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Bloomsburg High School - Memorabilia Yearbook (Bloomsburg, PA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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f X :Ex ilihrin . N-if emorabilia 1941 P. S. P. A. N. P. A. EDITOR IVIARIAN TRUMP XXSSUCIATE ILIIITIIR DAISY CIIIPFEY BUSINESS RIANAGER RICHARD R1-LMLEY FACIITY ,XDVISERS MISS CLEORA M. IXICIQINSTRY, CIIAIRIIAN MISS IXIARTHA IX. JONES MRS. fiARRIET H. KI.INE MR. jII1IN Y. XYAIQNER MR. j. XVESLEY KNORR MR, DI. CLAIRE I'A'I"I'ERS0N MEMQRABILIA .....PUBL1SHED BY..... THE SENICR CLASS Bloomsburg Hlgh School laxnomslauuc, PENNSYLVANIA emorabilia 19411 FOREW ORD lVithin the following pages we have encleavorecl to recorcl in permanent form with worcls and pictures the lNlIElXlORA- lllLl.'X . . . the things worth remember- ing . . . of our high school years. XVC hope that this hook will hecome a lasting monument to the accomplishments and to the friendships of the Class of lU4l, and that the se Ml2lNlORAllll.lA will he treasured throughout the rest of our lives wherever in this worlrl our respective rlestinies may leacl us. 4 emorabilia 1941 DEDICATIO To Miss Cleora M. McKiustry, our true friend and wise counselor. we, the Class of 1041, dedicate this volume of the Memorabilia in grateful appreciation of her cherished comradeship and guid- ance. Through this rleclicatimi we have sought to pay her our highest tribute. 5 Memorabilia 194-1 Comfwzff . . . j6fl77I7lllflLlYlflblZ Clfzffef Afblefzkf Aff1'v1k'1?5 Fm ture! Paltrow Administration X p , X emorabilia 1941 , l THE SCHOOL BOARD Suited, lvff to right: S. A. Harker, D. D., President, R. G. Buckalew, Vice Prcsidentg Roy D. Snyder, Treasurerg VV. B. Sutliff, Secretary. Sfmzding, Ivff to right: Lto C. McNamce, Norman VV. Hoffman, G. Edward Elwell jr., G. VV. Moon, Esq., Solicitor The School Board is Composed of seven prominent men of Bloomsburg. They have regular meetings once a month at which time the business connected with a successful school organization is transacted. In the past years, they have greatly improved the appearance of the high school building, especially by having the inside repainted in colors which contribute to the comfort of the eyes. We, the seniors, want to thank them for all that they have done for us in the past, and wish them continued success in their efforts for the advancement of Bloomsburg High School. 8 emorabilia 1941 l.. P. GILMORR .S'1rf'c1'7'1'.vi1151 Ijffllt'-f7ll.l To the Class of 1941 1 Your high school obligations are finished. The door to new opportunities is before you. May I suggest that you are facing a chang- ing and fast moving world where traditions and ideals are being given new interpreta- Members of the Class of 1941: You are graduating during a "spot" year and some of you will be called upon to play Hspoti' parts during your generation. For this you will need courage and vision. Bloomsburg High School has done its best to equip you for these tasks. From this point you will have to travel more or less alone. No matter what crises confront you, always remember there is no substitute for hard work honestly rendered. XVith this admonition, go forward. Our best wishes and concern for your success attend you. Very sincerely yours, L. P. GILMORE Sziperwisizig Principal. tions. lt is my hope that during your high school days you may have received the in- spiration and training that is necessary to face the future with courage and confidence. Sincerely yours. J. CLAIRE PATTERSON 9 J. CLAIRE PATTERSON IJl'I-llffifftll ,Y , ,Wil dvi!!!-s6.iv7.yL'-j-f em ora bnlna WWA 3 ,M -- -Q:-'T-57Q1"j:"A'1 94 1 fvkwwx wwQ:jLf2h'Ai i 'NN' 'Y ' ,.. Jw, . -f',,fsfJf FACULTY Eclwartl Brown B. Commercial Lawrence Campbell B. S. General Science Arlene M. Faust Secretary Alexander Fisher Art Frank Colder B. S., M. A. English joseph S. Grimes A. B. llistory Vicla H. Hartman B. S. English Robert Hutton B. S.. M. A. Geography Martha A. Jones A. B. English Harriet H. Kline B. S., M. A. English ul. Wesley Knorr B. S., Bl. A. Commercial Nicholas A. Kotys B. llistory. Football Coach Samuel VV. Kurtz B. S. Music XYilliam Letterman B. M. S. American History Bess M. Long A. B., M. A. Biology Margaret Lorah B. S. English Cleora M. lXlCKinstry B. S., M. Ed. English Robert H. Mencer B. S., M. S. Algebra 10 emorabilia 1941 llariulcl li. Millcr tieurgc M. Mordan DI. Claire Patterson Maroc lf. Pensyl Gary Roddy li. Dunalrl Sands Ray l. Schell Tliursahert Schuyler Mary R. Serocca Lillian C. Scybert Myra S. Sharpless Dorothy Shelhamer 'XYilliam L. Shutt Jennie Trivelpiecc john Y. XVagner Peter VVisher Sue R. Yeager N. A. Y eany FACULTY M. A. M. M. A. lXl..iX. .M.S. M. A. M. Ecl. M. A. G01 ngraphy Mathematics llcmf ,tracy Civics General Shfip Wlorlcl llistury Mathematics Latin French School Nurse l listury Home Ecunmnics Commercial lXlathcmatics Chemistry. Physics Physical Education Physical liclucatiun Cmnmercial IN IVIEMGRIAM MR. THEODORE P. SMITH In memory of Mr. Theodore P. Smith, former prin- cipal of the Bloomsburg High School, who passed away in March. His influence upon the youth who touched his life was far-reaching and for lasting good. He will always be remembered as a true friend, a wise principal. and a Christian gentleman. 12 lasses "'-H Lbs- A . W I. 6-' A yr . 'iz vt. if CLASS OFFICERS AND ADVISERS SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS AND ADVISERS President, Hurry John: Vice President, Dayton Greenly: Secretary. Arthur Stairg Historian, Janet Veley: Class Advisers, Miss Mary R. Seroccu, Mr. Ray I. Schell. J ,-1. -mw- xv.-1 1-7 S if J JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS AND ADVISERS President, Jack Adams: Viev President, Getha Ilomboyg Secretary, Donald Munn: Historian, Jacqueline Shaffer: Class Advisers, Miss Bess M. Long, Mr. John Y. Wagner. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS AND ADVISERS President, Patricia Moyer: Vice I"rusidc-nt, Rodney Evelandg Serra-tary, Helen May Wrisrht Historian, Ji-anne DuBoisg Class Advisers, Miss Cleora M. Mcliinstry, Mr. Edward J. Brown. 14 C111 rabilia 1941 MIRIAM ADAMS "Shorty" Commercial ,A , . 1 1 gf-C' 'l B, ,, '1,.QlRl'. . ACI-ITlNCl35,, lv . "Bovlzir"1 ' Commercial Dramatic Club 1: MacDowell Club 2, 3: Glee Club 2, 3: Science Club 1: Library Club 1: Gym Demontration 1: Com- mercial Program 3, 4: Order of Gregg Artists: Gregg Dic- tation and Transcription Awards: 60, 80, 100. CLAIRI2 BEAGLE Aczulcmic H-Y Club 3, 43 Mainville High School: Varsity Basket Ball 1. 2. IMILTON C. BENNETT ".llit" Commercial Rand 1, 3 4: Orchestra 1, 3. J. V. Football 2: Gym Demon- stration 1: Commercial Pro- gram fl: Gregg Dictation and 'I'r'1nscription Awards: 60, 80. 100. W Stage Crew 4: Track Team 1 2: science Club 11 iwotliall if DONALD B11.I.u: Academic Gym Team 2, 3. 4: Track Team 3. 4: Tennis 4: Gym Demonstration 1, 2, 3, 4. JEAN I. Bkiflsnll Ufl'tUIll'U Academic Dramatc Club 3. 4: Orchestra 3: Band 3. 4: MacDowell Club 3: Mainville High School: Ac- companist 1, 2: Basket Ball 1, 2: "VVl'n S1111 Quit?" "Always in Trouble," 2: Audubon Bird Society 2. s,.- . - s. , . . ," L f fi x, ., ," lVl'KRY- 4..Bt4UiT0N' . ' ra fl' st' , r- 1 Burton" ' " - L ' - ' fvfpqr COll'l111CI'C1Zlr'L?? ' :fr 5 MacDowell Club 1, Lg: Glec Club 1, 2: Library R13 ti: Commercial Proxxram 2. . 44 Grew.: Dictation and Transcrip- tion Awards: 60 xo. 100. izof Order of Grey!!! Artists: Com- plete Theory: Operetta 1: Gym Demonstration 1: Comp.-tent Typist 40, 50, 60. nf 4 A T11 -'l' -Q.. flql em rabilia 1941 ,pf X 6 KM' X, ., Doromzs BUTCHY "Dolly" Academic Dramatic Club 4 5 "When Stars Shinel' 4:Mainvil1e High School: Basketball V a r s i t y Squad 1, 2. ,' L 1 f. Aisv Corriav "Dain" fl , Commerclal Pr Club 3, 4: Associate ito of Memorabilia 4: G. A. A. 2K3 4: Dramatic Club 1, Scien Club 1: Gym Demon- stra on 1, 3: Commercial Pro- gra 2, 4: Manager of Soccer 4: anager of Minor Sports 3: M nhger of Volleyball 4: Gregg Dictation and Transcrip- tion Awards: 60, 80, 100: Gold Pin 120: Complete T h e o r y, Quill and Scroll 4. I K Po iz 1520 NTQIS , .fpovlyn . I ,-", X65 0 Cefnimercial 1' I 'ff l0rche a ZMaeDowell Club , M' . orus 4: G. A. A. 3 I4 s lub 4: Memor- abili usines Staff 4: Mem- orabilia Liter ry Staff 4: Na- tional Honor Society 3: Gym Demonstration 3: Commercial Program 2, 3, 4: Gregg Dicta- tion and Transcription Awards: 60, 80, 100, 120: Gregg Com- plete Theory: Contest Team 4. Rov CONNER "Squeaky" Academic Orchestra 3: All School Play Ag Science Club 1: Dramatic Club. HOWARD CooM BE "Lord " Academic Science Club 1: J. V. Basket- ball 2: Varsity Basket :ull 2 Gvm Demon tration 1, 2: Hi-Y Club 3 4. JACK Colm-21.1. "Hoot" General f" C S4 ' THELMA COTNER Commercial Commercial Program 2, 3, 43 Gym Exhibition 2: Gregg Or- der of Gregg Artist Certificate, Comolete Theory Certificate: Gregg Dictation and Transcrip- tion Awards: 60, 80, 100: Gold Pin 120: Gregg Competent Typing Certificate, 56. WILLIAM CREVELING "Bill" Commercial Gvm Team 2, 3, 4: Commercial Program 4. ff em rabilia 1941 C0NNiE CRONIN Academic Football fManagerl 2: Dra- matic Club 4, Science Club: Gym Demonstration 1, 2. CHARLES H. CROSSLEY "Bing" "Crossley" Commercial Commercial Program 2. JACK DAWSON "fake" Commercial Gym Demonstration 2, 4: Com- mercial Program 4. ROBERT UE Mori' "Bob" Commercial Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Gym Team 3, 4: Gym Demonstration 3, 4: Dra- matic Club 4g "When Stars Shine." ROSEANNA DERR "Rosie" Academic NOLA I. Dorv "Daly", "Shorty" Commercial Science Club, Cheerleader 8, 4: Commercial Program 2, 4g Lit- erary Statf of Memorabilia 4: Bus.ness Staff of Memorabilia 4: Gregg Shorthand Awards: 60, 80, 1003 Gold Pin 120: 0. G. A.: "Miss Personality" Candidate, 4. DALE EDWARDS "Edcrfis" Academic Hi-Y Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Science Club 2: Gym Exhibition 1. GARTH EIS!