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The Speaker Bowling Green High School Bowling Green, Missouri 1965 -66 Volume 43 Native of Bowling Green Speaker of 62nd United States Congress Academies Forward, Un and never back P. 10 Organizations May our spirits fbr her never die P. as , ing . Q, -Af , - Pi " A Mal'-"' 1'6Qr . Y wQ'fif3?J . F' if aX4."f" I fi' fn fail.. ,. am. uf , ,Bef- mf., K B-?,,..1. V: Student Body Three cheers for our dear old high P. 100 Sports Boost our teams, win our games, P.64 'ff 11 1 ,pw Zltl' 7' ,-bk 6 5 .. 4. 1 .! O 1 wg E5 1: 1 E 5' fx S 3 is L ,hi-is M24 M T ffm 1 H25 - ws Pg, 1 'S Typical of the environment at the BGHS Christmas party are Margaret Harness and David Straube. On the more scholastic level, Nlrs. Anna Burke demon- strates the dissection of an earthworm to biology students. Bowl-ing Green KJ!!! iv 3t, x L, , g. A school, like a diamond, sparkles on many facets, These pages indicate some of the facets adding sparkle to BGHS . The people, both students and teachers, show the spirit and en- thusiasm to have fun anywhere, to do a job well, to play a good game, or to make a superior grade. Planning is the intangible "something" illustrated in the pic- ture above. This particular plan- ning took place at a publications workshop last summer, and was for the school paper and yearbook, but it is an example of the plan- ning necessary to keep a student well prepared, a leader ahead, and a teacher ready for the class all year long. School spirit, in conjunction with planning, makes a school ready to meet what comes with courage and understanding. The pictures on these pages have tried to capture the spirit and planning that keep BGHS progressing--sm cially, athletically, and scholas- tically . 4--. Enrollment cards, class schedules, seven teachersaday, one locker for books-- Dear 1 High, Hereps to Youn Moving was a part of school life last year. First came the freshmen moving into the world of upper classmen. CAt left is Terry Miller listening to the transister radio he won selling more Speakers than any other salesman--so you could hear all about BGI-IS in 1966.5 The next move was from an old building and that took. everyboc1y's time, energy, and ideas. The final moves go on all the time in any high school --the move of students from children to adults . 6 x..'d.,- l ,.r VN '1 1 fl Iii , rf., r 1: ,'-74,-f mg, - .P 5s flax ..v , , t 'N ' lfl' 'Ffrh' X- '. -efhlifl lx ' .,j' P. 'Q vllsjx ' if ' All 1 1' L EEF? I . I 1 x ESF p, ' . rl .- ,,, El!! 'El " IRI Nl RMI TEM '11 11 Z Q f' ' J 14A. ug! 1155 EW Eh ' limi -fri -C ,f Lx' ,,. L . .,.. ., f 1 ' .x,Ng,.mv' s- w..a 4 -- ru Kfkxx W...-W , , W: . 4 -1 . xx, y?f,x,x'5 MQ!--A. rv an I A ,,. 'xv -vs . d Li 1-'f4.'5'L ,,3i'lQli?7fl A i A ' I s . 4.. 5 i s - 1 A 4.-.uw , I n ..i Trul Forward n, Never Back I Ext s N......fe o M--,-,lik A 1 Aznnice is the first to point out the fact that "our new lights are attractive." --4-- 0- gf The moming fand otherj an.nouncements come via the new intercom system. 7 'T' 3 1 Q7 i 'X "x After all the moving vans, stacked boxes, and scattered belongings, BGHS settled into a remarkably efficient rou- tine. The moving and unpacking became a familiar sight and continued even after classes began in the new building last january . These pictures show the modern equipment and facilities and enlarged work areas available in the new school. Visible here land typical of other de- partmentsj are a permanently -drawn polar graph, overhead projector and per- manently mounted projection screen. Other new audio -visual equipment avail- able for the first time were two Da- Masters which use television-screen type if rv . -uh' receivers and may be used in lighted rooms. These rooms and facilities are exam- ples of the more modern education avail- able as BGHS moves forward. The sec- tions of this book dealing with adminis- tration, faculty, and activities will illus- trate the changing conditions as all BGHS people move from the "old" to the 'new. This book itself is dedicated to the teacher pictured above, Mrs . Velma Birkhead, who has taught mathematics here for the past twelve years. Mrs. Birkhead has just signed a con- tract at Warrensburg College as an as- sistant professor, and is, herself, a per sonal example of the progressive spirit of BGHS . 9 ...iv Forward! on! and never back inni- ,4 5-N 'H--1 Academics 19 Success Begins with a Dream Responds to competence and strength flourishes through eduocztional Zoadershzlo "May I take your picture7 said the photographer "Shall I pose like this'7 said Mr Smith Clt was a bargain J was-9' Combining his personal dreams with those of a community, Superintendent Mr. Murry S. Smith, moved the R-l high school into a new 55700, O00 plant on january 3, 1966. ln his 14th year of school -administration work, Mr. Smith has helped the R-1 district triple in evaluation and double in enrollment. Mr, Smith, who has been at BGHS for five years, has Masters and B .S. Degrees from Mis- souri State Teachers College. Mrs. Richards has been his secretary for 5 1X2 years. Mrs. Kattelmann has been the principal's sec retary for five years. I2 mf' , ..,,,:' X wi' ..,-. 5 I at 1 x ik-Q, -N' ',., A viE?l'gf "Zi X MRS. ELLEN JENSEN H.S. 8: Elementary Art Junior sponsor Minneapolis Art Institute, B.S. in Educa- tion, Mo. Univ. Member of: MAEA, MSTA, NAEA, PCTA, P TA WILLIAM MALLORY Vocational Agriculture FFA sponsor B.S. :Sz A.B. in Agriculture, University of I Missouri Member of: Lions Experience Leads the Bowling Green High School began the year with 468 students and 24 faculty members. These teachers carried 54 classes in the following departments: art, social studies, driver education, music, business education, science, industrial arts, mathematics, physical education, foreign language, English, vocational home econo- mics and agriculture, and other staff members provided library, guidance, and study hall service . Vocational agriculture I, ll, III, and IV enrolled 67 students, the instructor is also FFA sponsor. Fifty-eight high school students took art I, Il, or Ill, and the department also sponsored an annual art show at the last PTA meeting, The team of business education instruc- tors had 275 students in these classes: typing, bookkeeping, shorthand, clerical practice, general business, business law Sz English, journalism I, and school pub- lications. This department also sponsored em- ployment -type testing programs in accord- ance with NEA and Gregg publishing divi- sion. Miss Wiley demonstrates typing for one of her students. She has 3 typing classes. X :li ...A The new art room, walled almost entirely with glass provides plenty of light for these sketchers. Mr. Mallory was NE Mo. Voca- tional Ag. Teachers Ass'n Pres. last year. MISS JOYCE WILEY Basic Business, Typing, Short- hand, Business English 8.1 Law Pep squad sponsor B.S. in Education, Southeast Mo. State, Graduate work MU Member of: PCTA, MSTA, NBEA, PTA MISS JANE BUCKS Bookkeeping, Typing, Clerical Practice, Publications, J-1 Speaker and Bobcaster sponsor Kirksville State Teachers Col- lege, B.S. in Ed. and Graduate work, Journalism workshops, MU Member of: Cardinal Key, Pi Omega Pi, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Phi Omega, NBEA, PCTA, MSTA, Honorary FFA I5 XA., MRS. PAULINE DOYLE English I,II Freshman class sponsor B.S. Degree, Northeast Mo. State Teachers Col- lege, Mo. University, A.8zM. College, Fort Col- lins Colo. Member of: DAR MRS. BETTY KRISTOFFERSON fl-IEMMEJ Composition, English IV Pep squad sponsor, Senior trip sponsor B.S. in Education, Southeast Missouri State Col- lege Member of: PTA, PCTA, MSTA, Sigma Tau Delta, Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship MRS. KATHERINE MOTLEY English, Speech, Senior Play, Junior Play Student Council sponsor A.B. Degree, Missouri Valley, Northeast Missouri State College, M.Ed. Degree, University of Mo. MISS CLEO BANKHEAD Latin, Library B.A. Degree, University of Mo., M.L.S. Degree, University of Ill. I6 First any .as Mrs. Doyle and Mrs. Motley seem to enjoy the improved chalkboard in the new high school building. , .3 , Thereas the Readin' 81 Writin' English and language is the largest department at BGHS. Enrollment ran 548 in 24 classes, Mrs. Doyle had five sections of Eng- lish Ig Miss Hemme had three composition classes, Mrs. Motley had four English III sections. Sophomore English had four sections: and English IV needed two sec- tions. Students write autobiographies, study folk music, learn oral communication, write term papers, study literature, do translations, have pen pals plus, of course, the "regular" associated activi- French classes were introduced during the 1963 term, Spanish and Latin were already in the curriculum. Mrs, Doyle was Pike County Teachers Ass'n nominating committee chairmang Mrs. Mudd was secretary of that group. BGHS presents at least two annual dramatic productions. Mrs. Motley di- rected jr. and Sr. plays this term. Miss Hemme became Mrs. Randal Kristofferson during Christmas vacation. Miss Bankhead faced the task of moving the entire high school library. ties. Studies MU stays neatj. MRS. MARGOT MUDD French I,II, Spanish I,II, English ll Sophomore Class Sponsor B.A. Miami University, Additional "Handling books is always messy work," laughs Miss Bankhead Qbut she always dv MRS. VIRGINIA BLIESSING Guidance Counselor Junior Class sponsor B.S. in Education, Mo. U.g M.A. De- gree in Guidance, Northeast Mo. State Teacher's College Member of: MGA, MSTA, PCTA I MISS DOROTHY FISCHER Study Hall Sophomore sponsor A.B. Degree, Central College, Uni- versity of Missouri , C.S.C. of E., Greeley, Colorado Sellless Industrial-arts shop facilities include 1800 sq. ft. of floor spaceg 675 Sq. ft. classroomg 35 linear ft, storage cabi- netsg 8 x 12 wood -finishing room with exhaust fang 800 sq. ft. in storage loftg 120 sq. ft. in supply room with 20 ft. vertical storage. Study-hall keeper's first- semester post was this ele- vated desk which was usually decorated in season by the student council. Students usually helped with taking roll. Winnie Hutcherson prepares to check the fifth hour group. Study hall accommodates 535 Students daily. Guidance schedule in- cludes seven major tests for elementary as well as for high-school pupils. This service, which is only four years old at BGHS, provides personal, vocational, and educational individual counseling. I8 3 l 1 Child-care is included in home economics classes. iii-Aliso iwml ' lx The new guidance office guarantees privacy, comfort, and easy access. Helpers for All Seventy -nine students populate the 72 - foot home economics department, New-building features include one cabinet-lined wall, two bookcases, clothes closets with full-length mirrors, and wall cabinets for irons, ironing boards, dishes, and cooking utensils. Equipment includes three dinette sets, three gas stoves, one electric range, seven sewing machines, and several sinks. Tailoring and other adult sewing classes are offered at night as a service of the department. WALTER ELMORE Industrial Arts Senior class sponsor William Jewell Colle B.S. di M.A. Degrees, University of Missouri MRS. MOLLY DUNCAN Home Ec. I,II,III FHA sponsor A.A. Degree, Christian Collegeg B.S.Ed. Degree, University of Mo. Member of: PEO, MI-ITA, AVA, MVA I9 8 ex MARVIN STRATMANN Instrumental Music: grade, Jr. high, Sr. high Band--Board Director B.M. Degree, St. Louis Insitutute of Music, Washington-Univ., M.M. Degree, North- western Univ. Planting Wisdom St Skill Teaching glee clubg choir, concert, intermediate, and beginners' bands, pre- senting three annual concerts, participat- ing in contests, and daily trips to Curry- ville and Frankford are traditional music-dept. activities . Separate vocal 8: instrumental rooms air -conditioning, teachers' office, lock- ers, practice rooms, permanent floor risers, gl music -storage cabinets came with the new building. In addition to teaching, Mrs. Birkhead was vice -president of NE Mo. Council of Teachers of Math, a member of the state committee for math curriculum revisiong and a delegate to the Science Institute meeting held in Hannibal last October. MISS MA RILYN BLAC K Choir, Glee Club Pep squad sponsor B.S. in Education, Northeast Mo., State Teachers College, Graduate work QNMSTCQ Member of: Cardinal Key, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Sigma Alpha, MEA, MSTA, PCTA, PTA, Band, PWC, MENC, NMEA, ACDA Mr. Atkinson preps a movie with a Missouri State Patrolman. MRS. VELMA BIRKHEAD Algebra I,II, Geometry, Trigometry and Analytics Senior class sponsor B.S. SL M.S. Degree, Kansas State College, Central Mis- souri State College, Okla- homa State University Kappa Mu Epsilon DAR NCTM, NEMMA, NEA, MSTA, PCTA, PTA, MCTM Member of: Kappa Delta Pi, , . 20 Social studies enrollment is 520 dis- tributed among three teachersg Atkinson 127g Foutes 1603 Williams 233. Mrs. Williams also keeps one study hall. Driver training students had two new Oldsmobiles last year furnished by LeFever Chevrolet, Inc., of Bowling Green. One DT class is held each se- mester at BGHS and another during the summer months. Mr. Atkinson worked as chairman of the Pike County Teachers Ass'n legis lative committee last year, and also drove a school bus. It takes Mr. Stratmarm and the Elmer's glue to really repair an instrument. Teaching itizenship, Poise CHARLES FOUTES Am. History, Citizenship Freshman class sponsor B.S. Degree, Kirksville State Teach- ers College, A.A. Degree, Hannibal- LaGrange Member of: PTA, PCTA, MSTA MRS. HARRIET WILLIAMS Am. History, Geography, Driver's Education Junior class sponsor B.S. Sz M.A. Degrees, Northeast Mis- souri State Teachers College Member of: PCTA, MSTA, Phoenix Masonic Lodge NORMAN ATKINSON World History A.B. Degree, University of Mo. 21 - JAMES WILSON Athletic Director, Track dz Cross Country , Coach, General Math, Algebra I, P.E. Intramural Sponsor - A.B. Degree, Culver-Stockton Member of: MAI-IPER, PCTA, MSTA Caring for the Physical Physical education staff members handle 597 students daily--179 in Mr . Wilson's classesg 242 with Mr. Kissinger, and 176 with Mr . Wacker. Regular classes include gymnastics, pyramid building, calesthenics, trampo- line, workouts on the track. A week on gun safety was added for the lst such class in Pike County. Na- tional Rifle Ass'n patches were earned by 108 students. Nuclear survival ses- sions were added to health. Varsity gl jr. varsity baseball, basket ball, and track, and a physical-fitness testing program are also operated by the department. This department also sponsors a free, public gymnastic show. Mr . Wilson volunteers time to work with an optional, intramural program which includes eight sports. GARY WACKER ch P.E., Health, Coa B.S. Degree, Missouri Valley 22 DAVE KISSINGER P.E., Coach B.S. Degree, Hardin- Simmons Univ. Member of: PCTA, MSTA Preparing chemistry experiments 1 All 234 science -department students faced more modern equipment in the new building. In Mr . DeVilbiss's room are six double tables, each with sink, water faucets, gas inlets for Bunsen burners. Four students work at each table, work ing in teams. Two sets of lab equipment are acces sible at each table and two experiments are usually done at each one . Chemistry students use four of the areas, physics students use the others. A hood is located in the SE corner of the room allowing harmful gas and ordors to escape. All drains are glass. Chemicals are stored at the front of the room and in a middle room . An instructor's table faces the other work areas . and the Intellectual ence ,X Q .1 Fil - . ,ml 'll 5 .',-- I , 1vlh1L 1 I x nun,-,.. 1 it-'Km v 1.-,, --H. -3.H1'.1--v -.... 'ntugg 1 ESX -.X . H. Q My 2 iiwgii:::::::.L-,-,.l.x.'.'.:. -1 s -1- . u u . is "-- - .R 13 V+." mikH1xx'5Xs11" il?::21'em::llEEE?fT11 ' ' I Hz "- '-2 ' ' ' 11 'lfl'lx112'-Mizz:zzi''i - ..g'rf "N- Biology rooms have nine tables and one whole wall of sinks and cabinets, and are similar in other fea- tures to the science facilities. ARTHUR DEVILBISS Physics, Chemistry, General Science . Senior class sponsor Culver-Stockton, University of Mo. Sci- ence Institute , B.S. Degree, Kirksville State Teachers College MRS. ANNA BURKE Biology, Advanced Biology, General Sci- ' Junior class sponsor Christian College, Univeisity of Missouri, B.S. in Education 'T ,QS Write her name on every slate 24 ir? 