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Bloomsburg High School - Memorabilia Yearbook (Bloomsburg, PA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Cover

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ff f uv., in 75555-EU'v 135115 , -- .-.. .1 14,415 45 'v u ' ifyri ' ,,v V, li-'gg' 4' +R r,!':?Zii"- ' UJFIYZ-F, v Q if 4'-L, :51,n,Lf,y'4-gr,,.,1f - 2 .k , . , - 3 W wz ft J :., -A-g.f:,1u,,'vL4, , V - ,V-1-in :., fx i. ,1f:,l,2i- , ' f' L., :, -1-ff.:--Y, ' lp "1-gv Q E .'Qlif,?' , ff '31-, X 4 V.: 3,45 W -f f '- Q M I . 1 'ff' I L ' 4 , f- C - 1 - ' .. ' " . 1 ,.. 1 5- --453-,17 ,VA , ' 1-L. rg.: ' ,wa w V ' -.. -, A - 'zg .1317-3 y. . , -1 -f 'Q ' 3 .wiv 'Q' . Q wi sf, ' 'I ' ' L. - . Q 4 Q 5-1. 1 f ' ' 1 ' fx W .L g , ? , A , , ' 2 1 ' , Q ' . W af ' ' 'L , , - v , 4 Q , .. f "l'g'.l'. ' 'J 5 'W . , Q - SY :all , A I - ' +1-' ' 1 1 t, I ,Z " - 1 " Q-'f-L 5 5. ' 3 ' ' 5,Lf1j1-f.15g,,- - 1 , -1 -, - , .v.5:L1g--:-1g,- .4-yi' , 1 f 'Q-gsglikw-1' , , ff- X "Tf"3.:.': 'J'- 'J' fy: .- .,- Q 1' fini-4?.'3T' K -f1.1'1",'-- Y -- Lrgfq L1 ' 5 .1 Y , ' Q I " ' A 2516? - -' ' I .i V 5' . , . - ,, 5 , I :Z , ' ,,h,.,"-zl' , " ' H 1 QQ, , , ,. b I . ' 5,17 , 4 I I Y. ' N ' ' 'ffwif 54 I 22-Y X 1 1 7' ' ,', wffTLfiMg., F1S" Vf..0 4 f M , A 1 fi- , 6 If - 4,--5.1 1-,HN , A , j.-1: 5 : 55:51 -of ':""-'-'H za '-1 ': I.- I-A ' E . , 1' 12 , "1 ,Am 1.:u43:1:wE3'--Q.. .u.f.,. , ' fi ' ' , pq- vw:-121' ui: W ' .4 4:1 ,- LV' M EX LIBHIS f r : - - THE 1939 . -In - ' mlhx I -' '- EDITOR JAMES GREENLY ASSOCIATE EDITOR MARION RUTTER BUSINESS MANAGER BETTY GIALAMAS FACULTY l:1I:I'I'oR Mlss QJLEORA MCKlNS'l'RY FACULTY BUSINESS MANAGER MR. HAROLD MILLER N MO N N ILEA W 1 W WX ,XXX x HW? K' y - - - ' f 'fi' 'WEP f 1 f f -157 x -551 'E A-X -?:EF'::'E"3 4.-T' -fs ,-'LY "s "-52 il 1 ' X -x-ggi-523113. '::'.fF- 5' , -Y ---Y -:,-"4k- f 1939 0 -YEAR BOOK OF THE- S E N I O R C L A S S BLOOMSBURG HIGH SCHOOL BLOOMSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA if-L iSZiL.a.J-- harm -71ff:f.f6L...f- 5 W Q il! I !11f5f4, Ti-is I9 Eiallglmi-h ' ' Tedicaiiom We, the class of of the senior class. e this Memorabilia to Ray I. Schell, a true friend For many years Mr. Schell has been faculty adviser for senior boys. Because of both his friendly and brotherly attitude, boys seeking friendly advice are glad to confide in him. The result is a very high regard and respect for his opinion. During the World War Mr. Schell was with the United States Navy. After the war ,he took preparatory work at Bloomsburg State Teachers College, and continued at Wyoming Seminary. He graduated from Ursinus College in the class of I928, and remained at the college for two years as coach of Freshman Athletics. In the year IQKQI he began teaching mathematics in the Bloomsburg Senior High School. Since then he has taken graduate work at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and New York University. At the present time he is working for his Master's Degree at Bucknell University. The members of the senior class wish to express their appreciation for the kindness and thoughtfulness of this teacher in his dealings with us, and are grate- ful for having this opportunity to recognize his excellent service to the Class of 1939. Four CONTENTS Ufclminislmtion Clazsfaf Uftlaletjcf Vfclivitief Features Down through the years, Pennsylvania has been known as the "Keystone State." By selecting "Pennsylvania, the Key- stone State" as the theme of our irbook, we wish to accomplish s Our first desire lty to Yea two objective . is to express our loya our native state. Secondly, we wish to establish a firm foundation upon which to build our future, thus setting an example for those who come after us. 1 Sin: MEMORABMA 'jig' " 7 4 TNI GOVERNOR . Vx-x , f-'ffm-:'f1'o 'Mfg COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA GOVERNOR'S OFFICE HARRISBURG March 25, 1939 Dear Friends: Let me congratulate the Staff of Memorabilia on choosing Pennsy1vania--- the Keystone State as the theme for 1939. For a century and one-half Pennsylvania has been the Keystone State of our Nation. With the faith, enterprise and courage of the generation you represent, we can long enjoy that richly deserved position. Sincerely yours, Literary Staff and Literary Adviser of the Memorabilia, Year- book of the Bloomsburg High School, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. Seven 1 ? V fn mwi 'r H E I9 Q fa :Bmw LJ!! ADMINISTRATION . 4 THE 1 9 YI , -x ph i 5 Q' n Mi' ' V, ,, I. fc! fqe' h e Sinful: S. A. llzirlu-r, ID, I1...!. IC. Shiinizui, Al. ll.. '1'i'4-zisiin-i'. W. H. Siitliff, Secretary, tl, Iitlwziiwl Hlwifll, Jr., l'i'u:sitlt-lit Nllllllfiilllf li. W. Moon. Siilit'ilol', Normiiii W. liot't'ni:iii, lloy ll. Smyth-i'. ll. 41. 1,!tiekznl1-xv. Viet--l'i't-siiltriit Timm' of 7Dim'f0 nr To the tlirectors of the liloomshurg School District, the members of the Class of logo wish to express their most sincere appreciation for ii ioh well tloiie. These men have put forth every possihle eiifort. hoth intlivitlutilly amd its ii whole, to give tis ai school oi' the highest order. NVe would he, iiitleetl, tiiigriiteiitii it we were to fail to wish them every possihle sueeess iii the contiiiuimee of their high office. So to them we exteiitl this wish, imtl our deepest thgmlts. Ton if MEMORABILIA V I ff mann?" A5559 S2zpe1'z'ii'i1zg 7D1"jl7C4DzZl,.S' tjlilefmgc - Cmss OF 1939: The time has come for you to sever your relationship as undergraduates and to join that larger body known as the Alumni of the Bloomsburg High School. You have built an illustrious record as a class while you were with us. Your achievements from this time forward will depend more and more upon you as in- dividuals. Our sympathies and tender concern go with you. Your Alma Mater will always stand ready to assist you in any way possible. As you go forward may the torch f of industry, thrift, and culture guide your f, ,,., . f Q path. When discouragements and defeat eome. may your spirit be buoyed up with a faith that believes that it will reap if it faints not. Whatever may happen to you, never be satisfied to live beneath your best level. lf you heed these admonitions we know your future will be bright. God speed you on your way. L. P. GILMORE Superuisfh g Principal U15.s'i.t'Zfzf2t iDrinc'zllm!'.r Jvlesmgea Cinxss or ltjjtjl As time turns the future into the present and the present becomes yester- day, your school days will become memories which you may cherish. l trust those memories will be pleas- .int and that time will be kind to you, bringing success and happy days both in your work and it1 your play. I. Cisttas'1"1'sttsoN .-Issixlarzt l'f'1'11cipal li'lt't'1'tt P' A r . .r ly ,Graff ,, ..- LFI an'- Edward I. Brown Lawrence I. Campbell Elizabeth L. Dildine Arlene M. Foust Alexander Fisher Frank I. Golder Ioseph S. Grimes Vida H. Hartman Robert Hutton Martha A. Iones Harriet H. Kline I. Wesley Knorr Gerald F. Kunkle Samuel W. Kurtz William Letterman Bess M. Long Margaret Lorah Cleora M. McKinstry Commercial General Science Physical Education Secretary Art English History English Geography English English Commercial General Shop Music American History Biology English English Twelve N l R S M Aan.lA N ' Szif sggsslb' ni f? 1" ,ff : Af1'ffffi1.:v:, fi vl!'ri,'.'5' "ii :ew awyi,..fif' '51 ?,t:.I,- Thi Robert H. Mercer Harold R. Miller George M. Mordan I. Claire Patterson Maree E. Pensyl B. Donald Sands Ray I. Schell Thursabert Schuyler Mary R. Serocca Lillian C. Seyhert Myra S. Sharpless Dorothy Shelhamer William L. Shutt Iennie Trivelpiece Iohn Y. Wagner Peter Wisher N. A. Yeany rtecn jylificzzlfy u-' iJ"'i A , "M, 1' B. S. M. A. B. S. B. S. B. S., M. A. B. S. B. S. B. S. A. B.. M. A. R. N. B. S. B. S. B. S. B. S. B. S.. M. lid. A. B., M. A. Algebra Geography Mathematics Democracy Civics World History Mathematics Latin French School Nurse History Home Economics Commercial Mathematics Chemistry, Physics Physical Education Commercial W3 ,l4,f1!.2. 76. -4, ' J -,ann 'r H E 9 3 3 FW H ffwnm' 'Ami' Q' I 7 ,ra 0 as fl U: 'X lv W LQ? " D". .. 59, " M I -X: N , 1 s-' -' r K s V X " 1 Q 'QQ ' it , 1 h Q ' ' N K Zn "sn,-i if 311 gHHemuriu1u ilhe ffflass uf 1935 hvhiruies this pangs in the nwxuurg uf nur classmzztv unh frieuh, Hahn Qlheg lnhu inns killeh in 21 ruasiing ZlEIihPIIf During his freshmzm gear. lie will libs: lung in the hearts uf his rlassmatvs. CLASSES Y I THE 1 1 1 1 1 f it gtg' l'ial.i'.- - ecom' of the Clam M1939 We, the class of '39 entered Bloomsburg High School in the fall of 1935. At first we were quite busy getting acquainted with our new schedules, subjects and the title of 'fFreshmen." Our first important role in the social activities of Bloomsburg High was at the end of the term with the Ninth Grade Commence- ment and induction into the National Iunior Honor Society. The following fall we found we had the honor of being called "Sophomores." During that year we had our first class election with the following people being elected: President . . . . . , .,.... Harry Snyder Vice President .,..,.,,... Mary Lou Dillon Secretary and Treasurer . . Charles Bomboy Historian .. ,.,....r..,,.....,...,..,,..... Marion Rutter Again another year came around. The old title was gone for the higher one of "Iuniors." We elected for our officers that year the following: President ,,......i........t.....,......r. Rober McGarrah Vice President . ., Mary Lou Dillon Secretary ...,. ,,.r M arion Rutter Historian .....,..,....r.....,...., ....,i C lark Bidleman During that year we sponsored our class play, "Big Hearted Herbert," whicl was given on February 28, 1938. We also sponsored a highly successful Iunior Prom. At last the long looked-for title was ours-"Seniors"l With the usual added 1939 dignity, we elected our officers, which were: President . . . Robert McGarrah Vice President Mary Lou Dillon Secretary ...,. Kathaleen Hinds Historian .... .. Marion Rutter With these officers in charge of affairs, we had a very successful last year at B. H. S. .ff h Q .1-MEMORABILIA t 5 ' ' M J F551 ,Y',iJ5'jy15'ii!fJj Clam 0566675 Vi! if W Anvxsnns MRS. HARRIET H. KLINE MR. I. Wnsuzv KNORR Wg!! OFFICERS PRESIDENT . . .., .. ..,.. Rom-:RT MCGARRAH VICE-PRESIDENT MARY Lou DILLON HISTORIAN . , ...... MARION RUTTER SECRETARY .,... KATHALEEN Hmns Seventeen ,vffff .- Q 1 vb - 1 'Q ' ll if ' " ' 'ri 1 , I ' 1 1 111 1 ., ef- Wiiilllf w I 'f Qs K 'i 1 1 rf L 1 9 1 9 k km , N fil 1 ' .,,,.w 1 J. .1 , , , an y X . Q 4 A, 4 X x o 4 , Xi, f", 'X SA I cfxui, 1.i4:n'ux' - 'lv cwsib "Andy" '- Crm I4'l'l'f7N'!Xf'0lll Scion:-e Club lfingganilirz Ras hull-1, 2 1 43 Gym Team Il, 4 Gym Il list ion L, 2' mx 4 5 l1HITlYUf'l'Clill I' m IL' 4 3 mLbu'. I'Qi'snnne-l Clnh -4, Gregg I3lC'I1lll1lll id 'sun I scrilltimi: GU, 80, 1003 Gregg Funnix 'l'1R'Q.y Q SHl1il,l'1Y S. Al'l'l,l'1'I'UN . "ShirI" t'umm4'rr'iuI Fun hilia 43 Business Stuff ul .XIUIUUIZI 2 lflilxlihifli-2 KIMBICR IEICAGLI-I Demimstraitimi 1, Zig Sviuiuw- Uluh 1. Altt!llfikLIlL'1' 1 ll -l' llraniutic' ' ' Girls' Athlvlii' Assuviulinli l. 2. 3. 43 SUN! tary uf G. A. A. fl, Liu-rury Stuff ui' .via-im-in lillii ' i 0, Dramatic Club Ii, 4: Gym ln-nwiisiiaium 1, ' 3, 45 Press Club 2. Il 5 ,X1ui1zu.:ei- nf Miimr Sp., 1 mer" 43 U. G, A. 4'Pl'Kllll'ZldSl G11-pfg 1 ., plete gheuryg Gregg Ilia-tutimi :um 'I'i'u..s1'.i, 1 ui "Kim"--"l2ck1:" A4'r14lf'n1i1' Pom wr Dramatic Club 41 l'crsmmul l'luh JG, 4, Gym . I 7 . CLQRI' it IQIDUIGM ' , , , , I. - I "Ilubb6ll" " .-m1f1?'Mr.- 7'.,1.1-.. Natiunall .luninr llnmn' Siwioiy 1: l'n-rful N141 I mi 'l Q1 'nlux , , K Ill ', .i, 4 l ' t' 1 ni: ' H or . ty I 4' ' 1. Stre t" 3 ' ' teal 1 1 wrt" 13 '-Y U1 1. 'T ' we ' - , - , I IQN Ulu V , ' ii la nt ., 4- 2 - 1,i1e1-5' Stuff Q Clmsf um ' "Q11lX.N:'A? 1 ".l'4Nf"' Q ,xl X 1 1 ul 1 94 , , rf, l '1-inn rvh ' Q ' J I nz? ' " 1' - 5' 11 ugl'z.1mNB, 5, Gy 1' HQ' -1:14921 tg l' ss l'Ii fx. m - ,g 1 '1 L' i ll lit 110, 8 4 1005 ' -mlb f Palm ll S 0 llll ,N.., .I , 'xiiiilglsmiifx' 1 mi x 'X ' tler fn-au Grcvg Certff' -1 - ' nu-ruizil Tom Z. MARY AGNES BRADY "Six" f'UHllDLl"l'l'f!ll f'Ulll'Sl' Gym lixliilritimi 11, 43 'Pri-Hi-Y 13 Glue- Ululi l, 2, Zi: Mixed Ulu-rus 2g U, G. A, Pe-i'tific'zitv and Funmete-lit 'l'ypiiig t'vrlifivzite: fill. XO, 100, 1, 2. 243 l'umnwr4'iul l'l'Ug'l'ZllIl l"Ill'IIl IERHISH Avmlrmir' Course linskm-tlinll 2: Bziselmll 2: "Youth ffmmfs 'l'ripping" 2, Uporctta lg Football 4. X r 'Q K 1 A 1 1 , ffl f A SJN X U fl JJ rj' 1 xl Vi- Eighteen 1 A ' 1 'f' li r ' lu? W ' N Green Gables" -lg National '1'lu-:qiiuii 1.1 L C astra' Z-Gfav fam! A-1 153 V , 111' M121 9 W 1 . 3 M MORA IA W gt... 1 I 5 ff . - VK! ROBERT BROADT "Uob"' A1-111I1'mi1' C1111,1's1' S1vi11111'11 Club lg Stage l,'1'1-w 1, 2', 215 l'u1's111111e1 1'I11b '1 LOL.-X ISSRUXVN "lfl'1l1.l'1Lfl"' C111111111-1'1'111I Course 1ly111 111-1111111s11'111i1111 1, 2, 1, 45 KflllllYI1Ql'Cl2l.1 I'1'11g1'11n1 21. -13 111' g 11i1'1z1t' ll lllll '1'1'1111sc1'i11- 111111 'L-1'tit'i1': ost 1 Sli, ll U l. A. C1'1'til'i- vu 3 Ullllllll T 111 ' C i 1 11' if K 11.1 ' 1211, .Ili l' Con1n1c1'c1 ' Cozrrsc .111 111- l7I'2ll 1 l 1 3 .' -11i111' 1" matic 'l11l1 -1' V 11111 11 1 Z '11-11' , uh 1 ' 1 11 Yl 11 Hfmlluwe 811 1 1 Z ' L ne 11111 11 1 1 " - g1'1vm 1: 1' 111-1111111s11'111i1111 2: ll1ll'2lYYllll'2ll 1 1 1- 11:1 . . I'1'11111 i'11lllII11llt'U 213 11111111 1, ' 1'c11o. 1 3 .11111i1J1' Hi-Y 1. IRUBERT 111. BURNS "Ba " Ac111l1'miv Cozcrse l'1-1' 101 ' 1 11'lll " 1 tzlff 21, 4: l' 1 'l , 2, 33 'z U11 1 ' I 1' U11 11 ev , 4 1 l'111'is11 111111111 1111111- 1 111- 21, - 1 ly my 111111 U1 llttll ' , J Xvt 1 ll i S'l1 ,' 1. 2: l 111 11':1"i111 1 111 Slzlge l'1't'NV 1, 2, 11, 41 Igilllll 2, 3, '11 Uperelta, 35 U1111111-1 Show 2, IS, -13 Gym llt'IT'Al1l1S1I'2l1lUTl 1, 21, 4' Sv' 1111- Club 1, 211 M1-111111':1l1ili11 Staff 45 mga 'r' l'1'11g1':xm 13 1'l'L2SS Club 2. if if Nineteen .1111 C11 "Sp Q 1 I igf 1 . 1 1 DICK I! YR ICM 1l'111'm." Ul'lll'l'lII fflIH'l'hf' Gym Ti'2ll11 1. 2, 21, 4: ll1I1'2l11'Illl'21l Raskm-l11a11 Y l11t1':11n111':1l S111'1'e1' 1. 1 . 1 KATIIRYN 1'AMl'1+1l'Il.l1 .111'111l1'n1i1' f'1:111':11' 1i111' N11ti1111:11 II1111111' S-1-i--15' 1: 171-:111""" 111 It, 4: l'11mwt Show. "1'i1111111'1-111-1" 315 "The l'l11'1Sll!121S Ruse" 4: S1-i1-111-v P11111 215 M1-111 1111- 11111-1 '1'1ff 4' " ' " 5 . - ffl" limi" ' 51-11-I 1' 111111'1'w, Mau' -my 1111111 'Fell Al1lS1GR'1' G Pl S11111 4. P01116 l71n11m1'1'1'i11l Urmrse 3 I ,C G W Crmrs 1. . 