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Helen Leibrand Editor Jentry Brooks Business Manager P ' ubl 1 shed by The Student Body, Blackstone College Blackstone, VI It G1NI A To ONE whose sympathetic understanding and unselfish devotion has endeared her to all; whose high ideals are ever urging us forward and challenging us to do our best; whose efforts on our behalf have been endless; who listens to our sorrows and our joys; who has been a friend and a companion to each and every one of us; to Miss Valance A. Townsend we sincerely dedicate this The Acorn of 1940 i 5 7 c otewott L ★ ★ ★ SiNCE the “Gay Nineties " when it was founded, Blackstone College has been the home of lofty ideals and true friendships. May this, the 1940 Acorn, always remind us of the ideals, hopes and ambitions of our Alma Mater, and may it ever keep before us the memory of our years together, of enduring friendships, and of the true spirit of 4 6 THE COLLEGE tews ' ..1 Jf And time , a moving silver curtain tinged With sudden blue , Parts here and there to let the memory Of home shine through. Arches Tunc heel by a bed in Of sunlight sifting down the glade , Through flickerings of scarlet shade. •{ 9 }- Filigree of campus trees, Soft against the sky , That set my soul a-singing. Whenever 1 pass by. This is the avenue that leads Beyond the common daily way At eventide. On leaf strewn hank in campus warn A scarlet maple silent stood , Lost in a dream. Each branch alight with sparkling stars , A tree radiant with regal jewels And crowned with dangling loveliness. J. Paul Glick President { 12 George P. Adams Secretary-Treasurer ThE DEANS, in their silent, unobtrusive wav, have, through their untiring efforts during the year, made possible a well-rounded life at Blackstone, and in return, have won the love and devotion of all. It is with the great¬ est of pleasure that The Acorn honors their splendid achievements. { 14 f Nannie Belle DeJarnette Dean of Curriculum J5 I- Valance Alaire Townsend, B.A. Dean of Students English and Psychology B.A., Moravian College for Women; Graduate Work, University of North Carolina Jean E. Teats, M.A. Dean of Activities Mathematics and Science A.B., M.A., University of Pittsburgh; Summer Session, Columbia University Nannie Belle DeJarnette, A.B. Dean of Curriculum Library Science A.B., Eastern Kentucky State Teachers College; Graduate Work, University of Kentucky Margaret T. IIudd, M.A. French and Spanish B.A., University of Richmond; Summer Session, University of Mexico; Summer Session, La Sorbonne, Paris, France; M.A., Columbia University Faye M. Nelson, M.A. English and Dramatics A.B., Concord State Teachers College; M. A., George Peabody College Jimmie Mims, M.A. Physical Education B.S., M.A., George Peabodv College { 16 } Mary Katherine Thorp, M.A. Social Sciences A.B., Salem College; M.A., University of Virginia Catherine T. Wold, M.A. Latin and English A.B., American University; M.A., University of Marvland Alice Williams, A.B. French and English A.B., Muskingum College FACULTY Aware Steinhart, A.B. Home Economics A.B., Ashury College; Summer Session, Syracuse University; Graduate Work, Columbia University Jean Sharp, A.B. History and Science A.B., Muskingum College; Graduate Work, Columbia University Rev. K. A. White, B.A. Religions Education BA., Randolph-Macon College Alice Reed Mathematics and Science R andolph-Macon Woman ' s College; Columbia University; University of Virginia Marguerite Graham, A.B. History and Spanish Graduate, Blackstone College; A.B., Lynchburg College Christy Snead, M.A. Commerce A.B., Bowling Green College of Commerce; M.A., University of Kentucky Mary McClung Read, B.S. Commerce Graduate, Smithdeal Business College; B.S., Farmville State Teachers College; University of Virginia Minnie Drake Townsend, A.B. Commerce St. John ' s School; A.B., Winthrop College Catherine Marie Lewis Commerce Graduate, Blackstone College; Summer Session, Mary Washington College i 18 } Lorimer Fauntleroy, B.F.A. Art Art Students ' League, New York City, B.F.A., College of William and Mary; Summer Session, Columbia University Martha Fuller Piano Teacher ' s Certificate and Artist ' s Diploma in Piano, Peabodv Conservatory of Music; Harmony and Com¬ position under Gustav Strube and Katherine E. Lucke, Pupil of Austin Conradi Agnes Marie Bothne, B.A. Voice and Organ B.A. in Music, University of Minnesota, Graduate Work in Voice at University of Minnesota; Pupil of Mme. Schoen-Rene of Juilliard School of Music, New York City Richmond Seay Violin and Music Theory Peabody Conservatory of Music; Violin under J. C. van Hulsteyn; Harmony and Composition with Otto Ortmann; Master Instruction in Violin, Cincinnati Conservatory, under Jean ten Have Alexander F. Hudgins, B.A. Journalism B.A., Hampden-Sydney College Mary Lee Bennett Historian Norfolk and Farmville College; Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College; New England Conservatory of Music, Boston; French Student in Paris { 19 Mrs. A. C. Fellers Dietitian Lillian Wingo Secretary to the President Graduate, Blackstone College Mrs. R. H. Beville Assistant Secret ary-Treasurer Graduate, Blackstone College FACULTY Mrs. Anna Flannagan House Mother Virginia FI. Ballard, R.N. Nurse Graduate, Blackstone College; Allentown School of Nursing J. M. FIurt, M.D. College Physician B.S.., College of William and Mary; M.D., University of Virgin ia { 20 BOARD OF TRUSTEES % S. L. Barrow, President Blackstone, Virginia S. H. Short, Vice-President Petersburg, Virginia George P. Adams, Secretary-Treasurer Blackstone, Virginia % John P. Irby, Sr. Blackstone, Virginia M. M. Carver South Hill, Virginia Rev. R. H. Bennett, D.D. Lake Junaluska, North Carolina O. C. Peers R ichmond, Virginia Rev. W. E. Thomas Blackstone, Virginia Rev. T. F. Carroll, D.D Danville, Virginia Lucius Gregory Chase City, Virginia Rev. E. L. Woolf, D.D. Clifton Forge, Virginia S. D. Scott Norfolk, Virginia Rev. J. W. Dixon N ewport News, Virginia H. L. Williams Blackstone, Virginia J. F. Small Norfolk, Virginia J. R. Crowder Blackstone, Virginia Rev. Bernard S. Via N ewport News, Virginia J. C. Elliott Blackstone, Virginia Edwin S. Clay Blackstone, Virginia Dr. J. P. Irby Blackstone, Virginia B. T. Taylor, Jr. Fannville, Virginia 21 CLASSES SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS t Margaret Inge. President Julia Woods. Vice-President Jentry Brooks. Secretary Virginia John. Treasurer Miss Mary Katherine Thorp. Sponsor i 23 }- .jLl ' uiac (= l[[cn Boydton, Virginia Home Economics s Home Economics Club, ’39, ’40; Bat Atlanta, Georgia Home Economics $ 0 K; Ten Pens President; Acorn Staff, ’40, Onyx Staff, ' 40, Home Economics Club, President, Home Economics Club, ' 40; Glee Club, ' 40; Presidents’ Forum, ' 40, Mask and Wig; Bat { 24 } arlni ta r a -jo r i Natural Bridge Station, Va. Norfolk, Virginia Commerce , K A I , Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ’40; Secretary, Senior Class, ' 40, President, Junior Com¬ mercial Class, ' 39; Acorn, ' 39, Business Manager, ' 40; Spanish Club, ' 39, ' 40; Home Economics Club, ' 39, ' 40; International Relations Club, ' 39, ' 40, Mask and Wig, ' 39, ' 40, Presidents ' Forum, ' 39; Bat Emmerton, Virginia Home Economics Amherst, Virginia Pre-Nursing . X [ X; I ( H ) K; Ten Pens; Panhellenic Council, Onyx, ' 39; Onyx Editor, ’40; Spanish Club, ’39, ' 40; Mask and Wig, ’39, ' 40; International Relations Club, 39, ’40; Presidents’ Forum, ' 40; Home Economics Club, ' 40; Hockey Varsity, ’40; Tiger C ft ace J )ul let Springfield, Massachusetts Art X I X; Student Body President, ' 40; Acorn Staff, ' 39; Presidents’ Forum, ' 40; Glee Club, ' 39, ' 40; Art Club, ' 39; French Club, ' 39, ' 40; Mask and Wig, ' 39, ' 40; Basketball Squad, ' 40; Tiger { 27 }- J ' idTraTtl C, etmcz cy Lexington, Massachusetts Fine Arts Athletic Council, ' 40; Presidents ' Forum, ' 40; Glee Club, ' 39, ' 40; Quartet, ' 39, 40; Trio, ' 39, ' 40; Music Club, ' 39, Inter¬ national Relations Club, ' 39, ' 40; French Club, ' 39, ' 40, Hockey Varsity, ' 40; Bat { 28 Orange, Virginia Home Economics Home Economics Club, ' 39, ’40; Art Club, ' 40; Spanish Club, ' 39; Mask and Wig, ' 39, ' 40; Bat { 29 }- Dunn, North Carolina Liberal Arts .a Z M E; A l I r Q; President, Athletic Coun¬ cil, ' 40; President, Junior Liberal Arts Class, ' 39; Panhellenic Council; Acorn, ' 39; Presidents ' Forum, ' 39, ' 40; Mask and Wig, ' 39, ' 40; Glee Club, ' 39, ' 40; Quartet, ' 39, ' 40; Trio, ' 39, ' 40; Spanish Club, ' 39, ' 40; Music Club, ' 39; Carolina Club, ' 39, ' 40, Tiger ClljJdh 2 alton Blackstone, Virginia Liberal Arts Reedville, Virginia Liberal Arts { 32 1- i 33 } -Kcc Cllu Bedford, Virginia Liberal Arts { 34 } French Club, ’40; Bat Covington, Virginia Liberal Arts 4 «t Ten Pens; Student Council, ' 40; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 40; Presidents’ Forum, ’40; Mask and Wig, ' 39, ' 40; French Club, ' 39, ' 40, International Relations Club, ' 39, ' 40, Public Speaking Club, ' 40; Glee Club, ’39, ' 40; Tiger l athcTum cttct Hillsboro, Ohio Fine Arts 14atij J4 utcliAC-n Hornbeak, Tennessee Howe Economics Home Economics Club, ' 39, ' 40, Mask and Wig, ' 40; Glee Club, ' 40; Tiger { 36 Parkersburg, West Virginia Liberal Arts Student Council, ' 39, ' 40; Treasurer, Senior Class, ' 40; Acorn Staff, ' 40; Presidents ' Forum, ' 40; President, Public Speaking Club, ' 40, Mask and Wig, ' 40; International Relations Club, ' 39, ' 40, Glee Club, ' 39, ' 40; Home Economics Club, ' 39; Preachers ' Kids Club, ' 39; West Virginia Club, ' 40; Bat r Blackstone, Virginia J- oleita Jlcwls Marikmont, Ohio Fine Arts X I X; A l F Q; Presidents ' Forum, ' 40; President, Spanish Club, ' 40; President, Mask and Wig, ' 40; Public Speaking Club, ' 39, ' 40; International Relations Club, ' 40; Spanish Club, ' 39; Tiger { 38 Jlaura 1 art in Wellville, Virginia Commerce { 39 }• z . ’W { 40 41 }- Tilghman’s Island, Maryland Physical Education A l I‘ Q; Spanish Club, ' 39, 40; French Club, ' 40, International Relations Club, ' 39, 40; Preachers ' Kids Club, ' 39; Cheer Leader, ' 39; Hockey Varsity, ' 39, 40; Bat Riverside, Connecticut Commerce Z M E; Onyx , ' 40; International Relations Club, ' 40, Glee Club, ' 40; Cheer Leader, ' 40; Bat { 42 } Kernersville, North Carolina Fine Arts k it K A I ; A M ' Q; Music Club, ' 39; Spanish Club, ' 39, Mask and Wig, ' 39, 40, Public Speaking Club, ' 39, ' 40 ; Carolina Club, ' 39, ' 40; Bat y hi in a Pottsville, Pennsylvania Liberal Arts ■1 43 }- cr —J-HillliCii. SaULl an New York, New York Home Economics Z M E; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 40; Pan- hellenic Council, Presidents ' Forum, ' 40; International Relations Club, ' 39, Presi¬ dent, ' 40; Home Economics Club, ' 39, ' 40; Public Speaking Club, ' 39, ' 40, Spanish Club, ' 39, 40; Mask and Wig, ' 39, 40; Tiger -{ 44 wan Glens Falls, New York Commerce A A I; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 40; Onyx, ' 39, ' 40; Spanish Club, ' 39, ' 40; Mask and Wig, ' 40; Bat { 45 ]- c— into, (k c le m Ha cy Amherst, Virginia Physical Education K A [ , Athletic Council, ' 40, Onyx , ' 40; International Relations Club, ' 39, ' 40; Mask and Wig, ' 40, Art Club, ' 40; Presi¬ dents’ Forum, ' 40; Basketball Squad, ' 39, ' 40; Hockey Varsity, ' 39, Volley Ball, ' 39; Softball Varsity, ' 39; Tiger Captain, ' 40 J l ll‘l =-+nna y l latte I ' i tl son Virgilina, Virginia Commerce .