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THE GRIZZLY Presented by the Senior Class of BLUFF CITY HIGH SCHOOL Bluff City, Tennessee Hill Hill lllllll ■llllll ■II III III III ■II III III I III II ■II II BRISTOL PUBLIC LIBRARY 701 Cooie Street Bristol, Virginia 24201 Editor’s Message Publishing a yearbook is much fun, or at least, that is what we thought when we were selected as the editors of the 1960 GRIZZLY. Now, we can truthfully say that it was much more; it was an experience to be remembered always. The job was a big one which required time, patience, and much cooperation of the entire staff which shared in the responsibility. Planning our project and working on individual and group assignments, we had many worth-while experiences. Years from now, maybe not too many, you may feel like reminiscing or reliving, through the medium of memories, your colorful and exciting high school life. As you turn through the pages of your annual you smile as you remember a friend, laugh at an amusing episode, or maybe a tear will fall as you relive a sad or a joyous occasion. If so, then our purpose, as the 1960 GRIZZLY Staff, for publishing this yearbook has been rewarding. 2 Faculty and Administration Our principal, Mr. Kenneth Carrier, is an under- standing friend and counselor to all. Since his arrival at Bluff City High School, he has helped many stu- dents in deciding their future plans. The office secretary, Mrs. Evelyn Henson, assists the principal and helps keep all the school records in order. 4 MR. PAUL BOY Board Member Our lunchroom personnel, Mrs. Fleenor, Mrs. Jones, and Mrs. McKamey know that the way to a teen-ager ' s heart is through his stomach. 5 The faculty members of our English and Social Science departments discuss their methods of teaching. They are, MRS. JOANNE HODGE, English; MR. HARLAN CHURCH, English; MRS. HELEN THOMAS, American History and Physical Educa- tion; MR. W. E. WARD, Social Studies, Mathemat- ics, and Bookkeeping; and MR. ROBERT BRUMIT, English. These three people are important at Bluff City High because of the practical skills which they teach. They are, MRS. MONA RUTHERFORD, Home Eco- nomics; MR. W. A. MEREDITH, Agriculture; and MRS. JANE CRUSSELL, English, and Home Economics. 6 Pausing while discussing a Science and Mathematics Program are, MRS. SIBYL MILHORN, Mathematics; MR. LESTER CARRIER, Biology and Geography; MR. PARKS SIMERLY, Science and Chemistry; and MR. CLAUDE O ' DELL, Physics and Mathematics. ) Discussing plans for extra-curricular activities during this school year are, MISS CHARLOTTE DALTON, Typing, and Shorthand; MR. Gf EUGENE JORDAN, Glee Club; MRS. ANN GRIFFITH, Health, Physical Education, and Science; MR. CHARLES FLEM- ING, Physical Education and Health; and MRS. RUTH STONE, Library. 7 That m ost important day came, Class Rings! Brenda, get busy, the rest can ' t do all the work. Getting a boy to carry all those books is quite an ac- complishment. How does she do it? Seniors Take Time for This and That The last minute preparation of an English term paper keeps Joe Ear- hart busy until the wee hours of the morning. 8 Seniors Senior Class CLASS OFFICERS President: ALMA RUTH LEWIS; Vice President: JOHNNY CARRIER; Secretary: BRENDA SIG- MAN; Treasurer: C. M. HUFFINE; Reporters: ALVIN JENKINS and SHELBY MALONE. 10 LOUISE BLAIR If silence is golden she is bankrupt. JERRY CARRIER Study is a pastime . . . Why over do it? CAROLYN BOYD Happiness is cheaper than worry, so get your money’s worth. JOHNNY CARRIER Boyish charm, mischief in his eyes; lover of base- ball and a really nice guy- VICKIE BOYD A vivid girl, tall and slim; bubbles over with pep and vim. CHARLES COOK Absence makes the heart grow fonder, that ' s why I ' m so fond of school. BARBARA BROWN We do not love people so much for the good they have done us, as for the good we have done them. JIMMY CORNETT A day for toil, an hour foi sport, but for a friend is life too short. 11 JUDY BULLOCK Laugh and the world laughs with you, weep and Judy giggles. ROBERT COX I wish I were a little rock, a sittin ’ on a hill, doing nothing all day long but just a sittin ' still. PHYLLIS CARR Beaming with pep and fun, our charming cheerleader beams like the sun. JAMES CROSS A place in your memory is all I claim, to pause and then turn back when you hear my name. BARBARA CARRIER Why have men if you can ' t love them. BILL DURHAM A friendly fellow, ath- letically inclined, a nicer guy you ' ll never find. ELLOUISE CARRIER Nothing is so strong as gentleness, when it works hand in hand in kindness. JOE EARHART A Southerner by birth, a Southerner by heart, an all around good lad and a friend from the start. 