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.r ' Wltewfs. 11 1 f ' Si , L ,Y 1 s. 4 R ,, s A A 2 .L ' ' 1. M -1 g M ' Wai... v M. 1 .4 'Q ..4Jfrm.L. 'a-mg., 'WS' ' - ii I I f' e .naar . .t , . K' I .51 . , U H , f V jx vf 3 , , . fir M ,, ,ff WWF? WW - 4 x. A' --o. f 4 4 .V- -' wir. :,i- - ., ,. L , ,, . . fgi, ' f X 4.1 1 ,v, .:-, .f A 7 l in 1' L ,, L DEDICATIU We, the members of the Senior class of 1957, do hereby dedicate this annual to Mrs. Dunkak. She has been our faithful, reliable and expert cook for 10 years. She has always taken a special interest in the welfare of young people and in their activities. Mrs. Dunkak formerly taught school. She taught 10 years in Nebraska and 6 years in South Dakota. She was married at Lincoln, Nebraska, on November 26, 1925. Later she and her husband moved onto a farm east of Fairfax where they resided for 15 years. On June 7, 1942, they moved to Bonesteel. She taught for a few years in this vicinity and then on January 13, 1947, she started a hot lunch program at Bonesteel school. The first meal she cooked was served to 113 students whose desire was to have a hot noon meal. The menu for the first meal was: creamed chicken, mashed potatoes, peas, bread, butter, prune sauce, and milk. A variety of many other delicious meals have been served since. We are proud to dedicate this annual to you, Mrs. Dun- kak. we feel that you have done a great service to our comm- unity, We know that your accomplishment will never be forgotten HOME 0F THE TIGER NNUAL STAFF it i 5 l Editor --------- Assistant Editor - Business Manager Assistant Bus. Mgr. - - Advertising ------- -- Class Editors: Seniors -- Juniors ---- Sophomore - Freshmen -- Sports Editor -- Art Editor --- Typists -------- Annual Advisor -- Carole Jons Sandra Haisch Lou Ann Wernke Lorrayne Klundt Tom Bruce, Lorrayne Klundt Sandra Haisch, Gary Whidden Ruby Pfaff Theon Wuest Isla Jons Lorene Mulford Leo Neilan Virgil Charging Hawk Shirley Schmitz, Larry Muliord Mr. Humpal v if 4 'I , , . Q V, grp.. CQ . ' Q - , , V ,,g.,,,X -, , ,::, .M A ..,Qc 'QW' H ,QT37 3 sivpw ikxgnszf 6, E. nv f1,.,.gL -, + '17, ,. 4 .ywft Q - H. A ,, ,. ji . 2 0 , ,- W 4 ' .vvx 4 L, .1 wx. - i rv ,Q .A . uf , .V -gi...,- -+ f .11'.?5 'T-3 51:22 ,,X,, Q, nv , g X H , A Q, Wx.-H, ., in .ni ,V ,. , U, . ,nf , Jw 515 , HL gi ff E rl , Q E T ,. 5 ,a E SUPERI TE MARVIN C. HUMPAL Yankton College, ik University of Iowa, Saint Olaf in Minnesota, B. S, Southern State, Teachers College, M, A. Colorado State College of Education, Industrial Art, Government, Grade Basketball, Senior Class Sponsor. A i s 3 x 3 - E5 in X cg 9 ll BOARD OF EDUCATIO l -tif uk, L. to R. Emil Jons, Vernal Glynn, Clerk, Albert Schochenmaier, Pres, Wm. C. Grady, Treasurer, Marvin C. Humpal, Supt, Don Hausman, Alfred Schultz., Melvin Joyce. Pres. is now Alfred Schultz, Henry Moor not shown has replaced Albert Schochenmaier. MR. BURIAN University of S. Dak. , Southern State Teachers College, Math, Algebra 1, 11, Goemetry, Band Direc- tor, Soph. Class Sponsor. MR. BACKUS B.A. Dakota Wesleyan University, Administrative Education, Superior State Teachers College, Work at University of Chicago, Bookkeeping, American Government, World History Typing 1, Freshmen Class Sponsor. FACULTY 9 MR. BAKER Southern State Teachers College, Socialogy, Psy- chol0gY, American History Biology, Coach, Soph. Class Sponsor. MISS SUTTON Southern State Teachers College, University of Ohio, B.A. University of Iowa, University of Wisconsin, Colorado State Teachers College, English 1,11,111, IV, Declam, Plays, Junior Class Sponsor. MRS. JUMP Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, Southern State Teachers College, Dakota Weselyan University, General Science, Social Studies, Grad and High School Music, Junior Class Sponsor. ,nur 0 U -f 1: Eli ' Vw. WE'..g.:s . iww.-fQ::S ,M N MN.. . M ,. fm .VUE f x A Q. A if .1 IS F 3 5 L- E RAY VAUGHN Class Play King Candidate Track Basketball Football Glee Club Baseball DON CAHOY Cvlee Club Class Play Carnival King Class Officer Track Basketball 1 Football Baseball Annual Staff Mixed Chorus CAROLE JONS Pep Club 1-Z-3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Declam Z Class Play 3-4 Queen Candidate l Student Council 4 Class Officer 1- 3 Annual Staff 1-Z-3- 4 Librarian 3 Phys. Ed. 1 Cheerleader l-2- 3 , 'Wa RUBY PFAFF Pep Club Glee Club Class Play Carnival Queen Student Council are-sv DORAIN .TONS Class Officer Annual Staff Librarian Phys. Ed. Cheerleader Pep Club Officer Mixed Chorus Glee Club Pep Club Class Play Annual Staff Paper Staff Phys. Ed. 1-Z- 3- Pep Club Officer Z- Mixed Chorus Girl's State 3 Soloist Z Sextet Z-3- 4 Mixed Chorus 3 'bf ' v DENNIS MULF OR D Glee Club Z Class Play 3-4 GARY HOFFMAN Glee Club Z Declam l Class Play 3- 4 Class Officer 1 Track Z Basketball l-2- 3 Football 1- 3- 4 Baseball 1 Annual Staff 1 DEANNA TIETGEN Pep Club 1- 2- 3- 4 Glee Club 1- Z- 3- 4 Class Play 3- 4 Annual Staff 1 Paper Staff 3 Librarian l- Z- 3- 4 Phys. Ed. 1- Z- 3 Soloist 1- 2- 3- 4 Mixed Chorus 3 x SHIR LEY SCHMIT Z Pep Club 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 3- 4 Class Play 3- 4 Carnival Queen 4 Student Council 3 Class Officer 2- 4 Annual Staff 1-2-3- 4 Paper Staff 4 Librarian 4 Phys. Ed. 1-Z-3- 4 Pep Club Officer 1- 3 ws... 5 1 Mixed Chorus 3 JERAI-.D SCHOCHENMAIER Glee Club 