-INHAUER "Gus" "Beetle" General Science Club 1, 23 Commercial Program 2, 3. em rabilia 1941 RUTH M. EISENHAUER "Rusty" Commercial Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Stu- dent Business Manager of All- School Play 4: Choral Speak- ing Choir 4: National Thespian Honor Society 4: Business Staff of Memorabilia 4: Com- mercial Program 2, 4: Gregg Dictation and Transcription Awards: 60, 80, 100: Gold Pin 120: Complete Theory and O. G. A.: Commercial C o n t e s t Team 4. JACK ENT "facie" General I'IARRY R. FAUX "Dick" Commercial Gym Demonstration 3. N MARY E. Fr-:GLEY ,fl-gg., Commercial Science Club 1: Gym Demon- stration 1, 2, 3: G. A. A. 3 4: Gregg Dictation and Trans- scription Awards: 60, 80, 100' Commercial Program 4. , 1 'S iii ,.-1 1 4' 4 I! -af jj' I EMAKIQR ".lIaryI0u" Academic Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Na- tional Thespians 3. 43 All- School Play 2, 3: Science Club 1: Operetta 1: Girls Glee Club 2: MacDowell Club 2 3:M1xed Chorus 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Tri- Hi-Y Secretary 3: Senior Na- tional Honor Society 3. 4: Memorabilia Literary Staff 4: Spanish Club 4. f VL' 'I ' . ,- MAIQTE G. Fl-ITZIER "Ilflni:iv" A Commercial Gym Demonstration 1: Com- mercial Prozram 2, 4: Gregg Dictation and Transcription Awards: 60, 80, 100: Complete Th9'l'Y: O. G. A. Award: 120 Gold Pin. BETTY L. FISH:-:R "Bats" Commercial G. A. A. 2, 3, 4: Gym Demon- stration 2, 3, 4: Press Club 4: Literary Staff Memorabilia 4: Manager Baseball 3: Gregg Dictation and Transcription Awards: 60, 80, O. G. A.: Complete Theory: M a n a 2 e r Girls' Gym Team 2: Commer- cial Program 4. ELVA L. FIS H ER "Elini" Commercial Science Club 1: Gym Demon- stration 1: Gregg Complete Theory: Gregg Dictation and Transcription: 60, 80, 100, 120: National Honor Society 3: Commercial Program 4: Con- test Team 4. lb J . V ,LZ .AJ 1 I , f em rabilia 1941 MARY' E. ITLAHERTY "Irish" Acadcmic Press Club 3. 4: Glee Club 1: Gym Demonstration 1: Mem- orabilia Staff 4. NYINIFRIZD FIAHERTY ulViHlliK'H Academic Dramatic Club 1. jj . - ok XNTCATHRYN L. Focus ..Kay.. Commercial Library Club 2: Gregg Dicta- tion and Transcription Awards: 60, SO, 100: Commercial Pro- gram 4. JOHN GALBRIQATH MJOIIPIFIXH Academic Band 1: Gym Demonstration 1, 2, 3 4: Gym Team 2, 3, 4: Dramatic Club 4: National Athletlc Honor Society 3. 4-7 I9 SARA A. GARTH WA me "Suiry" Academic Press Club 2. 3, 4: G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Dramatic Club 3, 4: "When Stars Shine" 4: Gym Demons ration 1, 2, 3, 4: Pre-- ident G. A. A. 4: National Thespian: Manager of Baseball 2: Manager oi' Soccer 3. Bl?VERl.l-TE C. GIRTON "Briar" Commercial Dramatic Club 4: Choral Speaking Club 4: Commercial Program 4: Gregg Dictation and Transcription Awards: 60, 80, 100: Complete Theory and O. G. A.: "When Stars Shine." 91- A-o ' ' JEAN GIRTON ,LJ fi!-ijfff 4' '1,A,,-L - adcmic 0 Dramatic Club 4: Mainville Hiizh School: "Who Said Quit ?" 2: "Always in Tlmublef' 2: "Tom Sawyer." 2: "Huckle- berry Finn," 11 Basketball 1, 2: Audubon Bird Society 2. KATHRYN GRAHAM "KiHy" Commercial Press Club 3, 4: Science Club 1: Literary Staff of Memora- bilia 4: Business Staff of Mem- orabilia 4: Gregg Dictation and Transcription Awards: 60, 80, 100: Complete Theory, 0. G. A. Cgnmpetent Typists Awards: 4 , 50. ' f :fi-Q Uwe. N 'z.-'YN em rabilia 1941 M Am' B. GRIQEN ",lluy" Commercial Kickball 1, 21 Softball 1. 22 Commercial Pro!-!ram 2. 41 Gregg Dictation and Transcrip- tion Awards: 60, 80, 100: Gym Exhibition 1. D.-wi-ox GRERNLY "GC0r'g1i"' Acziclcmic Hi-Y 1. 2, 3, 4: Junior Varsity Basketball 2: Junior Varisty Basketball Manatier 1: Gym Team 1, 2, 3, 4: Personnel Club 2: Science Club 1: Gym Demonstration 1. 2. 3, 4: "When Stars Shine" 4: Class President 3: Class Vice Presi- dent 2, 4: National Athletic Honor Society 3. HlfIl.EN HACK "7'rmt.v" Comnlcrcizil Dramatic Club 4: Gym Demon- stration 4: Madison: "Princess Comes to School" 2: School Pacer Staff: Basketball 1, 2: Tri-Hi-Y 1. ISABELLE L. HAR1'ZEl. "l.v.ry" General Science Club 1: Glee Club 2: Dramatic Club 3. 4: Gym Ex- hibition 2. ..-1:51 ,lAc'K HARTZEL "Daddy" General Hi-Y Club 1, 2. 3. 4: Basket- ball Manager 2, 3. 4: Gym Demonstration 1, 2. 31 Science Club 1. . . 1. ,jill m A! 'qv " wx 1 .24 I' .fjd ,VA-41 H I-iq' ' 11" ' cv Pnvl.i.Is HARVEY --1'hy1" Commercial Bloomsburg: Gym Demonstra- tion 2: Commercial Program 3: Cheerleader 3, 4: Orangevillez Dramat'c Club 1: Vice Presi- dent of Class 1: Basketball 1. BENJAM IN F. llAUCK "l?i'n" Aczulcmic l.l.0x'n D. HA Unix "lla11rkiv" Aczultmic Gym Tcam 3, 4: Gmy Demon- itz-ation 1. 3. 4: Football 2, 3, em rabilia 194 1 REYNOLDS A. HPIDl.AND, JR. "Rc1111y" u.'il'l'1liU Academic Gym Team 2, 3, 45 Gym Demonstration 1, 2, 3, 4gStage Crew 2. 3, 43 National Thes- pian Honor Society 4. Roy S. Hmss "Bud" General Stage Crew 3, 4. DAv1D B. HELLER "S1riu11c'y,' Academic Band 1, 2. 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 2, 35 Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4: Dra- matic Club 3, 4: "When Stars Shine" 45 National Thespian 4: Football 4: Gym Demon- stration 15 Science Club 13 Tennis Team 3, 4: Men's Glee Club 3. JACK HIGGINS, JR. "ffiz'ks0u" Gcncral Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Baeketball 1, 2. 3, 4: Track 1, 2, 3: Gym Team 1, 4: Hi-Y 1. 2: Science Clin? 14: Gym Demonstration 1 2. , - WILLIAM I-IINDS "Bill" Commercial Football Manager 1, 3. 4: Hi- Y 1, 2, 3, 43 J. V. Basketball 23 Science Club 13 Gym Dem- onstration 1. CHARLES HORNE General Gym Demonstration 1, 2: Com- mercial Proizram 35 J. V. Foot- ball 3. KATIIPIRINE J. Houwirz "JUnit" Commercial Commercial Program 2, 3, 4g Gregg Dictation and Transcrip- tion Awards: 60, 80, 100, Complete Theory: Gold Pin, 1203 Commercial Contest Team 3. 4. JACK HONN'ER :rBangn General Hi-Y 3, 41 Science Club 1: Band 1, 2: Gym Demonstra- tion 1, 2, 3, 45 "When Stars Shine" 4: Gym Team 1, 2, 3, 4: Dramatic Club 1, 2, 8. 4. em rabilia 1941 MAIQY E. HUDDY Commercial Commercial Program 23 Cheer- leader 3, 43 Dramatic Club 3, 4. DOROTIIV R. HUYTER "Dolly", "DUI" Commercial Science Club 13 Gym Team 2. 3, 4, Gym Demonstration 1. 2, 3, 4, Stroudsburg Gym Team Exhibition 2, 3, 4. XVILLIAM Hvme, JR. "Bill" J. V. Football 23 Varsity Foot- ball 3, 4: Captain 43 Golf 23 Hi-Y 13 Dramatic Club 13 Gym Demonstration 1, 2, 4. ROBERT I KELER, JR. .flkpn General Football 23 Science Club 2. PAUL G. JACOBS "Bib" Academic Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Personnel Club 23 Glee Club 43 Band 3, 43 Orchestra 3, 43 Vice President 33 "When Stars Shine" 43 Year Book Business Stali' 4. HARRY JOHN, JR. "l'Iands0mv" Acaclcmic Mainville: Basketball 23 "Who Said Quit?" "Tom Sawyer" 2- President Senior Class 23 Bloomsbury: Basketball 3, 43 Dramatic Club 43 President Senior Class 43 Orchestra 33 "When Stars Shine " 4. MYRTLE C. JOHNSON "Myrt" General Gym Demonstration 2, 3, 4: Commercial P r o g r a m 2, 43 Cheerleader 2, 3, 43 Gym Team 23 Glee Club 23 Dramatic Club 23 "Step This Way" 23 Variety Show 23 "Pretty Polly" 2: "Miss Personality" Candidate 4. JOHN E. KARNES "folmuy" Academic emorabilia 1941 ,efilklwliiflvi I 1110715 fa' ff" l-out-I nf'JA, 1JvVA,1!l, 4 N IEA' 'N ?13CIi19HT!,! I Mvuss KATERMAN i' viQZa,,,,:i!6j . A'KGfC" 'C 'I' ' Commercial sy . 4 Acaclcmic Dramatic Club 2, 3,44 Y 3, 4: Press Qlub 3, 4: Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Busine s Stall' of Memorabilia 3, 4: Literary Staff of Mem- orabilia 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Gym Team 4: Personnel Club 2: Hi-Y 3. 4: Gym Demonstra- tion 1: Tennis 3, 4. PAUL KEMP "I?1rd- Kmxzpyu Academic Hi-Y 3, 4: Football 2, 3: Camera Club 3, 4: Library Club 3: Dramatic Club 4. JACK N. KIMMELL "Doc" Academic Band 1. 2. 3, 4: Orchestra 1. 2, 3: Gym Demonstration 1, 4: "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm" 3: Hi-Y Club 3. 43 Dramatic Club 3, 4. H. JACK KLINE "J11ggy" Academic Hi-Y 3, 4: Science Club 1: Dramatc Club 4: Gym Demon- stration 1. "When Stars Shine' 4: Science Club 1: National Thespian 3. 4: Business Manager of Press Club 4: Commercial Program 2. 4: Gregg Dictation and Transcription Awards: 60, 80, 100, 120: Gregg Complete The- ory! "Mi s Personality" 4: Commercial Contest Team 4. LOUISE D. KRALIFR H1?1lI7bf'I',' General MacDowell Club 3, Gym Dem- onstration 1, 2, 3, 4: Science Club 1, East Stroudsburg Com- petition 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2: Girls Gym Team 1, 2, 3, 4: Soccer Manager 3: G. A. A. 2. 8, Numerals 17: Letters 2, 3, 4. for yi 1 + fl! 0' - . MAI IIA ls. IxRUM ".llz1rtif" Commercial Gym Demonstration 2: Com- mercial Program 2. 4: Press Club 3. 4: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Mixed Chorus 4: Complete Theory: 0. G. A. Award: Gregg Dicta- tion and Transcription Awards: 63, 80, 100: Competent Typist: 4 , 50. HEIQBIAN L. KUSTER, JR. HJ1Ull'0l"' Commercial Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Gregg Dicta- tion and Transcription Awards: 60, 80: Commercial Program 2, 3, 4: Competent Typing Award: 40 Personnel Club 2: Orches- tra 1, 2, 3: Dramatic Club 1, 2, 8, 4: "Quality Street" 1: National Thespian Award 3: Gym Demonstration 1. em rabilia 1941 FRANCIS LANG nSOI17Ij'u Gcncral DOROTH v P. LETTERMAN Academic Band 2, 3, 4: Dramatic Club 1, 3, 4: G. A. A. 1: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Glee Club 1, 4: MacDowell Club 3: Girls' Gym Team 1: National Thespian 4. H. J, LETTERMAN "!m'.vr"' Academic Glee Club 1, 4: G. A. A. 1, 2. 3: Girls' Gym Team 1, 2, 3: Dramatic Club 4: Press Club 4: Spanish Club 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3. 4: Gym Demonstration 1, 2, 3: East Stroudsburg Gym Meet 1, 2, 3. MARY C. LEVAN US1l0I'fj'H General Press Club 4: Gym Team 4. 