'e ,vkrq , . ,Hn- wa-we-.1 N Y Ri , L K ,QQ , XX w.. J , X School Life , ' I W 41" u Ki Vx ugust, 196 .4 1 x 1 9. B .ugi It Is x Breaking "silence day" cost Helen Luecht a session with the "gossip pail." Below: BGHS marchers, just entering Broadway in Hannibal, Missouri, still have a long way to +4 go. 4,5 vw -s Lg fb if 3, E 1 If-E 1-my Time for a School To Come to Life August through November are activity- laden weeks at BGHS. An autography party on Aug, 20 for 1965 Speaker distribution was last fall's first event. Enrollment of 470 students followed on Sept. l and with it the flurry of activities: newspaper work, picture taking, gl a score of annual social events. Early in September and October, Voca- tional Agriculture boys grossed about 51520, 037 .50 on 250 head of swine in two sales. October also meant tired, aching feet to the 72 band members who marched l 112 miles in the 18th annual Mark Twain marching festival held in Hannibal, Missouri, Twenty-two schools participated in the event. Student Council activities materialized with Loyalty Week and Silence Day. Of- fenders on silence day were fined lc a word and sentenced to carry the "gossip" bucket. The first red -letter day in the fall for 65 BGHS seniors was September 26, when they left on the senior trip for Washington, D.C. and New York. Going in Sept. in- stead of April, seniors and trip sponsors W' visited the World's Fair as well as taking usual tours. While the "mighty, mighty seniors" were away, the "jolly, jolly juniors" were home making preparations for the junior play, "And came the Spring", which was presented October 22. Earliest fall activities always include the annual auto- graph party and FFA swine sales. Students fabovej gathered on the old high school lawn last August to sign '65 Speakers. Terry Grote says as he scrubs, "You're as dirty as a pig!" ,f I Band uniform dis- tribution is handled by a Band Boosters organization. Becky Sanderson is being fitted for a coat. veryone Faces New Worlds Sixty-five seniors and five sponsors spent Sept. 26 to Oct. 3 touring Washington, D.C. and New York. The group spent sixteen hours at the World's Fair and took twenty-one tours. Tours included Federal Bureau of Investigation, Arlington Clem etery, Library of Congress, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Greenwich Village, and Chinatown. 28 X HIS IS CY'S f ll Wflfull 5 NlUll,5l Nllllu ,sl -gl' Seventeen boys were initiated October 7 by the local FFA Chapter. Mike Schu- macher fcenterj rolls down his trouser cuffs while blindfolded. Mrs. Motley, spon sor, and Elaine Scherder wok on second-hand texts brought in for sale as the E-:Lim X Student-Council sponsored stand. This service is offered during enrollment week. . ft . ll- M-dgw, W i " Q. 'QW lg!! w b 11' x T. f VY' c Y. 'Q' D '-I a n V., by W Q- Classix - ' 'F' N' J K' - f H K Y' , "' ' 'fl L'mL" Mt? fl ,TL .,.N . . iff 9:1 ' Ur gn sg , 7 . K sh ..i- i X an M4 v, Q, hi ll l , Q f af! n vpn hk ,, M1414 if bf, ,, if t Part Tradition, Part Innovation In . November always brings with it the be- ginning of basketball season. Pep assem- blies, complete with a pep band and cheers preceded "big" games to boost students' spirits. During the early part of the year, fresh men found that the excitement of high school was slightly shadowed by the batter- ies of guidance tests. In December, it was wedding -bell time for English instructor Miss Betty l-lemme. Fellow teachers showed their congratula- tions with a shower. Freshmen get well tested in the fall. Class sponsor, Mrs. Pauline Doyle, helps distribute test booklets to this group of testees. .LI ' :H x . I '91 ,In Y 'l - U 4- HA' .- -4 fax Harvest Season Brings Barnwarrninp Warmin' up the "mike," Danny Lewis gets S33 for Patty Beavers' cake and 3300 votes for Patty who is a queen candidate. The fifth annual FFA-FHA barnwarmin was held Oct. 29 with seniors, Linda Nut- ter 8: Danny Moss, reigning over the fes- tivities. Approximately 150 students apple bobbed, square danced, gl contributed to an auction of cakes baked by the queen candidates. Linda's cake brought a record 3562 .00 winning for her the queen's crown. The king was elected by a penny a vote. ' - 1 ' 1 VJ if x A ' ' t , sf 1 K 1 St- , ..., - A X Q K A4 in S K t ' V. 04 as 1 Recording School Histor Is Twig Business, School newspaper 8 yearbook staffs begin work early--usually be- fore enrollment. Staff members are, for the most part, in the School Publications or the journalism I class, and receive one or two units of credit for their work. Work on both these publications is done in both of the classes. "Group -picture day" means a big job for all staff members. Nearly every BGHSer is included in at least one group pic- ture and had to be as- signed a standing posi- tion, proper identifica- tion, and escorted to the proper picture area. The National School Studios in St. Charles has taken the group pic- ture for the last several years. 1966 is the fifth an- niversary of the BGB- CASTER which appears weekly in the Bowling Green TIMES. Staffers prepare at least 4, 500 words of copy weekly and use about 50 square inches of pictures. sXX ' 6 I. v 'Z Ron Rowland chews his ' ,S A Y pen over a BOBCASTER gms f . 1 li eadlinc while D in Stapleton and Kathy Dean check reccii ts 1-"'1'm3N.5'2 f . if wrt f 1 , f 'xi ' r f ff- ,. T ? 525 z 5 5 U' 1' i1 wmfwsl si 12 22 S? a mf E L AQ' -':. This Year Itf's the f Monkey or the Jerk The high school PTA sponsored the Annual Christmas Party, Decem- ber 23. The "Chevelles" provided dance music. Ping pong, cards, games, and a movie oc- cupied students who did not dance. A fortune teller was a new feature of the Christmas Party. Door prizes were awarded this year and students were required to sign in and to remain at the party. PTA mothers served refreshments to the 308 students who attended. District school busses ran regular routes, per- mitting any student to attend the party. The Christmas concert, narrated by Mike Meyer, was presented Dec. 20. Band Board members dec- orated the trees and the stage, set up risers and chairs, supervised ticket sales, and chose the nar- rator and ushers . Linda Nutter, Mary Ann Gillum, Charlie Brown and Wayne Korte were ushers. Band Director, Mr. Marvin Stratmann, and his musicians played to a capacity crowd in the gym . Three choral groups conducted by Miss Mari- lyn Black participated in the concerts. This was the spirit of BCI-IS during the Yuletide season. aliv- gi u 5 A 4 ' X 5 5 ,.:l"'w 4 AI' Y Q . s Q ' H1 V -mp., , fr? I ,. . 3 I , I! - Xxf ,' ' L , ,ir Q., . fs F. 'Z .YI , ir! ' I -. If V. . - ., , . 'Nd.fnf'-'.,- . c--. . -', '.'. l ,.. . v I' .2 ' ' 4 ' f ,link , 15,52 . 7- NYT, , :.' 1 A,"-Q? sm ig ' . ., 13 fx .fa 1 'Zgg Q Q W' ' A 2251: 3 1 v - Q x i:.' ' ' 'Ev' I 5: ,. ' A 7 I - I: 2 L 5 . . -Ax a i Q4-if I P , ,. Now Lighthearted, Now Serious 3 f 2 A N 5 9 x ' , W' ' fou- V' . -Q-rv, ...nn ,J and i il.. VI' 1 rl' 1 I' in s.w,,,A,o1 .xx ' ' Q.'f'-i'k1 , .- ""'z-Qg:-1',f,'- A-33? if- "QK4+fQ 17 A-I " Q-.,..4.,.vg, 1 T-"1 . ., . ,En W .- +5 'I-'za ,: ,f-1 4.4: rg 1 - E1gf.fwl""px'--. New Scene and Larry Grinstead speaks to the student body during the student-council election rally. Boosters are shown with a campaign poster and listening to campaign speeches. Spring Brings Renewed Activity Larry Grinstead is speaking to the student body to gain support in the student council election. Each speaker was allowed five min- utes to outline his plans for the student coun- cil. Five minutes were given to each cam- paign manager to summarize his parties' policies. Parties were: the winning Federal- ists, Larry Grinstead, presidentg Danny Scherder, VP: Cathy Williams, sec'y3 Alicia Boston, treas. Nationalists' candidates were president, David Orfg Monty Branstetter, VPQ Susan Chapman, sec'y3 Elaine Scherder, treas. The move to the new high school was com- pleted on April 7 when the library books were brought to the new building. Students moved the books during PE class . Yearbook deadlines kept editor Annice Straube busy. We :rf Ng .6 fi ." x:2!5.t.3h 5 AH L.,k. - 3 4-if 1-f'11'1.a-V M, x i 1 R ,L f 3 '. Q. :.'i'q-C'7'.f Near Proud too, these Thursday -night cast members arc: Judy Bibb, Mrs. Parrishg Jerry Gamm, Billg Janet Scherder, Mickeyg Candy Reading, Sandrag Eddie Horton, Big Joe. Standing are: Mrs. Katherine Mot- ley, directorg Danny Moss, Humpyg Doro- thy Gregory, Maude Bob Birkhead, Fos- dickg Pam Leake, Olgag Ralph Miller, Rockyg Connie Feld mann, Rochelleg Kathie Bcddies, Patsyg and Derryl Rodgers, Windy. 'N ,. - 'Yi Iiljg 1.4. ..- .Q 'S H 'mail T211 L . rs N as ss Come party or prom, Donna Whit- This suit modeled by Donna Rae ten will be prepared in this formal Grote is typical of the garments of her own making. shown at the annual style show. . sr, i . ,lsilwet Three concerts are regularly performed by the music department, but this is the lst year for a top-twenty choir debut. This group was selected by Miss Black fat pianoj. Members are Marilyn Boswell, Cathy Williams, Annice Straube, Kathie Bedclies, Mary Jane Craft, Cynthia Turpin- ROW 2' Judy Bibb Candy Reading, Sherry Calver, Cath Fitz erald lean Da hert 1 ' 1 Y g 1 ' ug yi Patty Beavers, ROW 3: Steve Hamilton, Wayne Morris, Larry Crinstead, Jerry Gamm, Dwaine Miller, Bob Birkhead, Doug Storrs, Perry Benn. Vocal groups followed a folk-music theme at the pop concert May 65 the concert and junior bands played Broadway selections. 46 C rl! Spring Activity Attenders Fifty-two students modeled suits, dresses, formals, skirts, blouses, in this year's style show. A factory with night watchman, Marvin Smith, set the scene. All garments modeled were made by home economics students, either in classroom work or as home projects in three classes . This year's annual art exhibit was 'l ... Get Innovations held in the new art room, saving the customary moving procedure. Parents and others attending the April PTA meeting visited the display which was opened to the student body the next day. Following this exhibit, several of the students displayed work in store win- dows. M t 4 2, S L.1NuL.eun stuck """ ,,t, prix, X, Palms - ART 1 - Q- I f sl I ini 7 if " wt 15.1 K A if' in x -gl 2 .-..f,. t . ,ggi fd p fa! 'mf' Prom Is Springs Crowning Activit .. BCI-IS faculty members seated on the gym Hoo: while others go to and from the dance floor by means of the footbridge. The "Chevels" provided music for dancing. 48 J -" "- f' H 1 f. I . L . P 4' X., S "Paradise" was the prom setting and the "Chevels" entertained. "Lost ln Paradise" theme was developed by Mrs. Jensen and the juniors. Dancers entered the dance floor Cgym stageb via a flower -covered footbridge over a gold- fish pool. Tables erected on the gym floor echoed the theme with deco- ration and printed pro- grams. After the prom ended at midnight, many of the students danced on the town square from 2-4, or attended a PTA- sponsored movie at the local theatre or a parent sponsored breakfast from 1-6 in a local cafe. Linda Nutter, being crowned Prom Queen by jr. class president Danny Lewis was elected by the faculty. 12 Frosh., 22 Semors Earn Honor Letters Awards assembly on the last day of school is the year's last "get together." Recognition and awards given that day are recorded in pictures for the next 12 pages. Perfect attenders' names are marked 'lf in the index, office girls' names are Skill, librarians are in- dicated by Iblvk. Wayne Korte frightj, a track man, was the athlete with the highest scholastic average and received a trophy at the annual athletic ban- quet in April. Sophomore pilgrim ftopj, Janice Page, went to Jefferson City on April 12. Girls State representative Alicia Boston fglassesj yielded her documents to altemate, Mary Jane Bunten. Alicia was already committed to a summer school program at M.U. ffar right picturej. Frosh. 8: Sr. honor roll letterers were: ROW 1: Cynthia Turpin, Patricia Ober- man, Mona Bibb, Roy Finley, Cathy Fitzgerald, Phyllis Wilhoit, Donna Allison, ROW 2: Mary Gillum, Nancy Lybarger, Janet Korte, Colleen Knock, Dorothy Gregory, Steve Hamilton, Linda Nutter, Beverly Rutherford, ROW 3: Kathy Moore, Debbie Wilhoit, Dorothy Scherder, Annice Straube, Janet Scherder, Sherry Calvert, Mary Wilhoit, Mary Gibbons, Patsy Bunten, ROW 4: Sandy Orf, Priscilla Wendel, Becky Sanderson, Ron Rowland, Mary Kniess, Dan Bunten, Connie Feldmann, Dan Feldmann, Dottie Deters. ' 'E -of s'x 4. 4v.x Y-'dv Q ara- 3-1 4 fe, f re if f-if W Fitness honor roll, ROW 1: C. Palmer, D. 8: S. Kurth, E. Mos- ley, D. Hobbs, M. Bowen, C. Leake, V. Tumer, B. Smith. ROW 2: P. Oberman, B. Branstetter, B. Bryant, A. Straube, W Young, C. Williams, R. Hobbs, E. Scherderg ROW 3: R. Nut- ter, D. Gregory, B. Kelch, D. Miller, J. Kniess, M. Marshall, D. Stark, M. Betts, ROW 4: J. Schindler, R. Schindler, M. Kniess, E. Johnson, D. Scherder, E. Shepherd, F. Schindler, K. Straube, T. Branstetter. Yu? f . .ir ..., W iq 5 Students' Wofrk from All Fields 2 I In n . . ' l I R Dottie Deters fBetty Crockery, Karen Williamson 1310 best clothes construc- tion given by Sandersonsjg Ella Shinn fCrisco Awardj. Nancy Lybarger lst--SIO, Linda Cash 2nd--S5, art awards by Heirs Study Clubg Roy Finley math award. Curators QMUJ scholarship winners fSEATI-IDQ Linda Nutter, Roy Finley, Janet Scherderg QBACKQ Dottie Deters, Dennis Leverett, Connie Feldmann. 52 Recognized Joumalism awards included Quill and Scroll QQ 8: SQ for superior ser- vice to school publications and being in the top third of the class in school, I ratings in state and dis- trict contests, and others which are indicated following the name. ROW 1:' Bev Roberts fcubi, Paula Orf fcubj, Mary Ann Cillum fQSj, Phyl- lis Wilhoit QI rating newswriting on campus, I on BOBCASTER in dist., Special Excellent rating in state and top-scoring local-newspaper school pagej, ROW 2: Annice Straube QQSQ, Janet Scherder QQSQ, Amy Deters QQSQ, ROW 3: Kathy Dean QQSQ, Melvin Woods fAward of Honor for Photographyj, Mary Wilhoit QQSQ, Pam Leake QQSjg ROW 4: Larry Grinstead fQSj, Dan Stapleton QQSQ, Jerry Gamm QQSQ, Bob Birkhead QQSQ, Ron Rowland QQSQ fand Award of Honor for outstanding service to school pub- licationsj. Gregg bookkeeping tests were ad- ministered on a voluntary basis as a part of the Gregg Publishing Co. awards program. NEA affiliated NBETests were given to students averaging "S" or better. Tests took 120 minutes each and yielded cer- tificates of proficiency fcpj or superior proficiency fspj for scores in the 9047otile rank. Winners were: ROW 1: Susan Chapman, Melva Feldmann fcp, spy, Paula Orf, Mary Ann Cillum fcpjg ROW 2: Mary Bowen fcp, spj, Candy Reading fcp, spy, Amy Deters Qcpi, Lana Wright fcpj, Mary Gibbons fcp, spj, Phyllis Wilhoit fcp, spj, Pam Chamberlain fcpj, Anna VanArsdel fl rating in both typing speed and accuracy at the district contestsj, Donald I-laden, Lois Cragen, Linda Nutter fl rating in shorthandjg ROW 4: Mary Jane Bunten fcpj, Kim Par rish Qcpj, Mary Kniess fcpj, Charlie Brown fcpj, Mary Wilhoit fcpj, James Roseg ROW 5: Ralph Miller, Wayne Korte, Connie Feldmann QI rating in shorthandj, Daniel Bun- ten, Donald Dixon, and Marvin Smith. ' Q wuz J v j 149 it l 1 -. ..- :JO qtesfl,- '? Ate: :gg 1. .4 r lit Departmental SpCC13.l1StS Compete and Wln Larry Grinstead won a I rating on his piano solo at district music contests and was also named Boy's State delegate. Sherry Calvert and Bob Birkhead also won I ratings--Bob on both the piano and the trombone. g 4-gfqgg. A , . ll I xr y Besides winning his tenth band I rating in eleven years, Mr. Marvin Strat- mann's individual players also brought in top rat- ings from district con- tests. The woodwind quintet was composed of: Annice Straube, Cathy Fitzgerald, Mary Jane Craft, Shirley Sutton, and Marjorie Bowen. The brass quintet was: John Farr, Cathy Fitzgerald, Mike Beddies, Dwaine Miller, and Bob Birkhead. Ng. X ,av--'. N ,M-A 1 'ei' li - fs' ,- 1-. 2,7 Four State Farmers from BG set a new record for the ag department. To be eligible Ron McBride, Mike Meyer, Jerry Gamrn, and Danny Moss corn- pleted State Farmer applications and took various tests conceming FFA rules, foundation and other ag activities. To compete for the State Farmer award, rigid qualifications had to be met. 55 4: Intramural letterers were ROW 1: Boston, Caldwell, Craft, Rutherford, Gregory, Straube, Orf, Strickland, Welch, Welch. ROW 2: Bryant, Orf, Wilhoit, Bryant, Branstetter, Lovelace, Scherder, Korte, Beddies, Williams, Wilhoit, ROW 3: Clark, Smith, Niemeyer, Branstetter, Shepherd, Deters, Leake, Sachs, Kattelmann, Deters. ROW 4: Baker, Moss, King, Birkhead, Korte, Scherder, Wendel, Stapleton, Leverett, Boudinier. Members of the sax sextet who received a I rating at the district contest are: QSEATEDQ Kathie Wilson, QSTANDINGQ Kathie Bred- dies, Robbie Meyer, Monty Branstetter, Sherry Calvert and Steve Hamilton. 56 v S! M, K x I rated brass sextet musicians are fSEATEDj: Debbie Howerton, Rich- ard Stover, Alan Brewster, fSTAND- INGQ Doug Storts, Terry Miller, and John Farr. 1 X BGH Gets Sole Cottcy Scholarship, lst Time for Incl. Arts Award lx- ih -1 Annice Straube was the only Missouri senior ff, J , to win a 52,000 scholarship to Cottey College. Stark Bros. Nursery awards: ROW 1: Mary Ann Gillum Q fBusiness Ed Student of the Year ?p15jg Mary Butler Gib- bons flst in Clerical Practice S10jg Larry Grinstead Qlst in typing 1st Sz 2nd semesters S20jg Linda Nutter flst in shorthand SIOQ, ROW 2: Mary Ann Kniess flst in bookkeep- ing SIOQ Robert Glaspie Qlst in industrial arts S10 pre- sented by J.O. Mudd Funeral Homej, Mary Jane Bunten 12nd in bookkeeping 551, Phyllis Wilhoit 12nd in Cler- ical Practice S5jg ROW 3: Connie Feldmann Q2nd in shorthand 351, Daniel Bunten f2nd in industrial arts 355, Anna Van Arsdel f2nd in typ- ing lst and 2nd semesters 510, I7 Tuba soloist Dwaine Miller also got a I rating last year. Sophomore and junior honor rollers are: ROW 1: June Couch, Paula Orf, Margaret Harness, Alicia Boston, Delphia Harlow, Janice Page. r ROW 2: Kathie Wilson, Phyllis Lamberson, Danny Lewis, Cathy Williams, Pam Fisher, Jean Daugherty. ROW 3: Richard Nutter, Elaine Scherder, Mike Marshall, Mary June Bunten, Larry Grinsteacl, Amy Deters. ROW 4: Local .2 17 John Baker, David Orf, Bonnie Branstetter, Fijtgyegi liinrfentcoueen Knock, Danny Scherder, Danny Stapleton, Bill Colbert. P Y a 1' anne ' V f"' 7 if 1 35 W I blllls K. nfxsxj' ,l f ff J fitxff Y lub Initiates Monthly Honor Clarinet quartet I winners are: Lucy Straube Annice Straube, Kim Parrish, and Larry Grin- stead. Group II: Colleen Knock, Andrea Knock, Nancy Nienhueser, Nancy Nienhueser. Trumpet trio I winners are: Mike Beddies, John Farr, and Paul Copenhaver. The local Rotary Club sponsored a Student of the Month, adding to the year's recoginition list: fbelowj ROW 1: Gale Bryant fFeb.l, Larry Grinstead QNov.j, Linda Nutter QDec.jg ROW 2: Annice Straube Hang, Ronald McBride fMarchj, Janet Scherdelr fAprill. 