Boston (CAG 1) - Naval Cruise Book

 - Class of 1964

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GUIDE TO FEATURES n« 14 ntllHtrli* 11 ti a. u*lh4 » 11 u*u Bin U «Mi*lT ■■»*rt M aparM U n U AUr n*»t t > CniH !• T\ R^u ■ 4 IlirUti II n»*i», II MORNING (^ EDITION wimEixnuirT T TM P* T -C. -v. •— lltD!«tlDAT r*B 1 II «U W " . TI ESDAY. llIX EMBKR Zt IM Ttlrphon* AV MOOO W PACES— !•• USS BOSTON RETURNS 1 EnemyPlanes Can ' t Hide ABOARD USS BOSTON, MedlttrrinMn Sea— Intrusion by Soviet jeU over a NATO fleet in recent exercises raised the perennial quesuon of whether ■ earner strike force could survive an enemy ' s nuclear attack. One strike group commander gave his answer: " We could tAke our earners anv place in the world, defend ihem and hit enemy targets wilh nuclear weapons. ' That ' s why I ' m In (his business. " Thia corkAdence is lounded Lt Ltmoureux iiu hunched on many facton Broadly, il u ovpr Ihr round green (»t« of bued on the n«w cuncepU at » itdnt It irsns the > ky fleet operaiions- around the tompau. reachini Unlike the vut task forces far twyond the 10-mi1e rt- Of World War U which co«. diui of latety and reveallnf cred the tea in riose torma- to his skilled eye every plane maiion aa far ai the eye could — friendly or otherwue — in see. our nuclear itnke (orces Ihu rxpante are well dispersed. In nuclear Lamoureux ueari a radio warfare Ihcy would cover an headiet He ' i in direct eon- ocean area loujbly the iim of tad with ihe tighter pilot. Portujal, Ihuj minimmni Seconds ader takeoff, the damage if the enemy ' s nuclear carrier ihifls control of the bomhen penetrated aefentea. plane tn USS. Boston and And because our carrier Lamoureux The pilot takes task forces are always on Ihe hu orders from the cruuer move, they are not jubject to The plane Ofbils in patrol pinpointing (or guided muiile poiiiion until Lamoureux attacks like lUtiotwry target! uShis an unidentified plane ashore. approaching the fleet He fol- Now. In Sixth Fleet opera- ' o*» ' he bright speck on his tions off the coast of Spain radar, and then calls Uie and France, the Boilon-bued Phantom, uided nusiile cruiser USS. " Vector 290 bogey " *1 City, State Hail Heroes Boston is provii modem electronics and weap- ons systems provide a rigid defense against enemy atr at- tack. Boston ' s present mission is lo protect the U S S Independ- ence, one of the Navy ' s largest and moat powerful attack car- The the pilot an intercept An assistant air controller recites altitudes recorded by another type of radar. Lamoureux guides the plane until the pilot ' s own radar locks on and tracka the in- " Bogey crossing your scope ' ' ghi up SOOO feet USS Boston in Mediterranean With Sixth Fleet Gifts of Hope for the Sick BV CDWARD G. McGKATll MitiUry Editor USS Boston, the world ' i first cuidcd rmssil* cruiser, iteamed through the chilly water* of Boston) Harbor today for the wannat welcome home in «i gallant history. Each man m the crew of 1(03 was ^ a hero to the grateful cituens of its \ nameMlte city and to the hundreds of I wives, children and parenu who | counted their Christmas blcsjings [ three days early. ' After SIX months in the Mediter- ranean Sea on the dual m.iMion of de- fending Amencj and creating gooid I will for our nation. L ' SS Boston sras I saluted by city and slate ofBcuU. top-ranking Sxvy Officers and, most important, the funilics of the ofli. cers and men. ShiprariJ workers and hundradi of 1 joined the dockilde Ihrenx en thu Ky I only three dayi befm-a Chrislnas. Tnbuie to USS Boston starred long before the ssaMir« warship arrived at the Bosioa Naral Shipyard. ShorUy after entenng the harbor. Ui« cruiaer vh we!- eomed by a flanking escort of Boston Fire boats, f^sodtne a spray of colored water into high arches. " Anchors Awelg^■■ " For BcalMV and other nngs con- tinued the creeimg as the tiun. powerful cruiaer approached the doct Two bands competed for Ihe top musieal salute— the Boston Fire Department Band and the Bunker HiU Band o( the Beys Club o( Boston. Since departing Boston for deployment with the Sath Fleet on July 9, the thip steamed 32,000 nautical nutes and vuiied Naples. Trieste. U Spewa. CaUnia. and Uctsina Italy; limur. Turkey; Valtacia and Barcelona. Spam. «Rd Cannes, France, •teamed out of Boston Harbor heading 380. " says ihe lieu- ' July __ .