1-2-3- 4 Declam 1 Class Play 3, 4 Student Council 4 Class Officer 4 Basketball 1-2-3 Football 3,4 Baseball 1 Mixed Chorus 3 VIR GIL CHARGING HAWK Glee Club 1-2- 3- 4 Declam 1 Class Play 3- 4 Track 2- 3 Basketball 1-Z- 3- 4 Football 1-Z- 3- 4 Baseball 1 Annual Staff Z- 3- 4 Paper Staff 4 Soloist 4 MICHEAL SCHMIT Z Class Play 3- 4 Track Z- 3 Basketball 1- 2-3 Football 1-Z-3-4 Fairfax l LARRY MULFORD Glee Club 1- 2- 3 Declam 1- 2 Class Play 3- 4 Basketball 1- 3 Baseball 1 Soloist 3- 4 Mixed Chorus 3 LOU ANN WERNKE Pep Club 1-2- Glee Club 1-2- Declam 1- Class Play Queen Candidate Student Council Class Officer 2-3- Annual Staff 1-3 ,fir enum' 1,-,t 'H DAR REI-.L YOUNG Glee Club 1-2-3- Declam 1-Z- 3- Class Play 3- King Candidate Student Council 1- Track 2- Basketball l-2- 3- Football 1-2- 3- Baseball Annual Staff Soloist Z- 3- Phys. Ed. 1-2-3- Sextet D. A, R. Candidate Mixed Chorus It .rif- CAROL JENSEN Pep Club 1-2-3- Glee Club Declam Class Play 3- Paper Staff 3- V Phys. Ed. 1-2-3- TOM BRUCE Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Declam 1-2-3-4 Class Play 3-4 Carnival King 4 Student Council 2 Class Officer 1-3 Track 2-3-4 Basketball 1- 2-3 Football 1-2-3-4 Annual Staff 1-2-3-4 Student Council 4 Boy's State 3 Soloist 3- 4 Mixed Chorus 3 Quartet 4 6- SUPT. HUMPAL Sponsor 4 BACCALAUREATE Processional . . . . . . Invocation The Lord's Prayer .... . ....... Baccalaureate Sermon . . . Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes . . Announcements . . . . . . . . . . When Children Pray .... Benediction .......... Recessional . . . . . . . Ushers . . . .. Programs . A I' 477 j ..-.....-- -fn...-.. av' . . . Sandra Haisch Rev. R. Feldman . . . Girls Glee Club . . . Rev. R. Feldman . . . Clarinet Ensemble . . . Supt. M. C. Humpal . . . .Girls Sextet Rev. R. Feldman . . . . Sandra. I-Iaisch . . . . . . .Kathryn Jons, Vern Herrnsen Theon Wuest, Paul Vaughn Bonnie Helmberggr, Leo Neilan Loretta Counts, Marlyn Fredricksen . . . . . . . . Karren Peterson and Jerald Applebee COMMENCEMEN T Processional , , , Invocation ................ Salutory Address .......... Climbin' Up The Mountain C Presentation of 8th Grade . . -ua-... ...nfs- hildren Presentation of Diplomas . . ....... . Saxophobia . . . . . . . . . . . . Commencement Address . . Halls of Ivy .............. Valedictory Address . ..... . Presentation of Senior Class Presentation of Diplomas , , . Benediction Recessional Ushers . . . School Band .. Rev. R. Feldman . . Jerald Schochenrnaier . . Boys Glee Club . . . Mrs. McDonald .. Supt. M.C. Humpal . . . Connie Honner . . .Lloyd T. Uecker . . . Girls Glee Club . . Lou Ann Wernke . . Supt. M. C. Humpal . . Alfred Schultz .. Rev. R. Feldman . . School Band . . . . . . Patty Schmitz, Eben Bailey Phillis Schmitz, Garykwhiddeh Bonnie Helmberger, Leo Neilan- Loretta Counts, Marlyn Fredriclcsen Lorrayne Klundt and Torn Snyder SENIOR CLASS HISTORY In the fall of 53 , B.H, S, could have sent out Announcements which read something like this, Bonesteel High School announces the arrival of twenty bouncing children-weight approximately 2370 lbs. - color of hair- assorted. They are known to their friends as: Margaret Boettcher, Tom Bruce, Don Cahoy, Virgil Charging Hawk, Lorna Foster, Gary Hoff- man, Carol Jensen, Carole Jons, Dorain Jons, Francis La Claire, Dennis Mulford, Larry Mulford, Larry Ott, Ruby Pfaff, Shirley Schmitz, Jerald Schochenmaier, Deanna Tietgen, Ray Vaughn, Lou Ann Wernke, and Darrell Young. The first big event of the freshman year was that of initiation. Carole Jons, Don Cahoy, Carol Jensen, Gary Hoffman, Shirley Schmitz, and Francis LaClaire, were chosen to serve at the Junior-Senior Banquet. Michael Schmitz came in the Sophomore year from Fairfax to join the class. Lorna Foster enrolled at Marion leaving the class with 20 mem- bers. During this year Don Cahoy and Ruby Pfaff were crowned King and Queen Of B. H. S. ' Beginning the Junior year the class lost Larry Ott and Margaret Boettcher who went to Fairfax. Wendolyn Frederickson married at the end of the second semester. The main goal during the Junior year was to raise money. The class began by selling magazines. Refreshments were sold at all football and basketball games. Girl Crazy the Junior Class Play, directed by Miss. Sutton was well received. The Banquet Theme for the Senior Class was Old Mexico . At last it came, the year everyone had been waiting for. The first event of the senior year was initiating the Freshmen. During the second semester the class lost Kathleen Daniels, which left 17 students, 10 boys and 7 girls. Beauty and The Beef . our Senior play was given on November 20. March 22 a chartered bus was taken to Omaha for sneak day. The class enjoyed seeing the Ice Capades and points of interest. They returned on March 23. Tom Bruce rated a superior at the State Declam Contest in Pierre. It was the first year he had won the local contest, and he went all the way! Shirley Schmitz and Tom Bruce were crowned King and Queen of B. H. S. This was the second time in four years that the class of 57 won this honor. The Junior Class honored the seniors at a banquet on May 7. The Class Motto is, We Have Just Begun to Fight . The Class Flower is, The Red Rose. The Class Colors are, Blue and White. With Baccalaureate and Commencement, the four years in Bonesteel High School ended. The happy and profitable days have passed quickly and will never be forgotten. Class Editor- Ruby Pfaff I 4 Q ' 4 3 'F an 'V I 0 A ' I , F' ' N' f -J K ' X W Q X il , ,Y f, b . . . X X1 ff, uma 5 ' 'fy ' 9 U 3 10 . 