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-' 1 ,LA Q. .girl wk: R X4 ,W 1 'fs , jg f' ,g V: f' Q54 J 'fin Y . -4. :Q f uf gk.. . is mv- . -r 1, .. L 7. ,px it E, l f., -1. A Q1 - i x , . y.. 11,7 i - rf 4 -.I-1 5 fa , . , x,. Y. , . 1 r fifilggg. K - - ', f' f -'W I . 7: ' A s., A ,I s, 3 - 4.51m y AV, ' .A . lx- V. - , i ' -ff , f X A zi- 'H .,, XL V. ' . -nj , A 'ff ' Lu' . '-1, L . wg'-1 V 4 in .f 'v, ,. at, ,I V-X u .Z V I' ., . ' W EFQ' . P V N 1 . V L, Q I . .1 , vi' -, - . 1 ' . -,I g . ". , . -, 14,2 , 'Z' - Q7, . X K , ',,.':5 ,-' A',' ,n . , U", 1 1 Zvi., -A ,S ' -' X '12 11 . H 1: 19 . W' ' YH' Y ' ' V ' 4 uyp " M A L. 1 'z -1 il . 9 V ,R , P 'Y' . . - i .. . , 'ft J. - i I fi..-Q ,. JY, 1 , 7 ,X . .f ge' . ' M , 1 , ag ' , -ff -' 'i N yf. X. ' U Si.. ' X -. '-75.4 , , 4. , , ,. 1 - .g gf' J. - ., , fi- x ,- . . ,,, .'fEU.'-'w -.,'-omg-f','-.. b 1- Y P . P.. 5-f, .W ,,,, . ng- . B M A ' fi f" . " , ,-., f mi .Q - -JL, 5- . A ' -.-Q JU,-. 4 Y. , J. V. , If A-3 ' 'T fx, ' gm ,, N3-:A ,,-.'H,f'4vil J W fgygfk 1, 2 :-"'?i' 125 ai 1 ' I .- . :xi-.V fi firtx 1 , .iv M x " V wx! ,--, ,. HK 11, s , f"1?i""Z ' v. Q . 4 ' .. 3- 1 M.. ww .U M ,Mx ,, , WM ,WF ml, vw RA My ,ww , 459'-nwn, u ..U. ' 1 2 n ' 'Y 3 L .- . L - if , ., . V . , N . it , - V , U. I i f, ' 4 - e :ill ' A K 'J' , SL' V- ., 1 -' 'Ji 4 V .ffm , - f- ,, .. , lffn? 1 T ' 1 5, .Ji ,fad , 51" - Afsffb' 8 ' ' ' Q ,sf-.G j ,. A , 1 .n 1 - nv ' V ' "'- -iff- ' -4 'T , 4 fr A ' M! .Y 1, fa- . ji.. f 1 ,- J H 5 522, . -4' ' : f ' ' -1+ . Q u-'T ' Flu- " , , . '-U???"?.,' i , 9 3 3. -, Y V 5.4 A ZS' ' fy - 'A ., 4.1 V 'M Q x , -f ., . 1:13- J.-,' , .551 4,175 W J I- 1' Fltgil, V-,xi Mi, Q 13, if xx I f f..1'r' 4 , J. . . amz, 'A --Q--M -'Y--V .4...L.-,-,. AMA H M , -1, , ,1 ,-A W 'I , 44 - -r - A.--YT.f,wAW ,,,,, - f,,,, Y, V .5 4- . 'wet f, A ,- U :ffafgws-if , w w, pe ' vig T, 1- '1p:,.ifQ . ' 'r ' . ,A .. ,. Q V 4 ,, . ,- e.,. X ,Zim ng I ,By 1 , ,.,. -1, wk - aw .3 my Vg. . ,173 ' 1..- I , . ,. ,f f , -, "',5,,5Q'Q-V ,,.,:'f--- - 1 K, w N F'-Q53 s K 4 -P, H., if ..i',43f.- QL? ff: Y A V xw, V HU V V - 4" , ' - 17. rf,2'l:J'-iv 1l'.,,.,.g.' A W r. 'N 2 i,Am 2 H W .. . M M 'H ,b ,A . M ,- fa." W Q, Lf, f ' "Ei , LT' , "gf 1 Nl VI, l.' , in 1-', -,,,. 43' '. g 'Ji ,Q-it , jf' A -I I ,. 'ff WP 5-11, , fvfli' ' . Mu 1 .f .M A k 'f ' 1 x '. 'X ' 25' - ff " V4 9'- ff' 1 if - "F4F1'i. T- Y N. ' V' '54 f5'i,v"E" 71 ' ' 'fill Q .25 g .W J "bw, 'gpfwiwlfiff' . rl '. 3525? - Vx , i A ' . Q T. N .WK 'r'! 'mf mf" W , - I 3 gl' X. " A" ' L 1 .f I' , ' 3 yf3s.f,ff',f mmf A . ,,,, Y,-f-v,!!gfj,Q k H u, LL.- 5 " A-Y' ' 51 1 3 Q' .4 M. .Q J.-,Q ' . I , y we - , , 1 , l. ,wwf H N ., -N if ' 1,'-'MM' - "5 i e dh 5 - , A' dx Q , 1"4v-f'w'wi-'rv' 'f 4 , ,, a .1-ff:g'fr L rg' A A .' X , , lwfvfii' A-1' , . K, 133 if ' 4 31 if , , .A,gr L N.,- x, f -. x -z.. HUB ECIITOI' In Chief SANFORD WEINREB Business Manager BENJAMIN FRANK CO NTENTS Dedication Administration 8: Faculty Graduates 34 Crganizations 190 Athletics 310 3 f Q Qi .gvf ii l I 1' 3i ' Q gg 59' ' , 'W Li Xi , f 44, wyfiym ' in Maxx' 4 .Q ,L ,, lm. 255.5 j-,fgfzw 4b 'K s- .1 All 121+ as W I si fX.:i:4.4,A.,qf,w 1 Q 2' . EK. ' I SNL ., ,,., , W wsu. l Www .,,n,,g, -'AL' , A ff". 5, , DEDICATION The college student is at paradox, an enigma, a boomerang, a wonder, and most important'-an individual human being. He is a sponge. H e absorbs new relationships, ideas, and concepts, squeezes out the residue, and retains the core. He runs into problems. Some cj them he solres. Others, seemingly immovable, he cannot discard, for they are the pil- lars ff his life. He searches for knowledge, yet he knows not what knowl- edge truly is, nor what particular knowledge he seeks. If he is fortunate, he can answer a question, in part, at least, after four years. H e confounds others with his many paradoxes, the while he amazes them with his vitality, scope, and ability. He is an individual human being. He is searching in other individuals for friendships of zrarying degree. Throughout his Unirersity life, whatever he does, wherever he goes, he seeks his own unique role in the balance of l2fe,s imper- fections. As a freshman, he starts his college life in anticipation, knowing not what to expect nor what is expected of him. As a graduate, hc has found some of the solutions. To every graduate everywhere, but most particularly, to the Boston University graduate of 1958, this book is dedi- cated. 5 i ' 'iw if ' Q i T A ' . " Eel ,.,A. f gf . .Lx ay. K. g :W-. qfw fgm W 1: f ' J I 4. ,N "' K I 3 K f'1'91v N a g' Ni in ,A 'iff X Rig A K lgffl, , Xfaigilg 3 3 P ef A TV I f-if f Q , Eg , 'W-M ff 'Rs 1 if , f L f fee ' all fn wx , 1 Ai ' ' ffJ7 g" ?fif ' X 1 5 ' f Q in J V V 5 v 41 X f A x ww Mar 1 'Q 'if h 72 3 2 ...j 2, SQ , E ifa 3 A 5 , - f gi pgagg. . E X3 Ke ix A ,lv Xl K Books, books, and more books." "Lines, lines, and more linesf' 8 For each person, the business of higher education is a different experience, but inevitably, as each student nears his graduation day, certain impressions have left an indelible mark on his mind and character. These exp- eriences make a permanent impact, consciously or sub- consciously, in the growth of his personality. Take, for instance, that initial feeling of insignifi- cance when one first enters a dormitory-a multitude milling around-New Yorkers, Yankees, Southerners, and students from distant lands. All are thrown togeth- er in odd combinations, but they call each other groom- matef, Registration is more of the same . . . unfamiliar faces -lines, lines, and more lines, forms, forms, and more forms-odd and new words: bursar, S.P.R.C., horarium, and proctor. In class, one finds himself being referred 'to as "Mis- ter', rather than by his more familiar first name. Books are required . . . many, many books . . . and again, lines, lines, and more lines. The class hours seem odd at first-eight o'clock class- es, one class on Tuesday, five classes on Friday, and no- body to get you up in the morning! Yet, one is not com- pletely independent. Factors such as curfew, overcut- ting, and meals at specified times, restrain the student who is overzealous in his newly found independence. Soon, some of the novelty of college life wears OH, but if one is alert, unafraid, and desirous of education in its broadest sense, he continually finds college life filled with wonder. Lunch hour in the Commons The dorm is no longer a series of lines, faces, and ivy league suits, but has become a home. The student has found new friends, and thereby continues to enrich his education. As he meets many new people, he automat- ically grows more and more selective-choosing persons of similar likes and dislikes, similar and differing ethnic and geographic backgrounds, and identifying himself with formal groups. At Boston University, vast oppor- tunities exist for friendships which are genuine and warm. Classes themselves are more interesting when one meets a breed of person known as "the commuterf, who advises the newcomer on the pros and cons of life in Boston, the evils of the lNITA, and the historical signifi- cance of New England. The commuter comes to school by foot, automobile, train, and lNITA. Living at home, he has daily contact with his family, friends, and community. He, too, has a rich and full four years. Burdened by the taxing demands of marriage and a family, the married student finds his time and energies limited. However, the ambitious and resourceful indi- vidual rations his time sensibly so that he joins in some of the benefits of Boston University student life. The graduate student-that fortunate wonder who has already completed his four undergraduate years and is zealously delving into the specialized area of his acad- emic eoncentration-he, too, is a member, maybe some- what removed from the undergraduate,s daily round, but, nevertheless, a member of the Class of 1958. CLA Info F1 if W. . Y. Q . 5 fit-' 'WQWSM V f-w21g-- X X .. I Ve ,""1'--M . sl Aa Fl I if as , . Y , A --l f -1 , W, , I 1- If The Student Activities Office-organizations' information center Christmas, 1957 Studies begin in earnest. Books, lecture notes, and syllabi open up a bright new world. The studious individual wades into them vigor- ously and searches for a unity of purpose in his education. For most, fraternity and sorority rushing is a brand new experience. Many sign up purely out of curiosity, and a good number pledge be- cause they like the Greek way of life. For others: the perennial class politician, the language major who wants to join the French Club, or the aggressive young high school editor who is anxious to write for the Boston University News-each one discovers different kinds of organizations especially geared to his own enthusiasms. "lVhat kind of football team will we haveiw is the cry in September, 1954. When we lick Brandeis, 33-0, and go on to the best season in University history, we feel a "twinge', of pride, and school spirit is given a big boost. The one vital, necessary, absolutely essential element is the faculty. It has been said that for each undergraduate there must always be a particular teacher who is inspirational. A teacher who inspires an un- quenchable thirst for learning, in even one student, fully earns the title "teacher.', Final exams can be rough, and the student who didnit do enough work during the semester and went into the finals with a couple of D's, must cram. He finds this unhealthy, and usually, unsuccessful. Most students, good or poor, study late, drink pots and pots of coffee, and worry incessantly. Everybody worries-most often, unnecessarily-but most make the grade, and they are proud-rightfully so-for they have cleared their first major hurdle. 12 if Reception following Scarlet Key tapping In the second semester, formal procedures are more familiar and many close ties have been formed, but more new expcriem 1-s are in store-lunchtime on the grass in front of the Commf:-nf-:, 1,31 icsmta- tion to cut "for today is opening day for the Red Sox," :un UlIff2lSlO!Hll class outdoors, breaking out the new sports jacket, and a Sunday trip out to Nantasket. The month of hlay comes, and finally, at last, the freshman year is ended. Nine of the most wonderful, important months of a person's life are over. The alert person has learned much, has changed greatly, yet still retains his individuality. The impressionable freshman becomes the aggressive sophomore and the anxious junior. He is a bit more sure of himself as he finds his way through the intricacies of college life. Soon, his vocational objec- tives are clarified and the future is less muddled. However, he still lives for the here and now. Friendships are solidi- fied-many are to become life-long-but as his academic program be- comes more specialized, the student meets other people with similar aspirations and hopes. ' The football team isn't as successful as it was in 1954, but the hockey, basketball, and track teams are doing well. The Class of 1958 furnishes the nucleus of an up-and-coming hockey squad. Turmoil rips Hungary and the Near East. Ike is re-elected, and seven Terrier athletes make the Olympic team. Buff Donelli, PAL, and the TV variety show are replaced by Steve Sinko, SFAA, and a new kind of horse opera. Kennedy sky-rockets i11to the political limelight, women are weft: ing menis shirts, Bermuda shorts, and trenchcoats, and f n.rcolo 1 elected Governor of Massachusetts. John Foster Dlfifs is 11. name printed in every newspaper as he hops by plane here and there 'nbmit the World. The price of tuition and cigarettes goes up and Tad VVilliams leads the American League in hitting. The automobile market is charac- terized by the "new look." sports Pars, an-i xrlorf- and more- lmrsc- power. The University's vast new development program goes into effect. 13 :fix S ff The door to the Den' of lNlvn's Office is always open n x fi 5, ' f we, V "' ' W "' . ' , F 61 F I' 3 If 1 . , if' . Q,m:. X W Q Q 1' 3 ,ff -. i ' , " 3 f ' A ' y X :fi ' " x Q 4 wg' x x A5 1 'F 'Wk 1 , - 'R 3 WX ig ik,,,pvX' Q' 'mfr f f MW x .,.,...,.. ,... .www -.,. --.W ., - , ...W .A..1..-,W A f - ,,q,...,N.-.-.- W, ,,,, .W ,.....,.-H-........,..--.. mf.....-...-W .M -..wif ,,,, ... ...-v,.w.- -sf A Q 1 1 if ,J ,. E' get ' , 1 4,2 X Ffa 10 y' v ,I L, Y 'Q A i wp- ,X " I N4 , .M , , ga V F A.' Ag xi V A k 4, 1 W. agen M 53 14-an-V W- M 1 W.. ww M 5 .,, Q . ann.,-M U1 w...-...4--H y--Q 1 M M .,,,.....,W J ,T W. ., ,. .. W, D. ,H f -fray- ,..,-W.,-f M ' is 1 mgnvnviw' , 7 W. ,.-. ,.-.W-. -wr-wm- ,, ,,, U ,,.,..,. 1, .fMwf,,,..ww N, ...fn-wk...-up-vp ll , 'X Hi ff J, x I sg w " NN ,X i 'L Q Al W ,M , .gt ,K , f "' xg sf x K ' N fs 'Q mi t bm RN Then comes Sputnik. Sputnik and the academic year 1957-58 arrive almost simultane- ously and the freshman of 1954 is now a senior. Sputnik not only ushers in the age of outer space, but gives the role of the student re- newed impetus and a fresh significance. The college graduate, caught in Sputnik's orbit, expands his own horizon. His studies suddenly have assumed a new, more vast, significance for him. He is no longer cramming for himself alone. The edges of outer space crowd his daily coming and going about the campus. CIT wins the first Philip E. Bunker award for the outstanding float, and President Eisenhower is stricken ill for the third time. The School of Public Relations and Communications has a spark- ling, new building at 640 Commonwealth Avenue, the Terrier football team finally beats Holy Cross, and Vice-President Oxnam becomes the President of Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, N. Y. John A. Dunn is B.U.'s new Vice-President for Development, the Celtics can't lose, construction of the new women's dorm is under way, and the Christmas-Chanukah sing is a huge success. The Admiral Building is renovated for SFAA and CGE, and Sar- gent prepares to move to main campus. The Hall of Famers are hon- ored at University Field as the Greeks Hmusterf' The student has looked at the world about him, and has digested an assortment of facts and impressions. He is a remodeled, overhauled person . . . not quite a finished product . . . but a product of Boston University, his aspirations, his friends, his classes, his studies, his teachers, and the multitude of world and local events which have swirled about him for four years, and left their inevitable impact. The waiting lines, tuition raises, and ever-present problems have paid OH in rich dividends. As he turns full face to the world at large, he looks into his future boldly, but not blindly. He has learned his lessons well. He is graduated. He is the hope of his University, his community, his nation, and the world. Relaxing on the Charles River green D 1 f.Q4 A 1 2 Q 1 ff 2 LJ, 5 .. 'l,f wb, , Q E 54 i ff fQ5???????f? M - 5 figgfw V Y fi if f 13? Q ' i 52,555 'E V225 Q Q 1 ' 4 ,, L l l ' Q 2 4 Q' if L 3 f N,-fy Z, ---2V 1 Q Y ,VENHS si 'P f ff liiz zvf a i W? 2 2 .I - ,- , ,, ,I QQQ fgsfiiig QJMK4 L ' g , - li if if X Vai 2 2' 52 .mf "4"Q' ""m ' am H f F 5555552 ,- if fi K 5? ' ' M F 1 Q Lh v k r " I ,V .,,L h 1V. A M ..,..,.....,,, A AVQVLV m,,.,,, ff ji I 3 , ' , , LkA, VX 5, A,i..,L. A I iyaii may lvL,i V LAZVZ VV y V Lili k A Commencement-August, 1957 17 LTV Mzky Touchdown Miss Alice Holtz College of Liberal Am MISS TOUCHDOWN FINALISTS: Ann Maloof, S of Ng Peg Sallinger, Sargentg Evelyn Cohen, SPRCQ Linda Fuqua, Sargentg Alice Holtz, CLAg Barbara Cohn, JCg Sue Greenberg, CLAQ Gaby Drayton, CLAQ Andi Solomon, S of Ed: Carol Thee, S of N. 18 Co-eel Colonel Miss Carol E. Whitelaw College of Geneml Education X .437 CO-ED COLONEL CANDIDATES . . . Front Row: Toby Eisenberg, SFAAQ Dottie Sophios, SPRCQ Cindy Farmer, S of Ng Karen McKinney, JC, Mary Pecci, S of Edg Second Row: Kathleen Hunt, CBAQ Carol Whitelaw, CGEQ Peg Sallinger, Sargent, and Ann Maguire, CLA. 4. 19 Greek RICHARDINE MINNIG Kappa Omega Sorority Sponsored by Lambda Chi Alpha MARCIA ROSEN Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority Sponsored by Tau Epsilon Phi BARBARA VRADENBURGH Kappa Omega Sorority Sponsored by Delta Sigma Pi CAROL JONAH Sigma Delta Phi Sorority Sponsored by Sigma Alpha Epsilon JUNE MAHONEY Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority Sponsored by Sigma Phi Epsilon CAROL THEE Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority Sponsored by Kappa Phi Alpha ROSALIE FLORENCE Lambda Kappa Sorority Sponsored by Alpha Epsilon Pi Queens ,Q Queen my eomne gfincfeff College of Liberal Arts Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity Queen King Jaek lllahoney poses with Queen -le Grindell 'tw am, 2 iv '22 1- 79 dv-Saw mg, H 53,4 W..,,., 4 fi ff' ,,y. 'fm if ne q i 'A L 1252, if-'wi W' 'jf' ,K I FACULTY I I ADMINISTRATIQN I J WENDELL YEO B B A Ed M Ph D Vzce Preszdent for Academzc A jaws JOHN A DUNN Vwe Preszdent for Development ELSBETH MELVILLE A.B., M.A. Dean of Women JOHN F. MQKENZIE ATLEE L. PERCY A.B., M.C.S. A.B., M.B.A., C.P.A. Dean of Men Dean of the University 12: ,. I Q., .MA GEORGE A. WARMER HOWARD THURMAN A.B., M.A., S.T.B. B,D,, DD, D7:T9Ct0T of R6laf7:07LS Dean gf the Chapel 24 UNIVERSITY ,gigfpwz-."' iggm-gg 15153-ig' 'f ' 51 PRESIDENT U95 'Y 'L W sale? J' BOSTON UNIVERSITY BOSTON IB. MASSACHUSETTS orncz or mu runnin 755 cuuumuvuun Annu: December 16, 1957 Dear Friends: The Hub is an important record of the personnel, programs, interests, and trends that make up the enterprise in higher education known as Boston University. This 1958 issue has unusual importance, since it describes life in Boston Univerity in the midst of its adventure in "Planning and Development. " ln years to come all who possess a copy of this volume will recall the events that made the year memorable. 'viy warm regards and best wishes for satisfying achievements for all of you go to all of you. Cordially yours. 4.441 Harold 3. Case 25 HAROLD C. CASE S.T.B., D.D., Litt.D., ScD., LL.D., L.H.D President fj the University THE CORPQRATICN OF .fe .. W it .limit EDYYARD C. STONE SHIELDS WARREN LL.B., LL.D. A.B,, NLD., DSC. Chairman rj thy T7-ustggs ChtliT7I7,tl7L of file E1'6Cuf7:1l6 C07fL7fLitt39 w DANIEL L. MARSH ATLEE L. PERCY E. RAY SPEARE Ph.D., D.C.L., L.H.D., LL.D. A.B., M.B.A., C.P.A. Ph.B., D.B.A., LL.D. Chancellor of ihg Univgrgity Acting Treasurer of the Trustees Treasurer Emeritus BOSTON UNIVERSITY THE FOUNDERS OF BOSTON UNIVERSITY Lee Claflin Isaac Rich Jacob Sleeper THE ASSOCIATE FOUNDERS Alden Speare Roswell R. Robinson Augusta E. Corbin Edward H. Dunn Chester C. Corbin Charles Hayden THE TRUSTEES OF BOSTON UNIVERSITY Edward C. Stone, Chairman of the Trustees of Boston University Ralph Lowell, Vice-Chairman of the Trustees of Boston University Vincent P. Clarke, Secretary of the Trustees of Boston University Atlee L. Percy, Acting Treasurer of the Trustees of Boston University O. Kelley Anderson Frank E. Barton J. Lee Bausher Howard D. Brewer F . Nelson Bridgham Horace A. Carter Mrs. Myron H. Clark Paul F. Clark Charles F. Collins Albert V. Danielsen Deane C. Davis Wil W. Roger Greeley Pliny Jewell Shields Warren, Chairman Howard D. Brewer Paul F. Clark Vincent P. Clarke John Wesley Lord Thomas G. Hans H. Estin Alvan T. Fuller Arthur E. Goyette Francis C. Gray Russell S. Hadlock H. Frederick Hage J. Mark Hiebert VVesley T. Lee liam R. Leslie TH Dignan Harold C. Case, President Earl Newsom m ann, Jr. Norman B. Nash Daniel T. O,Connell G. Bromley Oxnam John S. Perkins Joseph Earl Perry John Wesley Lord Jerome Preston Daniel L Marsh Charles A. Rome James B lWcIntosh lNIrs. Emma Fall Schofield Arthur G. B. lNIetcalf Glennwood J. Sherrard William B. Snow E. Ray Speare Dewey D, Stone H. Hughes VVagner Shields VVarren Laurence F. Whittemore George F. Wright HONORARY TRUSTEES Frank W. Kimball Bliss Elizabeth C. Northup Patrick A. O'Connell VValter R. VVhiting:" E EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Ralph Lowell John S. Perkins Joseph Earl Perry Jerome Preston Charles A. Rome ,kDeceased, 11 X QQ X 5 7 27 Glennwood J. Sherrard Dewey D. Stone The Chairman of the Trustees The Treasurer of the Trustees The President of the University John A. Dunn, Recording Secretary ,-.n WW PHILIP E. BUNKER B.B.A., M.C.S. NORMAN H. ABBOTT B.B.A., M.B.A. Director, University Placement Service JOHN E. ALMAN B.A., M.A. Director, Statistical and Research Services JAMES F. BAKER B.S., M. Ed., Ed. D. Director of Evening Division and Harvard -BU Extension Business Manager for Student Activities and Athletics H. ROBERT CASE B.S., M.S. Director, University Photographic Service OFFICERS CDF ADMINISTRATION ARTHUR F. CONNELLY B.B.A. Purchasing Agent EUGENE H. FLOYD Ph.B., A.M., S.T.B. Assistant to the President JOHN O. GAWNE B.A., M. Ed. Director, University Counseling Service NORMAN M. S. GAY B.B.A. Manager, University Book Stores 28 CLIFTON E. GOODWIN Bursar T. CARTER HARRISON B.A., M.A. Director of Development ARTHUR M. HICKS Manager, Buildings and Grounds J. BERTRAM KESSELL B.A., M.A., Ed.D. Director, Department of Physical Educa tion JAMES G. LARKIN Director, Veterans and Selective Service Center SAMUEL E. LEARD B.S., M.D. Director, Student Health Service PAUL LINFIELD B.S. IN B.A., M.B.A. Assistant Treasurer RUSSELL VV. MacLAREN B.S. IN B.A. Business Manager, Ojice of Sponsored Research University Business Manager MIRIAM B. MARSHALL A.B Director, University Information ROBERT E. MOODY A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Director, University Libraries and Ill use- ums DONALD L. OLIVER S.B., M.Ed. Director, Office of Admissions ROBERT W. SHERBURNE B.B.A., lVI.B.A., C.P.A. Director, Summer Term DAVID M. SMITH B.S. IN B.A., lXI.B.A. Comptroller R. VICTOR STOUT B.S. IN JO. Director, Intercollegiate Athletics LEONARD VV. TAYLOR B.S. IN B.A. Director, University Food Services HORACE G. THACKER B.B.A., lNI.B.A. Director, School and College Relations JOHN H. VANDERMARK Budget Ojicer RANDALL VV. WEEKS Executive Secretary, General Alumni Asso ciation TH E FAC U LTY University Senate . if ' . K-A .2525 ,. . N 5 ., , Robert H. Anderson Susan B. Andrews K fffsilzi Earle H. Bailey Robert B. Batchelder Marion M. Bertenshaw Ernest H. Blaustein i f 1 if 51" Y Jeffrey E. Butler 4' is 39895 5 A' Q 25' 2 . . 2 5. Au ,ag nf.. ai David Carson Angelo P. Bertocci N s 5 5 , . Donald Born Vincent F. Calia J. Richard Chambers 1 me I ,.. J ff i Lowell V. Coulter nfs . me -..::..ei:,: 'L,, 1 - , Ev 5 ,wi X William J. Curran , if 9215. . 1 ,... Paul K. Ackermann D, sf . , , ff, .3 1 vg -g Q 3 Vernon A. Anthony f n..l i +94 'f . . xi ,-f . vi g i "'-H , . J . 4 . Gerald Barnes Peter A. Bertocci Gerald W. Brace Elizabeth V. Cameron s. an .milf , .. .,+.- S L F6 15' . Qi fi Charles L. D. Chin Allen D. Currier -W .4 K 4 K Q 1 4 David Aronson ,ZE51?iE:" ' 1" E " 53255 .. nh. Allen E. Beckwith 2 E: v 1 'fe A Victor S. Best ,Q 1, 1 2.5 gk' fy' Gloria M. Brawley Michael V. Caponetti 1 ' - .-' 51,-' . , ..,,..gSE -if 4' Frances K. Clyde Vahakn N. Dadrian 30 1, .,I., . .. Horace Armistead Albert R. Beisel Sidney J. Black Leighton Brewer 5 22.1 Q.. Louis C. Carey K ,.,., 9-lv K J. 9 . gg e m V. Q . Malcolm E. Agnew John P. Alevizos Artin S. Arslanian Austin W. Berkely . it A X' . Eugene A. Aucella Kenneth A. Bernard Donald W. Blackett George D. Blackwood 'flag 'in' ,,,. 1 'V . at X 1 Dorothy V. Briant Hilding N. Carlson Myer S. Cohen Edward R. Collier gif -, 7 in xt si Warner C. Danforth Anthony J. DeVito Erich G. Budde W . .,.. .wg Richard F. Carlson t 'si 2 s .:x f :: . WI Patricia M. Connors 19 . - .,..,5:.:.,::,.ii.f.f"E"'e B5 "W ssgga? 3 1. W ai. 5... v J. 1 Harold DeWolf Elizabeth C. Ernst ,K . 923942 Q if 4 M'yrtle M. Ford Sylvia R. Gavel ' -i uv ' . ,,,. , ,...,,1 Herbert H. Golden Homer J. Dietmeicr 'f 7" 1 5 'kai ,,, Wawgggg e fiesta.,pf..,,g-.,ja-a,,.:. W e Q f .fr . ICP ' :iii " ' U fiiffa.-5'3"1H7 1 ,Y if W 5 Carl B. Everberg L at . 3 , ,, 31'-15::2Q,f:g ' u Bernard A. Forest , 2 af fm ' x I Karl J. Geireinger R... it-P' 2 W Y gr W gg + W Ga Andrew Gyorgy .F Elizabeth Hemnlerly Mary D. Herrick ffl, V" ' 'Ll E. Winston Jones 'E 'ea f ltlax Kaplan Robert B. Kent . gs' f . , Sidney A. Dimond James Fawcett Karl E. Fortess ...Magi 'Li s Hubert S. Gibbs in Stuart K. Harris 5 X 1. is ' A 5 are " 'uf X Carol L. Hills Reed Kay - E, I I . Colin H. Kerr x Wallace C. Dixon, Louis J. Flamand lVilbur D. Fullbrig Frank S. Giese John E. Hasson Q J, of Edward H. Howard f M Qfllillgk .,,..5. N ., , x N 5- f . Anne Keener lf, Bertram J. Kessel 31 Donald D. Durrell 1 L fe S.. .E John L. Fletcher, Jr. tiff' .F l' 1. Bs., . 555.595 - .ar . W ,Q ,M ht George P. Fulton Eugenia W. Gire W ' EI:'.:?'. Vffllifiiilf fi," U7 II . 554 'i ff , G. Norman Eddy '-me - - 7-e xhale ' 1 l v 52,1 James A. Fisher 111,04 . .Q sf f if 4' 1,-Q .... 'il fi Gigli ii . a s fwefff Franklin C. Erickson 3.5" Sv: lu- :.:'..s?5 '. ' 1 A6 555 :.1::l..i: f ' 5 a-'iaif' JRE ' ' ' L .- , Charles P. Fogg Elizabeth W. Gardner Ralph V. Garry Edward C. Glanz 1 as v :gas 31 fa '25 eff , .5 'ge ' H53 X ffii W3 Gerald S. Hawkins Mary E. Hawthorne ' Ei., "3 l5lG?5.ff?" ' Q 'fiftlii lgfsllflfi .- :E LBJ.. - 'L 5552552 ".- ' George VV. Howe Henry L. Isaksen James W, Kelley David Kim Arthur G. Kennedy If P+ ARL 'Q' John VV. Krey Rose God bout Samuel Hedrick 4 ,E S. K 1 QS, Q1 a S 'Z if W S 5 . Homer L. Jernigan John C. Kennedy .- ws... ...r , - ...Fi--: " . 5 i e ' .. sw.. .fisasisf If . Jack Kramer V :gf g , 1 .., , fllf,f1g?v ' f if 1 Sterling Lanier Z" 55, W.: ' aw' W' 1, gg, gig:- 1.F:EQFl5z.. J 5 I - r "tra .3 w ife Solomon Lipp Conger Metcalf ,,,.L Herbert Moller .K r ff ff? 1 1. John H. Lavely Q l E - :'. .. at -'- Am Colin Livesey w S fr 1 . ., me ' 'I Ernest M. Law ' ,, .1 1.2: .,, -- .. . . if ur, wr 15.255155 . , Louis Lowy Marguerite S. Meyer Doyle Mikesell 1 96 ff.,.a 1 'i . . 1, We K nt. F as X in I .f , ,.. bl f as 5' Adelma E. Mooth E F rf Qi: .4 Z Herbert B. Myron, Jr. E. Eddy Nadel Frank Nowak 1' .rm 7 J. .. ,ga X James F. Penney - , 'view' f " 215 Bill Read Carla Paaske William F. Perry Peyton E. Richter Albert Morris Elise M. Nelson Donald I. Patt Konstantin Pestrecov Mildred Roblin Horatio M. LaFauci G901'8E K- Lewis - A T? I. Alden Macchi Ronald M. Milburn Barbara E. Moulton a Q. A l -"' ' . Jannette E. Newhall Frank H. Patterson Lena LI. Plaisted Q 1 ,eb-:-.,. v ..:.: .. ., . ,... ,.,, . , 1 at 33. at 'Sm , R26 if T -. 1 ii 'R 4.1. A , Henry D. Russell 32 ...S ..,. , . fS.g?3?iEQ A , 2 - . H 1 :S Raymond L. Mannix Richard M. Millard :v - . . ,Q ffm 8 mix t William D. Munro Pearl A. Nelson l M. Isabel Patterson l Paul G. Preus -mx i f' 45.25 A as -Q UP' Paul J. Liacos Francis A. McElany -. Malloy M. Miller fi: f ri: 1 f 5 f z sf wxg g rf f R W Helen A. Murphy 'k 'l as Sr We 9 Q 556 TE.. Mabel S. Noall " , 4 .,,. fri 2 Waldo C. Peebles Carl E. Purinton Robert Liberman Adelaide L. McGarrett Elmer B. Mode W -gsfazai? if W gf iffy F ol'ie' 'fe E , 7 15. Julian S. Myers . U.. William B. Norton la T-' ' ' . r, 1 P is . U L Wig dz: . is is ' aa, t , nl. 2, ,, Robert L. Peel Major Louis T. Rawls THE FACULTY : :rag if-' js: y fl I fl- M? ,, ,,, L ,R , i' S. Paul Schilling Francis W. Sidlauskas , '32 X2 P1 Il xx 1 F? 4 M1 . . I ,-1355 H- su we 'Y' 4 M , 1 Austin T. Stickells Wesley N. Tiflney Leon I. Twarog Arthur J. Watzinger .4 X fs in ...f : Bmf f' 'fi .illlfil 5 - lbiksfe Irving C. Whittemore 1 cz 'QV' 'Q ,. ' as . x W 7. ib.,y.we A Gretchen Schuyler Charles F. Scherwin si 'P .. .. ., g 5 B, mai :.:-aan 'Q-- nina .: " "3 sr 4 K r 1. l ll Paul M. Siskind Herbert E. Stotts Catherine W. Tinkh Edward S. Ilnderw 1 . Leonard J. Vvaxer Glenn W. Wilcox Robert T. Smart .QW ,, -- .J " as -' :f?.':5" '-s . ff 2-53aga1'.. f . f -P f Hilfe We .5 ...... . u g? -- i ' ro, .5- Frank L. Sweetser am Richard R. Towle . . . 4 . If QQ f kt! f A , .,,. ood Thomas G. Van Slyke I ' f 1 , we ag .. ., Q . , I .fi I Q . l S '31 ,M l 'S P' J. Fred Weaver Earle F. Wilder William B. Scruggs ' :rise . .-. - 'ff 'lfflsff . t fa tit . . . il Raymond W. Sovey 4r iv' : Hia fa . 541 Aw ' .X 1 avr Osborne B. Tabor Hugh R. Townley +5 93" QF if 5 . .... . ,, Margaret Varner ur' N Henry Weinberg gl K 2 Q K Wi ,f i ,E we ,iv A s f P , David L. VVilmarth .X A 'iff James A. Wylie 83 Ruth Setterberg Katherine Spencer Chris A. Theodore le Q fgnms 4 1? .. v 1 , K ' Warren S. Tryon fri- i -gf :ikqlf Wayland F. Vaughn if Wilfred A. Wetherbee if +4 1 fi' M .SEV mzzwi.-. . ., .- 1 r 1 1 X , Q Q' f f. V 5 Donald J. VVinslow ... :..- .. 1. - ' ' "" z klleaiia ' W W.fflfQf 1 595 A i,V , V K... , ' Q , . Leland C. Wyman Robert VV. Sherburne ., 37 I '. ' ,X Henry H. Stafford ES- -a . . Clem Thompson , , 951' Ly. Herman 0. Turcotte x Elizabeth A. Shuhany aaifz fzgt Donald G. Stather Helen M. Thumm E. Joan Turnquist Norman E. Vuilleumier Roger D. Washburn 3 ig. msiiiif ' , , 1 ,a wif- 5 1 . is? is ., x ' 31 Harold O. White C. VVroe Wolfe . Y Murray R. Yaeger V ..., f Irving I'I. White -f ' fi 12215 14 ' 1- ,j s 1' Jules Wolffers Q 31 Myrl M. Young : w eg W HJ? ,M ' ff ww, " , Sifbaif "5.5f,, I 7 Ex? L93-'35-' 3 , 1 F' lngimmim'-mzlf V fQ?5AQRib ,xmi zu 'rv ,. cfm: fl ' '- 'H . , we Aifagafi Ex- , 4 ,Q f 1-aff 1 5,6 sf me I fn. L 9 . A 1, A zwqg-x mv .1 4 , A A ...J l GRADUATES I .....,,,-,M Jerome Packer President Edward K. Graham, AB., A.iNl., PhD., Dean ,Q 5? I FB 1 ef -M. A 7 A Hx O " f f ,.. Carol-Lee Griffin Secretary ,ws -fp. Salvatore Vozzclla Treasurer Philip Blillstein V 1.06-PT6Sl'd87Lf Q41 , A ' F :il Q 'L . , , " -f ei-gr, H H .3 ' . iw ' M i m5f.iTf.sif1I?ff-F , ' Yliffiigi if N ' 1 .- ffm : ' 4, w , K Q iigiw, 1 - ,K , .- ew if is x fi Frames Yonitis Secreta ry CCDLLEGE. OF wil.: E s 'Hi LIBERAL ARTS COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS BRUCE D. ALLEN Dennett Rd., Kittery, Me. English Literature GAIL A. ANDRIAN 234 Chatham St., Lynn Romance Languages AAII Treas. Stud. Counc. 2, Social Chm. 4: Class V. P. 9, 35 Activities Coun. 1-8, Secy. 1, Treas. 2, HUB Bd. 4, SFA 43 Delta: "Who's Who" DONALD L. ATKINSON 18 Falls St., Malden University of Massachusetts Philosophy Philosophy Club COVERT BAILEY River St., N orwell Bates College Geology PAUL A. ABBOTT 136 Morrison Ave., Somerville English Literature TOSHIKAZU ABIKO 26 Hurlbut St., Cambridge History Christian Science Org. 1, 2, Clerk 8, Treas. 4: Glee Club 15 Track 2 GLEE J. ACKERMAN 90 E. Hudson St., Long Beach, N. Y. STEN H. Af KLINTEBERG 6 Chestnut St., Boston Brooklyn College English Literature Wilmington College Sociology-Anthropology Crew 2-4, Sociology Club 8, 4 CHARLES H. AINSLEIGH C. PATRICIA ALBERT 110 Washington St., Hudson 85 Stratford Rd., History Alpha Phi Omega, Historian Rockville Center, N. Y. Ohio State University History fb FAITH M. ALLEN 148 Main St., Malden Biology Bios Club 1-4: German Club lg Slavic Club 4 MARJORIE E. ARONOFF 126 Amory St., Brookline Beaver College Sociology DOROTHY AZRIN 81 Kingsdale St., Dorchester Psychology German Club 1-33 Hillel 1-8: Sociology Club lg Psychology Club 85 Sailing Club 8 HARRIET BANK 127 Ocean St., Lynn Biology A43 Corr. Secy. Hillel 1 RICHARD S. ANDREWS 209 Hart Blvd., Staten Island, N. Y. Philosophy and Religion Stud. Coun. 8, Pres. 45 SFA 43 Delta 3, 45 "Who's Who" FREDERICK D. ASNES 18 Duffett Rd., Framingham Comparative Literature ROBERT W. BABISI-I 871 Beacon St., Boston American Literature SARAH K. BARBER 80 Bancroft Rd., Wellesley Hills Psychology AFA Treas., V. P., Rushing Chm. Panhellenic House Pres. 4: Panhellenic Del. 45 Psychol- ogy Club 4 MUHAMMED S. ABYAD 118 Essex St., Chelsea Oceanside-Carlsbad College Psychology NANCY M. AGOSTINO 62 Bowdoin St., Winthrop Romance Languages Gamma Delta, Chm. Pub. Comm.3 French Club 2-4, Secy. 43 YMCA CAPT. LIONEL ALDERMAN 16 Rosslare Rd., Framingham Rochester Institute of Tech- noI08YS University of Mary- land Physica ELAINE M. BARR 185 Davis Ave., Auburn, Me. Lasell Junior College Psychology LORNA L. BAXTER 18 Hancock St., Lexington University of Vermontg Uni- versity of Coloradog Middle- bury College Slavic Languages and Litera- ture Slavic Club 2, Social Chm. 3, Pres. 45 Cosmopolitan Club 45 German Club 4 ERNESTINE H. BELLAMY "Towncrest," Bristol, N. H. Colby Junior College5 Uni- versity of Utrecht Government AWTJ5 IIXA: AFA: AWD Drama Club 3, 45 Sociology Club 45 Young Republicans Club 15 Patterns Bd. 1, 8, 45 Christian Science Org. 1, 2, 45 Cosmopolitan Club 1 ,Lu +3 if i f nv- at si -me fm as '"seinz9ff2ssf..1?uf'fb-ff,.7 M152 -bsgliiiilgffiiiliiiiiiii f ig N - 5 . , , .. . ,r,, fa? - - F' 1.2123 Til -its 1- X ' ' . . mmrfiii. A: 5 ' - 5 3 .sifiiiy .5-E:if.55:': . : i. L. , . ,.h.g,,x,fii iv . -M-f ' N 15.45331 ...'i!!s': . ' T f ' - elli s ' 3.5. . a , W.. , , ,,.. , , . , 5: 4 rzdfz :- 'iffy' i , aa., , . :' ,. 35.5. f thi. " . , X 21311. ei "i . , I x V ii?'ff?li2fi?!Wf'-i''lf' A ' M V . c,y.- . L gzip ' '- . so A Z r. 2- .. if CHRISTOS J. BENTAS 40 Humphrey St., Lowell Government Orthodox Club 1-45 Chorus 3, 4 EDABETH G. BERMAN 161 Buckminster Rd., Brookline Philosophy-Religion Stud. Coun. 2 RUTH BLOCK 61 Floyd St., Dorchester Germanic Languages and Lit- erature AGPA German Club 1-45 Hillel 1, 45 Young Democrats Club 45 NEWS Bus. Stal? 1 BARBARA A. BORWICK 450 Islington St., Portsmouth, N. H. University of New Hampshire Sociology Hillel BETTE H. BERGHEIM S9 Powell St., Brookline Romance Languages and Lil- eratures 11321 French Club 1, 2, Secy. 3, Pres. 45 Hillel 3 MARGARET C. BLACK 431 Lynwood Blvd., Nashville, Tenn. Vanderbilt University American Literature IIBCIJ Corr. Sec., Censor Newman Club5 Young Re- publicans Club STANLEY BLUMENSTEIN 88 Moraine St., Brockton New York University Mathematics NANCY E. BOYAJIAN S90 Linden St., Wellesley Hills Westbrook Junior College Psychology COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS CHARLES A. BASTOW Highland St., Ashland, N. H. CGE Psychology Spanish Club 25 Psychology Club 3, 45 Sociology Club 4 BARBARA P. BEALS Georges Mills, N. H. Colby Junior College Psychology Psychology Club 3, 4, Exec. Bd. 3, Pres. 45 English Club 35 Sociology Club 4 BERNARD M. BELSON 627 Pleasant St., Winthrop Political Sciences ZBT Hillel 15 Pre-legal Societyg Young Democrats5 Govern- ment Club JOHN F. BATTICK 112 llfyrtle St., Boston Yale University English History Fencing 1, 2 WARREN J. BECKER 81 Fuller St., VVaban Biology TKE Treas. Biology Club 1-45 Chemistry Club 1, 25 Sociology Club S. 45 Spanish Club 4 NIORDECAI BENNETT 72 Addison St., Chelsea Geology Geology Club 45 Hillel 1-4 39 smug' iss? ' .1 t , .wif 5 5 1535 fi is me As 'ri' 'Q ' ittii'-gm, lift 1 we Es- i or STEPHANIE G. BERKE 1064 Beacon St., Brookline University of Vermont Romance Languages and Lit- erature ROBERT J. BLANCHARD 15 Morton St., Watertown Psychology Activities Conf., Pres. 45 Joint Activities Conf. Advi- sory Bd., Chrn.5 SFA5 Stud. Dev. Comm., Unit Chm., V.P.5 Debate Soc., Varsity Debating Team 1-45 "Who's Who" REDA M. BONITO 121 Cottage St., Everett Sociology UBCIJ ROBERT A. BRAGOLE 128 Winter St., Belmont Chemistry Chemia 8, Secy. 45 Newman Club 1, 25 German Club 15 Soccer 15 Golf 2 COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS ,rw-. W?isI.,, ' wwf- , we HENRY B. CHASE Carver Rd., West Yarmouth Government Newman Club 2, 3 NICODEMO A. CICCIA 809 Saratoga St., East Boston Mathematics Italian Club 3, Pres. 45 Mathematics Club 4 PETER O. CLEVELAND 21 Summit Ave., Sharon CGE History and Government German Club I5 Slavic Club 15 Govt. Club 1 -1 . 15-als-5sez51g?1fi?:i.i1. ' DALE C. BROMFIELD 45 Beverly Rd., East Natick CGE Sociology-Anthropology Hillel5 Sociology Clubg Psy- chology Club RONALD A. BUONFIGLIO 28 Ambrose St., Revere Chemistry Chemia, 2, 35 Biology Club 2 3: Newman Club 2 ELIZABETH J. CAPUTI 886 Central St., Lowell CGE History 01IJA Social Chm. Newman Club 1-45 Young Democrats Club 2, 3 WILBUR H. CARTER, JR. 810 Lancaster St., Leominster Worcester Junior College Philosophy-Religion CAPT. JAMES R. BROTHERTON 6903 Henrilee St., Lakewood, Calif. University of Houstong Uni- versity of Maryland Geography SARA J. CAMICK 405 Marlborough St., Boston Chemistry Christian Science Org., Clerk 45 Chemia, Treas. 4 LINWOOD L. CARR 32 Spring St., Canibou, Me. Psychology JOHN B. CASWELL 99 Plain St., Marshfield History o - , ..., L - 5 W 'Tv' Q .vg- 40 f M ,g,iS,f',. f, ..., .8. '..,' -,efv,'1Qv, ' , 'lm L',-' f - . , ?rgre-f' 5 ' 5. -' wir ' f' Swv " -vw, - .. ,f.. te,.,? ,h, 3 . 1+ 4, .4 ii 5 ,'vga,51s.gaig2i Q of we -is A 1 mi. . .- f I, ggi, lu, qu ties. ' if-,4 5.1 3 , el V fl' We a 523 E fY"' . CAROLYN A. CHRISTLE STELLA CHRISTOPHER Treble Cove Rd., 97 Columbia St., Cambridge No. Billerica Sociology Philosophy Philosophy Club 2-45 SCA 1, 2 SALVATORE C. STANLEY D. CLARK CIPOLETTA 167 Green St., Marblehead 83 Brook St., Brookline Government Psychology GEORGIA A. COHEN 3 Windsor Ave., Melrose Park, Penn. Pennsylvania State Univer- sity English Literature English Literature Club 25 Shelton Hall Activities Floor Chm.5 History Club 1 MELVIN S. COHEN 12 Newton St., Brockton H isiory DOUGLAS E. BROWN 4 Poplar St., Lynn Geology SALVI P. CAPONIGRO 478 Saratoga St., East Boston Boston College Fine Arts ARTHUR P. CARRIERE 750 V.F.W. Pkwy., West Roxbury Biology Hockey 1-3 IRWIN CHAFETZ 43 Orkney Rd., Brighton Romance Languages Alpha Club 4 l i?-... JOSEPH D. COLANTO 311 Lincoln Ave., Sangus Biology JOHN J. COLOZZI 7 Mill St., Hope Valley, R. I University of New Mexico Government HENRY J. CORKERY 16 Mt. Auburn St., Cambridge Northeastern University Economics Newman Club STEVEN B. DAVIDSON 123 Freeman St., Brookline Northeastern University History CI1El'I Secy., Athletic Chm. Boosters Club 3, 4, Member- ship Chm.3 y.,' f va- J5' A " I Ti 1 i. X ggi! K Ht-. 'LZ' 'Q-T' ELAINE L. DeLEACO 62 Neptune Rd., East Boston Mathematics llathematics Club 1, 45 Rifle Club 3, 45 Italian Club 3, 4 MARGARET S. DENARO 77 Selwyn Rd., Belmont Spanish IIB47 Rec. Secy. Newman Club 3, 4 LOUIS A. DeROBBIO 483 Laurel Hill Ave., Cranston, R. I. Biology EQE Asst. Pledge Trainer 1' . 1 4' DANIEL J. DeLELLIS 20 Eliot St., Canton English Literature PEGGY A. DENK 26 Farnum Rd., VValtharn English Literature IICIJB Corr. Secy. JOAN L. DERY 48 Mt. Vernon St., Lowell French AAII Pres.: KIPEI Cercle Francais 1-4 COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS LAWRENCE E. COLERICK Albion Rd., Saylesville, R. I. Geology DAVID H. COLTEN 160 Callender St., Dorchester CGE Psychology VVBLTR lg Hillel 15 Psychol- ogy Club Qg German Club 4 HENRY F. COTTON 111 lilontgolnery St., Cambridge CGE Government IIEA: XFE Hockey 1, Q3 Soccer 45 SFA 23 Permanent Class Mar- shal Qg Stud. Coun. 923 Boost- ers Club 4 JO-ANN DAVIS Egg Harbor Rd. VVoodbury, N. J. Philosophy and Religion A29 Newman Club 1-4 ef 'Ov 41 PAUL L. COLON 689 VVashington St., Dorchester Anthropology-Sociology Sociology Club RUSSELL P. COOK 1185 Commonwealth Ave., Boston Geology Crew 3, 43 lNIyles Standish Stud. Govt. Bd. 35 Geology Club 3, 4 LLOYD K. DANIELS 469 Blain St., Rockland, NIe. Sociology Cosmopolitan Club 2-45 Soci- ology Club 4: Psychology Club 45 History Club 4 BRADFORD, DAWSON 15 Elm St., South Dartmouth Syracuse University English Literature Crew Q Q-., A-,fr Hit 5 -v ug. 'Py- av- KATHRYN S. DEMAINE 16 Westwood Rd., Somerville English Literature LOWELL A. DEPPER 149 Galen St., Watertown Chemistry Chemia JOHN P. DiANTONIO 25 Morley Rd., VVollaston History Drama Club 25 History Club 4 COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS THOMAS S. EISENSTADT 24 Roslin St., Dorchester Biology Alpha Club S5 Scribe 43 New- man Club 4 DAVID M. EVANS Harbor Rd.. Kittery Point, Me. CGE Sociology Demolay GILBERT R. DiLEONE Q21 Broadway, Providence, R. I. CGE Biology EIDE Biology Club: Chemistry Clubg Sailing Team 1-S PHILIP D. DOHERTY, JR. 7 Clermont St., Dorchester CGE History Newman Club 2, Del. 3, 4: History Club 8, 4 ELLIOT DORFMAN 49 Cheney St., Roxbury History German Club 13 Young Dem- ocrats Club, V.P. 2, 8, Chm. Convention Comm. 2, Chm. Registration Comm. 8, Chm. Ways and Means Comm. 8, Chm. Constitution Comm. 2, Chm. National Policy Comm. 4 MARSHALL H. DION 6 Federal St., Brunswick, Me. Psychology EDWARD DONG 886 Blue Hill Ave., Boston Geography Chinese Club 1, V.P. 2, Pres. 8, 41 Cosmopolitan Club 43 Geography Club 4 JAMES R. DOYLE 1 Olive St., Brighton CGE X Geology JEANNE N. DRINKWATER 715 High St., Dedham University of Florida: George Washington University Religion and Philosophy GPM ROGER E. DUNTON 1Q0 Babcock St., Brookline Psychology LISETTE C. DUBE 1181 Hanover St., Manchester, N. H. University of New Hampshire Fine Arts Fine Arts Club 4 JAMES F. DWYER S Moran Rd., Framingham Catholic University of America M uthematics 42 an--. 3. ,ge- 'S' ELEANORE T. ELLSWORTH 8 Lake St., Cooperstown, N. Y. Radcliffe College English Literature Glee Club 25 Marsh Chapel Choir S, 45 Fine Arts Club 8 ALAN L. FABER 19 Short St., Brookline University of New Hampshire Government GLORIA M. EMANUELLI 52 Washington Ave., Natick Government Italian Club lg Young Re- publican Club 1-4 HENRY C. FEDDERN 68 Blackstone St., Blackstone Bates College Sociology Sociology Club 2, Pres-1 Psy- chology Club 1: History Club 1 BIARY L. DOBBINS 895 Arlington Ave., Berkeley, Calif, San Jose State Collegeg Uni- versity of California English Literature RICHARD A. DONOVAN 12 Benton Rd., Somerville Biology Bios Club 1, Rep. to Human Biological Assn. 2-4, Bd. of Directors 1, 2, Secy. S5 Sci- entia 1-8, Crew 2 ROBERT L. DRAFAHL 110 Hastings St., Greenield English Literature Christian Science Org., Clerk, Secy. JOSEPH R. DUGGAN 10 Vicksburg St., South Boston University of Maryland Government JOAN K. DWYER 68 Phillips St., Boston Mathematics IIICHAEL H. FEDERBIAN 156 Grove St., Brookline History TEIIJ Stud. Coun. 43 Activities Conf. 1, Treats. 35 Band 1-3 EDWVARD P. FERNANDEZ 463 Pelham Rd., New Rochelle, N. Y. Geology MYREL R. FISHMAN 75 Kilsyth Rd., Brookline Syracuse University Psychology ROGER J. FLYNN 857 Beaver St., Waltham Georgetown University Chemistry Chemistry Club 4 FRANCIS R. FORSYTHE 792 Beacon St., Boston Geology Sociology Club 11 Psychology Club 1, V.P. 2, 85 Young Re- publicans Club S W?5fL:'lEj?5'ty.i 'l .lle A Ka A I I pf.. v. L 1 , ' was sig.. fs ' f 4 9, f ..,. 1 fy j, ski fys..:.,1 .. li-1 '- PHYLLIS C. FOX 166 E. Side Pkwy., Newton Lesley College Sociology Hillel Sl-41 Psychology Club 3, 43 Sociology Club 3, Pub. Chm., Secy. 4 ROBERT M. FRIEDBERG 27 Huntley St., Malden Philosophy Philosophy Soc. S, 4: Debat- ing Soc. 43 Psychology Club. Exec. Bd. 2-43 German Club 5, 43 Hillel 3, 4: Young Re- publicans 3g Young Demo- : fy! y crats 4 ,f. 'VN Q. wmv. QW? l ' , -:fi x :iii ,. .. i. . .. .Q . Ili f- r NICK E. FRANTZIS Village Ippios-Mytileye, Greece University of Athens Physics NADA J. FRIEDBIAN Reynolds Rd.. Norwich, Conn. English 43 COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS THOMAS P. FEENY 70 Bradley Ave., Haverhill Romance Languages and Lit- erature Psychology Club 2 MARSHALL P. FIELD 97 Oxford St., Somerville Tulane University Biology Bios Club 3, 4, Young Re- publicans Club 35 Newman Club 3 ROY E. FLAGG 26 Tahattawan Rd., Littleton Northeastern University Biology LAWRENCE J. FQLEY 55 Buick St., Watertown .ii .E History Basketball 13 Crew 15 History A Club s, 4 JAIIES FOSS, JR. 168 W. Passaic St., Ilaywood, N. J. Macalester Collegeg Fair- leigh Dickinson University Government EIDE Secy. Myles Standish Govt. Bd. S, Open House Chm. 3: Pre- Legal Soc. 3, 4: Young Re- publican Club 8. 4: Govt. Club 4 Kb LIBBY FEIVOU 71 Shepard St., Lynn American Literature Hillelg Young Democrats Club 42 Elem. Educ. Club 3 SUSAN L. FINKLE 520 Park Dr., Boston University of Massachusetts Psychology EAT Sociology Clubg Psychology Club SARAH L. FLAHERTY 53 Belvidere St., Boston Swarthmore College English Women's Rifle Team ROBERTA H. FOREMAN 4483 Somerton Ave., Trevose, Penn. Oberlin College Comparative Literature Liturgical Dance Choir 2-45 Morning Worship Comm. 3, Co-Chm. 4 JOSEPH FOX 10Q Rosseter St., Dorchester Mathematics AEII Mathematics Club 4 ,p-. Y Q- W h ,ay "ur r "" wt... SUZANNE E. FRASER 894 Great Pond Rd., North Andover Universidad Nacional de Mexico: Colby College Spanish-French Spanish Club 2, 3: French Club 2, 4 LOIS M. FRIEND 2805 E. Menlo Blvd, Milwaukee, Wis. Grinnell Collegeg University of Wisconsin Sociology Sociology Club 1, Secy. 3, .1 lit COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS WILLIAM B. GOULD 21 Alton St., Brookline Chemistry German Club 1, 25 Pershing Rides 1, 25 Chemistry Club 2-45 Physics Club 35 Bios Club 2 VICTOR F. FUMIATTI 1000 W. Main St., New Britain, Conn. History BRIER B. GAY 372 Longwood Ave., Boston CGE Geology THEODORE J. GEORGIAN 181 Washington St., Newton Chemistry GAIL B. GIVENS Bar Harbor, Me. English Literature AAII Secy., V.P., Pledge Trainer Panhellenic Conference, V.P. Social Chm.5 Panhellenic House, V.P., Pres. SHEILA D. GOLDFARB 691 Camperdown Rd., West Englewood, N. J. Indiana Universityg Farleigh Dickinson University Sociology Dorm Floor Activities Chm.5 Sociology Clubg Psychology Club HERBERT A. GORDON 555 Weld St., West Roxbury Biology Bios Club 3, 45 Chemia Club 3 BEVERLY GANN 1082 Center St., Newton Center Skidmore College Psychology CD22 Psychology Club 2-45 Soci- ology Club 45 Hillel 2-45 Or- chestra 4 JUDITH D. GEISINGER 68 American Legion Highway, Dorchester English Literature Hillel 15 Sociology Club 35 Psychology Club 35 HUB 2, Asst. Bus. Mgr. 3 PAUL R. GIBLIN 10 White St., Arlington Sociology MORTON A. GLAZER 20 Rondele Rd., Medford Government AEII House ltlgr. Crew 15 Baseball 2, 35 Hillel 1 AUDREY E. GORDON 596 Chandler St., Worcester Cfark University Sociology Dormitory Pres. 45 IDC Rep. 4 ROBERT GORDON 81 Blain St., Malden Biology TKE Pledge Class Pres. Class Pres. 25 Activities Coun. 35 Stud. Coun., Treas. 45 Bios Club 1, 25 Delta, Treas. 4 44 LEONARD R. GREEN 356 Seaver St., Dorchester Psychology Slavic Club 1-4, Pres. 25 Psy- chologv Club 3, 4 SOFIRI GREEN 127 Aggrey Rd., Port Harcourt, Nigeria Antioch College Bio-Chemistry Soccer 2, 35 Debating Soc. 2-45 SCA 2-4 HELENE P. GATES 601 Elmgrove St., Providence, R. I. University of Virginia Government Govt. Club, Treas. 3, 4 ARTHUR A. GELENIAN 48 Concord Ave., Belmont Psychology Psychology Club 2, 45 SCA 15 German Club 45 Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship 2, 3, Pub. Chm. 4 ANITA L. GILBERT 12 Lawrence Rd., Brookline Endicott Junior College Philosophy and Religion MYLES D. GLAZER 84 Tudor St.Q Chelsea Chemistry ELEANOR GORDON LAURA M. GOTSCHALL 25 Liecaster St., Auburn German . C ., . IV CAROL-LEE GRIFFIN 81 Macy St., Quincy Psychology YMCA 1, lfrcshnnin Rep., 1 .1'. Q, liuninni Della J, Pub. CllIll.,V.p.-1-:SCA 1, 2, 1Vor- 2 ship Co-Chm. -I-1 Psychology Club 1-4: Class Co-Set-y. 4-Z ,fff - s 4 5 Planning :incl Dev. lid. I , DONALD HANDLER 10 Sonoma St., Boston Biology TK E Biology Club 4: Gorman Club -1- JASON L. HEFFRON 61 Great Meadow Rd., Newton Chemislry TKE 1"inanc-o Comm. Chnl. FRANCIS J. HENRY 38 Fairfax Sl., Somerville Geology ROBERT C. HILTON Q18 Reservoir Rd., Brookline St. John's Seminary Lnlin, Newman Club -I BEVERLY Af HOLMES 1701 Livingstone St., Sarasota, Flu. Biology Rifle Club 3, 4: Bios Club 2, 3, 4 it 3 8. to V- 5 ,L Q Q-1 Qu- S .1 r fi? of "' 1' v S' l fl' 55' Sggg: . 1 .- QT. in.- -wx il 4' X X, . few BN M. . xsigiuj ., ,Nh Sz ,,5,1w,: " ne.. '11 if 'iw fn ,pu-.... if ,k.V . .., . f -sw ' - .2 Qfsgi ' BIAE G. HVGHI-ZS 36 Kimlo Rd., Wellesley Hills CGE Amf'rz'c'an Ilixlory A 5 ,- s 1. .gk 'Suv' , Ir ROBERT L. HYMAN 301 E. 9151. SL., New York. N. Y. Northland College, 1'niver- sitw of Chitago COLLEGE OF ANN T. GVNDRY 109 Deepclene Rcl., Baltimore, Md. .lluslc ANNA F. HANNCM 11 Townsend Rd., Belmont Hisiory JANET A. HEIDTMANN R.F.D. Box 294-, Deep River, Conn. English Ijleratzzre Rilie Team 2-4, Co-Capt. 3, Senior Capt. 4: English Club Q-43 German Club Q BIJRNELL A. HERSI-IY South St., Rockport Hixlory Men's Glee Club 2, 3, Secy. 45 1NIarching Band 1-3 PHILIP HIMMELFARB 117 Beaumont Ave., Nevrtonville Biology Bios Club 1-4, Pres. 43 Human Biological Assn. 1-3 JANE B. HOLMES 19 Bird's Hill Ave., Needham Skidmore College English-A merican Literature KKP Corr. Secy. Dorm Secy. 1, 2: Drama Club 23 Psychology Club Q, 3 " . sr -5 H25 wx RUTH HALPERN -156 Morris Ave., Providence, R. I. CGE Psychology Drama Club 23 Hillcl 1-33 Boosters Club 33 Shelton Hall Floor Trcas. 2 ROBERTA J. HARRIS 122 E. Fulton St., Long Beach, N. Y. Hofstra Ifniversity Sociology Young Democrats Club: Hillel: Shelton Hull Floor S0- eial Chm. 2 LETITIA G. HELLMAN 184-09 Midland Pkwy., Jamaica, N. Y. Psychology Psychology Club 41 Dorm Floor Counselor 1 JOHN HEY III 41 South St., Saylesville, R. 1. History and Gozwrrimml Alpha Club 2-4, Pres. 2, 3, Government Club 2--L, V.P. 2, 3g Young Democrats Club 2-4 JAMES H. HODDIE 480 Locust St., Attleboro Romance Larzgzlages and Lil- erature 413213 1IJBK El Club Espanol 1, Pres. 2, 3, Le Cercle Franeais 1-4- BARBARA E. HOPPER 5 Temple Rd., Wellesley Sociology Glee Club 3, 4-1 Chapel Choir 1, Elem. Educ. Club 3, 41 So- ciology Club -1-1 Brotherhood Coun. 35 SCA 1-4 Physlclil Gcograplzy e f? -:H - A ,.. ,. t -"HL ., . tg. 1 ,f LIBERAL ARTS CONSTANCE BI. JALOVVSKI 17 Morrow Rd., Brighton CGE Psychology Psyohology Club 3, Pub. Chm. 4-3 Newman Club 43 Sociology Club 4 'COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS FLORENCE KAUFMAN 14 Wallingford Rd., Brighton Sociology Hillel 15 Spanish Club 15 So- ciology Club 3, 4 WALTER H. KELLEY, JR. 915 Esplanade, Pelham Manor, N. Y. CGE History LOLA JANUSKIS 632 Broadway St., South Boston University of the Grand Duke Vytautas Psychology H. CLIFFORD JOHNSON, JR. 6 Bow St., Taunton History History Club 3, 45 SCA 1 ELEANOR A. JORDAN 2854-43 W. Seattle, Wash. Whitman College Biology AAA ALAN KAPLAN 175 Hancock St., Cambridge Biology TKE Activities Coun. 43 Bios Club 45 Hillel JOAN V. KAPSINOW 148 Mason Terr., Brookline University of Massachusetts History FAITH H. JENKINS 9 Elm St., Chappaqua, N. Y. English Literature APA Social Chm., Rec. Secy., Corr. Secy., 2nd V.P. Panhellenic Conf. 2, V.P. 35 Patterns 2, Review Bd, 3, 45 Social Advisory Bd., Secy. 3g SCA 2 KAREN M. JOHNSON 50 Augur St., Whitneyville, Conn. William Smith College Fine Arts Fine Arts Club S, 45 Social Chm. 35 Stud. Leadership Seminar 3 BERNARD J. KANE, JR. 183 Prospect St., lNIarlboro Geography B.U. Geographical Soc. 2-45 Cosmopolitan Club 3-4 ALLEN J. KAPLAN 57 Paul Revere Rd., Arlington Mathematics TKE Treas., V.P. Mathematics Club 1-3, Exec. Comm. 45 French Club 1, 25 Hillel 1-45 CLA Chorus 3 RALPH E. KARDON 31 Ransom Rd., Brighton Harvard College History Hillel 1-45 Psychology Club Hillelg History Club5 Bios 2-45 Sociology Club 3, 4 Club NATALIE E. KAUFMANN 1662 Commonwealth Ave., Brighton Psychology Dorm House Mgr.5 Hillel 1-35 Sailing Cluh5 Psychology Cluh5 Sociology Clubg Young Democrats Club PHYLLIS KESSELMAN 154 Byfield St., Providence, R. I. History 46 .K lx fi 1 ...IH-aE'ff ii. for fisiaf :5q.r2:. 1' 'HE-.ia urs. or-if K , , - sw- 'safe' :a,a,giaf-,,:,,,feg, f. tags, .hgiifsflftf ' - sf- gfsmirig L- was , 5-f,f1s.gf5,5f - f -M-geiftgg Sagas-:.f1:5.Q,1,. E, f:,s,v.s1: , -3522552 2 ,'f5L,g'f5 'iv . ,,. W 'jury Ti I ' -'s,?t:.i,i?tE' . - . 1- -..vmz1fas'2f s-gv.f:: 1 ---- ' .. "gf1ifff?Ef?s f . 5 E5 ,, fvffsrs if .... . . . , -ms 1. :swf sv, f- 5 'zsvlsgg 1 fgsswfge. . . fs, gist-et.-in ,A - J, .11 tif f 5 it DIANE C. KEENAN 5 Woodbine St., Waterford, Conn. Lasell Junior College Sociology Sociology Clubg Newman Clubg Dorm Pres. EDWARD J. KHANTZIAN N3 Webster St., Haverhill Psychology Glee Club 3, 45 Psychology Club 8, 4 CHARLES E. JOHNSON, JR. 68 Ocean St., Lynn Yale Universityg Quinnipiac College Sociology BETTY K. JONES 28-11 160 St., Flushing, N. Y. English Literature A29 Corr. Secy., Rec. Secy. SHERWIN L. KANTROVITZ 21 Theodore St., Dorchester Northeastern University History and Government Alpha Club 3, 4, V.P.5 Pre- Legal Soc. 3, 4, Treas.5 Govt. Club 3 PHYLLIS KAPLAN 6937 So. Paxton St., Chicago, Ill. OLGA G. KASKIW 200 Harris Ave., Woonsocket, R. I. Biology AKD Rec. Secy., Pub. Chm., Philanthropy Chm. SCA 15 Bios Club 1, 25 Ortho- dox Club 23 German Club 1 SHUSHIK KHATANASSIAN 14 Rue Rashid, Heliopolis, Egypt French HAJIN KIM Seoul, Korea Government German Club 2, 85 Govt. Club 3, 45 SCA 2-4 BEVERLY J. KOPLAR 721 Glenridge St., Clayton, Mo. University of Alabamag New- comb Collegeg Washington University American Literature EAT Corr. Secy. ERVVIN G. KRASNOW 63 Chavenson St., Fall River History QA95 KIJBK SFA 3, 4, V. Chm. 33 Scarlet Key S, Pres. 45 Class Pres. 15 Pre-Legal Soc. 1-4, V.P. 2, Pres. 35 Delta 2-4, Treas.5 Univ.-at-Home Comm., Co- Chm. 45 History Club, Treas. 25 Stud. Coun. 1-35 Patterns Mag., Asst. Bus. Mgr.5 "Who's VVbo" RICHARD M. KVEDAR 8 Charles Pl., Athol CGE Geology Crew 1, 2 '75 K. .. ,an-. ff" gsm I if .. J lb. W S . X , .52 .54 K If ft . fi, nn' vt' X' ROBERT A. LANCASTER 51 Philbrick Rd., Brookline Boston College Geology Newman Club 3, 4: Drama Club 45 Geological Soc., Pres. NANCY R. LEAVITT 26 Blaple St., Stonebam Colby College Psychology BEVERLY H. LANDSBIAN 24 Clover St., New Bedford Psychology RITA G. LEVENSON 210 Academy Terr., Linden, N. J. Rutgers Universityg Douglass College American Literature Hillel 3, 45 English Club 45 Psychology Club 4 w i?-1 X121 ' , . COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS ANNA KILADIS WILLIAM P. KILEY 28 Grant Sli-, Somerville 39 Duffett Rd., Framingham Government CGE HEA Psychology Orthodox Club 1-3, Secy. 45 Rifle Team 8, 45 Rifle Club 3, 4 KYO S. KIM 195-22 Sungbook-Dong, Seoul, Korea ISABEL G. KOGOS Foster St., Brighton Biology Government German Club5 Bios Club: Govt. Clubg' Cosmopolitan Club MARCELLA KOYVALEZYK 33 Garfield Ave., Hyde Park Slavic History and Literature AAl'l Scholarship Chm., Corr. Secy.g 1IDBK Secy. Slavic Club 2-4, Pres. 35 Ger- man Club 1-45 French Club 1, 25 Newman Club 1, 25 His- tory Club 45 Govt. Club 45 Cosmopolitan Club 4 HERBERT M. KREEVOY 135 Homestead St., Roxbury Biology Bios Club 1-45 Hillel 1, 85 Hu- man Biological Assn., Exec. Comm. 25 German Club 4 ALINE V. LAKEWVITZ 116 Hayward St., Braintree English Literature Dorm Pres. 35 Cosmopolitan Club 25 Sailing Club 3, 4 nu Q J 2151: ' . .Q oz K ' 3 s - "' Effgmfis- K ' .- . . ai? . . . 5 XSWQEWIH . 1 . .3 Hillel SANDRA J. KRAFT 3104 W. Outer Dr., Detroit, ltlich. Wayne State University Economics MARLENE H. KUGELL 370 Gurdon St., Bridgeport, Conn. Biology DONALD A. LAMBERT 1 Lancaster Rd., Shirley St. Anselms College Psychology Veteran's Social Org. 2 1' EDWARD R. LAWSON, JR. 51 Maple Ave., Andover Rutgers lfniversityg CGE English Literature E. JUDITH LEVINE 197 Stamford Ave., Stamford, Conn. Sociology A115 Rush Capt., Pres.5 CIPBK Scarlet Key, Chm. Stunt Night Program Comm. 3, Ball Co-Cbm. 45 Delta 2-45 SFA,Human Relations Comm. 3, Stud.-Faculty Re- lations Comm. Chm. 45 Stud. Conn., Stud.-Faculty Rela- tions Comm. Chm. 8, Fresh- man Advisor 45 Stud. Activ- ities Conf., Corr. Secy. 92: Debating Soc. lg "YVho's Vilbol' COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS ROBERT H. LUND 148 Waverley Ave., Newton St. Lawrence University Romance Languages French Club 3, 41 Italian Club 4 DONALD A. MacLEOD 171 Prince St., Charlottetown, P. E. I., Canada Biology Hockey 1-4: Baseball 1-43 Scarlet Key: "Who's Who" ALFRED J. MAININI 10 Palmer Rd., Framingham Government TKE Newman Club 3, 45 Pre-Legal Soc. 4 MADELINE E. LEVINE 829 Beacon St., Boston University of Michigan Speech AKDE EDWARD H. LILLY 539 Cross St., Malden Harvard College, Yeshiva University Physics IIAGIJ V.P. Physics Club 4, Young Dem- ocrats Club 4: Hillel 4 BURTON J. LITMAN 195 Blue Hill Ave., Milton Northeastern University Chemistry Chemia 3, 4g Rifle Club 3, 4' Hillel 3, 43 Bios Club 3, 4 ROSEMARIE LORENZ McKinley Ave., Walpole Psychology German Club 3, Secy. 4 LINDA R. LEVINSON 27 Somerset Rd., Brookline Colby College French ROGER R. LIPSON 14 Endicott Ave., Marblehead Government SFA 3, Stud. Activities Chm. 45 Activities Coun. 1-4, Pres. 85 Debating Soc. 45 Freshman Activities Coun. Stud. Ad- visor 4 ARMANDO F. LoCONTE 106 Geneva Ave., Boston Boston College Slavic Languages and Litera- ture TKE Pershing Rifles 24 Scabbard and Blade 3, 43 Italian Club 2-4, Pres. 35 Slavic Club 3, 43 French Club 2 LOUISE M. LOSCH 68 Phillips St., Boston Geography MIRIAM R. LYON PETER F. MACDONALD 71 Martin St., Cambridge 102 Presidents Lane, Quincy Goucher College Economics Fine Arts Young Democrats Club 3, Psychology Club 3: Fine Art: Secy. 4: Stud. for' Demo- Club 3, 4 cratic Action, Treas. 4 VICTOR L. MacNEIL RONALD J. 64 Thetford Ave., Boston MADIGAN, JR. Psychology 51 Laurel St., Somerville University of New Hampshire Physics RUBY I. MANTER SALVATORE M. R.F.D. 441, Oakland, Me. MARCHESE Biology 193 Union St., Lawrence German Club 4g Bios Club 8, Chemistry Secy. 4 Chemla 8, Pres. 4 BARBARA L. LEVY 11 Gibbs St., Brookline Ohio State University Fine Arts Fine Arts Club 3, 45 Cosmo- politan Club 2g Hillel 2 WILMA C. LISS 39 Suffolk Ave., Swampscott University of Massachusetts American Literature Hillel 2 JOHN J. LONG 166 Huckins Ave., Quincy Boston College Economies Newman Club 8, 43 Rifle Club 3 TOUFIGH LOTFY 58 Fenway, Boston Chemistry Cosmopolitan Club ANTHONY N. MARIANO 6 Arbroth St., Dorchester Geology MYIION S. MAZBR 134- Ilzwkcnsack Rd., VVest Roxbury Biology TKE IFC, Biology Club 25 Hilh-I Ig Italian Club 3 ROBERT A. Mc-LEAN 46 Peterborough St., Boston German AKIPA So:-cer l: German Club 1--I-1 Spanish Club 3, 4a Band 1, Q PHILLIP H. BIESSING 117 Pinehurst Ave.. Providence, R. I. INIassar'husctts Institute of Technology .Vathfmatics Alpha Club 3, Seey. 4 . - ,ix - .ix 1 K N C W 5. I - 5255- .4 f' V. 555 is V H - ' ,I g.f,.o.2i3.'y.i .,, 413:21 mfs. g 'ft' f 1'E11s:5f2q.r.::.!5:.f. -' as .5:v,'ji,,y.'.nxQg,ql+4,. 5,335.31 .. ' 'J We CHARLES E. MILGROOM Q01-I Commonwealth Ave., Brighton Philosnplly Class Newspaper, Ed. 1, 23 Philosophy Club 3, 43 Debate Soc. 31 Hillel. Cultural Comm. Co-Chm. -l- 1-sf if MURRAY S. MILLER 10 Carmen St., Boston Biology Bios Club 2 L. C COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS JEAN BIASKYYA 40 Bruckett Rd., Portsmouth, N. II. Spanish IIBKD Rush Chin., V.l'. Svurlut Key 3. -IL Delta 3, 4, Sevy.: Ponhellvnir- Conf., Exec. Comm. 3, -1, Rush Chm. 4: Class Secy. 1, 23 Stud. Couu. 3: Gamma Da-lm Bd. 1, 4-Q "1Yl1o's Ivhol' DANIEL B. Mr-DI'I"FIE 53 Ashley St., East Boston Ilixlory-Governmcfni TKE V.P., Pres. Newman Club I--li Stud. Coun. 4: IFC 3, 41 Glee Club 3 MALRICE MEIDOFF 90 Addington Rd., Brookline Biology TEfI1 Class Treas. 3, Social Chm. Q PRISCILLA L. IIAIJLE 3 Elizabeth St., Taunton flfrlllu'n11lIl1'.v IIBYIY Activities Chiu., Asst. Rush Capt. Delta 4: fluiunia Delta, Cab- inet 3, Prcs. 4-1 Charicsgatc Hall, Sci-y. '25 German Club I, V.I'. 2-41 Band I--1-Q Activ- itics Coon. 3: lIath Club 3 CAROLYN A. MCLEAN 46 Peterborough St., Boston Govzrrument AEP Debate Team 1-4, Secy. 33 Italian Club 1, Q1 French Club 23 IYomen's Ritie Team I SYLVIA L. MEDVERD 100 Yilellington Hill St., lIattapan Sociology CD22 Scholarship Chm., Rush Capt. Hillel 1-4-Q Sociology Club 3, 4g Drama Club 4 ZELIG MESTEL 9 Nixon Ct., Brooklyn, N. Y. Biology 'IPA Member-at-Large Track 1, 23 Cross-Country 1, QQ Lock 1, Q 2 tv LEIYIS H. AIILLS PHILIP L. MILLSTEIN 93 Beavon St-. B0St0D 92 Cross St., Belmont Plzilosnpliy-I'syclz0l09y Biology A SCA 'PKR Social Cm... -A Varsity VVN-:stlingg Class V.P. K I-1 Activities Coun. 43 Bios tim 5 , Club, Chemin 1 2-.1 -ff- K - K Mk, i i iw I F A ., V LOIS L. MORAN ROBERT S. MoRG.xN I' ' 'X 17 Ifnion St., Leominster Q1 Sonoma St., Roxbury - CGE CGE 'I il' W fimerimn Literature Sociology 7 E - E 7 Sociology Club 3, 4 ...., if -+- is ff 2, 'iEg,:.f' 'X JLRGEN R. MEYER-CIYNO 217 Kent St., Brookline CGE Government Soccer 2--I-3 Cosmopolitan Club 1 - .sw sg: Ax .swf -Ts K.. .uv-Y ,W JOHN C. MILLEY 79 Shawmut Ave., Boston Fine Arts Fine Arts Cluh JENNIE-RAY MOORE 19 Ledge Rd.. Old Greenwich, Conn. Vassar College Biology KKI' Social Chm., Senior Panhellenic Del. SFA Exec. Comm. 31 IDC Q, Pres. 3: Pres. Carlton Dorm 23 Outing Club, Treas. 31 Pres. Joslin House L JOSEPH L. MULLEN, JR. 846 Main St., Mfincbester KKIDA Psychology Club 21 Newman Club 2 COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS ts VICKI L. NOVOGROSKI 43 Colonial Rd.. Providence, R. I. Syracuse University Psychology Rifle Club5 Psychology Clubl Outing Club ROBERT D. OPIE 217 Lafayette St., Salem American History EVA S. PALM 2647 Sedgwick Ave., Bronx, N. Y. New York University Spanish JOHN P. PAPAS 199 St. Paul St., Brookline Biology Biology Club M. FRANCES MURPHY 247 Rock St., Fall River Psychology Slavic Club 2-4, Social Chm. 45 Psychology Club 4 JOSEPH H. NADLER 296 Itlain St., Wareham Massachusetts College of Pharmacy American History TEfI1 Baud 1, Z PHILIP E. NELSON 25 Parker Street, Wilmington University of Massachusetts History ROBERT D. MURPHY 14 White St., Arlington Economics LUCILLE R. NAREFS 259 Jackson St., Newton Center Bates College5 Lasell Junior College Psychology Bios Club 3, 45 Psychology Club 3, 45 Hillel S, Newspaper Layout Comm. Chm. ERNEST G. NIKAS 7 Manning St., Ipswich Political Science ELIZABETH D. NUTTING 43 Linden St., Allston Wheaton College5 University of Washington EDWARD J. O'CONNELL, JR. 54 Maywood St., Worcester Holy Cross College History 1239011010011 History Club 2-41 Newman Psychology Club 2: German Club 15 Cosmopolitan Club 1 Club5 Pre-Legal Soc. JEROME A. PACKER 10 Crosby Rd., Newton Philosophy-Government CIJEII5 AEP Class Pres. 45 Varsity Debate Team 1-4, Pres. 3: Scarlet Key5 Soccer 15 IFC5 CBA Class Treas. 1, 25 Lock5 SFA Triple Comm.5 Stud. Coun. 45 Delta 45 "Who's Who" JEAN E. PALMER 244 So. Central Ave., Wollaston History KKI' Junior Panhellenic Del., Asst. Membership Chm., Membership Chm., Pres. Scarlet Key, Junior Stunt Night Chm. 3, Corr. Secy. 4, Membership Chm. 4: Stud. Coun, 1-S, Social Chm. 25 SCA, Social Service Comm. Co-Chm. 25 Gamma Delta 1, Treas. 25 Chm. SFA Charities Comm. S5 "Who's Who" CAROL A. PARAD 33 Stratton St., Dorchester Sociology Sociology Club 3, 45 Gamma Delta 1 LILA C. PALATINI 463 Passaic St., Lodi, N. J. Psychology VAIRA PAMILJANS 24 Park Place, Hudson, N. Y Biology Cosmopolitan Club 15 SCA 1 Bios Club 35 German Club 35 IDC, Treas. 4. NORMAN J. PASS 43 Glenville Ave., Allston Physica FREDERICK J. MYERS 90 Jason St., Arlington Government JAMES E. NASH 171 Bay State Rd., Boston Sociology DONALD E. NORXIAN 44 Poole St., Woburn Biology Activities Coun. 45 German Club 1, 25 Biology Club 1, 2 ff? 50 RORI-IRTA A. PERRY Abbe Rrl., Dover Marry Wlrshington College English Lileralure RALPH L. PHILLIPS 17 Halen Street, Sirloin Gcogruplzy Clmeerls-:uh-r 13 Sur-. Educ. Club lg Geology Club 21 Ge ogrzuphy Club, V.P. 4 CHARL1-15 W. PIERCE, JR. 31 Sprugere St., North Rillcrica English Literature 1, . 71 K J. 1 ,-at Q ow K if IOHN f lL1 NRI' I l 3.1 Creen Ntreet .IIIIIIHICII I lain Boston College Gnwrrznzclll Govt. Club 1 lIIICI'Il'lLINA I'RICNCII'l'l 871 Caunbrillge St., Cnrnbriilgv CCE Psyrlzology Psychology Club -l- MARIA li. RAMIRICZ Colorado 23, Colonic Nnpoles, Mexico City, Mexico Biology Biology Club: Cosmopolitan Club: Spanish Club ROBERT J. REINA 9 I"II'2l,I1f'0l1I2l Ft., llorclurslcr Chfrnislryf Chemin: Pom-ing 1 RUSALYN A. PULSKY 183 Collender St., Dorcheelcrr Ch 1' m ls! ry Chemin 2-4- .IUSICPII H. 1'ROVENf'IlI'IR 147 Summer Sl.. Andover All-rrinnn-k College Pllyxlas' Physivs Clubl Nowrnun Club DAVID W'. RIGID 75 Leighton Rel., Wellesley CGR Go1'r'rnrr1z'r1f Ni-wrnan Club 1-41 Govt. Club fi, 4-1 G4-rnuui Club 4-C Young Deulox-rzitir' Club 2, 3 YHIINUN Al. RIIINEIIART GH3 Ebcrlmrt St., Chivngo, Ill. IIowurd I'niVeriity llixfnry AIIPA Social Chin. Truck CCLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS JAMI-IS F. PETRAS 22 Whiting St., Lynn GOUL'l'7l7Ill'Ilf IIZIA RL"l'II A. PICK -15 Churnbers St., lloston Biology SUSAN PIERCE 2176 Sheridan Rd., Highland Park, Ill. Psychology PERRYLYN AI. PEYTON 3306 Arrll SI., Little Rock, Ark. Howard llnivcrsily G1lFl'TV17VZl'I1l AKA HENRY F. PICKING Fzilmoulh Foreside, Portland, llc. Portland Junior College lfvunomics' VICTOR I". PITOCCO 131 Terrace Ave., Cranston, R. I. llzfology KNIFE Chaplain, Social Chnl. Uuting Club 1, 2. Y.P. 33 Ge- ology Club 3, 43 Newlnun Club 1-3 ...ageeiiigiieiieffflr'i?2?2ESgfllii5?i .fft. -l "'i5rg2?tei4 -Eifitgin tviltimg - ' ' 'JUSEES :asei2r?' 'EIFI I'q:' -15 2 vgx 15? 'E .elif ls MARION C. PRATT Q0 Frnnvine Rcl.. Framingham Fislnfr Junior College: Suffolk Ifniversity English Lilerlzlure Young Republican: Cluh lg Gcrnmn Club 1: Sailing Club BIINA L. RACUOSIN 11 Noehledge Rd., Newton Pllllosophy JOHN II. REILLY, JR. Q38 E. Main St., North Adams f:l'0VI07VllCS Gvrnuin Club 1, 3, Pres. 41 Cen-le lfrancais 1: Newman Club 1, 42 EDWARD J. RICE 105 Magazine Sl., Czunbriflgf' Physilzs- COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS JUSTIN ROSE 136 Fhurtleff St., Chelsea Northeastern University Government German Club 2, 35 Slavic Club 4 CHARLES F. ROWE 130 Chestnut St., Cambridge Mathematics Math Club 2, 43 Newman Club 1-43 Ritle Cluh 4: French Club lg Fine Arts Club 1 RICHARD P. SAUMSIEGLE 49 Maple St., Norwood Indiana University Economics RENA T. SCHEINGARTEN 59 Edgewood Rd., Linden, N. J. Psychology Hillel 1, Chmn. of Comm. on Zionist and Israeli Affairs 2, Treas. 3, Pres. 4: Brotherhood Coun. 4: Psychology Club 2-4 DONALD L. SCHUBIAN 191 Stratford Rd., Brooklyn, N. Y. Brooklyn Collegeg New York University Psychology CIDA Keeper ol the Exchequer Glee Club 11 Chemia Qg Bios Club Q: Hillel 1, 2 PATRICIA M. RILEY HUNTINGTON ROBERTS 9 Gordon St., Framingham 37 Crescent Rd., Sociology Poughkeepsie, N. Y. FCIPB Treas. Secy. American Literature Newman Club 1, QQ Psychol- ogy Cluh 33 Sociology Club 3, 43 Panhelleuic 3, Treas. 4, Triple Comm. 4, Exec. Comm. 4 STEPHEN H. ROGERS PETER ROMANOIY 9 Venner Rd., Arlington 179 Allerton Rd., Newton Romance Languages Pre-Dental TEIIP Warden, Exec. Comm. News 1-3, Advertising Mgr. 4- BERTA L. ROSENFIELD Comparative Literature History Club 2, 33 Fine Arts Club 3: French Club 1, 25 Comparative Literature Club 3, 45 Govt. Club 2, 3 MITCHELL SAMUEL?