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W3 Q EU Ui? Q1 GM , l I 'Q 1 al W I 'Q 1 k If N 1 9 5 3 Published by the Annual Staff Brandon High School, Brandon, S.D. Professional Photos-Gsne'e Studio, Sioux Falls, S.D. Editors...........Marjor1e Lee Darlene Eggers Business Hsnager.......Jim Ode Midwest Beach k Co., Sioux Falls, S.D. Printers Adv1ser....Hrs. K. J. Hensslor Introducing The first Bran- don school was constructed in l9l6.By 1938 the tnulding wasfbund to be inadequate and a bond issue propnsing an addi- tion to the school was submitted by the board of edu- cation.The peti- tion was agreed upon and, under the WPA, a new addition was built to the school.At the presenttimq the Brandon school hastmn dmssxwoms plus a cafeteria and k1tchen,off1ce for the superin- tendent and a huge gymnasmmd x adequate seating room. 24' , f n wiaesaeeyk N QLQZZXZAN--'AMWIW - ' flgklnf ON' .zlQg?Af .fi3400Z9 jSLr5f'.c0nce5 CRLF LUUW Six new subjects were added to last year's curriculum to make a total of twenty subjects offered to high school students for the 1952- 'S3 term. Extra-curricular activi- ties again included athletics, journalism, dramatics, and music. Eight instructors 'shared the res- ponsibility of teaching the twenty subjects and handling the extra- curricular activities. 2 Ola ged, we ,Jag foo Don't get the idea that every- one at BHS is a study-bug. We have a lot of fun too. One of the main "fun" items was the annual carni- val, which this year proved to be another huge success for all Bran- donites. Perhaps the most fun came in the preparation of thecarnival, for it was there we found that a little work and a little play can make for a lot of fun. Jdncl gzfe our Aranc! new 6!90l"li Knofgafg we re reacfg fo M044 Me nature Probably the most important part of our fun was found with the in- troduction of footbal1.toBHB.S1nce this was our first year in football competition, we use this exciting sport to symbolize the spirit of our school. The co-operation and sportsmanship shown by Brandon's first team serve as a symbol of those same qualities found in the school and its students. We've been players this year in a game too.He've carried the ball, gained yardage,been offside, and tackled. Now the goal line is in sight-and here's the record of that game-- sas 1953. J' an fs W M. E is n 4 PA .imm 'NH' . Lewis R. Schetnan assumed the duties of superintendent of BHS for thel952-53 school year, with O. C. Liaboe as- sisting him as principal. This was Mr. Schetnan's first year at Brandon.Besides act- ing as super1ntendent,he also taught business law and soc- iology. Mr. Liaboe, who was in his second year at BHS, taught chemistry, geometry, algebra, and biology. They referee game, watch for off-sides Pictured left to right are the BHS teachers H. Lyle Lien, John Hansen Qseatedl,John Roberts, Mrs. A. T. Cornish, K. J. Henseler, and Mrs. K. J. Henseler. Shown above are the members of the Brandon school board. Left to right: Mrs. Myron Severson, secretary, Irving Nelson, L. R. Schetnan, Tilford Iverson, president, Paul Ode, Oscar Risty and Mrs. T. G. Rovsng,tress- urer. Not pictured is Andrew Torkelson. Board coaches from sidelines While student body calls plays Discussing plans with superintendent L. R. Schetnan,seated be- hind desk, are student body officers Don Eitreim, treasurer, Jeanne Schulte, presidentg Ron Peterson, vice-president, and Dorothy Rovang, secretary. 7 K Discussing plans with Superintendent L.R. Schetnan, seated be- hind desk, are student body officers Don Eitreim, treasurer, Jeanne Schulte, presidentg Ron Peterson, vice-president, and Dorothy Rovang, secretary. Council settles rules questions "muses i 1, as Q gs- 1, Sw, K: A257 seg Q , sew- A rx N, an J, M, CJ 9'-' With the close of this term, Hans Mannes will have completed his thirty-second year as cus- todian at Brand on. 'He inie' Graff, who is also one of the bus dr1vers,1s serving his sec- ond year as assistant janitor. To both of them goes the credit for e lot of work well done. 