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.v CTHE BRJIDONIJYN Published annually by the students of thu- Bradford Township High School, Bradford. Illinois. DEDICHTION To Coach Frank Wilcox, whose loyality and sportsmanship has maintained a high standard among the students of Bradford High School we sincerely dedicate the seventh volume of the Bradonlan. Uol. 7. No. 7 Bradford, Illinois May, 1938 BOARD OF' EDUCATION Front Row--left to right-F. C. Quinn, R. L. Breen, Presidentg G. A. Marsh. Rack Row-left to 1'ightfL. D. Ioder, Sec.3 Dr. J. E. Scholes, J. E. Noyes, Henry Cohrs. Bradford Township Hiqh School R. C. EDMUNDSON, M. A. University of Iowa PRINCIPAL clan., DOROTHY GUBBINS Secretary SA'Q.LIE VANZANT, M. A University of Kentucky ASST. PRINCIPAL JACK BOGNER Football 11-2-3-413 Track 1115 Dramatic Club 11-2-41: F. F. A. club 13-4. MARJORIE BOMLENY G. A. A. 11-215 Home Ec. Club 13-413 Shorthand Contest 131. GERTRUDE BRIGGS G. A. A. 11-215 Student Director "Cuckoos Nest" 1313 Cast "On the Night of January 16th"5 Dramatic Club 13-41g Latin Club 121g Home Ee. Club 11-3-41: Girls' Basketball Team 11-2-3-41g Librarian 121. HANNAH CAPPERUNE Dramatic Club 1413 Glee Club 13-413 Typing Team 13-415 Play "Big Time" 131g Operetta "Ask the Professor" '141g President of the Glee Club 141. The Seniors .wx 1. 5 FRANK CARROLL F. F, A. Club 13-41g Dramatic Club 13-413 Football 13-413 Track 1315 Glee Club 141, MERLIN CLAUSEN Dramatic Club 12-3-415 Stage Manager 13-41. NELLE CURRAN Attended Alberta High School. Alberta, Minn. 1l-215 Attended Wethersfield High School 131: Home Ec. Club 131: G. A. A. 11-2-315 Dramatic Club 11-2-3-41g Cast in play "Sauce for the Gos- ling" 1113 Vice President of Dramatic Club 1215 Student dl- rector of "The Night of January 16th"g Glee Club -11-31: Library Club 11-213 Pep Club 11-21. DARLENE FORBES Dramatic Club 11-2-3-415 Home Ec. Club 12-41g Shorthand team 13-413 President of Home Room 121. CATHERINE FORBES Band 11-2-3-433 Dramatic Club 11-2-3-433 Latin Club 1233 Paper Staff 11-433 Librarian 1433 Bas- ketball Team 11-2-3-433 Capt. of Basketball Team 1333 All-State Orchestra 12-3-433 National Or- chestra 1433 President of class 113: Typing Team 13-433 Short- hand Team 143Q Bookkeeping Team 1433 All-County 12-33 Carn- ival Play 1231 Band President 1433 Violin contest 11-3-433 G. A. A. 11-23. CLAIR GILTNER Football 12-3-433 Basketball 13-43 Track 1133 Carnival Play 1232 Stage Manager 13-433 "Big Hearted Herbert" 1433 "Night of January 16th" 1433 President of Dramatic Club 1433 Stage Electrician 13-43. LOIS GUBBINS Glee Club 11-2-3-433 Student Council 1133 Play "Thanks Awfu1ly" 1133 Operett'a "Gypsy Rover" 1133 All County Glee Club 12-333 All State Chorus 13-4.33 Play "Big Time" 1333 All County Band 1233 Alto Solist 1433 Operetta "Sun Bonnet Sue" 1233 Operetta Cast "Ask The Professor" 1433 Sec.-Treas, of class 12-333 Sec.-Treas. Band 13-433 Declams 11-2-333 Cheer Leader 12-3-433 Band 12-3-43: Dramatic Club 11-3-433 Home Ec. Club 133. GEN EVIEVE HALL Student Council 12'33Q Vice President of Class 143: Home Ec. Vice President 1333 Pres- ident of Home Ec. 1433 Orange and Black Masquers 1433 Stu- dent director ot "Pearls" 1333 Student director of "Big Heart- ed Herbert" 1433 Student direc- tor of "Brink of Silence" 1433 Band 11-2-333 Home Ec. Club 11-2-3-431 Dramatic Club 11-2-3-43 Carnival Queen candidate 133. The Seniors 6 VVARREN HALLOCK Football 11-233 Glee Club 12-3-43: Track 13-433 Dramatic Club 11-3-433 Play "Big Time" 133: F. F. A. Club 13-433 President of F. F. A. 1433 Student Council 13-43: President of Class 143: County Chorus 1233 Solist 143: Operetta "Ask the Professor" 1431 "Sunbonnet Girl" 123. BERTRAM HICKEY Dramatic Club 13-433 Play "Night of January 16th" 1433 Football 13-433 Track 13-433 Glee Club 143. ARLENE JACKSON Dramatic Club 11-2-3-433 Home Ec. Club 11-2-333 Sec. of Home Ec. Club 1333 President of Class 1233 Secretary of Student Coun- cil 1433 Glee Club 1433 Student Director of operetta "Ask the Professor" 143. MARVIN JONES Future Farmer Club 12-3-433 F. F. A. Judging Team 13-433 Dramatic Club 11-2-43. JOSEPH MCKEAN F. F. A. Club 11-2-3-453 Dramatic Club 11-2-3-453 Latin Club 1253 Football 11-2-3-451 Basketball 12-3-45: F. F. A. Basketball team 115. EUGENE PIPER Football 13-453 Capt. Football Team 1453 Basketball 13-453 Student Council 11-253 President Student Council 1453 Dramatic Club 11-2-3-453 Cast in Carnival Play 125, "New Fires 125, "Big Time" 135, "Big Hearted Her- bert" 145, "On the Night of Jan- uary 16th" 1453 Contest Play "The Brink of Silence" 145. DELIGHT REED President of Class 1353 Sec. and Treas. of class 11-453 Dramatic Club 11-253 Home Ec. Club 12-3-453 Band 1153 Cast in "New Fires" 12.5, "Big Time" 1353 De- clams 11-253 Shorthand Contest 13.53 Latin Club 1253 Girls' Bas- ketball Team 11-2-3-45, OPAL RUBERG Bureau High-Glee Club 11-253 Band 11-253 Dramatic Club 125: Declamatory Contest 1253 Brad- ford Hlgh-Home Ec. Club 13-45 Glee Club 145. The Seniors 7 LILLIAN SCOTT Dramatic Club 1153 Home Ec. Club 12-3-453 Glee Club 1453 Girls' Basketball Team 11-2-3-45. ROBERT STOTLER Dramatic Club 11-2-3-453 F. F, A. Club 13-455 F. F. A. Public Speaking 13-453 F. F. A. Basket- ball 13-453 Class Basketball Team 11-2-3-45: Track 145. BIM TUMBLESON Football 1353 Dramatic Club 11-2-3-453 Plays "The Wooden Shoe," "The Cuckoos Nest," "Big Time," "On the Night of January 16th," "The Brink of Silence." Oratorical Declamation 13-453 Glee Club 11-41: County Chor- us 1253 Paper Staff 1453 Oper- etta "Ask The Professor" 145. ALFRED WOLFE Football 11-253 Dramatic Club 11-2-3-453 "Cuckoo's Nest" 1353 "Big Time" 135. Junior Class First Row--left to right-Miss Grantham, advisor, Mary Jarman, Margaret Malamphy, Marion Fate, Norma Ames, Camilla Kelly, Mr. Garrison, advisor. Second Row-Celestine Barnes, Robert Coogan, Frances Reed, Mable Allen, Alice Green, Keith Swearingen, Christine Neilson. Third Row-Jeanne Oakes, Gyneth Whisker, Beryl Coleman, June Enos, Tom Landes, Marcella McClane, Lois