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 - Class of 1961

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Text from Pages 1 - 106 of the 1961 volume:

+ ""f9 " i mu - f fi fff ffffff: "lf " ' 1 . ,... , ,. ,, , , ,, ,J ,, 4 i i ,r J , ,JK I I f 1 w 5 A .,7. ure- 'Hr -f 'STV-' Y. k V Q ' -' vt ' ...Q L ',,1 , - . V. , r'0"""' 'N' ' v - ,-Y ,v V tw, .1-..--L ug,-A ...A Y . .4 -V , , .rgw ,, .. .1 41 ,Y -1- -1 L 9, -, .f. -,, , 2. ,f--. ,1.. "1 K' -.-1':-vu--'-ffrw -4a-f :SM-4e:151"?? N21 '-A A. ., .. - wx 'wi , 1? '3'-U A-' S2-W 1 ' , .1-V H , A V A, ' -', Q fx 1 If r 1 Z Qi Q 1 f J ? 1 f J 3 4 A I 5 J I D 4 A 9 , ' ,. Z. ,LJ 4 . . . 51. v n 1 V. 5 -- Q: .,-'-' 1 .f- .ga A .V ."7r '- : ww 1 " - fs., A A I. 1 , - f 4- JJ. xx. 5 ., 1 w n 5 i 'f f, L. L Z, , , nj.. 44' . w I 1 ,' ,, V -L ,1- . gf., -A ,res -, Q-'f.Hi1v9g.-'tg , , -,W . M... - I i 1 , M1 naw! , 1 ' 4' Y x 4,Y . ,, . -VU ,-, t , J, , , 1 - A-. 15:1 -1 -,.-L 1 -1 , 2 A -- ' - u, M , ,X ,. ,xwx A .3,,, , 5, " L , tif: ' ,U " -: .1 x --.. MV- w,. Cs' -Q :A . 5, :- lf x ..-1. ., X 5: .1 4 Ti . Q .5 1 'fa- :Wifi , -. rr. iii' 54124 '. we ,..-W f fs .-1 'A if .tu 11. 6 JS ..r, A-, :W ,.-U -Q my 1 3 .' 3. .54 'af :Q E 'gn 'I 1. A if s - Q '1 , ,yy 5:5 AH , 4 , rf lv! -fr' ' JH 13 'z Si .wr '53 5 . h.,. -xiii, ' 3. t 1 'av T A - A. i R Ik , A Bt A -35 ' - - ., ' 017 ,lf f , . f-8-J' , Lt: '-my I : U 4 y .I I - V 1 A dd W - 14 1 4 ' J J ' ' V J 1 N .AJ A ,J ' , -'-I -- QA xi 4 . d ' y 1 l I 2 -, A 1 in T4 A 9 T "W bi I tg VJ1 , Q, ,, K K n 5 3 z ' , "' ifffl' A .-5 l Q' xxx 34 ' ' gg I . in I 'Fm " 7 'W -up -'L-QL ' sk'-116 ' '-Q19 , I 43. . 1: g 'J Q Q ,I . 4 'V 5!l1ws!,- ,S ' 3- P ful., Juwg 'T' ' A. A A H 2 ' , -. 1 A ' , , 1. x.. , 'mat A - -1' ff we 5 Q' 1 ' ,F Z iv 1 a .. . . J xx, J 'xx ' . 1, ' , . J . ' " , 4- ' "Ai 11.-1:11 - ,,. ., - l .- -3-.111 QL,.g:.5 'Q',".g g:4.-zgglcg-,Engfg::'1jgf1eQ4Q,".j3-z'-Liv' A-f ., . .3 wg:--gg 4.-f.:u'g.--.Jw , 'f f'-if 'j 'ff 1, ' - .,', ff.11g'I""A4,-'-,S .Q -9'.' . , ,r 11, , . .', . : . ..-"ww .-'mv1,5:gL.,f.'f's-,-,'N' 'A 2, -, -I .-wxexff--1.3 jd . ...itll-.lhiyj-u-qv.. .' mix,-K Q , In-D-.. 1 V H ...Nc ..x,,,,,:L,.: ..: Mp, Y,..,,.....7g-wx . X . , '- ""-1f'..g,,,2,,,Y. 1.31- A--'g' -L,-, . f-,'"'5-Jff-71.-3s-'HKL'-A1f'. ,.' - - . .1 mer 'Lt , V ...fe , ' 1-vff u- "M 'y"'i:uf".' 'w".f' ' , 7-,Ma f ' . 11-' " ,..-- '4f'a'l 21'-' H 11 4-.1 x ., ,V ,:,Q:l,.-..-r lu., A ,YI , t,..,,.-1.3- , , V, , ,, , ,, - -, . , aw- ,ff Tian' --vw-f,if'f:...,' If MA.,-4 -, .,..-- L -f 1-,nr-A : , Q- vw- Q4 -.I 4,g,JvT.,Q,-.a,,T,1 V.-jLfl',,.w, 4 ' ,- , . . ' '1.,-A""g- uf- ' Ny., ,ai!qN,w-j-.- J Jr f.f ' ' .V Q ""-M. ' .1:f,:w"f,,1n,.. :Lfjg'-'f.3:,f'2pzf,-Nff.'f'Q' JH " , " fr " 'f-fp rf"-"f'f.w'- 1, 1 nm. ' w "':+..n.1L".in'4". FP '14 A 44 .,' vu, 1 r zwf- - . av A gp- ,ff ,, I ff ff' N X X K. M5 " ' "J .5-' 17' 7 . ,, , ., f ix 4627325-,f 15 . C21 7! - s,.H., i'f A' ,rlviv M2341 -- N - , .- 0.42 4 J ,xx .4 i rs'- XXXX ,ffff'f i 52 P T d by THE semuosa CLASS f 'NGS' BRADFORD HIGH SCHOOL OR S I 2 fre.: ' i 1 fQQi NNN , ,ff 'MXN LL m 'l 1 f K K g k X X lii If K J A -"-""""""N-- MW X k,X"'X".."'w'W-sw. ,, , . L, ,.,,,m. 4 --uw... -MJ. . xl -. . . r - ,ff A -3' .Mn W f , R . K5 -, '-In K jim l W -,,sKwn W., ,,,+.qx,,,,W R .-. 7631- . . . .A ' 'L'-f-.,., A , 'mm - W-WMM , - . WWWTKN .... Ah,,...-f""'f',., , w., N, , 'N '-af-wm,,.,. r""'f'k,, 'g K ,NWN- Qeofcabbn We, the senior class of 1961, wish to pay tribute to our high school sponsors by dedicating this volume of the Beacon: To Miss Carolyn Young for her faithful guidance during our Freshman and Sophomore years, To Mr. and Mrs. W. C Melvin for their fine lead ities of our Junior year -And- To Miss Bunice Ford for her endless effort and intelligent direction which have contributed greatly to our success and happiness as seniors. ership and enthusiastic work in the various activ- C129 ydjoarofgf Cjofzcabbn The Bradford Board of Education is made up of six conscientious, public-minded citizens, who give unselfishly of their time in order to make our school more progressive. We deeply appreciate the contributions they have given to the school and its development. E f 4 . Q X- , 1. I ffm ff f ,,A ' 1 1 fi A .i.,Q ,, ,-Q - 'H' , I 4--'T 'L' iff, ' Sw' dv' ,.- , 1 . ,pq 'bl - ' .Y ,L I , A, . I' 1 . J 1 .f g 2' I i ' ,, t v JIM 1 , . gifs, 14" f Qiffiy' 11, . .. ifbiigt. ww fgf'Lfrwi 'AA 351 vw esiiffigli 5,1--.::W5 x , lv Lziepfe-.fA' l Y f iff. ff tl 'S Q,f' V ul J- - Q is , ii Agriculture Cafeteria Home Economics and Commercial Arts Gymnasium yfe Beacon cgfqff EDWARD T. DAVIDSON .,........... ...e..,-., .---..,...x.-4-------------- EdiT0I' CHERYL PATRICK -,-,-, A ,,,,,,, M .,,,,,,-A,, Associate Editor MARY FAYE TUCKER , ........ O ...... -.. ......... Business Manager ELAINE CRQSSNQE ,,,,.. W .,., ,,,,, c ,,,.,,,, C irculation Manager MILINDA ROBERSON ...- ......... W..- ....-..... -..e..-.--F--.-W ------ -------------A TYPl5f FAYE DYCUS ........................ -......-..a ..... - ......... .- .....,,-- ..---- - -A------W --A4-- M- TYPIST TRENA JACKSON ...... -...-...,..-..-.....- .Q.... -.- .....,..... mm..- Vk... mm- Typist sue LYNN BOONE ........,, - ..,,. - ........... - ............... - ...... -..H A-.M -.,--- - ------- Artist JERRY FOREN ...-,.a..-.,..-,,.,-.-..o.-..-.-c.-- ..... - .Q....,......., -..-... Sports Editor CALVIN ESTES Mum- ,--.,,.,4 W, ,,,.,4,., ,, ,,,.,,,, MM. Senior Representative CAROLYN CREW5 ---,-- M ,,--,..., -.MVWM ,,,x, w ,,,,, Junior Representative We, the 1961 BEACON STAFF, take this opportunity to thank the faculty mem bers, students, and friends for their patience and guidance extended to us while working toward the publication of this yearbook. ln the past months, we have worked continuously to prepare a yearbook which we hope will bring you many pleasant memories now and in the years to come THE BEACON STAFF OF 1961 .7 Editor l have worked with you for twelve pleas- ant years. You have been great. Now that you have proven that you can succeed in school l challenge you to prove that you can succeed in life. I, for one, say that you will. I love you, Class of '6l. Grateful appreciation on behalf of the faculty and student body goes to Mrs. T. C. Boone for her invaluable assistance in the music department of our school for many years. "Miss Nell," as she is known to us, retired this year. Girls in Home Eco- nomics learn about the new styles and fashions of today. Geography comes easy if Carol Davis explains it to you. Mr. Pate is pen-pointing something out fo Barbara Cook. I Mrs. Tuck watches pa- tiently while Linda Oliver and Melva Connell explain an equation in Algebra. 4 fvqjggsiv , J. ,rzifi--3 E V 5' Tgx 3' fn-Q..-,-S U X 2 'B wigfi. 'Z ig M1539 5 'Q ' Ei' 'T' A ,f '!e x .,sSif:i:,'6,A 3 -Q. plains American His tory to eager on-look ing Juniors. A Stella draws a figure while Carlie explains a puzzling problem to Rosie. Mrs. Holmes ex- QCUA9 RUSSELL R. TUCK MRS. RUSSELL R. TUCK MISS BUNICE FORD B.S., M.S. B.S. B.S. Principal Mathematics Librarian MRS. OGLE HAYES W. C. MELVIN MRS. ROBERT BASS BELMONT PATE B.S., M.A. B.S., M.A. A.B. B.S. Science Agriculture Commercial Arts English MRS. MERCER T. BOONE JOE DENNING MRS. HAL HOLMES A.B. Coach B.S. Home Economics Social Science B. M. PATTERSON, JR. MRS. WILLIAM GRIFFIN THOMAS ROCHELLE BOBBY MgCARTNEY B.S. B.S. B.S. B.S. Economics Seventh Grade Social Science English acufy MISS LAVERNE GRIFFIN MRS. ALF WHEATLEY MISS OLGA HOLDER B.S. B.S. B.S. Sixth Grade Sixth Grade Fifth Grade OSCAR COFFMAN MRS. EARL W. COX MRS. EDWARD DAVIDSON B.S. B.S. 5.5. Fourth-Fifth Grades Fourth Grade Third Grade MRS. C. H. BARTON MRS. PAUL BRYANT MRS, ARTHUR KEEL B.S. B.A. 5.5, Second-Third Grades Second Grade Fi,-sg Grade MRS. KENNETH CROCKER MRS. WALTER HUNT, JR. MRS. G. B. NEVILLE MRS. P. O. ELKINS A.B. ' Secrefary Piano and Expression Piano and Voice First Grade Mrs Harmon Arnold M Mrs Lois Benson Mrs Ophelia Stafford 'N Qi Ks rx X rs 's' gigs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. CAFETERIA MANAGEMENT Willie Bevil Belmont Pate Roy Edmonds Raymond Hamptc Nw hrl, , CARETAKERS John Usery Cafeteria Jesse Adams Elementary School Lonzo Williams High School Harold McCartney, Wallace Rinks, Lonnie Bruff, Jr., Hollis McCartney, Brodie Taylor, Fern Taylor. 