'F' 1 0 "Let's eat"-- and we stampede to the llmch room Mrs. John Pech and Mrs. Melvin Peterson undertook the task of cooking the noon lunches for the students at Brandon.Each day over two hundred students and teachers were served an appetizing meal by these two energetic cooks. fee' fg1i,my1a2wf Q 'fifiiii T rusty bus drlvers it handle school traffic Six capable men handled the driving of the buses to trans- port the BHS students to and from schoo1.Ed Corbett was the driver of the south bus, which was purchased this year. Henry Graff, assistant custodian, followed the north route.Elmer Erickson and Dan Finch shared the handling of the third ve- hicle, while Mike Severson and Don UNealspl1t the management of the fourth bus. 9 'M -we ,,.....:-- ... Q , N f. fm -xl ,Q N, W x, R, Nw I ww Darlene Eggers,Jim Ode, and Mar- Freshies once, now seniors fine The fall of 19149 saw 27 eager freshmen turn their footsteps into the halls of BHS, not knowing that the four years ahead of them would be perhaps the happiest-Cand the fastest moving! of their lives. High school brought the opport- unity to participate in extra-cur- ricular activit1es,amdthe freshies made the most of it. Their activi- ties early marked them as a class which would be proud of BHS, and make BHS proud of them. Managing the carnival lunch room to a fin- ancial success proved to be the freshies largest class project of the year. Class adviser Osborne Liaboe and senior officers Eleanor Peterson, treasurerg Oliver Erickson, presi- dent, Leo Heggen, treasurer, Paul Thoreson, secretary deliberate on senior class affairs at a short business meeting. ff? 5 fy, ! sf Activities were again in thespot- light during the sophomore year as the sophomores,the1r numberreduced to 25, began to hit their stride and make available to the school their many talents and ambitions. Climax of the year, socially speak1ng,was the choosing of twelve of their members to dress as sailors and serve at dm junior-senior ban- duet, which utilized the theme, 'Anchors Awe1gh." Then came the jndor yeaq a year that was filled to the brim with fun and excitement! Several of the boys were on the 'W' basketball squad, and thereby be- jorie Lee were BHS representatives for DAR,and Boys' and Girls' State, respectively, Darlene was chosen by the faculty to compete in the county contest on the basis of scholarship, persona- lity, and leadership. Jim and Marjorie were chosen to attend Boys'and Girls' State during June of 1952 on the basig of leader- ship, scholastic standing, and par- tlzipation kxextra-curricular acti- v es. We're finally nearing the goal line Junior class representative Bill Parsons is shown crowning Jeanne Schulte and Jim Ode, carnival Queen and Marshal, Leo Heggen and Darlene Eggers,runners-up in the sec- ret balloting, reigned as attendants to the royalty. came letter winners. Three of the girls were cheerleaders. November saw the presentation of the class play,nGoodbye,HollywoodY It was the start of a job that would prove to be fun as well as work when the juniors took over the Branhisko, and near the end of the year some of them were honored by being accepted into Quill and Scroll journalism society. Much 'hush-hushu work went into the preparation of the jnnar-senior banquet, which was presented on May 9. It constituted the firsdand Onlyl performance of the 'Bungling Brothers C1rous.' All BBB students took part in carnival preparations. Here several are shown on the afternoon before the '52 carnival, placing the fin- ishing touches on booths. Note the worried--and weary--expressions! September rolled around,and the class of '53 re-entered BHS to com- plete their fhml year of schooling vowing that it would be theh'best. During freshie initiation week the seniors allowed theirnornery siden to take control of their welcome to the class of '56, Carnival time saw the seniors marching through the gymnasium to the strains of the Coronation March preparatory to the crowning of the Queen and Marshal for 1952-53- Jeanne Schulte and Jim Ode. F ormals or foolin', always flm The styles of the year ran to corduroy shirts for the boys and, for the