Ward. Fourth Row-Gloria Welsh, Mary Dorothy McLane, Catherine Mowbray, Dick Nelson, Lynn Velde, Ruth Spenser, Nina Beeney, Shirley Clausen. Fifth Row-Betty Jurgensen, Helen Blaisdell, Walter Buswell. Kenny Johnston, Char- lotte Dunbar, Jane Owens, Ardis Talbert. Sixth Row-Ed Murphy, Bob Boyd, Bill Carroll. Herbert Bayers, Jimmle loder, Bernard Murphy, Frank Herder, Bill Code. September, 1937 found us "Jolly Juniors" in our third year at B. H. S. The following officers were elected at the class meeting under the supervision of our advisors, Miss Grantham and Mr. Gar- rison. President, Kenny Johnston. Vice President, Mary Dorothy McLane. Secretary-Treasurer, Jane Owens. Student Council Members, Tom Landes, Camilla Kelly. Both boys and girls excelled in athletics, winning both divisions of the inter-class basketball tournament. Inside many of the black sweaters with big orange "B's" you will find Junior boys. Thewetters were earn- ed in football, basketball and track. Bill Code and Charlotte Dunbar were elected from our class to reign as King and Queen of the annual carnival. This makes the second year our candidates were the lucky winners. Our members were also active in music. many playing in the band. Bob Boyd, Lois Ward, June Enos and Ardis Talbert parti- cipated in instrumental competition. In vo- cal solo contests Gloria Welsh and Bill Car- roll represented B. H. S. Many Juniors were chosen to act in plays and the operetta and Junior's names were found in numbers on the honor holl at the end of each six weeks period. The object of our selling candy, having market days and other little money-making schemes was the Junior-Senior banquet held in the gymnasium, May 7. The Maypole furnished the theme for decorations of the gymnasium and tables making of it a gala and glamorous event. Next year marks the end of our high school careers, and we hope for continued success in order to be remembered at B. H. S. in years to come. Sophomore Class First Row-Miss Heetland, advisor, Isobel Burwell, Edna Bachman, Helen Alexander, Sylvia Rouse, Everett Moffitt. Second Row-Shirley Horack, Darlene Loudenburg, Frances Schneman, Evelyn Swear- ingen, Rosemary Breen, Ruth Wall. Margaret Hewitt. Third Row-Lester Lackie, Wilbur Fate, Donald Springer, Les Welsh, Clifford Renner. Frances Farley Fourth Row-Jean Bogner, Dorothy Garrison, Bob Real, John Blaisdell, Donald Farley, Lorraine Wilt. Virginia Reed. Fifth Row-Glenn Thomas, Charles Bell, John Howes, Donald Wright, Clifford Miller, Jerry Holland. Sixth Row-Fern Tumbleson, Bernadine Bomleny, John McKean, Donald Renner. For- rest Champion, Veronica Murphy, Marion Ioder, The Sophomores graduated from the "green treshie" class and took on a rather sophisticated air. Officers elected at the first home meet- ing were: President, Spencer Landes. Vice President, Rosemary Breen. Secretary-Treasurer, Isobel Burwell. Student Council Members-Lorraine Wilt, John Howes. Early in the fall Isobel Burwell was elect- ed cheer leader. Rosemary Breen was chos- en as the Sophomore carnival queen can- didate. The class sold more tickets on the drawing than any other class. The Jack Benny Christmas party proved to be one of the high spots in the social calendar. The class played host for the whole school. Though various means were used to make money, the sophomores were the first ones to make two payments of ten dollars each on the scoreboard. The athletic ability of the class is out- standing. The girls won second and the boys third in the interclass basketball touma- ment. Lettermen for football from the "sophs" included: Spencer Landes, Bob Real, Leslie Welsh, Clifford Miller, John McKean. Les Welsh and Bob Real earned basketball letters, too. The dramatic ability of the sophomores is not to be overlooked. Fern Tumbleson and Clifford Miller were awarded member- ship in "Orange and Black Masquersf' Sev- eral members of the class played in the big productions of the dramatic club. Freshmen Class First Row-Miss Bischoff, advisor, Murray Tumbleson, Gertrude Swearingen, Bill Bar ton, Bob Wall, Warren Reed, Mr. Wilcox, advisor, Second Row-Sarah Louise Ault, Georgia Pearl Tucker, Evelyn Manning, Bob Perkins Charles Bornsheuer, Tommy Mowbray, Dorothy Cinnamon, Eldora Thomas. Third Row-Jim Perkins, Jeannette Farley, Ruth Nelson, Robert Hallock, Mark Turner Lillian Webber, Lola Mae Turner, Holton Rosenquist. Fourth Row-Carol Velde, James Mitchell, Cecile Ames, Bob Seeds, Ernest Linden Juanita Quinn, Donald Scott, Roberta Craig. Fifth Row-Dick Herder, Marjorie Clausen, Helen Phelps, Gayle Ames, Vernon Den nison, Berniece Cade, Virginia Wolfe, Evelyn Craig, Max Ruberg. Sixth Row-Leo Fuertges, Leland Wright. Robert Hayden, Rita Mitchell, Donald Towne Ed Mowbray, John Hannon, Harold Hollar. Seventh Row-Arlene Liggett, Dorothy Forbes, Glen Ioder, Dan McKean, Bill Harney William Wright, Cleo Kopp, Leona Bomleny, Josephine Murphy. At the first class meeting we elected our officers: President, Richard I-Ierderg Vice President, Robert Hayden: Secetary-Treas- urer, Gayle Ames. We chose Cecile Ames and Holton Rosenquist as Student Council members. Miss Bischoff and Mr. Wilcox are our class advisors. There were fifty-six freshmen. At the carnival we all did our part to put it over big Cecile Ames and Dan McKean were candidates for queen and king, We gave the Juniors quite a run. They beat us by just a few votes. Bill Barton was chosen for the ca-st of "Big Hearted Herbert." The freshmen class was well represented in the Preliminary Declamatory contest. Mark Turner won first in oration and Hol- ton Rosenquist won first in comedy. Jose- phine Murphy and Juanita Quinn also read in the contest. A lot of our freshmen boys went out for sports such as football, basketball and track. We have some good freshmen ath- letes. The freshmen girls had a good basket ball team of which we were proud. In March the freshmen sold class pins in order to help pay for the new score board. Throughout the year the freshmen were well represented on the honor roll. .Student