Boston College - Sub Turri Yearbook (Boston, MA)

 - Class of 1941

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Boston College - Sub Turri Yearbook (Boston, MA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 343 of 474
Page 343 of 474

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Page 343 text:

FRESHMEN DIRECTORY LEARY, JOHN E. 56 Capital St., Newton, Mass. Badio Club; Track Mgr. (Fresh.); German Academy. LEVISON, MELVIN E. 47 Shepard St.. Lynn, Mass. A ' larquette. LOPEZ, STEPHEN D. 41 Bradford Bd., Watertown, Mass. Chemistry Clid); German Academy. LOVELESS, GEORGE M. 92 Cleveland St., Melrose, Mass. Span- ish Academy; Baseball. LYNCH, CORNELIUS T. 40 Ames St., Dedham, Mass. Sodality. LYNESS, JOHN S. 28 Atkins Ave.. Lynn, Mass. LYNN, RICHARD E. 23 Hurlcroft Rd., East Millon, Mass. Spanish Academy. MacGILLIVRAY, DOUGALD C. 35 Hobson St., Brighton, Mass. Mar- quette Debating Society ; Baseball ; So- dality. MADDEN, CHARLES W. 11 School St., Waltham, Mass. Math. Club; French Club; Sodality. MALATESTA, PETER P. 177 Highland Ave., Maiden. Mass. MALONEY, THOMAS J. 44 Speedwell St.. Dorchester, Mass. Baseball; Class Officer. MALONEY, W. H. 37 Frederick St., Newtonville, Mass. Chemistry Club. MANNING, STEPHEN A. 169 East Main St., Marlboro, Mass. MARTIN, WILLIAM H. 13 Prince St., Marblehead, Mass. Radio Club. McALEER, CHARLES F. B. 91 West St., Maiden. Mass. Sodality; Heights. McCALL, EDWARD H. 10 Auburn St.. Woburn, Mass. Sodality; Ski Club. McCANN, PAUL C. 110 D. Ct., South Boston, Mass. McCarthy, john j. 38 Woodrow Ave., Medford, Mass. So- dality; German Academy; Chemist ' s Club. McCarthy, john t. 19 Marlboro St.. Chelsea, Mass. Fresh- man Baseball ; German Academy ; Chemist ' s Club. McCarthy, william j. 1538 Tremont St., Boston, Mass. So- dality. McCarthy, william t. 53 North Pleasant St., Taunton. Mass. McCOLGAN, ARTHUR J. 22 Henneson Road, Somerville, Mass. Sodality; Track. McDERMOTT, ALBERT L. 1027 Middlesex St., Lowell, Mass. So- dality. McDON OUGH, GEORGE P. 14 Clarkson St., Dorchester, Mass. McDONOUGH, LEO J. 15y2 Mt. Vernon St., Dorchester, Mass. Sodality. McELEARNEY, ROBERT P. 27 Fainwood Cir., Cambridge, Mass. Glee Club; Yacht Club. McELROY, THEODORE F. 106 South Main St., Randolph, Mass. McGONAGLE, JOHN J. 85A Boston Ave., Somerville, Mass. So- dality. McGRATH, MARTIN L. 43 Richwood St., West Roxbury, Mass. McHUGH, JOHN P. 10 Bloomington St., Dorchester, Mass. Football; Hockey; Spanish Academy. McINTIRE, DONALD F. 78 Chitweix St., Milton. Mass. Base- ball. McLaughlin, Walter j. 25 Newton St., Lawrence. Mass. McNABB, THOMAS G. 162 Huntington Ave., Boston, Mass. So- dality. McNAMARA, JOHN P. 106 West Foster St., Melrose, Mass. So- dality; Dramatics. McNULTY, WILLIAM J. 3858 Washington St., Roslindale, Mass. McSORLEY, JAMES F., JR. 96 Trowbridge St.. Cambridge. Mass. Yacht Club; Hockey Manager. MEEHAN, EDWARD J. 45 Burtt St., Lowell, Mass. MICALI, PAUL J. 25 Fullon St.. Lawrence, Mass. Band. MIETHE, ROBERT V. 36 Elder St., Dorchester, Mass. Glee Club ; Soph.-Fresh. Sodality. MINIHAN, JOSEPH A. 193 Wolcott Rd., Chestnut Hill, Mass. MOAN, EDWARD A. 9 Parmenter Terrace, W. Newton, IMass Sodality. MONKS, LEO E. Woodcliff Rd., Newton Hlds., Mass. Chemist ' s Club; German Academy; So- dality; Radio Club; Track Club. MOONEY, THOMAS J. 197 Parsons St., Brighton, Mass. So- dality; Greek Play. MORGAN, EDWARD J. 172 Harvard St., Cambridge, Mass. Football; Baseball. MORIARTY, PAUL J. 39 Wyatt St., Somerville, Mass. Mar- quette; Sodality. MORIN, PAUL S. 5 Strathmore Rd., Brookline, Mass. Chemist ' s Club. MORRISON, JOHN F., JR. 11 Niles St., Brighton, Mass. MORRISSEY, JAMES F. 22 Mt. Vernon St., Charlesto vn, Mass. Sodality. MULLIGAN, JOHN E. 150 Lake St., East Weymouth, Mass. Baseball ; Spanish Academy. MULLIN, GERALD B. 51 Beechwood St., Quincy, Mass. MULREY, EDWARD H. Purington Ave., Natick, Mass. Sodality. Band. MURPHY, CORNELIUS F. 59 Westland Ave.. Boston, Mass. Chem- ist ' s Club. MURPHY, JOHN F. 3 Thayer St., Framingham, Mass. Span- ish Academy; Fresh. Golf Team. MURPHY, JOHN H. 251 Waverley .St., Belmont, Mass. MURPHY, JOHN J. 55 Dartmouth St.. Belmont, Mass. B.S. History. MURPHY, J. WILLIAM 73 Pearl .St.. Lawrence. Mass. MURPHY, PAUL D. 23 Oliver Road, Belmont. Mass. Ger- man Academy; Dramatics Society; So- dality. NADDAFF, ALFRED N. 31 Upton St., Boston. Mass. NATES, JOSEPH F. 1666 Washington St., Boston, Mass. So- dality. NAVIEN, ROBERT D. 215 Allston St., Cambridge, Mass. So- dality; Glee Club.

