Blue Hill High School - Bobcat Yearbook (Blue Hill, NE)

 - Class of 1953

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Blue Hill High School - Bobcat Yearbook (Blue Hill, NE) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 13 of 52
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Page 13 text:

She steps forward and rntroduces herself as our old frrend and classmate Anrta Albrn She rs now famous for her many prctures of modern art many of whrch are hangrng rn The Louvre rn Parrs France Thrs rs qurte a change from the prctures she was famous for at Blue Hrll"' I now see a gentleman wrth red harr comrng up to the platform He appears to be rather nervous and I rmmedrately recognrze hrm as none other than our old classmate Charles Van Boenrng Charles rs a psychologrst at Srng Srng and very busy studyrng case hrstorres Hrs future must hase been decrded by hrs profound love for psychology rn Blue Hrll A shapely attractrxe chorus grrls steps forward She rs short and has dark harr I recognrze her as Shrrley Nass but on Broadway she rs known as De lrghtful Delrcate Delectably Yours A tall man wrth black harr steps forward from the audrence He rs wearrng a long black robe and from hrs quret drgnrty I see rt rs Robert Novak H rs pastor of a church rn the prosperous crty of Ayr and very much lrked by hrs congregatron Next a slender grrl of medrum herght wrth blond harr comes up and I recogmze her as aner Kort She rs the lady prlot of the class and has just won the ladys speed record of gorng 20000 mrles an hour rn her rocket shrp the B H H S Space Flyer A short man wrth horn rrmmed glasses now comes forward and I see rmmedrately rt rs Alvrn Wrllems I can see by hrs manner he has followed up hrs old de srre to be a teacher I understand Alvrn rs now the Superrntendent of schools rn Blue Hrll Now there rs a stunnrng srlence as I see a neatly dressed Arr Lrne Stewardess come forward She has a sweet ready smrle for everyone I recognrze her as Mary Brown I understand she and anet are gorng rnto space travel wrth Merle An elegantly dressed woman rs now comrng rnto vrew She has long dark harr and her shortness tells me rmmedrately that rt rs Monera Dusek She rs a leadrng dress desrgner rn New York and by lookrng at her one can easrly see why"' As Monera leaves the platform a neatly dressed woman rn a nurses unrform comes up to tell of her experrence as a nurse rn the Mayo Brothers Clrnrc I can see rt rs Velma Kohmetscher Her ambrtron to be a nurse evrdently proved successful Now comrng up to the platform rs a well dress ed man He rs short and has blonde harr I be lreve rt rs Gary Rerber Yes rt rs Gary rs now the presrdent of General Motors and well known for hrs never farl swrtch rn the new modern Chevrolet I guess thrs was brought about by the trouble he used to hare wrth the swrtch rn hrs dads car rn hrgh school days Who rs thrs comrng up to talk to the group' I notrce she has been takrng notes all durrng the pro gram She rs of average herght and dressed rn a very neat busrness surt It rs Shrrley Kort She explarns that she rs Garys prrvate secretary I guess she felt rt her duty to help hrm as she was the cause of the broken swrtch A woman neat rn appearance rn every way steps up and I can tell rmmedrately rt rs eannrne Carper jeannrne rs a great metropolrtan opera srnger She rs gorng to srng her theme song Ill see you Agarn Next a tall handsome woman wearrng the unr form of a wartress comes boldly to the platform She speaks to Mr Gray I realrze rt rs our classmate Verla Fry She rs now the owner of the Country Inn at Paulrne noted for rts del crous home cooked meals A man who I rmmedrately recognrze as Norrrs Augustrn now comes up on the platform and tells the group of hrs experrence as the engrneer of a conser vatron company Hrs project novr rs a concrete dam over the Lrttle Blue Rrver A woman rs stepprng forward rrchly dressed and wearrng a dramond broach Of course everyone re members her as Betty Lou Kranau Betty rs now the happy vrrfe of a jeweler rn Denver Colorado A small rather stooped gentleman now comes forward After watchrng hrm for a moment I can tell rt rs Mr Rrchard Hadsell the other sponsor of thrs class Mr Hadsell was the athletrc coach at Blue Hrll He remrnrsces wrth the group for a whrle and tells us he now has a srx man team of hrs own The lrghts are growrng drmmer and the group rs gettrng ready to leave These are the happy and prosperous graduates of 53 and I know rf all the Blue Hrll townsfolks were here they would be very proud of them Senror Skrp Tnp On Aprrl IO 1953 at 7 00 a m the Senror Class departed on therr skrp trrp After seventeen senrors and therr sponsor Mr Gray boarded a chartered bus drrven by Mr Kane they started for a two day ex cursron Therr first apporntment was to tour the State Penrtentrary rn Lrncoln After so dorng they contrnued therr trrp to Omaha where they regrstered at the Hamrl ton Hotel That evenmg they drned at the Colony Club after whrch they attended the Ice Capades The next day they concluded therr trrp by tourrng the Unrsersrty Campus rn Lrncoln They arrrved home after an enjoyable trrp Career Day Conferences The first Annual Career Day Conferences were called to order Aprrl 2 by Norrrs Augustrn senror class presrdent Senrors from Bladen Cowles Eckley Gurde Rock and Red Cloud were present The conferences were opened by Dr Charles O Nerdt Professor of Educatronal Psychology from the Unrversrty of Nebraska Vocatronal group meetrngs were held rn the mornrng and afternoon whrch were conducted by men and women rn therr freld of work There were drscussrons on cosmetology carpenter work nurses trarnrng farmrng typrng and stenographrc work lzusrness admrnrstratron dentrstry and other fields , . 1 ' ' 1 , , . , - , . . 1 ' 1 1 . . . V - ' . . . Y. . . , . ' . 7 Y 1 - , , . 1, . . , , - . . 7 . - ' ' 1. 1 -1 . - , . . . 1 ' I u u n ' 1 1 ' ' '1 ' 4 1 ' 1 1 , ' , . - 1 ' - 1 Y . . Q . . , . ' 1 ' - 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 - 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' . , . . ' - rr 1 - yr , .