7. 1, 4 k ' , K ' , ' ff 1 3, 85515, mfg X X. .. .ff wi K- S., 5. , Q. fx is A S . M 'fx' Tn., ' , S L V -1 zlr, N' ii ,iL,..,44.:'x , -r K 13:58. 'yr 1 . lp if .Tix M' Q. Ziff? A .1 ,ff lm- ,Ui x 1-f ' 54. 1 iw , A ' Nw igawfw' ., , ,,JW,ng:3?ig:'1:,:'t' - ig,.5:,i51,-5.35 ,. ,. W.1v . .wfzzaeigiziwfd-f,,::T, X ,Q W KW v ,,,mfeww ',,, fr' ,M , nyfwwk FM W-fLrfM X':?:,i5gf,3ib,,y . ws' H QU? f inf few . , A , 'A ifzililxzywffff ,L V- Q' ' ,, -' dw. .v 'Mkvf A .- n3i.,.kLig',fgTscvw WMI , f 1 ' 'K V X: ' afff.nng ffx1' ' ' . 2Qffz'?321lf1f, 1' up ' wa' W ,. X S wwf 1 , 'rw' Q. ,fg ' a' friszr ff f . , V. W ., we ::,,,.,, , if , , 4 rs r 4. Su . , , X. Q , f wyw we .V ,,,-kwin , Y Q win uv ,inf xl f , 3, 'bww' xaaw ff ....f'jg4, v ' .. ..Q ,wmuhmgf 'U 4. ,,,-H,., ! 4 L, ,. - 6. y:1'f'A ,iffaffflil 7' if 'ewlgff 'i I K , ' ' ...1-fM',e,ig,,m:F g e 4 4 2 2 Q Q , , f f Q . W .,1.ffii.iL5i3tg :rv 7357 A ? .. V 5 , , , ' , , t , .Q 1 V f 1 --as . V 9 'i x Y f. .' .f ',x- ' W ,' ,V .L M ,. Q- 'Q11'l'l 'fN3'v- XY 1 t ff'i'1:ffff .fQ:Rv ,wax pil:-9' - g x ' 'i fi sk F A . Lil, :Uv- M ' 1 ' 'N R ,. Mfbwayfb gg.. s i2!,mJ4Awxg'-' Q . 5.-S' - --Q, 6 i .vlwjggt X 1 , V knw f, 2,1 .. . gs lx W,,v V S , . fq . ww, 1.ff 12mW E ff , f ' -V H W0 Wins! dd-I, X ,V ,. pb V ,,H,,Lx . 5 ,. , ,Mix hw - W HHWYQ I .Q tgzwyemhu wr' ,fi 4 . QR at . 1 wsrgr-ssl y N X K a1fig,i?,, V - f jf ,nmwki in my x M wx. . Q 3 1 Q 'Q 1Q,xvc. Q, .. - 4Asx24fff ?i wwffaflikii' ':, .HQ ff 1' X Q- ,M-44 - Q 4 f .Q Q.-,ww W ...wg 'S .f 3 W PW ' ,,g , w K m,,, x + P- , W f H ,QV 7. ,Maw R 1 fricken if , - N Hy wk . , 1 f , ,,. , ,..f W-M'3.54f , ,i '5 5iff1'2Zxfg1f n if!ff-iuqinngq' ' - if 1 A '3J1f,3'1: 'IQ. . fi Q E E Q E fi 5 1 u gk F E 1 5 5 5 l JU IOR CLASS HISTORY BARBARA BALCOM GARY WHIDDEN GOLDIE RAINWATER Twenty -three Juniors appeared for another school year, September 3, 1957. A short time later Shirley Lewis moved to Fairfax. Class officers elected were, President, Patty Schmitzg Vice-President, Vern Hermsen: Secretary, Karren Peterson, and Treasurer, Eben Bailey. The stu- dent Council Representatives were Patty Schmitz and Jearld Applebee. The boys lettering in football were Jerald A. , Eben B. , Marlyn F. . Vern H. , Leo N. , Paul V. , and Gary W. All 9 of the boys were out for basketball. Jerald A. and Marlyn F. were on the first five. Marlyn Fredrickson and Jerald Applebee were among the five basket- ball players from this district chosen for the all State Team and honorable mention. The first money making project was the magazine drive. The Juniors sold refreshments at all home foot- ball and basketball games. In declamation Vern I-lermsen upheld the Junior honor. He repre- sented Bonesteel at the State Declam- ation Contest held in Pierre on Nov- ember 19, 1956. Vern received a rating of excellent. Kathryn .Ions received third place at the music contest in Kimball. She sang an alto solo. Dino the Junior Class play was given April 2 under the direc- tion of Miss. Sutton. The Junior-Senior banquet was scheduled for May 7. BONNIE HELMB ERGER .IANICE BRUNMEIIK Tl-IEON WUEST The Junior Class has indeed completed a very full year. Clas s Editor-Theon Wue st EBEN BAILEY TOM SNYDER ISLA J' ONS BILL LESLIE DUANE SMIZER CLASS OF 1959 CONNIE HOFFMAN BETTY DION DON AISENBREY GARY VOGT PATTY MCDONALD PHYLLIS NEILAN MELVA SIP MIKE SPIT ZENB ER GER RONNIE BENTSON LEONA SCHMITZ JOYCE SCHOCHENMAIER SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY The Sophomores started the school year, 1956-57, with Z1 enrolled. In November Henry Camin entered. In February Joyce Schochenmaier moved to Raymond, Minnesota leaving the class with Z1 members. Class officers elected were as follow: Joyce Schochenmaier, President: Loren Sieh, Vice- President: Patty McDonald, Sec- retary-Treasurerg and Connie Hoffman, Student Council Repre- sentative. The class sponsors are Mr. Baker and Mr. Burian. At carnival time Joyce AGNES SCHMITZ Schochenmaier and Carroll Ander- DICK ODENBACH son were chosen candidates. Eight girls and six boys participated in music. In the Regional Solo Contest at Kimball, Billy Leslie won a superior rating and Patty McDonald won an excellent rating. Joyce Schochenmaier was the accompanist for both boys' and girls glee clubs. Two members sang in the sextet. Two boys sang in the Four Flats Quartet. There were eight boys out for football, and four out for basket- ball, And six out for track. Ramona Knudsen was chosen as ' A Team Cheerleader, and Isla .Ions was chosen as B Team Cheerleader. 1 Class Editor-Isla Jons. ROY VOGT RAMONA KNUDSEN ELDA DUMMER LOREN SIEH CARROLL ANDERSON NITA SONDGER OTH JOHNNY APPLEB EE KENNY QUALM ROGER LOUNSBERY CLASS OF 1960 BETTY SARGENT RAYMOND SCHMITZ LINDA PETERSON IKYA BTS f'!.'lA Bl-Ylil' IIA II! JIM HERMSEN LARRY OHDEN ADEL LA KLIEN nvnvignn n Av! 1511 FRESHMA CLASS HISTORY A BC D E FG Sixteen-Freshmen entered Bonesteel High School on September 7, 1956. Terry Dummer enrolled just before the end of the first semester and James Hartford moved to Winner after the first semester. , The Seniors honored the Freshmen on Initiation Day, September 12. Each person was assigned a different costume to wear. ! . We all looked very fashionable. 