Blume High School - Retrospect Yearbook (Wapakoneta, OH)

 - Class of 1944

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Blume High School - Retrospect Yearbook (Wapakoneta, OH) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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'Q . ll- - M D .1L1,f,f2f,1.f 1,,.,g5.Q,, We ., J :ve ,X H9 was-Nw , ,, J ff,-f-X- NX J -f , 714. PUBLISHED BY THE CLASS OF I944 BLUIVIE HIGH SCHOOL WAPAKONETA OHIO RETRO PE tl ,yi fwf17'f' ffi fl, ii W9 Wapakoneta, Ohio Dear Fellas and Girls: ln the days since Pearl Harbor, hundreds of high-school annuals have been dedicated to graduates in the service. They have paid tribute to your courage, your loyalty, and to the valiant way in which you are performing the arduous task of keeping us free. This year's Retrospect is really for you, but we aren't formally dedicating it to you. We believe there is some- thing very dear to all of us, something for which you are fighting that has more real meaning to you than words like "freedom," or "democracy," or "justice," Let's dedicate this book to Wapakoneta, to "Our Town." 'l'hat's really what you're fighting for, isn't it? For the chance to go swimming in the pool on a hot July day, to yell yourself hoarse at a football game with St. Marys, to ga skating on the river some crisp Sunday afternoon, to treat your best girl to a chocolate soda, or to crowd into the gym for a basketball game with New Knoxville? lsn't this what we're all fighting for, here and abroad, not for something so big it can't be touched upon, but for all the little things that make up our own private worlds. www:-W -vm.. ,wo ""--.., 1' mx ,v""' V, 9' Q 'Jr' N. Q n I 533, 9' 5 Q Q fl ' I B Y I is i ' I Qs , .3 1' ' .::g::.-.,.-' ' In ': X 25 'S s 4,, V A S Q , 'E ,Q . 4 fx"-V if S -4---, ., I d ' W E ff: y W 632-2:s ,' . xlll Y Q ? s v ' W Qfgqwgijag fggefzff fff ff' ,-ffl! ff 5-'lfgffb fffff' iff Blume Hugh School To all of you wherever you are We know you luke to get letters you ve all told us that ond sometimes we ve been rather neglugent about wrntlng to you We re glad to get your letters too and to hear of the dlfferent experlences you are having Some of you have sand that you would luke to come back to Blume for o vuslt but lt s a long way from where you are there un Afrnca the Aleutnans the Solomons Sncnly Truk or Tobruk In thus record of the year s events at Blume we ve trued to tell you the things we thunk you d want most to know The senuors thus year probably would look much the some to you as other sensor classes have You would be surprlsed to realnze that Harold Kantner s kvd brother and Homer Buddemeyer s knd suster are ln the class of 44 Re member when lnttle Ruth Ann Harshborger and Don Zum merman always came to school together Here they are all ready to joan you In theArmy Navy and Marmes theWacs the Waves and Spors or to go into some other lob that wnll The Class of l94-4 ij:-A 2 7 -Q4 if-g is fi., A MQ13 f' --141 QQ? g""'- Sxvaifi H? be-Mxq-1'Q -117 -,Q W, J help you hasten the day of victory. h ,JE 5? X -5- lf. CT ' FQ? N 'sg .9 -f 07 lj ' t Ji , - V5 S 4?ll ' Mis W e B 21 X9 ees f -' 3 0.9 X' , 133-x -axe.-1.46 GRAD ATE ,....-f vi. C it , get-f Fw " Lura Mae Knatz, Don Zimmerman, Mrs. Miller, Chuck Newland Friday By the time we are seniors, we should be able to assume the responsibility of conducting our own affairs, but we still need a wise counsellor-one who knows howto help us govern ourselves, ln Mrs. Miller we have had an excel- lent example of such a counsellor. Besides acting as adviser to the Senior Class, she is also a faculty member of the School Council. Chuck Newland has been the able president of the class of '44 this year and Don Zimmerman has done a conscientious job as president of the School Council. These boys enrolled in the armed services long before school was out, Chuck in the Navy, Don in the Air Corps. Lura Mae, as the class secretary, is one of those dependable people who are so often chosen to handle money and records. One of her daily tasks is to take attendance in the senior home room lit's still the study halll, as well as second period study hall. if Myron Alstoetter Quxet student who shuns recutang but hl loves to laug 'asa NS. and stu Jo remember Buddemeyer Semper Four and I four years Fnde IS ll Charles his ,gk Colvin Klopfensteln proudly boasts of a perfect school attend ance record Mathlldo Benny Id look far We wou 'fx for a more knnd an aclous personallty gl' Burden d Merlm and hns green For I boy ln the class the on y Sensor Engllsh Mertz s Ralph leader from St John football and gurls hobby' hn Kreltxer ed as to be e boy wnth great bug smile 4 ' we 4' 'DN 1' M 's Irl ' lf , x' . , at . .gg g .9 ...A ge 'X th - 1 the Marilyn McCormick . . loves an argument and is somewhat of an idealistl 1m-. came only this year, but we've enjoyed his Stay with us. Herman Kriles . . ., Herman Schultz's . . . ambition is to be the best farmer for miles around. . M Lilas Howell . . Delbert Fisher . . . has it over Sinatra . . . he can't sing and they still swoon! Marcille Wildermuth. Lovely to look af, deiagmfui to know. Dorothy Knoch . , . has blossomed into a charming girl during her years at B.H.S. Where there's a will there's a way . She wants to be flier. Cl Colleen Doseck Sweet and moudenly s she gnves er best To everythung Violet Bowersock Mom nnterests are home economics on bemg frlendly Euleen Doseck d for ser olwoys rec y vnce ond loyol friends Elame Metzger We oll hope shell soon reolnze her om blhon to be cu nurse Betty Kohler s sweet sm: e w ll take er r She s on the o road to success Melvm Keller Whatever he of we hope hel good WM ew Jamce Burden Sulence ns golden Fruends luke Jonnce ore tempts I make S 1 m Donnie Spurlock . . . energy abundant . . . fun-loving, . . . hopes to join the Nurses' Corps. uf Norma J. Earl . . . ln- tellect personified . . . Who can ask for any- more? Lure Mae Knot: . . . playing an electric guitar and s q u a r e dancing are her hob bies. nv.. f Mara Walls outstanding personal ity . . . a marvelous voice . . . quiet . . . dependable. Bonnie Koch . . . is a courteous and effi- cient clerk , . . mem- ber of distributive ed. class. Joan Shaw . , . She's now in Cadet Nursing, red hair, spontaneous laugh and all. Loretta Seifx . . . with her page boy bob is a whiz at short- hand Carol Kentner musncolly lncllned ff'-'I -01 O es to sn g aso plays the vuolnn I 5 ff-tl-1,50 L J-,QD Xin' 5 Ay 'N-'n.39'Sv-at X -'I o n ,Rai ,A-. v- 1 1 x"""' .54 Carol Kmerem Jolly and ready for a good turne Her dns posltlon wins friends Stanley Maxson More of us should be luke an an all around good fellow I X Betty Katter Witty and whurnsucal appreciate work as secretary of G R N t X - ' av "fl . onold Kantner ns better known as Fuzzy belueyes haste makes waste Earl Kantner as eyes are f Il of rns chuef popular wnth the opposite sex Eleanor Kulllan Artnstuc abxlnty makes way for a prornusung future studlous N , if fn . , . ns , V , , , . , , l v An , l . . M' 1 .-.-' "f Tzf I nf .'.:',.- ':Z':- .Q fy 2:-. Q "J D , , . f Q'-Q4 , ....3. , . - , A'1'.:E-+. nf- " -.gxfy .g. . J typ... -. ,. ,. r .9 H 1, N ....-Q.. -..' ,235 :.4'::2.-1-1' ,f, , , , er. -' . ' . ' -.-v ."" "i.".31'-:'2"9 ' , 'lf' , l . .'.r.lq. I 4' ' .vm -vw.-3. -- -. Q" . 11 f:-:.- -P .gpg l 1 W.. 4 - .-,Nr ' 'vt-v . . 4. ,.. -,. ,.,.,.,.,., .- ,.',5,e,,' 5.-3,-,.,..f. 7.--.-1-1 ' ,-' J v'.- " ".6',o?u. V "1"5'f-'- ,..',f'l .,,. ' u i - W.. 5 ' X , A f nl 1 , J , , sl X ' ' ' ! - ,lst H Nancy Abe Loves to have a good fume nnterested un gymnastics and has tory Trudy Ballweg Vlvaclous redhead loves to dance sweet personality Carolyn Brauhgam IS very much engaged at pres 5 Y ent quuet dependable Jake Werner Blumes gulf to he sport world he s always ready for mms chuef Bull Disney Sneak ns hs nu name great thlngs come from small people Allce Erb Chuck Newland Athletucs and math just two of Chuck's To be remembered by red hanr sparkling eyes and good humor many strong points ,f ...... X, any ' ' f . - , 1 lx W x bl. , Y' V l nollc I l l' . - I ' 1, If - ' 'i' ' TCL: 1 f ja . . . L, Don Zlmmermon Don plans to be minister flashing smile and winning ways Morgue Jackson Her winning smile speaks for itself musucal abilities Lois Shank Her abilities seem to be endless so does er list of friends Annie Harshborger . . Small but willing and' abe . . . dreams of trip to Florida. Jacquie Kohler . . President of G.A.A. tall and stately . athletic, too. Bob Self: Handsome with coal black curly hair his best girl is Liz Betty Knauss ..... Has the key of knowl- edge . . . reliable and industrious , . . many friends. Jack Smith Now nn AAC h ll Y team Jo and us be mussed b football Schuster Remember when she wosn t late to school? Homecomnng Queen W X l Annabelle Strenght A tnny turned up nose lots of fun IS her oblectuve Vnolet Malueg Her book of frnends knows no end cels nn shorthand .loan Rypkema Ready for fun brown, laughmg eyes all 'round good sport Jo Sndey Known by all loves Englush musuc argu :ng and Steam June Whitman Do you suppose she took lessons In moth from the Qulz Knds7 'I3 4 I' ..., e' A , , , . . 9 . I . y V! y if O A ...eX- Anna Jean Lusk . . . Smell girl with big ideos . . , olwoys seen with on ormful of books. Calvin Rostofer .... To be or not to be o formerg thot is the question. f Ted Trego ...... lt's better to listen than be listened to , 4 . does more thon rio- ticed.. Betty Taylor ...... Wonts to stort o "corner drugstore" in her own home town. A M i2 Hurry Minnich .... Loves mischief, but doesn't wont to set the world on fire. Shirley Shaw Willis Schroer ..... Blonde. . .worry never bothers him , . .o good worker, once started. Acrobotics is her hobby . . . leader in gym ond cheerleading, Cletus Schaub Funds pleasure un con structung and drawung ffuce proctnce Arthur Swlnk ll do a nn deed hurts no one Do you need o car? Aluce Bowsher ork wuth o w coud be called her motto Allce loves fun Jane Dull Ready and eager t cheer our teams to vac tary In love wuth I 9 mf Shurley Davus A sweeter personaluty would be hard to fund tmy and cute Mary Howell Interested nn the Navy and hc me ec good comblnotnon, Mary' Ruth Betty Wonser Musnc hath charms when Ruth Betty glves out enchantung eyes I5 ht Loss Burden ..... Glee club and choir lose a tune soprano we lose 0 frnend Jam Vent Aluas Cooney Wavy hanr lots of un usually seen wlth Norma Shaw and action Betty Jo Wehner A leader of athletlcs she s ganned a host of new frnends Though small In size he s bug of heart deed Johnny Emrlck Short but noteworthy career In football Cute too me 1, Tom Taylor Entered General Mo tors School last sum mer Worknng hard Bob Colvm If there s a lob to be done call on Bob always' I T90 F In C Un 0 616 Nfg:,'4h4 e f 0,7 you 0 9 r 'ha Qs roilbe O Oorhhd " 4. eo, fbfgx' ex Nuns beouw Pham Kos charm on 9 5x XCXK ormer desx e '04 10 ,X 4 if 7 M rif'Z"r,, ' B golerlir wlflrylgfller Q mb le '77 of 'I 0 ond, U e ef r OQLZ7 Sh fo 9 e u,fOr to LeNeX . . . wth kn- 're Queto Ywknes -, we her She s word beouw proud Ko coXX "Mend," B bshzffy 3 7' S Djanno lfqfch oger n 77 Q 44 erltf Cocvx 0 'comm' SYXOK ond 500010 K9 5 ve00'N0 dexxgm QX v ms us SWG 0 sKoK 1 vmh X009 oXde0 Y 5565 0 vhfno Nancy Ann Abe Commcrcual Retrospect 4 Glee Club l 3 Boosters Club l 2 3 4 Assembly Commlttee 2 Glrl Reserves 3 4 Red Rectangle l 2 Photography Club 4 GAA 4 Home room Otfucers l 3 Prom Committee 3 Clark Ague lndustrual Arts Scnence Boosters Club3 4 Baseballl 2 Victory Corps 3 Myron C Altstaetter Agrnculture lndustrlal Arts A l 2 4 H Club l2 Elmore Ankerman Commercial Retrospect4 Orchestral Boosters Club l 2 3 Gurl Reserxes 3 4 Red Rectangle l 2 Treasurer at Girl Reserves 4 Home room Oftncer 3 Jr Class Play Usher 3 Marilyn Gene Bahler Home Economucs Lantern 3 Band l 2 3 4 Drum Major 3 4 Boosters Club l 2 3 4 Gurl Reserves 3 4 Red Rectangle l 2 Photography Club 4 GAA 4 Red Rectangle Vice President 2 Sensor Program Commnttee Vnctory Corps 3 Hameroom Service Du Gertrude Ballweg Commercnal Retrospect 4 Cholr 2 3 4 Glee Club l 24 Secretarual Staff 4 Hameroom Presvdent 3 Mathllda Benny Acodemuc Chour4 Glee Clubl 2 4 Gurl Reserves4 Red Rectangle l 2 Entered from Lnma South Vlolet Bowersock Home Economics Red Rectangle l 2 Alice Bowsher Home Economucs Band 3 Boosters Club l Z 3 4 Assem bly Committee 4 Gurl Reserves 3 4 Red Rectangle l 2 Secretarral Staff 2 4 H Club l Jr Class Play Usher Carolyn Brautlgam Home Economucs Lantern 3 Chovr 2 3 4 Glee Club l Boosters Club 3 4 Red Rectangle l 2 Claralean Brookhart Academnc Retrospect 4 Lantern l 2 3 4 Editor ot Lantern 3 Glee Club l Boosters Club l 2 3 4 Assembly Commnttee 2 4 Glrl Reserves 3 4 Red Rectangle l 2 Prom Committee 3 Vlrglma Rose Buddemeyer Academlc Band 4 Boosters Club 4 Gurl Reserve 3 4 Red Rectangles l 2 Jamce Burden Home Economic Boosters Club 2 3 Red Rectangle l 2 4 H Club 2 Loss Jean Burden Nurses Course Chonr 2 3 4 Glee Club l 2 3 4 Band 2 Boosters Club 2 3 Red Rectangle l 2 G A A 4 4 H Club 2 Merlm Burden lndustrual Arts Carl Chlles General Boosters Club l 2 Football l 2 Robert 0 Colvin lndustrlal Arts Retrospect 4 Lantern 3 School Councll l 3 4 Band l 2 Boosters Clubl 2 3 4 Assembly Commlttee 2 Sensor Hn Y 4 Jr Class Play 3 Junior Hu Y l 2 Stamp Club l 3 ln Charge of Scrap Dnves 4 Ass t Business Manager at Retro4 Ass t Edntor of Lantern 3 Retrospect 4 Glee Club l 2 3 Boosters Club l 2 3 4 Assembly Commattee 2 Gurl Reserves 3 4 Red Rectangle l 2 GAA 4 Home Room Presudent l Sec retary Home Room 2 Red Rectangle Treasurer 2 Chalrman Sensor Home Room Program Jr Class Play Usher one Dull Home Economics Chour l 2 3 4 Glee Club l 2 3 4 Boost ers Club l 2 3 4 Gurl Reserves 3 4 Re Rectangle l 2 GAA 4 4 H Club l 2 3 4 Cheerleader l 2 3 4 Jr Class Play Usher Paul Wulllam Dlsney Commercial Boosters Club l 2 3 4 Sensor Hu Y 3 4 Football 3 4 Baseball 2 Basketball l Colleen Doseck Home Economncs Glee Club 2 3 4 Band 3 4 Boosters Club 3 4 G rl Reserves 3 4 Red Rec tangle l Z 4 H Club2 3 4 Erleen Doseck Home Economics Glee Club 3 4 Boosters Club 3 4 Glrl Reserves 3 4 Red Rectangle 2 4 H Club 2 3 4 . . I - ' -' - , ', 1 I .9 ' 2 'Z ' 'I -I , . A It-.hi - , b I -Q , ', 'f . I. 1 I I. . , -I -I - --5 1 I . . T. ' - -1 -1 F,F..