Council First Row-Arlene Jackson, Sec.g Warren Hallock, Mr. Edmundson, Advisor: Eugcue Piper, Presidentg Camilla Kelly. Second Row--Tom Landes, Lorraine Wilt, John Howes, Cecile Ames, Holton Rosenquist. The Student Council is an organization under the supervision of the principal, Mr. Edmundson, which has charge of all extra- curricular activities of the high school. This group consists of eight members, a boy and girl elected from each class and the president who is elected from the stu- dent body. One of the big jobs the Student Council has is the sponsoring of the homecoming and carnival. Every year the carnival has become bigger and better, which shows that the Student Council is becoming a more valuable and efficient organization to the school. A few valuable assets to the school were purchased this year by the Student Council. One was a new electric score board for basketball games and the other an amplifier which can be used at track meets, plays, and other school functions. Every year Bradford High School has a Big Brother and Sister day which gives the eighth grade pupils of the surrounding community an idea of what high school is like. This is made possible by the Student Council who personally invite all eighth grade graduates to attend school for one day. The Student Council feels that this is a very worthwhile project. CHEER LEADERS Any one that has a lot of pep, and would like to make good use of it, should try to be a cheer leader. Every year three people from th sophomore class is elected. They try out in front of the student body, and are chos- en by the faculty. This person takes the place of the senior who graduates. There is always a sophomore, junior and senior chef-r leader. CHEER LEADERS Camilla Kelly, Lois Gubbins, Isobel Burwell. ff LIBRARIANS First Row-Gloria Welch, Shirley Clausen, Joe McKean, Norma Ames, Catherine Forbes, Nina Beeney. Second Row-Ruth Spenser, Virginia Reed, Miss Vanzant, Librarian. Various books row upon row For curious students who study to grow Gifted in knowledge and oftimes yearning The library's the place for learning. With this thought in mind. a new system of supervision has been used in the library this year, A teacher is present every per- iod to assist the Student Librarian. How- ever, the pupils still like to have a little fun on the side in case the teacher is dn- tained or absent. The library is always full to overflowing and why not? Over four thousand books of all shapes and descriptions would make an inviting place for anyone. There are re- creation books, books for English, Science History and various vocational subjects. Then of course, there are the dictionaries and encylopedias. To this you add about thirty-five sets of English classics and you have a pretty nice library, don't you think? Ask any student what is in the little wire basket at the right hand corner of the desk and he will immediately an wer "Maga- zines." Yes, that's right. The history stu, dent wants a "Tlme"g the pleasure bent student wants the "Lifef' and in addition the magazine rack is filled with thirty-five others which come weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. These include Colliers, Popular Mechanics, Scholastic, Vogue, McCalls and many others. Books are checked out for two weeks or for one day, just as the occasion and book called for demand. A penny-a-day fine is charged for overdue books. Now of course, you're convinced that the library is a popular place around B. H. S. PAPER STAFF First Row-Dorothy Gubbins, typist. Ruth Spenser, Walter Buswell, Jane Owens. Norma Ames, Bim Tumbleson, Gloria Welsh. Second Row-Miss Heetland, sponsor, Bill Carroll, Dorothy Forbes, Kenny John- ston, Catherine Forbes, Bob Real, Cath- erine Mowbray, Bob Boyd. Third Row-Clifford Miller, Bill Barton, Bob Seeds, Rosemary Breen, Jerry Hol- land, Beryl Coleman, Lois Ward. The paperstaff enlarged this year, and the one aim of the group was to have more and better news. History again repeated itself in the chang- ing of advisors, and Miss Heetland had charge of the B. H. S. Highlights. ' A few more appointments were added to those which were previously made, and the reporters filled these positions through- out the term. In November a Thanksgiving Party was held. It consisted of a covered dish dinner followed by a program. It was held in the gymnasium, and of course, everyone en- joyed himself. Each Friday, the assignments of stories were made and posted, and the news items were submitted to Miss Heetland on Mon- day. After being copy-read, they were sent to press, and appeared in the Bradford Re- publican on Wednesday. We succeeded in securing pins, and each member who received one was greatly pleased. We are very greatful to Mr. Breen for his co-operation in giving us an opportunity to publish the B. H. S. Highlights in the Republican each week. CT he masqucrs BERTHA HEETLAND, B. A. University of Iowa ENGLISH, SPEECH AND DRAMATICS Although the name Orange and Black Maskers was used interchangeably with dramatic club, this year it took on a definite meaning. On January 19 eleven students were masked. The little black mask tied with orange ribbon was symbolic of out- standing work in production of dramatics. Any student belonging to the dramatic club may be masked upon completion of dis- tinctive participation in speech and dram- atic events. In time this group shall become the working nucleous of the dramatic club. UERSE CHOIR In old Greek times a chorus was used to give narrative to connect scenes of a play. This old custom of choric reading was revived in the speech classes this year. Both classes gave demonstration for the dramatic VERSE CHOIR First Row-Lois Ward, Camilla Kelly, Ma- bel Allen, Miss Heetland, director. Second Row-Nell Curran, Marcella Mc- Clane, Charlotte Dunbar, Gloria Welsh. Celestine Barnes. Third Row-June Enos, Mary Dorothy Mc- Clane, Ardis Talbert, Ruth Spenser. club. Finally, twelve girls with voices vary- ing from high to low, just as in singing choirs, were selected