4 , s . ,.,g . .:. . , 5. ..yff2..g .. . . QM . . . - Q, . . , . . 1 if K , f.,, K. A X PM ' Q ? was 1 gftf.f3g lsvw K ,law J .4 ,Q ' 3 5935? 3.5. I elf- N 17' 1514 T5 Qi , 1 ,PV f ? v , F .... 2 ' Q ' ' K f ' , 45 M525 . f nfffw. Q , gaswsh ' . Xi ' . f .f ' V- - f" Swiss' 31:2 K' 33- fi? Ap, 1 A 15555 Wifi?" 'i-Af K K? ' A'A: W m ,A ' "fm -El ga? Ki MTR JA 7 . .X ,A 4 , Ae ' f "WSG '--- ws f2w.Q.,i ' . H T132 15548 Y . '. s. Y A. . '. B " i' 5" 4 ,L - 4 'W ' ! ' I J -ymli ag' 4 J ,L 2 kg' ' .. If 'f f X, if - A 4 fa, 12-. RVN?-fi' il 3' K- Y-:Fisk QL M K K? ,f. . kikfgv , 4 3 ,uf jf M W i ,..., I K -h , . i 'X in-K if 5 ' X 'A . 1 4' f, .. ,, 0 J fri 1 My ,. ' M V sg Q? K fgfaq 4+ A V ' f 53 , Twig. if 5 K Q 'KM w - . 453 , me If -is 312 :M 'f - ,zE iAMEQ.1:q,,m gr I Y 1 gg E A ' - Q , .,4gW .A 4,.p!'f"'P- K ' , i f W ' Ev f SP2 ff S 3 N W. '51 A , " , ' 3 W ,. ' "" Y QE' 3 "'Yise?555 Af N37 8, 4 xg - F. V we 4, 2 ' , 5 1 X . f K 551 , lk? Yin ,J '.k' x, W , K A " ir, ' is '21 ,E " 7,2 ' M .2 '3 . wk 4 .4 iff ' f , PM 'mhhA W L A . V Q -if 513 1 . n 11 Q, 3 . H 5 . L R A ,' vw ,J W-.yur-, .l 51-J . f ,L .. lv s fw- .QV . S P ,Q w t 3. .v 5 . , 4.- ,T ,N E. wx J fy ,,s"'7 A K 515' , f -f.. ,1 Y If Q Q W. . WS ,M . W, .f ,QW , ,A JANICE STANFILL Ilsugarll Basketball T, 2, 3, 4, Class Reporter 'l, 3, 4, "B" Club l, 2, 3, 4, FHA Reporter 2, 3, 4, FHA l, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3. SUE LYNN BOONE Ill-eftyll Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, "B" Club 2, 3, 4, Music Club 1, 2, 3, 4, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, FHA Vice President 3, FHA President 4, FHA Sub-District Treasurer 3, FHA Sub-District President 4, FHA State Degree 3, FHA West Tennessee Vice President 4, FHA State Convention 3, 4, FHA National Convention 4, 4-H Club Congress 3, 4-H Honor Club 3, 4, Class Trip Treasurer 4, Class Play 3. JERRY RAY FOREN "Foren" FFA l, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, 4-H Club I, 2, "B" Club 3, 4, Class Play 3. DEBORAH JOAN TATUM "Tater" FHA l, 2, 3, 4, 4-H Club 2, 3, 4, Basketball Manager 1, 2, 3, 4, "B" Club i, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3. I4 CALVIN ESTES llcagfl President l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball T, 2, 3, 4, FFA 1, 2, "B" Club 2, 3, Candidate to FFA State Convention 1, Class Play 3. CHERYL PATRICK "Squirrel" Class Treasurer l, Class Secretary 2, 3, 4, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, FHA Chaplain 3, FHA Secretary 4, Basketball Manager l, 2, 3, 4, "B" Club 'l, 2, 3, 4, 4-H Club 3, 4, Class Play 3, Music Club l, Beacon Staff 3, 4. BOBBY WAYNE ROSE llRosell FFA 'l, 2, Sub-District Creed Contest l, State Parliamentary Team 2, Sub-District Champion Skills Team 2, Class Play 3, Class Vice-President 3, 4, FFA National Convention 3. ROSEMARY NEVI LLE "Rosie" FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, FHA Photographer 2, 3, FHA Song Leader 1, 4, Class Reporter l, Class Treasurer 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, "B" Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Music Club i, 2, 3, 4, Music Club Treasurer 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3. CHARLES BRADLEY IlEqrall FFA l, 2, 3, 4. JOYCE ANN TAYLOR "Tator Bug" FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Menu Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 3, Class Play 3, Usher for Graduation 3, 4-H Club Vice President 4. TRENA JOYCE JACKSON llTeell FHA I, 2, 3, 4, 4-H Club Vice President 2, Cheerleader I, 2, 4, "B" Club 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, lnvitation Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 3, Beacon Staff Typist 4: Ufvltel' for Graduation 3. CARLIE WAYNE GIBSON IIWMII FFA l, 2, 3, 4, Paper Room 4. LARRY COCHRAN "Kochie" FFA l, 2, 4-H Club l, 2, Basketball 3, Class Play 3, Banquet Committee 3. JOYCE MARIE CATES "Joycie" 4-H Club 1, 2, FHA i, 2, 3, 4, FHA Historian 4, Banquet Committee 3, Class Play 3, Cheerleader 3, 4, "B" Club 4, Magazine Treasurer 4, 4-H Club Secretary 4. JOYCE ELIZABETH BAKER llslimll FHA 3, 4, FHA Treasurer 4, Cheerleader 4, Music Club Reporter 4, Expression 4, Class Play 3. EDWARD T. DAVIDSON llEdlI FFA i, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, Beacon Staff Editor 4, Music Club l, 2, 3, 4, Music Club President 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, "B" Club 3, 4, Toastmaster of Junior-Senior Banquet 3, FFA Vice President 3, FFA President 4, Skills Champ 1, FFA Parliamentary Law Team 3, FFA Sub-District President 4, State FFA Convention 3, FFA National Convention 4, Top- Crop Banquet 1, 3. I5 MILINDA CAROL ROBERSON "CaroI" FHA i, 2, 3, 4: FHA Typist 4, Music l, 2, 3, Music Club l, 2, 3, Class Play 35 Banquet Committee 3, Beacon Staff 4. MICHAEL WOLLAM "Rambler" Class Play 3, 4-H Club l, 2, 3, 4, 4-H Honor Club 2, 4-H Junior Leader 25 Banquet Committee 3, Cafeteria Worker 2, 4-H Club President 4. MARION COBB "Mater" FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, 4-H Club I, 2, 3, 4. DORIS JUNE BOLERJACK "Doris" Cafeteria Worker 2, 35 4-H Club 3, 47 Class Play 35 Banquet Committee 3. I6 HAROLD LEE SELLERS "Harry Lee" FFA 'l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Manager 4, Class Play 3, Banquet Committee 3, Skill Contest 3, FHA Dreamboat 4, Dairy Judging 47 4-H Club 2, 3, 4. CAROL ELAINE CROSSNOE "Susie" Class Secretary If 4-H Club l, 2, 3, FHA l, 2, 3, 4, State Degree 3, FHA Vice President 4, Cafeteria Worker 3, 4: Class Play 35 Beacon Staff 4. MARY FAYE TUCKER "Murphie Tee" 4-H Club l, 2, 3, 4, FHA l, 2, 3, 4, FHA Parliamentarian 4, Yearbook Business Manager 45 Class Play 3, Entertainment Committee for Banquet 3. HOWARD W. GUY, JR. ' "Junior" FFA l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 3, 4, Class Play 3, Banquet Com- mittee Bg 4-H Club l, 2, Cafeteria Worker 2. RANDEL HAYES llspeedyll FFA i, 2, 3, 4, 4-H Club i, Class Play 3, Entertainer at Junior-Senior Banquet 3. WANDA WHITE "Lucie" 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3: Welcome Committee for Junior and Senior Banquet 3, Usher for Graduation 3. BARBARA JEAN OWENS "Barbs" FHA I, 2, 3, 4, 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, Class Play 3, Banquet Committee 3, Open House Usher 2, Assist- ant Librarian 4, Served at Father and Son Banquet 3. SHIRLEY SUE REAVES "Shi-Ann" FHA i, 2, 3, 4, 4-H Club 1, 2, Music 3, Music Club 3, Class Play 3, Fashion Show 2, 3, Banquet Committee 3. DOROTHY FORD llDotrl FHA i, 2, 3, 4, 4-H Club i, 2, 3, 4, 4-H Club Vice President 'l, Class Play 3, Fashion Show l, 2, 3, 4, Graduation Usher 3, FHA Yearbook Committee 4, Banquet Committee 3, Served at Father-Sort Banquet 4, Hostess at Open House 1, 2, 3. RACHEL SUE BYRD "Birdie" FHA I, 2, 3, 4, Class Treasurer 2, Usher for Graduation 2, Class Play 3, Committee for Junior-Senior Banquet 3, Beta Club I, 2, 3, 4. MARGARET RUTH CHESSOR lIMar1yIl FHA i, 2, 3, 4, 4-H Club 'I, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, Banquet Committee 3. PATSY KERNODLE lIHetll FHA 'I, 2, 3, 4, 4-H Club 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, "B" Club 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, Banquet