Has beauty in its rounds, That newef has been fathnmed yet By myriad thought profound." Classical '22, '23, General '24, '25, A. A.g Maroon and White Staff '25, Year Book Stall '25: Springtime '25, Track Team '24, '25, Football '24, '25, President of A. A. '25g Treasurer of Student Council '25. We may kid him a bit about his dimple, but just the same "Gary" has brought many honors to B. H. S. by his high jump- ing, football and scholastic prowess. ERMA GARRISON "Ermie" Elmer, N. J., R. D. No. 1 "Thought is the mul of ihe ad." General '22, '23, '24, '25. If Diogones should pass thru Bridgeton with his lantern, he could find nowhere a more conscientious person than Erma. ESTELLA GARRISON "Stell" "Stella" 90 Bank Street "Her happy 'vain' has fharmcd ur into laughter, Her merry gyes and .runny face lzafve gladdened all our hearts." General '22, '23, '24, '25, Track 24, '25, A. A. '25. When it comes to reading or reciting a piece, "Stella" is al- ways in the front ranks. ETHELYN GARRISON "Ethlene" Elmer, N. J., R. D. No. 2 "Sinferity fmt, last and always." General course '22, '23, '24, '25. t Ethelyn is an industrious little Miss, and we all like her a lot. r MAHLON A. GARRISON "Mahl" Elmer, N. j., R. D. No. 2 "Young in limbs, in judgment old." General course '22, Agriculture course '23, '24, '25, A. A. '23, '24, '25, Aggie judging Teams, '24, '25, Varsity Football '24, Aggie Basketball Team '24, '25, Varsity Basketball Team '24, '25, Class Football '23. "Mahl" has been an asset to our school, being interested in athletic events. He also has been one of the boys whom wr call a "ringleader." This applies in the main to his agricultural achievements. VVe hope he will continue with his kind ways and good works. 20 mix 1 if DOROTHY GARTON lKDot7Y 34.0 Atlantic Street "Be cheerfulg lhe day goes quicker." Commercial '22, '23, 24, Household Arts '25, Dramatic Club '25, Springtime '25, Maroon and White '24, Track '22, '23, Student Council '24, A. A. Dot is n jolly all-around girl, one that we are proud of. K' Y-"'1DN"s. FREDA GELB "Fritzie" Franklin Drive "The rule of my life is to make buxinzss a pleasure and plrax- ure a I1us1ne::." General Course '22, '23, Commercial Course '24, '25, Track '22, '23, Athletic Association, Dramatic Club '23, '24, '25. Most people think "Fritzie" is quiet, but just get her started! SADYE GELB CSydJ Franklin Drive "Clothes were made for me io adorn." General Course '22, Commercial Course '23, '24, '25, Athletic Association, Springtime '25. Sadie is a model of fashion as well as a model pupil. MILLER GIBE "Gibe" Elmer, R. F. D. No. 3 To be alone "among ilu' ladies is a most dreadful thing." General '22, '23, Agriculture '24, '25, Athletic Association, Agriculture judging Team '23, '24, Class Track '23, '24, '25, Class Baseball '25. 'Gibe' was one of the A ie bo 's who travelled to New ' ' gg Y Brunswick to judge. He helped to bring back honors for dear old B. H. S. VVe wish him much success in his future business. 2I General Course '22, '23, '24, '25, A. A. '24, Varsity Football ,242 Skip's most pleasant school activity is indulging in his daily beauty snooze in all his afterno:n classes, especially Trig. fuel, WALTER MORRIS GOODWIN "Goodie" Greenwich, N. J. "Our thoughts and our rvndur! arc our own." Classical '22, Agriculture '23, '24, '25, Athletic Association, Vice President of Agriculture Club '24, Class Football '24, Class Track '24, Agriculture Judging Team '23, '24, "Goodie" has a very good standing with the Aggies and as a result of this he was chosen as a member of the Agricultural Team in '23 and '24. CLIFTON COULD t'Skip" "Gouldie" "Hispano" Burlington Avenue "A quiet youth of good conscience" Varsity Track '24, Penn Relay 124. GRACE GUMPERT "Gracious" "Gumpie" 169 Walnut Street "It's a pretty good world after all." Commercial '23, '24, General '22, '25, Glee Club '22, '23, '24, '25g A. A., Springtime. VVhenever we see clever drawings or hear a sweet sopjano voice, we will always think of "Gumpie." I MARY HAAF f.Maryu Bridgeton, N. J., R. D. 5 ' "She': as bright as a whip To her hnger tip, And :with knowledge she'll part With a very good heart." eneral 22 2 2 '2 ' A A '2 G 'r'3+'4yS.1--.41'25- , Once you become acquainted with Mary, you will not forget 1 her. H wwf JONATHAN HENDERSON "Dear Jonathan" R. F. D. No. 6, Bridgeton "I ha-ve alfways olzser-ved that to succeed in life one should appear wise." Classical Course '22, Commercial '23, '24, '25, A. A. '23, '24, ,252 Debating Club '24, '25, Dramatic Club '24, '25, Executive Committee Chamber of Commerce '24, President of Chamber of Commerce '25, Chairman of Ticket Committee for Springtime '25, Agriculture Club '24, X. 0. X. Club '25, Year Book '25, Varsity Debating Team '25, Treasurer of A. A. '25. I' is apparent even to the least of us that Jonathan is indeed nicknamed properly, for he is endeared to us, especially in argumentation, for he is a member of our distinguished debating team. "Dear jonathan," we wonder if you will be the future chaplain of our high school? RUTH HAND "Rufus" 99 North Laurel Street "Belief late than newer Commercial '22, '23, '24, Household Arts 25 Class Track, Chamber of Commerce '24'. Ruth's tardiness is a marked feature, but vie can forget that when we see what a good sport she is I I ' 1 EDITH I-IEPNER nEdie,, Centerton, N. J. "Labor brings success." General '22, '23, '24, '25, A. A. '25. Edith isn't afraid of work, but she isn't afraid of play either. In fact she strikes a happy medium. 23 ANN MAE HENDRICKSON nlkeu Elmer, N. -I "Modest, but smiling allways Commercial Course '22, '23, '24, '25 A A 24 5, Chamber of Commerce '25, Year Book Staii.'25 Anna Mae doesn't make much noise, but she can take her part -v CHARLOTTE HERDER CSharliej R. F. D. I, Millville "Plea:ant and friendly, says little, daex much" Classical '22g General '25, '24, '25, A. A. "Sharlie" surel ' can draw. If you don't believe it-visit the I Drawing Room. MELISSA HITCHNER "Mickey" Cedarville, N. J. "Be a friend and you will halve friends." General Course '22, Commercial '23, '24, '25, Athletic Associ- ation '25. Melissa is one of our commuters. We are sure that when it comes to fun she can take her part. MARTHA HEPNER "Marcia" Bridgeton, R. F. D. 5 "With gentle yet pre-zfailing farce, Intent upon her destined mane." General '22, '23, '24, '25g A. A. '24, '25g Interclass Track '24, '25. Martha has made her mark as a capable person and has many friends in the Senior Class. MARY HILL H'1'ed!! liHillyYY North Street "From her heel: to her head :he is full of mirth." Commercial Course '22, '23, '24, '25g Athletic Associationg Student Council '24g Maroon and White Staff '25g Treasurer of Chamber of Commerce '24, '25, Dramatic Club '25. Mary will be remembered for her sunny disposition, especially in the lunch room, where she has shown great ability as a good cook. 24 '24, '25, Springtim ILA-2' ' I """" GUSSIE HOROWITZ HGUSN 152 VValnut Street "A good head and a good hand Ara worth gold in any land!" Commercial Course '22, '23, '24, '25, Chamber of Commerce '24, '25, Class basketball '25g A. A., Dramatic Club '25. Gussie acts and achieves. She is always on hand when shes needed. SARA HOROWITZ usallyn Millville, N. J., R. F. D. No. I "Talk is fheaper lhan anything else." Commercial '22, General '23, '24, '25, A. A. '24, '25. Sara's chatter and laughter are the big characteristics mark her as a happy care-free girl. 1 l l 25 ELEANOR HORN ER nRedsw 140 Walnut Street "Airways nappy, lofving and yay, Enjoying life? but as it comes her fway Commercial '22, '23, '24, '25, A. A., Chamber of Corrmcrce C. If you want the blues chased away stay in 'Reds company awhile and they are sure to leave. HAROLD HOROWITZ "Hitchens" Carmel, N. J. "He look: qufcl, but Oh, Aly Agricultural '23, '24, '25, Class Football '25 Harold is a faithful member of our class, he has the spirit of the class of '25. which LE ROY HO USIC MDickH 227 South Pine Street "E-very man is the .mn of hi: ofwn quarks." Classical '22, '23, General '24, '25, A. A. '24, '25. It is very evident to those who come in contact with him that his heart is in the right place. OLETA JEFFERS UJeEY! Cedarville, N. J. "Laugh and llzc world laugh: with you." Commercial '22, '23, '24, '25, A. A. '24, '25, Executive Com- mittee of Chamber of Commerce '25, X. O. X. '25. "jeE" is always giggling, but we wouldn't wish her to be otherwise. A sunny disposition like this one is a great asset. ROBERT JERRELL .Bob-y ttlaobbyyy Cedarville, N. J. "Wise to resolfue, and patient to perform." Commercial '2r, '22, '23, '24, '25, Agricultural judging Team 124 Bob will be one of our future farmers if we can judge by his work in the Agriculture class. MARGARET KANDLE npepu 20 Magnolia Avenue "Find your task, :land lo it." Commercial '22, '23, '24, '25, Chamber of Commerce '25, Inter-class track '24, '25, A. A. '24, '25. Peg "stands to" every task she finds, no matter what it may be. 26 LAURA H. KEAN upegu .lskinnyn 262 North Pearl Street "There are always ts-wa sides ta a question, the fwrong side and my side." Classical '22, '23, '24, General '25, A. A. '22, '23, '24, '25, Vice President of Debating Club '25. Laughing jolly Laura, Always making rhymes, Typical young flapper, Daughter of the times. DOROTHY LAN GE "Dot' 279 East Commerce Street "Better be out of the -world than out of sIyle." General Course '22, '23, '24, '25, Athletic Association, Dra- matic Club '22, '23, '24, '25, Debating Club '24, Class basket- ball '23, '24. just a little jazz, or a party, and Dorothy is in her element. V V ELEANOR LANING "Lan" "Spindle Shanks" 227 Irving Avenue 'Happy am If Joy is my name." General course '22, '23, '24, '25, Athletic Association, Class basketball '24, '25. Eleanor is always happy and content, especially when she is with David. NELSON LANING "Nell" "Laning" 450 Coral Avenue "Happy am l,' from care I'm free, Why aren't they all contented like me?" General Course '22, '23, '24, '25, Athletic Association, Dra- matic Club '23, '24, Springtime '25, Class football 23, '24, Class Track '24, '25, "Nell" enjoys fun and frolic 2-nd generally gets his share both in and out of school. 27 1' ' of ' O 1 f KETURAH LEVICK "Kitty" Cedarville, N. J. "Nothing disturbs the even tenor of her life." General Course '22, Commercial Course '23, '24, '25, Cham- ber of Commerce '25. Keturah attracts our attention through her persistency. BLUMA LEVIN "Sunshine" "Reds" R. F. D. No. 6, Vineland "I like better the opposite .tide of the question." Commercial Course '22, '23, '24, '25, Secretary Chamber of Commerce '25, Springtime. "Reds" likes to argue-no doubt that's why she went out for debating. fit!-I -J ,L .. 1,,J1f4 kb, PEARL LEWVIS "Pete" Rosenhayn, N. J. "I counf only happy hours." Classical '22, '23, Commercial '24, '25, A. A. '24, '25, Cham- ber of Commerce '24, '25. Her happy hours are spent during stenography classes. She's quiet, tho she has a giggle. DOROTHY LOBELL nD0tn HDOUYH R. F. D. No. 4, Millville, N. J. "Happy as fhe day is long." Commercial course '22, '23, '24, '25, A. A., Chamber of Com- merce '25, Inter-class basketball '25. We all like her for her happy manner at all times. 