for a verse choir. The choir gave its initial performance for the Civic League in January. PRODUCTION MANAGERS First Row-Nell Curran. Clair Giltner, Genevieve Hall. 2nd Row-Fern Tumbleson, Merlin Clausen. Ardis Talbert. Dramatic Club V First Row-Murray Tumbleson Jim Perkins, Isobel Burwell, Georgia Pearl Tucker, Eldora Thomas, Gertrude Swearingen, Sarah Louise Ault, Bill Barton, Everett Mof- fitt, Heyle Taylor, Miss Heetland, sponsor. Second Row-Christine Neilson, Lillian Webber, Camilla Kelly, Helen Alexander, Rob- erta Craig. Carol Velde, Juanita Quinn, Holton Rosenquist, Mark Turner, Celestine Barnes, Marjorie Clausen, Cecile Ames, Ruth Nelson, Sylvia Rouse, Cleo Manning. Third Row-Ed Mowbray, Bob Seeds, Ernest Linden, Dick Herder, Norma Ames, Rose- mary Breen, Nell Curran, Nina Beeney, Frances Reed, Jeanne Oakes, Virginia Wolfe, Margaret Hewitt, James Mitchell, Donald Scott. Fourth Row'-Berniece Cade, Alice Green, Beryl Coleman, Clifford Renner, Keland Wright, Robert Hayden, Dick Webber, Bud Jones, Tommy Mowbray, John Hannon, Bim Tumbleson, Gayle Ames, Evelyn Swearingen. Fifth Row-Arlene Jackson, Helen Phelps, Virginia Reed, Gloria Welsh, Ruth Spenser. Rita Mitchell, Bob Real, Les Welsh, Catherine Mowbray, Ardis Talbert, Catherine Forbes, Lois Gubbins, Josephine Murphy. Sixth Row-Warren Hallock, Frank Carroll, Glen loder, Dan McKean, Donald Wright, John Howes, Bill Code, Lynn Velde, Dick Nelson, Clifford Miller, Jerry Holland, Alfred Wolfe, Clair Giltner. Seventh Row--Dorothy Garrison, Jean Bogner, Betty Jurgenson, Cleo Kopp, Hannah Capperrune, Darlene Forbes, Charlotte Dunbar, Helen Blaisdell, Fern Tumbleson, Veronica Murphy, Jane Owens. Gertrude Briggs, Genevieve Hall. Eighth Row-Johr McKean, Bob Stotler, Eugene Piper, Bob Boyd, Bert Hickey, Bill Carroll, Bernard Murphy, Bill Harney, Donald Renner, Joe McKean, Jack Bogner. Merlin Clausen, Kenny Johnston. President, Clair Giltner. Vice President, Joe McKean. Secretary, Norma Ames. Treasurer, Gloria Welsh. "The Show Must Go On" might be a good motto for the dramatic club of this year. Members of this large club have furnished entertainment for the club itself and the general public. Two long plays, "Big Heart- ed Herbert," and "Night of January 16th" played to capacity houses. "Little Prison." done by an all-girl cast was produced in the assembly for the carnival and "The Brink of Silence," with four boys in the cast, was used for the contest play. Sever- al pep stunts, written and produced by the members of the club, added interest and zest to pep meetings throughout the year. In spite of illness which necessitated re- casting twice during production the high school actors proved with success that the show must go on. It is the aim of the club to give opportunity for acting, plav writing. student directing and stage-craft work. Co- operation of all members made the year successful. Popular School Plays "BIG HEARTED HERBERT" Eugene Piper, Bill Carroll, Bill Code, Camilla Kelly, Beryl Coleman, Bill Barton, Gloria Welsh, Jane Owens, Norma Ames, Clifford Miller, Nina Beeney. N, --.-175 "ON THE NIGHT OF JANUARY 16th" Mabel Allen, Bill Carroll, Beryl Coleman, Eugene Piper, Bert Hickey, Veronica Murphy, Bim Tumbleson, Camilla Kelly, Norma Ames. Genevieve Hall, Lynn Velde, Les Welsh, Ruth Spencer, Ger- trude Briggs, Fern Tumbleson, Kenneth Johnston. June Enos, Bill Code. 15 , -W,-eM,,a........,-..,, , ' - ' CONTEST PLAY UBRINK OF SILENCE" Clifford Miller, Eugene Piper, Lynn Velde, Bob Seeds. Home Economic Dcpi. WINIFRED GRANTHAM, B. A. McKendree College HOM E ECONOMICS FOODS CLASS The delicious aroma of cooking food floats throughout the school during the sec- ond and third periods each morning. This year there are seventeen sophomores en- rolled in the foods class. At the first of the year we studied food preservation and can- ned many vegetables and fruits for future use. A meat canning demonstration which we atitended at Wyoming High School was also interesting and helpful. Outside Row-Virginia Reed, Frances Schneman, Isobel Burwell, Rosemary Breen, Jean Bogner, Marion Ioder, Fern Tumbleson, Miss Grantham, Advisor. Evelyn Swearingen, Bernadine Bom- leny, Lorraine Wilt, Darlene Louden- burg, Sylvia Rouse, Ruth Wall, Middle Row-Shirley Horack, Margaret Hewitt, Edna Bachman. FRESHM EN SEWING CLASS The 1937-1938 freshmen girls have been fortunate in being the first in Bradford High School to take the new unit course known as Home Economics 1. First Row-Sarah Ault, Georgia Pearl Tucker, Miss Grantham, Advisor, Eldora Thomas, Gertrude Swearingen. Second Row-Dorothy Cinnamon, Christine Neilson, Lillian Webber, Evelyn Craig, Jeannette Farley, Cleo Manning. Third Row-Juanita Quinn, Lola Mae Tur- ner, Carol Velde, Marjorie Clausen, Cecile Ames, Ruth Nelson. Fourth Row-Roberta Craig, Helen Phelps. Berniece Cade, Leona Bomleny, Gayle Ames, Virginia Wolfe. Fifth Row-Rita Mitchell, Josephine Mur- phy, Cleo Kopp, Dorothy Forbes, Dor- othy Garrison, Arlene Liggett. Home Economics Club 1 First Row-Miss Grantham, advisor, Lola Mae Turner, Shirley Horack, Cecile Ames. Marion Fate, Margaret Malamphy, Mary Jarman. Second Row-Juanita Quinn, Norma Ames, Jeannette Farley, Frances Schneman, Mabel Allen, Celestine Barnes. Margaret Hewitt, Evelyn Craig Third Row--Evelyn Swearingen, Darlene Loudenburg, Gayle Ames, Gyneth Whisker, Shirley Clausen, Ruth Wall, Roberta Craig. Fourth Row-Marcella McLane, Opal Rube-rg, Lillian Scott, Lorraine Wilt, Genevieve Hall, Jean Bogner, Leona Bomleny, Josephine Murphy. Fifth Row-Gertrude Briggs, Arlene Liggett, Delight Reed, Helen Blaisdell, Cleo Kopp, Ardis Talbert. Mary Dorothy McLane. Sixth Row-Marion loder, Fern Tumbleson, Darlene Forbes, Charlotte Dunbar. Veronica Murphy, 'Dorothy Forbes, Bernadine Bomleny, Marjorie Bomleny. Helpful Ever Club President, Genevieve Hall. Vice President, Charlotte Dunbar. Secretary-Treasurer, Wilma Sellers. Sponsor, Winifred Ware Grantham. "Buy your hot dogs here." lt's not the town crler, but just home economics club girls at their