0, , Our class officers were Johnny Applebee, I J President: Richard Bailey, Vice-President: y ' LaVern Woehl, Secretary-Treasurerg and Linda Peterson, Student Council Representative. 1 Linda Peterson and Johnny Applebee were f '00 chosen as candidates for the School Carnival. j Z The Freshmen were proud to have 'two girls fl Iv chosen as B Team Cheerleaders. They were Nu Nita Sondgeroth and Linda Peterson. Five boys participated in football and six in basketball. Six girls took part in Physical Educa- tion. Nine Freshmen sing in the glee clubs, six girls and three boys. Ten students participated . in Declarn. Lorean Mulford represented us at the N' l' y ' Hickory Stick Contest. Adella Klein took part in ' solo work. She placed second in the second Soprano Q division. L W- . Our Freshmen days are over now, but they are ' . not forgotten. ' : Class Editor-Lorean Mulford LORENE MULFORD LAVERN WOEHL NORMA HERMSEN Q1 , ii S, 3 FRESHMEN SENIOR Pres- -TQhf1 Applebee Pres. Jerald Schochenmaier V- Pres- Nlta Sondgeroth V. Pres. Shirley Schmitz Sec- 'TreaS- Lavefn Woehl Sec. -Treas. Lou Ann Wernke JUNIOR SOPHQMORE . Pres. Patty Schmitz Pres. Joyce Schochenmaler V Pres Vern Hermsen V' Pres' Loren Sleh Sec. Karren Peterson Sec. -Treas. Patty McDonald Treas Eben Bailey I 0 1 g...,. nfl? :fha P' I ,nth . 1.2. N.. '-U. , . ,. .'lX' G, W., -af. K IL 77711 Ji!! M63 J' 5 5:4 :xii .zdr sf. :DG 5522 .L-If 91 sf' -4 .. .... K. wn. E., JSI. ?:Z.' ua... M f. . on ' 81 J 4 . Q 4 2. but xA, ,KVM .- U.QnLal1 -1' g e 1 n. ..- ,.1 . . . 1 1,5 f .. 1 if A :..2 A '5:9 4T1'.fi:1f -1 A 1 . :QW-X .,. . Q , , , ,X Y ,, 1 4 M - . - . . .4,, - . . . , . V .. , , M , . .. .. f X. is . , in .... QQ1 A Ja , L.. ' - y , ,Q .' 0 x , , , . . 1 . f . ' lf12ik:'!.,T 5 1 ' :.,i.f3t3:t,f.,L,t xi s' Vw Q+ , Huh-:':.: Y . U, ,W ' 2 w y.5.,... , f' - - ' Q 1 :ima 1 In 't' . , . kx,, Q. , 1' , , .. .Q 4 ,iiih Q- . Q- 1 g....J.. ' 'v s 1 puns-, v 15 .. . i . 'Lam ' Ms.. .N M. , 4 W, M .t,..,..'g:51 .1527 .:T. fy, fv:US2,i.sf1I wg N' S W 1 . at 1 .Hun wx- UH 1 v UM ,,,,.1.,.., 1 w .I 'E Q- ftw., ,' 1 . . CN , .G . , -.. . 7 ,uk svn ' ' H. , ,. Q 1 J 5 , ' H.-..x.f. , g au-.bII!i1r ',, t' 1'1f f-iff ..x,,,. 5x.l 1 , .A Mijn. i'iAf I .. - f . Q Qs ' W ,I Q 9 1 1 yi ,S .. . Y. We ,. Q 1- 'P m My .5 uni .HQ ' 0 M 'u.5 GJ' A- 1 Vx K FIRST GRADE BACK ROW: R. Balcom, R. Stahlecker, M. Haisch, H. Johnson, Miss Opheim, H. Adams, L. Bailey, D. Skalla, I... Boes. FRONT ROW: J. Sondgeroth, M. Donohue, S. Moor, C. Pepper, E. Miller. J. Foltz, N. Spitzenberger, C. Keegan, J. Haus- mann, S. Sutton, A. Spitzenberger, and M. Humpal. NOT PICTURED: F. Wegner, M. Witt and R. Dummer. SECO D GRADE . ,x BACK ROW: R. Hausmann, D. Spitzenberger, R. Dummer, Mrs. Hibbard, B. Balcom, K. Skalla. FRONT ROW: F. Thoene, D. Peterson, K. Humpal R. Stahlecker, A. Cornick, R. Schmitz, T. Sondgeroth. THIRD-FOURTH GRADE BACK ROW: E. Bailey, J. Hausmann, C. Glynn, R. Davidson, M. Jump, T. Hausmann, R. Schmitz. MIDDLE ROW: Mrs. Hensley, L. Schmitz, D. Hoffman, T. Cornick, R. Boes, T. Hoar, J. Witt, A. Schultz, L. Schae- fer. FRONT ROW: C. Thoene, C. Leslie, C. Schochenmaier, C. Peterson, R. Rustemeyer, S. Brunmeier, S. Sutton, N. Moor, J. Hebert. FOURTH-FIFTH GRADE BACK ROW: R. Stahlecker, N. Schmitz, J. Hausmann, G. Bailey, M. Schochen- maier, D. Mulford, E. Jons, A. Balcom, Mrs. Volsteadt. MIDDLE ROW: S. Schmitz, M. Jons, J. Hibbard, R. Pepper, J. Hoar, A. Creekmur, D. Emme, A. Witt, W. Witt, H. Davidsonp I.- Dumrner, FRONT ROW: J. Havens, C. Schm- itz, M. Puhrmann, R. Boes, R. Balcom, J. Gors, M. Burger, L. Lanz, D. Hattig L. Brunmeier. NOT PICTURED: J. Veal. SIXTH-SEVE TH GRADE BACK ROW: H. Johnson, C. Bentson, J. Shroeder, J. Bruce, R. Bailey, C. Honner, M. Sargent, M. Sargent, M. Schmitz, T. Haisch, MIDDLE ROW: W. Counts, T. Dummer, L. Kehn, M. Schmitz, J. Spiizenbergery J. Keegan, G. Hoffman, J. Davison, Mrs. Anderson. FRONT ROW: L. Hertz, R. Schmitz, J. Sargent, C. Schmitz, E. Balcom, M. Glynn, B. Dummer, B. Mulford, B. Joyce, D. Hausmann, K. Jump. EIGHTH GRADE - i l I BACK ROW: B. Puhrmann, R. Balcom, D. Jons, R. Ludemann, L. Schmitz, R. Sip, R. Jump, MIDDLE ROW: G. Dummer, C. Kehn, J. Haisch, F. Creek- mur, I. Bailey, J. Schmitz, J. Spitzenberger, Mrs. McDonald. FRONT ROW F. Schmitz, K. Lounsbery, J. Joyce, B. Leslie, B. Johnson, C. Brunmeier, P. Litzo, K. Aisenbrey. 5th-'6th BASKETBALL BACK ROW: M. Schmitz, A. Creekmur, D. Emme, T. Haisch, J. Hoar, R. Pepper, L. Hertz, W. Counts, J. Hibbard. FRONT ROW: D. Mulford G. Bailey, E. Jons, L. Kehn, D. Hausmann, R. Schmitz, H. Johnson, K Jump. K, DQ v ' . WW. xgwg-N CHEERLEADERS J. Schroeder, L. Lanz, J. Havens, B. Joyce 'Q wif Km , z fe YE 7. , 1. ,N Q .IW X a ba Ham' QM V. .vm 1, wwf, .IZ :Hi2f2'SSI.Z'2Tp ku. awww 1 fill! v K.'Xxxx1,xKw If f -W 1 - fy ,- f ,614 f TW? 'SWWJKW .. ,EFMQHEH f!?!!E?VD9rW3lBtBI2EIEDl!NRifS.'I:2' 'xi-nf. U . . . . K L 1 v v , i at w il 1 i f 7th-'8th BASKETBALL 2 Pi ff: T1 A QS A I ,, f 'ft1W?,f. U 'Wit ' BACK ROW: Coach Mr. Humpal, J. Spitzenberger, J. Spitzenberger, J. Dummer, C. Kehn, R. Ludemann, J. Schmitz, L.. Schmitz. FRONT ROW: . Balcom, R. Sip, D. Jons, R. H.:-, . W Puhrmann. Q .1 fn f 'QA f ' 9 K V :fx . 7 A R 41 f ta L, 0' . x I A Y- , k m' In .-l. 