28 FRANCES MAHR "Frances" 320 Atlantic Street "If .the will she fwill, You can depend on it,' If she fwon't :lie fwon't And thefe's an end to it." General '22, Commercial '23g General '24, 725. Athletic Asso- ciation. Frances and Dot are inseparable. Where you End one you generally End the other. Frances is quiet QPJ-and doesn't like dancing UD. L1 e 15 not .foley for gellmg a lwzng .Y JACK MCCUTCHEON Mac ack 252 Fayette Street Classical 22, 23 General 24, 5 A A Debating Club 23 24 Springtime 25 Orchestra 25, Class Debating Team 2 3 Not alll great men are dead Commercial y22, '23- '24, '25: A. A. '24, '25g Class Basketball "25g Chamber of Commerce '25, Track y25. Bertha is going to make some tired business man a very competent secretary. "Lively and Viqfaeiousf' ROBER MCNEIL HBCU, 42 Myrtle Street "In the day: when we were in Texax, a Inna time ago." General '22, '23g Commercial '24, '25g A. A. We can always be entertained when Bob is relating his hair- raising experiences in Texas. BERTHA MERLIN Hsiwf "Bert" 184 Walnut Street 29 FREDERIC MEYERS nMuStyu umitzu Ulfredi, 250 Atlantic Street "He strut: the lobby, sewing: his .vliclzg the girls all cry, 'He'.s' quite the trick' ." General '22, '23, '24, '25, A. A.g Dramatic Club Treasurer '25, Springtime '25, Varsity Basketball '25, Class Football '24, Class Basket Ball '24. Quite sedate and smart is he. Without his Maxine he'll never be. CHARLES MILLER "Chas" "Chic" Norma, N. I. "Do your best once, then be satisfedf' Classical '22, '23, General '24, '25, A. A. '24, '25, Charles is always doing his best and very often has cause to be satisfied. THELMA MILLER "Thelma" 139 Oak Street "l'Vords are Exprersifuef' A General '22g Commercial '23, 24, '25, A. A., Springtime. Thelma is very fond of talking, but it makes life interesting for her friends. LELAND MOORE "Moore" "Tookey" Deerfield, N. J. Commercial '22, '23, '24, '25, A. A. '23, '24, '25, Chamber of Commerce '24, '25. "Tookey" has been very much interested in our bank and has been one of those who has helped to make it a success. We hope he'll continue his good work throughout his entire life. 3' Mmm L LOUIS MUSCOVITZ AKLem!! iAMusk,.YI Norma, N. J. "A cheerful follower is best" Classical '22, General '23, ,24, l2S. If you want any information go to "Musky". He can give you any amount of information about any subject and doesnt mind passing it out, either. GEORGE D. NARDELLI HMM' "Radio Bug' Cedarville, N. J. "Life is too short to worry." General '22, '23, '24, '25, Assistant Librarian '25, A. A. '22, '24, '25. Anygime you heayr "Mike" he's talking about Radio or ex- plaining a certain "hook up" to some one. If you see him look- ing at a book of hierogliphics you know he is looking for 3 C B. "He is not merely a flfbvvfflk- CHARLES NELSON "Chick" Elmer, N. J. chip of the old black, itself." .f LOUIS NARROW nLewu Carmel, N. J. "Success belongs to him who dares win General '22, '23, '24, '25. He who desires shall obtain. but the whole bloek Commercial '22, '23, '24, '25. Chick may be a chip of the old block, but he's a square chip in his dealings. 31 EVELYN NIEUKIRK 'lNiewk" 139 Church Street "At length, her yingers touch the keys, and bring forth srweelext melo diet." Commercial '22, General '23, 724, '25, President A. A. '25, Track '22, Claus Basketball '22, Springtime '25. There is magic in Evelyn's fingertips. She lulls our thoughts to sweetest harmonies, and we love her not only for that but for her many lovable qualities. FANNY PEPITONE uFanu Rosenhayn, N. J. "A place abofve all earthly dignilies, A :till and quiet eonscieneef' Commercial '22, '23, '24, '25. Some may well envy Fanny, for her calm, sweet disposition has won her many friends in B. H. S. DORIS NEVVCOMB HDOKH HDOHH 536 Chestnut Avenue "Her modesty is a candle to her merit." Classical Course '22, '23, '24, '25, Athletic Association 222, '25: President of Booster Board '22: Maroon and White Staff '25, Year Book Staff '25g Debating Club '24g Ways and Means Com' mittee '25. "Dot" looks quiet, but looks are deceiving, N0 one enjoys a good joke better than Doris. She has been one of our best workers during our four years together. HAROLD "Nick" "Funny Face" "Narrow Head" II7 Broad Street "The empty 'vessel makes the greatest sound." Dramatic Club- Committee '25, Football '23, '24, '25, Baskesball General '22g Commercial '23, '24, '25, A. A., '24, '25, XOX Club '25g Ways and Means Maroon and White '25, Year Book '25, Class Class Basketball '22, Class Track '23, '24, Manager '25. "Pleased with a rattle, tickled with a straw." There is more to "Nick" than his hilarity, as all can testify who know of his good work in the school bank. F -. 32 JUDITH PLASKOW it-Tudyn it-Idn Garton Road, N. l. "Quiet, reserved and .rtudious is she". Classical '22, '23g Commercial '24, '25g A. A. '24, '25g De- bating Club '25, Chamber of Commerce '25, Judith is so quiet we ha-ve found it hard to become acquaint- ed with her, but we know she will be SYLVIA RABINOWITZ rtsyln Garton Road "A steadfast and a willing A cheerful companion and a loyal friend." General '22, '23, '25g Commercial '24. S lvia has a leasant word and smile for everyone. The in- Y P gredients of success are hers. HELEN PEVV Hpewyu 82 Cedar Street "An ounce of mirth is fwortlz a pound of sorru1w." General Course '22, '23, '24, '25, A. A., Class Track '22, '23, '25, Va4rsity Track '23, Hockey '25g Class Basketball '25. Always happy, always gay, that's the way we shall expect to End Helen even after high school days are over. a credit to B. H. S. EVERETT PUTNAM tidy. Bridgeton, N. I. "He ha: a golden woke". General '25, Glee Club '25, Special Chorus '25. D Ed. has been with us only one year, but he has helped in. our activities considerably. He is a worker, :nd we are proud to have him in the class. The times that he has sung to us have been treasured by the entire student body. VVe wish him all success. worker, 33 THELMA RAMBO "Rammie" 256 Bank Street "On books for to rede I me delytef' Commercial '22, '23, '24, '25, A. A. '23, '24, '25, Chamber of Commerce' Interclass Track '22. Thelma 'is rather a book-worm. But, quiet though she is, she nas many friends outside of books. ' Vvft- ' 4 VM. UQ? ' SADIE RHEINGOLD Hsally' 112 Walnut Street "Always happy and free." Classical '22, '23, Commercial '24, '25, A. A. Sally is Il nice girl with a ready smile and a winning per' sonality. FREDA RO SE IN. "Fritz" ff f CHARLES RORAX "Ballsy" QI South Avenue "The malhcrnatifan who contributes to the world take: little." General Course '22, '23, '24, '25, A. A., Maroon and VVhite Staff '25. We think that Roray will be a professor of mathematics after he completes a thorough course in the University of Penn- Sylvania. J 22 South Pearl Street "Faithful to 'work from morning till dark." .J Classical '22, Commercial '23, '24, '25, A. A., Debating Club '25, Dramatic Club '23, '24. "Fritz" is little, but please din't get her started or someone is in for an all day harangue. 3' xgzfbwfas fs, JAMES RYAN ii-Iimn Newport, N. 1 "Speak little, think murhf' DAVID ROTHMAN "Dave" 'tRothman" Norma, N. J. "Sadness linger: not -when he is around." Agriculture '22, '23, '24, '25Z A- A- '24, '25- Dave is a cheerful companion. Maybe that's the reason he is so popular with everyone. General '25g A. A. '25. , If the old saying "Silence gives Consent" is true, 'A-lim" is with us in every activity. IRENE "Ribs" 21 Bagnk Street "Dame, laugh and he merry, for tomorrofw there'.r wheel." Classical course '22, '23, '24, '25, A. A., Debating Clubg Secretary of the Glee Club '24, Dramatic '24, '25, Springtime '25. UHeard this one?" Yes, you're in Renie's vicinity when you hear that cry. Irene is in for everything that's going. GEORGE SC HAFFER A ii-Tack., Cedarville, N. J., R. D. No. I Bluxhmg 15 the rolor of virtue. General '22, '23, '24, '25, A. A., Springtime '25, Class Base- ball '22g Class Football '23, '24.. Wheneyer you want to make George blush just speak of his 'tSheba". It may make him blush again if we mention it, but we want folks to know that he has been a faithful worker in our class. 35 "1 ' .Pdf-df' I' 12 Commercial '22, '23, '24, '25, A. A., Chamber of Commerce l '24, '25, Teller School Bank '25, Traffic Manager '25, Spring- time '25. '24, '25, Class Track '22: '23, Class Football '22. ELIZABETH SCI-IEYHING HI-lib!! KlLibbylY UBeotyY7 125 Vine Street "Whale'er ir fworlh doing is worth doing well." Classical '22, '23, '24 '25, A. A., Dramatic Club '23, '24, '25, Debating Club '24, Secretary of Booster Board '22, Gypsy Trial '24, Springtime '25. 1 "Betty" is one of the foremost actresses of B. H. S., she is a jolly girl, too. Here's to the lurky one. , VERNON SCULL "Scully" 212 Hampton Street "lVhen I ,open my moulh, let no dog bark." If you wish to arouse Scully's tongue from inaction, you need say only a word. BELFORD "Sir Sid" "Sidney" R. D. No. 5, Bridgeton "And when a lady': in the case, You kno-w all other thing: give plan." Cldssical Course '22, General '23, '24, '25, Class Treasurer '22, A. A., Dramatic Club '23, '24, '25, President of Dramatic Club '25, President of Debating Club '25, XOX Club '25, Student Council '25, Chairman of Banner Committee '23, Chair- man Ring Committee '24, Maroon and White Staff '25, Year Book Staff '25, Springtime '25, Class Debating Team '22, '23, Assistant Track Manager '24- "Silence. I wish to speak." We never object to listening to Belford, though, for he generally has something to say. If K7 X f' 5 1 MORRIS SERATA "Mosh" 45 East Avenue "True to his word and work." General Course '22, '23 '24, '25, A. A., Varsity Football '23, He is good at almost everything, but football is his specialty. 36 1 . ANNIE SHILLINGSBURG UAHHY, ' Greenwich, N. nl. "Give me the young, the gay, the 1nen of spirit." Classical course '22, '23, '24, '25g A. A. '24, Debating Club ' '24' Maroon and White Staff '25' Library Staff '25. I Annie's motto seems to be "Why worry", for we never knew her to take thin s seriously. She is quite popular with a certain mem er o t e opposite sex. X b f h g ' 1 ' Lv - . TILLIE SHILLINGSBURG ' "Tillie" Greenwich, N. J. "H fworld iwitlzout men, lu this she says 'A1nen.' Shall fwe beliefue her? Ah mn!" Classical course ,22, '23, '24, '25, A. A. '24, Debating Club '24g Springtime '25. Tillie seems very quiet, but when 'Athe bunch" gets together she has no trouble in making herself heard. We all like her and wish her success in life. . 