1'. ll 3 C 2: I11t1':1m Basketball 9 71 K ' 1 1, 1 Y ruff- 4 I ' --fdfi' I I V 1 4 'IVIIU 11-1 yr' X 0 Elf. Q .ug 1,256 fqfl! Qi! '35 Ar? , 1-V-,591 VV CL. ,Ye-Z F l R172 ' ' haf l WI lf ,Jr ' Q ' I ' luhwrw. -'T f193.5:4:6' 'il 'ill l I. M l' ' 5, sf . f!L11'f""' 1 A 'xr ta I ' It lu., , ,' 2: T' . f-'J x1AU1crgIjf1.,:Ri4:AsY " lIillf'r',' 1 , 1 -1' ' 7 Crnmncrciul Course Ilzfmlel. I- 'Tiff-4'. f"' num' ic. oAv1s " Commercial Course .lnnior National llonor Society l: Senior National Honor Society 33 Press Club 43 llym IM-rnona-:tration 23 Memorabilia Staff 4: Pom- inorvial Program Zi, 43 Gregg Dictation and 'Pl'2lllNCl'lDllUll i'ertlfic'ate's: 60, 80, 1003 120 Hold Pin: 0. G. A. l'vrtit'icate and Gold l'in3 Vonuulete Theory Certifivate: Member of Com- morvial Team in Harrisburg State Contest 23 Mn-niher of 4'ommerc'al Team in l,anraster Statv Uontvst 3. ll"l'll li. 3 EFFIF BAC ' 2 ' Ac' elf' 1- Course? Qc-i not 1' ur .3 Junior ' 1 ' l'lulm l. MARY LOU l ,LUN "Lou" Ar'r11If'm,i1' lfmzrsf' tlyni Team Acvonnuuiist 1, 2, 3, 43 ti. A. A. x I, LZ, Zi, 43 Manage-r of Sovver l3 Manager of liast-hall 23 ll. A. A. Sovrtary 33 G. A. Presi- ili-nt 45 Gym Donious-:tration l, 22 3, 43 Vive l'r4-sill:-nt of Junior National Honor Soviety ll Senior National llonor Som-it-ty Il, 43 Vice Presi- clcnt of Class 2, Il. 4: Mvllowr-ll l'lul1 Il, 43 Iiite-rary Staff of Memorabilia -ll Intramural I . Som-or I, 2, Il, 443 Baseball 1, L, Il, 43 tllee Ululm 31, l: 4'UlllIlN'l'C'l2ll Program -1. fr ij. 5 fl SARAH JEAN IGASTMAN 0425511 Jenn" Avnllrmia' Uoursfz Tri-Hi-Y 1, 23 Lilvrary Vluh l 3 Dramatic Uluh l 4' tllvo Plulr l, 2, il, 41 Gym Demonstration 2. 123 l'ro1vorty Managcr .lunior Class l'lay 33 Business Staff of Mt-morahilia Il, 43 Literary Staff of Memorabilia 43 Une Avi l'lay in As- sembly 13 Sovvvr 3: Basvlmall 33 il. A. A. Il, 4: National Junior Honor Soriety l2 1'omnn-r- llll Program 43 Easter Cantata 3. NAUMI ICRHAR f'un1n1f'rr.'if1l Uoursfr l'i.Illlll0l'l'llll Program 3, 43 Gregg lbiutation and Transvriptiou Us-rtifiuates: 60, Sli, 100: U. tl, A. l'e-rtifivate. DARI, .L EDXVARDS "I"11:" Uonanrf'r'r'iaI l'nl41'm' Gym llomonstration 1. 1, Ii. 43 l'rn-ss Uluh li li A. A. 23 Intramural Base-hall, Haskvtlrall, Kivklrall, Volleyball, Sovm-r 23 U, ll. A, Ferti- HCZIIEQ Uomplcte Tlis-oryg Hu-gg hit-tation and 'l'i-foism-iyuioo vt-i'1ifii-art-S: iso, xo, 100, X. N -BICRNICE L. ERWINE ' C'Ifern.ic X l'ommf'1'r'irlI C'0l1l'Rl' N 1 . eniorahilia bitvrary Staff , 41-lair In-mlm' 43 Comniervlal Program ' .yin vmonstralion 13 Gregg Dictation anscigi ition Ft-rtit'ivatcS: 130, 80, 1003 U. 'Ce1'tifiCate. x Ns' Twenty WT , A ,, 41 I"OfiTN 'R Jl lic "' ' ui-Y 7 mic BICULAH "lf risen: llyin Ilernunslrutiun Zig 3, 43 Gregg Traiiscriptiun cute-:-i: 60, 80, 100: U. ll. X .I MAN FRI U o wrse HJQ-qui " ' , r emu, 0111. 1 . u 1, 'ima 1 1 . 2, CZ, ' "BH-'I Pte '- - . 3 ' :li ' S wrt" ' .. -f 1- . . . . 1 w IIII l'llIII- mervi: .93 m 11 1 , -V ictul'hv Tr' n 0' 4 -' rtlf e: . WILLIAM GALURICATII fflgfllyf' ,I1'r11ll'mi1' fI1lIll'SI' Gym lflxliibitiun 1. 2, 35 .luniur Claims Twenty-one ss Play Il. ' f " 1ilC'l'TY MARIE FAHICINHICR "Nels" Crnmru'r1'iuI C'o'u,r'.wm flreeg Dictation and Transvriptlon Certificate 003 Ummm-teiit Typi:-xt Certificate: Bnseliall 1: Rasketliull I: Kivkball 1, DOROTHY FAVST "IMI" Cmnmvrr-lu! Coirrsf: Press Club lg Literary Stuff uf Memorabilia 4: t'nn1n1m'ciul Prngram 3, 45 Basketball 4: liasvball Il, -lg Sur-ver 3, 41 Gym llemrmstratinn 23 O. G, A. Certificate: Library Club lg Nunn-rails 4: Gregg Dir-tation and Transvriptlun t'm'lific'zlt4-s: 60. N0 100 V it ll U-l-ll - 0 U ba, h 4 -Hn 9 IIUH RT TH 4. 7 ORIG l"I3LDM J -'flmbif-" 1 M'l-Jai, . Q5 ,- ,Iuniur lflunm- Society l Q Svienve Ulu ld r ' I, 2', 3, -lg Susquehzuma Band lfestiva , .I . , Orchestra 2, 3. 4: Aviation l'lub l. VVINIFRICD FISI-Ilflli S "' 'Il ' " WA '0HI'lNC'l'lWlII C'0Il'l'Hf' 'SCIIZII , 2' . 4 c -or 2 3 Sa- l :lg 7 , 0l'I 1 VH 1 ' . . 4 , art ' and l'1 , Q 'Qrl I T1 'e't' J: Gregg 11 24 r I , ca ', ' , 80, 1003 Gym .' "Ll 1 , 3. D 1 vf g,,,fv. X. .11 Ili 'I - Ll sn I. XJ vw I I1 L I 0 J I3 -"' I - .6 'il 'Il 5 -rw" 1 f fy Q., ' . 7 ICLLIGN MAE GARTIIXX AITIG ' fslf 1 f'UIH'lIIf'?'l'IflI f'nn1'.w' L1 II. A. A. I, ZZ, Zig llrzunutiv Club I, 43 Pum- , lm-rvinl I'x'ugr:un 3. 4: lntrunmral lmsc-hull 'I' Intrurmlrul Husketlmll 43 Pmnplotl- Tlwnry' lf' UQ-1'lifi1'zltn-3 U, Ki. A. f.TPl'llflK'2llf.'Q llrugg lilcin- tiun uml 'l'r:1nsr'x'i11tim1 t'vs'tific:lt1-S: 150, Ml. 100 9,4 Gym I,Q'lll4IlISll'illlUlI I. 2, II: l'lme-or l.1-:ull-.' -I , I1-1'l'm't Atte-mlzxm'v 21 3. Lv :mm 1 , 1: N 110 Q, "l,a'j " ' ummr1'r-iuI V1 st ln, tlrul . , .S-' ' ke .I . . g Gregg Theory II: 111-gp: IY I and Tl':insc1'i1ntlmx l'crtifiL'all1-2 430 , In Allclitvwillln Zi. 424, "fulfill" " Ir!" "Jul " II. 8.1 Inwnxmtis' Ululu I, 2, JI, 43 Sl'lt'lIl'L' Uluh I: Stagg- Urs-wi All Svluml Play l, 2'g "Big Ile-:win-xl Hi'I'Il1'l'ln Cl: llIlI'ZlfI'llll'2ll llilllllllkllll 'I'm-:mis 'I'vum I I Int: umu ll Sm: pw J - mm:-:wr til N A fl . lq44A, AILTIIUR KIIHICR . A1-u4lf'mir' Cnursc F Ihnml Sl: Urvlwstral 2: Science Club I. .lUSl'Il'll Illl.l,lCSl'll'I A1'f11Icm'ir' Cu111'svf mlvm 'Fvzxm I. 21 l4IllI'llI'y Vlulrg Press Ululr 2', I 5 'z 'z .' 'wr Cham . lg lIIll'2llIIlll'2ll liusks-llmll I, Z., JI, -lg Gym llem- mnstraxtimx I, 2. II, I: 1'umlm-rvizxl I'rngrum 4, SARA llll4XliIRl'1 --Nully' 5 ' f'llllllHC'l'1'lHl f.'our's1: i . If l,iln':1 Vlulu l'l'n-ss Ululr 2. II. 41 Svvre- ' lzlfy ll lI4'lfll,V illlilllvl' ui' I"uutImII il: ti. A. A. -I: Ikllsi Stzlffvnf Menmrulriliu II. 43 I.iu-mry Stuff: I' Mmnur: hilia 43 43l'PKI-I Sl1Hl'l- mml Award" till, 240, 3 0, tl. A. f'0I'tlflK'2ltP xml Gold l'i , Uurnp Tlu-u1'yl'cxgtific" le 3 Gym I-mnnstru ' n l, 2. II Ig Iiusim-:fax Ma 'lgf-1' 1 AIT Sc-Imul luy -I1 I' fvvl Attqfmlzllmv 1 gUI'i'k'l' .., LI, I: skotlmll j liusvlmll-II, Ig QW: ,l'I'lD'l'2llII":l, 4 ' Q and Surull -lgohllllelu s 4 ' 1 .. Z I x xx' A: ll mnrr' , .1 A . J I, v I3 l'I'l'T ' GIGUIU I E "Pwr ' l'ummrrr'iuI l'uur.w' ' ' I ' ldxllihiliun Svvs' -I' Sl. 'L ntl nurul Iiaselm ' ' 'z - "' 1'-gg, Illvlilflllll an 2' ' "' .1 50, 80. HHH In ' L' Vlllll l: l'llllIlIf'lt'lIl ll Ili l mme ' In mi m 1 , ' If f lil'I'I"l'Y HIALAMAS N nlrlmll ll 1IllhkSl ml , wu- IK L ' Ill 4 les ,HHH S H I P- r 'lx Ill Ill! " 'ff C "vi f'1 xl' il ry 'Il I Q ' ' -.'t ' , 2, 4g 4 ur HU' VI 2. ' 4: mrs Iril- I ll -ss Si' 31: Q' A ' IH 'e lv Ural in 4 ' '-f ' V 1I'1 l ' I L :Ori rn ' rtif' .uv . VO. Nll, 3 I 1 'lul 3 3' In 'el 1 3 Juni ' I' I ti Ulu ' Un r-rv l 'H Y m Ji, y Q- lbllSll'il 'du L Zig llusm- l I 2: Ilask hull .22 Ki'klA1l'l.2:Un-l I l:,',"'I "'g l'1lIIDll'lk' TllC'lIl'j' Q ill ' 'Ulla " 1: TQ-4 'usp uf Snug Lu." Twenty-t wo In 5 W' C UWB' MEMORABILIA ERE-1 'I QPQ yn!! X ' f l? A 'www , .ifligm XM K , ' f K l M MARQl 't .' fyfl f C'u1rnm'l'r'i11I f'nu1'x1' tile-v Club I. 2, il: 'l'x'i-lli-Y 2: Kim-klmll 1: Mavlluwf'-ll Ulub Ilg 1'HYlllllt'l't'l2ll l'r.p:1:nn Il' Gregg' Shorthand Awards: Gil, XII, 1003 .SU XYu1l Shorthantl I'in: "'l'ln- 'l'va ll ust- N Hi l, " Il: lllastvr Uantata Il. St'l'l't'l2ll y 'l"'i-Hi-Y 2: Mixvd l'lnn'us lg Hyun llvlnnnxf1':1ti'1n LZ: llitt-V' 4 ::1'y,Stal'fut' All-lnm'abilia 4: IH-:'I't-vt Attvmlanm- , Z., Cl. JAMES FIIANUIS 1?llICl'INl.Y "Jim" .-l1'n1I1'n:i1' l,'mvrxr Editul'-in-t'hivt' of Mvlnuvabilizx 4: f'lll'lSllll2lS Ilanvt- Uunnnitlm- 2, Il: l'l'l'lvl'I'l Altvnllznwv l. 2', Il, 45 l'ers-anne-I l'lub 2, Il, lg tlyxn lh-nnwnsL1'a- A tion I, 2, Il: .luniur Natinnal llnnnr S nit-ty 1: Mvlnnrabilia Sobre-tary Il: Asst-xnllly az'-grarns: Sl'lt'lll'L Ululr I: St-niul' National llxllllrl' Smit-ly is 4. X . I Y ll l 1 J- 131' ' lr.-' B.,-9 ' lulril, : ll" . tim' Club .lmlvisury S- maria ig .LIQQTU s' 'lay 213 .luninr lltnnll' Sovill, ' Sulliur mnn' Il, lg AIt'llllPl'llllllI.l I taff , .lanaf . Q Nast-ball Zlg Alanagv. YJJ- fli'ls Sum' l:j'lll lt ll ' "Minn 1 2, 31, -lg , S tba Q ti. A. A , 2, ., -lg tl. A. A. E: B ' .Qfkltz "' " 'lub. W Vp lltllH'Ili'l' A. n,x.xs bf --Half' IS' 1, 2, Il, 43 f,l'L'hPSll'll 2, Il: lni1'alnu"al Ba tball l, 23 lntralntwal'i't!l' 5: Alzxlmzngw' In lllell llaske-tball 1: Ili-Y l'lnIx 12, Sl. I: S nt' ub 1 1 Track Cl: .lr. Varsity Ilaslwllmll 4 1' 'ity Basketball Vt. ..-.5 ' f .K ,I lv - Twwzlly-Hrrce ,L Q lf,L,:fZ,.fc.--...L t' ff? qf ' A Cofmncrcinl Co-ursc ' Gym Team 1, 25 Gym lixhibitiun l, 2': J. V. Ftmtlmall 4: Intramural Basketball l, 2, J, 4. CLARK HARTMAN "I.urky-'l'etm"' Cumn1f'rc'iuI Course Gym ldxhibitiun 3. HAROLD HARTZEL "lf1l"12'iC" Ar'r1rlf7m if Cuursre Mainville Varsity Basketball 1, 2: Mainville Varsity Baseball 1, 25 B. H. S. Intramural Basketball 3, -1: Alumni Editor nf "Main Speak.. er' 2: Class Officer 29 Perfect Attendance 1 21 "Yuutl1 Comes Tripping" 2. ' VIGGGY ANN HEDLANIJ "l'f'y11" .ll'1l4ll'lllil' fflllllwl' llramatit: Club lg tilt-0 Club l, -lg tl. A, A, 23 Gym Idxlxibition 23 CtDIlllIll'l't'lZll lwugrmn 3 7, Emu' A tuhn N. wgf hr xy .ful Q 4. ..J.1J..LAft1,c.'.- f ' L. aLk4-4f'.r' if-'v"',:'. .iivvvx - v 9"" .- , .'.a1A .4Kvv , in LJ ,lun rv-5-111 x Q lflifffi ,f- x I 1I 5? X' IWHIIIII I J H- Q 'QI i n EDGAR ICIAVOOIT I'IIflI.I.I'IIl . "Eddie"-"TI'oufly" Af'mIr'mir' f'UIll'Sl: Rami 1, 2, JI, 43 0x'c'I1ostl'al 22 ZI, 4: .lnnin ' Im 4 I'n1s nnl Ili-Y I 5 Senior Hi-Y 4: Ire-ss Flu Vlnlm -I: Svim-In-ee Ululm I: Snsqnelmnnn Ilnnd Feretivzll 3: llrumzllic' l'InIu 'IL Unvrvttn, "'l'vn lin Sxnfl' vi. Junior National Honor Suvivly I: Svnior Nu- tionnl llonor Society tl: Intrnnxurnl linskvilrnll I, 2, 43 Uk-e Uluh II: Iduslvx' I'zlnIntn 31 Junior lnwllnzxtiu- Club I' Intramural Souccx' 4. Hong-Io of Sing l,o" 313 XIPIIIIIIYIIPI My 1 THE 1939 , ".'f 1 Q ML ' " UIC "Ui " f7lll5lIll'l'f'I!ll Course' Y ' ' s I' " I iI1l"1l'v Pluln KA - I In ' 5 I r .' ln .. 1 U. A. T 'ti " e 2 I m lie-monsnrution . L cm-' . 2' vkln 3 t'omnwl'vizxI I'ro- fra 1 3, A Gr Ibivta ' 1 nnl '1'l.u1wxmxiptio 1 IK' fic" ' I' , I" iA.' IC. 'ISS "I" un." fmnnxrrriul !'u1u'sr 1. 3 uni: ' -'I-ly 3 Um- g mmn 1 i'lI I'1'o I'l II -I' Inlr'l- r' hd NU 4 . , IIo n 1 I 0 lay I . X . . - "I Ii. 'll , 43 'I .xl CI, 4: S1 "-1' .,, plv 'I'I1L-or 1" if' aio 2: lin-gf: Div If I 2 nl 'JYIIIII-Il'l'IlI on I' 'tificwlh-s: 60, H0 IOII um s 4. I I I HIINN "lima I nnwr' on IIC IR IIC " Von ricll 1' rss' fl 'n1 'IR-nm I Q Ilzunl I, 2: Gym In-monslmtion 5 I, 21 Aviation l'InIv I1 Intrnmnrnl Iinske-tlrnll I ' I Urmlustxnl I ll IIII P Intl nn II I-. -.. .. H.. ','- ..., , .I ,...-. .. S4 wvcl' 3. ff ww I Ir , ., , AUG' ' . .15 J N' A I ,.,f 1 'nn 'z X a .s i KATHLICICN NIL "Kflfif"' Cum 11'rr'if l'm4rs4 I.iIn'nry Ulu! ,1U'n lil' 1' nh I llw'Iwsir:1 I1 All Sch ol I yg I' Pro: lil-'lt il Ilny I. SlII'l'1'I' I, - ' khzlll , 23 'Is I, 2: Gym 'Foam I 3 Gym VIIIUI . rn ' I, wa-I' I.:-zulm-I 2. II: I'1'1-ss ul "1 'I .'Pi'l'Q'IH ' 41 Hr0p.!'I lbivtzltion 'II4 Tl" ."'i, rn C 'ti vzltn-H: Ill! XII. IIIUC I. lil... fivn .l I II 'Id lin Unnmot-1 Tj Iist -ii mn-r' II ogrzun 2. 3 It .IAQ IIII 'IGNSTI'Il.l. 'Qnyn .'1I'llfI1'PlIIl' Vuzrrm 'lnrn ' Ulnh 3 Iirnlnutic' 4'InIu Zi, 45 Iiym IW ' .ltiun . , Z, JI: Glen- Ululr Ig IMI-sz, l'ln -- xxx' IIAIVUIY IIUVK "ln'1l!lll"' I 'j " V' f'Ulll7lll'lAI'illI Vuurxl l'1lIJlll4'jjf'e'2lI Play ,245 Gym lN'I1I1rIISII'1lIIlDIl 2 1ZIfgQ.Pr-r1'n-WL Ath-ndaxlivb Ss-n-xwe I'InIm I. I. ' 1,1 I v r . . - , ! NHIUIAN II. IIQDMAN ll' . I .. ".IIuxr" , 1' "" .-If-mlrmiw Uunrm I'l'l'bl"IIIIf'I l'lnIn ZS, I: Ili-Y Vlnh 3, II. -I I 2: SI-iv1.vo Vinh ZZ: "'l'I1a- l'Iuliln4linons I'osI-' P 2: Inllsunn :QI Ilnsln-llnxll I. L, Il, 4, Hyun In-ln Ilxsllnliu n I, 2. II, I: 'I'1'zu-k 'I'n-:un II, 45 Ulnss 'l'1nvk L., 43 Intrzunnml Sou-ur 4. J' Twenty-jour X u 4 -ff ' JV! jj . J' dj 1 4 nnilr Ili-Y I: ,Xxintion l'InIn I: I'r+-ss l'lnIn 'l . . A ',g9n.3' I . 1 ff ,f df If +0 l ,U - ME A UA 0 1 'inf 1- ' Qu 47,0 f Q. X? fo- V Xxaf X ' MARY 1ll+INlCVll'IVl'l ll1JW.lCll Ar'f14lf'mivc' Corwsl' llmmutic Club l, 2, 3, 4: tile-u Club I, 2, I: Ig Press I'lul1 -l: Gym I3t'IllfIlISll'2lllHll 2. 3 Sl'l0llf't' Ululm 33 All Svlmul Play ll, 4. KIGNNIGTH HUYT "Ke-n." f'onl1m'V1'iuI C'uurs1r Iut1'umux'al lizlslcetlmll 1. 2. Cl, lg Iulruumurzll SUl'1'l'l' Il: Uno Art Play in Assn-nllnly 2: llym IN-'YT'lUllStl'2lllUll lg Class Team in Masks-tlmull I, E, like Commercial l'l'ogram 153 Huy's Vollcy in 2, -l, 1iUlil'Ill'l' Hl'Tl'lllNl2S "Hub" , f'mumf'1'1'iuI f'I1llI'S1' Junior Naliqmxl Hlmfn-1 Suclfxiy 'lg ldmlitm- nf lied and Vypile 41 Ivrmnutic UMA: Il, -lg "Quality Siren-t" HC "Rig Heilrled 'H,61'lw1't" 33 lin-gg l ivtatfnl and Tl"1n440l'iptiullll'e-Vtifivatvs: i NO, 11 ll' 190 Uoldpl h Clizyvlfu Tl ns U ' A I .1 - I , u - - wc ','3 Z, . . Qfd l'in: ,A mural ' ' :llSlllPSS Stgff :lg . mnm'almil? I.ilm'al'J"Sta.fl' 4: Quill uhm! Scroll Hold lQ'in'- 3 Se-ni r National lluulvr' Rl'C'lk'lV Sl' "l'lan4m-Q" 4 : gkmtirnml 'l'lws'mizv.u lmmyfmlki Hmmm' Sm'iet5'v'4. ' ' ' ICVHLYN HYSSUNIG If If 1 ' Q 1 1 4: ' nd . HILL, Dlltdtlllll .1 i la ' ou, 80, 100. m lummmml " 1' ' 'I U ' u Nl , ' lfpuvlnwr ll ' ' l ' Blvlluwvll Vllllb 5 1 P - U. 13. A. 1' 'l'lifi'Zl1k' . - ' - l r r ' . 1 ' . ru , . no Q0 .OVISIC IKIGLICR "Dol" ' lif"' un1mf'V1'iflI f'1llllNl j 'Il It 1 , 2 G1-gg U. li. A. 'ti ival . 1' :T 'Y I 'L1 MJQAX I lf, .1r'u1le' 1 A X A '4 K .'l1'r1cIf'rni1' Von rm I.', I', Z " lillllb l' " Il l'IuIr I: AlL'lIlHl'1lllillZl Stuff Il, 4: Uffivm' in lfluln Zlg Ulll' Avi Plays Il, 4. "I'1'y" f'r1mme'1'c-illl ','n1a1'x1' B Huw-lwsll':1 I. 2, Sig Girls' Ulmrus I 3 SlM'l'0l' l. 3, .ll lxl4"m: . L3 H, l.. A. 1 --l'llt1n-ulv annul lmld I mg 4.11-gg Ilnclzl- K I Umuzuwl-viall I'rugr:uu Il, -l: Ililn-zlry Ululm lg 2 liuscbzlll 1, 2, 3. l!l'I'l"1'Y MAI-I KETUIII-JM ! Twcn ly-five: 11' I .4 s '1 1 1" T H E 1 9 3 9 FEi1li'IIf511ZI1- 1.' 1 .L A 11. N 1' N '. 1 . X1 ' I A ., 'J 1 S 1 1 1 11111 Clllll 111 YI I SKID 1 111 ww- f 1 .11 . 111.1 I .112 ' -,S I LICNIC Ix '."I"1 .1 J 11- ' U' 1 1,1 1 .Sn '1-1- 1'I 1 I 11':1l'y I . 3 Me- ' 'zllvilizl . 11'I' -I1 1-1. I '-1:1 11111 I 1111: - '11 111111: 1'0, ll, 1 1113 '1 1- Tl111111'y , 12. A, 1'111'1i1'i1-atug 1'1LFj?11:1'1-izll I' 1Kl'ZlIlI CI, -I. I I'-1'1111 111s1111 "lf1'lT-2' K ' 1 f'11n1m1'1'1'i11l' U11111'.s11:' ILjM'111'y'1jIuI1 I: .Iuniur II1111111' S111-if-ly Jiwl. I X X " '1 I' N11 llgiII'l 91' ff 'I 444111-1- ,.'. 1. ... ., -, . 'Hill 'Z 1 I . , , ' Il, 1.I1111i111'l11'an1z " ' I3 S: 4l1IfI7I'llYI tic lnllll. 2. I 3 Mixvd l'I11ig'?s 23 VEf11'LIT11w1-II CI1111 Q lt11 1111 151111 T. 1 I1 1 1, .11 I' fb II. -Ig, I'I'l'SN 1'Iul1-'Il I'l1lfll11l'l'Lifl.I L' yi! 4':' fwl S1'I11111l l'I:1y, -Ig f 'UXILTIP 111' I eh 1 l1I1I11s1"1 f:j'IlI I11:1111111sI1':1li1111 CI.'4g 12111-g1rDi a- V1111 QIYIII 'I'l'1ll1S1'I'II1li11I1 U1-1'liI'i1':1t1-si Ii1l,'8,Q,'2I01Ig , 11. lj. A.: 1i11m11l1-t1-,'I'I11-111'yI Nzftimml "I'Iys11ia11 I ' I ' ' S1101-ty 1. -N ' 111:,1N KI 911211 iz MWAW "liil " .-If Il " I I1-1'.wl 1 X I, 1 1159151 Ig 151111-su-11 I ' I' 11111 I1111111s11.1'11 2, 'S' ' -1 'y 1 -'1 'v - '. 131,111-51m 1:11-1111111 UA MIGN KYIIIG ' -' ll l1'1l1l11n1i1- 1,'u111's1' 1 1. 1,.,, AIiIl1'iIl1- IIi1.:I1 S1'I11111I: 'I'1'i-III-Y I 1 SI111Ix'l11 11111111 1I R111 I ' 11111 I I11l1 ' l11f11t AI I 7 'I' VI1111-1' I10:11IP1' L. 33 11-111I:1111-11 L: l'1'11ss 1'I11I1 I!:1sk11tI1:1Il 'I'1-11111 I, Z1'g S1'i1-111'1: 1'I11l1 I 1 I?1'z1l11ilti1' l'I11I1 I. 22: S1-1'1'1-lz11'y 111' 1'I11ss II: 11111-1'1-tI:1 II: Ii. II. S. I'1'1-ss 1'I11I1 -Ig 1lI1-1- 1'I11b -Ig Lite-1'z11'y ' M1-n111r:1biIiu Stuff -I. I WY Ml B IAINIC KIIICAMICIC Awlflvn " t'o111'sr 1 N' IS1111 gh ' 1111I I, CZ: Ii:1sk11tImII I, ' 0 ' ta 3 IZ ll ., 45 S1-h1111l I'Iz1y 2. RVTH KltI1ISSI.IfIR 'K1'U!lI'fU '1m 1'iul Crnnse ' sg Ilic-tz1ti1 ' 11 1'z111s1-"1ti1111 tifi1':1l11: 130: l'11m1 mul I'1'11g 11. A. A. 