girls, blue jeans every 'luesday and Frid sy, despite vigorous protestatlon from the boys. Skip day and the senior play were early spring highlights, with the year's social climax in May, when the seniors sat back, relaxed, and were honored at the junior-senior banquet and prom. Baccalaureate and commencement exercises completed the activities for the twenty-five graduating sen- iors. With the knowledge and ad- vice given them throughout their high school years, they set out to make their way in the world. Sev- eral fostered plans for attending college, and others prepared for working careers. Nevertheless, twenty-tive young men and women are now ready to make the best of what the world might offer them, Senior Ronnie Swenson busies himself in the shop by buzzing through a 2xJ.5. Singin' the blues and adding a little harmony is the quartet made up of senior girls. Ruthe Archer, Eleanor Peterson,Dorothy Pech and Darlene Eggers perform d at the carnival and sev- eral high school parties. 43 5 9 lol, ! on 1 Here we are, diplomas won Left:Ruthe Archer andlno- nerd Bonander, Center: Darlene Eggers, Leone Engstrom and John Erickson. Below left: Oliver Erick- son, Jim Finch and Leo Heggen. Four long years we've carried the ball Right: Delores Jurgenaon and Beverly Hicks. Center: Marjorie Lee,Dar- lene Liesinger and Jim Myers. Below r1ght:J1m Ode,Doro- thy Pech and Eleanor Pet- arson. T wenty-five of us in all wwf' Left: Ronald Peterson and A dell Rist I' . Center:Els1e Risty,Jeanne Schulte and Ronald Swenson, Below: Jackie Thompson, Paul Thoreson,Hona1d Tor- berson and Jack Wright. Back row:E. Beiningen, H. Wehde, D. Voegeli, G. Holmstrom, R. Steffen, t B. Parsons. Middle row: G. Liesinger, R. Van Regenmorter, K. Die ers, R. Smith, R. McKnight, I. Bonander, N. Severson, B. Bisson,S. Iverson, D. Eitreim, C. Lenling. Front row: L. Risty, D. Voegell, S. Reimer, V. Roosenboom, C. Sittig, D. Rovang, B. Powers. J aunty juniors are nearly there Possible banquet seating arrangements a being discussed at a meeting of the xior class officers and their adviser, a. A. Cornish. Pictured here are Doro- r Voegeli, secretary, Mrs. Cornish, rothy Rovang, presidentg Don Eitreim, aasurerg B111 Parsons, vice-president. Enthusiasm-full of fun, but when it really comes to hard work they are always on the ball. That describes the junior class of 'S3. This class has taken part in all of the high school activltles,with journa- lism highlighting a year of real work. Lila Risty and Norma Severson took the reins as Branhisko editors while Dorothy Rovang and Barbara Powers were chosen associate editors of the Links. One could also have found members of the class in declam,sports, music, and ora- torical activities. 'Me and My Shadow", the junior class play,prov1ded for fun backstage as well as laughs for those looking over the footlights. The juniors sponsored the jun1or-sen- ior banquet that highlighted their spring activities. Presenting the bouncing sophomore class of '53 and all their rollicking good times and serious ones tool Declam started their work for the year. Marilyn Graff and Joe McMart1n were both winners at the local contest. Also in the sophomore class we found some shining journalists with and story writing talent mixed together. Music really puts the ball over the goalpost with many participating in girls' glee,boys' glee and chorus I Sophomore class adviser K. J.Hense1er and class officers Delores Jacobson, secretarygAnita Mennis, president, Mari- lyn Graff, treasurer, Sharon Schliemg vice-president are shown plotting festi- vities for their sponsorship of the all- school Halloween party. Sophomores have a "grown-up" air Back row: D. Hudson, R. Noordsy, L. Erickson, D. Rodman, A. Ellofson, L. Peterson, L. Ehlers,M1ddle row: J. McMartin, S. Schliem, D. Hennis, M. Graff, M. Pranger, A. Schulte, J. Strampe, D. Jacobson. Front row: P. Holmstrom, E, Burkman, S. Kramer, J. Davoux, A. Mennis, V. Olander. The biggest class at BHS is none other than the freshman class of '53, They seem always to be busy either at studies or mischief. At the