• A I; Bat •{ 46 }• Pedlar Mills, Virginia Physical Education K A ' [ ; Athletic Council, ’40; Panhellenic Council, 40; Acorn, 40; International Relations Club, 40; Mask and Wig, 40; Spanish Club, ' 39, 40; Home Economics Club, 39, Art Club, ' 39; Hockey Varsity, 40; Basketball Squad, ' 39, 40; Bar Gems of Memory Because you are the Seniors, I send to you Gems of memory as poignant as a song; As lovely as the morning and as strong As simple faith. They do not come in lieu Of friendly things which I have failed to do. Nor by their softness to right a wrong. They do not mark the day which tells how long Your life has blessed the years through which they grew. No, let them simply in themselves renew Those golden threads, stronger than leather thong, Which in the space between our thoughts belong, A golden mesh of memories from Blackstone years, Jewelled with stars of happiness and tears. Pearls of friendship have we known; Seeds used wisely as we have sown Pearls of happiness, reaped a thousandfold In friends. Rubies of wisdom sought and found In pages of books where knowledge abounds. Flawless diamonds, reflecting scenes of May Scenes so clear that they convey The sadness in our hearts, at thought Of ending all these years have brought To us, in way of fun. Priceless sapphires that betoken Precious moments where words are heard though left unspoken. Emeralds of faith and love . Though far apart our paths have been diverging Sadly, and in spite of urging; Because the years have made us vitally aware Of worldly things, we leave these thoroughfares. But caught in a mesh of jewelled gold Remain our memories--new and old; All holding each an equal place Set in our heart and mind and interlaced Into our soul Others will walk where we have lately been And hold their hands to clasp the joy within, As we have done Virginia Birch. { 47 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Liberal Arts Lilwyn Bennett. Jane Bevington. Zona Boggs . Alicia De Varona. President Vice-President Secretary- Treasurer Commercial Betty Morris. President Becky John Mills. Vice-President Vera Mae Privette. Secretary Mignonette Williams. Treasurer Miss Marguerite Graham.. Sponsor J 49 )- CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-ONE Bruce Bailey Orange, Virginia Commerce Margaret Allen Charlotte, Michigan Pre-Nursing Lewella Barnes Gargatha, Virginia Commerce Anahid Basmajian Weehawken, New Jersey Home Economics Edythe Bell Westfield, New Jersey ' Commerce Lilwyn Bennett Bluefield, West Virginia Physical Education { 50 } CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-ONE Jane Bevjngton Cristobal, Canal Zone Pre-Nursing Zona Boggs Cristobal, Canal Zone Physical Education Alice Busiiong Leesburg, Virginia Libera! Arts June Carter Leesville, Virginia Commer ce Doris Cato Dumfries, Virginia Art Elizabeth Chaplin Emporia, Virginia Art { 51 CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-ONE Ann Chickos Glen Rogers, West Virginia Commerce Mary Ransom Covell Cincinnati, Ohio Liberal Arts Alicia Dl Yarona Camaguey, Cuba Physical Education Grace Diehm Lititz, Pennsylvania Commerce Jean Elliott Blacksburg, South Carolina Pre-Nursing Juanita Fisher Madison, West Virginia Home Economics Anne Fitzgerald Blackstone, Virginia Libera! Arts 52 CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-ONE Emily Garmany Chickamauga, Georgia Art Helln Gillis East Haven, Connecticut Liberal Arts Muriel Goldberg Newiiurgh, New York Liberal Arts Verna Hankley Margaret Harris Clarkton, Virginia High Point, North Carolina Commerce Commerce Mary Jane Harrold Fort Pierce, Florida Commerce Fern Hillsman Huddleston, Virginia Commerce { 5i }• CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-ONE Frances Johnson Union Level, Virginia Commerce Vivian Kellam Martinsville, Virginia Commerce Ruby Knott Sanford, North Carolina Commerce Shirley Kundinger Frances Lemmond Detroit, Michigan Sanford, North Carolina Dramatics Liberal Arts Elizabeth Lewis Mariemont, Ohio Music May Davis Lewis De Witt, Virginia Commerce { 54 CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-ONE Edress Looney Fieldale, Virginia Commerce Frances Looney Fieldale, Virginia Commerce Ethelyn Lowe Spencer, West Virginia Commerce Lois McIntyre Charlotte, Michigan Home Economics Catherine Mahone Williamsburg, Virginia Home Economics Louise Marsh Madison, West Virginia Home Economics Olga Martinez Camaguey, Cuba Commerce I 55 }- CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-ONE Mamie Maxwell Fayetteville, North Carolina Liberal Arts Elfie Lee Meredith Lawrenceville, Virginia Music Becky John Mills Henderson, North Carolina Commerce Lavelle Moore Darville, Virginia Commerce Virginia Morgan Lunenburg, Virginia Home Economics Doris Jean Morgenthal Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Commerce Betty Morris Fayetteville, West Virginia Commerce J 56 CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-ONE Sarah Belle Moseley LaCrosse, Virginia Pre-Nursing Betty Myers Warren, Ohio J mitor M ere hand,i. r h g Bobbyn Nelson Ruth Nelson Virginia Northington Athens, West Virginia Jarrettsville, Maryland Roanoke Rapids, No. Carolina Physical Education Pre-Nursing Pre-Nursing Vera Olson Grand Marais, Minnesota Junior Merchandising Dorothy Otto Charlotte, Michigan Commerce 4 57 }- CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-ONE Vera Mae Privette Darlington, South Carolina Commerce Phyllis Rancke Larchmont. New York Home Economics Mary Jane Ratliff Council Bluffs, Iowa Liberal Arts Josephine Rawlings Sevierville, Tennessee Liberal Arts Harriette Reed Harrodsburg, Kentucky Home Economics Charlotte Richardson Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania Commerce Evilee Robertson Renick, Virginia Liberal Arts 58 J CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-ONE Frances Robertson Portsmouth, Virginia Art Virginia Rogers Pennington, New Jersey Commerce Ann Sampselle Washington, D. C. Commerce Miriam Shearin Portsmouth, Virginia Commerce J ane Spangler Cm ristiansbur(., Vi rginia Liberal Arts Margaret Thomas Palmyra, Virginia Liberal Arts Ethel Mae Walker Yalesville, Connecticut Junior Merchandising CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-ONE Virginia Waters Harmans, Maryland Libera! Arts Dorothy Watts Amherst, Virginia Liberal Arts Irma Waxman Jersey City, New Jersey Commerce Grace Westbrooke Mignonette Williams Portsmouth, Virginia Scranton, Pennsylvania Libera! Arts Commerce Mildred Woody Baskerville, Virginia Pre-Nursing Arietta Wyand Williamson, West Virginia Pre-Nursing •{ 60 } CLASS HISTORY K. ITH eager and willing hearts we came - " seeking friends that make us nobler; seeking truth that makes us free; seeking courage, faith, and wisdom, and the strength to triumph wrong " —and in seeking we have found them. Not in one lightning flash, but by tireless effort of both ourselves and our teachers who were first of all our friends; by daily tasks seemingly unimportant; by mistakes and work left undone; by faith that others had in us. We who still have much to gain, many unturned stones to pass, and many obstacles to block our way along the road of understanding and wisdom will have these days at Blackstone as a guiding light, ever urging us forward; never backward. When traveling down our pathway of memory, our favorite haunts will be of those days at Blackstone: Those first few days of nervousness and homesickness . . . meeting " old girls " and others like ourselves . . . our first classes . . . orientation week . . . rat week with upswept hair, and Christmas and home again . . . basketball season . . . Student Retreat . . . Mid-Winter Dance . . . Spring Vacation . . . Mav Day and the last dance of the year which we sponsored. Then those stops along the way that give a twist to the heart and bring a tear to the eye, Commencement and good¬ bye. Good-bye to those girls and teachers to whom we are bound by admiration, loyalty, and love. Like links in an unbreakable chain, these days go hand-in-hand down a trail of memory, leading us to a land of golden dreams. Vera Mae Privette. ■(61 }- - HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS HiiLiiN Foshee. President Maro McPhaul .Vice-President Rita Foshee .Secretary-Treasurer Mrs Ashby Williams .Sponsor 63 }- SCHOOL SENIORS HIGH Barbara Brooks Cristobal, Canal Zone Marjorie Carrier Cleveland, Ohio Barbara Jean Bacon New York, New York Ruby Mae Byrd Elizabethtown, North Carolina Virginia Davidson Flushing, New York { 64 } HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS Louise Dequine Long Beach, New Jersey Alice Ferguson Houston, Texas Helen Foshee New York, New York Jane Eglin Scott Field, Illinois Jeannette Folsom Arlington, Virginia J 65 HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS Mary Virginia Givens Richmond, Virginia Virginia Hawke Old Bridge, New Je rsey Virginia Larrick Lake Harbor, Florida Rita Foshee New York, New York Daisy Hall Thomasville, North Carolina Katherine Hogshead Apopka, Florida •{ 66 HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS Alberta Livingston Charleston, South Carolina Catharine Lucius Dillon, South Carolina Elizabeth Pace Richmond, Virginia Margie Logue Galveston, Texas Maro McPhaul Jamison, Florida Donna Rager North Manchester, Indiana { 67 HIGH SCHOOL UNDERCLASS OFFICERS Jayne Beaman. President Fay Carrier .Vice-President Dorothy Ross. Secretary-Treasurer Miss Nannie Belle DeJarnette. Sponsor i 69 }■ HIGH Jayne Beaman Miami, Florida Martha Conley Williamson, West Virginia CHOOL UNDE J 70 } RCLASS Katharine Aspinwall Norfolk:, Virginia Fay Carrier Cleveland, Ohio Mary Margaret Conley Williamson, West Virginia Nancy Jane Harrier Tyrone, Pennsylvania HIGH SCHOOL UNDERCLASS Martha Holloway Yorktown, Virginia Alice Leibrand Washington, D. C. Shirley Newell Fayetteville, North Carolina Doris La Clair Washington, D. C. Mildred Mills Statesville, North Carolina Nancy Norris Goldsboro, North Carolina { 71 J- HIGH SCHOOL UNDERCLASS Dorothy Ross Westfield, New Jersey Frances Shiflet Harrisonburg, Virginia Jean Woodward Louisa, Virginia Clara Oatley Alfred, Maine Martha Scott Floral Park, New York Peggy Wagner Chattanooga, Tennessee Georgie Zebedee Petersburg, Virginia { 72 " GREETINGS, DON JUAN " t Blackstone College for Girls 1940 Greetings, my 2Oth Century Don Juan: You probably never ever expected to receive a long and labored missive from this little chicken, but, honest to Betsy, when I decided to end my high school " daze” at this dear old Female Institute little were mine thoughts as to what an abundance of whatnots campus life would yield—and so, chum, I’m about to answer the questions in your inquisitive mind as to what this " Nutsi Spy " has been doing