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Bladensburg High School - Blade Yearbook (Bladensburg, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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x 1 4 . E ,......--v- This 1959 YEAR BOOK is respectfully dedicated to Jerry Dugan, class of '57. nfrx lb' 'QW' X He was V1ce Pl'6S1d6IlI of hrs class .1 letterman lll both basketball and baseball Jerry IS known and loved by all as one of BL-XDES natlve sons Jerry enllsted rn the AIR FORCE h t e tenth of December 1937 and adwanced to Arrman Second Class Whlle rn servrce h1S e p e to an unfortunate acc1denr resultrng rn paralysrs It IS the hope and prayer of all that thrs trlbute to Jerry mll grxe h1m the strength and courage necessary to bear the long hours of rehabxlrtatron ahead of hrm nthusrasm and rnterest rn s orts 1 d W hose For hardy sports or contest bold Facmg new tr1a1s and trlbulatlons W ll 1 be youth s symbol of 1nsp1rat1on and worthy of thrs Dedrcatxon l S M Ahw- l . . I , , ' limbs were Cast in manly mold Wlb Mowery Aww! .sw EDITOR CO EDITOR SALES MAINAGER BUSINESS MANAGERS SPORTS EDITOR ACTIVITIES LITERARY LAY OUT ART ADVERTISING SPONSOR f I Ab' KAREN BEATTY LIINDA MELICK DELORES FREEVIAN JUDY MORAIN DANNY WILT BOB OHDE TOM MORAN KENNY WOODRUFF BOB FRAZEE MARTHA BECKLEY KAY SMITII DOUG MCKINIGHT RON SOUTHALL DAVE RINE JERRY DARLING OWEIN FARVIER JEAN POTTS .Q X A Why do we look tired? This Is as taken after a full day s work on our Year Book! ADM! N ISTRAT IO N ROBERT L. POTTS W fe SECRETARY 5? EXECUTIVE HEAD NNS. ADMINISTRATION OR S V ATCH STUDENT COUNCIL President Jack Lepley U C 4f"" 4 0 tx 'vi -4 My . , B G ' ' I O LM f 'P Vrce President Harry Dugan R lv X.-'. From the xx'M,,1rlll J A H Ni 'I 1 X ff, T Q. , P- 6 xx .X Q .--J .ii O R1- Clerk Harold Mowery O Everett Harrrs :A 'X F Glenn Pipes N Parker Rine Y, 1 n ",. 8 n-n Xu f-A Vaughn Rice Q- e ,.vf?' '14 'NM ' ' X I f' '5 Kelth Hanna Vx, Z? 4 Marvm Snyder Rag. mond Claggen Maurlce Mellclx C THE THREE Cs U S T C C O O O N D O U U I K N R A S T S N Y E S MARY FARMER MARJORIE ULREY F A I I ' 1 4 f w-51,5 . ' A ., A 5 . K x - A , 'xii' :ff Q whim? fx 4-. L2 UMW X Q 'W if Qs Q? X 'S-321' XENA 'fx vii iw 11,11 X IQ 5 Ls! P11 fy I f V x 1 , K 'si X X 5 T W l' W7 in XV' f ' ' X Q, Q, 2 ' f X x - V A X f ! 'f K Ll ' 1 9 .J If N 2 X I X ' ,, ', j Y X ' X' X Mk - T i ,yxxx x N A I U xfk X L-Sy ff , ..... . 5 x Ll 29 ly! W? 3 -:A 1.-I ' A A 8 A 7' " '-'.11:l'-:-' V :Q K 1 ' , . I.. xx '.:. .:.o 6 ,.. " V. .. 0 Q - - Q Z I in E . ew- ' ' . P S , 'ff - . , : : ' ff f X . :M Z s 2 I ' 'Y 2 ' v .. X ff' E A : 'ill ' X f I ' KP 3 f V' X Q A, hr ' Y 1 A '1 I ' 3 3 3 ff! I ., 4553. 1: , A f 'F' ES? .:. KT, , , f-7 ' -. ca, 'Y , F 4. I 1,7 frrfyf 1 k Y ith.- ? 'f I' f X 'Q' ., f Q + 1 ,y K 'N A' 4' X X , Q , "-Q x ' " x XX K -17, X XX A ,1 !fB x ,QL . 37, 'Q 1 x I X ' N g N U .S LEG. ff xl X , " :- , ly gs 5l:r W Q .. .:. 2-1- -A-1 ' A b A- - , . y- X l I A . f X - I I , 6 4 ' A " fm , w, W XX v "' Q b A , L5 2 iv, Q 6 v , jg . 'T' I U P . ' FACULTY .L Xxx' '-Xxw, I 1 X X - 434 s E lwgrw, ' ' it Fxlrs. Watts 125, Mrs. Ewart f5j, Mrs, Stull CSD, Mrs, Funk f4J,Mr, Biggsq6J, Miss Martin fly sci-loot if FACULTY I 9 f--4+ 1 .I Nliss llopuvootl fl.atin, Eng, J kliss Wolfe fllomc EC,J Txlrs, Potts flyping, Librarian, Shorthd, , Phys. Ed,j Miss .-Xndcrson fl-1ng,, liookp., Euon,, Lien, l3us,l, Boyce Cfxlusicj Mr, Ric, Vay fGen, Sci., llist,, Prob. of Dem hir, l5atunr.1nfPliysiCs, .k1atlr,J Nlr, menft Und, Arts, Read., Spell., Phys, Ed,, B, B, Coachj Mr, Potts LEX, Hd llcaltli, lfliys, hd., liiol.J y . SENIORS 6711155 af 1959 President Q 0 f V 4 My mind is set On greater things, Than men's smiles And engagement rings. N Karen Beatty Your high school days Are your delight, But oh, for me, My high school nights. 'I P 46 f - sr? Judy Moran Secretary Linda Melick A 0,0 5-" X Her heart is like the moon, There's a man in it. Vice -President She smiles at many Just for fun, But we all know There is just one. N X Z 1, S - H-Y '51 in 5 Treasurer Owen Farmer Full of fun and mischief too Doing things he shouldn't do. x .0 W 'Hu "1""5 ,,, , 55 We f hx QCP- R QSXX A..--Jil ga i Z . QQ rr 4955" A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men. .f-ali 2.3 Q , I want what I want when I want it. Delores Freeman ,fn Danny Wilt gxmxxnllmuff Q' 0 S we? E N35 eg Z ' N Happy go lucky young and free there's not a thing that worries me. Robert Ohde Nvnafai' r 4 Kay Smlth I thmk more than you thmk I thmk I was cut out to be an angel but someone ran away w1th the pattern Kenny Woodruff Lead me not mto temptatxon just tell me where xt 15 X 1' Xtfgf' ab J Tom Moran -'G 'gli' L9 r- MWA fg fd Dave Rlne G1r1s he s shy Take a look and sxgh f' Xml ?"'7 Ronald Southall Restless as a wrnd shreld wrper l gi W' JIM, I nex er trouble trouble untrl trouble troubles me wigs A ,avi 3 f? O Douglas McKn1ght He lS a hunter Sandx 1S hls game Jerry Darlrng Xe! .,, Robert Frazee lgx U., Lrfe was meant to be enjoyed and I m enjoyrng rt 33 9.4 if-...1 I TJ K fe Qs 1 ix J' . Y X N I 'gel :VV x R - . ff Ri 3115 lz t T" W fm I . 5-i xl I -4 , lxx I A W tt . , XL! 'R Mx ,.. 5 X gf u u L - ai 1l,, W . . A ' S ' 3 Q., , G ,fi ll 'l . R aa . ,M if .f 'g . Y I A : X! SEPTEMBER IAINUARY NAAY SEPTE'vlBER NOVEMBER APRIL SEPT EVIBER FEBRUARY APRIL NIAY SEPT ENlBER OCT CBER MAY CLASS HISTORY .t Seventeen I-reshmen Four years to go' Elected 'vlr Potts as our advrsor Danny Wtlt as Prestdent Vlost of us partrctpated tn theBand Cheerleadrng basketball football We had a very successful year 1956 1957 Ntneteen Sophomores Three years to go' Elected Mrs lwernstock as our advtsor Danny Wrlt was re elected for hts second term The boys parttctpated tn all sports and some of the grrls were cheerleaders We ordered our class rtngs and we are sttll proud of them 1957 1958 Frfteen Junrors Two years to go' Elected Mr Senft as our advrsor Martha Beckley as Prestdent we had a concesston at the Football and Basketball games We dtdn t see much of the games but made a lot of money Bladensburg was host for the Iumor Htgh Tournament We served lunch to 300 people and were we ttred but happy' Gave our Juntor Class play Tumbltn Creek We were all Htllbtlltes Entertatned the Sentors at the Iuntor Semor Banquet Our one chance durtng the year to really dress up' 1908 1959 Srxteen Sentors Ihe ftnal year ts here at last' We face thrs year wtth mtxed emottons Elected Mrs Potts as our advrsor Prestdent Martha Beckley Vtce Presrdent Karen Beatty Secretary Judy Moran Treasurer Lrnda Melrck Kenny Woodruff jotned us from Uttca l-hgh School Glad to have you Kenny' Nlartha Beckley was elected Homecomtng Queen and Karen Beatty was wentor Attendant Baccalaureate and Commencement at last our goal of Graduatron attarned' he are sure that our future ltfe wtll be affected favorably by our days spent at Bladensburg Good by to all of you We ll mtss you and hope you wrll mrss us a lrttlel Q Q x 5 "HS '.'. :,.a.,, f'- - . , . C X ' - 1 Q 3 1 . n . - . . . l I " . , . . . - . . , . A I . , i . I . . , , 1 I " . . , . 