fresh- man initiation party, they were clad in gunny-sacks with nylons over their heads. Showing their initiative, they gave a costume party for their return thanks". In November at the all-school car- nival, the freshmen were in charge of the lunch room. Back row: R. Thompson, D. Swanson, S. Harding, B. Foster, H. Kjergaard, A, Erickson, H. Grevillius, B. Schliem, D, Hansen, O. Rovang.M1ddle row: F. O'Neal, F, Dieters, S. Lee, J. Wright, G. Pranger, H. Dickey, B. Lee, J. Zweep, B. Myers, M. Perry. Front row: M. Parsons, J. Jurgensen, E. Dykstra, R. McMartin, A. Powers, J, Engstrom, D. Cronk, M. Ellofson. Above left: Freshman class officers meet with their advisor Mrs. K.J. Henleler to plan one of their class projects. From left to right are: Janiece Jurgensen, secretary, Hrs. Henselerg Jim Zweep, vice-president, Sterling Lee, treasurer, Steve Harding, president. Fresh have three years still to grow J unior high gets set to go Back row: D. Harding, L. Roosenboom, J. Graff, G. Corbett, D Olson, R Under berg, R. Parham, T. Schu1te.Midd1e row: M. Myers, J. Graff, E Hoyt, V Ristm E. Miller, F. Finch,A. Tuntland, H. McMart1n, Second row:J Kramer, M Thore son, S,B1y, P, Iverson, S. Lee,M. Carlson, J. Franken. Front row R Crevillius K. Voegeli, B. Rist, J. Fodness, S. Williams. Preparing for the four year: ahead of they are the seventh and eighth gradera of Brandon. The activitiea of theee young 'ball totera' were varied. Aa a claaa project for the first een- eeter, they published a claea peper,"Jr. High Star Reporter". During carnival time, they were eecond high in ticket ealee. They also had a booth at the carnival and were in charge of the hat check room. Left to right: J. Podneaa, YCL aeoretery:H.Thoreeon,preeidentg M . Robertaga, Tuntland, treao- urergb, Harding, vice-preaident. A fegeyfsef 1 21 FIQQQ K ,..,,.,..,.....-.-e--- -.fe Three R s keep grades busy me ,L Q 'rn 9 4 9 l Above are pictured the fifth and lixth graders and their teacher, Mrs. D. Williamson. In the middle of the page are the three grade teachera. Standing left to right are Hre. R. Anderson, third and fourth grade teacherg lrl. H. Bring- gold, first and eecond grade teacherg Mre. D. Villiamlon, fifth and sixth grade teacher. At the bottom of the page busy grader: from the third and fburthgrede room find bod: to keep them busy. 54? vff. 4 W Q A 51,5 ,, 3? wr .gh 1, ., , 'n if, 'X 'A' 5 .kv K ' w 3 gqsgi' X 7 I Q 4? Mfg? v 'QI Q 'fi xr 525 5 Q W - xg Afr'z1 kv D L my 'lk ' Q S A 5 Q aff Tv R mm bfi? i -f O A ,. ,z JY.. U, fik 1 in , 2.- 1 r h 5 4 A '. , Eli. Y W A ai xx N ,N fi wxlibfwu-5 k K' Q ' MOM? Y if nv X QW iw 'eggs 'K Q- 1:1 .35 fi Y QQ San x 'W .Yum .73 x. In ig R bv' is -5 Q L sry . - y Football is here to stay The fall of 1952 saw the addition of six-man football to the athletic program of BHS, A large group of eager boys turned out for the first work-outs. At the beginning of the second week the squad was cut to 18 and uniforms were issued. Despite the fact that some of the boys had- not even seen a football game, they gotrightinto the swing of the prac- tice routine and within two weeks Coach Hansen reported they were be- ginning to show improvement. 3 The only major injury of the sea- Coach Hansen pauses before the camera with 5011 WW H Cracked knee'-CHP S11-ff0I'0d student managers Jmm Zwegp and Rgn Swenson. by Karl Disters in the final game of the season, Pictured loft to right, back row: Coach Hansen, Bruce Foster, Ronald Peter- son,J1m Finch,John Erickson and Manager Jim Zweep. Second row:Rodgor Smith, David Hansen,Lester Peterson,Leo Heggen,Arde11 Rist and Paul Thoreson.First row: Don Eitrslm, Billy Schliem, Cliff Lenling, Joe McMart1n, Steve Harding and Roger Thompson, Not pictured are Karl Dieters and Bill Parsons, l Q I A . - K - A 26 Above: Heggen and Peterson seem to sight action at opposite ends of the field as they sit out a play. Upper right: Bill Parsons picks himself up after a short gain in the Canova game. Right: Heggen looks on as Riot is tack- led after a long gain in the game against Canova, x !lo.." PETERSON THORESON HEGKEN FINCH The Brandon six tomer as they meet noon game. tackle a tough cus- Canova in an after- f95Q ..l...!..L Sept. 26 Brandon 12 Baltic. . . . . . . .140 Oct. 3 Brand on 114 Canova. ...... .20 Oct. Brand on 33 Harrisburg. . . .114 Oct, Brand on 55 Valley Springs .1 Oct. Brandon 140 SDSD.......... Oct. Brandon 114 Bridgewater.. J40 HARDINO DIETERS RIST ERICKSON FOSTER SMITH 26 Q W. t .. . y Iv, as S L ffm ,Z 7 I V- ' . fzzflfv ' in Z W n , S A ' a if If , M53 fig .XR x ln ff 2. 