1: Bloomsburg High School: lress Club 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 4:Tri-Hi-Y 4: Gym Dem- on tration 2. JEAN T. LICHTENYVALNER Academic Orrzngeville Vocational H i g h School: Girls' Basketball Team BETTY J. L1nmcK "func" Academic Madison School: "Princess Comes to School" 2: Tri-Hi-Y 1: Baseball 1, 2: Basketball 1, 2: School Paper Staff 2: Bloomsburg: Dramatic Club 4. GLEN E. LONG "Shorty" General Commercial Program 1. 4. x '- A ' ' 1 gl I' t 4.1 .f k , C.. ' s, SHIRLEY J. LONG "fl nn" Commercial Cheer Leader 3, 4: Gregg Dic- t a t i o n a n d Transcription Awards: 60, 80, 100: 0. G. A. Award: Commercial Program 4: Science Club 1: Competent Typist 40, 50: Glee Club 2. s ,Tyorabilia 1941 ANNE H. MAGEE ...ION Academic Science Club 1: Glee Club 1, 2: Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 41 National Thespian 2, 3, 4 3 "Anne of Green Gables" 21 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Spanish Club 4. MARIE MARTZ Commercial Choral Speaking Choir 45 Dra- matic Club 4g "When Stars Shine" 43 Tri-Hi-Y 2: Com- mercial Program 4: Gregg Dic- tation and Transcription Awards: 60, 80. LEE MAUST Commercial lit . 6-1 a ,. tl .ous MAUSTELLER T A ' , .vc ' . .' .1 . ,, - . -0 I 'M u " -r . . Lommercial Louis MAVAN "l.z'1Q'." "Irish," "Sailor" General Stage Crew 2, 3. BEATRICE MCBRIDE "Bea" Academic Dramatic Club 4. Lois E. MCDANIELS Commercial June town High School: Bas- ketball 1: Bloomsburg High School: Gym Demonstration 23 Press Club 3. 4. CHARLES MCHENRY ffMLlF'i Commercial Science Club 1: Gym Exhibi- tion 1, 2. J a em rabilia 1941 LORENA MCHENRY "i'llf1'lfic"' General KEITH E. MPIliICl.E --Rip" Commercial Science Club 15 Stage Crew 1, 2, 3: J. V. Football 2: Varsity Football 33 Gym Demonstra- tion 1: Commercial Program 4. DONALD MIl.I.ARD "Don", "Ham" General H1-Y 2. ROBIERT J. MILLER "Milleer" Commercial ALICE J. MoRnAN 'lllmnicu Commercial lWORRIS MoRnAN "Mase" Academic Hi-Y 1, 2. 3, 4. HELEN l.. MOIQIQISON Academic NIARY D. lVl0Yl-IR "Molly", "Und" Academic Science Club 1: Dramatic Club 2, 4: Press Club 43 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 41 Gym Exhibition 1, 35 Honor Society 3, 4: Spanish Club 4. - d ,ff 4 'fff '. P, ,f-5. ' , . , . . Af , gl., ,, ,.'f ,. ff 4 u em rabilia 1941 ly fif lwwf' JIM MU RHEAD "Slmrly' , "SI00fv" Academic Press Club 2, 3, 43 Varsity Football 2. 35 J. V. Basketball 1: Varsity Basketball 3, 43 Varsity Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Volley Ball 1, 4: Memorabilia Staff 4: S0p'om"r-2 President 23 Junior Vice President 33 Director of Intramural 4: Mem- bf-r of Student Government Council 2. 3. Rom-:RT NAUNAS "Bob" Academic Ilramatic Club 4. AULTE 1. NPIL'HARD "Sally" Commercial GLEN C. NEUHARD "Crandpap" Commercial Commercial Program 2, 43 Commercial Contest Team 4. . Rolzlfm' Nll-TTZ ".S'lmuty" Academic Clmera Club 3, 4: J. V. Foot- ball 2. 3: V r ity Football 45 Library Club 3. lNlARc:R1w G. NIJIKTH "Maroc" General Dramatic Club 1, 2. 3, 4: Press Club 1, 2, 3: Puppet Snow 1: Library Club 1. RUTH A. Ni'Nm1ssER Commercial Mzidisan Consolidated: Basket- ball 1. 3, 4, Dramat' Club' 4: ess Club 3, 43 E itur of Red and White 43 Sp nish Club 45 Memorabilia Staff 4: Quill and Scroll 4. ' If f' ' ,I .7 ' 1 N! ff I - 'AA I F . .f ' ' .ff ,' P -' I QNCX E 1'4r'rpme Y 1 ' ' li .' - ' uf" -ff C f Acar ' X ' ce Cl' V , 2, 3, 4 Mac- Dowel Lu 2. 3: S iior tio onor Society , 43 - .Lf . . em rabilia 1941 LEWIS O. PAULHAMUS "Louie" Academic Dramatic Club 1. 2. 3:"Quality Street." BILLIE D. PUGH "Bill" General BETTY J. QUICK uQ'llit'kl.EU Commercial ARTHUR RAMBO "Art" Commercial Basketball J. V. 1, 2: Varsity 3, 4: Gym Demonstration 1: National Athletic Honor So- ciety 3. 4: Honorary Captain. Basketball 4. 'Ill' JOHN REICHARD Academic Press Club 4: Memorabilia Staff 45 Honor Society 3. GwENI1oI.YN RRICHENBACH "Gmini" Commercial Millville High School: Glee Club 1, 2: Basketball 1, 2: Dramatic Club 1: "Ask The Professor" 1. DLTRCJTHY Ri-:MLEY "Dot" Commercial RICHARD D. Rmviuzv Academic Football Manager 2, 3: Hi-Y 2. 3. 4: Memorabilia Business Staff 3. 4: Business Manager of Memorabilia 4: Stage Crew 2. 3. 4: Puppet Show 3. 43 National Thespian Honor So- ciety 4. Mem rabilia 1941 l l,xmusoN H. Ri:NN1Nc.i1R ".5'110r'ly" Aculemic ll obbies Club 1: Academic Cluu 4. MARjORlE B. Ri-iomas ufl1lll'fjl'!'H, "Sic" Acziclemic Dramatic Club 3, 45 Press Club 2, 3, 43 Gym Demonstra- tion 1, 2, 4: G. A. A. 4: Mem- orabilia Stalf 4: "When Stars Shine' g Gregg Dictation and Transcription Awari: 60: Quill and Scroll 43 Science Club 1. WILLIAM VV. Ruomzs "K0flf3"'. "Bill", 'lD1l.Yfj"l Aciidemic Varsity Basketball 3, 4: J. V. Basketball 23 Gym Demonstra- tion 2: Boys' Glee Clu bg Science Club 1. RUTH Rrsum. Hfellfllifl, Commercial Madison High School: Dra- matic Club lg Class Officer 21 Ba ketball Captain 23 Editor- in-Chief of Madisonian 2: Sec- retary Tri-Hi-Y: "P ri n c e s s Comes to School" 5 "Hob-Goblin House", "Page-Aso Bunker." MARY C. SANDS "Sandy" Academic Dramatic Club 3. EDMOND Sfxvinuia "Petr" Academic Junior Varsity Football 3. ,. I ,, -7 I CA I-:RINE . HAFFER X M "Kitty" x jg 3 4 orchestra 2 3 "J Business Staff 3: ie ce Club 1: Ti- i-Y- 4' ee Club 2' Com rcial ograpi 2, 3 '41 Gr g Dictation dT scrip- ti Aw sz 60 80, 0, Gold n 1 3 re Co plete The- ' Ury! T952 mD9t9 72: Comme .al C0 2, 3. : ' al o o- cie , 4. 811 . - I , 3 4 Nation y 3 DUANE E. SHAFFIQR "Sl1uf" Commercial Commercial Program 2. em rabilia 1941 LENORE F. SLOAN "Lenny" Commercial Pottsville: Choral Club 1: Hi S p 0 t t s 1: Shenandoah: Hi- Light 2, 3: Bloomsburg: Glee Club 4: Dramatic Club 4. l Mr 4 CLARA C, SLOBIG Academic Gym Team 2. 3: G. A. A. 3, 45 Gym Exhibition 2. 3. s QGMJON LD SPAID "Donnie" Academic Science Club 1: Stage Crew 1. X fi' a , 1 W s J ' A . Q - ' f, RT AY ' 7' f3"' V T ersafxl -" I, of '14 e Hsbfati - ' C b' lznw egg onlezi1rci3!J nscri lon Aw : g G Gold ' Gre m Typ: ward 4 o M . , ,v Q, S so 6 K xx "oi . . - Q 0 . ' r pe i r' -. f Q 4 X warg "' f ' T I Q UV! -X , l' . gl 1 Q V ,KV-J 30 , X ARTH FR L. STAIR "Bud" Academic Dramatic Club 2, 3, 43 "Re- becca of Sunnybrook Farm" 2: President of Dramatic Club 4: Historian 1, 25 Vice President 35 Secretary 4: Chairman of Advisory Board 3: National Thesvian 33 Honor Society 3' Press Club 4: Business Stal Memorabilia 3: Literary Staff of Memorabilia 4. , f - f Ltd. . . I , . I ' 1 x' I I u P' 7' 1 U s' 0 . . 4 I ' l IP ' 5 -' v n i, I n , . - X r . f , I. I, , . , IWARGARET Al STEPHEN ' "Pinky" X I Commercial Gregg Dictation and Transcrip- tion Awards: 60. 80. 100: O. G. A.: Complete Theory: Com- mercial Program 2. 3, 4. BETTY J. STOKES "B. J." General ARTHUR THOMAS n44r!v, Commercial Commercial Program 2: Per- fect Attendance 3: Track 2, 33 Track Manager 4. K a I I em rabnlna 1941 DONALD B. THOMAS Hlllllllyn Commercial Gym Demonstration 1, 2. HARRY THOMAS U1Qllf'l6j'H Academic Tennis 4: Science Club 1 Junior Band 1: Gym Demon: stration 1, 2. .J 'P .v Ufw ' 'V I s , x" -'Z . V - ,, . 3' v 6 4 Q ,X , -v 1' T' JEAN norms Li 5' "Tommy" General G. A. A. 3. 4: Gym D9m0H' stration 2: Gym Team 2. MARIAN, L. TRU:.1P . i gf7'1'111,'1pif" ' ,Y Commercial Science' Club 1: Class Secr6- tary 2: Business Staff .of Memorabilia 3.91: Press Linh 3, X41 MacDgrWelL Club' 3'- X- change Edit ,Red and White 43' Mixed Clldrus 4: A Gregg Dictation kind Tran cription Awards: 50, 80, 100: Sf G. A.: Gym Demonstration 1':: Editor- in-Chief' of Me' rabilia 4g Commercial Progra 4. . . -1 JAN 1-:T O. VELEY Commercial Gregg Dictation and Transcrip- tion Awards: Complete Theory: 60, 80. 100, Gold Pin 120' Commercial Program 2, 4: Gym Demonstration 2: G. A. A. 2, 3, 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Class Historian 3, 4: Business Staff Memorabilia 3, 4: Orchestra 3: Commercial Contest Team 4. JULIA VVEI.L1v1-:R "!uIiv" Commercial Science Club 1: Dramatic Club 4: Press Club 2, 3, 4: Gregg Dictation and Transcription Awards: 60, 80: Memorabilia staff 4: Commercial Program B1-:Trl-2 J. VVHITENIGHT "Brf.vy" Commerc ial lil-1Vl'lRl.Y VVHITi-:NIGHT ".llidgf"' Commercial IN MEMGRIAM XYe, the Class of l94l, dedicate this page to the memory of two of our classmates, Frances lless, who died in her eighth year of school, and Betty Dyer, who died during her fre5hman year at Bloomshurg High School. The memory of their friendly and cheerful person- alities will live long in the hearts of their fellow class- mates. 