foods stand at any ot the many and, varied athletic activities, And who does not remember the famous "Stand 'N Eat" at the '37 carnival? By the sound of things. the girls do not partake of anything but the eating part. But this is not the case. For aren't slim waist lines being emphasized this year? The theme of the club program this sea' son is "charm." The girls have had talks on how to dressg the care of the hair and all the other little things that go for a charming young lady. Besides these extra curricular activities. the Home Economics Club have parties fm- t.he F. F. A. organization. The annual Christ- mas Tea for all the school girls and lady faculty members was given December 16. and a Mother's Day Tea was also quite an event. Genevieve Hall was the delegate chosen to represent our club at the All-State Home Economics Conference at Rockford last fall, and we are quite proud of being affiliated with the All State Organization, thereby receiving much aid. It is customary for the club to take an educational trip each spring, Last year we went to Starved Rock. Many places of inter- est are under consideration for this year's trip. Gir1's Glee Club First Row-Miss Bischoff, director, Lois Ward, Sylvia Rouse, Christine Neilson, Georgia Pearl Tucker. Rosemary Breen, accompanist. Second Row--Dorothy Cinnamon, Ruth Nelson, Helen Alexander, Juanita Quinn, Carol Velde, Celestine Barnes, Lola Mae Turner. Third Row-Marjorie Clausen, Norma Ames, Alice Green, Nina Beeney, Shirley Horack, Cecile Ames. Fourth Row-Helen Phelps, Opal Ruberg, Lillian Scott, Lorraine Wilt, Arlene Jackson, Rita Mitchell, Evelyn Swearingen. Fifth Row-Gloria Welsh,.Ruth Spenser, Dorothy Garrison, June Enos, Ardis Talbert, Lois Gubbins. Sixth Row-Cleo Kopp, Helen Blaisdell, Fern Tumbleson, Hannah Capperrune, Dorothy Forbes, Jane Owens, Catherine Mowbray. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB The Girls' Glee Club was organized under the direction of Miss Julia Bischoff. At the first meeting the following offi- cers were elected: President, Hannah Cap- peruneg Treasurer, Lois Gubbins. Their first appearance was at the all- school play "Big Hearted Herbert." Since then they have sung at all school plays and entertainments. A preliminary contest was held for alto and soprano soloists to see who would en- ter the district contest, Lois Gubbins, alto: and Gloria Wel-sh. soprano, were the win- ners. These girls will enter the solo con- test April 16 at which time twenty-five girls will compete in the chorus contests in Gen- eseo. A Band Concert and Vocal Interlude was held Sunday, March 20 at the high school. The glee club and its soloists took part in this. Rosemary Breen was the accompaniest NHSS JU'-'A BUSCHOFF for the Girls' Glee Club and for the oper- Illinois Normal University etta. MUSIC AND ENGLISH 18 Bozfs Glee Club First Row-Miss Bischoff, director, Bob Wall, Ed Mowbray, Bill Barton, Gertrude Swear- ingen, accompanist. Second Row-Bob Perkins, Keith Swearingen, Beryl Coleman, Clifford Renner, Francis Farley, Bob Hallock. Third Row--Donald Springer. Warren Hallock, Lynn Velde, Kenny Johnston, Clifford Miller, Les Welsh. Fourth Row-Bill Code, Jerry Holland. Donald Wright, John Howes, Frank Carroll. Bob Real. Fifth Row-Ed Murphy, Bill Carroll, Bert Hickey, Herbert Bayers, Bill Harney, John McKean. The Boys' Glee Club was organized this year under the direction of Miss Julia Bis- choff. Twenty-seven boys were in the glee club. At the first meeting the following offi- cers were elected. President, Kenny John- stong Treasurer, Lynn Velde, Monitors. Jim and Bob Perkins. Their first appearance was at the play, "The Night of June 16". A quartet of boys represented the glee club at other commun- ity functions. Warren Hallock, tenor, and Bill Carroll, baritone, entered the solo contest in Gen- eseo, April 16. These boys sang their con- test pieces at the Band Concert and Vocal Interlude March 20. The glee club sang the pieces they use at the Glee Club contest in April. On April 8 an operetta "Ask the Profess- or" was given with the girls' glee club. Gertrude Swearingen was the accompan- ist for the club. Some of Our CTalcnI HOME MANAGEMENT CLASS Left to right-Genevieve Hall, Marjorie Bomleny. Gertrude Briggs, Delight Reed, Miss Grantham, Advisor, Lillian Scott, Darlene Forbes, Opal Ruberg. The third course in Home Economics is the home management course. Seven sen' ior girls who took this advanced course included units in child care. clothing, etiquette, personality and home planning. The clothing unit proved the most popular one. Each girl made a spring outfit which was completed with carefully chosen accessories. Other short units of interest were furn- iture refinishing, menu planning and prac- tical nursing. Even though our class was small in number we feel that the quality was not lacking. I 1 4 - PUBLIC SPEAKING First row-Miss Heetland, advisor, Bill Barton, Mark Turner. Bob Perkins. Holton Rosenquist, Walter Buswell, Bim Tumbleson, Rosemary Breen. Second row-Jerry Holland, Jane Owens. Ruth Spenser, Bob Boyd, June Enos, Gloria Welsh, Lynn Velde. Third row-Christine Neilson, Lois Ward, Celestine Barnes, Nina Beeney, Jo Murphy, Frances Reed, Camilla Kelly. GLEE CLUB SOLOISTS Lois Gubbins,Bill Carroll, Warren Hallock, Gloria VVelsh. BAND SOLOISTS First row-Carol Hall, Ardis Talbert, Rose- mary Breen, Gertrude Swearingen. Second row-Lois Ward. Audrey Flo Tum- bleson. SOLOISTS Catlierine Forbes. Bob Boyd, June Enos Cfhc .flnnual Carnival CARNIVAL QUEEN Charlotte Dunbar Ah! yes, the most gala and most glamor- ous event of all the year. The last is always the best, so let's start at the last and go backward. The most exciting and the prettiest hap- pening of the evening was the crowning of Charlotte Dunbar and Bill Code, Junior can- didates for Queen and King. The organizers of the carnival were Miss Heetland and Mr. Anderson, They are two of the newer faculty members and with the new evidently came new ideas. Because using an old phrase and meaning, "In u