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  EnioR flnnuflL Of BO TOn UniVER ITY BO TOn Olfl ZdCHU fTT rIn Memoriam . . . Foreword ............. Administration . . . Departmental Sections C.L.A............ C.B.A............ Evening Division . Law.............. P.A.I............ Education . . . Music .... SALE............. Theology . . . University Activities University Publications Athletics .... Fraternities . . . Sororities .... Advertisers . . . Index .............Iii iHletnoriam Ipiimn Cfjurdjill i}ctuell $)roteor, C. 1.3. September 18,1867 Semite 13,1933 DHiigljt Diigetsoll Cfjapman professor, C, 1.3. iflap 12,1903 fanuarp 5,1934 Affile)’ James itlc(Caitj JJrofrssor, £. 1,3. Member 30,1869 Jfclmiarp 11,1934 Cljomas (Cberftt Jfaireljilb 3S£(isiaiit to Ifjc $)rcsitieiit Sircctor, ®niberti!p glimmer Session 3pril 8,1894 3pril 19,1934The 1934 HUB is the culmination of the efforts of the staff which lias worked to present an all-University Senior annual to students at Boston University, at the same time, retaining the departmental personality and individuality of each of the eight schools and colleges represented in the 1934 HUB, The staff hopes that it has produced a book having a vital appeal for every Senior. May this edition prove a fitting expression of the ideals and traditions which are a part of Boston University.flDfll TMTIOf)DANIEL L MARSH, A.M., S.T.R.. P11.D., Lrrr.D., UI.D., I1.D. President of the imremhjThe Corporation Isaac Rich THU FOUNDERS OF BOSTON UNIVERSITY Lee Claflin Jacob Sleeper THE ASSOCIATE FOUNDERS Alden Speare Edward 11. Dunn Roswell Chester C. Corbin Augusta E. Corbin THE TRUSTEES OF BOSTON UNIVERSITY Alonzo R. Weed, Chairman of the Trustees of Boston Unirersity Frank G. Allen, 1 7ice-Chaiman of the Trustees of Boston University Caspar (i. Bacon, Secretary of the Trustees of Boston University E. Ray Speare, Treasurer of the Trustees of Boston Unirersity Daniel L Marsh, President of the Unirersity Alfred II. Avery Henry I. Harriman George Bramwell Baker Lewis 0. Hartman Howard I). Brewer Ernest G. Howes J. Emmons Briggs Puny Jewell Edwin P. Brown Horace A. Moses Merton L Brown Elizabeth C. Nortiiup Walter S. Bucklin Charles S. Otto Charles W. Burns A. C. Ratsiiesky Horace A. Carter William F. Rogers William E. Ciienery Emma Fall Schofield ( HANNING II. COX Henry K. Sherrill Guy W. Cox Stephen W. Sleeper George A. Dunn Graydon Stetson FrANKI IN .. tyjRGUSON Howard B. Ward Mrs a’erett Q ftk' ) Percy E. Woodward Al T. Fuller Henry A. Wyman » HONORARY THUS. , William F. Anderson , • John W. Hamilton Alice Stone Blackwell William T. Rich Dillon Bronson Joseph M. Shepler Edward A. Elliott Michael II. Sullivan John C. Ferguson William 1. Ward THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Ernest (i. Howes, Chairman William E. Ciienery, Secretary Frank G. Allen Alfred II. Avery George Bramwell Baker ♦Edwin P. Brown Pliny Jewell A. C. Ratsiiesky William F. Rogers Henry A. Wyman The Chairman of the Corporation The Treasurer of the Corporation The President of the UniversityK. HAY SPEARE, Pii.B., D.B.A. Treasurer of liosion I'nicemlyLUCY JENKINS FRANKLIN, UN). I niiwitji Ikon of WomenFrederick Rand Rogers, HI). Dean of Physical Education and Student Health Ernst Hermann Director of Sargent Dirision S.E.ALEXANDER SWANSON BEGG, M.D. Dean of Ik School of MedicineRalph E. Brown Comptroller of the Unimiltj Walter (’. James, A.B. Ilumr of Ihe I’nmsiii)Boston University from the Air "In Ihc kart of Ik city .if Ik service of Ik city." This brief statement truly summarizes Boston University with her ten schools and colleges scattered throughout the city. The above photograph gives some idea of the territory which Boston University occupies. 1. ('.LA., Graduate School, Summer Session and administrative offices. 2. C.B.A. 3. P.A.L. 4. College of Music 5. School of Theology (I. Robinson Chapel 7. Beebe Hall 8. School of Law !). School of Medicine, olf to the extreme left of picture 10. School of Education 11. Sargent School of Physical Education 12. Claffin Building 13. S.R.E., Fox Hall Dormitory Conant Hall DormitoryBoston University Hymn ¥ ¥ by Daniel L Marsh 0 glorious thy name and fame, Resplendent from thy youth! 0 radiant the holy (lame That lights thy lam]) of truth! 0 Boston University, 0 Alma Mater dear, We’ll cherish, love and honor thee, And thy great name revere. 0 wonderful thy (barter’s aim— High learning’s perfect (lower And Virtue’s fruit. these proclaim Thy nurture and thy power. 0 Boston University, 0 Alma Mater true, We’ll strive to make the Future free, And thus thy goal pursue. 0 beautiful thy colors gleam, The scarlet and the white, When Uve and Life mean all they seem, Courageous for the Right! 0 Boston University, 0 Alma Mater brave. We’ll boldly stand for purity Where'er thy banners wave. 0 Vision Splendid!Thine the art To make all visions real: 'I’he call to serve with all the heart Is blazoned on thy seal. 0 Boston University, 0 Alma Mater fine, We’ll live to give reality To thine ideals divine. {Copyright, 1928, by Boxlon Unicemty)COLLEGE Of LIBERAL ARTJOfficers of Instruction DANIEL L MARSH, Pu.D., Litt.1), L.H.D, LL.D, President of the University, 430 Buckminster ltd., Brookline WILLIAM MARSHALL WARREN, Pii.D., Dean of the College, Professor of Philosophy, 7 Hawthorn Ave., Needham WARREN ORTMAN AULT, Pu.D., Professor of History, 44 Fairlee ltd.. Waban WILLIAM GOODWIN AI RELIO, A.M., Professor of Greek, 18 MedfieldSt., Boston MEltVYN JOY HAILEY, A.M., Professor of German, 27 Central Terr., Aubumdale MABEL FLORA BARNTM, A.B., S.R., Instructor in the I 'sc of the Library, 417 Marlboro St., Boston MRS. MARION MacLEOD BERTENSHAW, Graduate of the Boston School of Physical Education, Instructor in Physical Education for Women, 833 Beacon St., Boston HELEN BIDWELL, A.B., Graduate of the Department of Hygiene, Wellesley College, Instructor in Physical Education for Women, 15 Linnaean St., Cambridge MRS. AGNES KNOX BLACK, Professor of Elocution, 50 Kirkland St., Cambridge EDWIN PRINCE BOOTH, S.T.B., Pu.D, Lecturer on Education, 7(1 Beech St, Norwood HAROLD MARTIN BOWMAN, LL.B, Pu.D., Associate Profesor of United States Citizenship on the Maxwell Foundation, 838(enterSt, Newton (enter LEWIS ALANSON BRIGHAM, A.M, Professor of Astronomy, 608 Watertown St, Newtonville EDGAR SHEFFIELD BRIGHTM AN, S.T.B, Ph D, LL.D, Borden Parker Bowne Professor of Philosophy, 44 Braeland Ave, Newton Center ROBERT ERNEST BRI CE, Pu.D, Professor of Mathematics, 41Churchill St, Newtonville JCDSON REA HITLER, A.M, Instructor in Psychology, 87 Myrtle St, Boston DONALD CAMERON, Pii.D, Professor of Latin, 16 Trowbridge St, Cambridge DWIGHT 1NGERSOLL CHAPMAN. Pii.D. (died January 5,1934), Assistant Professor of Romance Languages, 10 Plymouth Ave, Belmont JESSE BITT1UCK DAVIS, A.M, I.itt.D, Lecturer on Education, IS Ilazelton ltd, Newton Center Al.CIDE TIlfiODORE-MARIE 1)E ANDRIA, Laureat de ITniversitc Saint-Joscph. Beirut, Syria. Professor of French, 44 Sutherland ltd, Brookline Rl'TII CONSTANCE IM’FFEY, S.B, Graduate of the Department of Hygiene, Wellesley College, Director of Physical Education for Women, Bradlcc ltd, Medford EDWARD JOSIAH EATON, A.M, Lecturer on Education, 44 Fairfax St, West Newton ELEANOR BAGSHAW FERGUSON, S.B., M.l), Lectureron Injuries and Minor Illnesses, 54 Charlesgate East, Boston JAMESGEDDES, Jh„ Pii.D, Profes'orof Romance Languages 39 FairmountSt, BitK»klineWILLIAM MARSHALL WAR REX, Pii.I). Dean of the College of Liberal ArtsEDWARD OTIS HOLMES, Jr., Pii.D, Professor of Chemistry, ?5 Greystone lid., Midden CHARLES PHILLIPS HUSE, Pii.D., Professor of Economies, 13 Pine St., Belmont NORTON ADAMS KENT, Pii.D., Professor of Physics, 59 Hancock Ave., Newton Center WINSLOW HARDING LOVELAND, A.M., Professor of English, 4!) Lincoln St., Hyde Park HRENTON REID LI T , Pii.D., Professor of Biology, 19 Laurel St.. Melrose JOHN PATTEN MARSHALL, Mus.IL, Professor of the History and Theory of Music, SOI Bay State ltd.. Boston JAMES ROYAL MARTIN, A.M., Profe or of Geology, 78 Main St., Cochituate JOHN PHILIP MASON, Pii.D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry, ?8 Pondview ltd., Arlington Heights THOMAS RAY MATHER, A.M., Professor of English, 10 Prospect St., Belmont STANLEY DEMETRICS MIROYIANNIS, A.M., Teaching Fellow in Biology, 8 Cumberland St., Boston ELMER BENEKEN MODE. A.M., Professor of Mathematics, l uigmeadow ltd., Wellesley ROBERT EARLE MOODY, Pii.D.. Assistant Professor of History, 887 Commonwealth Ave., Boston ALBERT MORRIS, A.M.. Assistant Professor of Social Science, I7S Ilillcrest ltd., Needham HERBERT BENJAMIN MYRON, Jh.. A.M., Instructor in Romance I languages, :U Conant Hall. Cambridge LYMAN ClintCHILL NEWELL, Pii.D. (died I)eceml»er 13,1933), Professor of Chemistry, (HiStedmanSt, Brookline WILLIAM BI'NNELL NORTON, A.B., Instructor in History, 50 Itiverdale ltd., Wellesley Hills FRANK NOWAK. Pii.D., Professor of History, 53 Lewis ltd., Belmont MARSHALL LIVINGSTON PERRIN, Pii.D., Professor of Germanic languages and Sanskrit, 31? Washington St., Wellesley Hills OTTO EMIL PLATTI, A.M,S.M,S .1), Professor of Biology, ?i Prince St., Jamaica Plain ALEXANDER HAMILTON RICE, Pii.D., Professor of Utin, 99 Bartlett Ave., Arlington GEORGE MARK SNEATH, Pii.D., Professor of English, 78 Plainfield St., Waban HELEN MARY STEVENS, A.M., Supervisor in the Chemical Lalmratory, 1059Central Ave., Needham MARGUERITE FLORENCESYNElt, A.M, Assistant in Chemistry, .303 Bay St., Taunton JOSEPH RICHARD TAYLOR, A.M., Professor of Greek, 4? Adella Ave, West Newton LCCIEN BRADFORD TAYM)R, A.M, Instructor in Physics, Farm St., Dover RALPH WESLEY TAYLOR, A.M, Registrar, Instructor in English, Director of the Saturday, Late Afternoon, and Evening Courses, 101 Nichols St, Norwood WAYLAND FARRIES VAUGHAN, Pii.D, Professor of Philosophy, 7 Hawthorn Ave, Needham GEORGE ELLERY WASHBURN, S.M., Pii.D, Assistant Professor of Romance Languages,?! Parker St, Uxington SAMUEL MONTEFIORE WAXMAN, Professor of Romance Lmguages, ?l Foster St, Cambridge ROSE ELIZABETH WEIFFENBACH, A.M, Assistant in English, HI Rockville Park, Itoxburv ARTHUR WISSWAL1) WEYSSE, Pii.D, M.l), Professor of Biology, 416 MarlboroSt, Boston JOHN MILTON WILLIAMS, A.M, Assistant Professor of English, 170 Pine Ridge ltd, Waban Phi Beta Kappa Epsilon Chapter in Massachusetts PHI BETA KAPPA is a national society “formed for the encouragement of scholarship and the union of engaged in scholarly pursuits." It was founded at the College of William and Mary, Virginia, in 1770, and is thus one of the oldest college organizations in this country. Today there are Chapters in one hundred and twenty-live of the better colleges of the t inted States. These Chapters, with their several members, are associated in a national organization known as “The United Chapters of Phi Beta Kappa." The Chapter at the College of Liberal Arts, Epsilon of Massachusetts, was established in 1898. Each year a number of the graduating class of the College of Liberal Arts are elected to membership in this Chapter “in recognition of their outstanding attainments in scholarly pursuits, and of their manifestation of high character and deep interest in the life of the College." The emblem of membership in Phi Beta Kappa is the key, which bears insignia adopted December 5,177(1. These insignia symbolize the pur|)ose of the society. The generations of eminent persons who have worn this key have endowed it with no little distinction. OFFICERS 1933-1934 President and Director Frank L. Simpson, 1898 Vice-President and Director Dwight I. Chapman, 1923 (Died, January .7,1934) Directors Mrs. Herbert I). Boyd, 1903 Frank Nowak, 1917 (Rochester) Director and Clerk Rose E. Weiffenbach, 1924 Director and Treasurer J. Philip Mason, 1922 Director and Auditor Lyman (’.Newell, 1890 (Brown) (Died December 13, 1933) LIST OF PHI BETA KAPPA ELECTIONS FROM THE CLASS OF 1934 Martin Arthur Berezin Joseph Harold Bornstein Eleanor Frances Cliace Morris Cosliak Ruth Amelia Dainty Oscar' . Dashef Samuel Wilbur Dobranskv Israel Enoch Garber Samuel Jacob Gold Victor Norman Landstrom Jacob Lichman Dorothy May Markle Doris Margaret McGIvnn George Raphael Ronka Dorothy Margaret Rose Morris Rosenthal Paula Schulsinger Marianna Alet ha Thalheimer .n"H— n"ir ■ _Bad' How: Bishop, Atwood, Flaliertv, Carter, Oshorne Smivl How: Cunningham, Mariner, Warner, WeMter. Coughlan, Kennedy, DeMarsh, Martin Froiil llnir: Wilson, Houghton, Hunter, I’etralia, Honka, Collins, Class Student Board THE Student Board is the governing body of C.L.A., invested with the executive and legislative A lowers of the Student Association. It consists of twenty members, six representatives each from the Senior and Junior classes and four delegates from both the Sophomore and Freshman classes. The term of ollice is one year from date of installation. President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . OFFICERS Guy Petraua George Ronka Dorothy Hunter Byron Collins REPRESENTATIVES Byron Collins Bose (ilass 1934 Uwis Houghton Dorothy Hunter George Ronka Eleanor Wilson Norman Atwood Martha Chapman 1935 Catherine Coughlan Thomas Mariner Welsey Osborne Lila Webber Bichard Bishop 1936 Willis Carter Mildred DeMarsh Eleanor Martin John Cunningham 1937 John Flaherty Beatrice WarnerHad Hmr: (’alderwood, Ijong, Lundslrom, Wilson, Gibson Front loir: Davis, Hunter, Ronka, McLaughlin First Semester Dorothy Hunter Hugh McLaughlin Eleanor Wilson Virginia Long George Gibson Norman Landstrom Frieda Eaton Byron Collins Marion Harmon Doris Calderwood George Ronka Lewis Houghton Esther Mulrenin Guy Petralia Dorothy Hunter Doris Calderwood Byron Collins George Mickelson Marjorie Morse Alexander Dandrkta Virginia Long Class Officers SENIOR YEAR President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Assistant Secretary Assistant Treasurer JUNIOR YEAR President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Assistant Secretary Assistant Treasurer SOPHOMORE YEAR President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Assistant Secretary Assistant Treasurer FRESHMAN YEAR President Vice-President Secretary Second Semester George Ronka Dorothy Hunter Hugh McLaughlin Harrison Davis Eleanor Wilson Doris Calderwood Byron Collins Esther Mulrenin George Mickelson Robert Wright Esther Petterson Ruth Bailey Alexander Dandreta Rose Glass Norman Landstrom Joseph Hughes Ruth Bailey Doris Calderwood Lewis Houghton Marion Harmon Herbert BrownItlTII ELIZABETH BAILEY K) Heaeo Sired Hyde Park, Man. Hyde i’nrk High School A.B. English Alpha Phi; (’Lavs Assistant Treasurer .'I; Gamma Dell Cabind 3,4; Senior Proctor. MARGARET LILLIAN ANDERSON oAlooU Si reel Alltfon. Man. Brighton High School S.B. Chemistry HELEN EVELYN BEMIS Cealral Sired Ron ley, Man. A.B. History History Club 3,1; International Relations Club I. MARGARET LOUISE ADAMS Boylston, Mass. Wormier North High School A.B. Romance languages Girls Basketball 1,2,3,1; Bowling W.A.A. I; Lc Cede Francis 2,3.4; Sneath Debating Society 4; Spanish Club 1,'2; W.A.A. 1.2.3,4; YAY.C.A. 1.2, 3,4; Y.W.C. A. Cabinet 4. JOSEPH HAROLD BORNSTEIN 33 Nichols Street Chelsea, Man. Chelsea High School S.B. Biolojgy Class RaskdhaH 1,2,3.4; Intramural Basketball 4; Volleyball 3,4: Avukah Club 3; Der Deutsche Yorein 1,4; Junior Proctor -T. HARRIET LENNIE BISHOP 21 llolten Sired Danvers. Man. llolten High School A.B. History IX-lla Delta Della; Bailey Art Society 4; Gilbert ami Sullivan Association 3. JOSEPHINE ROBERTA BRUNO 11 Yale Street Medford. Man. Sharon High School A.B. Romance languages DOROTHY FRANCES BRENNAN 282 Highland Sired Dedham. Min. Dedham High School A.B. Economics Bailey Art Society 2; Mathematics Club 1, 3,4, Assistant Treasurer 2. HERBERT STANLEY BROWN 14 Parkman Street Dorrbrstfr. Mass. Dorchester High School A.B. English Beta Chi Sigiua: Class Secretary I; Der Deutsche Yen'in 4; Gilbert and Sullivan Association 2; Latin Club 3.4. HENRY CHASE BRITTON 115 Ashland Street M alilen. Miss. Malden High School MttsachusdU Institute of Technology S.B. English Le Cerde Francis 4.( KLEANOR FRANCKS ( HACK 136 Ray Street Full Rim, Mass. Durfce High School A.B. English Dramatic Club I; Junior Proctor; Utin Club 1.2, 3,1; Poetry Club 1,2,3, Treasurer I; Snealh Delation .Society I. Y; W.C.A. MARY TERESA CARROI.L tfi Sturris Read West Roxbury, Mass. A.B. History Theta Phi Alpha; Bailey Art Society I; History Club 3.1: Poetry Club 4; W.A.A. I; Y.W.C.A. I. BYRON HONK COLLINS 15 Roardnun Aveuuc Melrose, Mass. Melrose High School A.B. Biology lambda; Class Executive Committee 2; Class Yite-Preiidful 2.3; Delta 4; Men’s Banquet Committee 3; Student Gotemmmt Board 2,3,1. DORIS KILKKN CALDERWOOD 161'riKprvt Street Saugus, Mass. Saugus High School S.R. English Alpha Delta Pi; Claw Treasurer 2, 3. Assistant Treasurer 4; Class Kxenitive (’ommitlee 1; Junior Week Committee, Secretary; News 4; Panbcllcnic 3,4; Senior Week Committee, Secretary; Crania Club 2,3; W.A.A. 1,4. VHE - nil IDS KIJNOR TERESA CONNOR 74 Lime Street Newhuryport, Mass. |) French (iirls Basketball . 3,4; Rowling W.A.A. 2,3.4; Volleyball 2,3,4; Dramatic Club 2; History Club 3; I 1 C'ciele Francaii 2,3.4; W.A.A. 2,3,4. BKATR1CK LILLIAN CORNBLUKR 25 Pearl Street Aver, Mass. Ayer High School A.B. French Pi Lambda Sigma; Le Cerclc Francois 1; Panbrl-knic3,4. = (IUP j93y SAMCKL WILBl'R DOBRAN'SKY 1(1 Vesta Road Dorchester, Mass. Brockton High School, Boston Latin A.B. Knglish ('ha Basketball 1. 2.3. f; Intramural Basketball 2.3,4; Varsity Tennis I; Volleyball 3, 4. Manager 3; Men's Bam|uet Committee 3; Stunt (ommitlee 3. LILLY CRAVITZ tl) Nichols Street Chelsea, Man. Cheka High School $.11. Mathematics Bowling W.A.A. 2; Avukab Club 2; Drr IK-ut he Vercin 4; Forum 2,3,1; Mathematics Club 1,2,3, Vice-President 4; University Jewish Council I; Crania Chib4; Y.W.C.A. HARRISON KRNBST DAVIS 17 Barrett Avenue .Malden, Mass. Malden High School A.B. Philosophy Beta Chi Sigma; Class Treasurer 4; Forum 3,4; Iiltcrfraternily Conference 3; Student Faculty Committee on Student Counseling and Religiou Activities 4; Crania Club 4; Y.M.C.A. 1,2,3,4. RUTH AMELIA DAINTY Monument Beach. .Maw. Bourne High School A.B. Midi Alpha Phi; Student House, Secretary I.wim r,iui. r.Ui.' 12.) Hrnltlc Lane Arlington, Mass. Arlington High School, I’niwsity of Miami M. Bwlisfa Al|i!u Phi: tiirl' Itoskctball I; Glee Club, I'nirer-sity 3; Y.W.C.A. :i. FRIKDA PIERCE BATON i'.l School Street Dedham, Mass. Dedham High School ....„ English (•amnia Phi BHa; Beacon Association . :|, Litre-ary Rdilor I: Ctw lenient 3; I hr Deutsche CTfin 1,2. President 3, -I; Gamma I Vila Cabinet I; Junior Week Coaimittcr 3: PanMIrtiir 3. flr»i-•lent t: Senior Proctor t; Y.W.C.A. 1.2.3 Prrsi-•lent 4. AIJCB UllTSB FEARNS 7 Haynes Street Maynard, Mass. Maynard High School Theta Phi Alpha; Class Nominating Committee 3; PjiWIeoic I; Snealh Debating Society 3, I. HELEN PRANCES DOMIN’ 225 Broad Street Bridgewater, Mm, Bridgewater High School IlhtoCV Baity Art Society I; History Cluh 3.1; Portry (luh I. mary Elizabeth pletciikii Stow, Mm. Stow High School, Simmons College S.B. Pnglbh Pi Beta Phi; Girls’ Haskellmll 2; Volleyball 2.3; Baity Art Society 4; Panbrlbic 3, Treasurer 4; Student House, Vicr-IVrsidnit 3.4. ELEANOR FRIZZELL 27 Court Street Whitman, Mm. Whitman High School A;B. Economics, Social Seience Alpha Phi; Girls’ BasIceibaR 4; History Club I; Student Gomnment Board I. HAROLD EDMOND GIXGRAS 16 Kart Fourth Street Attkhoro, M us. A.B. Englhh Varsity Track 2; Class Treasmer I; Dramatic Club 4; hncalh Debating Society 1,Treasurer 2. ISRAEL ENOCH GARBER IS l ston Street Mattapan, Mass. Dorchester High School »-i , n . „ Chemistry Bailey Art Society 4; lorum 1.2,3.4; Jewish |)iv cuMKin Groan 4; Meoorah Society 2, 3; Neo-Alebemisl's Club 3,4: Socialhm Club 3,4; Uoiw-Mly Jcwuh Council I. GEORGE CARULB GIBSON 70 Byron Avenue Brockton, Mm. Brockton High School Malhrmilici lamUia; Claa llaskrllull 2.3.4; Clm Assist ant Treasurer I;Class EaeciitiwCommitlef3,4;Della; Huh. Editor 4; Junior Week Commitlre; Ic CrecV rmncatw I; Scm. Week Committee; Senior Proctor; Student Athletic Council 3,4. LEOPOLD OSWALD GENEST •IS Sewell Street Ludlow, Man. Ilnircnilyof I’entuylvania S.B. Latin Club 2,3,4.SIDNEY MILTON GOLDBLATT 0!) Callender Slrort Dorchester, Mass. Boston English High School S.B. Biology Cliemia 1,2; Jcuish Discussion (imup I; Mathc-matins Chib 4. MII.DKKI) LEONA GOLDBERG 244 Winchester Street Brookline, Muss. Universily of Buffalo S.B. Philosophy Siguia Beta Upsilon; IX r Deutsche Vcrvin I; ran-hellenic 4; Socialism Club 4; University Jewish Council 4. S.B. KATHARINE ELEANOR GREEN 3S Woodward Street Newton Highlands, Mass. Newton High School. Skidmore Collar Social Sciences Phi Beta Phi; Cosmopolitan Club 3,4; Dramatic Club 2; Gilbert and Sullivan Association 2; Poetry Club, Treasurer 3,4; Student Faculty Committee on Student (oanseling and Religion Activities I; Student Volunteers 2.3.4; A .( .A. (abinrt 3.4. ROSE R. GLASS 129 Washington Street Peabody. Mass. Peabody High ScIkkiI A.B. Lit in Girls' BadcetWI 1,2.3,4; Class Vice-Proidcwt 2; Der IXutsclw Vcrein 1.2,3.4; tat in Club 3, I; Student Ibanl 3,4; W.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Y.W.C.A. ELIZABETH PATRICIA GRUNDY 72 holhrop Strict Beverly, Mass. Aeademv ol Notre Dame, Gloucester High School A.B. ’ . Latin Pi lambda Sigma; Hislorj'Cluli2,3,4; Latin ( lub 1.2,3.4; NVAichcniist's Club 3; Student Government Board I; W.A.A. 2.3. Cabinet 4; VW. C.A. 2,3.4; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, Treasurer 4. KENNETH FREDERICK HAPPY 12 Della Place Kingston. N. Y. Kingston, N. Y. High School S.B. , History Phi Kama Tan; Varsity Track 3,4; Freshman Track; GW Club, Umirersity I. MARKIN HARMON 5 Sheridan Street Lawrence, Mass. Lawrence High School A.B. English Literature Class Eaccutivr ('omniillec 2; Class Secretary 3; Dramatic Club 1,2; Hub 1,2,3; Lmtim CM I. DOROTHY HELENE 9 Elizabeth Street Mnllaion, Mass. Boston Girls' Latin School A.B. . English Alpha Kappa; Beacon Association I GRACE FRANCES HARVEY 153 North Main Street North Easton, Mass. Oliver Ames High School A.B. Latin VoHeyball I; LatinClab3,4; W.A.A. 1,2. MARGOT LORRAINE HARRIS 4 Walnut Terrace Newton vide, Miss. Upper Darby Pa. High School, Newton High School A.B. History Delta Delta Delta; VolleyWI I; Bailey Art Society 4; Poetry Club 3.4; Urania Club 2. Vice-President 3; President t; Y.W.C.A. I. 2, 3. 4; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet t.JOSEPH HENRY HUGHES 202 Washington Street Peabody, Mass. l’cal o ly High School, Dartmouth Colkcr A.R. Hbtonr Bril Kappa; CL" Trri'iirer 3; Freshman Frolic Committee; History Club; International Relation Club; Ijitin Club; Neman Club; Sixial Commit-lee 1,2; Stndeat Dianna ment Chib. MARION ESTHER HOLMES 270 Main Street Franklin, Mas . Franklin Ili h School Delta Delta Delta; Y.W.C.A. 1,2,3,4. En li.h EIS1E HINCKLEY HUNT ICN Albion Street AlUton, Mast. University ol Paris S.B. French Alpha Gamma Delta; Boiling W.A.A. 2,3; Bailey Art Society I; la Ccrclc Francis 2.1, Treasurer 3; Panbellrnic 4; W.A.A. 2,3. BEATRICE THERESA HOAR 50 Foster Street Lowell. Mass. Luell High School A.B. Latin Pi l.mibtla Sigma; (iirl ' Basketball 2,3,4; Bowl-iiiirW. .A.;U;lailinClub3.4;W.A.A.I . DOROTHY EUZABKTH HUNTER 116 Mill Stnet Newton Centre. Mas. l ilehua High School. Honolulu, T. II. Newton High School A.B. English Bowling AY. A. A. 3; Claw Secretary 2. President 4, Vice-President 4; Dramatic Club I, 2; Gamma I Vila ('abinet 2. 3, President 4; Hub 2, Photographic Editor 3; Junior Work Committee 3; Stu-ilent Government Board, Sccrrtary 3,4. EDWARD BIX BY HUTCHINSON 710 Summer Street Lynn, Mass. « , Lynn Clawicnl High Srhool A«B. History r? International Relation Club 4; Swath Debating • Society 3,4; Student Disarmament Club 4. EDWARD LESLIE KANDIB 40 King Street Dorrbc'ter, Mass. IVrchcstcr High School A.B. History Kappa Phi Kapi«; Gilbert and Sullivan Association 1,2; Glee Chib, University 4. MARY FRANCES KELLEIIER Forest Hill Avenue l.ynnfirld Centre, Mass. Wakefield High School A.B. .....................................Lit in IVr Deutsche Yew in 4; 1 Cerclc Franca is 2; Latin Club 3, President 4. DOROTHY KAY Prospect Hare Pitlstou. Pa. Wyoming Seminary. Edinburgh University A.B. History Bailov Art Society I; Choir 2,4; IVr IVul'chr Ycr.-in 1,2; Dramatic Club 1.2.4; Glee Club. University 1,2,4; Student Home 1,2,4. ELEANOR MADELINE KANE 4fi Everett Street Lawrence, Mass. Luwrenoe High School A.B. Eiigli h Beacon Association 2,3, Editor-in-chief 4; Gillwrl ami Sullivan Association 3.4; Glee Club, University 1.2,3,4; Poetry Club 4; University Chorus 2,3,4; W.A.A.1,2.VICTOR NORMAS LANDSTROM S3 Barden Hill Rond Middleboro, Man. MiddltborO High School , .H. Mitkilia Class Rasketliall 1.2,3,1; Intramural 3,1: Class Secretary 2, Assistant Treasurer I; Junior Prodoc; Mathematics Club 2, 3, 1, Treasurer 3; Men's indent Christian .taeiation 3, I; Crania dub 3,4. JLitUfcr- IIKRBERT HOWARD KUNDB 130 Main Sired Norfolk. Mass. Walpole High School. Dean Academy S.B. Sociology Vanity Baseball 2; Brain)? 2. KATHLEEN RUBY KNKillT II Kiitlinsr Road Wellesley Hill . Mas. Wellesley High School S.IJ. Cfaubjr ZdaTau Alpha; Girls’ Basketball 1.2,3,1: Bowlin 1,2,3.1; Swimming I; Volleyball 1,2,3.1; Pan-beUcnicS, 4; W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A. VIRGINIA MARIK LONG 431 Central Avenue Milton, Mass. Mission Huh Seb»l English language, Literature Theta Phi Alpha; Beacon Association I; Class Seodary 1. Treasurer 4; Dec Deutsche Verein 3, 4; Dramatic Club 1,2.3,4; Kim- Arts Club 4; Seoite Week Committer; W.A.A. I; Y.W.C.A. 1, 2.4. CKORGE HENRY UVERMORE 20 Conomo Avenue Lynn. Maw. I.ynn EnglMi High School S.B. Mathematic Beacon Adoration, Business Manager 3.4; Class Scerdarv I; Delta 4; Mathematics Club 3, Prrsi-iJcnt 4; Crania Club 2. President 3, Cabinet 4. JACOB Lit UMAX It Highland Avenue Beverly, Mass. Beverly Huh School S.B. Avubh Club 1,2; Cheraia 1,2. Chemistry A.B. BLANCHE IHIROTHY MAURER Virginia Read Concord. Mass. Concord High School S.B. English W.A.A. 3,4; Y.W.C.A. 3,4. MYRON HAROLD MAH 30 Alpha Road Dorebestcr, Mass. Boston Latin School, Colby Coder? A.B. Cnenutliy IntercU" Slimming; Varsity Tennis 3; Vanity Tract 3; Bailey Art Society 4; Class Debating 4; Der Deutsche Verein 4; Swath Debating Society 4. MADELEINE MARSH 250 Buckminster Road Brookline. Mass. Brookline High School A.B. Philosophy Alpha Phi; Bailey Art Society 4; Class Treasurer I; Latin Club I; Mdhodist Student Council 4; Neo-Alchemist’s Club 3; Panbellenic 2. 3; Philosophy Oub I; Volunteer Social WorkY.w.c.A. ’W. GWENDOLYN' ARLENE MARTINDALK Mention Street West Upton, Mass. Upton High School A.B. English Bailey Art Society 4; W.A.A. 1,2.3.4; Y.W.C.A. 2.3,4.RUTH MONROE 63 Bellevue Avenue Melrose, Mass. Melrose High Srbool, Wheaton College All. Economic Kappa Kappa (ianima. DORIS HAILEY MICHELS Emery Milk Maine Portland High School, Conneeticut State College S.H. I . Archery I; Freshman Fencing I; Field Hockey I. MARY ELIZABETH MONTAGUE 29 Charles Street Dedham, Mass. Dedham High School A.B. French Pi Lambda Sigma; Girls' IL ketlull2, 3,1; Bulling W.A.A. 3,1; Yolleyhill 2,3,1; Le Cerrlc Francni' 2.3, I; Mathematics Cluh 1,2; W.A.A. Cabinet 3, Trensurrt I; Y.W.C.A. 1,2,3,1. EDITH SUE MEXSCH1 1222 Krkert A etiur Reading, Pa. A.B. ITiilosophy (iirk Varsity Basket tail 3, Captain 1; Yolleyhill 2, 3 l;Phikwiphk;dCliil»l;W.A.A.3,1. DORIS MARGARET McGLYNX SN McKay Street Reverb’, Mass. Bemly High School A.B. History Pi lambda Sigma; Delating, Varsity 3; History Cluh 2, Treasurer 3; litin (lull 2.3; Sncath l)c-bating Society 1,2,3. A.B. ESTHER CECELIA Ml'LRENIN 436 Norfolk Street Maltapan. Mass. Academy of Notre Dante English Theta Phi Alpha; Class President 2, Yicc-Prrsiiletit 3; Gamma Della Cabinet 1,3,1; Tea Darnv Prin-ee»3; Y.W.C.A. I. MARJORIE IjOUISE PARKER 17 Vine Street Rniintree, Mass. Braintree High School S.B. Chemistry Theta Epsilon; Girls’ Basketball 3,4; Volleyball 3, 4; Mathematics Club 1, 2. 3, 4; Panhdlenic, 3, 4; WAX 3, 4; Y.W.C.A. t. HUGH WILLARD McLAUGHIJN 36 Whom Street Brockton. Miss. Brorilon High Setwol A.B. English Chess Cluh 4; (’lavs Yicr-Prridenl 4, Sextetary 4; French Play 3,4; 1 Cerrlc Francis 3.4; Latin Club I; Men's Student Christian Association 1,2, 3,4; Urania Club 3,4. HENRY MASON PALMER 74 Revere Street Portland. Maine New England Conservatory of Music, Calais Academy A.B. English D t Deutsche Yen-in 4; Epismjnlian Club 3. 4; Le Cerrlc Francais 3,4; Y.M.C.A. 1,2.3,4. BARBARA ADELAIDE ONTIIANK So Wahan Hill R.asl Chestnut Hill. Miss. Newton High School A.B. English IMta Della Della; Volleyball 2,4; Class Assistant Treasunt I; Dramatic Club. Vice-President 3, Presiilent 4; Latin Cluh; Y.W.C.A. KSTHHR KLI ABKTII PKTTKRSON Carlisle Street Rust Chelmsford, .Mass, A.IS. History Sicilia K.i|i(u; Hailey Art S eidy I: CU«s Assistant Secretary 3; History (lull 3.1; International Hrblions Club; Mathematics ('full 2, 3. I; Pan-bdknic3,1; Y.W.C.A. 1,2,3,1. GUY ANTHONY PETRAIJA Jaqucs Sired Somerville, Mass. Somerville High School ItomirKv l nmuj.'es Beta Kappa Phi; Class Hasiclball 1,2,3. 4; Intramural I; lleacon .Wstation 1; (’lass Kverutivc Commitire 2; Class Vice-President 2; Delta; Men’s Banquet Commitire I. 2,3,4;Sncath Debating S idy 2,3,4; Student Government Rsud I, President 4. ALBERT TURNER PITT 31 Wildwood Avenue Ncwtonville, Miss. Newton High School A.B. English l.'imlid ; Hailey Art Soeidy I; Debating, Varsity, Manager 4; Dramatic Club 3, I; l-itin Club I; Soeath Delating Socidv 4. HARRY ELDREI) PELLETIER 12 Howard Sired Presque Isle, Maine University of Maine S.B. Biology Class Basketball 2; Intramural Basketball 4; Sjiani'b Club 1; University Band I. NATALIE RITA PRADEIUO 27 Beacon Street Clinton, Mass. Clinton High School S.B. French Pi IjiiiIkU Sigma; Girls' Basketball 1, 2. 3, 4; Italian Club 3. 4; Ic (Vrele Franca is 2, 3, 4; W.A.A. Cabinet 2,3, President 1; Y.W.C.A. 3,4. ELEANOR GRACE POWERS 25 Kenmore Road Malden, Mass. S.B. History Delta Delta Delta; Girls' Basketball 1,4; Bowling W.A.A. 4; Dramatic Club 1, 2.3.4; Gilbert and Sullivan Association 3,4; Giro Club, University 4. HELEN LINCOLN SLOAN 21 Circuit Avenue Worcester, Mass. Wormier South High School S.B. English Delta Delta Delta; Bailey Art Society; Dramatic Club 1.2,3,4; Fine Art' Club 4; Gilbert and Sullivan Agnation 3,4; Glee Club, University 1,4; Panhellenic2; Poetry Club 4. GEORGE RAPHAEL RONKA "ii Langford Street Gloucester, Mass. Glowcstrr High School Massachusetts Slate College S.B. Grrroan LatnUla; Bailey Art Soeidy 3, Proidmt 4; Class Executive Committee 3; Class President 4; Delta 4; Der Deutsche Yerein 3,4; Inlerlraternity Con-lerence 2,3; Men's Banquet Committee 3; Men’s Club; Senior Prodor; Student Government Board 3, Vice-President 4. PAULA SCHULSINGBR lit Orange Street Buffalo, N. Y. S.B. Alpha Kappa; Panhellcnie 3.4. ABRAHAM RUDERMAN 31 Starhird Street Malden, Mas . S.B. English Intramural lUetWI 1,2,3,4; Avukah Club 1.2; Glee Club, University I, 2; Socialism Club w University Jew ish Council 3,4. English1 LULU PAULINE STAMPER Litlcarr. Ky. Crnlre C«llq?c. Danville, Ky. Hindman High School A.IL Kngli h Le (erdo Frappis I; W.A.A. 3,1; Y.W.C.A. 3, 4. HELEN MARIE SPIERS W Medford Street Malden, Mas. Girl's Calbolic High School A.R. Histcr? Thda Phi Alpha; Delating. Vanity 3,1. HERBERT ANDERSON STEVENS 72 Mount Vernon Street West Roxbury, .Mas. Huntington Prep. Jamaica Plain High School A.R. English Delia ling, Vanity 3.1; History Club 3, J; Utin Club I; Sneath Debating Society 3, Vice-President I ARTHUR UNWOOD SPENCER 32 llrandon Road Milton, Mas. Milton High School, Amherst College A.R. Latin Phi (lamina Delta; Le Gertie FrancaU 4; Latin Club 2,3,4. HARRIET SHAW TEDKORD 281 High Street Newburyport, Mas. A.R. English Alpha (iamnia Della; (iirU Baseball 2,3; Rowling W.A.A, 2; Volleyball I; Bailey Art Society 4; Gil-Icrt and Sullivan Association t; ! • Cerrle Fraipis 4; Poetry Club 2,3,4; Socialism Club 3, Secretary 4; Y.W.C.A. 1,2.3,1. HELEN LOUISE STEVENSON II Lincoln Street North Easton, Mas. Oliver Anew High School A.R. English Larguage, literature Sigma Kappa; Swimming 4; Voleyhall I; Bailey Art Society 2; Gilbert and Sullivan Association 2; Glee Club. University 1,2. 3, t; Panhcllenic 4; Unimsily Chons 1,2,3.4; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 1,2. CAROL MILBANK WATERS 53 Holmes Street Braintree. Mas. Thayer Academy, Braintree High School S.B. English MARIANNA ALETjIA TIIALHEIMER MARY FRANCES TU1TE 14 Raddiffc Road Main Street Albion, Mass. Ilingham. Miss. Northficld Seminary Ilingham High School A.R. French S.B. History Girls’ Basketball 2.3,4; Volleyball2,3,4; LcCcrde History Club. Franc-sis 1.2,4. President 3; Senior Proctor; Student Faculty Committee on Student Counseling and Religious Activities 2; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 1.2. 4, President 3. M. MARCIA TOCKKN 23 Sherman Street PeaMy, Mass. IVabody High School A.R. Ri«eloll 1.2,4; Girls’ Basketball L 2,4; Hailey Art Society; IVr Deutsche Vmin; University Prw llnrcau 4; W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A.x ELEANOR CRACK WILSON MV) Commonwealth! S= ry Sn,M M" Vi skL a JoWcD I Vila Della Della; llailey Art Sxiely -I: Class 10 i Executive Committee 2; Class Smetary I; Gam- yftAH ma IMla Cabinet 15; Poetry Club 4; Socialism Club ' ' II; Slmlent Government, IMurlmontal 2, 3, I; Y.W.C. A. Cabinet 1.2.3. EDWIN WILLIAM WILFERT 5 Burr Street Jamaica Plain, Boston, Mas. Boston English High School S.B. Chemistry Beta Chi Sigma; Augustus Howe Buck Students 2; Choir 2: Glee Club, University I; Senior Proctor; University Chorus 2. i.kon Edward wright $1 Hammond Street Boston. Mass. Boston English High School Alt. French Forum 4; Men's Student Christian Association 3.4. SAMUEL ALFONSO WEEKS St. Germain Street Boston, Mass. Boston Engluh High School Biology ARNOLD II. MILLER 16 Grecnoch Street Dorchester, Maw. S.B. Economic!, Sociology Kappa Nu; Class Basketball 2; Tennis I; Avukafa ('lull I; Dramatic Club 3: Intcrfraterpily Confer-cikv. 34:1’nixrrsity Barxf SAUL RICEMARTIN ARTHUR BEREZIN 42 Chapel Street Nonrood, Mass. Norwood High School S.B. Biology Alpha Mu Sigma; flaw Basketball 1; Teimi- 1; Dramatic Club 1,2, d; Orchestra, University 1,2, d; Social Committee2; University Band 1,2,3. EVELYN MARGARET BILLBTT 32 Shepard Street Cambridge, Macs. Gewge Washington University, American University S.B. English Epsilon Kappa: Bailey Art Society 4. SAMUEL BUCHER SI Wyman Street Brockton. Mass. Brockton High School, Middlebury College A.B. Biology Intramural Basketball 2, d, 4; Volleyball 2. d. 4; Dcr Deutsche Verein 2, d; Dramatic Club 2; Le Crrrle Francois 2, d, 4; Men’s Banquet Committee 2,3,4. GRAY MERRIIIEW BUNDY 50 Eldredge Street Newton. Ma«. Newton High School A.B. Euglish B« on Association d, 4; Episcopalian Club d. I. MARY CONLAN 31 Linnstn Street Cumliridgc, Macs. Cambridge High nnd Litin School A. It. Engl idi Della Delta Delta; Dramatic Club 4; GiUiert ami Sullivan Association 2, d. Vice-President 4; Pan-bellmicd, Secretary 4; Social Committee 1,2. MORRIS COSHAK 20 Balfour Street Roxburv, Mass. Boston English High School S.B. Biology Phi Della Epsilon; Avukah Club 1,2,d. ELZA MAE DAHART Valley Road Bane, Mass. Bane High School A.B. English Class Delating; Dean’s List I. OSCAR ZIGMUND DASIIBF 20 llnusboromgh Street Dorchester, Macs. English High School, Hebrew Teacher’s College S.B. Biolqjy Avukah Club 1,2, d; (’hernia2, d; Socialism Club 2; University Jewish Club d. ADOLPH AI.EREI) DeNUCCIO M Oak Stroet Uwrenor, Mass. Lawrence High School, St. John's Prep S.B. Biology Dance Orchestra; German Club 3,4; Italian Club 1,2,3,4; University Band 1,2,d,4. JOHN PATRICK EGAN Perkins Institution Watertown. Mass. Perkins Institute S.B. History IRA FUSCHNER IS Fenelon Street Dorchester, Mass. Mon Latin School, University of Maine A.B. Biology Kappa Nu; Class Basketball d, 4; Intramural Basketball 3,4; Lacrosse 4; Volleyball d, 4; Dvr Deutsche Verein 3,4. SAMUEL JACOB GOLD 276 Washington Street Peabody, Mass. Peabody High School S.B. Chemistry Avukah 1,2; ('hernia 2,3; Junicr Proctor 3. MAURICE EDWARD GREEN Port Fairfield. Maine Fort Fairfield High School S.B. Biology Frrshman Basketball I. BETH RAMSAY HOFFMAN Id Summer Street Andover, Mass. Southern Illinois Stale Teachers’ College University of Iowa A.B. Pi Beta Phi: Beacon Association 1,2, d; Dramatic Club 1.2; History Club 2; Poetry Club 1,2,4, President 3. HELEN HOLLANDER I I Whittier Street Amesbury, Mass. Amcsbmy High School, Skidmore College A.It. IV. i .. Pi Beta Phi; Choir 4; Glee Club, University d; Student Housed. LEWIS ALAN HOUGHTON 12 Howland Terrace Worcester, Mass. S.B. English Literature Lambda; Bliley Art Society d, 4; Beacon Association 4; Class Executive Committee 2; Class President I; Della 4; Dramatic Chib 3, Treasurer 4; Episcopalian Club, Vice-President 4; Student Government, Departmental 4. CARL TIIORSTEIN LAURUD Hawthorne Stroet Islington. Mass. Dedhim High School. Northeastern University '.It. _ French, Spaiith Beta Kap|« Phi; Der Dculyhc Verein 1:1 ferric Francis DOROTHY MAY MARKLE 32.) Like Street Arlington. Mass. Arlington High School A.B. Alpha Phi; Junior Proctor. English ANGELO MASTRANGBLO, Jr. 7:iS Broadway Revere, Mass. Revere High School, Boston College A.B. Biology Alpha Phi Della; Glee Club, University d; Inter-fmtcmily Conference d; Italian ('luh 2, d, 4. GEORGE A. MICKELSON 12JN Broadway Salem, On . Salem, Oregon High School S.B. Dramatic Club I; Student Government Board I. HYMAN MILLSTEIN J. B. Thomas Hospital Peabody, Mass. Pcaliody High School S.B. Chemia, Executive Committee 4. THOMAS LORIMA McAl.PINE 517 High Street L)wvll. Mis . Lowell High School A.B Literature Limbja; Fencing 2; Bailey Art Soriely 4; Class iMating d. 4; IXdla 4; Intcrfratemily Conference 4: Sneath Delating Society 4; Slmlent Govern-merit Board d, 4. DOROTHY MARGARET ROSE II Toruwanda Street IXircbester, Mass. A.B. Fhloiophj Neo-Alchemist’s Club 1,2,3,1. MORRIS ROSENTHAL 112 Howland Street Roxbury, Mass. Mon English High Schoil S.B. Biology Phi Della E| silon; CL" Basketball I, 2; Avukah Club 1,2,3,4. ELIZABETH WHITNEY WALKER 14 Roslyn Road Walnn. Miss. Choate School, Ya r College A. II. Science Kap|ia Kappa Gamma; Choir 4. MARYANNA WATRAS Lebanon. Conn. I.yrnon Memorial High School S.B. Mathematics Volleyball 4: Mathematics Club 1.2, d, Executive Committee 4; Y.W.C.A. 1,2,3,4. FRANCIS ATHERTON WHITTLE 115 Front Street Weymouth, Mass. Weymouth High School, Tufts College S. B. Chemistry Intramural Basketball 2,3,4. ESTHER ELLEN WILKINS Carlisle, Mass. Coword High School A.B. History Alpha Phi; Girls’ Basketball 1,2; History Club 2, 3,4; Y.W.C.A. 2,3,4. ROBERT DAVID WRIGHT 9 James Street Lexington. Mass. Lexington High School A.B. English Lambda; Class IX-latiiig 4; Class Treasurer 3; History Hub d; Men’s Banquet Committee 4; Sneath Debating Society 1983-31. BERNARD ZONDERMAN 5ti Deering Read Mattapan, Mass. Dorchester Boys’ High School Hebrew Teachers’ College S.B. Biology Avukah Club 1,2, d. Vice-President 4; Menorah Society I; Socialism Club 2,3; University Jewish Council d. ji V . V MAur; Slone, McAlpine, Flaherty, MacKinnon, Hunt, Osborne, Weal, I'ill, Bishop Second Row: Abriel, Collins, Freeman, Owen, Kin , Smith, Atwoml, Ugg Front Kmc: Browne, Oaknun, McPhee, Wright, Glover, Houghton, Wonka, Cunningham, Ford Lambda Founded 1877 Established 1912 Colors: Red, White and Black Flower: Bed Carnation FRATRKS IN FACULTATE Philip Mason Elmer B. Mode Alexander II. Bice Ensio K. F. Bonka FRATRES IN UNIYERS1TATE 1934 Lucien B. Taylor Arthur H. Wil Albert Abriel Thomas McAlpine Byron II. Collins Albert Pitt Lewis A. Houghton 1935 Norman S. Atwood John (i. Glover Bruce E. Brown Burton L. Hunt Bussell B. Ford 1936 Bichard Bishop 1937 John Cunningham PLEDGED Georye Beal ’35 Robert Legg '37 V George B. Bonka . A Y A Walter Smith, Jr. 