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L - A IX 1--4-1 11 1,-I , --. '1- 1- -lf1",qf-1-'le-J-',1 .- 111!-1114-F-In-+'-1 L' 1- 1 --'1'!1-J'--P ,. ,. "1 1 ,-'f'1,,X .. 1- ' ,-"" V 1. --.-,-V -1 ,jI,:'1 '1.-J1, -- 1" L , .,.- -1 1 1 Q1 Y- -1.- -, -- P U" 1 J 1 ' Z 7 - V- 9 -" 11 J - if 1" '- 1 -If-.1 1 A :1'.1,.I L ' 1 - J? ' w , I'-H1.4'X--I J- , v If I --ff- 4.14.- . ' '1.4'o: - 1'.- ' 1 -Xl 1f 1 -4 'A+ 1 . , III I '-iqijf -":-1- Y - 1 - '-. - if -. Q- 1 - -1 1 , 11 - J - -- 1 - ' - Y? -.-l- lk . 11 .Yr - H - "1 -'- 14 -E-1' -'Y -- 'fQX,1'-I' -.- - ..- - 1i- 4' 1-1 - 1 1 - 11 . 1 - '- r - 1. , 1 -1- -1 Y, In. 1 U - 1 1 . - 1 1 1-- . 1 - Inq. ,I 3 I X - .X ,. - -Y I - -Y - - 1 -1 -. , .- - Y ' U 1 1'-17 -'A A 15- 1-2 1 I -. -. - - - 1' - 1- T' - 1"- :- .-. - - .J ' .C .-.1 11 ,III t -1- 1 1 . .1 -,f 71-1-rj -. , -- 11 1IIXX,. - fj11-if 1,X 1 ' ".1 1 ,,. ' '-'- 'L-'1 1 I - 1 "H "v- I X 1- I,-" - I 1 II U ' ' 1"1-f -1. X 14. L1 1 ,I -1 3.1 -I .,- i,:I1',I IEII-,IX 11 111 I r Y 1.,I,1,IXII:.XIf.11" I 1 'Y 'r-ul: 1 . ' ' 1 f .p,' " 1, -- . 5 r --. If 1, h. Y E111 g ' 5.-.2 - -A "' vu Z" ' . I ' -if ' I'-1,' I 'I -1 A I' XXraII1.I!II--IQIZ -Q Z. I.-FI ,. ,I I I ' 1g ,,',-- -s.-1111 '1 11, - .' + 1 1- - 1 11 - - . I .Ij i--I - f L . I V1 H. - X II- 1' - 1 F "1L.--'1- 'L f' . ,. I, f . ,- 111- rl ,I pf 1- ,X 1 I I - ' 1-.T -3' '- "V 1 M ' r - 4- ' . J X 1 - 1f1 X - 1'I. -I1If-I: F? , 1,-1-L - L-2113 . - - 1 .1 'f -W." 11 .- Y Y- 1 -1 --'-1 1 ' R11-11 ff -- - L - J. - 117 . Q , 1' ' 1 - ' ----1111-J , . 1:- 4'hI.! gi 71" -1- Q 1 - -'ii -T '1 1,' - "vT:- --,A -1. , I - I X11 I .III I I . I ,--. - E II- I III, wgq- X 1 X I F1 1 T"-FSI-I. . ju 'I , u M " - L- 1 . , I ,r 1 1, , 1 J 1 ' 7 1 11 - . 11 IIX .- ,XL .-1 . 1 -, I T A I1 -P! 1 51: J: 1 ' P1 '- - 11: "lflI .,.- 1 .I 1. -I L -I1 I 1 I - "11'E 11- 5 11I1i11y ' E - 11 1 'TJ11' 'I ii1PT-": L 1 1 ' I W' 1,1 TQLQJVIXR -' -'J,'-'HIL 1-1 f - '1 --L ' gn'- Hr 1 "rm fx- -1 1 -. 1 - -- --'--'31, - 1 - . -- . . 1 1 . -f 1 ' " , ' -11- .m , I- 1 4.1! 1 f ygI5-.Lu 11 11 1 X--J! -. 1 1 '1, ' . 1 1 . ' : f - - 1. ..--W F 1 1511- 1 '111 - -. Y ' -I' 1- -.Il I .HPI ' 1 . ' 'af 1 .-" '.1 J-1 Y 4,1 '1'1 ' . - 1 J1-, 7-K - 1 1-1.--Y'--1'3 1 1, I 1X -1 X 11, - 4 .I I1: I ...HZ 1 1.iII -I-. IBS'- 1 1 , - 1,-'X111 1- , J'1IY I, I,Id,II1 ,1L71LX 1 .' 7 lf. ' '-"M, 11 -' ' . 1-F' Q1 1 , -J 3' - f 1 ' - .1 1 .-11. 1 1 X, 1: - 1 , 1 1 1 - 1 1 1- . , L I1X -11--I PI X 1, III II , 1 ,Ir X, X-, 1I4. I X X . 1 Y 1 I -1111-1X . I 'X 1 . 'JL 1 1 - -11.- 11- 1- - 1 .11- A- 1 1, T ' 1- +-- 1 ' ""1,-- . 11 T1 ' I 1 ' I-'1-' '17 -1' - F" 4 L 1 .11",: 1 I-I1 . I4 fl'A,- -XT I -XII 1 fi' - 1 X. .I 1- 1 1L V I- 1 I I 1 ,-I 1, - ,1 -fX i -pr f X .1 ,EI 1I 6 F 1' 11 -'1' . Q n -' 1 Y '1X 1-L . 1. 1 r '15, 4- -'I X I -I-X-11 11-1,3.,l,,,-'1 ' ,1- -- 1 1 1 1 ' 'If-.1 - F ,--. -11 I -f1 1 .'1 .'-1.J--'1 Y '.."11 '- '.1 1.1.-.XY 1 -1.I17-I rx 41 Jn xt! ' 1 1- f - r'-L' 1' - '12 11 ig... I 1 , r 1 . 1i' -1. - - 1 .11:'-11' L-.1 ,- 1-' f ','- 1 1111- - . II-X, I1 IIIII---I I' II-if,- - ' 11 F ..' 1- 1 'ZH , g - 1,1- 1 1 I I f I 1 - -I -., 1-'- T ' 11-if-1'f1 1 ,11' --L 1'i1 1-1.-1 1 1'JV"- --' 1. 11,5 .1'-1g1 1 '1' ---',. 1 I 1--d4.1'- Q1 1 '1:1,1 "L--1-1 1-, -Eli-Q-r AL-1 W "Fl J H1 1 L - JJ ' 1 1' ' --:ii--I-- LQ- IX,-I-I-I1I1 1' 11 11 -I 1n'II' If 11 -I I-I 1 'yr '1 X ' ' 1 JJ I-1 ,: 1 -I.I -1 i I 5-L I' -F kllfqfi- '1 -,. -11 1 - lrr-1 ' lgiln- .-L-111-, - ' -4- 'lx I-'Tit-I I I II I if 'E Y' 1 U I1-I 1 .H --.L IIII . . -1XX.1- 1'Qy- -00 v- ve. I P 'P 'P 'P 'P 4 L i on.------------------------ -A----------------------- .5 ..... .v..v.. v ...v v vvvv - v-v vvvvvvv.. . vvvvvv. vv-- N 'P P r P P P P P P P P P P .P P 4 P 4 r 4 P 4 in tr r 4 P 4 P 4 P 4 r 4 r 4 lr P 4 4 u 'P 'P 'P 'P 'r 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P In 3 r 4 P 'P 4 3 P 'P 'P 'P 4 tr P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'A 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P fn 'I 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 4 tr P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P ...CSbe... 1Retr pea Pbolume X117 -23451145-Q CLASS FLOWER LillyfoffthefValley CLASS COLORS Black and White C LA S S MOTTO All ThingsTurn Up For Those who Dig 2 2 :,:.'.'.-.v,'.v.v.v.:' ....... - - - - - - A - - - - A .... P P P O O0 THE STAFF REGINA JOHNSON ....... ..............,........ I iditor-in-Chief URVEL KILLIJXN ......... VERGIL 5 FEVVART ........ ...,............ ......l-Xssistant Editor-inAChiuf ......lIusincss Managcr ROY CRrXF'l '.... ........,.......... ...,.... X s sistant Business Manager MARGARET IJJXRST ...............................,................,.. .........,.................. I .itcrary Editor HOVVARD READ ...................,....................................,.,..... ........ X thletic Editor FLORENCE ARE and li,-XTHRYN liOI,,'l'l2R ....,.... ....................,......... P 'Gets MARY SMITH ..........,...........................................,........... ..........,......,...... - Xrt Editor ROY MILLER .........................,. ........ 4 Xssistant Art Editor EVERETT TURNBULI. ....... .......,................ I okc Ifflitor PAULINI2 PITTHAN ......... ...,.,................................... .......,., - X ssistant ,lokc Editor .,.- i-fgq,-......., TAFF POE l ln behalf of our class mates so trust worthy XX"c took up this labor so great, .Xnd put forth our very host efforts To make our annual first rate. .Xnfl along with our work we found pleasure .Xnrl enjoyed our work on the staff, XVe were glad to be of some service XVQ did our tasks wholly, not half. :Xml now that this annual is finished .-Xnd our labors have como to an end XX'orn out, but with work all completed, For your approval this hook we will send. KATHRYN KOLTER FLORENCE ABE 53.5 ,, , ab -1 .Q Jw , V xzfgiv' , M, M . WML f A , , K ,. , V -,Lui fav f M . 5 x, an .g .fl eff.. Q , W ixwx. U? S 5, w L A Q. K .M S rg W WF 'v':v'v'.'.Av'v'v'vArvl.-vlvlvevfr.-v-v-.-v-v-.-v-v"v.-v-.r-.-.+.--v-.-.rev-v-v-v-v-IQ-v-.-v-v-.-.-.-.-.-Jvv- DEDICATIO As a token of the honor amd respect We feel for her, and to show our appreciation of the splendid assist- zmce she has given us through our high school course, We respectfully dedicate this Retrospect of 1922, to MISS SARAH M. HONVELL v-,-,Av-,-v-v-v-,-v-,-,-.+.-v-.-.-v-v-.-.-,Af -v- -v-vs.-.-.-.-.-.-.-f.-.-.-.-.-.-.-v-v-v-vs.-.-:.-.-.-v-.-.-.-Jt g Av-v-.Av+.-.-v+.A.-.-.-.-vAv-v-.-.1v-.-vA.fvvx.-v-.-v-:v-.-.-.-.-.-Jvvvsn,-v-.A.Ar :v-. w'v'v'vAv'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v' PECI L NIENTIO NYC foul spccinl llitxllliwll is iudcccl duc wur Supa lcndcm, C. Lf fizu'cli11, wlw has Q,'iX'Cl1 mul' Class his YZIIIIZIIJIC uid during thc lww yours hc has been with f,-,-,A,Av-,.,-,.,.,.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.'.'.v.'.v,v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.i.v.v.v.'.v. .v.'.w.v.v.v.v.,,,,v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.'.'.-.v.v TEACHERS, NAMES AND DEGREE MR. MAX R. MIQNSCHIQI., Principal MR. li. 'l'. GOODMAN Oberlin College, A, II. Ohio Northern University. II. Sc. Colnnilmizi Cwllcgc, N. Y. MR. XY. I4IQlf SXYAIDNISR lnfliunzl State Normal Micliigzui University MR. ll. L. ICDMONDS Ohio State University, Il. Sc. MR. E. Ii. IN . O TT College of Commerce, Marlison, VV Gregg' School, Chicago MR. T. C. XVILIYY Ohio State University, I3. Sc. MISS NORMQX XVINTZER Mt. Union College, A. B. MISS GRACE MYTINGER Cornell University-Music IS. MISS CLEONIX GABRIEL Miami University, .-X. ll. MISS SARAH HOXVELL, Asst Principal hv2ll71lliOlN'lZl Iligh School MISS CI..XR.-X POSTLI2 Ohio Stzxtc University, H. MISS IQDITH DAIQIN Ohio State University, Ii, MISS MILDRED SCHINIIDT Ohio State University, B. MISS N.-XOMI C.-XLDVVELL Ohio University, IZ. S. FI. MISS PERA CAMPBELL Dcfinnrc College, II. A. C5655 A . S. S. ODE TO THE TEACHER At the head of our High School we hold so dear W'e have Mr. Nardiin whom we ne'er do fearg Our Principal then, comes next in line Mr. Menschel, by name, we like him just fine. In Civics, and English and History too All of our knowledge to Miss Gabriel is due. Miss Howell's sense of duty can ne'er be surpassed Her mood we well knew by the glances she cast. Mr. NV. Lee Swaidner in athletics excels He's our coach and victory he always spells. NVhen Miss VVintzer's arouinid she always gives cheer She teaches the language of Latin so dear. In English IV we greet with a smile Miss Campbell's lessons which are long as a mile. One sense of duty she never does shirk That is Miss Caldwell who is always alert. Miss Schmidt, our teacher quiet as a mouse, She knows everything about keeping a house. 'llhen French or Francais as Miss Postle would protest She says it in French and we do our best. In our department of business that is so well known Mr. Nott does his duty, lack of work never shown. There is Miss Dakin who is always true blue just a sweet disposition is all that she knew. Mr. Edmonds who is our architect great His position he fills without a mistake. Mr. VViley's the name of instructor on land He tells them the difference between sawdust and sand Mr. Goodman, the teacher of science so deep, Took the place of Mr. Zeiders, who left us to weep. Last but not least, and well liked by all Miss Mytiniger's mighty though she is very small. F. A:-K. K. X1 D -,Y Ax Q M ? ,rcsdf . r in 5 3, 5, E, rx ov o'o 4 3 'I 3 P 3 3 3 3 3 'I 3 I 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 'I 3 3 'I 1 I 3 3 3 3 P 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 'I 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 I 3 3 3 3 3 P 4 I 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 I 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 'I I 3 3 I 4 I 4 I 3 I 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 l 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 z.v-v-'A'-v.v.v5.v.v. .t'.v.v.v.v.- 4:v.v. - - - A A - - A .va - - - - .... v .v. .v.v..v.'. .v.v.v.v.v. .iv:v. - .v.v.v. .v.v.vx.v.-.v.v.v.v.v.vt CLASS POEIVI just as every true .Qmerican Loves the dear red, white and blue, Thus the memibers of our Senior Class Hold the class of '22. Four years have we struggled and labored To attain this Well earned fame, Each year was a little bit harder But we buckled right down just the same. Hut though we have toiled and labored Still we did not think all was hard work, For our school days were filled up with pleasures, Though our duties we never did shirk. A word such as "can't" we knew not And success was our one greatest aim, lNe feel that vve've all been rewarded For taking our part in the game. Our days that are best are now over NVith regret we must leave them behind And go out to life's great 'battle To accomplish the tasks we're assigned. XYith success we will meet many hardships NVe will bear them as we have been taught, XVe will fight, we will work, we will battle, Until they are brought down to naught. And now to our dear old lfligh School Vlfe will raise a song of cheer, lVith hopes that extend to the future And mem'ries of our school days so dear. FLORENCE ABE KATH RYN KOLTER qp------------------------------------A-----------------,--,,,,-,-,,-,,A------- ,, ----v.v.. v.-v..---vv.--vvvv-vv--v-.-----vvvv-.v.v-.......vv.vv..,.,, - ....v v- E4 3 3 3 3 3 ' 3 3 3 3 ' ' 3 3 3 l I 'I I 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 1 3 'I 3 3 3 3 3 'I ' i0-------------,-----------------------A,--------A---------- arvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv --v--------v-v vvvvvvvvvvv --vv vvvvvvv QO,--------AA-----A- A..A-----44------A-AA-A------AAAAAAA AA-----A.---------A---OO Oo' ..... v--- vvvvvvv. vvv---vv vvvvvvv - .... vvvvvvvy vvvvvv v v ....... -vv-vvv--vvvv..o. 1922 Retrospect l922 u.---------------- -----------------------------------r. -----.----A-------o,o ,, --vvv.......v.. .v........v,,,..............v,... , ,,- ..vv....... v , CLASS HISTORY OF 1922 Once upon a time, not so very many years ago, order was created out of chaos for a certain number of striving little souls. They endured eight long periods of time trying to get accustomed to and acquainted with the manners and peculiarities of this world and its inhabitants. To them life seemed a re- petition of the same dull procedure until a new light began to dawn which they recoginized as the Four Great Seasons of Education. They entered on the first season with the same zeal and hope, which they have retained up to this time, willingly performing the required tasks and striving toward a Goal which loomed bright before them. Spring seemed glorious and they enjol, ed it light-hearteclly. After spending a few days of Summer, that season fascinated them, and while they enjoyed the warm sunshine still they heeded the threatening storms. However, they were so enthused that they could not restrain themselves and so expressed their sentiments in music, arts, and lively activities. This group of youinig people were so animated with life that they Were loath to leave Summer, but Father Time could not wait and so they stepped over the boundaries into Autumn. This period seemed to cast a sad and gloomy aspect over all at first, but finally it taught these people to appreciate life in a different light. Guided through dark nights by the bright, gleaming stars of the faculty, they proceeded toward the festive white Wfinter. There were many dark storms throughout this season but they were cleared away by the many sports and social affairs which always accompany that Season. Nevertheless a sad and gloomy shade seemed to be cast over all: this was the end of a bright and happy year with only memories remain- ing. Everyone was downhearted and sad Lllllrtll now they have discovered that this one year of happiness has been only a forerunin-er of many similar bright years and seasons: and again Spring looms promising and bright in the Future. CARUL PUETZ FLORENCE ABE "A full rich nature free to trust." l'l renee is forever laughing and n akes exeryc ne around her laugh. As cass poet she helped to make the ini al a fuccefs. LUCILLE ALTER Meet the only senior of the girls basketball team. She has la temper which escapes once in a while but we like her just the same. ROY BAUER "He who invented work should have finished it." Roy is the kind that likes to argue in class. He is the teacher's chief worry. lf you don't believe this ask any of the section l students of En- glish 4. ALBERT BERLET "Snowball" likes everybody and everybody likes "Snowball," He has caused much merriment during his high school career for which we are grateful. HELEN BICE "When joy and duty clash, let duty go to smash." Helen is a girl that we all like. She is one of our staunehest helpers when it comes to class affairs. ORDELL BLANKENBAKER "Blessings on thee, little man." Ordell is one of the "big" Seniors. He is always looking for a good time and usually finds what he is looking for. HELEN BONNORONT "A maiden never bold of spirit, still and quiet." One new member to our class. Helen has not been here for so very long but she has made many friends during her brief stay. MARVIN BOYER "A jolly, good fellow." Rotkins was good to us when she sent this fellow up north. He joined us this year and has proven afworthy class-inate. ' MABEL BRACKNEY "Welcome whereso'er she went." lllzlbcl has the power of thinking things out for herself. When you once gain her friendship she sticks to you through "thick and thin." RICHARD BRADING 'IA youth was there, of quiet ways." Politics is "Dick's" hobbv. He is a fine fellow and a good friend when you get acquainted with hun. LEO BRUNER "VVe miss him, yet we feel him still, Admidst our faithful band, As if not death itself could chill The warmth of friendship's handf, CARL CLEAVES We c0uldn't get along without Carl in the orchestra. He has a sense of humor such as few people possess. MABEL COIL "With hair of raven hue." Mabel is one of our most accom- plished gigglers. Because of her ami- able and happy disposition she is a general favorite, both of the teachers and students. MILDRED CORNELL "Milly', is a Very quiet girl in school. She does not have much to say, but when she does say something it has weight. HELEN CRAFT Helen is constantly worried about her lessons, as she never has them! She can't fool us-if she doesn't know them why can she always recite? ROY CRAFT "A man's a man for a' that." "Peck" is another member of the class of '22 who is good-naturctl and always smiling. Energy is his middle name-when it comes to work for the annual. MARGARET DARST "O'er her fair face sprinkled free, Is a roguish traceryf' Margaret is a friend to all, and never swerves from the path of right. She's studious yet she loves a jokeg and does her tasks with all her might. LYDIA DELONG "How many saucy airs we meet" "L die" hails from the wilds of the Y north. Because of her bright, sunny nature she has won a host of friends. ROSEMOND ESSER "Never sigh when you can sing, But laugh, like me, at everything." "Posy" is another giggler among us. Most of the students who sit near her are afraid to study for fear that she will do something which they will miss. LEONARD DREXLER "Science surpasses the old miracles of mythology." Lconard's interest falls to that of science. He is especially fond of electricity. He spends most of his spare time working with electricity. LOUELLA ELSASS "She came and went." We feel more like saying "hello" than "good-bye" to Louella. We aren't so very well acquainted with her yet, but we like her smile. MELVIN ELSASS "If you don't know-guess." "Jiggers" is interested in baseball. He does not care