Page 12 text:

The Last Will and Testament of the Senior Clcrss of 1953 We the Senror Class of 1953 rn the Crty of Blue H111 the County of Webster and the State of Nebras ka berng of unquestronable character and mental con drtron do hereby make thrs our last wrll and testament renderrng word and of no avarl any former wrll or wrlls that may have been prevrously made by us durrng a perrod of temporary optrmrsm To the school and our herrs we are leavrng a magnrlicent and valuable volume comprled by us the Senror Class durrng the four years of our ardent search for knovrledge In rt you wrll find lrsted our many outstandrng deeds and achrevements You wrll also Hnd a sectron wrrtten rn behalf of the unrors Here they wrll frnd helpful suggestroas on how to act whrle they are Senrors sample examrnatrons fno ans wersb and several mrscellaneous rtems whrch we hope wrll be useful The teachers of Blue Hrll Hrgh School wrll find a wonderful specrally tested recrpe for never farl de lrcrous coffee tPerfected by Mary Brown and anet Kort durrng therr coffee hourj Besrdes thrs wonderful tome there are also smaller rndrvrdual bequests as follows Anrta Albrn wrlls her back seat rn the study hall to George Brayton Its closer to the waste basket and pencrl sharpener Norrrs Augustrn vsrlls hrs pep band to Dorothy Dusek or anvone else wrth a loud xorce and weak mrnd Mary Brown wrlls her fondness for red harr to Erleen Kranau so she and Merwrn wrll get along better Merle Brown wrlls hrs studrous qualrtres to Mr Runnalls Hell need them thrs summer eannrne Carpet vsrlls her abrlrty to keep her harr lookrng nrce to Patty Holthaus Make good use of rt Pat' Clara Duesterhoeft wrlls her blushes to Peggy Meyer Monera Dusek wrlls her quret ways to Roberta Lukas Don t abuse them Roberta Randall Frahm wrlls hrs trtle of Senror Casanova to anyone who can fulfill the qualrhcatrons That one may be tough Verla Fry vrrlls her posrtron as Belle of Paulrne to Ixathy Post Eleanor Gartner wrlls her actrng abrlrty to the would be actors and actresses of B H H S anet lxort wrlls her house next to the school to erry Koepke so that he can get to band on trme Shrrley lxort wrlls her good natured ways and cheerfulness to jrnct Brker Velmr Kohmctsclrer vrrlls her rnterest rn nursrng to Betty Rort tThrnk of thosc cute male patrents Betty D Carroll Goll vtrlls hrs physrque to Larry Peterson Youd better go on 1 drct Lrrry Shrrley Nrss wrlls her brg brown eyes to Elarne Grlprn Novr she cm rttrrct some of those cute I-last rngs boys Robert Not ak xxrlls hrs bashfulness to Glen john son Gary Rerbcr wrlls enough of hrs waxy blond harr to Mr Gray so that he can use the comb he got for Chrrstmas Loren Rose wrlls hrs hergnt to Marron Waluurn Hell need rt when he makes the frrst team rn basket a Chuck Van Boenrng wrlls hrs ornerrness and curly harr to Rrchard Hubl Take good care of rt Rrchard Alvrn Wrllems wrlls hrs frrst charr posrtron rn the clarrnet sectron to Archre Huol Thatll take a lot of practrce Archre In The Years To Come It rs a quret evenrng rn May 1968 The scene rs rn the famous New York nrght