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Y'-1711 fi L...J L..J g...J Bowbells Hugh School 5 JW , n I 4' n .o XX fm . I A Bowbells, North Dakota .' 'S I JAH! I A A 4 ,7 fx B ,IIT I S, A Z We the students of the 1957 graduating class dedicate Ih1S an four of our h1gh school years J nual to Mrs. Helen Ormiston who has been our friend throughout all if NEIL ABIEIDINGER, SUPT Physxcs U S I-hstory JOHN L RICHTER ROBERT W MORRIS PRINC Typmg I II Enghsh I II IH General Busmess World Geography Shorthand General Math Literature I II III H S Coach DORAN CHRISTENSEN General Math Algebra Iiqhgher Algebra n onome ani UY Chorus World I-hstory Mrs HELEN ORMISTON RON HAEDT General Scxence Coach Blology Seventh 8CE1tht1'1 Home Econonucs I 8:11 Phy Ed 3 1 X , ' I 1 ig B . . Mrs AGNES SCHULTZ M1ss MARILYN SULLIVAN Mrs GERALDINE LARSON Sixth Grade Fxfth Grade Fourth Grade Miss MARLENE Mrss MARGARET M.1ss CARMEN SIIRA KNUDSON MCINTEE Frrst Grade Thrrd Grade Second Grade 4 . . f O 1' - Al ' 4 5 4 V ' rc' GERALD FERM Paper Stai 4 Annual Staff 4, Basketball 2 3 4, Foot ball 3 Baseball 2 3,4 ROSILYN NIELSLN Treas 4, Annual Staff 4, Paper Staff 4, Play 4, Cho rusl23,4 FHA23 Pep Club 1 2 3 4 GLORIA GULLICKSON Sec 4 Annual Sta.ff4 Paper Stai 3 4 Band 2 3, FHA l 2, Band 2 3, Chorus 1 2 3 Majorette 2,3, Pep Club 1 2 3 4 CORA LEA Cl-IREST Sec 1, Paper Staff 4, An nual Staff 4, chorus 1,2 3 Pep Club 1 2 3 4,Band 1 234,P1ay34 FHA 12 Cheerleader 1 2 7 4 GERHARDT ZACHARIAS Paper Staff 4 Annual Staff 4, Play 3 4, Basketball 1 Football 1 2 3, Baseball 2 LEATHA VOSS LOIS RICE Sec 2 Pres 3 4 Paper Staff 3 4 Treas 2 3 Annual Staff 4, Paper Annual Staff 4, Cheerleader 3 Staff 4 Cheerleader 2 3 4 Ma. Plays 3 4, Pep Club 1 2 3 4, FHA orette 3 Pep Club 1 2 3,4, FHA l234,Chorus123,PepBandl 1234 Band12,Chorus12 2 3, Band 1 2 3 4 VN' WILLIAM SCHULTZ HAZEL JENSEN Annual Staff 4 Papgf Staff 4 Pres 1 2, Paper Staff 4, Annual Plays 3 4, Football 1 2 3 Baseball Staff 4, Plays 3 PSP Club 1,2 3 4, 2 3 Basked-,311 3 4, Chorus 1 2 3 FHA 1, Chorus 1 2 3 4, Grrls State 4 Band 1 2 3 4 6 'i 'wi 15 -vi ' ' 5 i :xi ' x' xxx' j S sr ' nur' xx' 1 1923 1' v' ,. ,,Y 5415 -1 ,N if s s 'f ' , . . - 1' all 9 . " ri v' 177 3 I "' S yrs' ' JERRY SIEMERS V Pres 1 2, Chorus 1, Plays 3 4 Paper Staff 3 4 Annual Staff 2 4 Brass Ensemble 2 3 4 Student Councrl 2 3 4, Baseball 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Band 1 2 3 Boys State 3 ELSIE KLEIN Paper Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Band 1 2, Chorus 1 2 3 4, Plays 1 4,1-'HA 1 2 34,Pep Club 1 2 Grrls State 3 MARY LYNNE BRYAN Sec. 33 Annual Staff 2,43 Paper Staff 3,45 Plays 2,35 Brass Ensem- ble 2,3,45 Pep Band 1,2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 FHA 1,2,3,4. HILBERT PFEHTER V. Pres. 3,45 Paper Staff 3,45 An- nual Staff 45 Chorus 15 Plays 3,4- Brass Ensemble 2,3,45 Pep Band 1 2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,4. D Class History The senior class began therr Freshman year w1th 18 members During the year the class lost Joe Klasson The class adviser was Mr Doran Christensen The class officers were as follows Presxdent Hazel