for study, but most of us do not either so he is not an exception. CAROLINE ELSHOFF "Dear, simple maid." New Knoxville ' seems to like us fine. We like them., too, for the kind of students that they send up here. LORENA FEIL "With nature so sweet." Lorena likes to tell jokes so she usually was chosen to give them in our Civics programs. Needless to say, we enjoyed them very much. MAE EL FRISCHE "A quiet, unassuming maid." llzihel is one who does not believe in fr1v,':'rfl actions. ller sweet :ind genf'e-well, wrrfls Cannot express ur rpprecizition of her. ANNA RUTH GEBHART "C ur hearts, our hopes, are all with thee." Precious things are not always put rp in small packages. Anna Ruth has rn eutleok on life which is ull her own. XYe expect great things from her in the future as an alto singer. ELOISE HAMILTON "A maiden young and fair." Eloise does not like to be called names, such as "Skeeters" for in- stance, so we never say it. SYLVIA HOOPINGARNER "In Home Economics she excels." A shy and timid girl is Sylvia, but that does not keep us from liking her. She has an cheerful "hello'l for every- one. MARY HOLTKAMP ' "Life's too short to waste." Mary hails from New Knoxville. She has ll cheery smile for everyone she meets. Here's hoping she lllily be :is successful in her future life as she is in school. GLADYS HASTINGS "She cannot count her friends." NVQ say Gladys and Lucile like We say 'fbread and butter" or "cup and saucer." They are always seen to- gether having a good time. BERNARD HOUTZ "In things athletic he doth shine." Behold our basketball star! "Bernie" cares' more for athletics than for any- thing else, unless it is teasing the lady members of the faculty. MARY HOWELL "Her submissive ways." Mary is one who goes about her work quietly but accomplishes a great deal in the end. It is this type of girl that makes our class worth while. REGINA JOHNSON "None but an editor knows an edi- tor's cares." Regina is completing her high school course in three years. As our editor-in-chief she has made the An- nual "hum" on to a big success. MARJORIE KENTNER "Be whatever you will but yourself first of all." Marjorie has been with us all through our school life. Her highest ambition is to become a school teacher. HILDA KAH "Sweet piece of bashful maiden art." We have any number of quiet peo- ple in our class. Hilda 1S one of them, too, as those who know her can tes- lily. ORVEL KILLIAN "Oh! perfumed suitor spare thy smiles." Heres another bright and shining light in athletics. He is not only a member of the basketball team but on the football squad. And that isn't all -he is assistant editor-in-chief. RUTH KLUG "I love to laugh, I love to play." "Uemurc" is the adjective which fits Ruth like a glove. Ruth is espe- cially fond of giggling in class, in fact she always is sure to make her presence known in this way. CHARLES KNOST "The pleased musician bowed and smiled." .Xs director of the Tunerville Band, "Charlie" has trained his boys so per- fectly that they have to be knocked dnwn a few times before they can re- member to stop. Success to you "Red" MARY KOEHL "A slight girl." "Mickey" is as quiet as a mouse in school, but good gracious, she is just the opposite outside. She toe dances you know. KATHRYN KOLTER "Hail to thee, blithe spirit!" "Kate" is in on everything where the school is represented. She made her great hit in "Peggy O'Neill." She is also an enthusiastic player of tennis and is a member of the class team. ARTHUR MCPHERON "I never stood on ceremonies." Arthur is another member of our class who is from Buckland. He likes VVapak school or he surely would not come here to finish his course. HARVEY MCPHERCN "That boy with the grave mathemati- cal look." Harvey just joined us this year, coming, like Arthur, from Buckland. He has made many friends during his brief stay. MARIE MERKLE "She doeth little kindnessesf' Marie never wastes a minute in school, that is why she always has her lessons. She insists on smiling to everyone. VIRGIL MERTZ "Mamma's angel boy." NYhy, oh, why do the teachers talk F0 much to him in the study hall? He is perfectly angelic and we see no reason for their acting thus. NORMA MILEY "Many a word my tongue has uttered" Nornia likes to talk but she likes to laugh hettcr. It is her talkative- ness that has caused her to get called down. ROY MILLER "A man of such a genial mood." Mary found an able assistant car- toonist in "Davy". Roy has many friends in school who wish him suc- cess after he leaves Blume High. . KURT MUELLER "Pm as wild as wild can be." .Xs drummer in the Tunerville Band "Dutch" made at big hit with his sailor jigging. Kurt's friendly smile has won many friends during his high school career. EDWARD MUSSER here are greater men than I have lived, but I don't believe it." aT "Ed" is strong on argument. When he knows a thing he knows he knows he knows it and lets others know that he knows it. MIRIAM RABLE "Her heart is not in her studies, it is somewhere else." Miriam is of the talkative kind and says the right thing at the wrong time. She is jolly and liked by all who know her. PAULINE PITTHAN "Prone to mischief, able to perform it" Here is a girl who can smile and frown, but we usually see her wear- ing the smile. She is a strong believer in xroman's rights. HOWARD READ "Fully and perfectly man." Howard knows basketball from start to finish. He has great ability as a player, too. As athletic editor on the staff he has more than ful- filled his position, CAROL PUETZ "A form more fair, a face more sweet" Carol is our Priscilla. She made a very sweet Priscilla, as she does a Senior. , MARY RODEHEFFER "My words were true." XVhy did Mary get her seat changed in the study hall? We never could find out because she never says a word. CPB Maybe she will tell some- time. DELMA ROBERTS Some say Jean, others Delma, she will answer to either. Her name makes no difference as she is always ready to lend a helping' hand. ANNE RINEHART "Hang sorrow, care would kill a cat." We wonder why everyone-espe- cially the boys--teases Anne. She is a happy-go-lucky sort of girl and everybody likes her. ALFRED RO EDIGER "'An honest man's the noblest work of God." Alfred is a quiet level-headed fellow from the vicinity of Moulton. His most valuable time is divided between farming and school. EARL ROHRBACHER "A spirit calmer than the calmest lake." Earl is interested in Science. When- ever oral reports are assigned we know what he will give. Not only does he like Science, but hc knows it. LUCILE SCHNELL "She has strugglegmyearned, and aspire . Lucile is thoroughly feminine. Her high school life was varied, being full of both work and play. META SCHULTZ "For she was jes' the quiet kind." Meta came last year, too, to join us. She will not forget her classmates and they certainly will not forget her. WILBUR SCHWARK "Serve yourself, would you be' well served." Wilbur is the man of our class. He is 21 typical Miles Standish and we know that he makes a good one. Wil- hui- is well liked by his classmates. LEO NA SEITZ "A kindl uiet s irit where malice y, 51 P finds no home." Although quiet and reserved, Leona has gained many friends. Her entire school life has been spent with us and she has proven herself worthy of the name Senior. GENELLE SHAFFER "I ask no more than is due to me, though much is due." "Jelly" is one of the most versatile and talented girls in our class. Espe- cially does she excel in dramatics and she is always willing to use her talent for the pleasure of her classmates. REX SETTLEMIRE "----that tower of strength, Which stood foursquare to all the winds that blew." All hail to our glorious president! As he is always the same nice fellow to everyone he meets, his future will surely be bright with success. ROY SHAFFER "But an idle boy." Look whom we have here, the Hon. Roy Shaffer, He is an adept at sav- ing time-for the students in lfnglish lv from l0:30 to 1l:l5. GERTRUDE SMITH "Talking is silver but silence is golden." Gertrude came to us from Criders- ville last fall. Her main characteristic is that she wastes no words. EDYTHE SMITH "Hence, loathed Melancholy." Edythe never is quiet, in or out of school. She has a pair of brown eyes which she uses to her advantage. MARY SMITH "Art is power." Mary loves Art with a capital A- that is why she was chosen as class artist. We suspect that Mary will educate herself along this line in the future. 4 WILBERT SOUTH "Go slow, but be sure." Everyone has an ambition, Wilbert's is to be a prize fighter. We like to sce everyone succeed so we hope that X'Vilbert will reach his star. RHOENA SPEES "Wee modest crimson tip't flower." Rhoena never comes to class with- out her lesson. She is a good student and a staunch friend. LO REN STEINER "Loc-ked cooly around him wlth sharp common sense." Loren joined our happy throng in the junior year and has proven a worthy classmate. VIRGIL STEWART "I shall steadily aim higher." Virgil is one of the most all-round fellows in the class. He is a leader and is successful in all he undertakes. His business ability has been shown in his splendid success as business manager of the Retrospect. MARY STEINECKER "She questions all the winds that blow." Mary came to us last year, too. She certainly was, and is, a welcome member to our class. ADELIA STOLL "Maiden! with the meek brown eyes." .Xdelia is quiet and a friend to everyone. ln her own circle of friends, ,xilella drops her quiet ways and joins in every form of jollity. LEO STOLL "Man wants but little here below." Please find above the likeness of another of our loyal members. He is a strcng supporter in all matters cou- cerning the school, ELIZABETH SWINK "As quiet, as cool, as dignified." lilizaheth is a real Senior. Although tool and dignified in school, she is not that way outside. VERNON SWINK "With aspect grand and grave." Vernon is taking a postgraduate course and this is the first time that we ever saw him. he seems to like fur class though, especially one mem- ber of it. THELMA TOBIAS "I breathed a song into the air." Thelma is our prima-donna, who made her reputation in "Polished Pebbles." We hate to lose her so soon but-- EVERETT TURNBULL "Always into mischief Teachers pride and joy." Iiverett is a joke himself so how could we keep from having him as joke editor on the staff? He is our vice-president, too. and a fine one. ISABELLA WHETSTONE "Warm with smiles and blushes." "I,sie" has been with -us but one shcrt year, but in that time she has proven an excellent student and class- mute. RONALD WALTZ "We're glad he came to town." Such a dignified Senior we don't very often see. Fate in the form of the Vifestern Ohio brought him to us last September. VERNON WEIMERT "For he was musically inclined." Vernon is quiet but we know that he is here for we see him in the or- chestra. GERALD WALTZ "A manly form." Gerald is interested in politics. He can answer almost any question on government which is put to him. HOWARD ZERKLE "I'll leave big footprints on the sands of time." A Howard is "little but mighty." His nickname is not a reflection on him because he can't help it that he is so short. CFD ' LOUELLA WHEELER "Oh fairest of the rural maids." "Johnny" is what we call her. She joined us this year, too, and has won a place in our hearts which no other can ever fill. I922 Retrospect 1922 0 v.'.v.v.v.v.'.v.v.v.'.v.v.'.'.v v.Y.v.v.'Av.v.v.v.v.'.v.v.'.v,.v.v.v.v,.,,,.'.v.v.,'.v.-.v.v.,,v.v.-,'.v.v.v.v.'.v.v.Jg-v.,-v-,-v-v-v-v-,-, :O sEN1oR CLASS PRoPHEcY 4 ........ ------- ---M -- - ----.---------- 0 g, e ...v -vv--v ,, New York City, March 8, 1934. Dearest Carol, XVe were very much surprised and pleased to find a personal letter among our daily stack of business letters. We were astonished to learn that Howard Zerkel, who had been star-gazing all of his life, had become a re- nowned astronomer, and was receiving much aid in his line from his wife, who was formerly Mary Rodehefferg also the great amount of attention which Rev. Vergil Mertz is receiving from his small congregation, which reminds meg Edward Musser is the pastor of our church with Gertrude Smith as his first organist and Anna Ruth Gebhart, director of the choir. Did we understand you to say that Kurt Mueller is the head physician at the Airdale hospital and Helen llice his head nurse? lly the way, we hear that Caroline Elshoff left for that hospital because of serious injuries she re- ceived in an automobile accident which occurred when she, Mary Holtcamp, Roy Bauer, and Richard Brading were hit by the 17 express on the B. Sz O. railroad. VVhile skimming the newspaper we noticed that Loren Stiener, a prom- inent lawyer, had just won his case on the Settlemire divorce suit. Mrs. Set- tlemire was formerly Lucile Schnell. Glancing down we saw in the want column that Albert lierlet, a wealthy farmer, had one of his largest farms for sale, advertised by Alfred Roediger, his superilnitendent of affairs. VYe wish you might have enjoyed the production of "Seniorita Rilla" with us, in which Thelma Tobias took the leading role supported by the fol- lowing: Norma Miley, Miriam Rable, Cienelle Schaffer, Charles Knost, Roan- ald Waltz and Melvin lilsass. We are very much interested in this as ,ou mentioned the fact that it was written by Helen Craft, produced by Vernon Swink and directed by liernard lfloutz and Rosemond Esser, and the scenery designed by Mary Smith and Roy Miller. Perhaps it would interest you to hear that Urdell Blankenbaker and Roy Craft are touring Europe with their wives Qformerly Mabel Brackney' and Margaret Darstj respectively. Isn't it wonderful to hear that one of our old class mates, namely Vergil Stewart, was elected president of the United States and we now hear that he has chosen Regina johnson as his Secretary of State. You know it was quite a coincidence that not long ago, out of mere curiosity, we visited a clair- voyant and he predicted that: he also told us that he could see Elizabeth Swink and Mabel Frische as missionaries to a foreign countryg Gerald Waltz, the owner of a large department store in Chicagog Marjorie Kentner, Ruth Klug and Mabel Coil as owners of a large beauty parlor in San Francisco, Luella Elsass and Helen Ilonnoront as school teachers in their home town, Marie Merkle and Marvin Boyer happily married and' residing in Botkinsg Howard Read was made superintendent and NVilibur Schwark, principal, Meta Schultz, Mary Stienecker and Adelia Stoll, teachers in old Blume Highg gb a.v.v.v.v.v.'.'.v.vAv.'.'Av.v.'.'. .v.vAw.YAvu.:v.v.v.v.v.'.v.v,:v.'.v.vAvAv,-,v.'.:v.'.v.v.v.v.v.v .v.'.'.v.i9-v-v-Y-,-v-:Y-,A,-v-: 0: I922 Retrospect I922 Edythe Smith, Delma Roberts, and Leona Seitz had won fame as movie ac- tresses and are residing in Hollywood: Lucille Alter and Eloise Hamilton as instructors of Physical culture in Miami University. This may be trivial to you but it greatly impressed us. Have you read Mary Howells latest novel? The scene of this novel, so she tells us, is laid at her country home on the Hudson and two of the char- acters prove to be none other than Sylvia Hoopingarner and Mildred Cornell. Her book was put through the Chicago publishing house which is owned by Carl Cleaves, XVilbur South and Leo Stoll. Leonard Drexler has just patented his fourteenth invention. In one of his recent articles in a late magazine he states that much of his success is due to the valuable assistance of Roy Shaffer and Earl Rohrbacher. XVe were not astonished to hear of the generosity of Mary Koehl, Hilda Kali, Lorena Feil, and Anne Rinehart who are doing charity work in the slum districts of your city. They are greatly aided by Vernon VVeimert, a great financier, and Rhoena Spees, who plans the workers' daily routine. Louella VVheeler and Isabelle NVhetstone are her untiring steniographers. Orvel Killian, America's greatest athlete, accompanied by his wife nee Gladys Hastings, has sailed for Europe to take part in the Olympian games. Lady Lydia DeLong, wife of Duke Kridersville, will receive Mr. and Mrs. Killian at her palace in Allenburg. Isn't that lovely? VVouldn't it be splens- did if we could visit Lydia sometime? Oh yes, Arthur and Harvey McPheron have gone out west anid bought a large ranch. We almost envy them for as you well know it's always been our desire to go west. Pauline Pitthan has become a leading societ: lady in old New York. I think you also mentioned the fact that you met Lillian Morscheck While you were touring Europe, and right now we want to congratulate you and Mr. Turnbull, tell your husband we know what a lucky man he is. Don't forget that we love to receive your niewsy letters. Very sincerely, KATHRYN KOLTER FLORENCE ABE imx , , ,A if XRXg ,ff s ! f f,xWX ' L ' K XCX L' Q fxsgsk? X 1 8 -L 5 7 fffxl N V Q ,. ELF! Q J A fm- V -X' ,,... fi W. Q-if 2 if V, M N .ffff 4 4 xi? ,X-,ff-fff f , - .f f-if , N, Alf! " iv ? f 41. Jumornivnf' 'y'NJ f f fi a X -4 Www' fb- ffxwf' ! -5 fi- - L2 ffiifa H.. ,. L ' X ' 7 -ff -f X. HU J ff ' "1'+-f-- 5- .twang , " - IGM-ZZ- - 4 ,.,., gf 17, . .-wiv, J, H S , ' 71' .1 - , X i 4 I ,nn X., C ,J , , 1 , -3 , ' F, "X 1 ff H, 'L f, f 1 1114 J I ' v M 1 ,. fl, , , 4 , 1, ,L .Y 4 K 'Q I 'fLf , f A1 2,17 1 ' i . A ,, -N -J V' fx - ' X' ,fN X x,,,, '21 ' ' S' .af 7- fm sb 'fi - 1 ' f X ' J 1 , "' i' if 7' ij" lf- fs-- 1.1 S W Y -'xx '-, .X N ',, J-f ',AX 'fi ' -,u If " Nximxqf, A ,, f:1ff"-, 3' 1 Q sf ,: -1 --:W - G., ws-1' ' .flk f-z, -- , ' ' - J W Qyglk if x azz N N1 --4 A-1 ' ' IVQA ,-51,2-fm-ft-.