all this time. I ventured into this experience of a girl ' s school just about the time ‘‘cute " knee-hi socks and Tyrone Power were in full swing! (So was I.) While wading through my new abode (sprinkled with luggage, banners, etc.), and carrying on a jam session to the tune of " The Jumpin’ Jive, " I struck up an attitude of get ac¬ quainted -and did I! My roommate is a honey and classes are supercolossal! All in all, ’tis truly fun! Floating around between that first glorious day and Christmas, we stumbled over a killer-diller of a Hallowe’en " Shin-dig " skeltons ’n ever’thin’! Abolishing all the ideas of swingaroos, the first " sophisticated " prom of the year was done up extra superb in yellow and orange. A wonderful time was had bv " tons la monde " (ditto for the other two enticing hops). The usual rituals of class days, I. R. B. week, and scallions of other things, provided a grand time for everyone involved. I might add that study hall sports, such as jivin’, Ferdinand sessions, eating and playing bridge are " still " (as Poppa says) " most popular with high school ‘stew-dents’. " So you can see that B. C. G. offers plenty of extra-curriculars. We are literally swamped with clubs. More fun! Why, " The Mask and Wig " turned out some productions which are capable of flickering in Broadway lights. Just imagine! A club for every whim. Basketball provided a thrilling season for sports fans. The gals really take their sports seriously and keep up a good light for the dear old Alma Mommy. That is what I like to see. -And so with " Careless, " " All the Things You Are, " “Do I Love You, " and “OJohnny,” we descended on May Day. O rapture, O joy, O bliss! It really tugged at my heart-strings. Blackstone never appeared more picturesque with the sunlight playing hide-and-seek through " her " magnificent columns. This is just a “sneak preview " through the eyes of a high school miss. Just wa it till you take a gander at the place. Really, duck, just the thought of abandoning this mass of bricks, good times, and these beautiful Virginian sunsets leaves me falling through space. I doubt if I shall ever meet anything equal to " the memoirs of my high school daze.” Graduation is winding its way to B. C. G. and you know what comes before so like a good little girl I shall bury my nose in a dusty translation of Caesar. Best wishes from Romeo’s little gal, Juliet. J 73 ORGANIZATIONS MASK AND WIG ★ ★ ★ TV TASK AND WIG started off with a hang this year by presenting the forceful - - drama, " Kind Lady, " in the college auditorium on December 1, and kept up its splendid record in the production of that old favorite, " Lena Rivers, " on March 8, in co-operation with Delta Psi Omega. The meetings were as usual conducted bi-monthly, featuring many interesting programs of songs, readings, and one-act plays, presented by the members themselves. A broadcast was presented by some of the members over WRNL, in Richmond, on April 21. We deeply appreciate the able help and friendly advice of our sponsor, Mrs. Faye M. Nelson. Katherine Aspinwall Barbara Bacon Bruce Bailey Edythe Bell Lilwyn Bennett Jane Bevington Virginia Birch Barbara Brooks Dora Inez Bryant Grace Butler Alice Bushong Amily Caheen Fay Carrier Marjorie Carrier June Carter Doris Cato Elizabeth Chaplin Mary Conley Randy Covell Dorothy Coup Rebecca Craig Louise Dequine Alicia De Varona Marjorie Doyle Jane Eglin Alice Ferguson Katherine Ferrer Juanita Fisher Anne Fitzgerald Mary Gilliam Muriel Goldberg Nancy Jane Harrier Margaret Harris J 76 MASK AND WIG ★ ★ ★ Roberta Lewis Kathryn Smith Jentry Brooks Bobbyn Nelson President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer V. Alice Burford Sarah Beth Dail Marion Ellingt on Julia Woods Arietta Wyand Esther Henvis Fern Hillsman Mary Hutchison Virginia John Shirley Kundinger Elizabeth Lewis March; Logue Sponsor Mrs. Faye M. Nelson Catharine Lucius Louise Marsh Mamie Maxwell Elite Lee Meredith Becky John Mills Doris Jean Morgenthal Elizabeth Pace Donna Rager Phyllis Rancke Mary Jane Ratliff Josephine Rawlings Dorothy Faye Reiter Charlotte Richardson Frances Robertson Virginia Rogers Ann Sampselle Betty Shimer Anaheed Solakian Jane Spangler Margaret Thomas Anna Belle Watts Dorothy Watts Irma Waxman Grace Westbrooke M IGNONET ' IT WlLLI AMS STUDENT COUNCIL ★ ★ ★ M. Smith Butler Ellington loHN Townsend Teats Gilliam Westbrooke Bailey Fosh ee X etreat: At the traditional week-end retreat. Council made its plans for 1939-40. Several regulations were revised and were brought up to date, and a few new ones were made. Orientation Week: Council acquainted the new students with the regulations and helped them to adjust themselves to their new surroundings. Class Days: In January, each class, under the sponsorship of the Student Council, had its own dav in which to present a theme and stunt. These were climaxed with the class song and cheer contest. I. R. B. Week: During this week " I Represent Blackstone " was impressed on the students at chapel talks, parties, teas, etc. Student Council, in and through these various activities, endeavored to make the Year a happy and successful one for each and every girl in B. C. G. Grace Butler. President Marie Smith .Vice-President Marion Ellington. Secretary Virginia John Mary Gilliam Grace Westbrooke Bruce Bailey Helen Foshee Faculty Advisers Miss Valance Townsend Miss Jean Teats Y. W. C. A. CABINET ★ ★ ★ K@%,$b 1 Solakian Craig J. Brooks M. Smith Bryant Gilliam Ferrer Swan Sharp Henvis ' I ' O MAKE the new students feel at home when they first arrive is one of the vital links which connect the Y. W. C. A. Cabinet to Blackstone. The Y. W. C. A. tries to mix work with play throughout the year. Whenever books are too real to be satisfying, the Y. W. C. A. sponsors a party. There are several which have become traditional: Big Sister Party, Hallowe ' en Party, and P-Nut Party. Strictly religious activities include Chapel and Candlelight Services once a week. The latter are par¬ ticularly soul-inspiring with soft organ music, tapering candles, quietness and peace. Members of the Cabinet were hostesses to the delegates attending the Methodist Student Conference held at Blackstone, February 23-24-25. Throughout the days of study, the Cabinet works and plans those programs which are thought to be most beneficial to the students. Spons or Miss Jean Sharp Rebecca Craig. President Anaheed Solakian. Vice-President Jentry Brooks. Secretary Marie Smith. Treasurer Committee Chairmen Dora Inez Bryant Dorothy Swan Mary Gilliam Esther Henvis Katherine Ferrer Anaheed Solakian ACORN STAFF ★ ★ ★ ★ Otto Leibrand Brooks Birch Goldberg Bryant Woods Bevington Inge F. Robertson Teats Chaplin Lewis John Williams McPhaul Richardson Sampselle { 80 ACORN STAFF ★ ★ ★ ★ Editorial Staff Helen Leibrand. Virginia Birch . Muriel Goldberg. Dora Inez Bryant. Julia Woods. Jane Bevington. Elizabeth Chaplin. Frances Robertson. . Editor-in-Chief Photographic Editor Organization Editor Humor Editor Athletic Editor Snapshot Editor Art Editor Art Editor Class Representatives Virginia John . Elizabeth Lewis. Mignonette Williams. Maro McPhaul. Margaret Inge. . Senior Junior Liberal Arts Junior Commercial . High School . Day Student Jentry Brooks Dorothy Otto Charlotte Richardson . Ann Sampselle Easiness Sta ff Business Manager Advertising Manager .Typist .Typist Eacuity Adviser Miss Jean Teats d 81 )- ONYX STAFF ★ + ★ Swan Burford Douglas Ratliff McIntyre Harrold Fitzgerald Doyle B. J. Mills A. B. Watts Brandt Bushong Schmitt Chaplin R. Foshee Birch Bailey D. Watts Fisher Rudd WlNGO Marsh Bell Westbrooke Carter i 82 } ONYX STAFF ★ ★ ★ ★ Editorial Staff Alice Bur ford. Dorothy Swan. Anne Fitzgerald. Lois McIntyre. Mary Jane Harrold. Frances Looney. Mary Jane Ratliff. Marjorie Doyle. Becky John Mills. Anna Belle Watts. Alice Bushong. Betty Brandt . Muriel Schmitt. Elizabeth Chaplin. Bessie Robertson. Rita Foshee . Virginia Birch . . Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor Editorial Editor . News Editor . News Editor . News Editor . Literary Editor Assistant Literary Editor Feature Editor . Athletic Editor Club Editor Society Editor Humor Editor . Alumnae Editor Day Student Editor High School Editor . Proof Reader Ruth Douglas Bruce Bailey ( Dorothy Watts ( Juanita Fisher Louise Marsh ( Grace Westbrooke Edythe Bell June Carter Business Staff .Business Manager .Co-Circulation Managers .Co-Advertising Managers .Head Typist .Typist .Typist Faculty Advisers Miss Margaret Rudd Miss Lillian Wingo Literary Adviser Business Adviser GLEE CLUB ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Miss Agnes Marie Bothne . Director Maria Marvin Proctor . . Accompanist Marie Smith Members Organist First Sopranos Second Sopranos Altos June Carter Jane Bevington Anahid Basmajian Rebecca Craig Elizabeth Brandt Dora Inez Bryant Ruth Douglas Virginia Birch Grace Butler Katherine Ferrer Barbara Conner Nan Copley Mary Hutchison Grace Diehm Sarah Beth Dail Virginia John Juanita Fisher Muriel Goldberg Catharine Lucius Martha Fuller Mary Jane Harrold Elite Lee Meredith Mary Gilliam Elizabeth Lewis Virginia Morgan Margie Logue Frances Looney ' Betty Morris Dorothy Otto Phyllis Pugh Virginia Rogers Muriel Schmitt Marie Smith Bunnie Scott Louise Marsh Josephine Rawlings -( 84 }• GLEE CLUB ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ HPHE GLEE CLUB is organized soon after school begins. It makes its first appear- ■ - ance in the chapel programs where it leads the hymns and renders prayer responses. The first term is climaxed by the Christmas Candlelight Service to which the largest audience of the year comes from the surrounding communities. Following the Candlelight Service, the Glee Club broadcasts over WRVA. Much of the second term was given over to enlarging its repertoire, and later in the term a series of concerts were given in nearby schools and communities. During the third term the Glee Club went on a tour of Western Virginia, which included Roanoke, Emory and Henry College, and Waynesboro. Soon after the tour preparations began for May Day. The Glee Club was enlarged for the purpose of presenting an operetta for the May Court. The Glee Club concludes its program for the year by its service at Commencement. Elme Lee Meredith .President Mary Gilliam .Secretary Jane Bevington .Treasurer Catharine Lucius .Librarian Quartet Elite Lee Meredith. Barbara Conner . Sarah Beth Dail. Louise Marsh. . First Soprano Second Soprano First Alto Second Alto INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB { 86 1 - INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB t ' I ' HE International Relations Club in Co-operation with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace has the following as its aims: To promote interest in world peace; To gain a greater knowledge of international affairs; To concentrate on the needs of others; To promote free discussions; To attain and clarify knowledge. The chapter in Blackstone College was established in 1937 and has been espe¬ cially active during the last year. Many interesting