'f --. .. CHEERLEADERS 0 xi? x 5 i J. Joyce, M. Schmitz, C. Honner, I. ' Ba1ley. 1 N DECLAM B, Leslie, V. Hermsen, T. Bruce, L. Wernke, Miss Sutton, P. Neilan, P. McDonald, J. Brunmeier, L. Mulford. STUDE T COUNCIL BACK ROW: J. Applebee, L. Peterson, C. Hoffman, J. Schochenmaier Mr. Humpal. FRONT ROW: P. Schmitz, J. Applebee, T. Bruce, J. Schochenmaier, C. Jons. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB 4 f BACK ROW: R. Pfaff, S. Haisch, K. Jons, C. Jons, D. Jons, L. Klundt, S. Schmitz, J. Brunmeier, L. Wernke, D. Tietgen, P. McDonald, I. Jons, FRONT ROW: J. Schochenrnaier, A. Klien, M. Sip, L. Counts, L. Peterson, C. Jensen, Mrs. Jump, K. Peterson, B. Sargent, P. Schmitz, B. Dion, L. Mulford, B. Balcom. BOY'S GLEE CLUB gsiif S' : : Q lB+- i.. -' . -0' ' if Ms.. it BACK ROW: S. Haisch, T. Dummer, R. Vogt, J. Hermsen, L. Sieh, P. Vaughn, V. Charging Hawk, D. Young, J. Schochenmaier, Mrs. Jump. FRONT ROW: G. Whidden, L. Mulford, D. Cahoy, T. Bruce, K. Qualm, B. Leslie, H. Camin, D. Aisenbrey. SEXTET J., Schochenmaier, L. Counts, K. Jons, S. Haish, C. Jons, P. McDonald, M. Sip, Mrs. Jump. OLOISTS iff Us BACK ROW: Mrs. Jump, L. Mulford, A. Mulford, T. Bruce, B. Leslie. FRONT ROW: K. Jons, D. Tietgen, P. McDonald. R K M . L sri. gg Q ' T. Bruce, G. Whidden, B. Leslie, D. Aisenbrey. L'-'U S 'xx s PEP CLUB BACK ROW: J. Schochenmaier, P. McDonald, R. Helmberger, A. Schmitz, B. Helmberger, P. Schmitz, P. Schmitz, L. Klundt, D. Jons, L. Wernk Cf R. Pfaff, D. Tietgen, S. Schmitz, P. Neilan, L. Counts, J.Brunmeier, B. Balcom. MIDDLE ROW: A. Klien, M. Sip, C. Jensen, N. Hermsen, L. Schmitz, G. Rainwater, C. Hoffman, K. Peterson, B. Sargent, C. Jons, B. Dion, E. Dummer, L. Mulford. FRONT ROW: K. Jons, N. Sondergroth, S. Haisch, I. Jons, R. Knudsen, L. Peterson, T. Wuest. X X f ,X ' f , Qs X' ' 1 Q , GA f- 4-.450 D mx 'N' TQ. 9 -3' f ' X. X 354 4 D g r Q4 f 5 f pi XX L 4 'lx W ' ' ND f 24 fl D if 4 - -' J ,ll Ji -ix' cf 'ik 1 I-Y 5 1 + 1 f , V - I x, A BACK ROW: R. Leslie, T. Bruce, Mr. Burian, S. Haisch, F. Schmitz, V. Hermsen. B. Johnson, K. Jump, D. Hausmann, D. Aisenbrey. T. Haisch, FRONT.ROW:J. Haisch, B. Joyce, K. Aisenbrey, P. Litzo, C. Bentson, M. Glynn, H. Johnson, G. Whidden, J. Schroeder, C. Klundt, P. McDona R. Jump. ld, CHEERLEADERS Knudson, T. Wuest, K. Jons, S. Haisch N. Sondgeroth, I. Jons, L. Peterson Ib PJ'-3 Za, K .. ED FJ'-3 Zn, JU IOR A D SE IOR PLAY CAST BACK ROW: Miss Sutton, D. Cahoy, R. Vaughn, C. Jensen, D. Young, D. Jons, D. Tietgen, J. Schochenmaier, V. Charging Hawk. MIDDLE ROW: G. Hoffman, S. Schmitz, L. Wernke, R. Pfaff, C. Jons, L. Mulford. FRONT ROW: D. Mulford, T. Bruce, M. Schmitz. JUNIOR PLAY Girl Crazy April 13, 1956 Jake-a caretaker . . Danny-a playboy .... Louie-a taxi driver . . . . . Cactus-cowboys ....... Lucky .......... . Pete-a mexican bandit . . . . . Lank-akiller .. Molly-the postmistress . . . . Tess-from Chicago . . . . . Rose . . . . Betty . . Janet Laura . Sally . Babs .... . . Sam-another playboy ...... Eaglerock-a real Indian . . . Lt. Caddigan-of State Police . . Tom Donny Jerald Mike Dennis Larry Darrell Carole Shirley Lou Ann Deanna Kathy Carol Ruby Dorain Ray Virgil Gary SENIOR PLAY Beauty and the Beef November 20, 1957 Ginny Allen-from Chicago George Allen-her dad . . Laura Allen-her mother . . . . Lester Allen-her brother .... Prof. Barton-the principal . . . Franny Barton-his daughter . . Beef-football captain ........ Molly Woods-girl with a drum. Foggy Ryan-drum major ..... Miss Bigby-a teacher ....... Scaffold-members of the team Steve- ...... Bubbles- Mitzi-a cheerleader . . . Barbara-a majorette ........ Mr. Spencer-a doctor ....... Wallace Woods-Molly's father Lou Ann Darrell Deanna Larry Donny Carole Tom Ruby Jerald Dorain Dennis Mike Ray Shirley Carol Virgil Gary Extras-Marlyn, Vern, Leo 8: Band SENIOR CLASS WILL We the Senior's of '57 being of sound health and mind do hereby bestow on our underclass men the following will: I DEANNA TIETGEN will the clean filing cabi- nets to next years office girl. I LARRY MULFORD will my stupidity to Carroll Anderson so he can have a greater ability in giving the teachers a rough time. I DENNIS MULFORD will my smart jokes to Carroll Anderson. I MIKE SCHMITZ will my singing ability to Duane Smizer so he can seranade his girl friends. I CAROL JENSEN will my jumpiness to Larry Oden. I DORAIN JONS will my ability to sing to Mrs. Jump so she won't mess around in music so much. 6 Q I JERALD SCHOCHENMAIER will my ability to stay H in the assembly to Rich Bailey. I SHIRLEY SCHMITZ will my ability to get black and lx blue marks to Connie Hoffman. N V I RUBY PFAFF will my size to Leo Neilan. ' I CAROLEJJONS will my ability to wear shortie paj- amas to Phyllis Neilan. I DARRELL YOUNG will my weight to Leo Neilan. I TOM BRUCE will my ability to fall asleep in class to Ronnie Bentson. I GARY HOFFMAN will my constructive ability to Bernard Charging Hawk. I LOU ANN WERNKE will my ability to collect big rings to Patty Schmitz. I DON CAHOY will my ability to play football and sing to Bill LesIie. I RAY VAUGHN will my ability to train to Carroll Anderson and Rich Bailey. I VIRGII. CHARGING HAWK will my ability to shoot a hook shot to Eben Bailey. We will to the faculty peace of mind and to our under- classmen our ability to have class parties and our ability to get along with the teachers. J UNIOR-SEN IOR BANQUET The Annual Junior-Senior Banquet was held in the Grill Room of the City Hall on Tuesday April 24, 1956. The 53 people that attended the banquet were the Junior hosts, Seniors, the High School and Grade Faculty, Mrs. Fred Dunkak and Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles Kimes. The chosen theme was OLD MEXICOU Carole .Tons as Toastmistress called for the following program numbers: M--My Seniors and Senoritas ...... Carole .Ions g E--Enchantment .......... .... A rt Kahler I-I--High Mountains ......... . . . Deanna Tietgen I--Interesting Scenes .......... Tom Bruce C--Come to the Fiesta .......... Jerald Schochenmaier QW MnmH,,,,,, ! O--Oh, How We Danced .......... Carol Peppel xxl IJ, .80 mxmxvw' l I ' I hu 'I ' 1. 