spot the Stork Club Thrs rs Celebrrty Week rn New York and tonrght all the celebrrtres from Blue Hrll Nebraska are meet rng I understand that all these celebrrtres were grad uates of the class of 53 The room rs rather drmly lrghted as they all srt together drscussrng old trmes A hush falls over the group and a small almost bald headed man steps up on t e platform Somethrng about hrm seems famrlrar es I know now rt rs hrs harr Its Mr Ralph Gray used to be one of the sponsors of thrs class and I see he has been chosen to be master of ceremonres thrs evenrng He has started to recall old memorres that the group shared together and rs gorng to talk wrth each celebrrty to frnd out what great rmprove ment they have contrrbuted to socrety A small consprcrous rntellrgentlookrng gentle man steps forward and after a glance I can see rt rs Carroll Goll He rs the yazz band krng of New Or leans now famous for hrs rendrtron of Blue Hrll Blues After a few selectrons from Carrolls Jazz band a tall handsome gentleman dressed rn a gleam rng space cadet unrform comes to the spotlrght I can see now rt rs our old classmate Merle Brown who has just returned from hrs frfth trrp to the moon I rs rumored he has a grrl there I now hear a great applause as the famous Broad way star Mercy Krlbrrde known to us as Eleanor Gart ner steps forward She rs playrng Ma Skrtter rn the famous Broadway hrt Comrn Round the Mountarn Everyone remembers the hrt she was rn the unror Class play Now a very handsome gentleman steps forth from the crowd He srnrles and I know at once rt rs Randall Frahm Randall rs srngrng for The Lucky Strrke program I Lrke em Round Frrm and So Fully Packed As he leaves the spotlrght I hear a low whrstle and srgh as a slender grrl vxrth a stunnrng harr do walks up to the platform Thrs cm be none other than Clara Duesterhoeft She rs now the owner and oper ator of Mademorselle Clarres Beauty Shop rn Boston famous for rts lovely frnger curls Thrs must be a re- sult of her practrce rn Englrsh class rn hrgh school days A charr squeaks and a tall gentleman steps for ward He looks famrlrar btrt yet 1 can not place hrm -oh yes rt rs Loren Rose He rs xery drstrngurshed lookrng and Loren tells us he rs the head taxrdermrst and screntrst rn the Smrthsonran Instrtute rn Washrng ton D C At the rrght of the platform rs an attractrve wo man who has been sketchrng the group thrs evenrng I . , . . ' l b ll , , . . . . , . . - - . . - - . , - , , , . . , . . - - . . . . , . , ' 0 0 5 9 . v . . A . , . . rt . . . - 1 J ' 1 1 ' 1 . ' . . . 1 - - ' - l - . . . l . . . . r ' y , ' . . . Y. . . - r , . . . . . . . v 1 ' v . . c 1 . , - - - . . . ,, . y rr - , - . , ' , , . . . . . , - J - f , , , . I 1' - - y 1 ' . . - - rr - rr - , . , . ,, . , . ., . , . ' . . . rr . rr - - J ' - - - .. . .- - ' ' 1 r . 7 . . . I 7 ' 9 9 rv ' 4 1 . . . . . .I I V. . . J , , . V. I . . ' . , . - Q ' - . 2 . s , ' . t r . . 1 1 t r ' . , , . l V . . . Y h . . , . ' ' 4 . r ' . Y 1 e , 1 '. . ' r 1 v , V v K 1 . v ' ' f -, , , - N , ' ' ' ' . r r r . 4 ' X ' ' c ' , . . . 1 ' , A " 1 ' rs r ' A ' 1 ,