32 em rabilia 1941 Adams, Jack Angus. Elmer, Jr. Arnwine, Harold Askew, Kathaleen Baird, Robert Bankes, Donald Barnes. Jack Barstler, Sarah Bartholomew, Wilma Beach, Peggy Beagle. Betty Beagle, Helen Belmonte, Rosita Berninger, William Bisset, Dorothy Bodine, Betty Bomboy. Getha Brobst. Arline Brohst, Jack Ruckalew, Jane Burns, Paul Byrem. Alva Cain, Barbara Cannon, Norma Coleman, Jane Comuntzis. Athamantia Cox. Geraldine Creasv. Margaret Creveling, Marian Creveling. Robert Cronin, Nan Davenport, Flostina Dawson, Jean Deiterick, Jack Derr. Eugene Dieffenhacher, Harold Dollman, Llewellyn Dorsey, Donald Dowd Grace Dreibelbis, William Edwards, Atlee Ent, Florence Evans, Darl Eves, Levi Fegley, Dawn Fetterman, Betty Fisher, Dawn Fox, Inez Franks, Clara Gearinger, Ruth Geasy, Phyllis Gensemer, Frankie Gray, Catherine JUNIOR CLASS ROLL Greenly, Phyllis Greenly, Randall Grubb, Robert Hack, Collins Hartzel, Marqueen Harvey, Eugene Hendershott. Ione Henrie, Dawn Hoover, Robert Housenick, Donald Houser, Louise Hower, Beverly Hower, Geraldine Hower, Percy Hummel, Nevin Huntington, Esther Johnson, Rita Kahler, Dawn Kahler. Richard Kanpas, Georgianna Kelchner. Christine Ketchem, Harold Kile, Ethel K'tchen, Frank Kountz, Jack Kressler, Clinton Krum, James Krum. Marie Kyle, Robert Lang, Mary Laubach, Carroll Letterman, Louise Lindemuth, Alvin Long, Geraldine Loreman, George Lyle Clinton Magill, Paul Marconi, Jennie Maschal, Jean Maust, Kimber May- Dorothy McHenry, Jack Middleton. Fred Munn, Donald Moyer, John Nelson, Patricia Nevel, Paul Niesley. Jean Nugent, Dorothy Patterson, Betty Paul, Beatrice Peckne, Betty Peifer, Janice Penman, Jane 33 Penman, Mary Polk, Albert Pott, Homer Powlus, Rebecca Pursel, Sherlin Raup, Beth Richenderfer, Ida Rider, Geraldine Roadarmel. Robert Robbins, Virginia Rockwell, Audrice Ryan, Elizabeth Savage, Charles Shaffer, Jacqueline ShaEer, Tillie Shaffer. William Shellenberger, Richard Shoemaker. Mardean Skow, Clifton Smith, Emma Smith, Robert Snyder, Donald E. Snyder, Richard Sorber, Geraldine Spayde, Mary Speer, Donald Stallard, Walter Steinruck, Ruth Stephens. Velma Stokes, Richard Stradling, Robert Strauser, Shirley Swisher, Harold Terwilliger, Mary Thomas, Marion Thomas. Mark Tressler, James Turner, Fred Ulshaffer, Dorothy Underwood, Dean Underwood, Ernest Unger, Clara Viets, Jack Walter, Dorothy Weiss, Arlene Welliver, Lamar Wenner, Joan White, Hermand Wirt. Helen Woodring. Alvin Young, Franklin Young, Jean Zettles, Phyllis rabilia 1941 SOPHOMORE CLASS ROLL Albertson, Ellen Bachinger, Christine Bankes, Joseph Beyer, Naomi Bloss, Betty Illoss, Philip Bolich, Sally Bowman, Thomas Brooking Margaret Busler, Kathryn Campbell, Bert Carr, Madeline Casey, William Coleman, Paul Creasy, Wayne Creveling, Mary Coffman. Charles Cox, Janice Cromis, Allene Curio, Jack Deitterick, Dorothy Deittrick, Jeanne Dent, Doris Derr, Franklin Dillon, Douglas Dollman, Marianna Dove. Lewis Doty, Sarah DuBois, Jeanne Earnshaw, Jack Edgar. Rhoda Edwards, Arlene Eisenhauer, Elaine Eisenhauer, Lucy Ent, Eleanor Evans, Beatrice Eveland. Rodney Eves, Carl Fahringer, Doris Farrell, David Fedder, Elsie Feldser, Leslie Fisher, Jarius Fisher, John Fisher, Paul Fisher, Wayne Forney, Louray Fortner, Ruth Frees, Joan Frey, Robert Freeze, Betty Freeze, Shirley Galbreath, Jean Gearinger, Jill German, Elsie Gibbons, Guy Gilbert, Vincent Gingles, Henry Girton, Robert Graham, Lilly Gross, Louise Harris, Margaret Hartman, Earl Hartzel, Paul Hayman, Tharon Huck. Ray Howell. June Hower, Myrtilla Hower, Ruth Huntinizton, Betty Ivey, Janet Jacobs, Charles Jacoby. Meade Johnson, Frank Kushner, Robert Kingston, Jack Kirkendall, Harold, Kistler, William Kline, Robert Knittle, Carl Knouse, Evelyn Koch, Jack Koval, Serge Kramer, Janet Krum. Carl Krum, Grace Krum, Helen Lee, Marjorie Lehman, Odean Leiby, Eli LeVan. Charles Lewis, Bert Long, James Long, Meda LunE- Miriam E. Lychos. Artemis Lynn, Thomas C. Martz, Della Mausteller, John May, Mary L. McBride, Elva McBride, Howard McCall, Wilma McGarrah, Gene McHenry, Doris McHenry, Garth McKelvy, Jeanne McLoughan, Howard McNamee. Francis Meeker, Nathel Meeker, Ruth 34 Millard, Elaine Millard, Melvin Millard, Elaine Moore, Thomas Morris, Ada Mosier, Rebecca Mowrey, Elizabeth Moyer, Patrica Myers, Betty Naunas, Alberta Neuhard, Marion O'Neal, Dorothy Paulhamus, Lee Pezll- Clara Propst. Lillian Pursel, June Rambo, Elizabeth Reichard, Ruth Remley, William Renninger, Marion Rhodes, Harriet Roadarmel, Lillian Robling, John Royer, Anna Mae Rubenstein, George Rudy, Donald Runyan, Francis Rupert, Helen Schlauch. Marion Schneider, Leo Scott. Malcolm Shaffer, Mabel Shuler, Lester Simosen, Jean Sinnley, Betty Snyder, Donald O. Snyder, James Steinruck, Doyle Sterner, Jacqueline Swisher, Robert Taylor, Calvin Thomas, Donald E. Thomas, Rhona Titus, Dawn Toth. Rosemary Ward. Richard Webb, Honer Welliver, Clark Welliver, Jack Wilson, William Wolf. John L. Woodruff. Eleanor Wright, Helen May Yeaszer. Charles Yohe, Glenn Activities emorabilia 1941 MEMORABILIA STAFF Under the direction of Miss Mcliinstry, the Literary Staff of the Mem- orabilia started to work early this year. Marian Trump was elected liditor- in-Chief, and Daisy Coffey was elected Assistant Editor. The Business Staff of the Yearbook. under the direction of Mr. Wagner, has selected Richard Remley as Business Manager. Mc, the staff. would like to acknowledge the help we have received from the faculty. Miss Mcliinstry and Miss jones proof-read. Mrs. Kline secured the activities of the seniors, Mr. linorr supervised the typing. Mr. Patterson took care of the circulation, and Miss Mcliinstry and Mr. lYagner were the faculty Literary and Business Managers. Vl'e want to thank them all. The Memorabilia, the major project of the senior class, has been our goal throughout high school. Vl'e hope you like it. PRESS CLUB During the past school year, the Press Club. under the capable direction of Mr. VV. li. Letterman, faculty adviser, has very successfully fulhlled its purpose to encourage the interests of the high school pupils in the journal- istic held. Despite the fact that more rigid entrance requirements were in- troduced, the club had more members this year than in previous years. XVeekly meetings were held, at which time issues of the "Red and VVhite" were planned, and assignments were given. Each member was re- quired to have his assignments properly written and prepared when due. The quality of work done determined the member's standing in the club. Nancy Patterson proved to be a very capable editor-in-chief of the "Red and YVhite." 36 emorabilia 1941 NATIONAL QUILL AND SCRGLL The Quill and Scroll is an honorary organization to encourage high school students who have journalistic talents and ambitions. To become members of Quill and Scroll, students must be seniors in high school: they must be in the upper third of their class in scholastic standing, must have done superior work in writing, editing, or business management, must have been members of Press Club for at least two years. and must have been recommended by the faculty adviser and approved by the national secretary-treasurer. Students who qualified for membership in Quill and Scroll for 1941 are: Daisy Coffey, Jean Lichtenwalner, Jeanne Knight, Nancy Patterson and NATIQNAL THESPIANS The National Thespian Society was founded to create a more active and more purposeful interest in dramatics. Students who meet the necessary requirements become National Thespians. These National Thespians repre- sent many types of dramatic technique. Those participating in these different phases are: Elizabeth Ryan, Al- berta Naunas, Charles Jacobs, Christine Bachinger, David Heller, Harriet Rhodes, Jean Galbreath, Patricia Moyer. Iona Hendershott, Sara Garthwaite, Dorothy Letterman, Frank Johnson, XYilliam Dreibelbis, Reynold Hedland, Richard Remley, Paul Burns, Janice Peifer, Richard Snyder, Isabelle Hartzel, Donald Housenick and Ruth Eisenhauer. Thespians from last year who are still in school include: Myles Kater- man, Joanne Magee, Robert Grubb, Geraldine Rider, Arthur Stair, Helen VVirt, Herman Kuster, Jane Buckalew, Jean Niesley, Marylou Fenstemaker, Jeanne Knight, and Patsy Nelson. These Thespians and prospective Thes- pians for next year act as chairmen of programs for the following year, and each September set up a program for the entire year. Marian Trump. 37 emorabilia 1941 DRAMATIC CLUB Each year the Bloomsburg High School Dramatic Club moves further into the spotlight of the school and the lives of its participants. This year, as in the past, the club was the pride of the high school. This organization with its membership of nearly ZOO is the most active group of its kind in this vicinity, Sometime during the year every member of the club is on a committee which is supervised by a National Thespian, or a prospective National Thespian. Each week a program is presented by one of these committees. Gfficers of the 1940-41 Bloomsburg High School Dramatic Club included: President, Arthur Stair: Vice President, Robert Grubb: Secretary, Jean Niesley. Advisory Boardfljatsy Nelson, Jeanne Knight, Helen Wirt, Joanne Magee. ALL SCHOOL PLAY Cn Friday, November 15th our school presented "XYhen Stars Shine," one of the finest all-school plays ever enacted on the liloomsburg High School stage. A light comedy full of sparkle and life, football and heroes. sorority girls and cowards, this play did not have a dull minute. lane liiuckalew and Patsy Nelson were arresting personalities as they lostiand won their heroes, Bob Grubb and Robert llelllott, while Sara Garthwaite delighted the audience with her version of the grandmother. 38 em rabilia 1941 CHORAL SPEAKING CHOIR One of the newest organizations in the liloomslmurg lligh School, the Choral Speaking Choir. was organized as a distinct part of the Dramatic Cluh work this year. The group was composed entirely of girls who had no other extra-curricular activity. The purpose of the choir was three fold: first. to develop a love and appreciation of poetry: second, to increase interpretation and understanding of poetry: and third. to improve the articulation, enunciation. and tone of the voice. The choir used selections of really good literature which illustrated re- frain work. two-part work, group work, and unison work. Some traditional and some modern linglish poetry were enjoyed. hut most of the time our finest .-Xmerican contributions to world poetry were used. The personnel was composed of thirty memhers. who met every Tues- day afternoon. The officers of the club were: President, Harriet Rhodes! Vice President. Louise Gross: Secretary-Treasurer, ."Xlherta Naunas. lfloomshnrg lligh School feels that this organization is something of which to he proud. THE FLAG TWIRLERS The heginning of this school year saw the organization of a group of thirty-seven Flag Twirlers under the supervision of C. VV. Kurtz. This group, one of the largest crops in the United States, performed during the foolhall season as added features to the concerts presented hy the Hand, and appeared at the Susquehanna Band Festival in Clinic Demonstration. The girls were neatly attired in white sweaters and white skirts, with a red letter "li" setting off the uniform. In order to effect an efficient organization. the group was formed along military standards with the follow- ing officers elected hy the group: jean Maschal. Captain: Ruth Fortner, Lieutenant: Ruth Meeker, Lieutenant: jean Galhreath, Sergeant: Della Martz, Sergeant: Clair Young, Sergeant. 