4 Tl .AW .I -. xx xx X CAR IVAL ATTENDENTS: F. Thoene, J. Brown, J. Veal, J, Keegan, R. Balcom, J. Applebee, C. Anderson, J. Applebee. KING: T. Bruce. QUEEN: S. Schmitz, ATTENDENTS: T. Wuest, J. Schochenmaier, L. Peterson, F Schmitz, C. Honner, J. Havens, C. Leslie, K. Humpal. CROWN BEARERS: J. Sondgeroth, A. Spitzenberger. KI G A D QUEE .V Kg I., S MW ,, 2 'Y gr! Tom Bruce and Shirley Schmitz TATE DECLAM WINNERS Vern Hermsen Miss Sutton Tom Bruce Vern Hermsen rated an Excellent on his Dramatic selection The Button . Tom Bruce rated a Superior on his Humorous selection The Flea Gang's first Cigar . Miss Gladys Sutton is the dramatics teacher. WE PRESENT 0 R FACULTY Mrs. Jump, Mr. Backus, Mr. Burian, Mr. Humpal, Mr. Baker, Miss Sutton- LUNCH R00 'iff' 'Q' L. tt YU ... ug a fi . i i 5 BUS DRI ER CUSTODIANS E Rudy Hoffman, Elmer Shipman, Eben Bailey, Ray Hebert S ,Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles Kimes Charlie and Minnie have been a part of our school for 26 years. Since Oct. 15, 1930, Charlie has handled practically all the main- tenance of the building, including plumbing, wiring, installing glass, plastering, painting varnishing, cleaning and various carpentry jobs. With heart-felt gratitude we say Thanks A Million for a fine, clean school. SH OP BASKETBALL TROPHY Jerald Applebee accepts the Rosebud Conference Trophy. . Q.-1 ' ' 'fy -Y 4 yfwfy r f 'Q ,, ff, ,Ag 'L .1 wr , .. 1 n,f 'f'Ai .ww 1 .. fy WA ' 0 ' lf! J' f . A 1 X .JO J qwn' 4 ,M af.. 14 1 gm: ' .1-V. Y I. 1 7 ff? X in .a . FOOTBALL SQUAD gbff' gp. . Q, , Al Q - R3 f nv .9 AM ' 411 vi, 1 k,, 5' '2 4. ' 2 45 m..n.fAj'1-ff? wink' fra , . af . . Jw . QL. mx must.. W .1 BACK ROW: T. Bruce, R. Vaughn, V. Charging Hawk, D. Young, M. Schmitz, J. Schochenmaier, G. Hoffman. FRONT ROW: J. Applebee, M. Fredricksen, L. Neilan, E. Bailey. . a '7 Z - J -. ' 6-5 , rn Q .Q LL., AL' , -. mf ' Q 3' .357 gr, 357 S7 ,?t'. I: 33 .29 3 , Q ff, i , QL fu .. a v 4. , 5 591 3 fmglvf . Ju g? W fm -W. ' '50 fum' f.- A T D 41' R1 5 'A y: 69 is 5 ' T w W J' M CO-CAPTAINS Ray Vaughn and Virgil Charging Hawk The football trophies won during the 1956 season were the Rosebud Eight-Man Football Con- ference 'Trophy and the South Dak- ota --Nebraska Eight -Man Foot- ball Conference Trophy. The record for the season was 7 wins and B ONES TEEL 45 ll H 13 1 19 33 I zo f Z7 ' 33 entire 1 tie. BUTTE LAKE ANDES SPENCER LYNCH FAIRFAX COLOME NIOBRARA ST. MARY'S 'N X K M, 'LQ' 9 Yi M A Wi-rg sf. 1 fi Q 8.1, 3 ',SuAW'-rd -I 1 ASIS Tar Q. ' 4 'Q ...if J ngfkggle -l 5. I ul -I f.-' A 3 Mm f 'W Miiiwxwzffxyxmwgmmww 4 1 ml? ESQ Q K' ., . L-uh? Xi'3'S fJWf,Gy W xawifum M Q X ff 46 . -.N KETBALL B. Leslie, T. Snyder, E. Bailey, R. Vaughn, C. Anderson, M. Fredrickson, P. Vaughn, D. Young, V. Hermsen, J. Apple bee, D. Cahoy, G. Whidden, Coach Wayne Baker. B. Leslie, T. Snyder, E. Bailey, R. Vaughn, C. Anderson, M Fredrickson, P. Vaughn, D. Young, V. Hermsen, J. Applebee D. Cahoy, G. Whidden. FRONT ROW: R. Schmitz, L. Ohden, R. Lounsbery, A. Mulford, J. Applebee, M. Spitzenberger, H Camin, R. Bailey, K. Qualm. Bonesteel ScoresB0neSiwlTi90rS18011951961 Ti 52-46 Wm Over Smash Bufke Fairfax Brcmos ............ ' L BONESTEEL - The Boneste l i Tigers paced themselves nice! in taking a. 52-46 victory over Fair f fax's Bruncs here Tuesday night, Maryln Fredrickson paced the Tig' ers with 23 points. Bonesteel was never in trouble the Tigers grabbed a 10-6 frame lead and held onto halftime advantage. At the the third frame the Tiger run their lead to an 11 point 40-29. - Jerry Applebee was second for Bonesteel with 20 counters. Kenny Pistulka tossed in 18 turned in a fine defensive game for the visitors. Ray Vaughn turned in defensive contest for the and he also garnered a. lot Bonesteel rebounds. Bonesteel used its man - to defense effectively and kep Broncs pl of ball The, reserx steel ' Bon as th 29 wi Fa Thur s L aying the Tigers W tipped to a scoreless A 5 r go drum: before Bnnesteel i With 40 seconds on the clock fR1p Colome lldo s 59-36 2 - u g T BONES'I'I:Il'Ili The hifxli Q flyf flJU'!'.'F .l , ' , f Q , 21112: BUllf'5U'fi1 'l'ii:f1rs had Iilllv if-nn mu-E: H0955-iii? fgj'm?1hZgifgEfig?Zh?g?Z? his in heating the Cfllfllikiiif Crnxinw Vwrs I , V . 