Committee 3. I7 JOY ANN PETTY Blondie 4H Club 1 2 3 4 Class Play 3 Banquet Committee 3 Cafeteria Worker 3 STELLA BANES Toby T2 3 4 4HClb 2 3 4 B Club4 Cafetn Worker 2 Assistant Librarian 4 Basketball 3 4 Class Play3 BETTY CAROLYN BATES Sock-Wad FHA 1 2 3 4- 4-H Club 3 4- Class Play 3- Banquet Com- mittee 3- Usher at Graduation 2. FAYE MAXINE DYCUS Pharaoh F 1, 2, 3, 47 4-H Club 3, Ai Class Play 37 Cafete'a Worker 17 Fashion Show 37 Banquet Committee 37 Assistant Librarian 47 Usher at Open House 27 Freshman Tea Com- mittee 27 Beacon Staff Typist 4. GOOD CITIZENSHIP GIRL 5alUTaTOT'lan, DUE LTIXIIV DKJLJINIC l Average for three and a half years is 95.357. CHERYL PATRICK The is sponsored by the Daughters of the American Revolution. junzbr Gkss uzzzbr Gkss Don Presrdent Vice Cates Secretary Carol Davis Yates Beverly Smith Knott Treasurer Steve Campbell Carolyn Crews Jim Wallace Rosa Arnold Woodie Cobb Jerry C0lOleY Marilyn Nail Garrett Cash Wilma Dunnagan uzzzbr Gfzss David F. McCartney Beverly Greenup Jerry Holt Barbara Cook llul vulluiu ----v-yu -v-v-gun ------w ------U - ---- - --- ----- Patricia Morris Donald Lee Dofson Betsy Childress Jimmy J0l1nsTone Billy Joe Reynolds Darline McCormick William Lunsford Rita Hopper 11121511 GQSJ Sheila Hayes Gary Ray Greenup Monda Sue Williams Wilson Phillips Billy Herndon Barbara Evans Paul Keel Joyce Reynolds Shirley Johns Norman Akins Charlotte Reynolds Larry Leaflh J0y Cunningham Louellen Breeden Willie Faye Kimble DOUglaS Bullingion Elaine Blurton Sandra Hazelwood Crow Carolyn Reaves Nanney Vlrs. Bass is helping to prepare students to be efficient, hard- rvorking secretaries. Mrs. Neville is instructing Linda Davis in her music. mmmw-w . Agriculture l is taught to keep records of farm proiects. Don Myracle won first place in the Gibson County 4-H Club Electrical Contest. His prize was S25.00. 24 Betty Parker is taking a piano lesson from Mrs. Elkins. CSOP6 0122 OFQ SS dI2Of XTPQSAXZZQGIQ 6653 David Pierce Glynda Harrington Johnny Anglin David lngram Melva Connell Gary Reynolds Barbara Rial Linda Oliver Jerry Flowers Clydean Reynolds Charles Cook Franklin Montgomery Betty Laster I Johnny Smith Brenda Casey sopgamafe can Willie Warren, President Helen Mullins, Vice President Carol Patterson Carole Ford, Treasurer Vivian White, Reporter Gary Knott, Sergeant-at-Arms Jane Rose S Danny Adams Sandra Bradford Vernal Houston Linda Martin CSO!050!2?OZ'Q GQSJ Thomas Tubbs Helen Richardson Charles Seiber Jimmy Merrell Kay Gibson Pele Griffin Carolyn Gilmore Brenda Crossnoe C. B. Hayes Mary Nell Dunn Ray Whilwell Paul Powell Doris Taylor Douglas Powell Linda Hickman Annie Gibson Jimmy Rinks Carolyn Cook Joe Lowery Billy Gene McCartney Barbara Walls Lannie Walls Rebecca Copley Mack Cunningham Buddy Baird Billy Turner Jimmy Ralls Louise Moseley Robert Reynolds Christine Petty Larry Baker Helen Rose Larry Cash Mary Helen Chessor Charlie Cochran Marie Gibson Mark Bradford Brenda Houston Everette Lowery Joyce Powell Larry Blackwell Carolyn Reaves Thomas Lunsford Dorothy Sellers Eddie Hayes Patricia Lowrence Harold Huguely F95 122012 GQSS Roger Greenup, President Richard Wingo, Vice President Joan Moore, Secretary Patricia Lawler, Treasurer Brenda Browning, Rep Ray Wood Judy Gearin David Hall Paulette Connell Bobby Lamb Rebecca Crawford Eugene Hubble Fredia Johns Larry Cantrell PGS 122012 Norma McCartney Bill McCartney Sue Beecham Ralph Moore Betty Jo Hampton Jimmy Wren June Savage Terry Tucker Nell Adams James Stanfill Louise Holt Hermon Connell Jane Graves Larry Hunt GQSS Brenda Kernodle Michael Fields Betty Parker Sammy Walls Elizabeth Williams Gary Cates Janice Tatum Barbara Powell Diana Miles James Hollis Powell Sue Ralls Wayne Whitwell Brenda Hunt Norma Cantrell June Graves Diane Powell Linda Willamson Jimmy Smith Kay Stallings Henry Estes ASSISTANT LIBRARIANS Shelia Hayes Beverly Smith Darlene McCormick Stella Banes Faye Dycus Barbara Owens Carolyn Crews Marilyn Nail OFFICE WORKE Brenda Brownin Carolyn Crews Billie Sue Davis Helen Mullins Norma McCartne Carol Davis CAFETERIA WORKERS Betty Parker, Dorothy Sel- lers, Brenda Crossnoe, Linda Hickman, Glynda Harring- ton, Barbara Rials, Linda Martin, Barbara Evans, Elaine Crossnoe, Shirley Johns, Sue Beecham, Kaye Stallings, Danny Adams, Billy Turner, Gary Reynolds, Pete Griffin, Douglas Pow- ell, Carolyn Gilmore 30 3 '-Tr' Robbie Cash Johnny Oliver Jerry Arrington Mike Garland Farris McCartney Jimmy Vick Mac Davidson Linda Kimble David Woods Linda Parham Kenneth Harrison Lavonda Ingram Margie Crossnoe Waymon Cates Patricia Norman Odell Stallings Sue Cook Robert Arnold David Wingo Pat Wollam Donald Scott Ernest Pounds Terry Warren Curtis Stewart aygfg gre John Taylor, President Larry Taylor, Vice President Donna Yates, Secretary-Treasurer Eugene Elliot Wanda James Linda Martin David Reasons Kay Crocker Nancy Childress Robert Watson Patsy Connell Sherry Boleriack Johnny Carr Janice Smith Gerald Sellers Sue Whitwell Johnny Arnold David Lawson Peggy McCormick Joe McNabb Diane Walls David Tubbs Peggy Scott --.., aww Pdf Charles White Linda Hunt Barry Oliver Thomas Azbell Jerry Mackin James Groves Paulette McCartney Tony Baker Alline Ralls Bobby Warren Linda Bozzle James Capps Lannie Powell Carolyn Mathis James Huguely Jane Patrick Glynda Henley James McCormick 8061215 grade Tommy Hall, President Gwenneth Jackson, Vice President Brenda Dowlancl, Secretary-Treasurer Ronnie Horne Polly Blackwell David Wall Janet Keel Eddie Mitchell Doris Hunt Wilma Bates Dickey Pillow Dotty Taylor David Guy Deborah Pierce lynn Tucker James Powell Edward Harris Wayne Akin James Reynolds Gene Taylor Don Hampton Mary Evelyn Griffin Jerry Petty Marsha Foren Nelson Kernoclle Sherry Knott Rickey Pierce Frank Carroll Donna Hollingsworth David Williams Linda Turnbo Randy Cunningham Neil Boone John White Linnie Nelle Mullins Danny Reynolds Virginia Henson Jimmy Williams Terry Etta Crocker Charles Fuller Sammy Yates David Pillow Larry Davidson Wioldine McCormick Ray Powell Q euenzf gra Ronnie Laird Sheryl Means Wayne Rinks Phyllis Lonsmire Jerry Cooper Sandra Houston Reba Powell Nolan Bradford Martha Austin Bennie Dunn Anette Warren Willard Cooper Mikel McCartney Jimmy Campbell Tommy Whitwell Robert James Eddie Bolton Ronnie Pigg in F ,fi g Q Derrell Holt Sue Kirk Stanley Cates Linda Davis Roger Hayes Brenda Mullins Jimmy Vinson Donald Reynolds Patsy Longmire Danny Oliver Janice Hazelwood Danny Howell Wayne D Crocker Cathy Knott Richard Smith Wanda Hunt James Mitchell Peggy Crossnoe Joann Breeden Bobby Stephens Margie Parker Paul Lowery Kay Baird William Longmnre Harry Azbell Don Lannom Frankie Baker Ronnie Elliot Mickey Smith Harold Graves tszbrff gra Gary Collins Lynda McCormick Jeff Reasons Mary Ann Pigg George Dawson Brenda Wiliforcl fi Mary Beth Bass Johnny Cook Joyce Rose David Roberson Elizabeth McCartney David Lloyd Gary Walker Judy Leach Norman Seiders Barbara Merrill Charles Gilliam Carnell McAlister Gary Wallace Gary Ford Wyndell Reynolds Philip Roberson Bobby Beecham Gary Hunt ,Snag QIUOQ Johnny Adams Waldeen French Roy Neal Choate Janie Reeves Kenneth Turner Alice Taylor Katie Rinks Larry Stone Joan Graves Lloyd Dycus Linda Hunt Sammy Crowe Ronnie Connell Faye Warren Kenneth Bradford Sow Qmoe Denise Reynolds Dianne Miller Ruth Hall Dianne Williams Judy Whitwell Alice Powell Janie Crocker Richard Wallace Delois Hunt Lindell Reynolds Rebecca Clenney Lynn Pratt James Harvey Childress Mary Helen Crocker Douglas Howington Monda Vaughan James Campbell Phyllis Lowery Linda Cochran Eugene McNabb Glenda Cash Charles Tubbs Deborah Bruff Danny Dabbs Carolyn Turner Linda Arnold Pamela Greenup Linda Sue Palmer Janice Harrison Linda Wren Harold