39 em rabilia 1941 THE MIXED CHORUS The Mixed Chorus is a musical organization made up of girls' and boys' voices. The club has worked hard under the direction of Mr. Kurtz and has proved to be a success. This is the first year since its organization that so many boys have joined the Chorus. The club sang in an assembly program and for several local organizations. Six of its members have been selected to sing in the llennsylvania School Music .Xssociation Northwestern District Chorus. BAND Once more the liloomsburg lligh School Band played an active and important part in the activities of the school year, beginning in the fall by adding spirit and color to the football games at home and away. As usual the Band participated in the many liallowe'en parades and played engage- ments for several town organizations. On January 29th the fifth Animal Hand Concert was presented in the auditorium of the liloomsburg High School with Dr. George Sallade Howard, member of the American Band lXlaster's Association and also faculty mem- ber, Department of Music, l'ennsylvania State College. as guest conductor. Throughout the year the Band exchanged concert engagements with the various schools. The Band closed the season by having the honor of being host to the Pennsylvania School Music Association whose festival lasted for three days. Mr. Kurtz and the liand extend their deepest appreciation to the lf-and Mother's Auxiliary. Rotary Club, and the Kiwanis Club for their aid and cooperation throughout the entire year. 40 ,,,, em rabilia 1941 TRI - HI - Y 'l'he 'l'ri-lli-Y, reorganized last year. has hecoine one of the strong cluhs of the school. ,Xt every meeting an interesting, vital suhject is presented and discussed. Speakers for this year included ministers, teachers, and several of the girls themselves, .Xt Christmas the girls gave clothing and toys to rural fainilies, not cared for hy other organizations. 'llhe cluh nienihership was thirty-four, including thirteen new menihers. Klenilvers are selected on the hasis of character, sportsnianship. scholarship, and genuine interest in the purpose of the cluh which is to create. maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Chris- tian character. Otticers for this year were: President. .lean Niesleyg Vice I'resident, Jacqueline Shaffer: Recording Secretary, Getha Boinhoyg Corres- ponding Secretary, 'lane linckalew. HI - Y 'llhe purpose of the lli-Y Cluh is to create. maintain and extend high standards of Christian character throughout the school and coininunity, and to promote clean speech, clean sports, clean habits, and high scholarship. lt is an organization comprised of hoys from grades nine to twelve. 'llhe cluh has a total ineinhership of fifty hoys with the following officers: President, Dayton Creenlyg Vice President. llavid Heller: Secretary, Myles liaterinanz Chaplain, Richard Reniley. A large part of the success of the cluh was due to the work of the sponsor. Mr. john Y. NVagner. 'llhe menlhers of the clnh drew up a rather exacting constitution which they hope will prove a success in the huilding of a hetter cluh in the future. 41 emorabilia 1941 STAGE CREW T The stage crew is one of the most active organizations in our school and its policy of cooperation keeps its members hustling most of their extra time. Under the capable direction of Alex Fisher, head of the Art Depart- ment. this group handles all the scenery and lighting for all the stage pres- entations in our school. Three outstanding staged projects made and handled by this club this year were for the Band Concert, the .Xll-School Play, and the Magee Carpet Company Review. The beauty of scenery and attractive lighting provided by this group added much to the success of our school activities. The personnel includes: Paul Burns. Richard Remley, Reynold Hedland. Randall tlreenly, Roy Heiss. Louis Mayan, Robert Best and Lee Moon. THE COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT The Commercial Department of our school has had another busy year. Students, representing the school and the department. took part in two state contests. the one being held by the Bloomsburg State Teachers College and the other by the Pennsylvania llusiness lfducators. The Fourth Aimual Commercial Program was held Thursday evening, February 27th, in the high school auditorium with the people in the above picture taking part in the program. "Personality" was the theme developed, with classroom situations being brought in to illustrate the training for future life as exemplihed in the daily lessons. Musical selections were in- terspersed throughout the program to add to the entertainment value and a social hour followed in the gymnasium. 42 Memorabilia 1941 COIVIIVIENCEIVIENT ACTIVITIES The juniors entertained the seniors by sponsoring the annual Junior-Senior Prom, which was held on the night of May 29. Miss Long, Mr. Wagner, and the Junior class did a great deal to make the Prom the success it was. The Class Day Program, under the direction of Mrs. Kline, was held on the afternoon of J une 4, and carried out the Americanism theme. The Rev. Harry K. Franks, pastor of the Church of Christ, gave the Bacca- laureate Sermon in the high school auditorium June 1. To end the senior year, Commencement Exercises were held on the night of June 5. Dr. William H. Coleman, of Bucknell University was the guest speaker of the evening. The student speakers, Nancy Patterson, Mary Lou F enstemaker, and Catherine Shaffer, were coached by Miss Pensyl. SENIOR NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY To be chosen for membership in the Senior National Honor Society is one of the highest academic honors that a student in senior high school can attain. Qualifications to be considered by those who select members for the Senior National Honor Society are: scholarship, citizenship, service, character, and activity in extra-curricular organizations. The senior class advisers, Miss Mary Serocca and Mr. Ray Schell, with Mr. I. Claire Patterson compose the committee Whose task it is to choose five per cent of the first quarter of the junior class and fifteen per cent of the senior class for membership in this honorary organization. . ' The following officers were elected at a meeting held in the spring: President, Jeanne Knight 5 Vice President, Arthur Stair, Secretary, Elva Fisher. 43 em rabilia 1941 MARIONETTES Six years ago, under the direction of Mr. Fisher, Head of the .Xrt De- partment, the members of the .Ndvanced .Nrt Class and Stage Crew presented their first marionette show. 'llhe portable stage, the marionettes, their costumes, scenery, and the play were all produced in the Art Department. Since that time, a new production has been developed each year with all the proceeds being reinvested in improving and modernizing the equipment which is now rapidly approaching the professional. an "Snow lYhite," "Red Riding lloodf' "Cinderella," and llhe Pied Piper" were all successful productions as well as this year's presenttaion of "Black and the Beanstalk." From the beginning, engagements have been accepted to show the marionettes in nearby communities and to local civic organizations. 'l he demand became so great that for the past two years Mr. Mercer has acted as business manager for this group. SENIOR CLASS PLAY The Senior Class Play of 1941 is altogether different from any that has heretofore been presented. 'llhe play, "Old Doc," is the heartwarming story of a small-town doctor who has devoted his life to keeping the people of the village healthy. 'llhese people, of course, all adore him. 'l'empestuous, big-hearted 'fOld Doc" is ably played by David Heller. llis son, Hob, whom he endeavors to bring back to his home town after Bob graduates from college is well portrayed by .Nrthur Stair. Jeanne Knight, Myles liaterman, and Joanne Magee supply the fun and love-inter- ests running through the play. 'llhe lovable characters of l'a and Ma are brought to life by llerman Iiuster and Betty Fisher. The play is a play of languages-linglish, Irish, ltalian -and supplies laughter and tears, love and heartbreak, and good old down-to earth home atmosphere. 44 Athletics em rabilia 1941 CHEERLEADERS "Come on now! l,et's yell!" These words focus all eyes of the cheer' ing section on six girls, attired in natty red and white outfits. the cheer- leaders of the Rloomslnurg High. Their precise and rhythmic routines were achieved after many hours of regular practice periods during the football and hasketluall seasons. Five of these girls will he graduated this june. leaving but one exper- ienced girl for next year. Their loyalty and spirit at the home and away games have added a new glory to the Red and XYhite. THE NATIONAL ATHLETIC HONOR SOCIETY The National Athletic Honor Society was organized in 1025. hy a group of secondary school principals: since that time over thirteen hundred sec- ondary schools have organized chapters. The purpose of this society is to raise the standard of scholarship among athletes in the participating schools. Boys who are eligible for this organization must he sophomores. juniors or seniors. They must have earned a letter in a major or minor sport, have an average equal or higher, for three consecutive semesters, than the gene- ral average of the school, and they must exemplify the highest type of cit- izenship and sportsmanship. 46 emorabilia 1941 V -.