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1 . ' 4- 8 5 .3 .za Q. Hu. 4' u-re. 1 . :uuilh 9, I., .. f , . 1 ' '-L' . 1 ' 1 ' 1 , . , C. P A ,: 3 v . . 0. : ffz' . 5. .1 r. ,L L .f . ' '3 . . . -'gy .11 X v ,' , .,r - P . , 7 ", , , .. . -1 ' fl P -.... A , r .,,-gi, HRM.. .W .- . ' . - ' f '5,.1fr.gfm:" -N? . 1 ' ,2 uv I "- fefa. i 5361,-'f' '-43' - . :ri Y . "" 5' ,I . - f x E511 ' :K - 4 -1- V,.'.: L -' -w 3, ,1 u .24-v - -. -. .'Of7v--, 1- . vu K f .1 gzj 2 -3 Qtg- V -1-...f,... QQ-Zf. ,...f ' 3 '23 1?-.A . 5 -Q v . .. Q :.,i,g-, 1: " V . . 4' R ..-.Av W. Q- . 'KJ' 5' I -' 5".5w..35 . fi-ifatfr A if 3:21 g' ...4.'S'L " N 7f ' if . . 3 n'f uf! X -.. I . : . ian' .J-'Ni' P 'lm 2 ,L I. . up .-.arz 'Q , , .nl 1' . . ., .ffl '.: . .. . 1. g, J, H 4 fig-g.f - .- .: affix-V 3if.43..'g a-.4-.L-L gf!! V aj5:,.z'11'I.-,: .5-xqv.. ., " mag ,M-, .1:x,af,, , ff.-wif 1'-.Rf . ., V. fih 'bfy.f,".1r.r'y15.7g Ji-gg A-' ,L .A wi -. lui' ..-. . -wr Q b, A3 -- .:1,9,.-::..- ,- - wg. ' , ,.,, .U-...., 1 ,'2ff'1'E' f1.-,5-Pf-'wff:EfE.wi: -,dh 1f,f:'5gf3fx f 1 1 f , .F 7, vi ':J is P . u l, 9, . ' I g ,. ... ...L . 'T' .I " :- M -fi'-if: ' t "'f f ' I ' ' " . V . , I y 5 , N , . - fini, ' bf' 1 qafwm '- I 9 : 31' wh, - ma.. .,,14j,L 4 w . 'ff ng '.:':TA',.4 - , :. , .-31150. , M aw,.ff?5v:2q7i4 ' - aww., ..- -.:,- -ma.-. .... N ,.,,f,n4,f MM., .. ,...,. ,,,,., .- ' 'Z .1,r:'., ' '.'Bv1.'., 6 ,,. , - Y-. .l:- ' L' i,.- ' , . . , - ,,,g'.. Q-5 ,- .,,. ... ,1 ., 1-1' -v , -1 .1 f v , u I 4 ,. .v.. V V ,.A,.f.,,,:, 44 .fx 1 ' A -- r ' ,nf J,-. - 1-V -fl, i ,SV , - ,H '..,.e,'4.: 5 " I ' 'V-.. - . , 1 , ,L 1 !,,, 51 . X X 1 V , ..., L1 f' X- ' w x 4 . 'Q viz, . ,4.., ,,-u ,ww 'Y 1 -31' Q Y-U-'LF 1 , ?xy.f,L-'vs 1-JIM ,?z'.1:' V ,- , X1 , , v as 14 ,,..:o . ,NV f AyTQ??2S 5 Ci N QEMQEA mm FQ 2 I Q Dedication WE DEDICATE TO YOU Coach McPhee, this annual of 1949-1950, because we admire the unity of spirit which has made your personality dear to so many students. Your sense of humor, kindly manner, and fine gentlemanly traits will remain with us as a fond memory. Z THE COSSACK BOWDLE PUBLIC SCHOOL BOWDLE, SOUTH DAKOTA 1949-1950 3 Z 3y 3 5 2 I S LUEMIWZSZMCPZQJZWWW Yi 42 4 6 1 Q QQ, Board o Education .gp ' 'ilu-uw ps Quan wyr wmv 'W M 'H ,:.,-,ge fav? rr O' fW'X'I M ',,,,qgaun ro 0011 p,q0' I Wy, K. ml'-1 , . sag, 'fax ff. Nm Q MI dw :.,.e ul!! 91. .. v dll' fa. A- III tw-all--i wolf? LEFT TO RIGHT Mr. Donald Gross, Raymond Kurle. Superintendent, Erick Holscher, Mrs. Mxldred Aldinger, Dr. Fred Miller, Mr. Walter Fischer, Mr. John Klein, Student Council x i STANDING Left to Rxght' .-Xrliss Sphlepp, Eva Gexer, Ella Buechler, Merle Bomesberg, Harold Schuh. SITTING. Patty Herman, Clinton Blumhardt, GIadys'M1lIer, Jeannette Dewald, Richard Boegler Harvey De1dtr1ch,Verlyn Stotz. QQ! Faculty SITTING' STANDING: From Left to Right: Mr. Orva1Rossow-fWestmar College, LeMars, Iowa, two years Northern State Teacher's College, Aberdeen, Band. Taught two years. KSeventh and Eighth grade.l Miss Maria Diedtrich--Northern State Teacher's College, two years. Taught eight years. lFirst and Second grade.l Mrs. LaVaughn Schlepp--Yankton College one year, Northern State Teacher's College. one year. Taught three years. lThird and Fourth grade.l Mrs. Lenora Berg--Northern State Teacher's College, two years. Taught seven years. ll-'ifth and Sixth grade.j Miss Romola R. Taylor--School of Domestic Science. one year, Mary Washington College of the University of Virginia, four years. Taught four years. Hornemaking, Biology, English 1, F. H. A. Superintendent Erick H. Holscher--Northern State Teacher's College, University of South Dakota. Taught seventeen years. Bookkeeping, General Business, Business Law, Economics. Mrs. Lorraine Holscher--Black Hills Teacher's College, Spearfish, South Dakota, Northern State Teacher's-Aberdeen, South Dakota University-Vermillion. Taught nine years. Algebra, Geometry, English three and four, Music. Mr. Marvin McPhee--Northern State Teacher's College, Principal, Athletic Coach. American History, American Government, International Relations, World History, General Science. Miss Rosemary Zimmerman--Northern State Teacher's College. Taught nine years. Typing, Geography, Business Mathematics, Sociology, English II, Journalism. 