'j Boliert Wright George B. MacKinnon Edward B. Oakman Wesley D. Osborne (i. Lucien Slone John King Gordon Owen '37Gamma Delta Cabinet UIIoif: Webber, Milmorc, Peterson, Nottagc, Bumpus, Eaton, Chapman Front foir: Coughlan, limiter, Barnuin, Bailey, Mulrenin Mathematics Club BDramatic Club Sneatli ClubBack Itotr: Mariner, Hunt, Atwood, Sillcn Front llmr: Jackson, Chapman, Coughlan Junior Class Officers—C.L.A. First Semester Second Semester Martha Chapman President Thomas Mariner Thomas Mariner Vice-President Martha Chapman Catherine Coughlan Secretary Norman Atwood Burton Hunt Assistant Secretary Catherine Coughlan Martha Jackson Treasurer Burton Hunt Warren Sillen Assistant Treasurer Margaret Jackson1 Sophomore Class Officers—C.L.A. First Semester Second Semester Mildred I)e Marsh President Joseph Connor Edmund Bond Vice-President Dorothy Flynn Edith Lundgrex Secretary Walter Abbott John Luce Assistant Secretary Eleanor Martin Florence McDermott Treasurer Willis Carter Lucian Slone Assistant Treasurer Helena SnowRock Row: Legg, Iloelile, McRae, Wclsch, Finch Front Row: Hcrtocei, Xottage, Taylor, Parker Freshman Class Officers- —C.L.A. First Semester Second Semester Carol Xottage President Paul Taylor Paul Taylor Vice-President Carol Xottage Virginia Parker Secretary Vincent Bertocci Robert Legg Assistant Secretary Ida Finch Marie IIoeiile Treasurer Warren McPiiee Warren McPiiee Assistant Treasurer Alice WklsciiHath Hoir: Grundy, Lundgren, Couglilan, Eaton, Hoar, ('liapnian Vow Row: Buchan, Montague, Praderio, ('oiling, Hoelde Women’s Athletic Association "SjHirl for sport's sake, and not for pint's sake." President OFFICERS Natalie R. Praderio lice-President • ••••• • . . Lila J. Webber Secretary Lorktto M. Buchan Treasurer . . . . . Mart Montague HEADS OF SPORTS I Martha II. ( liapnian ’35 Tennis- Louise Huntington ’35 Basketball Catherine foughlan ’35 Holding Beatrice Hoar ‘34 Baseball Frieda P. Eaton ’34 IIouscjHirtj)—W m E. Collins ’35 Head of Medicals Edith Lundgren ’3(1 Head of. I wards— Elizabeth P. Grundy ’34 Custodian—Marie Iloehle ’37 Faculty Adviser— Ruth C. Duffey REGISTRATION at the College of Liberal Arts automatically makes every girl a member of the ' Women’s Athletic Association, which extends an invitation to join in sports without additional expense. From a small group the Women’s Athletic Association has grown since 1908 and broadened its scope and interests to include volleyball, tennis, basketball, baseball, bowling and the sponsorship of three seasonal houseparties. The annual gymnastic meet presented by the organization climaxes the winter sports. Activity in “W.A.A." leads to physical well-being, high ideals and loyal friendships.Rack Row: Knight. Parker, Conlin, Thalheimer Front Row: Hoar, IVaderio, Menscli, Adams, Montague Basketball Seniors Juniors Menscli, Cap . 1 Coughlan, Cap . 1 Adams, Cap . II Heslinger, Cap . II Montague Webber Hoar Nevers Knight Hey Collins Yuill Connor Heath Praderio MacXeil Glass Paulsen Thalheimer Huntington Parker Jackson Frizzell Leavitt Marsh Collins Conlin Sophomores Freshmen Buchan, Cap . 1 Patch, Cap . 1 Marsden, Cup . II Spargo, Cap . II Gage Studley Fuerbringer Hobbs Xovick Mulhall Harris Finch Gibbons Brown Milmore Hoehle Bartlett Bornstein McMichael Amesbury Gornry Smith Flynn Andrews Anderson Marsden Elmstrom Welsch Malkaison Williams Senior Manager, Margaret Adams Junior Manager, Mary Heslinger Baseball Sophomore Manager. Dorothy Marsden Freshman Manager, Marie HoehleRack Ron: Knight, Parker, Conlin, Katon, Thalhoimer, Mensch Smut Rntr: Onlhank, Harris, Praderio, Adams, Montague Front Roir: Hoar Senior Volleyball VOLLEYBALL Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Praderio, Capt. 1 Jackson, Capt. 1 Flynn, Capt. 1 Werlto, Capt. 1 Thalheimer, Capt. II Florian, Capt. II Buchan, Capt. II Hoelile, Capt. II Mensch Coughlin Marsden Patch Adams Heslinger Fuerbri tiger Ellis Montague Hey Martin Bornstein Collins Webber Lundgren Gonzalez Knight Nevers Harris Brown Glass MacNeil Anderson Mulhall Tocken Peridier Young Marsden Eaton Heath Gage Malmsten Calderwood Leavitt Marshall Lyons Onthank Florian IiOwry Malkaison Harris O'Neil Harper Smith Parker Chapman McAndrew DeHaro Conlin Huntington Gorney Amesbury Watras Paulsen McMichael Cook Studley Finch Neilly Hobbs Bates Kennedy Smith Spargo MEN'S CliUB OF 98.- Show! Show" Show!!!COLLEGE Of BU IOEJJ flDimni TRflTionDANIEL L. MARSH, Pii.D., Lm.D, L.H.I)., President of the t'niversity. 230 Buckminster ltd., Brookline EVERETT W. LORD, A.M., LL.D., Dean of the College, Director of the Graduate Division. 525 Bovlston St., Boston NORMAN II. ABBOTT, B.B.A., M.B.A.. Assistant Professor, Supervisor of Employment, Vocational, 20 Hatch ltd.. West Medford JAMES L ADAMS, B.A., S.T.B., A.M., Instructor, English, 107 Washington St., Brookline WILLIAM L. ANDERSON, B.C.S., Lecturer, Commercial Education, 1807 Beacon St., Brookline CHARLES T. ANDREWS, A.B.. A.M., Assistant Professor, Economics, 28 Louise ltd., Belmont HAZENII. AYER, A.B., Instructor, Economics, 68 Johnson Ave., Winthrop HUGH W. BABB, B.A., LL.IL, Professor, Head of the Law Department, 07 Kirkland St., Cambridge RAYMOND C. BALDES, LL.IL, B.S., Professor, Uw (LawSchool), 1601'pland ltd., Cambridge CHARLES E. BELLATTY, Professor, Head of Advertising Department, 0 2 Winthrop St., Roxlmry HENRY .1. BORNHOFF, C.P.A., M.C.S., Professor, Accounting, 86 Jackson ltd., Belmont PHILIP E. Bl’NKER, B.B.A., M.C.S., Associate Professor, Accounting, 90 Revere St., Boston F. ALLEN Bt’RT, B.A., Assistant Professor, Advertising, lOSStedmanSt., Brookline HILD1NG N. CARLSON, B.S., Associate Professor, Mathematics and Science, 48 Saville Ave., Quincy HARRY It. CENTER, A.It., Professor, Head of Journalism Department, 19 Ricker ltd., Newton EDWIN M.CHAMBERLIN, A.B., A.M., Pii.D, Professor, Headof Psychology Department, 17 Bow ltd., Newton EDWARD It. COLLIER, A.B., En.D., Assistant Professor, Social Science, 28 Greenough Ave., Cambridge CHARLES H.CORNELL, M.C.S.. M.B.A., C.P.A., Assistant Professor, Accounting,81 Cleveland ltd., Needham CLYDE J. CROBAUGH, A.B., A.M., Instructor, Insurance, II Abbott ltd., Wellesley GEORGE A.CCMMINGS, A.B., A.M., Professor, French, 86 Pearl St., Dorchester ROY DAVIS, B.A.,A.M„ Lin.l)., Professor, Head of English Department, 98 Prospect St., Pawtucket, It. I. BIAGIO V. DiVENTTI, B.J., Instructor, Economics and Journalism, 8 Waverly St., Everett RICHARD P. DOHERTY, A.B., A.M., Associate Professor, Economics, and Research Assistant, 115 Peterborough St., Boston McPHERRIN II. DONALDSON, A.It., M.A., Ph.D., A.B., Diploma (Distinction), Political Science and Economy. Professor, Economics, 82 Linnaean St., Cambridge ALBERT J. DOW, A.It., A.M., En.M., Associate Professor, Mathematics and Science, 58 Colburn ltd., Wellesley JAMES II. FAIRCMM’GH, Jr., Merchandise Manager, Ionian Marsh Co., Lecturer, Management, 12 Glenn ltd., Wellesley Farms LOUS J. FISH,, M.B.A., Lecturer, Commercial Education, 55 Hillhurn St., Roslindale MARION G. FOTTLER, M.B.A., M.A., Assistant Professor, Assistant to the Dean, Adviser to Women, Hotel Victoria, Boston. GEORGE It. FRANKLIN, A.B., A.M., Pii.D.. Professor, English, Secretary to the Faculty, 45 Dwight St., Brookline CHARLES W. FRENCH,, Professor. Headof French Department, 15 Perkins Court Manor. Jamaica Plain JOSEPH FRENCH, Assistant Professor, Supervisorof Employment, 692 ItoyLstonSt., Newton Highlands WILLIAM A.GANOE. A.B., A.M., Lieutenant Colonel C.S. Army, Head of Department of Military Science and Tactics W AI PER J. GOGGIN, A.B.,, C.P.A.. Professor. Head of Accounting Department_____________________.______EVERETT W. LORD, l-IJ)., DmJOSEPH (illEEN, M.A., Instructor, French MAX It.GROSSMAN, B.B.A., M.B.A., M.Ed., Assistant Professor, Journalism, WoColborne ltd., Brighton SIDNEY (it'NN, A.B., A.M., Lecturer, English, 68 ltiver St., Boston (iULLKRMO HALL, B.S., Professor, Head of Department of Social Science, Cotuit HARRY HARDING, Jr., Instructor, Advertising, 115 Conant ltd., Weston MAX HARTMANN, A.B., Associate Professor, Economics, 90 Corey St., West Roxlmry GEORGE L. HOFFACKER, B.C.S., Lecturer, Methods in Commercial Education WILLIAM C. HOFFMAN, A.B.. Professor, English, 41 Abbott St., West Roxlmry ALICE M. IIOLLERAN, B.S. in Ed., En.M.. Assistant Professor, English,!) HeathcoteSt., Roslindale ROBERT E. Hl'SE, II.II.A., C.P.A., Editorial Executive, New England Council, lecturer, Economics, 77 Martin St., Cambridge EDWARD J. HYLAND, B.B.A., C.P.A., Assistant Professor, Accounting, 608 Huron Avc., Cambridge ADRIAN J. IORIO, Instructor, Advertising, is Park St., Randolph ARTHUR W. JOHNSON, B.A., M.B.A.. D.C.S., Associate Professor, Accounting, 17 DitmarSt., Atlantic FRANKLIN E. JORDAN, Boston Transcript, Instructor, Advertising, 11 Blossom Ct., Boston CHARLES 1). KEAN, A.B., Instructor, Advertising, 40 Sea View Avc., Marblehead THADDEl'SJ. KEEFE, B.B.A., lecturer, Commercial Education, 17 Fletcher St., Roslindale ALFRED J. KELLEY, Lecturer, Foreign Trade, 177 State St., Boston ROBERT C. KELLEY, A.B., Purchasing Agent, Converse Rubber Company, Lecturer, Purchasing, 508 Walnut St., New-tonville I.OIIS C. V. LAMBERT, A.B., Professor, French, 215 Pond Ave., Brookline (IIARLES E. LEECH, B.S., M.C.S., Vice-President, Jones McDulTee and Stratton, Lecturer, Management ALAN A. LEES., lecturer, Credits and Collections, 116 Riverway, Boston ELMER C. LINDSEY, Stall Sergeant, Infantry, C. S. Army, Instructor, Military Science and Tactics, 118 Quincy Ave., Winthrop MARGARETS. LOCKE, A.B., Librarian,82 Brow Ave., South Braintree RAYMOND L. MANN1X, B.B.A., M.B.A.,C.P.A., Associate Professor, Accounting, 100 West Wyoming Ave., Melrose WESLEY J. McCARTY, Pu.B., A.M., C.P.A., Professor, Accounting, 99 Park St., Newton DELPIIIN G. McFARLANI),, M.A., Instructor, Spanish, 85 Hancock St., Cambridge ALFRED E. McKENNEY, B.S., First Lieutenant Infantry, F.S. Army, Assistant Professor, Military Science and Tactics, $5 Brookfield ltd., Wavcrley ALAN MILLER, Lecturer, Advertising, $8 White Place, Brookline DAVID A. MOREY. President, Morey Decorative Studios; Lecturer, Window Decorations, 1014 Boylston St., Newton Highlands MILTON A. MOTLAND, B.A., M.B.A., Assistant Professor, Economics, 107 Newtonville, Newton JOHN J. MURRAY, B.B.A., M.B.A., LL.IL, Professor, Economics, I!) Murray Hill ltd., Cambridge WILLIAM E.O’CONNOR, A lt., M.B.A., Lecturer, Commercial Education, 1544 Columbia ltd., South Boston LEO DREW O’NEIL, A.B., A.M., Pn.L., Professor, Head of Economics Department, Director of the Evening Division, 45 Leslie ltd., Auburndale BESSIE N. PAGE, B.B.A., LL.IL, lecturer, Law, 41 Pinckney St., Boston C. CHANDLER PARKHl'RST, B.B.A., A.M., Instructor, English, 79 Walnut St., Somerville WALDO C. PEEBLES, A.It., A.M., Pu.l)., Professor, Spanish and Head of German Department ATLEE L. PERCY,, M.B.A., A.B., C.P.A., Professor, Accounting, Director of the Saturday Division, and Head of Commercial Education Department, 18 Bonwood St., Newtonville EDGAR It. Pin'S,, Office Manager, 115 Itynner St., Jamaica Plain EDWARD A. POST, A.B., A.M., Associate Professor, English WILLIAM L. RAYMOND, A.B., Instructor, Economics, Wayland VERGIL 1). REED, B.S., M.S., Associate Professor, Economics, 144 Walnut Hill, Brookline EDWIN M. ROBINSON, A.B., Assistant Professor, Office Management, 41 Stone ltd., Belmont JOHN C. SCAM M ELL, A.B., Professor, English, 479 Eliot St., Milton MARK E. SMITH, Jr., U. S. M. A., First Lieutenant Infantry, V. S. Army, Assistant Professor, Military Science and Tactics, 54 High St., Charlestown OSCAR T. SMITH,, Professor in charge of Merchandising and Sales Courses, 80 Hurd Avc., Belmont WILLIAM H. SPEIDEL. B.S., Captain F. S. Army, Assistant Professor, Military Science and Tactics, 18 Mt. Vernon Square, Boston REELS STICKNEY,, Lecturer, Commercial Education, 145 Perkins St., Somerville CHARLES E. STRATTON, A.It., Professor, Head of Department of Mathematics and Science, 49 Bow ltd., Belmont ARTHLR J.SLLLIYAN,, M.B.A., Associate Professor, Accounting,8 Hillcrest Circle, Swampscott JOHN W. SULLIVAN, A.B., A.M., En.M., Assistant Professor, English, 65 Harrison Ave., Braintree WILLIAM G. SUTCLIFFE, A.B., A.M., Professor, Economics, 48 ltclair Rd., Wellesley HORACE G. THACKER,, M.B.A., Professor, Head of the Vocational Department, 48 Vershire St., West Roxlmry ALBER T A. THOMPSON,, Instructor, Spanish, West Acton A. ROY THOMSON, B.S., A.M., Professor, Head of Spanish Department, West Acton JAMES V. TONER. A.It., A.M.,, C.P.A., Professor, Accounting, 14 Tappen Ave., AttlcWo ROGER I). WASHBURN,, Assistant Professor, Vocational, 84 Manchester ltd., Newton Highlands RALPH G. WELLS, Professor, Head of Department of Management, 148 Dedham Ave., Needham IRVING C. WIHTTEMORK, A.B., A.M., Pu.l)., Professor, Psychology, 71 Orchard St., Belmont WENTWORTH WILLIAMS, A.It., Associate Professor, English, 6 Nashua St., Marblehead JOHN E. WINSTON, B.S., LL.IL, Instructor, Finance, 58St. Andrews ltd., Orient Heights, East Boston CLEMENT WOOD, Kincaid Kimball Company, Wool Dealers, liecturer, Wool, 58 llarlior View Ave., WinthropBela Gamma Sigma Dean Everett W. Um Aaron Davison . Mary K. McCarthy . . Louise Mulhern Philip E. Bunker Honorary President President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE At lee L Percy r (com)N sed of the officers and the following) Andrew Petersen Dorothy Cragin Bernice 0. Xewlwrg IN 1950 lleta Gamma Sigma was formally named as the only honor society recognized by the 1 American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business. The society originated in the amalgamation in 1913 of the original Beta Gamma Sigma Chapter of the University of Wisconsin, Delta Kappa Chi of the University of Illinois, and the Economics Hub of the University of California. In 1938 there were thirty-five chapters in recognized schools of business with a total memliership of 4,589. In that year. Gamma Epsilon Pi. the honor society for women in collegiate schools of business. became part of Beta Gamma Sigma, adding thereby a thousand members. The Alpha chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma in Massachusetts was organized in the College of Business Administration in 195.5 assuming the place formerly occupied by Delta Mu Delta. In accordance with the national constitution, the Boston University chapter admits to memliership only students of unusually high academic record, with a rating of cum lande or better. An unusual feature of the Boston chapter is that it is authorized by the national committee to admit to memliership honor graduates of the Evening Division, an indication of the appreciation that educators have of the work completed with distinction in our Evening Division. The local chapter has made various contributions to the library and is at present establishing a special Beta Gamma Sigma bookcase for students. During the present year, the society was instrumental in presenting to the University a painting of Dean Ixwl commemorating his services in establishing and building the College of Business Administration. The interests of the society are not spectacular, for its activities have been strictly academic. Its major purpose is to increase the interest of the students in sound scholarship and in the application of study to the business of living. Admission to the society is the highest academic honor that an undergraduate can receive. Although it is comparatively a new organization, members of the society already occupy important positions both in the educational and the business world, but the list is too long to give here.Hud Hoit: Lynch, Wheeler, Campbell, Watson, l-eppo Third Unit: Baskind, Flynn, Whitman, llerdigcn, Cox, Hailey, MacCarthy, Guliellini. Ferraro Second licit: Nixon, Casey, Bradbury, Worthlcy, Wetherbce, Wight, Fitzmaurioe, Lucey, Scanimell, Rink Front How: Pickles. Baker, Smith, Nickerson, McKenna, Slade, Taylor, Hanlon House of Representatives THE House of Representatives of C.B.A. is composed of delegates from each of the four classes in the Day Division. It is the student legislative group functioning under the plan of Academic Democracy inaugurated by Dean Lord. Speaker Clerk William Baker Edward R. Brady Grace V. Hanlon Leslie Moody (1st Semester) II. Marston Bradbury Edward Casey Henry Fitzmauriee Frank Harvey (1st Semester) Stewart Bailey Peter Campbell Robert Lawrence OFFICERS REPRESENTATIVES 1934 James A. McKenna Frank E. Pickles George W. Slade James E. Smith, Jr. Leonard W. Taylor 1935 Lawrence Lucey Herman Nickerson, Jr. Bertha Ilerdegan (2ml Semester) George Nixon F. Glenn Rink 1936 Charles Gubellini (2nd Semester) Frank McCarthy Thomas Robbins (1st Semester) James A. McKenna Herman Nickerson, Jr. Cecil F. Wetherbce Russell B. Wight Arthur B. Worthley Karl Kaller (2ml Semester) Palmer 1). Scanimell Russell Smith William Whelton Philip Whitman Ted Watson Ernst ine Ross Jack Margolis Richard Vanlderstine (1st Semester)Back Bate: McC arthy, Lucey, Nickerson, Foote, Hailey, Scammell Front Row: Pickles, Smith, folson, Dean Lord, Lillemoen, Fawcett, Livton Dean’s Cabinet THE Dean's Cabinet, which is the highest student government body of the College of Business Administration, has an ini| ortant place in the plan of government known as Academic Democracy. The members of the (Cabinet are chosen by the Dean with the advice and consent of (he Senate, which consists of (he Faculty, from (he three up|)er classes. They meet weekly with (lie Dean for consideration of any matters relating to the College and the students. Although largely an advisory body, the Cabinet has such influence that its decisions are usually accepted as final. It supervises class elections, and, in conjunction with the College Prefects, organizes the Freshman Class. Cabinet members have the privilege of unlimited cuts and are excused from all examinations. The term of office is for one semester only, and members may not serve a second term. First Semester Harry S. Layton 34 Ruth B. Lillemocn '3.5 Herman Nickerson, Jr. ’35 James W. Foote '34 Stewart Bailey '3(i Second Semester Frank E. Pickles ’34 Ella M. Edson ’34 Lawrence Lucey ’35 Palmer I). Scammell ‘3.3 Frank McCarthy, ‘3gHarrett, Smith, Pickles, Allen Class Officers C XE of the largest Freshman classes to enter (Ml.A. registered in the fall of 191)0 and at the out- set of the second semester elected its officers. Ronald Broad was elected president and lionard W. Taylor was chosen vice-president. The secretary named was R. Gertrude Mead and the class selected Kenneth W. Hathaway, treasurer. In the Sophomore year Leonard W. Taylor was elected to the class presidency with James E. Smith, Jr., winning the office of vice-president. The new class secretary was Grace V. Hanlon and the treasurer was Bernard Y. Dill. When the elections were held early in the Junior year, Kenneth W. Hathaway was the class choice for the presidency and James E. Smith Jr., was re-elected vice-president. Florence V. Barrett was named secretary to the Juniors and Ronald Broad was elected treasurer. At the outset of the Senior year, the class elections were held with James E. Smith, Jr., winning the presidency. Edwin F. Allen was named vice-president and Florence V. Barrett was elected secretary. The latter office was filled By Grace Y. Hanlon during the second semester. Frank E. Pickles was elected Senior class treasurer.JOHN MKDI.KV ANDERSON 147 Coart Road Winthrop. Mu . Winthrop High School Huntington Preparatory School R.s. in H.A. Advert Mug ('hi Sicilia (’hi; Varsity Badwtball 2,1; Freshman Basketoill I; Wrestling 3, Manager I; Dean's Caliinct 2; (lilherl ami Sullivan Association 1,2,3, 4; llou ol Representatives I, 2; Interfraternity Conference 4; l xi 2; Student Athletic Council I. CHARLES PHILIP ANDERSON 21N Highland Avenue Arlington. Mas. Arlington High School B.S. in H.A. Accounting Golf 4; Dean's List 2,3; El Centro Espaftol 4. CIIAKLKS AN'DRIAS 93 llurrill Street SwampscoH, Mas. Lynn Classical High, 1929 R.S. in H.A. Accounting Dean's List 2,3,4; El Centro E»paflol 4. EDWIN FREDERICK ALLEN 10 Rollinson Road Womster, Mis . Worcester North High School B.S. in B.A. Banking and Finance Lamlxla Chi Alpha; Class Vice-President 4; Dame Orchestra I. 2. 3; Interfraternitv Conference 4; Orchestra, University 3,4; Scabbard and Blade 3,4; Senior Week Committee 4; University Band 1,2,3,4. MAX EDWARD ASHMAN 29 Prospect Street Lynn. Mass. Lynn English High School B.S. in H.A. Advertising Freshman Baseball I; Volleyball 2; Aviation Club 1; Benjamin Edes Association 2; El Centro K -paflol I. ARTHUR ANSBIGIAN 29 Betk..St net Worcester, Mass. Worcester Iligh School if Commerce R.S. in B.A. Commercial Education MELVIN GEORGE BECKER 410 Newtonville Avenue Nfitonville, Mass. Neaton High School B.S. of B.A. Accounting Ilian’s l.i't 3,4; El Club Espafiol 1,2,3,4. WILLIAM CHADWICK BAKER SI Bay State Road Worcester, Mass. Wormier North High School B.S. in B.A. Adrrriiiiog House of Representatives I; Military Ball Com miller 4; NV« 1; Scabbard and Blade I. WILLIAM (J. BARRY IAI Manthorne Road West Roxhurv, Mass. Boston High School of Commerce B.S, in B.A. Business Management FLORENCE VIRGINIA RARRETF 03 Dunhoy Street Brighton, Mass. Girls tatin School B.S. in J. Journalism Gamma Phi Bela; Benjamin Edes Association 1,2. 3,4; (’lavs Secretary 3,4; Dean's List 2,4; Gilbert and Sullivan Association 1,2,3,4; House of Rcprc-senlalives 1,2; News 1,2, Av i$tant News Editor 3,4; Phi Chi Theta Key Award 3.JASON BITENSKY 700 Pecks Ituad Pittsfield, Mass. Pittsfield I lie'll School H.S. in B.A. Sdlitig ami Advertising Phi Alpha; Intramural Basketball 1; Boxing 2; Rifle Team 1; Aviation Chili I; Avukah Club I; Cosmopolitan Club 2: liitcrfralernily Conference I; University Chorus I. KITH VIRGINIA BERNARD 7 Arthur Street Natick, Mass. Natick High ScIxhiI H.S. in II.A. Commercial Education Dean's List I (iilhrrl ami Sullivan Association I. u HARRY CLIFTON BOODY IIS5 Boyktnn Street, Boston, Maw. H.S. in II.A. Foreign Trade Kap|n Phi Alpha; dice Club, Men 2. CAHI, WILTON BENSON 59 Division Street Malden. Mass. Malden ll«h School H.S. in B.A. Dran’s List I; Freshman Service Committee I; (iilhcrl and Sullivan .Wiaticii 1,2,3, 4; (iermnn Club 2, .’I, I; Orchestra 3,1; University Band 1,2, 3,4. JOHN ALEXANDER BHATTIN 45 Avon Road Wellesley, Mass. H.S. in II.A. Advertising Della Sigma Phi; Boxing 1,2; Varsity Football .'I; Freshman Foollmll; Lacrosse I; Varsity Track 4; Freshman Track I; Freshman Service Committee 2,3,4; Lock; Stall. HOWARD ROBERT BRADY S Hartford Street Dorchester, Mass. Winthrop High School, Mission High School II.S. in B.A. Varsity Baseball 3; Boxing 2; Varsity Football 3,4; Freshman Football I; Freshman Hockey I; Howe nf Representatives 2,3,4; Newman Club3,4; Skull. HECTOR JOHN CKCCHINO 447 Meridian Sreet Hast Boston, Mass. Commerce High School II.S. in B.A. Accounting M. HARRY BRODSKY 73 Greenwood Street Lnwrence, Mass. Lawrence High School B.S. in B.A. Accounting Heanpot 1;Orchestra I. JOSEPH EDWARD BUCKLEY 345 Columbia Road Dorchester, Mass. Dorchester High School for Bovs II.S. in B.A. Business Management Bela Kappa; Varsity Football 2, 3, Manager I; ljmt"i' 3,1. Newman (Tub 2.3,4; Scabbard awl Blade; Student Athletic Couixil 3. HERBERT BROWN 42 Intervale Street Roxbur.v, Beaton, Mass. English High School II.S. in II.A. Accounting Phi Alpha Pi; Freshman Football; Snimniing 2,3; El Chili Esparto! 4; Interfratrrnit.v Conference' 3: Mathematics Club I.COURTLAND HRATII CIIARIjOT 73 Soulh Araue Aubumdalc. Mao. Phillips Eider Arade«y, l.iwreixe Academy It.S, in B.A. Banking anil Finamr Varsity Tftinis -I; S i K ii ofv Prize Platoon I,2. RAYMOND M. CHAPPELL 2) Court Street Keene, N. II. Keene High School B.S. in B.A. Business Management Kappa Phi Alpha. LEO JOSEPH COGSWELL S Peters Street Cambridge, Mast. Rindge Technical High School B.S. in B.A. Commercial Education Brahman Kudull 2, 3; Freshman Foothill I; Newman (Tub 1,2,3,1. SAVKRIO CKRULU) 13 Shipley Araue Medford. Miss. Medford lliirh School ll.S. in B.A. Accounting llaliiaCluh 2,3,4. GEORGE LOITS COLBURN, Jr. .it! Rawjon Road Wollaston, Mass. (|uincy lli h School. BaU.n Institute I!'. II. A. Vanity Baseball, Assistant Manager 3; Orchestra 2,3,4; University Rand 2,3,4. AARON HILLARD COIIK.N 70 Kenwood Street llrtNiklinc. Mast. New Bedford High School B.S. in B.A. Advertising and Selling •In Bela Tim; Freshman Basketball; Freshman Tennis; Dean's 1,2,3,4; InterfrahTiiily Conference 3. WILLIAM HERBERT CROCKFriT 399 Marlboro Street Boston, Mass. (Vmnectiojt Slate College B.S. in B.A. Management Chi Sigma Chi: Freshman Basketball I; Fanily Hockey, Manager I; Lamusc 2,4: Wrestling 2,3. 4; Freshman Service Committee 2; Gilbert ami Sullivan .Weiation 1,2.3,4: Hull 2,3; Stu lent Athletic Council 3.4. SMITH WALLACE COLLINS WALTER HARRISON CRANE 25 Williams Street 34 Newhall Street Bradford, Mass. Malden. Mast. Haverhill High School Makkti High School, I'nirerjity of Alabama in B.A. Accounting BA in B.A. Advertising and SHIing Swimming 3,4: Vanity Tennis 4: Varsity Track t. THOMAS PAUL CORCORAN, Jr. 7 Oak Street Westfield, Mass. West tick! High School B.S. in B.A. Accounting Newman Club 1,2,3,4.JAMES P. W. DAVIDSON 405 High Strwt Holyoke, Mis. Holyoke High School B.S, in 1U. Management I Min Phi Epsilon; Freshman Basketball; Foreign Trailc ('lull I. President 2. CI.YDK DANK ISS Washington Street l.ynn, Mas. I.ynn Classical lligh School II,S. in B.A. Marketing Vnr ily Basketball I; Intramural Basketball I; Korean Trade Club 2,3,4; (ilec Club, Mm’s 1,3, 4; University Chorus I. ROBERT IIAMBLET DAVIS 315 Pwprd Slrwl South Orange, N. J. Peabody High School, Salem High School II.S. in B.A. Foreign Trailc Foreign Trailc Club 1,2. PAUL EDWARD CURRAN 2 Veteran Road Woburn, Mass. Woburn High Scliool RS. in B.A. Management Dean's List 4; Nc»man Hub 1,2,3,4. JOHN J. DEVINE •it Berkshire Street Swamppcotl, Mass. B.S. in’B.A. Accounting ALBERT SMITH DEANE, Jr. 7 Itaneroll Read Northampton, Muss. Northampton High School R.S. in It.A. Advertising and Selling Lambda Chi Alpha; Varsity Football 2; Freshman Football; Lamtssc 3; Inlerfratirnit.v Conference. E. HARRIETT DON LEVY 55 Hammond Street Cambridge, Mass. Plymouth High School R.S. in J. Journalism Phi (i.unma Nu; Benjamin Kdes Aviation 1,2, 3,4; Beonpot I; Dean's List 4; Freshman Service Committee; (lilberl and Sullivan Assocution 1,2; Handbook, University IjiNVns 1,2,3; Poetry Club BERNARD VEASY DILL 2$ Union Street Westfield, Mass. Westfield High School R.S. in R.A. Foreign Trade Alpha Knpiia Psi; Varsity Trail;, Manager 2: Frvshman Track; Class Treasurer 2; Dean's List t; House of Rqircsenlalives I, 2. 3; Interfratemity Conference 3,4; Newman ( lull 1, 2, 3; Student Athletic Council 2. HERBERT MONROE DOBREIN 431 Washington Street Brookline, Mass. Boston English High School II.S. in B.A. Banking and Finincv Tau Della Phi. CHARLES WARREN DILLAWAY, Jr. 25 Emliootl Slrwl Newton Highlands, Mass. Newton High School B.S. in B.A. Chi Sigma Chi; Cswnnpolilan Club 3,4; (iilliert and Sullivan .Association I; (lice Club, Men's 2,3, 4; News 2. Hus i new Manager 3,4.RICHARD WILMOT DOUGLASS 50 Si. Stephen Street Boston, Mix . Huntington Huh School, Mount llermon Schtml B.S. in J. ( I" .n ili n Benjamin hales Association 1,2, 3, I. LAWRENCE EMERY DOREY GO Chickalaibut Slue! Dorrhrster. Mis . Boston Kj»irli h High School B.S. in B. A. Accounting LEON DRBSS V Chrrry Si reel Swampsoolt. Mis . Swampsott Hitch School B.S. in B. A. Account ine Avukah Club 2.3,4: Student Disarmament Club 3,4; I’nivc r»ity Jew i»h Council 4. THOMAS FRANCIS DONOHUE 102 lUvswter Street Orient lleights. Max . East Boston Ilia'll School B.S. in J. Journalism Aviation Club 1,2.3; Beniamin hale Asocial ion I, 2, H. t; ('ii'ii»|«.litli Club I, 2. 4. t; Newnun Club 1.2.3,4. IIK.NRY P. DRISCOLL 19 Water Street llingham. Miss, llingham High School B.S. in B.A. Advertising WILLIAM JOSEPH DWYER. Jr. G Althea Street Dorchester, Mass. Dorchester High School fee Boys B.S. in B.A. Foreign Trade University Band 1,2,3. JAMES FAWCETT 75 Rainville Avenue Fitchburg. Mass. Oldham Technical College, Oldham, England Suffolk La School B-S. in B.A. Accounting Dean’s Cabinet 3; Dean's List 1,2,3,4; Freshman Service Committee 2.3,4; (lice Club. Men's 1, 2; House of Representative I, 2; lack 2; Senior Pretest; University Chorus I. CHARLES PHILLIP EATON 144 Wiinor Avenue Watertown. Mass. Perkins Institution B.S. in J. Journalism Benjamin Fairs Association 1,2,3,4; News 4. JOHN HENRY EWELL 157 Highland Slrert IWkton, Mass. Bmcklon High School B.S. in II.A. Advertising Delta Sigma Phi; Rifle Team 2. BLLA MORTON EDSOX SJ Liberty Street East Braintree. Max . Braintree- High School B.S.inJ. Journalism Benjamin Fairs Association 1,2,3,4; Beta tiainma Sigma 3; (Van's Cabinet 4; Dean's List 2,3; Freshman Service Committee 4.MAX HARRY FOGELMAX 17 Bndkjr Street Leiiston, Me. Lewiston High School. Bates College R.S. in B.A. Phi Sigma Delta; Varsity Track 2. JAMES WALTON FOOTE 12 Clark Street Newton Center, Maw. Nnrlierth Pa. High School Lower Morion Ardmore, Pa. High School Golf 2. 3, 4; Varsity Tennis 4; Cfcrtr Leader 2. .'I; Class Treasurer 2; Dean’s Cabinet 4; Freshman Service Committee 4; Lock. DONALD COLDWBLL FULLER 62 llilhdalr Road Medford Hillside. Mass. Medford High School H. S. in B.A. Commercial Education Freshman Service Committee 4; filer Club, Men's I. SETH HUBERT FIELD 27 Main Street XortkfieM. Mass. Nortkfieid High School BS. in B.A. Business Management Chi Sigma Chi; Varsity Tennis 4; (iillierl and Sullivan .Wiation 1,2,3.4; filer Club, Men's 2,3, Manager I; Interfratemity Conference 4; University Band 1,2,3; University Press Bureau 4. • FRED A. C.ARABEDIAN 44 Grove Street Chelsea, Mass. Chelsea Senior High School B.S. in B.A. Aetotnling Varsity Baseball 3,4; Fresh nun Baseball I; Varsity Basketball, 2,3, Captain 4; Freshman Basket - MORRIS GAI.LWT 42 Winston R wd Dorchester, Maw. Boston English High School B.S. in B.A. Account in Freshman Basketball; Intramural Basketball 3,4; Varsity Tennis 4; Dean's List 3,4. STANLEY ROBERT GILMOUR 30 Carpenter Street Fcoboro, Mass. Foxboro High School B.S. in J. Journalism lleta Kappa; Bos inn 1, 2; Varsity Football 2,3; Freshman Football 1; Benjamin Files Association 1, 2, 3, 4; House of Rqm entative' 3; Interim-ternily ConferetKv 3. 4; News I, 2, 3, Associate Editor 4; Skull. WILLIAM ELIJAH GARDNER 1115 Pleasant Street Canton. Mas'. Cnnton High School ILS. in B.A. Business Management Chi Sigma Chi. WALTER RICHARD GEYBR 5Lockwood Street Hyde Park. Mass. Hyde Park High School B.S. in B.A. Management Itille Team 3; DcMoJay Club 2.3; Military Ball Committee 4; Scabbard and Blade. LEO M. GAUL m East .tth Street South Boston. Mass. Boston English High School B-S. in B.A. Management Freshman Hockey; Varsity Hockey, 4.philip Gordon is Blossom Street l ynn, Mass. Lvnn Class ini Huh School Boston Hebrew Teachers’ College B.S. in B.A. Account i tv Intramural Basketball it. I; Varsity Tennis it, I; Avnkah Club I. 2, it, I; Ctomopolilan Club I; Dean's List 1,2,1; Gkv ( lull. Men’s it, I; Unim-sity Jewish Council it, 1. LESLIE COLD I I Wnverly Street Brockton. Mass. Brockton High Sclioo! Thayer Academy B.S. in J. Journalism EUGENE LOSS CORRILL 111 William Street Vc. t Somerville, Mass. B.S.inB.A. Market ini; Aviation ('lul» I; University Band I. 'J. it, I. ARTHUR AMF.DKK COCCUS 225 Rindge Avenue Cambridge. Man. Cambridge Latin, Bryant Stratton Economies "Suneloi" Quartermaster Corps .Wiation; Swimming; Itutls; Class Debating; Gw pel Team; The "Intellectuak" CHRISTINE MARIE GRIFFIN 2s Cbeslnut Street Belmont, Mass. SI. Mary's High School, Waltham It.ll.A. Accounting Evening Division Catholic Club. MILTON GREENBERG Railroad Avenue Jimeshurr, N. J. Jamesburg High School B.S. inJ. Journalism Benjamin Edes Association 1.2, it, t; Dean’s List 2, it. 4; New , Assistant Eslitor 4. JOSEPH CARLTON HAVES 441 Washington Avenue Hriilgrport, Conn. Bridgeport Central High School B.S. in It. A. Banking and Finance Beta KapiKi;Vnrsily Football 2. it; l.acto"C it, Interfraternily Conference it. 4; News I. FRANCIS EDWARD HANLEY 55 Water Street Marllmro, Mass. Marlboro High School B.S. in B.A. Accounting Newman Club I KENNETH WASHBURN HATHAWAY itti Glea« n Street West Medford. Alas . Medford High School,The Clark School B.S. in B.A. Advertising and Selling Sigma Alpha E| ik»n; Varsity Hockey 3; Freshman Hockey I; Locrossf I,it,Captain I; C'k«Treasurer I. President it; House of Representatives I; Inter-fraternity Conference 2. Recorder it; Junior Week Coinmitice; l xk 2; Skull. GRACE VERONICA HANLON 1SI East Main Street Waterlmry. Conn. Waterbary High ScIhkiI B.S. in B.A. Commercial jmtructor (iamma Phi Bela; Class Secretary 2; Gilbert and Sullivan Association it; Gits Club. Girls’ 1.2, it. 4; House of Representatives 4.GEORGE MI NN HOOPER 10 Slanlon Road Brookline, Mass. Brookline High School II.S. in B.A. Foreign Marketing Lambda Chi Alpha. JOHN HAROLD HILL Stove, Vl, , Slfljc High School, Montpelier Seminars' ?is:in lUnking and Finance Alpha Kappa P»i. KENNETH ALFRED III'BAN I1) Scldcn Street Dorchester, Mao. Dorchester High School (or Bo.vs B.S. in IJ.A. Foreign Trade Foreign Trade Club 2, 3; lierman Club '.1,4. HYMAN PHILIP IIERSIIOFF IS llonicr Street Rroekton, Maw. Brockton High School II.S. in B.A. _ AccoMting Beta Gamma Sigma; Dean's List 1,2,3,4; German Club 3,4; Glee Club. Mens I, 2,3; University Chorus 1,2,3. MATHEW JACKSON. JR. 2 Killtidgc Tetrare Rodindale, Mass. Dedham High School B.S. in B.A. EDGAR WILLIAM JAMES 370 Moraine Street Brockton, Mass. Brockton High School II.S. in B.A. Advertising and Sc Delta Sigma Phi; Varsity BaskdluD 2,3; F man Basketball; Varsity Track 2; DeMolay Cli Nt 1,2. JAY OLIVER KNIPE 43 Dwell Road W'inthrop, Maw. W'inthrop High Sch»l, University of Virginia II.S. in B.A. Business Management Alpha Chi Rim; Theta Tau: Student Faculty Committee «n Student Counting and Religions Activities!. MARTIN VICTOR KADIS :H6 Walnut Avenue Boston. Mass. Boston English High School BA in B.A. _ Adratiom Tail Epsilon Phi; Interfraternity Conference 3,1. IRVING HERMAN KARRUTZ S Snsev Street Ilamhill, Macs. Haverhill High School B.A. Foreign Trade El (lenlro EspaAol 2,3; Foreign Trade Club 2,3; (ierman Club 4. EDWARD EARL KALLER 30 East Main Strict Patchogue, N. Y Manlius, N. V. and Patehogue High School BA in B.A. Advertising and Sidling Gilbert ami Sullivan Association I, 2,3,4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; University Band 1,2,3,1HARRY S. LAYTON 395 Broadway Ixing Branch N. I B.A. Banking anil Finance Alpha Knpna INi; Freshman Trad; Dean's Cabinet I; Freshman Service Committee 4; Inter fraternity Conference 4; Orchestra, University 2,3; University Bawl 1,2,1 CLARK SMITH LARSEN 13.5 Goden Street Belmont, Mass. Belmont High School, Ureter Academy B.S. in B.A. Admitting Kapju I’lii Alpha; Alpha Delta Sigma; Freshman DOROTHY HELEN' LeVANulK IIKI Washington Street South Braintree. Mass. Braintree High School B.S. in B.A. Commercial Education (Her Club 1,2,3. SAUL WILLIAM LANDERS 22 Balison Street Mattapan, Mass. Boston English High School B.S. in B.A. Advertising Freshman Baseball. JOHN ARNOLD LUNDGRBN S Milton Street Attkboro, Mass. Attleboro High School B.S. in B.A. Accounting Deans Lid 1,3,4; Freshman Service Commit Iet4; German Club 3,4; Glee Club 3, I; University Chorus 3,4. JOHN T. MAHONEY 27 Birch Street Stoughton, Mass. New Bedford High School B.S. in B.A. Foreign Trade RALPH MKNITOFF 220 Brlroonl Street Malden, Mass. Malden High School, Lincoln Prep School B.S. in B.A. Accounting Varsity Baseball 4; Freshman Foathall; Freshman Traci; Deans List 1,3,4; El Centro Eipaflol 3; NATHAN MALCIIMAN 273 Commercial Strict Provincrton. Mass. IWitKetown High School Tilton Preparatory J. I'hi Sigma Delta; Intramural Basketball 2, 3; Benjamin Kelts Association 1.2,3,1; Interfraternity Conference 2,3; News 3, Assistant Editor 4. GERTRUDE MEAD 1127 Commonwealth Avenue B r»!on. Mass. Newton High School B.S. in J. Journalism Benjamin Fairs Association 1.2,3,4; ('lass Secretary 1,2; Dean's List I; Gilbert and S illiran Association I, 2,3,4; Handbook, University 2; News 1,2,3. B.S. in B.A. ROBERT MARKS 3S Florence Avenue Lowell, Mass. Lowell High School Banking and.FinameLOUIS MITCHELL 1320 Blue Hill Avenue MntUpan, Mass. Brighton High School ILS. in B.A. Accounting Phi Alpha Pi; Freshman Football; Varsity Track 2; I Iran’s List I; El Centro Espaflol 3; News I. JOHN FREDERICK MOELLER 308 Hunting Hill Avenue Middletown, Conn. Middletown High School ILS. in RA. Accounting Deans L t 2, I; Military Ball Committer 3,1; Scahbardand Blade. WILLIAM JOHN MERRICK Kemble Street Letwx, Mass. Lenox High School, Georgetown University Yillanova College B.S.inB.A. Banking and Finance1 Varsity Baseball!; New man Club L JAMES ANTHONY McKENNA 02 Circular Avenue Pittsfield, Mass. Piltsfiehl High School ILS. in II.A. Commercial Education Rucba. President 4; Debating, Varsity 1, 2, 3; House o( Rep-H-ntalivis 2. 3,4: Hub 4; Junior Week Committee; Senior Week Committee; University Student Council 3, President 4. B . in B.A, HAROLD Ull'IS MORRIS 383 Center Street Bangor, Me. Bangor High School De.Mobiy Club 2,3.1; University Band 1.2. Management S. LESLIE MOODY 27 Centre Street Milton, Mass. (iuilford, Maine II gh School B.s. in B.A. Brine Boxing. Assistant Manager 2; Tennis, Varsity L 4; Maine Chih4. RALPH EVERETT MILLS 40 Auburn Street Brookline, Mass. Brookline High School. Chauncy Hall B.S. in B.A. Management FREDERICK GEER MYER 8 Atlantic Avenue Providence, R. I. Ware High School, Norwich Academy Amherst College ILS. in B.A. Theta Delta Chi; Varsity Basketball 2; Freshman Basketball; Varsity Footlull 3; Freshman Football; University Rand 2. RONALD MacDONALD OHWth Street Coeur d‘ Aleve. Idaho Si. Francis Xavier College ILS. in B.A. Business Management HENRY GEORGE MULLOWNEY 1 Vista Slrxvt Rnslindale, Mass. Boston High School ol Commerce ILS. in B.A. Newman Club 1,2,3,4;Orchestra. University 3,1; Spanish (Tub 3,4; University Band 3,4.HARRY EM JOT I’ N Kl MAN •VS Wiknck Street Dorchester, Mass, B.S. in II,A. Accounting Varsity Baseball3, t; Intramural Basketball I; Vanity Tennis 4. JAMES OTIS MieMILLIN 05 Jason Street Arlington. Slw. Arlington High School Browne an I Nichols School II,S. in B.A. Business Management tamMa Chi Alpha. MILTON BENJAMIN NKISON II Rosrlin Avenne Ouincy, Mass. Lynn Classical High School I le! iron Academy B.S. in B.A. Advertising Lambda Chi Alplia; FreJiman Football. JOHN JOSEPH McKENNA 23 Kendrick Street Lawrence. Mass. Lawrence High School B.S. in II.A. Accounting Varsity Track 2,3,4; Freshman Track. BREWSTER l ROY NEWTON (iraflon Street West Colon, Mass. I'pton High School BUS B.A. A'hcrti'irg Chi Signu Chi; Gilbert and Sullivan Association 3, 4; University Band I, 2,3; University Press Bureau 4. RAYMOND JOSEPH NOYOGROSKI 15 Fuller Street Brookline, Mass. B S. in B.A. Account iug Buclm 4; Dean's List 1,2,3,4; Debating, Varsity 2,3; House of Representatives 3. ABRAHAM JOSEPH OX MAN 115 Webster Street Malden, Mao. Malden High School B.S. in B.A. Accounting Vanity Tennis 1. SIMON SOLOMX OLSHANSKY b) Kingsdale Street Dorchester, Mass. B.S. in B.A. Commercial Education Freshman Baseball; Burba; Dean's List 2. RICHARD CHARLES OSTROWSKI I4f Bridge Street North Weymouth, Mass. Weymouth High School Huntington Prep Sclaiol B.S. in B.A. Foreign Trade Cosmopolitan Club 3.4; Foreign Trade Club 2,3; tier man Club 4, President 3. JOHN BINGHAM OSGOOD 3G Osgood Street North Andover, Mass. Johnson High School B.S. in J. Journalism Benjamin Files Association I. 2. Prrdilent 3.4; (ikeClub 1.2; News 1,2,3,4; University ('horus I.FRANK ERNEST ITCKLES 178 Terrace Avenue Providence, It. I. Fast Providence High School B.S. in B.A. Management Swimming 2; Buchi I; CU« Treasurer 4; Itan's Cabinet 4; Debating, Varsity 2; Freshman Service Committee 4; House of Representatives It, 4; Junior Week Committee 3; Senior Week Commit lee t. ORKiKNK JOSKPII PAQUETTE, Jr. 176 Everett Street Southbridge. Maas. Mary E. Wells High School B.S. in B.A. Advertising ami Selling Dean’s List 1,2,3. ROBERT SIGMUND POLIAK 39 Almont Street Mitlatnn, Mas . Boston Public l.atin School B.S. in B.A. Advertising and Selling Varsity Track 2. 