-,, 2 'Xi 'f Q "HX A , ,. , Q I -MS Q- ,M v,?,,,,' I I, ,Ax 1,1 f 'fflg-,ff ifzggg 2.13-'fr VL'i,: A V, ' V al-'X T11 "--1 , ,' 4, ' ' A' gi ' fix ff - Z' -4-, . f ff' - 1 1 g:.f.f' 4511- 5- --T 319- -1ff., V -3 --,vw hx , , Af ' L 4-TJ", ?f'A"i, 'W ff -- --'F W f iE':V'i Yfiifx ,V . 1 f. -2 '-1 ' T'-f - 1 , s f 2 etrospect I 22 !M WL5 M W, W M 1 , 2 , ,A , , l . JUNIOR CLASS .Q zz vv-vv-vvvvvvv-vvv-'-'v-.zvv'--vvvv--vvv .Q I922 Retrospect 1922 ---. ............ 3 O ----A----A----- .O vvvvvvvvvv-vvvv Guilford Archer Vivian Ayers Harold Bailey Wilbur Bailey Harry Barber Dale Baughmau Marjorie Baxter John Bechdolt Laverl Blackburn Raymond Bobb Leland Brackney Marie Burden Ida Burk Lela Butcher Charles Clay Bernard Coleman Viola Cook Kenneth Copeland Lilith Davis Christine Dittmer Arthur Emerick Reinhold Erickson Bernard Fisher Paul Fisher Esther Fogt Vergil Foster A.-.'v-.-'xrv-A.-v'v'.Av-vfvs-:m1'fvsne-vnfv .rv-.-fv'v--v-:v CLASS POEM Tell me not, in tones of anger The Junior studies are but fun ! For the ship is not at anchor Lfntil your lessons are done. Trust no grades, however high! Let the past grades be the past! Study-study without a sigh! The juniors then, will always last! Always then, be alert and ready, XVith a will for any doingg Still achieving, ever steady. Learn the secret of pursuing. F. A.-K. K. WD.- ..,X4...-- ... JU IOR ROLL Celia Frazier Elizabeth Groll Marie Berlet llarry Gross Edward Glllllllilll Clark Hanold Cecelia Higgins Orville Hittepole Jeannette Howell Naomi Huse Ernest Kaehler Norma Keller Cleola Kerst Frederic Klipfel Walter Kohler Paul Lehman Berenice Long Dorothy Longsworth Raymond Lotridge Stanley Maxson XfVClCOI11C Maxson Ruth McClintock Elizabeth McClure Irene McCormack Gladys Metz Florence Miller vvvuvvvvvvvvvvvv- Louise Miller Ronald Minton Wilbur Morris Gladys Myers llazel Nelson Norma Preasar Marie Ramge Donald Rinehart Echo Robertson Florence Sehemmel Mildred Scheinnlel Bob Schnell John Seitz Alleene Shaw Irene Sheets A1-milda Shuler Drusilda Shuler Harold Sielschot Berlin Slater Carl Smith Mina Swinehart Ruby Taylor Agnes Tester Freda Walter Willard Wilson Hamer Wolfe 50 I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I :I ,I I 'I 'I 'I I 'I l I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I :I 'I I :I in 'I " NO 'I 'I 'I " IND 'I 'I 'I " IND 'I 'I 'I P I 'I 'I 'I 'I 4I :I CD I 1 4: Q-P' 1 11 I-g I 'I 1 'I 4I 'I 'U 4I :I CD 1 I 1: C5 1 :I e-I- 'I I P P I :I i 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 55 34 C2 5 FU In lr-' lib' fm im E cn I-1 CD DU I-4 Eleven years ago, l should say, old Father Time said to VVisdom, "T am very much disappointed with you! You claim to know so much why don't you turn out some students to exceed all those procedingf' This set old Vlfisdom thinking, and, scratching his old grey head, he replied, "I haven"t been filling my place lately, l'll admit, so to please you, I will graduate in twelve years the best class of high school students that was ever produced." Old XVisdom began right away with our class. He took us through the basement of "Knowledge" known as the eight grades. Wle were all excited one September three years ago when father VVisdom told us we would take the elevator to the first floor of high school. There was much more on this floor floor than in the basement of this large building. VVe stayed on this floor one whole year, examining the different scenes: basketball, football, orches- tra, glee clubs, and frequently lending a helping hand-for XVE were needed. Our boys responded to the call from Moulton and our girls supplied them with doughnuts. Father Wisdom led us safely to the next floor the next September to ini- tiate us as Sophomores. We now had much confidence in ourselves as well as VVisdom. A few of our boys entered the ball teams and succeeded. Our girls entered the glee cluxbl, and both boys and girls enrolled themselves in the orchestra. NVe were also represented in the High School Band and if we had not lent a helping hand to the track meet, Blume High would never have carried the silver cup home. Freshmen as well as Seniors looked up to us and breathed under their breaths, 'flf only we knew so much." Vlfe are now Juniors residing on the third floor of "Knowledge" where VVisdom guided us safely, as he did so he muttered, "They have not disap- pointed me yet and I do not think they will for they are made of material that will stick." This year we have worked diligently and always looked up to the next floor with high hopes of occupying it next year. Many of us are striv- ing with a Business Course while others are conquering Latin or French. Our boys were successful, as we always were in anything we undertook, in bas- ketball and football. The orchestra would not be complete without our mu- sicians and the operetta "Polished Pebbles" would have been a failure had not two of our girls taken the leading parts. The High School Band also is known far and wide for its talented "Junior Members." Old NVisdom and Father Time are proud of us, for we have more than fulfilled their hopes, only a few of our class having dropped out and the rest striving on with unceasing toil. NVe long to reach the next floor but we will not stop with thatg old Wlisdom will lead us on to the land of our hopes call- ed "Success" RUBY TAYLOR ' IW lr jj ' K ' G ff W W , R, ,fxlfvm v 6 Wig ' , Q Qfl.. H ig 1 -.. Qi m aw ,,,,W,fs . My V ' 'ik' 0 i he , LSE X,vf! J42'l?2,3351QE.f:2i?,, 1 - JY'-J "" Wi' vw E , , Ui' V gn-rw: , 3 1:5 4 J .Q NI! f . 1.4 fa V 'Lf 4 ' , E , , W' ag ! 1 uf Elia ,X un .X , . f , 2 etros ec l922 I , A ,V W E A , W,WA,l l WAV V W., W V W V V ,AW W J SOPHOMORE CLASS v'v-v'v'.-.-v4v'v-.A.+:v-v-v'-'sAf.-.+:'.-v-:vsAf.nnvvvvvsr-4-.-.-.Afv-v-v-.-v-v-vAv-v-:.Av-62'v'v'v'v'-'v'v'.A-'v n.----------------- ---------------------------------- ------------------n so wb CLASS POEM lfnder the walls of old Blume Hi The Sophmore class does studyg The Sophs a mighty class are they, Wiith fertile and growing brainsg And the feats of their courageous acts Show they work with their mights and mains. .------- ....... A-- -------- ........... ------------- -----.------------o0 'z Vo Xlfeek in, week out, from morn till night, You can hear their voices lowg You can see them swing a mighty pen X'Vith measured beat and slow, Like a teacher ringing the school house bell, VVhen the evening sun is low. Toiling-rejoicing-sorrowing Onward thru school they'll go Each year to see some task begin, At the end to see it close: Something attempted, something doneg Has earned the name Sophmores. SOPHOMORE Roiit D Vonda Blank Glenn Brackney Louise Brokaw Marcele Bubp Joseph Burke Hulda Campbell Garnet Chesbrough Pauline Craft Marie Crow Dorothy Doering Vergil DuBois Marvin Ebinger Gladys Eckenweiler Horace Fenton Lloyd Finke Marian Fischer Carolyn Fleming Harold Frideger Robert Ganther Wilda Berry Leonard Geib Robert Gross Laurena Gutman Fred Haman Cecil Hastings Irwin Headapohl Adrian Hittepole Ned Hoegner Marie Horn Cordelia Howell Ralph Jimison Raymond Kerst Norma King Margaret Knarr Alma Knatz Margaret Knost Marian Koch Marjorie Kolter Alberta Kreitzer Alvina Lanning Margaret Lear Doris Lehman Anna Liokumovitz Forest Lotridge Carolyn McFarland Ernest Metz Daphne Minnich Kathryn Minton Willis Mix Alvin Mollenkamp Leonard Montgomery Madge Musser DeWitte Miller Helen Morscheck Cecil Nichols Kathryn Niswonger Leslie Phillips Irvin Preasar Helena Rickert Carl Rinehart Howard Romshe Orville Runkle Robert Runkle Richard Ruppert Catherine Samrnetinger Margaret Schaub Salome Schuler Vennard Seigel Mildred Seitz Donnet Shaw Evelyn Shellenbarger Minor Sibert Richard Slonaker Robert Slusher Bernard Spees Bernadine Specs Ethelyn Spees Oral Swonguer Harold Thomas Bernadine Tobias Ludina Veit Kathryn Weaver George Wehner Stella Wehner Elizabeth Whiteman Alvin Winget Geordis Ziegler Ralph Hubner --- ---- --O v-vvvvvvvv vvvvv vvv vvvvvvv ...... v vv.. ......v..v vvvv.v. vvvv .iv v v vv------ - -9, I922 Retrospect I922 Q ,.v.,v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.-2. .'.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.'.v.,v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v v-.v.v.'T,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-, g. SOPHOIVIORE CLASS HISTORY On that September morn, two years ago, the best Freshman class entered the portals of Blume High School. VVe were not exceedingly large in quan- tity but high in quality. VVe soon astonished the upper classes by our knowl- edge and progressiveness in both athletics and studies. All through the year we kept up our reputation and beginning our Sophomore course, we develop- ed anew our energy and enthusiasm. NVe did not lose our merits. VV'e shone especially in athletics. Own the girl's basketball team all were Sophomores but one. The boys, too, showed the same superiority and won high honors on both track and football field. But our accomplishmevnts were not all confined to sports. For dramatic ability and music one should have come to our class for the leading roles to have them enacted with exceptional ability. In glee club work and in programs our musicians found great favor. One of the best accomplishments of the class was the Parasite, a school paper, edited mainly by Sophomores and pub- lished once a week in a local paper. On the whole we were always in for fun, adopting any plain. for the amusement of ourselves or our fellow classmates. VVe radiated kindness and Congeniality to our friends and respect to our teachers. In the coming years we hope to do our best. There will be new fields to conquer, new battles to be fought, and new honors to be gained. We leave the memory of the Sophomore class of Blume High School neitlher blotted nor stained, and as the poet, Nlfhittier, said, "Another hand is beckoning us, Another call is given." We go on. MARIAN FISCHER . ZQQQEJ' 4575 74'.T2f5TQT'i.T?Iv'-M'F-5E7l53ZT1, Ian?" ,I!'ffQ?UP'iEi i!fTZiT:1Flf!FEf5Qf yu -Q gf: b A v A Q A 2 5 H I f' -v ,w-'f g::7i., "'H -1? C, ,, i :fi W 1 1? ff! fx -1 J ff-'teaagf png ,f f' ff' ff 17'11 f V 4: ,I -175' "KAY L1 fffll, H U71 J W 2 r E, ,.3f-7,, A f Q Zfyg! If ff 7xX,, wwf f,W,,4 W f 1g?5,5v WW f m W IH W 3 i , ,ma ,A 1 f , ,fi I , 1 f X g'4,,",i2.LFEf1 V'j'if,!'f'k,' 'ffl ff E-ax, rif' ,KJ Qzs.fZf,',Jt1!!f ,I If N' fi Hx J gfxx ,1 Lf N, .,rf.'i11?75,f.1,2XM!1a ff if iff ll' 'wif 'M 1. Jf fm -W 1 , z,L1fiazf. + b . f+ g Ma ?14fi7S:1 JH" 'W7WY,-:rf I-law W 1? :fa 11f:r:Lfg:-2'lf'-564 , " .5 if wi Cmxx "fl" "'3 'J 5Wr?- EMYfZ'f,f,7-:2sg,,. --.. 'fl v V' ' ' " ,if A-'fr Xia' aid MW' ' W 2 1 , X X-f , " 'Q y J! K.-42453 HQ. , fa! f4f4,54' ,ff rf ,. jjiifif' ' ' ff? '1 V! ' f f "V X 5'-f ' I 2 Z'7'1Z' f'A'P'if'7 ' ' ff' 'Q J2f'I f ' 7 11 f K X fvvfzmifwn 'ffzif' f if gg. iz, f-JJ 4131252 I ' K A 551if ' f,4fi:f fl , H W yq,1 Q 55'7m.zf, x vfxffa xiiix' If X Wi" + WN Nu 'fffff' L i V l we X ' L-Z 1-Qi xxi-WN ' :A X x W f HV , 41 L-FY, fi4,,,, 3:13 - Y,- A -- ,,,:,. gag.-gg. ' Q ff , 12:3 5 N V M 1 ff 5-5,1 4 X ,ram kin P' FRE SS SHMEN CLA O A- A... -A ..... ,, vvvvvvv vvv ....... ........vv.vv... v v vvvvvvv vv vvvvv OC vv-vvv-v vv.. --vv.'.. l922 Retrospect l922 -----------------OO ga1-.-.-,-,-,-,-n:va-.-v-v-:rv-,Av ---------- - ------------------ - 0 CLASS POElVl They looked through the open window And gazed at the swinging door, They rushed in at the entrance Never to leave any more. At once they felt their importance And filled to the brim with pride, vvvvvvv-vvv--vv a They looked, they stretched, and they rubbered. They were the Freshmen all jokes cast aside. F. A.-K. K. Augusta Abe Edmond Bailey Helen Bailey Lowell Baldwin Cleo Barber Mary Barber Leona Becker Marjorie Bice Betty Bitler Myron Blume Cora Brackney Miriam Braekney Bailey Bush Veronica Cannon Yvonne Cannon jacob Coil Etta Comer David Conkle Hugh Cook Cornell Copeland Vera Cornell Alma Court Harold Crider Ferris Crosley Dorothea Crusie Howard Dardio Elmer Deal Ida Delong Opal Dill Alma Eckenwiler Calvin Elsass Irwin Elsass Jeanette Emrick Viola Engel Alma Feil Carl Fisher Doris Fischer Hilda Fitzpatrick Flora Flarida wav.-,. - - FRESHME I ROLL Russel Fogt Kathryn Foos Carl Frische Clayton Gerstner Electa Geyer Edward Sylvester Gross Franklin Hager Helen Hangen Harold Harrison Robert Headapohl Mary Hein Helen Heinrich Carl Hengstler VValter Hern Almond Hittepole Joseph Horn Kathryn Howell Nellie Howell Ralph Idle Dwight Kemper Russel Kiefer Melville King Mary Katherine Klipfel Virginia Klipfel Naomi Knierim Ruth Knierim Koneta Kohler Charles Kolter Kathryn Kreitzer Harold Kridler Leona Lanning Carl Loegel Thurza Lotridge Raymond Lynch Lucy McClintock VValter McClure Evelyn Marshall Francis Marshall Eva Maxson Ruth Metz William Metz Louise Miller Pauline Miller Clay Moore DeWitt Miller Cecil Nance Gertie Nance Lauretta Naylor Harold Nipgen Arabelle Pitts Carolyn Raberding Dana Richardson Ralph Roby Floyd Ruck Otto Ruvoldt Albert Schneider Alta Schultz Bernard Seitz John Shockey Alma Sielschot Alice Sillin VVilliam Smith Margrete Spees Edna Stonzenburg Edwin Stroh Frieda Swink Harry Thrush Irvin Tobias Geraldine Veit Kathryn Walter Virgil NVebb Lucile Weber Marjorie Vlfeimert Gertrude Wenk Dorothy VVentz Edward White Mary Wintzer '.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v. 'g.v.v.v. v.v.v.v 'xv .v.v.vxsv-va-'Av-v-'Av-v-vA 4: I922 Retrospect I922 -------------- ------------------------------- -----A--------- O --vvvvvv-v vvvv -vvvvvv vvvvv-v --vvv v v v v -vvvvvvvv vv---v-------- . FRESHIVIE CLASS HISTGRY It was in the fall of 1921, one hundred and twenty-four eager, ambitious freshmen took their first steps toward their high school career. VVe must confess we were very timid and afraid to do anythi-nfg for fear of being laughed ,atg but as time went on, we became accustomed to the rules and regulations, and were ready for hard work. VVe can truly say about our class, what is best to be said about ainiy class, that it has done well in school although it has been here only a year. VVe do not intend to stop here, but expect to make the best time of our life the next three years. We appreciate the opportuni- ties offered us and hope to use them to the best of our ability. VVill we suc- ceed? We surely will if our work progresses as it has. Some of our freshmen have wo-n very prominent places in the different activities. In basket ball we achieved no little successg we reached the height of our ambitions when we won the game with the Sophomores. In foot-ball, too, we made a name for ourselves, two of our members having done excel- lent work on -the team. Nor were our labors confined to physical feats, onlyg We contributed no small part toward the success of musical organizations, such as the glee club and orchestra. NVe can rightly say that there are few, if any, slackers in our class. W'e expect to keep on successfully, and in the enid leave Blume High knowing the victory has been ours. VERA CORNELL 4.4,-,-,-,-J!.'.rvA.Av'v'vA. .Av-v-vt,-.-'Av'.-v-.-.-.-.'v-v'v-.-.-'Av-.Av-'Av'-.-'Av-v-v-.'.'v'v' 'A-A.A.A.fv'f'4VN.A.f:.'v2 2 I922 Retrospect I922 'v'v'v'v'vAv'9JL'v'v'v'v'v'v v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v"v'v'-'vAvAv'-'v'v'v'v'vAv'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'vf ' LAST .WILL AND TESTAMENT OF SENIORS -.-l.,Z4.., We, the Senior Class of '22 of Blume High School, knowing that we are about to depart to the higher realms of education, hereby proclaim this to be our last will and testament: First: To Vergil Foster, we bequeath the athletic ability of Orvel Killian. Second: To Irene Sheets we bequeath the poise of Genelle Shaffer. Third: To Horace Fenton we bequeath Bernard Houtz's pompadourg we also desire that "Posy" Esser's habit of giggling should oo to Minor Sibert. Fourth: We bequeath to Marjorie Baxter the vocal talent of Thelma Tobias. Fifth: To Reinhold Erickson we bequeath the height of Ordell Blankenbaker. Sixth: We bequeath the curls of Lydia Delong to Margaret Knost. Seventh: To the Juniors we bequeath all of our brilliancy. f Eighth: To the Sophomores we bequeath our knowl- edge and desire that they use it . Ninth: We bequeath to the Freshmen our art of fusing fact and fiction, as we feel they will need it. Tenth: To Mr. Menschel we bequeath our ability to smile out loud. Eleventh: We bequeath to John Seitz, Roy Shaffer's method of holding the girls by their hairnets. Twelfth: To the three lower classes we bequeath all of our pep and enthusiasm. We hereby declare void all other wills formerly made by us and appoint Wilbur Schwark and Charles Knost as executors Q qsignedp SENIOR CLASS oi ea I-.v.v.v.v.'.v.,vi-.-,,,v.v.vvv.v.'.,,'.v.'i'.,'.v.'.,v.v.v.v.v.vIv.v.,v.,.v.'.v.v.,v ,vga,.,.,.,.,.,.,A,.,.,.v., 64 I922 Retrospect I92Z AA,,,,,, ,,,-,.------------ Q 4Q-,-,-,A,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,- ,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-J:f,-,-,-,-,-,A,-,-,-,-:.-.-. - - - - - - - - - - v v v -v v v v ---v v - v v -.5 Jolozs Mr. Menschel-"If you had 4,000 bushels of wheat and sold them at 35.60 a bushel, what would you get, Irvin ?" Irvin Preasar-"An automobile." N Mr. Goodman-"Vivian, would you please tell all you know on electri- city." V. Ayers-"I don't kkkknowf' Mr. G.-"Wait, I will turn the light on and throw a little light on the subject." N Rosamond Esser taking the telephone receiver down, heard this: "He's so long we can't get his feet in the coffin." Posy-"Cut 'em offf, At the other end "????????" ' +0-0,0240-v WHY Does Miss Gabriel love to stroll? Does Mr. Nardin. enjoy lectures? Does Miss Caldwell push you from the cloakroom? Is Mary Rodeheffer so sweet? DID YOU EVER SEE Charley Clay walk? Mr. Zeiders' hair? Mr. Menschel angry? Anyone satisfied? Miss Campbell-"Do you remember what I said I was going to do the next time this class all talked at once ?" ' "Red" Knost-"Twisted, the class. can go." FAVORITE EXPRESSIONS IN BLUME HI "It's the most natural thing in the world" ........................................ Miss Gabriel "I have a poem to illustrate my pointi' .................................................. Mr. Nardin "This is a study period" .........................................,........... ....... M iss Howell "You act like a bunch of Kindergarten children" ........... ........ M iss Caldwell "I am going to send someone to the study hall soonf' ....... ....... M iss Campbell "A fountain pen was lost today" .......... L .............................. ......... M ir. Menschel NlATURALLY SHE stepped out boldly inato the street No rubbers covered her tiny feet No umbrella had she-nor a coat Her new straw hat-well, you just note, Far be it from her to start complaining. She didn't get wet-it wasn't raining! -o-o-o-Q-oo-Q A little song entitled, "OIL BY MYSELF", by John D. Rockefeller, J H TSA. E321 W M 1' is N W E 'QR ,M 'J I f , 5 P J , ,H I". A. . gr X 5 .9 ii F515 if ' y " " - ff b ' " , Ai B O figkxw fx 1' tmllfs Ne: ua gi as if gg xv H ' 1 il 1 1 7 if fg f ' -5 WX' "ZZ,-.-fd" " 'gl-: .. t x ,X 5 M5921-?'Mmb.c BLUME HIGH CHOOL CHORL' Guilford .-Xreher llarry llarber Ordell lllankenbalcer Marion Boyer Myron lllume Bailey llush Raymond llobb Wilbur llailcy lihner Deal Rhcinhold lfriclcson Arthur lfmrick Paul liisher llorace Fenton Lloyd liinlce Carl liiseher Ned Hoegner Adrian Headapohl Wfalter Hirn Richard Kuek Charles Knost Paul Lehman Forest Lotridge Edward Musser Virgil Mertz Alvin Molleneamp Howard Read Vernon Swink Leo Stoll Bob Sehnell Minor Sibert Virgil Stewart Everett Turnbull Gerald NValtz Ronald Waltz Vernon VVeimert Howard iferlcle Augusta Abe Lueile Alter Vivian Ayers XYilda llecry Mareele liubp Laverl lllackburn Cleo llarber Louise llrokaw Mary llarber Marie llurden Marjorie llaxter Miriam llrackney Cora llrackney Mabel llrackney Vonda lllanlc Marjorie lliee lda Burke lletty liitler Marie Berlet Mabel Coil Alma Court Garnet Cheshorough Pauline Craft Hulda Campbell Dorothy liloering Opal Dill Christine Dittmer Lilith Davis Margaret 'liarst Gladys Eelcenweiler Carolyn Fleming .Xlma Feil Mabel lirisehe Iisther Fogt Lorena Feil Hilda Fitzpatrick lflora Flarida Anna Ruth Gebhart Electa Geyer Gladys Hastings Cecelia Higgins llelen Heinrich Ieannette llowell Helen Haugen Cecil Hastings Sylvia Hoopingarner Mary Howell Kathryn llowell Marjorie Kolter .Xlma Knatz Mary Koehl Ruth Klug Margaret Knarr Koneta Kohler Kathryn Kreitzer Marjorie Kantner Cleola Kerst Norma King Ruth Knierim Naomi Knierim Marian Koch Norma Keller Alberta Kreitzer Margaret Knost Thursa Lotridge Alvina Lanning Doris Lehman Louise Miller Kathryn Minton Florence Miller Pauline Miller Eva Maxson Evelyn Marshall Louise Miller Marie Merkle Ruth McClintock Lucy McClintock Irene McCormick Hazel Nelson Louretta Naylor Kathryn Niswonguer .Xrabella Pitts Mary Rodeheffer Anne Rinehart Caroline Raberding Ural Swonguer Drucilcla Sliuler Armilda Shuler Mildred Sehemmel Leona Scitz Catherine Sammetinger Margaret Schaub lflizabeth Swink Lueile Sehnell Rhoena Spees .-Xdalia Stoll Agnes Tester Thelma Tobias Hernadine Tobias Luclena Veit Louella NVheeler Kathryn Weaver Isabelle Wlietstoiie Stella Wehner Geordis Zeigler v-v-vAv-v-v-.-.Av-vAvx1vsAAAaw-v--.-vvqxzvvv,fwanzxfvnlsi 2 Retrospect I v -7 HIGH llelen Hailey Marry Barber llznrry llzirlmer Marjorie liZlXlL'l' ilrclell lllzinkenlmzxker Louise llrukzrw Ruyinuncl liolxlw Curl Clezlves ,Xlmzr lfckenwcilcr Eloise llnmilton Cleola licrst lNl2n'gzlret linost lintliryn liolter Mary Kzrtlierine lilipfel CHOOL ORCHESTRA Charles linost Rieliarcl liuek Dorothy Longwwortli Carolyn iXlCl'AZll'l2lllll Louise Miller Pzlnline Miller Stanley lllzrxson Carrol Pnetz Genelle Schaffer Florence Seliemniel l'.l'lCKl2l Swink Salome Sllnler Oral Swongner liverett Turnbull Vernon NVeimert I 9 2 2 R e t r 0 BLU E HIGH CHOOL BA D ,, -..,..- -5. .-,---, CI..'XRl X li'l'S Hurry llZlI'l3ClA Vcrufm XVQimert Carl Clcuves Mary Barber 'FROM RON If-Raymond Rohln ,xL'rOHR0y Crm HARITONIC--XfVclco111e Muxson CIJRNETS Stanley lllzlxsou Charles Knost DRUMS Everett Turnbull Kurt Mueller SAXOPHONES Carol Puetz Richard Kuclc 922 H , aan..-.nga J . I resident .......,......... Vice President ....... Treasurer .............. Secretary ........... Lncile .-Xlter Helen Hailey Marjorie Baxter Cleo Barber lietty Iiitler Merian l-Sraekney Bailey Bush Louise Brokaw Marcile Bubp Dale Hangman Joseph Burke Ida Burk Marie Burden Helen Bonnoront Yvonne Cannon Mildred Cornell Dorotha Crusie Howard Dardio Opal Dill Virgil DuBois Christine Dittmer Jeanette Emerick Viola Engle Caroline Elshoff Luella Elsass Rheinhold Erickson Doris Fischer Marian Fischer Don Fisher BLU E HIGH ACL!-ISSICAL CLUB Edward Klll5SC1' Fisher M EM BERS: Virgil Foster Lloyd Finke Caroline Fleming Horace Fenton Mabel Ifrisehe Paul Fisher Robert Gross Edward Cutman .Xnna Ruth Cebhart Robert Ganther Iilizabeth Groll Ned Hoegner Sylvia I--Ioopingarner Mary Howell Jeanette Howell Mary lloltkamp Ralph Idle Ralph Jaimison Regina johnson Mary Kathryn Klipiel Virginia Klipfel Marion Koch Charles Kolter Earliest Keoler Margaret Knost Frederick Klipfel 1-'Xlma Knatz Margaret Knarr Marjorie Kantner Iiathyrn liolter Norma Iiellar Doris Lehman Paul Lehman IJeXN'itt Miller Clay Moore Helen Morscheek Ronald Minton Gladys Metz Elizabeth McClure Earnest Metz Carolyn Meliarland Madge Musser Edward Mnsser Cecil Nance Gertie Nance Cecil Nichols Kathryn Niswonguer .-Xrabelle Pitts Carol Pnetz 'Pauline Pitthan Caroline Raberding Richard Rupert Earl Rohrbacher Mary Rhodeheffer Bernard Seitz Alma Seilschott Margarita Spees Freda Swink ary Kathryn Klipfel .........Geordis Zeigler Minor Sibert Virgil Stewart Salome Schnler I-Xdalia Stoll Margaret Sehaub Catherine Sammetinger Iidith Smith Mary Smith Mina Swinehart Gennelle Schatter Roy Shaffer Leona Seitz Irene Sheets Meta Schultz Oral Swongner Drnsilda Schuler .-Xrmilda Schuler Mildred Schemmel Hernadine Tobias Ruby Taylor Gertrude Wenk Mary VVintzer Elizabeth VVhiteman Iiathyrn lNeaver Freda Walters Louella NVheeler Isabelle VVhetstone Howard Zerkle Geordis Zeigler O! -A----------- A-- --- ---A ---A------------O0 -vv vvv- vv v-.v. vvvv v vv-- v-- vvvvv-vvvv-v--- Q I922 Retrospect I92Z. :ta3'vA,','.A,','Vfv1'v'v'v'v'v'v 'v'vAv'v'v'v'vAvAv'v'v'v'v'v'v"v'v'v'v5v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'vAvAv'v'v'v'v'v'vAvAv'v'v'vAv' Av'vAv'v'v'vAvAvAv'v'v'v'-4v'v' BLUME HIGH CLASSICAL CLUB One of the new organizations of Blume High School is the Blume High Classical Club, of which all present and former Latin students are eligible for membership. The purpose of this club, which meets every alternate Thursday of the month, is to stimulate the interest of the Latin students in the language, customs a.nd mythology of old Greece and Rome. The pro- grams of the club, given at the meetings, are always helpful and instructive along one of these three lines. The architecture, language, customs and dress of these ancient, but cultured countries have been quite thoroughly discussed at the various club meetings throughout the year. , The second purpose for which this club was organized was to secure a better spirit of cooperation, and to, stimulate social intercourse among the members of the various classes. The "eats', served at the close of the meet- ings certainly aided in carrying into effect this latter purpose. Latin songs were one of the unique features of these programs and added much to create an "atmosphere" in which we would enjoy the beautiful myths and classical dances of these ancient countries of Greece and Rome. Latin games, too, were enjoyed at these meetings. So far this club- has been a wonderful success. Those who first scoffed at the idea of interesting the children in a "dead" language, have been 1nade to sit up and take notice for every member of the club is bubbling over with en- thusiasm and anxious to see this club live and flourish. Since We first organ- ized many new names have been added to our roll. Among the various things the club intends to sponsor in the future are, a picture show with a free matinee for school children, a Latin play entitled "A Roman NVedding", in which the religious and civil ceremonies of Rome will be portrayed, and a picnic at which games of Greece and Rome will be played. This club is one of the organizations which show the progressive spirit of our high school, and will, no doubt, accomplish much in developing our Latin course and our interest in that splendid language Latin. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Harkl Listen to us! Wie, the homemakers of the future, organized January 23, 1922, under the snappy name "Home Economics Club." We have eighty members enrolled in this much needed club. VVe all enjoy to the high- est extent our meetings, which are held in the auditorium of Blume High, every alternate Tuesday noon. The members always look forward with an- ticipation to these meetings, and they have a real reason for doing so too, as perfectly delicious lunches are served and many helpful "household hints" are exchanged. Oh yes these girls know what real helpful "household hints" are, thanks to their efficient teachers, Miss Schmidt and Miss Dakin. This club shows the really progressive spirit of the school and proves how really in earnest our girls are to meet the high, efficient standards of the present day American housewife. They eagerly plan for all their events and always have a great success in anything they undertake. A great deal of the success the girls have had in carrying on their club is due to their efficient officers, and the cooperative spirit that exists among the girls. The purposes of this club are, first, to keep the interest of those girls who have finished their school work in Home Economics alive and active, and secondly to stimulate social intercourse among the girls. The club has suc- ceeded well in its purposes. Long may it last. ,z " I ----.Q i. HO E ECONOMICS CLUB President ...............,.. Viee President ,...... Treasurer .............. Secretary ........... Augusta Abe Lucille :Xlter Mary Barber Leona Becker XVilcla Beery Marjorie Bice Laverl lllackhurn Vonda Blank Helen Honnoront Garnet Chesborough Vera Cornell Alma Court Dorothy Crusie Lilith Davis Dorothy Doering Alma Eckenweiler Gladys Eekenweiler Mary Eierman Luella Elsass Hilda Fitzpatrick Flora Flarida Kathryn Foos Mabel Frische Electa Geyer Helen Hangen Cecil Hastings Helen Heinrich OFFICERS: Mary Holteamp Nellie Howell Katherine Howell Mary Horn Marjorie Howell Sylvia Hoopingarclner Naomi Huse Cleola Kerst Naomi Knierini Ruth Knieriin Marjorie Kolter Alberta Kreitzer Katherine Kreitzer .Xlvina Lanning Margaret Lear Anna Liokumovitz Dorothy Longsworth Evelyn Marshall Eva Maxson Lucy McClintock Ruth McClintock Elizabeth McClure Ruth Metz Gladys Metz Marie Merkle Daphane lllinnich Kathryn Minton ...,..........Ruby Taylor liuella Wheeler .....,...........Marjorie Kolter Garnet Cheshorough Florence Miller Helen Morscheek Gertie Nance Ilazel Nelson Kathryn Niswonger Norma Presar Carolyn Ralverfling Miriam Rahle Marie Ramge Mildred Seitz .Xlleene Shaw .Xlta Shultz .Xdelia Stoll Edna Stolzenhurg Ruby Taylor Agnes Tester Geraldine Veit Lurlena Veit Freda NValter Kathryn VValter Lucille NVeber Dorothy Wentz Stella VVehner Dorothy NVein1ert Lonella VVheeler lsalvelle NVhetstone Mary VVintzer IQZZ Retrospect IQZZ , n , , .J THE BOO TERS CLUB l'res .... ....... X 'irgil Stewart Sec ..... ....... l iurt Mueller Y. llres .... ...... l fverett 'l'nrnbull 'llrezis .... ...... P aul Fisher Une bright sunny afternoon a group of high spirited, energetic, and en- thusiastic boys assembled in the reading room for the purpose of organizing a club which would help to make lllume lligh a better school. The result of this meeting was the formation of the Boosterls club, the first of its kind at Blume High. 'llhe Club was composed of the school's best boy students and with its splendid leaders many line things have been accomplished this year. The purpose of the lloosterls club was to keep the school spirit up to par, boost all good movements that would lielp the school or city, and try to se- cure a gymnasium and public library. .-Xlso the club has done everything within its power to give Blume High the best athletic teams in this section of Ohio. Many things have not been finished by the club due to the late start, but it is hoped that the organization will be a permanent one at Blume High School. Uncle linh ...,.... Mrs. O Brien ....... Rosalie ...........,..........,................,....,.............. . ..,. .. Ykvinifrerl, :laughter nf Klrs, U'l1rien .,...... Blillicent, flan M rs. Gahhle ........... Xlr. Gahble ......., Rl artha .,......., Kick ..................... .Xceonipanistu Uperetta Cast Picture CAST Oli CH.XR.'XC'lilfRS .Horace Fenton . MHWWLOUKC Mmm. .Thelma Tobias ..,,..Glarlys Hastings . ,,. r ot Mrs. U lirien .....,. ....... D rusilda Shulcr ......Blarjorie Baxter ..........Virgil Stewart ......Dorothy Doering ......,Raymunrl Bobh Abe Chwrns of Sunhonnet girls anrl Overall boys 'l'he nperetta given hy the lligh School clmrus nn liehruary 17, 1922, at the Brown 'l'hea.tre. iileaseml a very large anclienee. The excellent cast, support! ecl hy the mixerl chorus, uniler the personal rlirectiun of aliss Grace illytinger, music instructor, marle the nneretta a very well stagefl play. 'llhe proceeds were turn- ecl river to the lilurary funrl. The plfvt was as follows: Mrs, tJ'llrien, living on a small farm, has been given 2550011 hy her larother Robert, for the erlucation nt' her two daughters and her niece who is living with her. She takes the money and her twn daughters to the city, leaving the niece. The money is snon spent foolishly ancl a letter written to Robert for more. Uncle llnh. however. mlm-sn't like the quick action with his money and tells them to meet him at the farm. He arrives ahearl of them, assumes the role of an old negro and is a witness to their artificial life anrl their shameful, unkind treatment of Rosalie, his niece. O0 ---------------------A-A----- A A A A A A A A A A A A.A.A.A.A,n.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.AvA:vA.A.e--AvAvAvA.A.A.A.A.AvAvf ' ' IQZZ etrospect IQZZ "The Rejuvenation of .Xunt Mary" was the play given lay the juniors, Sophomores and Freshmen of Blume High School on March 24, at the Brown Theater. The Li- brary fund was greatly depleted and the iuirpose of the play was to replenish it. The play is a comedy in three acts, written hy .Xnne XVarner. lt clearly illustrates What a trip to New York and a taste of city lite will do for a typical little country wo- man. On her return to the country she is dissatisfied with the quiet life and quickly plans to return and make the city her permanent home. The play was given under the direction of Miss Naomi Caldwell and the success is due to her untiring efforts and the cooperation she received. The cast was as follows: Aunt Mary VVatkins ..........,................... John Wzltkixis, Jr., lilenhznn "jack"..... Robert Burnett ........,........,..................... Hubert Kendrick Mitchell ......., H. VVyncoop Clm-ei '..........,................,........ ,............................................... f'l'hc ahove three are Jack's chmnsl Bertha Burnett, "Betty "...,....................,.,.............. .,........... ................. , Nr. Stebhens, lawyer ........................ Joshua, Aunt Marys hired man ..... Lucinda, Aunt Mary's maid ...... .. The Girl from Kalainazoo ........ james, the Burnett hutler ...... Daisy Mullins, villager ...... Eva, Burnett maid ......... Elizabeth XVhitemnn ......Reinhold Erickson ....,......l'larold Bailey ........iFrcderick Klipfel .............l7aul Fisher .........Irene Sheets ......Ronald Minton ..........Virgil Foster ........Goerdis Ziegler .........,..Lilith Davis ........YVillard Wilsoii .......Christine Dittmer .... Doris Fischer 00 --------------------------------.,----- -------..------- ----------------------0v . ...v...- vi vvvv ...vv.......vvv.... - ---vv-. vvvv -. v--- -,vv v.vv.v.....v vvvv---vvv-,- ', I922 Retrospect 1922 oe -------------------A-,--,,-- ,AAAAAA ,---------------------------------------0,0 0 .v..v...vv.......v..v ,... fun, v.v... .5 vvv.....v. ........vvvvvv -..v.. vvv.....v - , , A ROMAN WEDDI G .Xinong the primary purposes for which thc classical club was formed, the teaching of the customs :uid lll2lllllL'I'S ul ancient Greece and Rome stood out as distinctly the most inlportzint, lfor the purpose fmt' 2lKlY2lllClllQ this study, at Latin plzlylet "A Roman XVedcling" was given hy the 1llCllll3Cl'5 of the club on the evening of April 21. This meeting was designated as guest night and :L large audience witnessed the play. The success of this play was due largely to the untiriug efforts of Miss Norma Wintzer, Latin teacher. THF CAST Ulf CHARACTERS Sponsog Tullia ............,... ......... ........ . , . ...... ................................. ...,..., K 2 lthryn Kolter Sponsus: Gains Piso .......,...........,..........,...... ....... R onzild Minton Sponsae pater: Marcus 'llullius Cicero ..... ................ P aul Fisher Sponsue matter: rliCl'Cllll2l .........,.................,. ....,... R eginu Johnson Sponsi puter: Lucius l'iso lfrugi ...,.... ...... ...... l ' Cdward Musser Sponsi mater ..................................,.................,.................... ........ lN label Frisehe Sponsae frater: Marcus Tullius Cicero, :idulescens ..,... .......... I lailey Bush Flamen Dizllis ..........,..................... ...........,.........., ......... ...,... IX I i nor Sibert Poutifex Klaximus .,.... ........, I floyd Finke Iuris consultus ............ ...,.. H orrlce Fenton Quintus Hortensius ...... ...........,.......,..........,....,..,.........,.....,. R ichard Ruppert Wlife of Pronuha ........ ......,..............,,..................................,.. C lenelle Schaffer Signatores ...........,.... ....... l V':flWZll'Cl Gutman, Virgil DuBois, Ralph ldle Tibicines ....... ........ C :trol lluetz, Margaret linost, Freda Swink Lictores ......... ............................... N ed lloegner, Ralph jiniison Marcipor ....... ..............,..........,. E lizabeth Groll Anna ........... ..... l Cathryn Weaver oy---------------------------------------,------------------------------------,o,o ,, v..vv...................v.....v...,.., . ..v...... vvvvvvv ....... , I922 Retrospect I922 on ------------------ ------------------.,------------------- ---------------,oo s'vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv-vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv-l5XNlSvwvvvvvvvvvvvvvv '. ILXTIIRYN KOLTICR FLORENCE ARE RICH.-XRD RRADING RICX SliTTLliMlRlC GlCNliLLlVf SHXFFIQR CAROL PUETZ CHAS. KXOST lCVI2Rli'l"ll 'VURNIEULL VIQRGIL lXlER'l'Z ullflrs. Temples Telegramw .Xn amusing farce in whieh two charaeters of the same name involve the principals in difficulties. Mr. .lack Temple. tVergil Mertzl liaving stayed otit all night at an lixhibition, im- prisoned in a Ferris XYheel, returns home early the next morning. lle informs his wife of his imprisoninent in the XX'heel but as Mrs. Temple ttienelle Shafferi refuses to believe the truth he invents a falsehood. telling her he spent the night at the home of a friend. Mr. John llrown. a name which he himself originates. Mrs. Temple in turn sends a telegram to the supposed Mr. lirown, stating that her future happiness depends upon his eoming at once, in this way hoping to find out the truth of her husb11nd's story. ,Xs Mrs. 'l'emple is preparing to leave for her mothers, Mrs. Frank liueller, tlfloreiiee .Xbe1. the lady with whom jack was imprisoned in the Ferris Wlleel, comes to ask for her field glasses which she loaned him the previous night. But finds that .laelc has given them to Dorothy tCaro1 Puetzl, very much in love with Capt. Sharpe tRiehard llradingl. She arranges to return for the glasses at a more op- portune time. .Xs she leaves Ifranlc lfueller tRex Settlemirel, a friend of Jaek's, comes to the reseue, telling Temple that he will take the part of john Brown. He tells Mrs. Temple how completely wrong she was in her suspicions of her husband and brings the eouple together again. ln the meantime XX'igson, the butler, tliverett 'l'urnbullD admits a man who gives his name as -fohn lirown. 'llhe telegram has been delivered to the real John Brown tChas. linostj mueh to the dismay of lfuller and 'llemplt-. The true Mr. Brown has carelessly forgotten the telegram sent to him by Mrs. Temple and it falls into the hands of his wife tliathryn Iiolterl who is very inueh aroused and starts after him immedi- ately. Mrs. liuller returns to the 'l'emple home and finds her husband, Frank, is Jack's most devout friend. Of eonrse there is much explaining to be done, but the play ends with at reconciliation of all concerned. 0,n------- --.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.--.'. ,.'.v.'.v.v.v.v.------------------------------------,- ----- Q ,,vv---,,An-.vv -vv .fs -------vvv-v-.vvvvvvvvvvvvvv-vvv--v.,-, vv-,v-rvvffg I922 Retrospect IQZZ OA,----------------,----- ------------------ ...... -A----------------------,---- 0 ,-,vvvvvv-vv-., -vvvv vvvv----v ..vvvv.v...vvv..vv.v.v.. vw vvvvvvvvvvv v vvvvvvvvv---vv-vf,-, "THE PARASITEU The nit-mhcrs tif tht- Stuivlitriiitait class ttiolc rt short ctftirst- in jtmrnztlistn as pztrt of thc lfnglish ll twmnrst-. .Xt tht- t-tniclttsicnii of tht-ir wtwrk Miss Caltlwcll, thc instrnctot' of linglish ll chose the stztff ttwr at schtitil pztiat-r. Tht- nienihcrs of tht- stztfl' wcrt- utnnplvst-tl chiefly tit Swplitnttort-s :intl mic lllCIlllJL'l front thc St-nitvr, jnnitri' zlntl lirt-sltniztn clztsst-s. lt was tlvttitlt-cl to fall thc pztpet' thc "P:1r11sitQ" hecztnsc tht- nt-ws cztniu t'i'tnn llhimt- High, ztntl thrn the kintlnt-ss of the MXY3.1JZlliO!'lCl2l. Daily Nt-ws" struct- wzts giyt-n catch Sxttnrtlny t-vuning in thstt pztpcr. Tht- first t-tlititin was imrintt-fl NOYCHll7t'I' ll. l92l. 'llhe :tint of tht- "l'ztr:1sitt-" is tu inttirni the pnhlit' ztntl t-xsgrzttltizttt-s tif thc hztppcn- ings and cliztngt-s constantly taking' plztct- :tt llhinit- lligh, 'l'ht- sltigztn tit' tht- pant-1' is "lf You Cznn't Iltitist'+IJtiii't lintnt-lt," :intl tht- nitittu "XYh:ttt-x't-i' is wtnrth ht-string is worth printing." Since the first ctliti-ln, tht- pztpt-t' has stcrttlily grmvii ztntl now t-twt-1's :tn L'Illll'C page tif thc "Daily Nt-ws." 'llhc rt-:ttlt-rs tif tht- "l':tr:tsitc" hztvt- lt-:trnt-tl tu :tpprcciatc the svhtiol pztimci' ztntl look ftn'xx':t1'tl tti tht- nt-xx' t-tliti--ns t'i'tin1 wet-lt tt: wt-t-k. The suv- rcss of tht- imztpt-r is tlnt- tt: tht- t-l'ftv1'ts of tht- instigxtttwr, Nliss Cztlclwt-ll, :tntl to tht- splen- tlitl crmtmcratirm ot' thc- pnhlit- :intl tht- stztfl' with tht- t-tlitw11'-in-t-hit-f, Xlinm' Siht-rt. 9 E Q 2:51 we X, Af nmntmggs - - - - - - - - - - A - - - A - - - - A - - .q,.,.v.v.v.v.v,.'.v.vN.v.v.v.v.' -v-,------,-v-.s.v nv I922 Retrospect I922 -----AA,---+.AAAr--J--Jvvs.---fvvxAAA.v--v v---vvvvvvv vw' w R TR CK TEAM OF I92l ,XRTHLTR CR.XF'l' COUAX CROXX' .XRTHLIR IEMRICK HOR,-XCR FENTOX XYARREX FESSLER EMMA FISHER EULA FISHFR PAUL FISHER ROY FCJCJS HAROLD GUTMAXX I.fJUIiI,L,X KICXNEIDX AXL'GUS'l' KIA l'IfIfL ICDGXR KOICIIL TRICSSIIC METZ li.X'I'HYRN MINTON XYILHUR MORRIS KURT MUELLER IQXRNEST PITTS ROY SHAFFER XYILIZUR SOUTH MARY STEINECKER M INA SNVINEHART WILLIAM TELLJOHN AGNES TESTER CLETUS ZAICXGIJEYX :,4.----------------------------------------------------------------,.---- 1 9 2 2 R e 1 f 0 922 -----Q--oo O ,.------------------------A--------- fo ----vv--v--vvvv---------v----vvvv---v,o, TRACK MEET---1921 Blume High surpassed in most events winning the cup by a wide margin. The crowd at the meet was estimated at 1500. The Wapak rooters led by the High School Band urged our athletes on to victory. Our well-trained athletes wese coached bi' Mr. Lee Swaidner and Miss Owings. The record is as follows: lst 2nd 3rd 4th Time 100 yd. dash, Boys ........ ...... N Vapakoneta. New Bremen ..... Waynesfield ...... Wapakoneta.. 10 1X5 sec. Zfwugleirl AA-.... Haynes ............... Waltman ..,.... ..... K urt-Mueller .... 75 yd. dash, Girls ....... ....... Vl apakoneta. St. Marys ..... Wapakoneta ...... Cridersvllle ....... 9 3X5 sec Shot put ....................... ..,,,, , ,, Running broad jump, Girls .... Standing broad jump, Boys.. 880 yd. dash, Boys ........ ....... aibele vault ...... , ,.... . 174 mile relay, Girls .............. 220 yd, clash, Boys.. ...... ..... . . Running broad jump. Boys .... Running high jump, Girls ...... 100 yd. hurdles ............. Base ball throw, Girls ....,....... Base hall throw, Boys ............ 112 mile relay, Boys ....... .,.... 150 yd. dash, Glrls ......... ...... 1 mile race ......... ...... Standing high jump, Boys ...... Metz ........... . New Bremen. Gutman ........... Wapakoneta. Crldersville .... Blerllne ........., Wapakoneta. Foos ................ Wapakoneta.. Emrick .......... Wapakoneta.. Craft ............... New Bremen Schafer ...,... E .. Wapakoneta.. Wapakoneta Frank ............ Poppe ................. Wapa koneta ...... Crow ..........,........ Wapakoneta ...... Croft .............. New Bremen ..... Poppe ...... ...... St. Marys ......... New Bremen ..... Zaenglein., ..... Haines. .... Wapakoneta. Foos .....,... .... . . New Bremen Vornholt. ...... New Bremen.. Haines ............ Vifapakoneta., Fisher ........... Wapakoneta.. Gutman ........... Waynesfield ...... Jett ..................... New Bremen ..... Kamman ............ Wapakoneta ...... Tester ....,....... Wnpakoneta. Zaenngleln ........ Wapakoneta. M1Ht0Yl. ............. . New Bremen .... . Blanke ...........,... New Bremen.. Wapakoneta ..... . Wapakoneta. St. Marys ,.... Metz ................ Frank ................. New Bremen.. Wapakoneta ..... . Poppe .............. Emrlck ........,.. Buckland ....... Wapakoneta ...... Holtzapple ..... Foos ............... Running high jump ........ ....... 1 Vaynesfield 1 mile relay ....... ...... Coffin ............., Wapakoneta. New Bremenc... Schafer ...,.......... Wapakoneta ...... Gutman ............. . New Bremen. Crow ............. New Bremen .... Schafer ......... . Blerllne ...........,, .Waynesfield ...... MeDermitt ......... St. Marys ...,.... .. New Bremen. Buss .............. New Bremen Schafer ....... ,...... St. Marys .... Blew ...... . ....,. . . Kamma n ....,.,,,,,, , Waynesfield.. J ett ................. New Bremen ..... Blanke .,........ St.. Marys ......... NX hson ......... Smith ................. New Bremen ..... Waynesfield ..... Waitman ...... New Bremen Poppe ............ Buckland ........... Fritz .........,.,.. Wapakoneta .,.,.. Kennedy ....... St. Marys ......... Boltz ......... Moyer ..,..... Wuyncsfield.. , New Bremen ..... . Schafer .............. St. Marys ......... Wessel ................ Vlfapakoneta.. Fisher ................. Waynesfield ...... Rinehart, ........... . Waltinan ............ New Bremen. Hennlngerm, Wapakoneta ...... McDermitt,. ....... Pitts ............. .. St. Marys ..... Crldehrsville.. Blerline ............. St. Marys ......... Blue .................... Wapakoneta ...... Fenton ....... ...... , . St. Marys .... St. Marys ,... ..... Buss ...........l....... Waynesfield.. Downing ............ Wapakoneta ..,... Fenton ............... Telljcxhamu ........ Wessel ............... Reed ............. Schafer ........ Waynesfield ...... 34 ft. 3 in. 12 ft. 0 1X4 in, 9 ft. 1f12 in, 2 min. 1 min. 25 sec. 19 112 sec. 1 1f'5 sec. is ft. s 3X4 in. 4 ft. 5 in. 14 3X5 190 ft. 293 ft. 1 min. 19 2X5 5 min. 4 ft. 8 5 ft. 6 4 min. sec. 1 in. 48 1X2 sec. sec, 36 2X5 sec ln. in. 3 3X5 sec. .o .-.-.-.-.-.A.A.A.4v-Y v v-.-.-v - 1922 Retrospect I 922 of ,.v.'.v.v.v.'.v.v.v.v.'.v.v.v.v.v. ,Imax suoclqnx' ..,...... HORACE rfmxmx ........ x1,xRv1x EUINGILR ....... . HAROLD Ii.'XILliY .......,,. .. HOXYARD ZERIQEL ....,..... . REINHOLD ERICIQSON. RUBISRT RUNKLT2 ............. RICILXRIJ RUl'I'I'fRT ...... . FOOT BALL TEA FREDICRICIQ KLIPFEL ............ R. H. B. .......L. T. XYILLIKRI LIECHNER....,.........L. H. B. G. CJRVEL KILLI:XN....................ld. B. KCJ GUILFORIYQ .XRCIlIfR....,...................Sl1b. G. RALPH IDLE..................... .......Sub. T. ROIHSRT GROSS................ .,.....Sub. IC, KURT BlUELLliR.................. .......SulJ' U. RICHARD SLox,x14nR.......... .......sub. oo.------------------------ ------A------ ------------------ -------.. -----u .9--,,,,-.----v--------v,,,A,-,- v,---, -..-----v ------,vw avnv--vw., I922 Retrospect IQZZQ FOOT BALL Football made it's first appearance in Blume l-ligh School this year and the school was very fortunate in securing the excellent coaching of Judge R. E. Boesel and Dr. G., B. Faulder both of whom were college stars. These men developed a wonderful team from boys that were practically inexperienced. ST. MARYS VS. WAPAK The first game was played with St. Marys on our own field. Our boys played a splendid game and at the end of the third quarter the score was U-0, despite the fact that our boys were playing rings around them. In the last quarter old Dame Fortune smiled upon St. Marys and the visitors were victorious with the score 19-U. SIDNEY VS. WAPAK The second game was with the strong Sidney eleven and we were more fortun- ate. Blume liigh eleven started off with a rush and in a few m.inutes they had Sidney's line, torn cpen and our star half-back "Tuffy" Lechner scored our first touchdown. After this we scored at will and when the game ended the score was 26-7. . WAPAK VS. LIM'A This game was played at Lima with Lima South High. As it had rained the Week preceding the game, it was impossible to practice and it was thought that the game would be called off. But due to some mismanagement it was not. VVl1en the boys en- tered the field they waded mud and water almost to their ankles, but still they played the game. They were defeated 68-0. WAPAK VS. ST. MARYS Everyone looked forward to this game very much. The band and about two hun- dred and fifty rooters traveled to our neighboring city expecting to take them into camp but our boys played their worst game of the season, and were defeated by the score of 24-0. g- HIGH SCHOOL VS. CITY TEAM Blume High team played its last game with the-Citytteam and showed what they were made of by defeating them 13-6. PROSPECTS FOR 1922 The prospects for an excellent team for the coming year are very bright. We have, with the exception of three players, the same team we had this year. With an extra year of coaching we should have a team that will be a hard proposition to beat. Q - - - - - - - - - - - A - - - - - - - - - - - .vx.,.,.v.v,,,.v,v.,,.v.v.,.,.v .,.v,,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,., v IQZZ Retrospect IQZZQ z'.'.'.'.'.'vAv-vAv'v'vA.Av'v'v-v'.' vAv-v'-v-v-v-.Av-Av'-v-v-.-.-v-v-v-.-.-v-:.-v-.-v-.Av-.AY-v-.-.F v-.-v-. v'v'v-v'v'v'v'v'.-v-.-. -2 P BOY ' BASKET B LL TEA BERNARD HOUTZ 1C1 ............ Ffrrwzml FRICIJRICIQ IQLIVFEL .,,... ....... G uard HOXY.-XRD READ .......................... I'4OI'VV1ll'fl RIEX SliTTI,I2BlIRE ......, ....... S uh. ROBERT RUNKLIY ...... ....,..... C cuter HUR.-XCIQ FIQNTON ........ . ....... Sub. ORVEL IQILLIAXX ......... ....... G Uilfll IRON SCIIXFLL .......... ....... S uh. I922 Retrospect 1922 gg .-.-.-.-.-,-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.A...-.-,-.-,A.-,-,-.-.-.-.-.-...-.-.-.-.-.A.-.-.-.-.-,-.-.-,-.-.-.-.-.-.-,-.-.-,-.-.-.-.-.-.-.A.-.-.-.W.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.15.3 BOYS' BA KET BALL za-M --A----- - ----- - ------ --M ----v---v----v -----A----------Qzz Our noble liasket Ball men were put in condition by the excellent coaching of Mr. Lee Swaidner. A WAPAK VS. WAYNESFIELD-DEC. 16TH Our first game was with Waytiesfielcl and it proved an easy victory. We took them into camp to the tune of 30-19. About a hundred rooters accompanied the team. WAPAK VS.. PIQUA-DEC. 17TH The night following the Wfaynesfield game the team journeyed to Piqua to meet the fast Piqua High School team. Although the floor was small, they put up a strong fight and in the second half scored more points than their opponents. The final score was 24-46 in Piqua's favor. This was one of Piqua's hardest games. They had been playing such teams as Dayton, Stivcrs. Springfield, and Hamilton. WAPAK VS. DELPHOS-DEC. 23RD On this date our boys visited Defphos and were engaged in a battle with the fast St. John High. This team is one of the strongest in the state and to date have won eighteen straight games. But, despite this reccrd, our team was able to give them a hard fight without being swamped. The score 15-37. ' WAPAK VS. LIMA-JAN. 6TH Our next game was with Lina South High. An extra amount of coaching made it certain we cculd give Lima a good fight and we were nit disappointed. The score was close at all times, in the seccnd half it was 17-17 but in the last few minutesi of play Lima forged ahead and the result was 23-18 in their favor. WAPAK VS. SPENCERVILLE-JAN. 20TH This was one game that we were confident of winning, but were doomed to disap- pointment for we lost by the score of 16-28. WAPAK VS. ST. MARYS This was the game of games and our boys after a week of hard practice journeyed to St. Marys accompanied by about one hundred and fifty rooters. The game was fast and close and at the end of the first half we lead 9-3, but in the second ihalf they came back strong and tied the score. The time was extended five minutes in which our opponents made a foul basket and we a field basket which ended the game 21-22 in Wapak's favor. WAPAK VS. OTTAWA-FEB. 24TH After three weeks rest the team went to Ottawa where they found the slippriest floor in the state. Being unaccustomed to such a floor they were unable to compete satisfactorily. VVe lost the game with the score 38-6. WAPAK VS. NEW HAMPSHIRE This was the only appearance of the second team this season. lt was a hard game and was played on a small floor which accounts for the small score. Wapak won 13-5. O .--AA-----A-A---- -AA 7-A AA-- ---L-----A------O .O ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, , ,, ,,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,.., v ...,... v-, -,.,-vvv-,,,,,,, 5 I922 Retrospect IQZZ GIRLS' BASKET B LL TEAM LLICILLE ,XLTER KCJ ..............., Iforwzml IDI J Rf VI'HY IDI JICRING .......... ....... C Zuurd IQXTHR Y X NI l XTUN .................. Forward NI I XX SW I N ICI I .X RT ........................ Guard KI .XRG.XRIi'I' LIQAR ............,.....,....... Center I'ILIZ.Xl3Ii'I'H XN'HI'I'lCKl AXX .............. Sub. G IQORIJIS ZICIGLIQR ............,............... Sub. GIRLS' BA KET BALL TEAM Our girls Rasket Ball team received the excellent coaching of Miss Pera Campbell. WAPAK VS. WAYNESFIELD-DEC. 16TH The first game was with the fast VVaynesfield team. At the end of the first half the score was 7-1 in favor of Waynesfielcl. During the second half our team held them and the final score was 7-1. WAPAK VS. ST. MARYS-FEB. In this game the girls set cut to do or die and do they did. The game was played in the new armory at St. Marys and as a preliminary to the city team. A great crowd thronged the Armory to See St. Marys go down to defeat before Blume High's fast team. The score was 8-9. WAPAK VS. OTTAWA-FEB. 24TH Inspired by the victory at St. Marys the team went to Ottawa to meet the girls team of that city. But as the score indicates all were disappointed. 55-0. WAPAK VS. NEW HAMPSHIRE-MARCH 10TH On March 10 the team journeyed 'to New Hampshire and won by the one-sided score of 32-0. 1.--.Q 1-. TENNIS This year we added tennis to the list of Blume High School Sports. After select- ing a team by holding a class tournament, we issued a challenge to all schools in this section of the state. The challenge was accepted by only one school and that was our old rival St. Marys. Our representatives went to St. Marys determined to win and win they did. The team that represented our school was as follows: Frederick Klipfel, Marian Fischer, Howard Read and Kathryn Kolter. The boys doubles were played first and our team won by the score of 6-2-6-4. The girls doubles-Again our team was successful. Score 6-3-75. Mixed Doubles-Kathryn Kolter and Howard Read won 6-4-6-2. Boys Singles-Frederick Klipfel won 5-7-75-69. 4 9 2 Retrospect I TENNIS TEAM IQ.X'l'HRYX KOLTIQR NIARIAN FISCHER 1fRI'llJliRICK IQIJPFIQL HUXVARD RIQAD ,O v.v.v.v.'.'.'.'.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v v Y v v v.vA-.v.v v v v.v. vvvv ' vvvvvvvvvv vvivv A v.v.v.v v v -Av.v.v.!v-vAv-v-v-v-v-v-v-'Av A. 1922 Retrospect IQZZ JOKE WANT AD COLUMN NVANTED-More money. Staff. FOUND-A gold mounted pocket flashlight, in the study hall. Owner may have same by calling on Gerald VValtz. LOST-A girl. Roy Craft. FOUND-A girl. Urvel Killian. VVANTED-More room, more money, more publicity. High School. FOUND-l fountain pen, Swan make: l Eversharp pencil, 1 pair of over- shoes, l pair cuff links. Please call for same. Max R. Menschel, principal. XVANTED-Some good jokes. Everett Turnbull. VVANTED-MA heifer, broke for riding. Mary Rhodiheffer. FOR SALE-A second hand wedding ring with initials E. E. N. E. D. engraved on it. See commercial department. i -so-e2o2o++ Roy Bauer, after selling a pair of trousers to a lady who walked out and left them lay, followed excitedly sa ing: "Lady, Lady, here's your pants." Everett-'Wllhat does Roy Miller do when he gets thru drawing?" Pauline-"Takes off his hat and pants." +-o+2-:Q-0+ Richard Ruppert-" You will be a destiny wished Cl13l'ElCtC1'.SOl'1l6 day." Elizabeth Wlhiteman-"A what, what for?" R. R.-f'Old age." V. Foster-"Mr, Swaidner, you look like an apple d0n't you P" Mr. S.-"A what F" V. Foster-"I just said you looked like a Baldwin." Regina johnson in Sociology-"The man would go thru fire for his sup- 3 porters' +04-92+ oa- Luella E. rushing into a grocery store-"Give me a rat trap quick, I want to catch a street car.'l' +0434-o-Q Rosamond reading Shorthand-"Good, goodly, GOODER." fGood dealj Class roars. Miss C.-"Use word euphony in a sentence." B. B.-"Oh, you funny kid !" 0-+-024:-o-0+ Eyes ........ Hair.. Nose ........ Teeth ....... Smile Walk ....... Voice ....... IF SHE HAD Hazel Nelson like Bernadine Tobias Drusilda Shuler Irene Sheets Kathryn Kolter Mary Smith like Anna R. Gebhart -------- ----..------------n 4'AvA.Av'v'v'.-v-v-.-.-v-.-.Av A.:-.-.-.-.Av-v-.-.-.-.-v-.-.-v-.-.-v-.-W-.-.-.Av-V v - - v v v v - v v -- - - - - - - - v - - - 1 .5 I922 Retrospect IQZZI Q -vv-vv vvvvvv v ..v.v .v.v......v.......v..v..vvv...vvv v -v Joni ITAVORITE SONGS OF B. HI. INMATES I Love the Ladies .....................................,...................................................... Mr. Nott Another Good Man Gone XYrong ........................................................ Mr. Menschel I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles ................... .......... IX Ir. Nardin S0mebody's Sweetheart ................................. ......... IN Iiss Dakin XVait 'Til You Get Them Up in the Air ....... .......... IN Ir. Swaidner All By Myself ................................................... I'm Sorry to Leave You Sweetheart. .... .. Keep the Home Fires Burning ............. Tuck Me to Sleep ................................................ ..,...... Ielortense ....................................................................... ....... Oh XVhere Is My VVandering Box Tonight ....... ....... I Dream of You in the Moonlight ..................... ....... The Girl I Left Behind Me ............................................. 00420:-of-0 Before joke Editors again we'd be XYe'd drown ourselves in the deep blue sea, Or to some cannibal isle we,d take a bus And let the cannibals make hash of us. ..Mr. Goodman ..........Mr. Zeiders .......Miss Smith Mr. Edmonds Miss Mytinger ..Miss Caldwell ...Miss Vkfintzer .........Mr. Wiley Miss Campbell Cexplining the manner of speaking at meetingsj-"First you address the chairman and then you may not speak until he recognizes you." . Ed Musser-"Suppose he didn't know you in the first place." A +0-02:-oo-Q Miss Campbell to IVilbur Schwark-"NVilbur, will you keep your feet in your seat so people will not fall over them." ,. VVilbur Schwark-"I don't see why people fall over my' feet. "They are big enough they surely can see them, then go around." +oo:o:+o-Q Miss Campbell-"Tomorrow you will read 'To a dandelion'." WRONG MEANING . ,. Caroline Elsass translating Virgil-"The man's heart started intib tiff." as , P Class roars. SOME HUNGER Lilith Davis-'fColeridge devoured two volumes a day." Mary Smith-"Roy, I just love foot-ball players !" Roy Miller-'fVVish I was a foot-ball player." +4-020:-Q-o-0 Mary Smith-"Say, Roy, do you notice any change in me?" Roy Miller-"No, why?" Mary S.-"VVhy, I just swallowed a dime." Mr. Edmonds--"I can't find my wife anywhere." Floorwalker-"just start talking to my pretty assistantf 3 ay. - - - - A - - - - - - - - - A - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -,,-,-,A,A,-,-,-v-,-,-,-,-,-,-, ,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-f O.. - v- ....,,.,.,,, .,,............ - - v . I922 Retrospect 1922 10 . - - - - A - - - - - - - - - - - - -A - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - .v.v.'.'.'.v.'.v.'.v.v.v.v. 7.v.v.v.'.'.'.'.v.'.'.'.v.v.'.'.v, oo 'sv' ....... ------vv ----vv---v .... vvv----v Q, JoKEs EPITAPH "Here lies our wife, Samantha Procter, She ketched a cold and wouldn't docter She couldn't stay, she had to go, Praise God from whorn all blessings flow." JOKES The Tunerville liand The Cheer Leaders Courtship of Miles Standish P. N. R. E. C. Freshmen This Annual Harold Bailey correcting Miss Gabriel in English III-"VVhy no, Miss Gabriel, it's just the other way turned .around Miss Gabriel-"VVho was joan of Arc ?" K. Kolter-"Noah's wife." Mr. Menschel fteaching the theory of evoltitioiij-"Wilbur, how many ribs have you P" Wilbur South-"I don't know, l'm so ticklish I never can count 'em." Miss Caldwell-'WVhere do we get tin from P" Everett Turnbull-'fFrom tin mines, don't we?" Miss Gabriel-'tFlorence, what was Nelson's farewell address?" Florence Abe-"Heaven, l suppose." -o-+034-0+ Mr. Goodman-"W7hat insect requires the least nourishment ?" Mary Koehl-"The moth, it eats holes." -o-oo2v2o+o- Mrs. B.-"Ordell, did you take your medicine regularly in school PM Ordell B.-"No'm, Lydia Delong liked it an gimme an apple for it." Miss Smith-"Name three articles containing starch." Myron B.-"A collar and two cuffs." +0-o-Q4-Q-eo Miss Campbell addressing the brilliant Everett-"Did you ever consult a dictionary ?" Everett-"Yes, I read it thru once but I couldn't get the drift of the StO1'y. Patient-"Doctor, I've just received your bill for the operation you per- formed on me, will you cut off anything for cash P" Dr. Faulder-"Yes, my dear sir, an arm, a leg, anything you want re- moved." Q -------------- ---------------- --------------- ----- ---------- . -vvvv-------- --v-v---vv-vvvvvv-v--vvv-vvvvv--- ---vv'w,v---------V' 1922 Retrospect I922 :ae ------ ---------- ---- - - -v-v--v-v-v-v-V-v-v--N-v-v--v--v---v-v-v -'A-v-v-v---v-v----ev-2:': Q v-vv--:l.vvvv-v-v Joni Miss Caldwell-"VVel1, I'm going to squit peaking." O soon." 4-+0-,-:Q-0+ Miss C.-"1'here are two boys who are going to leave this class pretty Virgil S. to Everett-"The class is dismissed then." -0-eo-:':+oo Caroline Elshoof Qtranslating Virgilj-"Rex fugit" "The king has fleas." +++:o2-+4-0 Howard Zerkle is so tall that when he gets his feet wet in june he doesn't catch cold 'til January. +0-03-o-oo Customer-"I want something to put a chicken in." Floorwalker-"Yes sir: camisole or casserole ?" Everett Turnbull-K'VVhat's Darwin's Theory?" Virgil Stewart-"Monkey business." ++'2'3++' Chas. Knost-"Have you heard of the B. V. D. Orchestra?" Ray Bobb-"No, but why lil. V. ll?" Chas. Knost-"Oh, it's only one piecef, +0-+92-o-o-0 She-"How was the first swimming practice ?" He-"Fine, a lot of good men were uncovered." +0-o-202-Q-0-+ Female fan at St. Marys basket ball game excitedly-"O, if our team gets another basket before time is up I know I will just stand on my head." Virgil and Everett fcheer leadersj-"Everybody, all together, 'Yeah team, we want a basket'." -o-sexo:-0-o-0 Mr. Nardin-"VVhere were you born ?" CNed Hoegner remained silentj Mr. Nardin-"Did you hear me? Vtlhen is your birthday?" Ned-"Aw, what do you care, you aint gonna gimme anything." -o+o:4:+o-Q Helen Bice-"I thought you were going to kiss me when you puckered up your lips." Bernard Fisher-"No, just a piece of grit in my teeth." Helen Bice-"For goodness sake swallow it, you may need it." -o-o-02.24-o-Q F-ierce lessons L-ate hours U-nexpected company N-ot prepared K-icked out ++-ca-eo-+ Mr. Menschel to Caroline Elshoff-"Caroline, what extra muscles have an ape, those muscles men used to possess ?" Caroline-"VVhy muscles for wigglin the ears." , vv ..... .-vv-- .... --v.,v---vv----vvv--vvv .... vvvv--vv O l922 Retrospect IQZZ 6 -- ----,v,,.----- BLUME HI Bliss Campbell .... .... .... Urclell lilankenbaker ...... Leo Stoll ......,................. Mary Rodehcffer .......... Roy I.auer .................. Leonard Drexler ....... Mary Holtkamp .............. JOKE ZOO ......................C2l111Cl .............Airdale . Hull dog .Cow ,........Red squirrel . .............. Monkey ....................Grizzly VVilbur Sehwarck ............ Long eared hyena Jean Roberts ........................................ Giraffe -oeosao-Q B. H. S. STUDENTS AT LARGE Hans Katzenjamer ................ Melvin Elsass Fritz Katzenjamer ................ Harry Barber Mutt ................ .... .............. R e inhold Erickson jeff ................................ Ordell lilankenbakcr Maggie ...... ..... jlggs ............. . ..... liuster lirown ...... Little Jimmie ............. ..... ......Lucille Alter ...Vergil Stewart .......Alvin XVinget .......Carl Preasar Happy Hooligan ................ Howard Zerkle Captain ................................. Mrs. Katzenjamer. ,,........ .Arthur Emerick .Genelle Schaffer Andy Gump ......,........ .......,....... R oy Bauer Mrs. Gump ....... Cicero Sap ............ ..... Mr. O. Mrs. VV. ........Orvel Killian and Hawkshaw ........................... ............Mabel Coil .....Howard Read Gladys Hastings .....Mr. Menschel llarney Google .,.................. Edward Musser lluster l3rown's Dog ............ Paul Lehman Polly ......... .......,,................. R egina Johnson Pa ........... ............................. V ergil Mertz +0-0:0240-0 B. H. S. STUDENTS IN THE MOVIES Douglas Fairbanks ....,........... Orvel Killian Mary Pickford .................. Gladys Hastings Alice Joyce .....................,.. Regina johnson Fairbanks twins..Mary and Edythe Smith Theda Bara ....,,.................... Pauline Pitthan Annetta Kellerman ............ Louise Brokaw Norma Talmadge ...................... Cecil Nance Rcscoe tFattyJ Arbuckle ................................Leonard Montgomery Charlie Chaplin ...................... Albert Berlet Wan. Farnum .................... Willmiir Schwarck Bill Hart ....,... ....... l-I arold Friediger VVallaee Reid .............. .......llernard Houtz Mary Miles Minter .......... Louella VVheeler Harold Lloyd ............. llebe Daniels .... . ..... . ...........Berlin Slater ......,......Lydia Delong May lXflc.f'Xvoy ....... ............. ll 'label Brackney Gloria Swanson ..,......... lsabelle Vlfhetstone .. ,. Mrton S.lls. ........................... Rex Settlemire Thos. Meighan .............. ....Alfred Reodiger Rudolph Valentiuio ...... H arvey Mc Pheron Eddie Polo ........................ Richard Hrading Len Cody ................................ Ronald Waltz Olive Thomas ............ Sylvia Hoopingarner lrene Castle ................................ Mary Koehl Dorothy Gish .................... Eloise Hamilton Lillian Gish ,...,............ ....... L uella Elsass lletty Compson ........................ Carol Puetz Constance Talmadge ........ Mary Stienecker llert Lytell .................................... Roy Miller Mabel Norinand.. ..... . ...............Rlltl1 Klug Buster Keaton .................. ...... VV 'ilbur South Larry Semon ....... ........ . .Everett Turnbull Jack Mauver ........... .,............ . Vernon Swink Elsie Ferguson ...................... Florence Abe +-+4202 00-0 ILLUSTRIOUS CHARACTERS FROM B. H. s. John P. Sousa ............. Shakespeare ....... George Eliot ....... . Miltcn .............. Napolc. n ............... ...............Chas. Knost ........Vergil Stewart .......Regina Johnson Musser ....."Hob" Runkle llo McMillen ........................ "Peck" Killian Pete Stinsotrech .............. "Tuffy" Lechner Archimedes ......,....... Pythayous ..................... .......Horace Fenton ......."Bus" Sibert Hannibal ........................,.....,........... Roy Craft Alexander, the Great ...... Earl Rohrbacher Marie Antionette ....... ..........Lucille Alter Cleopatra ............................ Genelle Schaffer Antony ......... ....... A rthur McPheron Caesar ....... ................. R oy Shaffer Edison ............. ............... B ob Slusher Caruso -lr. ........ ................. R aylnond Bobb Lloyd George .................. Miss Sarah Howell ...... John Thorpe ......,,....... L.. "Chick" Harley ......... . Judge Landis .......... Jack Dempsey ........ ..........Kurt Mueller ..........Mary Howell Erickson ......HoWard Zerkle .....,...Mr. Swaidner ........Forest Lotridge ------..---A--- -.Av-.-.-. v'.4.- Av'-A.-.eA:v'v'v'v A.A.-.- IQZZ Retrospect 0 ----------------- --- I WISH I HAD: JOKE AvAvAvAvAv4v'v'vAv'vAv'.'.AJ 5AvAvAvAvAvAvAv'vAv'vAvAvAv'vAv'v'v'v'.!v'IJifv'v'v'v'v'vAvAvAv'vAv4v'vAv'v! . Louder voice. ........ . .... Sylvia Hoopingarner O Henry .............................,.... Florence Abe Patent leather hair .............. Bernard Houtz Longer legs ................ Ordell Blankenbaker Miss Howell's position ........ Mary Howell Snowballs ....... ................. A lbert Berlet My lessons .................................... Ruth lilug .-X beau ......... ......,... ............... H e len Bice A band .......,........... ....... ' 'Kelly" Knost Originality '.... ...................... ll label Brackney Toes to dance on... ......... Mary Koehl Something to crab about, Richard Brading A butcher ............. ........... I lilda Kali More hair ...................................... Mabel Coil i-X farm ................ .......... V ergil Mertz Longer lessons ..,.........,............. Helen Craft AX lill1iIllSl11L'.. ........ Pauline Pitthan More literary work ............ Margaret Darst An oxen ..,... ..,......... I xlary Rodeheffer filore room ....,......................... Melvin Elsass Hairnets .................................. Lueile Schnell Something to laugh at .... Rosemond Esser New styles ............ Mary and Edith Smith AX Kolilt-r ,,,,.,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Lorena Fgil Swink .................................,.... Thelma Tobias Orvel Killian ,,,,,,,,,,.,,,A A mm Ruth Ggbhgirf A powder puff ........................ Lydia Delong More weight ,,,,,,,. ,,,,,,.,,,, E loisg Hgiliqiltgll .X sCHt ..................... ......... ' xftllllf lXlCPll6r0I'l ADVICE TO JU l0R llark, juniors-XYe address you And if 'tis advice you would seek Our thoughts on this matter we gladly will Now listen while we speak! 'lthe best advice we can give to you ls to study and try to succeed. lJon't hang' around in the study hall And act like you want to be freed. lJon't giggle and whisper and "act up" We never did you see ,-Xnd we put ourselves up as a model Un which we know youll agree. l7on't ask to speak too many times Ur the teachers will find you out And then the time "oh, sad to tell" XYhen the teachers will bawl you out. Don't interrupt when a Senior speaks And shows his knowledge profound, But sit in silence and gaze at one XN'ho. so to speak, knows his ground. Don't play hookey, for that is wrong And the penalty is severe, XYe've had experience along this line, And the price we paid was too dear. fl nd now that we've told you what not to do We will leave the rest with you. give llut use your rights as they ought to be used And we're sure that you will get through. K. K.-F. .-X. FQEOSQ H356 ga Engng: :Nec MQESM-MEGA :Bm E3 gpm sae?-mOg2m H203 HN M.: nsgamvm -smmgem gs gang 4 6:3 PENS gsm hh-sasmgg A255 Engmmasm Eglzlimmoewonm ::E:Z:E:ilvhooauu ga IEEEQA was eg, him awovm on uoz 55:52:55 5 WED? ew Q l..I'I4I.V. 