CARNIVAL PLAY Back Row-Ruth Spenser, Gloria Welsh. Front Row-Nina, Beeney, Catherine Mow- bray, Camilla Kelly. CARNIVAL KING Bill Code new way, the carnival was bigger and bet- ter th'an ever before." Various other attractions were the bingo game, dance hail, beauty parlor, stand'n e'at and many others which everyone is ac- quainted with. During the course of the evening a play was given in the assembly under the di- rection of Miss Heetland. The drawing and floor show were appreciated by all the pat- rons, too. All we can say is we try to make the good better and the better best. ILLINOIS SPEECH LEAGUE Bradford, as a member of the Illinois Speech League, entered contests in 1937 with success. In the sub-district contest at Wenona in 1937 Grace Foster was awarded first place in the dramatic division and Bim Tumbleson, second in the oratorical section. The one act play, "Pearls," took first place in the dramatic group. Walter Buswell and Carol Landes took third place with extempore speaking and original oration. In the county contest at Toulon later in the year Walter Buswell took second in extempore speaking and Ruth Spencer, Gloria Welsh and Grace Foster thirds in verse reading, humorous and dramatic reading. Our Band First Row--June Enos, Bill Carroll, Ardis Talbert, Catherine Mowbray, Lois Gubbins, John Howes. Second Row-Gertrude Swearingen, Ruth Nelson, Dorothy Forbes, Glenn loder, Virginia Wolfe, Holton Ro-senquist. Third Row-Mr. Garrison, director, Bill Harney. Fern Tumbleson, Robert Hallock, Don- ald Scott. Fourth Row-James Mitchell, Virginia Reed, Frank Herder, Catherine Forbes, Mark Turner, Clifford Miller. Dorothy Garrison. The Bradford Township High School band has made rapid progress during the past year. Early last fall the band moved from the basement of the grade school to the high school building. Here there are ade- quate facilities for storing instruments, re- pairing homs, besides having a place tow' taking care of the band library. Every piece which the band library owns is filed accord- ing to title, author and character of the composition. The band work has been made part of the regular school program. Credit is giv- ALL-STATE CHORUS AND ORCHESTRA Bob Boyd, Catherine Forbes, Jane Owens, Lois Gubblns, en for and which can be used towards grad- uation trom high school. Credits earned will be accepted by the University of Illinois college entrance requirement. The band makes two major trips a year. one to the band festival held each year at Peoria, and the other is the annual band contest. This year the contest was held at Rock Island. Soloists at the contest this year were: Bob Boyd, Lois Ward, Ardls Talbert, June Enos, Clifford Miller, Gertrude Swearingen. Rosemary Breen. CLARINET QUARTET June Enos, Lillian Webber, Gertrude Swear ingen, Ardis Talbert. Industrial Education EVERY DAY SCENE IN INDUSTRIAL MECHANICS DEPT. The Bradford Township High School has one of the best Industrial shops in this part of the state. The new shop building was completed last bill. The freshmen take a general shop course in drawing, woodwork, electricity, and metal work. During the freshmen year of shop work the student is helped to find himself. The student is encouraged to do that work in which he shows the most ability. Fundamental processes and correct pro- cedures for doing things properly are taught in all shop courses. The ability to use tools and machines in this present machine age is a man's great asset. A student may take three years of shop work if he shows ability in these lines. PAUL GARRISON Stout Institute BAND, INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION New Industrial Room 30160 Added io High School Commercial Dept, In our Commercial department we have courses in beginning typing and shorthand. advanced typing and shorthand, and book- keeping under the direction of Mr. Ander- SOD. The Commercial department comes un- der the head of Vocational Education. This means training for some particular type of work. Our particular type is office or ser:- retarial training. These subjects do have some practical value, however. Shorthand may be used to an advantage to a person going to college, or for any particular kind of personal work you may have. It is hardly worthwhile to take it for this use only. Bookkeeping has BOOKKEEPING CLASS First Row-Arlene Jackson, Camilla Kelly, Ardis Talbert. Second Row-Lois Gubbins, Warren Hal- lock, Frank Herder. Third Row-June Enos, Catherine Forbes, Alice Green. Fourth Row-Bill Carroll. Shirley Clausen, Herbert Bayers. Fifth Row-Nina Beeney, Hannah Capper- rune. Nell Curran. Sixth Row-Lynn Velde. FIRST YEAR SHORTHAND First Row-June Enos, Mary Catherine Mowbray, Ardis Talbert. Second Row-Margaret Malamphy, Marcel- la McLane, Jane Owens. Third Row-Mary Dorothy McLane, Alice Green, Camilla Kelly. Fourth Row-Mabel Allen, Shirley Clausen, Charlotte Dunbar. its practical side also. It gives the individual an idea of the importance of keeping books or records even for your own individual useage. Typing is rapidly gaining in popularity. It is a subject, I think, that should be re- quired for everyone to take. It is so practi- cal and has so many n-ses for every person. Most business correspondence is typed. The speed, attractiveness and legibility are three of its most important attributes. Other than the regular classwork, the commercial department is concerned with the contests which are held during the spring. Last spring Catherine Forbes won the county typing contest. THEAS. J. ANDERSON, B. S. Illinois Normal University COMMERCE, ASST. COACH FIRST YEAR TYPING First Row-Norma Ames, Kenny Johnston, Bill Code. Second Row-Nell Curran, Herbert Bayers, Bill Carroll, Ruth Spenser, Celestine Barnes. Third Row-Jeanne Oakes, Nina Beeney, Betty Jurgensen, Marion Fate. Fourth Row-Dick Nelson, Frances Reed, Lois Ward. Jlq. Dept. FRANCIS G. CLARK University of Illinois VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURAL INSTRUCTOR FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Tried, tested