Page 14 text:

'dfaaa Bolts and Nuts PLAY CAST Benrta Bolt Rebeccas nrece anet Kort Lutre Sprnks the mard who wrnks Eleanor Gartner Rebecca Bolt manager of the Bolt Sanrtarrum for Mental Hygrene Antta Albrn Martha Grubb the cook a melancholrc Shrrley Kort Twmk Starr Bonrtas fiance wrth delusrons of grandeur Norrrs Augustrn Dr Hrppocrates joy a psychratrrst Carroll Goll Henry Goober the porter afrard of lunatrcs Phrneas Plunkett a lawyer wrth a humrlrty com pex Alvrn Wrllems Mrss Prunella Frgg a patrent wrth claustrophobta Monera Dusek Cadwalleder Cltppy a patrent afrud of cats Randall Frahm Mrs Gertle Glossop a pttrent who fears contam 1rl21rl0r1 Ileannme Carpet Wrlbrrr Glossop her drrlrng chrld Charles Vm Boenrng jack Gordon a young rnterne Gary Rerber On Aprrl 74 1953 at 8 00 p m the Senror Class of Blue Hrll presented therr play Bolts and Nuts a farce rn three acts It rs the story of eccentrrc Rebecca Bolt who turns her late brother Benyarnms house 1nto a mental sanr tarrum By a letter brought to her by Bens xncom petent lawyer Phrneas Plunkett she drscovers that her late brother left her S15 OOO hrdden somewhere rn the house The actron really starts when all the patrents begm searchrng for the money These patrents berng Mrss Frgg Mrs Glossop and her darlrng son Wrlbur grst rs treatrng them Later Rebecca drscovers these patrents are only fergnrng phobras all except Cad walleder Clrppy Rebecca rnsrsts that Benrta her nrece should not marry that mercenary fortune huntrng brute Twrnk Starr But after Tmnk finds the money Rebecca consents to therr mtrrrage Martha Grubb Bens old housekeeper md Henry Goober a Negro porter take care of the patrents Cadvxalleder Cltppy consents to marry Rebecct but Lune Sprnks the maid strll has her vunkrng nc jrck Gordon an rnterne at the county asylum ends the fear of havmg an esca mentrl case roamrng tround by takrng Dr Joy back to the asylum 'l ll ll . , I . - , , . . ., I --vvkd . I , . a 1 ' l " D ' - . a l l 1 . . , ., . . . , I I II gggg . I . I . . Q t I 'Q - -A t ' 1 V, G 7 G G , Merle B1-Own and Cadwalleder Clippy. Dr. joy, a quack psycholo- t ' ' . . . . - . . . . ' - , , 1 ' . ' 1 a ' " ' ' , ' ' . , 1 " , ' ', . t ' , . 1' 1 ' . ' ' z '. . , , ,, ,, , . , A , 1 , ' . ' V - - w E' I D ' V I ' ' I ' N Y Ula I l s I 1 I I 3 V 1 ' ' . Y , K 1 r . . 1 't r 7 I 4 7 . , t t A . 1 .

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