'u A A fra K. 4 .f M, 4, is K ,icit here Tuesday night and wentzm U' fzffm ?f 1f'e-fb MQW- ,V 4, H in if tilt 1 t in H K Baum! The I1U,flZlre13i,le.!?i'illIJ ilu-iz .Av-fx ilfilf-, M m 'Z' mmnce 8 ur 6 , g?Evif:lnx'v nf the Qeumn 'Univ mt 1- 'rl fmt gf i9-365. Bonesteel turned the hide :ig 1 ' , 1 ' ' he third nevioci when athfly mei'if0'Qg7Z,ntffZ?w?bQ2f6i' UU M 9 H 3 ,ggiiytgaggfzgg wmie mmmg mn BmpflUHi'iei' lead 5lI'l'lll'lifl'Cl ns, me Il. was the Bulldogs' Filth win the season as against just me Nl nicks, Martyn Fredricksrm linupvil lilliifib- i. l., nhl' ,.. l,..,i- Ii VXI V' 1 f' Mn Y 4 ' i M. l10.m-ll: at the half, and fr-ggissn X-ri with Ehcz win, ' ' nlayecl most of 'Wayne I3akex :A A Pilicn Bailey in ci ns 21 points for the Tigers in ion - ,Q f . P, , hath teams' scoring. Teams g3U3JghDl3c2,?Q,f lqzulb mates Carroll Anderson hli Fm' RWM 35 Umm, i3 and Jerald Applebee added Pam Vaug, 10. M Burke was stone-cold in 1' L and half, hitting for a UHTIGERS TAKE O poem l W wmgr Jr ' 00 for 3 ,per Ped Bn Great at G fo The Burk E 91 the :ers wliipped in two quick Q hi . tsuto break a 3434 lit and 3 X-,,,, i . Y f me game. or W - Gregory held a, two-point ,N '3 - , 'S is .N ge over the Tigers at the and 'vi 'new' eww 2 is 34 was e first. only to be wrapped else' EQ. Tom'-Snyder Cnc? at the half, QQ. L 5' Mligigh :nan for Gregori' was M0 4 C 'een 'Milli ri, ggfneg the Q52 A fe. UQ Pacing the Bonesieel crew 405 st , 7 fgli -5-5VjaYll,aryln Wradi-ickson with 15, C 4 x, K A ijisrderickson figured pmminentl era vi Gia' The Bcsrww 'iieffm Qs .4 fm hf,:f,f Ped,fPi a 'oo his gi Q :MQ Q 9 ' it in V4 ni fufu' i ,SK fl ,U Q ,fr ,.:.,,. A x ff-.-M ly 1604 Av xi :MX nc TLV' seine, L fjff' iw .ff i in 5-U A ly 8, ,:,f,h', ,ost Q 'R Teraid victory ing the soome oil! cord new WHS H1811 Jerald ,BonensieellIhaE:k? Qi M wont snap!-i - newer QIQLQQQGIGQOTY 56 3, 135 fllepublic Sports 3 'somzsmm iz'f3eil'?-5 first perincl lead. the bile 'Tigers did a thorough job fog' ing Gregory here Fg'ida.y ggivexinrned in a, S6431 Rosebud 'ence 'sictewx Darrell Y'mmg paced the 'Pi- ger victory. putting 13 points. off to of Q 41, He had good support from Mar- . 00!fl0g was 52A lyu Fi'edriclssnu.i who picked gg atfenswe mam by! un amther 11. irates W Bill Allunrs eight paced the the mend WGS .ing Gregori' Gorillas. and tied between X? fwedfanci Keith each added six. and Mephwgan Q ' h Elf Bonesteel also teak the ii er was the EQ Etwith ,g'g1i11?lg'Iw'.i 53-27, Gregory pls-ye A - L5 deli am er ain on Dec. 18. player for the ,gzsizgfm L EBanesifeel ente1'i.ains'Pidkstcrwn O X 9 v saw y it . ll if A if Q, , agzganseonii 5 ex are ui an-an SL- Ab '73 l,ii 1, ,six V 121 -- fBONESTEF3 .. ' L 'IT33 43 .m.mmseeffS5v-.wfifi ff EVEN Bonesteel Bonesteel Bonesteel Bonesteel Bone steel Bone steel Bonesteel Bonesteel Bone steel Geddes Naper Fairfax Marty Mission Gregory Pickstown Lake Andes Menno Burke Bonesteel Bonesteel Bonesteel Bonesteel Bonesteel Bonesteel Bonesteel Bonesteel Bonesteel Avon Fairfax Scotland Colome Burke Gregory Winner Colome Butte 35 46 56 54 36 34 56 41 26 QQ' ra? Q57 0 lfeer QS QSQQQ 3 J? Q5 43 53? O S Qi fi 1 at NX' , I ' . ,ho - 0 91 Q. , U , KRW' li 6 S 1 ,a '7 fm- -.- 1 ,ug D a ' 4' v' - ,'2y Nkwf. ' X ' Q v 15,31-,Q WM..,.,X,., ,.xX. .H....,.,,N,,,,,x,,M,,,M,W... .W .K ,, X. ., . , .M , ' xfxwwqv 1 . of--T, l,',,,w ,fv fini, -w Q. . mf Q xvifi .' ' 'O .V 'LQ-.W 'kv Q- .af.,1:3UQ ws. r , . .. . . '.' J'- f-..'5 '.' Jw:-,fr y f K-f 3 - . 1' ,tw. . x I .,Q.-if-,,,,g 1 ,.- 35-.4 ,9'!. ,'. '3..a ' Q- '. a 1,1-.. '.1 'ff'.'. 51-fx ., .. i,,,,pdy, Q ,, 1 J , . ,:'.',u,L. D699 R nb? L1 EKG 76-1 2-'T'. pf: 1 6 ef 33' .. 5- av w '-3 U .xl .. a H Iv I .4 1 r-,X pus.: 1 , .' . Y . -,pa Q rf X. v A VY .5 4 . 'aff' M , G L .B A 4? .Qi -fig ,ii-wsu .gy :E ,. . , ,, KJ ,J .h 4 A-,. fl.,-,.,4n,,,-. X' , .1 -- r.-' 4.112 1 r, '-.','.:Q!N,-,-',1 fx- 'nv af-1, .14 A-Q 39. 5 'uzgrr-.3,,i. s5. Q ,g. w'.t+,, .' . A. ,, .,.y,,,.., y,1.vL -N: k.f,.q1f sung. wp - Q0 ,,.. .N ,, ,,. m . .fn-1'-if. , . .. .v -I .n,.. - .- -:..,v.5r.5-L, .vw-xv ,I K., .4 , '. ,.-K su. 'Aw' v 1 .':1- 'gf 1 'gnngQ.ffga.'u 4 1' ' 'V in y , f.!f4. :'f. Ag -1, lf..-f,.l ,A x,.,t.,fg ,. ,. ,, ,, 11 Rf.. ., 'tif I .,.?I'T-uf A.. f -9,1 . L - Q- if -49 .-Q' -1, ,,Ql'f, 'jr 4' HUM, 1 : K-Q' ' ' .WH ,u ,'5',.X'f .m Q., -4 1 3 -Qvzggwi 1 PLAY SN APSHOTS f-'55 it ,J Shop !!'??'?!!? READY? SET? GO!! Guess whose birthday thiswas ?'???!!- Swing 'em Rog!! Don't nobody move! ! ! , HIC! ! HIC! ! Well for heaven sakes! !! Chorus girl Ya know, with this blindfold on it's darker than a mule's mouth. Genius at work! ! !! Now don't be so Hey' fellas' bashfuu , , where's the ball? ? Hold it steady Elvis SURPRISE! ! !! BER NARD' master hair dresser. Poker anyone ? ? and further more 'If8z'Zf0f m Q w Xs cuttin' a rug. l ' - 5: ffzi. Qi. , Y ' ,jjj Always room for Qj lggjseg - one more .... J Q Cheesecake!!! ADELLA? '? . 5 HOLD THAT NOTE! l ! r,,: :f1 3L7'l-El l ' ' V'rQufri zfggz-,ggizeg-A S, ! iQg',f'!frf'rjQ ,A H5 A Who's the cute little Flirting! A . A girl with Darrell? ? Again? Sore Shoulder? ? ? Hurrah! !! for Dennxs p. s. It's Marlyn! !! B ONESTEEL GRAIN C OMPANY S REC ' Ambrose Burke, Manager HUNGRY J'IM'S I' 1 B QQ Phone 2251 .lx .y 5 J A Q M if 'Q 4 A Groceries 8: Gas for less. A Appliances-Armstrong Tires Grain Coal X If 5.1m Twine Feeds , Bonesteel, S, D. Salt 1, Seeds Highway 18 PEE WEE'S TEE PEE BEST WISHES CAFE AND DRIVE-IN Bonesteel, S. Dak. F9 '. A it 1 - ,. fg1 El 1 1 121 2 i 1 A dl x 1 'fy' -gf. '! W 11' ' X Ali iii? 