-g- ,,3,4 - - - . , 1 ."' 1 1 I . --'. I -' -f - l I -J . - . ' Z. . . - I I l --I -ll - -4--I I ---j , I 'I '1 "', - 1 - '1- -1 -5 -J 2 . . . 1 - ,I ' J Q I - rector2gJr.CIass Play3 Shirley Davrs-Academuc . . I - I --I, . - . I 1 "1 ' -' .' . ' . ' ' --I I ' l ' - . "'l I ' 1 ' 1 ' I 'J U: '- -I , . J ,- T I ,' . "'l -1 d ' '- - - -1 . I . . 1. '--1 - g D -5 .. . . -2 J- I - '- -. U 1 1 ,, , -. . I I J Q " , , -. -I - 1 I I . . -rf -2 - I --'I . , I ' ' I I Q . '. -, I -.' "'r 'I ' ' -I -J 'f 1' Norma Jeanne Earl Sclentltuc Glee Club l 3 Radlo Club 4 Entered from New Hampshlre Hugh School ln 43 Jonathan Emrrck lndustrlal Arts Glee Club 2 Boosters Club l 2 3 4 Sensor H1 Y 3 4 Junlor HI Y 2 Football 4 Baseball 2 Allce Erb-Commerclal Glee Club l 2 Boosters Club l 2 3 4 Glrl Reserves 3 4 Red Rectangle l 2 G A A 4 Vlce Presldent of Home Room 2 3 Red Rectangle Vlce Presudent l Delbert Frsher Agrlculture B osters Club 234 FFA l 234 Sensor Hn Y 4 Baseball l Soclal Com mlttee 4 Presldent of F F A 4 Servlce Dlrector l Ruth Ann Harshbarger Commerclal Retrospect4 Band2 Boosters Clubl 2 3 Glrl Reserves 3 4 Red Rectangle l 2 Servlce Dlrector 3 Treasurer of Red Rectangle l Lrlas Lee Howell Home Ecoromlc Glrl Reserves 3 Cholrl 2 Glee Clubl 2 Jr Class Play at Crldersvllle Entered from Crldersvllle 3 Mary Howell Commerclal Boosters Club l 24 Glrl Reserves 4 Red Rectangle l 2 GAA 4 Went to Plqua 3 Phylllslrrsh Commerclal Glrl Reserves 4 GA A 3 4 Glee Club 4 H Cl b l Entered from Mary s 4 Marlorre Jackson Commerclal Retrospect 4 Cholr 2 3 4 Glee Club l Assembly Commlttee 4 Donald Kantner lndustrlal Arts Glee Club Z Boosters Club l 2 3 4 enlor HlY 34 Jr H Y Betty Katter Commercval Retrospect 4 Glee Club l Glrl Reserves 3 4 Red Rectangle l Z Glrl Reserve Secretary 4 Jr Class Play Usher 3 Melvrn Keller Agrlculture F F A 2 Carol Kentner Home Economlcs Cholr2 3 4 GleeClubl 2 3 4 Orchestra l 2 3 4 Boosters Club l 2 3 Glrl Re serves 3 4 Red Rectangle l Z 4 H Club l Eleanor Krllran Sclentlflc Retrospect4 Cholr2 Glee Club2 Band Bo sters Club l 2 3 Reserves 3 4 Red Rectangle l 2 Pho tography Club4 GAA 4 Calvrn Klopfenstern Agricultural A Lura Mae Knatz Commerclal Cholr 2 4 Glee Club l 2 Band 4 Red Rectangle l 2 Secretarlal Staff 4 Vlce Presldent Homeroom 2 Secretary Home room 3 4 Usher Jr Class Play 3 Betty Knauss Academlc Retrospect 4 Lantern 3 School Councll l 2 3 4 Boosters Clubl 2 3 Assembly Commlttee 2 Glrl Reserves 3 4 Red Rectangle l 2 Jr Class Play 3 Photog raphy Club 34 GAA 4 Homeroom Oftlcer 3 Red Rectangle Presldent l Councll Secretary 3 Retro Edltor 4 Soclal Commlttee Secretary 4 Carol Knrerrm Home Economlcs Cholr2 3 4 Glee Club l 2 3 4 Boosters Club 2 Glrl Reserves 3 4 Red Rectangle 4 H Club Dorothy Knoch Mlxed Boosters Club l Red Rectangle l .lr Class Play Usher 3 Bonnie Koch Commerclal Red Rectangle l 2 4 H Club l 2 3 Betty June Kohler Home Economlcs Earl Kuntner Agrlculture Glee Club 3 4 Boosters Club l Glrl OSTGVS Club 2 3 4 F F A l 2 Reserves 3 4 Red Rectangle l 2 4 H Sensor H1 Y 4 Home Room Secretary l Club 2 -1 ' J 1 1' ' -1 'I . . ir f I . o i . I . ---I - -2 - I . I ' -i D - - '-'J '-'I . I - ---' I --' I - . .-I ---C I-A I-. - -J ', I I ..,j -z no T . .. - - - 1 4: J O I - - . A I Q - - . l-2-3-4g o ' - - -4g Girl 1 ' . I -I -D - ' - J' I A' ', ' . . , , , . F.F.,l-2-3 . - I ' t 1 1 -F I i 2' t 'I 'Z -I ji In I ' 'Z I I - . ' 'I - , J , I I ' "ji I --I . J -I . - 'I - J - I --, ' . -I V - 1 I , , -I I I 5 , I I -I , ' l-2g - u j St. --.I "'i I I I -J lg - l-2 1 ' --Q : I -, . . , I ' H I " ---I -5 . -- S' - -Q : I- l-2 - ' -7 I . - , Bo ' --g --3-4g -- -l - . . I I Jacquelme Kohler Academsc and Commercsal Retrospect 4 Chosr 4 Glee Club l 3 Boosters Club l 2 3 4 Assembly Com msttee 3 Gsrl Reserves 3 4 Red Rec tangle l 2 Jr Class Play 3 Secretarsal Staff 3 4 G A A 4 Socsal Commsttee 4 Pressdent of G A A 4 John Kreltzer Agrscultural F F A l Entered from St Joe Herman Krutes lndustrsal Arts C osr l 2 Glee Club l Band l 2 J Class Play 3 Baseball 2 Basketball l Softball 3 Entered from Washsngton townshsp 4 Quetoro Leffel Commercsal Chosr 3 4 Glee Club 2 3 Band 3 4 Boosters Club 2 3 4 Gsrl Reserves 3 4 Red Rectangle 2 3 Pressdent of Fresh man Class l Red Rectangle Secretary 2 Entered from Buckland Anno Jean Lusk Commercsal Chosr l 2 3 4 Glee Club l 2 3 4 Boost ers Club 3 4 Gsrl Reserves 3 4 Red Rectangle l 2 4 H Club l 2 3 Vlolet Molueg Commercsal Retrospect 4 Lantern 3 School Councsl 3 4 Glee Club I 2 Boosters Club l 2 3 4 Gsrl Reserves 3 4 Red Rectangle 2 GAA l 4 Servsce Dsrector 2 Gsrl Re serves Devotsonal Leader 3 Pressdent of Gsrl Reserves 4 Vsce Pressdent School Councsl 4 Entered from Shawano Hsgh School Shawano Wsscorsssn Stanley Maxson Jr Commercsal Retrospect 4 Lantern 3 Glee Club 2 Boosters Club l 2 3 4 Assembly Com msttee 2 Sensor Hs Y 3 4 Jr Class Play 3 Junsor Hs Y l 2 Stage Crew l 2 3 Photography Club 3 4 Football 4 Home room Pressdentl 2 Sec tr ot Sr Hs Y4 Marllyn McCormlck Commercsal Lantern l Glee Club l 2 3 Boosters Club l 4 Gsrl Reserves4 Red Rectangle l Jr Class Play 3 4 H Club 3 Pr s club of Buckland Entered from Buckland H S 4 Ralph V Mertz Agrscultural Boosters Club l 2 3 4 F FA l Sensor Hs Y 3 4 Football 3 4 Pressdent of Jr Class 3 Pressdent of Sensor Hs Y 4 Junsor Hs Y 2 Wslma Metz Commercsal Chosr l 2 3 Glee Club l 2 3 Boosters Club l 2 3 4 Red Rectangle l 2 Secre tarsal Staff 3 4 4 H Club l 2 3 4 Elasne Metzger Scsence Course Lantern 3 Glee Club 2 4 Band 2 3 4 Boosters Club 2 3 4 Gsrl Reserves 3 4 Red Rectangle 2 GAA Entered from New Knoxvslle 2 Harry Mmmch lndustrsal Arts Glee Club 2 Boosters Club 3 Charles Newland Academsc Retrospect 4 Chosr 3 4 Glee Club l 2 Boosters Club l 2 3 4 Secretary of Boosters Club 3 Sensor Hs Y 3 4 Vsce Pressdent 4 Jr Hs Y l 2 Pressdent of Jr Hs Y 2 Football l 3 4 Co captasn 4 aseball l Basketball l 2 3 4 captasn4 Boys Quartet 3 4 Home room Pressdent 2 Sr Class Pressdent 4 Socsal Commsttee Pressdent 4 Calvsn Rosforfer Agrsculture and Drawsng Boosters Club 2 3 F F A 3 .loan Rypkema Commercsal Red Rectangle 2 G A A 4 Entered from St Joe 2 Cletus Schaub Commercsal Secretarsal Staff 3 4 4 H Club l 2 Wsllss L Schroer Agrsculture A l Herman Schultz Agrsculture ee Club I FFA 4HClu Football l Loretta Sestz Commercsal Glee Club l Red Rectangle l 2 Com mencement 3 Robert Sestz lndustrsal Arts Boosters Club l 2 3 4 Sensor Hs Y 3 4 Stage Crew l 2 Jr Hs Y Z Loss Shank Msxed Retrospect 4 Lantern 4 Chosr 2 3 4 Gee Club 2 3 4 Psansst 4 Jr Cass Secretary 3 Orchestra 2 3 4 Gsrl R serves 234 Band 4 Entered from Shawnee 3 Charles Shaw lndustrsal Band l 2 Boosters Club l Z 3 4 Base ba I 2 f ' I I I --I --I I I -J 'F ' I . A -'- -..- ---I - , 1 -1 - - -- -g. g , I, . ' ' , I I I '1"'1 1 I ,,-' -' ' I I . aj I h -5 -1.1 -gr. - . I I I . - . . ' I -1 -1 . , I l ---I . i . :A - Fl . 3: I-: -1 --J --5 - 1 --2 I -Q B I :I ---1C0- 'I ' I I if I 2 Q I :.I 5 ' . . I 1. "', ""I ' 'l,.. I I ' I -2- -- 1 I , A Boosters' Club 2-3-45 Gsrl Reserves 3-45 -I I . 1-..: I I I I -:I -Q -- I 'I I'II I I , ---'II II ' 'I' ' I I .. 1. .I ' . F.F,.-2-3 , 1 1 -- . Gl g...l-Zg - bl-25 1 fl I I I , I . . . . ---I - ui 'JI - -5. : -1 - 5 - -1 --1 I -J :I - . . -i I-. I- I I I I I 0 I . ---I - -I . 1 . I -I D - 1. "1 I I 'I I '-I I . I g. g- 5 es , III1I If Q l fx .. J "I 9' . "J 2 I , . I , I ' '-'1"-1 I ' 'I I 'I I I - I , I I 1 - Q -1 . -- I Joan Shaw General Course Chosr 2 Glee Club 2 Band l 2 3 Boost ers Club l 2 3 4 Red Rectangle l 2 G A A 4 Homeroom Pressdent Z 3 Shsrley Shaw Home Economscs Retrospect 4 Chosr 2 Glee Club 2 Boosters Club l 2 3 4 Red Rectangle l 2 GAA 4 Cheerleader 2 3 4 Jo Ann Schuster Academsc Retrospect 4 Lantern 2 3 Glee Club l Band 3 4 Orchestra l 2 3 4 Boosters Club l 2 3 4 Assembly Commsttee 2 Gsrl Reserves 3 4 Red Rectangle l 2 Jo Ann Ssdey Academsc Lantern 3 Chosr 2 3 Glee Club l 2 Band 3 4 Orche tra l 2 3 4 Boosters Club l 2 3 4 Gsrl Reserves 3 4 Red Rectangle l 2 Jr Class Play 3 GAA 4 H Club 3 Pressdent of bowlsng club 4 Jack Smlth Academsc Boosters Club l 2 3 4 Sensor Hs Y 3 4 Jr Hs Y l 2 Stage Crew 2 3 Football 2 3 4 Basketball 3 Football Manager l LaDonna Spurlock For Nurssng Chasr 2 3 4 Glee Club 3 4 Band l 2 3 Red Rectangle 2 G A A 4 4 H Club l 2 G A A Sensor Representative 4 Jr Class Play Commsttee 3 Annabelle Stresght Commercsal Boosters Club l 2 3 4 Gsrl Reserves 3 4 Red Rectangle 2 G A A 4 Arthur Swmk Commercsal Chosr 4 Glee Club 4 Orchestra l 2 3 4 Boosters Club l 2 3 4 Jr Class Play 3 Homeroom Pressdent l Betty Taylor Home Economscs Chasr 2 3 4 Glee Club 2 3 4 Boosters Club 2 3 4 Red Rectangle 2 G A A 4 Thomas Taylor Scsentsfsc Boosters Club l 2 3 Sensor Hs Y 3 Jr Class Play 3 Stage Crew l 2 3 Chasr man of Stage Crew Z Margaret Elszabeth Thatcher Commercsal GleeClub2 3 Chosr2 3 Gsrls Ensemble 2 34 Gsrl Reserves 34 Lantern 3 Boosters Club l 2 3 4 Red Rectangle l 2 Retrospect4 Secretarsal Staff 3 4 Theodore Trega-lndustrsal Arts Sensor Hs Y 3 Conrad Vest Commercsal nd l 2 3 Boosters Club 2 Sensor Hs Y 4 Stage Crew l 2 3 Mara Walls Specsal Course For Nurses Retrospect 4 Lantern l 2 3 Chosr 2 3 4 Glee Club l 2 4 Boosters Club 2 Gsrl Reserves 3 4 Red Rectangle l 2 Jr Class Play 3 Homeroom Offscer 3 Chasr man Devotsonal Commsttee G R 4 Commencement 3 Bettse Jo Wehner Commercsal Boosters Club 4 Gsrl Reserves 4 Secre tarsal Staff 4 G A A l 2 4 Vsce Press dent ot GAA Jr Class Play Entered from Washsngton Hsgh School 4 Jack Werner lndustrsal Arts Glee Club 2 Boosters Club l 2 3 4 Pressdent of Boosters Club 4 Vsce Pressdent of Boosters Club3 Sensor Hs Y 4 Junsor Hs Y l 2 Football l 2 Baseball l 2 Basketball l 2 3 4 C captasn Football Co captasn Basketball Socsal Commsttee 4 June Whsteman Academsc Red Rectangle l 2 GAA 4 Phama Wslksns Commercsal School Councsl l 2 Boosters Club l 2 3 4 Assembly Commsttee 2 Grl Re serves 3 4 Red Rectangle l 2 Secre tarsal Staff 4 G A A 4 Marcllle Wsldermuth Commercsal Lantern 3 Glee Club l Red Rectangle l 2 Secretarsal Staff 4 Ruth Betty Wonser Academsc Retrospect4 Chosr 3 4 Glee Club l 2 4 Band 2 3 4 Orchestra 3 4 Boo ters u l 2 3 4 Gsrl Reserves 3 4 Rectangle 2 Jr Class Play 3 G A A 4 Band Pressdent 4 G R Vsce Pressdent 4 G R Psan st 3 Band Lsprarsan 3 Donald Zsmmerman lndu trsal Arts School Councsl 3 4 Glee Club 2 Boost Clubl23 SnorHsY ass Play 3 Jun or Hs Y l Z Sta Crew l 2 3 Football 2 3 4 Vsce Press dent at Jr Hs Y Freshman Servsce Dsrector Chasrman Stage Crew 3 P ESI dent of Student Councsl 4 I' 5 5 --1 - A '- U -5 -A - ,V. , , ' BG --Q 1 1- -3-4, I l I I - ' I ---' . . ' ' "" Q -- -1 Q - . -5 I -gy. . -. . I 2 ' 1 1 1 ' ' , - . , I I I "'I I . -z -J .-. I . ' 1 f . . . 2 ss- --2 - 1 '1 -I ' ' -5 5 ' ' ' -Q , -J U. A: -y , y - 5 I , I I - . . . , 1 . , A - -2 3-5 - -J --3-4: . - -5 -1 -5 0- "I I l I ' I --J -I --- I .TT . ' , 4g Orchestra 3-4g Boosters' Club l-2-3-4g B00S'f9fS OUP l -2-3-4, Glfl RGSGVVGS 3-4, Q :...:' - -J 'f '-- - -N - -1 ' Q s - I .s . -Q -1 - -"1 '1 ' . . I I J 5 -- - , I nl.- A . f 1 - 1 - Q ' -5 --5 .1 ' -- ' -' Q ' I I " ' --g --5 ' Clb ' -gRed ' 'I I-AA 42 4 b I -I Y-I I l --, ' '- . - I n ' ---D "- . i S . 1 1 I . ' ers' - - -4g e i '- 3-4g Jr, ' ' -- ' Cl g i '- -g ge . ' I I. , I - 'w. I 4 --I -I I ' - Ll -Q 1 ' - ' ARD OF ED CATIO Mrs Otto Boesel Mr Walter Bowsher Mr Harold Self Mr V P KIlIIan Mr Edwm Stroh Mr Sanders ldle Fndoy Dear Pvt Polly At last sprung IS here and everyone IS lookIng forward to graduatlon and summer vacatIons Although graduatIon day wIll be a happy one we senIors are goung to mIss school afterwards Polly dld you ever really stop to thlnk what an Important port our Board of Educatuon has played In the pleosant memorIes well always chensh of hIgh school lIfe9 Wuthout theIr foreslght many of our school actIvItIes would hove been Imposslble All the boord members take tnme from theIr regular dutIes to make our school lIfe mean more to us Mr Sanders Idle presIdent IS a former prIncIpal of Blume Mr Bowsher vIce presIdent IS dIstrIct ogent for the Horfna Po nt Company M Stroh clerk of the board IS cashner of a bank Mrs Boesel IS the mother of two sons ID SLFVIC9 and onother who IS a prosecutnng attorney Mr KIllIon IS an cIrchItect ond englneer and Mr SeItz IS o grocer They certaInly must hove the Interests of the youth of th communnty at heart because ll1CIf fInoncIal reward doesnt pay for the hours they spend meetIngs l Il wnte more school news later Snncerely Marty PRINCIPAL AND SUPERINTENDENT M Drummond our superuntendent ss always ready to help pupils and faculty with any problem they wush to talk over wuth hum He manages the In numerable large and small tasks that fall to a super nntendent wnth equal eff: cuency We hope Mr Conrad has enjoyed has flrst year at Blume half as much as we ve engoyed having hum Has guudance and leader shlp coupled wlth hls un fallunq good humor have made hum a valuable adds Mr lrvm Conrad Mr G D Drummond SCHOOL SECRETARY Miss Hulda Helmlmger tuon to Blume Thus ss Hulda s thurd year as our school secretary and each year we reallze more gust how lnwaluable she as to all of us She s just as cap ole now as she was your class secretary SOCIAL STUDIES Miss E Roeder Mrs C Miller Mr I Conrad COMMUNICATIONS MISSV Mallory MissA Hunt Miss N Whitmore imiimlilafn-.mslf GIUHYUUEBISTI COMMERCIAL Miss K Daugherty MissM Barr Mr L Taylor Thursday Dea r La rry, Lots of new faces have been added to our faculty since you graduated, but some you'll find as familiar as a treasured book. Miss Roeder teaches social studies and general math All G R s owe her a debt of gratitude for her fine work as G R adviser Of course you remember Mrs Miller Her name is firmly linked with the story of Blume s progress as our Dean of Girls and Senior Class Adviser Our new principal is Mr Conrad who also teaches social studies He has an A B from Bluffton and an M A from Ohio State Miss Mallory teaches Latin and English and is the adviser of both Lantern and Retrospect Miss Hunt heads the English depart ment and is the dynamic coach of our class plays Miss Whitmore is a welcome newcomer to the English department this year She has an M A from Ohio State and an A B from Denison Miss Daugherty and M ss Barr are the two new commercial teachers Miss Daugherty has an A B and a B S in educa non from Ohio State Miss Barr adds glamor to shorthand with her southern accent She has an A B from Bowling Green in Kentucky Mr Taylor is still trying to sell everything from a good idea to a season ticket' I-le s teaching dns tributive education this year be sides participating in a dozen other activities 'Q L . . , . I' M 1 ' - 1 2, . " ' I : ' . , . . ' , , . . ' ' . I ., , 1 'A . , ' . , ' . ' . 