1 ' --If ' I , . ' . V ,, . U . , . - . . r I ' . Q Yu . . . . Y I U ' V D I. Q . , . . . . THIS IS A RECORD OF OUR ACTIVITIES. . Class Play Karen 3,4 Martha 1,2 Unda udy l3elores Ka' Ton1 Danny Dave Bob F Bob O Owen Kenny Ron Jerr Doug Football Tom Danny Bo Jerry D Dave Class Offlcers D1nny Karen Lrnda Owen Vlartha Ton1 Bob O apeclal Honors Judy Karen Llnda .3.4 234 3 Chorus Karen Judy Linda Delores Martha Ka 1' 'Q Qf wv 1' Q NATIONAL HONOR SOC EL 03 i Glrls Softball Karen udy Lrnda Martha Band Karen Delores L1nda Martha Boys Glee Club Tom Danny Doug Dave Owen Ron Bob O Bob F Kenny Jerry Oueen 1+-114 'JIX Martha 4 I7 gx :I Queen Attendant Nlattha Karen K Annual Staff Karen Judy Linda Delores Martha Ka Danny Owen Tom Doug Jerry Bob F Bob O Dave Ken Ron Basketball Tom Dan Bob F Bob O Owen Jerry Cheerleaders Karen udy Martha 2 Student COUHC11 Tom Karen o Martha 4 2,3,4 I 3,4 4 3,4 4 ' 1 3.4 4 y 3,4 4 3,4 4 4 y 4 . 3,4 , . 3,4 , 3,4 4 I 1 3,4 -Q 'I Y 3,4 pw .I 3,4 iffy., 1,11 Z 1,2,4 K 1,2 1I2,3 1- ' ' of I 1.2 1,2,3,4 b l,2, ,4 X ' 1.2 . 3,4 ' - 2 X 1.2 ., . 1,2,3 3 't X KV 1,2,3,4 I - 1,2 P . 0 O My 253-4 9 ' X Judy 1.2 Linda 2,3,4 t l,2,3 9 .E 1,2 4 3,4 g ' In 1,2 I 1.4 ' 24 ' 1.2 1, ,3, 1,3 1,2 . 2,3,4 xo 1,2 ,- , 4 'T ' , rr Tl I f X. ff f i . . -: 1- 1 I' ' S ' ', A -, lf 2 A H l,2,3 by A6 2 l,2,3 -f l,2,3 3 ' 3 4 B b 4 Frrst there s Doug who sure rs swell and we can count on htm domg well A paratrooper he wants to be Let s all hope he doesn t land on the sea Then there s Kay who s quret and sweet A real nrce guy she s chanced to meet Hts name rs Joe and we all know It won t be long trll they tte the bow If a whtte Ford you should see Most lrkely Danny rt wrll be The servtce career rs hrs tune But maybe he ll be ftrst to the moon Tom s our blonde and handsome too He s always happy never blue ln our play he was a crnch And he d help anyone that s rn a prnch Bob Frazee lS our farmer to be But worktng hard he just can t see So maybe he ll change and take a chance To go out west and run a ranch D lores rs a blonde who s short and sweet A a matter of fact she s hard to beat she s traveled around rn many a land But we all know she ll get her man We have a grrl named Judy Sometrmes you catch her moody Desprte all the subjects she s carrred After school we bet she get marrted A l1keable chap named Owen ls sort of small but he s strll growrn Rrght nov. he s a farmer krng of all And where ever he goes he has a ball Cflass Pacm KX Here s poem that Martha wrote about us X A slender cutte tn our class Her name IS Karen and a real ftne lass She s fond of horses as everyone knows And keeps the boys alert on thetr toes Bob Ohde rs our football hero He d play hrs best lf rt was below zero Some day he wants to be dressed rn blue Sol ll leave the rest up to you A lrkeable glrl ts Lrnda Lou What ever you ask her she wrll do When rt comes to cheenng she can yell Mentron late hours and rt rtngs a bell Now there s Kenny who s our newcomer lt surprlsed us all at the end of the summer Where ever you ftnd htm there s usually trouble There s another ltke htm so you re not seelng double Dave s a guy who s quret and nrce So lf you hear htm you better look twrce Hrs work rs speedy never slow When he s around you never know Ron s a guy who talks all the trme You don t even put tn a drme He talks and talks every where he goes But what he savs nobody knows When Jerry s around he s never heard And about others he speaks not a word He s very fond of a glrl named Sandy And to htm she s even sweeter than candy To Nlrs Potts we want to say Thanks to you rn every way Wrthout your help we couldn t have managed It really was a btg adxantage Thrs rs the end there rs no more To tell the truth rt was no chore My name rs Martha, l'd lrke to say For wntrng thrs I expect no pay. 1X v a . 1 ':7":g. '4 1, I I I - . . . . . , , . . . I ' ' I l ' - - ' . . . . I I I ' , , . . , . . , . , , , . . . , A . , , V . A . , , . Lf 1 1 - - I ,, ' l v , I . g V I . , , . , , . ' - Q , I ' ' I f Y , V , . , , HERE IS OUR CLASS WILL I Karen Beatty wrll my posrtron as Homecomrng Attendant and Varsrty Cheerleader my Senror year to Shrrley Dugan I Tom Moran wrll my abrlrty to skrp school to Drck Harrrs 1Don t get caught J I Judy Moran wrll my love for out of State boys to Sue Van Wrnkle I Danny Wrlt wrll my abrlrty to be lazy and get away wrth rt to Ray Srgman CWatch out for Mrss Andersonj Martha Beckley wrll my posrtron as Queen to Dorothy Stafford Bob Ohde wrll my posrtron as Captarn of the Football team to Dean Rrne Lrnda Melrck wrll my posrtron as Football and Basketball Cheerleader my Senror year to Susre Brggs Owen Farmer wrll my sales abrlrty to Joe Flack Delores Freeman wrll my blonde harr to Carole Rrce Keep tryrng Izzy you ll get rt after whrle Bob Frazee wrll my walkrng shoes to Guy Dugan fWatch out for Mr Pottsy Kay Smrth wrll my abrlrty to be the frrst Senror grrl to recerve a dramond rrng to Janrce Pound Jerry Darlrng wrll my abrlrty to go steady my Senror year to Brll Krdd Douglas McKnrght wrll part of my harr to Mr Senft so he won t get hrs head cold next wrnter Ron Southall wrll my srdeburns to Don fElvrsJ Presley Kenny Woodruff wrll my stool at my favorrte hangout to Wayne Darlrng To Mr Potts we wrll a garage to put hrs Crosley rn at Halloween then maybe the boys won t upset Mrs Potts we wrll an extra bottle of dretrng prlls so she won t have to watch her werght so close Mr Senft we wrll a Commercral teacher that wrll always agree wrth hrm Mrss Hopewood we wrll a Latrn Class that doesn t talk all perrod To Mr McVay we wrll a Democracy Class that doesn t get hungry rn the mrddle of the perrod To Mr Boyce we wrll another bunch of Senror grrls who refuse to take the nrne weeks test How drd you explarn the E s on your grade cards grrls'7 To Mr Bateman we wrll a polarord Camera so that he can take prctures and have proof rn a mrnute of what hrs students were dorng To Mrss Wolfe and Mrss Anderson we wrll a prrvate plane so they can fly to Florrda on school vacatrons To the lunrors we wrll our abrlrty to talk teachers out of the assrgnments To the Sophomores we wrll our abrlrty to keep transportatron rn the halls whrle classes are rn sessron To the Freshmen me wrll the abrlrty to thrnk up some new money makrng schemes durrng therr Sophomore year so they won t have to work so hard durrng therr Junror and Senror year To the Erghth Grade we wrll a happy and carefree Freshman year fMake the most of rt because hard work rs on rts wayj To the Seventh Grade we wrll our teachers to gurde you Lrsten to them now O I. . ' ' ' . I, ' . . . . . I I. . . y , . . . . . U I. . ' ' ' . I. . . . . 0 . ,, ,, , . . . I. . ' ' . . I, . ' . . . . . . . I' . , , , n I , . . . I, David Rine, will my shyness to Sue Porterfield. Il 9 I l I I I' . . . . ' . , ' ' ' . " ' if- T0 . , ' ' ' ' ' ' . To . . . . . . . . To . ' . . , . D Q " 0 ' sfmon cI.Ass PROPHECY fl VIY VISIT TO OHIO 1979 I was Ieavtng my class room tn North Caroltna one eventng when I suddenly dectded I would ltke to vtstt my old classmates tn Ohto So I purchased a plane ttcket and planned to leave as soon as school was out Frtday When I got on the plane who was showtng me to my seat but Martha Beckley the new hostess of the ABA Atr Ltnes She tnformed me that Douglas McKntght ts thetr new ptlot and stnce he has been practtctng for 20 years they dectded to let htm try ptlottng for once I was delayed from my trtp when we were forced to make an emergency landtng Whtle watttng who came tnto the watttng room but Ltnda Meltck who ts runntng a beauty salon tn the Htlls Stnce those people ftx thetr own hatr Ltnda satd she s been practtctng on sheep and that she sure had been trtmmtng the wool The plane ts refueled and I am on my way Arrtvtng tn Ohto at 6 PM I dectded to go to an opera and much to my surprtse