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VVell all we can say is, "Congratulations, Virgilf, This office has been an advocate for good roads for a long time, now, that our own Senator Stoll has been made a victim, maybe our commission- ers, Craft, Read, and Hoopingarner will take some notice of the wishes of the peoplel -o-o-+2024-o-4 COURT NEWS Probate Court The last will and testament of Everett Turn- bull, deceased, was admitted to probate Monday. Among his numerous bequests was that of be- queathing his wife, Carol, to John Shockey Esq. subject to -lohn's approval. The case of the State of Ohio vs. Charles Knost in the matter of flunking was dismissed at the plaintiff's cost. Mary and Edith Smith of Botkins were brought before Probate Judge Boyer on the charge of having appeared on the street with their galashes fastened. judge Boyer left them off with a five dollar fine because of their vamping eyes. - Marriage License Lucile Schnell, school teacher, 29, Rex Settle- mire, farmer, 34. Rev. Rhodeheifer. Mabel Brackney, nurse 32, Marvin Boyer, judge, 27. Rosamond Esser, typist, 33, Charles Kolter, banker 17. tConsent of groon1's parentsj Real Estate Ronald Waltz swapped his long-eared mule to Vernon Weimert for a postage stamp. Mabel Coil traded her giggle to Mr. Menschel for his smile. Harold Bailey traded his gracefulness with Charles Clay. Mary Rodeheffer and Isabelle traded seats at Mr. Swaidner's request. l l 1 FORD SMASHED Leo Stoll, U. S. Senator from Ohio, was mir- aculously saved from death when his Ford car overturned as a result of bad roads. Mrs. Stoll, nee Taylor who accompanied Mr. Stoll, was slightly bruised. -Q-o-02:20-oo I used to think, I knew I knew But now I must confess The more I know, I know, I know I know I know the less. -0-o-ogvao-0+ ODE TO MY LOST HAIR I sat in the barber's chair, And watched him cut off my hairy And when my hair was cut off, I noticed the people scoff. And when they looked at me, I felt as bashful as could be, But now that lUy hair is in curls I outshine all the other girls. +-o-+2-:+o-v CAN YOU IMAGINE Miss C. doing the Camel Walk? Regina as a suffragette? Ed Musser a public speaker? Lucile A agreeing? V. Mertz without his bluff? Miss Campbell giving a short test? Miss Campbell with humps? Mr. Swaidner without his red neckties? Smith girls without galoshes? Kate Kolter stuck up? Kurt Mueller getting nineties? Mr. Menschel proposing? - We can't. - -0-Q-021344-0 Baby in the home brew fell, See the grief on mother's brow? Mother loves her darling well, Baby's quite hardboiled now. 4-ooze:-Q-eo CHAMPIONSHIP FIGHT Kid Blankenbaker, champion heavyweight boxer Mof Mudsock, was victorious over champ South in a ten round bout in Madison Square Garden last night. Kid Blankenbaker is a former class- mate of Harvey McPheron, now president of the Glenwood Hay and Grain Elevator. VVARBLER FAIR AND WARMER SUES FOR DIVORCE Anne Rhinehart, famous bareback rider of the? . . l Barnum and Bailey circus, sued Richard Bradingl for a divorce in the Auglaize County Common Pleas court yesterday. She charges Brading with destroying her curling tongs, making it impos- sible for her to appear at the regular perform- ance in Cridersville and Fryburg. 0+-034-o-v He kissed her on the cheek, It seemed a harmless frolic, But now he's been laid up a week, They say with "Painters Colin." +4-02024-0+ Of all the pests that walk the street I'd like to land a blow Upon the silly goof that says "Hello, Joe. W'haddya know?" -o-003400 HAIR BEAUTIES Pres.--Lucille Alter V. Pres.-Delma Roberts Sec.-Mabel Coil Treas.-Margaret Darst 4-QQQOIQ-+0 There was a young lady named Mary Who could sing as sweet as a canary. Now she sang so very very sweet As she stood on her two little feet That the'audience soon became weary. -Q-042-2-vo-0 Tango-Tangere4Turkey-Trottum Flunko--Flunkere-Faculti-Fixium o+o-Q02-0-eo I Hate to Leave You.. ................ ...... S enior Class Somebody Is Calling Me Honey .... ..Arthur Emrick Miss Gabriel in Civics-"Do you know folks I had a boy come up to nie once who said that Wapak was a nice town for old folks to live in but wasn't so nice for the younger set. Now I am not old yet but I am beginning to think it is a delightful place to live in." SEPTOBER TOOTH, 1492 B. C. SOCIETY NEWS One of the most charming events of the season was held at the home of Miss Mildred Cornell, five miles east east of Rhine, when she entertain- ed for Miss Genelle Shaffer, whose marriage to Roy Shaffer is an event of the near future. A tin shower was the main feature of the evening, the bride-elect receiving many beautiful gifts, among which were, a wash board, a wash tub and an egg beater. In the course of the evening a lunch consisting of fried potatoes, green onions and horseradish sandwiches was served. Miss Mary Howell entertained a number of her snffraget friends at a party at her home on Will- sta'k street last evening in honor of her seventy- eighth birthday. Dancing, euchre, and seven-up were the features of the evening. Miss Edith Smith passed thru Botkins Satur- day, on her way to the Chicago Institute of Art. Miss Kathryn Kolter left Sunday for the Strat- ford School of Law at Avon. -vo-0-20:-o-0+ WANT COLUMN W'ANTED-.-X date with all B. H. S. girls. Bud Lehman. VVAXTED-A cure for bashfulness. Adalia Stoll. FOR SALE--All our education and ability. Seniors. FOR SALE-A team of pure-bred vergil ponies. lloth in good condition. For further information inquire of Killian and Schwark. LOST-A girl with red hair. Roy Bauer. FOUND-A Moore fountain pen, a pair of over shoes, a bar pin with a red set, a vergil pony, and a cuff button. Owners may have same by calling on M. R. Menschel and identifying property. ASK Irene Sheets if she uses rouge. ol. 4 . ' ' 'N' ' ' Rosemond Izsser how much she weighs. Breathes there a man with soul so dead llilizabeth Nvhiteman what kind of hair tonic she He never to himself has said l uses. As he bumped his head against the bed-???????? Carol Puetz why she gives such long recitations. Z! Retrospect 'IQ .v,.v.'.v.v.v.'.v.v.v.'A'.v-,-,-:vvu-v-.A.-v-v-,1-4 Q-v-v-v-v-.-.A.A.-v-.-.-.-.A.-v-v-.-.-v-'Av-v'v-v-.-.Av-v'v'. - oo ' 'Yo :I I 'I lx 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 1 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 1 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 1 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I lr 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I lr 'I 'I 'I lr 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I lu 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I lr 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I :I 1? I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Staff Appreciation The staff is desirous of thanking all persons who have aided in making this Annual of 1922 a success. Especially do we desire to thank those business men who have so aided us by their generous advertising. Ol.--.,------4 .gv-v-vvv--4 1 4 4 4 4 1 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 1 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 1 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 1 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 t:"v'.'.'.',A.-:Afv'-A-A-AvAv 'Av-.rv-vt Av- v'v'v4 -'vAv4v'.'v'v'+'- Jvirvfrv 4 I922 Retrospect IQZZ Q ------ --,----- ------------------,-----------.vv------------.v.'.'.v.v.'.'.'.v.v.-.v.v.' o CALA DAR OF EVENTS ' SEPTEMBER 6-School opened with a "bang", 365 is the enrollment. Biggest school ever had here. 23-Senior "Get Acquainted' party. 30-Tennis game with St. Marys High. 'Wapak won, of course. OCTOBER 18-Blume High girl won first prize in State in Poultry Club. 22-Our first game of football! St. Marys came over and defeated us 19-0. Wie stood it like "good sports." ' NOVEMBER 5-Wie "beat" Sidney's fast eleven 26-7 at our second football game. Cele- bration in Nlfapak that night. ll-Armistice Day. Fine program was given by High School. 23-Beginning of Thanksgiving vacation! 24-Football game with St. Marys High. X'Ye could not win this game either but we will win next year. 28-End of vacation. DECEMBER .. 9--Second annual carnival. No school today as we were preparing for the big event. 16-I3ASKETllALLl XYent to XYaynesfield and girls were defeated 8-5. Boys won 30-14. RAH l RAH ! XVAPAKl 21-Grades and High school students sang carols on streets. 23-Beginning of Christmas vacation! 26-Boys new 'basketball uniforms arrived just too late for Delphos game. lf They had been here we would have won. JANUARY 3--Back to school from vacation. liveryone rested and feeling fine except the faculty. 11-12-13-"Of all the words by tongue or pen, The saddest are these, 'Exams again'." 13-Girls basketball team went to St. Marys. We won 9-8. 17-Seniors selected standard school invitations, juniors left it to us. They know a good thing when they see it. Girls wore hair ribbons. 18-Boys would not be outdone, they came to school with enormous 'bow- ties. 31-The Seniors were highly elated today. At the interclass basketball tour- nament Seniors played Freshmen and won. Sophomores played Juniors and won. Seniors played Sophomores and won 60-l-ll FEBRUARY 1-Organization of Latin Club. Object is to create a greater interest in Latin. 2-Dr. Eby gave an address to the school. Main topic: "NVhat you are when you are fifty depends on what you are when you are fifteen." 6-Mr. Goodman arrived to fill vacancy left by the resignation of Mr. Zei- ders. XVe were sorry to see Mr. Zeiders go but were glad to get such a man as Mr. Goodman in his place. I 'E elif 0 S P e oq.---------------- --- -------,-,------- -----A-------------A-------,-,-,-,-A---,-,-,fig .gvv-v-----vv----v v-- -v--vvv-vvvvvvvvvvv-v--v------v---vv------v v--- 8-Tunerville Band made its debut today at the regular weekly program. Needless to say it became popular at once. 10-Junior-Senior party. 12-Lincoln birthday program. Rev. King gave a very interesting and in- structive talk on "Lincoln the Man." ln-Mr. Ablert Tangora, the champion amateur typist- gave a demonstration in the assembly hall today. All of the girls immediatelypfell at his feet -speaking figureatively. Ile left several of his photographs and one girl was seen to-well she did not throw it in the fire. 16-"jeff" Davis, King of the lioboes gave a talk to the students today. He is a self-made philosopher-if there is such a thing. Corn Show given by Agriculture classes. First in State. 17-The operetta "Polished Pebbles", under the able supervision of Miss Mytinger was a big success. Several people said, "Rest one ever given in XVapakoneta." a 22-School today to make up day given to us for carnival. 24-"Courtship of Miles Standish" was given by English IV classes in class rooms. Booster Club organized. Purpose to create more school spirit. 2:1-Une of the Seniors passed into the Great Beyond today. Leo was quiet but those who knew him were very fond of him. 27-"Courtship of Miles Standish" was given in front of the study' hall in honor of Longfellow's birthday. 28-Several officers elected for Annual. MARCH 1-More editors for the Annual were elected today. NV. L. Allison, District Safety agent of B 81 O R. R. gave taik to students. 3-Miss Ruby XVintzer visited school todaf. Miss Vlfintzer was a member of our faculty last winter. 8-Fire drill. Emptied building in l min. 40 sec. 13-14-Picture show for Annual benefit. 15-NV's were presented to the boys and girls basketball teams today. One boy and one girl of each team are entitled to one stripe for two years work on teams. , 21-22-Civics classes visited Court House. Object was to find out as much as possible about county government. 24-Underclassmen play given for library benefit. Title of play was "The Rejuvenation of Aunt Marv". The play was under the direction of Miss Naomi Coldwell, the Public Speaking instructor. 24-April 3-Spring vacation! HURRAHY MAY 21-Baccalaureate Services at the Brown Theater. Rev. C. E. Schmidt, of the St. Paul's Evangelical Church will deliver the address of the evening. 24-The class play entitled, "Mrs. Temple's Telegram". a farce in three acts, willbe given at the llrown Theater. 25-Commencement Services. Dr. Clayton C. Kohl Ph. D. from the State Normal College at Bowling Green, will give the address of the eve.ning. His subject is "The Spirit of Study." 26-Last day of School! Good-bye old Blume High, our hearts will be with you wherever we may go! 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P fn 'I 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P :P P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 4 ai, Ns? J' f M 6 , , f2z2P?Z4'lIw13fN1 GLA----AA--------AA---------------------AA----AA----------A-------------------. ,:.v--vvvv--,-------,,---,---vv.'vw--vvv--vv-vv--v-vvvv--vv-v-v- I- rm-Q-0-on-0-0-0--m 0-0-4--l-4-0--0-l-Q--0-0-0-0--0-0-Q--0-v 'O-404-Dfo-0--0-vo--l-Q Q-0-0 -0-0-Qno-0-o+n-6-0-4-0-0-0-0--0-0-Q--o-1- fn-Q4-0-00-I--0-I-9-0-4--0-4-no--U-4 Ekshm' -'B Q-54.9--9-Q-Q-9 -0-on-4--I--Q-0-9-no-0-0 l . 2 3 2 'Xhvto 'the E E 'Rhtxutz E 2 3 301' RRG? 0-om-0-0--om-Q--0-I 2 2 f' 2 5 5 f A- 55 G 0 3 '+- Z 2 5 5 ! Q 2 CXokXxKnq -04mO-D-0-0-4-Q-010-0--0-440-4-0-Q-Q-9--0-6-010-m 0-0-Q-0--0-0-4-0-QM-0--O-0-M6-0 fb -0-O--N0 -0--0--l-4 'l-0-l-0-l--0-l-+-U-9- 0-4-I-9--0-0-Q-I-Q--I-+0-O -0-Q-0--Ov!-0 -0- fff ll Q-vo --0-0-0 0-9- -5. -9-C 2, -- --- ---- --- ---- -- - ...,.,-,- ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.., ,.,. - ,......v...v.,...Y..vv.,.vv..,....v...,.,..,.,,, . 4: 1 s o P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P u.-------------------------------A----,-------------------A-------------------------------------.'.--------------------------. 4, v......v.....v....v.v...,,...v.,v.....v....v.....v....,.. ..v v.....v......v......vvv.. .,.v v. -v-- 4 4 I 4 4 P Ggnwb ' QflliiK' HARDWARE 4pg,,Q4-- ?" b x CH X' r 4 4',5iB0q65 'r '1.AA-,A4 A AAAAAA A AAAAA -AAAAAAAMA A -vw-'vars -.... vvv---.,vvvv--vvvvvvvvv-, ' P 4 ii D0n'L Divoree Your Wire Q5 5E Because She 6an't,6o0k 1 4 4 P 4 4 4: A 4' , g-----'-4J------ P Ig ERT HT EEWHNHMHKEKS 3 r r KGBD HGV FOI' H PBT, 4 LUNGH fr 51 One Door Nornh Oi lmzerurba 4: 4 P 'Q'----vvv-.svwvvvvv-vv--vvvvv-----v-:,- Refs better lmllfr Rex, clul ym ---vvvvv-vvvvvxvv-v---vvvv---.'vv'vvvvvv Nlllll thffsv letters I gave you." +- P I was sfsmling' :1 dcmkcy V41 have gone myself." , ROGERS Base Ball vv. F, Pausch Er son ii S C or e S J OUR ,VQOTTQ 1 negeiveu Ddilu 1 P Courteous Treatment U lckgr 'P Prices Right 1+ M THE 1' 4 gmefg-4 E nLrHn 4 4E Telepl'1one1Main 1301 DELIVERIES A Bownng Gandu I 9:00 A. M. 3:00 P. M. if Son Drinks I 4Q,----------------- -----,------- do vvnAAww -ru-vru ,:.:v 1-. .u ' rx,-uv .rv fvvxrax.-xrqsfwi 1 -'-.f-. We Invite You to Become Identified Yvith This Bank THE FIRST TIONA WAl'AKONE'1'A, OHIO -1. C T Capital Stock 3200000.00 Surplus and Undivided Profits 590,000.00 Total Resources 52,300,000.00 k-,..-,g,...-..,. CHAS. F. IIERBST, PRESIDENT HARRY G. FISHER, YYICE-PRESIDENT E. A. HAUss, VICE-PRESIDENT J. F. MOSEH, CASHIER wi- iqyfn- .- The Largest Financial Institution In the County .-v-v-v-.lsrv-vAvAv'v'v':v-v-vxrsrrave evA -4-.-veruvv vvvvvv,:mv-vvvvvvvvv--vvv----.,vv-vsrvfvvvvvv , A Well Groomed Foot Commands Respect and I Q Q Confidence g "ARCH PRESERVER SHOES" have everything in them that a good shoe should have. Look for the TRADE MARK. We Are Ealclusive Agents for this Wonderful Shoe In Wapakoneta, Ohio Newcomb 8- Zimpfer A.4vA.A.-.-vervhfv'-Av-v-v-v-v-v-v-.-.-v-v-v-.-,-v-v'.-.-.A.-.-.-.-v-v-v-A.-ve.-.Av-v-ve.-.-v-v-.-v-.-.-.-.-'Av-v-v-v-'Av'-Av-.-v'.'v'v'.-vww':v Mr. Menschcl f'Aftcr liaving scarcllecl his sociology class for birains 'Ihis is the lnruinlessest class l ever' saw." Q4-024:-vos Mr. Z.-"XYhat makes a spark jump ll gap?" Harold B.-"Don't know, llZ1VCl'l,l grtppc-cl yetf' 'v'v'-'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v-.-.-.-.4.-.-.A.4.AvA.Av'v-v-v'.-v-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-rv-.-v-v-v-v-vl:v-v-.A.+v-v4v-v-.-.-v-v-v-.-.-.A,-,-,-,A,A,':4,-,e'v'v'.'.'- All that You Hear About "Florsheim Shoes" Their Good Looks Perfect Fit Long Endurance is Fully Verified by the Genuine Satisfaction You Receive when You VVear Them. You Will Find the Price Low For Shoes of this High Quality Newcomb 8- Zimpfer Agents, VVapakoneta, Ohio .v.,v,,,,v.v.v.v..'.v.v.v.'.v.'.'.v.'.'.'.'.,v.v.v.,.,V,.v.v.v.v.v.', za ii ' I Ig QI :I If gi I O I O 5: EI I S 0 :I ii " -. QI I SE For every occasion and to suit :I every purse. gi gg From the mexpenslve pleCC of gi gi Silverware to the most ex- QE gi penslve Dlamond. fi EE . 55 g Mosers Iewelry Store 3: Q-v-.-:.-v-:v-v-.-.-.-.-.-.-.A.A.-.-.-.Av-:.-,- - -.-v-.-.-.-.A.-.-.-.-,-ve.1-v-.-.-.-f.-.-v-.wAv+.+v-.-.-.-.-.-.-.A.-,-v-.-.-v-.-.-vva--ve:-Av-2 not Lilith Davis fgiving Z1 report in llist4Ii'yI-"I will reacl it because I could make it shorter any longer." -9043440 Richarcl ll1'Z1Cll11g--nxxvlllll is :I IIiglItmzIrf:, Miss Campbell?" Roy Cratt-"Aw, it's :I Qll'CZllll iII Z1ClifI11.y' lkClElSS roarsb 'vw-v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'-v'v'v'v'vvI-'v'v'-'v'v'v' ' I 3ew,-ew.-v-.-v-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-,-v-.-v-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-TA.-.A.-.-.-.-.-.-.-,-.-,-, ,gg gI gI JP 4: 4: 4: 'I wHY You SHOULD INVEST YOUR sun- 'I 'I 4 1 4 ,I PLUS MONEY WITH .I NDXWII Camlg and Words .I 1' 1' II 4: +I '5axX. NDN3 Not... 4: 'I :I :I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I 4 4 4 gI CITIZENS BUILDING gI gI +I 'I 'I :I GI LOAN COMPANY g 'I I I I 5: BECAUSE-Your illVOStlllGl'll. is absolutely sa fc I 1: sm . gh 'I BECAUSE-Your iIIvestI1IcIIt is secured by if 4 I 4: First Mortgruge on Real Estate, 4, 'I the best security you can get, 1I :I 4' 4: BECAUSE-Your iIIvestIIIclIt. is always 'I :I worth its face value. 