-ON Q21 Chestnut Hill Ave., Boston History ZBT Pershing Rifles 1, 2: History Club 1-3, Treas.g Pre-Legal Soc. 1-3 GEORGE D. SAWYER 4 Hampshire Rd., Framingham Northeastern University History History Club, Pub. Chm. 3, V.P. 4: SCA 3, 4 BAILEY H. SCHELL 188 Prince St., West Newton Bowdoin College Government TECIJ NORMAN H. SCHWARTZ 164 Brush Hill Rd., Milton Biology KIPA Chaplain Hillel 1-41 Chemia 1-4: Bios Club 1-4: German Club 23 Outing Club Q ROBERT K. ROSENTI-IAL 119 Trent St., Vibonsocket, R. I. Chemistry Stud. Coun., Treats.: Delta, V.P.g Asst. Ed. Seientag Chemia, V.P.3 Class Treas. QQ Human Biological Assn., Exec. Comm. JOHN J. SARNO 728 Commonwealth Ave., Boston Romance Languages Basketball 13 Baseball 1, 23 French Clubg Spanish Club JOYCE A. SCARPITTI 969 Kempton St., New Bedford Biology Newman Club 1-83 YVomen's Rifle Team 3, Trezts. 41 Honor Dorm, Secy.-Trezts. 43 CLA Glee Club 3 RUTH A. SCHISSLER 55 South St., Jamaica Plain History History Club 3, 41 Young Democratic Club 3: Fine Arts Club 35 Patterns 13 Basket- ball 2 RONALD S. SEGAL 3 Hatherly Rd., Boston Biology TKE Pledge V.P. Stud. Coun. 3, 43 Bios Club 2, 3 JOHN ll. ROBINSON 83 Ivy St., Brookline University of New Hampshire Psychology Psychology Club 2 KAREN L. ROOD 26 VVillow St., Newton Centre Mary Washington College Psychology Psychology Club 3, Treas. 45 Sailing Club 4g Sociology Club 4 l I PER E. SEYERSTED 104 Irving SL, Cambridge Oslo Business College French Psychology Club 3, 4, Treas. 3, French Club 4 HAROLD J. SHAPIRO 41 Oak St., Gardiner, Me. CGE Goverrznivrit R gt EDWARD SHUMAN 37 Risley Rd., South Brookline Economics ANN CAROL SIMON 78 Kilsyth Rd., Brookline American University Psychology Psychology Club 2-43 Cosmo- politan Club 2, 33 Spanish Club 13 Hillel 1. 2 Liao J. SONIS in Q-1 Yvashington Terr., Somerville 1-imerican Literature , as fa Yvesley Club 2, 33 Orthodox Club 1-4- -MY I ADELAIDE B. STALKER 7 Rutland St., Cambridge Sweet Briar College French E. JOANNE STELLA Q3 Baker St., Belmont Biology IIBKD Corr. See., Rush Cap- tain Student Council 1, 2, Treas- urer: SFA 33 Delta: Bios Club 1-:lg Newman Club 1-43 Ger- man Club l-9 .L :A -s...,.-of JEROME SILVERMAN 1135 Elmwood Ave., Pl'UVlllCI1l'l!, R. I. Ikyelwlogy Delta -tg Varsity Track 3, 43 Ac-tivities Coun. 2, Advisory Bd. 23 Stud. Coun. 41 HITB Bd. 43 Psychology Club 2-41 SFA Rally Comm. 3 RONALD SISLANE 46 Mountfort St., Boston CCE Geology AXA RICHARD P. S-PARGO 198 Ivuion St., Randolph Geography Sf-abbard and Bladeg SCA Membership Chmn.3 De- ltlolay SUSAN A. STAUFFER 491 Fairfield Ave., Stamford, Conn. Skidmore College Arrzurirvarz Literature JOHN I". STEWART 38 Great Rd., Bedford CGE History Newman Club 2, CLA Del. 3, 4, 'l'reas., Religious Chnl. -1-3 SDA 3, V. Chm. -13 Young Democratic Club 3, 4 53 COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS JOHN R. SHANKEY 6810 Thomas Blvd.. Pittsburgh, Pa. Government ITEA SHELUON R. SHAPIRO 201 Mountain Ave,, Malden History AEP3 flPAOlFei-y., 'l'reas.3 fDBK Debating Team l-4-3 Pre- Legal Sou., Pub. Chm. 2, Treas. 3, Pres. -la Debating Soc. 1, Social Chin. 2, V.P. 3, Pres. 43 SFA Stud.-Faculty Relations Comm. 3, 44 Scarlet Key, "Whos lVbu" 4" RICHARD G. SHAPAZIAN 218 Arlington St., YVat.ertown Chwnistrg Bios Club 1-43 Chem Club 1-43 Armenian Club 1-4- THOMAS F. SHEA 22 Lynde St., Boston History History Club 1 -WP -g' ,.... A. .. me t. s -, ft sa. NAN SILV E RST EIN 756 bloody st., VValtham Sociology PHILLIP F. SM ITH 553 Aldxxych Rd., El Cajon, Calif. San Diego State College, Pomona College Philosophy-ltclzgiuft SC A 4 ELAINE L. SPRINGER 26 St. Paul St., Brookline Connecticut College for lVom- en English FRANCES M. STEELE Q00 YVebster Hill Blvd., VVest Hartford, Conn. University of California at Los Angeles Zoology AFA Newman Club 1, 43 Alarl- borough House, Seey,-Treas. -L3 Sailing Club 43 IDC, Float Clim.-13 SDC-L ROBERTA .l. STROGOFF 121 Nahant St., Lynn History Hillel 1-33 Marching Band 1, 23 Class Publicity Chain. 2, Seey. 3 COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS E. DEBORAH TECK 95 Hampshire Dr., Rochester, N. Y. Northwestern University English English Club 4 ANGELA M. TOBIA Q52 Orient Ave., East Boston llislory OIDA Rec. Secy. Newman Club 1-4 AUDREY P. TUCK 206 Parkway St., Chelsea History Hillel 1-4 EDM UND F. WALKOWIAK 36 Everett Ave., Vilebster Michigan State University Biology Newman Club 3, 43 Bios Club 2, fi: Psychology Club 3, 4 MYRNA WEINER 132 Mason Terr., Brookline University of Michigan Psychology ELAINE B. WEST 8 Alexander Ave., Harrison, N. Y. Mary VVashington College Psyclzology STANLEY D. TANENHOLTZ 122 Englewood Ave., Brighton Physics M- 404 .lI.'DITI-I AI. TAYLOR 1555 Bank St., Abington Romance languages French 1-4-5 Spanish Cl 4: Italian Club 4 ll f L, . -A f V- - .. i . , p.. , if - i R L A sv' . 5 - r X ' N. 1 K Q . R. P. TEWARSON CATHERINE A. TOWNSEND 107 Hull St., Cohasset Romance Languages Drama Club lg YVVCA 25 French Club 2, 3, V.P. 4, Spanish Club 2-4 ROBERT A. VIERA 33 Kiltun St., Taunton Government ELSA R. WASSERMAN 67A Chester St., Allston Psychology SHIRLEY R. WEINER 6 Howland St., Roxbury Hebrew Teachers College History Hillel CAROL WESTON 21 Sears Rd., Brookline Bennington College Compamiivc Literature English Club, Sccy. 2 SANDRA N. TIKOTSKY 93 Lawrence St., Haverhill Syracuse University Sociology Young Democrats Club, Rec. Secy. 3, 41 Hillel 2 FRANCES TRIEFF 18 So. Olean St., VVorcester New York City Collegeg Uni- versity of Vermont Biology SALVATORE A. VOZZELLA Q2 Cypress St., Vllest Roxbury Biology TKE Rec. Fecy. Italian Club 2-4, V.P. 35 Greek Orthodox Club 3, 43 Bios Club 4: Rifie Club 33 Newman Club 1-43 Class Treas. 4 WINSLOW N. WVEEKS 4 Vcrndule St., Brookline French CLA Float Chin. 3, 4, Stull. Conn, 2 SANFORD VVEINREB 166-05 89 Ave., Jamaica, N. Y. COE Government KFIUA Pres., Treas., Inductorg HUB Q, Assoc. Ed. 3, Editor- in-Chicf 43 Hillel 1, 2g Young Democratic Club 35 FFA 43 Scarlet Key: "1Vho's ivhol' SHIRLEY WEXLER 176 High St., Exeter, N. H. Skidmore College English Literature SANDRA TAYMORE 81 Dennison Ave., Swampscott English Literature Class Secy. 1 Q.: ,,,. ' HARRIET B. WHISDIAN 2400 39 St., Vllashington, D. C. Wellesley College Hillel 1-45 Psychology Club Fine Arts ,lhl A 'f 215.55 ' Q MARGARET E. ADAMS 320 Adams St., Milton llniversity of Oregon Romance Languages LENA M. ALBERICO 57 Lanydun Ave., VVatertown STEPHANIE R. ALBERT 24 Concord Ave., Cambridge PHILIP L. ALDRICH ROBERT C. ALLEN 76 Grant St., Lynn Geology JOSEPH ANTONELLIS, JR. S1 Vllarebam St., Medford ANTHONY M. ARANEO 461 Park Dr., Boston ROBERT E. AUEN R.F.D. Essex ELAYNE P. BAKER 54-1 Haverhill St., Lawrence ALBERT B. WINCHELL 39 Simmons Ave., Belmont Governmcnl Football Mgr. 1-43 Rifle Club 3, 43 Scabbzlrd and Blade 3, 45 Baseball Mgr. 15 Hockey Mgr. 1 FRANCES A. YONITIS 361 Field St., Brockton History and Social Sludicx Class Pub. Chm. 3, Co-Secy. 41 German Club 13 History Club 2, 3 ALLAN W. ZALK 129 Franklin St., Malden History RICHARD L. WINER 9 Rose Gorden Ci., Brighton History ZBT Secy. Arnold Air Soc. 3, Adjt. 45 Patterns 1, 2: History Club l, 2 ALANE A. YOUNGENTOB 1870 Commonwealth Ave., Brighton Connecticut College Government AIAXINE R. ZISS 131 Garfield Pl., Maplewood, N. J. Columbia University 3,4 JOSEPH L. CHRISTOPHER 34 Bockingham St., Bristol, Conn. English Psychology Hillel 1, 23 Psychology Club 2, 3 MILTON S. DAVIS 47 Tvithington St., Dorchester Sociology Hillel 1, 3 COLLEGE OF LI HILLORY F. WIGGIN 99 Hancock St., Malden Sociology Sociology Club 1-45 Psychol- ogy Club 1, 3, 4: German Club 1, 25 History Club 3 ELEANOR A. WILSON 184 Fellsway VVest, Medford Romance Languages Newman Club 1-41 Italian Club 1-3, V.P. 45 Cosmopol- itan Club 4 .. 51' I S., nn 2 9 .+ V I BERAL ARTS SUZANNE S. YERMAN 2105 Northclifl' Dr., Baltimore, Md. University of North Carolina F ine Arts ELAINE E. ZABLOTSKY 21 County Rd., Chelsea Northeastern University Sociology Hillelg Italian Clubg Young Democrats Clubg Sociology Club STEPHANIE CARTER 24 Buswell St., Boston Vllestbrook Junior College Psychology GRADUATES WITHOUT PICTURES ALAN AI. BANKS 127 Florence3Ave., Arlington ELAINE F. BARRY 5 Dona St., Cambridge IRENE K. BEREZESKY 39 Buswell St., Boston GENNARD BIBBO 230 Orchard St., Vvatertown ALLAN BLACKMAN 121 Mountfort St., Boston CYNTHIA Cv. BLAKER S75 Marlboro St., Boston SYLVIA B. BLOOM 124 Ormond St., llffattapan ALICE VV. BODEN 215 Herrick Rd., Newton Centre JOHN P. BOLAND 21 Sheffield St., Vvinchester JOHN L. BONAFEDE 9 Albion St., Dorchester 55 EDTVARD M. BONETTI 34-3 Gavin Hill Ave., Boston DEBRA B. BOURSTEIN 124 Yvalker St., Cambridge EDWARD R. BRAULT 82 Peterborough St., Boston JORDAN AI. BRICKAIAN 46 Coolidge Rd., VVorcester Biology TEQ Biology Club 3, 45 Hillel 1-4 SHIRLEY M. BROWNELL 20 Lawndale St., Belmont JOHN W. BUCKLEY KENNETH R. BURSTEIN 15 Buswell St., Boston ANTONINO BFFA 197 Beech St., Belmont JOHN B. CALANDRELLA 4-0 Jewel Ave., Attleboro DOROTHY J. CAMPBELL 175 Lincoln St., West Bridgewater JAAIES B. CANNING 78 Bellevue Rd., Squantum RICHARD VV. CANNON 6 Buswell St., Boston RICHARD R. CAREY 71 VValnut St., llffalden BARBARA R. CARLSON DANIEL CEDRONE 212 Ivashington St., Boston AIORTON CHALFIN 1152 Commonwealth Ave., Allston GEORGE J. CHAAIBERS 96 Garden St., Boston KYUNG O. CHO 66 Montrose St., Newton AIARCIA L. CLAIRMONT 135 Boewe Ave., Brockton JOHN AI. CLARK, JR. ASTRID E. CLIFFORD 162 Kelton St., Boston ADRIENNE M. FNTSHER NATHANIEL S. CLIFFORD 80A W. Cedar St., Boston EMMANUEL L. COFFINET 160 Stratton St., Dorchester BARBARA P. COHEN 604 Woodlawn St., Fall River JACQUELINE R. COHEN 38 Bettinson Ave., Everett ELIZABETH A. COLE 97 Mountford St., Boston RICHARD P. CONDORELLI 75 Phillips St., Boston ROBERT J. CONNOLLY 111 Victory Rd., Dorchester Philosophy JOYCE A. COOPER 77 Arnes St., Lawrence JAMES G. COUGHLIN 9 New St., East Boston HELEN L. CRANDALL 85 Greenwood St., Malden HERBERT F. CRONIN 87 Moraine St., Jamaica Plain Colby College .llathematzbs CATHRYN T. CROWLEY 1680 Commonwealth Ave., Brighton DANIEL F. CUFF, JR. 480 Revere Beach Blvd., Revere ROSEMARY P. CUNEO 238 Massachusetts Ave., Arlington RONALD L. DAVY 52 Falmouth St., Boston History PAULINE M. DELABARRE 87 N. Beacon St., Allston ARISTIDES J. DEMETRIOU 509 Beacon St., Boston HELEN C. DIMITRAKIS 1471 Centre St., Roslindale EUGENE F. DOOLEY 39 Webber St., Boston RITA DRISCOLL 89 Lamoille Ave., Haverhill DOROTHY J. EDWARDS 1402 Beacon St., Brookline SIRKKA M. EKBLOM Q07 Fisher Ave., Brookline ALICE ELCHUK 98 Addington Rd., Brookline Boston Teachers College Romance Languages SIBIONE J. ENGLANDER Z0 Leicester St., Brighton Center VIRGINIA M. ESAU 79 Gardner St., Hingham VINCENT C. EVANGELISTA 14 Winter St., Winchester RICHARD D. FALCONE 57 Constance Rd., West Roxbury LAWRENCE J. FARESE S54 Marlboro St., Boston TOBI P. FEINGLASS 102 Deering Rd., Mattapan SHEILA R. FINSTEIN 68 Las Casas St., Malden MADELEINE S. FISHOF 101 W. Pettebone St., Forty Fort, Penn. Ohio State University Psychology Psychology Club 8, 43 Soci- ology Club 4g Spanish Club S: Cosmopolitan Club 8, 4 ROBERT E. GERLACH 1060 Beacon St., Brookline ANTHONY V. GIANNINO Maple St., Middleton GERALDINE L. GIBSON GRADUATES WITHOUT PICTURES CYNTHIA L. GIVEN 19 James St., Brookline HADEN G. GREENHALGH LAWRENCE GREENMAN 764 Pleasant St., Paxton Wesleyan University Geology AACID Soccer 3, 4: Glee Club 4: Geology Club 4 EDITH O. GROSS Wayside Inn Rd., Framingham BAYARD GUILD 412 Hartford St., Westwood STEPHEN G. HAMILTON 10 Ruthum St., Boston CHARLES A. HANCOCK 105 Eldridge St., Newton MURAD M. HASHIM 21B Ayer Itam, Penang, Malaya Oberlin College History and Government Cosmopolitan Club ARLENE H. HECHT 175 Bay State Rd., Boston DAVID L. HERMAN 164 St. Botolph St., Boston GAIL J. HERMAN HELEN A. HILL ALBIE HITRYS 26 Prince St., Milton JUDITH M. HOFF 8 Chauncy St., Cambridge ROY A. HOLMES 44 Peck St., Franklin CGE Government CGE Stud. Coun. lg Crew 3 MARION C. HONG 288 Franklin St., Melrose ROBERT L. HUDDLESTON 152 E. Spring St., Alan HARRY A. HULSE S9 Antrim St., Cambridge Boston College Psychology Psychology Club 3, 4 GEORGE W. HUTTON 69 Purdon ,Ave., Lynn RICHARD T. IRELAND 35 Raymond St., Nashua, N. H. RICHARD C. JELEN 907 Dedham St., Newton SUSANNE G. JONES CHRISTOPHER L. JOSEPH 34 Buckingham St., Bristol, Conn. English Literature Patterns 1-3 SOPHIA L. KAIZER EMANUEL KATZ DIANE KAYE 86 Gerry Rd., Chestnut Hill JOHN J. KELLY S2 Clayhouserne St., Dorchester WON K. KIM Seoul, Korea Seoul University History History Club SAUL KIVELL BARBARA R. KRABEK 10 off Grove St., East Weymouth MARSHALL KRASNOW 95 Willowdean Ave., West Roxbury History ZBT BARBARA A. LADOO 242 Newbury St., Boston GEORGE W. LANE 40 Spring St., Hingham English Literature Young Democrats Club 3, 4 ROBERT W. LANG ROBERT E. LARSEN 1 Main St., Malden SANDRA H. LAZARUS 16 Bevelin Rd., Providence, R. I. ROGER L. Le BLANC 76 Mountain Rd., Waltham ANN C. LECOMTE 88 Ivy St., Brookline MARIANNE D. LERNER 80 Little Rd., Brookline ROBERT D. LEVY 6 Leland Rd., Brookline ROBERT W. LEWANDOWSKI WILLIAM R. LEWIS 58 Mountford St., Boston ROCHELLE B. LIFSON ICK H. LIU CONSTANCE S. LOBENTHAL PAUL G. LUCAS 83 High St., Rockport HARRY J. LUCIER JEAN E. MacINNES JOSEPH J. MAIER 26 Dyer St., Boston JEFFREY D. MAILEY JAMES S. MARCHESE MARTIN S. MARGULIES 7 IVIiner St., Boston University of Hawaii Sociology Drama Club, V.P., Pres.: Chemiag Scientiag Hillel SAUL A. MARSH 889 Morfolic St., Dorchester TKE PETER A. MARTIN 281 Harvard Ave., Allston REX T. MARTIN Dorimer Pk., Danvers LENORE C. MARVIT 8 Elmwood Pk., Newtonville PAULA MATTHEWS G Bent, Georgetown, British Guiana Wellesley College F inc Arts AGLAIA S. MATTI FRANCIS O. MATTSON 189 Oakland Ave., Arlington Tufts College English Literature JAIVIES W. McCOMISKEY, JR. 118 Whitfield St., Dorchester JAMES F. McCOURT 114 Huntington Ave., Boston JOANNE S. McKEAGE 18 Tufts St., Charlestown DENNIS A. McLEAN 62 Calvary St., Waltham TERENCE J. McMANUS 7 Trapelo St., Brighton ARTHUR A. McMULLEN 284 Commonwealth Ave., Boston BERNARD E. McTAGGART, JR. 84 Pincushion Rd., Framingham WARREN J. MERRIAM 29 St. James St., Roxbury ANN H. MILGROOM 2014 Commonwealth Ave., Boston HARRY G. MOOK EDWARD P. MORIARTY 31 Burch St., Arlington HENNEN A. MORRIS ANN E. MORRISON 55 Mountford St., Boston EMILE G. MOURED THERESE A. MURPHY RICHARD A. NAUN 54 Gov. Winthrop Rd., Somerville DONALD M. NEAL 40 University Rd., Brookline WILLIAM A. NICHOLS MICHAEL A. NIGRO 202 Hazard Ave., Hazardville, Conn. University of Notre Dame Economics PATRICK R. NUGENT S98 Boylston St., Boston JAMES D. O'DOWD 42 Peterborough St., Boston KENNETH J. OLSON 192 River Rd., Hudson JANE E. PAPPI 669 Main St., Wareham English Literature ILDONG C. PARK 2 George St., Norwood JANICE G. PARKINSON 24 St. Mary's St., Boston JAMES L. PARSONS 99 Norway St., Boston SANDRA H. PARZOW JOHN A. PHINNEY 174 "H" St., South Boston CAROL L. PIERSON 581 Grove Terr., South Orange, N. J. Smith College Sociology TRAVIS, PUGH 17 Phillips St., Boston FELIX P. QUINN DAVID N. RADIN WILLIAM M. RAEDER 89 Court St., Dedham Mathematics AXA Treas., Pledge Trainer, House Mgr. Crew 1, 8, 4g Pershing Rifles lg Boosters Club 1, 4: Math Club 4 ALAN R. RAND 50 Saunders St., Medford ARTHUR H. RANDALL 12 Park Ave., Attleboro VITA J. REINER JUNE N. ROBINSON 64 Whitelawn Ave., Milton LILIAN ROSE 189 Huntington Ave., Boston NEIL W. RUNSTEIN HRANT H. RUSSIAN 34 Winthrop Rd., Belmont AUDREY R. SAIPE 283 Tappan St., Brookline JEANNE M. SALMON 457 Washington St., Brookline Albertus Magnus College English Literature Newman Clubg Young Dem- ocratic Club JOANN SALTZMAN 138 Lowell St., Peabody ASHOK SARAN 437 hlarlboro St., Boston JOSEPH P. SCHEPIS 9297 Wood Ave., Hyde Park EUGENE I. SENAL 60 Noble St., West Newton RUTH SHAPIRO 18 Lynn St., Chelsea VALERIE P. SHAW CONSTANTINE B. SIMONIDES 519 Park Dr., Boston JANE F. SMITH 57 Highland St., Holden J. CAROLYN SMITH 137 Webster St., Arlington College of Puget Sound: Uni- versity of Oregong Western Reserve University Sociology KEA Sociology Club Corr. Secy. 4 PHILIP IWI. SIVIITH 810 State Rd., Vllest Wlayland ROBERT F. SAIITH, JR. KARL D. SORENSEN 70 Perry St., Brookline SYLVIA C. SOSIN WARREN G. SPARKS 11 Chandler St., Waverley University of North Carolina Mathematics KEITH F. SPENCE 353 Pearl St., Cambridge WILLIAM B. STAN 21 Barton St., Boston Cambridge Junior College German JOSEPH STASHIO 2? Buswell St., Boston FRED BI. SUGARAIAN EDWARD F. SVVEENEY 387 Marshall St., Tewksbury SARAH B. SWINTON -11 Tvamesit Rd., Hfaban Sociology-Anthropology Psychology Club 3, 4: Soci- ology Clubg SCA 3 G RADUATES BRIAN TAYLOR 58 Manchester Rd., Brookline MERLE G, TAYLOR FREDERICK A. THAYER, JR. THOMAS E. TIGHE 4-2 No. Pearl St., Meriden, Conn. History WILBERT H. TORMALA 14-6 Summit Ave., Wollaston ARNELLO M. TRIFILO Clem Ct., South Barre American Ilistory Pre-Legal Soc. 2, 35 Debating Club 1, Cir:-lo Italliano 3: History Club 3 ARMAND J. VENEZIANO 14 Verdun St., Dorchester MARY VENTIIRA 44-0 Washington St., Wellesley Hills C. ALLAN VIDEN Q80 A. North Hain St., Cohasset LAWRENCE V. VINECOUR WITHOUT PICTURES KARL H. WEDEM EYER 17 Keswick St., Boston ROBERT C. WEST 117 W. 34 St., Erie, Penn. Psychology ZHIJE Comptroller, Athletic Chm., Asst. Pledge Trainerg Psychology Club 3 JOHN C. WIGHTON, JR. 34 Boswell St., Boston THOMAS J. WILGREN 19 Burnham Sq., Belmont CHARLES M. WISEBIAN 675 Washington St., Brookline JOAN WOLFGANG 32 Chambers St., Boston GLORIA E. WRIGHT 5-I Hudson Pl., Cambridge RHODA J. WULKAN 9525 6F Ave., Forest Hills, N. Y. Sociology Hillel THEODORE YEANNAKOPOULOS 109 North Street, Salem VVILLIAM V. YOACHIMCIUK, JR. 124 Cashin St., Lowell Physics Baseball 1: Chemia Cluh Physics Clubg SCA HAROLD C. YOUNG 52 Putnam Ave., Cambridge Northeastern University Boston College History MARTIN ZVKOFF 1429 Stanwood St., Boston Economics . Ziff ., exif' ul 5 FTW ' 5' F gf 1 '- 2 IEIQ. . J, 4 Joseph Visco James Costa President Vice-President - .J,,,.w,NT if N A K 35 gli 5, Flfii' ' . oo M -'5' VVilli:1m G. Sutcliffe, AB., A.M., Dean Harry Dulgariau COLLEGE OF BUS! N- : 1 wi- -Q -an ' IPI L! g1 .6fi 3 9I t,., I 1, P1 m. S ADMINISTRATION COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION NICHOLAS ABDELAH All 92 Martin St West Roxburv Human Relations Baseball 1 Orthodox Club 1 3 Rifle Club 1 HARRY G ADAVIIAN 195 Pleasant St Arlington Feneral Business ' EAE Asst. 'I reas. Eminent Herald, Chronicler, Float Co- C hm. Crew team 15 Armenian Club 1, 25 ARMANDO A. ALFANO 193 Trenton St., East Boston General Business JOHN E ABERCROMBIE JR 54 Horton St Andover Lnnersity of Massachusetts Accounting Accounting Soc 2 4 JANI EQ K AHLQL IST 232 Walpole St Sharon Foreign Trade Young Republican Club 3 WILLIAM J. ALLEN 79 Stearns Rd., Brookline Colgate University Marketing 1I7IlA EDWARD G. ANDELMAN 188 Rawson Rd., Brookline Accounting TECI1 Bursar Hillel 1-45 Accounting Soc. 2- 4 ROBERT L. ANDERSON 58 Jefferson St., Attlehoro Accounting .Accounting Soc. 4, Scabbard and Blade 43 SCA 1 MARILYN J. ASARKOF 352 Brighton St., Belmont flledical Secretary AK BERNARD BAKER 52 Hancock St., Malden General Business AEII Hillel DONALD T. ANDERSON 58 E. Hansen Rd., Waltham General Business JOAN P. ARONSON Q44 Winchester St., Brookline University of Massachusetts Secretarial Sludies ROBERT C. AVERY 17 Grand View Rd.. Arlington Northeastern University Accounting BFE Accounting Soc. 2-4 SELMA J. BAKER 84 Donazette St., Wellesley Medical Secretary ABII' Secy. Santa's Workshop JUNIOR H. ANDERSON 31 LaSalle Rd., Needham Heights Management BFE Eve. Div. Class Treas. 45 HUB Bd. 4: Evening Div. Stud. Coun. 3, 43 Owls Club 1-4 ELAINE ARONSTEIN 52 Tennis Rd., Mattapan Businen Education IIQII Psychology Club S, 4 WILLIAM AZOFF 253 Beverly Rd. Chestnut Hill M arkcling AEII Historian Marketing Soc. 4: Hillel 1, 2 RICHARD P. BARIYWELL 134 Southworth St., Ivest Springfield Accounting AKII' Treas.3 BFE Exec. Comm. Class Pres. 35 Cross Country 1: Congregational Club 1-41 Accounting Soc. 1-4, Lock, Exec. Comm. 33 Scabbard and Blade 3, First Sgt. 45 Stud. Coun., Treas. 3, Pres. 43 Scar- let Key 4, "Who's lVho" TERRY E. ACKER 62 Seaview Ave., Scituate University of Pittsburgh Marketing AKII' House Manager Activities Coun. 43 Market ing Soc.g Accounting Soc. Young Republicans Club RAYMOND T. ALEXANDER 47 Hutchings St., Dorchester General Business Protestant Clubg HUB Bd. Eve. Div. Stud. Coun. SHIRLEY B. .ALPER 175 Kearny Ave., Perth Amboy, N. J. Business Education ROBERT BAREISS Goodman Hill Rd., Sudbury 1l.B.A. ,llanagement JOSEPH A. BEAN 2 Arbutus Rd., Swampscott Insurance Insurance Soc. 3, 4: Hillel 1-4 JOHN A. BEAUIWIONT 61 Mountfort St., Boston Management AIIQ Young Republican Club: S.A.M. 45 Stud. Coun. 1 t 5, .Jn'Q 'W r 1' if 11. VE.. 6, '53- .s rr.. '55 - K we gg L. fe--.gef :. ' - .,.ae,,iwws13g, ug. Say. Bef , ,,.,,,a,,..., . f. 5.1.55 "Q3li..,lp4 JSI. r f fliiywzigise Vg:5,A:Z Z 6-.,A ,Q L..L . 9 ff . 7 2-tffxsgx 1 Q V .--1 1 -' .etfftr " ti X. rece we N ...e NINA R. BELLIA 15 Portland St., Lawrence flfarkcting CIFIEN Marketing Soc. 1-35 Sociology Club lg Newman Club 1 MARTIN BERNSTEIN 20 Willowwood St., Dorchester Statistics BEVERLY A. BILAS 54 Notch Rd., Clifton, N. J. Harvard University Advertising Marketing Soc. 2-42 Newman Club 1-4: Shelton Hall Stud. Govt., Social Chm. 2, 43 Young Democrats 45 Boost- er's Club 2-4 JOSEPH W. BOARDMAN 556 llerrimack St., Manchester, N. H. Insurance COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION IRWIN R. BENDER 107 Deering Rd., liiattapan General Business 'IDA STANLEY J. BERSON 3 Nazing Ct., Roxbury .Management ELIOT A. BLUESTEIN 96 Dothan St., Arlington General Business J. ROBERT BOOBAR 31 Sheffield St., Portland, Me. Accounting A1190 Treas. 3, Alumni Sec. 4 Scabbard and Blade 3, Fi- nance Officer 45 Accounting Soc. 4 AUBREY BARNETTE 260 Ruggles St., Boston Management S.A.M. 3, 4 YVILLIAAI J. BEARDSLEY 9 Holland Rd., Falmouth Heights Advertising EAE Social Chin, Asst. Rush Capt., Exec. C0mn1.g AA2 Rush Capt., Pledge Trainer S.A.llfI. 1, 2. Membership Chm., Pub. Chm. HERBERT BECKER 161 Cambridge Ave.. Englewood, N. J. ,Marketing 'DEH Pledgemaster Marketing Soc. 3,4: Hillel 1-4g Boosters Club 3,45 Young Re- publican Clubg Advertising Club JAMES W. BATES 129 Bayberry Dr., Bristol, Conn. Insurance Insurance Soc. 2, 3, Pres. 43 Baseball 1, Q3 Basketball 1, 2 HERBERT J. BEATON, JR. 928 Main St., Littleton, N. H. General Business Marketing Soc., 4 WILLIAM M. BELCHER 15 Carville Ave., Lexington Marketing Marketing Soc. WSZW Y .535 fs ff Z . . . M., . it 5 MALCOLM E. BERNHARDT 66 Chester St., Allston General Business BARBARA A. BICKERSTAFFE 119 Winthrop Rd., Brookline Business Education EACI7 Pres., Parliamentarian, Rush IIQII Stud. Coun. 3, V.P. 43 HUB Bd. 4: Social Advisory Bd. to Dean of Women 25 Winter Carnival Co-Chm. 2, 3: SCA 1-33 Wesley Club 1: Scarlet Key: Cheerleader lg "Who's Who" H. PETER BLUM 6 Rustic Lane West Hartford, Conn. Marketing Drama Club 3, 4: Marketing Soc. 3, 4 Capt., Panhel. Del.: PHILIP J. BOSCO 198 No. Midland Ave., Nyack, N. Y. Accounting Accounting Soc. 2, 3, Pres: 43 Newman Club 3, 4 :fr 3 eexxnv COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION WILLIAM A. BURKINSHAW, JR. 73 Conant St., Beverly Salem Teachers College General Business QDEK LESLIE BYELAS 82 Westwood Rd., Bridgeport, Conn. General Business QA CARMEN R. CARBONE 14 Wilbur St., Dorchester General Business Newman Club EMORY L. BOTHAST 120 Riverway St., Boston General Business Glee Club, Librarian 1-S, V. P. 4 MARSHALL A. BREM 16 Hansborough St., Dorchester General Business TECID Hillel 1, 23 Young Republican Club 3, 4 EDWARD BROWN 131 Magazine St., Cambridge JC Accounting J. WILLIAM BUCKLEY 103 Meadowbrook Rd., Longmeadow Dartmouth College Finance MARTIN A. BOTNICK 23 Harland Pl., Norwich, Conn. Accounting THONIAS F. BRODERICK 990 Callaghan Way, Boston Management Newman Clubg Scabbard and Blade SUKINER D. BROVVN 131 Magazine St., Cambridge Marketing Marketing Soc. 2-45 Veter- un's Club 25 Hillel 1-3 HERBERT L. BUCKMAN, JR. 9 Mylod St., Norwood Accounting Accounting Soc. 4 WILLIAM H. BURTON 21 Kempek St., Wollaston Marketing AA2 Secy. Marketing Soc.g Newman Clubg Veteran's Club RAYMOND J. BYRNE 399 Oak St., Franklin Georgetown University Industrial Management ROBERT A. CARLOW 2510 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge Industrial Management S.A.M. 4 CLYDE T. BUTCHER, JR 78 Davidson Rd.. Framingham C GE Management Christian Science Org. Treas. 2, 8, Pres. 4 CLIFTON R. CAMPBELL, JR. 562 King St., Hanover General Business AK'If NORMAN A. CARLSON 196 Westminster Ave., Lexington Management HAROLD E. BOUTILIER I2 Fidelis Way, Brighton Accounting ROBERT H. BROTHERTON Denver, Colo. Accounting Accounting Soc. 3, 4 VIRGINIA A. BUCK 16 Woodland St., Arlington Business Education EACIDQ Panhellenic Del.g HQII Thaea 8, 4g Junior Activities Conf., Secy. 35 Junior Prom Asst. Chin, 85 Cheerleader 25 HUB Bd. 45 Newman Club 1- 4 . TOBY S. BURKE 25 Mt. Hood Rd., Brookline University of Massachusetts Business Education FRANK L. CARUSO 450 Post Rd., Cos Cob, Conn. Marketing Newman Club 1-33 Psycholo- gy Club Eg Marketing Club 4: Myles Standish Hall Stud. Govt. Bd. 1 ROBERT E. CASEY 42 Cerdan Ave., Boston General Business Newman Club ELAINE F. CHIZOOK 63 Orange St., Chelsea Business Education KD Panhellenic Rep. 45 IIQIIQ Newman Club: Slavic Club DANIEL J. COAKLEY 16 Colonial Ave., Dorchester Industrial .Management Newman Club 2-45 S.A.BI. 3, -4 COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ,,,-A LOUIS L COHEN Insurance SIDNEY I' COHEN 77 Granite St Worcester Worcester Junior College Accounting Accounting Soc. 8 4' Hillel 3 MARILYN E. CONANT E. Livermore, Me. Accounting CIFIIN Secy. Accounting Soc. 2-4g SCA 1-4 LOUIS J COI-IFN 73 Neptune Ave Woodmere N Y Hofstra Insurance AEII Pres Hillel Insurance Soc Treas EDVI ARD J COMER JR ll Sherman Ct VVoburn llanagement IRVING P. CONNOLLY 12 Hagar St., Vllaltham Advertising Newman Club: Marketing Soc.3 S.A.lNI. 63 VERNA R. CARUSO 178 Broad St., Weymouth Business Education KQ Chm. of Ways and ltleans Comm. 2, S Italian Club SZ, Pub. Chm. 8, 43 Newman Club 1, 2 ROBERT H. CHALIIIERS 90 Highland Rd., Brookline CGE Management AKW' ALBERT G. CIAMPA 66 Pearl St., Somerville Rhode Island State University Industrial Management BTA Owls Club: Accounting Soc. ROBERT J. COGLIANO QIQ Manthorne Rd., Boston General Business Newman Clubg Baseball 1 FRANCIS J. CASEY 36 Capitol St., Watertown Holy Cross College Management Newman Club BARBARA R. CHERKAS 44 Daly Rd., Medford Business Education IlQI'l: AK Stunt Night Pal 11 Santa's Vvorkshop 1-3 WILLIAM P. CIANO 314 Proctor Ave., Revere Marketing HERBERT A. COHEN Candia Rd., Manchester, N. H. Marketing AEl'I Steward Marketing Soc. 1-3, Pres. 4: Hillel 1-4 msfsee- S 1 Q Sins.. MARK S. COHEN 1 Ocean Terr., Lynn Accounting Sailing Club Team 4: Ac- counting Soc. 2-4 CHARLES P. COBIERFORD 21 Glenellyn Rd., Lowell General Business A211 GEORGE W. COOK 6 Hatherly Rd., VVollaston Industrial Jlanagement COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CLAUDIA J. DARDENO 286 Highland Ave., Somerville ' Business Education KD Secy.5 IIQII Pres. Thaea 2-4 JOSEPH T. DeLORENZO 7 Warren St., Medford General Business AEII MARCIA J. COPENHAVER Main St., North Woodstock. N. H. Colby Junior College Medical Secretary AAA Fraternity Educ. Chm. Activities Chm., Junior Pan- hellenic Del. Women's Riflle Team 2, Co- Capt. 3, 45 Panhellenic Conf. 8, Pres. 45 Scarlet Key 4: Thaea 2-45 SFA 45 "Who's Who" JAMES P. COSTA 426 Nantastet Ave., Hull Accounting Class V.P. 45 Stud. Coun. 4g Activities Coun. 45 Account- ing Soc. 45 Newman Cub 4 SHIRLEY M. CRAWFORD Bay Hill, Lisbon, Conn. Management S.A.M. 3, 45 Newman Club 4 JAMES C. CUMMING 157 East Cottage St., Boston Management AIIQ V.P., Pres., Pledge- master Newman Club 1-45 S.A.M. 4 JACKSON M. CUSHING 80 Main St., Westboro Springfield College Transportation ROBERT H. CORBETT 8 Meredith Ave., Newton Newton Junior College Insurance ROBERT G. COSTA 121 Yeomans Ave., Medford Insurance A1110 V.P., Pres. Insurance Soc.5 Newman Clubg Young Republican Club5 Boosters Club STEPHEN G. CRAWFORD 9 Harvard St., Marlboro Psychology CDEK Secyg KCIJA SCA5 Wesley Clubg Psycholo- gy Club PAUL CURREY 140 Adams St., Lynn M.B.A. BERTRAND A. CZUCHRA, JR. 247 Skit! St. Ham en, Conn. , d Quinnipiac College Management RONALD A DAY WARREN M DEAN JR IOQOB Commonwealth Ave., 15M Center St., Woburn Boston Management General Business CHARLES C. CORSE, JR. 16 Sylvan Rd., Beverly Management S.A.M. 3, 4 DONALD K. CRAWFORD 8 Hayes Rd., Hingham Accounting BFE Accounting Soc. 45 SCA 1-45 Wesley Club 1, 2 THOMAS A. CROWDIS, JR. 121 Griggs Rd., Brookline CGE Management Kf15A Rush Chm., Pres. IFC 8, 41 Ride Club: SCA ALAN R. CURTIS 17 Main St., Millbury General Business DeMolay-Master Councillorg SCA ARNOLD S. DANBERG 142-46 Sanford Ave., Flushing, N. Y. University of Miami Statistics TECIJ5 ADX Treas. Hillel 1-8, Coun. 2 EDWARD A. DEMEO ALEXANDER R.DeVITO SBR Moody St., Waltham 392 Cambridge St., Statistics Cambridge Newman Club Accounting Newman Club 1, 45 Account- ing Soc. 2, 4 ELAINE G. DOCTOROFF 1392 Beacon St., Waban Westbrook Junior College Medical Secretary AK Junior and Senior Pan- hellenic Del. Hillel 2. 3 DANIEL J. DRISCOLL, JR. 101 Elm St., Holyoke Holyoke Junior College Accounting Newman Club 35 Accounting Soc. 4: Rifle Club 39 Sailing Club 3 HARRY A. DULGARIAN 38 Clarendon Ave., Somerville Accounting BFE Accounting Soc. 3, 45 Class Secy.-Treas. 4 ROBERT C. ELLS, JR. 26 Yardarm Lane ill, Quincy Management Golf 3, Capt. 4: S.A.HI. SHEILA E. FALEK 31 Ormond St., Mattapan Medical Secretary Santa's Workshop JOSEPH P. FEENEY 708 E. Sixth St., South Boston CGE Management Newman Club 2-4: S.A.M. 4: Young Democrats 3, 4 WILLIAM F. FERGUSON 31 Sheldon Terr., New Haven, Conn. .llarketing Marketing Soc.g Newman Clubg CBA Hockey Teamg Veterans Assn., Social Chin. COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION .pa-W ...'!.. ANITA H. FELDBIAN 9 Taylor Dr., Norwich, Conn. Marketing Hillel 13 lNIarketing Soc. 2-4 CHARLES W. FERREE S8 Shaughnessy Tcrr., Lowel University of Michigan, Uni- versity of Pittsburgh Management S.A.M. 4 JOHN E. DOHERTY 10 Fitz Rd., Peabody Economics Newman Club JAMES E. DUFFY 400 Cobb St., Johnsonburg, Pa. General Business AKIP' Varsity Football 45 Intramu- ral Basketball: Newman Club RONALD J. DUPONT Q16 Bremer St., Manchester, N. H. Personnel Management AKIP' Newman Club 1-41 Pershing RiHes 1, '23 Activities Conf. 2 ARTHUR J. EPSTEIN 30 Lillian Rd., Nfalden Jlanagemcnt TEJD MARGARET K. DONAHUE 80 Mansor St., Lowell Business Education ROBERT J. DUFFY 62 Sheridan Ave., Medford Industrial Management S.A.lVI. S, 45 Newman Club 4 ANDREW R. ELDER 551 High St., Westwood Management THOMAS H. EYLES 80 Winter St., Leominster General Business A211 Crew 1, 2: Accounting Soc, 11 Statistical Assn. JULIO J. FARULLA 5 Gavin Way, South Boston Marketing American Marketing Soc. 3, 4 MICHAEL J. FAY 88 Calumet St., Roxbury Industrial Managemerit New Club 2-43 S.A.M. 3, 4 7- f ,Hagel WL N kj? . ,ff-1 -i 12 L.', K ga '55 -..... GEORGE W. FERGUSON 42 Tyler Rd., Belmont General Business PATRICIA A. FERREN 92 Marilyn Rd., Milton Secretarial Science 'FXS Pres., Secy. Eve. Div. Stud. Coun. COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION gne'r CURTIS L. GERRISH, JR. 22 Winter St., Newburyport General Business AEII House Mgr. Ride Club ROBERT J. FERULIJO 101 Pine St., Woburn Management MATTHEW FISHER 23 Vineyard Rd., Newton Center Insurance fIPEI'I CBA Insurance Soc. DANIEL F. FITZGIBBON 185 Lake St., Arlington Boston University M.B.A. Industrial Management ZIAE LOIS M. FOX 102 Catalpa Ave., Perth Amboy, N. J. Business Education Hillel: Thaea OTTO D. FREY 11 Academy St., Liberty, N. Y. St. Lawrence University Finance THOMAS J. GAUDET 357 Essex St., Lynn General Business Newman Club: Veteran's Org. ALFRED L. FILLION, JR. 105 W. Bow St., Franklin, N. H. Marketing AAE Corr. Secy. Newman Club 2-45 Marketing Soc. 2-4 HARVEY S. FISHMAN 26 Hamilton Rd., Somerville CGE Marketing AEII Chaplaing IFC Del., Treas. IFC Orientation 1, Pub. Comm. 85 Hillel 1-4 JOHN FOLEY 8 Harvard St., Melrose Insurance RICHARD J. FRANCESCO 295 Shortell Ave., Beverly Accounting AZII Accounting Soc. 1, 25 New- man Club 1, 2 RONALD E. GALLAGHER 93 Chester St., Allston General Business Arnold Air Soc., Co-Chm. Blood Drive 1, Exec. Odicer 23 Marketing Soc. 13 Account- ing Soc. lg Rifle Club 1 LEATRICE A. GAVIANI 4 Ashland St., Dorchester Secretarial Studies KD Pres. 4 Newman Club 66 PAUL GLICK HERBERT J. GOLDBERG 41 Almont St., Malden 33 Fuller St., Dorchester General Business General Business Hillel 3. 4 MANUEL J. FINE 22 Prince Pl., Stamford, Conn. Marketing AAE Marketing Soc., 2-44 Hillel 1- 35 Debating Soc. 3 ROBERT E. FITZGERALD, JR. 105 Scituate St., Arlington Marketing Rifle Team 1, Newman Club 1-43 Market- ing Soc. 3, 43 Pershing Rides 1-43 Arnold Air Soc. 3, 43 Chm. 29th Military Ballg "Who's Who" Debating 15 HARVEY L. FORMAN 639 Beacon St., Newton Marketing Marketing Club 2-4 GORDON E. FRANCIS 288 State St., Portland, Me. Portland Junior College Accounting Accounting Soc. 8, 4 HAROLD J. GARVEY 122 Highland Ave., Lowell Accounting Newman Club 1-4: Account- ing Soc. S, 4 AN DREW GAVRILOPOULOS 358 Corinth St., Patras, Greece General Business RONALD C. GOLDBERG 339 Russett Rd., Brookline Marketing ANITA R. GOMES 117 Cedar St., New Bedford Marketing 811YA Treas. Thaea 2, V.P. 3, Pres. 45 Stud. Couu. Q, Secy. 4g Marketing Soc. 2, V.P. 3, 45 HUB 35 Newman Club 1-43 Class Secy. 25 Hayden Herald Q GEORGE R. GOVERS 72 E. Pleasant St., Amherst Management ROOSEVELT GREER, JR. 1688 Post Rd., Warwick, R. I. Foreign Trade S.A..M. 3, 43 ltlarketing Soc. 4 SIDNEY R. HANDLER QQ Kingsdale St., Boston Marketing Marketing Soc. 2-4 JVDITH HASSEY 34 lvarren St., Lawrence Executive Secretarial KQ, Pledge Capt., Social Chin. Newman Club 1, Social Chm. Q, Corr. Secy. 3, V.P. 4, CBA Del. 3, 41 Thaea 2-43 Psychol- ogy Club 1, 2 COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION em. .- -1 -YY! THEODORE L. HERMAN 114 Dwinnell St., VVest Roxbury Personnel Management TKE Pledge Blaster S.A.M. 2-4: Boosters Club 3, 43 Hillel 1-4: Marketing Assn 4 47... JOSEPH A. HERNON 5 Bearse Ave., Dorchester Accounting 67 ARTHUR G. GOLDSTEIN 862 Capen St., Dorchester Accounting Hillel 1-4, Accounting Soc. 3, 4: CLA Social Comm. C0- Chni. 1 CHARLES D. GORDON 1441 Wm. T. Morrisey Blvd., Quincy Marketing ZBT Historian, V.P. Lock Soc. S3 S.A.M. 2, S1 Marketing Soc. 3 DOUGLAS F. GRANEY 15 Bishop St., Jamaica Plain General Business S.A.M. ROBERT A. HALL 202A Hamilton St., Cambridge General Business S.A.lNl. 4 DEANE N. HARDING, JR. 47 Irving St., Cambridge Personnel Aclministralion S.A.M. 2, Program Chm. 3, Treas. 45 Veteran's Soc. 2: Rifle Team 2 NELSON B. HAYNES 24 Garrison St., Portland, lNIe. Portland Junior College Accounting Accounting Soc. 3, 4 10" iv-Q LEONARD S. GOLDSTEIN 10 Park St., Brookline Marketing TEQ Marketing Club 4 NEIL S. GORDON 10 Gilmer St., Mattapan Business Management GPA KENNETH S. GREEN, JR. 11 Ranelegh Rd., Brighton General Business German Club 4 WILLIAM J. HALPERIN 139 Madison Ave., Englewood, N. J. Marketing IIJEH Secy., Stewart Boosters Club 3, 4: Hillel 1-41 ltlarketing Soc. S, 4 RAYMOND J. HARKIN 46 Beechwood Rd.. Braintree Management S.A.M. 3, 4: Newman Club 3, 4 REGINA A. HEALY 9 Cedar St., Lowell University of New Hampshire General Business 9111A Historian, Pledge Train- er, V.P. Stud. for Democratic Action 3, Secy. 43 Newman Club 1-45 Hayden Herald 25 HUB 3 sq- ,.., .. ..-., we EL l YVAYNE C. HERSEY 11 St. Paul St., Montpelier, Vt. Leicester Junior College Accounting COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ROBERT A. JOHNSON 180 Stratton St., Dorchester Management Newman Club GERARD W. JOYCE 241 School St., Somerville General Business FRED L. HIRSCH 215 Grovers Ave., Winthrop Advertising and Marketing AAE Treas. Hillel l-4, Senate 1, Boosters Club 3, 45 Young Democrats Club 4 ROGER HOLLANDER 300 Highland Rd., South Orange, N. J. Insurance ZBT Pres. Varsity Fencing 8 JOHN A. HURNEY 471 Pleasant St., Norwood Accounting Accounting Soc. DAVID J. ISENBERG 47 Bicknell St., Dorchester Management S.A.M. Program Comm. Chm. CAROLYN I. JOHNSON 49 Bedford St., Quincy Business Education EACIJ Secy., V.P , Pres.g IIDII Stud. Coun., Secy. 8,43 Class V.P. S5 Thaea 8, 4: SCA 1, 2g Scarlet Key: "Who's Who" NAOMI J. HIRSCHFELD 663 Park Ave., Paterson, N. J. Marketing Marketing Soc., V.P. S, 4, Public Relations Otiicer 2, 83 Shelton Hall Activities Chm. 2, 33 Hillelg Boosters Club FRANCIS J. HOURIHAN, JR. 102 Wyoming Ave., Needham General Business ROBERT F. HYNES 89 Howard St., Norwood General Business HORATIO H JACKSON Q2 Symphony Rd., Boston Finance LARRY W. JOHNSON 22 John St., Waltham Management 68 ROBERT C. JOHNSON 108 Randlett Pk., West Newton University of Maine Marketing TKE Marketing Soc. 3, 4 GERALD M. KADISH 71 Prescott St., Framingham Management S.A.M. 8. 4, Hillel 8, 4 CAROLE E. JONAH 40 Oxford St., Arlington Business Education END Social Chm. ROBERT KADSIVITZ 208 Oakland Ave., Providence, R. I. General Business SUMNER S. HOLBROOK 172 Maple St., Malden M.B.A. Management HARRY L. HOWARD Smith Ave., Walpole Nichols Junior College Management LAWRENCE T. IMRIE 490 Charles St., Torrington. Conn. General Business AXA V.P., Pledge Trainer Arnold Air Soc., Treas.g IFC Secy. ROBERT J. JANUSZ 158 Forest St., North Andover Accounting Accounting Soc. 1, 2, 4 MURIEL A, JOHNSON Hoppin Hill Ave., North Attleboro General Secretarial JOEL KAMENS 95 Sagamore Ave., Chelsea Accounting TEQD Parliamentarian Pre-Legal Soc. 2: Hillel 1, 2 JOHN T. KELLY, JR. 10 Green St., Hingham Insurance Insurance Soc. S, 4, V.P.: Newman Club 1-4 MAURICE F. KENNEDY 15 Harriet St., Brighton Management AKWP' Newman Club 45 S.A.lWI. 2 CLARENCE J. KING 69 Fairbanks Rd., lVIilton Marketing Newman Club 2-4 RICHARD H. KRAMER 385 V.F W. Pky., Chestnut Hill Northeastern University Accounting TEfIJ Lock 2, 33 Accounting Soc. 4 COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ROBERT P. KRZYWIEKI 597 Lineoln Ave., Saugus General Business HERBERT I. KUMINS 18 Alton Ct., Brookline Advertising Varsity Ski Team 1-8, Capt. 43 SCA 1-4 CIDA Bearer of the Mace Hillel 1-45 Young Republi- can's Club 3 TANYA M. LAPP ARTHUR LASSITER 54 Joseph Rd., Saxonville Marketing Marketing Soc., . . , S.A.M. 2, Cheerleader 1 16 Jerome St., West Medford Marketing GERALD S. KASTEN 56-05 175 St., Flushing, N. Y. Marketing QEII House llgr., EAC Sr Del. Hockey 19 Hillelg Boosters Club 3, 43 IFC Del. 3 ROBERT E. KELLEY Liberty St., Middleton Management LEON KESSLER 10 Millet St., Dorchester Advertising FRANCIS R. KELLEY 255 Orchard St., Belmont General Business Newman Club 1-45 Arnold Air Soc. 3, 4: S..-LM. 3, 4g Market- ing Soc. 4 THEODORE E. KENDRICK, JR. 57 Kenvil Ave., Succasunna, N. J. Marketing AKW' Steward Demolay: SCA: IFC CLARENCE G. KILLIAN 120 Harris St , Athens, Ga. General Business Marketing Soc. 3, 4-5 Hillel 1- Pershing Rifles I 4: Young Democrats Club 4 JOSEPH E. KINNEY 23 Limestone St., Caribou, Me. Management S,A.M. RICHARD J. KROPP 20 Conant Rd., Chestnut Hill Marketing WDA Secy., IFC Del. Activities Coun. Del. 35 HUB Staff 1: Lock, Del. at Large Q, V.P. 3 SAMUEL M. KLINGSBERG 6 Fuller St., Brookline Accounting ZBT Secy., Pres. IFC Service Chm. Q, 3, Treas. 3, 43 Senate 1: Lock 2, 3 RICHARD W. KRUPKA 209 Gerry Rd., Chestnut Hill Pratt Institute M.B.A. Industrial lllanagement l sl.. A .i 1 if DENNIS J. LAMB, JR. Darling St., Southington, Conn. General Business BARBARA A. LAWSON 1427 Bayview Ave., Toronto, Ontario, Canada General Secretarial '-3' 2.91543 PHYLLIS LIL ADER Colby Junior College General Secretarial JOHN T LEARY 1 Courtney Rd West Roxbury NI B A Accounting COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Z' 'W CHARLES W. LOCKWOOD Q6 Anzio Rd., Framingham Washington University Accounting BFE Accounting Soc. 3, 43 S.A.M. 4 ROBERT G. LUMNAH Enosburg Falls, Vt. Marketing AEII Treas. Cross Country I: Indoor Track 1, Marketing Soc. S, 43 Scabbard and Blade 4 JOSEPH E. MacKINNON 126 Worcester St., Watertown General Business Newman Club 3, 4 ROGER M. LENFEST 59 Corbett St., Andover General Business S.A DI. 35 Newman Club 4 ALVIN R. LEVY 288 Summit Ave., Brighton Northeastern University Accounting Accounting Soc. 45 S.A.M. 3, 4 FRED L. LEZBERG 622 Walk Hill St., Mattapan Accounting ZBT Treas. Lock 2, 35 Accounting Soc. '2-4 WILLIAM H. LeRETTE 169 Main St., Wenham Management JOHN W. LEWIS, JR. Dunstahle Rd., Tyngsboro General Business A1110 Corr. Secy., Rec. Secy.. V.P., Fellowship Chm. MELVIN J. LIEBERMAN 9 Wiley St., Woburn M.B.A. Management 70 THOMAS M. LOSEK 14 Broad St., New Britain, Conn. Management CORNELIUS J. LYONS 46 Mountfort St., Boston Management S.A.M. 4: Lock RICHARD H. MacLEOD Witherbee Ct., Pelham, N.Y Advertising ECIJE V,P., Pledge Trainer, IFC Del. Scabbard and Blade, SCA 1- 45 Outing Club 1, 2 JOHN Y. LOUNGWAY S6 Peterborough St., Boston Management JACK MacCRACKEN 123 Pine St., Wollaston M.B.A. Economics RAYMOND R. MacNEIL 64 Thetford Ave., Boston Business Management RICHARD M. LEBOWICH 98 5th Ave., Saratoga Springs, N. Y. Management ZBT Secy. Sailing Club 3, 49 Fencing Team Mgr. 4 FRANCIS S. LEVIN 21 Wildwood St., Dorchester Insurance WILLIAM B. LEY, JR. 310 River Ave Providence, R. I General Business SCA 1-4, Exec. Bd. 3 DONNA E. LILLY 39 Stanwood Rd., Swampscott Westbrook Junior College General Secretarial ,MW RONALD A. MADER 39 Clark St., Framingham Marketing Marketing Assn. 2, V.P. 3, 43 S.A.M. 2-4 JOHN T. MALLOY 36 Wycoma Way, Waltham Advertising AAX Pres.g AHQ Curr. Secy SFA Float Parade Chm. 45 Newman Club 1-45 Veteran's Club Q-4 KATHERINE D. MARTIN R.F.D. 444 Falmouth Rd., Portland, Me. Westbrook Junior College Marketing AFA Social Chm. Dorm. Pres. 35 IDC Pres. 3, 45 Thaea 43 HUB Staff 3, Assoc. Ed. 4: Scarlet Keyg "Who's Who" FREDRIC M. MASON 14 Exeter St., Taunton 'Marketing Hillel 1-45 Marketing Soc. 2-4: Young Democratic Club 4 9-X 415 COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION WALTER C. JAMES J. McGUINESS MCDONOUGH 94 Alexander St., Dorchester 44 No. ltlunroe Terr., Personnel Administration Dorchester S.A.M. 2-4, Program Chm. 3, Management Veteran's Soc. 2: Newman S.A.lNI. 3, 4 Club 1, 4 JOANNE F. MEOLI JEAN J. MICHAUD B Orchard St., Medford 21 Ocean Ave., Lynn Business Education KQ Treas.g IIQII Treas. Thaeaq Newman Club? Italian Club, Social Chm. 1, 3 RICHARDINE MINNIG Revonah I'Iill, Liberty, N. Y. Marketing KQ Cheerleading 1, 3. 4: Newman Club 1-4, Del lg Rifle Team 2, 3 Massachusetts College Of Pharmacy M.B.A. Marketing CHARLES A. MIRAK 131 Cambridge St., VVinchester CGE General Business 71 GERARD P. MAHONEY 38 Newton St., Brighton .Advertising AK'1J' Master of Rituals ARISTEDES T. MARINOS 992 Wibird St., Portsmouth, N. H General Business AKKP' Steward Marketing Soc. 4: Orthodox Club 1, Q LESLIE K. MARTIN 308 Webster St., Needham Heights Management DAVID S. MATHEWSON 82 Ellerton St., Chicopee Falls American International Col- lege Jlarketing AKIP' Stud. Conn., Pub. Chm. 43 Activities Coun., Treas. 43 Marketing Soc. 3, 4: Class Senator 4 LEE V. MAIER 1063 Dorchester Ave., Boston I nsurarwe Insurance Soc.: Newman Club MICHAEL I. MARKIS 19 Grosvenor Pk., Lynn Marketing LUIS A. MARTINEZ QQ5 Commonwealth Ave.. Boston ROBERT MAXWELL Daniel's Carpenter Ct., Foxboro M.B.A. Insurance WALTER J. MCNAMARA 49 Judson St., Malden General Business EUGENE U. MILLS 120 Montgomery St., San Francisco, Calif. Rensselaer Polytechnical In stituteg Stanford University M. B. A. Accounting HOWARD MORRIS 52 Lane Pk., Brighton M.B.A. Industrial Management 5.A M. COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION PAUL F. NOETZEL 14 Warner St., Somerville Accounting THOMAS E. O'DONOVAN 2588 Centre St., West Roxbury Marketing "Who's Who" SIMONE A. OUDOT Q93 Marlboro St., Boston General Business International Students Org.g Fencing BARBARA A. PAINE 14 Main St., Salisbury Business Education IIQII Historian my I . RICHARD J. MORRISON Q5 Hall St., Somerville Management S.A.M. CLIFFORD J, MURPHY 54 Sever St., Worcester Worcester Junior College Accounting Accounting Soc. 3, 4g New- Club 4 SANGCHAN NIRANDARA 258 Rajavithi Rd., Bangkok, Thailand Centenary College for Women General Business Cosmopolitan Club 2-4' ' LS THOMAS P. MOSHER Centre St., Vineyard Haven Mitchell College Accounting Accounting Soc. 3, 45 S.A.M. 2-43 SCA 2-43 Young Repub- lican Club 8, 49 Rifle Club 3 ANTHONY J. NATALE S. Coolidge Rd., Belmont General Business ACIDQ Secy., V.P., Treas., Sgt. at Arms Newman Club 1-43 Sailing Club, Lear Commodore 8, 45 ALBERT NISSAN Teheran, Iran Management S.A.M. 3, 4: Cosmopolitan Club 92, 8 TERUO NUGANO S939 Oharamach, Chiba-Ken, Japan M.B.A. Foreign Trade DAVID F. OSSINGER IRENE J. NUNES 45 Ashley St., New Bedford Business Education IIQII V.P. Thaea, Secy. 3, 4, YMCA 1 SIDNEY L. OSTROFF 944 Washington St., Holliston 110 Congress Ave., Chelsea General Business SCA 2-4 GEORGE D. PACKARD 202 Salford St., Wollaston General Business RAYMOND J. PANNETON 5 Orchard St., Forge Village Management S.A.M., Pres. 72 A ccounting JESSIE E. PAGE 147 Kent St , Brookline Lasell Junior College General Business OXO Pres. Eve. Stud. Coun. 1, 2, Secy.- Treas. S, V.P. 45 "Who's Who" 3: Scarlet Key 85 Prot- estant Club, Pres. 3g Owls 1, Secy. 2, Pres. 35 HUB Bd. 4, Class Pres. 4 ROCCO A. PAOLINI 310 Revere St., Revere Industrial Management S.A.M. 25 Marketing Club V.P. JOHN L. MULKEEN 441 Rockvale Cir., Jamaica Plain Marketing MELVIN G. NELSON 150 Falmouth St., Portland, Me. General Business QIJEII Public Relations Chm. Hillel 1-45 Rifle Club 35 Boost- ers Club 3, 4 CHARLES R. NOCHELLA 131 Crescent Hill Ave., Arlington General Business ZAE Rush Capt., Warden Newman Clubg S.A.M. av'-is JOSEPH V. PARENTE 83 Jaques St., Somerville University of Maryland Accounting Accounting Soc. 3, 4 TEREN CE J. PEMBERTON 292 Hallron St., Boston Insurance DONALD J. PHILLIPS 36 Anderson Rd., Framingham General Business PAUL POLISHOOK 17 Morris Lane South Scarsdale, N. Y. Marketing TEC? Corr. Scribe Crew lg Hillel 1, 2, 43 Blarket- ing Club 3, 43 Drama Club 3 CHARLES L. PRESCOTT 41 Old Mystic St., Arlington Northwestern University General Business Cross-Country, Mgr. l ROBERT T. REIKIANN 3612 Queenswood Blvd., Toledo, Ohio Marketing AKIYQ A1110 V.P. Scarlet Key 3, V.P. 45 IFC 2, 3, V. Speaker 41 SFA, Stud. Govt. Problems Comm. Chm. 2, Float Chm. 3, Triple Comm. Chm. 3, Rally Comm. 3, Chm. 45 Lock Q, 35 Wres- tling Team 1-35 "Who's Who" ROBERT L. RICHARDSON 46 Mt. Vermou St., Saugus General Business COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION .2 3 'mm 'qc-.... ROBERT B. POLLACK 41 Holworthy St., Roxbury Accounting TEGJ Hillel lg Accounting Soc. 2, 4: Booster Club 4 JANET D. PRINCIPATO 39 Sycamore St., Belmont Secretarial Studies CIDBKIJ Treas. PETER F. RICCIARDI 8 Southern Ave., Hampton Manor, Rensselaer, N. Y. Northeastern University Management Sailing Club ALLEN RIDER 131 Dunster Rd., Jamaica Plain M.B.A. M arketiny ARTHUR E. PARROW 74 Brook Rd., Milton Accounting JAMES C. PERKINS 210 No. Elm St., West Bridgewater Marketing Marketing Soc. RANDALL L. PIKE 14 Highland Ave., Newport, N. H. BERTRAM S. PATKIN 58 Beltran St., Malden General Business ARNOLD PEVNA 9 Highland Ave., Haverhill Accounting Accounting Soc. 2-4 RICHARD S. POLCARI '29 Homer Rd., Belmont General Business Industrial Management SFA 2, 3, Vice Chm. 4: Seab- bard and Blade, Capt. 3, 45 Newman Club 1-45 S.A.lI, 4: Marketing Soc. 4 Scarlet Key 4: Pershing Rifles 1, Q, P.I.O. Oflicer 3g Lock Q, 33 Stud. Cnun. 2-45 Nlyles Standish Stud. Govt. Bd. 1,23 "VVho's Who" W. U, ,, 1' V vet., 15" MARYSE POLYNICE 46 Rue Bonne Foi, Port-au-Prince, Haiti General Business A29 Newman Club l-43 Cosmopol- itan Club 1-4- NANCY DI. REID 40 Buswell St., Boston Accounting BPZ5 GPN Accounting Soc. 4 GEORGE D. RICE 146 Allerton Rd., Newton Management JOSEPH A. RIZZO 100 Whittier Rd., ltledford CLA M.B.A. Accounting COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION HOWARD B. ROTHMAN 8 Astoria St., Mattapan General Business SYLVIA T. SACKNOFF 1786 Robeson St., Fall River Medical Secretary Hillel 1, 2 RONALD S. SAVAGE 80 Longfellow Rd., Worcester General Business KIJA Myles Standish Stud. Govt. Bd. 8, Pres. 2: Activities Coun. 25 Lock 23 Hillel 23 IDC 2 EDWARD N. SCHLAR 1276 Blue Hill Ave., Mattapan Marketing ZBT Secy.: BFE Class Treas. 8: IFC 2, 85 Hillel 1-4, Coun. S: Market- ing Soc. 2-45 ROTC Color Guard 25 Pershing RiHes 1, 2g Scabbard and Blade 3, 4: Booster's Club S, 4: Psy- chology Club 19 S.A.M. 2: Lock C. HARRY SCHREIBER, JR. 1866 Northwest Blvd., Columbus, 0. Massachusetts Institute of Technologyg University of Michigan, Ohio State Uni- versity M.B.A. Accounting EN ANDREW J. ROEHR LORRAINE s. ROSEN fl Goodwin Pl., Boston 14 NO- White Sli-. University of Connecticut POUSIIIKCCPSIC- N- Y- General Business Mefiivlll SW-'fGfl1T1l Hillel DANIEL S. ROSENBERG JEROME J. ROSENSTEIN 129 Sayles Ave., 27 W3ShlnKf0H St-I Pascoag, R. I. Dorchester Marketing General Bwinen ACPO Historian 49 JOEL L. RUBINOVITZ 45 Lorna Rd., Mattapan Marketing TEQ Marketing Soc. 8, V.P. 4 ROBERT D. SALTZBERG 61 Woodlawn Dr., Newton Accounting RICHARD S. SCAFIDI 288 River St., Waltham Marketing Newman Club 23 Marketing Soc. S, 4 ALBERT T. SCHMITH 22 Black Creek Lane, Warwick, R. I. University of Rhode Island Foreign Trade and Invest- ments Rifle Club 2, 8, Capt. Rifle Team 4, Pres. Rifle Club 4 STANLEY A. SCI-IWARTZ 17 E. Boulevard Rd., Newton Insurance QA Insurance Soc. 2, 8. Secy. 4 74 DAVID W. RYDER 172 Mt. Vernon St., Arlington Marketing LEE W. SANBORN 74 Pearson Rd., Belmont Marketing Marketing Soc. THOMAS R. SCALESE, JR. 66 Cushing St., Cambridge Marketing Marketing Soc.: Newman Club MURRAY J. SCI-IOONER 84 Kilsyth Rd., Brookline Marketing Rifle Team 2-43 Pershing Rifles 1-4, Capt.: Scabbard and Blade S, 45 Marketing Soc. 1-43 Management Soc. 3, 4: Blood Drive Chm. 45 Scarlet Key: "Who's Who" PETER J. SCURIS 45 Latham St., Groton, Conn. Industrial Management Orthodox Club 1, 2. Pres. S, 4, Brotherhood Coun. 8, 4: Management Soc. 3, 4: Boosters Club S, 4 MAXWELL ROSENBAUM 89 Theadore Rd., Newton Marketing TE41 Drama Club lg Hillel lg Lock RONALD M. ROSENTHAL 132 Westbourne Pkwy., Hartford, Conn. Personnel Management ZBT Historian, Pledge Mas- ter S.A.M. S, 4 DONALD G. SEELY 252 Franklin St., Quincy Marketing Marketing Club MILTON L. SHAPIRO 82 Kilsyth Rd., Brookline Marketing Class V.P. 13 lNIarketing Soc. 3, 4: Crew 1 fi'- a--1 KENNETH L. SHEIFFER 41 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Marketing CDA Social Chm. Class Senate 3 SELWYN J. SHERMAN 5 Billow Ave., Revere CGE Accounting Accounting Soc. 4 MARTIN SILBERT 63 Althea Rd., Randolph Accounting STUART C. SBIITH 851 W. Roxbury Pkwy., Chestnut Hill General Business TECIJ Warden, V. Chancellor Basketball 11 IFC 1, 2, Secy. 3, Rush Chm. 4 WALTER STEINBERG 11 Maravista Rd., Dorchester 1NI.B.A. Marketing COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION WILLIAM T. SHEPARD 68 Wesley Rd., Framingham Court M.B.A. Marketing MARCIA W. SHERWOOD 50 Boston St., BIiddletou tllanagemcnt S.A.M. Secy. CHARLES J. SILVA 19 South St., Marlboro Worcester Polytechnical In- stitute Statistics SKGJ GEORGE W. SNOW 147 Glendale St., Everett General Business MARCIA J. STERNBURG 89 St. Paul St., Brookline Secretarial Studies Hillel 1 JACOB S. SEGAL 10 lVIace Pl., Lynn Boston Collegeg Boston Uni- versity General Business AEl'I Secy. Hillel Rep. Hillel Q, 3 SIDNEY D. SHAPIRO 35 Swift Rd., Framingham General Business Arnold Air Soc. 3, 4: Choral Art Soc. 1: Hillel 1-4, Brother- hood Coun. 1, 2 'Vw '75 PATSY F. SFORZA 145 Sargent St., Revere Management S.A.M. 2-4 JOHN E. SHAW, JR. 114 Essex St., Weymouth General Business '35 FRANCIS H. SHERIDAN 11 St. James Rd., Medford Management AKIP' Warden EDWARD A. SIFF 28 Westridge Rd., New London, Conn. Marketing TEQP Sgt.-at-Arms, Historian, Member-at-Large Hillel, Brunch Chm. 1, Conn. 34 NEWS, Asst. Advertising Mgr. 2, Advertising Mgr. 8, Business Mgr. 45 Lockg Scar- let Key: "Who's Who" JOHN B. SINCLAIR Mount Vernon St., Newport, Vt. Management BARBARA J. SOLOFF 539 W. Jackson Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. General Secretarial Hillel PAIILA A. STERNHELL Q3 Pine Dr., Great Neck, N. Y. Marketing COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION RICHARD H. SULLIVAN 315 Main St., Norfolk Management Newman Club 1-3 WARREN A. SWINDELL 26 Plymouth St., Everett I nsurance AZII DeMolay 2-45 Wesley Club 2 CHARLES F. TATE 4 Jenny Lind St., New Bedford Retailing Newman Club 1, 2, Pub. Dir. 3, Coun. 49 Marketing Club 4 PHILIP T. TODISCO 162 Saratoga St., East Boston Personnel Management PHILIP B. TRUSSELL 613 Bay Rd., Hamilton General Business Arnold Air Soc. 3, Squadron Commander 45 Military Ball Co-Chm. 4 JOHN J, TWOHIG, JR. 19 Archer St., Lynn Marketing AAE ADS 1, 2, V.P. 3, National Convention Del.: Newman Clubg Veteran's Assn.g Mar- keting Soc. STEPHEN M. STOLAKIS JOAN F. SULLIVAN 17 Sandy Bar Dr.. Worcester 80 Fairbank St., Brighton Worcester Junior College Marketing Accounting IIPFN Panhellenic Del. Accounting Soc. 3, 4 Newman Club Sg Marketing Soc. 3 76 WILLIAM J. SUNDERLAND 220 W. Atlantic St., Shenandoah, Penn. Villanova University, Penn- sylvania State University Management Newman Club 1 MARIANN TALANIAN 28 Eldridge Rd., Jamaica Plain General Business Armenian Club 1, 23 Rifle Club 8. 45 French Club 1 ALAN M. TATTLE 31 Basset St., Lynn Insurance Insurance Soc. 15 Hillel 45 De- Molay 1 JOHN F. TRACEY 68 Endicott Ave., Revere General Business Newman Club CLEANTI-IES S. TSORVAS 24 Pulaski St., Peabody Tufts University Management EDWARD J. VAICH 79 Waban Pk., Newton Management WILLIAM J. SWEENEY 13 Court St., Woburn Brandeis University Insurance Hockey 3 GLEN R. TARANTO 74 Annairan St., Roslindale Advertising ADS 3, 4 CARROLL H. TAYLOR 92 Beach St., Malden Marketing Newman Clubg Marketing Soc. ALAN TRAUB 261 Beach 138 St., Belle Harbor, N. Y. Marketing QA Marketing Soc. 3, 43 Hillel 1-4 WILLIAM J. TULLY 92 Creston Ave., Woburn General Business SERGE D. VALME 13 Champs-de-Mars, Port-au-Prince, Haiti Institution Saint-Louis De Gonzague Insurance Cosmopolitan Club 3, 43 French Club 3, 45 Spanish Club S, 4, Varsity Soccer PHILIP P. SULLIVAN 8 Almont St., Mattapan Industrial Management OKCID DONALD L. VEINOT 36 Eddy St., West Newton Management .4-e -1 . K f '53 ,gy BARBARA M. VRADENBURGH 223 Boston Ave., Itledford COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ROSE IVALDMAN 608 E. Haley St., ltlidland, Mich. Business Education Marketing KD RBC- SCCY-S HGH RCC- Marketing Soc. Q-45 Hillel 1-Q Secy. Thaea 3, 4 GEORGE J- DAVID G. WARREN WALWOOD, JR. 36 Arlington Rd., Melrose ltlanayemmt General Business AKIY' Newman Club 1-4: S.A.lWI. 3. 4 DAVID P- RANDALL E. WEBBER WEATHERHEAD 775 Highland Ave., Medford P. 0. Box 363, VVestbrook, Conn. .llanagement S.A.M. 4 EDWARD B. WEINER 10 Abbot St., Dorchester Management S.A.M. Q-4 JOSEPH N. WHEELER 48 Fayette St., Cambridge Accounting CI3EI'l Accounting Soc. 3, 45 Boosters Club 3, 45 German Club 1 Industrial Managemerzt AKIP' Senator 45 Activities Coun., V.P. 4 PATRICIA A. WEST 927 Glenburnie Rd., Roslindale General Secretarial IIQII Corr. Secy.5 2.541 Corr. Secy. Thaea5 Class Secy. 35 Panhel- Ienic Conf. 4 CHARLES W. WHITE 118 Glenville Ave., Allston Marketing AKIDQ V.P.5 AEII Secy. Newman Club 1, Q JOSEPH E. WHOLLEY DAVID E. WIBERG 2 Fidelis Way, Brighton 14 Fayette St., Watertown Accounting Jlanagernenl Accounting Soc. JOSEPH J. VISCO 1192 Ivest Main St., Phelps, N. Y. Accounting Crew 2-45 Accounting Soc. 2- 45 Stud. Coun. 4: Class Pres. 4 ,pu-we ROBERT A. VITELLO P.0. Box 159, Ocean Bluff Management .Q,,.v ef CALEB E. WALLACE 2 Mulliken Ct., Augusta, lIIe. University of Maine Management AKIIJ' ARTHUR H. WASSERMAN 19 Mout Ave., Providence, R. I. JPEII Rec. Secy., Pres. IFC DeI,: Marketing Soc. 25 Boosters Club 3, 45 Hillel 1-3, Membership Dance Chin. 4 ANNE C. WEINER 64 Highland Terr., Brockton rllerlical Secretarial Hillel 1-45 Shelton Social Chnl. 2, Public Relations Chm. 3 WARD E. WETHERELL 45 Hillside Ave., West Newton Boston College rllanagement Newman Club 3, 45 S.A.M. 4 DOROTHY WHITKIN 91 Clark St., Newton Northeastern University Marketing Sociology Club 8, 4, Rec. Ser'y.5 Hillel 3, 45 Marketing Soc. 4 GEORGE V. WILLIAMS 95 Whipple Rd., Lynn Marketing Marketing Soc.5 S.A.BI.5 Newman Club: Veteran's Club COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION RICHARD A WOODHEAD 220 Kelton St. Management S.A.M. ROBERT A. YOUNG 79 Jefferson Dr., Norwood Colby College Insurance Insurance Soc. RICHARD G. ZMUDZIEN 62 Adams St., Dorchester General Business Statistics Basketball l-33 Newman Club 2-43 Marketing Soc. 8 , Allston Ride Club CLAIRE M. ADAMS Landing, Kennebunk, Me. University of Maine Secretarial ARMEN A. AMERIGIAN MURRAY J. BACANOFF 8 Brook St., Brighton Accounting RICHARD W. BERGSTROM, JR. 50 Everard St., Worcester General Business AKW' WILLIAM J. BESSO 28 Charles St., Auburndale Management RICHARD E. BLOOM ELINOR J. BOCHES 51 Hamilton Ave., Haverhill Secretarial CHARLES B. WILSON GEORGE E. WINSOR 1824 Beacon St., Brookline 96 Linden St., Allston Insurance General Business Insurance Soc. RONALD M. WOLIN RAYMOND J. WOLNIK 1 Samoset Rd., Worcester 16 Walnut St., Lowell Worcester Junior College Accounting Marketing BFE AAE Accounting Soc. 1, 2 CLAYTON L. WOODWORTH, JR. 82 Shepard St., Cambridge Accounting Accounting Soc. MARTIN N. ZABAR 69 Clinton Rd., Brookline General Business Wrestling 1 JACOB ZUCKER 95 Greenleaf Hill, Great Neck, N. Y. Finance IIJEII Treas., Pledge Master Boosters Club 3, 49 Hillel 1-45 Young Democrats Club 3 Cards With No Pictures INSUK YANG 262-7 Don-am-dong, Seoul, Korea Becker Junior College Management S.A.M 43 Cosmopolitan Club 3, 4 FREDERICK N. ZEYTOONJIAN 2 Bronson Terr., Jamaica Plain Marketing EQEQ AQO Armenian Club 1-4, Pres. 35 Rifle Team 2, Capt. 8, IFC 2, 3, Treas. 45 Marketing Club 3, 4: Scarlet Key: Scabbard and Blade 8, 4 GRADUATES WITHOUT PICTURES JAMES P. BOUTIETTE 55 Manor Dr., Newark 6, N. J. Lowell Technological Institute MBA Management TEE, dw S.A.M.: Newman Club PETER W. BOWMAN DOUGLAS L. BRENNEN JANE B. BROWN Bridge St., Bucksport, Me. Business Education I'IOl'I YWCA 1 BRADFORD A. CHACE 40 Thornton Pk., Winthrop General Burinees SCA 15 Study Group 1. 2, Treas. 8, 4: Wesley Fellow- ship, Rec. Secy. 4 GEORGE F. CLIFFORD 1120 Rosefield Way, Menlo Park, Calif. Massachusetts Institute Technology MBA Market ing LAWRENCE E. CLOSE 30 Irving St.. Cambridge Economics CHARLES D. CROFFORD 72 Willow St., Wollaston Eastern Nazarene College MBA Accounting JOSEPH F . CYR TYLER H. DAY, JR. BURTON M. DEITCH JOSEPH O. DEMERS 30 Pleasant St., Springvale, Me. Northeastern University: 78 Florida State University Production Manager THOMAS C. DESHMOND 24 Chester St., FRANZ D. WOLFF 16 Argyle St., Everett American International Col- lege M.B.A. Marketing Hillel 1, 2 CHARLES J. WONDELL, III 18 Halstead St., Saugus Marketing Veteran's Club, V.P. 35 Newt man Club 2-4: ADS Q of Newton Highlands Boston College General Business Newman Club 43 S.A.M. 3, 4 JORN DITZEL 5 Taft St., Newton cal School Ph. D. Biology EE. Copenhagen University Medi- KOSTAS G. DOIKOS 80 Bowker St., Brookline Management ALBERT J. EDELSTEIN 97 Cedarhurst Ave., Cedarhurst, N. Y. Marketing TEfII' ELAINE S. EVANS 15 Sllnw Rd., Vvellesley Gerzvral lfusinfss FKIPB, V.I'. LAVVRENCE J. FENNESPIEY 44 1IIorrison Ave., Somerville Vill:l.nov:t Ivniversity flL'm'rul lfmz'Iz0.v.v Footlrull Q-4 JAAIE5 V. FLEAIINII 5AAlI'l'lL E. GOLDNIAN GERALD GRAY Q63 Alonntnin Ave., Alnlden Gmzwrtll 1i11sz'l10s.s' Pre-Legnl Foe.: Hillel ELAINE K. HARRIS 33 Justin Rd., Brighton Bzasiums lizlzlmfiorz IIQII Orthodox Club, Ree. Seey. 4 S'I'EI'HEN P. HOLMES PAIfL II. IIORLICK 192 Cnmpello Rd., Framingham Ifniversity of Alissonrx .II arkeii I1 g EDVVIN H. JOSE, JR. NIAURICE KATZ 168 Glemvny St., Dori-hester .lcruzuzting PAIJI. J. KELLEIIER JAAIES II. KELLY 4 Carol Ave., Brighton ,llarlrzlizzy IVILLIAAI A. KELLY, JR. G IVor1hing1on St., Boston .lfcmrzyzfnnwl IODA S.A.BI. I LAIVRENCE KIAIAIELAIAN BE'I"l'E J. KROHN 49-I E. 57 St., New York, N. Y. .lfarkvtfrly AK Thuezl, 'l'reus. 3, 45 Hillel I COLLEGE DONALD VV. LALLV 7 Higlllztnrl Terr., Ileverly Jf' .llrlrzfzgzrnzenl JAAIES A, I.OCKIIAR'l' 210 flllurles Ave., Kingstree, S. C. Gf'Iz1'r11l lf11.91'l11'.s'.v KAII' Keeper of Ile:-tml. Provimdnl Lt. Strzllegns I're-I.egnlSoe.I1AI5'les Slnnrl- 1sh Slnd. Govt. Bd., Sec-y. Ig SCA 1 FRANCIS J. LOPES JOSEPII P. MALONE MYRON fl. INIARGOLIN -Iii Noltingllill Rd., Brighton Northezlstern Ifniversitv MBA InrIu.v1r1'uI .llzzrzagrnzerzi KI-IX ELLEN S. AIARTIIS JAAIES 'l'. AICCARRIFK 58 I'l1-llsfnnt Ft., Revere flfflllzlyrnzwlf CHARLES C. MCKI-INNEY MARVIN A. 3II'I"I'l-IL ANNA NI. BIORTON 9 Prospeet Ct., Kingston Secrrfurfrll Sffllzlfm IIWIIN Serillc Panhellenie Conf. 1, 2: Congregntlonnlist flnh ig SCA 1, 2 DAVID R. MIINRO EDIVARD F. AIL'RI'IIY 190 AI5sIie Valley l'kwy., Arlington General Iiiwirzess JOYCE M. NEIVBIAN JOHN H. O'BRIEN Aeorn Laine, Lincoln General Business OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION THOMAS E. O'DONOVAN C1538 Centre Ft., West Roxbury Jlllfkfflillfl A4112 Pres. Pershing Rifles, Operations Officer 1-I-3 Sezlhlmrfl and Blade, Drill Sgt. fl, 4: New- Inun I'lnlw 1-45 Alnrlieting Clnh Il, 43 Boosters flnlm, AIen1lxership Chill. Il, I RICIIARD P. 0'I.EARY DONALD I'. OIJLYIION DONALD ll. OAVENS EDIVARD .l. PICONE, JR. 43 Temple St., Arlington .lfan rlgvm rut AKII' S..-MAI. Il, -I3 Pershing Rifles Q JAAIE5 A. PREKIYI' IVILLIAAI F. REID 586 Central Ave., Needllnm Height-5 Jlrznfzgmnvzl BRENDAN J. REILLY 165 Colnmlmns Ave., Wvhite I'lnins, N. Y. General Iiuszncss Footlmll 4: Newman Clnh RICHARD II. ROBBINS 2 Herhert Rd., VVoreester ,Ilurlcrlizzg 113A NEWS ARLEEN B. ROSENFELD ANNE J. RUBEN DAVID VI. RYDHR 172 Alt. Vernon St., Arlington Jlarkvtiny AKIIJ' Asst. Social Chin. DONALD AI. SCHLANG EN HERBER'I' L. SIM AIS 351 VVnshingtou St.. xYIHl'l'ICiICl' IVright Junior College .lI11rL'1'Iz'11y KENNETH II. SLOVIN Q9 Lowther Rd., Snxonvillv Boston Vniversity BI IIA lnrlustrzlzl .llrivzflgcnzurzf DONALD II. FPIEL '75 Judith Rd., Newton Centre General llzmfrzuss IDA JAAIES E. '1'EAGIfE .IOSEPII fi. 'IIELLIER 11 Pierei Rd., Belmont .llurkrfilzg Hoc-key 1, Varsity 2, 3: Nlnr- keting Soc.: Newman Clnh JANINE R. TI-IIERRY Q3 Cnlvin Rd., Ncwtonville .llcdiml Szfrrretary KKI1 florr. Feey. YVILLIAAI J. TILLY 92 Vreslin Ave., IVohnrn Gvlzvrul llzwilwss IRIVIN I. VVALLACE 23 Sherwood Rd., Fwnrnpseott Insurnrzrz' KDEII IIo11se AIgr., Steward Bridge I'lnlJ 2-fl-, Pres. 9. JOHN A. VVEBS'I'ER 26 AIorrison Rd. IV., IVnl'ieIield Izzszuanvz' BAE Ilonse AIgr., Stewnrd Cheerleader 3, Capt. 4: Insur- ance Soe. 4: Boosters Cluh 4 ROFI-IELLE L. WEINI-IR 10 Ahhot St., Dorchester 1f1z.virzf.s's Iimlucatimz TIQII Hillel 1 IVALTER O. YOUNG 837 East 5 St., Fonth Boston CGE .Ilz1rkz'I1'rzg 3 x Y George K. Makechuie, B.S. in Ed., Ed.lNI., Dean .- 7 - -' .s' f5,1f!f' u f,'f:Yfs,'fSs1-,, ,-:,Hv5' W ' Am mia - wjfwfg, wx., - 2 Q 4w ,f,gw f:ff.g7,?fagna ? YR " -1:-HW M,f,1,YN5f megs-v ,ylwgf vu ' f" ,Q,ltzg"elys- xviilwz . if ' ' ' ' V FW fi 'wgq 55' ' , .. ,, 13" . ' " 0 T, 4 ' Y 'pf 2551--' ,..WXv '- V ,V f ,yy .i2?'iff3'- f Y, Dianne Paille President f Dorothy Pinder Treasurer '-'f f' K Yvonne Mongeau Secretary Not Pictured Rosita Corey Vice-President SARG ENT CO LLEG E ask Dru 2 A fi OF PHYSICAL EDUCATICDN 1 I Liu X LH-'ELA X Siu. .al a. as.zmf'n:xmm,- ,wargMm,-w.xumiswwms1..W.. H W' M- My 'uw' W 'WMM-wxl-fm-'Wf A 'J -A farm' 'rv 'Y A '-ua.lf' W 1-M Mm--M-fwhf COLLEGE OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION BARBARA s. ALSEN A O I Y " 5 16 Laurel St. Arlington 1 A Physical Therapy 'h 3 Modern Dance Club 1, Cho- L . - . rale lg Physical Therapy Club . Q, Tl, ' sas' HAROLD J. DAME B75 No. Main St., Brockton Physical Therapy SHEILA M. DOUGHERTY Winter St., Lincoln Physical Therapy Physical Therapy Clubg Social Dir. Senior Commuter SHIRLEY K. EATON 204 W. Monument Ave., Hatboro, Penn. Denison University Physical Therapy AQII SFA 3, 4: Idler, Ed. 2, S: Phys- ical Therapy Club 2, 8, Bus. Mgr. 2 SALLY R. GILCHREST 119 Oxford St., Cambridge Christian H. Buhl Hospital School of Nursing Physical Therapy Physical Therapy Club 3, 4 DONNA M. BARUFALDI 427A Court St., Plymouth Physical Therapy MARY C. BURKE 46 E. 66 St., New York, N. Y. Manhattanville College of the Sacred Heart Physical Education Physical Educ. Club 2-44 Newman Club 2, 8, Banquet Comm. Chm. 43 Badminton Club 2g Stud.-Faculty Rela- tions Comm. 4g Pictorial 49 Black Masque 2 ELIZABETH H. BACHNER 411 5 Ave., Belmar, N. J. Physical Therapy JAMES C. BERTSCHY Hodgeport Lane, Dover Physical Therapy WINIFRED C. COLLINS 33-Q8 81 St., Jackson Heights, N. Y. I Penn Hall Junior College Physical Therapy Sarg. Handbook Ed., Idler Sports Ed.g Christmas Fair Co-Chm. 33 Pictorial Stall, NEWSg SFGA, Honor Sys- tem, Stud. Activitiesg Physi- cal Therapy Club 2-4, Wom- ens Recreation Assn. 2-4: Arn. Physical Therapy Assn. 3, 4 is QW' ROSALIE M. DANSKER 180 Shirley St., Winthrop Physical Therapy Hillel, Coun. Del. 1, 2, Rec- Secy. 25 Pictorial Stall 4 ANN D. DRISKO 75 Porter St., Malden '97 CAROL J. DECOSTER S6 Joliet St., Laconia, N. H. Physical Education SEGA 2, 35 Class Pres. 8 SALLY A. DYSON 60 Washington St., Hudson Physical Therapy Class Treas. 2 Physical Education LEYA E. EPHRASS 86 Park St., Kennebunk, Me. Physical Therapy Hillel Rep. 25 Tumbling Club 1, Pres. 23 SARP 25 WRA 2g Physical Therapy Club 2-4 NAOMI FRIES '78 Thornton Rd., Waltham Physical Education KKI' Pledge Trainer, Asst. Membership Chm. Social Dir. Bureau, Secy. 3, Pres. 4: SARP 43 Riding Club JANET S. GRAINGER 24 Main St.. Rocky Hill, Conn. Physical Education KKI' Marshall SARG SCA 1, V.P. 1-33 Physical Educ. Club 1-4g Badminton Club 15 Freshman Orientation Leader 4: Class Social Dir. 3, 4 JAMES M. GRIFFIN 1815 Eager St., Baltimore, Md. Johnson C. Smith University Physical Therapy ANNE J. BAK 210 Ann St., Rome, N. Y. Physical Therapy Dorm Pres., Dorm Conn. Secy. JEAN A. BLACKWELL P.O. Box 341, Woodland, Me. Physical Education Pictorial 8, Ed. 43 SFGA, 2nd V.P. 3, Stud.