5 -:pf sr: ' z :s is l I am, ,M swan- ' R- MX, Wg U S of . I W,,M,,g.,s . . . . T e . . . . K D I Y - I - vs- K l 1 . , , . , . . . I know you and hundreds of c her graduates remember Coach Schafer as a fruend whether un gym classes alge bra soc al studues or some of the sports actuvutues Thus year as dean of boys he has helped even more students Maybe some of you already know Muss Lannung who us now our gurls physucal educatuon unstructor She has auded us un realuzung one of our treasured dreams by actually organuzung a Gurls Athletuc Assocuatuon She has an A B from Ohuo Northern Whenever vocal and unstru mental musuc are used on our programs Muss Wulluams there helpung out The delught ful performances guven at the Sprung Musucal were proof of her hard work Mr Parks us hus competent leadershup of the school band He has many musucal abulutues but we luke best to hear hum play Nola on the puano Muss Culleton us the elementary school pruncupal and teaches Englush classes un the Junuor Hugh She hasa B S degree un educatuon from Ohuo Northern Before comung to Blume Muss Knatz taught at Second Ward Shes now teachung math socual studues and physucal educatuon She earned her B S un educatuon at Bowlung Green Mrs Stroh came from Wulluamson and us now teachung uence She has a B S educatuon from Ohuo State CULTY PHYSICAL EDUCATION Coach Schafer Muss Lannung MUSIC Mr Parks Muss Wulluams JUNIOR HIGH Muss Knatz Mrs Stroh I - I I . . , , I . . . , I , . . is again to be congratulated for ' Il Il I , . 'I I sc' . . . in FAC LTY gvlath Science and Agriculture Mr Kuhlman Mr Foster Mr Hartup Mr tultz Home Economics Miss Whipple Miss Metzger LM A35 L..-4 qnvfpwunnliunl Industrial Arts Mr Skomp Mr Beckwith Miss McCullough Mr. Kuhlman teaches math, has an A. B, from Ohio State, and is Sr. Hi-Y adviser. Mr. Foster is now teaching science and biology. He's also Jr. Hi-Y adviser, assistant coach, and a famous interlocuter No one can ever forget Mr Stultzs good humorll What would chemistry and physics lab be without him? Mr Hartup has started a Young Men s Farming Club and under his supervision the farm shop has been com pleted This year Miss Metzger is teaching vocational home eco nomics in the senior high school This means that under her guidance students carry on home projects and she will be on the job eleven months of the year Miss Whipple is freshman home economics in structor and is also cafeteria supervisor She has a B S in education from Ohio State This is her first year of teach in seem just the same to you with his keen wit in the pink of condition Besides his metal work drawing auto mechanics he had radio and photography classes Mr Skomp has charge of advanced drawing wood work and printing Miss Mc Cullough who teaches art classes at Blume has her B S degree from Ohio State You can recognize her students by their bright colored fingers I , . I . gt c Y A .. U.,,.., I - A A I ' i.,.1:-W-r--'-'qw lll bet Mr. Beckwith would 2 I A ""'t A i i l 1 D I I I I 7' l ' . I - I 1 A ' UNIOR J O F F I C Mery Ellen Brown Vuce Pres Rolend Gnerhert Pres R y Srnellwood Trees Cerelyn Mexson Sec C Mexson Ser Dar R Guerlfmert Pres O McCllntock J Woolf V Pres W Sclwmeltz Ser Dnr K Unch Pres Sec Trees M Wellington Trees L Viet Sec S Bennoront Sec Trees M Brown Pres J Frezaer M Preser Sec Trees J Perleffe Pres V Ruc ert V Pres G Adems Ser Dir Ser Dnr 1. 'ff 6 ...vw TOP ROW R Gehrluck L Glerhart R Glerhart A Gustafson B Hague SECOND ROW V Haman B Hartup J Harrod K Howvsher N Hemmer THIRD ROW J Howe A Koh M Katter B Katterhenry J Kent FOURTH ROW M Kock H Lauer M Longsworth C Maxson O McCllntock BOTTOM ROW C Metzger M Mougy M Myers M Werner Mass Lannnng We are known to be the home room that has the most fun especially durlng our home room programs We play such games as Truth and Conse quences or volley and klckball un the gym Sometimes we go to the band room and have a musical amateur hour n whnch every one takes part We ve had two partues one at Chrnstmas time and the other on Valentnne s Day Our home room was lOOO6 In the Jr Red Cross Drive lOO06 In the T B Sale and lOO96 In the War Fund Drives We thlnk that s a pretty good record Just before the Home Commg Game our artnsts Carolyn Maxson Carol Metzger and Mary Lou Mougey decorated our room wuth pnctures of the queen and made It so attractive that every one was curuous to see the dusplay Mary Jo Werner secretary of the School Councnl ns our representatave In that group Miss Lannung us our teacher She as loads of fun and has taught us many games as she us also the gym teacher Yours Mary Jo N -.411 : . ' , . ' , . ' , . , , : . , . ,. , . ' , . : . , . , . , . , , I ' f ' 1 - 1 ' 1 l Dear Peggy, I ' ll - II - 0 1 - . 5 , l , , . . . , , . 1 D - I y ,f J - - - ' - I ' l I I I I I I I ' 1 , . I . M T ROW G Ruck W THIRD ROW K Unch L Vret SchmaltzA Schuler DSchuItz M Walker P Weber M R Schuster Wellungton SECOND ROW l Slattery R FOURTH ROW D Werllng M Stroh B Taylor Wuntzer J Woolf BOTTOM ROW S Young Mlss if 1 MGM Dear Gene Where are those snapshots l was supposed to send you? Well nt s l ke thus Mass Mallory my home room teacher IS nn cnarge of the Retro She has asked for all snapshots that could be used un the Retrospect to be given to her so l gave her those l knew you wouldn t mind Loss Vent ss our School Councsl representatlve Gosh but you should be In Room 6 nov You never thought so much could go on un one lnttle room ln ,our lrfe At Chrlstmas trme we wrote letters to Santa Claus and read them aloud an class You should have heard some of those letters' l m sure you would have enloyed them as we dld At mornlngs and noons before the tardy bell we have duscusszons or study Sometnmes on Fridays we have discussions about manners that boys and gurls should practice besides the usual contests and games If you ever want to leave anythlng for safe keeping Room 6 as the place It s a small roam but nt holds a great deal No klddlng' Room 61s favored by all Come an when you are back on furlough Always .lo C 5- ' l it xv OP : . , . - 1 - ' , - 4 , , , ,Qi A . U Smallwood, A: .Steinke, 'Ml Wlldermuth, .Wisener,' Ai A Z ' ' l . , ' ' i Deer D'Ck Room l6 where we danced We also had some TOP ROW G Adams G ny M Benzunq L Blnkley P Blnkley SECOND ROW D Butters S Bonnoront A Botklns D Bowman M Brackney Home Room 5 you know used to be Mr Jones home room but snnce he left us last year It has been transferred to the charge of Mr Kuhlman the new math teacher We are represented In many organlzatuons by the students In our home room such as Assembly Committee Mary Ellen Brown and Jlm Frazier F F A Reporter Tom Brandt G A A News Editor Mary Ellen Brow Band Reporter Shvrley BOHHOFOUT Lantern Duck Batters Edltor Mary Ellen Brown Asst Edntor and Shirley Bonnoront We ve had such good tlmes In Our bOI't1e room thus year We ve had point DVOQVOVTTS Wlfb 00 Kuhlman orngnnal programs an our rooms such as a farm auctron sale an whuch every one was a farm nmplement and we would bud tor hxm We certaunly dad enjoy th s game At Chrvstmas time we had a party and had :ce cream cookues and candy and belueve me ments taste good' A commuttee ot three was pncked to plan tor each of our home room pro grams that ns three dutterent persons for dutterent programs They really dld a tune lob of lt Well Duck l thunk I ve told you evervthnng you ve been askung about In your letters so goodnught and pleasant dreams Fondly Gerry of ,is if , Q' 1 'N R " - W . : . , . C , l. Ba'I , , ' -, , ' , . ' I Z . ' , D , J. ' 2 1 ' I, l , -, 4 School Council ,rzoorqoooorgroroovgrr Dick Bifferg we certarnly had fun, and dad those refresh- f l. f ' ' Hqffffffm' n A' .I A ' ' I ' I - ' I . 1 . , , I THIRD ROW T Brandt M Brown W Brown J Burden C Copeland FOURTH ROW D ombs Comer Crusue J Davus l Doble BOTTOM ROW F umm Frazrer reyer B Fr: z TOP ROW M Killian L Kohler P Kontner C Lenhart J Lament SECOND ROW R Mark er C Mertz D Omlor J Parlette F Pepple H0 R00lVl 16 Dear Ralph Well here I am a gunior in high school already How time does fly' Metzger is in charge She s the home econom ics teacher you know We re represented in many organizations by students in this home room We have mem bers in Sr Hi Y Girl Reserves Glee Club Choir Mechanical Corps Lantern Boosters Club Orchestra and Band not to forget the Stage Crew When we start to do something in this home room we do it thoroughly For instance we were the first home room to be IOOM in i Ali Schierholt Metzger the sale of war bonds and stamps I think that s something to be proud of don t you? of the movab e cha rs and tables we have in vited the three other lun or home rooms down for several programs Then we really do have un Oh I forgot to tell you that we are repre sented in School Council by Mark Killian and he is doing Q swell pob I guess that s all for now but do come an see us when you get home As ever Joan y W c fs Q : . ' ' , . f, I' J.. I Tv ' g I I . . . . Q . ' I ' I . . , . l'm in Home Room I6 this year, and Miss Since our home room has floor space because . . ' , - 5 : I . - . I ' . E , . . . - . . . - f ' I ' I' 1 I I 1 1 ' . . , . . . . I I I I I I I ' . ' I d I I ' l I I ' 31 TH I RD ROW M Plat voet M Presar V Rick er Rostor or BOTTOM ROW J Schneider M Shaw H Sholler S Schuler Miss 1 1 by ,R 2' D fi? f' 'fi 'ig W4 M4 , W' Qdmwgl, . W A14 ' ' 1:z,,, , 'V sf ffm . ,- M ' iii - I ,,.,.. - -,-:: :,1"." ' 1' , Y" 'W 'W ' --.,, xi.. fgL.,,,L,,,," 'ge Q 1 M """'ff,f, AM 5 dw ' w g , wfiffw 1 , 3 , 3- 5 19 Q A' 'is 16. ' ,Lk ' .-5 ' MA E? M05 is ,, X- -' 'I" 'E t W ' gg s ff 2' digg- L I W 4 E 'I ' " ' 51 U ,QL-2E'i f ,Q fi f' y "M UW 1 8, f., ,Q fi '4 .2 42 215 5? Qfwifg 2' ,252 'f Q' , A 2 f Q73 ,g i ,Z X". A ,sg Z . fm, . IM 5 um, xsQgi'is 4:5 W 1 A i X , f 7 fl fi f " fs: ' Ze' M9-5 , 525' B .JZM ww, A ,A 995 41:14 M 'QRZA ' 5, .,,.,.:,, Q.. . .,,. : , ,1 . .5415 K7 4 V I wtilfw UVA 7 ' ? 2' z X Zi vu.. dv. 0PHOiVIORE E, Horvey .....,..,..........,.... Service Director I. Froncis ..,..,. .,....... V ice President G. Holi ...,...,,. .................... P resident P. Streiglfit ....... ...... S ecretory-Treosurer B. Leitz .......,...,.c.,.. .............. P resident T. Mullehollond ......, Vice President GA Link c..,..... ....Y,s.s,....,,.. S ervice Director M, Niemeyer ............ Secretory-Treasurer R. Cozod .....,s M, Doorley ..,.., ...,,. J. Butcher ,,,c. J. Corter ..... .....Hme...,w............President ,Secretory-Treosurer ...m,.Vice President c.,ssService Director R, Uriclfi s,.,,,ss,., ...,... S ervice Director J, Wehner .....,..,,s...w,..ssw.,,.s Vice President J, Stinebopgh .,,.s,.,.,s, Secretory-Treosurer R. Schurnon ,.,,.,. ..w.s,,......c,,, P resident TOP ROW D Alstatee N Beech R Benny J Berry M Brandt SECOND ROW D Brau txgam E Brookhart B rown ush THIRD Row w comp bell J Carter B Ches Brough B cook B cole 'K' 0M V Q Dear Jlm Thus year lm ln Home Room 8 and very proud of nt It nsn t the Latln room as It used to be but It stall has the picture ot Roman ru ns hangung In front Our teacher as Mass Daugherty At noons she opens our roorn so that we can play check ers and other games ln there As a group we have a lot of fun and our tavorlte home room programs are Truth or Consequences must cal programs and amateur hours l Joe Carter ns our School Council member and Rnch Cozad represents us on the Lantern and on the Assembly Commuttee Many other organlzatnons are represented In our room and we are very proud of our athletes John Butcher and Rach Cozad Both of these boys were on the basketball varsnty team and Johnny Butcher was seen on the football fueld playlng wnth the best of them Gotta go now Jean S 2' Q- I v - ew " -5- K 1 Q A l 15- 6 if Q , Z l ,. B, -Y . 4' rl ' 1. - Q, ,.. , , . 