'Q' -as 1 3 rl a' Dann Moss has just presented Miss Jane Bucks and Mrs. Molly Dun- can honorary FFA memberships. 30 Ag Foundation Awards were presented to ROW 1: Ronald Mc- Bride, Wayne Korte, Dan Moss, Jerry Gamm, Danny Lewis, Mike Meyer. ROW 2: Dale Glascock, Richard Edmond, Bruce Storts, David Orf, Marvin Smith, Eddie Horton, Kim Parrish, Jim Ulrich. 60 E N- M. g Z Meats Team District I-rating winners are Doug Mallory, Jim Edmond, Jerome Korte, and Richard Nutter. f I' qi Band Letterman are ROW 1: Shirley Sutton, Marjorie Bowen, Steve Hamilton, Mary Jane Craft, Margaret Harness. ROW 2: Cathy Fitzgerald, Colleen Knock, Dwaine Miller, Kathy Dean, Paul Copenhaver, Sherry Cal- vert, Annice Straube. Kathie Wilson, John 1 .?k Lettermen Set Record, BG Gets EMO Troph Varsity 8: jr. varsity track letter and numeral winners were: ROW 1: Jim Hiles, James Rose, Chris Straube, Billy McPike QEMO out- standing track manj, Danny Stapleton, Bill Henry, ROW 2: Coach Wilson, Charlie Brown, Mike Marshall, John Mul- len, Bill Couch, Coach Kissinger, ROW 3: Steve Page, Dick Basye, Larry Marshall, Wayne Morris, Wayne Korte, Wayne Wen- del, Henry Bryant, ROW 4: Bill Colbert, Jerome Korte, Tom Justus, Ronnie Raney, Mike Craig, Bob Rathburn. fBelowj 5, --we Larry Grmstead, Branstetter, Bob , Mike Beddies. If- fs Q 'if ,J X. r 'f -YQ-'Qil"w is S I ' .5 U, l I . , 4- 2' 'f. ' I I , cv: 8, My 55, N 5 S I S X f i l ui- Four-year Bowling Green students valedictorian and salutatorian were Sherry Calvert QSEATEDQ and Linda Nutter respectively. 62 ,X -5 Scholars Named ay 26 Six individual award winners at the 103-member graduation held May 26 were Terry Miller QPTA Courtesy Awardjg Phyllis Wilhoit fRotary Scholarshipjg Janet Scherder QDAR top con- stitution gradejg Sherry Cal- vert fGrace Bankhead Ameri- can History Awardjg Mary Ellen Bowen and Nancy Lybarger f675 scholarships to School of the Ozarks for four yearsj. Dr. Pauline Knobbs spoke at commencement, and the Rev- erend Joe Barbour delivered the Baccalaureate sermon. This is the last year that two valedictorians and salu- tatorians will be named. 9? I tai -QQJ7 I 6 v I I 's ,l It l Girl and boy participation winners fsee sr. directoryj were Cathy Fitzgerald and Robert Birkhead Qabovej. Award by BPW, Valedictorian and salutatorian from Frankford students were Roy Finley and Mary Butler Gibbons. Boost our teams . .. win our games Sports ROW 1: Bubba Mullen, Larry Chamberlain, Bobby Rathburn, Mike Beddies, and Philip Harris. ROW 2: Coach Dave Kissinger, Manager James Bowen, Mike Marshall, James Rose, Chris Straube, Danny Moss, and Coach Gary Wacker. ROW 3: Charlie Brown, Bill Colbert, Sonny Carroll, Harold Brewer, Dick Basye, Terry Flood, and Wayne Morris. BG Season Record: 0 8a 5 SCORES Troy 3-1 Van-Far 7-3 Wellsville 9-4 Clopton 4-0 Mont. R-II 3-1 Elsberry no game Catcher, Charlie Brown leaps in front of an onrushing runner. Terry Flood and Chris Straube Qfar right, A: are ready to tighten the "hot box" if the runner changes his mind. NE' ul N ' 1 M "The catcher wo:n't get THIS ball" grunts James v 'xi Rose. It lools as if he is right! Terry Flood gets back to first base just inches ahead of tag. b y Spend inless . Season 4 . ' N N F in 1 l BG 's baseball team again produced an " ' all-conference player--Phil Harris. Phil, . a sophomore, played second base and 54" ' batted .462. The team batting average r li was .l43. ,AK p ' X ' ' PLAYERS 8: POSITIONS Bill Mcpikei Pitcher 3-0 "They say a curve ball is an optical illusion," mutters Wayne Sonny Carroll, Pitcher 2-OPP M01-tis. Charlie Brown, Catcher? Dick Basye, lst baseif Phil Harris, 2nd basevlf Chris Straube, Shortstopi Terry Flood, 3rd base? Wayne Morris, 1. field? Mike Marshall, c. field? Danny Moss, r. field and? utility player Mike Beddies, r. field? Bill Colbert, catcherflf Bob Rathburn, r. field James Rose, 1. field Bubby Mullen, catcher Harold Brewer, c. field Larry Chamberlain, 2nd base ff 'FLettermen f Phil Harris crosses home plate, but the catcher is getting ready for the next runner. 67 'X X' ...iv iw' L., ,'W -4 sl Bill McPike moans and groans as he heaves the shot put. His best throw of the year was 42' 6 3l4". Danny Smith is on his way up in the pole vault. Danny attended district meet and vaulted his best height, 10 feet six inches. Q 5 2 I 5 , ,1""7'H" ,, , mw- ,.. new 4 so . 4 Q, i W rf: Q . , A. X if . si -mfs. K BGH School dismissed for conference meet. Wins E 0 Crown, 4 Records Fall Varsity track men ended the 1965-66 track season by winning first place in the EMO con- ference meet at BG May 3. Bill McPike broke the conference record in the 220 yard dash with a time of 23.1 seconds. No school records were broken during the season. Varsity's best track performances this year in the events are: Stapleton .... McPike . . . high hurdles .... 100 yd. dash .... mile run ....... Mullen . . . McPike. . . 220 Yd. dash .... McPike .... shot put ....... 880 relay ................ 19.2 secs. 10.6 secs. 4:53.6 mins 42' 6 3f4" 23.1 secs. 1:39.7 mins fHenry, Straube, McPike, Stapleton, 880 run ....... Rose ...... . pole vault ..... broad jump ..... Henry . . . high jump . . . . . Marshall . . . 440 dash ....... Korte . . . low hurdles ..... Brown ..... Henry ..... mile relay ............... QKorte, Mullen, Morris, Sissonj discus ......... Ingram .... 2:14.6 mins 10' 10" 19' 8 1f2" 5' 11" 57.4 secs. 22 secs. 3:58.6 mins 103' 7" Jr. varsity set three new school records as follows: low hurdles ..... Branstetter . . . 22.5 secs. discus ........ Branstetter . . . 117' 4" pole vault ..... Basye ....... 10' 4" The junior varsity team placed second in the conference meet, first in two and second in three other meets. Raney, Dowell, Bryant, and Basye also set a new conference record for the jr. varsity 880 relay with a time of 1:52.5 mins. The other conference record broken by BG was in pole vault with Basye's 10' 4". Bill Henry placed third in conference meet and also won first in the broad jump. Break! Yells Danny Stapleton to Chris Straube in the 880 re- lay. Bill McPike and Bill Henry were other boys on the first place conference relay team. Charlie Brown's 22 seconds in the low hurdles was the best time on the varsity team. I fb:-. Ig, xanga K , xmxug -W K 3 xg 'ig 1 A l 5 l 2-2:3-. Lan... x .....s,gi 3 k g -affine K :jv"'ivf'Ef': K 1 2 me 'Qi 14MB p v " ' P aw g 1 ef' , J I F' ,I S1. FLCJJ SDSL LEWIS HENRY MCPWE MARSHALL EUUCH INERAM nmsuub, Competition Toughens Spirits, "Action" best describes intramural sports. Basket- ball scenes as in the picture at the top attracted the largest number of students and spectators. Volleyball was a popular sport, too. Indian dodge- ball for girls was the first intramural event of the year. At right, Dottie Deters demonstrates the perfect posture for a dodgeball "catch" as she guards her team's pin. Pam Leake's team Qcenterj were the winners of the final dodgeball bout, whil Ernestine Shepherd's team took first place in basketball. Judy Love1ace's first place volleyball team is pictured elsewhere. 6 Basketball champs are QFRONTQ Patricia Bryant, Jeanette Welch, Ernestine Strickland, Beverly mond, Brenda Grimmetg QBACKJ Debbie Wilhoit, Peggy Sachs, Ernestine Shepherd fcaptainj, Becky . -ml' -af' 0 R' . I UNB FIG, G ' 'lu IP Bulld Competence 1n Each These pages are indicative of general movement afoot in physical education and health classes. Ernestine Shepherd demonstrates the stroke that Won a paddle-tennis champion ship, While Richard Edmond gives badminton pointers . The routine was broken with health classes every Fri- dayg gun-safety, medical self-help, and resusitation were included in these studies Judy lnvelace's volleyball members are QFRONTQ Katinell Finke, Marilyn Salfen, Judy Lovelace, Donna Grote, Debbie Wilhoit, fBACKj Emestine Strickland, Ann Van.Arsdel, Nancy Ly- barger, Mary Wilhoit, Cathy Williams, Gale Bryant, Lula Jenkins. Intramurals and gymnastics, two phases of this year's PE program are illustrated here. Intramurals provided recreation for every student wishing to participate, regardless of athletic ability. Athletic Director, Mr. James Wilson directed the program. Q n K 55 5. ' , .fM...: -r ,.,..,.,,,. , ,KW , . v- , 4, ff re- , ' ive , lm..- L. ,,.,... ,........... ,...,,l5,. -. fm, M: ,' i -119- ' - 0 4. Mi' x an ,, . ,Q 5 as . A N 4- A Y U Q 'Q 4' y 1 I n sl ,fi . , fy -,. 1 1. v K? vf H -5 . Q. n-qs f" ,va A f Y y -,fl 'B-V ,JS . , i , qfvk ln iff A-1 , U ,, xy , W. 6 f Ox! Ni M Q5 we vs ff Wifi x mf Ki 1 , ,Ev n ,kg -W' .1 ...f ...., ...., :zu- ,-Q A 'A 5 lbw w f 'ag X i 5 , .7 A X -'fs-. Y f-.ZA 1 sg XQJJ Z! E ' wr-if 5 Yi X .f L 2 1--ig., n......s- R B X vi x L M , ,Q-P 1 gy 5 5 "T ,,,,4r ri Z f 1 1. xl Yi :S-fy fl' ,- N., 3 Q A I 3 . X .a u'A IQ X lsr . A ' - ,,x, , ,gy , x W, x , , 2 in S K ,.--Ii-Q. , . an ww 3 dw' 'O QQ SHTJ1 , ,.. S. aid Qi x Q' Q pl Jw-' N .4 SQQIXX 1 , 4 N If 5 ,il f 5 Hb ,Au . P -2 ' A 'f Ax ' 1 , ' ' N If . - 9 g 1 f A 3. E X- ,f'W' ,5r L V ' A 'tgps-53' 1- if fa Q QQQBQ A ,QQQ55 'fx ZW 5 A I 5 'X WX 'X Q4 fx. ...,, Q' -,fn K 'Q 'A .-'wx 5 T fn 4 Ni -g,' QQ-s A Draws Young Blood into Fray Jr. Varsity coach, Mr. Gary Wacker, takes advantage of half-time. From right fore- ground are Raney, Rathburn, Justus, Bryant, Beddies, Comer. Justus 8zFe1dmann were top rebounders with 89 8z87. Comer was next with 54. Highest scorers were Feldmann 149 Q9.9fk, Rathburn 132 49.43, Raney 134 q8.9y. 84 at Feldmann also got 25 assists, Beddies 19, Comer 14. The Kittens won 16 and lost 7. Dick Basye scored 233 points in 20 games, averaging 11.63 Phil Harris scored 250 points in 23 games for a 10.9 average. The Kittens totaled 1213 points in 23 games, averaging a 52.7 offense. K 3 , 'D A I Q45 ,-be 'Tit 551:17 Q! Y 1 T it E 2 i K , , Top events of the sports year were the Bowling Green Tourna- ment and the Sports banquet. Miss Teresa Orsi, Brazilian for- eign student at Louisiana, was crowned queen of the Bowling Green Tournament. Moberly junior-college coach, Lowell Fitzsimmons, was guest speaker at the annual Sports banquet. 400 guests at- tended the activity. Athletic awards, pep squad letters, and queen coronation were given at the April event. Senior Janet Scherder was crowned queen of the Sports banquet. Wayne Korte, Danny Lewis, Bill McPike, and Terry Flood each received individual athletic awards. ,fx fc:vf, Lf 1 ff ' EQ Aj, , v , - ,A K Nl. K wg f . ' V 4 ,v ,y 'LM if 'Q rx W 1. Ci ,rf , 'Taj' ' 439' , JfLi."'?' 'Yw A Q , 5 " '1 ff'iQfa4 4- Q :t4i5"'x .. X - r. 'Q' X .1 4. 4? A 1" ,4 CC May our spz'rz'ZsjZ1' her never die 88 Urganizations Bowling Green regional and invita- tional tourneys kept pep squad mem- bers busy this year. Pres. Janet Scherder set up committees for host- esses, decorating, and selling candy. Pep squaders also planned the annual athletic banquet, donated S100 to the AFS program, S125 for concrete benches for the courtyard, and a podium for the new auditorium. Bowling Green also won the pep squad trophy at the Wellsville tournament. Officers were Vice-Pres. , Judy Bibb, Sec. Kathie Beddiesg Treas. , Lana Wright, and Student Council Rep., Pam Leake. The Message Comes Either Shouted, ROW 1 Becky Branstetter, Elaine Scherder, Carolyn Leake, Betty Jo Smith, Donna Kurth, Sharon Kurth, Susan Chapman, Jean Daugherty, Cathy Fitzgerald, June Couch ROW 2: Lana Wright, Kathie Wilson, Linda Brewster, Kathy Moore, Candy Reading, Pam Chamberlain, Judy Bitb, Kathie Beddies, Mrs. Betty Kristofferson. ROW 3: Judy Haley, Sandi Allen, Janet Scherder, Peggy Sachs, Judy Gollaher, Mary Jane Craft, Mona Bibb, Miss Joyce Wiley ROW 4 Phyllis Lamberson, Vicki Smith, Melva Feldman, Cathy Williams, Alice Niemeyer, Gertie Brown, Virginia Niemeyer, Dorothy Scherder ROW 5 Annice Straube, Judy Lovell, Betty Jo Dieckmann, Pam Leake, Lelia Howard, Dottie Deters, Connie Feldmann, Jan Conboy, Miss Marilyn Black. ROW 6: Shirley Sutton, Jo Ann Maiden, Phyllis Painter, Ann Stover, Pam fisher, Ruth Ann Niemeyer, Beverly Rutherford, Gall Bryant ROW 7 Carolyn Elder, Marilyn Boswell, Rhonda Goodson, Barbara Jenkins, Susie Edwards, Ann McMillan, Gail Caldwell, Margaret Harness, Wilma McVey Nancy Jenkins. ROW 1: Kathie Beddies, Phyllis Wilhoit, Bobcaster Editor, Pam Leake, Assistant Bobcaster and Speaker Editor Annice Straube, Speaker Editor, Miss Jane Bucks, Adviser, Kathy Dean. ROW 2: Mary Jane Bunten, Janet Scherder, Gertie Brown, Mary Nell Wilhoit, Amy Deters, Judy Bibb. ROW 3: Larry Grinstead, Danny Lewis, Terry Miller, Chris Straube, Dottie Deters, Ann VanArsde1. ROW 4: Melvin Woods, Ron Rowland, Wayne Korte Bob Birkhead, Jerry Gamm, Danny Stapleton. ROW 5: Alicia Boston, Ann Stover, Phyllis Painter, Paula Orf Beverly Roberts, Mary Jo Langley, Karen Williamson. cShot,, or Written Thirty five "Bobcasters" and the "Speaker" occupied Editors Wilhoit and Straube, and Pam Leake. This year's "Bobcaster" won first place and a I rating at the Kirksville district contest. Individual articles in editorials, features, news stories, sports columns, regular features, and photography were entered for the first time in statewide MIPA competi- tion. This year's "Speaker" features "Mr, and Miss BGHS" instead of King and Queen. A plaque, presented to the school, will be engraved each year with "Mr. and Miss BGHS" names. 91 J ROW 1: Miss Black, Glenda Gillette, Beverly Rutherford, Alta Ulrich, Elizabeth Green, Linda Dowell, Candy Reading, Kathie Beddies, Judy Bibb, Alice Niemeyer. ROW 2: Ann Lasher, Judy Rolen, Sandi Allen, Willma , Staats, Sheryl Pettey, Debbie Stark, Pam Chamberlain, Virginia Niemeyer, Ellen Niemeyer. ROW 3: Mary Nell Wilhoit, Linda Shepherd, Judy Kniess, Shirley Worthington, Betty Jo Dieckmann, Sherry Calvert. ROW 4: Ken- neth Charlton, Ken Inlow, Roger Trower, John Dunn, Jim Inlow, Perry Benn, Curtis Williams. ROW 5: Dale Glascock, Larry Catlett, Monty Landers, Jim Hiles, Ed Comer, Danny Feldmann, Melvin Woods, Jerry Gamm, Tom Justus, Mark Stokes, Everett Johnston, Bill Sisson. ROW 6: Rick Kelly, Steve Early, Larry Chamberlain, Cary Wendell, Mac Betts, Ernest Bennett, Bill Lovelace, Vernon Korte, Ed Hinghous, Larry Finley, Jerry Grote, Clyde Korte, Wayne Morris. BGH Twenty sopranos, 9 basses, 13 al- tos, 81 6 tenors composed this year's choir. Choir is a group of singers selected on the basis of fall auditions including sight reading. The group participated in Christmas, midyear, and pop concerts as well as in the district music contest at Mexico April 3, receiving a Il rating in the latter event. Dwaine Miller headed the group as president. jean Daugherty was vice- pres. , and Candy Reading was sec'y. - treas. Sherry Calvert and Cathy Wil- ' 'ANYINC 92 ROW 1: Barbara Buffington, Patti Jennings, Cynthia Turpin, Carol Hearn, Patricia Oberman, Ola Jean Scott, Sherry Unsell, Patty Beavers, Juanita Morris, Linda Riffle. ROW 2: Margaret Clark, Tonya Florence, Verna Elbert, Brenda Grimmett, Joyce Sisson, Jeanette Welch, Debbie Wilhoit, Phyllis Painter, Bonnie Goodhart, Lula Jenkins, Shirley Ogden. ROW 3: Linda Hearn, Mary Kirk, Carolyn Presson, Sandra Perkins, Kathy Grote, Linda Meyers, Vicki Turner, Darlene Hobbs, Beverly Roberts, Karen Williamson, Nancy Jenkins. ROW 4: Linda Pealer, Linda Thompson, Ruth Ann Niemeyer, Phyllis Wilhoit, Rose Hobbs, Ernestine Strickland, Brenda Catlett, Linda Pargeon, Ruth Stewart, Sandy Wendell. ROW 5: Katinell Finke, Judy Hobbs, Brenda Caldwell, Joy Miller, Rosanna Buffington, Marilyn Salfen, Wilma Welch, Marilyn Boswell, Rosemary Phillips, Janice Page. ROW 6: Richard Stover, Charlie Sisson, Steve Hamilton, Doug Storts, Terry Phelps, Tommy Thurman, Monty Morton, John Golian, Jim Mudd, Willis Straube, Edward Reading, Larry Morrison. Adds Its wn cSound of Music, liams aided director, Miss Marilyn Black, as librarians. Selected from the choir was the "Top Twenty" group: the elite school vocal group. The eight boys and twelve girls in this group performed at the Christ- mas and midyear concerts in Decem - ber 81 March. Miss Marilyn Black directed the 120- member mixed chorus through the three annual concerts. The chorus met for practice sessions during the regular school day. Boys met on Mondays and Wednesdaysg and the girls on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Both groups practiced Fridays. Mr. Marvin Stratmann held sixth period glee club classes. The separate boys' and girls' cho- ruses performed at each concert. Al- though these groups were composed of all members of the mixed chorus for the Christmas and midyear concerts, they were reduced to select singers for the pop concert. This selection was made in mid-April by Miss Black. Chorus members received 1X4 unit of high-school credit per year. ROW 1: David Orf, Mike Meyer, Wayne Korte, Danny Moss, Chapter Sweetheart Linda Nutter, Jerry Gamm, Eddie Horton, Chapter Adviser William Mallory. ROW 2: Marvin Smith, Vemon Korte, Sam Harrelson, Ralph Knight, Junior Shepherd, Kim Parrish, Terry Grote, Danny Lewis. ROW 3: Dale Glascock, Henry Bryant, Charles Wankel, Caroll Feldmann, Orval Gray, Bruce Storts, Bill Kelly, Franklin Arnold. ROW 4: Nick Deters Cecil Harness, Larry Catlett, Gary Young, Monty Landers, Dale Stewart, Ronnie Stewart, Frank Scherder, Randy Caldwell. ROW 5: Jerome Korte, Sam Wankel, Wayne White, Robert Hummel, Jerry Koester, Ralph Miller, Steve Page, Ronnie McBride, Charles Barton. ROW 15: Martin Hummel, Bill Lovelace, Bob Kuntz, Don Kuntz, Mike Beddies, Gary Shannon, Wilburn Trower, Wayne Young, Doug Mallory, Herschel Turpin, Duane Orf, Jim Ulrich. ROW 7: Junior Hubert, Mike Schumacher, Richard Nutter, David Willis, Eddie Francis, Richard Edmond, Jimmy Farrell, Anthony Feldman, Bruce Moore, Jimmy Edmond, Terry Phelps, Gary Raney. Groups Follow Permanent Interests Two fall swine sales Sept. 10 and Approximately 300 guests attended the Oct. 9, a record-breaking spring sale annual FFA banquet Feb. 19. Mr. Earl March 19, the barnwarmin, hootenanny, VanEaton of the Mo. Valley College of public speaking contest, parent-son ban- Agriculture spoke on the importance of a quet, FFA week, FFA Christmas Party, college education. turkey shoot, American Royal and Na- Sophomore, Richard Nutter, set a tional FFA Convention, and Kirksville, record in the spring sale, selling his Columbia Si Kansas City contests were all Hampshire boar for 3S307.50. The sale part of the FFA Chapter's activities this also broke records for total sales netting year. fI5l4,4l5.. 