Page 342 text:

FRESHMEN DIRECTORY FLYNN, JAMES E. 18 Whitten St., Dorchester, Mass. FLYNN, JAMES E. 33 Pratt St., Allston, Mass. FLYNN, NEWELL N., JR. 3 Wadsworth St., Danvers, Mass. Glee Club. FLYNN, PALL D. 48 Bacon St., Waltliam, Mass. FOLEY, ROBERT E. 2 Wilbur St., Dorchester, Mass. FORTUNATE, MICHAEL M. 97 Bucknam St., Everett, Mass. Sodal- ity; German Academy. FRAWLEY, STEPHEN M. 378 Ames St., Lawrence, Mass. Fresh- man-Sophomore Sodality; Spanish Acad- emy. FREEMAN, JOHN M. 108 Washington St.. Peabody. Mass. Sodality ; French Club. FUCCILLO, CARMEN A. 383 Lovell St., E. Boston, Mass. FURBUSH, CHARLES I. 50 Waverley Oaks Rd., Waltham. Mass. Football; Spanish Academy; Sodality. FURFEY, FRED F. 35 Adams St., Brookline, Mass. Sodal- ity; Glee Club. GALLAGHER, FRANCIS L. 9 Druid St., Dorchester, Mass. GALLAGHER, HENRY J., JR. 25 Windsor Rd., Milton, Mass. Radio Club. GALLAGHER, JOHN A. 16 Hawthorne St., Watertown, Mass, Radio Club. GALLAGHER, JOHN J. 251 Boston St., Dorchester, Mass. So- dality. GALLAGHER, LAWRENCE F. 14 Haverford St., Jamaica Plain, Mass. Spanish Club. GALWAY, JOSEPH G. 70 Becket Rd., Belmont, Mass. GARGAN, MICHAEL J. 12 Matchett St., Brighton, Mass. Ger- man Academy. GAUDET, ALFRED J., JR. 5 Tremont Ave., Amesbury, Mass. So- dality. GAUDREAU, J. M. 182 Atlantic St., No. Quincy, Mass. Chemist ' s Club; German Academy; So- dality. GEARY, JOHN J. 17 Bradford St., Watertown, Mass. GEORGE, JOSEPH J. 70 Oak St.. Boston, Mass. Sodality. GILMORE, EDWARD M. 101 Vernon St., Lowell, Mass. Chem- ist ' s Club; Radio Club; German Acad- emy; Sodality. GLYNN, WILLIAM F. 75 Richmond St., Dorchester, Mass. German Academy; Freshman Sodality. GOON, WILLIAM Y. 8 Washington St., Plainville, Mass. GREELEY, FRANCIS J. 60 Prince St., Jamaica Plain, Mass. Sodality; Spanish Club. GREENE, LAURENCE F. 7 Adams Terrace, Dorchester, Mass. So- dality. GREENFIELD, SUMNER M. 1314 Blue Hill Ave.. Mattapan, Jlass. GRENN, JOHN T. 54 Union St., So. Weymouth, Mass. GRIFFIN, JAMES F. 55 Harbor View St., Dorchester, Mass. Football. GUSS, MAURICE L. 151 H Street, South Boston, Mass. Ger- man Academy. HAMMILL, THEODORE J. 69 Charlemont St., Dorchester, Mass. Ricci Math. Academy. HATHAWAY, JAMES H. 789 Parker St., Roxbury, Mass. HAZLETT, THOMAS J. 74 Carleton Rd., Belmont, Mass. Span- ish Club; Baseball. HEHER, JOHN M. 6 No. Pleasant St., Taunton, Mass. So- dality. HINCHEY, LEO J. 17 Mayall Rd.. Wallham, Mass. HINES, FRANCIS R. 53 Ellison Park, Waltham, Mass. HOAR, DAVID S. 4 Naples Rd., Salem, Mass. Baseball. JOHNSTON, GEORGE E., JR. 53 Chaske Avenue, Auburndale. Mass. Sodality. JOSEPH, GEORGE A. Marmion Way, Rockport, Mass. Chem- ist ' s Club. KAVANAGH, J. P. 120 Brooks St., Brighton, Mass. Mar- quette; Chemistry Club. KEANEY, PHILIP C. Boston Rd., Billerica, Mass. KEELEY, FRANCIS M. 77 Moseley St., Dorchester, Mass. KEENAN, BERNARD J. 34 Patten St., Watertown, Mass. KENNEDY, THOMAS F. 58 Dustin St., Boston, Mass. Sodality. KENNEY, JAMES F. 25 Dartmouth St., Woburn. Mass. Ger- man Academy; Ski Club. KERIN, RICHARD A. 92 Kimball Ave., Revere, Mass. Fenc- KIELY, JAMES F. 44 Lombard Ave., Amesbury, Mass. So- dality. KILEY, JAMES F. 71 Stanton St., Dorchester, Mass. So- dality. KING, GEORGE P. 38 Lewis St., Newton, Mass. .Sodality; Baseball. KING, PATRICK J. 213 West 9th St., South Boston, Mass. Spanish Academy; Football. KINSELLA, FRANCIS T. 35 Callender St., Dorchester, Mass, So- dality. KREINSEN, LOUIS G. 77 Nonantum St., Brighton, Mass. Ger- man Academy; Greek Play. KREBS, JOSEPH F. 12 Gladstone St., East Boston, Mass. French Club. LAFORET, EUGENE G. 52 Watts St., Chelsea, Mass. German Academy; Track; Greek Play. LAHAGE, NICHOLAS M. 518 Washington St., Quincy, Mass. LALLY, VINCENT E. 30 Davis Ave., Brookline, Mass. Base- ball. LAMBERT, PAUL K. 77 Bowdoin Ave., Dorchester, Mass. So- dality ; French Academy. LANE, WILLIAM J. 4 High Plain Rd., Andover, Mass. LANNON, JAMES J. 15 Carmel St., Roxbury, Mass. LARDNER, THOMAS J. 133 Margin St., Lawrence, Mass. LAUGHLIN, WILLIAM A. 134 Broadway, Taunton, Mass. Sodality. LAWLOR, JOHN T. 70 Waban Hill Rd., Chestnut Hill. Mass. Glee Club; Dramatics; Ricci Math. Club.