'Q s-Wg r 'S G 1 Q ,iq 31 2 6 3 if? M-1. Q5 , W . , x . 5 X. fr gizazv f wisp' M Q ' 1 gp . fi? if ' ff,M,f,w. -. Back row: E. Burkman, J. Erickson, J. Schulte, S. Iverson, B. Bisson, J. Davoux, D. Voegeli, M. Pranger, Hr. Lien, D. Cronk, B. Hoyt, A. Rist, P. Lee, M. Graff, R. Peterson, P. Thoreson, D. Pech. Middle row: L. Risty, H. Perr J. Jurgensen M. Thoreson, B. Schliem, E. Peterson, T.Schu1te, 7 R. Parham, P. Holmstrom, J. Strampe, B. Parsons, G. Corbett, I.Bonander, S. Lee, J, Ode. Front row: B. Lee, H. Dickey, H. Lee, D. Rovang, S. Sch- liem, A. Schulte, R. Archer, V. Olnnder. Fellow musicians make sweet music in 6?Q2 na, Ig f7? 1 S! . 3h united effort X5 xgs If S 'X X an f ff' fe'-'E - .al I -.. ', .q,E2:r -S .. -,55i Y...-'Z .--gg-el. "'- - 1 -ii The senior band is under the dir- ection of H . H. Lyle Lien. There were thirty-seven members. Officers chosen for this activity were as fol- lows: Jim Ode, president, Marjorie Lee, vice-president, Eleanor Peter- son, secretary-treasurer, and John Er:lckson,student council representa- tive. The band preformed at the Christmas program,mid-winter program and the spring music concert. The mid-winter concert presented by the band was the first of its kind at Brandon. Several selections were played, including 'The Waltz King", which featured several Strauss melodies, Along the other songs presented were 'Desert 8ong"by Romberg,"Truspeter's I.ullabye", featuring cornet soloist Jil Ode, and 'Brasses to the Fore". Spring found the band hard at work on contest selections. The en- tlre group traveled in April to Hadi- son, S. D., where they took part in the yearly music contest. 35 The marching band added much pep to the football games held on the home field. This band was composed of all the regular band members with the exception of those on the football squad. For the last game of the season, the Brandon pepsters gave an exhibition during the game at Bridgewater. Shown above are the members of the marching band and their d1rector,Hr.L1en.They are shown at the right as they march dur- ing half-time at a home game. Joan Wright,BI-IS freshmsn,Ied the band throughout the Ibotball season for the many exhibitions which they put on. Marchmg band IS new addltlon Back row: J. Wright, M. Pranger, J. Jurgensen, J. Zweep, D. Hudson, S. Lee, B. Schliem, B. Foster, H. Wehde, R. Noordsy, J. Ode, J. Finch, O. Erickson, A. Erickson, R. Peterson, A. Rist, R. Van Regenmorter, D. Hansen, M. Kjer- gaard, D. Cronk, J. Strampe, D. Jacobson.Midd1e row:J. Engstrom, R. Archer, D. Eggers, E. Dykstra, J. Thompson, M. Lee, S. Iverson, L. Risty, D. Pech, C. Lenling, D. Swanson, W. Grevillius, S. Harding, R. Thompson, B. Parsons, M. Perry, J. McMartin, O. Rovang, D. Voegeli, D. Mennis, I. Bonander. Front row: E. Burkman, S. Kramer, A. Schulte, S. Schliem, E. Peterson, H. Graff, C. Sittig, J. Schulte, S. Reimer, P. Holmstrom, D. Rovang, B. Powers, B.Bhu s B dgg, . Lee, H. Dickey, J. Davoux, G. Pranger, A. Powers,A.Mennis,V. Olan- Troubles end when voices blend Mr.Iien directs the grade choir in a seasonal carol during the annual Christmas vespers pre- sented here prior to the holi- days. 3? Back row: J. Schulte, D.Jacobson,M.Graff,H.D1ckey,J.Hright,D.Pech,S.Iverson, D,Cronk,P.Ho1mstrom,D.Rovang,J.Thompson,L.Risty,J.Jurgensen,M.Pranger,E.Pet- arson. Middle row:Mr.L1en,J.Engstrom,E.Dykatra,I.Bonander,C.Sitt1g,B.Powers, M,Lee,J.Strampe,B.B1sson,D.Voege1i,B.Lee,D,Menn1a,S.Schliem.Front row:S.Kra- mer,G.Pranger,J.Davoux,S.Reimer,A.Menn1s,D.Eggers,A.Schu1te,A.Powers,E.Burk- man,R.Archer,V.O1ander. Back