1 an ' A ,. G. B , J. , I D I - ' Q, -. ' . I A ' I - . , I . . . I ' ' I I . ' ll II ' 1 ' . , . FOURTH ROW E Cope land R Cozad K Crusle I Davis R Davzson FIFTH ROW G DeLong N Dnelman M Doorle R Engel L Eversman BOTTOM ROW N Fnsh er Mass Daugherty zwygs :fi QW, ,fttg 'K li 'G' t TOP ROW C Ruck M S nell T Schnell R Schumann D Scott SECOND ROW W Selov er E Shockey J Smuth B Stevenson J Stme baugh Dear Nuck My home room rs l3, the same one you had when you were a sophomore Yes, we stall have lust as much fun an there as you dld, and Mr' Taylor IS stall In charge Durmg the ten mlnute home room pernod we tell stones and have duscussuons Mr Taylor also taught us how to play chess We can only play at noons and sometnmes Sth perlods ln order to do so, we have to sign up and walt our turns We lnstened to the World Senes when they were on over the radio Mr Taylor would tell 1. THIRD ROW J Stoll P Tnmmerman R Trego G Truesdale R Unch FOURTH ROW W Wah rer G Walls J Wehner J Wmget B Wolfe BOTTOM ROW J De Camp L Zwrebel M Taylor us dstferent facts about baseball Jocelyn Stoll organuzed a sales tax race, and we are uslng the money to buy something for the room Ralph Schumann IS our School Councrl representative Doc Unch and Johnny Wehner represent us on both the varsity basketball and football teams They are both plenty good 'I hey were probably just luttle squirts the last tlme you saw them, but you should see them now' Love, Susan 35 ,,, sv ' " ,I ,X V .J 'i ' ',." . ' . , . if , Q 51. ' 41 - , are T 4 rlr -f , 3 or 2 lf , V5 , T J , Q jg Ly , r ' 'LA G be 21 7 . . ' 1 .1 3 ,V ,,,,, I .:,' 3 H , c, 5 w 6 W ii, ,, 'V , ,,,fEfL1gz S: 1 '-',.,' , an 1 ,L g x :K av W Q4 eye - ,iss .:-Q- I I X Q ch , 1 A f I ' f I J L , . ' Q fi I . - 1 TOP ROW M Freyer I Francis Y Gross G Hall J Hangen SECOND ROW T Hart man E Harvey I Hem mert H I-'alty P Howard THIRD ROW P Howard W Hotchkm E Hughes R Ingledue A Kahn Dear Coz In your last letter you asked me how I llked hugh chool by now I thunk at s tops I m an Home Room I4 Miss Whntmore one of the new teachers IS In charge She IS very nlce and really keeps our room looknng neat She even has flowers at the wnndow Srnce I m a sophomore I belong to the Red Rectangle has all the otfncers In nt' Irene Francis ns the president Elizabeth Stresght treasurer And would you belneve It our roorn Ree Ingledue as vnce presldent Harvey secretary and Patty 36 0 Geneo Hall IS a member of the varsity basketball and football team We ve had some good home room programs too thxs year Once every one played the game ot hls chouce and It really worked out swell Other tumes we ve had musucal programs Truth and Consequences and just counhng sales tax stamps Whatever we do we always enjoy nt Come home soon Love Shirley -' if f' X Q 5 THQ I A -- xA 4 , ,YN rg W y ' . " I 'rlc 2 ff I. V . 1 . 1 4 ,endif I' I' I ,I ' A . , ' 1- if if . , . .I f ' x h , . . , , . it ,, ,, , ll ll A K 4 - 4 1 11 11 FOURTH ROW T Kat ter enry R Krefer E Keller A Koch D Koch FIFTH ROW C Kreutzer V Lannnng J Kuhns P Strenght Mass Whitmore if TOP ROW N LaPole B Lletz G Lvnk D Locke J Lunz SECOND ROW W Marker W Mayer B Meeker C Metzger D Meyers THIRD ROW E McClmtock J Muller R Muller T Mulholland M Myers f"'t we ff 2' A , 0 N! Wig 5- nf L......Q P Rausch C Pester Dear Chris I m wntung thus rn second period study hall l ve been thnnkmg about you qunte a but so l thought thus would be a good tnme to let you know about some of the thlngs that l have been dolng at school The physucs laboratory ns now my home room Mr Hartup, the agricultural teacher IS nn charge We have quite a few outstandung members of our class In here For Instance, Bob Leltz ns presudent of Junlor H: Y and represents us on the School Council He also played on the football and basketball squads and IS a mem ber of the stage crew FOURTH ROM! M Nlemeyer L Omlor D Pnesar H Prueter FIFTH ROW D Rldenour J Rndenour D Roedlger D Muller BOTTOM ROW Mr Hartup Carl Metzger was on the football team and he too ns a member of the stage crew Mlke Marker as another who played on the football and basketball teams Dan Muller was the football manager and Eugene McClintock was basketball manager There are also quite a few band members ln our class Norma LaPole and Goldie Lsnk are two of the band majorettes so you see we are well represented lt's about time for the bell, and l must look at thas geometry l hope you get a leave soon Yours, Aluce 37 I ' C f ' 6- 'L 1' ' . A t I -7 ' , A if , .0 ' " ,ff Q . K. 0 r , if tr Q S , ,. rf X: , I Q' 51, ' I my V , y f QQ scfggggr 'r 4 ll X. R 0 f W 5' I " f, LElg,1'E I 5:25753 3' H Q ' 'ft 5 2, I X 1 f 5 'F T l pl? ' if ,T , 5 E ,BM ,xg ,, 5fff:Q'9li'2A 2 A iff' ff ,Qi-"3' 'fi' , A : . , . ' , l .1 . ' , , . , . , V : .V H, . : . ' l A . . 1 A 1 - 1 Z - - I I , . . . . . ' I I . , . . . . . . I I III? 'was .,V .- Q , ! S 1 ', nv A I . M1 . , F irq 1 .1 H. if 'Kg 4 'O lo-l aw fw P ff ' V t fi A W V, if "-A 1 'M 'fu K1 43-,Ita -x all-Jw ' lr..a. 55"-if lwwgb' f f Q, Y A.'1 1 "f it ,T XV A M WQN, , Q ,. . 5 f ' ' Q! i. f B? 5 J b fg V " my J.. , '31 ' 1 Q W1 4 1 - 9 I ,, 5 Agwwggg V, j W V FRE D. Bryan ........ ........ V ice President R. Brautigam ......, .,................ P resident B. Bitters ........... .......... S ervice Director B. Bailey .,.,... Secretary-Treasurer D. McKeever ...... ..................,.. P resident B. Seitz .......,.. Secretary-Treasurer M. J. Maxson ......, .......... V ice President D. orphan ...... ......Service Director M. Hartup ...,............................ President K. Kah .......,...,. ...... P. Holtzapple ...... C. Slattery Secretary-Treasurer ......Service Director .................President G, Vetters ........ ............ V ice President S. Yocum ...... ...... S ecretary-Treasurer D. Shank ....... ....... S ervice Director 3 l 'Q 'N ii Tl-lllzo Row D Campbell M "" Campbell D Chapman Clum N Codllng .,, FOURTH ROW G Copeland L Copeland E Crow K Erb M Flemlng BOTTOM ROW Don Frame R Gesler MISS Roeder Dear Red l-low do you llke the Navy by now? I haven t wrltten you many letters so I thought lt was about tlme I started Lots of tlmes I ve wlshed that I could be ln your place but Ive four more years ot hlgh school to go and probably the war wlll be over by then At least I can help out the man power shortage by worklng at the store Shall I tell you about my hlgh school llte9 My home room IS 23 The soclal studles teacher MISS Roeder IS ln charge and we Ilke her a lot 40 is YN 0 Lf-+4-3,1 f Y 5 'us' TOP ROW N Abbott B Bally S Bally B Basll N Blnkley SECOND ROW B Bltters K Brandt R Brautlgam D Bryan A Burden Our School Councll represerltatlve IS Kathryn Brandt She IS also presldent of the Green Trlangle and plays the plano for assembly You should hear her do Hollday for STFIUQS We sometlmes go to the band room on cer taln Frldays when we have home room to have muslcal programs We have a lot of good tlmes too Have to close now Mom wants me to go uptown I Il be seelng you Don , x V , Q Q, VAR h , g :F A -, in , ' I fl M2525 P I I ku. l X I 'ff , I! I I X v"I I , I 1 l - if 5. f . .- - f I' ' " las I s I fi: I - 1 I ffl l ,Y X fx I I -fs" fi gfgg ' I ..., X Eg ,I F r i I If --:Q ., I f' l-l- T1 it V ,. Q .f ' ' ' Q . l ,. I tl e es - I. lr 1 A -. gs D ' X ft l I ' Elm' M ,, X I -' ,, 1 , . , C. , jg- . . , . , . . I A , , . , A ' , - l I I A 4 ll ll I . , . . . , , . I I I . I 11 - - II , . . I - I . , . I I 1 I I I I I I 0 TOP ROW M Lauer C Lee BJLnneHLunzHPLuz SECOND ROW M J Maxson D McKeever J Merkle W Muller R Mnnnuch THIRD ROW D Metzger H Musser R Myers L Omler D Orphal ,-! P11 FOURTH ROW J Plavoet E Preasar J Rostorfer P Ros torfer D Schumann FIFTH ROW E Schumann S Schultz D Schwer J Schwer B Seltz LAST ROW J Seutz B Selover Mass Hunt Dear Al l rn wrutnng thus durnng home room penod We usually have a drscussron during thus ten mlnute perlod but today everyone as worklng so I thought I d fake time out to wrnte Home Room 24 IS a large pleasant room whach IS always very neat Miss Hunt usually has some plants on her desk or on the window s We have a lot of fun In home room on Fra days when we have programs One time In the fall we played touch football outsude, even the gurls took part We stall haven't fugured out how they played the game, "TalI4nng Wnth The Spurnts whuch was a part of another good program On Tuesday the Freshmen buy war stamps We have been donng falrly well an thus Cam palgn but our biggest trouble IS forgettung to bring our money' Dan McKeever ns our School Councnl repre sentatlve He also recelved has letter for foot ball thus year and we belreve he wnll be one of our best players nn the future When our school played football wlth St Marys, our home room was IOOCO nn attend ance at the game Be seenng you, Jerry 4 f- 1 ' ,, ,Q It Q if 7 . ' 2151 W . I F' H 0 D If It ' ' If" 'P 7. C, Q 4' 'f' 1- 7' R 1 I I ,rg 1 ' X - fi W , 'gg ' 9' as Q, W A ,f ' fs gig, ' if 1 I , , . , I . . . , , . , . . n. K , . , . - : . , , ' ' ' . , . , . 9- 1- I - , 1 . , . W - - A grix I V . . ,, . 1 I ' , , . . . , I 1 ' , . , . . . . ' 1 1 1 I au, ' , ' ' ll R'- TO ROW D Grlbert H Grnmes J Gross J Hague J Harrod SECOND ROW M Hartup M Hover M Hengstler N Hollen backer P Holtzopple Ai Dear Gunny Thus as the frrst chance I ve had to wrnte you smce I receuved your letter You asked me how I Ilked my home room Well we thunk Home Room 32 ns one of the best Mr Stultz who ns In charge IS swell We lake to get hum started telling jokes because he knows lots of good ones Queenue Koh us our School Councul repre sentatuve and Betty Knerr represents the gurls un our room by octmg as secretary to the Green 42 in X A i iff Q' If IQ THIRD ROW R Howard W Howell R Johnson K Kah I Kotter FOURTH ROW J Kentner N K I er A Knser B Knerr D Knoch LAST ROW E Knoch D Lam me-rs E Lambert Triangle Club Mary Hartup who plays o clarlnet ns our only band member Jack Harrod was a member of the freshman basketball squad On certann Frndays we have home room pro grams Truth and Consequences as one of the many games we play I hate to end thus letter Gunny but Ive lessons wartnng for me I hope to see you soon Your pal Nancy S , ff f , , 1 i 2 l y, k If ' ,I . I , I I V V.: N Y 'I ,.t , I I ig, -r , f .. V- 2. Q ,X I , 1' If 5 V ' I . 1: :-5. . f, . H- 'ljsifr' 1' I' ..-.. A 'H I 17,23 I :II YIIEI 1 'tr 1 g .,. .I Ae 2 rig " , V 1 ,.., W- V 1 I JIS -. - Y if '.-, rf" Y 4 . I V, ., I 'Z I IQ 'I H I " 533 'N 5 I . Q 'I :g" ' I I . 1. In 2 A .' ' . .I f i Eli: . 5525.1 2- , ', uf I I" , A -. yg za. 'F ' . .V is k 3' 1 1 -- Q . I n , ' . 7 b f lv I T- P 3 ' I - ' 3 - I - , . , . , . . is ,, , . , . , . . K X Z fr . . - sf: 4, ' xx A ' . ' ' f ' . 1 6 ' . . ' I f ' , - , . - - X -f e b , . , . , . . X j V 1 . - I ' 1 . . . 1 . I I , . . I ' . 1 I F . . . ,, ,, . . ll fl - I ' ' . . , ' I I I I is Q-N TOP ROW D Sho M Snmpkms C Slattery R Spaud M Stnles SECOND ROW R Stlmmel T Surles M Taylor M Tester Z Vent Dear Bull I just had to wrute and tell you how much fun I m having an hugh school since Ive be come a freshman especially un Home Room 34 Mr Foster ns our teacher You probably know he also teaches general scuence and blology Our home room as gust full of bzologucal charts stuffed anumols, and other unterestnng exhlblts There s even a skeleton named George Blame Wnlluams sells defense stamps every Tuesday George Vetters us our representatnve L S Z0 THIRD ROW H Vorhees Wahrer D Walls H Weber Werllng FOURTH ROW R Wllges Wnlls B Wlllnams S Yocum Shoffstall LAST ROW M Zwnebel M Foster 03 to the School Councul On Thursday he glves a complete report of the Council meetings March I4 we had a blrthday party for Mr Foster Our home room bought hum 0 bullfold and had :ce cream cake and candy for re freshments Afterwards we played games Once nn a whale Mr Foster wall read us stor nes from a favorite book of has They re very funny and we all enjoy them As ever Trudy . ' l ' . N W I 1 ,4 I - . J 1 vzxiwv I w ,miie . n ' 'F I - X qw rx . I X ff I + ' tt ,U . , . . l ' 4 x ' fl Q, 'fl ' . I N .....4 Iii -.., 4 all 6 . N , at I , . f 2 . gd - ' . U N gy I I . Q N , f - f GJ-9 ' , FIF- I I 1 -:I tw-wqmunlnvv-'H fuk 2 'F' 4 gm. 1 , K 2 A s 1 20' li 2: 4 w , ,. . I ,Wg ,wg . in Q' Q Qi 1 -Z if . A Q 5 X X L in fs gf I rj W x ' ws... W 1 A wwf 'N X61 QM va :vm 'I' - , L -414' W 1 Q ,- gi xl , - TH. AN TH. GR DE UNCIL TOP T McKeever D Pope N Frame K l-larrod BOTTOM L Mathews M Archer B Ruck J Palnter Aprnl l3 l944 Dear Dick You asked me to descrrbe the set up we use In our Junxor Hugh School Councnl I talked nt over with Mass Culleton and here are the facts we thunk you ll want to know Ever slnce our seventh and eighth grades have been at Blume adjustment to hugh school llfe has been alded through student teacher dlscussuons un our councll meetmgs Two rcpresentatlves are elected by their classmates from each of our home rooms We have our own regular meetmgs and we also send two students from our council to the senior hugh group You d be surpnsed to see how serlously and thoughtfully we carry on busmess When you next see us well be such gentlemen and ladnes that you ll hardly recognlze us Our crowded school condutnons cause traffnc to be our chief concern Many otherproblems brought up tor duscusslon prove the worth of our organization many tumes over We hope your plans work out as well as ours have As ever Don 1. ,. ,. ,, . 