12 N ' MARSHA CARROLL She has a sweetness all her own. and reigned as queen on our basketball throne. RONNIE FREEMAN If you can ' t be with the one you love, love the one you ' re with. CLAUDETTE CARTER Her face makes sunshine in shady places. DOUGLAS GLOVER When work and play col- lide. seek play and fling work aside. MARGARET CAWOOD I specialize in thinking and refrain from talking. RAYMIE GLOVER Beware I might do some- thing sensational yet. MAXINE CLARK Dainty and doll-like, sweet and gay, we ' re glad Maxine came our way. HAROLD GREENE Know thyself but don ' t tell everybody about it. 13 GEORGIA COOK Do unto others as though you were the others. SIDNEY HARKLEROAD He comes with gusts of laughter, leaving behind happiness, which in him, is easy to find. HAZEL COX If ever she had an evil thought, she spoke no evil word. RANDY HICKS I can resist every thing but temptation. LOIS COX If there were many like her. the stock of halos would soon run out. C. M. HUFFINE A boy who needs no intro- duction --he speaks for himself. WILLIE M. CUNNINGHAM The silence often of pure innocence, persuades when speaking fails. ALLEN JENKINS Athletic and quiet, not often heard, but when he is, its sure to be a kind word. 14 MADOLYN DAVENPORT Those eyes that slant and twinkle with devilment. ALVIN JENKINS A woman hater, he hates to leave them. PHYLLIS EDWARDS Friendly, kind, and sweet, her personality is hard to beat. FRED JONES You can ' t always tell when he ' s around for he ' s quiet and hardly makes a sound. GRETCHEN FRANKLIN Some think the world is made for fun and frolic and so do I. JOE LITTLEFORD Some people have food but no appetite, others have an appetite, but no food. I have both. MARY LOU GALLOWAY Lovable, attractive, never blue; when you ' re with Mary Lou, you ' re happy too. PAUL LONG Once he makes up his mind to do something, he rests from the effort. 15 BARBARA GOODMAN Although she ' s quiet and rather reserved she found a job in the places she served. CHARLES MALONE Every man has three characters, the one he shows, the one he has, and the one he thinks he has. SANDY HARTLEY There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about. DON MILLER A shy manner does not hide his sunny disposition. PHYLLIS HENDRIX Her calm, quiet, gentle way attracts us; we ' re sure her sweetness comes from practice. GORDON MILLS When you feel like exer- cise just lie down till the feeling goes away. PHYLLIS HOPKINS Her heart is like the moon, ever changing, always with a man in it. CHARLES MORRIS A bit of mischief, an innocent look, put Tom Sawyer in the history book. 16 PHYLLIS HUGHES You can start now--I ' m here. RAYMOND PEEKS No use worrying about life--you ' ll never get out of it alive. LOUELLA JONES One can ' t know every- thing. but I came close to it. GLENN SIMERLY When hearts are true few words will do. MONA JONES Everybody makes mis- takes; that’s why they put erasers on pencils. JERRY SLAUGHTER Cheerful, true, friendly, kind, personality plus when combined. ALMA RUTH LEWIS She has a personality you can’t surpass and served as president of our Senior Class. JOSEPH THOMPSON Killing time is one way to murder opportunities. 17 EVA JO LEWIS Happy go lucky, lots of vim, her carefree smile is never dim. JAMES WATKINS Lead me not into tempta- tion, but show me where it is. BETTY LOWRIE When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary to giggle, let us giggle. LYNN WATSON Enjoy youth today, for tomorrow you may be old. SHELBY MALONE She looks like an angel and acts like one too, but you never can tell what an angel will do. STEVE WATSON Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow. PATSY MASSENGILL Never idle, never still, always talking, talk she will. DICKIE WINE Dark hair, innocent eyes, and devilish ways. W-. 