1 ' f ESTHER SHILS " "Essie" Carmel, N. J. "My heart is like a singing bird." Commercial Course '22, '23, '24, '25, A. A., Chamber of Com- merce '25g Period Basketball '25. ' Esther doesn't let hard things daunt her courage, she is al' ways gay. MAUDE SI-IIMP zxshimpyry Elmer, R. D. No. 2 "Sleep, sleep, sleep How I low to Jleep. General Course '22, '23, '24, '25, A. A., Class Track '24. lf Maude isn't dreaming in chemistry class she's shoving Helen out of the seat. Otherwise she's O. K. CATHERINE SMITH nKittyn 131 Bank Street "Tis true that :he is much inclined to mil: and chin with all' manlzmdf' Classical Course '22, Commercial Course '23, '24, '25, A. A., Chamber of Commerce '25. "Kitty's" little but Oh, my! GERTRUDE STALLOP ..Gertn Rosenhayn, N. J. "A .crane smile is the mast appreciated." Commercial Course '22, '23, '24, '25. I Gertrude thinks rather than speaks. She is one of the quiet type who let others do the talking. KENNETH STEERS "Ken "Kenny" "Steersie" Elmer, R. D. No. r "Youth is full of :part and mirth." Agriculture '22, '23, '24, '25, A. A., President of Agriculture Club '24, Varsity Track '23, '24, '25, Varsity Football '25, Agriculture Judging Team '24, '25, Class Track '22, '23, '24, '25, Class Football '24, Class Baseball '23, Ag. Basketball '24, '25. "Kenny" has been one of those all-around fellows. He is known by nearly everyone in the school and is well liked by all, especially the opposite sex, who seem to find his disposition to their taste. EVA STEIN UEVSH 38 North Laurel Street "Plea.rure and action make the hour: seem short." f Classical '22, Commercial '23, '24, '25, A- A. If you have any time to spend in pleaisure, Eva will cheer- fully help you get rid of it- 38 ua l Vff. ELE nsutn rr East Commerce Street "Her rpecrlz, her form, her actions are full of graze." Commercial Course '22, '23, '24, '25, Springtime '25, junior Play '24, Chamber of Commerce '24, Executive of Dramatic Club '25. VVe all love this dear maiden, She's so very cute and sweet She has the art of making friends WVith everyone she meets. HERBERT THOMAS uHerbn 159 Irving Avenue "I -was born an Alrlzerifarzg I lffve an American, and I shall die an .4mer1fan." General '22, '23, '24, '25- We can always feel safe when a dead shot like "Private '1'homas" is in our midst. ,yn-1.14 . SLTTON JACOB SUNGUNIS fqake-Y nphiln 98 South Avenue "Many receive adwicej only the wise profit by it." General Course '22, '23, '24, Industrial '25, Varsity Track '23, '24, Class Track '23, '24, Member of Relay Team '23, '24, Class Baseball '22, '23, A. A. "jake" is one of those devil-may--:are fellows, altho in his Freshman year he can be remembered because of his timidity in reciting. FLORENCE THOMAS "Tommy" 9 Morris Avenue "Her woire is soft, genile and la-w, An excellent thing in woman." General Course '24, '25, A. A. '24, '25. Florence is dainty and demure. A very dear friend she is to us all. 39 I Nc 1 Q VII' SARAH VAUGHAN "Sally" "Jimmie" 234 Atlantic Street "Dome:tif -virtue: are the best after Commercial course '22, '23, '24, '25, A. A., Chamber of Commerce '24, Springtime '25. Sara is the kind of a cook who can be depended on to banish tlmt all-gone feeling in your "tummie." LEON WANICUR MLRH HNMP, Norma, N. J. "There's no rex! -without work." Classical '22, General '23, '24, '25, A. A. "Lee" seems to be resting most of the time, ye his work done. How do you do it, Lee? FLORA TURNER nmol, 3co North Pearl Street "Of manners gentle and ajffeftions mild." General Course '22, '23, '24, '25, A. A. '24, '25, Flora is confident, yet conscientious, serious, yet human all." .WQJLKS ROBERT WALTERS "Indian" "Bob" "War Horse" 676 South Avenue "He has all the ten commandments in his fare General '22, '23, '24, '25, A. A., Student Council Varsity Basketball '25, Varsity Football '22, '23, '24 l"ootbaT Captain '25, Varsity Baseball '24. s solid as the Rock of Gibraltar", exactly fits Bob as you will agree if you have ever played on the opposing team t he always has 40 M Z,' i yrwfvw-vvv - - fit WILLIAM WAS HB URN "Bill" Newport, N. "Untwi.vting all the chain: that tie the hidden .foul of harmofiyf' General '25, A. A. ,252 XOX Club '25, Orchestra '25, "Bill" seems long for this world. Let's hope he's here long enough to become a future music master. ROBERT WHEATON oB0bn IIS North Pearl Street "I -will lhi.c,' I command this." General '22, ,23, FZ4, '25g A. A., Libarian '25. As one of our oiiicial book guardians he has made 24 wonder- ful success. ELIZABETH VVEBER "Libby" 40 North Giles Street "Books la the right of her, Book.: to the left of her, But there's some more of her-- lVho could deny il? Classical '22, y23, ,24, '25, A. A.g Associate Editor of Ma- roon and White Staff '25, Editor of Year Book '25, Hand- book Committee '25, VVays and Means Committee '25- "Libby" loves books and books love Libby, and so do we. EDWARD WICKLAND uEdn R. D. No. 3, Central Avenue "That -which is efverybody's burines: is nobody? burine.r:." Classical '22, General '23, '24, '25, Springtimeg Class Base- ball '23g Class Football '25, Orchestra '24,'25. We may kid him about his loud neckties, etc., but Ed sure can blow a mean sax. . W' 4I FRANCIS XVILIIELM "France" 248 South Fine Street "I ind the fworld not gray but rosy." Classical course '22, Commercial Course '23, '24, '25: A. A. '24, '25, Glee Club '23, '24, XOX '25: Chamber of Com- merce '24, '25- Frances is always busy and content. She finds the world a happy place to work and play in. VERNA VVILLIAMS "Sport" R.D. No. 2, Bridgeton, N. I. "Poetry is musie in fwardsf' General Course '22, '23, '24, '25, Verna can dash off clever little poems any time. CARROLL YO UNG ffDuke,, 489 North Coral Avenue "He has a head in eontri-ve,' a tnngue to persuade and a hand lo exeeute any 1nz.vrhiej.' ' General Course '22, '23, '24, '25, Dramatic Club '24, '25, Debating Club '24, Springtime '25, Orchestra '24, '25, Glee Club '25g Special Chorus '25. "Duke" is supposedly a dignified Senior, but any who are in his Economics Class know how well he likes to argue, even tho' he is shy on his facts. 42 'i gPHiHf5i?"-Tia: HISTORY OF ,25 "It's been a short four years, the happi- -est four years of our lives and now it's Over." "Yes, it's over, and I suppose youire glad." "No, I've had a jolly time in old B. H. S., even if I did hate to start. You see, it began this way- It was one of September's hottest days, one made to spend out of doors, and the four walls of a classroom did not sound in- viting. However, we started to "High School," a jolly though rather scared crowd of Freshies. It's hard to imagine us as Freshies now, isn't it? Gradually Septemberls hot days lengthen- ed into October's golden ones, and we found ourselves working for our class with a will under our leaders: FRANK LOPER ............ President lllARY BAssErT ....... Vice President IQATHITRINE IQRIEG ........ Secretary BELRORD SEABROOK ....... Treasurer faith fully with Miss Frances They served the class of ,25 the help of our adviser, Smith. The first great event of year was the class party. occasion and never, to our Criterion Hall been so well decorated, or any party such a success. It is past history now, but the memory of our Hrst party :still remains. Even Freshies take part in athletics, and we were not below the average. Our re- cords in the inter-class games show that our -class spirit was not lacking. Debating offered another opening, and as Freshies we were willing to "try anything once." Defeat did not daunt us, we per- severed and our efforts have brought fruit. By this time High School had become de- cidedly interesting, and we looked forward to our Sophomore year with glee. The September of IQ22 found the same jolly crowd at the doors of old "Bank Streetf, though perhaps it was a little old- our Freshman It was a gala eyes, had the 44 er and wiser crowd than the Freshies who "didn't know whether they'd like it or not." The days fairly Hew by, and our class party was another huge success. Debating, well you can't beat '25 every time, and it was really our turn to be vic- torious! So, thanks to Bessie Rheingold, Helen Bacon, Belford Seabrook and jack McCutcheon, we won our first inter-class debate. Suddenly it was vacation again, and we spent our summer being thankful that at last we could have a real Gym, a real campus for sports, a real auditorium and, in short, a "realy school. The new build- ing fulfilled 'our expectations and many are the good times we have had there. Class elections claimed our first attention, and we chose as our leaders: FRANK LOPER ..........,. President HELEN BACON ....,.. Vice President KATHERINE KRIEG ........ Secretary IIORACE SHEPPARD ....... Treasurer Our new school life proved an acceptable change from the old routine. Programs in auditorium, prominent speakers from among the townspeople, and pep meetings were its main features, School spirit as well as class spirit was shown by the way '2 5 took part in the Red and other drives of the was commended for its in these various drives. selection of class rings Cross Campaign year. Our class splendid showing That year the rivaled the junior and Senior Reception in being the important event of the year. Af- ter much controversy a ring was found sat- isfactory to all, and then began the sus- pense of waiting. Daily we heard, "When are the rings coming?", until we were all glad to have them safely on our fingers. Lessons claimed our time until April 25, the greatest of all days, the Junior-Senior Reception. It was a success, as all our other parties had been. After the party, school ended all too soon and we were Seniors. How the time had flown! Had it been three years since we first found High School so interesting? Well, we were Seniors and there were many good times as well as much hard Work ahead of us. Our class ofhcers remained the same as in IQ22, and class elections over, we settled down to hard work. Our class ad- viser this year was Miss Florence Bowden, Miss Smith having become Mrs. Frances Hann. December 24, the day of our Christmas Party, proved a diversion from lessons. A trio, presents and dancing were the main features of the evening. As usual it was "A party to be remembered," and every one had a jolly time. And now the junior-Senior Reception, that long-looked-forward-to event of each year has passed. We had a delightful time and must thank the juniors for a clever party. Vlfashington and Commencement now loom big on our horizon, but these will soon be history too, and we will be saying, "Good-Bye" to dear old B. H. S. May all future Senior classes leave' Bridgeton High with as bright a record, as true a spirit, .and as great a love for their school of ,25 have had. Anna Mae Hendrickson 3.5 WVU '25. REFRESHING MEMORIES As I lay in the bed near my window, The blackbirds fluttered by, .And lighting nearby in a tree top -Sang yneath the pale blue sky. Like a "lone wolf" in far western plain, The wind howled round the house, Nnd I cuddled up into a knot, Like a timid, half-scared mouse. It was early on a june morning. The sun was rising then, So I pulled up the covers around me And dreamed 'till ten Ai. M. Who would have thot, when I went to sleep, What lay in store for me? And when I tell you the dream I had, Iim sure with me, you'll agree. It was all about the class I love, That dear old twenty-five, VVhose morals and standards are always clean, And whose spirit will stay alive. The scene goes back to the Freshman class, The largest in Bridgeton High, Then passes on thru the other years, Until the year just by. "Listen! my children and you shall hear" As Longfellow said in his rhyme, And as I tell these incidents, You'll remember each good time. We were laboring with our studies When the notice came to our door. 'tBooster Board meeting, at four o'clock, In the main room, second Hoorfy The meeting was called to order, Reports from committees were heard, And items of business were taken up Till finally adjournment occured. Then a football game I witnessed Between the Freshies and Sophs. And tho' our fellows made a good name, The Sophomores came out on top. And now in my dreams, so plainly I saw that glorious eve VV hen we held our first class party, And danced till t'was time to leave. The games we played were up-to-date, Alnd, as a matter of fact, are yet. But now we look back to that pleasant eve, VVith memories and sad regrets. VVhen we were Sophs, we won the debate From the Freshman's best quartette, And made more noise, both girls and boys, Than a dozen cannibal-ettes. 