4 4 :I BECAUSE-We only loam money here at I home illld know tllllt the se- I it Purity is Inhsolutely safe. PHONE' ' I .I -, ,g,-,--M PIIOSPGGI was ., 4 - 4 4' 4' :I We invite you to sonic in and make a ,I 1lBIl0SlI wliether large or small and let us 4' gf explain our way of doing business. I . . . . 'Poukhkevlivos I gg The Cltlzens BuIIdIng SI loan Co. ' gg gg FRED A. KLIPFEI., Sec'y. FLORISTS gg I :I 4 . :I 03. ................. ..................... L .............,.,,, A,,,,,,,,, A A ,. ....... 0,3 oo """"""'"""""""""" """"""""" v vvvvvvv vvvvvvvvv -v' vvvvv --wg 0,4 , , v......vvvv.,v......................... . A A A A A A . A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A AvAvAvAvA,vA-A-A'AvAvA'AvAvAv.vAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAv.,0v-A'AvAvAv.vAvA . 4, - if In jr If 4' 4: ,P 4, 4, 4' 'r 'r 4D 4, 4, 4' 4 'r 4' 4' 4 r 4 4' 4' 'r 4' 4' 4, 4+ ,U r 4' ' 4' 4, 4, ,L In A! 4: 4: Ig 0.VAQ'JIf 'fJ7!?" 4, 4, 4: 'i 'r 4 4 'r 4' 4' 4, ,b ,P 4. , 4+ 'P 1' 4' 4, - 4, ,P In 4: 4: 'i Is the citv of great possibilities' it's the 4' H d P ' T, 4' it place for zinibitions, conimercizllly-trained S 4 - 4 - f r , young incn .ind women. Reader do you r 1, expect to IIl1lf.l'lClllZl.l,0 at some, business 4 school for il training for profit Y If so, 4, 4, 4' resolve that you'll enter no school till you 'r 'v 4' - 4 'r ,P understand the opportunities schools so- 4: 4, 4' liciting: your Dlll.l'0lliLH6 have for placing 4, 4, 4, you and othors in situations. A position, 4: 4: P nhure there :irc no positions? Attend 4 R 4, 4: where there are none, nnd your money and If 4, efforts will count for naught. Toledo is 4' 4' 4 one oi the licst commercial cities in the 4: ' 4, 4 country. Come to Toledo, and we'll place 'r ', 'i von in 1 situ ition IV TOLFDO juet 'ts 'P " , 4 S z . 4 , . 1 4 4 4: soon as you complete. 4 G. H. MELCHIOR 84. SONS. v , Ii Jefferson and Michigan, W R P H K E T H 9 0 H I 0 4' Toledo, Ohio, 4 I 4, 4: N, B.-Please write us. Ir fi 4! 4! 3,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-i.,-.-.-.A.-.A,-,-.-,-,A:,-,-,-,-,A.-,-,A,-,-,-,-.-,-,-,Av-W-v-.-v-.-.-.-.-.-,-.rv-:.-,-,-.-.-.-.-.-.-:.-.-.-v-.-.-v-v-.-v-ev-:rv-.Q 3 Mr. Goodman in Physics-"XYlizit is meant by 110 Volt lamp ?" iSi- lencej "l'll give you a little light on the Subjectf' 4"l'urns on ligl1tD +0-ogvzevo "Pl1ew V' sziicl XYilbur Morris going to Physics class, sniffing the air. "Cute, do you mean nie?" asked Christine llittnier. Ar.-.-.-.-.-.Av-.Av-,Av-,-:,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,A,-,A,-,-,-v-v-,-,-,Av-,-,-,Af,Av-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-4 Q: 1, .. EE 2. ' :I : 41 3 I' 2 :I cn 41 Fe' G 'P 5 e 3E 0 4 42 2 N ie rn Q - P ' 5 S c': 55 :Q 4 Cn 3 41 U y-41 O C 3 4, . I 5 4, -I rn 3 4, 4 I E 1, e 0 cb 4: 11 m qi 'r P ,L G' 3. z 5 5' T 5 2' i Q U B' 4' i .4 I E? .4 Q 0 as 3 Q: I 1 I 3 I- E 1: 4: 5 3 P 5 D9 4: m na Z T gl S :U ' gl U7 Q 4' Q il 4, 'U F G If 3 CQ 5' ,r 3 EE Ti 5 ,n o .g qv I In 4I 4I To Tv szf----v-v-v--v-:v-fv--------:--A----:v-v------e---W-ve-v-------1sz OLAAAAA..AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, A-- 5-'-vvvvv-vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv-vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvhhvvv - ,oo ' 'Oo Av.v.Y.v.L.v.'.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.,Av In P 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r in 4 3 r in 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 0 -4 A... AA ---A -------, AAAAAAAAAAAA A AAA A .g.---WW' .......... -W--vvwvWv-,,,,,-,-,-.-,- 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 if 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 'I in S11 cl' 'Skim 'Photographs and RTKKSXKG Ykcmv e '5va.vifm9, 'Xbawrxam Ytanos Your friends can buy anything you can give them except your Photograph Kodaks, 'Sums and 'Smiths Let Us do Your Developing and Printing "'lYixe Stuuxo oi QXXBXXXQN VVAPAKONETA OHIO O P 2F''A'A""'A'A"'A""'A"'A""""""'A"""''W'A'A'A'A'A"'A'A'"A'A"'" 'A"'A'w'2? Your Gnome is ii Slwuld Hoover. If o Q B68 ' ' Qoaxx It Beats :Q g N as it Sweeps, 1 N as it Cleans. Ii P 37 V 53? Q. X --fe-W ' ig 'V 4 3, ' 4- 33 ron sm: BY E 3-' , 5mmnBros.ElsoLr1cal6o. ig 5 S, wnmkonfrn, OHIO 4 . 11 '2A.A-4.-v'vA.Av+,-.-,-,-,-v-v-v-v-.-v-,A,-,-.-,-.,-.-v-v-.-,A,-,-,A:vt-:v'.': A '.'.-,-,Av-,-,Av-,A,-v-v-v-v-v-ve'-.Av-vev-.-.Av-.A.A .vvv A v'v'v2':Q', Miss C.-"Melvin, use ahthracite in a sentence." Melvin-"We had a party last night and you should have heard my 'aunt 1'ecite'." -vvofvz-Q-0--Q Miss Dakiu flu sewing classy-"I las anymie here an extra eye 5" P V D P 1 """"""""'""""""""""' -. , 5 , mmm ro BE 15 Bl'OCkCl't S ig mourn nocoumnnrs, Pmvfme 55 sfcnfmmfs, on mnnnefns 52 BY frmoiuno 4: 4: 'v fi ---+sf--- il HT 5 E 50015, shores 5: UMR ii . 4: 5 HND IQ BIISIIIBSS GOIl6U6 gg ' f 6. J. GRUENBHUM. Pres. 2E ig Main 3320 Gollege Building, Lima, 0. 1: :E ron SERVIGE 5, gi QE 'W 'Wu' -, eraaums frmou Now For . WHPHKONETH, OHIO 5l'm"W mm ' 4' 4: ----------A---------------------M M- -M ------,gg 5 DEMAND 4 4 4 4 4 Potato Bread 2 FROM YOUR GROCER 1 4 4 4 4 4 Q BUY FROM oula WAGON 1 MADE BY THE CITY BAKERY 4 JOHN C. KNAUSS, Prop. lgiwlifg, 4 4 ---------A,-----,,7.---., ............. ---------,. ..... -----A--- .... ------A----- vv--v--rv ...... -vv-.v-vv---v vvvv vvvvvvvvvvwvvvvv vvvv v-vvv-vvvvvv-vvvvvvvv Miss Campbell--"XYel1, I Cilllyt see wc'x'c gained anything by this di Cussionf' Roy Shafter-"YCs'm, fwe lNll1t1tCS.U +0-0:4004 Mr. Edmonds at lumber yzwcls--"How wirle is your 2x-Pa F" gs'-'ve'-A:---:v--A:-A--v-v----v-v---:'-A--v-r-.'ev-:v-v-v--.-v--.Av-v-v-v-ve.-.-v-.-,-.-.-.-.-.-ve.-.-, 'r :r P 'r 4 3 3 TOO THE CLASS OF 1 922 Co1xgra3m.Xa'ixoxxs 4 P 43 2-v-'Av-v-v-v'v-v-.AvAvAvAY-v'v'v'v''Av-A-'v'v'v2-'v'.'--A-A: 'i 4 P 4 tr 4: -kd--- yew-, 4 tr fr lr tr 4 Steinberg Hotel D. E. STARK, Prop. ol--- -,.------- -- ---- ----- A --- nv-- -.-v vvvvv W--- -vv-- --v- o. Av.v.v.v.v.'.v.v.,.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.'.'.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.'.v.v.v.,A,.,.,.,.,., 1 . 1, 4 4 STQRE Pl-loNE I CANAL 1859 ' 1 ' 4 Heinl 81 Swonguer Homs Furnisnsrs and Undernaksrs 1 O- F LNLH- P I P IIUTO EQUIPMENT I 1' :I ' WAPAKONETA, OHIO " 2w"'v'v'.A.'.'v'v'.4v'v4.'.'.'.A.'-'.'v-.AvaNtv-v-.Av-:v-.Av-.-v-.-v-.-.-.-v-.-v-'JI:.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.Av-'A-A-v-v-v-. 1. Howard Z.---"Are SlIIl1lIZl1'I1ICS to Inc usened in the next Wax V Miss Gz1IJ1'icI-"'I'I1at,s not been provened yet PM -ooctogo-Q--0 DIL BIenScheL-32XIIthe boys VAIO have ynscfs bfhlg then1in.n fSch00I roarsj,-,.,-,A,-.-,A,-,-,-,-,-,.,.,.,.,..A.f,-,A.-.-.-,-.-.-.-.-.-,-.-,A,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-.2gr 1' 1 4: n 4? ' We Invite You to Spend Some 4 of Your Time At The lg E 51 51 Annex Billiard Parlor I 1 4 ' I 1: 4, SPORTING GOODS ge Ganuics cigars I You ami WELGOME 4, FRANK FISHER, PROPRIETOR E Q' WAPAKONETA, ol-no 'E -vA.-.-.-.A.-.n.-v-.-v-v-v-v-.-v-.-.A-.AnA.A,-.-.rv-VA.-.A est ...... HYDRAU LIC TIRE SETTER Buggy and Wagon Tires Reset While You Wait Under Hydraulic Process NEW WAPAKONETA WHEEL COMPANY WAPAKONETA, OHIO A A A A A A -::Av-.Av-.4-A,-vAv-.-vemfv-v-.-Jw4v-vA.-.A.'vAvA.-vAvAvAv-vsfv-luv''A Q2 4I I 'I 4 I 4 I 4 I 4 4I I 'I ,I 1I 1I 4 I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I I' I 'I 'I 'I 4I 4 1 gl I 4 4 :I I 'I ,I 4I 'I 4? 4I I I I 'I v-.rvev-vt'-.-.A-Av v v P u 4 'I I 4 'I 4 4 4 'I I 'I I I I 'I I I .I 4 4 1I 4 'I 'I 'I 'I 1 o Q 03 I 'I I I 4 'I I I v:'wAf4.'v'v'v'v'-A 'v'vAeV4Yfv'v'v'vAv'v5 'I T H E G R O C E R S 'I 'I lVlE IORIASL KOLTER R SEITZ QE 'iii ri f Yiilll 4 W IE Quality of stock and workman- EQ ship is our only consideration 1, when we huy our stock and you She SNOTQI Qi :I will not he disappointed, after . I, the lapse of many years, by ani Quaxxxg BAXA If unpleasant appearance of your I :I memorial, if you purchase it Yfxczx EI of us. THE ARCHER Yi f?WVf N- 29 : T"ilYiWl'i'Yi 1, Memorial VVorks 'I : 920 W. Auglaize Street VVA P A K 0 N E TA 0 2' Phone Jackson 1850 r 4I 4. -.'.'.'vA.A.'xNm-v-vf.hvev-v-v-v-vevev-van-v-.-v-v-.-rv-:rv-v-v-rv-.A Mr. Menschel-"I want to change your seat." Carol Puetz'-"Can't do it, I have a season ticlcetf' +0--0-:vt-Q 0-0- lXliSs C.-"1JrcIcll, what is the skeleton for?y' Urflell-"To hitch the meat to." -.fsrsn.-v-vw-.lar-.v.AArffv+.-v-.-.-v in-v-:J'rv-v-v'v'vAv-v'v'v'v've I T H E Wy H I T E 5 Joseph M. F005 John M. Wshncr MEAT ARKET Roos R WEH ER -DEALERS mw- J 0V68. REIIIQBS, MZIIITIBIS A SXXX 'Rhxds oi '5'4'osIx and Salted Monks PHONE: Main 1536 EA? I I 4 1I 4 'I 'I I 4 :I I 'I 4 HIIII FUFH3668 i. PLUMBING and GIIS FITTING SPOUTING and ROOFING .l-,.Z, WRPHKONETR, OHIO Phone Main I848 Patterson-Koch Blk 433 'I 'I 4 .I 4 'I 'I 'I I 1 'I 'I 'I 1 I I I I oo do .-.-.:v'v'v'wv 4 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 4 I I 'I 4 4 4 4 I I :I 4 4 4 4 4 1 'I 'I 'I 'I TRY A BllSin0SS Menls Plate lunch 25cts l,,.f,xL.,.,,.,. Th Central Hotel "Just look at you! 'llhose gloves are on tht- wrong ll2lllflS.H "But mother, they are the only hzincls l'x'c golf' 4043-04-4- "A little Frcshie to the ,lokc box clid cmnc, He put a penny in the slut ancl waitcil fm' his glllllfy - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - A ,.v.v.v.v.v.'.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v v '.v.v.v.v.v. .v.v.-- - - - --- -- oo -vv--v---v-v---v-v--v--v--. - ---vvv-v--.,', 3 i oNSC" - 0635 uALlTv L W . S B since 1856 Q4 P jr P lr lr 'r 'r 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 r 1 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 r lr 'r lr lr 'r 'r 'r 4 3 P 'r 'r lr lr 'r 'r lr 'r In 3 r 'r 'v 3 n J. Jo 'r 3 3 P CO. io 3 vi I I 5 2 I I 'wA,sAAfxA.'cf4AfxAf.A1f.'srA,Ifa,'a,fs,'c . - IRA CIS' SWEEIIA II Makers of Pure Candies and Delicious Ice Cream IfYou Like the Best Come to Us On Your Next Social Party Serve Our FROZEN Pllf 20 E. Auglaize St. Phone: Main 1310 'I 'I 'I 4 .-.A.+.-vl.-.evev-an AA.- efrwu if-fn -va,-VA.-.eww fxnf :Ir wv Q.: vvvsfvvs-vs Aavss Miss Campbell-"IIcIcn, correct siIence'." 0 1 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I :I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 4I I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I :I 3 3 F' :- L ri . I ,Ji-. s .rwtx -+. - -, vvwfsncf- P Has Built Our Business jI I Helen IE.-"'I'Iic toast was catcn in silenc E 3 3 Z I"'I"l :E 2 3 Z 3 :U I-H 1, gl be---fe-S ig I il I Good Service Ann we Are sun Growing 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I vsA1vsAAavvvvvvvvv-sAawmAvvvvvvvvl teizce, 'thc toast was drank in tx Y! vAv'v'v'v'fTv'v'-AvAvAv4J'vAvAvAvA451Av'vAvAvAvAvH-WJVNAJVK5'vAv"1Rr"hf5lx hQL6Wv :6: 5 jr 'I . 4: CEISII IJEIIII f0I' 1: ft C If " roam, uns I :I ' 6 :I In limiting the La Protozoa to a 1, ""i'4"""w 'I few select sizes, has proved that 42 3 this choice cigar can best be pro- Ig 5 duced in that way. 4 S I I I I I I Z The same workmen, constantly :I producing the same few choice if C t' gf shapes, attain a prefection of If r 6 H m a I0 n I: craftsmanship which is not other- :I 1: wise obtainable. :I 4 ,I 1--b-5,-YM! In other words, we aim to turn IE Q if out the very choicest cigars that I: If can be produced in a few select :I W- F. Prop. sizesof La Protozoas. 'I 4' . 'I . 4' I'h0"9 MGH' 1646 55 South Glgar 60. EQ 1, 1 uQAFJN NAIVNAI'I'JN"v"'vA-INFJN'Njlv'v''Av'-'Nr'-AVAvAv'v'v'v'vAvAv'v'vAv'v'v'v'vAvAv'v'v'v'v The Auglaize IGB IGB W6 FEIU IIITIGFBSB OH THH6 DGDOSITIS QQWQY National Bank WAPAKONETA. OHIO 605 dbh H GHGGKIHQ IIGGOUIITI GW68 RBGBTDL FOI' HH Bills Paid QQWQH Capital, .S 100,000.00 Surplus and Profits, 365,000 OFFICERS: W. J. MCMURRAY, President WILLIAM BITLER, Vice President A. A. KLIPFEL, Cashier DIRECTORS: J. M. COPELAND W. J. MCMURRAY S. A. HOSKINS R. C. HAMAN LOUIS PIEL WILLIAM BITLER J. F. SEITZ EDWIN ABE A. G. BOOGHER 4 'I 'I 'I 'I 4 I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 4 4 'I 3 I 4 3 3 3 :I 3 'I I 3 3 3 'I 'I I 4 'I 'I 'I 3 'I :I 3 4 'I 'I I 4 3 4 'I 4 4 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 4 3 :1:,v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v .'.v.v.v.v. .vAv.- -.v.v.'.v.vA-.'.'.v.-.-.v.'. - v.v.v.v.v.v.q.,v.,,.'.v.v.,,,.vAv.,Vv,, -'v'.'.'v'v'v'v'v'.'.'-Av'.- A:r.A.'v'v'v'.'.'.'.'vAv'v'.'.-'Av-.Av-v-.4-A.-v-'Av'-rv-.'.'.A.AvA vAv'.-Jb'v'v'-'v'.'v'v'v'-A. I922 Retrospect I922 ,----------------- -------..-- .... A-- ....... ----- ....... -----g.v.v.-------- o vv ......... vvvv vv... --v ......... v ..vv..... vvv- ---- v--v---- , BLUME HIGH VEGETABLES Ingredients john Shockey .................... ....... C elery Vonda lllank ........ ....... 'I 'urnips Mary Barber ........ .......... P eas Irene Sheets ......... ....... S puds Charles Clay ......... ...... C abbage Combined ..................... ...... S OUP -0--0-0-zo:-Q-0-Q WHY JOSIAH WAS HENPECKED The boys had grown a little tired of old Professor jinkls lengthy sermons at chapel, so they decided to try their hand at playing a prank on the old gentleman. Accordingly, they pasted every other two sheets of his Bible to- gether, and awaited results. Next morning he began: "Now Vlosiah took unto himself a wife of the daughters of Ilelialf' C'Turns leafj "She was eighteen cubits in height and ten cubits in breadth. fPause, and careful scrutinfy of former page.j Then he began again. "Now Josiah took unto himself a wife of the daughters of Belial. She was eighteen cubits in height, and ten cubits in breadth and was pitched within and without-" CPainful pause, and sounds of subdued mirthj Then the Professor looked again at the former page in perplexity, and said, "Young gentlemen, I can only add that man is fearfully and Wonderfully made, and-woman also !', N 0O'O.0"O0-O Eugene XVood and Avary Stone were standing on a street corner. Along came Flora Flarida with a 'very short skirt on. VVood turned to Stone, and Stone turned to XN'ood and both turned to rubber. -fooaooo Louella Elsass-"Vernon, I must go in now." Vernon-"Please stay a minute longer, dear." Louellae"A minute, well at your rate, I'd stand here two hours before you would kiss me." -of-0-24240-Q MINE Here's to the Girl that is Mine, all mine. She drinks, and She bets, and She smokes Cigarettes, and Sometimes, I'm told, She goes out And forgets That she's mine She's mine! 'z 1 'r 1, P P 'r - --OQ vvvv vvvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvvvv --v.5f. P I 'r r lr 4 r 'r 4a P 4v Ii w'A'A'w'A'A'w'A'w'A'A'xi'A:'W'A'A'w'w'xi' 5 I1 fi 0 4: 4: Slbert Q Son, 5 Leave Your Laundry at 1, fr Q In . . ii Shoe RePa""'s as 1 Whitemans 5' 1 N s .1 ' 5 5 ews tan , 4' 4: 1+ ll Most u ftofdate Laundr 4 4, 4, P Y , in the city, or phone 51 Main 1781 P 4 if 1 DEALER IN ' 4' 'P , 4 4+ ll 12 All kinds of Magazines and 'Z 4: :P :r QE if Papers. Also Subscriptions 5: jr taken For same. 4' 1 'i 'Z 1 I' 1' 1' 4, wv - 4: 4, 41 , . 11 ' IQ 55 Shoes Repaired and Service 5, JOHN F' WHHEMAN' Propr 5, 4. If 4l Mr. Gooclinrm-"XX'licn I usccl to teach llotziny l' lincl lots of lun taking tlie girls to the woods." Mr, Henscliel 4growlingJ-"Periods are so clnrnecl short this morning l don't get time to turn zirouncl." zavs-Y---A-----v-v--v---M ---- ----V----vw----Av-v-v----v-v--.- .Av-v-.-fag.: 1' 4' 'I 55 llAMlll0N SAYS-H ': 4 5: 4 4, 41 We carry only the Exclusive Ig Q: :Q Eaton, crane and Pike 'I Ii El line of Stationery. 4' 1 P ' l for the , Crane's Linen Lawn and ai 1 4 , I I P 5 , Eaton s Hi hland Linen 1: P 1, I 4 1, I: 5, In all the shades 4 4 41 5, and borders. 4 r ii 4, You are jurlged by your 4' lj I 'E stationery. ' 1' 4 4 4 3, 5, in. wm. nnivnuon , ': 4, Books and Stationery 5' 'I :E WAPAKONETA, OHIO fl 1-3 s 1' 5? -" 1: -'A SE 1: A' II 3' gf 'R .-I 1: EE 3' 1: 1: 'v II 1: "A 1: " II I 'I 1: .f 1: -' 1: 4'Av 0 EE I 1: I 1: 'V 0 - ,, A 1: I 1: -5 1: 1 1: A' II 'I il EE 1: .-A' 1:- SE .'A A0 .- 1: -" EE 3' II if .fr EE II 1 II 1: I ly 1: 1: A' 1: 1: -' an 1: 1: I 1: of P EE ,fs CE EE 1: e fe II 1: 1: im lar 1: 0 I GY 1: 1: OSL 1: 1: P R 4, 1: Cs E30 1: 1: om OREHQH 1: 5: C fo 1: 1: fi, C2 ' 1: .3 HSN In 1: to 1125102 3: A' 1: M 1: A-A' 1: "C IQGCON II -' 1: b DH K 1: -' 1: O 1: EE Egfei 1:-' 0 A 1: A :R 1: C6 1: 1: cw .' 1: II " II 1: I 0 1: Ei WE I1 so 1: J 0 'Av 1: A 1: 1: 1: 'v 1: -' 0 ' 1: -A 1: A 1: I 1: 1 il 3' 1: A EE "1 1: I 1: Av 1: I 1: A' 0 ' 1: 0 1: :W 1: " 0 A' 1: -' 1: II -I 1: -' 1: II 3' II -'A 1: .-1 1: -' 1: A' 1: .-I II " 4 A, if '15 1: II fl :OO f'I5I- I an-:I - .I., ,4- Ira..- I I. ""'I.I.' ' -l:-., .. -I ' I-'.F"- ' . -I. 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Suggestions in the Blume High School - Retrospect Yearbook (Wapakoneta, OH) collection:

Blume High School - Retrospect Yearbook (Wapakoneta, OH) online yearbook collection, 1911 Edition, Page 1


Blume High School - Retrospect Yearbook (Wapakoneta, OH) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 1


Blume High School - Retrospect Yearbook (Wapakoneta, OH) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Page 1


Blume High School - Retrospect Yearbook (Wapakoneta, OH) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Blume High School - Retrospect Yearbook (Wapakoneta, OH) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Blume High School - Retrospect Yearbook (Wapakoneta, OH) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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