Guy Mary Helen Thetford Johnny Wren Barbara Cooper Eddie Arnold Melinda Davis Connie Sellers William Cooper Lee Beecham Kathy Kail Michael Warren Edward Clenny Doris Adams Mary Jane Guy ourff QIZZOQ 59,75 QMOQ Bobby Stockard Elane Oliver Billy Joe Childress Norma Griffin Phillip Chandler Wanda Gillam Carolyn Mullins Gail Tatum Sheila White Phillip Dunlap Cheri Childress Brenda lvie Jimmy Smith Kay Knott David Keel Lana Patterson Ted Whitwell Patsy Stewart Rosilie Wingo Charles Guy Martha Blackwell Danny Beecham Willie Mai Turnbo Tommy Veasey Joe Graves Dianne Warren Danny Gearin Lynda McCormick Joe Williams Deborah Scott Z.. 1.1 1- ,11..,.....m,,..r--:-m.,.,.., -.H -S-....m.,- m,..,s....,.W - OZIIM gra ofa Charlotte Nance Phillip Crawford Nancy Smith Larry Harrison La Myrle Moore Charlotte Scott Harold Norman Marilyn Griffin Mike Burkett Shelia Miller Thomas Greenup Jimmy Reynolds Patricia Dawson Murry Groves Peggy Hollandsworth Michael Hogg Rita Anglin Glenda Miller Roger Reynolds Denise Baker Joel Baker Patsy Lannom Jackie Petty Phillip Cates Donna Sue French Larry Sellers Joyce Greenup David Lowery Shelia Dowland Sandra Walls Stephen McCartney Nancy Jo White Don Tucker Evelyn Estes Tony McCallister Randy Rochelle Rex Vick Joan Baker James Kail Donna Branson Joe Hunt Christeline Williams Winfred Lewis Sammy Scott Loyce Greenup Jimmy Evans David Martin Ricky Crocker Rosalyn Taylor John Turnbo Anita Powell Gary McAlister Alice Williams Judy Harrington Kenneth Garland Ernie Blackwell Milton White Kay Hollis Terry Norman Phillip Dycus Betty Houston James Akin Janice Bolton Larry Henley Judy Rinks 'loh""1Y Scott Willie Young Johnny Bolton D0Uglas Oakley Seiders Kenneth Gerald Powell S75 of QPGOQ Tommie Golden Rebecca Tatum Randy Parham Dorothy Cash Michael Fairless Virginia White Joan Elliott Larry Alford Beverly Phillips Jimmy Dabbs Barbara Guy Gerald Campbell Danny Cash Patsy Wren Terry Lee Lowery Patsy Culver Billy Sellers Nancy Sellers Dale McAlister Fern Cates Michael L. Crocker Don McCartney Jerry Davis Hubert Hunt QCOI20fQf'dk Ronnie Hubble Hubert Rinks Keith Patterson Joseph Scott Bobby Austin Lonnie Bolton Patti Matheny Ronnie Bullington Rita Mullins Bruce McCartney Diane Carroll William Graves Stevie McCartney Patricia Reynolds Terry McCaslin Monda Miller Edwin Gibson Jerry Reynolds John Alexander Vickie Dycus Phillip Elliott Randy Gilliam Roger Smith Mary Hunt Dale Pigg Elvin Todd Wanda Cash Larry James Joany Casey Ronnie Austin Bradley Thetford Deborah Arnold David Laird Jerry Dunn William Griffin Kay Fields Pamela Mathis Warren Sorrells Barry White Deborah Bradford Dexter Bradford Harold Clenney Nickey Howell Cathy Baird Danny Knott Vickie Reynolds Larry McCartney Patsy Crawford Robert Hollis Kathy Smith Gary Rinks Jackie Foren Harry Alford Ginger Crocker Kenneth Lannom Ann Estes Tony Stephenson Valerie Bradford James Hammon Danny Campbell Mary Lou Richardson Ronnie Hollis Judy Pruitt abs! QAQOQ Danny Lannom Denise Pierce David Allen Barbara Blakely Ronnie Arnold Sandra Makin Dale Akin Anita McNabb David Dycus Paula Golden Michael Springer Charlotte White Mike Graves Debra Petty Robert Greenup Connie Crossnoe Robert Lee Graves Kathy McAlister Wanda Holt Larry Stafford Sandra Scott Marvin Estes Shirley Blackwell Ricky Foren Patsy Beecham Danny Graves Linda Dotson Ronny Martin Marilyn Johnstone Linda Kay Ogg James Lee Hunt Karen Flowers Richard Young Betty Lou Hornbuckle Diane Williams Bra offnrofjzazzszb- Juvenile Music Club Students from the Piano, Voice, and Speech Departments are eligible for mem- . bership in the Juvenile and Junior Music Clubs. The Juvenile Club members V- 5 are from the first seven grades. The Junior Club members are from the upper W if five grades. Both are federated clubs. in fl Q "K" Diregfgr ,-nu., ,,,,cc,, ,,,,, , ,,,,, . .. .,.,..,.. c..,.. M RS. GERALD NEVlLl-E Juvenile Counselor .... - ........ .--.- E --------- - -- ---- MRS- C- H- BARTON Junior Counselor H .-.... H. ----- --- MRS- R- R- TUCK OFFICERS Sue Boone, Pres.: Elaine Crossnoe, Vice Pres.: Janice Stanfill, Rep.: Joyce Baker, Treas.: Cheryl Patrick, Sec.: Rosie Neville, Song Leader: Mary Tucker, Parl.: Joyce Cates, Hist.: Marilyn Nail, Photog.: Carol Davis, Chap.: Billie Davis, P.: Milinda Robertson, Typ.: Mrs. Boone, Adv. A r., Chapter Mothers Last year Sue had all the qualifications needed to be eligible for a State office in FHA. Our chapter elected her as a candidate. Her picture and qualifications were published in Chapter Chatters. A double slate was prepared from votes sent in. Sue was on this slate. A1 the convention she was interviewed and voted on by the delegates. West Tenn. Vice Sue Lynn Boone MEMBERS FHA DEGREE GIRLS By the Senior year, Sue Lynn Boone and Elaine Crossnoe had received the FHA degrees of achievement: the Jun- ior, Chapter, and State Homemaker De- grees. Goals were established, and worked towardg evidence of growth was presented. The Junior and Chapter Degrees were checked and granted by the Degree Committee. The State De- gree was checked and granted by Trenton Sub-District Home Economics Teachers. HOMEMAKER OF TOMORROW Joan Tatum has been named the 1961 Homemaker of Tomorrow of Bradford High School as determined by a writ- ten examination on homemaking knowledge and attitudes given to graduating seniors. She received an award pin and became a candidate for the State Homemaker of Tomorrow Award. tiff I 'A I 3' , A M 5 . 1 , V i . xi 7l.T.n.. F' .1 4 L 1I""l QW sig? 'F nu. an 5 ,, .K A J QM 4, i Jr! Y -F vw if L '-am milf? -fgffi 3 lf! we ,J . ,K 51 .V M -ea Q5 1 - :H f - ug ' 'f , Q' -f "5 f Q- q 62,4 K X , - X ' ,Qs i ak assi' ' ll-W X" i E 7 E' . ' 1 V A , f-3 14. L, Q xx N. ' i 1 ' ' . . X wf 'll' u. Q., ,L,1 Q ,N 5 l MG? -L Y aug 5 A A 3 ' ' Q Ya' P -vgfg kg if " f ff "Wi I ' y ' 5 Q E .au 4- J ,f,g..x W Kagan I xy . Q? . '- ' Q M Nl Y . V' f 4 i ' The Dairy Judging Champions of 1960-61 Trenton Sub-District. Ha-rold Sellars Ed Davidson Charles Bradley The Parliamentary Law Champs of 1960-61 Trenton Sub-District Mr. Melvin-Advisor Jim Wallace-Secretary Richard Wingo-Treasurer Douglas Powell-Reporter Ed Davidson-President Roger Greenup-Vice President Donald Dotson--Sentinel CAROLE FORD is the FFA Sweetheart of 1960-61 Mr. and Miss B.H.S. Cheryl Patrick Edward T. Davidson Most Courteous Trena Jackson Jerry Foren Best Athlete Helen Richardson Jerry Holt Most Co-operative Sue Lynn Boone Calvin Estes Most Popular Cheryl Patrick Calvin Estes Most Dependable Cheryl Patrick Edward T. Davidson Nearest Wanda White Jerry Copley Most Attractive Trena Jackson Harold Sellers Wittiest Rosemary Neville Jerry Foren Most Srudious Sue Lynne Boone Bobby Rose yfe gafe Qfzfe '61 cgenzbrs. Tired and weary, one evening, I lay down to rest. As I relaxed, peace and serenity settled on my soul. My eyelids grew heavy, I began to drift -drift from the present into the future. In the dream that followed, much to my surprise, the fate of the '61 Seniors was revealed to me. The year, as I recall, is 1975. This is a year of space travel, a year of excitement, a year of prosperity, and a year of achievement for the '61 Seniors of Bradford High School. Shakespeare once said: "What a wonderful thing is man," and SUE LYNN BOONE has adopted this as her philosophy of life. As a matter of fact, she is still stalking that witty, fun-loving, good- looking American man. But, poor Sue, the fate from which she sought escape has befallen her- an old maid school teacher. ROSIE NEVlLLE's future is still a bit hazy: shall it be physical edu- cation or Medical Technology? Let us hope, for the sake of the future generation, that her choice will be physical education. The wild blue yonder isn't safe anymore, for MIKE WOLLAM is