row:Mr,L1en,D.Hansen,B.Foster,A.Er1ckson,0.Erickson,J.Finch,R.Peterson, R,VanRegenmorter,W,Grevillius,S.Harding.Midd1e row:D.Hudson,A.R1st,O,Rovang, J.0de,M.Kjergaard,R.Thompson,M.Perry,J.Zweop,J,McMartin.Front row:C.Len11ng, B.Sch11em,R.Noordsy,H.Wehde,B.Parsons,S.Lee,D.Swanson. SJ is , ff' ' ."" v 'TX A ll Q 'f 1 pf vs E x' , f Xl ag ' 1 Y I :e f A , 1 38 flarinets together',cal1s Mr. Lien,and Doro- Rhythm in BHS' band is provided by Beverly Ly Rovang, Alice Schulte, Ruthe Archer, and Bisson, bass drum, Janice Davoux, cymba1s,and rnette Olander give with the music. Dorothy Voegeli, snare drum. Music is everywhere at BHS Bass horn player Ardell Rist assumes a relaxed position as he waits for the rest of the band to turn the page, 39 Local declam participants Rnnd public speaking fun,Seated: Carol Sittig, Dorothy Rovang,Kneeling:Larry Ehlers.Stand- ing left to right: Marilyn Graff, Joan wright, Barbara Powers, Norma Severson, Arliss Powers, Marilyn Pranger, Alice Schulte, Ellen Burkman, Anita Mennis. Not pictured Joe McMart1n, Bill Schliem, Jeanne Schulte, We talked of many things HTo be or not to be' may not have been the aim of declam participants, but there were certainly a lot of "would be"' Shakespeares in the halls of BHS during declam season. Barbara Powers and Sharon Schliem were participants in the "I Speak for Democracy" contest held inNovember. Standing at lower left are Marilyn Graff, Joe McMartin, Carol Sittig, and seated, Dorothy Rovang,declam winners. Dorothy Rovang and Carol Sittig re- ceived superior ratings at the district contest and an excellent and good res- pectively at the regional contest. no Dateline: Man On- ,jim fourna 55m Jfory One of the highlights of BHS is the production and management of our Branhisko. The juniors make up the staff while the energetic and good-na- tured sophomores aid in the pro- duction by writing assignments. Recently the second semester staff took oath to Quill and Scroll, a national journalism organization. Other members ofthis organization are Jackie Thompson,Pau1 Thoreson Jim Ode, Marjorie lee and Jeanne Schulte. The Branhisko is published monthly, Eelng sent to many sub- scribers in different parts of the United The edited during States. active ani ambitious seniors the highly rated Branhisko the first semester. Mrs. K.J. Henseler is the ad- visor of the Branhisko. From left to right are the first and second semester editors, Lila Risty, Norma Severson, Jeanne Schulte, and Jim Ode, Standing from top to bottom are Don Eitreim, Harlan Wehde, B111 Parsons, Cliff Lenling, Barbara Powers,Dorothy Rovang, Carol Sit- t1g,Susan Iverson,Dorothy Vosgeli, Lila Risty, and Norma Sevorson. gee Us h 6 f x lr li 0 V The first semester staff of the Branhisko brought ho or tothe school wItE journalistic awards won in addL tion to top-notch paper production. Co-editors Jim Ode and Jeanne Schultelfirst row-aboveiheaded writ- ing work that resulted in a first class honor rating for the newspaper. Make-up editor Marjorie Lee lsecond row-seated! also doubled in annual editing. QTh1rd row-left to rightl Paul Thoreson, sports editor, Ardell Rist, production manager, Eleanor Peterson, art editor, Jackie Thomp- son,business manager,Darlene Eggers, feature editor, and Ruthe Archer, grade editor, all helped in winning the coveted award for the Branhisko- Darlene, Paul, and Jim aII won second place awards for journalistic writing given by State College, In addition to this, Jim and Darlene placed high in journalistic essay contestg and Darlene was chosen as a member of the All-State staff for 1952'3e an .XX X Lower left: "Ooo, that light!" Editor Norma Severson squints into the camera, Lower right: Norma and Barbara Powers put the Branhisko together. Below: Cliff' IZnIIng cranks our copies of the Branhisko. Pictured clock-wise are Darlene Eggers, co-editor,Barbara Powers,junior co-edi- tor, Harlan Wehde and Ronald Noordsy, photographers, Jack wright, art editor, Paul Thoreson, sports editor, Dorothy Hovang,junior co-editor,Jeanne Schulte, make-up editor, Jim Ode, business mana- ger, Marjorie Lee, co-editor,1953 Links