-Faculty Rela- tions Comm. 8, 4 SAMUEL CRONIS 1684 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge Dean Junior Collegeg Brandeis University Physical Therapy CYNTHIA E. GROGAN 156 Sexton St., New Britain, Conn. Physical Education Class V.P. 2 JUDITH E. HEY 10 Kemper St., Wollaston Physical Therapy Wesley Fellowship 1, 2, V.P. 3, Secy. 4, Pres. 5: SCA 1-55 YWCA 1, Secy. 25 Physical Therapy Club 3-5 BEVERLY L. ISRAEL 6 Frontenac Rd., Worcester Physical Therapy Scarlet Key 8, 41 Honor Aux. 3, Pres. 4, Corr. Sec.: SFGA Sz Exec. Comm. 3, 4, Rec. Secy. 33 Class Secy. 1, 23 Chm. BU- SARG Pre-Freshman Week- end 2, 3: Agend. Comm. Chm. 8: Founder's Day Banquet, Ticket Chm. Q1 "Wl1o's Who" 9 E, - if Q .,.5,:.. -E, Ib i gifiszzf .,... 1 . ' " -gr:-ff . ls? 5:36 tw f ' . gf 5745 Q .ss SALLY J. LEVANGIE 187 Beaver Dam Rd., Scituate Emanuel College Physical Education Acquaintance Comm. 2, 8, Secy. CAROL ANN MCCARTHY 11 Carisbrooke St., Andover Physical Therapy AAA Song Leader Chorale 1, Pres. 2, 85 Modern Dance Club 1, Secy. Q3 Junior Day Chm.g Junior-Freshman Tea Chm.g Planning Dev. Comm., Solicitation Chm. 3, Stud.-Faculty Relations Comm. 3, Chm. 45 Physical Therapy Club 1-3, Pres. 4g Class Secy. 33 SFGA Bd. 4: SARP Bd. 45 House Coun., Secy. 3. MARY A. MITCHELL 8 Orchard Rd., Egypt Physical Education CHARLOTTE A. NUGENT 1867 Edge Hill Rd., Abington, Penn. Physical Therapy Alumni Coordinating Bd. Chm.g Physical Therapy Clubg SFGA COLLEGE OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION or MARIE E. MAILLET 518 Franklin St., Rumford, Me. Physical Education Freshman Show Chm.: New- man Club 1, 2, 45 BU Band Majorette 1, 2, 43 Modern Dance Club 1, 2, 4, Pres.: WRA 43 SARG Stunt Nite 1, Chm. 23 Scarlet Key ALICE P. MCMAI-ION 104 Scituate St., Arlington Regis College Physical Education Commuter's Coun., Secy. 13 Newman Club 2-4 YVONNE M. MONGEAU 11 Pond View Ave., Scituate Physical Education Newman Clubg SARP, V.P.: Class Secy.'4g SFGA DIANNE F. PAILLE 34 Hodges St., Attleboro Physical Education Class Pres. 4: Class V.P. 35 SFGA 43 Honor Auxiliary 3, 43 Camp Conn. 1, Sp Physical Educ. Club 1-43 Band 1. 25 Scarlet Keyg "Who's Who" 83 MARY J. HAGAN 44 Stafford Rd., Stamford, Conn. Physical Education Physical Educ. Club 4: Bad- minton Club, Pres. 25 YVom- en's Recreation Assn., Treas. 1 VERNA G. HITCHNER R.F.D. ffl Bridgeton, N. J. Physical Education Social Dir, 1-4 PATRICIA A. KILROY 17 Tolman St., Neponset Physical Education Class Pres. 1, Q1 SFGA 1-3, Treas. 4, Honor Auxiliary 3, 4, V.P. 35 Scarlet Key 3, Rec. Secy. 43 Finance Comm. Chm. 41 Constitution By-Laws Comm. Chm. 8 JEAN A. HANSEN 26 Hyde Blvd., Ballston Spa, N. Y. Physical Therapy Scarlet Key NAOMI J. HOCHBERG 4 Garrison St., Chestnut Hill Physical Therapy Physical Therapy Club 2, 4g Hillel 1-3 JUDITI-I J. KOHL "Ingleside" R.E.D. ffl, ltlystic, Conn. Physical Education Class Song Leader 1-3, Univ. Song Leader 4: Pictorial Class Rep. 1, Q, Asst. Ed. 3, Photo Ed. 4, Black Masque 3, 45 Badminton Club 2, 31 Nlod- ern Dance Club 1, 25 Fresh- man Show Co-Chm. lg Phys- ical Educ. Club 1-4 gn. ,K J , ,eff 4 I- fr ' f ' F371 .Sz . ,,., W.. V Z wi' 7 I l gi ME I 1' z MARILYN S. MARCUS 18 Huntington Dr., Yonkers, N. Y. Physical Education MARGARET A. BICNALLY 266 Highland Ave., Winchester Physical Education WRA, Secy., V.P., Pres.: Physical Education Club CAROLE L. MUSHIER 45 Woodland Way, Manhasset, N. Y. Physical Education Building Fund Comm. Chm.: Women's Recreation Boardg SF GA . DORRIS V. PAILLE 34 Hodges St., Attleboro Physical Education SFGA, V.P. 3, Pres. 45 Camp Coun., Pres. 3, V.P. 85 Scarlet Key 8, 4: Honor Auxiliary 45 SFA 4: Band 1, 25 "Who's Who" COLLEGE OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION ANN M. SULLIVAN 193 Bailey St., Lawrence Physical Therapy EK Scholarship Chm. Class Treas. S3 Commuters' Coun., V.P. 3, Pres. 43 Phys- ical Therapy Club 1-8, Bus. Mgr. 4 CAROL A. WADELL 14 Candlewood Rd., Trumbull, Conn. Physical Education Pictorial, Bus. Mgr. 4 JOYCE C. WHITWORTH 17 Bonwood St., Newtonvilh Physik-al Therapy Physical Therapy Club 2-4 JANET M. PATERSON 1579 Commonwealth Ave., Brighton Physical Therapy Physical Therapy Club SYBIL J. POWDEN 22 Kenilworth Cir., Wellesley Physical Therapy Physical Therapy Club 8, V.P. 43 Commuters Coun. 23 Social Dir. 23 Stud.-Faculty Relations 4. MARCIA A. RAN SEHOUSEN 242 Alabama Ave., Providence, R. I. Physical Education AUDREY F. SLADE 528 Luther Ave., Somerset Physical Therapy Physical Therapy Club 2-43 Stud. Activities 3. V.P. 43 Dorm Pres. 83 Dorm Coun. S: Thanksgiving Assembly Program Chm. 23 Modern Dance Club 1, 2, Social Dir. 43 Move Up Day Chm. 2 DOROTHY A. PINDER 72 Arlington St., Leominster Physical Therapy Class Treas. 43 Physical Therapy Club 2-4 PAULINE E. QUESNEL 78 Lafayette St., New Bedford Physical Education DOROTHY E. RASMUSEN Marengo, Ill. Monmouth College: University of Wisconsin Physical Therapy HARRIET J. STRZELEWICZ Thompson Rd., Webster Physical Therapy IDC, Corr. Secy. 23 SFA 3, 43 Physical Therapy Club 1-43 SFGA S, 43 Honor Auxiliary 4: Junior-Freshman Tea Co- Cbm. 83 Dorm Pres. 2: Scar- let Key? "Who's Who" MARY E. THOMAS North Clarendon, Vt. Physical Therapy Black Masque 1, 23 Physical Therapy Club 2-43 Stud. Ac- tivities 2, 3 SALLY A. WARD 149 Orris St., Melrose Physical Education Ad? Asst. Social Dir. Social Dir. 23 Social Dir. Bu- reau Secy. 2 DOROTHY M. WOLFE 41 Cutler St., Winthrop Physical Therapy Women's Rifle Teain 13 Black Masque 13 Hillel 1, 23 Physi- cal Therapy Club 4 84 EDWARDINE J. VECCHIOLLA 18 Ash Rd., South Windsor, Conn. Physical Education Physical Educ. Club, Pres. 43 Stud. Activities 13 Newman Club 2 CAROL A. WENDELL 173 Mt. Vernon St., Malden Physical Therapy AAA, V.P., Scholarship Chm. Class Treas. 13 Class Rep., Social Comm. 3, Current, Co-Ed. 3, Ed. 43 Newman Club 13 Physical Therapy Club 8, 4 JEAN A. WOOLLEY 431 Grotto Ave., Pawtucket, R. I. Physical Therapy SCA FAYE V. PLUNKETT 9 Kinnaird St., Cambridge Physical Therapy Chorale 1, 23 Modern Dance Club 1-33 Pictorial Staff 3 AUDREY L. RANDOLPH 293 Bayview Ave., Inwood, N. Y. Physrbal Therapy Physical Therapy Club: Sarg. Newspaper Ed.3 SFGA SANDRA C. ROLLER 66 Maverick St., Chelsea Physical Education NEWS 8, 43 Senior Show Chm. 43 Hillel l, 2 BEATRICE R. SUDRABIN 63 Franklin Ave., Wollaston Massachusetts Memorial Hospital School of Nursing Physical Therapy SCA, Membership Co-Chm. 43 Wesley Fellowship, Year- book Ed. 8, Membership Chm. 43 Physical Therapy Club 3, 4 JANET E. YOUNG 33 Hoover Rd., Needham Physical Thcrapy Class V.P. lg Lennox Hall V.P. 1, Pres. 2: Senate 1: Newman Club: Physical Therapy Club 2-4g Dorm Coun. Pres. 4 COLLEGE OF P HYSICAL EDUCATION MARILYN J. YOUNG CA-2 Cloyne St., Newport, li. I. Denison University Physical Therapy I'lBfIJ Program Chnl., Music Chm., Historian SFGA 13 Pictorial, News Ed. 15 SDC 3, 4 GRADUATES WITHOUT PICTURES CLARA L. ARNOLD 78 Newhall St., lllalden Physical Education PRISCILLA D. BAUCH 1039 W. Galena Ave., Freeport, Ill. Coe Collegeg Illinois State Normal University: Rockford College Physical Education AAA Sl-IEILA R. BRODSKY 64 Newman Rd., Malden Physical Therapy Hillel 1, 2, Del. 33 Am. Phys- ical Therapy Assn. 3, 45 Phys- ical Therapy Club 3, 4 ROSITA COREY Barrett's Mill Rd., Concord Physical Education Class V.P. 4 JANET A. GREER Lakeville, Conn. Physical Education ADELA L. JARVIS 80 Kensington Rd., Weymouth Physical Education JOAN M. KENT Q51 Edgar Pl., Elizabeth, N. J. Ithaca College Physical Therapy Band 2-43 Idler, Photo Ed. 4 A 3, 5 ' , K jg? ' f , f. .iQ.ip,:.ii1 .1 -rw i ii gimw- Mmzmsfzfuqgggi fffae q f f 3. wx W MH , SYN? H 11 Q Q Wk Q V Q is My , , Q G1 . 1 V. . aj P' .lznnos Otis, Jr. l'r1's1'rlent Ea vw 2 "' I 9' B. LeRoy Shcley, AB., M.B.A., Arting Dean Ernest Hillje Charles Allen Secretary Treasurfr Dennis Collins Vice-President COLLEGE CDF' INDU f"N ,ff N.. -wz.'2""'f 'T x 4 5 i ,fl . ,Q 1 Af' TRIAL TECH N O LO GY ,five ,, 3 COLLEGE OF INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY ,. ,, .Je ..,,se,i. f T se.-Q., all . ff "fuss Gig, 'sf-nr... 1 5isz:s..f Kasaiwfio an , mgyigir gl mr11Pw,ff..w.,:4 P, im t wwe -195.gif ff Lmriyei is istiiiiifxs 1, wif: flfisitzlsiili isggrsiam- egg: -1 1 ywz 5,..a1ex5s I ' ' 'iv ew, V. P . 'iff eg! is RICHARD D. CURTIS R.F.D. Elm St., Marshfield University of Dayton Aeronautical Engineering Institute of Aeronautical Sci- 811085 ALFRED J. ENGLISH, JR. 62 Elmwood St., Somerville Management JAMES HICKS PETER T. HOUSTON 34 Downing St., Hingham John Hopkins University Aeronautical Engineering CHARLES H. ALLEN 108 Brookside Ave., Belmont Aeronautical Engineering Class Treas.5 Stud. Activities Comm.g Crew 15 HUB Bd.g Institute of Aeronautical Sci- ences, Treas. GEORGE P. BOYLE 265 E. Eighth St., South Boston Management Institute of Aeronautical Sci- ences: Am. Rocket Soc., New- man Clubg Stud. Coun., Treas. GEORGE E. BUNNEWITH 14 Schofield St., Dudley Aeronautical Engineering Institute of Aeronautical Sci- ences CHARLES S. ASMAR 49 Locust Ave., Danbury, Conn. Management KIT Institute of Aeronautical Sci- encesg S.A.M.: Am. Rocket Soc. WILLIAM E. BRENNAN 51 Cherry St., Lynn Massachusetts Institute of Technology Aeronautical Engineering JAMES B. CASLER 108 Garden St., Needham Aeronautical Engineering Institute of Aeronautical Sci- encesg Am. Rocket S0c.g S.A.M. K.. PETER C. DELUCA 48 David Terr., Norwood Design Institute of Aeronautical Sci- 611865 JAMES O. ESSELSTYN Claverack, N. Y. Design Institute of Aeronautical Sci- ences 2-4: Stud. Govt. 1 WILLARD E. HICKS, JR. 815 Beacon St., Boston Aeronautical Engineering RONALD H. JOHNSTON R. 99 Falmouth Foreside, Portland, Me. Aeronautical Engineering Institute of Aeronautical Sci- CIICBS STEPHEN P. DOHERTY 40 Camp St., New Britain, Conn. Management ARTHUR F. HASSETT 69 Darch Rd., Watertown Design ERNEST R. HILLJE 633 Tiogue Ave., Coventry, R.I. Design Class Secy. 43 Institute of Aeronautical Sciences 2, Treas. 3, V. Chm. 43 Am. Rocket Soc. 4 EDWARD I. KEEZER 58 Harold St., Milton CBA Engineering Management Hillel, Interest Group Comm. Chm. 35 Track 2, 3 NORMAND I. BOUDREAU 20 Lincoln St., Centerdale, R. I. Engineering with Business Major DAVID W. BROCK R.F.D. M, St. Johnsbury, Vt. Aeronautical Engineering Sailing Clubg Institute of Aeronautical Sciences DENNIS F. COLLINS, JR. 90 Williams Ave., Hyde Park Aeronautical Engineering Class V.P. 41 HUB Bd. Rep. 43 Chm. of Blood Dr. 45 Insti- titute of Aeronautical Sci- ences 2-4 - r 1 x ' pst :ea 'Y . A RICHARD S. MACCABE 107 Gordon St., Allston Management Institute of .Aeronautical Sci- ences 2-45 Stud. Coun. 35 Chin. Stud. Alumni Dinner- Dance 3 LEONARD J. MOCKOPETRIS 53 Torrey St., Dorchester Aeronautical Engineering Soccer SQ Institute of Aero- nautical Sciences 2 STANLEY T. PARTEL, JR. 351 Lehigh Ave., Palmerton, Penn. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Design AXA Institute of Aeronautical Sci- ences: Am. Rocket Soc. COLLEGE OF INDUSTRIAL RICHARD J. RE 229 Summer St., Somerville Design Institute of Aeronautical Sci- ences: Am. Rocket Soc. DONALD R. ST. PIERRE 7 Hawson Rd., Sanford, Me. Aeronautical Engineering Scarlet Key 3, 4: Stud. Coun. 1, 2, Treas. 3, Pres. 45 SFA 45 Institute of Aeronautical Sci- ences 2-4: Newman Club 1, 92, 45 "Scarlet Key" ROBERT J. WALSH 337 Broadway, Chelsea Aeronautical Engineering Newman Club 'Dx CHARLES F. XIATHER 12 Avon St., West Lynn Massachusetts Institute of Technologyg Lowell Institute .llanagement Owls FRANK H. NICHOLS, JR. P.O. Box 241, VVest Yarmouth Aeronautical Engineering CARMINE F. PECORARO 16 Dean St., Dorchester Design Institute of Aeronautical Sci- FRIEDRICH C. MAURIER 1291 Naugatuck Ave., Milford, Conn. Design Soccer 1-4, Capt.5 Institute of Aeronautical Sciences JAIWIES H. OTIS, JR. 32 Howie St., Melrose Aeronautical Engineering EAE Class Pres. 45 SFA Del. 45 Institute of Aeronautical Sci- ences 2-4 HAROLD W. QUACKENBUSH 158 East St., East VValpole Management TECHNOLOGY ...N i .C Q ROBERT T. REARDON 825 E. Broadway, South Boston Aeronautical Engineering Institute of Aeronautical Sci- encesg Newman Clubg Flying Club LAWRENCE M. THERIAULT 192 Maine Ave., 1NIillinocket, lie. Aeronautical Engineering Institute of Aeronautical Sci- ences 2-4 HERBERT WOLFSON 16 Haskell Ave., Leominster Aeronautical Engineering Institute of Aeronautical Sci- ences 3, 45,Hillel I-4, Del. 35 1 S.A.M. 4 ences5 Am. Rocket Soc. S'fiS"? 'S 'iw , Qifqiiz 'Q Q 3f"i'v.,.- T ' 1. fs -'swf 'wi ., f iifiif' TSX an-4 at - . .. tfqgjkgg -it, M L 3, .. .a ANTHONY F. SOLIZA 492 Division St., Fall River Design Sailing Club: Institute of Aer- onautical Sciences KENNETH C. TOLIDES Johnson's Pl., Collinsville, Conn. "'N Aeronautical Engineering Stud. Coun. 2, 3g Institute of Aeronautical Sciences 2-4 vnu. WILLIAM T. ZIEMAN 11 Hancock Rd., Malden Aeronautical Engineering GRADUATES WITHOUT PICTURES FRANCIS L. BROWN 1032 Chestnut St., Manchester, N. H. rllanagernent GEORGE A. CHADWICK 38 Columbia Rd., North Andover Aeronautical Engineering LEON J. DAWFORTH, JR. 1720 Columbia Rd.. South Boston Aeronautical Engineering .IOHN DOHERTY 226 Tvoburn St., VVest Medford Industrial Management 89 CHARLES C. ELIOT 14 Stratford Pl., Islington Aeronautical Engineering AXA DONALD B. LEVINE 447 Park Dr., Boston ,Management JARRELL S. MITCHELL -I-2 Perrin St., Boston Aeronautical Engineering AflPA JAMES H. POWERS 49 Burroughs Rd., Braintree Aeronautical Engineering ROBERT C. RUSSO ALFRED S. SHUKO 5 Whitby Terr., Dorchester Management Walter G. Kluoldcr, BS., S.T,l3,, 1'l1.l7., Dean Ric-lmrd Rowe l,l'l'Sl-Ilfflf 'ir Charles Myers Secrrfary wr-.-'- ,, Sanforcl l"l2lStll Vice-I'rzfsz'rIz'11t Doualrl llzxskell Trea.vurcr SCI-ICDCDL. F-' fbi-ww. JS' gp aa, ...-q Tl-IECD LCD GY ii f if 4.412 pin L4 K if 'fy :s, . ,Jai ,rv ,,,LL 1, fp, , ,':a,-,if Mx my 1 gp' ' K 13,4 3,1 , My -1 f was if' i Ea , k X ,E - N X A ,Q - i K n f - V Y' A yah div 3- ' .-- -,., , A h Sa. . 1. -- si J . e . ig ' , fi ami ..,-- L? -- ...,.M.M... .. , ,....., 5 4 1 , N . ,, 73 511 i Mlm, Q SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY DWIGHT E. CONRAD 815 W. South St., Akron, O, S.T.B. Theology JOHN C. DIAMOND, JR. 309 Vifalker Ave., Norfolk, Va. Hampton Institute S.T.B . Theology QIPWIJ INIILTON B. EFTI-IIDIIOU 1503 Metropolitan Ave., Bronx, N. Y. Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Theological School S.T.M. Religious Education Orthodox Club PAUL M. EWING 227 6th Ave. East, Twin Falls, Ida. Syracuse University S.T.B. Theology DONALD W. ANDERSON Maidstone, Ontario, Canada Assumption University: Vic- toria University S.T.M. Psychology and Pastoral Coun- seling RICHARD A. BENTZINGER North Court Rd., Ottumwa, Ia. Iowa Wvesleyan College S.T.B. Theology EOE MVSA Coun. 25 Seminary Singers, Pres. 3 LEONARD S. BIIXTON 14 Buswell St., Boston Albright College: Boston Ifni- versity S.T.lNI. Psychology of Religion 'T-T-'K DAVID W. BELL Friendship, Me. University of Connecticut S.T.B. Theology FRANKLIN E. BLANCHARD 76 So. Worcester St., Chartley Lyndon Teachers College S.T.B. Pastoral Ministry GILBERT H. CALDWELL, JR. GQ7 So. Ashe St., Greensboro, N. C. Samuel Houston Collegeg North Carolina A and T College S.T.B. Theology AGPA NIVSA, Class Rep. 1, V.P. 3g Stud.-Faculty VVorship Comm., Class Repl 23 Chris- tian Social Witness, Commis- sion on Race Relations Chm. 1-44- 92 BARRY F. COOKE 194 Grand River St., North Paris, Ontario, Canada Victoria Collegeg Emmanuel Theological College S.T.M. Psychology and Pastoral Coun- self ng PHILIP R. DIETTERICH 1938 63rd St., Des Moines, Ia. Ohio Yvesleyan University S.T.B. T hlzology JOHN N. ELLIOT Fox Lake Rd., Angola, Ind. DePauw Universityg Boston University S.T.lNI. Social Ethics Christian Social Witness DONALD H. FADO 2501 Shasta St., Redding, Calif. Shasta College: College of the Pacific S.T.B. Theology SFA 3: MVSA JAMES B. DARCY 1528 W. Ruscomb St., Philadelphia, Penn. Pennsylvania State Univer- sity S.T.B. Theology DONALD R. DUNBAR 49 Calmar St., Brockton Boston Universityg Univ sitaet Freiburg S.T.B. Theology fI5BKg AQUA Philosophical Club: KAIROS ROBERT ELLIOTT 294 Creek St., Wrentham Boston University S.T.B. Theology SANFORD FASTH 5 Coburn Ct., Lowell CGEg Boston University S.T.B. Ministry EARNEST R. BELL 9829 High St., Eugene, Ore. Oregon State College S.T.B. Theology Christian Social Witness JABIES M. BUSCH 1228 Highland Ave., Portsmouth, Va. lNIorris Brown College S.T.B. Theology CPBE Secretary N.A.A.C.P. VVALTER N. J. CONNOR 38 Newcomb Ave.. Saugus United States Merchant Bla rine Academy S.T.B. fn- DEVVEY R. FINDLEY Rural Route One, Bargersville, Ind. Franklin College of Indiana S.T.l5l. Social Ethics Christian Social Witness 2-4 W. ROBERT FOWLER 17 Snow Ave., Brockton DePauw University S.T.B. Systematic Theology FRANK L. GREENWOOD Q15 VV. VVashington St., Clarinda, Ia. Simpson College S.T.B. Theology we DONALD P HXSKELL 720 E Lincoln he Rox il Oak Mich UHlVCfSltV of Michigan Q T B Theology VIRGINIA A. HOCKER 1767 So. Wheeling St., Tulsa, Okla. University of Tulsa M.R.E. Religious Education YEAGER HUDSON Route 2, Box 247, ltleridian, Bliss. Millsaps College S.T.B. Philosophy Seminary Singers 1, Treas. 2, Bus. Mgr. 35 Philosophy Club 9, 3 ROBERT L. JOHNSTON 3428 Rock Island Rd., Quincy CUE: Boston University S.T.B. Thcology Prisoner Rehabilitation Cornrn.g Christian Social WVit- ness 5 iff. 1 ia. V. .15 cw.-is JOHN 1' HATCHETT 180 11 essen St Pontiac Mich Wavne State Lnlverslty S T B Theology Christian Social Witness: SCA Grad. Asst. EDVVARD L. HOFFMAN 12 Church St., VVestboro South Illinois Universityg Drew Universityg Temple University Ph.D. Religious Education CLEONE IRVINE 6907 Duncan Ave., Tampa, Fla. Florida Southern College 1I.R.E. Religious Education AWG: KOHQ EPEQ l'll"lNI LOREN D. KIENHOLZ Box 29, Lucien, Okla. Oklahoma City University S.T.B. Theology 93 fire SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY JOHN Bl. FOSTER 1089 Neilson St., Albany, Calif. University of California S.T.B. Theology Christian Social Vllitness J. PAUL FRANKI-I 508 80th Pl. SO., Birmingham, Ala. Birmingham Southern Uni- versity S.T.B. Theology ROBERT S. HABERSHAM 1024 20th St., West Palm Beach, Fla. Bethune-Cookmau College S.T.B. Philosophy AKM GPBE Pres Mt Vernon Stud Assoc Methodist Stud ltlov ement MARYLU J. FOWLER 917 Beacon St., Boston University of Idaho M.R.E. Religious Education INIVSA Board 2 JOHN W. GOSNELL Mount Airy, Md. Bridgewater College? Beth- any Seminaryg DePaul Uni- versity S.T.M. Religious Education VINCENT S. HART, JR. 924 Buswell St., Boston Oberlin College S.T.B. Theology 'Yr N uw... X 'SS L ZFE: ......,. a vs ,- ,2 'pn at i L 'wee- ,if x JAMES R. HILES 60 Katherine Rd., 1Vatertown West Virginia Universityg Washington and Jefferson College S.T.B. Theology MARY A. HOFFMAN Akron, Ia. Morningside College M.R.E. Religious Education DAVID E. JELLIFF 216 E. Third St., Corning, N. Y. Fredonia State Teachers Col- lege S.T.B. Pastoral lllinistry JABIES A. KING 2221 5th Ave., Los Angeles. Calif. Fniversity of Redlands S.T.B. Theology Christian Social VVitness SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY erm-.v CHARLES H. MOORE 20 Summer St., Marblehead Central College S.T.B. Theology EIVIANUEL J. MOUROULIS Atherns St. 2413, Athens, Greece University of Athensg Ecu- menical Institute S.T. M. Psychology and Pastoral Coun- selling DARWIN H. NUTT Depot St., Bernardston Taylor Ifniversity S.T.B. Theology Stud. Minister ERNST E. KLEIN 173 Morton St., Newton Centre University of North Dakotag Colgate-Rochester Divinity School S.T.M. Systematic Theology QE2: CIJAK SAMUEL E. L0 Kuei-Jin Church, Taiwan, Formosa Taiwan Theological College: Pasadena College M.R.E. Religious Education Cosmopolitan Club: Chinese Club JAMES E. McCOBB 940 San Jose Dr., Grand Rapids, lIich. University of Michigan S.T.B. Theology JOLORENE I. MILLER 3542 No. Damen Ave., Chicago, Ill. Kendall College, Syracuse University S.T.B. Theology BRUCE A. KOERNER Howard Lake, Minn. Northwest Nazarene College: United Theological Seminary S.T.M. Psychology and Pastoral Coun- seling WALTER K. LYON 109 Park Ave., Cranston, R. I. Eastern Nazarene College S.T.B. Theology J. JOSEPH MCINTYRE 1745 Kit Carson St., Casper, Wyo. University of Wyoming S.T.B. Religious Education Seminary Singers: Seminary Stewardship DAVID C. MOIR 10 Hill Crescent St., Vilormit, Fife, Scotland St. Mary's College S.T.M. Psychology and Pastoral Coun seling Wd' E. BERNICE MOORE 10560-83 Ave., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada VERNON C. MORSE 14 Nichols St., Danbury, Conn. University of Alberta: United Church Training School S.T.B. Counselling Dorm Grad. Counsellor Eastern Nazarene College S.T.M. Religious Education CHARLES L. MYERS 10 hIiddle St., Farmingham, hIe. Purdue University S.T.B. Theology Christian Social Witness: Stud.-Faculty Comm., Chm. GEORGE H. OUTAN 4-9 N. Peach St., Philadelphia, Penn. Morgan State College S.T.B. Systematic Theology AGA: AKM Dorm Coun., Pres. 1 i 94 GEORGE Y. NISHIKAWA 2305 T St., Sacramento, Calif. Sacramento Junior College: College of the Pacific S.T.B. Pastoral Ministry MVSA 2, Pres. 43 SFA, Exec. Coun. 23 Panel of Americans 25 Dorm Coun. lg Seminary Singers 'Z MARLENE PETERSON 135 Winthrop Rd., Brookline Baldwin-Wallace College lI.R.E. Religious Education MARILYN J. LAYSON S14 E. 96 St., Seattle, Wash. S.T.B. Theology Christian Social Witness Chm. DONOLD E. MAYS 502 Chestnut St., Henderson, Ky. Kentucky Wesleyan College S.T.B. Theology Christian Social Witness 1-33 Worship Comm. 1 ROBERT D. McNEIL Box 278, VVellman, Ia. Iowa Wesleyan College S.T.B. Theology Christian Social Witness JANE H. MONTGOMERY 132 Race St., Sunbury, Penn. Pennsylvania State Univer- sity S.T.B. Student Work at JEANNE A. POWERS 328 State St., Mankato, Minn. Mankato State College Princeton Theologis-al Sem- inary S.T.B. Parish .llin islry TKA RICHARD R. RUYVH 32-L So. Ramona St., Monterey Park, Calif. University of California S.'I'.B. Theology HERBERT F. SEAVRRS 133 So. Pleasant St., Oberlin, O. Gordon College: United The- ological Seminary S.T.M. Sociology of Religion RICHARD W, SHARPE 1647 Parker Ave., Fort Lee, N. J. Arizona State College S.T.B. Theology H Z ff' 'YV' V -1 .5 ,.... K , 1 - env ,,, W.. 'N- ROBERT N. SMITH 3535 Bessemer Ave. SRV., Birmingham, Ala. Tuskegee Institute S.T.B. Parish ,llinistry AKHI Christian Social Vllitness JOHN R. TISDALE Q36 Grove St., South Braintree Cornell College S,T.B. Th eolog y JOHN G. VVALL 51 E. 43rd St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Brooklyn College S.'I'.B. Theology X gm X Q- f A x 2 MARGARET A. SOULEN 17 Yarmouth St., Boston M.R.E. Theology JAMES W. THOMPSON Q Wollaston Ave., Arlington Capital l'nivc-rsityg I'nited 'llheologival Seminary S.'l',M. Chrislirm f'falur'uIiol1 WILLIAM J. WASHINGTON 2001 E. I2tll St., Austin, Tex. Samuel Huston College: Gam- mon Theologival Seminary S.T.BI. 1fcIigiou.v Ifllzmzlliruz SCHOOL OF CHARLES F. REHFFS 62 Rust St., South Hamilton Baldwin-VVallaee College S.T.B. Theology TONGSHIK RYL' 7-15 Commonwealth Ave.. Boston The Methodist 'Theological Seminary S.T.M. Theology JAN F. SELBY 1044 E. Yvayne St., Lima, O, Ohio Yvesleyan Ivniversity S.T.B. Theology Christian Social Witness, Politieal Affairs Commission, Chin. 33 Seminary Singers Q, fi KENNETH S. SINIUNDS Bothell, Washington Lewis and Clark College S.T.B. Theology WILLIAM D. RICH 5035 Lowell St. NNY., Washington, D. C. Ohio W'esleyan University Theology-Pasioral .llinislry JIfLII'S SCOTT Yviley College, Blarshall, Tex. Wiley College: Garrett Bib- lical Institute S.T.M. Worlrl Religions QIIWIJ SAMUEL D. SELLERS -L77 Washington St., Gloucester NIINIUST College S.'I'.B. Soelology of lx'z'lz'glon Kill JOHN IV. SINIPERS -l-63 Park Drive, Boston College of W'oosterg Bostoi Cniversity S.T.M. I P.Yjlf'llUl0yUL1Ilfl Pastoral Coun- .wling TH EOLOGY V s. -1. .X ez.. pg l Q4 Y. , , ff gsm .-AQ' ' 1 5 215. V -L, .,geQ3gy,gg. aegis". ' gl, V.-.,,,,,,... y 5,.,y-..1.w,. '-:wW""" '-'-'N X ."i,S,.':.1, L" ..,...'L.. lf"-I," n ff3"X'Tl-'xf' , W ' , 591 . , . me ,, ers. . 1, -to 12.-5. 1: ,aa- , . 95 JOHN R. SQITIRE 1309 So. Elin St., Shenandoah, Ia. Iowa State College S.T.Il. Theology ALFRED H. TRACY 347 County St., New Bedford Vniversity of Connecticut S.'l'.B. .,, . ,,.2.,,,,,,.. yge. , .,, ., ff-, , iy le i W Pk' . I K asap Theology Ki S? 5:23 QI- . ' 1295 ll. JOANNH J. WATSON BOX 308, Rt. 5, Durham, N. C. VVinthrop College M.R.E. Religious Education SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY GERALD W. WEISS 9540 E. Q5 St., Granite City, Ill. McKendree College S.T.B. Theology TENNYSON L. WHORTON, JR. Box 103, Kerens, Tex. Southern Methodist Univer- sity: Duke University S.T.M. New Testament WILLIAM D. WHIPPLE 8 Hathaway Rd., Marblehead Princeton University S.T.B. Theology F. EMERSON WOOD Pleasant St., Epping, N. H. West Virginia Wesleyan Col- lege S.T.B. Old Testament GRADUATES WITHOUT PICTURES I. VOIGT D. ARCHER PHILIP A. BIONDO JAMES C. BRAID 2110 Rosewood Dr.. Pontiac, Mich. Albion College S.T.B. Theology MVSA JAMES M. BUELL PHILIP T. COMFORT FLOYD CRONKITE 24-c Shaler Lane, Cambridge Colby College: University of Washington: Harvard Uni- versity S.T.M. Psychology and Pastoral Coun- seling ROBERT B. CUMLER JAMES W. DANIELS 15 Fairmont St., Malden West Virginia Wesleyan Col- lege S.T.B. EVELYN F. DARCY 1528 W. Ruscolnb St., Philadelphia, Penn. Birmingham Southern College M.R.E. Religious Education DENIS J. DRAGONAS 23 Appleton Ave., Beverly Holy Cross Orthodox The- ological School S.T.M. Sociology and Social Ethics Orthodox Club FRANCIS J. DUCHARME RONALD E. EPPLER EDGAR F. FILE 162 Cottingham St., Toronto, Canada University of Toronto Ph.D. Social Ethics THOMAS FISHER, JR. H20 So. Aibson St., Princeton, Ind. Evansville College: Garrett Biblical Institute Ph.D. Christian Education JOHN W. GATTIS 466 Wensly Ave., El Centro, Cal. Whittier College S.T.B. Theology ROBERT E. GUSSNER Glyndon, Minn. Hamline University: Perkins School of Theology S.T.B. Theology HUGH E. HAGGARD PAT E. HARRELL 3 Clarendon St., Natick Abilene Christian College: Harvard University Th.D. Church History JUNE F. HELFER J. RUSSELL HITE 358 Dorchester St., South Boston Lawrence College S.T.B. Parish Ministry CARL L. HOWARD 502 Fauquiun St., Fredericksburg, Va. Lynchburg College S.T.B. Theology GARY J. LEMMON 1609 Crook St., Falls City, Nebr. Nebraska Wesleyan Univer- sity S.T.B. Theology JOHN R. LILLY 153 Water St., Wakefield University of Massachusetts S.T.B. Theology EVAN F. LUCAS 1876 Beacon St., Brookline University of Washington M.R.E. Religious Education CHARLES F. McCOOK Lizella, Ga. Emory University Ph.D. Religion FREDERICK R. MILLS PETER L. MISNER 501 Palouse St., Wenatchee, Wash. College of Puget Sound S.T.B. Theology DOUGLAS R. MOORE 816 Scenic Hill Dr., Fort Worth, Tex. Texas Wesleyan College S.T.B. Theology 96 ROBERT A. MOORE 1182 Laurie Ave., San Jose, Calif. College of the Pacific S.T.B. Pastoral Ministry Dorm Worship Chm. 2, 3 RONALD L. PARKER 9129 Railroad Ave., Carnegie, Penn. Allegheny College: University of Pittsburgh S.T.B. Theology BART C. PATE 818 No. Zangs Blvd., Dallas, Tex. University of Texas: Univer- sity of Michigan: Vanderbilt University S.T.B. Theology DAVID J. POWELL 315 Trail Ridge Rd., Cedar Rapids, Ia. University of Kansas City: Kansas Junior College S.T.B. Social Ethics EINO O. RANKINEN 80 Ellsworth Rd., Peabody Jamestown College M.R.E. Religious Education RICHARD S. ROPER 157 Warren St., Quincy Baker University: Lift School of Theology Ph.D. Religious Education NOLAN G. SANSOM MARK C. TROTTER LESTER T. WHITELOCKE 1362 Florida Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. Bethel Town College: Florida College M.A. Old Testament YMCA, Ministerial Alliance JAMES B. WILLYARD 87 May St., Lowell Cleveland Bible College: Tay- lor University S.T.B. Theology PAUL R. YOUNGHOLM RONALD G. WHITNEY 36 Vanderbilt Rd., Warwick, R. I. Boston University S.T.B. Pastoral Ministry Stud. Pastor F! -T? E +1 P 3 ,, xi 'X fv' I L, - EN-XQOEY MNX Q fK: K I ,xx 4 ,N , Q. JK .X X L OF TOC OL,OL,gs Q ""'5i4dia.,.,. Q., A A qw 33 I 'W K 1 f-ga, ,W I -h,,, Chester S, Keefer, B.S., BLS., BLD., Sc.D., Director and Dean. 1 1E21'.-12f Regina Hurley Secretary Francis Saunders Treasurer Not Pictured Charles Lucas President SCI-ICDCDL. F xw -r',,4""'1"'x Lff' 3 qv-52..,f""-f'f sv,,,...- ...,-- ffm , ,R Qmafe 1 , A .f,. L5glg:gw,,,2,,fg.f P ,.,.:f, efjfwzSf5gq,f: , f fifgw 35 , 1 , g 3 ,Y V - ,-- ,.,. -pi I is If , ,, IKL, ti ii if 'QQEL git 4. . M -'-- fa 5 S 2 I. 'W E , 'L MEDICINE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE DAVID C. COOK 74 East Brookline St., Boston Harvard College M.D. Medicine ARTHUR L. FINN 18 Ware St., Cambridge Harvard College M.D. Medicine Begg Society VICTOR FORMISANO 310 High St., Bristol, R. I. Providence College: Brown University M.D. Medicine AQAQ Ellfg 'PX Linacre Clubg Student Amer- ican Med. Assoc. ROBERT M. ABRAMS 61 Martin St., Holyoke Amherst College M.D. Medicine AKK FOLKERT O. BELZET Wassenaar, Holland Colby College M.D. Medicine CIJX JAMES I. CARR Briggs St., Dighton Denison University M.D. Medicine AKK RALPH F. ALFENITO 556 Wynnewood Rd., Pelham Manor, N. Y. Columbia University M.D. Medicine CIJX WILLIAM A. BOYD 109 Horadan Way, Roxbury Pennsylvania State College: University of Illinois M.D. Medicine Begg Society: EW' JOSEPH CATALDO 121 Glenville Ave., Brighton Harvard College M .D. Medicine AKK JOHN J. CHIARENZA 128 88 St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Columbia University M.D. Medicine AKK YI-CHUAN. CHING 2226 Hyde St., Honolulu, Hawaii Harvard College M.D. Medicine 41X DONALD A. DECOSTA 56 Willard St., So. Portland, Me. University of Maine M.D. M edzcine GILBERT R. FISCH 20 Hobson St., Newark, N. J. Rutgers University M.D. Medicine KIJAE ROBERT G. FROST 1 Lovett Ct., Beverly Boston University M.D. Medicine MORTON G. FELDMAN 67-55 Fleet SL, Forest Hills, N. Y. Franklin and Marshall College M.D. Medicine GJAE BRENDA G. FONER 82 Park Ave., Cambridge Radcliffe College M.D. Medicine JOSEPH R. GAETA 18 Pequot St., Providence, R. I. Brown University M.D. Medicine ADA, Treas.g AKK, Historian, Exec. Comm. Begg Society, Secy. EUGENE C. ALVER 32-41 Harvest Rd., Wantagh, N. Y. Friedrich Alexander University M.D. Medicine MORTIMER J. BUCKLEY, JR. 15 Otsego Rd., Worcester Holy Cross College M.D. Medicine AOA, Pres.5 OX, Secy. Begg Society WILLIAM J. CATES 155 Harding Ave., Kingston, N. Y. Harvard College M.D. Medicine ROBERT J. CONTE 88 Tileston St., Boston Harvard College M.D. Medicine GX sr--nv KENNETH B. GORDON 54 Stearns Rd., Brookline Boston College, Northwestern University ASA F. HAMBLY 381 Highland Rd., Tiverton, R. I. Tufts College SCHOOL OF MEDICINE PAUL J. HEALEY 178 Walcott St., Pawtucket, R. I. Fordham University M.D. M.D. M.D. Medicine Medicine Medicine Ellfs CIJAE Begg Soc., Steward S, V.P. 4g Linacre Soc. 1-45 Benjamin Waterhouse Medical History Soc. 3, 4 SANFORD D. HECHT 46 Abbottsford Rd.. Brookline Boston University M.D. Medicine QJAE RICHARD N. KAPLAN 404 May St., Worcester Amherst College M.D. Medicine AQA DONALD L- KELLEY 24 Newbury St., Worcester Clark University lNI.D. Medicine EDMOND M. KOURY 112 Lois St., Torrington, Conn. College of the Holy Cross M.D. Medicine GPX Stud. Coun. 1-4, Pres. 3 MURRAY S. LOCKE 394 Adelaide Ave., Providence, R. I. Harvard University M.D. Medicine AKK CHARLES P. LUCAS 84 South St., Medford Harvard College M.D. Medicine AOA, IPX Begg Society, Class Pres. 4 JOHN M. KURKJIAN 1691 Commonwealth Ave., West Newton Tufts Universityg Uni of Illinois NLD. Medicine IPX DONALD R. LOMBARD 9 So. ltlain St., Caribou, ltle. University of Maine M.D. Medicine EDWARD W. LUKA 26 Planderville Ave., Gariield, N. J. Columbia College M.D. Medicine QIWX REGINA H. HURLEY 56 Davis Ave., West Newton Regis College lWI.D. Medicine Class Secy. 1-45 Univ. at Home Comm. 3, 4g Gregory Society 1-4, Secy.-Treas. 2 PAUL KARLSBERG 934 Furnace Brook Parkway, Quincy Harvard University M.D. Medicine CPAE Class Play, Dir. 2 LEO T. KELLEY 67 Ridgewood Rd., Milton Boston College M.D. Medicine Linacre Club 1-4, Secy. 2, Pres. 3 101 DAVID R. JACKSON 1119 Main St., Brockton Harvard College M.D. Medicine '-DX FOSTER KAY 501 Rochester St., Fall River Middlebury College M.D. Medicine Stud. Coun. 4 DENIS W. KING 96 Wentworth Ave., Lowell Bowdoin College M.D. Medicine LUCY LEE Dagupan City, Philippines M.D. Medicine BERNARD W. LUBKE 146 Washington St., Norwood Boston University M.D. Medicine 1IJX BARRY M. MANUEL 31 Sturgis St., Winthrop Boston University M.D. Medicine KIJAE V.P. Class Pres. 1, Student Amer- ican Medical Assoc. 1, 4, Pres. 2, 85 Student Council 1, 2, 3. 4 N SCHOOL OF MEDICINE KV' nal' RALPH D. POWELL, JR. 89 Park Dr., Boston Amherst College M.D. Medicine Begg Society GERALD A. ROSENFELD 80 E. Concord St., Boston University of Chicago M.D. Medibine ADA A. CRAIG SHEALY 156 Washington St., Norwood Yale University M.D. Medicine MELVIN TEFFT 155 Strathmore Rd., Brighton Harvard University M. D. Medicina GLEN NA L. MCDONOUGH 10 Willow St., Wollaston Boston University M.D. M edicine Gregory Society JOHN J. MCLAREN 864 Longwood Ave., Boston Bates College: University of Maryland M.D. M edzbine AKK ARMAND L. MCGARRY '78 Egmont St., Brookline Harvard University M.D. Medicine PATRICIA A. MCLELLAN 104 Chatham Rd., Short Hills, N. J. Boston University M.D. Medicine Gregory Soc. RALPH R. PALUMBO 76 Boyer St., Kensington, Conn. University of Maryland M.D. Medicine AXA: 'IPX HART C. PETERSON 47 Hancock Ave., Newton Centre Middlebury College M.D. Medicine ALBERT QUINTILIANI, JR. 35 Williams St., Norwich, Conn. Harvard College M.D. M edibine AKK Corr. Secy., Pres., Ad- visory Comm.g ADA Begg Soc. FRANCIS P. SAUNDERS 14 Nevada Rd., Quincy Boston College M.D. Medicine CIJX SUMNER STONE S27 Clark Road, Brookline Harvard University M.D. Medicine THEODORE W. THOBURN 61 Crystal St., Melrose Bates College M.D. Medicine ADA, Sec. Wesley Club 1, 25 World Christian Community, Chair- man Qg Begg Society S. 4 KENNETH J. RITTER '75 Brixton Rd. So., West Hempstead, N. Y. Indiana University M.D. M edakine EW' Begg Society N. PAUL SCHEPIS 10 Sixth St., Medford Tufts University M.D. Medicine Benjamin Waterhouse Medi- cal Society: Linacre Club LOUIS W. SULLIVAN 844 N. Church St., Blakely, Ga. Morehouse College M.D. Medicine GPX: AIIUAZ ADA Begg Soc., Pres.: Class Pres 33 Stud. Coun., Treas. 3 JAMES L. THOMPSON 95 E. Brookline St., Boston Boston University M.D. Medicine Student Council Rep. 2, S, 4 JOHN F. MCGINN 25 5th St., Bangor, Me. University of Pennsylvania, Boston University M.D. Medicine CIJX Pres. American College of Surgeons Conv.-Class Rep. 4 BERNARD E. 0'BRIEN 28 Becket St., Dorchester Harvard University M.D. Medicine IDX JEAN M. POWELL 89 Park Dr., Boston Smith College M.D. Medicine JAMES M, TOOMEY 120 Larkspur St., Springfield Holy Cross College! Boston College: Harvard School of Dental Medicine M.D. Medicine EARLE G. WUODBIAN 20 Bradford Ave., Bradford fniversity of California at Los Angeles Wen ,A rm Q iii ? : slain' -Q--. .. IWW vs M.D. E ,Iffdirinf I Am VP- Begg sw. fx, 41 Stud. Colm. i 3 3 ? ' SCHOOL OF MEDICINE JEROME D. WAYE ALBERT WEINSTEIN 9 Hutchings St., Roxbury 446 Savoy St., Massachusetts Institute of Bridgeport, Conn. Technology Wesleyan University BLD. M.D. Jledicinc Medicine AQA fI7AE Social Chairman Benjamin Waterhouse Soci- ety 3, V.P. 4 RICHARD D. ZONIS 5 Royce Rd., Allston Harvard College BLD. Jledicine QAE Treas.: AQA Beggs Society GRADUATES WITHOUT PICTURES HENRY J. CABECEIROS, JR. 196 Goden St., Belmont Tufts College BLD. Bledicine GEORGE A. HERMAN N 1044- Ft. Thomas Ave., Fort Thomas, Ky. Harvard College BI.D. Bled ir in ff EDBIYND LONERGAN JANE Bl. BlacLEOD 2-L Fernzild Dr., Cambridge Radcliffe Fnllege BLD. Jledicinc BERNARD Y. ROGERS 3395 North St., Beaumont, Tex. Lamar State College, University of Texas BIS. Pharmamlogy 15.121 N F E ENGL- .wiww-'f ' 'X V slam Y' -xbmy In k NR 2 :11 t ' Elwood B. Ilottrim-k, A.B., LL.B., LLM., LL.lD., Dean. Alfred Kafka I'res1'de11t Mr'-' uv- ivy f'liil'0rd Elias Secretary- Treasurer , SCHOOL I I A-3 , -. mmm. vf.- wwwfmf - an OF' LAVV .QF SCHOOL OF LAW li 2 ,..-we M V, , prism 53551 is 35:21. -- ., . , wi fKf?'s f '1Mlw,4m.. M. fm- 1.2 :v5'mi15'Qa5?SW"i, -Jfibz 5155 A 515-' 'W' 'W . :ff m M... lv -. X 9? .. .. '- wlfsz,-Q '5'?.sQw2fsigw- fa-awe 1 gezii fwgg, L'W.gsifg,w?iggg .. nif izzilif' f?f11l?9'-ifirffi ' Xt- '-. fg wi: 14q:J.rf'. ffiixv -511-:-,pm was a:...asEf5eir2i.sf. HERBERT S. BROWN 61 Willowdean Ave., West Roxbury LL.B. Law ROBERT CIRESI S8 Brown St., North Providence, R. I. LL.B. Law MYRON J. COHEN 9 Prescott Rd., Lynn Boston University LL.B. Law CDA DAVID E. CROSBY 42 Fairmount Ave., Brockton Boston Collegeg Columbia University: Simmons College LL.B. Law fs. 1. 15.1 JOSEPH AIZLEY 344 Washington Ave., Chelsea LL.B. Law EDWARD R. BAUD 8 Fairfield St., Boston University of Rhode Island LL.B. Law HERBERT A. BLACK II WALLACE F. ASHNAULT Artist Falls Rd., North Conway, N. H. Dartmouth College LL.B. Law MERNA BEARMAN 5607 Florence Ave., Philadelphia, Penna. University of Pennsylvania LL.B. Law KBYIJ BURTON BOYER 5 Eisenhower Ave., 17 Short St., Brookline East Natick Boston University Bowdoin College LL.B. LL.B. Law Law af -1-om . ...Q .L me ' PAUL F. CASEY PETER J. CIANO 74 Twelfth St., 26 Marrett Rd., Lexington Providence, R. I. Tufts University Providence College LL.B. LL.B. Law Law LEONARD M. COCCO IRWIN E. COHEN 28 Hyde Terr., 33 Boulevard Terr., Brighton Trumbull, Conn. Harvard College University of Bridgeport LL.B. LL.B. Law Law Hillel Vice-president of Fox Hall 8 NACHMAN S. COHEN THOMAS H. COTTER 22 Winslow St., Gardner 64 Ross Rd., Bridgeport, Conn. North Western University: Georgetown University University of New Hampshire LL-B. LL.B. Law Law Law Review JOHN F. CULLITY 525 Concord St., Manchester, N. H. Holy Cross College LL.B. Law 106 ROBERT N. CYR 20 Kent St., Dracut University of New Hampshire LL.B. Law Law Review, Book Review FJ JOSEPH A. BACHOROWSKI 13 Linden St., Salem Boston University, Merrimack College Law AXA Crew 25 Newman Club 2 JANE M. BINKOWSKI 110 Coolidge St., Revere Simmons College LL.B. Law ASHMUN N. BROWN P.O. Box 437, Yakima, VVashington Gonzaga University LL.B. Law Law Review, Comment Ed. S, National Moot Court Team RAYMOND J. DANIELS, JR. 2 Spoflord Ave., Lakewood, lt. I. Miami University LL.B. Law ROBERT J. EATON 35 Highland St., Bangor, 1Ic. Bowdoin College LL.B. Law CAROL J. EVERBERG 3 Oxford Pl., YVoburn Boston University LL.B. Law KBII Historian, Marshal Newman Club 1-3, VVomen's Rifle Team, Capt. 1 'N 'nm sw.. ,fn s. :fy N Q' 1' , J , far JAMES J. FITZPATRICK WILLIAM R. FLYNN 91 Ashland St., Melrose Boston Ifniversity LL.B. Law AXA 22 Underhill Pl., Pittsfield Fordham University LL.B. Law Law Review JOHN A. GLEDHILL, JR. KENNETH J. GOLDEN 16 Chapel St., Lewiston, Me. 126 YVarren Ft., Brighton Bowdoin College LL.B. Law Brandeis University LL.B. Law Law Review, Librarian, Pub. Dir. WILLIAM G. GORMLEY JASON A. GOTTLIEB 60 Addington Rd., VVest Roxbury Boston College: Boston College Graduate School LL.B. Law DAVID HERSHBERG 591 Berwick Ave., Teaneck, N. J. University of Vermont LL.B. Law 45 Beechcroft St., Brighton Boston University LL.B. Law TEKIJ YVILLIAM V. HOVEY 2 Beach St., Newtonville Dartmouth College LL.B. Law SCHCJOL OF LAW 49" .ig . . X ff s .,-, 1 .wwfszaeeeQ:+.1,'.ff.g ,M f. Q. - wgfwz.:,2.eif..-ff." . f f 'lo--'IST ' .filetwc-'.i.f ,g z,-lg.. t 2 saw, .' ... ' ' .-- . :R Harvard College Hampton Institute V! Q ! . . ' 2 ' s,i' I Z.: xg X , .,.. ...X X 1 . it 1 LOUISE E. FRIIGE 272 South Rd., Bedford University of Hawaii LL.B. Law KBIIQ QKDII ANDREW P. GOLDSTEIN 201 VV. 77 St., New York, N. Y. Allegheny College LL.B. Law EARLE GROPER 648 Vlfashington St., Brookline Harvard College LL.B. Law HENRY J. ISAAC 544 Garfield Ave., Bethany, Conn. University of Connecticut LL.B. Law SCHOOL OF LAW ALFRED H. KAFKA 38 Massapoag Ave., Sharon Bates College LL.B. Law Class V.P. 1, Pres. 3, Stud. Bar Assn., Pres. RICHARD KESHIAN 14 Fessenden Rd., Arlington Boston University LL.B. Law DAVID H. KOPELMAN 70 Park St., Brookline Boston University LL.B. Law W. JEAN LAFLAMME 912 Montgomery St., Manchester, N. H. College of the Holy Cross LL.B. Law Law Review GEORGE H. LEBHERZ, JR. 385 Pleasant St., Worcester Colby College LL.B. Law AY Social Chm. Law Review: HUB Bd. PAUL LEVINE 64 Connecticut Blvd., E. Hartford, Conn. LL.B. Law FREDERICK MANDEL 284 Cedarhurst Ave., Cedarhurst, N. Y. Boston University LL.B. Law AEI1 BERNARD R. KAFKA 122 Bowdoin St., Boston Harvard University LL.B. Law SANFORD M. KIRSHENBAUM 238 Warrington St., Providence, R. I. Clark University LL.B. Law Law Review RAYMOND R. KUSHINSKY 208 Horner St., Toms River, N. J. University of North Carolina LL.B. Law ALLEN J. LANDAU 370 Longwood Ave., Boston Colby College LL.B. Law JOHN E. LECOMTE 48 Almont St., Medford Tufts University LL.B. Law Law Review NICHOLAS E. LIONTAKIS 232 Hobart St., Welch, W. Va. LL.B. Law FRANCIS MANGIONE 181 Adelaide Ave., Providence. R. I. LL.B. Law MARTIN S. MALINOU 334 Smith St., Providence, R. I. Brown University LL.B. Law FRANK D. MARDEN 55A Winthrop St., Marlboro Northeastern University LL.B. Law JOEL E. KANTER 105 Terry Pl., Bridgeport, Conn. Ohio State University LL.B. Law HERBERT L. KLIGER 346 Seaver St., Dorchester Boston University LL.B. Law MARVIN W. KUSHNER 43 Ocean Ave., Winthrop Bates College LL.B. Law American Law Stud. Assn., National Membership Comm. LEO M. LAZO Q95 Huntington Ave., Boston Northeastern University LL.B. Law A9115 Master of Rituals ARNOLD J. LEVIN 16 Martinack Ave., Peabody LL.B. Law EAM Stud. Bar Assn. PAUL F. MARKHAM 702 Green St., Cambridge Villanova University LL.B. Law IRVING I. MEDOFF 6 Colon St., Brighton Boston University LL.B. Law BFE Law Review, Asst. Case DONALD E. MILLER 315 Birckstone Blvd., Providence, R. I. Bates College LL.B. Law ROBERT J. IVIOSS 178 Beach 138 St., Rockaway Beach, N. Y. University of Connecticut LL.B. Law IIJEII JOHN M. 0'CONNOR 47 Salem St., Fitchburg St. Michael's College LL.B. Law .FHONIAS R PAXMAN PXT J PIQCITELLI 45 Aldrich Rd., Watertown 190 School St., Brockton LL.B. Boston University Law LL.B. Law AXA STUART R. PLUMER ELIZABETH A. PORADA G52 Huntington Ave., Boston 28 Elm St., HatHeld Boston University LL.B. LL.B. Law Law Law Review 2, 3 ARNOLD M. MARROW 457 Washington St., Brookline Syracuse University LL.B. Law KIDAQJ Law Review ROBERT M. MEYERS 727 Hope St., Springdale, Conn, LL.B. Law FREDERICK G. MILLER Central St., Berlin Boston University LL.B. Law PBK COURTENAY D. MULLER 691 Washington St., Braintree Boston College LL.B. Law ANGELO M. PALMARIELLO 64 Hutchinson St., Revere Suffolk University LL.B. Law Stud. Bar Assn. 109 SCHOCL OF LAW JOHN J. MARTIN 784 W. Housatonic St., Pittsfield University of Massachusetts LL.B. Law AXA JAN K. MICHALSKI 15 Vernon St., Worcester Clark University LL.B. Law ANTHONY P. MONDELLO 13 Brooks Pk., Medford Northeastern University LL.B. Law Class V.P. 2 JOHN F. NUTILE, JR. lifliddletown Ave., North Haven, Conn. St. Michael's College LL.B. Law STEPHEN T. PAPPAS 143 lVlain St., Keene, N. H. Boston University LL.B. Law iw. .Y RICHARD J. PLANTE 103 Unit St., Providence, R I LL.B. Law RONALD H. RAINER 1396 Commonwealth Ave Brighton Brandeis University LL.B. Law SCHOOL OF LAW EDWARD G. SI-IAMGOCHIAN 24 Dean St., Worcester Gordon College, Harvard University LL.B. Lam GERALD S. SHULMAN 151 Beacon St., Boston Northeastern University LL.B. Law DANIEL H. SILVER 85 Main St., Saugus Bowdoin College LL.B. Law 'FY Law Review SAMUEL H. RAMSAY. JR. 187 Lyon Ave., East Providence, R. I. Trinity College LL.B. Law HARVEY J. RESH 83 Oakdale Rd., Newton Centre University of Southern California LL.B. Law AAE CHARLES J. ROGERS. JR. 69 Parkway Dr., Warwick, R. I. Providence College LL.B. Law STANLEY S. SADUR 27 Washington St., Dorchester Boston University LL.B. Law 'WA FRANCIS J. RAO 629 Mount Pleasant Ave., Providence, R. I. Providence LL.B. Law EDWARD D. RIDDLE Springfield Rd., Palmer American International College LL.B. Law TOBEY D. ROUSLIN 169th St., Providence, R. I. LL.B. Law MURRAY SCHLUSSEL 75-28 67 Rd., Middle Village, N. Y. Queens College LL.B. Law DAVID D. SI-IAPIRO 686 Washington St., Brookline Boston University LL.B. Law Law Review MORTON J. SHUMAN 100 Crawford St., Roxbury Boston University LL.B. Law ZBT EUGENE SIMONALLE 255 Washington Ave., Winthrop Boston University LL.B. Law 110 LOUIS F. SHARPE 20th Sz Providence Ave., Chester, Penn. Harvard University LL.B. Law DONALD H. SILIN 95 Mount Hood Rd., Brighton Boston University LL.B. Law JAMES M. SLOAN III 105 Olney Ave., North Providence, R. I. College of the Holy Cross LL.B. Law WILLIAM RENZULLI 112 Bridgham St., Providence, R. I. Brown University LL.B. Law GEORGE D. ROBERTS Hassig Rd., Torrington, Conn. University of Connecticut LL.B. Law JANET M. ROWE West Hill, Athol Connecticut College For Women LL.B. Law KBII, Vice Dean F. PETER SCIGLIANO 808 Common St., Belmont Cornell University LL.B. Law ROY L. SHIITH 16 Lester Ave., Pawcatuck, Conn. University of Connecticut LL.B. Law ALLAN B. STONE 3 Hammond St., Cambridge Harvard College LL.B. Law EDWARD BI. SWARTZ 18 University Rd., Brookline University of Massachusetts LL.B. Law TECIJ Law Review, Ed.-in-Chiefg Stud. Coun. Exec. Bd. FRANK J. TEDESCO 89 Cleveland St., Bridgeport, Conn. University of Connecticut LL.B. Law if 'far .,M,.f,3 ..-f r-5 in-.. A JOSEPH R. STANDELL 103 York Rd., Lynn Tufts College LL.B. Law G EORG E T. STRZETELSKI S7 Revere St., Boston Duke University LL.B. Law A8112 BIARGARET C. SYLVANDER Diamond Hill Rd., Nlanville, R. I. Pembroke College: Brown University LL.B. Law KBl'I Chancellor RAFFAELE M. TERINO 41 N. Elm St., White River Junction, Vt. LL.B. Law JABIES S. THORNE Pine St., Madison, Me. University of Elaine LL.B. Law EDWARD H. TORGEN SS Nakomis Dr., YVnrwick, R. I. Brown University LL.B. Law DAVID L. TURNER River St., Norwell Babson Institute LL.B. Law as-rw-4 ANNE S. THURHIAN 184 Bay State Rd., Boston Oberlin Collegeg Boston University LL.B. Law KBH EUGENE TORO 140 Beaufort St.. Providence, R. I. LL.B. Law PASQUALE VACCARO 34 Fallon Ave., Providence, R. I. University of Rhode Island LL.B. Law SCHOOL OF LAW NORBIAN H. STAVISKY 63 Aberdeen Rd., Milton Boston University LL.B. Law BFEQ CIDA Law Review Q, 3 PETER P. SULIDES 5 Park Vale St., Brookline Bowdoin College LL.B. Law ROBERT TAFT 87 Main St.. Greenville, N. H. Tufts College LL.B. Law WARREN R. THOMSON Middle St., Vvest Newbury Northeastern University LL.B. Law f 1' A ...- 111 ff ww fn .Q L... 59 yt 'va cp. 2 JAY H. TIFFIN 19 Carling Rd., Framingham Amherst College LL.B. Law Law Review 2, Note Ed. 3 A. TOSHINI ITUS LL.B. Law EVERETT B. VREELAND, JR. 49 Englewood Ave., Brookline Brown University LL.B. Law 39111, Treats SCHOOL OF LAW ROBERT BI. WACKS STEPHEN R. WEIDBIAN DILRRAY B. WEIL, JR. 670 Washington St., 17 Kirkwood Rd., Brighton 5609 Alpine Ave., llontreal South Braintree Tufts College Canada Boston University LL.B. Duke University LL.B. Law LL.B. Law Law Law Review GEORGE F. WEIR RICHARD E. WHITING MARVIN H- WOLF 782 Vvatertown St., Newton 41 WVhitney St., Auburn, Dle. 81 W6St 8f-I1 SL, LL.B. Colby College 7 BBYOIHJE, N- J- Law LL.B. New York University Law LL.B. Law AEH CHRISTOPHER H. IVILLIAHI IVRIGHT, JR. ARNOLD I. ZALTFAS YVORTHINGTON 441 E. 6th St., Plainfield, N. J. 17 WIISDU Stu Natick Depot Rd., Truro Rutgers University I Fm LLB- Hamilton College LL.B. . Q Law LL.B. Law H: ELIZABETH A. BROWN CLARENCE J. GROGAN EDWARD E. PLAISTED ARTHUR STRAVISKY Q8 Elm St., Hatfield 17LittIes Pt. Rrl.,Swampscott R,F,D, 2, Bferedith, N.H. Eidlglaffe College Eslgge of Wvilliam and Mary Bmwn Uni,,e,sity JEROME E- TREISM9-N ' ' ' ' LL-B- DAVID L. WYARDEN Law Law Law 131 Ocean St. Lvnn K II, I ' ' Liv Rlfmlfau JEAN F. MITCHELL Law Review Ha,,,a,d College I , , QA Smith Ct., Boston LL.B. , . ." r ne TempleUniversity Law School 263 Walnut St., Fall River A Boston I,Il1VEl'SI'.j' LL.B. LLB- Bryant College Marketing Law LLB- TEYI5 RICHARD J. XIULHERN Law .......+,- ---?-. -5.- ""Q..,. 112 all L- QM., Mmwsf5fzawx A , 'ff J K, 113 W l E 5 V gg is lvlax R., Goodson, B.A., NIA., Ed.M., Ed.D. Dean Bernard Blanning President Nathan Koppel Treasurer Vincent Riccardi V ice-Presfident Sheila Dickman Secretary SCI-ICDCDI.. OF I ww in F is , gi , wa , lzyfj ...Q 5' 553 - .aZ'11 Q5iwxf.fw,i,- -. 1, Ei W ff' 2 2 i E 5 .2 5 I., 2 Y 5 sf is .. Y YQ HR ,Z ' A W 'W M If Q , , gr wg Y ,QF Ria , ' -Q 0 .... EDUCATICDN 'x , Ni i iii, I I . 4 ,.., as A A i RCU QQ UYQ., , Q Uxf.5f,4mQ s3LlwW .,,M U ,.,Qx 4 i'Vi'ELfgs . V iiiigffii Nik. W 5 Vzfffim.vzif11z, 4 in Q A 4 , News Hlzlzfmvcvt av Lx X I wi' , ,S-wiilfi ii-Irqmy-if x-1 1 Vo ' SCHOOL OF EDUCATION pe- 1-it ALICE ATAMIAN 81 South St., Jamaica Plain Simmons College Social Studies History Club ROUPEN BAKER VILMA Y. BEDELL 48 Burlington Ave., Wilmington University of Massachusetts Elementary Education Congregational Club 2, Secy. 3: Elem. Educ. Club 2-4: SCA Q, 3 JOAN A. BERKOWITZ 335 McKinley Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. Speech Therapy Psychology Club 1: Dramatic Club 2: Hillel 2 ARNOLD J. ADREANI 82 Orient Ave., East Boston Elementary Education Scabbard and Blade: Italian Club: Elem. Educ. Club SALVATORE R. ALBANO 74 Franklin St., Somerville H istory Football 1-3 RHODA S. ALPER CHARLES L. ANDERSON 290 Williamson Ave., Hillside, N. J. University of Vermont Speech Therapy IIA8: AEKD House Coun., Member-ab Large S: Hillel 1, 2, 4: Dra- matic Club 2 Baker's Lane, Marshfield Physfabal Education Football 1-4 RICHARD N. EDWARD E. ASALEY ARMSTRONG 427 Broadway, Cambridge 25 Andrews Rd., Quincy Elementary Education Physical Education Basketball 1-3: Baseball 1-4 Basketball 1-4: Newman Club fr'-Q 5 116 WARREN F. AVERILL 32 Rich Valley Rd., Wayland JC Science JOSEPH A. BARLETTA 30 Mayberry Ave., llledford JC Science Soccer 3, 4: Newman Club 1. 3, 4: Booster Club 3, 4 GLORIA I. BAKER 68 Northridge Ave., Torrington, Conn. Elementary Education HAS Shelton Hall, Activities Chm. 2, Treas. 3, Pres. 4: Hillel Coun. 3: Debating Club 2: Young Republican Club 2: "Who's Who" ALLEN L. BEAVERS, JR. 1612 W. Gibson St., Scranton, Penn. Youth Services APO: ECIJE Scarlet Key: DeMolay Ad- visor: Planning and Dev. Chm.: Univ. Freshman Orien- tation Comm., Exec. Comm.: SCA: YMCA, Secy., Rep.: "Who's Whoi' SHEILA S. BELKIN 24 Mermaid Ave., Winthrop Syracuse University Speech Therapy AK Corr. Secy., Social Chm., Purchasing Agent, Hillel Del. Hillel 2-4: Dorm Secy.-Treas. JUDITH BI. BERENSON 147 Franklin Ave., Chelsea University of Maine Elementary Education Hillel, 8, 4: Elementary Educ. Club 3, 4: Psychology Club 4 3 BARBARA F. BERMAN 188 Evelyn Rd., Newton Elementary Education Hillel: Young Republican Club INEZ S. BERMAN 264 Kelton St., Allston Elementary Education Psychology Club 1: Elem. Educ. Club 2 MELVIN R. ALEXANDER 57 Washington St., Newburyport JC Social Studies Myles Standish Govt. Bd. Rep.: Hillel BERNARD D. ANSEL 291 So. W. 19th Ave., Miami, Fla. Secondary Education Sec. Educ. Club: Hillel LESLY J. ASNIS New Jersey University of Vermont Elementary Education 1'IA9 Dorm Floor Secy.-Treas. 3 03 SARABEL BLAFER 53-00 Horatio Pkwy., Bayside, N. Y. Queens College Elementary Education NEWS 1-35 Hillel 1-33 Elem. Educ. Club 1: Houseplan Pres., V.P., Secy., Treas. RICHARD M. BOYSEN 175 Homecroft Rd., Syracuse, N. Y. Syracuse University Recreation and Youth Services SCA 45 Sec. Educ. Club 45 Sociology Club 45 Sailing Club 45 Rifle Club 4 ROBERT G. BROWN 11 Court End Ave., Bliddleboro University of Massachusetts Physical Education CATHERINE B. BURNS 59 Lothrop St., Beverly Elementary Education l'IBlIZ' Elem. Educ. Club ELLEN J. CARLISH 1084 Sterling Rd., Union, N. J. Elementary Education Elem. Educ. Club SANDRA B. CASHER 3426 Green St., Harrisburg, Penn. CGE Elementary Education Dramatic Clubg Hillelg WBUR ELIZABETH H. CENTER 15 Cliff St., Arlington Elementary Education AEA Treas., Social Chm., Chaplain Elem. Educ. Club 1-4: Class Secy. Q5 Stud. Coun. 3, 45 Activities Coun. 3, 45 SED Stunt Night 2, Chm. 3, 43 Dorm Social Chm. 3: Dorm Coun. 35 Panhellenic Del. 2: SCA 1: HUB Bd. 4: SED Glee Club 35 Senator 3, 4 ROBERTA J. CAINE 24 N. Eastfield Ave., Trenton, N. J. Beaver College Elementary Education Dorm House Mgr. 25 Wom- en's Rifle Team 2-4: Hillel 3 JANET A. CARLO 31 St. James Rd., Shrewsbury Elementary Education HAS Newman Club 1-35 Educ. Club 2, 3 Elem. JOHN E. CASSIDY, JR. 18 Moultrie St., Dorchester Social Studies KACD Secy., Treas. Stud. Coun. 1-3, Treas. 45 Torch 3, V.P. 45 Geography Club 1-3, Pres. 45 Class Treas. 1-35 Sec. Educ. Club 1-4, Treas. 2, 45 SED Newspaper 1, Ed. 2, 35 Young Democrats Club 35 Newman Club 1-4 JUDITH R. CHALFIN 1152 Commonwealth Ave., Allston Elementary Education CD22 Hillel 1-4, Corr. Secy. 3, So- cial Comm. Chm. 25 Glee Club 1, 3 SCHOOL OF EDUCATION SYBIL J. BORNSTEIN 11 Royal Rd., Brookline Russell Sage College Elementary Education CAROL A. BRADY 68 Vvinslow Ave., Somerville Elementary Education EK Reporter, Treas., Rec. Secy., Philanthropy Chm. Newman Club 1-45 Elem. Educ. Club 92, 35 Sec. Educ. JOUBERT K. BOWEN Jamaica, B. W. I. Mico Training College Elementary Education Cosmopolitan Club 2, 35 SCA5 Elem. Educ. Club MAXINE L. BRODER 249 Beverly Rd., Chestnut Hill Russell Sage College Elementary Education Hillel 3, 4-5 Elem. Educ. Club 3 Club 2 ROBERT R. BROWN RUTH L. BROWN 51 Newcomb St., Haverhill History-Social Studies 117 61 Willowdean Ave., West Roxbury Lesley College Elementary Education Hillel 1-45 Elem. Educ. Club 35 Glee Club 3 'N ISABELLA A. CANTELDII 203 E. Packer Ave., Bethlehem, Penn. Elementary Education Ad? Social Chm., Rush Chm. Newman Club5 Glee Club 15 Shelton Hall Floor Mgr. 25 Panhellenic Del. 4 ANNIE L. CASEY 1474 Chapin St., N.W., Vvashington, D. C. American Universityg Sargent Speech and Hearing Therapy F22 Subcharities Comm. Rep. Stud. Coun. 8, 45 Activities Coun. 3, 45 Drama Club, "Dark of the Moon" 45 Chapel Choir 3, 45 Liturgical Dance Choir 35 Dorm Secy.- Treas. S, 45 SFGA 15 Modern Dance Club 15 SED Glee Club 3 VIRGINIA C. CASSIDY 34 Trevore St., Quincy Spanish Sec. Educ. Club 2, 3, Pres. 45 Newman Club 1-4: Glee Club 35 Stud. Coun. 2, 3, Secy. 45 Activities Coun. 25 Torch 3, Secy. 45 SED Stunt Night Chm. 35 Class Officer 25 Scar- let Key5 "Who's Who" LOIS D. CHANSKY 35 VVarner St., Dorchester State Teachers College History Hillel 15 History Club 3, 45 Young Democrats 4 SCHOOL OF EDUCATION CAROLYN A. CORCORAN 137 Winnifred Rd., Brockton Salve Regina. College Elementary Education AAU Newman Club ROBERT CROSS ROBERT E. DAOUST 534 Diamond Hill Rd., Woonsocket, R. I. Physical Education JANET W. CI-IASSAGNE 282 Cabrini Blvd., New York, N. Y. Elmira College Elementary Education RICHARD K. CHRYSTAL 96 Beachview Rd., Boston Secondary Education KDfI7 Asst. Treas. Sec. Educ. Club, Pres. 23 Newman Club, Social Dir. ' INA J. CLAYBIAN 8 Harvard Terr., Allston Elementary Education HUB lg Stud. Conn. 13 Drama Club lg Hillel 1 ELVA D. COHEN MURIEL E. CHETWYND 957 Main St., Melrose Spanish AEA Ed., Secy. Sec. Educ. Club 1-33 SCA 1g SED Glee Club 3 ANGELO A. CIALDEA 100 Bellevue St., Newton Social Studies KAQ Pres. Sec. Educ. Club 1-3 SUSAN M. COFFIN 39 High St., Bar Harbor, Me. Gorham State Teachers College Social Studies Newman Club 43 Dorm House Mgr. 3, Judicial Bd. 3 PATRICIA A. COLLINS 118 ANN COSSAART 71 Arnold Rd., Wellesley Hills Vanderbilt University Elementary Education IIBCID Asst. Rush Capt., Pres. Panhellenic Conf. 3, 45 SCA 2, 35 Young Republicans Club 3, 45 Elem. Educ. Club 2 PAULA CRUESS BARBARA J. DARMAN 120 Willard St., Brookline Elementary Education Q22 Social Co-Chm., Philan- thropy Chm., Program Chm. Elem. Educ. Club 8, 45 Hillel I-3 ERNEST J. COULOURAS 529 Broadway, Lowell CG Social Studies Orthodox Club, Treas., V.P.g Sociology Club T. CULLITON EDWARD T. DEANE, JR. 54 Main St., Bridgewater Secondary Education History Club 1, 2g Sec. Educ. Club 4g Congregational Club 1-4 MERLE K. CI-IONG 2804 Park St., Honolulu, Hawaii Clark University Elementary Education ANTHONY F. CICORIA 49 Crescent Ave., Melrose Physical Education Varsity Hockey 1-4 ANITA G. COHEN 9 Prescott Rd., Lynn Elementary Education Elem. Educ. Club: Hillel ANNE L. CON STANTINE 24 Bulfum St., Salem Westbrook Junior College: Perry Normal School Education JACK F. DeCELLES 46 Ware St., Somerville Health, Physical Education Hockey 1, 25 Baseball 1-4 ADRIENNE M. DeMONT 45 Robt. C. Kelley St., Cambridge Elementary Education AEA Secy. Stud. Coun. 15 Elem. Educ. Club 2-45 Newman Club 1-45 Young Democrats Club 35 SED Glee Club 35 Sailing Club 1, 2 EDWARD A. DICKINSON Q56 Main St., Spencer JC Social Studies ALTON P. DOBSON 8611 Wallace Dr., Pittsburgh, Penn. Physical Education IDEK V.P., Pres. Football 1-45 Varsity Club 3, 45 Basketball 1 in 'W' MARY E DULAC 141 Vilashlngton St Belmont ROBERT V DUPI IS 36 Vtlhiting St Lynn Elementary Education Elem Educ Llub4 Newman Physical Education AXA Club 1 3 Stud Coun Hockey 1 3 Capt 4 PHYLLIS J. EDELSON EDWARD R. 388 18th Ave., Paterson, N. J. ELLINGVVORTH Upsala College Elementary Education 11A VVashington St., Newton Santa Monica City College: QA85 AEA Northeastern University Elem. Educ. Club 15 Hillel 1 History ROSALIND H. ESTNER 21 Junior St., New Bedford Elementary Education Hillel, Social Comm. Chm 3, V.P. 45 Drama Club 1, 25 Shelton Hall Floor Mgr. 2 AFA VIRGINIA FINSTEIN 103 Inman St., Cambridge Cambridge Junior College Speech Therapy Hillel 2-45 Stud. Coun. 25 Dramatic Club 35 Sociology Club 45 SED Glee Club S SCHOOL OF EDUCATION WILLIAM J. DeGREGORIO 561 Bennington St., East Boston .ICQ CGE Social Studies Senate 1, Class Treas. 1, New man Club 1-33 Track Mgr. 3 MARY C. DEWIRE 80 Kirkland St., Cambridge Elementary Education AAII Newman Club SHEILA D. DICKMAN 9 S. Flagg St., Worcester Worcester Junior College Elementary Education Class Secy. 45 Shelton Inform Asst. Ed. 2, Ed. 3 ANTHONY DONATELLI 275 N. Main St., North Uxbridge Physical Education KACID 'Q- 119 C. De LORRIE M. TERESA Di CICCO 133 Thorndike St., Arlington New England Conservatoryg Wayne University Elementary Education IIA8 GUY G. Di STEFANO 15 Norman St., Boston JC Romance Languages KACID Secy. Newman Club 1-45 Stud. Coun. 2, 35 Italian Club, Soc. Chm. 2-45 Sec. Educ. Club 2-45 Glee Club 3 ROBERT W. DRISCOLL 728 Commonwealth Ave., Boston Physical Education ANNE T. DYNAN 5 Williams St., Proctor, Vt. Middlebury College Elementary Education AAA Corr. Secy. Newman Club 8, 45 Glee Club 3 EUGENE R. ELLIS 30 Whiting St., Boston Physical Education QEK Cross Country 1-45 Track 1-3, Co-Capt. 4 ENID M. FISCHER 37 Park Lane, Rockville Centre, N. Y. University of Delaware Elementary Education Dorm Floor Chm., Floor Secy.-Treas. SCHOOL OF EDUCATION ROBERT A. GRANATO 49 Fourth St., Ansonia, Conn. New Haven State Teachers College Social Studies KAKID Torch 3, Pres. 4: Stud. Coun. 2, V.P. 3, Pres. 45 Class Pres. Q: Sec. Educ. Club 1-43 Edu- cator 3, 4: Scarlet Keyg "Who's Who" BARBARA A. GROSSMAN 28 Bailey Ave., Hillside, N. J. University of Vermont Elementary Education HUB Staff 43 Elem. Educ. Club 3, 45 Public Relations Conn. 4 BARBARA E. FISH 81 Rockford St., Brockton Elementary Education Hillel MARION E. FOGERTY 87 South St., Brookline Framingham Teachers Col- lege Elementary Education IIA9 LAWRENCE FRENCH 47 Everett St., lNIalden Ottawa University Social Studies SUMNER L. GILFIX 24 Arbutus St., Dorchester Northeastern University Social Studies History Club 2-43 Sociology Club 43 Cosmopolitan Club 3, 4, Hillel 4 MARJORIE T. GOLDSTEIN 1000 Coolidge Rd., Elizabeth, N. J. Speech and Hearing Therapy AEG? Treas. Hillel 23 Dorm. Floor Rep. 1 EUGENE FLIGHT Broad Cove, Newfoundland, Canada lidemorial University of New- foundland Social Studies Sociology Club CHARLOTTE R. FORDE 86 Granite Pl., Milton JC Elementary Education AAII Rush Captain Stud. Coun, 2, Secy. 2 BERNARD E. GALITZ 12 Feneno Terr., Brookline Harvard College Social Studies IDEA, Asst. Treas., IFC Del. Young Democrats 3, 45 Studs. for Democratic Action 45 Sec. Educ. Club 3, 45 Hillel 8, 4 BRENDA G. GLASBERG 4 Kilsyth Terr., Brighton Speech Therapy Elem Educ. Club 1, 23 Hillel l BARBARA A, GOODE 563 Hyde Park Ave., Rosindale Elementary Education AAII Newman Clubg Young Demo- crats Club P. GRANFIELD MARILYN HAIM sas Beach 143 Sr., Rockaway Beach, N. Y. Ohio State University WALTER GRANTER 30 St. James St., West Hartford, Conn. Physics EAE Float Comm. Chm. 2 ROBERTA P. HERSHBERG 61 Anderson St., Bost Elementary Education Oll Elementary Education 120 LINDA B. FOGEL 22 So. Munn Ave., East Orange, N. J. University of Wisconsing SPRC Elementary Education Hillel ANGELO F. FRAIOLI 40 Clematis St., Providence, R. I. Elementary Education KDKID Secy. Circolo Italiano 2, Treas. 8g Drama Club 13 Cosmopolitan Club 23 Newman Club 1-33 SED Choral Group 3 SARAH R. GILFIX 148 Mill St., Newton Center Elementary Education PEZ Elem. Educ. Club 3, 45 Hillel I-4 PHYLLIS GOLDBERG 137-45 226 St., Laurelton, N. Y. Syracuse University Elementary Education NEWS, Classified Mgr. 3g Dorm Floor Social Chm. 35 Chorus lg Spanish Club 1, 21 Hillel 1, 2 RICHARD F. GOULETTE 61 Lincoln St., Dexter, Me. General Science LEONARD C. HILL 45 Frank St., Watertown Physical Education Football 1-43 Newman Club 1-4 LOIS A. HOLLANDER 117 Trowbridge St., Cambridge Syracuse University Elementary Education AIIJE WILLIAM W. HULTMAN 33 Gifford Rd., West Hartford, Conn. Leicester Junior College Social Studies Sec. Educ. Club 35 History Club 4 MARY B. JOYCE 66 Round Hill St., Boston Businesx Education HOU Newman Club 4 LORRAINE A. KANEB 136 Fourth St. West, Cornwall, Ontario, Canada Sargent Health Education HB9 faw,,,W,?,.a.f.,...,, P5 ,A - it ,W 5.5, . sHsa'?fe?aa??es?1a.?'e tez.5g,1fg-t .1 te ,,.. k.,,. .5 ,gf-U K 'fiiiifzsfaf fa.--iris. 'iiifrlfflrii MERLE J. KASSER 43 Silver Rd., Everett University of Massachusetts Elementary Education 4722 Float Chin., Rec. Secy. Elem. Educ. Club 2-45 Hillel 2-4g Panhellenic Conf. 35 Young Democrats Club 3 ytys D. KELLEY R we wana 8 sd. N , In Q ,Ma wr Q in X r X tem s R HFJX, -ami, E tori is .K M' r . fi e afarf -' sm 5 re QM? r' AWA' - 'II'fE!1"I 2: is" 2 f MEFF? .531 1 1 . zgigrgfss 'Q-of - ri,-pix, -5 "5 1. -: .5 : 3 . :f':.':.5t'f72-52:-7125 yew f., .f - is - ,,,gf,.3ia ifffiuw ' J - e : 1: f i. .. -K ia,,.'A.-if, . Q JUDITH D. KATCHER 36 Sherman Pl., Jersey City, N. J. Rutgers University Elementary Education 'FAT Shelton Hall Floor Drama Club 1 Mgr.5 ARLENE L. KENDALL 40 Harvard St., Malden University of Nlassachusetts Elementary Education Elem. Educ. Club5 Hillel SCHOOL OF EDUCATION GEORGE W. HILLIER, JR. 7 Longfellow Rd., Arlington lyfemorial University of New- foundland Physical Education Cross-Country 2-4, Capt. 35 Foreign Stud. Club RUTH A. HONIG 15 W. 36 St., Bayonne, N. J. Rutgers University English Literature Spanish Club MARJORIE P. JAEGER 171 Howard Ave., Staten Island, N. Y. Skidmore College Elementary Education Dorm Stud. Govt., Seey. 3: Hillel 3 ELINOR E. JURGAU 3530 Henry Hudson Pkwy., Riverdale, N. Y. New York Universityg Wash- ington Square College Elementary Education ELY E, KAPLAN 448 Norfolk St., Boston Social Studies Hillel 2-43 History Club 45 Sociology Club 45 Psychology Club 45 Booster Club 4 DANIEL HOGAN BARBARA G. HOROWITZ 88 Reservoir St., Needham University of lilassachusettsg CGE Elementary Education KENNETH E. JAY VVinnmere Ave., Burlington Social Studies Sec. Educ. Club 2-45 Newman Club 1-4 LORETTA J. KADEHJIAN 47 Stults Rd., Belmont Forsyth Health Education EAIIJ S. DOROTHY KAPLAN 102 Edgewood Ave., New Haven, Conn. New Haven State Teachers College Elementary Education Floor Counselor 3, 45 Charles- gate Cabinet 45 Hillel 1-4 121 :- CAROL A. KEARNEY 152 Cedar Ave., Arlington Elementary Education Elem. Educ. Club RAYMOND L. KENNEY, JR. 11 Forest St., Cambridge University of l11ississippi5 Florida State University Social Studies Tennis 62, 3, Capt. 45 Newman Club5 Sec. Educ. Club SCHOOL OF EDUCATION SANDRA A. LIAKOS 17 Bay State Rd., Belmont Elementary Education 1'IA9g KKI' Rec. Secy. Elem. Educ. Club 2g New- man Club 13 Panhellenic Del. 33 Senior Breakfast, Invita- tions Comm. Chm. 3 J . KERIVAN FRANCIS S. KINLIN 144 Oakland St., Wellesley Hills Physical Education Hockey 1-3, Co-Capt. 4 JANET I. KLINGHOFFER 107 Elmwood Ave., Passaic, N. J. Pennsylvania State Univer- sity English E ATg A A A Debate Soc. 2, 3, Secy. 41 Dorm Floor Chm. 45 Judicial Bd. 4: House Coun. 4 R. KORN GAIL LANCASTER 51 Philbrick Rd., Brookline Perry Normal School Elementary Education AA11 Drama Club 39 Newman Club 3, 4 PETER B. LATTIMER 115 Homestead St., Dorchester Ohio State University Physical Education QEK Baseball 4 CHRISTOPHER N. KINAS 414 Market St., Brighton Speech Therapy KAIIJ Track 2g SCA 1-4g Orthodox Club 1-45 Cosmopolitan Club 43 Drama Club 45 Elem. Educ. Club 3, 4 DAVID B. KINNEY 76 Water St., Randolph, Me Social Studies JUDITH C. KNEE 53 London Terr., New Rochelle, N. Y. Elementary Education Sociology Club 1, 2: Elem. Educ. Club 3, 45 Hillel 1-4 FRANCES S. KRAFT 46 Parker St., Chelsea Elementary Education Italian Clubg Spanish Clubg Elem. Educ. Club SANDRA M. LANDSMAN 49 Hamilton St., Everett University of Southern Cali- fornia Elementary Education Elem. Educ. Clubg Hillel ' BERNICE LEADER 122 MYRNA S. LIFTMAN 42 Church St., Lynn CLA Elementary Education 4722 Magazine Chm., Sphinx Ed. German Club lg Hillel 1-45 Young Democrats Club 3, 4: Elem. Educ. Club 8, 45 Span- ish Club 1g Psychology Club 1 PETER J. LIGOR 10 Glenwood St., Worcester Physical Education MYRNA B. KINER 1215 Capitol Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. New York University Elementary Education Hillel 1-45 Elem. Educ. Club 3, 43 Shelton Hall Floor, Pub- lic Relations Rep. 35 Sociology Club 3 IRIS J. KLINE 508 Luzerne St., Johnstown, Penn. Speech Therapy NATHAN H. KOPPEL 28 Tulip St., New Britain, Conn. Physical Education fIDEK Pledge Master Basketball 1-45 Baseball 1-4: Scarlet Key 3, 4g Class Treas. 