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2 1, E ie il? 'Ji , , ' . 'H , , .-.Y 14 fl A .f ,f ' Ii-A as-'Q-1-15i1.5L.2-. 3EmuiESi.w'iS'3Snlf'Ei?1g ' T 45 ' . 'miiW Hh l54'?6.Ee'i1'1ilhiEV5 WHEHIE f9.F'iWE'K1.iDillE ' '51Wclt6T55ii2iiKli!iIB5XDLW!Fl2'C1EEL33JilS'WlWHll?J Mz4? BMW f4:'F1,M":2l?f2K:!!f.4T 9 G' 2 YJ , THE 1947 BHADHNIAN Volume XVI puma fl, THE SENIIIR CLASS IIIIAIIEIIHII TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHIIIIE Bradford, IIIinois Fore ord The main purpose of this Bradonian is to help you remember the year 1946-1947, the people you knew, the work you did, the fun you had-everything that was part of your Bradford High School life. Two Dedication One of the most interesting and congenial per- sonalities we have ever known is one who has been a mem- ber of the faculty for twenty-one years and has done much for our high school. She is highly respected by all who know her. Hundreds of students have studied under her care and guidance and are proud to have had the privilege of being her students. All appreciate the persistence, perseverance, tactfulness, knowledge, and understanding which char- acterize her work. In gratitude for all she has done and what she means to Bradford Township High School-to Miss Sallie Vanzant we dedicate the Sixteenth Volume of the Brad- onian. FOUI' Board oi Education R. L. BREEN JOHN R. DUNLAP President Secretary HENRY COHRS L. D. IODER WARREN HALL DR, C. A, FORBES CLARENCE RINKENBERGER Six D. M. HANSON, B.S., M.A Principal Parsons College University of Illinois C, H Facult SALLIE VANZANT THOMAS LEESON A.B., M.A. B.Ed. ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL COMMERCIAL Western Kentucky Teachers Illinois State Normal University University of Kentucky SHAW TERWILLIGER GWENDOLYN WILLIAMS B.S., M.A. A.B. AGRICULTURE ENGLISH Bradley DRAMATICS University of Illinois University of Illinois Eight Facult DONALD ARTHUR B.M. MUSIC LaSalle-Peru Junior College Vandercook School of Music Illinois Wesleyan University BETTY GARDNER PHYSICAL EDUCATION Illinois State Normal University Nine ..w""""' 4 Giii MAE MILLER B.S. HOMEMAKING Illinois State Normal University JAMES H. MURSENER Ae.. COACH Eureka College University of Iowa Rllllilllk Vie-0. Juzmitzl, Al2ll'f.1'2llt'l I',U1l'I'?lIId "l'l11il1lUSu, Ilmmy in frwmzll. XYIM-l'e's Hn-lmy? 5 x l'IPI'iSl'! 'I'lu-rvszi, l XXlllld4'T' who ii is'f Luis. Juzm. 'mud lvg..-'y. . .- . , . ,. . . .. , . Hkwn' KM.. mid l,m.iS"' M-"UU" 1f""'.'f.-llfflql"l'l:ff1l- llllllvf, i'1':11g:,', f'ill'l'IlH :md Murphy. lfmwh NIm,Sm1m.' IYOIIHSL WIN-lets brlllzllr. qu . . . . .. - wms, .Nlzlx mul IWRIXIIIV. NIZIXIIH' :AN Z1 "I5111h- Rum-hM'. Lrzlig und L'L11'1'LlI1. Mvlieznn. :1 guru! milor. Ten Jim, Bmdoi - c,x.P' 55?-5 K s, 15. 1 , gf ,I 'N Y x . 1 , in 4m J L .if 'f 1 .N.g, . , ,, .Y , , 1 ', .UL-153g'g'l' ' ,, . ', J ' ,151-pf,'.,H,,. U, ,L .4 A HQ, , V 1 v -f.,, 'f in , i I ISIRLM: ,f g.n:f,1'bIi'1w.H" ii. f . x .. ' Q. Qu ,U-Cd Class ol 47 Bernie Cahill Class President 45 Football 1-4: Foot- ball Co-Captain 42 Basketball 1-45 Track 1-4: Letterman 3-4: Vic'e-Pres- ident of "B" Club 42 'Fhespian 2-45 F. F.A. 1-4, Public Speaker 2-45 'AAI- most Summer" 15 "A Little Honey" 2: "Sing for Your Supper" 35 "I Shall Be Waiting" 355 "lt's Papa NVlio Pays" 4. Joan Finnegan CCuddlesD Chorus 1-25 F.H.A. 1-45 Class Secre- tary 15 "It's Papa NVh0 Pays" 4. Theresa Calhoun fTweetJ Band 1-15 Ensemble 1-45 Girls' Chorus 1-45 President of Girls' Chorus Z5 Festival Chorus 1-4: Cheerleader 1-35 President of Flass 35 Drum Majorette 2-45 Vice-President of Class 25 G.A. A. President 35 Student Count-il Sec-- retary 35 'Fhespian 2-4, Sovrotary 3, President 4: F.H.A. 1-3, Camp Dele- gate 1-25 Home-Coming Queen 25 "Ml: and Mrs. America" 15 "Almost Sum- mer" 25 "Sing for Your Suppe-r" llg "It's Papa Who Pays" 4. Robert Camey fBuckD Football 1-25 Basketball 1-25 Track 1-2. John Campbell Attended VVenona 15 F.F.A. 1-4, Re- porter 15 Mixed Chorus 1-4: Band 1-45 Basketball 1-25 Football 3-45 'l'raf'k 1-45 "It's Papa XVho Pays" 45 Thos- pian 4. Mary Jean Forbes tForbesieJ Band 1-4: Uhorus 1-4: F.H.A. 1-4: Pop Club 15 HI-1ighli2,'hts" Staff 45 "Pan- ther Patteringsn Staff 45 Editor of Bradonian 45 G.A.A. -1. 9 rg . . 'rhirteen Class of '47 Fourteen Marilyn Emmons Band 1-43 Chorus 1-41 F.H.A. 1-43 Pep Club 13 "Sing for Your Supper" 33 'lfhespian 4. Robert Chasteen Attended Roosevelt Junior High 13 At tended Manu 11 High 23 Boys' Choru: 1-33 "It's Papa VVho Pays" 43 As sistant Editor of Bradonian 43 Thes- pian 4. Robert Driscoll CDizzyJ Football 1-41 Basketball 1-43 Tr:-lck 1-43 Letterman 1-43 Chorus 1-42 F.F. A. 1-43 Student Council 43 "B" Club 43 "It's Papa VVho Pays" 4. Joanne Hickey Class President 13 Pep Club 13 Band l-43 Chorus 1-43 F.H.A. 1-43 G.A.A. 4: Carnival Queen 4. Cleo Dixon Pep Club 13 Band 1-43 Chorus 1-43 G.A.A. 43 "Panther Patteringsu Staff 4. Jay Hickey fHonest Johnj Attended St. Bede's 13 Football 2-43 Basketball 2-43 Track 2-4: Letterman 2-43 Student Council 3-43 Student Council President 43 Vice-President of "B" Club 43 'Fhespiun 3-43 Class Treasurer 23 F.F.A. 2-43 Festival Chorus 3-43 Chorus 2-33 "Sing for Your Supperu 33 "It's Papa VVho Pays" 4. Class ol 4 John Cox Football 1-4: 'l'l'a0k l-323 l7.l7'.A. 1-43 "B" Club 43 l46ttH!'lI'l2lll 2-13 Chorus 4. Delores Mitchell Attemled St. Marys Academy, Nau- voo 13 Class SL-rfl'0tz1l'y 2-42 Sturlr-nt Counril 2-43 Sl'K'l'0t2ll'Y 43 Cheerleader 43 Chorus 2-43 ICIlSt'Il'llllL' 2-43 Mixwl Chorus 2-43 Chorus Vice-President C53 'l'llHSDi2il1 3-43 l".H.A. 2-C33 G.A.A. 23-43 Se-0retn1'y 3, Vine-President 43 Honor Som-iety 23 "A Little Honey" 23 "Sing: for Your Supperu 33 "Panther Pat- teringzi' Staff 43 Librarian 4. Lois Kelly Chorus I-4: G.A.A, 43 Hand 1-23 F.H. A. 1-43 Pep Club 1. Jack Rinkenberger Football l-43 Basketball 1-3: 'l'raf'k 1-43 Letterman 2-43 F.F.A. 2-41 Thes- pian 2-4. Vive-President 33 "B" Club 43 "Sing for Your Summer" 33 "It's Papa Who Pays" 43 Chorus 3. James Mowbray CMOJ Football 1-4: Track l-43 Hnskvtball 1-23 Letterman 3-43 "B" Club 43 F. F A 1 4 Aileen Manning Pop Club 13 F.H.A. 1-43 Chorus 2-43 G.A.A. 3-4. "" 'MQW' Fifteen Class ol '4 Sixteen Margaret Sturm fMigJ Chorus 1-43 G.A.A. 3-4: F.H.A. 1-4. Pauline Sturm fPollyD Clmrus 1-4: Pep Club 1: G.A.A. 3-4, PM-sirlent -13 Carnival Queen 3. Catherine Ryan fKateJ 1'hlll'US 1-4: Hand 1-45 Pep Club 13 G.A.A. -lg l-'.l-LA. 1-4. William Weber Fonrtbzill 1-23 Baraketball 1-23 Track 1-23 13111111 1--lg Chorus 1-4. Barbara Woodford fBarbD I'z1ml 1-23 F.H.A, 1-41 Pop Club 1: Nzlllunzzl llrmur Soviety 2-4: "Sing for Mvur SLlll1l6l'u 33 Chorus 1-4. Wayne Walker lf',1+'.A, 1-2g Class Tiezlsurcr 1: Chorus 2: 'l'1'ilL'k 23 Footlmll 1-21 Hand 1-4. Bonny Jean Reinbeck Band l-4: Vhous A1-voinpzinist Cl-4 Choius 1-43 Fnsemblv l-4: Vocal Con J test 1-43 Mixed Phoius l-Lg l'inno Contest 2-43 Festival lfhozus l-43 "Ml and Mrs. Amexicau 1: t'Almost Sum 1ne1"' 23 "A Little Honey" 2: "Sing fm' Your Sll1l1lPl,' 23: "lt's llnpzi NYho Pays" -lg 'lhcspiun I I, 'I'1 -zlsiuoei' 4 L . National Honor Soc:-tj! 2-4: Spun-L-li Contest 3-4: Contest Pluy 33 F.ll.A 1-lg G.A.A, 3--ig Librauizin Z,-I. Harry Staley .Xttvmled Mt. Vernon l-2: Class Vice- President lg F.F.A. 1-4. Max Scott tBigJ Hoimeoinlng King 43 F.l-'.A. 1-43 F l'.A. Vice President 3. Maxine Scott tPussyj Band l-4g Chorus 2-233 F.H.A. l-43 F. 1I.A. 