3, 4; Freshman Track; Dean's List 2.1. JOHN PANZICA 102 Bow Street Medford, Mass. Medford High School B.S. in B.A. Accounting Alpha Phi Delta; Vanity Track I; Freshman Track; Italian Club 1,2, Chairman Social Committee 3, President 4. ANTONIO PETER PROCOPIO 264 Boylston Street Brockton, Mass, Brockton High School B-S. in B.A. Accounting Cosmopolitan Club 4; Italian Club 1,2,3, Treasurer 4. DONALD RANDAZZO 19 Summer Street Chelsea, Mass. Chelsea High School ILS, in B.A, Business Management THOMAS MARTIN ROSS .'137 Fruit Hill Avenue North Providence, II. I. La Salle Academy B.S. in B.A. Business Management Dean's list 3; Newman dub 4. CHARLES A. RIORDAN 40 Winthrop Street Charlestown, Mass. St. AnsJem's Prep School B.S. in B.A. Advertising ami Selling MELVIN HOWARD ROSKNGARD 127 Washington Street Brookline, Mas . Brookline High School, Haverhill High School B,S. in B.A. Management ARTHUR THEODORE ROGDE 25 Michigan Avenue Somerville, Muss. Somerville High School B-S. in B.A, Advertising and SellingSTEPHEN JOSH I'll SAKSA 131 Bradley Street Bridgeport, Conn. Ba in B.A. Accounting Alpha Kappa P»i; Vanity Track 3, Manager 4; Freshman Track; Student Athletic Council 4. HENRY RUSSELL 152 Homestead Street Roxhurv, Mass. Boston English High School B.S. in B.A. Accounting I'hi Epsilon Pi, President I; Varsity Baseball 4; Freshman Baseball; Varsity Basketball 2: Boxing 2,4; Wrestling 2,4; Dean's List 2,3,4; Intcrfra-ternity Conference 3. 4; Spanish Club 2,3; University Jewish Council 4. SOPHIE H. RUBIN-19 St. John Street Montirrdo, N. Y. Montkello High SobooJ Bi . in B.A. Advertising and Selling JOHN T. SCULLY 317 Memorial Drive Cambridge, Mass. Cambridge High and Latin School B.S. in B.A. Banking and Finance JOSEPH KENNETH SHEPARD 10 Rosewood Avenue Edgvwood, R. I, Commercial High School Providence, R.I. Cranston High School Bis in B.A. Accounting WILLIAM MAURICE SHOLL 335 Wells Street Bridgeport, Conn. Bridgeport High School B.S. in B.A. Advertising Wrestling 2; lleanpot. Editorial Staff I; Deal's List 4; Junior Week Committee 3; Press Bureau 4. JAMES EDWARD SMITH. Jr. 239 East Street East Walpole, Mass. Walpole High School Dean Academy B.S. in B.A. Management Vanity Hickey 2. 3. 4; Freshman Hockey I; Freshman Track, Captain; Varsity Track 2, 3, Captain 4; Class Vice-President 2,3. President 4; College Prefect 4; Dean’s Cabinet 2; I Van's List 3; Junior Week Committee; Lode; Senior Week Committee; Skull. EDITH M. SILVERMAN 3$ Brawn Street Quinqr, Mass. Quincy High School B.S. in B.A. Commercial Education GEORGE WILLIAM SLADE I LawTtnce Street Cheka. Mass. Chelsea High School B.S. in J. Journalism Kappa Phi Alpha; Senior Week Committee; Freshman Track; arsily Track 2. Beanpot 1; House of Representatives 2,3,4; Hub, Editor-in-ChW 4; Jun-i ir Week Committee;News 1,2,3,Managing Editor 4. MAI RICE SKLAR 83 Hutchings Street Roxbury, Mass. English High School BjS. in B.A. Accounting Boxing 4: Lacrosse 4; Wrestling 4; Avukab Club 4.BERNARD STRIAR lis Maple Street B.nijcor, Me. University of Maine B.S. in B.A. Hmincss Management Zrla Beta Tau; Varsity Track 3; Intcrfratcmity Conference2. 3,4; Maine Club, Vice President 4. RUSSELL GILBERT SPINNEY 44 Beacon Street Gloucester, Mass. University of Mississippi Massachusetts Institute ol TeehnoLvy B.s. in B.A. Bela Theta Pi: Rifle Team I; Military Ball Committee I; R.O.T.C., Cadet Captain; Scabbard and Blade, Secretary 4. CLIFFORD MORRIS SWENSON HoO-lth Avenue Windom. Minn, Windom High School B.S. in B. A. Foreign Trade Foreign Trade Club I. PAH CHEXOWETII SMITH 39 Acorn Street Malden, Mass. Malden High School University of Alabama B.S. in B.A. Commercial Education Boxing :i, 4. LAWRENCE TAYLOR 135 Washington Street Dorchester, Maas. Boston Latin School B.S. in B.A. Management Phi Alpha; Freshman Baseball; Freshman Football; Freshman Track; Wrestling 4; De Molay Club 4. RUSSELL K. TABER 376 Main Street Brockton, Mass. Brockton High School B.S. in B.A. Advertising and Selling CHARLES GARDNER TUCKER 2M East Center Street lee, Mass, lee High School, LaSalle University American Institute of Ranking B.S. in B.A. Bulking and Finance Rifle Team 3; Cadet 2nd Lieut 3: Cadet, Captain Co. C 4; Dean' List 1; Military Ball Committee3, 4; Newman Club 1,4; R.O.T.C. Junior Efficiency Award 3; Scabbard and Blade, Ball Committee 3, 4. LEONARD WINSLOW TAYLOR KM Andover Street Dwell, Mass. Staunton Military Academy B.S. in B.A. Kappa Phi Alpha; Varsity Hockey, Manager 3; House ol Representatives 2,3,4; Inlerfraternity Conferences,SprakcH; l xk; Srabbourdand Blade; Skull; Student Athletic Council 3; New, Man-of-Ycar; Hub, Business Manager, 4. CHUNG KOON TSE ofl Bench Street Boston, Mass. English HighfSchool B.S. in B.A. Banking and Finance Cosmopolitan Club 3,4. HAROLD BERNARD Til EM MEN, Jr. 7$ Golden Avenue Medford. Mas. High School of Commerce B.S. in B.A. Foreign Trade Boxing I; El Club Ks|taAoI 2,3; Newman Club 1,2, 3,4; Spanish Club 2,3.CECIL FROST WETIIERBEE 32 Church Street Norwich, Conn. Norwich Free Academy It. ii It. A. Baalu Cheer Leader I; Dean's Cabinet 2: Dean's List I, 3,1; Forum. Representative All University Committee 3,4; House of Representatives 4; iluli 4; Student Faculty Committee on Student Counsel-inland Religious Activities 2,3,4. MARGARET EDITH WESTRA I) Crescent Street Whitiiwrile, Mass. Northhridge ili h School J. Benjamin Bdes Association 1,2,3,4; News I. Rl'SSELL BULLARD WIGHT 31 Center Avenue Belmont, Ma . Belmont High School B.S. in B.A. Advertising Varsity Hockey 2,3.4; Freshman Hockey 2; Varsity Tennis 2, 3, Captain 4; Freshman Tennis; Executive Council 2; House of Representative' I; Srabhard ami Blade 3,4; Skull 3,4; Student Athletic Council 3. LLOYD ALLEN TURNER 324 Moraine Street Rrockton, Mass. Brockton High School K»S. in J. Benjamin Edes Association 1, 2. 3, 4; Buds 4; Cosmopolitan Club 2.4; New 1,2. WILLIAM GEORGE WILLIAMS, Jr. tf) BradMd Avenue Ri»lindile. Ma». Boston English High School ILS. inB.A. Ranking and Finance Varsity Tennis I; Freshman Tennis; Cadet licul. 3, Captain 4; Cosmopolitan Club 4: Dean’s List 2, 4; Military Ball Committee 3.4; Newman Club. 1.2,3, Vice-President 4; Scabbard ansi Blade 3, Rail Chairman 4; Secretary of Annual Convention of New England Province 4. RUSSELL MACKEY WILLIAMS 102 Burnham Read Andover, Mas. Windham High School, Worcester Academy, Worcester Tech B.S. in B.A. Business Management Delta Sigma Phi; Golf; Varsity Track 3,4; Wrestling 4; Interfraternily Conference 3. SEYMOUR YELLIN’ 301 lea ins Street Dorchester, Mass. Dorchester High School B.S. in B.A. Accounting ARTHUR JAMES WILSON. Jr. 30 Raker Road Everett. Maas. Everett High School B.S. in B.A. Business Management Newrnan Cliih 4; University Band 1.2,3,4. KENNETH HALL WYATT Iff! Prichard Street Fitchburg. Miss. Fitchburg High School BjS. in J. Journalism Benjamin Fairs Association 1,2,3,4. ARTHUR BROWN WORTIILEY, Jr. 79 Warwick Street Lowell, Mass, lam’ll High School B.S. in B.A. Business Management Kappa Phi Alpha, Beta Gamma Sigma 3,4; (lean’s Cabinet 3; Dean's List 1,2,3,4; Frwhnun Service Committee 4; Glee Club, Men's 1.2, Manager 3,4; Ihiibf of Representatives 2,3.4; Hub 4; Military Hall Committee 4; R.O.T.C. Cadet Captain; Sab-hard and Blade 3. Rail Committee, Vice-President 4; University Chorus 1,2,3,4.Unphotographed Seniors DAVID MATTHIAS BARRY 09 Arnold Sired Providence, R. I. Hope High School, LaSalle Academy B.S. in B.A. Business Management GEORGE FULTON BLACK 19 Bcllran Slrccl Malden, Mass. Huntington School B.S. in B.A. Banking and Finance RAYMOND EARL BI.01S 385 EdgeU Road Framingham, Mi". Framingham High School B.S. in J. Journalism RONALD ARTHUR BROAD 116 Green Hill Parkway Weston, Mass. B.A. RICHARD HUGH CONNELL 190 Bowtloin Street Dorchester. Mass. Dorchester High School St. John's Preparatory Sclnxil B.S. in B.A. Advertising and Selling PAUL EDWARD CURRAN 2 Veteran Road Woburn, Mass. Boston High School of Commerce B.S. in B.A. Foreign Trade EDWARD IIOLOWENKO 19 Rawson Street Dorchester, Mass. B.S. in B.A. JAMES HENRY HOWARD. Jr. 345 Union Avenue i Framingham. Mass. Framingham High School B.S. in B.A. Advertising and Selling EDWARD WILLIAM KENNEY 35 Wayland Street Dorchester, Mass. English High School B.S. in B.A. Commercial Education SUMNER JAMES KUN1N II Coral Street Worcester. Miss. Worcester Commetce High School B.S. in B.A. Accounting CHARLES HENRY LaDUE 23$ Highland St net Worcester, Mass. B.S. in B.A. EDWARD MANSFIELD Dean Academy, Stevens High School H.S. in B.A. Advertising and Selling STANLEY HUGO OI.SON 9 Rosolnnd Road Worcester, Mi". Worcester North High School ILS. in B.A. Business Management HARRY CORRIDAN PAIGE 17 Demons! Street Malden, Mass. Northeastern University University of Ablxima B.S. in B.A. Accounting LINDSAY HOWARD RICE 99 Bartlett Avenue Arlington, Mass. Arlington High School, llehron Academy B.S. in J. Journalism JOSH ALDEN SANGER 18! Lmdl Street PciIkkIv, Miss Mitchell Military Academy Peabody High School. Worcester Academy B.S. in GUY. Business Management ROBERT CARTER SCOTT 8 Fremont Street Reading, Mass. Tatar Academy B.S. in II,A. Advertising and Selling GEORGE KENNETH SLADE 3 Ashton Avenue Newton Centre, Mass. Newton High School H.S. in B.A. Banking and Finane ROBERT 11. SPILMAN 145 Gibbs Street Newton Centre, Mass. New Hampton Preparatory School ILS. in J. Journalism JOHN EDWARD ULMAN 92 Quincy Avenue Dedham, Mass. Dedham High School B.S. in B.A. Accounting PAUL DEXTER WENTWORTH 37 Ranks Street Waltham. Mass. ILS. in B.A. PAUL HENRY WHITE 105 Pcnwood Road Bouton, Miss. Boston High School of Commerce ILS. in B.A. Business Management JOSEPH WILLIAM HALL 415 North Avenue Natick, Mass. Natick High School ILS. in B.A. Commercial Education GEORGE ARTHUR HORN 27 Somerset Road Brookline, Mass. Brookline High School B.S. in B.A. JOSEPH CHARLES TRAVERS 15 Fairfax Road Milton. Mass. Milton High School University of Notre Dame ILS. in B.A. Foreign TradePortrait of Dean Lord |i f EMBERS of Alpha Chapter of Massachusetts, Beta Gamma Sigma took an active part in celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the founding of (MIA. When the College passed the first score marker last I)eceml er the fraternity, which is the national honorary scholastic fraternity in schools of commerce of collegiate rank, sponsored a student assembly held in John Hancock Hall at which the Hon. Patrick A. O’Connell, president of Slattery’s, was the shaker. Menders of the administration attended the assembly wearing their academic rol es. The feature of the assembly was the presentation to the Cniversity of the above oil |x rtrait of Dean Everett W. Lord who has been head of C.B.A. from its early days. The painting is the work of Margaret Fitzhughe Browne, eminent Boston artist among whose recent portraits have l een of King Alphonso, exiled Spanish ruler, and Henry Ford, American automobile magnet. The painting of Dean Lord is now hanging on display in the main corridor of (ML A. The expense of obtaining the painting was subscribed by Beta Gamma Sigma, Boston Cniversity Chapter.Hack Hmc: Rink, Lueey, Nickerson, Rowe, Nixon, Scammell Front Hoic: Hathaway, Smith, Brady, Taylor, Wight, Gilmour, Brattin The Skull P LE(TIOX to The Skull is deemed the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a member of the Junior Class of the College of Business Administration. Twice a year members are publicly tapped, and although The Skull is a secret organization, election appears to lie based upon integrity of character, leadership, personality, and participation in college and University activities. The Skull distinctly interests itself in the support of high ideals and the maintainance of high standards of student conduct. FACULTY Assistant Dean Roy Davis Dean Everett W. Lord Professor Edwin M. Chamberlin SENIORS Edward Brady John Brattin Stanley Gilmour Kenneth Hathaway James Smith Leonard Taylor Bussell Wight JUNIORS Lawrence Lucey Herman Nickerson George Nixon Glenn Kink Paul Rowe Palmer ScammellBad Bow: Patlison, Margolis, Morosini, IMskr SmidBoir: Mann, Lawrence, Hughes, Watson, Bailey, McCarthy Front Hoir: Day, Cummings, Vanlderstine, James, Bigglestone The Lock THE LOCK, sophomore honorary society of C.B.A. was founded in 1IH4 for the purpose of furthering, at all times, the tradition and principles of Boston University, to act as a governing body of Freshman initiation, and to assist the Director of Freshmen. Ixx k chooses each year those men who are considered to he the outstanding freshmen. Their activities, attitude and character, as well as their scholastic standing, are taken into consideration in choosing. These men serve through their sophomore year. Ixx k is the goal of every ambitious freshman. HONORARY MEMBERS Dean Everett W. Lord Professor Waldo C. Peebles Professor Charles E. Stratton Stewart Bailey William H. Bigglestone, Jr. Sidney W. Borofsky Thomas F. Cummings Isaac Day ACTIVE MEMBERS Frank W. Hughes Herbert S. James, Jr, Robert Lawrence Edward Mann Jacob Margolis Frank McCarthy John Morosini George M. Patlison Roy E. Thompson Richard VanlderstineKink, Whelton, Ullemoen, Lucey Junior Class Officers THE distinction of heading his class for three consecutive years is the honor accorded William A. Whelton by the (lass of 1935 in the C.B.A. Day Division. When the students held their lirst elections early in the second semester of 1931-32, Whelton was named class president. Herman Nickerson, Jr., was the choice for vice-president. 'Flic (lass elected Charles Jillson secretary and George Nixon, treasurer for the Freshman year. When the class elections were held the following year, Whelton retained the presidency and Ruth Ullemoen became secretary. The office of treasurer was also retained by (ieorge Nixon for a second term. George Racheotes was the class choice for the chairmanship of the Executive Committee. List fall, Whelton was unanimously elected president of the Junior Class while Ruth Ullemoen was uno|)|K)sed for re-election to the position of class secretary. F. Glenn Rink was named vice-president by the students and Lawrence Lucey was the choice for class treasurer.Sophomore Class Officers HPHE (lass of 1936 showed a great deal of University spirit from the day of the first registration on September 12, 1932 and the class elections held early in the second semester were among the most spirited ever held at (Ml A. Prank McCarthy was chosen president, with Stewart Bailey as vice-president, Mary Kelleher as secretary and Robert Lawrence as treasurer. The Freshman Hop was held at the Hotel Bradford on May 12 and proved a social and financial success with Lock tapping sixteen members of the class to membership at that time. Three months after the class entered m its second year at C.B.A., the second elections were held with Thomas Robbins being chosen Sophomore class president. John Margolis was the selection for the office of vice-president and he took over the duties of class president at the outset of the second semester, when Bobbins retired from office. The secretary and the treasurer were both reelected to office. They were: Mary Kelleher, secretary; and Robert Lawrence, treasurer. The Sophomore Hop was also held at the Hotel Bradford and equalled the dance of the preceding year as a social and financial success.Russem, Gray, Silverman, Cox Freshman Class Officers HPHE freshman class officers at C.B.A. are Andrew V. Gray, president; Theodore Russem, vice- president; Barbara (’ox, secretary; Isadore Silverman, treasurer. The permanent class adviser is Professor (liarles E. Bellatty, head of the (Allege advertising department. The freshman dance was held April IS in the Princess Ballroom of the Hotel Somerset. Sammy Liners orchestra supplied the music. Socially and financially the dance was a success. Barbara Cox, SecretaryUniversity Military Unit THE establishment of a Reserve Officers Training Corps imil at Boston University was autli- orized by the War Department on August 1(1, Mill). A little more than a month later the first military course was offered at C.B.A. where two battalions were established. The lack of a convenient parade ground hampered the work to some extent but the unit finally gained permission to drill on the Boston Common. Another drawback in the organizing of the unit was the lack of equipment and it was not until after the uniforms and supplies arrived in March, 1920,that the work made noticable progress. While the Freshman companies still drill at the South Armory, the University military unit of today is a far cry from the organization of the early “twenties.” For the past five years the unit been rated as a blue star unit by the War Department, the highest honor that may In conferred upon an R.O.T.C. unit. Since September 1930, the unit has been commanded by Lieut. Col. William A. Ganoc, whose staff of assistants included a captain, two first lieutenants and two staff sergeants from the regular army. Since coming to Boston University nearly four years ago, Colonel Canoe has achieved many things with the unit. He obtained the historic First Corps Cadet Armory for the Sophomore companies to use in drill. He has stressed throughout the military courses that the primary aim of the lm.UK r-nnrlmn. :.n,l .■liivalmus Americans ami (o (level........lie student menially.Hurl: Kmr: Nickerson, Whitman. Taylor, (Tieniosky, Fitzgerald, Allen, Kish Third Hmr: Kaitz, Harrington, Drury, Scammell, (ieyer, Winslow, Kink, Colpitis, Wight Sennit Hotr: White, Stuelz?l. Maelnnis, Kiickley, Tucker, Nixon, llallierg, Casey Front for Williams, Herrick, Moeller, (ianoe, Worthier, Spinney, Baker Scabbard aud Blade OCABBARD AND BLADE is a national honorary military fraternity founded at the University of W isconsin. At present it consists of seventy-eight chapters in the leading colleges and universities of the United States. The local company, K Company, Sixth Regiment, was granted its charter in 1927. Since that time the organization has taken a prominent place in university and college functions. Under an agreement recently adopted, K Company coo| erates with the Military Department in the selection of menders of the advanced R.O.T.C. course. OFFICERS Captain . . . First Lieutenant . . Second Lieutenant . First Sergeant . . Arthur Wortiiley, Jr. . . Herman Herrick Edwin Allen Gilbert Fitzgerald Carl Stuetzcl William Baker Walter (ieyer Russell Taylor Joseph Buckley Richard Halberg Charles Tucker Edward Casey Robert Herrington Paul White Joseph Chcrnosky Walter Kaitz Russell Wight Stewart Colpitts, Jr. Herman Nickerson, Jr. William Williams Grosvenor Fish (ieorge Nixon Palmer Scammell PLEDGED Edwin Winslow Bernard Courtney Harold Maelnnis, Jr. William Wliellmi ii » i i COLLEGE Of BUJIflE J flDIHIOliTRflTlOO EVEHG DlVI IOflBuck Rov: Sabourin, Kovner, Ossoff, Robbins, I.uric, Siegel Second Rote: Klliotl, Lekhead, Gannon, Johnston, Abbott, O'Brien, Priest Front Rov: l onard, Keoii h. Professor O'Neil, Brown, Coughlan, Finkle Student Council—Evening Division President Secretanf . DELEGATES Edward Keougii Ethel Brown 1934 Harry Siegel Edward Keougli 1935 Eugenia Ablwtt Ethel Brown 1936 Arthur Robbins William Elliott 1937 Aaron Sabourin Mary Leonard 1938 Samuel Lurie Sidney Herman 1939 Henry Kaplan Eileen Priest Mary Coughlan . Max Kovner. Harry Ossolf. John liOckhead . Alfred E. Smith . Epsilon Eh Phi William Johnston • . . Jewish Club Mary Finkle Kappa Eta Sigma Beatrice Gannon Sigma Phi Pi Evelyn O’Brien • . . Pads Arthur Gerofskv Catholic Club . I imbda Gamma Pi . Phi Chi Theta . Epsilon Sigma . . . Phi Pi ChiRack Rrnc: Keough, (’opp. Slovens, Smith Vow Kmc: Siegel, Pockriss Class Officers THROlGHOl T its six years, the class of 1934 of the Evening Division has been noted for its spirit of coo)K ration. Its members, while maintaining a good scholarship record as indicated by the fact that six received recognition by Beta Gamma Sigma, have been very active socially. The class pioneered in its own Evening Division Junior Prom. An interesting feature of the class has lieen that all its active members have been outstanding. Practically all have held im| ortant social offices. It has not been a class of a few isolated star workers but a smooth working team -with leadership well spread. This is proved by the fact that they have had the following six presidents. 192W..............................Edouard X. Arnaud 1929- JO............................. Harold Kanter 1930- 31............................. ff. Colin Copp 1931- 32 .......................... Milton M. Finger 1932- 33 .........................Edward W. Keough 1933- 33.................................Harry Siegel To climax a busy and successful social career in the college the class plans to leave a gift to the building fund of one1 ' 1 1 "ars in appreciation of what it has received from Boston University. The class looks forward to future service and friendships after graduation through its alumni organization. 02624534MARY PATRICIA CfMJGHlAX 142 Tyndalr Street Roslindalr, Mass. Jamaica Plain High School B.B.A. Psychology Kpsiloo Kla Phi; Eo non Ion Kla Phi; Epsilon Sigma 0; Evening Din-Catholic Cluli 2; Sphinxil; Summer Chib I. WILLIAM COLIN COPP ill York Terrace Brookline, Mas . Irvingtonoo-lludson, X. Y. High School B.B.A. Admitting Ikmes 1.5, 6; Buds il; Class President il: Kidd Day Chairman I; Hub. Departmental Editor 6; Evening Division Music Club 5, President 6; University Student Council5, tk JOHN C. FARLEY I. Goodny Road Forest IIilk Mass. English High School B.B.A. Sigma Phi Pi; Evening Basketball I; Bads il. I. •’ . (i; Evening Division Catholic Club 1,5, li; Summer Club 4,5. CARMINE MARIO CKRI LLO 7 Shnploy Avenue Medford, Maas. Medford High School II.B.A. Accounting ARTHUR EDWARD GKROFSKY 10s Waunbeck Street Roxburv, Miu. II.B.A. Accoanting Phi Pi Chi; Class Treasurer 3; Student Council I; Student Government, Departmental I. MILTON MERTON FINGER 5lli Washington Street Brookline, Mas . Brookline High School, Host n University II.B.A. Class Vire-President il. Pmiden 4; Student Gov-eminent, Departmental 4. ROBERT U)I IS HIRSCHFIEU) 72 Nonantnm Slnet Newton, Mass. Newton High Sdnol B.B.A. Advertising and Selling University Band il. 4. HARRY GIENANDT l mdl, Mass. B.B.A. II.B.A. GWENDOLYN HENDERSON 4 Westminister Avenue Roriwry, Mam. JOSEPH WILLIAM HALL 46 North Avenue Natick. Mass. Natick High School B.B.A. Education GleeClubil; Newman Club.HELEN' W. 1.1'NIMiriST :J71 Belmont Street Belmont, Mas . Dorcheslrr High School (•irU' Litin School. Burdetl College ii.b.a BnM Kpsiloa Sigma, Assistant Secn lar - i. EDWARD WINSTON KKClKill 2s Saratoga Street East Boston, Mass. East Boston High School B.B.A. Economics Sigma I'hi I'i; Bones 5, • ; Bml I. 5. I ; CL" Treasurer t. President 5; Evening Division Award, Chairman; Evening Division Banquet, Chairman; Evening Division Catholic Club ti; Evening Division Formal, Chairman; Evening Division Student Council!, IVwiifcnt (i; Sumner Club -i. ti; Hall ol Fame. WILLIAM JAMES HOARE.Jr. 157 lawTrnco Street l iwrll, Mis . lowcll High School B.B.A. LOUSE (iRACE McOILIjOICII 163 Him Street Waltham. Mass. Waltham High Schoi l 2 years P.A.L BtB.A. Economics Pi Kap|» Epsilon P.A.L SABAH MADOFF 25 Na ing Street Itoibury. Mass. Roxhury High School It. It. A. MARY DOROTHY MAHONEY 29 Unis Avenue Arlingtoo, Mas . Ihoton University, P.A.L. B.B.A. Economic Evening Division Catholic Club . ,(•. CATHERINE FAULKNER SHEEHAN HI Hathaway Street Jamaica Plain. Mass. Boston University, P.A.L certificate course ami C.B.A. II.B.A. Accounting Cla»s Secretary 5; Evening Division Catholic Club 5,li. VERONICA CECELIA PHILLIP II List Newton Street Boston, Mas . B.B.A. . ... Beta (•annua Sigma 6; Evening Division Catholic CM -i, 6. ELIZABETH SIMPSON PROCTOR 129 South Street Wrrntham. Mass. Ilickox Secretarial School IMon Cnivetsity. P.A.L B.B.A. English HYMEN IRVING POCKRISS 510 Eastern Avenue Malden, Miss. Malden High School B.B.A. Finance and Investments ('lass Membership Coniniilln'. Chairman 0; ('las Social Committee 5, ti; Class Vice-President ti; Evening Division Junior Prom. Committee 5; Evening I Hvisioo (Irchcsl ra 5, ti.IRVING ISAAC SISC.KR 411 Eastern Avenue Malden, Mas. Malden High School B.B.A. Foreign Tim HYMAN PHILIP SIGEL 71 Glenway Slrccl Dorchester, Mi". Boston High School ol Commerce Burdett College Sf cci l HR,A. Advertising AGNKS ELIZABETH SMITH 12 Ml. Washington Street Kvmtt, Mis. B.B.A. YM Kjbiliin Eta I'lii; Epsilon Sigma, Vicc-Prwirienl; Buds 3,1: Class Secretary 5, G; Student Council Mcinlrrr 5; Summer Chib 2,3. HARRY SIEGEL I3.N Greenwood St reel Dorchester, Mass. Dorchester High School for Boys B.B.A. Accounting Class Executive CommitteeG; Class Vice-President 4, President G; Evening Division Jewish Club, President G; F,veiling Division Junior Prom 5; Evening Division Student Council 6; Social Com-rnitter. Chairman 5; Student Government, Departmental i. ____________ HAROLD WADSWORTH STEVENS l‘J Pint Slrrcl McW. Miss. Melrose High School Lincoln Prquriitory School B it A Clav Executive Committee 5.6; Evening Divis'mr. Student Council 4, Secretary-Treasurer 5; Summer Club 2,3,1, o. HARRIS HAROLD SNYDER 47 Goodale Read Dorchester, Man, Newton High School B.B.A. Accounting Phi Pi Chi; Evening Division BaskethaB; Buds 1,2, It, 4,5, G; Dance Committee; M norali Society 5, G; Summer Club. JULIA LEVINE 68 Intervale Street Mrmorial High S-houl Accounting Lambda Gamma Phi: Buds 1,2 3; Cbss Secretary 1.2; Mcnorah Society; Student Faculty Committee oil Student Counting and Rel gious Activities 5; Student Government. Departmental 3; Student Government Bmrd 2; Summer ( lull 1,2. ROY WALMSLKY 117 Franklin Avenue Chelsea, Mass. (brim High School MURRAY LAWRENCE KKMPNER II Michigan Avenue Dorchester, Mass. English High School B.B.A. Executive Work Sigma Phi Pi; Bowling . Boon 1,5,0; Buds 1,2,3, I, l ; Hub I, . ; Phi Sigma Pi; Summer Club 2,3, l,.i,G. BEATRICE MARIK GANNON ffi Park Drive Boston. Miss. Littleton High School, Littleton, N. II. Bryant Stratton, Boston 11.B.A. Foreign Trade Phi Chi Theta; Buds 1. 5. 6; Evening Division Catholic Club 1,5. IV, Epsilon Sigma, 3.1. President G; Evening Division Student Council 3, G; Summer Club, Secretory 5ARTHUR LEVY 59 Cranford Street Roxbury, Mass. High School of Commerce I-miff School of Music ERA. Accounting Wrestling 2. WILLIAM GORDON WHEELER 9 Parley Avenue Jamaica Plain, Mass. ERA. GEORGE WAY.MAN BRINSON 7-l)-Slrtet Providence. II. I. Oberlin College, East (ircenwich Academy II.H.A. Housing Omega Psi Phi. HELEN W. GLASGOW 144 Lowell Street Waltham, Mass. Waltham Senior High School ERA. lU'SSKLL EVERETT BROOKS 72 Gardner Street Allston, Mass. English High School, Suffolk Lair School ILEA. Accounting Bela K.i| |ia. ALLEN JOHN HOPKINS !H Cambria Street Somerville, Miss. Somerville High School It.II A. Advertising and Selling Freshman Basketball; Newman Chib,H d How: Reardon, Roger, Kaeffuer, Rrawley, Loescher, Keougli, Caillouetle Front How: Reed, Askins, Berger, Kempner, Sullivan, Copp Rones D ONUS is a secret honorary society in the Evening Division, (’ollege of Business Administration. It brings together those who, by their energetic work in student activities, merit election to this organization. FACULTY MEMBERS Everett W. Lord W. G. Hoffman A. C. Percy Leo Drew O’Neil II. B. ('enter V. I). Heed C. E. Bellatty J. W. Sullivan Juan Acevedo MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY W. Colin (’o|)|) Edward W. Keough Carl B. Loescher Murray L. Kempner Frank W. SleeperHack How: Kass, I ces, (oughlan Fmnl How: Stack, Drown, Youdclovilz SPHINX is an honorary society in the Evening Division of the College of Business Administration, organized in 1025, to encourage participation in all college activities on the part of women students, and to honor those who merit election because of their outstanding interest. Sphinx has a membership of forty. New members are tapped annually at the Evening Division Student Council banquet and are formally initiated at a secret ceremony before the close of the college year. mom causa honoris Mrs. Leo Drew O’Neil (Alice B.) Mrs. Vergil I). Reed (Ruth) SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Mrs. Chester F. Pro!hero (Helen Rogers) Ethel M. Brown Mrs. John Swanson (Elsa Bloomberg) Mary Goughian Mrs. Leo P. Murphy (Theresa Burke) Jeanie C. Lees SORORES IN ALUMNAE Marion (i. Fottler Mary Lundy Mrs. P. R. Simonds (Clara Furbush) Anna Mahoney Mrs. John Bowler (Viola Scanlon) Margaret Micliie Mrs. John Hayes (Ella Mae O'Brien) Mary Tardif Margaret F. Collins Ruth Harriman Eleanor Ryan Marion C. May Helen Ruth Desmond Mildred Reardon Mary K. Hickey Mrs. Leon Winch (Mary Hayes) Mary M. LahifF Gertrude Youdelovitz J. Grace I-amont Helen F. Keily Mrs. (lustaf Broadcorens (Yvonne Ramaut) Helen G. Smith Ruth Hiatt Elizabeth B. Tinkham Bernice 0. Newborg Fredda Koss -Katherine E. Stack Back Bote: Cusick, Johnston Front Bov: Brown, Leary, Furlong, Connelly Evening Division Catholic Club THE Evening Division Catholic Club at C.B.A. was organized in 1931 for the purpose of furthering the principles inculcated by Cardinal John Henry Newman at Trinity College. The enthusiasm inspired by this club led to its immediate recognition by the International Federation of College Catholic Hubs and it has remained one of its most active members. The dub’s first formal dance which was conducted on February 9,1934 at Longwood Towers was the outstanding social event. On November 3,1933 an informal dansant was held at the Copley Plaza. On March 11,1934, approximately 100 members and guests attended the annual Communion Breakfast at the MylesStandish Hotel at which Rev. Leonard J. Feeney, S.J. was engaged to be the principal speaker. In addition to the regular monthly meetings, two Lenten lectures were given in the college building. The officers and members actively participated in the Federation’s week-end convention held in Boston April (i-7-H. The Catholic dub has also contributed much of its talent to the charity entertainers’ group who have had a most active season. Through the ability and leadership of its founder, Joseph M. Kcnneally, ’31, and his secretary. Ethel M. Brown, ’35, who is now vice-president, an unparalleled prestige in Boston University was established and has been maintained by the present officers guided by President William J. Uarv. Its membership embraces the most active students in the Evening Division and it is highly commended by the college authorities as a prominent medium for upholding a social and spiritual intelligence for the catholic students in the Evening Division.Back Kmc: Stack. Cann, Hickey, (ouglilan, Mahoney, Smith Front Koic: Alebord, Sullivan, Testa. Coleman. Epsilon Eta Phi ORGANIZED in 1941 as Phi Iota Pi, a local sorority at the (ollege of Business Administration of Boston University, this sorority in 1931 Itecame Gamma Chapter of Epsilon Eta Phi, a national sorority in schools of commerce and journalism. Its pnr|K se is to foster loyalty to the Alma Mater, to uphold high moral, ethical, social and intellectual standards, and bring about a closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce and journalism. Mary K. Hickey HONORARY MEMBER Mrs. Alice B. O’Neil MEMBERS GRADUATE DIVISION Louise Mulhern Katherine Stack Mary Goughian 1934 Agnes Smith Marion Alebord 1935 Margaret Hill Eleanor Coleman 1936 Leonora Mehegan Evelyn Testa 1937 Dorothy Yander Wyk Mary E. Lynch PLEDGED Norma M. Strand Christine M. GriffinHack llmr: Reardon, l ockltead, Sabourin Second Rote: Baseman, Kempner, Jimenez, (liter, Frawlcv, KnelTner, Sabourin Fronl Hmr: Keoii li, Professor O’Neil, Arnaud, Pntfessor Reed, Elliolt, Farley Sigma Phi Pi SIGMA H1I PI was organized in April 1926, to bring closer into social relations all active male degree students in the Evening Division of the College of Business Administration. Recognizing the fact that the college gains in solidarity and spirit when students are interested in intramural activities, Sigma Phi Pi encourages and fosters participation in student activities by both its memlrers and other undergraduates. Drew O’Neil FRATRES IN FACULTATE ’ergil I. Reed FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Murray L Kempner m.i John Farley Edward W. Keough George A. McGlynn Edouard X. Arnaud Maurice 1). Baseman m Fred A. Ixmssler Charles Drysdale Frank W. Sleeper Samuel Solomon James Houghton William Elliott mb John T. I.ockhcad Thomas Rawson Arthur L. Robbins M James (ialfee Alfred E. Smith Anthony S. Casinio PLEDGED Allen Miller Aaron SabourinPhi Chi Theta Back How: Brown, Hickey, Jiirnns, Trueman, McCarthy Front How: Abbott, Gannon, Lees Class of 1935 Class of 1936 Hud Hmc: Urkliead. Elliott Front Hmr: Robbins, O’Brien, Clark Class of 1938 CHOOL or LAWOfficers of Instruction DANIEL L. MARSH, Pii.I), Lind), L.H.D, LL.D, President of the University, $0 Buckminster Rd., Bnxikline HOMER ALBERS, A.M., LL.B., Dean and the Austin B. Fletcher Professor of Law,55 Irving St, Brookline RAA MOM) CHARLES BALDE8, S.B., LI..B., Professor of Law, IGO Upland Rd., Cambridge HARRISON J. BARRETP, LL.M., Lecturer in Law, ID Prescott St., Cambridge WILLIAM MOSES BI.ATT, LL.B., Lecturer in Law,859TappanSt, Brookline HAROLD MARTIN BOWMAN, A.M., LI..IL, Pii.D., Professor of Law, 938 Centre St., Newton Centre AR nil R LEONARD BROWN, B.B.A., LL.M., Professor of Law, 50 Chapin Rd., Newton Centre JAMES NAT DANIEL CAR TER, Ph.B., LL.M., Secretary of the Faculty and Professor of Law. I Francesca Ave, West Somerville ABRAHAM KUHNS COHEN, Lecturer in Law, Hotel Somerset, Boston ERLAND BICKFORD COOK, LL.B., Instructor in Law, 8!) Summit Ave., Winthrop DONALD KENT' EATON, A.B., I.L.B., Instructor in Law. ■ili Washington Ave., Needham GEORfiE ROSSITER FARNUM. LL.M., Lecturer in Law, HU Chestnut St., Boston GEORGE JASPER FELDMAN, LL.B., Lecturer in Law, 45 Broadway, New York City FELIX FORTE, A.M., LL.M., S.J.D., Professor of Law, 78 Belmont Street, Somerville JOHN EDWARD HANNIGAN, LI..IL, Professor of Law, $7 Hereford St., Boston MELVIN MAYNARD JOHNSON, Ph.B., A.B.. LL.IL, Profeaorof Law, 1514 Beacon St., Brookline FRANCIS IGNATIIS Mi (’ANNA, LL.M., Lecturer in Law, I!) Westminster St., Providence, R. I. Ill (HI DEAN Mcl.ELLAN, A.B., LL.B., Lecturer in Law, 45 Percy ltd., Lexington PHILIP NICHOLS, A.B., LL.B., Lecturer in Law, ill Park St., Newton W INFILL'D () ERHOI.SER, A.B., M.B., M l)., Lecturer in Law, Room KHl, State House, Boston ROBERT JAMES PEASLEE, A.M., LL.IL, LL.I), Lecturer!.. Law, Manchester, X. H. CHARLES ABRAHAM ROME, A.B., LL.B. (on leave of absence), Instructor in Law, 05 Crosby ltd., Newton LOU IS M. S( HAT Z, A.IL, LL.IL, Lecturer in Law, llhjli Main St., Hartford, Conn. FRANK LESLIE SI MPSON, A.IL, LL.M., Professor of Law, II Millett Rd., Swampscott OR' ILWE.W ER SMITH, A.IL, LL.M., Professor of Law, 1(1 Wave Ave., Wakefield PERLEY DENNISON SMITH, Jr., A.IL, LL.IL, Instructor in Law, 18 Joy St, Boston OSCAR STORER, A.IL, LL.IL, Lecturer in Law, 105 Meridan St., MelroseHOMER ALBERS, LIJ). Dean of llie School of IaucBark Hnir: Holtman, Clementino, Sugirman Sennit lime: Carey, Brooks, Driscoll, Scboonmaker, Willard, Spin Front fioir.'Gold, Krug, Dickey, McEnaney, Farrell Woolsack TXTOOLSACK is an honorary society founded in 1910 by Professor Frank L Simpson of the » V Boston University Uw School to inculcate a high standard of scholarship in the study of the law and to foster a spirit of fraternity among congenial students of the law and members of the legal profession. President . Vice-President Seeretnrji . Treasurer . OFFICERS James R. Brooks Joseph P. Carey Valentino 1). Clementino I John J. Driscoll MEMBERS Lester F. Farrell Hyman Holtman Philip S. Knauer, Jr. Hugh A. McCoy Robert R. Dickey, Jr. William M. Krug Robert W. McEnaney . George W. Gold Neil W. Scboonmaker Abram W. Spiro Joseph Sugarman George S. WillardIM flow: YolTa, Titdlwuin, lledden, Ayers Front {nir: Sncirsou, Sonkin, Gold, Grossman, Flelclier Law Student Council OFFICERS President........................................................George ff. Gold, ’.‘14 Vice-President......................................................Leo Soxkix, 35 Secretary-Treasurer........................................Abraham II. Grossmax, ’35 MEMBERS Rolxrt M. Fletcher, ’34 Paul V. T. Hedden, ’35 Manuel S. Titelbaum, ’36 William II. Sneirson, 34 John R. Ayers, ’36 Allan otfa, ’36 THE Student Council of the School of Law is the student government organization of the school. Its membership consists of one representative elected by the students from each of the three classes, one representative elected by the faculty from each of the three classes, and the president of each of the three classes. The Council is the medium for the expression of student opinion on matters of concern to them in school affairs; makes known to the faculty the wishes of the students; and acts in conjunction with the faculty in carrying out the policies of the school. Included within its jurisdiction are such duties as the supervision of all organized student activities, the carrying on of all class elections, and the consideration of minor cases of student discipline.Back How: Gold, Mignault, Kulin Front Row: Perlman, Sneirson Senior Class “. . . . and the key to your success is work, work, and MORE WORK! Aside from the time that you spend here in the class-rooms, you are expected to study at least EIGHT HOURS a day by yourselves." This statement made by Dean Alters greeted us on our first day as Freshmen at the Law School. Time out, however, was taken from our studies to elect the following officers in our lirst year: William II. Sneirson, President; Wilkes I). Perkins, vice-president; Helen Howard, secretary; and Dana P. French, treasurer. Our class officers for our second year were Leonard Sweeney. President; Irving Perlman, vice-president and Pauline Briggs, secretary. Our senior class officers were the following: William II. Sneirson, president; Irving Perlman, vice-president; Dorothy Mignault, .secretary; and David Entin, treasurer. Early in its career the class of 1934 began to show its pioneering spirit by planning and staging a successful Freshman Prom which was followed in our second year by another outstanding event, the Junior Prom. Our senior year brought us together for a Senior Banquet and also a Senior Prom aside from our entering All-University Senior Week. Another innovation was the leaving off of our own departmental yearbook and joining the rest of the University in the Hub. Athletically speaking, we showed ’em we had the stuff, contributing our share to the varsity teams, particularly Al Aliterti, who captained the Terrier grid team in the season of 1933. The year tefore saw a championship basketball team comers. And so the class of 1934 goes forth to continue its good work in a larger and more competitive field but with no less courage or success than it has displayed throughout the past three years. . . 