18 LYNN MEREDITH Take a look at those bright eyes; that smile, and notice that fine cheer- leading style. BARBARA MIL HORN Fun loving, happy, like sunshine she goes; winging her way through each heart she knows. DOROTHY NIDEFFER One can’t be everywhere at once, but I seem to manage. JOYCE PEOPLES A giggle now, laughter then, a smile and dimple, Joyce again. SANDRA ROWE Love is eternal and she is eternally in love. GLORIA JEAN SCALF Precious things come in small packages. BRENDA SIGMAN Knowledge shall be as a torch in her hand, guiding and shining throughout the land. WILMA SMITH Truth and beauty evident be, living well and honor- able is she. 19 CAROLYN TURNER Do all the good you can, and make little fuss as possible about it. BEVERLY WADDELL Meet her, know her, and you ' ll never forget her. SUE WASSOM Late hours aren ' t good for one, but they ' re all right for two. ALEADA WHITE Very dear and very small; always kind and sweet to all. JUANITA WHITSON A kind heart is the foun- dation of pleasure. JUDY WOODS With her smiling eyes and pleasing grin, what a pleasure knowing Judy has been. PHYLLIS WORLEY Laughter is not at all a bad beginning for a friendship, and it is far the ending for one. 20 Candidates for Valedictorian and Salutatorian Alma Ruth Lewis, Barbara Brown, Maxine Clark, and Lois Cox like to sew as a hobby. Joe Littleford, Phyllis Edwards, Lynn Meredith, and C. M. Huffine enjoy their Chemistry experiments. Beverly Waddell, Barbara Goodman, and Eva Jo Lewis check on the food they are preparing. 21 Teacher! That must have been a hard problem. Juniors Take Time for This and That o, The Juniors go to a class meeting. 22 Juniors JUNIOR CLASS CLASS OFFICERS President: ANN HARR; Vice President: LINDA UTSM AN; Secretary: JUDY FEATHERS; Treasurer: RANNY RUTHERFORD; Reporters: SUE TERRY and VIVIAN HAYES. 24 ROW 1: Frances Baker, Lois Bently, Nancy Booher, and Cecil Boyd. ROW 2: Doris Bryan, Cecil Bryant, Douglas Buchanan, and Earl Buchanan. ROW 3: Peggy Bullock, George Burnett, Sandra Burton, and David Campbell. ROW 4: Marvin Carter, Bruce Cook, Bobby Cox, and James Cox. 25 ROW 1: Margie Cox, Morris Dabbs, Early Darnell, and Vera Douglass. ROW 2: Judy Dyche, Judy Feathers, Ed Fields, and Patty Fleenor. ROW 3: Kyle Friesland, Thelma Garrett, Carolyn Glover, and Ann Gross. ROW 4: Brady Harkleroad, Ann Harr, Vivian Hayes, and Bobbie Henson. 26 ROW 1: Bennie Hicks, Jimie Hicks, Tommy Hicks, and Treola Hicks. ROW 2: Ruth Holt, Tommy Hornsby, Robert Hughes, and Dimple Jenkins. ROW 3: Johnny Jenkins, Peggy Jenkins, Becky John- son, and Bobby Kirk. ROW 4: Lillian Knight, Carolyn Lady, Nancy Leonard, and Sue Leonard. 27 ROW 1: Shelia Lewis, Martha Lovelace, Dwight Lowrie, and Leah Lyons. ROW 2: Jimmy Manning, Gary May, Larry McClellan, and Carolyn McKinney. ROW 3: Linda Melvin, David Millsap, Charlotte Morrell, and Molly Morton. ROW 4: Edward Mottern, LaWanda Nichols, Carolyn O ' Dell, and Ruth Oliver. 28 ROW 1: Bobby O ' Neal, Dolly Peters, Lynn Poarch, and Jackson Reed. ROW 2: Shirley Rhymer, Helen Riffey, Ranny Rutherford, and Lanny Sams. ROW 3: Wilma Shaw, Jack Shepherd, Wanda Shepherd, and Carolyn Smith. ROW 4: Jimmy Snyder, William Stacy, Barbara Stanfield, and Revonda Stine. 29 ROW 1: Sue Terry, Joann Trivett, Linda Utsman, and Lillard Vanover. ROW 2: Lois Vanover, Douglass Waddell, Jane Wampler, and Chris Wassom. ROW 3: Wanda Webb, Mary Catherine Whit- lock, Nat Whitlock, and Terry Wilson. ROW 4: Dottie Woods. 30 Honor Student LOIS COX AVERAGE 96 3 4 Boy and Girl State JERRY SLAUGHTER LOIS COX 31 A5 v Sophomores Take Time for This and That Devotions over our intercom is an important part of our school life. Boy! Did we fool them. The teacher thought we were studying. 32 Sophomores SOPHOMORE CLASS Mr. O ' Dell Mr. Church Mr. Carrier Mrs. Hodge CLASS OFFICERS President: WAYNE BOLING; Vice President: GARNETTA BOUTON; Secretary and Treasurer: SHARON PEOPLES; Reporters: EVELYN RUTLEDGE and DORIS STEWART. 34 ROW I: Billie Jean Baker, Helen Barnes, Lewis Blevins, Martha Blevins, Ronnie Boatman, and Wayne Boling. ROW II: Patsy Booher, Carolyn Boone, Garnetta Bouton, J. C. Bowers, Herbie Boy, and Linda Buckles. ROW III: Phyllis Buckles, Johnny Campbell, Myra Chapman, Barbara Clark, Larry Couch, and Melvin Cox. ROW IV: Don Cross, Barbara Crumley, Don Crumley, Joan Dabbs, Tony Daly, and Mary Eads. ROW V: Mary Lee Fillers, Judy Fleenor, Sherry Fleming, Kathy God- frey, Betty Godsey, and Douglas Grant. ROW VI: Jeanie Hayden, Joan Henson, Peggy Hicks, Billy Hill, Paula Hill, and Johnny Hodges. 