Jensen VICE Pres1dent Jerry S1emers Secretary Cora Lea Chrest Treasurer Beatrice Mattern Student Counc1l Representative Gayle Grendahl Durtng the Sophomore year the class lost Gayle Grendahl and Darrell Morris and ga lned Joseph Wllks The class advrser was Mr John Rlchter The class offrcers were as follows Presrdent Hazel Jensen Vice Presrdent Jerry Siemers Secretary Leatha Ann Voss Treasurer Lo1s Ann Rice Student Counc1l Representative Jerry Slemers The Jumor class began school wtth 13 members due to the loss of Beatrice Mattem and Joseph Wilks Cora Lea Chrest Joined the class at the beginnmg of the second semester makrng a total enrollment of This year the class put on the Juruor Senior Banquet and Prom The theme was Candyland The junior class play, Too Many Gtrls , was presented under the dlrecuon of Mr John Richter The class advrser was Helen Ormiston The class offrcers were as follows Presrdent Leatha Ann Voss V1ce Presrdent Htlbert Pfelfer Secretary Mary Lynne Bryan Treasurer Lois Ann Rice Student COUHC11 Representauve Jerry Siemers The senior class moved rnto theu final year with an enrollment of 14 JoAnn Walleen left dunng the frrst semester of the senror year Under the drrecuon of Mr John Richter the class presented Susan Steps Out as the senlor plass play The class adviser was John Rrchter Class offlcers are as follows Presldent Leatha Ann Voss V1ce Pres1dent Hilbert Pferfer Secretary Gloria Gulllckson Treasurer Rosilyn Nerlsen Student Counc1l Representatrve Cora Lea Chrest H 0 . . . . . . ..-.........................................-........ ... e...- ..... . ... na..................................a............. .................-................... . . . . a e ... .. .-.Q .............. .... ..............- ..o o l 14. ' - ll n . . tl ' ls ' . . . . . . . ........................................ .. .. . .... .... -4. ....---............... ... .............. ...... ........-............................. L . . . . ,, . . ,, . . . . . . ........................a......................... .. . . .... ...-....p...-. .... ............... .... ... .. ... PRQPHECY Dear Mr Rrchter Thrs rs to mform you as to the where abouts of the class of 57 In Hollywood Calrfornra we encounter Rosrlyn Nrelson a world famous movre star who has Just obtained a dxvorce from George Gobel her erghth husband Now we turn to Jerry Ferm who rs captarn of the Mrnneapolrs Lakers He seems to be only rnterested rn basketball because at the age of 40 he rs strll playrng the freld Stopprng at Reno we frnd Mary Lynne Bryan who rs a noted French Horn player She has just made a mrllron from her latest composrtron We frnd Cora Lea Chrest rn Texas slttxng quretly at home takrng care of her srxteen boys Her husband Gary rs workrng hard to support hrs large famrly Next we go overseas where we frnd Glorxa Gullrckson who has brcycled all around Europe From the last reports her future plans rnclude a tour of the Orrent In a studro rn Hollywood we frnd Hazel Jensen who rs now a famous harrdresser at the MGM studros For our next stop we must travel to Lraq where we f1nd Elsre Klern and Chuck wrth therr 20 orl wells Elsre