speakers, both local and out of town, have addressed the club; among them were Dr. James Elliott Walmsley, Professor of History at Farmville College; Miss Rumbeau, Secretary of the Fellowship of Reconciliation; Rev. Clyde DuBoise of Richmond; Rev. Parkinson of Blackstone; Dr. Frank Sayers; and Miss Rudd of Blackstone College. The project of the year was a scrap book made by the members who contributed a page on each country dealing with the main events of the year. Delegates were sent to the Virginia State Conference at Mary Washington College, also to the Seventeenth Conference of the Southeastern Division at the University of North Carolina. Throughout the year the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace has supplied the club with books on current affairs; these books have been placed in the college library for the students. Anaheed Solakian Ruth Douglas . Arietta Wyand President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Sponsor Miss Katherine Thorp Members Margaret Allen Bruce Bailey Anahid Basmajian Edythe Bell Lilwyn Bennett Jane Bevington Jentry Brooks Alice Burford Ann Chickos Barbara Conner Randy Covell Rebecca Craig Alicia De Varona Grace Diehm Marjorie Doyle Juanita Fisher Anne Fitzgerald Mary Gilliam Esther Henvis Virginia John Frances Johnson Vivian Kellam Ruby Knott Helen Leibrand Frances Lemmond Roberta Lewis Edress Looney L ois McIntyre Louise Marsh Doris Morgenthal Betty Myers Dorothy Otto Mary Jane Ratliff Josephine Rawlings Harriette Reed Dorothy Faye Reiter Frances Robertson Virginia Rogers Muriel Schmitt Betty Shimer Kathryn Smtwi Marie Smith Jane Spangler Dorothy Swan Ethel Walker Virginia Waters Anna Belle Watts Dorothy Watts Louise Watson Irma Waxman Grace Westbrooke Mignonette Williams Julia Woods { 87 }■ PRESIDENTS ' FORUM Members Jayne Beaman Lilwyn Bennett Dotte Bergen Virginia Birch Dora Inez Bryant Alice Burford Grace Butler Rebecca Craig Sarah Beth Dail . Grace Diehm Ruth Douglas Katherine Ferrer Helen Foshee Mary Gilliam Daisy Hall Esther Henvis Margaret Inge Virginia John Helen Leibrand Roberta Lewis Elfie Lee Meredith Betty Morris Bobbyn Nelson Marie Smith Anaheed Solakian Clare Spindler Dorothy Swan Anna Belle Watts High School Underclassmen , Junior Liberal Arts Speaking Choir . Ten Pens; Home Economics Club Sigma Iota Chi Onyx Editor Student Government Association Y. W. C. A.; Delta Psi Omega Zeta Mu Epsilon; Athletic Association Art Club Phi Theta Kappa; French Club Charm Chairman High School Seniors Worship Chairman . Carolina Club Finance Chairman Senior Class Public Speaking Club . Acorn Editor Mask and Wig; Spanish Club Glee Club . Junior Commercial Bat Captain; West Virginia Club Kappa Delta Phi International Relations Club . Dav Students Club Alpha Iota Tiger Captain 88 ART CLUB ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ r T ' HE ART CLUB was reorganized in 1 93839 by students who were interested in various fields of Art. The club is responsible for its fine accomplishments during the year to Miss Lorimer Fauntleroy, faculty adviser. Any member interested in Art is eligible for membership. Grace Diehm Barbara Braiord Mildred Mills Emily Garmany President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer % Sponsor Miss Lorimer Fauntllkoy Esther FIknvis Rebecca Craig Virginia Waters M embers Frances Robertson Doris Cato Dotte Bergen Dorothy Coup Elizabeth Chaplin d 89 }- SPANISH CLUB HP HE Spanish Club of 1939- 40, open to students of Spanish and all others who are interested, has carried on an extensive campaign this year to promote better understanding and appreciation between the girls of Blackstone College in co-opera¬ tion with the other colleges of the United States and the students of Latin America. Discussions have been held at our meetings on famous men and women of Spain and Latin America, the aftermath of the war in Spain, and, most interesting of all, love and marriage customs in Mexico. The traditional Hesta was carried out with much fun and merry-making. We especially extend our thanks to our able sponsors, Miss Margaret T. Rudd and Miss Marguerite Graham. Roberta Lewis .President Alice Burford .Vice-President Anne Fitzgerald .Secretary-Treasurer Sponsors M iss M argaret T. Rudd Miss Marguerite Graham Barbara Bacon Jentry Brooks Doris Cato Randy Covell Sarah Beth Dail Alicia DeVarona Helen Foshee Members Rita Foshee Alice Leibrand Helen Leibrand Frances Lemmond Bess Lewis Alegria Lopez Irma Lopez Libia Lopez Olga Martinez Mildred Mills Dorothy Faye Reiter Anaheed Solakian Dorothy Swan Grace Westbrooke Julia Woods d 90 CLUB FRENCH npHE French Club was founded in order that the members might become better acquainted not only with the language, but also with the customs, culture and geography of France. At meetings, which are held once a month, in addition to regular business, the members are entertained by programs consisting of songs, poems, stories, plays and information of France. Ruth Douglas . Betty Brandt . Helen Leidrand President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Sponsors Miss Margaret T. Rudd Mrs. Ashby Williams Members Grace Butler Barbara Conner Virginia Davidson Irene Ellis Anne Fitzgerald Mary Gilliam Muriel Goldberg Daisy Hall Esther Hen vis Margie Logue Clara Oatley Maria Marvin Proctor Donna Rager Mary Jane Ratlii i Josephine Rawlings Dorothy Faye Reiter Jane Spangler Louise Watson J9I }• HOME ECONOMICS CLUB ★ Reed Birch Steinhart Solakian Morgan Privette Rancke L. Allen M. Allen Basmajian Braford J. Brooks Bryant Burford Chaplin Coup Ellington Fisher Garmany Hutchison Mahone Marsh Maxwell Morgenthal Moseley Myers Oatley R. Nelson Olson Shinier Walker Woody HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Home Economics Tea OPHE Home Economics Club was formed for students of Home Economics and those interested in the various fields of work related to Home Economics. It is the aim of the club to assist in personal development, to promote leadership and training, and to develop an appreciation of the field of Home Economics. The club has engaged in many worth-while activities during the year which have afforded rich experiences and valuable training to those participating. Some of these activities included the Thanksgiving baskets given to two needv families, after- dinner coffee served on Sunday, spring exhibit, May Day costumes, Faculty Tea, “Around the Clock” Style Show, clothes for children of a needy family, a Chapel program, and Sunday morning breakfasts. Virginia Birch Harrietts Reed Virginia Morgan Anaiieed Solakian Phyllis Rancke Vera Mae Privette President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Historian Sponsor Miss Aware Steinhart •{ 93 1- PUBLIC SPEAKING CLUB ★ ★ Then Look Well to Your Speech! TT IS A known fact that we speak a hundred times more than we write. For this reason, a group of Blackstone girls, under the sponsorship of Mrs. Nelson and Miss Thorp, have organized to improve their speech. One of the aims of the club is to organize into a national fraternity and participate in the intercollegiate literary contests of our state. We hope that every Blackstone girl will realize the importance of good speech in her life and make an honest effort to obtain it. Virginia John . Grace Westbrooke Roberta Lewis . Louise Marsh President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Reporter Sponsors Mrs. Faye M. Nelson Miss Mary Katherine Thorp Katherine Aspinwall Elizabeth Brandt Marjorie Doyle Juanita Fisher Members Anne Fitzgerald Mary Gilliam Elizabeth Lewis Betty Myers Bobbyn Nelson Kathryn Smith Anaheed Solakian Arietta Wyand Men are polished through act and speech , Each by each , As pebbles are smoothed on the rolling beach. " John Townsend Trowbridge. i 94 TEN PENS . . Honorary English Club ★ ★ HPHIS honorary dub was established in 1928 and consists of the ten highest-ranking English students. It aims to promote an appreciation of literature, a desire for research, and a method of self-expression. It seeks to recognize the efforts and achievements attained by students in the literary world. Virginia Birch Mary Gilliam . Esther Henvis . Maria Marvin Proctor Louise Watson . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Librarian Sponsor Mrs. Faye M. Nelson Alice Bur ford Rebecca Craig Members Elizabeth Dalton Ruth Douglas Helen Leibrand Dotte Bergen Donna Rager Louise Dequine President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Sponsor Miss Mable Wingo Director Miss Marguerite Graham Katherine Aspinwall Jayne Beaman Martha Conley Members Sarah Beth Dail Alberta Livingston Bette Pace Sarah Pugh Anaheed Solakian { 96 y HANDBOOK STAFF ★ ★ ★ Morris Goldberg McJntyre Fitzgerald De Varona Rawlings Maxwell I Anne Fitzgerald Betty Morris Josephine Rawlings Muriel Goldberg . Lois McIntyre . Alicia De Varona . Mamie Maxwell .Editor Student Government Representative . Y. W. C. A. Representative Acorn Representative . Onyx Representative Athletic Association Representative .Typist { 97 DAY STUDENTS CLUB ★ ★ ★ .._ i _4 w — yr 1 « 1 flfi r w J 111 rj Si r ■ J .Iff 1 gg| H HPHE Day Students Club was organized for the purpose of promoting the interest - ■ of the day students in activities at B. C. G., and to foster a spirit of fellowship and comradeship. The college has furnished a lounge in which the day students may study and hold meetings when the occasion calls for group gatherings. Recently the day students’ room was completely redecorated. Through their organization into a club, the day students feel that they are more closely bound to the college life. Officers Clare Spindler .President Laura Martin .Vice-President Elizabeth Dalton .Secretary Margaret Inge . Council Representative Bessie Robertson .Reporter Sponsor Mrs. A. C. Fellers Members Ruth Douglas Anne Fitzgerald Margaret Fowler Estelle Watkins Bertha Morgan Bernice Wingo Louise Watson WEST VIRGINIA CLUB HPHE West Virginia Club was organized in January, 1940. It was formed to create a deeper feeling of friendship and fellowship among the West Virginia girls. The colcrs of the club are blue and gold, the same as those of the University of West Vriginia. The flower is the state flower, the rhododendron. Meetings are held every two weeks with different members acting as hostesses. The members enjoy these meetings and the fellowship is most worth while. The West Virginia moun¬ taineers are proud of their club! Sponsors M. Nelson Mrs. Anna Bobbyn Nelson Joan Sinnett Louise Marsh Mrs. Faye Lilwyn Bennett Betty Brandt Ann Chickos Martha Conley M embers Mary Conley Marjorie Doyle Juanita Fisher Virginia John President Secretary Reporter Flannagan Ethelyn Lowe Betty Morris Evilee Robertson Arietta Wyand J 99 )• CAROLINA CLUB Daisy Fuller FIall Margaret FIarris . Mamie Maxwell . President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Sponsor Mrs. Minnie Drake Townsend I Ruby Byrd Sarah Beth Dail Jean Elliott Ruby Knott Frances Lemmond Members Alberta Livingston Catharine Lucius Becky John Mills Mildred Mills Shirley Newell Nancy Norris Virginia Northington Vera Mae Privette