6 SEATED: Left to Right: Anna Mae Eisenbeisz, Patty Herman, Viola Schaible, Harold Schuh, Harlan Mertz, Merle Merkel, Jerome Leidholt. STANDING: Dorothy Schmidtgall, Alice Goettling, Elvera Keisz, Ardella Wlasenko, Margie Erbe, Myron Schock, Jeanette Dewald, Willis Bieber, Miss Taylor-advisor, Verlyn Stotz. Editor -in-C hi ef ----------------- As sistant Editor -in-C hief ---------------------------- Annual Staff Business Manager ---------- -----a--a-------- ----------------------- H e rbert Robinson Advertising Manager --------------- ------------------- Viola Schaible ------------------- Patty Herman ------- Harold Schuh Make-Up Editor --------------------------------------------------------- Margie E-rbe Assistant Make -Up Editor, Sports Editor ----------- Typists --- n--- ------ - -- Activities Editors ------- Photographer ----------- ----------------------------------------------Alice ooeming -Q----------.---------- ------------------Merle Merkel -------------------------------------------Ardella Wlasenko, Dorothy Schmidtgall, Anna Mae Eisenbeisz -------------------------------------------- Jeanette Dewald, Harlan Mertz ------------------------------------ Jerome Leidholt, Bob Jarvis Sales Managers ------------------------------------------------------- Willis Bieber, Assistant Sports Editor -- Elvera Kiesz ------------------------------------------------ verxyn sfotz 7 Journalism SEATED: Left to Right: Anna Mae Eisenbeisz, Alice Goettling, Patty Herman, Viola Schaible, Willis Bieber, Grace Dockter, Jerome Leidholt. STANDING: Joyce Merkel, Miss Zimmerman-advisor, Harlan Mertz, Merle Merkel. THE BOWDLETTE A bi-monthly paper published by the Bowdle High School journalism class Editor -------- ----- THE STAFF --- -- Patty Herman Associate Editor ----------------- - -------- - - --------------------- Grace Dockter Business Manager ------------- ----------- -- --- ---- --------------- Viola Schaible Exchange Editor --------------------------- -------- - - ---- --- - -- - - Alice Goettling Sports Writer ------------------------------------------- ------ ------ M e rle Merkel Colurnnist ----------- F eature Writer --------------------------------------- -------- ------------------ Joyce Merkel Anna Mae Eisenbeisz Copy Reader --------------------------- ------------- ------------------ W i llis Bieber Production ------ Adviser ------ - - 8 ------Harlan Mertz, Jerome Leidholt ---Miss Zimmerman raw? was 9 F2 Ci Bb S db em Qfgwmzfes if db l f ,sw J . A, .KX ANNA MAE EISENBIESZ "Annie" "I could be better if I would but it's awful lonesome being good." Class Secretary ------ 4 Glee Club --nQum----- -3 F. H. A. President D--- 4 Junior Play Cheerleader ---- 1, Z, 3, 4 Declamation ----- mm-e- Z Annual Staff --------B- 4 President of Phys. Ed. -3 Oueen Candidate ------ Z Operetta ------------- 3 lwirling ------ l, Z, 3, 4 Librarian ------------ l Basketball --- ---- - 1, 4 F. H. A. ----- ---Z, 3,4 Paper Staff -------- -- 4 PATTY HERMAN "Pat" "She's small, but so is a drop of T. N. T." Librarian --e.m...,. ..,.... 2 Secretary as m-ee H-- -m-., 2 F. H. A. Glee Club ----- - 3,4 Mixed Chorus --e-.s-e. s 3, 4 Annual Staff -me .s.ess. s.,-4 Cheering Clan -m--mn 1, Z, 3, 4 Declam Q-eee-- .ws .-....- 4 Junior Play Paper Staff --e:- ---4 President ----.-... -- 4 D. A. R. Candidate --- ---4 Operetta -........ -- ---3 Minstrel Show --- -- 4 JEANETTE DE WALD Ulessy.. "Almost anything that's worth while is fun." President of Phys. Ed.-----4 F. H. A. Q-------New Z, Glee Club --- ---H Solo. e--..Q-m-- Mixed Chorus ------ Mixed Ensemble --- Physical Education Annual Staff ---M---------Q-1 Paper Staff ------ - -----3 Vice-President --- A-al Dec lam qn--Q-e- Secretary --1 --------- Oueen Candidate -- Junior Play Operetta - --------- ------- Cheering Clan ----- 1, Z, 3, Student Council Member --- Minstrel Show - ------ ---- - 10 WILLIS BIEBER "Wil1ie" "l never do anything that l don' care to do." t Physical Education ---- ---- 1 Basketball ---- ---- --- ---Z, Mixed Chorus -- Quartette ------- --- Mixed Ensemble Junior Play Treasurer ----- Paper Staff --- Annual Staff --- 3 4 3 3 4 4 4 MARGIE ERBE "Marge" "Ambition has no rest." Minstrel Show --------- F. H. A. President--- Glee Club ---:----- -Q Soloist -- -------e -V- Mixed Chorus Q- Sextette ---- -- ----- ------J l, 3 3. 