'I. I IL' 1-1111111sI1'11 i1111 33 Grc W ,QW ICVIGLYN KRUM A1'u1lr1ni1' f.10'Il7'SI' Gym Iw1111111st1'z1ti1111 21 I11'z1n1:1lic Flub I'1'1-ss 1'IuI1 41 Soocer 33 3,4. 1 ,- I '. g 1 f - K ,, ,X Lv Lf Jw- 1. . . . ' ! 1-..,'VI1,T1JIiIA hill M ax ly 7 ' 1 Tory x ,, A Q. j 1 11mn1er1-1:11 1'11111's1.- 153' lub mules 111 D111111111sl1'11ti2111 1, 2, 3, -I: IiI11':11-y 1' j J 'z matic' ' , if: '1n11m-1'1'i: '1'11g1'1 I,2,1ll Cluhl 11 11 1 ,m 3. 4: 1i1'egr1.: IJi1-tati1111 and rPI'llllSl'I'IlDlI1lII Certifi- Z 60, XO, 1005 O. G, A, 1 Tw en ty'-str IWW 1" W' Pf'fv5"": .7 M'11llv 11 k 1 .JP maff ff JI rx1irw1wuAlal1l-x 1 wig 1 f ,Q 1 X ..L5',x' , ,P O-Je! ,, mf I 1 il! ' f J l ' , UAIQUI4 IlAN'l'l'lRMAN ' ' u Y j lp ff'u1?nqa'1'r-i111 !'u1lrs1: 15:1 ua.-' vim! 2, ::,- up .uf s.-limi vmy, Quu 3 f Strm " Il: .lun nr Clhs l'I:ly. 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A l'l U lg ninl' Nulimml llnmn' Srwivty Mn A ' ll L' llitjfv i1LB'!5'.1,, If .f 14 j lclftjilfv f ,4 .1 af f 1 fill' if V1 Twun ty-seven viffn 1- 'lull -l: I'rs-ss Vlulu lg ll, A. .L .,. bf 16, l .IZAIRICTH LICVAN ' .f1l'1lll4'IHfl' Vnursf' IGI YA M. lil IREM.-KN "I'.'1l:1'ic"' fir'llr'l'ul l'un1'sr' l,ilnrziry Ululr lg Hzislu-llmll l, 2, 253 Suvvcl' l, Il: Hass-lmzlll l, 2, Il: Glu- t'li1I1 l, IZ, Zig 'l'ri- Hi-Y 23 l're-ss Vlulr 23 Unlur lk-urur 2, Il, -li Kivklmzlll il: Girls' Ulwrus li llaxv-vv Vnixiixiillw- 73 Gym Te-:mi 43 lu1'lllUl'ZlIiill1l Stuff -l, AI. 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Dramatic vim, 1, si, 45 riym ' 'fi it 1, 0 Hmi,i4:N MIQARS -'MQ-11r,9fig" f71I1Il7Il.CVf"l!lI Course Library Club 15 Press Club 2: Gym liemnn- stratlbn 1, 23 Une Art Play lg C'ummer0ia . 4 I! ti g in tinn Certificates: 60, N0, 100: O. H, A. Fertifi 3 asebull l: Vo g Dictation 2 rl Tru' svrip- rate. IF MISL ' ' c .ral C 'rsc llltlilnll ' 1, 3, 4'mitbi1.ll 4. ' IIC MII i I i X .H 3 1' ' , , ,on wwf: I C01 C ln 'ztmu l li etliallg 3. 4: 1' -mm livifil lu- m mp, Denimistgatiuii I 4? f ,Ni JL Miz if'-i AM THE i939 JOHN MI "Su:ishJ' Ac'r14lc"mic- Uuzirsc' Basketball 35 strn I, 23 Gym Demunstr ti 1 ' Perf ' lien ance- l, 2, 3. 4. , u IIA' l,Ll-IR ot ' 1 nur!" I Cuurse Dictat' 1 nsvriptiim Certifi- sz 1570, 0 UQ 1 ,fold I'in 4: Uimplcie eor ' cate, Cl 1' Leader 4 5 lfninineucial Progr ', 4: Gym Jenioxistrzitiuii 2, lig Girls' Chilli Q Literary Staff of Menmralnilia 4. LAVERNA MUSHIGIQ "Verma" Cumnierviul Cunrsi' 'Gym Demonstration 1, 2, Zig Baselmall i, 23 Klckball 2', 33 Srwver 13 Ciminn-rvial l'i'ugrzfuu 3, 43 Literary Club 13 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, BETTY ELLEN NEUHARD Conmzerciail Course Gym Demmistratinn 23 l'unnm-ri-iail l'i'ugrziin 3, 43 Soccer 2. 33 Baseball 2, Zlg U, il. A. Uertificate and Gold Ping Gregg Trzuisvriptiuii 60, SO, 100. Twenty-eight jr! 1 I, ME 0 I", 1 I '- ski I' Zim. 8 'Q' ...f.l"f"..L' I gal'- , I DOROTHY NICVII. "Dol" Af'urI4'n1ic' C'UIl7'Sl7 Press Club 3, -lg Gym I,Cll'l0llS1l'illlUlI Il, 4. JEAN OIII. "1,lHl,Ujlv Af'nric'lni1' Coursr' Assembly 1. M ' .IAUK 'li LY rkbdfm K "DllIECl'l'I!lI Umrrse Vursiqy lm u-thull 1, 2, 3. -4: t'u11tain -lg lmutlwull 22, 4: ll Sm-lnml l'luy 1: Gym lloxnem- strutinn l, ml-l111nx':nlvili:1 Stuff 4: l'mlllll'l1t'l'1'Ii1I l'1-ogrzxnm 23. NYILLIA Sl M. lil'l'l-IRT A-lgjll" f:4'lI1'I'1II Cullrso Gym lixlxibitiml. Twenty-nine v . Gym Ilvmmustrntiun 1: .lr. Uluss Play Z., "Alive Blue Gown" -lg "The Christnms 'l'x'1-v That l,ivccl" 33 llrnmuliv Vlulw 12, -53 l,iIn':u'y Club 1, RUTH OMAN "lx'r1Ihif"' I'nmmr1'f'iuI f'uursr' l.iln'z1ry Club 1: K'nn1mL-rr-izll l'rugrzun Il. 4 Gym Exhilmiticm 1, 2, 3: Kivklrull 25 llusolmll 1, 2: Srmcer lg 9th Grade Chorus. l'l I ,r 1111111114 Com sc r n ml Suoll' 111 lm 811114. ,W1 :'I1 NIC! . f I , --1: ll' ' , 1, - '- - ' Lib ln- JW I- fa , "4'lzy9s l:ly: I ft ' ff' 'r I1 1. r' 'I l 2 ' 41 I " l"l ' ' A 1 I 2. 3, , I i- , , 3, I 6' S f'Iul ' ' " l l 'ang I ' ,'-- ' lk vt I we: N i1 ul lm ' .' 'Wty 4 PWM' 4.,f,m:, Q .4 ,lj lf .DMX . 'WC' . c . 'I L I , ' A In all-. L1 XXX - xv 3, it J . -. NLC", 'Xi' ff '1' 21' V ' tl " l img ll V. 4., . :X It N t L 1 Y 2 g"ARItu E. 1il'TTl'11l "Ming 0 1 ,11r'111l1" if' t'm4r.-41' Press t'luh -4 xwtio lil -lg li. A. A. 4: Hand l, V , .., ,ilmtry Vinh lg l't'unipler-"lil z ell llt.'rln-rt" Il: l.iIe-r- ury Staff of Mem.vr:tlx lia ' rimless Smut' of ,4 Memnrulniliu Sl, 4L Suvn-t:1ty lt' .luuiur ll-flint' Srwicty lg Class lllSlthl'l2lll 2, il. ll: lllll'1lll1lll'ill Husvlmll lg lutluuiurul Svwvor 2, Il: lutr:.murul Basketball fl: Assistant lflmlilur ul' Msunmrulxlliu -lg l,l'tlTTI t'unuuittz-e- 33 tr. 12. A. Ut-x'til'ivutc 4: f'Ul11Y'll6'l'C'li1l lwnprruui 4: l're'sidvnt Null :ual Senior Hmmr Sm-if-ty 43 I'vrt't-vt Attemlmivv I, Z1 XYILLIAINI Ill'TTl'IIl "Pf?le"' .-lvrulf'mi4' Vmlrsr President uf Svie-live t'luh: National .lunlur Hmmm' Suviety 12 Al2ll'lHllL'llC Show 2, 3, 4: Stage- Crew l, 2, Ii, 4, 'lf U. liIt,'llAIll'J SAVAGE "Dirk" Al'fIIlf'lllll' L'uu1's1' Gym Tm-am 2, Il, -I: l'n-rstnuwl t'lulm 3. 4: tv Svin-..4'o l'lulr 1, 45 llym lk-iuniislratliutl 2. 3, 4: Iiln'alry Club ll lllll'2lllllll'1ll lizlsketlmull 1, 3 3, 43 uudlrullg Ariatim t'luln. 'PHE 'LA ' 'HNE F i 4.4 C , QL. du N-'J 'Tec " U mule ' 1 ' ' ,t'lul , 3, 43 Hive Ulm 2. ' 4: rym Ixhihitim 2, 3 4' Pr tutor ' ' " ' mn ' g ru . A V 11.15,-J , -42 Ask, "6 , " ' Q-W AJLA 3,s.J 1 ,1 fd M A f ., ,p, ..-....,..,--... JACK . ,xrtw 'ff A lkfl A 4 ,. 47, nf! Un1nu11'l'l'ull I rm' " f' f ' ,yy Sc-in-In-v Vluln lg Iutrumu :il llnskq lm! 1, 2, Il: Hyun 'l'v'u l: -I A. l'e'r'ific-:tio :tml tl'-ll l'iu: Greg ic- u and 'Fra scrip'ifvu t'm'tifi- ' vnu-s: 60, llg t'tnmum-rm-iul l'rug:l'um Il, 4: Gym lh-n tr liuu 2: Ifmxtlmll 4: Juuiru' 'Int l 'lr lvly . ,I I f I . - 1 ily In: ' um Km: 'I ' ' mry."' lYmnme1'r-iul Course Baseball 11 Sm-cet' 3: Volleyball I: 0, ti. A. Certificate 2. WILl4l'R Sl'H,l'l,'l'Z Acrulemic' Course PHYLIAIS SITLICR "1'Ilyl" C4m1vu'rr'ir1I Course Library Club 13 Press Vluh 2, Il: Business staff of liiemorulmilia 3: U. tl. A. Fertificatv and I'ln: Kicklmll 1, 2'g Baseball 1. 2: Gym Demonstration 1, 2, :lg Gregg Ilivtzttizm :md 'rl'3.liSC'l'lDllUll liortifit-utvs: 130 Nil, lim: I':w-ss Club Dance Committee Ji: Natizmul Quill :ml Scroll 35 Exchange i'Imlitut', Rwi N Wlun- L Commercial I'rogram Il. -1. Thirty J-2.1 VK' lx! gnu 1 'nn e ,- 'Y on LIA 'I A 1 I X .J. ,Auf-f'9 . I 0 l f , 1 s Al J ll Al J I. SM HIGHS "Ihr ' llIlIlH'l'i'il1l f'llIU'Sf.7 l in-l I, ". il: ll 'matic l' lr l, 2, 3. -l: "Big l . rind ll -:lu-rl" . 3 intra ulral Basketball 1, 2, Il, -lg th , Art l'lay 33 Gym Ilen1.rnstratiun ' -lg l oss 'lub Staff 23 Intramural Szwccr 2, , , rl Av ill-.n Ulnln lg Sci' '- Ululr: f' nfrvial ' lm- " m Il, -lg Manager Basketball Team 2. ll IGTT Y SMITH "Swim" l'o1umf'rrir1I Course: Ninth Grade Clmrus 13 Gym leninnstrutilm l. 2, il, 4: l'mnrnvr1'ial Prog" Il. 41 Gregg livtatiwn and 'l'l'2ilkggrl'lllll1lIl frtificatesr li XJ '11, lon, 0, G. AX tj t' ' and tulcl I' 1 0 , . . ,.t . ' My Nl .' , , . A x'.voNNli5VSNi-:ly 4: of . 'X,.p,,,.j1U-.v:'V,U-H .614 ., Afugpinm, Cmrtv, r ' in v Q l ' L fl liiluxahf l'lll 1- ' - l :sf 1.. A. I ' ', "Il'1ur1al1lv Plpffu Il, res. ll 41 All 'html ' lfl X' "Annu of G n , I I s" 4: l'l4 n As- J ' ' sm lil ' ,"Ali4'4- Gdvl " 4: Gi ls' mnrus 11 lv, .lunlyj H no cietyjgl. ation: jsrfnr Society 1 V' ' 'V All-X I " v f K, ,I kv'-'V 'Il :wi SNYIHGI: ' fy!,Nrl1' Irmir- Coicrsc lmlltl 1 " . zz, Ag lmskt-limi 1, 2' .lg Presi- fnt n ' iss 25 Aviation 'lull l: Intramural llaislu-tl Il, Vullcylgall 35 'lyrayk 'D9:y,m'9, IS, 1, , ff L' - "4 1 , l, U , 1 , ' ' o- , ,' A . . l , Q! 7 f ' fl fff,ffff,"ff:.' '-.1 ffbjf' ' Q X N . 41 Lgrtl ' 4. ,I ' ft" ufifilffn . L' I ' 'ICA INE SNYDER rt Oommerc-ml Cmrse Girls' L4 us L' li 'a u l 43 Th irty-one , ' , ,uycal Jgizm ' lm-1 lnrtamural Kic'kballW FLA RENCE SORBER "Ch1Lbbfll" Ar'mlem'ic' Cuunw: Football 45 Track Team 3. 4: Intramural Basketball I, 2. 3, 43 Gym Demonstration 1, 25 National Athletic Honor Society. ' "M illg MARJO IG S1'l'Jl:i 'mn 'vin lfmwsc: Ulm m m -I1 Win r Typing Conte. 'ommercial ' gra 4 'Vle de ssohn Club 2 acDowell I, J 3, 4 r nrus 1, 2, 3. 4: e o" li taff 45 Gregg Dictation and T al , ' ertificates: 60, S0 100: 120 Gold ' , umnetent y st Gold l'ing Junior Hnnnr SUCRW OW VY EDX ' ' IN "gy" . ' LeJ'r'ir1.l Un urse K Int mural ' ' Dil . 2. Il, .4 ' l rum 'al c' r , - 1 vm n z in Um- -, ,r .0-f f QV . x I 4 I fuk VN 11 l-tts. 1'- 170 , .V xv' '.ff, - . 5 K I T H E 1 9 3 9 y ' . 5 Af D!-" .1 If' 1 Q 1' 'D " , '-f ,' ' 4 , ".- . 6 .V r- I' F! r: Q VIOLA STAIR "Vt In llrzu "' ' mmrrf-iul Cours: luniur Class Play "Big: llvzlvted Ile-rlre-rt" Zi, nzltic Uluh Cl, 41 l4llll'llI'y Club I: l'fm1nu-x- mul l'rvgx':1n1 Il, -1 1 Gym In-nunmstrntimx Zig Greg" Lli x1c 'FI'1lllS4'l'llllllVll K'e1'tit'im':1lm-sz 460, Ml ARIIIGN S'l'lClNlll'l'K N "Nfinf'y" .-lf'mImuir ff1llll'Sl' ,U uhm mmstrutiun 35: llrzlrlmtis- Ululr -l lntr 1 lmsketlmll 2. I llil'INlC S'l"Yl'Ill "Hl'llia:" Girls' l'llUl'llS I3 4'umme-x'r'iul I'1'ug:l'zun 4 l'rm-ss Club 4g film- Vluh lg lllll'2ll'lllll'Zll Kia-lv hall 1. Mllllllllllll I-I. SWISHI-Ili "lx'll.vl1,"' ,fl1'n4l1'mi1' Cours: l.iln'ury Club 1, x Ml .Iv ' J' -A' , C. ,,. f' - " 1 glfk lj -' vu If f. .r' lg Gym l30ll1f7llStI'1 IVURIS M. Tl41llVVl l,l.l4ll'Ili "lNl1'1'if"' .-11'u1lf'mir l'u1u'sr Tri-lll-Y lg Une All l'l'1v lp ll. A. A. 2. il. llmn 2, ... 1 F, X ,If A 'l'lP1A14As x"w't'R1'll V2 ' ! I' lla,'rnlrn:iw t'4mr'Ar 'X J! ,I f I 'X J .I nr Ibm ntiv Vffmbl I 'fl'wu'A1't Vlkvr l I ' ' lr'1-nmtiz-'l'I v R t" G. A. A, il, L -I3 ru la Lili:-2 Akrinff 4: Lf 1' hi Vinh T3 ull I 'erf 4 Alu-ml: --' .., Ill: 415:11 Hx i fm 1, fin, " . fl 1 R Y l,lCS'l'lCli TIIUMAS l,f'!"' .l1'1l1If'nri1' I'l.l1l'x4 1 . vw ,, ly .I . . J. . n 1.5m lznm I, .., .l, lg lllll'Illlllll'Zll Musk:-tlmll l '4 luull lux , -. . H . Su mwel Ululn -I: Gym l'Ix- hiluitium l, IZ, Il, 4: Nzilinnzll Allllvliz- llunm' 'iovivty 4. XYIl.l,Allll THUMAS "Tllmn11s" .11-ml: mfr f'Ulll'Sl' . ls, Mu. lllgll hmlmul l, 23 Sc'ivm'4- l'Iulf 3 Drnrnutic Club 4. Tllirly-t wu MIM fill all MEMORABILIA ai,AAfy 1 If . 5 ' , ,I . c : .IU XVICN' ,Z "Q1weniu" 'Swim-R 1 'X ' Ar-rulrniiv Course x i Di-yung' Ym mould: .honor Qom-9-H+ 13 Two ne Al: ays YN..,LA5si-lnli ' 1 on Club 41,1 Seni ' ramatic L' uh ' 3 Tri- 0, 'i-Y 3 'lress 'uh 2, 3, -1: l'lcrary Staff .bilianjg 1. A. A. 1: tlyn Mxllilvilion Z, 3, 43 School l'lay Zig Ulu-ui' lo-allen' -lg 'iris' B215 thzlll Team 3, lg llilirary Club 1, 2. V, IVIARTIIA .IICAN XYlll'l'l'I "1llu.rly" CllIllIllf'1'l'ifII Voiwse .lunior Drarnatii- Club lg Si-nior lbranialic Club Il, 43 Man-lrowcll Ulnli il: Mi-moraluilia Staff 43 "Big llvartuml llcrln-rl" Sip "Anno ol' l:l'l't'll Gables" fl: llrrlrg lm-lation: fill, NU, 1005 O. G. A. Cortificatvg Um- Art Play Sl: Vonn- me-rcial l'rogram 3, 43 Gym lwmonslralion 1: Girls' Chorus 1: "Quality Slrce-t" Jig National Tlwspian llonor Society 4. liUlll'ZRT VVlllTlGNllIll'l' ""Bob" CII1lHII1'l'1'lflI Uourxz' lianml 1, 2: Srlonrv Ululi 11 Gym l7UlllllllS1l'il- tlon 1, 23 Aviation Club 1: Uoinnu-rc'ial l'ro- gram 4. llAll',l'lil'1'l"l' XYtIlil"l1l Commcrviul C'ou.rse T11 irty-Ihree no Hr L ' 4 ',?, I . sf!! EDITH TROY 9: Commercial Program 4. "Edgy" Cmnmcrrirzl Coilrsvr Ninth Grade Chorus 11 Gym Demonstration 1 p U MATR,1oN UNUICIUVUOII I ' 'A4'11rlenii4- .t,o1c5'sc,' , 4 v " ' Gym Demonstration Zig l'rrss ' Q I lllk 1 "All Svt for l4ltiq'110ttc" lg llaskotlmll 1, 2. "Kentucky Gardens" 23 Dramatic- Ulnlm fl. 1 lllllr 4 l lu . ,,a.,' , gf l f oi, ' f lwggifff 7""N39" F .-If-rzgwtiir Ulwi' f" , Y ' 1, J. fi- . 1- 1 .1 lm., 611351, 21 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 2, SL, :Jim infe- Cluli 15 National Senior Honor o 4: U 'Tl't'ii.Qlll'Cl'!'.fll1l10l' Honor Society 1. on n,wdf LEE WARD ' ' Intramural Sports 25 Gym Team Manager 45 Gym Exhibition 3. "Crisco" Cumnu'rr'iuI Course Il, will M Wm 'fife- fluff J fry 5, f ff 19- wivfj gi. y Cy .lf 6 ' 1.2 7, X , , J, 2L,.j ,f wwf 1664 All fl.. + S, if - ill 620' g,'F1'Pi'3'Q, - THE 1939 , ,V PHILIP YEANY "FIU" wulemir- ClI'lll'Sl' 1, , 3, 3 Intra ural occer 2, 3, 4: Cla:-is T.:-an-0-L . 1 Ll , 5 Aviation Club 1: Gym I 9YTl'lllS'lAZl1IU'l 1, 2'g Library Club lg Intramural Handbill 4, DOR T Y M. ZANZI HIGH ur' C01 ' A '. Library lub 1, Two One vt Plays l Assembly 0, iris' G Club 1, 4, MTLCD' 1 Club 4: Tri l-Y 2: r ss Club 2, 3, 4' Ill a . Scro S 4 5 Band 8. : Orchz-str , : J a c ub 3, 4: Li ry St f mc: 1 : 4, - sin S Staf I emorabili 4: G5 ng, . ration Junior H n Soc . 15 . - r Drama c . CATHERINE ZEISLOFT "K'iHy" Ar'a1lf'm5r' Course Madison High School: All School Plny lg A Assembly Play l, 2: Class Play 2: Sriencv Club 2: Class Librarian 2: School Entertain- ment 1: Card Club 2': Madisonian Staff 2. 1199535 :rs ' 1 a '1 Course! 00Ih3.ll 0 .S P Q I trgnnlral Qasketball . 'I 1. , Orchestra 1. 23 Gym Demon ti n wi ersonnel Club 3, 45 Science W dw. ,- . . , I ral xl ""4x:, 1.-Q , xl! I , . MILDRED ZEISLOFT " ,, -R ll P' "Duclcic" Avflzlmniv Course A I ' ' fi: CLASS OFFICERS IUNIOR CLASS SOPIIOINIORE CLASS PRESIDENT .,.. . REGINALD HELIINGWAY PRESIDENT . ,. .. IAAIES MUIRHEAD VICE-PRESIDENT . . ...l. DUY HUTCIIISON V1cE-PRESIDENT , , S . .IAIKIES MUIRHEAD SECRETARY ll.. L L MILDRED BANKES SECRETARY . MARJAN TRUMP IFIISTORIAN , ,. , BETTY HAGENEUCH HISTORIAN .,...., S. ...... ARTHUR STAIR CLASS ADVISERS CLASS ADVISERS Miss MAIITIIA JONES, MR. N. A. YEANY Miss M.ARX' SEROCCA, MR. B. DONALD SANDS Thirty-,four Abbott. Pauline Pugh' Dome MEMORABILIA H. Andes, Patriein Antle, Ralph Appleman, lit-verly Arnwine, Allen Ashelniati, XVilliam Aten, Geraldine Baker, Riehard lianlies, Mildred Bauman. Dora Baylor, Kenneth Iieagle, llelen lieishline. Virginia Bennington, Dawn HQ-tterly, John liirtley, Irving Hoinhoy, Pearl lionghter. XVilliain Boyer, James Hrezee, Beatrice Brinton, Gene Ilhwreliylis, liettyl lirnnstetter, Dona Nutr-ra, Samuel Carl, Arlene Vasey, Franves Casey, Margaret lirink, Uliarles , . ' fhantlh-r, Mary .lane Q Cole, Hllcil t'm-w-liiig. Keith Uromis, Helen In-ilerivk, Kathryn llvbliitt, 1'illl'Ulll liiet't'enbacliur. Lois Horsey. Leo llowd, Mildred lirnmm, Mildred linr, Susanne lilly. lVilliani lddwards, Albert l4't-alder, Arlene Feltlnian, Allen l-K-ltlser, Lucille lfogle, Margaret Frey, Marjory lfnllmer, Marian lleasy, Ann tleiser, Carol Gillespie, XVm. Girton, Charleen xiii-ton, Dale Girton, Shirley Graham, NVn1. llreenly, Sylvia Tliirt 14'-five mejor Clam Gross, Jos. . i m' ,mmm - Q - f' Hagenhuch, Betty Hahn, Agnes ilarman, Dorothy llarper, Catherine llemingway, l-legin Hess. Janet Hess, Kenneth lleverly, Rose Higgins, Rita llileman, Marian Ilill. Betty Hilliard, George Hoagland, Wm. lonfer, Mary lorne, Carl rlorne, Charles llousenick. Mary Ilower, Vatrieia llntehison, Duy Johnson. Geo. Kashner, Jean Keyser, Dale Kimmel, Robert Kisth-r. Phyllis Klingerman, John Knittle. Robert Knorr, hlartha Kramer, Louise Krauss, lsrael Ki-nm. Donald In-ihy, Roy lietterman, Jane la-tttrrman, Robert Mat-key, Helen Magill, Frances Mvliridv, Rohr-rt M cDaniels, Lois alcl Mvliride, ldngenc , 15 Gb 1 Q, O Klc'Kelvy, Mary lilchaughlin, Betty Riegel, Jean Riffel, Vvilliam Rhodes, VVm. Robbins, Hilrriet Robbins, Robert Roberts, Miriam lioxnig, James Rubenstein. Grace Ruckle. Albert liunyan, Max liupert, Ray Rutter, Jack Ryan, Dawn liux, James Saints, Tom Svhlaugh, Leonard Scott. Barton Seott. Mary L. Shaffer, lic-tty Shaffer, Raye Shaffer, Helena Shaffer, Max Sharnless, Janet Sharretts, Marjorie Shari-uw, Catherine Shearer, Richard Shelhamer, Zoe Shortess, Anne Snyder, Dorothy Stackhouse, Betty Sterner, Mary Jane Stevens, Arlene Stevens, Stanley Stiner, Evelyn Stout. Doris Stransser, David Strausser, Marjorie Swartz, Bessie Taylor, Ruth Terwilliger, Herman 5Tg'ekel'. June ff Underwood, Arthur Qlialnieiil, Firlmmi 0, Vaiilllg-xfii, Hazel i 1 ill' , 40 121 Via, elgn Miller, Donald 7 1 vfmght, 'William Mitrani, Victor ll jjj-lf' Xvagner, Maxine Mordan, France XValter, Clyde Morris, Waltera 4. Vaters, Mac Morrison, Helen X mf Vvnttg, Jagqugg Mlll't'iS0l1, Rhlth 4 XVeIl9r, Ned Nf'Y112ll'd- Mary W VVhite, Vincent Nfllkill. R21-IDT! W VVintersteen, Bessie NU!