Kathryn Smith Marie Smith J 100 } We Act . . . We Dance . . . We Go to Conventions 101 )• SORORITIES PANHELLENIC COUNCIL ★ ★ Mims L. Wingo Mrs. Townsend Dail Bryant M. Smith SoLAKJAN Burford Woods Fuller Nelson Fauntleroy i 104 } PANHELLENIC COUNCIL % T)ANHELLENIC COUNCIL, composed of two representatives and the sponsors of each sorority, has created a friendly feeling among the social sororities on the campus. It is this Council which fixes the rules and regulations for rushing and pledging, and settles any questions which may arise concerning any phase of sorority life. I Zeta Mu Epsilon Sarah Beth Dail Anaheed Solakian Miss Jimmie Mims Sponsors Miss Martha Fuller % Sigma Iota Chi Dora Inez Bryant Alice Burtord Miss Lillian Wingo A ponsors Mrs Faye M. Nelson Marie Smith Kappa Delta Phi Julia Woods S ponsors Mrs. Minnie Drake Townsend Miss Lorimer Fauntli roy J 105 J- ZETA MU EPSILON SOLAKIAN Bushong De Varona Schmitt Mims Dail Olson Meredith Fuller Inge Dalton B. J. Mills Williams i 106 }• ZETA MU EPSILON (Founded 1921) ETA MU EPSILON was founded at Stephens College in in 1921. Columbia, Missouri, When school opened this year there were only one active member and two pledges. Immediately after Christmas vacation, one of the pledges became active, which helped the sorority a great deal. In January, Eta Chapter pledged eight new members. These girls were entertained at a Pledge Dinner in March. After spring holidays, the new members entertained the members of last year and the sponsors. Later in the spring, the sorority entertained the faculty at a midnight supper. So, few but strong, Eta Chapter of Zeta Mu Epsilon has done its bit in strength¬ ening the sorority. Colors: Orchid and Silver Flower: Wood Violet Publications: The Evergreen; Zeta Mule t Eta Chapter (Founded 1931) Officers Sarah Beth Dail .President Anaheed Solakian .Vice-President Sponsors Miss Jimmie Mims Miss Martha Fuller Active Members Alice Bushong Vera Olson Elizabeth Dal Pledges ton Elite Lee Meredith Becky John Mills Margaret Inge Muriel Schmitt Mignonette Williams { 107 }- SIGMA IOTA CHI ★ ★ ★ Bryant Bevington Diehm Elliott Morris Leidrand Boggs Gillis E. Lewis L. WlNGO Brandt Burford B. Nelson R Lewis F. Nelson Douglas Butler Walker Maxwell Wyand { 108 } SIGMA IOTA CHI (Founded 1903) ■v f. QIGMA IOTA CHI has always tried to instill in the hearts of her members loftv ideals and the desire for high scholarship, thus preparing them to become good citizens. Ever mindful of these aims, five members and two pledges of Mu Chapter returned to Blackstone in September. During the fall, the Sigmas enjoyed theater parties, a steak roast, and several parties in the sorority room. In December, Mu Chapter was honored by a visit from Mrs. William T. Hairrell, an officer of Grand Chapter. In January, the two pledges became active members. Later in the month, the old members entertained the rushees with a pajama party and a tea in the sorority room. Twelve girls accepted Sigma bids, and in February, the Pledge Service was held. Initiation into full membership was held in April. Filled with Sigma ideals, the members of Mu Chapter are ever ready to give their best to Sigma Iota Chi and Blackstone College. Colors: Purple and Gold Flower: Violet Publications: The Parchment; The Scroll t Mu Chapter (Founded 1928) Dora Inez Bryant Helen Lei brand Elizabeth Brandt Ruth Douglas Officers . President .Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer Sponsors Miss Lillian Winc.o Mrs. Faye M. Nelson Jane Bevington Alice Burford Zona Boggs Jean Elliott Helen Gillis M embers Grace Butler Grace Diehm Pledges Elizabeth Lewis Roberta Lewis Mamie Maxwell Ethel Walker Mable Wingo Betty Morris Bobbyn Nelson Arietta Wyand J J09 }- KAPPA DELTA PHI ★ ★ ★ Bailey K. Smith M. Smith Ratliff Townsend Bell Spangler Woods Brooks Harrold Rancke Richardson Shimer A. B. Watts D. Watts Fauntleroy { no KAPPA DELTA PHI (Founded 1921) I T TA CHAPTER of Kappa Delta Phi was founded at Blackstone in 1928, and its J — J members have been active in all phases of campus life during the past twelve years. This year, on January 29, eleven girls were pledged to Kappa. Formal initiation was held on February 6, and a banquet was given on March 13- Colors: Orchid, Straw, and Bronze Flower: Orchid Sweet Pea Publications: The Torch; The Eagle ' s Wing Eta Chapter (Founded 1928) Officers Marie Smith .President Jentry Brooks .Vice-President Julia Woods .Secretary-Treasurer Sponsors Mrs. Minnie D. Townsend Miss Lorimer Fauntleroy PI edges Bruce Bailey Edythe Bell Mary Jane Harrold Phyllis Rancke Mary Jane Ratlii i Charlotte Rich a r dson Betty Shim hr Kathryn Smith Jane Spangler Anna Belle Watts Dorothy Waits J ill ]• PHI THETA KAPPA [ Honorary Scholastic Fraternity 1 Phi Theta Kappa, Junior College I Phi Beta Kappa, Senior College J Birch Henvis Morgan Douglas Burford Leibrand Craig Dalton Rawlings Mims Waters Proctor Watson Westbrooke T)HI THETA KAPPA is an honorary scholarship fraternity whose purpose is to promote scholarship, to develop character, and to cultivate fellowship among students of junior colleges in the United States of America. This organization fosters a spirit of devotion to study. Beta Rho Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa was established at Blackstone College on Mav 24, 1932. Those numbered in its bonds are of good moral character and possess recognized qualities of leadership. The Golden Key is the official publication of the Phi Theta Kappa Fraternity and the official colors are blue and gold. Beta Rho Chapter (Established 1932) Officers Ruth Douglas .President Alice Burford .Vice-President Virginia Birch .Secretary-Treasurer Maria Marvin Proctor .Librarian Sponsor Miss Jimmie Mims Members Esther Henvis Elizabeth Dalton Josephine Rawlings Helen Leibrand Louise Watson Virginia Waters Rebecca Craig Virginia Morgan Grace Westbrooke { 112 ALPHA IOTA[ International Commercial Fraternity Diehm Bailey ' Moore Swan Ellington Morgenthal Townsend Richardson Morris Privette Martin Olson D ELTA PI CHAPTER of Alpha Iota International Commercial fraternity was first introduced at Blackstone College in 1938. The eligibility requirements are superior scholarship, good character and personality. Alpha Iota encourages the attainment of increased efficiency, higher standards, and increased progress in the field of commerce. There are over 140 chapters of Alpha Iota in the United States and Canada. The Notebook is the official publication. Dorothy Swan . Grace Diehm Bruce Bailey Marion Ellington Charlotte Riciiardson Vera Mae Privette . .President Vice-President Corresponding Secretary . Social Secretary . Recording Secretary . Treasurer Laura Martin Lavelle Moore Sponsor Mrs. Minnie Drake Townsend Active Members Doris Jean Morgenthal Vera Olson Betty Morris Clare Spindler Alumnae and Associate Members Rosa Beville Emily Cummings Margaret Blanks Margaret Irby Nan Copley Marii Lewis Frances Roberts Lillian Wingo { ID } DELTA PSI OMEGA | Honorary Dramatic Fraternity K. Smith Bryant B. Nelson Craig Dail Ratliff F. Nelson Goldberg Rawlings R. Lewis B. J. Mills Reiter r T ' 1 HE purposes of this fraternity are: To stimulate interest in dramatic activities; to secure for the college all the advantages of a large national honorary fraternity; and by selecting worthy students to membership, to serve as a reward for their participation in the dramatic organizations of the college. This cast in no wav aims to take the place of the regular dramatic club. Officers Mrs. Faye M. Nelson . . . . Rebecca Craig. Kathryn Smith. Roberta Lewis. Grand Director Director Sub-Director Secretary-Treasurer Dora Inez Bryant Sarah Beth Dail Muriel Goldberg Members Becky John Mills Bobbyn Nelson Mary Jane Ratliff Josephine Rawlings Dorothy Faye Reiter { 114 } ZliTAS i 115 Sigmas { H6 } KAPPAS •( U7 ]- ATHLETICS ATHLETIC COUNCIL ★ ★ CPORTS are quite a large part of our college life, so with Miss Jimmie Mims as director, the Athletic Council leads the school in all of them. It is their guidance and interest that tends to create friendly rivalry and to develop the highest type of sportsmanship that can be instilled into the life of each student. Sarah Beth Dail . Julia Woods Margaret Inge Bobbyn Nelson Anna Belle Watts Barbara Conner . Miss Jimmie Mims . Officers .President . Secretary . Treasurer .Captain " Bats’’ .Captain " Tigers’’ Basketball Manager .Athletic Director J 119 }- BATS ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ A T THE beginning of the school year the entire student body is divided into two groups, namely, the " Bats” and Tigers.” These are the rivaling teams in the school and throughout the year there is keen competition in all sports. Bat Hockey Team Bobbyn Nelson, Captain Barbara Conner Ruth Plesum Martha Holloway Dotty Faye Reiter Virginia Larrick Dot Ross Maro McPhaul Dot Swann Claire Miller Marie Wilson Bobbyn Nelson Mable Wingo Julia Woods Bat Basketball Team Bobbyn Nelson, Captain Bruce Bailey Dora Bryant Mary Conley Martha Holloway Alberta Livingston Bobbyn Nelson Ruth Plesum Dotty Faye Reiter Clare Spindler Dorothy Swan Bat Volley Ball Team Mable Wingo, Captain Esther Henvis Martha Holloway Virginia Larrick Alberta Livingston Frances Looney Maro McPhaul Bobbyn Nelson Mable Wingo Julia Woods Martha Woodward { 120 TIGERS ★ ★★★ T TOCKEY begins the season, with basketball and volley ball following. . . After spring holidays competition in track, baseball, and soccer is enjoyed. The team which is victorious in the greatest number of these sports is awarded a silver loving cup at the close of the year. Tiger Hockey Team Tiger Basketball Team Sarah Beth Dail, Captain Edythe Bell Jane Bevington Zona Boggs Alice Burford Fay Ca RRIER Doris Cato Bernice Fay Carrier Virginia Davidson Fouise Dequine Alicia De Varona Jeannette Folsom Marie Smith Peggy Wagner WINGO Tiger Volley Ball Team Filwyn Bennett, Captain Edythe Bell Filwyn Bennett Dotte Bergen Barbara Brooks Alice Burford Betii Dail Shirley Kundinger Marie Smith Peggy Wagner Bernice Wingo Zona Boggs, Captaii Doris Fa Ci .A I R Beth Dail Virginia Morgan Virginia Davidson Jeannette Folsom Anna Belle Watts Marie Smith Virginia Waters J 121 J- HOCKEY ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ T TOCKEY practice is called soon after school begins at which time much enthusiasm is aroused in the students. Practice each afternoon after classes in the healthful outdoor climate. As results of the practices, the Bat and Tiger teams are chosen and, as the frost bites, the games between the intramural teams are played. This year the Bats were victorious after five hard-fought games. Finally comes the selection of the varsity which for only two years has had interscholastic rivalry. We were unable to schedule games with any school except Averett this year. Blackstone fought for final victory in each of these. Bobbyn Nelson Alicia Dl Varona Dorothy Faye Reiter Julia W OODS Fay Carrier Averett College Averett College Mable Wingo, Captain Alice Burford Mable Wingo Marie Smith Virginia Larrick Ruth Plesum Schedule . at . . at . Barbara Conner Claire Miller Dot Ross Doris Cato Zona Boggs Danville Blackstone 122 BASKETBALL Mable Wingo . Margaret Inge Barbara Conner Miss Jimmie Mims Jane Bevington Zona Boggs Barbara Braford Alice Bushong Grace Butler Fay Carrier Varsity Squad Elizabeth Dalton Alicia De Varona Jean Elliott Mary Jane Harrold Margaret Inge . Captain Co-Captain Manager Coach Virginia Larrick Becky John Mills Betty Morris Anna Belle Watts Mable Wingo Julia Woods Schedule Medical National Business College at Medical National Business College at Blackstone High . Westhampton .at Blackstone High Madison Blackstone Blackstone . Richmond Roanoke Blackstone . Richmond . Richmond Blackstone Blackstone larrisonbun: ■{ 123 1- VOLLEY BALL ★ ★ ★ r T ' HERE were no intercollegiate games in volley ball this year, hut the Bat and Tiger teams created an atmosphere of keen competition and good sports¬ manship. The Bats finally won after losing the first two games to the Tigers. nPHE swimming pool is a favorite of many and affords recreation for all. It is here that students spend many happy hours, learning and improving tech¬ niques. To date, though there has been no intercollegiate rivalry, the students have competed in various relays and water sports, and it has been proved that there are many among us who promise to make a name for themselves in the field of aquatics. { 124 } SOFTBALL ★ ★ ★ ★ QINCE there were no intercollegiate games in softball, the only games played were the Bat and Tiger games. The Bats were the high scorers in the first three games, so they won the championship. A SILVER loving cup is awarded to the tennis champion who is the girl who has won both the Fall and Spring Tennis Tournaments. If, however, a different girl wins each tournament, the champion is determined by a match be¬ tween the two winners. A tennis team is picked to participate in intercol¬ legiate matches from among the winners and runners-up in the tournaments. 125 )- Hold That Ball! •{ 126 Fight for Victory! 127 }• FEATURES ★ VIRGINIA JOHN ★ { 130 { 131 }• ★ ★ ★ RUTH DOUGLAS Princess to Apple Blossom Festival ■i 132 MARIE SMITH •f 133 }- _ . ltd Otuunal " T VIRGINIA BIRCH . , 134 , " Aicst JtlLtu " ANNA BELLE WATTS i J 35 }■ Rebecca Craig Anaheed Solakian t Helen Leibrand Sarah Beth Dail Dora Inez Bryant ■llonotaltle Alention fiot jSetvice f I ( he Acorn Staff honors Seniors who have worked faithfully for Blackstone in positions of re¬ sponsibility. May every Senior who has silently and unselfishly served Blackstone find joy in realizing that she has contributed a link in the chain which pre¬ serves for the future the spirit of Blackstone. { 136 } Barbara Jean Bacon Bruce Bailey Lilwyn Bennett Elizabeth Brandt Barbara Conner Elizabeth Dalton Ushers Marjorie Doyle Marion Ellington Anne Fitzgerald Jeannette Folsom Maids Virginia Bircii Jentry Brooks Dora Inez Bryant Grac e Butler Alice Burford Rebecca Craig Sarah Beth Dail Ruth Douglas Helen Foshee Jayne Beaman Mary Gilliam Roberta Lewis Maro McPhaul Betty Morris Muriel Schmitt Margaret Inge Helen Leibrand Anaheed Solakian Marie Smith Anna Belle Watts Sir Richard Jones, Crown Bearer Maid Virginia of the House of John, Maul of Honor Princess Julia of the House of Woods Sir William of the House of McNeer and Sir Winston of the. House of Redford Guard of Honor Crowning of the Queen “May Day Revels’’ Operetta J l M }• Catharine Lucius and Barbara Jean Bacon " Best All Around ' ' Jane Eglin " Most Intellectual " VIRGINIA LaRRICK ' ‘Most Athletic ' ' Jeannette Folsom " Most Beautiful " { 138 } Louise Dequine " Most Attractive " Rita Foshee Wittiest ' ' 139 J- Maro McPhaul " Most Popular " May Day Revels ■{ 140 Lantern Light . . . Wishing Well . . . Soft Music . . . Romance 141 }• Collegiate . . . Everyone! { 142 Professional and Otherwise ■{ 143 Blackstonites . . . All Angles { 144 Blackstone . . Inside and Oui { J45 }• Unceasing Service Honored •{ 146 } Memories That Bind Our Hearts { 147 J- Graduated with high distinction Graduated with distinction . Ruth McNeal Douglas Virginia Elizabeth Birch Esther Susanna H ENV1S Maria Marvin Proctor X Highest honor , Commerce Department Historian . Poet . Prophet . Highest honor , Liberal Arts Department Dorothy Swan . Helen Leibrand Virginia Birch Dora Inez Bryant Ruth Douglas X ' J-llalt School C la Ad C 7 CiACA Salutatorian Rita Foshee Valedictorian Katherine Hogshead “Sinister House” BY Tom Taggart X Cast Hepzibah Lacey Jennie Lacey Mrs. Dirks Miss Huey Pease Blossom Edith Burke Midpe Towers . Tony Trent .... Dr. Maud Garret Ruth Lacey Madame Celeste Moray Anaheed Solakian Roberta Lewis . Irene Ellis Dorothy Swan . Rebecca Craig . Virginia John . Sarah Beth Dail Betty Shimer . Grace Butler Dora Inez Bryant . Ruth Douglas •{ 149 Alma Mater ■V € Oh, dear Blackstone, Alma Mater, We thy daughters come to thee, Seeking friends that make us nobler, Seeking truth that makes us free, Seeking courage, faith and wisdom, And the strength to triumph wrong. Hear, oh, hear us, loving mother, As we lift to thee our song! Chorus Guide, oh guide us, mother dear! May we ever feel thee near, May thy daughters live and love And grow forever, mother dear. Oh—Oh, Blackstone, here’s to thee, Here’s to truth that makes us free, Here’s to fame and praise and honor, And a student’s love for thee! Hail—oh, Blackstone, Alma Mater, We with grateful hearts do sing, For we called and thou didst answer, Did thy treasures to us bring, Did unfold to us the mysteries Both of books and friendships true; Now thy daughters answer gladly, Here’s our love, Blackstone, to you! Oh—Oh, Blackstone, Alma Mater! As we sing our parting lay, Life’s work calls; we dare not linger, Though with thee, we fain would stay. Parting comes, but we’ll remember These our happy college days, And be true to thee, dear mother, Guide us with thy love, we pray. { 150 151 I- STUDENT DIRECTORY •V f. Adams, Myrtle Marye . Allen, Louise Loydd Allen, Margaret Virginia Aspinwall, Katharine . Bacon, Barbara Jean Bailey, Annaii Bruce Barrow, Ann. Barnes, Lewella Prudence Basmajian, Ann Anahid Beaman, Jayne. Bell, Edythe Carter Bennett, Lilwyn. Bergen, Dotte. Bevington,Jane Parks . Birch, Virginia Elizabeth . Boggs, Zona Victoria . Bowen, Jean Carol .... Bratord, Barbara Lewis . Brandt, Elizabeth Anne . Brooks, Barbara. Brooks, Jentry Elizabeth . Bryant, Dora Inez .... Burford, Alice Constance Bushong, Alice Taylor . Butler, Grace. Byrd, Ruby Mae. Caheen, Amily. Carrier, H arriet Fay Carrier, Marjorie Lucille Cato, Doris Jean. Caudell, Marjorie Harlean . Chamberlain, Margaret Louise Chaplin, Elizabeth Pratt . Chickos, Ann Louise .... Clark, Helen Mae .... Conley, Martha. Conley, Mary Margaret . Conner, Barbara Constance . Corbin, Martha Hundley Coup, Dorothy. Covell, Mary Ransom . Craig, Nora Rebecca .... Crowder, H elen Temple Dail, Sarah Beth. Dalton, Elizabeth Victoria . Davidson, Virginia .... Dequine, Louise. De Varona, Alicia .... Diehm, Grace Irene .... .Blackstone, Virginia . Boydton, Virginia 306 West Lovett Street, Charlotte, Michigan . Post Office Box 574, Norfolk, Virginia . 309 East 18th Street, New York, New York .Orange, Virginia . 2 Audubon Street, Rochester, New York .Gargatha, Virginia 10 Oak Street, Weehawken, New Jersey 1755 Meridian Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida 200 Prospect Street, Westfield, New Jersev 112 Union Street, Bluefield, West Virginia .2A Inwood Place, New Jersey .Box 2342, Cristobal, Canal Zone 1001 Virginia Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia .Box 2022, Cristobal, Canal Zone 819 Delafield Place, Washington, D. C. .Natural Bridge Station, Virginia .Romney, West Virginia .Box 2012, Cristobal, Canal Zone 4600 East Princess Road, Norfolk, Virginia .Emmerton, Virginia . Amherst, Virginia 408 South King Street, Leesburg, Virginia 131 Florida Street, Springfield, Massachusetts .Elizabethtown, North Carolina 3810 Military Road, N. W., Washington, D. C. 408 Standard Building, Cleveland, Ohio 408 Standard Building, Cleveland, Ohio .Dumfries, Virginia 513 Boissevain Avenue, Norfolk, Virginia 14 South Thurlow Avenue, Margate, New Jersey . Emporia, Virginia .Glen Rogers, West Virginia . Waverly, Virginia . 709 College Hill, Williamson, West Virginia . 709 College Hill, Williamson, West Virginia 197 Waltham Street, Lexington, Massachusetts Lawndale Drive, Greensboro, North Carolina . Box 4, Orange, Virginia . 2200 Victory Parkway, Cincinnati, Ohio .Belle Haven, Virginia .Blackstone, Virginia .Box 110, Dunn, North Carolina R. F. D. 1, Box 113, Blackstone, Virginia Eastbourne, Alger Court, Bronxville, New York 631 Irving Place, Long Branch, New Jersey .Libertad 66, Camaguey, Cuba 308 East New Street, Lititz, Pennsylvania { 152 STUDENT DIRECTORY t Dossin, Elyse .... Douglas, Ruth McNeal Doyle, Marjorie Elaine Eglin, Harriet Jane Ellington, Marion Elliott, Jean .... Elliott, Margaret Anne Ellis, Irene. Eubank, Annie Neal Ferguson, Alice Christine Ferrer, Nellie Katherine Fisher, Juanita Sue . Fitzgerald, Anne Morton Folsom, Jeannette Foshee, Helen Louise Foshee, Rita Frances Fowler, Buena Vista Fowler, Margaret Garmany, Rose Emily Gilliam, Mary Catherine Gillis, Helen Margaret Givens, Mary Virginia Goldberg, Muriel Arden . Hagan, Margaret E. Hall, Daisy Fuller . Hankley, Verna Isabell Hardy, Mable Roberta Harrier, Nancy Jane Harris, Margaret Evelyn Harrold, Mary Jane Hawke, Virginia . . . . Henvis, Esther . . . . Hillsman, Ida Fern . Hogshead, Kitty . . . . Hollis, Anna. Holloway, Martha Hutchison, Mary . . . . Inge, Margaret . . . . James, Alberta Noel Jiannine, Alma Mae John, Mary Virginia Johnson, Frances James Jones, Eloise Allen . Jones, Lucille Morris Kellam, Ann Vivian Knott, Ruby Ray . Kundinger, Shirley . La Clair, Doris M. Larrick, Virginia . 47 Linsley Avenue, Meriden, Connecticut .Reedville, Virginia .Barrett, West Virginia .Scott Field, Illinois .Route 1, Petersburg, Virginia Lime and Chester Streets, Blacksburg, South Carolina .Blackstone, Virginia .Route 1, Bedford, Virginia .Lewisetta, Virginia .2115 Dryden Road, Houston, Texas 131 South High Street, Hillsboro, Ohio Kanawha Avenue, Madison, West Virginia . 704 South Main Street, Blackstone, Virginia . 1616 North Garfield Street, Arlington, Virginia 2600 Boulevard, Jersey City, New Jersey 2600 Boulevard, Jersey City, New Jersey .Blackstone, Virginia .Blackstone, Virginia .Chickamauga, Georgia . 814 Alleghany Avenue, Covington, Virginia .Foxon Road, East Haven, Connecticut 3114 Fendall Avenue, Richmond, Virginia . 21 Richman Avenue, Newburgh, New York . 96 South Angell Street, Providence, Rhode Island 605 Randolph Street, Thomasville, North Carolina .Clarkton, Virginia .Blackstone, Virginia 519 West 17th Street, Tyrone, Pennsylvania 224 Shirley Avenue, High Point, North Carolina .Box 289, Route 1, Fort Pierce, Florida .River Road, Old Bridge, New Jersey .Millsboro, Delaware .Route 2, Huddleston, Virginia .Box 417, Apopka, Florida .Sykesville, Pennsylvania .Yorktown, Virginia .Hornbeak, Tennessee 203 North Main Street, Blackstone, Virginia . 