„ Mediterranean, is the key snlt- aircratt unit of the carrier ' s •creen. Independence ij far over the honion. beyond ught Phantom II all-weather fighters art the carrier ' twice Ihe speed of sound. .... Phantom can attack an in. truder from afar with Spar- row and Sidewinder miiiili I plar neks up a target re catapulting from ,,P* ?, ' , T ' l dect Surpassing t,i2. ange " This is your bogey. " condrmj the controller on USS Boston The pilot 11 on his own His directs him to the kill. Lamoureux then guides the supersonic jet back within nge of Its carrier, and a controller on the Independ- d«.™, .h, ,.,„, jn ,d,r„u,h,,pp,,imd indarknesiortilmdrngweath. ' * " ' " " *■ Also in the fleets protective •,„, b,,,a.a mi > ..ia .n..,.. firing range, however, re fluires guidance, and thi comes from USS. Boston ' combat information center. Terner files at twice the speed of sound lo intercept those aircraft that may slip past Ihe cordon of defending plar s ob- Lt Robert J Lamoureux of 18 Ringold si . Marlboro, « the senior air inlercepl controller .■ " ba ' ;ri;; " ^of ' fi ' a ' k ' wUh^thr^ He u a veteran aviator and ,nd guns fighters in the Far East and Boilon ' s main battery of six B-inch. S5 caliber guns. mounted ward, has assumed new Im- Sovict cruisers have been appearing In various operat- ing areas of US earners throughout the world Hea\-y gun.t of those cruisers pose * wartime threat to the carries. The lone American warship In the carrier strike group with the firepower lo destroy " - " ■■ ■ ' ing So ' off the Independence Allantie. His battle station on the cruiser makes him the " eyes " (or the aircraft Hying combat air patrol — seeking out at- tacking enemy planes and, in Wartime, destroying them be- fore Ihcy come within 100 miles of Ihe fleet It enemy planes can be shot down beyond that perimeter. Ihey cannot drop their nuclear bombs. Directing the carrier- _., ,,.,, .„.„;, based fighters to such inlrud- and thus protect the ers IS the chore of Lamoureux a the U S. cruiser with it* 8- and four other ofBcers in Bos- inch gunj ton ' s CIC In this strike group USS. The combat information Boston (ulIilU the role center is ihe nerve center of Her mam battery of guns the ship Here data from an alio enables Ihe Boston lo array of radar and other com- serve as a support ship for niunication systems is col- amiftiibious landings The big lected. displayed on massive gun» " soften up " the beaches alalus boards, disseminated lo before the Marines land and Other ships and aircraft and act as artillery during the evaluated ,,rly sligei of their advance A PROCLAMATION Thb U CSS Boston Day Boston M«Tor John F Collins tssned a deelaraUoD mahlnt Tuesday. Dec U. TSS BOSTON DAY HI) message reads In part: " I. John r CnlllDs. Ma»or of the Ctly ot Boston. «a hereb* declare TSS BOSTON DAY on the day ot arrival ol the USS •oston In the port ot Boston In recognltloa m n ootslandlDg performance as Ambaa- aador of good will ot our city and to seel- come home the crew of thia great ship with the [reeUnm and best wbhea tor a joyotu holiday season for all, " •DfiuiiniiiiiaiiDiiiiniuiiiniiiiiBiiHijnnniiiiuiiiinuiiiiiniiiiiniiniinnilun WITH US 3 BOSTON— Suor Anna is but a forehead Utier than the urchins who lug at her black habit and revel in her spiritual good- She should be slender, for at the CasB Dell Carila ihouse ot chanty I poverty ollen renders the cupboard barren. Sister Anna is superior of the poor nuns who wander daily through Ibe squalor and dust of Catania ' s sun- drenched seapcirt streets. They seek the sickest of the sick among the poorest of the When Ihe sickness is severe but not hopeless, they trans- port the patient to Ospedaie Municipale Garibaldi, the hospital at the foot of Mt. Eina. It was at Ganbaldi Hospital that the men ot a ship named Boslon learned ot Suor Anna. Garibaldi Hospital had great need for medical sup- plies and equipment. This was authenticated by the US.S. Boston ' s dental officer. Dr. Jatnes H. Charles of 43 Beech- wood St., CohasseL and medi- cal officer. Dr Mark A. Hardy ot New York. The ship ' s " interna U on al team ' ot one Marine and 14 sailors spent hours of thetr own lime al sea painting, re- pairing and tully restonng used and surplus equipment donated by Boston hospitals. Their volunteer