-Yent. Edward gf' Vlloocl, Daniel Panlliaisns, Alfi'edq 1'iper, illiam I V Kari :MW THE 1939 3 if N 'I ' '91 .-Xdzuns, Mt-riuni V. II1I4'IlIllKt'I', t'l:1irt- Bt-ll, Iluclnoy IIUIIIIPII. Miltun t'. Iit'l'llIllgk'I', XVilliaim Ili-st, RQIJ1-l't llillig, llunulnl lt, Burns. l':iul llurtun, Mary .lztme Fuftk-y. Daisy IIUIIIIIIIIIHZIS, l'ult-limi QIUIIIIHV, In-sta-r 1'ulinm'. Iiny lmuriilw, Huwairfl t'urr4-ll, .luck qmtm-r, 'l'h1-Ima Vu-xw-lim,:, XVilli:lm t'runin, Vuliiiiu V1-1,5514-y, l'lizirh-s IN'Mntl. Ilulwrt urr. IIHHPEIIIIIII uty, Nulzl I1 lb lllrlwzirrls, Imit- l'Iis0lil1:ilwi', IIZITIII liisvnlmucr, Ruth Illnt, .lzurli lfztux. Hurry II, I-'Q-gli-x. Mum' I'I1'llSll'l1I1lIik'l'. lllrvin I4't'IlSI1'I'Il'l1lIi1'I', Mary I'Il'IIl!l'I1lilll, lim-ily lft-tm'l', Maris- I"ish0r, Holly lfisht-r. lmwll Fisher, lilvan I"I1lIll'I'I5', M:irY 1+'l:nIim-rly, VViuiI'rm-il lfnglv, IQIIIIIVXII l-'rn-vs, Phyllis Il. Fritz, Jay lIIlIIbl'l'1lIII, .IUIHI lizxrlhwziilt-, Surat llirtnn. IIOVOVIB' llwtliuni, Kathryn Groom-, Mary lic-Ilo tlmuiily. Iluytwn Imuisa- Solobomorc Clam IIllIlll, Virginia llurlzt-1, lsatlwlh- Ilurtzvl, .luck Ilurvf-y, Phyllis Ilzluc-k, I:Q'lljllIlIIIl Ilziuvk, Hlnrial llziin-k, Lloyd Iluflluml. Iivytmld Ilviss. Roy S. Ile-lla-r, Imrirl lliggitis, th-rziltlim lliggins, .Im-k Ilimls, XViIlium llnrwitz, .Inm- llnwer, .Iuvk lludtly, Mary IC. lluytt-r, lmrutliy llyalu, XVilliz1m Ike-Il'l', Rulvvrt .Isla-nlxs, tlillrvrt .l1Ilinstm. Myrtle' .Itvm-s, l'ntrir'i:x Karin-s, .luhu Kate-rmzin, Myles Ke-num, I'ZlllI Kimms-I. .luvk Klinv. .Iuvk Knight, .Ia-:tune Krum, Martha Kuster. IIl'l'llHlll L, I is ,aim.:. I"l'1llll".' .uttt-rmaiti, Imrnthv ,Q-tlviwiizlii. .luyvv mng. Glen ,migg Shirlt-y AIilll't'l', .In-:llilic Rlzlrtz, Marie Marist, Iwi- U, Alnustt-llor, Luis Mzlyzlll. Imuis Mm'D:inif-Is, Luis Mvllt-iiry. Charles Mvllmiry. l',ur0t1u Mm-riclv, Kvilh Millard, lmnzxld Millcr. Hubert I I I,it-lilvhwzilm-l', .It-:ill I I Mnrclnn. Alivt- .IL-:ui Mtirtlaui. Murris Musivr, lfrod Moya-r. Mary Doris Muirliesul, .Iunms Nziimus. liuhurt NCIIIIIIIWI, Alim- Nt-uhurtl. llh-I1 NIUIZ, IiHIlt'I'l North. Murjuriu l7IlI, IInl'lnII15' l':ltt1-rsun, Num-y l':iuIliuniais. lmwis Ihmlo-y, Alma Quia-k. Ile-tty Ilznnlm, Arthur In-ia-liaird. .ltihn Ita-niluy. lmrntliy It:-nilvy. ltivliurfl Ili-uningt-r, llzirrismi Iilimlvx, Mz1l'jm'i0 Illlvklv. Iluy Suurls, Mary l':lthvrim- SIl1lffPl', t'zitIim'im1 Shaffer, lluzuiu Shultz, llclvn Shtitt. Rmlmain Slulnig, vlairzi Spaniel, I,IUllilIfI Slmalyth-. Martha Stair, .Xrthiir Stl-pin-ins, 5l:ti'g:trt-l Stvnkvs, lh-tty .Izum- 'I'i-mlt-sm-, Ilnsit- 'I'Imm:is, .XI'II'lIlI' 'I'lminzts, lmmllnl 'l'lwnms, llurry 'I'liunizts, .In-:ln 'l'ri1mp, Mzirizui XIGIIIIIHFII, .lzlnu-s V1-Ivy, .Izumi-t XV:1r1I, lh-tty Wtrlliror, .IIIIIII XX'Iiitvnip:hl. llvtty XYIiitm-xiiglit. lit-x'Q1'l5' XYillis. .luck Thirly-si.u ACTIVITIES 1 45 l QI i ' fl N. A it i l,:Q1l lu lfigflll: .l, Hint-lily. M. Iintlt-ig H. tlialarna:-1. ll. l'1i'xx'iiw. M. XYliitt-, ld. 'l'hoin:tx. li. Kater- nian. H. I'attt-rson, li, Ktistt-V. Nr:-will row: I'. lloinlioy, U, Kyle. M, lbillon. li. ll'titt-liiiigs. ll. Faust. V. Stair. M. Sm-t-r. IG. Iiowt-i', M. llaas. S. tlilni--in-, S. .Xpivle-toni K. Vziliiplu-ll. 'l'hir4l Voir: A, Sliortt-ss. M. Strauss:-V. I". lSi'nnnt-i'. V. llitlloniun, ll. lvavis, XY. Hrm-i', ll, Zanz- ingt-i', M. Km-lly. .l, NVQ-inn-t', S. I-Iustninn, M, tlirton. .l. nhl. V. lnZlllll'l'lll1lll. A. Ktislt-It cJVIem0mbiliaz., Surf The production of the Nlemorahilia lor 11359 was in charge of two groups, the Business Staff, Lll1ClCI' the direction ol' Mr. Harold Miller, and the Literary Staff, under the direction of Miss Cleora Mcliinstry. The production staff was chosen through recommendations made hy Miss Cleora Mcliinstry, Mr. C. Patterson and Mr. Harold Miller. The staff elected the following officers: james Ureenly, editor-in-chiefg Marion Rutter, associate editor and lletty Gialamas, business manager. The assignments were given hy the editor-in-chief to the members of the Literary Staff, thus enabling each mem- ber to submit an article for publication. A subscription campaign worked out hy Mrs. Harriet Kline, in the form of an English project, was carried on within the school. A number of students who were selected for their ability as salesmen condticted a competitive contest in the homerooms of underclassmen. This was designed to stimulate interest in the hook. The Memorabilia of logo is "different", The memhers of the staff sincerely hope that you will like their production. Thirty-viylzl THE 19 3 , jf' ff .ff V M 'lil SCJ " w Imfl to lfiylhri Bl. Ntutseiiit-li, V. Sllilffvl' J. l3iI'v--wie, ti lsidlvman. VV. Urner. IC. lh-ller, D, Krum J. Hr-yeli Nu-mul Ifoir: V. Mitrani. XXI. Nt-yliard, M. North, M. Iiipm-iisttzvl, M. Sttxxiiser, U. Kyle, M. Rhodes. S. Ilarthwaitt-. J. XV4-llive-1' 13. Faust. 'l'lii1'rl lrozr: Mr. 1.1-ttt-1-man, Il. lltiteliiiigs. M. Ti!lI'lif'S. .l. Miiirlwad. INT. t'hanrlIe-r. F. Harper. L. Feltlser, Y. Snelling. D. Zztnzini.:ei'. M. Kelly. M. Rutter M. T'nderwood, M, Drum. TE. Bower, T. Styer, A. Sltorit-rss. IL ll2lf.C'0lllDlll'l!. J. Sliztrplt-ss. Ifuirrlli lt'ou': V. lit-islilim-, IC, Krum. H, lit-tlermatn. l!. Kuster, Il. Davis, Z. Slielliamer. F. Cztsey. J. XN't-nnm'. S. Gilmore. 737655 Club During the year lljgs-IQKQQ, the Press Club made excellent progress under the supervision of Mr. Letterman, faculty adviser, and Mr. Brown, financial adviser. Hob Hutchings proved himself an efficient editor and Mary K. Housenick an able assistant. Each person was required to play an active part in the club and have assignments in on time and properly written. The club held its meetings weekly, and at this time planned the next edition and made any suggestions possible. l Of the club's outstanding social events. the trip to Lehigh University was the most beneficial. The idea of the trip was to enlarge the members' knowledge of journalism. and give ideas for individual papers. The Quill and Scroll is the honorary society of the Press Club and member- ship in it is not easily obtained. The qualifications for Quill and Scroll are as follows: 1. Candidate must be a senior. 2. Must be in upper third of his or her class. ig. Must have done superior work in club. 4. Must be recommended by the faculty adviser. 3. Must be approved by national secretary-treasurer. The present members who qualified for Quill and Scroll are: Clark liidleman loe Gillespie Iune Wenner Sally Gilmore Mary Kelly Dorothy Zanzinger Marion Rutter 'l'liii-ty-nine rg Ni 1 1. 'X 'S' . - W x l K J Xiu? A. - ri 'JJ Iilfm i J i T H E 3 1423 ak, 'F A - X - ui sf lx . X 4 it lffyi ,Lif- 'MW wa-MK' Wt Tramatic Club Thi- lilwirrriisluilmz Iligh Svlmnl lililllllllil' Vinh, nnrlt-1' tht- wlil'c-vtimi of Mrs. Klnie, has always bt-en an nrgallizatimni that has had a with-sprt-asl intl-rt-st among thu stumlt-nts, and this was Q-spvvially so :luring tht- past yt-ar. NV+- li-lim-vv that tha- fini- progranis that wx-rv pruviilt-cl at oavh mum-ting was nm- nf thc vans:-s fm' that intt-rust. Thi- fav! that tht- vlnh was gin-n tha- usa- ul' the- antliturinnu nn 'Flinrsmlay aftm-rnnmiis, uf 4-n1ii's1-, ln-lpn-tl vuiisirh-i'almly to make tht- lll'tlg'l'l1IllS a success. Tho prngranis tuuli any of a nnniln-i' of t'ui'ms-a qui-stinn ht-0, a l't'uf0ssm- Quiz Pruitt-st, a pantnmimr-, a ralliu si-ript lvruatlt-ast, a talule-an fn-alnro, a play. a varit-ty prugrani, an ama- tt-tn' huur, and sumutinles guest entertainers. Hmm- nf thu- outstanding um--avt plays nl' tht- yn-ar ws-rv "Alix-le Blau- 1lnwn"g "Sanr'0 for thu tluslingsu: "lMn't 'l'c-Il a Snnlng "ll:-tty lie-liavt-"1 "Tito Uhristmas Rust-"3 "Snsan's llat Shop", "Miss llnrnt-tt I'nts Ont- Uvu1"': "A VVm'tl Alli4'l'6'Hl and " A Twist ut' tht- vVl'iSl". Tho uffivl-rs nt' tht- 4-lnlr this ya-ai' wt-i'e- the- fnlluwing people: l't't-sident, lloh Mvtlzuiallg Vivo l'i1-sidt-nt, Marjnriu I"i'1-yg and S01-re-tary, Mary lmnisc Svutt. Thi- Arlvisnry lluard was vt-ry at-tiw and was 1-miipasl-tl uf Bull llutt-liings, t'hairmang Marjnrio Strziust-r. Mary Haus, Anne- Slinrtt-ss, and Marty VVhite. AN ull'l'IiINl-I UF 'l'Hl'I l'lTlil'0Sl-IS ANU At"I'lVITll'1SUl" 'l'lll-I IPIQAMATIQ' t'l.l'l3: 1. lilumnslnirpg lligh Ss-luml llramatit- Uluh pruvialvs an uppnrtunity tu inspuvt pnssihli- niatt-rial fur svlinal plays. 2. ll irlwwillt-s stud:-nts tn du "hai-k stagt-" wurk. Zi. Young pt-nplv nut strung 1-nwingli In makt- tht- "hip: plays" nt' the- yt-ar haw- a vlianvc- tu ilu wnrk in minur "skits" 4. Young pt-uplv gt-t loc-linlqnv which tlwy get nnvvlicrt- else- in sc-lmul. 'l'h't- vlnh is rlividc-tl intu small grnnps with a 1'il1Lil'YllllIl tm' t-at-h group. These gruups with the spoxism' plan and pi't-pare tha- prugranis fm' each mel-ting. ll. 'l'his c-lnlv rlz-va-lnps a spirit uf avtivt- anal intelligt-nt inte-rt-st in dramatics among.: uni' high svlimvl huys and girls, T. This 1-lnh assists tht- :lin-t-lm' and spnnsm' in tht- st-lt-vtimi and pn-sm-ntatimi of wnrth- whih- pl:t'S's, anil 4-mlm-avnrs in facilitate: many ui' the 1ll'llili0l11S t'unm-vted with rt-ln-arsals and general stage work. H. Tin- aims nt' tht- yllllllll pe-wplv uf this vlnh stand fm' only the liigrht-st itll-als anrl the- higlwst sit-p:i'e-v ut' pt-i'I'm-vtinii in amatt-ui' dramativs. Forty ,I .t' 1 1 If ' I I xrxxx I ' ., ,. lu' M 1C5I'? V IIJA P I ,' xy ' I U - I - I if lwll In Ix'iy1Ixl: V, lllxllx-xxxzxxx. .l, I"x'x-4-xxxxxxx, Sl, l4'x'x-X. ll. Small. Al, Slxwxxxsx-V, II. Kzxlx-x'xxx:xxx. AI. 'l'Ixx- Iirzxxxxaxlxx- x'lxxlx xxx' lllx Kaxlxrxxxxxxxxx. Nxxlxxxxxl xnxx-' 'I' ix-Ixm-xxlx-x' Xlrs, Il, lilimx, l'. I,:xxxlx-x'xxx:xxx, IL. Iixxsxx-x', Al, In-Ily, .I, Mzxgx-x-. Al. XYIxi1x-. Il. Ilxxlx'lxlxxplr4. ll. Klxxxxxxx-I. 'I'lxix'xl ruff: II. Ilxxrxxs. W, llx'xxx-x'. Il, Alx'li:xx'x':xIx, ll. Ilrixxtxxxx. .X, Slxxxrlx-ss, M. Ilzxzxs, Al. Ilxxxxsx., xxivk, W. Ilxxllvr. 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This club was organized seven years ago by its present sponsor, Mr. Fisher. Included in the activities of the Stage Crew are the supervision of lighting and sound effects, the construction and setting of scenery for all dramatic productions, amateur and professional, assisting with the assembly programs, and decoration and lighting of the gym for dances. The club, although it has no officers, functions very hartnoniously for the different committees know their work and do it. This year, as in previous years, the club, in conjunction with members of the advanced art classes, staged a puppet show, "The Pied Piper of Hamlin Town." All of the work on construction, costuming, and manipulation of puppets, scenery and script was done by the students. The crew and art classes brought to the school "Rufus Rose and His World's Fair Puppets" who presented "Treasure Island" and "Pinocchio". After looking over the stage of Rufus Rose, the crew built a new stage for the school. The club rendered invaluable assistance to those in charge of the dramatic offerings of the year. With the crew's help many technical difficulties were over- come. and the plays were aided considerably by the outstanding scenery and off- stage effects produced. Since the membership in this organization is not large the cltib probably spends more hours per member in helping the school in its activities than any other club. Forty-two . V x . vp, 1 . f, W rl ff' ,W il 4 l ' f" rl" .1 fin' ' MFL N MEMQRABHJA t.,,"fg riff' if ' I VJ f l.4.65' i I IA ft' . . fb, fl KO. V, ,gf V Af M Lvl! In Ifiyllllz M. Ivillon, li. lIt1teliiin:s, ii, XVanir-li. M. Ilutter, U, lsimllm-inan, lc, Inu-is, pq, H,.i1,.,-, VV. iinllireaili. .l. Kustor. Nu-will Irorrz .l. lin-t-lily, ll. Mt-llarrnli. M. Haas, I". lla-ss. M. Siu-er. lil. Howl-V, M. llankes, lx. IN-ltr-t'1i'li. ll, l.t-ltr-rniain, M. l'ml4-rwoorl, S. Hitstinatii. J, Sh:lffel'. Third Hair: W, Orner. li. lLap.g'eiilnn'li. A. Sliortess, l'. llarper, S. Appleton, Y, Snelling, ll. l'roniis, .l, lit-tit-rinatn. I. Krauss, Iv. Ilrunstt-tlet'. Senior Naiional Honor Soriezjf Membership in the Senior National Honor Society is one of the highest aca- rlemic distinctions a stuclent can receive. The chief purpose of the organization is to encourage higher scholastic Sl1lllClLlI'ilS among high school stuclents. lts membership is limitecl to the Lipper tgfl of the senior class anal the upper 5'J of the junior class. To determine who are to receive this honor, scholarship, citizenship, service, character, anal participation in extra-curricular activities are consiclerecl. Mrs. Harriet H. Kline, Mr. I. Wesley Knorr, ancl Mr. Claire Patterson, comprisetl the faculty committee who capably performetl the clifficult task of se- lecting the 22 seniors and o juniors. At the organization meeting in the spring, the following officers were elected: President, Marion Rutterg Vice-Presiclent. Glen Wanichg Secretary, Ruby Davis. The initiation ceremony was helcl in the auclitorium on the afternoon of May ggi. at which time the officers of the club explainecl the principles of the society. Mr. Patterson, who very ably actetl as faculty atlviser to the group, then presentecl the cancliclates with membership cartls. Ruby Davis, Clark llitlleman ancl lilwootl Heller were the three members of the society who were selectecl to represent the society at the commencement exercises. Forly-tIr1'c'0 ,, , fir 1 tl , t t, ik t gm THE: it-go , I tit at . . f- ' ' Imfl Io lfijlllff .l. Ilattzt-ll. li. Haus. XV. ttrnt-i', lt. li1't'l'lllX, Mr. XV:ip:in-i'. I., I-'ortnf-r. N. lloinan, t'. llitl!t-nian. ll. IH-Mott. Simtvliuylz lt. Millartl, Ii. ltealott. It. Ili-Hor, XY. Ilintls. XY. llytlt-. I-I. Ili-llt-t'. ll. Iloinltfy, M. Mortlan, ti. .lat-obs. Hi-Y Club The Hi-Y Club is a branch of the Young Men's Christian .Xssociation in high schools. Its purpose is to create, maintain, and extentl high stanclartls ol- Christian character throughout the school antl community. The planks ol' the Hi-Y platform are: Clean Speech, Clean Sports, Clean Habits. antl Clean Scholarship. Shortly alter school openetl, the oltl members of the liloomsburg Hi-Y met and electecl officers lor the year: Presitlent. Hill Orner: Vice-Presitlent, Robert Haas: Secretary-Treasurer. Dayton Greenlyq ancl Chaplain, Leslie Fortner. With- in a liew weeks seven new members hatl been initiatetl. They were formally ae- ceptecl as metnbers at ati impressive antl clignifietl induction ceremony. A con- stitution was clrawri up which outlines the manner in which the club was to be conducted. The Hi-Y undertook many activities within its own organization as well as for the school. Twelve of the members enrollecl in the State llible Stutly Contest. For eight weeks they stutlietl material on "Seven Steps Towartl Christian Maturity" -the subject of this year's contest. The purpose ol' the contests is to tlevelop character by stutlying the life oli the Great Teacher. "l"eetls" antl trips to the "Y" swimming pool at Berwick were characteristic ol' the social activities ol' the club. The Hi-Y anal the Personnel Club playecl a basketball game which was the first of many contests antl associations between the two clubs. liach year the Hi-Y sponsors a clance for the Memorabilia lfuntl. This year it was a successful St. l'atrick's Day Rountl anal Square Dance. .Xs another of its service for the school it cleliveretl the school's Christmas baskets. The Hi-Y was untlcr the capable clirection of Mr. NVagner this year. His leadership was responsible, to a great extent, lor the successful functioning of the organization. His interest in the club ancl his willing service to it matle the Hi-Y activities of great value to the intlivitlual members. FU rt y-fo ur MEMORABILIA .nk Qu' "fixif AE 9752 mm' Our hand was definitely one of the most active organizations of the school this year. With an increased memhership of sixty, the group has enjoyed manv engagements. 'l'hrough the efforts of the newly organized Band Mother's Auxiliary, a fund was raised which made possihle the purchase of the attractive new hats, and ad- ditional capes. Snappy drilling. hrilliant color. and great enthusiasm were supplied hy the hand at our foothall games, both away and at home. The liloomshurg Halloween Parade, as well as the Catawissa Parade, found our hand a distinct attraction. On Novemher ti, the hand helped the American Legion in conducting its services for Armistice Day. ln Decemher, the hand presented a concert at the college. March to was the climaxing event ol' the activities of the hand when its Third Annual Concert was held. Mr. li. l. Allison, professor of instrumental music at Susque- hanna Univcrsity was guest conductor. Several memhers ol' the hand competed in the l'ennsvlvania Music and Forensic League during the past year. Two very impressive exchange concerts were played hy the hand at Shamoliin High School on March ll, and at the llloomshurg State Teachers College on March 27. Ott May lo, the hand presented an exhihition in drilling at the Susquehanna Festival. Altogether. this proved to he a highly successful season for Mr. Kurtz and his hand. Iforl y-ji cc l s XY s Q' F1 ' 1 x Ex , l' 1 - " .AJ lllllmll' ,, ' 7' ' xl ,l ' THE i-x wa "J"'Ylll 4' V rn' i mt 1 ..umi"- K' e ,Q .W at , Q-ji Jfvf tif X! ,P F V X Jvbi 1 X U k, ve U9 I.f!l lu lfiylil: lil, Vols-, I'. tiuthrii-, ll, l'i'oniis. H, lliailanizus, It. Z:iiizinp.:t-ix .l. Knster, I', Vnninntzis. 1', Shat'I't-t'. l', Flatt. Nwrnaaal Noir: Mr. 5. XX. knrtz. Xl. liarlzf-I. 4', llIll'lit'l', R, la-iliy Il. I"t-Itlnrin. .I. Ilrnlisl. IC. ilelli-V, ll. Ki'o:tnnei'. A. Woodi'inp:. K. .Xvtlt-y. A, ling:-i', K. Aski-w. 'l'1tir:l Ii'uu': fl, XY:tnit'h. ll, Kinnni-I, A, l"4-Imllnan. .l. Kimmel, U. I.yli-, It. Ili-lli-i', II. Knsti-V, H. Dit-t't'enImaehei'. QE? Orchestra., Urganized and directed hy Mr. Samuel Kurtz of the faculty. our high school orchestra has furnished a musical setting for the school plays. Beginning with only nine people, flour violins, one piano. one flute, one trumpet, one drum, and one tromhonel. the orchestra now consists of some forty members, ftwenty-two violins, one saxaphone, four trumpets, four clarinets, one hanioe, two tromlnones. haritone, drum, tympani, bass, and pianoj. Many new orchestral compositions have heen selected to add color and pleasure to our local school entertainments. Some of the functions in which the orchestra has participated are the All- School Play and the Senior Class Play. The orchestra also participated in Open House, May ii and iz, in the high school. Forty-six Mzmofvxuiem .i"HEk'x ' 7 gbvfl 491 l.1'll Io Ifiylil: II. Matvlwy. IP. lA'llA'l'lll1llI, M. Kelly. S. I'Izustm:1n, l'. Kyle. 1'. llurin-l', II. lirinlou. l. Ilzurtzel, t'. Sh:ut'l't-V, I'. Uoiiitllitxisa, ll. XYil'l, A, l'ul11lllllZiS. Suomi lion" M11 Kurtz. Al. l'ntlt-Vwootl. M. Iloust-iiiek. A. Shortt-ss, li. 'Puyloi-, S. Lonpr, H. tlinlaxmns, H. Il5ssong', H. lIuWt'l', I. Styt-i'. A. Sta-vt-its. M. I-'lztln-rty ll Nelson, .l. llit'h:ll'iis. 'f'llil'll Noir: I-I. lfishm-r. li. livnuiuston, ll. lI:ig:t-nlnwli, M. Ililloii, N. I':ittei'soi1. IT H2ll'l1lllf.Yl'l', IP. Wiiizliigt-i'. IE. Iixitt-riiixtu. I.. lfl'2lIIlt'l'. ll. Kiww-i'. Nl. Speer. M. litirton, M. lst'llSlt'I'llllllU.'l'. ll. Wzlrml. 'I'. Ht-hm-itlt-r. Girlf' Glec Club Under the tlireetion of Mr. Kurtz. the Glee Cluh enioyecl at very husy season. The girls met with Mr. Kurtz every Monday night Lifter school, and learned many new songs. The purpose ol' the Ulee Cluh ol' this year was the satme us than ol' the eluhs ol' other years, to te.1eh young people to enjoy singing gtncl to gippreeigite music Oli .i high type. . . , , - . . . In IIS work this ytxtr. the Cilee Lluh hits upheltl the line reput.ttion which hats .ilxxxtvs heen llitltbIllSl3lII'glS in reggtrcl to musietil aietivities. l"o1'ly-svreu ,MW s. rl Q ,lv KW, y THE 1939 r -l 1 . Srurrfl: I'. Nelson. B. Gialarnas A. Shortess. M. Dillon, B. Ku:-zter, M. Fenste-maker. t Sluudinyz Mr. Kurtz, P. I-larver. li. Rrinton, R. Kateiman, IJ. Zanzinger, IC. llyss mg, M. Speer, C. Bat-himzcr, R. Taylor, N. l'attm'soi1, M. Houseniek, M. Burton. Jl4azc7D0we!! Club The organization is named in honor of Edward MacDowell, the first of the early American composers. The theme song of the club is "To a Wild Rose", one of Edward MacDowell's most loved compositions. The MacDowell Club delighted members of the Methodist Church, present- ing a series of well-known Christmas Carols. It also sang at the Kiwanis Club and the Rotary Club. The club provided the music for Baccalaureate and Com- mencement, and sang in the exercises for Class Day. The MacDowell Club entered the Forensic League Contest for the second time since its organization. The district competition, in which the club took first place, was held at Wilkes-Barre and the state competition at Norristown. The MacDowell Club is composed of sixteen of the outstanding voices from the Glee Club. The group is divided into four groups, first and second soprano, and first and second alto. Each group consists of four girls, namely: first soprano, Mary Lou Dillon, Claire Bachinger, lean Brinton, and Betty Kusterg second so- prano, Katherine Harper, Anne Shortess. Betty Kateman, and Mary Katherine Housenickg first alto, Patsy Nelson, Betty Gialamas, Mary Lou Fenstermaker, and Evelyn Hyssongg second alto, Ruth Taylor, Dorothy Zanzinger, Mary lane Burton, and Marjorie Speer. The officers of the club are as follows: President Mary Lou Dillon Director S. W. Kurtz Secretary- Librarian . Anne Shortess Pianist . Nancy Patterson Forty-eight 1 a . ,.1' f'f' .4' 1 V 'll p, .ff 1,1 ci N... I 1 1- If, 'Af 4, 4' . if C- I ,IIN '- J 'bl fl QA 5 plc tl.. tvs Q 9 MEMORABILIA G35 ,firm ' A fist-Q CUC gl 1 Commercial Club Since the Commercial Department was reorganized in M953 to give students special training for entering the husinees world, it has increased steadily in nttmhers and ahility. Students desiring to enter the department m ty choose to follow the secretarial, the hooklaet-ping. or the clerical cottrse. The secretarial cottrse trains students for a secretarial or stenographic position, and the hooltlteeping course offers a wider field of instruction, taking into consideration clerical office practice, hooltlteeping, httsi- ness mathematics, and httsiness English. This year the department has secured sixteen new typcwriters. Filing equip- ment has heen purchased for the ttse in the secretarial office practice course. The department has set its own standards of accomplishment for each of the three years of commercial work. All students are required to reach the e standards hefore they tnay continue in this field. The fine system of cooperation hetween the department and local httsiness con- cerns has made it possihle to place many of the graduates in h.'siness p isitions in spite of unfayorahle employment conditions. During the past few years the department has entered local contests at the liloomshttrg State Teachers College and the contests sponsored hy the l'ennsylvania Business liducators' .Xssociation. The contestants have always ranl1ed high in comparison to the larger and hetter equipped schools entered. liecattse ol' the fact tltat the money needed for awards attd contest expenses was drawing rather heavily upon school funds. the department decided to make its own tnoney. lfor this purpose, the Commercial Program was oritiinated. This U vear the Second .Xnnual Commercial Program was held in th: form of a variety show. Musical nttmhers were presented during the intervals hetween scenes. An effort was made to give the people of the town an idea of the type of worlc heing done lw the students of the Commercial Department. The department consists of the following teachers: Mr. Knorr, Mr. Yeany, Mr. lirown. Mr. Shtttt, and Mrs. Kline. Much credit is due them for their patient work. l"o1'1y-Niue 1,-JQS Luv1rCT2t- ofgnr-'vve ,', s -slu'72r-'cf it fi - U ,A Lrjl. ln lfiyhl: lf. lkrunner, .l. tlreenly, K. Ht-ztglt-, N. Ilnnmn, H. Zuislnft. I'. Yt-nity, ll. Blvtluiwwth. Suv-ninlz NIV, BIiHtw: 1'. iNlu!rvxvs, IC, lle4ler. Il. ti11w'nlp' il IIH'4qliH1Hl. I.. 1'h4nvuts. t'. Sztvztgeu 1Vrhwl lfnie 1 lt. Dltuliin, ti. Jztetdms. Nl. linttw'nini1, IL Sm4ihttlulL XNQ hWiglv, t', ltnlnluty. mowed Club The Personnel Ciuh wits fountiecl in IQZS hy Mr. Ross CS. Iiistler, liurmtr faculty member, for the purpose of rendering service tu the school. Membership may not exeeetl twenty-five hoys, and new members must he unanimously eiecteti hy the memhers of the eluh, with the ttppruvztl ul' the litteulty. These members must suhmit to Ll severe initiation het-ore they are tllhliii-iCKi to serve in the eluh. This yeatr Mr. Hgtrolti Miller ttntl Mr. Lawrence Campbell were the tttivisers, ttncl the utiliieem were Presitlent, Bob Meihtrrgthg Secretary, Ittmes Greenh. The honor of membership was nn gttleqttttte return for the service rentieretl hy the members. During the past year, they haul charge ut' the stile ut' tickets att hnskethnll g.unes, sptmmretl the Hztifrmeeit Uatnee, Anti ushered att tthuust every entertainment given hy the high sehuuf. This, tts in former years, the eluh prerenteti tl trtvphy tu the winner of the inter-class tournament. Fifty ,N ' T H E t 4 1 fb A J ATHLETICS A H ,F 43, V l -' 'vt ' ll' WMI' of i T '5 ,ill ii im" SYS. Sruiffl: II Ili-niiiigwvaiy, t'. Sorlit-ig, S. Him-i':i. ll. Haus. lil, Num-nt. ll. ln-ilmy, ll, Shi-art-r, Nlumliuylj Mr. lit-oi'p:v Mortlatii, M12 I-'rzlnk tiiilili-V. Il, Hllll'lll?4IllI, XY, flatlliiwztllt. ll. Zvislofl, li. 'l'honi:ts, t', Iloililioy. Alix IN-ti-1' XYisln-V. Narrow! V-fihlerio Honor Socieq 'l'hc ancicnt Clrcclt maxim, "a sotintl mintl in a sonntl hotly", may well hc con- sitlcrctl ilic lnotintlation ol thc- National ,Xlhlctic Honor Society. 'lihc mctnhcrs ol this orvanization arc choscn cacli vcar liroin thc 'unior antl scnior classcs. To P 4 qualify, a hoy intisl liavt- tlonc outstanding work on one ol thc school's athlctic tciims, antl hc tntist hc ahovc thc avcragc in his scholastic stantling. VVhcn wc thinla ol- the hartl worla antl thc otitstantling acctimplishmcnts o our 11,58-.gtg athlctic tcams, wc rcalizc that thc mcmhcrs ol' thosc tcams clcscrvc a grcgit tlcal ol crctlit lor thcir worla. Those who arc willing antl almlc Io protlticc goocl scholastc work, in atlclition to their athlctics, tlcscrvc cvcn morc crctlit. Thcsc hoys have niatlc grcat sacriliiccs lor thcir school. Thcy havc givcn lircc ly ol thcn' timc, cncrgy, anti ahilitics to hclp niaintain thc high stantlartls ol thc school along lmotli athlctic antl scholastic lincs. 'l'hcir cliloris antl .icctiinplislimcn'1. have hccn priiportionatcly grcat, antl the school wishcs to cxprcss its apprcciatitin to them for their scrviccs. l"iflg,'-I iru L lvl! 1. ll' MEMORABILIA Q f -. tif' 1:21546 Bam!-7-7 I fijfifvil -.C. fvvipijilfi Svulwlz S. Htilera, J. Watts, C. Sorlrer, J. Higgins, J. Rutter, .l. Reilly. lf. Breiseli, ll. Sti'a.ussei', P Ht ' ' W I" r .. -mingway, . uve. Slrlndingz Manager Hinds, U. Andrew:-i, VV. lioniig. VV. Graliani. ll. llirton. J. Muii'liea.d. F. Moser, 1-l. Z1-isloft, V. VVliitv, lt. lit-st. XV. liiffle. 1938 Vdffilfjl Football The football team under the excellent direction of Coach "Hap" Mordan and Assistant Coach Ray Schell, made a record of which the students of Bloomsburg High School should be proud. The team, although not always the victor, offered stiff competition to all its rivals. The boys showed marked improvement toward the end of the season. Throughout the season every member of the entire squad gave his best, both in practice and in actual play, and when the final whistle blew each one of the eleven felt that he had given all in spite of victory or defeat. Coach Mordan had ample reason to be proud of his team's playing and the conduct they displayed. Many of the boys on the team were playing their first game of football for the high school. The only veterans on the team were Harry Snyder, lack Higgins, and lack Reilly. The boys made a fine showing under the capable leadership of Harry Snyder, Captain. The scores were as follows: Sept. 24 QHomej Bloomsburg o Montoursville 6 Oct. I5 QHomej Bloomsburg 7 .... Selinsgrove 6 Oct. 22 QAwayj Bloomsburg I4 .. . , Hazel Township 6 Oct. 29 QAwayj Bloomsburg o .. . Iersey Shore 37 Nov. 5 fHomel Bloomsburg o Blythe Township I2 Nov. I9 CHomej Bloomsburg ig, . .. Shickshinny 7 The Danville game was postponed, because of a severe snowstorm. Fifty-three 25? 