15098396ALFONSO ANTHONY ALIBEK 11 28 Deer Si rtf I Portland. Maim Si. Anselm's College, St. Ilonavetlire College I,LB. Varsity Football, 2, Captain 'M se 2, .'i; Track 2.3; Justinian ('lull 1,2, 3; Sludenl Alhle-lie Council 2,3. SHERWOOD ALDRICH SEYMOUR MARTIN ALPERT Brunswick, Maine 57 Jubilee Slrevl Bowdoin College Nen1 Britain, Conn. LLB. Cornell University Della Tbela Phi. LLB. ABRAHAM JOSEPH ABOI NADER MARSHALL E. ANDELMAN •170 Hampshire Sine! 102 Trowhriilge Street Lanretxv, Mass. Cambridge, Mass. Boslou Cnivrrsily. C.II.A. Ma aehu oll' Institute of Technology LLB. LLB. Alumni Association Coomiillre 3,; Newman Club 1.2.3. A iN» TAKr BALDWIN 265 Belmont Slrcvl Wollaston, .Maw Coram Commercial College LLB. Kappa Bela Pi. Dean. GILBERT W. BABON 31) Maryland Si reel Springfield, Mass. Boston University, C.B.A. 1.1..11. Tan Kp'ilon Fhi; Inlcrfralmiily ConfererKv SAMUEL HENRY BAXT 7 York Slrrrl DorebrsUt, Mass. Tulls College LLB CL RENTE El’STl'S BASSETT 8 King Street Taunton. Mas. Massachusetts Institute of Tcehnoli'gy, B.S LLB. Phi Sigma Kappa. GEORGE BARKER CO Boylston Street CainUiilgc, Mass. Harvard University, B.S. LLB. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; DcIlaTWla Phi.LLB IRVING JACOB BILGOR 1 Hi Dolin’ Sired Proyidenre, R. I. Boston University, C.B.A CHARLES FRANCIS IIIANCIII Shrrmbmy Street Wormier. Matt. I’nivmity of Nr llamttshire, A.B. LLB. Kappa Sigma; Phi Della Phi. MAURICK J. BERTRAND 31 Willow Street Woonsocket, R. I. Middlebury College, DePauw University LLB. I Vila Kappa Epsilon; Phi Delta Phi. ABRAHAM BORKUM 32-j Washington Avenue CMsea, Matt. Univmily of Pennsylvania LLB. Kappa Nu;(’!att Dance Committer 3; Bench, liar, anil Brrr Clob3. GEORGE THOMAS BORSKI 150 Lynndale Avenue Webster, Mats. Providence Colic , Ph.ll. LLB. Newman (Tub 1,2.1 FREDERICK BRODNEY 201 St. Paul Street Bn ml;line, Mass. College of William and Mary Bench, Bar, and Beer Club!). JOHN WILLIAM CANNEY I Bradshaw Street Medford, Mass. Boston University, C.B.A. LLB. Bcrxh, Bar. and Beer Hub .1; Senior Dance Committee 3. JAMES RUSSELL BROOKS 12 Summer Street Fitchburg, Mas . University ol Vermont Boston University. ('.LA. Gamma Eta Gamma; U Review 2.3; Unity Clu 1.2, President 3; Woolsack 3. CHESTER TIIEOPHILE BURY 33 Shores Street Taunton, Maw. Boston University, C.LA. LLB. WILLIAM NORMAN BULLOCK DS Nightingale Street Dorebester. Maw. Boston Univmily, C.B.A. LLB. Phi Epsilon Pi.MANTEL BURTON (T.AKK 305 Chestnut Street New Britain, Conn. Connecticut Stair tolhte I. LB. Intramural BaskdhaU 1,3. ALI.IIRT KKVORK CIIAKAKIAN 43 Itlley Road Jamaica Plain. Mass. Boston University, C.B.A., (’.LA. I. LB. Delta Theta Phi HARRY CLVYMAN ‘IS Henry Avenue l,ynn, Mass. Boston University, C.B.A. I.LB. Hub. JOSEPH PHILIP CAREY II Harvard Sired Waltham, Maw Boston University, C.LA. I.LB. Lambda; law Review 2,3; Woolsack 3. VALENTINO DONATO CLEMENTINO 71 Edgcwood Street Hartford, Conn Boston University, C.LA. LLB. Alpha Phi Della; Justinian Club 1,2,3; hi Review 3; Woolsack 3. JOHN HENRY ('OAKLEY, Jr. 62 Rural Avenue Medford, Mass. Boston University, C.B.A. LLB. (iamma Eta (iainina; Newman Club 1,2,3. MARTIN E. COMKAU Woodstock, X, Y. EDWARD COHEN 166 Soot h Common Street l.ynn, Maw. Benton University, C.B.A. I.LB. Hub. VINCENT PAUL COLAYECCHIO 63 Kenyon Street Providence, R I. Providence College, A.B. Catholic University, A.M. LLB. Justinian Club 1,2,3. HERBERT WILLIAM COHEN 96 Rulhven Street Ro bnry, Mass. Clark University LLB. Varsity Football 2.NICHOLAS KOBERT DEOILLIO Kverlmrl Farm Doryea, Pa. Pennsylvania State ('ollege Bomloin College LLB. Phi Delta Plii; Justinian Clul 1.2.3. RICHARD CARVKLL Cl'RRIK 7(1 llavilnh Slrvel Lowell, Mass. Tulls College I,I..B. Dell a Tan Della. SAMI KL HAROLD (iltKKN ■VI Aibins Street Dnrchoter, Mass. Bnilon Univwily, C.B.A. I.LB. Fencing 1.2: Uriel SlalT 2; law Review 1.2. Admitting Manager3. WILLIAM ANDERSON CROSS 235 Dudley Street llrooklinr. Mass. Billon University, C.L.A., B.S. LLB. FRANK BARON DeLURENTIS G)7 Houartl Avenue New Haven. Conn. University of Alabama LLB. Alpha Phi IWla; Italian Club I. 2.3; Justinian Gab 1,2,3. ROBERT RUSSELL DICKEY, Jr. 2 North Howard Avenue Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. Harvard University LLB. 1.1. Review 2.3; UooLaci. Prt'iiJent 3. EDWARD ARNOLD DWORKEN IMXi Park Avenue I rklge| cel. Coon. Cniversiiy of Virginia LLB. Bench, Bar, and Beer Club 3; Senior Week Com mittee 3. PATRICK Al’tilSTINE DOYLE 57 Webster Street Springfield. Mass. Holy Cross College HENRI PARE DITIIARME 210 Pine Street IliJyi,Ae. Mass. Aviumption Colkge, A.B. LLB. Phi IWla Phi; Newman Club 1,2,3. JOHN JOSEPH DKISt DLL Iks Mystic Street Arlington, Mass. Boston College LLB. Varsity Basketball 2: l aw Review 2, 3: Student Athletic Council 2; University Student Council 2. 3; Wookvh 3.LESTER FRANCIS FARRELL 3 Walk Hill Rod Norwood, Mass. Yillanovn Collette I,LB. Gamma Kla Gamma; Alumni .Wialion ("in millet' If; Gamma Kla Gamma CluiKclIor 3; Clerk df School of Uw Supreme Courl3; Liu Review 3; Woolsack ik DAVID KNTIX ID Willow Street New Bedford. Mass. Bodon University, C.B.A. LLB. Tau Epsilon Phi; ('lavs Dance Committee, Chair man I; Class Treasurer 2, 3; A"istanl Librarian I, 1 LEONARD ALIA S FKINKR 119 Wowfcine Street Providence, II. I. Brown rniversity, A.B. MORSE WILSON ENGBLMAN D Walrtville Street Walerburv, Conn. New York University Junior Dance Committee. LEONARD FELDMAN 28 Ridgewood Avenue ilolyoke. Mass. Syracuse University, A.B. LLB. .................................. Tau Epsilon Phi; Kappa Phi Kappa; Advisory Committee 8. ROGKLIO FABIAN FERNANDEZ A. Rios St net Naqualw, Puerto Rico University of Pennsylvania, R.S. LLB. JOHN MICHAEL FOLEY, Jr. id Primrose Strvrt Rudindsle, .Mass. Boston Collette SANFORD SIDNEY FINKKLSTKIN 23 Warner Street Dorrhcster, Mass. Boston University, C.B.A. LLB. Alpha Mu Sipua; Law Review, Business Staff, I, 2,3. ROBERT MILLER FLETCHER .V) Byron Avenue Brockton. Maw. Brown University, Pli.B. LLB. Gamma Kla Gamma; Class Advisory Board 3; Hull 3; Law Student Council 1,3. Vice-President 2. JEROME FISH INIs Westminster Street Providence, II. I. Boston University, C.B.A. LLB Tau Epsilon Phi.UGO (iASKARRO •II Mnplchursl Avenue Providence, II. I. Johm Hopkins University Broil University HAR0I.I) IRVING FRITTMAN M5 Orniand Sired Dorchester, Ma . Boston University, C.B.A. Bovdoin College LUL Tan E|»ilon Phi; Intramural Handball 2; Varsity Tennis I; Interfralrrnily Conference 3; University Jewivli Council 3. LOUIS HARRY GLASKR 12 Pierre Strrrt Malden. Mas . Boston University, C.LA. LLB. Banquet Commllee II; Bench, Bar. and Beer Club 3; Committee 2; Hub 3. DANA PACK FRENCH 2)1 First Street Melrose, Mass. Boston Universitv, C.B.A. I.LB. Gamma Eta Gamma; Banquet Committee 3; Class Treasurer I; Hub 3; Assistant l.ilwarian 1,3. LOUIS GOLDBIATT to Soulbrrn Avenue Dorchester, Mass. Boston University, C.B.A. LLB. Law Review, Business Staff 1,2. GEORGE WARREN GOLD 90 Hutchings Street Roxbury. Mass. Tufts Colley LLB. Phi Kpdlon Pi; Law Review, 2, Associate Chairman 3; Law Slmlenl Council 2, President 3: Superior Court, Clerk 3; University Jewish Conn-oil 3; Woolsack, Treasurer 3. THEODORE HENRY HINTON I’m William Street Englewood, N. I. l,incoln Uni trsil.v LEO IRVING GOLDSTEIN LSI Albion Sired Alldon, Mass. Boston University, C.B.A. LLB. Tau Della Phi; Dance Committee I; Alumni Also-eialionCommitlee3. FREDERICK WILLIAM HILLER Pleasant Sired Bane, Mass. Columbia University, t University of Pennsylvania Gamma Eta Gamma. DOROTHY PERKINS GORTON 39 Watson Street Camjiello, Mas. Rotlon University, C.LA., A.H. LLB. Theta Upsilon,HELEN WILLARD HOWARD li'i Robin Street West Rwliury, Mast. Bale College, A.B. A.M LLB. Kappa IHa Pi. HYMAN HOLTMAN 117 Slather SlrrH llarlford. ('onn. I’nivmily of Pilbburnli, A.R. LLB. Woolsack 3 CHARLES (i. KEENE, Jr loti Bellevue Strort Riixliiirv. Maw Hamid College. A.R. LEONA JEAN IIARTSTONE 9tfQ Centre Street Newton C'entrr. Maw Connecticut Stale Collrffr LLB Kappa Beta Pi; Unity Club I, 2. Smvtaqr I. Treasurer 3. EDMUND PHILIP KELEIIER In Pleasant Street Woburn, Maw Holy Cr«j College ROBERT WILLIAM KKNNKAI.LY 2®i Esses St net Lynn, Maw Phi Delta Phi; Law Review i MILTON KUNE 73 Ruthvra Street Roxbury, Maw. Boston University, C.B.A. LLB. (IKOROK EDWARD KINMONTII, Jr. II IliKh Street Mystic. Conn. Tulls College, R.S. LLB. Della Theta Phi EDWARD MYRON KONDA JAN i'l Manet KixmI Cbeslmil Hill, Newton, Maw Boston University, C.R.A., R.S. in B A. LLB, Alpha Drh Sigma; HuhLacrosse I. LOITS KIRSIIENBAUM 132 Prairie Avenue Providence, R. I. PnivnletKe CollegeHOWARD SVDNKY I.KBOWK’ll IIS Willhlon Road Bn Aline, Maw Italon Universilv, C.B.A. LLB. Tan Della Phi: Basketball 3; Intcrfratcrnity Con ferente 3. Wl 1,1,1AM MARTIN KRUG 37 Union Street Willimanlic, Coni, Conned knit Slate College, B.S. LLB. Ilii Epdlon Pi; CUi' Dance Committee I; I jit Review 2,3; Woolsack, Yice-Prwidcnt 3. SAMUEI- KI.L S LKVINE 3D Eagle Street North Adams, Mi' . Lehigh University, A.B. LUI. K.ipiki Nn. MAXWELL KRKAM 1222 Blue Hill Avenue Matlapan, Maw Boston University, C.B A. LLB. Intramural Basketball, Manager 3; Handbook, University 2; Law Review. Administrative Staff 1,2,3.; LIEBERMAN 300 HJmwxKsI Avenue Providenor, R. I. Brown University LLB. Alumni Association Committee Chairman 3. STANLEY SOLOMON LP.1YKNBKRC S3 Yerndale Street BrsNiklim . Mass. Tufts College LLB. Hull 3. PHILIP HERBERT MEI.T7ER titi W'inthrop Street Caniliridtfe. Mass. Boston University, C.B.A. LLB. Kappa Nu; Intrrfraternily Conference 3. JOHN II. LOWDEN 11)2 Harrishof Street IWon, Mass. Howard University, B.S. LLB. ALBERT IJII'IS MASTROIANNI 71 Mounlainview Street Springfield, Mass. Boston University, C.B.A. LLB. llelta Phi Epsilon; Ynrsitv Tennis; Freshman Tennis; Class Dance Committee 3; Bench, Bar, ami Beer (Tub .1 THOMAS BLASE MALONE 12} Wood'idr Terrace Springfield. Mass. LLB.JAMES FRANCIS MULLIGAN s Bartlett Street Somerville, Mass, Boston College GEORGE HENRY MITCHELL. Jr. 11 Bodwell Street Dorchester. Mass. Harvard University JOSEPH ROBERT MURRAY 123 High Street Westerly, R. I. Providence College, Catholic University, PUL I.L.B. LLB. ALBERT MILLER III! Dined Avenue Hamden, Conn. Syracuse University, R.S. LEROY FRANCIS M« DONALD SB Broadway East Provideter, R. I. Rh-le Maud Slate College Providence College LLB. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Dean's Clerk 1,2, 3. ROBERT WILLIAM MeENANEY 35 Fisk Avenue Waltham, Mass. Ho|y Cross College, A.B. LLB. German Club 2,3; Lav Review 2,3; Woolsack, Secretary 3. CHARLES FRANCIS PENNER 116 Sutherland Road Brookline, Mass. Boston University, C.B.A. LLB. Bench, Bar. and Beet Club 3; Class Dance Com millet 1,2, Co hairman 3. EDWIN FRANCIS McLAUGIILIN 31 Worthington Street PittiMd, Mas. (r trgeto«n University LLB. News 2; Class Day Orator. DAVID ANSCHEL NATHANS 70 Kirkland Street Cambridge, Mass. Harvard University, A.B. LLB. Tau Epsilon Rho; Bench, Bar, and Beer Club 3; Hub, De|iartmental Editor 3; News 3; Prom Com millet 3; Senior Week Committee, General Chairman if. PAUL WILLIAM McMAHON •V» Windsor Avenue Meriden, Conn. Notre Dame University, A.B. LLB. Newman Club 3.t ELLA MARIK POLAND Oranffi Slrrrt Nantucket. Miss. Wrllniey College LLH. Kappa Beta Pi; Law Review2,3. IRVINO PERLMAN 105 Cottage Street Cheka. Mas. Boston University, C.II.A. LLB. Tan Epsilon Rlio; llricf Sl.iff 2; Class Vicv-Plroi- dent 2,3. ARTHUR R.XBINOVITZ 117 Chambers Street Boston, Mas. Boston University, C.II.A. Northeastern University Special Student LLB. WILKES DINWIDDIK PKKKINS 77 Fairfield Street Springfielil. Mas. Boston University, C.L.A., II.S. Chi I'si; Delta Theta Phi; Advisory Coiiiniillee 3; Class Vice-President I. ISADORK RICK 43 Noting Street Roxbury, Mass. University of North Carolina LIJI. Ilewli, liar, and liver Club .'I; Class Dance Commit tie 2, Chairman 3. WALTER TOWNSEND RANSHl'RC 12) Northern Avenue New York City Ix'high Uniwsity LLB. JOHN FRANCIS SCULLY l» 7 Parkway West Roxbury, Mas. Harvard University, A.II. LLH. RUDY LAMONT RUGGLES fit) Eraont Street Brookline, Mas. Harvard University LLB. Bela Theta Pi; Phi Delta Phi; Forum, Chairman 3; Student Faculty Committee on Student Counsel-ing and Religious Activities 2,3. VINCENT JAMES SCAMPORINO •V.Urland Street Middletown, Conn. University of Now Hampshire LLB. Phi Delta Phi; Justinian Club 1,2,3; Prom, Co-Chairman 2. ISRAEL ALBERT SAUNDERS 117 Howland Street Roxbury. Mass. Boston University, C.LA. LLB. Kappa No; Class Day OratorMATTHEW ISRAEL SHAPIRO SC West Street Malden. Mm Boston University, C.B.A. I.LB. Tau Kpnilon Rbo; Hub 3; Brief Stali WILLIAM SEVINOR 7.t Congress Avenue Cheka. Maw. Italon University, (.11. A. I.LIl. law Student Council I. CORDON ADAMS SHAW 7S Purchase Street Milford. Maw. Worcester Polytevhnic Institute LLB. MH'IS SKICAL .it) Congress Slrsvt Portland, Maine Boston College, Boston University, C.B.A. LLB. Sigma Omega Psi. ADAM BERNARD SICIIOL Soulhbridge. Miss., II.D. No. 2 Holy Uni'S College LLB. RAPHAEL ANTHONY SOLOMITO 22 Third Street Fitchburg, Mass. Niagara University, A.B. LLB. MATTHKW TITIEY 71 Wallingford Ruud Brighton. Maw. College of William and Marv LLB. Bench. Bar. ami llevr Club 3; Claw Ban«|uet, Chairman 3; Danee Committee I; Hub. Associate Depart mental Kditor 3; Prom, Chairman 2. WILLIAM HOWARD SNKIRSON 103 Devon Street Boston. Mass. Boston University, C.B.A. LLB. Tau Epsilon Rho; Vice-Chancellor 2. 3; Class President 1,3: Student Council 1,3; Permanent All-Unin-r-ily CL" Pn-i«lcnt. JOSEPH SUGARMAN 14 Fern Avenue Brockton. Maw. Broun University LLB. Tau Epsilon Rho; Law Review 2,3; Woolsacks. ABRAM WILBERT SPIRO 113'' Summer Street Stamford. Conn. Brown University, Ph.B. LLB. Law Review 2,3; Woolsack 3.NORMAN SVRND vonROSENVINGE SS Church Street Winchester, Mass. University of Alabama Bowdoin College LLB. Sigma Phi Epsilon. ALFRED PASCALIXO TROPEAXO 10 Revere Street Lexington, Mas . Boston Universilv, C.B.A. LLB. Advisory Council it; Huh if; Justinian ('lull 1,2, it. WILLIAM JOHN WALSH, Jr. ■lit Hopedale Street Albion, Mass. Harvard I'nirmity, LLB. (lamina Kta (iamina; I’nity Cluhif. ROBERT TONIS if77 Forest Avenue Bmckton. Mass. DartMonth College, A. B. LLB. Kappa Sigma. ARTHUR Til FISK WASSKRMAN I2fi Manet Road Newton, Mass. Colby College LLB. Tau I Vita Phi; Pi Kappa Delta; Class Dance Committee I. RONALD JOSEPH WEAKER 112 Main Street Woburn. Mass. Boston University, C.B.A. LLB. Varsity Bavrhal! 1.2: Varsity Hockey I, (aplain 2. ABRAHAM WINTMAN 12 Wellington Hill Street Maltajftl, Mass Boston University, C.B.A. LLB. Handbook, University 2; Brief 2. RANDOLPH IIYDK WILKINSON 195 Upland Road Cambridge. Miss. University of New Hampshire LLB. lambda Chi Alpha. HOMER EDSON WILBUR (i Irvington Street Brockton. Mis'. Boston University, C.L.A., LLB. Huh it. ALFRED FRANCIS WECHSLER M Martin Street Hartford, Conn. New York University LLB. Tau Epsilon Rho; Ban |iift Committee, Co-Chairman it.GEORGE WASHINGTON ( ASHMAN 201 Elliott Slwt Newton, Moss. Boston University, C.B.A. LL.I1. ZrU Bela Tan. MAURICE ANDREW BRODERICK 768 Beech Street Manchester, N. II. St. Anselm’s College. Holy Cross College LLB. Phi Delta Phi. Magister 3. WALTER THOMAS DONOHUE 1001 Howard Avenue Utica. N. Y. Hamilton College, A.B. LLB. Newman Cluli 1,2,3. WILLIAM CARLETON YOUNG 6 Philbrick Street Kittery, Maine University of New Hampshire, A.B. LLB. Alumni Association Committee, Co-( haiman 3. LEO GORDON 117 Howland Street Roxbury, Mass. ' Boston University, C.B.A. LLB. VINCENT PAUL MARCACCIO 3s Newberry Street Providence. It. I. Providence College LLB. Justinian Club 1,2,3. JACK ROBER T WALKENSTEIN 43 Dehon Street Revere, Mass. Boston University, C.L.A. LLB. Banquet Committee 3; Bench, Bar, ami Beer (lull 3. ALEXANDER JAMES McGOYER.N 32 Wliilmarsh Street Providence, It.I. Providence College LLB. ARTHUR II. SHEEDY 3 Forwtdale Read Worcester, Mass. Georgetown University, A.B. LLB. Phi Della Phi.MAXIMILIAN von HKSTKCKI New Cumlirrland, Pa. Franklin ami Marshall (NJIoci . H.S. I.IJI. JOHN II. FLETCHER CAl.VKH 151 l ingley HikhI Newton Centre, Maw. IXartmoulh Collect, B.A. LLII. Phi Kappa INi. HOWARD PAUL CONNOLLY II Wilson Slrtvl Natick, Maw. Holy Cross College. A.ll. I.L It. ARTHUR WARK COOK 75 Washington Avenue Northampton, Maw. IUhIihi University, C.B.A. lambda Clii Alpha; (toll 1,2.3. ARTHUR HAMILTON DONAHKY, Jr. lil llilbdalc Street Dorcbrstrr. Maw. Harvard University, A.B. LL.II. JOHN FRANCIS DUNN IGO P Street South liwton, Maw. Boston College LL.II. ARTHUR HOWARD FRANK 1589 Beaton Street Brookline, Maw. Boston University, C.B.A. LLII. Tau Della Phi; Prom Committee3. JOSHPIIJANNING GHRSTHN 124 Frank Street New Haven, Conn. Connecticut Stale College LLII. NATHAN HKLLKR 104 Main Street West Haven, Conn. Connertktit Stale College LL.II. RICHARD RUSSELL HILDRETH 371 Hi Aland Avenue Winchester, Maw. Harvard University, A.ll. I.LB. Ih'ila Theta Phi. ADOLPH WIHTSKTT IIOUDK 351 West Street Leominster, Maw. Holy Crow College. A.B. LLII. Gamma Kla (lamina. RAYMOND COURTNEY LEAHY 4M Main Street Nashua. N. II. Boston College. A.ll. LL.II. IRVING LEVINE 352 Norton Street New Haven, Conn. Yale University, Harvard University LLII. SAMUEL ELLAS LEVINE 59 Eagle Street North Adam , Mass, I 'high University, A.ll. LL.II. Kappa Nu. FRANK WILLIAM LOWE, Jr. 31 Albion Road Wollaston. Maw. Boston University, C.B.A. LLII. ALTON KIMBALL MARKERS 0 Water Street Arlington. Maw. Dartmouth College, A.ll. LLII. DOROTHY BRUCE MIGNAULT Ml Merrimack Street l iwcll, Maw. Culliro College LL.II. Kappa llcla Pi; Claw SceTetary 3. EDWIN II. NICHOLS 28 Myrtle Street Boston, Mass. Brown University, I’h.ll. LL.II. BENJAMIN PETERSEN PERLMAN 106 Roydon Road New Haven. Conn. Lafayette College I.LB. MORRIS POHNER 5Hi Main Sired Middletown, Conn. We leyan University, ll.A. LL.II. JOSEPH JAMES RINALDI 25 foliage Street Stamford, Conn. Villanova College I.LB. Alpha Pi Delta: Boxing I; Varsity Football Freshman Eootlall. NEILL WEISS SCHOONMAKER 110 Church Street Ware. Mass. Yale University, A.ll. LLII. law Review 2.3; Wmdsack 3. JOHN LEONARD SWEENEY 7 Jefferson Street Nashua, N. II. Providence College, Ph.II. LLII. Phi Della Phi; (‘law President 2. GEORGE STUART WILLARD Sanhvd, Maine Rowdoin College, A.ll. Harvard University, A.M. LLII. Lin Review 1,2,3: Woolsack 3.PROPHECY IN the Spring of 19.50,1 had been engaged in telling Mussolini how to run his government, when I received the summons to attend the Reunion Banquet of the Uw School. Class of ’34. I arrived at the banquet hall a short time before the meal was to be served. There was RICK at the door, collecting tickets, with a worried look on his face. SWEENEY, RINALDI, and ALIBERTI were already on the second course. FRANKS, and TONIS, were in the kitchen talking to the waitress. The hall was soon filled with judges, merchants, vagrants, FRPITMAN, and other low characters. I was saddened to see Judges WECIISLER and NATHANS, who had recently become tongue-tied. The sporting crowd was represented by “Sleepy " WEAKER, who had been farmed out by the Athletics for the 16th time. He was giving a talk on how to make good in the minors, while CLARK was lecturing on Penmanship. Promptly at nine, Lou SIEGAL and RABINOWITZ entered, and the meal started. I noticed a horrible din throughout the meal, and finally discovered that it was Hill “Hot-cha" SNEIRSO.YS band, with FRENCH at the piano, SHAPIRO playing the Glockenspiel, WILBCR playing second fiddle, and MASTROIANNI playing the horses. It was a battle of music between “Hot-ChaV crooning, “Cole Slaw" CANNEY’S eating, and “Dreamer" DWORKEN’S snoring to the tune of “Did You Ever See a Dream Dworken." After the meal, the entertainment started with a wrestling match between “Black Joe Malce-wicz,” or “Panther" WALKENSTEIN, and “Bing" GLASER, the “Candy Kid.” After the bout ended both boys were reeling. In fact they were reeling before the bout started (Ah, there, Mr. Croft). Then came the usual pony chorus, consisting of Israel SAUNDERS, BROOKS, KINMOITH, and vox BESTECKI. The last-named had come in by mistake, thinking it was a lecture hall. By this time, Phil LIEBERMAN and GOLD had taken attendance, with PENNER, the distilling expert of Bermuda, being the only absentee. He also thought it was a lecture. SUGARMAN and SPIRO had just told me why they were taking the Bar exam for the eighth time,when I heard a commotion at the door. It was FINKLESTEIN, as usual, trying to get by without a ticket. He had tried to walk in backwards so that we’d think he was going out. Now came a parade of political potentiates, headed by BORKCM. Mayor of Chelsea, which city, through his efforts, was about to be admitted as a part of the United States. There was also Governor Sam LEVINE of Mensroom, and BURY, Sheriff of Taunton. I then made my way (over the student-bodies) to the Bar-room. Al MARSTERS, who had just lost his first case (literally speaking) was standing treat to Red GERSTEN, whose fingers had become calloused in the New Deal. In a dim corner was Hank CONNOLLY, with a book on “Sales” open before his closed eyes. At this point, I heard a loud applause from the main room. It was a double greeting, for FISH, the Law-school war hero, whose chest was covered with citations; and for the “Armenian Acrobat,” KONDAZIAN, whose chest was covered with hair. Luckily, there was no cover charge for the boys. Just then, CAREY’, and CURRIE came in to the hall. They had had a late class at the Law School, which they were still attending. It seems that Currie was having a little trouble with Legal Bib. They came in time to hear the Misses POLAND, IIARTSTONB, and MIGNAI LT, sing the old Gilbert Sullivan number, “Three Little Maids from School are We." Then there was a slideIn rapid succession, there was a competition in imitations, one of Chevalier, by BAXT, whose courage must be admired. Despite the boos of the crowd, he kept a stiff lower lip. Another imitator was TROPEAXO, as Jimmy Durante. He nosed out Baxt for first prize. Then came a real good imitation of a jack-ass by ('ASHMAN, although I)k LACRENTIS boasted that he could do better, since he had practised longer. Now, Dave ENTIN did a disappearing act. He was found in the law-library two weeks later, thin and starving, lie had kept himself alive by eating book-worms, among them being HOLTMAN and SEVINOR. As a prelude to the Grand Finale, PERKINS sang “Mother, Mother, Mother, Pin a Rose on Me.” He was accompanied by WIXTMAN, who took the part of the rose. The curtain was rapidly lowered (just in time for Perkins) by WASHERMAN and LEAHY, old burlesque stagehands. Even WILKINSON was grunting in discomfort at the unfortunate singer. (It was later discovered that part of Wilkinson’s discomfort was due to over-eating.) ROSENYINGE the India-Rubberman, averted the riot by asking the audience ridiculous questions while doing his famous contortions at the same time. Milton KLINE was the only one who attempted to answer the questions. He did not want to Ik marked “ unprepared. ” The Grand Finale now started, with KRUG in front, keeping time by wiggling his ears. Directly behind him came BULLOCK, campaign manager for "Bossy” Gillis; and KREAM, campaign manager for Kreani. In the rear of the class, as always, were DICKEY, DRISCOLL, WILLARD, and SCHOONMAKER, DUNN and McENANY were in a Tavern across the street, and BILGOR was in a coma. Around the fringes of the crowd raced the merry madcaps, ('ROSS, MILLER, LEWENBERG, KEENE, and FLETCHER, indulging in a noisy game of “Hoist the Green Sail.” Ah, to be a youth again— With the boys were YOUNG and BIANCHI holding up a bundle between them. On closer inspection the bundle turned out to be BORSKI imitating a novice on the tight-rope. COOK and ENGLEMAN persisted in teasing POLINER, by crying “Wolf, Wolf, are you ready?” Herb COHEN had to warn them that they’d cried “Wolf" once too often. By this time GOLDSTEIN, LOWE, and GORDON were getting beyond control. They insisted that ANDELMAN should close his eyes, and stop fooling the public as to his being awake. The Bar was now closed, so the Reunion was over. With a merry yell, the boys pulled SCAM-PORINO, ABOUNADER, and ('LAYMAN from under the table, and raced for the doors. As I was leaving the now empty hall, SICIIOL was still sleeping, DEITLEBAUM was eating, and movie critic BRODNEY had just come to the middle of his famous speech on “The Home Life of the Pescudna,” with LEBOWK’II betting2-1 that Brodney would keep going till the next Reunion. Editor's Noth: The author swooned at this point, and was much soberer when revived.Hack How: Giustina, Silvia, Nolle •Wa How: Gasbarro, Caccavale, Laiirano, DiMascolo, Mastroinimi, Marcaccio Front ffow: Tamburello, DeI.eo, Professor Forte, DeLanreiilis, Cain, Clement ino, Scamporino Justinian Club ENGENDERED iii the minds of a small group of students in 19W, this organization was founded for the purpose of fostering group, forensic discussion of the influence of Roman Institutions and Roman Law in the legal systems today. The society also sponsors closer and letter social understanding among the Italian students of the Law Schools throughout the State, and the Boston University Chapter is proud in announcing that it is the founding chapter of the Justinian dubs, and its name epitomizes its motives. OFFICERS Professor Felix Forte, Faculty Adrisor ....................Frank B. DeLaurentis . . . . Robert A. Zottoli Claire A. DeLeo ........................ . Paul A. Tamrurello President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Charles Bianchi Robert Barbera alentino 1). dementino Mncent P. Colavecchio Ugo (iasbarro Vincent P. Marcaccio Albert L. Mastroianni MEMBERS Joseph J. Rinaldi Vincent J. Scamporino Raphael A. Solomito Alfred P. Tropcano Fred B. Damiani Henry R. DiMascolo John A. Xotte, Jr. Joseph A. Adorno Alphonse F. Caccavale Yincenza M. Calo Anthony J. DeLuca Ottilio I). Giustina Frank di Italia Joseph A. Laiirano Frank M. Silvia, Jr.  I Rack Kmc: Marcus, Dickey, Golden, Zooker, Clementino, Schoonmaker, Krug, Spiro ThinI Row: Hrendie, Farrell, Richardson, McKnaney, Krcam. Bimhium, Culler, Frie lman Sccnnil torjGoldhlall, Finkelstein, Driscoll, Brooks, Brown, Sugarman, Thompson, ('arev Front Koir: Green, Boland, Gold, Willard, Tamlnircllo, ('ohen, Hannon Law Review THE Boston University hur Renew, founded in 1941, is a part of the educational program of the school. It is published four times a year. Its editorial hoard is comprised of undergraduate students who are chosen from the two up| er classes. Appointments to the hoard are made upon a basis of scholastic ranking. In addition to the student comments, the Lair Renew publishes leading articles contributed by distinguished jurists, teachers, and members of the bar. Among those who have written for the Law Renew are: Former Chief Justice William II. Taft, Justice Josef Redlich of the Permanent Court of International Justice, the late Chief Justice Simeon E. Baldwin of Connecticut, Chief Justice Arthur P. Rugg of Massachusetts, Chief Justice Robert J. Peaslee of New Hampshire, former Chief Justice Scott Wilson of Maine, Justice William R. Riddell of Ontario, Canada, Dean Roseoe Bound of the Harvard Law School, Dean Homer Albers of the Boston University Law School, and W. S. Holds- worth of Oxford University. FACULTY ADVISOR Professor Arthur L. Brown- editors IN THE CLASS OF 1934 Caiman......................................................George S. Willard Aftociale Chairmen..................................... j Georoe GoI-D i Paul A. Tamburello James R. Brooks John J. Driscoll Ella M. Poland Joseph P. Carey Lester F. Farrell Neill W. Sclioonmaker Valentino I). Clementino William M. Krug Abram W. Spiro Robert R. Dickey, Jr. Robert W. McEnaney Joseph Sugarman EDITORS IN THE CLASS OF 1935 Benjamin S. Itirnbaum Simon Cutter James E. Hannon Sylvia (olien Jack Golden Sidney Zuker BUSINESS STAFF limiim Manager................................................. Isaac Brexdze .hlrertimg Manager..................................... Samuel H. Green IN • I IV . -----------------------------Had- Ifoir; ( anf Xeedd. ( erl er, It. Gordon, Goodman, Titldiaiim, Rubin, Nathan, L Gordon Second llotc: Leavitt, Abramson, Glunlz, Rosin, A. Gordon, Crosnian, Grossman, Shyavilz, (iardner Front Row: Daniel, Nathans, Shapiro, Sneirson, Perlman, Wechsler, Su arman, Rlatt Tan Epsilon Rho INTERNATIONAL LAW FRATERNITY Established I!)l!) Iota Chapter B.U-Chartered 1929 TAU EPSILON RHO. (he only International Honorary Jewish Legal Fraternity in the world, was founded at Western Reserve School of Liw in 11)IJ). Despite the fact that it was recently organized the fraternity has shown remarkable progress until at present it has twelve undergraduate chapters, and five alumni chapters in grade “A" law schools. Iota Chapter was chartered at Boston University School of Law in 1929. The fraternity has attained success by fostering high scholarship and good fellowship. Chancellor . Vice-Chancellor . Master oj the Rolls Bursar Reporter William M. Rlatt ’97 Irving Perlman William II. Sneirson Matthew I. Shapiro Alfred F. Wechsler Joseph Sugarman PRAEFECTI HONORARY MEMBERS FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATB Irving A. Gardner (Jerald I. Glunts Norman Rosin Robert V. Crossman Irving Shyavilz Irving Perlman William II. Sneirson Matthew I. Shapiro Alfred F. Wechsler Joseph Sugarman Edward M. Dangcl T2 Samuel A. Gan Edward S. Gerlier Arnold G. Goodman Louis A. Gordon Saul GordonKappa Beta Pi Unci; How: Poland, Mignault, Howard, Jordan Front lime: Patterson, Corkura, Baldwin. Hartstonc Gamma Eta Gamma Hack How: Carr, Zottoli, Parks Second llow: Fielding, Daccy, Brooks, Sullivan, Gritlin, Iloude V____i 1)___I'l I-I__I_____ "• ’ ' " —u— --------■---1— ----Junior Class Officers Back Boic: Slawby, Zotloli, Sonkin Front Bote: Uwney, Grossman Freshman Class OfficersEdward Kondaiicui Robert Fletcher Matthew Tito Assk. Editor Alfred Tropeano Harrq Claqmaa Staalcq lewenberq Matthew Shapiro louij B Gl ser EDITORIAL 1W DaVid A. Nathans Editor Horner Wilbur Dana P frenckCOLLEGE OE PRACTICAL ART AnD LETTER Officers of Instruction DANIEL L MARSH, Ph.D., Lm.l)., L.H.D., I.L.D., President of the 1‘niversity, 80 Huckminster ltd., Brookline THEODORE LAWRENCE DAVIS, M.B.A.,S.C.1).,LLD., Dean of the College, 181 Like Ave., Newton Centre FRANK HITLER. Instructor in Art, Hanover Court, Marblehead RUTH BURGESS, Instructor in Physical Education, 26Bradlee ltd., Medford ELIZABETH WOLYBRTOX CARYELL, Chief Counselor in Shorthand and Typewriting; Instructor in Secretarial Studies, U Ncwtonville Ave., Newton ELSIE K. CHAMBERLAIN, Instructor in Appreciation of Design and Color, 14 Hereford St., Boston MARY ELIZABETH CONNELLY, B.S. ix P.A.L., Instructor in Secretarial Studies, 85 Ford St., Brockton DORIS LLOYD CURRIER, B.S.S., Registrar of the College, 0 Sutherland ltd., Brookline RUTH CONSTANCE DUFFY, Instructor in Hygiene, 26 Bradlee ltd., Medford SAMUEL DUPERTUIS, A.M., Assistant Professor of French, 91 Hall Place, West Quincy CHARLES TRAWICK HARRISON. P11.D., Assistant Professor of English, 18 A Forest St., Cambridge JOSEPHINE PICKERING HASKELL, A.M., Assistant Professor of German, 91 Lincoln St., Melrose GLADYS BECKETT JONES, M.S., Chief Counselor in Home Economics; Instructor in Household Technology, I? Maple ltd., Aulmrndalc HOWARD L. KINGSLEY, Ph.D., Head of the Department of Philosophy, Psychology, and Education; Professor of Psychology, 20 Powers St., Needham GEORGE K. MAKECIINTE, En.M., Instructor in Secondary Education, 1 Dean St., Everett JOSE DIEGO ONA I E, A.M., Dead of the Department of Modern Foreign Languages, Professor of Spanish, ISA Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre HAZEL MARION PURMONT, A.B., Assistant Professor of Secretarial Studies, U Clearway St., Boston CHARLES McKINLEY RAMSEY, A.M., Assistant Professor of Economics, 1167 BoylstonSt., Boston VELMA RHODES RICH, B.S.S., Instructor in Secretarial Studies, 28 Forsyth St., Boston EDWIN MARSHALL ROBINSON, A.B., Assistant Professor of Business Correspondence and Law, 15 Emmonsdale Rd., West Roxburv HAROLD Jl’DSON SMITII, B.B.A., Head of the Department of Secretarial Studies, Professor of Accounting, 9 Fairfax ltd., Milton PHYLLIS DUNSMORE SMITH, Ph.B., Instructor in English, Director of Dramatics, 1 Rollins Place, Boston ALBERT R. THAYER, Chief Counselor in Commercial Art, Instructor in Art, (1811 Beacon St., Boston EDWARD AUSTIN WARREN, Jr., Ph.D., Associate Professor of English, 86 Garden St., Boston HOMER FLOYD YOUNG, A.M., Instructor in History, 806 Harvard St., CambridgeTHEODORE LAWRENCE DAVIS, LI,.I)., Dean%» Had l(mr: Blackburn, Chapman, l.indfors, Farrell Front llmr: Travers, 'lowner, Jenokes, Keller, Adkins Sigma Society E ACH year, membership in the Sigma Society is granted to those seniors whose scholastic standing is highest during the entire college course. To these young women the gold key of the society is presented. Not more than one-seventh of the group is eligible. No student is admitted whose average for the four years is lower than “ B" or whose record includes a failure. The following seniors were elected to membership in the society this year: Frances T. Adkins Ellen L. Disken 1 Grace V. Lindfors Esther C. Blackburn Edna V. Farrell Gwendolyn L. Towner Carolyn E. Chapman Alison Jenckes Atea C. Travers Theresa KellerHack How: Campbell, Cunniff, Johnston, Phillips, Keller, Margot, Kaplan, Hubbard Smut Kmc: Knck, Barrett, Wyman, Chapman, Hood, Howard, Hall, Dodge, Colley Front Kmc: Mahoney, Scott, Paaske, Doyle, Jenckes, Dwyer, Clapp, Jones, Blitz Student Government Board EVERY student of the College of Practical Arts and tatters, by virtue of her matriculation, becomes a member of the Student Government Association, and voluntarily accepts its regulations in letter and in spirit. The Student Government Association, as the name implies, makes it possible for the students to govern themselves with 11: ; of the Dean and the Faculty. The students are given this privilege of self-government with the talief that they should use their best judgment in the fulfillment of their obligations and in the demonstration of their capacities. The activities of this association are governed by the Student Government Board which meets weekly. The Hoard is coni| osed of one memtar from each class and each recognized organization of the College and has two faculty advisors. It is the connecting link tatween the student body and the faculty, endeavoring always to develop a spirit of happiness and contentment. Through it the atmosphere of the ('ollege tacomes one of vitality, earnestness, comradeship, and good humor. 16836004Flavin, Silvery, O’Hagan, Hall Senior Class T N December, 1030, the class of 1934 held their first class elections and chose as their president Rosemary T. l.oeser. Martha L O’Hagan was elected vice-president, Ethna Silvery, secretary, and Alice M. Dawson, treasurer. The Sophomore year Dorothy (i. Driscoll was elected class president. Rosemary T. Loeser, president during the freshman year, was elected vice-president. Ethna Silvery was re-elected as secretary, and Carolyn E. Chapman was chosen treasurer. As Juniors, the class elected as their president Ethna Silvery. Marion MacQuarrie was elected vice-president, Alison Jenckes, secretary, and Mary L. Norton, treasurer. Martha L. O'Hagan was elected Senior Class president, Agnes T. Flavin, vice-president, Beatrice Hall, secretary, and Ethna Silvery, treasurer.MADGE ELAINE BARRETT “Stoneholm" Keene, N. II. Keene N. II. IlighSebool B.S. in P.A.L Commercial Subjects Zda Chi IMla; Athletic Association I. 2, 3,1; Forum 3, ftesident 4; P ycboloor (’lob 3,4; Span iUi (lull 1,2; Student Government, Departmental 4; Y.W. C.A.2,3,4; Y. W.C. A. Cahinrt,Secretary 4. ROSE MERRim IIARUOW i'» Boyd Street Worcester. Mass. Arms Academy B.S. in P.A.L Modem languages IVulscbc (iedbluifl 4; El Club Espaftol 1,2.3,4; History Club 3; I - Cade Francab I, 2, 3,4; Psychology Club 4. HELEN DALE BICKFORD 250 Purrhase Street Milford. Mass. Milford High School B.S. iii P.A.L Secretarial Studies Phi Beta Phi; Athletic Association I, 2, 3,4; Le Cerde Francis I. FRANCES THATCHER ADKINS 32 Clearanr Street Boston, Mass. Bancor (Maine) High School B.S. in P.A.L Forum 3; Ceide Francis 1,2,3; Psychology Club 4. MARIAN JOSEPHINE BLAKESLEE 40 Moatcbir Avenue RoJimble. Mass. Jamaica Plain High School BjS I'.A.L uaindMmli Zeta Chi Della; Athletic Association I. 2. 3,4; Forum 3.4, Secretary 3; French Club. Chairman All Committees 2; Inlerwrority Council 1,2. Viet President 3. President 4; Le Cerde Francab 1,2; Y.W.C.A.2. ESTHER CKSAN BLACKBURN "N Gainslorough Street Boston, Mass. West Springfield High School B.S. in P.A.L Athletic Association 1.2,3,4; Psychology Club 4. HELEN JOSEPHINE BURNS .i| Virginia Street Dorchester. Mass. Dorchester High School B.S. in P.A.L Sigma IMta l hi; Swimming; Tennis; Athletic Association I, 2.3. I: lli«tory Club t; Janet Stuart Club 1,2,3,4; Le Cerde Francis 1,2. KATHERINE MARY 8LESSINGTON 21)1 Dorchester Street South Boston. Mass. BA in P.A.L Commercial Subjects Athletic .Wiation 1.2,3.4; Janet E. Stuart Club 1,2,3,4; Psychology Club 3,4. AI.MA BROWN 7 Highland Street Palmer. Mass. Palmer High School B.S. in P.A.L. Secretarial Studies Phi Beta Phi: Athletic Association. MARY ELIZABETH BOND 4.’) Parker Street Watertown. Mass. Watertoin High School B.S. in P.A.L Comrocrrial Subjects Class Basketball4; Bowling 2.3; Erneing t; Volleyball 3,4; Athletic Association 1.2,3.4; Le (erdr Frangaw I.CAROLYN EVANS CHAPMAN ii Green Street Marblehead. Mass. Marldehead Ill’ll School II.S. in P.A.L leaching Commercial Subjects Zeta Chi Della, President I; Yolleyiiall I; Athletic Avnciation 1,2, 3, I; ‘l - Treasurer 2; Forum It, 4: Psychol ' Cluli 3, 4; Senior King Banquet Committee, (hiirinan; Student (iomnment Rood 4; MARCIA HEARING CARTER Railroad Avenue Lynnfiehl, Mass. Wakefield High School II.S. in P.A.L. Herman Zola Chi IKdla; Deutsche Gcselbhafl I. 2. :i. President I. BKRNICF. CAMPBELL U2 Willirion Avenue Eastbamplon, Mass. Easlhampton High School B.S. in P.A.L. English Phi Beta Phi President 4; Intersororily Council 3, 4; Intersororily Dame Committee 4; Student Government, Departmental 3,4. FRANCES ALLEN CL PP 502 Broadway Everett. Mass. Everett High School II.S. in P.A.L. Spanish, Commercial Suhjcds Pi Kappa Epsilon, Treasurer 2, Corresponding Secretary .'I; Dranutic Club 1.2,3,4; Intersororily Council 2.3; Psychology Cluli 3.4; Student Government, Departmental 2,4; Y. W. C. A. 1. President 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 2.3.4. HELEN ETHEL COLLEY 28 Prospect Street Reading, Mass. Reading High School II.S. in P.A.L Teaching Languages Athletic Association 1. 