piloting the fastest let of '75. Our wish for Mike is that he doesn't forget his parachute. RANDALL HAYES is contributing. time to Uncle Sam. Randall, too, has adopted a philosophy of life: paint everything that doesn't move, salute everything that does. CHERYL PATRlCK's wish has come to pass. She cares for her twelve chil- dren with utmost efficiency. I wish I could tell you the fate of TRENA JACKSON, but when I last saw her, she wouldn't stop talking long enough for me to ask her what her chosen vocation was. As a Senior, ELAINE CROSSNOE tol'd us she was going to visit her relatives, which were scat- tered throughout the U.S.A., until she determined her vocation. Well, Elaine can now boast of being in fifty states, and she plans to renew her visits very soon. EDWARD THOMAS DAVIDSON is an engineer. He builds the bridges of '75. Ed always forgets to do one thing after he finishes a bridge- put a danger sign at each exit. One of our girls, STELLA BANES, is an air-line hostess. There is just one problem which confronts Stella. She simply can't stand height. The ambition of CHARLES BRADLEY was to get a good iob in order that he could support his family. He has a fine iob. Now all he needs is a family to support. Under the care of MILINDA ROBERSON are dozens of babies. She works in the baby ward of a large hospital. MARION COBB is now a brilliant doctor. In fact, he is a member of the advisory staff of a large hospital. If your automobile ever gets sick, call Doctor Cobb, he guarantees his work. The health department of B.H.S. is now under the protective care of JERRY FOREN. Each day he stands before his call and-well, Jerry shouldn't be a teacher. MARGARET CHESSOR has spe- cialized in the art of togetherness. She is a tele- phone operator. LARRY COCHRAN is extremely successful. He, however, still keeps those Friday nights free. ' JOYCE BAKER is a Home Economics teacher. All her students, which are girls much to her disgust, are iust "packed" with knowledge! We have one boy, JUNIOR GUY, who pilots space ships to the moon. BETTY BATES has learned to operate the complicated office machines of '75. She very seldom makes an error. Our class president, CALVIN ESTES, is a pioneer. He builds his log cabins on the wild frontier of the moon. JOYCE CATES is a successful house- wife. She readily admits that her husband is the head of the house, but she modestly says that she is the neck that directs the head. There is cause for worry in '75, for JANICE STANFILL has lust received a position in the United States Senate. FAYE DYCUS and JOY PETTY are busily en- gaged in the fine art of "tickling the keys." They are typists in a large business firm. The Seniors of '61 even have a representative in the Penta- gon. HAROLD LEE SELLERS is head of the United States Marines. BARBARA OWENS has made her decision. She is now working as a nurse in a doctor's office. As a secretary of the office of a large business corporation, DORIS BOLERJACT ranks first. CAR- LIE GIBSON works for a construction firm. If Carlie's construction wouldn't fall down, he would be a real success. Off to college went RACHEL BYRD to seek her vocation. She hasn't found it yet because she's still looking. PATSY KERNODLE is making her life useful. She is working for the Salvation Army. Fame has visited SHIRLEY REEVES. She is now a model working in New York City. Another '61 Senior, MARY FAYE TUCKER, is teaching Home Economics. JOAN TATUM married after graduation. She is now a fine housewife and a wonderful mother. DOROTHY FORD is still trying to decide which college she will attend. JOYCE TAYLOR and WANDA WHITE have finally crashed Hollywood. They are janitors in Warner Brothers Studio. Just about the time my fate was to be revealed, much to my disgust, I awoke. Thus the prophecy of the 1961 Seniors of Bradford High School came to a close. Q4 Zffafw ..... yyfayazzhe CSGASIZZ en Sue Lynn Boone ........, ...,..,,A 5 312,38 Edward T. Davidson ....., ..... 2 08.11 Rosemary Neville ....A.......,, ..... 1 73.47 Total sales of entire class ..... ,..,..,. S 2,654.01 We, the Senior Class of 1961, wish to thank you for your co-operation and unfailing encouragement throughout our magazine drive. By buying magazines from us, you, our friends and neighbors, not only have helped finance our trans- portation to Natural Bridge, Virginia, Washington, D.C., New York City, and Niagara Falls, but you have helped make this the largest and most successful magazine drive in the history of Bradford School. ln addition to the three who are pictured, there were four Seniors to sell over S100.00. They are Margaret Chessor, Larry Cochran, Elaine Crossnoe, and Milinda Roberson. It is our sincere wish that you save your magazine subscriptions for the Senior class of 1962, so that they may also have the privilege of taking a trip such as ours. i -Ts-v-zlffi ,fax . 1 3 The cotton picking champs of 1960-6 are Calvin Estes, 411 lbs., Jimmy Rinks 430 lbs., Thomas Azbell, 408 lbs. Elaine and Beverly assist the second grade at the ice cream bar. Mrs. Pate explains to the ele- mentary children the importance of a well-balanced lunch. be eligible for mem- rship in The "B" Club, e must play in at least ght games of basket- ll during the season or a cheerleader. When e becomes a member The "B" Club, he re- ins a member through- t high school. Gggefkd OQFS 46577 Trena Jackson Joyce Cafes Billie Sue Davis Joyce Baker Carole Ford Diana Miles N -use Q iw- '9 l r 'mf Q, .3 asfefgaf FRONT ROW: Susie Cates: Carolyn Morgan. SECOND ROW: Helen Mullinsg Carol Davisp Sue Lynn Boone Stella Banesp Patricia Lawler. THIRD ROW: Cheryl Patrick, Manager: Rosemary Nevillep Janice Stanflll Joyce Reynoldsp Monda Sue Williams, Helen Richardson: Joan Tatum, Manager. RUNNERS-UP IN COUNTY - RUNNERS-UP IN DISTRICT - THREE GAMES IN REGIONAL Bradford ................. .c....,...,......., 3 5 Bradford ........ Bradford ........ Bradford ........ Bradford ........ Bradford ......,. Bradford ........ Bradford ........ Bradford ........ Bradford ,....... Bradford ........ Bradford .....,.. Bradford ........ Bradford .,.,.,,. Bradford ........ Bradford .,....,. Bradford ........ Bradford ........ Bradford ........ Bradford .....,.. Bradford ........ Bradford ........ Bradford- Bradford- TOTAL ----.--44 -------32 -.--,c-36 ----.--37 ---,.,,54 -A-----36 ---,,.-22 -----,-44 -----.-4I -------2O ---...-34 -------47 ------,56 ---,---4O -,,,-,-46 .----.-58 ---.--,46 -----,,57 -------45 -------35 -------32 ----.--49 ---------I OOI Atwood ...,.....,,......,..,...,......,...... Rutherford ...... ......... Gibson ............... ......... Crockett Mills Greenfield ...,.. .......,. Medina .....,... ......... Gleason .... Milan .,,,....... .,,..,... Humboldt ..... ......... Dyer .,........ Springhill ..... ......... 39 43 25 22 'I7 23 23 45 25 38 28 Atwood .... 35 Trenton ...... 30 Medina 28 Trenton ....,. 23 Gibson .,.... 39 Gleason .... 30 Dyer .,.,.,....... ......... 7 Humboldt ..... ......... I 7 Rutherford .,..,, .......,. Greenfield .,.... ......... Milan ........... .,....... Springhill ..... ......... Yorkville ....... ......... TOTAL ..... ....... 7 I 26 34 44 34 I4 9 FRONT ROW: Harold Lee Sellers, Managerg Joe Denning, Coach: Don Myracle, Manager. SECOND ROW Jim Wallaceg Roger Dale Greenupp Jimmy Merrell: Ralph Moore: Richard Wingog Wayne Whitwell Donald Lee Dotson. THIRD ROW: Charles Seibersf Jerry Holt: Jerry Foreng Ed Davidsonf Dwayne Knott Calvin Estes: Robert Reynolds. Bradford ................... ........ 6 2 Bradford ....... ........ 4 8 Bradford ....... ........ Bradford ..,..,. ........ 6 6 Bradford ....... ........ Bradford ..,..., ........ Bradford ....... ........ Bradford ...e... ........ 2 7 Bradford ....... ........ 