1 '54 f 1 I r, t THE I9 nallllSnl-- l,4-H In lfiyhl: ll. VVhite, l'. Kemp. M. Bennett. F. Horne. VV. Miller. NY. Sternr-r, J. Adams, VV. Hoagland, P. Horne, H. Lore-man, l'. Ne-vil. R. Nietz. Sfuurlinyz lb. Snyrlt-V, J. ilirton, H. Swisher, If. XVood, I.. Must-r. L. Hztuvk, I.. l'mmm', .l. Shaffer, K. Merit-It-. H. 'l't-rwilliger, H, Hahn. mejor Vmaizjf Football The Bloomsburg High School Iayvee Football Team of 1938 was more active than our iayvee football teams have been for several years. Mr. Schell coached the team and developed a combination which was a credit to the school. The boys played four games. The season opened October 7 when the team met the Milton Iayvees on the home field. The game, which was well attended, resulted in a victory of 7-o for the visitors. On October 22 the team played Dan- ville, here. Our boys played a good game but were defeated Q-6. The next game was played at Milton on October 28. There was more scoring in this game but liloomsburg was beaten again, having the weak end of a :zo-9 score. The season came to a close with an encounter with the Danville Iayvees at Danville. Neither team was able to score and the game ended in a scoreless tie, oo Toward the end of the season lack Shaffer unfortunately fractured his leg. As a result of the activity of this year's Iayvees, the Varsity of next year will have the services of a greater number of experienced players. Fifty-lou 1' MEMORABILIA V 1 l f ., mlm, - l . ' Svrttczlz R. Haas, .l. Reilly, W. Rhodes, li. Ireilmy, JC. Nugent. Slmirliuys Coach Golder, R. Slit-an-i', H. Snyder, D. Hutchison, C. Bomboy, Manager Learn. Varsity 'Bpzskeibazll The 1938-39 Panther combination enjoyed a very successful season, capturing the first place in the Susquehanna League for the second time in succession. The team had an excellent record. lt did not lose a single game on its home court during the entire season. Games were lost to Nuremburg and Hazleton in pre- season contests. Berwick was defeated here, but the Bulldogs in turn overcame the Panthers on their home court. Shamokin was defeated at Bloomsburg, but Blooms- burg was defeated at Shamokin. Only one league game was lost, that with Lewis- burg on Lewisburg's home court. ln the District 4 P.I.A.A. Eliminations, William- sport defeated us in the semifinals. Our team entered the Williamsport game with an inferiority complex which they were unable to overcome until the second quarter. Then it was too late, for a third quarter rally was overshadowed by the number of personal fouls called on our men, and the game ended, 37-32, in favor of William- sport. The early Nuremburg defeat was avenged when the Panthers defeated the Nuremburg lads to the tune of 72-35. At the end of the season, lack Reilly was honored by members of the team by being elected honorary captain. It should not be overlooked that there was no regular starting lineup. All the players on the team possessed about an equal amount of skill, so that Coach Golder was able to use two different teams in the same game without fear of losing be- cause of errors made by substitutes. Our hats are off to Coach Golder for pro- ducing such an excellent team, and to the boys who played so well for Blooms- burg High. Fifty-five THE I9 .eil Q r il Milli '-IW Mt ' l t'- Swufrrlz A. Rambo, XV. Shaffer. Il. Snyflt-V, .l. Admits, lt. I.ettt-rmatn. lt. Ili-minpzwzty, Nmnvliuy: t'oztt'li Holdt-l', I. Krauss, IJ. firot-nly, .l. XX'illis. ll. Uoonilw, I.. lbollnmn, XY. Hinds. J. Vit-ts. ll. Ihtpvrt, A12lIHlLfl'I' Svlilztugrh. zmioff Varsity mkeibvzl! The junior V1lFSlly,L111ClCf the capable guidance of Coach Frank Goltler, made an excellent showing in the 1958-go basketball season. Throughout the sea- son, they showecl fine interest and enthusiasm. What they lacked in height antl experience, they made up in plenty of pluck. The spiritecl Iayvees emergetl from the tilts taking thirtl place in the Susque- hanna Iayvee League. Their staunch determination brought them through the fast-moving tilts very neatly. They finally wountl-up the season with an excellent recortl, having triumphecl in nine out of the total fourteen league games playetl. Many of the layvees are memhers of the sophomore class. Most of their Varsity hrothers are seniors: thus many of the Iayvees will he stepping in to fill the key positions for the Panthers of next year. Fifty-sis: ,Loft 'MU' o"u,Wc,fX f XLFMI MEMoi2Autei,x , A TQ, me ..U,' "lx K Qgzzxfl Inj! lu lfiyfltl: M. Miller, M. Joltnsoti, IC. 1l1ti'llixx'nite, .l. vX'L'IlllL'l'. .l. Hess, and ll. l'It'wine. b661"!66ZCl67f5 T - I5 - fl - IW! Raft teunzf 'I' - E - A - M! Rah team! T - E - A - All Rah lecznzl The clieerlettders elected lor the yenr togh-.go liatitlifully carried out the responsi- hility given them with their election. They toole charge ol' the "pep" meetings :ind led the cheers tit lxtslaethgill and loothnll games. Memhers of the l'.icLilty selected them to serve through both the httskethull and loothnll settsons. A hetid eheerlender wits not selected. The girls selected were: lime NVenner. liernice lflrwine. Itmet Hess. Myrtle Iohnson, lillen Garth- wnite. nnd Mttrilyn Miller. Peppy tind gilert, with megnpliones, white swenters, lnrge red "lS's", :ind red corduroy divided slairts ptirchtised for them this yetir hy the school, they halve won at cheer lor themselves ttnd it plttce ol' honor in the school's recordings. 'l'heii' spirit. service, nnd loynlty to the foothnll amd hnslaethnll tenms att home und ttwny games httve ndded to the ,glory ol' the old Red and White. 1-' ren Y fe QI. , p THE 1939 naulllilrvlv- Imjt lo Right: C. Slnbig, 11. Htiytc-V, J. Dawson F. Volk. Iv. Fegley, Ii. Vowlus, M. Iiangr. Svrwzrl Ii'ou': M. Dillon, B. Urevelfng, F. Savage, IJ. Hyre-rn, I,. Thomas, I'. Burns, C. Andrews. Third lfoivz Miss Dildine, .1. Letterman, H. Cox, N. Cannon, li. lf!'Hil'11t'l'. I". Ent, ll. Billig, L. VVarf1, Mr. VVishei'. Foiirth Row: li. Hedland, D. Kahler, K. Creve-ling, J. Dawson, A. Eyre-in, J. Kerr. nys' Gym Team., The Bloomshurg High School Boys' Gym Team, winner of the District Four Championship for three consecutive years, came through again this year with a fourth victory. Mr. Wisher's boys, who placed third in the State Championship Meet last year, emerged in second place this year. Out of the twenty-eight teams that competed, Pottsville was the only team in the state that was placed above Bloomsburg. Dick Byrem, the captain of the team, Lester Thomas, and Dick Savage are three seniors whose loss will he keenly felt next year. The younger hoys, how- ever, are coming along very nicely, and we feel sure they will "carry on". The Annual Gym Demonstration, held on April zo, and April 21, was another huge success. Capacity crowds witnessed hoth performances. Girls' Gym Team., The Girls' G m Team made some excellent erformances this ear. The a - Y P Y Y P peared in the Annual Gym Demonstration and pleased the audiences with dances, free-hand drills, and many other routines. Miss Dildine, who took Miss Whitei1igl1l's place at the beginning of the school year, worked hard with the girls, and the excellent results of her efforts could be seen in the fine team she developed. Fifty-cigllt l 1 - . . ,.... l 'ig X MEMORABILIA 1 - ..:.4f"ii5' 1 i 4 hell lo Ifiyltrt ti. Vox. l'. Zettlt-s, ll. lit-itrie, V. Stelrlioiis, F. Iirzty. H. Powlus. tl. llowi-i'. Nrroiirl Ii'ou': M. lltitter, M. 'l't'l'XYilliHl'l', ti. Aten. t'. lleilei'it'k, Nl. Hams, M. llillon, S. Aptllt-lou, J. Vt-Ivy. .l, I.:-tlerniziu. Il. Iietterman. 'I',liI'l, Noir: li. 'Fi-i'willif.fvi', li. Krvssln-i'. S. HQISTIIHIII, ll. l't-ekiiz-, S. H:li'1liwzliIm-, l.. ifI'2lllN'l', N. 4':lnnon, IF. Sliytler, B. Ifislie-1'. D. t'ol'ff:y. T". Hess, Miss Dileiiiie. l"mo'lIi lfozc: .l, Kranier. It. Ntuxt-nt, D. Fi-gli-y, H. Kztterniztii. IC, Tliomas, li, Kustt-V. IS. Ward, .l. NVDIIIIUF, S, tlilmore. MJ' tfiliblefic Vilffociatiom The Girls' Athletic Association of the liloomsburg High School was organized in iozo by Miss lirumbach, a former faculty member. The purpose and aim of the G. A. A. is to promote the athletic activities of the high school girls antl to en- courage them to participate in intra-mural sports during the year. Iiach year, through a system of points, the G. A. A. gives awards to the girls earning them. This system enables the girls to receive numerals, the "IS", and the chevron. This year the G. A. A., uncler the combinecl clirection of Miss Mary White- night antl Miss Betty Diltline, enioyetl many activities, such as bowling. breakfast and supper hikes, soccer. swimming, and weekend parties held at the Girl Scout Gabin antl the Whitenight Farm. ln atlclition, the G. A. A. enteretl the Blooms- burg I-Iallowe'en Parade as a marching club and won .ith prize. On November 22, they sponsorecl l3loomsburg's first square tlance in the high school gymnasium. This tlance provetl to be a great success. The club also took part in the Annual Gym Demonstration, presenting club swinging ancl a silver wantl tlrill. The officers for the present year were: president, Mary Lou Dillong vicc- presitlcnt, Mary Haas: secretary-treasurer. Shirley Appleton. The sports managers were: basketball, Kathryn Deitericltg soccer. Ianet Veleyg baseball, Joyce Letter- mang antl minor sports, Geraltline Aten. l"ifiy-nine ' v I 'Y I I.. .,, 'ls I 1 I viii 1 4111 EQQM5 fi Nl Imfl In Hiylil: Ii. III-iningwiiy, If. Ilaiais. ID. Ilnti-Iiisnn, I, Iirniiw, .I. Km-Ii. .I. llilli-sin:-. fmrlmyf' 1'vw:u'Ii VYISIIQ-r, XY, I!:il'Iw1i. I". Nlusvr. Il, lliri-fn, II. SI154Io'l'. I.. XX':lI'iI. Il, I.viIi5. Ii. Ilvsl. N. Ilivniilli, V. Srirln-11 S, lime-i':1. Mrk am! Temzii' .'XIIIiougIi previous cxpcricncc in lcnnis .Anil truck Iigis Iwccn limited. Ilicsc Ii. Ii. S. Icgims Iigivc given sonic very liinc PCl'i4OI'I11LII1CCS. Xxl ID D1 .nviIIc. Oiilsignuling on thc truck icgnn wcrc RiI'I'Ic, Sui'lncr, Muscr. .ind Human. 'nilil Inc quiiliiiiccl Iur thc SILIIC 'l'i'4icI4 Mcci, and un Iunc bg. to compcrc in the pcm in lilt' rcgioiigil ll'lL'L'l All NVcIIsImi'u. Hiildiisuli. Ciiilcspic. ainci Krauss wcrc ITN VVIicn lik' Mciiiomliiiigi wcnl in press. iiimiiigciiiciiis haul Iwcn ingidc Im' ilic uttsviilc Rcliiys. Thr- Icgini gilso cxpccicil tu Iinvc truck niccts with Iicrwick and 'lilic ICIIIIIS lciini Lxpcclccl lu I5i.Iy Iucgil ICAIINS. 4inmI In scncl Iwo players to com- msi 1lllISILlIIKiIIIQ on thc ICLIIH. Niflg lr.ick icgim lo cuinpcic in the District 4 Mcci in Ml. Ciirincl. the winncr ot' which FEATURES f r st , U ffl ii RPN, THE I9 m. Ain g Aug. 30 Sept. 5 Sept. 26 Oct. I5 Oct. 26 Oct. 28 Nov. 3 Nov. xx Nov. I5 Nov. I8 Nov. 21 Nov. 22 Nov. 24 Dec. 9' azlenclmf School opened. Dec. No school, Labor Day. School closed for Fair Va- cation until October 3. First football game. Played Selinsgrove. Score was tie, 7-7- Bloomsburg Band won S10 in Bloomsburg's Hallowe'en Parade. G. A. A. March- ing Club also won llro.oo. Hallowe'en Dance. Grier Melick was elected to the Athletic Council. No school, Armistice Day. Robert Wood entertained in auditorium. All School Play, "Anne of Green Gables", was pre' sented. School closed for Thanks- giving Vacaton until No- vember 28. Girls' Athletic Association held a very successful round and square dance in the gym. Annual football game with Danville called off because of snow storm. First basketball game of sea- son. Played Hazleton Champions. Dec. Dec. Ian. Feb. Feb. Mar. Mar. Apr. Apr. May May Iune Iune Iune Iune June 22 23 23 26 15 23 IOS 212 7 28 26 30 2 4 7 8 9 Mr. Knorr's commercial home room held a covered dish and dance. Memoribilia Staff held Christmas Dance. School closed until Ian. 3. First semester ended. Frank Douglas entertained in auditorium. Commercial Department presented Second Annual Program in the evening. Bloomsburg Band presented its Third Annual Concert. Campbell and Company in auditorium. Good Friday. School closed for Easter Vacation until April 17. Press Club Hop. Senior Class Play, "Clar- ence." Memorial Day. No school. Iunior-Senior Prom. Baccalaureate Sermon. Class Day. Commencement Exercises. Last day of school. Sixty-two ' U MEMORALMLIA Q 'g I -1 ,mfg pm., .A.9"r:Xfx' ,',, 1 Nifty-three U4 'Jvff ' JJ ' I' x ,4- ,L 41 T T H L 1 4 1 1 " Muni r , N Si.L'ly-fun r L , ME3MoRAf3u,uA ,. wfffff I . QI 'J JIU i..L5"'LN' Si.r!y-fi Us f ihrll .1 ' , All , : - 1' H E 19 L1E:'li'e' ' ' Imff to Right: Ulark Bidleman. llulry Davis, lilwood Heller ommmcememg 193 9 Commencement activities opened this year with the presentation of the Senior Class Play, "Clarence", on Friday evening, May 26. The play was directed by Mrs. Kline, and proved to be a huge success. The Baccalaureate Services were held in the auditorium of the Methodist Church on Sunday evening, Iune 4. The Reverend D. L. Bomboy delivered the sermon to the class. Class Day Exercises were held in the high school auditorium on Wednesday afternoon, june 7. The senior class presented a very interesting program. The final event, Commencement, took place on Thursday evening, Iune S. The theme chosen was "Youth, the Hope of Tomorrow". The student speakers, Clark liidleman, Ruby Davis, and Elwood Heller, spoke on various phases oi the subject. The Reverend B. R. Heller delivered the address. Sixty-sim - ----T--- J -,rrvf .n I In MEMORABILIA r 2, e 1- ' ' 'f slr WA I It "' I I . .,. um-r .I - ' Q, PSIZWO lazy Trolbbecy In order to know what fate awaits their comrades after their paths have separatol, mem- bers of the class of 1939 journeyed to Dogpat-ch and persuaded Mammy Hokum to conjure one of her famous visions. She obliged willingly and, consequently, this prophecy was Ievcaled- Carl Andrews as the football center at Yale. Dot Snyder as the athletic instructor at Vassar. Kimber Beagle as the Governor of Ala- bama. Clark Bidleman as a brain-specialist at the Jefferson Hospital. Charles Bomboy as a minister in Miller- town. Eleanor Bower as a designer in an ex- clusive shop ln Paris. Mary Brady as a Berwick resident. Fred Brelsh as a farmer ln Mainville. Robert Broadt a drugglst in Rupert. Lola Brown modeling Eleanor Bower's creations. Frank Brunner headman ln Sunbury. Robert Burns pulling curtains at B.S.T.C. Richard Byrem president of the Penna.. interscholastic Athletic Association. Kathryn Campbell as a dean in a. glrl's finishing school. Albert Cole selling farm equipment. Dona.ld Cox hunting lions in a jungle of Africa. Maurice Creasy owner of a barber shop. Ruby Davis as the secretary of a small town lawyer. Ruth Dieffenbacher a dietlclan at Eagles- mere. Mary Lou Dillon singing lullables to a couple of little Thomases. Sara Jean Eastman teaching arithmetic at Light Street. Naoml Edgar taking orders for a coal dealer. Darl Edwards blissfully married. Bernice Erwlne the mother of four little basketball stars. Betty Fahrlnger as a "barker" in a side- show. Dorothy Foust working in a book shop. Hobart Feldman playing a clarinet in Benny Goodman's Swing Band. VVlnlfred Fisher as a beautician. Leslie Fortner as president of the Town Council. Beulah Frazier a stenographer at the Magee Carpet Company. Jean Freeman secretary to a local doctor. Blll Galbreath a sailor ln Buckhorn. Ellen Garthwalte leading cheers at Duke University. Robert Gearinger whistling on Major Bowe's Amateur Hour. Betty George "Getty"-ing up earlier ln the morning. Si.1:t1,'-seven Betty Gialamas as a candy-coater in uandyland. Robert Gibson working his way through college. Joseph Gillespie a chemist in New York University. Sara Gilmore as a typing teacher in thc Dutch Hill School. Arthur Glger as a butcher. Marqueen Girton as a matron ln an orph- anage. James Greenly strumming a "mean" guitar in Kentucky. Mary Haas a dignified Latin teacher ill Ihe Bloomsburg High School. Bob Haas a referee for the Bloomsburg Jayvee's. Shirley Appleton camp director at Central oak Heights. George Hahn mechanic at the General Store in Espy. Harold Hartzel as a small town chiro- practor. I eggy Hedland the belle of West Vlrglnla. lflwlllld Heller as an American ambassa- dor in France. Evelyn Henrie a keeper of a College board- iIIg house. Francis Hess as a salesglrl ln Clark Hart- lllall'S General Store. George Hess as chief usher of the Capitol Theatre. Kathaleen Hinds head clerk at Ralston's Jewelry Store. Mary Jane Hlppensteel as a waitress in Miami. Florida. Harry Hock owner of a "Hook" shop. Norman Homan commander Ull the Sea Scout Ship. Genevieve Hower "Blair"-ing around the town. Kenneth Hoyt as the manager of a hotel in Jamison City. Bob Hutchings pianist ln a Chinatown Night Club. Evelyn Hyssong as a star of the Metro- politan Opera. Dorothy Ikeler keeping house for an ice man. Betty Katerman as an interior decorator. Betty Ketchem as a radio comedian. Mary Kelly as a kindergarten teacher. Blaine Kreamer missionary in China. Ruth Kressler as a dairy-maid. Evelyn Krum as a seamstress. Victoria Krum jerking soda's ln Bushes. Arlene Kuster proprietor of Kuster's Pet Shoppe. 