35 ROW I: Carolyn Holt, Carl Jenkins, Charles Jenkins, Shirley Jenkins, Brad Jolly, and Dottie Jones. ROW II: Jimmy Jones, Linda Jones, Marvin Jones, Norma Jones, William Jones, and Barbara La Iacona. ROW III: Phyllis Leonard, Teddy Lewis, Louise Maines, Brenda Malone, Johnny Marshall, and Andrew Miller. ROW IV: Parris Miller, Jerry Minton, Linda Moody, Edna Morrell, Wanda Morrell, and Elaine Morris. ROW V: Billy Mottern, Helen Nelson, Barbara Osborne, Sharon Peoples, Teresa Peoples, and Barbara Perry. ROW VI: Mable Perry, Margaret Reed, Carl Rhymer, Dwight Richards, Eddie Richards, and Larry Richards. 36 ROW I: Billy Robbins, Pat Rutherford, Evelyn Rutledge, Buddy Savage, Janice Scalf, and Paulette Scalf. ROW II: Wayne Simerly, Beverly Simpson, Conny Sisk, Geneva Smith, David Sneed, and Daris Stewart. ROW III: Susan Tankersley, Geneva Taylor, Betty Turner, Sally Vance, Sheryl Watson, and Douglas Webb. ROW IV: Katie Lou Webb, Nell Whitson, Margaret Williams, Albert Willis, and Linda Witcher. Mr. Bmmit ' s sophomore English Class. 37 Freshmen Take Time for This and That Don ' t Be Late For Class Boys. 38 Freshmen Mr. Simerly Mr. Ward FRESHMAN CLASS CLASS OFFICERS President: JOHNNY GOODMAN; Vice President: JIMMY CARROLL; Secretary: LAVERNE BOLING; Treasurer: FARRELL BOLING; Reporters: JANET JENKINS and LON GENE LEONARD. 40 ROW I: Laverne Aldridge, Ann Baker, Geraldine Baker, Audney Belcher, Kenna Beverly, and Paula Bishop. ROW II: Farrell Boling, Betty Jane Booher, Bobby Booher, Leona Bowery, Ann Browk- well, and Bobby Brown. ROW III: Linda Brown, Barry Buckles, Paula Bullock, Linda Carr, Nola Carr, and Jimmy Carroll. ROW IV: Betty Ann Carty, Ralph Cash, Darryl Chambers, Brenda Childress, Lena Mae Combs, and Henry Cook. ROW V: Wanda Cornette, Craig Covey, Janice Cox, Ruth Ann Cross, Alton Davenport, and Dickie DeArmond. ROW VI: Dean Dishner, Dennis Dishner, Frank Doering, Sandra Douglass, Linda Dyche, and Dennis Farris. 41 ROW I: Gay Farris, Larry Feathers, Douglas Fields, Donnie Francis, Janice Glover, and Carolyn Glover. ROW II: Dick Godsey, Johnny Goodman, Linda Goodwin, Delmer Gragg, Bill Graham, and Sandra Greene. ROW III: Russell Gross, Jimmy Guinn, Earlene Harmon, Diana Hawthorne, Mark Hendrickson, and Margaret Ellen Hill. ROW IV: Barbara Hodges, Linda Holt, Charlotte Huffine, Billy Hyatt, Janet Jenkins, and Tommy Johnson. ROW V: Carl Jones, Dorothy Jones, Gene Jordan, Judy King, Linda Knight, and Marilyn Jean Lee. ROW VI: David Leonard, Lon Gene Leonard, Nancy Leonard, Mary Littrell, Barbara Long, and Frankie Lovelace. 42 ROW I: Alberta Malone, Jerry Manning, Naomi Marshall, Linda Massengill, Charles Miller, and John Miller. ROW II: Mary Jane Miller, Patsy Morrell, Jerry Morrell, Peggy Morton, Sammy Morton, Alvin Odum. ROW III: Drema Owens, Treva Payne, Jerry Pendergrass, David Penley, J. B. Perry, and Ronnie Perry. ROW IV: Sammy Perry, Dwight Rhea, Linda Rhymer, Howard Roark, Vivian Roberts, Walter Rutherford. ROW V: Danny Rutledge, Peggy Sue Rutledge, Steve Sams, Nancy Shipley, Clara Smith, and Sammy Smith. ROW VI: Sue Smith, Wade Smith, Kenny Souder, Jane Stafford, Ronnie Stevens, and Eddie Stine. 43 ROW I: Bill Stone, Stanley Strouth, Donna Sue Snider, Patsy Marie Talley, Bob Taylor, and Larry Taylor. ROW II: Linda Thompson, Richard Trinkle, Lynda Trivette, Golda Vanover, Linda Deanna Watson, and Don Weaver. ROW III: Joann Weaver, Eddie Webb, Carolyn Elizabeth White, Paul White, Evelyn Whitson, and Johnny Williams. ROW IV: Linda Sue Williams, Reed Wood, and Linda Woods. Mrs. Griffith ' s freshman science class do experiments. 44 Features Mr. and Miss B.C.H.S. Bluff City Beauties Miss Junior Linda Utsman Miss Senior Phyllis Carr Miss Sophomore Sherry Fleming Miss Freshman Laverne Aldridge ' Pnetti it , 70to4t Judy Bullock Douglas Glover Alma Ruth Lewis James Watkins ' Pe 44 uziity 48 dt£eCcf, ta Succeed Lois Cox C. M. Huffine Sandra Rowe Gordon Mills ' 77tc4t 7 (eutecC 49 " TTfoat 0 ?e tti u«te " Wtovt s4(Alettc Phyllis Hughes Bill Durham Barbara Goodman James Cross 0 ? ' Ue tcCCteAt 50 TOtitce t Gretchen Franklin Ronnie Freeman Beverly Waddell Harold Greene ‘77(a4t OitycttaC 51 4CC s4 ' tou tcC Eva Jo Lewis Jerry Slaughter Barbara Milhorn Johnny Carrier ' TPfo t ' Paftulasi 52 @ute4t Allen Jenkins Martha Rutherford Georgia Cook Charles Malone 53 These Scientific minded students enjoyed a week-end at Oak Ridge last year. Don ' t let them wreck that new car, Mr. Poore. 