3. 3. Annual Staff-----A -------- -------- Vice-President Student Council--- Junior Play Cheering Clan -------------1, Z, 3. Operetta --- - ----------------- - Student Council Member-- -- Librarian ------------- --- Declam - ------------- --- 3. BOB JARVIS "Air-rifle" "A walking hurnor colurnn, but he doesn't know it." Mixed Chorus Cheering ----- -- 1, 3, 4 Annual Staff V -- ---w - 4 F I 4. ELVERA KIESZ "Vera" "She's a regular chatterbox in or out of school." Physical Education ---- 1, 3 Glee Club ----m-- ---q 3 . 4 Mixed Chorus ---- --4 3, 4 Solo --------------- --Q 4 F. H. A. ---- ----- Z . 3 Annual Staff---4 u-H- -4 Paper Staff --- -----3. 4 Librarian ------ ----- ---l Cheering Clan --- l, Z, 3, 4 Operetta ----- ------- 3 Minstrel Show -- .---- - 4 MERLE MERKEL "Charles Atlas" "How will they ever manage without me when l graduatef Basketball ---- - V --1 , Z, 3, Football ----- ------ Z , 3, Track ----- -- ---l, 3, Mixed Chorus ----- -- -- MarshallCandidate - ---- Class Play --- ,--- --X Paper Staff - ---- - - Annual Staff ----- - ---- Physical Education -- - -- Class President V --- -- Class Treasurer -- -- JEROME LEIDHOLT HARLAN MERTZ "Jerry" "Harly" "Trouble, that's my middle name." "Beware: I may yet do Basketball ------------------ 3. 4 something sentimental." Track ----------------- - -------- Football ---------- ---- Z , 3, Treasurer ---0 ------ ------- Physical Education --- ---- Annual Staff -------- ---- Paper Staff -------- ---- ll Physical Education--V--1 Basketball -..- .... --- z, 3 Track ------ ,--- ------l Mixed Chorus ------an 3, 4 Paper Staff ----- --- 4 Yearbook Staff ----- ----4 Junior Play ------ ---- 3 HERBERT ROBINSON "Herby" "Hia hair la like the ocean waves." Band --------- 1, Z Student Manager 2, 3 President -------- 3 Council President- 3 Junior Play ------- 3 Declam ------- 3, 4 Mixed Chorus -- 3, 4 Operetta --------- 3 Minstrel Show ---- 4 HAROLD SCHUH "Shoe" "lf you really knew him." Prelident ------------- - - Student Council Treasurer- Marshall Candidate ------- Football ---------------- Student Council Member-- Annual Sta!! ------------- Boys State -------------- Cheering Clan ---- 1, Z, 3. Junior Play Paper Sta!f--- ------ Track ------ ---- ---3, Student Manager-U --- DOROTHY SCHMIDTGALL "Dot" "I-'or'her there'a only one." Glee Club ------------ 3, 4 Mixed Chorus --------- 3, 4 Sextette ----------- Z. 3. Junior Play -------------- 3 Cheering Clan --- 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta ----- -------- 3 Band -------- ---- l . Z. 3 Annual Staff ---- ------ 4 Minstrel Show--- --- 4 12 VIOLA SCHAIBLE vit! "Rudy to do her part in work or play." Mixed Chorus ------- 3, 4 Glee Club --------- 3, 4 Sextette --------- Z, 3, 4 Physical Education ---- l Annual Staff ------ ----- 4 Paper Stal'f--- -------4 F. H. A. ----------- Z, 3 Cheering Clan- l, Z, 3, 4 Junior Play ----------- 3 Librarian ----- ---L-- Z Secretary ----- ---- 3 Operetta ------------- 3 Minstrel Show -------- 4 Queen Candidate ------ 3 Solo ----------------- 4 Girls State ------------ 3 Band --------- -1, Z, 3, 4 ARDELLA WLASINISO "Della" "She could be called a busy bn F. H. A. Cheering Clan -------- -1. 2. 