ftve of my classmates were featured guests They were Ron Southall Davtd Rtne Jerry Darltng Bob Frazee wtth Delores Freeman on the ptano The group sponsored a nattonal contest to choose a name for themselves Who else could wtn tt but Kenny Woodruff The Four Chesternuts and thetr Player Polly What dtd they gtve htm for a Prtze'7 A year s supply of chestnuts I called a taxt to come and take me to my hotel and who was the drtver but Tom Moran He satd he s been worktng for thts company for three weeks and has had only 17 wrecks I felt perfectly safe rtd tng wtth htm When I reached the hotel who ushered me to my room but Kay Smtth I asked her why she chose thts type of work She satd that Jobs were very scarce and she s been trytng for two years to save enough money to buy a btcycle to rtde to work But every ttme she d get a few dollars saved her burro would get stck and she d have to pay out all her money for vetertnary btlls As we were gotng to my room whom dtd we meet but Owen Farmer the vetertnary who had come to collect hts btll of S49 Kay asked htm why tt cost so much He satd the burro had hooftdus Ptcktng up the eventng paper I saw tn the headltnes where Danny Wtlt Supertntendent of the Insane Asylum was hospttaltzed due to tnjurtes he had recetved from a pattent chastng htm wtth an tce ptck Wanttng to see htm before I returned I went to the hospttal and who was there but Bob Ohde who had brought one of hts famous football players tn to have hts arm set He satd he was now coachtng the Henpeck Gtants and they had a very good record 46 losses and 2 wtns Danny has been tn the hospttal for stx days and was then released but wouldn t go home because he was sttll afratd of Happy Ptck Harry It ts now Ilme for me to go to the atrport to board my plane for North Caroltna Oh' there s a Cadtllac and who ts getttng out but Karen Beatty What a surprtse I m gotng over to talk to her She ts on her way to New York after vtstttng a few days at her home tn Henpeck 'Ihere s my plane as Karen ts sttll watttng for her plane she ts walktng out wtth me Who ts that getttng off the plane lean Potts We are certatnly startled at her young appearance She ts now ltvtng tn Flortda and has come back to Ohto to vtstt dear old B I-I S Boardtng my plane I am off to my home It was so ntce to vtstt tn Ohto but I wtll be glad to get back to North Caroltna There s no place ltke home and you see North Caroltna ts my home now I have a famtly of three gtrls and am happtly marrted to a North Caroltntan and am teachtng school durtng the wtnter I wtll see you on my next vtstt to Ohto Judy 'wo Uvioranl A4 rl fpx Name Delores Freeman Lrnda 'vlelrck Judy Moran Karen Beatty Vlartha Beckley Kay Smrth Danny Wrlt Owen Farmer Doug McKn1ght Tom Moran Jerry Darlrng Bob Ohde Bob Frazee Kenny Woodruff Ron Southall Dave Rtne NY? Mif, My ,O imma SENIOR PERSONALITIES Lrkes Men Everybody Havrng Fun Htgh Altrtude oe Cars Grrls Hot Rods Skrpprng School Sandra Football Everyone Women Anythrng Pattv -Xmbrtlon Housewrfe Beautrcran Teacher 'yl wdel Mr Lrne Hostess Housewrfe 'ylechanrc Farmer Mr Force Drrller Husband Coach Vlrlltonarre Shoe Reparrman Teacher 'vlechanrc CAN YOU IMAGINE Karen Beatty Delores Freeman Lrnda Melrck Judy Moran Martha Beckley Kay Smrth Danny Wrlt Owen Farmer Doug McKn1ght Bob Ohde Bob Frazee Dave R1ne Ron Southall Ken Woodruff Jerry Darltng Delores Freeman Karen Beatty Judy 'yloran Lrnda Melrck 'ylartha Beckley Kay Smrth Dannv lyrlt Tom 'yloran Oyy en Farmer Bob Frazee Dave Rrne Doug McKn1ght Bob Ohde Kenny yyoodruff Berng early to school Not betng mad at someone Not crackrng her gum 'slot studyrng Hot roddrng Not berng wrth Joe Not sleeprng rn class Berng serlous Takrng a book home Not talkrng Workrng hard Berng short Berng a Preacher Berng a professor Not fltrtrng wrth grrls Eatrng lunch MY IDEAL BOY AND GIRL Talkrng 'yleatness Intellrgence Herght Ouretness Good Iwature Drmples Clothes Tellrng Jokes Black Harr Good Drsposrtron Frrendlrness Shyness Wrt Noted For Berng Late Chewing Gum Studylng Berng Late Ouretness Good Nature Berng Late Frrendlrness Personalrty Hard yy ork Berng wrth Sandy Sleeptng lntellrgence Jokes Talkrng Neatness I XI NRS Ron Southall Jerry Darlrng Reckless Drrvrng Romances Bud Porterfreld Stan karlywrne Jtm Davrdson Btll Krdd Donnre Woodruff Dean Rlne Sharon Beatty Yvonne Beatty Sue Porterfreld Sandy Wa e Carole Rrce Sue Van ly rnkle Judy Ross Susre Brggs Janrce Pound Sandy Hughes T. I. ' ' v ' I ' ' 1. . . . . A . A . ... . .. .... ' I 1 9 H1 W ... ' f -I if 7 Tom Moran ...... . . . .... ' Q J -I , 54 D V . 'X .s.. ,J ..,. M 'V A ....... . . .... ' 4 EN I I E ' L y . . ' llr i A is .ff .K Y L. K , , Vf 'B 'F wf'Q? efii Y' 's , A A, -3 af' 2, V , 'f w Zn,-'H'.. '.+ , ,W 4' ' as is , r 1 ' u ' Q' f at ' 51524 fi at 4. rig fi , A,., . ,,,Q, 1 Y Y. Q I x dk .1 H535 Y 'E ,J-sq, 'I Q 'Sli 9...- JUNIOR3 Shirley Dugan, Ray Sigman, Stan Earlywine, Bud Porterfield, Jim Davidson, Carole Rice, Donna Lyons Carole Beaver, Sandy Waller, Janice Pound, Marjorie Pipes, Sharon Thompson, Dorothy Stafford, Sue Van Winkle, Wayne Darling, Dick Harris, Bill Kidd, Guy Dugan, Judy Ross. vf 2 , X055 900 President ...... .. Sue Van Winkle Vice-President . . .. Ray Sigman Secretary ...... . . Dorothy Stafford Treasurer ....... . . Sharon Thompson Student Council ..... .. Stanley Earlywine Our class of I3 girls and 8 boys selected Mr. Bateman for advisor at the beginning of the school year. Mr. Senft was supervisor of the concession -- what a lot of work! Jim Davidson, Stanley Earlywine, Bud Porterfield, Bill Kidd, and Ray Sigman were on the football squad. Dorothy Stafford, Shirley Dugan, and Susie Biggs were among the football cheerleaders. We were sure proud of them. Sandy Waller was our attendant to the Homecoming Queen of 1953. Seven of our boys were on the Varsity Basketball Team -- Bud Porterfield, Stanley Earlywine, Jim Davidson, Bill Kidd, Ray Sigman, Wayne Darling and Guy Dugan as Captain. Shirley Dugan and Doro thy Stafford were Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders. This spring we had our Junior-Senior Prom and our Junior Play. A lot of work but a lot of fun, also! SOPi-IOMORES P55 OF 29 CY 07 Last fall nineteen of us began our Sophomore year together, We chose Mr, Senft as our advisor. The following officers were elected: President ...... ... Glenn Knight Vice President ,, , , , Carolyn Melick secretary .................... ... Yvonne Beatty Treasurer ..................... ... Marilyn Dugan Student Council Representative .. . . .. Carolyn Scott A few of the Sophomore boys participated in school sports. Dean Rine, Glenn Knight, Gene Ohde, played football, Five of the boys, Dean Rine, Gene Ohde, Glenn Knight, Earl Thompson, and Gerald Farmer played basketball, This year we had two Reserve Cheerleaders, Dorothy Hill, and Yvonne Beatty. Yvonne was also chosen the Sophomore attendant to the Homecoming Queen. We've had a nice year and are looking forward to our Junior year. FIRST ROW: Marilyn Dugan, Patty Billman, Dorothy Hill, Yvonne Beatty, Kathy McKee, Patty Melick, Sandra Hughes, Carolyn Scott, Carolyn Melick. SECOND ROW: Gerald Farmer, Donald Presley, Danny Rine, Dean Rine, Glenn Knight, Gene Ohde, Bruce McKnight, Marvin Wilt, Paul Galwitz. Q FRE3i-IMEN JS FIRST ROW: Jean Dugan, Glenna Petry, Nancy Moran, Sue Porterfield, Velma Wilt, Cheryl Rine, Diana Davidson, SECOND ROW: Larry Smith, Jerry McKnight, Robert Priest, Joe Flack, Jeff Moran, Duane Dugan, Keith Hardesty, Jim Morton, Ronnie Baker. Last fall eighteen of us began our Freshman year together, Later by illness Bessie Rose left us. Miss Anderson was elected as our Advisor. The following officers were elected: President ...... .... S ue Porterfield Vice-President ... . .. Glenna Perry Secretary ..... lean Dugan Treasurer ........ .. Cheryl Rine Student Council ................ Ronnie Baker The following boys participated in sports, Football: Keith Hardesty, Ronnie Baker, Duane Dugan, Jim Morton, Joe Flack. Basketkall: Ronnie Baker, Robert Priest, Duane Dugan. This year we are proud to have two Reserve Cheerleaders - Diana Davidson and Velma Wilt, Diana was also chosen the Freshman attendant to the Homecoming Queen. 196 This is our Christmas Party I" -9 UNDERCLASSMEN Elass of I 964 Bobby Arnold Charlene Jones Charlotte Freeman sharon Beattx Llllda Davrdson Lrnda Wrllex Harold Blue Kerth Petry Judy Pexron Charlotte Nfltlxnrght Frances Annett Mary Jo Kwrlt Judy Jason Stephen Gallmltz Gary Smo thers lomrry Veatth Danny Glass Kenneth Prrest Ronnte Rector Roger Darlrng Nlartra Knrbht Mary Lourse lwnrght C eryl 'NJCNBJIJS Carole Nh Nlarna Ruby Presley Dax n Prentrte 61455 af I 963 Charlotte Rose Kay Vrazee Lrnda llrll Kay Clrne Judy lxrlt Rrehard Thompson Lester McKee Encrl Delong JIITJITU Baker Ronme Annett Robert Hams lx ay ne Claggett John Rrce lxelson Blue Ron ald Sharp Bob Dale Harrrs Zane Darlrng ELEMENTARY Dianna Rector Roy Sharp Mr. Biggs Steryl Melick Joellyn Stull Paul Annett Esther Burson Stanley Johnson Glorta H111 Gary Shoults Carol Hanna 11m Ear1yw1ne Nancy Farmer Tom Knrght Jane Darhng Ronald Rlne Nancy R1ne Howard Porterfteld Iackte Gault Roger Brllman Donna Ashcraft Tom Beatty Earl Scholes Tamara Beatty Greg Thompson Ltnda Roupe Jrm Dugan Mary Beever Lon Lepley Carolyn Flack ! x Q 'X y gy-W ' Q ' g S - -N 4. my - vs 1 WWW?-U , -1-t ' "' ' ' X J , gl . -v 4- ' , mira? 1-31. W Z 5' YH Q 'X'3ws' Nfl nk 512 a"l"'N,,g-an i - :Ira 'Ili mm 1 0492494 pt' -...D .fr I K 91 Ji f-,, dl' 1 V . . M23 A if 0 ,arf 'SI' A an Q I M Q Q M . i B Q 1 3235, W ab.. V wif 5211 11. N -." 1 6 gt ' " ' -" "'- 4 -9. "' N ,pg rv we ' af 'H- .5 r ' ' ,, 17 ' 4 h B B ft gf!! N ' ,Bs g i A :Um I M Rfk SW 3 B B ,rfs Q at 1 B ff 1 ' is nit, Q i A 1 ,ix M M A V D Q tm. 1 . k I Fl aa w ,W vt 1 1 I . 'jf " f B 'M , ig fs Karen Wright N A gig i ig .B.,' N il AW Why B B X fx 'ar B- 'tr' 'rg AFX M x .A 4 Y KJ' Ml 2 V 5, "' -In , W ' 'vi i Br 'B M' , ' fig ' " B ' v -f't' -N I. Y - N' Brita ' ' 1 B B, ' B , 1 y y B 2138, y B 5 , r' 5 q that , .4 ,J 1 X , ' , W 5 4 M ,, B 0 Wy 4 0 it B so 4 B - -t af Jx If 1 I 1 Il' 7 . N! A 7 I - inn Ba r L1 " 4- 1' r W B X U I W . t , ' B 4 ' yyyy' 7 in Mrs. Ewart Potts Stull vada Perry hn Knight aron Shoemaker ther Rice arolyn Blue mes Gault andice Hardesty dwin Davidson eah Allen avid Lashley arbara Arnold wis Casto arilyn Lyons ola Scoles usan Bowser tanley Mizer oAnn Delong 'chard Kidd oyce Flack aniel Ohde 'lary Anre Gallwitz avid Stricker Kay Glass Richard Smith Helen Annett David Frazee Velma Burson avid Schwartz ,r .4 U. 'Q W, Thomas Kidwell "' 5' VA , Nancy McKee , Stephen Kidvell I A X 4 Z l X' 4' ,z, k I. fi' 1 an f 0 in " A' "V an V' 'Q if 1 Q ' s ' 1, 9 Q ,,f P by 'V Q .,V 4 -'st ff if i V4 ws yfwli K in 1 L W f I VIVV A l I 3 V f v.iA N-Bi! " ,Ox W 4 if S ' h 'f WR if t an ,. ,s .. .c 1 W 1 , ,,,. , :S 'S yas -Q ,X 5 .,, W, fl ,M ,iv A .6 4 - " """ 1 1 Q oss 'r 4' X' V Q. Av- "" N - lx S Q ff Q H" Y f dpis.-.No 5 A f gi, s Q . 'ffm ,,, ,,, Y H 1 5 Q P Q ' Q f 'N I .,-.,41x, '95 S 9 r Nz- QQ i Q Q v " 'v fm Q , .M 'ia tilt l ,ltfli 4 J rn J ,',, A ' ws. 4 is ff CQ '- A W' wifi X it 'Q X' Nl I'-. AP! vw I ICU 'Rf i ai, X.. S. 49 N ,Q3 H- KYDTJ P X J Yi Wm. Kidd Carolyn Lashlel Bobby Woodrn I rnda lxnrght stanley Leplex Xancx Wrrght Roger Toothma Donna Rrne Larry Nlrlls Nancy NICIICR Denny Davrdson Drane Hanna 'virs Funk Grnger Cumberledge Sammy Bowser Drxre Horn Trmothy VanW1nkle Betty Darlrng Rlcky Hanna Jesse Ashcraft Janet Flack Larry Roblnson Rosemary Thompson Davrd W1lley Garr5 Nlrlls Frank Ivan Nlarx Jewell Clarence Strrcke , I f ,K , as J, 4- f 4 51' I J f ' ' Q -S 1 1 J ' V: J J ' X f If I r 'V lx l H H' as A 1 I' A ' V V 4, J A 'Y D '1 QQ, ,Q V in L ' ff J ' ' rf 1 J YQ J fa' rrrr 2 x. yy, as mf? A, lv I . f 9 1 A ri, J A J, ,FN N 'x QL lf ' 'a .I I A Yi l . J A 1 e-i , - 1 if A A wx' I es Y J LL' XR - I Q rl V lg Vw HW . . 4 " I M W I 4. el- 1 M ' 9 N L ' . ' 1 f ax J ' ' MN 7 Q 4 1 M 7 U, 3 1 V Jacqueline Frost . I 7 V. ,A In '12 ir A' " J . 'W 5 ,5Z7Zl-lim' N 7 i i J ff ,J s s PJ A J, J J N, s , ' '- A 1 A -o-V J-1 Q an W 'W ' . , I , W- ' Q an J- A milf . . J : ' X-. fl 4 wild, ' . J fs 152 '- A 4 'ar 4 1 ,Q gg ' Q Y J ' x I J Xf J X FN M 'A ' -Jw . 4 ' n' W- 1 f I fy ii L J A . f 5 wa.. fist lg: 5 James Wrlt bl Janet Moran 4- Edgar Annett 'Jf E X' . 2 r gp r :j5,1 5,54 VXA i D ff' 6 if a ' by ff vp ' E 5 - pp. ' 414 . Q H '97ffe4Q'+., I K fl fvfilffis fa ' S- . Mrs, Stull E vig . ,ffy Q 72 it I N 5 . 1 V P y K A ',,V 4' H 4 H ' ' I . .g:, ' 1 .,A, gd ,, ' , ""f"!,:' , E an ,Q 1 r a,, as r X4 H Kg tai: : ,L .ui lla : X it 'J ::':!: :Sufi ' .A l 5 I If lr X 1 .' f ' " ' . l L f . L X 'Qi E" R 4 r s 1 .2 X KX Q H 'E fi i L I ' A X" ' ' af If K ...M . ' 6 Lv s , ' s,..,F iL,W,, L, ,X . 4 -L35 if QL , 4 -nl 'L J., iv , . 41 .Ili -W f 7 f QA Esta Kay McKn1ght Davrd Gallwrtz Esther Hanna Donald Davrs Karen Harms sue Vanwrnkle Lou Vanwrnkle Cathy Wrlt Myra Kmght Pamela Krdwell Leah Chne Jennre Ashcrafr Vrckr Norman Charles mtrrcker VlCk1C Ivan Jane Earlywrne Ugg!!! I it :ri-su? 1 1 f A Q A' ap- 'E no ,ax 4 mr If t 1 an K Jia 4, 06 -1 I sv' 'gb' :zz 31 lf f ,wr Drxre Davrdson Glorla Morton Kay Vanwrnkle kk Stephen B11lman Terry Ashcraft Davrd Fowls Drckre Davxdson Patty Stucker Jennre Darlrng Wanda Scoles Jane Jewell Patty Hall J 'J 3 V 5 I A J J J M, J g J 2 , ykwg, y Q 1 it 1 K A G sf' ' Q 4 T, A ' ig J.- ' ,I 0 M--', is 5 x , Xl. 'X J fs 3 ,fy f"1 J, X A gg! ' ffm J Q- , VIA, f 'ak It W. 51' 'E W iw . M A 4 9' xr, .1 I I f V nh Q, .3 ' ' , J J ". J all V' J' 2. . 2 . V x,yl,. V V ' ,Y i U ' +1 We r t '11 A. 4? xy. Q 1 T 5 K Q 4' Q ' s YJ J , 1. A 1 I J, V 1 'Y -.E 5 - ., f . 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U Qi 14, t llllf VA em A y x 4 - dh' y yf'I'1, 2,57 0 J Vlike Baker Iwancy Rowley Susan Norman Rodney Johnson Miss Martin Sharon Toothman Cindy Knight Mike Stricker Bonnie Johnson Dorothy Ohde Jane Vanwinkle Gregg Potts Susan Harden Kenny Moran Carole Melick David Billman Richard Hill Bobby Beach George Annett Niike McKnight Kevin Kidwell Joe Hall Gary Wheeler Eugene Thompson YB S is L K 3 3- .7 16:9 . ' V . A f we is - Q i Z 1 if ' if' , 9 ,, .vm .Q Q fn 0 -'Z . 7.! X f V "v 8 ' I ' Un nf' , fill- ' ' , We!!! wgfe 4 ,J 319 -- A ,f y A . ,ff , ,, ' V, i Q f- .., , , v an - X - Q ,,- ts 1 5 idli , VX: .P .,,, J y --. i r 1 r ,yyi f Q 4 A -0 9- 4 bu, 6 .D vs A.' - - A in' s X " ' N 'V -V Donnie Smith , I V I K y f . , A i S , 1 'wi ff' - , n ' ' ' Q. - ., ,., 0 0 .- .,. -f 1' . . I Ai ,, I 'g 'I I J I. . 1 ., . - - S - --f N VS s X 'M i' , ,I I 'V x I K fs U ' : 5' : A J6.Q9.,+6-v Z Y - w V W , 4 4 " Q V A - 4 -u l 1 K -Q ' - .Y v kr X Q ri, 7 ' ','X. 'Q 9 9 .-. 3. 1 Ji' I ' rg' A 'Q it 'wg a , 1 ' .. 