54 Activities Yearbook Co-Editors, LOIS COX and MAXINE CLARK, check the material be- fore sending it to meet their first deadline. BARBARA BROWN, Feature Editor; LYNN MEREDITH, Club Editor; JOHNNY CARRIER, Sports Editor; and JUDY BULLOCK, Class Editor; explain to ALMA RUTH LEWIS, Layout Editor, how this page should be drawn. LYNN WATSON the assist- ant photographer hands film plates to Mr. Graham. If it had not been for BEVERLY WAD- DELL, PHYLLIS EDWARDS, and BARBARA GOODMAN, the typists, this annual would not have been published. Annual 56 C. M. HUFFINE, business manager, and JOE LITTLE- FORD, MADOLYN DAVEN- PORT, PHYLLIS HOPKINS, and CAROLYN BOYD were in charge of our finances. The work of the artists, JERRY CARRIER, BARBARA CARRIER, and JERRY SLAUGHTER, was appreciated. Staff Our advisors, MRS. THOMAS, MR. BRUMIT , and MRS. MILHORN, were indispen- sable to us. 57 Highlight EDITOR, Beverly Waddell. CIRCULATION, Carolyn Boyd and Phyllis Hopkins. TYPISTS, Brenda Sigman, Aleada White, and Eva Jo Lewis. ADVISORS, Mr. Church, Mrs. Crussell, Mrs. Hodge, Miss Dal- ton, and Mr. Brumit. 58 Staff ASSISTANT EDITOR, Barbara Milhorn. SPORTS EDITOR, Bud Malone. ARTIST, Jerry Slaughter. HOMEROOM EDITOR, Carolyn Turner. MIMEOGRAPH OPERATORS, Sidney Harkle- road and Joe Littleford. 59 Jr.-Sr. Banquet ’’May Day” 60 Y-Teen Athletic Banquet 61 Open House Talent Show Winners Third Place SANDRA ROWE First Place SUE TERRY Second Place MELODETTES 62 I Organizations Phyllis Carr Reporter Evelyn Rutledge Reporter 64 65 X Officers: MRS. GRIFFITH, Sponsor; JUDY FEATHERS, President; JUDY BULLOCK, Vice-President; BEVERLY WADDELL, Secretary and Treasurer; SUE TERRY, Song Leader; LINDA UTSMAN and PHYLLIS EDWARDS, Reporters; and MARY CATHERINE WHITLOCK, Pianist. TEEN 66 Officers: MRS. HODGE, Sponsor; WANDA MORRELL, President; TREVA PAYNE, Vice President; EVELYN RUTLEDGE, Secretary and Treasurer; CAROLYN HOLT and FRANKIE LOVELACE, Reporters; PAULA BULLOCK, Song Leader; and SALLY VANCE, Pianist. 67 Bible Club 68 BIBLE CLUB OFFICERS: President, RAYMOND CAUDILL: Vice President, CAROLYN TURNER; Sec- retary, ALMA RUTH LEWIS; Treasurer, BRENDA SIGMAN; Song Leader, PAULA BULLOCK; Pianist, MARY C. WHITLOCK; Reporters, BARBARA STANFIELD and LAVERN ALDRIDGE; Sponsors, MRS. STONE and MR. CARRIER. Library Club OFFICERS: President, BARBARA CARRIER; Vice President, WANDA SHEPHERD; Secretary, BARBARA BROWN; Reporter, LARRY COUCH. 69 F. F. A. OFFICERS Vice President, JOE EARHART; President, GORDON MILLS; Secretary, DON CRUMLEY; Reporter, BOBBY O ' NEAL; Treasurer, RANDY HICKS; Sponsor, Mr. MEREDITH; Sentinel, CHARLES MORRIS. 70 F.F.A. SWEETHEART Lynn Meredith National F.F.A. Dairy Cattle Congress held in Waterloo, Iowa. Contestants: Raymond Peeks, Hon- orable Mention; Gordon Mills, Bronze Medal; Randy Hicks, Bronze Medal; and W. A. Meredith, Advisor. 71 Future Homemakers of America 72 PRESIDENTS: Diana Hawthorne, Wanda Morrell, Barbara Brown, Judy Bullock, Geraldine Baker, Charlotte Huffine, Carolyn O ' Dell Linda Utsman, Lavern Aldridge. VICE PRESIDENTS: Aleada White, Carolyn McKinney, Geneva Taylor Evelyn Rutledge, Leona Bowery, Paula Bullock, Teresa Peoples, Paula Bishop. SECRETARIES: Judy Dyche, Ann- ette Francis, Mary Eads, Carolyn Glover, Janet Jenkins, Treva Payne Sandra Douglass, Evelyn Whitson. TREASURERS: Lois Bently, Barbara Crumley, Betty Ann Carney, Elaine Morris, Patsy Morrell, Patsy Mas- sengill, Judy King, Sally Vance, Donna Snider. 73 SONG LEADERS: Daris Ann Stewart, Leah Lyons, Barbara Stan- field, Peggy Hicks, Carolyn White, Linda Trivette, Mary Littrell, Sandra Rowe, Earlene Harmon, and Christine Wassom. REPORTERS: Becky Johnson, Helen Riffey, Maxine Clark, Linda Boyd, Brenda Childress, Kenna Beverly, Wanda Cornett, and Linda Dyche. HISTORIANS: Barbara La Iacona, LaWanda Nickols, Ann Gross, Linda Goodwin, Linda Williams, Barbara Hodges, Martha " Cookie " Rutherford, and Barbara Long. PARLIAMENTARIANS: Alberta Malone, Jane Wampler, Patty Fleenor, Judy Fleenor, Barbara Goodman, Helen Barnes, Carolyn Glover, Linda Watson, and Sandra Greene. 74 4-H Club OFFICERS: President, ANN HARR; Vice President, CAROLYN GLOVER; Secretary and Treasurer, GERALDINE BAKER; Reporter, MARY LITTRELL; Sponsor, Miss DALTON. Science Club OFFICERS: President, C. M. HUFFINE; Vice President, JERRY SLAUGHTER; Secretary and Treas- urer, HAZEL COX; Reporter, JAMES WATKINS. 