50 1595.50 per heady. 94 FHA members participated in FHA week, barnwarmin, hootenanny, FHA convention, regional meeting, joint FHA-FFA meeting, FHA Christmas party and the annual spring trip during the '66 school term. FHA week activities included the FHA banquet, dress-up day, teacher apprecia tion day, and a tea for the teachers. Mona Bibb, Debbie Stark and Paula Orf CChapter Delegatesj. Judy Bibb and Cynthia Turpin fState Choir Delegatesj and Amy Deters fRegional Treasurerj at- tended the state FHA convention at Colum- bia. Dottie Deters was named the 1966 Betty Crocker Homemaker Award winner and given the opportunity to compete for State and National awards in the field of home economics. Integrate Activities and Guidance ROW l: Patty Beavers, Donna Whitten, Pam Leake, Alice Niemeyer, Linda Nutter, Kathy Moore, Bonnie Bran- stetter, Kathie Beddies, Beverly Edmond. ROW 2: Karen Williamson, Nancy Jenkins, Diane Grote, Phyllis Wil- hoit, Diana Yahne, Beverly Roberts, Pat Smith, Myrna Clark, Donna Rae Grote, Judy Gollaher, Susan Chapman, Wilma McVey, Mrs. Jean Danhouser. ROW 3: Mary McMillen, Bonny Lawson, Donna Jean Grote, Phyllis Lam- berson, Pam Fisher, Yolonda Bryant, Vicki Smith, Beverly Rutherford, Betty Barton, Sandra Perkins, Wanda Jarboe, Ruth Ann Niemeyer. ROW 4: Linda McDannold, Wilma Staats, Judy Kuntz, Helen Luebrecht, Pam Chamberlain, Lois Cragen, Debbie Stark, Virginia Niemeyer, Amy Deters, Judy Bibb, Judy Haley, Linda Dowell ROW 5: Linda Green, Connie Feldmann, Dottie Deters, Betty Jo Dieckmann, Dorothy Scherder, Judy Lovell, Ella Shinn, Priscilla Wendel, Beth Kattelmann, Ellen Niemeyer, Carol McMillen, Sharon Jennings. ROW 6: Mary Ann Kirk, Barbara Morris, Vicki Turner, Mona Bibb, Betty Jo Smith, Paula Orf, Neta Shinn, Jeanette Welch, Marv Ann Gillum, Sherry Unsell, Gail Hustedde, Sharon Mosley, Juanita Morris. ROW 7: Margaret Har- ness, Gail Caldwell, Susie Edwards, Sharon Kurth, Cynthia Turpin, Rhonda Goodson, Wilma Welch, Donna Kurth, Judy Salsman, Connie Palmer, Barbara Jenkins, Marilyn Boswell. Q i . - 4 i i l 95 4 ROW 1: June Couch, Jean Daugherty, Cathy Fitzgerald, ROW 2: Betty Jo Smith, Debbie Catlett, Lucy Smith, Mona Bibb, Steve Smith, Phyllis Carr, Doug Storts, Bobby Bryant, Lucy Straube. ROW 3: Donna Allison, Mike Schumacher, Mary Jane Craft, Earlene Gardener, Andrea Knock, Cathy Williams, Doug Mallory, Steve Ham- ilton, Debbie Howerton. ROW 4: Alvin Brewster, Ronnie May, Annzlce Straube, Kathy Dean, Karen Straube, Sherry Calvert, Carol McMillen, Richard Rowland, Mike: Beddies. ROW 5: Bucky Boudinier, Larry Chamber- lain, Beth Kattelmann, Bobby Dixon, Becky Sanderson, Paul Copenhaver, Sharon Rodgers, Bonnie Branstetter, Debbie Gamm, Dwaine Miller, Kim Parrish. ROW 6: Larry Grinstead, David Frankhouser, Terry Miller, Cecil Harness, Frank Amold, Bill Henry, Ron Rowland, Monty Branstetter, Bill Couch, Jerry Gamm, Bob Birkhead, John Farr, Donald Dixon. ROW 7: Nancy Niehueser, Shirley Sutton, Marjorie Bowen, Kathie Beddies, Phillip Robinson, Kathy Wilson, Vicki Smith, Brenda Carr, Diana Yahne, Colleen Knock, Kay Niehueser. ROW 8: Marty Butters, Katinell Finke, Richard Stover, Linda Caldwell, Rhonda Goodson, Jackie Bibb, Susie Edwards, Fred Brown, Gail Hustedde, Ann McMillan, Margaret Harness. Band Gets New Housing, niforms "Marvelous, " "Tremendous, " were some of the judge's comments on the band's performance at the district music contest at Mexico, April 2. Mr. Marvin Stratmann's band received its eleventh I rating in twelve years of his directing. Participation in the 18th Annual Mark Twain Bandmaster's Marching Festival at Hannibal, Oct. 12, was also a band event. Christmas Concert, Dec. 20, Mid- year Concert, March 18, Pop Concert, May 6g School Dedication, May 225 and numerous ensemble and solo perform- ances were held in BG. The move to the new high school gave the band a new air -conditioned practice room 1 U2 times as large as the old room, new music stands, an office, special practice rooms, and lockers for instruments. BG Band Boosters Association pre- sented the organization with 51000 worth of new uniforms last fall. National Honor Society members ROW 1: Janice Page, Mary Ann Gillum, Alicia Boston, Cynthia Turpin, Delphia Harlow, ROW 2: Deborah Wilhoit, Phyllis Wilhoit, Jean Daughterty, Pam Fisher, Jun Couch, Paula Orf, Margaret Harness, Nancy Lybarger, Kathie Wilson, ROW 3: Sherry Calvert, Kathy Williams, Linda Nutter, Kathy Moore, Richard Nutter, Gale Bryant, Roy Finley Elaine Scherder, Sandy Orf, Dorothy Gregory, ROW 4: Danny Lewis, Mike Marshall, Mary Nell Wilhoit, Larry Grinstead, Lois Cragen, Annice Straube, Mary Jane Bunten, Amy Deters, Mary Butler Gibbons, ROW 5: Mary Ann Kniess, Wayne Korte, Danny Scherder, Connie Feldmann, David Orf, Bob Birk- head, Dottie Deters, Danny Stapleton, Janet Scherder, Bill Colbert, John Baker. Scholastic Ranks Earn Right Bowling Green Chapter of the National Honor Society was organized in 1963 with the installation of members. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors are currently mem- bers of this chapter and are authorized to wear the NHS symbol, the keystone and torch. Officers in the '65-'66 school year were Gale Bryant, Pres., Mary Ann Kniess, Vice-Pres., Cynthia Turpin, Sec., and Debbie Wilhoit, Treas. These officers were in charge of installation ceremonies for this year's new members. 97 ROW 1: Gail Caldwell, Alicia Boston, Gary Shannon, Donna Rae Grote, Myma Clark, ROW 2: Kathy Moore, Shclba Knock, Colleen Knock, Pam Leake. ROW 3: Larry Grin- stead, Debbie Gamm, Monty Branstetter, Ronald McBride. ROW 4: Nick Deters, Jerry Gamm, Danny Scherder. Lo al Leaders Set the Paeeg Korte Leads Group 98 Sponsoring loyalty week from Nov. 8-12, starting an exchange program, helping with the Christmas party, and selling Bobcat stickers has kept the Student Council busy through the past year. Other activities were decorating the halls and gymnasium for Christ- mas, keeping the Student Council's school calendar up-to -date, and spon- soring 1966-67-'s SC officer's election. The twenty members of the Bowling Green organization attended the EMO northeast Missouri Council Conference at Montgomery City October 28, and held the EMO Missouri Council Con- ference in April. The BG Council is a member of the Mo. SC Ass'n. Looking pleased after BG hosted the spring EMO Conference .SC meeting are: Wayne Korte fpresq, Connie Feldmann fsec.j, Dottie Deters ftreas.j, Annice Straube fvice-pres.j, and Mrs. Katherine Motley fadviserj. ii yi Iv 4? ROW 1: Joy Miller, Marilyn Boswellilf, Wilma Welch, Alicia Boston, Cynthia Turpinflf, Patty Beavcrsi, Donna Allison. ROW 2: Miss Marilyn Black, Phyllis Painter, Vicki Turner, Debbie Wilhoit, Jeanette Welch, Mary Ann Kirk, Mary Jane Craftflf, Mona Bibb, Larry Grinsteadfif. ROW 3: Jean Daughertyfk, Candy Readingi, Cathy Fitzgeraldflf, Colleen Knock, Judy Kuntz, Judy Bibbbk, Kathie Beddiesflf, Mary Jane Bunten. ROW 4: Cathy Wil- liamsif, Debbie Stark, Annice Straubellf, Sherry Calvertilf, Shirley Worthington, Bonnie Branstetter, Carolyn Bunten. ROW 5: Danny Stapleton, Wayne Morrisilf, Melvin Woods, Larry Catlett, Jerry Gammif, Bob Birkheadfk, John Farr. ROW 6: Steve Hamiltonilf, Terry Phelps, Curtis Williams, Perry Bennilf, Ernest Bennett, Larry Fin- leyflf, Dwaine Millerflf, Terry Miller, Danny Moss. 'FStars denote members of the "Top Twenty." The Band Board makes the band's policy, sets up the point system for band letters, assists Mr. Marvin Strat- mann, director, in programs and spon- sors the 16-member pep band. Bob Birkhead was presidentg Larry Grinstead vice-pres., Cathy Fitzgerald Sec. -Treas.g jerry Gamm SC repre- sentativeg Dwaine Miller Sr. rep.g john Farr jr. rep.g Monty Branstetter Soph. rep.g Colleek Knock Frosh. rep., jackie Bibb and Nancy Nienhueser jr. high. ROW 1: Jerry Gamm, Cathy Fitzgerald, Bob Birk- head, Larry Grinstead. ROW 2: Nancy Nienhueser, Colleen Knock, Jack Bibb. ROW 3: John Farr, Dwaine Miller, Monty Branstetter. 99 Three cheerspr our dear old hzlgh Student Body L BRENDA ADAMS DENNIS ALLISON 102 Seniors KATHIE BEDDIES JUDITH BIBB ROBERT BIRKHEAD MARJORIE BOWEN MARY ELLEN BOWEN HAROID BREWER CHARLES BROWN J OE BROWN YOLONDA BRYANT 'L nf 1 3- :rl You never outgrow thc library says Winnie Hutcherson Qcor- ncrj Peggy Piazza agrccs. DANIEL BUNTEN Wife! DOROTHY DETERS Only 63 more cartons to go says Marvin Smith while Ed Horton measures height adjustment on new bookkeeping desks. LINDA CASH BRENDA CATLETT PAMELA CHAMBERLAIN Helpful, Resourceful, Melvin Woods discusses standing arrangement with the pro- fessional photographer taking group pictures for the Speaker. I O4 NICHOLAS DETERS DONALD DIXON GLEN DREW CAROLYN ELDER CONSTANCE FELDMANN MELVA FELDMAN ROY FINLEY CATHERINE FITZGERALD JERRY GAMM MARY GIBBONS COLDIE GILBERT MARY ANN GILLUM 'Ply ROBERT GLASPIE DOROTHY GREGORY DIANE GROTE DONNA RAE GROTE DONNA JEAN GROTE LARRY HADEN BILLY HALL CECIL HARNESS RONALD HENDRIX WILLIAM HENRY REBECCA HOBBS EDDIE HORTON "' Spirited, Studious, and Lo al , .L aw W 53 is i X Service-minded seniors, Linda Nutter and Charlie Brown usher at the annual Christmas concert. IO7 -3- -4"3 There was a lot to survey that first day in the new building says Wayne Korte Qleftj and Danny Moss. Making BGHS the Best GERALD KOESTER WAYNE KORTE .---14 MICHAEL KURZ MARY LAN GLEY Imagine! A locker all to myself gloats senior class- presidcnt, Roy Finley. i.. Other officers chatting before class are Marvin Smith, vice-presidentg Sherry Calvert, treasurerg and Mary Ann Gillum, secretary. 108 PAMELA LEAKE DENNIS LEVERETT JUDY LOVELACE NANCY LYBARGER RONALD MCBRIDE GEORGIE MCCURDY JOYCE MCQUAY MICHAEL MEYER DWAINE MILLER LARRY MILLER RALPH MILLER TERRY MILLER QR? The Image of a School, The Country's Future Citizens l H0 IE C N , T W V KATHY OGDEN nuff..-ia X X' . .e,KQ A 4 Now, where 's that mistake! W'f153iffi'Irx:-3 wonders Kathy Ogden. School trains hands as well as heads. These art students are Dennis Allison fleftj, Daniel Bunten, and Nancy Lybarger. SANDRA ORF STEVE PAGE KIM PARRISH III MARGARET PIAZZA TERRY RATHBURN """"'7 oon Facing CANDY READING DERRYL ROGERS -0"""' ff? -Tl?" Ylll!"""' A 'swf' "-4. 1: me :ani-A 7-'-LL.. f 0 M ' ' gig if ., i wma W Xi ' 5 Q. kfifi A ' QM 4- ,WSE A W W . 1.1-'W fx--M.. -. fw 17- L, New Writer Bob Birkhead wrangles with copyreaders Phyllis Wilhoit and Janet Scherder. ' "You don't hide behind music, Candy. You sing it," teases Sherry Calvert. 112 Q JAMES ROSE l Another World PEGGY SACHS JANET SCI-IERDER LOUIS SCHINDLER L I ERNESTINE SHEPHERD ELLA SHINN MARVIN SMITH MICHAEL SMITH MARK STOKES ANNICE STRAUBE qw--'Y I TTI 41 ss PRISCILLA WENDEL SANDY WEN DEL CYNTHIA TURPIN J EAN ETTE WELCH You can tell the seniors by the books they AR.EN'T carrying! Linda Nutter, Pam Leake, and Connie Feldmarm lead one of the first treks through new hallways. fThat's a Sophomore with all the books.j DEBORAH WILHOIT MARY WILHOIT PHYLLIS WILHOIT KAREN WILLIAMSON H4 Eager for I New Challenges LANA W RIGHT CHA RLES YAHN E BA RBARA YOUNG WAYNE YOUNG JAMES READING SHARON RILEY 3 4. , all ' fi f' :"' B A A 5 X ' i 1 ..' . 5 K .. x K Q 1 fra-AV' I +I, '14, Y Q lik ...J Q N - 9 ' W AZN "' Q' Q. kqx siif .X,q B 422. 2 Us 5' .rx Pihler 'Q' ff' f N, H3325 if ' .z- X -'I-'51, 'ff '7f.f521 ii A F Q- Lflw ' , My ,, ,fe f M N ' ' 'XX S B S Q M Q rf H6 Charles Barton Alicia Boston Marilyn Boswell Bucky Boudini er Bonnie Branstetter Tommy Branstetter Linda Brewster Diane Bunten Mary Jane Bunten Brenda Caldwell Larry Catlett Jan Conboy Terry Conrow Richard Cook Beulah Copenhaver X. SX x .U r 4 " ' N 0: .je 5 Qi- .OX-fo'-gxgii 5 II A xx.: if , 3 ncqxf 'J 1' iff . ' -i. .' ' P June Couch Kathy Dean -Q , 6 we .E U 3' 0. Bill Couch Lois Cragen Amy Deters John Dunn uniors Give Three Cheers S if Operating the concession stand was just one way juniors boosted their treasury. Larry Grinstead helps Mary Jane Bunten Qcenterj and Shelba Knock with the soft-drinks. II7 ,N P "C" 4- -,'k U EAW, .M Otis Dameron Beverly Edmond John Farr R fi, ixkxmxx A mxuwNV Jean Daugherty Marvin Elder if i? f:.'l 4.- Terry Flood Eddie Francis Pam Fisher r ie i . , . be t 1, A Sharon Francis ... , . x. 5 " Qu d I fi '50 Hx,q,v'Q 9 ' s , ' ,-,.'2+,'5'5, gy? af. 5 " - N ' WPA' - ' r .8E!.f!i0f!:.4'5'fr , A 8' nv . K' TN" ', , ' Mi 'jf 14 ' 0 . ""-g,'x'?4fz4g,z.:." 0,2 ' ,- rr'1g"'1y Q - -5 l.3uf?1'2.41mi'..l1,.:.?.f,-af" rs Ida Griffith The day for ordering class rings is a red- letter day to most any jr. Jackie Griffith Ricky Grover 9111912332-glifq, - - L -if .' i 1 vi is 23?-'FL sir? , fs. .'f2'4., figs,-f-Q -'Sr 4 '4 's f- 4- '.. .A .- 1-A",,f'iQgf'4"S43',f13.?rw'.-e'.-5,6 - lfA'?'.a il- JS. 5-'m.'Qli"i'fx.1' ' a . a Brenda Grimmet John Grummel 'Q339' i 1 or the Sweet Life 'r I I ll .xslt sz" Larry Gr instead Linda Hamlett . w:,1m'wzf'. - -- Qi i'x'i"i if ll X' I n Carroll Grote Dema Harlow ipaq r 3' KQ V 1 ' 1 ' X , Terry Grote M. Hamess 40' 118 at Hand Larry Hendrix James Hiles Lelia Howard Bill Ingram James Inlow Jean Jones Cecil Kerns Ralph Knight Shelba Knock Sharon Kurth Phyllis Lamberson Betty Lawson Bonny Lawson Ted Leverett Bobby Kuntz 211' ,X ,. Xq my ww ii 5- - - X' ' - , , 1-K Nxqwx-'A w y- fu". a K Gu ,'?Z-,.-'J'- . -.. Q-" . -fr ,:f.,"-:--5:--'.:-:. , '5 gLH:.-,'F-g,y.5.g11YQ::.1gg1-gg,LL1 gg-::':'. f..'f.'fr'?i1hg:1m:1-.ssl-ataz: 'ff1::'1'r an-vs' I Que 2" H9 .5 1 L 4-nv in gling Many New Privileges with Responsibilities if lair? Billy McPike 'X r ,Jr is f IX Danny Lewis Jo Ann Maiden Mary Jo McMil1en Mike Marshall lt' L ei f' - . 1 X if? g Helen Luebrecht Larry Marshall Bruce Moore 's "What have you been up to?" questions sec- ! - A A 'Q retary Bonnie Branstetter and treasurer Danny ,121 Stapleton. Vice-President Bruce Storts de- clines to answer the query. . ' ' RQ - 1. J 1 ' . Q ' 'ii I A -. 11 .Ya sy , f T f -i 4 Top magazine salesman, Bonnie Branstetter, Wayne IVi01TiS checks out her new prize. Ken Morrison 120 'CT S N gk.. un.-1, James Morton Trudie Orf Linda Pargeon 'rf as ,IX fi- TJ ns- Nami fs Q! J L rl' X5 . .Y-, x J J I 1 N James Mudd David Orf Linda Pealer s -' ' M 2 J' P 1 J A 1. f ing I John Mullen Paula Orf Keith Pettcy Linda Meyers Connie Palmer Carolyn Presson J if .J ' 1 Robert O'Donel Shirley Orf Tommy Riley Judy Salsman Y .., 'U . V, f , 1 James Schindler K r .J XA, "I wonder if we acted like that when we were freshmen?" ponders junior president Danny Lewis. fSorry girls, there are no more at home like him.j Robert Schindler Judy Scott Daniel Smith Judy Splain Neta Shinn Danny Stapleton 44 Joyce Sisson Daaell Staton .....-.--....-- J A I mi. 0' ' X. . 'Q' J", .if Y' .. 1 5285222 H fl-52-Q. , S?-:11:a:f. 3. 355343. f .:,-g. 1..- .:.'sQ,0,v,Q ap, ,f .af 3's's:4 ',',n1 . so awww . .sriir J J , S , S J, J, r - V , ' K , an L' W 'Y' Vt- . as f' , ' 'Q 323 J S S 's S . or srri -My + 5.- '. "fi ' ,sir ' 1 f f ? ' ri Av H X V , Q' ' 'Qt' J i t ' N ' 2 1- 11 si .. .r v ' 4 . I , I 'fry M I 21. , Y ,Q 'exe bt.: f Ks.XN 'li fu' J Zh? .. ?' if . L Q . A' ld xi jffivfr f ' X Q QM 'A I E -' ff 122 Wm. Sisson Ann Stover X KX, J ft 1 New ITT!! Proud of Their Heritage Progress Chris Straube Jerry Straube Linda Thompson Roger Trower Alta Ulrich Sherry Unsell Sam Wankel Wayne Wcndel Wayne White Donna Whitten Kathy Wilson Deloris Worthington Bruce Storts E' Y ,Q Q A .11 of-,f I X 'E f ' , ixxifi X ik x ' ,., pun - Nik'-ri!