6 4 4. ,N 'Q 9 l Q 5 K IQX N if B X J, X J' A 'l B3 R gist' W? Vg 1 Q I J X 1 A Q' I L N Q ,N af 'fl 3 nf 'PE - O 'Q Sw! iw-4 F! H B 'diffs Q A ii ,P . ,Z A 7 Lg . Y ' f Q' x I' ink i39qeeL'Gi'A 31. A A'l'i-ILETIC Q F 9 7 9 BASEBALL 58 FIRST ROW Earl Jones Gene Ohde Marv1n W1lt Don Presley Glenn Kmght Ron Southall Earl Thomp son Danny W1lt SECOND ROW Mr Senft Joe Baker BudPorterf1e1d Stanley Earlywrne Don Prrest Guy Dugan Bob Ohde B1ll Kldd J1lTl Davldson Dean R.1ne For the second year 1n success1on our boys flnrshed 1n second place 1n the county tournament We de feated Howard lll the Sem1 f1ll3.1S but lost to Frederrcktown 1n the flnals We drew Pleasantvrlle 1n the D1str1ct tournament and lost a hard fought game 3 O However Pleasant vrlle went on to be drstrrct champs S1nce most of our squad 15 back we are lookrng forward to a real good season agarn Ih1S year Prtchers Joe Baker Bob Ohde Infrelders Eddle Booth 11m Davrdson Dean Rlne B111 Krdd Catcher Stanley Earlywme Kougratulafzous in x fa the Smmr Klass af 1959 and to the Afhlsfzc Ccams far I slr successful smsans Wm Jlflawery l D, f V I ' : ' 9 I I I , I , D Outfielders . . . . . . . . .Donald Priest, Gene Ohde, Guy Dugan A gt' Q7 ' sf, Y. L - f 3 i l l S N Q Nl ,, f f B ' 1 ' 11 E My -any 4 .,.. ul Q ima 1 . me 14 3. CAP. BOB . .. f ffl' E32 'f -Qi ' Q A K . 1' X ,, WTI ff .A ,,,, ., fw.:.'..w!gw' f- .rf J 422 ' 1""51.,, A . . E M r w is I I L55 4- "tak .rv-n.ung.-,,4uw A-:.4n':f ww, . 5 ruff, . . 9, ig ,. ,, ?'1"ql CHAMPS All County Selection On February 9 the curtain rang down on Bladensburg's best basketball season -- this was the date of our victory over St. Vincent. With this victory our team gained a share of the KNOX COUNTY LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP. We already had a share of the KNOX -MORROW LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP. With these two championships to our credit we were first-round winners in the tournament but were a semi-final loser to Danville and lost a close one to Howard in the consolation game. Looking back over the year we hope that we offered you many thrills and much jubilation while win- ning I5 and kming only 6. A WORD FROM YOUR FANS, BOYS: A salute to a real fine basketball teaml Also, a salute for your coachl A fine job, Bill. We are all looking forward to next year. OWEN STAN BOB es Blades Blades Blades Blades Blades Blades Blades Blades Homer Hartford Centerburg Alexandria Amity Gambier St. Vincent Sparta Johnsville Chesterville Blades Blades CHAMPS Season's Record 45 Blades 31 Blades 53 Blades 39 Blades 43 Blades 56 Blades 37 Blades 26 Blades 49 37 Tournament 60 Centerburg 54 Danville Cfzptaln GUY iff' BIL1 Marengo Danville Centerburg Amity Gambier Howard St. Vincent Howard SENFT Coach Blades Blades Blades Blades Blades Blades Blades Blades Blades Blades Blades Blades Blades Blades Blades Blades Blades COMMENTS FROM THE BOYS Although our record 15 not as impressive as last year s we worked very hard and we hope that we improved with each game We gave our all and feel certain that each team we played felt that they had had a tough battle A big thank you to our Coach B111 for a Job well done Also a thank you to our Manager George Cline COMMENTS FROM THE COACH Ray Sigman A real scrapper who added lots of fire Forward 40 Earl Thompson Noted for coming up with a basket when it is needed Forward - 20 Ronnie Baker --- Lack of s1ze was his only drawback Forward - 30 Glen Knight ---- A real offensive threat who helped us control those boards Center - 22 Wayne Darling - Though a newcomer to the game this year added much needed Guard - 54 defen ive strength Dean Rine ---- Our leading scorer and also was that all important playmaker Guard - 44 Substitutes ---- Gerald Farmer 4245 Duane Dugan 1345 and Robert Priest 1325 "I enjoyed the year boys You re a fine group with which to work Homer Hartford 22 I7 22 30 28 42 22 23 30 i6 39 41 27 44 34 Centerburg Alexandria Amity Gambier St. Vincent Sparta Johnsville Chesterville Danville Marengo Centerburg Amity Gambier Howard St. Vincent Pr1est Ronnre Rector Manager RogerDarl1ng Jrmmy Baker Wayne Claggett Robert Harrrs Nelson Blue Bob Dale Harrls JohnR1ce Mr H I G H l l 2 BE, Tommy Veatch, Keith Petry, Harold Blue, Lester Mg:Kee, Kenneth KNOX COUNTY CHAMPS 20 ' ' ' - . ' 28 22 . . . 42 24 . , ' ' 21 24 . . .- . . 34 34 ' ' 21 51 . . . I3 47 . . . . 48 ' . I7 45 - ' 3 37 ' 2 ' 2 ' 26 at 2 4 L J l C E U H H A N I E D I G E E O H R R R S Blades Blades Blades Blades Blades Blades Blades Blades Blades Blades Sharon Beatty, Marcia Knight. The Junlor Hlgh Team had a very 1lT1 pressrve season record of 7 w1ns and 3 losses However then season record was surpassed by a thrrllrng semr f1nal tournament vrctory over Frederrcktown and a 20 pornt vlctory over Gambler in the Fmals Hats off to our best Junlor Hrgh Team ever' I ll TOURNAMENT Blades 7 Frederlcktown 5 Blades 46 Gambrer St Vmcent Danvllle Gambler Danvrlle Centerburg Howard Columbla Howard St Vmcent Columbra Charlotte Rose Jud y Wilt. ACTIVITIES This choir has made many appearances giving programs and broadcasts. SENIOR CHOIR: Even though this is an elective subject the enrollment is very high. This shows a decided interest of the student body in music education. BAND: The BLADES MARCHING BAND is a combination of the Junior and Senior Band. Some of their activities for the year follow: I. Football games away and home -- halftime shows. Attractive formation of these halftime shows. add color and spirit to our games. 2. Community Service -- Church programs, local parades and parades in neighboring communities, school assemblies. 3. Exchange concerts with other schools. 4. Local concert group for our own community. GENERAL MUSIC PROGRAM! We have a Music Education Program which includes instruction in vocal, instrumental and musical theory. The majority of our students participate in at least one phase of the music program. Several students in at least two of these activities. Therefore, our program is quite comprehensive. We hope that you enjoy our musical presentations as much as we enjoy preparing for them and pre- senting them to you. ,,, , ,, X .,,. ..4,,' -4,-f ',i1 ':?f2'?92f4,'f:v 1hQi7 f4'!4s. ' -x 4, ' ,V ' .Away ., ,. J W .A I , f- , A V' . - , 5' mf A. DFS HEAD MAJORETTE: Kathy McKee. MAJORETT ES: Sharon Thompson, Judy Ross, Dorothy Hill, Janice Pound LIBRARIAN: Sandra Hughes SECRETARY: Patty Billman Kenneth Priest, Velma Wilt, Cheryl Rine, Carolyn Scott, Yvonne Beatty, Carolyn Melick, Patty Melick, Marcia Knight, Charlotte Freeman, Cheryl Mcklains, Mary Beever, Dianna Rector, Nir. Boyce. Bobby Arnold, Ronnie Lyons, Ronnie Annett, Linda Lashley, Jackie Gault, Gloria Hill, Esther Burson, Linda Hill, Jean Dugan, Marilyn Du an Carole Mckiains Leah Allen, Robert Priest Donna Rine Velma Burson, Barbara Arnold Candy Hardesty g . ' . . . . Tonda Potts, Nancy McKee, Mary Jewell, Karen Wright, Nancy Rine, Joellyn Stull, Sandra Hughes, Frank lvan, Stanley Lepley, Jerry Stull, David Stricker, David Schwartz, Jimmy Gault, Bobby Woodruff, David Willy, Jessie Ashcraft, Patty Billman, Our Schw Hand Q1 cv'-J II uhm - Karfn L1 IOP Homecomzhg HL Ikfillll - Vtwlllc' Sophomoru ' 1 ll 6' 6' lfl gnu:- if ffm' 'CP f , Q 6 fx 4 ITgIIC8UI q NNW - Sandy Iuxmwr tt Il ul - DMM! Emshman .1 UNWDR ENKDR PRCMA 7958 1 AJ' 'I 931' EVENTS WE WILL REMEMBER 9 09 1? F39 0 ev OF 6 GZ' VYSSQK' Ox ofqo 05 10.4 L! .PQ C2 J 8336, be 00 L -9006, 0 e fo DVI C5299 S Wg po F r S CXQ 'I September F1rst day of school some glad some sad Now work begms Football Prevrew at Hartford Blades look f1ne Second week of school SCDIOIS are 1n Newark after Annual Ads Frrst Football game Look out Marengo FIFSI day of Magazme Campa1gn Football game We beat Homer Sophomores order therr Class rmgs Semors go annual ad huntmg Watch out Mt Vernon Sen1ors at work on the Year Book Y, ' O O 'C Q ,, : Q, Q 0' l f jf 50 tx N . '., Q 3 61? 