talents placed in first class condition such items as Incubators, operating room tables, oxygen tent machines, heal lamps. Boston Globe writer Edward G McGialb acconpatiled t ' SS Boston on a portion ot lis .Mediterranean cruise. Reprint* ed here are two nt hU many articles wtilcb described the ship, lis personnel and Its mission. wheelchairs, suction ma- chines, dental chairs, etc. With each group of gifts was a note offering the hope " that this equipment will be of further service lo you in your efforts to care for the sick in your community " The gifts and the sentiment came from Massachusetts General Hospital, Beth Is- rael, Massachusetts Memorial, Peter Bent Bngham, and Bos- Ion City Hospitals, Tu(ts-New England Medical Center. Mass Eye and Ear Infirmary, Children ' s Medical Center and US. Naval HospiUl. Chelsea, Men ot the cruiser Boston raited their own repair fund, selling doughnuts on the mam deck for a profit to buy parts needed for some of the older equipment Il IS policy for men who do Ihe restoration work to make the presentation, along with the commanding officer ot Boston. Capt Robert L Kalen. formerly of Cohasset. Truck- loads of equipment and phar- maceutical supplies donated by nine US. firms arrived at the haipiial Sicilian physiaans were on hand to receive the gifts and laud the city ot their origin. And then there was a pause. A doctor spoke in hij native tongue: " We cannot take all. You must remember Sister Anna " fled " 1 old r I the background. Sister ' s need was for nurs- ing supplies and medications for her bedside aid to the poor, crulches for the lame and wheelchairi for the in- The " House of Charity- was center ot tumultuous laughing and weeping when USS. Boston ' s sailors arrived. Little urchins and the crippled elderly, passing par- ents and nearby merchants stormed the bastion ot char- ily It was bedlam with a heart as ihey cheered Bosion. Suor Anna gave each ot the sailors a simple Miraculous Medal— the only gift within her means All ot Catania had " Boston " on its lips the next day as the tmiting nun ventured forth. ■# David Karam ot 3e Oakdale av,, Manchester. N H , was among those who discovered the depth of gratllude tn Trieste Italy. He participated in the pres- entation ot equipment and supplies at the Trieste Hos- pital, a structure 400 years old with walls four feet think. Capacity of the hospital has expanded from 600 to 1800 beds in recent years. Patienu steep m the hallways, and de- spite some excellent modern equipment for surgical and medical care, the basics, in- cluding beds, oxygen tents and incubators, are tacking. Karam and hii shipmates Joined in a gifi-giving cere- mony on a Thursday. The local newspaper. 11 Gaiiet- tino. headlined the story: " A Gift From Boston (Mass) to the Hospital ' At 11 30 the following night a flre roared through the en- gineroom of the guided mis- sile frigate MacDonough, alongside the USS Boston. One man was killed and ti were injured. Three were rushed to the Trieste Hos- piul There ihey were placed m bed) donated the previous day by the USS. Boston ui behalf ot Boston hospitals. They were treated with anti- biotics and anUseptia con- tributed by Amencan flrmi. Residents and otBcials came to the hospital to give the men cookies, candy and notes of condolence written m Ital* Ian and English At night, anonymous citizens placed gifts on their beds as they alept When USS. Boston was ready to sail again into the Mediterranean, more than lOOO Trieste residents gath- ered at the dockside at S a m. ■ ' Arriverderei " was shouted over the ship ' s loudspeakers. The throng cheered and wept and raised their hands in salute. The contribution of a medi- cal gift from Boston gained the love of a city afar. In Iimir. Turkey; Barcelona, Spain.— many other cities— the gratitude was repcatnJ- Wherever the cruiser Bos- ton calls, ihe makes friends in the name of her namesake A Message from the Captain BV ROBERT L. KALEN Captain. U. S. Navy Our 1964 Mediterranean cruise with the US. Sixth Fleet has had a twof ' -.ld mission, involving both military a--* humanitarian goafs. We have coiistar, ' .- ly stnved to maintain our battle effi- ciency at Its maximurr srA to increase the good will and understanding be- tween the peoples of the Mediterranean naiinns and our ov.ti United States, Tr > bnng a ship ' s crew to their op- tiTi ' .