staff members, look over their work. Darlene Eggers and Marjorie Lee, co- editors of the Links, look over the A11-State award presented to them for the 1952 Links. The award was made at the SDHSTI meeting held at Brook- ings last fall. M3 'PK' I Leonard Bonander receives a receipt from Links busi- ness-manager Jim Ode,after purchasing an annual. Working spare time, burning mid- night oil,attending clinics, meeting dead1ines,aILl add up to the 1953 Links. This year, the annual is a phof5TTfh production. At the head is Mrs. K.J. Henseler, adviser. In December, Darlene Eggers, Mar- jorie Lee, Jim Ode and Hrs. Henseler attended an annual clinic at which four states were in attendance. This was held in Sioux Falls at the YMCA. Work was begun on the '53 Links in January.The deadline was HarcE I. Local thespians emote in plays Fun plus work was the formula for the l9S2junior play.A hilarious comedy 'Me and My Shadown presented by the jun1ors,portrayed the difficulties that can arise when you adopt an imaginary twin. A young man trying earnestly to se- cure land for an ah1nrt from his girl- friend's father, finally, after much sly maneuvering, succeeds, From left to right are Gerald Holm- strom, Barbara Powers, Norma Severson, Ronald Van Regenmorter,Beverly Bisson, and Karl Dieters, Below is Dorothy Voegeli playing the part of Kate, the mother. The lenhm'play was presented on May 8 in the school gymnasium. Due to the date of the production, no pictures could be procured for the yearbook. FHA, the Future Homemakers of America, bacame a thriving organization during the school year. With Delores Jurgensonibelow seated center? as president of the group,the ghd: met in monthly meetings with their spon sor, Hrs, Cornishibelows standing extreme left! Among the projects of the club was a va1ent1ne's party and a spring style show presented for the general public, Initiation, parties both fit our schedule Upper left: Mrs. and Mr. Henseler preformed for high school students during a party by giving an Indian war dance,Upper right: Dorothy Rov- ang and Ronnie Peterson won first prize for the best costumes at a masquerade party. Lower left:Darlene Eggers and Ruthe Archer decorate the Christmas tree for the holiday season.Lower middle: Both grade and high school students participate in the decorating of the gymnasiu for the annual all-school carnival. Lower r1ght:011ver Erick- son helps make the party more fun by acting as master of ceremonies at the freshman party, and making the gunny-sack dressed freshman act foolish. P' 115 sf I An able team of cheerleaders spurred the football and basket- ball teams on during the season at BHS, Led by team captain Ruthe Archer, the 'W' team was composed of three seniors and one junior. Above: Dorothy Rovang, Eleanor' Peterson, Darlene Eggers, and Ruthe Archer. "B" team cheerleaders also aided in keeping spirits high through- out the sports season.Right: Mari- lyn Graff,Mar1ene Parsons ,Alice Schulte and Vernette Olander. f A3 , Pictured are Marjorie Lee, head librarian and two sopho- more 11brar1ens,Sbm'on Schlkm and Ellen Burkman, Mr. Hen- seler is in charge of the library, Many new books have been bought this year. Also some recataloguing has been done, JIM FINCH: Chorus l,2,3,14 Glee 4 snnron ACTIVITIES Burns Ancmszmssna 1 2 Cho- JIM 0DE:Ch0rwl 1.2.3.l+ Bw! 1,2. ! 9391+ rue l,2,3,h Glee Club l,2,3, M Sextet 3 Librarian 2,3 Student Council h Class Play 3 Branhisko Grade Page Edi- tor 3 Cheerleading l,2,h FHA 2 Quartet h German Band h Gems 2 Pep Band 14. :norman BONAN'DER:Sports 1,2,3,L4. DARIENE Ecosns: Chorus 1,2,3,L4 Glee Club l,2,3,14 Sextet 3 Quartet 14 Branhisko Feature Editor 3 Dec Junior editor 3 Co-editor E Gems 2 Class Play 3 FHA 2 cheerlead- ing l,2,3,14 All-State Staff DAR Candidate 14 Student Coun- cil 14 Queen's Attendent 14. LEONE ENGSTROHSWOMDQU high acboul 1,2 Librarian 14. Jem: Enrcxsom Sports 1,2,3,L4 Band l,2,3,14 Class Play 3. OLIVER ERICKSON:Sports 1,2,3,14 Chorus 2,14 Glee Club 14 Class P1ay3 Class President 14 Stu- dent Council 14. 