1. ,. ,. ,. . I I I I G . . , . . . , . ' I , . . I A 45 8-A - f ,, N Q L Q - , TOP ROW J Frazler D Mulholland B Fnebelkorn F Flscher B Dardlo R Corner T Mul holland SECOND ROW C Frazler W Copeland B Muller B Ankerman T Maxson B Gustafson M Dlngledme T Erb K Harrod B Vent THIRD ROW V Vert M Hall J Srnlth V Elsass B Hole S Homan J Butcher J Hodges M Katter BOTTOM ROW L Erb M Archer M Cotner P Davison R Corner M Boker D Doseck P Cole B Flsher J Berg lliifi T 6 fo 'Y' TOP ROW H Koch F Hengstler C Schaub J Shapple A Shaw E Kung A Lernasters SECOND ROW D Stlles J Nleter J S autamurc P W lte S Wlnqet THIRD ROW F Koch E Wrlght D Pope V Vclt B 4 ray L Wcbster M Stevenson B TTOM ROW C K cn D Morey T Marlfcr D Blu er P Sl ll T Marker J Web r Painter L Lette D Chlcs D We TOP ROW N Coon C Copeland N Frame D Herron J Rogers W Eversman R Altenburger R Dumm MIDDLE ROW D Kah M Boyer J Knoch D Gephart B l-lemmer M Dnngledlne E Heng stler A Frame J Chapman BOTTOM ROW Mrs Stroh C Meeker L Lumbert P Delong J Krueger L August L Mathews D Hawkey L House M Althotf HAH TOP ROW J Mougey T McKeever J Wolfe R Baker E Kohler J Rogers E Taylor J Shank MIDDLE ROW Mrss Kraatz F Wellman D Katterhenry J Taylor R Van Sklver T Ptennung J Remke C Presar J Maxson N Rohrbaugh BOTTOM ROW V Webb A Mulholland D Metzger J lngledue B Ruck L Schwer S Spees D Schlerholt R Welsslmg A Sammetlnger 47 3- 1- 1- 1- ,- 1- 1- 1 1. ,, ,. ,. ,. ,.' ',. - 1- 1- - :. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. 1- ,- 1- ", , . 7.1 ' an' H 'D .5 1 W4 - 9,1 g . .mx 1 If . U ' l 1 M X 1 Q ' x ull ll 3, ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. . 4 - 1- 1- 1- 1- 1- A1 . ,. ,. ,. . . ,. ,. . , 56 H Y Q, M29 KX 'ff' sc XO W NJW fbi AM C 6' ,a 000 5 SCJLWLA N J QC? X1 Sec et 'iv- ORCHNIZHTICSRI H- Y A ' I g x 'K x 'JE IQ :JD VZQ 1 fgiu AX A7 W M., , X no 4 A wa' Q ec . GX k 6 I 265.0 oy- . m Ps Q 3A xo Kr 30 3 '13 QM fy B Qgxfx X 5 O ww Q ,?Xoo Q5 5 1, Q os xr 1 NGC L x 8 J A' . J . V595 ,VX ou- ONXOOX C kv, M?" ka fi 1 ' X Six X , y s 41' W-Q in BACK ROW D Butters K Koh D McKeever R Schumann G Vetters M Kvllxon SECOND ROW B Knauss P Streught L Vlet K Brandt J Carter B Lletz FRONT ROW R Colvin Mrs Muller M Werner Sec D Zimmerman Pres V Malueg Vnce Pres Wednesday Dear Chum Thus has been a very octave year for the School Council and two amendments have been added to the constntutuon whmch wall make the group more representative Now each class wall send eight representatnves rnstead of the onglnol four The president wrll be elected by the student body from the snxteen lunuor and sensor members un the sprung We have purchased a beautnful new service flag to replace our old one Our dance was the tnrst of nts kind ever to be held at Blume It was a Sock Hop and novelty dances without shoes really put the evennng on the calendar as one to be remembered Through a jount meeting of the Councll and he Assembly Committee the dnfferences that exlsted last sprung were ironed out l wish you were here to help solve some ot the other problems traftuc cleonllness of the bunldmg and personal conduct Believe me complete cooperation ns essential an our crowded quarters and nt ns toward thot end otr School Council ms constantly workung Write and tell me all the news you want to know and I ll try to answer Falthfully Marty MW ANTER Tuesday Dear Johnny We know that you still see the Lantern once in a while when you get a copy of the Daily News We hope you enjoy news about doings at Blume If you would ask a Lantern staff member about the paper this year he would first tell you we are out of debt This debt started back when you were in school and each new staff inherited a debt By giving several dances the l943 44 staff made enough to pay off the accumulated debt We have even been able to publish a few pictures X We had the night of our publication in the Daily News changed from Wednesday to Monday This is a much better date because the news is more up to date The staff meets Monday fifth period in Room 6 Smaller groups work on other days setting up the paper for publication and checking material We have conducted a questionnaire to dis cover what both adults and students want in the paper and tried to plan our material accordingly Sincerely Dick TOP ROW Miss Mallory B Lietz A Kahn J Stoll R Cozad M Stroh V Rickert S Shuler BOTTOM ROW L Shank S Bonnoront M Bahler J Frazier R Butt rs Ed M E Bro n Asst Ed W Hartup SS BLY CllMlVlITTEE J P0 Ga QC TOP ROW R Cozad M Kotter G Hall N Bunkl y if :W . fl Fr rf' I X ji' ij. 2 V 7 T , 1 f - Y V 4 315 'Y :, W I! 'A Q ' . 4 A M ' 'iz' ax g - -ii use-f - Z, . .w.f...1nn. kiswiss : . , . , . , . ' e . BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Faster, M. Brown, M. Jackson, D. Schumann, S. Yocum, A. Bowsher, Miss Metzger. , ---------------------------- I - I . . , . . . q . , l ' I . . . , , - J , . . Wednesday Dear Tad Besldes nts regular duty of preparing pro grams for the student body the Assembly Commnttee has undertaken many other actuvn tnes thus year The curtains an the gym whuch had been ordered were paid for and hung so that movnes could be shown at school After the furst movle was shown nt was dascovered that a new pscture machane was needed so the Assembly Com mnttee offered to ranse the money to buy lt for the school Every Wednesday flfth penod the twelve students and three faculty members meer In Room 34 and discuss and plan programs The faculty advisers are Muss Roeder Moss Metz ger and Mr Foster Of the twelve members all four classes were equally represented with three people from each class Theur offucers are Marvun Katter presudent Clarajean Brookhart vrce presldent Jam Frazuer secretary Each member of the commlttee IS respon snble for one assembly during the year, so wuth a few extras the year s program has been quite full l can t tell you about every program but several have been exceptuonally good lhe admussuon from the sax movles shown durnng the year helped pay for our new pro lector Altogether tt has been a successful year Smcerely lm GIRL ESER Tuesday Dear Janie, l guess it's about time l'm writing you, isn't it? But this time l've really something good to tell you. Today after the Girl Reserve meet- ing, l started thinking back over the other programs we've had this year. The first thing that came to my mind was the time when Rev. Herd gave us a talk on "Boy and Girl Friend- ships." He gave us some very good points to follow. Jane, l'll just never forget the day when we celebrated the birthdays of all girls who had had a birthday since school started. That was November l6. We had fun guessing their ages and listening to them tell why they were such beautiful babies. ln cooperation with the Hi-Y, we held a "Swing Shift" dance in the gym on a Friday night March I7 Since it was a defense dance it was only right that we charge defense stamps for admission. Everyone dressed prop- erly, too. We girls wore slacks or printed dresses and the boys wore overalls. We even brought sack lunches. This year for the first time the Girl Reserve Club has joined the District YWCA, and the three clubs, Red Triangle, Green Triangle and the G. R. have affiliated. I can't help thinking that these wonderful things we have accomplished this year would not have been possible without the helpful guidance of our adviser, Miss Roeder. Heavens! lt's past my bed timel l'll have to quit so I can get up in time for school tomorrow. Always thinking of you, Gerry TOP ROW M Walls M J Werner S Bonnoront M FIFTH ROW Miss Roeder C Metzger J Rypkema M Brown V Rickert Howell E Killian B Knauss E Metzger C Doseck E SECOND ROW M Bal-,ler B Wehne, J 5,dey A Doseck A Lusk B Kohler Wintzer H Lauer J Parlette N Hemmer BOTTOM ROW G Ruck G Haman A Streight N Abe Ti-iiizo Row c Kentner J Woolf J shusfer M R Wfmsof V Pres V Melueg Dfes B Kaffe' SEC Mougey M Shaw M Presar J Schneider A Gustafson E Ankefmon V905 R Hofshbmgef J D'll S DOWS J Harrod A Erb A Bowsher FOURTH ROW R Taylor J Kohler M Walker C Maxson C Knierim J Whiteman G Buddemeyer M McCormick P Irish M Benny , , ll ll I . .. V.......,. . l . . . , . . , . , . . , . , . , . , . . , . , . , , , . , . . . , . , , , , , - 1 - - I - 1 I , - - - - , - , ' 1 - 1 . I , ' I I , I . , . ., . , ., . - , V., , . , . , . , , I - I -I - , - I - I . , . . - - ,I - , . , . f - , - , . , . , . , . . TOP ROW B Hartup R Colvin J Smith D Zimmerman D Butters R Shuster M Killian E Kentner D Fisher W Brown SECOND ROW W Schmaltz J Viet B Seitz D Kantner F Pepple J Werner J Lament K Urich J Howe Mr Kuhlman BOTTOM ROW B Disney A Schuler L Kohler C Newland R Mertz S Maxson J Emerich M Wellington R Gierhart R Gehrlich Friday Dear G. l. l m now in the Sr. Hi-Y! You probably know a little about it, maybe you were in it. It you were, you will remember all of the good times you had at the parties and meetings. The Sr. Hi-Y has plenty of fun together, but it is a group of junior and senior boys working together to "create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character." The Sr. Hi-Y works at its creed, and many of its meetings deal with religion. Many ofthe local ministers gave us some very interesting talks. Reverend Weissling gave an outstanding talk on Lincoln. Together with the G. R. we gave a Swing Shift Dance that was not designed to make money but to increase the sale of war stamps. Another outstanding social event was a hay ride and party at Johnny Emrick's house. This year we have a new adviser. He is Mr. Kuhlman, our math. teacher. Our officers are Ralph Mertz, president, Chuck Newland, vice- president, and Stan Maxson, secretary- treasurer. Altogether l'm very enthusiastic about the club and had to let you know l was a member. lt's a swell bunch! As ever, Joe 53 March I5 1944 Dear Bert I m sneaking a few minutes from study hall to wrlte to you Flrst thang want to tell you IS how much I enjoy HI Y too You remember I was elected to the club at the begmnlng of my freshman year and I was very proud By bemg In the Jr H: Y I wlll automatucally be come a member of the Sr Hu Y next year Our motto and creed are the same as thelrs and our purpose IS to make boys better cntlzens and Chrustnans Durlng Lent we attended church servlces wlth the Sr Ho Y and local mnnlsters were our guest speakers throughout the year We gave a party for the members of the Red Rectangle Club and later the two clubs sponsored a Sadse Hawkms Dance Hafey Leltz s brother Bob ns our president and he surely IS a good one Johnny Wehner IS our vuce presuclent and Ralph Schumann who us a so followung has brother s footsteps as our secretary treasurer Mr Foster who acts as our advuser has done much to make the year a success I meant to gave you more news but I got started on the Jr Hn Y an couldn t stop so I ll have to add the rest later Tull then oc 5A 1 TOP ROW B Seltz C Slattery T Schnell M Marker H Hrlty D Unch G Hall J Wehner R Cozad J Stmebaugh BOTTOM ROW Mr Foster J Butcher E Knoch D Bryan R Schumann N Abbott W Howell D Frame M Zwuebel TOP ROW J Kuhns B Wolfe V Lannlng L Eversman THIRD ROW G DeLong J Hangen J Stoll A Kahn P Howard Mlss Whitmore P Rausch J Lunz D J Smlth J Berry B Chesbrough H Prueter M Nle Montgomery N LaPole M Myers R Benny M Freyer meyer N Dnelman I Davns SECOND ROW K Crusne C Krentzer W Wahrer M BOTTOM ROW M Schnell B Eversman E Hughes M Brandt E Brookhart B Meeker E Keller C Ruck J Doorley E Harvey l Frances P Strenght B Shnerholt DeCamp E Copeland N Fusher J Wlnget C Pester Sunday Dear Janet Remember when you were a sensor and the freshman gurls started a club of theur own? They called nt the Red Rectangle and then made nt a sophomore club the next year, be cause they couldn t get In the G R We are nowa part of the G R and the Y W C A We started the year out wuth a bang by beatmg the Jr H: Y In a contest sellmg foot ball season tlckets Because they were beaten so badly the boys entertained us wlth a Hallowe en party Our dance thus year was o Sadve Hawkins or Leap Year dance and the girls took the boys Norma LaPole and Geneo Hall were elected to represent Daisy Mae and Llttle Abner Our parties were fun but we had some serious programs too Durmg Lent we attended the various churches In a group Mass Neva Whvtmore IS our adviser, and In workmg wnth our offucers she does a fme job Irene Francns IS our presldent Marne lngledue vuce presudent Elnzabeth Harvey, secretary and Patty Streught treasurer Next year l ll be an G R but lve had a wonderful year an Red Rectangle I wlsh you could be here to share the good tumes we used to have together Untul then goodbye and take good care of yourself Lovlngly yours s 55 Wgkivhiilifvv GREE TRIANGLE Wednesday Dear Irene, Remember the last time I wrote you how disappointed the freshman girls were because they didn't have a club? lt seemed that everyone else had a club, but we were left out in the cold, We decided to do something about it and we've been working on it ever since. At the beginning of the second semester we got our constitution and thus the Green Triangle was established. Our officers are Kathryn Brandt, president, Mary Jane Maxson, vice- president, Betty Knerr, secretary, and Donna Shank, treasurer. Miss Barr is our adviser. The three clubs, the G. R., the Red Rectangle, and the Green Triangle are all a branch of the Y. W. C. A. and we have the same constitution. All the officers meet together once a month and we had one joint meeting of all the members We ve had only o few programs so for but they were all good Once we went down to the gym where Mr Conrad gave an interesting talk Another of our favorite programs was a musical given by Bob Miller who can really swing out on his trumpet and our bandleader Mr Parks We hope to make the Green Triangle a club the school can be proud of Bye now Patty 9-A TOP ROW l Katter M Bowsher S Stultz R Meyers M Hengstler J Merkle M Hover R Stimmel S Yocum D Orphal B Bailey SECOND ROW M Campbell B Batters E Presor M Hartup S Bailey M Stiles R Spaid D Shank K Kah R Minnich D Walls M Lauer L Copeland C Lee BOTTOM ROW M Wills B Basil R Wehner E Lambert B Knerr Z Vent M Maxon M Tester K Brandt E Crow A Burden Miss Barr GIRL GLEE Dear Ellen TOP ROW L Eversman W Wahrer E Hughes J Kentner M Lauer R Stummel M Hengtler M Stules M Walls M Benny G Ballweg B Basul B Scheurholt SECOND ROW B Bauley D Larnmers K Kah E Crow D Walls R Munnuch J Platvoet D Knoch M Tester H Grumes S Yocum S Bauley I Katter M Brackney M Meyers B Brown N Beech THIRD ROW E Harvey M Walls M Longsworth V Haman G Ruck J Merkle C Ruck S Freyer D Schuman M Hartup M Schnell M J Maxson M Freyer Y Gross G Bush J Wunget E Schumann FOURTH ROW G Wahrer J Parlette R Benny E Metzger L Burden C Kneurum P Woolf J Kuhns J Davus M Platevoet M Bowslruer S Schultz D Shank R Wehner BOTTOM ROW L Knatz M Brandt E Copeland W Metz C Kentner Muss Wulluams R l ve just a munute to wrute you before l go to Glee Club Thus year the gurls meet on Monday and the boys meet on Tuesday tufth peruod There are about 80 members un the clubs combuned Muss Wulluams durects both of the clubs whuch makes them good you remember Muss Wulluams' Our only publuc appearance was when we sang for the Sprung Musucal held Aprul 13 and l4 Both clubs dud tune work and gave evudence of the tume spent un practuce The gurls three numbers were Beauteous Morn German The Old Woman and the Peddler Old Englush Aur The Lord s Prayer Malotte The bays numbers were The Peasant and '-lus Oxen Smuth Ashenbrenner Ole P-rks a moverun Carn As ever Ann BOY GLEE IOP ROW D Frame D Keufer G Bauley J Carter Kuber MIDDLE ROW A Swunk B Hartup D Koch B Cook J Frazuer R Cozad G Vetters J Howe BOTTOM ROW D Lock D Scott l Hemmert R Schumann Muss Wulluams L Shank J Butcher M Wellungton J Herrod 57 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1- 1 - 1 - 1 V Wonser, I. Davis, H. Prueter, B, Kohler, E. Doseck, M. Campbell, D, Campbell. , . . . . , . , . - - - - 1 , 11 , 11 11 - - I 11 1 I I 11 . 