-■ in battle efficiency is a challenge wKirh we are meeting through con- stant :ra::i;ng and exercising at sea To gam new friends in foreign lands and create mutual understamding be- tween different peoples u a greater CAPT. ROBERT L, KALEN Commanding OSicer challenge which mtat be met vitb sin- cwity and warmth — a challenge to which the men of BOSTON, through the Project Handclasp program, have responded with earnestness. From the desire of naval personnel ' ^ assist people in foreign lands to help -emselves to improve the conditions -i.der which they liv-e. Project Hand- asp has created • reservoir ot good -ill and fnendship for the United -lates. USS BOSTON, we beUeve. has -^creased this grwd will and friendship :-\ her Project Handclasp efforts during ■he 1964 Mediterranean Cr^ilse. ROBERT L KALEN Captain. US. N»\-y i _WhiIe serving a humantUrian mluton amoo« the needy of Europe, the crew was still mindful of the (itedy in USS Boston ' s naraeiake city and donated over 12300 to th« Carted Fund of Greater Boston. Many Sixth Fleet records ■m*n shattered by th« crew while maintaining battle efSciency through centant traimnf and exercises. The guided misaile cruacr served in the role ot defender of the peace wjih the Sixth Fleet and as a part of the U S force deployed under NATO. To the free natiora of Europe, the Boston was known as the fnerdheil ship in a -fnendly neef Officen and men were ever active in the Presidents People- to- Peopla pro- gram and m Project Hand:I,asp When the ship departed her beme port, her Oonnoai were filled with hospital equipment, medical nipplxg^ toya and Red Cross pAckages. They «r«rc destuxd for aeadj hospitals and orphanages. Many contnbuton Dade the gif^-gii-ing prt fiNe Anoof the donon were mne Greater Boston hocpitali and oiiw national pharmaceutical Arms. Mattel loc. toy firm: the WiUoo Sporting Goods Co. the Amencan Red Cnm aad the Navyj East Coast director of Project HaadclMpi While enroute to Ihe Mediterranean, ncmben of the ship ' s International Team and other voluatcen lefiirtaslwd the equipment in need of repairs. The American consul in each port to be visited waa contacted and was asked to select the roost ttcedy aad de- serving institutions to receive the aid. After a month of extensive operations in the Eastern Mediterranean. Boston arrived in the Northern Adriatic port city of Trieste. Italy— and the first Proiect KandcUtp presentation. Hotpital supplies and equipment, including beds, steri- luers. wheel chairv inculiators and dmci were received with emotion and gratitude by the staS of the Ospedaie Maggiora. More than 300 duldten fraei orphanages aad Khooli toured the ship, were given presents and entertained. Next stop waa Calarua. Sicily, under the shadow oflf volcanic Mt, Etna. Extensive supplies and equipment wvre distributed to Catania ' s city hospital. I ' Ospedale Munmpale Garibaldi. Fifteen men and one ofBcer from Boston helped to renovate one of the hospitals older wards, while pharrnacevtKal goods were dispensed to " Charity House, ' a boeBc for the aged Bcstoc ' s International Team spent a btitr three dayt after amval in Itmir. Turkey, on Sept 31 disinbuting jifu to the Irmir Children ' s Hospital Toys and Red Cron pack- ages were personally presented by men of the Ba«oe to children in the hospital wards, while sporting goods wvi« given to students ai three local secondary scbooti. Barcelona. Spain, enjoyed the Project Handclasp eCart from Oct, 17-Jl One ot the o:dfit hoepitals in the cooniry L ' Hospital Santa Crui y San Pablo, was the recipient of gifts in an impressn^ ceremony attended by many local digni lanes. A MEMENTO This spHlal edIUoa 04 thu Barton Glebe b peeseaird as a ntraicnt* o( the CSS Bostoe* happy and timely retara to la bone port. Owing the MHIirrriBeaa crobe af r«S BastM. the Clabe « aisry •( its ■!■ el good wlIL niM Boslon Globe readers a galWnt crew and lo thNe ■%• also aerrc* — U« taaUllet «bo kiv* maOm Ihth ntn- flea (hrottgh the absence af loved Mica. An et New Eagtaad azteaA Ra gralltsrfa and respect to aack Ban o( CSS Bertaa wba has played a key ivU IB Anctlea ' s dcfeflse and has enhaiKed the Bam* of ■— t e w Ihroogta Traject BaBdclBsp.~

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