and found trustworthy, the F. F. A. club remains the same substantial organization. It is a boys' club and is super- vised by both national and state laws. The purposes of the club are many and varied. Namely: to develop and promote thrift, co- operation, citizenship, and leadership along agricultural lines. While this sounds very terse and hardworking, the boys manage to have a little enjoyment on the side. Bas- ketball, husking, judging, public speaking and parties are a pleasant diversion from curricular activities The Bradford Chapter plans to have 10092, of its students in Agri- culture in the F. F. A. JUDGING TEAM The sectional judging contest was held at Mendota last spring. This event comes about May first of each year. The boys who rank in the upper 5071 go to the state judg- ging contest at the University of Illinois. The fatstock, dairy, corn and grain teams won the honor of going to the state contest. HUSKING CONTEST The 'F, F. A. held their annual preliminary husking contest at Holland's this year. Jack Bogner, being the winner there was our re- presentative at the sectional contest at La- Moille. The rules for the contest were the same as in preceding years-each contest- ant husking 50 minutes. Although Jack did not take first place he rated within the first four and husked the cleanest corn with the least gleanings of any contestant there. . ..1. BASKETBALL TEAM The F. F. A. basketball team consists of about 15 boys who are not out for varsity basketball and are members of the F. F. A. The object is to encourage good sportsman- ship and a better understanding among the boys, testing their ability to co-operate. As F. F. A. basketball is played ln nearly all small schools in this locality the boys often run up against some fine competition. Future F armcrs First Row-Mr. Clark, Advisor, Warren Hallock, Bill Code, Bernard Murphy, Beryl Cole- 111811. Second Row-John Hannon, Lester Lackie, Glen Thomas, Everett Motfitt, Francis Far- ley. Third Row--Herbert Bayer, Bob Real, Frank Carroll, Ed Murphy, Jack Bogner, Walter Buswell, Joe McKean. Fourth Row-Jerry Holland. M'ax Ruberg, Heyle Taylor, Bob Wall, Bob Stotler. Fifth Rcw-Willfnrd Farley, Bill Wright, Charles Bell, Jim Ioder, Bud Jones, Donald Wright. FUTURE FARMERS ASSOCIATION JUDGING TEAM First row-Mr. Clark, advisorg Lester L'ack- ie, Beryl Coleman, Everett Moffitt. Second row-Donald Springer, Marvin Jones, Donald Wright, Warren Hallock, John Blaisdell. Third row-Glen Thomas, Bill Code, Kenny Johnston, Walter Buswell. Fourth row-Frank Carroll, Bernard Mur- phy, Jim Ioder, Jack Bogner. Clifford Miller. FUTURE FARMERS ASSN. BASKETBALL TEAM First row-Bob Stotler, Jack Bogner, War- ren Hallock, Bernard Murphy, Jim Ioder, Second row-Charles Bell, Donald Wright, Herbert Bayers, Frank Carroll, Mr. Clark, advisor. Third row-John Blaisdell, Jerry Holland, Walter Buswell, Willford Farley. Jllhlclic and Physical CTrainznq FRANK WILCOX, B. S. Monmouth College FOOTBALL The football squad think they really have something started nok. We finished up with one tie, three wins and four losses last season and hope to get into that habit next year. Maybe our season wasn't a perfect one, but you certainly couldn't call it a failure. We didn't have at very large team, but the attitude and spirit of the team made up for that. One thing a coach likes to see is improve- ment as the season goes on. We are sure Coach Wilcox was satisfied in that respect. Next fall you will see a more experienced squad and a great deal is expected from them. Both Mr. Wilcox and the boys deserve a good season and here's hoping they get it. And by the way, the score of this veal-'s season dou't speak so badly for our team: Bradford 0-Geneseo 0. Bradford 6-Aledo 7. Bradford 6--Wethersfield 7. Bradford 0-Galva 19. Bradford 20-Chillicothe 0. Bradford 6-Toulon 12. Bradford 33-Eureka, 0. Bradford 36-Wyoming 0. COACH 27 THE BASKETBALL TEAM With five experienced lettermen return- ing from the 1936-37 season Bradford's'bas- ketball season was more successful than last year's. The team lost several games but they never gave up without putting all they had in to the game. Throughout the season the team improved much and the only thing that was lacking was luck. Mr. Wilcox's team competed in two tourna- ments, the Toulon Invitational and the Re- gional but was unsuccessful in both. The team will lose three players by graduation but Mr. Wilcox has many promising under- classmen to fill their places and with a de- termination to win the team for 1938-1939 should The K0 DIBCBB. second team under the supervision of Mr. Wilcox and Mr. Anderson won ten games and lost five. If everything turns out as we think it should the season next year should be a more fruitful one. The freshmen team played several games and gained valuable experience that will help them much in the coming years. Fooiball and Basketball CT cams -ss. I' A-M 17 'fr an ,E , " ,, fe f-. F4 IL! .,.- -- C' WV, as 1 W. . f 'f -. ' ' V' ' "' J ,,,. .M ,1,, ,. V . . , , , , .. I. , . A .ef fl , . 4 V .,-.M . . FOOTBALL TEAM First row-eMr. Wilcox, coach, Lester Lackie, Bill Code, Clifford Miller, Frank Carroll, Les Welsh, Eugene Piper, Clair Giltner, Kenny Johnston, Spencer Landes, Dick Nel- son, Bob Real. Second row-Mr. Anderson, assistant coach, Lynn Velde, Dan McKean, Frank Herder, Bob Boyd, Bertram Hickey, Herbert Bayers, Joe McKean, Bernard Murphy, Jack Bogner, John McKean, Jerry Holland. Third row-Bill Barton, Heyle Taylor, Murray Tumbleson, Jim Perkins, James Mitchell, Vernon Dennison, John Hannon, Dick Herder, Ed Mowbray, Bob Perkins, Bob Seeds, Bob Hallock, Tom Mowbray, Keith Swearingen. BASKETBALL TEAM First Row--Bill Code, Eugene Piper, Kenny Johnston, Clair Giltner, -T06 MCKGSJI- SEPODG Row-Mr. Wilcox, Coach, Les Welsh, Clifford Miller, John McKean, Frank Her- der, Dick Nelson, manager. Third Row--Beryl Coleman, Lynn Velde, John Howes, Bob Real, Tom Landes. 