1 . Q A 1 ' ., A 2 K - e 1 e-.. n A, F X ' , " , Q ' ax' 1 D A f , 5-.3,,-...-.., .!,?iI!, V I .f . 'N ' ,fa C3488 6 XA Gan A - O S 12 50 2 ' -- -- . 3 ' - 6 ' -- ' . IO -- ' ' . I2 ' ' -- . I7 . . . n 18 -- . 22 ' ' . 23 ' ' -- . . 26 ' . 9 N F' OCTOBER Voted for Queen and her Court Bob Frazee s birthday Another football game at Homer Puddm s birthday she sard ouch more than once that day Decorating for Homecoming Game Homecom1ng Game Beat Gambler Another Football game Look out Hartford It was another VICIOIV for the Blades Senior s are having p1ctures taken today We go to Howard for Football game Excrtlng game last night It was a victory for the Blades Blades beat Alexandria NOVEMBER Seruor s have car wash and bake sale Basketball Cheerleaders elected 4 Varsity 4 Reserve Cheerleaders go to Newark to P1Ck therr outfits Buhla The Magicran was here today Band Tag Day at Mt Vernon Magazlne Dance Gifts presented Karen s birthday All the Seniors were 1n the o'f1cel First Basketball game Homer away Gettmg off to a good start Another Basketball game at Hartford We Won! Hurrah for the Blades Thanksgiving Vacation Begins Hurrah DECEMBER Basketball game Centerburg away We won' Judy s birthday What fun Marengo away We won again' Tom s brrthday Did you get spanked? Amlty away Another win for the Blades Gamb1er home Three cheers St Vincent away What do you thmk? A one po1nt loss P T A Chrlstmas Party Santa was there, too Sparta home Back in the winning column again' Home Economic Christmas tea for the Mothers gave mothers aprons Room Christmas Parties Christmas Vacation Begins Hurrah' JANUARY Back to school Kinda nice to be back' Working on Annual and we do mean working! State Inspection Everyone acted like angels Mr Jones was n1ce too Delores Owen and Sue were in the office we wonder why? ho school Bad weather N10 school This 15 monotonousl No school Brg Flood Hardshrps for a lot of families Ballgame We won Sure of a t1e for first place in Knox Morrow League Ballgame Centerburg Band Booster Supper I . 2 ' . 3 . 8 . . . n . . 9 . . . IO -- . I7 -- . 18 ' . zo ' ' ' ' . 24 . 25 . . , U . u 31 ' . Back to school -- Wonderful Vacation -- Turkey and all the trimmings. L -.. t FEBRUARY 3. 1? 1' N . . , , Junior High Tournament. 0 Q St. Vincent -- Won -- County Co-Champs. X . I3-I4 County Basketball Tournament. 'J' ' f l 27 Howard Band Booster. A ., ' 'X 3, I j C wen Xxx ' 6 'P s MARCH K J. fi I .J 5.-J '- .. I-I2 Senior Play Practice. ' 171 I3 Senior Play "You're Only Young Once" "I I4 Skating Party. 20 End of 9 weeks. APRIL f I Pre -School Conference ongv 1 lN'A p 1 I6 24 26 31 4 Band Booster Play 8 Army-Navy representative to talk to Senior Cla 25 Athletic Banquet. MAY Junior Class Play Junior-Senior Prom . . . . . . What Fun! Baccalaureate Commencement . . . We finally made it! We leave for Senior Trip ..... What a fine time! S if I ADVERTISING .ALL f0gI"Cll9A if of the General Repair and Portable Welding Sinclair Products GA 7-2637 Mt. Vernon Ohio Bladensburg Ohio ASHCRAFT Registered Jeweler American Gem Society ALLEN JEWELERS Mt Vernon Phone EX 2 8037 Ohio Compliments of All Sfafe ART S BODY SHOP Phofo Co 615 Sandusky Street Vernon Ohio ANNARINO BROTHERS NEW CENTER CAFE 73 East Main Stieet Newark Ohio JULE WILDI Photographer I Specialized School Photopiaphy TROUSERS An uncommon noun singular at the top and plural at the bottom ANT A small hard working little insect that always finds time to go to picnics Mt. ' . . ri ' ' Newark Ohio I y I 2 " V . Compllments of H L Arr Your Jeweler A Home Owned SLOIG Youl COHLIGLHCC Bullt Phone FAl1faX 37571 Newark Ohlo Judy Boy Today lS the blg exam and am I nervous I even have bUtL91fllGS 1D my stomach Kalen Why don t you take an asp111n9 Judy I dld Kaxen what happened? Judy The bUtt9Ff11GS started playlng plng pong w1th lt Banbury Lumber Company Lumbe1 Bulldlng Materlal Aleo Contlact Wolk Phone 4142 Danvllle Ohlo lfardm Q INEW ARKD 'VIOST COMPLETE DAIRY Phone FAl1f3X 4 0531 B 8fL AUTO SUPPLY Auto Parts ACC9SSOTl9S QUAKER STATE OIL 68 West Maln St1eet Newalk Oh1O LEWIS F BRANSTOOL GIHID Feed Seed Fence TwlHO3kS 23831 UtlCa Ohlo . 1 1 . O 1 H E , 1 , - ' A i ' vv . . . i , . . L A , , , . . ' v ' A - ,- "If Ifs Bordcu,s - It's Got To Be Good" I D . 0 1 - . W . v . . . , . . . IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIII IIIIIIII IIIIII I 3 U IIIIIIII Compliments YOUNGS JEWELERS 23 East Church Street W F BABBS Utlca Ohlo Newark Ohlo BLADENSBURG FEED MILL Master Mlx Hardware 5 Feeds Fenclng Graln Q Truckln Seeds QQ 5 5 kd Bladensburg Ohlo BECKLEY S SOHIO BECK S POINT DRIVE IN Blg Beck Sandwlch Beck s Coney Island Let Us Servlce Your Cal Fr9nCh Frles EtC Whlle You Shop Ice Cream Soft Freeze Cor Gambler Q Mulberry Streets ROUYG 13 South Mt Vernon, Ohlo Velnon Ohlo -gf A Al' A if' ' 5 ' gn r I 1 . g . I A Q U I , : - V A V 3 Q V . N . ' 'A ' -qu' 5' , I v vy ' , ' , . . . ,, , ' Mt. ' ' CAt the MOVIE, Compllments of Newark Oh1o Mr Potts rlght? Mrs Potts Yes M Potts on you? Mrs Potts M Potts Mrs Potts Yes Can you see all Is there a draft Seat comfortable? Mr Potts Mlnd changlng places? Mi Vernon Boffled Gas Company For COOklHg Heatlng Refrlgeratlon and Industry P O Box 806 Mt Vernon Oh1o Telephone EX 2 6986 Compllments of THE COMMERCIAL 8. SAVINGS BANK Deposlts Insured Up to S10 000 COMPANY Danvllle Oh1o r. : . : No. r. : O o 0 1 0 , . IIIIIIIIIII'IIIIIIII'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIII 7 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIlIIII Carlile s where prices are no higher and selections are larger Corhle Furmfure 81 Rug Company Licking County s Finer Furniture Store west Main Street Newark at Arcade Annex Ohio CRANE KRIEG FLORY Black 5 Decker and Delta Electric Tools North ll S Park Newark Ohio Compliments Donvllle Hordwore Compony Phone Lynwood 9 2971 Danville Ohio in Newark Satisfied Customers Always BEAUTY PARLOR where the talk alone 1S enough to curl your hair COAL A purchase which goes not only to the buye1 but to the cellai . , V . . . , O I I! ' ' V ' ' IV -x - Winchester Guns and Ammunition ' ! l IIIlIIIII V' U 1 V H DALRYMPLE ELECTRIC SERVICE 1 DANVILLE RESTAURANT Pott 1 ca a Dan y W No wo de We Apprec ate Y Pat age ug fl a S Da vllle Oh Besf Wishes To The Class of 1959 The Danville Bank Danville Ohio 6 f 9 e 0 J Qs G A 9 6 0 o Q50 0 0 Q O X 6+ 9 O X 57636 J M t. V e r o O h ' o Mr. s: A foo n sk more questions than a wise On the Square man can answer. n .: n r so i Our TOD many of unk ex m n ' io Compllments of Dcmvllle Tlmes Commerclal Job Prlntlng Publlshlng Phone 1421 Danvllle Ohlo DAVIDSON S SOHIO SERVICE QM K is flu Wx' Lubr1cat1on Tlres Batterles X5 Accessorles 1.- K Corner Church and Maln X X1 QQ:-f' Blade-nsburg NNN- V X 13, GA 7 3029 Ohlo Danville Top Room Prop Chop and Sheldon Danvllle Ohlo 1 ak, lu xwxk' VIQ F Q . X X g li A xqr l A N lf , A A Nl D 1 D x - ,V l l XqgM f N L! v. 3v ?H, Qf F. - xg. , , 'Y I: ll ., X ,f - ' DRY CREEK CRUSHED GRAVEL C0 Phone FAl1faX 6 4481 R D ?3 Mt Vernon Road Newark Ohlo Use Our Beautlful Spllt Stone 1D Your New Home 53 Dealers In Sand Gravel Concrete Brlcks Steel WlHdOWS Bullders Supplles Mortar O i I I 7 l VY ' ' - ' YV xxx 1 XX. t 5 ' f ,V-L" - Ti B ,xr X , A a'Af, f ,Q4 "f,, ily' , AH' ' W K - , ,"Y , 1 ,t-, tA" f fjffl pw ,-,WeFH"W' W' T 1 ,..fP 'Q' ",. ' "A, 'fg4'g'fLif1y7lff?if'f?fZ q If fiy -Y -1-f"'4 on 'l Vt ,ii ,ffy J ,.