4 8 Bradford ....... ......., 5 6 Bradford ....... ........ 4 5 Bradford ....... .e...... 6 5 Bradford ....... ........ Bradford ....... ....,... 7 l Bradford ....... ........ Bradford .,.,... ........ 8 0 Bradford ....... ........ Bradford ,...... ..,..... 4 O Bradford ....... ........ 6 7 Bradford ....... ........ 6 9 Bradford ....... ........ Bradford ....... ........ 6 2 Bradford ....... ........ Bradford ....... ........ TOTAL ..,..... 14 Atwood ......... ...,... 4 4 Rutherford ..... ....... 5 2 Gibson .......,,.,.,. ......, 5 i Crockett Mills .,..... ...,... 4 l Greenfield ......,. ...,... 4 5 Medina ....e ...,... 4 9 Gleason ...... ....... 3 O Milan .....,.... ....... 6 9 Humboldt ....... ....... 2 8 Dyer ....,...,... .,..... 7 i Springhill .... ....... 5 3 Atwood ....., .,..... 5 O Trenton ..... ....... 4 l Medina .,... ,...... 4 5 Trenton ..... ....... 5 5 Gibson ........ ....... 5 9 Gleason ...... ....... 5 6 Dyer ............ ....... 6 2 Humboldt ....... ....... 4 5 Rutherford ..,.. ....... 5 7 Greenfield ..... ....... 4 5 Milan .......... ........ l O4 Springhill .... ....... 6 3 Yorkville ...... ...,... 2 4 TOTAL .,.. 1239 SUSIE CATES HELEN RICHARDSON ROSEMARY NEVILLE STELLA BANES Forward Forward Forward Guard SUE BOONE MONDA SUE WILLIAMS JOYCE REYNOLDS JANICE STANFILL Guard Guard Forward Guard CAROL DAVIS CAROLYN MORGAN HELEN MULLINS PATRICIA LAWLER Guard Forward Guard Forward 56 JERRY FOREN ED DAVIDSON CALVIN ESTES JERRY HOLT Forward Forward Guard Center Knott tips to Estes against Medina Seniors watch as Knott hits the hard- wood JOE DENNING Coach DWAYNE KNOTT DONALD DOTSON JIM WALLACE CHARLES SEIBER Forward Guard Guard Guard is T, 3? 'Q .- my -LW, X4 6 f Q, , , .M 33 15 gi win ,.. svfjgyfnsy Aw V1 ,W f if 'L Li gg - 2 35' iw EQ' 35.535 s , X .QS , f f ai? 2 mwwmg ww 52.54, 25: W, mf xx N ,wyx W, ff f ,si fx M4 1, -g H , .,eg4nz'f . X. 113 .. si , 55 'iw - ,W . Q .Ji K N L.1X.:, . 5 2 f-+R fa-A if 5 sk 4 M,-w.,.,. 'SSH we 2 YXTJW tr Q 3 sig 9 iq 3 9 ik - V R -4 TL K ,k ,ff N A 5 ck! A' l. ,J Jr-W V. f 1 Q f 24' ,S bm . ,gif ,ri 5, :,,,,,,t.?iM :nfl ' 3 2 " I ' 5 ' 5 2. .ax y fs QA PHX E Z 3 8 q t28! 4w2O Q12 23 19 5 0 4 .again , aggg gi, 25 X V X may G in K fi" gf Q 5 jam' is 5 5, ,, P1 . A 4 3.5, X A xi ala 3 4 f,kgPl t iv E 5 .if A yi, gi ,, 9 We wish to thank the loyal supporters ot our school who have contributed to The 1961 Beacon by buying ads. Please show your appreciation by patronizing these business firms. "FROSTY THE SNOWMANH This attractive float, financed and constructed by the Bradford Chamber of Commerce, won sec- ond place in the 1960 Christmas Parade at' both Trenton and Milan. JESSE BAKER Contractor Builder of Good Homes Phone 2-2053 BRADFORD, TENNESSEE BRADFORD LUMBER COMPANY Complefe Line of Lumber and Building Hardware From Foundafion To Roof-Big or Small Plumbing, Hearing, and Eleclrical Work ll you do nor Trade wilh us, we loolh lose money. phone Rl 2-3361 'GERALD P- KNOTT Bradford, Tennessee CONTINENTAL TRAILWAYS To 'lhe Nexl Town or Across l'l1e Nalion BOB'S COFFEE SHOP Phone 2-337 I BRADFORD, TENNESSEE PARKER 81 JACKSON Well Drilling Pumps and Repair Service For Your Home Ciiy, or lrriga+ion Well Specialize in Plaslic Wells Thai Never Rusl' See or Call JEWELL PARKER Phone 2-3320 JOE H. JACKSON Phone 2-4230 BRADFORD, TENNESSEE NEW STUDENTS Carlene Wainscott Sophomore from Sharon y Cantrell Freshman from Trezevanf Complimenls of Complimenls of SPEED-WASH ELGIE FLOWERS J' BSSNIZW' B' ZOITD-jwners Complele Well Drilling Service MH SIZE 3221.3 P"""e AD 53362 DYERQURGI LEXQNGTON GREENFIELD, TENNESSEE BRADFORD, TENNESSEE 1: 5 W. III I I 1 We 'DIME ' ., f 1, I i Y I ,A J I IE I I lllum I i will I '1:.ig.,l..uI'LI., U, -rm If ' l -ll A Q,-I T I :eel Q- -' ll -iw ll gi' A .h ' 5 I W .4 -.,..,-1 I s ' . Complimen+s of Compllmenis of M T C I G A. T. CROCKER 8'HMl RI: LK N kco au ers o ives+oc Local and Long-Dis+ance We Skin +he Seeds JAMES MCCARTNEY, owne.- NOT Our Cusieomers phone Rl 2-326' Phone MU 6-3' I2 BRADFORD, TENNESSEE CADES, TENNESSEE V Moore is in Th 'I 'r Bradford plays Greenfield HOLT'S TRUCK STOP Service Station and Cafe THE LIBERTY I PAJAMA CO., INC. I I 8I Broadway Used Cars-Wrecker Service NEW YORK CITY Open 24 Hours Manu'Fac'Iurers of Men's and PHONE Rl 2-3645 Boys' Paiamas and Ba+l1 Robes B'eeIe'e' Tennessee BRADFORD TENNESSEE Complimenls of Complimenfs GIN C0. of Bradford, Tennessee W. C. FRENCH, Manager Phone 2.2481 AND COMPANY Specialize in Cuslom Ginning GOOD TURNOUT Wholesale Grocers COURTEOUS SERVICE JACKSON, TENNESSEE Can you hold lhe ball like Jerry? This is our efficienl secrelary. S Cour'I'eous and Dependable Groceries, Meals, Feeds, Seed Sewlce of Hardware, Gas and Oil H. POWELL J. E. VICK Phone RI 2-23l2 IDLEWILD, TENNESSEE Bfadlbfdr Tennessee GROCERY AND LAUNDRY CITY DRY CLEANERS K. E. STAFFORD, Owner Phone AD 5-3542 GREENFIELD, TENNESSEE POWERS CHEVROLET COMPANY MILAN. TENNESSEE Phone Mu 6.1510 CompIimen'I's of ARGYLE GRAVES MOTORS MERCURY - COMET - LINCOLN Used Cars and Trucks Phones - I094 - I095 TRENTON, TENNESSEE A Junior and a Sophomore Are you going my y Hold him Ifghf WONDER BREAD and HOSTESS CAKE JACKSON, TENNESSEE BOB'S COFFEE SHOP Home Cooked Meals A FAVORITE MEETING PLACE FOR THE BRADFORD HIGH KIDS Your Pa+ronage Is Appreciafed BRADFORD, TENNESSEE Owned and Operafed by BOBBY NANCE HARDY LITTLE GREENFIELD MONUMENT WORKS J. B. MANESS and Sons GREENFIELD, TENNESSEE Com plimenrs of HERBERT FLOWERS JEWELER Diamonds Elgin, Hamilron, Bulova, Wyler Warches and Giffs of Jewelry Play Refreslwd . . . Have A Coke Bo++Ied Under Auihoriry of fhe cocA-coLA co. by I04 College S+. COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS TRENTgs:1eT?:giESSEE Jackson, Tennessee A. In COMBS JEWELERS China Crys+al Silver Warches Diamonds Warch Repair MILAN. TENNESSEE Phone MU 6-I l62 Complimenis of R. C. MATHENY Papering - Painring Phone Rl 2-290I BRADFORD, TENNESSEE EVEREADY AUTO PARTS JACK HUGGINS GREENFIELD, TENNESSEE Complimenis of BANK OF E BRADFORD BRADFORD,' TENNESSEE A FRIENDLY, SAFE BANK GIBSON FARMERS C0-OP I903-I96I QUALITY FARM SUPPLIES Farmer Owned and Operafed PHONE 797 .................... TRENTON, TENNESSEE Membe' of F'D"'C' Su 43963 .................... HUMBOLDT. TENNESSEE omebody push! Jus? like a bunch of Juniors JGYUSS- ' didfff fecoqnize YOU Good Luck THRASHER'S CLOTH -SHOP Seniors of l960.6l Church and LaFayeH'e Sfreeis MATHIS MEN'5 SHQP Dress Fabrics-Woolens and Drapery MH-AN' TENNESSEE JACKSON. TENNESSEE ff f , T BE SOCIABLE Complimenfs of KEEL'S CLEANERS GREENFIELD, TENNESSEE 014 1 ffil' I Number I9 XXJWW X ?ffQ! A Zmf , x ' 1' Z W AC 7222, lx, gf MII, K If , .X A X lf, Z 4 kf 1 J 4, 'E I: ,ff ,7 1 , ' Z , ffyfo, ,ff ff f 'W Q ff f 1 f Z Qfff-'ff X77 Wffjffaf -1' OTE' HAVE A PEPSI JACKSON. TENNESSEE T - 2 TRENTON, TENNESSEE YOUHQ Lovers Two-headed Monsfer Lowery Gan Complimenfs of NATIQEQIAPSTORES WEST SIDE Phone No. MU 6-27lI MILANI TENNESSEE BRADFORD. TENNESSEE yi: U T E 5 mx M 81 B MOTOR CO. Ford Sales ancl Service Complimenfs of FAIRLESS 81 FREED INSURORS Represeniing Capifal Sfoclc Companies Phone 695 TRENTON. TENNESSEE MILAN FARM SUPPLY MILL Check-R-Mix Service Phone AD 5-3I32 Corn Shelling-Grinding-Mixing GREENFIELD. TENNESSEE Complefe Line of Purina Chows Phone MU 6-253l MILAN, TENNESSEE 'f B O OUS9 ll Cl gli Two boys and Two dogs Quick Draw, M G Complimenfs of NOLEN'S JACKSON. TENNESSEE Complimenfs of J. T. HARWOOD Your Pei' Milk Hauler BRADFORD Six Roufe TENNESSEE Phone Rl 2-2505 CompIimen+s of THREADGILL'S SHOE STORE Phone Mu 6-I38I MILAN, TENNESSEE PARTEE 81 PATTERSON CoH'on Seed DeIinI'ing PHONE 96 TRENTON. TENNESSEE BUSINESS MEN'S ASSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA M. R. HAMPTON Special Represenfaiive Bus. RI 