- ...tai-s.. VARSITY FOOTBALL New spirit was injected into the football camp this year with the coming of Coach Iiotys. New equipment was purchased with more and better equipment to be added next year. Boys have now started to turn out for football in their sophomore year instead of waiting until they are seniors. The squad this year, composed chiefly of sophomores, did not have an unusual season as far as victories are concerned but there was plenty of power and spirit in Kotysl boys. Next year, with many of the squad returning for another year of com- petition. and with a new athletic park and new equipment for them to use, we feel sure that Coach Iiotys and his boys will give us a season of which we shall be proud. JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL The Junior Varsity has fed the Varsity for the last two years, and under the watchful eye of Coach Ray Schell it should continue to feed the Varsity with experienced players. The squad is composed chiefly of junior high boys. Their schedule this year consisted of three games, Iiulpmont, Milton, and Danville. Next year there will be a heavier schedule for these boys. The Jayvee team will benefit by the new field that will be available next fall. They will also receive equipment from the Varsity for use next year. Consequently, we are expecting big things from these little fellows. 47 emorabilia 1941 VARSITY BASKETBALL Coach Colder's Panthers again had a very successful season. They were tied for third place honors with Sunbury and Milton. The record for the 1941 season was 11 wins and 5 losses, and that is a good season in any league. 'llhe following seniors will be lost to the squad next years: jim Muir- head. Harry John, Howard Coombe and Bill Shaffer. Boys who will be available next year are: Llewellyn Dollman, jack Vietz. lilmer Angus. jack Adams, Paul Nevil, and Dick Kahler. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL The Panther Cubs, coached by Frank Colder, turned in a breathtaking record of 15 wins and only 1 loss, thereby winning the Jayvee Susquehanna Conference Championship for the 1941 season. The mainstays of the team were high scoring "Shorty" Kashner along with his running mate Jack Earnshaw. Donald Kline and Leo Schneider were two very dependable guards. The center spot was wide open and was filled alternately by Clark Welliver and Robert Baird. Lesley Feldser also saw plenty of service. 48 m rabilia 1941 4...-- .v BOYS' GYM TEAM Although our team lost a dual meet at l'ottsville, we are very proud of the grand comehaek they made when they won over llottsville at home in an invitation meet. For the past three years the liloomshurg High School Gym 'llc-am, coached hy I'eter XYisher, has heen lfastern Regional Champion and three times runner-up in the state meet. This year llill Shaffer brought a great honor to the BlOU1l'lSl7ll1'g lligh School hy winning the l'ennsylvania State Championship in the Indian Clubs for the third consecutive year. He is the hrst hoy to annex such an honor in the history of the l'l.1X,X meet. GIRLS' GYM TEAM 'lihe Girls' Gym Team, under the capable direction of Miss Yeager, did splendid work during the past year. Every girl who went out for the gym team took part in the home demonstration. The girls did marching, mat work, dancing, free hand, and donhle drills. 'l'welve girls were chosen to compete at the Stroudsburg Gym Meet, where they did tumbling, free hand drills. and three dances. Miss Yeager and this group of girls gave much time and energy, in order that this year should he a successful and profitable one. 49 emorabilia 1941 ..,+-,.-.,--- GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The initiation of eighteen new members started the procession of activi- ties on the 1940-41 calendar of the Girls' Athletic Association of lilooinshurg lligh. lhe clulm, with a membership of thirty. entered the llloomslwurg. Cata- wissa. an ' XYheehng. connter-inarclnng. and Zig-Zag tormations in snappy rhythm, aided hy tithe howling d Milton Halloween larades. colorful outfits, earned prizes in all events. r activities listed on the program were supper hikes. skating parties. and intra-mural sports. AX successtul round and square dance was held on january lOth. 'l'he track season was somewhat hampered hy the loss of the use of the Athletic Park. 'llhe boys did all of their training at li. S. 'l'. C. The schedule was: District 4, Berwick, Mt. Carmel, and the state meet at Penn State. The tennis activities were given little recognition the past year hut the team came along line with little or no coaching. lXlr. Sands handled the scheduling for the team, and several matches were held. 50 Features emofwabilia 1941 You can find out who we are in the advertisments. 57 emorabilia 1941 WHY NATIONAL UNITY IS IMPORTANT TO MY COUNTRY In the difficult days of the XYar of Independence, Benjamin Franklin said. "Vie must all hang together. or assuredly we will all hang separately." These words have as much significance to us as they did to the people of that day, for, although we face new problems. we must strive to attain the same end-a nation politically, economically. and spiritually united. VVhat is meant by national unity? It means the achievement of oneness in the Army and Navy, in business. in politics, and in education. It means training our military men so that they are efficient in defending our nation. It means organizing our business world by a national conference. so that the causes of delays can be adjusted. It means organizing the small busi- ness man, the backbone of this nation. If we achieve national unity. what will be the results? Politically we will remember that "He serves his party best who serves his country best."' W'e will be intelligent in our loyalties to our President and Congress--extraw agance will not usurp economy: rigid economy will not limit us in emer- gency. VVe will place our faith, as well as some power of decision, in the industrial leaders of Olll' National Defense Advisory Commission. For the cause of national unity, educators will organize in nation-wide meetings to prevent fear bred of ignorance and to encourage confidence in this-The United States of America. Youth will learn skilled trades: youth will assist local service agencies: and youth will combat the hysteria and defeatism prevalent in our times. "Then join hand in hand, brave Americans all! By uniting we stand. by dividing we fall."2 -Mary Louise Fenstemaker. 53 No. 1 June, 1950 Vol. 1 v-4 ..4,, OI' S I' MOTOR COMPANIES SOCIAL NEWS QF INTEREST SCHOOL BOARD VIE FOR POSSESSION APPOINTS FACULTY OF NEW ENGINEM Miss Julia Welliver will return Jack Higgins left early this MEMBERS , , , , soon from China where she hasimorning for New Jersey, where HHITISOF Remlmgeff 3 flslng been doing extensive Red Crosshe will take on the management At the monthly meeting of the YO'-lflgt Selemisty lies gikilfelecfzjreginz work. Miss Catherine Shaffer, a'of his father's restaurant. Bloomsburg School Board, the ap- Y1GWyIJe021l10m e , " ,'ll h- M' RthN ,Al' '' f lt - with is far superior to anythmg '?F1fSi2?5fZJXLaQSC0mpany el Onheaisiiiuhaid, andmisiiifify Rabi? S21-2 'iiiieo 55ii0'E3?5eicuTi?e5B that 1135 yet been Use? It EI'-in' Martha Kriim Wiii begin her-,ley, employed at the "Yarn pointments are as follows: Miss k1'10W11 Whether the Ord 0 of duties as dietician at the Bi00mS-'Shoppe," owned and operated by Jean Briesch, music supervisorg CQ' or the Geperal Motors Co' bu,-g Hospitai on Monday, Miss Lois Mausteller, are now va- John Karnes, mathematics in- Wlu get Dessesslen Of the engme Ruth Rishei and Roseaiiria Derrlcationing at Atlant1c.C1ty. structorg Miss Mary Huddy, his- Whlch was recommended to both will open their delicatessen shop? Donald Billig has signed a con- tory instructorg Miss Mary Flah- eempanles by Jael? Dawson and on Main Street Sometime in July. tract to paint the buildings of the erty, home economics supervisory 1::Jyn.He1S? tlggspfifrgge bgfaft Helen Morrison and Beatrice X Jack Correll Riding Academy, now Miss .Betty Fisher, physical educa- C 3 les 0 tv t t McBride, local hairdressers, will under construction. tion instructorg and Miss Poletime eeffialnli' be 3 Sree asse 0 any Open a Shop Ori East Street next Phyllis Harvey has been made Communtzis, head of commercia me e 0 ear- mrrith. head waitress at the College Spa, department. -i'-1 Ciara Siobig arid Margaretiwhere she has been employed for - AxLIAT?l5AlIiEf?I?l'i'El?E NAVY Stepgens Wghasiitilme their dug? thglgjssvgiiiagr of this week's "Pot DANCE HELD AT am ica u a as ar 1 DM hostessesp tomorrow? g yigrigldtvggntestervigijosagrxnmfcge COUNTRY CLUB The s. s. "Ahoy," a battle hip, Betty Quick and L ena Mc- i ls 9 1 e was sunk ofa the coast inf Norway Henry have left for the Poaonollagljcliiilgfgg Sfgeelrlrs' Hoffman on Clggehglsmjegingi L3 ye'terday. nly five o the crew Mountains where they are p an- ' . ' and the Admiral .were saved. The ning to operate a tourist home. HgeiryMg55geyiS 052316 fiosriifli nag gglizcgefg ggiggafgixmsgfsfalgg Admlral ls Wllham Hyde' The LeI10fe 510311 iS attending aifriends in New York. orchestra starring Milton Bennet members of the Crew Were Glen fashion show in New York in the M S - - N h d Lee M ust Ke th Mer- , . , i artha payde, who has been and Herman Kuster. Their vocal ici? lsrllnjris Morgan ' andl Charles intefeits 02, tg1ehDlX12 bikllllf Of N employed as children's nurse in ist was Miss Mary Jane Burton, a ' ' OWU 01' W le s e ls - the family of Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur very popular singer of screen and gg:H51g1fieSTgf0i2fe2, wsniufesghlgg .Misses'Beverly and Betty,White- X Van Silver, will take a position at radio. ,h th - tg t Ci night will accompany their em-:Philadelphia as governess for the gtrrinvscaviin halnpngne augaiir talge gigoylir,tcghgolixlelalthyeriigs. Faven- glaliifligerrliif a prominent Philadel- DESIGNERS RETURN to prevent them from