-' ,ff f ' n r t f',4 f f f' r XX VY 'I DAGWOOD S RESTAURANT Mrs Potts Bob what words are most commonly used 1n 277 E mam sr Aflthmetlcf' Bob I don t know Open 24 Hours Mrs Potts That s correct Newark Ohlo R H Cox Red 81 Whlfe Grocerles and Meats Phone 4391 Danv111e Ohlo DUSTHIMER FUNERAL HOME Lynwood 9 2041 Danvllle Ohlo Congratulates the Senlor Class of 1959 Mt Vernon Ohlo EARDLEY LUMBER CO Lumber A BU1ld1Ug Supplles Phone TW 22991 Utlca Oh1o DURBINS DAIRY BAR Home Made Ice Cream Phone 4031 Danvllle Oh1o DON - RAYS ELLIOTT 8. VANCE International Harvester Farm Equipment Parts 8 Seivice Phone TW 2-2831 Endsley's General Sfore Groceries Schill Furnaces Full Line of Plumbing Supplies Utica Ohio Millwood Ohio EARLYWINE GENERAL STORE OUR AIM IS TO PLEASE YOU Groceries 8 Hardware Phone GA 7 4131 Bladensburg EDMISTON BOOK STORE on the squaie Newaik Ohio Ohio Bob O I was fishing yesterday and I missed a two pound trout a two pound one if it got away from you9 Bob O It had the scales al ready on it vv vw r 1 ' L . Torn M.: HOW do you know was Elome Shop Ladles Coats Sults Dresses M1111nery Handbags Costume Jewelry Hoslery Llngerle Isabel Fowls Featurlng Betty Rose Dresses and and Mary Lane Youthful Half Slzes Kathleen Upham Proportloned Coats Tall Average Petlte Owners Sty11sh Stouts Mt Vernon, 0h1o Compllments FREDDIE S INN Jlm D I ll g1V9 you S5 for that dog Stan E NOthlHg dolng I beagle and part bull Jlm D Whlch part lS bull? Louisville Ohlo Stan E The part about the 50 Former s Orchard Apples Peaches Grapes Cherrles Honey In Season 2 M11es West of New Castle on Route 715 Phone GA 7 2620 FOSTER S Prescrlptlon Pharmacy Phone EX 20911 Mt Vernon Ohlo CARL H GALLEHER Insurance Consultant Natlonwlde Insurance Phone EX 3 5826 20 East Hlgh Mt. Vernon, Ohlo . . , . of . .Z ' Q pald S50 for 1t. It's part st. ' ' ' -1 S . 1 1 Founded 1871 I FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF UTICA OHIO Helpful Bank SGFVICG Compllments Four Pmes Inn UtlCa Ohlo I Hagans Furnlfure Company Flne Furnlture Rugs and Carpets EV9FythlHg New fo1 the Home Danvllle Ohlo H ' - H Q - - of I U I C I I H ' . 1 rv ' x Gulde Thls castle has stood S for s1x hundred yeals Not a stone has been touched nothlng replaced and nothlng altered Grade A Bally Products Tourlst They must have the same landlord we have Utica Ohlo rw 2 3751 Successfully S6TV1Ug Over 100 Years The Farsi Knox Nohonol Bank Mt Vernon Ohlo Establlshed 1847 ember F D I HAMMOND S STORE Haynes Bros Inc Jewelers Groceries Dry Goods 12 East Park Place North Fresh Meats Work Clothlng Newark Ohlo H Vegetables Boots H Shoes Phone LY 9 3956 Establlshed 1894 Danvllle Ohlg Holf Implement Company JOHN DEERE H NEW IDEA Expert Farm Machlnery Servlce Phone 1331 Danvllle Ohlv I - ' 1 . 7 'V VY ' , , u 1 x 0 ' - r v , - . ' ' 7. 4 0 ' 7 M . . . C. 1 0 J lnferurbon Foof so Porf Shoes WO1VbllHC and COl1LCtlVe Shoes 315 Th11d Stleet CARL DAVIS Newark Oh1o Compllments .IEWETTS 5X1 OO STORE JERRY S FABRICS For Varlety See Us 26 S 2nd Street Newark, Ohlo Utlca Oh1o IRVIN GRASSBAUGH Operatlng The Teacher Thls essay on Our MT VERNON HATCHERY Dog 1S the same word for Poultry Remedles Q SUpp119S reg P Yes ma m lt s e Same dog Telephone Ex 3 2951 322 S Maln Street Mt Vernon Oh1o D N HULL Congratulatlons From Lubrlcatlon Goodyeal Tlres and Accessorles Clothlng for Men and Boys Howard Ohlo NEWARK DOROTHY'S BEAUTY SHOP Phone EX 2 2192 Mart1nsburg Oh1o , of word, as your brgthervsu Turkey Poults-Baby Chicks G .Z ' , ' ' th Alva J. Harris Lawrence D. Harris HARRIS FUNERAL HOME Blodensburg, Ohio AMBULANCE JEFFRIES SUPPLY COMPANY wholesale Tobacco Clgarettes Candles Fountaln and Restaurant Supplles Corner 5th and West Maln Stleet HOSPITAL BEDS Compllments f HULLS NEWARK WALLPAPER STORE Newark s Leadlng SpO1tlHg Goods Dealer MacGregor Rawllngs Spaldlng D1nne1 Guest H111 you pass the nuts PTOf9SSO19 Mr Bateman I suppose so but they should flunk Compllments f JET CLEANERS Mt Vernon s Most Modern Plant 104 West Gamb1e1 . ' o . t V - . ' 1. ' I 1 H Newark L Ohio L Newark - L - Ogio . 1. I . L : 0 , i v Compliments of The Kelser Dowds Company Mt. Vernon Wholesale Grocers Ohlo JOE F KENNEDY sales FORD servlce I-gferg Turkey Phone 4061 Farm I Complete Servlce on All Makes Danvllle Oh1o Oven Ready Dressed Blrds Year Around Poults 1D Sprlng Shop At Phone l702 the famlly s cholce Danvllle Ohlo Mt Vernon Ohlo Doug Mc Were you ever 1n a tough Sltuat1OH7 LUCKY 7 CAFE Ken W Yes once I was 1D qulcksand up to my neck But my brother was ln a tougher spot Theresa W1lllamS, Prop Phone FA 5 8561 Doug MCC Yes? How was that? 196 E Maln St Ken W I was standlng on hls shoulders Newark Ohlo KNOX SUPPLY Saves to 507.2 Phone 22946 General Store Mt Vernon 411 N Hlgh Ohlo ax ' 1 ISl l l - 1 . ' . ' . 1 it .T ' n. . IAVU . . 1. , . . . . - - . - . .. . - ' - . .- . Q l I I , 1 KnoHy Pines Resfouronf 81 Snack Bar Serving Good Food at Popular Prices HERMAN H PRISCILLA LESCALLEET Route 3 Bangs Ohlo Compllments of SMILE A curve that wlll stralghten out anythlng, Slnce 1879 Compllments of BEN WIGGINS LEE S COFFEE SHOP Utlca Ohlo Open 7 Days a Week Sportlno Goods An lntellectual 1S a n1an who A hears the name of Monroe and thlnks of the Doctrlne Telephone 1982 Danvllle Ohlo Llckmg Rural Elecfrfflcohon, Inc -N 'O 45? Kixir X lllfgfky 112 MAIN STREET Phone 'rw 2 2791 UTICA ' .QL orno 1 l - Y l ' cr ' ' 1 7200 . M.-10200 P. M. 8 MEMBER . icmtn . vfQQA Omo RURAL. E z nu W - YV: XNGQN Coorcnrr , I . it N I' I9 Qw, Hy . ax 'Q -'iff 1 MX? K i f yx- I . sig? Lynn s MELLBERG S FAMILY BAKERY Quallty Bakery P1oducts Service Sfghgn 1 N Maw t phone EX 3 PURE OIL Batterles Tl19S LubF1Cat1OH ACC9SbOT19S Martlnsburg Ohlo F1FSt Cannlbal what s the book you re readlng? Second Cannlbal It s very lHt9F9St1Hg It s called How to Serve Your Fellow Man Mt Vernon Ohlo Lonsmger Drugs TW1noaks 2 2971 The Prescrlptlon Store Utlca Ohlo NGWHIK s Tradltlonal House of MUSlC The Morhn Music Cenfer Recolds Band Instruments 4036 31 Alcade Newark, Oh1o 1 1 . 'H o o 0 . S . - 3 . ' J .i .11 . . n- n' . . . 7 o . . ., , . ' . ' - Y . . .T ' . . n Y' , Y' . yi, .. . o c 1 1 3 . BUCHANAN TRACTOR SALES Massey Ferguson and New Holland Machlnery Utlca Oh1o Phone TW 22761 GEORGE T DUDGEON Rellable Products Dependable Servlce Offlce Danvllle 9 b Res GA 7 3 14 Danvllle Oh1o Blodensburg General Sfore Grocerles, Meats, and General Merchandlse JULIA AND BILL MONTGOMERY HOTEL A place where one often glves good dollars for poor quarters Compllments of Mt Vernon Oh1o NEWARK LEADER Prlnters Letterpress Offset Phone FA 2 9481 175 W Maln Street Newark Oh1o Mark Twaln once Sald you can t sleep, try lylng on the edge of the bed you mlght drop off Maller T V and Appliance Phllco MGStlHghOUS9 R C A Televlslon PAUL A MILLER Servlce and Repalr Telephone TH 2 2931 Utlca Oh1o l N- 1 F 1 i 1 1 MONTGOMERY WARD ' ' Ulf 7 , . - ' vv Q C O O MERLE NOR A Mt Vernon Judy How far were you from the rlght answer? Llnda Just two seats FRED D PHARIS General Insurance Automoblle Flre Wlnd Surety Bonds Telephone EX 3 2846 5 W Hlgh St Mt Vernon, Oh1o Compllments of Ohio Cafe ond Resfouronf B111 and Dorothy Kldd 57 and 59 East Ma1n St Servlng Flne Foods 24 Hrs Party Room Avallable Compliments of M N COSMETICS Oh THE NEW NEW NEW CLUB 31 31 S Second St Newark Oh1o PATENTED PRODUCTS CORP For Sleeplng Comfort Danv111e Ohlo Here I slt 1D the moonllght Abandoned by women and men Mutterlng over and over I 11 never eat onlons agaln Newcosfle Lime Company LIME For Sale at Plant or Dellvery Telephone 3510 Warsaw Exchange Malhondlng Ohlo Ro ute 1 . . . 