-kiwi? 123 kv' as-z.: av A r A ,R K AQ: 2 B 'fl' A e'4A..,'ff1 , ' 1 If K me B I 5 .fx rs F , , 6 ij: 1 R , I J ,, A B se N , 2 X , I sy V5 wry x K L lx A 5 fnrghgg 3 , X Q tx X . X . :5":ffJf' X A ' 'A X x A 4 Q f ff35:'fff.'l"u..f:':'2l-2' Q Xxx 1 . Y ' A ' F 'Q WS! ylx fu 'K Q. . IAA SI .fs X 1 N1 x'T.' '-- gf . v nw 1 X555 filii. Q Sophomores Boost BG. Lois A11s Sandi Allen Franklin Arnold John Baker Richard Basye Patty Beavers Mary Becker Edward Betts Edwin Betts James Bowen Becky Branstetter Monty Branstetter Donald Brewer Gertie Brown Jean Ann Brown 0' J I. 45 wa ,...f . "So this is what the fashions looked like in "Grar1dma's day's! !" says Judy Haley to Becky Branstetter and Myrna Clark. Pat Bryant James Cox AX m x , . . S B. Buffington Mary J. Craft J' q Q- . ,CQ 2 ,Z -L, Sophomore president, Richard Nutter, stops to visualize what the future has in store for his 115 comrades. R. Buffington Myrna Clark Billy Colbert Mike Craig C. Dickeson Betty Dieckmann " 4, 3 as qs K .i wee L .., p.,. .. , . . .. R1 '-123'-'-3-5.1 5 L-1:':f.- 51? - fa... ':,::aians3w5:r::r:::?f.1.- 125 Participate in lassroom Workg Bobby Dixon James Farrell Glenda Gilette ,aw 'bf I I ' .I Y Linda Dowell Larry Finley Dale Glascock in 1 fb l 'f'5E' . J ff Ty! Pi 5 .gift Floyd Dowcll Bill Florence Ann Golian S 1 ,Cv QP' I 5.4:- Robert Dowell Delores Flowers Judy Gollahcr X 126 fr ik fe X ab, James Edmund David Frankhouser Phillip Gosnell 5 'Gu-ev or in Extracurricular Orval Gray Robert Haden J- ' - 1- , x 1 ':"'ZQS " vue L .flux fo gr' gif 1,9 r n Wanda J arboe and Myrna Clark prepare 457 72 a bulletin-board display. Bill Hall Delphia Harlow A L I ,,,, , E x Q 1 5 1 ws y tr. r f d ri 'X ,-4' 7 as Jlxx. nn Sammy Harrelson Philip Harris Lynda Green Judy Haley Linda Hearn Arlene Hobbs ff' 'I ' -og, in ,hh , ., Bobcat manager, Jim Bowen, at a behind-the-scene chore. 127 N U 'Un ix , I rw- ' Q' .P .. gag-fr 5 V I..- I , . rr! Q X' !J P S 0 P Y A -' ' 5 1 Q ' ,'v'vg'fl , , 'LEW . :Av J ,, rg, 1 g 3,25 1 QT I f' R I . mf' f . ,. 5' ' 3 , K -Q.. LLIMBINE THE- L H D D E Fi Barbara Jenkins' math project calls for reflection. TEI MEIDEF-IN ?'!F'vT EMFITIEE H Ei? Darlene Hobbs Wanda J arboe , , up-nv Qfs together right now. A Q gn:-ii' Qgiguia x rv You can bet that sophomore business will be well cared for with these two "cuties" looking after things. Sec., Cathy Williams fleftj and treas., Elaine Scherder have their heads Always Moving Judy Hobbs Brenda Horton Martin Hummel Barbara Jenkins Lula .Jenkins Mary A. Jennings ff., ff- "S""' i 1 n f ,fb ,.k,,,,s.,, M ...,..,,,., , 'V , tl I28 Nellie Ingram Patti Jennings ,- :QI , N V is . L- Q--u. sw. A' Everett Johnston Buddy Kattelmann Becky Kelch Judy Kuntz Steve King Joyce Korte Carolyn Leake William Lovelace Monty Landers Forward Judy Lovell Alan Luebbers Doug Mallory Jerome Korte Don Kuntz Ann Lasher Qabsentj w - Ap. X x I X H lx li fl if - : X fx 622. X X1 uv-an 'L L1 - - J ' Jr F mm J . N X' w la 'ls , X i Yr l x n' ' CET J -1- A Aid' Nl -A , 9' 9' s 1 . ., -. . ,Ju af A , X f ' Y "fa I f y XX J my 'Y 54 . , XXM 1 . 1 X xg X x l .fi X IS I an .6 lm 2.1 WW 129 Developing Leadership, 1' -- x V i v -1 ' f 3 6 Uv gg 'GS' -' O O O Good C 1t1ZCI1Sh1p, A ig:-3:52 V!:E1:-. .. L 1.-.',f5rQf:f-'45, 5'-"-1:f:-'.'.'-1'.'..'f1:-- it PT-'I-'1 taf'..:0'.'..'. 'mf and Knowledge . ,ff is . A x,. RSV if wx. B X X-3. g B. 9, - ivyxuxf, 5 o alia? Q X , ., ,cf 1 , X . . J -3? ' 4 X E . J Q, Q lX: ' 3. ,Y JM' A X x. Joy Miller Barbara Morris Wayne Morris Susie Motley William Motley Dale Mudd 130 x. -f James McMil1en Linda McDonald Arm McMillan Q. r- is. ?": 1 --:A' 1 Kgs f x N. ,AX x X if +2-'?' . 6 -- ,J . .M I .. . I .,- ,. u . ' ,I KV... v..5"",' '.' Q' 'Q . - - ' ' ul ..u' ' Bubby Mullen Florence Perkins Judy Rolen if ll Ellen Niemeyer Sandra Perkins Richard Rowland Y"'?' X I W Yi - it f ,Qri it F f gf' fr . v m Va. Niemeyer Terry Phelps Dan Scherder ,- Q- y, Vinyl 1 11' , ' ' A .- - ., fmlwei has ?"7 i Janice Page Phyllis Painter Rose Phillips Beverly Roberts Elaine Scherder Richard Nutter To Sophomore "B" leaders, another Bobcat victory is an exceptionally thrilling event! 131 r Vice-president Jimmy Edmund does research. x 1-N g f' 'T' ' A Ns. N k m so lsr r 'SZ A -ui L Gathering Skills for Use Today r , 4 . f -. , An, - .N rf- , . u ,J t., , 1- - t L IN -9 It -. " vw ' S if V ' ,xf w A , m , .ma, 4,7 ,.- -vs . -. . s Francis Schindler Wilbum Trower Vicki Smith Doris Shinn Vicki Turner Wilma Staats Cathy Williams Anna VanArsdel 132 81 Tomorrow , 5-F v ,fr . .x X X' KX f "Electronics is for Sophomores as well as for Seniors," demon strates John Baker. School-song time at a pep assembly finds Phil Harris, Bubby Mullen, and Dick Basye on the front row. Charles Sisson Shirley Sutton Gary Wendel Shirley Worthington Diana Yahne 4--s -as in XZ' 4 Vg ff! Walsall l r . ,L , , WW.-g . f-y,wf,4fs, ,457 .- nb, A , any fi Donna Allison Betty Barton cz' Mike Beddies James Benn 1 Ernest Bennet X e fa 5 Mona Bibb , . rx i B 0 ia A B ft X Alvin Brewster N Frederick Brown, Jr. -s -- B ' ' Henry Bryant Ili- ,Ex ' ' 'B ,ar N . -f S ' Q. 4-my P .. 41.3 h .- ,J 1 1 -,Jr , e B C3111 CI 111 352. ':.'.3ff,t, 'k k 1 ga Q' , 1: ES IQ A Robert Bryant , an Carolyn Bunten f vu Patsy Bunten I-r 1 . ff' D 6 a 2 B I 3 Eugene Butler Larry Chamberlain K .... Q Carla Billings fabsentj : it is-fs .fzaiv N ATX 2 J: Wk L ' . - Sz, 11 g ' L 134 Q f ' li tt, 5 .td - C ' 'iw-so 'f v it Xtfvifl Clarence Carroll Kenneth Charlton Margaret Clark Alberta Cropp Steven Early Richard Edmond Scurr ing Freshmen ML Ronnie Raney, treas., and Pat Oberman, sec., undoubtedly agree that freshmen "data and dues" could fill half a book. 2 1!2" when set. 135 f t f asf t .- ff 'A W , if 'ff-f. 4 -ff . I K ,fl is as if.,f rj f V Q , ' .fi x J 1- 'g ex If oi A .-.. 11, 'deso- , .-Qu!! ,QQNQU QOUIQIQN .avsq0n,,,,nr. W vb'-Q""unI' ,N .,4 you ...ou nspoesu , .noun .No W ouunwuv., . , . aosonnnwi' xi Eddie Comer Paul Copcnhavcr Kathileen Edwards Verna Elbert , 'ev '- . D Q 0 Q-x g .AS f im-, , , . V 1 mmm - o 1 E J.- i 1 i iulw " . , gin M. 5 rl mm' ,ik ,ax U . ,.-- Wg- ,ny 5 .Ui"'f ip P . Inf? if ', ' 4- K In 4: I- . : -, 455-'7 kt' ' ,. V ,, -ff U1 E-1' Q ' X fs if - N , ,, C, f I f .,55,.. A .. L V- , Wg: ' 4 ' - f " I V' mv-.....,..m.f.-,...,..,t., ,,,,K,,w,,,,,,.--1 Ag boys spend a day in home ec. and find just what "dishpan hands" are. Murry Shepherd, Jr. is the "man up to his elbows" in suds. He may look as "sober as a judge," but i t is really only Clyde Korte, Freshman v.p. Caroll Feldmann Virginia Gardner Anthony Feldman Debbie Gamm X, X- 5 X 1 Y x A-' l L-fill New to High School N , 2 fa., wr l Q, Parents, students, teachers get a glimpse of the year ahead on registration day. Danny Fe ldmann George C-laspie . ,, H N 'Q L., -e s E- o 4 ' ' K f -if WV mg? ssyd A-X ,nm ' ' ' fi!! FF: f 5 e I H "XX 'U 2555? 2222152115 Q X 136 Katinell Finke John Golian Tonya Florence Bonnie Goodhart wi' ,gn I . L .." iiisi Life Rhonda Goodson Elizabeth Green Tommy Grote 'SI K 1 , . X Jerry Grote L . ' 4' I Kathleen Grote E ff, Harold Hager ' . ' I IQ: :J . ,- I . ill 'min X' xl' Q .Kf - m , f-4: wr. Carl Hallows Steven Hamilton Carol Hearn Rose Hobbs Edward Hinghaus Floyd Hubert a"7Vfk35575fQ ',,541'J'?5' A LA Q -L Freddie Hurd Gail Hustedde Ronnie Ingram , lr 137 4 A o uf K f -. 'f'75??"i- , '?'f"'i'Q 1 ai 3Y,' S. . -w - ff- 13" , in .QL 'CL With nly Une Way To Go V , -af ' " My it 5,3 Xkfia f K J ,MT ii .J-ii if Kenny Inlow Betty Jennings Margaret Jennings Mary Jennings Sharon Jennings Louise Jennings Virgil Jones Tom Justus I 38 ffygse-me Rf.: .- 3 'QS' 2 5 A 'L D Q 4 f , 1 'wax xv? e iq Taxis fa 3' M X "t . ,ff Nancy Jenkins Billy Jennings Qgm in SEE Q X sw ' We S Q ay K 'Su 6' X u,q,3 X 1 . I E Gale Kattelmann Leo Kerns Judith Kniess Colleen Knock Vernon Korte Donna Kurth wm.w+ff.WM,,,M -'PSX ee. f' X ,K . f..-,- - - .- use 5: as 3 , I ,Q . x Vykk 'vg X ll f X , 2 as ' W f 7 .'1if'?' W lx at - ,OX W W W' E a ,gl l i. X S -ef Ricky Kelly Sheila Knock Ronnie May "We may be new at it, but you can bet we 're going to make it!" beams Danny Feldmann, freshman trail K, I P NS i William Kelly Clyde Korte Carol McMi11en f PY , iv. '59-4 -v..-If ik I Mary Kirk Janet Korte Wilma McVey rg.. boss. "ian, Katinell Finke is one freshman who knows where to look for those "facts and figures." Q" "" gx f"........, S 2 I I 1' f - 1 l39 .. N,,,xe,ga i e M M 52 ig is . -:Lim S. if -5- 48 ,Q if as 'gn ffm, 5042 nl .ig rd.. if A Q Q Q Y 1 is -. 3 63 1 Q S isdn K 5 is Rf 3 Q xv g5,.' Q Mari A m .X ggfygiXl1'g IWW 1 ,g ggi 5-23? ies- 3 gfffiaf - 'if . 5 HN? 140 Loretta Miller Janis Moore Larry Moore Steve Moore Juanita Morris Larry Morrison Monte Morton Ellen Mosley Sharon Mosley Learning Brenda Nalley Ruth Niemeyer Patricia Obennan Shirlee Ogden Duane Orf Linda Orf 2' Wanda Orf Robert Rathburn ab tg. df' .1 lax -l.. -.uw N ' . R GL mk...'. --- r Yer X , , if i R P Y P t Hg 33,1 R - X Allen Patton George Reading Sheryl Pettey Linda Riffle How To Participate 1 K-R V.. X , 'QL li' . AX' 'fo 'S- "l-lum-m, I just wonder if that pattern will work?" muses Bev Rutherford as fellow student, Debbie Stark, gets measured during home ec. 141 atv! 5 wi f "if wee- - Nr Gary Raney Ronald Raney Philip Robinson Bev Rutherford Paul Copenhaver is an auctioneer on Gen- eral Business Class 's Barter Day. 'W in 1..- Marilyn Salfen Becky Sanderson Dorothy Scherder Frank Scherder - ' - L Joan Scherder Mike Schumacher Beth Kattelmann thinks that maybe a guiding push will lead her and her companion out of the hurrying mob. Ola Scott Gary Shannon With Wayne Scott Linda Shepherd x The thought of tests brings sober looks on the face of the freshmen. 142 .X ,.f. ,J ' -.. I fn x ,1...,., . -, - k-x. I L, 6-nr Jr. Shepherd Ruth Stewart Spirit Andy Taylor Wilma Welch . like - . -fp i I I 4 YQ' X .i v' Ny 's qw W .4 Q 'dfxwwfi' .Jr g .Q W., -s, x g ,Lax 9 ts if g Fw xi""".'KQN' I S' ,f Q na I ' I 'llll .l,,, ,Ji gap, X tx . ff .. "YN , gi 2 'tj'-A f M 1 ' nit :Y V V X N P X ' mf , wg' 9 yy .- , it ,4 SL lit. lf, R M ' - 2 iii, '- ' ' r T1 i. A ,'f1"':"fzr" K Betty Jo Smith Pat Smith Debbie Stark Doug Storrs Richard Stover Karen Straube Willie Straube Erncstinc Strickland To Carr Them Through Richard Turpin Curtis Williams if T ' wr L X , iii WX Y fvf E2 . 2 Thomas Thurman James Worthington if ' tx ,, "MZ-aff, 1 fr- ,firm-if 22f:.45.'Qfi'2is1" 1 X ,M '. .H If If 4955 :N':.,:.:-'-,-.i.:: ,fig ,rt ff' it fin 143 James Ulrich Linda Worthington 5 2 Tiff: ,L 4, if ar- 1' , I p Q ' usl""!'!" 'Q 0' ., 1ni16ir,1 0 I nuq4.1" ... gli. Charles Wankel X f BLEIGH CONSTRUCTION CO. P .O. Box 757 Hannibal, Missouri 63402 T . W. Bleigh--President J . P . Bleigh--Vice President Jean Bleigh--Bookkeeper Phone "' X Area 314 ACademy I-2247 Office Helton Station Route T68 K . W . Bleigh--Sec'y-Treas . FARMERS BANK FARMERS BANK Continuous Banking Facilities Since 1875 West Side of the Square Bowling Green, Missouri The Full Service Bank No-Service-Charge Checking Accounts Passbook Savings Accounts--Christmas-Club Savings Accounts Time-Deposit Savings Certificates--U . S . Savings Bond Counseling--Travelers Checks "Deposits lnsured to 510,000 with FDIC Insurance" Real Estate Loans . . . Farm Loans . . . Business Loans Auto Installment Loans . . . Home lmprovement Loans Home Appliance Loans Participating Bank ln United Student Aid Funds for Student Loans 9 to 3 Weekdays 9 to I2 Saturdays Phone EA 4-2281 J. O. MUDD FUNERAL HOME Silex Bowling Green Ph . DU 4-2211 Ph. EA 4-2211 BEN GENTRY FORD See Dean Leverett, Ace Salesmen or Ben Gentry Bowling Green, Missouri FRED'S AUTO SALES Cars for Sale--Clean in Good Shape Really Sharp! Hiway 61, South Bowling Green, Missouri JOHN'S MARKET Choice Quality Meats 8. Poultry in Your A8.P Store fWe'Z+-9' x 'F '- ' ' X 1 EA 4-4327 Bowling Green, Mo. Compliments of BEN FRANKLIN STORE Bowling Green, Missouri LACROSSE LUMBER CO. Our Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of Bowling Green High School lEstabl ished 18731 Louisiana, Missouri The TIMES Printing Company Bowl ing Green, Missouri "A Reliable Link Between School and Community" Pike County's Leading Newspaper . . . Home of the Bobcaster. Jack Free, Editor . . . The Bowling Green Times THE Thus sm: unimiums SIX MONTHS' Free subscription to the Times for "newly weds" married within three months before bringing this ad to the TIMES office and getting it signed. lOffer terminates when ad is signed., Ten percent discount on Christmas cards will be given to anyone bringing this ad and having it signed. fGffer terminates when ad is signedj CLARKSON'S IGA FOODLIN ER AB' Phone SK 4-4941 01' I 16 Q55 ws 309 Frankford Road Louisiana, Mo. Always Low Prices With Best Wishes YOUR FINANCE COMPANY SK 4-5050 319 Georgia Louisiana, Missouri DAIRY QUEEN-BRAZIER STORE Dain' Ma I ts--Shalies Sundaes--Sp its queen Sodas--Floats Mr . Misties Brazier Burgers Cheese Burgers Pork Tenclerloins f Bar-B-Q I bmjar I Dogs--Fries Chili Dogs ' Onion Rings EA 4-3830 Highway 61, Bowling Green, Missouri LELAND GILLUM TV AND RADIO SERVICE Phone EA 4-2136 Bowling Green, Missouri MARIE'S The Very Best for Everyone SK 4-6141 Louisiana, Missouri GREEN'S BOOK STORE Office Supplies School Supplies Printing Supplies Phone SK 4-4451 Louisiana, Missouri BIBB'S RADIO AND TV Service on AII TV's EA 4-4470 Highway 61 South Bowling Green, Missouri PARSCNS TEXACO SERVICE A Under-Coating with Latest Process Tune Up Your Home Construction Center Firestone Tires Wheel Aligning - - U 8K Balancing ? I Q F.H.A. Financing V X I 4 37 T' On the Farm Tractor Tire Service 1 A EA 4-8973 Jct. 61 8. 161 X " S ,A , Plan Service LQCROSSE LUMBER co. , f , ff x Dependable Building Materials , i' f 1 ' I 1 xlf! , 'tif 0 Z I since 1873 fi - " 4 ,fm Q Phone EA 4-4431 Dependable Building Materials Bowling Green, Mo. Q X 106 S. High Street l "' C , ' EA 4-4-400 sHAoN Moroks Dodge Chrysler Q fl C' 522 Z , -3.43 , - I A I Over 30 Years of Dependable Service Jct. Hiways 61-161 EA 4-2278 Bowling Green, Mo I EAQEHN Mi22mEUHEEHHNE,EUE E PHONE 37 4 E144-2255 THE KROGER COMPANY HILES SHOE STORE S Sh es For The Enfire Family E , R. E EA 4 43 9 El E P . ' .I .I . .. B wling Green, Missouri Phone EA 4-4116 Bowling Green, Missouri Go Modern! Be Wise! X f Live Beffer Elecfricolly MISSOURI EDISON COMPANY STATE THEATER Movies Are Your Best Entertainment Bowling Green, Mo. Good for One Free Pass the Night Following the Autograph Party BENNETT'S H' sl-' ff ., f We Specialize in Rings 1 Diamonds--Birthstone--Initial Also Bridal Registration Gifts for the Brides and Grooms Bowling Green, Mo. DR. H. E. WHEATLEY, D.V.M. Bowling Green, Mo. EA 4-4520 MARJORIE WILLIAMS Bouquet Florist EA 4-2323 Bowling Green, Mo. BOWLING GREEN PHARMACY WQRTHINGTQN EQUIPMENT e it A il nn Sales and Service WT L MV F 8 North Court v Portable Welding EA 4-2ll2 Bowling Green, Mo. EA 4-2445 Bowling Green, Mo WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Obed Hall, Jr., Owner Bowling Green, Missouri TWIN CITY BOWL LOUISIANA PLASTICS Louisiana, Missouri LOUISIANA FURNITURE CO., INC. "Home of Good Furniture" 600-608 Georgia Street Louisiana, Missouri SK 4-4057 Z' C d 63353 I "Let's Go Bowling After School Today Ip O e Bowling 35C Per Line June Through August, I967, with This Ad. Offer Does Louisiana, Missouri Not Terminate when Ad Is Signed I FARMER'S EQUITY EXCHANGE Serving This Community For Over 50 Years With All Your Farm Needs All Feed Ingredients Customs Mixing All Your Seed Needs Sheffield Farm Fencing Wheeling Roofing Tanks--Waterers 8. Most Farm Hardware Nutrena Feeds Phone EA 4-4501 Bowling Green, Mo. lx .I- 5. r- JI .-' 0 Ili U GRAHAM'S IGA New London Shopping Center BLUFF CITY DAIRY All GrAde Dairy Products 2903 St. Mary's Avenue AC I-0951 Hannibal, Mo. Home Cooking FERN'S RESTAURANT Open 24 Hours a Day Junction 6I 8g MM Business Route 36 Hannibal, Missouri GALLOWAY LIMESTONE CO. Agricultural Limestone Road Rock Ashley EA 4-4695 Frankford ST 4-2357 Residence ST 4-2380 Frankford, Missouri MEGOWN'S FUNERAL HOME Oxygen Equipped Ambulance Service ST 4-2412 Frankford, Missouri For Insurance See Walter Roland 'JL Your Farm Bureau Insurance Agent YU 5-560I New London, Mo BROADWAY BEAUTY BOX Your Beauty Is Our Business Stylists--Hazel Reeds Judy Smith I5 N . Broadway East Gate 4-3236 Bowling Green, Mo . RALLS COUNTY STATE BANK "Bank Where You Save" Member FDIC Phone YU 5-4611 New London, Missouri INCE FEED STORE Nutrena Feeds ST 4-2524 Coal-Trucking Frankford, Missouri DEFORD STANDARD STATION f Srila nwiiib Till? Call YU 5-5091 "AAA' New London, Missouri pnowns nmggwg 3554. , i 1 ' Groceries 81- 'W Hardware IIIIEI -W Mem h - Q' 1 L C 1 gg. i3Qilksa8ilii'!7". .s..s..... - 'v-- Stephens Work Clothes Produce, Houseware Plumbing Supplies Frankford ST 4-2911 PEARSON'S A Complete Line of Men's, Women's and Children's Clothing and Shoes "It Will Pay You to Shop at Pearson's" Phone LYric 4-6701 Vandalia, Mo. LONG'S GENERAL STORE Notary Service Houseware, Hardware Groceries, Paints Clothing, Footwear Numerous Miscellaneous Items Agent for American Family Insurance .ST 4-2346 Frankford, Mo . METROPOLITAN LIFE INS. "As you no doubt already know Metropoli- tcm is the largest life Insurance Company in the world and I'm proud to be associated with them as their representative in Bowling Green. I would like to have the opportun- ity to tell you about our new saving plans with extra protection benefits and guaran- teed insurability at a future date." Frank Fanning EA 4-4197 Life, Health, Group Insurance Annuties, Pension Plans VICTOR H. CVICD WENDEL Representative New York Life Insurance Company 324 So. Ilth Street, Bowling Green, Mo. EAstgote 4-4 I 69 BOWLING GREEN CHEESE CO. ABEL OIL CO. . I 6 3 Q I Q X I N N N 9 2 Q Q Q , I Q Q . : , , I 2 - n 4 E Q I . , I I ' . E . '91'22?:E5Ifgy ,'QQ Q E E : iff . , : : 2 qfnqihg E 5 5 5 favs' 14, -.'