'Twas in that year that the Sophs came near To winning the Interclass meet, But I saw in my dream, 'twas plain to be seen, That the Seniors were not to be beat. 45 And now it passed to the Junior year. I shall never forget that sight, The gym was trimmed with colors gay, Of course ltwas Reception night. And then my vision made a slight transition, To the date when class rings arrived, Bel. S. was as popular as a sitting room rocker, As from one to another he dived. George's ring didn't Ht his linger, But it went on Harry's quite well, And ,tho Maryls was just a size too small, It went on easily for Belle. Again, I could picture the race track, VVith runners all clad in white, And when the class meet was over, XVe, the Juniors, had won all right. And then a scene so different XVas laid before my eyes, Blue tags were Hying everywhere: There seemed no end of supplies. They were tags for the Wfashington Trip fund, To help out the Senior class, And when they were sold, and the work all done, The bunch looked as tho' they'd had gas. Right here, tho Fm terribly sorry, My dream had to come to an end. I heard the steady ring of a bell: It was that of my faithful Big Ben. I suppose this poem is strange to you, Anyhow thatls the way it may seem, But nevertheless, you must confess That a dream may be memory's gleam. -Frank B. Loper ,25. No Clzozce Sam: "Bill, that overcoat is pretty thin, isn't it? Couldrft you get a thicker one P" Bill: "No, I got this at Hambones' and didnlt have any choice." Sam: K'Doesn't he carry a full line of overcoats P" Bill: "Oh, Hambones' is a restaurantf' COMMENCEMENT CommencementwWhat a funny word! It means beginning new, Makes me feel so queer inside,- Now glad, but sometimes blue. You wonder why it makes me blue. It's easily told, dear friend, For sometimes when I think of it, It means to me an end. "An End !"-you quickly make reply, "VVhat a funny thing to say! Pray tell me why' an end to you On your commencement day ?" Indeed it means an end to me, An end to early years, A last goodbye to some dear friends, A parting, and some tears. It means an end to High School days, An end to teachers dear, It means an end to childish ways, Leaving memlries sweet and clear. But then again, it makes me glad, As happy as can be, For when it does not mean an end, It means a start for me. It leads me to my future life, An unlocked chest of years. Perhaps they'll all be golden, So I silence all my fears. It starts me on the voyage of life, Happy and eager, too, And when my golden test shall come, May I be staunch and true. And now, dear friend, that I've explained Why it makes me glad and blue, I just can't keep from wondering VVhat Commencement means to you. -C. Herder ,25. Pro ba bl y M. B.: "I went to the doctorls last night to see about my back and he said I wrenched it il R. M.: "Didn't it need rinsing? Boys Fred Meyers .... Frank Loper . , . . . . .... Most Popular . . Harold Nicholson .... Jonathan Henderson Walter Beebe ..... Carroll Young . . . Everett Putnam . . . Fred Meyers .... Frank Loper ..... Vlfilliam Robinson . Jonathan Henderson Frank Loper ..... Horace Sheppard . . Williani Robinson . Horace Sheppard . . SENIOR MIRROR . . .Best Looking . . ...Noisiest .. ....NVittiest . . . .... Best Dancer . . . . . .Most Artistic . . . .... Most Musical . . . . . .Biggest Bluff . . . .... Most Athletic . . . . .... Cutest .... . . . . . . . .... Biggest Giggler . . . .... Best All Around . . . . .Best Natured . . . . . .... Biggest Flirt . . . .... Most Dramatic . Girls Mary Bassett , Helen Bacon Eleanor Laning Eleanor Horner Eleanor Sutton Grace Gumpert Evelyn Newkirk Irene Saltzman Ethel Filer Katherine Krieg Sarah Horowitz Katherine Krieg Helen Bacon Dorothy Lange Katherine Krieg SENIOR ADS Keep That School Girl Complexion See Monsieur Herbert Glaspey Bon Ton Beauty Parlor Hill's Superior Cafeteria 25C Luncheons Tuesdays and Thursdays Jonathan Henderson Professional Bootlegger Cheap rates-+Call r59j Earl XV. Garrison Druggist Prescriptions Q?j A Specialty VVill your wife love you when you los your hair? See Madam Plaskow before it's too late Do You Suck Your Soup? I can help you Albert Curry J'Manuers and When to Use Them" That Homemade Sauerkraut For Health and Happiness E. Scheyhing's Exclusive Brand "It melts in your mouth li' C Dorothy Lange-Modest Modiste No Paris Models Used Prices Fit All Purses Market Street, Phila. "How to Hold Your Husband" By Ruth Esibill You are risking your life's happiness if you pass this book by A SENIOR SONG tTune-"Oh Susannauj Oh the S-e-n-i-o-r-- class Is always full of pep, And it takes a bunch Two times its mass To spoil its self-made rep. There's S-u-c-c-e-s-s, They say keeps things alive, Now we don't know, but if it's so, Twenty-five will ever thrive. Chorus- We'll root for the Seniors In victory or defeat, And our colors will always Hy on high For the Seniors can't be beat. -Frank Loper '25. 47 Name Isaac Allen David Astle Helen Bacon Maurice Bacon Evelyn Banks John Banks Mae Barsky Martha Bassett Mary Bassett Walter Beebe Walter Bell Mary Blew Carlton Bodine Joseph Bolnick Willard Borican Edna Brandriff Russell Brewster Dorothy Brooks Hanna Brooks Samuel Brown Theodore Brown Mary Buckaloo Dorcas Budd Annie Couch Julia Coulter Ida Counsellor Ethel Crystal Jerome Cuff Albert Curry Edmund Davis Paul Davis George Ebner Ruth Esibill Ethel Filer Sadie Fishbein Edward Fitch Luther Foster Kenneth Frazier Qllazm lgrnphrrg Chief Occupation or Dominant Trait Bashfulness Dependability Looking demure Avoiding the fair sex Eating candy Teasing the Freshies Keeping quiet Looking like Mary Looking like Martha Tripping the "light fantastic." Sleeping in English Class Chasing away the "blews" Making ice cream Disagreeing Being Witty Being thorough Gaining weight Arguing with Keany Talking to Maude Depositing nickels Sulking "Buzzin" Selling Maroon Kc Whites Being late Sociability Talking continuously Assisting Mr. Letts Day dreaming Dignity "Pal"-ing with "Mush" Provoking the bus driver Being "Blew,' Looking for Bob Criticizing the oppo- site sex Jabbering Being funny Entertaining the ladies Cranking the Ford Favorite Expression Doesn't have any "Hot cats!" "Oh fiddle!" "My golly!" "Gee!,' "Go on with ya" f'Oh beans!" "For 'crying out loud!" "For heaven's sake" "She's some dancer" "Ain't you smart!" "My Word ! " "Cut it out." "Aye boy." "Great day" "Oh dear!" "Gee whiz, Sam" 1'0h deah!" "Forever more!" "Post that right away" "Oh, elephants" "What's the hurry?" "Dish the dirt" "Gee whiz" "Good Harry" For cryin' out loud!" "Oh I have to do-" ?'!X0!!"?! "Oh boy!" "Hey, what you doin' Mush?" 'fDon't kid me, big boy "Oh man, I know-" "Hi, Sheik!" "Oh sugar? ? ?" "Let's have some powder" "Oh for pity sakes!" f'Chipmunk pie!" "Let's go!" n 20 Years Hence Buying a new car Mayor of Norma Leading Lanipaign in. Senate against child labor. Avoiding rolling pins Saleslady for the Co- hen Candy Co. Farmer at Center Grove Bookkeeper Explaining she's not, Mrs. Mary Explaining she's not. Mrs, Martha Interpretative dancer Coach of Turky Point basketball team No longer Blew, but Ebner Bodine Bros., Inc. Director of Follies VJit Kr Humor editor of London Gazette Prof, of Am. Hist. Manufacturer reducing powders Lawyer Still talking Retired millionaire Chauffeur Mrs. Buzz Subscription Dept, ot' Ladies Home Journal Punching time clock for Ill. Glass Co. Editor of 'Slang and How to Use It." Radio broadcaster Private secretary to- Senator Edge Manager of poultry farm Blue Law writer Stockholder in B. H, S.. Bank Pres. lst National Bank Cedarville Dignified ? ? lawyer Still looking Movie censor President of sewing circle Comedian Preacher J unk dealer Name Earl Garrison Erma Garrison Estella Garrison Ethelyn Garrison Mahlon Garrison Dorothy Garton Freda Gelb Sadie Gelb Miller Gibe Herbert Glaspey Walter Goodwin Clifton Gould Grace Gumpert Mary Haaf Ruth Hand Anna Mae Hendrickson Jonathan Henderson Edith Hepner Martha Hepner Charlotte Herder Mary Hill Melissa Hitchner Eleanor Horner Gussie Horowitz Harold Horwitz Sara, Horwitz LeRoy House Oleta Jeffers Robert Jorrell Margaret Kandle Laura Kean Katherine Krieg Dorothy Lange Eleanor Laning Nelson Laning Keturah Levick Bluma Levin Pearl Lewis Dorothy Lobel Frank Loper Chief Occupation or Dominant Trait Working the "Shil- lings" Reducing Using those eyes Typewriting Resting Primping Chatting Examining her mirror Raisin' potatoes Slingln' soda Raising cattle Driving coal wagon Followlng art's path- way Teasing Edith and Martha Getting to school early??? Picking on Jonathan Curling his hair Reading English references Digesting Newcomer 41: Andrews Painting?-but pic- tures Planning eats Singing "Barney" Makin' eyes Questioning people Studying???? List'in' in '?'? Selling candy Giggling Tinkering up the Ilivver Optimism Arguing against her better judgment Try and find it Posing Teasing Having a good time Seriousness Efficiency Being certain Talking to Esther Chewing tooth picks it -4 Favorite Expression "Gee YVhiz" "Ham sandwiches" "Good-night-" -'Good-night" "Gosh! " "Gosh!" "Hey, Sut." "Oh death!" "By darn, brother" "What'll it be?" "So-boss" Are you gonna use-'?" Gee I " "Oh gee!" "Oh gosh" "Oh heck!" "Caesar's Ghost" "Dumbell I " i'Goodnight" "Goodness!" open cans?" "Holy jumpin' gee whiz" "By cranky!" 'lls this all right?" "Hey, Jack" ooh ,H "Well, by heck" 'Oh gosh" "Doggone it" "Don't worry!" '-Hurry up in there" 'Atta boy!" "Good gravy" "Darn it" "Aint you right?" AI don't know" "Oh, M1 Y-ef,ts!" "I think its mis way-" "You dirty bum" "You sure do tickle mel' May I have a boy to 20 Years Hence Opening oysters School marm Celebrated elccutionist General typist Capt. League baseball team Leader in pony ballad at Keith's Sporting in Hollywood Parisian model Raisin' spuds Soda king Slinging the bull Still borrowing Printing circus bills Keeping Bill straight Ask George Editor of "Elmer Times" Prop. "Art Needle Work Shop" Poetess Teaching English in B. H. S. Interior decorator Cafeteria manager Dietitian Giving dainty lunch- eons to hen friends Teacher of Business Arithmetic Depending on someone. else Agent for diictographs Confectioner Scmebody's stenog. Ford repair shop Making her children happy Wcrnen's Rights advo- cate Sporting her M. R, S. degree Married to Italian No-- bleman Living at VVestville Entrepreneur Letting somebody else- do the talking Efficiency expert Head of Information Bureau Using the telephone President Siam Repub- lic Name Frances Mahr Charles Miller Thelma Miller Leland Moore Louis Moscovitz Jack McCutcheon 'Robert McNeil 'George Nardelli 'Lewis Narrow 'Charles Nelson Doris Newcomb Evelyn Newkirk Harold Nicholson Fannie Pepitone Helen Pew Judith Plaskow Everett Putnam Thelma Rambo Bessie Rheingold Sadie Rheingold William Robinson Charles Roray Freda Rosen James Ryan Irene Saltzman Charles Saul George Schafer Elizabeth Scheyhing Vernon Scull ,Belford Seabrook Morris Serata 'Horace Sheppard Annie Shillingsiburg Tillie Shillingsburg Esther Shills Maud Shimp Catherine Smith Gertrude Stallop Kenneth Steers Jacob Sungunis Florence Thomas Herbert Thomas Chief Occupation or Dominant Trait Shrugging her shoul- ders Nothing Talking about Dan Growing up to long trousers Obeying orders Killing a cornet Breaking milk bottles Talking to California Solving them problems Unoccupied