75 Glee Club 76 PIANIST Lynn Meredith OFFICERS: President, SUE TERRY; Vice President, CAROLYN O’DELL; Secretary, JUDY BULLOCK; Treasurer, LYNN MEREDITH; Reporters, BARBARA MILHORN and MARY CATH- ERINE WHITLOCK. 77 Intramural Club Sue Terry Basketball Carolyn O ' Dell Mrs. Thomas Sponsor Vivian Hayes Assistant Manager Carolyn Glover Manager 78 Dimple Jenkins Hiking Wanda Webb Softball Linda Utsman Stunts Ann Harr Volleyball OFFICERS Helen Riffey Reporter Carolyn McKinney Secretary and Treasurer 79 SPONSOR Miss CHARLOTTE DALTON OFFICERS President, EVA JO LEWIS; Secretary, BECKY JOHNSON; Vice President, BEVERLY WADDELL; Treasurer, DIMPLE JENKINS; Reporters, SIDNEY HARKLEROAD and JUDY DYCHE. 80 Robert Brumit Sponsor Douglass Waddell President Terry Wilson Vice President Kenny Souder Secretary and Treasurer Melvin Cox Reporter James Watkins Reporter 82 Athletics Varsity Bill Durham- -Guard Douglas Glover- -Guard Allen Jenkins- -Guard Johnny Carrier Co-Captain Carl Jones- -Forward Charles Malone--Forward Ranny Rutherford- -Guard 84 Players Johnny Carrier- -Guard George Burnett- -Forward Jimmy Cornett- -Forward Larry McClellan--Center Billy Durham Co-Captain William Stacy--Center Dwight Richards- -Forward 85 c H E E R L E A D E R S PHYLLIS CARR SALLY VANCE LINDA UTSMAN SHERRY FLEMING LYNN MEREDITH VIVIAN HAYES CAROLYN O ' DELL SUE TERRY 86 Jr. Varsity Managers Brady Harkleroad, Kyle Friesland, Jimmy Manning, Jack Shepherd, and James Cox. 87 Homecoming Queen QUEEN Jane Wampler KING William Stacy and Court Claudette Carter and Bud Malone, Betty Jean Godsey and Dwight Richards, and Geraldine Baker and Steve Watson. 88 Advertising AKARD FUNERAL HOME COMPLIMENTS THE GRIZZLY STAFF FOR THEIR OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENTS IN CREATING THIS YEARBOOK PAUL COOK ' S FUNERAL HOME FOR HER OUTSTANDING WORK IN CLASS DURING THIS SCHOOL YEAR. o ! U Q O e ' O ma E i CLARK 4 P I ' anr V " EDGEMONT AVENUE BRISTOL . TENNESSEE CAREERS DON ' T happen . . . THEY ' RE EDUCATED! WE INVITE YOU TO MAKE KINGSPORT FEDERAL YOUR SAVINGS HEADQUARTERS! Your money is non-fluctuating . . . always at par . . . worth 100 cents on the dollar. Your money is close at hand, ready when you need it. You don ' t have to be a Quiz-Kid to know that " It Pays To Save Where Savings Pay! " if)} §Aj. iV M|U -ij u ) 9 " (X)- mJ V. va. vu (gJu JUju Ajj oZtXj UfIalw uiHLiAA-? d i Ok oiHhA ryuuu y U a-cu (Li JmI kav uM U n u f R u-v iY JUjl9 PEPO COLA BOTTLING CO. 890 W. MARKET STREET JOHNSON CITY TENNESSEE TWIN CITY DRIVE-IN BLUFF CITY HIGHWAY r r , ] r L ; j v ,L ' ' ■ " r • ' H- (V j-7 1 1 r o r vw ,v a white Rose self-rising corn meal r ) J y q y J , vs y WHITE ROSE SELF-RISING FLOUR jf :- r ] ' J V HIGH QUALITY FOR 70 YEARS BLUFF CITY TENNESSEE HAYE ; AND REYNOLDS I h IS ir r COMPLIMENTS OF f K ' 2 ' 3P S FRIEWDt u ry jit n i ySA j yA I L ■?M°: Jr Jf r AAA- lA rt mlS W f JP §P j J-Wit fiS ' ,J ,Jy m M f ' PjU ' y ImH 1 v%r 07 ( CARTER GULF SERVICE n . fj c U , L COMPLETE AUTO SERVICE- -ELECTRIC WELDING Pf 7 Pj J RAYTHEON ROAD 0 i MOTORS TUNED BY DYNA-VISION Owned and Operated by Blaine (Moose) Carter DUE TO OUR LOW OVERHEAD EXPENSE AND FACTORY TRAINED MECHANICS WE WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD PHONE FA 3-5400 MAIN STREET BLOUNTVILLE $UPER 01 L COMPANY NONE BETTER AT ANY PRICE BLUFF CITY TENNESSEE " WHERE THOSE WHO KNOW BUY THEIR CLOTHES " BRISTOL FOR MORE THAN SIXTY-NINE YEARS BEST WISHES FROM TENNESSEE BEAU NIT MILL ; INC. ELIZABETHTON TENN. v H $ l rA. rv ,, KING BROTHERS (jJ , . Am .W I cw GARAGE BLUFF CITY ROUTE I GENERAL AUTO REPAIRS gray‘d dairy Wb V v A, C i C " ) t L HOME OWNED AND OPERATED 5 V c COMPLIMENTS OF GENERAL SHALE CORP. JOHNSON CITY KINGSPORT TH IiWpGILLCO. BRISTOL, TENNESSEE NEW YORK KANSAS CITY SAN FRANCISCO HODGES CONFECTIONARY " WHERE STUDENTS MEET TO EA7 BLUFF CITY TENNESSEE FV7 p ., ■p to jty £) JUNIOR BOOT ? J(A -p r , HO p Stride-Rite Shoes 1 0 Sixth Street VAN DERVORTS S- Smart Styles zy Quality Shoes c ' yY ct- Properly Fitted Paramount Theatre Building Bristol T enn. INTERSTATE toOTOIK , INC. 1 120 W. State Bristol T enn. DeSOTO- PLYMOUTH SALES AND SERVICE 24 Hour Wrecker Service BRISTOL TENNE$$EE ELECTRIC 5V$TEM " DISTRIBUTING TVA POWER " ELECTRICITY IS YOUR CHEAPEST COMMODITY PURCHASED TODAY USE IT FREELY SMART YOUNG PEOPLEALWAYS BUY INSURANCE FROM THESE FIRMS. BENNET