. s 213 : :,',e',i' '.,:.,:.,g1: : : 55.1,- M ,. t REQ DISTRIBUTOR abr 0 9 Xapx N 'f kg, EA 4-2380 tix! U . Pike, Ralls, and Marion Counties Bowling Green, Missouri Qualify BowLlNG GREEN LIVESTOCK MARKET INC. 'Service Regular Sales Each Friday 'Convenience Special Cattle Sale First Monday each Month - Experience Q x sg 52 . W.: Drive-In Window 'fi Ein, 24 Hr. ' f 1, ' Drop-In Chute Keilh' 5 ..... 405 S. Court Our 39th Year in BG Special Horse Sale First Saturday each Month Locally Owned and Operated by Gene Gaw and J. W. Thompson Come In and See Us as Buyer, Seller, or Visitor enneql ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY Shop at Scott's for Men's, Women's, and Children's Clothing Famous Brand Names Sure to Please the Whole Family Store Phone: SK 4-4351 5COTT'5 Catalog Desk: SK 4-5503 H4 West Main Louisiana, Missouri PH. EA 4-4619 Bowling Green "Providing Solid Foundations For the Future ls Our Business" L. W. RINEY Concrete 8g Haydite Building Brick Kolorcrete Brick Concrete 84 Haydite Brick Steel Windows 84 Doors Hannibal, Missouri Another First For Hannibal CARRIAGE HOUSE Charcoal Broiled Steaks Sea Foods and Cocktails Entertainment Nightly F Our Kitchen Open 5 PM 6 Days Per Week Closed on Sundays -.i....1-mi... ' 4 sim rrodkiiii if if Phone AC I-0071 323 S. Maple Ave. ',35g,,cQxv- I AC l-i900 3405 Market 637 AMERICAN LEGION BOWLING LANES vlercury and Comet Dealer Bowling .35 Per Line Enjoy Summer Bowling Rates May l5 ToLEY SMITH roam, INC. 'O Seplembe' l' W66 Skyline 4-4282 Louisiana, MQ. 306 S' Slxlh Street AC l-9536 Hannibal, Mo. SALLY JAN E'S Beauty ,. Complete Beauty Service "BOWLlNG GREEN FLORlST" Flowers for All Occasions .2 X 25' Our Specialty X 518 S' mth Street ll2 West Main on the Square 1' Phone EA 4-4491 - EA 4-3371 K Bowlmg Green' Mo' Bowling Green, Missouri Charm ...From... "BLACKWELL FLORlST" Flowers for All Memorable Occasions H6 W. Locust in Bowling Green EA 4-4291 HOUSE OF CHARLAINE BEAUTY SALON Emerge Looking Pretty as a Picture Sets: Sl .50 Permanents: Sl0.00, 58.50, 57.00 Owned and Operated by Kathleen Miller Phone EA 4-2491, Bowling Green, Missouri RALLS COUNTY ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE 5 This convenient after-hours 5 FDAYMENTS i clepository fit even furnishes JUST E the envelopel is located near One More REA Service Serving Pike County the main entrance . Office open Monday Through Friday from 8-5. YU 5-87ll New London, Missouri COMMUNITY STATE BANK Xi Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation -5 w I Q 2 N 1 J A Warm Welcome Always Established I887 Bowling Green, Missouri EA 4-2233 22 West Main RAY'S SHOE STORE LOUISIANA and MAYTAG STORE CON BOY'S SHOE STORE F"I9ICIGIfe"M0YIG9 Shoes for SK 4'4I4I Your Family 607 Georgia Louisiana, Mo Louisiana, Mo . BEST REXALL DRUGS ARCADE CLOTHING STORE "Your Service Drug Store" Everything in Men's Furnishings and Shoes Phones sKylane 4-6233 and 4-6234 Louisiana, M0- Louisiana, Missouri HEIMIS INGRAM PLUMBING SHOP S l ' Your Allis-Chalmers Dealer G es and Servlce OF All Your Plumbing Needs EA 4-43l5 Hiwcly 54 and 61 EA 4,4257 Bowling Green, Missouri Hiway 6l Bowling Green, Missouri MEYER IMP LEMENT COMPANY f -.U 1 -:-,-.-.-:o:-: 2 'g:-:-:::5- -- -- I 1 5 V 5:,: :g,,5q: 1 :- , 4. ., LEFEVER General Farm Equipment i Chevrolet 8. Oldsmobile New ldec Form Equipment Bo l' G . W mg reen Bowling Green, Mo. mmmm HARVESTER EA 4-4261 0 L D S M 9 B I I. E Your Bobcat RGCliO S'l'C'l'iOl'1 4V,.. , . . Q i l , s K l'l M O 1 liii T393 5 il?-' Biff it ,...,. tt 1352 figs, I lilIiilL..LZ::alLiiEig.:2E'Q1:.. ""' --"' 1 "AE"fE - .. ' . , -,-- ,i,,,,,b,b,o ,,,o, x o, , ---. 1 .- 1" ""' 5 "-': Q, ...,,,.. ,- QTYN:--535555 : , .:1: 23,5 r"' . :': 'ii' I V -1f' 5' 3 " 'fifiiff' Hannibal, Missouri ,1:4 it ,.A.AA,, ',,' ---... ' M' 2 11:-1 as ' H 1 "-1:f:1'f- s :1: f:f' A"' '-f:z:::a. f :1::.. , 1.q. ..: 4.,.- .. , A M , '... .....,,.... ....,,, ..,- ' If You Can't Attend Your Team's Games, be an Ear-Pullin' Fan and Listen to the Play by Play Account on KHMO with Paul McClelland. ,pg LEONARD KORTE INC it "In the Pepsi Generation" Phone EA 4-4634 Bowling Green, Missouri Y 'V AH,-ERS. MOTEL TEMPO DEPARTMENT STORE DININEWQOOM Operated by Gamble-Skogmo Inc . Huck Finn Shopping Center The Comfort of Home Hannibal, Mo. TV--Radio--Air Conditioning--Phones phones: AC 1-0561 AC T-7950 AC P0597 Jet U S 61 8g 36 Hannibal Missouri Aldens Catalog Office Phones AC I-3621 MCCRAIGH INDUSTRIES, INC. We Install Heating 8. Air Conditioning Mineral Wool Insulation--Blown-In or Batts Williamson--Gas 8K Oil Furnaces 8r Air Conditioning International Electric Hot Water Heating Systems Also-- Awnings--Patios Aluminum Siding 8. Other Siding Carports--Storm Windows--Storm Doors Phone EA 4-3361 1205 W. Locust Bowling Green, Mo. ' BANNER LOAN CO. Compliments of -Friendly -Confidential 'Quick MERCANTILE BANK S25.OO1-0 52,000.00 Phone LY 4-3202 108 East State Street Vandalia, Missouri 63382 : Q: Ni:-1 1,0 BANK or LOUISIANA Since 1887 Member of F.D.l.C. I, if M1 QP R' ' .-r A Q fifth . Louisiana, Missouri T 25 f it . , N. 1 .1 f .., K . Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Open Seven Days Q Week No Service Charge Drive-In Window Hqnnibql, Missouri Louisiana, Missouri YATES 8. HAGAN lt Came From Yates." ST. MARY'S PHARMACY I-H: HIS Good Taste, Prescription Service Clothing Ph. AC l-3000 2702 St. Mary's Ave. llo South Main Hannibal, Mo. l'lC'nnll90lf M0- Dr. F. W. Fitzgerald, Sr. Owner MAGNESIUM MINING COMPANY Processors--High Test Magnesium AG Stone Calcium AG Stone Crushed Building and Road Stone Best by Test in the Laboratory and in the Field Bowling Green, Missouri Phone EA 4-4236 S HUMATE HARDWARE Beniamin Moore Bowling Green, Mo. ' ,A H" ', , l :-Ffilfn. A 9-r' I 'AtNtlHl 2 I I Paints and Varnishes vi X2 g BIG JOB! -- True Value Hardware CONSULT US EA 4-4302 Harold Kirks BANKHEAD FURNITURE AND FUNERAL CHAPEL w wfff T! b I Bowling Green, Missouri 24-Hr. Ambulance Service Phone EA 4-331 I More People Than Ever Are Shopping at . . . IGA Insurance--Real Estate LESLIE J. CALVERT, REALTOR YOU R ndrpendenl P l'l O fl 6 lnsuram AGENT Res. EA 4-2118 """'g!""' gn' Office EA 4-2321 Bowling Green, Missouri Where Parking ls No Problem Bowling Green, Mo. We Give and Redeem Consumers Stamps PARSON'S TAX AND ACCOUNTING SERVICE 9 South Court EA 4-39II Bowl ing Green, Mo . I220- Hour Course HOME APPLIANCE STORE Classes Each Month AC I -0653 403 Broadway Quality Appliances I-IonnIbcI' Mo' Nome' Sylvania' Hofpolnl HANNIBAL scHooL or BEAUTY Carrier Airconditioning 8. Heating I Home Owned 8i Operated Service All Makes HANNIBAL MUTUAL LOAN AND BUILDING ASSOCIATION I7 N . Main Cross Real Estate 84 Loan Bowling Green, Missouri 300 Broadway Hannibal, Missouri AC I-I I44 KX . THE EMPORIUM Riiiik Finke Monument Co. Wy Hannibal's Fashion Center Monuments--Markers All Kinds of Cemetery Work Ladies--CI-giIdren'5 .IUrlCI'I0r1S 61 81 I6I Wearing Apparel Bowling Green, Mo. Fred I-- Finke I02-I04-I06 South Main Phone EAstgate 4-2I84 Phone AC I-1396 Our Monuments Stand Straight Hannibal, Missouri THE FURNITURE MART F. A. JENNINGS 8. J. H. DIXON --Th., fi ' Tractor 8. Implement Company CIWef'O"I-ene Inc- I - ' ' '.f4,..:-?'3.!vl Bowling Green, Mo. EA 44402 ' I " EA 4-2151 306 West Church St. r,fgg,.,.'I Bowling Green, Mo . if r ' , U: fy """""'Uu-.-3-1 1-'li . w..H. , -1.-rims ' A A ' L E A Beef8-Pork ri? figfp N f"ai'?"f"Y33 WUUUJ .-Qi,ss,rf if Home-killed Mears by The Side or Quarter or Over the Counter Custom Slaughfering and Processing EA 4-2341 OGDEN OIL COMPANY FEEDERS GRAIN AND SUPPLY INC. G T. Down Town Phone EA 4-2481 ares :res G 8 O I Mill--Phone EA 4-4411 T . exaco as I TE CO i -J tffig Grinding, Mixing, Highway 54 West in 1'3" . Ph EA 4-8984 4 'fiviiafnx Peueimg one Q ' I Feeds of All Kinds 1' G , M . '-fvf' Bow mg reen O . Bowling Green, Mo. MFA GRAIN TERMINAL Louisiana, Missouri a 12 L 11' 51 11 R4 K 1 11 za 1 1 if Es it , M-ffl Phone SK 4-6241 Ray Dolbeqre CITIZENS DISCOUNT 8: INVESTMENT CORPORATION Phone AC 1-7900 gt - "H 714 Broadway -.. -P I Hannibal, Missouri Congratulations MITCHELL'S CLOTHING STORE The Store That Appreciates . 1 X Your Business I Vandalia, Missouri fll ' 102 s. Main sf. '. , THE STEAK HOUSE Macie Ogden Owner Charcoal Broiled Steaks and Fine Foods Our Specialty f 1-1 .V x g ,.. EA 4-4128 Bowling Green, Mo. Highway 61 MILLS AUTO PARTS COMPANY Distributor of Replacement Parts JERMAN FARM SUPPLY -Il -. 1 Grain--Feed--Lime 212 North Third Street L '..+,v' fs., AC I-2553 -I Fertilizer--Seeds --I Cwgag Vandalia, Mo . I n?:'.I.u-l.'?,, H I I P'-'-'-" Phone LY 4-2931 I P .O . Box 248 BETTS' Quality Furniture Easy Terms Phone LY 4-6458 Vandalia, Mo. Liberal Trade Ins . P. N. HIRSCH AND co. ff I 5 Phone EA 4-2381 Qi? -IM Bowling Green, Missouri HERCULES POWDER COMNPANY ,os M 'HEFZCULES Louisiana, Missouri ST. CLEMENT EQUIPMENT, INC. Sales 'T V Service R. 3 Located at Post Office V St. Clement, Mo.--Bowling Green, Mo. LARSON'S COLOR MART Paint, Wallpaper, 81 Toys Distributor of Cook's Products Sanders, Polishers 8. Wallpaper Steamers For Rent I5 North Main Cross phone EA 4-3704 Bowling Green, Mo. EA A 5 P STORE SANDERSON'S , We Give Plaid Stamps Dry Goods EA 4-4327 Ladies Ready to Wear A, H6 W Moi Men's Wear N. ,J . n Bowling Green, Missouri On the Square Bowling Green, Mo. HANNIBAL GRAIN TERMINAL INC. River--Rail Facilities Foot of Bird St. Hannibal, Missouri , Phone AC I-4627 R. Tom Hooley, Mgr NEW HARTFORD CASH STORE General Merchandise We Give and Redeem Eagle Stamps Joseph Trower MO 9-2323 New Hartford, Mo. VANDALIA HEET GAS Bottle and Bulk Delivery Complete Heating Installation LY 4-6848 Corner of West Washington and North Cleveland Vandalia, Missouri These Advertisers Bought Your 1965-66 Speakers at These Rates: V8 Page Paid for 3 Books V4 Page Paid for 5 Books V2 Page Paid for 8 Books I Page Paid for I4 Books Let Them Know That You Appreciate Their Help. BROWN 'S SPORTING GOO DS Authorized Dealer for Browning and Colt Shotguns EA 4-8976 On the Square, in Bowling Green WHITE STAR LAUNDRY 106 North 4th Street Hannibal, Missouri AC 1-6500 BOWLING GREEN GAS COMPANY For Heating 81 Cooling Natural Gas Is Best 16 South Court EA 4-4141 Bowling Green, Mo. A 81 W DRIVE-IN Finest Food and Fastest Service in Town! Come As You Are Be Served in Your Car Al and Mary Borgmeyer Phone AC 1-4811 Hannibal, Missouri PEoGY's HAT AND DRESS SHOP JOHN HAYS Dresses for All Occasions I 5 REAL ESTATE Elfz lflflg Juniors, Misses and 1X2 Sizes ': 5 M-F-PM IYISUFUUCS -: gl:UJ VI- Agent winifred Kilby 2 I N . 4 E ggf 15935 Ei EA 4-4202 Bowling Green, Missouri --. 5 B0Wl""9 Green, M0 ILE ' I o. K. WILLIAMS TOM L. WILLIAMS Real Estate and Insurance Telephones Office EA 4-4541 Res. EA 4-3232 BOWLING GREEN NORGE LAUN DERAMA Complete Coin-op Laundry and Dry Cleaning Our Motto "Customer Service and SatiSfaction" Viva D. Street BOWHHQ Green' MO' Ph. 4-8985 22 com Sfreef TlNSLEY'S 66 SERVICE Phillips 66 Products CHEM-GRO, INC. "For Your Fertilizer Needs" Chemical Plant Food For Growing Also Free Soil Sampling For Efficient Farming Phone EA 4-8964 Hiway 6l 8. 54 Bowling Green, Mo. BANKHEAD'S Park-lnn Homemade Candy Bowling Green, Mo. ,nhl ...... P Phone EA 4-3618 Bowling Green Mo CO. Symbol of Service Serving Pike County ,. ,Eff 6 --.. . 4 AYEQQQMU- rnuuvs Bowling Green, Missouri m AYERSOM. A l ' X E BOWLING GREEN-2iAQ+iEVSwL5.Lggg3llWvANUkLu' s if RAL, I ' ' ' Q5 , ' ..- ...A all .. rm.. .1 ,. an Q - fs AA :Nia f 3 I - 4 ' 2 C is A .rs tiff -- " 6 li- gf'- THE CRAFTSMEN WHO CREATED YOUR FINE CLASS RING Bowling Green AND LARRY RANooL Highway 6l South YOUR BALFOUR Bowume GREEN CAR WASH REPRESENTAT'VE SEND L THEIR BEST WISHES rx MAYTAG COIN LAUNDRY AND CONGRATULATIONS EA 4-8989 Hiway 6l als? if 6 Bowling Green ' 4 - ' r xx ATTLEBORO MASSACHUSETTS V CLASS RINGS AND PINS ' CLUB INSIGNIA ' MEDALS TROPHIES PLAQUES ' DIPLOMAS ' INVITATIONS Business IBoosters Qual I-T-Shoes, Louisiana, Mo. Robertson Motor Freight, Bowling Green, Mo. R. A. Hulen, D.V.M., L. D. Nordyke D.V.M., Bowling Green, Mo. Kolonial Inn, Bowling Green, Mo. Morris Accounting Service, Bowling Green, Mo. Jones Brothers Cities Service, Bowling Green, Mo. Strother's Jewelry Store, Louisiana, Mo. Stark Brothers Nurseries, Louisiana, Mo. OpaI's Cafe, New London, Mo. Lucas Cafe, Frankford, Mo. F 8. F General Merchandise, Bowling Green, Mo. Wright Brothers Furniture Store, Hannibal, Mo. Niemeyer Tractor Sales, Bowling Green, Mo. Ennis Implement Co., Vandalia, Mo. Paul E. William, Bowling Green, Mo. Leakes Sales and Service, St. Clements, Mo. Feldman Bros. Store, St. Clements, Mo. Dave Butters Auto Sales, Bowling Green, Mo. Vandalia Leader, Vandalia, Mo. HayIey's Modern Cleaners, Bowling Green, Mo. A 8. W Root Beer Drive-In, Louisiana, Mo. Dr. Jack Griffin, Bowling Green, Mo. 1 SHOW-ME LODGE ' 5""1.i'ff,. AW -... .. SERVICE STATION l.',, ,,,, JCL 61 8g 54 - - - B F G d ' CONOQO 0 . 0 rich V so EA 4-8956 B Q Q Dan Schneidler " '4 on CQMPANY Q Herb Kolb Autographs , Senior Directogf ALLISON, DENNIS RAY, Intramural volleyball 4, Basketball 3, Intramural basketball l,2,4, Lettered 4, Track 1,2. BEDDIES, KATIIIE MARIE, Pep Squad l,2,3,4,Lettere4l1,2,3,4,Sccretary 4, Decoration Committee l,2,3,4, Chair- man 3, Hostess 4, Decorated for Sports Banquet 1,2,3,4, Chairman 3, FHA 1,2, ll,-4, Song Leader 4, Executive Council 3,4, Served FFA Banquet 1,2,3,4, Sweetheart dance committee 2, Style Show l,4, Decoration committee Hootenanny 3,4, Decoration committee for Barnwarming 1,2,1l,4, Food commit- tee Bamwarxning 2,3, Sang at Hoote- nanny 3, Moral and Matter Debate Panel 4, FHA Christmas Game Leader 4, FIIA Poster committee 2,3, Senior Play, Junior Play Make-up Crew, Mag- azine Salcs 3, Prom Decoration Com- mittee 3, Band 1,2,Il,4, Sax Quartet 2,3, II Rating at State, Sax Sextct 2,3, 4, I Rating at State 2,3, Poster Com- mittee 2,3, Glee Club 1,2,3, Choir 3,4, Top Twenty 4, Girl's Trio 3, Intramu- rals 1,2,3,4, Lettered 1,2,3,4, Captain of: Softball 1,LZ,3, Basketball 1,2,3, Dodgeball 2,3, Volleyball 1,3,4, Table Tennis 3, Gymnastic program 3,-I. BIBB, Juomr EARL, Fl IA 1,2,-I, Rc- presentative State FI IA Chonis 4, Served FFA Banquet 1,2, Pep Squad l,2,3,4, Vice-President 4, Hostess Committee Chairman -I, Freshman Class Treasurer, Magazine Sales 3, Junior Play Cast, Senior Play Cast, Prom Committee 3, Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Choir 3,-1, Top Twenty 4, Girl's Trio 3, District Rating II, Soprano Solo 3, District Rating II, Intramurals 1,2,3,4, Basketball l,2,3,4, Indian Dodgeball 1,2,3,4, Volleyball 1,2,3, Softball 1,Z, 3, Paddle Tennis 1,2,3,4, Table Ten- nis 1,2,3, Journeyman Award 3, Bob- caster Staff 3,4. BIRKHEAD, ROBERT VNIAN, Nation- al Honor Society, Student Council 3, Speaker and Bobcastcr Staff 4, Jr.-Sr. Prom Theme Committee, Sr. Trip Rules Committee, Senior Class Motto Committee, Magazine Sales 3, Senior Play Cast, Junior Play Cast, Baccalau- reate Usher 3, Commencement Pia- nist 3, Curator's Certificate of Recog- nition, Quill and Scroll, Honor Roll Letter l,2,3,4, Perfect Attendance 3, Gregg Awards I and II, Stark's Nursery Typing Award 2, Northeast District Band Member 1,2, Band l,2,3,4, Let- tered 1,2,3,-1, Band Board 3,4, Presi- dent 4, Choir 1,2,3,4, Top Twenty 4, Clcc Club 1, Trombone Solo 1,2,3,4, District I Rating 3,-4, Piano Solo 1,2,3, 4, District l Rating 3,4, Brass Sextet 1,2,3, State I Rating 1, State II Rating 2,3, Brass Quartet 2,3, State II Rating 2,3, Brass Quintet 4, District I Rating 4, Choral and Solo Accompanist 1,2,3, 4, Boy's Quartet 2, Hcinie's Happy Five plus Two 1,2,3,4, First place at Hootenanny 3,4, Pep Band l,2,3,4, In- tramurals 1,2,3,4, Lcttcrcd 1,3,4, Cross Country 3,4, Track 3. BOWEN, MARJORIE ANN, Band 1,Z,3, 4, Lettered 4, Clarinet Quartet 2, Pep Band 4, District Quartet I Rating, State Quartet I Rating, Junior Play Staff, Senior Play Staff, Intramurals 1,2,3,4, Lettered 3,4. BOWEN, MARY ELLEN, Gregg Award II 3, Salesmanship Award 3, Perfect Attendance 1,3,4, Decoration Commit- tee for Junior-Senior Prom J. BROWN, CHARLES D., Basketball 1,2, Numeraled 1,2, Baseball 3,4, Lettered 3,-1, Track l,2,4, Lettered 4, Numeral 1,2, Basketball intramurals, Volleyball intramurals, Perfect Attendance 1,2, Usher Senior Play, Bookkeeping Award no. 2, Magazine Sales 3, Physical Fit- ness Honor Roll, Prom Decorating Committee, Usher at Band Concert. BRYANT, YOLONDA GALE, Student of the Month 4, Gregg Award 3, Pep squad Certificate of Recognition 2,3, FHA 4, National Honor Society 2,3,4, Presi- dent of N.H. S., Coronation Committee 4, Jr. Play Cast, Sr. Play Cast, Prom Decoration Committee, Sr. Flower 81 Color Committee, Magazine Sales 3, Intramurals Z,3,4, Served FFA Banquet 4, FI-IA Style Show 4, Refreshment Committee for Hootenanny, Hostess Committee at Regional Tournament, Office Staff 1,4. CALDWELL, GAIL C., FHA 4, Maga- zine Sales 3, Pep Squad 2,3, Lettered 2,3, Prom Committee, Student Coun- eil l,4, Junior Play Usher, Senior Play Usher, Chorus 1, Intramurals .3,4, Pike County Nurses Scholarship Award, Per- fect Attendance 1. CALVERT, SHERRY BETH, Pep Squad 1, Junior Play Staff, Senior Play Staff, Sophomore Secretary, Senior Treasurer, Band 1,2,3,4, Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Choir 3,4, Saxophone Quartet 1,4, Saxophone Trio 2, Top Twenty 4, Saxophone Solo 3,4, Saxophone Sextet 3,4, Girl's Vo- cal Sextet 2, Honor Roll Letter l,2,3, 4, Perfect Attendance 1,2, National Honor Society 2,3,4, Curator's Certifi- cate, Regent's