2, 3, 4; Deutsche GtseR-dinft I, t. Treasurer 2.3; German Cluli Play 1,2, 3; Le Ccrelc Francis I; Student Government Boanl I; Y. W. C. A. I. ROSE ALICE DALY is Barnes Avenue Fist Boston, Mass. East Boston High School II.S. in P.A.L. Commercial Subjects Swimming 4; Athletic Association 1,2,3.4; Janet E. Stuart Cluli 1.2,3.4; Lc (Trclc Francis I. PATRICIA ALICE DEVINE 51 Berkshire Street Swimpscotl, Mass. Swanipscutl High School B.S. in P.A.L Forum 4; ! • Ccrefc Francis 1,2; Psychology Cluli ALMA FRANCES DOUGHERTY 3 Jackson Avenue Mystic, Conn. Stonington High School, Dean Academy B.S. in P.A.L Commercial Teaching Bawling I; Athletic Association 1.2,3.4; Janet E. Stuart Club 4; I • Cordc Francis 3. MARGARET RITA DONOVAN 75 West Main Street Millbury, Mass. Millbury High School II.S. in P.A.L. Athletic Association 1; Psychology Cluli 1; Spanish Club,Secretary 2;Stunt Committee 1; Y.W.C.A. I. ELLEN LOUISE DISKEN 19 Collage Street West Concord, Mass. Conoid High School B.S. in P.A.L Comimrcial Subjects Tennis, Manager 4; Athletic Association I. 2,4. Vice President 3; Athletic Association Board 2,3. 4; Huh. Associate Editor 4; la? Cerdc Franca is 1,2; Psychology Club 3, Ykv President 4. EDNA VERONICA FARRELL 33 Franklin Sired Melrose Highlands, Mas . Melrose High School R5. in P.A.L Spanish Athletic Association 1,2,3,4; Deutsche Gcsellshaft 3,Treasurer 4; El Chib Espaftol 1,2,3,4; LoCerdc Kranoiis 1,2. ANNA CATHERINE DYJAK ASi Winter Street Woonsocket, It. I. Woonsocket R. I. High School B.S. in P.A.L Teaching Conimm-inl Subjects Claw Basketball 1.2,3.1; Fencing :t. Manager I; Tcnnekoit I; Volleyball 2.4. Captain 3; Athletic Association I: A. A. House Parly, Chairman 4; El Club Kspaiiol 1,2: Hub, 4; Psychology Chib I; V.W.C.A 3. AGNES TIIERESE FLAVIN 174 Hunker Hill Charlestown, Mass. Charlestown High School ILS. in P.A.L Pi Theta Della, President I: Basketball I; Swimming 4: Volleyball I; Athletic Association 1.2.3. 4;Oa » Vice-President 4; Interwrnrity Council 3; Janet E, Stuart Club I, 2,4, Vice-President 3. LYDIA NATHALIE DYER $2 Pr | eot Street Manchester, N. II. Manehester N. II. High School Central B.S. in P.A.L Englidi Tail Chi Omega; Athletic Association I. 2, 3, I: Deutsche Gesellshaft I, 2,3,4; Writers' Club 3, Vice President 4. ANNE MARIE GALLAGHER 37 Fort Hill Avenue Lowell, Mass. Immaculate Conception High School R.S. in P.A.L Teaching Commercial Subjects Athletic Association 1,2,3,4; Janet E. Stuart Club 1; Psychology Club 3,4, Treasurer; Spanish Club 3,4; V.W.C.A. 3. ANNE JEAN FOLEY 130 Oakley Road Belmont, Mass. Belmont High School B.S. in P.A.L History Club 3; Italian Club 4; Janet fc. Stuart Club I; Junior Pnun, Co-Chairman; Junior Week Committee; Le Cerde Francais 1, 2; Psychology Club 3, 4; Senior Ring Banquet Committee; FRANCK MARY HAYES 21 Sherman Street Natick, Mass. Nat irk High School B.S. in P.A.L. Commercial Subjects 'Iheta Psi; Athletic Association 1.2,3,4; Janet E. Stuart Club 1,2: Psycliolofy Club 3.4. VELMA AUGUSTA GRAHAM 58 Summer Street Saugus, Mass. Saugus High School B.S. in P.A.L English Tau Chi Omega, Treasurer 2, Secretary 3, Presi-dent 4; AlhleticAssociation 1,2,3,1; Cosmopolitan Club 3; El Club EspaAol 1,2.3.4; History Club 3; Intersorority Council 4; News 4; Psychology Club 3,1; V.W.C.A. 1.2,3,4; V.W.C.A. Cabinet 3.4. ESTELLE MARIE HARRAIIY It Canton Street Worcester. Mass. Worcester Classical High School R.S. in P.A.L Commcrrial Suhjeds Class Basketball 3; Fencing 3,4; Volleyball 3, I; Athletic Association; Dramatic Club 2.3. 4; Spanish Club 1.2,3.4. BEATRICE SARA HALL 44 Tremlett Strcvt Dorchester, Mass. Dorchester High Sclwol B.S. in P.A.L Sigma Delta Phi; Athletic Association I, 2, it, I: CLss Marshal 3; Class Secretary 4; History Club 3, Standing Committee 4; Student Government. Departmental 1.2.3,4: Student Government Board 4.CIIARIJOTTK HOOD 23 Linden Street Salem. Mass. Salem High School, Chamberlayne ScImmiI B.S. in P.A.L Teaching Comniercul Subjects -cln Chi Delta; Athletic Aw. rintton 1.2.3, I; lx- Cede Krnucais 1,2: Psychology Club 3, I; Student Government Board 4; Varia, Editor-in-Chief 4; Writers Club 2, Secretary 3, President I; V.W.C.A. 2,3,4: Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 3,1. ALMA GOODWIN HILL :?) PMmid Street Lowell, Maw. Lmdl llik’h School, Abbot Academy II.S. in P.A.L Kugliih, History Forum 3; History Club 3; lx- Cerde Frangnis 2; Y.W.C.A 2; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 2. FRANCKS NKI.L1B I1KRSBY I; Peterborough X. II. High Sclmol B.S. in P.A.L Secretarial Wick Athletic Association!, 2,3,4. THERESA KELLER 257 Dickinson Street Springfield, Mass. Brockton High School II.S. in P.A.L. Commercial Subjects binbda Kappa, President 4; Atlilrlic Association 1,2,3,4; Dramatic Club 1,2,3.4; Forum 4; Inter-sorority Council 4; Psychology Club 4: Student (iomnment Board I, 2. 3,4; University Jewish Council 4. MARIAN LACASCIA 5(3 Broadway Somerville. Mass. Medford High School II.S. in P.A.L IlasketWI 1,2,3; Fencing 3; Volleyball 1,2,3; Athletic Association I, 2,3, I; History Club 3; Italian Club; Janet K. Stuart Club 1,2; 1 (cede Frangais I; Psychology Hub 4. IAHJA WILIIKLMINA HYYTIAINKN 7 Hooper Street Worcester, Mass. Worcester High School II.S. in P.A.L. Teaching' Comincrcial Subjects Varsity Basketball 2.3.4; Fencing 3,4; Volleyball 2,3,4; Alldelie Association 1,2.3.4; Psychology Club4; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; Y.W.C.A.3,4. ALISON JENCKES Hast IkuijrUs, Mass. Northlield Seminary B-S. in P.A.L German, English ‘la Chi Ikdla; Drulsrhe Grsdlshaft t; Junior ( las'. Scdetarv 3; Student (iovemment Board, Pnsiik'iit 4; Writers Club I. GRACE VICTORIA LINDFORS lli Paine Street Worcester, Mnss, Worcester High School of Commerce II.S. in P.A.L. S|oni‘h Athletic Association 1,2,3,4; FI Club Espaikd 1,2, 3,4; Writers’ Club 3,4. LAURA AGNES LEONARD Elm Court Cohassct, Mass. Cohawct High School B.S. in P.A.L. English Athletic Association 1,2,3,4; Le Cede Francais I; Spanish Club 1,2,3, President 4. ELEANOR LADD 40 High Street Turner Falk Maw. Dalton High School, Matlind College for Women B.S. in P.A.L. Sivn-larul Studio Tan Chi Omega, Vice-President 4; Athletic Association 1.2.3. I; Deutsche (iodlsKaft 1,2,3,4; Dormitory Problem 4. MARION CLAIRE LYONS 3S7 Plnutil Street Stoughton, Mass. Sloii)fIiti»Ti High School B.S. in P.A.I.. French %na I Vila Phi; Athletic Association I,2. 3, I: Hi'lory Club; Si ui Ion I CJovcfiunenl, Departmental 1,2.3.4. VIRGINIA MANNING LORI) 41) Daniels Street Lowell, Mass. Lowell High School ILS. in P.A.L " Secretarial Tiu Chi Omega, Treasurer 3; Athletic .Wiatinn I. 2,3,4: Student (Nivemmcnl, Detrimental;{; Writers’ Club 2,4. Vice-President .1 LORETTA MARIK MORI.KY 100 Porter Street Somerville, Mass. Somerville H:gh School II.S. in P.A.L Commercial Subjects Fencing t: Swimming 4; Tennis 3; Athletic Association 1,2,3,4; Janet K. Stuart Club 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club I; Student Government, Depart-mental 1,2,3,4; Y.W.C.A. I. ROSEMARY TIIKIIESK LOESRR 30 Reals Street Brookline, Maw. Brookline High School ILS. in P.A.L. Pi Theta Della, President 3; Athletic Association I. 2, 3, 4; Class President I. Vice-President 2; Handbook, Depart mental 2. Editor 3; Hub, Photographic Editor 4; Janet K. Stuart Club 1.2,4. President 3; Pn m Queen 3; Psychology Club 3.4; University Student Council 3, Secretary 4. OLIVE CHESSMAN McDONALI) 370 Longvood Avenue Boston. .Mass. University ol Utah, (irinnell College, Iona ILS. in P.A.L. Seoetarial Studies Athletic Avocation 4. MARION I.OITSK MacQIARRIK 20 Moc e Avenue iVilhaui. Mass. Dedham llik’h School ILS. in P.A.L. Basket loll 1.4, Captain 3; Fencing 3.4; Tennis 3, 4; Volleyball I; Aihietie Association; Deutsche (•esellshalt; German Club; Junior CLim, Vice-President; Le (YrrV Francais; Music Club 2,3; Psychology Clun 3,4; Y.W.C.A. I. MARTHA LOUISE OTIAGAN !)t Magnolia Street Dorcbfsler, Mass. Notre Dame Academy, Boston II.S. in P.A.L Commercial Subjects Pi Theta Della; Athletic Association I. 2, 3.4; Class Vice-President 1, President 4; Dramatic Club 1,2,3.4; Inlrrsonrily Council 3,4; Janet K. Slnart Club I, 2,3.1; Psychology Club 4; RITA IXIRNE McLARKN 2 o Princeton Street East Boston, Mass. East Boston High Sotool ILS. iii P.A.L. Commercial Subjects Athletic Av'ocialion 1,2,3.4; Spanish Club 1,2,3; Y.W.C.A. 3,4. GERTRUDE CATHERINE O’DONNELL 3IA Salisbury Street Worcester, Mass. Worcester Classical High School ILS. in P.A.L. Commercial Teaching Pi I’bcla Delta, Treasurer 2,3, Vice-President 3.4; Class ll;i ke t la 113. t; AI lilel ie A'«xia I ion 1,2,3,1; Deutsche Gr tlshaft 1.2,3.4; llistcry Club 3.4; Intersonrity Council 2; Janet K. Stuart Club 1,2, 3.4: Psychology Club I. MARY LOUISE NORTON DJ Freedom .Street Fall Riser. Ma‘s. Durfce High Sch »ol ILS. in P.A.L Tau Chi Omega: AthVtic Agnation I. 2, 3. 4; Class Trrasurer 3; Intersocurity Council 3; Psv- 4mi|4HO' Club 3,4: SpinMi Club I; Student Government, 2.FRANCKS ANNE SCOFF 102 Metropolitan Avenue Roslinaalc, Mass. Ciirl ' 1 li rli School, Nasson Institute, Springvale, Maine II.S. in P.A.L Sigma Della Phi; Tennis 1,2,1; Volleyball I: Athletic Association 1,2,4; Freshman Frolic Committee I; History Club 2,1; Janet K. Stuart Club 1,2, 4; la1 Cerde Francais Treasurer 2,4; Stunt Committee; Y.W.C.A. 1,2,4. LILLIAN MARY RYAN 20 Belknap Street Somerville, Mass. Marydiff Acailemy 1LS in P.A.L. Athletic Association 1,2,3,4; Janet E. Stuart Club 1. 2; 1 Cerde Francais 1,2; Psychology Club 4; Ring Banquet Committee 4. AGNES IjOUISB PETERSON 4-) Wadsworth Street Danvers, Miss. Ilolten High School B.S. in P.A.L. Secretarial Studies Sigma Delta Phi. Vice-President 3,1, Social Chairman 2, 3; Fre hman Bx«kelln|l; Swimming 2, .’1.4; Tennis 4; Athletie Aswiation I, 2. 3,4; Class Marshal 3; History Club 4; Psychology Club 4; Y.W.C.A. 3. ALICE MARY SMITH 28 Stoncliurst Street Dorchester, Mass. St. Gregory's High School B.S. in P.A.L Athletic Association 1,2,3,4; Janet E. Stuart Club 1,2; Junk Class Marshal; Lr ( crvle Francais 2; Psyrhofogy Cluli 3, President 4. MARION WINIFRED SEALEY 713 The Prado Balboa, Canal Zone IkilUaa High School, llallma, C. Z. II.S. in P.A.L. Commercial Teaching Phi Beta Phi; Cosmopolitan Club 2; El Club Es-paftol2; Psychology Club 1; Y.W.C.A. I. ETIINA JOSEPHINE SILVERY 17 Ml. Everett Street IVirchcslit. Mass. Roxburv Memorial High School for Gills B.S. in P.A.L Commercial Subjects Athlet ic Awociit ion 1,2,3.4; Class Secretary 1,2, IWIent 3. Treasurer 4; Hub. Secretary 4; Janet E. Sluarl Club I. 2; Junior Week Committee 3; lr Cerelc Francis 1.2; Psychok (g - Club 3,Secretary 4; Senior Week Committee 4. GRACE GILDA STRANIEIU 3l)t Plantation Street Worcester, Miss. Chelsea High School II.S. in P.A.L llaskcllnll 3.4; Fencing 3.4; Volleyball 2,3; Alh-thlelic Association 1,2,. I; Italian Club 1,2,3,4; Le Cerde Francais I; Y.W.C.A. 1,2,3.1. FLORENCE G. SPI TZ IS Esmond Street Dorchester, Mass. Colby Junior College B.S. in P.A.L. Delta Bela Psi, Vice-President 4; Tennis 3,4; Athletic Association 1,2,3,4; Intersororily Council3, 4; 1 Cerde Francis I; Spanivh Club 3; Y.W.C.A. 3,4. MARJORIE MAY STEWART A May Circle Dedham. Miss. Dedham High School II.S. in P.A.L. Commercial Subjects IbokelUl 3; Fencing 2; Athletic Association; Pay-dmlogv Club I. JESSIE BLOISB STACY 140 Woodbury Avon ForUrnmith, N. II. Portsmouth High School H.S. in P.A.L English, History Freshman Bi-kelWI; CLiv Basketball 1,4; Voi-Icyball I; Athletic Associatkm 1,2,3,4; Deulsche (•cscILhaft 3,4; Dramatic Club 1,2, President 3; Student Government Ihxanl 1,2,3,4; Varia, Assistant Editor 4: Writers’Club 1.2,3,4.DOLORES ANN TWOMIll.V C5 Pearl Slrwl Stoughton, Mass. Slougliton High School ILS. in P.A.I.. English, History Sigma Delta Phi, Secretary I; Athletic A"ociation; Dramatic 'lul» 2,3, Vice-President 4; Fnshman Frolic Committee: History Chib 3; Janet K. Stuart ('lull 1,2: Student Athletic Council; Student Gov-eminent Hoard 2,3. ATM CAROLYN TRAVERS 63 Oak Street Southington, ('omi. Liii High School ILS. in P.A.L, English Tail Chi Omen: Athletic Asocial ion I, 2, 3,1: IXulscheGcvllshaft 1,2,3,1; Dramatic Club 1,2, u HANNAH LOUISE WARING 132 Albion Street Fall River, Mass. Durfee High School ILS. in P.A.L. Commercial Teaching Kappa Omega, Treasurer 3, President I; Athletic .Wonation; Dorm Prom Committer, Chairman I; Inters-rority Council 3, Secretary 4; L Cede Framais 2; Student Government, Departmental 3. LILLIAN GWENDOLYN TOWNER W) Main Street Melrose Highlands. Mass. Melrose High School ILS. in P.A.L German Athletic Association; Deutsche Gtscllshaft 1.2,3. 4; Dramatic Club 2,3,1: Lr Cede Francais 1,2. HELEN DOROTHY WIIALAN :t2 Sheridan Street Jamaica Plain, Mass. Jamaica Plain High School ILS. in P.A.L. Commercial Subjects, History Sigma Della Phi. Vice-President 2. President 4; Basketball 1,2,3,4: Athletic Association 1,2,3,4; History Club. President 3,4; Hub 2,3; Interior-airily Council 3. Dance Chairman 4; Janet K. Stuart (Tuti 1,2. Secretary 3. Vice-President 4. MARGARET JOHNSTON CREMINS 128 Waehusrtt Avenue Arlington, Mass. MarydifT Academy, College dc Bon se lour B.S. in P.A.L History ( LAKE ALICE DEVINE 32 Glendrll Terrace Springfield. Mass. Our Lidy of the Elms Academy Our Lidy of the Elms College ILS. in P.A.L. Secretarial Studies Janet K. Stuart Club. ISABEL!, MARY DOYLE 503 Mammoth Road Lovell, Mass. Lowell High School ILS. in P.A.L English. Spanish Freshman Basketball 1; Class Basketball 4: Volleyball I: Athletic Association 1,2; Dramatic Club I. 2,3,4; Junior Class PUy 3: Psychology Club 3: Spanish Club 1,2.3.4: Student Government Board 3, 4, Vkv-President; Stunt Committee 2, 3, 4; Writers’Club 3,4. MARIAN LBTITIA JACKSON £s Randlett Park West Newton, Mas.. Newton High School. Bradford Academy, Ml. Holyoke College ILS. in P.A.L French Zda Chi Delta: Bowling 3; Athletic Association 3, 4. GERTRUDE CLAIRE MULIANKY i) Varney Street l iiell, Mass. Notre Dame Academy, Until, Mass. Trinity College, Washington, D.C. ILS. in P.A.L. Secretarial Studies Swimming: Deutsche Gesdlshafl; Janet E. Stuart Club. GRACE CLINTON WILLARD 49 Wellington Hill Street Mattapan. Mass. Regis College ILS. in P.A.L Commercial Subjects Kappa Omega Sorority. Vice-President; Bowing W.A.A. 2; Tennis 2: Athletic Association 2,3,4: Janet E. Stuart Club 2,3: Y.W.C.A. 2,3,4.Junior Class Officers—P. A. L. Deutsche Gesellshaft French CluhClass of 1936 SpreiKT, Phillips Bellows, Twining Class of 1937Spanish Club Rack Row: Farrell. Ilanlv, Ralukonis, Koenig Second Row: Sipolin, Snow, Harrigan, Gallagher, Hvyliaineii, Harrahy, Cantella Fronl Wow: Graham, Dansky, Westhaver. I eonard. Donovan. Kelleher, Onale, HoganIntersorority Council ¥ Theta PsiPi Tilda DeltaSigma Delta Phi Hud- How: Flynn, Izzo, Hums Second How: White, Keougli, Baker, Hall, Scolf, Murray Front How: Twomhly, Peterson, Wlialan, Lyons, IlaveconDelta Beta Psi Back Row Hanflig, Harris, Rubin, Spero, Fox Front Bote; Kaplan, Hurwitz, Spitz, CopelandZela Chi Della Had How: Perkins, ltean, Robinson Second llow: Bangs, Springall, Carter, Hood, Jackson, West haver, Jenckes ml How: Relisle, Chamberlin, Darrell, Chapinan, Blakeslee, Stewart, Ludliun, McKinney CHOOL OF FDUCflTIOnOfficers of Instruction—S. E. DANIEL L. MARSH, P11.D., Lirr.I)., L.H.D., LI..I)., President of the University, Buckminster Rd., Brookline ARTHURII. WILDE, P11.D., Dean and Professor of Education, 12.5 Fair Oaks Park, Needham MARION BACON, in charge of Music,Sargent School, 1 WGrceneSt., Lynn AGNES E. BARRY, Ed.M., Lectureron Education, 11)76 Commonwealth Ave., Boston ESTHER WILLARD BATES, A.M, lecturer on Dramatics, 108 Forest St., Wellesley Hills HERBERT FRANCIS BLAIR, A.M., Professor of Education, 0 Birch Hill Rd, Newtonville MABEL (’. BRAGG, Assistant Professor of Education, 80 Madison Ave, Newtonville Al’GESTA F. BRONNER, Pn.l), Lectureron Individual Education, 38}i Beacon St, Boston EARLE AMOS BROOKS, A.B, S.T.B., D.I), Assistant Professor of Biology, ICC Plymouth Rd, Newton Highlands ESTELLE K. HITLER, A.B, Lectureron English, 80Shepard St, Cambridge ANNE A. CAMERON, B.S. in Ed, Instructor in Physical Education, 98 Cypress St, Brookline WILLARD LIN WOOD CHASE, A.M, Assistant Professorof Education, 81 Colburn Rd, Wellesley Hills PAULINE W. CIIELLIS, Instructor in Physical Education, $8 Clark Rd, Brookline ELIZABETH M. COLLINS, En.M, Lectureron Education, Smith College, Northampton JESSE LEROY CONEL, Pn.l), Lectureron Anatomy, 45 Arlington St, Newton JESSE BUTTRICK DAVIS, A.M, Lrrr.I), Professorof Education, 18 Hazelton Rd, Newton Centre RITH Dl’PEE, Lectureron Physical Education, 213 Beacon St, Somerville DONALD I). DI RRELL, A.M, En.D, Associate Professorof Education, 17 Colburn Rd, Wellesley Hills EDWARD JOSIAH EATON, A.M, Professor of Education, Director of Connecticut Valiev Division, 44 Fairfax St, West Newton DOROTHY CLEMENTS EVANS, A.M, Lectureron Music Appreciation, 109 Claremont Ave, Arlington RITH NEWCOMB FLETCHER, Registrar, Marked Tree Rd, Needham M AY P. FOGG, B.S. in Ed, lecturer on Physical Education, Winnetka High School, Winnetka, Illinois GLADYSFORBI’SH, Lectureron Handcraft, 10.5 Church St, West Newton WILLIAM TRUANT FOSTER, Pn.l), Lectureron Economics, IU!i Sargent St, Newton Ll’CY JENKINS FRANKLIN, A.M, L.H.I),Deanof Women of the University, 45 Dwight St, Brookline EVERETT L.GETCIIELL, A.M, Lin.D, Professor of English, 51 Everett St, Natick CHARLES I). GIAUQUE, A.M, Professorof Education, Weston Rd, Lincoln ALICE II. HALEY,S.B, Lectureron Education, 9 Chaunev St, Cambridge _____________________ARTIH'K HERBERT WI1.DE, l’n.D,, DmOSWALD LIONEL HARVEY, Eo.M., Ed.D., Lecturer on Sociology, 4G Cushing Ave., Belmont WILLIAM IIEALV, A.IL, M.D., Lecturer on Individual Education, 40 Court St., Boston ERNST HERMANN, (irad. Technischc Hochschule, Professor Physical Education, Director of Sargent School and Camp. 105 Tyler Terrace, Newton Centre MARGARET P. HILLS, Instructor on Physical Education, 45 Summit ltd., Wellesley Hills DORIS HOLMES, Pu.D., Lecturer in English, 1101 BoylstonSt., Boston ALONZO GALE HOWARD, M.D., Lecturer on Physical Education, 99 Bay State Rd., Boston CHENEY ( '. JONES, A.IL, LL.B., LL.D., lecturer on Sociology-, 49 Blake Rd., Brookline MIRIAM KATZEFF, M.D., Lecturer on Physical Education,321 Dartmouth St., Boston ETHEL E. KIMBALL, Lecturer on Education, 101 Myrtle St., Boston ELEANOR II. KITCHEN, B.S. in Ed., Assistant to Dean of Women at Sargent School, Lenox Hall, Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge ABRAHAM KRASKER, En.M., Lecturer on Visual Education, 877 Chestnut St., Waban FRANKLIN P. LOWERY. M.D., Lecturer on Physical Therapy, .‘118 Washington St., Newton. JOHN J. MAHONEY, En.M., Professor of Education, 40 Avon ltd., Watertown GEORGE K. MAKECHNIE, En.M., Instructor in Social Studies, Assistant to the Dean, Secretary of the Connecticut Valley Division, 1 Dean St., Everett ALBERT Z. MANN, Pu.D., lecturer on Sociology, International Y.M.C.A. College, Springfield EARL BOWMAN MARLA IT, S.T.B., Pll.D., Professor of Philosophy,!) Willow St., Boston J. PHILIP MASON, A.M., Pu.D., Lecturer on Chemistry, 852 Appleton St., Arlington Heights WALTER L. MENDENHALL, M.D., Lecturer on Physical Education,!) Acacia St., Cambridge DAVID MISHEL, Pn.B., Lecturer on Physical Education, 222 Foster St., Brookline FREDERIKA MOORE, M.D., Lecturer on Physical Education, 10 Frost St., Cambridge ELISE M. NELSEN, En.M., Instructor in Physical Education, 03 Alexander Ave., Belmont LEIGH M. NISBET, Pn.IL, Lecturer on Scouting, 30 Uslie Rd., Aubumdale TECS OREON, I-ectureron Physical Education, 1572 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge EMILEJ. PALISOUL, Lecturer in French, International Y.M.C.A. College, Springfield E. MAUDE PATTEN, l-ectureron Vocal Expression and Pageantry, 26 Gorham Ave., Brookline JANICE RAFUSE, M.D., lecturer on Physical Education, 487 Adams St., East Milton ARTHUR II. RING, M.D., Lecturer on Physical Education, 103 Hillside Ave., Arlington Heights FRANKLIN C. ROBERTS, En.M., Assistant Professor of balneation, Secretary of the Faculty, SO Elm St., Andover FREDERICK RAND ROGERS, Pu.D., Professor of balneation, Dean of Student Health and Physical Education, 10 Hun-newell Circle, Newton BEATRICE SP1LLANE, R.N., Lecturer on Physical Education, 13 Sacramento St., Cambridge LILAH MERLE VAUGHAN, Pu.D., Professor of Economics, 40U Crescent St., Waltham VERN BITES. VICKERS, B.S. in Ed., Lecturer on Physical balneation, 24 Linnaean St., Cambridge JACK WALLACE, lecturer on Physical Education, 87 Woods ltd., West Medford LUCILLE WASHBURN, B.S. in Ed., Instructor in Physical Education, 42 Linnaean St., Cambridge ROSE WEIFFENBACH, A.M., Lecturer on English, 10 Rockville Park, Roxbury ELIZABETH B. WELLMAN, B.S. in Ed., Instructor in Physical Education, 9S3 Franklin St., Melrose Highlands JAMES A. WYLIE, B.S. in Ed., Assistant in Physical Education, 242 Newbury St., Boston LELANDC. WYMAN. Pu.D., Ia?ctureron Biology, 5 Furnival Rd., Jamaica PlainPi Lambda Theta ALPHA GAMMA National Honorary Educational Fraternity for Women Founded 1917 Established 19:10 THE membership of Pi Lambda Theta is based upon high standards of scholarship, character, and 1 professional ability.The purpose of the organization is to foster a lofty code of professionalethies, the highest standard of scholarship, and professional training. ADVISOR Mrs. Mildred H. Mahoney HONORARY MEMBER Mrs. James J. Storrow President .... Vice-President Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretory Treasurer 19SS . . . Treasurer 19$i . OFFICERS E. Eleanor W. Wales . . Louise E. Waite Henrietta R. Worthington . . . Hutii A. Feley . . . Mary Emma Head Elizabeth B. Larkin Keeper of the Records IUi Keeper of the Records 193} MEMBERS . . Roberta I). Lewis Mary Elizabeth Ffolliott Dorothy G. Allen Agnes Garland Mildred J. Keefe Hope Allen A. Philatte Geary Mona B. McWilliams Eunice M. Bassett Arlene A. Golden Ruth A. Pulling Vivian Dix Jessie Gould Doris I. Stevens Miriam Eldridge Gertrude II. Gallagher Nancy P. Hewitt Estelle Simmons Mildred G. WristonHack Itotr: Chase, Durrell, 1? mokes, Davis, Shepherd, Twiehdl Leonti liftir. Hanson, Pratt, Webster, Killer. Giauque, Barclay, Jones, Billelt front {or: Eaton, Argue, Temple, Dean. Varney, Wilson, Anderson Phi Della Kappa 'I he National oliice is located in Chicago. Chapters are located in nearly every university in the country having schools of education whose standards meet the requirements of the fraternity. The directory published in 1981, is known as “Who’s Who in Education” and lists about 1401)11 members. Alpha Lambda Chapter of the School of Education was established in 1925 and now numbers more than one hundred and liftv members. ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER OFFICERS President Stuart Dean Vice-President Charles Varney Secretary Edward 11. Temple Treasurer Arthur Argue Librarian . . . Frederic J. Christiansen Family Sponsor • . . . Dr. Guy M. WilsonIluck Hoic: lltisscll, Christiansen Front Row: McNamara, Miller, Mathers, Harris, Golden, Hedquist Education Executive Council ALL class organizations and student government at the School of Education are consolidated into one board known as the Executive Council. This council supervises and controls all social and class activities and further perpetuates the student interests in the school. The group is made up of four seniors, the president, the treasurer, the Hun representative, and the chairman of the social committee; two juniors, the vice-president and the secretary; and one member from each of the sophomore and freshman classes. President .... Vice-President Secretary .... Treasurer .... Hub Representatire . . Chairman of Social Committee Sophomore Representatire . Freshman Representatire . Christie P. Harris Albert P. Mathers Dorothy Miller Arlene Golden Frederic Christiansen John McNamara Elmer Bussell Wallace HedquistBKSSIK BIRDIE BABCOCK Plainfield. Conn. Plainfield High ScH mi| Willimanlic Normal School ILS. in Ed, Mathematics Alpha Sigma Alpha; Dramatic Club 4. MARY DORIS ARMSTRONG 29 llfillgtoll ItlKIll Brookline, Mass, Boston School of Psychical Education Benton Teachers College B.S. in Ed. Sociology STEPHEN BALYOSIAX 61 Prime Street Cambridge. Mass. Itindge Technical High School H.S. in Ed. Social Science K:i| pa I’hi Kappa; Glee ('luh t. ADELAIDE MARIE ARIYELLA 52 Avon Street bare nee. Mass. Mount Saint Mary Academy B.S. in Ed. English Glee Club 3; Italian Club l,2;Oranum Club 3.Vice President 4; CATHERINE MARY BENOIT 79 Gales Street Worcester. Mas. Worcester South High School B inEd. Music Phi Mu Epsilon; Swimming3,1; Gilbert and Sullivan Association 2; Glee Club 3. 4; I ' Cerrle Franca is 3,4; Orchestra 1.2: Oxanum Club 3,4; University Chorus 2.3.4. MARION ELAINE BASKIN 133 Ruthven Street Roslmry, Mas. Boston Girb' Latin School ILS. in Ed. Music ami English Sigma Bela Epsilon; Bowling W.A.A. 1,2; Fencing 3: S«imming 2.3,4; Tennis 4; Gilbert ami Sullivan Association 1.2.4: Glee Club 4: Panhrllenic 3,4; rniversilyChoni»2,3. MOLLIE RUTH BRUMFIELD 122 Trowbridge Street Cambridge, Mass. Bo ton University. P.A.L. Lesley School ILS. in Ed. English HENRY ARNOLD BLACK 30 Evelyn Street Mallapin, Mass. College of the City of New York B.S. in Ed. English Literalurv Dean’s List 2; Demoslhenian Debating Society t; Giliert ami Sullivan Orchestra 3.4; Malhemties Club 3, t; Orchestra 1,2.3.4; Orchestra, Ed. 3.4; Poetry Guild 4; University Band 1.2,3,4: Writers’ Club 4. NELLIE MARION RKA1TI1 WAITE ©i Kirkland Street Uamlridge. Mass. Pctty KiiKlcrgarten School llyanub Nornwl School B.S. in Ed. English RALPH NELSON BIAK EM AN Union Street Duvbury. Mass. Ihabury High School, Thayer Aradciny ILS. in Ed. Pi Phi lota; Vanity Bxvliall 2, 3, I; Freshman Baseball I; Varsity Basket lull 4: Vanity Knoltiall 2,4; Aviation Club2,3; Student AlhlclirUmmcil I.IRENE TERESA DBVIXY 14 llarlon Stmt Worcester, Mass, Boston University College of Music B.S. in Ed. English and Music Bowling W. A. A., (’.LA. I; Swimming 4; Tennis 4; iVnio'lhciiian Debating Society 4; Dramatic ( lull 4; Gilbert and Sullivan Association 2; (ilrc ('lull 2.3,4; O anum Hull 3. S«riil Secretary 4; Social Commillrc 4; Univmity Chonw 3,4. FREDERIC JOHN CHRISTIANSEN 876 Furnacr Brook Parkway Quincy, Mass. Milwaukee State Teachers' College Harvard University BA in Ed. Psychology Kappa Della Phi; Class Flxcculivc Committee; Executive Council; Hull. Departmental Editor 4; Phi Delta Kappa. HERBERT JAY CARTER 85 Socket l Street Providence, R. I. Rhode Maud College of Education B.S. in Fid. Pi Phi Iota; Kappa Phi Kappa; Vanity IMullit; Boxing I; Vanity BootUII3; Freshman Football I; Swimming 2: Vanity Track 2,3; Wrestling 2. 3, Class I Wo ting: Demasthenian Debating Club 3; 4; Dramatic Club. ADDIE ISABELLE FLOYD South Hampton. N. II. Plymouth Normal School B.S. in FM. Glee Club 4. MORELAND M. FORT 423 Broadway Cambridge, Mass. Cambridge High and Litin School Coburn Classical Institute BA in FM. Physical Education Omega Psi Phi: Pi Phi lota; Varsity Baseball 2,4; Freshnum Baseball; Vanity Basketball 2. 3,4; Freshman Basketball; Varsity Football 2, 3, 4; Lacrosse 4. MARIO SILVA DE FAZIO 100 llunnrwell Street Needham Height . Mass. Flast Stroudsburg. Pennsylvania Teachers' College BA in Ed. Physical Edaealioa Wrestling I. MARY ELIZABETH FFOLUOTT 101 Fast Eighth Arcane Johnson Cits', Teno. Wktdork School East Tennessee State Teachers' College BA in Fill. Elementary FMwtlion Pi Lambda Theta. AGNES PIIILETTA GEARY 341 St. Paul Street Brookline. Mass. Boston Girls High School WbeeJock School B.S. in Fid. Elementary Flducatiou Pi lambda Theta. AGNES GENTEVE GARIAND llrnniker, N. II. Keene Normal School American Institute of Normal Methods BA in FM. Psychology Pi Lambda Theta 4; Pi Gamma Mu; Gleet Tub 3. HORACE NELSON FOSTER 23 Fessenden Read Arlington. Mass. Arlington High School B.S. in FM. History Kappa Phi Kama; Class Basketball 3; Vanity Trad; 2. 3, 4; rrr hman Track I; (tier (Tub 4; Stodent Volunteers 4; University Chorus 4. »EDNA MARIA GRAN USAS 111 Central Street Marlboro, Mass. Framingham Stale Teacher ’ College II.S. in Ed. Social Sciences Pi Lambda Spin; Dramatic Club I; Glee Club I; Omium Club 4. MYKR GOOTKIN 107 Bellingham Street CMm. Mass. Imliana University II.S. in Ed. German Sigma Omega Psi; Freshman Baseball; Cross Country 2; Varsity Track .'i, 4; Freshman Track; Dean’s List 3,4; Der Deutsche Vcrein 3.4; Foniiu I; German Club 1,2,3.4,; Glee Club 4; Interfraternity Confcretxv I; University Jewish Council I. HENRY CONRAD GIU.NTA 206 Central Street Mansfield, Mass. New Church Theological School Harvard University B.S. in Ed. Social Science I’i Gamma Mu; Kapiui Delta Phi; Denioslhcnian Council. ARLENE ALICE GOLDEN 50 Nashua Street Woburn, Mass. Boston University College of Music II.S. in Eel. Public School Music Alpha Chapter of Pi lambda Sigma; Class Executive Committee 4; Dramatic Club 3,1; Executive Council 4; Glee Club 3,4; Ozanum Club 3, Score-lary 4; Pi lambda Theta 4; Student Faculty Committee on Student Counseling and Religious Activities 4; Student Government, Departmental, Treasurer 4. DOROTHY MARION HERNE I02S Broadway West Somerville, Mass. Somerville High School Inland Powers School of the Theatre B.S. in Ed. English Alpha Sigma Alpha. CHRISTIE PITER HARRIS 244 Tufts Street Cambridge, Mass. Kindgr Technical High School B.S. in Ed. Secondary’ Education Kap|xi Phi Kappa; Pi Phi lota; Varsity Baseball 2,3.4; Varsity Basketball 2.3,4; Freshman Bos kclbal]; Varsity Football 2,3,4; Freshman Football; Executive Council 3. Chairman 4; Handbook, Departmental, Editor 4; House Committee, Chairman 4; Hub, Sports Editor 4; Junior Week Committee; Senior Week Committee; Social Committee; Student Athletic Council 3; University Student Council 4. MILDRED JONES KEEFE Boston, Mass. New England Conservatory of Music Tudcrman Normal School University of Cincinnati, Ohio Syracuse University B.S. in Ed. History Pi Lambda Theta; I’i Gamma Mu; Choral Art Society 3, Secretary-Treasurer 4; Glee Club 3. NANCY P. HEWITT 29 Washington Square New York City Savage School ol Physical Education B.S. in Ed. Biology Alpha Sigma Alpha; Pi lambda Theta. VIRGINIA CLIFFORD JOYCE 03 Hathorne Street Salem, Mass. Salem State Teachers’ College B.S. in Ed. Kappa Kappa Gamma; Pi Gamma Mu. ESTHER EM ELIA JOHNSON 24 Sidney Street Lowell, Mass. Uwvll High School, Upsala College B.S. in Ed. Elementary EducationMARY IIOSORA l-OONKY 73 Rogers Avenue Somerville, Mm. St. Clements High School I )veil Slate Teachers’ College BA in Ed. Kiik’li'h (iamma Phi Bela; Dramatic Club 3; Mathematic MARION XORAII MORRISON TO Hope Avenue Worcester, Mass. Wormier South High School B.S,inKd. Music Swimming 3,4; Gilbert ami Sullivan Asmciation 2; (ilce Club 2. 3. Secretary 4; 1 (errle Kraacais 3, 4; Ozanunt Club 3.4; University Chorus 2,3.4. Club 3. MARGARET KU7.ABKTH LAUGHTON "Kim (ilen" Putney, Vl. Posse-Nissrn School BA in Ed. English Alpha Sigma Alpha; Dramatic Club 1; llou e Com mittee I. KLIZABK I II BALLVNTYNK LARKIN 71 Washington Street lluilvon, Mass. Wellesley College BA in Ed. Elementary Education Alpha Phi; Pi lambda Theta; Swimming 3. 4; Social Committee 4; Student House 3,4; Student Volunteers 3; Y.W.C.A. 3,1. MARGARET ANNKITA NELSON Ryrgate, Vl. Brown University, Cnimiity of Vermont Johns Hopkins University BA in Ed. Psychology JOHN ARTHUR MeXAMARA $ Webster Street Medford, Miss. Medford lligh School IIAinKd. Hi-' k.i| |Ki Phi Kappa; Cross Country I; Varsity Track Executive Council 4; Handbook, Departmental 3, 4; Junior Week Committee; Onmum Club 3,4; Open House Committee 4; Senior Week Committee; Social Committee 4. RUTH ALICE PULLING IN Osgoode Street Ohaw a, Canada University ol Wisconsin B.S. in Ed. Sociology Pi Lambda Theta; Cosmopolitan Club; Student Volunteers, Social Service. ANNETTE THEODORA PARVEY 24 Charlotte Street Dorchester. Miss. Lehnd Powers School BA in Ed. Education, Sociology CHARLES POTTER 135 Washington Avenue Chelsea, Mass. Salem Slate Teachers' College BA in Ed. Komomics. Commercial Education Kappa Delta Phi; Drmoatheniau Debating Council; Dramatic Club 3,4; Glee Club 4. IDA COHAN P.ASIK 20 Wilder Street Raxhury. Mass, Emerson College BA in Ed.PERCY LKRMONI) ROWE 51 Pleasant Street Briilgcwaler, Mms. Castine Normal School, Halo College B.S. in Ed. Psychology ANNA McFEETER REYNOLDS 1905 Center Street West Rosbury, Mass. Bridgewater Stale Teachers' College BA in EA Social Sciences MARJORIE ANN RYAN IM Dayton Street Worcester, Mass. Lesley Kirxlcrprten B.S. in Kd. Elementary Education B.S. in Ed. NELLIE H. PRITCHARD 2039 Liberty Street Allentown, Pa. Mulhenbcrg College ISADORE SWARTZ 20 Washington Street Ayer, Miss. Dorchester High School lor Boys BA in Ed. History Glee Club 2. KARL MARX RUBIN 30 Beals Street Bradline, Miss. Huntington Preparatory School BA in Ed. Physical Education Phi Sigma Pi; Pi Phi lota; Kappa Delta Phi; Intramural Basketball, Dept. Mgr.; Lamm 2; Swimming 2; Varsity Track 2; Wrestling I; Bud 2; Class Debating 2; Cosmopolitan Club I; House Committee 1; Hub I; Interfratemitv Conference 1; Student Athlrtic Council 2. HENRIETTA WORTHINGTON 28 Linden Street Williamston. Miss. North Adams Tochers College B.S. in Ed. Music and Literature Pi lambda Theta; University Chorus. ETHEL ELEANOR WALES WALES The Maples, 201 Auburn Street Aulnirndale, Miss. I-csley Normal School B.S. in Ed. Elementary Education Alpha Sigma Alpha; Pi Lambda Tliela 3,4; Swimming 3; Dramatic Club 3, Vice-President 4; Social Committer 4. BERTHA IDA WILLIAMS 51 Blake Street Keene, X. II. Keene Normal School B.S. in Ed. English MARY MARGARET WALSH LSI Pearl Street Holyoke, Mass. Westfield Teacher’s College BA in Ed. EnglishCARROLL PERCY ABBOTT North Charlestown, N. II. 17o Newhury Street Boston. Mas . Vale Normal School. Keene Normal School Plymouth Normal School, Radford Normal Schmd II.S. in Kd. Social Studies Choral Art Society 4; Glee Club t. VKRA GOLD ANDREWS Colrain. Mass. North Adams Normal School Summer Sessions Teachers College at Columbia B.S. in Ed. Social Studies ELEANOR ELIZABETH APPLETON 2S Duett Place Lynn. Mass. Brighton High School. Framingham Normal, Household Arts Department B.S. in Ed. Economics, Sociology MARY DORIS ARMSTRONG 29 Bringlon Rood Brookline, Mass. Brookline High School Bouvc Boston School ol Physical Education B.S. in Ed. Sociology MARJORIE FRANCES AUSTIN 18 Middle Street Augusta, Me. Gorham Normal School B.S. in Ed. Music Alpha Sigma Alpha; Swimming 3; Choral Art Society 3; Dramatic Club 3,4; (ike Club, Girls' 3,4; (ike Club, S.E. 3; Orchestra 3,4. JESSIE A. BALDWIN Post Milk Yl. University ol Vermont R in Ed. English B.S. in Ed. ESTHER BEARMAN 100 Washington Street Quincy, Mass. Brockton High School Bridgewater Normal School WARREN DAVIS BENNETT Charlton City, Mass. Charlton High School Fitchburg Normal School B.S. in Ed. History JEANNE EDYTHE BINNS 51 Parker Street Cheka. Mass. New York University B.S. in E(L French Swimming 3; University Jewish Council I. GERTRUDE WILHELM1NA BLUEMER Bn«'kfickl, Mass. Bridgewater Nurnul School B.S. in Kd. History MARY KATHRYN BRADLEY 3 Glynn Terrace Quincy, Mass. Quincy High School Bridgewater Teachers' College B.S. in E»L English DOROTHY MAY BROOKS ti Spring Street Ameslmry. Mass. Rriilgewatcr Slate Teachers Colkgc B.S. in Ed. English Swimming 4; Poetry Club 4. FRANCES GERTRUDE BROWN 11.50 Pleasant Street New Bedford, Mass. New Bedford High School Gorham Normal School (Me.) B.S. in Kd. Music Glee Club 4; Orchestra I. MILDRED FRANCKS BUMP 14 Woodskk Avenue Campelb, Mass. Brockton High School Bridgewater Normal Sclmol B.S. in Ed. Psycboktgy MINNIE CHRISTINE BUSCIIMANN 26 High Street West held, Mass. Westfield High School. Chico State, Chieo, Calif. B.S. in Eel. Education CATHERINE ESTHER CASEY 47 Ward Street Naugatixk, Conn. State Teacher's College ol Connecticut B.S. in Ed. English Author's Club; Class Debating I; Editorial Slat! ol "The New Education"; Qtnnum Club 1. ELIZABETH STOREY ELLIOTT COX 1311 Sycamore' Street Winter Hill, Mass. Somerville High School. Wheekek School B.S. in Ed. MARION HANNAH CLARK CRAWFORD .592 Trapolo Road Belmont. Mass. Ik'lmont High School llynimis Slate Teachers' College B.S. in Eel. History WALTER JAMES DRISCOLL 61 Tolman Street lto.ton. Mass. Dorchester High School Boston University, C.B.A. RS. in Ed. Social Sciences Evening Division Catholic Club 3. 4; Newman Chib 1.2,3,4. RUTH AMELIA FKLKY East Granby and Hart land. Conn. The Gilbert School, Conn. New Britain Normal School. Conn. B.S. in Ed. Education and Knglidi Alpha Sigma Alpha, President; Pi Li in tali Theta 3, 4. C(fres|ionding SceTctary and Journalist; Dramatic Club 4: Poetry Club 4. WILLIAM GRANT FITCH. 