28 CT rack CT cam l Front row-Les Welsh, Herbert Bayers, Eugene Piper, Kenneth Johnston, Bill Code, John McKean. Bertram Hickey. Back row-Mr. Wilcox, coach: Jim Perkins, Bob Real, Donald Wright, Ed Murphy, Clif- ford Miller, Bob Perkins, Mr. Anderson, assistant coach. Last year Bradford attended seven track meets during the season, with only one letterman on the team, Bradford gave a good account of itself in each meet. The meet known as the Bradford Relays was sponsored by the Bradford High School Athletic Department. This meet is the sec- ond largest in the state and was attended by thirty-six schools with 615 athletes who took part in this meet. Some of the best were Anders, state champion dash man, and Wright of East Moline, state discus champion. Boys from Bradford competing in this meet were: Bell, Baylor, Piper, Hickey, Johnston, Code, Bayer and Miller. Class B. was won by Toulon. This meet is drawing a large attraction again this year. Among the finest of the annual Stark County Track meet was Bell of Bradford, who set a record of 24.4 in the low hurdle event. The schedule of the track meets were as follows in which most of the boys men- tioned took part: Geneseo Relays. Blackhawk Conference Meet. District Meet. Stark County Meet. Wyoming-Bradford Dual Meet. All the boys will be returning for this following season as even a better year is anticipated. Freshmen and Junior Football and Basketball FRESHMEN BASKETBALL TEAM First row-Jim Perkins, John Hannon, John McKean, Bob Perkins, Dick Herder. Second row-Mr. Edmundson, principal: Bob Seeds, Glenn Ioder, Edward Mow- bray, Bob Hallock, Mr. Wilcox, coach. Third row-Ernest Linden, James Mitchell, Ernest Wright, Donald Scott, Tom Mowbray. JUNIOR BOYS' BASKETBALL TEAM First row-Beryl Coleman, Jim Ioder, Lynn Velde, Bill Code, Kenny Johnston. Frank Herder. Second row-Tom Landes, Bob Boyd, Her' bert Bayers, Bernard Murphy, Dick Nelson, Mr. Garrison, advisor. FRESHMEN FOOTBALL Fourteen freshmen boys, this year, re- ceived numerals for their first year of foot- ball in high school. These boys were out for practice every night the last period and after school. This season they learned the fundamental things of football, but next year they will learn more complicated things for they will be playing first and second team games, These boys have shown plen- ty of spirit this first season and we can count on them to carry on Bradford High School's football fame. ,.. .a HSL FRESHMEN FOOTBALL TEAM First row-James Mitchell, Bill Barton, Heyle Taylor, Jim Perkins, Bob Seeds, Murray Tumbleson, Tom Mowbray. Second row-Mr. Wilcox, coach: Robert Hallock, Vernon Dennison, Dick Herder, John McKean, John Hannon, Edward Mowbray, Jim Perkins, Mr. Anderson, assistant coach. JUNIOR GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM First row-Miss Grantham, sponsor, Gloria Welsh, Charlotte Dunbar, Marcella McLane. Second row-Ardis Talbert, Helen Blais- dell, Norma Ames. Physical Education. Charlotte Dunbar, Jerry Holland, Bob Stotler, Norma Ames. Noon Hour Hcliviiics in lhc Gym. Above is a picture of part of the physical education program as it is carried on in our school-with the concentrated educational program carried on in our school it is necessary for the students to take part in some form of recreation and exercise. Brad- ford students are afforded this opportunity through ping pong, tennis, softball, basket- ball, shuffle board, checkers. track, field hockey and football. 31 GOOD WILL can not be built from a blue print It grows matured by dxligence tos tered by skill and sustained by honesty MARSH FURNITURE STORE DORGAN 8: FLOOD BOWLING TOBACCO CIGARS CANDX SOFT DRINKS D X SERVICE STATION All kinds ot delicious sandwiches BRADFORD ILLINOIS C Code Props B Code PHIL-UP WITH PHILLIPS 66 Washing Greasing Veedol Quaker State Kendall Oil Firestone Tires McNULTYS SERVICE STATION W W DORGAN ROSZELL S SPECIAL VANILLA Ice Cream MAID RITE SANDWICHES-a whole meal for a. dime GLENN MANNING HARNESS SHOE REPAIRING GIRARD 8z WILLIAMS MCCORMICK DEERING H c TRUCKS SALES SERVICI- ZIPPER FEEDS MOWBRAY CLOTHING A GOOD PLACE T0 TRADE Everything For Men and Boys all CARROLLS BARBER SHOP Washed Sand and Gravel LOWE BROS PAINT and VARNISHES E W HOUGHTON LBR C0 HENNESSEY S BARBER SHOP LADIES INVITED WOLFE S GARAGE HUDSON TERRAPLANE Sales Sz Servlce NEVITT S HARDWARE PLUMBING ROOFING SPOUTING BATTIN S VARIETY STORE Dry Goods-School Supphee Shoes BRADFORD FLORIST FLOWERS PLANTS SEEDS BULBS C L THOMAS Prop PHONE 79 STANDARD SERVICE STATION Kendall Iso-Vis Polarene Standoline Oil Atlas Tires Cars W shed and Greased H C TUMBLESON Prop I l. . . - I ANITA BEAUTY SHOPPE SEE US FOR-Lumber, Cement, Plaster. d A ' Y 3 , ' 9 , 7 . V a s 32 NORMA CECILE AMES DAIRY Grade Guernsey Milk InT0ADlv uvlcn 1 FOR REAL SATISFACTION In Weight and Test take your Cream I0 HAY'S CREAM STATION Bradford, Illinois THEODORE HARTLEY PHYSICIAN and SURGEON BRADFORD DRUG CO. C. H. Scholes, Prop. DRUGS THE REXALL STORE PEOPLES CAFE BEST PLACE IN TOWN TO EAT Phone mm E. E. TURNER HOME TOWN FOOD STORE JIM DANDY COLLAR co. GEOCEEIES ALWAYS BOOSTING FOR COMPLETE MEAT SERVICE Low Prices - See Us Fmt BRADFORD HIGH SCHOOL STENWALUS GARAGE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS CHEVROLET l DODGE KEEP POSTED ON SCHOOL NEWS HY Sales and Servlce READING THE MoB1I.GAs on. BATTERIES M. A. STENWALL, Prop., BRADFORD, ILL. FUERTGES BROS. MARKET and GROCERY The Super Service Store. BRADFORD REPUBLICAN BRADFORD ELEVATOR GRAIN and COAL RALPH JONES BARBER SHOP A BOOSTER FOR E. H. s. JAMES R. SMITH CASE TRACTORS and FARM MACHINERY New and Used Machinery-Repairs-Service Telephone 162 CARYL T. HAY PLUMBING and HEATING FINNE,GAN'S HARDWARE DE LAVAL CREAM sEPARAToRs PAINTS and OILS JOHN TRIMMER DR. C. N. HEINZMANN DEN TIST JEWELER Phone 204-2 POPPEN'S STORE DR. C. A. FORBES A Friendly Place to Trade VETERINARIAN Phone 78 Ph0I1e 115 -COMPLIMENTS OF- ILLINOIS COMMERCIAL TELEPHONE COMPANY R. E. HERRMANN Physician and Surgeon Phones 90R4 and 90R2 Autographs 3 Z Q1 X E A 2 , 1 1 w Ei F E' E if

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