Award, Stark Typing Awards 3, DAR Good Citizen Award 4, E Honor Roll 2,3. CASH, LINDA, Freshman Vice-Presi- dent, Sophomore Treasurer. CATLETT, BRENDA KAY, Pep Squad 1, Glee Club 1,2,4. Cl-IAMBERLAIN, PAMELA LOU, Harrisonvillc: Pep Squad 1,2,3, FHA 2, So-Si l,3, Intramurals 1,2,3, Honor Roll 2. Bowling Green: Pep Squad 3,4, FHA 3,4, BG and Regional Tournament Decoration Committee 4, Co-chairman of FHA Hootenanny Decoration Com- mittee 4, Style Show 3,4, Junior Play Staff, Senior Play Cast 4, Intramurals 3,4, Honor Roll 4. DETERS, DOROTHY CATHERINE, FHA 1,2,3,4, Vice-President 4, Executive Council 2, Pep Squad 1,2,3,4, Lettered 1,2,3,4, National Honor Society 2,3,4, Prom Decoration Committee 3, Junior Play Make-up Committee 3, Senior Play Cast, Glee Club 1,2, Intramurals 1,2,3,4, Lettered 2,3,4, Gregg Award lBookkcepingj 3, National Business En- trance Test ,Bookkeeping--Superior Efficiencyj 3, Honor Roll 1,2,3,4, Let- tered 1,2,3,4, Betty Crocker Home- maker of Tomorrow 4, Curator Award 4, Perfect Attendance 1,2,4, Yearbook Staff 4, Student Council Treasurer 4, Delegate to FHA State Meeting 3, FHA Style Show 1, Pep Squad Queen Con- test Committee 2,3,4, Chairman 3,4, E Honor Roll 3,4, Commencement Usher 3, DETERS, GERARD N., FFA l,2,3,4, Student Council 4, Junior Play Cast, Intramurals 1,2,3,4, Lettered 1,2,3, Yearbook King Candidate 3. DIXON, DONALD RAY, Senior Play Usher, Junior Play Staff, Band 1,2,3,4, Gregg Award no. Z fliookkcepingj 3. ELDER, CAROLYN MARIE, Pep Squad 4, Magazine Sales 3, Fashion Show 2, Senior Play Usher. FELDMANN, CONNIE A., FHA Z,3,4, Student Council Secretary 4, Pep Squad 2,3,4, Lettered 2,3,4, National Honor Society 2,3,4, FHA Executive Council 4, Junior Class Treasurer, Intramurals 2,3,4, Lettered 2,3, Honor Roll 2,3,4, I Rating in Shorthand Business Contest, Junior Play Cast, Senior Play Cast, Commencement Usher 3, Prom Com- mittee 3. FELDMAN, MELVA KAYE, Pep Squad 2,3,4, Intramurals Lettered 3, Perfect Attendance 3, Style Show 1,2. FINLEY ROY R., National Honor Soci- ety 2,3,4, Prom Theme Committee 3, Magazine Sales 3, Junior Class Vice- Presidcnt, Senior Class President, Jun- ior Play Staff, Senior Play Cast, Bas- ketball Manager 1, Perfect Attendance 2, Curator's Award 4, Honor Roll 1,2, 3,4, Boy's State 3, Planned Progress Program Representative 1, MAA Con- test Winner. FITZGERALD, CATHY, Pep Squad 1,2, 3,4, Cheerleader 2,3,4, Band l,2,3,4, Band Board Secretary-Treasurer 4, Choir 4, Glee Club 1, Brass Sextct 2,3, Brass Quintet 4, Woodwind Quintet 4, Brass Choir 1, Volleyball 3,-4, Bad- minton 4, Junior Play Cast, Senior Play Cast, Baccalaureate Usher 3, Prom Theme Committee 3, Rules Commit- tee For Senior Trip. GAMM, JERRY LEE, FFA 1,2,3,4, Sec- retary 3, Vice-President 4, Sophomore President, Junior Play Cast, Senior Play Cast, Choir 3,4, Band 1,2,3,4, Band Board 4, Student Council 4, Glee Club 3,4, Intramural Basketball 4, Volleyball 4. GIBBONS, MARY L., National Honor Society 3,4, Freshman Vice-President, Honor Roll 1,3,4, Gregg Bookkeeping Awards 1,2, and 4, Curtis School Plan Salcsmanship Award 3, Bookkeeping Superior and Proficiency Certificates, Planned Progress Representative I, Motto Committee 4, Student Librar- ian 4. GILBERT, GOLDIE MARIE, Intramurals 4, Senior play usher, Prom Decoration committee, flower and color commit- tee 4. CILLUM, MARY ANN, FHA 1,2,3,45 FHA Style Show 1,2,3,45 FHA "Big Sister" 35 Bamwarmin' Qucen candi- date 35 Class Secretary 45 Office Per- sonnel 45 NBE Test awards winner 35 Junior Magazine Sales 35 Junior play- props manager 35 Junior play ticket sales 35 Senior play usher 45 Concert usher 45 Baccalaureate usher 35 Speaker staff -I. GREGORY, DOROTHY LOU, National Honor Society 3,45 Junior play cast5 Senior play cast5 Prom decoration committee5 Glee club 35 Intramurals 3,45 Honor Roll 1,3,45 Certificate of Recognition from M. U.5 FHA Style Show 1,25 Art Exhibit 1,45 Soil dz Water Conservation Poster Contest 45 Amer. Fxluc. Week Poster Contest 4. GROTE, DIANE FAYE, FHA 1,2,3,45 Glee Club 15 Magazine Sales 3. GROTE, DONNA JEAN, FHA 1,2,3,45 Glee Club 15 Certificate of Proficiency award in General Clerical. CROTE, DONNA RAE, Pep Squad 1,25 lettered 15 FHA 1,2,3,45 Student Coun- cil representative FHA 45 Decoration Chairman Hootenanny 35 FHA Style Show 1,2,3,45 Executive FHA Council 45 Student Council Representative 45 Intramurals 1,2,3,45 lettered 1, barred 25 Volleyball champions 45 Physical Fitness Honor Roll 2,35 Junior Play usher 35 Baccaulaureate usher 35 maga- zine sales 35 Prom decoration and theme committee 3. HALL, BILLY JOE, Magazine sales 35 Basketball 1,25 Track 1,25 Intramurals 3,4. HARNESS, CECIL WELLS, FFA 1,2,3,45 Poultry team 2, Farm mechanics 1,2, 3,45 Dairy team 35 Supervise commu- nity service, Farming chairman 45 Band 1,2,3,45 Intramural Basketball 3,45 Badminton 2,35 Volleyball 2,3,45 Track 35 Lettered 35 State Farmer 1965 Star Green Hand--Crop Farming. HENRY, WILLIAM FOUNTAIN JR., Tournament Book Committee 1,2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,35 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Lettered 2,45 Track 1,2,3,45 Lettered 15253,-I, HORTON, EDDIE JOE, FFA 1,2,3,45 Secretary 45 Decoration Committee for Barnwarming 3,45 Decorated for Hootenanny 3,45 Christmas Party Bas- ketball Captain 45 Attended FFA Con- vention 45 District Contests 3,45 Public Speaking 25 King Attendant at Barn- warming 2,35 Decoration Committee-- FFA Banquet 3,45 Junior Play Cast5 Senior Play Cast5 Magazine Sales 35 Prom Decoration Committee 35 Stu- dent Council 35 Glee Club 1,25 Intra- mural Basketball 1,2,3,-I5 Volleyball 1,2,3,45 Badminton 1,2,3,45 Table Ten- 1 nis 1,2,3,45 Yearbook King Z5 FFA Re- cord Book Award 3,45 Commencement Usher 35 Served Sports Banquet 3,45 Queen's Escort for BG Tourney. HUMMEL, ROBERT LEO, FFA 1,2,3,45 Field Crops 25 Farm Mechanics 3,45 Glee Club 35 Volleyball 3,4. KNIESS, MARY ANN TIIERESA, Glee Club 1,25 Basketball Intramurals l,2,45 Indian Dodgcball -I5 Volleyball 45 Na- tional Honor Society 3,45 Honor Roll Letter 35 Physical Fitness Honor Roll I,2,35 Librarian -I5 Office Girl 4. KOESTER, HERMAN G. JR., FFA 1,2, 3,45 Dairy Products Team 35 Intramu- rals 1,2,3,45 Magazine Sales 3. KORTE, WAYNE WILLIAM, FFA 1,2,3, 45 Reporter 35 Sentenial 45 Yearbook Staff 3,45 Cross Country 3,45 Track 253, 45 Lettered 2,3,-15 National Honor So- ciety 3,45 FFA State Farmer5 Meats Team 2 participated in National Con- tcst5 Soils Team 35 Livestock Team 45 FFA Scholastic Award 15 Alunma Presi- dent5 Student Council Representative 25 Junior Class President5 Student Council President 45 Junior Play Cast5 Senior Play Cast5 Glee Club 35 Intra- murals l,2,3,45 Lettered 2,45 Concert Usher 45 Commencement Leader 35 Perfect Attendance 25 Senior Trip 9 Rules Committee5 Prom Decoration Committee 35 Magazine Sales 3. LEAKE, PAMELA D., FHA 1,2,3,45 State Convention Delegate 35 Treas- urer 45 Pep Squad 1,2,3,45 Student Council Representative 45 Prom Com- mittee 35 Junior Play Staff5 Senior Play Cast5 Commencement Usher 35 Intramurals 1,2,3,45 Lettered 1,2,3,45 Quill and Scroll 3,45 Perfect Atten- dance 3545 Bobcaster Staff 3,45 Assis- tant Editor 45 Yearbook Staff 3,45 As- sistant Editor 4. LANGLEY, MARY JO, Journalism 45 Magazine Sales 35 Junior and Senior Play Ticket Sales. LEVERETT, DENNIS DFAN, FFA 1,2,35 Intramurals 3,4. LOVELACE, JUDY LHB, Pep Squad 1,25 Glee Club 152,35 Intramural Letter 3,4 Captain of Championship Volleyball Team 45 National Business Entrance Tests Certificate of Proficiency5 Cafe- teria Work 45 Make-up Crew for Jun- ior Play. LYBARGFR, NANCY SUE, National Honor Society 2,3,45 Prom Theme and Decoration Committees 35 Intramurals 3,45 Honor Roll 2,3,45 Perfect Atten- dance 1,2,3,45 Soil and Water Conser- vation Poster Contest QFirst Prizej 35 American Education Week Poster Con- test 1First Prize, 4. MCERIDE, RONALD E., FFA 1,2,3,45 Student Council Representative 45 Dairy Farming Award 35 Chairman of Community Service 45 Senior Play Usher5 Junior and Senior Play Decora- tion Cornmittees5 Barnwarming Decora- tion Committce 1,2,3,45 Hootenanny Decoration Committee 3,45 Farm Me- chanics Team 25 Dairy Judging 35 Livestock Judging 45 Student of the Month 4. MCCURDY, GEORCIE FAY, Honor Roll 45 Style Show 1,25 Junior Maga- zine SaIes5 Junior Coat Check5 Style Show Program Committee 25 Junior Play Ticket Sales5 Senior Play Ticket Sales. MEYER, WILLIAM MICHAEL, FFA 152, 3,45 Treasurer 45 Third Place Public Speaker 25 Farm Mechanics Team 35 Farm Electrification Award 35 FFA Re- cord Book Award 253,45 State Farmer 45 Chairman of Recreation Committee 35 Birnings and Savings Committee 45 Junior Play Cast 35 Senior Play Usher 45 Flower and Color Committee Chair- man 45 Prom Decoration Committee 35 Magazine Sales 35 Band Concert Narra- tor 45 Intramural Basketball 15 Volley- ball Captain 45 Scholastic Letter 2. MILLER, DWAINE F., DAR Good Citi- zenship Award 45 Highest Score on Physical Fitness Test 25 Band 2,3,45 Lettered 2,45 Band Board 45 Choir 2,3, 45 Choir President 45 Pep Band 3,45 , 5--.-c-a,.,.,, Glee Club 152,35 Tuba Solo 3,45 Brass Quintet 45 Brass Sextet 2,35 Brass Choir 25 Heinie's Happy Five Plus Two 2,3,45 Prom Decoration Committee 35 Junior Play Lighting Manager5 Senior Play Ad- vertisement and Ticket Sales Commit- tees. MILLER, RALPH A., FFA 1,2,3,45 Sen- ior Play Cast, Intramurals 1,2,3,45 Let- tered 2,35 Gregg Bookkeeping Awards I and ll. MILLER, TERRY LEE, Choir 2,3,45 Top Twenty 45 Band 3,45 Brass Sextet 4, District I Rating5 Journalism 35 Publi- cations 45 NSPA 35 Magazine Sales 35 Top Speaker Salesman 45 Perfect At- tendance 3,45 School Photographer 3,4. MOORE, KATHY, Student Council 1,2, 3,45 FHA 1,2545 Secretary 45 Pep Squad 1,2,3,45LCltCICCl1,2,3,45ClCC Club 15 Commencement Usher 35 Magazine Sales 35 Junior Play Cast5 Senior Play C2St5 Honor Roll 45 Yearbook Atten- dant 35 Barnwarming Attendant 2. MOSS, WILSON DANIFJ., FFA 1,2,3,45 President 45 Student Council Represen- tative 35 Chairman of Supervised Farm- ing 35 Field Crops 2, District II Rating5 Magazine Sales 35 Baccalaureate Usher 35 Senior Play Cast5 Choir 2,3545 Track 1, Baseball 45 Lettered 45 Intramurals 153,45 FFA GMSO Rotary Club Award5 FFA State Farmer Degree. NIEMEYER, ALICE EILEEN, FHA l,2,3, 45 Vice-President 45 Junior Play Usher5 Pep Squad 45 Lettered 45 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Intramurals 1,2,3,45 Lettered i,2. NIEMEYER, LARRY FRANK, Glee Club 1, Intramurals 1,2,3,45 Lettered 1,2535 Track 1. NUTTER, LINDA JEAN, FHA 1,2,3,45 President 45 Representative to Execu- tive Council 15 Reporter 25 Historian 35 Regional 2nd Vice-President 45 De- legate to State FHA Meeting 25 FIIA Sweetheart Queen Attendant 25 FHA- FFA Barnwarming Queen 45 Co-Ed Correspondent 15 FHA Style Show 1,35 FFA Banquet Server 35 Freshman Class Secretary5 Sophomore Class Vice- President5 Junior Class Secretary5 Jun- ior Play Usher 35 Senior Play Usher 45 Junior Play Ticket Sales Co-Chalrman5 Senior Play Publicity Committee 45 Magazine Sales 35 National Honor So- ciety 2,3,45 Honor Roll Letter 1,2,3,45 E I-Ionor Roll 1,2,3,45 Crisco Award 35 Stark Typing Award 25 II Rating Busi- ness Contest Kirksvillc 25 Stark Book- keeping Award 35 NBE Bookkeeping Award 35 Gregg Bookkeeping Awards 35 I Rating QShorthandj Business Con- test 45 Baccalaureate and Commence- ment Leader 35 MU Curators Scholar- ship 45 Senior Prom Queen 45 Office Personnel 2,35-1. OGDEN, KATHRYN MARIE, Junior- Scnior Prom Decoration Committee. ORF, SANDRA LEE, Senior Class Play Ticket Sales Chairman 45 Glee Club 1,25 Intramurals 1,2,3,45 Curator's Award 45 Intramural Letter 2, PAGE, STEVE EDWARD, FFA 1,2,a,4, Dairy Products 25 Dairy team 35 Farm Mechanics 45 Chairman of.conduct of meetings5 Track 1,3,4, lettered 3,45 Cross Country 4, lettered 45 Intramu- rals 3,45 Prom Decoration committee 35 Magazine sales 3. PARRISH, HENRY KIMLER, JR., FFA 1,2,3,45Band1,2,3,-I. PIAZZA, MARGARET ELLENDER, Glee Club 15 Pep Squad 2. RATHBURN, TERRY L., Baseball 2, Basketball 25 Track 25 Intramurals l,2, 3,4, lettered 25 Class vice president 15 Magazines sales 35 Junior Play stage crew 35 Graduation usher 35 Senior Play stage crew 45 Yearbook ad sales 35 Year book cover committee 1. READING, CANDY S., Pep squad 3,45 Junior Play uslrer5 Senior play east5 Junior Prom decoration committee 35 Motto committee -I5 Magazine sales 35 Pop concert server 25 Glee Club l,2,3, 45 Choir -I5 Top Twenty 45 Perfect At- tendance 25 Office girl 3,4. RODGERS, DERRYL E., Senior Play 45 Heinie's Happy Five Plus Two 45 Li- brary Club 2,35 German Club 1,2,35 Jr. NRA 1,2. ROSE, JAMES ROBERT, Student Coun- cil 15 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Basketball l,2, 3,45 Track l,2,il,45 Cross Country 2,3,4. ROWLAND, RONALD WAYNE, Band 1,2,3,45 Chorus 1,25 Junior Play Stage Manager5 Bobcaster staff 3,45 Speaker staff 3,-I5 Curator's Award. SACIIS, PEGGY, Pep Squad 3,45 BGHS Style Show 1,2,3. SCHERDER, JANET ANN, FHA 1,25 Pep Squad I,2,3,4, Vice-President 35 President 45 National I-lonor Society 2,3,45 Bobeaster staff 45 Speaker staff 45 Student Council representative 2,35 Magazines Sales 35 Intramurals 1,2,3,4, lettered 1,25 Honor Roll l,2,1l,45 Jun- ior Play cast, Senior Play cast, Sports Queen Attendant 35 Yearbook Queen Cadidate lg Baccalaureate Usher 35 Athletic Banquet Toastmistress 45 Prom theme committee chairman 35 Barn- warmin' attendant 15 Curator's Award 45 Bookkeeping Stark Award 35 Gregg Bookkeeping Awards 35 National Busi- ness Entrance Test-Superior proficiency in bookkeeping5 April Student of the Month 45 Sports Banquet Queen 4. SMITH, MARVIN KENNETH, FFA l,2, 3,45 Cross Country Letterman 35 Jr. Track Letterman 25 Class Vice-Presi- dent 45 Student Council 35 FFA Parlia- mentarian 3,45 Glee Club 1,25 Choir 25 Intramural basketball, baseball foot- ball, volleyball 3,4. SMITH, MICHAEL M., Senior Play 45 Magazine Sales 35 Basketball 1,25 Track 1,25 Baseball Z5 Intramurals 3,4. STRAUBE, ANNICE MAE, Band 1,2,3, 45 Lettered 2,3,45 Pep Squad 1,2,3,45 Lettercd 1,Z,3,45 Tourney Decoration Committee 1, Hostess Committee 25 Cordination Committee Chairman 3,45 Speaker Staff 3,45 Bobcaster Staff 35 Quill and Scroll 3,45 Co-'Chairman Student Council Campaign 45 Loyalty Week Chairman5 Freshman Class Presi- dent5 Student Council Vice-President 45 Alumni Vice-President5 Rules Com- mittee for Senior Trip5 Prom Theme Committee 35 Junior Play Cast5 Senior Play Cast5 Senior Play Publicity Com- mittee Chairman5 Speaker Assistant Editor 35 Speaker Editor 45 Physical Fitness Honor Roll 1,2,3,45 Lunch Ticket Sales 45 BaccauIaurcatc-Com- mencemcnt Usher 35 Journalism Work- shop5 Missouri Memorial Scholarship5 Clarinet Quartet l,2,3,4, District I Rating 1,2,3,45 Clarinet Trio 2,35 Clarinet Choir 15 Band Board Repre- sentative 2,35 Choir 1,2,3,45 Glee Club 1,25 Top Twenty 45 Woodwind Choir 45 Woodwind Quintet 4, Distric I Rating5 Pep Band 1,2,3,45 Heinies Happy Five plus Two 1,2,3,45 Intrams rals1,2,3,45Lettered 1,2,45 Second Place in Paddle Tennis 1,45 Second Place in Table Tennis 45 Sophomore Pilgrimagc5 Missouri Girl's State QChap1ain, House of Representativesj5 January Student of the Month 45 Na- tional Honor Society 2,3,45 Honor Roll 1,2,3,45 Lettercd 1,2,3,45 E Honor Roll 3,45 Certificate of Recognition 45 Top Magazine Salesman A35 Top Year- book Salesman 35 Top Concert Ticket Salesman 15 Perfect Attendance 3,45 Office Staff 2. TURPIN, CYNTHIA J., FHA 1,2,3,45 FHA Executive Representative 45 FHA State Chorus 45 Junior Play Usher5 Sen' ior Play Make-up Committee, Choir 3,45 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Top Twenty 45 Soprano Solo 4, III District Rating5 In- tramurals 3,45 National Honor Society 2,3,45 Honor Roll Letter 2,3,45 Athlet- ic Banquet Server l5 FFA Banquet Served I. WELCH, LILLIAN JEANETTE, FHA 1,2, 3,45 Junior Play Make-up Staff5 Choir 45 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Intramurals l,2, 3,45 Lettered 2,35 FHA Style Show l,2, a,4. WENDEL, PRISCILLA DOLORES, FHA 45 Honor Roll 1,2,45 Curators Award 4. WENDEL, SANDRA KAY, Prom-Rc- freshment Committee Chairman 35 Pep Squad 15 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Perfect Attendance 1,2,3. WILHOIT, DEBORAH LOUISE, Glee Club l,Z,3,45 Choir 45 Intramural Let- ter 253,45 Honor Roll 1,2,3,45 National Honor Society5 Regent's Scholarship5 Gregg Bookkeeping Award Number II5 Pep Squad 1,25 Lettered 1,2. WILHOIT, MARY NELL, Yearbook Staff 45 Junior Play Prompter5 Senior Play Prompter5 Glee Club l,2,3,45 In- tramurals 2,3,45 Honor Roll l,3,45 Certificate of Recognition 45 Regents Scholarship 45 Gregg Bookkeeping Awards I and II. WILHOIT, PHYLLIS NL, FHA Z,3,45 Bobcaster Staff 3,45 Editor 45 Speaker Staff 3,45 Junior Play Cast5 Senior Play Cast5 Stark's Typing Award5 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Intramurals 2,3,45 Let- tcred 3,45 Regents Award5 Certificate of Recognition-MU5 Honor Roll 1,2,3, 45 National Honor Society 2,3545 E Honor Roll 3,45 Quill and Scroll 35 I Ratings on Individual Writings 2,3,45 Girl's State Alternate 35 "What Amer- ica Means to Me" Essay Contest Winner 15 Rural Co-op Youth Your Winner 35 Served Athletic Banquet 15 Served FFA Banquet 2,4. WILLIAMSON, KAREN F., FHA 1,2,3, 45 Style Show 1,2,3,45 Junior Play Ticket Sales 35 Magazine Sales 35 Sen- ior Play Ticket Sales 45 Senior Play Usher 45 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 FFA Ban- quet Server 1,2,3,4. WILLIS, DAVID ROGER, FFA 1,2,3,45 Dairy Products 2, District I Rating, State III Rating5 Junior Play Stage Hand5 Senior Play Stage Hand5 Intra- murals 1,2,3,45 Lettered 2. WOODS, MELVIN EUGENE, speaker Staff 3,45 Bobcaster Staff 3,45 School Photographer 3,45 Bobcaster Photogra- phy Editor 45 Speaker Ad Sales 45 Pub- lications Photography Workshop, Uni- versity of Missouri 35 Photography Lab Worker 3,45 Choir 3,45 Glee Club 1,2, 3,45 Served at Pop Concert 25 Baseball Manager l,2,35 Lettered 35 Basketball Manager 1,2,35 Lettered 35 Track Man- ager 1,2,35 Lettered 35 Track Scorc- book Keeper 45 Honor Roll 3,45 Scho- lastic Letter 35 Perfect Attendance 35 Bookkeeping 2 Award 45 NSPA Joumley- man's Pin 35 Magazine Sales 35 Senior Play Uiher 4. WRIGHT, LANA ELAINE, Pep Squad 2,3,45 Treasurer 45 Junior Play Make- up Crew5 Senior Play Make-up Crew5 Prom Decoration Committee 35 Intra- murals 35 Secretary for Mr. Neuman 35 Perfect Attendance 2,3. Freshmen Allison, Donna Jean 50,96,99,I34,l36 Barton, Betty Jane 42,95,13-'I Bcddies, Carrol Michael 40,55,59,60, 64,66,84,85,94,96,l34 Benn, James Perry 46,92,99,134 Bennett, Ernest Harrison 74,92,99,134 Bibb, Mona 3O,3l,39,50,90,95,96,99, 134 Brewster, Alvin Floydl' 57,96,I34 Brown, Frederick Earl 134 Bryant, Henry Wilfred 40,61,85,94,114, 133,134 Bryant, Robert Waynei 30,5I,7I,85, I34 Bunten, Carollyn Louise 34,3B,42,99, I34 Bunten, Patsy Sue 3l,50,l3-1 Butler, Eugene 101,134 Carroll, Clarence Henry 66,BS,135 Giamberlain, Larry Wayne 30,3l,32, 6e,7o,92,9e,1a4 Charlton, Kenneth 92,135 Clark, Margaret 93,135 Comer, Eddie a1,as,s4,ss,9z,las Copenhaver, Pauli' 59,60,64,96,l35, 141 Cropp, Alberta 75,135 Early, Steven 39,92,l35 Edmond, Rlelrdrdw z9,7s,94,1as Edwards, Kathileen 30,31,42,86,90,95, 96,135,176 Elbert, Vema 93,100,135 Feldman, Anthony! 