3, 4 Twelve Year Club Annual 5taIf----'- ----' "" ' " Class Will We, the class of 1949, being of sound mind and body, do make and ordain this, our last will and test- nent. We wish to make bequests as follows: Willis Bieber, bequeath my music talent and my Plymouth to Lloyd Strouckel, and my handwriting to erlyn Stotz. Jeanette Dewald, bequeath my freckles to Donna Lickfelt, and my men to Orpha Brenneise. Anna Mae Eisenbeisz, bequeath my cheerleading ability to Albina Stangl, and my opera voice to Alice oettling. Margie Erbe, bequeath my giggle to Arthur Sebert. Patty Herman, bequeath my long fingernails to Lucille Leidholt, providing she manicures them daily. Bob Jarvis, bequeath my old time waltzes to Dick Boegler. Elvera Kiesz, be'queath my talkativeness to James Waltman. Jerome Leidholt, bequeath my boxing ability to Merle Haberer, and my ability to fill my desk with erasers 3 Harry Reiger. I Merle Merkel, bequeath my ability to throw erasers to Grace Dockter, providing she is caught at the act 5 I was. ' Harlan Mertz, bequeath my ability to get along with the teachers to Ervin Bollinger, and' my ability to play isketball to Jimmie Glatt. Herbert Robinson, bequeath my height to Robert Voller, and my curly hair to Raymond Bitz. Viola Schaible, bequeath my brains and truthfulnes to Josephine Huft. Dorothy Schmidtgall, bequeath my bashfulness to Joyce Merkel. Harold Schuh, bequeath my big brown eyes to Kathleen Dewald, and my shyness to Lawrence Cooley. Ardella Wlasenko, bequeath my soprano voice to Dorothy Bachman, and my ability to get book reports n on time 'to Clinton Blumhardt. We, the Seniors, bequeath our shyness to the Freshmen, our good times to the Sophomores, and our -oubles to the Juniors. ' This, then, is our contribution to the future of Bowdle High School. and the class of 1951. We herewith Tfix our name-and seal to this document. The class of '50 A Class History ln the fall of 1946, twenty-four shy little Freshmen trapsed into the Bowdel assembly to be greeted by me of the largest Senior classes ever to have been graduated from Bowdle High. Our class officers that year ere: President, Merle Merkel: Vice-President. Jeanette Dewaldy Secretary-Treasurer, Anna Mae isenbeisz. Our Queen and Marshall candidates were: Jeanette Dewaid and Merle Merkel. Next came our more daring Sophomore year with Hardld Schuh as our Presidents Margie Erbe, Vice- residentg Patty Herman, Secretary! and Jerome Leidholt, Treasurer. Six of the girls dressed in gypsy :stumes and were waitresses at the Junior -Senior Banquet. Our Queen and Marshall candidates were: nna Mae Eisenbeisz and Andrew Fiest. Our Junior year was a very busy and most enjoyable one. Our officers were: President, Herbert 0bil'l80llZ 'Vice-President, Margie Erbe: Secretary, Viola Schaiblef and Treasurer, Merle Merkel. Viola :haible was our Oueen candidate and Harold Schuh our Marshall candidate. The high sports that year were: ir Junior-Senior Prom with an Hawaiian theme, also our rings, and our Junior class play, "My Wife's amily". We were very proud to send Viola Schaible to Girls State and Harold Schuh to Boys State. In 1949-50, our Senior voices re-echoed down the halls of Bowdle High. Here we experienced much :artache over our many problems, including the annual. The Juniors sponsored the Junior-Senior Banquet id Prom at which time the May Queen and the Marshall from the Senior class were disclosed. Our Senior Lass play was "The Case of the Missing Heirs". Our class officers during our last year have been: resident, Patty Herman, Vice-President, Jeanette Dewald, Secretary. Anna Mae Eisenbeisz, and Treasurer, illis Bieber. We plan to take a trip to the Black Hills for Skip Day. We also plan to spend a day at Northern tate Teacher College on Northen Day. Our baccalaureate speaker will be the Rev. Elgin Boegler and ttorney Homeyer of Selby will address us at our commencement. On May twenty-fourth, 1950, we will say Adieu" to dear old Bowdle High. The honors of the year went to Margie Erbe, valedictorian, and Viola Schaible, salutatorian. 