drowning. ' ' ' ' -- -.1-..... i i-l Miss Marian Trump, New York's MOVIE T0 BE F ILMED COAST GUARD NEW BUSINESS most Successful dress designer' has Aw , returned from Paris where she at- A new picture, "Gone with the RECEIVES Dt ESTABLISHED tellifig SEQ Fplfmi OPZEUIHES- d t Grapes," is going to be filmed very amone or re ume 0 shortly. The star of the picture The National Seaside Society for A new factory has been opened Hglglggog Monday Whege She has is Sara Garthwaite, character ac- the Prevention of Drowning has in our town. Mr. Harry H. John Ezines 9 an In erlor ecoratmg tress. The picture will also fea- awarded the Service CrcEs,1the is now manufacturing shoes from S S' ture Thelma Cotner and Gwen- highest possible honor in t is ine, sizes 12 to 18. The 18's are mainly dolyn Reichenbach, the nation's to Jack Hower, a coast guard at for his own use, but there is a The Circus is Coming to To ! number 1 jitterbugs. The picture Atlantic City, for saving more chance that someone also may re- The star performers are John will be under the direction of lives in his two years of practiceiquire this out size. The head Galbreath and Dayton Greenly, Richard Remley, director of Fancy than most coast guards save in tenisalesrnen of the company are performing on horses, and Bill gilgisk gmt Chief camera man is ykaars. Miss Marie Martz is nowgrlargfh Eisenhauer and Duane Creveling and Renny Hedland ac- o er es . c airman of this society. I a er. robats. I l Aw I' 2 Su EE EE Zigi' Ei 352 5 52: 'Bog as - 35253331 E 2 ii g 322515212 E EEE 255532 El 5.2-:sigh nigga: a m3'vff-322.5 IL 5-5305522555 E fa-13,3232 g QZEBN 503994.45 2 1 3355.5 5,gU::a: E E sfogfgn U :A Jfifflig-if-Q Ei N'-sE'5:3:f 3 ELS E3-,2if.1g'-5111 A.,g3:5a.atw 5 5583 as-fo ,.,QEH5g'g Z C., U, 4E"5..::",-IEIIJ 8 3395 Ig E vagfalqg-Mi.: gd Pgspiigfzf ui osgzgivsgaff EEN: 8.1 EHEQEQH3' mggrgg -IZ Figaf.-:Lvl-was tS':.5'g2"E ui' ,Ejpzzwzm 5 E Q 325222212 3 0"g,,',53".g5':b 4 .3 E 5-game 252 O E ,,Hg..:3g,- gg Ea-2.53. Q mi E,-.zggg 'iii : ogimgg H E .J J"'EC"55a'5f E gigs Q f-E2 55-Ext-irfg QEQQ2 if 523,555 5222535 H5355 'gig' 55,855 5 m""m.., 1:-N33 3E'go-5g'CJ gf' fgggg 55525 3vie,gg-3:5 32221 ff Q 23 iam 2955265-Ee gg gQ,2E'gf"EM5 -2395535 A EuEa.g'.'g '-5 555: Q 35552: E51 ggg,J5H.e5 E SEEN E gazoggliag EEE E M SESS gil HL5Q:Eo:',5'i'L W: ag :EEE Ll U E 55.2 aff., 3 QE guamjogi EH 5 55123 E m::,c 15,552 283: OE rp 35-M.. Q 532 Ewmgggfga go w -1 5335655-Sea 5325 522253 5552535 .n M Qigggilg E S E gy Egg I .4-v hlll 2 ' ag 5 3 EE 'EE cu svqagu 'EE BWEEBIQ' Eogmag' womb'-g :gg sglsgzf. fx-QMS NBQEEQIEB-. 22020 QDEHZ -32535222 Ziglfiiif .,EQz5:g1s.,sf, Ogg Q02 35553 page go 55510223335 fm :E Q33 its Ji-3 gg 52553 cu'm5'.:E 223955, neg' 2395115 Ewa: HQ Eg 5 1: is Eigrigi-Soils Lzggggza eegigg mafia gimg w .,, .rp N2 E E 5 " 5 'C P 'EIDE :E 51 ,gdvnf Egg E 555 E. emorabilia 1941 CLASS HISTORY FIRST QUARTER In 1937 we, began our struggle toward victory-Commencement. At the beginning of the game we were inexperienced and uncertain of our plays. Our first penalty was called by our principal, the girls and boys were separated. A change of coaches in the middle of this quarter made the going tough for a while, but the game moved on. Members of our team joined various organizations and started new clubs. Two of our most successful plays were the assembly programs that we put on under the direction of one of our coaches, Miss Lorah. Some of us took part in the All- School play, "Quality Street." Coach Golder guided our team to a goal, when, under his training, our basketball team won the championship of the Susquehanna League. We finished the first quarter with a school picnic. SECOND QUARTER In 1938, each one of us decided what part he or she was going to play in the remaining periods of the game-Academic or Commercial. We acquired some new coaches: Mr. Kunkle, Miss Dildine, and Miss Shelhamer. We forged ahead by add- ing football to our curriculum, with Coach Mordan doing the training. We elected officers of our team: President, James Muriheadg Vice President, Dayton Greenlyg Secretary, Marian Trump, Historian, Arthur Stair. Mr. Sands and Miss Serocca acted as advising coaches. The different organizations to which our team mates belonged soon distinguished themselves. Our dramatic coach, Mrs. Kline, directed the All-School Play, "Anne of Green Gables", our music coach, Mr. Kurtz, directed the Band in its third annual concertg our commercial coach, Mr. Knorr, directed the Commercial Department in its second annual program. Goach Golder guided our team to its second goal when the basketball team again won first place in the Susquehanna League. When the whistle blew at the end of the second quarter, we felt that we had advanced greatly towards victory. THIRD QUARTER In 1939, feeling more sure of ourselves, we elected the following officers of our team: President, Dayton Greenlyg Vice President, Arthur Stairg Secretary, Marian Trump, Historian, Janet Veley. Our advising coaches were Miss Serocca and Mr. Schell. Our football team gained ground for us by improving, and our basketball team carried our colors to second place in the Susquehanna League. We took part in the All-School Play, "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm," in the Band Concert, in the Commercial Program, and in the Gym Demonstration, which was directed by Mr. and Mrs. Wisher. Many of the members of our team got together to plan and to decorate for the big event of that quarter, the Junior-Senior Prom. As the third quarter came to a close, we realized what a large part team-work played the work toward victory, our graduation. FOURTH QUARTER In 1940, we began our last quarter with the election of team officers: President, Harry Johng Vice President, Dayton Greenlyg Secretary, Arthur Stair, Historian, Janet Veley. Team advisers were Miss Serocca and Mr. Schell. The National De- fense Program touched us when it took one of our coaches, Mr. Kunkle, with the National Guard. We welcomed a new coach, Mr. Kotys, who helped our football team along its way to several victories. Miss Yeager, another new coach, made our girls' gym classes very enjoyable. This quarter was our last chance to prove our ability, and we entered into extra curricular activities. We took part in the All- School Play, "When Stars Shine," The Band distinguished itself in its concert, and the Commercial Program brought out the idea of personality in business. Our team- mates did well in basketball, considering the stiff competition they had to meet. We organized our Memorabilia Staff with our coach, Miss McKinstry, and started working toward that goal, with Marian Trump, as Editor-in-Chiefg Daisy Coffey, Associate Editor, and Richard Remley, Business Manager. As the end of the game drew near, we, as a team, cooperated in putting on our Senior Class Play. The last few minutes of the game seemed to fly, with the Junior-Senior Prom, Class Day Exercises, and Commencement. As we received our diplomas, we realized that we had achieved victory in this game, but we also were conscious that in the future there would be many and greater contests which we must successfully meet in the great game of life. 56 emorabilia 194-1 APPRECIATION To OUR PARENTSZ Under your guidance and through your many sacrifices we were able to finish our high school training. We hereby wish to offer our sincere thanks in this way. To OUR BOARD or EDUCATION: We are sincerely grateful to you for your important and cheerful assist- ance in giving us our Fine school system. To OUR FACULTY: XVe hope you will forget and forgive us for the trouble and worry we may have caused you. Please accept our sincere gratitude for your splendid efforts on our behalf. To THE ADvERT1sERs: Our thanks to you for your financial help, without which the editing of the Mem- orabilia would be impossible. 57 Menwrabilia 1941 igiiwjwjgyw fwf-uw. fufmf wiw 22, 2 7f.,,f1b2,f,,,.,,,c fgrlvgyaljmnzmgd EEK 7MLQW,z?32MJfA!! fx yi gfjjmwbg L f E . Q, .WAX X 3 6 9 A WW jf W, -M , Xjnfy' Eg SX 64 5 Mwzyjyxg Nt'bmgf6yMQJ WWTVMWWVQQX wp U42 'T-x0"'Qy M fgeffyx L Um 5 M iffy if Q if9'j AMW E ,fi x4.xfjy9'k yHMMm.Ww V gif! Wfp""45f'4 WM NJN M M25 WWW . my v"' . O9 UP' eng 'Dfn.,,, , mm' emorabilia 1941 ALMA MATER Bloomslmurg High School, Alma Mater, Always faithful, always true, Your sons and daughters e'er will cherish youg Red and XYhite, to you all hail! See our colors waiving der us! l'rouclly may they ever Hy! Bear us onward. aid, direct us, Bid us now to do or clie. Oli, Bloomsliurg High School, Alma Mater, Receive the honor we would give. And may we strive to do our best and live True to Bloomshurg High! All Hail! -XY. Clair Ilower. 59 Memorabilia Q9 I I Autographs Patrons Friends of the Class of 1941 Dr. E. H. Nelson Dr. XVIII. B. Mensch Dr. J. E. Shunian Dr. C. H. Bautsch Dr. J. R. Montgomery George Keller Bloonisburg Heating Co1 Compliments of Racusins Dr. C. F. VValp Dr. M. H. Ash Dr. J. Millard Young Dr. N. F. Davis Dr. F. M. Bittenbender O. F. Miller, jr., M. D. 'llpillly Dr. C. NV. Sober Dr. john Miller NV. Meli. Reber Samuel R. Bigony George E. Keller S. 5. Hess, D. D. S. The XVan-ler Hoppes R. P. DuBois Giant Cleaners Dr. E. D. Murray Dr. Carl T. VVarhurst Dr. H. E. YVZ1lICl'l112ll'l Columbia Motor Co.'g.g.y.y.x.33.13 -yrg. X.X.x.x.y.y.y.g.g.x-x-x-x-x-x,-X-X-xvx-X-YX-x-X-X-X-X-X-X-X-X-x-x.x.y.g. Compliments of Bloomsburg Silk ill Bloomsburg, Penna 2, Janet Ivey, Rhona Thomas, Jean Simosen 63 X i 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 X.-X-X-X-x-x-x.-'x-x-x-x-gg.g.x.g-Vx-x-X-'x-x-x.x-x-x.x.x.-x ug-'x-x-x-'x-'N -X-'x-x-N Coinpliments of L. O. 0. OO E No. 623 IilOOlllSlJlll'g', Pcimzl. 5, Leo Schneider gx.