3,14 Quartet 2,3,14 Brass Sex- tet 1,2 Boy's State 3 Sports l,2,3,14 Soloist l,2,3,14 Bran- hisko Co-editor 3 Class Play 3-53 Club 2,11 Links Business Manager 14 Carn'1W.'l'Harshal 14 German Band 2,11 Swing Band 14 Class President 3 Class Vice- president 1 Student Council 2, 3,14 Quill and Scroll 3,14. DOROTHY PECH:Band l,2,3,14 Chorus 1,2,3o1-I' Quartet 14 Pep Band 1, 2,3,14 Brass Sextet 1,2 Glee Club 1,2,3,L4 swing Band ls Ger- man Band l,2,14 Soloist 1,2,3,14 Branhisko 2,3 C1888 Play 3 rar1m 2,3. ELEANOR PETERSON: Band 1,2,3,14 Chorus 1,2,3,14 Glee Club 1,2, 3,14 Quartet 14 Class Play 3 Art Editor of Branhisko 3 Ad- vertising Manager of Links 14 Cheerleading 1,2,3,11 Class Vice-president 14 FHA President 3 Librarian 1,2,3. RONALD ETERSON: Sports 1,2,3,14 Bona l,2,3,14 Chorus 1,2,3, L4 cloo cmb 2,14 Quartet 3,14sm- dent Body V1ce-pres1dent 14 Club 14 Quartet 3 Sports 1,2, 3,14 Class Play 3. mo HEGGEN:Spor'ts 1,2,3,L4 clan Treasurer 3,14 Ms:-sha1's Atten- dent 14. BEVERLY HICKS:C1al8 Play 3 FHA 2,3,14 FHA Reporter 14. DELORES JURCIENSON:Chorus 1,2,3, Glee Club 1,2,3 Class Play 3 FHA 2,3,14 FHA President 14. HARJORIE LEE:Qui1l end Scroll 3,14 Girls State 3 Ck Play 3 Links junior editor 3 Co-editor II Declan 3 Branhisko make-u edi- tor 3 Gems 2 Chorus l,2,fGlee Club l,2,3Vocal and instrumen- tal accompanist 14C1ass Presi- dent 2 Class Treasurer l Sex- tet 3 Lee Trio 2 Soloist 1,14 Librarian 3,14 Cheerleading l, 2,3 FHA 2. nnnsus LIESINGER:Wsshington mga school 1,2 on 1 mu 3.14. JIM H!ERS:C1ass Play 3 Chorus 3 gagkatball Manager 2Sports 1, D 3 ' Student Council 14. ARDELL RIST:Band 2,3,b,Glee Club 14 Sports l,2,3,14 Branhisko Production Manager 3 Stiient Council 3. ELSIE RISTY: FHA 2,3 Librarian 3,14 Class Play Prompter 3. JEANNE SCHULTEz Band 1,2,3,L4 Chorus 1,2,3,L4 moo Club 1,2, 3,14 Branhisko Co-editor 3 Links Hilie-up Editor 14 FHA 2, 3711-71-IA President 3 Sax Quar- tet 2 Class Play 3 Carnival Queen 14 Class President 1 Student Body President 14 Stu- dent Council President 14 De- clam 3,11 Vice-pre sident Daco- tah Press Association 3 Quill and Scroll 3,14 Librarian 1,2, 3 Soloist lGems 2 Swing Band 3 Pep Band 2,3,14 German Band RONALD SHENSON: Class Play 3 Sports l,2,3,14 Basketball Manager 3,14, RONALD TORBERSON:Sportl 1,2- lcont inued on next page! CONTRIBUTORS Carlson Blacksmith w Corson, S.D. Corson Cooperative we Corson, S.D. Benner Corner 4 Renner, S.D. Terrace Park Dairy u Sioux Falls, S.D. Dakota Farm Equipment Corp. 4 Sioux Falls, S.D. Keelers Service 4 Sioux Falls, S.D. Brandon Cafe 4 Brandon,S,D. Pete's Grocery 4 Brandon, S.D. Brandon Lumber k Hardware ww Brandon, S.D. Frank Kerkhove, Custom Grinding A Valley Springs, S.D. Erickson Garage Brandon, S.D. Clarence Flood, Custom Snelling 4 Brandon, S.D. Brandon Telephone Co. 4 Brandon, S.D. Valley Springs Clinic 4 Dr. J. M. Hermanson Valley Springs, S.D. Brandon Savings Bank an Brandon, S.D. Brown and Saenger w Sioux Falls, S.D. Each 4 represents a 66.00 contribution SENIOR ACTIVITIES K PAUL Tnonssomsand 1,2,3,u Links Sports Editor M BranEIsEo Sports Editor 3 Sports I,2,L h Student Council 2,3 Class Vice-president 3 Class Sec- retary h Class Play 3 Quill and Scroll 3,h. Lacey's Turkey Farm 4 Brandon, S. D. Rikansrud-Johnson, Allis-Chalmers Sioux Falls, S.D. The Eat Shoppe The Eate Shoppe Sioux Falls, S.D. Rushmore Cafe Sioux Falls, S.D. Emmet Connolly-Launderette Sioux Falls, S.D. Minnehaha Coop Oil Co. 4 Sioux Falls, S.D. Sioux Valley Milk Producers Assn. Sioux Falls, S.D. Ross Robinson Co. 4 Sioux Falls, S.D. Williams Piano Co. is Sioux Falls, S.D. Percy Jewelers 4 Sioux Falls, S.D. Spencer Furniture Sioux Falls, S.D. Klock Bros, Appliances Q Sioux Falls, S.D. The Art Center 4 Sioux Falls, S.D. L. Beal Bottling Works Sioux Falls, S.D. Coca-Cola Bottling Sioux Falls, S.D. Valley Springs Motor Co. 4 Valley Springs, S.D. Elert Swenson, General Trucking 4 Corson, S.D. CONTINUED, JACK WRIGHT: Sports 1 2 Links Art Editor h Class Flay 3. JACQUELINE THOMPSON:Chorus 1,2, 3,14 Glee Club l,2,3,h Bran- hisko Business Manager TFHA 2, 5,5 Librarian 3,l4.

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