41 SFA Athletic Conn. 35 "Wh0's Who" C. KRISHNASANY JUDITH E. LANG 214 Rockaway Ave., Valley Stream, N. Y. Elementary Education Stud. Coun. 1, 23 Stud. Activ- ities Coun. 1, 2 ARLENE C. LESSLER 130 Evergreen St., Providence, R. I. Towsen State Teachers Col- lege Elementary Education Elem. Educ. Clubg Hillel DOROTHY M. LINDER 158 Prospect St., Wakeheld Salem Teachers College Elementary Education LEE O. LOMBARD 33 Wachusett Dr., Lexington Elementary Education JOHN J. MAGEE Center St., Wolfeboro Falls, N. H. JC General Science Rifle Club 4 ELEANOR H. MANSOURIAN 78 Federal St., Newburyport Social Studies Sec. Educ. Club 1-3 CAROL J. McCARTHY 3 June Rd., Stoneham CGE Science EAKD Young Republicans Club 4: SCA 3, 4 ELAINE B. McNamara 125 Depot St., South Easton Elementary Education ANNE 0. MERRILL 109 VVater St., Saugus Social Studies AEA Pres., Membership Dir. Panhellenic Conf. 35 Dorm. Coun. 35 Stud. Coun. 45 Ac- tivities Coun., Corr. Sec. 45 HUB Bd. 45 SCA 15 Rifle Team 15 Sec. Educ. Club 25 Scarlet Key, "Who's Who" JEAN B. MERROW 105 So. Branch St., Bennington, Vt. Green Mountain Juni lege Elementary Education HAS or Col- SCHOOL OF EDUCATION MIRIAM E. LIPKIND 47 Mason Terr., Brookline Elementary Education CIJEE Float Chm., Social Chm., Pres. Panhellenic Del. 3, 45 Senator 35 Activities Coun., Secy. 8 DAVID F. LONG 47 Chellman St., West Roxbury English Newman Club 1-45 English Club 2-45 Cosmopolitan Club 3, 43 Boosters Club 2 BERNARD MANNING 299 North St., Hingham Social Science Class Pres. 4: Newman Clubg Stud. Coun. 4 HENRY F. NIARANI 61 Intervale St., Quincy Elementary Education PAUL M. MCCARTHY 5 Spring St., Hudson Social Studies KAfID Degree Master Sec. Educ. Club 2-41 Stud. Coun. 35 Senator5 Newman Club 2, 3 RUTH P. McSweeney 12 Wyman St., Arlington Elementary Education Newman Clubg Elem. Educ. Club JOSEPH V. LOBOSCO 1412 Commonwealth Ave., Brighton Elementary Education KAGP Elem. Educ. Club 45 Class Treas. 2 ROBERT H. LUNDY 141 Beale St., Wollaston Physical Education Asst. Athletic Trainer 3. 4 PAULA J. MANNING Sfilyg Broadway, South Boston Elementary Education AEA Pres., V.P., Membership Dir. Newman Club 45 Elem. Educ. Club, Cort. Secy. 45 Glee Club 25 Torch 23 Booster's Club 35 Panhellenic Conf. 25 Senator 3, 45 Stud. Coun. 45 Class V.P. 15 Educator 1 WILLIAM A. MAZUREK 80 Bernard St., Dorchester Science Education Newman Clubg Sec. Educ. Club PAUL N. McCARTHY Q7 Matchett St., Brighton English MARCIA F. MELNICK 35 Woodhaven St., Mattapan Elementary Education Elem. Educ. Club 2, 35 Hillel 1-35 Drama Club 3 is 123 .1 .,-V'.k '.- . , K A W-.L A A 1 H 5 .M .,:,,. , f L: - K A -Vs. K fl ifgff' J N . 6 "" as I gf 1 " ZJEGTT: H N 'Q Rx f '.-is-sf.. 5 : 5 , A Q-N gr , i ,, Q ff JILL A. MEYERSON 66-10 149 St., Flushing, N. Y. Queens Collegeg Hofstra Col- lege Elementary Education Hillel SCHOOL OF EDUCATION HOLLY V. PITTOCK 597 Main St., Hudson Lycoming College Elementary Education Elem. Educ. Club LOUIS A. PORCELLI 38 Rock Hill St., 1WIedford CGE Social Studies Newman Club LEONARD F. MICELI 154 Summer St., Somerville Social Studies Newman Club HARRY C. MITCHELL 122 Trowbridge St., Cambridge Social Studies KAQ Degree Master Scarlet Key 3, 43 Torch 3, 45 Class Pres. 1: Senator 25 SFA Del. 3, 43 Sec. Educ. Club Pres. 2, 33 Stud. Coun. l-4: Educator 1, 23 "Who's Who" DONALD C. MURRAY 81 Fidelis Way, Brighton Physical Education HUBg Football 1 KATHERINE P. 0'HARA 329 East Ave., Lewiston, Me. University of Maineg Auburn School of Commerce Business Education AI' CAROLYN T. PEN DLETON 122 No. Connecticut Ave., Atlantic City, N. J. New England Conservatory of Music Elementary Education Elem. Educ. Club: Chorus 3 BARBARA J. MILLER 460 Jensen St., Rahway, N. J. University of Miami Speech Therapy AfIDE Shelton Hall Floor Chm. 4, House Coun. 4, Judicial Bd. 4, Floor Coun. 4: Dorm So- cial Chm. 23 Hillel 2-4 LORRAINE J. MONSON 16 Delano Ave., Revere American International Col lege English Glee Club 25 Elem. Educ. Club 2: Sec. Educ. Club 8 CLAIRE R. NEWMAN 19 Waverly Ave., Revere University of Massachusetts Elementary Education. YIDEE Pledge Class V.P., A- partment Chm., Corr. Secy. Elem. Educ. Club 2-41 Hillel 2-43 Young Republicans Club 3, 4, Membership Chm. 3 BEVERLY L. OLSON 33 Ashton Rd., Attleboro University of Massachusetts Elementary Education IVIJB Treas., Efficiency Chm. Dorm Mgr. 43 Elem. Educ. Club 3, 49 Congregational Club 2 GERALD F. PETERSON 76 Peterborough St., Boston Elementary Education Newman Clubg Elem. Educ. Club -0. JUDITH M. PIZZUTI GLENNA W. PLAISTED 32 Carter St., Leominster 54 Green St., Augusta, Me. English Social Studies Shelton Hall Floor Oflicer 2, International Club 2-45 Re- 3, Newman Club 1-4, Sec. publlcan Club 4, Shelton Hall Educ. Club 1-4: Jazz Soc. 4 Activities Chm.2,Floor Chm. 3, V.P. 4 MARILYN E. MILLMAN 17 Baker St., Lynn Elementary Education AEKID V.P. Hillel 1, 25 Elem. Educ. Club 8, 4 DAVID R. MURPHY 70 Foster Ct., ltfiedford Physical Education GDEK Secy. CAROLYN J. ODEGARD 21 Holland Rd., Melrose VVesley Junior College Elementary Education Elem. Educ. Club 3 JACLYN C. PATRICOF S20 Central Park W., New York, N. Y. Elementary Education Hillel NORMAN G. PFAFF 36 Northern Ave., Beverly Elementary Education KAKID Elem. Educ. Club HOWARD D PRILUCK CAROLE S QLINT 334 Bolivar St Canton 69 Chiswick Rd Brighton Endicott Junior College SDCWZ Sfudle-9' Elementary Education PershlngRifles1 2 Hlllell 2 H1llel3 4 Llem Educ Club 124 INDA S. RAFLOWI'l'Z 63 So. Main St., reat Barrington lementary Education illel 1-45 Shelton Hall Ac- ivities Chm. 29 Cheerleader 1 l - l l IOHN G. REGAN 95 Lightguard Dr., Medford Physical Education Football 2, 3, Cu-Capt. 4 GEORGE S. REYNOLDS 593 Holmes Rd., Pittslield CGE Social Studies Glee Club 31 Geography Club SUMNER ROTMAN 35 Johnston Rd., Dorchester JC Social Studies Hillel 3, 43 Drama Club 25 History Club 1, 23 Sociology Club 1, 25 Psychology Club 1, 2 CLYDE M. RUSSIAN 58 Rossmere St., Newtonville IC Physical Education We 'M BEVERLY A. SAULT 605 E. 5th St., S. Boston Elementary Education LUCILL'E -I. SCHOLSBERG 1870 Commonwealth Ave., Brighton Newman Club 1-43 Elem. Legley College Educ. Club 1, 2 BETTE J. SCHWARTZ 179 Kings Point Rd., Great Neck, N. Y. Penn Hall Junior College Elementary Education Hillel Elementary Education SONDRA SCHWEDOCK 9310 Ocean Pkwy., Brooklyn, N. Y. Adelphi College: Brooklyn College Elementary Education NEVVS Bus. Staffg Hillel 13 Keswick Dorm Social Chm.g IDC l . SCHOOL OF EDUCATION DONALD R. RAY 1-1-7 Bay State Rd., Boston Social Studies Newman Club 3, 4: VVrestling Team 1-33 Pre-Legal Soc. 4 ISAIAH REID 501 VVarren St., Roxbury Physical Education KIDEK VINCENT T. RICCARDI 182 F St., South Boston Health Education KAJD Stud. Coun., V.P. 4 JUDITH A. ROWE 40Q1 Calle Cbica, Tucson, Ariz. University of Arizonag Amer- ican University of Beirut Elementary Education IIA8g AXQ GLORIA C. SAMOWITZ 405 McKinley Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. Elementary Education AEA Treas. Panhellenic Del. 2, 35 Hillel 1, 23 Elem. Educ. Club 1, 2 JJYN fr" 125 ANNE RAYMOND 12 Newfield St., 1Yollaston Bridgewater Teachers College Elementary Education KK1' Membership Chm. SCA 2-4-3 Elem. Educ. Club Q-4 SANDRA RESNICK 114 Courtcr Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. Elementary Education Hillel 1-4 HELEN B. RITTENBERG 3120 Russett Rd., Chestnut Hill Syracuse University Elementary Education IIA8 FLORENCE REBEL 4983 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Beaver College Elementary Education Shelton Hall Treas.g Psychol- ogy Club 25 Sociology Club 2, Hillel 2 IRENE NI. SARTORI 21 Jackson St., Cambridge Armstrong College Business Education 1-1011 Newman Clubg Cosmopolitan Club: Il Circolo Italian, Chm. Pub. Comm. -F!! ,415 fl N p IWIARGARET B. SCHULZE 5 V Vil' 140 Fenway St., Bostdn J r ' I A Forsyth Health Education Q 'Z QW ALLIE W. SCRUGGS 829 Beacon St., Boston Social Studies SCHOOL CF EDUCATION JACQUELINE SMITH 19 Columbia Terr. Boston Lesley Teachers College Elementary Education IIBKIJ Scholarship Chm. Newman Club 2-45 Young Republican Club 2, 3 THOMAS E. SMITH 579 Liberty St., Rockland Physical Education Football 1, 25 Baseball 1, 4 BARTON SPANIAK 771 Sea St., Quincy Physical Education JUDITH L. SELTZ 8 Spruce Dr., Flower Hill, Roslyn, N. Y. University of Vermont Elementary Education DORIS A. SHEINFELD 72 Tudor St., Chelsea Skidmore College Elementary Education HAS Elem. Educ. Club 3, 43 French Club 1g Spanish Club 95 His- tory Club 1, 2 LAURA P. SILIN 35 Mt. Hood Rd., Brighton CLA Elementary Education LEETA G. SINRICH 47 Acorn St., Malden Elementary Education Sociology Clubg Hillelg Elem. Educ. Club DAVID N. SETTELE 544 Pleasant St., South Weymouth Northeastern University Physical Education KIDEK Track 8, Capt. 4 LYDIA I. SHIELDS 17 Park St., Newton Elementary Education AAII Social Chm., Sing Dir. Newman Club EDWARD H. SILVA 79 E. Canton St., Boston Health, Physical Education, and Recreation BARBARA R. SLOSBERG 161 McKinley Ave., Norwich, Conn. Wellesley College English ELEANOR SMITH MARSHA SMOLLER 18 Gardner St., Chelsea Colby Junior College Elementary Education l'IA9 JUDITH L. STERLING 1319 Fayette St., Teaneck, N. J. Douglass College Elementary Education Class Secy. 35 Dorm Officer 126 fi, -: ', .,., . . .1 t,., ,Y I we - .J-"', is LENORE R. SMITH 25 Greycliff Rd., Brighton Elementary Education DAVID R. SNOW 68 Fletcher St., Winchester Social Studies International Club 1-43 Re- publican Club 4g Cosmopol- itan Club 1 ALICE M. STRALEAU Berkshire School Rd., Sheffield Social Studies HAS Chapel Choir 1-43 Sec. Educ. Club 2, 4, Secy. QL SCA 1, Newspaper Ed. 23 Young Re- publican Club 4g Charlesgate Flood Counselor 2, Secy. S, Chm. 4 EVELYN R. SHEAR 60 Fern St., Waterbury, Conn. Lasell Junior College Elementary Education Dorm Floor Officerg Hillelg Elem. Educ. Club JEAN S. SIEVERS 21 Overhill Dr., Berlin, Conn. Bates College Elementary Education IIA8 Young Republicans Club 3, 4: SCA 2-4 JOAN H. SIMON 188 No. Broadway, Nyack, N. Y. Potsdam State Teachers Col- lege Elementary Education 'DEE Program Chm., Mar- shal Shelton Hall Floor Mgr.g Dorm Newspaper Staff CAROL F. SLOSBERG 50 Reynolds Rd., Norwich, Conn. Syracuse University Elementary Education 1 DIANE M. STRUMEYER 203 Holden Green, Cambridge Hunter College Elementary Education CEVINA TARGUM 511 Beach 135 St., Belle Harbor, N. Y. Rhode Island University English Cosmopolitan Clubg Dormi- tory Social Chm. JOSEPH P. THERIAULT 144 Kinsley St., Nashua, N. H. CGE Social Studies XFE CGE Class Pres. Stud. Coun. 25 CGE TOBIE E. TISHMAN 1687 Commonwealth Ave., Brighton Elementary Education IIA9g CD22 Panhellenic Conf. 9, Pres. 33 Stud. Coun. lg SFA 3 DONALD V. TROTT S1 Lawrence St., Cambridge Social Studies Stud. Coun. 25 Young Repub- lican Club S5 Stud. Activities Conn., V.P. 2 JAMES C. VARGELIS 1318 Mass. Ave., Arlington Tufts College Physical Education KIPEK Treas. Crew 1-4: Fencing 2, 3: Soc- cer Q, fig Orthodox Club 4 REGINA A. WALATA 125 VVashington Ave., Chelsea Elementary Education EK Newman Club: Elem. Educ. Club ELIZABETH N. TWING West Brattleboro, Vt. Education JOHN VINAGRO 17 Dutton Cir., ltledford FREDERICK L. YVALSH 57 Ellery St., Cambridge Social Studies Newman Club lg History Club 3: Sec. Educ. Club 3 1 217 SCHOOL OF EDUCATION JOHN J. SULLIVAN 103 Saybrook St., Brighton Leland Powers Speech Education Newman Club 25 Sec. Educ. Club 2, 33 SED Glee Club 33 Debating Soc. 35 High School Debate Tournament, Oral Interpretation Chm. 8 SYLVIA G. TARR 62 Boyd Ave., Jersey City, N. J. New Jersey State Teachers College Elementary Education Hillel 3, 4g Crest Hall Secy.- Treas. 35 Shelton Hall Floor Secy.-Treas. 45 Elem. Educ. Club 3, 4 GLADYS M. THOMSON 77 Stevens St., Andover Colby College Elementary Education AAH Guard, Social Chm. SCA 2-43 Elem. Educ. Club 2 MENA R. TOPJIAN 99 Bailey Rd., Watertown Elementary Education AEA V.P., Social Chm., Pan- hellenic Del. Elem. Educ. Club 2-4g Ar- menian Club 1-4g Newman Club 1-4 THOMAS P. SULLIVAN 3 Sterling Sq., South Boston Physical Education Football 2-4 DOROTHY TENGLER Ed. "Corazon de Jesus," Av. Los Proceres, San Bernardino, Caracas, Venezuela National College of Education Elementary Education Elem. Educ. Club 33 Inter- national Students Group 3, 4, Stud. Chm. TEREES THOREN 7 Hawthorne Rd., Holden Elementary Education EACID Treas. Dorm Coun. Secy. 2, Secy.- Treas. 33 Senior Assembly, hlarshal 3 HARRY E. TOZIER 17 Essex St., Beverly Springtield College Physical Education -Ov DONALD F. VANDERSTREET 24 Carleton Ave., Brockton Physical Education Basketball 1-4 MASON P. WAKSTEIN 236 Kelton St., Allston American International Col- lege Speech Therapy VVILLIABI I'I. WALSH, JR. 23 Margin St., Peabody Social Studies Newman Club 4: History Club 41 Sec. Educ. Club 4 SCHOOL OF EDUCATION GERALDINE F. ZALVAN 175 Exchange St., Millis Elementary Education CD22 Treas., Corr. Secy., Bal- four Chm. Senator 4: Stud. Coun. 43 Ac- tivities Coun., Rec. Secy. 43 SED High School Day Comm. 2, 3, Co-Chm. 45 SED Par- ents Day Comm. 2, S, Co- Chm. 45 Elem. Educ. Club 1-33 Hillel 1-43 Young Repub- lican Club 3, Corr. Secy. 4 MYRNA D. WARD 11 Lucerne St., Dorchester Elementary Education Elem. Education Club 2, Drama Club 35 Hillel MARGARET WEGEROT RAYMOND B. WILSON, JR. 82 W. Broadway, Newport, R. I. Temple University Recreation ROGER D. WARREN 389 Park St., West Roxbury Physical Education 35 KIFEK Stud. Coun. Rep. Basketball 1, 23 Baseball 1 SALLY WEINER P.O. Box 488, Ste Agathe des monts, Quebec, Canada McGill Universityg Univer- sity of Southern California Speech Therapy Hillelg Psychology Club Q5 Drama Club Q ROB ERTA M. WHIPPERMAN ISAAC M. WASSERMAN 3215 Monument Ave., Richmond, Va. Nichols Junior Collegeg Lynchburg College Social Studies KAl'I History Club: Hillel JOYCE M. WILLIAMS 8 Brook St., Andover Lesley College Elementary Education Cheerleader 2-44 Elem. Educ. Club 2, 35 SCA 2-4 MARILYN B. YORK 89 Clark Ave., Chelsea Elementary Education 11122 V.P., Pledge Trainer Elem. Educ. Club 2, 35 Hillel 1-4, SED Rep. 3, 4 PEK I Basketball FREIDA L. ZEIDMAN S. ZOLL 10 Warren Ave., Amesbury University of New Hampshire Social Studies AAA Elem Educ Club GRADUATES WITHOUT PICTURES GEORGE F. ARSNOW 126 Stanley St., Fall River Health Education KAQ, V.P. Newman Club 1-35 Class V.P. 35 Stud. Coun., Pres. Q SUSAN BAILEY Wareham St., South Carver Colby Junior College Elementary Education JOANNE G. BATSON 85 Mt. Pleasant Ave., Gloucester Westbrook Junior College: Perry Normal School Elementary Education RUTH K. BERKOWITZ 14 Nancy St., Pawtucket, R.I. Social Studies Hillel 1-3 CYNTHIA J. BERRY RICHARD L. BONIN 416 Lonsdale Ave., Pawtucket, R. I. Social Studies J. ROLAND BOUCHARD THOMAS H. BOYD 41 Roberts St., Quincy Health Education KAQIP, Degree Master Soccer 8: Torchg Stud. Coun. 2, 3: Class Pres. 3: Sec. Educ. Club, V.P. Q JAMES S. CALDER 324 Bacon St., Natick JC Elementary Education Hockey 1 BARBARA-ANNE COBE 109 Cross St., Belmont University of Massachusetts Elementary Education Elem. Educ. Club MARY E. COOK 27 Plain St., Natick Framingham State Teachers College Elementary Education CAROLE P. COTTON Worcester Elementary Education English Clubg Psychology Clubg Elem. Educ. Club JAMES L. COURVILLE BARBARA A. COVELI. PAUL E. CURRAN JOHN B. CURTIN 116 High St., Everett Social Studies Rifle Team 3, 4: Scabbard and Blade 8, 4 WALBERT W. DILWORTH MARIE-LOUISE duFAULT 25 Liberty St., Montpelier, Vt. Forsyth Health Education JOHN E. DUNN 5 Traverse St., Newton Newton Junior College Physical Education Basketball 1, 25 Baseball 1 MAUREEN M. EICH 100 ltlemorial Dr., Cambridge Social Studies FRANCIS X. FANDEL 2 Sheraton Pk., Arlington Elementary Education JOHN FITZGERALD 107 Franklin St., Arlington Salem State Teachers College Business Education JOYCE K. FLEMING 7 Bond St., Needham Endicott Junior College Elementary Education Newman Club 3 ROSALIE FLORENCE 4 Saipan Rd., Chelsea Elementary Education AK Treas., Pres. Floor Chm. Shelton Hall 25 Panhellenic Conf. 4: Hillel GERALD S. FRAZIER 36 Virginia Rd., Quincy American International Col- lege Business Education JAMES R. GADDY JAMES F. GALLIVAN MARSHA S. GOLDBERG 140 Stanley Rd., Waban Endicott Junior College Elementary Education Elem. Educ. Club BEVERLY M. GRAHAM THOMAS W. HALL 47 S. Worcester St., Chartley Elementary Education KACIJ, Treas., National Chap- lain Geographical Soc. 4 JOAN H. JOHNSON VAHAN J. KHACHADOORIAN 34 Porter St., Watertown JC Elementary Education Soccer 83 Armenian Club VIRGINIA C. KROELEIN 2008 Princeton St.. Midland, Texas Colorado College Secondary Education AI' ARTHIIR H. KROZY 185 Upland Ave., Newton Highlands l'liy.s'ieal Educatimz Football 1-4 RICHARD T. LeBECQIfE ROBERT E. LOVELY 131 Hyatt Ave., Haverhill Ifniversity of Tampa l'lzy.s'ieal Education ELIZABETH D. MaeKENZIE Pembroke St., Concord, N.H. Keene Teachers College: For- syth llealih Eclucation HARRIET S. MANDELL 3164 Sheridan Ave.. Miami Beach, Fla. Smith College Elementary Education ARNOLD L. MARDER 36 Jones Ave., Dorf-hester Sur-ial Studies ARLENE H. MASSEY 32 Gray St., Cambridge Radc'lil1'e College: Columbia Vniversityg VVayne Lniversity Education IIAO ALLEIQRA A. MAI'LL Box -I-26, Chillicothe, O. Miami University: Oxford English KAEJ GERTRVDE C. M1-ANIRLIN MARY P. Mc:LAI'GIlLIN 87 Highland Rd., Brookline lflemmitury Education HAI'-1 EVA 'l'. MERRILL 25130 Fo. Fillmore Fl., Denver, Colo. Christian College Elernvntary Education ROBERT B. NELSON 34-7 Harvard St., Brookline Elenimlary Edueolion NELSON B. NVGENT 114 Strathmore Rd., Brookline Colby Collegeg Blexir-o Cit College Seronflary Ifdueatiorz AGNES I. NUNES 5 Roberts Rd., Cambridge Eleirizrziiriry Education IIAO AGNES P. 0'BRIEN 155 Copeland St., Quinn-v Ilvnlth Education SCHOOL OF EDUCATION ANN R. OLIN ANGELO E. PANTELI JUDITII II, PARKS Rural Route tlli, Lexington JC lfnglixh SCA, Sevy. BIARGARET A. REED 28 Batehelder St., Melrose University of Vermont Health Ezlueatimi TIIJB GORDON W. RICE ANTHONY RODRIGVES 1164- Stafford Rd., Fall River Elementary Education SALVATORE J. SCHIAZZA Q5 River St., New Rochelle, lN. Y. Physical lfrlzteation Varsity Football 2-45 Fresh- T man Football 13 Varsity Club 3, 4 ROBERT E. SCHOOLCRAFT RICHARD A. F-HL'R'l'LEI"F 15 Lincoln St., Stoneham University of Blassachusettsg Chapman College Elementary Education OX mmm t BEATRICE C. SMITH 31 Garfield St., Foxboro Lesley College lfleineniary lfrlucution ROBERT S. SMITH Lot 413 Phillips St., North Hanover Northeastern Ifniversity Eclucatiou RODERICK W. SMITH JUDY F. STRASMA WILLIAM R. SULLIVAN 1134 Pleasant St., East VVeymouth Elementary Education Hockey 1-4, Newman Club RITA M. VANELLI BEATRICE H. YERDERY -100 Prospect St., Fherborn Radcliffe College Elementary Education PIA9 Elem. Educ. Club 1 ROSA G. WEINSTEIN 41 Bay State Rd., Boston New York Lniversity Business Erlueaiiou Young Democrats Club 4 ROBERT S. WELLS ANGELO J. ZLCCO , ln.. SCHOOL OF EDUCATION-GRADUATE SALLY BODGE 13 Grove St., Auberndale Ed.M. THELINIA B. BRYANT 1414 Wooster St., Wilmington, N. C. Fayetteville State Teachers College M.Ed. Elementary Education A29 KENNETH N. BURT 17 Beverly Lane, Westwood JEAN S. CAMERON 126 Anawan Ave., West Roxbury Boston University Ed.M. Rehabilitation LAURA J. ASCI 104 Princeton St., East Boston Boston University Ed.lVI. Guidance MARY INI. BAUDANZA 308 High St., VV. ltledford Lesley College Ed.ltI. Education J. BELL :deff , C. ATWATER BARBARANN BEAN 20 Waverly St., Antrim, N.H. Keene Teachers College ELLM. Elementary School Adminis- tration and Supervision MERRILL S. BERGSTROM 15 Jay Ave., Northboro Boston University Ed.M. Physical Education for-f fx GEORGE K. BOWLES 29 Purington Ave., Natick St. Lawrence Universityg Col- umbia University Ed. D . Educational Psychology CLARICE T. BURGESS 1990 Commercial St., VVeymouth Colby College Ed.M. Elementary BARBARA R. BURWEN 14- Scotland Rd., Lexington Boston University Ed.M. Education HAKID VIRGINIA F. CHRISTENSEN Q111 Spencer Rd., Silver Spring, Md. University of Maryland M.S. Science Education IIB'fI3' CHARLES K. AVERY M. BELANGER DANIEL T. BLANCHARD 180 Jatfrey St., Weymouth Northeastern University ED.M. Education Business AIIE B. BRYANT G. BURROUGHS . i 'ie iii S' -. , it , RUTH K. CAIN 15 Candia St., East Weymouth Massachusetts School of Art Ed.M. Rehabilitation Counseling JANIE G. CHRISTIE 30 Alden St., Plymouth Boston University Ed.M. .us A A Guidance i n .ef VIRGINIA CIRACE 70 Vinal St., Revere Emerson College Ed.M. Speech Education THOMAS DI. DELDTONACO 7 Newport Rd., Nantasket Boston University Ed.M. Administration and Super- vision JOAN F. DICKSTEIN 85-65 150th St., Jamaica, N. Y. Queens College M.S. Speech and Hearing Therapy 21 as ii ' ' .-ist. 4' il' ' . Eiflfi I .. . . i tener V F, i,ii L sa 62 gy fl .gt 1 SCHOOL OF EDUCATION-GRADUATE MARJORIE A. EMENEAU 5 Hamilton Rd., Somerville VVorcester State Teachers College: Boston University Ed.M. Guidance, Social Studies HA9 MURRY B. GERBER 39 Newhall St., Lynn Salem Teachers College Ed.M. Supervision and Administra- tion KALIJ ANNIE M. GORE QQQO Hurst St., Columbia, S. C. Allen University Ed.lNI. English ARTHUR HADFIELD CONSTANCE H. FITZPATRICK Pleasant St., Plynipton Bridgewater Teachers College Ed.lNl. Special Education HA9 NORMAN B. GOLDBERG 604 Norfolk St., llattapan Northeastern University ECLAI. Guidance HELEN M. GRANGER 103 VVarren Ave., liarlboro University of Massachusetts Ed.M. Education IIAO ELIZABETH D. HALEY 402 North Main St., Andover 44 Robert Rd., Marblehead Salem Teachers College Ed.M. Business Education AKIDE Boston University Ed.M. Elementary Education JOHN J. CURTIN 15 Booth Rd., Methuen Boston University Ed.M. Counseling and Guidance LEO E. DENNIS Liberty St., Otter River Fitchburg Teachers College Ed.M. Administration and Super- vision N. DINCECCO RITA M. CUSHING 21 Herrick Rd., Newton Center Bridgewater State Teachers College Ed.M. Elementary Education THOMAS C. DESMOND BARBARA A. ELBERY 49 Schofield Dr., Newtonville Sargent College Ed.M. Education IIA9 11, .-,kV-,V- 5... -kk. ...E ,kk,, 'jeux-5 ..-, igssv. at RT in Si wa,. if QT? HA9 A A 9'f..5QK' Spa A ..., . 131 "Y : L 71? . A as JOSEPH A. GATTIQSO E249 Boston St., Dorchester Boston University Ed.M. Administration and Super- vision ARTHUR W. GOODALL 951 Broadway St., Somerville Tufts University, Tufts Univ- versity Graduate School of Romance Languages Ed.M. Education EVELYN D. GREENIDGE 74 Ruthven St., Dorchester Framingham Teachers Col- lege Ed.M. Guidance MURIEL K. HARRIS 107 Elm Hill Ave., Roxbury Boston State 'Teachers Col- lege M.S. English Education A2161 SCHOOL OF EDUCATION-GRADUATE , eip A fl CORIELYNNE J. LATHAHI Esmond Branch, Providence, R. I. Rhode Island College of Ed- ucation Ed.M. Speech ELIZABETH B. LEE 206 Church St., Newton Smith College Ed.M. Reading AL MARTIN HAROLD L. HERBER 110 Railroad Ave., South Hamilton Taylor University Ed.M. Language Arts-Readinq SARA JAFFARIAN 1005 Country Club Dr., Greensboro, N. C. Bates College: Simmons Col- lege Ed.M. Specialization in Audio-Visual Education AKFQ IIA9 WILLIA B. JONES 1512 County St., Portsmouth, Va. Virginia State College Ed.M. Social Studies ELIZABETH D. HOWZE 75 Ridge St., Asheville, N. C. Winston-Salem Teachers Col- lege Ed.M. Elementary Education HA9 H. JOERGER M. KARPAS MURIEL L. KILEY 737 Woodbury Ave., Portsmouth, N. H. University of New Hamp- shire: New York University Ed.M. Guidance RAYMOND R. KUUTTI 1261 Highway 36, St. Paul, ltlinnesota University of Minnesota Ed.M. Music Education BERNARD E. LAWSON WALTER M. LECHTEN 18 Linnea Ave., Brockton 11 Don St., Dorchester Northeastern University Boston University Ed.M. Ed,M, Secondary Science Physical Education THERESA C. LETTERI RICHARD N. MARKHAM Landham Rd., South Sudbury 15 Highland Ave., Ayer Boston University Fitchburg State Teachers Ed.M. College Guidance Ed.M. Secondary School Administra- tion and Supervision GLORIA C. MASSARI M. DOROTHY MASSEY 571 East Main St., 70 Berwick Pl., Norwood Torrington, Conn. Tufts College: Pennsylvania Hillyer College State University Ed.M. Ed.M. Speech Correction and Hearing Education Conservation I'IA9g XD RACHELLE R. ISSEROW 47 Stetson St., Brookline Hunter Ed.M. Speech and Hearing EDWARD D. JONATHAN Blind School, Palamcottah, South India Madvas Universityg Boston University Ed.l1I. Guidance and Speech Educa- tion MARY F. KILEY 737 Woodbury Ave., Portsmouth, N. H. Keene Teachers Collegeg A- merican Universityg New York University Ed.M. Elementary Education LAURA F. LALLY Q87 Oakland St., Wellesley Hills Rhode Island College of Ed- ucation Ed.M. Primary Education, Language Art IIA9 SUTHIRH NAVISES 79 Ban Mah Rd., Bangkok, Thziilzind Chulalongkarn Ifniversity Ed.M. English IRENE MILLER 195 Sycamore St., Oxford, N. C. Show University Ed.M. Erlurnlion MARTHA C. MITCHELL R. 2, Box 196, Easton, 3111. Maryland State Teachers Collegeg Hampton Institute Ed.M. .-lrlmznisirzztion and Super- vision BARBARA M. NAY 49 Hurbison Ave., Hartford, Conn. SON Health Efllwaiiun AAA Trident Curr., Marshal Newman Club 1, 25 Freshnmn Dorm Counselor 2 sl' HT.-rr e tes X . - .zijg5Eg2,,s.1,,gfi,, 5 r'q1?z.gf1agz3f,sfiif:-,5? x J ' ' A 1' 2.51-of 7 . ref:-'eil H ,ffggf I Ns. ff . 5figf,?Qf2.ff ,. ?,,.... ss, . A . ,v . is S-eklflif I fa an 'Q-vf,,,j .- is 5, .P . Q ,, ,s -1-2 4 1, T? ' 4 We-W I H ,-- H g h frczj .IOIIN R. PAGANO 355 Farmington Ave., Cranston, R. I. University of Rhode Island: Boston University Esl.AI. Physical Education FRANCES A. PRONSKI 59 l'pland St. 1Vorcester Simniqns Ed.M. Business Education AIIE ESTHER M. RYDGREN 27 Lorraine St., East AvCA'Ifl0U1l'l Bridgewater State Teachers College Ed.M. Elcmcniury Education HA9 SCHOOL OF EDUCATION L 1 FORREST H. PAGE South Qnd St., Buckeye, Ariz. St. Anselin's College Ed.M. Science Education LEROY L. RAHISEY 617 13th AVC., Bleridian, Bliss. Jackson State College Ed.NI. English Education KAW' DORIS H. SALAK 24 hlyrtlc St., Framingham Wheelock: Boston Ifniver- sityg Northeastern Ed.BI. Elementary Administration J. MCBRIEN ELLEN MINDEL MARION E. MORSE 625 Bay Rd., Sharon Bridgewater State Teachers College Ed.M, Itcmrrlial Icfllflllllfj ROBERT A. NOY 14- Bellevue St., Lowell Vallejo College: Ifnivcrsity of Cnliforniag Boston University Ed.M. .lrlminisfraiion and Super- risimz Elementary Schools .me 1 133 LIARCIA C. IICCURAIICK 13 North Bend St., Pawtucket, R. I. Rhode Island College of Ed- ucation Ed.M. Elementary Education MARY MINDESS WVest St., Charlestown, N. H Simmons College Ed.M. Speech Therapy EVELYN A. MURPHY 60 Dalton 1-td., Belmont Boston University C.A.G.S. Guidance in Business Educa- tion IIASQ .AIIE Historian Grad Club MARY P. OBERTI 55 Pond St., 1Yallhain Plymouth Teachers College Ed.M. Elementary Education GRADUATE -ew tears., r K i J. POLK J. ROGERS PETER A. SANTOS 100 Mountfort St., Boston Fniversity of Massachusetts Ed.M, Social Slzulics 9X Secy., Musical Dir. SCHOOL OF EDUCATION-GRADUATE ev? wmf::s'i"fL-'2s1l, fwtaww ef qn.e,1f2.r:5b2,11swMei H . ,.., --7. . 5 V .ai ,b"Y xzfitiifefga eisesieiiviii gf m sfaa l C get , E gf? L 'E it E . 522 f 1 ,,s:1,'sL-332.5-'A ' '- V AL 1 , t, I 1 NORMA G. WALKER 1134 N. Fulton Ave., Baltimore, Md. Howard University Ed.M. Speech and Hearing Therapy AKA LCCI L5 L. WILLIAMS, JR, Rt. 1 Box 37, Starkville, Miss. Jackson State College Ed.M. Secondary School Administra- tion Q'l'fD NORMAN R. SEIFEL 27 Devon St., New Britain, Conn. Boston University Ed.M. Administration KACI3 NATALIE SILVIA 184- Anthony St., Fall River Bridgewater State Teachers College Ed.1I. Special Education BEVERLY J. STEWART 70 Conway St., Greenfield Lowell Teachers College Ed.M. Elementary Education EDITH R. THOMAS 696 Plymouth Ave., Fall River Ed.M. CAROL SHACTER 2601 Glenwood Rd., Brooklyn Speech Therapy VICTOR W. SMITH l3QB uvalnut St., Wilmington, Del, Hampton Institute, Virginia Ed.M. Secondary Education Qllfdl FLORENCE S. SUROWIEC 31 Primrose St., Pawtucket, R. I. Rhode Island College of Ed- ucation Ed.1I. Elementary Education JOHN J. THOMSON 5 Traver Ct., Greenfield Boston University Ed.M. Social Studies V. TRIBOU LAURA W. TUCKER Mamha Point, Monrovia, Liberia Tufts University Ed.M. Elementary School Supervision 1 '--.., ,tl 134 BIARILYN A. WALSH 51 Florida St., Dorchester Emerson College EfI.M. Guidance SAMUEL J. WILSON 12 S. Main St., Colchester, Conn. Ecl.M. ANNE E. WHITE 59 Pine Bud Ave., St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada University of Newfoundland Boston University Ed.M.' Elementary Education HA9 CLIFF WING DAVID SILVERSTEIN 55 Wildwood St., lNIattapan Boston University Ed.M. Education AIIJA LESTER C. STANNARD 119 Normandy St., Lakeland, Florida Atlantic Union College Ed.M. Administration and Super- vision ALICE M. TABER 59 Cherokee St., Yonkers, N. Y. Worcester State Teachers College Ed.hI. Elementary Education HAS GEORGE TOUTAIN M. VARELLA mQn...wt,.,.-.,,,.,,,tmam-efaseialssgiew . az,-mga. - aLeL1ef'1:4vH s..gQgr1e'2ae,e,wel.,wg'issrfr. .W ,-S. A ggi- filsgeiiiw rfefefesir- -1 - f A at 1 'Q-av .. ,aff ,. fn, - -. I H WI'1HIE GLADYS M. ADAMS 22 George St., Pawtucket, R. I. Boston University Ed.M. Social Studies LOUIS A. ADREANI 82 Orient Ave., East Boston Boston University Ed.M. Educational Administration KAQ Newman Club VINCENT A. ALEXANDER 72 Ramsdell St., Newton Ed.M. Elementary School Adminis- tration ELEANOR M. ANDERSON 65 Park Dr., Boston Bradford Junior College: Boston University Ed.M. Elementary Education HARRY U. ANDERSON 111 Moffat Rd., W'aban Trinity College: Harvard University Eil.D. Elementary School .-ldminis tration and Supervision KDAK ROBERT H. ANDERSON 83 Pearl St., Brockton Boston University Ed.M. Guidance FRANCES M. ARNOLD 108 Hill St., E. VVeymouth University of Maine Ed.M. English EDWARD C. ASTRACHAN 76 Fowler Ave., Revere Boston University Ed.M. tluidance and Counseling RICHARD T. AVRITCH 8 Luray St., Riverside, R. I. Bryant College Ed.M. Business Education HARRY J. BARDI 72 Hastings St., Portland, hte. Pomona College Ed.M. English BERNICE B. BEER 15 Baker Ave., VV. Concord Lowell Teachers College Ed.M. ltcruling MAURINE E. BERRY 4370 S. Braden St.. Tulsa, Okla. Oklahoma City University Ed.M. Education EAIQ TKIPB WILLIAM A. BERRY, JR. 30 Brooks St., West Hicksville, N. Y. Dartmouth College: Cornell University: Northeastern Uni- versity Ed.M. ttnidancc SCHOOL OF KISUP YU H 377 Chylmock-Ri, Yongan-Myun, A 1 Chula Buk-Do, Korea H I: W , N' :N VQ Chungang University, Seoul, . Korea ffl, Ed-M Guidance GEORGE J. BETSES CHRISTINA R. BURNS 123 Cross St., Lowell 382 High St., Salem Teachers College Ed.M. Business Education VERNE L. BIXBY 89 Hancock St., So. Braintree New England College Ed.M. Guidance and Counseling CARROLL H. BLANCHARD, JR. 58 Union St., Milford. N. H. Boston University Ed.M. Business Education AIIE BERNARD O. BLOOM 81 Nantucket Ave.. Swampscott Boston University Ed.M. Physical Education IRENE S. BOTOP 7Q9 Chestnut St., Manchester, N. H. Notre Dame College: Univer sity of New Hampshire Ed.M. Speech EllIlC'K1f1'07I HA9 RICHARD W. BOVRNE Causeway St., Medfield Boston University Ed.M. Secondary School Science fIJAK DANIEL M. BOYLEN 22 lvilliams Ave., Wilmington Boston University Ed.M. Physical Education JOHN J. BRADLEY 7 Stratford Rd.,,Islington Boston University Ed.hI. Education MARY A. BRADLEY 78 Rogers Ave., Somerville Salem State Teachers College: Boston University Ed.M. Elementary Education IIAO M. LILLIAN BRI-ZEN 51 Tudor St., Lynn Salem Teachers College Ed.M. Supervision AKI' DORIS hi. BROWN 99 Sedgwick St., Jamaica Plain Boston University 1-Id.M. Education GILBERT F, BULLEY Q50 Smith St.. Reading Keene Teachers College. Keene, N. H. Ed.M. Guidance KAW: AflVQ Valley Falls, R. I. Rhode Island College of Ed- ucation Ed.M. Audio Visual Education EDNYARD B. BZDULA Brookfield Rd., I"iskdale Boston University Ed.M. Business Education AIIE: IDAK ROBERT J. CAFARELLI SQ Concord Ave., Somerville Salem State Teachers College Ed.M. Elementary Education ORLANDO V. CAFASSO 148 East Main St., Gloucester Boston University M.A. Elementary School .tdmin is- tration MARY E. CALNAN 82 Duncan St., Gloucester Rivier College Ed.M. Health Education HA9 BARBARA S. CAMPBELL 81 Broad St., Groton, Conn. Bob Jones University Ed.M. Elementary Education ARCHIE W. CATALDI 30 Lookout Ave., North Providence, R. I. Boston University Ed.M. Education MARGARET M. CATTERALL Q Church St., Valley Falls, R. I. Rhode Island College of Ed- ucation Ed.M. Elementary Education ALMA M. CAULEY 400 South St., Needham Regis College Ed.M. Elementary Education WINONA L. CHANG -1-12 Hao St., Honolulu, Hawaii University of Hawaii Ed.M. Elementary Education TIAS KOOK H. CHOO 916 Choryang-Dong, Pusan, Korea Ewha VVomen's University Ed.AI. Special Education Cosmopolitan Club RITA F. CLARK 145 Cottage St.. Pawtucket. R. I. Trinity College Edit. Guirloncc EDUCATION-GRADUATE ROBERT E. COHEN 3932 N. Pine Grove Ave., Chicago, Ill. University of Maine Ed.M. Guidance and Counseling ROBERT J. COLLIER 567 Washington St., Haverhill Cortland State Teachers Col- lege Ed.M. Guidance and Counseling ALVIN L. COLLINS 694 Trapelo Rd., VValtham Boston University Ed.hI. General Elementary Education RICHARD L. COLLINS 54- Exchange St., Waltham Brandeis University Ed.M. Physical Education MARY C. CONKLIN Old Randolph St., Canton Simmons Collegeg Boston University Ed.M. Science Education DORIS R. CONNERS 95 High St., Gorham, Me. College of Our Lady of Mercy Ed.M. Business NICHOLAS J. COSTA 6 Buswell St., Boston American International Col- lege M.A. Social Studies AIARTIN P. COYNE Q1 Cleaves St., Portland, Me. Gorham State Teachers Col- lege Ed.liI. Elementary Administration HELEN F. CURTIN 27 Glendale Ave., Everett Simmons College Ed.M. Guidance BARBARA C. CUSHING 119 Park Ave., YV., South VV4-ymouth University of Massachusetts Ed.M. Education IIA9 YVALTER E. DAISY, JR. 159 Nancy Lane, Norwell Boston University Ed.M. Elementary Arithmetic HENRY R. DAVID Abbott Mount, Lohaghat, District Almora, U. P., India Lucknow University, India! Agra University, India Ed.M. Secondary School Administra- tion and Supervision RICHARD M. DEASY 29 Linden Ave., Rumford, R. I. Providence College Ed.M. English SCHOOL OF EDUCATION-GRADUATE GINO J. DiGIROLAMO 47 Myrtle St., Medford Merrimack Ed.M. Elementary Education ROBERT DOBIAS Meriden, N. H. Boston University Ed.M. Physical Education MILLICENT C. DRUKER 54 Clements Rd., Newton Boston University Ed.M. Elementary Education JASON B. ELFBAUM 114 Strathmore Rd., Brighton Boston University Ed.M. Health Education MARY J. FAULKNER 428 E. Rensselaer St., Bucyrus, O. Sargent Ed.lNI. Elementary Education MARGARET M. FLAVIN 69 Park St., Rockland Boston University Ed.M. Social Studies MARJORIE A. FLYNN 22 Dedham St., Revere Boston University Ed.M. Business Education HAS DOUGLAS J. FORBES 8 Oxbow Rd., Natick New Haven State Teachers College Ed.lNI. Art Education MORELAN D FORT 429 Gramont Ave., Dayton, Ohio Boston University, Miami University Ed.M. Physical Education GEROLDINE J. FREISE 101 Mt. Vernon St., So. Portland, Me. University of Maineg Boston University Ed.M. mxe' ROBERT J. FRUZZETTI 39 Gerald Ave., Brockton Boston University Ed.hI. Business Education JOAN A. GICCA 42 North Rd., Bedford I Russell Sage College Ed.M. Education GLADYS I. GILBERT 52 Strathmore Rd., Brookline Gorham State Teachers Col- legeg Columbia University Teachers College Ed.M. Elementary Administration IIA9 PHYLLIS B. GOLDBERG 125 Bonad Rd., Brookline Boston University Ed.M. Speech and Hearing Therapy WILLIAM J. GOLDMAN 31 Westlake Rd., Natick Salem Teachers Collegeg Boston University Ed.D. Special Education CIJAK MARSHA GOLDSTEIN 4 Ivy St., Cambridge Connecticut Collegeg Univer- sity of Paris Ed.M. Science Education HA9 MILTON E. GRANVILLE 450 Oklahoma St., Slaton, Texas Tillotson College: Harvard University Ed.M. Education-Administration and Supervision of Elementary School DAVID G. HAINES 41 Pine St., Waltham Boston University Ed.M. Health Education 'PAK GARY W. HALL 19 Wayne Dr., Foxhoro Ithaca College Ed.M. Physical Education CIJEK FREDERICK R. HANLON 210 Prospect St., Fall River Ithaca College Ed.M. Guidance and Counseling KATHERINE C. HANNIGAN 319 Huntington Ave., Boston Simmon's College Ed.M. Guidance and Personnel DOROTHY L. HARDER 27 Marlborough Ed.M. Elementary Education ELLA J. HAWRILENKO 52 Blossom St., Chelsea Boston University Ed.M. English MARGARET A. HAYES cfo lVIrs. Guild, 10 Huickley Rd., Woban Radcliffe Ed.M. Elementary Education PATRICIA E. HEAD 16 Corticelli St., Florence Boston University Ed.lNI. Elementary Education MARY C. HEALY 41 Herbert St., Wakefield Boston University Ed.M. Elementary Education ARTHUR I. HENNESSEY Bldg. 1, Long Meadow Apts., I-Iogerstown, Md. Boston University Ed.M. Business Education JEAN S. HENWOOD 1706 Monsey Ave., Scranton, Pa. Rider College Ed.M. Business Education MARY B. HORNE 109 Highland St., Weston Pomona College Ed.M. Elementary Education DAVID JAMBIAH llethodist Church, Raichur Dr., Mysore State, India ltluslim University, Aligarh V.P. India Ed.M. Educational Psychology LEONARD A. JOHNSON 48 Barrett Hill St., Center Rutland, Vt. Castle Teachers Collegeg Uni- versity of Vermont Ed.M. Supervision and Administra- tion ARTHUR W. JONES 407 N. Swarthmore Ave., Swarthmore, Pa. Wesleyan University Ed.M. Secondary Mathematics BOBBY L. JONES 1114 So. Arch St., Aberdeen, S. D. Dakota Wesleyan University Ed.M. Guidance EILEEN S. KAUFMAN 49 Craigmoor Rd., West Hartford, Conn. Smith College Ed.M. Elementary Education HAS MORTON I. KAUFMAN 175 Pond St., Sharon University of Vermont Ed.lNI. Social Studies MARION L. KENISON 4 Woodlawn Oval, Wellesley Hills Wheaton College Ed.M. Elementary Education PATRICIA T. KLING 229 No. Washington St., North Attleboro University of New Hampshire Ed.M. Arithmetic Education AEA House Manager EDWARD S. KRAMER 93 Bellingham St., Chelsea Boston University Ed.M. Elementary Education PAUL T. KREISS 1306 Good Hope Cape, Girardeau, Mo. Concordia Teachers College Ed.M. French MARY C. LAGANAS 118 Sanders Ave., Lowell Lowell State Teachers College Ed.M. Elementary Education l'IA8 DAVID J. LaJOIE 20254 Kelly Rd., Harper Woods, Mich. Marist College: Catholic Uni- versity: Montreal University: Fordham University Ed.M. Guidance JEANETTE A. LAMBE 1191 Boylston St., Boston Boston University Ed.M. Science Educator GERARD R. LaPOINTE 27 Isabella St., Boston ltlarist Coland Seminaryg Bos- ton College Ed.M. Administration and Super- vision MARTHA A. LEFEBVRE 9 Central St., Somersworth, N. H. Plymouth Teachers College: University of New Hampshire Ed.M. Business Education LESTER E. LEVEY 211 Lyman Rd., Milton Springfield College Ed.M. Health Education PHYLLIS H. LEVINE 26 Kernwood St., Malden Boston University Ed.M. Elementary Education ROBERT E. LOVELY 131 Hyatt Ave., Haverhill University of Tampa Ed.M. Physical Education MARGARET M. MAGEE 56 Rice St., Cambridge Framingham State Teachers College Ed.M. Elementary Education IIA9 RICHARD L. MAGHERY Main St., Mill River Boston University Ed.M. Health and Physical Education WILLIAM M. MAHONEY 96 Plain St., Norton Bridgewater Teachers Col- lege: Boston University Ed.D. Elementary School Supervision YDAK Newsletter Ed., Exec. Bd. ELSIE L. MALM 233 Beverly Rd., Worcester Skidmore College Ed.M. Elementary Education M. PATRICIA McCARTHY 15 Maynard St., Medford Salem Teachers College Ed.M. Guidance ROBERT W. McCLANAGHAN 68 Roanoke St., Providence, R. I. Providence College Ed.M. Personnel and Guidance ERNESTINE R. McDONOUGH 10 North Chestnut St., Augusta, Me. Framington State Teachers Collegeg Boston University Ed.M. Secondary Education IIAO JEANNE F. McGOVERN Hampden St., Swampscott Salem Teachers College Ed.M. Administration and Super- vision LEONARD C. McGRATH 208 Appleton St., Cambridge Boston University Ed.M. Administration Elementary School WALTER J. McHUGH 8 Endicott St., Peabody Lowell State Teachers College Ed.M. Elementary Education PAUL H. McINTIRE 15 Oyster River Rd., Durham, N. H. University of New Hampshire Ed.M. Measurement 'YXQ l'll"Mg l'IKA EDITH L. McLEAN 7 Pleasant St., Newport, R.I. Yankton Collegeg Rhode Is- land College of Educationg Boston University Ed.M. Elementary Education l'IA8 ANNE R. McNALLY 541 No. Central St., East Bridgewater Bates Collegeg Northeastern University Ed.lNI. Tests and Measurements ETHEL B. BZIENITOFF 24 Donald Rd., Dorchester Boston Teachers College Ed.M. Science GERALDINE A. M ERRICK 97 Harrison St., Leominster Fitchburg State Teachers College Ed.M. Education ROY B. MERRITT 6 Alwington Rd., Chestnut Hill College of William and Mary Ed.M. Guidance FRANCIS M. MORAN Second Brook Rd., Kingston Bridgewater State Teachers College Ed.M. Administration MARY T. MORGAN 14 Northey St., Salem Salem Teachers College Ed.M. Elementary Education HAS JANE O. MOULTON 1 Union St., Holden Westbrook Junior College: University of Maine Ed.M. Physical Education FREDERICK J. BIURPHY, JR., 1020 River St., Hyde Park Massachusetts College of Pharmacy Ed.M. Science K'P' FRANCIS L. MURRAY 280 Revere St., Winthrop Boston University Ed.M. Elementary Education PATRICK P. NESSAR 29 VVinslow St., Hyde Park Boston State Teachers Col- lege Ed.lVI. Guidance and Administration FRED A. NEWCOMB 120 Fuller St., Brookline Boston University Ed.M. Elementary Education RAISA K. NEWMAN 4 Kilsyth Terr., Brighton Radcliffe College Ed.M. Elementary Education MARGARET P. OLFENE '235 Glen Rd., Weston Wellesley College Ed.lNI. Guidance and Personnel ARTHUR V. OLSON, JR. 11 VVaterston Ave., Wollaston Bridgewater State 'Teachers College: University of ltiassa- chusetts Ed.M. Elementary Education 'FIHAK ANN C. OLIVER 27 Bay State Rd., Boston Emerson College Ed.M. English DANIEL J. O'NEILL '71 Orchard St., New Bedford Boston University Ed.l1I. Health Education BETTE O. OPIE 49 Fayette St., Lynn Bridgewater State Teachers College Ed.M. English FRANK D. O'ROURKE 145 Center St., Thomaston, Conn. Boston University Ed.M. Physical Education ANDREW P. OWENS 135 Dennoson Ave., Framingham Fitchburg State Teachers Col- lege: Yale University Ed.l1l. Guidance El'lT SCHOOL OF EDUCATION-GRADUATE ALVIN A. PEARLBIUTTER 2 East St., Sharon Boston University Ed.M. Social Studies JOSEPH PECORARO 25 Dlonroe Ave., Westbrook, Me. Gorham State 'Teachers Col- lege Ed.M. Elementary Education VIOLA M. PERRAULT 125 School St., Vvatertown Fitchburg Teachers College: Salem Teachers College Ed.M. Education FREDERICK A. PETERSON 84 Marmion Way, Rockport Boston University Ed.M. Physical Education QJEK FRANK PIRRELLO Butler Rd., South Sudbury Southwestern: Boston Uni- versity Ed.M. Social Science: Elementary Education ASH NANCY M. POE 307 S. Ft. Thomas St., Ft. Thomas, Ky. University of Cincinnati Ed.D. Ilealth and Physical Educa- tion and Guidance A011 RUTH P. PRAGNELL 5 St. John's Rd., Cambridge Boston University Ed.Bl. Elementary Education EK: QBKQ 'FX NIARIE T. QUIRK 61 Louis Prang St., Boston Bridgewater State College: Boston University: Hyannis State College: Harvard Uni- versity Ed.M. Health Education IIA9 ERNEST B. REMONDINI 11 Off Lake St., VVeymouth Bridgewater State Teachers College Ed.M. Education KAQD National Exec. Secy. EDITH C. ROBERTSON 12 West St., VVestboro Boston University Ed.M. Business Education AIIE: IIA8 CAROL A. ROMANOW 1874 Commonwealth Ave., Brighton Boston University Ed:M. Speech Therapy PEARL M. ROSBOROUGH 18 Davis Rd., Belmont Fitchburg State Teachers College Ed.M. Reading HA9 PAUL E. ROURKE 2 High St., Winthrop, life. University of Maine Eml.lNI. Guidance and Counseling in Rehabilitation MARY A. ROWAN 25 Pine Knoll Rd., Lexington Regis College Ed.lVI. Elementary Education LEONARD D. ROWELL 38 Walnut St., llanchester, N. H. University of New Hampshire Ed.l1I. Audio Visual Education ANGELO VV. RUGGIERO 11 Locust St., Winthrop Boston College Ed.M. Social Studies PHYLLIS J. SAFENOVITZ 113 Washington St., Norwich, Conn. Brandeis University Ed.M. Speech and Hearing SUZANNE W. SAMS 9231 No. North St., Washington C. H., O. Denison University: Rollins College: Miami University: Ohio State University Ed.l1l. Guidance All: IIA8 JOEL ll. SAHIUELS 94 Tappan St., Brookline Boston University Ed.l1I. Guidance BARBARA J. SANDERSON 396 No. Main St., Attleboro Colby Junior College Ed.l1l. Education JOSEPH P. SAVOIA 51 River St., Quincy Bowdoin College Ed.M. Guidance JANE C. SCORY P. O. Box 391, Hiagganum, Conn. Tufts University Ed.M. Speech and Hearing Therapy NORMAN J. SEAVER 7 Craigie Circle, Cambridge Adelphi College: Boston Uni- versity Ed.lNI. .-1 rt Education ROBERT S. SIIITH Lot ftlfi Phillips St., North Hanover Northeastern University Ed.lNl. Education HOPE C. SOLOMONS 293 Governor St., Providence, R. I. Clark University: Wellesley College Ed.D. Educational Measurements l'IA9: EE. PAUL P. STARKOVICH 933 South St., Paton, N. H. St. Michael's College Ed.M. Deaf-Blind Education JANE E. STEVENSON 257 Sound Beach Ave., Old Greenwich, Conn. New Haven State Teachers College Ed.M. Guidance and Counseling GEORGE STOIA 51 Egmant St., Brookline Boston University Ed.M. Speech and Hearing KAKIJ IVAN V. STONEBROOK South Lancaster Pacific Union College Ed.M. School Administration MARIAN B. SWEENEY 10 Sunset Rd., Salem University of Illinois Ed.M. Guidance and Counseling KAII Personnel and Counseling Assn. RUTH B. SYLVESTER 1267 Commercial St., East Weymouth Boston University Ed.M. Elementary Education. IIA8 GORDON K. TEAGUE 37 Sea St., N. Weymouth Ed.M. Secondary Education CMRSJ EDITH R. THOMAS 626 Plymouth Ave.. Fall River Boston University Ed.M. Science Education MARY E. TIERNEY 35 Edwin Rd., Vvaltham Newton Wellesley Hospital: Boston University Ed.M. Health PAUL J. TIUNAN 6 Liberty Dr., Shrewsbury Concord College: Boston Uni- versity Ed.M. Physical Education KEK LORRAINE E. TOLMAN 5 File Rd., Wellesley Hills Radcliffe College: University of Southern California Ed.D. Education STANLEY J. TRENT 16 Davis Rd., Auburn Holy Cross Ed.BI. Administration STEFAN VOGEL Boston University Edll. Elementary Education JANET H. WATERS 11 Rutledge Rd., Belmont University of New Hampshirf Adelphi College Ed.M. Education AXQ BIYRTLE NI. WVEBB 79 Roosevelt Ave., Vvatsonville, Calif. Boston University Ed.M. Elementary Education HA9 HELENA J. WILDE 12 Murry Hill Rd., Cambridge Lesley College Ed.M. Elementary Education IIA9 ANNIE D. WILLIAMS Qyg Short St., Asheville, N.C. Bennett College Ed.M. Elementary Education FRIEDA WOLLMANN 1655 Commonwealth Ave., Boston Boston University Ed.M. Ilealth Education IIA9: EST A f,-L 5 + ww U., Us it-...q A , -' ' " fi' :im ' 5: 3--Jr.. a:2:gfi:- f::i.'-i,g:,- '- I ' ' ' A f f Wim I EQg?X1',z-5f,1'Mf' . -f , , qwsw-w'f' . .. ff ' 'L-.5 V mg a f ! r -A ' 1 S Jane Wzwm-r Julius Ncwnum President Secreta ry- Treasurer 7- Beatrix Park, BA., MA., MS., ,'i!'fI.lIg Dfan .-.f ,ff SCHOOL OF ,,,,0o-W" Q , N. ' xx XX P Xyxx x Vg ::,"""'T'f SOCIAL up x vrdkl VVCDRK 1,4-W 1 f- Q H :if 'iii iff A,h. 1' 75" :k-' 55' wiflff A 'I K L' K ' Q K A Mr. '13-uw r ..., , M V f- M x . -'M f' , -1. V V V V lm :uw iliil ' ' stigma!!! I .V flu: 1 ff I. J: E 4 , -5' :rx s N f 5 .. f N 3' . Lljlg, - ,Ky .. Q .V -. ' 'YT'-. f i' k' 4 - 1. Avy 048119-1321" , , L I k Q 'xi' 118 W -f SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK IOIS T GIULIANO 27 Stanton Rd Brookline University of Michigan M S S S Social W ork JEANNE E. HINCKLEY 89 Mellen St., Brockton Radcliffe College lKI.S.S.S. Casework MILDRED M. KIYOTA P.O. Box 8, Kamuela, Hawaii University of Hawaii M.S.S.S. Social Case Work BEATRICE E. LENNON 4008 Washington St., Roslindale Boston College lNI.S.S.S. Social Work WILLIAM H. BARLOW 1696 So. Tennyson St., Denver, Colo. University of New Hampshire M.S.S.S. Group Work KE JAMES M. CARAMELLO I Stafford St., Plymouth University of Massachusetts M.S.S.S. Social Work DONALD S FARRINGTON Golden Rule harm Tilton N H University of Vermont M S S S Social Work EAE BARBARA M. BOGGS 205 No. 6 St., Las Vegas, Nev. William Jewell College? Scarritt College M.S.S.S. Group Work Sww. Exec. Comm.g News- paper Comm. Chm. NORMA COHEN 194 Jewett St., Providence, R. I. University of Rhode Island M.S.S.S. Casework BARBARA N. GARDNER 19 Stratford Rd., Natick University of New Hampshire M.S.S.S. Social Work 140 L NESSIM N. HAZOREF 18159 Abov Tour, Jerusalem, Israel Yagdil Torah Oran-Alger M.S.S.S. Social Work JAMES E. JENSEN Krums Corners Rd., Ithaca, N. Y. Cornell University M.S.S.S. Casework BETTY S. KURKULOS 517 Second St., Fall River Boston University M.S.S.S. Social Work MILTON L. I-IELLER 1258 Commonwealth Ave., Allston Boston University lVI.S.S.S. Group Work ISABELLA KAPLAN M.S.S.S. FRANK E. LAMSON 10 Benner Ave., Malden Boston University M.S.S.S. Group Work SCA 1, Constitution Comm. Chm. 2g Stud. Org. Exec. Coun. 2, NASW 2 GERALDINE G. LERNER JEANNE A. LEVINSON 15 Ellery St., Cambridge Vanderbilt University lNI.S.S.S. Psychiatric Social Work 1862 Beacon St., Brookline William and Mary M.S.S.S. Group Work BRUCE B. BURNETT 110 Pond St., Holbrook, Mass Harvard College M.S.S.S. Social Casework BARBARA A. DEEB 112 Cedar St., Norwood Boston University INI.S.S.S. Casework FREDDINE B. GIBSON 156 Laurel Ave., Atlanta, Ga Spelman College M.S.S.S. Group Work MARIE H. LEVY 19 Euclid Ave.. Providence. R. I. University of Missouri: University of California of Los Angeles M. S. S. Social Work PHYLLIS M. MILLER 9 VVare St., Cambridge Boston Vniversity M.S.S.S. Psychiatric Social Work DORIS M. PELLEGRINI 34 Lakeview Rd., Pawtucket, R. I. University of Rhode Island l1I.S.S.S. Casework . .,i as 3-:i:rf'f:,5:GE2.:,-'::3 . - ' ,.. ii Q 3 5 A 1 ww' DEBORAH D. RIIDMAN 940 Dedham St., Newton Centre lfniversity of Rhode Island M.S.S.S. Psychiatric Social Work JEANINE SCHWERNER 14 Lindall Pl., Boston Brandeis University Social Work POLLY I. TAYLOR 54 Forsyth Ft., Boston Wellesley College: Haverford College 11533. Cascwork KATHARINE W. TOLL 1137 Mass. Ave., Cambridge YVellesley College M.S.S.S. Psychiatric Social Work ,fa NANCY SCHNEEWIND 9 VVare St., Cambridge Earlhain College M.S.S.S. Social Work GENEVIEVE L. SHORT 2206 Soniat St., New Orleans, La. Spelman College M.S.S.S. Casework ROSALIND I. TERZI QQ6 Jamaicaway, Jamaica Plain Boston University: New Yo School of Social Ivork M.S.F.S. Casework NANCY L. VAN NESS 191 Main St., South River. N. J. Wellesley College M.S.S.S. Social Group Work rk SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK JAMES R. MacKAY KATHERINE A . 105 Pinckney St., Boston NICLAUGHLIN Tufts College 4 VVehster St., Nashua, N. H. M.S.S.S. Social Work JULIUS S. NEWMAN 17 Franklin Hill Ave., Dorchester Northeastern University M.S.S.S. Group Work MARIE C. REILLY Q58 High St., Vl'o0nsoeket, R. I, Rhode Island College of Education M.S.S.S. Social Work University of New Hampshire Social Work BERNARD F. NOLAN 119 Minot St., Dorchester Boston University Social Work RICHARD H. ROYE 11 Howland St., Roxbury M.S.S.S. Group Work ffl ff' www 1 95'-1 ALBERT SCHOFIELD 194 Clifton St., Malden Boston University M.S.S.S. Casework AEQ RICHARD P. STEARNS 365 VV. Britannia St., Taunton University of New Hampshire l11.S.S.S. Social Casework DOROTHY A. TOBKIN 2830 Van Alien Blvd., Cleveland, O. Radcliffe College Social Work MARY L. VONDAL 75 Newlield St., North Chelmsford North Central College M.S.S.S. Psychiatric Social Work SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK fin ,fe -:ff 5 JOAN A. VON GLAHN R.F.D. ffl Foster Center, R. I. University of Rhode Island 1I.S.S.S. Casework BARBARA G. WALSH 1-L5 Hawthorne Rd., Braintree Radcliffe College M.S.S.S. Casewo rk JANE L. WARNER 148 Mapleton Ave., Suffield, Conn. Wellesley' College M.S.S.S. Psychiatric Social IVOrk GRADUATES 7' 'V vi WITHOUT CAROLINE EMERSON SALLY HALL JOHN W. HAMMOND 17 Traill St., Cambridge Amherst College BI.S.S.S. Casework PHILIP HASBROUCK CHARLOTTE MAHER MARIE E. STURM 19 East Granada Ave., Hershey, Penn. St. Lawrence University M.S.S.S. Casework PICTURES ll 'Hb if .. , S 1' 0 ,K V. ,kiwi 1 '.! "a ,c--3 high W nf X f Nix ,iff A , K ' 1 , ,K n 6 1 x k 3 R 143 Victor Pitzi Student Gmft. Head 'A WST" " me X 5,1 Robert Christensen Student Goff. Head ff't,Ffs?Y5i?'?i77 fwmiimws Robert A Chu ntl B 5 M M 'NI Fd D lxlus D Charles Kondck Dean Student Gorit. Head S :ea Y ' I 1 K . 5 fxggxx S Ira Segal President Floyd Higgins President John Uettinger President Roger Erickson Secretary nj" 6 S if ws Q W Cynthia Quimby ,. my Secretary .4245 ' :Q if .55- Norunl lllusc-0 Secretary Gerald Gui Treasurer 3 ri Q YQ ll: E Norman Gui Treasurer Not pictured Da vid Robe Treasurer SCHOOL CDF' FINE f .NP ' V J YAAVO X 0 'C 'T ' f if! sf AND APPLIED ARTS SCHOOL OF FINE AND APPLIED ARTS ELEANORE M. BUBA 12 Hills St., Randolph Music Education EAI Editor, Secy., Sergeant- at-Arms Newman Club 1, Del. it-4 Rec. Secy. 45 Orchestra 1, Q Symphonic Band 3, 4 DIANE R. BUONFIGLIO 1170 Furnace Brook Pkwy., Quincy Art Education KO Corr. Secy. Class Secy. 35 APXOS 3, Secy.-Treas. 45 Newman Club 1-35 Italian Club 1, 2 RICHARD N. CASELLI 728 Wood Ave., Woonsocket, R. I. Music Education ROBERT A. CHRISTENSEN 65 Lower Blvd., New London, Conn. Music Education KI"I-" Student Govt. Pres.: Class Pres. 1, 25 INIENC 1-4, Treas. 35 Band 1, 25 Choral Art 3, 4: Stud. Alumni Rep.5 APXOS 3, 45 Newman Club 1-4- JACQUES ANDRE CHARLES J. AUBURN 1708 Second Ave., New York, N. Y. Washington Square College New York University Acting Class Treas. 45 Drama Club5 Radio Club BEVERLY E. BAKALLY ANN C. BALLATO 487 Amherst St.. Manchester. N. H. Music Education Orthodox Club 2-45 MENC 2-45 Chorus 1-4 EDWARD C. BIRCH 18 Novelty Lane, Essex, Conn. Music Education KFII' Sailing Team 1-4, Vice modore Com- BETTY J. BOWKER 1091 Washington Ave., Portland, Me. Painting ev, FRANCIS J. BUCKLEY 112 Prospect St., Weymouth New England Conservatory of Music Music Education Symphonic Band 3, 45 Cham- ber Band 3, 41 Newman Club 4 PRISCILLA J. BUSSAN 351 South Iilonroe St., Lancaster, Wis. Wellesley College M.F.A. Theatre Directing JEAN L. CEDERGREN 11 Edlie Ave., East Norwalk, Conn. Music Education l'IKA: EAI Ed. Chapel Choir 1-3, Librarian S, House Mgr. 45 Symphonic Band 1-4: Marching Band 1-45 MENC l-3, Librarian 45 Charlesgate Floor Counselor 24 N.E. Intercollegiate Band 3: SCA 15 Scarlet Key: "Who's Who" RICHARD F. CHRISTOPHER 82 Crestwood Rd., VVest Hartford, Conn. Opera-Voice EOE HOLLY A. BUNNELL 210 Eaton Ave., Meriden, Conn. Commercial Art SCA 1, 25 Drama Club 4 EDWARD L. CARMICHAEL Pembroke East, Bermuda Voice QIJMA JANE S. CHASE 28 Hall Ave., Watertown Music Education KKI' V.P., Ediciency Chm., Music Chm. MENC 15 SCA 1 E. JAMES COLE, JR. 286 Oak St., Indian Orchard Music Education CIJMA Historian, V.P., Social Chm. Congregation Club 15 Glee Club 1, Secy. 3, Pres. 4: AR- KOS 3, 45 INIENC 1-4: Class V.P. 2, 35 Stud. Activities Coun. 2, 8 SALLY M. BACON 16166 Greenview St., Detroit, Mich. University of Michigan Music Education EAI JOHN B. BINNEY Washington St., Hanover Music Education KIWP' Chorus 1, S5 Glee Club 25 Choral Art Soc. S: MENC SZ, 4 HOWARD K. BOWMAN 159 Ridge Rd., Wethersfield, Conn. University of Connecticut Illustration JOSEPH CONTE 5Q8 Pleasant Valley Pkwy., Providence, R. I. Longy School of Music: Rhode Island College of Erl- ucation Music Education ROBERT B. CULLEN 31 Brook Rd., Weston Music Education SUSAN F. DeSTEFANO 14 Leah St., hlelrose Applied Piano BRIDE VVarden, Pres. Class Secy. 1, 2: APXOS 3, 43 Newman Club 1, 2: Chorus 1-4 71 .. A ,f sw. MARCIA L. DIEHL 9297 Cedar Lane, Cheshire, Conn. Wheaton College Piano Pedagogy MYDE SYLVIA H. DUCKWORTH 57 Amherst Ave., Pawtucket, R. I. New England Conservatory of Music Church Music KATHERINE A. ELA N. Anson, hte. Boston University M.Mus. Music Education Afbz MIIJE ROGER E. ERICKSON SCHOOL OF FINE AND APPLIED ARTS ii" ELLA E. DIXON 61 Circuit Ave., West Worcester Church rllusic-Organ EAI Treas., Curr. Secy. Band 1-43 Symphonic Band 4- JEAN L. DWYER 10 Lincoln Ct., Saugus Applied Piano EAI Program Chm., Chap- lain, Pres. Chorus 1, Q: Glee Cluh 3, 4: SFAA Panhellenic Coun. 4 NANCY H. ENGGREN 317 Upham St., Melrose Applied Organ PCIJB Secy., V.P. RICHARD P. EVANS 196 Burlington St., Lexington Theatre Education AIYQQ AGA 147 y. ., , PETER N. COZZOLINO 1105 Jensen Ave., Mamaroneck, N. Y. Illustration XYIYE Librarian Track 13 Decathlon 4-3 New- man Clubg Booster Club BARBARA A. DECKER 35 W. Main St., Plainville, Conn. Art Education IIKE Corr. Secy. DAVID N. CRAVATTS 184- Kirkstall Rd., Newtonville Theatre Arts MICHAEL B. De PASQUALE 33 East lNIain St., ltlilford Music Education KFIP' V.P. JOHN B. UETTINGER ARTHUR B. DIEBEL II Van Brunt BIanor, East Setauket, N. Y. Long Island Agricultural and Technical Institute Adwriising Design .As 'Q ' A TY 329582 ,gymxgt ' tl . H I E f 9 . B 5' x 1 s 4 uf . fi" MARY ANN DONAHUE 19 Churchill Ave., Arlington Lasell Junior Collegeg Boston University M.F.A. Theatre Education AFA: A'I"Q SHELDON EDELSTEIN 163 2nd Ave.. Gloversville, N. Y. lnlcrior Design IIE Treas. Stud. Development Comm., Ifnit Chnl. 3. -I-1 Stud, Govt. 4- JANET B. EPSTI-IIN 17 Thoniaston St., Hartford Conn. Skidmore College Art Education SHEILAH FENSTER SCHOOL OF FINE AND APPLIED ARTS NORMAN H. GUIDOBON I 14 Southwick St., Middleboro Music Education KFW' Financial Secy. Class Treas. 45 Co-Chm. Beaux-Arts Ballg Orchestra lg Band 3, 4 SHEILAH HASKIN 432 Leslie St., Newark, N. J. Syracuse University Art Education JOAN C. HEYN 441 West Pine St., Audubon, N. Y. Illustration IIKE APXOS 3, 4 V.P.3 Stud. Govt. Pub. Calendar Chm., Secy. 3, 45 IDC 25 House Coun. 2, 45 Murlin House Social Chm. 4 ROBERT A. FISI-IMAN 180 Bartlett St., Brockton Music Education KFW' Social and Program Chm. Orchestrag MENC STANLEY FUDALA JOSEPH G. GIANGRASSO 35 Varnum Ave., Lowell M usic Education KFW' Historian DONALD G. GREEN 538 Putnam Ave., Cambridge Music Education MENC 3, 4 VIRGINIA LEE B. FOGLIA 156 Maple Ave., Westbury, N. Y, Art Education l'IKE V.P. HUB Assoc. Art Ed. 35 New- man Club 1-4 ELENA M. GARGARO 46 Claremont St., Waltham Art Education K0 New Clubg Italian Club IRMA M. GOLDBERG FERNANDE GREGOIRE GERALD W. GUILBEAULT 166 School St., Northbridge Art Education HE Secy. Newman Club 1-4, Member- ship Chm.5 Class Treas. 4 DIANA P. HASSAPELIS 225 Cottage Rd., South Portland, Me. Art Education IIKE Art Exhibit Chm. SCA 1, Q5 YWCA 15 Orthodox Club 1 FLOYD T. HIGGINS Box 185, Yarmouth, Me. M usic Education KFIIJ' Chaplain 3 Class Prcs. 45 Class Treas. 35 MENC 1-45 Band 1, 25 Glee Club 3, 4 148 ERLING M. HANSEN 117 Alta Ave., San Antonio, Tex. West Texas State College M.Mus. Music Education STEPHEN J. HERMASZEWSKI 15 Robinson St., Webster Art Education Glee Club 1-3, Librarian 45 Newman Club 1, 23 Creative Arts Conf. Exhibitor 3 FRED W. HILES ROBERT J. FOLEY 148 Mt. Vernon St., Arlington Acting AWK! Stud. Coun. Treas. 1-3 Drama Club MEREDITH D. GATES 416 Eaton St., Hampton, Va. Music Education A20 Journalist SCA 1, Drama Comm. Chm. 4, Chapel Choir 3, 45 Litur- gical Dance Group 3, 45 Dra- ma Club 1, 2 JOYCE L. GRAFF 516 Surf St., Chicago, Ill. ltlichigan State University Theatre Arts Class V.P. 4 CLYDE C. GRIGSBY CHARLES T. HOLLOWAY Luray, Va. Richmond Professional In- stitute Theater Art M.F.A. JOSEPH HURWITZ 62 Greenwood St., Boston Music Education ROBERTA L. JANUSZ 7 ltlerrimack St., Nashua, N. H. New England Conservatory of hlusic Piano in Music Education EAI Rec. Secy. MENC 4: Chorus 4 WILLIAM J. KEANEY 34 Capital St., Newton Applied Piano Newman Club 1-43 Chorus 1-4 .sa ,,..,u-,,tgsf,gs so H X X , ws,4ssg4wffzi 2 bifssig' ': 187 3515 'xsfsoiilfliyim' i ' .Q 5i,i',.,3t-V . m2c2iQ,grg5iff.i , ,Z,l,-l, A i5w'iisiii?25?ifTi'?SiAflf . , -A zstaiisgegst.. , 1 - - . so 1 W' . 5 'L rt 'gas , i 755555 -: H .5 Esi?ii.i.f' sa,-ci .1 Eiiiifi fm wx cf .Z as 1 .Q . X 3. , ,a.l., 2.-191 . iiiial ,' A 4- ixisgj-"A, ' fi fa f -. K .. .,, F D i all . , is . . 5.1. 'AA .. ,., . A gg. mf .LS i -X - Wc- we SCHOOL OF FINE AND APPLIED ARTS vc- ESTELLE F. KING 25 So. Washington Ave., Kingston, N. Y. Music Education INIYIDE Historian Chapel Choir 1-43 Choral Art Soc. 1-3, Alumni Secy. 45 MENC 3, 4 SARANN KLAVIR 10 Woodbine Cir., Bridgeport, Conn. Interior Design Hillel 1-4: Interior Design Club 1-4, Comm. Chm. 2, 3 BARBARA J. KOSA 474 Light St., Stratford, Conn. Applied Clarinet CHARLES M. KIPP 10 Burnside St., Lancaster, N. H. Church Music Choral Art Soc. 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 2g Marsh Chapel Choir 1-45 Symphonic Band 1-35 DeMolay, Organist 1 DONNA T. KNAI-'P 165 Worcester St., Watertown Music Education MCIDE Alumnae Secy., Warden Choral Art Soc. 1-45 MENC 1, 4 RICHARD A. KREKORIAN S6 Green St., Jamaica Plain Applied Music Armenian Club 1, 25 Congre- gational Club 1-4g Rifle Club 11 Chorus 1-4 DOROTHY B. HOWE 11 Prudential Rd., Worcester .Music Education EAI V.P.g Ali? Chaplain, Standards and Efficiency Chm. Scarlet Key 3, 4: Shelton Hall Stud. Govt., Floor Chm. 3, Qnd V.P. 41 Symphonic Band 1-3, Secy. -lg "Who's Whot' CAROL R. HYCHKA 673 Goodwin St., East Hartford, Conn. Music Education Christian Science Org. I-4, Secy. 35 Harriet Richards House, Secy. 2, 4: BIENC 1, 2, 43 Choral Art Soc. 2-4 NATALIE E. JOHNSON 11A Edith Ave., Everett Music Education Orchestra 1-33 Band 52, 3: Chorus 43 INIENC 1-4 GRACE J. KHACHADOORIAN 8 Brookside Ave., Menands, N. Y. Music Education 149 BEVERLY A. HUNTRESS Stewart St., Kezar Falls, Me. Ivlusic Education BRIDE Social Chm., V.P.g .WD Social Chm., V.P., Pres. APXOSQ Women's Glee Club 1-3, Pres. 43 lVIENC Stud. Conn. 15 Class Treas. 23 Panhellenic House, Treas. 3, 4, Exec. Bd. 3, 43 Panhellcnic Conf. 43 Scarlet Keyg "Who's hvhon l-42 LELIA A. IANNIELLO 5 Conant St., West Concord Music Education A417 Rec. Secy., Historian Band 1--1: Congregational Club, Corr. Secy. 1, 21 MENC CAROLE R. KASEN BERYL P. KILTON R.F.D., Winnipesaukee, N. H. Church Music EAIQ KKI' Registrar, Schol- arship Chm., EH'lciency Chm. Chorus 1-4 JUNE T. KIRKWOOD 84 St. Botolph St., Boston Woodrow Wilson Junior Col- lege Illustration Newman Club 4 CHARLES S. KONDEK, JR. 167 No. Main St., Webster Music Theatre Directing AWD APXOSQ Stud. Govt. Pres. Drama Club RHODA LEHAM SCHOOL OF FINE AND APPLIED ARTS DONALD F. MORRISON 28 Anawan St., Taunton Music Education KFII' Newman Club 1-4: MENC Z-4 BEVERLY A. NEWTON Main St., Stowe, Vt. Music Education MENC 1, 4: Choral Art Soc. 2-45 Glee Club 1 ROBERT E. LEAVITT 239 Lincoln Ave., Gardiner, Me. Church M usic fDMA Senate 13 Glee Club 1, 25 Choral Art Soc. 1 LINDA M. LEVIN 515 E. Bay Dr., Long Beach, N. Y. Illustration Hillel AUDREY L. LONG 48 Camp St., New Britain, Conn. Music Education EAI Treas.g Alb Treas., V.P., Pledge Trainer Glee Club 13 Choral Art Soc. 2, 8, V.P. 4: Shelton Stud. Govt., Floor Secy-Treas. 3, House Secy. 43 MENC 1-45 Stud. Activities Coun. 1g Newman Club 1-4: Charles- gate Hall Freshman Coun- selor 2, Scarlet Keyg "Who's Who" ANGELA C. MARCUCCI 131 Cottage St., East Boston Interior Design K0 V.P. APXOS, Pres.: Class V.P. 1-33 Newman Club Coun. 2-4: Glee Club 2, 85 Italian Clubg Activities Coun. 2, 35 Panhellenic Conf., Chapel Choirg Scarlet Key: "Who's Who" THOMAS J . McGUIRE DOROTHY E. LEPORE 11 Waller St., Providence, R. I. Music Education EAI Rec. Secy. Newman Club 1-43 MENC 1-4: Charlesgate Floor Coun- selor 2 GEORGE B. LEVINE 317 Summit Ave., Brighton New England Conservatory of Music M usic Education KI"'If CONSTANCE P. MALON E 1566 Middleneck Rd., Port Washington, N. J . Virginia Interment Junior College Art Education IIKE Secy., Professional Chm. Congregational Club 25 YWCA, V.P. 23 Dorm Sec- tion Counselor 4 EDWIN E. MASON 78 King St., Warren, R. I. Music Education KI"I" Historian Band 1-45 MENC 1, s, 4, Canterbury Club 1-4 JOAN M. McNEAR 150 NORMA B. MUSCO 84 Kimball St., Providence, R. I. Theater Education Newman Club 1-45 Class Pres. 8: Class Secy. 4 SHIRLEY L. N IELSEN 974 Westbrook St., Portland, Me. M uric Education IIKA Marlboro Honor Dorm, I-Iouse Mgr. 49 SCA 1, 23 Choral Art Soc. LEW NADIEN 105 Shawomet Ave., Somerset M uric Education 'DMA Band 1, 43 Orchestra 2, 8 SUSAN N ING Box 934, Manila, Philippines University of Santa Tomasg Boston Conservatory of Music Applied Piano HERMAN J. LEVENTHAL 4 Vinal St., Boston CBA Acting JEAN T. LING SA Cameron Rd., Kowloon, I-Iong Kong Zlluxic Education DIENC 3, 4: Chorus l-4 Cosmopolitan Club 8, 4 JEEN C. MANDROS CAROL ANNE McSWEENEY 26 Cavanaugh Rd., Wellesley Music Education SQA Sing Chm.: MGIJE Newman Club JOSEPH M. MOBIUS 2836 Redmond Rd., North Bellmore, N. Y. Directing- Theater Arts EIIFEQ AWD Pres. Scarlet Key, Treas.g ARPOSQ Class Pres. 1, 2, SFA: "Who's Who" JOELA M. NITZBERG Q4 Hutton Ave., West Orange, N. J. Advertising Design HUB Assoc. Art Ed. 43 Shel- ton Activities Chm. 3, Floor Activities Chm. 3 ELIZABETH M. ORPIN 24 Denver St., Saugus Interior Design IIKE Treas., Rec. Secy. CHARLOTTE F. PHILBROOK Rt. 1, Box 16B, Barre, Vt. Music Education hlarching and Symphonic Bands 45 Harriet Richard's House Corr. Secy. STEPHANIE POLAKOV 9 Summit Ave., Somerville Theatre Education JOAN H. POWERS Barrett's Mill Rd., Concord Radcliffe College Art Education SCHOOL OF FINE AND APPLIED ARTS GERARD W. RINALDI 61 Burwood Ave., Stamford, Conn. Advertising Design EKIJE Pledge Trainer Newman Club l, 2 BRUCE E. SCHMOTTLACH 8 Howard St., Springvale, Me. Music Education KIJMA Rec. Secy. Chapel Choir 15 Stud. Coun, 1, V.P. 2: Activities Coun. 92, Calendar Chm. 23 Band 1-4 BERYL M. ROBINSON Sherman Station, Me. M usic Education EK Secy., Exec. Bd. MENC 1-43 Chorus 1, 2, 45 Band 8, 4 MYRON A. SCHWAGER 46 Hull Ave., PittsHeld Massachusetts Institute of Technology History and Literature of Music KFW' Pres. APXOSQ Drama Club 1 LUCILLE E. NIXON Wellington Heights, Avon, Conn. Art Education IIKE Social Chm., Rec. Secy., Pres. APXOSg l1Iurlin House Coun., V.P. 2, Freshman Counselor 8, Pres. 45 SCA 1-23 Congregational Club 1-35 YWCA 1, 35 "Who's Whoi' JOHN A. PARKER Rt. 1, GoHstown, N. H. Music Education MENC 1, 4 IRVIN A. PINKOFSKY 267 Normandy St., Dorchester Music Education KFWP' Financial Secy., String Quartet Orchestra 1-45 WBUR 39 Hillel 3, 4 DAVID K. POTTER GRANGER W. NORWOOD FRANCES Y. PERRY VICTOR A. PITZI, JR. 592 Broadway St., Revere Interior Design IIE Pres. APXOSQ Stud. Coun., Deco- rations Comm. Chm. 3, Pres. 45 SFA 43 SFAA Planning and Dev. Comm. Chm.: HUB Bd. 4g SFAA Float Chm.g Beaux Art Ball Chm.g SFAA Org. Del.g Scarlet Key: "Who's Who" ALLAN G. POWERS Wardtown Rd., Freeport, Me. M uaic Education KI'I" Chaplain HELEN G. QUIJANO CYNTHIA R. QUIMBY 2195 Leveriza St., Pnsay City, P. I. University of the Philippinesg 51 Lansing Rd., Lynn Music Education AAA Song Leader, V.P., Smith College Applied Piano Social Chm. Class Secy. 3, 43 Stud. Govt. 45 Joslin Hall House Mgr. 43 MENC 1-43 Chorus 1-4 151 If CYNTHIA M. SANTARO Seventh Ave., Whitehall, N. Y. New England Conservatory Music Education Glee Club 3: Chorus 45 New- man Club l, 23 MENC 3, 4 IRA M. SEGAL 12 Puritan Rd., Newton Advertising and Art IIE Social Chm., Float Chm. APXOSg Class Commercial Pres. 3, 45 Stud. Coun. 2-4: General As- sembly 2-4, Beaux Art Ball, Pub. Chm. 2, S SCHOOL OF FINE AND APPLIED ARTS ANNE L. SENECHAL 108 Commonwealth Ave., New Britain, Conn. Painting Murlin House Treas. 