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Pratt, Proprietor N' BURKE STATE BANK Congratulations Class of 1957 and Best Wishes For Your Success n I s.. , ' ii iid 0 A Bonesteel, S. Dak. EEE'-L : Burke, S. oak. Fairfax S.Dak. --ff Phone 6531 3 Q 2 :Wifi C OMPLIMENTS OF MISSOURI VALLEY MUTUAL INSURANCE CO. g. -1' l Burke, S. Dak. l 1 1 ,1 3 HOME LUMB ER CO. All Kinds of Building Materials Paints and Oils - Phone 6661 J 'R ,Lug - --U STI, Fairfax, S.Dak. U L m. BEE AND ZEE AGENCY Karl E. Zutz, Manager Real Estate --- Insurance Burke, S. Dak. Q It's the Natural Thing to do ---- Buy Buick C ONGRATULATIONS AND B EST WISHES TO THE GRADUATION CLASS OF 1957 HEBERT 'S JEWELRY WHIDDEN'S GENERAL MERCHANDISE Economy Quality Come in and see your Buick Dealer D 1. S i e ivery ervice N h 4101 '. ' 'w ifi' oscAR SPITZENBERGER A-RX P one ,a ra 6 IHQQEXY . - I v d u fref Bonesteel, S. Dak. ,fel--mu? Bonesteel S Dak g l D lllil 'L ' ' ' F SIP LOCKER SERVICE Slaughtering and Processing Locker or Freezer Let Sip Do It. Bonesteel, S. Dak. l I SONDERGR OTH BROS., REPAIR 5. NEED A GOOD Dial 4341 munesrz? o n o Tractor Repairing-Plumbing Kohler American Standard OPBROEK PHARMACY Your Rexall Drug Store ilu-Ig ,asv-E Livestock Remedies .l 1 '?vlll!U 5' . . X 'Q Prescriptions Cosmetics 1 is . Phone 20 81 'QQ4 Bone steel, S. Dak. qtqxfmt Elme r Spitzenberge r ' v 'I A5 Mobiloil Mobilgas - Z Country Deliveries Telephone 2101 Bonesteel S. Dak. ,iv EDWARD C. .IONS A COMPLIMENTS OF ' 'll YOUR STANDARD OIL MAN M Q' RANDALL BUS LINE x Bonesteel to Mitchell EA P Q ,v Best Wishes To . in N. Charter Service 1957 Graduates Orvold Bentson Phone 2561 Bonesteel, S. Dak. BENZ GROCERY FAIRFAX CO -OP ASSOCIATION WE AIM TO PLEASE Grain -Coal-Lumber-Paint Fresh Fruits 8: Vegetables Building and fencing Material Groceries Full line of Purina Feeds Quality Merchandise and Disinfectant at Lowest Prices Fairfax, S. Dak. Phone 6711 ZORBA LAND, GRAIN 8: LIVESTOCK CO WILLIAMS PIANO CO. Lumber, Coal, Posts, And Grain q EVERYTHING Plumbing and Heating Supplies ' IN JJ 8 6 YOUR mafnaffro MUSIC Phone 2 1 15 .nv-H 9- OURMB f xl Herrick, S. Dak. GX Sioux Fans, s. Dak. K -I MATSON IMPLEMENT CO. CERNY IMPLEMENT CO. DeSoto-Plymouth Sales and Service E John Deere-Delaval McCormick Farm Machinery Maytag-Sales and Service International Trucks nhsil Coyote Seeds I Farrnall Tractors ' Tops in Quality Phone 2731 Burke, S. Dak. Phone 2251 Burke, S. Dak. CLAUSEN'S FURNITURE STORE Fine Furniture For Less GORS STANDARD SER VICE STATION 51252221185 Atlas tires, Batteries, - Philco Radio my Y Rl..-zz-. And Television and Assessories gin is-I X X - ',...4'-V ij N ,J qu K my Phone 2351 Car Washing o I'- Burke, S. Dak. Where Particular Car Owners Go A PERLENFEIN BROTHERS Wm. C. 8: Lorene Grady V.....s..,., i o,,..C.,t,,..,I 'N-Q - SALES SERVICE IT PAYS TO LOOK WELL Slick up at SLICK'S BARBER SHOP Bonesteel, S. Dak. HERTZ MOTEL Congratulations ' To The Class of 1957 Our Home is your Home 3 Phone 2771 22 , ' tgp 4 S . JACK AND JILL MARKET Congratulations to Class of 1957 Phone 2851 Bonesteel S. Dak. DUMONT RCA Sc PHILCO SETS First with the Finest in Television We sell the best and service the rest. Gus Brunmeier Phone 4291 Bone steel S. .Dak. I fi 23' Q CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS OF 1957 Vern gl Wilma Thomas STANTON MOBILE SERVICE Gag, If AY T f, Tires ,xlslli phl-L sq Batteries ' no Lubrication XAQC E K 1 N. 79 I I Ig Phone 8441 Herrick S. Dak. HI-WAY SERVICE STATION Ray Spitzenberger, Proprietor Ga S S ' E Bonesteel, S, Dak. 4 Q L MQW 'T x ff' Auto Accessories x .vi CONTINENTAL GRAIN, COAL LUMBER Fx FEED CO. GRAIN-HARDWARE? NU TR ENA FEED Lewis Mulford, Manager St. Charles, S. Dak. Call Bonesteel 4591 or 4124 FAIRFAX MUNICIPAL BAR Congratulations I Seniors of '57 L- I ... Pick the best, Pick Clausen Trailer Sales GREAT LAKES NASHUA MERCURY MOBIL HOMES Phone 2831 Burke, S. Dak. FARMERS UNION OIL CO. Wheel Balancing , Gas Grease, Oil Auto Assessories or What have you? Phone 6511 Fairfax, S. Dak. ln 1 1 KALLANDER'S MARKET 8: LOCKER Meat 8: Groceries ga Quality-Service-Economy YZ. House No. 2501 I I Q Shop No, 2721 Q-Jew Burke, S. Dak. 'ji l GIQNERAL MOTORS EQUIPMENT CO. WEGNER BUILDING SUPPLY chic' it V I s S. ,,' K Jobbers of Automotive Equipment Phone 226-ZZ7 Winner, S. Dak. an Best Quality Of Everything Needed For The Home F ' Bone steel, S. Dak. I 3,5 Q , 3 N 'ar Fredrick P. Wegner, Owner inn 1' iw U '20 ,N 'E-'Mfg' can ffj px-2 Cressman Service Station Hanson Clothing Store Davis Hardware Store Fairfax Beauty Shop Hub City School Supply Hauff Sporting Goods Josten's fx f -3 Hall's Ice Cream Store Bonesteel Hotel Dr. 8: Mrs. Cook Monroe Produce Junior Class Sophomore Class Freshman Class The Annual Staff wishes to express their appreciation to the faculty, the business men, the students, and to everyone else who contributed to make this annual possible. 1..-. .... - AUTOGRAPHS 5,15 if E ff 1 f -, 5 ? af 'iFTSiiRf?l1 'fin 'A 'FTP V531 PT 55 'S ff. 1. -r 3? Pi if i,..A.,.L., 1 -. - - -mf , , .. '. , , , A-..uLi!2tdJ73'LL35iSz1L' .TQiMI'- Mm QT1Li',LL1'E'CZA5.i.4.1 vJQ:Pg1i.A32?BL:i .0 . L. . ,,, ,H-, ,, ' 4 V x s -.1 1 4 .., , , 2, ,,. , , 'f . 4, . , I af , A E735 X. '- A 'g5QQf M 3?-'. 'QL' A' 45 ig.- r v f A 1 'Y Q Lwf..-g,g,,k,-,Vx ...y U, N, Y ,- -1'-Jae' . , A-, ' sgfllfn. 1 ,iv . . s -A v A? Fwffz., 'eb ,- 'LQZQ 34 'J' , fwssewi-':'f 4 R ' :xr A . . , ' ' if: a :v l.',

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