11 - 11 - , 11 - 11 l" ' I - T 1 . "" I 9 l ,, , L I - A 1 - 1 A 1 ' 1 - V 1 ' 1 - 1 - - :p ' 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 J A 4 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 - - CHOIR Thursday Dear Eleanor, Our choir this year directed by Miss Elma Williams has made great progress toward developing the qualities that are necessary tor good choral singing With only one period a week tor practice you know that the time has to be used to its best advantage in order that we may be prepared tor the Spring Musical and Baccalaureate The numbers we sang for the Musical were The Ash Grove which is an old Welsh Air arranged by Gordon Jacobs Pro Iogue by Wil-iam Schumann which is set to a poem by Genevieve Taggard Lost an the Night by F Melius Christian en My God and I a Latvian spiritual arranged by I B Sergie Those who graduate this year are Mara Walls, Lois Shank, Trudy Ballweg, Jacquie Kohler Donna Spurlock Lois Burden Carol Kentner Mathilda Benny Marlorie Jackson Jane Dill Lura Mae Knatz Carolyn Brautigam Anna Jean Lusk Betty Taylor Ruth Betty VVonser Chuck Newland and Art Swink We re going to miss the seniors but there are still lots at undergraduates who will make Miss Will ams proud other choir next year l d better sign Ott for now or l never will get my newspaper read for social studies to morrow We re go ng to have another ot those dreaded oral quizzes again Love Anita Q Qtqfqll TOP ROW K Brandt B Chesbrough J Mller G H man D Shank J Berry D Kefer G Bailey M Hartup M Brandt E Hughes E Harvey M J Maxson J Stoll S Yocum SECOND ROW E Crow W Wahrer J Kuhns B Wolfe D Locke C Newland D Frame Miss Williams R Cozad J Larrent A Swink N Fisher E Brookhart M Schnell l Frances L Gierhart THIRD ROW G Ruck S Shuler O McClintock A Wintzer J Howe W Hartup B Cook R Schumann J Butcher M Presar M J Werner C Moxscn M Mougey M Shaw BOTTOM ROW L Burden R B Wonsor L Spurlock natz M enny M Walls C Kentner J Ko er L Shank M Jackson A J Lusk G Balweg W Metz C Knierim C Brautigarn I I 1 I I l I I I ' . ' - I I I I , , , . I ' . I . I - . . I . V , . . . . y E V ' 1 Q - ' ' - .,. . . I I I 1 . . U . . , - ' 1 I . . S Q , I i , 1 ' I 75 ,t . A YG ' M. A 4 J' 'V T T w 4 r S , 9 , T . iz 4,1 . f X N , , , 7 yr, E J ' , l i q , X 'w , 4 - ' , Q T4 A' 1 , , . , , i , . 1 . , . , , ' ., . 0 , - 1 - 1 - l 1 - 1 - I - i - , V , - i , 4 , . , . , . , , . , . , , . , , , . 4 , , , V A , , . , L. K , . B , . , , , . Dill, J, , . , , , , , . I A I hl, . , . , . , . l ORCIIE TR Wednesday Dear Jim, I don't remember just how much of Blume you saw while you were here visiting me, but did you ever happen to be in the vicinity of the Band Room during the fourth period on Tuesdays or Thursdays? If you were, you no doubt heard a voice pleading for "quiet please, so the strings can tune!" Then when the strings were finally tuned, the Blume High Orchestra, under the capable direction of Miss Elma Williams settled down to practice for the Junior Class Play Senior Class Play or the Sprung Musical whichever hap pened to be coming up at the time Between numbers such as Deep Purple Lyric Overture and various marches including Stars and Stripes Forever you might have heard the students and Miss Williams discussing the relative merits of contemporary musicians and symphonies Those who heard good musical programs let the others know about them If Miss Williams or one of her more fortunate musicians had seen a symphony or smaller group of musicians in action they described their experience to the other members of the orchestra These spontaneous and unexpected dis cussions in the midst of rehearsal stimulated interest in worthwhile music and spread the good news of available sources for hearing such music Well what do you know? I ve spent just enough time writing this letter that it is actually time to go to orchestra rehearsal Always your friend e TOP ROW L Shank J Sidey R B Wonser D Spurlock E McClintach B Chesbrough R lngledue V Lanning M Bradnt M J Werner J Shuster MIDDLE ROW D Shank V Rickert I Francis M Schnell M Hartup E Brookhart S Bonnorant N Fisher B Fritz M A Praesar K Kah BOTTOM ROW A Swank A L Gustafson C Kentner S Shuler O McCIintoch Miss Williams D Schumann R Meyers C Ruck L Eversman RET N J Lapole Goldue Llnk Shurley Yocum Januce Merkle Patty Streught Thursday Dear Emory Remember when you were drum mayor and led our band un all the parades For the past two years we have had a gurl drum major Marulyn Bahler and she surely us tops Last year Marulyn won suxth place un a natuonal contest un l Chucago but thus year was unable to partucupate because of ullness We have other promusung mauorettes too un tact we have fuve of them They are all workung hard and practuce wuth Marulyn when the band meets They are Shurley Yocum Janus Merkle Goldue Lunk Patty Streught and Norma Jean Lapole All of these gurls have twurled for the Rotary Club and many have per formed for assemblues and at specual band programs Our band would lack much of uts color uf we dudn t have these hugh steppung mauorettes Suncerely Jean u . . u 1 I 1 . I I I , . I I ' I I I I . . . 1 . . . I TOP ROW M A Presar I Hemmert B Hartup B Barley D Campbell P Rausch P Kontner I Shank D Roednger SECOND ROW N Lapole W Mayer E Shockey T Mulholland B Butters T Maxson V Rckert R B Wonser D Spurlack A Kahn R Schumann M J THIRD ROW S Yocum J Berry M Brandt E Crow B Chesbrough l Francls M Schnell B Ruck E Mc Cluntock J Howe L Schlerholt J Stoll D Frame D Dear Tom Shank G Llnk FOURTH ROW P Strenght N Dlelman J Smith T Surles B Fntz J Hangen J Svdey J Shuster T Katter henry J Mougey K Brandt E Kllllan E Metzger A Kock V Lannlng BOTTOM ROW L M Knatz M Bahler J Ingledue Mr Parks M Stroh M L Mougey R M lngledue V Lannung J Carter C Lenhart V Buddemeyer Saturday Congratulataons on your electron to the company band' Aren t you glad now for all those hours of practnce wnth the Blume Hugh Band? Our group us showlng Improvement thus year under the able durectuon of Mr Parks We meet three days a week as a group and have private lessons durlng the rest of the week The tlrst Important event of the year was our playlng at the contest held at the county falr lOur band was awarded first place, although we were later dnsquallfled for playing overtime I Durmg the football season we played and marched ln falr and ralny weather Everyone enjoyed our formatuons especlally the airplane and V formatnons On March 9 and IO we were able to prove that our practices were worth whale The playing at the Band Concert offered evidence of Mr Parks ab: lnty as a director ln Aprnl the Band Mothers gave a banquet for us In the Home Economlcs rooms On Apnl 25 and 26 we appeared at the Wapa Theater for a two day engagement In May we gave a concert and marching demonstration at Harmon Fueld On Decoration Day we marched nn the parafle We also played for com mencement June 2 You couldn t accuse us of belng shlrkers could you? Do wnte to me soon Ruth ef' t . , , . , . A . , . , . ' 1 . , . , . , . , - I , - , - , - I I , . ' , . , . i , . . , - V , , , . , . , . . : . . , . , . , Werner, M. J. Maxson, J. Merkle. N. Fisher, L. Viet, E. Brookhart, M. Hartup, S. Bonnorant .I , . ,- . , , , . ' I ' V ' ' ' ' , - , - , - , . , - I - v I . . , ' I . . . , . , - , . . . , . HWEDDI PELL " Thursday Dear Chuck, November l9, I went to the Junior Class Play, "Wedding Spells." lt was a howling suc- cess, and, as you can probably guess, it was a comedy. lt involves Steve, a young bridegroom, who loses his memory and cannot recall the wife he has just married. Ruth, Frances, Angelica, and Nicky are all possibilities, so Steve invites all of them to his house. He has his friend Charlie propose to them all. The one who refuses is supposed to be Steve's wife. Billy Jay, a kleptomaniac, falsely says she is his wife, but in the end Steve finds that Ruth is the girl he married. As usual Miss Hunt did an excellent lab of directing Miss Roeder acted as business manager The cast was Steve .................................... Jack Lament Charlie ..,...................,............. Bill Hartup Mrs. Pettingill ..,. Alice Jeannette Wintzer Reeves ............................ Milo Wellington Billie Jay .................. Anna Lee Gustafson Ruth ................................ Mary Jo Werner Frances . .....,.. ...............Shirley Bonnoront Angelica .................. Onnolee McClintock Nicky .................................. Susan Shuler Blake .................................,.. Mark Killian Mrs. Jay ..............,,.......... Carolyn Maxson Sigsbee Sullivan .............. Wilbur Schmaltz I wish you would be home to goto the Senior Class Play. With love Jacquie M Killian A Gustafson C Maxson W Schmoltz A Wintzer M Werner J Lament B Hartup S Bonnoront M Wellington S Shuler O McClintock 1 I ' . - f - , - , . , . , . , . , . 1 A , . , . , . . Illll CLASS P LAY TOP ROW J Shuster D Spurlock J Kohler A Bowsher E Kullnan B Kock SECOND ROW P Irlsh V Malueg S Maxson BOTTOM ROW B Colvin M Bahler A Swank May I I l944 Dear Hank Tonight and tomorrow nlght lMay ll and l2l we re having our class play lt s a hnlaraous three act comedy called The Home Fronters lt concerns Herbert Potter the Inventor of a secret weapon has wife Francme who as kept busy with her Red Cross classes airplane est Peggy who wants to be a Marlne and last but not least Duane a WAC leeutenant Duane us engaged to a buck prsvate Earl The play Includes everythmg mystery romance and plenty of comedy We hope everyone wall enjoy ut The cast and Mass Hunt have worked plenty hard at practices Sorry you ll have to miss It Chum but that s lute In these tumes' Love Annie J Emrlch J Sldey C Brookhart J Whnteman S Here us the llst of characters Herbert Francine Sussy Peggy Duane ar Grandma Sandra Shaw Maud Ann Irene Peter Evans Joseph Cynthua Mary Arthur Swnnk Marllyn Bahler Alice Bowsher Eleanor Kllluan Jacqune Kohler John Emerlck Donnie Spurlock Juan Shuster Bonnne Koch June Whuteman Violet Malueg Phyllis Irush Stan Maxson Clarajean Brookhart Jo Ann Sndey , P. . ' ' . I --"'"'---'------V------------. . II l II --',------.---'-----..---44--------- ' ' spotting and three childrenj Sissy, the young- Andy ..............,................... Robert Colvin I ,i as "' X f lpn S TOP ROW D Fisher C Newland pres J Werner R Mertz D Katter D Znmmerman vlce pres BOTTOM ROW Mlss Metzger V Malueg R Gnerhart R B Wonser B Knauss sec J Kohler K Brandt I Francis S Shaw April l9 l944 Dear Sammy You wall be interested sn a comparatlvely new organnzatuon whnch as functlonung nn Blume thas year The Soclal Committee has been enlarged to Include the presndents of all the organlzatlons of the school wlth Mass Metzger as our adviser We ve done several thungs to help make those Frrdoy nlght dances more successful To seep the clubs sponsorung the dances from losing money because of unexperlence In order :ng refreshments we standarduze the amount 64 of refreshments whlch should be ordered Then too the organnzatlons are asked to put on programs lsmall floor shows l during unter mlssuon and to have more novelty dances At our meetungs which are held every Wednesday noon we approve requusutuons for partnes and discuss the manners and conduct of the student body at partles and dances By the way ut s almost tume for a meeting now so l d better scram or else ln haste Loss If 1' . M , Zi' ilk ik' I Y it ff ,gg gl Q , 3' xuisft W ly A l 'I' 1. ,X - ,aft f , V7 I , 'ing , if ,X H ,ij I K , gi 32 r , 2 Q W 3 X E ss s 1, g A 1 T 3 ,fl l V 2 l , ,, ri 51, -X I I I ' I . . . . , ' ' . . . . . . . fl lf - - - . . . I . I I I 1 . . . . , . . ' ' I I ll ll 1 1 1- , . F RE FARMER F ERICA W wg!