5, 4 OLIVE L. SMITH Cabot, Vt. University of Vermont M.Mus. M uoic Education DAVID T. TRAURIG SIM Englewood Ave., Brookline Advertising Design FIJEII V.P. RANDAL A. WHITE Swan's Island, Me. Art Education KAY WISHENGRAD VIRGINIA YETERIAN 897 Albany St., Roxbury College of Theatre Arts Acting BARBARA G. SIMMONS 516 No. Alcaniz St., Pensacola, Fla. Florida University M.Mus. Music AKA SIDNEY B. SMITH S5 Vincent Ave., Chautauqua, N. Y. Longy School of Music Music Education BRENDA G. TURET 56 Gardner St., Allston M uaic Education IIKAg MCIJE Chorus 1, Q, 4: Glee Club 3g Hillel 13 MENC 4 BETTY M. WILLIAMS Dudley Town Rd., Bloomfield, Conn. Art Education APXOSQ Stud. Govt. 2, Pub. Chm. 2g Murlin House Conn. 2, Freshman Advisor 3, Ori entation Comm. Co-Chm. 3' IDC, V.P. 3, Secy. 4: SCA 1 PAL Chaplain 23 YWCA 1, Pres. 2 LAWRENCE F. WOODWARD 1 Ash St., Jewett City, Conn. Music Education E'-IPEg KYW' Newman Club 1-4 VIRGINIA YURO 557 Forbes St., Riverside, R. I. Church Music EAI Chaplain Choral Art Soc. 2-43 Dorm Pres. 4: Canterbury Club 3, 43 Scarlet Key 152 ALISON A. SMITH 228 SO. 21 St., Philadelphia, Penn. Carleton Collegeg Yale School of Music Viola Orchestra 4 MARIE A. TOZZI 115 Central Ave., Braintree Music Education MENC 2-43 Newman Club 2, 3, Chorus l-4 VERA J. WEINTRAUB 1516-51 St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Brooklyn College M.F.A. Directing A'I'Q MARY L. WINSOR 284 Lake Ave., Newton Music Education MGE Corr. Secy.g KKI' Treas. Symphonic Orchestra 1-4g Chapel Violinist 3 JODIE A. WYATT, JR. 177 Harold St., Dorchester Art Education IIE SCHOOL OF FINE AND GRADUATES WITHOUT PICTURES MARY P. AMLAE RAYMOND E. BERGER LLOYD G. BLAKELY ARTHUR L. BONFILIO JOHN D. BOOMER Cape Rd., Bellingham New England Conservatory Muc.M. Music Education LeROY C. BRANDT, JR. JACK O. BROWN RICHARD E. BROWN FRANCIS J. BUCKLEY WINIFRED BURKLE M. C. CAHILL JUDITH D. CHADWICK GAYLE CHANDLER THOMAS F. CHASE DONALD R. CLAPP JOSEF N. COBERT 115 Mill St., New Bedford Marlboro College, Paris Con- servatory Applied lllusic Symphony Orchestra, Solo Flutist DIARILYN I. COEY EPHRA COHN PHILIP R. CONLEY ROBERT O. CORLEY 316 Central St., Auburndale Boston University DI.h'Ius. ltlusic Education fIJMA ORLANDO F. CORNACCHIO ALAN B. CROSSMAN HARRY M. DAVIS KAREN C. DAVIS BARBARA J. DEARBORN JOHN H. DeHANO 1695 IiIain St., Sharon Advertising Design Q2 Music Club 1, 25 Scabbard and Blade WILLIAM D. DeJONG RUSSELL J. DOUCETTE NANCY H. DWYER CHAWLES A. FAUST SHIRLEY M. FELLOWS BIRA FENSTER GREGOIRE FERNANDE INIARIAN D. FICHTNER VERA A. FORTUNE D. VVILLIAM FRAME 445 N. Vassar St., Wichita, Kan. University of Wichita M.A. Church Music GMA: KAII Choral Art Soc. WESLEY M. FULLER JEROME S. GARFIELD ROBERT GAY G. JOHNSTONE GEIKIE, JR. BERNARD GENZER 649 Linden Blvd., Brooklyn, N. Y. Brooklyn College liI.F.A. Theatre CATHERINE E. GIBA ELIZABETH A. GRAVES MARGARET A. GRECOE FREDERICK A. GRICIUS Lawrence Academy, Groton New England Conservatory of Music M.Mus. Music Education ELEANOR S. GROPER INGRID M. GUTBERG IVIARCIA L. HARPER 83 Westgate, Cambridge Abilene Christian College: Florida State University Music Education Orchestra: Band OTTO W. HENRY, JR. WILFRED HEYS, JR. MICHAEL M. HORVIT YU Y. JAO PENELOPE JENCKS DAVID C. JOHNSON GERALD W. JOHNSON RUTH R. KAPELA 708 Jale Pl., Schenectady, N. Y. Boston University INI.F.A. GERALDINE KARAFIN DWIGHT D. KILLAM '73 Ridgeview Ci., Ludlow Syracuse University lVI.Mus. Music Education FREDERICK E. KERR SARANN KLAVIN HARRY KOBIALKA CAROLE R. KRIEGER MICHELE La BOMBARDA MARY F. LANIGAN GREG LARKIN JOHN LASELL, JR. LEWIS W. LEHAM JEAN D. LOOSLI DONALD LOUD ARTHUR L. LOUIS RICHARD H. LUND HENRY C. MANN, JR. 317 Third St., Herndon, Va. University of New Hamp- shireg Keene Teachers College M.F.A. Theatre SISTER RITA MARION JOHN G. MARSHALL MERLE H. MARSCHNER 25 Cliff St., New Britain, Conn. Applied Violin AAA Sponsor Chnl., 1Iar- shal Symphony Orchestra 4- NEIL E. MARTIN ROBERT MESROBIAN MARILYN S. MILLER VIRGILIO MORI JANET J. MORSE KENNETH E. MUNSEY JOHN J. NARDI 901 Broadway, Everett Boston University Mus. M. Music Education '-'DMA Fantasia Club: Newman Club SISTER MARY ST. NEREE SISTER MARGARET G. O'CONNOR JOHN B. OETTINGER 153 MARGARET V. O'GRADY 582 Walnut St., Fall River Boston University IifI.S. Nursing Service Administra- tion EST Newman Club NICHOLAS B. PELLEGRINO HARRY I, PHILLIPS STEPHANIE POLSKOW JEANNETTE C. RAYNER VIRGINIA C. RICHARDSON Mount Desert, Me. New England Conservatory of hfusicg Yale University: Roosevelt University, Har- vard University Piano Pedagogy EAI: IIKA ROLANDO RINGO VIRGINIA C. RICHARDSON DAVID J. ROBERTSON MURIEL P. ROBINSON JOHN B. RUSSILLO CAMERON A. RYLANCE GREGG SAEGER NEAL D. SANDERS, JR. ELPIDA A. SARANDO FRED D. SCHMIDT GERALDINE SEAVER JOHN P. SEMPLE DONALD G. SHORT SHELDON J. SMITH EILEEN B. SOKOL 2445 Rockville Centre Pkwy., Oceanside, N. Y. Katherine Gibbsg New York University Directing HUB Bd. 35 Pub. Crew Chief, "The Chief Thing," "Sir John in Love," "Three Thornton VVilder Plays," "Three Penny Opera," 25 Ticket Crew Chief, All Six Major Productions 3 EDGAR V. SPRINGER, JR. MARVIN STARKMAN WILLIAM A. STEIN VYTAUTAS V. STROLIA CAROL E. STRITTMATTER ANTHONY E. TAGLINO MORRIS L. TAYLOR ANDERS T. TELLSTROM 5 Sarles Lane, Pleasantville, N. Y. Boston University Mus.A.D. Music Education TKA DONNA M. THOMPSON CHARLES P. TURNER LENORA C. VANCE JOHN J. WEEKS BETTY VVEISBUCH MELVIN K. WEST RUBY WEO AUDREY J. WILK PHYLLIS M. IVONG MELVIN J. ZABARSKY APPLIED ARTS llarie Farrell, R.N., BS.. BLA.. Ed.D., Dean .nf i ' 1'-M Jacquelyn Archer Arnella Crispell President Vice-President .-f 'Q was xvf Janet 5101-neault Ann Benjamin Secretary Treasurer SCI-IOCDI. Xx Q X ,H N.. rf. Q N0 SMQKQQQ NURSING mv. . H IHII IH! 3 M. HlllNI1ATlIlNE1 UF NURSING WHAT WK H0 ma.lx mxn1n1'xn,xx 1.w.m.,x.. NDW WH llll H' nu una, no -:mm nwx 1 x x I x ss s rp 'Mm Um ,L U' 3- N., .H Hx ar run Nl J: fi I av' ,QQ v yn-I f K 4 Q ag 7,,, ww Y' ' A fff., : at 131 f 1 njwf K sq ,:f4'fu K 1 V A-. 1- R f . we 'Y Q-Y if P525 EW SCHOOL OF NURSING 'HN ' xiii 1, 4 N5 I 1 i 5, H if .ff-if . K . qi L A L si F M! I .,. aw WARREN E. BISHOP 64 Creelex Rd., Belmont Nursing SYLVIA J. BRUCE Woodland St., Sherborn Simmons College Maternal Chiht Health Stud. Org. ELLEN O. CADY Central St., Sunapee, N Mt. Auburn Hospital Nursing Grad. Div. Stud. Org. 3, 4 ANITA M. CI-IARPENTIER 293 Collette St.. New Bedford Nursing Newman Clubg Grad. Div. Stud. Org. .H. SEENA E. ABRAMS 27 Common St., Providence, R. I. Nursing EST MARILYN A. BALL Townsend Harbor Nursing Glee Club 1, 2: Variety Show 1, 25 Class Rec. Secy. 35 SCA 1-4 EDITH D. BAUGH 4 Aspen St., Roxbury Columbia University Teachers College Nursing Education Grad. Div. Stud. Govt. 4 5'f'3E3gf .s,, .. MARTHA L. ADAMS .saw s :s g . las'-1, 1 ' WiFWS2s1s..'1 State Rd., Great Barrington '- I if Zarliiaixrsx 25341 iii' 2575555 Boston University M.S. Nursing Education EST MARIE L. BALOGA 26 W. Jackson St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa. University of Pittsburgh M.A. Medical Rehabilitation Newman Club M. R. BEAUDETTE gs... iii e fi r is ii v A '24 Eggs, NE mais, at mn . Mp , tsltfm t ' issue: ' Y 'iw M. .... . .-.,f .. , K f . :sas . f f -4. . . 7 1 .. ,' 'rf -' , f5i5Ei2:3i9'i?ifiiE"1- 22' ,. fi: ' fsWz.1. ':..- f. 'ggggsws -sat. Q' 5' 23515. - f ANTONIA BOUZIANIS 5M Mineral St., Ipswich Nursing Glee Club 25 Class Treas. I-33 Stud. Org., Corr. Secy. 3 M. BERNICE BUCHER 315 Abbeville Rd., Lancaster, Penn. Nursing Grad. Div. Treas. GWENDOLYN G. CARD 17 Oak St., Lisbon Falls, Me. Nursing Class Corr. Secy. 8, 43 Stud. Coun. Corr. Secy. 33 SCA 1-45 Glee Club 1-39 Variety Show I, 2 WICHAI CHUMNANNARONG 49 St. Mary's St., Brookline Boston University M.A. Biology 156 CONSTANCE L. BRAMAN Farm Rd., Sherborn Nursing EST NANCY M. BUNAI 139 Oxford St., Cambridge University of Massachusetts Nursing Congregational Club 1, 2 ANTONETTA E. CARLO 99 Russo St., Providence, R. I. Boston University M.S. Supervision Stud. Org. JEANNE G. CLARK 1201 Fairmont Ave., Fairmont, W. Va. St. Mary's Notre Dame M.S. Teaching of Rehabilitation Nursing JACQUELYN S. ARCHER 65 King St., Raynham Nursing EST Class Pres. 3, 4, Basic Div Exec. Coun. 2-4, Treas. 2 8 Stud. Coun. l-43 Glee Club 1, 85 Scarlet Keyg "Whos Who" GERTRUDE F. BARKER 80 Itlagnolia Rd., Swampscott San Diego Junior College Nursing EST Graduate Nurses Curriculum Study, Secy. ANN F. BENJAMIN 41 Terrace Ave., Riverside, Conn. Nursing Class Treas. 4g Sailing Clu I, Secy. 2-45 SON Glee Clu lg Newman Club 1 i yr, ,j1xJ :, , I Z :,, JSM JOAN CLINE 25 Queenshury St., M.S. Psychiatry Boston MARGARET M. COPELAND 130 Boston Rd., Chelmsford Nursing SCA 1-4, Membership Comm. Co-Chm. 35 Class Corr. Secy. 3 ANELLA K. CRISPELL Peter Scott Dr., Cornwall, N. Y. Nursing Class V.P. 3, 43 Activities Conf. 43 Glee Club 1, 23 Va- riety Show 1, 25 SCA 1-4 Q .. 1: . isis .at -:E-.+--sf . -..f..--..-s..--::.s-.,- .. if .rswzsw-r.fwff.,s.,-1-A ..-...x..s.-gt - 1.1. .':-,..:,:gafgs-,a: ., gas..:,-mc!-ff-...g.. A.. El QA ,-a,s?ig?fmy. .1 xgiggess-5,1 - sriiigsziwfissisrsstssts''r A itsfgfffstlsi . ..."'f:..' " f'-?'f':-.:b :f.9alu2?..: -1 .hwA21'mf'm-:s'sn5fgsz- w.s.f1+?m '1 - X535 iffy," '-'L 'ignilf' ' "7--igrgfsiggg " Q fiift tifiilkfi P 'V i..s,ff f - . rw- . 1 ' -s u, i ., 1 .ff . 1 Li , V. ., 3 A in A ,M ,Z - ..,.., .. W A ' 3' Aw... . ,., ,firi ili l " 99 L. DOROTHY NORDICE EATON 153 So. Shore Rd., Salem Depot, N. H. BIerrimack College Nursing Stud. Org. 3, 43 Ride Club 3 VIRGINIA M. FITZGERALD 98 Fairmount St.. Boston Simmons Collegeg Boston University M.S. Public Health Nursing JANET G. GALT 28 Deckard St., Roxbury Psychiatric Nursing Stud. Org. 1, 2 CONSTANCE M. DOUGHERTY 256 Cedar St., East Bridgewater Nursing Students for Democratic Ac- tion, Exec. Comm. SHIRLEY A. EGAN 83 Allds St., Nashua, Boston University BLS. Nursing Administration EST N. H. BERENICE E. FRECHETTE 19 Saratoga Ave., Burlington, Vt. University ol Vermont M.S. Administration in Nursing JANET R. COBAIN 10 Crest Ave., Saylesville, R. I. Rhode Island Hospital School of Nursing, Boston University M.S. Nursing Education EST HOWARD COURTNEY FLORENCE E. CRUICKSHANK 1365 Belmont St., Itlanchester, N. H. Boston University SCHOOL OF NURSING CARRIE A. COLEMAN 360 Thacher St., Milton H V' ii: ' Boston City Hospital, School . of Nursing 1 fe . A i Nursing S t A 'J M ' ri h is L lu ANGELA COZZOLINO A A ..t,., N... NANCY M. D1D1o A 109 Haverhill St., Lawrence . , Nursing , A Young Democrats Club 3: 3 Stud. Org. 2-4 i ' A DoRoTHEA P. DUTRA M.S. Administration . i-" x p ,Q l .,'.' Q' .65 it Q., 158 Berkeley Ave., Middletown, R. I. Simmons College Psychiatric Nursing r. r,,..,f As, k EMILY L. FEENER 52 Floral Ave., Malden Massachusetts Memorial School of Nursingg Boston University M.S. Teaching Medical-Surgical Nursing Stud. Govt. 1. Asb- ,,a,q,, ,- . 1 g 4 - MABEL G. A 1 FREDERICKSON r. ' 6 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Boston University A Nursing sgfgndw A 17 Schools i f V is i iw i .ws SELMA L. GAUDIN ' y THERESE B. 941 Montello St., Brockton i ' S , E ,-,i' A irA-.' GENEREUX Nursing :.' ' I r -X 581 Fairmount St., EBT I' If 1 ,iff ':I-E - it Woonsocket, R. I. ScarletKeygPres.Stud.Coun. j 5 sg 1 3 ".i Q4 Nursing 39 35 Floor Counselor Q5 5 V xkby if' Stud. Govt. Clee Club 1, 2g SON Variety "" . A VM Show 1, Q5 SON Social Comm. 'iiiiii ' Chm. 2g Newman Club lg iiii 'P swims Who" , 157 SCHOOL OF NURSING QS .Q . f it M I X: ,., -- as . , ...,1fn.5.. :5r2.i?f,? 5?5ig1?YfP14 2 . i f 4 1 '37 1 ,A if if fix, i.511ff', 7 I , H' , 3 , V .f Mg 3. ' QEqQ Q Ye mi . Q ZYYTMD i 5 BHK. 5:3 4,1 ' GENEVIEVE T. GINWALA BESSIE GOCHIS 192 Marlborough St., Boston Psychiatric Nursing Stud. Govt. VERA B. GRIFFIN 15 Ives St., Beverly Simmons College Public Health Nursing Supervision EDYTHE A. HEAD West Hickory, Penn. M zdical Surgical Nursing MARY E. HEWITT Winterport, Me. Nursing Cheerleading lg Chapel Choir 23 Glee Club 2 56 Everett St., Everett Nursing ALTA HARRISON 8l24M Hartford St., Houston, Tex. Incarnate Word College Public Health Nursing Grad. Nurse's Club BEVERLY S. HEATH 40 Butler Rd., Quincy Nursing ROSALYN R. HOFFMAN 52 Lawrence Pl., New Rochelle. N. Y. Nursing MARCELYN E. GREENE 170 Clark St., Portland, Me. Nursing SCA lg Glee Club 1 MADELINE R. HAYNES 458 Park Dr., Boston Administration Nursing Education in Rehabilitation MARY A. HESTER 737 Cadmus, East Liverpool, O. St. Mary's School of Nursing Medical-Surgical Nursing SOOTJ A, HONG saaa EILEEN, M' HOULIHAN 'iii 'hii RUTH HU DORIS H- HUGHES 15 Glenbllfll Rd-i ATHHZKOH 5 .,. 'ii' V 7 74 St. Mary's St., Boston KKI' Asst. Social Chm., Mar- Y ' if-"fi5, '1 'Z I Nm-,ing shal i i. A., F , Stud. Govt. Newman Club ' pl y 2 ' . zo RUTH E. HURLEY 73 Cottage St., Fall River Boston College M.S. Nursing Administration SALLY JONES 14 Buswell St., Boston M.S. M edical-Surgical 158 SHIRLEY C. HURST 53 Myrtle Sq., Gloucester Nursing EST SHIRLEY E. KELLEY 24 Shalter St., Dorchester Orthopedic HELEN JACKSON 15802 Alonzo Ave., Cleveland, O. Cleveland College Orthopedics Grad. Org. LIZABETH S. KOUNDAKJIAN 832 Moody St., Waltham Nursing Stud. Cnun. 4 SCHOOL OF NURSING si FLORENCE A, KIILBERG EVELYN B. LAU MOLLIE LEVERANT 21 Parkman St., Brookline 925 14th Ave., 32 Walnut Hill Rd., Nursing HOHOIUIU. HHWGH Brookline Grad. Div. V.P. 45 Co-Chm. I an UniVer5ity Of Hawaii Beth Israel Hospital School Dance Comm. 4 ' ' "' BLS- of Nursing 5 , Pediatric Nursing Nursing Education I i Stud. Govt. . I 5 a ii ffl . ' . ESTHER J. LOU -- VIRGINIA B. LOWE DOROTHY LYNE National Taiwan University ii ff 417 Brook St., Hospital 5 Framingham Center Nursing iigfiimi 1 - Simmons College . . KX iff y Nursing ,, A k,,L is H. A Y,..., . i g. . MARYA R. MCCLAY MARY E. MCCONNELL 0. JoANN MCELRAVY R, D, ,f5, Box 8, I Wood Rd., Braintree Rural Route 1, Washington, Penn. X Nursing Jasonville, Ind. B05t0n UUiVel'5ifY ,, ' .W t' Basic Div. V.P. 35 Glee Club Indiana University BLS, 'ili I 'Q . 755' 9"' ff' 1, 23 Stud. Coun. 35 Variety M.S. lllaternal and Child Health , - Show 1, 2 Psychiatric Nursing Nursing EQT i 5 5 i Stud. Org. sw s ' 5 t L12 I - ANNE IWI. IICHENRY iw ' JANET R. IICLAUGHLIN SELIIA RIILLER 61 Park Dr., Boston 82 M'ain St., Leominster 39 Parkdale Ave., Allston Nursing . Green Mountain Junior Nursing 'if' -. : t College 9 V' K , E, I Nursing E. . I 5,gm,,x Stud. Oril. Qwi iz 'ii , MATILDA A. MOGAN MARGERY E. MOLLON . M E df 27 School St., Waltham 8 Phillips St., Watertown " 'iii' ht- ,- A L' t N uraing Nursing ' I Newman Club I-4, Del. 25 Class V.P. 1, 92 V, ,N ' ju 'iii Crystal Ball Chm. 45 Class H H f if Secy. 1, Social Chm. 45 Glee Club 1, 2 1 ' 'sign E , FRANK NOYES CORAZON G. ORIGENEZA 'I I' Pitogo, Quezon, Philippines -N ::" Far Eastern University was ' ' ex f"- Nursing i I' wi fg stu.1.0.g. ..5f5 sssts ' it STAVROULA P. FLORENCE W. PECUA K ' K PAPAMICROULI La Trinidad, Benquet, H 2 ' E 4 Q, 12 Anagnostara St., Mountain Province, fi' .QR . J Ciiimiii. Piiiiiiiiiiifii . R ,,, t t it , -f " 4 Royal College of Nursing Nursing A - V-if, is- . Stud. Coun. 3, 45 SFA 3, 45 '5 1 ' Li V. Grad Div. Secy. 4: Orthodox K fa. yarn I Club 3, 4 5 ...fu J. . , W" its V ,S it .W lfffzv 'S i24f'1S1'i 5 fifiii T X, 'P 9323:-, ' - JANET L. MORNEAULT 4050 4- St., St. Petersburg, Fla. Nursing Class Historian 15 Newman Club 1, 23 Freshman Counsel- lor 25 SON Glee Club I5 Class Rec. Secy. 4 MARY ELLEN H. PALMER 126 Village Green, Burlington, Vt. University of Vermont MS. Nursing NANCY L. PERKINS Allen Ave., Falmouth, BIe. Maine Medical Center School of Nursing: St. Joseph's College Nursing SCHOOL OF NURSING . 'la' . . 1. " ' lk 5 ,V aiuafx . . A . .... ,. . we ..w.1.x,,Q .' 5 -I 5 41+ FRANCES L. SIMON 22 Buswell St., Boston University of California Nursing KATHERINE M. SMITH '74 Pinahurst Ave., Providence, R. I. St. Louis University M.S. Administration of Educational Programs Nursing Org.g Newman Club BESSIE M. PERRY Coleraine, N. C. Park View School of Nursing Medical-Surgical Nursing VINIJ PRAMULWONGSE Chulalongkorn Hospital Bangkok, Thailand Nursing Cosmopolitan Club 1-49 Grad. Stud. Org. 1-4 ANTOINETTE T. RAGUCCI 14 Bellingham Ave., Everett Boston College School of Nursing M.S. Medical-Surgical Nursing Newman Club BARBARA P. ROTH 833 Beacon St., Boston Emmanuel College: College of William and Mary: Boston College M.S. Nursing Education MARY RYAN J. PIPER CONSTANCE A. QUINN 485 Main St., West Concord St. Elizabeth's Hospital School of Nursing Nursing Grad. Div. Stud. Coun. 8, Corr. Secy 49 Newman Club 4 M. LOUISE REID 835 Baden Ave., South San Francisco, Calif. Nursing FLORENCE ROTH 112-S6 68th Dr., Forest Hills, N. Y. Nursing AE'1IP Philanthropic Chm. News, 1-35 Glee Club 1gHillel MARY C. SCHRIEVER 1 Fifth Ave., Normandy Beach, N. J. Nursing KKI' Cheerleading 2, 8 160 gui MABEL SIMON JEAN D. SLATER 6 Wellington Terr., Brookline 371 Beawn St.. B0St0I1 Orthopedic SUE E. SMOKER 126 Green'Ave., Lewiston, Penn. I Philadelphia Osteopathic Hospital School of Nursing Nursing Stud. Govt. S, 4 Nursing ELVIRA SPATAFORE 69 Oakwood Ave., Waterbury, Conn. University of Minnesota M.S. Nursing Education CLAIRE POWER 25 Cerdan Ave., West Roxbury Public Health NANCY T. RAESIDE State Rd., Eliot, Me. Nursing Class Historian 1, Secy. 33 Stud. Coun., Activities I Comm. Chm. 8, SON Glee Club 1-3 H. MIRIAM ROSS 98 McFarlane St., Springhill, Nova Scotia, Canada Gordon College M.S. M edical-Surgical Nursing HARRIET R. RYAN 68 Crest Rd., Wellesley Wellesly College M edical-Surgibal Nursing Newman Club ANNA SGANGA 104-60 117 St., Richmonc Hill, N. Y. St. John's University Nursing Stud. Coun., Corr. Secy. 559' 1 fffifyf., siffiw 1 filffi' K. , ' ig airy gf, , ,. . a, 5'1g' R' 1 ' ,,sSz' , its is 215, gsfisir + , 5 , A . 3 fg!?5sfs:?ei,' ' 5 " f.f?fri,fff5i, f' ' Qiffxiidil -' f '21 ' .3.,gf,,.. E. - - .,vt!?f' .A S . -:Q ' -. .iieiil-W" .,.. . K .1 .5,,,.,. isis... . 53 ,W f.... ' Mews a.'g,.:.s-.1- wer VERONA B. SPRECHER 815 Alliance St., Rockford, Ill. Teaching M edical-Surgical Nursing HELEN STREIFF Central St., Rowley Nursing ZGJT Stud. Activities Coun.3 SCA3 Glee Club JUNE L. SUTCLIFFE 8 Rockland Rd., Auburn Clark University Nursing CAROLE E. THEE R. D. fl, Uniontown, O. Akron University Nursing Education KKI' Stud. Org. Grad. Div. Orien- tation Comm. Chm. 4 lMARY A. TUDBURY 89 Bowdoin St., Newton Highlands Middlebury College: Boston University M.S. Psychiatric Nursing EK - f .wsu . , 'w,1.,..,' P ' f- .i sszesrgsqigfrza . . ....... o riffs 2 i .ii ' ., 3 gli . .., -.,,. - ,. Q51 - -. ., f i . I " 5 '..x-I. fifif if . . :Q V, ,r .5 1,2 , i . 'f-Fx-ing S .3 ' -i Q 5 f:.: sw af g .N 'Sf . AGNES E. VORRO 280 Potters' Ave., Providence, R. I. Rhode Island Hospital School of Nursing Nursing MARILYN J. WILBUR 8 Brook St., Taunton The Truesdale Hospital Nursing Grad. Div. Stud. Org.3 Sociol- ogy Club or-gs ,sg g f K 19, 4 3 rs, X Qf.'.i?r A gg .Q W ANN O. WATSON 316 No. Center St., Ebensburg, Penn. Western Reserve University Medical-Surgical Nursing LORRAINE M. WILLIAMS 85 Bateman St., Roslindale M erlical-Surgical Nursing Hub. Rep. IRRO STEPHANOU 3 Commonwealth Terr., Brighton Worcester Memorial Hospital, School of Nursing Nursing Stud. Coun. Pres.3 SFA Hu- man Relations Comm. Chm.3 Orthodox Club 1, 9Z3Sociology Club 1 LOUISE F. SULEIMAN 91 Centre St., Brookline M edicol-Surgical Nursing Sociology Club 23 Cosmopolitan Club 3 JEAN M. SYMONDS 27 Warren Ave., Greenwood Nursing . Pres. Stud. Org. Grad. Div. 43 Newman Club 8, 4 ETHEL M. TRAFTON 388 Longwood Ave., Boston Boston University M.S. Rehabilitation Nursing ETHELYN M. VANDENBURGH 14 William St., Fairhaven Medical-Surgical Nursing Stud. Govt., Treas. 4 161 SCHOOL OF NURSING METTA F. STREET 7920 Rose Dr., Huffman, Birmingham, Ala. University of Alabama Nursing JULA SULLIVAN FAYE L. TARVIN 816 Spencer Ave., Santa. Rosa, Calif. San Francisco College for Women M.S. Nursing Education Stud. Org. ATHENA A. TSITOURIDOU 171 D'Arzistidou St., Kallithea, Athens, Greece University of Michigan Nursing ELIZABETH A. VOISLOW 242 Elm St., Agawam Nursing Pres. Basic Div. 23 Class Pres. 1, 23 Stud. Coun. 1-43 Basic Div. Exec. Coun. I-35 Glee Club 1, 23 Newman Club 1, 23 HUB Bd. 43 Scarlet Key3 "Who's Who" 3 is ,oo s f- ra is CLAIRE M. WEBER 60 Health Ave., Providence, R. I. Pembroke College M.S. Administration of Educational Programs in Nursing ANN C. WOLBERT 1841 Commonwealth Ave., Auburndale Nursing AAA Social Cbm., Rush Capt. Glee Club 1,23 Activities Coun. 2-4 SCHOOL OF NURSING JUNE M. WOODWORTH 90 Chapel St., Lyndon, Vt. University of Vermont Nursing Stud. Govt. 9-49 HUB Rep. 4 GRADUATES SYLVIA E. ANDERSON 239 Greenwood Ave., Madison, N. J. Nursing EST BasicDiv.V.P.4:Stud.Coun.8g Band 1, 21 Cosmopolitan Club 2g SON Glee Club 1, 23 HUB Bd. 4 VIOLA A. BISHOP 11 High St., Marlboro M.S. Nursing Service Administration IRENE M. BOLENDZ 11 Franklin St., Hyde Park Nursing CLAIRE C. BOULAY 95 Cedar St., Fall River The Truesdale Hospital Nursing Grad. Div. Stud. Org.g Soci- ology Club GENEVIEVE C. COLEMAN 102 Exchange St., Lawrence Boston University Nursing Service Administration EST LYDIA DAYALL RUTH S. DOBBIE 48 Russell Pk., Quincy Simmons College Public Health LORENE T. DRESSER 89 Winter St., Orange Nursing MAYA DUBS MARY M. FOLEY 141 Cedar St., Haverhill Boston University M.S. Nursing Education EST Newman Club PHYLLIS Y. FORMAN 57 Marlborough St., Boston Wittenberg College M.S. Maternal and Chiu Health MILDRED L. FOSTER 81 Pratt St., Avon Boston University M.S. Health Administration ELIZABETH M. GLYNN 79 Belmont St., Everett Boston College M.S. Nursing EDITH D. HALL 50 Evergreen Ave., Auburndale Boston University M.S. Nursing Education MARY C. HALLORAN 18 Brigham St., New Bedford Nursing ANNE HEANEY 570 Marretto Rd., Lexington Public Health Nursing MARJORIE A. HINKLEY North Livermore, Me. M.S. Rehabilitation WITHOUT DOROTHY A. JOHNSON 111 William St., Ridgway, Penn. Nursing EST MARY ANN C. JOHNNSEN JANET C. KENNEDY 407 Marlborough St., Boston Boston University M.S. Nursing MARGARET M. KILCOYNE JOAN R. KITTREDGE ANNE MARIE LANGEVIN 24 Everett St., Southbridge St. Joseph College M.S. Nursing Education EST HILDA M. MacKAY 50 Chancery St., New Bedford Medical-Surgical Supervision ANNE R. MALOOF ELIZABETH K. MANOOKIAN MARY E. MARKOFF 37 Ridgemont St., Allston Columbia University Teachers College Nursing DOROTHY M. McDERMOTT HELEN L. MURPHY DOROTHY G. O'DON N ELL LYDIA A. PALAYPAY Quezon City, Philippines University of the Philippinesg Philippine Women's Univer- sity General Nursing Cosmopolitan Clubg Newman Club ROSAMOND M. PELOQUIN 5Si E. Central St., Franklin Simmons College M.S. Administrating Educational Programs in Schools of Nursing IRENE T. PICARSKY 31 Edison Green, Dorchester Nursing LOIS D. POLLEY 84 Laurel Ave., Waltham New England Baptist School of Nursing M edical-Surgical Nursing ALMA J. RANDALL 8 Humboldt Ave., Roxbury Columbia University Teachers College M.S. Fundamentals of Nursing EST Stud. Org. 162 PICTURES DOLORES M. RECIO Mabitac, Laguna, Philippines Far Eastern Universityg University of the Philippines M.S. Teaching in Pediatric Nursing Newman Clubg Cosmopolitan Club: International Stud. Club MARY L. ROGERS 1803 Valentine Ave., Cleveland, O. Fenn College Nursing IDC ELIZABETH K. RYAN Putnam, Va. College of William and Mary M.S. Nursing Service Administration EST ELEANOR C. SMITH 55 Lyng St., North Dartmouth Nursing SCA lg Psychology Club 1 EDITH M. STILLER International Falls, Minn. St. Olaf College M.S. M edical-Surgical Nursing EST DOROTHY I. TAYLOR 6 E. Market St., Clearield, Penn. Columbia University Teachers College M.S. Rehabilitation Nursing FLORENCE TAYLOR 905 No. Beaver St., Bethamy, Okla. Vanderbilt College: Oklahoma City University Nursing FELINA C. TOLENTINO PHYLLIS A. TRYON 206 Riverway, Boston M aternitg Nursing PATRICIA A. TUPAJ 91 Haven Ave., Chicopee St. Joseph College M.S. Teaching of Medical-Surgical Nursing EST JOSEPHINE E. VIENS MERTON L. WARD DOROTHY G. WEST 18 No. Park St., Cape Girardeau, Mo. Nursing EST Stud. Govt. HELEN C. WILLIAMSON 108 Mountfort St., Boston Tuskegee Institute M.S. Psychiatric Nursing ELINOR M. WOODS 429 Putnam Ave., Cambridge Catherine Laboure School of Nursing Nursing EST Stud. Conn. Rep. 1 163 Melvin Brodshaug, HS., M.A., PhD., Dean 9 Philip Camp Ann Jacobsen President S ecretary- Treasurer SCHOOL CDF PUBLIC 1 T AND ij'-N THU 2 . ffff ' K K a' 'TE sosrou U'UVHSHv RELATIONS COIVINIUNICATICDNS in w aim SCHOOL OF PUBLIC RELATIONS AND COMMUNICATIONS WILLIAM M. BERGMANN 89 Forbes Ave.. Northampton Hillyer College Public Relations AXA MARJORIE BLUTTMAN 8 Mileview Ave., White Plains, N. Y. University of Michigan Journalism A911 NEWS Ed. Staff WILLIAM D. BROWNLIE 234 Russell St., Everett JC Public Relations PHILIP E. CAMP 1 Rose Hill Rd., Woodstock, Vt. JC Public Relations TMEQ BAE, Secy., V.P., Pres. Class Pres. 1-43 Stud. Coun. 1-4, V.P. 2, Pres. 35 Scarlet Key 3, 43 Act. Coun. 1, 25 SFA 2, 89 NEWS 1, 2: JC "Man of the Year" 2: Ski Team 3, 43 Media: JC News 1, 2g "Who's Who" JOHN ALDEN Cartwright Rd., Wellesley CGE Photo Journalism NEWS Photo Ed. 3, 4 ARDITH W. ANTHONY 533 McClellan St., Schenectady Regis College Public Relations Newman Club 2-4: Stud. Coun. 2: HUB 25 SPRC Fare- well Dance Chm. 3 SIMON BACOLA 358 Charles St., Boston Audio- Visual Communications SETH N. AMES 181 Mystic St., Arlington Public Relations JAMES A. AREY 1038 Beacon St., Brookline Journalism EAX NEWS Ed. 4: Scarlet Keyg "Who's Who" DAVID A. BAILEY 46 Foxhorough St., New Bedford CGE Journalism XFE CGE Newspaper Co-Ed. 2, CGE Class Pres. 2 Q ,,,.., au- MELVIN J. BERNSTEIN 10 Beechcroft St., Brighton CGE Communication Arts ZBT Football lg Fencing 1, Q5 Track Treas. 25 WBUR Su- pervisor 4 FRANCIS J. BRENNAN 247 Common St., Watertown Public Relations Newman Club 4 JOSEPH J. BRUSILOFF 8211 Larry Pl., Chevy Chase, Md. Audio Visual Communications TECIJ NEWS 1-4 RICHARD E. CAMPBELL 304 Blossom St., Fitchburg Becker Junior College Journalism 166 RUSSELL H. BLAKE 29 Royall St., Medford Advertising IIE Historian PAL Pres. 2, PAL Stud. Coun.g NEWS 3 JAMES T. BRENNAN, JR. 114 Rhode Island Ave., Pawtucket, R. I. Bryant College Public Relations EOE Pledge Pres., Rush Chm. Scarlet Key 3, 43 IFC, Pres. 39 SFA, Treas. 3, Triple Comm. Chm. 3, Finance Comm. Chm. 33 Patterns 1 ALLEN M. BUTLER 43 Eastview St., Hartford, Conn. JC Public Relations ZAE Social Chm. Class Treas. 15 Stud. Coun. 1-4, Social Chm. 'lg SFA 2, 3, Public Relations Pub. Comm. Chm. 4, Penn State Comm. Chm. 4 DAVID A. CAPEN 34 Wolcott Rd., Chestnut Hill CGE Public Relations JAMES W. ANDERSON 1576 Parker St., Springfield CGE Television Production AEP Crew lg WBUR 3, 4 JAMES R. ASELTINE ROBERT J. BEHRMAN 312 E. Washington Ave., Hanson JR Public Relations SCHOOL OF PUBLIC RELATIONS AND COMMUNICATIONS ELVIN C. CARINI 84 Gainsboro St., Boston Cooper Union Art Schoolg Rochester Institute of Tech- nology Audio-Visual Communication AKA Newman Club! WBURg WBU-TVQ SMPTE JOHN M. CAVANAGH 110 WVellesley Ave., Wellesley Hills JC Public Relations TME Newman Club: HUB StaH MICHAEL I. COHN 7 Bayside Dr., Great Neck, N. Y. University of Vermont Public Relations QJEAQ TME ltledia 3, Pres. 41 Stud. Coun. 3, 4: Activities Coun. 35 SPRC Citizen 4 ' . fir eff -1 . 5. ..-.. . . ... -.f -. -11-. ... ..- . . 'E M W ' ri S I s 532552 S L we 2 J., W W at asia Q e 1 23 ,G Gp is ,m . of - f r 4 rv- ' iifliisv its A555555 ass Si' 1:55552 wssfgsz .Q . ner.: 3 LAWRENCE A. COLLINS Shore Rd., Pocasset Colby College Public Relations EAEL AA2 Stud. Coun. 3, Public Rela- tions Chm. 45 Military Ball Queen Chm. 43 Float Chin. QQ Stud. Govt. Bd. Q, Social Secy. 23 Disciplinary Bd. 2g IFC NEWS S, 4: Sailing Team 2, 35 Myles Standish Dance Chm. 2 ROBERT F. DALLOS S53 7th Avc., New York, N.Y. Syracuse Universityg Univer- sity of Bridgeport Journalism EAX Pres. NEWS, Asst. City Ed.g Hillelg "Who's Who" SIDNEY L. DAVIS 12 Abbot St., Dorchester CGE Journalism ZAX CGE Transition Staff 2 NORMAN F. DelGIGANTE 54 Pengrove St., Cranston, R. I. Public Relations Newman Club I-4: Interna- tional Club I-4g Young Re- publicans Club INIICHAEL E. COLLINS, JR. 25 Vaughan Ave., Newport, It. I. Radio and Television WBUR Staff 2-4, Engineer- ing Supervisor 3, Special Events Supervisor 42 New- man Club 2-45 Drama Club 4 ARSENE C. DAVIGNON 440 Houghton St., North Adams North Adams State Teachers College Journalism XAX NEWS 4 WILLIAM A. DAVIS 10 Rockne Ave., Boston Journalism GKIDQ EAX Young Democrats I, 2, 45 NEWS 25 Newman Club 2 RAYMOND J. DEINIPSEY, JR. 21 Shrimpton St., East Boston JC Public Relations Scabbard and Bladeg New- man Club: Hockey ltlgr. JOHN H. CARRUTHERS 2932 30 Ave., S. W., Calgary, Alberta, Canada CGE Communication Arts ZGDE Hockey 1-41 IVBUR 3, 4 BRUCE L. CHAMBERS 28 Fruit St., Taunton Indiana Universityg Boston State Teachers College: Bridgewater State Teachers College Comrnunications SPRC Planning and Dev. Comm. Chm. 35 Foreign Stud. Reception Comm. Chm. 4g Brotherhood Conn. Rep. 3, 4: Ivesley Fellowship Dorm. Comm. 1-3, Chm. 45 Christ- mas Chanukah Sing Chm. 33 Track 13 VVBUR 35 SCA 1-3 C. COLLIER Rs 167 ROBERT L. CASSANI RICHARD A. COCCOLA Loder St., Rye, N. Y. Niagara University Public Relations KATHLEEN M. COLLINS 367 Meadowbrook Rd., Fairfield, Conn. CGE Journalism AAA Service Projects Chm.g AQII Newman Club 2-43 CGE Coun. Del. 2: Junior Prom Program Chm. 3: SFA Schol- arship Comm. 3, Chm. 43 Greek World News 45 Joslin House Social Chm. 4 .f 'Wm - fx , ,s Q . . , -fl J iiib 9 5 f 1 4 s if is ix CASSANDRA A. CORKUM 400 Washington St., Annapolis, Md. Texas State College for Women Communications ALAN H. DAVIS 36 Brook St., Brighton JC Public Relations WALLACE V. DeCOURCEY 48 Whitney Ave., Portland, ble. Saint Francis Xavier Univer- sity: Saint Augustine's Col- lege Public Relations LLOYD B. DENNIS 6 Fitz Terr., Chelsea CGE Public Relations AEII Pledge Class Pres. TIVIE Hillel 1-4 SCHOOL OF PUBLIC RELATIONS AND COMMUNICATIONS I ' ya... -1 ft UP . . 'E R. I T33 GERALD FINEMAN 190 Grumman Ave., Newark, N. J. Public Relations DEANE FORD THOMAS L. GAFFNEY W. DAVID DeREPENTIGNY 69 Saco Ave., Old Orchard Beach, Me. Portland Junior College Public Relations TIWIE GEORGE L. DUNN 18 Pachland Ave., Revere Public Relations TEQIJ EDOZIE EKWUNIFE Enugu, Eastern Nigeria, Nigeria Roosevelt University Journalism Trackg Tennis CARLETON M. DEVINE 21 Norton Ave., Walpole CGE Public Relations LEITO F. DURLEY 901 E. Edison St., Independence, Kan. Independence Junior Collegeg Wichita University Public Relations ALAN L. ERSKINE 47 Moody St., Chestnut Hill Public Relations TME Initiation Comm. Chm. SUININER I-I. FELDBIAN 93 Corbet St., Dorchester CGEQ Boston University Arts TVQ MEDIA ROBERT P. FERLA 830 Trapelo Rd., Waltham CGE Public Relations TBIE 168 - i e.. RICHARD H. FINGER 4 ltliles Standish Rd., Marblehead Hamilton College: Tufts Uni- versity Public Relations 'IIDEII Parliamentarian, Pres. IFC 2, 3, Speaker 4: SFA 3, Exec. Comm. 4, Organization Constitutions Chm. 43 WBU- TV Promotion Dept. 33 WBUR News 23 Brotherhood Conn. Q5 Scarlet Key: "Who's Who" CHARLES H. FOREST, JR. 1216 Commonwealth Ave., Boston CGE Public Relations TBIE Treas. Sailing Club 3, 4 ARNOLD S. GILES 682 So. Blain St., Mansfield Journalism EAX JEAN P. FIRSTENBERG 101 Central Park W., New York, N. Y. Mount Holyoke College Communication Arts AEP WBUR Program Dir. 4 ELIZABETH A. FREIDMAN 26 N. River Blvd., Saint Paul, Minn. CGE Radio- Television AEP Secy. Charlesgate Hall Secy.-Treas. 1, Judicial Bd. Secy. 1: Shel- ton Hall Stud. Govt., Treas. 23 WBIIR Staffg WBU-TV 3, 4 ELLIS M. GOLD 255 West 88th St., New York, N. Y. JC Public Relations Hillel lg Varsity Wrestling 2-45 Activities ' Conf. 3, 4, V.P. 35 Stud. Coun. 3, 43 SPRC Handbook Comm. Co- Chm. 3 PERRY H. DICKINSON Q5 Pine Ridge Rd., Waban Journalism MARILYN J. EGNA 215 Hart Blvd., Staten Island, N. Y. Ohio State University Public Relations TRIE RICHARD C. FAIRBAIRN 430 Root St., Park Ridge, Ill. Lincoln Junior College Public Relations TME RICHARD E. FERRINI 47 Pondview Cir., Brockton Public Relations TME ::' - S , ,,,. Q at SCHOOL OF PUBLIC RELATIONS AND COMMUNICATIONS MARILYN L. GOLDFARB 14 Houston St., VVaterbury, Conn. University of Connecticut Advertising A8I'lg 413221 NEVVS 3 RAYMOND H. GRENIER 238 Court St., Brockton CGE Public Relations Arnold Air Soc. Operations Officer 3, 4: Newman Club 1-4 FRANK X. HAMEL 193 Beulah St., Whitman CGE Communication Arts AEP WBUR Supervisor .JOHN C. HAUGHEY 23 State St., Framingham Public Relations ar 1 fa -gi if 5 sf s kfpm ,. ,, .. .I 'iz Y J HICKS C illan St ALNIA L HIGGIN 6 Park St Peabody of Rhode Island Communication AKA Newman Club M. JACOBSEN 11 Bloore St., rnaizsm. AAA Pledge Pres., Scholar- Chm., Senior Panhel- lenic Del.: XPE Class Secy. 1-43 COE Trans- ition 2g Greek World News Co-Ed. 4: IDC Secy. 35 Pan- hellenic Pub. Chm. 41 Media V.P. 4g CGE Permanent Class Secy. and Class lilarshalg Young Republicans Club 3 COE, Clark University Journalism AAA Historian, Pledge Class Pres.: ACDH Newsletter Ed., V P Social Chm INEV5 S, Asst. City Ed. 3, lledia 2, Secyg Stud. Coun. 2, Corr. Secy., Constitutional Climl Newman Club 4: CGE Transition, Asst. Ed. THOMAS E. JOHNSON -L9 Hulworthy St., Roxbury Journalism NEWS S ALAN S. GOULD 68 Wolcott Rd., Brookline JC Public Relations LUIS GUISON J. RICHARD HANNAN 29 Gilmore St., Vvollaston CGE Public Relations EQIEQ TME Newman Club 1, 2, SPRC Rep. 3, 4, Coun. 3, 4: Persh- ing Rifles: Stud. Coun. Pub. Dir. 45 Activities Conf. 4 EARL L. HAYFORD 34 La Fayette Pk., Lynn Public Relations ,pm JASON E. GOULD 751 Highland Ave., Malden Public Relations PAUL W. HAGERTY 8 Tally Ho Lane, Wayland Public Relations JABIES G. HARRIS ll Drew Rd., South Portland, life. JC Radio and Television Radio Sz TV Advisorg WBUR Supervisor SAMUEL B. HENICK DONALD A. HODES Q42 June St., Worcester Communication Arts 117A Pres., V.P.: AEP 1FC Del. 2, 35 NEWS 19 WBUR Supervisor 3, 43 Ac- tivities Conf. 1, 2 .K5'5VIT.a W ffl! is "' ' . , in .inn an .s'f:gf.f , 15. . p -..iFiQiflTQ. L 9. 'ff A, F JQSE ,IUICQ GLADYS M. KAROLAK , 82 Ronibont Ave., Beacon, N. Y. R in " Communications ,,.- A-at . - 1 169 I? 55, ,,.,,. K .ei , f ' k ALFRED M. JOSEPH 2 Fordham Rd., Allston CGE Public ltclations CGE Class Agent 23 Founders Day SPRC Rep. 3 ALFRED R. KELMAN 3 Fessenden St., Mattapau CGE Communication Arts AEP, XFE Baseball 1: CGE Stunt Night Chm. 1: YVBUR Supervisor 1 SCHOOL OF PUBLIC RELATIONS AND COMMUNICATIONS MARSHALL B. LYTLE II 6 Arnold Rd., Shrewsbury Washington and Jefferson College Radio and Television Management Bell Librarian 81 Asst. Treas. WBUR 3, 4 WALTER W. MAIN, JR. 70 Brook Rd., Quincy Public Relations TME JAMES W. KINNEY 756 Westford St., Lowell JC Public Relations HERBERT A. KOSS 4Q Elm St., Auburn, Me. CGE Public Relations TME DONALD C. LAVINS 56 Edgehill Rd., Winthrop Public Relations AEl'l PATRICIA A. LIBBY Wellilet Westbrook Junior College Public Relations TME Secy. BARBARA D. LIPSON ROBERT F. KIRK 393 So. Main St., Attleboro Journalism EAX Treas. NEWSQ Newman Club GAIL KREDENSER 16 Hiawatha Rd., Mattapan Journalism ASH Pres. NEWS 3, City Ed. 4g SPRC Citizen S5 CGE Integrator lg CGE Transition 2 JOHN E. LAWLESS 16 Lewis St., Canton Public Relations Newman Club ROY A. LIND 58 Cranch St., Quincy Communication Arts AEP V.P. WBUR 2-4, Engineering Supervisor WALTER F. LOWMAN 12 Garrison Rd., Wellesley Suffolk University Public Relations Basketball lg Bowling 13 Soft- ball lg Newman Club WILLIAM W. MACDONALD 43 Dearborn St., Medford Public Relations AXA Rushing Chm. PATRICK J. MAHANEY 129 Claflin St., Belmont Public Relations CIJEK Newman Club 1, 2 DONALD F. MALLINSON 98 Willow St., Tewksbury CGE Communications WGBH-TV 170 RICHARD G. MARSH 59 Austin St., Portland, Me. Portland Junior College Journalism EAX V.P. Myles Standish Stud. Govt Bd., Treas.: IDC KENNETH J. KOLMAN 28 Judith Rd., Newton Center Public Relations AEII V.P. DONALD J. LARSON Newbury, N. H. CGE Public Relations TME Parliamentarian Myles Standish Beacon Statfg Boosters Club RICHARD W. LEYDON 15 Colborne Rd., Brighton GE Public Relations BAE Treas.g TME Stud. Conn. 1, 33 Senate 29 Newman Club 1-4 PAUL A. LINGARD Diamond Hill, Berwick, Me. Becker Junior College Magazine Public Relations Asst. Dir. 1 ROBERT J. LURTSEMA 80 Ewing Dr., Stoughton CGE Communication Arts Stud. Coun. 1, 25 Activities Conf. 23 WBUR l-43 WBU- TV Dir. Producer 4: Drama Club l-4, "Rainmaker", "Home of the Brave", "Shoe- maker's Prodigious Wifeng Gershwin Theatre 1, 25 Hillel 1-4: Creative Writing Club 1, 25 Science Club 1, 23 Chess Club 1, 2 SCHOOL OF PUBLIC RELATIONS AND COMMUNICATIONS EDWIN G. MASLAND 417 Beechwood St., Cohasset Reed College Public Relations TME Public Relations Comm. Chm. RICHARD K. MCMAHON 52 Trowbridge St., Cambridge JC Public Relations Newman Club HARRY MENZOIAN 34 Allen St., Arlington CGE Public Relations JOHN D. MONAGHAN RICHARD M. MORIN 105 Longfellow Rd., Worcester Public Relations 'IPA Bearer of the Mace: TME Corr. Secy. -u, ev I . ,V A ig 'Ffvsnly ' -...,,,.- Y'-63' lx , ,. PHILLIP I. MYERS 12 Astoria St.. Mattapau Communication A rts WBUR-FM RAYMOND R. NORMAND 2 Lafayette St., Lewiston, ltle. CGE Communication A rts AEP Natl. I'res.g ZHIPE His- torian WBUR 1-3, News and Sports Ed. 41 Drama Club 1, 4 JOSEPH R. NASTASI M.S. Public Relations KIITA ROLAND A. NORREALE 64-14 VV. 79 Terr., Overland Park, Kaus. University of Utah BLS. Public Relations sw ..,.a-fl.. - .2 .mx JACK C. MCCARTHY 5968 Harvard Rd., Detroit, Mich. Communications EAE Eminenent Chronkler, Asst. Treas. Newman Club: Cosmopolitan Clubg WBUR-FM Staff THOMAS S. MEAGHER, JR. Trysting Rd., North Scituate Notre Dame University Public Relations TME ELINOR MESHBERG 149 Wooleys Lane, Great Neck, N. Y. CGE Radio and Tulcvision Production DONALD F. MOONEY 190 Torrey St., Brockton Public Relations TME EDWARD E. INICCOLLUIII, JR. Q48 East Main St., Gloucester Public Relations ZOE: TBIE S. MEIBER FARRELL MITCHELL RONALD IV. MOORE 23 Lee St., Cambridge CGE Communication A rts XFE3 AEP t., ,. ' 'f -A Q W M D- A I . r JOSEPH J. MURPHY, JR. 52 Spring St., Lewiston, Me. Portland Junior College Public Relations Track 33 Newman Club 3, 4 171 CGE Stud. Coun. V.P. lg Activities Coun., Pres. 1, 25 SFA 1, 2: Drama Club 1 LEO J. MURRAY 54 D Chapel St., East Hartford, Conn. Becker Junior College Public Relations TME Newman Club SIDNEY L. NICOLL 2009 N. 3rd SIL., Harrisburg, Penn. Journalism KIPEP Quarterly Rep. NEWS 1, 2, Asst. Sports Ed. 3, Managing Ed. 4: Football 1, 21 Hillel 1--I-, SPRC Rep. 35 Beacon, Feature Ed. 1, QQ Booster Club 3, 45 Scabbard Sz Blade: SDX WILLIAM H. O'CONNELL SCHOOL OF PUBLIC RELATIONS AND COMMUNICATIONS ASHBY C. SAUNDERS 60 Melrose St., Boston Hampden Sydney College Public Relations TINIE5 AXA EDWARD F. O DONNELL 31 Sackville St., Charlestown Journalism Newman Club 2, 3, SDX WILLIAM W. PRIESTLEY, JR. 178 Oxford Blvd., Garden City, N. Y. JC Public Relations EAE, Pledge Trainer SPRC Stud. Dev. Comm. Chmg Stud. Guide Serv. Chmg IFC Senior Del, Convocation Comm. Chmg Freshman Dance Co-Chm. BENGT O. RENBLAD Solvagen 7, Norrviken, Sweden Scandinavian Theological School Motion Pictures JAMES E. RONDEAU 22 Longview Dr., Newington, Conn. Portland Junior College Public Relations TME FRANCIS J. ROWEN 82 Claremont Ave., Arlington JC Public Relations HUB. Bd. Chm.5 NEWS 8, 45 Stud. Coun. 3, 4Q Media 45 SFA Rally Exec. Comm, Chm. 45 Newman Club 1-4 PAUL G. SANDMAN RICHARD R. OSTLLND J. RICHARD RASHER 381 Pleasant St., Brockton Public Relations TEQJ Scrihe5 TME IVBUR I, 25 BIyles Standish Govt. Bd.: Retarded Child- rens Fund Chm. 4 LOUIS 0. REYES THOMAS F. ROONEY, JR. 108 Lincoln St., Dedham Public Relations Crew 2, 45 Newman Club 3, 4 JEFFRY RUTTENBERG 82 Hartshorn Rd., Providence, R. I. JC Public Relations TEfIJ5 TME Hillel MELVIN SARANOVITZ 103 Willowwood St., Dorchester Public Relations TKE Media 3, 45 Track 25 Stud. Coun. 3, 45 Activities Conf. 3, 45 Senior Prom Comm. Pub. Chm.5 Election Chm. 3,4 Ks Q- ROGER L. SCHILLING 133 Pine St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. CGE Public Relations Football 15 Dorm Paper 1, 2 172 JUANITA D. SCHILTZ GRAYCE E. PAPPS 130 Theadore Parker Rd., West Roxbury Simmons College Communication Arts Orthodox Club 3, 45 WBUR 3, 45 Drama Club 4 SAMUEL I. RATNER 19 Cedar Ave., Highland Park, N. J. CGE Public Relations AEH5 TME NEWS: Sailing Club JOHN P. RODGERS, JR. 8009 Frishy St., Baltimore, Md. University of Baltimore Public Relations TME V.P. BRUNO C. ROSNER 202 W. Northfield Rd. Public Relations TME Newman Club5 Young Re- publicans Club JULES L. SACK 9805 63rd Rd., Forest Hills, L. I., N. Y. Television Production TE'iIP: IFC Del. Hillel 1, Q5 NEWS 15 WBUR5 IFC Del. 3, 4 SEYMOUR SASLAW 20 Wales St., Dorchester CGE Public Relations TME Senior Prom Band Chm. 4 SCHOOL OF PUBLIC RELATIONS AND COMMUNICATIONS MALCOLXI SHARPE 109 Savin St., lNIalden CGE Communication Arts AEP Pres. IIJEII5 XTE CGE Stud. Coun.5 VVBUR Supervisor HARVEY B. SIDERS 107 Lorna Rd., lWIattapan Communications WBUR-FM Stud. Super- visor 4 GERALD L. SMITH 430 Nlill St., VVorcester University of Iowa Public Itclations TECD Prcs.g TME IFC Del. 35 National Del. 35 HUB Co-ordinating Ed. 3, 45 Univ. at Home Comm. 3, Tour Chm. 4: Drama Club 3, Pub. Dir. Newsletter Ed. 45 Scarlet Key: Media5 "Who's Who" DAVID SNIDER J. PARKE SPANCAKE, JR. Parkview Ave., Hershey, Penn. Hershey Junior College Communication Arts ALEXANDER J. THOMSON 47 Park St., Lynn JC Public ltclations AXA5 TBIE . , rrlwffsibri-' 455.1-Wri25frsf.sX ' 5 7 f 5'3- B "' Q .k?,h,5w' N.. ffl.- E .rms su. -pw.. F785 xn. 4.1 ff X JUDITH S. TURK 20 Laclede Ave., Trenton, N. J. 1Vells College Public ltclations TME5 AKIPP Pres. 1Iarlborough Dorm Social Chm. 3g IDC 35 Young Dem- ocratic Club, Pub. Chm. 33 Shelton Hull Activities Chm. 4 Q,-xo., ' NAOMI H. VVAGMAN 147 Birchview Ave., Brockton Public Relations TBIEg AUP Hillel 1-35 German Club 15 Drama Club 1, Q5 Inform. Ed. Staff 45 Math Club 2 173 EDVVARD B. SHAW, JR. 55 Claremont St., lfalden JC Audio Visual DKA V.P. 3, Pres. 4 JOYCE V. SILVER 52 Grove St., Bangor, Dle. University of Maineg Univer- sity of Indiana Communication Arts AEP Treas. Dorm Treas. 3, 43 Drama Club Seey. 45 Hillel Exec. Bd. 1, 95 Young Democrats 3 H. PAUL SDIITH 20 Webster Ave., Bangor, Me. Public Relations Outing Club 25 NEWS 3: TV Vvorkshop 3: Cosmopolitan Club 35 Young Democrats Club 3 NORMAN SONNENSCHEIN ALAN F. STRONG 69 Sunset Rd., Arlington CGE Public Relations AK'If Social Chm. Young Republicans Club 4 E. E. TOURTELLOTTE CHARLES B. SHOICKET 10 Lothian Rd., Brighton JC Journalism JOHN A. SIWIK 134 Chestnut St., Chelsea CGE Communication Arts Newman Club I-4 SIDNEY D. SBIITH 984 IVIain St., Melrose Communication Arts AEP WBUR 3, BIusic 41 Glee Club 15 Rifle Team 1 ROBERT A. SORENSEN Box 204, Montauk, L.I., N.Y. CGE Audio-Visual Communication NORMAN P. TEICH 53 Eliot Memorial Rd., Newton CGE Public Relations KIPEII Boosters' Club, Pres. 35 SFA Rally Comm., Treas. 3, Chm. 45 SFA Founders Day Comm., Chm. 45 CGE Stud. Coun., V.P. 25 Activities Conf., V.P. 25 Citizen, Bus. Blgr. 3, Ed.- in-Chief 4: NEVVS 4: CGE Prom Chm. 25 CGE Float Comm. Chm. 2 RONALD TULIN '73 BIanstield St., Hartford, Conn. University of Connecticut Public Relations 4IDEl'l5 TME RQ fr- ' ' 5 sr 1 5 . W Q nk.. it , -at .5 f: ":"- Ei .gf- VICTOR WASHKEVICI-I 119-46 235 St., Cambria Heights, N. Y. New York University BLS. Communications SCHOOL OF PUBLIC RELATIONS AND COMMUNICATIONS MELVIN M. WATERBOR, JR. 342 Commonwealth Ave., Boston Public Relations WBUR, "City in Transition,' Co-producer and Dir. ALAN G. WERNICK 10 Acorn St., Malden Public Relations STEWART L. WHITE 207 E. Lincoln St., Media, Penn. Pennsylvania State Univer- sity M.S. Communication Arts ROBERT H. WOODS 1014 Wilson Ave., Kittanning, Penn. Hershey Junior College Journalism T. DAVID RAFTERY 117 Redlands Rd., West Roxbury Public Relations TME: EAE Newman Club, Pres. Stud. Coun.g Media: Scarlet Keyg STANLEY C. WEINBERG, JR. Cherry Hill Route 4, Roanoke, Va. CGE Public Relations TMEQ ECIDE Pledge Trainer, Rushing Chm., Historian Wesley Club 8, Recreation Chm. -ig Stud. Dev. Comm., Unit Chm. 3, Co-Chm. 4: Public Relations Stud. Bd.: Scarlet Key 43 "Who's Who" BYRNE P. WI-IALEN 106 Earlington Rd., Havertown, Penn. LaSalle College Public Relations TME Pres. Newman Club S, 4 RICHARD L. WIGGIN II 67 Old Orchard Rd., Chestnut Hill JC Public Relations CARL J. WURZEL 269 Roslindale Ave., Roslindale Journalism NEWS 8, 4 "Who's Who" WILMER J. ADAMS Weatherly, Penn. Keystone Junior College Public Relations MAX APPEL 1453 Yates St., Denver, Colo. Colorado Universityg Denver University Public Relations EAM MANUEL E. AZEVEDO HOWARD C. BARRE 38 Grant St., Spencer American International Col- lege: Worcester State Tench- ers College Music Education DAVID N. WEITZ 8 Barnesdale Rd., Natick Communications Crew 2-4 DALLAS F. WHALEY 1904-26 St., Lubbock, Texas Texas Technological Collegeg University of Texas Public Relations AXA: TME Stud. Dev. Comm., Pub. and Pub. Rel. Chm. 3, 4 RICHARD E. WINCKLER 7 Elizabeth Rd., Portland, Me. Portland Junior College Communication Arts AEP WBUR JACOB YERAMIAN GRADUATES WITHOUT PICTURES DONALD H. BATTING 316 Randolph Ave., Milton CGE Communication Arts AEP WBUR, Announcer-Producer ROBERT M. BENSON 106 Queensberry St., Boston Journalism EAX Secy. Baseball I ROBERT M. BLAIS Saratoga Lake, Saratoga Springs, N. Y. CGE Public Relations EAE Pres.: XPE Pres. Scarlet Key 3, 45 SFA 1, Exec. Comm. 2: CGE Class Pres. Ig CGE Stud. Coun. Pres. 2: CGE Man of the Year 23 IFC News Ed. 8, 4 VERNON BOYD JEAN M. BRADY 229 Chamberlain Blvd., Knoxville, Tenn. University of Tennessee M.S. Communications KA AUGUSTINE R. CELLA 25 Braemore Rd., Medford JC Public Relations TME Newman Club, Young Dem- ocrats Club, Drama Club JOHN B. CHAFFEE, JR. 33 Wall St., Wellesley University of Massachusetts: Harvard College Journal irm JOHN B. CHAMBERS, JR ROBERT L. CLARK HOWARD B. COHEN RICHARD L. CONNOLLY 12 South Lane, Providence, R. I. Providence College M.S. Radio-TV GEORGE H. COTTO 1 Zamora St., Boston Journalism NEWS 2, 8 JOHN C. CRESS R.F.D. fi Shelburne Falls Public Relations Golf: Wrestling ALVIN M. DAWSON, JR. 420 S. Franklin Ave., Flint, Mich. Harvard College M.S. Public Relations SCHOOL OF PUBLIC .IOHN D. DeBRINE Q00-A RIilI'IIJ01'O St., Quinny Houghton College MS. Commun.icuiion Arts AEI' OWEN F. DUGGAN -I3 Taylor Rcl., Maynard Publir' Rl'lflIiD7!-S' FREDERICK D. ELSTON ARTIIIIR T. FARLEY ROlII'IR'l' S. FLINK WILLIAM C. HEITZ 5132 S. Cornell St., Chicago, III. Marquette University Comm un icalion Arls EAX CHARLES L. HUSICK RICHARD C. HYDE 706 Qfnrl gt. NAV., Canton, Ohio College of 1Vooster MS. Public RL'lali071.S' ROBERT JONES Cardinal, Va. University of Missouri MS. Publir- Rrlations ZAEQ KAMQ EAX PHILIP P. JOYCE 11 Loveland Rd., Brookline JC Public ltvlutimzs ROBERT S. KLEINIXERG 105 Treat-y Ave., Newark, N. J. New York University: Uni- versity of Vermont Publir' Relations TME: 1152A Junior Prom Chm. 33 lletlia, Treas.: Ac-tivities Conf. S, 4: SFA Stud. Aetivities Com. Ser-y. fi, I-Q Joint Activities Conf. Aclvisory Bd. 3, 41 Sturt. Coun. 3g Senior Prom Chnl. 4: SPRC Pull. V. Chin. 3, Float 3, Chin. 4: Parents Day I'uh. Comm. Co-Chmg Scarlet Key SCOTT D. LOTHROP Dover Point Rrl.. Dover, N. H. Boston University MS. Public Relations IIKAQ AEP Tri-as. WBUR, Asst. Operations Su- pervisor 2: YVBIIR News Dir. 3 JOHN R. MALMO LEONARD MALONE ALAN E. IAIAYERS 47 Balsam Lane, Princeton, N. J. Prineeton University M.S. Motion Picture JEROME N. MICIIAELS l24Q2 Kensington St., Harrisburg, Penn. Temple University M.S. Co7rL'rILu'rLiCaliUnx JAMES BIONIZ 56 St. Mary St., Fall River Public Relalions CHARLES E. MURRAY 56 Quinn St., Halifax, N. S. Saint Marys Universityg Uni- versity of Detroit Md. Spvriul Drama Soc. V.P. 3: Debating Soc. 43 Arts Soc. V.P. 1: Philosophy Club :Z MARTIN H. MYERS 125 Park St., Brookline Harvard College MS. Public Relations RELATIONS AND COMMUNICATIONS RALPH A. NARDELLA 110 Asheroft Rrl., Newton .IC Public Relations AXA Hoey. Newman Clulv, Brotherhoorl Coun. H, -I PAUL R. NOBLE G8-451 Ilurns St., Forest Ilills, N. Y. Cornell University ALS. Conzrrzznzimliorz .-Iris VVGBH-TV RICHARD T. OPIE 217 Lafayette St., Salem JOZll'llGll.t'III NEAVS 1 ROGER A. PAOLINO THOMAS A. PYLE 1 Mountain View Ave.. Stroudsburg, Penn. Pennsylvania State Univer sity M.S. Public Relations KAP Pres., Rushing Chm. NORMAN V. RICHARDS 83 Arthur St., Framingham Portland Junior College Journalism ARTHUR A. RISTAI7 EDIVARD R. RODRIGUEZ RONALD P. SALTERS VVALTER H. SCANLON, JR. S81Balrlwin St., 1VaterIrury, Conn. University of Miami Jourrzrllivrn NEYVS fi, -I R. AHBURY W. SCHLEY Ott Janis St., Sanclwit-I1 .IC Public Relations Wrestling THOMAS O. SKILES 1710 S. Blain St.. .Iam-ksonvillc, Ill. Knox College: Northwestern University MS. Public Relczfimzs-.1011rnulisnz TMEQ B911 ROBERT L. SMITH DANA P. STEWART ROBERT IV. STROVINK Q1 Powder House Rrl.. Medford COE Television-.llolirm l'i0luras- ltazlio Seabhard and lllarle, Sgt.-ab Arms GEORGE WV. TAFI-IJIAN 110 Preston Dr., Cranston, R. I. JC Journalism IIIIGH D. WHALI. 67 Neal Gate St., Greenbush University of Rhozle Islanfl Journalism Sailing Club SYLVIA M. WITSCHI Draper Ave., North Attleboro Colby Junior College .llnsic Eflueation A'1J'O Dorm Social Chin., Senior Counselor: Music Club Duncan E. Mac-dollald, SB., AAI., Pl1.D., Dean. C011 leare of absfncej Iidward K. Gr:1l1z1111, 1301111 of the College of l,iI1o1':1l Arts, Arfing Dean. GRADUATE SCI-ICDCDI.. 5 i M .lil i 'A - '7"hZ ew- V L Q Q in , V I L .,',. ,, A L H wk .,,, ,I Kg iv, 1 ii V . A , jg U , 2 , i ifw. x Va A M I ,K 1 A ,K is 2 ' f 523 1 We ii A A ' 7 5 : L 1L 1 Q A wg 'Q 1: ,f ,.QlLLL 1 'f ' 3,522 , Q g g g .V ' 32, ii 1 1 , , K ff 5 x M-1' 'fi--1--P-' f ,, , ' if 5 - 2 ,5 ,121 .K V, : f. K Z U! 4 ' K. 'L f 1? 5 use VV It ,kr 'SJW , yy' i h V A - k1 j L,., LA .M .Lky A 3 " 1' , sw AA,. :VV ,,VA ,I f i 5 1 . VV ',f, ' 1 i L ? A M' f , Q, XL M mi me , LLL' Y ,I 'J 5 'fm 1 , , R , kk I .,V kk,k E , -m..5MmM W.. 177 GRADUATE SCHOOL PAUL B. ALEXANDER 1701 Parkside Ave., Burbank, Calif. Brown University M.A. Geology EX HAZEL F. BAILEY 74 Sea Ave., Quincy Nebraska Wesleyan Univ el'- SALEH A. AL-SUGAIR Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jado, Saudi Arabia Baghdad Law School M.A. Government MARTIN BAROOSHIAN 74 Allen St., Brookline M.A. sity Fine Arts M.A. Social Ethics JOAN L. BERLOW JOHN J. BISHOP, JR. 114 Strathmore Rd.,BrookIine 52 Foster Rd., Belmont Boston University Boston University M.A. M.A. Sociology Fine Arts A1I1E ' fo.,: ,ii,,,. , iftsgsswssii "' f5f.f.-Qggwili . .. ' zfwsgg of EI?5?QfliiTl -' 1 1814 Im.,-'fi-I '3i,5Q2S Qizigsfff' -1 '. ,S AE :.x' V Kr, , if .11 MARTHA H. BLISS 47 Hetcher Rd., Belmont Cornell Universityg Mills Col- lege M.A. Fine Arts Fine Arts Club GEORGE A. BRAMBILLA 14 Melrose St., Boston Boston University M.A. Music Composition CIDMAQ FKA JARVICE G. CAUDRON Gowen, Okla. University of Houston M.A. Physics CAPT. DAVID B. COLEMAN, JR. 215 Nesbitt St., Jonesboro, Ark. University of Arkansas M.A. Aerial Photography 178 JOHN J. BOLGER 12 Crescent St., Cambridge Boston College M.A. Biology Mendell Club 1-43 Psychology 25 Ricci Math Club 1 GEORGE R. BURKE 11 Pleasant St., Natick Boston University M.A. Fine Arts Club ELIZABETH M. CIRINO 1286 Bay St., Taunton Bridgewater Teachers College Ph.D Biology ANTHONY COSTA 8 Tremlett Rd., Pinehurst Brown University M.A. M athernatica ALICE N. BONIN MARGARET R. CASSIDY 19 Anthony Rd., Bedford Vassar College M.A. English Literature ROBERT M. COARD 71 Holworthy St., Roxbury Dillard University M.A. Sociology AGPA: AKM SUMNER B. COTTON 46 Kingsdale St., Dorchester Boston University M.A. Musicology GMA: PKL i-, WILLIAM L. BABAIAN 89 Undine Rd., Brighton Boston University M.A. Biology WLADIMIR BELRUSS 55 Maverick St., Dedham Boston University M.A. Geology AGPA LESLE BLACKMAN 135 Woodbine St., Providence, R. I. Smith Collegeg Pembroke College M.A. History CAPT. HOWARD A. COURTN EY 1900 Lamont St., N.W., Washington, D. C. University of Maryland M.A. Air Photography U. S. Air Force Institute of Technology, Liaison Officer HAROLD B. DAVIS 82 Leopold St., Georgetown, British Guiana Ohio State University M.A. , Sociology and Criminology NICHOLAS C. DRASKOVICH 387 Davis Rd., Bedford Boston University M.A. Geology -fi? 'See wi DONALD L. EVERHART 519 West 10 St., Erie, Penn. Grove City College M.A. Biochemistry EDWARD LI. FLIGER 160 Waterston Ave., Wollaston Eastern Nazarene College M.A. Philosophy HAROLD FRUMKIN 9 Margaret Ct., Brooklyn, N. Y. lilassachusetts Institute of Technology M.A. Comparative Literature CHARLES S. GENOVESE 41 Commonwealth Ave., Pittsfield Brown University BLA. English Literature AIP' s....., ,nh Q, ,,,. A 315 r Y 1 .35 .: iq- s J , , f l uff fi' ' 1"2' Tj '..-w e-, - E fs, g.f'y..,,y5a.f.t ,...,-.... ,,, PM ff: xi is , 1 K , so 'N 1 '.3"1.'1'.'f,ii5i:if f-2 'Wi Y 5 , .5 ELIZABETH W. CRANDALL 1049 Beacon St., Brookline M.A. Sociology JORN DITZEL 5 Staft Ave., Newton Copenhagen University Medi- cal School M.D. Ph.D. Biology EE. LILLIAS: A. DUNCAN 130 Federal St., Salem Boston University M.A. Spanish 'IIPBKQ UPEI BARBARA R. FEINBERG 580 Poplar St., Roslindale I University of Chicago y. - ' M.A. g g . Mathematics I . f EEZ -, f Maul Club 1, 2 ' r D. FRAME KATSURA FUKUI 34 Shimorenjaku Mitaka Tokyo, Japan Nagoya University B.S. M.A. Physics Cosmopolitan Clubg Newman Club RALPH GEORGE St. Mary Rd., Burlington M.A. Aerial Photography 179 i J g 'E GRADUATE SCHOOL RICHARD A. DONNENWIRTH 10 Autumn St., Boston Ohio Wesleyan A.B.g Boston University S.T.B. Psychology and Pastoral Coun- seling ROBERT S. EHRLICH 47 Richard Rd., Needham Boston University M.A. Philosophy I f ,Q MERCEDES Q1.. i ' FERMIN-GOMEZ 'K I KKK, Miranda a Paez M40 Q ,i., Caracas, Venezuela Instituto Pedagogico Nacio- nal f Geography ' Geographic Society DANIEL A. FRANCIS Methodist Church P. O. Puntamba, Bombay, India Asbury College M.A. Sociology Cosmopolitan Club i ffii 'i " ,fi gli , 9 f. L iii.i:,, O it MILTON B. FULLER 82 Oakland St., Watertown University of Maine M.A. E oft ,W Science Education Q, . .. V ., . GEORGE W. GROESBECK 89 Redington St., Swampscott Salem Teachers College M.A. English GRADUATE EQ? ..,,:4 V4 A Q EUGENE A. LENTINI 174 Monticello Ave., Dorchester Boston University Ph.D. Physiology GLORIA B. LUBKIN 32-Sl 92nd St., Jackson Heights, N. Y. Temple University M.A. Physics Physics Club Secy. WILLIAM H. MANSFIELD III 56 Ring St., Putnam, Conn. Dartmouth College M.A. Go11ernmentCAfrican Studiesj ATA SCHOOL 814 Baer St.. Hanover. Penna. Juniata College M .A. American History and Litera- ture ROBERT T. HAWES 866 S. Lincoln St., Casper, Wyo. University of Wyomingg Bos- ton University M .A. Religious Education 'PX CAPT. JAMES D. HOOD 217 West Ave., East Rochester, N. Y. University of Rochester M.A. PAUL F. HARRIS, JR. 71 Bay State Rd., Boston M.A. Philosophy MASANORI HIGA 403 Tomori Kochinada, Okinawa Boston University M.A. English Cosmopolitan Club NICOLE M. HUMBERT 481 Commonwealth Ave., Boston M.A. Sociology Air Photography SHIRLEY M. KOLACK 11 Ledgewood Rd., W. Roxbury Boston University M.A. Sociology BRUCE KULLMAN 1112 Paxton Ave., Cincinnati, O. Babson Institute M.A. German Glee Club: Chapel Choir, Choral Union, German Club 134. 19- LOUIS B. LEVOVSKY JANICE R, LOURIE 227 Carroll St., New Bedford 100 Memorial Dr., Cambridge Cornell University Tufts University M.A. MA, Bi0l0W M athematics 'PA EX WILLIAM R- GEORGE D. Ms.cIVER MacDONALD Great Rd., Stow 197 MaPl0W00d Sf-1 Boston University Watertown MA, Pl1-D- American Social and Intellec- Clinical Psychology tual Hugo,-1, ROSETTA P. MARTIN FRANCIS 0. MATTSON 158 W. Concord St., Boston 189 Oakland Ave., Arlington Morgan State Teachers Col- Tufts Collegeg Boston Univer- lege sity M.A. M.A. Education English Literature 180 DAVID I. HARVEY 311 Huntington Ave., Boston Brandeis University M.A. Aerial Photography RICHARD P. HIGHT Grove St., Norwell Harvard Collegeg Boston Uni- versity Ph.D. Geology E E CHONG-SOON KIM 410 Donam-dong, Seoul, Korea Seoul National University M.A. H iatory JEHAUDAH H. LEFTIN 106 Londonderry Rd., Framingham Boston University M.A. Chemistry J. McCARRICK NORMAN A. MILGRAM 3 Strathmore Rd., Brookline Harvard College: Boston Uni- versity Ph.D. Clinical Psychology LUIS R. NIORALES 12 Duarte St., Hato Rey, Puerto Rico University of Puerto Rico HLA. Psychology HARRIETT M. NELSON 45 Perham St., IVest Roxbury Middlebury College M.A. French x if iklelizi-fi - 9' it 4 T 5 4 . i -'L Ii" 31 .5 o - . I .2512 'fa THOHIAS OSBORNE 528 Glenn Rd., Weston ILA. Sociology ROBERT J. POOR '74 Woodlawn St., Lynn Boston University af' . :U T.. as . Ayr . ., fai'i1i-"E A. of L,f.-,' 1553-, ft. V Q ...... fy., fm, f f as 1. .N-4 ' Y not OH-SEUN PARK 51 Chang Chun Dong, Seoul, Korea Boston University Mathematics SHERVVIN H. RITTER 114 Emerson St., Springfield Colgate University lNI.A. NLA. Finc Arts Biology IIIIAL AKP CARL VV. ROSS ELAINE ROSEN 1734 Holmden Ave., 36 Dolphin Rd., Newton Cleveland, 0. Boston University Ohio University: Clark Uni- M.A. versity Biology M.A. 11122 Geography KAII Geography Club: American Polar Society' Assn of Ameri- can Geographers, New Eng land-St. Lawrence Valley Geographical Society HERBERT F. McCARTHY 255 Bradstreet Ave., Beachmont Boston State Teachers College M .A. French WILLI.-XII R. DIITCHELL 1833 Lariet Lane, Oklahoma City, Okla, Oklahoma City University lWI.A. English Literature SAMUEL T. MORRIS 303 Park Ave., Salisbury, lWId. Johns Hopkins Universityg Pea- body Conservatory of ltlusic M.A. Musicology New man Club WILLIAM A. NEWBIAN Main St., Colebrook, N. H. University of New Hampshire Harvard College M.A. Geology Boosters Clubg Young Re- publican Clubg Rowing Assng Varsity Club: MS Athletic Chm. 181 . E.. GRADUATE SCHOOL A. DALE McMULLAN The Peddie School, Hightstown, N. J. Harvard College: The General Theological Seminary lWI.A. Teaching PAUL J. MONTGOMERY 142 Ellis St., Vilestwood Boston University lVI.A. English Literature Students for Democratic Ac- tion, Chm. WILLIAM W. MOUNTCASTLE, JR. 81 Toxteth St., Brookline Whittier College: Boston Uni- versity Ph.D. Systematic Theology THOMAS H. 0'CONNOR Q89 Emerson St., South Boston Boston College Ph.D. History 1DA9 . l..?e,. wi 5 1, , ,,. . 