tells us they are wartrng for therr 21st well to come rn any day Next we go to Fargo where we frnd Hrlbert Pferfer charrman of the Agrrculture Department at the North Dakota State College He has recently developed many new varretres of gram On a large farm near Flaxton we frnd Leatha Ann Voss and her husband Kenny takrng care of therr four chrldren and attendrng to therr large herd of thoroughbred cattle At lndranapolrs where we fmd the famous Ed Zacharras who has recently won fame rn the freld of Wreckless Drrvrng ln a Mrnot Mansron we see Lors Ann Rice surrounded by mards Her wealthy husband Carl has recently purchased the large charn of Red Owl Stores Tramprng through the wrlds of Afrrca we come upon Brll Schultz who IS leadrng a sarfarr to the deep rnterror of the Belgran Congo Slncerely yours The class of 57 9 - ' - 11 11 1 1 a n n - . . . . I . - 11 , . 1 . , . 1 1 v 1 . . ,, . . ,, , . , . 1 1 on 11 Senior Class Will of I 957 WE the Semor Class of 1957 do bequeath our last wrll and testament CORA LEA CHREST leaves her marks to Floyd Chrest ELSIE KLIEN leaves her abllrty to go steady to Wendell Swenson MARY LYNN BRYAN leaves her vorce and abrllty to play prano to Ralph Wrllyard and Ronald Owens BILL SCHULTZ leaves hrs hrgh marks to Re1d Anderson HILBERT PEEIFER leaves h1s love for the farm to Eddle Kxrkelxe and Betty Wrck LOIS RICE leaves her ab111ty to be the f1rst senlor grrl to acqurre a dramond rlng to Marlene S1gman ED ZACHARIAS leaves hls abxlrty to acqulre no bad habrts to Lawrence Nelson HAZEL JENSEN leaves her abrlrty to play basketball to Larry Durward and Carlos Wrck LEATHA VOSS leaves her lnqursruve manner to Junror Jacobson ,TERRY SIEMERS leaves hrs helght to Larry Owens ROSILYN NIELSEN leaves her ab1l1ty to be always smrlrng to Don Mathers GLORIA GULLICKSON leaves her 8b11lIV to Jltter bug to Paul Haroldson GERALD FERM leaves hrs ab111ty to play football to Lora Mae Olson We the Senlor Class of 1957 wrll our abrllry to get hrgh marks and make the honor roll every SIX weeks to the SCHIOFS of 1958 10 I . Sr BACK ROW L Owens, W Jacobson, E Krrkehe MIDDLE ROW Mrs Ormrston, D Mathers, R Owens, R Wrllard, L Durward, W Swenson FRONT ROW F Chrest, M Sxg man, R Anderson, P I-laroldson, L Olson, L Nelson fNot Prcturedj Betty and Carlos Wrcl Srxteen green freshmen enrolled 1n Bowbells I-hgh School rn September of 1954 Mr Chnstensen was the class advrsor The frrst year offrcers were as follows Presrdent Rerd Anderson V1ce Presrdent Lawrence Nelson Secretary Treasurer Lora Mae Olson Student Councrl Representatrve Rerd Anderson The class offrcers for the sophomore year were as follows Presrdent Lora Mae Olson Vrce Presrdent Lawrence Nelson Secretary Treasurer Lawrence Nelson Student Councrl Representatrve Reld Anderson In the Jumor year the class lost two students They were Bernard Martern and Franklyn Borgenson To counterbalance this loss three new students were added to the roll They were Betty and Carlos Wrck and Paul Haroldson The Jumor class advrsor rs Mrs Ormxston The thrrd year offrcers are as follows Presrdent Rerd Anderson Vrce Presrdent Paul Haroldson Secretary Treasurer Lora Mae Olson Student Council Representative ........ Lawrence Nelson 11 BACK ROW Mr Christensen, S Freed, R Martin, G Kelly, V Jensen, H Hultgren, R Emerson FRONT ROW D Gullickson, S Steffen, S Durward, T Nerlsen, J Hass, B Thies, L Adams September of 1955 opened a school term for twelve green freshmen Mr Bruce Pollert was their class advisor Initiation was held by the sophomores in a new manner this year. For the first year the officers were as follows: President ........ . . . . . . . . Larry Adams Vice-President ..... . . . ..... . . . Ted Neilsen Secretary-Treasurer ..... . . . .... . . . Sally Steffens Student Council ...... . . . . Robert Martin In their sophomore year Harold Hultgren left, but Robert Emerson came so the class was still twelve. The class advisor this year is Mr. Christensen. Class officers were as follows: President ......... . ....... Sharon Durward Vice-President ...... . . ........ Ted Neilsen Secretary-Treasurer ......... . . ....... Judy Hass Student Council ....... . . . . . . .Robert Emerson 12 BACK ROW G Jacobson, D Cron, D Harms, P Klmg, R Mertes, W Harms, C Klmg, D Farland MIDDLE ROW C Owens, J Neuenschwander, E Berg, R K1e1n,J Klassen, S1emers, M. Flsher, R Jensen, C Peterson,N GUHICRSOD, Mr MOIIIS FRONT ROW B Gulhckson, D Rogers, C Corey, S Hass D Pfezfer, S Mertes, C Cron H Zachenas The largest class m hlgh school enrolled September 4 1956 Wllh 28 members In1t1at1on was held for the green Freshmen rn October They began then' year wlth the fol lowmg OfflC6l'S Pres1dent Sharon Hass V1ce Presldent Dwame Pfetfer Secretary Treasurer Sharon Sremers Student Counc11 Robert Morr1s Advtsor Mr MOIIIS 13 llll ,-L 2 x BACK ROW G Melby, L Conlm, D Ness, M Sermers, P Wrllyard G Owens, Mr Haedt MIDDLE ROW M Ekstrom, P Nelson, B Nehrrng, J Mertes, C Kelly, M. lhmels, D Pfelfer, J Schnerder FRONT ROW C Johnson, M. Auiforth, C Olson, C Klmg, J Hass, M. Cron, J Ryan. Grade 8 BACK ROW: J. Melby, C. Knudson, R. Homiston, D. Holter, R. Kelly, B. Jensen, J. Narveson, Mr. Haedt. MIDDLE ROW: G. Melby, W. Ihemels, G. Harms, S. Jacobson, M. Buzzell, G. Pfeifer. FRONT ROW: L. Waooeen, M. Cron, J. Thies, J. Leightman, S. Acker- man, R. Johnson, C. Fisher. Grade 7 H BACK ROW' N Ne1lson, J Nehnng, W Sprese, E W1.l.1ya.rd, L Swenson, I. Matte MIDDLE ROW P Narveson, G Mertes, D Swenson, C Klassen, D Farlzmd, G Summers W Olson., Mrs S hultz FRONT ROW S Edwards, R Melby, J Ivagedanz, J Elxstrom, J S1emers,S Falunkopf, M. Knudson QNot prcturedj A Nelson Grade BACK ROW J Kelly, G Mellon, J S1emers,G Rogers, L Nehrmg, R Strand D Jensen, A FISIICI, R Torkelson MIDDLE ROW IV'1SSSL1,U.1N3.D.., S Johnson, D Zacharras, T Adams, S Corey, J Xhlson, J Rogers, S Sremers, R Ihrnels FRONT ROW K IvcINea1,I. Nel son, M. Harms, S Walleen J Mertes K Ryan, B McIntyre Grade . r H A 4' K 4 r .- . ,u - - .V ,Q as af .: ' L, . f -- .. 4 - g , v- "I -i 3 Q f J y Q ' X cl X J M s T7 ,. '- Y I 1 1 1 ' s 1 , . Z .... ' . ' . . x .... '. . , 1. . x, . I . . . L ' . ' . . I 'wqiiaiiin - . 