2-442I Res. RI 2-2I27 BRADFORD, TENNESSEE KEEL DREWRY LUMBER CO Your CompIeI'e Building Maferial SI'ore and Paini' Headquarfers Phone AD 5-3552 GREENFIELD. TENNESSEE Anybody 'for a pipe? H g I' bl Three of B kind Complimenis of FacI'ory I'o You JONES CLOTH SHOP GLEN-MORE CLOTHING CO Fine Fabrics of AII Kinds TRENTON. TENNESSEE I08 E. Lafayeffe S'I'ree'I JACKSON. TENNESSEE Complimenis of S 81 S BODY SHOP GREENFIELD. TENNESSEE McCALEB 81 PHELAN MOTOR CO., INC. Sales-FORD-Service TRENTON, TENNESSEE PHONE I020 Complimenis of MOORE'S GROCERY 8: SERVICE STATION PHONE 2-2405 BRADFORD. TENNESSEE Highway 45E O Complimenfs of FLO'S BEAUTY SHOP and FLO'S BEAUTY SCHOOL A CompIe'Ie Hair Sfyling Permanenf Waving Hair Colbring and Manicuring Phone MU 6-I73I MILAN. TENNESSEE I96l Sen THE FRESHER REFRESHER R. C. BOTTLING CO. JACKSON. TENNESSEE wner-MRS. J. T. THOMPSON Complimenifs MARTINES of DEPARTMENT STORE The House of Honesi' Values Where People Buy for Less GREENFIELD MFG. co. WEEE' EENNEEEEE and GREENFIELD FACTORY OUTLET STORE BATCHELOR AUTO ELECTRIC McCulloch Chainsaws A Yazoo Mowers 230 J TRENTON, TENNESSEE GREENFIELD, TENNESSEE Liberqce ll Lazybones Le'f's watch TV E E Diamonds. Waiches, Luggage, Gifis COCHRAN'S TEXACO JEWEL BOX SERVICE STATION CREW JEWEEERS PHONE 2-385I HERB DAVIS BRADFORD' TENNESSEE MCKENZIE-MILAN, TENNESSEE R. L. GIBSON COUNTY DAIRY ALL GRADE "A" Pasfeurized-Homogenized Producfs CALL I95 FOR DELIVERY Farmers, We Buy Cream Daily 200 Nor+h Church Sfreei' TRENTON, TENNESSEE Seeds-Feriilizers Phone AD 2900 GREENFIELD. TENNESSEE MILLIGAN SEED CO. .Lf fbrmotlzers 5. 2, who care...f - I-sS"" "wi-'ri:,-by S9- 5 WML xg QXW T..-HIS Puma m , 9 X mms tn. Town' 1 Nl E ..Df A Seigegted tl p..f:::.'z.. Wh re is Papa Boone? Some body Cafch Anybody for a wagon ride? Shop Sfore and Save Money R. J. BURROW DEPARTMENT STORE Phone MU 6-II6I MILAN, TENNESSEE ABERNATHY'S The Besi' in Fine Foods TRENTON. TENNESSEE MILAN AMERICAN OIL ALEXANDER GIFT SHOP COMPANY SERVICE STATION d Hiway 70 a+ Park Ave. Phone MU 6-909I an MILAN, TENNESSEE SUPPLY STORE Pick Up and Delivery PHONE 2'358I AMOCO TIRES-TUBES-GAS-OIL BRADFORD. TENNESSEE Bafferies-Washing-Lubricaiion-Polishing and Waxin MELVIN DOWLAND LAVAUGH DOWLAND Complimenfs of N fx ,E E. N. J. BROCK COMPANY Phone AD 5-220I F GREENFIELD, TENNESSEE Y, ity - I TRENTON, TENNESSEE I959 Jumor Class Play. "The Egg and I" Complimenfs We Furnish Ihe Home of and BOND'S CI0'I'he 'Ihe FamIIY "JacIcson's Leading Shoe S+ore" GREENFIELD. TENNESSEE JACKSQNI TENNESSEE L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY AH'leboro Massachuseifs Jewelry's Finesi' Crafismen CLASS RINGS ancl PINS Club and Hospi'I'al Insignia Medals-Trophies-Plaques Commencemeni' lnvi'ra'l'ions-Diplomas Represenlalives: IRVING HARRIS BOB GILBREATH TOM YOKLEY JOHN HARRIS P.O. Box 496 JACKSON. TENNESSEE Young Holroclder Ride fha? Goal Our Presideni Complimenls of I HENSON s. TOLE WESTERN AUTO sERvlcE STATION ASSOCWE STCRE Sinclair and Goodyear Producis Home Owned and operalled PY U-HAUL TRAILERS MRS. LUCILLE H. GROSS Local 0' I-009 Disfince Home oi Ihe Wesiern Flyer Bicycle N. College S+. PHONE 90I MILAN' TENNESSEE TRENTON, TENNESSEE JAMES HENSON A. T. TOLE FARMERS FEED AND SUPPLY Complimenfs of Purina Chow FLIPPIN DRUG COMPANY Qualify and Service MILAN. TENNESSEE Cusfom Grinding and Mixing We Buy Hogs Phone AD 5-225l GREENFIELD, TENNESSEE Your Business Appreciaied Complimen+s 7 gf Complimenis of jan HERRON INSURANCE AGENCY ' CAPPS ' 'Disfinguished Service Over 60 Years" BARBER SHOP TRENTON, TENNESSEE BRADFORD TENNESSEE l96I Seniors RAINEY FARMERS PEOPLES BANK 1 FURNITURE CO., INC. Member of F.D.I.C. 209 Eas+ Main S+ree+ MILAN, TENNESSEE JACKSON, TENNESSEE PHONE: 7-b44l Complimenls of CRIDER'S GARAGE MILAN, TENNESSEE D. F. McCARTNEY CO. Wholesale Frui+s-Produce-Feeds BRADFORD, TENNESSEE PENN'S PROCESSING PLANT Fresh and Curecl Meals Counfry Sausage and Hams Cusfom Killing and Processing l250-W TRENTON, TENNESSEE W THARP BROTHERS GARAGE Tracior and Au+omo'l'ive Repair "We Repair All Makes of Au+oma+ic Transmissions" Phone MU 6-l852 MILAN, TENNESSEE Our Complimenis of ihe REMNANT HOUSE c-QREENFIELD, TENNESSEE THE NEW SOUTHERN An Alloerl' Noe Hofel "Ho+els of Dis+inc+ion" PHONE 2-l6Il JACKSON. TENNESSEE JACKSON PACKING CO. Home of Ja-Pa-Co Meals JACKSON, TENNESSEE Complimen+s of MCADAMS GROCERY AND MARKET "Quali+y Foods al' Lowesf Prices" GREENFIELD. TENNESSEE Phone AD 5-3566 CARTER'S PHARMACY "Prescrip+ion Druggis+s" Drugs-Sundries-Cosmeiics-Red Spol' Painis-Valspar Varnish-Wallpaper Phone MU 6-24II MILAN, TENNESSEE Complimenfs of MARTIN'S DEPT. STORE TRENTON. TENNESSEE 5 r A Senior and a Firsf Grader Talenl' Niqln' H's Chrisfmas af my house BEN FRANKLIN U-TOTE-'EM 5- I 0 STORES GROCERY Compleie Line of School Supplies TRENTON. TENNESSEE Complimenis of W. A. CROCKER, Owner BRADFORD. TENNESSEE I. H. PERRY, Ageni' Insurance STATE FARM MUTUAL AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE Gibson Coun'I'y Farmers Mufual Fire Insurance HOME OWNED and OPERATED Your Paironage Always Apprecialed and Losses Serviced Prompfly PHONE 843 TRENTON. TENNESSEE MILAN DOLLAR STORE Upper Main S'IreeI' "Make Your Dollars Pay" Phone MU 6-2349 RUTH W. RICE X THE MOORE STUDIO PICTURAL HOME OF THE co-ED A Siuclio of Dis'rincI'ion Offering Always +I1e La+esI' and Besf Achievemenis of PHOTO-GRAPHIC ARTS JACKSON, TENNESSEE Moforcycle Kid Ride 'em. Cowboy Larry and his pei' Complimenfs of BRADFORD VARIETY STORE BRADFORD, TENNESSEE AKINS and PORTER PRODUCE CO. Dealers in Fruifs and Vegeiables Phone AD 5-3557 Phone AD 5-35I7 GREENFIELD, TENNESSEE TRENTCN LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS Phone 45 TRENTON, TENNESSEE SHOP ADERHOL -'. " -, an-:, Sz-- JACKSON TENN ' Large 1 J, Selechon 1 ez' 5, :Aly IJ I4 , 31 RHODES, INC . "" T QQ XX U Y R Q I - T 1 43 L. 51 1 Sp 'f I . f T ' U . X xl 0 T Y B ' , Q of The . ,A .fg- :TA ' vt, x esf irf S AA. T , 'H - Fu"""+u"e - Q ' ::5f'51f5f55:: ',.- :.' V' i E591 E' ,, ,.. .,.,:g:g.Y-3:,:EEgEE:5:5,:Q 5:?:gf ,.V ?:Eg5il :E, il VH : ,.....,,. ES:-t - -E av 1 ....: ' . Ti 'f isnsfzew? ' . S, .,,:.,:-+-.:: "', 5-S-.'::, ."', : 2:5:E:f.,j':-:--:-:::- jp' S',,..x K :f:f'4 ' '-egg -... f .,..:Q,,g,- S.: K '-Q 5:53 I - -- .- ' ' ...A "BesT Coffee Tn Town" , 'E , QS f "" -- fl T Regular Dinners , "Efif2'1'i:- 7-T ""A J ' ' - A f and f A A Nfl ' ' 5'S?h:?SE,:-fr:2-arf .-.'. fE?EES?1frf:f:f:-. 0 '. .IEA . T Phone MU 6-9040 ' .... ' x' . . Thing in Common GREENFIELD WEST TENNESSEE LUMBER CO- TELEPHONE COMPANY Complei-e Line of Building Supplies Qualify Telephone Service CONTRACTING IS OUR SPECIALTY R.E.A. Flnanced Phone AD 5-3523 BRADFORD, TENNESSEE GREENFIELD, TENNESSEE Complimen+s of ANDERSON Complimenfs of FURNITURE CO. THE IIO HIGH STREET FRIENDLY STORE We Sell We Service We Safisfy . . PHONE bl Qualrly Merchendlse TRENToN, TENNESSEE G+ POPUIGT Pflces Everyfhing for The Family Philco Television and Appliances RLTTLI . SOUTHGATE MOTEL Al-EXAN DER-GREEN AND RESTAURANT COMPANY On u.s. Hwy. 4s.E. 2 Bloclrs Sou+h of Hwys. 70 and 79 Phone: MU 6-I54I MILAN, TENNESSEE Zrlgirggus Jig Mr. Gasfon Monficello Capifol C ,im 'XT ,C LIVE BETTER ELECTRICALLY I 'R BRADFORD FLORISTS Wf+h nay Say H WIH1 Flowers Your EIec+ric Cooperaiive X gf' ER Le+ I+ Be Ours GIBSON co. ELECTRIC 34" Phone R' 2 258' MEMBERSHIP CORPORATION TRENToN, TENNESSEE - Af' 1 7135, - 7 ' I rf' - iq? BRADFORD. TENNESSEE Complimenis of JOHNNIE'S BARBER SHOP BRADFORD. TENNESSEE Complimenfs of HUNT FURNITURE and Complimenis of CARROLL TYPEWRlTER COMPANY ETHOL D. CARROLL Sales Represeniaiive Royal Typewrirers Sales-Service-Renrals-Supplies Tehghgfeexgzb BRADFORD, TENNESSEE JACKSON, TENNESSEE Whoa. hoss Which y up? Turlcey walchers FAMILY SHOE