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.X.x.X.x. x.x.x.x.x.X.x .x.x.x.X.x.,.x.x.x.x., .x.x.x.xD COLUMBIA COUNTY MOTOR CLUB Member of American Member Pennsylvania Automobile Association Motor Federation A. W. DUY, JR., Secretary FIRST NATIONAL BANK BUILDING, BLOOMSBURG Why I Should Join the Columbia County Motor Club: To unite my efforts with other motorists in a non-profit, non-political organization to- Protect My Interest as a Car owner. Fight Vicious Laws and Obnoxious Regulations. Strive for More and Better Roads. Work for Reduction of Motor Accidents. Work for Uniformity in Signal Systems and Motor Legislation. Assist with Highway Safety Work in the Public Schools. TO SECURE THE FOLLOWING SERVICES FOR MYSELF: 1. FREE EMERGENCY ROAD SERVICE QTowing for 10 miles to nearest service Station or 30 minutes mechanical service on the highway.7 2 TOURING INFORMATION fA.A.A. Maps, Tour Books, etc.J 3. LEGAL ADVICE. 4. AUTOMOBILE PERSONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE POLICY. 5 COURTESY CREDIT WESTERN UNION AND POSTAL TELEGRAPH. 6. A.A.A. EMBLEM FOR RADIATOR. 7 85,000.00 BAIL BOND. 8. OFFICIAL HOTEL AND GARAGE LIST AND CARDS OF INTRODUCTION TO HOTELS. 9. TITLE AND LICENSE SERVICE 124 hour service.l 10. MEMBERSHIP IN PENNSYLVANIA MOTOR FEDERATION, GIVING RECIPROCAL PRIV- ILEGE IN 99 CLUBS IN THE STATE. 11. MEMBERSHIP IN AMERICAN AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION, GIVING RECIPROCAL PRIV- ILEGES IN 1065 CLUBS IN THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA. 12. REWARD SERVICE FOR STOLEN CAR. 13. AUTOMOBILE NOTARY PUBLIC SERVICE. 14. SCHOOL SAFETY PATROL. 15. ARREST BOND. 16. EMERGENCY MEDICAL TREATMENT. All This for Less Than 2 Cents Per Day-Yearly Dues 57.00 xsxaxsLuxCxtxtxlnuxuxsxuXi'SOLOitXlL1in'XuininQaxuxuxnxxxuiuiuiuinxnxuxnxuxsxnx 64 2 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 1 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 X-X.3.5.X.y.y.g.-g.y.y.y.gqy.x.y-3. If It's Less Than an Eight It's Out of Date . . . FORD HV-8" MERCURY 8 Housenick Motor Company When You Are Hungry Don't Forget TEXAS LUNCH and for REFRESHMENTS Visit Our Cafe 141-144 East Main Street Bloomsburg, Penne. 24. Jean Niesley x.g.g.x.x.x-x-x-X-X.g.y.y.g.x.y.x.g.y.y.g.y x-X-x-X-X-x-N.-X-N.-x-x-x-x-wx.-x.x.x.g.g F. P. PURSEL 48 Years of Quality Bloomsburg, Penna. Bert Lewis, Gene McGarrack, Haas. COMPLIMENTS OF THE BLOOMSBURG ELKS S. David Heller, Ray Conner. .XL-x.x-x-x.x.x.x.x.y.x Frank .veg .g,,y.X.x,x 'N.'X'S'XvXvg-1-X-X-'S'X'X-X-'gnyngfx-1-X-y.x-X-1.5--gfx01.5-X-g.y.g.g. 'S l l Portraits by l Photography COMPLIMENTS OF AT STUDIO OR HOME i' REA 8: DERICK 9 Commercial Photographs DRUG STOREU U Developing l U Printing-Copying DOBYNS I 156 W. Main St. Tel. 8 1 Bloomsburg, Pa. l 22. Jack Earnshaw. , FINE QUALITY CLOTHING. At Moderate Prices Suits - - S25 to 3535 Hats - - 33.50 to S5 Arrow Shirts - - 32.00 FRED R. I-IIPPENSTEEL "All-Ways Reliable" 6. Jack Kock, Mr. Lanning. .1- 66 X, y.1.y.y.x.g-XA.X-1-xvx-XJX-X-.yrvvx-u,.x,.y.-X .X-'X.1.5.-5.3.5-'x.g.-g.g.x.g.g.x .4 L , EVBEVROLEQ' , L- y , . Compliments of B U C K L E W Chevrolet Sales, Inc. llloomsburg, Perma. 17. Myrtle Johnson, Helen Wirt, Phyllis Harvey, Mary Huddy, Nola Doty, Shirley Long. Goodyear MCC1-ezrry Tires Tires G. M. C. TRUCKS and TRAILERS Sunoco Gas and Oils MAGEE GARAGE Bloomsburg. Pelma. 15. Mable Shaffer, George Rubenstein, Faye Shaffer.,.y.x.y.y 67 g.x.1,. x.g.y.y .g-X-ggX.3.X.1.g-gg.-3.X.1.1.g.X.1-x.g-Vg-5-1--g.y.g.x.x-X Safe and Reliable Transportation at Low Cost EEE North Branch Bus Co. 3. Ione Hendershot, Dayton Greenly. STY-L-FLEX - FEATHER-TRED t J. S. Raub Shoe Stores t KNOWN FOR BETTER VALUES sl sun 24 E. Main St. Bloomsburg, Pa. 1 0 . EN GRA VIN G A Modern Plant t 40 West Main Street BLOOMSBURG PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS ' 4. Nola Doty. K .y.x.g.g.y.g-3.53 68 MOYER BROTHERS COMPLIMENTS OF Your Pl'l'.Yf'VI-f7fI'0lZ Druggist Since 1868 MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT OUR B k, Som FOUNTAIN a 1118 COIHPHHY if C Moyer's Famous Bakers of Home-Made Ice Fine Bread Cream and Cakes Sold E.1'rIusit'rly at Our Fozmfaizz I lee Cream Soclas and Sundaes, l0c Headquarters for Whitman's and I 4514 FOR THEN B Y NAME AT Lovell and Covel Chocolates YOUR GROCERS , Congratulations SNYDER S MEMBERS OF THE DAIRY GRADUATING CLASS DILLON'S -pf 'A' Always 'wish you wr!! and are rmdy I0 svrw you with 7th and Iron Street Flowers 7. Athamantia Comuntzis. 9. Gene McGarrah and niece. g.g.g.g.g.y.y.x.g.g-x-x-x-X-x-X-X-x-Lx-X-X-X-X-X-N-X-X-X-N-X-X-X-'x-X-x.x 69 y.x.1.y.x.x,.g.g.x-xvx-x.x,.y-3-x.g.g.g.g.g.g.y.x,.x,.g.x-x-x.x,.y.g.y.x.y.x 1.13,5,3-X-3,-yhysyhxgX-gg.3,31--g-X-X-X,1.3.5.X- COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF J. C. PENNEY CO. Wearing Apparel H. U. GRUBB Styled Right - Priced Right Shoes of Quality 52 E. Main St. Bloomsburg, Pa. 13. Ruth Meeker. The Best For You The Best For Your Eyes Creasy 8K Wells, Inc. Orthogon Lens The Old Rfliable Lumber Yard Vision Clear to the Edge Sixth and Catherine Streets DR. J- E- Bloomsburg, Pa. Optomemst BRANCH YARD-DANVILLE, PA 40 Years Experience and Study Follow The Crowd To H. C. POLLOCK C I , S Plumbing and Heating H A ' Monday and Tuesday Nights LOSC utomatlc Are Stoker Boiler High School Nights Phone md FOR Sportinig Goods, School CUMPLIMENTS OF Supplies, Books, Stationery, S L Bloomsburg, Pa. L. C. Smith and Corona Typewriters Visit Dentist R I T T E R ' S Phone 675 112 E. Main St. 'k 23. Daisy Coffey, Marjory Rhodes. Q 14. Mr. Letterman 70 .X x.y-ifxg-g-X-x-X-x-x-x-5x-x-X-Y H. C. BOMBOY FRESH MEATS 8: GROCERIES Fruits and Vegetables in Season Phone 239 622 East St. Bloomsburg, Pa. 1. Bob Ikeler, Bob DeMott. MARIETTA DRESS SHOP LEADER IN READY-T0-WEAR COMPLIMENTS OF F. W. WOOLWORTH COMPANY Best of Gas and Oil 'k RALPH D. FRY Cor. East and 7th Streets 5.53 .X-5.53-y.y.y.g.g.g.g.g.g.'g.y-ysy FRED VAN ZANDT DENTIST 20. Joanne Magee, Myles Katerman. C. B. and C. M. LUTZ Insurance and Bonds :ln f'fgt'IIl'.X' Of "Oi'c'1' Half A Cr'11f1fry" 3 W. Main St. Bloomsburg, Pa. Phone 292-J Altman's Cash Feed Store 'A' "A Quality Feed For Every Need" 'A' J. G. MUIRHEAD Economy Stores Co. "Furniture For Less" ONE OF 'KBLOOMSBURGS BESTH STORES gy.X.xl.X.y.x.x.y.y.y.1.X.ysx.-g.y.y.y.x-x-X-X-X-X-X-X-'X-X-X-X-X-X.y.y.x LPS X-X1111.5nX-1-N,-X.1-ynyux.g-gpx.y-5.4X-X-15.1.1.yrgvy-1-xxx-in-g-5.5.1. COMPLIMENTS OF F E S T ' S Main and Leonard Streets 25. Jean Lichtenwalner GENSEMER'S Meats "Since 1900" Knapp Ave. Bloomsburg, Penna. OHLKS' 24 HOUR SERVICE TYDOL GAS VEEDOL OILS CHAS. B. OHL 7th and Cherry Sts. Phone 9158 Bloomsburg, Pa. Herman L. Kuster GENERAL STORE Groceries and Meats A Anthracite Coal Atlantic Gasoline and Motor Oil Phone 471 FERNVILLE, PA. 1-X.y-X-XQXQX-Q-g.x.y.'g-'yyeg-gy H. 8x C. Cut Rate DRUGS Soda, Ice Cream and Lunch HOLLINGSHEAD 81 CHRISTIAN coMPL1MENTs OF Capitol Theatre GEO. D. BITTINGER, Mgr. 21. Harry John, Roy Conner HARRY S. BARTON Real Estate and Insurance BLOOMSBURG, PENNA. COMPLIMENTS OF SHARPING, Inc. Quality Footwear 18 E. Main St. Bloomsbur S, Pa 'Shi 1.1-y.x,n1-1nx,ug-yrg.'g-'g.g-xvgsgsxngg-'gsgg-3-ysxug-xux-1-1.1-xg.1.1.1 COMPLIMENTS or Kressler Greenhouse JUHN H- SHUMAN FUNERAL FLOWERS OUR Insurance - Real Estate SPECIALTY Bloomsburgy Pa. Telegraph Delivery Service H-U-D-S-O-N See Our New The Safest Car on the Highway BULOVA, GRUEN, HAMILTON Let Us Prove It ' ELG1N'WXfEHfE'S ' Triangle Motor Co., Inc. SNEIDMAN'S Bloomsburg, Pa. Jewelry Store The Rhecla Manning "BEST BUICK YET" Shop 126 E. Main st. Hagenbuch Motor Co. DRESSES HOSIERY Bloomsburg, Pa. CORSETS ACCESSORIES JIMMY THE J EWELER l COMPLIMENTS OF Watches and Diamonds on Credit J. Harold McMahan 50 E. Main St. Above Penney's 16. Mary Doris Moyer X.y.1.y-X3.1-xsg'x-x-x-xtgx,-xux-X-1-1.5.x.x.x-y.x.yrg.g.x.'g-X3.xvgsg 73 si X X-x,.y,.y.x.g.g.y.g.x.y.-g.x.x.g.g.-g.x-x.y.x-X.yy.g.g.g.y.y.y.g.y.y.g.g.y.x, Distinctive Portraiture - ' RX P Bmns EYE, Commercial Photography FROSTED , FOODS PI-IILLIP'S STUDIO ' 9 Bloomsburg, Pa. Phone 1236 S Bloomsburg Floral Co. COMPLIMENTS OF THE Funeral Flowers Our Specialty Tyd0l Gasoline Dealers Light Street Road - Bloomsburg, Pa. Co., Inc. Phone 259-J - Res. 259-M Distributors J. C. STRADLING, Prop. Phone 381 Bloomsburg, Pa. . I NTS OF Dorothy Jean Kimmel COMPL ME School 0-f Dancing 9 Tap - Ballet - Ballroom AND Recreation Room 404 WV. Main St. Phone 275 V 12. Donald Billig. KNOVVN FUR BETTER VALUES Philco Radio H E S S 9 - . L o W s SMOKE Phone 1027 E. Main St. I HOP Bloomsburg Pa. BLooMS1sURc SPORT CENTER 11. Jeanne Knight. x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x.x.x.x.x.x.y.x.-x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.y.x.x.x 74 xl-1-1.x.y-ggsg.-g.y.x.1-.5-y.g.g.y COMPLIMENTS OF NEY'S SERVICE STATION 19 Mr. Wagner. Lester Burlingame Plumbing - Heating Sheet Metal Supplies 154 W. Main St. Tel. 504-J Bloornsburg, Perma. PEOPLE'S FURNITURE CO. BI.OOMSBURG'S HAPPY HOME FURNISHERS Phone 577 105-107 W. Main St. COMPLIMENTS OF GROSS BOTTLING WORKS Bell Phone 286 X.5.X.y.x.x.x.y.x-x.g.x.x.x.y.y.g. .x-1.1.x-x,.y.y.y3.5.1-5-yfx,-X-y-Q "Photographs are Memories Made Permanent H PHoToc:RAPH13D" JACK GEISTWITE 18. Shirley Long, Bob Ikeler. WATCHES and DIAMONDS on Credit Xfzw-A-Cnrryz'11g Charge Wise Credit Jewelers 116 W. Main St. Bloomsburg, Pa COMPLIMENTS OF The Milco Unclergarment Company Bloomsburg, Perma. COMPLIMENTS OF M. I. CREASY FRESH BIEATS 8: GROCERIES Phone 91 589 W. Main St. Bloomsburg, Pa. x.x.1.g.y.1.y.x-'X.y.1.x.x- y.x.x.y -13,5 merlcgzm wan can i2ug4 . Slack and show Hue rugs and carpeis of' the AG CARPET CUM PANY -- ffzezfre Loorned bg K fm N American labor . ' io 'Q' aeAunrv I AMERICAN 2 -Q IE-E THE Q , CARPET 3 Q Q COMPANY ' Mills: Bloomsburg, Pa. arters. 295 Fifth Ave. Chicago: Merchandlse Mart. Boston: 99 Chau eadquarte San Francisco: Western Furniture Exchan Autographs Autographs Autographs Autographs

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