Page 344 text:

FRESHMEN DIRECTORY NAYMIE, EDWARD G. 548 Massachusetts Ave., Boston, Mass. NEDVINS, FREDERICK W. 765 Washington St., Dorchester, Mass. Football ; Baseball. NEE, RAYMOND L. 16 Darlington St., Dorchester, Mass. Sodality. NICHOLSON, JAMES O. 234 Central Ave., Medford, Mass. So- dality. NICKETAKIS, ANOCCO 505 Essex St., Lynn, Mass. B.S. His- tory ; Football. NILES, PAUL J. 83 Willow Ave., W. Somerville, Mass. NOLAN, JAMES J. 42 Seniont Rd.. Dorchester, Mass. Ra- dio Club. NOONAN, JOSEPH F. 44 Franklin St., Peabody, Mass. Glee Club; History Academy; Sodality. NUZZOLO, JAMES A. 17 Coply St.. Roxbury, Mass. OATES, JAMES M. 145 Russell Ave., Watertown, Mass. Heights; Radio Chd); German Academy. O ' RRIEN, JOHN J. 344 Mystic St., Arlington, Mass. Ricci Math. Academy. O ' BRIEN, THOMAS E. 24 Sharon St., Boston, Mass. Sodality; Dramatics; Baseball. O ' CONNELL, EDMUND 71 Green St., Watertown, Mass. Base- ball. O ' CONNOR, ARTHUR J. 33 Brookdale St., Roslindale, Mass. So- dality. O ' CONNOR, WILLIAM L. 16 Thetford Ave., Dorchester, Mass. O ' DONNELL, JAMES F. 108 Chestnut St.. Everett, Mass, Mar- quette; Sodality. O ' DONNELL, JOSEPH P. 38 Raymond St., Medford, Mass. So- dality; Dramatics Society. O ' DONNELL, WILLIAM F. 317 Allston St., Brookline, Mass. O ' GORMAN, JOSEPH B. 10 Castleton St., Jamaica Plain, Mass. O ' GRADY, JOHN W. 185 Bellevue Rd., Watertown. Mass. Dramatics Society. O ' HARA, ALFRED J. 53 Flint St., Somerville, Mass. O ' HEARN, JAMES I. 58 No. Boyfield Rd., Ko. Quincy, Mass. O ' KEEFE, JOHN E. 28 Harvard St., Chelsea, Mass. O ' LEARY, KEVIN P. 15 Fernald Terrace, Dorchester, Mass. O ' LEARY, ROBERT D. 21 Franklin St., East Milton, Mass. Spanish Academy. O ' SULLIVAN, JOHN J. Bedford Rd., Lincoln, Mass. Football; Track; Ricci Math. Academy. OWENS, THOMAS J. 15 Holyoke Rd., Lynn, Mass. Classical Magazine. PANARO, FRANK E. 4 Myrtle Place, Dorchester, Mass. PANETTA, JOSEPH M., JR. 24 Potosi St., Dorchester, Mass. PARKS, RICHARD T. 366 Marsh St., Belmont. Mass. Foot- ball; German Academy; Chemistiy Chdi. PASHBY, WILLIAM M. 68 Henry Ave., Lynn, Mass. Sodality; Marquette. PASQUALUCCI, GEORGE C. 42 Ellecton