'l'l't'ilSUI'8I' 2. Soc-retnry 34, Pre:-:i dent 43 F.H.A. Camp 33 Pep Club lg "It's Papa VVho l'avs" 45 Homeeom- ing Queen 43 Thespian 4. Phyllis Tuimbleson Student Council lg Class 'l'l't'ilHUI't'l' 3: Chorus l-45 Hand 1-43 G.A.A. 3-41 Pep Club lg "Sing for Your Sllllllljlwy 35 "Panther Patteringsn Stuff 4. John Votava Class Vice-President 15 Track 2 Football 25 F.F.A. 1-3. Class of '47 .M I Seventeen Zin illlemnriam JOHN GENZEL senior Class Histor The Class of '47 entered Bradford High School August 25, 1943, with an enroll- ment of thirty-seven students. During the year we lost two boys, Ronald Behnke and Darrell Hanchett, but we added John Campbell to the roll. There was the usual confu- sion of getting into the wrong classes and having schedules revised, but the "Green Freshmen" came through, none the worse for the troubles each new class must go through. Our sponsors for the first two years were Miss McElwain and Mr. Taylor. A great deal was contributed to the school by the Freshmen, as many girls took part in Chorus, Home Economics Club, and other extra-curricular activities. The boys held their part in the balance byiparticipating in football, basketball, and track. The dra- matic and other abilities of the class were shown by their being included in the var- ious activities. The Freshman float won first place at Homecoming. The second year found the class, as Sophomores, ranking the highest in the school as to enrollment. There were still thirty-seven members. The boys who had worked so hard in athletics gained credit, as three earned their letters that year. New honors were won in the dramatic field by four members of the class being admitted to the honorary society of Thespians. We were again represented in the music contest. A big event of the year was the sponsoring of the Christmas party which was a very great success. As Jolly Juniors the group decreased in number to thirty-two. Pat Tilson was lost through transfer and Bob Chasteen was added at the end of the first semester. Our sponsors were Miss Wetzel and Mr. Terwilliger. In addition to regular activities, the girls' basketball team was very successful. The activity which the class deserves the most credit for was the sponsoring of the Junior-Senior Prom which proved a suc- cess. They also produced a play, "Sing for Your Supper." During the course of the year, the group was saddened by the tragic death of one of their number, John Genzel. He had been successful in shop work and, needless to say, his empty chair cast a shadow over the class which will not soon be brushed aside. When the last year at B.H.S. rolled around, noone could realize that he was graduating. Much was contributed to band, dramatics, football, and basketball by the class. The play, "It's Papa Who Pays," was a real success. Aided by Miss Vanzant and Mr. Hanson, a large sum of money for the traditional Chicago trip was made by selling candy, pop, and various other things. We of the Senior Class wish to express our thanks to all who helped to make possible our four happy years at B.H.S. Nineteen Row 3: David Malone. Ren Pettegrew, Roy Dorff, Bill Tumbleson, Phil Code, Bernie lvlcliean, Dale Nelson, James Mitchell, Bob Lee, Pete Gorman. How 2: Myrtle Thunima, Charlene Tracy, Vader Dickerson, Lt-land 'l'l1l'llt'l'. Don Cook, Glen lllIlkt2lllN'l'g6l', Sherry Grahzim, Celestine Stotler, Juanita Dixon. Row 1: Mr. Les-son, aclviserg Joanne Shaw, Doris Puff, Marjorie Reed, Anna Mae Grubzlugli, Marjorie Anderson. Audrey Dennison, Lois Real, Miss Miller, advisor. Junior This year the Junior Class has lived up to the long-standing name of "Jolly Juniors." They are proudly wearing their new class rings which proves that they have passed from the stage of being "Green Freshies" and "Silly Sophomoresf' The class is composed of twelve girls and thirteen boys who have participated in all school activ- ities and have done their share of work. We are glad to welcome a new student, James Mitchell, who came to us from Moline. The officers are: President, David Malone, Vice-President, Don Cookg Secretary, Lois Real g Treasurer, Sherry Graham, and Student Council, Marjorie Reed and Dale Nelson. The Juniors are interested in sports and have nine members entered in foot- ball, basketball, and track. The co-captains for football next year are Phil Code and David Malone. Many members are entered in band and chorus. They also hold a large share of the offices in F.F.A., F.H.A., G.A.A., and Thespians. The Juniors have con- tributed to their treasury by way of a chili luncheon, a play, and a benefit movie. Our class advisers are Miss Miller, Mr. Leeson, and Mr. Arthur. They have proved helpful throughout the year and we appreciate their leadership. We are looking forward to next year being as successful as this has been. Twenty Bow 4: Jim Gill, Charles Philhower, Donald Plotner. Bill Green, Stanley WVright, Jerry Hickey, J, E. 'l'erwil- liger, Dan Driscoll, Bob lvlowbray. Eugene Craig Don Kelly, Jim Rankin, Loren NVrig'ht. Row 32 John liarto. liernard Kelly. VVz1lter Harmon, Patricia Ryan, Ruthe Linden, Doreen Ringenberg, VVanda McKeever, Eflytha- Eble, Muriel Campbell, Marjorie Damm, Lois Manning. Row 2: Mr. Terwilliger, advise-rg Donna Daily. Betty Chasteen, Caroline Rees, Barbara Carroll, Doris Cham- pion, Genevieve Van Ustrzind. Verna Nvabel, Miss Gardner, adviser. Row 1: Elenore Gimilwaiigli, Shirley Moody, Betty Jean Scott, Doris Manning. Charlene Thummu, Pat Ryan, Kay Tumblesun, Betty Johnston. ophomore The Sophomore Class of 1946-47 ranks as the second largest class with a total of forty-six members. Only- two did not return from last year but during this year, Louise Heneger and Bill Hufnagel discontinued school work. The class officers are: President, J. E. Terwilligerg Vice-President, Bill Green, Secretary, Muriel Campbell, Treasurer, Danny Driscoll, and Student Council, Edythe Eble and John Barto. Our Homecoming Queen and King, Barbara Carroll and Bill Green, ranked sec- ond. The Carnival Queen and King, Edythe Eble and Danny Driscoll, took first place. The boys traveling squad of the basketball and football teams included Don Kelly, Gene Craig, J. E. Terwilliger, Jerry Hickey, Bob Mowbray, Danny Driscoll, and Bill Green. The first four of these were lettermen. The Ensemble members were Ruthe Linden, Donna Dally, Pat Ryan, and Caroline Rees. Doreen Ringenberg was cheerleader. Miss Gardner and Mr. Terwilliger, our class advisers, were a great help to us in our school activities. Twenty-one .RUXV-lZlAil'1'Y Bucher, John Lombard, llonalll Giuliani. lmln Murphy, liill lizxrv, lid lflhnlv, Stanley Albrwlit Robert Cass. Donald Fuss, Jack XYzltkin:-:. lioln-rt Smith, limb l"ur'm-y, Jim Uzunvy, Gln-nn lqZlY'l1llllttll. Row Il: Pat l'Jwl1nol'e, Glenn Dennison, Ch2ll'll'S llzilryinplv. .lm-k Urzlig, llzllt- Kllll'iL'lliN-'Y'QOl', limb Qit'l'2ll'd, .lim Curry. lJum1lmlNYeekly. Dean f'lll'l'0ll, limb XVomlI'ol'll. tlnvll llllinorv, John Thompson. l'hz11'le-s 'I'hum:ls, Reed Hay. llnw 2: Mr. Mursr-ner, advisory Colle-en lVIHl'l'lS!4t'X, Jll1'C1l1l' lvluwlnwiy, G1-1'll'1ulv Wli'lf1'llll, Nancy 'l'vi'vVillig.:'m-I'. llotly lleal. Delores lizlnuat. Juan Scott. .loyvo liurwoll, llotty Fulvy. llilllllllm' Sxxzllluws. Miss XYilli:1ms. zulviser. lluw l: l'l1zu'lottv Enos, Mary lflllen f'JIl'l'Hl1. Junvt Puff. .Is-:lnninv llUllliS1lIIl, li:x1'l1:l1':1 l.u1-km-, lvlurilyn lillITlll2ll'1l. .Ivan Poff, Mary Elxle. Put Morrissey. Audrey Maiming. Fre hmen The Freshman Class entered school on August 26, 1946. After managing to live through the initiation ceremony, we went on to hang up a record which the class of next year Will have a difficult time to equal or surpass. With the help of our advisers, Coach Mursener and Miss Williams, we sponsored a Fall Dance and the annual party on St. Valentine's Day. Our float at the Homecoming won third prize. It represented the sky with the name of a player on each of the stars. From each star an orange or black streamer extended to the Wagon. The legend was 'fHitch Your Wagon to a Star." In a magazine campaign early in the year, We beat the Sophomores, adding S103 to our treasury. As a result, they entertained us with a party. We found it the easiest money-making project of the year and hope to have another try at it next year. At the first meeting of our class we elected the following officers: President, Bob Murphyg Vice-President, Betty Realg Secretary-Treasurer, Jack Craigg and Stu- dent Council, Nancy Terwilliger and Dean Carroll. Our class was ably represented in athletics. Thirteen boys were out for football, eight for basketball, and eleven for track. In addition to athletics, we had representa- tives in practically all extra-curricular activities. Twenty-two jim, Bzzadoman, P' dx 4 N1 WS 1947 'F .u W" V X v X, 4'K",'Q ix L- Tiff ,. 