51. N 3- 1' K if Q we K i 3 gi . .. t Lkr' . L.. A ,:., . . "" ,f. Q of r ilelsi X l. THOBIAS E. PASCOE, JR 130 Whitman Ave., West Hartford, Conn. Boston University NLA. Physics BRADFORD N. ROBINSON Hatch Rd., Vineyard Haven Eastern Nazarene College M.A. English RICHARD D. RUGGLES 88 Walnut St., Walpole Tufts Collegeg Harvard Uni- versity Ph.D. Geology GRADUATE SCHOOL IRVING A. SCHWARTZ 94 Brainerd Rd., Allston Boston University M.A. History NORMA J. SIMPSON 17 Edge Hill St., Jamaica Plain . Boston University BLA. Biochemistry THOMAS E. SMITH, JR. 375 Newtonville, Ave., Newtonville University of Massachusetts Ph.D. Biologyflflmbryologyj E EJ MERLE E. SPRAGUE Q22 Blaine Ave., Johnsonburg, Penna. University of Pittsburgh ELA. Geography Assn. of American Geogra- phiesg Geography Club ROSE M. WARNER Box 857 Oakland, Ore. University of Oregong Boston JACK M. SEIDENFELD 2137 Clinton Ave., New York, N. Y. City College of New York M.A. Psychology IPX MYRTLE P. SMITH 375 Newtonville Ave., Newtonville Boston University BLA. History WARREN G. SPARKS ll Chandler St., Watertown Boston University M.A. Mathematics CAROL E. TAYLOR 1698 7th St., Sarasota, Fla. Wesleyan College M.A. Psychology EDWARD R. ZEITLOW Scenic, S. Dak. Dakota Wesleyan University University M.A. Philosophy KENNETH C. ABPLANALP 2660 Jefferson Ave., Ogden, Ut. University of Utah M.A. International Relations TBl'I: IIJKKIJ: GT MYRTLE E. ADAMS 241 Linden Ave., Ithaca, N. Y. Tuskegee Institute M.S. Medical Supervision EST GIL D. ALLARDICE 5 Greenough St., Needham CGE: Boston University M.A. History QIJAG M.A. English ALBERT SHERRING Lucknow Christian College Lucknow, Ind. Allahabad University M.A. Sociology PAUL SMITH L. SPENCER IRITA VILKS 28 Akron St., Roxbury Boston University M.A. Geology GRADUATES WITHOUT PICTURES ERIC ALLINSON 144 Commonwealth Ave.. Boston Boston University M.A. Geology ELSA-ELIZABETH T. ANGELAKOU 7 New Demetre St., Tripolis, Greece Smith College M.A. English Literature DAVID D. APRIL 156-0 Howard Dr., Bergenfield, N. J. Boston University M.A. History ALBERT ARCESE 116 North St., Newtonville Northeastern University: M. I. T. Ph.D. Mathematics PAUL E. ARKIN 54 Quincy Ave., Winthrop Boston University M.A. History Hillel 2, 35 Psychology Club WILLIAM L. ATTAYA 14 Grew Ave., Roslindale St. Lawrence University: Union Collegeg Tufts College M.A. Physics 24112 JACK AZERRAD 1802 Ave. V Brooklvn, N. Y. Brooklyn College Ph.D. Clinical Psychology PHILIP N. BACKSTROM, JR. Walpole St., Norwood Gordon College M.A. History fiJA8 V.P. EDWARD R. BALBONI 81 Methuen St., Springfield Boston University M.A. Biology LEO BARRINGTON 5445 Mohican Rd., Washington, D. C. Washington and Lee Univer- sity M.A. Sociology 1'IKAg CDBKQ OAK C. R. BARTOLOME Bertoly 542, Ponce, Puerto Rico University of Puerto Rico: University of Southern Cali- fornia M.A. Religious Education ALAN L. BARZMAN 8016 No. E. 9th Ave., Portland, Ore. University of Oregon M.S. Communication Arts ROBERT P. BEEBE Capt. USN, Naval VVar College, Newport, R. I. United States Naval Academy M.A. Government EDWARD L. BEGGS 12624 Oak Ave., Lynwood, Calif. Fresno State College: Pacilic School of Religion BLA. Pastoral Counseling JONAS E. BENDER 2143 Yveisser Park Ave., Ft. Vilayne, Ind. Tougaloo College M.S. Public Relations NORMAN R. BENNET 27 Beach St., ltlarlboro Tufts University: Princeton University Ph.D. History IPAQ ESOR BEN-SOREK 223 Bonad Rd., Chestnut Hill New York Universityg University of Vermontg University of Poitiers Ph.D. Religious Education KQK Pres. RANDOLPH C. BERKELEY, JR., USMC Seacured, 2001 Berkeley Cir., Beaufort, S. C. United States Naval Academy DLA. Political Science ANNAMARIA BERLATI Viale Liherta 20, Pavia, Italy Bocconi University BLA. English DAVID BERLIAN 2213 Funston St., Hollywood, Fla. University of Floridag Johns Hopkins University BLA. English 1I1Kdlg 1I1HS ARLENE G. BLOCK 62 E. Newton St., Boston Wellesley College lNI.A. Biology ALICE M. BONIN 140 Beacon St., Boston Newton College of the Sacred Heart HLA. Mathematics M. REGINA BOLDUC 20 Hallenan Ave., Lawrence Emmanuel College ILA. Mathematics JUNE F. BRODERICK 522 S. Main St., Bradford Merrimack College M.A. History CDA9 Newman Club GEORGE E. BROOKS 80 Peterborough St., Boston Dartmouth M.A. History LEONA WV. BROWNELL 218 Pleasant St., Arlington Iowa State Teachers College: Vilashington Universityg Uni- versity of Wisconsin: George Washington University: Co- lumbia University: Iowa State Universityg Harvard Univer- sity Ph.D. Biology JOHN J. BRUNO 210 Chestnut St., Brookline Northeastern University Ph.D. Organic Chemistry TBI1 REV. ROBERT A. BRYAN 6 Hilbard St., Cambridge Yale Universityg Yale Divinity M.A. History EDWARD J. BURKE 20 Ravenswood Rd., VValtham Boston College: Boston University M.A. Ilistory DAVID H. CALDWELL 96 Willow Rd., Bowdoin College M.A. Management Management Society ROGER A. CEDERLAND 6 Agawam Rd., VVaban Newton Junior College M.A. Geology BEVERLY F. CHAR 2440 Ferdinand Ave., Honolulu T. H. Vassar College M.A. M athcmatics WICHAI CHUMNANNAPONG 49 St. Mary's St., Brookline lNI.A. Biology CHUHAN CHUN 2227 Jefferson St., Harrisburg, Pa. Dickinson College M.A. Government ROBERT F. CLARKE 2 Sheldon Pl., Waterville, hIe. University of Connecticut ILA. English Literature THOMAS A. CLEARY 8 Duncan Pl., Dorchester Northeastern University ' M.A. Economics JOHN F. CLELAND VVeyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada Montana State University Ph.D. Clinical Psychology RICHARD N. COFFIN 44 Harpswell St., Brunswick, lile. Bowdoin College Ph.D. English EDWARD R. COHEN 101 Harvard St., Malden Boston University BLA. Economics ZBT JOHN F. COMERFORD 510 Turney St.. Sausalito, Calif. Holy Cross College M.A. Economics ESTELLE COOPER 3 Sutton St., Mattapan Boston University BLA. Organic Chemistry JASON M. CORTELL 538 Ivestford St., Lowell Boston University M.A. Biology KIPEII EDWARD P. COYNE 14 Wallace Rd., lilarblehead Northeastern University ILA. Psychology ARTHUR T. CUMMINGS 15 Seymour St., Winthrop St. Anselm's College BLA. Education FAITH R. CUMMINGS 455 W. Center St., W. Bridgewater Bridgewater State Teachers College lyI.A. History DAVID S. DALEY 1520 Heath St., Augusta, Ga. The Citadel BLA. Government ELIZABETH S. DALLAS 82 Brookfield Circle, Framingham Boston University: Boston Conservatory of Music Ph.D. Musicology JOHN A. DAVIS, JR. Quarters 61, VVest Point, N. Y. Wlestminster Choir College ALA. Church fllusic CHARLES P. DEMAKES 20 Evergreen St., Jamaica Plain Harvard University DLA. Geology GERALD G. DENNISTON 76 Perrin St., Roxbury Boston University BLA. Sociology MARGARET B. DiCANIO 7 Franklin St., Holliston Northeastern University M.A. Clinical Psychology IIATINA Z. DJIIIAS 177 Manning Blvd., Albany, N. Y. Boston University SFAA B.M. M.A. History DONALD G. DOCKUM Staff Cinclant Flt., Norfolk, Va. U. S. Naval Academy BLA. Government CARLTON N. DODGE 26 Tolman St., Needham Boston University CGE M.A. Chemistry Glee Club V.P. 5 GRADUATE SCHOOL LOUIS L. DOYLE 17 Burwell Rd., VVest Roxbury Boston University lNI.A. History 'IPAQ AURIE D. DUNLAP 19 Inman St., Cambridge Lehigh University NLS. Communication Arts 1IlBKg IIAEg KDHE WILLIAM G. DYER 12 Dresden St., Boston Boston University ALA. Biology JAMES W. EDWARDS 5602 Goodwin Ave., Dallas, Texas Jefferson University LL.B. M.A. Government-International Af- fairs JOAN C. ELLIOTT 13 Vincent St., Cambridge Howard University Ph.D. German WILLIAM G. ELLIOTT 10 Wildwood St., Lexington University of Michigan Ph.D. Physics 2 E ROBERT S. FISHMAN 78 Hawthorn St., Chelsea Northeastern Universityg University of Vermont Ph.D. Mathematics ZX THOMAS FRANCIS FLYNN 49 Woodrow, Dorchester Boston University ILA. Geology RUTH E. FREEBIAN 1422 8th Ave., Altoona, Pa. Boston University lNI.S. Medical Social Work DONALD H. FREEMAN 355 School St., Athol Northeastern A.B. Ph.D. Theological Studies DAVID R. GARDINER 38 Fairview Ave., So. Braintree Colgate University M.A. English Lietralure RALPH U. GEDRGE 1050 hv. 17 SU., Salt Lake City, Utah M.A. Aerial Photography BURTON GOLDBERG 59 Manchester Rd., Brookline Tufts University M.A. Government AEII JOHN T. GOLMORE, JR. 19 Pine Knoll Rd., Lexington Boston College M.A. Mathematics ALBERT H. GOMES De MESQUITA Emmastraat 10, Amsterdam, Holland University of Amsterdam Ph.D. Chemistry RAYMOND GOTOFF 78 VV. 180 St., New York, N. Y. City College of New York M.A. Psychology GRADUATE SCHOOL AMBROSIO S. GRANDEA The Methodist Parsonage, No. Charleston, N. H. Western Medical College: Boston University M.A. Philosophy AKA: IIAA ALMA L. GREGG P. 0. Box 165, Washingtonville, N. Y. New York Universityg Boston University M.A. Music Composition KWOK GREGORY 173 Sai Yee St., Kowloon, Hong Kong International Christian Uni- versity M.A. Chemistry M. FRENCH GRENNE Mobile, Ala. Huntingdon College M.A. History AWD: XACD UYTAUTAS GRUBLIAUSKAS 19 Ames, Brockton Institute of Technology, Char- lottenburgg Northeastern Uni- versity Ph.D. Chemistry GEORGE V. GUINNESS, JR. 10 Knowles St., Saylesville, R. I. Brown University M.A. Psychology 1I1A9 MIRIAM H. GUTWILL 49 Roseland St., Cambridge Hunter Collegeg City College of New York M.A. Biology JOYCE H. HAGGARD 513 Center St., Ironton, O. Union College M.A. American History FREDERICK C. HAMMOND 15 Bertram St., Beverly Colby College M.A. History GEORGE M. HASELTON 11 Cheever Cir., Andover Colby College M.A. Geology MILTON G. HEHR 1221 N. Deleware St., Indianapolis, Ind. Butler University Ph.D. Musicology CIJMA MAPEMED RAZA R. HEJAZI Tehran, Iran Tehran University M.A. Geology RUTH M. HESSION 644 Broadway, Lowell Emmanuel College M.A. Mathematics JOHN G. HEWEY Eustis St., Cambridge University of New Hampshire M.A. History SOOKJA HONG 101 Mountford St., Boston Tonggook Universityg Euha Women's University M.A. International Relations JOHN HOWIE 4035 Redwing Ave., Jackson, Miss. Vanderbilt University: Can- dler School of Theology! Em- ory University Ph.D. Systematic Theology JOHNSON DONALD HUGHES 310 9 St., Santa Monica, Calif. University of California in Los Angelesg Boston University Ph.D. Theological Studies lIDBK5 AFP SISTER AGNES IMELDA 50 W. Broadway, So. Boston Emmanuel Universityg Boston University M.A. History of Art CHESTER A. INSTRO 392 Ocean View, Berkeley, Calif. University of California M.A. Psychology GIPBK EUGENE J. ISOTTI 12 Noyce Rd., Alliston Boston College Ph.D. Psychology ROBERT M. JENNINGS 25 Larchmont St., Dorchester Boston College M.A. History ARNOLD M. JOHNSTAD 8 Nordahl Bunsgate, Oslo, Norway University of Oslog Conservatory of Oslo Ph.D. Musicology STEPHEN B. JOHNSTON 49 Cypress St., Brookline M.A. History LEO D. JUFFER Ireton, Ia. Morningside College M.Mus. KIJMAQ IIKL REV. DEMETRIOS S. KANADAS 962 Union St., Manchester, N . H. Holy Cross Universityg Greek Orthodox Theological School Ph.D. Religious Education LEONORA KATZ 5440 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. Bard College M.A. Psychology JOHN A. KEITH 5 Barrett Rd., Peabody Boston University M.A. Geology KATHARINE V. KELLOGG 117 Park Dr., Boston Boston University M.A. Psychology 4IJBKg 'FX Philosophy Club PHILIP W. KENDALL 17 Yarmouth St., Boston DePauw University M.A. History WALTER R. KOEHLER 15 Carol Ave., Brighton University of Chicago: Boston University Ph.D. Chemistry ZX HESUNG C. KOH 11 Buena Vista Park, Cambridge Ewha Women's Universityg Dickinson Collegeg Boston University Ph.D. Sociology American Sociological Society ARNO W. KOLZ 66 Marli Strasse, Luebeck, Germany Gordon College M.A. History YITAX VICTOR H. LISTER 2 Grandview Ave., Leominster Boston University M.A. History PATRICIA M. LYNCH 34 Albany St., Wollaston Northeastern University M.A. Microbiology HECTOR M. MacLEAN 21 Knowles Rd., Watertown Boston University M.A. History Grad. History Club MARY MALLON Porter's Bluff Lane, Clarksville, Tenn. Wheaton College M.A. English Literature BAROOSHIAN MARTIN 74 Allen St., Boston Tufts University M.A. Fine Arts Fine Arts Club JOHN D. MASON P. 0. Box 60, Navy 7t100, F.P.O., N. Y. United States Naval Academy M.A. Government JOHN J. MILLER 18 Willow Rd., Wellesley Grinnell College: Reed College M.A. Microbiology Medical Sciences STEVEN A. MINTZER 65 Thornton Rd., Chestnut Hill Brown University M.A. Biology GERALD A. MOORE 7 Whitman St., Lawrence Boston College A.M. History GRANVILLE A. MOORE Naval War College, Newport, R. I. United States Naval Academy M.A. International Relations RUTH S. MUNRO 28 Brook Rd., Weston Mount Holyoke College M.A. Psychology MARY-ELIZABETH MURDOCK 3 Moreland Rd., Quincy Tufts University M.A. History MARGARETE A. MUTTER 90 Fayerweather St., Cambridge Boston University M.A. German Literature A1I2A Pres. German Club JOAN S. MYERS 16 Westwood Rd., Somerville Tufts University lNI.A. English lI2BK MAURICE J. NELLIGAN 925 Nadeau Dr., Wrentham Boston University Ph.D. Clinical Psychology SAINT-JEAN NICOLE 591 Morton St., Boston University of Montreal Ph.D. Clinical Psychology JOSEPH M. NIEHAUS 4 Buick St., Watertown Case Institute of Technology lVI.A. Aerial Photography GEORGE P. NYE 180 Beech St., Roslindale University of New Hampshire Boston University Ph.D. English YIJKYIPS 'JIJAIIJ BRUCE L. O'BRIEN 336 Essex St., Salem University of Massachusetts M.A. Economics JOEL OWEN S8 Lawrence Ave., Roxbury Yeshiva College Ph.D. Mathematics JACK F. PADGETT 53 Warwick Rd., Haddonfield, N. J. Juniata Collegeg Boston University Ph.D. Philosophy RALPH P. PALLIN 73 Fremont Ave., Chelsea Colby College, Tufts University M.A. Psychology DAVID W. PALMER Box 199, Lewiston Rd., Batavia, N. Y. Hamilton Collegeg Boston University M.A. Biology CHARLES A. PAPACOSTAS 61Q2 Bingham St., Philadelphia, Pa. Massachusetts College nf Pharmacy Ph.D. Medical Psychology YIPAXL PX! 2 El GEORGE N. PATTERSON 22 Stockwell St., Roxbury University of New Hampshire! Boston University Ph.D. Biology MARGARET J. PEASE 71 Battle Rd., Princeton, N. J. Wellesley College M.A. Music CAROL L. PIERSOL 50 Peterborough St., Boston Boston University M.A. Sociology GEORGE S. PROLL 134 Mitchell St., West Orange, N. J. Yale College M.A. Psychology BERNARD W. QUINN 22100 Francis Ave.. Dearborn, llich. St. Louis University M.A. Air Photography EDWARD W. RICHARDSON 33 Irving St., Montclair, N. J. Talladega College Ph.D. Sociology ASDA WILLIAM H. ROBINSON, JR. 1 Wabon St., Roxbury New York University M.A. English THOMAS R. ROMEO 284 Grove St., Belmont Boston College M.A. Biology GERALD E. ROSELLE 1004 John Alden Lane, Schenectady, N. Y. Syracuse University Ph.D. English WILFRED SAINT, JR. 21 Warren St., Everett Kentucky VVesleyanZ Boston University M.A. . Sociology JOHN R. SCARBOROUGH 56 Cohasset St., Worcester Clark University M.A. Philosophy JAMES R. SCHMITT 6 Oval Rd., Wollaston Hunter Collegeg Fordham University Ph.D. Industrial Psychology BERNARD G. SCHWARTZ 67a Chestnut St., Boston Boston University M.A. Jlusic RICHARD J. SEARS 819 Dedham St., Newton Center Northwestern University M.A. History JELKA SI-IEEHAN 9227 Park Dr., Boston University of Ljubljana M.A. English Literature SAUL SHERTER 54- Mattapan St., llattapnn Northeastern University M.A. History DONALD A. SHURTLEFF 712 Commonwealth Ave., Boston Boston University Ph.D. Experimental Psychology DONALD SMITH 588 Brush Hill Rd., Milton New England Conservatory of Music Ph.D. Musicology HENRY C. SPICER, JR. Naval War College, Newport, R. I. United States Naval Academy United States ivar College M.A. Government CAROLE H. STAVENHOGEN 135 Blossom St., Lexington Bennington College: Boston University M.A. English Literature E. THEODORE STEINKE Box 398 Selah, W' State College of Washington M.S. Communications JEAN A. STEWART 467 Commonwealth Ave., Boston University of Alberta M.A. Psychology JOANN P. STEWART 40 Church St., Winchester St. Lawrence University M.A. Economics ARTHUR J. STUART Littleton Common, Littleton U. S. Naval Academyg NATO Defense Collegeg U. S. Naval War College M.A. Political Science Naval War College Group DAVID L. SUDHALTER 59 Vvoodhaven St., Mattapan University of Massachusetts: Johns Hopkins University lNI.A. Government TEIIP CARITA H. SWYANSON '72 Peterborough St., Boston University of Miami M.A. English AAA SUZANNE L. SWEET 94 hIelrose Ave., Albany, N. Y. Syracuse Universityg Boston University KLA. .llathematics VICTORIA H. TAIT V. H. Hospital, Brockton Carthage College BLA. English HAS HENRIETTA A. TAYLOR 51 Carey St., Monrovia, Liberia MacMurray College M.A. Sociology PETER H. TEN EYCK 95 Coolidge St., Brookline Princeton University Ph.D. Social Psychology and Parson- ality MORLEY TOLLES 130 Marlboro St., Boston Harvard College: Boston University M.A. History ASAKURA TOSHIMITSU 102 Shinohara-cho, Kohoku-ku, Yokahama-shi, Japan International Christian Uni- versity M.A. Optics and Communication Theory THOMAS E. TRAINOR, JR. 124 Brookfield Rd., Winthrop Dartmouth College M.A. History AKE GRADUATE SCHOOL MICHIKO TSUCHIYA 11 E. Newton St., Boston Tokyo College of Pharmacy: Purdue University Ph.D. Pharmacology CARLIN E. TUREK 14 Rhinecliff St., Arlington Boston University M.A. Psychology RICHARD F. USHER 39 Appleton St., Arlington Heights Hotstra College M.A. Psychology PATRICK W. VISGILIO 14 Spruce St., VVesterly, R. I. Emerson College M.A. History IWIARTIN WEITZNER 2048 68th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Washington Square College: New York University lVI.A. Psychology DAVID R. WEKSTEIN 364 Blue Hill Pkwy., Milton Boston University M.A. Biology GPA EUGENE B. WILLIAMS Route 5. Winston-Salem, N. C. University of North Carolina M.A. Education QBKQ BFE3 QF A GEORGE WRIGHT 74 W. Cedar St., Boston Williams College! Boston University BLA. Ilistory HOWARD E. WRIGHT 1335 Avenue B, Fort Madison, Ia. Coe College M.A. Aerial Photography YIDBKQ QKO Y- William F. Perry, A.B., A.M., Administrative Assist- ant to Acting Dean Graham, Dean of The College of Liberal Arts. CCDLLEGE OF GEIN w,,,,,,,,,.,,,, ta., ,.,. V, ,,,., Y .,,X.,,,. ,,,, A I. . , WM .MMM ..,... HM , ff- , - ,,,, N, .V .,gM4.ap.:wQ1:M:.w Q .wt.,,:.m-Aww.-Sm - V.--M ...... ma.. - -azzw ,fa , l, 5','z W' K.....,,.,M A -.Q -" wi- ERAL EDU CAT! O N MMWQ -I iq. .. Q, V rrf 'ef' -- ' -' esvssesvsfzs . 2' . 1 E 'f ' .- . - ,. 5 :,-in ,--f .. ,.1f, Q5m.Q,.l . T ,L,,, . 1 ' ffm gi ' H -9, ,Q E P 187 Judson R. Butler, A.B., A.lVl., Ph.D., Dean. JUNIOR ,-f , ' - no-M -.dy r-Q 7 "Ji 'fav COLLEG E 4 'lain N V 'Am ,. f lf ., ,Af ,s. N. . 'wiliifi 'fffiglzfxl M :grim xgwgssugg 'Q ff'H",f 1:'x:,f' gm W ,Nfl ww-fx: -4- may A "J fbf fm: r .-,cfm-, , FN, .X :A , Q P A Y J ,VH in Q Gig " 1, Q -f .gf 3 ff ff? .V5,Q1E. ,Q ' "Gigi: -2 I Mg' 4 17 4' ii. iilwyxfrw ,, ,YM 4 f w '.f..ff my ,, ' if-v -qi '-pix., . H wjglagggfi. Mg Jag, wx - - .Ju ga, x M ., A lf. Aly .1 5' V vr,-,yZ2LEV.,,f. A 'f:iio.agw,g'f2? . , 41: 2, M5 gh XV -ws .,.,g-W, N vw fy, 'A'7'A' 7 H 12wf"f A gl. A,- w +3 N4 Ni' R ,W A inf MM ,vf 2 " 's 11' 'X ' V 'Q sn ,f in A , 2. JAM" MF + MJ, , mf' Af' rim. ,f'1h"1, ' ' sW','f1',1.3 A ,Q 11. 55:1 ,liiiifkii s'f!l"71i-'iw ' T515 if'3'W ' -.552 A F' . " 1' , . .fgzfffzprw - f .gm .Ll A W ,SW g 3 my gh ggd vgj-N1 .5-,Q QM rx W. 'wfv'3R3W'2 .NW v K Q, . - , f,I,:.'jw5n-,,5 ht. 5 S5313 4 :ff f,:Ygf1z - -A 1 - . , ww-.,5-,.fs 39, -if 4 Q Y - 'ww an a H, ,Q X X . 5Qiifvf,5Z'Q15?'ff3 :- ,K 'wey,af:'A'21f 1 Y :HWffMivZ'1f.' W3 muy, ,W M,.M5Q,, f- QQ, :qa.1,,Qg,? 21- 1-xwfi qw:-r5,'1'y 1 Tiff' fi 1 f' 5f'QT:ifx'3 fb? wif, Z4 I oRGANlzATloNs I WHO'S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN Fifty-six University students are listed in the 23d annual publication of W ho's Who .vlmong Stu dents in American Universities and Colleges. They are nominated by a committee of the University administration. Selections are based on scholarship, campus activity, leadership, and general service to the school by any junior, senior, or graduate student. R. Andrews A. Beavers M. Copenhaver D. Howe N. Koppel it ' ' QQ A -6. 9 Q' 1' 4 ., ff m Q ,.... . . S . I .92 G. Andrian V.. fl B. Bickerstaffe R. Dallos ifiii a ' - ' -. .'.. 2 l rv g F if i B. Huntress E. Krasnow ii .. L J. Archer J. Arey G. Baker R. Blanchard P. Camp V, Cavallarg R. Finger R. Fitzgerald S. Gaudin G -:iZi:5a5tf:: ' ::g1" 3g . " will . 5 c if f .af S J , z B. Israel C. Johnson P, Kilroy J- LCViI1C R. Lipson A. Long 192 Yi. Bardwell J. Cedargren R. Granato R. Kleinberg D. MacLeod AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES ff., ' AEE EE J 'Y A 'EEE - , . A 1 ' ie -gs V E ' 'F' ?7?sETl?T.1' . . V ..,,.. A, . 1 .JMX A. Nfnrcucci K. Bfartin J. Blaskwa Mergatroid A. Bierrill H. Mitchell or . ..,,, ,, . ky.. jf., .k., J... .. . -gi, . ' EA.E E:'E' . 5, 1: V ' . A X H ,K 5 ' "" if J. Nlobius L. Nixon T, O'Donovan J. Palmer R. Pike V. Pitzi M. Schooner S. Shapiro E. Siff S. Weinberg S. VVCiurcb Not pictured : D. Brennen J. Pucker T. D. Raftery G. Smith 193 Dianne Paille D01-is Paille R. Reimann D. St. Pierre H. Strzelewicz E. Voislow STUDENT ACTIVITIES The Office of Student Activities, directed by Professor Philip E. Bunker, provides a regular banking service for more than 200 organizations, handling their cash, ac- counting records and budgets. Recently, this oflice, cre- ated in 1935 as the Ufhce of Student Activities, became known as the Business Office for Student Activities and Professor Bunker became the Business Manager for Student Activities. General Counseling relative to the various problems of the individual student is offered by John F. BIcKen- zie, University Dean of lfen, and his staff. This office has supervision over men's residences, off-campus hous- Qffice of the Dean of Bien: Verne C. Edmunds, Assist. to the Deang Evelyn Dareyg Bruce Tallman, Assist. to the Dean: IIa Fisherg Carolyn Donickg Barbara Draperg Edward C. Bryant, Assist. to the Deang Beverly Klegman. John F. BIcKenzie, Dean of Men Elsbeth Bfelville, Dean of Women Professor Phillip E. Bunker, Diret tor of Student Activities. Business Qffice for Student Activi- - ties: Seated: Bfrs. Jasmine An- drews. Standing: Robert Boobar' s Paula BI. Frickeg VVurren E. Burtg Donald TenEyckg Charles Rich- ardsg Robert Boltong Richard Nor- tong Mfr. Carl Harvey. Office of the Dean of Women: Doris M. Thompson: ltfrs. Nancy Blillerg ltfrs. lifarion YV. Parsons, Assist. to the Deang llrs. Patricia A. Cordesg Carolyn Hawes, Assist. to the Dean. ing, the University Activities Calendar, and Fraternity affairs. The foreign students program is also adminis- tered through this office. Elsbeth Blelville, University Dean of VVomen, to- gether With her staff, is responsible for seeing that the out-of-classroom needs of women students are met as they relate to their general Welfare and development. This Office supervises and coordinates the women,s resi- dence hall program, has the responsibility for the Uni- versity program of student orientation, and serves in an advisory capacity to those handling University social activities. HONORARIES The Initiates Scarlet Key, the all-University honorary society for students outstanding in scho- lastic and extra-curricular activities, was founded at Boston University in 1938. It is dedicated to the promotion and coordination of all-University consciousness through student activities. Thirty-seven initiates were tapped into Scarlet Key at the fall tapping ceremony held in the Daniel L. lylarsh Chapel. This year's honorary initiate was Mrs. Paul Andrews, secretary at the Office of Student Activities. Fol- lowing the tapping ceremony and reception, the annual Scarlet Key Ball was held at the Boston Club. The installation banquet, at which the new initiates received their keys and shingles, was held at the Faculty Club. Dr. Daniel L. Marsh, Chancellor of Boston University, was the main speaker, and spoke on "The Inner Meanings of Scarlet Key." The highlight of the year was the annual Scarlet Key Stunt Night held in Hayden Hall before an overflow crowd. "Key" members also ushered at Parents Day, and the lVinter and Fall Convocations. Third Row: D. Brenneng R. Bardwellg D. Pailleg J. Pageg J. Levine, J. Brennen. Second Row: B. Israel, J. Mobius Treaa urerg P. Killroy, Secretary, A. Beavers, Praeceptorg E. Krasnow, President, R. Reimann, Vice-President J. Palmer Secre Iaryg B. Bickerstaffe. Front Row: Dean Emeritus Carlsong Dean J. lNIcKenzieg lNIr. E. Floydg Professor P. Bunker Chan eellor D. llarshg Dean H. llelvilleg Dean A. Pereyg Professor E. Kitehing Miss I. Johnston. 196 SCARLET KEY All-University PHI BETA KAPPA College of Liberal Arts The Key Second Row: Professors A. Bertoccig VV. Vaughang ll. Wiinslowg B. Read, H. Perkins, Professor E. llodeg I. VVl1ite. Front Row: C. Bushman, M. Marshallg Professor Leisher, Secreiaryg Dean IC. hlelville, Presidcntg Dr. R. Fry, Treasurer: J. Melvin. A bsent: J. Hadrlie: E. Krasnowg J. Levineg S. Shapiro. The new initiates Phi Beta Kappa is a national fraternity for the encour- agement of scholarship and the union of those engaged in scholarly pursuits. It was founded on December 5, 1776, at 1Yillia1ns- burg, Virginiag the Epsilon Chapter of 'Massachusetts was chartered at the Pniversity in 1899. Membership in this oldest "Greek letterw society in the United States, with chapters now in 160 colleges and univer- sities, is a mark of distinction for excellence in liberal arts studies. Each year a group of members of the graduating class is elected to membership in recognition of outstanding attainments in scholarly pursuits, and of manifestations of high character and deep interest in the life of the College. In honor of its 50th Anniversary, a scholarship was inaugurated in 1949, to be given annually to an out- standing mernber of the junior class. The Key Beta Gamma Sigma is the National Honorary Scholastic Society recognized by the American Association of Col- legiate Schools of Business in the United States. Alpha Chapter of Massachusetts at Boston University re- ceived its charter in 1925 and was the first chapter in New England. Beta Gamma Sigma encourages and recognizes out- standing seholarship and accomplishment among stu- dents of business administration. It is the desire of the Society to promote the advancement of education in business fields and to foster principles of honesty and integrity in business practices. Each year certain high ranking seniors and a limited number of juniors with outstanding academic records are invited to membership. On occasions, persons dis- tinguished for unusual achievements in the business world are admitted to honorary membership. The Chap- ter has an active and alumni membership of more than 700. R-gpm 652111111121 Sigma 'TS ffnxv-:vb Q.:1'5mxlwv Holm :Hu fallen-nn 831-uae! Gutter Diqrczl 31.16116 uelx :Pa-.1 9. 2k1m.,1.1 Efnrrg 2. funam amicus Skiclnxrg, lalm S- Ealvlnua Cl lbw! S.5lmfm.n1 tlulrem :Pa rerun :Hxiliy :Hinton tllrlwnie sr.-a.,m1w..1s11z Jehu 93.f2z11l,.m lil-Ili..-1: Zvcamim- Qlzulergraluaka Sluhnh of i131-sem 'lluix-4.-sirg, i A Si-.21-sklulil. Sera ' ulwwwif V 'TfT:cull'5 Qllexulwro of Sfloshm Ylniwr-sihg, v 0 6brvvt111 5: Qian: fpclilioxx has lucxx gnxnlfd ani' syn an laarelvg auiliorigoil lo organise -gmnclvu halo a chapter cf Bild 5amma5i5,n1a'.B'nlcrnig lv lu lumen-1: as the kllplm vf'5Iiussaclmsdb:- elxaylcr of fgclaflamma Sigma. SAA flmyler sl-.all ln- iuvnlul with all the powers ami fx-ivileges of .x clmyler amber the fanslilulivn of Ili: fralrfnilg. ill shall els-:I ils own vfficcrs, nlerl muulvers, am? transact all ollxfr lvusixxn-5 ayynlaiuiu-3, to the Clzaylrr. '?ro:vib:6 alnuags klml it slaall remain: sulviecf lo Il-ae 5:4118 Clmplcr 11115 conform tc tlzc reqiiircnirnls of the Cmslilulion. E11 EVPSHIIIUTIQ alllllffflf, me haw lwrmnlo nl our lmmlf .mb affirm! the :cal of the 371-.xIeruil5 llxis elmmvh 61:5 of 3.1m dfil urs. 1 . Q 1 Q2 The Charter 1 Professor V. Burhans, Jr. Second Row: C. Loekewoodg YV. Burtg E. Schlarg T. Eylesg H. Rothmang D. Crawfordg llilrs. N. Reid H Dulgariln Seated: Assoc. Professor R. Towleg Professor H. Thackerg Professor P. Bunkerg Professor J. Kelleyg Dum VN Sutcllfle BETA GAMMA SIGMA College of Business Administration ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA School of Medicine Viewing X-ray results. Discussing cases on the ward. Planning activities with Dr. Kane, Faculty Advisor. 199 Electing new members from the Third Year class. Alpha Omega Alpha, the national medical honor society of this continent, was founded at the College of lwedi- cine of the University of Illinois in 1902. Since then chapters have been established in all the leading medical schools, the Boston University Chapter, Gamma of Blassachusetts, being formed in 1948. Since then about one-sixth of each senior class has been elected from those with high scholastic standing, good character and prom- ise for the future. Provision is also made for electing alumni Who have distinguished themselves after gradu- ation. e The Society strives to promote scholarship and re- search in medical schools, to encourage high standards of character and conduct and to give recognition to out- standing achievement in medical fields. To further these aims two meetings are held each year at which a dis- tinguished doctor or medical researcher gives ,a lecture to the Society and any other interested persons. This is followed by a banquet, an informal discussion and initi- ation of new members. The spirit of Alpha Omega Alpha is set forth in its motto, "YVorthy to serve the sufferingf' and in a mod- ern interpretation of the Hippocratic Oath. A glimpse into the new hledia is the highest honorary activities society at the School of Public Relations and Communications. Newly organized last year, llledia gives rightful recognition to those outstanding juniors, seniors, and graduate stu- dents who willingly devote their time and service to carry out and to further the ideals of a professional school. Boston lfniversity has indeed greatly assisted the School of Public Relations and Communications in its constant work of making the School one of the finest professional schools of its kind in the country. Now that the students have the use of the new building facility and its new equipment on the Charles River Campus, the study of public relations and communications, through radio and television, may become rewarding for all. This has indeed been shown through the growing enthusiasm of the student for that larger program of achievement that SPRC strives for. It is this enthusiasm that SPHC honors in Nledia. E' if YQ. x-X A Looking over the new facilities. Second Row: B. Lipsong M. Sarnnovitzg G. Smitlig J. Firstenlmergg T. Rafteryg R. Dallosg G. Kredenser Front Rau I Campg A. Higgins, Secretaryg Dean BI. Brodslmug, Adm'sor,' M. Cohn, Prcs1'clent,'A. Jacobsen Vzce I resident R Klein berg, Treasurer. Absent: J. llannang VV. Priestlyg F. Rowen, auditorium. 4 V ,, , 'W' - Y M f W., .,-,. i'---..- I-s i l e ' .1-"i .... st e -' if ms" "" g l' ' M A School of Public Relations and Communications "ms if--N y wg P ,. 1 1 Q :: 3' Q-i fa rg .- 200 HONOR AUXILIARY Sargent College 3' . . -3 is wi? K sq' ' At f t Q ., . U s, ' .5 . f . X, w. 5 Blove-Up Day "xi s ew V 3 Sceonrl lime: Dorris Pailleg Dianne Pailleg J. llansen: Dean G. Nlakcelinieg H. llordg P. Kilroy1J. Phelps. Front Row: Pro- fessor ti. Schuylerg Professor E. Kitehin, ,lrlrisorg ll. Strzelewiez, Secretary: B. lsrael, Pl'l'SIi!18Vlf,' Ur. E. Gardnerg Pro- fessor G. Brawley, Adrisor. Absent: D. Raabg S. Seidcnberg, Viffc-Presirltmf. The members before meeting To recognize and honor those students who show con- sistently superior integration of the following qualities --appearance, attitude, concern for others, initiative, judgment and adaptability, loyalty, service, sincerity, and social-emotional maturity-and to create within each member a stronger desire to strive for and attain even higher goals for herself and the student body- such is tl1e purpose of Honor Auxiliary, the under- graduate honor society at Sargent College. Anyone in the three upper classes who has a 2.7 cumulative average and who possesses the above qual- ities is eligible for consideration. The new members are inducted on llove-l'p Day, an all-college ceremony held in ltlay. tVhile at school, the members serve as hostesses, ushers-that is, they perform services for the school in whatever way possible. It is believed that the girl so recognized will always be a credit to herself, to her community, and to her school. THAEA College of Business Administration Third Row: C. Dardeuog P. YYestg N. Jolmsong K. llarting F. Accortog C. Johusoug C. Stockbrirlgcg R. Daniclsg R. Lcsoffg J. Slzxusong M. lN1cCorm:u'k. Second Row: J. Sc-arc-ellag P. Smithg L. Foxg C. Curgnellg J. Hasseyg B. x7I'fld6I1lJLlI'gll1 J. Meolig R. VVeinl1crgg Cutuldo. Front Row: I. Nuncs, Secrr'tary,' A. Gomes, Prasidcnlg D. Carlson, A1lvisor,' J. lV:1lsl1, Vicc'-President C. Xcddcrg BI. Jay. zllwerzt: V. Buckg RI. Conuntg M. Copcuhaverg P. Fazzarig L. Gavianig N. lIcRucg N. Tnylorg S. Turgiss. LOCK College of Business Administration Third lfnw: D. Dillg J. Gelbg YV. Blackeyg C. Laddg W. Blorang li. Nelson: R. Townsendg P. Seligg YV. Jensen. Second Row BI. Singerg D. DiPictrantoniog H. Chorbajiang H. Galling J. DiBonag P. Aarong S. Grossmaug BI. Zuckermang H. Staviskyg C. Richards. Front Row: J. Pcrlmutterg J. Gordong S. Niss, Secretary- Treasurerg Professor YV. Danforth, Advisorg S. Fenchel, Presz'deni,' 5. Baskin, Vice-President: J. Colicng V. YVeinstcing I. Hamin. Absent: A. Churbuckg BI. Covitzg R Kelleyg G. Lutzg J. Moynihang N. Ross. 202 PI LAMBDA THETA Alpha Gamma Chapter National Honorary and Professional Society for Women in Education President lXIary Callahan Pine Vice-President Edythe Clarke Secretary Clara McKenna Members-at-Large Dr. Blargaret Allen hlildred Berwick Cashman Helen lX1acGregor Pi Lambda Theta and Phi Delta Kappa are the national honorary and professional societies for men and women in education, respec- tively. These education-motivated groups, dedicated to those ideals of research, service, and leadership among those educators in our schools today, give just reward and additional learning to those stu- dents, graduate students, and educators who have shown leadership and vision in their fields. That the lfniversityis School of Education is chapter residence for these two national groups speaks again for the outstanding achievements being performed within and Without this school. These ideals are carried through to the campus, as several discussion groups and programs are planned throughout the year. PHI DELTA KAPPA Alpha Lambda Chapter National Honorary and Professional Fraternity for Men in Education President Peter C. BIcConarty First Vice-President John B. Smith Second Vice-President Gilbert YV. Berry Secretary Harvey B. Scribner 3 Ae Treasurer Dr. J. Richard Chambers Third Ifrnr: B. Kleing IC. Aronsteing I". Acc-ortog V. :l0llIlSOIlQ B. Cllerkasg R. Sc-llrilnnan. Second Row: V. Cnrusog R. Vanellig li. llnvisg M. Ibonzxhueg E. Vluizookg P. Nleleg M. Joyce. Front Row: B. Paine, Ilisloriang J. Meoli, Trffrmurerg C. Darcleno, Presidentg I. Nnnes, l'yZ.l'!'-liI'l'3ff1lq"IZf,' B. Vrzulenlxurgh, lff'r'ordz'ng S01'rctary,' P. Yvest, Corresponding Secretary. rlbsenl: Professor M. Connelly, ,'1!fZ'I..WJI'j B. Biokerstallfeg J. Brown: V. Buck. DELTA College of Liberal Arts PI OMEGA F All-Universify Third Roux' IC. Rudmang IC. Krasnowg R. Andrewsg J. Silverman. Second Row: G. Andriang J. Levineg P. Mfauleg N. Rosen- thalg J. Stella. Front Row: Professor P. Bcrtocci, Admlvorg Professor T. Van Slyke, Advisorg R. Rosenthal, V'f66-PT8.9fd67lf,' R. Boltax, Prffsidentj R. Gordon, Treasurer: J. llaskwu, Secretaryg Professor RI. Evans, Advisor. Absent: P. Kingg J. Parker. 204 STUDENT GOVERNMENT ,, ..,,-- ,- ..- L, EE.-g,h54,g.ME,E...q 1, -...h,..,,.,L. -hp, I 0 ll li Dr. Harold C. Case, Chairman of the Assembly, and his charming wife. CCKFFQ Student Development Coffee Token Campaign In April, 19419, at a joint meeting of the Varsity Committee on Inter- dcpartmental Student Activities and the All-University Student Council, Dr. hlarsh, then President of the lvniversity, presented the proposal of his joint committee which had been appointed to study student government at the Uni- versity. This joint committee recommended that the two bodies be merged to form the Student-Faculty Assembly. A unanimous vote to accept this new form of student government was recorded. Since that time, the Student-Faculty Assembly, as the highest student gov- erning board in the lvniversity, has grown to be the most important influence on student affairs. The membership, Which consists of administrative person- nel, faculty members, students from all the schools and colleges, and students University-at-Home "Adventures in Conversationv Blore visitors, more conversation . . . the afternoon draws to a close. from the eleven major student organizations, establishes, in cooperation with the ofhces of the Dean of llen, Dean of Wvomen, and Student Activities, pro- cedures for organizations, including fraternities and sororities. It also sponsors many committees which touch on numerous phases of University life, such as: University-at-Home, lially, Blood Drive, and inany others that deal with subjects of interest to the student body. The Executive Coinmittee, made up of administrative personnel, faculty, and students, was established so that the Assembly's Work could be constantly carried on, and it serves as the administrative body of the Assembly. The Student Faculty Assembly, by the Very nature and character of its membership, embodies the ideal of a University family. STUDENT- c FACULTY ASSEMBLY All-University s " M, 'F' 99 t is fi' ' ' , as TIIE EXl'X'l'TlYI'I CUMMI'1"l'l'Il'I com! How: Mr. li. Floyd, G. Nislilkziwa. Front wr: R. Kelley, 7'rc'cm4rcrg R. Bell, Corresponding rretaryg P. Bottzii, 1fl'K'0TI1ZiI1!j Secrrfaryg Professor Bunker: Dean J. BIeKenzie1 Dean li. Melville, Pike, Vice-Cl1airman,' B112 li. Bryant, ll. Finger. ,Ak T ,L L X :ff Spring Planning Conference, Peterborough, New Hampshire SENIOR ACTIVITIES CONFERENCE All-University Second Row: D. Normaug A. Kaplaug G. Nurwoodg C. Allcug P. :xIHI1I1iIlg1 E. Centerg P. Millsts-ing BI. Sill'0110VItZQ A. Souza. Front Row: E. Goldg R. Lipsong R. Klcinbergg A. Mvrrill, C'orrespon4li'ng Secreta'ry,' Ii. BIu11cI1arcI, Prcs'z'dent,' R. WVebber, Vice-Prcsidentg D. Mathewson, Treas11rerjJ. Hannon. Absent: T. Ackerg R. Cureyg A. Cuscyg J. Costzlg A. Crispellg J. Graffg J. Rlallnog T. INTL-Guireg V. Riccardig R. Savagcg D. TiaIIeg A. VVoIbcrtg G. Zalvau, Recording Secretary. JUNIOR ACTIVITIES CCNFERENCE AII-University 'A' A. Cohen, President: P. Smith, Recording Secretaryg B. Shane, Corresponding Secretaryg E. Nelson, Treasurerg F. Accorto Prom Chairman: R. Browng J. Coheng Ii. Dycrg T. Gruberg A. Huthawayg R. Johnsong T. Kochg M. K:-mcg H. Lordg R Biattg N. Pirellog D. Ryang P. Snucarasg J. Scurccllzlg A. Shermzmg R. Sparcfg B. Stoneg J. Wasscrmang J. VVi1'1ick. 208 SOPHOMCRE ACTIVITIES CONFERENCE AII-University xrnv ' e I ,... Q . A J Q? .. x I ff xx 1 ex I N. fm! if Vfffff qv gg, X5 Rig . 'fun 'V In T ' I - Pff-Izzrml: T. Mznnty, Sm-refuryg II. Stzxvisky, Vina-l'r4'sirlcntg N. C7nr1'oII, President C. Stone, Sccrfftrzry. FRESHMAN ACTIVITIES CONFERENCE AII-University -tr' siaffm . 'CJ -J x SIWIJIIII Ifnzr: I.. IMDIIISICXQ ff Arvlul A. IPM-Iwrg A. cI0Il0Il, Sfmlmzi .-Ir1'z'f.w1rg X. Kfillcrg J. IYIIIIIIIIIIIQ A. Bzlszxscllc. Front How: J. fiiwrivl, fIUTl't'SlJHIIl11-Ilfl St't'I'l'Il1f'U,' NI. Kznplowitz, Trr'r1.v11rf'r,' A. IIIUPIJRI, I,Fl'N?.KIl'1lf,' K. Isamc-son, If1'r-urrlfrlg Sc'f'rvfz1rlj: I.. Kliizlnzm. Surial !I1Il11'V'I7ll1lI,' IJ. -IAlHIlll'T', Ivfw'-PrF.v1'fIr'r1f. .'ll1.vv111',' B. Basilvl X. Hurvifzg X, Sf'IlNV2'lI'IZQ -I. CI:11'kg A. KIingIufI': M. Sis-ing Il. Cookg IJ. Szlrtrys: BI. BZIZQ G. Cnvnllzxrug S. Blerrillg K. 'I'ot:1sg P. BQIISUIIQ L. Glynn: S. Pike. 209 . Y ,ff i finx-QWQQY--.I '. -KL. 'f vi . .11-.. . A . A , Q MOUNT VERNON STUDENT ASSOCIATICN School of Theology Second Roux' R. Frenchg J. King: R. Rowcg C. Myersg J. Fosterg TV. lVhippleg li. Blaneyg R. Haddon: J. Allen. Front lfozzz' R. McFarlandg M. Fowlerg P. Soulen, Scr- retaryg G. Nisliikawa, Presidentg G. Caldwell, VTCB-PT6.9I.!l8Vlf,' B. Foremang J. Mont- gomery, R. Vllatkins. Absent: J. Braid, Trcas11rer,A J. Freshwater. In the School of Theology, the student government is carried on by the Blount Vernon Student Association CNIVSAD. The name lllount Vernon comes from Mount Vernon Street where the former School of Theology was located. The purpose of the organization is to promote the Christian growth in the total life of the school com- munity. The activities of the Association are geared for student interest. Planning and sharing of responsibili- ties are done by the students through the Council which is elected and appointed for this purpose. Areas of worship, fellowship, service and stewardship are a part of the concerns for "community life" that sur- rounds the academic life. All students enrolled in the School of Theology are members of the Association. Faculty, and wives of stu- dents are non-voting members of the Association, but are a part of the INIYSA family at the School of The- ology. ,af , c M is , , .LA -,,,.. ...av-I 3 .ye f' AFT Plum Beach, lobsters, and orientation Martin Luther King talks with students. STUDENT COUNCll. College of Liberal Arfs Third Rmzt D. Mr-Dufnoz A. Riclltcrg S. Wincrg R. Scgulg J. Luvineg J. Silverman. Sm-mul Row: II. Tarling NI. Harrisg R KJI'l1llllllQF. Hulxing J. Lvvinvg BI. l'l0Cl6I'Ill2lIlQ N. Krasm-g,1orgR. l31':11111st0in: Rllillllilll. First How: E. Levyg NI. Goldberg Professor T. Yan Slykc, .-ldv1'.sor,' N. Rlimfllfllill, Secretaryg R. Andrews, I'resz'flf'rzf,' R. Holtax, Vice-Presirlenfg R. Gordon, TI'IYlSIlVFI',' li. ANIIHIIIQ B. lhlffostalg G. .xI1ill'li1ll. xlbsmzl: P. Kingg J. Parker. STUDENT COUNCIL College of Business Administration Cb. :ent 'funn all Third Roux' J. B11-Guircg R. Pikr-1 J. Colpittsi C. 'l0lHlSOIlQ NI. Sl'll0OIl0I'Q J. Visco: P. liosvog D. INIIIHICXVSOII. Srrorzfl linux' D. Ilillg S F0llCll0lQ B. Busileg C, Ncflclc-rg J. Sczlrc-cllzxg I.. Lzitziilf ll. Sirzlvisky. 1"I'0Ilf1iUIl'fgx. fi0IHOS, Sr'r'rzffr1r411,' R, lizircl- well, PT6fXZ.If0Ilf,' Professor XV. D:1nl'orth, Arl1'z'sor,' B. Bickcrstzlllu, Vice-I'resirIz'nl,' R. Kcllcy, Tr1'a.v1m'r, Abscnl: Prollvssor C. Paaskc, gldvisnn' J. Costa. 211 STUDENT COUNCIL EVENING DIVISION Evening Division Second Row: A. lloorvartiang J. Stittg F. Favalerog J. Andersong R. Alexander, M. Halping R. Hodgkinsg J. Manning, H. Green, IV. Levy, B. Richman. Front Iimf: P. Fcrrang J. Drukman, Treasurerg N. Carroll, Sevreiaryj K. Nielson, Pres- 'identg M. Clark, Recording Serrrtaryg S. Roscnlielrlg M. Cccvhini. Absent: Mr. F. Power, Advisory C. Aylwardg L. Busseyg R. Clarkg P. Douc-etteg I. Evans, F. Fredellag VV. Grassog J. Grifonig P. Harris, D. Lawg M. Lynclig R. Manozzig F. Mr-- Leang VV. Oakg J. Page, Vice-President,' J. Stranbcry. STUDENT COUNCIL SCHOOL OF EDUCATIOIN School of Education Third Row: J. Flynn, J. Scalia, J. Akelayg R. VVarrcng D. Sartrysg P. Pitsasg D. Lyrasg V. Riocardig P. Primavera, V. Reavisg IW. Bay, Second Row: M. Donovang R. Nlattg BI. Bella, A. lllerrillg T. Montyg B. Slxaneg L. Klickstcing IW. Baiseng S. Clark, J. Carroll, C. Cavallorog J. Wassermang N. Perrillog E. Center, A. Caseyg P. lllanningg J. llcmzofl. Front Row: G. Zalvang VV. Reagan, J. Cassidy, Treasurerg V. Cassidy, Secrefaryg R. Granato, Pre.s'z'dent,' Miss I. Johnston, Advisor: D. VVells. Vice-President: B. Nlrillllllllg. 212 STUDENT COUNCIL College of General Education sv Kf- Third Row: J. Gillcng N. Blahoncyg T. Gainesg P. Cluunbcrsg R. Fitzsimmonsg B. Blarsong B. St. Picrrcg T. Elliott. Second Row: A. Balasallcg B. Suudg D. Muskatg A. Dlooreg G. Purkg B. Holz. Front Roux' C. Vrunos, flIJN'6'Sl?0Vl!1I.IIg Sm-retary: Mr, A. Ivey, Advisorg A. Porcaro, President: R. Stackpole, Vice-Pre.v1'denl.' J. Loring, Treas11rz'r,' B. Orenstuin, Sevrefaryg J. Kravetz. Absent: M. Amato. STUDENT CCUNCIL School of Nursing 1-er Q fl .J K, 1 P Aw... Y ,I j W A Second Row: C. Mattosg S. Papamicroulig L. Koundakjiang S. Rousling C. Quinn: B. Gochis. Front lfozrr E. XvIlDLlt'lllJUI'gll, Treasurer: A. Sganga, Corresponding Secretary: V. Riess, Vice-President I. Stephcnnu, Presidenlg J. Symonds. Absenl: lNIrs. BI. Kerber, Advisorg D. Htienneg M. Florence. S. Gauding IC. Luuaug J. Kroulmcrg B. Nic-lxolsg D. Ruscinskig N. Taborg H. VVright, Recording Secretary. STUDENT COUNCIL School of Social Work Second Row: J. 1I2lCK2ly'Q J. lI2lI111I'1OIldQ F. Laumsoug B. Burnettg R. Stearns. Front Row: B. Boggsg J. Newman, Secretary- Treasurerg J. lVaruer, President. STUDENT COUNCIL School of Public Relafions ancl Communications Second Row: A. Higginsg BI. Saranovitzg G. lNIcCarthyg P. Hendelg BI. Coheng A. Jacobseng A. Butlerg L. Collinsg D Greene. Front How: P. Comp, Trcasurerg R. VVhittier, Corresponding Secretaryg Mr. E. Keil, Advisor: T. D. Raftery Presidentg P. Barron, Vice-Presidentg E. Cohen, Recording Secretaryg E. Gold. 214 STUDENT CCUNCIL Sargent College of Physical Education xi s Af : gt jffisaw .3 , . 4 .g Q. 5 11535. ,liz i 1 .va f fx 1 K 7 . fs rf "Yu . . cv fr uf fa do . jg as " 5. T A J 5 ' L , 3- .. i' V . , E , 4: X rw .6 V 7 v 2 or . A l . A if if- rs. ,- j gg 63" . J' , . ffm , I Q3 . N, ..f, 4 1-nf 5 gg, V. , -K Rf M, .A K L , 5 . 3' 3 . L iv . A , M. 5" f , . . - ,j .' ,Msn 10 VU ... .3 . E k:,, ,,,, . . 1 ' .. V ff . Third lfouu' A. B11-clvog C. Breaug B. Zwic-kerg C. Mushierg G. WYolffg L. Schnciderg B. Kowalskig P. Laurans. Second Row: Dianne P:1illcgR. Grossg A. Drchcrg M. llcxallyg II. Lordg B. Collinsg J. Hansc-ng Il. Strzelewif-z. Front Row: Professor J Turnquist, Advisorg Professor D. Briant, A4dl'1.SUT,' P. Kilroy, Treasurerg B. Israel, Recording Secretaryg Dorris Paille Presidcnt,' R. 1'wi21CC'lllll0, 12d Vice-Prcsidentg Professor V. Brawley, Advisor: Dean G. lwakechnie. Absent: DI. Buckleyg S Eatong C. Grogan: A. Hollundg BI. Marc-usg S. BTL-Aloneyg C. McC:1rthyg C. Nugentg BI. PllSlleC, D. Rabb, lst V'ice-Presi- dentf S. Seidenbergg A. Sullivang J. Youngg M. Young. STUDENT COUNCIL Junior College 41 fl 1 J. Katz, Presidcntj J. Clarke, Vive-President,' J. Wynn, Recording Secretary: Macauley, Corresponding Secretaryj lVIr. R Hayes, Adrixor. 215 x STUDENT COUNCIL College of Industrial Technology Third Row: A. Browng- C. llfetrosg J. Vlialsh. Second Row: T. Libudag F. Caponeg C. Ronmnog R. D'Ameliog S. Pike. Frnfzt Row: G. Boyle, Treasurer: Mr. J. 0'Rourke, Adeison' D. St. Pierre, I'res1'rlenI,' Dean B. Sholcyg II. Hcrlihy, V1-C'6-PTFSI-!IE7lf,' C. Adams, Secretary. Absent: N. Berncrg R. KTFCZIIIICTQ G. Goldingg C. Mar-Donaldg R. McC':1rtl1yg S. Tohorin. STUDENT COUNCIL School of Fine and Applied Arts Second Row: T. Kagilieryg J. Mooreg G. Bishopg S. Edelsteing T. Stackpoleg M. Lipoffg H. Doirang G. Darveris. Front Rauf F. Higginsg J. Uettingerg J. Heyn, Seeretaryj V. Pitzi, President rj Artg B. Christiansen, President fy' MUS?-l7,' I. Segalg J Koury. Absent: R. Fariellog R. Kenersong C. Kondek, President Qf Theatreg A. Marc-uvc-i. 216 STUDENT BAR ASSOCIATION School of Law fe N-.,. 'rs-,. A. Kafka, Presidentg C. Elias, Vice-President R. Lucas, Secretary, J. Berman, Treasurerg A. Levin, A. Palmariello, VY. VVright, Jr., Senior Delegates, VV. Gibson, J. Killini, TV. Sweeney, Junior Delegates, Dean E. Hettrick, Advisor. SCHOOL OF FINE AND APPLIED ARTS Class of 1959 Hank Doiron, ,Music Presidents Richard Kenerson, Theatre James hloore, Art Arthur Ellis, illusic Vice-Presidents Stephen Vernick, Theatre Elizabeth Holloran, Art Gerry Soule, Music Secretaries Eileen Courtney, Theatre Tobi Eisenberg, Art VVilliam Gagnon, hlusic Treasurers John Sullivan, Theatre Amber- Wlalcott Art Second Row: R. Lindallg G. Souleg TV. Gagnon. Front Roux' B. Hallo- rang S. Vernickg J. Mooreg H. Doirong A. Ellis. Second Row: I. VVallaceg P. Wolfsong V. Bloonig C. Meserveg D. Pills bury. Front Row: K. Santos, R. Spargog J. Kouryg T. Kagilieryg E Dyer. Class of 1960 Presidents Vice-Presid ents Secretaries T reasurers Joyce Koury, Music George Bishop, Theatre Ted Kagiliery, Art Robert Spargo, Music Thomas Kelly, Theatre Edward Dyer, Art Phyllis Wolfson, illusic Verna Bloom, Theatre Carol hleserve, Art Irving VVallace, Music Kenneth Santos, Theatre Dean Pillsbury, Art Piclured: S. T2lt10llJilUIHQ G. Emmanuclg E. Altmang G. Koc-llg A. Bisnovich. Class of 1960 President Saul 1Yinor Vice-Presideni Jocelyn 1Vhitchc-:ul Secretary Virginia Lev Secrelary Sydney Littlefield Treasurer Harold Lubcll Pictured: E. lllanuelg J. Lavincg A. Cioppa, Jr.g H. Goodman. COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS Class of 1959 President Ed Altman Vice-President George Koch Secretary Andrea Bisnovich Secretary Selma Tattelbaurn Treasurer Gus Emmanuel Pictured: S. Littlefieldg V. Leeg S. VVincrg J. Whiteheadg H. Lubell. Class of 1961 President Jerrold Lavino Vice-President Alfred Cioppzi Secretary Elaine lllanucl Treasurer Ilzmnah Goodman CCJLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Class of 1959 Presidenf John Colpitts Vice-President Josephine Scarcella S ecretary- Treasurer Morton Covitz Senators John lNIcGranahan Patricia Smith Edwin Nelson F rancc-s Accorto Advisor Professor Albert Tholnpson Pictured: P. Depasqualeg J. lNIcGuireg A. Ferrarig H. Stavisky. Class of 1961 President Vz'ce-President S ecrefa r y Treasurer A dvisor Mr. B Second Row: J. Mc-Uranaliang li. Nelson. Front lime: F. Acc-ortog J. Colpittsg J. Sc-arc-ella. Class of 1960 President John McGuire Vice-President Harry Stzivisky Treasurer Philip Depasquale S60r6fClI'y Angela Ferrari Pictured: Ass't Dean IC. Bryantg J. Laneg L. Latail: B. Basilcg L. llilesg Mr. B. lluclge. Lewis Lataif Beverly Basile Linda Miles James Lane ertram llfurlge 1. Pictured: A. Swadelg D. Ryan: B. Blake: A, lllaloof. SCHOOL OF NURSING Class of 1959 President Vice-Pres id ent Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Bernice Blake Diane Ryan Ann Swadel Anne llfaloof Sheila Rouslin Class of 1960 Y President Virginia Riess YNY 11 Vice-President Joan McIntyre Lee Moulton Judith Ptac-hcinski Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Fran Quinlan Mrs. Vera Spiller f Y 1 reasnrer Advisor Second Row: S. Pondg B. Stevens. Front Row: P. Bensong ll. Etienncg E. Goethncr. .. 1' J La Pictured: J. Ptaclicinskig F. Quinlang V. Riessg J. llclntyreg L. Bloulton Class of 1961 President Vice-President Recording Secreiary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer 220 Diane Etienne Phyllis Benson Barbara Stevens Elizabeth Goethner Sarah Pond SCHOOL OF NURSING Basic Division P7'6SI.fIC?Ilf Shvilzi Rouslin LXICG-IJl'6.V1ill67lII Sylvia Anderson Ifecorrling S6C7'6'fflI'qIj Pal Sample Correspmzdmg Ser-rcfary Joan Nlcllltyrv Treasurm' Harrie-I IYrigI1l Ilistoriafz. Vivian Ustrauml W 'C My .. N, Pidzzrcrl' S. Pzlpzimicrolllig F. KuIIm0rgg J. Symourisg C. Quinn. SCHOOL OF PUBLIC RELATIONS AND COMMUNICATIONS Class of 1959 I Presiderzf Phil B2il'l'0Il Secretary Robert Whittier 221 Pi!-tured.' J. NI:-Intyreg 5. Rnusling P. Sample. Graduate Division PI'6.9l.IfC'7If Jean SXIIIOHCIS Vice-1'1'cs1'de11z' Florcnc-c Kulbc-rg Secrefary Straivroula Pzlpaimicrouli Corresponding Secretary CfJI1SL2LIllfi' Quinn Treaszzrm' KI. Bernice Bucher Pictured: P. Barrong R. WVhittier. SCHOOL OF EDUCATION Class of 1959 President Wxlham Reagan Vice-President Joan W assermdn Secretary XIHPJOFIC Morrls Treasurer James Reynolds Pictured A Rafi' P Pztsas D Plerce Class of 1961 President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer 222 SARGENT COLLEGE Class of 1959 Presidmzf Hilda Lord Vice-P1'e.s'z'rIerit Patricia Soucaras Secretary June Compardy TI'6!1SllI'CI' Elsie Thomas .1dz'z'sor Miss Gloria Brawloy Pictured: A. Farina: B. Kowalskig Professor R. Sctterberg: N. Varjian. Absent: B. Athy. Class of 1961 Pl'6Sl.ff8llf Vice-P1'es1'fZenf Secretary Treasurer A dv isor Bliss E. Angola Drehor Joan Gisricl Janice 1XP6lCll Ruth 1Vcissman Joan Turnquist .a,ya .Q lv V. Second Roux' J. Compardyg E. Thomas. Froni How: H. Lordg Professor G. Bawlcyg P. Soucaras. Class of 1960 Pres idenz' Vice-P1'f.s'z'1Ienf Secretary Treasurer , I dv fsor Second Roux' R. Weissumng J. 1Yelc'h. Fr J. Turnquistg J. Gisriel. Barbara 'Kowalski Alfrcrla Farina Nina Varjiau Barbara Athy Nliss Ruth Scttcrbcrg ont Row: A. DYCllCFQ Professor C? V... W Q., m . ...--7-,vz-.Q-.. PUBLICATIONS Elizabeth Center School of Education Frank Lamson School of Social Work ,lf Shirley Eaton Sargent College Robert Meyers School o Law N Gall Andrlan HUB BCARD The HVB Board consists of the Editorial and Financial Advisors to the HUB and representatives of the gradu- ating classes of every school or college granting bac- calaureate or advanced degrees. Duties of the Board include: scheduling graduating students for individual pictures, distributing question- naires, selecting a cover for the HUB, and acting as intermediaries between the student body and the HUB. Lx L1 Frank Rowen Barbara Bickerstaiie Chairman, School of Public Re- Secretary, College of Business lations and Communications Administration , :fl , V A 14' as W in lf' j"51- 1-'flgjxtiiiit ml '3' Q ifxsd Mrs Edward R Collier Fdztorzal Adiisor Prol Ph1l1pF Bunker Financial Advisor 'N ot Pictured Jean McDonald Craduate School lames Allen Victor Pitzi School of Fine and Applied Arts Jessie Page Evening Division Ralph Palumbo School of Medicine wfistiffgsfpf.-, K- -2 V :i f f Elizabeth Voislow School 0 Nursing Dennis Collins l 5' 3 Q ' , . ri it 1 'l if 4 4, Q-' ,S K WM l L 2 is 4 F9 fiifs xii fem Qiasfe g. Y g Mg' rf, :Th H igxitf ,,,,aff,v of ff f f ,,'ri gg ,, . ., -z Y ' . . -fi 1 t, -. ff K K iz- , P 'f' . S 'fa ,:jS2,, Ji. ' X I.. Ph- H '. " .f-,Q-be v -1 K lj' ' , .::, .fx bk. ' Miki: " - X 1 - sms, ig, K q + x- 1. N-mf A ,s :ir Ax..-1-A ik " 2-if ,: ' 'lvvft i ' ' 1 . . ' 225 . . College of Liberal Arts School of Theology College of Industrial Technology E' Sports Lew, Dottie, Joyce, VVarren ,rio v . C di t' Sanford Wemreb Gfxvma my Editor-in-Chief N ASSOCIATE EDITORS Gerald Smith Coordinating Katherine lXIartin Organizations Nancy Rosenthal Senior Biographies EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS Beverly Dudek Cecile Handlcrnan Irene Evans lIarie Jay Ginger Fullerman Fran hIerkin Deborah Griffin Carole Patcfield lN'Iyra Goldberg Eilene Peck Steve Grohe Senior Biographies Fran, Judy, Nancy, Cecile Eda Martino Senior Portraits Joela Nitzberg Art and Layout Wlarren Jones Athletics Lewis Shattuck Dottie Sophios Joyce Swenson Florence VVise Judy Yournan Senior Portraits Eda, Marie Ng Art, Photo Steve, Joelu Organizations Flo, Katy, Bev SANDY WEINREB Editor-in-Chief "Cf l Ediioriul Board Katy, VVurren, Sandy, Gerry, Joelu. Absenf: Edu, Nancy. BEN FRANK, Business Maiiager BOSTON UNIVERSITY HUB 1958 Benjamin Frank Business Manager Norman Liebow Advertising Zllanager ASSISTANT BUSINESS NIANAGERS Judy Geisinger Sheila Rouslin Photography Contracts Sigmund IIornstcin Advertising BUSINESS ASSISTANTS Peter Faith Stuart Smith Judy Nemzoff Allen Wassermen Business Stajf Norm, Peter, Siggy, Sheila, Judi, Ben, Al. Business Board Sheila, Norm, Ben, Siggy, Judi. MJ,,...---11 X- i BOSTON UNIVERSITY NEWS 1958 EDITORIAL BOARD Editor-in-Chief James A. Arey Dlanaging Editor City Editor Sidney Nicoll Gail Kredenser Copy Editor Asst. Jlariaging Editor Elizabeth A. Harvey Carol Ginesin Asst. City Editor Alma L. Higgins Editorial Assistant Philip Hendel James lVIitchell Karen Scheer Frank Rowen Norman Teich Acting Sports Editor Paul J. Goldsmith Photo Editor John Alden EDITORIAL STAFF Music Critic lNIike Horvit Stab' Reporters Ralph Ross Barry Robinson Elaine O'Brien Elaine Stoll Joan Ivatchmaker Robert Hite Drama Critic Elaine Plasberg Thomas Gray Edward Daner John Heald Joyce Daigneau Susan Shotsky Bob Chamberlin !iEL'HfT mimi Sports Staj' Dave Love lXIarv Hurwitz Zelig BIestel I Larry Miller Joel Douglas Joe Concannon Dave Kelly Herb Korn Steve Gutterman Gerry Player Joe, Karen, Phil, Joyce, Joel, Jim Phil, Honey, Elaine, Joan, Betsey BUSINESS BC JA R D Business Manager ,lllZ'67'llfSIllLg ,llanager Eclwzml A. Siff Peter llonmnow Asst. Business Jlanagrr Uirculatirm Manager Joel clilllll Larry Iiklllflllilll Asst. . l1lz'c1'f1'si1zg .llalzagvr Business' , lsszkfant Arthur Singer Ruth Katz l314s1'nvs.s- Sfa Elaine Lovin Elliot Tun-kol Joel Goldberg 21,- Plzotograplzers Burt Stern Joe Brusiloff Robert E. Dallos Jake Bell Dave Kelly Frank, Phil, Karen, Ralph L..,,p-3 o 1 Jo in lh1s1'11vs.v Staff: Staruiing: Joel, Art, Ruth, Elliott, Joel. Sitting: Pctc, lid, liusuwss llanaqzr Jim, Honey, Gail cllll'0l Ca,.,.......-P xx' EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Edward M. Swartz CASE EDITOR Ashmun N. Brown BOOK REVIEW EDITOR Robert N. Cyr BUSINESS MANAGER Charles S. Connolly Third Row: A. Dworking C. Tennleyg J. Berman, W. lNIa . , , . . p , . , Librariang F. lN'Iillerg I. lNIedof'f, Asst. Case Editorg A. Brown, Case Editorg E. Swartz, Editor-in-Chiefj J. Tiffin, Note Editorg R. Cyr Plumerg S. Kirslienbaumg D. Silver. Front Row: K. Golden Book Review Editorg J , LaFla1nme, Secretary. Absent: Professor R. Kent, Advisorg C. Connolly, Business lllanager. NOTE EDITOR Joy H. Tiffin FACULTY ADVISOR Prof. Robert B. Kent cDonaldg INI. VVeilg L. Tvliitmang R. Bowen. Second Row: N. Coheng D. Sweeney, S. Poolerg J. Donahue' P. Piscitelli' D Sha iro' S a BOSTON UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW The Boston University Law Review, now in its thirty-seventh year of publication, is a legal publication issued quarterly. It is managed by a board of student editors selected on the basis of scholarship and literary ability, and furnishes valuable train- ing to those who are chosen. The Law Review publishes articles contributed by authorities in various fields, designed to keep its readers informed as to developments in the law. These articles are supplemented by student notes and comments. Although its circulation is world-wide, the Law Review centers its attention on New England jurisdictions, as it strives to be a working tool for the New England lawyer. It is indexed in the Index to Legal Periodicals, and is found in every state and federal law library in the United States. Law reviews are not just intellectual exercises on the part of their members, but are the journal of the legal profession. Professor Llewellyn in The Bramble Bush has said: "There is not, as far as I know, in the world an academic faculty which pins its reputation before the public upon the work of undergraduate students- there is none, that is, except in the American law reviews. Such an institution is a privilege to serve . . . is an honor to belong to . . . Candj to earn that honor is to earn an educationf, 230 PRCFESSICNALS votes presents itself fully, at the same time that this student is getting what he can out of the four year trial period be- fore the final test of his life,s work. Here he has friends - here he learns about many things . . . By the Charles The professional group is that organization that realis- tieally carries the student out of the classroom and into an atmosphere that he has heretofore known nothing of. There is here a distinct meeting of the minds, a learning together of all that which has proved itself important to their better education. Here at Boston University, this opportunity . . . FW Q, 'fwfr li ' and here he shall leave his nrtrk -and there whereur it ls, he shall remember Boston limversltv I l School of Education Freshman Outing, 1957 The college student is quite a person, you know. He selects the University as that institution that will be caring for his mind for four yearsea privilege that's more Hlld more being bestowed on Boston University. He will then have all the precious time in the World to study, to learn some and lose the rest, to meet new friends and try to forget old friends. But he is still an individual, with human needs to fulfill- and so he joins in with all the others that have the same desires. If he,s lucky, he is satisfied , . . There are those people who have lived as the student lives, who have matured and who are eoneerned . . . they are the llniversity's helping hand and they are thinking with you. "A student has asked satisfied with himself and B.U. and he feels himself grow- ing and enlarging and matur- ing . . . and he feels all these things as he walks and thinks. The Band at Horr at ef of U if 4 r. , ... Music EDucAToRs NATIONAL is . C0 N FE RE NC E 2'l ffl' . . School of Hn- and Applied Arts V.:VA -,,V . -NA.V -,f. i "lt J. Koury, President: J. Giangrasso, Vice-President: D. Govoni, Secretaryg H. Knorr Treasurer I Cedergren Izbrarzan Professor L. Chrisman, Faculty Advisor. The Boston University Student Chapter of the hfusic Educators National Conference is a professional organi- zation composed of music educators throughout the United States. It has as its purpose to promote friend- ship and understanding among those in the music pro- fession and to broaden their outlook and their scope of knowledge in the field of music. Programs pertinent to music education are held monthly. In addition, all mem- bers are eligible to attend state and national conven- tions, and all members receive a copy of the Blassachu- setts hlusic Educators Association "NewsH and the national "Music Educators Journalf' SFAA and the Float Parade 234 The Execs Tau Mu Epsilon was founded in 1947 as a Public Rela- tions l1o11orary and professional fraternity. The pu1'pose of T.M.E. is to bring together all qualified Public Rela- tions students to further Public Relations as an ethical profession. It is also the aim of this organization to ad- vance in the eyes of the public the prestige and standing of qualified schools offering Public Relations as a major course of study. S.P.R,C.'s Alpha Chapter is spearheading a drive to make Tau Mu Epsilon a national professional fraternity. Beta Chapter has been established and other schools are now under consideration. Enthusiasm is the key word of the fraternity. The bi- weekly meetings are held to discuss current problems and plan activities. Some distinguished speakers in the field of Public Relations attend these meetings not only to deliver speeches but also to give helpful guidance to members. B. VVl1alen, Preszdentg J. Rogers, Jr. Virre-P'rcs'iclent,' P. Libby, lferfnrding Secrefaryg R. Morin, Corresponding Secretaryg C. Forrest, T reasurerg Professor S. Atkinson, Advisor, TAU MU EPSILON School of Public Relations and Communications 235 Publicity is a keyword e Cup M DEBATING TEAMS hae-... V f All-University :fx-Q-1 ' . I f- 'm ee-.ess w 7 - ' -' fills?-Q -s!:Y!:E--r.-. 2f21f'122fQw I L+- g13'121yg:ieiw ' 2 X - 5,7 rss: -gf,z127fQ-1-ga, ff 1' ' 6 ,sw gee. 'fiifi i??1'f2fEEE -:L q 's R ' - i' " W it ' '1Illii1252i-fT,Q1, 5 .7 1' Q H 5 f, ':Q11'v1ssi1g5i5. 'ff"+.7m:5g4vs..m59: nm, , , ,V K ,L F, In ,1,g,- ,,,,,,:f,,qy . 3 ' was 23,5 ' , iv, V -9292 ' ' ff-75?'i l5:""4-:?5?'5'.1n":i,' f' - , ' -3 si 2 5 I . ' I, A, - , :W ,-fieieff.f9g.21 1 Vffffjf - Llmj "7:wE.fiQIiif,'iI -3. :.':fi:'3'gf':j"2jg if S W ' sf w- 'i'i1f1::Q1.f:,xf4i 1 -5, an if:- - 1. l H ,Q "-' l.. In , 9 . W. M .. H , , Second Row: F. Blarciello, J. Godinhog A. Hegeg B. Radcliffe, E. Nedderg G. Poulosg R. Blerrithen Front Rau J Khng hotter, Secretary: S. Shapiro, President: W. Johnson, Director of F ore'n.sVicsg R. Blanchard, Vice-Preszdent I Korwek Absent Dr. E.Jones,AdvisorjE.Brys0n,S0cial Chairmanjlt. Cohen, S. Fenehelg R. Granatog B. Leeg R Llpson C McLean Secre taryg J. Packerg R. Perlmang R. Salperg W. Terriog R. Yorrag E. Zamore. This year the Boston University Debating Teams were under the supervision of IVayne D. Johnson, of Harvard Law School, a former University of Nebraska debater. The Teams participated in over two hundred intercol- legiate debates, including tournaments at University of Vermont, Tufts, Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, Har- vard, MIT, Dartmouth, Notre Dame, Georgetown, Holy Cross, and University of llassachusetts. In prep- aration for this extensive tournament schedule, the members of the Teams spent many hours each week on research activities, organization of cases, and practice debates on the national topic, "Resolved: That the re- quirement of membership in a labor organization as a condition of employment should be illegalf, The Teams sponsored two major tournaments which were held at Boston University. The annual secondary school tournament was held in April and was attended by New England,s leading high school and preparatory school debaters. On February Q8 and March 1, the Teams sponsored the Twelfth Annual National Invita- tional Debate Tournament, which was attended by more than thirty of the nation,s outstanding collegiate debating teams. Queen Bernice presents trophy to Fordham INSTITUTE OF AERCNAUTICAL SCIENCES All-University Second Row: J. Costag G. Clladwickg IJ. Brockg H. Qurwkenbushg J. Liblmyg J. Utisg D. St. Picrrcg H. Fawn-cttg G. Bolyc. Front Row: J. Esselstyn: L. Mockapetrisg R. Reg C. Allen, Trcasurcrg E. Hillje, V1'r'e-Chairman: A. Souzag G. Shogreng D. Collins. Absent: R. D'Amclio, Seorefaryg F. Nichols, Chairman. Pictured: R. Rosenthalg S. Kantrovitz, T reasurerg S. Shapiro, Presidentg F. Robbinsg T. Bondar. Absent: J. Atwoodg B. Belsong J. Coching L. DeRosag N. Drubnerg S. Fenchalg M. Finksg D. Foxg B. Galitzg W. Jeromeg B. Katzg B. Leeg A. Maininig J. Newmang S. Odzeg J. Powerg F. Robbinsg R. Rosenthalg H. Sapolsky. PRE-LEGAL SCCIETY All-University Pictured: V. Novogroski, Executive Boardg B. Beals, President: C. Jalowski, Publicity Chairman. Absent: Mr. H. Hoffman, Advisorg M. Abyadg S. Barberg W. Batchelderg Mrs. E. Bcalg G. Blockg B. Coheng A. Coskag G. Deutschmanng B. Feitg C. Fergusong A. Galipeang J. Goldiineg G. Goolishiaug L. Greeng J. Grindellg T. Harfordg E. Hellerg L. Hellmang S. Hurstg H. Jacobsoug L. Januskisg H. Jonesg E. Khantziang W. Maglioneg S. Michelsong J. Mitchellg D. Nicholsg G. Nigeriang E. Nuttingg M. Principeg S. Pierceg P. Seyerstedg R. Scheingarteng V. Shaheeng R. Shermang E. Smithg L. Spectorg P. Spinag G. Slnyrliaug L. VVeiss. J, if . A a 238 3 3 . s F Q 2 . PSYCHOLOC CLUB All-University BICS CLUB College of Liberal Arfs Second lfurv: D. lluudleug Altcrg J. Drcyfussg R. Asncsg J, Barstow. Front lfmw: I'rol'cssor YY. 'I'ilfm-y, .'l1lL'isor,' R. Man ter, Sec-rdaryg P. Himmelfarlm, Prvs1'rlrrzf,' ll. Tarlin, I7iC8-I,7'L'Sill671f,' M. Poc-lucrlli, Sz-crclaryg E. Blorgzmto, Treasurer. .-lb sent: J. Autouullisg J. Cohen: F. VIIIISIIPQTEIQ F. Coxg A. Culicllisg G. DiI.00u0g T. Farclog J. Fzxrrilupllmxg YY. Gorlarflg BI Golcleng A. Ilitrysg B. Holmcsg B, llymamg G. Ilmrahim: Il. .lonvsg li. Jordon: ll. Kocnigg G. Koynnkg ll. Krowuyg J. Krcy H. Lucierg li. Mnnuelg C. Mcltong M. Millcrg D. lNI11nsccgA. Nlooreg IJ. Nornmng 0. Ossolag CT. Pupujlmwg li. Perkins: I' Reevesg J. Rolmcrtsg R. Roseg E. Rosong C. Ruduikossg N. SCllXVllI'tZQ R. SllCI'lIlilIlQ li. Swocucyg P. Yrcvsg li. lYalkowiuk C. Vvichucg IC. Yos. SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT 0F College of Business Administration Third Row: D. Graueyg F. Kc-llcyg R. Nladcrg K. Bulnmlg W. Czlllg E. Foiutznlucllzmg J. Lewis. S121-onrl Ifow: J. Gonzalcz: R. Duflyg C. Simonidcsg A. Burneltcg A. Nissaug A. Cupolvium-og S. Curlislvg ll. l,2lI'kil!-ill. Front lffnr: S. IEOSOIIHIIIQ S. Umw- fordg R. P1l0lllli, lf7Z.!'6'Pfl'-9I'IIl'Ilf,' R. Pillllletlbll, Pr0sir1'f'r1lg ll. Sllerwoocl, Sw-rvlrlryq IP. Harclingr, Tl'l'llNIll'l'I'f D. Isoillnc-1'gg P. Blnxwoll. .-lbsrnf: Profvssm' J. Krcy, .+lfIz'z'sor.' R. Gilmlms. 239 Pictured: N. Hirschfeld, Vice-Presidentg R. Nlader, Vice-President: H. Cohen, President: Professor D. Carson, Advisor: A. Gomes, Treasurer. Absent: S. Roseman, Vice-President. MARKETING SOCIETY College of Business Aclminisfrafion Fourth Row: E. Browug F. Lezbergg R. VVolniekg R. Brothertong R. Boltong C. VViIkieg C. Reedg J. DiBonag E. Nelson J. Coheng S. Kinghorng S. Stolakis. Third Row: F. Carberryg J. Mulherug C. Lockewoodg H. Choobajiang R. Townsend T. Stewartg S. Coheug F. Kardashiang C. Talamg H. Buckman. Second Row: H. lllorseg A. Cabralg A. Capabiancog J Gordong C. Richardsg R. Hansong L. Edsallg R. Nortong J. Crosbyg S. Grossmang T. Blosherg N. Haynesg J. Hurnay Front Row: J. Fisherg R. Rosenbergg III. Bergerg D. Dipietrantoniog Professor J. Fawcett, Advisorg S. Fenchel, Treasurerg P. Bosco, Pre.s"ident,' N. Collins, Secretaryg J. Parente, Vice-Presidentg A. Goldsteing N. Reid. 240 ACCOUNTIN SOCIETY College of Business Administratior KAPPA DELTA PHI SchooIofEducaHon Second Roux' A. ISllkZllll2lllQ D. lYellsg R. Lyons: ll. Surtyrsg J. Akcley: J. Flynng P. Primaverug D. Dwyer. Front How: C. s Kina g J. Cassidy, Trraxzlrerg R. Regis, Secrdaryj A. Cialrlea, Prexidenlg Dr. G. Philips, :1dU1.S!lI'j D. Trott, National Dele- gateg G. DCStlxl'2lllCJ, Sec,-retaryg R. Granato. .flb.w'nI: Dr. S. WYronski, .'l!Il'I'SUl'j G. Arsnowg T. Boydg YY. Bremlang R. Bun- nellg J. Fritzg T. Ilallg J. Heudryg P. Jolmnscng R. LaBrecqueg P. Mcflnrtliyg H. Mitcllcllg A. Pzmtcllig YV. Peruzzig P. Pitsasg V. Rim-zirrlig T. Scuwellg F. SllC1'1ll2lllQ M. Varellag A. vV2lgIl0I'Q R. lYclc-ll. N., A. Dolmson, I'resz'denl,' R. Hartsllourn, ViC6-PT6SI'fl67Lf,' D. Murphy, Secretaryg J. Vorgclis, Treasurerg R. lllnrrcn, Studenl Council lfcprfesentativeg G. Ellis, I1'l.St0TI.ll7L,' Dr. J. lVylie, Advisory R. Brynntg N. Koppelg ll. Settelcg R. VVurrcng R. lVilson. 241 PHI EPSILCJN KAPPA SchooIofEducaHon Second Row: F. Hamel, R. Vllincklerg S. Smith, D. Hodesg R. llloore. Front Row: J. Silver, Treasurer: R. Lind, Vice-Pres identg R. N ormand, National President: BI. Sharpe, President, E. Freidman, Secretary: J. Firstenberg. ALPHA EPSILON RHO School ot Public Relations and Communications Second Row: G. VVarnerg C. Foth, lll. Goldfarbg H. lfVagnisg S. Simons. Front Row: M. Henneburyg B. Lipson, Treasurerg A. Higgins, Vice-Presidentg G. Kredenser, Presidentg M. Bluttmang K. Collins. Absent: Mrs. Reginald Coggeshall, Adryisorg R. Alexanderg E. Harveyg A. Jensvoldg T. Lyon, B. Roth, V. Strong. 242 LAMBDA TH ETA PI School ot Public Relations and Communications LAMBDA PI RHO School of Public Q? Relafions and Communications f-5 YI 'as frm" ,yu , ,h ..,. 'RM if I Second Row: C. Yokum, Trcasurerg P. Libby, Public lfelations Chinn.: J. Hodcs, Secrelary. Front Row: Ass't Professor C Hills, Advisor: J. Turk, Pre.vz'flcnl,' N. lYagman, Vz'c'efPresz'denf. Third Row: P. Antonellig L. Bakcrg R. Clmscg S. Silvermang L. Drouing D. Clmpdclaine. Second Row: J. llillomenicog H Knorvg B. llultceng D. Eastmmig F, Ilcarnsg J. Evausg A. Hovcy. Front limo: D. Kee, Hisforiang B. Sc-lunottlncll, Record- ing S!'l'I'f'fC17'.U,' ll. Norwood, Presidz'nl,' Prolossor L. CllI'lSlH21Il, .flclz'z'sor,' J. Colo, I7l.l'6'-IjI'C'.S'1'd67lf,' li. Lcclwithg R. Leavitt Absent: G. Brzimbilla, Corresponding Sc'c'rcfary,' A. Castiglioucg R. Iipplcrg W. lirikseng YV. Frumeg G. .lolinsoug S. Kopecg P. Lumpkin, Treasurerg D. 1IcFeelyg II. Pctersong C. Rylanco. Q43 PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA School of Fine and Applied Arfs Third Row: J. Charbonneaug D. Kidneyg N. Kinneyg M. Diehlg P. Donnellyg D. Govonig A. Ballato. Second Row: B. Feketeg M. Danfordg S. Strongg P. VVoll'song A. Chasing D. Knappg C. Friedman. Front Row: D. Kreivenas, Recording Secretaryg Miss E. Stearns, Faculty Advisor: B. Huntress, Vice-Presidentg S. DeStefano, President: B. Anderson, Treasurer: M. Windsor, Corresponding Secretary. Absent: V. Cassarag Mrs. M. Christiang C. Gustafsong R. Lehang C. McSWeeney. MU PHI EPSILON School of Fine ancl Applied Arfs Third Row: A. Earleg J. Giangrassog H. Doirong C. Costag W. Ghenong E. Masong A. Ellisg R. Culleng D. Morrisong I. Pinkofskyg D. Trodermang I. Wallaceg D. Potterg C. Proch. Second Row: R. Spargog J. Binneyg A. Powersg N. Guidobonig F. Higginsg R. Lindallg E. Birchg R. Christianseng E. Machadog R. Druchman. Front Row: J. Schuller, Corresponding Secretaryg R. Brown, Vice-Presidentg M. De Pasquale, Vice-Presidentg M. Schwager, Presidentg Professor L. Cornell, Fac- ulty Adrfisorg J. Salloway, Treasurer: R. Sandborn, Recording Secretary. Absent: V. Aragog A. Bonfiliog H. Davisg R. Fish- mang W. Gagnong W. Heysg L. Woodward. Q44 KAP PA GAMMA PS School of Fine and Applied Ar1's SKHMA ALPHA IOTA Yi"' ' Mfrs W We fr M School of Fine if 2? f v -.4 Q "' 1, 5 -Q and Applied Arts J wx :F ' . .3 1 H Second Row: BI. Robinsong E. Bubag R. Januszg B. Kiltong S. Bacong BI. Janasg K. Houston. Front Row: E. Dixon, Cor- responding Secretaryg D. Lepore, Recording Secretaryg D. Howe, Vice-Presidentg J. Dwyer, Presidentg BI. RIcLain, Faculty Advisorg A. Long, Treasurer. Absent: J. Cedergreng S, Lecarpentierg V. Yuro. APXOS School of Fine and Applied Arfs Second Row: J. Mobiusg I. Segelg J. Coleg E. Dyer, Jr.g M. Sc-hwagcr. Front Row: B. Huntressg J. Heyn, Vice-Presidentj L. Nixong J. Koury. 245 Pictw'erl.' R. Benson, Secretaryg D. Bailey, Treasurer: R. Dallos, Presidentg J. Alden, D. Marsh, Vice- P'res'identg VV. Davis, R. Kirkg J. Areyg S. Nicoll. Students watch the first VVBU-TV production, Spring, 1957. SIGMA DELTA CHI School of Public Relations ancl Communications Music AND THEATRE A.: -.u-,-...., -.,1-H-,,.,.,-, ,W 'Q X- W ' vw, , ffiiwmwzmif' M 4' Q ww fi a If iysix C , .5 1 Xglvxv wer!f3"' 'insaiwbbs V. fx Q an-' ax 3' X 3, , H 'im WA. ,, V4 K ,,A,.....M .MW K y I 4: . gww -V , mb, ,i 9 I p i .. Q , R 1 R ,P n .. ff l s an s Q5 V W 7' V 6 K g 7 5 sf, L A'AL P 'rm HEJ 4 ,gf ,MF abstraf-t opera Q ' M abstract opera Murder in ihe Cathedral - A , '-" . ii " 25"-f'2T7"E5.i-I .,5' '.."'Q:5i.. .I'fI21H!?i: E'Ev.'f.qZ" " -".F:::'."l5f"E'.::'Sxi2,.! : 5ff4.":- 3 V 9 9 Wi - fl. , "In All lx BOSTCN UNIVERSITY SYMPHONIC BAND lmv fll1I'lSlIl2lIl, COIlIf2lf'f0I' llzirry Phillips, ,lSSZiSffllII' flO71lllll'fOl' John Sm-lnistcr, 4lSSl.S'ZlllIlI' l'ondzu'for Ralph Pottlc. .lssfstarzf flUIldlll'f0l' PI'CSI'd!'IlZl Joseph Gizuigrasso V1'c0-Presiclerzf Xvllllillll Eriksen Secrzfary Dorothy Howe Drum, ,llajor John Evans llIf17'l'llliIlg Dfrccior Nicholas Pellegrino ,llazzuger Signiunfl Singer LI.I1I'UI'I-HIL Joyc-0 Koury BOSTON UNIVERSITY GLEE CLUBS BOSTCN UNIVERSITY Dr. James R. Houghton, Conductor Gerald IV. Johnson, ,slssistant Conductor C H O S WOMENS CI FE CI UB Beverly Hulltuss Presndenf Jack Lemons, Conductor MENS GLEI' CI UB JEIIHQS Colo, Preszdent . If 5' . .fps : ., D ,. ' K W -ff.. S -I I x . soss ,Jul 'SVY T .. cf 5 . 