1 . r, N 13 i Class Prophecy New York City, N. Y. May 24, 1960 Dear Mr. Holscher, Patty and I have the same night off so thought we would get together. While chattering nonchalantly, we decided to write a letter to you and inform you of the part the class of. 1950 is playing in this present da world. Seeing as we have never seen our Nation's Capital we decided that as long as we are on the East Coast we would go there during our vacation. We arrived by the Eastern Airlines and while waiting to have our safety belts fastened, who should come to assist us but Margie Erbe, the stewardess. She told us that Harlan Mertz was the pilot of the plane and that they were seeing a lot of each other lately. We wished the: a happy landing. While dining at the "Blue Dalia" that evening we were surprised to hear Bob Jarvis and his orchestra playing those old familiar waltzes. A greater shock came to us when we saw that familiar face Willis Bieber. He- saw us just as we saw him and came over to our table and talked with us. He informed us that he is now President of the Farmers' Union and also said Merle Merkel is practicing law in the city and whenever he needed a lawyer for his business matters he had Lawyer Merkel attend to it. As I am Superintendent of Nurses at the Memorial Hospital in New York City, l had to go to the John Hopkins Hospital on business the next afternoonlwhile Patty, who is a model for the New York Fashions, went to a fashion show. When we arrived home that night Patty related that- she had seen Ardella Wlasenko and Elvera Kiesz at the fashion show. Ardella is a secretary for the Radcliffe Construction Company and has recently had a letter from Dorothy Oster Knee Schmidtgallj informing her of the arrival of a baby girl at Bowdle. Elvera said that she owns a beauty salon in the east part of the city and enjoys her work very much. , That afternoon as l was sitting in the reception room of the hospital who Should appear before me in a doctor's uniform but Herbert Robinson. Herbert said that he had seen Anna Mae Eisenbeisz last summer She had spent her vacation here and told him that she was busy teaching the fifth and sixth grade at Selby. When we went to lunch we saw a poster which said: "Redheads, girl's basketball teaxn to play at the 1 Arena 7:30 tonight." As both Patty and I like basketball we decided to attend it. As we watched the girls warming up I noticed a familiar figure and then before I could say anything, Patby yelled out "Hi, Jeanette". So of course,we spent a few minutes talking with Jeanette Dewald, who tol us that Harold Schuh is the manager of the Redheads. we took the return trip to New York City by train and met Jerome Leidholt on it. He was returning from a boxing tour in which he had taken top honors. Well, Mr. Holscher, that's what happened to your Senior class of 1950. We hope you are as happy as v are and wish you much success. Very truly yours, Viola and Patty Senior Popularity Contest Meet Representative -------------- -------------- ----------- - ------- - - I-la:-om Schuh, Viola Sehaible Meet Likely to Succeed ----------- --------------- 4 ----------- ------ I-I e :ben aabxnon, Margie 1:1-be Wiffieef ----------------- -------------- J ------ --------- ------- M e r le Merkel, Anna Mae Eisenbiesn Beef Leeking ---------------- -------------------- ----------- --------- W i ll is Bieber, Viola Schaible Heartiest Laugh ---- ..-. ............ .. , - ..... Best Athlete ----------- Most Pleasing Smile ---- Best Student ---------- -------.--.------. - ...-.. Most Pleasing Personality Most Happy-Go-Lucky ----- Best Dressed ------.--..-.........-.......... - Most Reliable ----.-.--..--...... .............. Best Dancer ----.-------- Teacher's Pet ------------------.... .--....... Most Bashful --------------- --------- ------- Merle Merkel, Anna Mae Eisenbiesz - -------------------- Merle Merkel. Anna Mae Eisenbiesz, Jeanette Dewald ---------------------------------------------Willis Bieber, Patty Herman -----------------------Harold Schuh, Viola Schaible ---------------------------------------- Herbert Robinson, Viola Schaible Jerome Leidholt, Merle Merkel, Anna Mae Eisenbiesz ---------------------- Merle Merkel, Patty Herman Herbert Robinson, Dorothy Schmidtgall, Viola Schaible -------------------- Merle Merkel. Jeanette Dewald ----------------------- Merle Merkel, Margie Ex-be --'--------------------------4------W Bob Jarvis, Dorothy Schmidtgall Bfoadesf Grill ----------------- - ------------ ----- H ar0ld Schuh. Patty Herman, Anna Mae Eisenbiesn M90 POPUIU' "-'-------- ----------------- ------------------- L M erle Merkel, Anna Mae Eisenbieeg I 14 ANDIDATES -'ff-rg 'I - J?