'M n,,,,, ,A A! . 1 I W'?TH " ,um . .W , . '7,39K4llW'll . , WfEx.UEHTN'W Row 2: John Bairro. Mr. Hanson. adviser: Joanne Hickey, Marjorie Recd, IM-an lfzlrroll. How 1: Edythv Eble, Bob Drisf-oll, Jay Hickey, presiclenlg Delores Mitchell, Dale Nvlsnn, Nancy 'l'c1'willigc1'. tudent Council The Illinois Association of Student Councils at Bradford High School has as its purposes: to create better school spirit, to give students experience in governing, to give students a part in school government, and to create a feeling of cooperation and responsibility. i The members consist of a president, a secretary, and two representatives from each class. They are: President, Jay Hickey, Secretary, Delores Mitchell, Seniors, J0- anne Hickey and Bob Driscoll, Juniors, Marjorie Reed and Dale Nelsong Sophomores, Edythe Eble and John Bartog and Freshmen, Nancy Terwilliger and Dean Carroll. The organization is under the supervision of Mr. Hanson. Two of the major works of the Council this year were the planning of Home- coming on November 1 and Big Brother and Sister Day which was held in April. Four of the members attended the district convention which was held in Ke- wanee on November 12 and hope to attend the state convention in Chicago. Twenty-five 'V ' ' , 555 i How J: Glen Iilllli6IliDt'l'g4:'l', Larry Bucher, Mr. llzmson. sponsor, How l:J:1c'k Rinkvnlwi'go1'. Robert Ulialsiel-ii, Mary .Ivan Forbl-s, 1-rlilurg Miss X'2lIlZ2lllt, spun l'm'ulinv lim-vs, Jay Hickey, l'lei'nie Cahill. Bradonian tail The following people were chosen by the senior class to be members of the 1947 Bradonian Staff: Editor, Mary Jean Forbes, Assistant Editor, Robert Chasteeng Busi- ness Managers, Jack Rinkenberger, and Jay Hickey, Classes, Glenn Rinkenberger, Car- oline Rees, Larry Bucher, Snapshots, Jack Rinkenbergerg Sports, Bernie Cahill, Fac- ulty, Mr. Hanson and Miss Vanzant. In addition to these, a member of each club was asked to write an article about the work which had been done this year. Money was earned for the publication of the Bradonian through donations from each class and club, through advertisements, and by the sale of the yearbooks by the business managers. A The engraving was done by the Galesburg Engraving Company, Galesburg, Illinois, and the printing by The Times Record, Aledo, Illinois. The books were distributed on Thursday, May 15, Twcnt x How 2: Delores Mitchell. liuis lil-ul, Joann Flllllviiklll, Ruthe Linden, Muriel f'2llT'lIllll'H. How l1.lrmnm- Shaw. Bonny lieinln-ck, Miss Vzlnzzlnt, libi'z1i'l:in. Librar One of the most important rooms in the building, I believe, is the library. At any hour of the school day you may go in and have an enjoyable time among the many interesting books found there. True, to some people it is only a place where many shelves are overburdened with books, but to those who enter its door seeking help and pleasure, it is a place of vast interest. It is a comfort to know that when you are as- signed a term paper or other work Where much outside information is needed, you have free access to the library's many books. Miss Vanzant is librarian and many extra hours of her time are devoted to the library's success. Seven students assist her by charging books, keeping books on the shelves in their proper places, helping students to find the desired information, and keeping general order in the room. So far, about fifty new books have been added this year to our already extensive collection. Among the most popular of these are: "Sports Extra," "Short Leash," "Son of Thunder," and "Patriot in the Saddle." A valuable addition to the library is the Abridged Readers' Guide by which articles may be located in our many magazines. A new set of the Americana Encyclopedia, a Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, and a re- volving dictionary stand have also been purchased. ' Every year our library is becoming better and it is our hope that the time may soon come when a larger room will be available for its store of knowledge. Twenty-Seven Row il: Bernie Cahill. J. Fl. 'Ferwilligeix Bernie MOK4-nn, Don Funk, .lm-Irv Hickey, lien Petteguvw. Row 2: Hub Lee, Helen Doty, Bonny Reinhevk, Caroline Rees, lmunai Dallly. Luis lin-nl, Genevieve Yun Uslrzmd. Jim Gill. Row 1: Muriel Czirnplwil, l3ai'liai'a XVoodfo1'd, Ruthe Linden, lfldylho Elric, Kay 'l'ixmlrlc-soil. National Honor ooioty The Bradford Chapter of the National Honor Society, now in its third year, has its largest membership since being chartered in 1945. The objectives of this chapter are to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character in the pupils of Bradford High School. Membership in the National Honor Society is based on scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Candidates must have spent at least one semester in Brad- ford High School, and shall be a member of the Sophomore, Junior, or Senior Class. Sophomore members are known as probationary members, having voice and vote in the chapter, but may not hold office. Scholastic standards for membership require candidates to possess an average of 11.5 for all time spent in high school. At any time that a member's scholastic aver- age drops below this point, he is automatically dropped from the chapter until such time as his average is up to, or above the required level. Officers for the current year are: President, Benny Pettegrewg Vice-President, Lois Real, Secretary-Treasurer, Bonny Jean Reinbeckg Faculty Sponsor, Mr. Leeson. New members to be initiated this year are the following: Muriel Campbell, Ruthe Linden, Caroline Rees, Jim Gill, Donna Dally, Jerry Hickey, J. E. Terwilliger, Edythe Eble, Genevieve Van Ostrand, Helen Doty, Bernie Cahill, Bob Lee, and Kay Tumbleson. Twenty-eight Row 2: Phil Voile, Jzly llivkvy. Pete Gormzlii. Row 1: Jim Moxxbruy, lh-i'11iu lvli-Kean, Iluvid Malone, lion Cook, lien l'etteg'i'ew. Physics Class The Physics Class is composed of nine boys, three of Whom are seniors and the others are juniors. With Mr. Hanson as instructor, the class delves into the theories and secrets of physical matter and tries to test the conclusions by experiment. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays the students work in the laboratory. The experi- mental part of the subject is most fascinating because it takes real ingenuity to devise just the right experiment to test a theory. Physics has to do with the common things around us which may be conveniently separated into five divisions. They are: mechanics, heat, electricity, sound, and light. The object in studying physics is to learn to think accurately about familiar things and to base theories on experiments performed in the laboratory. To many, physics appears to be a difficult course but to those who truly under- stand the subject, it furnishes a practical knowledge which is not only useful in every- day Work but can be used to good advantage in later life. Twenty-nine 5- , -n. . . , n .' l . . . - , .. - 1 y- f .um ...lXl1. lldiiscm. piimiiufil, Ml. Lecson. lllSllllI'iHl, Audrey -INJIIIIIHUII, bln-Ii lxllllit'lllN:I'g'i'l'. John Nutzivzi. limi' 3: limb Lu-. Lois Iii-ul, Joanne Sliziw, Lelzmd Turner. I I: lien l'r-ltr-gi' x lloy lmiff, 1'h:i1'lvm- Trzicy. Commercial Department The Commercial Department this year is made up of three courses: Typing I and Commercial Law, Typing and Shorthand II, and Bookkeeping. The Typing I class terminated at the end of the first semester, and by that time the average student could type twenty-five words per minute. They learned the parts of the machine, the fundamentals of typing, and the application of the fundamentals to their own personal typing problems. At the beginning of the