3 II S' I X 51'-1, f I1 F! 3 - mam 5 : I BOSTON UNIVERSITY BOSTON UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA CHORAL ART SOCIETY .Xllvn V. IAIIIIIOIIT, 0fJllll'IlI'ffII' RUSSCH Slmlgw, f'f"fff1fCff"' Muriel 1lCIOI'S0l1 IIOIlIIlS011, AISSI-Sfllllf l'mzfluc1'o1' I wigafI'IxlI llhxgw' III",.JlU'IUgm' Glwzllgm-1' Norwood, PI'f'.?I.IIl'Ilf U .U H15 W"'fl'L1I"'U"f"'f .xlllII't'j'lAJI1Q, I'z'0U-Pzwsfrfflzf , Irvm IJIIIIUIIDFIQX. ,I.v.vz'sIf11zz' LZ-,1I'fII'I'I!Il lyoimclly, SCI'I'C'ffII'.If Ilowaml I3u.v:1ji:1n, C'o11f'w'f1r7a.s-iw' Ilmlm, Doimu T,.m9m.l,,. . 5 ' Dorothy Krcivc-11:15, 1117177111 1' Svc-rvfary Second Row: Il. Covington, Treasurerg Dr. lll. Yeager, Advisorg lll. Darensoff, Social Chairman. Front Row: J. Silver, Secretaryg A. Prives, Vice-President J. VVhitehead, Vice-President. Absent: E. Rodriguez, President. DRAMA CLUB All-University The Boston University Drama Club is on extracurricu lar activity for all students of the University. The club' purpose is to offer dramatic participation as an outlet ti those students who might not otherwise have the op portunity to be involved in dramatic production. It i made up of students from every school in the Univer sity, most of whom have had little or no theatre train ing. The organization gives the student the chance no only to act but also to participate in all other facets c theatre production and eventually television produc tion. Under thc able direction of Dr. lllurray Yaeger, of th Communication Arts Division of the School of Publi Relations and Communications, the group opened it year with a successful production of "Dark of thi hloonf' More than seventy persons participated ii bringing this show to life on stage of the Boston Univer sity theatre. Through a great deal of hard work thi group learned much about acting, production, and th' feeling of working for many weeks in a tightly knit uni toward a common cause was very gratifying. These arf all valuable lessons for the student which he will be abln to draw upon many times during his stay at the univer sity, and even in professional life when he is called upoi to devote himself to the common cause of a group. In rehearsal for "Dark of the hloonv The Stars K, Q SEMINARY SINGERS All-University AES' ' rg, ..,,r.l-l l 3E!,..! " Fnurllz Row: F. Brin-seg H. Utlautg R. YY:llluceg J. Dickeyg T. Browug F. YYallerg T. Lane. Third lfmr: D. Iloyleg T. Searsg Y. Hurlsoug B. Cookeg Il. ML-Clayg D. Huskollg II. Gormrmg R. Dunng R. Bcntzingerg R. Blaneyg J. Selbyg C. Collinsg D. Henklug R. Nyeg R. WYilsun: F. Greenwood. Second Row: C. Moore: II. Ilzlyesg N. Kovllg J. Basking R. Hiteg G. VVillia111soug R. TvIf'FGlI'l2lIldQ D. Blyler. Frou! lfmv: G. Nishi- k:1wz1gD.Ricl1g Il. Ilinsol13C.HoytgE.Ro11sc-lug II. Colcuuxng U. Bcllg D. Dayg H. Phillips, ,"lf'f'0fII170ILiSfj Professor J. Houghton, Director. DORMITORIES INTER-DORMITCRY COUNCIL All-University Ser-mul lfflllf J. Seavorg R. Alcxamlerg M. Lindlmergg C. Ilugog J. Mcflallin. Frou! Huw: B. Del- Monieo, Ifemrrlirzg Secretaryg B. Shane, V116-l'resz'cler1f,'K, Martin, Presidentg V. Pamiljans, Treas- urer: M. Golrlfarh, Correspomliug S1'r'rc'lury. Absent: Klrs. N. Miller, :ll1l"l.80I'jB1I'. A. Seemans, Adris org S. Barher1J. Barstowg C. Boggsg C. Browng BI. Dallillgerz K. Dwyerg C. Epstcing 141. Fairchild L. Fur-hsg WY. Gadreaug A. Gorclong S. Nasong R. Savageg F. Stat-log P. Szpakowski. The lnter-Uorniitory Vouncil is a group which was organized to act mainly as a liaison between the ailministration and the member clormitories, :mil to organize inter-rlorm activities. The Vounc-il consists of representatives chosen from each un- clergrarluate florm, and from several of the grail houses. I.D.C. is representefl on the Stuflent-lflaculty Assembly ancl the Stumlent. Development Vommittee, and takeS part in many of the annual Vniversity func-lions, such as Parents Day anal ' Y V W ' V1 ' 5 High bc-hool Day. llllS year LUX.. enteretl its ow11 float f I 3 The llyles at High Noon in the Float lararle, ancl although it clicln't win, all the dorm Z stmlenls who workecl on il had a good time cliec-ring anml holfl- ing up 'Shapirof the horse, who was the center of attraction. l'1-olmbly one of the clUlllll'll,S most iinporlanl activities was Q the 'I l7on't fare' Variety Show, a 'first' in ll.ll. history, ancl an event that went over so well that it's going to he macle an 2 annual affair here. l'roc-eemls went to Development, ancl the 1 Q50 people wl1o saw the show all agreed that it was a great dis- , l play of talent from all over the Ivniversity. yi I.l7.C'. also holds a l'resiclent's Tea, during which time the f clormitory officers anml counselors are given the opportunity l to meet ancl talk with Presirlent and Hrs. Case, Dr. and lllrs. Yeo, anml other Vniversity arhninistrators. This plus other activities certainly make for a full and interesting year for the clorm student and for the Council as well. The "I Don't Care" Show 257 J .,4, . October PJ. Party Sl1elton IIall, the largest womenis dormitory on campus, has become a unique center of campus life with its roof available for all Ilniversity functions. Its rules and activities are planned and enacted by student officers under the guidance of staff counselors. The major social events presented by Shelton are an Informal Acquaintance Dance, a Faculty Tea, Open House, a Carnival, a Christmas party for underpriv- ileged children, an International Tea, a Dinner Dance, a Faculty Dinner, Senior Night, and Installation Din- ner. The many opportunities to share friendship and in- terests With students from across the country and around the world become the invaluable memories of the residents of Shelton Hall. Second Row: S. Nasoug B. Shane, J. Turk, Activities Chairman. Frou! Row: A. Long, Secretary M,1n,m-ln, goodies! D. Howe, Vice-Pres'iclent,' G. Baker, President: G. Plaisted, Vice-Presidentg F. Rubel. Treasurer SH ELTON HALL All-University Q58 MYLES STANDISH HALL All-University S61-mul Ifnux' li. Lntaifg M, 'l'lmn: M. Gorclif-kg S. fl2lI'lt'l', !lUl'I'f'S1JOIl!II'lIff Swv-rr'fary,' ll. Gol1ll':i1'lz, Soda! flfllll-ffllllll. I'iI'07Ill li'r,11'.' M. Al0XillKlCI', lf1'f'orrlz'r1y S11-rwfrzryg R. Savalgo, 1'r4'sirIcnf,' T. flilison, Vice -I'r1'.v1'r1z'1zz',' .l. Sezivor, 7'rz'a.w1rz'r. Unmlcr the spirilwl lm-zulcrsliip of ilu- Myles Stzmclisli llzill Govcrnincnl, lioznwl, the men of Mylvs had :L full :xml rcwzircling ya-zu' socially, culturzilly, zinrl atlileticzilly. .Xsiclv frmn llw lac-l that each Hom' luis had many mc-ial 0V011lS unrlvi' ils own Hom' lvziclcrsliip Cir. clznicfvs, pziriivs, vtfnl, ilu' 4l0I'Illll0I'y as il wlmlv luis haul SllC'll inzijrn' social func-lions :is an opcn lmnsv, ai big brotlivi' f'ln'istinz1s party, :nul :ni 2lll'fl0I'IIlll0I'j' ilznivc. For Ilic fnrllici' vntcrtziiinm-nt of thc Nlylvs mon, thc govcrn- invnl lmmml luis Illilllllilllllxil 21 lui-ww-kly showing of Iiigli grzulv Aim-ric-:ni :incl foreign inovics. ,Xil1lvtically, lliv g.IOVOI'llIl1Ql1l lmoznwl luis iniliaih-cl El proggrzini of inicr-floor 1-oinpciilion in sur-li popular sports as l10c'k1-y, tkmllmll, :incl liziskm-llmll. flllllllI'2llly, lllv g'0Vl'I'llIl1Ol1t lioznwl rm-:ilizvrl llic iwcfvs- sily of fulfilling lliv lmaisif' inlcll0c'l'n:il nvvmls of the rvsi- rlc-nls. To nice-t this 1-nil, it set up :in 4-xlonsivc cnllnrzil progrznii wliivli inc-lnclwl spa-zikws on vairions Sllll'iUK'tS ranging from thc urls uncl scieiicvs to politics. 9 i f i y 'vw cm -I --:, Q , i "v:, I - K -K Q.. ,ry 2, Q , ii f N ,A wi .l - .fi ' k 47 ' f"',- A , J V D AU' '44 QQ. si 5 ' . 74 lt 6 . ' R ii xl X ' 1' 5 r 'M i ..., pk M fi K .5 L, K M ,.,...,.. 2 g Lv 'f g, ir" 5, ' Y' :I H xg K -I i 'r - gg :,q. 5 Al p ,, ' Vicioryfwilli flu- Mylosf itzi :nul thc Vliristiims Party CHARLESGATE HALL All-University Third Row: S, Grossg C. Bank, Chairman, Barnes Wingg J. Williamsg E. Schectmang S. Bergstromg B. Radcliifeg A. Straleaug R. Faivusg L. Robbinsg A, Blillerg R. Federruan, Chairman, Beacon Wing. Second Row: H. Meyerg J. Turner, Vice-President: P. Roderick. Presidentg L. Blaisdell, Treasurerg Bliss P. Hawes, Advi.s'or,' J, Carrington, Secretary. Front Row: M. Henneburyg B. Goldeng IW. Hyrnang C. Epsteing I. Zalong BI. Levy. Absent: R. Alexanderg E. Coheng B. Feitg S. Herwoodg L. Roesingg C. Shertzer. MURLIN HCUSE All-University Second Row: A. Wolcottg R. Englcrg K. Dwyerg A. Shraisong D. Draghettig B. Decker. Front Row: J. Heyn, Social Chair- man,' D. Govani, Vice-President: L. Nixon, Presidentj B. VVilliams, Seeretaryj F. Roman, T reasurer. Absent: Mrs. G. Dob- son, Director of Residence. Q60 RELIGIOUS CRGANIZATIONS "I want an intelligent, well-instructed laityf, This was the purpose of the Newman Club stated by John Car- dinal Newman. The Newman Club at Boston University has con- stantly lived in the shadow of this tradition. Various meetings starred prominent guest speakers on a host of subjects: What is a J euv?,' Catholics in Politicsg Problems for Catholics at B.U.-topics such as these sparkled the meetings with a Vivid sense of religious and intellectual stimulation. Primarily a religious club, provisions are made to give a Catholic the actual practice of his faith on campus. Blass is held each first Friday in CLA and in Hayden Hall on holidays of obligation. The annual retreat, held at Peterboro one week-end a year, is the prime annual religious function. Newmanites, like any other group, provide the stu- dent with close social contact by offering dances, coffee hours, and an annual picnic. Always ready to assist students with any type of problem is our spiritual advis- or, Fr. Norman J. O'Connor. Through his thoughtful guidance he has always been of great Value to the stu- dent body. The Banquet Third Roux' J. Ptacheinskig B. DaCostag F. Farinag D, Griffin B K it iron ski Y ll esson B 1 ekete A Pawlowski Second Row: T. lilliottg T. llineheyg P. Dohertyg V. Ryang D. White I Wloynih in J bc'1h'1 B N1tHug,h Front Rua A 'NIar cucci, Social Chairmanj I. Evans, f'orresp0ndz'ng Secretary J IIISSLQ V1ccPre.szdent C Cleives Preazdent E Buba Recording Secretaryg J. Stewart, Trcasurerg Father N. J. O Connor Advzsor Mass NEWMAN CLUB All-University I 262 STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION AII-University -,g..,,,f"' Shelton Roof and the Square Dance Third Razr: D. Blillonigg D. Benedir-tg R. Blooreg J. Crapog G. Harlan, P. Sniithg E. Golder. Sceond Row: C. Berge, Corravpomlizzg Sccrcf11ry,' B. Chase, yll'f'!lSIII'l?I',' L. Grady, Co-Chaz'rman,' R. Dorr, C0- Uha1'r11zar1.,' B. Bloulton, Rernrrling Secretary: VV. Ovcrholt. Front Row: BI. Hcndricksg P. Smith, LI. lNIcCulIoughg C. Carver, B. Metcalf, A. Pulsifer. A , xy Preparing for the Spring Trip to IVashington Q63 The Student Christian Association is the religious or- ganization of Protestant students on campus with llCt1fIKlll2ll'l0I'S at the Danielson llouse, 185 Bay State Road. "'l'I1e rnenrbers seek to understand the will of God through worship, study, and action, and to realize this both in personal living and in working toward the Kingdom of God." The program consists of weekly IYednesday evening supper meetings with speakers and worship, activity nights twice monthly, freshman forums, a fall retreat, spring trip, study groups, and service projects. The planning for the group is done Irv the Executive Board with Dr. William Overholt, Protestant Chaplain on campus, as advisor. The Board is composed of the five major officers, chairmen of the thirteen permanent committees, and chairmen of the S.C.A. groups which niet-I in the individual colleges. Second Row: L. Elking W. Schwartzg P. Seligg B. Levyg D. Foxg E. Glass. Front Row: R. Sobel, Corresponding Secretaryg R. Estuer, Vice-President: R. Scheingarten, Presidcntg G. Wyman, Recording Secretaryg S. Muhlfelder, Treasurer. Absent: Rabbi S. Perlman, Advisor. HILLEL FQUNDATIQN All-Universify Third Row: D. Orphanidesg B. Psamosg C. Bentasg B. Athanasoulasg C. Rassiasg G. Zahosg BI. Vernon. Second Row: P. Roomeuig E. Laurakasg K. Passiasg K. Vallasg J. Papamicroulig S. Gorelchenkag C. Coulourasg E. Kameouris. Front Row E. Margaritesg A. Kiladis, Corresponding Secretary: P. Scuris, P-residentg E. Coulouras, Vice-Presidentg C. Chrones, Record- ing Secretaryg H. Koniares. Absent: S. Christopherg D. Dragonasg M. Efthimioug C. Emmanuelg N. Helmisg E. Kambourig K. Sotaliag K. Vallisg J. Vargilesg J. Velenzasg S. Vozzellag P. Vriesg T. Yeannakopoulosg A. Zaroulis. 266 C LU B All-Universify ORTHOD i l I l ! 1 e ia. l The Daniel I.. Marsh Chapel l l ' "Une thing for us is true. The future is never quite a thing apart from all that has gone before. ive bring into the present ingredients and precious cargoes from the past and these are with us as we take the l unknown road. All that we have learned, 1 felt and thought, all the impact of our ex- perience from birth to now, all the love, devotion and tenderness that nourished us at other times, all the dreams and yearn- ings rooted deep in our spirits that have kept the fires of our hopes kindled with urgent ambition and high couragegall these are with us as We move into the unknown wayf, I1.T. Dean Tlmrmzm and the Daily Morning Chapel tfommittee Q67 DANIEL L. MARSH CHAPEL The Sunday Morning Service addresses itself to the deepest needs and aspirations of the human spirit. In so doing it does not seek to undermine whatever may be the religious context which gives meaning and richness to your particular lifeg but rather to deepen the authen- tic lines along which your quest for spiritual reality has led you. It is our hope that you will come to regard the Chapel not only as a place of stimulation, challenge and dedication, but also as a symbol of the intent of the University to recognize religion as fundamental to the human enterprise. Dr. Howard Thurman, Dean of hfarsh Chapel, is the designated llniversity official carrying responsibility for the total religious life of the community. lflach Sunday throughout the academic year, there is an All-University Non-Seetarian Religious Service at 11:00 in the 111orn- ing. Beginning in September, and each school day throughout the year at 8:-L5-9:00, there is a Vhapel Serv- ice sponsored by a student committee. The leaders of this service generally are from the various faculties. If you are interested in active participation ii' the work of the Vhapel, here are some of the opportunities open to you: The Chapel Choir, The Liturgical Dance Choir, The Vhapel fishers, The NVomen's tlommitlee, The f'hildren's Vhapel, and the NVQ-ekly Discussion Group. A quiet moment YI Ja ..IN THE CHAPEL: THE us:-:ERS THE CHOIR Third Row: S. Altschulerg G. Rileyg D. Leith. Second Row: T. Luung P. Gilliamg BI. Aroherg W. Bloom. Front lfozv: F. Browueg D. Phillipsg ISI. Bfooneyg R. Llc-Farland. Soprano: BI. Aberg BI. Carrington: A. Caseyg N. Chaseg E. Coblmg BI. D'jimasg E. Ellsworthg S. Eversg DI. Gatcsg BI. Hightowerg G. Jonesg E. Kingg S. Rlarlcttg L. Morris: J. hfortong H. Priccg Dfrs. H. Schrei- lmerg BI. Taylor. Alto: BI. Alexauderg J. Ccdargreng D. Clarkg M. Duufordg P. Donnellyg D. Eatong D. Flrmdersg J. Foggg M. Hendersong N. Leeg G. Lyttleg R. Marsalg S. Parzowg P. Petremontg V. Sr-ottg A. Straleaug S. Suter. Tenor: D. liastuiaug P. Gallaghcrg F. Hilseg C. Johusong F. Keyserg S. Miller. I?as.s': H. Davidg C. Dubsg B. Getchellg H. Haggardg B. Healdg C. Kippg DT. Kressyg B. Kullmang R. Millcrg J. Blitchellg R. Winzler. THE LITURGICAL DANCE CHOIR Jlembers: S. Bartliolomewg C. Cox R. Forcuiang G. Frippg BI. Gates B. GetchellgVV. Hodsdong S. Ire laudg L. lNIcGoweng A. Spoonerg C VVarlickg Mrs. H. Keen, Director K.. W 'kg gf. ,mLL....u4nus.1u1n.xihm. naman..-f f R.O.T.C 5 SECOND YEAR ADVANCED Third Row: R. Januszg R. Dupontg V. Fumiattig J. Duffyg N. Koppelg R. lNIacLeodg T. Brodericfkg E. Schlarg R. Spnrgog F. Fylesg R. Viera. Second Row: A. Loconteg R. Ericksong C. Gordong T. Rimerg J. Curting P. Ricviardig R. Lumnahg R. Andcrsong RT. Coheng F. Rlasong P. Scuris. Front How: F. Zcytoonjiang R. Snltersg R. Boobarg BI. Schooner: R. Pikeg A. VVinchellg A. Sohmithg T. U'Donovnng A. Adreani. FIRST YEAR ADVANCED Third Row: J. Gordong L. Gatchellg R. Rollcrg D. Clmulkg YV. Sheafeg H. Bretnerg E. Ginng R. WVIICCICT. Second Row: R. Dorrg Y. D:1Pratog R. Gullottig S. Basking B. Dlancvitcrhg A. Gustaitisg E. Lillisg F. Tillotsong S. Tractg J. Hoffman. Front Row: VV. Holderg D. Kcntg J. Scaling C. Nashawatyg R. Frankling A. Sarvig A. Johnsong VV. Dolbierg K. Anderson. Absent: J. Bankg C. Cupplesg VV. Hallg DI. Harrisg R. Lubitzg S. Migdoleg P. Roesselg K. Sulnthcg G. Sneider. 270 Lt. Colonel William B. Scruggs In addition to its primary objective of developing commis- sioned officers for the Army, the ROTC plays an important role in developing those qualities of character and leadership which will make young men better and more useful citizens. The present program is a branch general course leading to a Reserve commission ora Regular Army commission, if the student is appointed a Distinguished Military Graduate. Upon successful completion of the Advanced course Cjunior and senior yearsl, students are commissioned in the Officers Reserve Corps at a special ceremony. Selection to the Advanced course is highly competitive, and is based on the student,s academic grades, military record, and leadership ability. This course, which stresses leadership, provides instruction in psychological warfare, military teach- ing methods, organizations, small unit tactics, and communi- cations, as well as staff functions and procedures. Included in the Advanced course is a six-week summer en- campment at a Regular Army post or camp. Here the student receives practical field training, observes and participates in simulated combat operations and demonstrations, and visits Army material and equipment proving grounds. OFFICERS and STAFF Second lfmr: Sgt. VV. Allan, SFC R. Kriskog SFC R. Cainebcllg SFC J. Gray, SFC R. Peinbcrtong SFC R. Colbertg Sgt. R. Gardiner. Front Row: lst Lt. VV. Cin-colog Capt. A. Rutherford, Major L. Rawlsg Lt. Col. YV. Scruggs, lllajor J. Kennedy, Capt. N. Schanche. RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS - ARMY - The AFROTC program at the University selects students and prepares these students for the duties, responsibilities, and prerogatives of leadership as USAF oflicers. Based on gradu- ation, successful completion of the Advanced Course, and the needs of the service, students are commissioned Second Lieu- tenants in the United States Air Force Reserve at a special ceremony and go on active duty shortly thereafter. The standing need that our country has for the Well-trained men of the AFROTC was Well expressed by lllr. Donald A. Quarles, Secretary of the Air Force: "It is my job to do my utmost to preserve the guard which the Air Force keeps over this country. I believe We are confronted by the necessity to support, perhaps for an indefinite period, the military strength necessary to prevent World War III . . . It will require us to hold tight to the realization that the numbers of Weapons means nothing, unless We have skilled people to operate themf, Colonel Robert F. Strickland Second Row: TfSgt. R. Guthrie, SfSgt. J. Flanagang SfSgt. R. Chappellg MfSgt. VV. Biagi. Front Row: Lt. H. Dushame, Jr.g Capt. K. Neuenschwanderg Col. R. Stricklandg Major L. Kwollmeyerg Lt. 0. Greynolds. RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS - AIR FORCE - 272 OFFICERS and STAFF SECOND A YEAR ADVANCED Second Row: R. Yvincrg R. Fitzgcraldg R. Gallagherg P. Trusscllg S. Shapiro. Front Row: R. Grenierg L. Imrieg J. Mitchellg F. Kelleyg A. Englishg S. Smith. Third Rout L. Shnttuc-kg L. Sc-huelerg F. Adlcyg L. Cohen: J. Colpittsg C. Grantg H. Fawcett. Sevrnzrl Ifozv: P. Bakkcg R. Josephsg H. Moirg J. Lihlmyg J. Holbrookg G. Slmgreug J. F2ll'I'il1gtOllQ A. Yau Hnllg A. Gropmnng N. 'l'rincl1itcllag G. Col- burng S. Turshoug D. Holmosg P. Stankiewivzg K. Hold. 273 FiRST YEAR ADVANCED l W' ' ' ' ii" ' SCABBARD AND BLADE All-University Prof. French presents the Hubbard-Lane Trophy. Third Row: G. Colburng R. Spargog VV. Holderg A. Gustaitisg R. Frankling S. Nicollg B. ltfanevitchg W. Dolbierg R VVheelcrg R. Gulloti. Second How: A. Rubing R. Andersong S. ltligdoleg VV. Hallg J. Scaliag S. Basking R. Lurnnahg S. Tract M. Schooncrg A. Adrcani. Absent: K. Andersong R. Bardwell, lst Sgt.: T. Broderickg J. Colpittsg J. Curting V. DaPrato E. Ginng J. Gordong D. Holmesg A. Johnsong A. LoC0nteg R. lNIacLcodg C. Nashawatyg P. Roesselg R. Rollerg K. Salatheg R. Saltzbergg A. Sarvig A. Schmithg YV. Sheafeg R. Strovink, Sgt.-at-Armsg S. Tractg A. VVinchcllg F. Zcytoonjian. Company K, 6th Reginient of the National Honorary llfilitary Society of Sc-ahharcl anal lilarle enjoyed an- other great year at Boston Vniversity. The fine staff of officers incluclexl Randall Pike, Captaing Douglas Bren- nan, lst Lt.: J. Robert lloohar, Qncl l.t.g Richarcl Barcl- well, lst Sgtg Robert Stroviuk, Sgt.-at-Arnisg anfl lst Lt. lYillia1n Ciccolo, tv. S. A., Aflvisor. Txventy-nine pledges were tapped into the hrotherhooml by the Coecl Colonel at the Military Ball, the highlight of the ycar's activities. Sf-ahharml anrl Blade perfornieml inany serv- ices during the year such as turning the annual "Hell,' night into "Help" night, marching in parades, and pro- vicliug honor guarfls for certain Boston lvniversity functions. As usual, the final event of the year was the Gohl Bar Banquet at which the senior brothers received their Qncl Lt. bars. Cadets O,Donovan and Winehell escort the Co-cd Colonel. 275 Front Row: E. Schlarg T. 0'Donovang R. Pike, Captainj Lt. VV. Ciccolo, Ad11i.s'o1',' D. Brennan, lst Lt.g R. Boobar, Qd Lt., x Fifth Row: YV. Dolbierg E. Manginig R. Schisholmg M. Thong C. Spiegelg S. Duddyg VV. lVIcGraneg G. Nissenbaumg S Pikeg E. Sadowg S. Carterg R. Cliftong A. llloraska. Fourth Row: E. VVilliamsg G. Schaubg A. Vlissg I. Johnsong G. Labo- vitzg R. Kelleyg B. Thomsoug H. Goldbergg BI. Loweg G. Hooverg J. Glcnnong V. Kirnenisg G. Prentissg R. Clevelandg S lNIcNiffg T. Harris. Third How: D. Ornang VV. Holderg J. Newellg A. lNIacQuarrieg H. Austerg T. Broderickg S. Labellg A Harrimang P. lvestg C. Chisholrug C. Carusog F. Smerczynskig E. Russellg R. Horneg T. Grayg J. Valerag SFC R. Pem- berton. Second Row: VV. Dolbier, Special Services Qfccrg R. Vllheeler, Finance and Supply Officer: N. Trinchitella, Pl0,' T Rimer, Adjutantg J. Farrington, Executive Ojicerg Capt. A. Rutherford, Advisory M. Schooner, Commanding Qjicerg Capt K. Neuenschwander, Advisorg T. O'Donovan, Operations Qficerg A. Sarvi, Drill Qficerg R. Franklin, Pledge Training Of- jicerg A. Farrington, First Sergeantg P. Kehoe. Front lfow: P. Jacksong C. Banksg B. Tylcrg P. lllerlg B. Aclamsg C. llloscag J. Gentileg E. Ching J. Held. PERSHING RIFLES All-University Third Row: N. Trinchitellag S. Tursheng P. Stankiewiczg G. Shogreng D. Coheng S. Smithg A. Holbrookg J. llfitchellg A. Gropmang L. Shattuck. Second Row: P. Bakkcg A. Van Hallg H. Fawcettg C. Grantg J. Libbyg R. Josephsg S. Shapirog J. Brusiloffg K. Held. Front Row: L. Imrie, Comptrollerg R. VVi11er, Adjutant-Recorderg R. Gallagherg lst Lt. H. Dushamc, Advisory P. Trussell, Squadron Commanderg R. Grenier, Operations Ojicerg R. Fitzgeraldg F. Kelley. 276 ARNOLD AIR SOCIET All-University SCCIAL ATHLETICS SERVICE 1,.,,- .,A. N, , ..-. ..- ALPHA PHI OMEGA All-University Third Row: J. Cohen, F. Shermang J. Cumming, L. VVhiteg F. Limberg P. Spivag G. Cleavesg BI. Goldmang R. Costag B. Ceriereg G. Cleavesg T. Kenedi. Second Row: C. Bartlett, A. Rosenberg, J. Lewis, R. Norton, R. Frongellog P. Richter, C. Ladd, P. VVheelerg R. Caillerg T. O'Donovang P. Beltzg J. Perlmuterg R. Hoar. Front Row: F. Khourig P. VVeaver, Secretary, E. Simmonds, Alumni Secretaryg lVIr. E. Bryant, Advisor, VV. Holder, President, Nfr. E. Floyd, Advisor,' D. Hines, S. Druckg D. Kent, Treasurer. Abseni: R. Hall, Recording Secretary, R. Blastrangelo, Service Vice- Pre.sideni,' A. lN1cAlear, Pledge Vice-President. Alpha Phi Omega, the menis service fraternity at the University, embodies four fields of activity: service to youth and community, service 'to members of the fra- ternity, service to the nation as participating citizens, and service to the student body and faculty. Being a service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega crosses all lines of honorary, social, and professional fraternities. The purpose of Alpha Phi Omega is to assemble college men in the fellowship of the Scout Oath and Law, to develop friendship, and to promote service to humanity. Services performed during the past year by Alpha Phi Omega include: HUgly llfan on Campusi' contest, "Bounce B.C.,' rally, International Students, Day, Founders' Day, transfer orientation, ushering at Uni- versity functions, and soliciting funds for charitable agencies. 278 Service-on display The "new" pledges 'B' Lia WAY? +. ' -1: asia .5 73, . e.w11"- an Me. 16 C' 'vm i GAMMA DELTA College of Liberal Arfs Piz-Iured: RI. Kaneg P. Maule, Pre.vz'1lcnf,' C. Griffin, Vice-President B. Cavanaugh, Publicity Chairman. Absent: Miss E. Shuhany, .4dl'l.SOT,' B. DeCost:1, Sf'rr0iary,' L. Si'll2lC'lllCI', Treasurer. vw gf! 1.5256 Iwi? V- is fiiyizmfze : i Pz'cz'ured.' A. Kazairiml, Trcas11rer,' M. Boujicanimi, Sccreiaryg A. Ishkaniam, 1Jl'!'NI'Ilc"IIf,' M. Solukiun, Ser-rfftary. .vibsent D. Agl1azari:u1gR. .Xvzikiznlg Il. f'lionImji:mg A. lirsherg H. Kourujiang A. Jzmjigizmg I".Kmirlusl1i:mg J. K:1sp0ri:111gY. Khoclm- flOOI'lElIlQ V. Der Nlaniiiliang ll. lLllSSl21llQ R. Samooriang II. Samooriaug R. Slmpuzizmg M. Topjiang YY. Vurtzmiang J. Ycramismg F. Zeytoonjizm. u Q79 ARMENIAN CLUB All-University WIVES CLUB School of Medicine Third Row: B. Zonisg D. Quintilianig B. Kelleyg D. Wong, L. White, A. Hastingsg K. Walkerg M. Colson. Second Row: A. Cates, A. Hecht, M. Belzerg 0. Muellerg J. Weingarteng E. Hoveyg S. Isaacsg B. Cabeceuras. Front Row: D. McAuleyg J. Alfenito, Secretaryg C. Learmonth, Vice-President, M. Kurkjian, President: L. Lucas, Secretaryg S. Muirhead, Treasurer, B. Van Orman. Absent: N. Alleng R. Evjyg N. Leventhalg A. Quintilianig J. Robbins, R. Smith, B. Woodman. Executive Committee: H. Goldberg, Prewdentg P. Bernstein, Vice-Presidentg E. Bryson, Secretary, B. Lee, Treasurerg B. Cerierg R. Mastrangelog R. Ross. YOUNG REPUBLICAN All-University 280 WOMEN'S RIFLE TEAM All-University Second Row: B. Ehrlicllg B. lVIcAr0yg U. YVilsong J. Hculcyg L. Coypolag L. Iibeling. Front Row: BI. Copcnhavcr, Junior Uaptaing J. Scarpitti, Trcasurcrg M. Hull, Secretaryg SFC R. Pcmlxcrton, Advisory J. Ilcicltnum, Scnior Uaptaing F, Carlmonc, Publicity Qfcerg A. Kilnrlis. Absenf.' N. Audrewsg M. Artusg Nl. Bnrtllg E. Bloomg R. Cz1iru'gS. Cunuiughamg A. De-Nntalcg D. DiS:1lvog K. Dwyerg B. Epstciug B. Foitg R. Guthriog C'. llzngzmmng B. Hohucsg L. Korwc-kg G. Laffertg H. Leighg N. Lognwitzg BI. llillerg P. Millcttg J. BIOXIIHIHIIQ D. Roulstong Ii. Skirlmllg BI. Spilluncg Ii. Swcc-tg BI. Visconteg C. Wclwrg R. xYClSS11lilIl. WOMEN'S " . RECREATION Q' ASSCCIATICN Sargent College -4-Q' 'CAI I Second Row: A. Merlueg L. Bianchini, Freshman Ifepresentativfrg C. lVlusl1ior. Front Row: J. Phelps, Vive-President: BI. M II T Nl 'NI 'llrtg D. Mc-Kecg P. McNally, Prvsidentj Assoc. Professor G. Schuyler, Advisor. Absmt: . again, reasurer: . . . an c l Toolin, Secretary. 281 SAILING CLU B All-University Third Row: F. Vohrg S. Groheg R. Lebowichg F. Rowleyg E. Broderickg D. Bishopg J. Gallagherg V. Buttarazzi. Second Row: R. Edstromg B. Ortmang M. Coheng H. Ekelsg R. Lathropg A. Polcarig A. Millerg A. DeNatale. Front Row: H. Brown, Team Captain: W. Everestg A. Maguire, Secretary: E. Birch, Vice-Commodoreg Mr. E. Bryant, Advisor: A. Fearn, Commo- doreg E. Sweetg J. Buckingham. Absent: J. Gordon, Treasurer. ff '-7 GREEK WCJRLD INTERFRATERNITY CONFERENCE Third Row: D. McDermott, H. lNIcQuaidg J. lNIcDevittg T. Crowdisg H. Garfinkelg E. Siegalg J. Dlahoneyg P. Roesselg R. Degenhardtg D. 1NIcDuHieg P. Kehoeg R. Flynng R. Josephs, R. Boltax. Second Row: B. Galitzgll. Kozakg C. Zelinskyg D. Dill, N. B1organgVV. Priestleyg R. Rosenberg' u R. Faing R. Kroppg T. Etreg A. Stern. Front Row: R. ltlazzueotellig R. Fariellog H. Taubing F. Zeytoonjian, T reasurerg R. Reimann, Vice-Speaker: R. F inger, Spealrerj L. Irnrie, Secretaryg D. Brennen, Corresponding Secretaryg H. Galling J. Colpitts. The Interfraternity Conference consists of thirteen member fraternities and represents over 650 fraternity men at Boston University. The functions of the Con- ference are to govern the fraternities and to represent them as one body to the University. This past year will be Well remembered by the men of the Greek Wlorld as one in which I.F.C. renewed again its close relationship with the University Administra- tion. One.of the major innovations in fraternity affairs Phi Alpha Serenades Charlesgate was the highly successful second semester rushing pro- gram, under Which freshman were delayed from rushing or pledging fraternities until the latter half of their freshman year. lxfore than 400 students registered for the formal rushing program. ltfany public service and school projects were put in motion this year, such as services to the Boston Associ- ation for Retarded Children, the Heart Fund, and Help VVeek activities for pledges. The Greek VVeek, the high- light of the fraternity social season, was one of the many events that contributed to a highly successful fraternity year. 284 Sig Ep ushers in football. The Brothers of Zeta Deuteron chapter of Alpha Epsi- lon Pi, celebrating its second year in thc new house, certainly had a memorable year, scholastically, ath- letically and socially. Once again the AEPi's were prominent in campus aHairs: Co-captain of the Boston Ivniversity football team, President of the B.U. Booster Club, President of the Marketing Society, President of thc C.L.A. Junior class, the fraternity was also Well- represented on campus in student government, Scarlet Key, Brotherhood Council, Lock, and various sports such as the football, baseball, rifle, and soccer teams. In I.F.C. intramural athletics, AEPi again held its own against all competition. AEPVS 'Calypso Eightn Highlights of the year were The Greek Ball XVeekend W and the AEPi Spring Formal-as well as the Parentas VVeekend, acquainting them with the Ways of brother- hood, bringing parents from near and far. Our theme parties included the Sputnick party, the Beach party, Casino Night, Hobo party, Calypso party and many others. Third Row: R. Rosenthal, A. Freedman, A. Goldstein, G. Sherman, A. Podalsky, J. Rosenberg. Second Row: A. Giblcy, BI. Singer, B. Krantz, BI. Ross, A. Zack, H. Cohen, H. Rottenberg, G. Sacks, D. Rosenberg, R. Brown. Front Row: H. Fishman, Exchequer, K. Kolman, Lt. Blaster, L. Cohen, Master, P. Selig, Scribe, B. Fain. Absent: Professor L. Trowbridge, Advisor, S. Adamsky, P. Alpert, E. Altman, R. Asnes, B. Bebchick, D. Berman, A. Bluestein, A. Feldman, BI. Glazer, C. Husick, H. Kahn, K. Kalman, H. Libow, S. Phillips, A. Pines, S. Ratner, M. Richards, R. Study h0U1'S at 203 Bay State Schwartz, R. Shapiro, E. Seigal, G. Sneiderg L. Vinecour. ni V1 M +3 . 'V li 5 quam. o 00 0 .9 3 nut Or 5 0,00 0 0 'J 0-11050 9 285 AK W J' Third Row: E. Kendrickg J. Drumgoolg R. VVebberg R. Chalmersg J. Riggiog H. VVrightg D. Dillg S. Holmesg D. ltlathewsong J. lTeMahong R. Dupont. Second Row: E. O'Neillg F. Sheridang J Colpittsg C. Fullerg R. Reimanng N. Greinerg P. Bassettg J. Duffyg C. Campbellg T. Losekg R. Grahamg 0. Wlebbg J. Fleming. Front Row: P. Noccag J. lVIahoneyg R. Bingham, Vice-President J. Mulkeen, Presidentg R. lXIacDonald, Secretaryg R. Bardwell, Treasurerg T. Ackerg lNI. Kennedy Absent: lNIr. D. McB1'ie11, Advisor: C. Bushg J. Coffeyg S. Couttsg D. Doaneg R. Giffordg R. Kelleyg T. ltlarinosg A. McCarthyg J. lNIeGranachang E. Nelsong J. Pattersong J. lVIoynahang E. Picone' D. Ryderg A. Strongg F. Tillotsong E. VVallaceg G. Wialwood. s Another year has ended and another great year with the AKPsi,s has come and gone. Fraternity spirit pre- vails abundantly in this social-professional group led by President Jack hfulkeen. The first chapter was or- ganized at New York University in 1904g Nu Chapter here at BIU. came into being m 1916. The brotherhood, Bewaregthe Alums are back! today as in yesteryears, gains much from our status as a professional fraternity, as we receive instruction and experience from the well-known men of state and na- tional prominence in the business world who come to 181 to oder their views on matters of importance. And as we look back, we can well remember some of the events that made our social calendar the most varied and interesting on campus: buHet suppers after the games, many costume parties and informal affairs! and, of course, all this was topped off by the Spring VVeekend, which included the formal, the beach party, the Senior party, and the Senior Demit and installation of new odicers. Now you can see that things are done at Alpha Kappa Psi as only our fraternity-"then fra- t 't '- ' ld d th . . ernl y on Campub W Ou O em Greetings from the King! 286 ALPHA it it X i'1 li' l 2 l il ii L 'itil iq' 1 it it . 'ill f 4 f i Q . X ll KL ll' i E 359 II A 2. .Al f ' fl I sl , 'ii , 1 . 6 . L 1 N ll? If - 'fl In , , f Executive Council of Phi Siginzi Colony 'lflio ,Xlphzi Club was fonntlcfl in Svptcniher, 15156, ut Boston lvniyorsity lay Sl'V0l'2ll stutlt-nts whose lllllllliilt' olmjtwlivv was to vstulmlisli zi nzitionul fraitvrnity on Cillll- pus. In pursuit of this goal thc .Xlplizi Vlub ix-1-1-iitly aiffilizitt-rl with Phi Signizi Ili-lm National Frzitt-rnity. Um' pvtition for volony status was upprovctl hy thv 'llriplc fl0IIlllllllCl' ol' tht- Slllfllxlll-l'litK'llllj' Asscinlily in JiilllI2lt"Y, l958, Alpha Vlulm then lJCl'0llllIlg Phi Siginzi Colony. During thc past foothzill season, thc liitcr-Fmtt-i'iiity COIll:0I'0IlK'l' sclcctc-ml Phi Sigma Volony to lcaul tho Grvcli lYorl1l's Nlzirvh :it Fit-tel tltlI'lllg' C9I'0lIl0lll0S p1'e-1-onliiig the Holy Vross :incl Boston Collogo guinos. This honor 1'Q11tlci't-tl to Phi Siginzi Volony is inclivzitivc of both Phi Sig's iiic-I1-usiiig' staturc on czunpus :intl tho recrcptivt- attitude of l5.l'.'s Grevk lYorlrl towzircl now fi'atci'liitivs. The iiiciiilmcrs of Phi Sigma Colony liaivo been deriving inc-rczisiiig satisfactioii in witnessing thc-ir estzihlisli- incnt, :is ai new frzitt-riiity-ai fraternity which proniisvs to be not only lasting, but also active in the Fraternity llvorlcl :it lilv. Sfwnui ltouv: ll. thilzitzg J. Carncvult-g R. Pcttipuwg S. Pletchcrg R. C'li:iinpngneg R. Pairkorg H Gilhcrtg E. Dong. Vicc'-Presz'dmzt,' R. nnin, Treaszmm' Front Rolf: Ci. Kozzikg T. Eiscnstzult, Sc'rz'be,' J. Hoy, I"rf'.s'idenI,' S. Knntrovitz li, Cooneyg D. Foxg J. Godinhog P. Messing. 0 Colony of COLONY Phi Sigma Delta Q87 Luhitz, Sm-rrlury,' Ii. Pastorr. i'lI1.s-mf: Reverend John Nell, .'ldrz'.vor,' S. Heber- .1 .nf 5 lf,-1 .QJ .,.. 1 5. - f QM, Q 1 'Qi' Fourth Row: R. Dussickg W. Swindellg L. Kelleyg E. McCruddeng T. Polkg P. West. Third Row: R. Horneg D. Talbertg F. Marinog A. Girhinyg R. Kelleyg VV. Calthorpe. Second Row: D. Morang E. Russellg D. Fergusong C. Gerrishg D. Murrayg W. Cianog C. Brown. F rout Row: J. Aseltineg R. Lumnah, Treasurerg R. Flynn, Senior Vice-Presidentg D. Brennen, Presidentg R. Wheeler, Vice- Presidentg V. Nocca, Secretaryg S. 0stroH. Absent: Professor C. Everberg, Advisor: W. Adamson, S. Bergerg C. Comerfordg J. Deang J. DeLorenzog T. Eylesg B. Flynng L. Gatchellg P. Kehoeg E. Paulauskasg R. Pitrnang N. Trinchitellag C. White. The International Fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi, a pro- fessional fraternity in the field of business administra- tion and commerce, was founded at New York Uni- versity in 1907. Its purpose is to foster the study of businessg to encourage scholarship, social activity, and the association of students for their mutual advance- ment by research and practiceg to promote closer affil- iation between the commercial World and students of commerceg and to further a higher standard of business ethics and culture. Gamma Chapter was founded here in 1916. Each year, We present the Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key to the highest ranking senior in C.B.A.g the Key Scroll hangs in the C.B.A. Library. Recent Achievements: gaining our recognition from S.F.A., and having many brothers in high leadership positions in the University. Next September, Gamma will host the Eastern Regional Convention. Discussing Chapter politics 288 Dinner for Professor Everberg 'Q Kilmitzing ill the card room In Kappa Pl1i, ill Kappa Plll . .. Kappa Phi Alpl1a celebrated its 81st anniversary last Fall with its finest IIOINCC0llllI1g in nearly a rleeamle, anrl till' fraternity went on to one of its best years in 1957-58. Brothers helrl office ancl helongerl to such organiza- tio11s as the UVB, Student f'l11'istian Association, New- 1112111 f'l11b, .AI'Il0lIl Air Soc-iety, and Dc-Alolay, to make Kappa Phi Alpha a 6iYVQll-l'0lll1IlCfl,, f1'at,e1'nity. Memories of . . . li0lll',S weclcling . . . Dick Icle, Don Conracli, and Torn Durkin lDCCOllllIlg' clachlies . . . New Xv0i1l'lS live . . . tl1e 100th lIlt'0llIlg of Alpha Chapter . . . Alpha Gannna Delta ancl l5.'l'.t' .... Roe and clll2ll'll0'S pail . . . the HlfONVZlI'ilS,l . . . Vlyclefs ? room . . . "l"a11gH anrl "Barefoot Contessaw . . . engagements and pinnings . . . HgAI'I10ltl Air Foreev anml "Peter l'1'ep School" . . . Kelly's . . . llal's . . . NC01ll1Et11l, Meclforcl, ancl Park Drive . . . "Nepeo" and "Sp11tnik,' . . . As Vasa 1069 hicls aclieu to Steve, Tom, Fred, Joe, Roy, Bill, Wvalt, and Sandy, Kappa Phi Alpha says goorl-bye to 1069 Beacon Street anfl looks forwarrl to COIltllll10ll sueeess in its new premises i11 Septernher. Third Row: R. Hopper, VV. Kellyg R. Pellcrin. Second How: C. Jonesg R. Frankg D. Conradig J Mulleng J. Canavang VV. Dfulhallg B. Northrupg F. Hilfikerg J. Salloway. Front Row: J. McDevitt Secretary: I.. Shattuck, Viz-0-Presidenl,' T. Crowdis, President, YY. Jones, Treasurerg R. James Jlentorj C. Proch, Sentinel. Ab.s'ent: Dr. Glanz, Advisorg A. Bishopg S. Crawfordg T. Durking S Weinreb. ,wma Bea 0 0q,.Uo ilgfgflzwf 'L 'A , A14 f I - ,. A ' 0199 A 1 IN 0 WA XXA.-. IFVIW' :mi-I fy? if ,Xfi- Thzrrl Hou R Cassani P Roessel R Iathrop H Chard R lxolmo R Bye W Ierome A 'lhonison R Nelson D Lgee Second Row R Lang R Dim R Degenhardt II MacDonald R Dupuis W Raeder II Pxtrnk VY Bemenuto G Notirnntonio R Black D bufllllblllk Ifrant Row T Day SotzalCha1rman A Lhurbuck Treasurer VN Bergmann Secretary VW Jen sen President L. Imrie Vice-President' I. Sislane' K. Hummel. Absent: Coach J. Newsworthy Advisor' It Chiera' J. Cress' C . 1 reen' WV. Hollingsworth' B. Koslor' R. Marquis' VW. lNIcLaugh ling R. Nardellag E. Prebolag M. Sottileg C. Wanoskyg D. Wilson. "High Cookf' "lVheel them and deal them once around to Nlariof, "Boom BOOlI1,S Trophyf, "Dirty lllouthn and "BIountfort Strectw-Lambda Chi Alpha, the larg- est social fraternity in the world, got its start at Boston University in 1909. VVhen the groundwork was laid then, strength, tradition and culture were the words that were used to describe Lambda Chi. Today, these Words are the only ones that can best exemplify the fraternity. On the campus of Boston University, Lambda Chi Alpha has continued to maintain a position of leader- ship in the fraternity world and in all University activi- ties. In intramural athletics we have always fielded a team and usually a winning one. In 1957 the Lambda Chi's Won the I.F.C. and University championship in football. Although we lost in the basketball play-offs, in hockey We Won the I.F.C. championship. 1957 was a strong year. In 1958 the fraternity again showed stu- dent, fraternal and University leadership, exemplifying .a for all the University that the boys in the straw hats will --V always carry out the Lambda Chi traditions. ifs. .. The great Mickey Cochrane arrives for Homecoming! 290 as fi? lj e, See you at the house . . ." - ' For Pi Sigma this has been a year of firsts: our new house, our first flag and newly designed emblem, the Interfraternity Conference, University fraternity activ- ities . . . Those moments remembered . . . lst prize in the float parade, our Annual Ball, art demonstration, open house and success in intramural sports. Wlell-represented in campus activities, such as Stu- dent Government, Student Development, SFA and many others, the fraternity shows its interest in the University. In varsity sports fraternity members par- ticipated outstandingly in track CLarryD, soccer Qliillj, skiing Olikej and cheerleading QTedD. The fraternity members with a common interest in the professional arts have shown their capabilities in this direction in the Conference of the Arts Exhibition, exhibits of student Work at S.F.A.A. and in numerous M'-'Y gr, , ,.p.f V . Q ' . . . . ktil a p Y 5 . ekjgsi f pieces of commercial work done for organizations of the eesr r -' ' . . . e,.,e e g University, such as the Drama Club, with the most out- standin achievement havin been the desi nm of the f if , , Q ., University at Home flag. :,,.w,,.f+r1, E E: . -s-v-s: - " f ' MW' " Mae: Q - iff: . -:-pu. SMLY' L 1 .I . 'km -" Q Second Row: '1. Kagilieryg I. Segal, M. Wallaceg S. hdelstelng L. Cafarellag E. Dyer, Jrg R. Bell , "" R. Erickson. Front Row: G. Guilbeault, Recording Secretary, D. Pillsbury, Treasurerg V. Pitzx, f"i' ,R 'A " ' 'I President, R. Fariello, Vice Presidentg E. Regenthal, Corresponding Secretary. Absent: Mr. J. Otti Let S not get Caffled away! ano, Advisorg R. Mazzucotellig W. Robinsong R. Vocig J. Wyatt. -cf, -we fi Al WZ 4' G 303130 onooeo'J Fourth Row: J. Larkeyg J. Lippeg A. Zaffg M. Zukermang M. Roazeng J. Bankg V. Weinsteing I. Haming J. Lichterstein. Third Row: C. Zelinskyg S. Landowg S. Fenchelg R. Young, M. Freed- mang VV. Kaufmang E. Brauseg A. Gordong H. Garfinkleg S. Flashner. Second Row: C. Feldman, Treasurerj R. Kropp, Secretaryg E. Rudman, Vice-presidentg H. Kumins, M. Glickg A. Traub Front Row: T. Gruberg H. Weiss, I. Berryg L. Moser. Absent: Professor M. Cohen, Faculty Advisor R. Bronsteing A. Coheng S. Cotton, M. Covitzg J. Gelbg P. Goldsmith, M. Gorneyg D. Hodes President: R. Kaseg H. Keonigg G. Koch, Z. Mestelg R. Moring R. Myersg D. Nadlerg S. Niss N. Rossg E. Rothchildg F. Rubin, R. Savageg D. Schumang N. Schwartzg S. Schwartzg N. Silfin M. Smolenskyg D. Spielg H. Staviskyg S. VVeinerg L. Weissg E. Young. Phi Alpha is again enjoying the rewards of a memorable year-a year the brothers are justly proud of. You know of our accomplishments on the athletic field, and how we have participated in student government and sup- ported other activities and projects undertaken by the University and the I.F.C. The honors have been many, too, as we look to our brothers who are members of the Student-Faculty Assembly, Scarlet Key, Delta, Lock, and the various Student Councils-showing that Phi Alpha is Well-represented in all phases of campus life. Our Homecoming Weekend, the Spring Sweetheart Formal, the Pledge Initiation Banquet-these social highlights plus our many unique theme parties made for more success during the year, as Well as much enjoyment. 1 r This is the place! 292 Here comes Phi Alpha! 134 Babcock Street . . . any questions? -. '34-9-"Q If you see a St. Bernard named Gregory trotting around campus, he's none other than Phi Epsilon Pi's new oth- cial escort. If Gregory could talk, he would tell you all about the past year at Phi Epfa year highlighted by such events as the Freshman Tea, Annual Parents Day, Pledge Party, Services at Hillel, ending with the Phi Ep Founders Day Formal. In addition to all this, Gregory wants you to take note of how Phi Epsilon Pi has proven its Willingness to Work for Boston University. llere are some of the brothers who have taken active parts in University activities: Richard Finger served as I.F.C. Speaker and was also on the Executive Committee of SFA . . . in the Boosters Club, Bob Cohen and Phil Aaron were elected to the offices of Vice-President and Treasurer respectively . . . Norman Teich represented the fraternity on the Rally and Float Committees . . . appointed for Service Chair- man for B.U. was Norm Roth . . . and, finally, represent- ing Phi Ep on the NEXYS were Sid Nic-oll, hlanaging Editor, and Peter YW-iss, Sports Editor. NV ,ff .. Fourth How: D. Kowalsky, LI. Deluty, Bl. Nelson, H. Becker, YY. llalpern, N. Zeis, S. Nieoll, H Gallin, F. Yvelenskyg A. Hefter, E. Cohen, M. lNIiller. Third Rmr: J. Cohen, P. Aaron, S. Burg R. Simon, B. YYiland, S. Jablon, P. Roth, C. Aug, P. Waldman, J. Gerber, L. Leventhal, R. Rose- garten. Second Row: A. Winston, lNI. Gluck, G. Kasten, S. Davidson, Iferording Sec'retary,' D Traurig, Vice-S1zperz'or, A. VVasserman, Superior, B. Brodsky, Treasurer, N. Teich, J. Wheeler T. llalione, R. Cohen. Front Row: A. Stern, VV. Lipson, G. Liberman, holding Gregory, DI. King A. Levy, G. Rosen. Absent: Assist. Professor J. McCarthy, Advisor, J. Black, R. Finger, BI Fisher, B. Freedman, BI. Godes, R. Kline, J. Packer, S. Yvallack, P. VVeiss, J. Zucker. o on Q 3 0 by X' 0 0 E1 o 0 o 13000 QEW il i Third Row: D. von Staatsg J. Murphyg J. Girouardg J. Brennang S. VVeinbergg B. Goddardg G DiLeoneg L. Pareg K. Duffyg R. Andersong P. lNIcCue. Second Row: R. Rollerg R. Hamlang E lNIcCollum3 R. Josephsg A. Sheafeg D. lNIeDermottg J. Kenney, R. Talbertg J. Loomisg R. Smith V. Pitoccog D. Beaneg J. lNIahoney. Front Row: P. Cuzzolino: J. Foss, Secretary: R. MacLeod, Vice-President: P. Martinez, President: R. West, Comptrollerg R. Normand, Historiang J. Car- ruthersg L. Woodward. Absent: Professor S. Atkinson, Advisorg A. Beaversg G. Fairbendg J. Fin- nertyg D. Fitzgeraldg R. Hallg T. Hennesseyg J. Mobiusg L. Phelpsg G. Rinaldig F. Zeytoonjian. Mass. Gamma began the school year showing a great deal of promise, and more than lived up to expectations. Who can forget: the annual Homecoming Dance at the Parker House or cheering for the Terriers as they de- feated Holy Cross fthe fact that Brothers Kenney, McDermott, Girouard, Pare and McCue all sported the Scarlet gridiron togs undoubtedly added immeas- urably to the "huzzahs" which rang out at B.U. Field.D? Intramurally, the Sig-Ep football team swept to one of its most impressive seasons. The hockey squad, not to be outdone, proved to be one of the best in Blass. Gamma's seven year history. And how about the Sig-Ep Quartet-Quintet-Sexteb Septet-Octet-remember how no one was ever quite certain exactly how many brothers would be singing until performance time rolled around! All year long, the "Red Capsu were very much in evidence at any and all University functions, ample evidence that "the Sig-Eps are heref' Pres Pete and Queen Judy The Neighbors Tea 294 Now Santa takes over Upstairs at 58 lNIanehester Massachusetts Beta Epsilon Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded at Boston University in April, 1892. Our present Chapter house, at 58 Manchester Road, has stood through thirty-three years of fraternity living, with twenty-three brothers living in at "Old 58" this year. SAE is not only a social fraternity at Bti, but a Service, Campus and Athletic fraternity as well! Our social schedule includes such events as the Ski lVeekend, Sweetheart W'eekend, Pajama Parties, and the annual Christmas party. Each year the students of the Perkins Institute for the Blind are entertained at a party, Elllfl twice a year retarded children are feted, showing SAE's work as a service fraternity and our awareness of our obligations to the community and school. SAE may be seen in every part of the University, par- ticipating in many leadership posts throughout the campus. Look for the brothers on the athletic field, too, for every SAE takes part in some sport, whether intra- Inurally or on the varsity teams. Third Ii'0u': T. hfayherryg P. Augustasg J. Callahang J. lNIcCarthyg VV. Austing I.. Herborgg J. Meifarthyg A. Brosseaug S. Panusg R. Kibber. Second Row: M. Delalesg J. Carney: R. Cutter, D. Greeng S. Stelletellog A. VanHallg E. Stengelg A. Sarveyg R. Blaisg D. Granterg R. Fippingerg R. Browng A. Butlerg C. Haley, C. Noehellag P. Camp, T. Murphyg R. Wvhittierg WV. Arnold. First Row. C. Pageg B. Brown, Recorder: R. lwazzolag H. MeQuaidgVV. Priestley, Archon,'W. Beardsley, Deputy Archon: VV. lworan, Treasurer: T. Etreg J. Donovan, Correspondent. Absent: Mr. B. Bene- diet, Advisor: H. Adamiang K. Agnellog C. Aherng LI. Benwareg E. Courtelisg G. Lamareauxg D. Lumbertg VV. Mefiinng J. Meltlanng H. Perkins, N. Perkinsg A. Peterson, B. Taylor: S. VVhite. LX 295 TE Fourth Row: J. Brusilotfg N. Liebowg J. Rlaring S. ltosenbergg S. Tnrsheng I. Waldman, K. Kelmanson. Third Row: D. VVeinsteing M. Harmong N. hlorgan: J. Knmensg E. ltcinsdorf' J. Sehwartzg A. Prives: VV. Sugarmang F. Wolf, P. Polishookg D. Stcngalg J. Katz. Second Hour: Professor A. Beckwith, .-1fIz'1'sor,' H. Markowitz, .llrmber-at-Large,' ll, Tzinhin, Historz'au,' G. Smith C'hanceNor,' S. Smith, Vim'-ClzanceI1or,' R.. Rasher, Sc'r1'b0,' F. lvolf, IVIITIIUII. Front Ifmr: S. Davisg BI. Weberg R. Effensong li. Grodzinskyg B. Segal, D. Kontoff. TEP celebrated its 41st year on campus, and it certainly Was a memorable one, socially, athletically and academ- ically. Once again TEP's were leaders on campus . . . Business llanager, Advertising hlanager, and Assistant Business hlanager on the B.U. News, Co-ordinating Editor, Business Manager, Advertising Blanager, and Circulation hlanager on the HUB, Vice-President and Newsletter Editor of the Drama Club, and active mem- bers of Lock, TBIE, Scarlet Key and in XYho's NYho. Looking back . . . memories of a Wonderful year . . Watching the football games in the rain and snow . . . Welcoming the old men back for Homecoming at New England llutual Hall, winning the runner-up trophy in the Chapter of llerit competition at the National Con- vention in hlontreal, Chancellor Smith accepting the IFC Bowling and Decathalon trophies at the Greek Ball, Rushing, the Halloween and Bermuda parties, Chinese food, the Retarded Childrens Fund Auction at Hayden Hall with Stan Richards and Gene Krupa, painting the house, the Pledge Party, those Water fights in the spring, Parents Day, TEP weekend, cramming for finals, and finally-Graduation. zms me oven 00.0 0900 e1-9 af: 0 !0 The "Auction hy the Stars" 35 . in recognition of . . .M Tau Kappa was established at Boston lfniversity, first asa C'l12lIJ10l'0f'11l10tii Delta Chi, in 1877. It was reorgan- izecl on a local basis in 191Q, assuming its oflic-ial name its original character clesignation of Lambda. Lambda Fraternity initially clrew its membership ex- clusively from the College of Liberal Arts, but later changed to an All-University fraternity. In April, 1956, Lambda reorganized as the Tau Ulub of Boston University, its purpose being an eventual re- union with Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity. Affiliation with Teke was granted in November, 1957, and in Jan- uary, 1958, the Tau Club became Tau Kappa Colony, having rec-eiveml approval from the Student-Faculty Teko Dinner Assembly Triple Committee. Still climbing the laclrler, Tau Kappa Volony hopes lo attain its final goalfthat of being on chapter status with Tau Kappa Epsilon. Scronrl Row: D. Reddyg R. Orlanmliz WV. Becker, Treasurerg R. Segalg R. Gordon. Front lfouv: I.. Orlanrlig M. Mazerg A. Kaplan, Vive-l'rr'sfdcntg D. lllelluftie, l'rf'side1zt: S. lilarshg P. Millsteing ll. llll11'lllllSOIlQ S. Vozzella, Srervlrlry. .-lbscnf: llr. D. Blaekett, fl1lv1'sor,' M. Anteskig A. Browne' lt. Boltax: ll. Cliaulkg D. Cherlekel: l". Cox: J. Crosby, C. lfnnnanuelg YY. Feinberg: -1. Gorrlon' - S. flrossinang D. Handler, J. llettronz T. Herman, HI. llurwitzg A. Kaplang B. Katzg G. Katz: R. Killiang li. MacKi1lopg J. Poclbielskig R. Resnick, E. Sillltlljltllll M. Saranovitzg R. Slll1StCI'l 0,1 the 'folic lrlmlt with Gerry Nl. Siparskyg Bl. Smitlig J. Zimmern. a Colony of Tau Kappa Epsilon 1 297 Q PANHELLENIC CONFERENCE All-University Thifd ROW: B- Huntressz B. Cavanaghg I. Cantelrnig P. King, NI. Morris, T. Friedman, S. Barber J. Coles. Second Row: M. Rosen, R. Kramer, F. Accortog P. VVestg E. Chizookg A. Jacobsen, si Jones, M. Squires, M. Lipkind. Front Row: T. Mantyg C. Johnson, F. Gaeta, Member-at-Large M. Copenhaver, President' Dean E. Melville, Advisor' P Rile T reasurer' E. Moore S - : ' , - Y, ' , , . Clark. Absent: Bliss J. Holmes, Advisory C. Barr, P. BottaigA. Cossartg J. Dereyg E. Doctoroffg R. Florence, L. Gavianig L. Geller, J. Heath, N. Johnson, P. Liebmang M. Maceyg A. Maloofg E Martino, J. lNIaskwag J. lVIooreg N. lilurdockg C. Nedderg J. Palmerg J. Passerog M. Sabonecki A. Sherman, J. Sullivan. The Panhellenic Conference is the governing body and the sounding board for the sixteen sororities at Boston University. Three of the sororities are local and thirteen of them are national with affiliated groups at other universities and colleges. The functions and duties of the Panhellenic Confer- ence are: to help the sororities operate on a dignified, cooperative, and fair level, to maintain high social and scholastic standards, to act as a sounding board for so- rority, inter-sorority and university affairs, to compile rules which govern the sororities in rushing and pledg- ing, and to promote cooperation and a spirit of fellow- ship and service. Each year the Panhellenic Conference sponsors and! or participates in the Panhellenic Sing, the Greek Week, service projects, and an All-University Rushing Pro- gram, as Well as a number of activities in cooperation with other organizations at Boston University. , The KKG House Party 298 The Tri-Delta Winning Team Singing at the Mother-Daughter Tea i Nu Chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta will remember 1957-58 as a year of aehievement, fraternal spirit and fun. How could we forget House Party at Katy's with spaghetti at 4 0'eloek Cin the morningl, summer head- quarters at 3 Buswell, our sense of ac-eomplishment when We pledged eight fabulous girls during informal rushing, and the light in the eyes of the eerebral palsied children and the lump in our hearts when we took three of them to the U Conn game? These are only a few of the many memories Cranging from altruistic: Work to formalsj that bind the sisters of Alpha Gamma Delta even closer. The fact that the AGIYS Won top honors University- Wise for sorority seholarship might have turned us to the books again, but we did manage a very sueeessful Game Night to raise money for our Altruistie Project. lYith vacation and our Winter House Party behind us, We swung into our increasingly active year on cam- pus. But important and ever memorable to all the sisters was our annual Feast of Roses and the nostalgia of earlier years at the Senior Banquet-beautiful events to round out the year. T4 A, , f Third Row: J. Swensong D. Sophiosg J. Malatestag J. Van Haelst. Scemzd Roux' F. Steeleg J. Grindell 4 N. Blakeg J. llahoney. Front Roux' F. Gaeta, Treasz1rer,' BI. Reid, Sccrctaryg BI. Squires, President 'fi S. Barber, Vice-Presz'dent,' K. Martin. Absent: Miss P. Connors, Advisorg A. Antlionyg N. Buckley The January Initiates E' Com tneyg F. Jenkins. AFA 'ax f T. 9 sbgfffe, .11 519. 299 fl Second Row: A. Swaderg C. lllaynardg BI. BI:-Kelbeyg V. Ustrandg J. Prban. Front Row: P. Reedg B. Olson, Treasurerg F. Aeeorto, President P. Riley, Recording Serretaryg A. Sannella. Absent: C. Barrg S. Braeeg B. Brunog P. Denk, Corresponding Secretaryg R. Dewtong D. Dishmakerg N. Eng- gren, Vice-President: E. Evansg J, Freemang E. Goodhueg lll. Hallg E. Harveyg BI. Kramerg J. Moseleyg N. O,Brieng J. 0'Neilg K. Rauserg P. Roderick. Delta Chapter of Gamma Phi Beta has been an active sorority at Boston University since its establishment here in 1887. The Gamma Phi's year has certainly been filled with many activitiesg among them is our annual Christmas project, for which we collected toys for a re- tarded ehildren's hospital. Bowl ,cm Over Even with all the exciting and rewarding things that happen to the Gamma Phi,s throughout the year, there is nothing quite like the thrills of our Carnation Ball held in the Springwand then-House Party. Our memo- ries of Gamma Phi and the lasting friendships made 1? gow , are the things we will certainly keep long after gradua- ' A P tion. Girls, remember how the wind blew when we left Cambridge for the Float Parade? This Way to Gamma Phi. 300 fgyx 'Agn' l-Jr--fi Av' J"l I N I g ' 6 aiigihgq Q-i 1 'Pri-Delta Varsity Polishing away a Saturday morning Z Delta Delta Delta combined our talent aml initiative this year to make our every function, from the most for- mal tea, lo the most grueling football practice, a well- qualifierl success. IzCII1CIlll70I'?7lt was 280 and from thc locker rooms the UI,CV2lSliltlllg' l7elta's,', coached by Kathi Collins and Vhris Arters, fought the "Perilous Pi Pl1i's" to a 6-6 tie in the annual '4PoWcler Puff Bowl." Tri-D1-lta's shining stars on campus :luring the 57258 year illvlllilt' Alareia Copenhaver, presicleut of the Pan- llellenic C0llfCI'0l1l"0 . . . Klarisa Shuamann, canfliclate forthe "Miss l3.ll.,, crown . . . Honey Higgins, Nlarlc- moiselle National College Board member and winner of the National Poetry Association's contest for pub- lication in the Annual Anthology of College Poetry . . . Sandy 'l'ager, llI'L1IIl majorette with the University banfl ...r Xnn Jacobsen, SPRC senior class secretary . . . Sue Jones, C'o-Clhairinan of 'gtfniversity-at-IIonic." Third Ifozr: A. lVluitc-herg BI. Aylingg K. Collinsg A. .lor-olmseng C. Dixong S. Tager. Second Row: C. llewittg li. -lortlanq A. Layerg J. Fraserg S. Suterq M. Vopenllavcr. Front Row: DI. llfarschnerq A. Higgins: P. Smith, Trcaszlrerg Jones, Pre.-mIrnf,' .l. Poles: N. Pickett. Absent: BI. Artusg A. Dynan, fl0l'I'f'S1NI7lIll.I1g Sz-f-retaryg K. Green, ltemrrlfrzg Secretary: S. Leuchsg C. 1IcCartl1yg N. llurryg C. Quimbyg G. Ryang AI, Sliuamanng C. lvenmlall, V1'r'c'-Presiderltg P. Wvolbert. NMA... Second Row: E. Martinog V. Cassarag H. Ondreyiekag C. DeSeenzag hi. Jayg D. Griflfing V. Fullumg J. Tobiag G. VValsh. Front Row: C. Patefieldg A. Tobia, Secretaryg B. Fialkowskig P. King, Pres- ident: F. Carbone, Secretary: J. Heath. Absent: Professor E. Shuhany, Faculty Adrisorg E. Caputig J. Charbonneaug I. Evausg R. Garskag A. Gomes, Trcasurerg hi. Harveyg R. Healey, Viee-P1' dentg P. Hoytg BI. Janasg E. lN1cCloskeyg C. lVIeSweeneyg N. llliller. Eta Chapter of Theta Phi Alpha was founded on our campus in 1921. Those past years have left many mem- ories for former Theta Phiis and traditions for our present sisters, and none will be more cherished than the memories of our activities of this past year. Our newly initiated sisters started their wonderful years to eome in Theta Phi Alpha at a house party at Nantasket Beach. The Calypso trend of the year made our parties rollicking affairs that will never be forgotten. Eat hearty' kids! The biggest thrill of the year came when the Theta Phi,s won first place in the Float Parade. As the Christ- mas season approached, our sisterhood extended greet- VmmVA Z V 'G "'t ings to the orphans at a Christmas party which left us . with tearful memories. il J fif ffii 'ffff Spring came and brought with it our Sing and the 1.? , 9 ii 2 traditional YVhite Rose Ball which warmed our hearts fff h ff as we crowned our Queen. , ,V., , A ' fffii I ff' ft These are just a few of the many occasions that have fft tet- A fi ' 'iil e E been accompanied by the fraternal spirit of the sister- is .i,' P' A A hood. h A .i...1t.-.. Vhe- if lire N Remember House Party at Nantasket 302 -: im The K0's gui lAt Coluitl Holcl thul. Sllllllfl t IVF' ilsri' -' , l .,,. rroir f s . L 'F V-" 5 U ' wagggtgg rw - :Wa ' iw .,,,,,. .ef 1 sw Q w Ex 1 wt .W .4 wo X s :W sm M , 'M ha, A af rf-,Q " i. 'Q ia.-A. t Q ij' gs, Q39 Q ff sv igbwgvwp ku, X , .4 . M 'gl ,sm f 1 ,, fs To , ,Y Q '12 t W ,655 f l for i iw K it R , . 4 A , , K Q I f 1 .gf i 6 ,fi s QQ L fx W My Q 1 Wg 1-Q. if 'W ...lf 5 sf Y wil' X W Q S im 3 S S GK of SS S' J' New f si is K W wwf 1 S.: mists s-if f K 5-,x ,Q xv K 'gs and is K S by if 4 3 5 ..- iwisimvy X . ,L S 'S Mlmim 2 ,S as ,wif S Q sf' at 2 fksfj Q E Q if H S I ,N f 'at ll ss 4 W at ex + -F 33,4 s fs.. , - N f it M i x 'W 'B 'ls 55+ i in Sk 4 is sf J., PEN., i f s ,iw Cr' -Fw ,jf hw. if R R nf Wi,-f 'V ,, 4 'S X aff gi ,Mi ai. W am .. f 'R' ,- J' Kimi ww il i ff f . ..v1s .., , All . -. Q-..E. 4 Q X . Q YN . . . uro still lulking uhout. llouso Party and tho fabulous linlo ovoryono haul all Voluil lnn on tho Vupofbut thou lho your was just hoginning. A inonioruhlc Initiation, wilh its forinzil gowns and lluffot, ul Larz Anderson, onwlocl tho lirsl. of tho your whirl of work pzirtios, informal rushing :tnxl Iloll Night. 'l'hon ozuno Uolohor :intl tho Iluyrimlofzis woll as all tho work clono in pulling :L Float logolhor for llzilly Night. Al C'ln'islinus limo, wo haul :L party for ohilrlron :Ll tho lllorgun lXlK'IIl0I'l2Ll FOllllCl2ll,l0ll Conlot "ff -Santan nuulo ai visit unsl lho ohilclron woro clolighloml. With nioniorios of having jusl won tho trophy for the soooncl oonsooulivo your, tho sislors again pzzllicipzitofl in lho l'unhollonio Sing. Al. our zunnml Silvor Tozi in tho Spring, offioors for lho noxl, your woro installocl, :incl the sistors ulso haul lho opportunity to inoot tho ulunmao :intl puronls. Tho your onflofl on :L wonmlorful nolo: the Doop l'urplo Sonn Forniul, our final sooial ovont of the your. l'l11'r1llfo11'.' f'. Nlosorvog ff Nofhlorg A. llurlzinskig S. Czilulmlop J. Ilussoy. S01-01111 Razr: V. Caruso D. likolllnrlg A. l"orr:n'i: C. Dzlrmlonog li. xvI'2lIlCIllJllI'gll1 H. Boggs. l"ronf1fnu':J. Sluuson, 1fl'f'f1I'!1Z'7Zg Sl'l'I'l'flII'j1,' A. xl2lI'l'llC'f'l, Vff't'-ljftfkllllil7If,' l,. Uuviuni, l,I'l'SfIlll'I1ff N. Collins, Trmsz1ror,' -l. Erwin fllmorzf. l'rol'ossor M. Connolly, l'll1f'IlH.lj ,'lrlz'fsor,' M. Angolo: ll, llll0Ill'lgIll0, fYorrcspo71d1'11f1 Soon' luryg IC. Vhizookg D. Dogtngolisz li. fi21l'g.Zill'0Q ID. Guiclzig J. Bloolig R. Minnig: C. l,2ltitlfll10Q A Gut to get tho float clone! Snioggliuiiog N. Soutorg C'. Sophiosg G. XYilllL'llll2 li. Znyzuly. YQ .54 .14 'Wal "gf 303 li Third lfnw: J. Pendergastg RI. Dunlapg D. Dableskig S. Powell. Serond Rom P Brunsteid R Kataldo: B. Nessg B. Algerg B. Pinderg N. Foster. Front Ifoux' J. Smith J Stella R FIZZBFI 7rea.vurf'r,' A. Cossaart, Presidentg J. Maskwa, View-I're.vifIent,' M. Black Sefretary P 'VI iule lbscnt: R. Bonitog llf. Buekleyg S. Curtisg M. Denarog S. Kersteng BI Wlorgan J Smith M Xoungg P. Zzini. This year was begun in grand style. Highlights: Pi Phi pledged twelve girls during rush periodg Priscilla lllaule was tapped for Deltag Jean llfaskwa was chosen "Sweetheart of Sigma Alpha Epsilon." The illustrious Pi Phi's, coached by Jack lWcCarthy and Steve Panis, SAE's, challenged Delta Delta Delta to meet us in the annual Powder Puff Football Game. The game ended in a 6-6 tie with Jackie Smith getting the award for the most valuable player for Pi Phi. It was presented by Sigma Alpha Epsilon. f'ln'istmas was celebrated in Pi Phi style. Even Santa was on hand to give out the presents. As spring rolled around, the sisters made plans for the Blonmouth Duo Dance with Kappa Kappa Gamma, which proved to be a huge success. The Panhellenic and I.F.C. sing was next on the agenda, and music filled the air around 131 Commonwealth Avenue as the day approached. ALPHA DELTA PI IZ! WI' 49 IU Af, ,..,.... .1 A, 9 XJ I -if 'gi Ziff f 5 lg k r, 7 ' ily A ' W, , S 5' f . f ' fziP"lXLlgi1h Third Row: E. Bloorcg A. Pulsifcrg G. Lanz-:1stergJ. Iflrichg A. 1IcCartl1y1 C. Coworzm. Second Row: L. Shieldsg G. Andrian, Treasurerg B. Conng G. Thomsoug BI. Dewircg C. Curverg G. Drayton. Front Row: L. Gotsc-hall, Secretary: C. Forde, Rush Captain: J. Dery, Pres1'dent,' G. Givens, Vl'C8-PT0.YIAlI6'7lf,' B. Goode. Absent: B. Moore. ALPHA EPSILCN PHI Second limo: L. Scllneidcrg M. Laufcrg R. Krumcrg NI. FI'l0llIIlilIlQ J. lfllbaumg li. Bcrnstcing BI. Greenspan. Front Row: B. Schultz, Treasurerj M. Soutz, Corrc.vprmrl1'ng Sef'retary,' P. Berman, li'cc'urr11'ng Sf'r'rctary,' H. Rosen, Pre.viflc'11f,' H. Hillman, Vice-Presz'dent,' li. Sturm. Absent: Dr. H. Golden, Facully Adz'isor,' S. Colurng L. Gellcrg M. Golclsteing S. llollyg J. Katzg E. Lcverg L. Sablotskyg R. Salperg B. Shofarg li. Sterng S. Tcnrg S. vvillfllllilllll. 305 ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA Third Row: B. Browng J. Panorag II. Tophiang BI. llforrisg BI. Chetwyndg C. Cavis. Second Row: DI. Donovaug M. Bi- sazzag BI. Stefan, A. Blerrillg E. Bright, M. Finellig BI. Bottai. Front Row: R. llattg N. Pirrello, Treasurer, P. lNIanning, Vice-Presidentg S. Clark, Presidentg Mrs. R. Fletcher, Advisor: A. deMont, Secretary. Absent: S. Clarkg E. Ceuterg E. Faheyg P. Manning, P. Marshallg L. VVallach. ALPHA PHI Third Row: O. Kaskiwg J. Ohlsong E. Vecchiollag S. Marlettg N. Reisg P. Kenyon, E. VVestray. Second Row: J. Levine, T. Mantyg P. Wolfsong M. Aberg E. Fairchildg L. Anderson, E. Harrisg P. Sallingerg A. Pescatello. Front Row: D. Howe, A Scully, Vice-Presidentg A. Long, Vice-Presidentg B. Huntress, President, S. Harizi, Treasurer, L. Ianello, Secretary: I Cantelmig C. Little, Social Chairman. Absent: Miss J. Holmes, Advisorg H. Bankg S. Gordong N. Henry, J. Kuving D Raabg S. Wardg V. Wesson. 306 You l12lY0 now reall :llmuut and S0011 hfillllf of the Second Ifozv: N. Blurdockg IJ. Ruciskig S. Littlefield. l'lI'UILf1i01l'.' F. Thccg J. Crnwfordg J. Palmer, Presidffzztg A. Raymondg J. lloorc. KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA "Greeks" at Boston lvluiw-1'sity'l1crc :arc ihe pins tllzlt tllvy XVCLII' so prourlly . . . , C? P' .11 f ? Third Row: C. McCarthyg K. Huntg T. VFIIOFQIIIQ V. Buc-kg P. West. Second lfuw: M. Sanooriang BI. Snlmanwkg C. Jonahg B. Biekerstaffe. Front Row: C. Stone, Ili.vInrian,' C. Johnson, Presirlentg J. Sc-an-allen, Vive-Pre.s'ident,' M. Silcnzi, Secretary. SIGMA KAPPA SIGMA DELTA PHI 1 I 4 Way me 3: X ww 5 .F A IW! i .. ,riff 1-if .. -, I' . A ' rfii.. -f.. . ' - . 'ffifiv 3 Second Row: A. Maloof Rush Captain' B. Blake First Vice-President. Front Row: M. Disco Qecretary' A. Sherman s Q Presidentg J. Hansen, Second Vice-President. 