2nd 20 Prospect Street New Iximlon, Conn. Phillips Andover, Yale University New York Institute of Applied Agriculture Mon University, C.B.A. It s. in LI. P'.vchology Glee Club 2, Social Committee Chairman 4; tlpen House Committee. Chairman 4; Student Faculty Committee on Student Counseling and Religious Activities 1; University Chorus 2. MARGARET MARY FLAVIN 69 Park Street Rockland, Mass. Bridgewater Slate Teachers' College ILS. in Ed. Social Studies (Mrs.) GERTRUDE BURKE GALLAGHER 57 Rogers Street West Quincy, Maes. Bridgewater Normal School B.S. in Ed. Social Sciences ESTHER GRANSTROM 58 Chestnut Street Manchester. Conn. Willimanlic Normal School Trinity College, New York University II.S. in Kd. History and Economic' ADRA RIZPAll GOODRIIXiK 1 1 Washington Street East Milton, Mi . Pu y'-Ni scii School of Physical Education Keene Normal School B.S. in Kd. Sociology Dramatic Club3,4. NATHAN PERCY HARRIS 232 Scaver Street Koibury, Mass. Boston University B.S. in Ed. Physics DOROTHY HASSELL 497 Huntington Avenue Bouton, Mass. Sargent School, Teachers' College Columbia University B.S. in Ed. Physical Education ALBERT EDWARD IIAVIUND 51 Kensington Road Weymouth. Mass. Franklin Union, Lowell lii'titule B.S. in LI. I FRANCIS M. HAYES 113 Linden Street Whitman, Mass. Boston University, C.B.A. II.S, in Kd. Economics Kappa Delta Phi; Ozanum Club. CHRISTINE HOLLANDS 62 Gencsrc Street llornell, N. Y. Horncll High School, Abbot Academy The Wbeebrk School II.S. in Ed. Eknicntarv Education IVIta Delta Delta; Swimming 4. ANNA EUGENIE HURLEY El's Hawlmtte Road New Britain, Conn. New Britain Normal School B.S. in Ed. VIVIAN CIIRISTAHEL JEWETT 435 Cambridge Street Albion, Macs. Waltham High School Perry Kindergarten Normal School RS. in Ed. English MARY IDA I.IPNKR 100 Mavetkk Street Boston, Mass. Boston Teacher ' College B.S. in Ed. English HENRY USMAN 613 Morton Street DorchHcr, Ma . Dorchester High School B.S. in Kd. Physics Avukah (Tub; Mathematics Club; University Jewish Council. HELEN FRANCES LOUD 171 Commercial Street Weymouth, Maas. Quincy Mansion School for Girl' TW Whrelock School B.S. in Ed. Psychology, Education DORA IRENE MAGONI 28 Middle Street Farmington, Me. Farmington Stale Normal School (Me.) II.S. in Kd, Elementary Education EMILY GRAFTON MONROE 183 Faster Street Brighton, Mass. Dean Academy, Colby Junior College B.S. in Kd. Elementary Education Glee Club 3,4. MARTHA LUCY MOWER Houle IA Auburn, Me. Leavitt Institute Farmington Stale Normal School, (Me.) B.S, in Kd. Knglidi SARAH DOWLING MURRAY 421 High Start Dedham, Mu . Its. in Ed.JOHN JOSEPH PATERNO 450 HUkide Awwe Hartford, Conn. University of Alabama, lU lon University B5. in Ed. Physical Education Varsity Baseball 2; Freshman Baseball; Class Basketball I, 2; Boxing 1, 2; Varsity Football 3,4; Freshman Football; Swimming 1,2; Wrestling; Italian Club; Newman Club. ELEANOR PRIEST InScwall Street Augthta, Me. The Bonv6 Sefcool B.S. in Ed. Psychology LILLIAN MAY (JUIMBY 3 Hartford Street Claremont, X. II. James Milliken University. Keene Normal School New York University, Cornell University Chicago Uniwsitv B.S. in Ed. English PEARL HAZEL RAYMOND Bowdoinham, Me. (iorham Normal, Coomb High School B.S. in Ed. Nursery School Glee Club 3. MARY EMMA READ 1412 North Street Pittsfield, Mass. Boston University, P.A.L B.S. in Ed. History ami English Pi lambda Theta, Trrasuret; Le Ccrdc Francis; ABBIE ELIZABETH REYNOLDS 228 Chestnut Street Lynn, Mass. Lvnn Cksical, Salem Normal School B.S. in Ed. Psychology EDITH HARRIET ROGERS Sandy Pood Road Lincoln, Mass. Ilouvc-lloston School of Physical Education B.S. in Ed. Sociology LILLIAN BEATRICE ROSS 24o Sawyer Street Newr Bedfcrd. Mass. Bridgewater Teachers College B.S. in Ed. French ERNEST LINCOLN SHERMAN 167 Porter Street Melrose, Mass. Melrose High School, Proctor Aeailemy, C.B.A, ILS. in E 1. Social Subjects Della Sigma Phi; Kappa Phi Kappa; Boxing 2; Varsity Football 3; Freshman Football; Executive Council 4; Gilbert and Sullivan Association 4; llandliook, Departmental 4; lion of Representatives I; News4; Social Committee I. BARBARA SMALL 90 West Emerson Street Melrose, Mass. Meint High School Wheloek Kindergarten School ILS. in Ed. Elementary Education FREDERICK ALBERTO SMALL 202 Main Street Yarmouth, Mass. Bridgewater State Teachers’ College ILS. in Social Science kappa Delta Phi; Pi Gamma Mu. DORIS IMOGEN STEVENS 107 Meriden Avenue Southington, Conn. Mount Holyoke College, Whcelock Graduate B.S. in Ed. Nursery School FLORA AMANDA TABOR 550 Centre Street Newton, Mass. Massachusetts Anicultural College, Columbia T. C., Harvard Summer, Boston University B in Ed. Social Studies DOMINICK WILLIAM TESTA 112 Church Street Glasslwco, N. J. Temple University, Glassboro High School ILS. in Ed. History Wrestling 4. LEON ALBERT THOMPSON 41 Granite Street CamWiilge. Mass. Bluehill-Gcorge Stevens Academy Massachusetts College of Pharmacy B.S. in Ed. Social Studies GLADYS WADBN 121 Johnson Street Lynn. Mass. English High School ILS. in Ed. Home Economics Zeta Tau Alpb. GEORGE WASHINGTON WAKEFIELD Cape Porpoise, Me. Gorham Normal School B.S. in Eil. Social Studies MARY MARGARET WALSH ISI Pearl Street Holyoke. Mass. Westfield Teacher’s College ILS. in Ed. English FRANCES ELLA WHITMAN Hebron, Me. Buekficld High School, Farmington Normal Rates College 1 summer Columbia University 2 summers B.S. in Ed. Geology and GeographyIMKmr: Murray, Foster, O'Connor, Smith, Ludvig, King, 'Hionipson, Reardon, Masked, Hume Smol Rote: Balvosian, Sternberg, Lynch, Friedman, Wallace, Messer, Carmody, Hedquist, Kudman Iron! Rote: Manuel, Fox, Kandib, Hi Ik ins, Mathers, Ooldberg, llarri Carter Kaj)j)a Phi Kappa ALPHA ZETA CHAPTER Founded lWi Established 1928 KAPPA PHI KAPPA is (lie second largest national professional educational fraternity, its pur|)ose being to promote the cause of education hv encouraging men of sound moral character and recognized ability to engage in the study of its principles and problems. To further its aims the fraternity emphasizes social relations, scholarly attainments, and professional ideals. OFFICERS President . . . Vice-President . Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary . Treasurer . Faculty Sponsor . . . Herbert Wilkins Edward Kaxdib . Albert Mathers . Emerson Fox, Jr. Charles Ford Prof. Edward J. Eatix Herbert Wilkins Edward Kandib Emerson Fox John McXamara FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE m Harold Manuel Walter Smith James Carmodv Frederick Hume Horace Foster 1935 Jacob (ioldl crg Bernard O’Conner Stephen Balyosian Herbert Carter Albert Rudman All ert P. Mathers Leo SternbergM lloir: Kurtis, Glassoff, Thompson, Hays, Sturer Front Rotr: Potter, Werner, Christiansen, Rubin, Chase Kappa Delta Phi DELTA CHAPTER Founded 1900 Established 19-20 T APPA DELTA 1 111 is a national social and professional fraternity whose chapters are located in normal schools, teachers’ colleges, and schools of education. In its professional aspects it aims to support and perpetuate the highest educational ideals and traditions. In its social aspects it aims to strengthen and preserve the bonds of fellowship which should unite men working for a common cause. W. Unwood Chase Jesse 11. Davis FRATRES IN FACULTATE Donald I). Durrcll Franklin C. Roberts John J. Mahoney Everett L. Getchell Dean Arthur II. Wilde ACTIVE ALUMNI Warren Dean Kenneth Canfield Melvin Peach Wallace Sinclair Edward Cherry Jesse Chase Frederic Christiansen Frank Collins Joseph Glassoff Henry Giunta FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Nathan Harris Ted Hoffman John Lax Charles Potter Karl Rubin Jack Seltzer John Shaughnessy Abraham Slavinskv Sumner Thompson Wilbur Storer George WernerSchool of Education Orchestra Walter F. Angus, Conductor; Violins—Wired Copeman, Arthur Reardon, Ruth Anthonson, Morris Greenburg, Julia Lekarzyk, Mllette Powers, Charles Burg, Henry Morelli, Fred Cunningham, Ranghild Werho, Anne Chalfant; Violas—Mury Lane, Claire Thuot; Cellos—Virginia Starbird, Anna Smith, Doric Alviani; Ikss- Edwin Wolfe, Alfred Redmond, Frederick Hume; Clarinets— Bernard Williams, Carl Benson, Frances Brown; Flute—Prof. Jesse B. Davis; Oboes- Roger DeWitt, Ralph Burg; French Horns— Harold Black, Luther Thompson; Trumpets- •Herbert Ludwig, John Gladysz; Trombone- Angelo Mongiello; Saxophone—Joseph Glassoff; Djinpuni and Percussion- Ix il Smith, incent Pelrine; PmaM—Marjorie Austin.Officers of Instruction DAXIKI. L MARSH, 1’n.l)., Lirr.l)., L.H.D., LL.D., President of the University, 230 Buckminster ltd., Brookline JOHN PATTBX MARSHALL, Mrs.l)., Dean, Professor of the History and Theory of Music, 261 Bay State ltd., Boston RAYMOND ALARD, Instructor in Bassoon, 1$) Washington St., Arlington ARTHUR FIEDLER, A.M., Conductor of the University Orchestra, 410 Memorial Drive, Cambridge PERCY GRAHAM, Professor of School Music, II Humphrey Terrace, Swampscott RAY MONI) HAVENS, Instructor in Piano, 4.5!) Beacon St., Boston JACQUES HOFFM AN, Instructor in Violin and Ensemble, 70The Fenway, Boston LEROY KENFIELI), Instructor in Trombone, 106 Fletcher St., Roslindale HELEN SEWALL LEAVI'IT, Instructor in School Music, 411 Washington St., Brookline GEORGE MADSEN. Instructor in Flute, 108 HemenwaySt., Boston MILDRED MARTIN, Instructor in School Music, S Wollaston Ave., Arlington Heights DAY II) BLAIR M CLOSKY, Instructor in Y'oicc, lil) The Fenway, Boston MARGARET STARR McLAIN, Assistant Professor of Piano and the Theory of Music, 14 Milton St., Boston ALFRED HENRY MEYER, Mrs.B., A.B., Professor of the History and Theory of Music, 80 Beaumont Ave., Ncwtonville PAUL MIMART, Instructor in Clarinet, 28 White Place, Brookline III Til ETHEL MYERS, Instructor in School Music, 250 Franklin St., Melrose Highlands MARIE OLIVER, A.B., Assistant Professor of Voice and Piano, 48 Uncaster Terrace, Brookline GRACE GORDON PIERCE, Instructor in School Music, 163 Jason St., Arlington ALM A HOLTON RICH, Lecturer in Piano Methods, 277 West Emerson St., Melrose RAY MONI) CLARK ROBINSON, Mrs.B., Professor of Organ and the Theory of Music, 21 Stone lid., Belmont U CLA SAYLOR, Assistant in the Theory of Music, 18 Hampden St., Wellesley ROGER HUNTINGTON SESSIONS, A.B., Mrs.B., Instructor in Composition and Instrumentation, Hadley ALBERT C. SHERMAN, .In., Registrar, Instructor in the Theory of Music, 8 Central Ave., Ncwtonville II. Al («t STINE SMITH, A.M., Professor of Church Music, 26 Rocklcdge ltd., Newton Highlands ALTER M. SMITH, Instructor in Trumpet, Director of the University Band, 1.5 Virginia ltd., Quincy VIRGINIA STICKNEY SNOW, Instructor in Violoncello and Ensemble, 17 Lovell ltd., Brookline FREDERIC TILLOTSON, Instructor in Piano, 26 Museum ltd., Boston STEPHEN SUMNER TOWNSEND, Instructor in Voice, 277 Beacon St., Boston WILLEM VALKENIER, Instructor in Horn, 48 Jamaica ltd., Boston ALOIS VONDR AK, Instructor in Double Bass, Symphony Hall, Boston JOSEPH FREDERICK WAGNER, Mrs.B.. Instructor in School Music, 48 Larch St., BrightonJOHN' PATTEN MARSHALL, Mus.D., DmIfid How: Levin, Baskin, Sprague, Dcnsmore, Erickson, Dickerson, Liwslie, Smith, Marches! Front How: Mende, Lane, Benoit, Barry, Donnehy, Adnoff, Kravitz Phi Mu Epsilon Dill MU EPSILON is the honorary society at the College of Music. Phi Mu Epsilon requires high scholastic ability, good character and pleasing personality. It is the highest undergraduate scholarship honor which can lx obtained at the College of Music. Mrs. John P. Marshall, Miss Isabel Martin and Miss Helen Leavitt are honorary members. MEMBERS Janet hm Vera Lawshe Eileen Dennehy Marion Baskin Leila Smith Constance Adnotf Myra Sprague Elvezia Marchesi Pauline Krabitz Alta Densmore Rose Mende Mae Lindsay Myrtle Erickson Mary Lane Eleanor Small Ann Dickerson Katherine Benoit Mary Louise Barry Merle Ferguson Ruth Kramer PLEDGED Helen WeinbergDennehy, Carmmly, Plula, Fox The Student Association THE Student Association of the College of Music is the governing body of that College. It is composed of all students enrolled at the College, governed entirely by the following officers. President..............................................................James Carmody Vice-President........................................................Eileen Dennehy Secretary.................................................................Dorothy Pluta Treamer...................................................................Emerson FoxJohnson, Wilkins, I'ox, Bryant Senior Class Officers AT the present time the senior class of the (Allege of Music is planning a tea to he attended by the entire class. The tea is planned for the wives of the College of Music Faculty members. A banquet will be held during Senior Week in conjunction with the all University Senior Week program. President............................................................. Emerson Fox Vice-President.......................................................Ethel Johnson Secretary...........................................................Thelma Bryant Treasurer..........................................................Herbert WilkinsTHELMA MABI.K BRYANT 3Ritter Street Nashua. X. II. Nashua High School New England Conservatory of Music Mus.B. School Music Della Della Della: Bowling 4; Class Secretary4; Class Social Committee 4: Dramatic Club 2, .'1,4; Gilbert and Sullivan Association I, 2. 3.4: (»lee Club, University 4; University Chorus 2, 3. WALTER FENWICK ANGUS 40 Paul Revere Retail Arlington. Mass. Arlington High School New England Conservatocy of Music Mus.B. School Music Dean's List 3; Orchestra 2,3. Conductor 4; University Chorus 3,4. MARY GERTRUDE BURKE 13 Thornier Street Dorchester, Mass. Boston Girls' Latin JuiBiaid School of Music X.Y. Mus.ll. Rowling 1.4: Swimming 1,4: Tennis 1,4; Glee Club, Girls t; XenuaCIpb I; Y.W.c.A. 1, GLADYS .k ALMEIDA 2S Main Street Somerville. Mass. Somerville High School Juilliard SchsxJ of Music. X. Y. Mus.IL Voice Bowling, 3. I: Boston Music School Sctllemeiil, Head Vocal Department 4: Choral Art Society, President I. EILEEN CATHERINE DEXNEIIY 17 Samosel Street, llymoulh llymouth High School MikII. - ooj Music I'hi Mu Epsilon; Class Evcculive Committee 3; CLus Treasurer 2, 3; Dramatic Club I, 2, 3,4; (ike Club. University 2, 3,4; Dwmim Club 3; Social Committee 4; Student Association, Vice-President 4; Student Government, Departmental I; Stinh'iit Volunteers; University Chorus 3. JAMES SPII.LANE CARMODY 21 Walicrxt Street Boston, Mass. Dorchester Boy’s High School MikII. School Music Kappa Phi Kappa; Intramural Basketball 3. 4; ('lavs Presi'lcnt 2,3; Gilbert and Sullivan Association 1,3,4; Gke Club, University 2, Conductor 3, 4: Junior Week Committee 3; Oranum Club 4' Proctor 4; Student Government, Departmental 2,3, President 4. ELINOR WALKER GOODELL Elm Street Dighton, Mass. Taunton High School Mus.B. School Music Sigma Alpha lota; Cosmopolitan Club 3; Gke Club, Girls' 4; Orchestra, University 3,1. ANNE DICKERSON WO Webster Street Needham, Mass. West Roacbury High School Music Supervisor Certificate Phi Mu Epsilon; Student Family Committer on Student Counseling and Religious Activities 2; University Chorus 1,2. CHARLES EMERSON FOX, Jr. 36 Grant Place Waltham, .Mass. Waltham High Se-hool MikII. School Music Kappa Phi Kama; Delta Mu Alpha; Inlcrfra-lemily Basketball 3; Class President I. Permanent President 4; Gilbert and Sullivan Association 1,3, 4; Gke Club, University 3,4; Hub, Departmental Kditor I; Orchslra, University 4; Senior Week Committee; Student Athletic Council 3;. MARY MARGARET DONOHUE 101 lYovidcner Street Worevster. Mass. New England Conservator)' of Music Columbia Uniwrsity Mus.B. School Music Gilbert and Sullivan .Win I ion 4; Student Government. Departmental 4. RUTH l.ois K RAM HR 27 Pomdllon Road IXorchester, Mass. »irU Latin School Mu . II. Music Alpha Kappa; (iillierl nrnl Sullivan Association:i. KTIIEI. CUMULI) HANNA JOHNSON 110 (‘ranch Street (Juiiicv. Mass. (Juincy lliirh School Mus.B. School Music I'hi Mu Epsilon; Class Srcrctnry 2, Vice-President I; Dramatic Club I. 2. 3; (iilhert and Sullivan Association 1,2.3.4; Glee (Tub. Girls’!. 2,3.4; Student Government, Departmental 1; University ( horns 2,3.4; University Student Council 3,4. PAULINE KRAVIT7, 2s Daring Road Matta|ian, Mass. Ronburj' Memorial lliirh School Mu .II. School Music Phi Mu Epsilon; AvuVah (‘lull I, 2; Gilbert ami Sullivan Association I; IVodor I: University Jewish Council 4. H. KATIIAR1NK IIUIIIIARD 131 Masooma Street l hanon, N. II. Lebanon N. II. lliirh School Music Supert isoc’s Certificate (Ike Club, University 2; Student Volunteers 2: University Chorus 1.2. MAE WHISK LINDSAY 30 llmok Hill Rond Milton, Mass. Mon High School Practical Art Mus.B. School Music Phi Mil Kfisilon; Choir 1. VERA LOUISE LUYSIIK Picrceton. lad. Warren ami (hilla Imliana llu'h Schools Mus.B. School Music Phi Mu Epsilon; Gilbert and Sullivan Association I; Gler (Tub, Girts 4. JANE LOIS SPOFFORD UK) North Avenue Haverhill, Mass. Haverhill lliirh School Mu .ll. School Music (iilltcrt and Sullivan Association 3, I; Orchestra, Unimaty 3,4. MAXINE FLORENCE MtCLARENCK Saitons River, Vt. North Carolina Woman’s Col lew M Piano Della Della Della. ALBERT ABRAHAM RUDMAN 179 Ferry Street Malden, Mass. Malden llijrh School Mii'.R. Composition Kappa Nu; Kappa Phi Kappa; Varsity Football 3; Dance Orchestra I. 2, 3,4; (iilhert and Sullivan Association 3.4; (lice Club, Men's 4; Orchestra, University 1.2,3,4; Student Faculty Committee on Student Counseling and Religious Activities 3, 4; University Hand 2; University Jewish Council 4. JUDITH VIRGINIA PEI.LKY 43 Loevst Street Lynnfidd, Maas. Wakefield ll'«h School Mu .B. School MusicFRANCES ELEANOR WHEELER 2 Prospect Street Antrim. N. II. Lasell Junior College University of Norik Carolina Mus.B. Piano Delta Drlta Delta. HUES' CIIARIjOTTE WEINBERG 70 Cheney Slrcrl Roibury, Mass. New England Conservatory of Music M ...I! Piano Bowling4; Freshman Tennis I. HERBERT ROY WILKINS 27 Emm1 Street Medlonl IlilUiile. Mix . Medford High School Mns.B. Orean. School Music K;i|i|m Phi kappa; Varsity football 3; Ch s Permanent Agent 4; Ckss Trwsurrr 4; "Fa" Club; Gilbert and Sullivan .Association.'{. 4; (tier C.ub, University it, Conductor 4; Student Athletic Council . 4; I’nivmity Chora 3,4. HARRY GILSON STARR 22 Clifford Street Roxliurv. Maas. Ro bunr High School Mus.ll. School Music JEANNETTE ZIMBEL 331 Main Street Woburn, Mix Woburn High School Music Supervisors Certificate Claw Vice-President I; Hilbert ami Sullivan Association 4; I'nivmity Chorus I. MARY WILMA RICHEY Si University Road Brookline, Mass. Brookline High School Mus.B. School Music Delta Della Della; Gilbert and Sullivan Association 1,2,3,4. WALTER MILTON SMITH. JR. I Virginia Road Quincy, Mass. Quint)' High School. Ithaca College Mus.8. Applied Mu ic. Trumpet lambda; Kappa Phi Kappa; Della Mu Alpha; Bails) Art Society I; Class Yice-Proideiit 3; "Fa" Club 2. 3,4; Glee Club, Men1' 2.3.4. Orchestra 2,3,4; Univmily Band 3,4; I’nivmity Chorus 3,4. MARGARET MARY RUSSELL State Street Sandwich. Miss. II. T. Wing High School | -.It. School Musk- Choir 2.3,4; Glee Club. Girls' 1.2.3,4; Student llottse, Ses-relar)- 2. Treaxtirer 3, President 4; University Chorus 1,3,4.MARY IjOUISH HARRY EDWARD MALTZMAN 32 Albion Street UwTetKv, Mi", hvtrcnce Hull Solwol Mus.B. Scliool Music Phi Mu Epsilon 2.3, President 4; (iillirrl ami Sullivan Association 3, 4; (ilee Club, Girl ’ 1, 2, 3, Manager 4; Ozanuni Club 3,4. ,S Maverick Street Chelsea. Mass. Gielm Huh School Min. IK Composition Delta Mu Alpha. President 3; Gilbert ami Sullivan Association 1.2,3,4; Orchestra, University 1,2,3,4. RUTH ROBERTA KEYIN' 72 Hay Street Brockton, Mass. Brockton Huh School Music Supervisors Certificate Class Secretary 1;.Gilbert and Sullivan Association I; Orchestra, University 1,4; University Chorus 1,2,3,4. FRED SAMUEL MIIIKIANT 52 Monroe Street Nen Britain. Conn. Holy Cross College Mus.ll. Music Intramural Basketball 3; Dance Orchestra 3. JEANETTE ADAH KEYIN' 72 Hay Street Brockton, Mas. Brockton lliirh School MikII. Piano Phi Mu Epsilon; Glee Club, Girls' 1 ELEANOR LOUISA SMALL 14 Green Street Marl lelioad, Mass. Marblehead Huh School Mus.H. Applied Music-Phi Mu Epsilon.Back Row: Alviani, Dcnsmore, King, Kulvin, Stewart, Reardon Front Row: Smith, Lane, Mcnde, AdnotT, Ackerman President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . President Vice-President Secretary . Underclass Officers JUNIOR CLASS ...................................Mary Lane .................................. Hose Mends ............................. Constance Adnoff ..................................Leila Smith SOPHOMORE CLASS .................................Robert King .............................Margaret Stewart ................................Herbert Ludwig FRESHMAN CLASS President..........................................................................Arthur Reardon Vice-President....................................................................Beverly Ackerman Secretary..................................................................... Doric Alviani Treasurer..........................................................................Helen Kulvin CHOOL OF RfLIGIOUJ FDUCflTIOnOfficers of Instruction DANIEL L. MARSH, Pii.D., Lm.D., L.H.D., I.L.I)., President of the I Diversity. 230 Buckminster lid., Brookline HENRY II. MEY ER, A.M., Ph.Dm Tn.l)., Dean and Professor of Religious Education, 24 Mount Vernon St., Boston JOHN C. S. ANDREWS, A.M., S.T.R., Professor of Economics and Sociology, 170!) Beacon St., Brookline ESTHER WILLARD BATES, A.M., Professor of Dramatic Art, 108 Forest St., Wellesley Hills EDWIN P. BOOTH, S.T.B., Pn.l)., Registrar and Professor of History of Religious Education and Church History, Islington ELIZABETH HARRIS, B.R.E.. A.M., Associate Professor of Elementary Religious Education, 58 South Russell St., Boston HOWARD M. LeSOCRD, A.M.. Pii.l)., Professor of Religions Education, 206 Waverlcy Ave., Newton EARL MARLA'IT, A.M., S.T.B., Pn.l)., Lirr.I)., Professor of Philosophy and Ethics,!) Willow St., Boston MARIE COLE POWELI B.A., Instructor in Elementary Religious Education, 61 (iarland ltd., Newton Centre WARREN T. POWELI A.M., B.D., Associate Professor of Religious Education, 64 Garland ltd., Newton Centre AZARIAII FOSTER REIMER, A.M., S.T.B.. Assistant Professor in Institutional Work, 63 Francis St., Brookline HENRY ACGI'STINESMITII, A.M., Professor of Fine Arts in Religion, 6 Rockledge ltd., Newton Highland' OSBERT WRKillTMAN WARMINGHAM, A.B., S.T.B., Professor of Biblical History and Literature (on leave, first semester 1933 34), 8$ Chestnut St., Woburn CHARLES R.ZAHNISEIt, A.M,S.T.B., Pu.D., Professor of Social Science, 20 Mount Vernon St., BostonHENRY II. MEYER, Pal)., DmBock Bor. Miller, Hodgkins, Surguine, Seliaper Front Amt:Oddi, Richmond, Asbury, Whynun, Scott Student Senate—S.R.E. Student Senate of S.R.E. is the official student governing body of the school. It directs 1 student activities and acts as a link between faculty and students. President Vice-President Secretary . . Treasurer . . hmrsity Council Social Chairman . Decolional Chairman Huh Kepresentatire . Thomas Asbury . Janet Richmond Ruth Wiiyman Margaret Scott L A FOREST IloDGKIXS Esther Surguine Richard Sciiapkr . Margaret Odell Little Miller Back or Wlivman, Lucas FronlBoir: Houghton, .Miller, Von Kamecke Senior Class Officers THE Senior (lass Officers at S.R.E. this year will become the permanent heads of the (lass of 1934 at that department of the University. The officers were chosen at a meeting of the Senior Class to appoint a small group of officials who would Ik able to cooperate with the General Alumni Association of the University in keeping in touch with members of the graduating class after they have left college and also to arrange for the annual Class reunions. Lucile Miller was the choice for the class presidency, while Leon Lucas was elected vice-president. The Class of 1934 selected Theodore Von Kamecke, secretary. Two memliers of the Senior Class at S.R.E. were named Class Agents to work under the supervision of the General Alumni Secretary. They are Reman! S. Houghton and Ruth Louise Whvman.ZILLAII JANE IMJWKli III Broadway Street Pawtucket, II. I. No England Training School Broun Cnivwity B.R.E. PRUDENCE (’Mil) I H» Edna Aw nuc Bridgeport, Conn. Junior College of Connedicut B.S.inS.S. Class Executive Committee 3; CL.- President 3; Student Government, Departmental I; S.R.K. Banquet 3; Student Senate 3. EDYTIIE MAE GORDON 111 BratMork Park Boston, Mas. B.S.inSS. JOHN STANLEY BELLINGER St. Hows, NM). Univwity of North Dakota Interaountain Union College L niRIXT EDMUND HODGKINS $9 ShawmiU Avenue Baton, Mass. Bowdoin College B.S. inS.S. Socul Science Della Ijhibn Fraternity; How-Pot Conirniltce 3: Student Senate 3,1; Univwity Student Council u LEON LUCAS 177 Webster Si reel Boston, .Mass, Boston Cnivwily ,C.L ., College City New York Dean's List -I; Student Volunteers I. HENRY WARDEN VAN DEMAX Ghent, N. Y. Cornell Univwity B.S. in S.S. MARION UTILE MILLER I l-nyan Street UwTenr?, Mass. Boston University, C.L.A. B.S.inS.S. Fox Hall President I; Harriet K. RMurd Coopera-live House, Treasurer 2. President 3; S.R.H. Ban- lix-t. Chairman I; S.R.E. Play I;Student Government Board C.L . I; Student Senate 4; Y.W.C.A. Commission 1,2. ELIZABETH MAE TOC ROT 237 West -ith Street Oswego, N. Y. Foils College for Girls B ILK. Social Service Cosmopolitan Clnb t; Dramatic Club L ELEANOR MOORE 40 Qieen Street Wormier, Mass. Antioch College, Smith College B.S.inS.S.KITH LOUISE WIIVMAX 73 Wolcott Avenue Malden, Mass. Chicago Training School II.S. in S.S. Choral Arl Society 2, Secretary 3; Hull 3; Junior Cl.i" Play 3; News. I; S.K.E. Banquet 3; Student Senate 3, Secretary 4. THEOIMIRE HERMANN VON KAMECKK.Jr. 31 Wetlgemere Rood Malden, Mass. Andom Newton Theoltfical Institution R.S. in S.S. Psychology Worship Committee. BERNARD SHAVER HOUGHTON 35 Granite Street Whilinsvillc, Mass. Beeher’s Business College B.S.inS.S. Sociology Athletic Committer I; Choral Art Society t; Fine ArtsCluli 2; Junior Class Play I; Social Committee, Chairman I; Student Senate I. SIGRII) C. BJORKLUND 20$ Oliver Street Malden, Mass. Malden High School B.R.K. SUSAN MABEL IIOOLE 82 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, Mass. ILS. in S.S. FRANCES L UDELL 20!l Belmont Street Belmont, Mass, Simmons College B.H.K. CHOOL Of THEOLOGYOfficers of Instruction DANIEI. L. MAHSH, Pii.l)., Litt.I)., L.H.D., LL.I)., President of the University, 80 Buckminster M, Brookline ALBERT C. KNUDSON, Pii.l)., TiikolD., LL.I)., Dean of the School of Theology and Professor of Systematic Theology, S Maple Ave., Cambridge FHEI) WINSLOW ADAMS, S.T.D., D.D., Professor of Worship and The Pastoral Office, 3 Burrill St., Swampscott EDWIN PRINCE BOOTH, S.T.U., Pii.l)., Professor of History of Religious Edueation and Church History, 0 Mount Vernon St., Boston EIKiAR SHEFFIELD BRIGHTMAN, A.M., S.T.B., Pii.l)., LL.I)., Borden Parker llowne Professor of Philosophy, l Braelaml Ave., Newton Centre RICHARD MORGAN CAMERON, S.T.B., Pii.l)., Assistant Professor of Church History and New Testament, Barretts Mills ltd., Concord GEORGE CROFT CELL, S.T.B., Pn.l)., Danforth Richardson Dunn Professor of Historical Theology, IS Prospect St., Reading JAMES It. HOUGHTON, A.M., Assistant Professor of Church Musicand Worship, 81 Grove St., Melrose GEORGE ARTHUR HUNTLEY, M.D., Lecturer on Missions, l Sutherland ltd., Brookline ELMER ARCHIBALD LESLIE, S.T.B., Pii.l)., Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament Literature, «8 Mason Terrace, Brookline ADOLPHUS LIN FI ELD, B.R.E., S.T.B., Professor of Evangelism and Director of Supervised Field Work, !) Everett Ave., Watertown WILLI AM JACKSON LOWSTI TER, Pii.l)., D.D., Registrar and Professor of New Testament Literature and Interpretation, 181 Charles St., Boston EARL BOWMAN MARLATT, A.M, S.T.B., Pii.D, Litt.I)., Professor of Philosophy,!) Willow St., Boston BASIL.JOSEPH MATHEWS, A.M., T.l). Collins Professor of Christian World Relations, London, England CHARLES MELVIN M CONNELL, A.B., S.T.B., Professor of Town and Country Church, Chicopee Row, Groton HAROLD WASHINGTON RUOPP, A.M..S.T.B., Professor of Artaud History of Preaching, 140 Institution Ave., Newton Centre WILLI AM LeRoy STIDGER, D.D., Litt.D., Professor of the Theory of Preaching, 74 Highland Ave., Newtonville FRANCIS LORETFE STRICKLAND, Pii.l)., D.D., Professor of the History and Psychology of Religion, 48 Mason Terrace, Brookline DAVID DAVIES VAUGHAN, S.B., A.M., Tenney Professor of Social Ethics, 111 Kent Square, Brookline CLYDE E. Wll.DMAN.S.T.B., Pii.l)., Southworth Professor of Old Testament History and Religion, 8(1 Hurd RiL. BelmontALBERT ('. K.VUDSOX, Tiikol.D, DeanBack How: Jack, Seifert, Holthaus, Fix, Cooper front Koir: McKIdowncy, 1) m1j:c. Baldwin, McCulloh, Burcliell Mount Vernon Student Association A VARIETY of activities is conducted by the student body of the School of Theology through its own organization, the Mount Vernon Student Association. Its social activities range from the annual Student Reception and the semi-annual Open House to a series of Dormitory parties to promote fellowship among the students. An employment bureau is maintained which has been of particular service this year, as well as an unemployment fund for the henelit of needy students. Outside speaking engagements for foreign students are provided. The athletic department includes a varied gymnasium program, featuring the School basketball team in the Intra-mural League, under the student athletic director. Through the Devotional department, weekly devotional and occasional special meetings are held. In coo|K ration with the school, the annual Gospel Team work this year found eleven teams working in thirty-three churches of several denominations over a period of three months. This is the Association's farthest-reaching activity.Haim, Stackhouse, Dodge, .lack Senior Class Officers President................................................................Ralph E. Dodge Vice-President............................................................Paul M. Hann Secretary-Treasurer.................................................Dale C. Stackhouse Permanent Secretary.....................................................Charles II. Jack THE (lass of “84" was one of the largest classes ever to seek admission to the School of Theology. Under the leadership of Ray Ragsdale the class was active in the program of the school, winning the class basketball tournament and placing high in '1 , e class activities. During the middle year the class functioned with Charles II. Jack as president. Again the class ranked high in the competitive activities of the school. The third and senior year was marked by a strong and unified class spirit. A fund was raised to purchase the class gift, an appropriate chandelier for our beautiful parlor. The outstanding event of the year was the class banquet held on April 10, in the First Methodist Church. Bishop Charles Wesley Burns, resident bishop of the Boston area of the Methodist Church, was the guest shaker. After dinner speeches were made by members of the faculty and the leaders of the class. Members of the committee were: J. Edward Thomas, Everett Barrows, Harold I). Neel. 00143320EVERETT RAYMOND HARROWS Tewksbury Slrrrt Ballnrdvale, Mass. Boston University, C.LA. S.T.B. I.iiiiImD; Kreshnan Basketball. DONALD HART BALDWIN Fort Shaw, Moot. Inlermountain Union College, B.A. S.T.B. Gospel Team 1. Captain 2: Mount Vernon Student Association I, Secretary 2, President II; Seminary Singers I. President 2. ROY BERTRAND BRETT 56 Irvine Street Somerville. Mass. Boston University, S.R.K. S.T.B- (i«'|iel Team ROBERT DONALDSON ANNAND 1125 East 2nd Street Duluth, Minn. University nl Minnesota; Wheaton College III., Taylor University S.T.B. FREDERIC CHARLES CARPENTER R.l). I., Fillmore, N. Y. Boston University, S.R.E., B.R.E. S.T.II. Education JAMES HENRY BUIKEMA 1135 West Broadway Council Bluffs, Iowa Simpson College, A.It. S.T.B. (iospel Team I; Mount Vernon Slmlent Association 1,2,3; Seminary Singer 1,2,3. RALPH EDWARD DOIMIE Terril. Iowa Taylor Univmily S.T.B. liildiral Literature Class Basketball 1.2.3; Intramural Baskctlxill:{; ('lass Executive Committee 1.3: Class Secretary!; ( lass President 3; GoovlTeam 1,2; Mount Vernon Student Axsocialion, Virv-Presielont 3, FRANK ADOLPHUS COURT 0 Church Street MaiwticsIeT, Mass. Stanford Univmily, Cornell College S.T.B. EDWIN II. DICKEY Dresden, Ohio Ohio State Univmilv SJ.B. i IIERDIS l ROY DEABI.ER CaiKie, Mich. North Central College, Evangelical Thcologirul Seminary S.T.B. Gospel Team I; Rev. Edmund M. Ilevlie Fellow, 19514).PAUL MARKLEYIIANX Winter , Ion Simpson College S.T.B. CIim Vice-President 1, Cb« Permanent Prr Mk nt; Gospel Team I; Mount Vernon Student Avsocu lion. GEORGE LANSING FOX ELVIN LESTER IIINERMAX Granitevillr, Vl. 2031-iilh Avenue Boston University, S.R.E., Huntington, w. Va. Illinois Wesleyan University Asbury College, A.B. S.T.B. S.T.B. Bible Mount Vernon Student Association 1,2,3. OTIS ROSE FISCHER 1300 Harvard Street Houston, Trias Rice Institute S.T.B. :H Biblical Literature Gospel Team 2: Mount Vernon Student Association 1,2,3; Roswell R. Robinson Fellowship, ISO. - • i im= PAUL LORING Hll.SLANDER 22 (ieorgr Street Oran, N. V. Cornell University; Bouton University M.A. S.T.B. Bible Seminary Singers 1.2,3. t: Stude nt Faculty Committee on Student Counseling ami Religious Activities 1. =4 SELDKN DEE KELLEY .s High Street Malden. Mass, Olivet College, A.B., Lmt Seminary-, Boston University, A.M. S.T.B. Wh 93} MORRIS CL RK MeELDOWXEY Fontandlc, Ion Simpson University, A.B. State I nivenilv of Iowa. M.A. S.T.B. Biblical Literature Gospel Tram 1; Mount Vernon Student Association 2, 3; Seminary Singers 1; Student Disarmament (Ml: University Student Council 2,3; Y.M.C.A. Fellowship 1. GEORGE EDGAR KELSEY Hilliard, Ftakla tawrrncr University, PUttcville Teachers College 'll; Biblkal lire Gospel Tram 1,2. WILLIAM I MILLER Orleans, Mam. Ohio Northern University. Witmannm Seminary ERNEST GRANT MAGUIRE 191 Traprdo Road Belmont, Mis . Boston University, C.B.A. S.T.B. Old Testament Mount Vernon Student Association.CHARLES AIIRAM REEVES Box 57 Ratio, Moat. Ilamliao University, A.B., Montana Slate I’ni-vcrsily, lUton University, A.M. S.T.B. Theology HAROLD L. NICHOLS Medford, Okla. University rf Oklahoma, R.S.. Oklaboma City UniwTsilv, Garrett Biblind Intitule S.T.B. Theology (•i s|h I Tram It, L S.T.B. LRSSKLL CAMBRON Rl’CKKR Weir. W. Vn. Wot Virginia Wesleyan Unimsily HAROLD DAVIS XBBL 725 North Washington Slrrot Wellington, Kan. Asbury College, Asbury Theological Seminary Wiehita I'nireisity S.T.B. (kopel Team 1; Seminary' I; Senior Banquet Commit lev. IIKRBKRT LEVI SCHUCKKRS Brookville, Pa. ('larion State Teacher's College Taylor Cnivonity. Biblical Seminary. N. Y. C. S.T.B. New Testament S.F.S. ROBERT MARVIN STUART Wood Hole, Mas. Taylor University, A.B., Oiiracn I’niwnily S.T.B. Intramural Basketball 2, !5; Student Preachers Fellowship 2,3. CHESTER RAYMOND COOPER Imlianola. Iowa Sim| on, College, A.B. S.T.B. JOHN EDWARD THOMAS 1205 WestJohrwin Street Madison. Wk University erf Wmirisin S.T.B. New Testament Senke Banquet, Ckiinnan. CARL (HTO WIREY Route No. 6 Franklin, Indiana Franklin College, Imliana Uni rr ity, Oakland City College S.T.B.CLARENCE EMIL ACIIBRRGBR 721 Sumner Street Akron, Ohio Baldwui-Walkcc College A.M. Biblical Literature Mount Vernon Student Association 1,2,3; Semin-ary Sinners 1,2,3. GEORGE CHAPIN BEEBB 127 Huntington llacv Simludcy, Ohio S.T.B. Philosophy Phi Kappa P i; Oinicmn Della Kappa, Honorary; Christian Socialists Club; Mount Vernon Student Association. GEORGE MARCELLUS BURNWORTH R.F.D., No. 2 Confluence, Pa. Mount Union College, S.H. S.T.B. (impel Team I, 2; Mount Vernon Student Amo-ciation 1,2,3; Seminary Singers 1,2,3. RICHARD HOLMES CIIRTCI1E m Pleasant Street Elat Weymouth. Mass. Ohio Wesleyan University 8.T.II. CHESTER R. COOPER 310 North Howard Street Iildianola, lonn Montana Wesleyan, Simpson College, A.B. S.T.B. Christian Socialists Club 1,2,3; Gospel Team 1,2; Mount Vernon Student Association 1,2,3. CHARLES JOHN FIX Agency, low Iowa Wesleyan University S.T.B. New Testament Intramural Basketball2,3; Athletics, Manager 2,3; Mount Vernon Student Association 2,3; Seminary Singers 1; Student Athletic Council, Secretary 3. LLEWELLYN' OSCAR GRIFFITH 324 North 3d Street Hamilton, Ohio Miami University, Taylor University, A.B., Boston University, A.M. S.T.B. Psychology Class Basketball 2,3. RAYMOND WILSON HALLMAN Middleton), Del. Dickinson College S.T.B. Gospel Team 1,2; Seminary Singers 3. CHARLES HAROLD JACK 14.» West Sandusky Street Mcehankslturg, Ohio Ohio Northern University; Miami University DePauw University S.T.R. Della Sigma Rho, Class Treasurer 2, President 3, Permanent Secretary 4; Mount Vernon Student Association. ALBERT G. JENKINS Toledo, Ohio Bob ling Green State College, Findlay College S.T.B. SIDNEY L MeCAIG Brady, Nebr Kearney State Teacher’s College S.T.P. JOHN WILLIAM Mc.MAIIAN Cheshire, Ohio Witlenburg College S.T.B, Old Tot amen I Intramural Basketball 2, 3; Gospel Team I, 2; Seminary Singers 1,2; Student Preachers Fellowship. HOWARD HENRY PALMER Independence. Ion Corot!! College S.T.B. GospelTcam 1,2,3. ROY WOODFORD PFAFF ti|0 West Central Bird. Anaiiarku. Okla. Oklahoma City University S.T.B. GospelTcam I. CHARLES REMY QUERY Indianapolis, Ind. DePauw University, A.B. S.T.B. Bitlieal Literature Christian Socialists Club 3; Mount Vernon Student Association 2,3; Seminary Singers 2. KENNETH G. ROGERS SC Court Street Exeter. N. II. DePaun University S.T.B. ERNEST ALLISON SHEPHERD Ml. Sterling Ohio Ohm Wesleyan University M.A..S.T.B. PhiUphy Christian Socialists Club I. 2, 3, President 4; Mount Vernon Student Association 4. CIIANDIS DALE STACKHOUSE Bourbon, Ind. DePauw University, A.B. S.T.B. New Testament Intramural Basketball 3; Class Secretary, Treasurer 4; Student Athletic Council I. JOSEPH ANTHONY STEVENSON 2 Range Avenue Lynn, Mass. Boston University, C.LA. S.T.B. PETER TAIJKKA Lumivanra, Finland Tavlor University, Hamline University S.T.B. Cosmopolitan Chib 2; Seminary Singers 2. KLISWORTH MARCELLUS TILTON 3)1 h Street Northwest Canton. Ohio Mount Union ('allege A. B. Boston University, M.A. S.T.B. Phi Kappa Tau; Class Basketball 2.3; Intramural Basketball 1,2,3; Hub 3; Seminary Singers 1,3; Student Athletic Council 2. CURTIS PHILIP TORRANCE 253 West Lafayette Avenue Syracuse, N. Y. Wesleyan University, B..A. Boston University, M.A. S.T.B. (KOfelTram 1,2. TROY M. WAKEFIELD Kingwood, W. Va. Fairmont State College Wot Virginia Wesleyan University SLT.B. Seminary Singers 1,2,1 CHARLES NEV1L WHITE 3150 North Main Street Fall River, Mass. Union College S.T.B. JOSHUA 0. WILLIAMS 531 Mesquite Street San Antonio, Texas Wiley College 8.T.B. Omega Psi Phi; Semiiury Singers I. HANFORD DOUGLAS WRIGHT I IN North Meade Street Appleton, Wis. I-awTcmc Colkge S.T.B. Go$)m-I Team 1,2. ARSIIAM (iEORGE YERAMIAN 60 Marlborough Street Chelsea, Mass. Apostolic College, B.A.; S.D., Slate College; Northeastern University, B.B.A.; Princeton Seminary; Gordon College of Theology and Missions S.T.B.Robinson ChapelUIWEMTY ctivitie;Hud'How: llink, Davis, OsUrne, Surguiiie, Coffin, Hassell Smut Hoir: 1-cecli, (Jay, Harris, Chrislhilf, Driscoll, Warmer, Thompson, Lane Front Row: Hodgkins, Johnson, McKenna, Dr. Marsh, Loeser, McKIdowney, .McAlpine University Student Council J President............................................................James A. McKenna Secretary-Treasurer.................................................. Rosemary T. Loeser Thomas McAlpine College of Liberal Arts W esley Osborne James McKenna College of Business Administration Cilenn Rink W. Colin Copp College of Business Administration—Erening Dirision Carl bescher Rosemary Loeser College of Practieal Arts and Letters Irene Scott Ethel Johnson College of Music Mary Lane Morris McEldowney School of Theology George W. Warmer John Driscoll School of Law Oliver Thompson Raymond II. Coffin School of Medicine Homan E. Leech Christie Harris School of Education Eunice Bassett Adeline Christhilf Sargent School Miriam P. Gay La Forrest Hodgkins School of Beligious Education Esther Surguine Frank R. Philbrook Graduate School Dorothy R. DavisBack How: Itonka, Wilkins, Fox, Davis, Kcough, Harris, Smith, Pickles Second Bow: Hall, Houghton, Hunt, vonKnmecke, Mignault, Philbrook, (ioeppner, Hopkins, Copp, Adkins 'rou Bow: Hubbard, McLaughlin, Hanlon, Doyle, Sneirson, Miller, Smith, l.ielierman, Golden University Alumni Association for 1934 PERMANENT OFFICERS Chairman...................... Secretary..................... College of Liberal Jr George R. Ronka, President Hugh McLaughlin, Secretary Harrison Davis, Agent College of Music Emerson Fox, President Katherine Hubbard, Secretary Herbert R. Wilkins, Agent School of education Christie P. Harris, President Arlene Golden, Secretary School of Religious education Marion L Miller, President Theodore vonKameckc, Jr., Secretary Bernard Houghton, Agent School of Theology Paul M. Hann, President Charles II. Jack, Secretary Ralph Dodge, Agent School of Medicine____________ . . William II. Sneirson . . Isabell M. Doyle College of Business Administration James E, Smith, Jr., President Grace V. Hanlon, Secretary Frank E. Pickles, Agent Prening Dirision W. Colin Copp, President Agnes Smith, Secretary Edward Keough, Agent College of Practical Arts and Letters Frances T. Adkins, President Beatrice Hall, Secretary Isabell Doyle, Agent School of Law William II. Sneirson, President Dorothy B. Mignault, Secretary Philip Liberman, Agent Sargent School Beatrice I). Pratt, President Marion Newcomb. Secretary Beatrice Hunt, Agent ('minute SchoolStudent Faculty Committee J THE DEPARTMENT OF STFDENT COUNSELING AND RELIGIOFS ACTIVITIES THE department of Student Counseling and Religious Activities is an All-University organization, functioning through its Student-Faculty Committee, composed of three student representatives ami one faculty representative from each department of the University together with representatives from the Catholic, Jewish, and Protestant groups. The work of this Department is conducted hv the following sub-committees: I. Student Counseling, which aims to assist students with their vocational and other personal problems. This committee cooperates with faculty representatives of each of the departments of the I Diversity. The resources of this group arc available to any student who may desire counsel upon his or her problems. t Inter-Religious work, which seeks to promote better understanding and appreciation of the different religious faiths and relate students to the churches and synagogues of their own preferences. 