second semester, Com- mercial Law, a subject dealing with everyday laws, began with an enrollment of thirty students. In Bookkeeping the students learned the principles of the bookkeeping cycle, how to make and keep personal ledgers, and many other useful and practical things. Through the use of a practice set, they had an opportunity to acquaint themselves with the problems of a bookkeeper in a real-life business situation. Typing and Shorthand II class consists of eight girls who have been learning how to cut stencils and the use of the Mimeograph and Ditto Machines. They are rap- idly improving their shorthand and typing speed. Mr. Thomas Leeson is the capable commercial teacher and is well liked and re- spected by all his students. Thirty Row 2:Del0re-1-1 Mitchell, Phyllis Tumbleson, Cleo Dixon, Marjorie Reed. Row 1: Mary Jean Forbes. Bob Lee, Miss XVilliams, adviser, Anna Mae Grubuugh, Celestine Stotler, Ben Pette- grew. Paper tafi This year Bradford High School has maintained two paper staffs instead of only one. At the beginning of the year, Miss Williams was chosen as sponsor of the "B.H.S. Highlights," our column in "The Bradford Republican." The staff includes Anna Mae Grubaugh, Editor g Mary Jean Forbes and Marjorie Lea Reed, Assistant Editors, and Ben Pettegrew, Sports Editor. Later on in the first semester we decided to experiment with the possibilities of a school paper. The first issue was christened "The Panther Patteringsu and has re- mained so. The paper was to be published every month by the same members of the "Highlights" staff with the addition of several other members including the following: Cleo Dixon, Celestine Stotler, Bob Lee, Delores Mitchell, and Phyllis Tumbleson. The "Panther Patteringsn was sent to our students who were in the hospital, to other schools, to the teachers, and was sold to our own students. We hope that the school paper will continue to grow in future years to become a permanent feature of our high school. Thirty-one Row 5. Theresa Calhoun, Gertrude McKean, Betty Real. Barbara f'arroll, Caroline Recs. In-ah llall, Donna Daily. Joanne Shaw. Betty Uhasteen. Lois Real, Bonny Re-'inhe-ck. Mary Joan Fo.hes, Myrtle 'l'humma, Marg'arel Sturm. How el: lietty Johnston, Pauline Sturm, Ruthv Linden, Edythe Ifible, Anna Mae Grulvaugh. Celestine Stotler. Slierry Graham, Verna XVabel. Genevieve Yan Ostrand. NVilma XYright, VVan1la Mm'Ke+'x'ei', Doreen Ring- 0llllf3!'g, Muriel Campbell, Charlene Thumma, Marjorie Damm. How Il: Anilrey Dennison. Lois Kelly, Marjorie Anderson, Lois Manning, Helen Duty, Nancy Terwilligzer. Elenore Row 11 o W Uruhaugli. Phyllis Tumble-son. Delores Mitchell. Joanne Hickey, Juanita Dixon, Mary ldlrle. Shirley Cain. .,. . H - - 1. iliarlene lracy. Joan Scott. Pat Declmore. Lolle-on Morrissey. Delores lianuat, Jacque Mowbray, Pat Ryan. Betty Foley. Mary Ellen Carroll. Doris Poff. Shirley Moody, Mr. Arthur, director. Kay Tumblvson. Jean Poff, Janet Poff, Betty Jean Scott, Cleo Dixon, Pat Morrissey, Audrey Manning, Aileen Manning. Doris Manning. Girl ' Choru The Girls' Chorus of Bradford High School is an organization of sixty-two mem- bers. The membership is voluntary and every girl in school has the opportunity to join it. The first public performance this year was the participation in a mid-season concert presented by the Music Department on December 19. At the opening of the second semester eighteen girls were chosen from the organization to form the Festival Chorus. This group participated in the Blackhawk Chorus Festival at Wethersfield on April 11. This is an annual event and is composed of eighteen girls and eighteen boys from each of the seven schools in the Conference. On March 29 several members of the Chorus participated in the District Competitive Festival held at Woodruff High School in Peoria. Thirty-two llcloros lllitvlu-ll. liuthv l.i111ln-11. 1':ll'1llillL: Kees. liuimu Dzllly, Bonny 1lL'illlJtifk, Tlwrcsa Calhoun, Anim Mae f,il'ullllllgll, Pat Ryan. Girls' En emble The Girls' Ensemble is composed of a group of seven girls from the Bradford High School Girls' Chorus. It was organized primarily for the purpose of providing a small musical organization that might perform at various civic activities in the com- munity. Because of its success it has become a regular and accepted part of the Music Department. In the course of the year the Ensemble has performed for several of the com- munity organizations as well as furnishing entertainment for school activities. On March 29, the organization entered the District Music Competitive Festival which was conducted at Woodruff High School in Peoria. During the Blackhawk Music Festival conducted at Wethersfield, the Ensemble presented a special number. Each school of the conference, in addition to sending students to the Festival Chorus, pre- sented an individual musical number. The closing activity for the Ensemble was High School Commencement at which time it presented two numbers. Thirty-three Row 4: llarbara Lum-ke, Mr. Arthur, director: Loren VVright. Jim Gill. Walter Harmon. Genevieve Yan Ustrand. Glenn Campbell, Bob Forney. Marilyn Lombard. liowllz Doris Uhampion. Jeannine Reubsam, John Lombard, Charles Thomas, .It-an Forney, Viola Manning, Junior Law. Mary Ellen Uarrull, Pat Ryan. Doreen IilHE2,'t'lllTQl'g'. Verna XX'alwl. Leland 'l'nx'ner, Bill NVQ-her, Don Heed, Bill Tumbleson, Barbara Carroll. Sherry Graham, Hen l'vttm-grow. Row 2: Muriel Campbell, Phyllis Tumbleson, Catherine Ryan, Ret-nl llay, Doris l'ofl'. Juanita Dixon. XVayne Walker, Theresa Calhoun, Maxine Scott, Bob Hickey, .lim Swearingen, Kenney Sullivan, Donald XVet-kly, Pauline Swallows, John Campbell. Row 1: Celestine Slotler. Joanne Hickey, Cleo Dixon, Mary Jean Forbes, liill Blake, ldclytlnl Elric, VVanda Mc- Keever, Bonny lieinbeck. Joanne Shaw. Not in Picture: Pete Gorman, Helen Doty, Dorothy Ann Carroll, Gertrude Mm-Kean, Shirley Cain. Band The Bradford High School Band, an organization which has fifty-four members, has made considerable improvement this year. Among the many contributing factors were the rehearsals held during the summer prior to the opening of the school year. The activities of the band were many and varied. Included in its program were a trip to the State Fair, a concert at the Williamsfield Homecoming, participation in the Bradford American Legion Homecoming, and a trip to the Western Illinois State Teach- ers' Homecoming where it participated in the parade along with about fifteen other high school bands. In addition to its programs away from Bradford, the band presented two formal concerts at the high school. One of these was a joint program with the chorus on the night of December 19 and the other was on May 6. The band's traditional duties consisted of programs at the Blackhawk Confer- ence football and basketball games, participation in the Illinois High School Associa- tion's Competitive Festival, and joint participation with the other bands of the con- ference at the Blackhawk Conference Music Festival held at Galva. Thirty-four Huw Il: Jzly llivkm-y. .Im-k RiI1kE'l'llll'l'f.fl'l'. llvrniv Mc'Kvzin, Huh Tlrismoll, llc-rnie Uzihill. lion Cook. Robert Chas- 1t'k'll. .lolln Uziriilwliell. liow I: IJ:ivi4l Mzilum-. lien IR-ttegrew, llomiy llviiilweli, l'2ll'1lllIli' lives, 'llll0l'l'S2i fwlllllillll, Maxine Svolt, Miss xYlHlilI1lS, llow 1: lin-tty .Ioan Scott. Annu Mae Gruliziiigli, Delores Mitchell, Celestine Stotlor, lluthe Linslon. The pian The Thespian Troupe 139 of 1946-47 under the sponsorship of Miss Williams was quite small until our initiation which was held January 30 in the gymnasium. The candlelight service followed a potluck supper. The eleven initiates included Maxine Scott, Caroline Rees, John Campbell, Betty Jean Scott, David Malone, Don Cook, Bernie Mc- Kean, Marilyn Emmons, Celestine Stotler, Ruthe Linden, and Robert Chasteen. For Thespian membership a student must accumulate ten points of theatrical