'X f i' , Q: ,H , X ,I .1 V 'si N, . g .Q ' W rl ' F 4 1' C., r' 4 , I 1 l J 5 6. , -L I5 ' Y 'f-M , : . ' . . ' . . ' . , . . . ' . ' . : I " . . ' . . . " . . ' . . : . I T ' - o V , 1 , ,Q Y 1 v Bo ifyx BACK ROW: R. Elstad, J. Hass, D. Dolan, J. Nelxring, S. Aufforth, K. Swenson, N. Nelson, M. Johnson. MIDDLE ROW: T. Nehring, D. Klassen, L. Ness, C. Swenson, M. Duriclr, R. Powell, D. Horniston, J. Cron, D. Ferm, Mrs. Larson. FRONT ROW: H. Knudson, C. Peterson, H. Coons, L. Hanson, H. Corey, L. Owens, R. Abraham, D. Nielson, R. Landis. fNot Pictured, R. Olson. Grade 4 'Hi 4 3 A 'Q 1 l., BACK ROW: T. Torkelson, B. Smith, J. Swenson, R. Aulzerman, J. Swenson, S. Maclntyre, R Aufforth, J. Kirldie. MIDDLE ROW: D. Eckstrom, B. Sundin, E. Coons, C. Stenrude, S. Cun- nnngham, J. Mattson, G. Conlin, Miss Knudson. FRONT ROW: B. Peterson, D. Pautz, L. Smith, K. Rogers, G. Zacharias, J. McNeal, D. Bryan, B. Cron. QNot Pictured, S. Walleen, J. Steffen, R. Rurmingen, C. Wick, N. Pfeifer. Grade 3 ff Back Row: J. Hass, J. Johnson, D. Coons, T. Ryan, M. Hultgren, D. Elstad, K. McNeal. Mid- dle Row: G. Swenson, D. Freed, G. Melby, D. Nelson, L. Melby, M. Peterson, Miss Mclnree. Front Row: L. Melby, R.vKnudson, N. Wilson, J. -Mertes, L. Bryan, L. Gagnum, D. I-Iennix. QNot Pictured, V. Olson, T. Rrmningen. Grade 2 'W -'fd Back Row: G. Melby, S. Nelson, D. Nelson, T. Smith, J. Gagnum, F. Crofn, S. Dolan, H. Auf- forth, W. Rogers, Miss Siira. Middle Row: K. Owens, S. Zachzrias, L. Homiston, J. Gagnum, M. Siemers, V. Hamnn, J. Berg, J. Swenson. Front Row: K. Edwards, P. Theis, E. Ilunels, B. Peterson. C. Nehring, E. Pfeifer, M. Sundin, C. Peterson. Grade I Edxtor m ch1ef Ass1stant Ed1to:s Busmess Manager Asslstant Sports Echtor Ass1stant Staff Art1st Asslstant Grade Echtor Assistant ACtlV1t18S Ed1tOI Asistant . . . Photographers Typists .. . Proof Readers . . Advisor .... Q Annual Staff 18 Jerry Sxemexs Leatha Voss Cora Lea Chrest Loxs R1ce Re1d Anderson Paul Haroldson larry Adams B111 Schultz Robert Martm I-hlbert Pfexfer Jerry Ferm Hazel Jemen Lora Mae Olson Mary Lynne Bryan Gloria Gullxckson Bob Emerson Larry Owens Rosalyn Neilson Elsie Klein . Lora Mae Olson Ed Zacharias .Mr J L. Rlchter Student Council The members of the student council, the class they represent, and the offices they hold are as follows Jerry Siemers Presldent Senior Lawrence Nelson Vice President Jumor Cora Lea Chrest Secretary Senror Robert Emerson Treasurer Sophomore Robert Mertes Sergeant at Arms Freshman Mr John Rtchter Adv1sor The Bowbells Student Council sponsored many projects during the year. These projects were: Check room, sending representatives to the State Student Council Convention in Minot, assembly movies, and numerous small activities. 19 11:11-: 1-.Q M I ' n Paper Staff Edrtor rn Cluef Lora Mae Olson Assxstant Editor Betty Wrck Advertrsmg Manager Edd1e Kukehe Assrstant Floyd Chrest Busmess Manager B111 bchultz Assrstant Ed Zaehanas Sports Ed1tor Rerd Anderson Assrstant Paul I-Iaroldson Gossrp Ed1tOl'S Leatha Voss Elsre Klem Fashron FLIICOIS Hazel Jensen -Cora Lea Chrest Features Edrtors LOIS Rlce Jerry Ferm Cuculatron Managers H11bert Pferfer Larry Adams Staff Artrst ........ . . ........ . .... JoAnn Walleen Photographers . . . . . . Glona Gullrckson Ros11ynNer1son Adv1sor...... .......... ....Mr.B0bMorr1s Q0 V Vg ' ' s m --1 4 ,. I Q I li A -2 -1 I Q , Q V: .. avr'-t - 4 F Y , ' uv , i ' r-.gate I P y ,r v X f h ag., 4 AX 5 A X P 'I' ' -- 1 I I I C I l O I l I I l O I I .I . - - Olll I I I .I .I . I. . ' .l.l...l.. . .U.l U I I l C I 1 l 1- BACK ROW E Berg, M Fisher, S S1erners,L Olson, C Peterscn,B Gulhckson, S Freed MIDDLE ROW N Gulhckson, C Cron, S Durward, D Rogers, H Zachanas, M Bryan, V Jenson, J Klassen R Klein, C Corey, Onmston FRONT ROW J Wa11een,B Thres, S,J Neushwander,L Voss, R Ne1lson, C Chrest, E Klem, G Gulhckson, H Jensen Cheerleaders S Steffen, J Hass, S Mertes, L RICE Hugh School Pep Club xf'v"bQf'W BACK ROW: C. Corey, S. Freed, S. Hass, D. Rogers, J. Neushwander, L. Rice, E. Klein, J. Klassen, R. Jensen, R. IQein. MIDDLE ROW: S. Steffen, E. Berg, S. Siemers, M. Fisher, M. Bryan, J. Hass, C Peterson, H. Zacharias, Mrs. Ormiston. FRONT ROW: L. Olson, S. Durward, B. Thies, S. Mertes, C. Chrest, L. Voss, V. Jensen, B. Gullickson, C. Cron. F. H.A. Senior Class Play SUSAN STEPS OUT a comedy rn the three acts was presented by the members of the semor class on December 12 1956 The C381 rncluded Cora Lea Chrest Susan Albrrght and Leatha Ann Voss Madge Weaver are both talkatrve and sprrrted hrgh school students Hxlbert Pferfer Davrd Albrrght Susan s father Rosrlyn Netlsen Nancy Albrrght Susan's mother B111 Schultz Stephen Dun Stephen s personal secretary Jerry Sremers Bruce Parker Larry Adams Jerry Conrad are both hrgh school senlors Glorra Gullrckson Helen Tremont rs a newspaper reporter and photographer Elsre Klern Agnes Maple IS a determrned young woman Ed Zacharras Orlando Payne IS a carpenter Lora Mac Olson, Mrss Hardy IS an at tractrve and enthusrast c httle lady berry, is a wealthy gentlemang Sharon Durward, Katherine Stoddard, is XX, I w L-IW 5, 91 ...D I ,J u Prom and Banquet A v1s1on of candy canes lollypops and cotton candy met the eyes of the Junlor and senror classes as they entered IHIO Candyland Fantasy theme for the 1956 prom and banquet The Bowbells Hxgh School Juruor Class entertamed semors faculty members of the school board and the1r wrves at a banquet on the evemng of May 11 1956 Leatha Voss was toastmrstress and Geraldine Splece presrdent of the seruor class responded The gxrls sextette presented a vocal SCIBCIIOH The prom followmg the banquet was held 1n the hrgh school gym Crepe paper streamers candy canes and balloons formed a canopy A large candy castle w1th cotton candy trees around 1ts base con cluded the decoratmg scheme The grand march was led by Leatha Voss and her escort Kenneth Nelson Musrc was furmshed by the Collegettes of Mlnot The prom was chaperoned by members of the faculty and therr wrves K,-f' BACK ROW G Melby, P Nelson, J Smder, M Szemers, M Elstrorn, G Owens, Coach Ron Haedt FRONT ROW B Jensen, P W111yard,D Ness, R Honnston, J Melby Grade Basketball Team 3 an BACK ROW S Jacobson,M Cron,L Walleen, D Jacobson, C Frsher MIDDLE ROW C Johnson, M Aufforth, M Lhmels, C Klmg, C Olson, R Johnson FRONT ROW M Nelson, S Ackeman, J Lerchtenam C Kelly, M Cron, Harms Cheerleaders J Ryan, J Hass, J Mertes, J Thles QNot p1cturedj L Wrck,B Jensen Grade Pep Club M1 ' " r .4 'J 5 . ,J ,. I - A V 'r Q " t I a s a ' - . Q o . : . . ' . . ' . . , 5 1 , hz- W ,A XM' ,xv J 4 51' A . r . 