1 l l IIIIIINIIIIIIIII Electro-Warmth TIIELL. SHOPPING CENTER .l..,K.L.1l.L Route 13 North Open every evenlng t111 9 Newark Riley Builders Supply TRUSCON STEEL PRODUCTS Sand G1ave1 Cement Llme BIlCk SGVQI p1OdUCtS VltFlf16d Septlc Tanks Flreplace Speclaltles Conc1ete P1oducts P1aste1 Products Palnt Telephone 22931 113 West Gambler St. Mt Vernon Ohlo RANDLES DAIRY STCRE Raymond W11son Prop Lunches 8 Sodas I WHISHW 0h1O RILEY OIL COMPANY Fleet W1ng Petroleum Ploducts Phone TW 2 4971 Utlca Ohlo ROE EMERSON Clothes Shoes Hats Furnlshlngs Mrs Mcvay Darling The Lad s Store M Mcvay Yes dear As Well As Dad s Mrs McVay There s a corner Dependable Slnce 1887 tom Off Your Pal' Check 11 S We t Slde Square M McVay Well what d1d you spend lt for? Newark Ohlo When you shop ln Mt Vernon Rudm s DEPARTMENT STORE Should be your flrst stop SAMPLES PURE on Compllments T1res Batterles Ralph L Robinson 81 Son Accessorles Plumblng and Heatlng LY 9 3016 Sheet Metal Work Danvllle, Oh1o Utlca Ohlo Ohio Book 81 Bible House Blbles Dlctlonarles Plctures Books for Chlldren S S Supplles Wooster Q Falrgrounds Roads Phone EX 26085 Mt Vernon Qhlo . ' V vv v I'. I , : v vv , v ' S - T. I. , 1 ' 7 of Compliments of 1-VX OHIO POWER COMPANY Lvqf AMERICAN ELECTRIC POWEP SYSTEM LIVE BETTER R E lectrlcall 7m -m-N J, ohm RITCHEY S Rlngwah, S Velvet Ice Cream Candy, Clgars C1garettes Young ln Sp1r1t Sandwlches of All Klnds Old 1n Tradltlons Utlca Oh1o Color and Fashlon 1n Women S and Chlldren S DICK MURPHY Apparel and Accessorles Wholesale CANDY DRUGS SCHOOL PAPER Mt Vernon Oh1o Phone RO 3 3087 Hanover Oh1o . Ill j ' ,E 1 Besf Wishes To The Class Of 7959 Page DaIry DrIver BIll DavIdson mon Pnzssuvm HIGHWAY Marvln Snyder HIGH PRESSURE HIGHWAY SPRAYING Llquld Fertlllzer Llme Sand Q Gravel Phone GA 7 3413 Bladensburg Ohlo C F SHOEMAKER well Drllllng water O11 5 Gas Drllllng H Servlce Deep Well Plugglng Rt I Hanover Phone RI 5 3249 Jerry I had to run lntO a fence to keep from hlttlng a cow Doug Was lt a Jersey cow? Jerry I don t know I dldn t see any llcense plates parks Leafher Shop haw like f Zualctg .featia Qaeda RIDING EQUIPMENT DOG SUPPLIES LUGGAGE BRIEF CASES LADIES HAND TOOLED HANDBAGS AND SHOES Phone h1X 2 2362 ROLTE 4 COSHOQTON OHIO o o 5 5 ' 7 , 9 I 1 -- '1 Q , . 750 A - I ' 1 . r"'Mm""m 3" in KU- I if bK:l.,,....vA . -vifgx. 'A N. - ' 4 D on A W if 5 A Li., , 3 In V. 5 't S I if -af' +4255 - Mi X1 X Y "fi ' - exj. I I A x . Q' . ' " v - W Q. - J,fs.w,, 0. ' ' j uno' 'roam 7 - I D 4 5 D V I SPEARMAN'S SOHIO SERVICE Compllments Junctlon of Rt 62 36 Phone Ly 2067 Danvllle Latest ln FaSh1OD Mlllwood Oh1o 4 N Park Newark, Ohlo Compllments of E A Schlarlef Transfer Company Harcourt Rd Mt Vernon Oh1o A llttle boy was sent to the K store to buy dlapers for hls the package to the 11tt1e boy Furnlture and Appllances the clerk sald Two dollars and slx cents for tax The llttle boy replled brlskly Never mlnd the tacks Mother N Second St Newark Ohlo puts them on w1th plns Compllments Ryan 's Grocery Groceries F1esh Meats Frozen Foods Martlnsburg 0hl0 IIIIIlIIIIII IIIlIIlllII IIIIII'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIlllIIIIIIIlIIllIIIlll x. baby brother. Upon handing 2 0 . , . . . .H IIIIIIIIlIIIIIIlIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiiIIIIIIIIIIIII COmpl1m9ntS of Food Legal Beverages TONY S Route 1 St Lou1sv111e Oh1o Mt Vernon Qhlo Pete and Aggle Haas Enjoy Velvef Ice Cream D1st1nct1ve1y Dlfferent TW1noaks 23921 Smart Hostesses Serve Velvet Utlca Oh1O THE U TICA HERALD Tom I thought I asked you COMMERCIAL PRINTING THAT PLEASES gOt ln last night? Every Thursday Nancy I d1dn t I Just Sald Slnce February 21 1878 I Was too busy getting break fast ready to notlce the clock Utlca Oh1o Compllments of Symons Besf Jewelry Company Best Is Our Mlddle Name 1 North 3rd Street Newark Oh10 - . . . , . , H : . , I . . - , vv . ' - not .to Dad what time I The Sfeworf Bro s Alworcl Compony For Over 50 Years 1 Fine Furniture, Rugs H Appliances Arcade Q Union Block Newark Ohio INK BLOTTER: Something you WINTER: The season that's so hunt for while the ink is cold even the wind howls about drying. it. + SHARP S FLOWERS CARDS CORSAGES GIFTS Telephone EX 34045 Mt Vernon Ohio Flowers for All Occasions Vernon s Morofhon Service Compliments of Phone TW 2-4871 wlsf JEWELERS Quality and Honesty Foremost Automotive Supplies 8 Accessories Phone EX 2-6048 Wheel Balancing - Motor Tune Up 102 South Main RAWLIE VERNON, OWNER . Utica Ohio Mt. Vernon, Ohio UTICA FLORAL COMPANY FlOW91S fol A11 Occaelone Phone TM 2 2941 Utlca Oh1o Besf Wishes fo the Class of 7959 """"-v---.....,,,,,,-ww-M MZ ISI Toastmaster DRIVER DICK FRY Vlcfory Food Markef Phone EX 3 4056 117 119 West Hlgh Street 206 South Mulberry Street Phone 2 8851 Mt Vernon Ohlg Comp11ments of UTICA INSURANCE AGENCY INC. Dwlght Jewett, Mgr. Phone TW 2 1911 Utlca Ohlo 7 Y 41- H Qwitwi Q' Vx is E1 0, ' e s sW A . . Compllments Wllf s Ashland Service WCRLEY S INCCRPCRATED T11es Batte11es Mt Vernon Ohlo A Accessorles V31VO1lD9 5 Quaker State Dlck H Dad lS lt true that us on the eartho Everett Yes that s true MHTt1DSbUFb Ohlo Dlck H what dld we do before the law was passed? Compllments THE UTICA SAVINGS BANK of I , O Oils that the lawyof gravity keeps of YE OLDE MILL Prlvate Dance Hall for Round and Square Danclng Ox Roasts P1CHlCS Reunlons and Swlmmlng Utlca Ohlo Mlss Anderson Crapplng on deskl Order please Danny Wllt Csleeplly from back Warsaw lmplemenf rowl Hamburger w1th on1on for ALLIS CHALMERS Sales and SeTVlC9 The People s Shoe Store Seldom Close Corner Maln and Vlne Phone 2651 Warsaw Ohlo Llnda Where does a dog go Mt Vernon Ohlo when he has lost h1s tall? Delores I don t know Llnda To a retall store Congratulatlons to the Senlor Class of 59 Wmke's T V Soles and Service PHILCO H ADMIRAL T V 8 APPLIANCES Bladensburg Oh1O v I F ,lv A . if Bl. '-W3 if Syf wwe 'V 7 1 , v I - v . I U C .,. 7 I 4: N ff, Wf f I M, K 'ty f gwsfiy f?. - ,ill If f f l f I f f U . 'if' 'I n Q, kvlu Q. fi Mx" X mm l BOOSTERS MT. VERNON THOMPSON'S PASTRY SHOP BROSS BODY SHOP ARTANNA JOHN REED GROCERY NEWARK WHITE'S STUDIO DONEFF'S FINE FOODS NEIGHBOR AND RIGGS PRINTING TALINE'S TRUCK STOP BELL'S PAPER AND PAINT BARNEY'S GRILL RAY'S BARBER SHOP COSHOCTON DR, ROBERT L. CLARKf UTICA WATT'S RESTAURANT MYSTIC THEATRE TSCHAPPAT MARKET COMPLIMENTS OF THE PEOPLES BANK GAMBIER OHIO R PO I SURA C C O afsrmsafsroe JOHNSON S GARAGE G 7 3 19 OF FEDE AL DE SIT N N E O O 1 Ol' 1 as ' V, A mwmg - 4 J- . - 13, i xv . Compllments of the DAN EMMETT GRILL Hotel Curt1s On the Square Mt Vernon Ohlo KNOX COUNTY AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION Bulck KINCAID BUICK COMPANY 21715 Cadlllac Oldsmoblle HARRIS CADILLAC OLDSMOBILE INC 24775 Chevrolet Mt Vernon J T GLACKIN CHEVROLET INC 21715 DeSoto Plymouth METCALF MOTORS INC 22831 Ford COCHRAN MOTOR SALES 23936 G M C Trucks ROGER SERVAIS 28951 PODt1aC Internatlonal NIGGLES PONTIAC 23976 Trucks KAYLOR ELEVATOR Graln Fertlllzer Feed Fenclng Seeds Grlndlng Q Mlxlng Coal Phone 4052 Danvllle Ohlo Chrysler-Plyrnouth REID.EDMAN, INC. ' ' 33715

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