work which may be earned in a variety of ways. The value of every job connected with play production is recognized by the Thespians who award points for all kinds of work in the theater. This is one way that the organization can give due recognition to the unseen workers of a play as well as to those who face the footlights. After a student has earned the required number of points, his name is brought before the Troupe for consideration of his membership. Each member, upon being received into the club, pays 31.50 which entitles him to life-time membership. Each year the Thespians go to drama contests which are held in various towns. One may enter in divisions designated as Serious Reading, Comedy Reading, Original Oration, Verse Reading, and Extempore Speaking. Schools compete with each other in producing one-act plays. This year the Thespian Troupe produced the one-act play, "The Lord's Prayer" by Francois Coppee. Individual contest entries were made by Bonny Reinbeck, Bernie Cahill, Caroline Rees, and Betty Jean Scott. Thirty-five Row 2: Robert Pliastvi-ii, Bernie Cahill, Rob Driscoll, Jay Hickey. Jzwk RlllkCllll0l'gt'I', John Czlmplwll. How 1: Betty Jenn Scott, Anim Male Grubaxugh, Ronny lieinbeck, Caroline lives, Thereszi ll2llll0L1ll. Maxine Sr-ott, Jozm Fiiinegzili, Miss NYilliums, dil'vc'to1'. Cast for "It's Papa Who Pays" "It's Papa Who Pays" by Mary Cunningham, was presented November 14 by the Senior Class. This three-act farce concerned the problems which arise in the Denny household over contests. Contests are against his principles-he'll have no more of them-and then he Wins a car in a contest he had forgotten he'd entered! To keep the family from finding out, Papa fibs a bit. He tells them he has bought a car with money from a brother who repaid a loan. Then the brother appears. To make matters worse it develops that Papa hasn't won first prize but only the second prize-a wolfhound. Papa is egged on to bigger and better lies by his friend, Mr. Fixer-who fixes every- thing. Everything eventually rights itself, but not before many trying situations have presented themselves for solution. Thirty- it Row 25 Bernir- Cahill, llvrnie lvlcliezrrr, Jack Rinkvnberger, Don Cook. Row l:J:1y Ilivlivy. Annu Mau- Gl'l1ll2llI3-Rh, Ronny Reinbecli, 'l'her'e-su Czrllroun, John Varmplwell. Miss YVilli1unS, ll I "The Lord' Prayer" "The L0rd's Prayer" by Francois Coppee was presented by members of Thespian Troupe 139 at the Illinois High School Association District Contest which was held on March 1 at Rock Falls, Illinois. The play was also presented as part of a St. Patrick's Day program at St. John's Hall on the seventeenth of March. 1 'rev ur, This one-act play was a serious drama which portrayed vividly the power of for- giveness in a woman's life. The story is about Mademoiselle Rose, a single woman of thirty-eight, who has devoted herself to the care of her brother who was a priest. When her brother was unjustly murdered by a revolutionary group of Paris, Mademoiselle Rose suffered great mental anguish with the result that her faith was severely shaken. When the opportunity came for her to save a fugitive's life by disguising him in her late brother's robes, she impulsively seized upon the chance and thus restored her faith in God and man. The cast of the play included Bonny Reinbeck, Theresa Calhoun, Anna Mae Gru- baugh, John Campbell, Bernie Cahill, Jay Hickey, Bernie McKean, Jack Rinkenberger, and Don Cook. Thirty- x 1 Row 4: Barbara Carroll, Betty Jean Scott, Muriel Campbell, Donna Daily, Ruthe Linden, Miss Miller. instruc-tor, Edythe Eble. Row 3: Doris Champion, Charlene Thumma, Ytfilma VV1'ight. Row 2: Elenore Grubaugh, NVanda McKeeve1', Doris Manning. Lois Manning. Row 1: Marjorie Dnmm, Kay Tumbleson, Verna VVabel, Genevieve Van Ostl-und. Homemaking Department In September the junior and senior homemaking classes were busy preserving a number of foods to be used in classwork throughout the year. They prepared peaches, tomatoes, beans, pears, and plums. Each of the four classes spend some time during the year on the following main divisions of the homemaking program. The first division is foods and nutrition, which includes laboratory experiences where complete meals are prepared and served for a group of six to eight students. Clothing selection and construction constitute the second division which involves the actual sewing of garments as well as the stressing of principles of good grooming. This year the freshman class made white pinafores. Among the sophomore class mem- bers a variety of garments were made including dresses, skirts, jumpers, and suits. A unit in home management is designed for the purpose of enabling students to make better use of available materials, while a similar unit in home planning is de- signed to aid the students in making best use of their time. Child development, family relationships, and personal and social relationships are additional units. Throughout the year the girls have helped to provide an interesting bulletin board to help emphasize their classwork. In the kitchen they have made improvements by painting, refinishing furniture, and reorganizing the equipment into three units. Thirty-eight Future Homemaker of America Row li Joyce l-iurwell, Margaret Sturm. Joanne Shaw. Donna Dally, llonny lleinbeek, Barbara Carroll, Betty Real. Sherry Graham. Doris Champion. Barbara XVoodford, Marilyn Emmons, Mary .lean Forbes, Lois Kelly. Marilyn Lomlnaril. Row l. Jeannine Reubsam. Pauline Sturm. Delores Banuat. Joan Scott, Marjoire Damm. Gertrude McKean. Anna Mae Grubaugh. lllenore Gruhaugh, Genevieve Van Ustrand, Verna VVabel, liois Manning, Audrey Dennison. Joanne Hickey. Doris Puff. Charlene Thumma. llnw 3: Patricia Ryan. Pat Morrissey, lietty Jean Scott, Pauline Swallows. Pat lledmore. Betty Foley. Jacque Mowbray, Barbara l.uc-ke, Marjorie Anderson, Myrtle Thumma. Uolleen Morrissey. Mary Ellen Carroll. Joan Finnegan, t'ath4-rine Ryan. Betty Johnston, Janet I'off. Row 2: Miss Miller. adviser: Audrey lllanning. Jean Poff, Aileen Manning, Doris Manning, Kay 'l'l1llllbl4ESOY'l, Shirley Moody. Muriel f'2lI'I'llllN-Ill. Charlene 'l'raey, Cleo Dixon. Mary lflble. Row l. Juanita Dixon. t'aroline Rees, Pat Ryan, l-Blythe Elxle, Maxine Seott, Celestine Stotler, Doreen Ringwn- berg, llutlie Linden, XYanda MeKeever. The F.H.A., which is now in its second year at Bradford High, formerly functioned under the name of Home Economics Club. The officers are as follows: President, Maxine Scott, Vice-President, Edythe Ebleg Secretary, Celestine Stotlerg Treasurer, Pat Ryang Reporter, Caroline Rees. Mrs. George Eble is our Chapter Mother for the year and Miss Mae .I, Miller is our sponsor. Maxine Scott and Celestine Stotler attended the F.H.A. Camp at Lake Bloomington last sum- mer. They spent most of their time in discussions on how to better their club and home lives. The F.H.A. has done much this year to make money and also for their own pleasure. They served dinner to a group of agriculture teachers from this districtg the Blackhawk Conference coaches and principals were served a fish supperg they assisted in the serving of a Christmas dinner put on by the students of B.H.S. They also served a chili supper to the Community Club and a lunch to the basketball boys during the county tournament. They took part with the G.A.A. and F.F.A. in making the carnival the success that it was. A style show was put on at a meeting of the Parents' Organization in which the girls modeled garments they had made during the year. As a Christmas project the Freshman girls made gifts and prepared Christmas boxes for nineteen children in the Guardian Angel Home in Peoria. To honor the mothers of our club members a Valentine's tea was given. Thirty-nine Row 3: Harry Staley, Stanley Albrecht, Max Scott, Dale Nelson. lmn l,J1'ism-oil, Phil Code. Hob Mowbray, Robert Cass, Bernie McKean, .lim Mowbray. Bob Driscoll, John Vox, Jack