- TOP ROW G Barley L7 Schultz A Stelnke M Katter E Kantner R Mertz L Zwelbel D Koch I Hemmert T Surles D Keufer SECOND ROW Mr Hartup T Brandt A Koh C Copeland D Fnsher J Stmebaugh J Rostorfer D Roederger H Lunz C Bowersock K Hawlsher THIRD ROW W Hotchmson D Metzger W Muller R Brautugam R Earl B Wllluams G Vetters L Lovell R Nnemeyer D Brautlgam C Shoffstoll March 22 I944 Dear Gerry lt was grand to hear from you agam after that long silence Thus tnme l ve somethung to wrlte about that ought really to mterest you our Future Farmers of Amernca Its some thlng to be proud of even If there are only twenty seven members In our organization' We partncupated In a county wlde Pest Hunt whrch besides domg a lot of good furnished maternal for many mterestlng storles to take the place of the old moron jokes Then for a socual project we took part In a county basket ball tournament whrch was held In the New Knoxvllle gymnasium All the F F A chap ters of Auglaize County were represented We lost to St Marys In an overtnme qame wuth the flnal score standnng at 29 27 You should have seen the hard game Earl Kantner played lon the benchl I We call the freshmen Green Hands Next year according to our standards they wlll be full fledged members Our otfrcers are Delbert Fisher presndent Jnm Stmebaugh vice pressdent Charles Cope land secretary Alan Kah treasurer Tom Brandt reporter and Don Roedlger watch dog Mr Hartup as our adviser I wlsh you could have gone wlth us on our trap to Columbus for the state meetmg n March But the day wlll come Yours Chuck 65 , A Q 'fe X ev ' ' '. ,W YW 1 9- ,V ap , J. L 5 1 ' ' DQ-vu, is . , ' . 4 A , . ' I "' +1 1 vu.. " 5 lu. ' W4 ' M e ,Q KI. vs. I . , . , . , . , . . 2 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - - 5 - 1 - 1 - 1 A 1 - 1 - 1 - , . , . , . , . . 1 I - 1 . . . , . - f Il Il . , . . ' 1 1 1 ' - 1 ' 1 1 - 1 ' ' 1 ' 1 I 1 1 1 1 - 1 ' 1 1 . , . . . ' ' ' . . .., I ' 1 ' - I HA C TOP ROW B Seltz R Gesler D McKeever R Guerhart T Schnell SECOND ROW M Katter M Knlluan Mr Conrad B Lletz C Metzger March 3l l944 Dear Rod Sorry I haven t wrntten sooner but wlth the mlnstrel goung on I ve been pretty busy You see I m a member of the Mechanucal Corps formerly called the Stage Crew It s quute an organlzatuon now, not gust a few fellows as It was when you were here Our presudent IS Mark Kulluan, vlce presldent Marvln Katter, secretary, Bob Leltz, and our advlser IS Mr Conrad Besides working on scenery for the stage and runnmg the record player for dances, we have to know how to run our l6mm Vuctor pucture projector and the I6mm Bell and Howell camera that we purchased thus year It :sn t an easy job to run the projector, and takes much practnce to acquure the skull to do It We have nme members on the crew now, and we all have to work There can't be any fooling around, not wlth the equupment that we're ln charge of lt's too expensive' We also have a room from whuch to show puctures on the stage, where we can keep our equupment In fact, I should be there rlght now checkmg equupment So long, Pat Mr! f MiLL,f,y,, ....... sl M95 sz- ,xv Q 1 : . , . " , . , . ' , . ll ll I , . . . . I I , . , . . . . . 66 ECRET RIAL FF TOP ROW W Metz M Wlldermuth G Ballweg L Knatz MIDDLE ROW M Longswarth L Vent A Botkuns J Kohler B Wehner B Frntz C Schaub BOTTOM ROW J Schnelder P Wulkuns V Rlckert Hulda He-lmlunger M Benzlng D Omlor M Koch SECRETARIAL STAFF There hardly ever seems to be a tame we can go unto the office unless we fund someone running rn asking for a ditto sheet or more typlng paper far one of the teachers Do you remember how much fun we had last year when wed all head for the typnng room at once? Everyone trred hrs best to get has favorute type writer and someone as bound to be left out Thus year we can use typewrnters rn the office and In guidance room so that has helped I overheard one of the teachers say the other day that her secretary was as nmportant to her as a good meal Another sand The secretaraes are very effucuent much of the school s success depends upon their unufled effort the secretarlal staff You ll probably be Interested to know whom everyone IS workrng for thus year Mrs Muller Mary Longsworth and Dolores Omlor Mr Hartup Cletus Schaub Mass Metzger Wilma Metz Mr Taylor Lura Knatz Mass Whupple CletusSchaub MussCulIetun MarcnlleWlldermuthand Phama Wnlknns Mass Roeder Cletus Schaub Mr Skomp Gertrude Ballweg Mr Beckwith Janice Schneuder Mass Hunt Jacqule Kohler Messrs Schafer and Fostor Bettue Jo Wehner Mlss Mallory Loss Vert Mass Knatz Audrey Botknn Mass Whitmore Margene Koch Offuce Vlrgunua Rnckert and Mul dred Benzlng Yours Jacquue , . 5 . ,, . . . -n , V I . . . H Again this year Hulda l-lelmlinger, our school secretary, is the head of . . . 1 D . I r I - , 2 ' , ' I - , . . I . I 2 U I Z v . I . . ,J . , . 2 n 1 l I H , I V I I , . I . . I I . I . . . . .- , GIRL ' TIILETIC SSIICI TIO Tuesday Dear Ensign Roh rbac ker, A dream of dreams has finally come true. We have succeeded in acquiring a G. A. A. As you know, the G. A. A. is a club organ- ized for all girls who are interested in athletics. The purpose of G. A. A. is to create good sportsmanship, scholarship, physical efficiency, and athletic accomplishments. Our council acts in somewhat the same capacity as your officers and are chosen by the members for an term of one year. Our officers were Jacquie Kohler, president, Betty Jo Wehner, vice-president, Patty Streight, secretary Mary Lou Mougey treasurer Shir Iey Shaw social chairman Mary Ellen Brown reporter Shirley Bonnoront intramural man ager and Miss Guinevere Lanning faculty adviser Our class representatives were LaDonna Spurlock, senior, Shirley Young, junior, Gloria DeLong, sophomore, and Mary Hartup, fresh- man. We have been working hard trying to ac- quire the l,OOO necessary points for a letter. Several of our senior girls are anticipating G letter by the end of this year. Several ways by which we gain our points are monthly play nights, noon intramurals, gym revues, and bowling, hiking, and biking. The G. A. A. concluded its activities for this year with a gym revue together with the boys' physical education classes. The gym revue consisted of activities in which the classes have participated during the year After such a good beginning we re looking forward to a very active association next year As always Betty TOP ROW R Wehner R B Wonser D Schumann J Rypkema M Howell Q Kah H Culleton P Kontner M Presar M Bahler H Lauer M Shaw O McClintock M Werner A Kahn SECOND ROW G Ruck J Woolf L Viet K Brandt A Burden D Chapman M Fleming C Maxson C Metzger M Rader B Katterhenry B Cole L Eversman B Meeker P Howard N Abe THIRD ROW S Shuler J Whiteman B Knauss E Killian N Codling E Crow K Kah J Merkle J Se tz M tiles I M Tester E Brookhart B Butters I Francis J Hanqen FOURTH RONV J Shuster J Herrod G Hamen M Maxson A Gustafson P I h B Fr tz D Combs I Comer N Hemmer L Schierholt M Walker S Yocum D Orphal B Chesbrough R lngledue FIFTH ROW V Malueg J Sidey M Laurer C Lee Erb J Stoll E Harvey Miss Lanning L Binkley Diehlman J Dll S Davis E Copeland N Fisher Smith J Berry BOTTOM ROW B Shierholt M Hartup M Wills Spurlock S Shaw B Wehner J Kohler M Mougey Bonnorant M Brown M Schnell V Lanning G Delong N Lapole I I I . , ' , . , . I I I I I ' ' I 1 I . . , . . , . , . X . . , . , . , . C rlS i 1 1 1 - 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 4 1 - . , . , - 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 . , . . . , . , . . . . , . , , , . , . . , . , . , . , K. . . . . i . . . J. 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . , . , . . , . . . . , . , . , . . . , . , . , D. , . , . , . , . , . I , , . , . , . , . , S. . , . g , . ROP Tuesday Dear Marlene If you had gone past the Book Room almost any day un March or Aprul you would have seen a busy group of Senuors cuttung pastung wrutung and tearung theur haurl They hadn t really lost theur munds but were only the Retrospect staff tryung to meet deadlunes Thus group elected by theur classmates the year before from a lust of recommendatuons of the faculty worked together wuth the Photography Club whuch took the puctures for the annual Both groups were more than gust busy' Most of the work was done durung theur study hall peruods and after school The Retrospect shared the sponsorshup wuth the Lantern of the annual Sweetheart Dance on February l8 Several tumes durung the year Retro members ate lunches together at theur noon meetungs At football and basketball games more often than not they were sellung refreshments to help funances The staff thus year was ably headed by Betty Knauss our edutor whule Stanley Maxson and Bob Colvun acted as busuness managers Mr Taylor Mr Beckwuth and Muss Mallory were faculty advusers to the busuness photography and edutorual groups Worthwhule experuence hours of work and many moments of fun went together to make thus year s l944 Retrospect truly the product of Blume Hugh s Senuors Love Anne VN TOP ROW J Shuster R Wonsor V Malueg S Maxson J Kohler C Newland R Mertz S Shaw E Ankerman R Harshbarger BOTTOM ROW M Walls B Katter G Ballweg M Jackson E Kulluan S Davus N Abe B Knouss Muss Mallory 69 11 11 ' - I . . I I T . . I . I ' . . . . . , , I . I I I . i . . I . l 1 1 I . ' l A 1 1 . , I . D I . 1 M iw? ! A ak, il n if 'Q 1 1 ,HE , ue X X ,Y 1 X 7 5 .H T A " Q 5 u . A VY, 1 wk A , I, If , ffl, ' l I U il I V f t ' I 2 . a T Y f 1' 4 Y' 4' ' . . E .asf Fx , 5? , fl. Q.. Pll0TOGR PHY CLASS l Mr Beckwith M Bahler S Maxson E Knlllan B Knauss N Abe D Gessler Monday Dear Joyce Do you have many sunny days where you are? Our photography class could certamly use some be able to get enough supplies to have a class but because the class does offer valuable trammg we were granted a prlorlty ratung We have a grand dark room and our equlp ment us good There are only sux members In the class because there as nelther the time nor room for more Each one us gnven the oppor tumty to take develop and print plctures We also take pnctures on plates and roll fllm too Wuthout thus class there could be no Retro 70 spect lt s nmpossvble to get photographers to come and take plctures The class concentrates on pictures that are needed for the Retrospect then spends the rest of the tlme In experu mentmg 'ography for many years and we feel we are lucky to have an unstructor who can gave advice based on has practncal expernence We meet once a week the fufth peruod but of course spend extra tume pruntung and devel opmg plctures If possible l ll send you some sample photos In my next letter Bye now Marnlyn y 1 s 2 ff , f l Last fall we thought perhaps we would not Mr. l3eCl4Wifl'1 has been interested in Pl'10- FIRST ROW M Flemlng D Chapman N Earl K Erb C Clum B J Lone N Codlmg SECOND ROW R Guerhart B Hague D Schwer THIRD ROW R Gessler J Schwer N Bnnkley H S Lunz B Selover B Sextz R Earl Dear Joe You must be gettmg a lot of real expersence wnth radno these days We stull have a club even though parts are hard to get because of pruoraty ratlngs There are twenty members mn the club thus year We get together one period every week durmg whlch we reconstruct old sets or put In new parts to get sets to work Some of the boys have even made small sets from old and new parts together Under the guldonce of Mr Beckwith the boys have studied the prmclples of radio and code Wed appreciate anything you would be allowed to tell us about your work un the Slgnal Corps Some of us may be In at too before long As ever Mrke R Muss Sonnedecker Mrs Fast Mass Muller Mrs Presar January l3 I944 Dear Gene l just came back from the lubrary Do you remember when you were home on furlough the last tnme and we saw Random Harvest? I just took out that book Mass Sonnedecker our new llbrarsan told me they just got rt She s so mce and helpful Sometumes l wonder what the pupuls of thas hugh school would do wuthout a lubrary How we would ever get some of our asslgnments I don t know You remember Mnss Louuse Maller don t you? She s stnll at the llbrary and IS just as patnent wuth our requests as ever Mrs Alma Presar and Mrs Herbert Fast are the other ltbrarrans and they always do their part to help the students too l wnsh you were here to read Random Harvest wnth me Goodbye now Betty H 0 0 Aprll3 1944 Dear Dorls How well l rem mber when we were kids and you always wanted to play doctor and nurse Now to th nk that you really are a nurse lf you were here now l d let you take care of me I wave a very sore throat l j st went down to see Mrs Kohler our school nurse and she put somethmg down my throat l didn t hurt much l thunk we are very fortunate rn thus school to have such a capable nurse as Mrs Kohler help keep us healthy She comes to Blume at specufned fumes each week and has helped many students when they were ull We all enjoy her wonderful sense of humor and fund her easy to talk to She has been one of our teachers an the Home Nurstng course whuch we enjoyed so much thus wmter Please wrute mc soon and tell me about your expenences rn the Cadet Corps Love Mrs Kohler Anno I 1 - lf 11 - . . . . . , . , , . . . . . I , U . . . , , . . . . .I I . ' ' D ' 1 1 ' - 11 11 - I 1 C L l 1 N U 2 U ' I I I ' I , . . 