53" ' K' , ,ge --: , . , , m, , , : . . . . . ' . : . . . . ' . . . : . . . ' . , . . . G. . : . . . . ' . Hugh School Basketball BACK ROW D Gulllckson, B Schultz, G Ferm, E Zacharias, R Anderson, L Durward, Coach Bob Moms, J Sremers, L Nelson, P Haroldson, J Jacobson, B Emerson, L Owens, Student Managers N Swenson and P Klmg GAMES Flaxton Sherwood Lansford Coteau Portal Kenmare Mohall THEY Basketball GAMES Columbus Poweis Lake Sherwood Kenmaxe Lansford Powers Lake Mohall Burke County Tournament GAMES Flaxton Columbus Powers Lake 'J THEY THEY l WE WE 50 47 40 42 62 35 64 51 Glenburn 42 54 Weffhope 45 47 36 44 49 35 60 32 37 48 54 35 55 50 47 49 59 37 53 56 49 56 WE 64 43 36 62 43 49 Seniors of I956 Viola Kirkelie -She IS workmg at the Frrst Natronal Bank of Bowbells Geraldme Sp1ese- She 1s takmg up teachmg at the MSTC of Mlnot James W111yard He IS attendmg the Un1vers1ty of North Dako Thomas Thompson He rs attendmg the NDAC at Fargo Barbara Farrweather She 1S attendmg the Humbolt I!1St1tU.tE at Mlnneapohs and w1Jl graduate thls February of 1957 D1ck Anderson -He 1S attendxng the Un1vers1ty of North Da kota Merhn Rogem He IS at home 1n Bowbells Bruce to return from the U S Army Mrs Allen Myron fnee DeAnn Powellj 1S the proud mother of a baby boy, and she rs makmg her home 1n W1111StOD Mrs Barney Cron -fnee Betty Conlmj rs hvmg 1n W11l1ston Mrs David Dodge fnee Carol Youngbloodj was marrled Febru ary 16, 1957, and 15 the wlfe of a 011 worker Audrey Ryan She rs attendmg the Humbolt Instrtute at Mmneapohs and w11l graduate rn February of 1957 Norman Jensen He IS serving Uncle Sam rn the U S Army Karen McClelland -She rs the fxance of Jumor Swenson who 15 also servxng Uncle Sam rn the U S Army fm Ca. --------------U M Mrs. Bruce Pollert -------------- fnee Ardell Rogers, is at home waiting for ,, - FIRST ROW: S. Durward, S. Has, R. Johnson, J. Ryan, C. Fisher, L. Adams, J. Leichtnam, G. Pfeifer, M. Fisher. SECOND ROW: J. Hass, C. Johnson, L. Durward, M. Sigman, S. Fahrnkopf, J. Neuensch- wander, J. Ekstrom, B. Thies, L. Vos, J. Has, G. Summers, R. Homston, B. Emerson, C. Owens, M. Bryan. THIRD ROW: E. Berg, S. Marta, R. Mertes, C. Corey, N. Gullickson, D. Mather, B. Nehring, M. Aufforth, P. Nelson, B. Schultz. M. Flcstnom, R. Martin, J. Thies, J. Mertes. FOURTH ROW: D. Pfeifer, H. Pfeifer, D. Pfeifer, C. Kling, C. Kling, Mx. Christensen fNot Picturedj C. Chrest, J. Sie- mem, S. Steffem. Band FIRST ROW: E. lGein, S. SteHen, B. Gullickson, H. Jensen, S. Durward, S. Siemers, R. Neilson, C. Cron, R. Klein, J. Klassen, H. Zacharias, Director, Mr. Christensen. SECOND ROW: S. Hass, N. Gull- ickson, L. Olson, M. Fisher, M. Sigman, M. Bryan, J. Walleen, J. Neuerschwander, D. Rogers, C. Peterson, C. Corey. THIRD ROW: R. Merta, W. Harms, D. Farlzmd, C. Kling, B.XSchultz, W. Swenson, L. Adams, T. Neilson. FOURTH ROW: D. Pfeifer, D. Cron, R. Martin, D. Gullicluon, L. Nelson, R. Anderson, P. Haroldson. fNot