lliiilu-nlwrger. llonzild Hass. Row 2: Leland Turner, John Campbell, John Votnva, Hob Lee, liernif- Cahill, Jerry Hickey, Stanley Wriglil, llill Green, Jay Hickey, Ed E'l'1nle. Jack Watkins, Hubert Smith, Ilonulil Plolner, Vhznrlc-s l'l1ilhowv1'. John liartu. Row1:Mr. Terwilliger, adviser: Bill Bare, Bob Forney. liill 'l'LlHliliPS1Pll, Holi Woodford. Uh-n liiiilu-iiln-i-gi-i', David Malone, XValter Harmon, John Thompsmi, Ilnlv l:illi'il'lliM'I'f.1'1'l', Uneil lilniori-, iAll'l'll Wriglil, Don- ald Graham. Jim Gill. F. F. A. The Future Farmers of America is a national organization composed of high school boys taking Vocational Agriculture. This organization is nationally known and everyone respects it highly. The officers this year are: President, Jack Coxg Vice-President, Bernie McKeang Secretary, Bernie Cahill, Treasurer, David Malone, and Reporter, Bob Lee. The ad- viser is "Twig," There are three classes of Future Farmers: Green Hand, Chapter Farmer, and State Farmer. When a student enters the F.F.A. his first year, he is a Green Hand and receives a bronze pin. During his second years as a Future Farmer he is classed as a Chapter Farmer and receives a silver pin. After he has completed three years in the or- ganization, with the approval of the F.F.A. adviser and state adviser, he is classed as a State Farmer and receives a gold pin. The F.F.A. cooperates in contests with other schools. These include public speak- ing, judging teams, and basketball teams. Forty Row-1: Marjorie Anderson, Genevieve Van Ostrand, Betty Uhastovn. Joanne Shaw. Donna llally. lionny livin- lwuk, Margaret Sturm. Mary Jean Forbes, Lois Kelly, 'l'ilt?l'Oi-321,Vilillllllll, Iiois ltr-al, Caroline Kees, lit-115 Real, liarlrara Uarroll. ltowilf Marilyn l.ornhal'd. Kay 'I'unibla-son. Myrtle Thumma, Gertrude McKean, Vi-rna Wabel, Nancy Tur- VVlillgl3l'. I'.iL'll4ll'0 fiI'lll72ll12.!i"l, Uelvstine Stotler, Sherry ilraham, Anna Man- Grulraugh, Marjorie lived, Yalla llivks-rson, Pauline Sturm. Jac-qiiv lVlowln'ay, Delores lianuat. How 2: Jean l'ofI', .Juanita llixon. Pat Dedmore, Pauline Swallows, Marjorie llamni, Delores Mitt-hell. Joanne . . , llivkm-y. f'lllill'l'lIlt' ltyan. latrivia liyan, Audrey Dennison, Joan SL-olt, XVan1Ia lvle-Ki-ex'or, lfldytln- ldlvlv. Muriel t'ain1rl1vll, liuthm- Lindon, Iloreen iilIlgt5l'lill'l'g'. Betty Johnston. llow li Miss Gardner, adviser: Iiutty Jean Scott, Cleo llixon, Janet Puff, Shirley lvloody. 1'h2ll'i4'll4' Thumma. Charlotte Enos, Mary Ellen Uarroll. Uollvvn Morrissey, Phyllis Tumlrleson, Pat ltyan. f'hlll'it'll0 'l'ram-y, Doris Puff, Aileen Manning, Mary lfllrle, Pat Morrissey. G. A. A. The Girls' Athletic Association is a national organization of high school girls enrolled in phy- sical education classes. The club has been very active this year under the capable leadership of Miss Gardner. The officers are: President, Edythe Ebleg Vice-President, Pauline Sturmg Secretary, Marjorie Reedg and Treasurer, Lois Real. At the beginning of the year the club sponsored an out-of-doors breakfast for the members. Eight of the girls attended a Play Day at Annawan on October 26 and a similar event was held here on February 1. Each year two girls are sent to camp and this year's candidates are Sherry Graham and Edythe Eble. Members of this organization may win awards for keeping health rules and from outside sports, each of which gives them points. The first two awards are given by the local club and may be the school letter or numerals. The other two awards are given by the state. The first is a large blue and white letter "I" and the second is a blue and white letter in the form of the state of Illinois. We consider these awards worth working for and hope to make our organization larger and more active next year. Forty-one AW gm-ss jim, Hnadoman, ,S 1 Q08 Sv 1947 . W , m.. A s , , , x . , , ,L f w - ,VN vie ' i X, 41.5" A ' , ,. -'swan-nzsew' 4,2 15.-ai' .-'JM-' , , ., ii.-1fMA"19Q,iJm'5Th,Q,hE-mi'4V2Fw2IL'fE1iS2ge.?fJYf!:L4QL',Ai1B.4!.i2'1z C 423' ' -I .n5il4W m I Jw 'kYi.11., X: 1 Cheerleader N auuy 'l'e1'willige1', lloreeu Ri11g:e11be1'g, Betty Heal 1"o1'ty-five Huw Il: llolv llrisvoll. lflUl'lllLE Cahill. Hull lVlIlVVlll'2ly. Bull live. Ilow 23.1, IG. 'l'v1'vx'illig'+-l', Hr-rniv McKean. Dale Nelson. lmvixl Malone-. .le-Vry llic-key. llllRl1'll lxllll'S4'llt'I'. l w 1: l'l1il Colle. Ba ketball Coaches Jim Mursener and Tom Leeson started the basketball season with eight teams reporting for practice. From this group, four teams were selected which made up the Varsity and Reserve Squads. With only four lettermen, Phil Code, Dale Delson, David Malone, and Jerry Hickey, returning from last year, the Varsity Squad lacked experience. However, as the season progressed the team took on better form and downed Toulon 41 to 34 and Wyoming 38 to 31 and won the Stark County Championship which was held at Bradford. In the Princeville Tourney the Panthers were downed by Chillicothe in the pre- liminary tilt, 34 to 24. In the Galva Invitational Tourney Bradford edged out Walnut 34 to 33 and was beaten by Oneida 64 to 19 who won won the tournament over Weth- ersfield by a score of 69 to 29. The strong Galva quint stopped the locals 27 to 19 in the consolation finals. Bernie Cahill and Bob Driscoll will be lost this year through graduation. How- ever, the usual starting five will remain intact and should make a good showing next SQHSOH. Forty- X 'wi Row ii: Bill Green, Donald Fuss. Imlizlld Gruhzun. Jack Urziig, Hob BYUIIIPY, Jaime-s Mitchell, Hob Murphy D liilrl How 2: Mr. 8800111 Row 1: Dah Bradford Bradford Bradford Bradford Bradford Bradford Bradford Bradford Bradford Bradford Bradford Bradford Bradford Bradford Bradford ,AL ll. Jim. Clll'I'Y, Glenn l'2lITllDl'Pl'ii. Glenn Dennison M l ll IJ ll, J. IG. 'i'l?l'W1iiigl'I', Bob Driscoll, Boi l team L-uziclig Mr, Hanson, princi ni . N l 1 M 1 J y Ul'SQIl0l'. l'U2lK' li 2111 l'lSi'U v , . , ' SUII, zt'l'IllC C XUQIH, Cl'1' ' 1 l Hickey, Phil Code, David Ma Ba ketball 1946-1947 Record 25 Lafayette .... 17 34 Dunlap ..... 41 20 Walnut ..... 35 20 Sheffield .... 18 23 Galva ...... 38 33 Princeville . . . 35 17 Wethersfield . . 40 43 Wyanet ..... 22 19 Galva ...... 27 . 58 Sparland .... 21 . . 33 Wyoming .... 27 50 Toulon .... 29 . 34 Walnut ..... 42 24 Dunlap .... 43 .36 Galva.. ...47 Forty-seven Bradford Bradford Bradford Bradford Bradford Bradford lone, Bernie Cahill. . . 27 Buda . . . . . . 37 Wethersfield . . 27 Manlius . . . . Princeville . . . Wyoming . 36 . . 36 Lafayette . . 45 44 Bradford . . Toulon . . . Princeville Tourney Bradford . . 24 Chillicothe . Galva Tourney Bradford . . 34 Walnut . . . Bradford . . 19 Oneida . . . Bradford . . 19 Galva . . Stark County Tourney Bradford . . 41 Toulon . . Bradford . . 38 Wyoming . . Regional Tourney Bradford . . 40 Mineral . . . . . ean 1 Mowbray, limb Lee, Mr. Leesl 37 49 24 33 32 46 33 34 33 64 27 34 31 30 How 2: Jim iV10VVill'ilY, Phil Code. Hob Driscoll. Bernie McKean, Holi Lee. Eugene Craig. How li MV. 