-2 "4'i'9I9af4.Q.A,A,AQA5!5' ' Bowdle Royalty ARS:-mu. 1 5 Q WWW 3 3 g wmwfxqfgagywsa if V eb it x l X , Q ag Q. . Juniors K' Q i 1 -X.. 'T' N - , 3 use Q Q X791 . r ' R. ' ,,, A , 'W J' cf' .QQ "-J A iv 0- QNJ 34' 'K N ji' C gin: N5 THIRD ROW: James Waltman, Arthur Sebert, Lloyd Strouckel, Harry Rieger, Richard Boegler, June! Glatt, Clinton Blumhardt, Verlyn Stotz. SECOND ROW: Robert Voller, Albina Stangl, Ray-mond Bitz, Merle Haberer, Ervin Bollinger, Josephine Huft, Miss Zimmerman-advisor. FIRST ROW: Kathleen Dewald, Orpha Brenneise, Dorothy Bachman, Alice Goettling, Joyce Merkel, Grace Dockter, Lucille Leidholt, Donna Lickfelt. Twenty-two Juniors enrolled in 1949 and with Lawrence Cooley enrolling the first semester brought the total to twenty-three. The class chose as their class officers: President, Verlyn Stotzi Vice-President, Richard Boeglerg Secretary, Joyce Merkel: Treasurer, Grace Docktor, Student Council member, Clinton Blumhardtg Class Advisor, Miss Zimmerman. Joyce Merkel was again elected cheerleader. Richard Boegler was elected Treasurer of the Student Council. The Junior class play, "Desperate Ambrose," was presented on November eighteenth, 1949, which was a big success. Three Junior girls were elected to the office of the Girls Glee Club: Presideq,Grace Docktor, Vice-President, Joyce MerkelTSecretary, and Treasurer, Alice Croettling. The Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom was held on May fourth, 1950. A Rose Festival was the banquet theme. The prom was held in the Bowdle High School Gymnasium with John Taylor and his orchestra furnishing the music. Ervin Bollinger, Verlyn Stotz, Jimmie Glatt, and Richard Boegler were awarded letters in athletics. Jirnmie Glatt was elected to go to Boys State. M 17 Sophomores N X THIRD ROW: Left to Right: Leroy Weisenberger, Leroy Bieber, Leroy Robinson, Delbert Aldinyer, Dale Huber, Alton Sehaible, Arnold Feiock, Leonard Sebert, D-rrel Krueger. SECOND ROW: Delphina Dewald, .Toyce Murray, Patty Doerr. Kathleen Herman, Geraldine Goettling, Harvey Diedtrich, Wendelin Lange. Mrs. Lorraine Holecher. FIRST ROW: Eve Geier, Frances Artz, Gladys Miller, Delorie Fleck, Arllne Wlasenko, Renata Oster, Orevilla Robuck, Delores Buechler, Geraldine Buechler. Freshmen N, THIRD ROW: Left to Right: Ronald Bieber, Donald Dickhout, Merle Bomelberger, Aaron Schlible, Harvey Bonen, Rodney Blumhardt. SECOND ROW: Leroy Buckenberger, Norman Doerr, Shirley Stappler. Eloise Licklelt, Robert Stangl, Louis Sebert, Harley Krueger, Mr. McPhee. FIRST ROW: Darlene Dockter, Ella Buechler, Leona Schreiner, Arlies Schlepp, Shirley Stotz Marlene Schilling. Virginia Schumacher. 'X A , . . . fn af , . T 18 o 23312- THIRD ROW: SECOND ROW: FIRST ROW' NOT PICTURED: Seventh and Eighth Grades Left to Right: Billy Bauer, Richard Wilkinson, Jerome Voller, Marvin Bitz, Duane Reuer, Berdell Leidholt, Ernest Barth. Donald Mertz, Donald Aldinger. Darlene Huber, Mathilda Bieber, Angeline Biebor, Janice Huber, Regina Gros Delpha Schiable, Alberta Senn, Mr. Rossow. Calvin Buechler, .Tex-ae Merkel, Gerald Dewald, Waldemar Oster, Verlin Aldinger, Alice Waltman, Phyllis Mertz, Arlias Schilling, Arlene Schurnacher, Robert Miller. Lavida Aldinger. Fi th and Sixth Grades vm. , Y H . 4 , ,,,..,i sr Hz, xr. ... Rfliil, . n FOURTH ROW: Left to Right: Burce Huber, Delmar Schock, Orville Doerr, Versella Wlasenko Ronita Stern, Shirley Leidholt, Victor Knudson, Ouintin Mertz. THIRD ROW: Esther Bieber, Armon Schick, Gerald Feichert, Marily Lickfelt, Stanley Licldelt SECOND ROW: FlRS'I' ROW: John Rudy, Lyle Reiger, Karen Schlepp, Mrs. Lenora Berg. Darline Haar, Betty Mastel, Carol Wilkinson, Gaylord Olson, Alvin Schaeffer, Robert Stappler, Janice Leno, Mae Nerva Hoffman, Wilma Buechler. Harvey Bieber, Rodney Bauer, Bobby Fischer, Maralyn Merkel, Ward Oster, Virginia Voller, Larry Haar, Lloyd Doerr, NOT PICTURED: Kenneth Dumdie, Dean Huber. 