Being dependable Tickling the ivories Eating in the lunch room Calmness Worrying about her looks Doing her lessons Singing Hurrying??? Indulging in self ex- pression Fixing her hair Gettlng out of work Getting ads Being different Overcoming bashful- ness Telling jokes Sleeping in History class Disturbing the peace at Cedarville Being helpful Pestering around Chauffering Chas. F, Assisting the teachers in teaching the les- son Taking home the ba- con Keeping the Garrison Chaperoning Annie Laughing Looking 475 wise Pouting Boldness??? Sleeping Selling bananas Hunting her lost books Smoking his pipe M tl U fi U lr H rf "I don't know" rr H Favor ite Expression "Oh boy! " Gracious sakes" Gosh!" Let me show you" AW quit it" I'll say" Much!" Hey! I got London last night" I'm gonna hit ya!" Oh guy!" "Really ?" Good lands no!" Fnnnyhead ! " "Isn't that mean?" Oh fudge!" "That's all right" "Gee!" "Gosh" Oh dear!" Oh o 0 o o!" Sheik" Oh boy ! " Gosh" "Gracious sakes 1 " Hey! want to hear good one?" Huh huh! " "Aw, youlre Crazy ! " Oh laws, Dot!" For crap's sake!" Gese-o-my ! " That's not the Way did it." Hiya politician!" "For crap's sake!" '1My golly!" "Go to Dixie Land" "Oh hambone" Darn the luokl' It slipped" Get me?" "What do you know about War?" Hey, Miss Collins" 3. I 20 Years Hence Red Cross nurse Train announcer Dan-cing Proprietor general store- Deerfield Mathematician Sousa's successor Milk man Only communicant with Mars Distinguished chemist Unoccupied still Dean of Women in Wellesley Chief organist in Notre Dame Vaudeville comedian Modest housewife Having her own way Inventor of Plaskow Hair Tonic A second Caruso Musical instructor Authoress of novels Kindergarten teacher Star in Eastern League Advertiser in M. 8: W. Caring for the kids Married to a Wild West Show Girl Still joking Driving the same old "Liz." Buying a ranch in Ari- zona A f'helpful" wife Pres, Am. Store Co. Wall St. financier Miller Bringing home the DELCOD Teaching dancing at Hancock's Bridge Still chaperoning Annie Professional giggler Nurse Housekeeper'?? Governess Champion corn husker So. Laurel Street fruit dealer Editor of Lost 8giFound column N, Y, Times Author of "Non-Tobac- co Law" Name 'Flora Turner -Sara. Vaughn Leon Wanicur , Robert Walters William Washburn Elizabeth Weber Robert Vtfheaton Edward Wickland Frances Wilhelm Verna Williams Sylvia Rabinowitz Eva Stein Eleanor Sutton Carroll Young Floyd Austin Hanna Burton Bertha Merlin Chief Occupation or Dominant Trait Trying to get a Word in edgewise Rapidity? Blushing Es-ibell necessary? Towering above the rest Getting I's Throwing us out of the library Nursln' a nickel Working in the office Smiling Being pleasant Chewing gum Dancing Trying to act digniiied Tardiness Collecting poems Asking questions Favorite Expression "Oh my goodness" "Won't that be nice?" "That cakes the take' "I'm gonna see Mom tonight" "By darn" "Oh curses!" 4- Less noise. please!" "That's a nice dig!" "Gosh!" The cat's meow!" 'LGee whiz" "Gosh!" "Oh what the heck!" "Good evening, men" "By gosh!" "My stars" "Good night" 20 Years Hence Much loved 1st grade teacher Domestic Science teacher Proprietor of Norma's only hotel Hardware king Playing the Wanamak- er organ Prof. of Latin in Vas- sar City librarian Still tootin' the sax. Floor walker Writing poems for Harper's Traveling companion Wrig1ey's stenog, Artist's model Another Mr. Smalley Henpecked husband Publishing poetry Question Box editor David Rothman Jabbering "Holy mackerel" PYSZTESE Norma City -DORIS NEWCOMB SENIOR FUNNY PAPER LIFE QAN OBSERVATIOND Andy Gump .... Barney Google . . . 'l oots ........ Casper ........ Harold Teen .... Tillie the Toiler Uncle VValt ..... Skeezix . . . Mutt . . . Jeff ..... I 1 George ........ Dear VVifie ..... Happy Hooligan . . . . . .Albert Curry . . . .Louis Moseovitz .. Eleanor Sutton . . . Joseph Bolnick . .njackn Schafer ........Sadie Gelb . . .Herbert Thomas . "Bill'i Robinson . . Wm. Washburn .. Leland Moore .. Robert Walters . . . . . . .Ruth Esibill . . . . . . .Harold Nickolson Man in the Brown Derby. Edward Wickland Gasoline Gus ........... Kenneth Frazier bhexk ....... . . Nelson Lanning Sheba . . ..... Mary Blew Blondy . . . . . . Fred Meyers Maggie . . . ....... ..... H elen Pew Jiggs ............... . . . Floyd Austin Mrs. Katzenjammer .......... Mary Hill Captain ........,..... Russell Brewster Kids ...... Bill Robinson and Fred Meyers Cedric .................. Vernon Scull Rudolph ......... .... R obert McNeil Hairbreath Harry ...... Belford Seabrook Belinda .......... ....... E thel Filer They say life is a riddle, With all its winding ways, But let us glance a moment At its bright and shiny days. Sometimes the way looks dreary, And all the world seems sadg But soon a ray of light appears, And we again are glad. Opportunities it offers, Many, great and smallg just watch your steps, my readers, And you need never fall. -Edith Hepner y25.. Swelled H ead Lady to hat clerk: "I want a hat size 9 IO II for my son." Clerk: "What size is that, madam? I don't believe we carry that size." Lady: "Well, the last hat he had was 6 7f'8 and he wants a size larger, which I suppose is 9 IO 11. 10 :feleenni U 1' H ?' 4eTlm HISTORY OF '26 In September, I922, the class Of '26 Started their career in B. H. S. as Fresh- men. It was a year full of both pleasure and work, and everyone had his share Of each. The Freshmen started the year well by electing the following Officers: FREDERICK BARKER ....... President DORIS STANGER ...... Vice-President MARIAN PAULDING ....... Secretary HOWARD MCALLISTER ..... Treasurer MISS ESTHER WILLIAMS Class Adviser Autumn brought that happy time of mas- querading, universally known as Hallowe'en. There was a community parade in which everyone was allowed to take part. The Freshmen showed their spirit by entering the parade, and they received the S25 prize offered by the city. During their Freshman year the class Of '26 made a very good showing in athletics. This spirit was shown mainly in basket ball and track. A group of boys Organized teams and held several inter-class games in the B. A. A. gym, which were well support- ed by their class-mates. Another activity in which the Freshmen took an interest was debating. Inter-class debates were held and finally a team chosen to debate with the Sophomores. This de- bate proved to be very interesting, although the Sophomores were voted the winners. The Freshmen were well pleased with their hrst year in High School thus far. However, the climax Of the year came when the night Of their class party arrived. This event, long looked forward to, was received with great joy. The party more than ful- filled their expectations and all were sorry when it was over. After vacation the class of '26 came back to begin their Sophomore year in B. H. S. This year all four classes were to- gether in the new High School, and the 'Sophomores found it to be even busier than their first year. They elected the following officers: FREDERICK BARKER ....... Presiderit DORIS STANGER ...... Vice-President RUTH STOKES ........... Secretary HOWARD ll1CALI.IS1'ER ..... Treasurer MISS ESTHER VVILLIAMS C lass Adviser Execzztive Coimnitfee LEO VICKERS ICATHERINE LAICH ELIZABETH CHAPMAN FRED EDXVARDS The Sophomores showed their school spirit and their interest in school activities by having many 111C1l1D6I'S in the different clubs. The Sophomores were members of the Dramatic Club, Student Council, Debat- ing Club and Athletic Association. During basketball season, both the boys and girls were active, Organizing teams. The girls organized a class team, with Miss Miriam Collins as their coach. They played several games with other classes, which were interesting and full Of fun. In the season for baseball and track the Sophomores also took part in these sports and made a creditable Showing. . In February, the Sophomore class party was held and proved very Successful. The class Of '26 started their Junior year in B. H. S. with the intentions Of making it their most successful year thus far. They elected the following Officers: FREDERICK BARKER ....... President ELEANOR GROEE ...... Vice-President CAROLYN CARLL .......... Secretary HOWARD NICALLISTER ..... Treasurer MISS MIRIAM COLLINS. .C lass Adviser Executive Committee FREDERICK EDWARDS RUTH STOKES DORIS STANGER HAROLD MILLS At the beginning Of the term, football en- gaged the attention Of all. Many junior boys were Out for football and Several made the varsity team. Besides varsity football. the juniors Organized a class team and played the Seniors. The class of '26 is proud of its record thus far and hopes to make a Successful end to their High School career in their Senior year. -Ruth Daniels '26. 53 -il Suphnmuren H1s'roRY or ay "All aboard for Graduationll' was the order heeded by some two hundred and fifty bewildered "little totsl' early in the fall of 1923. For indeed, they were bewildered and anxious as they entered Bridgeton's pride, the new High School. However, for such an ambitious crowd of Freshies as they proved to be, it did not take them long to settle down, and the class, organized under the following capable lead- ers, soon found its stride: RICHARD MULFORD ........ President IWARY PETERSON ..... Vice-President MARY CARLL ............. Secretary VVTLLIAM MATTHEWS ..... Treasurer Miss BEATRICE HUSTED ...... Adviser They kept this stride, too, for the Fresh- men, regardless of their name, soon showed the world what they could do if they so desired. They took part in athletics, they entertained the whole school on Freshman Day, they supplied speakers, actors and ac- tresses, they gave a wonderful Class Party, and, in short, they took part whenever and wherever they were needed in school activi- ties. ' Indeed, so great was their zeal that when the second lap of their journey came round, then as more dignified Sophomores, it seemed that they could hardly contain them- selves. Scarcely had things been put into a "ship-shape" fashion when they again chose leaders who have shown themselves more than competent. They are: XVILLIAM CORNWELL ...... President BEss1E XVEAVER ...... Vice-President IXTARY CARLL ............. Secretary RAYMOND COUNSELLOR .... Treasurer They were unable to have Miss Husted with them again, but Miss Frances McGee very ably took the helm. It required still lesstime to set a pace for the second year. From the very Hrst, the Sophomores showed what and how things should be done around the school. They 55 have always given to the school wherever it was humanly possible to do so. The second animal class party, held Feb- ruary 11, could be quite flttingly described by a word of six letters meaning grand or elegant: superb. In fact some one was heard to say, "Well, this is one of the two best parties the Sophomore Class has ever given." Taking it all in all, with such an excellent start, and with such fine chances ahead, there is really no reason why the Green and VVhite should not triumph over all in the by this time. -Edward Glaspey '27, THE BARBER'S TRIAL The court was all assembled, Each judge was in his place, . Oh, how the crowd did tremble To hear this dreadful case! The complaintant was a lady, VVhose locks were shortly bobbed. The defendant was a barber, XVho had done the terrible job. At last the trial was over, The judges gave the word. And such a rare decision The court had never heard. The sentence, many 'plaudedg The barber gave a snort. "Twenty days in prison, sir. You cut her locks too shortf, -M. E. H. ,25 Tobacco Filling Old Gent: f'Boy, did you know that a cigarette, properly denned, is 'fire at one end and a fool at the other ?" Young Ruffian: f'Yeah, I know, but there's some darn good tobacco in betweenf' 5-:fer-M eree A-Hillrrulimrnfznf-el-Q , 4 CLASS HISTORY '28 September 6th found an eager crowd of boys and girls at the doors of B. H. S. It was the beginning of a new school life for us, and we were indeed eager to start. VVe were Freshies, yes, and had much to learn, but we were willing to work, as you know by this time. Our first Step on the road to success was the election of class officers, who are: LEsrER MILLS ............ President OLIVE STILES ........ Vice-President KATHRYN DEAL .......... Secretary DAVID LODER ............ Treasurer Then came the question of class colors and a banner. With the advice of Miss Irene Fort, our class adviser, we chose blue and gold for our class colors. The banner, now in the auditorium, is 0116 to be proud of. We were not exactly stars in Athletics, were there with the spirit. Even our football team didn't play any- but we though one, it "was,', and that is a good sign. VV'e hope to show the school great things in ath- letics in future years, even though as Fresh- men we haven't brought great honor to our class. However, if we are a little slow in ath- letics we are there with the Dramatic work. The Athletic Association Party is an cx- ample of our ability. 'We gave a play which was evidently enjoyable, as we were later -asked to entertain the school in auditorium, on Friday. This we did with our usual suc- cess. The greatest social event of our Fresh- man Year was the class party. After look- ing forward to it for months, we were sorry when it was over, and we have only mem- ories of our first class party. The main fea- tures of the party were the three plays, the games and the dancing and last, but by no means least, the refreshments. None of us will ever forget those good times. After the party we settled down to work again. And we really can work, too, as you know. Our issues of the Maroon and -White show our abilities along that line. And now 57 the year is nearly over and soon we will be Sophomores. As Sophomores we intend tow break all records. Oh, yes! B. H. S. will not forget the class of '28. -Lester Mills '28, A FITTING TALE As we rowed along near the Banks of a Blew but Narrow pond, we were attracted by the barking of a Sheppard dog. Think- ing that a house might be near-by, we put in to shore to ind for the night. After landing we walked up a small Hill, from which we could get a good view of the surrounding country. Immediately be- low us was a small'Brown bungalow. As darkness was fast approaching, we made for this spot and were soon ringing the Bell for admittance. No one came to the door, but we heard a voice say, "come in," and upon entering we saw a man sitting on a Couch, cutting the Ryan from a piece of Bacon. He asked who we were and what we wanted, and he told us he was the only Wiseman in the world. He showed us his hand, which bore the marks of a hand Cuff, after which he informed us that he had been a Kean crook in his day. He said that We could stay there all night if we would Curry his horse the next day and tend his garden, the roses of which were Budd-ing. Before we returned we asked him to telll Moore of his life, and he told us that when he was Young he worked as a Miller in ag small country town, but before he had fin- ished we had fallen asleep and do not know how the story ended. -Samuel Brown '25, "Old Stick-i11-the-Mud" Bill: "Does Charley's car stick to the road ?" Herb.: "I guess it does, it stuck for six hours the other day before he could move it H :eff:tIBrganizta1Iin115I1t MAROON AND WHITE STAFF THE MAROON AND XVHITE The "Maroon and White" has had a suc- cessful career in the last year, under the guidance of the following staff: HEI.EN BACON ...... Editor-in-Chief ELIZABETH WEBER . .Associate Editor Faculty Advisers Miss ESTHER F. BACON Miss JESSIE A. WEIDINMEYER Editing S tajf KATHERINE LAICH. . .Debating Editor MARX' PETERSON .... Dramatic Editor ELEANOR GROFF ....... Social Editor News Editors ANNIE SHILLINGSBURO BENJAMIN AYARS BESSIE RHEINGOLD, Short Story Editor Sport Editors ETHEI, FILER EARL GARRISON MARIAN PAULDING ..... Verse Editor DON HITCHNER, Wit 65' Humor Editor- DORIS NEWCOMB . . .Excliange Editor Alumni Editors RIARY BLEW EDWARD GLASPEY Business S tajf RIARY Him. ....... Business Manager BELFORD SEABROOK, Subscription .Mgr. CHARLES RORAY . . .AdUBTliSiHglMgT. HAROLD NICHOLSON, Circulation Mgr. Advertisiizg Solicitors ROBERT VVHEATQNX W1LBERT BELL JOHN VVARD FORREST HANN Assistants in Circulation WILSON HAND HOWARD MCAILLISTIQR The high standard and aims of our school paper have been well and successfully up- held. It has grown worthy of a place among the best school papers in America. It is an organization of which any high school might well be proud. Each succeed- ing year increases the importance and influ- ence of our "Maroon and VVhite." Each staff leaves behind it a better and bigger Daper than they had before them when they began their career in its service. This is a tradition to keep alive and strong in the coming years. X. O. X. CLUB Ojjfcers EDWARD GLAsPEv ......... Ij7'CSfLiCl'lf BESSIE SMTTH . . . . . . Vice-P1'csfdc11t TWARY PETERSON . . . ...... .Secrclary FORREST HANN .......... T1'easm'e1f The X. O. X. Club is an entirely new -organization this year, and we owe it tu Miss Elizabeth Zetty, who established it and started it on its successful career, lt has indeed been successful the past year, for the members number over one hundred in all. No better proof of the club's popularity than this could be shown. The mysterious three letters X. O. X. are very easily explained, for they stand for Expression, Oration and Extemporaneous speaking. The club fills a place never en- tirely and satisfactorily filled before. It is devoted to the sole purpose of teaching and training its members public speaking, the lack of which is a handicap to many a stu- dent in his later life. This training should really be made a part of every school course, but when a sufhcient amount cannot be giv- en, no better nor more interesting way of presenting it could be found than through an X. O. X. Club. XV e are proud that wc have one, since it is a mark of progress. The first thing the club accomplished was the sending of a speaker to the Glassboro Normal School for the lnterscholastic Speaking Contest. Belford Seabrook very ably represented the club upon this occasion. Among other activities of the X. O. X. has been the furnishing of attractive programs to the student body in the auditorium. In addition to all the work, the club also furnishes a good time to its members. At the close of the business meeting, there is always a worth-while program prepared by the Program Committee. lt is also inter- esting to know that the X. O. X. has had more parties than any other club, which, of course, is an irresistible attraction for any organization. The X. O. X. is not behind any other club in the matter of pins, and the ones chosen and standardized are very distinctive. Already an integral part of Bridgeton Higlfs activities, we can only foresee for this club a long, happy and successful fu- ture. 59 STUDENT COUNCIL A few years ago the Student Council was formed to improve the school spirit by giv- ing pupils an active part in its affairs. lt was decided that the students would be more interested in the doings of the school if they were allowed to co-operate with the principal and teachers in different phases of work. XVith the officers of the four classes and a representative from each room Work- ing together, the government body of the school started its work. 'l he aim of this Council is to help the school in its systematic routine and it is ever ready in emergencies to call special meetings for prompt action. The special activities which have engaged their attention so far are backing the Maroon and XVhite, improv- ing the student traffic system, choosing B. H. S. cheer leaders, improving school spiritg arousing enthusiasm for selling Christmas seals, helping in the Thanksgiving dona- tions g and aiding the Art Exhibit. These activities show the desire of the student body to cooperate with the facul in all matters pertaining to the school wel- fare. As the Council grows in responsibil- ity, we find the different organizations of the school turning to it more and more for support, O-WCUTS FREIHQRICK EDWARDS ...... President NIARY P1CT15RsoN ..... Vice-President lfA'1'HERINE liRIEG ........ Secretary EARL GARRISON .... . . .T1fear111'er THE FACULTY Teachers have we had so many That it all does seem a blur, For of all we cannot fathom Any one that we prefer. Each one's help some time or other Have we surely had to ask For some tiny trifling nothing, Or a large important task, So we thank them all together For the help that they did give, And we know that in the future Their good works will ever live. Edith Hepner y25. 6 AGRICLUTURAL JUDGING TEAM THE AGRICULTURAL CLUB lVith the year 1924-25 agriculture began the sixth year of its career in the Bridgeton High School. In the passing of the Hrst half decade a great many changes have taken place. The first class in agriculture in Bridgeton High School was held in the old chemistry laboratory at Bank Street in September, 1919. In a few days a room was made available for the class in the upper part of the Old Chapel at Bank Street. This room was equipped with two long, rough board tables and some old benches. There were no text books for six weeks and instruction was carried on by lecture and field trips. The next year tl1e class was moved to the rear half of the southwest room on the First floor of tl1e Bank St. School. Classes were conducted there until the present room was ready for occupancy. Of course, none of the original student body that entered in 1919 are here now, They have gone out into other fields of ac-- tivity, and new boys have taken their places. Some of the old timers, however, keep in touch with the agricultural department. Owing to the increased interest in the Agricultural Course, another teacher has been added to the department. I. Everett Bowen, a graduate of Shiloh High School and Rutgers University 1924, came to B. H. S. last fall to teach part time in .-Xfgriculture, to assist Mr. Lauren Archibald. He has 60 made a splendid record for himself as a teacher. He coached the Poultry judging team that won the State Championship cup at New Brunswick. The total enrollment for this year is forty-four. Several have left for various reasons, however, so that the year will be completed with less than that number. Ray- n1ond Greenbaum left to attend the National Farm School at Doylestown, Pa. James Young and Glendon Sheppard have 1noved to Trenton. The new ofhcers of the Agriculture Club are: THERON OVERS ........... President INIELVIN DUBOIS ...... Vice-President GAIL lVH1TsoN ........... Secretary IWIAHLON GARRISON ........ Reporter At the annual state-wide judging contest held at New Brunswick the B. H. S. Aggies won the three silver loving cups shown in the picture. The largest cup is the VVillard C. Thomp- son award for first place in Poultry Judging- This team consisted of Gail XVhitson, Harry Butler and Theron Overs. One of the other cups was awarded for second place in Corn Iudging and is now permanent, as we have won it three times. The third cup is one awarded by tl1e citizens of Cape May Coun- ty for third highest average in all contests. This is a splendid record considering that there were seventeen schools in the state competing. -A 'WORD ABOUT THE DRAMATIC CEUB BELFORD SEABROOK ....... President MARY BASSETT ....... Vice-President NIARY BLEW ............. Secretary FRED MEYERS ............ Treaszmer Advisers Miss BERNICE NIUNDT Miss ANN JOHNSON No one who is really wide awake in this 'town need ask what our Dramatic Club has -,done this year. It has had a season we will 'be proud to remember. The first thing we think of in connection with dramatics is "'Springtime", which will always fill an im- portant place in our "Garden of Memories." The production of 'fSpringtime" from a theatrical standpoint was the biggest thing 'that had ever been done in Bridgeton High School. Not only does the fact that it was managed by professionals make us feel so, 'but the fact that it was a grand success in every way, both from the-view of material profits, practical experience and a perfect co- -operation of a cast of one hundred and fifty. In connection with the Dramatic Club we must not forget the little sketches and plays which it has prepared for our entertainment 'at various times in auditorium period. We 'owe a great deal to our organization for this when we remember that pleasant enter- tainments are always welcome to break the monotony of our regular classes and that really worth-while programs cannot be pre- pared in a few minutes. One great event for which we are eagerly waiting is the production of "Seventeenf' We have heard a great deal about this plz' -of Booth Tarkington and understand that it was nearly ready for production, but had to be postponed until we got the necessary cur- 'tain for the stage. Now we have our new curtain and some splendid new lights, Cfor which we owe thanks to the Board of Edu- cation and the Dramatic Clubj and we are -expecting soon to hear more about 'fI7',. Never before have we boasted of a Dra- matic Club which has accomplished so many worth-while things, and we believe that in the years to come its success will grow. -Mary Blew. 61 DEBATING TEAM A SUCCESSFUL YEAR IN DEBATING This year, the B. H. S. Debating Club began an auspicious season with a fairly large membership and plenty of pep. Get- ting down to business immediately, the club elected the following officers: BELFORD SEABROOK ....... President LAURA KEAN ........ Vice-P1feside11t IJOROTHY BRooKs ......... Secretary EDVVARD GLASPEY ........ Treasurer In order that its pep might not diminish and that new members might join, the club staged a humorous debate in auditorium on the question of the relative social importance of the cake-eater and the collegiate. This aroused new interest in the club and helped pave the way to a successful season. About the first of the new year the dele- gates to the Rutgers Debating Convention were chosen and instructed in regard to their vote for the question to be debated among the high schools. The topic finally chosen was: "Resolved, That the Child La- bor Amendment Should be Ratihedf' Since Bridgeton was fortunate enough to win the coin-toss, we had the choice of choosing the side of the question or the place for our debate against Salem High School. XVe chose the negative, and pre- liminaries were immediately begun for the purpose of choosing the Varsity team. The team finally selected was as followsr Helen Bacon, Robert Howell, jonathan Henderson, Edward Glaspey. alternate. Due greatly to the ehiciency of this team LIBRARY STAFF and of their coaches, Miss Gertrude Owens and Miss Esther Bacon, and to the backing of the student body, when the team went to Salem High on March 27, they brought home a victory. This necessitates a debate with Vineland High, to be held on May I. Last year we were unfortunate in losing to Salem and so concluding our season withoyt debating Vineland. However, this year, having defeated Salem, there are hopes that the championship in our group will come to B. H. S. C0lI1lll07Z 561158 King Henry: "Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown." Prince Hal: "I should rather fancy as much. XVhy don't you take it off before going to bed ?" Correct' Father: "Can you tell me the meaning of the expression 'An oily smile' ?" XVillie: QThoughtfullyj 'fAn oily smile is the face you make after swallowing a dose of castor oil." I W o1'Lde1'- Mother: "VVhy, Jerome, eight of these eggs are brokenf' Jerome: "I canit see how eight got brok- en when I only dropped 'em oncef' 62 THE LIBRARY The Library of Bridgeton High has, in the past year, become an indispensable part of school work of every kind. It has, in its short career, proved its necessity and its convenience to every pupil. The entire school admires its practical organization and the efficient handling of its work by the library staff, unaided by any members of the faculty. A new system of management for the library has been devised. Instead of choos- ing a new librarian each year, it has been arranged that when the -head librarian, who is a senior. graduates, the first assistant be- comes head, the second assistant succeed- ing to his place. lt can easily be seen that using this plan each succeeding librarian will have had at least two years' experience in library work before he reaches the high- est position on the staff, with the result that only able and practiced pupils have charge of the library work. The use of the library is increasing all the time and every pupil of B. H. S. seems to enjoy and appreciate the advantage it offers. Library Staff Robert llfheaton, Librarian, Herbert Glaspey, Ida Counsellor, Raymond Counsel- lor, David Emmell, Helen Bacon, Ruth Daniels, Edward Glaspey, Annie Shillings- burg, Paul Newman. ' ' I 'C BIOLOGY CLUB' ' I' I The Biology Club of Bridgeton High ha' had a very interesting and successful career this year, even improving'upon last year's record. Its activities have been many and entirely satisfactory. The membership of the club haswincxeased and it promises to become soon one of our leading important school organizations. 1 'The club was organized and established by Miss Irene, Fort, the biology teacher. with the purpose of obtaining' time for 1' gathering of all Q-the students of her classes and discussing subjects not ordinarly iaclud ed in that course. There are four officers: Bessie IVeaver, Anna VVelch, Anna Hirst. and Raymond Counsellor, ,each being the chairman of his particular class. Miss Fort, of course, is the adviser. The club meetings are very instructive and enjoyable to all the members. Pro- grams are made for the purpose of both entertaining and of instructing. At one meeting slides were shown on the subject "Animal," which proved to be an interesting and unusual way of lecturing. The ordinary procedure of the meeting is to assign various topics to different mem- bers of the club, thus promoting individual interest in the program. Another very popular activity of the cl:-' is the field trip. All members heartily agree that no better way could be found to make the study of 'Biology one of prime interest. "Getting back to nature" is surely a fav- orite motto of the Club., On the whole, the year of ,25 has been a very successful season for our biologists Their Club is growing and improving every year, making its place in activities an enviable one. A, Matter of Time judge: "This is the lawyer who is going to defend youfl Prisoner: "U1n! Could I have another if he should die F" judge: "Certainly." Prisoner: "Well, can I see him alone for a few moments?" Old Alge: 4'These trousers look a bit worn." f'Yes, they're on their last legs." 63 1 ' ' Your Lost A Captain: UAH is lost! We can not save the shipf' Moses: "Do you hear what he says, Ikey? The ship is going to sink." Ikey: "Yell, let it sink. Vat do we care? XV'e don't own it." f A Fisliiug for the A7l.Y7t'dl' Two deaf men, one in a wagon and 0116 on foot met each other on a country road. Dave had a hshing pole in .his wagon, Bill one over his shoulder. Dave: i'Going fishing, Bill?" Bill: "No, 'Ifml going fishing' Dave: "Oh, I thought mebbe you was going fishingf, A Slight Error judge: "Are you sure he was intoxicat- ed F" , , Lawyer-g "No, not positive, but his wife said that he brought home a man-hole cover and tried to play it on the phonograph. Seein' Is Belicuin' Bob: "Nick, if I gave you live dollars what would you do ?f' Nick: "I'd count it." Strong Stuff, That Medicine Man: "I have sold over a thou- sand cases of this and have had no com- plaints. Wliat does that prove ?" Voice in audience: "Dead 111611 tell H0 tales." Who Is She? . "We will now run over 'My Best Gal', quoth our cheer leader. Too Round C. Bodine: "Could you tell me in round numbers what I got in my test ?" Miss Bowden: "Yes, zero." Oh! "I hear Banks left everything he had to an Orphan Asylum." "Is that so? What did he have ?" "Eight children." 1' mm?-rrjnkrn H Head Dance Teacher to class: "How many are there in this room ?" Pupils: "Twenty-fourfl Teacher: "And how many dunces ?" Pupils: "Twenty-five." Education Talks Proud Mother: "Yes, Mary is studying French and Algebra. Say 'Good morning' to the lady in Algebra, Mary." Ignorance Indeed 'fVVho was Shylock, Aunt Ethel ?" "My dear! You go to Sunday School and don't know that !" Ai Disappointment Burglar: "I don't want your life, lady, only your money." Old Maid: "Get out! You are just like all the rest of the men." The Evil Doings of K. K. K. VVe all sleep on the mattress since father joined the Klan. Not So Silent Teacher: "Use the right verb in this sen- tence: 'The toast was drank in silence'." Pupil: 'fThe toast was ate in silencef' The Musical Chandelier The church committee favored the pur- chase of a chandelier. The new member op- posed it. He said, "VVell, I don't want to be stubborn, but who can play it after we get it ?" Domestic Education Bill: "You a housewife! I'l1 bet you don't know what a needle is for." Mary: 'KI do, too. It's for a Victrolaf' Work lfVanted Here's a swell job for the go-getter: Running an elevator in a one story building, start at twelve, an hour for lunch, quit at one, and a six months' vacation twice a year. 64 Wisdom Miss Bowden: Cdiscussing the cap and gown question with another teacherj"There is going to be hair pulling before this is. settled." Senior Boy: Qoverhearingj "Oh boy, I am going to get my hair cut tonight." Performance of Duty Prisoner: "There goes my hat: shall I run after it ?" Officer: "You'll get no chance to escape like that. just wait here, I'll get your hat. for you." The Chance of a Lifetime Harold Nicholson has been offered the following jobs: Keeping the streets repaired for the Standing Army, and janitor in the Hall of Fame. But he says he will try for- the position as Humorous Editor of the- Congressional Record, which is more of at political job. Take Your Choice Parent: "My daughter tells me that your are a church member. What church do you belong to P" Bob: 'Why-the-er-name some of themi over.', A Matter of Size Slim fellow: fto stout