'i'4'I'NNiuigt'l', Don Cook, Jerry Ilic-key, David Malone. Run IR-tte,':i'eW. Mr. iVil1l'SQllk'I'. coach. Track The track squad of Bradford High School claimed all their victories last season by winning the Blackhawk Conference Championship. After threatening in one big meet after another only to fall behind by a few points in the closing events, the Bradford team finally came through to win Bradford's first conference track championship in twenty years of competition. Bradford's most serious rival in the meet was Galva who scored 45143 points while Bradford came through with 53 points. Fifteen men coached by Ed Wach took the honors for Bradford and brought home the Blackhawk trophy. They were: Captain Earl Hawkins, Howard Moody, Roy Ehnle, Jim Cahill, Don Philhower, Chester Gru- baugh, Jim Mowbray, Ben Pettegrew, Bob Lee, Dave Malone, Bernie McKean, Phil Code, Don Cook, Gene Craig, and Jerry Hickey. The last nine of these are back this year to try to duplicate last year's performance. In the district track and field meet held at Peoria, Bradford placed in three events. Earl Hawkins took fifth place in the high hurdles and Ben Pettegrew placed second in the 100-yard and first in the 220-yard dashes. Eugene Craig, freshman sprint- er, was nosed out of fifth place honors in the 440-yard dash but turned in a commend- able performance for a lone freshman in this event. Forty-eight Ben Pettegrew, David Malone, Eugene Craig, Bob Lee. Frosh-Soph Relay Team The Bradford Frosh-Soph relay team of '46 consisted of the sophomores, Bob Lee, Dooz Malone, Ben Pettegrew, and one lone freshman, "Conk" Craig. Besides breaking four records they were always on hand at every track meet to make their share of points. In the individual events, each of the team members made good showings also. In the 100- and 220-yard dashes, Bob Lee and Ben Pettegrew showed their best. Gene Craig made some commendable performances in the 440-yard sprint and also pole vaulted. Malone specialized in the 880-yard run and the low hurdles and vaulted too. 1946 1946 1946 1946 The records this team made are: -Blackhawk Conference Meet-880-yard relay New record: 1:39.55 old 1:43.4 by Toulon in 1944 -Geneseo Relays-440-yard relay New record: 48.35 old 48.4 by Toulon in 1940 -Stark County Meet-880-yard relay New record: 1:38.45 old 1241.2 by Toulon in 1944 -Galva Invitational Relays-880-yard relay New record: 1:41.2g old 1:42.4. Forty-nine Row 4: Donald Cass. John Thompson. Jim Rankin. i'it'lll2ll'tl Kelly. lJon:1l1l llrzilmni, .iolin l,on'ilmi'sl, .luck k'1':iif.:'. lbonaild Plotnvr, Hd ldhnle. Jim Mowhrziy. Row il: XY:1ltrr Harmon. Glenn Dennison, Bill Haro. Donald XYes-lily. lil-:in l':u'1'oll. .lim l'n1'i'y. John t'zlinplu-ll. Bob Murphy, Pete Gorman, Bob iklowhray, Ilan Ilrisvoll. Row 2: Mr. lmesoii, assistant coach: Jack 1lillkklI1lJQl'g'4:'l', J. ld. 'l'oi'willigi'1'. llill fil'1'l'll, Ilnn Kelly, l!r-rnio Mi-- Kezin, John Vox. Jay Hivkvy. Hola Ilriz-:L-ull. David Alalone. Mr. liillliillll. m'i1n-ipal. Row 1: Ilob Lee, Jerry Hickey, Bernie Cahill, Phil Node, lllugene l'l'.lig', lion Funk, M12 AillI'SCllCl'. coaivli. Football The Panther's gridiron squad, rebounding from two successive poor seasons, came up with a commendable record this year by Winning four and losing the same number. With forty-eight candidates reporting, nine of whom were lettermen, Coach Jim Mursener set about the task of building a winning combination. The first game of the season was a heart-breaker since Dunlap won 2-0 when a punt was blocked behind the goal in the last quarter. The following week While playing at home under the lights for the first time, a 14-7 win was registered against Knox- ville which was climaxed by a 60-yard run by Halfback Malone. The next two games were lost by the small margins of 12-7 and 6-0 to Wethersfield and Walnut respectively. The age-old rival, Toulon, was downed by the Panthers in a hard-fought 19-7 game on the former's home field. Traveling to Princeville the team came home with a 32-6 score against an inexperienced team which was playing its first year of football. Bradford suffered its fourth loss at the hands of Galva 14-0. A successful season and B. H. S. Homecoming were climaxed by drubbing Wyoming 13-0. The Panthers and their followers have high hopes of a Conference championship next year with ten lettermen returning, seven of whom are regulars from this year's team. Fifty Row Z: Iivrnir- Ualiill, Dale Nelson, Je-rry llis-ki-y, Phil Code. Jim ltlowlnwly, lflugeiio 1'1':1ig', Jack Rinkenhelgn-1', J. E. 'l'l'l'NVllligt'l', liill G11-1111, Don Kelly. How 1: lien I'eLteg'rew, Dzivid lvlalom-, l:4'l'lllL' lNit'lit'2ll1, lion Cook. limb D1'isvoIl, Jay Hin-key, Jack Cox. Hob HB" Club After being inactive for the past few years, the "B" Club of Bradford High School has renewed its activities. The purpose of this club is to establish uniformity of letters and sweaters among the lettermen. Loc, Umicli lX1UI'SL'IlU1'. Those eligible for the "B" Club must have received a letter for participation in football, basketball, and track, or must have been a manager for all three sports. Ir order to be eligible for a football or basketball letter, one must have played in at least one more than half of the total quarters of that season. For a track letter, one must have made ten points during the season or have placed in a meet with sixteams or more participating. If a senior has been out for a sport for four years andhas not earned a letter, he may be awarded one with the approval of the club. The officers for this year were: President, Bernie Cahill, Vice-President, Jay Hickey, Secretary, Don Cook, Treasurer, David Malone. Fifty-one -an W.. 1-1 9-M. X Ilnmvs-0mim:,' King' und Cllltlllll, Phil and H2lI'll2ll'Jl. linux in zlvtiml, 1 Max :md Maxima MV- IAHNOII. Uff Amy- I':l1 :md 1'lllll':'lI. ' 4 hvutty. L I- H A H, .Iuzmm- :md I,:n1'h:1x'zl lmllslxlulg' llu- Suphistivalte-d sv11i01's. h"r "lm 'md 01' zlmwlx-. Couvh, Surveyilmg' his squad. Hlllmbzl--lllllrlm Vanin. lXI2lI'f.1JllL'1 in In-1' IlI'4llIl 1111-ss. lxzlly :md Jflillllllk Fifty-two umm' 2, F RYWY wifi ' ,mmm lm 'W Dick, Pussy, Diaz. :xml Nancy. Pussy :md Cclestilme. Make it an lung one. "'l'I'lj!ll' thrv-axis." Vzlhill :md Funk, HH ,t J h vw Node, :1 Sl?llldUl1t in sports t'l1zn'luttw, Alum' i1l2lil'. l':xI. illlll oms U H' Folleon hzlviflfl' full Hvlty .ln-am. .X tonsa- mnmvnt in Rl Svrinunzlgrn- Iluoz :md Hill "un thx- fa-nm 'fhf'l'i'SI'l Arm. RJIIIIP. Jmlnns-, iSll'l it uuhl? Fifty-threw Calendar AUGUST OCTOBER -Back to school again. Gee! I hat- ed to get up this A.M. -The end of the first week. The Freshmen seem to be really en- joying it. SEPTEMBER -Activity tickets are now on sale. -Cheerleader tryouts were held today. -Schedule arranged to suit every- 0118. -"We got it when we were fresh- men. Let's make them do a lot of hard and awful things" are the words spoken by some of the seniors. Is anyone supersti- tious? Friday the 13th was a happy day for the seniors. Yes, I said seniors!! -The lights are up on the football field now, thanks to Dutch Fos- ter, Ed English, and Bill Wright. -All the freshmen are back! They have now recuperated from Fri- day. -The sophomores presented Ernie Briggs to the student body. He gave a very interesting talk on his experiences While in service. -Knoxville there. Did you see Miss McElWain fMrs. Clarkj? -The agriculture teachers had their meeting here today and much to our surprise they all left looking well and healthy de- spite the fact that the home eco- nomics girls prepared the lunch. -Farm Bureau meeting. The band played. Fifty-f 2 -Old Dan Cupid seems to have hit several of our students at the South and West bus parties. Isn't that rfght, Barto? 4-"Autumn Hop" was the name of the Freshman dance. Kewanee Riverters were invited. 5-Miss Miller and Bonny Reinbeck attended the Home Economics Teachers' and F. H. A. Girls' meeting at Lacon. 9-The Men's Community Club en- 11 16 19- tertained the football boys with a dinner. "Gee! I'm still hungry" said Driscoll. -Teachers' Institute at Galesburg. Vacation! Need I say more? Mr. Hanson attended an Admin- istrators' Conference at Gales- burg today. G.A.A. breakfast at the Legion House. Gee! They must like to get up early. 21-Didn't Bill Wright, our janitor, 24 25 26 look adorable as the "Blushing Bride" in the Womanless Wed- ding? G.A.A. Initiation tonight. The first issue of "Panther Patter- ings" came off the press today due to the efforts of Mary Jean Forbes and Miss Williams. -The Band gave a fine perform- ance at the Galva game. The football boys did all right too. -"What a day" were the words mumbled by Mr. Arthur after arriving in Bradford at 9:30 Saturday evening following a long day at Macomb. The Band played at the W.I.S.T.C. Home- coming. Calendar 31-Miss Miller was absent today be- cause of a sprained ankle which she received when the bleachers fell at Princeton. NOVEMBER 1 -Homecoming! It was WONDER- FUL! We beat Wyoming 13 to 0. This made the day more suc- cessful. The twins, Max and Maxine Scott, were crowned King and Queen. "Twig" found his trailer in the school yard this morning as a result of Hal- loween. 