19 Third and Fourth Grades SVASQ, ,,,,, v' THIRD :cowl SEC OND ROW: FRONT ROW' Left to Right' Tommy Bauer, James Doerr, Arnold Schilling, Sandra Leno, Barbers Knudson, Maureen Richardson, Barbara Rudy, Janice Leidholt. Roger Wiederhold, Shirley Waltmsn, Wsnds Wlederhold, Loretta Wlasenko, Willis Schmierer, Kieth Bits, Msrls Ksy Triechel, Mrs. LsVsughn Schlepp. Roger Moser, Wilmer Brandt, Gary Haller, Joseph Stappler. Ronald Feichert Deloyd Reiger, Leo Buechler, August Bieber. First and Second Grades THIRD ROW: Left to Right: Gaylan Hoffman, Donald Peterson, Dianna Mae Bieber, Mary Elin Richardson, Terry Jurief, Steven Gross, Douglas Kern, Duane Baily. SECOND ROW: Jerry Mashek, Joanne Preszler, Sharon Holscher, Robin Sue Pactznick, Billy Mc Clintock. Clarence Stern, Raymond Bieber, Miss Maria Diedtrick. FIRST ROW: Delores Reiger, Carol Jean Herman, Diana Barth, Thomas Buechler, Ronnie Mastel. Linda Lee Buechler. Lavon Doerr. NOT PICTUREDA Ronnie Dumdie. Bobby Huber. Z0 1 610725 2 gl mcgmigffzfmas if db x l -X -f Q THIRD ROW: Geraldine Buechler, Orevilla Robuck, Delphina Dewald, Arliss Schlepp, Shirley Stotz, Delores Buechler, Ella Buechler, Darlene Dockter. SECOND ROW: Renata Oster, Frances .-Xrtz, Gladys Miller, Shirley Stappler, Eloise Lickfelt, Geraldine Goettling, Miss Romola Taylor. FIRST ROW: Lenona Schreiner, Anna Mae Eisenbiesz, Jeanette Dewald, Lucille Liedholt, Grace Dockter, Josephine Huft, Delores Fleck, Kathleen Dewald. Declam 9 , f"ANDlNG Left to Right: Alice Goettling, Jeanette Dewald, Delbert.Aldinger, Mlrgll Erbe, Eloise, Lickfelt, SITTING' Gcrlldlne Goettling, Marlene Schilling, Virginia Schumacher, Elln Buechler, Grace Docktor, Patty Herman, ZZ Glee Club ,ywpp THIRD ROW: SEC OND ROW: FIRST ROW: 'ir Left to Right: Delphina Dewald, Eva Geier, Albino Stangl, Leone Schreiner, Geraldine Goettling, Orpha Brenneise, A:-lisa Schlepp. Renata Oster, Virginia Schurnacher, Marlene Schilling, France! Arte, Gladys Miller, Joyce Merkel, Grace Dockter, Viola Schaible, Kathleen Herman, Jeanette Dewald, Shirley Stotz, Elvera Kiesz. Delox-is Fleck, Shirley Stappler, Dorothy Bachman, Darlene Dockter, Delores Buechler, Geraldine Buechler, Patty Herman, Lucille Leidholt, Ella Buechler Margie Erbe, Dorothy Schmidtgall, Alice Goettling. Sextette P' -S , I V red K Margie Ei-be, Dorothy Schmidtgall, Viola Schaible, Shirley Stotz, Dorothy Bachman, Marlene Sc hilling. 23 BB Mixed Chorus THIRD ROW: Left to Right: Darrel Krueger, Leroy Bieber, Leroy Robinson, Willie Bieber, Harlan Mertz, Aaron Schaible, Alton Schaible, Dale Huber, Bob Jarvis, Raymond Bitz, Merle Merkel, Delbert Aldinger, Ervin Bollinger, Richard Boegler. Jimmie Glatt, Harvey Diedtrich. SECOND ROW: Harley Krueger, Ronald Bieber, Leroy Buckenberger, Virginia Schumacher, Delphina Dewald, Frances Artz, Gladys Miller, Joyce Merkel, Elvera Kielz Marlene Schilling, Mrs. Lorraine Holscher. FIRST ROW: Dorothy Bachman, Shirley Stotz, Shirley Stappler, Delores Buechler, Grace Dockter, Orpha Brenneise, Geraldine Buechler, Lucille Leidholt, Patty Herman, Ella Buechler, Margie Erbe, Dorothy Schmidtgall, Alice Goettling, Darlene Docktor. Boys' Quartette LEFT T0 RIGHT: Alton Schaible, Delbert Aldinger, Aaron Schaible, Elvin Dumdie. Z4 Solo ists STANDING: Left to Right: Margie Erbe, Kathleen Herman, Jeannette Dewald, Richard Boegler Delbert Aldinger, Viola Schaible, Arliss Schlepp, Shirley Stoll. SITTING: Gladyl Miller, Alice Goettling, Elvera Kieaz, Grace Dockter, Dorothy Bachman, Darlene Dockter, Marlene Schilling, Delores Buechler. Mixed Ensemble STANDING: Left to Right: Jeanette Dewald, Richard Boegler, Delbert Aldlnger, Aaron Schaible Afllus Schlepp. SITTING: Alice Goettling, Gladys Miller. Grace Dockter, Ella Buechler. Z5 Band FOURTH ROW: THIRD ROW- SEC OND ROW: FIRST ROW: W' - Left to Right: Mr. Rossow, Donald Mertz, Bobby Miller, Gaylord Olson, Alice Goettling, Geraldine Goettling, Arliss Schilling, Phyllis Mettz, Marvin Bitz, Maralyn Merkel. Marlene Schilling. Alton Schaible. Harvey Deidtrich, Duane Reuer, Lyle Reiger, Richard Wilkinson, Arliss Schlepp, Aaron Schaible, Viola Schaible, Virginia Voller Bobby Fischer, Gerald Feichert, Janice Leno, Alice Waltman. Delphia Schaible, Shirley Stotz, Delores Buechler, Jerae Merkel, Regina Gross. Cheering Clan 