5 r" F 'ly E 19 I. Ili. T H 3 9 REI Bu' Jack Shaffer displaying permanent waves. Jean Kuster the weetheart of the Buck- horn sallor. Betty Kuster a Danville socialite. Carol Lanterman the serene little wlfe of an usher. Bill Laubach selllng Fuller Brushes. Carmen Kyle an lnterlor decorator. Charles Learn manager of the Blue Sox. Helen Letterman as a "bakerette." Marlon Mausteller wife of a truck farmer. Betty Levan as a blues singer in a night club in New York Clty. Eda Loreman cook at the Dalry Store. Bob McGarrah a swlngster ln Kay Kyser's Musical Klass. Shirley McHenry as a Sunday School teacher in Rohr burg. Helen Mears clerk in Edward's Electrical Store. Grier Mellck driver of a trailer. Clyde Mlllard owner of a famous race horse. John Miller manager of the World's Heavyweight Champion. Marilyn Mlller stewardess on a ship. Leverna Mosher teaching bookkeeping at Sugarloaf Township. Betty Neuhard a librarian. Dorothy Nevel a morticlan. Jean Ohl an air hostess on the Trans- continental Alr Lines. Ruth Oman conducting a stationery Store. store. Blll Orner as president of the School Board. Betty Patterson drlftlng along with the "Sands" of Time. Bette Relffendeifer basketball forward at Hood College. Jack Rellly head of the Department of Public Speaking. Bill Rupert assistant manager of Candy- land. Bill Rutter Unlted States Senator from Pennsylvania. Marion Rutter a llfe-saver at the Blooms- lmrg Bathing Beach. Dick Savage as the best dressed man ln Columbia County. Thecla Schneider the "Miss America" of 1945. Bette Shoemaker as a mllllner. Wilbur Shultz as Robert Taylor's double. Phyllis Sltler working in the "Flve and Ten." Don Smethers as a court Jester. Betty Smith the quiet wife of an under- taker. Yvonne Snelllng teachlng French ln Ger- many. Harry Snyder All-American Fullback. Mary Catherine Snyder manager of a gift shop. Clarence Sorber chef of a "rltzy" restau- rant. Marjorie Speer a foreign interpreter in Washington. Owen Splaln a state trooper. Viola Stair an accountant. Arden Stelnruck dancing Instructor ln Espy. Irene Styer secretary to the Governor of Pennsylvania. Mildred Swisher teacher of blology. Doris Terwllllger a 0rangevllle's youngest bride. Lester 'Thomas as "Luck Teeter" the second. Willard Thomas a pharmacist. Elizabeth Thomas the belle of Fernvllle. Edith Troy trying to balance the budget. Marlon Underwood studying music in Italy. Glenn Wanlch as the Mayor of Blooms- burg. Lee Ward as Chief of Police. June Wenner authoress of the world's best seller. Martha Jean White as secretary of the llloomsburg Heating Company. Robert Whltenight a motorcycle champion. Bartlett Wolfe married to a princess. Philip Yeany a photographer. Dorothy Zanzinger banglng the "tympanle" ln a symphonic orchestra. Kathryn Zelsloft as a bashful farmerette. Harold Zelsloft a big buslne s magnate. Mildred Zelsloft ralslng chickens in Jerseytown. Sixty-ciyllt iw-1 s YY 1- .- . umrl l - l i ' 3- MEMonAan.nA g'g iii. Wi! Of thu Clem of19 9 We, the Class of 1939. of the Bloomsburg High School, Town of Bloomsburg, County of Columbia, Stale of Pennsylvania, being of sound and disposing mind and not acting under the duress, fraud or undo influence of any person or persons whatsoever, do hereby make and publish this our LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT. We hereby bequeath 01-ll' D0l'S0n3l b6l0ll8- appearance to Rose Heverly. ings to the follow: Carl Andrews wills his position on the football team to Bob Best. Shirley Appleton bequeaths her "personal- ity plus" to Norma Cannon. Kimber Beagle bequeaths his loud socks to Joe Gross. Eleanor Bower wills her artistic ability to Marjorie Sharrets. Clark Bldleman bequeaths his long drawn out explanations to Leonard Schlaugh. Mary Brady wills her Irish eyes to Dawn Fisher. Fred Breish wills his quaint ways to Bob Letterman. Charles Bomboy gladly wills his becoming blush to Keith Merlcle. Bob Broadt bequeaths his gentlemanly ways to Lillian Fogle. Lola Brown bequeaths her kittenlsh ways to Frankie Gensemer. Bud Brunner bequeaths his love for Sun- bury girls to anyone who has any interest down that way. Robert Burns bequeaths his place on the Stage Crew to any hard worker. Dick Byrem wills his gymnastic ability to Reynold Hedland. Kathryn Campbell bequeaths her play prompting ability to Charleen Glrton. Albert Cole wills his perseverence to Dawn Ryan. Don Coleman wills his inability to hear to Jam-k Higgins. Donald Cox bequeaths his studious ways to Dorothy Harmon. Maurice Creasy wills his excellent English notebooks to whoever needs them. Ruth Dietfenbacher bequeaths her quiet ways to Kathryn Dleterick. Mary Lou Dillon bequeaths her sparkling personality to Anne Geasy. Sara Jean Eastman wills her small sta- ture to Katherine Harper. Naomi Edgar bequeaths her ability to do arithmetic to Eddie Nugent. Dari Edwards wllls her magazine on "How to Vamp" to Jane Buckalew. Bernice Erwlne and Jack Reilly bequeath their deep affection for each other to Miles Katerman and Joanne Magee. Betty Fahrlnger bequeaths her giggles to Betty Hagenbuch. Dorothy Foust bequeaths her mannlsh ways to Ruth Taylor. Hobart Feldman wills his Packard to any- one who can stand the bumps. Wlnlfred Fisher bequeaths her peaceful ways to Mary Louise Scott. Leslie Fortner wills his movie star com- plexion to Arlene Stevens. Beulah Frazier bequeaths some of her ex- cess charm to Ellen Cole. Bill Galbreath wills his ambition to be- come a professional hobo to whoever has good feet. Ellen Garthwaite bequeaths her etheral Sixty-nine Robert Gearinger bequeaths his noncha- lant air to Victor Mitrani. Betty George bequeaths her bashfulness t?J to Margaret Casey. Betty Gialamas wills her angelic disposi- tion to Betty Ward. Joe Gillespie bequeaths his "bluff-talk" with nothing to say to his brother. Sara Gilmore bequeaths her "hard to get" methods to Nancy Patterson. Arthur Giger wills his bass horn to Jack Kimmel. Evelyn Henrle fondly bequeaths ber witticlsms to Bill Duy. Francis Hess wills her original arrange- ment of "Sweet Adeline" to future G. A. A. girls. George Hess bequeaths his ability to usher to Bill Graham. Kathleen Hinds bequeaths her day dreams to Jean Niesly. Mary Jane Hippensteel gives some of her excess poise to Betty Jane Stokes. Harold Hartzel bequeaths his questionable jokes to John Kllngerman. Robert Hutchings wills his cradle-snatch- ing ability to anyone who desires a girl to rear. Norman Homan bequeaths his pump- handle swing to Duy Hutchinson. Genevieve Hower wills her Sherlock Holmes ability to Marge North. Kenneth Hoyt gives his sideline basketball coaching to Jack Willis. Evelyn Hyssong bequeaths some of her gracefulness to Claire Bachinger. Dorothy Ikeler bequeaths her permanent wave to Billy Piper. Marqueen Glrton bequeaths her "wild life" to Pearl Bomboy. James Greenly bequeaths his book "How to Edit" to Mary Kay Housenick. Ed Gulliver wills his worn out excuses for skipping school to Ray Rupert. Mary Haas bequeaths her love for foot- ball heroes to Jane Letterman. Robert Haas wills his wise remarks to Lucille Feldser. George Hahn gives his "minute before the bell" to his sister. Clark Hartman bequeaths his speed to Dick Shearer. Peggy Hedland bequeaths her dignity and twinge of the old South to Mary Lou Fenstemaker. Elwood Heller wills all hi arguments with the teachers to Izzy Krauss. Betty Katerman gives all her book reports that she has read for Democracy to any junior who can read them. Betty Ketchem bequeaths her stocky sta- ture to Jim Boyer. Mary Kelly bequeaths her journalistic ambitions to anyone who has original ideas. Blaine Kramer wills his ability to can-h dears, toutslde of hunting seasonj, to Rod- man Shutt. F' r I THE 19 HSI :inf Ruth Kresssler gives her charming smile to June Meeker. . Victoria Krum bequeaths her "nightlife" to Jean Lichtenwalner. Evelyn Krum bequeaths her domestic ways to Doris Stout. Eugene Krum wills his love for home- work to Myrtle Johnson. Arlene Kuster gives her merry chatter to Dorothy Stewart. Jean Kuster bequeaths her pamphlet on "How to Study" to Mildred Drumm. Betty Kuster bequeaths her comedy rolls to Jean Brlnton. Carol Lanterman wills her love for re- pairing flat tires at two o'clock in the mor- ning to any other night hawk. Charles Learn bequeaths his milk route to any early bird. Helen Letterman kindly bequeaths her a- bility to make good marks to Phyllss Klstler. Betty Levan leaves her croonlng abilities to herself. Marlon Mausteller wills her long ride to school to Dorothy Letterman. Bob McGarrah leaves his penny-pinching to any other Scotchman. Shirley McHenry wllls her precious giggle to Sue Duy. Helen Mears bequeaths her flapperlsh ap- pearance to Jean Kashner. Grier Melick leaves hls worn out tardy excuses to Jacques Watts. Clyde Millard bequeaths his mental facul- ties to Donald Brunstetter. Letha Millard wills her tricky hair-do to Helen Morris. John Miller lovingly bequeath: his vlolln to David Heller. Marilyn Miller wills some of her pep, vlm and vigor to Janet Hess. Laverna Mosher bequeaths her pleasant way to Betty Fisher. Dorothy Nevll bequeaths her love for quiet evenings at home to Betty Hill. Jean Ohl generously leaves her love for Berwick boys to Mary Neyhard. Ruth Oman wills her desire to be an old maid CU to Hazel VanHorne. Bill Orner gives his oratorlal ability to Ralph Notkin. Betty Patterson wills Tom Sands to any- one who wants the fur coat. Betty Relfendlefer bequeaths her lengthy stature to Marjorie Frey. Billy Rlffle bequeaths his love for spa- ghetti to Sam Butera. Blll Rupert bequeaths his "all around good fellow ways" to Ned Weller. Bill Rutter leaves his position on the Stage Crew to "Ears" Baker. lt he can keep l LDick Savage bequeaths his courting methods to Bob Kimmel. Thecla Schneider bequeaths her S. A., 1We don't mean stocking appealy, to Mary Jane Chandler. Jack Shaffer wills his curly hair to Jean Galbreath. Betty Shoemaker leaves her babylsh ways to Geraldine Rlder. Wilbur Schultz leaves his Robert Taylor line to "Popeye" Lelby. Phyllis Sltler bequeaths her ability as a secretary to Beverly Appleman. Don Smethers gives his smelly pipe to Vincent White. Betty Smith bequeaths her winning ways to Martha Knorr. Yvonne Snelling wllls her reducing exer- cises to Mary Sands. Dorothy Snyder bequeaths her soft volce to Dorothy Hileman. Clarence Sorber wills his love for blondes to anyone who likes red heads. Marjory Spear bequeaths her love for horses to any promising equestrienne. Owen Splain wllls his second period nap to Donald Krum. Viola Stair bequeaths her taxlcab to some future senior. Irene Styer bequeaths her first horseless carriage to the Horne twins. Doris Terwllllger leaves her wedding bells to Janet Sharpless. Lester Thomas bequeaths his careful driv- ing to Harold Demott. Elizabeth Thomas wills her love for Espy boys to Virginia Bleshllne. Willard Thomas bequeaths his Missouri drawl to Bill Hinds. Edith Troy wills her love for Robbins to Helen Malse Wirt. Marion Underwood leaves her art of skipp- ing school to Mary Hopfer. Eda Loreman bequeaths her pleasant smile to Alberta Naunas. Carmen Kyle bequeaths her mllllon dollar bracelet to Marge Strausser. Lee Ward bequeaths his slender figure to Patricia Andes. Glen Wanich wills his band chair to Allan Feldman. June Wenner kindly wllls her shorthand ability to Jack Correll. Marion Rutter bequeaths her secret of "going steady" with a boyfriend to Mary McKelvy. Martha Jean White leaves her referee to any pugilist. Robert Whitenlght bequeaths his bolster- ous ways to Max Runyon. Robert Gibson leaves his many ambitions to Jack Moyer. Bartlett Wolf bequeaths his improved farm methods to Dora Bauman. Philip Yeany bequeaths his candid camera to Reg Hemingway. Dorothy Zanzinger leaves her unknown date to June Meeker. Katherine Zelsloft bequeaths her low marks to Ann Shortess. Harold Zeisloft wills his love for Lincoln Zephyrs to Mr. Gilmore. Mildred Zelsloft bequeaths her quiet man- ner to Mary Jane Sterner. We members of the Class of 1939, as witnesses thereof, hav t h thereof'this twenty-seventh day of February. in the year of 0ureLs:?rd,mgne if1?: hundred thirty-nine. Mm! Km.LuY WILLIAM Ronan Bm-ry PA-n-mscm MARION Rt:'r'1'Ea CAROL LANTERMAN ELIZABETH Tnomhs Rosmvr BUaNs JEAN OHL D030-1-Hy ZANZINGER Seventy MEMORABILIA Seventy-one , f-2 ia. limi eA!ma.,JVIate1f Bloomsburg High School, Alma Mater, Always faithful, always true, Your sons and daughters e'er will cherish you: Red and White, to you all hail. See our colors waving o'er us! Proudly may they ever fly! Bear us onward, aid, direct us, Bid us now to do or die. Oh, Bloomsburg High School, Alma Mater, Receive the honor we would give And may we strive to do our best and live True to Bloomsburg High! All Hail! W. CLAIR Howraa, '16 W ' gil iiizlil THE I9 I I, LK. . Efllnw cffppreciafiofas The success of this year's Memorabilia is due to a great extent to the wonder- ful help and cooperation that the staff have received from many individuals and organizations. We are proud to list these people, and to offer our sincere thanks in this humble way. To MR. I. CLAIRE PATTERSON for his supervision of the work, and his detailed suggestionsg To MRS. HARRIET H. KLINE for her cooperation in securing information for the Memorabilia, and her help in the subscription campaigng To Miss CLEORA MCKlNS1RY' for her efforts and ambitious operations toward the success of the 1939 Memorabiliag To MR. HAROLD MILLER for his work in directing the Business Staff, and for his photography workg To MR. I. WESLEY KNORR for his handling of the financial accountsg To MR. WILLIALI L. SHUTT for his typing of our writeupsg To MR. Ioi-IN WAGNER and his Hi-Y for their staging of the St. Patrick's Day Dance for the benefit of the Memorabilia F undg To THE BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL MEN for their splendid financial supportg To THE UNDERCLASSINIEN who showed a fine spirit in the purchasing of the Memorabiliag AND To ANYONE ELSE who contributed anything toward the success of the 193Q Memorabilia. 