EDWARDS, INC. CHRISTOPHER -CAWOOD PRICE RAMEY, INC. MOORE WALKER, INC. J. T. PARKER INSURANCE AGENCY KINGSPORT DEVELOPMENT CO. INSURANCE, INC. HODGE FURNITURE CO. INCURORS OF KIN G$ PORT [RNISH EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME EXCEPT THE WIFE 1 ' 1 6-118 East Market Street Dial C 1 5-4751 Kingsport, Tennessee THE AMERICAN THREAD CO. BRISTOL TENNESSEE BARNE$ TEXACO SERVICE STATION PHONE JE 8-3202 FIRE-CHIEF BLUFF CITY, TENN. y i FOOD MARKETS ,y BRISTOL KINGSPORT 7 ' JOHNSON CITY ELIZABETHTON STUDENTS AND PARENTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME HOTEL GENERAL HELBY BRISTOL ' S LARGEST AND FINEST HOTEL Dick Yarbrough, Manager Bristol Va.-Tenn. EDMOND 8R0$. $UPPLY CO. " THE BUILDERS SUPPLY STORE " Phone SO 4-2136 Bristol, Tennessee Bluff City Highway LADY 4 SON EQUIP. CO. Phone WO 8-1746 Bristol-Bluff City Highway NEW AND USED FARM IMPLEMENTS BA K£R ' $ LUMBER CO. " ALWAYS A FRIENDLY WELCOME 1 Phone JE 8-4543 BLUFF CITY TENNESSEE Shelby at 6th Street Bristol, Tennessee P.O. Box 311 Phone SO 4-4154 CONGRATULATIONS HAMILTON NATIONAL BANK Johnson City R. Lynn Fleenor TYPEWRITER SALES AND SERVICE R. C. Allen VIS-OMATIC TYPEWRITERS, ADDING MACHINES AND CASH REGISTERS 832 State Street Bristol Tennessee PET COMPARE PET DAIRY PRODUCTS WITH ANY OTHERS. SAVE-MOR FOOD STORES FOR FINE FOODS Bristol We Give Worthmore Gold Stamps . 1 1 F . i . ' ' A 17 ■ v iJv , A} ' SMITHDEAL ' S RAYMOND ' S (h ( W y V ■ 700 STATE LINE ROAD FINE FOODS WE GIVE S H GREEN STAMPS SPECIALIZING IN BANQUETS Elizabethton Tennessee THE FRANKLIN CLUB Elizabethton Tennessee Compliments of HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS FARMERS BANK OF BLOUNT VILLE JOHNSON CITY ' S LARGEST SAVINGS AND LOAN Across from Post Office Phone 3143 Complete One -Stop Motor Banking Drive-in Window Walk-up Window Free Parking Lot Day and Night Depository Blountville Tennessee CARR APPLIANCE FURNITURE CO. DeVAULT ' S INC. HOME OF THE BRIDE AND GROOM Phone NO 9-7521 SPECIAL 14 Lee Street Elizabethton Greenville Bristol Virginia IN KINGSPORT IT ' S JEl BENNET AND EDWARDS 3M WJ FOR INSURANCE-REAL ESTATE LOANS PIGGLY WIGGLY Edgemont -Piedmont Bristol Tennessee THE BREAD FOR ENERGY HECHT ' S BAKERY INC. It ' s Batter Whipped Bread- -Cakes - -Pies 0 Be Sure With Pure |pimcl MILHORN WADDELL ViLV " Your Friendly Pure Oil Dealers " Gas - - Oil - -Tires - - Tubes - - Batteries Bluff City JE 8-4622 Tennessee Compliments of FRED MOORE ' S CLOTHING STORE PIT T S B U Rg AIgT r AC Blountville to rr sL j LJ O WATAUGA CHEVROLET CO. , INC. Cadillac and Chevrolet Sales and Service 1 Elizabethton Tennessee WOKMHfeTraiDSIDE MARKET Highway 11-E ' Johnson City Bristol, Tennessee HAYNES FIELD SERVICE STA. KHELu Bristol Tennessee E. S. GLOVER CO. Easly-Wright Build. P. O. Box 527 SO 4-7442 Bristol, Va. HAYES AMOCO SER. SO 4-1321 Bluff City Hwy. Bristol Tennessee SUN VALLEY GRILL " Fine Food " Bluff City Tennessee FRAZIER ' S MARKET 913 Bluff City Highway Bristol SO 4-9622 Tennessee Compliments of GROSS PURE SERVICE 2229 Bluff City Hwy. Compliments HICKORY TREE BUS LINE DUNN ' S PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY 1 5 Moore Street Bristol NO 9-4321 Va. HARKLEROAD BROTHERS General Merchandise Produce, Feeds, Seeds, Coal Bluff City JE 8-3511 Tennessee Compliments of BARRS SPORTING GOODS Bristol Tennessee HENRY MILLER STA. Phone SO 4-3732 Bristol Tenn.-Va. J. W. ADAMS COMPANY Authorized Dealer General Electric Blountville FA 3-5380 Tennessee KASSEM ' S AUTO SALES " Where Better Ca y Are Bought " C J 827 Shelt Street Bristol SO 4 3341 Tennessee , v -k V Compare BALL BROS. Values Anywhere Bristol Va -Tenn. BACI AN HATCHERY 315(kest Market Street J ohJnsonyCity T enne s see People Who Care For Your Clothes HATCHER ' S CLEANERS Edgemont Avenue Holston Ave. Bristol Tennessee THE L. C.KINGMFG. CO. Pointer Brand Work Clothing Corner Seventh and Shelby Street Bristol Tennessee BENNIE ' S DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT For Those Who Know-The Place To Go Bluff City Highway Bristol Phone SO 4-9825 Tenn. FASHION SHOP Smart Apparel 604 State Street Bristol Tennessee TOWN COUNTRY Beauty Salon SO 4-4232 Bluff City Highway PETER PAN PASTRY SHOPPE Your Specialty Bake Shoppe Phone NO 9- 8171 Bristol 507 Cumberland St. Va. Cameras and Supplies Photofini shing KELLY AND GREEN Bristol 514 Cumberland St. Va. KINGSPORT