5-Sheffield Freshman-Sophomore team beat Bradford 26 to 24. Do better next time, boys. 8--G.A.A., F.F.A., F.H.A. Carnival. Good time was had by all. Edythe Eble and Bernie McKean were crowned Queen and King. 12-Parents' organization met. Play 14 practice. What a week! -"Where's my bag ?" and "I can't find the cake" were some of the remarks heard back stage at the play. 15-Teachers' Institute at Toulon. Another vacation. 23-Lafayette here. What's the idea 26 of throwing the seniors' money around? One of the girls acci- dentally dropped the cup con- taining the money but it was all recovered. -Dunlap there. 27-Walnut tilts Bradford 35 to 20. 29 -"Twig" and ten of the boys who belong to F.F.A. attended the International Live Stock Show at Chicago. A good time was had by all. DECEMBER df' ' ' 5-Mr. Hanson, Miss Williams, and Mr. Leeson attended a Teachers' Conference at Galesburg. 9-Two new stoves and a refrig- erator were delivered to the school today. Miss Vanzant's birthday and she received a cake from the editor of the Bradon- ian. 17-Messrs. Hickey, Ault, Driscoll, Cox, and Cahill get last chance from Miss Gardner. 18-Senior assembly program was a round table discussion of the United Nations Charter. 19-Band and Chorus presented con- cert in gym. 20-Christmas dinner. Christmas party. Vacation begins. 26-27 Tournament at Galva. 28-Oneida won. JANUARY 2-School reopens. Everyone is glad C?J to be back. 3-No school because of the heavy snow and blocked roads. Mr. Leeson's birthday. 6-Everyone back to have his pic- ture taken. "Now, look cute," "You aren't a teacher, are you ?" "Are you Irish?" were some of the questions asked by the pho- tographer. 9-10-Semester exams. Wyoming at Bradford. A new car was seen skidding around the corners. Not bad, Cox! 15-Bradford beat Wyoming. 16-"Could I get a drink, Miss Gard- ner?" Bill Bare was caught Fifty-five chewing tobacco again today. Kind of hard to swallow, isn't it Bill? -Ducky Ault's graduation day. -Dunlap here. Nelson wants to stay up late tonight. -Galva here. Girls play basketball after school. -Mr. Hanson's birthday. Basket- ball tournament. Bradford won. -Busses stayed for the Wethers- field game. FEBRUARY -Manlius here. -Cahill and Driscoll left U. S. His- tory very suddenly today. -Princeville here. -Lafayette here. -I hear that Bonny received the prettiest card, "To My Sweet- heart on Valentine's Day." Could it have been from Benny? -Wyoming there. -Let's see you do the same to Toulon as you did to Wyoming. -Only fifty-eight more school days to go. MARCH -Cox was absent today. -Mr. "Twig" is sweet sixteen to- day. Happy birthday l -Juniors are busily practicing for their play. -First day of Spring. -Dress rehearsal. Last minute practicing. "Gee! I'd better start learning my lines." -Junior play. It was really good and the gym was packed. -The Juniors have recovered from the play. Fi Calendar APRIL 1-NO SCHOOL! CApril Foolj 11-The "Singers" are sporting their best "bib and tucker" as they travel to Wethersfield to the Chorus Festival. 12-Geneseo Relays. Pettegrew dis- plays his best. 19-Distric-t Band Contest in Peoria. B.H.S. gets first in Division C, we hope. 25-Galva Relays. 29-Band Festival at Galva. Old ac- 30- MAY quaintances renewed. Stotler has sworn off men. Gee! I'm tired. Hated to get up this morning. 1-Only fourteen more days of school! Four senior boys have worried expressions. 2-Nothing new today. Everyone has spring fever. 5-Miss Miller is celebrating her ? birthday. 6-Band Concert. This is the last 12- time the seniors will appear in the B.H.S. Band. It has really been fun being a member. Graduation is near. Start pray- ing, kids. Four senior boys will need to. 13-Track meet here. One more week of school. 14-Seniors feel pretty smart today and are still having their pre- graduation vacation. 16-Seniors have plans made for trip to Chicago. 18-Baccalaureate. 20-Commencement and the end of four happy years. 21-Seniors leave for Chicago for fty-six three days. BRADFORD ELEVATOR Gram and Coal PHONE 80 Compliments of ORVILLE G CHAPMAN Repubhcan Representatlve Comphments of JIM HENNESSEY S BARBER SHOP CAMPBELL S CITIES SERVICE Acme TIFBS Batterles and Accessorles CAMP GROVE ILL DR J E SCHOLES M D PHONE 199122 or 199123 HOME TOWN FOOD STORE Grocerles Complete Meat SETVICQ Low Prl es See Us Flrst BILL CARROLL S BARBER SHOP Frlendly SBFVICC Compllments of HAY S CREAM STATION Compllments of AUt0m0t1V6 and Electrlc Supp11es Marsh 81 Dunlap Funeral Dlrectore Furnlture Ambulance Servlce Esrabnshed 1816 PHONE 183 O I ' 0 0 I Q I O O O ' ' ' ' ' ' TUMBLESON'S 0 0 ' ' U O O o 0 . C O O F'fty-. ' O O O Compliments of BRADFORD FLORIST Flowers, Plants, Seeds and Bulbs C. L. THOMAS Browning 81 Velde 79 BRADFORD, ILLINOIS. , , , Ford Garage Compliments of PHONE 129 JOHNSTON'S SERVICE STATION CAFE ' . . O O O Compliments of BARNES OIL COMPANY Phillips 66 Distributor LEE BARNES, Owner. Phone 159 or 28 I O O Standard Oil Products A. J. OIWENS, Agent. Phone 41 FUERTGES BROS. Market and Grocery BRADFORD, ILLINOIS. PHONE 117 ROUSE MAYTAG CO. Electrical and Gas Appliances PHONE 55 WINSLOW'S DAIRY Homogenized, Pasteurized and Raw Milk Chocolate, Orange, Buttermilk Cottage Cheese, Butter, Cream BRADFORD DRUG CO. The Rexall Store C. H. SCHOLES, Prop. HAWKIN'S SCRAP YARD Metals, Hides, Furs Wool, Scrap, Grease, Paper MELVIN HAWKINS, Prop. PHONE 100 - Fifty-eight 50 014 E Hotchkiss' Steel Products o o o BRADFORD FEED sTORE Bradforfi Jewelry and Q I Gift Shop Complete Line Ot Hi-L0 and Arcady Diamonds, Jogfilsy, Repairing Poultry Feeds PAUL and MIDGE MANNING Bradfoga F' FINNEGANIIHHMS O I O B Compliments of 'Y ' JIM DANDY MTI! U COLLAR CO. Hardware J Q ' ' A Complete Line of 0 0 0 Hardware and Paints DR- C. A. FORBES Westinghouse Appliances Veterinarian BUCHER 8a SULLIVAN PHONE 115 PHONE 57 , , , Compliments of EDW. J. RYAN Case Implement Dealer H. M. DEWEY -Sz CO. Grain and Lumber Camp Grove, Illinois. PHONE 25-R-2 Fifty-nine E. W. HOUGHTON Lumber Co. See Us for Lumber, Cement and Plaster Coal Washed Sand and Gravel . All Kinds of Insulation Lowe Bros. Paints, Varnishes Wire Fencing Compliments of W. E. LEHMAN'S Store and Hatchery PAUL STEIMLE, Mgr. Phone 220 The Massachusetts Protective Association The Paul Revere Q Life Insurance CO. JOHN R. HOWES Phone 48 BRADFORD BANKING COMPANY Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments of WOLFE'S GARAGE Hudson Dealer PHONE 205 Sty Compliments of DR. R. E. HERRMANN Physician and Surgeon BRADFORD ILLINOIS O I O ROYAL BLUE STORE WILEY vv. BRASHEARS Bradford, Illinois. O O I Compliments of CITIES SERVICE OIL CO. McNULTY'S Service Station RALPH CHAPMAN and JOHN BELL DR. C. N. HEINZMANN Dentist PHONE 204-R-2 CAMP GROVE STATE BANK CAMP GROVE, ILL. Complete Banking Service Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and of Federal Reserve System W. W. DORGAN Maid-Rite Sandwiches Roszell's Ice Cream Compliments of T. J. FLOOD Bowling Alleys Compliments of WILLIAMS IMPLEMENT MOWBRAY CLOTHING STORE We Sell Quality Merchandise Everything for Men and Boys PHONE 63 BARTLETT BROS. Grain and Coal CAMP GROVE, ILLINOIS. Phone 28-R-2 GORMAN'S Implement Co. John Deere Sales and Service COMPANY PHONE 142 McCormick-Deering Tractors and Implements . . . BRADFORD, ILLINOIS. U 0 9 o 0 0 BRADFORD REPUBLICAN Your Home Town Newspaper Read the School News in The Republican Sty Compliments of BRAD THEATER For Top Pictures o o o Compliments of LEADLEY'S CAFE Meadow Gold Ice Cream Sandwiches and Steaks See You After the Game didn Sixty-two data Sixty-three ' 'HfMi!'W'Q Mell!IMJ4 1d"'-A 5. 'W LW-im? . ', -vL.1', i .W5fiLWKrrSZl?T., ' r H ii ' "' "'lA"SRFLi.Pi?-'.9".

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