308 y u PHI GAMMA NU I Pictured: J. Sullivang J. Passero, Treasurer: M. McCormack, Vice-Presidentg N. Bellia. Absent: Miss Dorothy Carlson, Advisor: N. Johnson, Pre.sident,' P. Clafferyg BI. Conantg D. Craigg J. Blengcsg N. Reed. PHI SIGMA SIGMA Third Row: IW. Simong III. Sigmang B. Binderg L. Fermang S. Goldbergg III. Coopcrg B. Darman. Second Row: BI. Linerg A. Revisg D. Corang J. Silnong J. IY:1ssern1ang J. Gluckg S. Pcrlrnuttcrg L. Rossg J. YYOIIIHHH. Front Row: M. Liftmang S. Bledverdg T. Friedmang C. NGXVIIIQIII, Corresponding Ser-returyg II. Lipkind, Arclzong G. Zalvan, Treasurerg BI. Kasser, Recording Sccrelaryg L. Klickstein. Absent: Dr. P. Nogee, Advisor: Dr. M. Levin, Advisorg B. Gnnng A. Holtzg II. Blacey' F. Merking E. Rabinowitzg A. Revisg N. Rosenthal, Vice Archong G. Wenick. n 309 af, FALL lsPoRTs I A Winning Season The 1957 season was a banner one as the Terriers won five of their eight games and managed to defeat arch-rival Holy Cross. The last time the Scarlet had a better win-loss record was in 1954 when they won seven and lost two. The 1955 squad had a two-win, six-loss mark while the 1956 team could only win one game and tie two out of eight. Returning to haunt the opposition next year will be the touchdown twins, Paul Cancro and Johnny lNIaio. Cancro, by gaining 388 yards rushing, set the University record for sophomores in an eight-game schedule. Sam Pino set his mark of 405 yards gained rushing as a soph in a nine game slate. Maio, who was one of the greatest schoolboy athletes in the history of Rhode Island, came into his own in the Holy Cross game when he went on a four touchdown rampage. ltiaio led the team in points scored with 48 and also topped the touchdown list with eight. Both Maio and Cancro made several All-East and New England teams. The Terrier forward wall will be bolstered again next year by the brilliant Ed Paulauskas. Coming back for another campaign will be: Steve McGowan, Hal lNIcAvoy, Bob Blarques, Tom O'Connell, Phil Kearney, Jim Kenny, Amelio DeNitto and Gene Prebola. The Terriers lose, by graduation, co-captains Larry Vinecour and Jack Regan. Other seniors are, Larry Fennessey, Lennie Hill, Sal Schiazza, Tom Pat Sullivan, Art Krozy and Al Dobson. Next year the Scarlet face a murderous nine game schedule which includes: Penn State, VVest Virginia, Boston College, Navy, 1Villiam Sz lNIary, Holy Cross, UlNIass, UConn, and Syracuse. Which way to turn? Terrier Poinf Splurge Sefs Record A Hip of the coin and the season's under way Terriers-66 U Mass- 6 The Terriers opened their grid season with a 66-6 rout of an outclassed Ulwass squad. The final score broke the previous high of 55 which was set against Fordham in 1954. The Terriers ten touchdown outburst was divided HIH0I1g Jim Dean, Larry Fennessey, John Maio, Hugo Bolin, Paul Cancro, Jim Kenny and Tom O'Connell. A blocked kick by center Bob Marques set up the first Terrier score. Dean tallied on a nine yard sprint around end. The Terriers scored twice more in the first half on drives of 29 and 65 yards to make the count 19-0 at intermission. Two quick touchdowns in the opening minutes of the second half iced the game for the Terriers. 0,Connell ran wild in the final period, ripping 011' touchdown jaunts of 13 and 37 yards. Cancro heads for paydirt Mounfaineers Gain Reveng1 rl El x Coach Sinko analyzes the situation West Va.-46 Terriers - 6 316 Homecoming proved to be a disappointing game West Virginia swamped the injury-riddled Terrie 46-6. The Mountaineers unveiled second string quartr back Dick Longfellow, who passed and ran the 0 tions beautifully, and a host of fleetfooted bac who swept around and through the Terrier defeni Whitey Mikanik started the parade of West V ginia touchdowns with a four yard plunge up t middle to cap an 85 yard drive. Two touchdow by Glen Shamlin and one by Larry Krutko rais the score to Q6-0 and out of the Terriers reach. The Scarlet finally scored late in the fourth peri on a 46 yard pass from Emilio DeNitto to John Maio. The best sustained drive the Terriers made vs ruined when West Virginia end Tony Tallirico str the pigskin from DeNitto on the ten and gallop 90 yards for a touchdown. Orangemen Prevail, 27-20 The Terriers suffered a heartbreaking 27-20 defeat at the hands of Syracuse, when the Orangemen scored a last minute touchdown, to thwart the Scarletis attempt to overtake last year's Lambert Trophy winner. In the closing moments of the fourth quarter, quarter- back Chuck Zimmerman tossed a screen pass to Ed Coflin who carried from his own eight to the Terrier 21. The play was disputed as game films indicated Coffin stepped out of bounds on the 50. Syracuse scored from that point to make the final score, 27-20 It was a comeback fight all the way for the Terriers as Syracuse went ahead in the opening period, 13-0. Guard Lou Mautino picked oH' a Hill aerial and rambl- ed 40 yards to paydirt. The other TD was set up by Zimmerman passes and scored by Coffin who cracked through the center of the line. The Terriers got their first scoring chance when they recovered a fumble on the Syracuse 45. A few plays lat- er Jimmy Dean galloped 36 yards to register the first marker. The fired-up Terriers scored the next time they got their hands on the ball as soph Paul Cancro explod- ed for a 30-yard run and then snared a pass from Len- nie Hill in the end zone. In the third period Syracuse safety man, Ernie J ack- son, intercepted a Hill pass and returned it to the Ter- rier 10. Syracuse then pushed the ball over to make it a 20-13 game. The Terriers came back as the hard run- ning Cancro broke away for a 60 yard punt return which placed the pigskin within the enemyis 10 yard stripe The Scarlet cashed in on a fourth down three-yard pass from Hill to llfaio. Tom Pat Sullivan converted to knot the game at 20-20. The Terriers made a last ditch effort to tie the score before the final gun, but Lennie Hill's desperate aerials fell incomplete. Terriers rush passer Syracuse -27 Terriers -20 Danger ahead 7 Scarlef Bounces Back 1 Bucknell l i i Maio shakes free Amelio DeNitto, sophomore quarterback, came into his own as he fired three touchdown passes to lead the Terriers to a 28-0 victory over Bucknell in the latter's Homecoming game at Lewisburg, Pa. The Terriers marched 73 yards for their first touchdown with Jimmy Dean busting over from the one for the score. J im Kenny con- verted to make it 7-0. After having repeated drives stalled because of penalties, the Ter- riers entered the scoring column again on a 63 yard pass from De- Nitto to end Jack Regan. The University ran the score to 21-0 in the third period on a 14 yard pass from DeNitto to Kenny, who also kicked his third extra point. The Terriers finished their scoring for the day when with mostly a second and third team eleven, DeNitto threw to Gene Prebola for a touchdown. il bs. It's anybody's guess 318 Terriers 2 8 f We Finally Did H!! Most happy fellows llfaio hauls in TD pass DeNitt0 and Cancro take breather Terriers -35 Holy Cross -28 The hopes of 10,000 University students were realized when the Terriers upended Holy Cross, 35-28, to gain their first victory over the Crusaders since 1926. In the first period, Paul Cancro recovered a Crusader fumble. Johnny ltlaio then cracked 23 yards off tackle for the first of his four touchdowns. The Terriers added another quick score when ltiaio hauled in a T om Greene punt and raced 83 yards for a TD. Tom Pat Sullivan toed the extra point. The Scar- let ran the score to 15-0 when Crusader back Dale Hohl was tackled in his own end zone for a safety. Holy Cross came back to make the score 15-7 on a 24 yard touchdown pass from Greene to Dick Berardino. The Terriers hit paydirt again when lNIaio went over from the six on a fourth down play. The brillant Greene then led Holy Cross back to a 21-21 tie as he fired touch- down passes to Charley Pacunsas and Paul Toland. Paul "The Tankn Cancro then produced the most electrifying play of the game when he took the follow- ing kickoff and scampered 95 yards untouched to push the Terriers back into the lead. Hill engineered the next scoring drive which was cliniaxed when he threw an eight yard pass to llaio who made a spectacular catch over the goal line. Holy Cross came back once more to close the gap to seven points but the Terriers stiffened, and prevailed 35-28. Terriers BeHer M udders 5 Terriers G. W. Lennie leaps Miller of BC goes over 320 The Terriers ran their Winning streak to three by down- ing a stubborn George Washington team, 7-0 at Wash- ington's Griffith Stadium, in a game that was marred by constant rain. Both teams had trouble keeping their offenses going as the footing was poor and the ball hard to handle. The Terriers cashed in on their one scoring chance, for victory. In the second period, a Colonial punt was blocked deep in their own territory. The Scarlet moved the ball down to the six from where Tom Pat Sullivan crashed into paydirt. Sullivan added the extra point. Late in the fourth period, the Colonials stormed into University territory on a series of completed passes. The threat died when the Terriers recovered a wild lat- eral pass on their own 35. Johnny Maio led the Terrier ground gainers with 68 yards in 13 carries. Boston College -27 Terriers -2 The Eagle Flies High "The Tank" eyes a hole Boston College dashed Terrier hopes of winning their first Round Robin championship by trouncing a crippled Scarlet eleven, Q7-Q. The Terrier's high powered offense, which rolled up 162 points in six games, was handicapped by the loss of several key personnel. Jim Dean and Tom Pat Sullivan didn't suit up while Jim Kenny and Johnny Maio were injured early in the contest. The Terriers nearly scored in the first period when Jim Courville carried a Len Hill pass Q6 yards to the Boston College three. The mas- sive Eagle line stiffened and the Terriers had to relinquish the ball on the one after four smashes at the goal. The Scarlet went ahead, 2-0 in the second period when tackle Ed Paulauskas dumped the Eagleis Don Allard in his own end zone for a safety. The aroused Eagles then tore through the battered Terrier defense to register two touchdowns and a 14-2 lead. Alan Miller scored from the one and Allard passed to Don Seager for the other. The men from the Heights ran the score to Q7-2 in the final period on an eight yard pass from Bill Brown to Tom Casey. 321 Terriers End Season With Win The Terriers made coach Steve Sinko's first season a winning one as they compiled a 5-3 mark by virtue of their 32-7 pasting of a good University of Connecticut team. UConn Back Larry Day fumbled the opening kickoff which was recovered by Gene Prebola on the Huskies 18. Maio, Cancro and Dean took turns hitting the line with Dean taking it into the end zone. The Terriers increased their margin to 12-0 at half- time on an eight yard pass from Em DeNitto to end Phil Kearney. The Huskies came fighting back in the third period to make the score 12-7. Lennie King, who had been out most of the season with injuries, carried the ball over from the nine. Tom Pat Sullivan broke the back of the visitors on the next play when he scooped in the kickoff on his own 17 and followed his interference 83 yards down the side- lines to score. A 26 yard pass from Lennie Hill to Cancro and a 19 yard run by Tom O,Connell Wrapped up the day's scor- mg. 322 Terriers -32 U Conn - 7 Sailors Win N. E. Championship The sailing team had a banner year in 1957, winning the New England College Championship and finally achieving long overdue recognition as a varsity sport. The sailors justified the University's move and Coach Ed Bryant's persistent efforts by capturing six major events. Wally Everest, Al F earn, Ed Birch and "Hatch', Brown led the Scarlet to a win over the Coast Guard Academy in the opening meet. VVith Brown leading the way, the Terriers then com- peted in the 16th International Dinghy Regatta and emerged from it with the famed Danmark Cup. Fearn finished first in the final race to secure the victory. Next was the Oberg Trophy, symbolic of the Greater Boston Dinghy Championship. The Scarlet won this by beating Tufts, MIT, Harvard, Babson, Northeastern, and Boston College. The sailors then went on to win yet another award- the Franklin Lane Trophy. The Terriers racked up 105 points while second place Tufts amassed only 79. The Terriers capped the season by winning the New England Collegiate title. The Scarlet had to snap a tie with MIT to take the Leonard INT. F owle Trophy which goes with the title. Everest, Brown, F earn, Birch, and Joe Gordon skippered. The crews were composed of: Ann Maguire, Rose lNIary Edstrom, Fred Vohr, Ralph D'Ameno, and Gretchen Vandergrift. 323 SOCCER fi? Coach John Anderson with Fritz Maurer The soccer team continued its steady improvement this year as the booters Won three games in eight contests as compared with last year's record of 1-7. Jurgen hieyer-Cuno was once again the sparkplug of the team. He booted in two goals against Clark to give the Scarlet its first victory of the campaign. lleyer- Cuno wound up as high scorer on the squad. A new star was developed this year in goalie Pitsas Panos. He made many sparkling stops on what seemed like sure goals. Coach John Anderson is convinced that with the ris- ing interest in the sport, the Terrier's will soon have a powerhouse team. CROSS CGUNTRY Coach Doug Raymond's Harriers just didn't have it this year as several top notch performers failed to live up to expectations. The Terriers dropped their initial meet to Harvard, 15-50. George Hillier finished tenth. The Scarlet next met defeat at the hands of Tufts, 30-52. The Jumbos' Jim Pisone breezed to victory with the Terrier's Bobby VVells and George Hillier coming in second and third, respectively. The Scarlet lost its third straight when Ulfass won, 25-83. In the New England Cross Country tournament, Hillier finished 4Qnd in a field of 150. Dick Donahue of Holy Cross came in at the head of the pack. 324 Harold Hatch Salvo Wins Nelson Award a Swede Nelson, Tom Salvog Vic Stout. A modest freshman football player, Tom Salvo, was named recipient of the 1957 Swede Nelson award for his act of sportsmanship in a game with the UConn freshmen on November 8. During the course of a play, Salvo noticed that Husky end Charles Delborn, was lying on thc turf in agony with a broken leg. Salvo quickly ran over to the injured player and threw himself over Delborn to pro- tect him from further injury. This act of sportsmanship led UConn coach Bob Ingalls to say, "It was the finest example of sportsmanship and quick thinking I have ever seenf' At the testimonial dinner given for Salvo, toast- master Swede Nelson remarked that even if Salvo never played in another football game, he had accomplished more than most All-American's. Past recipients of the award include three time All- American for SEIU, Doak VValker, Hopalong Cassady from Ohio State, and former Notre Dame quarterback, Bob VVilliams. Salvo starred on the freshman eleven and is expected to bolster the Terriers forward Wall at the tackle posi- tion next year. The 18-year-old credited the training he received at Newport Naval Base last summer for his being able to quickly spot the injury as a double fracture. Salvo is a member of the iwarine Corps Reserve training program. 325 Salvo holds award CHEERLEADERS E EE f is 'C L .li , 6 like The cheerleaders give off with a rousing "locomotive" Moments later, Maio goes over for a TD against Holy Cross. 326 I SPRING I lspomsl BASEBALL MacLeod blazes one in Coach Harry CleVerly's Terriers were thwarted in their bid for a berth in the NCAA tournament, but still had a good season, winning 13 of the 20 games on their schedule. Bill Possiel, in his first varsity start, allowed but three hits and fanned 11 as he blanked Northeastern, 16-0, in the Terriers opening game of the season. The Terriers continued their winning ways as they fought back from a four run deficit to edge MIT, 7-6. Bill Stone was the winning pitcher with Bill Wenzel coming in to protect his victory. Harvard's Bob lNIcGinnis handed the Terriers their Hrst setback as he gave up just six hits in a 7-1 victory. Possiel went all the way, getting tagged for 11 hits. The Terriers bounced back on the winning path with a 5-4 victory over Northeastern. Jim Palavaras threw a three hitter but had to snuff out a three run ninth in- ning rally by the Huskies. Len Dempsey homered to lead the attack. The game ended with the tieing and winning runs for Northeastern on base. The Terriers went on a batting rampage, walloping Boston College, 15-8. Don lNIaeLeod picked up the win as he permitted just two runs and fanned eight in the five frames he worked. MacLeod also blasted a three run homer and doubled to knock in four runs. Joe O'Hara slammed out four hits while Dempsey and Nat Koppel chipped in with three apiece. Terrier bats remained hot as they shellacked BIIT, 18-4. The hard hitting Dempsey drove in six runs while Ed Keyes twirled a five hitter. The Terriers fell into a slump, losing to Bowdoin, 10-5 and UConn, Q-0. MacLeod allowed but four hits against the Huskies, both runs coming in on sacrifice flies. A tally for the Crusaders fl-sly., 28 1 A hit or a miss? Kwik MacLeod peers in for his sign Coming into the hot corner Ed Asaley and Len Dempsey drove in five runs be- tween them to spark the Terriers to a 9-Q win over Bates. VVenzel went nine innings for the first time in his varsity career to subdue Brandeis by the same score. Daring base running highlighted a 7-5 Terrier win over UMass as Koppel and O'Hara stole home back to back. MacLeod, who fired a four hitter, was the Winning pitcher. The Terriers prevailed over Providence in an 8-7 slugfest. Wenzel relieved Stone in the first inning and scattered 10 hits to chalk up the win. Possiel stopped Colby on four hits as the Terriers gained a 3-1 victory. O'Hara blasted one over the fence while Carl Cohen connected for his first round tripper of the season. Tufts continued its six game winning streak by dump- ing the Terriers, 8-5. 0,Hara hit the seats for the second game in a row. Don MacLeod turned in the greatest performance of his varsity career, retiring the first Q5 batters to face him in a one hit, 6-0 decision over the University of New Hampshire. A triple by the second batter to face him in the ninth inning ruined the slender Canadianis bid for a perfect game. MacLeod set six batters down on strikes. Terrier hitters exploded with a rash of base hits in the late innings to down Brandeis, 13-8. Bill Stone picked up his third win in relief. A three run outburst in the sixth gave Springfield a 6-4 win over the Terriers. MacLeod was pinned with the loss. Losses to Boston College and Holy Cross in the final week of the season crushed Terrier hopes of competing in the NCAA tournament. 329 Terriers N. E. Champs Coach Raymond Settele tries to clear the bar The 1957 spring track team completed another suc- cessful season by winning the New England Champion- ship meet for the fourth year in a row. The Terriers won six of the 15 events and finished 17 points ahead of their nearest competitor. Eino Keerd, Dave Settele, Larry Cafarella and Gene Ellis were the victorious Terriers. The Thinclads opened their season by finishing third in a triangular meet with Army and NYU. Settele won both the 190-yard high-hurdles and 220 low-hurdles. Cafarella won the shot put event with a toss of 50 feet, 95 inches. Other point gatherers were: Keerd who won the discus with an effort of 138 feet and Ellis who fin- ished second in the 880. Army piled up 88M points, NYU 47, and the Terriers 3'7M. The Terriers posted their Hrst victory of the season, 832 to 55M over Tufts. Settele led the way as he fin- ished first in the high and low hurdles, tied for first in the pole vault, and came in second in the broad jump, and third in the high jump. Keerd was first in the dis- cus and hammer while Cafarella set a new meet record in the shot put with a heave of 51 feet, 3 inches. In the distance events, George Hillier won the two mile while Don Lendry won the mile. The relay team of Ellis, Don Cobleigh, Henry Dionisio and Fred Dunbury breezed to an easy victory. Keerd was the only Terrier to place in the Penn Re- lays, coming in fifth in the shot put event. 330 4fh year in a Row Settele at his speciality A powerful Dartmouth team handed the Terriers their second setback by a 81-59 score. Settele captured the hurdle events and finished second in the broad jump. Settele staged one of the greatest one man shows in local track history as he sparked the Terriers to vietory over Holy Cross and Syracuse in a triangular meet. Scttele won the 120-yard high hurdles C:15.5Dg Q20 low hurdles Q:Q3.8jg high jump Cfive feet, 10 inchesjg broad jump Q20 feet, six inchesj and tied for first in the pole vault with an effort of 11 feet, six inches. Coblcigh won both sprint events with times of 310.1 and 1220. Kcerd was first in the hammer and discus. The Terriers concluded their regular season com- petition by racking up '77 points, defeating arch-rivals Holy Cross and Boston College, who amassed 55 and 27 points respectively. Cobleigh won both dashes, having to come from behind in the 100 to nip Holy Crossis Bob Daly at the wire in :10.1. Keerd picked up 13 points by winning the discus and hammer while Jerry Condon captured the pole vault and shot put events. Settele sparkled again as he copped firsts in the high hurdles and broad jumps. Dunbury gave the Terriers another first in the javelin while Ellis breezed to an easy victory in the mile. The 1957 Championship team CREW Under the direction of Coach Jim Nesworthy, the 1957 crew underwent a rebuilding phase. A combination of graduation losses and lack of manpower to fill the var- sity boat hurt the Terriers chances for victory over the topnotch crews faced during the season. The crew year was highlighted by a dead-heat tie against Dartmouth after losing to the Indians by three lengths a week before. The referee signaled a BU win but the three judges were divided as to who was victo- rious. One judge claimed a Dartmouth win, the second voted for the Terriers, and the last voiced a dead-heat verdict. The Scarlet and White freshmen surged from a trailing position to win over the Indian frosh. The first race of the season pitted BU against Yale, Olympic champs and monarchs of the crew world. The Housatonic River was the scene as the Eli's claimed victory by five and one-half lengths. In a Charles River match, the Terrier oarsmen placed behind Harvard, BUT and Syracuse. Princeton, Harvard, Dartmouth, and BUT squeezed by the University in the annual Compton Cup compe- tition on the Charles. Chances for a Terrier triumph were hampered when illness sidelined ace rower Tom Duggan from the varsity event. Six of the ten varsity shell rowing regulars will leave the University at graduation. For Bill Newman, Tom Duggan, Bob Mathews, Dave Weitz, Ross Schaff, this year's captain, and Kim Bassett former captain and varsity stroke, 1957 marked their last year of crew. 'XXl'Q f 1 . Back Row: Jim Vargelisg John Visco, Torn Dugang Charles Koinesg Kim Bassett Bob Kelly Jim Dounahueg Ross Schalllg Dave Weiseg Bob Mathews, Alex Sheafe Jack Mahoneyg Bob Talbertg Bill Newmang Noel Grenierg Bill Raiderg Pat Morieno Walt Jenson Front Row: Erving Waldman, Brad Dawson. 332 Under the direction of Coach D011 lNTcBrien, the Terrier tennis team ended a nine match schedule by posting a six win and three loss mark. The doubles combination of Captain Bill Kerr and Al Wveber, and Bay Kenney and Bill llackey gave the op- position trouble throughout the season. Kenney and Dick Bingham added to the netmenis nucleus in singles play. A 6-3 Victory over Clark started the season. Harvard, rated as one of the top tennis teams in the country, handed the Terriers a one-sided 9-0 loss. TYins over Bowdoin, 6-3, and Bates, 9-0, gave the Uni- versity a 3-1 record. Upsets by Colby, 5-4, and IXIIT, 6-3, might have been averted if Kerr had not been hampered by injury. The Terriers ended the season by banging out victo- ries over Tufts, I'Conn and Holy Cross. Bingham suf- fered his first loss of the season against the lYorcester rivals. hlc-Brien, in looking over the past season felt that only the Harvard defeat was justified and that an even stronger team can be expected if better practicing facili- ties could be provided. ullk 'Ns SSH TENNIS Top Row: Coach Don McBrieng Skip Hallg Bill ltlackeyg Tom Abiko. Bottom lime: Ray Kenneyg Bill Kerr, Dick Bingham. Wiith only two returning lettermen and a scarcity of practice sessions, Coach Carl Fuller and the University golf team started its ,57 season under a severe handicap. Veterans Captain Jim Mt-Donald and Jim Tait bol- stered the ranks of newcomers Sam Chase, Dick By- eroft, Don Conradi, Jim Dean and John Sinclair. Even without the customary trip to the Southern states for pre-season drill which most colleges exercise, the Terriers defeated Bates, Tufts, and BC. A loss to Trinity, 5-Q, and three close losses to Bow- doin, UMass and Colby by 4-3 margins were heart- breakers for the linkmen. The worst defeat came at the hands of lvffonn, 6-1. Ryeroft garnered seven wins in nine matches for a successful season. lIcDonald was the recipient of one of the four Varsity Club awards for exceptional athletic ability on the golf course. INTRAMURALS Battle for the puck Directed by Robert Crocker, the University intramural program had its most active year since it was instituted into a coordinated activity. Fraternities, dorms, schools, and various organiza- tions vied for the trophies awarded the outstanding teams in softball, football, hockey, and bowling. On the softball scene, the School of Education over- powered a strong Phi Epsilon Pi nine to win the princi- pal spring sporting event. Tim lVIayberry of Sigma Alpha Epsilon scored two touchdowns to lead his fraternity brothers to a 13-0 win over Alpha Kappa Psi and put SAE into a tie for first with Pi Sigma. Shot at cage goes wide 334 IWINTERI ISPORTSl The Terriers captured their first Beanpot Tourney Championship by romping over Northeastern, 9-3. Bill Sullivan scored three goals to turn in the hat trick. Don lNIacLeod swished two pucks into the nets while goals by Dave MacLeod, Bill Sweeney and Bob llarquis rounded out the scoring for the University. The Terriers high powered offense continued in high gear as the pucksters romped over Army, 9-3. Marquis and Dupuis scored two goals apiece to pace the attack. A seven goal outburst in the third period earned the Terriers a 10-4 victory over Middlebury. Carriere, Creighton and Dupuis fired home two goals each while single markers were posted by Kinlin, Marquis and Sullivan. RPI managed to withstand one of the Terriers' famed last period rallies and inflicted a 3-Q defeat upon the Cleverly men. Bill lYIcCormack and Larry Creighton scored in the third period but time ran out on the Ter- riers, last minute bid to even the score. The Terriers went back to their winning Ways by wal- loping a good Providence team, 10-1. Terrier goals were spread out among Marquis, Carruthers, Dupuis, Creigh- ton, Sweeney, Sullivan and the lNIaeLeod brothers. The Terriers next invaded upper New York State, and in two of the most exciting games of the year, tied St. Lawrence '7-7, and were edged by Clarkson, 1-0. St. Lawrence jumped 03 to a 1-0 lead after only 54 seconds but Dave MacLeod blasted the puck past the SLU goalie at 3:30 to knot the game. Forbes Keith made it a Q-1 game when he took a Bill lNIacCormack pass directly in front of the St. Lawrence net and Hipped it in over Neal Coir's shoulder. St. Lawrence turned on the pressure and racked up three quick goals to go out in front, 4-2. Sarge Kinlin scored unassisted to narrow the margin to 4-3. The Larries picked up another quick score to skate off the ice at the end of the first period with a 5-3 lead. It was the Terriers turn in the second period as Jack Carruthers picked up the rebound of a Bob hfarquis shot and slammed it into the net. Dave MacLeod then blasted in a 15 foot screen shot to tie the game at 5-5. Terriers scramble for puck Tempers Hare on the ice Kinlin fights for the puck 338 . xr... OS CI' DI11 o ck oa io: iis .we 16: thi tti f i1 :ll ioc th' Ler hil th ac! U4 .wi lol llil lem wi irf zcl ing hii er II11 P-1 ui. Larry Creighton and Jack Carruthers lie Almost, but no red light 9 The red-hot MacLeod then picked up his third goal and put the Terriers in the lead whe11 he took a pass from his brother Don and fired the puck into the lower right hand corner of the net. With the game deadlocked at 6-6, Forbes Keith picked up a loose puck at center ice, outraced the SLU defenders and beat Coir for the tie breaking goal. The Terrier lead was short-lived as with but 1:23 remaining in the game, St. Lawrence's Rip Riopelle scored his third goal to tie the game at 7-7. Neither team was able to score in the 10 minute sudden death overtime. A brilliant performance by Clarksonis All-American goalie Ed MacDonald, who made 33 saves, enabled the Golden Knights to edge the Terriers, 1-0. Bob Van Lam- IIICFS scored the Winning goal for Clarkson in the first period with the Terriers' Ron DiVincenzo in the penalty box. Both the St. Lawrence and Clarkson games were played to sellout houses. Boston College dealt Terrier hopes of a bid to the NCAA tournament a severe blow by posting a 5-3 vic- tory. A1 Pitts was sensational in the cage for the Eagles as he was credited with 59 saves. After Larry Creighton tied up the game at 1-1 in the first period, the fired-up Eagles Went on to score three goals and take a 4-1 lead up to the midway mark of the third period. Jack Carruthers scored at 10:55 and at 11:06 Larry Creighton notched his second goal to cut the Eagles lead to 4-3. With less than a minute to go in the game, Tan- sey was yanked from the nets in a desperate attempt to catch even, but Boston Collegeis Joe Jangro shot the puck into the empty cage to seal the verdict. The Terriers wrapped up the season by pasting Dart- mouth, 9-2. Seniors Bill Sullivan and Sarge Kinlin closed out their varsity careers by scoring two goals apiece. By virtue of their three late-season losses, the Ter- riers were eliminated froni NCAA championship play- off consideration. However, three of the Scarlet, defense- men Dupuis and Don Mt-Leod, and center Marquis, were named to the first-string Eastern All-American squad. Carruthers, along with Dupuis and hlarquis was an All New-England selection. TERRIERS GBL CHAMPS Jackie Leaman sinks a basket Bill Gates attempts to get shot ofl In a banner finish, the University basketball team copped the Greater Boston League championship for the fourth consecutive year and finished its Q1 game schedule with a 15 win, 6 loss record. Coach hiatt Zu- nic,s hoopsters highlighted the season with two victories over Boston College after the Eagles had been picked for the NCAA tourney. A 17-point margin separated the two teams in their last encounter of the season when the Terriers routed the Eagles to gain a one-sided 93-76 verdict. Losing only three varsity men to graduation and with a powerpacked freshman squad to bolster the Ter- rier ranks, Coach Zunic is hoping the team will invade tournament competition next year. The University quintet shattered two previous rec- ords by garnering victories in their first eight starts and slaughtering Suffolk University in the first game of the season by a 108--1-5 margin. Ted Grier, 6'4'f center for the Scarlet and Yvhite, led the scoring in the first outing with Q0 points. Jack Leaman and Bob Cumings scored Q5 and 16 points respectively to lead the Terriers' victory drive over the UlXIass iltedmen. Following wins over 1Vorces- ter Tech and Colgate, the cagers handed AIC a 84-69 loss. Continuing on their scoring spree, the Terriers, led by the Q1 points of Dick Armstrong, outclassed the North- eastern Huskies, 85-63. 340 4TH YEAR IN A RCW Defender tries to foil Terrier jump shot Collecting Q5 points from the foul line to Armyis IQ, the University cagers squeezed by the NVQ-st Point quin- tet by a 57-56, score. Terrier Bill Gates swislied two free throws in the closing seconds of the game to clinch the victory. A 73-50 decision over INIIT brought the number of consecutive wins to eight. Curnings tallied Q1 points and Leanian 15 against the Engineers. In a hardfought contest against Providence College, the Friars snapped the Terriers string of eight wins by a score of 47-42. Holy Cross inflicted the second defeat of the season on the Terriers by a score of 84-80. High point men for the University were Cumings with 25 and Armstrong with 18. After posting an 88-74 win over Northeastern, the Scarlet and lvhite found themselves pitted against three of the top Eastern contenders. Games against the New York Athletic Club, New York University, and the University of Connecticut brought the defeat total to five for the hoopsters. NYAC, composed of basketball standouts, outpointed the Zunic men, 80-64. A last quarter rally gave NYU a 72-66 win over the Terriers. UConn squeezed by the Scarlet and YYhite with a 77-'71 decision. f"""" A one-hzmder nets two points against the Eagles 341 Terrier drives in on Boston College basket Following a win over Bates, the Brandeis Judges downed the Terrier five by accurate foul shooting that resulted in a 65-54 judgment for the VValtham five. Cap- tain Don Vanderstreet topped Terrier scorers with 14 points. The University outpointed UNH and Colby to mark victories number 11 and 12. Shapiro Gym at Brandeis provided the stage for the Terriers, biggest victory of the year. Before 3000 cheer- ing fans, the hoopsters defeated their Boston College rival, 63-60 after they had been chosen to compete in the NCAA tourney. Great teamwork and sparkling de- fensive play by Ed Guiski and Nate Koppel combined to bring defeat upon the Eagles. Victory number 14 was earned by the Scarlet and Wlhite by a 48-36 margin over Tufts. 1Vith the score tied at 53-53, and with only 10 min- utes to play, the Terriers went on a 40 point scoring spree to rout their Boston College rivals, 93-'76, in the final game of the season. Captain Armstrong, playmaker Leaman, and deadeye Bill Gates provided the needed spark to rout the Eagles. Sophomore Gates amazed the crowd at the Boston Garden by sinking 12 field goals in 12 attempts, for a total of Q4 points. Armstrong netted 22 and Leaman 16 for the University. Gates dunks one against Huskies Gates fights for the ball - 342 :ks .V . , K f Q li'-92.7 I V - M, Ei x s5N5'Fo,y ,ae N . x X4 5 UHIVRRSIT? ag 3 X s I' 'e A 5 mi yy f...- --:,.,-- L -gf - . Sparked by one of the greatest weight teams in major college competition, the University winter track team capped a successful season by finishing fourth in the IC4A's at New York City. The Terriers opened by defeating Dartmouth, 60-43. John Lawlor won the 35 pound weight event with a toss of 57', 5" while Larry Cafarella placed first in thc shot put with a heave of 50', 5". Eino Keerd finished second in both events. Dave Settelc picked up 14 points as he won the broad jump and high jump and finished second in the pole vault and third in the 50 yard dash. Other firsts were recorded by Hank Dionisio, who ran the 600 in 1:13.8g Fred Irons, who took the 50 yard dash in 5.7, and Vern Rheinhart who tied for first in the high jump. A powerful Harvard team overwhelmed the Terriers, 76-33. The weight men came through again as both Law- low and Cafarella set meet records in their events. Law- lor came up with an effort of 56', 8" in the 35 pound weight while Cafarella threw the shot put, 50', 11 ". The two mile relay team of Leroy Wingood, Bobby 1Vells, Gene Ellis and Hank Dionisio finished first in 8:33.5. TRACK . 21592 mmf ff' , za V E Z ly 'V VVeight Coach Ed Flanagan, Larry Cafarella, Eino Keerd, John Lawlor In the Knights of Columbus Track IVIeet, Cafarella and Keerd placed one and two in the shot put. The Terriers inflicted the first defeat upon Tufts in- door track team at home since 1950, when they edged the Jumbos,, 54-50. Cafarella shattered the existing Tufts Cage record by tossing the shot put, 54', 11 ". Law- lor won the 35 pound hammer with an effort of 57', 1 ". Irons and Dionisio sprinted to victory in the dash and 600 yard run, while Art Reed took first place in the high jump. The brilliant performances of John Lawlor and Eino Keerd, who placed one-two in the 35 pound weight throw, led the Terriers to a surprising fourth place Hnish in the IC4A championships. The University finished just half a point behind third place Pittsburgh. The domination of the 35 pound weight by Lawlor and Keerd marked the first time in IC4A competition that a school had two men finish first and second in that event. Larry Cafarella rounded out the scoring for the University by placing fourth in the shot put. SKIING Until the 1958 skiing season, the Boston University team was the undisputed monarchs in the area, winning the New England ski conference championship for the past five years. This year Coach Don McBrien had only two veterans to fill his team. Many enthusiasts had to be cut from the team because of the dangerous slopes faced by the Uni- versity in competition. In the first meet of the year, the Terriers placed third in the Asa Osborn Trophy meet held at Big Bromley in Vermont. Capt. Krzywicki and Mike Wallace placed fourth and sixth respectively while Pete Shumway and Brint Schorer added to the scoring by placing in the twenties. Mike Wallace led the Scarlet skiers to a second place finish in the Sid Vogel Memorial ski meet at Mt. Grace, Vt. Wallace placed second in the slalom and first in the downhill race to insure a Scarlet runnerup position. Krzywicki was fourth in the downhill. Still competing with a small team,the Terriers copped third in the Challenge Trophy giant slalom sponsored by Tufts at Belnap, N. H. Krzywicki, Shamway, and Brogen scored for the University. Terrier ace Wallace had a fast run but was disqualified for missing a stake. Krzywicki and Wallace were two of the top six New England skiers picked to represent the New England Conference in the NCAA championships at Dartmouth. The loss of Krzywicki, rated as the top skier in the New England Conference will hurt the Terriers' chances next year, but Coach McBrien is looking to newcomers to once again bolster the Scarlet into championship style. 344 FENCING r X ,W K 3131 K1 5 ,hi if 1 1 X 1 Al 17011111 lungcs towards 0pp1111c11t Blz11l0s111:111 Hersey 1Il 21011011 111111 11111sl of 1111- 1'111v1-rsity l'1-111'111g 11121111 1'11111p11s1-1l of first y1-111' IIIOII, f'11:11-l1 1,z1r1'y lJz11'ggi1- spent 11111sl of 1111- S1-2151111 I'l'lJll1llllI1Q 1111- 'l'1'1'1'i111' 11111111-s1111-11 111111 ll11' 11111 co11lc111l111' it was il fvxx' ycurs 115511. 112111111111 .Xl FGEIFII l1'1l 11111 ll'2lIll 111 two wins 111 eight 111z1t1-111-s. 'l'111- Sullv El1l1- l'll'lll'1l1g C'l11l1 of Cz1111111'i1lg1- out- p11111l111l ll11- lvI11YOI'S1l.N', 12-15. llillll 5121111411-wi1'z, 13111111 flflfllb, 111111 171111111 'l'111-1'1'1'11 1':11'1'11-1l llllx 111100 111 il HV11 to 111110 V11'l111'y, wl1il1- flillllillll 1'10ilI'll S1-111'c1l lw11 l'111' 1111110 111 1111- s11l11'11. gXf.f2l1IlSl ll11ly f'1'11ss ll1cl1la11l11s1111-11 llilllfllxll ll11-11' Fru- Silllixl' rivals 21 18-9 1l1'f1111l. llllll' 'l'111'1'l1-r s11l11'1- squzul s1'111'1-1l 11i111- for 111110. Elllll 11111 1-111111 l1-21111 S1111-11 l'111' 111110 lo tally llllx 11110 si1l1'1l l11lz1l. 111 ll11-11' 5110111111 wi11,ll1eBU sabre 11111111 spz11'k1-11 IL 16-11 win 11v1-1' l11'z11lf111'1l Durfcc. 1,11ss11s 111 1'f'111111, ll:11'Vz11'1l, 111111 lgl'2lllllC1S 1-111 ll11-T012 1'i111' 1-11111111-s for 21 11111111111 f1-111'i11,Q s1111s1111. 1'1I'0SllIIl2ll1 strip urllsl 111-1's1-.V llllIJ1'l'SSQll f'11:11'l1 Dar- g.5i1'z1sl11'i11,Lf111111 111' ll11- 111151 l7l2l4l1'SIlll'll 111 y1-z11'sa1l'l111' his 11u1si:1111li11g pcrf111'111z1111'11s, 111111 givvs risc lo l111p1's for 21 11111111 11xpc1'i1111cQ1l 211111 v111'satil1- L1-11111 next your. RIFLE Coached by Sergeant Pemberton of the Army ROTC unit, the University rifle team iinished its 1958 season with a record of 4 Wins and 4 losses against the top New England teams. The Terrier sharpshooters started the season by post- ing a triangular meet victory over UMass and URI. The University scored 1383 out of a possible 1500 to subdue their opponents. Bernie Friesecke, former Navy cham- pion and last yearis recipient of the Outstanding Shoot- er Trophy, led the victors With an impressive 280. In the second triangular meet against Brown and VVPL, the Scarlet shooters defeated the Bruins but were outmatched by the WPL team. Victory over a strong Boston College team and losses to Coast Guard, UConn, and Providence capped an eight match season. WVith the return of most of the team veterans next year, and renewed University interest in the rifle matches, Sgt. Pemberton feels optimistic towards the coming season's rifle matches. S7353 - QW MQ . , Back Row Sgt. R. T. Pemberton, Coach: Noel Belcourtg John Foster, Captain, Dan Cohen F ffm! Row Ken Kurtzmang Nick Trinchitellag Les Gatchell. 346 , 1 . y K M . izggsfk-2 FRESHMAN SPCRTS One of the best crops of athletes ever to enroll in the University performed on freshman teams this past sea- son and promise to lend able support to Terrier varsity squads next year. Freshman football coach George VVinkler predicts that the current freshman gridsters will help the varsity build into a top contender for Eastern honors. End Marco Benedetto is rated the best prospect at that posi- tion since the days of Johnny Bredice. Benedetto hauled in a 40 yard touchdown pass in the Pups 20-13 loss to Army. The backfield will be bolstered by speedy half- backs Buddy Andrews and Dick Desmarais. Other standouts were high scoring fullback Charlie Burland and center Tommy Salvo. The freshman hockey team was plagued by a lack of depth as only 18 candidates turned out for the squad. Scoring punch was provided by Bill Quinn and Butch Powers while defensemen Russell McCurdy and Pete lNIcCann aided goalie Ron Tanner in keeping the puck out of the Terrier cage. The frosh hoopsters compiled a record of 12 wins and only four defeats. Celtic star Jim Loscutoff rated Ed Washington, who averaged Q0 points a game for the Pups, as one of the best freshman prospects he has ever seen. Dick O'Connell averaged 15 points a game while Tom Stagis averaged 14. The season was highlighted by a 92-91 victory over the Holy Cross freshman. The Terrier baseball team is looking to the freshman for a powerhouse varsity squad. Two right handed hurlers, Bob D'Ambrosia and Bill lNIcCormack are ex- pected to bolster the Terrier pitching staH. Second base- man Jerry Leone led the team in batting. The 1957 58 freshman hockey team 347 '7aMeR eaaaf'7!ua Alanna.- It is with great satisfaction that we introduce to you the business houses represented in the following pages. 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We hail from the .GS states, territories, and some 82 friendly nations. .Vo matter where your business or prrjession takes you in the future, you will be able to find a fellow alumnus who will be glad to see you. Below is a directory rg' Alumni Clubs and contacts. If your community has one, join and participate in its activities. If there is none, let's or- ganize. This is one way never to lose touch ufith the University and our mutual friends. President JAMES B. MCINTOSH, ECC'50 Vice-President JOHN W. CALKINS, CLA'51 Vice-President DEMETRIUS C. PILALIS. CBA'39 President: George C. Yvhitney, E'82 Secretary: John B. Hathaway, GC'50 Act. Pres.: Harold S. Hanover, B'5Q Secretary: Jean A, MacKenzie, A'51 President: Ralph D. York, T'-1-6 ALUMNI OFFICERS JAMES B. MCINTOSH President-The Alumni Association Boston University Seated left to right: Sandra Bailey, James B. McIntosh, Dr. Helen Keily. Standing left to right: John W. Calkins, Demetrius C. Pilalis, Joseph B. Silerio. Vice-President JOSEPH B. SILVERIO, Esq., LAW'25 Vice-President DR. HELEN J. KEILY, ECC'32fED'50 1958 BOSTON UNIVERSITY ALUMNI CLUBS -I-701 E. 13th Street, Tucson Rte. 8, Box 331, Tucson 6792 San Pasqual Cir., Buena Park 1005 VV. 6th Street, Los Angeles 2829 Carson Street, Redwood City 1332 El Camino Real, Burlingame Racquet Club, Palm Springs 1315 Ivy Street, Denver 2809 Bellaire Street, Denver 265 Farms Village Rd., IV. Simsbury 58 Chestnut Street, Manchester 4-01 Eddy-Glover Blvd., New Britain -1-9 Loomis Drive, W. Hartford 100 Christian Street, VVallingford 1826 Clinton Avenue Berw n R 2 ' , , ly lWIrs. Paul Harriman, A4-WSVV51 7120 W. Highland Ave., Chicago 31 Secretary: Anne M. Connolly, N'53 alm Springs Contact: Charles D. Farrell, B23 'OLORADO lenver President: Arthur N. Armitage, B51-4 1 Secretary: Mrs. Jean R. Fuller, A'-1-3 l0NNECTICUT Iartford President: Palmer D. Scammell, B35f30 Secretary: Eileen L. McCarthy, P'4-3 iew Britain President: Atty. Lawrence J. Colon, L'25 Secretary: Mildred K. Barrows, E'38 Vallingford Contact: Alex B. Carter, B31f32fE46 LLINOIS fhicago President: Peter I im ina B51-7 Secretary: IAINE .uburn President: John R. Sinclair, Jr. B'35 Secretary: lwrs. Preston Pennell, G27fB3sfE5:s langor President: Owen H. Bridgham, IV52 IASSACHUSETTS rlington President: VVilham G. Robertie, B318 Secretary: Dorothy Osborne, P'35 lelmont President: Jacob Saliba, A'41 Secretary: Loretta Perry, P'53 ioston President: Raymond Desautels, B41f4-9 Secretary: Richard W. Luhart, GC4-9fL'52 irookline President: Sidney Heimherg, A4-0fL4-2 Secretary: hfrs. Alma Hodgkins, E347 ,vening President: Prescott C. Crafts, C'-1-2 Secretary: Patricia A. Coveney, P5lf54 awrence President: Helene R. Cox, E'53 Secretary: John S. Hancock, B'39 owell President: Dr. Charles J. Shagoury, M43 Secretary: Mrs. Isabelle A. Burns, E'53 Ielrose President: IVarren D. VVood, Mus4-8f51 Secretary: Vera B. Roache, E52f54f57 Iilford President: 1Villiam F. McAvoy, L'47 Secretary: Dorothy M. Droney, A4--1-X53 lewton President: Alden H. Cooley, A358 Secretary: Virginia Brown, A'31 iorth Shore President: Robert I. Nordstrand, B'51 Secretary: Mrs. Jos. Krzywicki, P'30 'uincy President: Elmer Fagerlund, B'39 Secretary: Elizabeth McConarty, PR 52 outh Shore President: Frederick Small, E84f-1-9152 Secretary: RANDALL Eileen Whalen, P'31 W. WEEKS, B'28fL'29 IIENRY L. MARGARET M. POMPIIRETT, P26 289 Pine Street, Lewiston 251 Minot Avenue, Auburn 72 Vernon Street, Bangor 36 Hilton Street, Arlington 1 Cliff Street, Wintfhester 151 Rutledge Road, Belmont 30 Lantern Road, Belmont 23 Hoover Road, Hingham 18 Tremont Street, Boston 8 44 Kilsyth Road, Brookline 46 103 Sewall Avenue, Brookline 56 Concord Avenue, Cambridge 52 Crest Hill Road, Brighton 252 Haverhill Street, Methuen 52 High Street, Methuen 23 Steadnlen Street, Chelmsford 12 Oliver Drive, Dracut 90 Richardson Road, Melrose 114 VV. Wyoming Avenue, Melrose 9 Huntoon Slip, Milford 81 Purchase Street, Milford 85 Temple Street, W. Newton 65 457 Centre Street, Newton 58 20 Seaview Avenue, Marblehead 109 Lynn Shore Drive, Lynn, Mass. 124- Greenleaf Street, Quincy 799 Hancock Street, Quincy Norwell High School, Norwell Ship Street, Hingham Recording Secretary SANDRA J. BAILEY, SFAA'55 Springfield President:Anthony F. DiGiore, Mus53!SFAA'57 h Secretary: Martha Cloutier, P'35 Varsity President: Joseph O. Sicuso, B'-1-9 Secretary: Albert Sidd, B'-1-6 1Vomen Grads President: Mrs. Carol L. Hills, PRA-9 Secretary: Julia C. Pratt, A'48 1Vorcester Cwomenl President: DI. Irene Donnelly, E54-9 Secretary: MICHIGAN Mrs. Cass Karpen, P'31 Detroit President: Edward L. Medeski, B'5Q MISSOURI St. Louis President: Norman S. Fox, B'30 Secretary: Marilyn A. Haas, P'54 NEW HAMPSHIRE Laconia Manchester Contact: Hon. Harold E. Wescott, L'28 President: Georges E. Morin, B'52 Secretary: Mrs. Elizabeth R. Gould, A'09 Nashua Contact: Alphonse J. Raudonis, A39fL41 Hon. Antoine A. Guertin, L'27 Southeastern NEW JERSEY President: Paul V. Brown, B'27 President: Dr. Samuel W. Peck, Secretary NEW YORK New York City OHIO Northeastern President Secretary President A28fM us28 XGS4 : lWIrs. .Marion Peck, Mus'38 1 Kenneth L. Edes, A'49 : Eileen Steinman, PR,55 : George Burnell, B'53 Secretary: Rev. Albert B. Denton, T'30 President : Roger B. Eliott, C'31 Secretary: Mrs. Anita Lewtas, A'4-5 PENNSYLVANIA Delaware Valley Pittsburgh RHODE ISLAND Providence TEXAS Dallas Houston WASHINGTON, D. Capitol City HAWAII Honolulu PHILIPPINES Blanila Contact: VVilliam C. Huntress, Jr., PR'53 President: Paul C. Chevoor, B'5e Secretary: Marian R. Linton, S'20 President: Morris S. 1Valdman, L'25 Secretary: Helen F. Agnew, E41f53 President: Robert J. Brenner, B'52 Secretary: gontaet: Charles P. Thohae, GC50fPR53 President: IVoodrow F. Murphy, C'42 President: Dr. George H. Mills, M'50 Secretary: Mrs. George A. Cook, S'41 Contact: Mrs. Francisca R. Aquino, S31fHon'49 460 Bliss Road, Longmeadow 127 Hartford Terr., Springfield 59 Morton Avenue, Medford 98 Longwood Avenue, Brookline 256 So. Central Avenue, Wollaston 232 Bay State Road, Boston 76 West Street, VVorcester 1 Manor Street, Worcester 8432 E. Jefferson, Apt. 307, Detroit 4615 Lindell Blvd., St. Louis 644- Vassar Avenue, St. Louis 5 45 Holman Street, Laconia 440 Coolidge Avenue, Nfanchester 380 Blodgett Street, Nfanchester 14-2 Main Street, Nashua 26 Raymond Street, Nashua 124-6 South Street, Portsmouth 21 Clearman Place, Belleville 21 Clearman Place, Belleville B.U. Club of N. Y., 2 East 63rd St. 300 Pelham Road, New Rochelle 2633 Chamberlain Rd., Apt. 13, Akron 501 Vinita Avenue, Akron 1504 Wittekind Terr., Cincinnati 24 497 Fleming Road, Cincinnati 15 1801 hfielrose Avenue, Havertown 1179 St. Vincent Drive, Monroe Heights, Pitcairn, Pa. 708 Negley Ave., Pittsburgh 32 58 Weybosset Street, Providence 100 Vine Street, E. Providence 7839 Hunnient, Dallas 28 805 Lovett Blvd. Ste. 201, Houston 1415 Eye Street, N.W., Washington 2801 Oahu Avenue, Honolulu 1120 Makaiwa St., Honolulu 16 413 Apollo St., Paco, hlanila For further information on alumni activities, Contact , EXECUTIVE SECRETARY, BOSTON UNIVERSITY GENERAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION FRENIERE, JR., SCHOOL OF ED.,5'2, Assr. EXECUTIVE ALUMNI SECRETARY ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT ALUMNI OFFICER 308 BAY SPATE ROAD BOSTON 15 MASSACHUSETTS 353 f . 3 . , , 9 l E 1 O. BOSTO UNIVER IT Y Founded 1839: Chartered 1869 as Trustees of Boston University HAROLD C. CASE, President of the University J. WENDELL YEO, Academic Vice-President JOHN A. DUNN, Vice-President for Development 755 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston 15, Massachusetts COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS: A.B. degree in arts and sciences. EDWARD K. GRAHAM, Dean, 725 Commonwealth Avenue COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION: Undergraduate and graduate degrees of B.S. in B.A. and M.B.A. in business administration: A.C.S. and B.S. degrees in secretarial studies. WILLIAM G. SUTCLIFFE, Dean, 685 Commonwealth Avenue COLLEGE OF PRACTICAL ARTS AND LETTERS: CSee programs of the College of Business Administration and the School of Fine and Applied Arts.J SARGENT COLLEGE OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION: B.S. degree in physical education fwomenl and physical therapy fcoeducationalj. GEORGE K. MAKECHN IE, Dean, 6 Everett Street, Cambridge COLLEGE OF GENERAL EDUCATION: An integrated two-year program in liberal studies leadin to the A.A. degree. Covers freshman and sophomore years as an integral part of the requirements for a bachelors degree in other colleges. EDWARD K. GRAHAM, Acting Dean, 785 Commonwealth Avenue COLLECBE OF INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY: Studies in aeronantics leading to certificates and A.S. and B.S. BIgI:fROY SHELEY, Acting Dean, Logan Airport, Boston J UNIOR COLLEGE: Two-year program for A.A. degree in general education and vocational subjects. JUDSON R. BUTLER, Dean, 688 Boylston Street SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY: Degrees of M.R.E., S.T.B., and Th.D. Open only to college graduates. WALTER G. MUELDER, Dean, 745 Commonwealth Avenue SCHOOL OF LAW: Courses leading to the degree of LL.B. ELWOOD H. HETTRICK, Dean, 11 Ashburton Place SCHOOL OF MEDICINE: Courses leading to the degree of M.D. CHESTER S. KEEFER, Director and Dean, 80 East Concord Street SCHOOL OF EDUCATION: Undergraduate and graduate degrees of B.S., Ed.M., and Ed.D. fincluding physical education for menj. Part-time courses for teachers and school administrators. MAX R. GOODSON, Dean, 382 Bay State Road SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK: Graduate training in rofessional and social work for M.S. in S.S. degree. BEATRIX A. PARK, Acting Dean, 264 Bay State Road SCHOOL OF FINE AND APPLIED ARTS: College of Music-undergraduate and graduate degrees of B.M., M.M., and D.M.A.g Division of Artgundergraduate degree of B.F.A.g Division of Theater Arts-undergraduate and graduate degrees of B.F.A. and M.F.A. ROBERT A. CHOATE, Dean, 25 Blagden Street SCHOOL OF NURSING: Undergraduate and graduate degrees of B.S. and M.S. in nursing and nursing education. MARIE FARRELL, Dean, 264 Bay State Road SCHOOL OF PUBLIC RELATIONS AND COMMUNICATIONS: Undergraduate and graduate degrees of B.S. and M.S. in public relations, journalism, photography, radio, television, and motion pictures. MELVIN BRODSHAUG, Dean, 640 Commonwealth Avenue GRADUATE SCHOOL: Courses leading to the degrees of A.M. and Ph.D. EDWARD K. GRAHAM, Acting Dean, 725 Commonwealth Avenue EVENING DIVISION: Evening, late afternoon, and Saturday morning courses leading to certihcates and degrees offered by the University. All courses open to non-degree students. JAMES F. BAKER, Director, 685 Commonwealth Avenue SUMMER TERM: Beginning in May and continuing for twelve weeks, divided into two sessions of six weeks each. Courses leading to degrees offered by the University. ROBERT W. SHERBURNE, Director, 685 Commonwealth Avenue For information concerning any School or College, address the Dean For other information, address the President of the University 356 BEST WISHES HOTEL LENOX at BOYLSTON and EXETER STREET Boston NEIGHBORHOOD LAUNDERETTE 852 BEACON ST. COR. PARK DR. BOSTON, MASS. Daily 946 Monday 8: Friday 9-8 Closed Wednesday E. F. MAHADY COMPANY SALE AND RENTAL OF PATIENT SUPPLIES AND SICKROOM EQUIPMENT, HEARING AIDS ORTHOPEDIC SUPPLIES 225 Msgr. O'Brien Hwy. UN 4-8200 Cambridge 41, Mass. UNIVERSITY BARBER SHOP Corner of St. Mary and Comm. Ave. Always Four Barbers To Serve You! Private Room Available for Special Parties, Showers, Weddings, Communion Breakfasts, Etc. imeone 2 ITALIAN-AMERICAN RESTAURANT, INC. Famous for the Finest in Italian Cuisine and Pizzas Modern Air Conditioning for Your Comfort 21-29 BROOKLINE STREET Corner Green Street Cambridge, Mass. Open Daily 11:00 A.M. to 12:00 Midnight One block off Central Square For Reservations and Take-out Orders Call ELiot 4-9569 Sundays and Holidays 12:00 Noon to 12:00 Midnight MET OlPOlL TAN COAL CCOMPAN FUEL OIL - OIL BURNERS Q 65 STATE STREET BOSTON Tel. CAPEO1 7-ssoo f NATIONAL STORE FRONTS OO. INCORPORATED SUBSIDIARY OF NORTHEAST ALUMINUM INC. HODGES BADGE CO. New England's Leading Makers of BADGES - CELLULOID BUTTONS - RIBBONS 857 BOYLSTON STREET Klinmore 6-6400 Boston 16, Mass. COMPLIMENTS - of - I JIM 5 Rf5'7'v4URv4N7' B. L. IHC. "Kenmore Squares Finest" ENGINEERS' and ARTISTS' SUPPLIES 1266 BOYLSTON STREET 535 CDMMUNWEALTH AVE EUETUN, MASS. COp1ey 7-2700 Boston 15, Mass. Across from Fenway Park PROTECTIO for Boston University Studen ts Your Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan is serviced by Higham, Neilson, Whitridge 81 Reid, Inc. "Designers and Administrators of Student Insurance Program" 50 Congress Street, Boston 9, Mass. BOSTON ' PHILADELPHIA ' NASHVILLE ' ATLANTA ' LOS ANGELES ' CHICAGO Represented at the University by Alden H. Cooley, cfo Alumni Association, 308 Bay State Road 358 Complete Smaice tothe 1958 Hub 110 EAST STREET East VVeymouth, Mass. 359 COMPLIMEN TS ofa FRIEND COMPLIMENTS BROPHY and RYAN, Inc. ' of ' WHOLESALE ERUITS and VEGETABLES ,S 15 BRATTLE SQUARE RESTAURANTS Richmond 2-0170 Boston ne noun ,I 9- . , , . uinmw is he mf' V' KIMBALL, GILMAN .4 ' .MW 6: CO. I N 5 U R A N C E 534-536 Commonwealth Ave. 40 84 44 BROAD STREET AT KENMORE sQ. co 6-7117 HAncock 6-8750 Boston Stanley O. MacMu1len Henry T. Drohan C- R0bC1'rFr21SCr Super BON-GLos BRIQUETS 534,535 COMMONWEALTH AVE. A MECHANICAL DISHWASHING COMPOUND At Kenmore Sq. CO 6-7117 - Plus SERVICE - W. C. BONNER CO. WAtertown 4-0212 362 Vappi 84 Company, Qguifcfers anal onfracfors Z4EI SIDNEY STREET CAMBRIDGE 39, MA55. BECKLER PRESS CO., Inc. CREATIVE PRINTERS 232 SUMMER STREET HAnCOCk 6-2882 Boston Your Palronage I5 Appreciated . . . GOOD LUCK Automatic Merchandising Corp. Deiignerx and Operator! of AUTOMATIC FOOD and RETAILING SYSTEMS MEDFORD, MASS. Chinese Foods Chinatown Style Orders Io take out 4334 call LO 6- 3414 9018 1705 geacon St.. guollaze OPEN DAILY 4 P. M. T0 2 A. M. SUNDAYS AND HOLIDAYS I2 NOON T0 12 MIDNIGHT Eddie Chin, Hou LONGWOOD TOWERS BROOKLINE, MASSACHUSETTS Unexcelled Accommodation: for WEDDING BREAKFASTS - RECEPTIONS LUNCHEONS - DINNERS - PROMS 'S A I , - Iv- --2, E ii The fame S. S. PIERCE CO. on the ,Qvzbef is your Guarantee of ualit JACK 81 MARlON'S COOLIDGE CORNER BROOKLINE KEnmore 6-8875 KEnmore 6-7683 consAGEs . . . SIDNEY HOFFMAN, JR. - Florist 480 COMMONWEALTH AVENUE Hotel Kenmore Bostaon, Mass '-ARI AHnD,ERSDNt nm S FRANK ELBERY New Eng1and's No. 1 Ford Dealer Sales FORD Service Serving Boston University Students For Over 28 Years ELBERY MOTOR CO., INC. 360 River St. QCorner Memorial Drivej JAMES W. BRINE CO. INC. Manufacturers 8: Distributors ATHLETIC UNIFORMS SPORTING GOODS Cambridge KI 7-3820 92 Summer St. Boston 10, Mass. U 0 NIV 0 0 SEVSX ttt stt MacDONALD 8: ST. GERMAIN Inc. MEATS and PROVISIONS 22-26 NEW FANEUIL HALL MARKET Boston 9, Mass. 364 ' , E 1 2 ' i ai ei 2, K I ,, s ,. v ,, ,V THE SHOE BOX COMPLETE SHOE REPAIR SERVICE CANCELLATION SHOES AT VERY REASONABLE PRICES 49A MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE Boston, Mass. 961 COIVIIVIONVUEALTH AVENUE ST 2-3056 Boston SURGEONS' and PHYSICIANS' SUPPLY COMPANY FURNITURE - SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS DIAGNOSTIC EQUIPMENT We appreciate very much the patronage of the Boston University Students and Faculty. UNIVERSITY LUNCHEONETTE 728 COMMONWEALTH AVE. A Good Place To Eat .loHN R CLARK Q s. ASSOCIATES INC. 'QAUN Construction Engzneers BUILDING CONTRACTORS New Construction Alteratzons and Repairs 34 Years Experience on Milk, Ice Cream 8c other industrial plants 73 Main Street Cambridge 42 TRobrdg 6-4270 Qyfnown fo mtffebno lkzoetydouftxfmmaba BAY STATE BINDERY, Inc. 51 MELCHER STREET Boston 10, Massachusetts PAMPHLET BINDING Spiral - Plastico - Cetcla Complimentt of . . . SERVICE UNIFORM CO. 15 SCHOOL STREET Boston 8, Mass. CApito1 7-0670 All Experienced, Progressive Military Outfitters, Who Welcome Opportunities to Be of Service. Outfitters of BOSTON UNIVERSITY'S Army and Air Force R.O.T.C. See us before you go on active duty- Special Group Price and Terms 5 INDEX A Accounting Society Q40 Acknowledgements 368 Administration and Faculty 22-33 Alpha Delta Pi 305 Alpha Epsilon Phi 305 Alpha Epsilon Rho 242 Alpha Epsilon Pi 285 Alpha Gamma Delta 299 Alpha Kappa Psi 286 Alpha Omega Alpha 199 Alpha Phi 305 Alpha Phi Omega 278 APXOS Q45 Armenian Club 279 Arnold Air Society 276 Athletics 310-343 B Baseball 393-309 Basketball 340-342 Beta Gamma Sigma 198 Bios Club 239 C Chairman, Executive Committee 26 Chairman, Trustees 26 Chancellor 30 Chapel 267-268 Charlesgate Hall 260 Cheerleaders 326 Christian Science Organization 264 Class Officers College of Liberal Arts Senior 36 Junior, Sophomore, Freshman 218 College of Business Administration Senior 58 Junior, Sophomore, Freshman 219 College of Industrial Technology Senior 86 Sargent College Senior 80 Junior, Sophomore, Freshman 223 School of Theology Senior 90 School of Law-Senior 104 School of Medicine-Senior 98 School of Education Senior 114 Junior, Sophomore, Freshman 222 School of Social Work-Senior 138 School of Fine and Applied Arts Senior 144 Junior, Sophomore 217 School of Nursing Senior 154 Junior, Sophomore, Freshman 220 Basic Division 221 Graduate Division 221 School of Public Relations and Communications Senior 164 Junior 221 C0-Ed Colonel 19 C.B.A. Graduates 58-79 C.G.E. C.L.A. Graduates C.I.T. Graduates Corporation D Dean of Chapel Dean of Men Dean of Women Dean of the University Debating Team Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Sigma Pi Director of Public Relations Dormitories F Faculty Fall Sports Fencing Football Freshman Activities Conference Freshman Sports G Gamma Delta Gamma Phi Beta Graduate School Golf Greek Queens Greek World H Hillel Foundation Hockey Honor Auxiliary Honoraries HUB Board HUB Staff I In Memoriam Institute of Aeronautical Sciences Inter-Dormitory Council Interfraternity Conference Intramurals J Junior Activities Conference Junior College K Kappa Delta Phi Kappa Gamma Psi Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Omega Kappa Phi Alpha 186-187 36-57 86-89 26-27 24 24 24 24 236 204 301 288 24 256-260 30-33 313 345 314 209 347 279 300 176-185 323 20-21 283-309 266 336-339 201 195-223 225 226-227 348-349 237 257 284 325 208 188-189 24 1 244 307 303 289 I, Lambda Chi Alpha Lambda Pi Rho Lambda Theta Pi Law Review Lock M Marketing Society Media Miss Touchdown Mount Vernon Students Association Btu Phi Epsilon Murlin House Music and Theater Music Educators National Conference Myles Standish Hall N Newman Club N EWS O Organizations Orthodox Club P Panhellenic Conference Pershing Rifles Phi Alpha Phi Beta Kappa Phi Delta Kappa Phi Epsilon Kappa Phi Epsilon Pi Phi Gamma Nu Phi Blu Alplla Phi Sigma Sigma Phi Sigma Colony Pl Beta Phi Pi Lambda Theta Pi Omega Pi Pi Sigma Pre-Legal Society President of the University Professionals Psychology Club Publications R Religious Organizations Rifle rww R.O. l L. S Sailing Sailing Club Sargent College Graduates Scabbard and Blade Scarlet Key I School of Education Graduates School of Fine and Applied Arts Gradu INDEX 290 243 211 230 202 240 200 18 210 244 260 24-7-255 234 259 262 228-229 190-309 266 298 276 292 197 203 241 293 309 243 309 287 304 203 204 291 238 25 231-246 238 224-230 261-268 346 269-276 323 282 80-85 275 196 114-137 ates 144-153 School of Law Graduates 108-113 School of lifedicine Graduates 98-103 School of Nursing Graduates 154-163 School of Public Relations and Communications Graduates 164-175 School of Social VVork Graduates 138-143 School of Theology Graduates 90-97 Seminary Singers 255 Senior Activities Conference 208 Shelton Hall 258 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 295 Sigma Alpha Iota 245 Sigma Delta Chi 246 Sigma Delta Phi 308 Sigma Kappa 308 Sigma Phi Epsilon 294 Skiing 344 Soccer 324 Social Organizations 277-282 Society for the Advancement of Management 239 Sophomore Activities Conference 209 Spring Sports 327 Student Activities 184 Student Christian Association 263 Student Councils College of Business Administration 211 College of General Education 213 College of Liberal Arts 211 College of Industrial Technology 216 Evening Division 212 Junior College 215 Sargent College 215 School of Education 212 School of Fine and Applied Arts 216 School of Law 217 School of Nursing 213 School of Public Relations and Communications 214 School of Social Work 214 Student Government 205-223 Student-Faculty Assembly 206-207 T Tau Epsilon Phi 296 Tau Kappa Colony 297 Tau lNIu Epsilon 235 Thaea 202 Theta Phi Alpha 302 Track: Indoor 343 Spring 326-327 Trustees 26-27 V Vice-President for Academic Affairs 24 Vice-President for Development 24 W Wesley Club 265 Who's Who 192-193 Winter Sports 335 1Vomen's Recreation Association 281 1Vomen's Rifle Team 281 Y Young Republicans Club 280 ADVERTISING INDEX Allied Vending Engineers, Inc. 860 Helen Pedersen 352 Peter Pan 361 Anthony's House of Beauty 352 Higham, Neilson, Whitridge and Reid, Inc. 358 Photo Service 364 Automatic Merchandise Corp. 363 Hodges Badges 358 B St t B. d I 865 H. P. Hood and Sons 360 S. S. Pierce 363 ey as 'H ery nc- H t1K 35Q S ist d' Beclflef Press CO- IHC' 363 Hiitiil Ljfsfore 357 sjliiil Baikusiate street Trust co. 222 LWIC' 'Bfonflef go' 362 Howard Clothes 365 Service Uniform 365 Boston University Bookstore 350 Shoe Box 365 Boston University Trustees 356 Jack and Marions 354 Sidney Hoffman 364 Boston Univekity Alumni Assoc. 353 J im's Restaurant 358 Simeones 357 Qlisiglnvfllnigvsfgty News William ll' Keller Inc. 355 Surgeons and Physicians Supply Co. 365 B ' ' Kimball Gillman and co. see Symphony Flower IHC- 354 rophy and Ryan, Inc. 362 Kyarfz P , t I 352 , .. 1 e am nc. Bllelkei And 90' IBC' 361 University Barber Shop S57 . . ' Laun-dry-it 361 U ' 't Cl Chma Clty 363 l I niversi y eaners 354 Clark Associates 365 Lincolnshire Hotel 360 University Luneheonette 365 Converse Rubber Co. 354 Longwood Towers 363 l . MacDonald and st. Germain 364 V'-WPI and CO- 363 Desk Clearing House 364 E. F. Mahady Co. 357 Dow Letter Shop 3541 Waltons 362 D W Dunn Co 361 B. L. Makepeace Inc. 358 W, . I - - ' Martinizing 362 lnthrope Printing Co. 352 Fr k Elb 364 M t I't C IC . 357 an ery e ropol an ca O Youngs Hand Laundry 354 Globe Ticket Co. 352 National Store Fronts 358 Guzzi Gulf 354 Neighborhood Launderette 357 Zallens 360 1 . ' ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The HUB Board and Stajf sincerely wish to acknowledge the help and assistance of the following: The Deans and Registrars of the various Schools and Colleges Mrs. Jasmine Andrews, Miss Paula Fricke, Business Officer for Student Activities Mr. H. Robert Case, Mrs. Rae West, Ojice of University Rhotographic Service Mrs. Miriam Marshall, Director, 'University Information Miss Julia C. Pratt, Secretary to the President Mr. Larry Strumwasser, Director, Sports Publicity Mr. James Arey, Miss Gail Kredenser, Mr. John Alden Mr. Burton Stern, Boston University NEWS Mr. Roswell Farnham, Jr. of William J. Keller Inc. Buffalo, New York Mr. Frank Flynn of Sargent Studios, E. Weymouth Mass. 9 Mr. Myron Stevens of Robert Burlen Co., Boston, Mass. Ruth N. Fletcher, Ojice of Public Relations Mr. Raymond Parker, Ojice of Sponsored Research Cover Design by Dean Pillsbury Opening Section by Sandy Weinreb Member Associated Collegiate Press

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