8. Student Social Service, which seeks to have students share in university and community enterprises for civic and social betterment. I. Research and curriculum, which seeks to discover student religious needs and recommend to the administration changes or additions in the curriculum that would more adequately meet these needs. 5. Student Faculty Relations, which considers spontaneous and informal groupings of students and interested faculty meml ers who will lead discussions of student interest. 15. International and Interracial, which seeks to bring about an intelligent understanding and appreciation of the various national and racial groups found in our University. 7. Student Forum, which secures outstanding national leaders to present significant problems to our students. THE MEMBERSHIP OF THE STUDENT FACULTY COMMITTEE FOR 1983-84 College oj Liberal Arts- Prof. Warren 0. Ault, Martha Chapman, Katharine (ireen. Harrison Davis, Mary Riddell, Wesley Osborne f'ollegeof Business Administration Prof. John C. Scammell, Louis Janies, Cecil Wethcrlrce Crating Dirision—Prof. I). O’Neil, William Leary, Gordon Walker College oj Practical Arts and Utters -Prof. Samuel Dupertuis, Frances Clapp, Victoria Balukonis College of Music—Vrol Albert Sherman, Alltert Rudman, Mary Lane School oj Theology- Prof. Clyde Wildman, Paul Hulslander, Donald Baldwin School oj .dir-Prof. James Carter, Rudy Ruggles School of Medicine- Frank Philbrook School oj education Prof. Earle A. Brooks, Dorothy Miller, Arlene Golden Sargent School Virginia Tribou, Eleanor Dalcv, Betty Mae Brown School oj Religious Education—Prof. Edwin Booth, Margaret Odell Oraduatc Moo —Prof. Edgar Sheffield Brightman, Margaret ScottBoston University Orchestra DI KING the present season, the Boston University Orchestra has been under the direction of Mr. Arthur Fiedler, the well-known conductor of “ Pops" and founder of the Esplanade Concerts. Mr. Robert Cohen, College of Music '83, has acted as concert-master and student conductor, and Mr. Robert King, College of Musichas been the librarian. This year the Orchestra has given some very successful symphony concerts, and proposes a popular concert to he given during May. Under Mr. Fiedler, the Orchestra has resumed the policies established by Mr. Augusto Yannini, and has studied works of the modern school, as well as of the standard repertories. At its spring concert, it studied two English works and gave them their first performance in America. At this concert it was assisted by a group from the University Chorus. V Wt ¥ V toflt fair: McGuire, Thompson, Boody, Reardon, Wight Third Row: Moulton, Keeler, Dunn, Samuelian, Partridge, Lundgren, Avakian, Tulin Second Row: Martin, Werner, Fox, Small, Finch, Oiernusky, Borchers, Hillings Front Row: Dillawav, Kaller, Squires, Field, Wilkins, Knapp, Kuilmau, Head, Dane Men's Glee Club TI1K 1’niversity Men’s (ilec Club consists of fifty men from all departments of the University. Mr. Ralph E. Brown, Comptroller of Boston University is the coach. The following are I he officers: conductor, Herbert Wilkins, College of Music; manager, Seth II. Field, C.B.A.; librarian, Edwin Wolf, C.L.A.; accompanist, Howard White, C.L.A.; associate conductors,’ , College of Music, and Arthur Knapp, (’.LA. Club soloists for the year include: Joseph II. James, baritone, College of Music; Walter Smith, Jr., cornetist, College of Music; Donald Read, tenor, C.L.A.; Carmi Squires, baritone, College of Music; Albert Riidman, saxophonist, College of Music; Harry Oestreich, tenor, School of Education. About thirty-five concerts will have been given by the end of the season. MEMBERS m Hurry Bundy Karl Kaller Alliert A. Kudman Clyde Dane IlorlK'rt F. Ludwig Walter Smith, Jr. ('. Warren Dillawav Arnold l.iiudgrcn Edwin W. Wilfert Seth 11. Field Edward L. Kandih Herbert Wilkins Joseph II. James Cornelius F. McAuliffe iivix Arthur B. Worthlev, Jr. Louis C. Hillings Iliad Curtis Mcrriinan Malcolm Samuelian Edwaril 1). Horchers William I). Moss Albert B. Todd, Jr. Joseph (Tiernosky Walter 1). Finch George II. Partridge G. Philip Whitman Sam G. Wight Stewart Hailey 1836 ArthnrS. Knapp Carmi C. Squires Leo Bolonsky Edward L. McGuire, Jr. Donald II. Sullivan Everett William Brown George II. Montgomery George E. Werner Paul R. Dunn John E. Moulton Robert F. Pitcher Edwin A. Wolf Hod Woif: Stulwr, Thompson, Powers, Uwslie, Austin, Hubbard, Ackerman, Dewey, Galvin, Borges Second Hotc: Sloane, Russell, Mende, Scott, Erickson, Eliustrom, Klickstcin, Pluta, Stuart, J. ietrie, Burke, Kay Front Hotr: Kane, Baskin, Hayden, Barry, Oliver, Dcnnehy, Morrison, Benoit, N. Vietrie (Girls’ Glee Club THIS year the membership of the Boston University Girls’ Glee Hub under the direction of Miss Marie Oliver of the College of Music Faculty, has been limited to approximately thirty-five girls. With a greater number of applicants it was possible to select a splendid personnel in which the quality of voice and work done steadily improves. This is Miss Oliver’s fourth year as the director of the club. During the season of 1933-34 the club has sung at several concerts in greater Boston and at the Boston University Musical Organization Concert and Dance. Rose Mende, College of Music and Catherine Benoit, School of Education are the accompanists. Eileen Dennchy is president, Mary Louise Barry manager, and Marion Morrison secretary.Boston University Band 9 THE Boston University Band meets regularly throughout the year and oilers to students of the University an opportunity to improve musically under an able conductor and to enjoy the good fellowship that the organization affords. Three persons have been responsible for the success of the Hand for the past year. Walter M. Smith, the nationally known trmn| eter who is the musical director and leader, Lieut. Alfred E. Mck'enney of the U. S. Army who has had general supervision and has taught trick formations and complicated maneuvers for the football programs, and Charles Burg, student leader, under whose direction the Hand has been a regular feature of the football and hockey games. Burg ably conducted at the annual concert recently held at the Hotel Bradford. The members of the Hand have given whole-heartedly of their time to their Alma Mater. The spirit shown is worthy of emulation.The Gilbert and Sullivan Association Presents The Gondoliers or, The King of Barataria Hook by W. S. Gilbert Music by Arthur Sullivan at the Repertory Theatre, Boston Wednesday, May $ and Thursday, May 3.1934 (First produced at the Hmp Theatre, London, December 7,1889) THE CAST The Duke of Plaza Toro (a grandee of Spain) Luiz, his attendant............................. Don Alhambra Del Bolero (the Grand Inquisitor) Marco Palmibri Giuseppe Palmieri i Antonio Venetian Gondoliers . . Francesco Giorgio The Duchess of Plaza Toro....................... Casilda (her daughter).......................... Gianetta 1ESSA Fiametta (Contadine)............................ Vitoria Giulia Inez (the Kings Foster-Mother).................. . Arthur Hewson, C.M. Rodney May, C.M. Doric Aiviani, C.M. James Carmodv. C.M. Hugh Currv, C.M. Morris Tulin, C.B A. Emerson Fox, C.M. Armen Avakian, C.B.A. Erna van de Groen, P.A.L. Marie Timmons, C.M. Ethel Johnson, C.M. Kathleen Howard, Grad. Bernice Mann,S.E. Marion Saphir, C.M. Beverlv Ackerman, C.M. . Dorothy Plata, C.M. Act I. The Piazetta, Venice Act II. Pavilion in the Palace of Barataria (three months later) Date 1750 Ciioris of Cont.vdixk Mary Louise Barry, C.M.; Mary Conlan, C.L.A.; Mary M. Donohue, C.M.; Aloha Fall, C.M.; Priscilla Hayden, S.E.; Edna Cora Johnson, C.M.; Eleanor M. Kane, C.L.A.; Ruth levin, C.M.; Annabelle Marr, P.A.L.; Eleanor Powers C.L.A.; Mary Reidell, C.L.A.; Wilma Richey, C.M.; Katherine Sutton, C.B.A.; Helen Sloan, ('.LA.; Harriet Tcdford, C.L.A.; Wilma Thompson, C.M.; Claire X. Thuot, C.M.; Jeanette Zimbel, C.M. Ciiori s of Gondoliers John Anderson, C.B.A.; Louis C. Billings, C.B.A.; II. Marston Bradbury, C.B.A.; Edward T. Collier, C.B.A.; C. Warren Dillaway, Jr., C.B.A.; Seth Field, C.B.A.; Walter I). Finch, C.B.A.: 11. Russell Johnston, C.B.A.; Paul Kelioe, C.M.; Edward E. Kaller, C.ll.A.; Robert Marden, C.M.; Clifton Pike, C.ll.A; Arthur A. Rae, C.B.A.; Hnllct II. Stiles, C.B.A.; Rol ert II. Wadmnn, C.B.A.; Edward Wheeler, C.B.A.: Herbert R. Wilkins, C.ll.A.; Allen R. Worley, C.ll.A.; David H. Winnick, C.ll.A.; Sam G. Wight, C.ll.A.; Dexter W. Wesson, C.ll.A. B. LLKT-Mnrion Baskin, Mary P. Burke, Ruth F. Campbell, Marion A. Donahue, Genevieve Gilmartin, Velina A. Graham, Alice Howard, M. Phyllis Kirby, Rosemary Loeser, Mary H. McCarthy, Mary Jane McMurray, Margaret Reid, Margaret T. Sharry, Helen Wlialan, all of P.A.L. Coach and Director, Prof. Harry II. Center, C.ll.A. Central Manager, W. Herliert Crockett, C.ll.A. Mutiiiw Manager, George Nixon, C.ll.A. Student Musical Director, Robert Cohen, C.M. Stage Manager, Edward W. Center, C.ll.A. '.‘II Dancing Coaches, Miss Ruth Burgess anil Mrs. Edward W. Center Publicity Manager, Elizabeth Follansliee, C.M. PuUicily Auittanl, George W. Slade, C.ll.A.Gilbert and Sullivan—“Gondoliers”M Ibir: Pickles, Cooney, Hathaway, PSoot, Carmody, Hunter, Shea, Silvery, McNamara Front loff.-Sholl, Caldcnvood, McKenna, Smith, Foley, Harris, Slade Chairman . Sul)-Ckiman Secretary Treasurer . . . James E. Smith, Jr., C.B.A. iiristie P. Harris, School of Education . . Doris E. C alder wood, C.L.A. . . . William E. Siioll, C.B.A. . . . Charles 0. Monoiian, Law THE most successful all-l’nivcrsity Junior Week program in recent years was held a year ago with the six undergraduate departments actively cooperating with the committee in charge. The live-day program opened Monday evening, May 1, when the Interfraternity Conference sponsored an informal dance. Field Day was held at Nickerson Field the following afternoon with (lie annual Sport Dance taking place in the evening. On Wednesday the Panhellenic Council conducted its annual Tea Dance at the Hotel Somerset. In the evening the Gilbert and Sullivan Association offered The Mikado, which was presented again on Thursday. The climax of the festivities was reached on Friday evening, May 5, when nearly 500 couples Hocked to the Junior From held in the main ballroom of the Copley Plaza. Music for dancing was played by Claude Hopkins and his Roseland Orchestra from New York Citv. C.L.A. Doris E. Calderwood Frieda P. Eaton George C. Gibson Dorothy E. Hunter Sarijcnl School Madeline Cooney Marietta Ficot JUNIOR WEEK COMMITTEE C.B.A. Kenneth W. Hathaway James A. McKenna Frank E. Pickles William E. Sholl George W. Slade James E. Smith, Jr. College of Music James S. Carmody School of Education Christie F. Harris John A. McNamara Valerie G. Shea PAL Anne J. Foley Ethmi ShornRock Row: Dworken, Gibson, Harris. McKenna. Slade. Stevens Setowl Row: McNamara, O’Brinn, Driscoll, Allen. Fox, Glass, Maginnis Front Row: Taylor, Pickles. Silvery. Nathans, (,’alderwood, Smith Senior Week—1934 Chairman.......................... Suh'Chmrmn . . Secretary......................... Treasurer ........................ University Student Council Delegate . David A. Nathans, Law Ethna J. Silvery, P.A.L. Doris E. Caldbrwood, ( L.A. . Frank E. Pickles, C.B. A. . James K. McKenna, C.B. A. THE first attempt at an all-lmversity Senior Week patterned after the plan of Junior Week, will he next month when members of the graduating class in seven of the Cniversity’s departments together with the Evening Division students, will observe Senior Week from Monday, June 4 until the following Monday evening, June II when the annual Alumni Pops night will take place at Symphony Hall. The Committee has allotted certain nights during the week for the purely departmental Senior banquets and class nights. The climax to the program will be reached on Thursday, June 7, when the all-l’niversity Senior Promenade will lx held at the Hotel Statler. James E. Smith, Jr., of C.B.A., heads the Prom Committee. The following day the Seniors will join with Alumni in observing the annual field day at Nickerson Field. On Sunday, there will he the baccalaureate sermon delivered to members of the graduating class by President Daniel L Marsh. Commencement will he held on Monday morning at the Boston Arena. C.L.A. Doris E. ('alderwood George (’. Gibson Rose Glass School of Education Christie P. Harris SENIOR WEEK COMMITTEE CM. Edward Allen James A. McKenna Frank E. Pickles (ieorge W. Slade James E. Smith, Jr. Leonard W. Taylor Law School John J. Driscoll Edward II. Dworken David A. Nathans Sargent School Mary O’BrianHart■ Ihr: llloickcn, Carter tSflomf How: IiCavill, Connor, Stevens, I’unlom, I evinson, Connare I'roiil Unir: Hums, Pitt,Snealh, Iiltoque, ('nach; McGIvnn University Debating Teams THE University Debating Teams have been exceptionally active this year. Men and women’s varsity debates total over twenty, with seven victories. 'Ilie Faculty -stall' has consisted of Dr. George Sneath, director; and Noel (’. URoque, coach. Mr. William Little coached the Freshman squad. The following men have been members of the Varsity teams: Herbert Stevens, Gerhard Bleicken, Joseph (minor, William Wheeler, Sumner Levinson, and Warren Harris. The Woman’s varsity teams consisted of Lottie Leavitt. Sabyna Burns, Edna Connare, and Doris McGlynn. The Freshman squad, managed by George Heal, was composed of John Williams, Jack Bresna-ham, Bernard Zais. and Edward Parsons. The Varsity teams were managed by Albert T. Pitt, assisted by Willis Carter. Cosmopolitan Club Hack How: Whitman, Davenport, Rabin, Poeld, Wliitman, Turner Third How: Craven, Dillaway, Coldberg, .McGuire, Ward, Demetras, Cannon, Talikka Second How: Riley, Donohue, Gordon, Freeman, Ayres, Sealey, Dobrow, Tourot, Procopio Front Hoir:Sliea, Van Voslmrg, Prof. Powell, James, Williamson, Rayela, Hull, Kvans Newman—Stuart ClubUniVER ITY PUBLICflTIOn — The 1934 Huh REALIZING the strong departmental spirit which exists in Boston 1 niversity, yet realizing the vitally important part which All-University consciousness plays in the academic as well as the later life of the students, the 1934 Hub Board has sanctioned several innovations in make-up and style which are herein presented in the fourt h annual edition of the All-University Senior Annual. The Hub welcomes the entrance of another member of the “ I Hiversitv family ” into the “Senior Album.” For the School of Law has become the eighth University department to forego its own departmental annual in favor of the Hub. The Editors hope that the three parts of the University, namely, the Sargent School, School of Medicine and the Graduate School, will enter officially the Hub More the next edition is produced. Members of the 1934 Hub are greatly indebted to the student body for their cooperation and response in the preparation of this volume. The Editors are also indebted to President Daniel L Marsh, Professor Philip E. Bunker. Professor RoMt E. Moody, and other members of the Administration and Faculty for their careful guidance and advice. We are especially appreciative of the service rendered in the building of this annual by the Departmental Editors on the Hub Board from the various Departments and the staff of Assistants. The EditorsArthur II. Worthier. Jr. Kthna J. Silver} George('. Gibson M. Lueile Miller W. Colin Copp Members of the 1934 Hub Board Editor-in-chief, George W. Slade Business llttwjer, Leonard W. Taylor Associate Editor, Ellen M. Disken Photographic Editor, Rosemary T. Loeser Chairman of Board, Jambs A. McKenna t .LA., George ('. Gibson S.E., Frederic J. Christiansen C.IU., Arthur li. Worthley, Jr. CJ „ C. Emerson Fox, Jr. PJ.L, Ethna J. Silvery S.T., Ellsworth M. Tilton ('.ILL, Erenimj Dirimi, ff. Colin Copp S.R.E., M. Lucille Miller ■«"'• David A. Nathans James A. McKenna Eucidtn Member, Prof. Robert E. Moody Eaeidtg Member, Prof, Philip E. Bunker .Imltnd Business Manager, Frank G. Dink Spirts Editor, Christie P. Harris DEPARTMENTAL PHOTOGRAPHIC EDITORS C. ,.l„ Catherine Couohlan S.T., Ellsyyorth M. Tilton (.11-1., ( ecu, F. Wetiierbee S.E., Mildred Winston P.A.L, Anna Dyjak ('..I ., Ethel Johnson C.IU., Erening Dirision, W. Colin Copp S.H.E., Lucille Miller Law, David A. Nathans EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS Samuel A. Iiornstein Ccorgc Dobrow George Nixon Harold Maclnnis Back Itoir: Cook, Gray, Preston, Wheeler, ais, Gifford, Anshen, I ong Second Ike: Malchman, Graham, Oalderwowl, Cox, Nathans, Johnston, O’Brien, Zolov, Hyman Front Ike: Finch, Bradbury, Dillaway, Professor Hunker, Professor (enter, Slade, Bornstein, Dobrow B. U. News FOR (he past eighteen years, the Boston Unimity Seim has faithfully served the interests of the student body, the faculty and the administration. It has served as the mirror of University activities, has been one of the greatest factors in creating alM’niversity consciousness, and boasts of a record of progress and achievement which few college publications can equal. The Seim is considered one of the leading college weeklies in the Hast and has a circulation of 12,500, distributed to each student of the University and to all parts of the world. The pa| er is primarily a laboratory for the U.IJ.A. Journalism department. STAFF FOB 1938-34 Editor and Publisher Business Director Professor Hurry B. Center Professor Philip E. Bunker Business Manager Managing Editor George W. Slade ’34 . Umlaut Business Manager Business Department C. Warren Dillaway ’84 Walter 1). Finch ’85 Edith Zolov ’85 Paul Gilford ’86 Circulation Manager 11. Marston Bradbury 'So Desk Editors Samuel K. Stavisky 'SC Myer Hyman ’So George I.. Moses’ SC Charles Eaton '81 Louis C. (’urban 'SC William Seigal '86 Irving Anslien '.‘I? - .1.- Pori K. Calderwood Xeirs Editor Samuel A. Bornstein 85 Assistant AYwvr Editors Milton Greenberg 84 Florence V. Barrett ’34 John B. Osgood ’84 Nathan Malcliman ’84 Fly Isenl»erg'8.i Staff Ke iorters Nathan Miller '87 Barbara Cox ’.‘47 Andrew J. Gray ’37 Jeanne Johnston '87 De mt menial (‘orrespondents Sports Editor Charles A. Boss '83 Associate Sent Editors Stanley B. Gilmour '84 George Dobrow 35 Arnold T. Pedersen '85 Esther O'Brien ’37 Edward C. Wheeler’37 Richard Woodbury ’37 William G. Preston ’37 School of Lair -- ■=_!_• »• » Benjamin Wollins David A. Nathan- •___i___i__________Eleanor It. Mosdy University Press Bureau V Till ) Press Bureau or Publicity Department of Boston University is the official spokesman for all University affairs, policies and developments. Hundreds of happenings within the University that are of interest to | eople without, are prepared here for publication and are distributed through various channels. Not only the newspa|)crs, but magazines, radio, photo service, lectures, and movies are other media. The Press Bureau is Boston University’s Public Relations (ounsel. It works for every student as well as for faculty and administration. Through the Press Bureau program many items of personal interest concerning students, university officials and faculty memliers reach inidvidual local pa| ers. The Press Bureau was started in l!)l on a part-time basis. Miss Mosely has been Publicity Director since Xoveml)er 1IW9. Murray Kramer has l ecn in charge of sports news since September lfllW, giving this section more thorough coverage than ever More in the University's history. 'Flic staff further consists of a full-time secretary and assistant, and two part-time student rc|M»rters.mmim ATHLETIC Hod Row: Williams, Yonkman, Chase, Wildman Front How: llaldes, Onate, Rogers, LeSourd, Sherman Faculty Athletic Council F (NOTIONS of the Faculty Council: To formulate and control general policies for the conduct of all student health, physical education and intercollegiate athletic activities; determine the academic eligibility of students; provide for the organization and supervision of a Student Athletic Council; and recommend to the President for appointment as members of the staff of instruction the coaches of the various sports. Chairman...............................................Frederick Rand Rogers Secretary...................................................... Jose I). Oxate MEMBERSHIP Dean Frederick Rand Rogers Department of Student Health, Physical Education ami Athletics Professor Warren (). Ault CM. Professor Wentworth W. Williams CM. Professor Jose I). Onate PJ.I, Mr. Alliert ('. Sherman Colieije of .1 Dixie Professor Clyde E. Wildman School of Theoloyy I)r. Frederick Yonkman School of Medicine Professor Raymond C. llaldes School of Laic Professor W. Linwood Chase School of Education Professor Howard M. USourdHu cl: Hoir: Wilkins, Saksa, Rowe, Crockett, Anderson, Phelps, Whittle, I«ix Secontl Hoir: Nison, Sabourin, Vinal, Nickerson, Rlakcman, Shaper, Wight, Grad, Lyons Front llntr: Volta, Storer, Mathers, Smith, Fix, Alxxleelv, (iarabedian. Ross Student Athletic Council FUNCTIONS of the Student Athletic Council: Under the supervision of the Faculty Council, to formulate rules for the selection of captains of intercollegiate and intramural sports, for the duties of captains and managers, for eligibility (other than medical and academic), and for the award of insignia: to administer and supervise these rules; to recommend to the Faculty Council the inclusion or exclusion of opponents and other factors concerning schedules; and to make other recommendations to the Faculty Council. President..........................................................James E. Smith, Jr. Vice-President ...................................... .... Albert P. Mathers Secretary............................................................. Charles J. Fix The Student Athletic Council was reorganized in February after having voted itself out of existence last May. Under the direction of the Faculty Athletic Council, James K. Smith. Jr., of C.B.A., was named convenor for the first meeting of the student hoard. He was elected president of the body at the organization meeting. Membership in the Student Athletic Council is composed of all captains and managers of major and minor varsity sports together with one student representative from each department of the University having male enrollment. These delegates must have participated in either varsity or intramural athletics. »Hud: Row Buckley, Rickards, KilzMmirice, Harris, Lax, Racheoles, Taylor, Vanldevstine Third Row Harmon, Coach; Russel, Kastautin, Blakcman, Forte, Herman, MacKvov, Hughes, I'lman, Wliellon, Washburn, I)r. Christie Second Ro r: Chase, Brady, Lourie, Bevserofsky, Aliberti, Borofskv, MacNamara, Abodcely, Gubellini, Thompson Front Rmr: Mishe!, Stoner, Fattison, Levenson, Lucy, Tulls ( owan, Moricini Varsity ¥ THE Boston University 1938 football machine, starting a new era 1 new coach in two years, acted like a sputtering Model-T Ford during the past season, working in spasms, at times leaping and roaring after a difficult start and finally dying down with a belated and taken-for-granted wheeze and shudder at the Tufts Oval, Medford, in the season finale. The inauguration festivities marked the debut of a trio of new coaches led by I)r. John M. Harmon, who three years ago came out of the West to direct University athletics. As his associates he selected Dave Mishel, erstwhile Brown University "iron man," and Roger "Moose" Washburn, former Scarlet and White captain, whose experience with B. I . teams had heretofore been confined to freshman aggregations. Despite an abundance of well-qualified sophomore material, what appeared to be hopeful and promising in September prior to the Middle-bury contest, turned out to be a nightmare by the time the Tufts contest came about in November. Noteworthy this season was the fact that the beautiful-in-theory scheme of player control was dropped after the first contest fol-J—■—1—y1 '• 1 ,l'1 Football control was abolished brought about the long-sought result. Flayer control was buried! MIDDLEBURY 7, B. U. 0 A small but well-driven Middleburv outfit came to town as the first Terrier opponent. Outwardly denying that they held any love for Latin or for the wars of Julius Caesar, the boys from the Green Mountain state came, saw and walked off with the bacon. To say that the outcome provided a surprise in Scarlet and White circles is putting it mildly. The sole surprise element prevalent was the query. “How was it Middleburv only scored once?" In the interim before the New Hampshire contest, player control was abolished, and Coach Harmon literally tore the machine apart, lie shifted eight men, replenished his line-up with several sophomores, added several items to his attack, and then took his charges up to Durham to face the Wildcats. NEW HAMPSHIRE 35, B. U. 6 Coach Harmon sat on the bench. Dean Rogers sat in the stands, several sophomores lived up to their advanced notices, but New Hampshire failed to take all these facts into consideration. The Durham lads clicked to perfection, got the JuJti..............i ♦ » ,i.. 16565589George Pattison, diminutive Terrier halfback, who blossomed into a one-man thriller for the rest of the season, made his debut in this contest. Late in the game he grabbed a lateral on the New Hampshire 18-yard line and squirmed through the op| osing defense for the only 11.1’, score. Another boy who deserves mention is the blonde Warren McNamara who played a yeoman game at both defense and offense. B. U. 9, COLBY 7 It was at this time of the year—the third contest—that the self-starter in the machine began to function properly and a highly-landed Colby outfit was the first to fall before the leaping Terrier eleven. The game was marred by an orgy of fumbles, but George Pattison provided the touch that made one forget the inconsequential elements. The sophomore again caught a lateral while on the dead run and dashed 50 yards for the Terriers’ first score. Due credit for the run must go to the Terriers who made it possible by some tine blocking. Sam "Touchdown" I mrie provided the winning margin in the third period when he blocked a kick that rolled out of bounds for an automatic safety. Since Colby scored seven points, the work of the center turned out to be all-important and the game ended II. U. 9, Colby 7. B. U. 13, UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT 0 Still riding on high with its cylinders clicking to perfection, the Scarlet and White eleven gave evidence to its followers of a possible successful season as it trounced Vermont 111 to II. Warren McNamara was in the driver’s seat, lie personally accounted for both scores on what appeared to Ik a new innovation in intercollegiate football, the bouncing lateral.The lateral from the passing back bounced on the ground just long enough for McNamara to come along, scoop it up, and jaunt along the side-lines for the score. Authorities declare that the ball was NOT intended to hit the ground. BOSTON COLLEGE 25, B. U. 0 In the early minutes of the Boston College contest the Terriers gave everyone cause to believe that the Eagles were going to be in for a hard day. The starting eleven clicked and had the Eagles fighting hard. After the 1 ‘‘I V. of practically a whole new eleven, the machine began to sputter and gradually died down. Quick to take advantage of the pause, the Eagles put on a scoring splurge that resulted in four touchdowns. Flaherty, Boston College quarterback, was the star of the Maroon and Gold offense and gave the Terriers no little worrv. • Despite the driving efforts of John Tulis, McNamara, Pattison, and Johnny liman, the Eagles gave way to a baffling passing attack. 'Fhe Boston College team knew it had been in a battle but this contest cannot be classed as a moral victory for the Terriers. 18311121ALUMNI 12, B. U. 7 The next contest proved that the varsity teams will never again battle the alumni. One glance at the score is sufficient to warrant no further explanation. Easily regarded as a “breather" for the Tufts contest, the alumni, some battered and some not by foreign wars, received the utmost satisfaction of walking off with victory. Taking advantage of a varsity fumble earlier in the contest, the former stars converted the break into touchdown number one as (ieorge Olivette tossed the winning pass to Carl "Whitey" Clem. Johnny Tulis scored the only touchdown for the varsity on a pretty drive through the center of the line. He also drop-kicked the extra point. Hut a creditable passing attack by the alumni, with “Crab" Walke in the starring role, resulted in the winning marker. TUFTS 19, B. U. 6 If any one team continually outplayed another, it was this Tufts aggregation that literally rode rings around our own Terriers. Except for a brilliant 60-yard dash by sophomore Roy Thompson, the entire contest was overshadowed by a hue of Brown and Blue. (Ed. Note: Tufts’ colors.) I ew Manley’s men gained almost at will and successfully bottled up the Terrier attack. The Terrier machine wheezed and shuddered. In spite of the two mid-season victories, the season was far from successful. Something apjieared to be lacking in the entire company, and that missing “something” very often s|K lls success. Hut the record of wins and losses, although they lie weighed down on the latter side, do in no way detract from the individual play of the men on the team. Win or lose these boys were out there doing their best. And the life of a college football player, despite the fact that Sunday clippings go a long way to make up a pretty notebook, is by no means a bed of roses. To Capt. Alfonso Aliberti goes much credit for his determined effort, although handicapped all season by an injured leg. (ieorge Alxnleely, captain-elect, was a de| endable lineman and should prove of inestimable value next fall. Johnny Tulis and Harry Lucey, the blocking backs, deserve a world of praise. They were the unsung heroes of the backfield who made that extra yard when needed. The group of sophomores who received their first varsity fire last fall should prove very valuable next fall under the new coach. The sophomores who deserve mention are George Pattison, Warren McNamara, Hoy Thompson (who has left school), Sydney Borofsky, Charles Gubel-lini, Richard Van Iderstine, Sam Lourie, Harold Levenson, Henry Fitzmaurice, Frank Hughes, William (Yoke, and Urry Lucey. Only seven members of the varsity will be graduated this June. These men include (’apt. Aliberti, John Tulis, John liman, Christie Harris, Edward Brady, Moreland Fort, and Ralph Blakeman. The men to receive letters for 1936 were: Alphonse Aliberti, Captain; (ieorge Abodeely, Captain-elect; Sydney Borofsky, Ralph Blakeman, Edward Brady, William (Yoke, Elmer Bussell, Henry Fitzmaurice, Moreland Fort, Charles Gubellini, John liman, Christie Harris, John Tulis, Milton Herman, Wilbur Storer, Richard Van Iderstine, Homer Beserofsky, Frank Hughes, Harold levenson, Samuel Lourie, Lawrence Lucey, John McEvov, Warren McNamara, George Pattison, (ieorge Racheotes, Roy Thompson, William Whelton and Joseph Buckley, Manager. FINAL FOOTBALL RESULTS Boston University Boston University Boston University Boston University Boston University Boston University Boston University 0 Middlebury 7 6 New Hampshire 35 9 Colby 7 13 Vermont 0 0 Boston College 25 7 Alumni 12 6 Tufts 19I Hurl: How: LcCucrn, Coach; Dowe, Middocks, Lynch, Silveimnn, Hahinovitz, Julian, Leppo, Ilenes, Harrington, Coach. Second How: Shanks, Ilondru, Moriarty, Wcrby, Ahern, Siegel. Penniman, (iallinari, Werray Front How: Lui , Mullane, Tinnm. Perry, Nichols, Ihiltrick, Pierce. Pearlstein, Bresnalian Freshman Football UNDER the tutalege of Thomas LeGuern and Daniel Harrington, a large squad went through a mediocre season as far as the question of wins and losess is concerned, for the yearlings failed to record a single victory during the season and their best effort was a 13 to 13 tie with the powerful (’lark School eleven from Hanover, X. II. RECORD Boston University Freshmen (1 University of N. H. 13 Boston I niversity Freshmen 13 Clark School 13 Boston I niversity Freshmen (1 Boston College 25 Boston t’niversity Freshmen 0 Rhode Island State 18 Boston University Freshmen 0 SQUAD Tufts College 18 Captain . . . . Fred Nichols Manager . . . Stanley Werme Gregorio Luiz Jack Pearlstein Francis Alicarn John Mullane Kack Bresnalian Leonard Siegel George Timson Charles Shanks Frank Penniman Thomas Ferry Christopher Ilondru Carl Gullinari John Buttrick Frank Moriarty John Dow James Fierce Thomas fferby Raymond Maddocks Richard Lynch Isadore Silverman Abraham Rabinovitz Raymond Julian Nathan LeppoHad Hair: Vaughan, Scanundl, Gaul, Hartigan, Borofsky, James, Wesson, Roscnfell, .1. Smith, Crockett Front Row: Wight, Rowe, Lucey, IJIman,Lax, R. Smith, R. Nickerson, II. Nickerson Varsity Hockey THE past season found I)r. Way land F. Vaughan, varsity coach, with a veteran sextet reporting to him at the outset of the campaign. Like many college teams, the 1934 Terrier hockey aggregation was followed hv the “one-goal jinx." After dropping a thrilling 1-0 contest to the M. I. T. sextet, the Terriers set out upon a series of difficult games which found the Boston sextet losing contests to Harvard, and Princeton by single points after playing their opponents olf their feet for a greater part of the game. At New Haven, in their annual eontest with the Elis, the Terriers rose to great heights, holding the powerful Vale six scoreless for fifty minutes of play More accepting the short end of a 3-1 verdict. Traveling up to Hanover, the Terriers more than held their own against the most |x werful "Dig Green" team to represent Dartmouth in recent years, but again the Boston team was forced to accept defeat by the score of 7-3. During a record cold spell the Terriers journeyed up to the Iniversity of New Hampshire to face the Wildcats on an outdoor rink. Here again the “one-goal jinx," assisted by the twenty below zero temperature, combined to hand the Terriers their seventh consecutive defeat. It was a determined Terrier group that took the ice at the Arena early in February to meet the strong Boston College team. When the smoke cleared at the end of the game, the Terriers skated olf the ice w ’ ' ‘ " .. victory of the season, a 3-2 victory over their inter-city rivals. A week later, the teams met again in a return game and after the sixty minutes of regular playing time had elapsed, the teams were deadlocked 3-3. During the ten-minute overtime period the Terriers staged a great rally which netted three goals fora 6-3 win over the Eagles. “ Revenge is sweet" is an old adage which fitted |)erfectly into the next two contests in the Terriers’ schedule. Still smarting under the early season defeats suffered at the hands of M.I.T.,the Terriers rose to great heights and swept the Engineers olf their feet, downing the Cambridge institution 10-1 under a barrage of hockey pucks. Three days later the Terriers played host to the I niversity of New Hampshire and rolled up six |K ints, at the same time holding the visitors scoreless. The varsity sextet continued its winning way by taking the measure of the Brown Iniversity » LJ—Lj—....................1 (L, Vwn-i ilnrimt tlm n:iJ wmhT I P« tli:tn :i 07381520Following (he final Brown game the lettermen elected as co-captains for next season, the veterans Paul “Roscy" Howe and John Lax. These two men were granted sjjecial |K rmission by University athletic authorities to play in an all-star game at the conclusion of the season. Lax and Rowe have been playing together on the same hockey teams since they entered Arlington, Mass., High School six years ago and they make an excellent scoring duo. Dr. Vaughan is very fortunate in having almost every member of the varsity squad returning next season for another campaign. The only men lost by graduation from the varsity squad are: Captain John I Iman, whose defense work improved rapidly as the season progressed; Russell “Pete" Wight, veteran goalie who was spelled during the past season by the line work of Ilenn Nickerson in the strings; and James Smith of the second line. Leo Gaul of the third line is the only other member of the varsity squad to Ik lost from further competition. RECORD Boston University 0 M.I.T. 1 Boston University 1 Vale University 3 Boston University 4 Princeton p 0 (two overtime periods) Boston University 3 Harvard 4 Boston University 2 Harvard 8 Boston University 3 Dartmouth i Boston University 0 New Hampshire 1 Boston University 3 Boston College Q % Boston University (1 Boston College 3 (overtime period) Boston University 10 M. I. T. 1 Boston University 0 New Hampshire 0 Boston University 4 Brown 2 Boston University 4 Brown l 40 88 MEMBERS Captain Manager . . . . John Ulman W. Herbert Crockett John Lax Palmer Scammell George Racheotes Paul Howe Lawrence Lucey Thomas Hartigan Russell Wight John Taylor lx o Gaul Herman Nickerson John Rosenfeld Dexter Wesson James Smith Russell Smith Sidney Borofsky Robert Nickerson Herbert JamesIhtcl; How: Faltison, Seigal, Fori, Bussell, Greene, Maria row Hoi r: Blakeinan, Mathers, Hale, Garaliedian, Ainslee, Harris, Harmon, Coach Varsity Basketball 1 ED by Captain Fred Garabedian, the Terrier varsity quintet won live of the eleven games played during the season recently closed. The highlight of the season was a well-earned victory over the Harvard quintet, lieing the second successive year the Terriers had edged the Crimson on the court under I)r. John M. Harmon, Varsity Coach. Prospects for next year are especially bright since only three members of the 1934 squad will l»e lost by graduation. Captain . . . SQUAD Manager . . James Ainslie Frank Green Frank Maria Christie Harris Moreland Fort Wade Habeeb Albert Mathers Edward Bussell Charles 1). Fisher, Fred Hale William Seigal Mark Santer Boston University George Pattison RECORD 23 (lark University 19 Boston University 24 Harvard 33 Boston University 26 Brown 43 Boston University 19 Tufts 32 Boston University 42 Harvard 36 Boston University 24 New Hampshire 17 Boston University 37 Connecticut State 33 IWrm Univmilv a Cortland Teachers’ 31Bad Bnir: McCarthy, Rea, Luiz, Freedman, Sullivan, Morin, Vcronneau W tor Staler. Rnbinovilz, Snedden, Maddocks, Monlchal, Sohriber Freshman Basketball COACHED by Ralph Rea, a newcomer to the ranks of Terrier coaches, and captained by David Snedden and Gregory Luiz, tlie Freshman quintet won three out of the seven games scheduled. I’lie team did not reach top form until late in the season when its victories were recorded. Caytain .... Captain .... Manager .... SQUAD . David C. Snedden Gregory Luiz Lawrence Veroxneau Al Schriber Abraham Rabinovitz Eugene Montchal Raymond Maddocks Charles Sullivan Sidney Freedman Rodney Morin David Skoler Boston University Freshmen RECORD 24 Harvard 35 Boston University Freshmen 29 Tufts College 31 Boston University Freshmen 9 New Hampshire 30 Boston University Freshmen 1)4 Portland Extension 19 Boston University Freshmen 25 Harvard 26 Boston University Freshmen 27 Keene Normal 25 Boston University Freshmen 92 Worcester Tech 24Hack Row: McCarthy, Butler, Charles, Millikcn Second Rote: Phelps, Chase, S| c lfo cl, Marling, Conch; Brown, Smith, Poliak, Collier Front Row: Stahl, Tilelbaum, Boss, Parlhmn, Faster, Kosow, Varmim Varsity Track ¥ MAKING their first ap| earance under a new coach, Win Marling, the Terrier track team had anything hut a successful season as regards wins and losses. As most of the squad members are sophomores and there are several promising-looking freshmen coming up to the team next winter, the future of the Terrier track team is the brightest in many years. The indoor season captain was Edward Parthum, C.B.A. Senior, while the leader of the outdoor squad was James E. Smith, Jr., also of (’.B.A., and a middle distance man of great ability. The schedule for the 1934 track teams follows: (Indoor) February 24 Massachusetts State at Amherst March 3 Tufts at Medford (Outdoor) April 28 Norwich University at Boston May 4 Tufts at Medford 12 Wesleyan at Middletown 1!) New England Intercollegiatesat SpringfieldHack Row: Harmon. Coach, Hale, Harris, Blakeman, James, l iman. Higginston, Ilahecb. Tracy Second Row: Cowan, Pattison, Garabedian, Dobkin, Croke, Hawkes, Gurnett Front Row: Bartlett, Hartwell. Lucey, Collins, Connors, Nemioff Captain .... Manaqcr .... Baseball SQUAD . . Ralph Blakeman Bernard V. Dill Jerry Donovan George Pattison Sole Dobkin Frank Collins Bert Cowan Everett Hartwell Bill Croke Jim Connors Herbert James Christie Harris Dave Nemzolf Alcn Bartlett John l iman John Higginston Wade Habecb Fred Garabedian Fred Hale Charles Hawkes Urry Lucey APPEARING for the second season under the mentorship of Dr. John M. Harmon, the varsity baseball team is now completing one of the most difficult schedules ever undertaken by a Boston University major sport representative. Confronted with a dearth of pitching material, and feeling the loss of many veterans from the squad, ( oach Harmon has worked long and hard to uncover more promising material. The schedule follows: April 11 Harvard at Cambridge 11 Tufts at Medford 1!) University of Vermont at Boston ‘21 Brown University at Boston ‘25 Holy Cross at Worcester 28 Boston College at Boston May f Rhode Island at Kingston 11 Norwich University at Northfield 12 University of Vermont at Burlington 14 Tufts at Boston i ■ i ■WITH one of the largest yearling baseball squads reporting to Coach John Petrosky early in April, several candidates have already shown promise of making the varsity nine as soon as they become eligible. Petrosky, pitcher on last season’s varsity nine, is experiencing his first season as freshman mentor and his squad is facing a strong but slight ly curtailed schedule. The schedule follows: April 1 i Harvard at Riverside 14 Tufts at Medford -20 Harvard at Cambridge 28 Brown at Providence May i Rhode Island State at Kingston !) Boston College at University Heights 14 Tufts at Riverside 18 Boston College at Riverside 19 Holy Cross at Riverside Charles Carroll Sidney Freedman Philip Glebow Wallace Hedguist Darius Kelley Nathan Leppo SQUAD Richard Lynch Ray Maddocks Donald Miner Eugene Montchal Rodney Morin Arthur Murphy Thomas Murphy (ieorge Nowell Charles Roche William Scully Leonard Siegal Dave SkolerBack How: Sipple, Williams, Silverman, Taylor, Klam Second How: Wallace, Conch; Wallace, Crane, Iledquist, Sieele Front How: Frier, Morasini, Fish, Tulis, Masked, Silverman WrestlingFencing Bark How: Cass Coach: Cohen, Simmons, Summer Front How: YofFa LacrosseFreshman Track Freshman HockeyFRflTERMTIf Hack Row: Brown, Zccchinelli, (irassick, Marciello Second How: Layton, Hayes, Pilcher, Carroll, Field, Nixon, Maclnnis, llink Fronl Row: Cohen, Bloom. Winnick, Taylor, Bornstein, Tnllle, Rogers Interfraternitv Conference r OFFICERS Speaker Treasurer Recorder Leonard ff. Taylor David II. Winnick Samuel A. Bornstein COMPRISED of two delegates from each of the University’s recognized fraternities, the Interfraternity Conference is the hodv which governs the various Greek-letter groups. The Conference each year formulates plans for, and supervises, the rushing season of member groups. MEMBERS Bernard V. Dill Frank Marciello Walter E. Abbott Stanley R. Gilmour George F. Nixon Arthur Spugnardi Norman Rogers taonard W. Taylor F. Glenn Rink Henry Russell Howard A. Carroll Simon Zibel Sumner tavinson David II. Winnick Richard Delheim Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Phi Della Bela Chi Sigma Bela Kappa Chi Sigma Chi Della Sigma Pi Kappa Xu Kappa Phi Alpha Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Epsilon Pi Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Omega Psi Tan Della Phi Tan Epsilon Phi Ida Beta Tan Harry S. Layton Allan Zecchinelli Joseph V. Haves Seth Field Samuel A. Bornstein Preston II. (irassick Harold E. Maclnnis, Jr. Leonard Bloom Robert F. Pitcher Bernard Karlsburg George Hurwitch Martin V. Kadis Bernard Striarflack flair: llutlrick, Penniman. Nickerson. Mathers, Warren. Morton. Lawrence, Durbin Secwul flair: Spilman, Undess, Whiting, Worley, Campbell, (iladwin, Wight, Dean Front flair: Gnssick, Slade, Ursen. Chappell, Taylor, Worthlcv, lhiodv Kappa Phi Alpha FOUNDED as the Upsilon Chapter of Beta Theta Pi in 187(1, Kappa Phi Alpha is now a local fraternity and the oldest at Boston University. The aim of the fraternity has been to foster a spirit of cooperation and good fellowship in the various colleges of the University. Although primarily a social fraternity it has ever striven towards a high, scholastic standing and to participate in University activities. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE 1984 Harry ('. Boody Raymond X. (’happell Clark S. Ursen Robert B. Spilman George W. Slade Uonard W. Taylor Arthur B. Worthlcv 1935 Herman Nickerson Preston Grassiek Albert Mathers 1936 Peter Campbell Lowell MeUan Thomas Robbins Galen Whiting 1937 John Buttrick Walter Dean William Durbin Robert (iladwin Robert Undess Richard Morton Carl Serivaer Richard Woodbury PLEDGED Leslie Cross Grosvenor Fish James Nickson Frank Penniman George Warren James WhitehouseBad' Row: Smith, Kuebler, Brown, Whitman, Marks Third Row: Harris, Brewer, Bigglestone, Hcdquist, Ingraham, Slade, Dean Stand Row: Robertson, Cunningham, Stow, Tniesdell, Nickerson, Haynes, Cookman, Sobellon, Dunlap, Holbrook Front Row: Ingraham, Montgomery, Pitcher, Scott, Carroll, Watson, Hathaway, Moss Sigma Alpha Epsilon SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON was founded on March 9,1856 at the I'niversity of Alabama. The S.A.E. Chapter was granted in Boston I'niversity in 189k2 and was (lie first chapter of the fraternity in New England. Today it is one of the oldest and largest of the national social fraternities. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE 1934 Kenneth W. Hathaway John A. Sanger (i. Kenneth Slade Lindsay II. Rice Robert Carter Scott Raymond A. Sobellon 1935 Howard A. Carroll Arthur II. Marks Herbert L. Robertson Malcolm H. Dunlap William I). Moss Stanley W. Werme Stanley II. Ingraham Robert Nickerson Warren A. Wilson 1936 William Bigglestone Wendell Gile George II. Montgomery Richard Brewer Warren G. Harris Robert Pitcher Everett W. Brown David Haynes Joseph Kuebler Ted T. Watson 1937 Stephen Cookman Chester Ingraham David Stiles F. Lester Holbrook David Smith Robert Stow PLEDGEDHack How: Martinson, Gutman, Mason, Silverman, (iartwse, White, ()renl ei r, Tuttnuin Freni How: Sloneberg, Striar, (ashman, Cohen, Dellieim Zeta Beta Tau J ETA BETA TAl is the oldest national Jewish Fraternity, founded in 1898 at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New ork. Mu Chapter has been active on the Boston University campus since 1908. Its advent brought Jewish students the material and social advantages of fraternal life— a home, agreeable companionship and a conscious mission. Men are taken from all departments of the University. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE 1934 George W. (ashman A. II. Cohen Bernard Striar 1935 Homer Beserosky Harold Berg Harold J. Krenskv Bertram Martinson 1 ester Schwartz Leo J. Silton Barnard Stoneberg 1936 Richard B. Dellieim Milton Herman James Mason 1937 George Orenberg Mortimer Silverman, Jr. William Garbose Leonard Tuttman Bernard WhiteHack loir: Lincoln, Pierce, Itowan, Arllmr, Robinson, Ainslcc, Phelps, Moulton Second lloir: Hard, Hooper, Nelson, Johnson, (load, Smalley, Hale, Cron Fronl lloir: Murray, MacMillin, Deane, Allen, Maclnnis, Rink, Halbiirx Lambda Chi AlpI ia A LPHA CHAPTER, the mother chapter of lambda Chi Alpha, was founded at Boston t’niver--C sity Law School in It has since grown into an international social fraternity of eighty-four chapters. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATK 1934 Edwin F. Allen (ieorge C. Hard Arthur W. Cook Albert S. Deane, Jr. (ieorge M. Hooper Milton Nelson Richard C. Halberg Frederick II. Hale Arnold R. Kerry 1935 Harold E. Maclnnis, Jr. J. Otis MacMillan F. (ilenn Rink Carl L. Smalley Albert B. Todd, Jr. James Ainslie, Jr. Stewart Hailey 1936 Max P. Good Albert T. Lincoln John E. Moulton John C. Murray Frederick L. Phelps, Jr. John E. Arthur Robert I). Cron 1937 Alan II. Johnson Graham A. Morse Russell S. Robinson Donald J. Barker Frederick Crockett PLEDGED Frank T. huge James A. Pierce Noel B. RowanHid { ir:(iallinnri, Laurano, Aiello, Rnndazzo, Ciani, Marciello Srmifl Him: Italiano, della Sala, Scnmpoli, Caccavale, Samara , Pilocchelli, Perrigno, Ferraro Front Hoir: Scarpaci, Pignalo, Mastrangelo, Panzica, (iiusliiia, Zeceliinelli, Scarpaci Alpha Phi Delta Sigma Chapter ALPHA Pill DELTA, a non-sectarian brotherhood, was founded at Syracuse University in 19P2 At present there are thirty chapters. Alpha Phi Delta brings together those students of Italian extraction who are attending American colleges and universities. The fraternity encourages a brotherly spirit among its members; it fosters scholarship and cultivates a sense of duty, love, and resect among its members, to their respective colleges. FRATRKS IN UNIVERSITATE 1934 Valentino Clementino Angelo Mastrangelo, Jr. Donald Randazzo Frank De l.auventis I 1 i _ _. Joseph Rinaldi 1935 Manfred Ciani William Italiano Frank Sarmarco Joseph Dinarello Guido Pitocchelli Allen Zeceliinelli 1936 Vincent Aiello Joseph Laura no Nicholas Scampoli Joseph Cacchivelli Frank Marciello Frank Scarpaci Ottilio (iuistina Fred Pignato Joseph Scarpaci 1937 Charles Ferraro Carl Gallinari Ralph Della Sala PLEDGED Charles Capone Henry Morelli George Piscotello 11114621Hack Row: Kaplan, Kussen, Hresth, Abrams, Schwartz, Wilson, Siegal, Levine .SVfom ie:Sovilsky, Kirscliner, Golden, Rosenberg, Gan, Winnick, Grosman, Kroudwird, Weiner Front Row: Sonkin, Feldman, Fish, Baron, Alperl, Kadis, Kntin, Kruitnian, Speclor Tau Epsilon Phi TA! EPSILON PHI, one of the largest Jewish fraternities, was founded in 190.5 at Columbia University. It is now an international fraternity and consists of 41 chapters. Theta chapter at Boston University was founded in 1017 at the School of Law. The chapter takes men from all departments of the University. The chapter house is located at 158 Naples Road, Brookline. FRATRES IN UMVERSITATK 1934 Gilbert Baron David Kntin Myron Feldman Jerome Fish Harold Fruit man Martin Kadis Jack (iolden Abraham Grossman 1935 Moulton Rosenberg Leo Sonkin George Schiraga David II. Winnick Warren Abrams Sidney Brest h 103(1 Samuel Gan Douglas Kirscliner David Kroudwinl Benjamin Tober Leonard Siegal 1037 Edward Weiner PLEDGED Louis Dennis Phillip Hillman Harold Levine Sumner Lyons Irving Kaplan Milton Mersky Henry Wilson Jerome Werby Theodore ItusscnHad Row: Alford, Tracy, J. Roche, llryant, Riley, Murphy, McCarthy Second Ron". Donnelly, Gill, Ihishncll, Sweeney, Brcsnnlinn, Madden, Flynn, ('. Roche, Burke, Sheehan, Grad Front Row: (innamond, Dill, Rytack, Wells, Laylon, Saksa, Hill. Veronneau, Collins AIj)lia Kappa Psi ALPHA KAPPA PSI. a social professional fraternity founded at New York University, October 5,1904, is the first and largest of its kind in the United States. It has over fifty chapters located in the country’s leading universities. FRATRKS IN UNIVERSITATE 1934 William ('innamond J. Harold Hill Edward I). Mansfield Bernard Y. Dill Harry S. Layton 1935 Stephen J. Saksa Linden E. Grad James T. Roche Lawrence Yeronneau Curtiss W. Merriman John Tracy 1936 George E. Wells Charles Collins Frank W. McCarthy John Riley Walter Gill 1937 Louis J. Ryback Alden II. Alford PLEDGED J. Paul Bushnell John J. Bresnahan Paul Flynn Charles Roche Clifton Bryant James Madden John Sheehan Lee Burke Thomas Murphy Duncan Staples John Donnelly J. Talmr SweeneyRack Row: Crockett, Dixon, Bradbury, Knapp, Finch Third Row: Harris, Howard, Coll, Cormak, Winslow, Wadman, (iilford Second Row: (oilier, Scammell, Thompson, Trowbridge, Johnston, McClelland, Tain , Stile-; Front Row: Wesson, Xewlon, Anderson, Field. Nixon, Gardner, Dillaway Chi Sigma Chi CHI SIGMA (’HI was founded April 1,1920 hv a group of students of the College of Business Administration. It was the purpose of these founders to establish a social fraternity which would promote brotherly feeling and high scholastic standing while taking an active part in Cniver-sity functions. The past fourteen years have seen the original membership of ten grow to an alumni group of two hundred and twenty-live. The Chapter house is located at BD!) Marlborough street. FRATRKS IN UN IVERSITATE 1934 John M. Anderson William II. Crockett (’. Warren Dillaway, Jr. Seth II. Field William E. Gardner Brewster L Newton Russell K. Taber II. Marston Bradbury Willard F. Dixon 1935 Walter 1). Finch George F. Nixon Palmer I). Scammell Edwin W. Winslow Edward T. Collier Charles M. Colt Albert H. Howard 1986 Hugh It. Johnston ArtlmrS. Knapp Peter McClelland George M. Pattison Robert 11. Wadman Dexter W. Wesson 1937 Hallet II. Stiles William Brigham PLEDGED Paul (iilford George HarrisBeta Chi Sigma Phi Epsilon Pi ORORTE  Rock Row: Marshall, Knight, Hunt, Mackay, Monroe, Kmery, Fraleigti Second Row: Cameron, Parker, Ihiskin, Goldberg, Reidell, Stevenson, Kearns, Kagan, Cornellier Front Row: Peterson, Caldenrood, Jackson, Fletcher, Eaton, (onlan, Siulolf, Perlmutter President . . . Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . Panliellenic OFFICERS Frieda Eaton, Gamma Phi Peta Mary Conlan, Delta Delta Delta Elizabeth Fletcher, Pi Peta Phi Senior Ruth Monroe DELEGATES Kappa Kappa Gamma Junior Mary Mackay Catherine Fraleigh Alpha Phi Barbara Emery Frieda Eaton Gamma Phi Peta Fanny Marshall Mary Conlan Delta Delta Delta Shirley Pike Elizabeth Fletcher Pi Peta Phi Margaret Jackson Esther Petterson Sitjma Kappa Helen Stevenson Doris Calderwood Alpha Delta Pi Dorothea Hughes Kathleen Knight Ieta Tan Alpha Edith Lunegren Elsie Hunt Alpha Gamma Delta Mary Reidell Alice Fearns Theta Phi Alpha (irace Galligan Marion Raskin Siijma Peta Upsilon Mildred Glasman Beatrice Cornellier Pi Lambda Siijma Phyllis Prendergast Marjorie Parker Theta Upsilon Irene Langdon Reva Sadolf Kappa Alpha Esther PerlmutterHack Kmc: LeVenness, Sutton, Johnston, Cox, Joyce Second Hotr: Welscli, Iloelile, Nottage, Walker, Kerr, Marslmi Front Hotr: Hies, Mackay, Peterson. Hums, Monroe Kappa Kappa Gamma KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA was founded at Monmouth College in 1870, and in 188$ Phi Chapter, the lirst women’s fraternity at the College of Literal Arts was installed. Flower: Fleur de Lis Color: Light and Dark Blue SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Virginia Joyce 1034 Ruth Monroe Sahinn Burns Evelyn Folk 1935 Mildred Peterson Dorothy Pluta Katherine Sutton Mary Mackay 1936 Ernestine Ross Rhoda Work Marie Hoehle Jeanne Johnston 1937 Anne LeVenness Carol Nottage Alice Welscli PLEDGES Barbara Cox Ruth Hewitt Eunice Kerr Genevieve Marston Ruth Moir Janet McMullin Betty WalkerBath Row: Mnrsden, Ells, Bliss, Gage, Amesbury, Worcester, Andrews Front How: Webber, Marshall, Barrett, MeDulfee, Katon, Hanlon, Ixxmey Gamma Phi Beta ("UMMA PHI BETA sorority was founded at Syracuse Cniversity November 11.18?] and has I since then increased its roll to forty-eight chapters. The colors of Gamma Phi Beta are brown and mode, its flower is the day-break carnation, and its symbol the crescent. r.' .. ,' ' the College of Liberal Arts on April 22,188?, but is now an all- university sorority. The main object of the order is to advance a higher mental and social culture. Mrs. Charles E. Bellatty, Mrs. Walter J. Goggin and Mrs. John C. Scammell are honorary members of Delta. Florence Barrett Judith (iage Constance Amesburv SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 1934 Freida Eaton Grace Hanlon 1935 Eleanor Worcester 1936 Dorothy Marsden 1937 Betty Bliss PLEDGED Dorothy Andrews Gertrude Ells Mary I )oney Fanny Marshall Frances Leahy 02628824Hark Row: Wheeler, Brown, McClarence, Hayden, Thompson, l.illey, Ackerman, Bishop, Smith, Coinc, Pike Smirf Row: Hoffman, Leahy, Flynn, Crosby, Hollands UBarre, Messer, Neily, Onthank Front Row: Holmes, Harris, Simmons, Powers, Sloan, Wilson, Conlan, Bryant Delta Delta Delta FVKLTA DELTA DELTA sororities in existence. as founded at B. 1’. in 1888. It is now one of the largest international Flower: Pansy Colon: Silver, Gold, Blue SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 1934 Thelma Bryant Eleanor Powers Barbara Onthank Mary Conlan Helen Sloan Wilma Richey IiOrraine Harris Marion Holmes Frances Wheeler Christine Hollands Peggy I.aBarre Maxine McClarence 1935 Eleanor Wilson Dorothea Coine Eugenia Martin Marie Timmons Priscilla Hayden Elizabeth Smith 1936 Dorothy Allard Dorothy Flynn Caroline Crosby Shirley Pike 1937 Frances Lillev Beverly Ackerman Wilma Thompson Dorothy Cameron Ruth Messer Helen Hoffman Phyllis Brown Claire Thuot Ruth NeilevBack Row: Hates, Moore, Warner, Reuter. Werhe, Finch. Martin, Dellaro, doling Front Roir: Hey, Fletcher, Jackson, Chapman, Blunt, Green, Slienvin Pi Beta Phi Founded 18(1? Established 1896 Colors: Wine and Silver Blue Flower: Wine Carnation SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Margaret Eden 1984 Elizabeth Fletcher Katherine Green Beth Hoffman Martha Chapman 1935 Dorothy Hey Margaret Jackson Gilford Blunt L Suzanne Harper 1936 Eleanor Martin Dorothea Miller Janet Sherwin 1937 Beatrice Warner PLEDGED Elsa Bates Gilma Blauvelt Lucy De Haro Ida Finch Astrid Malmsten Ruth Moore Constance Reuter Ranghild Werhe Barbara YoungBack Row: McAndrew, McDermott, Kelley, McCarthy, Coughlan, Morris, Spiers Front {mr: Pearce, Long, (lalligan, Carroll, Mulrenin, O’Connor, McMichael Theta Phi Alpha THETA Pill ALPHA was founded in 1912 at Ann Arbor, Michigan. The local chapter was founded in 1921. Alice Kearns Flow: White Rose Colors: Silver and Gold SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 1934 Helen Spiers Edna Connare Virginia Long Esther Mulrenin Mary Carroll Grace (lalligan 1935 Catherine Coughlin Lillian Pearce Frances Kelley Virginia Morris Dorothy McCarthy Catherine Curtin 1936 Florence McDermott Mildred Ragan Lillian Milmore Evangeline McMichael Mary O’Connor Margaret Ue Anna McAndrew PLEDGED Isabel Kennedy Regina DeweyRad Hoir: Montague, McConnell, Prondergast, Grillo, Corbin, Granilsas, MacNcil Second Roir: Sullivan, Hoar, L'Abbe, Mulliall, Noonan, Conlin, Praeclerio, Malionev, Diotaiuti, F. ItaciopjH Front Rotr: Golden, Walcli, Grundy, Cornellicr, Fagan, Collins, M (Glynn Pi Lambda Sigma Alpha Chapter Established at Boston University in 1921 Flom: Chrysanthemum Colors: Yellow and White ,1ml: Pearl Magazine: The Torch mom IN UNIVERSITATE 1934 Frances Conlin Edna Granitsas Doris McGlynn Beatrice Cornellicr Elizabeth Grundy Mary Montague Arlene Golden Beatrice Hoar Natalie Praderio Ellinor Collins 19J45 Eleanor Fagan Rita Sullivan Catherine Corbin Anna MacXeil Marie Walcli Teresa Diotaiuti Phyllis Prendergast 1936 Etta (irillo Virginia O’Connor Florence McConnell Catherine Mahoney 1937 Ellen Mulliall Francesca Racioppi Eunice Bassett Eleanor Noonan PLEDGED Rowena L'AbbeHack lime: Hurley, Hoffman, Cleary, Evans, MacNeil, Rivera Front lime Ration, llerdegen, Kagerliind, Lillemoen, Sank, Palelli, Hall Phi Gamma Nu Beta Chapter PHI GAMMA NT sorority was founded at the Northwestern University School of (Commerce in 1924 as a professional and social sorority for women in schools of commerce and journalism. Beta chapter, of the College of Business Administration, was organized in 11)17 as Sigma Mu Alpha, a local sorority, and was installed in 1927 by Mrs. Everett W. Lord, a member of the sorority. FACULTY MEMBER Mrs. Everett . I.ord HONORARY MEMBERS Mrs. Hilding N. Carlson Miss Irene Fay MEMBERS Ellen E. Fagerlund Bertha M. llerdegen Alice MacNeil Dorothy Cleary Harriet Donlcvy Until B. Lillemoen Sylvia A. Palelli 19.% Beatrice Hall 1937 PLEDGED Virginia Evans Mary Galvin Elizabeth .1. Ratigan Julia E. Sank Laura Rivera Florence Hurley Gertrude MeadAlpha Della PiSigma Beta Upsilon Hack Hoir: Friedman, Ix gan, Zuker, Cohen, Turow Front fforSlumna, Goldlx-rtf, Baskins. Goldberg Kappa Alpha Flower: Violet Colors: Blue and Gold IT is the ideal of Kappa Alpha to further friendship and scholarship. To encourage the latter there A is a scholarship key for the ranking freshman and a scholarship fund for the ranking junior in the fraternity. Dorothy Helene Sylvia Cohen Honey Goren Judith Gorney Helen Bornstein Ktliel (ilasmann SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 1934 Ruth Kramer Reva Sadolf Mildred Pearlman Ruth Palev Lillian Peacard PLEDGED Ktliel Rosenberg Paula Schulsinger Esther Perlmutter Celia Shanker Ruth Slotnick Betty Zwetchkenbaum Lillian Saltman Sarah SmithjU-, Alpha Phi Back Hair: Farmer, Studlev, Markle, Bartlett. Poller, Fraleigh Sccowl Row: Sawin, Rudolph, Fuerbringer, Wilhee, Swift. Emery Front Row: Frizzell. Daintey, Bailey, Marsh, Larkin, Mayer flDVfRTI £R BOSTON UNIVERSITY Legal Title: The Trustees of Boston University DANIEL L. MARSH, Ph.I)., Litt.D., L.H.I)., LL.D., President of the University (IBS Boylston Street, Boston, Massachusetts COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ART'S ( ourses of study leading to the degrees of A.B. and S.B. Saturday, late afternoon, and evening courses for adult students. William M. Warren, Dean, 088 Boylston Street COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Day, evening, and graduate divisions. Courses leading to the degrees of B.S. in B.A., B.B.A., B.S. in J., M.B.A., and M.C.S. Everett W. Lord, Dean, 525 Boylston Street COLLEGE OF PRACTICAL ARTS AND LETTERS General academic and professional training for women. Secretarial studies. Home economics. Applied art. The teaching of commercial subjects. Degrees of B.S. in P.A.L. and B.S. in P.A. Certificate in two years. T. Lawrence Davis, Dean, 27 Garrison Street COLLEGE OF MUSIC Courses in the theory and practice of music, leading to the degree of B.Mus. John P. Marshall, Dean, 178 Newbury Street SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY ('ourses for the pastorate, missions, and religious education, leading to the degrees of S.T.B., S.T.M., and Th.D. Open only to college graduates. Albert (’. Knudson, Dean, 72 Mt. Vernon Street SCHOOL OF LAW Courses leading to the degrees of LL.B. and LLM. Homer Albers, Dean, 11 Ashburton Place SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Courses leading to the degree of M.D. Alexander S. Begg, Dean, 8!) East Concord Street SCHOOL OF EDUCATION ( ollegiate and graduate vocational training for normal school graduates and for others, leading to the degrees of B.S. in Ed., Ed.M., Ed.I). Connecticut Valley Division, at Springfield, Massachusetts. Arthur II. Wilde, Dean, 29 Exeter Street SARGENT SCHOOL OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION A four-year course in the science and practice of Physical Education, leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Education. Arthur II. Wilde, Dean, Ernst Hermann, Director, (I Everett Street, Cambridge SCHOOL OF RELIGIOUS EDUCATION AND SOCIAL SERVICE Collegiate and graduate vocational training in religious education, fine arts in religion, and social service, leading to the degrees of B.S. in R.E., B.S. in S.S., B.R.E., M.R.E., M.S. in S.S.,and D.R.E. Henry II Meyer, Dean, 20 Mt. Vernon Street GRADUATE SCHOOL Courses leading exclusively to the degrees of A.M. and Ph.I). Edgar S. Brigiitman, Chairman of the Hoard, 088 Boylston Street SUMMER SESSION Beginning the first week in July and continuing for six weeks. Courses leading to degrees offered by the University. Atlbe T. Percy, Director, 088 Boylston Street Total enrollment 11,360 students For information concerning any Department, address the Dean of the Department For other information, address the President of the UniversitySchool of Medicine CANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF MEDICINE JEROME KARL ASCII JOSEPH ELMER HEALEY 1850 Pullon Street Htookbii, N. Y. New York University Uninnily of Pittsburgh Hi Coyle Avenue Pawluekel. 11.1. Boston College, A.B. HUGO VICTOR ASCOLILIjO 91 Bishop Slrtvl Now Haven, Conn. Tufts College, S.B. LORAND VICTOR JOHNSON 24 IWnnington Street Newton. Mav. Huron College. S.B. Boston Univmity, A.M. JOHN DKLSKY 00 Medford Street Chelsea, Ixss. Boston Uniwsily, S.B. DAVID KAMINSKY 23 BUmingdalc Slrret Chelsea, Mass. Boston Univmity, S.B. JOSEPH BKRKOWITZ 197 Townsend Street Roahury. Mass. Harvard College, A.B. HENRY JEROME KAPLAN 43 Main Slrret Sprjng Valiev, N. Y. Univmity of Maryland, S.B. VINCENT ANTHONY BIANCHIM © Brighton Street Proviwnce, 11.1. Brown Univmity, A.B. FRANCIS CHARLES KENNEDY list Lonsdale Street Central Falls, II. 1. Providence College PALI. WILLIAM BUTTERFIELD Farmington, Me. Bowdoin College, A.B. STEPHEN FRANK KOSCIOLKK ?.l Varney Slrret Lowell, .Mas. University of Maine VIN( KM PKTBR CANDID Ills Mullierry Slrret New York, N.Y. New York Univmity, S.B. WALTER ARTHUR KOVALKW 44 Fifth Street Passaic. N. J. PHILIP ROBERT CASKSA 11 Nostra ml Amur Brooklyn, N. Y. Tufts College Rutgers University HOWARD GLAZIER LASKEY 39 East Concord Street DUNCAN MaePARLANK CHALMERS llyannisnorl, Mass. Harvard College, A.B. Boston, Mass. Harvard College. A.A. HENRY HERMAN I.ERNER SAMUEL HILLS COHN S Maid Avenue Hartford, Conn. Boston University, S.B. 203 Congress Avenue CheLea. Mass. Boston University, S.B. GEORGE ALBERT CHEPEAU 127 Third Avenue Woonsocket, R. 1. Assumption College, A.B. JEROME ARTHUR L'HHURKI X ISO Hunker Avenue Meri'len, Conn. A-ssuniption College, A.B. BRUCE FLAGG DANIELS 11 Grove Street IIiKner, N. Y. Alfred University, S.B. FRANK ANTHONY MANZIONE 111) Union Avenue Pater«on. N. J. University of Notre Dame. S.B. MATTHEW ARNOLD DEROW 17 West 0th Street New York, N. Y. College nf the City of New York, S.B. Columbia Univmity, M.A. JOSEPH CHARLES MAUCKRI LSI Irving Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. St. Johns College, S.B. ANTHONY JAMES DKVITA 161 W-23d Street Brooklyn, N. Y. St. John's College CHARLES JOSEPH MON ESTER E 117(1 Madison Street Brooklyn, X. Y. St. John’s College, S.B. EMANUEL EDELSTKIN IN) Sclienck Avenue llnxiklyn, N. Y. Univmity of Rochester, A.R. JOHN THOMAS N.ASSE Village Street Millis, Mass. Colby College. S.B. HARVEY CARSON ENNIS Evans City, Pa. Univmity of Pennsylvania. A.B. JOHN JAMES O BRIEN MOak Street Binghamton, N. Y. Univmity of Notre Dame FRANCIS XAVIER FOLEY .AS County Road Everett. Mass. Boston College. A.B. THOMAS LEO O'CONNELL 120 Hillside Street Raihury. Miv . Boston College, A.B.GRADUATION SHOULD NOT TAKE YOU AWAY FROM BOSTON UNIVERSITY IT COSTS ONLY $1.50 A YEAR . .. to subscribe for the BOSTON UNIVERSITY NEWS (The largest college weekly in the World) Let the NEWS be your weekly letter from Boston University. Keep informed on the activities of your former professors and college mates. Read authentic reports of the Renaissance in Boston University football under L. B. “Pat" Hanley. The News is sent to Alumni the world over. Will YOUR name be on next year’s mailing listf It should be. Address subscriptions to Circulation Manager, oii) Bovlston Street, Boston, Mass. Let the MU7S he a loose leaf supplement to your Huh.School of Medicine (continued) KODOI.PHB JOSEPH FIRMIN' POMERLKAli 13 Spring Street Wnlcrvillr, Me. Colby College, $.11. SYDNEY SELKSNICK .Vi llaielton Street Malla|ttn, Mas. Boston University, A.B. JOSEPH EDWARD PORTER II) Shatluek Street Natick, Ma». Providewt College DAVID DANIEL SIIER 11 Filler Street Quiney. Mas. Columbia College of Pharmacy. Ph.G. Boston University, S.B. JOSEPH ANTHONY HAND.YZZO ill Stivkholm Street ltrookljm. N. Y. St. John's College MARGARET ROSE SIMPSON 3 Arcadia Street Roxlwry. Mas. Simmons Colkio , S.B. HILDA RATNER :tl)-40 .itith Street l»n£ bland City. N. Y. New York University, $.11. EDWIN YALE STANTON 5 Carlisle Street Roxhury, Mass. Boston University, S.B. LEWIS WHAN REESE 25 Pflerlior» ij;!i Street Boston, Mas. Ohb Northern University Boston University EDWARD STEPHEN STONE 27 Stearns Road Brookline. Mass. Tufts College WAYLANI) REVILLO RICE 921 South Prairie Street Sioux Falk. S. 1). Grand Island College, A.B. ALBERT CLAYTON TODD Box .’ 1. Caribou, Me. Boston University, S.B. LEON JEROME RORINSON 93 Boslwirk A verna Jcr y City. N. J. Harvard College. A.IL SERAPIIINO PAUL TOM BARI 17 Washington Street Norvirh, Conn. ConmctHul State College, S.B. LEE GEORGE SANNELLA 527 Charles Street Providence, It. I. Bn»»n University. A.B. BURNHAM SARLE WALKER Ashby, Mass. Bttston University, A.IL. A.M., PhD. CHARLES SCHL08BERG 39 Spring Street Boston. Mi . University of Maine, A.B. PHILIP EDWARD ZANFAGNA 12 Fulton Street l.ntTcnce, Mass. Tufts College Ikotisn University0 PotoppfieMi to Class of 1934 Duplicates may be Iwd at any timeSargent School CANDIDATES FOR DIPLOMAS IN JUNE, 1934 MARY CRKIIAN 30 Reran] Stmt Dorchester, Mass, PEARL ADLER 2R KnOem Parkway Brooklyn, N. V. MIRIAM AI.PKItT l.VU Centre Street Newton Centre, Mass. VIRGINIA ARBUCKLE Richmond, Ky. ANN BALL 437 North Blount Street Raleigh, N. C. IRENE BEIUIIN Rochdale, Mass. JUSTINE BKSSK 120 Main Street Wareham. Maw. JANET BRIDGIIAM ,’yO NoMehurst Avenue Pittsfield, Maw. BETTY MAH BROWN ,j|s AsIktoIi Avenue Cresson, Pa. HENRIETTA BROWN lx£i Madison Avenue Baltimore, Md. JANE BROWNELL 12 Short Street Perry, N. Y. Rl’BY BROWNING Berlin Avenue lladdonfield, N. J. GRACE IUU Bel Air, Md. ANN BULLARD (Horn lone Wayland, Mass. JEANNE CIIAGNON His Washington Street W. Warwick, It. I. VIRGINIA CHAMBERLIN 46 Colgate Street Rochester, N. Y. ADALINK (HRISUIILF III RctehwoodAvenue Catonsville, Md. RUTH (TN'SKY III) Harding Street Worcester, Maw. MOLI.IE COGGAN M Ml. Vernon Street Malden, Mass. HARRIET CONANT II Elmwood Street Worcester, Mass. MADELINE COONEY il l West Main Street Plymouth, Pa. RUTH CORTBLYOU R.D., No. I Princeton, N. J. ELEANOR DALEY 21 Terrace Avenue Albany, N. Y. CLAIRE DIAUTO II Frederick Road South Braintree, Maw. DOROTHEA FRGI.EY •'57 Walnut Street Forty Fort, Kingston. Pa. CATHERINE GARRITY 14(1 Washington Street South Groveland, Mass. DORIS GOLDSMITH •V25 Summit Avenue Maplewood, N. J. EDNA GOULD Freeport, Me. ruth com,D 2NS West 12th Street New York, N. Y. SALLY ANN GRISWOLD 1 Wacooah Rond Worcester, Mass. ARLENE HANSON 171 Walnut Street Bridgewater, Mas. W. REBECCA HARVEY Appomattox. Ya. BEATRICE HUNT MWi Wilkon Avenue Niagara Falls N. Y. RUTH ISIILER 101 Livingstone Stmt Pittsfind, M s. JEANNE JANDREAi; ! Bigelow Avenue Thorapsoovillc, Conn. KATHLYNE JEFFERS 31 Central Street Winchendoi, Maw. ELEANOR JONES I Prospect Street South Acton, Mass. ELINORE KILEY p Orne Street Wormier, Mas. MARGARET KLEIN Qoccn Street Milltown, New Brunswick, Canada CIAUDINE LAHORE San Rafael, Calif, ELIZABETH LEE Ni’i Colford Avenue Cnllingswood, N. J. MARIA MAGINNTS 4601 Pall Mall Road Baltimore, Md.Privately Printed The 1934 Hib is a limited edition, privately printed. For more than a century The Andover Press has served publishers by planning and printing class annuals, descriptive booklets, genealogies, and other quality publications. THE ANDOVER PRESS ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS Ttltpknt Andover 143 School and College Printers for over a Century Specialists in fwe yearbook engraving ... Engravers jor the 1914 Hi B FEDERAL ENGRAVING CO. Boston, Mass. 15 East Street s s s NFDYTIIF MARGOLIES 1675 48th Street Brooklyn, N. Y. EUNICE MATHER Adams, N. Y. charlotte motox Tuskwee Institute All. MARION NEWCOMB 2$ EiMd Stmt Watertown, Maw. SAI1RA NICHOLS k’ Plra»nt Slnvl Marblehead, Maw. MARY OBRIEN 07 Conlcr Slrrrt Chicopee, Maw. KI.I ABK I'll O'DONNKI.L oflt Swill Jefferson Stred Juncl km City, Kan. ANITA OUELLETTE (3)1 Central Avenue Dow, N, II. MARIETTA PICOT 4515 Prytania Sired New (Mean , la. BEATRICE PRATT 21 Mechanic Sind Wehsler, Maw. DOROTHY RAHLKN 101 Miller Amnio FnrjKirt, N. Y. CIIARLO'ITK RAKESTRAW Mechaniesbiirg, Pa. LOIS REED Motttafcue City, Maw, R. EILEEN REILLY 205 Fas! 78th Sired New York, N. Y. Sargent School (continued) MARGUERITE ROGERS LI Pine Ridge Road Wellesley Hills, Maw. MILDRED ROLLINS Haynesville, Me. GERTRUDESCIIATZ 313 Steinway Avenue l mi; Island City, N. Y. LILLIAN SKI.KOWIT . 111 Seymour Street Pittsfield, Maw. HELEN SLATTERY M Cambridge Sired Alllclioro, Maw. UNA SOUTHARD Dli Fori Washington Avenue New York. X. Y. MARY SULLIVAN 34 Richard Street Wormier. Maw. ROSALIE SULLIVAN 151 Washington Avenue Chelsea. Maw. JULIA WALL 2fi Evelyn Sired Lynn. Maw, EVELYN WASHINGTON' (KISS. Street, N. W. Washington. I). ('. LOUISE WHITNEY 1115 IU'Ia Rond Silw Sprina', Md. RUTH WHITTEMORE •J»i Cellar Slreel Fitchburg, Maw. ESTHER YAM I NS 367 Whipplr Si. Fall Rim, Mas.Manufactured Eiclusirrhj by L. (i. BAI.FOUt CO. Your '' 1, nage following your Gradua- tion will be appreciated. We pledge our best service. General Offices: 525 BOYLSTON STREET Boston, Massachusetts Nohm.vx M. S. (i.iv, s( , .Manager 7W. Keimore MM Index to Advertisers Andover Press...................265 Bookstores, Boston 1 diversity . . 267 Boston University...............259 Federal Engraving Company . . 265 News, Boston University . . . 261 Waid Studio ................266 George Washington on horseback 16135078Index Activities 203 C.LA. Sophomore . . . . . 45 Administration 11 Law Freshman . . . . . . 127 Advertisers 259 Law Junior ... . 127 Air View of Boston University . . . 21 Uw Senior .... . . . 106 Albers, Dean Homer 103 (’.M. Senior .... . . 178 Alpha Delta Pi 255 C.M. Underclasses . . . . . 183 Alpha Gamma Delta 257 P.A.L Freshman . . . . . 145 Alpha Kappa Psi 244 P.A.L. Junior .... . . . 144 lplm Phi 257 P.A.L Senior .... . . . 136 Alpha Phi Delta 242 P.A.L. Sophomore . . . . . 145 Athletics 221 S.R.E. Senior .... ... 189 Athletic Association, Women’s ('.LA. . 47 Theology, Senior . . . . . . 197 Athletic Council, Faculty 221 Contents, Table of. . . . . . . 5 Athletic Council, Student 222 Cosmopolitan Club . . . . . . 215 Court Room, Law .... . . . 129 Bacon, Caspar G 10 Band, University 200 Davis, Dean T. Lawrence . . . . 133 Baseball 232 Dean’s Cabinet, C.B.A. . . . . . o7 Baseball. Freshman 233 Debate Teams, University . . . . 214 Basketball 229 Delta Delta Delta .... . . . 250 Basketball, Freshman 230 Delta Beta Psi . . . 151 Basketball, Senior Girls’('.LA. . . . 48 Deutsche Gescllshaft, P.A.L. . . 146 Begg, Dean Alexander S 19 Dramatic Club, C.LA. . . . . . 43 Beta Chi Sigma 246 Drawing, P.A.L . . . 144 Beta Gamma Sigma, C.B.A 55 Bones, C.B.A Evening Division. . . 04 Epsilon Eta Phi .... ... 97 Boston University Hymn . . . 22 Executive Council, S.E. . . . . . 161 Brown, Ralph E 20 Faculty Catholic Club, C.B.A. Evening Division 00 C.B.A . . . 52 Catholic Clubs, University . . . . Chcnery, William E. . 215 C.LA. . . 24 10 I aw . . . 102 Chi Sigma Chi 245 Education . . . 156 Class Officers C.M ... 174 C.B.A. Freshman 80 P.A.I . . . 132 C.B.A. Junior 78 S.R.E . . . 186 C.B.A. Senior .... 58 Theology 194 C.B.A. Sophomore 70 Football . . . 223 C.B.A Eve. Div., Junior. . . . 99 Football, Freshman . . . . . . 226 CBvA Eve. Div., Middleman . 100 Foreword ... 8 C B.A. Eve. Div., Senior . . . 80 Founders and Trustees ... 14 C.B.A. Eve. Div., Sophomore . . 100 Franklin, Dean Lucy J. . . ... 17 C.LA. Freshman 40 Fraternities . . . 237 C.L.A. Junior 44 Freshman Baseball . . . . . . 233 C.LA. Senior 29 Freshman Basketball 230 i i i iFreshman Class Officers Marsh, President Daniel L. . . . . 13 CM . . 81) Marshall, Dean John P. . . . . . 175 C.L.A . . 1(1 Meyer, Dean Henry H. . . . . . 187 Law . . 127 Middle Class Officers PAL . . 100 Freshman Football . . . . . . 22G Musical Organizations . . . . 200 Freshman Hockey . m Freshman Track News, 1 he Boston I niversity . . 210 Gamma Delta Cabinet, C.LA. . . 42 Gamma Fta Gamma, Law . IgA O’Neil, Leo Drew . . . . . . 18 Gamma Fhi lieta ajQ Orchestra, Boston I niversity . . 206 Gilbert and Sullivan Association . 2j | Orchestra, School of Education . . 171 (ilee Club, Girls’ University . . ops Organizations . 203 Glee Club, Men’s University . . 207 Panliellenic . . 247 Hermann, Dr. Frnst .... 18 Phi Beta Kappa, C.L.A. . . . . . 27 Hockey . . 227 Phi Chi Theta . 90 Hockey, Freshman .... . . 280 Phi Delta Kappa, S.E. . . . . . 100 House of Representatives, C.B.A. . . .50 Phi Epsilon Pi . . 240 Howes, Ernest G 10 Phi Gamma Nu . . 254 Hub . . 217 Phi Mu Epsilon . . 170 Pi Beta Phi . 251 In Memorial!) 7 Pi Kappa Epsilon . . 150 Interfraternity Conference . . . 287 Pi Lambda Theta, S.E. . . . . . 150 Intersorority Council, P.A.L. . 148 Pi Theta Delta . . 140 Press Bureau, University . . . . . 220 James, Walter (’ 20 Psychology Club 147 Junior Class Officers Publications . 217 C.B.A . 78 C.LA C.B.A. Evening Division . . Law P.A.I Representatives, House of, C.B.A. ’’ Rogers, Dean Frederick Rand . . 127 . Robinson (Impel R.0.1.(. Section . 50 . 18 0 . 81 Justinian Club, Law . 128 Kappa Alpha . 250 Scabbard and Blade . 82 Kappa Beta Pi, Law . 120 Senior Class Officers Kappa Delta Phi . 170 C.B.A . .58 Kappa Kappa Gamma .... . 248 C.B.A. Evening Division . . . 80 Kappa Phi Alpha . 238 C.LA . 20 Kappa Phi Kappa 10!) P.A.L. . 130 10.5 Law 100 Knudson, Dean Albert C. . . . Music . 178 Lacrosse . 23.5 S.R.E 180 Lambda 41 Theology . 107 Lambda ('hi Alpha 241 Sigma Alpha Epsilon . 230 Lambda Kappa 140 Sigma Beta Upsilon . 250 Law Hub Editors 128 Sigma Delta Phi . 1.50 Law Review 124 Sigma Kappa 255 Law Student Council 10.5 Sigma Phi Pi 08 Lock, The C.B.A 77 Sigma, P.A.L 134 Lord, Dean Everett W .53 Skull, The C.B.A 70Snapshots Student Senate, S.R.E. . . . . . 188 C.B.A p i 86 Swimming . . 234 v.l .A Law OU 130 Tau Chi Omega 1.51 P.A.I 153 Tau Epsilon Phi 243 Education 172 Tau Epsilon Rho 12.5 Music 184 Theta Phi Alpha . 2,52 Sophomore Class Officers Theta Psi 148 C.B.A 70 Track . . 231 C.B.A. Evening Division . 101) Track, Freshman . . 236 C LA P.A.I 4.5 14.5 Trustees and Founders . . . . . 14 Speare, Dr. E Ray . . Sphinx, The ... 1.5 0.5 Volley Ball, Senior Girl’s ('.LA.. . . 40 Student Association, 0 LA 28 W.A.A. Cabinet, C.LA. . . 47 Student Association, C.M. . . 177 Warren, Dean William M. . . 2.5 Student Athletic Council 222 Weed. Alonzo R. 16 Student Council, C.B.A. Eve. Div. . 88 Wilde, Dean Arthur 11. . . 157 Student Council, University 203 Wrestling . . . Student Executive Council, S.E. Student Faculty Committee on Student 161 Woolsack . . . . . 104 Counseling and Religious Activities. 20.5 Zeta Beta Tau . 240 Student Government Board . . 13.5 Zeta ('hi Delta . 1.52 I  

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