1 I 13325 Ufutagmplas qfpw ufebl.. lc v H I Wf M WM 'iii . 5-1 WP- F541 ri, H -. lflirm Vfutogmplaf PATRONS 1,,1.,1,,.1,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1un1u.1nn1nu-U1.1'n1un1lp1..1nu1un1u1 MAGEE GARAGE 2333. TUE AAUTOMOBILE ov To-uw is a finely tuned instrument of transportation. WHEN IT NEEDS ADIUS1'AlENT, it should not be "tinkered with" nor "guessed at". Youll CAR REQUIRES EXPERT ATTEN1'1oN hy means of scientific testing backed by real experienced, highly skilled mechanics. THE MAGEE CSARAGE has the most complete and modern mechanical and electrical repair shop in this section of Pennsylvania. E G. M. C. Truclcs Kendall Oils Gooclgear Tires Exide Batteries Sunoco and Purol Gasolines 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1-n 1uu1u41u..1n1 1 1 1 1m1..1u1..1..1.1 1 1..1..1. .q1q1n-nn-. 'P i u ii ll T Fl ii I I I I ll I ll ll H K ly-sim 4- 1 1 1 -. 1 1 1 1 ... 1 1 -. 1 1 inuiul-liqpinpinnilni .1 1 1.,.Qp xp ' Af l Columlbia Airwau s 0 The United States Government will build thousands of airplanes. 0 Aviation factories will increase production and employment. 0 Civil aviation will increase number of trans- port airplanes and add new airlines. 0 Columbia Airways will teach you to fly under instiuctors Licensed by the United States Department of Commerce. 0 Columbia. Airways will give you instruction to obtain Licenses for Amateur Pilot, Private Pilot, or Transport Pilot. BLOCMSBURG AIRPORT Bloomsburg, Penna. 'I' ......-......-....-..-...-..-...................... .. .. ... .. -...,-...-..-...................-....- 4, qu... ll ia I ii I ll il if H i I I H Ti I II I .I I. II If H II +I I. II I- li N I T IE .I I. I -iw .951 n-.qin MA G EE 1889 If 1939 1' tv 'x . ' 'lbw , .F .LN 1 . ..-..-...-, ....., ,..,. ..., - . f,,,m, .,,, . .........,,, . ELEDMEDXBYAMERICAN LABURQI, if 5 JTO BEAUTIFYAMERICAN HD ES " ' If, .Q L L1 'ri- N -tr Lfiyr xN?:q.,,gi,5,f, A THE GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY OF THE MAGEE CARPET COMPANY + + + FIFTY YEARS Manufacturing and distributing floor coverings for Homes, Churches, Lodges, Hotels, Theatres, Schools and Offices. 'insulate Your Floors With Wool" EXECUTIVE OFFICES BLOOLISBURG, PA. SALES OFFICES New YORK, N. Y. CHICAGO, ILL. ....... ---- ---- .. -. .- ------------- - 9 ty Jlt 1 1 1 in-n..-n-.-nn.-n..-np-qinn-uiuu1 4- .......-..-.................... 4- Compliments of F52 . Blfoomslvmorg Silk Mill I- ! :rw,..un.-u 'QQW' Bloomsburg, Penna uui:-111:11n-qliuuiqniqu.-uu1nn1-.inn niuu1nn1nn-un-uninn-my--uni 1 -.lm--..1u1m1.-nu1nn-41-ln-nqiun.-n...u..-nnxnuiuui FINE QUALITY llCLOTHlNGll At Moderate Prices Suits . . . S25 to S35 Hats . . 353.50 to S5 Shirts . . . . 351.65 to S2 FRED R. HIPPENSTEEL "All-Ways Reliable" ippilnil-uuiuniuniuuinninlulnnlluililllli 1 1 1 1 -.. 1 :Y 7 fini: ::fn:::::.-u:.1::T:mfu:iu::7u-:7u::lu:iu::--:Yun -- nr :-:Yu-Y, :e-- - --, Friends of the Class of 1939 School Physician Dr. F. M. Bittenbender H. Mont Smith Ida M. Walter H. S. Keller Dr. C. B. Yost M. Milleisen Dr. M. H. Ash P. B. Neisley A Friend G. Edward Elwell, Jr. Ben Jacoby C. B. Si C. M. Lutz Arthur Rabb Dr. C. M. Hower Fred Holmes Harold Teel Carter's Confectionery Ray Cole James Dykes Clinton Herring Dr. Francis B. Haas George Zeigler The Dairy Store Elizabeth Berninger Dr. N. F. Davis Dr. O. F. Miller The Little Shop Dr. C. S. Van Horn Dr. Carl T. Warhurst .-...inimg.u1.1Q.-n.....nn.-.uuiwiU-..1....1u..1 1..nil.will..1......un-...I-.....uu1nu1u.1i-ni '!' Safe and Reliable n t Transportation at Low Cost I M ggi, " QD -vi L 1 , ' 1, E V I I North Branch Bus Co 1 1u1uu1uu1uu14.1 1 1 1 1 1.1 1nu1uu 14:1uu1uu1uu1un1an-un-n-n,.1u1ul W,-nf AQHAEVROWLET 7 ' H 1 I Compliments of u , iii U f, if.. W fifQ31lr1f:Kf1'ol1f:,i: Szmirfegs, gtuc, 1 t t BLOOMSBURG, PENNA. I 4. ......,....u..-....-..-...-....-....-....-.....-....-....-....-u............, -...-.,- -1411.1uu1.m1nn-I-101M1nn1uu1uu1nn1nn.-nlnn1nun.-un1nn1nn1.nun1un-..1un1nn1qq1 1.. 1. 1...1...1..1.,.1..1u.1.,u1.,.1u -.,.,1.M1un..uu...un.-..u1uu1W1uu1uu1un1.l1-u1,g1gu1uu1uu1uu1. uiniuuiuuinqilq- .- .1 1. .- 1 1 1 Qalzrrgs 3? gtqnmr Ent Qyfunrrals 18lunmslmrg, 1Llrnnn. 7-,bonu 133 -..--11...-.niqu.-qn1np.-.niln-.u.1un1.H1u-uniuuill.-nn1u n1uuiuu.1uu-1 For your best Refresh- ments after your enter- tainments i' VISIT Candyland Waffle Grill Martha Washington Restaurant 8z Hotel ir A. LYCHOS Proprietor l' .. ,. . l . V E ., .. ,K .. i wi I 1 1 -P .....-..-..-.,................-............- .g...........-.......-..-.....-......-..-........ 0 0 0 0 Compliments of L. 0. 0. MOOSE No. 623 Bloomsburg, Penna. 1nn1nn1nn1nn14n..-un.- iun1nninainn.-nu..-un-.IM1-m 'I' I When you are hungry I ! don't forget 1 I l ir 1 . I Texas Quick Lunch l and for l Refreshments I f 1 l Visit Our Cafe i I 142-144 East Main Street I Bloomshurg, Pa. E l - ..,. -...- - -..-......-.i--..- A... - - -I--I----i - "" -"'f-"--f"-""- "" -"'-"'-"'-"""'-"'-"""""-"'!' l Wyoming Seminary AN EDUCATIONAL ASSET FOR NINETY-FOUR YEARS COLLEGE PaEPAkA'1'ioN: Graduates ac- cepted in all leading colleges. Those of the past four years are found in H more than one hundred colleges. l ll BUSINESS: Thorough training in mod- V ern business methods. Ori-iisa Couasiasz Art, Music, Public Speaking. 5 High Moral and Educational Ideals. i A Strong, Loyal Alumni Body. Catalogue sent on requext. Interviews invited. WILBUR H. FLECK, President ..i.i.......-..........-.........-....-..........-....-....-....-....-...i--4. y IL I y- th ree ..1qniE.,1.,,,m1wu.-nu.-,,,,.-um.-E..-.El-lm-. MOYER BROTHERS Your Prescription Dru g gist: Meet your friends at our Soda Fountain M0yer's Famous Home-Made Ice Cream Sold Exclusively at our Fountain Ice Cream Sodas and Sundaes, loc Headquarters for Whitmarfs and Lovell and Covel Chocolate ,lnnetiuinlii instuuinniun1uu1lin1uu1nn1uu1m.1nl.i. E.-ui.-M1 1 1 1 1m,1.,1 .- 1 1 1 1..,,... i E- is ls 41 if I 5 1' I X. .I is7Tff11,. ra. .re rr-Eemian Compliments of B. P. 0. ELKS No. 436 Bloomsburg, Penna ,i1..u1Eu.- n...uu-.uu.-.u1ul1 1 1 mini-1,,u...,,iu..i .. I. .. T 1. I 1. .- u .1 ... .. T .. - - 1. li -. - .. .. I 1 i . Q i 1 I 5 1 S 1 1 -1- 'I'- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -1 1 1 11...1n1.11.1.1....1..1.-....11vn.1....1 1 .-..n....1 ALTMAN'S Cash Feed Store ir For Quality Feeds and Positive Profits COMPARE oUR PRICE AND QUALITY "A Q1.11z.'1y Feed for E111-fy Need " 'k J. G. Muirhead c:11mp11me..1s of GROSS BOTTLING WORKS i' Manufacturers of fine Phone 2 beverages 86 1'1" 11 11 1f 11 11 11 E. 17 11 11 11 11 QF V. 1 1: ,11 11 441-- 1'1" 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 111 1? I1 I1 11 1 11 -P+ ,1.1..........1...1 1 1 1 1. .1 1....1....1.....-4..1....1- n1u1.1 1 1 1..1.......1...1...m.1.... 1m.1....1 1....1 ..1v..,1n..1a.,1nn1u1....1 1 1 F. P. PURSEL 46' Years of Service Bloomsburg, Penna. C O I I CONGRATULATIONS! Columbia Motor Company FELDMAN. Mgr + + + Desoto - Plymouth Sales and Service + + + Bloomsburg, Pa. E f 11.1.1 1 1 1 iuuiuu-u1u-I-n.1nu1uu 1-1--- - --nn--uwq, If I t's Less Than An Eight It's Out of Date 'Ir FORD "V-8" MERCURY 8 if H O U S E N I C K Motor Company ily.,-.0.l.-uuluulup11...-I..,1..u1uu1n..1.....1.ui1 -1.0111 1.n.1..., Congratulations MEMBERS OF THE GRADUATING CLASS df .k DILLON'S Always wish you well and are ready to serve you with Flowers ...un1u.1 .. im..-....1..u-.....1m.1n.l1- 1 1... f COLUMBIA S I L K M I L L S. Sz S. Silk Co. R. Sz G. Silk Co. . . Commission Throwsters L E T T E R M A N Baking Company BAKERS OF Fine Bread and Cakes 'A' ASK FOR THEM BY NAME YOUR GROCERIS i-....u-411.441-4 H 1nu...uu1uu1ul1uu1uu1uu-,,..1uu1,,, 1uu1u1n1.u1..1,u1un1.u-ln1un1un1un1 u1nn .1..1,1,. 1-nn1u.1.u1au1aI1.gu1.u1un1uu..qu1.u1-n1nn1au 1,.,.1.I..1 .1.un11m1.nu1n1.m1uu..nu1uu-. 14.1 1-n1uu1un1nu1nn1an--nn.-m.1m.1nu.-nun-lu1nu1nn.1n. Pennington's Store Agency for I-IOOVER ELECTRIC CLEANERS VOSS WASHING MACHINES 'I SANITATION GUARANTEED 'I UNEXCELLED SERVICE SNYDER'S DAIRY 7th and Iron Street 1,.1.p1uu1ul1nu1l.-IIII1 1 1 1 1 1u1nn-I Harry S. Barton REAL ESTATE ASI INSURANCE liloomsburg, Pcnna. 1514.11an-m1.11--1nl-un-1uu1un1uu1u111114 BART PURSEL MEN 8: BCYS' CLOTHING DRY CLEANING Bloomshurg, Penna. 1n1..1un1u1nu..- 1 1 1 1 .1-m1I 1: ?s1n-nn1nq1u1,..1'q1,q1'.1.,1,.1n.1...1.,1n-1.1 10 I I I I l THE NEWEST STYLES AT THE I I LOWEST PRICES I I Tf I I I J. S. Raub Shoe Store Q .5.......-..........-. ....- .-..-.......-..........-..-.-5- DISTINCTIVE PORTRAITURE If I I I PHILLIPS I STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY I I I Bloomsburg. Penna. I I lil H1 Ivvr 1 nulu 1nu:uu-11'-an-1n1nn1n 1111 .1.,1.+ 16:11-lr-ln1uu-:min-1nn-n-1.--1I-11--.I-..1..1I...-...., I FOR Sporting Goods, School Supplies, I Books, Stationery, L. C. Smith 6: Corna I Typewritcrs I Vim I I , I RITTERS I I I I 34 W. Main Street I I .i..-.I-..- -..-..-........-......-..-..-........g. ill-ll?II-uu--I1-nnn-an-.---'1-..1.-1.-.1..1..1-.I--u can H Compliments of U Il if I I Q J. Harold McMahon I I I ' -.,- .... -I ..... ...-.....-..-,.-,,.,I I -1- .I--I Eighty-a I -l 1u 1.-u 1u 1w n1n1un1uu-ut.-u.1un1m.1ml1nn1mi1nu1'm1-tm.1n, Economy Stores Co. "F11rnilm'e For Less" 'I' 'I' 'I' ONE OF UBLOOMSBURGS BEST" STORES ,1..1w1.m-u--uu1..u-.ui..-up-..n.1uu1u -.mi-.u..1ulo 1....1,...1....1...,1..1.n1mt.......1....1.m....m.-..,.1.....1..- MARIETTA DRESS SHOP LEADER IN READY-TO-WEAR ,,1.,..1ut-1w1nu1....1..u1uu1uu-.vm..m.-lt..-1nu--.m1u ...W1 1...1m.1 111 1n.t1 11:1 1 -M1111 Compliments of SHARPING, Inc. QUALITY FOOTWEAR 18 Ii. Main St. Bloomsburg 11m .-nu 1111 1uvu ...,.,,1 1uu-...1 1 1 1l1Im1n-:inn-uu1.. 1.41.1 1 1-.1n1nu-m.1w.1 1.1 1 1.nt1n Compliments of Underwood Greenhouses "S,-IY IT WITH FLOWERS" .u1,.u 1m1u1 1 1.,1.1,q1 1nn1n.1 1 1 1inu1,. For Dependable PLUMBING and HEATING H. C. Pollock Phone 779-I Bloomsburg, Pa. g1.IH1...,1t..1n.1..,.1.m1m.1M1M1.,1 11.1 .-un.1. HUDSON with Auto Poise Control and patented Double Safety Brakes Triangle Motor Co. Inc Bloomsburg, Pa. ..1....1,..1..,1 1....1....1...1..,.1....1. 1 1 1 1.14111 gl..1n.I1I..1.II.1I..1.I1It-11.11u1n.t1.n.1m-....1im1M111 Herman L. Kuster GENERAL STORE Groceries :incl Meats-Atithrzicite Coal Atlantic Gasoline and Motor Oil Phone 471 FERNVILLE, PA. -Q---I.--.. -------..... ..-. I Compliments of Capitol Threatre GEO. D. BITTINGER, Mgr. 1.n14...1....1.,u1.,.1..1q.1uu1,.,1uu1uu1.,,.1uu1m I I I I I I I I I I I -1- -I- I I I n it - it I I I I I I I I I I I I I .1...1-...1-.1.-1--1.---n-m.-uu-nu1nu- -I-1..1.q, JI- +.-...-..-...-......-........,.......-....-..,.-,...-....- . l BEST OF GAS 8: OIL l RALPH D. FRY Cor. East 8: 7th Streets li.---.-M-,.-,,-..-.,-..-..- - -.-,,-. IT H. 8a C. Cut Rate Drugs 5 SODA. ICE CREAM and LUNCH Hollingshcutl and Christian l -I- .g.....-..-..-...-....-........-.,...................-...-...-....... i I 'i Compliments of l li RACUSIN'S ,5,......-.. .......---- .-..-. 'Ft i Lester Burlingame ? PLUMBING, HEATING, SHEET METAL SUPPLIES K 154 W. Main St. Tel. 504-I I ' Bloomsburg, Pu. l ,iL,..1..y1n-I1 -uu-- vlv- 1n-1- Ilvv 1 lvvv 1 Illf 1 vlvl 1011 -nina-u n1-'11n1im1...1u1.m1.vm1.uu1nn1un1-nu--uv1 I-1-u1n n1un1M1mv1un....m+1.um1m11nu1uu1unvp1.l1i1q.li11yl.1M1 -1un1n..1nn1nn1n..1nn1nu-.n.1n-11.1.1-.n 1 m1nn1n Kleim Drugs "THE CUT RATE BELOW THE SQUARE' i...nn.-.m1 1uu11.-ua-1.n-un..u.1 1 1 .-.m1qm..-n stu-1I-.n1un1n-1mm-nn-nu-n-1-.1m.- tilf 1.-.1-1---I-.111 Zehner Sz Shuman 0 0 REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE Compliments of Larish Cleaners Phone 67 Bloomsburg, Pcnna. u11m1inn1nu1uu1un1un1uu1"1uu1.1 1 1....1m-1 .1u'1l'n1 1 1,.,,1.,,1.,1,...1 1 1..-. 1.1,-..ly1. Compliments of Bloomsburg Floral Company I. C. STRADLING, Prop. I.....I,.1uu...,,,,..m-1un.-in-.un11,1-m1uu1..1 -..m1nu1 EGU!! 'D .g..-..-...-,..-..-...........-,.-.....- 1. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I H!- I I I I I I -1- Watt's Service Station LIGI-ITSTREET ROAD m1u.I1....1u..-.rm-..1u.14I.1nu1.m1,m1un1uu-an1uu-. u1un.1.m1 1 1 1...-1un1nn1l-111.11 1.-1m..1nn1uI LEADER STORE -1.1-1.1.1 1 1 1. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1nm1nu.-.u I-11.1.1 1 .-.m1nn.1rm1nn1nn1nn.-un1.n1 1 1mm 4...-....... -I......-...-.,-......I.,-........,.........-....... ....,..... -i- 'I' I I I I I I I I I -I- SNYDER'S Garage ACROSS FROM HIGH SCHOOL u1.......I-I.1.0.1....1.....-....1uu1..m1.m1.m1-m1un1uu1lm1n. H. C. Bomboy Fresh Meats and Groceries-also Fruits and Vegetables in Season Phone zgq 622 East Street I.r1I...1 1 1..,.1...1.r... 1..I.1..n-1uu1ulr1 1.un1uu.-u I I 1m.1uu1...1 1.1.1 e1-m.1-m...uu1Im1rm.-un...n.1 u-n.p1nn1nn1nn1nn-I.1nn1 n1um1,m1rm1un-lm--n ...-I...-.-..4...w-1. 1u-.1.u1uu1uu1 1 1 1......,,,.1 Compliments of Bloomsburg Heating Company .,,1uu1u.1 1 -411.14041 1nu1 1u1n1 1l1.u1. "I5UICK'S THE BEAUTY" Hagenbuch Motor Co. liloomsburg, Pa. ,.1..,.1 1..u1.m-.I.1uu1u1uu1 1 1 1 1u1.. "PHOTOGRAPHS Are Memories Made Permanent" Jack Geistwite ,,...,,,.11-u1I....1m.1m.1nu1un1-nv1m.1un1nn1nn1mq1.un Hippensteel's Food Market GROCERIES and MEATS M1.. 11- 'I' I -i- 'I' I I I I I I I I JI- 'I' I II I I I I I 'I -I 'I' I II I I I I I I I -i- 4..-.... - --..- .-.---.-.-.- - -.I--In-. -.-M-nil W. T. Grant Co. KNOWN FOR VALUES 22 Main Street Bloomshurg, Penna. .1 1 .- 1 1. .... ... 1 1.4411 iquiuulnn--ll- T-.. l T 1 T -ll in-11 if . 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Suggestions in the Bloomsburg High School - Memorabilia Yearbook (Bloomsburg, PA) collection:

Bloomsburg High School - Memorabilia Yearbook (Bloomsburg, PA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


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Bloomsburg High School - Memorabilia Yearbook (Bloomsburg, PA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


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