lady on crowded, trolleyj "Please have my seat, lady." Stout lady: "Thank you so much." She then turned around to him: "just, where did you get up from, sir ?" The Go-Between Albert Curry: "Would you care to dance this one ?,' Mary Blew: "Yes, would you mind ask-V ing someone for me ?" Good Ad lzzie Narrow: "What company uses, 'Good to the Last Drop' for their ad ?" Walter Beebe: "The Ingersoll Watchv Company." Probably Sam Brown: 4'Wonder why Miss Trewin gave me a zero F" Ed Fitch: 'K 'Spect that's the lowest she can give." Stunted in its Growth Host: "That whisky, sir, is twenty years old." Guest: "That so? Rather small for its age, don't you think ?" girl?" Bashfnl Ed.: "VVhat's the most nervous next to a joe Bolnick: "Me." Time Ont Helen: "What's that news-boy yelling about ?l' Mary: "Oh, two prowlers got in a house .and the clock struck one." The Clue Given Earl: "Why do you gear a straw hat when you go canoeing?" Ken.: "So the searchers will know where to dive for 1ny body." Annie: "Did she marry we11?U Martha: "Yes, but she is sick now.', Quoting Webster Mr. Robbins Qin history classj "Before I discuss this class, let me repeat the words of VVebster."' Murphy Qquite soberj: "Let's get out. He's starting on the dictionary." Mixed Dates "Do you love me, Elanore ?" "lVhy, of course I do, Billfl "Bill? My name is Frank." "Oh, sure it is, I keep thinking this is Mondayf' George Wafhiiigtori, fr. Mr. Smalley: "You go right home and get an excuse from your father." Jerome Cuff: 'fAh! Pap ain't good at makin! up excuses, Ma catches him every timefl 65 One Mouthfzrl? "Have some more pudding P" "Certainly is good-just a mouthful." "Mary, Hll up Horace's platef' A Barn Yard Tale "VVhy do they call Bill Maloney "Hen- nery ?'y "Because there's so many chickens hang- ing around him, I supposef' Helpful Advice Railroad detective: fto man sitting on the tracksj "NVhat are you doing sitting there ?" "Committing suicidef, R. D.: "lrVell, get over on the main line 3, these havenlt been used for ten years." Apply Early Some positions open for agents: To sell' fly swatters to the Eskimos and safety raz- ors in Russia, Assistant lineman for the Beco lVireless Company. Congenial Labor Prison Xllarden: "VV e give every inmate here work with which he is familiar. VVhat's your trade ?" New Prisoner: 'tI'm a long distance run- ner." The Siren Young Lady: "So you think my voice is hopeless, Professor ?" Music Professor: "I don't say thatg it might come in useful in case of fire." lVanted-Sympathy Jake M.: "I'm off that girl. She insulted me." Nel: "How?U Jake My "She asked me if I dancedf, Nel: "lVhat's the matter with that P" jake M.: "I was dancing with her when she asked me." H eadwork 'iSellers: "VVilliam, what is work?', NVilliam : fdrowsilyj "Everything's work. Sellers: "Do you mean to tell me this chair is work Pl' lVilliam : "Sure: woodwork." Iie:7-1 Sparta ix:-use COUNTY CHAMPS IN FOOTBALL B- H- S. 1Ef2DfI?glIBLfliIlIlIREC0fiD The Football Team of the vear '25 wil' B H SI 1 4 Opponents long be remembered as a credit to the B. '36'I '....'.- Salem .......... O H. S. standards, especially in the way they O I I I Atlantic City .-'.. I I 32 upheld the high records set by the teams in I9 I I I I I I Glassbol-0 I I I I I O preceding years. Their record in' games 6 Camden II II 7 won and lost is not so remarkable, but the 6 II Woodbllry II I 7 comparative scores in points far over- 6 Collingswood I 7 shadow any regrets held along this line. I9 II pleasamville I 0 One hundred and seventeen points to our 7 Mlllvllle I 0 opponents' fifty-three is an achievement I8 Vlnelfml I 0 seldom accomplished by any high school, -II - and is one the student body can bc proud Of. U7 I I I I I I Totals IIIII I I I I I 53 This success is due to two things that are always necessary to the winning of foot- ball games, a fast team and good backing. In regard to the team, it would be hard to find a better combination than the one wc had this year. All parts worked like a well- regulated machine. It takes eleven men to win a game and one or two men out of position will invariably spoil the play. Un- der the superior direction of coach Grey, the Maroon and Vtfhite team reached a pro- ficiency that will be hard to equal again Backing, the second necessary factor, is highly important. Pep alone Very Often de- cides the outcome of a game. XVith a high school of eight-hundred pupils, and even the city itself behind them, we readily see what made our team snatch success from the ruin of the defeats handed them early in the season, and carry their colors through to the County Championship. NVE.-XRERS OF THE "B" Football E. Garrison, R. XValters, B. Seabrook, IT. Elwell, L. Purnell, J. VVitaker, C. Gould, VV. Maloney, F. Barker, F. Loper, M. Sera- ta, C. Dare, K. Steers, XV. Robinson. N. Garrison, L. Vickers. Siva!!! Jake :"Say. want to see something swell? as -E. XV. Garrison ,25. CAPTAIN ROBERT WALTERS Blush: "Yea, let's see it." I if 01", II lake: "lust get some beans, put them in Bill: "Mary has two faultsl ' ' as Y , Q s " Wafer and watch themf' Fred: Hou. and who el..c. 66 FOOTBALL SQUAD REVIEW OF IQ25 BASKETBALL' SEASON NVith the hardest schedule in years the Bridgeton High School squad of ,25 came through in a way that secured for them every bit of credit and praise due a team fighting against great obstacles. With such teams as Collingswood, Woodbury and Camden against them, their record is satis- factory to everyone. Against teams of their own calibre the Maroon and White five proved their worth. In the County Series the superior passing and clockwork precision of the plays kept Millville and Vineland completely baffled at times. Al- though the series ended in a three-corner- ed tie, the showing that our team made against the exceptionally strong teams of the other contestants was excellent. Be- sides this, Bridgeton came out with the edge on Glassboro, and completely swamp- ed Salem twice. Comparative scores show that with large schools our team was out-classed to some extent but is at the top of the list of schools the same size as B. H. S. BASKETBALL SQUAD 67 B. H. S. BASKETBALL RECORD COMPLETE B. H. S. Opponents I 7 ....... Collingswood ....... 28 I5 .... Camden .... SI 32... Glassboro ....34 25... ...Woodbury.. ....42 43 ......... Alumni ......... 42 28 ....... Collingswood ....... 30 34... .... Salem ..... ....21 30... ...Camden.... ....4o 27... Glassboro ....19 18... ...Millville.... ....22 24... ...Vineland.... ....26 33... ...Millville .... .....I5 I6... ...Woodbury... ....I7 23... ...Vineland.... ....I9 73... .... Salem... .....22 438 . . . .... Totals ......... .428 -E. W. Garrison. CAPTAIN WILLIAM ROBINSON WEARERS OF THE "B" Basketball W. Bell, K. Frazier, VV. Robinson, W. Maloney, G, Ebner, L. Loper, R. Walters, F. Meyers, H. Nicholson. 1 GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM GIRLS' BASKETBALL SEASON The Girls' Basketball team of '25 opened their season on January I3 by playing the Alumni on their home floor. Although the Alumni team was composed of former higl1 school and college stars, B. H. S. came through with a victory, defeating Alumni by a I6-6 score. The next game was played at XNoodbury High, January 16. The team, all enthused from their recent victory over the Alumni, determined to do their best. but XVood- bury's team was stronger, and we came home with the small end of the score. VVe next journeyed to Glassboro Nor- mal, january 27. to play one of their famed teams. Although B. H. S. fought hard, it was useless to expect to win over a team showing such brilliant passing and team work. On January 30, after an enthusiastic pep meeting, our team met Salem High on our home Hoor and defeated them by a 12-11 score. It was one of the best games of the season, and B. H. S. owes its victory to the support of the student body at that game. Our team clashed with Pitman at P. H. S. February 3, and although the game was played against great odds, our girls showed their pep and spirit. Support was given us in the next game of the season, which was with Paulsboro High School on the B. H. S. Court, Feb- ruary 6. B. H. S. had the superior team, which was shown by their brilliant pass- ing, but a last minute rally gave to Pauls- boro a I4-II victory. On February 17, the Bridgeton team crossed the pike to Vineland, determined if do their best against a team which had not been defeated in three years. Fight they did and were rewarded by a close score. game with was handi- and also a VVe next played a return Salem, February 19. B. H. S. capped by I2 inch extensions cage, but it was a fine game, although we were defeated by the narrow margin 4 21-20. On March 3, we played our second game with Vineland and came just a little nearer to our desire to beat Vineland soon. The game ended with 18-I4 victory for Vine- land. On March, 6, Bridgeton played their last League game of the year at Swedesboro High School. VVith a very conscientious referee, B. H. S. lost the game by Swedt boro's accurate foul shooting. On yVednesday March II, Bridgeton High School ended their season by playin- the Faculty. In a game full of thrills and changing scenery, the Faculty was defeated, by the score 15-13. Not so bad after all' The team of '25 was one of which the school might well be proud. Although they did not have a great number of victories to their credit they were always good losers and worked for the honor of their school. VVEARERS OF UB" Ida Counsellor, ,25Q Ethel Filer, y25Q Katherine Krieg, ,255 Gwendolyn M'inor, '27: Mary Peterson, i27, Margaret Pierce, '27g Katherine Rodman, '26. -Ethel Filer. HOCKEY Hockey is a new sport in B. H. S. having been introduced only within the last year. Under the efficient supervision of Miss Ethlyn Davis, physical training instructor, a team was organized. As the organization was rather hard to accomplish, only one game, that with Glassboro Normal was played. Our opponents' superior knowledge of the game, combined with greater experi- ence, won the day. Nevertheless, the team is to be congratulated on its show of spirit and ambition. In future years we hope hockey will be one of our major sports. 68 Gutog1'C1Ph5 G. bd- Q- , 2.5 WXHCW' 64,aL15r jgaw-nf' 22,6 TMWe QQ 1 MQ AZQIJK WN 2 MMM ww QM? " NCQWWMQJ7 mm cf- aww? A fm M 7fQ.M, ,,, , 771 2 6 jwowk -16 9 !M C015 1265, JM? A QE . 1-9 ,b mam 1G I xu' SQ!-ff,.f,6v1'-9 WHA gdugt JB 'M , ' s ' I ' 12 Qglgawmvw- :Q ' J 'ag Y aj' f 96 ' '2 3 6554 1 E6 Z 263' ,M L25 2. ml-7 ww bi Wllwf , uf, 3' .WMM 3y,gg,yf2f if NJNAKKQJX ' .E K' ' ' mXs:MLSX"s.w '1 ?2'2QMLLf Zxvdvvwvvif 71 1-26 Guiographs 1' fy :M " kg, '3f' f Ifuvvva-1 7"l:'lf"'f'U I 7 WI Dlfagwzwwka? Q!-Nvx Q,Qf+O"vs-. J-'I 'JA Lu, ,IQ . ,f L 1 L' I,--, 7 ww ,yf6L1A,b '52 7 REMEMBER OUR ADVERTISERS Compliments of FRESHMAN CLASS, '28 Compliments of SOPHOMCRE CLASS, '27 Compliments of JUNIOR CLASS, '26 -- --- REMEMBER OUR ADVERTISERS Are you Drinking your Milk at noon lunch ? A lunch is not complete without a glass of wholesome, clean milk Tell Your Mother About Our Milk Quality with Service SHOEMAKER DAIRIES Certified-Tuberculin Tested-Pasteu rized Our drivers carry Whipping and Coffee Cream Stop Our Driver or Phone 1161J The Cumberland Trust Company Solicits your Banking Business Cumberland National Bank BRIDGETON, N. J. 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