40,75,94,136 Feldman, Caroll Ray! 94,136 Feldmann, Danny VJ 31,38,50,69,85, 92,136,139 Finke, Katinell 74,75,93,96,136,139 Florence, Tonya 93,136 Gamm, Debbie 96,98,136 Gardner, Virginia! 96,136 Glaspie, George 136 Colian, Jolrrr E. 30,93,114,136 Goodhart, Bonnie Jane! 93,136 Goodson, Thonda Kay 47,90,95,96,137 Graves, Lyndell 137 Green, Elizabeth 92,137 Grote, Jerry 92,137 Grote Kathleen 72,75,93,137 Grote, Tommy 30,137,142 Hager, Harold 137 Hallows, Carl 39,85,137 Hamilton, Steven 39,46,50,56,60,65, 93,96,99,137 Hearn, Carol 38,93,137 1'-linghaus, Edward FJ' 30,31,3B,92,l37, 142 Hobbs, Rose 51,93,137 Hubert, Floyd 94,137 Hurd, Freddie 137 l-lrrsredde, Gail al,a5,9s,9e,1s7 lngram, Ronnie 30,511,137 lnlow, Kenny 3l,38,85,92,138 Jenkins, Nancy 30,39,75,90,93,95,138 Jennings, Betty Lou 138 Jennings, Billy 138 Jennings, Margaret 138 Jennings, Mary Sue 38,138 Jennings, Sharon 30,39,95,138 Jennings, Louise 138 Jones, Virgil' 31,138 Justis, Tommy 31,39,6l,85,92,138 Kattelmann, Gale Elizabeth 6,31,56, 7s,9s,9s,la9,l42 Kelly, William 92,94,139 Kems,1Jeo 139 Kelly, Ricky 31,412,139 Kirk, Mary 9a,99,la9 Knicss, Judithif 51,92,l39 Knock, Colleen a5,5o,5a,59,eo,96, 9a,99,1ae,1s9 Knock, Sheilai 30,31,139 Kortc, Clyde 39,92,136,l39 Korte, Janet! 50,139 Korte, Vernon! 30,38,92,94,139 Kurth, Donna! 4z,sl,7l,az,ss,9o,9s, 130,139 May, Ronnie 42,74,92,96,139 McMillen, Carol 95,96,136 Miller, Loretta 140 McVey,Wi1ma 30,31,90,95,139 Moore, Larry 140 Moore, Stevie 140 Moore, Janis 31,140 Morris, Juanita 31,75,93,95,140 Morrison, Larry 93,140 Morton, Monte 75,913,140 Mosley, Ellen 32,51,140 Mosley, Sharon 95,140 Nalley, Brenda 30,140 Niemeyer, Ruth 30,32,47,82,90,93, 95,140 obermrrrr, Patricia 31,50,93,135,140 Ogden, Shirlee 3l,75,93,140,l42 Orf, Duane! 29,94,140 Orr, Linda 30,3l,l40 Ori, Wanda 6,75,141 Patton, Allen 114,141 Pettey, Sheryl 92,141 Raney, Gary' 85,94,135,141 Raney, Ronnie 39,61,84,85,135,141 Rdrhbrrrrr, Roberr 31,39,61,66,B4,85, 141 Reading, George 38,913,141 Rifilc, Linda 93,141 Robinson, Phillip 26,96,141 Rutherford, Beverly! 30,50,56,73,82, 90,92,95,141 Salfen, Marilyn 72,73,75,93,142 Sanderson, Rebecca 29,50,70,96,142 Scherder, Dorothy 30,31,32,38,40,50, 56,82,95,131,142 Scherder, Frank? 40,911,142 Scherder, Joan 142 Schumacher, Mike 28,94,96,14Z Scott, Ola 70,93,142 Scott, Wayne 74,142 Shannon, Gary 84,85,94,98,114,135, 142 Shepherd, Murry Junior 29,84,85,94, 134,143 Smith, Patricia 95,142,143 Stark, Debra 51,92,95,99,141,143 Stewart, Ruth 39,93,143 Storts, Douglas 3l,42,46,56,93,96, 142,143 Stover, Richard 42,56,93,143 Straube, Karen 3l,48,51,73,96,143 Slraube, Willis 39,69,71,93,136,143 Strickland, Ernestine 31,56,72,75,93, 143 Taylor, Andrew!! 74,85,143 Thurman, Thomas 93,143 Turpin, Richardi 142,143 Ulrich, James 60,40,94,134 Shepherd, Linda 43,92,142 Smith, Betty Jo 3l,51,82,90,95,96,130, 140,143 Wankel, Charles 30,31,94,143 Welch, Wilma 38,56,70,93,95,99,143 Williams, Curtis' 42,73,92,99,143 Worthington, James 143 Worthington, Lindallf 143 Sophomores Alls, Lois Ann 30,124 Allen, Sandi 139,83,90,92,124 Arnold, Franklin 70,94,96,124 Baker, John 56,58,70,97,124,133 Basye, Richard el,ee,7s,s5,124,l3a Beavers, Patty 32,33,41,46,93,95,99, 124 Becker, Mary 124 Betts, Mac' 30,39,51,92,124 Betts, Mikel' 124 Bowen, James 80,124,127 Branstetter, Becky 30,51,42,82,90,124, 125,131 Branstetrer, Monty 56,60,B5,96,98,99, 124 Brewer, Donald 30,124 Gertie, Brown 30,42,53,90,91,124, 131 Brown, Jean 124 Bryant, Patricia? 56,72,l25 Bufflngton, Barbara 93,125 Buffington, Rosanna 74,913,125 Clark, Myrna! 30,42,56,71,73,95,98, 125,127 Colbert, Bill 58,61,66,97,25 Cox, James 125 Craft, Mary Jane 39,43,46,55,56,60, 64,83,90,96,99,125 Craig, Mike 30,61,125 Dickeson, Charles 125 Dieckmann, Bettyl' 30,83,90,92,95, 125 Dixon, Bobi 64,75,96,126 Dowell, Floyd 126 Dowell, Linda 92,435,126 Dowell, Robert 85,126 Edmond, James 30,33,60,94,126,131 Farrell, Jimmy! 15,94,126 Finley, Larry 39,92,99,126 Florence, Bill 126 Flowers, Delores? 30,126 Frankhouser, David 26,96,126 Gillette, Glenda 30,43,64,92,126 Glascock, Dale 60,92,94,126 Golian, Ann 126 Gollaher, Judy' 30,B3,90,95,126 Cosnell, Phillip 30,126 Gray, Orval 94,127 Green, Linda 30,95,127 Haden, Robert 127 Haley, Judy 30,42,82,90,95,125,127 Hall, Bill 127 Harlow, Delphia 58,97,127 Harrelson, Sammy 94,127 Harris, Philip Nelson! 18,66,84,85,127 133 Hearn, Linda 39,93,127 Hobbs, Arlene 30,72,127 Hobbs, Darlene 30,51,75,93,128 Hobbs, Judith 92, 128 Horton, Brenda 128 Hummel, Martin 94,126 Ingram, Nellie 128 Jarboe, Wanda Sue 32,95,126,1Z8 Jenkins, Barbara Jean 30,42,73,90, 95,128,131 Jenkins, Lula Ann' 38,75,93,101,128 Jennings, Mary Ann 30,128 Jannings, Patti 30,911,128 Johnston, Everett Wayne 39,51,92,129 Kattelmann, Buddy 85,129,133 Kelch, Becky 51,70,75,129 King, Steve! 4,56,100,129 Korte, Jerome' 61,85,94,129 Korte, Joyce' 30,56,129 Kuntz, Don 9,941,129 Kuntz, Judith Ann' 9S,99,129 Landers, Montyll' 92,99,l29 Lasher, Ann 92 nu -il we gi..." Leake, Carolyni 42,51,82,90,129,131 Lovell, Judy 30,42,82,90,95,129 Lovelace, William 92,911,129 Luebbers, Alan 129 Mallory, Doug 6O,94,96,129,175 Marshall, Tommy 30 McDonnald, Linda 39,95,130 McMillan, Ann 7,35,90,96,130 McMillen, Jim 130 Miller, Joy 93,99,130 Morris, Barbara! 95,130 Morris, Wayne 32,130 Motley, Susie 130 Motley, Bill 130 Mudd, Dale 30,130 Mullen, Rubby 66,131,130 Niemeyer, Ellen 56,92,95,131 Niemeyer, Virginia 39,82,90,92,95, 131 Nutter, Richard 41,5B,61,99,97,125,l31 Page, Janice? 38,51,58,93,97,98,131 Painter, Phyllis ao,a9,9o,91,9a,99,1al Perkins, Florence Dale 64,131 Perkins, Sandra Louise 30,75,93,95,131 Phelps, William 93,94,99,131 Phillips, Rose Mary 30,38,92,93,131 Roberts, Beverly 53,91,93,95,131 Rolen, Judy 38,9Z,131 Rowland, Richard 74,96,131 Scherdcr, Danny 5,30,56,58,97,98,131 Scherdcr, Elaine? 1,29,39,58,82,89, 90,97,128,131 Schindler, Francis? 51,132 Shinn, Doris 43,132 Sisson, Charles 93,133 Smith, Vicki 27,30,56,90,95,96,132 Staats, Wilma 30,92,95,132 Stewart, Ronnle 30,941,132 Sutton, Shirley Jean 55,60,90,96,133 Trower, Wilburn Adrain 94,132 Turner, Vickie 5,72,93,95,99,100,13Z Turpin, Herschel Raymond 94 Vanarsdel, Anna 53,57,75,91,132 Wendel, Gary 30,38,92,133 Williams, Cathyt a9,46,5e,e4,75,s2,9o, 96,97,99,128,132 Williams, Gene 51,58,75 Worthington, Shirley Mae 5,42,92,99, 133 Yahne, Dianal' 95,96,133 Young, Gary 64,94 un io rs Barton, Charles 94,116 Boston, Alicia 36,56,57,58,73,9l,97, 9s,99,l1e Boswell, Marilyn 30,39,83,90,93,95, 99,116 Boudinier, Bucky? 1,26,39,-16,56,65, 89,96,ll6,l75 Branstetter, Bonnie 7,26,56,58,73,75, 95,96,99,ll6,12l 1 Branstetter, Tommy! 30,51,75,l16 Brewster, Linda 30,S2,90,ll6 Bunten, Diana? 116 Bunten, Mary Jane 37,43,51,53,57,58, 64,91,97,99,116,117 Caldwell, Brenda 74,93,116 canlm, Larry 35,39,92,94,99,100,116 Chapman, Susan 1,24,27,30,32,89,90, 95 Conboy, Jan 30,37,90,11li Conrow, Terry 116 Cook, Richard 30,116 Copenhaver, Beulah 116 Couch, June 25,27,36,37,39,58,B7,90, 96,97,1l7 Couch, Bill 26,37,61,B0,96,117,118, 133,175 Cragen, Lois 53,95,97,1l'7 Dameron, Otis 30,117 Daugherty, Jean 26,37,43,58,71,83, 87,90,92,96,97,99,117 Dean, Kathy 1,2e,aa,s4,e,7,4s,ss,71,91, 96,117 Deters, Amyw ze,az,37,s:i,5e,ss,9l,9s, 97,117 Dunn, John 37,39,92,117 Deters, Jimmy 30 Edmond, Beverly 72,95,1 17 Elder, Marvin 75,117 Farr, John 36,55,56,59,6C',64,71,96, 99,117,177 Fisher, Pamelalk 10,30,37,58,83,9O,95, 97,117 Flood, Terry 38,66,67,77,78,79,83,87, 117 Francis, Eddie 99,117 Francis, Sharon 30,118 Gi-iflizh, Jackie 1B,30,l1l3 Griffith, lda 118 Grimmctt, Brenda 73,913,118 Crinstead, Larry? 2l,27,36,37,42,53,54, 57,5B,59,60,91,96,97,98,99,1l7,118, 177 Grote, Carrolllli 118 Grote, Terry 27,30,70,94,ll8,l33 Grover, Ricky Dale 118 Gnlmmel, John 30,118 Hamlett, Lindai' 118 Harlow, Demalk 118 Harness, Margaret 5,26,30,35,58,60,71, 83,90,95,96,97,1l8 Hendrix, Larry 38,119 Hiles, Jimmy 37,39,6l,B0,83,92,ll9 Howard, Lelia 7,3o,43,9o,ll9 Ingram, Billy 37,77,80,ll9 lnlow, Jimmy l0,30,9Z,ll9 Jones, Jean Francis' 119 Kerns, Cecil! 119 Knight, Ralph 71,74,94,119 Knock, slielba 73,98,117,l19 Kuntz, Bobby 94,119 Kurth, Sharon 30,51,B3,86,87,90,95, 119 Lamberson, Phyllisi 30,53,90,95,119 Lawson, Betty 30,119 Lawson, Bonny 30,95,119 Levcrett, Ted 27,3O,37,56,70,1l9 Lewis, Danny a2,3:i,a7,49,5s,6o,77,7s, 80,87,91,94,97,120,122 Luebrecht, Helen 26,27,95,l20 Maiden, Jo Ann 46,90,l20 Marshall, Larry 61,71,76,120 Marshall, Michael? 51,5B,61,66,80,90, 97,120 McMillen, Mary Jo 95,120 McPike, Bill 61,68,76,77,79,81,83,87, 120 Moore, Bruce 30,94,120 Morris, Wayne 1,35,36,39,46,61,66,76, 92,99,120 Morrison, Kenneth? 30,120 Morton, James 74,121 Mudd, Jimi' 39,7-1,913,121 Mullen, John 61,121 Myers, Linda 93,121 O'Doncl, Robert, Jr. 121 Orf, David 24,32,58,60,94,97,121 Off, Paula! 26,32,37,42,50,53,56,58, 91,95,97,121 Ori, Shirley! 6,30,121 Orf, Trudie 72,121 Palmer, Conniei 30,51,95,118,121 Pargeon, Linda 70,93,121 Pealer, Linda 93,121 Pettey, Keith 121 Presson, Carolyn 93,121 Riley, Tom 121 Salsman, Judith 30,32,95,122 Schindler, James? 51,122 Schindler, Robert! 51,122 Scott, Judy 122 Shinn, Neta 95,122 Sisson, Joyce 93,122 Sisson, William 30,37,39,92,122 Smith, Danny! 37,38,68,122 Splain, Judy 30,122 Stapleton, Daniel 15,34,35,37,39,56, 58,61,69,72,91,97,99,121,122 Staton, Darrell? 122 Stewart, Dale 94 Storts, Bruce 10,25,36,37,60,94,121,122 Stover, Ann 30,71,90,91,122,133 smube, Chris 61,66,69,76,77,78,82,87, 91,118,123,174 Straube, Jerry 70,123 Thompson, Linda 93,123 Trower, Roger 37,39,92,123 Ulrich, Alta! 92,123 Unsell, Sherry 93,95,l23 Wankcl, Sam 74,94,123 Wendel, Wayne 56,61,70,123 White, Wayne 4,30,36,94,123 Whitten, Donna 38,41,46,95,123 Wilson, Kathy 7,30,32,36,56,58,60,75, 90,96,97,123 Worthington, Deloris 123 Senzors Adams, Brenda 102 Allison, Dennis 43,72,77,79,80,82,B7, 88,102,111 Beddies, Kathie -1,26,30,39,41,46,56, 72,82,90,91,92,95,96,99,102,103, 131,145 Bibb Judy 4,45,46,53,82,90,91,92,95, 99,102,112 Birkhead, Bob 26,29,35,39,44,45,46,53, 54,55,56,60,63,64,91,96,97,99,l02, 177 Bowen, Marjorie 26,56,60,64,71,96,102 Bowen, Mary Ellen? 51,523,102 Brewer, Haroldik 43,66,81,102 Brown, Charles? 53,61,66,69,102,107 Brown, Joe 30,102 Bryant, Yolondafl' 30,45,56,59,75,82, 90,95,97,102 Bunten, Daniel! 50,53,57,103,11l Caldwell, Gail! 30,56,90,95,98,103 Caldwell, Randal 29,9-1,103 Calvert, Sheri-yi 26,46,52,54,56,60,62, 63,65,75,92,96,97,99,103,108,112 Cash, Linda 104 Catlett, Brenda 30,913,104 Chamberlain, Pam 30,45,53,90,92,95, 104 Dems, Dottie! 1,27,28,30,42,45,50, 52,56,72,90,91,95,97,98,104 Deters, Nicky 30,71,94,98,l05 Dixon, Donald Z6,35,53,96,l05 Drew, Glen Dale 105 Elder, Carolyn 30,38,43,82,90,92,l05 Feldmann, Conniel' 22,Z6,30,42,44,45, 50,52,53,57,90,95,97,98,105 Feldman, Melva? 53,82,90,105,173 Finley, Roy 45,50,52,62,74,97,105,108 Fitzgerald, Cathy 2-1,44,45,46,50,55,60, 63,87,90,96,99,l03,105 Gamm, Jerry 27,3o,:14,a9,4o,4l,44,45, 46,53,55,60,86,89,91,92,94,96,9B,99, 105 Gibbons, Mary 50,53,57,62,97,l05,17Z1 Gilbert, Goldie 105 Cillum, Mary Ann 28,30,50,53,57,95, 97,105,108 Glaspie, Robert 15,30,57,106 Gregory, Dorothy 45,50,51,56,97,l06 Grote, Diane 95,106 Grote, Donna Jean 75,95,106 Grote, Donna Rae 7,28,30,46,75,95, 98,106,173 Haden, Donald? 53,106 Hall, Bill 106 Harness, Cecil 30,32,94,96,106 Hendrix, Ronnie 73,106 Henry, Bill 4,39,61,69,76,78,80,87,96, 106 Hobbs, Rebecca 43,l06, Horton, Eddie 30,-45,60,88,9-4,104,106 Hummel, Robert 30,7l,94,107 Hutcherson, Winifred 15,l8,27,103,107 Jennings, Marjorie 11,110,107 Knicss, Mary Ann! 50,5l,53,57,97,l07 Koester, Jerry 30,911,108 Korte, Waynei' 6,30,32,45,50,53,56,60, 61,7l,88,9l,94,97,98,107,108,178 Kun, Michael 43,108 Langley, Mary Joi' 91,108 Leake, Pam 4,30,32,35,44,45,53,56,73, 90,91,95,98,108 Leverett, Dennis 30,52,7D,74,109 Lovelace, Judy 56,75,l09 Lybarger, Nancy? 42,50,63,73,75,97, 109,111 -1 years perfect attendance McBride, Ronald 10,55,59,60,75,94,98, 109 McCurdy, Georgie 109 McQuay, Joyce 38,109 Meter, Mike 30,38,55,60,94,109 Miller, Dwaine 4,29,39,46,51,55,59,60, 64,96,99,l08,1l1 Miller, Larry 30,109 Miller, Ralph 30,44,45,53,88,94,109 Miller, Terry? 6,26,56,63,64,9l,96,99, 109 Moore, Kathy 30,45,50,90,95,97,98,110 Mosley, Joyce 100,110 Moss, Danny 28,30,32,33,34,40,45,55, 56,60,66,94,99,107,1l0 Motley, Margie 110 Myers, Myrtice 110 Niemeyer, Alice 43,70,82,90,92,95,l10 Niemeyer, Larry 72,711,110 Nutter, Linda' 28,30,33,4l,49,50,52, 53,57,59,62,88,94,95,97,107,110 Ogden, Kathy 71,111 Ori, Sandra 50,56,97,111 Page, Steve 28,29,30,32,61,94,1ll Parrish, Kim 53,59,60,6-l,74,94,96,111, 177 Piazza, Peggy 103,112 Rathburn, Terry 4,29,30,l12 Reading, Candy 30,45,46,53,90,92,99, 112 Reading, Jnmesi 43,115 Riley, Sharon 115 Rodgers, Derryl 4,28,29,-45,112 Rose, James 48,53,6l,66,76,B7,113,133 Rowland, Ron 30,34,39,50,53,75,91, 96,113 snells, Peggy 7,30,56,72,82,9O,113 Seherder, Janet 30,38,42,45,50,52,53, 59,e3,82,87,9o,91,97,112,113,131 Schindler, Louis 113 Shepherd, 1-lrnestine 72,73,74,l13 9 SCW0 S+ 19 ' : t r- 1 E ff e 1-3. ox 4 S S05- Shinn, Floella 30,95,113 Smith, Marvin 30,42,45,53,60,88,94, 104,108,113 Smith, Mike 44,415,113 Stokes, Mark 30,38,64,7l,92,1l3 Straube, Annicelf 8,29,43,45,46,60,51, 53,55,57,59,60,90,91,96,97,98,99, 103,113,177,179 Turpin, Cynthia 46,50,93,95,97,99,114 Welch, Jeanette 43,56,70,71,7Z,93,95, 99,114 Wendel, Priscilla 50,75,95,114 Wendel, Sandra 30,38,64,93,1l4 Wilhoit, Deborah 28,39,42,50,52,56,72, 75,93,97,99,114 Wilhoit, Mary Nell 42,50,52,53,75,91 92,97,114 Wilhoit, Phyllis l1,29,38,45,50,52,53, 75,9l,93,95,97,112,114 Williamson, Karen 91,93,95,114 Willis, David 94,101,115 Woods, Melvin 35,53,9l,92,99,104,115 wright, Lana 15,53,83,90,115 Yahne, Charles Jr. 29,30,75,115 Young Barbara 115 Young, Wayne 29,51,73,94,1l5 Shy Atkinson, Morman 20,21 Bankhead, Cleo 16,17,30,l38 Birkhead, Velma 9,20,30 Black, Marilyn 4,20,39,46,48,64,87, 9O,91,99,l72 Blessing, Virginia 18 Bucks, Jane 5,15,60,91 Burke, Anna 5,23 Devllbis, Arthur 6,11,22,23 Doyle, Pauline 7,16,31, Duncan, Molly 19,30,60 Elmore, Walter 19 Fescher, Dorothy 18 Foutes, Charles 6,21 Kristofferson, Betty l6,31,48,40 Jensen, Ellen 14,l5,136 Kissinger, Dave 22,6l,B0,81,85 Mallory, B111 6,14,15,60,94 Motley, Katherine l6,l7,29,30,37,45, 98, Mudd, Margot 17 Stratmanu, Marvin 20,21,55,84 Wacker, Gary 22,4B,Bl,85 Williams, Harriet 21,41 Wilson, James 22,48,61,65,68,86,l76 Wiley, Joyce 14,15,30,48,90,172 Nienhueser, George 8,123,110,115 Smith, Murry 12,140 Kattelmann, Helen 6,111,118 Mr. Peabody 8,41 Mr. Page Mr. Craig 8,41 Riehards,,Caro1 13 Mr. Copeuhaver 8 Mr. Davis Mr. Jones 180 Mr. OlDonel 180 Mr. Calvert 180 Mr. Moore 180 Buchanan 180 Be avers 180 55 ,Zi Q R V 5 .-+r1'tS.'.I'5 .3 , ill!-WI Q2 LOCIL FIR! mann 5 ,,, qvgasv' .. ,, il ff f 1 f' fr 1 4 Y" N 1 ',k '. .l...4 F ' lr , ,,,,5,w slwifgkfl I '-' . ij- in .,-' Iii.A -X-'--.. fNtg'r"ij7'3Qf:Q-as t i ,ft f l D ' 1 -Q 'b W '...f-f- '--'wx Eifrr' j ' l 'sc-t-..v,t ' tif f fs 1 -X 4 ,Qi h V-,trying D -1 I 3--- th NA.. , . . A Tuff. . t . , ,. . gk , ,f'., I ,Q . X. 'A 'y'-we 1, X ' 'fx 1, f i I l , . fax: g I Q ' Y, 5, .ix , L L4 " i 'X . ,Lhk A - lg L1 ' 2 4 -,. ', 'N , . ,.,t - ' Q . .N if x 5 ,LANNN fb "TNF - 2- .Q KI, 1 - H. , gi., ,J , .Q . , ly f Instead of the traditional yearbook king and queen, the yearbook staff this year chose to give full-page pic- tures to students who had contributed greatly to BGHS. Wayne Korte and Annice Straube were chosen by the faculty to be known as Mr. and Miss BGHS of 1966. Scholarship, depth, and scope of participation in activities for the past four years were considered. QSee Senior Directory for their activitiesb. Y it , 1 A x 5 4 ii

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