TIMES -- NEWS mil III! Your F riendly OAKWOOD MARKET " Home of K Saver Stamps " Kingsport Tennessee fi letter then good . . . fi UMi f psm . . - y ■ w ■fOREMOST 1 1HI »« t N A M 1 In ' oTHUT HO OUCH k K -== Corhpiiments of Tv butEer ' s hoe store BVistol ' i64Z State StEjset Tennessee L, • . v WATSON B ROTHERS Sheet Metal Works Phone L L2-4833 Elizabethton - Tennessee ' -OsS J -V RESTAURANT y vr v k k VUS-FI 8 Mil eeJWb Pof Bristol Blountville - Tennessee V Compliments of P P. C. COOPER CONTRACTOR - Phone FA 3-3710 Blountville TennesSee r % 2 Compliments S, KR ES$ -Bristol Tennessee V S z P THOMAS HARDWARE GROCERY STORE Bluff City Tennessee. c: 77 y v Get -Ycyu rTr a c tic e Typewriter from CARVEI FFC E EQULP. CQ. C erokeekt eet Kirtgsport Tennessee Compliments of WEAVER ' S FUNERAL HOME Bristol Tennessee y ' ' Xyy sT Oldsmobile BRIGHT WELlASPINKS, INC. Dial NO 9 -4.4-7 1 j 945 State St. Bristol, Tenn. CUP Compliments of c r % V A L- KING ' S GROCERY STOKE V vv Bluff City Highway " V BIRCHFIELD ' S MEN ' S SHOP LI 2-ZZ51 | Elizabethton Tennessee 7 CARTER COUNTY BANK Elizabethton Tennessee DR. FRANK WINSTONFLEU Optometrist 25 Moore Street Phone NO 9-1242 Bristol Virginia TEXAS STEER DRIVE-IN Johnson City Tennessee THE JEWEL BOX N 1 529 State Street s F ' Bristol, Virginia " Your Friendly Credit Jeweler " STATES MOTOR CO. INC. RAMBLER " Your Economy Car Dealer " Blountville Hwy. Bristol, Tenn. 1st PEOPLES BANK Johnson City T ennes s ee JOHNSON CITY LAUNDRY " Pick-up and Delivery " 200 Boone Street Phone 3688 Johnson City Tennessee TICKEL BROTHERS Neon Signs - -Outdoor Advertising Fifteenth and Shelby Streets Bristol Tennessee SAM HICKS HAIR DESIGNERS Sycamore at Piedmont NO 9-3127 Bristol Virginia APPALACHIAN PIANO Sales and Service SO 4-4821 Bristol Tennessee COMPLIMENTS OF STERLING HOUSE CLIP AND CURL BEAUTY SHOP NAVE HARDWARE AND SUPPLY CO. HATHAWAY -PERCY FUNERAL HOME SOUTHERN CAFE, Elizabethton ELIZABETHTON HARDWARE CORTRIM LUMBER CO. THRIFT SUPPLY CO. LYNNWOOD HOTEL AND RESTAURANT RITCHIE ' S STATELINE CONF. RADIO CAB CO. FRED MOORE ' S CLOTHING STORE BROAD STREET FURNITURE REED ' S, Elizabethton JOE RAINERD TILE CO., INC. J A J CXg-CkJV C A cniL o p W0i OF ALLEN TAYLOR PHARMACY ABBOT, PROCTOR AND PAINE FAUCETTS, INC. MRS. MARJORIE HARR STAR BARBER SHOP GLENWOOD GULF SERVICE JENKIN ' S GROCERY, Bluff City H. M. SLAGLE AND SONS T AND T BODY WORKS EDGEMONT SERVICE STATION LEROY HULL RALPH ' S SINCLAIR SERVICE STATION MODERN TYPEWRITER SALES FRED GILBERT McCLURE MOTORS Au m j „ sC— LAr .- C A ALA Compliments cA of , THE REMNANT SHOP JELLICO TOBACCO SONOTONE the HOUSE of HEARING KYLES, ELIZABETHTON MEREDITH REAL-ESTATE FRED and ED’S PURE OIL ELIZABETHTON GAS and FUEL CO. WESTSIDE ESSO BILL KING’S KNOB CREEK BOAT DOCK FORD and OLIVER GROCERY WILLMARY SHOP LAKEWAY DRIVE-IN REMINE GOBBLE 7 HOUR LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING FITZSIMMONS PRINTING CO. NOR WELL PLUMBING and HEATING CO. CITY MUSIC and JEWELRY STORE TIDWELL BARBER SHOP FRED DAVIS JEWELER ' S CHAS. J. LOWRY AGENCY, INC. FOWLER ' S LEE’S BODY SHOP NEW VOGUE TASTEE FREEZE BUILDERS SUPPLY MINTON FENCE SALES " ‘ • ; LAWRENCE FRITTS j)Jj6HNSON FURNITURE SHOP BLOUNTVILLE FLORIST EAST TENN. APP. CO. BRISTOL FLORAL CO. TROY LAUNDRY CO. MORRELL BROTHERS SHIPLEY’S GROCERY X BLOUNTVILLE MOTOR CO. HAROLD FLEMING, SHERIFF A. H. HICKS GROCERY PERRY L. BLACKBURN SERVICE BARBER SHOP HOWARD L. (SANDY) MORRELL CARDIN ' S OFFICE SUPPLY HAL H. CARR Builder supply go. JE 8-3711 BLUFF CITY TENNESSEE Who said we don ' t do any work! We couldn ' t have thrown it away - - - could we?? We have a deadline to meet, We really met our last deadline. 112 F0 R REFERENCE . Do Not Take From This Room Voa A XsL9k w»N A . O- - ° KX v 5St. V aK C Ji-oA. cv 4 V r D „ a , ; YYiY.-W. oL- Y®( ' .-..- K-y J. ■ • - I ' (AJ ' L-M. „{.l 0 - ' I ' Ji ruol ' J iii, . pu, ' x-WU- • ■ . 6v r -.V - ! ’ i,„ -j j-) " - ' .. ' . .( t ' . hcioL i:y -v U.X-L- l. C CA " Z £ t- , Ui xt l.- U ' C oU ' ( - 3 t ' t‘- iv X cZ -Z £- - Y V- y c C . c . j (- ' C C 7 . C ( £ ' VL-tfO £ •- " £ r • 7 i. y . t. w Z f - 1 1 -y £ c (XtoL) x. y » TV • X a tt Xt ' -t - - ‘’-fj-- - 1 A-c. .’ ) .- o - c A “ - ' ’ (- wC 4e ua-ct u U; .y • • - • . V U- C — C ,z. .1 . ' .) ., - A- „ ' i, ' - ■ l z Cxx. -, xOy PCllLcLu oL 3 0650 1003 3421 4

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