STORE Complimenfs of ZSZNISNE BENTON FLY EXCLU' O MACHINERY co., INC. Shoes for +he En+ire Family "Pu'r Yourself in Our Shoes" Your ALLIS-CHALMERS Dealer MILAN. TENNESSEE Complimenfs of CITY BARBER SHOP Firsi' Sireei' TRENTON, TENNESSEE Shippers of Livesfoclc Ship Every Day All Kinds of Livesioclc Complimenis of EVEREADY AUTO PARTS BILL TAYLOR BRADFORD, TENNESSEE TRENTON- TENNESSEE PHONE 5 or Ill8 Senior Trip: Niagara Falls. Unifed States Side Niagara River M. H. HOLMES AND SONS JONES CLEANERS JOE D. HOLMES. Mgr. DELUX SHIRT FINISHERS The Premium will nor brealc you- Pick-Up and Delivery A loss may" in Bradford PHONE II4 Monday and Thursday TRENTON, TENNESSEE PHONE 88 TRENTON, TENNESSEE Comple're Business Courses Tuifion Payable Monfhly No ConTrac'r To Sign Fully Accrediied Business College Complefely Air-Condifioned WEST TENNESSEE LUMBER C0. BUSINESS COLLEGE, INC. 525 Easi Main S+ree+ JACKSON, TENNESSEE PHONE 14391 Lumber-Mill Work Plywood-Builders Hardware Locaied on Highway 45E One-Half Mile Sou'l'l1 of Bradford GENERAL CONTRACTING Complimenfs of License No. 636I PEPPER'S CAFE TRENTON, TENNESSEE Phone RI 2-28Il BRADFORD. TENNESSEE LGUQIWFDQ Dog Could 'they be Seniors? The Miles V F' D' d W h o. and o. SUPER MARKET 'ne 'a""""f "+C es All Malor Brands of Owned and Opera+ed by S.l.e,.ling Silver PAUL OVERTON HARLEY OLIVER Phone 2-285I BRADFORD' TENNESSEE TRENTON TENNESSEE PHONE 52I POWELL'S GULF STATION AND CAFE Highway 45 Phone MU 6-I983 CADES, TENNESSEE Complimenfs of E. C. CHARLTON COMPANY BEE HIVE GIN TRENTON, TENNESSEE Buyers and Sinners Owner LOUIS SILVERBLATT. SR. See Us -for Your plan-I-ing Seed H. R, OLIVER. Mgr. Phone RI 2-266I BRADFORD, TENNESSEE Have a seaf Day aI'I'I'1e Zoo A Gion+! CLOTH AND GIFT HICKEY DRUGS ROYAL HICKEY, Owner ELSIE OVERTON Lelr Us Guard Your HeaI+I'1 Phone R' 23906 PHONE za I TRENTQN. TENNESSEE BRADFORD. TENNESSEE ll N'-'l.E'l 1 AE . s Congra+ula+ions ls ALEXANDER TRACTOR AND IMPLEMENT CO. Bradford, Tennessee BELEW DRUG CO. Your Rexall Slore TRENTON TIRE CO. oNE-DAY sERvlcE GREENFIELD, TENNESSEE Recappfng and Vulcanlzlng New and Used Tires PHONE 438 300 N. College S+. TRENTON, TENNESSEE Farmer! Halloween Parly? 600+ Carl, R. T. MEKELVY f H ZLFPY LEOEJDS a+e unc es FURNITURE CO' Variely of Vegeiables Qualify Wifh Service Homemade Pies I24 Williamson S+ree'l' Open 6 A.M. 'fo 9 P.M. Phone MU 6-l24I owner AARON STUBBLEFIELD MEAN' TENNESSEE zla EAST BALTIMORE STREET JACKSON. TENNESS B. F. HATCHER Frigidaire Appliances Mayfag Washing Machines New and Used Pianos Phone AD 5-3780 GREENFIELD, TENNESSEE Complimen+s of STOCKARD DX SERVICE Norfh Firs'l' S'l'ree+ MILAN, TENNESSEE Phone MU 6-9087 S+a+ion of Courieous Service -5,0765 , . Complimenfs of THE TOWN STYLE SHOP . Compleie Line of Ladies' Ready-+o-Wear FRONIE CAPPS- DOROTHY TAYLOR TRACTQR COMPANY Phone Rl 2-2196 Phone 763 Trenion. Tenn. ERADEORD' TENNESSEE Mrs. Hal Holmes on fhe Senior Trip Beware Of H19 BSN' T I' BIRCHIE T Slip cRocKER's I ai' a la. THE HERALD-REGISTER The Home Newspaper .XGLLJ L - Job Prinl-ing Office Supplies Red Ball Food Siore Phone 2-367 I Bradford, Tenn. TRENTON, TENNESSEE CompIimen+s of GREENFIELD BANKING COMPANY Members of F.D.I.C. GREENFIELD, TENNESSEE TRENTON DAIRY QUEEN A Trear 'For Tasfe-A Food for HeaII'h Highway 45W TRENTON, TENNESSEE CAI N DRUG COMPANY A Friendly SI'ore BRADFORD, TENNESSEE Off on a hike Chrisrmas aI 'the OIivers' Somebody ge? BIG STAR SUPER MARKET NO. 34 Tren'I'on Highway MILAN. TENNESSEE Complimenis of JER-E-LANE MOTEL Res'Iauran'I' and DX SERVICE STATION Highway 45E Norih of Bradford Phone RI 2-94I0 BRADFORD, TENNESSEE Your Pa'rronage Is Appreciafed WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA AND CHILD CRAFT FIELD ENTERPRISES EDUCATIONAL CORPORATION Merchandise Mari' Plaza Chicago 54, Illinois Dislricl Manager MOZELLE HARPER 788 Liber'I'y S'IreeI' Milan, Tennessee Phone MU 6-2378 CAU DLE EQUIPMENT COMPANY PHONE AD 5-3292 Farmall Traclors Mono Chain Saws Paris and Service II4 Broad SI'ree+ GREENFIELD, TENNESSEE rulv Complimen'I's of WILLIAM BOLTON All Types of Bulldozer Work PHONE RI 2-23ll Bradford, Tennessee Complimenfs of R. E. SAULS GROCERY Gas, Oil, Feeds SKULLBONE, TENNESSEE I BRADFORD, TENNESSEE Phone Rl 2-403I CHEERLEADERS DOROTHY'S BEAUTY SHOP Greenfield, Tennessee WILLIAMS-PERRY FUNERAL HOME Greenfield, Tennessee DICKEY'S Tren+on, Tennessee JOYNER AND ADAMS HARDWARE Trenfon, Tennessee BANK OF COMMERCE Tren'I'on, Tennessee MARINELLA BEAUTY SHOP TrenI'on, Tennessee A FRIEND Trenfon, Tennessee STYLE SHOP Greenfield, Tennessee DENTON'S GARAGE Trenfon, Tennessee GIBSON COUNTY FEEDS Trenfon, Tennessee McHUGH RADIO AND TV Trenfon, Tennessee W. P. DABNEY AND SON Jackson, Tennessee WALLICK Jackson, Tennessee N. D. GUY Bradford, Tennessee CITY PIGG CAFE Jackson, Tennessee FLOYD'S BAKERY AND COFFEE SHOP Milan, Tennessee J. D. BULLINGTON, A TEXACO SERVICE STATION Milan, Tennessee PRINCE'S DRIVE-IN Milan, Tennessee MILAN DAIRY QUEEN Milan, Tennessee POLK'S SHOE STORE Milan, Tennessee MILAN BARBER SHOP Milan, Tennessee BOOSTERS GODWINS SHOE SHOP MODERN BARBER SHOP GREENFIELD GROCERY SHOCKELFORD HASTINGS CAFE GREENFIELD DRUG CO. CITY FLORIST FRED CRIDER BLONDIE'S BEAUTY SHOP DAY'S REMNANT SHOP MAC'S FURNITURE SPURGEON R. JONES PAUL HUGHES ESSO STATION KEE'S DEPARTMENT STORE MILAN SHOE SHOP THE ELSA SHOP BONDS PAINT AND HARDWARE THE GRILL FRANKS' AUTO STORE FULTON CLEANERS MILAN CAB COMPANY BROWN FURNITURE COMPANY MILAN SUPER MARKET PARKER FURNITURE COMPANY BURKE STUDIO LONNIE CROCKER'S LIBERTY MARKET BEN FRANKLIN I I Three Seniors ff-fs ,?if'5?i'Q?Lifr:i?:' 'i2?..'E" The last page has been turned and with it comes the end of another year full of memories, which will never be forgotten. When, in the future, this book is read and re-read, we hope it will serve as a reminder to you of the fun you have had, the friends you have made, and the numerous activi- ties that have filled your year at B.H.S. Y r I I 1 J I I 7 1 I J 4 F 5 5 T V 4 I 2 a 4 E 1 I i 3 3 A G I Z 1 1 5 5 1 1 J 2 L 2 I 4 1 E i I 5 a 1 1 i r l i V 3 1 i , N 5 I i A I 1 n X 1 . 3 w l I 3 E i i F 3 f 5 i I 3 1 1 I I x A n f TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The World's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" 1 -s 'S -'P f 1 - -x ,- .-A -1, ,E . FMT " '1 ,, , 1 - K , . 1v. 1 1 1 I R 51 4-1 L1 ! J 2 3. E i 1: 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 EW 1, L E1 L, V. V 1 1 , .. , , .-.x 1., - - . , . ,Aff fir.:--vii' - t 'ffl'-F ' 1 Y ' I '-.AQ,,51ffQifff'.- fy 5-il 'ji' . gf -,fy fq JJ 'I 4 L 1. ! 1 It 2. 1 1 1 1. 1 1 1, 1 1 ! rv, L I 1 1 1 .1 1 NG ,1 ,x r 1, .Avi-V., , . --1 T, 1. 1 1 11 S . F 1,1 'vfizs .- ,141 ,-1, .Y I ,,v 1 Q 1 K ua .. .F 1, 1. -1 1.-1 ' 1 2 1 -ry .- .11 I 'X ,- 1-1-, , 1 1 nl.,--. . 1 ... , .+V . vF1 1 1 -1 if 1: 1 . 1., 4- .-1 A .J- , 1 .3 ' ml" , fa , . -Au e , .Ma ,3 P1 1 sae ' -1r.E.l? ' -ra is ' . x 1,1 J-1 1 1 ,1 ...X 1 ,-1 D. , -11, ' 151 1 Qu 1 1 L11 I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -1 1 A M , C,, M 1 W, , A A Y N :" J ' -A-- ' f -'J-if-"4 -L-'L-W if lf- -1 ,Q ,f'. - ,'fA..iL Q.. Y.- 111. '1QfQ,Q:.. A 5 '1ff,Q.Q :LL .li 1'. Q., ,r ru' vf , f J I .7 f 1. .0 1 1 , E I U! 3 5 ! f! !!!,f !!E F, , , F, ' M, 'Jr 'lu ..' "' 1 f,4..',.. ff' ,,'f lla! ' "WH 'W Wlfw' wf-'nrwwr.e'-,wwf -X v. I-X 1' 1 X -, ..l-.'.-- .- - N ,4 . - . l .W , V - A Y, ,I Y ' f" -- , ' - Ay . xv . . f ., . - rm ww ,. --,if " 'TS 71 "Pl - f"-:W -w-':..f-1-:ffnvf-----f--A-m.-,,.,..,-..,. - " F- .- . f'-1.-,'-'ik X '- i --1-'--.4-. 4-K. ,-Q Q, js ..-X , ' ., ., 2-X'-,v- f-,."Qe' 1 . . -,F V-,W L ':':L ,. - xv V ,v I ' X J . I -x - x --.4 . .'.. 5 5.-YX'V. N.' x .. 1 ' -- . .. 4 - r-,,x L J Lklmlm mM1Nlw

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