26 Girls' Physical Education THIRD ROW: Ella Buechler, Orevilla Robuck, Albina Stangl, Virginia Schumacher. Eva Gexer, Geraldine Goettling, Kathleen Herman, Arliss Schlepp, Kathleen Dewald, Mrs. Lenora Berg. SECOND ROW: Frances Artz, Marlene Schilling, Delphina Dewald, Shirley Stotz. Shirley Stappler, Eloise Lickfelt, Delores Buechler, Darlene Dockter, Gladys Miller FIRST ROW: Lucille Leidholt, Leona Schreiner, Jeanette Dewald, Anna Mae Eiaenbieaz, Joyce Merkel, Grace Dockter, Donna Lickfelt, Josephine Huh. Cheerleaders Y Y LEFT TO RIGHT: Arlils Schlepp, Shirley Stats. Joyce Merkel. Anna Mae Eiaenbein.. Z7 ,D 5 W 3 N mzmggfzfcs 4x xx X? b Q I Q-R:-ff? Q Football STANDING: Left to Right: Wendelin Lange, Arnold Feiock. Dale Huber, Merle Haberer, Raymond Bite. Clinton Blumhardt. Harvey Dledtrlch, Mr. McPhee. SITTING: Veflyn State, Myron Schock, Richard Boqler, Harold Schuh, Jerome Leldholt. Delbert Aldinger, Merle Merkel, Jimmie Glatt. We They We They Herreid 39 Z0 Hoven 43 Z7 Pollock 30 Z0 We They Java 14 19 Roscoe 19 IZ SECOND ROW: Left to Right: Richard Boegler, Jerorne Leldholt, Delbert Aldinger. FIRST ROW: Myron Schock, Harold Schuh Merle Merkel. V 29 .., MMAM he BML :Ka-du. Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Ian. Ian. Jen. Jen. Jen. Ian. Ian. Ian. Feb Feb. Feb. Feb. Bowdle Cossacks BOWDLE HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Bowdle Vieit'n , Cresbard, There-- 42 44 , Eureka, There-- 35 40 2, Leola, Here-- 38 43 6, Herreid, There-- 61 55 8, Roscoe, Here-- 44 41 , Hosmer, There -- 39 42 , Selby, here--. 37 45 , Ipswich, There-- 51 52 , at Hoven, Se1by-- 32 35 , Haven, Thex'e-- 35 49 , Hosmer, Here-- 35 48 10, Java, There-- 42 31 13. Glenham. Here-- 57 42 17, Roscoe, There-- 46 44 Z0, Herreid, Here-- 39 Z5 27-28, Conference Tournament at Bowdle 3, Hoven, There -- 40 33 7, Glenham, There -- 57 42 10, Eureka. Here-- 53 54 I4, Selby, Here-- 49 46 fww, me Fa., 30 A?-A-4-,-,B . -IW 5QfQ5EE? Nv5 3 6 3 I A 565760 Q HMM FP cl, xi KD fx L-of QA: Ax A . law fi . W Y ' lr- ,af 4 A '-H-'fs' L ':-5343, Lug A'-115 TJ ' K ,,. I. yy ' 1 Q 'af 2. , 'L f," f.5,Q?V -Y il A V,-T' ,, ' ' M sh' , - K I L Q +.q,: K A 1 V' -Diff g ' 'jgwk a 3. . ,, 4 . , r - ., 4 1? H '?Tff1'f L ' 'D " 11 FV . W A 403- MTW' M--W 7 -5. fi - 4. G-41 - 'S silk 1' ,J LE S' Q hm 4 5 ff ' - 2 ', TILL' ,, ' :r + - ' ' 'Q-' ' . 1 Q ' - ii: , f f .fi-ff.. ,. w", g'w :, Z v Q17 52123525 5 'f Q 2 1 L 4' . 1-?.uz'1'f i ' ,Q A ' ' ff?fm ' ',vcg51,, 5 . - H 5 E 731' , 45' 1 1 7 ' 'iii' ' f m 3 . , ' Q 4 gin !" . u.,1s!?5?, . I T., y A 5' l 3!'WFU'Jai .. Q 4 A ' " my 1, 1 f ws: E Cf fy 2 ' 5 E- if w 17, 8 I 9 E i 4551 We 'hr w. .5 as Q am S, EWFQQMMFHS if 6 i f QW Q oqufosg mpgs K 5,9 l .1 H39 AL' um.,-pu-A A num L, 'll-IYOITII llbflllll I..-u--. 11... u. 1, A. 35 ZR?Jiy Q F2 Q is S db N M WLf4Qzfw1f.AYfc2 T2 V db X Q Q Dr. F. A. 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Miller, Proprietor South Dakota Thanks To The Advertisers For Helping Make This Book Possible , "7Wif5"1V .- mf Q 5. . .MC ,Q V--1353?-P fi'f:'?'f"V - .,,x.,-, , vm .1-- Q1- "s-, ,nf-V' ' , -arm f . Q Q'Yg?'lu,-f'w:q3 lip! "L, 1. x -"- , ' .2 'V'--V-:Q 911.4 13- ,LL , N . , A , - 1,1-y.1,, f "-V, 'id-s,:f,f 5-F25 F 2,1 -. A. . .f-.wi ., Q . 5 fx ,a .Q 1 , 1 R fe , . , 1. . . +23 F7 q, V. .' ' Y - .li in ,- by . --f.,V- . w Vi: 1 i . ,W .V, , -1 T . , -' ' A 1 Z 4 ' F -"3 'r -' I , 'RSV' ' ' .sb .' 1 . 4 1, 5 ::,:.-if -A ,L 1 Y . . - - . Q.. !1..g ,-gl. , V r 1 ' 3 . -4. V - vf , ' x V . - Vg.. x X I 1 ., 2 . V. V f V -. , nj. ,J X. A . I '- Vfll ads- gf: 5. - VP ' V ' :E gg LY' . N -1 -.Q ky-, ' A,L'fg.g. no .- . ,ug ' ' A-. he A 4 " . a V .- , ' -- J- E V. ' K 'H' ,lf - : , ,, , wt:Vi.s.,fr1fP3fF?f2r?g-'V!,fL' 2-Laffy' V , , H5 " " ' 'Y JE mn- f-:fmiww -if 1 . V ,. 5.1 ,. fm f 11-yqgmp .- ' 4, f ' b N1 ' ' - .1157': S'-"4v'I' F -- -. 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Q1-'fra' Q15 71 4 . f .". if -N ig 'I' 'I .gl X 1 L r A v, . - A -3:25-'fH.zk-Lv ' ,J 'x ,, 1-11 , ,4-A V. ,, , ,M , , . A- M' f ..-Z'

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