1 . U ' I I ' . T ' I to , n I l I x I Tllllll-lN Cll0K Mrs. Schmaltz, Mrs. DeCoursey, Miss Whipple April 3, I944 Dear Jerry, Our cafeteria cooks, Mrs. Anna Schmaltz and Mrs, Bess DeCoursey, really outdid them- selves this year in preparing all our favorite dishes. The tantalizing odors of well-seasoned hot soup, baked beans, or meat loaf which escaped to every part of the building in the forenoons were enough to make us hungry, way before lunch timel Mrs. Schmaltz has had plenty of experience in cooking to please hungry boys, since she has three sons, Harold and Eugene in the serv- ices, and Wig, who is a junior this year. We grew to like the new cafeteria set-up of eating in the Study Hall, too. It gave us much more room, and we didn't have any more trouble with food left in the Home Ec. rooms. As ever, Mary Wednesday Dear Fred, Do you remember how we used to aggravate Orval Cannon when we would sit on study hall desks? He would pretend to be hopping mad and scold us like everything, but how we loved it! Orval doesn't work here anymore, and we really miss him. Mr. Kantner, Fuzzy's dad, now has charge of truants, supervises the building at noons, and takes care of all the other work Mr. Cannon did. Mr. Schierholt's duties are the same as last year. He is the engineer who keeps the building heated to an even, healthful temperature-no small task in the unpredictable weather. Mr. and Mrs. Reinhardt's duties seem never to come to an end. They can be seen working at almost any hour of the day and evening, sweeping halls or classrooms, washing windows, and dusting. Yours, Bill Mr. Schierholt. Mr. Reinhardt. Mr. Kantner , ww,aff Q W ., -' 1 K 5, , , , N 4, Q zi- ' vw-'MA Iwi ' W M ' , Jn ' ' f 4 ' Jul- V 2L:' H ah , M,W,z gg "' A . - ' .f 4 M, ., , 2, 4. ,,, , . , , L., ., A.-,:,.-,:,-W Z Q Lf fa W 2 'iw A 'Yagng if ' ff X ' f 42. 'U ww 'X' f Q, x Z F C X f. V .f Rv' fix XM A Xxxew K wb' O is- ff I Q XL FO0T Q' ALL TOP ROW D Marker C Metzger S Maxson D Stlnebaugh Coach Schafer Butters R Cozad P Howard T Mulholland B Leutz Tl.llRD ROW D Mclqeever -l Butcher J Smnh R B D'5f1eY Glerhart J Werner K Unch R Mertz G Hall SECOND ROW Mr Foster R Schuster J Wehner BQTTQM RDW D Mulholland L Erb T Moxson D Unch C Newland J Emruch D Znmmermcn J T Mulholland Wednesday Dear GI thus year as far as won lost records go They lost sux wunnrng only three but they dldn t lose any of those sux because they were out fought After grantnng Ada l9 points In the furst three mnnutes of the season the Redskins came roarung back In the second half to score three touchdowns while holdnng the Bulldogs to one Chuck Newland scored two of Blume s touch downs and Jack Smnth scored the other one Jake Werner co captain and center booted the points The funal score however was Ada 25 Wapak 20 76 Rockford and Blume battled through three scoreless quarters nn a downpour of ram before blocking to score wnth only slx mlnutes remann :ng The plunge trlurnphed 6 O Celina led by Berry brought a strong team to Harmon Fueld and the Redskins were trounced 48 6 The Redskins fought to the end but were outweighed and outclassed Bellefontalne s undefeated Chleftanns de feated our boys l 3 O the next Fruday However the score :sn t a true undlcatuon of the relatnve strength of the teams sunce the Chreftauns scored thenr last touchdown In the flnal mlnute of play through a penalty to the one yard lme The Redskins didn't do so well on football Cl"UCk Newland Went 40 Y0Vd5 behind Peffed BBA The Redskins went on the worpath against Kenton defeatung them 26 O ln another down pour of raln After a scoreless fnrst pernod the Redskins scored twnce un the second quarter The Blume boys scored twice In the last half and that was the ball game Newland scored three tlmes and Werner once Van Wert one of the s ate s powerhouses defeated the Redskvns Zl O The Redskins held the Cougars scoreless un the first quarter somethsna whlch no other team had been able to do The Redsklns were merely outplayed by a better team An msplred Bluffton team defeated us 28 7 the next week The Plrates dlsplayed a brlllnant passlng attack and the loss of Werner was a severe blow to the Redsklns After granting Shawnee a touchdown at the kuckoff the Redskuns scored two touchdowns un the furst half to defeat the lndnans I3 6 Chuck Newland passed to K Unch for one score and on the some play Unch lateralled to Werner who scored the second St Marys defeated Blume 9 6 rn a fneld goal In the wanung mnnutes marking the fnrst tame nn fuve years that the Redskins had lost to the Roughrlders lt was a clean hard fought game ln which breaks played an nmportant port The varsuty wall lose Newland Werner Mertz Smlth and Zimmerman through grad uatlon but has some promnsung maternal Keep em flymg G l Yours Don th-l I I I I I , ' ' , - , ' -1.q 'si ,M comin, u A l 1 l 6250 Q T - 'l"":f Z .5 ,fy 'Q il -r fl. ! 1 3 'N TB 1.1 " l M TOP ROW B Lletz T Schnell M Marker W B own D M ller MIDDLE ROW W Schmaltz R Grerhart J Butcher R Butte s R Cozad Coach Schafer BOTTOM ROW K Urlch G Hall D Ur ch J Wehner J Werner C Newland Wapakoneta Ohlo l944 Dear GI Our basketball team really went hot thus year As a result they set a new record by wrnnung ll and losing only 4 nn the regular season and then wnnnnng and losung one n the tournament That gave us a l2 5 record I ll bet you remember the guys who played They re bugger now but you d stall know them Theres Ken Unch our top scorer Johnny Wehner stall with plenty of fnght and Geneo Hall a tough rebounder alternately at for wards Jake Werner a good rebounder and defenslve man was at center Doc Unch a swell floor man and Chuck Newland a defen save and floor man were at guards "Rrch" 78 Cozad was an able substitute The Redskins opened theur season by de featlng Lima Central 48 43 We then took Delphos to camp 44 26 before belng beaten by Ada 40 33 We then defeated Crldersvulle 33 l9 the Alumni lthats youl 27 25 and St Marys our furst game of l944 46 2l before we were trounced 29 27 by undefeated New Knoxville Our boys poured It on South 3l 30 Bellefontalne 4l 38 Van Wert 38 35 and Kenton 43 38 before Celuna trnmmed us 'Sl 29 St Marys took a 48 37 beatung from Blume and then Bluffton s powerhouse steam rolled us 66 l8 We bounced back to defeat a tall Sudney team 52 38 before entering the tourna ment f ' J W D3 A 1, 'ew ' on-X I 1 1 gy 1 1 2 y ' ' VI S . . , x 5 " l M X L :J .V - f: 1 3 XA 3,3 T' C - If I F I ,sf Q J 'NX I 1 4 ' , , , . , , r , . i . I . , . ' , . , . r , . , . : . ' , . , . i , . , . , . . I l l - . Il Il D A I ll ll - , , - I . . . - I . f I I - I I I I ' ' I i J - - 1 - V - 11 11 - - .' I II Il ' T - ln the tournament we took Bucyrus 36 34 but the next week Lima South defeated us 43 29 after three Red sknns left the game on fouls Although our season record 12 5 ss the best un Blumes hustory the school and communuty are lookmg for ward to another record breaklng team next year Only Jake Werner and Chuck Newland are graduatmg and Hall as movung Ken Unch Doc Unch John Wehner Rach Cozad lettermen and Duck Butters an able reserve are returning Do you have tame for any sport out there rn the Paclflc or ns all your time spent In playzng a more Important game? Good luck Bud Chuck 1 3 , iid -aw-in ft. ? CHEERLEADER Jane Dill, Shirley Shaw Monday Dear Ruth, Since the athletic seasons are over, I might have time to write more regularly--but dan't count on it. The sports in themselves didn't affect me much, but being a cheerleader does take time and work. We practice one period a week, and have been able to work out several newer and peppier yells in some special sessions. Shirley Shaw, with her acrobatic ability, made a good head cheerleader this year. The other senior on the squad, Jane Dill, deserves special mention for her good work for all four years of high school. That's a long record. We cheered during both basketball and football seasons, and we had at least one cheerleader at all games. l remember two distinct times in the changeable weather of football season when it rained pitchforks and saw logs, but we stayed on to cheer. Miss Lanning, the girls' physical instructor, was our adviser. Her job was to supervise our practices and help us with new yells. As always, llBObeII Dale Koch Dick Locke Jim Frazier gi :Z 1 1-uni 3? . 'ZX l'.4g,,,5r as .gqgla 4 U ii' 55, , fi M44 'i ' s g M3 ,- if is ,W ,.f, , " I -ii I l ww ' 3 ' " 1 5 ii .. 9 s 1: ff nf ww, 'Z 2 2' .:': mx: ' vp, m ,M af . fl ,J 3' , ,ff M V' V-2,9 . 1 K A 6,91 E 3321? 8 2-nz aw. 4, .1-1 A ,, fx , S ,ff 1 Q L11 ' fi 'Mis x Q W W 3 . 22 , 'dfffktgy fi a 1 W A. -4? , Y F' if . F' ,in A d . M2421 Um MM 2, 1 3: X44 Mn, H. 2, I 5 f R41 vi 4 2 f f 94235 ff ,wb . ,M- YQ: g,,f fi? wiv 2 vw 4 4-Sim W ,W y-.,,, ll0MECOMl EE Mary Jo Werner Jo Ann Shuster Patty Strenght Monday Dear Rally If you have any doubts about the school spnrlt of Blume you should have been here for the Homecommg Game wlth St Marys We had everythlng a lovely queen her two charmmg attendants an excltlng game a dance a cream colored convertible and a cold cnsp nnght Before the game the queen Ja Ann Shuster was presented wlth a bouquet of chrysanthemums and her two attendants Patty Strenght and Mary Jo the football onto the fneld to begun the game After the game we mvlted St Marys to a dance nn the gym where the court appeared un formals and Jo was crowned Queen of Homecomlng The grand march was led by Jo and her escort Bob Calvin followed by Patty wuth her brother Bob home on furlough from the Marines and Mary Jo wnth Don Zlmmerman The rest of the happy crowd trooped after them Homecommg celebratuon was such a success that we shall certainly try ut agaun l hope you ll be here to see It As ever Jane , I . I . . I I - . I I . . Q I I I . I . Werner, received corsages. After being presented to the spectators, Jo threw , . I I . I Q I I . I I . I . . . , . , KI Q EE .IAN Thursday Dear Leo How dld you know that we had a kung and queen chosen at one of the dances? l ll tell you how nt all come about To stlmulate sales of Retros the staff promnsed the class that sold the most subscriptions that they could elect from thelr class the kung and queen of the Sweetheart Dance whuch was sponsored by the Retrospect and the Lantern staffs There was a bug basketball game at Bluffton that night too The sensors only too naturally won the contest and elect d Voolet Malueg and Don Zimmerman as thelr kung and queen lt was a very Informal affair Any more questions? lf so just coll me lnformatnon Please and ask them In your next letter Yours Hulda 1 5 . I e , because the queen rushed back from the game just in time to be crowned. 15 e or -s ., QT - ,A , , .wg l T we I - - .L R Wapakoneta Ohuo l944 Dear Pvt At long last Wapakoneta rs goung to have a Recreatjon Center An attempt was made last year to organlze a center but It fajled This year however through the mutual efforts of Mr Taylor the project was successful and by the tame thus letter reaches you the Center wnll probably be nn Operation You remember the old Armory don t you? Well that s where the center IS going to be Through the cooperatlon of Mayor Fleming permjssnon to use the bulldung was obtalned and the actual plannung began A student plannung commuttee composed of twelve students sux from Blume and sux from St Joseph was chosen and asked to submit suggestuons for regulatuons to the Clvlc Improvement Committee whrch nn turn was to vote to make these suggestions the basic regulatnons of the organnzatuon After the suggestlons were accepted the actual promotron began and IS now progressing A membershup druve wa made In the schools durmg whnch approxnmately three hundred and fifty became charter members Through a beneflt munstrel presented by Blume students under the durectlon of Mr Foster a drlve for funds was started among adults and clubs of the communlty The mlnstrel netted S350 The Center IS to be kept up by donations juke box dances and benefuts The Recreatlon Center will be furnrshed and painted to glve as much of a club room atmosphere as IS possjble lt wall be a place where the youth of Wapakoneta may go to enjoy good wholesome entertalnment and recreatnon and we hope It wnll be a place of which you can be justly proud Come see nt soon Suncerely Jake REC EATIG CE TER . jr ,Wg iw-vg ,Q .iid Sfxvlll Wa twang Q-- 'PQ 4-wus M., 86 Www., ""'lll. hangar wmqwmw M V471 1' wus I 'JN me sw The followmg merchants have contrlbuted to the fmanclal support of this annual Ferald L Rltchue Insurance Burden Truck G Storage Wapak Recreation Werner G Sons Dr C F Curley Heller C7 Bowsher Hardware Pmel Bros Clothung Co The Alpha Cafe Francis Sweetland Edwin Abe Coal Company The Doerlng Hardware Co Swonguer G Schneider McClintock s Food Market Eda s Style Shop Morrus 5C G lOc Store Kaufman s Emmett D Lusk The Wrught Sc G lOc Store Haman Auto Company Robert W Seltz Hartman s jewelry Store Detlen Cram Company Chesbrough s Market Wapak Hatchery The First National Bank Abbott s Shoe Store Muller s 5C C1 lOc Store Reed s Market Brunswick Cigar Store Haywood s Home Store Moser jewelry Store Zofkle Woehler Co O Erb Dressed Poultry WalterC Arnold Insurance Purvis Decorating Store L. E. Brandt The following merchants have confrlbuted to the flnanclal support of this annual I C Penney Company The l-lome Savings and Loan Ass n The Clty Loan Nagel Electric Store The C-amble Store Neuhauser l-latcherues lnc Merut Shoe Store Koneta Hotel Musser Insurance Agency Wapa Theatre lsalys Dalry Store The Cnty Bakery lohn Knauss Connne s Studio Maxson s Market Slbert s Shoe Repanr Ed Ankerman and Sons Phnllnp s Flowers Prop Smnth Bros Electric Co Franklln Thrutt Kah and Company Rhine and Bradlng Drug Store S Cartmell Music G Electric Store Lucien Meyer Dept Store Franklin and Menges Koneta Cleaners Auglaize Outfnttung Company Brown s Dairy Wapakoneta Farmer s Cram l-lelnl Bros and Son Erb Dressed Poultry Budde s Food Market The Sunshine Store Edward s Furnature Slterd and Brookhart D. . , ' ' Heinrich-Heckman Agency Peoples' National Bank ' ' ' ' Co. The followlng merchants have contributed to the fmanclal support of this annual Bryant Manutactunng Company john C Turner Corporatuon Idle 5 Beauty Shop C Pu tz and Company Purdy S Crarage Lyman S Restaurant Rellable Motor Sales Vxfapakoneta Machine Company Koen s Beverage Company Scnneiders' "Down by the twacksu Koneta Beauty Salon ' I , 9

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