Rd., Quincy, Mass. PATTEN, THOMAS E., JR. 23 Wellesley Park, Doichester, Mass. PERLMAN, ARNOLD R. 95 Stratton St., Dorchester, Mass. PETTIE, ROBERT J. 93 Chapel St.. Lowell, Mass. PHEENEY, NORMAN F. 685 Centre St., Newton, Mass. Mar- quette. PHILBRICK, WILLIAM A. 12 Ridlon Rd.. Mattapan, Mass. French Academy; Sodality; Dramatics Society. PHILLIPS, WILLIAM R. 37 Chcuit Rd., Dedham. Mass. PITTELLI, FRANK J. 472 Pleasant Street, Winthrop, Mass. Yacht Club. PLUNKETT, EDWARD J. 62 Aldrich St.. Roslindale, Mass. PORCELLA, JOHN P. 40 Stearns Ave., Medford, Mass. Base- ball. POTOCKI, RICHARD E. 46 Alteresko Ave., Dorchester, Mass. French Academy; Sodality. POWERS, C. RICHARD 181 Common St., Belmont, Mass. Ital- ian Academy. PRENDERGAST, JOSEPH E. 42 Oak St., Cohasset, Mass. PRYZEHOP, PETER R. 141 Golden St., Norwich, Conn. Foot- ball ; Track. QUINLAN, JOHN P. 15 St. Margaret St., Dorchester. Mass. Sodality; Baseball. QUINN, WILLIAM A. 33 Slocum Ave., Englewood, N. J. Fresh- man Football. RATHBUN, PAUL W. 39 Hubbell Park. Rochester, N. Y. Ger- man Academy; Track Team; Sodality. RAYNOWSKA, PAUL R. 32 Arlington St., Methuen, Mass. REDDING, JAMES J. 19 Clementine Park. Dorchester, Mass. REILLY, ROBERT T. 114 Warwick St., Lowell, Mass. REMMES, ROBERT J. 50 Nahant Ave.. Dorchester, Mass. REYNOLDS, ROBERT P. 106 Hewlett St., Roslindale, Mass. RILEY, JAMES A. 270 Packer Hill Ave.. Boston, Mass. Sodality. ROCHE, THOMAS E. 54 Union St., Watertown, Mass. ROCHE, WILLIAM H. 5 Edgehill Rd., Woburn, Mass. Ricci Math. Society; Chemist ' s Club. ROSS, M. ROBERT 315 Winchester St., Newton Highlands, Mass. Track Squad; Radio Club; Chemist ' s Club; Freshman Sodality. ROTUNDI, WILLIAM J. 144 Blue Hill Ave., Doi ' chester, Mass. Dramatics Society. RUHEN, HAROLD J. 4 Leicester St., Brighton, Mass. So- dality. RYAN, PAUL J. 63 Ellison Park. Waltham. Mass. Chem- ist ' s Club. RYAN, WILLIAM J. 34 Belmont Park, Everett, Mass. SANTOSKY, ALBERT 262 Newbury St., Boston, Mass. Fenc- ing. SARNIE, PETER W. 12 Summit St., Roslindale. Mass. Ital- ian Academy. SCALLY, JAMES J. 14 Paradise Rd., Swampscott. Mass.

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