2280 Neil Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 34 North Bridge Avenue, Red Bank, New Jersey 1910 St. Mary’s Avenue, Parkersburg, West Virginia .Union Level, Virginia .York Street, Williamsburg, Virginia .Burnwell, Virginia 407 Forest Avenue, Martinsville, Virginia .First Street, Sanford, North Carolina 1055 Devonshire Road, Grosse Point Park, Michigan . Dupont Circle Apartments, Washington, D. C . Lake Harbor, Flo rida 153 )• STUDENT DIRECTORY Larsevick, Eleanor Barbara . Leibrand, Alice. Leibrand, Helen Ruth . Lemmond, Frances Lee . Lewis, Elizabeth McKay Lewis, May Davis. Lewis, Roberta Jean . Livingston, Alberta . . . . Logue, Margie. Looney, Edress Catherine Looney, Frances Helen Lopez, Alegria. Lopez, Irma. Lopez, Libia . Lowe, Ethelyn. Lucius, Catharine. Lusk, Phyllis Hope. McIntyre, Lois. McPhaul, Maro. Mahone, Catherine Abbott . Marsh, Louise. Martin, Laura. Martinez, Olga Amelia Maxwell, Mamie Frances . . Meredith, Elfie Lee . Miller, Claire. Mills, Becky John. Mills, Mildred Poston Moore, Lavelle. Morgan, Bertha. Morgan, Virginia Ervin . Morgenthal, Doris Jean Morris, Betty Jane. Moseley, Sarah Belle . Myers, Betty Melva . Nelson, Bobbyn. Nelson, Ruth Ashton . Newell, Shirley. Norris, Nancy. Northington, Virginia Fleming Oatley, Clara Lucille . Oliva, Zelia. Olson, Vera Marie. Otto, Dorothy . Pace, Bette . Payne, Clara Josephine . Perez, Eleanor. Perez, Olga . Plesum, Ruth. .Eastover, South Carolina . 631 Raleigh Place, S. E., Washington, D. C. . 631 Raleigh Place, S. E., Washington, D. C. . 408 Charlotte Avenue, Sanford, North Carolina 6646 Chestnut Street, Mariemont, Ohio .DeWitt, Virginia 6646 Chestnut Street, Mariemont, Ohio Route 2, Box 114, Charleston, South Carolina .2318 Avenue O, Galveston, Texas .Fieldale, Virginia .Fieldale, Virginia .Monte Rus, Cuniera, Oriente, Cuba .Monte Rus, Cuniera, Oriente, Cuba .Monte Rus, Cuniera, Oriente, Cuba 528 Market Street, Spencer, West Virginia .Dillon, South Carolina Moran Avenue, Mullens, West Virginia .Route 1, Charlotte, Michigan .Jamieson, Florida .Route 2, Williamsburg, Virginia Camp Fair Chance, Low Gap, West Virginia .Wellville, Virginia .Central Lugareno, Camaguey, Cuba .Fayetteville, North Carolina . Winsor Street, Lawrenceville, Virginia .Sterling Junction, Massachusetts . 151 Belle Street, Henderson, North Carolina 425 West End Avenue, Statesville, North Carolina .Wellville, Virginia . 223 West Broad Street, Blackstone, Virginia .Lunenburg, Virginia 240 Edward Street, Harrisburg, Pennsylva nia .Fayetteville, West Virginia .La Crosse, Virginia 2845 East Market Street, Warren, Ohio .Athens, West Virginia .Jarrettsville, Maryland . Raleigh Road, Fayetteville, North Carolina Box 217, Goldsboro, North Carolina Box 407, Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina .Alfred, Maine San Rafael, Number 660, Havana, Cuba .Grand Marais, Minnesota .Route 1, Charlotte, Michigan . 2710 Floyd Avenue, Richmond, Virginia 114 Beall Street, Lenoir, North Carolina .Hotel Camaguey, Camaguey, Cuba .Hotel Camaguey, Camaguey, Cuba .Au Gres, Michigan { 154 STUDENT DIRECTORY t Privette, Vera Mae .... Proctor, Maria Marvin Pugh, Eloise Herndon . Pugh, Phyllis Elizabeth Pugh, Sarah Amelia Rager, Donna. Rancke, Helen Phyllis Ratliff, Mary Jane .... Rawlings, Josephine Elder Reed, Harriette Ann Reiter, Dorothy Faye . Richardson, Charlotte Marion Robertson, Bessie. Robertson, Evilee Virginia . Robertson, Frances .... Rogers, Virginia Jewell . Ross, Dorothy. Sampselle, Ann Harrison . Schmitt, Muriel Evelyn Scott, Martha T. Seall, Lillian. Shearin, Miriam Rebecca . Shiflet, Frances Leth Shimer, Betty Louise Shook, Ruth Virginia . Sinnett, Joan. Smith, Dorothy Elaine . Smith, Kathryn. Smith, Marie Anne .... Snow, Mary Frances S oLAKIAN, AnAHEED .... Solem, Mary Virginia . Spangler, Martha Jane Spindler, Elizabeth Clare Stem, Lou Anna. Stimson, Doris Mae .... Stovall, Jeanne Paleske Swan, Dorothy J. Thomas, Margaret Edwinia . Wagner, Peggy Virginia . Walker, Ethel Mae .... Waters, Virginia Moseley Watkins, Estelle James Watson, Louise. Watts, Anna Belle .... Watts, Dorothy Lewis . Waxman, Irma Deborah Westbrooke, Grace Shelton . Wiley June Richardson 404 West Broad Street, Darlington, South Carolina . 333 Fudge Street, Covington, Virginia 3005 North Franklin Road, Arlington, Virginia 3005 North Franklin Road, Arlington, Virginia 3005 North Franklin Road, Arlington, Virginia 314 South Maple Street, North Manchester, Indiana 8 Kilmer Road, Larchmont, New York . 600 Oakland Drive, Council Bluffs, Iowa .Sevierville, Tennessee .Harrodshurg, Kentucky Fairbank, Tilghman’s Island, Maryland 109 i 2 So. Jefferson St., Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania . 227 West Broad Street, Blackstone, Virginia .Renick, West Virginia . 510 Chautauqua Avenue, Portsmouth, Virginia 24 East Welling Avenue, Pennington, New Jersey 533 Coleman Place, Westfield, New Jersey . 23 Elm Avenue, Takoma Park, Washington, D. C. Anthony Place, Riverside, Connecticut Holland House, Austin Street, Forest Hills, New York . Blackstone, Virginia 211 Broad Street, Portsmouth, Virginia . 384 North Main Street, Harrisonburg, Virginia 1130 Mahantongo Street, Pottsville, Pennsylvania . . 209 Academy Avenue, Sewickley, Pennsylvania 411 High Street, Spencer, West Virginia 341 South Broad Street, Elizabeth, New Jersey .Kernersville, North Carolina 702 Evans Street, Greenville, North Carolina . Chestnut Street, Lumberton, North Carolina 1170 Walton Avenue, New York, New York 1355 Taylor Street, N. W., Washington, D C. .Christianshurg, Virginia 401 Church Street, Blackstone, Virginia .Wilson, Virginia 1859 N. W. Sixth Street, Miami, Florida 610 Christopher Road, Richmond, Virginia . 45 Sanford Street, Glens Falls, New York .Palmyra, Virginia . 1712 Kirby Avenue, Chattanooga, Tennessee .Yalesville, Connecticut .Harmans, Virginia .Route 5, Blackstone, Virginia Brunswick Avenue, Blackstone, Virginia .Box 144, Amherst, Virginia .Box 144, Amherst, Virginia 376 Ege Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey . 1037 A Street, Portsmouth, Virginia .Crozet, Virginia 155 } STUDENT DIRECTORY t Williams, Mignonette . Wilson, Anna Marie Wingo, Bernice Jackson Wingo, Mable Spindler Woods, Julia .... Woodward, Martha Jean Woody, Mildred Anne Wyand, Arietta Virginia Zebedee, Georgie Ann . . . 1719 Mulberry Street, Scranton, Pennsylvania .Route 3, Virgilina, Virginia .Drakes Branch, Virginia .Drakes Branch, Virginia .Pedlar Mills, Virginia .Louisa, Virginia .Baskerville, Virginia 409 Ben Street, Williamson, West Virginia . c o Philip Freeman, Union Tr. Bldg., Petersburg, Va. FACULTY DIRECTORY Adams, Mr. George P. Ballard, Miss Virginia H. Bennett, Miss Mary Lee . Beville, Mrs. R. H. Bothne, Miss Agnes Marie DeJarnette, Miss Nannie Belle Fellers, Mrs. A. C. Fauntleroy, Miss Lorimer Flannagan, Mrs. Anna Fuller, Miss Martha . . . . Glick, Mr. J. Paul. Graham, Miss Marguerite Hudgins, Mr. Alexander F. . Hurt, Dr. J. M. Lewis, Miss Marie. Mims, Miss Jimmie. Nelson, Mrs. Faye M. Read, Miss Mary McClung Reed, Miss Alice. Rudd, Miss Margaret T. . Seay, Mr. Richmond. Sharp, Miss Jean. Snead, Mr. Christy. Steinhart, Miss Aware Teats, Miss Jean E. Thorp, Miss Mary Katherine Townsend, Mrs. Minnie Drake . Townsend, Miss Valance A. . W hite, Rev. R. A. Williams, Mrs. Ashby . . . . Wingo, Miss Lillian . . . . Wold, Miss Catherine T. . .Blackstone, Virginia .Exmore, Virginia . Blackstone, Virginia .Blackstone, Virginia .Blackstone, Virginia . Richmond, Kentucky 720 Jefferson Avenue, Clifton Forge, Virginia . 1828 Grove Avenue, Richmond, Virginia 601 Sixth Avenue, Huntington, West Virginia .Blackstone, Virginia . Blackstone, Virginia .Kenbridge, Virginia .Blackstone, Virginia .Blackstone, Virginia .Greenbush, Virginia 672 Elmwood Drive, N. E., Atlanta, Georgia .Athens, West Virginia Box 65, R- F. D. No. 1, Forest, Virginia .Blackstone, Virginia 1304 Avondale Road, Richmond, Virginia . Blackstone, Virginia . 2023 Elmwood Avenue, Lakewood, Ohio . Blackstone, Virginia 521 East Jackson Street, Wilmington, Illinois Box 213, R.F.D. 2, Sta. 15, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania .Fries, Virginia 258 Grove Street, Darlington, South Carolina . 24 East Garrison Street, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania .Kenbridge, Virginia .Blackstone, Virginia .Drakes Branch, Virginia . . 657 Farragut Street, N. W., Washington, D. C. J 156 an •{ 157 }- For Girls BLACKSTONE, VIRGINIA I Standard Junior College Member of American Association of Junior Colleges I College ' Departments Liberal Arts Home Economics Commerce Physical Education Special Courses in Pre-Nursing and Library Science Fine ' -Arts ' Department Music Dramatics Art College Preparatory Department CATALOG SENT ON REQUEST I 158 Seay, Bagley Co. DRY GOODS, NOTIONS CLOTHING and SHOES I B gg e st and Best Department Store in Blackstone BLACKSTONE, VIRGINIA The L. B. Spencer Drug Co. The Rexall Store PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS • E ARE always glad to see the college girls and make a special effort to carry in stock their favorite perfumes, toilet articles, stationery, and candies. We are local agents for L. E. Water¬ man’s, Conklin’s, and Sheaffer ' s fountain pens; Ligget’s and Norris’ candies; Sym¬ phony Lawn, Lord Baltimore and Kara Linen Stationery, Eastman Kodak supplies and the Supreme Ice Cream. • MAIN STREET BLACKSTONE, VIRGINIA If You C ' rave VARIETY VISIT The COLLEGE CANTEEN -I 159 }• You Cannot Patent It . or Copyright It You Cannot Install It . . . Like a Piece of Machinery You Cannot Accurately Measure It . . . or the Lack of It Yet it is your most important consideration when you choose your Year-Book Photographer. IT IS ' ‘Knowing How” EXPERIENCE is the one thing that will meet the unusual emergency with the comforting statement “We know just what to do; we ' ve been through this before.’’ Our complete organization offers you this background ol experience in creative photography and consultation on all problems relating to year-book photography. It costs nothing to talk it over with us. Zamsky Studios PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA ■I 160 f iA ‘Diploma for Independence 1908 1940 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK BLACKSTONE, VIRGINIA Campus Outfitters Blackstone College grows and grows — Peebles ' does the same. Just because each girl knows Peebles ' plays the game. • Quality merchandise • Lowest prices • Satisfaction guaranteed • Courteous Service Congratulations, Staff, FOR SUCH A SWELL ANNUAL ‘ ' Most for your Money ' ’ at Peebles DEPARTMENT STORE A story that Betty Brandt delights in telling on herself it happened when she was in the third grade: Her teacher had been instructing the pupils in her class to sav “double ' ' whenever two of the same letter appeared together in a word. One day the class came to this sentence in their reader: “Up, up and see the sun rise. " Bright Betty read: “Double up, and see the sun rise. " Anaheed (at the ripe age of seven): Mummy, you know that vase you said had been handed down from generation to generation? Mummy: Yes, dear. Anaheed: Well, this generation has dropped it! An old maid is a girl who is drowning in an Ocean of Love because she hasn ' t any buoy to cling to! The definition of a Dean (according to Mr. Glick): A Dean is a person who doesn’t know enough to teach but knows too much to be a College President! Dr. Hurt received a note from Virginia Birch which read as follows: " Please come up to school and see my roommate. It ' s her head. She had it oil and on all day yesterday, and today she’s sitting with it in her hands between her knees. " Cop (to Grace Butler, who was taking a group of students to kenbridge to the movies): Who was driving when you hit this car? Grace (triumphantly): None of us; we were all in the back seat. Old Custom: Daylight saving is founded on the old Indian idea of cutting oil one end of the blanket and sewing it on the other end to make it longer. I J 61 }- VIRGINIA STEAM LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING COMPANY PHONE 163 BLACKSTONE, VIRGINIA NOTTOWAY DRUG COMPANY The Community Drug Store BLACKSTONE, VIRGINIA Make our store vour down-town headquarters. We are always glad to see you and do our best to please you. We specialize in fine Stationery, Fountain Pens and high grade Perfumes and Toilet Articles. Southern Dairies ICE CREAM For Distinctive Printing Let THE NOTTOWAY PUBLISHING COMPANY BLACKSTONE, VIRGINIA Quote you on your next order. We print the Courier-Record. Bowl for Health d Circle BOWLING ALLEYS X Headquarters tor B. C. G. Phone 157 for Reservations Virginia John: How is this hash made, Dora Inez? Dora Inez: Made? Why, hash isn’t made; it accumulates. Rebecca Craig ' . When I was in high school, my best friend got kicked out of school for cheating. Mary Gilliam: How come? Rebecca: He was caught counting his ribs in a biology exam. " When water becomes ice, what great change occurs? " Barbara Braford: A change in price. Miss Townsend: When children are naughty, quickly switch their attentions. Marie Smith: Switch their what? Freshman ' . I don’t know. Sophomore: I am not prepared. Junior: 1 can’t remember just now. Senior: I don ' t believe I can add anything to that which has already been said. Mrs. Townsend: What portion of the chicken will you have, Alice? Alice: I ' ll have some of the meat, please. Miss Thorpe: Dottie Faye, when did Cleopatra die? Dottie Faye: I don’t know. I haven ' t been reading the papers lately. Mr. Acey’s favorite: Little Johnny came in one hot afternoon, tired out, and when his mother asked him to sit down and rest awhile, he replied: " I ain’t got time; I got to do my sums. ’’ So he took his book, paper and pencil, and flopped down on the floor; worked fully three minutes, then jumped up, threw his book in the corner and went outside, slamming the door as he went. As he left the room, his mother heard him say, " By gosh, I wish I was through high school, college, married, and dead! " { 162 } f College Annual JL requires the undivided interest and attention of Editor, Business Manager and Publisher if it is to present that much desired appearance of Character. ( For that reason, Everett Waddey Company handles only a limited number of annuals each year — a limited number so as to permit proper service. ([Everett Waddey Company of Richmond, Virginia, alone was responsible to the Staff of The Acorn for 1940 for the correct manufacture of The Acorn. •{ 163 1- From the beginning ’ Way back in 1873— • the management of this bank has acted on the prin¬ ciple that the only source Compliments of of real financial prosperity is to be sought in the de- The served confidence of the public. TRANSPORT CORPORATION Service with Safety since 1873 °f 1 VIRGINIA CITIZENS BANK TRUST COMPANY BLACKSTONE, VIRGINIA • Mrs. Nelson: Tell me one or two things about John Milton. Roberta: Well, he got married and wrote “Paradise Lost. " Then his wife died and he wrote “Paradise Regained.” Marie Wilson: So your boy friend has a new car. What kind is it? Louise Watson: I’m not sure, but I think he called it a Wow. A gala crowd returning from VIP A in Miss Rudd’s car stopped at People’s Drug Store in Richmond. After primping, everyone ate sundaes. Dot Swan, looking at the lipstick on her napkin, said: “What ' s the use of putting on lipstick? We just wipe it off.” Miss Teats had a social-minded answer: “But the lipstick industry! Just think how many men it keeps at work. Here ' s Maria Marvin Proctor’s favorite story of her childhood days: Coming home from school one day, she announced to her mother that she had learned a new song in school that day. “What was it?” asked her proud mother. “It was a carol,” she replied, “called ' Wild Shepherds Washed Their Frocks by Night!” Miss Mims was instructing her gym class on how to play baseball, when Ginger Schmidt broke in with this: “Speaking about baseball, I’ve got a baseball dog.” “What makes you call him a baseball dog?” inquired Miss Mims. “Because he wears a muzzle, catches flies, chases fowls, and beats it for home when he sees the catcher comimr.” O Waiter (in Ewart’s Cafeteria): These are the best eggs we have had for years. Beth Dail: Well, bring me some you haven’t had so long. J 164 }- ENGRAVINGS FOR THIS BOOK PRODUCED BY f " v . V’ " S " • V . ' 101 GOVERNOR STREET, RICHMOND, VIRGINIA { 165 )- Established 1900 Barrow Grocery Company INCORPORATED Wholesale Grocers Dealers in HEAVY and FANCY GROCERIES Manufacturers’ Agents Distributors of Fairfax H all - William Byrd Just Suits Goods Phone 51 BLACKSTONE, VIRGINIA " Serving the Canteen Since ’ Way Back When— " t NEHI BOTTLING COMPANY BLACKSTONE, VIRGINIA Compliments of COLE-WILLIAMS DEPARTMENT STORE AND STOKES-WILLI AMS HARDWARE STORE Compliments of ROLANDS RESTAURANT Louise Allen: Dorothy, what are you doing? Dorothy Coup: Oh, just mending a little toe in the hole of mv sock. Mr. White (in Religious Education class): Lot was warned to take his wife and daughter and flee out of the city. Lot and his wife and daughter got safely away. Ruth Douglas: What happened to the ilea, sir? 1 166 }• • jjitecLaticu t ' Y ' E, THE 1940 Acorn Staff, wish to express our deepest appreciation to the Faculty and Student Body of Blackstone College, Mr. A. C. Ford of the Virginia Engraving Company, Mr. Edgar Nash, Jr., of the Everett Waddey Company, Miss Ann McCarthy, Mr. H. Zamsky, Jr., and Mr. Leonard Brown of Zamsky Studios for their whole-hearted co-operation in bringing this book to life. Miss Mims, an enthusiastic golfer, answering an ad to a sock manufacturer, wrote: “Fifteen minutes after putting on a pair of your socks, I made a hole in one.” Dick: Woman is nothing but a rag, a bone, and a hank of hair. Jentry: Man is nothing but a brag, a groan, and a tank of air. Helen and Roberta “Roberta, have you thought of the goldfish?’’ “Yes.” “Have you fed him? " “No.” “Have you changed the water in his bowl?” ‘ ‘No. ’ ’ “Then what have you done?” “Thought of him.” Betty Shimer (eloping): Daddy is going to be completely unstrung. Jake: That’s all right, dearest; we’ll wire him at once. Ellington: Lend me fifty cents. Hutchinson: All right, take it out of the dollar you owe me. Mr. Snead: What’s the matter, don’t you know the question? Helen Clarke: Yes, but 1 don’t know the answer. Barbara Conner: What is the date of today, please? Miss Thorpe: Never mind the date. The exam is more important. Barbara: But I want to have something right. 1 J 67 }• u •v September 13-24 First glimpses; unpacking; helpful Senior Mentors; parties, formal and informal —by the end of Orientation one hundred and eighty-two students are settled at Blackstone. October 6 10 13 16-21 21 28 Home Ec Club presents styles " Around the Clock. " The dynamic Dr. Frank G. Sayers analyzes " The American Cavalcade.” Social Science classes tour Williamsburg, Yorktown and Jamestown. Seniors decree that hair be swept up and that faces shine without powder or paint for Rat Week. Southern barbecue supper at fireplace on back campus. Epitaphs of Blackstone " Big Shots " amuse all at Hallowe’en Party. November 1 Mr. and Mrs. Glick serve tea to faculty and students at the Gables. 10 Convocation: Dr. John M. McBrvde, Tulane University. 10-11 Blackstone delegates combine VIPA and VPI for week-end at American Uni¬ versity. 20-22 Mr. H. Zamskv photographs students with very special attention to Seniors. 24 Fall colors and harvest theme provide setting for Thanksgiving Dance. December 1 Mask and Wig Fall Presentation: " Kind Lady. " 2 Blackstone ' s hockey team defeats Averett in return game. 8 Christmas Dinner and Convocation: Dr. Susan Lough, Westhampton College. 9 Christmas Tree and P-Nut gifts at Y. W. Party. 10 Candlelight Vespers of Christmas Carols by Glee Club. 11 Glee Club broadcasts over WRVA and gives concert at Randolph-Macon. 17 Home! ! ! January Miss Nordeen and Miss Jacobs tell students about Amsterdam Conference of Young People. 16 Acorn Editor announces 1940 features. Onyx appears with new masthead; staff works in new office. 19 Blackstone alumnae and friends honor Mr. George P. Adams at unveiling of his portrait. 23 Social sororities welcome pledges. J 168 }- A- February 8-14 “I Represent Blackstone” Week. 9 Convocation: Dr. Nelson T. Huffman, Bridgewater College. 16 “Careless’’ and “Star Dust’’ in red and white notes at Glee Club Dance. 20 Students in Fine Arts present Exhibition Recital. 23-25 Virginia Methodist Student Conference brings one hundred delegates from sixteen colleges to our campus. 26-Mar. 1 Rev. A. E. Acey leads a constructive attack on student problems. March 8 Delta Psi Omega Presentation : “Lena Rivers. ’’ 19 Mrs. Howard tells interesting review of Washington life. 22-31 Easter vacation and snow! April 8-12 Glee Club on tour presents five concerts and two broadcasts. 12 Convocation: Dr.J. Earl Moreland, President, Randolph-Macon Men’s College. 13 IRC and Spanish Club present Pan-American Pageant. 20 Our Cubans—and everyone have thrilling time at Cuban Fiesta. 26 Marie Smith and vocal trio delight the eye and ear in setting of dogwood. May 2 Installation of Student Government Officers. 4 Coronation of May Queen in “May Day Revels.” May Day Dance in garden-like gym. 7 Y. W. C. A. Installation Service. 10 Mrs. Lucille Barrow Turner presents readings and songs in negro dialect. 11 Student Council Retreat. 13 Officers ' Night opens Leaders Week. 17 Recital in voice by Barbara Conner. 18 High School underclassmen entertain Seniors at picnic. 21 Diploma recital by Kathryn Smith assisted by Maria Marvin Proctor. 24 Senior Dinner; Diploma recital by Marie Smith. 25 College juniors honor Seniors at traditional picnic. 31 Diploma recital by Roberta Lewis assisted by Bess Lewis. June 6 Deans’ Reception for Faculty and Students. 7 Senior Class Play: “Sinister House.“ 8 High School Senior Class Day. Exhibition Recital by students in Fine Arts. 9 Commencement Sermon; Senior Vespers. Seniors sing favorite songs on the campus. 10 Daisies, new dignity in cap and gown, mingling of past and future, memories and dreams, diploma . . . Commencement! ■{ 169 { 170 } -1 171 } »

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