Picturedj B Wick. Mixed Chorus HISTORY DEPT . ENGLISH DEPT . COMMERCE DIPT. HOME EC. DEPT. MATH AND SCIENCE DEPT. CAFETERIA DEPT. TRANSPORTATION DEPT Z8 T Ubi Oi fill! rhiiill-Swim 'DQD QQ- 31255 3 9 X . B !' :'i', 'L I ' Our bulk servxce 15 the best" We dehver to all Meet the gang at our soda founta,m" places at all UHIES SIEMER'S DRUG STORE NEHRING'S STANDARD SERVICE COMPLIMENTS MIS Gulliclcon lmows that the best buys mn town of B L Wilgqn can be made at the BOWBELIS MEAT AND GRO The BOWBELLS AUTO CO handles Chev cars and "Fine Food For Ping Folks" is the pohcy at trucls and Minneapohs Molme farm machmery ANDY'S CAFE. We serve home made pastnes T0 mike Your Old Clothes 100k 11112 new law! The Bowsms GRAN COMPANYsmcere1y wel take them t0 HIGVOSS CLEANERS comes your patronage Joe Neuenschwander, Mgr Support the concern that supports you Bring your For modem comfortable livmg room at the BOW gram to the BOWBELLS FARMERS UNION ELEVA BELLS HOTEL TOR H , V 4 A f "' - A - A Sm A , l ' ' ' ll H , Q 1 S W at Law CERY- Q i-. For "Everyth1ng To Bulld Any We 1nv1te you to come 1n and dung" GREAT PLAINS SUPPLY V1S1t the Mertes Implement CO 15 the place to go Oscar Torkelson, Mgr You are assured of courteous and efficent bankrng at the lst NATIONA1. BANK IN BOW BELLS When your car needs serwcmg PETERSONS DEPT 51-GRE brlng It I0 the CARTER STAT handles general merchandxse ION We gwe you serv1ce w1th a smxle if-' We keep the quahty up, We keep the pnces down IS the best of the BOWBELLS HI LO store .nb-nf It 15 better to have msurance and not need It than to need lt and not have xt ' Insure and be Sure" You w111 be well sat1sf1ed w1th the serv1ce at the Texaco Stat1on It's always SCTVICS w1th a srrule Nelson O11 Co Texaco D1str1ct You are always assured the Everythmg for the farm and home can be purchased at the BOWBELLS HARDWARE AND IMPLEMENT The off1c1a1 newspaper of Bur SIMONSON'S pomt wrth pnde best 1n entertamment at the ke County 15 "The Reader's to then satrsfred customers. ROXY THEATRE. We now cho1ce." Subscnbe for the Come 1n and see the latest ln feature Cmemascope. BOWBELI5 TRIBUNE. Spnng fash1om. 30 in - ' . Co. .. . . H3100 inmgfxf 3 'M' , H ' as . .QA T Q U . . O . I . 3 ' XKIW' f 8 .L , , QW . - . , . 0 - . . . . . . . x

Suggestions in the Bowbells High School - Igloo Yearbook (Bowbells, ND) collection:

Bowbells High School - Igloo Yearbook (Bowbells, ND) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Bowbells High School - Igloo Yearbook (Bowbells, ND) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 27

1957, pg 27

Bowbells High School - Igloo Yearbook (Bowbells, ND) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 13

1957, pg 13

Bowbells High School - Igloo Yearbook (Bowbells, ND) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 13

1957, pg 13

Bowbells High School - Igloo Yearbook (Bowbells, ND) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 13

1957, pg 13

Bowbells High School - Igloo Yearbook (Bowbells, ND) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 7

1957, pg 7

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